French-Turkish Patriarch Stands Up Against France’s Homosexual Mafia

At the end of June, a Frenchman of Turkish origin, Mourad Ghazli, had had enough of seeing rainbow flags prominently displayed on public buildings and now on Parisian pedestrian crossings. Revolted by this blatant taking over of public space, he took his phone while at the pool to record the following video.

A Turkish Muslim’s critique of the LGBT community

Mourad Ghazli is a versatile man. Back in the 90s, he had a semi-professional sports career in various disciplines: judo, sumo, jujitsu, then rugby. He worked as a subway driver in Paris, was fired over denouncing corruption, and became a Freemason. He also had a short-lived radio career before embarking in politics, which allowed him to join the town council of Thiais, near Paris. Moreover, if we are to believe him, he sired no less than eight children.

In his video, Ghazli makes the following points:

1. Organized minorities rule through shaming, pressuring people into conformism and isolating the least hint of criticism. Such rule only works up to a certain point. Past some degree of robustness and independence, the pressured start revolting openly. Especially since degenerate bullies tend to create resentment.

2. People use the “I have a X friend” card to try to exert freedom of speech without being bullied. This usually fails as leftists typically answer “If you notice some bad minority behaviour, you’re an –ist and a –phobic!” Ghazli rejects the card and reaffirms two distinctions: between the individual and the group, between (private) sexual practices and (public) group identity.

3. There’s no reason why sexual practices should be a social badge, much less a right-bearing, pedestalized, “empowered” social identity. Why do not pussy lickers, escort fans, bestiality amateurs, and wide sex party practitioners get their own celebrated group identity too? This would be consistent with the special snowflake atomization road.

4. LGBT activism bears no relationship with any rational idea of social justice. In France, laws against “discriminating” are already in full force to make sure employers hire abnormal people over the average Jean. LGBTs are already a wealthy, well-connected, financially and culturally powerful urban group. What could they ask for in the name of repairing a purported wrong? Their pride is not about justice—it is sheer narcissism.

When you’re parading with a leather suit, leather in the butt, and howling how proud you are to be a homo, you’re not asking for rights. You’re just saying, I’m proud to be a member of a special tribe, screw you! Well, screw you too.

French National Assembly today

5. LGBT narcissism and taking over on public space is going very far: putting the rainbow flag above and wider than the national flag means desecrating the latter. Likewise, imposing it as a prominent part of the urban landscape manifests a shameless arrogance. Such behaviour can be perceived as provocative, because it is.

6. Is Islamophobia justified when it is meant not to protect European cultures and peoples but sexual degeneracy and dubious groups?

7. LGBT activists routinely use the apex fallacy: they single out heterosexual parents mistreating their children to compare them with apparently good homosexual adopters. Of course, comparing the few rotten apples among the normal with the best and brightest homosexuals is fallacious. This is unsurprising, given that feminists used to pull the very same trick from their sleeves when they compared noble, wealthy one-percenter men with penniless women while conveniently forgetting millions of normal, much poorer men.

Ghazli ends up his speech with an interesting idea:

I would like that all homosexuals who do not raise children pay a higher social contribution for retirement plans. Why? In the French pay-as-you-go retirement scheme [different from the American funded pension scheme], the younger pay for the older. When you don’t have children, you force the heterosexuals to pay for your retirement. Right now heterosexuals are badly discriminated compared with homosexuals.

This is basically an extension of the family quotient policy. The more children you have, the less taxes you pay, which lets the single pay the highest taxes.

If that seems way too socialist to you, remember that the family quotient was enacted when nationhood meant something, when women still depended upon men and when jobs were still there. In other words, the family quotient encouraged men to become fathers, or to help their national brothers and cousins—not beta workhorses paying for all kinds of parasites as today.

I had eight children. Eight taxpayers then. And you, Mr. Homo? How many taxpayers did you give to the country? Who’s paying for you now?

The LGBTBBQXYZ get triggered

The LGBTXYZ are one of the most cushioned groups right now. They are also very prone to mental diseases, AIDS-spreading behaviour, and fits of violence. As a result, they can’t stand the least criticism without getting angry. A homo association has nearly doxxed Ghazli and is asking people to pressure the Thiais town council into firing him. The MSM is following closely.

Ironically, if you scroll down the (now deleted) Twitter thread,  you will see fussy progressives bashing Ghazli as a Turk. They accuse him of being too Turkish to speak as a French citizen. Hmm, isn’t that a bit xenophobic—or do gender freaks have some right to lash out at other “minority” identities that the regular disenfranchised white doesn’t have?

The LGBTs are far more powerful and privileged than Erdogan fans. They are also cunning crooked dishonest sophisticated enough to be racist while maintaining an impeccable progressive veneer. In any case, the fact that we have to weigh the purported power of all these groups and identities, in a society basically created by our identity, shows how much ground we’ve lost.

But the story doesn’t stop here. In spite of the screeching sodomites’ best efforts, one cannot fire an elected councilor that easily. (Oh, the awful democracy! How easier it would be if everyone outside of the Cathedral had no constitutional rights!)

Contacted by journalists, Mourad Ghazli refused to apologize. He bravely upheld his distinction between private sexuality rights and public encroaching. Yet he also added that he had left the country to settle down in Turkey. As other town councilors eagerly mentioned on Twitter, Ghazli has stopped coming to the town council meeting.

To the journalists asking him about this weird situation, Ghazli answered he had no intention to resign, and added he mostly stayed in the council “to piss off the mayor,” whom he hates.

This mess is but a representative sample of what’s supposed to be my country, or wider yet, our whole Western civilization. What identity do you want to defend? What principles would you like to uphold (beyond kicking them all out)?

“Mourad Ghazli is being defamed. He just dared to say he condemned Gay Pride obscenities… From our leftist friends’ point of view, a good Muslim is a Muslim who keeps his head down and denies is own values.”

Granted, Turkish men have a reputation for hard work that other annoying groups do not have. I can personally testify that Turks hate being confused with North Africans, whom they despise, but the Turks also have a reputation for ethnic networking, and their identity is not mine anyway.

While I’m glad to share some of Ghazli’s points, I would like these made by an actual Westerner. And I have absolutely no desire to risk my life, or any Westerner’s life, in a war against Islam or immigration if said war is meant to defend blue-haired whales, wealthy crooks, and other degenerates.

As Western Europe is sinking into chaos, perhaps Ghazli was right to go back to his country.

Ramène une poutre, on va poutrer !

As a conclusion, let me share this: a French indie rap song expanding Ghazli’s critique humorously. Perfect for your next training even if you don’t get the lyrics.

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83 thoughts on “French-Turkish Patriarch Stands Up Against France’s Homosexual Mafia”

  1. Maybe we were wrong all along, minorities really are doing the jobs that white people don’t want to do.

      1. The white man sure as fuck ain’t doing nothing.
        Don’t hate on others just coz they got more balls than you.
        If you love muh western civilization so much, then get off ur ass and start actually organizing yourself with other white men.
        Ohh shit, that’s collectivism and that’s wrong.

      2. Every time we bring up any Conservative/Christian viewpoint whatsoever, some hater jumps in with the usual attacks.
        What is the height of hypocrisy with these libs, is they only claim universal tolerance, but mindlessly attack all who disagree.
        They attack all who disagree, claiming Conservatives have a nut for Islam. No. Its just debate. But they are blind to their hypocrisy of claiming tolerance, and chide Conservatives for not being true to their philophosy. When as a liberal, they betray the very foundation of their own, constantly.
        Liberalism is the Religion of Hate. They HAVE to lie, because lies are a haters only friend. Liberalism is a lie, and is not morally or rationally defensible, so they MUST attack. Watch any liberal, and its always vicious attacks and lies. Always

        1. Herman Cain came up with a succinct acronym for the leftoid debate strategy: S.I.N.
          S… shift the topic
          I…ignore the facts
          N…name call
          Leftoids love S.I.N.

        1. You can have 5 or more passports, but usually only one ethnicity. Psychologically, genetically, whatever, he’s still Turkish. If there was a war with Turkey, whose side would he be on?
          France has only 5 Europeans on “her” national football team, including one Spaniard and one with an Italian background, that’s fine by me, but as to the rest- what a joke.
          * “her” = “France’s”

      1. Please don’t talk about my boyfriend Douglas.
        I am a white sissy who has submitted my anus to the more masculine brown man.
        Many white men are doing the same. I suggest you twinks on here follow suit.
        They will give us protection, provision, and procreate with our women.

    1. Mourad Ghazli …….. sounds black Muslim to me, I don’t care about his story.
      Another muzzy immigrant, so part of the problem.

      1. You’re just jealous because he’s more of a man like you.
        Not a coward like you who flees his country.
        Clearly you’re jealous lol, boomer faggot

        1. “COWARDS”
          Careful Nick, you’re Mum will walk in if you don’t lock the bedroom door and catch you jerking off to porn because like all Gen Y homos you live in the house you were born at 28 or 30.
          White men go where they want, get laid when they want, work where they want.
          Homosexual Gen Y with “man pussies” sit around putting up with the blacks or the Cholos or South Asians grooming 12 year old girls.
          White men go overseas and leave the Gen Y homos to fight in the street with Carl the Cuck because they have nothing better to do like Gen X did in the 90’s when we had a decent job to go to.
          White men work where they want.
          Gen Y homos hope some new opportunity will arise in their city in post-decline.
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          I won’t work in a country where my boss is some HR female graduate who had frathouse jizz dripping off her forehead 2 years earlier and I’ve been in the company for 10 years.
          I don’t have to worry some cop with a shitty community college degree of 2 years will jail me with blacks who will play hide the salami in the prison shower. I always keep $100 in my pocket in case a cop has to get paid.
          But see Gen Y could not survive overseas. You were born to Yuppie faggots who conceived you to the sounds of Bon Jovi .

        2. You expect your granddad to fight in a war to defend you?
          There’s something wrong with today’s youngsters!

    2. even if this guy is totally right in the way gays are spreading and dangerous, he s still missing a point : his “8 children” are a financial and cultural burdon for France and his family will never bring anything positiv to my country. please go back to where you come from, my turkish friend. you ll always be welcome back, as a tourist only.

      1. No. They are not.
        Children are the future. They will pay your medical costs. They will psy your costs in a home.
        ALL cultures and civilizations know this. Gays are a parasitical evolutionary dead end.
        It is only with modern times, with potable water, modern medicine and medications, sanitary food handling and the consequent long lives all that enables that formerly useless and non productives are able to survive and even prosper. When they could not before in a society to which they contributed nothing to advance, or even just perpetuate.
        So now we are at the point where they are granted special rights and privileges. Even the “Right” to viciously murder theit child in their womb, by unspeakable methods that would make a Nazi blush.
        It will only get wotse. Armageddon is near, and Rome will burn down on the ears of all those alphabet minorities demanding the whole world live by their (lack of?) Morality.

  2. Ghazli is on point…they will continue to stir their brand of social disruption while demanding disproportionate privileges. Their “sensitivity levels” (to any perceived criticism or barrier from the other 96%+ of the population who aren’t LGBTQ123XYZ) have no limits as they continually keep moving the goal posts on their demands. These “perpetual victims” (how convenient) want victims of their own by abusing the system that nurtured their integration and now-elevated “protected class” status. Enough already.

  3. Turks are superior.
    We will inherit the west.
    We will take your women as white war booty.

    1. Keep thinking you’re superior while your mother and grandmother scrub toilets in Germany at some gas station, Murat.
      Oh and by the way, I’d like a large Kebab Döner with large fries and coke. To go.

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        You guys are in your suits and women don’t find it alpha

        1. Literally only ever met a few Turks that had good genetics for bodybuilding. Most of you are weak manlets. Please be so kind and kill yourself tonight.

        2. You are responding like a weak emotional girl.
          That’s okay, the white man has basically become a girl anyway. Maybe they already have the female chromosome.
          Keep talking, the Turk man will continue to make gains while you sit at your computer

    2. With the sponsorship of its Sunni partners,
      Israel will H-Bomb you out of existence..
      The Dibs have them now, and won’t be shy of using it.

  4. Good to see some real men in France
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  5. The LGBTQ crap is naturally a dying breed, literally. Any group of people who cannot reproduce themselves will die off. Even the most insane regulations cannot help but only extend the period of the inevitable. This group realizes this, so they are understandably resisting their eventual demise.
    Homosexuality is incompatible with human existence. The revolt against the homosexual perversion is only the beginning. Just yesterday or so, the governor of Maine vetoed a bill banning so-called gay conversion therapy. It’s only a matter of time: the SCOTUS will overturn the so-called marriage equality; that’s when the homosexual fangs will truly come out. But it will be to no avail. Their 15 minutes of fame is done and gone.
    Wait till Trump replaces Breyer and Ginsburg, to save America and the world for another generation from the stench of liberalism.

    1. So, eventually all the hetero people who have only one child will go extinct… also… right?

    2. (((Breyer))), (((Ginsburg))), and (((Kagan))) all have to go. Leave it to Clinton and Obama to put 3 of the tribe on the highest court. And Obama really pulled a fast one on us by putting two dykes, (Kagan and Sotomayor) on.
      Imagine how effed we’d be if Hillary was elected and able to appoint another far leftie to replace Stevens.

        1. Sotomayor is not a Sephardic Jew. In any case Sephardic Jews have a totally different background and history from the majority Ashkenazi Jews in the US. You folks with Jew on the brain 24/7 are more than a bit intellectually challenged. It is one reason among many why the Globalists are winning and winning big.

      1. Spot on. But unless Trump’s next pick is a heterosexual man (preferably a Christian, hopefully a Protestant for a change), we’re still going to have problems. I’ve got both of my fingers crossed.

      2. A six to three court will put the final stake in progressivisms sick corpse for several generations., save accident or intentional deaths of the conservative court.

    3. Spot on as long as the mentally defective homos don’t actually breed against their desired by accident or sympathy fucks. The perversion that has infected the courts and legislatures must be removed before it kills the host countries culture entirely.

  6. It would seem that White culture is forced to be a coalition group now. Just like the Jews have shown, becoming the brain of the Moslem body can accomplish change that is beneficial for said brain. And since the Musselmen really want to go home, why not sweeten the bargain with a return of the Levant? Win win for all

  7. That anybody anywhere is standing up and speaking out is a good sign. I want to write a check and send it to him.
    They can’t reproduce, but they can recruit. And they can guilt trip normal people into stepping aside and allowing them to assume the pedestal.
    Why does anyone think their bedroom habits, sexual preferences, entitle them to privileged status?

    1. We’ve just got to throw this idiocy back at them. The next time you have to fill out a form somewhere, if you see a place where you’d normally put in your race, ethnicity, or religion, just write in your straight sexual preference. Then when the peon who handed you the form gives you that confused look, just say, “hey, I thought everyone was identifying themselves by what they do in the bedroom. I can’t identify as a reverse-cowgirl enthusiast? You’re bigoted against me and my fellow reverse-cowgirlers, you bigoted bastard!” If everybody just starts identifying themselves by what they do in the bedroom, it won’t be long before people start seeing the idiocy of what these LGBT snowflakes are putting down, and start rejecting it. Up until the last 40 years or so, it was unheard of to identify someone by anything other than race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. When the hell did we start allowing people to identify themselves by the crap they do in a bedroom or in a San Francisco bathhouse?

  8. “6. Is Islamophobia justified when it is meant not to protect European cultures and peoples but sexual degeneracy and dubious groups?”
    This is a really good question. It cries for a whole new article.
    On the southern border of Hungary we have 8000 man who serve at the fence and defend the border from the illegal migration*. We do this not only for ourselves but for the whole of Europe, because the migrants will just walk through Hungary, but want to settle in Western Europe. Now Hungary is between two fires, one is the islamic invasion who wants to break through the border, the other is the degenerate liberalism of the west who want us to open the border.
    Which one is more dangerous?
    Political islam is just a hostile ideology system for europe, but with healthy nations and strong states they are not a threat.
    Degenerate liberalism on the other hand, weakens Europe from the inside. These kind of ideologies are so prevalent in our everydays (pop music, mainstream media >bbc,cnn etc. , contemporary “art”, university) that its nigh-impossible to fend off its influence. (so we should not call ourself conservative, there is nothing to conserve, we need rejuvenation and national-regeneration)
    If a bomb explode in Paris, 200 people will die.
    Because of the widespread use of contraception millions of frenchman never borned.Becuase of the liberalist mindset millions of frenchman never borned.
    A muslim with an axe can kill ~10 people, with gun ~100.
    But how many europeans became mindless, egoist, useless consumers? These peoples are like if they arent live, like if they allready dead in their soul.
    Without liberalism, there will be no islamic invasion, no no-go zones.
    Without islam, we still have liberalist.
    * Fun fact: Pursuant to the operative Schengen-agreement, every country with external border HAS TO control its border. Those countries like Greece or Spain who dont give a fuck about their borders they violate not just their own constitution but an international agreement too.

  9. This, coupled with the cowardice of White men, really makes me want to see Islam triumph in the West.
    I relish the day I can go on liveleak and see the shitty clips of these leftists, feminists, and faggots getting stoned and hung from cranes.
    If White men refuse to act someone else will.
    No one likes s coward, especially not White thots–who will happily be enslaved to Muslims by that point.

    1. From what you are saying which is also what I have been thinking, it almost makes me want to convert to Islam myself, Pope Francis and his liberalism is destroying my Catholic Church as well.

    1. Correlation does not equal causation. Liberal attitudes within a population causes the birthrate to drastically go down…which stimulates the demand for immigration. This is also why liberalism and liberal ideologies have a limited life expectancy. They rely too much on converts and do not produce offspring themselves. If you want to know if an ideology/system is functional look at how the women behave within that system. Does it weaken the system of strengthen it? The fundamental problem with liberalist thought is the equalist mindset. This causes huge amounts of misallocation of resources: ever expanding taxation of men to finance primarily women’s education, welfare, healthcare and special programs. Basically men are forced to pay for pricing themselves out of the markets: job market, sexual market, marriage market etc.

  10. Why is he living in France if he doesnt like French culture? If gay visibility is a problem for him he can just go home to Turkey. Time for France to close the door to Muslim immigration and start actively encouraging Muslims to leave.

    1. I suspect this guy is a secular muslim, as are many in Turkey. I don’t think Turks are or ever have been as troublesome in Europe as the Pakis, Afghans, Syrians, North Africans, and other more hardline muzzies.
      I think this guy is a pretty brave dude, saying what needs to be said. Seems like his comments have offended you in some way. 😉

      1. Any evidence? But it is true that especially in what was once Norte Mexico, where the Inquisition had little reach, Sephardic Jews settled, genetic evidence of such ancestry has emerged.

  11. “Mourad Ghazli refused to apologize”
    NEVER . apologize . to . liberals !!! (or feminists, but I repeat myself … ) It only gives them ammunition. They will use that ammunition in unrelated arguments and in totally inappropriate ways.

  12. The man has a point. I for one would like to see a Proud CockSucking Hot Babes (PCSHB) parade…truly, a special tribe.

  13. I don’t get this redneck/tradcon hatred of homosexuals.
    There have always been homosexuals and it was never a problem.
    I’d take homosexuals over Moslems any time.

      1. EXPAT TO NICK
        White men move overseas to go where they want, get laid where they want, work where they want.
        Gen Y faggots live at home when they are 25 and complain about things they lack the initiative to pack their bags and leave.
        White men adapt to other countries and make money and get jobs.
        Gen Y faggots live in their post-industrial city or town complaining that some machete-swingin’ Indian will show up and take their job because it is so menial.
        White men don’t blame anybody for spoiling the party, they leave.
        Gen Y faggots sit around and blame the J and fear the black and Hispanic in the street.
        Like the Groid or the Cholo Mestizos the Gen Y faggot has no initiative. He is a townie. He’s been there ALL his 25 years on the street in the same city.
        White men ride airplanes like Gen Y faggots ride a bus.

        1. White men go live with their superiors in non white countries when they want
          White men bang he she’s because they want to be dominated by non white men when they want
          Good point

        2. NICK
          You would not know. You are 20 or 25 and live at home with your Mom because Gen Y does not have a decent economy so you could not share an apartment across town much less move to another country like Gen X did back in the 90’s when we were your age.
          So you are trapped in your birthplace and you flog your dog to internet porn with the door locked because you cannot find hookers in your Podunk suburb and all the white girls are running around with the big-dicked groids who will soon leave them fatherless at the welfare office downtown.
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      1. John Dodds the boomer can only get boom boom overseas.
        He has left his women to the superior Turks.
        We will inherit the west.

        1. OF,
          To be fair, I banged a few white women when I was younger (including 3x 19yo white virgins), and fathered 4 white children. My fight is over and I’ve retired to Asia to bang their young women. Trying to bag young white women when in your 60s is a bit beyond most ordinary guys, but I did go out with a bang, one of my son’s classmates when I was 52.
          I’ve probably done better than any of you guys in the white world, so let me enjoy my retirement where the pickins’ are easy.
          How many white virgins have you scored?

        2. I don’t get this obsession with “offspring” and breeding. It’s not about numbers at all. 16 Russians in Syria can keep in check 300 Moslems. And the Waffen-SS could kill 8-10 Russians for each SS killed…
          Just like 15 million Jews keep in check 1 billion + Moslems. In the same way, a tiny number of Whites will always be able to keep in check the brown savages. Always has been, always will be. We don’t care about breeding like rabbits and “muh, white children”… THis is just emotional existential anxiety for commoners.

    I’ve known many Swedish men who just left for Asia like me; did their business online. So that’s that, they won’t be paying for Muslim kids.
    When every white leaves, like they did in Haiti or Detroit, the blacks simply stood around saying “where dah tax money at for da street lights be?”….
    The the whites left Flint and the water went bad and the blacks could not go anywhere because when you are 45 and have spent your life in the nearest prison cell you don’t have the money to put gas in your car to drive to California to start over. Or even 40 miles away.
    So the blacks said “muh dick”.
    “MUH BAT” (Bat is Arabic for the penis)
    Now if the Swedish men or German men leave the country, which many will, then that is it. If only 30% of white men flee, a country goes downhill. Cops get their pensions and retire. Businesses shutter and the owner opens a bar in the Philippines. Technocrats move to Asia and marry some Chinese woman.
    The Turks who do the “manly” jobs such as making Kebabs or driving taxis are stuck in a dwindling economy with Africans feral and less civilized. The cops have to hire minorities and women, and there are more shootings as the police force becomes a ragtag corrupt Philippines type organization where drugs are confiscated and re-sold.
    “MUH DICK”
    So then the Muslim sits around noticing that like Detroit the place has become a rusty metal canyon. There is little work because the white men have left.
    In Haiti 200 years ago the same thing happened. All the whites were killed or left. Then it happened in Detroit.
    “Muh Dick”
    Let us say that a black and a Muslim have an argument with a white in the wilderness. The white packs up and leaves. The black and Muslim have no idea what to do.

    1. In the time you took to write/intellectualise this nonsense, 4 white women you know got impaled on our superior Moslem phallus.
      Story of the West

      1. Superior Muslim phallus.
        I’ve shafted many Turkish women. Their curves are perfect.
        They are the only Muslim women who love jerking off stovepipes and sucking the root.
        Morevoer, they always swallow the load.
        I bet they screw better than average German club rat.
        When Turkish girls suck and fuck, they mean it.

      2. Yes Chad.
        I agree.
        Even if you inseminate a Turkish woman with your inferior caucasoid genetics, our Ottoman genetics will kill yours like antibodies killing a virus, and the offspring will still be a superior brown turk.
        Meanwhile you will be yet another sissy who doesn’t produce offspring of his own race.

        1. A Turkish woman who has kid with a white guy would have child that looked as white as snow.
          I know you’re a troll but your posts are so weak that they don’t even get over the net.

        2. The had turk offspring will side with the turk, it’s pathetic that you think they will love your race, faggot

        3. You can keep your hairy Turkish women, most of them have hairier legs, a thicker moustache and more chest hair than white men. Did I mention a bush like wire wool?

  15. This rainbow flag thing is totally out of control. On every building, car bumper, door and even in front of a nursery school. Your sexuality is your business and I don’t want it crammed down my throat every time I turn around. I think we need to start celebrating our diversity of being heterosexual and have HeteroPride. Just watch how “inclusive” these rainbow unicorns are when the BIG H flag is flown.

  16. that’s exactly why i hate France and will not go there. where do all African/North african loser who can’t accomplish shit in there own country go? you’re right they go to france .
    it’s basically a shithole at this point and the decline has only just begun.

  17. Yep, only a fat, healthy bloke can really offer resistance to anything. Skinny, weight watching boys are only good for talking a lot. The Roman gladiators were always prone to fat in an otherwise skinny time because the more weight the better, don’t believe the nonsense you see on Hollywood.

  18. I find this blog very strange. Is this a “race realist” blog, yes or no? And if yes, why do non-europeans write posts here? I would like to remind everyone that the Turks genocided the christian Armenians and denied it until recently. Also Roosh, your name doesn’t sound exactly european, what’s up with that? Very confusing.

  19. a Frenchman of Turkish origin?
    He is not a Frenchman, he is trespassing and should be repatriated.

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