The Mysterious Death Of Iraq Veteran And “Gray State” Film Director David Crowley

The director of a dystopian film five years in the making entitled Gray State was found dead, along with his 28-year old wife and 5-year old daughter in their Minneapolis home last year. Screenwriter and Iraq Veteran David Crowley is said to have committed murder-suicide, killing his Pakistani wife Komel and daughter Raniya. At least, that is the official story.

Officials say Crowley shot his family and then himself after learning a deal to finish the Gray State project fell through. Musician and friend Jordan Page said Crowley was negotiating a $30 million production budget with a major Hollywood studio to finish the film. Crowley was a former Army soldier who met his wife Komel while serving in Texas. She converted from Islam to Christianity for the marriage.

Neighbor Collin Prochnow grew suspicious when he saw unopened Christmas presents lingering on the couple’s doorstep three weeks after the holiday. He decided to check on them, and found the family dead inside their home. Following his death, the future of the Gray State project is in doubt as Crowley’s colleagues wrote:

The future of Gray State is uncertain… please understand we are all in complete shock by this having lost a great friend.

Interestingly, Gray State is a movie about emerging world government, which dramatized FEMA camps, the police state, martial law, RFID chip implants, state violence against the citizenry, false flags, and the loss of freedom. The film shows U.S. military patrolling American streets, FEMA soldiers shooting dissenters, surveillance cameras in homes, and a “cashless” society in which one has to be implanted with a chip to buy food from government-run food distribution centers because supermarket shelves are empty.

This is the concept trailer, which shows how far production on the film was before Crowley’s untimely death. The tag line for the film is The Second American Revolution may not be remembered.

Intimidation Tactic

Many of Crowley’s followers feel he was murdered as an intimidation tactic, and as a warning to those would pick up the Gray State mantle and try to alert the masses to what’s coming. Live Free or Die posted this reaction on All News Pipeline:

With ‘watchmen’ and US Patriots/Veterans now under what appears to be a well-coordinated assault to silence them, were the deaths of Crowley and his wife and child another such move by a NWO now desperate to continue their long-held plans? Were these deaths REALLY murder suicide or something MUCH more sinister?

A Facebook page has been set up calling for Justice for David Crowley, which aims “to help clear the good name of David Crowley.” The page currently has over 7,000 supporters.

Since most of the people involved with the film are advocates for personal liberty speaking out against organizing world government and the loss of liberty, a box office success of the film could help spark a wider awakening and change in public opinion. It is plausible that striking at the shepherd to dispel his followers was the real reason behind Crowley’s death.

The crime scene offers up questionable evidence, including an opened Quran, Allahu Akbar written on a wall in the home in blood, and a quickly scribbled note which is claimed to be the suicide note. Investigators said Crowley wrote Allahu Akbar as a swipe at his wife after he killed her, which is strange since she converted to Christianity to marry him. Crowley’s neighbor Prochnow, who discovered their bodies, said he never heard the couple fighting and that they seemed an idyllic family. This makes the murder-suicide claim all the more suspicious. Further, why would Crowley kill his own 5-year old daughter? Why did the neighbors not hear gunfire? The issue has never received the attention or scrutiny it deserves.

When looking at the intimidation tactic angle, it helps to examine Crowley’s project further.

Gray State Director Crowley and his wife

Gray State Director Crowley and his wife

Film Synopsis

The film description for Gray State picks up where Orwell, Huxley, and Bradbury left off. Here is the synopsis:

The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control. Fear mongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance – these are the terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone becomes a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil.

This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance. American militias prepare for guerilla warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance.

It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution. It is an impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland.  It is a time of lists. Black list, white list, and those still caught in the middle, those who risk physical death for their free will and those who sell their souls to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts. It is in this Gray State that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed.

Is it the near future, or is it the present? The Gray State is coming – by consent or conquest. This is battlefield USA.

The idea behind the film is as chilling as it is prescient about current world events. This documentary about the film, entitled Behind The Veil, offers astute commentary as to what is going on in the world and why those involved with the film felt it was so important to get it released.

In the documentary, when asked is Gray State real Lead Actor Danny August Mason said this to interviewers:

Absolutely it’s real. We see it every day. We see it in the news. We see it in headlines, but people still don’t acknowledge it. People don’t want to recognize that it’s actually here.

Lord Christopher Monckton, former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, seen in the behind the scenes documentary has perhaps the most chilling and relevant commentary:

If we allow democracy, through negligence, and carelessness, and the crude ambition for money, power and glory of politicians, to be handed away as we already have in Britain, to a super-national entity which we do not elect and cannot control, then you become just another police state. The freedom of the people will no longer be guaranteed by their own voices and their own vote. There will be an increasing gulf fixed between the governing class which will wield all realistic power, and the governed who will wield none. We’ll be right back to square one, and all the work of your Founding Fathers will be carelessly set to naught by the very people to whom you have entrusted the defense of that Constitution.

Stifling debate about the issue of encroaching tyranny by eliminating or censoring other views has been the modus operandi of authoritarian governments since time immemorial.

The just-leased Mercedes C250 coupe of another whistle-blower, journalist Michael Hastings, aflame after a mysterious high speed impact in 2012

The just-leased Mercedes C250 coupe of another whistle-blower, journalist Michael Hastings, aflame after a mysterious high speed impact in 2012

Political Assassinations

Going back thousands of years, the political elimination of enemies of the state or those who reveal dirty deeds is nothing new. It was a regular occurrence in Roman government. If one scratches the surface, the Crowley death is just one of many deaths of those who do not adhere to the official narrative coming out of Washington that have occurred under mysterious circumstances.

A cursory Google search will reveal numerous credible sources asking questions that never get asked by the mainstream media about whistle-blowers randomly dying of everything from high speed car accidents (Michael Hastings) to heart attacks (Andrew Breitbart) to cancers (Aaron Russo, who refused to be recruited by the Rockefeller family) when they challenge corporate-government power brokers. What makes these deaths suspicious is the fact they came either as major stories were about to be broke or after the whistle had already been blown.

Speaking of heart attacks, interestingly, confirmed the existence of a heart-attack gun by digging up Congressional testimony from the 1970s. Keep in mind, this technology is now 40 years old, and even then the U.S. had the technology to fire a heart attack dart into a target—a dart so small it was imperceptible as it enters the victim and leaves no evidence other than a tiny red dot. The toxin breaks down and is undetectable in an autopsy. This interview with a former CIA agent is very revealing and includes relevant testimony from the Congressional Church Committee in 1975, who wanted to find out what they shadowy agency was up to.

There are also other assassination techniques such as the infamous “polonium sushi” and tea meal (KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko) and electronically hijacking cars causing them to suddenly speed out of control, such as some claim in the mysterious death of Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings. A Wikileaks document from 2010 reveals CIA Director John Brennan was on a witch hunt against investigative journalists like Hastings who the agency perceived as hostile. San Diego 6 News (yes, the legacy media!) even reported this email about the Michael Hastings incident, sent by none other than Fred Burton, head of Stratfor, which is often referred to as “The Shadow CIA”:

Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists learning information from inside the beltway sources.

At the time of his death, Hastings was working on a story about Brennan. Hastings had previously brought down General Stanley McChrystal with an award-winning story. Hastings, much like Gray State director Crowley, was also a vocal critic of the growing surveillance state who referred to Obama administration censorship and blackballing of journalists as a “war on journalism.” The potential motives in both deaths are easy to see.

As previously mentioned, assassinations for political reasons are nothing new. What is new is the fact millions of people are waking up from the collective delusion that dominated the Television Age. We have seen media talking heads at least appear to be controlled opposition quite often. Once the Internet Age destroyed the propaganda model of mass communication, all sorts of chilling stories and inconvenient realities started to emerge. Chalk it up either to conspiracy theories, a CIA-created term invented to discredit dissenters, or to something more sinister going on—that really should not come as a surprise when reviewing the history of governments and of the human species.

Why are false flags and politically motivated assassinations hard to believe when such a small percentage of people control virtually all the wealth and power in the world, and have weapons and tactical killing strategies at their disposal that most dare not dream of? Many ask how can that many people be in on a crime when nobody speaks out or spills the beans. This question was broached a few months back in my expose entitled “Compartmentalization and Conspiracy Theories.” Compartmentalization of information is so effective at hiding state secrets it was successfully used to have thousands of people working on the Manhattan Project without knowing they were building a nuclear bomb.

As former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura pointed out, people who scoff at conspiracy theories of 9/11 actually believe in a conspiracy theory themselves. They believe a conspiracy of mostly Saudi Arabian terrorists were able to get funding from a man living in caves in Afghanistan, remain undetected, then conspire to commit the worst act of terrorism to date. In this case, either one conspiracy theory is true or another one is true. Which do you believe?

For these reasons alone, it behooves us to treat each untimely death of people who challenge those in power with at least a modicum of suspicion. Not every trail will lead to a conspiracy. But there are a lot of people dropping if you are paying attention, and Crowley was working on a film that could be devastating to the consolidation of centralized power in Western governments. Those in power have the means, they have the motives, and they have ways of keeping their activities secret. Are we supposed to believe it’s preposterous that forces are at work silencing people each time another whistle blower falls? Do people in government really have that strong a moral compass? Often, it’s not a conspiracy as much as it is oligarchy, psychopathy, and greed.

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  1. It’s funny how many people dismiss conspiracy theories offhand. Like the rich and powerful would never ever plan anything in secret.

    1. I’m on the fence with them most of the time. Some are so outrageous that I can only shake my head and say “No, really? You believe that?”, while others are well within the realm of possibility and plausibility because, as you note, the rich and powerful do seem to have a track record of…dealing…with people who get in their way *cough cough Clinton mobsters cough cough*.

      1. There are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy theories lol.

      2. The reason why some conspiracy theories sound so outrageous is exactly with the intended purpose of discrediting the proper ones. You seem to have fallen for this cheap tactic. You’ve been gamed.

        1. Old line and tactic that I’ve heard a billion times before. Problem with your premise is that so many real life people do in fact believe them and go to great lengths of lunacy to uphold them. I doubt they’re all “in on it”.

      1. That might be engaging a bit in Confirmation Bias though. Matt Drudge takes it directly to the elite and plugs his political bombs right into their shorts and he’s still around. Somebody else mentioned Alex Jones.

        1. Well, I think their strategy is precisely to allow for a certain section to be active as a figurehead of the dissenters and opposition. Be they then in the pocket or not.
          But my instinct points to that there are things afoot we don’t know of, and if anyone is about to reveal something linked to or hinting at the big secrets, they get bumped off.
          I’m just theorizing but it’s a rather specific feeling I get from the wider landscape of media and information these days. You see ripples of some big thing moving but never catch a glimpse of it.

        2. To be honest, I hate conspiracy theories but it’s worth looking at alternative explanations of deaths that seem to be a little too “convenient.” Especially when the heart attack gun has been around 40 years and people just collapse and go into fibrillation on a midnight walk while threatening a very embarassing story for the elite.
          Alex Jones rants and raves so much I think he’s his own worst enemy. Drudge does good things but he runs a scandal sheet, and creates hysteria just like the MSM to generate clicks. That said, Drudge is my go to source for news, but I can see what he’s doing as far as emotional manipulation and sensationalism.

        3. To be honest, I hate conspiracy theories but it’s worth looking at alternative explanations of deaths that seem to be a little too “convenient.”
          Same. The Clintons, whom I’ve mentioned, are *clearly* murderous thugs. Nobody suicides himself by placing a gun behind his own left ear, that’s just not done. It is done in execution style killings though. Lots of Clinton “friends” died very mysteriously, it would not surprise me that after 100 years have passed, the real dirt comes out on them being the most crooked, violent political family of this and the last century.

        4. Yeah, and you know what I think about it? I think it’s a convenient rhetorical tool that can be used to ensure that all conspiracy theories have an “out” to explain the exceptions that pop up contrary to the theory. It allows the circular logic to continue unchallenged by facts, because any contrary facts are “plants” or “controlled opposition” put in place to disprove the “actual facts”. It allows conspiracy theory consistency in the face of direct contradictions.

        5. The elites are not all powerful and omnipotent yet and not everything is a shadow game. At the same time it would be naive to think that the powers of this world operate fully in the open and under strict legal jurisprudence. Ultimately its not up to us to know every move in the game, but to simply do what small part we can to bring virtue and freedom back into the world.
          As for your point of allowing figureheads and dissenters sometimes when I get in my darker moods I figure they serve a purpose in allowing the elites to track and monitor free thinkers like ourselves.

        6. What you think about it is just your opinion, the reality is quite different. For starters get these two books and we’ll talk again – “Century of War” and “Conjuring up Hitler”.
          If not, keep your current opinion, life seems easier this way.

        7. Agreed. The fact the Clintons have repeatedly gotten away with murder only heightens my suspicion whenever there are other untimely demises. Former Governor Jesse Ventura refuses to fly because so many planes of politicians mysteriously go down, like Sen. Paul Wellstone’s plane, days before a crucial election after Cheney had threatened him with “serious repercussions” if he did not vote for the Iraq War.

        8. Yeah, the reality is quite different. Which allows the continuation of absolutely absurd conspiracy theories. I’m quite happy using my functioning intellect to filter out convenient excuses that are clearly used to allow as fudges to logic and to counter actual facts.
          Can controlled opposition exist? Yes, surely. It’s just amazing to me that it always pops up whenever a fact contradicts some of the more fringe conspiracy theories. Just way too convenient.

        9. Does your functioning intellect not see the massive red flag considering the fact the two people you mentioned are worth millions? Does your functioning intellect not think that if they represented any real danger to the establishment their businesses would get sabotaged?
          Matt Drudge (the GAY right wing activists) is allegedly worth 90 million. Is that not a red flag to you?
          A functioning intellect questions everything.

        10. Right, because earning money means that you are automatically evil.
          I’ve dealt with “you” on the internet since the WWW showed up. Your type is well known to me, and you’re not going to offer me anything new that I haven’t heard before a thousand times. Rationalizations, smears and shady insinuations are not credible to me.
          A functioning intellect stops questioning once a credible answer to the questioning arises. A non-functioning intellect refuses to accept any answer except the one that it’s already settled on before any facts were given.

        11. There are factions in any organisation. There is no monolithic conspiracy, although certain very powerful and at present mostly dominant (at least I’m the West) factions are pushing for globalism.
          The mere fact that Trump has not been assassinated yet shows that there is considerable opposition to his death in major organisations and the elite.

        12. yes GoJ your well thought out ideas which you convincingly argue for without appeal to the passions are just your opinion. Read the books by nut jobs that no one really takes seriously that I read and have decided, with no real thought, are 100% true, despite them having no logical appeal and no one with any brains taking them seriously, because they made me feel like I was a special snowflake and that my gene pool was special (you know, how harry potter finds out he isn’t just some beta orphan boy but really a superstar in a magical world) and then you will know that my way of thinking is absolutely true. Dumbass.

        13. for some reason people who struggle to pay the bills in a big way (not starting families who struggle as they begin to make it ya know) always think that people who are rich are evil rather than assessing where they went wrong and trying to fix it. I guess they are lazy. Oh. Yeah. Bingo.

        14. I remember when I first encountered this type, back in 1994 on CompuServe. They dumbfounded me because I really had not had real life exposure to this kind of mind prior to that encounter. It just seemed so damned illogical and the tools used to front the lack of logic were so transparently rationalizations that I almost took this type as some kind of prank being played on me.
          22 years later and I can just shake my head at this shit.

        15. 100%. For additional reading, check out the Percy Jackson series where he goes from being some schlub with Dyslexia to a demi-god superstar son of Neptune, one of the big 3 gods of Olympus. He then goes on to save the world from a CONSPIRACY to release the titans from their prison in Tartarus.

        16. The “rich = evil” link comes directly from socialist rhetoric. I reject the premise absolutely. Somebody with money can be evil, many evil people are rich, but there is no Aristotelian “necessarily” there to join the two concepts. Lots of really evil poor or non-rich people and lots of decent, hard working rich people.
          And who wouldn’t be rich after starting and continuing one of the largest news resources on the interwebs? If he only had ten bucks and belly button lint after doing all he’s done THEN I’d be highly suspiscious.

        17. The Clintons simply belong to a very corrupt American cartel. Besides former FBI director Freh, there are some other writings about them that are simply ignored. Have a friend who was military assigned to the SS during the Clinton presidency as part of the escort detail. Horrid stuff. Clintons are full on narcissitc, corrupt trash.

        18. I was a mindspring guy…but yeah, that’s when I first found them too. They are the same people who gathered in union square and protested politics or corporations or rutabagas or whatever tinfoil hat d’jour was popular but I never really knew what they were talking about or that they were actually serious and not just trying to bone hippie chicks until the intertubes.

        19. Did you ever notice that the people saying those things are usually sitting on a bar stool and not in an engineering library?

        20. indeed.
          I am not saying everyone can become stupid rich. But when I see someone drunk on a Wednesday at 2 in the afternoon complaining that rich people are evil it does annoy me.

        21. An SS gent is releasing a huge expose on what an awful person Hillary was in her time at the White House, and has lots of credibility and collaboration from other agents who were assigned to her at the time. The Clintons are just awful, nasty people.

        22. They would be in an engineering library not a bar stool if it weren’t for all those rich people stopping them.

        23. Now you’re just sounding condescending.
          Anyway, I don’t have much time for YOUR type, so have a good day!

        24. The “Politically Connected Rich = Evil’ link on the other hand … or as unabashed says below … Predator Rich

        25. Oh noes, you abandoned us! Oh noes.

        26. Yeah, them I don’t like. Kind of like how I’m not fond of drug dealers. All levels of evil, economics is just an adjective to attach to them.

        27. You forgot to mention guys like Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA’s involvement in smuggling crack into the US and assisting the Contras. He committed suicide with two shots to the head. I think a Clinton outer also suicided himself with two shots to the head. Now, there are legitimate times when people shoot themselves through the face or side of the skull and end up using one more bullet to finish the job. However, when a double-tap suicide is committed by someone who has pissed off some very powerful people, everybody should be suspicious.

        28. The vast majority of folks think that AJ is nuttier than Planters. And if I were a conspirator of the highest level, I’d be smart enough not to eliminate anyone and everyone out there, because that’d be pretty dang obvious.

        29. Someone tried, although you’d never know it by how little coverage its received.

        30. The vast majority of folks think that AJ is nuttier than Planters. And if I were a conspirator of the highest level, I’d be smart enough not to eliminate anyone and everyone out there, because that’d be pretty dang obvious.

        31. Earning money is only evil if you follow that with not giving it to me. I am sure this is what most SJWs believe, and I am willing to join them in that. “Give me all your money and you will be sanctified.” It has worked for many in the past, so it is worth a try.

        32. Ok, I’ll pick up where he left off.
          If you really believe that “controlled opposition” is just a rhetorical canard, and not a primary means through which the enemy tyrannizes us, you simply don’t get it.
          The Republican party is one example. Alex Jones is perhaps the most cartoonish and obvious one. It came out a few years ago that he has direct connections to Stratfor, an Israeli front company for the deep state. He never mentions Jews and their whores or Israel, the true culprits behind the financial system, the MIC, the media, the whole shit show. See his interview with David Duke, if its still online.
          Do you understand that the powers that be literally print trillions of dollars out of thin air, at interest? And that this means they have literally unlimited funding for disinfo campaigns? Did you know the Pentagram “lost” several trillion dollars and announced this on 9/10/2001?
          They would be stupid not to have armies of disinfo agents. They purposefully muddy the waters with “flat earth”, reptilians, UFOs, etc. The most typical tactic is 90% truth, 10% misdirection, a la Alex Jonestein.
          You’ve been had.

      2. Of course our magnanimous leaders would never resort to anything underhanded like that.

      3. Honestly the guy should have known not to make the film in America. Sorry but there is a lot of history of similar disappearances or “suiciding” when lines are crossed. Pat Tillman was making noise about how the war in the M.E. was all bullshit, and was going to be speaking out when he returned from duty, then he was friendly fired.

    2. A similar analogy would be to think all women are angels and can do no wrong so the husdand/boyfriend gets used. He is under the impression she’s pure and innocent while she uses him for her own needs.
      Then when you explain to him the reality, red pill, he still does not believe you.

      1. Great analogy. Most people just want to go about there lives believing in their sports teams and doing what makes them feel good. Most people simply do not want to know the truth.

        1. The truth will set you free. It will be a painful and disgusting freedom, but you will be free.

    3. I never believe in conspiracy theories. Start believing in conspiracy theories and you go nuts, probably commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head two or three times in a small flying boat accident. Nope, if anything bad happens in this world, you can be sure it’s a lone nut. Or natural causes. Or suicide.

      1. It is almost always suicide. That is why so many rich, powerful, and connected people end up killing themselves. If I had tons of money and power I think I could tough it out, what ever “it” was.

    4. “It’s funny how many people dismiss conspiracy theories offhand.”
      Most of those people are government trolls.

  2. The crime scene offers up questionable evidence, including an opened
    Quran, Allahu Akbar written on a wall in the home in blood,

    That does seem very inconsistent for a Christian household. It does NOT seem inconsistent with an angry relative of the wife though.
    and a quickly scribbled note which is claimed to be the suicide note.
    I’d be really interested in reading that note.
    From the Star Tribune:
    “Mason Hendricks, one of David Crowley’s best friends, said earlier in
    the week that his friend left a two-sentence note that doesn’t explain
    anything. Hendricks wouldn’t say what the note contained.”

    We got nothin’.
    Investigators said Crowley wrote Allahu Akbar as a swipe at his wife
    after he killed her, which is strange since she converted to Christianity to marry him.

    That also makes no sense. It sounds like these were educated people, not low rung idiots, so I wouldn’t expect that sort of behavior, especially given the conversion to Christianity.
    Crowley’s neighbor Prochnow, who discovered their bodies, said he never heard the couple fighting and that they seemed an idyllic family.
    That’s not really relevant, lots of seemingly happy couples are hate filled once out of the public eye.
    Further, why would Crowley kill his own 5-year old daughter?
    This is something that can and does happen, it has precedent.
    Why did the neighbors not hear gunfire? The issue has never received the attention or scrutiny it deserves.
    That’s a good question, I did a little Bing searching and found that the claim is that he shot them both and then himself. Guns are loud, folks. Like, if you live in a subdivision and one goes off, you’re going to hear it even if it’s many streets away. Exceptions for subsonic .22 *maybe*, but you’d still hear that if you lived nearby (neighbors). The place mentioned where he lives is not some deserted shack in the woods, there are plenty of people around who would hear a gun go off.
    Dude had a pretty wife and she left her religion for him and converted to his voluntarily. That’s an alpha tell right there.*420/2crowley012215.jpg

      1. My first thought too when reading the “blood smeared Allahu Akbar” thing.

        1. I am not sure what that means, but is sure isn’t an order for kebobs.

        2. Islamic refrain, constantly used, “God is Great”…as they suicide bomb you, for God.

        3. I’ve actually heard that the more accurate translation is “God is greater” as in our god is greater than yours. So it is a slogan of conquest, which makes perfect sense why it is always used by the Islamists in their attacks.

        4. I have no Arabic so I have no way to know. Middle Eastern languages, like Asian languages, interest me 0.0%. Exception for Farsi, since it’s related to European languages.

        5. 1. Hold up hand and extend your index finger.
          2. Say “kebob”
          3. Receive tasty kebob from merchant
          4. Eat kebob

        6. tbh that translation wouldn’t make much sense. You see, Islam follows in the steps of Judaism just like Christianity.
          The thing that separated the jews and made them unique in the world was the idea of god being one.
          Egyptians and greeks were fine with the gods of Greece or the Gods of Egypt and could argue which gods had a bigger dick all night.
          Then jews came along and said “all your gods are bullshit” (later translated as all you gods is belong to us 🙂 )
          Where a greek might have said that Zeus was greater than Osiris the early Jew said that Osiris, Zeus and all the others simply don’t exist and ONLY the god of the jews exists.
          Christians and Muslims follow suit.
          So it isn’t consistent with the tenants of the religion to say something like “our god is greater” because that would acknowledge the existence of another god which, along with laughing, dancing or not fucking goats, is punishable by death by the muzzies.

        7. that’s a total farsi. HA! Where is unabashed! I am killing it today!

        8. You may very well be correct and are right theologically. However I think it is more that the vanquished gods are implied to be false.

        9. Precision is easy when it’s an absolute. Heh.

        10. I think it also served to settle the debate, in the mind of Muslims, whose God of the monotheistic religions was worshiped correctly. As Islam believes that the God of the Christians and Jews is Allah who is falsely worshiped and thought of by those two religions.

        11. Could be. Like GoJ I know nothing of the language. I am only extrapolating on the logic of saying our god is greater to a monotheistic religion. That doesn’t mean that they have much logic or that the phrase doesn’t have an internal logic that my apatheist ass doesn’t really understand.

        12. it’s 2016. It’s “my dads are better than your dads”

        13. didn’t the pagans sometimes see other nations’ gods as simply the same gods with different names? seems like i’ve read that zeus, jupiter, baal, and odin were basically seen as the same god, or different aspects of the same god, for example.

        14. some did. some didn’t. The ancient world, on the whole, pre judiasm, was pretty open to the notion of localized gods. Even within the greek pantheon different city states were represented by different gods and the greeks had no problem believing that somewhere on some opposite side of the world that was nothing like Greece and had all different customs that those people had “strange and foreign gods”

        15. Pagan gods for the Indo-European pantheons all come from a common source and were originally all one basic set of gods.
          Zeus -> Deus -> Deus Pater -> Ju (pronounced at the time eeeoo) pater (god the father, ergo, jupiter), Lu (celtic), etc.
          Most didn’t grok that they were related for many centuries, however the Romans seemed to have at least partly grasped the interelated nature, as they were in the habit of giving “foreign” gods from other Europeans their own pantheon names, matching “gods” to the root pretty clearly most of the time.

        16. Considering that all three are based from Abraham, I use a simple film trilogy metaphor.
          The Torah, which is Judaism, is the first in the trilogy and you can’t get the Jews past that one. As far as they’re concerned, the second and third one never happened because the sequels were that bad in their opinion.
          The Christian Bible, is the most well known and arguably the best one, as the main character, Jesus finally makes an entrance but he’s more like Kaiser Soze since the stories about him are similar, but also different.
          The Koran for Islam is the last in the trilogy, where there’s more sex, blood, and crazier shit than in the previous two entries. However, Jesus isn’t the main character anymore and there were some last minute rewrites so the names sound similar but were changed.
          The Book of Mormon and Jehovah’s Witnesses loved the second one so much they went out and wrote their own fan fiction while ignoring the third.

        17. For Zeus and Jupiter yes in the same way that Jesus and Iza mean the same person. While they all shared similar powers, the Greeks and Romans had gods for just about everything while it was more along the lines of sprites and such for others. Additionally, Roman soldiers were under strict orders not to desecrate holy areas of the people they conquered under punishment of crucifixion and to show the same respect as to the gods of their own local shrines.

        18. Heh, I have a few others that I’ve thought about. When you start to look at the whole thing in a concept of entertainment it starts to look like fan boys who went the extra mile. We shouldn’t forget that all three books started from the same and just had additions added as time went on.

        19. Etymology is pretty fascinating, especially when you get to core words like god that obviously go back to proto-Indo European. I was at a Krishna temple for dinner a while ago and noticed a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, and it occurred to me that “bhag” is probably the Sanskrit word for god, since it sounds like the Russian “bog”. A guy working there who knew some Sanskirt confirmed that. I imagine “bog” is related to “god” which somehow relates to “theos” and “deus.”

        20. I’m curious, what languages have you studied? I’ve studied around ten different languages, some modern, some ancient, all of them Indo-European. I’d love to learn something non-Indo-European myself, but I doubt I’ll ever have time. Mandarin or Hebrew would probably be my first choice, but Arabic also interests me.

        21. Mandarin isn’t hard. Just a bitch finding anyone to speak it with aside from a one of tutor or fellow students. Chinese people outside of China just don’t seem to speak it.

        22. French, Spanish, German, Saxon (technically Wessex dialect), some Russian and Czech.

        23. Yes. If you’re particularly keen and have a few languages under your belt you begin to see a lot of commonalities. I was at a Hindu Wedding last year and the family provided a playbook-guide for us to follow along. One of the things they did was called Saptapadi, which I looked at and immediately said to my wife “I’ll bet that means seven steps”. Turns out, I was right. Sapta -> Sept -> Seven via Latin and Padi -> Ped (plural Latin for feet) so I figured that they weren’t going to do feet, so I did a bit of squishing and figured that they *might* take steps like on a path.
          There are days I really feel like I could reasonably travel across Europe and Russia and get by reasonably well as long as there were signs present for me to read in the native language.

        24. Go set ur nutz on fire you preening, pseudo-intellectual, Hitchens-Dawkins parroting, basement dwelling, neck bearded douche.

        25. Not sure I would take Christian rock music as canon, but I am sure it is possible. I was only offering a guess.

        26. i don’t know if i’d have gotten “saptapadi” like you did, but that kind of thing fascinates me. you’d probably do great in WE or EE. for one thing, people over there are generally astounded when they meet an american who has any interest at all in any language other than english.

        27. “Where a greek might have said that Zeus was greater than Osiris the early Jew said that Osiris, Zeus and all the others simply don’t exist and ONLY the god of the jews exists.Christians and Muslims follow suit.
          “So it isn’t consistent with the tenants of the religion to say something like ‘our god is greater’ because that would acknowledge the existence of another god which”
          There’s one God, there are many gods (angels, demons, even human rulers relative to their subjects). On one level the gods of the heathen don’t exist, since the myths themselves are false, but when considered from another perspective they do exist (since they’re demons, thus “gods”).
          Psalm 82:1
          “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.”

        28. interesting. I normally don’t take anything from the bible as proof in a debate and mostly thing god is a pretty silly thing to bother thinking about, but this Psalm does point to an ancient mindset.
          Whether or not the muz thinks this way while he is yelling aloha akabar or whatever, I do not know.
          Come to think of it, if Milo is going to be the resident ROK approved faggot maybe we need some resident ROK approved a-rab to help us better understand.

        29. Thanks. I do quite well when traveling in Europe. What gives me away as an American instead of an “wait, he has an accent but we’re not sure what kind” tourist, is when my kids would come up and say “Hey dad!” while I am talking to natives. I know that my French accent sounds provencal in Paris, and that with Spanish my accent is akin to a German (been told this by several native speakers but I have no clue what they mean and they won’t expound on it). I figure I can use that some day to pretend that I’m actually a German when I’m in CA or SA, heh.
          Visited friends in London not too far back and was well received and told by some “I just didn’t expect you to be like you are, what, being American”. Which I think, maybe, was a compliment? Or they didn’t like my haircut. Either or.

        30. maybe they meant that you’re not fat? although i think the brits are right there with us on that, so maybe not.

        31. Actually the Jews did get past the Torah, they had a sequel called The Talmud. Here’s an explanation from the anti-Zionist True Torah Jews:
          “We are Talmudic Jews, and so are all religious Jews today. Let me explain the relationship of the Torah and the Talmud, so you understand that they are both equally revered by all Orthodox Jews without exception. When G-d gave us the Torah, He also gave us an explanation of its laws, to be transmitted orally from generation to generation. For example, the Torah prohibits work on the Sabbath, but does not say exactly what “work” means. G-d explained to Moses orally that it means carrying objects in the street, lighting fires, tying knots, slaughtering animals and so on. The Torah says to take the fruit of the goodly trees on Succoth, but does not say which fruit. Oral tradition explains that it is the ethrog or citron. If you think about it, most of the laws in the Torah are impossible to observe without more explanation.
          These explanations were passed down from teacher to student for about 1500 years, until around the year 200 of the common era. At that time the Sages became afraid that the laws would be forgotten, and they decided to write them down. This written work was called the Mishnah, and is the backbone of the Talmud. Even this Mishnah was written in a concise style and left much room for oral explanation, which went on being passed down for another 300 years. At that time it was written
          down, again out of fear of being forgotten, as the Talmud. All of Jewish law today is based on the Talmud, and is kept by all observant Jews. There have been breakoff sects in history – once in about 300 BCE and another in about 700 CE – who rejected the orally transmitted laws. But they are almost non-existent today.”

        32. I heard he actually said that when he was torturing the guys at the US embassy hostage thing in the ’70s

        33. That’s so 90s already. Now it’s more like, “My mom’s cock is bigger than my dad’s”. See Mike and Bruce Soetero’s marriage.

        34. Those limeys were not complimenting you.
          Otherwise. Good jobpn the languages.
          Do you know any nederlands?

        35. I have always said that I agree with the feminist line that truth and gender are social constructs. The only difference is that I think the proper reaction to that is to reinforce it and not to totally destroy it.

        36. Yes, I’ve been told it’s not too difficult. Didn’t realize that it’s not spoken much by the Chinese diaspora.

        1. Heh, I have had the same attitude with any Middle Eastern women that I’ve encountered.

        2. agreed. Unfortunately, every now and then one sneaks past. Despite all the insanity and honor killings they can be sexy as hell, have excellent food and when they finally break the “i will fuck this evil heathen” boundary will generally fuck you until your toes curl.

        3. I think the food smells like dirty socks but yeah… they can be sexy. I have one on my notch list.

        4. There is a Pakistani place near me. In fairness, I have no idea how authentic it is. But it is basically rice filled with nuts and currants and raisings, slow cooked goat and spicy enough to kill most people…..
          It is also BYOB which is cool. They don’t mind if you drink, but they won’t sell it to you.

        5. a lot of them are very easy on the eyes. there’s a reason they put those veils on them.

        6. Agreed. They can cook up a storm.
          The one I used to go to had some exotic beers actually, but nor always in stock and not on the menu.
          But as I rarely read menus… In places like that I often go with whatever is good today so long as it’s not fish, and ask for a beer.
          It sometimes nets real gems of deliciousness that I never manage to remember the names of, but they all call stuff different so it doesn’t matter.

        7. “I think the food smells like dirty socks but yeah”
          Lol … glad to know I’m not the only one who thinksof dirty socks when i smell their food.

        8. ” when they finally break the “i will fuck this evil heathen” ”
          I wonder…. if there is an appeal the western infidel has to a muzzie chick. The West represents hedonism – especially for women. Our culture and all of its degeneracy is the snake tempting Eve….

        9. I think that if it isn’t that it is something very similar.
          Mostly, like all women, they want to taste a different flavor kebab at some point

        10. I had a friend growing up who was from that part of the world. His entire house smelt of dirty socks. It was infamous amongst the kids at school. For some reason, he never had a birthday party at his house.

        1. what we know is that they are dead and life goes on. It could have been a lot of things. He seemed like a nice enough guy and she was a smoke show. I bet that baby girl would have grown up to be a serious piece of ass.
          That said, I really can’t muster enough care to power a lightbulb.
          It could have been a lot of complicated things and it could have been a lot of simple things.

      2. Agree. The wife quit Islam which unlocks the death sentence achievement when playing Religion of Peace®. Couple that with the media’s and government’s supplication to the Islamists to further The Narrative® that 2+2=5, up is down, black is white, and that our lying eyes are deceiving us 24/7, and you get news reports that ignore the 100,000 pound, bearded, man-jammie-wearing, Aloha-Snackbarring gorilla in the room.

        1. Hmmm, not so sure; The honor killing of a fairly well known apostat yet not one Muslim bragging about it and who’s husband’s film portrays the US in a negative way. All seems too convient to me.

      3. They had a 5 year old daughter. So supposedly some family member was so pissed that she married a white guy that they ranted and raved for over 5 years and finally took action and killed an entire family? Doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t think of any other cases like this happening in the west. The girl was already westernized. She probably had interactions with many white friends and possibly boyfriends in the past.

        1. doesn’t have to be family. It could be some arab who just moved in a few blocks away and saw a hot paki girl with her honky hubby and sat there for a month in impotent anger. Or, it could have been home invasion to steal their lap top. Who knows.

        2. But then that’s just wild speculation isn’t it? It could have been a serial killer, passing through the neighborhood, who decided to draw in blood afterwards and googled “common arab phrases”.
          The point is the suicide story sounds like bullshit to me. Sure, there are cases where people just go off the rails and off their families, but there is typically severe mental illness combined with drug use and it’s a rare occurance. I’m not just going to take the police’s word that that’s what happened without any proof.

        3. In the Manson Murders didn’t they also write on the walls? Seems a bit weird to me…

        4. that is what I just said. That is one speculative scenario. It could also have been a robbery gone bad. It could have been a serial killer. It could have been a bajillion things that are all more likely than huge government conspiracy.
          I will take the word of the cops on this one mostly because I don’t give a shit but also because there are two possibilities 1) they are telling the truth in which case you should believe them 2) They are lying in which case not believing them doesn’t get you anywhere.
          Really though, its some family somewhere. Who cares.

        5. That is the plan. This is how they want you to think and do. Not give a shit so they can continue doing their world domination.

        6. They can dominate the world so long as I live in relative luxury, get laid regularly by beautiful women and have a stable plan for eventual retirement that involves a boat. They want to rule the world, fine.

        7. Those people carry their grievances across generations and centuries. 5 years is nothing. For all we know, her brother was simply getting his visa.

        8. That’s a possible scenario, for which there is no evidence. Perhaps there is also little evidence of him being whacked (other than several suspicious facts which point to murder and not suicide) but one cannot just reject one theory for vagueness, and put forth alternate vague theories unsupported by the evidence and facts of the case.

      4. I also heard about the “honor killing” with regards to Princess Diana. The royal family did not accept what she was doing.

        1. I don’t know too much about it but you did just make me chuckle.
          I was at a BBQ years ago when the news broke that princess Diana was killed. I was outside sitting in a lawn chair having a drink and this dumb slut comes running out of the house, tears in her eyes, screaming “princess Diana was killed by the Pavarotti” Yes, the Pavarotti. To be fair she was young and drunk, but still, the image of a car with four, fat, tuxedo’d tenors leaning out the window shouting at princess Diana has never left my mind.

    1. I’d like to remind the audience that the “outing” of Stanley McChrystal was that he got “outed” for *allowing his staff to criticize the Obama administration’s poor decisions*
      Yeah. Fuck Hastings.

  3. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but given how easy it is for non-Christian directors to obtain financial backing to make pro-equality / diversity movies and still live our their days in luxury, this looks damned convincing.

  4. Seems to be a lot of convenient deaths happening. Scalia. this, and hundreds more. Either God just really loves the NWO or somethings going on. My bets on the latter.

  5. In general, I have a rule for conspiracy theories.
    The ones that sound very much as fantasy (as the Moon landing being a hoax), those ones would need hard evidence to be taken seriously.
    However, when we’re talking about dirty and simple old geopolitical tricks, as the assassination of “annoying people”, or framing them with the classical made up sexual scandal (for example)… that’s a very different story. When the stuff looks suspicious, and there’s a clear interest… a wise man will suspect.
    As the recent assassination in England: a young woman (which is the perfect victim to create outrage), just one week before the Brexit referendum. If the MI6 would want to influence people, that would exactly the timing and the way to do it. Who knows, but it’s too coincidental…

    1. The only reason Britain has a referendum is because Cameron needed it to win the election. Where does David Cameron risking the whole EU project for his own political gain fit into the NWO strategy?

    2. Agreed, I think most people accept that Putin kills journalists and the cops in the Phillipines are currently killing people who resist arrest with impunity. The government forces in America are known to torture and kill, but we’re somehow supposed to think they would NEVER do that on American soil? Sorry, I don’t see some magical forcefield preventing bad guys from doing bad things just because I’m on one side of the border.

      1. Christ look at that dumb american kid who went to fight with the syrian freesnackbarian movement and survived to make it back only to be suicided.

    3. Or a conservative Supreme Court judge found dead…with a pillow on his face…

    4. apparently there was some guy witness hiding in some cemetery with binoculars at the time of the murder. Seems a bit strange, but there could be an innocent explanation, and I’m not quite sure what the sinister one would be. The problem with the conspiracy theory here is that there’s a guy in custody who appears to admit he’s guilty as charge, and has even said (or thereabouts) that he killed Ms Cox because she was a traitor, etc. How can that be explained? MK Ultra? No, because that’s not how it works (if indeed it does work). Something would have had to influence him to carry out that murder. In these sorts of affairs the only kind of conspiracy I find credible is where some kind of intelligence has been gathered and not acted i.e. the attack / assassination etc has been permitted to happen. But this appears to a guy working on his own; someone moreover with mental health problems. I can’t really see how anyone else could be involved unless he’s been inducted into some organisation, and is prepared to be a martyr for their cause (i.e. keep mum etc)

      1. It seems that the murderer’s brother has been half life in the jail. Who knows… but indeed, there’s a lever.

        1. really, I hadn’t heard about that. Who knows, could change the complexion of things

        2. the absence of flashing lights is a bit odd, but I don’t really see what it demonstrates. Even if there was a conspiracy why bother faking a police response. All the personnel who responded will be traceable, and will either have made reports on the incident or have featured in them.

        3. They would traceable provided that the government traces them, which is not likely to happen.
          I’m not saying it’s necessarily a false flag. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Right now, I would place the odds at 50/50.

        4. to be honest I have a bit of false flag fatigue, mainly because there are so many claims these days, almost as a reflex. If some investigator on the other was trying to trace the police who responded only to find they didn’t exist or something like – interviews with people who are supposed to be crisis actors or whatever..then maybe I’ll take it seriously. Certainly there’s a motive, but at the moment I’d say it doesn’t persuade. That guy needs to go beyond an assertion about blue lights that should have been flashing but weren’t

        5. Yeap, but that takes some time. And after the election, it won’t matter anymore. That’s why the timing is so perfect: close enough to make any further reported inconsistencies unimportant.

        6. If the MSM reports on it and hangs on it for days + there’s a lot of people using it for political agenda then yes it’s guaranteed

  6. So they would kill this guy but Alex Jones gets to have the largest alternative media outlet in the US. I fucking hate conspiracy theorists, probably because I was into it when I was younger.

    1. Alex Jones is controlled opposition. He doesnt add ANY value to the truther community. He is a sensationalist. This has been proven for over 2 years now.

      1. So the “controlled opposition” can blast the exact same narrative as the movie trailer depicts for decades… but this director gets killed for using the narrative…. the conspiracy mind works in mysterious ways.

    2. Lenin said ” the best way to control the opposition is to lead it”. Alex Jones did not state the same narrative as Crowley. Jones is a satire of conspiracy theorist. He was put in place to make us look like lunatic alarmist. Alex Jones had no facts and just piggy backed on the news reports of other conspiracy theorist. Crowley was different becuz he actually had credibilty, facts and solutions. Look at Alex Jones on the Piers Morgan show. That display of lunancy was interntional in order to undermine pro gun rights people.

      1. LMAO you guys are the funniest. A conspiracy within the conspiracy movement…. uh, hate to break it you, but you nutters aren’t “the opposition”. You guys are the sideshow. Conspiracy nuts alway ascribe way too much influence to their ideas.

        1. You are ignorant of the fact that news media has been corrupted by the CIA. Its called Operation Mockingbird. Look it up. You mock what i am saying because you are ignorant of these things. You really dont know any better. I bet you are not even going to look up that operation. You rather just say inflammatory things on the internet.

        2. I know all these things. I was quite into it when I was younger. However, I’ve grown up and now realise how retarded the conspiracy mindset is.

  7. If Carnac were here he would hold an envelope to his head and say “like pistachios, cashews and almonds” then open said envelope, blow in it and read “The people this article will bring out of the woodwork”

  8. In Europe, during the last 15 years, “accidental” deaths or assassinations.
    – Pim Fortuyn, leader of the Dutch Alt-Right in 2002.
    – Jörg Haider, leader of Austrian Alt-Right in 2008.
    – Lech Kaczyński, leader of Poland Alt-Right and president of Poland in 2010.

  9. Wife probably cheated, has to be reported as “unexplained” rather than dishonor a slut

    1. Dude, seriously? What do you have to back that up with?
      It’s one thing to come down on a woman or women when they are demonstrated doing wrong. It’s quite another to invent bad things out of whole cloth just to hate on a chick.

      1. most obvious motive, and a woman who dumped her family’s religion to marry a soldier sounds like a “bad girl”

        1. No it’s not.
          This is far more likely to be an honor killing by one of her family.

        2. it is far more likely to be an honor killing, a break in, a bad reaction to some stupid anti depressant that an idiot shrink gave one of them — hell, your scenario is only about as likely as the conspiracy theories suggesting it was some form of shadow gov’t taking them out given the information at hand.
          GoJ is not one to defend women here. And that goes triple for me.
          That said, I feel that jumping to a conclusion like that with the info given says more about you than it does about the couple.

      2. What does Occam’s razor say this is? What is the simplest explanation?

  10. Do people in government really have that strong a moral compass?

    No. They who seek power tend to be the worst of our species — and as Friedrich Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom, the worst of the worst always rise to the top.

  11. Anyone who scoffs at this article is an obedient slave. The government is always lying, it just differs on what they are lying about and why.
    While there may very well be a sinister motive behind all of this, there could be other explanations that are just as plausible.
    I fear, though, that this kind of clandestine operation, if true, is merely the very tip of the iceberg.

  12. This seems to be a case of the writer seeing what they want to see.
    Seems much more likely that a paranoid distopian obsessed individual shoots his family and himself when he cannot complete his magus opus, than a government assassination.
    How many people does it take to kill their own family? One.
    How many people would it take to assassinate and then cover-up the assassination to make it look like a murder-suicide by firearm?
    Quite a few more than one, and local police are usually more weary of federal intrusion than the average citizen, so I would not be looking at them as part of any federally planned cover-up.

    1. Both would take one person directly involved in the op.
      I’m guessing you don’t know how it works, but the cops etc don’t have to be in on it in the least.
      It takes one skilled guy to make it happen.
      I’m fairly sure they only do very basic bloodwork in this kind of case, plus the time they were laying in the house would likely have destroyed any traces.
      From an operation perspective you incapacitate them, gas is easy, pick the lock, pose them them up etc, use a foam pad as silencer, scrawl whatever on the wall, mess up the place, quietly exit.
      People assume these things are done very differently from how it often turns out.

      1. I’m not talking about just the operation.
        It would take many more people, from the planning, timing, reasoning behind the execution, the actually operation itself, and many miriyad of other considerations.
        Many sociopathic people I might add, who naturally would distrust each other.
        Or, the conspiracy guy snapped.
        I’m going to go with the simplest explanation on this one.
        Just wanted to point out the confirmation bias of the author.

        1. Sure it’s possible that he snapped but I have yet to see anything outside of this event suggesting that he did, or had it in him to.
          As for the other people, you’d need someone to decide and finance it, but not necessarily more than these two.
          There have been a bunch of actually quite proven cases in the underworld, like mafia etc where only the hitman and the guy who pays/calls the shots were involved. Some cases were assumed to be suicides or robberies etc.

        2. Compartmentalization of information solves the “takes many people” argument. It’s been used for thousands of years to hide state secrets. And, I’m not saying there is a conspiracy as much as people need to start paying attention to how often this is happening. A lot of very convenient coincidences. We need to be asking questions when whistle blowers just up and die right before they blow the whistle. I’m shocked people underestimate an agency that developed a heart attack gun, designed for the expressed purpose of eliminating people in an undetectable way.

        3. It’s always been a great game of elimination when it comes down to it.
          Sheep and wolves. sheep dogs get skinned alive.

    2. Normalcy bias. It’s totally plausible Crowley’s death was not a conspiracy, I’ll be the first to admit, which is why I laid out 3 other convenient deaths that could have been conducted by agents and 1 confirmed death that was undoubtedly conducted by agents. Only by a stroke of luck was the ex-KGB agent’s death confirmed to be polonium poisioning, probably ordered by Putin. Polonium poisoning is nearly undetectable, if doctors hadn’t been so thorough Alexander Litvinenko’s death would have been chalked up to just another crazy conspiracy theory. Obviously, there had to be a conspiracy to kill Litvinenko using radioactive materials, and that’s exactly what happened. His assassins just got a little sloppy and didn’t expect doctors to be so thorough. Otherwise, this could have been dismissed as just another unfortunate cancer death.

      1. If Putin hadn’t become persona non grata would they have been that thorough?

        1. Exactly. If Litvinenko was hospitalized in Russia rather than Britain this issue would never have seen the light of day. I’m sure many Russians blindly trust their government just as many Americans blindly trust theirs. It can’t happen here? Or is it already happening here?

        2. I’m not saying it’s foul play, but I always had my doubts about Dr David Kelly’s death

      1. George Soros found to be dead thirty years ago! Longest charge from potato battery experiment ever performed scientific experts claim!
        “He was just as real as a real person.” Caretaker breaks down!

      2. when his body finally gives up, he’ll just have his brain transferred to a high-tech pickle jar, and control things from there.

        1. you can tell that brain belongs to Soros because it’s dollar bill green

    1. Probably when some Brazilian blower is munching on his jerky stick trying to suck the last of his viscous old man juice.

  13. I wouldn’t even flinch with surprise if there was solid proof that the CIA has routinely murdered American citizens.

  14. Sounds like an interesting milieu for the movie, but without a narrative there’s no way that was getting picked up.
    Compare to the movie “Children of Men” which had a similar dystopian backdrop, but was actually successful because of the compelling story Clive Owen’s character got pushed into. Without that, you just have a concept, not a saleable film

  15. Governments are scared shitless of anything remotely promoting an insurrection against them fiction or not. Pictures, movies, books, manifestos, you name it. Because they know exposure to ideas usually makes them happen sooner or later. Scenes like soldiers suddenly turning on their “own” in command bunkers and other C2 facilities are dreaded by generals and the highest echelons of power. I would not put anything like this past them. Just look how nervous the feds get when militias like the Oathkeepers make a move.

  16. A good look at history will reveal that the gifts of freedom are most often bestowed by paranoid men.

    1. Certainly true of the founding fathers. They hated and mistrusted each other so much they couldn’t stand the idea of any of those bastards ever having control of them. So, they made a system where those other guys could get power over them. Luckily we got under the same umbrella.

      1. Exactly. I mean considering that the whole fiasco was caused more or less by the passage of simple tax (the stamp act), it’s clear that these men intended on defining freedom and tyranny on their own terms.

      2. “Governments may think and say as they like, but force cannot be eliminated, and it is the only real and unanswerable power. We are told that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I know which of these weapons I would choose.”
        Carton de Wiart

  17. There’s a vid of ‘Gray State’ full length on youtube that’s purported to be an adultrated version full of subliminals. A preacher on youtube was saying it was psy opped and loaded with trigger command subliminals. Watch it only if you have a resilient mind that can sieve out the trigger commands or don’t watch it.

  18. Look at 1). the time leading up to the deaths and 2). any family ties to black ops or intelligence. Hastings’ wife was intelligence connected and before his car ejected its engine, all sorts of bread crumbs were laid. A hit was ensuing and misleading clues were sprinkled about like crumbs laid out neatly and poised to be found. A friend spoke of how some psychotropic he’d just been placed on somehow became as potent as LSD and Hastings claimed he could fly. Spiked meds?
    So they have a ‘heart attack’ gun do they? Well they also have a ‘gun’ they can point and activate a pre primed patsy or wind up toy. AND THEY ALSO have a gun they can point at your wife or girlfriend that makes her go bonkers and fry the baby in the pan or suddenly begin screwing the doorknob if the dog doesn’t manage to escape. Yes they have a gun that makes your wife go stupid and cheat if you’re awry of the state and if she’s a suggestable dim-wit. They do indeed have psycho brainscrew command techniques that can be used to turn any weak willed person into a wind up bot.
    These techniques are used on women and spouses of dissidents a lot. Their women will flip and suddenly turn whore or begin humping the fire hydrant or in some cases turn homocidal. Usually the woman flips when the dissident is neck deep in some important phase of activism. Note how contested politicians wives will suddenly come at you all hypno-eyed and try to grab your crotch? Yeah man that’s what I’m talking about. Or ever notice how whole communities of traditional families will suddenly see their women turn whore, or file no faults or just wreck the place shortly before a takeover in local government? Some cities that were declared as refugee sanctuaries had a sudden bizzarre defection of married women shortly before the refugees piled in. ANY COINCIDENCE that the townswomen decide to abandon their nests right before a foreign takeover that’s orchistrated by the highest controlling powers on Earth? But debauchery and divorce was usually what whacked a community IN THE KNEES and cripled it shortly before the non humans took over. That’s right I said NON HUMANS as in REPTOIDS.
    Big cities, especially capitol districts suffered the first hits of massive family breakdown during the 60’s-70’s as established families of the old guard saw their women go berserk and flee while divorcing or divorceraping their men in droves. THEN you saw this eerie band of reptoid snakes take over every single goddamn city-manager alderman form of government. EVERY BIG CITY WENT GODDAMN LIZARD in one short decade. GREEN MOTHERFUCKING LIZARD!! We saw these professional ‘toid mayors hop from one big metro city to another (‘toid is derogatory slang for ‘reptoid’. It’s like ‘tard for retard or ‘groid for negroid to clarify). The cities would trade off their ‘toid mayors and appoint councilmen just like a major sports team trades players and coaches. They were all professional REPTOID local level wardens placed in positions to dasarm and create a closed hive environment to contain the major population clusters. Remember the old family clan city boss regimes like Tammany Hall? The regimes were crooked but at least they were human. Those really were the good old days. We haven’t seen real humans like those good ol’ boys in control of any big city in decades. Now it’s wretched bug brained bad breath cold blooded scaly REPTOIDS from hell. Just look at the beedy bug eyed shits that sit round any big city council pew deskboard. Even the fat old token black lady has the sharky black snarky looking bug eyes.
    Dear God we must get back control of our women for the life of our species. And soon. What do you think will happen and what DID YOU THINK would happen western man when you stood down and let your jewels run loose?? A woman IS like your #2 ballsack. Her purpose is the same as your seedline treasury which you keep locked away and guarded in your balls. She IS YOUR BALLSACK only less wrinklier and prettier. Keep her covered and cool. And most definately – – keep the slimy green ‘toids at bay. Keep ’em down!
    If you can understand how a wind up like McVeigh or the Boston bombers can be activated, then surely yeu can see how a simple stupid housewife or tempermental girlfriend can be used against a person of importance. The women when brainscrewed are constantly being used against their own men in the constant ongoing war of powers in this world. It is ten times easier to flip switches on a stupid woman than to make a big false flag patsy do a complex task from start to finish. Happens all the time.

  19. 3 weeks after xmas????
    Look alive out there people!!!!.
    Look out for your neighbors, even just a little.

  20. Yupp…………….I do pray that this will not eventuate, but……………………??? Remember the judeo-bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 ?? Then it was a “Gray state” for the Russian people ??

  21. New World Order…
    Shadow Government…
    A ((( ))) by any other name.

  22. There’s another angle here. If people think that they will be killed by heart-attack guns, or by mechanically induced cancer, or by any of a hundred other dastardly means, they get scared. Really scared. And when they get really scared, they shut up. They go with the flow. They do what they are told.
    I’m not saying certain people aren’t targeted and whacked (they obviously are), but I don’t think it happens as often as claimed. Why? Because the mere threat of it dissuades most free-thinkers from getting hip-deep in activism. Which is a major reason why a film like “Gray State” would ever be created in the first place. Nothing comes close to hitting the big screen unless the elite want it to hit the big screen. There are no exceptions to that rule (being an actor and filmmaker/music producer, this is simply a known fact to me). And no film that actually divulges 100% real, hardcore truths, will ever hit the big screen. No fuckin’ way. Not gonna happen.
    As for some of the people who have allegedly been whacked for speaking out, my research has shown me that many of these people were intelligence assets, posing as activists, and they were never actually killed; their deaths were entirely fabricated. And in some cases, the activists were cardboard cut-outs, created in think tanks and made to appear “real”, via photographs, videos, and the like. But in reality, it was just some actor pretending to be an activist. His words were all scripted by intelligence…
    The end game target here is to induce fear. Because fear is the prison.
    Think about it for a minute. If all these dastardly super-spy killing devices were so readily available to the elite, don’t you think they would have already targeted every single person who visited a truther website (because, they definitely know who does that, and those people are already on a list), and they would have whacked them already?
    You don’t need to kill people if you can control their minds and actions. And our minds are definitely controlled, as are our actions. And that makes us the Walking Dead (which explains the proliferation of zombie TV programs and films; the elite are laughing at us there).
    The elite are infinitely more cunning than most people imagine. Love ’em or hate ’em, they don’t fuck around when it comes to actualizing a long-term plan. And I have to applaud that…because I admire it. As the man said, people who bitch about their rulers are merely jealous and want to be in their shoes. (Amen to that.)

  23. The brutality of the assassins can be seen by the fact that they killed the whole family. Only the most ruthless tyrants would go that far.
    Another example of the killing of a whole family, and for similar reasons is that of the Philip Marshall family, details of which can be found by scrolling down at the below link:
    The people who control America today are among the vilest.

  24. You forgot Nancy Schafer ,she stood up against the child kidnapping known as CPS in America ,and conveniently her husband pulled a murder suicide.

  25. Good read but check your dates on Brennan as Dir CIA. I believe he was given the job in 2013. In 2010 he was wandering around the WH propping up obama.

  26. WHoa, this is a sad story. What did He find out? Movies have been made before about human slavery?

  27. Some 70 or so years ago my father a police detective told me. “Often
    a murder suicide, is a double murder.” That sure holds now when the USA is being destabilized in the same manner as David was warning.
    We soon may have a known master criminal as “president.” It appears much of what David had in mind is occurring. Please review the trail of dead bodies in the Clinton’s wake. Note the very recent additions including a former president of the UN General Assembly. John Ashe was to be questioned on his role in the CLINTON FOUNDATION which is nothing but a massive money laundering and pay for play Criminal Enterprise.

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