“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Promises To Be An SJW Sermon Against White Males

To be truthful, I was unconsciously looking forward to “Rogue One.”  I say “unconscious” because what handful of trailers I saw of it did pique my interest, but movies, and particularly Star Wars, have been so heavily imbued with politics I’ve been conditioned to tune them out completely.  Ergo, it takes a really good trailer, full of action, X-Wings, Death Stars, and AT-AT’s to pierce this conditioning and get me to take note.

While Rogue One’s trailers did manage to achieve this, I also unconsciously noted that the heroes had more colors than a rainbow.  And when this observation was combined with my previous knowledge of how Hollywood, and particularly Star Wars, was going to force a PC narrative into their movies, Rogue One went back on the “meh” list of movies I’ll probably never get around to watching.

Enter Brett White.

If the multi-ethnic, multi-color Reading-Rainbow-Rebel heroes of Rogue One (headed up by a “strong-independent woman™”, BTW) wasn’t a clue as to how there was going to be a political lecture, a blatant statement by one of Rogue One’s writers, Brett White, was:

When I look at the ‘Rogue One’ trailers, I see what I want from America. I see a multicultural group standing strong together led by a rebellious and courageous woman. That’s what we are working towards, and what we will continue to work towards no matter what. That’s what America – a land created as a haven for the persecuted, to be able to realize their limitless dreams – was created to be.

Of course, you cannot hold responsible the score of writers and hundreds of employees working on Rogue One for the statements of just one of their writers.  Additionally, one low-ranking writer’s political opinion about a movie, does not mean the movie will be political.  But when two more (higher-ranked) writers condoned White’s statement, and further hinted that The Empire was a white supremacist organization, you knew Rogue One was going to be (yet another) SJW sermon against “evil” white males and the merits of women and minorities because…uhhhh…”vagina” and melanin.

Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly get my fill of politics during the normal course of a week.  It’s part of my job, it’s part of my hobby, not to mention, politics is forced in front of everyone everywhere be it social media, traditional media, your friends, or literature.  Combine this with a mind-numbing job, a taxing commute, and the toils of everyday life, the absolute last thing people need in their few and precious moments of entertainment and fun is politics.  You would think providers of entertainment and fun would know this, and would be smart enough to leave politics out of it, much like a Thanksgiving dinner.  But they don’t.  They insist on forcing it down the audience’s throat, almost as if they’re compelled by some other, ulterior force, all while risking alienating people with their politics.


The answer to that lies in a combination of writers like Brett White and Star Wars itself.

Modern Art


Modern art is a phenomenon in society where the cart has been put before the horse.  Traditionally art was made to be appealing to society and the market (it was something people wanted).  This ensured that what art was made was of high quality, in demand, of good taste, and also ensured what we would see in public (paintings, murals, buildings, architecture, landscaping, statues, etc.) would be beautiful.  But making good art requires talent.  It also takes labor, toil, practice, failure, enduring, thought, contemplation, and work.  So if you were going to become a successful artist you would have to really put forth your heart, soul, effort, toil, blood, sweat and tears into this passion.

Sadly, all of that is antithetical to being a leftist.  Leftists, SJW’s, liberals, democrats, and other varied forms of socialists are PRIMARILY DEFINED by their laziness and crippling fear of real work.  But they are also egotists which means they don’t care whether they have the ability, talent, determination, or work ethic required to become great artists.  They simply insist on becoming artists.  These two presumably mutually exclusive positions would result in something having to give.  Either the leftist would have to put forth the toil and effort to make great art, or give up on art altogether and pursue another field.

However, the ego of a leftist is more powerful than reality, and so what has happened is leftists have redefined what makes good art, putting the cart before the horse.  Specifically, art is no longer about whether you created something that is genuinely artistic or beautiful, but the political message it conveys.  This is why nearly all modern art is completely shit, but there is ALWAYS a “political message” that leans to the left attached to them (and this is not speculation or conjecture on my part, just look it up.  Go to any art museum today and see if there isn’t a political message jammed down your throat).  It is this messages that allows the lazy and talentless to become “artists” (in their minds anyway) without having to put forth the effort to actually become one.

And this is epitomized by Brett White.

Understand Brett White (and what I would speculate to be the majority of writers for Rogue One) are talentless hacks substituting politics in for their laziness and genuine lack of artistic skill.  This is further reinforced in that the real work, the real heavy lifting for Rogue One has already been done in that it is simply a remake of George Lucas’ original work.

In my latest podcast I aliken this to Gordon Ramsey creating a masterpiece dish using his own recipe, but then Brett White comes in, adds some vagina parsley garnish to the side, and claims it as his own.  This is even worse than what’s going on in today’s modern art world in that usually you have to make a shitty piece of art and stand by it as you attach some leftist political message to it.  But the Brett Whites of the world aren’t even doing that.  They’re taking other people’s templates and attaching their shitty (and tiring) anti-white male leftist political message to them.  But the larger point is to realize this is why politics are constantly forced into movies where they don’t belong – these leftists’ egos and fear of real work are stronger and more important to them than your enjoyment and entertainment.  And they’re going ruin it for you whether you like it or not.

Brett Is Merely A Microcosm Of Hollywood


We can pick on Brett all we want (and I will because I and about 60 million other white males are done being accused of evil because of “melanin and penis” by talentless, worthless people like him), but Brett and Rogue One’s anti-white male politics is merely Hollywood’s confession that they are plumb out of talent, intelligence, originality, innovation or ability.  They are so incapable of coming up with new ideas that, like a talentless trustfund baby minimalist artist, their only idea is to “add leftist/racist politics” to an already existing work of art.  It’s nothing more than an inferior scumbag “tagging” the Mona Lisa with political-graffiti because they lack the real talent to make something as great as the original.  And it’s proven by all the remakes, reboots, and sequels Hollywood is making.

Of course, ironically, because the original dish of Star Wars was so good, the mindless sheeple of America, particularly white males, will show up in droves to be lectured about their cardinal sin of being born white and male.  Hollywood, leftist pundits, and no doubt the writers themselves will erroneously view this as vindication of their political message, and double down on the anti-white male/pro-leftist formula for their next movie.  But for you “conservative” and “libertarian” keyboard warriors who were all pro-Trump, and adamant about replacing diversity with meritocracy and “making America great again,” we’ll see if you can actually make a *huge* sacrifice and forego watching Rogue One.  Because if your addiction to Starbucks and Apple products is any indication I’m predicting you cucks will gladly line up, bend over, and let Hollywood fuck you one more time up the ass because

but but but….it’s STAR WARS!


It has come to my attention that Brett White is NOT indeed a writer for the Star Wars film, just merely a writer cited in the article writing about Star Wars.  I wanted to make this clarification, but still do not believe (due to the tacit endorsement from actual writers in Rogue One) this changes the fundamental point of the article.  I will reconsider my thoughts if it turns out the Evil Empire in “Rogue One” is chock full of an equivalent amount of minorities and women and does NOT portray the evil empire as a white male organization…which I’m absolutely sure they will in an honest application of diversity to both heroes and criminals alike.

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418 thoughts on ““Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Promises To Be An SJW Sermon Against White Males”

  1. Cultural Marxism has indeed infiltrated ‘Star Wars’ with full force. Also get ready for a Finn and Rey black male – white female romance to blossom in Episode VIII, culminating with them having an Obama baby in Episode IX where they will finally put an end to the White Male / Nazi / Literally Hitler / White Supremacist “First Order” and achieve peace in the Galaxy with a new generation of mixed-race force-strong children.
    (((JJ Abrams))) is pushing this agenda in the same manner that the (((Tinder Creators))) keep flaunting black male – white female matches on their default screens.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c66cf1298104b698428acba068d33394b5ef7602a050570dc43fae373ee32106.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d1bf43b6322f622790ea255457197d48495c414f88af51e536efbf18673581c.jpg

    1. The old Stars Wars movies (Episodes IV–VI) were based in the works of Joseph Campbell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Campbell), and they contain extremely interesting insights about the archetypical hero, the hero’s journey, the battle between good and evil, etc, etc, etc.
      It is a shame that the misunderstanding of those concepts created a whole subculture of BetaLowTFaggots who live in their mother’s basement until 40 playing with action figures and thinking of themselves as Jedi Warriors.
      The new Stars Wars movies (Episodes I–III) are pure Cultural Marxist propaganda made by jews like (((Abrams))), and as you and the author of the article said, they are promoting miscegenation and feminism.

      1. Episodes I-III were the George Lucas made prequels. George Lucas is a Goy (arguably the most powerful Goy in Hollywood) and therefore didn’t have to push all the (((Cultural Marxist))) nonsense once Lucasfilm got purchased by (((Disney))).
        I actually found it funny that George Lucas put so much politically incorrect ethnic stereotypes into various aliens and factions in his six Star Wars movies.

        1. There were more than a few aliens who sounded like ethnic Italians “MAMA MIA! THATS UH SPICY MEATBALL!”. Too funny

      1. I can understand black guys hitting it and quitting it when a white girl with a black skin fetish presents her pussy, but how can they demean themselves by having a relationship with a woman whose only reason for being with them is the color of their skin instead of the content of their character?

        1. I suspect they feel like they’re “sticking it to the man” by cocking their women. The fact that THEY’RE being used is an easy pill to swallow.
          Hell, I’d let a woman ‘use’ me to get back at someone else!

  2. Ugh.. I already insta-dissed The Force Awakens because of the whole “strong independent girl that is more powerful and kicks more ass than any previous character because of Girl Power™”… Of course I won’t give two flying fucks now that the whole MultiCulti Inc. has been summoned.
    I heard that (also Disney’s) “Moana” is also going to be feminist, with the whole “doesn’t need no man” bullshit…

    1. I do not really mind Moana being a feminist movie. I will go see that with my nieces and that is the stuff kids like nowdays. If they like it, then it will be a good evening at the movies.

      1. Well, I don’t think it’s safe to expose kids to any form of feminism but whatever mate, you do what you gotta do…

    2. All the recent Disney princesses have been kick ass girrrrl power ads. I can’t remember the name but it had brave in it and the plot was a young princess being forced to marry (yeah women have to be forced to marry, well maybe young) and competing with her suitors to claim her hand. Of course she was stronger, faster, better than all the men. I stopped having anything to do with Disney a couple of decades ago.

      1. Yep, the name of the movie is actually “Brave” lol and you are totally right. “Frozen” followed that path too… I guess that will be the norm now and it won’t get any better.. not with Disney, at least..

    1. Cannot confirm either way
      but his webpage does link to that of the man he’s marrying.
      So I’m hoping for a shocking pink death star

      1. Zing!
        I have never made it past “Return of the Jedi”, so I will never watch it either way.

        1. Using Boba Fett’s dad for the clones didnt work so well, now they will clone the village people

        2. It’s a transformer! It’s changing……into a giant maid, with a vacuum cleaner!
          Suck suck suck

  3. Erm, Brett White is not the writer of Rogue One. He’s a blogger at CBR.com. While the film does indeed look to be full of SJW bullshit, that responsibility lies with writers Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy, and Gary Whitta.

  4. Not a big star wars fan but the ghost in the shell remake looks like utter shit besides the visuals. Scarrlet jo looking good though

    1. The only redeeming value is the constant re-presentation of Ralph McQuarie’s (sp?) original conceptual art.

  5. “but but but….it’s STAR WARS!”
    Guilty as charged. I will go see it as I did the others, mostly because of the space ships.
    But this article was excellent – and this:
    “But they are also egotists which means they don’t care
    whether they have the ability, talent, determination, or work ethic required to become great artists. They simply insist on becoming artists.”
    made my day. It beautifully articulates what I’ve always felt. Well done.

  6. I have been planning to go see Rogue One but this article has given me pause. I can stomach some SJW if it comes with a side of entertainment value, but can I really reward these cretins for the continued marginalization of people like me?

      1. That’s been my compromise when dealing with this. I figure if I wait and watch it via streaming, that’s far less money they’re getting from me than they would if we saw it in the theaters.

      2. I find that when Wholelyweird hypes a movie they can make me want to see it. But I don’t go to movies anymore and just wait for them to come on TV. By the time they are on TV it is, meh who cares?

        1. I’ve come to despise theaters in general because they’re filled with people, usually obnoxious and/or sick.

    1. I have quit the NFL all year – first time in 40 years. You can do a boycott too, brother.

    1. Actually pirating is something that hurts the film and it’s makers.
      I would never buy a pirated copy of a film I liked.
      But a film I didn’t like….

  7. The final nail in the coffin was last years debacle…. or should I just call it A New Hope with extra big Death Star that is actually a planet…. that’s it. Oh and a chick that is an all powerful Jedi after about 50 mins….. and Emo Darth Vader…..
    It’s shit people, it’s shit! Substituting plot and dialogue with special effects! Believe me I’m as tempted as the rest of you. I grew up with the first two and the Ewok Muppet movie……I will not be subject to this bollix any longer. They have shit all over Hope and Empire with this superficial propagandising. Not my $10!

    1. I went to the farce awakens last year as part of my once a year tradition of taking my sons to a movie on Christmas day. I had seen every Star Wars movie (including the first, episode 4) within 24 hours of its opening. After the farce I told my sons that I would not go to anymore Star Wars movies as this one was a horrible remake of the original with a bunch of feminist propaganda over writing the plot. They disagreed and could not be persuaded otherwise.

      1. Oddly enough Emo Vader typifies exactly what happens to a kid who grows up with little to no adult direction, but whose parents have “high expectations to follow through in the family business.” He got shoe-horned into Force training and went bad, just like Anakin.

        1. He wasnt even Han Solo’s son, he looked like the son of Ross Geller from Friends

    2. Yeah I can’t wait to see how they will turn Master Luke into some kind of metrosexual pansy in Episode VIII.
      And let’s not forget that Rebels nonsense where Twilek Mary Sue was able to kick Vader’s ass.

        1. Wha? Mark Hamill is going crazy then.
          So that’s why he got so hot and bothered by his Leia? He was drooling all over her until he figured out he was fantasizing about shagging his twin sister. Even Han Solo noticed how he was macking on her.

        2. Standard Leftist revisionism. No different than Rowling attempting to revise her characters after the fact.

      1. Uh, no, in Rebels, the only thing they can do was run away from Vader. The most they did was have a Jedi scratch him.

      2. Do you mean Ahsoka the Togruta? Ahsoka is a badass! A strong female character that DOESN’T pander to feminist ideal. (IE strong but doesn’t have to behave like a man). Btw, if feminists hate men so much why do they want females to always be portrayed as men with tits?

    3. “I grew up with the first two and the Ewok Muppet movie….”
      Muahahaha… I love that.
      If I remember right the Ewoks were originally supposed to be Wookies. Would have been much cooler with Wookies, but that money grubbing jerk, lucas, thought that midget teddy bears would sell more merchandise to kids.

      1. Supposed to be lizard-men. Han Solo was supposed to die. One of the treatments had Luke killing the Emperor, then turning evil and wiping aside the rebel ships with a flick of the force.

      1. The one from Gendy Tartakovisky (I don’t remember his exact name, I know he also animated Dexter’s Lab).. man that was indeed gold.. good one.

        1. Samurai Jack. I think they’re supposed to re-launch soon. Won’t be the same without Mako, though.

        2. Really? I didn’t know that.. some good news at least… but yeah, I can’t imagine a voice for Aku other than Mako’s..

      2. The original. The new one is kinda stupid. Watch Grievous escape in his bomber for the 1000th time. Watch Jar-Jar kill a ton of enemies accidentally. Padme’s in trouble. Again, and again, and again.

    4. Modern screenwriters cannot write anything new of nice, they blatantly and badly copy older ones and remove anything that made them work and charming in the first place.
      From the moment I saw in the trailers the black storm trooper and the woman jedi protagonist I already knew that this movie would be bad.

    5. I saw the Force Awakened last year. As you say it was fucking awful. I also won’t be falling for the same shit twice though.

  8. That the three first old movies (Episodes IV–VI) are good is nothing short of a miracle. George Lucas himself has no clue on why they were so good.
    I think maybe the reason is that during the episodes IV-VI, Lucas still was humble enough to delegate and trust on the advice of talented people around him.
    But in episodes I-III, Lucas was drunk with success and no one would dare to give him sensible advice (or they did and he did not listen, I do not know). It is a bit like what happened to Peter Jackson. Lord of the Rings movies were great, but then he screwed up with The Hobbit because he was so full of himself.
    As for the new Star Wars new movies, Force Awakens proves they are not going to be anything but what this article describes: other people trying to capitalize on the success of the originals and failing miserably to create anything memorable.
    I saw the Force Awakens because my wife dragged me to it, but dont expect me to remind her this new travesty is in the theatres by the time it opens.

    1. I liked “The Desolation of Smaug”. The middle Hobbit movie seemed vastly superior to the first and final.

      1. It does not matter which one of the three you liked. “Lord of the Rings” was a decently faithful film adapatation of the books, not just storywise, but also in the mood and general tone. That was the reason of its greatness. The Hobbit movie trilogy was not. It was chock full of flashy action set pieces that were totally out of place and derailed the story.

    2. I can’t believe that this is like the 4th or 5th movie where the final boss is the Death Star.

      1. Even worse, they never learned that whole “let’s not make a single point of failure” lesson… they keep making it worse.
        I mean now they can just fly through the shields? That’s lazy writing.

      2. A poorly built Death Star, I might add. I mean, seriously, all it takes is one fucking laser going in the right hole and the whole fucking thing explodes? Board up that hole or something. And then they build the planet Death Star with the same fucking weakness. You would think the Empire would learn to build fail-safes so that one little laser couldn’t take the whole thing down. But, then again, that would require the writers to invent new and creative ways of defeating a formidable foe.

      3. Honestly its such a shame the extent to which Hollywood has degenerated. Every movie franchise that I loved in the 80’s and 90’s are being eviscerated

  9. It’s Hollywood, would you expect anything different? This is just another superhero move, except with spaceships.
    The original (#4) was good because it was a story about a boy becoming a man. The “force” aspect was still just a mysterious thing, much like faith. Now, it is magical powers….fail.

    1. Magical powers which, if your female like Rey, you can learn in about 3 minutes. For men (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Luke, etc.) it takes years.

      1. I am guessing there is something more to the story that will come to light in the coming episodes. Either way, I am not too excited.

        1. Of course there is more to the story. White men are evil and terrible and can’t do force stuff well like the rest of the galaxy, that’s why they created the jedi. So that a group of white guys could learn the force and keep all the superior women folk force users from every learning to use their talents. Death to the ((patriarchy))!

        2. That may be the biggest sin of all.
          The movie doesn’t explain it, so you have to see the next film for this film to make any sense? What happened to making movies that were good on their own and fantastic as an arc?

        3. Marvel ruined it by making movies an ad for the next one by planning lots for the next few years and making them all connect

        4. The clever writers who knew how to do that are retired or dead, and the new writers are shit and make up for their lack of talent by pandering to the sensibilities of the uneducated and brainwashed.

      2. All it takes is touching a lightsaber for the first time, taking three deep breaths and lo, you can clobber anything with a pulse because vagina. Oh, and you have a “really cool” British accent on top of that!
        Fuck these movies, man. The Force Awakens was an insufferable cop out that felt fleshed out on how LITTLE Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher wanted to participate and the story was simply an afterthought based on their minimal contributions and a remake of A New Hope done up with unconvincing and laughable SJW taint. Simply give me only A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and I’m all set.

        1. It’s bad enough they had to utterly wreck Ghostbusters with this SJW bullshit (wrecking it so badly there will not, thank the Allfather, be a sequel). But now they’re turning Star Wars into yet another purple-hair-dyed podium. Boy I can’t wait to see the SJW bastardising of the new Mummy movie.

        2. I was really looking forward to a modern age version of Boris Karloff’s character (IMO, one of his best roles). And people wonder why I have such low expectations for everything.

        3. It’s not illegal to torrent the original Laser Disk versions of the unedited films.
          I mean, Lucas swore up and down that the originals don’t exist anymore. How can you steal something that doesn’t exist?

        4. All the Star Wars movies are being made in the UK now. And guess what the UK has: third world immigrants. One of them has made it from Paki Land all the way to Hollywood. He has made out with Kate Hudson. He was in the new Bourne movie. And he recently had is own show in HBO’s The Night Of. This is Riz Ahmed. And he keeps talking shit on white folks as showed from his rap song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5W8x4Q7N9c

        5. I don’t mind more women being portrayed as villains since the vast majority of bad guys are men so it’s good to have evil women depicted too.
          I’m against altering existing characters as well, however with her at least their altering a male villain into a woman as the vast majority of the time they alter the male heroes to women and leave the villains male

      3. Indeed. But also keep in mind that media must conform to the audience of the times. The most entitled generation in the history of planet Earth are not inclined or prepared to relate to something as absurd as delayed gratification or the actual messy details of a protracted process of personal transformation.
        They want their credentials and then they expect their superior status to bear fruit immediately. Their heroes should be no different.
        The fact that such credentials are hollow without the corresponding work or that they are not automatically entitled to the spoils of their newly acquired status does not compute.
        The “original” three, (c) 1977, ’80, ’83, were conceived and produced in an era in which such a transformation of character – really any accomplishment of worth, required specific training, demanded sacrifice of some kind, included corresponding responsibilities, and often yielded unsatisfactory results early on.
        These, along with the idea that a boy becoming a man takes time, was a given back then, but so was the expectation that – even in the case of unseen ‘magic’ like the force, there were many lessons to be learned only through experience.
        And the not the foam cannon party spring break experience, but the kind that is embedded with tests of character and judgement, the kind that often doesn’t *feel* so good – even when the right course of action is chosen.
        The original formula of the saga or epic itself was telling of how these characters were expected to move through time and conflict.
        The zeitgeist of today has no time for this stuff. The romantic and idealistic aspects of some spiritual power that must be acquired through training that is often unsuccessful feels awkward.
        The cultural narrative requires certain subtexts, e.g. evil white men, and the rest is just overproduced insta-feels and cheap thrills that enable the audience to project themselves into a situation in which the entirety of the known universe is quietly aligning in the background to make them feel righteous and powerful.
        Its all just snowflakes on the right side of history getting spoon-fed partial credit in their common-core indoctrination into the Current Year. Plus vagina. And Yoga. So Blessed. Swipe Right.

      4. That may be the worst aspect of the new film. I can buy some kind of flashback or whatever. Fine. But there’s no way in hell a scavenger of ship guts is going to magically know how to:
        Use the force to influence a guard. (So much for girl power, she didn’t need the force for that one…)
        Use the force to repel somebody trained in the force. (Same. Apparently force is easier than using feminine wiles. Although granted… she didn’t have much in that department anyway.)
        Use a lightsaber well enough to beat a guy that probably trained for years using one. I. Don’t. Think. So.
        Obi-wan? Yoda? Luke? Vader? Probably Palpatine? Years of training. Girl? She don’t need no sticking training!!!
        The Force Awakens? More like the Fem Arises. Ugh… 😀

        1. And people ignore all that and claim she’s not a Mary Sue. It’s fact from all the things you stated that she was empowered up the wazoo

        2. Somebody out there actually said she wasn’t a Mary Sue and wasn’t joking!?
          She’s Mary Sue on steroids!!! 😀

    2. What happened to the Bothans?
      I was always under the impression a large group of Bothan (a cat-like alien race) spies stole the Death Star plans and paid for it with their lives. Not some nearly teenage chick with a chip on her shoulder.
      The Empire was to represent unchecked and unfettered government. One that rules arbitrarily for it’s own sake, not a “white supremacist organization”. If it was a white supremacist organization explain Finn the stormtrooper.
      Cannon DOES have the Empire being human prejudiced. Which was why Grand Admiral Thrawn was such an anomaly, because he was an alien.
      They need to keep the ID politics out of the movies and just make a good story.
      Bets that they don’t kill the protagonist as they should.

      1. “What happened to the Bothans?”
        That was the Death Star 2.
        “spies stole the Death Star plans and paid for it with their lives.”
        That story has been done over and over in the EU canon. Jan Orys (the protagonist in Rogue One) was originally the co-pilot for Kyle Katarn, who stole the first Death Star plans (see also Dark Forces).
        But we couldn’t have that because Kyle Katarn is a evil white male.

        1. If you were to pick someone to play Kyle Katarn who would you pick? I would think seeing some of the images of him either Chris Pratt, or Scott Eastwood (although Eastwood’s acting has been kinda lackluster in his career).

        2. Pratt actually looks about right. Ewan McGregor would probably have been better if he weren’t already Obi Wan (a role I think he played very well).

        1. I don’t get to watch many movies anymore. I think the best Libertarian movie I can think of is Conan the Barbarian (the original), Atlas Shrugged had potential. I thought part 1 was fairly good, but because there was such a delay, contracts fell through and part 2 felt like a made for TV or direct to DVD movie with the production value of the Left Behind series. CATO has a short list of some others https://www.cato.org/blog/guide-libertarian-movies
          I think now Hollywood are just really coming out of the closet to blatantly tell us “Hey, this is a political indoctrination movie, with a some scifi elements”.
          I know quite a few directors and writers toss in some political commentary now and again, but it’s not even artful anymore, and so blatant that you can’t politely gloss over it.
          I’m not paying money or time anymore to sit though a hackneyed 90 minute pretentious myopic political lecture.

        2. same here on movies, the last film I saw was Warcraft and before it Spectre. They make today only bad propaganda that works only on idiots. In older times I would average 3 to 4 films per year today it is 0 to 1.
          I loved the original Conan the Barbarian! Both leads were perfect for their roles! Also it appeared as if it was happening truly in some ancient iron age place, and nearly followed the doctrine of the stories of that time!
          Atlas Shrugged the film wasn’t even aired here (Greece) I only found out the movie by accident but for some reason did not feel seeing it. Anyway, even if it is not libertarian “Excalibur” for me is the best sword and sorcery movie because it really manages to get the spirit of those tales, it is really an epic poem on screen (I have read the Iliad so I can vouch for this). It still is the most right movie that there is, and probably the most manoshperey! Needless to say none of these 2 movies would be made to today.
          Also I saw on TV the new Conan…..

          Still trying to forget it….

        3. Spectre sucked. Fell too much into old fan-service, as opposed to trying to make a decent movie.

    3. I am at a time in my life in which I have abandoned all faith in Holywood producing any good movie. I might await for the cinemas to bring just a good movie per year anymore. Even worse though Holywood keeps the right of distribution. This means that if a European or an Asiatic studio produces something worthwhile completely alone, it cannot ship the movie abroad. So Holywood still keeps making money even if nothing it makes is worthwhile, because it is a monopoly of sorts.

  10. I probably would have cheered for the empire in the last star wars if they didn’t put the most pathetic, sniveling white male as the ‘leader’ who looked suspiciously (((YKWish))) with his huge nose.

    1. Funny thing is, it is not the Empire. It is the New Order. At least Lucas had the decency to create new soldiers (the robots) for its Trade Federation army instead of reusing Empire’s Stormtroopers to capitalize on nostalgia.

    2. It didn’t help that Lord Voldemort is now the Supreme Leader of the First Order either.

  11. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    Star Wars should have ended in 1983 with Return of the Jedi.

  12. On a side note, did anyone watch the new Ghostbusters? I haven’t myself, but that Rosanne Barr, she is so funny. No really.

    1. No and apparently not many other people did either.
      According to Hollywood gossip that movie cost $250 million to make and to market, but so far has only brought in $230 million worldwide.
      I predict there’ll be a sequel within 2 years. 🙂

      1. You can count on that, Hollywood elitists love to turn out crap that nobody wants and then sip champagne at their parties and gloat how “edgy” their work is, even though nobody sees it. Then they will make other movies to pay the bills.

        1. I wouldn’t have minded a Ghostbusters movie in which the older, living Ghostbusters could have done sort of a “passing the torch” to a newer generation. They could even interweave into that a coming-of-age subplot for the same.
          But outside of that, the movies should have died with Harold Ramis.

      2. the double down sequel is almost assured. It reminds me of this german neighborhood in Queens, NY (well its not really so german any more but it was). There was a butcher. An old german guy. You could go and get a sandwhich for 2.50 that was, I shit you not, a half pound of roast beef and quarter pound of swiss cheese on a roll. For an extra buck he would give you a quarter pound of german potato salad that had more freaking bacon than potato. As his business started to crumble he tried to save it by charging less and less. There was a line around the block half the time around lunch. Mothers would go and buy a ham sandwich and a turkey sandwich and break them down because it was cheaper than the cold cuts themselves. When they finally went out of business my friends mother said “i don’t understand why they went out of business, that place was always busy”

        1. I’m still amazed that Hollywood can survive given how so many movies don’t make back what they cost to make. Those blockbusters must really pull in a lot of bacon.
          Of course, they’re the kings of offshoring. They practically invented that sport.

        2. When you start tallying international receipts, it’s actually fairly hard to lose money in the long run.

        3. Excellent parable about the well-deserved fall of Hollywood.
          Is this College Point? Maybe Maspeth…

        4. Glendale / Ridgewood Border on Myrtle avenue in this high 60’s. I am struggling to remember the name of the deli.

        5. Hollywood makes plenty of dough…enough that vanity projects can take losses for fun….on the whole, 1st tier movie exec producer seems to be a pretty excellent job.

        6. Ah. Never been to either. A guy from Ridgewood came to kill me with a bat once though. Soured me on the whole neighborhood to be honest..

        7. lol. It was funny because Glendale was firmly middle class germans, irish and Italians, then if you trekked down Myrtle avenue you would hit ridgewood which was the same germans, irish and Italians only who were not doing so well on one side of ridgewood and Hispanics and eastern Europeans on the other, as you continued down myrtle avenue the eastern Europeans faded and the Hispanics dominated, then it was bushwick (where the kneeman is from) which was Black, Hispanic and me.

        8. Actually this just jogged something lose – my current neighbor was one of these eastern Europeans as a kid before his parents evac’d him to Jersey.
          “Black, Hispanic and me” hahaha. Reminds me of my one semester at CCNY.

        9. “I’m still amazed that Hollywood can survive given how so many movies don’t make back what they cost to make”
          This point is worth elaborating on further.
          Someone (on this site maybe) wrote a piece about how liberals invest in hearts and minds rather than for profit.
          And that this fundamental difference was basically the reason liberals win (or did win anyway).

    2. No. Totally skipped it. The only thing I can say positive about that movie is that for a month before it opened they played the original 2 on some movie channel pretty much in loop

        1. Not my responsibility. I suppose I should’ve said step-brother. And considering the suite of sins foisted upon him by his parents, sjw programming is low on the totem pole.

        2. Fair enough. My neighbor (single mother) has two boys my son’s age that I take out on occasion. I realize it isn’t my responsibility, but they need a mentor. So many kids out there have no idea how to be a man, and it sounds like your step-son is in the same boat.

        3. Step-brother. He’s only 5, and his parents have essentially sabotaged his growth. I’ve never seen a kid fed so much fast food, soda and pie. I’d help him if I could, but I can’t

        4. That stuff will kill you. At 5, there is hope for him, he probably missed all the political crap in the movie. I remember enjoying that Jane Fonda flick “9 to 5” when I was a kid. 40 years later, I want to throw up if I watch it.

        5. I’ve tried to slip hints that a kid should be eating better. ‘Oh, that’s just what kids eat!’

        6. no no no no no no!!!!!
          I was a depressed fat weak loser due in no small part to “what kids eat” 30 years ago!
          Save him!!!!!!

        7. That’s still kinda fun as a dopey revenge-yarn….I just cant stand Jane Fonda in any quantity…

        8. She eats the same shit, and you’re damn right. Laziest ‘stay-at-home’ mom I’ve seen in my fucking life. I’ve been cooking for them while in town, because if I didn’t, I’d be stuck eating McDonald’s and such.

        9. she will be 250+ by 40. My wife is a “stay at home” mom as well. Something tells me there is a difference though. The guy sounds like a beta, working like that for no return on his investment.

        10. She’ll hit the wall soon. Then she’ll take half of the half he’s got left. Some men have to have it happen twice.

        11. That describes my neighbor almost perfectly, fat, living off McDonalds, the ex is somewhere back east making alimony payments. I feel bad for the kids.

  13. The idea of feminist women and Third World diversity hires in space makes no sense any way. The universe doesn’t care about humans’ social-justice delusions, and if you had to choose people to go off-planet to colonize other worlds according to objective criteria for success, you would wind up with mostly white people who resemble 1960’s NASA astronauts or Soviet cosmonauts, along with their female equivalents. People in other demographics just couldn’t handle the ordeals involved.
    The world’s SJW’s should appreciate the soft life they already have. We have created a benign environment for them to live in where they never have to science the shit out of their survival challenges.

    1. So mostly northern Euros?
      I don’t know how the fuck the Soviets managed to get into space, especially when you look at Russia today.

        1. I used to live near Huntsville, Alabama, home of Redstone Army base where they did the post war missile and rocket development. The big arena there is called the Von Braun Civic Center. They named it after a WWII war criminal who used slave labor (usually and intentionally to death).

        2. Dr. von Braun is one of the few scientists who had street smarts. He knew that surrender to the USA would be the only “good” way for him to escape punishment for any potential war crimes charges.

        1. were the guys from Fontanka 16 breathing down their throats too or were they given a little leeway ?

      1. In Soviet Russia, Cosmos go into space. In America, Cosmos go into fags.

  14. At least the “original” movies – I guess I have to capitulate to the nerds and call them !V through VI now – show an awareness of the principles of good story-telling. Luke Skywalker’s character had to learn and develop, and his first confrontation with Darth Vader went badly for him. He didn’t emerge out of nowhere with his powers fully actualized.
    By contrast, the social-justice Star Wars films portray characters who demonstrate arbitrary abilities and competence, without explaining or showing how they got that way. This regresses to the bad story telling of pulp magazines, where characters like Doc Savage or the Lensmen almost never make mistakes, and they could pull random things out of their asses to solve problems, frustrate their enemies and move the plot along.

    1. Similar to what the author above says about “artists” – the new heroes achieve special powers (and validation of course) through pure ego and self-righteousness!

    2. right the original was a traditional bildungsroman where the audience followed the characters personal growth, trials, near failures and eventual overcomings. The prequel, was a commercial money maker that paid more attention to marketing than to story and was, for the most part, fucking dreadful. These latest seem all about social justice. So we went story-commercialism-sjw BS. If a 4th set of 3 movies come back where story is paramount then the entire 12 movie series would be a story in and of itself.

        1. agreed. I see the original 3 as movies no one thought would be good but were. The next 3 as movies everyone actually tried to make good, but weren’t (mostly due to the sell out commercialism getting in the way with the talent) and this last set of movies being…well….I think we know what they are.

        2. THe prequels also had cooler lightsaber fights. That fight with Darth Maul was great choreography

        3. The only things the prequels had going for them were the aforementioned lightsaber fights and Liam Neeson’s performance as Qui-Gon Jinn. Otherwise, the prequels do not exist.

        4. Prequels had setting and world-building. That was why I liked them, as bad as they were. We see so little of the universe during the original 3 movies.

  15. Mostly agreed. If a piece of fiction, cinema or anything related to art (which must be based on absolute creativity) contains a political massage or social commentary, it is guaranteed that the “artistic” will almost completely be ruined as is the case with this “Rogue One”. But for the sake of fairness let’s take “Fight club” which noted for its ultra-masculine “red pill” content has gained some sort of a Bible status for most of the manosphere dwellers. Being politically incorrect and probably far superior to this politically correct thing mentioned in the article, it still carries a political notion. One may call it “anarchic conservatism”. So, my point is that politics (no matter left or right) when becomes definitive in any kind of art is always disgusting.

    1. There is one piece of true art that had a political reason behind it; Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

        1. Well… yes. I mean something can be born out of a political intent but as soon as talent takes charge that’s when it becomes art making the political less significant. It is usually the case with such crazy brilliant pieces like “A clockwork orange” (both the novel and the movie), which is initially a political satire. But what should matter here are such components as the contemplation of youth, violence and musical energy. And this is not usually the case with such literary diarrhea as “1984” which I still fail to understand (let alone for its rubbishy journalistic style) how is still so popular among most readers and literary academicians. Well, it’s perhaps because most people are mediocrities. And as a rule, mediocrities avoid the true art.

    2. Fight Club: a story written by a gay who made fighting sound gay when he wrote it.
      The whole concept is an allegory for LGBTQRSTUV uprising. I mean, who benefits most from total credit erasure? Hedonists, especially the gay ones.

      1. Well, maybe. But my issue here was not its gay author as there can be braver gay artists than some SJW, liberal hetero wankers that are considered artists. Besides that’s one thing being a homosexual author, and another thing being a “queer fiction writer”. My issue was the cheap sensationalist nature of the novel (and the film) and its obvious political intentionality.

    1. Perhaps but are Jews portrayed favorably in hollywood?
      Think Alvie Singer and Woody Allen’s other nebbish nervous Jewish characters
      Howard Wallowitz (and his mother) on the big bang theory
      I can’t think of a single positive portrayal of Jews

      1. They are portrayed sympathetically almost always – all the “Holocaust porn” that is present in every WW2 film & TV show, not to mention the fact of how a list of Hollywood producers reads like a Tel Aviv phone book.

  16. funny, you can replace Brett White with D&D the writers of Game of Thrones and this article wouldn’t need to change. These two bush league fuck heads couldn’t write a grocery list without fucking it up and to compensate just keep jamming SJW bullshit into a story which is pre-written for them with an incredible, almost never seen before, tapestry of character arc, plot and internal coherent logic, pre-loved which guarantees a huge audience, massively funded….they have a really talented cast of characters, some of the best stage and scenery people…..they have it all and instead of putting one ounce of work into the show they basically shoehorn a bunch of fag and feminist motifs, shit on the plot and any sense of internal logic, and push it out into an audience which has already judged every episode 10/10. As Kasey Casem would say, Ponderous man, fucking ponderous.

    1. Their big fails occur when they are forced to go beyond the existing source-material, and write for themselves.

      1. That is part of it, but not all. I think the show went off the rails in season 3 when they still had material. I don’t know what happened but my guess is that grrm started paying less attention to the show and more attention to the next book. In an interview someone asked him if he was upset with the direction the show is going in and he said “not as long as they keep bringing me dumptrucks full of money” which is an answer I loved so much. At this point I won’t watch the show. I will just watch the excellent preston Jacobs recaps. The writers on the show are just very, very bad at writing. It really is a shame because, as I mentioned, they are working of an immensely rich and dense source material, have built in uncritical fan base so they can do what they want, have great actors, great designers, costumes, cgi people, practically unlimited funding….I mean they have everything that you could possibly dream of and more as a script writer and they don’t just manage to fuck it up but they make it so bad that watching the show is the equivalent to cumming into a late stage aborted fetus and then eating it.

        1. ” watching the show is the equivalent to cumming into a late stage aborted fetus and then eating it.”
          Dude! trigger warning?!! I was actually eating lunch while reading this

    2. Excellent observations regarding GOT: endless shoe horning of feminism, homoerotica and Satanism.

        1. pretty sure there is only one fuckable girl on that show at this point and she is in a love plot with a eunuch who, spoilers suggest, she will be having a sex scene with despite him having having neither dick nor balls (it is specifically mentioned).

        2. Meh. Every chick in the series is unbeatably awesome in virtually every aspect, including strength, weaponry, warfare, cunning, survival… it’s become utterly and offensively preposterous and totally unwatchable.

        3. Force Scissors is a special sex move out of the Liberal Sutra Book of Rainbow Snowflake Colored Unicorn Loving Jedi’s.

      1. What is important to understand is that saying I love the books is an understatement. I am such a nerd you can’t imagine. I am in the middle of online conversations that would make most nerds heads turn. I think grrm is our Dostoyevsky and the asoiaf books are the single greatest piece of literature we have had in our lifetimes. The showrunners could literally do a terrible job and I would still like it. But they have gone so far beyond terrible.

        1. To be honest, I haven’t read the books and got tuned into the shows via an ex only a few years ago. But, now that the ex is as such, I can’t bare to watch that horseshit any longer.

        2. I get how personal connections can turn a person off. I think the books are fantastic and the first season of the show is great with the second and third being watchable and everything after that being utter shit. But if it is also tied up in memories with an ex I can see it going south quick.

        3. I meant the ex introduced me to the series about 2 years ago and she wanted to watch it each week, but now that she’s gone, I’m happy to never lay eyes on GOT again. No personal connection otherwise.

        4. That’s because GRRM didn’t have the balls to make ASOIAF the trilogy that it should have been. He does good writing for the other books, but 4 & 5 are chronologically fucked up. It would have been difficult to make sense of anything after the red wedding even if the writers were any good.

        5. Imo the story was too big for a trilogy and I don’t mind the chronology. It takes some picking apart but I don’t mind it. Blaming grrm for the failures of the show, imo, is really nuts. The show runners pretty much fucked everything up because they are not smart or talented and grrm doesn’t seem to care because it’s just tv and he is getting rich which is a position I can respect

      2. The books seemed rather gender rational. The women were mostly pampered and useless, and at best gained influence by using sex to convince their men to do stuff for them. They were even the source of 95% of the whining in the books. The one exception was brilla (or whatever her name was), but considering how ugly she kept being described I kept expecting her to reveal that her mother was a giant, troll, or other monstrous creature. How does the tv show differ with respect to this?

    3. It was tragic how D&D wrecked Game of Thrones…I’ve read the books and with the exception of the 1st season, the following seasons just embarrass the rich story content of the GOT mythos…
      I was especiall pissed when they left out Davos going to White Harbour…Wyman Manderly was such a badass

      1. There is so much to be pissed about. Ok. I know not everyone can nerd it up like me (For instance, did Roose really betray Robb at the red wedding? Ned was still alive when Robb marched south and split the armies and as such the Boltons, Ryswells, Dustins and Manderlys never ascented to Robb’s kingship so by the red wedding, if house Bolton was still under the power of the IT, he was no longer subject to house stark and Robb was not a king, not a lord, not warden of the north but an attainted and condemned traitor) but even without the crazy stuff I get into…they basically just farted out every scene. Tyrion acting in self defense when killing shae…the entire where do whores go plot totally missing, the whole tysha story. If I sat here and typed just how much they fucked Tyrion up since season one this comment would take me 3 days to write and he isn’t even the worst of it. I could go on for a year about how the fuck succession seems to work for this nimwits.

        1. The way they portrayed Tyrion in the show was a major fuck up. In the books, Shae never even loved Tyrion, she just manipulated his insecurities to get what she wanted from him.
          Another fuck up was Jaime Lannister, he wasn’t such a simp for Cersei as they portray him in the show.
          Renly Baratheon’s homosexuality was merely hinted at in the books. Ser Loras was a badass knight that just happened to be gay.
          How the hell could they leave out EVERYTHING about the Dorne plot???
          I could go on on. If they were actually faithful with the books, they could have produced the first multibilloin dollar TV series.
          On another note, which was your favourite book? I think a Storm of Swords was great and Feast of Crows being a hidden gem. Those Jaime POV are straight badass

        2. yes to all of this. Renly’s homosexuality being hinted at is important because there was another whole subplot where there are the younger brothers of the men who fought in the revolution. Guys like Tyrion, Renly, Loras, etc were all too young to fight so while their older brothers were changing the world they were sucking their mother teats. However, now they are adults and people, especially guys like Robert, looked at them like little pussys because they enjoy the wealth and power that a revolution they were too young to take place into.
          Fuck dorne in the shows is all I have to say.
          BTW: I am totally on board with the R+L=D;B+A=J theory
          As for favorite, it is hard to say. I kind of read them like one big book. SOS was great and probably, stand alone, the best but I have read through the series 6 times now and find it hard to separate out the plot into individual books.

        3. hard to explain here. It is Rhaegar+Lyanna=Daenery AND Brandon + Ashara Dayne = Jon. I first saw the evidence presented in Preston Jacobs 3 part video series Tower Tower Joy Joy (google and ye shall find). Watch all three videos in the series and let me know what you think. I don’t agree 100% with every point he makes and I have fleshed other points out to places he hasn’t gone but, in general I feel the whole thing is right. Here is the link to the first video to help you get started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-u2gUM4Vvc

        4. Nah, thats a weak theory imo. Daenerys is younger than Jon Snow so the timeline doesn’t add up and how would Daenerys leave the clutches of Ned Stark? How did she end up back on Dragonstone before they fled to Essos with Viserys? I think the more credible theory is that Jon Snow is the bastard child of Lyanna and Rhaegar. A song of Fire(Targaryan) and Ice(Stark)

        5. did you watch the three videos? There are some small timeline issues, but I think they can be handily dealt with. If you watched the videos and don’t agree, that’s fine. Hopefully this fat fuck will write another book and we will find out. If you haven’t watched the videos, give them a watch. Even if you don’t agree they are enjoyable and I honestly believe that the case is laid out very nicely.

  17. “They are so incapable of coming up with new ideas that, like a talentless trustfund baby minimalist artist, their only idea is to “add leftist/racist politics” to an already existing work of art.”
    This made me laugh. At my weekend job I know a 33 year old guy just finishing his undergraduate in painting and this describes him so well.
    I remember when he came to me freaking out this summer because he had just found out that his trustfund would be running out in a year.
    The worst part of his story is that his thesis proposal was rejected a couple weeks back and now he wont be able to complete his degree unless he re-applies to the program. When I asked him what his final project was supposed to be he said something along the lines of painting how black people are an oppressed minority. I currently study at an arts focused university and that describes about 60% of the projects being done. Cappy is right that 21st century artists just take established forms of media and add a leftist political message so it counts as new and trendy art. I even had a successful colleague of mine tell me that refugees are all the rage right now in the art scene.
    This dude has been on a drinking bender for about 3 weeks now… And honestly I think it’s too late for him to take the red pill…

    1. fukkin ay……
      Shitty artist, but he’s right on the ball, as far as “Art Marketing”. I learned a long time ago if you expect to win competitions in ANY design discipline, make damn sure you throw in pictures of black kids, the more miserable the better. My wife got boxed out of a photo contest because someone was “artistic” enough to snap a pic of a black kid bleeding from a busted mouth….And back in school a low-talent, zero-discipline doofus friend of mine won a huge competition due to gratuitous black-kid imagery on a freakin’ building!

    2. Here is the hilarious irony of white SJW’s: they are the biggest racists. They view anyone with colorful skin as “oppressed” and in need of a Great White Savior. They view them as poor and despondent.
      Whenever they do happen to meet a real black person, they are shocked when they see that they don’t live in some ghetto eating week old pizza. They say things like, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to live in such a nice house.” And it’s comments like these that helped give rise to the term “microaggressions.” But most of these slights come from elitist leftist whites and not middle class conservatives.
      I have done my part to work with my black friends in convincing them that Democrats will never respect them, and barely even see them as human. To liberals, black people are little pets to be cared for, like those kids covered in flies you see in charity commercials.

  18. why are so many “Brett Whites” in the media? it seems they make em in a factory: all say the same shit, all look the same, nothing new or interesting to count one of those shits apart from each other

  19. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to go see it. I have always loved Star Wars. However, I think it’s important anytime you are inhaling leftist propaganda to ensure that you understand what you’re watching, and continue to think for yourself.
    Avoiding all forms of entertainment and media isn’t how we beat the liberals. Being able to perceive it and not be influenced by its underlying social messages is. Do see it or don’t see it I don’t care. Just remember to think for yourself.

    1. And it is definitely a lesson we must pass on to the next generation. Far too many people seem to think that entertainment is what is supposed to happen in real life.

    2. But consider this… let’s say we can separate the social message from the movie… it is going to become a lot harder to suspend disbelief because we know the story is crap, and the movie is going to be far less enjoyable.
      Think about what happened the first time you saw a movie that featured prominent gunplay after you learned how guns actually work.

      1. I won’t watch the movie simply because I just feel in my brain’s heart that it will suck monkey balls. However, if I was going to it would be from pirate bay for sure…..via la torrent

        1. Nah, you will usually get a legit recording of any major movie within first month of release and often times prior to

        2. You can be assured that a Star Wars movie will surely have a high quality download available very quickly

    3. Defunding them is how you beat the liberals. WTFIWWY? For chrissakes have you never heard of downloads?

    4. I’ll be damned if I’ll pay to see it; I’ll wait a year if I have to (like with “The Farce Awakens”), but I won’t support those Leftist POS’s with my money.

  20. I’m seeing this more and more. I tried to watch “Supergirl” and like that show, mostly because I like the superhero genre in general.
    Unfortunately, every week was another left-wing talking point. One week was about gun control, another week was about climate change. One week, Supergirl had to rewrite an article she wrote because her editor told her they don’t write op-ed pieces but the implication was that she was right and her editor was wrong.
    This kind of stuff used to be more subtle. In the past, Hollywood would mask their political intents, which is why HUAC was formed. These days, the hacks who work there aren’t talented enough to do even that.

    1. Don’t forget Superman bashing. I just watched one episode and bailed out. I admire your bravery I guess…

      1. I will say her appearance in the Arrowverse crossover last week was a lot of fun. Especially Heatwave refusing to call her “Supergirl” instead calling her skirt and asking her to call him sometimes. This after admitting to her that he burned his parents alive as a kid and likes to watch things burn.
        You know she’d call him too….

    2. I saw the pilot. Three times during this hour the main skirt was accused of being “just a girl”. As if anyone over the age of five talks like that. I did rather enjoy the fact that at the end she tells her secret identity to two guys literally just to attentions whore. One of said guys being someone she barely met five minutes before. Oh and pale skinny loser jimmy somehow became tall muscular and black. Probably because every white girl on tv has to get with a black guy these days.

  21. Its so fucking funny to me that these SJW leftists think that blacks, muslims, and even the pussy beta whites are going to rally behind a “strong woman.” Maybe the beta cucks but there is no fucking way any of the others will.

    1. Right, nothing militant muslims like better than rallying to the cause of a white woman and following her, obediently, into battle

  22. So basically this asshat just confirmed that Jyn (and Rey) really IS a Mary Sue, just like most of us have been saying. Will she have tattoos and purple hair dye too? As if I needed any more reason to NOT see this stupid prequel….

  23. Why in the flying fuck would an adult male give half a shit about star wars in the first bloody place. Are people really that desperate to relive childhood or even worse, pass the crap to their children as if it’s some great import?

  24. It’s this simple: George Lucas sadly passed away immediately after the completion of Return of the Jedi. There were no further Star Wars movies. The End.
    I will believe nothing else.

    1. Lucas had little to do with Empire or Jedi actually. Hell, he wasn’t even involved in writing the screenplay for Empire, which is widely considered the best Star Wars movie.

  25. What’s missing in the article is George Lucas is a hack too. He borrowed a lot from other sources. And he ran out of steam by the end of the trilogy. Return of the Jedi is just a repeat with another Death Star. They seem to enjoy blowing up Death Stars endlessly. 3 times it happened. Star Wars is a children’s movie. I grew out of it a long time ago.

    1. a children’s movie. perfectly nailed it. when I see all people waiting in line for watching this (all beta grown ups), I almost puke.

    2. True. Princess Leia was insufferable. She had the shitty demeanor of a Jezabel typist.
      It was the special effects that made the original – not her bitchy attitude.

  26. WHY whittie?
    The jews did 911 and nobody said BOO we just gave them hush money!

  27. Oy vey! You goyim don’t know what makes good entertainment. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching 4’10” girl beat up 6′ tall, muscular, white men. You goyim must understand that the diversity is so enriching and vibrant that their raping your daughters and sons is a small price to pay for it. There’s nothing as uplifting as watching us defile your culture and civilization. Oy vey!

    1. I think there will be a connection between high box office sales and a rise in male circumcision. Call me crazy…

  28. Yet another movie I won’t grace with my presence or money.
    One would hope that under Trump, some of this will go away, but that’d be like getting termites out of a house they’ve nearly destroyed – if you’re not careful, trying to fix it will make it collapse. Libs entrenched themselves deeply in culture and education for a reason.
    Bah – enough thinking about how bad Hollyweird has ruined the Star Wars franchise.

    1. “One would hope that under Trump, some of this will go away, ”
      I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps we can finally get some good movies with believable characters that behave realistically according to their gender roles.
      I doubt we can get Star Wars back on track though, since it belongs to Disney.

  29. I’m fed up to see leftist politics infused in everything I used to entertain myself.
    I won’t see this film, as well I did not see the previous Star Wars and the shitty ghostbuster remake.

  30. Notice that only the white men in the Star Wars universe know how to build Death Stars. That shows way more intelligence and competence than we see in the Rebels.
    Otherwise the IQ-challenged Rebels would come up with their own super-weapons to destroy the Death Stars, which they apparently can’t do. When Hollywood portrays white men as a race of super-villains, at least it gets the “super” part right.

  31. Propaganda and art never mix, except in the minds of tyrants or would-be tyrants.
    Now, Star Wars-type stuff ain’t art, but it is pop entertainment, but there is a more modest version of the same principle which should apply.
    Anyway, all you have to know is that Star Wars is now a Disney property.
    And the entire history of the Disney Outfit has been packed with propaganda and sentimentality, from family values crap to America is the greatest. Since the time of Walt himself.
    This is just a new layer of shit icing.

    1. “And the entire history of the Disney Outfit has been packed with propaganda and sentimentality, from family values crap to America is the greatest. Since the time of Walt himself.”
      Agreed. Especially the trivially awkward adaptations of classic fairy tales.

  32. “When I look at the ‘Rogue One’ trailers, I see what I want from America. I see a multicultural group standing strong together led by a rebellious and courageous woman. That’s what we are working towards, and what we will continue to work towards no matter what. ”
    oh another butt hurt Hillary supporter.
    dumb motherfucker.

    1. But this “multicultural group” of dumbasses can’t build Death Stars. It takes the Empire’s white men to do that.
      Just like Hillary could never have built any of Trump’s real estate projects, I guess.

      1. True story: Even the Rebels’ iconic X-Wings were designed and built by ebil white dudes. The Rebels stole the prototypes from the Empire.

      2. And what are you doing with those superior white genes, AA?
        Ranting on web forums ain’t gonna stop white genocide, you know.

    2. I’ve found that women are “strong”, “rebellious”, and “courageous” only as long as things are going well or as planned.
      When TSHTF, they usually ‘lose it’, go all to pieces, and start crying. Then the nearest man has to ‘pick up and carry on’ before everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

  33. Didn’t see TFA since I pretty much lost interest in SW after the pre-quels and Lucas’ remastering the originals. I always thought Han Solo’s character really deteriorated across the original films- just didn’t remain consistent with a smuggler/survivor type. Even less interested in catching TFA sometime after learning it’s pretty much a remake of the original.

  34. I’ve always preferred Star Trek over Star Wars. Say what you want about Trek and how it started off with a diverse cast from the jump, it never really pushed a political agenda on its viewers to the degree that the last two Star Wars movies have.
    Fu ck Star Wars, if this is the route they want to go. My wife and I see maybe three or four movies a year in the theater. Rouge One will not be one of them.

    1. Looking back at TNG I would say it pushed more of a fantasy unreality than anything, especially in terms of political dealings. I enjoyed all of the series, but there were more than a couple examples of things that “just wouldn’t happen” no matter what timeline we’re in…
      In the ending of the episode The Pegasus the idea that a lowly ship captain could countermand the orders of an admiral, or even all of Starfleet Command even if it is for “ideal” reasons is of course laughable.
      Then there’s the plot of the Chain of Command feature-length episodes. The idea that an executive officer could just blow off an order from a captain and only face confinement to quarters is silly.
      But looking back… it is just a TV show, and we all need to get a life 🙂

      1. plus the federation is communist (no money, just everyone contributing according to their ability and being given according to their needs), and the pure capitalistic ferengi are dishonest thieves who had to buy warp technology from other species to get off their planet. Oh and everyone is killed and cloned every time they go through a transporter lol

  35. Regarding the whole artist thing. In one of his books Roger Zelazny had a character make a statement regarding there being a difference between wanting to do something creative and wanting to be known as a creator. Wish I could find the quote but it was along the lines of
    He didn’t understand folks saying they wanted to be a writer vice wanting to write, be a painter vice wanting to paint. I think a lot of folks in the arts want to be known as ‘artists’ but have no real desire to create art- works that speak to some view of fundamental aspects of humanity.

    1. This “wanting to be a ((fill in blank)) vice wanting to ((fill in blank))” sounds a lot like wanting to be ‘something’ without having to ‘make the effort’ or ‘do the work’ to accomplish being that ‘something’.
      It sounds a lot like how Leftists and Feminists want to be “rich and powerful”, but they don’t want to make the effort to make themselves “rich and powerful” — instead, they want the government to take the riches and power away from the “evil (white) men” (for any spurious reason) and give those riches and power to them (who ‘deserve it more’).

  36. Anti white, is just as obnoxious as Anti-black.
    Do blacks fuck up? Of course. Do whites? Of course. Do each have their own unique neuroses and bullshit? Sure.
    But I don’t think any normal human being is going to watch a movie about how blacks are ruining everybody around them, because it’s tiresome and obnoxious. If that’s what you believe, you can say it in five seconds instead of having it pounded into you over an hour.
    A movie about evil space blacks is OBNOXIOUS. It is stupid and nauseating, and most of all, dull, because it’s just the same exact message repeated over and over again through the course of an hour.
    That is the thing about SJW films. They aren’t about “Truth” (which is art), THEY ARE SERMONS.
    These are the preachy assholes that everyone hates in religious circles as well, the smarmy jackass who found some line in a book, takes it completely out of context and uses it to shove his flaccid penis into your face, so he can boost his own precious ego at your expense.

    1. “These are the preachy assholes that everyone hates in religious circles as well, the smarmy jackass who found some line in a book, takes it completely out of context and uses it to shove his flaccid penis into your ass right in front of your wife or girlfriend”
      Exactly. Like those douches who consider Juliet’s decision to drink the potion an early example of female empowerment. Poor Bill.

  37. It’s a Disney franchise now. Disney is on the front lines of normalizing every destructive behavior, ideology, and perversion. Take a few minutes and watch the Disney channel. It will make your stomach turn.

    1. I wish Looney Toons had a channel. Much better than Disney even in its heyday.

    2. Went to minimum cable way back when my kids were very young. Most Disney shows portrayed the kids as smarter than the parents and other adults, and usually having the ‘right’ attitudes about issues and bringing the parents around to the correct way of thinking. Kids don’t need the message that adults are clueless.

    3. Walt would be turning in his grave. It shows that if you build something great, it will be turned into a tranny disco ten years after your death.

  38. Can somebody at RoK correct this article. White is a blogger, he has nothing to do with writing the film, lol. It’s a good piece, but that kind of editorial oversight just makes it easy to dismiss.

    1. Maybe…just maybe…he will get laid by one of the females waiting in line. She will be totally impressed by his Chewbacca costume.

  39. I watched the trailer and saw Hunger Games mixed with Battlestar in front of a Star Wars backdrop.
    My opinion of it: do recycling in your backyard, please.

  40. Let’s be real, it’s better to support the bad guys anyways.
    The Empire is so much more interesting anyway.

    1. Trump’s ascendancy is proof of that. When they called him “Dangerous Don” it backfired.

  41. I have avoided anything Disney since they scalped a bunch of highly qualified Americans for imported workers. Disgraceful. I hope their theme parks burn to the ground.

  42. Crapisode 7 bashed audiences on the head with the anti-male stick, but this one looks like it’s going to annihilate them with a PC nuke. It’s absolutely sickening.
    Judging from the trailers, the main character promises to be even more obnoxious than the one from the last movie. Bitchy, annoying, assertive and rebelious, and dresses in men’s clothes. Basically everything that you don’t want in a woman.
    I was able to spot one white(-ish) male on the good guys’ team. He looked skinny, chinless and weak. In one scene, the main female character throws him on the ground to protect him from an explosion. It seems like this movie is continuing the trend of “stwong wymynz” who are perfect and so much better than men in every way. Completely unrelatable characters.
    What makes this so sad is that the new movies look visually stunning. They are beautiful movies, well made with amazing special effects. What an absolute waste of effort.

  43. I like the star wars prequels and hated episode 7,of course I like the original trilogy!

      1. There were a lot of wasted opportunities to really tell a wonderful story. Everything felt “forced” (pun intended).
        They could have done a lot better with Anakin’s birth than some “mysterious magical event that wasn’t the result of sexual intercourse.”
        Midichlorians? One is strong in the Force because of strange microscopic lifeforms living in you? What happened to the Force being something that “binds the galaxy together?” What happens if you kill a bunch of Jedi and steal their midichlorians? Could a non-forcey type of person become super-forcey?
        Jar-Jar Binks.
        While the notion of Anakin Skywalker being good and then turning bad was established in Episodes IV-VI, the way it played out in episodes I-III really pushed the boundaries of disbelief. Too many things had to be “Forced” into place to make it happen. It would have been far more realistic for him to have started out with a chip on his shoulder and doing good things in order to make gains for himself, with his embrace of the Dark Side being the final “fuck you” given to the Jedi.

        1. ” It would have been far more realistic for him to have started out with a
          chip on his shoulder and doing good things in order to make gains for
          Isn’t that exactly what the prequels tried to demonstrate, through Lucas’ clunky wooden dialogue and plotting?
          He has a big ole block on his shoulder about the Jedi: They leave his mother in slavery, his sole advocate/first father figure gets killed off, the Jedi council originally tries to cast him aside like yesterday’s garbage and he has a hardcore hankering for an older woman that he isn’t allowed to have.
          Jedi aren’t allowed to make gains for themselves. That’s part of why he chafed against their order, as he kept trying to and they kept holding him back.

        2. Agreed… but Anakin was still a *good* kid, even in his life circumstances. It would have been more believable if he had been a bad kid, i.e., he wanted to sabotage the pod racers, or use dirty tricks to tick off his owners, etc.

  44. I suspect that after SJW is junked, Hollywood will have to completely re-do Episodes 7, 8, and 9.

  45. The Geonosians built the death stars not the white males, is Disney racist against incests?!

  46. Is this supposed to be a film review? It sounds to me like Clarey has NOT seen this film, but is just using its pending release to complain about a bunch of stuff…

    1. By the time they get done shitting on males during the movie ; darth vader will feel like the true leader one could follow.

  47. And the very people making the new Social Justice Wars aka. “Star Wars” movies all happen to be Jewish, as luck would have it…

  48. Non white man here. I gladly stand by you all in the shit storm of leftist attacks.

    1. I can’t take even watching tv any longer. The commercials turn black women into white woman and white woman into either fat or proud girl power males ….blacks are turned into faggots with high sounding voices or weak/wimpy and white males- into stupid thinking/sounding and physically weak with woman running the roost…. Its really disgusting to watch. Just watch about a dozen commercials… woe- this isn’t even close to what society needs to be…. Unplug your tv- hell, rip the tv out of the wall and donate it to the goodwill.

      1. I’ve been away from TV for awhile. But the last time I remember seeing any American commercials (maybe… 2 years ago) I did notice a couple things. TONS more blacks. (Which is odd, if they’re going by population there should be some but not tons.) All guys, regardless of race were portrayed to be idiots. The black guys were idiots. The white guys were idiots. Even the asian guys were idiots. Meanwhile the women (again regardless of race) were all portrayed as…. men really.
        Rather disturbing over all. Glad I don’t have a TV. But then, I’m not in the US anymore either. 😉

        1. Don’t have a TV anymore? You’re not missing anything.
          I only use mine to watch the weather forecasts and occasionally an old film or educational documentary.

    2. The non-white narrative is actually counter productive, since it gives rise to animosity that would not have existed otherwise.
      But I imagine that’s what the powers-that-be want. Civil war sprinkled with Cymbalta and mass consumerism.

  49. Oh and it is not a motive of money or being talentless that drives the same narrative in most Hollywood films, it is an agenda. Have we not learned this decades ago?

  50. I ain’t paying to watch it.. I’ll wait til it’s on Mint movies, or some other illegal site.

  51. I went to the last one and almost hurled in the theatre and had to take a shower in motor oil . I thought it would be a movie in the tradition of the original two not some pathet feminist garbage…. I guarantee this move won’t be bringing half what the first one did. Count me out; never gonna see it.

  52. hollywood, owned and run by communist fake jews.. no one can expect anything different.. they’ve run out of original ideas, wash, rinse, repeat..
    If you really have to see the movie, wait til it’s pirated and watch it online! cut off their money and they’ll go bankrupt!

  53. I won’t be running out to see it. The original trilogy was pretty blue pill also (Luke the gigantic Omega as hero LOL), but still better than the modern shit. I rooted for Vader also, too bad they turned him into a wuss in the fur-ball episode.

  54. That idea of the Imperials being evil white dudes.
    I say go with that.
    The Imperial army is disciplined, well ordered, and can kick ass.
    What are the ‘rebels’?
    A ragtag collection of freaks and weirdos.
    We should even have our own Star Wars fanfiction. See how they like it when WE repurpose StarWars.
    Like how and why Palpatine really took over the Republic.
    Because it was turning into a galaxy wide welfare state!
    And you think affirmative action is bad on earth? Try getting behind every sentient life form in an entire galaxy when you apply for a job!
    And you think BLM is bad?
    Try the TRM Tuskin Raiders Matter movement.
    The GLM Gurkin Lives Matter movement.
    The HLM Hut Lives Matter movement (btw it had become specie-ist to even suggest that some Huts were gangsters).
    The JWM Jawa Lives Matter movement.
    You get the picture.
    Also it’s leftist revisionism when they say that Palpatine engineered the Separatist movement in order to justify a police state.
    That clone army was created in order to meet the separatist threat stirred up NOT by Palpatine but by all the ad nausem movements mentioned above!
    Also Palpatine was actually quite popular with most humanoids (ALL Star Wars characters are technically extra terrestrials) and even a lot of the non humanoids.
    He was seen as the ‘law and order’ Senator.
    And very popular with people living in terror of the Huts and other ‘scum and villainy’ types in the Outer Rim.
    So you see there is some fertile ground in the Star Wars universe for OUR ideas.
    With Trump in office (slam fist on table) this station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it.

    1. As much as I enjoyed Star Wars IV-VI, I still ask the same question… if you were a regular average joe, why was Palpatine so bad, at least going into “A New Hope?”
      And yes while it was awful to blow up Alderaan, they were complicit in being a hiding place for wanted rebels, so…

      1. “they were complicit in being a hiding place for wanted rebels”
        Indeed, talk about a sanctuary city.
        Also let’s not forget all the ‘innocent’ independent contract workers that were still on board the incomplete death star in Episode 6.

      2. You could really look at those first 3 films in a different way. The Empire was law and order. The Jedi and rebels were terrorists. 😉
        I mean, Death Star… what? 50,000? 100,000 lives lost when that sucker blew? Alderaan sounded a lot like San Francisco. Probably harboring who knows how many terrorists. And the people probably celebrated every terrorist err I mean “rebel” atrocity. How many civilians have to die before we say enough is enough? And it was probably an environmentalist haven which meant the whole planet was barely livable. No loss to the galaxy for sure. 😉
        Bespin: a haven for smugglers, probably human traffickers and all sorts of bad things. Wisely shut down and regulated by Lord Vader the Great. 😀
        Yoda: some terrorist trainer in a backwater planet. 😀
        Obi-wan: member of a military order that was perpetuating the corrupt and entirely inefficient Old Republic. If the Old Republic was so great, how did it die so easily? More likely it about fell apart from mismanagement before somebody with a brain (Palpatine) came along and got things running again.

    2. Well.. let’s take a look at this. Who would you rather follow?
      Rebels: Led by some woman that used to be on the Senate and hates the Emperor. Promotes rebellion and violent action against the current ruling government. Has all kinds of weirdo freaks from every dive in the galaxy. Has ships named after Calamari. Enough said…. 😀
      Empire: Led by an old guy that can fry your brains with a thought. (And who has excellent zingers.) Promotes order and stability in the galaxy. Has Star Destroyers. Promotes humans as the ultimate arbiters and masters of the galaxy.
      Is there even a choice here? I’m human, hence I’m Imperial please!! 😀 😀

        1. Yes the empire really looks after it’s own. What about the rebels? You’re #*&$# outta luck on that side!

    3. When you explore the history before and after the movies, it’s nearly impossible to not like the Empire.

  55. This is why I refuse to go to the movies anymore. Everything has to have some damn political statement jammed into it and I’m just tired of it all. We can’t just have a Star Trek movie with Kirk blowing up aliens and getting blown by hot alien chicks. Instead, we gotta have a gay Sulu because “reasons”. Star Wars can’t just be rebels versus the empire with some space battles and winging lightsabers around. No, we need to have an anti white male propaganda piece with plenty of grrrl power bullshit packed into it shoved down our throats. I’m not even going to rant about what they did to Ghostbusters, other than to say that in any other civilized society an abortion like the most recent remake with Harambe and friends would have been viewed as a crime against humanity.
    So long as Hollywood continues to churn out this garbage, I have no plans on paying to see it. You guys just wait. Once the liberal scumbags normalize paedophilia, I bet we’re going to see a remake of E.T. where the boy and the alien are gay lovers.

    1. Amen Brother and you know those sick bastards will try to normalize pedophilia in the next 20 years. the worst part is you will be the sick deviant scumbag for not accepting it. Think I am blowing things out of proportion? Just see what’s changed in the last 30 years. Bestiality is now legal in some areas

        1. Let’s hope so my friend, the scope of brainwashing in our society is downright frightening. I feel like the unconverted guy in the old movie invasion of the body snatchers

        2. Welcome the few that can see the predictive programming. For those on the fence. Can casually point out a propaganda point in modern media…..then few months or so later when that under the radar message becomes a law of sorts, there you go.
          The home cg cat movie was / is great for this. Got for wife ( that is aware ) we were both rather shocked how clean the film was. Then we went into the shorts, there it was…the alien race has 31 sexes and there were a bunch of bathroom doors with various configurations on the signs. Fast forward a few months, New York confirms 30+ sexual identitys and has descriptions a drag show couldn’t come up with.
          The mythical they is fucking with us bad right in plain sight.

        3. I catch certain things and people tell me I look into things too much. I say they don’t look into anything at all, pathetically hilarious thing is I have to prove my point they don’t. Damn you are so right on so many levels

  56. The Empire isn’t white supremacist. It’s HUMAN supremacist. All humans are equal in it. It’s just that all the aliens are below them, though some are just as respected, like the Rodians, Faleen, and Chiss.

    1. I heard once that saying we’re all human is “racist”.
      I don’t think anybody bloody knows what the hell racism even is now…. 🙂

        1. Nah, “racist” means “you disagree with me”. (I learned that by observing Leftists, and not listening to their diarrheal propaganda.)

        2. I prefer the translation: “I’m too stupid to respond, so I’ll call you racist.” 😀 😀

  57. Just stick with the old Expanded Universe canon and forget this all happened. When someone sane takes over the SW canon, they’ll re-canonize the EU and dump the Disney fluff aside from maybe Rebels and a few books.

  58. I have all the Star Wars I need with my games and books. Let Rogue One play out in the background while I enjoy some real Star Wars.

  59. If men stop watching movies, they’ll pander to women more. This is a good thing, as their bias will become even more blatant, hopefully producing a backlash against hollywood itself.

  60. The plucky stronk white woman was also a former Imperial, who “saw the light” and decided to betray white men so she could get her fill of multi cultural cock.
    Read between the noses.
    The Emperor did nothing wrong, and neither did Hitler.

  61. Star Wars now has rebel logos with safety pins attached to them. Notwithstanding how oxymoronical this is (rebelling against a mighty empire is never “safe” or for the faint of heart), it’s just a very clear demonstration of how hapless and utterly boring and lame the traditional entertainment complex, overwhelmingly leftist, has become.
    The cultural apparatus is ripe for a takeover. Time to replace it with real artwork and we can do it.
    2016 was the year of politics. 2017 will be the year of culture. Aim high and put your work out there. I’ll be doing just that. Short preview here if interested (5th character on the list): http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2016/11/30/5-characters-with-masculine-virtue/

  62. They pretty much screwed up the last Star Wars. Sure it was better than the rotten pile of I-Don’t-Want-To-Know that were the prequels. It was still quite bland and really a New Hope with different people. And no Vader. Whiny boy with anger management issues does not make up for no Vader. 😀
    I’ll see this one, but I’m certainly not expecting much. If it does have an in your face SJW message, Disney can #$(*&^@#. That will be my last Star Wars film, EVER.

    1. In The Force Awakens, Rey battles a sith lord in a saber battle, despite no training on her part. Luke got his ass handed to him in the original trilogy. But Rey had everything handed to her, including the ability to speak wookie. It’s the whole “anything you can do I can do better” SJW mentality crammed down our throats. I’ll take a pass on this one.

    2. Don’t even bother with this one; it’s supposed to be just as SJW-filled as “The Farce Awakens”.
      As you pointed out, “The Farce Awakens” was nothing more than a very bland “A New Hope” filled with ‘girl power’ nonsense.
      In fact, that’s the trademark of these new ‘girl power’ crap films released from Hollywood: there’s nothing new or original about them, they’re nearly-complete remakes of old popular favorites that have been warped and twisted to push the Left’s SJW and Feminist propaganda.
      Don’t give your money to Disney so that they can continue to make these B.S.-filled ‘girl power’ farces. Give ‘the finger’ to Disney by making this one bomb just as badly as “Ghostbusters” did this last summer.
      Save your money and wait to see it (if you want to) for free on the ‘net.

      1. That’s an advantage to living out of the US oddly enough. Pay to see a film!? Who does that?
        😀 😀

        1. I can’t think of a single good reason to do so. So I don’t. 😀
          Really there aren’t many modern films I see anymore anyway. It’s all explosions or SJW civilization destroying crap propaganda. Nothing terribly compelling that’s for sure…

  63. Its kind of Ironic seeing how politically correct Star Wars has become. I remember when the Phantom Menace had Jew, Asian, and Black stereotypes depicted as aliens

  64. “That’s what America – a land created as a haven for the persecuted”
    Except straight white men of course. We’re the ones you can acceptably discriminate and act racist toward and it’s not considered bad

  65. The writers connect it to a white supremacist org?LOL.
    Call me, Darth, Darth Vader. I didn’t expect much out of this lib feminist militant anti-white hate movie; and I won’t watch and don’t see a need to be let down or shocked .. this is old hat the last 5 years of movies….. They could save some time in the movie by having a white male portrayed as a tied up dog and some 80 lb gal with her 900 lb lesbian lover give each other kisses and then she could blink her eye after saying Allah Allah Achkbar to end the universe after scene one. The crowd in the theatre would go liberal wild. Maybe save the trees out of the universe to live by themselves.

  66. I recommend Ayn Rand’s book, “The Romantic Manifesto”. She directs modernism brilliantly and juxtaposes it with Romanticism, which is her word for art that celebrates the Best in Man. Amd she insists the word is MAN.
    I found it an incredibly liberating book.

    1. It is a solid idea, but I have already boycotted the previous Social Justice Wars film too, and now I am craving for some action.
      So, how about instead of a simple boycott, we rather all joined the Emperial Stormtroopers instead? Killing SJW rebels in a galaxy far, far away is a noble vocation, a task only straight white males are fit for, so what are we waiting for? Lets go to the nearest Stormtrooper Reqruitment Office and sign up!
      Long live the Emperor Palpatine!

    2. I will watch it as I hold the shlongs of the line of men waiting to bang my wife. The other hand will be holding a video recorder, where I tape the orgy for a future upload to YouPorn. Then, it’s off to the costume store to buy my Chewbacca costume.
      I kid, of course.

    “This will be a day long remembered.
    It has seen the end of Kenobi and it
    will soon see the end of the Rebellion.”

    1. I saw the entire first season and enjoyed it; the only downside is the empowered females everywhere.

      1. Yeah I’m worried about season 2 after watching the trailer (((they))) alwAys have to push their agenda

    2. The last time I tried a SyFy property, “Dark Matter”, the show was extremely feminist and anti-male.
      In that show, whenever a female character was on-screen with a male character, the male characters had to be completely hapless/incompetent.
      So I’m skeptical; “once bitten, twice shy”

  68. But but but It;s star wars. Yes the author of this article is correct. Empty your wallets buffoons while being told how evil you are.

  69. The thing is, there should be entertainment that features central roles of women as villains, heroes and even anti-heroes. This does not bother me in the least, and I enjoy it in movies and literature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LV16NLON9g What bothers me is if women are always at odds with men, those men always wrong, and with a message that only women have the answers. That is irritating. I hope the Star Wars movies will not go total SJW but I fear they might. Odd that in the latest Star Wars movie the one character who embodied alpha male characteristics, Han Solo, got killed off by his emo son.

  70. They might as well offer free pearl necklaces to the men as they leave the theater. So full of cuckoldry it is.

  71. I got selected to complete a survey on this Star Wars movie where they showed a couple of trailers. My two cents was it looked like all the good guys/rebels were other races and all the bad guys were white men with British accents and that it looked too biased and PC. My guess is Ghostbusters has them rethinking their formulaic SJW propaganda because people are really tired of getting force fed it 24/7.

  72. I saw it, it wasn’t bad how the screenwriter Cucks bias reveal made me thought it would be.
    Aside from the first act, most of it was okay.
    And more importantly it was clear the rebellion were as fucked up as the empire could be at times.
    Crucially the end made people fear vader again. So it was kinda good.
    I know that’s not the answer people want to hear because they think it will be a total cuck sellout like ghost busters was but it was actually good. (much much better than force awakens, fits pretty neat into new hope prologue territory)
    And it is clear as shit how amazing the empire are

    1. Is the “villain” of the film a Kylo Ren-style moping “emo” sadsack?
      I’m seeing him described as such and, in case I have to see this thing, I’d like to know what to expect.

    1. Definitely nails it. I especially like the part where he points out Mara Jade and the expanded universe. Timothy Zahn’s books were the only quality addition to the original Star Wars movies IMO.
      With some honorable mentions to some pre- Zahn SW novels, Shadows of the Empire, and some video games prior to the release of the prequel movies, the rest of what is out there is trash. Movies, comics, video games, and books alike.

    1. Very good! …I say the movie takes in 1/2. if that. They pissed off 2/3 of their audience in the first movie with SJW and there will be a few that will give it a second shot.

  73. Just remember boys; the next James bond is going to be transgender and saving the planet from oil frackers.

  74. Politics aside, I just didn’t find this movie really interesting. The characters are so mediocre and forgettable. Very boring, aside from a few beats.

    1. That’s not very encouraging as I might just be socially obligated to see this thing.
      BTW, is the lead villain as “emo” as Kylo Ren was?

      1. No. The main villain is pretty much a standard ‘Frustrated Suburban Upper-Middle Management Dad.’

        1. The first half of the final scene was the best part, although it has a very big flaw in it.

  75. After PC Mad Max last movie I just stopped watch movies. Watched this because of some free tickets I got.
    The movie sucked, it liberal PC trowing diversity and feminist in your face. look on CNN, ABC, NBC all praising it for its diversity. I took a girl with me and after she said, this is the reason I do not go to the movies, all the actors are feminine, including the men.
    I so miss the days of movies with strong male role models like Harrison Ford. This country has changed so much since I grew up.

  76. I never saw it. After the abortion known as The Force Awakens, I was done. Your article nails the reasons why. Too bad. I was a lifelong fan who had actually seen every single episode during it’s original release on the big screen.

  77. And leftists wonder why so many white men would vote differently than they did in presidential elections. Here’s a hint: people don’t typically choose the side that makes a point of hating them.

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