What To Do When Your Friend Turns A Ho Into A Housewife


I am one of the many youngsters fortunate enough to stumble upon a website like ROK during a very formative time of my life. At twenty-four years of age, I would like to think that a few integral life experiences have helped me to swallow the red pill very early on in life. I have been on my path ever since, which consists of perfecting my craft as drummer, playing music, writing, focusing on my health, and ingesting as much knowledge as possible.

However it was not through my two tumultuous LTRs that the red pill theory was presented to me, but moreso from what I witnessed around me. Once puberty hit, my uncle passed onto me probably the best piece of residual knowledge a man could ever give. “A wise man learns from his mistakes, however a wiser man learns from another’s.” With that said, let us begin.

Once Upon A Time

College has never done much for me other than cater to my inherent disdain for the human condition. From watching the desperate attempts of effete beta men trying to garner attention from the opposite sex, to witnessing an environment liberal enough for women to seek comfort for the situations they willingly placed themselves into (obesity, toxic relationships, early parenthood), the entire institution never did much for me. Yet there are those few instances when you come across pretty knowledgeable folk and actually learn something.

In my case this came in the form of a summer psych class. Granted, I cannot remember the professor’s name, but what made his approach to psychology interesting was integrating what he learned on the field as a marriage counselor into his lessons. One day while conducting a lesson it seemed as though he was gathering information for a study by asking a multitude of questions about my classmates’ relationships.

After enough information was gathered he stated the following:

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is a beautiful thing that many of you have found love at such an early age. In fact love in itself is a very beautiful thing, but it is also important to take this into account. The minute you notice a change in your partner’s behavior, such as longer nights out, delays in responses, followed by misplaced anger…save yourself the trouble and just ask ‘who is it?’ If they cannot comply, then fuck it and cut your losses.

Now as you can imagine, all of the once-vibrant ninnies gloating about their relationships were now sporting the same blank expression Bambi did when his mom was offed. Class was dismissed, but even if no one else got the message, I sure as hell did.

The present

I was nineteen when that summer class took place. I am twenty four now. The advice that professor gave me has served as the basic guideline for red flags in my dealings with women, along with the colorful cast of characters that I consider to be my acquaintances. Now keep in mind the quotation that I concluded my foreword with, let me introduce another one by the great Henry Rollins: “Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.”

Despite the naivety that may be associated with my age I have surely had my fair share of women. Furthermore, that professor’s advice was essentially the grounds upon which I chose to end my final LTR. Given my commitment to bachelorhood, it is obvious not many males share the same vision as me. These plugged-in men are what my ex-detective for a father deems the “believers”—men who are unable to accept the blatant truths that are set before them. Now I am sure you have come across a few “believers” yourself.

How it Happens:

1. Friend meets romantic prospect.

2. Friend falls for said prospect.

3. You come across information that said prospect is a deviant whore (or you were smart enough to pick up on that all on your own).

So what do you do?


Save your energy for focusing on your own path and endeavors. No matter how much of a hard pill this must be to swallow, you will be doing yourself the biggest favor in the long run. Chances are if your friend is that much of an idiot to invest so much time into a cum dumpster, he will not be willing to see the obvious truth beset in front of him.

Moreover, if the succubus has manipulated him this far into the game, she might use this opportunity to turn him against a lifeline like you. Perhaps he is so weak that he will take your attempt at showing him the light as a sign that you are trying to break them up. I have heard this scenario happen one too many times.


If YOU Are the Friend in the Situation

It is important to understand the difference between love and infatuation. Love is an ambiguous concept to me. Surely I have felt “connections” with women in the past, but these experiences can be correlated to proverbial callouses on my hand. My mother hit me with some notable red pill knowledge by once stating “If you find yourself making excuses for your partners’ actions, you need to take a step back and ask if this scenario is really working for you.” She also went on to say “Before you learn to live, love, and be with anybody; you need to learn how to live, love, and be with yourself.” Mother knows best, right?

Don’t let prior moments of happiness cloud your vision of what is currently happening before you. Never allow yourself to become one of those men who are complacent with toxic bullshit that can easily be avoided. Society has programmed the masses to think that if a woman cheats, she was neglected, she needed space, etc. It is up to YOU to decide whether or not sacrificing your well-being is worth the occasional fix of Y-chromosomes.

With That Said

Despite the advice exhibited in this article, there have been instances where some actually take what their friends say into consideration. A dear friend of mine hit me with a friendly reminder after both of us found ourselves out of our LTRs and enjoying a few brews. “We just need to accept the fact that the women we once loved are sucking other dudes’ dicks.” No bullshit, and straight-to-the-point advice that I will forever be grateful for. If you believe your friend is receptive to the truth, then go for it. But if he has gone past the point of no return, it is best to simply value your time together when it is available and keep it moving.


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  1. Here is what you say when your friend turns a Ho’ into a housewife. (No slapping necessary since they’re your friend. Your just trying to help.)

  2. This principle (have to let a ho be a ho and not expect more) is one of the most underappreciated, and oft-violated, principles out there. The penalties for violating this can be severe. It has become more important now than ever before, as the number of hoes has grown exponentially in the past 20 years. They now expect saps to “wife them up” and overlook their track record of carousel-riding, and their complete lack of domestic skills.
    And once they’ve got you roped in, you find out that they are worth very little.

      1. Agreed, or if you are feeling extra poignant you can always share this kind message:

        1. Well, I had a different message when it happened to a friend of mine.
          He had been bummed at the end of a LTR. I had a hotspot that was beginning to bore me. I suggested that he go see her to lift his spirits.
          The fool started dating her. He must have had really low self-esteem at the end of the LTR, but there was absolutely no way he did not know exactly what was going on with her. I love the dude like a brother, and we had been friends for about 15 years at this point. I took the author’s advice, and kept my mouth shut, for a while.
          One night he asked if I would be a designated driver for a few people hitting C&W clubs. At some point in the evening my buddy announced his engagement to the town’s favorite round-heeled ho.
          The bride-to-be asked me to dance after that. We danced to two songs, the second one being a slow one. She kept finding ways to get her crotch on my leg, and to push her breast against me and to drag them down a little after contact so they would be popping out of her shirt. She was one of those girls who would stand with her nipple touching a mans arm to let him know she was interested. I knew that. She knew that. Her intentions couldn’t have been more clear.
          I asked her what she was doing. She said I already knew, and suggested that we meet in a hotel after I dropped everybody off.
          I accepted.
          After that dance I found myself alone with my friend at the table.
          “Hey man, guess what I’m doing tonight.”
          “I don’t know. What?”
          “Your fiancé.”
          Between two men, it doesn’t get any more red pill than that. He asked me not to do it. I agreed. Presumably she went to the hotel and waited for me.

        2. I believe she did wait up for you. So shameful but this relationship business is an amoral game and not be treaded lightly. Especially in regards to women who have had so much sex, they couldn’t connect with one man even if their life depended on it.
          Your example is pretty solid and I do believe many men who have bought into the blue pill world of love at first site, love conquers all, soulmates, while any of that may or may not be case dependent, the people who believe in these things also have the highest potential to be used. I’m glad your friend respected you enough to know, you were saying the truth and didn’t want his lady but for him to see sense.
          Almost as bad as the woman who cheats are some of the men, jumping on it, while still calling their guy a friend. It is quite desperate for a friend to sleep with a friend’s woman. Friends let friends know if their girl is a hoe. Frenemies will sleep with said hoe and say, you should have known. If you’ll sleep with my woman, what of cash I leave on the table or a piece of chicken I’ve saved for dinner?
          Seems you have to gauge what level of truth the person is at and what are they willing to accept. He knew he was dating a depository going in but he wanted acceptance and she must have offered that. Who wasn’t she accepting? Did he fix his life?

        3. You should have told your friend you were taking him for drinks at a party at said hotel and watched her face and his as she opened the door.

        4. Well, that is where the story gets really ugly.
          He did red pill for a few days. Something like, “I’m going to confront her, but I’m gonna eff her first.” I was kind of proud of him for that. It would have shown her exactly the position she had put herself in had he done that and walked out.
          He did screw her. He did get up, get dressed, and confront her while she was naked (nice touch). She screamed and ranted that I was a MFing liar. Sadly, he couldn’t maintain. He fell back into the pussy trap. They got married. She must have legitimately conceived on her wedding night. Divorced next. She poisoned the son against the father. The son will have nothing to do with his dad, and this kid desperately needs a man like his father in his life. My friend will be paying child support on this train wreck for two more years.
          Actions have consequences. A poor decision about whom to screw can get ugly. A poor decision regarding ones choice of a wife can be devastating.
          He remarried, but effectively he married the same woman twice. No children will result from the second marriage but he still hasn’t learned a damned thing.
          The part that confuses me is this guy has a nice job, lives on 15 acres in the country, likes to go and do things, and is genuinely charming. He is absolutely the funniest person I’ve ever met. Add to that the fact we are at an age where men have most of the power in relationships. He could do better. He has tossed his current harpy out and allowed her back in. I just don’t get it.
          This guy is part of a little group of guys who backpack, shoot, ride bikes and motorcycles, hunt, fish, ski and canoe together. I have an obligation to share my thoughts with him when I think he’s being stupid, but I have made it my practice to do that on an unsolicited basis only once per topic. After that he has to broach the subject. Otherwise we would quickly reach a point where he would rather not see me coming around.

        5. Ouch!!! Sounds like his blue pill might have more to do with his insecurities with women than with himself. It is quite normal for a man to be a rockstar in every area of his life and not believe the rules carry over to the women he chooses, because of a genuine facet of caring. It isn’t an easy trait to tailor either as society always dubs the man wrong and a majority of men believe it some actively go about seeking solutions from women on how to do or be better for them, forgetting women are with us because we do best for us first.
          Him listening to his ex calling you a liar, is the perfect example of willingly choosing the conclusion for our personal narratives to avoid assessing the possibility that he was wrong. Pride is one of the worst if not the worst trait to have in relationships.
          He sounds like a very interesting man who does tend to place his own beliefs on his surroundings instead of the occasional re-assessment necessary to see the truth around you. And it is quite unfortunate he isn’t in his boy’s life, as seeing a man who can kill life will show him valuable traits needed to kill life. The boy may even be internalizing all the things dad did wrong and setting himself up to be a new age pussy worshipper. Unfortunate, as lessons from his father could benefit him greatly.

        6. To be fair, when we were single we each often dated the other one’s old girlfriend. He listened to her call me a liar, but he quietly let me know he knew better. We had resolved long ago that women would not interfere in our friendship, and we have done our best to ensure that won’t happen. We still spend a lot of time together, but the wives aren’t invited.
          His other buddies and I are taking an interest in his son to try to undo some of the poisonous thinking taught to him by his mother. Needless to say, she is none too fond of me, but the other men are calling and enduring the mom’s bullshittery in order to get this boy out to do some manly things. Of course the boy gets to spend time with his dad when this happens.
          We share your fear that this boy may become a new age pussy worshiper, or worse.

    1. “They now expect saps to “wife them up” and overlook their track record
      of carousel-riding, and their complete lack of domestic skills”
      Agree…and that’s really the sad part.
      Feminism has talked women into believing that more sex with more partners is good (which is bullshit) but where did it say that women had to give up the domestic skills (i.e. cleaning, cooking, etc…). I thought, if anything, all responsible adults should know the basics on how to take care of yourself and your home. Men can hunt but they can cook, too. Where does it say a woman no longer has to clean or cook (pretty much giving her ass a pass on this shit).
      The “prospects”, today, really have nothing to offer (except pussy). At least “back when”, she brought other skills to the table.

      1. Every time I get serious with a woman there’s this voice in my head that says “run” and “it’s not worth it”.

        1. That’s pretty bad. It’s all because your gut is telling you not to invest time or money into a woman. Society has fucked things up so badly for women that men would rather jump ship versus invest any real time in a relationship (only to be raped in court later on).

        2. It is worse than courts though. First instinct is telling you by month six and a half, this girl reeks of semen. It is like nature is gut checking guys to the maximum while hypergamy is on overdrive. And women wonder where the good men went. Clue: he saw you and Mother Nature told him, “I can’t go for that. No can do.”

      2. I thought, if anything, all responsible adults should know
        Feminism isn’t about responsibility. It explains all sorts of disconnects between feminism and what women should know but don’t.

      3. I work 5-7 days a week and I live alone. I love having women over and having them question how I can keep my place spotless, keep the heat on, and put a delicious meal on the table, all by myself without anyone (female counterpart) to help. It is hard work but I like to play it down and ask them how is it that they CAN’T do it? Two things happen. They start listing off their excuses as to why they are incapable of being self sufficient. The second is after dinner they definitely want to bang out. I think it helps them realize why I pump & dump them; I help them see they are totally worthless and they have absolutely NOTHING to bring to the table except their vaginas. And that is only good for a one time use (mostly). Living well and being self sufficient helps show substandard women how incompetent they are and that it is too late to try to be wife material after a decade or two of learning how to be a cock taker instead of a home maker.

      4. Thats a great point that isnt stressed enough. Most sluts are just worthless human beings. Ive met men with high notch counts that own businesses, care for their children, work for charities, etc., but the female whore is usually nothing but 3 holes. These girls cant cook boxed Mac and cheese and live in deplorable conditions at home because they refuse to clean anything. Honestly, there are alot of guys that would wife a slut if she was a decent human being, but too many of them are nothing but shallow (and deep) cunts who’s life revolves around penis.

        1. I guess you’re hanging around the wrong kind of woman. There are many women with who own businesses, care for their children, and work for charities. These women can pay for someone to clean their house.

    2. I’d argue that men also expect women to overlook “their track record of carousel-riding” and complete lack of morals.
      Just saying.

      1. Your response is best left for the ugly nerdette who wasn’t picked for an all night orgy with Guns N Roses. The women, and there were hundreds, seemed to be fine with the carousel riding men.

        1. “Your response is best left for the ugly nerdette…”
          Are you implying that only intelligent and unattractive women seek self controlled and moral men?

        2. No. But the notion that a contrary argument can be done slaps basic human attraction in the face. Women generally like a man who other women find attractive too. If your friends, who are women, don’t like the guy he will be dropped as soon as the group gets too vocal. Unattractive women are the biggest supporters of this argument of equality in sexual relations because they are so removed they can afford logic and morals. Neither logic or morals has supported the creation of life.
          High quality women, who have dated a lot of men and have had more throw numbers their way can afford to be choosy. Low quality women are forced into a mock choosiness to support their undesirability to the world. Everyone in between plays the same immoral game and for the average woman, they will sleep with another woman’s husband over having a do nothing boyfriend. Now, what’s quality about that?

        3. Well it’s a relief that you approve of high quality women, who have dated a lot of men. I was getting concerned.

      2. We don’t “expect” that we know that you will. You only need to be concerned that we will put food on the table and a roof over your head. Everything else is gravy.
        A man may bang the occasional chick but he will never leave you so long as you provide him with beautiful healthy children.

        1. I believe some men are this way and some women accept them for lack of better options, but not all do.

        2. And a woman may bang the occasional gardener but she will never leave you as long as you put food on the table and a roof over her head.

    1. That’s from the movie “Swingers” which came out in 1996 and was essentially his breakthrough film role. Mind you he was merely around 25 and had a metabolism through the roof compared to the 40-something man he is now.

      1. Yes I have seen the movie. People get fat with age because they eat crap with age. If he has metabolic issues its because of the food. 🙂

        1. That movie has some good dating advice. But it was probably more applicable to the pre-cell phone era it was released in.

        2. I liked it as a film, although I thought it was weird how the guys all called each other “baby”.
          The phone/answering machine scene with Jon Favreau is a road map for recovering blue pill guys of “What not to do”.

  3. One of my former buddies from college, who I once considered a good friend, was caught in the web of a known ho. It was his first LTR. The girl swung from guy to guy at the frat before suddenly wanting to “settle down” with him. He knew everything about her sexual history, but foolishly decided to ignore the warning signs. She later cheated him with an ex. He found out and took her back after she put on a nice show, which, of course, included the mandatory crying.
    After a while, he proceeded to purge his entire circle of friends (all of them, including me) in favor of her’s. I never heard from him again.
    That, gentlemen, is what happens when a weak-minded male crosses the event horizon of a slutty woman. There is no turning back.

    1. Yeah, that happens. Guys who do that are weak-character guys to begin with, so no big loss on your part.

      1. There are a lot of damaged and vulnerable men out there who are not equipped to deal with the deep archetypal projections that women evoke. We should be here as brothers to show compassion and help each other towards the light.

        1. True, with the caveat that it’s really only worth it to try and help guys who are ready. Otherwise, it’s like teaching a pig to sing. That likely seems obvious until you think about trying to help your blue pill buddy, or worse, having to defend your lifestyle to a white knight buddy. Better just to say “ok” and then go about your business as you would anyway.

        2. Yeah I agree with your humanitarian response.
          These guys are infected with ignorance, not necessarily a lack of character or intelligence. If they would be receptive to a voice of reason, they have just as much a right to hear it as any of us.

        3. I don’t disagree, but not everyone wants–or is ready–to hear the truth. Just sayin’.

        4. At the same time we can only help those who want to be helped in the first place. Most people are afraid of pain and truth and don’t wish to open their eyes and choose salvation.

        5. But also how can you know what he wants? With rampant obesity comes all kinds of fetishes in order to maintain attraction (against nature) to such a slovenly group of women. Guys get off on abuse, cuckoldry, humiliation, submission, financial slavery these days. So you can’t really put yourself in the middle of that. You can’t know what another couple has to delve into in order to keep each other attracted. I have a friend who very possibly has what I call a ‘disgust fetish’ based on who he dates. Not my business. Be a good friend but don’t worry about what’s going on with your friends’ cock. You have to draw the line.

        6. Under the current climate, intimacy is harder and harder for men to find and it drives many men to the arms of sluts, fatties, and other degenerates. Feminism is sucking the soul from girls at a very early age and many have very little to offer to men emotionally by the time they are 25.
          Men, even the prototypical alpha hailed on this site, require a certain level of intimacy and when it is scarce, becomes a craving. Desperation is a dangerous malady that can infect any man at his lowest. Post carousel sluts are on the prowl for weak, desperate men.

        7. I tried that for years, and now have completely ceased.
          Attempting to save these men earned nothing but resentment from them.
          You may have a better method that works: not saying you don’t.
          But I personally think it’s impossible for many men to see the light. Their core experiences and identities are dysfunctional. Forget game and red pill truth. Most of these guys in my former group suffer from personslity disorders.
          Total waste of time, energy, and emotion in my opinion.

      1. “Talk to your sons about the dangers of oneitis” a public sercice announcement from ROK
        T shirt or ad idea

    2. “After a while, he proceeded to purge his entire circle of friends (all
      of them, including me) in favor of her’s. I never heard from him again.”
      This is what is happening to my “last man standing” of the 3 I mentioned.
      I dunno what to tell him, she is truly insane, and he just want peace, so he goes along with it. Their fights are bad. Granted, he was no angel in the past, but he changed, ALOT, to make it work. She will forever hold what he did to her/how he acted over his head for the rest of his life, rather than appreciate the great strides he made to be a man, for her.

      1. This post by Vagabond should be given to your friend, for this will be his life some time soon. What is most depressing, from what you’ve said, I doubt he would be able to turn his life around like Vagabond did. Smh.
        “I got a late start like a lot of these other guys. I got married at 21 mostly because I am from the South and between culture and poisonous southern baptist teachings (for men especially) telling me to just go ahead and get married, I married up practically the first girl that had anything to do with me regardless of the fact that she had been with five guys before me and that she had cheated on me. Two kids and fifteen mostly miserable years later, with me going far beyond any thing a husband should have tolerated or done…She decided she was unhappy. I didn’t see or hear from my kids for a year and a half, and I was a really good father.
        After a period where suicide was on the table, along with the loaded revolver and the gin I was using to work my courage up, I realized that what I wanted to live more than I wanted to die. In truth, I had never heard about game, didn’t know anything about pick up, and every attempt I had ever made at self-improvement met with her disapproval and lack of support.
        I started working out, without really understanding it, I started trying to find ways I could improve myself and follow my interests. Somewhere I ran across the red pill and started reading. A lot of it just left me nodding my head in agreement. So much of it what it had to say about the true nature of women fit every woman I had known to that point nearly dead on perfect. I found some information on game and started learning and taking chances. It has been quite a journey and there is so much more to look forward to.”

      1. Thing is though, we can mock guys like this all we want… but at the end of the day, if he breeds and we don’t, are we really the winners with our dead end genetic material???

        1. That’s a false dichotomy.
          Your kid doesn’t belong to you in the modern west anyway; children are owned by women and the state.
          I’m not having children because my kid (high iq white kid) would be tortured in the world that is being created.

        2. well shit. he can’t back out now, might as well go full retard. wifed her, so he already lost his balls to the state.
          don’t get distracted though. this isn’t about just making flesh. don’t lament when cats make kittens. with his balls owned by the state, and her insatiable appetite for hundreds of cocks, will his heirs make it to the finish line and get a try of their own, or will her children be kept as side dishes to feed her instead? despite cash, he’s still a fashionable hipster, and the charade is only convincing if you don’t think through what you’re looking at. don’t take it personally, i doubt he’s thought the whole thing through either, and he’s right smack front and center stage.
          still, if perchance he does reform the slut and she gets a quite undeserved happy ending, i wish him well. now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a breaking story of pigs flying over the chapel.

        3. It takes no skill or effort to knock up a ho…also the ‘passing on your legacy’ arguement is a typical feminist talking point just to get guys roped into the plantation. A real win would be to use your free time to develop self mastery in some skill set whilst reclining poolside enjoying the decline.

        4. I find it interesting that along this issue in the manosphere there is a great divide.
          Some men around here state that they feel compelled to have children, while others think of it as a neat thing they might do, or don’t want to do at all.
          I wonder what creates these differences.

        5. True. Lately I’ve been going to far as to call it immoral to bring a child into this world.

      2. “Poor guy. ”
        A guy who ignores all warnings and willingly steps into the quicksand isn’t to be pitied. Except, perhaps, for his sheer stupidity. He is a fool.

      3. $10 says it’s not even his kid. Seriously, with all her promiscuity how could either of them know for sure?
        Speaking of weak men, that’s another thing they say “well I just know it’s mine”. Shit, that was déjà vu. Some guys you just can’t reach

    3. The mark of a man is being able to look at the truth objectively and make a calculated move to advance his own endeavor. I can honestly say nothing has been easy. But the truth is the truth. Realize that you are alone in a metaphorical sense. How do you get past this fact that nobody gives a fuck about you and you have to constantly work for things you need? You simply endure. This isn’t on some butt hurt rant. It’s what must be done.

  4. Sometimes you gotta let it happen. I know I lost contact with a few good friends because they were captivated by ran through pussy. Red or blue pill, you live and you learn

    1. Yep, I agree. And I would say…at the end of that vicious cycle, I would lay it out for the friend. Let him know that he gave away his freedom and control (she didn’t take it).
      Tell him he’s supposed to be the man (it’s probably the reason why she left him, anyways). Tell her “no”, often.

  5. How about an article on “what to do when your friend’s wife turns him into a eunuch”?
    I lost a couple of friends this way. Ive read enough to know that some women freeze out their man’s friends post- marriage, especially single guys like me.
    I honestly dont get todays women, my parents were all friends with their friend’s spouses, you wanna go out? Just let me know.
    I thought I’d start to lose friends once the babies came. These friends had no kids, two of the three are now divorced (and I have no doubt the third IS getting one).
    In retrospect, Im angry at the time I wasted trying to be nice to these bitches, all boring, judgemental, not even remotely funny, none were attractive to me (as in, I wouldnt EVER talk to you otherwise in any situation, ever). But, I was happy for my “buddies’, so I went along with all of it. (This is NYC btw, you’d think, with all the competition here, an avg/below avg looking woman would TRY be be, well, SOMETHING special, esp when youre a 5.5 in the looks dept.)

    1. Here’s what to do. Find new friends.
      Your married friends won’t hang with you unless you are a couple. And plus, tbh, usually once a guy gets married he has other concerns beyond hanging at the club etc.

      1. “usually once a guy gets married he has other concerns ”
        Things like the futile and never ending quest of keeping his wife satisfied.

        1. they shoulda feed their spouses to a talking, flesh eating venus fly trap? Is that what youre saying??

        2. I realized the error by not adding my complete thoughts. Western women, in relationships, out of relationships, are fairly consistent with the demands of this Venus fly trap. They entice prospects with often false promises of adding to their lives, create a false sense of pride and security, and will devour their benefactor just as whimsically if they failed to deliver. Like the plant, they also start off small in demands, and by the time you notice the monster on your hands, you’ve been sucked in the pattern of co-dependency. Often, like the plant, they aren’t as attractive by the stage of outright demands, but your hopes are still tied to what they were, instead of what they are.
          The youtube clip is just a funnier way of explaining the process, but the actual event is far from funny.

        3. Im married and I still make time for my (pre marriage) friends. As for my wife: I work hard at providing for us and carve out time to spend with her but when push comes to shove its not my job to make her happy and satisfied. She always stays around and contributes domestically. She has admitted to me I’m the only guy she has ever been with who is strong enough to deal with her periodic shit tests. That fact alone always keeps her thirsty for me.

        4. Amazing to me she fessed up about her Jeckyl and Hyde personality. Maybe that story was really about female nature?

      2. dude, Im in my late 30s, I dont “hang at clubs”, I go to ballgames, concerts, fish, etc. Point I was making is that I was cut off almost immediately, and my now divorced, eunuch friends allowed this to happen.
        “get new friends”, Im not a woman, they all fall into “like” with new besties almost immediately; men bond bc of shared experiences, and Im too old to care to make new experiences, so I guess Ill have to settle for my whittled-down friends list…

        1. Might be time to drug your friends. Don’t know how to give them the pill per se, but logic does work. If they are still broken hearted that blue pill might be too far entrenched. Take them out, have reality slap them in the face, and if they are too cowardly to handle a simple, “your ex-wife is sucking new dicks now” they aren’t manly enough to be your friends.

        2. I did say “etc.”
          What is true for you is true for your married friends (too old for new experiences and new friends). That said, it doesn’t have to be over for you. You are in a similar situation to me. I will say you are not too old for new experiences. There are two things I do that help. New younger friends (who may well have similar interests) and solo international travelling. You may have already done this but I find I have made great new friends, screwed exotic women and have had fantastic new experiences. Travelling is way cheaper without a woman.
          Best of luck.

        3. That is almost akin to what happened in the Count of Monte Cristo. Sometimes it takes some really vulgar affairs to bring out the best in someone. Being blue for some is like being in the Matrix. Nothing short of death will wake them.

        4. I don’t think they want to wake up.
          One way to look at it is that women use betas … another way to look at it is most betas WANT to be used. They enjoy being “useful” to a woman the same way a carpenter uses a screwdriver and then buys a knew one when it is no longer useful.

        5. Oh, I know that feeling. It is like a drug, to be wanted. At the base level, society and adults groom many men to value service. They give to be chivalrous, they give to be seen as ‘loving’, and the give to considered ‘good’. Their value, not unlike the insecure woman’s love of selfies, comes from outside sources patting them on the head.
          To get to them you must cut off the head. Reading the Manipulated Man is a good place to start. Another thing to joke about, at the core every man wants and believes in freedom, being the king of his castle. Some women play the illusion perfectly so the man can continue to do what they want. To get to them you must poke holes at all their aspects of control with their lives and question their source of love.
          Love can and should be broken down to three sources: Sexual love, Altruistic love and Prodigy love. If a man love his wife altruistically, he will find it hard to go all out with her sexually and ‘respect’ her. NO spankings, anal, blowing loads on face, S&M stuff, etc. He will save that for the women not his wife. The young hot whore who he can’t respect but wants to do things his family might be ashamed of.
          If they have no desire to plunder their wives but mention any rogue hot woman more than once, you’ve got yourself a sleeping red pill trying to absorb this ‘love’ he has a support beam. Just expose he is another insecure follower who can’t jump without an okay and you rattle the poor boy totally. He’ll try to prove you wrong and that is where the true rebirth can begin. Oh, he’ll run. He’ll try and create more masks to hide his last shred of masculinity but in the end, if he sees, all of his actions are controlled completely and she even remotely seems unfaithful, a full convert he will be.

    2. I fear this. I’m only 23 and have hated almost every friend’s girlfriend I’ve ever known, even if they weren’t that bad. There’s just something inherently intolerant in me when it comes to competing for a friend’s time with a woman.

      1. at least you are aware of this at a younger age. the amount of time I wasted at brunch listening to them yammer on about nothing…me pretending to give a shit bc I didnt want to make waves with my friends at the time…

      2. See my comment – earlier – regarding this one. You’ll see it’s not so much the girlfriend’s fault as it is your friend’s fault.
        He handed over his control to her.

        1. Literally he took his nuts and his dick and gave them to her for safekeeping. Doesn’t Eddie Murphy have a joke about this someplace?

      3. You saw through the matrix early. Women shouldn’t hang around men when men gather. Any man who brings his girl to a male hangout reeks of bitch. Maybe by the third hangout it would be time to set your friend aside and pop the question, “So, your girl is hot and everything. Are you trying to set me up with Her or is this early advertisement?” If she isn’t adding value to the group she doesn’t need to be there. And if she were adding value it might be different kind of party. Then your friend simply sucks as a boyfriend but might need to become a pimp.

    3. I hear what you’re saying but the fact is your two friends let that happen (divide you up – freeze you out). Any man with any real control would tell his woman “I’ll be going out with the guys for a beer”. If she doesn’t like it, she gives you a hard time about it, then it’s time for her to go.
      I’ve had this happen as well (when I was a little younger). I didn’t blame the woman as much as I blamed the guy for not standing up for his social life.
      It’s sad when you see a man hand over his control to a woman. Usually, when they break up, he comes back to his friends….pretty fucking sad to watch the whole thing but they won’t listen to your advice.

      1. As a teen I once worked in a men’s clothing store. I had two types of customer. The married men who needed permission “from the Boss” before they bought clothes and the divorced men who had forgotten how to dress because their wife had been doing for them for 20 years.

        1. I am the latter but then again, I’ve never had “style”. Still trying to figure that out so if you have tips, I’m all ears.

        2. Single best piece of advice? Before you buy anything, put it on and take a good hard look in the mirror.
          One more piece: if you look good naked you will probably look good in almost anything. Except a skirt.

        3. Now that is acceptable advice. I’ll run some experiments and see what works.
          Guess the biggest consideration to me was ladies giving me the extra glance, I get that on my own now. Before when clothes were being paired, I’d get tons of second stares and wore random experimental stuff. Including a pink tie and thin suit pants.

        4. A pink tie is a good one. I favour greys and blues (navy) for the Winter but a little splash of colour (pink tie, pocket square or even socks) adds that little bit of individuality that makes women wonder…

  6. Damn man I wish I had had 1/2 of your wisdom when it came to women, when I was your age. I’m just now piecing it all together at 40.

    1. Still plenty of prime time left, my friend. I’m late 40s and I’m involved with two 22 y.o. girls who (a) are best friends and (b) want to move in. I also have a 25 y.o. dancer on the side as well as a couple other various and sundry chicks. Don’t weep for the blue pill years, focus on what’s in front of you….

      1. Okay, you have earned 4 Gold Stars for having Rock Star status!
        And Bear, listen to the man. Never too late to right the ship.

        1. O Ive righted it plenty but it didn’t happen until I was 37 -after having made a shit ton of bad mistakes. But no regrets – it is what it is

        2. Haha! “Too hot to hold, too much to handle!” Good job, Mistral!
          Glad to hear it bear. Unless you were born to the coldest of betrayals around, we’ve all had a tinge of hope and blindness when it came to the other sex. Add to that the aspect of not knowing each others mistakes, and you are only destined to be a lemming hoping you aren’t number 8,000 to walk off the cliff. Live and learn is all you can do. Until current times. Now we can see the other lemmings who fell off the cliff and what not to do. And that foresight is a powerful ally in making our lives better

        1. I think that most interesting man in the world character from the Dos Equis commercials is based on Mistral.
          Mistral- he doesnt do pushups, he pushes the world down…

        2. Threesomes with twins is novel. Ah memories…..
          Oh right, you were threatening his life over twins. Carry on

        3. Not so far off, although I promise that the last thing I would tell you is to “Stay thirsty”. *grin*
          A lot of the success I have had in life stems from ignoring losers, negativity and bullshit. Cut that shit out of your life like it’s cancer. A lot of people who aren’t good at life won’t want you to be, either. Their limitations are not your limitations. Surround yourself with other red pill guys, not just as wingmen but in life and business, and good things will happen.

        4. Sorry to disappoint, not twins or even sisters. So I guess my life isn’t in jeopardy, thankfully. I have to say, though, earlier they were casually chatting about, um, “logistics” for the next episode of Sexy Times like I wasn’t even in the room. As in “You should do [this] to him, while I do [that].” *EFG*
          It goes without saying what I was thankful for, yesterday…
          …The red pill, of course. 😀

        5. Good advice.
          And, for you 20-somethings: treat both men and women equally. If a man says/does something retarded, call them out; likewise for women. I started doing this in the late nineties, and some women were more drawn to me. It wasnt a “game” strategy, I didnt read it online, it just felt right. Never flatter a dummy just because you would like to date/sleep with them.
          It will come back to bite you in the ass.

        6. Calling people out and having standards is very alpha.
          I was always like that, but I would back off like a beta when challenged or shamed. The key is to hold to your guns no matter what.
          No matter how lunatic your ideas, if you can articulate them impressively and hold your form without hypocrisy, people will respect you.

        7. Call them out on their bullshit and they will respect you more. Or they will throw tantrums which is nice of them, b/c it’s a blatant clue to disqualify them from dating you.

        8. “A lot of people who aren’t good at life won’t want you to be, either.”
          one of the worst things about life in the states. maybe it’s like that overseas too, but it seems like i didn’t notice it as much in EE and latin america.

        9. You may not notice is in EE, but it is there. I haven’t spent enough time in Latin America to judge.
          An Irish guy told me once that the difference b/w Ireland and America was that, in America, if you’re an average guy, and you look up at a big, beautiful house on a hill, you think “If I work hard enough, someday I’ll have a house like that,” but in Ireland, you look up at the house and think, “Someday, I’m going to get that bastard!” I think America is becoming more like Ireland (in the man’s description), which is sad. Thus we get “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, when what those stank hippies should “occupy” is a shower, and then a job fair.

        10. Damn I wish I had known that years ago.
          I’m still trying to recover from the toxicity of the people I once knew.

        1. Thanks. For me, developing The Knowledge was a product of long and difficult experience, filled with failure and rejection…
          …but for you, it’s free. ; D

        2. Ah, rejection and failure…easily the least sought after lovers whom if you’ve learned from them, can return to you the life of kings. Well said Mistral!

      2. Ditto Mistral. Although I didn’t see the light until my late 40s, better late than never! I’m 50, have a 25 yr old main squeeze and other 20-somethings on the side. Stay in shape, build your finances and maintain frame!

        1. True, true and true.
          I will say this, for the younger guys: the single most important thing it to maintain frame. That is going to be your Excalibur. If you control frame, the other two are secondary.
          This is not to say that you should NOT stay in shape or NOT build finances; I encourage both. But I can tell you that with my current social situation it was FRAME, far and away, that made it possible.
          From CONFIDENCE and Strength of Mind, all else follows.

      3. Didn’t realize you were late 40s. I
        If you don’t mind my asking, do you have children? Is that on your to-do list?

        1. I don’t have kids–at least I haven’t received any unexpected father’s day cards so far. 😉 There was a point where I definitely wanted to be a father, although now I will say that I am not opposed to it. Not for reasons dealing with children themselves, but because I’ve seen what happens to women and men who want kids so badly that they choose the wrong partner and wind up miserable.
          That said, one cannot, as I do, date young women who do want kids and then tell them they will never be allowed to have kids. If one is going to do that, one has to be up front about it from the get go.
          Of the women I date regularly, *all* of them want kids, so if I make any of the arrangements permanent, then it looks like I will be a father. I am cool with that. They are all, however, young enough so that if I punt them, they will have ample opportunity to have kids afterwards.
          In the rather comprehensive discussion I had with the twosome I am dating, we did discuss this very thing (they have already constructed a universe in which they move into my house and set up shop.) I asked for a timeline once they confirmed that they both wanted kids and it’s relatively soon (between 24 and 26 and they are 22 now. That’s actually a good thing as, if I am to be a dad, I want to have 20-30 years to be around and teach and guide them. It’s not unusual for men in my family to sire children in their 40s and 50s (my father was 43 when I was born), and to live into their late 80s and early 90s (although, as the Xtians say, “Tomorrow isn’t promised.)
          Anyway, it would be unfair of me to take their young/fertile/pre-Wall years and say, “Yeah, sorry you I fucked you over. Time to go find some beta who will take you in.” The trick is, to pre-qualify the hell out of any potential mother. (I’m a bit more fortunate in that, with the girls, I will not be required to marry either or them, and in my state, I won’t get dicked out of anything but, potentially, child support, which is statutory (no marriage = no money, but a kid is a kid whether the parents were married or not). Thus neither of them would be awarded cash & prizes for bailing beyond child support and for that and other reasons, life with me would be more attractive (if not preferable) to life without me.
          With the other ones, who would prefer marriage, when it’s topical, I told them that I absolutely will not get married without a pre-nup, b/c, as a lawyer, I understand that the Gun Is Loaded, and I am NOT giving up half my stash b/c some girl [i]changes her mind[/i].

      4. Interestingly I think women should consider some of the principles of ROK. I have my own business, am financially stable and have a few lovers that I see on a regular basis. I never have a man to my home, so whenever our schedules align I can see who I chose (often involving leisure travel). It doesn’t matter to me that they may have other romantic entanglements, I enjoy their company when it suits me. It’s quite lovely.

    2. Hey, don’t worry about it, bear….at least you found it.
      Many men will go through their life with the information right in front of them but will refuse to “eat”. You’ve found it and you’re buying into it….two good starts in my book.
      You’re never too old….see Mistral and ask GhostofJefferson (if he’s on). The good news is you’ve found it.

      1. The red pill isn’t a secret… sure, when you are 13, women look like goddesses. But that illusion shatters very quicly, as I figured it out during my first LTR after the third date. I saw that women aren’t angels, in fact, they are very manipulative and false in appearance.
        Womens nature is obvious, the alpha – beta divide less so.
        Reading about the red pill confirmed what I felt all along. I have no clue why most men who have had a few girlfriends don’t get it.

        1. Amen to that dude.
          It blows my mind guys my age who have been through the ringer multiple times and still come back for more without question… Still making excuses for completely unacceptable behaviour… Spending all their money trying to make pwincess haaaaaaappy… I understand the desire for love and affection, but some men are foolish enough to find nothing else to live for other than the validation of women…

        2. Women are the most overrated commodity on earth. But it’s more than sex, most men don’t feel “complete” without ‘HER’. It’s a spiritual incompleteness these men suffer. They mistake women as medicine.
          I find it all rather disgusting.

    3. I’m just now piecing it all together at 40.
      It’s one of the huge benefits of being a man. At forty, you can figure it out and your stock is still rising. You can put the info to great use all through your forties and fifties..
      Mother Nature has a very different and much harsher lesson for women who wasted their twenties and thirties and don’t figure out reality until they’re forty.

      1. “At the age of 40, having ordered meat very rare in restaurants
        all his life, he realized he actually liked it medium and not at all

        Albert Camus

  7. Some people you know will be your friends for life. Others will come and go, and that’s fine. Guys who become like male angler fish and attach themselves to the females body and are ultimately absorbed were likely only “convenience” friends, anyway, but certainly had weak character problems.
    OTOH, some of your buds are going to marry girls who want to marry MEN, and are going to get it that their hubbies need some time with other men. Consequently, I am on the “Approved” list for most of my friends’ wives, b/c, although they know we’re going to have a good time on Boys’ Night Out, I am going to drop their husbands off in substantially the same condition, minor wear and tear excepted, and not covered in glitter or smelling like exotic plants. And they won’t have to raise bail money.
    In the situations you describe, I give advice when it’s asked for, and when it is ignored, I watch the meltdown from a safe distance. Some men want to rush to their own doom. *shrugs*

    1. I have never understood drinking with guy friends on the weekends. I don’t drink, but when I go out with coworkers all that I hear is whining about women and false claims about sexual success.
      Drinking without women is 9 times out of ten a beta-fest. Modern men are clowns with major insecurites, an infantile figure, and seething beta rage under the surface. Fat as fuck too.
      The only place I meet real men is at the gym.

      1. “the only place i meet real men is at the gym”
        Well, a lot of men at the gym are betas who feel that their masculinity is challenged, so they do weights to compensate

        1. Agreed. They do seem less beta, but get them out of their comfort zone and you see how ‘alpha’ they really are. Most alphas are goal oriented. This spans into their lives completely. One solid fact, alphas are pretty assertive people, so on average, they go for what they want, quickly. If you know few, you aren’t pushing your own life well enough to find them. In other words, cause it all comes back to you, you aren’t pushing your goals for yourself far enough.

      2. Depends on the type of drinking. If it is savoring a nice red over a steak or enjoying a post prandial Brandy in a nice atmosphere is different from drinking to anesthetize oneself from the torment of life married to a corpulent rage beast and 2.5 kids that may or may not be one’s own, shackled to a corporate drone job by a mortgage on can barely afford.
        There’s a difference, I assure you.

        1. Sorry if I misunderstood you. My point was about the guys who drink to take some blackout time from their shit lives. I’ve seen those zombies wandering about, too.

  8. I got a late start like a lot of these other guys. I got married at 21 mostly because I am from the South and between culture and poisonous southern baptist teachings (for men especially) telling me to just go ahead and get married, I married up practically the first girl that had anything to do with me regardless of the fact that she had been with five guys before me and that she had cheated on me. Two kids and fifteen mostly miserable years later, with me going far beyond any thing a husband should have tolerated or done…She decided she was unhappy. I didn’t see or hear from my kids for a year and a half, and I was a really good father.
    After a period where suicide was on the table, along with the loaded revolver and the gin I was using to work my courage up, I realized that what I wanted to live more than I wanted to die. In truth, I had never heard about game, didn’t know anything about pick up, and every attempt I had ever made at self-improvement met with her disapproval and lack of support.
    I started working out, without really understanding it, I started trying to find ways I could improve myself and follow my interests. Somewhere I ran across the red pill and started reading. A lot of it just left me nodding my head in agreement. So much of it what it had to say about the true nature of women fit every woman I had known to that point nearly dead on perfect. I found some information on game and started learning and taking chances. It has been quite a journey and there is so much more to look forward to.
    At your age, if your friend is considering marriage with a cum dumpster, there is one thing you can do that isn’t advice or interfering. In the Army, the phrase we had was “jumping on the grenade”. Which comes from exactly what it sounds, jumping on top of grenade to use your body save your friends. If you know she is a cum dumpster then one course of action is to “jump on the grenade” and get her into your bed. You might lose your friend, but you will be saving him a life time of misery.

    1. “After a period where suicide was on the table, along with the loaded revolver and the gin I was using to work my courage up,”
      I’ll never understand someone who ends their own life without at least taking the person(S) who they believe are responsible with them.

      1. I couldn’t even get close. The snake the wife had hired for an attorney as she plotted my downfall had seen to that. I had a protection order that prevented me from going near that house, but she had moved and ditched her phone.
        I am glad I lived to tell my kids that I had tried to call every single day and had the phone records to prove it. They don’t trust my exwife now. They tell her that I want them and will eventually make it happen. It maddens her to no end.

      1. The groom-to-be might have killed that E7 & the other NCO. It’s risky, popping the bubble of delusion.

  9. When I was 19, this happened to my best friend (over a decade ago). We were out dancing and he met his uggo who showed him a modicum of attention. He asked me for my pen (I always used to carry one before cell phone days) and I had major doubts about giving him the pen, but I did it. Later on I found out she had another kid from a guy, she was on the dole (aka, welfare) and she had given blowjobs to a few other guys I know within minutes of meeting them.
    Man do I regret it. 2 more kids, +75 pounds, no real sense of who he is anymore and it takes him 5 months to return my calls. She still doesn’t work, he blew his inheritance on a crappy house and he has no real desire to do anything better.
    Watching him go, I decided I’d only get married if it was a win-win for both parties. I’m still not married.

    1. It appears then that some of the problems lie with him, Can’t blame her for all that mess.

  10. A man in his 20s should be extremely cautious about getting locked into a relationship over 6 months. Your maximum desirability to a woman will be later in life, maybe mid 30s.

    1. A twenty year old woman in the hands of an American beta is like a loaded 9mm in the hands of a toddler.

    2. Or should he travel, give fake names, tell ’em he has a vasectomy, and spread his seed far and wide?

  11. After reading ROK’s articles and comments for several months, I have to say that stumbling upon the manosphere was certainly one of the best things that could happen to me, specially at a young age such as mine (I’m 19 years old).
    I know, I’m not as experienced as the older men here, and I definitely still make some mistakes that many of you would consider blue-pill, but It feels great to know that I can still change myself for the better at a point in my life where I haven’t fucked up as bad as many men have in this page. It’s really sad to read some of the comments and realize that many men out there found out about the red-pill right after getting their lives totally destroyed by either women or general lack of character. It’s motivating to know that I can apply all the knowledge shared at ROK without having to deal with so much damage done in my life.
    Love and respect from Bolivia.

  12. Most men NEED women. In the worst way. They crave the vagina and emotional support.
    I have an older friend in his late thirties (already divorced to one whore who took all of his money) who pays for all expenses of his 32 year old fiance, including rent and transportation to her job.
    I’m quite confident that 2 thirds of men are permanent betas …. it’s like being born ugly, no amount of experience can change your condition.

    1. So what happens if wake up to the fact that you wifed up a ho? Is it less fucked up to keep her, and have a girlfriend on the side? Not my personal situation but just wondering what’s red pill at that point.

      1. Before taking the red pill (I think I always thought that way but couldn’t put it into words), I won’t go after girls who were the virgins or close to it … I instinctively knew that whores were not to be trusted (nor have I ever slept with one).
        Whores and betas deserve one another. That’s my POV. Marrying a whore is a sign of one’s own status … low status. Not every guy deserves a chaste, loyal companion.

        1. I was reading that and saying, what? Not virgin?! Always remember, no true virgin stays friends with a woman who has had one night stands, unless she has had one herself.

        2. I have one rule, u dont date westernised women anymore. Unless I want a feeling of a knife slowly cutting through my body and exposing my organs!

      2. I have a little advice for your ‘friend’, GET THE FUCK OUT! You didn’t know she was a hoe before you did. Sucks. Control what happens now that you know. Why should you stay? She may sleep around and eventually leave for the new chump. Or you can find a solid side piece, glorify your triumph in getting double the sex, and lose four times the funds from playing up to two whores. Jettison the ship, learn what happened and why, and control the outcome. Obviously, these are all tips for your ‘friend’.

        1. This is solid advice, but assess the situation, move the chess pieces, and develop an appropriate exit strategy.

        2. That’s right. Remember what you have to lose, which is a lot.
          So for the first time in the relationship, try to think clearly, and make a cold and calculated plan to get out and stick to it, no matter what kind of emotional tricks she tries to pull.

        3. If the dude has/had kid(s) with the whore it’s a done deal, even if he finds out that one/all of them ain’t his he’s trapped one way or another.
          50% of his assets: GONE!
          50% of his future paycheck: GONE!
          50% of all the time he’d spend raising his kids: GONE!

        4. What about being “separated” until the ho finds another chump to marry her. At the point, the liability is another man’s. You do a clean break. No need to lose half your stuff. Is that even possible? I’m not asking for myself.

        5. Nope, it is not possible. You took a loss by continuing into a situation long term. You will take a loss when you leave. Nature of the beast really. If you moved in together, that is an extra loss. Why would anyone wait for this hoe to get married before deciding they are free? Do you also need her release before deciding to go for a walk or traveling on your own? In exchange for losing half your stuff you are offering all of your dignity. This is still advice for your friend. Cut ties with the lies. Lie number one, there was never a you and her. There was a her and you being a utility for her. Walk away and don’t look back. Always remember….

        6. I been seeing that become thing. The state is gone too far with these laws and ho protection. What is even more astonishing is millenials support this form of cuckoldry as they believe it isn’t the child’s fault. It is not the child’s fault, the woman’s fault, only the man who was cheated on. I have so much disdain for this new breed of man. All this pussy worship is horrendous.

        7. W/R/T married guys, go see an attorney and STFU about it. Do not feel the slightest bit of guilt over this either, as, similarly situated, she wouldn’t hesitate to do the same exact thing.

        8. What if the hypergamous ho finds herself a richer pocket to pick, is it possible to make a clean dump of her and preserve your assets intact? For example she agrees to clean divorce, immediately followed by marrying the next chump? Any attorney want to comment?

        9. Now you are fantasizing. And clearly neglecting the lizard brain activation that occurs when she has you by the balls. Why, would any woman, who has cheated on you (clearly lacked respect), decide to preserve your assets (offering respect) while waiting to meet the new guy? The same woman who respected you just enough to suck off her best friend then kiss you goodnight? You are only exposing yourself to be a chump twice. If this is you ‘friend’ like you said, he should collect what he can and leave. Speak to a lawyer immediately if he is married or has a child, and know, he fucked up.
          Or, keep the vengeance fantasy going and stay because I’m sure she still cares just enough to preserve your well-being.
          As an addition, no offense to your ‘friend’ but it is this line of thinking that preserves the beta mentality that anyone cares about you outside of your family. You build your own security. You see your partner is not secure, you move on. All other roads are madness. Madness and naivete.

        10. In a situation where the ho has already found and cheated on you with a higher value trade in husband, maybe she’s ready to jump for her own selfish reasons? Bigger beta bux for her.

        11. In a situation where the ho has already found and cheated on you with a higher value trade in husband, maybe she’s ready to jump for her own selfish reasons? Bigger beta bux for her.

        12. Too much thinking. Your losing the minute you think, “why is she doing this?” or even “this is the value for doing that”. It’s all lizard brain activity. The genetic imperative to procreate trumps whatever logic you wish to use in this situation. Use your last shred of logic to find a way out. Go down the rabbit hole at the risk of your sanity.
          Honestly, any over thinking of why she is doing anything is feminine in nature, and reveals your own lack of character. By identifying too much with someone else, you discredit your own worth.

        13. I’ve never been married. I have a friend who got away clean in a divorce from a ho. No kids involved. It would be useful to hear from other men that way.

        14. So you’re trying to be ready for a disaster in case the woman you chose turns out to be a ho?

        15. Previously married and made a very clean break. She was a die hard career girl/feminist – not a ho. No kids and she didn’t ask for a nickel of mine. I was one of the lucky ones

      3. Sad but true. It’s ‘cheaper to keeper’ I once heard a fellow say. The ho wife moves down on the totem pole though. It’s just like keeping your cars. Keep your #1 Ferrari garaged inside (she’s your pride) and your old beater Ford wagon out front. That’s your ‘library’ car – anyone can CHECK IT OUT. But by all means, keep the divorce lawyers OUT – THEY’RE THE REAL DEVIL! No one wants to loose it all.

    2. Most men NEED male teachers who will show them red pill world. I’m one of those recently hatched from blue egg into red reality. Even most beta guys can become better males on the right surroundings.

      1. You ever seen a male teacher telling the truth? Hahaha, not for very long. Bitches can’t stand the truth being told.
        Thank God for good friends, others fucking up to learn from, and the internet.

      2. I know how it feels to have a beta orbiter (sort of). In college I studied with a lot of beta engineers, and more than a handful saw me as the cool guy they wanted to hang with. A minority of us engineers are not socially autistic and can talk to women, and we suffer the same fate as attractive females in the work environment (the betas attempt to romance us).
        The moment I truly accepted the red pill was seeing how these beta engineers so desperately wanted my approval (keep in mind I’m a guy, not a woman). To feel so wanted by these men, whom I barely knew, was beyond pathetic.
        I see where women are coming from.

    3. They are beta, and they also like to compete in the dating market to feel they are winning. They have a psychotic and hysterical possessive attitude with the woman where they feel they are scoring points v.s other men every time they please her. Males who had shitty exes will think NAWALT and try extra hard to please the next woman they are with, sort of as a “vengeance” through success. You always hear them saying “im not makin this mistake again” lol. This is why men re-marry, and stay beta and simply think that individual women differ, and this allows them to get burnt over and over again..i guess they don’t want to feel like the last experience with a woman defeated their ability to try again, or “deprive themselves” (lol)
      So what happens is that, by the time the beta is on woman #4 he tries extra hard to be MR.Perfect
      They convince themselves that their neediness and weakness is “strength”
      You live to 75-80
      The first 20 years you are not an adult and the last 10-15 health is a problem now your at : 50 years (80-20-10)
      You sleep a 3rd of it now your at: 50-16.5 = 33 years
      You work, eat, exercise, 1 3rd of your life, now your at 33 – 10.8 , so 23 years
      You have 23 years .. Now, if you cut your last bit of time to please a woman imagine what a big dumb sucker you are, do you really want to destroy the quality of your life by having a woman on it for 30% of the time
      Now your down to 23 x .33 = 23-7.6
      15.4 years
      A man who lives for women does not live at all,
      Consequently, it’s only married men who always complain that “life is short”
      I just laugh… Yeah because you work 1 3rd of your life and spend 1 3rd of your mental energy on a woman, not to mention if she divorces your ass she takes HALF of your MONEY,
      So essentially the time you spent at work, the woman gets half meaning all that time was wasted working for someone else
      not to mention the income tax rate is 35%-45% + 15% on everything you buy already so 50%
      If you want to squander and shorten your life, women seem like a great idea

      1. To bad they don’t teach life math like that in school. Would be a hell of a lot less people wasting their time on stupid shit.

      2. It’s the social conditioning of man: WE are expendable; WE live to serve others; WE must slay the dragon in the wilderness. We’re forced by existential fear and shamed to seek validation in pussy and material values. Confront the inner demons; reclaim and fight for your own soul, not for the imposed values.

    4. It is so unfortunate, but I think you’re right.
      I have seen this many times happen to friends and family that I respected. Just so difficult to watch, cause they won’t open their eyes and see the situation for what it is.

    5. 70% are betas (number increasing)
      15% are omegas (number increasing)
      15% are alphas (number decreasing)
      3 truths:
      1) 100% of women want to have children with alphas ONLY.
      2) Women crave sex over the long run with men they want children from ONLY.
      3) If a woman has to fuck (due to no alpha options) with betas over a longer period of time they get unhappy, ugly and fat.
      If you understand these simple rules, you will understand the world around you.

    6. I am a 28 year old man who lost his virginity to a prostitute. I’m seriously wanting to get rid off this emotional need to that I feel for women. It’s getting much better now with my increasing wisdom, self improvment and experience in life.
      So glad I found this place and the red pill. I would love to hear what you’d have to say to that.

  13. No hymen, no diamond.
    No women in American has a hymen after the age of 16. So there are no marriage options left.

  14. I was saddened to see so many girls at my best friend’s wedding that “danced” with their men (some did it with multiple) in that “humping” manner.

  15. Had this happen. One of my best friends was engaged to a hoe. The kind of hoe that goes to TCU and is pretty, comes from a upper middle class upstanding family. She acts like a southern bell and professes her christian faith all the time. Problem is, she was addicted to strange. We tried to warn him very subtly. He proposed to her any way. The two of us were his groomsmen (his brother was the best man).
    The three of us deploy overseas for a year, and sure enough, word gets around. She’s picking up strange on a regular basis at the bar. This is even getting through the wives/girlfriends group. Not a couple months after getting back, his Wife insits he can’t be friends with us anymore. Yup. So the two of his best friends and war buddies haven’t talked to him in many years.
    She knew we gave him straight shit, and it scared her. He only has big beta bitch friends now. Poor bastard. Nobody to talk to, and I know he found out about all the fooling around, and it killed him. We warned him as best he could, but he just didn’t want to listen. And all he had to give up for a lifetime with a cheating bitch is his friends and his dreams (yup, he gave up on that too).
    He finally got her to have a kid though, all these years later, so he has that.

    1. He has that? No, *she* has that. The kid gives her a hold on him, a weapon to use against him. Poor kid.

    2. “He finally got her to have a kid though, all these years later, so he has that.” Poor kid! 🙁

      1. It’s sad all the way around. I see his pictures now and then on facebook, he looks like a defeated man.

  16. This article smells of cattiness and envy, if your friend chooses a woman to be with, whether she was a ho or not isn’t a matter for you, it’s a matter for him. There’s an unwritten law amongst alpha males, never critisize the woman that your friend has chosen, respect it, and leave it at that.

    1. True enough but …the important word here is: ALPHAmale.
      85% of men are NOT alpha males you know. Chances are the guys with this ho->housewife issue are certainly not. These guys may not even care if their wife/gl sucks other dicks as long as she sucks theirs too…even if it is once a month or less.
      These guys are many. They do not have choice. To get any choice, they would have to improve themselfs from lesser beta to greater. Make more money, get a career, learn some game – greater beta is the sweet spot for many. They are good enough so women wont instantly go fat or ugly in their marriages but bad enough so they will marry and stay with one woman for years.
      The alpha is often tempted to have several women in rotation for the simple reason that he can do that. So the former alpha whore, having realized her age/beauty is not good enough to lock down her own alpha man might very well decide to go with a greater beta in their late 20s or early 30s and be a somewhat ok housewife and mother for this beta dude.
      Life for betas, even greater betas is never that great and they have to make compromises to get anywhere.

  17. “U can’t turn a hoe into a housewife!” Sooner or later she will be fucking and sucking other dicks behind your back!
    If u want a wife, find a women that has had less than 5 dicks and is family orientated! Stay away from westernised women, they are all hoes and are a TOTALLY nightmare in a relationship! <- hence why 80% of suicides in westernised countries are men!

  18. “The minute you notice a change in your partner’s behavior, such as longer nights out, delays in responses, followed by misplaced anger…save yourself the trouble and just ask ‘who is it?’ If they cannot comply, then fuck it and cut your losses.”
    Actually good advice for all genders in a relationship. But before you assume they were simply a “cheating hussie” it wouldn’t kill to try to objectively analyze where the relationship went wrong. Some people are always going to be cheaters, but often times there’s trouble coming from both sides in the relationship before it gets THAT bad.

    1. What’s your point? That if one side cheats, it was still somehow the other sides fault? Bullshit. No excuse for cheating. If you’re unhappy with your partner enough to want to screw someone else, get out of the relationship first. It really ain’t that fucking hard.

      1. You’re missing the point: if you can analyze where your past relationship went wrong, you’ll have a better chance at preventing your next partner from resorting to cheating.

        1. Sadly it is as simple as seeing them as a cheating hussie. Men on average, cheat because of biological imperative. Women cheat because of biological imperative. Men curb this because of how they approach women. Women seem to not filter as solidly as men so plenty of blame falls back to a non objective viewpoint. Sometimes this is phrased as not being man enough. Often times. It is the rare woman to acknowledge she wasn’t feminine enough to keep her man enthralled. Plus, it is very hard to get someone who was willing to disrespect your partnership for an orgasm to be truthful. Unless they are thoroughly satisfied sexually, they may still harbor too much resentment.

        2. “Men curb this because of how they approach women. Women seem to not filter as solidly as men so plenty of blame falls back to a non objective viewpoint.” Do you mean men tend to avoid this to begin with by seeking out women that arouse them most strongly, and women not as much?

        3. Something to that affect. When a man has a relationship he can talk himself out of anything, to the point of insanity, just to maintain a link with his code of honor. Women, by and large, do not have honor but a quotient of satisfaction. If they are near the elation phase, no one and nothing will sway them from the relationship. The further they are from elation the higher the likelihood to cheat. By being out of elation, already the potential exists to cheat. The need to have a high quality man runs stronger by far than a man’s need to have more than one attractive woman in his life. The biggest gripe, is that women, or modern women, seem to place the onus on the man for all of her actions.
          The struggle here is you can’t be a strong independent woman, and look down on men, and expect men to cater to your whims, and that is where many men call foul. There are two people creating a relationship. Is it the guys fault she cheated? When is it acceptable to call a woman out as a cheater? At the end of the day, women seem to avoid responsibility like fatties avoid taking care of their health. Almost like trying to get oil and water to mix.

        4. I never advocated inequality in relationships. A guy cheating for the same reason as a woman is equally bad. I’m just saying that, whether you’re a man or a woman(or trans, bigendered, etc.) you shouldn’t walk way from a relationship(assuming it was the other partner that cheated) immediately discarding them as “cheating hussies” in your mind, before considering the situation a bit. If there were signs prior to getting into the relationship that they liked to sleep around, why would you be dating them to begin with and expect different? If they seemed chaste initially, what caused them to go astray? Yes, ultimately THEY chose to commit the action, but often you can find things to improve in yourself for your next relationship to avoid the same pitfalls, and cancel out people likely to cheat to begin with.
          The same logic applies to rape prevention. Rapists are horrible, awful people, of course, and ultimately THEY cause the abuse, but if you avoid being in dangerous parts of town, especially at night or walking alone/unarmed, or around people who show abusive tendencies, you can generally save yourself a lot of the chance of getting raped.

        5. Your original thought thread did seem to lead towards removing the onus from the woman of responsibility. For a man, it is a given he’ll either learn the easy way Or the hard way, that he needs to improve his life. A caveat with cheaters, often you find out about it the hard way, as they are usually apt to slip up in actions. The ones I’ve encountered never owned up to their actions either and let evidence such as semen stained bed sheets tell the tale for them. So what is a man to do if the person who he is to learn from isn’t even responsible or respectful enough to share this knowledge with him? He moves on. Learns to trust himself. Learns what signs he saw. Observes the world more. First bitterly and then with a sense of clarity called truth. That truth is different for every man but sounds like aa fantasy expecting a woman to reveal she cheated barring you caught her knee deep in dick.
          We don’t expect women to improve as it does seem easier to play the blame game, and the social network is usually worked in a woman’s favor just enough so that she will be pampered with love as long as needed before some new white knight comes to save her. So one person leaves the relationship changed, the other affected until outside forces convince her she’s okay, and she will repeat her mistakes and the world will hope this knight can handle it.
          EDIT: I don’t know any rapists. Maybe if prostitution were a legal affair rape would go down. However, women aren’t the only ones affected by rape. Rapists by and large know their victims. Most of your warnings on rape may assist you, but as I’m not in prison, an all boy school, or in the military, my anus is safe. For now. And that is an extreme way to showcase forewarning about behaviors that can harm you.

  19. Good advice. Spitting red pill truth gets you nowhere with either sex. If you’ve got a buddy who’s being taken for a ride by a slut in unicorn’s clothing, simply wait it out and be a solid comrade.

  20. The most important knowledge about relationships is this:
    70% are betas (number increasing)
    15% are omegas (number increasing)
    15% are alphas (number decreasing)
    3 truths:
    1) 100% of women want to have children with alphas ONLY.
    2) Women crave sex over the long run with men they want children from ONLY.
    3) If a woman has to fuck (due to no alpha options) with betas over a longer period of time they get unhappy, ugly and fat.
    If you understand these simple rules, you will understand the world around you.

  21. As I see it, you SHOULD intervene if your close friend or relative is doing something awful relationship-wise. It’s your duty as a man to be direct and honest to your friend.
    Don’t act like a woman, they lie to each other and give fake compliments for ego boost…

  22. Deep down, this article touches upon one of the most difficult aspects of taking “the red pill” – ejecting. Being able to say “no” do a woman that is not good for you.

  23. This makes me sad for male friends who are divorced. I don’t want to stand back and watch friends get fucked over.

  24. I dunno, from where I stand at this moment the idea of “turning a whore into a housewife” or ltr doesn’t seem that absurd or impossible anymore. Depending on what qualifies as a whore of course. To me women are all the same and they seem to leave / cheat on men for the same reasons, whore or not. They only have power over you if you allow it, if she doesn’t have it she’s not going anywhere.

  25. I have no sympathy for Simps who wife up a hoe. These are the same white Knights who talk shit to unmarried men and attempt to shame and blame them. Bottom line is you can never turn a hoe into a housewife. The higher the N count the higher chance of divorce and most hoes are in th the 80%-90% chance of divorce. Only a fool takes time so odds. When these morons get this ass handed to them I will just laugh and drop red pill on them. They deserve it. . They thought they had it figured out and they talked alot of shit. The family court needs fresh meat guys. . I’ve never seen a woman hot enough for me to have to work 18 years so she can get a free house, child support and alimony. Pussy is amazing but it isn’t worth the price women want to charge.

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