14 Things Every Guy Should Know About Swedish Girls

1. Sweden is a modern socialist state that places a lot of value on design. If Apple computer was a country, it would be Sweden. There is incredible detail to designing even simple lamps and chairs. Everything is optimized, logical, and clear, especially in public spaces. Sadly, these spaces are better presented than the women, who are the most overhyped on the planet. My guess is you think every girl there is a blond bombshell, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The talent level competes very poorly with other countries in Eastern Europe.

2. There are two levels of beauty. On the elite level you have a smattering of 8s and 9s with a few 7s thrown in. On the other level you have 6s and below who may have a cute face, but are extremely sloppy with their appearance and are overweight. Surprisingly, Sweden is fat. It’s perhaps the fattest country in Scandinavia, though it’s a close call with Denmark. Most girls are on the chubby side. If you like thick blonde girls, this may be your heaven.

3. Sweden has been infected with plain hipster style. All the girls wear Converse shoes and black stockings with tears in them. They believe Chucks match with anything, including dresses. Flip flops are to the USA what Chucks are to Sweden. Even guys wear it. The only positive is that you don’t see as many Skrillex haircuts like in Denmark.

4. Swedish girls absolutely love Americans. Many have visited the US or worked as an au pair. You’re their cultural bridge back to that happy time. The best part of it is that you don’t need to drop your background with any special tactic—they quickly sense it with your accent.

5. They are exceptionally friendly. They aren’t too sarcastic and won’t hit you with the superiority nonsense that you get in Denmark. While friendliness can help turn things into something sexual, don’t automatically assume it.

6. Demographics give an edge to women. The sex ratio everywhere is bad, with much more men than women. It reminded me of America. While Swedish guys don’t approach, they do have extensive social connections that actually make it worse than if they approached a lot instead. While an approach can fail within a minute or so, Swedish guys get introductions to desirable girls and have automatic long conversations.

7. Girls with boyfriends have a roaming eye. According to modern feminist theory, it’s best if a girl bangs a couple dozen bad boys to know what she wants before eventually settling down, but those slutty experiences re-wire her brain in such a way that it can be hard to resist one more go with a bull. Alcohol will be a great excuse to borrow a Swedish girl from her boyfriend. Unlike in Eastern Europe, Swedish girls are not looking to replace their man. Instead they’ll go for a brief fling that no one finds out about.

If you have regular contact with her (e.g., you see her every day in the coffee shop), it’s easier to pull a robbery than a one-off approach on the street or in the club.

8. It’s a social circle driven society on par with Iceland. Even Swedes consider themselves socially awkward, so they depend on their circle to meet people. This is especially true with the hotter girls who have a million orbiters competing for their attention. To increase your chances of getting something, you need to isolate her from the group. I definitely noticed a trend that the prettier the girl, the more likely she has a boyfriend. Regardless of her status, the hottest girls seem to wrap themselves up in a little cocoon. You need to get them alone.

9. Sweden has a huge minority population with many people from Africa and the Middle East. I found the Middle Eastern girls to be slightly better looking than the Swedish girls. The only problem with this diversity is that when you’re seeking a Swedish flag in a short amount of time, you’ll have less targets to work with. It also doesn’t help that the Middle Easterners are snobby, since they “made it” to Sweden.

10. The girls chew tobacco. I remember talking to a girl only for her to pop in a pouch midway into the conversation. I was not turned on.

11. Nightlife is very cliquey. The hot girls have a lot of beta orbiters who are happy wasting their time talking to a girl they most definitely won’t fuck for quite some time (or ever). Day game is a fine option, but you still have to deal with the Scandinavian shyness. Being a foreigner who’s American gives you an edge, but it can be hard to get the girl to really bite. Grinding it out at night is inefficient. Getting introduced via her social circle will be easier, assuming you can stay long enough to play that angle.

12. To get your flag, your best bet is to spit standard world game. Be a confident American guy and you’re partway there. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be careful about dropping value, cockiness, arrogance, and all those things that may suggest you’re better than her. I found Swedish girls to be much more flexible than Danish girls if you break the “rules,” but it’s something you need to watch. Nodding game plays big.

Definitely avoid talking about “foreign women” and how Swedish girls compare. It’s a sore spot since Swedish men are importing Asian women by the hundreds. If you say something she doesn’t like, use the excuse, “Well in America that’s standard,” to make it seem like she’s being closed-minded about your culture.

13. You’ll have success with Icelandic street game, where you prowl the streets after the clubs close for lone girls. One night I spent 6 hours in the club to get nothing only to get laid with a street approach afterwards. While the clubs have girls, the groups are cockblock factories. Keep your eye out for pairs who don’t know anyone.

14. Swedish girls can’t handle reality. They are too sheltered within their gender neutral utopia. Any type of remark that references science or the real nature of men and women will get a negative response. What’s interesting is that I had way better conversations with Ukrainian women, who spoke bad English, than Swedish girls who spoke fluent English. Ukrainian women see the world as it is. They understand sexual economics and human attraction. They weren’t so politically correct that topics were off limits like in Sweden. It’s one of the more open countries in Scandinavia when it comes to free speech but I felt censored. Stick to travel, music, and movies, and you should be straight.

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      1. Agreed. As a history buff, I’d at least visit some of the museums, then move on.
        What amuses me most about all this is the chewing tobacco tidbit. Even in the states you seldom run into women who carry a can of Skoal or Copenhagen with them.

      2. Take his word for it why dont you. Making an opinion for yourself seems to be too much trouble…lazy

    1. They don’t chew tobacco. Snus is put under the lip and just stays there. The nicotine is absorbed through the gums.

    1. Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui are full of Swedish chicks. I stayed at a hotel right on the beach, a 200 meter beach walk from the main bars. Perfect logistics as the party is on the beach. “Hey let’s have a walk…” Directly to the room. I met a lot Russian girls there, very nice!

    1. Snus is a pouch of “cooked” tobacco which can be in various flavours, you put it under your upper lip and it’s so small you can’t really see it. Many men use it (larger portions tho’ or without the pouch), a few women do. Great if you wanna quit smoking that’s bad for your health.

  1. odd, you didn’t say anything about race
    my korean friend did better there than he did in Florida (USA)

  2. This is a good list. A real good list. I met about a dozen Swedish girls here in DC last year through a female friend and I can confirm a lot of these things from first hand interactions with them. The hottest ones usually have boyfriends and are definitely sheltered by their social circle of friends from outsiders. They are tremendously awkward at times as well — they get more “normal” (ie the shyness wears off) after they’ve been drinking.
    One Swedish chick who was more darker skin/hair and super cute still sticks out in my mind: weird initial handshake where she took my hand lifted it sky high and then plunged it back down — smiling the whole time. I exchanged a few comments with her during the course of the evening and later noticed she had some cool Adidas shoes that I had never seen before, so I told her she had “cool shoes.” What was her reply? She responded with, “Why?” Yep. This was not some language barrier issue either. It was like shyness, weird, jante law all balled up together and she didn’t know how to take a complement. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chick respond like that after I’ve made a positive comment on something she was wearing. Even ones with boyfriends (as I found out later she was also taken) respond well to that angle.
    Anywho, I chalk up a lot the Swedish behavior to them being island people, although we think of them as Europeans, they remind me a lot of Japanese people or Hawaiians.

    1. Actually, the reason she probably responded that way to your compliment is just a cultural thing. Swedes don’t like light compliments that may seem petty, in the Swedish culture a compliment should either be elaborate or non-existant. Strange I know, but every culture is different.

      1. I am thinking the person who wrote this article may have been the problem, not the women. From the sounds of it these women weren’t accepting your compliments because they weren’t interested. Swedish women, and other Scandinavian women, in my experience, don’t waste their time listening to flattery from men. Coming from the States which is a very patriarchal society, the writer of this article is probably more accustomed to women who are less assertive. Also, there was a good point about how compliments aren’t taken well. Generally speaking, at least from my experience, Scandinavian’s don’t enjoy flattery at all and don’t accept compliments easily. The Swedish girl has a huge point on the rapes in Sweden too.. that only came into play as basically an “epidemic” once they allowed immigration. Women in Sweden are accustomed to having rights to their bodies that are being taken away by men who never learned to respect women. It’s no wonder they’re hostile. The chubby thing is inaccurate from my experiences in Sweden too … they were all tall, skinny, leggy, blondes …. your description of the women’s appearance sounds a little more like Finland actually, where the girls are slightly meatier – generally in a healthy way though compared to North Americans.

        1. Finally someone from the states with a brain bigger than a walnut. Seriously, I love you man. I really do and I’m not being sarcastic 😉
          I mean, what’s up with all these guys wanting cheap women? Is sex all you have on your mind really? When I look for something it’s a strong relationship with someone that can handle herself. Not someone that want to spend 90% of her free time in the bedroom. I’m in my mid twenties, not 15 years old. That last age there, that’s the only acceptable age to be at if you want to “bang” everything that walks with two legs. Above and after that you should start to mature and in your twenties you shouldn’t really be looking for some “piece of meat” like some hungry animal. That’s just sad.

    2. Oh you met a dozen??? And you obviously think you’ve met tha majority of swedish women then! We are 9 million citizens and about 4.6 million of these are women…and you met a dozen? get a grip on reality!

  3. The tobacco isn’t what you think it might be. It’s called suns. You would never know they are doing it unless they popped it in or took it out right in front of you. This is popular in Sweden and has done my stock portfolio well…so I struggle to knock it. But I get it. One guy said to me when I bought some suns in Stockholm “when I see a girl with this, I reject her” haha.

  4. I don’t recall many chubby girls in Sweden, although I only visited Göteborg and Stockholm. I can vouch for the Converse though. While in Poland, most girls I saw wore skirts, dresses and tight jeans with ballet flats, whereas my Swedish experience created the atmosphere of being transported back to 1980s. America, when all girls were thin but tackily dressed. Lots of tight jeans and skirt/tights combos, both complemented with bright-white sneakers, jean and leather jackets, tacky overly-large jewelry, pony-tails with scrunchy headbands, etc. I felt like a soundtrack consisting of Pat Benatar and the Go-Gos would have gone well with my walks through Stockholm.

  5. ya but middle eastern girls are hella hairy
    ya i can belive that swedes are bringin asian girls since the guys have been so passive thanks to feminsim

  6. How long did you stay in Sweden for? I’d hate to have these general ideas about Swedish girls form someone who had only stayed for a short while.

  7. I’ve lived in Sweden for ~15 years and what R says is pretty much true. Some points:
    5. It depends. As you said Swedes are quite cliquey, and there can be some serious bitchyness when approaching girls in clubs.
    10. Regarding snus (which is actually a satchet placed under the upper lip), its not that common among Swedish girls, even though this is a trend that has been increasing in the latter years, along with other “male” behaviours that they are trying hard to emulate.
    15. Swedish girls are flaky. Even girls in their thirties exhibit this.
    Easier and better looking lays can be found in Norway, assuming you can afford it – Oslo is twice as expensive as Stockholm.

  8. Swedes bow at the altar of design, eh?
    I suppose Swedish women, if given the chance, would redesign their lady parts to resemble an appendage of cylindrical shape, of approximately 2-3″ in circumference and 8-10″ long, with a rounded, blunt end suitable for sticking in the mouth of other Swedish girls to shut off the flow of nonsensical words resembling sound feminist ideology.

    1. Here’s how it works, if you live in a city (like most Swedish and Norwegian cities cities) that has a large area reserved for foot traffic only, great public transport and expensive fuel and parking, you’re gong to walk a lot and will be skinnier than someone who lives out in the suburbs and has to drive everywhere they want to go.

  9. you can’t have more wrong then you do, please swedish girls are hot! i don’t know where you were but it can’t have been sweden…

  10. Are u guys freaking stupid? NO we do not chew tobacco, and NO the most of us are not over-weight. Seriously, many of us are blond, normal- skinny and loads of fun so shush.

  11. ^ This girl probably is probably in denial. Notice how she didn’t argue that they “Can’t handle reality”.

  12. Bullshit! No Swedes chews Tobacco? Like really? What kind of Swedes have you meet? Not the popular i think..
    No girls in Sweden “snusar” as we call it here. It’s just boys WHO do it.
    And fat? Wich planet do you live on? Go back to the us their you can find real fat chicks! Or should i call them fatties?
    Mostly of the swedish girls in Sthlm are really thin. Blonde hair , Great body and tall!
    If u want to complain? I think you should complain on the immigrants. The immigrants are mostely from the middle East. They have bad Jobs and their kids have bad grades! In Sweden we call them blattar. They are often muslims so They can’t fuck their own muslim girls. So instead the call us sluts and fucks the swedish girls.
    Why ? Because They can!
    In Stockholm we have alots of rapes. The victims are often swedish girls from 14-20 years old.
    WHO do u think rapes them?
    This week Twi rapes git reporter to the policy. Both were grouprapes .
    A girl walking home 4 at night in Sundbyberg hot raped by five men! Five men!
    Two days later ànother girl gets raped by three men? Is that normal u think? Why do u think Sweden has so much feminism?
    Swedish girls are tired of a community buildt by men. We want to take actions! Many girls and boys are political insatta <– swedish Word
    They prostets about everything just not feminism!
    From fur factorys to homosexuel marrige!
    Sweden is a very free country . We take Alot of immigrants that we can’t efford. We have more Than 32 procent in tax. We give big contributions to immigrants with no job and students.
    So shut the fuck up!

    1. This girl is what we just call “white trash” in Sweden. (Yes, we use a lot of English/American frases in our language). These kind of people usually blame most of their misery life on the immigrants and have no really luck on neither beeing correct with the facts and nor do they care to do so. Unfortunately they are a growing number these days. Anyway, that does not mean that there is much truth in this blog entry, only a bit. The above comment just proofs that there are many people in Sweden that are not even close to politically correct. There are plenty of beautiful and senseful women in Sweden. But because of the socially awkwardness we actually have in Sweden they are quite difficult to get hold on. It is the way out society is built, but it is not only bad. It just takes some time to realize..

      1. You think complaining about the fact that immigrants have turned Sweden into the rape capital of europe makes you white trash? Jesus Christ you are one fucked up dude.

        1. Just because some immigrants rape, you can’t blame all immigrants for it. Swedish men are also rapists. Yes, immigrants might be overrepresented when it comes to rape, but it’s a matter of class, not ethnicity. The working class have in all times been committing more crimes and immigrants are very overrepresented in the working class. So please take your extreme right wing propaganda somewhere else.

        2. Sweden is only the rape capital of Europe because of how they report the statistics, there are many more dangerous places… eg. if a husband rapes his wife 200 times over a number of years… in Sweden they record this as 200 cases of rape, whereas in the UK they would count this as 1 case…

        3. Rape capital ??!! According to who ? The Feminists control Misadry Swedish media ? My friend left Sweden because of that . So much censorship in the Swedish media .He used to work for a newspaper there . He said I have had it with the feminists here and their lies about rape statistics and men in general . No wonder Swedish men are importing Asian wives in droves . Sad place . I hope Russia declare a war on you , see then who is going to protect you , you that pathetic gay army ..all gays and lesbians there in the Swedish army . Sad case .

        4. you’re a fucking psycho, shut the fuck up you obviously don’t know shit about anything. Also what the fuck is your problem with gay people???? you racist homophobic sexist bitch can you just please learn something

        5. “some inmigrants rape” LMAO what an idiot, if at least one of them does it that’s enough to deport them all and start doing phsycological tests and STD tests BEFORE even letting them enter your country but apparently you lack common sense, not only that, you have no idea of what’s going on in europe, you probably can’t even afford to travel therefore you defend those migrants, what a miserable piece of shit. Continuing, migrants are not part of the “working class” they don’t even have jobs, they don’t even botter in getting one cause they are lazy and want to live off tax payers money, you would know that if you had a clue about what you are talking about but you clearly don’t.

        6. according to stadistics and witnesses you idiot, sweden used to be one of the most pacific places in the world always on top 10 of that list, politics have nothing to do with it, i don’t know why retarded people always try to link non-related things to whatever is in discussion cause you can’t accept facts, why not do something about it instead of saying it’s lies, lol what an idiot, like 80% of the people in the comments.

      2. “politically correct”, since when is that good? you are full of BS “be good” i wouldn’t be surprised if you are a muslim. If you aren’t the you are just retarded.

      1. “muslim” is not a race. “middle-easterner” is also not a race. i think “bigotry” is the word that you meant to use. the race card is played far too often.

        1. Nope, I meant racist comments. The person whose text I commented sees people from middle east as the same. Therefore my statement is correct.

        2. quoted from the post that you are referring to:
          “…They are often muslims…”
          often does not mean always. your statement is incorrect.

        3. You have no idea what you are talking about and it’s pretty obvious how bad your argumentation skills are. You also show a weak logical critical thinking. With other words = waste of my time. Bye.

        4. The things Anna wrote was racist. She accuses the Muslims to be rapists etc. I hope Anna will study English for her own good, but I guess she won’t need it since she doesn’t seem to want to interact with people from other countries.

        5. actually its proven that the majority of rapes in sweden are commited by imigrant men

        6. All muslims are rapists whether you agree or not and by defending them you are their accomplice.

    2. Anna, right about rapers. But you should ask your government why is it like it is. This has nothing to do with feminism. Sorry. But scandinavian feminism is hand in hand with american one the worse thing on this planet. Totally against families and real life. You suppress men to feel like men. Then its obvious if swedish guys rather look for asian or east europe girls. This attitude will never meet success for instance in italy, spain, or other countries. Swedish feminism is more about fasizm. But its the way of life you want to live. If its kept within your country its ok then.

    3. Same happens in Australia, especially Sydney where there are lots of Lebanese immigrants (personally I am a child of Italian immigrants). The Muslim immigrants come to live in a nice country (same like Sweden), and their young boys and men gang rape Australian girls who are ‘sluts’.
      The people like Anna speak up, and are labelled racist. Its not racist. I like all races and would happily date any race (personally I’m not religious and do not like religion), Anna probably does too. We just don’t like this awful side of this culture. Does any one here think this is a good thing to like? sometimes the truth is uncomfortable.

    4. You are right bro!
      Unfortunately these pretty girls do open the legs for these muslin guys and the one who doesnt get rape…what a shame!open your eyes girls they fuck with you and then they call you bitch and at the end they always married one of then!
      for how long we can tolerate these camel fuckers!

    5. Stupid whore. MAYBE your idiotic country should stop massively importing 3rd world scum and the rape number would come down. But no you and your brainless ilk pussify your Swedish man while your immigrant scum doesn’t give a damn about feminism. Your Solution? More feminism, more immigration! Retarded beyond belief.

      1. I completely agree!!! Put Swedish men back in their natural place, our people were vikings for God’s sake!! Enough of this San Francisco bull-dyke inspired politically correct “diversity and tolerance”, it’s not working!! Let men step back up to their rightful place and purge the country of the terrorist vermin, horrifying examples of the worst of humanity. We don’t fit into their extreme religious views so we are labeled as sluts and brutalized, it’s not even safe for Swedes in their home country, this is getting to the point where Sweden (and all of Europe) needs to send the savages back to their shithole home countries. If they want to enforce their oppressive beliefs, let them do it in their own godforsaken country!! Curse them, curse them a thousand times, and the spineless governments for allowing the vermin. It’s time to take back our homelands!

    6. Shut the fuck up you fucking racist, the only problem we have in sweden is people like you.

  13. Who the fuck wrote this fucking bullshit?!
    “The girls chew tobacco”, WHAT?! I’m Swedish and NO girl that I know do that. That’s fucking disgusting.
    “Most girls are chubby”, We are NOT chubby, most girls in sweden have a beautiful body, blonde hair and the cutest personality.
    “All the girls wear Converse shoes and black stockings” ok, we all wear converse, but black stockings? wtf? no, just NO.
    “Sweden is fat” Sweden isn’t a fat country, we’re actually one of the most healthiest countries in the world.
    so shut the fuck up bitch.

    1. I’d say you Swedes wear the most ridiculous clothes I’ve evr seen + 95% of all Scandinavian guys are girly hipsters

      1. Ridiculou clothes? Are you for real? Your own appearence is important in Sweden and almost everyone carea about it, we dress so good here in Sweden and just gor the record, we dress ALOT better than americans.

        1. I’m French, so I like to think of myself as the epitome of elegance and style. I would say that you Swedish people TRY a lot harder than Americans, but you obviously dress like shit too. Also, there’s more to life than clothes, especially when you just don’t get what goes together and what doesn’t. Have a nice day.

        2. No we don’t, you americans are just jealous because the majority of you all look fat as fuck and dress like shit.

        3. Lol jealous? What poor language and what a childish remark. “I can’t handle negative feedback, so I’ll turn it around to claim you criticize me out of pure jealousy.” Such a primitive self-defense mechanism..
          I am Swedish, unfortunately, and I’d have to say most of these things are true – Swedish is a pretty shitty, dull, shy and shallow country believing they are the real deal, though few others will agree.

        4. Well I got to admit that many Americans are fat and not so attractive but I have seen some Swedes and they look pretty to me whether they dress good or not.

        5. Well why don’t you go to America and fuck them fat bitches then, Rikard? You got the nicest girls in the world and still you’re complaining about it, that means you’re a reallllll pussy.

        6. Seriously ? WTF. Swedish girls think they are little princesses. They have no understanding of the world outside sweden and they are not capable of handling ordinary daily life without anti-depressants. They are little children with a brain to match. The girls are total sluts who fuck anything that moves and they have terrible dress sense (think 1980s America) Most swedish girls are not blonde and they are not fit either.

        7. Yeah but i do like america cuz when im 18 ima live in los angeles and btw who the fuck wrote this shitty article ima kill that son of a bitch cuz i dont wear shitty clothes sweden wear SO much better clothes then you motherfuckers

        8. If theres anyone looks ugly as fucking shit its you black ass cooksukers

        9. Youre not swedish you fuck swedish people wouldnt talk shit about their own country

        10. Oh so then tell my why sofia at my school wear swaggy hip hop clothes then biatch

        11. Oh trust me, swedish people do talk shit about their own country, it’s not really ours anymore. We are rasists all the time, doesn’t matter what we do.
          I don’t want to see it as my country, as quickly as I can I will leave this shitty place and run of to UK or Australia.

        12. I found that a simple invite at the hot dog stand outside of bar 54 and light convo about all facets of society helped us bring two home however they didn’t put out but I feel that was not being aggressive enough as soon as they walked in the apt/hotel. in guess the most important advice is to allow them to tell you what their opinions are across several platforms and make sure to keep it light you are in a foreign country.

        13. Nice answer … buy I am very interesting about the sex and cheating bf … what do you say about this ?

        14. Shut the fuck up… You dont know anything about my country. Besides, i rather dress shitty, than act shitty that all of the french people i’ve met done.

        15. Haha exactly… 50% of the americans doesn’t know that the sun is a star.. Says a lot..

        16. 1) There is nothing wrong with being refusing to be with somebody who is not the same race as you, as it is healthy and natural. 2) Blacks, jews, and all the rapefugees are the most vile filthy creatues on the planet. So stay away as they literally are raping and killing everyone daily as they flood Europe. 3) Its a shame the men have no balls to step up and throw these hoards out. But running to a all White area makes sense, “White Genocide” is being forced on all of us so White flight is becoming increasingly popular.

        17. What’s wrong with black babies?
          Know what, it’s actually not the country that is bad, it’s the cunt’s like yourself “EURO GOD” who lives in it makes it so shitty.

        18. Listen I had three of you girls (au pairs) in a mini harem for an entire summer. Nice but brainwashed with feminist nonsense. They did enjoy being led around and roughed up, they seemed to crave being disciplined and put in their place.
          The way I discipline them was with analysis sex by the way, of course with no condom.

        19. Sorry to hear that.Mass non-White immigration has ruined American as well.And neither the Swedes or American peoples asked for it,it was foisted upon us.Good luck Sara,we Whites do need a place of our own.Its seems the whole world wants to flood and steal from only the few White countries.

        20. Haha If you have to ask then you are clearly stupid.Even Black parents don’t want their worthless offspring.Or niglets as we call them.John you should like a feminized J boy.

        21. Doesn’t almost everyone consider their town or country to be boring or imperfect.Its because they assume or fantasize that if only they were somewhere else they be so much happier and be so much more popular.The fact is you make your own happiness and there are good and bad things in everyday life.

        22. Feminism and liberal indoctrination ruins gullible females.They all are submissive naturally but you must deprogram them from the garbage they have been taught.The media and government and education establishment work constantly to indoctrinate both men and women against the natural state God intended.Be a fighter and never become one of their puppets.

        23. We do have a lot of non-Whites like you so that explains part of it.And perhaps an educational system more intent on indoctrinating than teaching basics.Still I’d be interested to know where you figure of 50% came from.Did you personally poll all the 300 million plus people here?If you didn’t don’t speak in absolutes to anyone as you only make yourself look stupid.

        24. Is your country one of those which the moors conquered and screwed all your ancestors and that’s why you are nearly Black and completely stupid.

        25. True.But no country has a majority of blondes and lifestyle and lousy food additives are making almost everyone heavier than years past.Feminism and encouragement to be promiscuous are taught by the radicals to Swedes,so one can conclude that what you are taught greatly influences most.

        26. Negro subhuman abominations shouldn’t exist. The filthy creatures disgust me on every level. They rape and kill everyone not just their own people. Please do the planet a favor and stfu.

        27. I met people who came from smaller places like Boras who wanted to leave because they hated the weather and how you had to in a way act and dress the same (sort of). I know people who left for Stockholm but also Canada, US, England and so forth. I also met many Swedish people who loved their country and were fine with the way things are.

        28. couldnt be closer to the truth – thing is, chicks actually WANT to be under her man.. as for feminists – i had met 3 groups of women independently who told me im the reason why women get raped, cos im a single white heterosexual male!! can u believe it! they were SERIOUS! i was literally laughing at them, man have i heard it all! what a sad bunch of losers – oh that was in Sao Paulo – so yeah, stay AWAY! fags kissing in open public in front of everyonw – just disgusting.. not to mention their famous “carnivals” where the whole place gets trashed with drunk ppl, broken bottles everywhere -ppl having sex in the metros – frikkin babylon!!

        29. my country has got have the most beautiful women in the world, they are smart, not screwed up by feminism (mostly), in touch with their natural unprogrammed female sides – can be very sweet, and wild at the same time.. of the 15+ countries ive visited, its still my #1!!! fyi – Cape Town, South Africa 🙂

        30. Since when was France the epitome of elegance and style? French people dress the same wat as they have the last 100 years. Traditional maybe, but hardly modern. Have a nice day.

        31. No you won’t, you fucking moron. This was one year ago and I bet my right foot you haven’t moved anywhere. You are a bad apple of our country, complaining about immigration with your martyr glasses on. Go ahead and move to the UK, it’s less than half the land size of Sweden with SEVEN TIMES THE POPULATION but I’m sure you’ll get lots more space and see less immigrants there.

        32. “never become one of their puppets” haha. Says the guy who thinks there is a God who intended things a certain way…

        33. LOL, I’ve seen grown black men cry like babies after their white girlfriends leave them! Most white women go back to whites after enough abuse and just dealing with the “black thing.” At best, sex is a short term novelty for most. At worst, they get pregnant and their life is settled and not for the best.

      2. they are former vikings and have that blood in them. They need to unwussify themselves and get back to the basics. I have that blood in me too. I consider myself very strong but the rules are crushing real men. Our hands our tied these days.

        1. Very astute points.Good genetics as well as proper values are important.Now the values taught to Whites are horrible.They do not want us to have pride in our identity while it is encouraged in all others.They use mass immigration to destroy our bloodlines via the mostly stupid females who will mate with whoever the media instructs them too.

      3. I don’t know what you call hypster but at least when they go out at night they go for stylish.
        But mostly you seem them wear casual, even at work. And they rock the casual look, probably even better than stylish. They are stylish by being casual.
        My experience in Stockholm is Swedes dreass quite well but in a non-flashy way, meaning, casual. Even at night the flashiest types are a minority.
        Swedes do dress better than americans. Mozt of them don’t go for the Pretty Fly For A White Guy fashion, instead they go for well designed but simple style clothes. Same with most girls. They’re stylish but not ostentacious.
        I don’t know what experience you had with Sweden but it was unlike mine.

    2. No, u are not swedish, even ur name is arabic…and thats explaine a lot dude! such as Swedish girls has beautiful body…hahaha really !
      chewing tobacco in Sweden (snus), it is more popular than smoking it self, there is no way that u r Swedish.

      1. As much as I hate to say it, I must agree with you. There’s a difference between a swedish person and a swedish citizen. I can’t simply move to North Iraq and call myself arabic or kurdish. To be swedish you have to have at least one swedish parent. That’s not racist at all. I mean, what if I moved to Japan and had a child born there? Would it then be Japanese even if both of the parents comes from Sweden?

    3. Your post unfortunately is filled with litter and nonsense and has to be
      considered an explosion and emotional meltdown more than anything. It
      has little to nothing but poor attitude, a will to hurt and assault
      other people verbally and little to no openness to information that
      doesn’t coincide with your own image of the perfect and infallable
      Your post is a pure, but poor, Intimidation Act, trying to silence every possible critic by trying to threaten them verbally.
      most Swedes are a bit chubby, not too long ago 20% of the Swedish
      10-year olds were on the border of obese. That was a some years ago and
      some of them are now grown women, so the chubby statement has to be
      considered quite accurate. That for one you missed.
      Secondly what
      person in their right frame of mind would ascribe themselves all but
      positive traits like you do (wonderful, healthy, beautiful, cute
      personality) if not a quite insecure one – especially the way you go on a
      crusade any kind of criticism against you. I am Swedish, and your post
      actually goes along the line of lots of Swedish people;
      -overly sensitive to any criticism
      -intolerant to people who aren’t like-minded
      -denying anything that can be interpretted as negative
      -overall a lack of way of expressing themselves in a firm, yet not profane and foul, language when being in a discussion
      traits are the narcissistic psychopathic traits seen in many higher-up
      bosses in big companies according to several studies.
      I mean how
      old are you? What kind of a mature grown-up would enter an argument with
      author, on top that that they don’t even know, with some of the main
      arguments being;
      -shut up bitch
      -this is fucking bullshit
      I would question your deductive abilities or intelligent capacity for
      logical inference. Black stockings = Leggings (and yes 90% of the
      Swedish women wear them). Chewing tobacco = Snus. Yes lots of
      unhygienic, stinky Swedish girls do that too.

      1. Hey asshole
        This jerk speaks about his country in such way that you wanted him to tream him by dear?
        ‘swedish girls are chubby’ oh really?
        By the way
        For the USA fanatics
        Here’s obesity REAL rates and not Obama payed more rates
        I will quote
        Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates
        USA 1#
        Sweden 22#
        Suck on that BITCH!

        1. Stfu you portugal asshole
          no one wants you here in sweden
          you can gtfo back mexican!

        2. “Hey assholeThis jerk speaks about his country in such way that you wanted him to tream him by dear?”
          I will quote Rikard: “I am Swedish”.
          Also, I’m Swedish as well and I can’t helpt it but agree with the author.
          The women of Sweden could be the most beautiful in the world, if they put some time into their appearance. But they don’t. I hardly see any women in dresses or skirts, but when I do I’m always happy to see it, see some femininity.
          This “Sammi” guy is just having an emotional reaction to someone not thinking Sweden is the greatest country on earth, which most Swedes believe. And we are when it comes to social justice and equality (according to feminists, though not our own feminists for some reason) but when it comes to relationships we’re horrible.

        3. I have been living and working in Sweden for many years, speak perfect Swedish and nobody has a clue I’m a foreigner. Yet,I cannot agree more with author and you, however you are in minority of Swedes, since they are brainwashed since birth to never be realistic and always raise Sweden into stars. I am married to a Swede I met in online game many years ago. I did however trey to get laid billion times, sometimes got lucky, sometimes not. Swedish girls are just like author says, sadly 99.9% of guys are girly mommy boys so they are blind to see how girls really are.
          Girls wear pants and converse, only chicks in skirts are Asians or Arabs, or hookers, which btw cost300$ , crazy. If you wanna get laid in Scandinavia, try south Norway, they are chill there, unlike uptight Swedes. And yes, they do chew tobacco, it’s caLled Snus and it’s fucking disturbing.every day of my life I regret moving here, but sadly I cannot go back since I accomplished allot and I’m just tired of moving.Rather stock around and get laid by drunk Arab and Swedes after club. Easy job since girls go to clubs just to drink and dance here, they NEVER pick up guys in clubs so dine waste 20$ on one drink there, not worth it trust me xD

        4. daniel is retarded. if USA sucks, why do so many people wanna come here. If USA sucks, how come our Universities are the best in the world? If USA sucks, how come we dominate in the Olympics?

        5. The best unis in the world are NOT in America. Where the FUCK did you get that idea? You do realize that the USA is not even in the top THIRTY countries with education, right? You can’t even write correctly in your own language, what the fuck do you know? I haven’t even read his post yet, but I have this really funny feeling his post is going to be infinitely more intelligent than your stupid remark… Don’t call someone stupid, if YOU are stupid, stupid.

        6. Now read this response by this erratic Daniel-guy and then read my post again:
          “along the line of lots of Swedish people;
          -overly sensitive to any criticism
          -intolerant to people who aren’t like-minded
          -denying anything that can be interpretted as negative
          -overall a lack of way of expressing themselves in a firm, yet not profane and foul, language when being in a discussion”
          Cause all Daniel does is prove my point. I write something that could be conceived as negative and he explodes emotionally:
          “Hey asshole!”
          “Suck on that BITCH!”
          And add to this that this is probably a grown-up arguing like this and being this thin-skinned.
          And then he goes on a tirade to compare Swedes with Americans which has nothing to do with the point, nor does it contradict what me nor the author writes. Yes Americans are fattER. But its just that; fattER, still that doesn’t change the fact of Swedes being chubby.
          Like I said; this all falls to my first post about how Swedes can not handle negative feedback without trying to insult or threaten you.

        7. Felix you moron, a person from Portugal is Portuguese not Mexican. MExican women on the other hand are hot btw in such a nice country!!

        8. People only come here for the money idiot but not to live here permanently and forget their culture. Idiot you know most people will come here just for the money and then move back if they have chance to their country. Otherwise other people go to Spain, Canada, Australia, GErmany, Norway, and I heard Chile is a new destination to go. China lately is the threat in the olympics and not all best univerisities are in the US.

        9. I still wonder why Swedes all prefer to speak English than Swedish??? They trying be ignorant like AMericans by speaking one language only?? Well not all Americans speak just one language unless your family dod not come from different country.

        10. I’m from America and I have no problem saying Americans are fat fucks. It’s the truth. The McDonald’s stereotype only exists because it’s true.

        11. What’s this obsession with getting laid? Really, sex is just sex. It can be awesome and wonderful but there is so much more in life than humping yourselves to death you know? Why don’t you people try and have a nice time, buy a drink or two, have a discussion with someone smart rather than the mongos on the dance floor.
          Not everything have to be about sex, you must be smarter than that and if not then you must be young. Maybe I’m just older in mind than the most of you guys. I’m only in my mid twenties and yet I’m already thinking of buying a house, having kids, etc. When you turn 40 and catch up with me, you’ll have a different perspective and hopefully you won’t be generalizing as much.
          Btw, my GF doesn’t wear converse and pants as you put it, she likes cute skirts =)

        12. He’s probably not an adult, but rather some really pissed off teenager. Don’t generalize please it makes you look so ignorant.
          You can’t judge an entire nation based on one person. That’s very ignorant for you to do so and it really makes me sad.

        13. Yep, there are fat people of all nationalities in this country. Lots of plump Hispanics where I live. I don’t judge people on that factor alone. I’ve met many a skinny gal that wasn’t worth giving the time of day. .

        14. We make better condoms also. When I was in Japan them tiny rubbers always exploded on me. Too small even for my two inch pecker…

        15. Actually we have dropped on the education scale because of the influx of immigrants who will not assimilate into our society. Another reason is the communist Left took over the school systems back in the late 60’s. Their main goal is to tear down the country then start over building their version of utopia.

        16. Nice. Population of 9.5m but USA with 318m are fatter…. no shit because there are like 50 of you with unique genes………

        17. 150 million of that population is not even of European stock. You can’t generalize about Americans anymore.

        18. Mexican women are only hot on TV and that’s because they are of original German stock that settled in Vera Cruz in the early 20th century (or later). Typical Mexican woman is sometimes cute until 19 or 20 years of age, then she suddenly gets really fat if she wasn’t as a child already. Mexico is damn dangerous!

        19. Yes, we have 312 language groups here now. The whole system education, health, etc., has dropped in quality and everything is more expensive because it is expensive just to try to manage it all. And yes, the Socialist don’t teach, they indoctrinate. That is why they now riot when their candidate doesn’t win, but they can’t articulate their reasons beyond vague, political and racial cliche’s.

      2. Yes, intolerance for anyone who isn’t like-minded definitely is a Swedish trait
        source: Swedish father, and dealing with my Swedish family all these years

      3. I actually like the chubby gals. Some of my best girlfriends had a fuller figure.

    4. he is just jealous because in USA there are only obese, ugly people and narcissists
      USA sucks, it’s the worst country in the world in every single way!!
      I live in portugal which is a fucked up country, economically
      I will finish my degree and will travel to sweden!
      I even started to learn the language…
      I love everything about your country! I wish i was there!
      jag älskar sverige!!!

      1. Portugal “is a fucked up country, economically” because of the shortcomings of the Portugese. Period.
        Don’t infect economically healthy portions of Europe (like Sweden) with your cultural traits of fiscal irresponsibility by moving there, please.
        Stay in Portugal.

        1. Dear Cory,
          Please stay informed. That will help you not to came across as an ignorant douche who spits back whatever he/she is fed in the news, rather than an informed person who produces news worthy stories.
          1) The main reason Portugal have been going through a economical breakdown, has to do with the fact that the government acquired banks that have a huge dept (thousands of millions of Euros), turning a private dept into part of the country’s dept. That dept will be now payed by every citizen. Oh, and for your information, our politicians are the main actors in fiscal swindle, with their secret business deals avoiding tax. Those are only some of the many shady schemes our government is perpetrating. So, please read a little bit before talking nonsense and making a fool of yourself.

        2. Shut the fck up fcking retard! Poor you, you are just angry because Ronaldo didn’t give a fck against Sweden. Calm down there idiot

        3. And that excuse is supposed to make your people appear more attractive socially? Yikes!

        4. Oh you cooksucking fucker no fuck one calls sweden a fucking idiot so were maybe just gonna fucking shoot every fucking one of you fuckers when you dont have anywhere to live ill remember that next time i meet an american

        5. The Portugues have an inferiority complex within Europe and even with their former colony Brazil. They are Pathetic.

        6. You do your fellow Swedish people a great disservice. You shame your people. Thankfully you are a minority.
          There’s a lot our two countries could learn from each other, but not from you personally.

        7. Its the other way around, it’s the brazilians, or should i say, some idiotic brazilians, who invent this bullshit about their colonian past and blame Portugal on all the problems they tehmselve created. The portuguese historically always treated brazilians as the cool younger cousin, a sentiment that was never returned by the brazilians.

      2. Meu, Portugal é o TEU país. Sente orgulho nisso, conhece a tua história e o teu passado. Sempre ultrapassamos as dificuldades, não desistas nunca. Este é o teu pequeno canto no mundo, estima-o.

        1. Perhaps you can learn his language if you seriously care what this João guy had to say.

        2. Even though it was kinda built over Brazil’s gold and Africa’s slaves, and as soon as they broke off, Portugal fell faster than a fat man on a buttered floor

        3. I’ve been to Portugal and you’re right, sort of. It was always a trading state. Can’t blame Europeans for finding gold when natives didn’t or didn’t care about gold. It was natural because of its position on the south tip of the Iberian peninsula. But the country went down after it’s monarchy failed. Remember, Brazil was once the seat of the empire. Portugal’s only product seems to be Port wine, which, I admit is very good.

      3. Have you ever been to the US? Ever visited Dallas or Austin Texas?? And calm your tits. I’ve read ALOT about Sweden and some of the stuff he says fits into what other people have said. And before telling Americans are fat and ugly. Try visiting every one of our 50 states and finding out yourself.

        1. Austin?
          Are you kidding? If you are going to invite someone to Texas, direct them to San Antonio. At least there is culture in that city.
          Austin is full of California transplants and libtards

        2. Depends on where one lives. I lived on the coast of Washington and most of my town were complete lard asses. I moved to Arizona and it is filled with skinny women covered in nasty tattoos. Hard to decide which is worse. 🙁

        3. Hahah typical swede. We are so beautiful…. with narcissim to boot. Thats why nobody wants you after they fuck you, they don’t want to deal with your childish emotional baggage, that or if you claim you were raped afterwards like Assange. Hahah.

        4. That’s true. In Sweden, if the man doesn’t use protection, it’s rape! How exactly is that rape?

        5. Shut the fuck up you piese of fucking ass shit you think youre so fucking cool youre not youre just a little pussy whos on the internet just cuz eweryone hates you in real life and leave isabelle alone

        6. Haha I’ve in Miami lmfao your 10s are 0s here loo lol we should nuke sweeden what a waste if a country

        7. Actually we have some of the most gorgeous girls. America is a microcosm of the world. Anyway you will be in a burka soon..

        8. There are pretty girls in both countries.Most is not natural beauty but make-up,dieting and youth.Even pretty girls look crappy by 25,and that’s both countries.

        9. Also, lard ass women in Gray’s Harbor on heroin compared to skinny tattooed women in Phoenix on meth.

        10. The most shallow women I ever met in my life were Scandinavian and Finnish women. It broke my heart, too.

        11. “Have you ever been to the US?”
          While Donald Duck Trump is president?? Why would anybody want to do that?
          And believe me, your 50 styates do not have the diversity that Europe has.
          I have met some americans when they are on vacations and to a fault they have been nice, good, respectful and gracious people. Aparently, the best ones visit countries abroad, the worse stay home.

        12. My experiejce is otherwise, the Swedish girls i met were the most educated and knowledgable i ever met. And they are polite to a fault.
          If you tried to hook up with Swedish girls with the usual part boy game talk, of course you failed. But that doesn’t mean they are shallow, quite the contrary. In Sweden, you don’t need to have a game, you have to BE.

      4. I can’t agree with you more, i am living in America and many american girls are the nastiest and most filthy, ugly bitches in the world

      5. I am from the USA and not even I would really want to be with an American because they are lazy. I most likely would go for a Swedish chick than an American woman.

      6. Swedish girls are sensitive about foreign women. My Asian gf was given the eye by a lot of Swedish girls. The guys loved her though. When I asked a bunch of them why, they were said it was simply that Asian girls are a lot more feminine than their Swedish counterparts.

        1. Maybe it’s just that their minds are not poisoned with feminism like those of Swedish women. You Swedes should stop embracing this anti-life philosophy. It’s evil. Pure evil.

      7. Yeah thats why there is a huge Portuguese population here right. We call you guys Porkchops bc you’re the Mexicans of Europe.

      8. Portugese aren’t European at all,they are of Turkic/North African blood just like Spainiards and Southern Italians.Commanly known as Moor blood.

        1. Haha…..Hillbilly with a little knowledge…its a dangerous thing. Hey your sister is calling you for another romp in the sack. When your finished go brush your tooth. See how stereotypes work moron.

      9. It sucks because it’s full of non-Americans, in fact, 312 different language groups now so everyone (almost) has become competitive, unhappy, and increasingly bad tempered. Millions of people here because they want to take some advantage for decades and now its a mess.

      1. Yep Social Awkward, Insecure etc. Thats SWeden for you.
        Im insecure and have bad selfasteem but I always when im outside or on the bus or what ever, I always try to connect with people talk to people just be a normal society but most swedes think that they have all the people they NEED in there life already and dont HAVE to socialize with randoms, cuz it might be awekward .-s.daföasffmwgoFGiwfg
        But socializing with randoms thats the best thing imo,. But on a swedish busride for example especially up in mid sweden, e very takes there own seat, try to get ppl to not sit by them (by faking to do something on phone or just hold it) I h ave obvserved it just for this reason lol ppl pretend to watch their phone or similar things and NOONE makes eyecontact or even looks up when u get on the buss and the rest listens to music, so u CANT socialize with random ppl on a bus its so awkward. The only ppl thats cool is old grandpas, they are always happy and social xD

        1. A year late, but better late than never I guess. the thing is, or at least it is with me, is that I rather not socialize with random people when I’m out and doing something simply because I’d rather be on my own. If I’m outside and alone I’m most of the time or probably always busy. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the bus, if I’m at the store buying food or if I’m waiting for something like the bus for ex. I’m always doing something even if you can’t see it, that is, I’m thinking of important stuff and I don’t want to be disturbed.
          I know even swedish people think of this as a negativ but I don’t. I prefer having my own zone, my own little bubble I can sit inside and just think about things I can’t think of at home, because at home I’d have to explain why I’m just sitting there and saying absolutely nothing at all.
          When I’m on my own I have time to sink in and come to an understanding of things that are happening, which I otherwise don’t.

        2. Funny but they sound just as unfriendly as Jew York City and none the worse.The multicultural diverse populations pushed on White countries create a withdrawn community while homogenous populations have a bond and sense of community.

        3. Stories about Swedish social awkwardness dates for centuries, it’s nothing news! Why you think alchool consuption was such a major part of the Swedes’ daily life, both in the past and today?
          You also seem to mistake vikings for an ethnicity when in fact it was an activity. The word itself can be translated to seamen or raider. Norsemen came as vikings, they are not vikings. Meaning during the so-called Viking Age they were known in western europe as raiders, aka, vikings, thus were called that. But there was no such thing as a viking people. There were Danes, Norse, Swedes, etc, who sometimes complemented their usual jobs as farmers or traders with raiding to make ends meet whenever they were in financial insolvency. They took the wealth they gained by raiding back home to invest and escape poverty, which was endemic in the Scandinavian countries well into the 19th century. And many more colonized the areas they first raided and established communities which were the origin of many cities in today England and France.
          Also, even from times before local written history, the norsemen were described as quiet and taciturn, as quiet people of few words. As true back then as today. You might imagine Swedish men are quieter today but that might be from less alchoolism thus less drunken behavior. But Swedish men were always a quiet lot. But quiet doesn’t mean weak. Beware the quiet ones. So, don’t project your own appetence for aggressive behavior in contrast with the majority on some imagined loss of fiber from modern Swedish men. Deal with it, you just like violence more then the average. You are the odd man out, not the others.
          Also, women in Swden and the nordic coutnries have historically always had more influence and stronger social presence them in other countires further south in Europe. Women with strong social standing and strong social importance is a long time thing in Swedish history. Its not for nothing that feminism took hold sooner in Scandinavia or why there had been social progressive and equalitarian laws much sooner in Scandianvia than elsewhere, it’s because it found fertile ground there because it was already a place where women had an historical strong standing there. There is nothing new about your complains, you just fail to understand that your country Sweden has a long tradition in such subjects you are just unware because you prefer to believe in a romantic fantasy over reality because you might make you feel less alienated from society.

      2. Swedish girls are sensitive about foreign women. My Asian gf was given the eye by a lot of Swedish girls. The guys loved her though. When I asked a bunch of them why, they were said it was simply that Asian girls are a lot more feminine than their Swedish counterparts. Who can argue with that?!

        1. Are you a lesbian?
          I’m asking this because your name is Sarah, and that is typically a girl name in my country (Canada).

        2. Same in America. I visited Cupertino Cali, I never saw so many white guys with Asian girls. I don’t get it, the white women over there were hot.

        3. Don’t hide as Sarah, you’re probably a White worshipping wannabe, you posted the same thing multiple times. Likely an Asian girl, majority of them have buttered faces and child bodies, no matter what you do (cliche miniskirts, pumps, red lipstick with dark lipliner), it doesn’t look good or feminine. You probably wish you could get a real man (not nerdy or a pedophile geezer), it’s like a maid service and a submissive fetish. It usually doesn’t last very long. You can’t compete with Swedish women and their beauty or reach that level of feminism. The Mongoloid race is completely different, your kids will still have dominant traits and your heritage will change, it won’t give Asians any points. Even blacks are diverse. Very other group succeeds and considered on the same level.

        4. Great points,I agree.Why would he want an ugly Asian anyway?Asians have the same face as Whites born with down syndrome.Sarah must consider retarded faces very sexy.Really there is no quality in Blacks or Asians that a White would want.In fact they have no qualities at all.

        5. I don’t understand it either.Most likely it is the media obsession with interracial mixing.The media wants to portray dating your own race as boring and dating some gook as exciting.Its really sick how much the White countries are dominated by Jew media that hates us.Its all part of the plan to ruin what God created.

        6. Or maybe the other swedish girls were looking at your asian gf because they were checking her out and thinking “where can i get a hot pice of ass like that for me too?” Can you blame them?

      1. It is. He probably tried to play his party boy game on Swdish girls and got shoved off.
        Because that is what would happen. You can’t pull a game with the Swedish ladies, they see it for what it is and couldn’t care less. You have to be more authentic. And having an education certainly helps. They love that. Contrary to the myth, there is pratically 0% chances of scoring on a first meeting unless you can combine fantastic looks with great intellect. Otherwise, it’s a longer game there. For those expecting a quick score, Sweden is (mostly) not the place.
        On the other hand, in Sweden you will meet there the most interesting, educated and beautiful women you ever met in your life. And who knows, maybe you will get lucky with a Swedish beauty, you never know!

    5. “Sammi” is not a Swedish name; it’s an Arabic/Hebrew one.
      You may have been born in Sweden but if you can consider yourself Swedish, then I can consider myself an American Indian simply because I was born in NYC.

    6. He is probably talking about snus you retard…
      Alot of girls here are chubby compared to some countries. Maximum 20% of the population are blond so most girls aren’t blond. I don’t think there is a specific personality for swedish girls either.
      You need to Wake up…

      1. It depends on what you call a blonde. Strange as it might be to you, but the definition of blonde doesn’t stop at merely yellow gold hair. For example, in southern Europe, what you would call light brownhair is here called blonde. So, from such a borader definition of blonde, indeed Sweden is the land of the blondes, as most of you fill the criteria. You just have a too narrow definition of blonde, that’s all.

    7. Girl without humbleness, poor image of reality… Regards from Spaim

    8. Easy now ,watch it there ….I have been to Sweden . I could tell you is pretty Misadric place . I mean look what you guy are trying to do to Julian Assange dude .You are trying to charge the guy with ‘Sex by surprise ‘ ..?!! What ? …Also Arresting men for talking to hookers ?! Who does not like sex ? They choose to do that . They are making tons of money . Why can’t a single guy pay for sex ? A lot of men don’ believe in marriage so…. Why treating men like garbage in Sweden ? Why so much feminists lies ?That’s disgusting . And by the way we hate ‘Volvos and Ikea stores in America . And what’s with all he gay husband and boyfriend’s there ….cheeee ,get it together Sweden …

      1. I think you need to get it together Avatar. Go get some fucking education you dumb bitch.
        If you really think prostitution is okay and gay marriage isn’t theres something seriously wrong with your values… go back and live under the rock you’ve been living under for the past 50 years and shut the fuck up. thank u

        1. It’s a matter of common sense. If biology is served by sex between a man and woman then what is gay sex accomplishing? It’s a dead end. If prostitutes take care of single men who must have sex or become unhappy, anti-social what is wrong with accepting what is known already as the world’s oldest profession? Ancient civilizations had temple prostitutes that served this capacity because they knew it helped social order. So your values could easily be seen as a perversion since they are a result of encouraging a dead end for producing more human beings and therefore theoretically, evolution, while the your abhorrence of prostitution is based on a set of religious values that deny the natural humanity of people only because it is a frank exchange, while marriages (and such unions) are only a more complex arrangement of the same.

    9. sorry, but it is true. i see alot of fat swedish girls around… very fat
      yes, they like snus and often spit.
      it is not a case that swedes guys now date foreigners…

      1. Visited Stockholm twice in a total of 12 days and that is not at all what i saw there. Unless in the summer time all the fat girls go out opf the city and only the model and girl next door type beauties remain behind. Because that’s what most swedish girls looked to me, either as models or as girl next door beauties. Hell, even the average looking ones were cute!
        I don’t know what part of Sweden you live in. But i can assure you, neither Stockholm, Helsingborg or Gotemburg are like that at all.

    10. I met some Swedish girls who were visiting Michigan USA. I liked them , mostly, one of them and I were naturally close to each other (we particularly liked each other).

    11. With “Chew tobacco” i think he means “Snus”.
      And yeah, snus is fricking disgusting. I would never date anyone who does that. And im swedish.

    12. wait wait, did you say personality?! Yes, SOME girls have some physical attractions BUT if there is only one thing they lack, certainly that is PERSONALITY! And I’m not sure if you even can understand what is personality but just know that it is not any of the things that help you get laid or feed your feeling of jealousy so you might not be interested in that!

    13. and regarding statistics that you brought up, you might be among phisical healthiest but you are the sickest people in mind. You are the most egositic nation in the world that even couples don’t want to share an apartment with each other, yes I’m talking about so called “sarbo” which you are leading in that. Plus, Stockholm has the most number of flats with just one person living in them. You hate the whole world as well as yourself and try to take distance from each other

    14. This guy just makes stuff up to feel better about himself. Unfortunately, many American men are incapable of independent thinking, so they just blindly obey any woman-hater like a bunch of sheep. This guy could say the sky is orange and his dimwitted followers would believe him.

    15. You’re bang-on with the fact that Swedish girls are sensitive about foreign women. My Asian gf was given the eye by a lot of Swedish girls. The guys loved her though. When I asked a bunch of them why, they were said it was simply that Asian girls are a lot more feminine than their Swedish counterparts. Who can argue with that?

    16. Yea the nordic, Scandanavian and northern euro countries have some of the highest bike riding rates in the world. Less fat then us Yanks

    17. lm**o. that was hilarious. it’s like some loser that has his cushy job in the states goes on a vacation and thinks he’s a f**king cultural expert. I’m from the states and don’t dare think I know of ones culture not here. Just bite the bullet a little Sammi because people from the states tend to be very stupid, arrogant for no reason, and well……..stupid. Now, Sammi, do you know any Swede beauties that want to move to the US? I would be more than happy to provide for one (perhaps, this was a stupid comment too?) > I am from the states after all.

    18. Hahahaha, you Sweet! need Guns for you and your friends? I like to meet a Swedish girl, you seem adorable

    19. Who the F wrote this? You don’t know crap about Sweden “Sammi”, that’s a Muslim/Arabic name. You will never reach their level no matter what you do, you came in from and as one of the lowest forms. You thought getting to Sweden would be the worst. Just because your women don’t chew tobacco and you find it disgusting, doesn’t mean Swedish women are on your side, btw its called “snus”. Also, they do tend to have a heavier build. I have met some with short haircuts and sneakers. You painting a picture of your fantasy/idols, doesn’t equate you at all. Your “support” is invalid.

    20. It’s true I’m talking to a girl right now from Sweden that does tobacco and I do myself. I do agree with you on Sweden isn’t a fat country at all.

    21. I totally agree with you here. I am an American guy who lives in Kentucky State, but my parents live in Linköping Sweden. Every year I visit Sweden, I love it more and more.
      Swedish women are fat ??? Haha, that would be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. From a 100 Swedish women, we might find 1 or 2 overweighted girl, but in US, I would say from 100 American women , will have 10 girls healthy and the rest will be obese for sure.
      Everything is beautiful in swedish woman. Eyes, Body, Hair, Smile and Sweetness 🙂 .

    22. And you all talk really nicely, like black gangtas. Is that who you learned that from?

  14. Wow, poor poor guys, I really pitty you with such bad luck because of which you had such a crappy experience in Sweden! I have been to Sweden and oh man, have you got a lemon to suck from your bad luck, I pity you. Imagine meeting only junkies coming to America – what would we think it’s like? Pretty close minded, you would say, so would I say in return. You have probably met all the wrong people and still think the world owes you because you’re American. We don’t like that here in the Baltics, we are proud people and you guys saying some crap like “oh girls are friendly etc.” well yes, we are friendly people BUT it does not mean everyone just wants to sleep with you. Such articles develop further stereotypes about Americans and their IQ and over all moral education levels. I can only wish you good luck, finding the right people.

    1. Why does niceness and no sex equal bad luck? It’s better having a girlfriend that you can rely on instead of someone cheap. If you want it, you should work hard for it. Only deep and long lasting relationships are built on a good friendship. If you go from 0% too 100% just over one night then you’ve probably got something shallow and superficial.
      Plus, sex isn’t something you just do with random people, or at least not to me. You should only do it with a partner, marraige is not important thought, I’m not that old school. Hehe!

  15. What about the Caucasian, (Swedish heritage too!) American brunette petite girl who just wants a chance with a hot Swedish model-type guy who isn’t gay? sigh.

  16. This might actually’ve been the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I’m an american who’s lived in Sweden for a couple of years, and I think you were played. Well either that or you were dumb enough to go for the bleach blond, plastic barbie doll women. I sense bitterness, were they not as easy as you thought?

    1. Have to ask, since I’m a Swedish girl that has lived in America, (actually twice) which of course made me react to this bs this dude wrote. Would you say Swedish girls are easy? Interesting to hear an Americans oppinion! 🙂

      1. Totally agree with Frankie! Terrible article. I am a Southern
        Californian that has been living in Sweden for several years. The girls are remarkably beautiful and astonishingly easy to meet. Even the most beautiful girls are happy to have some pleasant conversation if you approach them.
        As for whether they are easy or not… I would say that they are somewhat easier to take home, but much harder to get to know and keep. Relationships here take a ton of time to develop, unlike in the States. Act like a decent guy and not a disrespectful douchebag, and maybe the author would have had better luck!

        1. I personally think that Southern California is the coolest place in the world to be from, and Sweden is the coolest place in the world to live. I want your life.

        2. Yes, if you are tall and white American you are considered cool in Sweden and girls will talk to you .OK . They don’t like short dark men there …not at all. Swedish women are very stuck up and racists . very . Naff said !

        3. Oka So you say that if a girl are not turned on/in to for an example men from Africa then you would say that its racist What the literally F**K Im not a racist one of my best friends is from Africa and i would never date a black women cuz i just dont get turned on by them just because swedish girls are not into/turned on by a race doesnt my they are F***ing Racist Dude !
          Enogh Said..

        4. Hey, Tiger Woods married a pure blood Swede bombshell. Then again, his wealth probably caused her to become color blind, haha.

        5. I am black guy from West Africa who lived in Sweden for many years before moving to Canada. I have to say this whole article is crap. As per interracial dating, no where in the world can you as a black guy stand a better chance of scoring with a hottie than in Sweden (Norway and Denmark to some extent). Please believe this, I have visited almost every Western European country that matters, the US and now live in Canada, none of these can remotely compare to Sweden in this regard. Secondly, only in Sweden (maybe not, You could say the same for most other western European countries) could as a guy (white or black) that has not yet gotten to the place you want to be in life, career and financially wise find a hottie who would just love you for who you are and stick it out with you. This is one of the the things I respect mostly about Swedes, unlike in North American where….lol everyone knows….

        6. That’s what you wish. Really? you completely made that up, you probably have no chances there, unless its Middle East/African immigrants. Liar, you won’t love her for who she is, but because she’s a hottie. It’s basic human survival, the hotter females will go for males with higher statuses and more finances. It won’t work if you’re a fake of either.

        7. I just puked in my mouth a bit. Thought u guys were proud of your heritage?

        8. Definitely agree with the second part, managed to pull a solid 8 by making faces through a crowd despite her having a guy hovering around her already. She didn’t seem to mind at all that I lived in government housing and I’m not anything special in the looks department either.

        9. And yet i saw many mixed ethnic couples in Stockholm. I saw many blonde girls with indian or middle easter looks as their paramours. And vice-versa.
          The stuck attittude against non-blondes doesn’t seem top exist in the major metropolitan areas like Stockholm, seems more like something from the rural interior…. if that.

        10. Of course he’s an African liar which is standard third world culture for these creatures.

      2. I’ve been to Gotenburg and the girls wouldn’t even make eye contact. Here in my town at least they look at me if I look at them.

      3. There is a myth that Swedish girls are easy, and i suspect when some men, probably americans, go to Seeden and realise their usual party game doesn’t work in Sweden, they get terribly dissapointed and angry. Thus reactions like the article author.

    2. We’re not all bleach blond barbie dolls you douchebag, I bet you got rejected by a lot of Swedish hot chicks and now is crying over it. Suck it up.

      1. Well swedish girls are stuck up and politically correct. Who would want to date one anyway? You think too highly of yourself. Sincerly from Norway

        1. Swedish girls stuck up???. Please Keep your hands off your keyboard so we can keep guessing if you are a fool or not than type and clear all doubts, they are one of the most dwn to earth people you will ever meet

        2. Yes they are. They are stuck up. I would never date anything as dirty as a poor slutty swede. They should stay in Sweden and not come to Norway

      2. I’m not taking any sides here, but I believe he was criticizing the author and is actually on your side.

    3. I went out with one of those, and she was a darling. The only reason I didn’t marry her and bring her back to America was–she required too much attention, couldn’t keep up with her, sex seven times per day. The moment you’d leave her alone, to do something silly like go to work, she was b*nging someone else.

  17. this guy just doesnt get europe he thinks because hes american he just gets to run everything but of course not every country has there social groups preset and of course dominated by people that live there first lol. I mean how many european guys do you see running around on the Jersey shore during summer piping everything they wish.

  18. Swedish girls for dating? Are their women really good for marriage? I heard divorce rates are high in Sweden.
    I hope the girls look like the ones I saw on Instagram when I visit this summer!

  19. Sweden has, like all nations – men and women on all ends on the aesthetically pleasing spectrum. Personally, Swedish women are amongst the most beautiful (in all facets) in the world. Generally health conscious and open minded. The girl who discussed the rape has a valid point and this is illustrated clearly through primary and secondary reports as well as statistics. However, racism won’t improve the nation. Common sense suggests that due to increasing refugee and immigrant demands the “developed” world over positive and perhaps radical re-imagining of immigration policy is necessary.

  20. Great article! I also think Swedish girls are fat. It’s pretty obvious when you see them in Thailand for example.
    I was talking to a Swedish guy in thailand and he told me he loved it when he traveled we his girlfriend to thailand. Mostly because his girlfriend understood how fat she was compared to other girls on holiday and had to step it up so the other tourists didn’t flirt with him. He just loved it.
    I read an article that Swedish girls have sex with most number of men worldwide but they don’t have sex very often. They were at the bottom in Europe for example. I guess they just want to do it with many men.
    But regardless what turns me off the most is how maskulin they are personality wise. Just very aggressive behavior and men like. There is nothing feminine with them besides how they look.
    I take a american girl every day instead of a Swedish girl. Swedish girls are only fun when you meet them on vacation. They are so sluty on vacation resorts that all the prostitutes hate them.

  21. Yeah and I have seen that “snus” thing used by many Swedish girls. Its just so disgusting. But I am not surprised. Swedish girls are at the top of the list when it comes to be a “white trash”

  22. Many girls “snusar” ….yes they do….I really don’t like it but who am I to judge?
    Fat? I don’t think so…some girls are a little “chubby” but that is nothing to worry about.
    Most Swedish girls are going to the gym every single day…so I am not worried about the Swedish girls health in the long run….and about their looks…well, I guess that it is like everywhere else…not everyone will like everyone, so what if you dont like them all…you can never have them all anyway…find someone you like and be happy?
    And do not forget that the “foregin” girls or eastern girls in Sweden are SWEDISH GIRLS. Just like your American girls, who have roots in other countries…they are American girls…and Swedish girls are not only the blonde girls…
    Yes, Swedish girls are friendly…they are friendly and think that you are too…how should they know that because they are friendly and easy to talk to, they are going to be seen as “easy”?
    “Roaming eye”? Really? They are girls…people and not slaves…so I am sorry, but in Sweden we have not only “freedom of speach”, we have freedom to live and look at whatever and however we want. Swedish women are strong and independent and it takes a strong man to manage to be with them…of course you can find all kinds of women even here, so if you are searching for someone needy or so, you will find someone like that too….it is like everywhere else…people are people.
    Foreginers in Sweden….they are like other people…there are normal, nice people and there are some idiots…just like Swedes and like Americans…so, don’t judge people because of their race or nationality or religion….you might make a huge mistake and miss a chance to find a real friend.
    Peace and Love to all….even Anna, the Swedish racist in the comments below <3

  23. First of all, how girls are is individual, but also depends on the local scene/tradition/culture, as in what town you’ve been to or is in. Swedes are one of the people exercising the most. And not many chew tobacco, or use snot as I think the English word is? I don’t, and I have never smoked either. Born and raised Swedish.

  24. Which Sweden did you got to? I lived there for 2 years and can honestly say 99% of what you say is pure bullshit. the 1% is snus, it’s fucking disgusting.

  25. This is possibly the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read… clearly written by some sad fucker who has had to resort to reading books about strategies to get girls,rather than actually talking to girls… there are a couple of valid points in here, but for the most part it is VERY VERY misguided… The fact that he thinks that girls chew tobacco shows that he maybe spent a weekend in sweden at the most…

    1. “Clearly written by some sad fucker who has to resort to reading books..”
      You’re a know-it-all if I have ever seen one, on top of that you express yourself in a blatantly rude, snide and quite nasty way. Your conclusions are quite hilarious but also quite up in the blue and based on nothing but your own one-sided and completely biased cognitions. Your post seemingly is an entire guerilla-mission to degrade and scrutinize the author of the article rather making a point-on argument – ever heard of help yourself don’t hurt the other?
      A secure person in your position would be a bit more open-minded and not so only overly restrictive and conservative. No clinically sane person would take an entire article and claim its ALL BULLSHIT. With that opening and the overly profane and rude language you use its hard to take either your or what you write seriously.

  26. This is offensive. You make meeting women sound like hunting. I’m not surprised that Swedish women were offended when you slipped and vocalized your opinion about women and gender roles.

  27. Swedish women: Date ’em but don’t marry ’em. There is a hyper politically correct / feminist culture in Sweden. The men are emasculated beyond belief. It’s a little sad really when you consider they are descended from the mighty Vikings.
    Marry a Ukrainian woman by all means. They haven’t swallowed the feminist nonsense that dominates the West and are the most beautiful women in the world:

  28. Would this guy attract an attractive Swedish women? Please no negative feedback, constructive cronyism is ok

  29. Would this guy attract an attractive Swedish women? Please no negative feedback, constructive cronyism is ok

    1. I think that if any man, swedish or american, said such bad things about women in general he would get rejected 😉
      Sure, every country have chubby people and swedes `snusar´, wears converse and we are pretty personal but I don’t think that wrong.
      According to me ( I’m swedish ) every thing that has anything to to with nicotine och tobacco is disgusting

  30. Wow, this post is just all kinds of rapey:
    Quotes: “you need to isolate her from the group,” “You need to get them alone,” “Keep your eye out for pairs who don’t know anyone.”

    1. Yes, you cunt, because only rapists say that.
      Whore, do you even know what a cockblock is?
      Have you ever tried hitting on a girl in a club where she is surrounded by people trying their best to humiliate you?

  31. The guy who wrote this is too honest. Thanks for your efforts. Keep it up and don’t worry about peoples hypersensitivity.

  32. Personally I would not go to Sweden for girls, I let Sweden come to me. Also Fuck Northern Europe, there are enough white bitches to deal with in USA. I’ve concluded that it doesn’t change too much from continent to continent. Roosh says Eastern European girls are better than the rest in general. He is sort of correct but look beyond their bullshit and you’ll see that the East European girls have similar problems in the long run like American girls do. Canadian girls are the worst of the worst – a cold, parallel universe. It’s also a good looking mans worst nightmare where they live to cut you down due to their mental complexity, backward culture, lack of life experience and immaturity. Also forget about Montreal, you’ll catch aids there. You’ll never complain about US girls again after dealing with canadian ones.

  33. this is bullshit, Swedish women prefer Brits to Yanks. Fact. The girls do not chew tobacco, its utter shit. they might use snus, which is totally different and better for you than smoking. I am guessing the writer is from the u.s.- not sure how he can label swedes as fat…seeing as everyone in the world knows the what the fattest nation on earth is… they are on the most part very active and into sports and fitness.
    I am from the uk, but live in stockholm, sweden, i doubt the fool that wrote this has been anywhere… Swedes like people from the uk, they know we have more class than americans.

    1. I have been to Sweden many times with my wife who was born and raised in Landskrona. From her family, friends and other Swedes I have learned that they really don’t care much for the Brits, they find you as boastful braggarts.

  34. “Roosh has been blogging for several years over at RooshV.com about travel and women. He has also authored books on how to get laid in the United States, South America, and Eastern Europe. He launched Return Of Kings in October of 2012 to serve the needs of masculine men.” – Getting laid by American women is easy… just let them hear your English accent…

  35. I’ve never read such a load of horse shit in my entire life.. Whoever wrote this is seriously bitter, twisted and most of all, desperately lonely. I’m an English guy who’s been to Stockholm and I can confirm that Swedish women are absolutely gorgeous and great fun too.. Sweeping generalization, I know, but it’s true. My guess is whoever wrote this went to Sweden, failed to pick up, and is now venting his frustration.. Grow up loser.

  36. Anybody play Patrician 3 or 4 lol?
    ive seen a youtube video were the hottest girl in the world from my prespective comes out and shes swedish i want to go im from Italy and i Have a mexican friend that will come along with me are they not into italian guys?

  37. Only liberals who think they are open minded, tolerant, and worldly could write any of this crap especially the comments! How old are you to be so experienced in life and have all the answers or is it you all have slept around and think this educates you on a whole people! Myself a conservative in my politics and a realist in my views can only point out how totally screwed up the World is thanks to know-it-all’s at 20 who then grow up only to do the same in government positions! Churchill once said if your not a Conservative when your older, you don’t have a brain!
    I don’t care who you are, wanna bet your life you will strike out with members of the opposite sex regardless of what nation your from or how your dressed! Still on some points it would be hard to dispute many points in this assessment! Of the two Swedish girls I have ever known, they drank way to much, cheated on their boyfriends in Sweden though acted as if they regretted it afterwords and then did the same thing the following months! As for an open mind, well like all progressive socialists, they excuse and tolerate anything in the world but people like myself who has a different outlook on freedom and the state! In Europe and to Americas decrement, this wonderful socialist view is driven home in our media, the universities, and your wonderful self serving elected officials and their state unions in the name of the people! No? You have not paid attention to the news not reported by these vary groups have you! I would go as far to say any crime, any opinion, is accepted without question except one; That being views from people like myself who are Conservative, this is regulated as hate speech throughout Europe and God help us, soon in America! My point, almost all the Europeans and now though I hate to say it, do most Americans now are incredibly closed minded when it came to not to their liking! So that last point on staying on topics like travel, movies, and music is right on! What a bunch of boring liberal trash this nation and the last two generations have bought into!

  38. Why are you all so bitchy about this? I’m from Sweden and I can say lots of this is true. We’re very reserved, absolutely DON’T talk to, get close to or even look at strangers.
    Especially the thing about the looks is TRUE. It’s a myth that we’re all beautiful blondes, when in fact most Swedes are pretty ugly, fat/chubby, and most of us aren’t even blondes! If I’d name 20 random Swedes I know, then… [thinking of 20 people]… 4 of them are naturally blondes. If I think about the same 20 people again, NONE of them are even close to attractive. Maybe one guy is, but not very.

    1. Well here is my take on all of this. I started studying differenr cultures because I thought it might be enlightening to live in a different country for awhile. After coming into different forums to read various cultural discussions I hope that these are not indicative of national opinions. Firstly I am American and will not apologize for that. Europeans seem to think they are enlightened. What I see is arrogant xenophobia. You all believe you have found the proper way to live and say hurtful things to and about people who don’t think like you. We have more people in New York city than you have in your entire country. We are attempting to hold together a country of 300 million people. Imagine all of Europe trying to be one nation…You have no idea what a typical American is because you could live here a lifetime and not experience all of our diversity. Please spare me this idea that because you visited us twice and you watch some tv you know who we are. I wish you all peace and love.

  39. dude.. I am a swedih girl and do you know what. WE ARE THE FUCKING MOST BEAUTY CONTREY WE ARE SO BEAUTY YOU CAN NOT BELIVE IT.
    And we are mostley brown heads SUCK IT BITCH

  40. Honestly I live in sweden. And i gotta say most of the things in here are accurate. Except probably the chubby part, not really that many chubby girls in sweden.
    For the missunderstood swedish people getting pissed.
    Jag vet inte om han har varit over hela sverige. Men i stockholm, dar jag bor idag. Ar det mesta han skriver faktiskt sant. So ja, bli inte forbannad over sanningen. Men fortfarande svenska tjejer er sota utan beskrivning. Men vad galler relationer och skillmassor i sverige. Hogt valdigt hogt. Jag tror faktiskt alla mina svenska kompisar har skillda foraldrar. Men betyder dock in att hela sverige ar so har.
    My at most favorit part was probably about te leggings, converse and tobacco. Haha accurate as to the pointXD. But most of thrm dont actually chew or snusar. Most of them smoke and they do it like a chimney

  41. This information could be slightly inaccurate, it would fir more to the Night-Life-Clubbing-Swedish-Girls types, but doesnt really fit the description on most 😛

  42. Hi sweetie! Sounds like you know all about Denmark huh? Why don’t you just come over here and actually meet us, instead of spending all day typing in your fat ass chair throwing mean shit around you. You take that back you stupid piece of shit. We’re not fat, or bald or mean people. We’re the sweetest – until you talk shit about us.

  43. Swedish women = overweight western feminists, I lived 8 years there and there is nothing more overrated on this planet than the women from sweden. Save your money and time and go to Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, Hungary and so on.

  44. Swedish women = overweight western feminists, I lived 8 years there and there is nothing more overrated on this planet than the women from sweden. Save your money and time and go to Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, Hungary and so on.

  45. OMG This is SUCH bullshit! Weren’t the Swedish girls interested in you when you went there or something? I’m Swedish and all this bullshit is pissing me off. These are just the words of some miserable dumbass.. We don’t want rude people like you in our beautiful Sweden anyway.

  46. First of all, WRONG. I’m Swedish, currently living in America. USA, is SOOO much fatter than Sweden. Sweden is actually one of the worlds healthiest countries. Girls do not “chew” tobacco. A lot of guys do, but it’s not chewing tobacco. It’s snuff. Or as in Swedish, snus. Unlike Americans, Swedes stuck it under the upper lip, not the lower lip. We do not spit out the saliva from it, we simply swallow the saliva. LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO. So please shut up with your bullshit.

  47. Also, Swedish girls (or more often women) DOES chew tobacco. Not very many but there is women that do that, i know a couple.
    Also, there is chubby girls here.. Also chubby guys.. I am not chubby, but i still find it very offensive that you even comment that. I mean, what the fuck. If all you want is a good looking girl then just pay a hooker. There is more than looks in this world.

    1. You are a typical omega, white-knight.
      You would chop half your dick off, just to please a woman. Weak.
      In woman’s SEXUAL market value, looks is 90%.

  48. who the fuck wrote this? im not swedish, but as far as i´m concerned it is one of the best countries in europe to lay around and freely talk about everything you want.
    And BTW, sewdish blondies are the most beautifull woman i ever knew.
    this guy must be american for sure LOL.
    ohh and you wish USA could be like sweden… i wish i could be lol

  49. Your all so foolish and funny……..
    Ha..ha……get a life, most of you are nothing.

  50. Basically your all arguing over who is the best fuxk in the world, who is the easiest. And you swedes fell for it.you made a reputation of yourselves thats known around the world and your oh soooo proud of it.
    Swedish idiots is the only way to describe you people.

  51. Pity the fool who gets himself captured by one of you .
    Not all if you, but yes, a good percentage.
    I feel a bit sorry for the Swedish men, your being use.
    Go to asia, much better in the end.

  52. I heard that Swedish girls were easy too (heard it from a TV show called Manswers). I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it is something that is being told in the states. The fact that some of the women on here who claim they are from Sweden are being so rude to this author who is just expressing his opinion is really shocking though. I don’t think I’ll ever go to Sweden if that is the type of rudeness you can expect just by giving your opinion on something. Jeez! Apparently the author was right, you got to be really careful what you talk about in Sweden. I may not agree with his opinions on certain things but I don’t resort to name calling or curse words. Forget Sweden, I’ll go someplace else.

  53. Eh I couldn’t agree LESS. It seems like you’ve been to Sweden for like two days and spoke to three different people and then thought you had the right to write this shit? This is stupid haha

  54. Most girls in sweden are very skinny. You’re american and call us chubby? LMFAO. You’re probably fat

  55. What the fuck are you talking about? You speak of Swedish women as if they were objects, as if they were all the same. You have no idea how many beutiful, amazing and most of all UNIQUE women we have in Sweden. Just as many as in any other country. You think you can put a label on us and judge us all in one go? Really, some fine deduction done there. I’ve noticed something to, all of you are men. Men, men, men. What right do you have to define us when you, by writing and commenting bullshit on this post, show that you are all way worse than any chubby, intolerant, tobacco-chewing woman, Swedish, Indian, Asian, African or American.
    Let me tell you one thing that EVERY guy, man, father, son should know about EVERY freaking girl, woman, mother and daughter in the ENTIRE WORLD.
    We are ALL unique, and we can’t be defined by anyone but ourselves. You can try as much as you like, but the only way to find out what we’re really like is by being open minded and getting to know us, each and everyone as their own special person and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a bit wiser.

  56. Wow, you should actually visit a country before writing about it. Sweden has right wing goverment the hottest woman on earth but sadly they are a bit picky wich is why the author gives a little payback.

  57. För din egen personliga och offentliga uppgifter jag är en sexig kvinna från USA. Mycket öppen och icke dömande. Jag säger alltid “du kan inte döma en bok av dess omslag”. Om jag hade varit så nära sinnade skulle jag aldrig ha hittat ett svenskt kvinna som är väldigt intellektuell, sexig, rolig och hon gillar att bära höga klackar 😉 Öppna ditt sinne och kanske ditt hjärta ditt hjärta kommer att överraska dig. Kanske du haft dåliga erfarenheter med kvinnor? Jag vet inte, men du har rätt till dina åsikter som jag till gruvan. Oh by the way if you can’t understand this… I’m a born and raised in California white girl, LOL

  58. so many of these commenters bristle at the author’s generalization of swedes but then go on to generalize americans. hypocritical? … or simply PC because it’s “okay” to shit -talk all americans?

  59. I don’t care how pretty you are, if you are a tobacco using, anti-white white feminist, there is no possible way any man worth having will ever be attracted to you.

  60. To become attractive to some girl anywhere in the world is the sole purpose of so many pathetic men, not thinking that in order to be attracted to someone the feeling should be mutual or there should be at least a 40-50% chance of possible attraction. How women dress is not going to effect your manhood, whether they chew tobacco or not that’s something extremely personal; you don’t need rehab for that! It’s not like being addicted to pain killers and sniffing every possible detergent in your US households. Most rape stories come from your glorified country who must always interfere in other people’s countries business rather than solving their own problems of rape, murders and every weird thing we may hear of. Let’s not forget weaponry possession by almost all the people across your country and mainly in the south where you can kill people but not cause injuries using the same gun so they won’t sue you! Swedish girls are intelligent, smart and good looking. You as an american of all people should know that a Swedish girl like Tiger wood’s wife was so loyal to him while he cheated and she was not readily available but was introduced through a friend. Is your definition of a nice girl is being easy going and submitting to all men’s sexual desires? In america where anyone can sue anyone for everything you could be sued for writing some judgmental comments like these.
    You may not like to visit a certain place in the world but women are human beings you can’t be so awfully negative about any living being!

  61. I’m from Sweden, and a girl, and I have to say that number 14 couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to discuss things of any nature, I’m available. Actually, everything in this is false, e.g. I detest converse and only wear trainers or flip-flops and I rather wear a pajamas in public than wear black stockings with holes in them. I could rant all night but won’t bother.

  62. I come from Stockholm in Sweden. We do follow trends a lot. Some people are hipsters and some just follow the latest fashion trends or wear clothes they feel comfortable in. I’ve been traveling a lot and I would have to say that Sweden(or Stockholm since I can’t speak for the rest of the country) do have a lot of beautiful people. But most of us girls don’t want to look like barbies. I feel that the article was really disrespectful towards women. We are human beings. Not little girls who wait for the prince and do whatever we can to get him. Sorry dudes, it doesn’t work like that. About me then before someone says I’m ugly or anything. People usually say to me and to other people that I’m beautiful. I’m mixed. Swedish and from a country in the middle east. Therefore I know people from the middle east and 1. Not everyone in the middle east are Muslims 2. If you rape people you’re not a real Muslim since you go against the laws of the religion. Same goes for those who are Christians and so on (but personally I don’t like religions, I’m an atheist) 3. If every Muslim did rape Swedish girls all the time we would hear about it SO much more. I live in Sweden and every time someone do get raped by someone unknown is always big news. However the racists forget about all the Swedish AND immigrant men who rape their wives and girlfriends. Actually I only know two girls who have been raped and both were raped by Swedish men (not by anyone they were in a relationship with). But that doesn’t make me say that all Swedish men rape people.4. Compared to other countries we have fewer rapes. But the women do get more help from the law enforcement and therefore more women report rape. Therefore the somewhat high numbers. But it’s hard to argue with stubborn people. I feel that it’s sad that the racists in Sweden only stay at home in front of the computer and make it their goal in life to make Sweden seem like a unfriendly place with lots of people with low IQ.

  63. This is some of the retarded drivel I have ever read. Oh a American traveller wrote it now it makes sense.

  64. Good job man, I love the amount of shit you are gonna get from butthurt bitches complaining that this is all wrong, it is hard to accept how easily bithces can be fucked over with simple smalltalk

  65. wow! I neither am Swedish or American, but while reading these comments, I am picking up a lot of racism from Swedish here. Genuinely, as a middle eastern living in United States for almost 10 years, I have been treated very nicely by Americans, and have not faced racism toward myself even for once. I rest my case…. Also I agree the author here has used an offensive language often. I found the article to be very shallow and misleading overall, i.e, not a reference to obesity rate, etc.

  66. You can’t just say that all women of swedish decent have the same taste in men or have the same point of view on fashion. Whoever wrote this is retarded

  67. Hi everyone , Swedish ladies are the best ,and the Swedish men don’t thanks God for this blessing .

    1. If u like women that act like they have balls sure! I hear sweed men can’t piss standing up anymore, they have to squat! Sweden men need to grow some fucking balls over there and start standing up to feminists suppression!

      1. I’m not a feminist I’m a man and i like my wife ,she’s Swedish and i love her . i think with my brain and my heart, you think with your pleasure and instinct. if you were here for your ladies and know what women want and feel ,u will make the perfect couple in world .

        1. ^beta male!
          Get back to me about how much u love her after she has left u for an Alpha and a 18 year debt where the courts won’t let u see your child unless she says so!

        2. U know u will find only 1 /100000 good one the others prefer to drink and to get theirs desire .nothing more like animals. … They don’t like to get a family and children so try to be patient at first and to find the right one … I asked more than 50 one if they like to get a family and children no one accept … unfortunately this is the sad reality … I know what u feel but the quote said there’s plenty more fish in the sea 😉

        3. My mates and I always joke about us having more chance of winning Tattslotto than finding a decent wife these days! That’s why so many men are heading to asia where some of my friends were so depressed for years dating westernised women including myself but i’ve never seen a man so happy in a relationship now they are with asian women. it’s actually given me hope cause i’ve given up. i’m thinking about it myself but i’m not really a fan of asian women where I’ll keep trying for find a family orientated woman here for now but i know ill be heading to Asia myself when i’m 100% sure in settling down.
          many of my friends can’t see their kids anymore cause the courts rule in favour to the mother. i would die if this happen to me where i couldn’t see my kids. no wonder 80% of suicides are male, we have it tough living in a feminist world.
          when your younger u don’t care and want to play around but i’m starting to get older and wouldn’t mind a good relationship with a decent chick. i think i have better odds with Tattslotto tho!

        4. Really i’m sorry to hear that , i feel your pains … nowadays secret societies are planing the reduce the world population so for the underdeveloped countries it’s the civil war , diseases ,crimes , for the developed countries to stop the reproduction by killing the family concept ,children and the Bohemian life of each woman as they called it freedom , open minded … etc ,they have only these words in theirs dictionary : sex , desire ,drink ,sleep ,eat pleasure ,money …….. they don’t feel ashamed ,…..

    1. It all depends on who the American is. Also the times. I heard stories from the old people that just after World War Two, Americans were well loved, or at least not as hated as Germans and Russians. I also think Swedes who go to Majorca or Grekland act like ugly Americans, or like Germans in Florida. Yikes!

  68. “13. You’ll have success with Icelandic street game, where you prowl the streets after the clubs close for lone girls. One night I spent 6 hours in the club to get nothing only to get laid with a street approach afterwards. While the clubs have girls, the groups are cockblock factories. Keep your eye out for pairs who don’t know anyone.”
    But that’s creepy as hell, besides, any girl who is completely alone after 4 AM and closing time is probably not attractive enough to find someone for the night. And in Sweden its actually difficult to spot a girl who is alone in a club or bar.

    1. It happened to me but not in Sweden–in Helsinki. I was coming out of a club talking to a Finnish friend and this girl who had been following us came up to me and grabbed me by my coat lapels and said: “Why don’t you come home with me?”
      I looked at my friend and he said to me “Perhaps you should.”
      So I went back to her flat with her.
      I was younger and perhaps less creeped out by people then. She wasn’t a ten, more like a 6, but was good in the sack. Nobody was offended, we both had a good time, and no strings. Just fun.

  69. We all chew tabacoo. *Snus!”, we are not so healthy anymore.
    We are rapidly getting fatter.

  70. I think it is best still be a gentleman. being a nice guy, but not a fool has always suited me well. what is written above has been written by a very immature, and ignorant American male. I am American male, white, and mature. We are not all so ignorant. This person is trying to sound like he is a world traveler and whore monger. Obviously he made some errors. All around the world people dress more casually- jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, sandals- the hippies brought changes no doubt. Any Swedish woman want to be my friend and guide then I will see you when I get to Sweden. Any Swedish woman wanting to visit the State you are welcome to stay at my place free. As long as you like. I will pick you up at the airport. Do what you want. The internet is great though. Even fools can participate. Sex- it is something I wish to enjoy with foreplay, conversation, and imagination. I do not see it as a sport. Oh well. Enough said. Nice intelligent women with good manners are sought after here.

  71. Never been in Sweden but those swedish ladies who i’ve met in Ibiza and Pattaya seemed to be very attractive in avarage and friendly. But ukrainian girls will always be my choice for hooking up because i’ve got this kind of chemistry with most of them.

  72. Oh you got played, playah!
    This article is bullshit. I doubt you´ve ever been to Sweden at all.
    I bet you just visited 10 random Facebook pages and then made your assumptions out of that?

  73. “They are too sheltered within their gender neutral utopia”
    “Surprisingly, Sweden is fat.”
    “According to modern feminist theory, it’s best if a girl bangs a couple dozen bad boys to know what she wants before eventually settling down..”
    “Unlike in Eastern Europe, Swedish girls are not looking to replace their man.”
    Each and every one of these statements is proof the author has about the intelligence of mentally disabled neanderthal. As an American, I would firstly like to apologize on behalf of the author; I promise not all of us are this abysmally stupid.
    He’s probably from the south.
    Go choke on a dick, Roosh.

  74. Im from Sweden and everything he says is true. East europé definitely got better looking girls. Most swedish guys who overhype swedish girls haven’t been abroad very much. So don’t travel to Sweden for girls, you will get disappointed.
    (It’s also a pretty expensive country)

  75. What the hell….. not even half of this is true!! Bullshit. I have never chewed tobacco in my entire life and I know only a few guys who does it. And the girls aren’t chubby… Bullshit! Half is skinny and the other half are of normal weight. Only a low number are overweight!
    And hey, Sweden is not a part of Eastern Europe.

  76. A few things that you forgot to say:
    1. They want to have control and used to get it cuz the Swedish boys most probably are weaker than them!
    2. They are friendly when they are horny or drunk or been rejected by all Swedish boys(!) OR been told to help to attract tourists cuz they bring money.
    3. If they don’t need you, they throw you away ASAP
    4. Very good at sex!
    These are the things I experienced after a couple of years living in Sweden. Others might have other experiences depends on how long they leave here.

  77. One more things! Most of the golden blondes originally have a dark brownish hair. Changing the color of hair is so common here.
    And all these are true for originally 100% Swedish girls. Those who might not born in Sweden or have some other roots might not follow all these 5 items.

  78. Okay i am from Australia i do have a Swedish background my grandad is
    born and bred in Sweden he was merely a farmer bought up on a farm was
    with a poor family had a really hard life he told me stories of Sweden
    not every Swedish girl is fond of American’s No not so many girls are
    fat and surely Sweden is not the fattest country and to be honest there
    aren’t many Pure Swedish people in there own country there so if there
    was a lot of fat people which i don’t think there’s heaps it would be
    more fat people from other country’s and about this rape thing i think
    practically every country
    that has stuffed up citizens do it its not all one races fault i personally think that Swedish women are gorgeous in there own way i will go to Sweden one day to visit my Family i have never met in my life my pop is getting old and my dad suffers Paranoia and my little siblings are to young so i might have to do it alone :/ oh well it would be a great adventure

  79. Okay i am from Australia i do have a Swedish background my grandad is
    born and bred in Sweden he was merely a farmer bought up on a farm was
    with a poor family had a really hard life he told me stories of Sweden
    not every Swedish girl is fond of American’s No not so many girls are
    fat and surely Sweden is not the fattest country and to be honest there
    aren’t many Pure Swedish people in there own country there so if there
    was a lot of fat people which i don’t think there’s heaps it would be
    more fat people from other country’s and about this rape thing i think
    practically every country
    that has stuffed up citizens do it its not all one races fault i personally think that Swedish women are gorgeous in there own way i will go to Sweden one day to visit my Family i have never met in my life my pop is getting old and my dad suffers Paranoia and my little siblings are to young so i might have to do it alone :/ oh well it would be a great adventure.
    I wouldn’t mind to be acquittance with a Swedish person when im there to help me around

  80. Okay… i just want to interject here. I’m swedish but i’ve spent close to seven years of my life state side. I can personally say that 95 % of what this guy says is bull. However, it is worth noting that we swedes are very liberal and guys in sweden have a habit of being somewhat less manly then say in the US. This is personally not something that i have a problem with but it is worth noting.
    Second of all, sweden is an EXTREMELY healthy country in comparision to the States. I know that there are places in the US where alot of healthy people live but im talking average. The average swedish girl is blonde, beuatifull and not fat, she isnt always skinny but fat is rare.

  81. I was about ready to start a self-righteous and frothy-mouthed diatribe until I read the “about the author.” Funny shit, man.

  82. Hi! I’m a swedish girl, and I just realized that i’m on the wrong page because i got freaking mad when I only read the titel of this mean thing. This guy who wrote it are just looking for blond girls with perfect bodies and got disepointed when he found out that we got brains and not just boobs.

    1. Somebody with a brain raises a good point, but this guy sounds like he is young and inexperienced. It also happens in America. I met au pair girls from the Nordic countries in the USA who only wanted ‘V-shaped’ 6-pac abs cowboys. So if you want to meet a stereotype, go for it. But as you say, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Better to look for girls who have brains and are fit, but not perfect.

  83. Haha i’m Swedish this made my day, much is trueshit some a bit less but that’s your perception. The chubby part with the girls and the cocoon thing about hot girl is so accurate. i’m going to Usa sometime soon i’ll make the same analysis as you did, funny reading! cheers

  84. Hmm the majority of Swedish girls i ve met were pretty easy so + 1 on that .. American girls are equally easy if not more still though swedish beauty surpasses american by far , just expressing my thoughts cuz i ve dated 3 swede girls and a couple of american too….

  85. feel so fucking offended/swedish girl
    uoi ppl hav no idea what sweden is about, this is all BULLSHIT
    jees get your facts straight

  86. okay seriously, this is all bullshit, we swedes are very fit, and one of the healthiest countries in the world. being a swedish girl i think i know the best, so your interest in the matter is weak compared to mine. You have no idea what you are on about, get it right you prick

  87. BULLSHIT. And stop talking shit about Denmark you count. Scandinavia rocks, and we have the prettiest girls in the world.

    1. In Sweden a popular saying is that one shouldn’t brag about oneself. I happen to agree with this saying. There are pretty girls in all of the world, not just the Nordic countries.

  88. I am a American thinking of going to Stockholm for 4-5 days with another friend. Im not looking to get laid by was hoping to meet ppl cool enough that the would like to chill and show us a good time. Everything I’ve read suggests that the guys there are complete wimps and probably won’t get our American humor. So I guess it would be better to have girls to show us around? My friend and I just like to get buzzed and have a good time and we are constantly cracking jokes and cutting up. We also don’t start shit or start shit with no one but are not ones to take shit from ppl either. Consider us normal american guys who like to have fun but don’t like to be put in uncomfortable situations where we feel like we r being disrespected or humiliated. I guess I’m asking can we go out and have fun being ourselves without having to kick some swedes ass because he is being a dick? Once again I will say we are not cocky or trouble makers but when your having a good time it seems some people hate on it here in America.

    1. Everyone knows the testosterone levels in bars and clubs in america. It seems like some guys go out looking for trouble here in america. I just hope its a way more chill and relaxed environment there.

    2. Sounds like u r just wanting to have a good time and enjoy your self and you should have no problem doing so. I think that u and ur friend will see that its a way more relaxed atmosphere than american nightlife. I hate how in america that men want to show their toughness and animalistic impulses when they drink. The guys here will not stare you down or disrespect ur personal space for no reason. Guys here r much more passive and non aggressive. Finding girls to show u around may b tricky, but if u don’t care for swede guys to tag along too, then maybe u will b able to penetrate a group that is willing to help you. Just have plenty of money on u, that will attract more people to u if u can buy drinks and do some of the things swedes do. There is a big ectro music scene here, that’s where the real fun is.

    3. I am swedish guy an I would like to show you around. Always have easy to get along with americans (depending on the attitude but in general, and I have been over there twice). That we would be wimps is not true. Lots are, but lots are not. I am no wimp, so it would be nice to show you and your friend around in the city, show some nice places, answer your questions, have a beer with you and smash your prejudices.

  89. This article is way too sexist. I feel you are chewing more than you really can bite my friend. Your writing reflects the way you see the world and approach life. I can read machismo, chauvinist penchant and a mild percentage of twisted misogyny. You write like a 14 year old boy, that is clear. As for item number 14 :Swedish Girls can’t handle reality”… Hahaha! Hilarious. Something tells me what you are trying to say is that Swedish girls don’t agree with your sexist view of the world. Well, who can blame them? One final note: Speaking English more or less fluently doesn’t reflect one’s intelligence. Ta

  90. And people say that it’s racist saying jews are greedy and blacks aggressive, atleast that’s based on a certain level of truth. (Most big banks are jewish owned and blacks are often poor as a consequence of the slavery, rendering them a bit more aggressive). You’re a horrible person.

  91. I just arrived in Sweden today and fro my observations, the author is mostly correct, even if he presents himself in a semi-douchey way about it.
    As far as Swedish women being chubby, that isn’t the word I would use. Let us use the term, built like humans ARE SUPPOSED TO BE- because like one lady mentioned, Sweden is one of the healthiest countries. I haven’t seen the junk trash on American shelves ANYWHERE here!
    See, the thing is, Americans drink Sodium Fluoride in their water supplies. Everyone else NOT drinking it and a small few who do are aware of the effects of it. It makes them not give a shit. Since they don’t care about anything but their lazy 9-5 own world in their ego-driven fantasy lands, they allow these people to spray all their food with unbelievably toxic chemicals, manipulate the dna of their fruits and vegetables with viruses and other unknown god-knows-whats, and process toxic chemicals to make virtually everything on every supermarket shelf. Americans actually eat this shit. In infinite amounts. They eat meat pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and washed in salt, ammonia, and other chemicals, and then dyed with even more toxins to resemble meat again. They keep the commercially grown animals in the worst possible conditions imaginable, and feed all of them nothing but fucking GMO CORN!!!
    Whole lot of ignorance going on here.

  92. Since I myself are a Swedish girl, I just wanted to add on my perspective. Chewing Tobacco, is called Snus, and you dont chew it you put a ball of it often held in a little bag, and you put it under your lip. Id say Swedish women don’t care about their looks too much, Im one of the few that just might care a bit too much, but on the other hand Im chubby or curvy, well many women are here, not sure, but seems like alot is genetics too, cos most of us eat okay food, but we do have mcdonals too 😉 Im not the converse shoe typ, never understod why Girls dress like guys. I love wearing a dress and to dress femenine, but then again, Im not like most Girls.´Women here are hard to impress, but wether they will go home with you is very individual. Many woman like myself take relatinships very serious, and we look down on other women who ( at least a bit) when they hit on a taken guy or are cheating. And most women are not blonde and have blue Eyes. Most woman have somthing called Sandre coloured hair, wich is I guess close to blonde but more a ashy light Brown, wich we hate, so we colour our hair. Like me, I love my black hair, but wa also platina blonde for many years. I do think most women here are very bright and, and have studied hard to get a nice job. Im not one of those for personal reasons, but I really hope I will be able to someday! Not sure how I ended up on this site or if I did bring anything to the table so to speak, I guess ask me about Sweden if you want to know something, I love to talk about countrys and ppl, and see how ppl live their Lifes in different parts of the World 🙂

    1. Hej Veronica, Your points are well said. The guy probably hadn’t heard of snus, which is as common in your country as kötbullar/potatis med lyngonsylt, which I LOVE and miss a LOT. Snus not my style. One other thing I noticed there was the a-holes who guarded the clubs and would only let certain people in or one at a time in long, long lines. It sucked. It’s much easier to club hop in America than in most of Sweden, especially Stockholm. I found women to be much easier to meet if you just acted like yourself, didn’t brag about your home country, and accepted the Swedish culture for what it is. I am not a cassanova but I met lots of girls by just having fun and being myself (and not being fat perhaps–ha ha). Most girls I met seemed to like that I was not worried about what others think, and wasn’t afraid to dance crazy and make them laugh. To tell the truth, Finland was by far a better place to just “score” than Sweden, when I was single and care free.

    2. I have once met a beautiful, very kind and very tall swedish girl on a ship. For me she was the typical viking women. I had a crash on her and did everthing to rise her attention. One day she stood up from her chair and came towards me and approached me. That was a fantastic feeling. I was so shy and she was so cool 🙂 She was very open and nice.
      Then I have read this arcticle and ask myself, if this girl was an exception?

  93. The kid who wrote this is clearly a far overweight American who has never been to/ met a sweedos girl. Go an top yourself you hopeless opinionated prick

  94. Bro #14 is SO FUCKING TRUE. Every time I talk to this Swedish girl I have to grab my tongue at any slight remarks that show any signs of sexism.

  95. The last thing you wrote is soo true! They act so gender neutral and can’t see the world of how it is…

  96. My mother was Swedish, not a single loving bone in her entire body. She made my father completely miserable. Controlled his life, abusive, stole his money, beat on him. I cut off my relationship with my Swedish family. Telling you, Swedish women in my family are nuts.

  97. im American and I would just like to say this article was eextremely sexist and inaccurate.

    1. Really? When people say things bad about America it’s often true—the truth can hurt. But there are assholes in every country, as well as good people. As John Lennon said (paraphrasing here), we are all people on one planet—Earth. No one country has all the good people—isn’t that kind of thinking how wars start?

  98. Hahaha middle eastern girls better good looking than Swedish girls? This dude must be gay or never went to a bar when it’s summer in Sweden. This article is pure bullshit, I’m swedish and I don’t agree at all with this. Btw we’re not a FAT country we’re healthy.

    1. I agree that most Swedish girls are better looking, and their clitorises aren’t clipped (gross!) like in Middle Eastern culture. But as for the chunky bodies…Sweden isn’t as fat as America for sure, but having McDonald’s and junk food come there via globalization hasn’t helped the fat factor. Compared to just after WW2, your country has gotten fatter statistically. That’s not opinion, but fact, honey. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and blame Amerikansich Krap Food. It’s everywhere now, unfortunately.

  99. This article MUST have been written by an American haha. Everything has been completely misunderstood, and he seems to think Sweden is in Eastern Europe!

    1. Having actually lived in Sweden for a number of years (I too am an American) I don’t think his observations are all wrong. Actually sometimes the best way to look at your own culture is to have someone from another one visit and critique it. Ever read De Tocqueville?

  100. My friend I cannot believe how right you are! Every last point you mention was spot on… I been seeing this nice Swedish cutie for 4 years now and every point about her and the culture you mention rings with truth. She very nice, attractive but man is she very sensitive about her weight. Now she has a very nice figure but if she thinks her stomach thickens the least bit she gets depressed. Oh and yes your right about the girls flirting. They love to talk extensively to random guys on a friendly basis. I get use to it seeing she only being cordial. When she come home to me I get the soiled boyfriend treatment no questions asked. And yes they love American culture! My girl loves Rick James and all the funky black guys in america. Yet she’s as lily white as she can be with her cute self. The other thing I notice about Swedish is even thou they get hit with hard times or have problems they stay upbeat! I cant figure that out. I been around some who tell me all about the problems they have with either family or life crappy issues yet will still smile – hold your hand and say lets get an ice cream. Really happy go lucky ladies. Remind me of a few women in Canada I went out with. My advise to guys looking to date or marry a Swedish girl is this: Treat them right – don’t dog them out or rag on them – be nice and and protective of them and your have a mate for life. I guarantee it.

  101. “I found the Middle Eastern girls to be slightly better looking than the Swedish girls. ” BULLSHIT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MATE? MIDDLE EASTERN GIRLS ARE 10000 TIMES UGILER you can’t even compare that.

  102. Some good advice, except this bit:
    ” If you say something she doesn’t like, use the excuse, “Well in America that’s standard,” to make it seem like she’s being closed-minded about your culture.”
    If you say “Well, in America…” you’re more likely to get the Swedish xenophobe response: “You’re in SWE-DEN now.”
    They “love” America but also “hate” it. It’s b.s. but that’s the way it is. They like if you try to speak their language, even just a few words. Everything is about Sweden to them.

    1. I should add however that when you go to visit another country if you don’t try to learn the culture and try to speak their language, you’re being an ugly tourist. If you only speak English in Sweden, you won’t get very far with anybody.

  103. Sadly,most of this is true since Ive lived in Sweden for 41 years.But of course you will unsurprisingly here the majority of the swedes (98%) going against the above text

  104. I dated a Swedish girl for a quite long time, I stumbled this post randomly (like 2 years late I guess) but I’ll make my remarks. Must of what the posts says is true and things doesn’t change neither in Gothenburg or Stockholm. Swedish girls are strong believers in the feminist idea and when you made a slightly comment about how things really are sometimes they will hate you forever so avoid that. Swedish girls are very similar to American girls ( and i think Norwegian girls too) in their twisted ways of living and thinking a.k.a as the girl with her smartphone in one hand and her Starbucks in the other 100% of time.

  105. This article generalizes a whole gender, it’s like that one friend some of us have that has never traveled anywhere in the world and comes back from their first trip to some country and tells all the guys how easy it is to get laid there, that ALL the women love American guys, that ALL the women in that country go nuts over dark skin guys and how they ALL fall into the arms of foreign men just by speaking to them, which of course is bullshit.
    I think all women are different, some were raised different from women in our countries and and some tend to have certain characteristics that make most men take a step back. I’m pretty sure 100% of Swedish women are not all the same, just like 100% of Swedish men are not all the same.
    You guys have to understand that this guy Roosh is part of a community of men called “pick up artists” that their whole thing is just to pick up women at bars or anywhere and get them back to a hotel or home to smash. So when something that does not go in their favor happens they go into their little community forums or blogs and “warn” other PUA or wannabe PUA which countries they’ll have a hard time in.
    I think that every country is different in terms of hooking up with someone, every country has their culture and ways of doing things, so if we try to use the same techniques that have successfully worked in our country and then don’t work in other countries, that’s when some men start crying, bashing and questioning that certain country’s sanity.
    This past February I had to opportunity to visit Stockholm for a few days, I really liked it, planning on going back and though I never hooked up with any Swedish girl (wasn’t expecting either) but I came back to NYC having expanded my mind a bit more by learning about other cultures by actually being there and not just by reading some blog or reading bitter people’s opinion in some forum, and that’s something most Americans should be doing, traveling a lot more.
    If you want to get women from a certain country, try learning about their country and culture first before.

  106. What a lot of negativity it is in this article and all comments.. Kind of feels like the guy who wrote this had bad luck with a swedish girl and had to write his anger about it.. I’m swedish, have lived in London for three years now though. I moved because I was tired of Sweden, tired of swedes and wanted a change. Although it’s great to live in a exciting city like London, where you meet all kind of people everyday, I know I will end up back in Sweden some time in life, when I want to settle down with a family or something. All countries have its pros and cons, and if you don’t like Sweden well that’s a shame for you. Everyone I’ve met by living and traveling outside Sweden have told me how much they love swedes and are so interested of our country. People who’ve lived there and loved it.
    Just want to answer some things from the list… Beauty is everywhere, but when it comes to Sweden, of course you will see some people being more “chubby” or “skinnier” than others. Everyone’s different. But there are definitely not a lot of obese people in Sweden haha. Not if you compare to other countries.
    The hipster style was definitely a trend, people go a lot after trends there. Even if a lot of people go after trends rather than try to find their own style they at least dress well.
    I know a lot of people who love America and americans. Although I guess that depends on all influence America has on us with all movies, tv series, news music etc. So maybe it’s not that weird they’re obsessed by the US.
    It is a lot of points which I really can’t bother to answer since they’re so ridiculous, but one of them are how swedish girls work with sex, this “slut” tag really piss me off! In Sweden sex is normal. We aren’t religious people, we live after our own beliefs and we don’t think that waiting til you marry to have sex is going to make any difference. Because does it? I’m sorry but dating the same guy for years and then marry get kids and stay together because “that’s the right thing to do”? So you’re going to be unhappy in the marriage but too afraid of divorce because you’ve realized that you don’t love each other anymore but stay together because of traditional thinking? Of course there can be real love (my parents have been married since 30 years and are still happy together) but most cases this is what happens.
    I’d rather meet different people, experience and make mistakes in my life, and enjoy it. If that means I want to have sex with billions of guys then let me! STOP JUDGING AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. When it comes down to it sex have nothing to do with the relationship itself, if you and your partner love each other it doesn’t matter if you have sex or not. But people are still so conservative and don’t respect women who have sex, so people who aren’t swedish and meet swedes or go to Sweden judge us quite hard for our liberal thinking. It’s a shame, because we’re too old for this traditional thinking. You need to be more educated people.
    Over and out.

  107. This dude is American and he is criticising another country for being fat. What a joke. This guy really showed his stars and stripes, doing nothing for the ignorant arrogant American stereotype. If only Americans could see just how much everyone around the world actually hates them. We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

  108. This is wrong on so many levels. Everything written here is so biased it’s beyond anything I’ve read in my entire life. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but still what the hell is this? Do you hate swedish people for some reason?
    You can’t simply place every person under the same label you know? There are ugly and beautiful girls here in Sweden just as there are anywhere else in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and there are plenty of both just like the in the Us or anywhere else. You must be quite an ignorant and stupid person to write such complete and biased nonsense.
    I’m born in Sweden and I’ve lived here my whole life. Every single one of those lines you wrote is wrong when you generalize like that. I dunno, maybe you went to or live in Rosengård or something.
    Next time, do your research before you write an article such as this one because you just made yourself look like lying tool.

  109. I’m not Swedish and I found this article stupid and gender biased. Also, slut shaming? Really

  110. OMG ppl, calm the fuck down…who cares what Sweden is or isn’t? we all live on the same planet and should strive towards the same goal, and yeah, we may be chubby, have this fucked up picture of reality and stuff but the last part’s not true. Girls in Sweden are well aware of what society’s like politically and that’s what we want to change, in Sweden pretty much everyone’s feminists and have a lot of opinions but they’re all good one’s, pretty much, and if the fact that we’re feminists with strong opinions makes you feel that you can’t say shit, i guess that’s just because you’re not and that has got to be hard, living in Sweden and all.

  111. It’s not surprising that the Author had better conversation with the Ukrainian woman who did NOT speak English; did the Author use sign language with her?

  112. MESSED UP. No 7, you don’t know what feminism is. No 12, you sound like a rapist. Get that checked. With a Doctor.

  113. After reading all of the comments I am just sick at the mentality, egos and rudeness of you people. I myself have no such quirks. I’m a simple man. Yes, I do dress like shit. I can’t dance well. I’m proud of what I can do with my 2 inch wiener. I don’t have any social hang-ups. I don’t care what other people think of me. Yes, I can lick my own forehead. No, getting real women isn’t a problem for me. Chill and be real people.

  114. In regard to beautiful women, there are options in all of the major American cities. But the ratios rise unbelievably in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Bay Area, NYC, and Chicago (to a lesser degree). People outside of major cities are often too Podunk and possibly impoverished to be concerned with beauty. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in Las Vegas’ best nightclubs for a few years. As a result, I have seen representatives from every country more times than I can count. Women can be beautiful in ANY place, given the proper motivation. Canada as a whole might have a higher average rating than the U.S. or any western country.
    It all comes down to diversity. The most diverse places produce more attractive progeny. Which is the reason Canada does so well in that regard. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and every Canadian city represented have stunning women of different sorts. America is known for being a melting pot so this holds true here as well. Regions like the American South and other generally secluded, separated demographics suffer from a lack of options in the natural selection arena. Which, generally, produces a more specific and less attractive society. Separatism in areas like those are likened to an isolated tribe someplace remote. That isn’t to say that those places don’t or can’t have beauty. It’s just to say that it is less likely. England is another country with remote enclaves. And in those places a sort of founder’s effect is evident. Sweden is an ethnic enclave as a country.
    Sweden suffers from having the popularly favorable traits, on paper. Even though, blonde and blue is my personal preference. I don’t think it compares to the likes of a truly diverse society like Brazil or Argentina. Seeing those women in person is mesmerizing. Latinas are and will remain the hottest pound for pound. Adriana Lima, Allesandra Ambrosia, and Giselle Bünchen are very gorgeous women in different ways. The obvious things they have in common are Victoria’s Secret and their country of origin. Brazil. Which is reason enough for me to argue on their behalf. I know it’s so cliché. But some clichés are actually true. I think Sweden lives off the expectation of beauty more so than the actuality.

  115. I agree with you Sammi this is false bullshit. Have the right knowledge before writing these kinds of texts

  116. 14 times somebody didn’t have his tool Ikea’d, it seems. Somebody dim and with a strained sense of humor at that, which is why he doesn’t get his tool Ikea’d. Vicious circle indeed. Thanks god and Allah we have the trailer parks of the internet like ROK where u can dwell.

  117. Karma is a bitch, feminists.. Sweden is currently being taken over by its lawless, Muslim immigrant population. Rape and crime have blown out in recent years. See how many rights you have under Sharia Law, you miserable feminists.. by removing masculinity from your country, there is now nobody left to protect you

  118. I have a Swedish Girl Friend and Swedish girls Are Perfect and will only date a worthy guy ! Swedish girls are fucking Princess’s and they need a Prince ! Confident yes
    There style is amazing and the guy must dress nice great Jeans , Nice Jacket ! Nice shoes ! Nice body ! Nice Hair ! Blue Eyes, Tanned skin. Pretty much a Swedish girl will only date the perfect Guy ! Because Swedish girls are perfect themselves 🙂 ! Sweden is also the best Country in the World By FAR ! I’m Canadian though not American but America is DOPE to ! other than no free health care lol just kidding but yea that is where im glad to live in Canada ! by the way that picture is me down there !
    most Canadians dress like that ! and my Swedish girl friend dresses better than me !

  119. Ah I can see why you don’t like Swedish girls….it’s your problem…you…not them..they are a lot more intelligent than you are…and obviously you are not really good with women it seems..thanks have a nice day..from a real Viking!!!

  120. Guys like you have self esteem problems…I am married to a Swedish girl so I know what I am talking about…Sweden girls rules..while you sit with your your thumb in your mouth in your dirty basement suite for the rest of your life . ..don’t mess with Vikings or t their girls!

  121. Hahaha! The irony when the publisher looks like a dirty, middle eastern rapist. Talking like you actually got laid (with mutual consent).

  122. I’m Swedish, from Malmoe, and I can tell you that none of this is true. First of all, America is the fattest country on earth, Sweden is no 22. http://www.aneki.com/obesity.html?number=25
    Yeah we’re fucking socially awkward but like who the fuck wants strangers talking to you on the bus???? fucking creeps….
    Swedish girls can’t handle reality?? Just what? We study other cultures and countries a lot from an early age to understand how things work outside of sweden. The typical Swede also travels at least once a year so we actually see the fucking world as well you misinformed dickhead.
    About that comment that we have high tax rates, well yeah 30%, but we have free education, free healthcare, free dental care, free food in schools etc. So yeah going to uni in sweden is free unlike in america where you have to pay thousands of dollars, which leads to you being fucking ignorant. And it also leads to us speaking english fluently, good understanding of danish and Norwegian, and studying either french, spanish or german.
    I reckon you just wrote this cause your pissed no swedish girls wanted to sleep with you seeing as you’re probably obese and dress like shit.
    If you ever come to sweden again look me up and ill fuck u up medieval style, CAUSE WE’RE FUCKING VIKINGS. We gon party like its 9/11

  123. Don’t really care where any of you lot are from, but this article is the biggest load of sexist / racist bullshit I’ve read in a while. I hope you don’t get paid to write this stuff! Also, Swedish people are far better looking and far less arrogant than most other nations out there 👍

  124. guys, ur all freaking idiots. every1 has a different opinion about things and every1 is free to do things their way. nobody freaking cares about any of ur opinions in this, its just the way things are. if ur all to naive / childish / stupid to understand this, u might as well shut up and brainstorm untill u can wrap ur brain around it

  125. I lived in Sweden most of my life and that is what I’ve seen sofar. Swedish girls are among most jealous and deceiving girls in the world. They do everything in their power to not let another girl competitor wins a guy, even when they themselves are already in a relationship! It is the seekest thing I ever seen. Some of them play holy Mary game for a foriegner guy while the same night are going to bed with a couple of guys. And just minority of them are pretty, the rest are ugly but the society reject them and that’s why you don’t see them that much often in street. Basically the personal value of people is defined by only materialistic measure so if a girl is not pretty, she doesn’t worth that much in the society. Mostly those girls who are rejected by local men are trying to hook up with non-swedish guys otherwise they don’t like foreigners as close friends or mate. But you necer realize all these because they are the best in lying and make up stories, when it is needed. here might be a minority of Swedish girls who don’t fall into that category but they are rare!

  126. To sum it up, be vary careful when you consider them anything than a very short term partner. They never stay cuz always there is a guy out there who makes them feel better for a night and the story goes on!

  127. To sum it up, they are very different from what they look like so be very careful when you consider them anything than a very short term partners. They never stay cuz always there is a guy out there who makes them feel better for a night and the story goes on and on!

  128. Point 8. “…I definitely noticed a trend that the prettier the girl, the more likely she has a boyfriend….” WOW! The authors a fucking rocket scientist. Who’s probably never had a shag in his life. What a waste of internet ink.

  129. Dude seriuslly “sweden is fat and its the fattest country in scandinavia” who told you that bullshit im a 13 years old guy from sweden (100% swedish) and im like the smallest guy in the world and i dont eat a lot of food only when its like “spagetti och köttfärssås” “våfflor” “pannkakor” and things like that and im proboblly not gonna be much “fatter” if you even could call it that and second off all tge girls im in love with (whish is like 10) is very small too and speaking of the clothes theres this girl im in love with at my school her names “sofia” like she never wear girlish clothes she wear like swag clothes like a “mössa” or hat as you call it in america and then she wear a black skin jack
    EMIL IS OUT BITCHES *drops the mic*

  130. Sweden is nothing but a socialist shit hole, heading to 3rd world level soon.

  131. I am not Swedish but I live in sweden for study … some idea in your writing was true but not all of that… most of Swedish girl are thin and blond with light eyes specially blue one , most of them are tall too, chewing a tobacco is true but how many present!?! Some of people do this in Sweden because cigarette is expensive here 🙂 each pocket around 50sek ..And most of the people in Sweden wear sport and gym cloths in public, it’s true.all young people here wear the same! You can’t see some thing different and special, and Iam agree with that .
    Thay are not social people with strongers as much as american but thay are polite and calm And alittle bit timid…. Sweden is beautiful country with hard rule and laws.. some of them are racism but not all of them!! If you did some unimportant things wrong accidentally no body never believe you and thay will punish you with hard rule!!!!!!even that mistake was lost the apartment keys!! Thay are look like robots with out emotion and forgiveness… and care about money and taxes.. you should pay too much taxes here!

  132. No, Swedish women don’t like American men, especially men like you. All Nordic countries are rooted in the Law of Jante, which essentially says you are no better than anyone else. Thus Swedish women don’t care about how their country compares to yours or how they compare to other women in your opinion.
    They definitely won’t waste their time being bothered by arrogant horny jerks like you who can’t appreciate or think about anything other than sex.

  133. Points 3 (tights, not stockings),4, 7, 9, 11 and most definitely 13…. very correct.
    Swedish ladies prefer anything but REAL Swedish men, that’s why foreigners have luck…you look like a jew or hispanic that’s why you get pussy in Sweden.

  134. You’re bang-on with the fact that Swedish girls are sensitive about foreign women. My Asian gf was given the eye by a lot of Swedish girls. The guys loved her though. When I asked a bunch of them why, they were said it was simply that Asian girls are a lot more feminine than their Swedish counterparts. Who can argue with that?!

  135. number 8 is ground breaking research: I definitely noticed a trend that the prettier the girl, the more likely she has a boyfriend. Hmm. I discovered that as a teen.
    The word in the street is that Swedes are very open sexually and fuck quickly. Are they as open and passionate as Brazilians?


  137. A lot of people are obviously going to be mad this article altough they’re in denial. I’m swedish 100% male born and raised and I agree. Foreign women are way better. Swedish girls are usually very overrated for some reason.

  138. Well it’s quite clear that the genius that wrote this piece has never set a foot in Sweden and I’d bet anything that we are talking an insecure man who was rejected by a Swedish girl once and is now seriously struggling with it. Please handle your issues in silence, your passive aggressiveness is very unbecoming

  139. why are people bringing the u.s. into this, the u.s. is huge and different all over, sweden is tiny and in a week of say…hitch hiking you could probably get a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with since it’s not much larger than florida, but of course each person will have a different experience and get treated differently because of personality, age, etc., I’ve lived in the u.s. all my life and I still don’t have the right to judge the country, only certain areas, the u.s. is not hollywood and it’s not nyc, those are very different from the rest of the country, there are places here that you’d all thank was heaven on earth and places you’d think was hell on earth, depending on the area, time of year, decade, weather, who knows how you would even feel in 20 years about an area, the OP was just telling you his experience, good and bad, you are not him, put yourself in his shoes, show some leniency, sorry for all the commas

  140. Arab women hotter than Swedish women??? yeah because they look like him/author (Roosh Valizadeh). He’s Armenian and Iranian. HAHA the jokes on whoever slept with him, if it’s even real. He must be really insecure, that’s why they’re in their 40s and single/no kids, get lost with that propaganda, Arab women don’t do anything to themselves or get into any of that, not even even him, he probably doesn’t know jack about Swedish women! the most they probably got are pre-teens or divorcee fetishes, they never going to find a real woman, what a lame excuse of a man and claim feminism as an excuse.

  141. “14 Things Every Guy Should Know About Swedish Girls

    what things?????
    all i see is a picture with a bunch of comments under..

  142. First of all, what the hell does Swedish design have to do with Swedish women? Are you a cabbage? I am sure you got rejected when you visited. In fact I am certain.And man that is sad because you were in a bar or club where people binge drink …. lmfao. I AM NOT FINISHED …
    What an ignorant list you have here. I lived in Sweden off and on for almost 20 years. I spent time in small towns and larger ones. And I can honestly say I disagree with everything you have written. How old were you when you wrote this? And are you basing this on your one evening in Sweden? I have NEVER seen a woman chew tobacco. Not once. And I have met hundreds if not thousands. I have no idea what you mean when you say they are fat or chubby blondes. You even said Swedish women are not all blonde so you contradict yourself. I know plenty of Swedish women who would laugh at you for what you have written. And I do believe this kind of shit talk would have gotten you beaten up by my Swedish male friends when we were in our 20’s and drinking “hembrandt ” to avoid costly bar bills … only to later be in a bar surrounded by mostly thin good looking women who did not all have blonde hair. And by good looking I do not mean out of a bullshit magazine doctored with Photoshop. Maybe they all scorned you because you are a fat slob wearing a track suit and they didn’t give you the time of day when you went out? WoW! SUCH BULLSHIT!

  143. you sound like a rapist and very ethnocentric and then I realize this is Roosh so of course and I was like gross gross gross. Wannabe alpha because he is so bitter and sad

  144. Great article, completely true. Of course that those who runs theirs lives by the rules of political correctness and cliquey will felt attacked and won’t agree on this.
    What is especially correct is the part where author compare Eastern European girls with Swedish one. Exactly!

  145. I’ve traveled abroad and I could confirm the most beautifull girls are from my country. Brazil.

  146. ive been around a handful of parts in the world – and all i can say is, it depends who you meet, where and how.. the US chicks are seriously bad – haha, man i dated ONE super hot babe who was super horny and smart, i musta been seriously lucky.. rest of em are dumb as bricks, (the 1% that isnt fat).. looking fwd to meeting some nice ladies up north – interesting the difference in liberalism (if true) – eastern eu chicks are alot more tuned in to reality – this uni-sexist utopia (haha) – right on, dumbest little world ever.. fag hipsters and indie gay lovers can hold hands there while we rock the real world.

  147. Considering the author is a well-known supporter of rape, I don’t know how much I trust these “observations” of Swedish women.

  148. What a load of shit. Swedish girls are same dumb whores as in America just look better due the Viking’s work. Know more then few of them, all pretty much spoiled whores.

  149. “It’s one of the more open countries in Scandinavia when it comes to free speech, but I felt censored”.
    Exactly. That’s what extreme leftism and radical political correctness does to a society. They pretend to be tolerant, but they want to control everything you say, think and do.
    Where’s the tolerance?
    No wonder people are getting tired of it…

  150. After living in Sweden more than 10 years I should say that some of Swedish girls might be a bit more beautiful outside (because of the race purification that happened in sweden before as well as brutally stealing women from other nations) but certainly they are the most heartless girls among girls from all the countries. Most of them absolutely have neither feeling nor respect for men and the only thing they want is to manipulate men and unfortunately they are the best in that, thanks to those brutal and con viking’s genes they have.

  151. “14. Swedish girls can’t handle reality.”
    Biggest truth ever. They are so delusional. I guess this happens when you live in feminist welfare state…

  152. Creepy as all hell. Dude, no intelligent, hot woman is ever going to date you. This is just sad. But it’s a misogynistic hate website, so don’t know what I was expecting.

  153. Swedish girls dont like you just because you are a fucking american. In fact 99% of people outside of america HATE americans.

  154. ” Girls from Sweden loves American guys ”
    Totally delusional hahahahaha. Americans are top notch hated in Europe, any country you go. Probably even a crazy Russian is a better go, than the boring obnoxious ignorant American

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