The Deregulation Of The Sexual Marketplace

Even to the casual observer, the realities of western dating today can seem bizarre. Contradictions are everywhere. How are there so many promiscuous, “slutty” women around, and yet so many desperate twentysomething virgin males? How are there so many “alpha” males with extensive dating histories, and yet many attractive women lamenting the lack of “decent” men anywhere?

But there is an answer, one the manosphere has been aware of for some time, but often has trouble articulating. Here then, I shall attempt to explain it in useful chart form.

The reality of the past fifty years, of the rise of second and third wave feminism, of the culture wars and the collapse of the family unit, could be summed up in one word—deregulation. In short, people are no longer beholden to a great deal of legal and social restrictions on their behavior, particularly when it comes to their sexuality. A whole host of sexual behaviors, once rare (or at least taboo) are now increasingly common—sex before marriage, “open” relationships, one-night stands, masturbation, childbirth outside of wedlock, single parenthood…the list goes on. In most western countries, divorce rates are now pushing 50%.

Now in our modern, globalized world, the idea of “deregulation” may sound appealing. What need was there, many wonder, for such restrictions in the first place?

A reality of human behavior, one which today’s feminists resolutely ignore, is the obvious fact that men generally desire sex a great deal more than women. Surveys across the board indicate that men masturbate, or else desire sex, about three times as often. By rejecting this, feminists decide to ignore all of the implications it has in our society.

We could depict this difference in libido between the sexes like so:

Deregulation 1

Clearly, when it comes to sex, women are in far greater demand. In our politically correct society this reality is often denied, but let’s face facts.

The question of how to divide up this relatively limited amount of desire among women is one every human society has struggled with. Basically, if you fail to regulate the market, the logical result is a small minority of men garnering the attention of the vast majority of all women. Not totally dissimilar to a lion pride, a handful of males can service a much larger number of females.

To prevent this, societies have almost always regulated women’s sexuality to some degree. Certainly some individuals (generally the nobility and others with a great deal of wealth and power) got more than their fair share of attention, but by and large most men were guaranteed a wife. This was necessary in order to maintain social stability.

The pre-1960s dating market thus looked something like this:

Deregulation 2

Over the last fifty years however, these ancient rules have been discarded, leading to exactly the situation described above. Rather than a roughly equal distribution of partners, a small minority of men have come to command most of the attention of the fairer sex, while the rest are left out in the cold:

Deregulation 3

Annotated further, we get this reality:

Deregulation 4

Looking at this overview, a great deal of mystery about the modern day sexual marketplace evaporates. Studies consistently show that, when it comes to number of sexual partners, men come first in both the lowest (i.e. zero partners) and highest (say, ten or more) categories.

The rich, the famous, and the physically most attractive are in the latter group. This then leaves a huge portion of the male population who are forced into what has lately been called “involuntary celibacy” (or incel for short).

Of course, there is still some natural variation in the quality of partners. The least attractive women are still unlikely to score the most attractive men, but they are consistently able to punch above their weight. You can find countless news articles about women in their 40s and 50s foraying into online dating and successfully bedding desperate guys half their age. Such articles are typically clueless on the actual causes of this phenomenon. “Young men now actively seeking older women!” the headlines proclaim—not realizing that only a lack of suitable partners their own age has driven them to this.

Aside from the media headlines, most people can probably relay a number of anecdotes that reflect this new reality. Personally I know of a number of men (generally older, wealthier ones, men who travel to Thailand a lot, younger buff guys, and guys in bands) who have slept with likely dozens of women. At the other end of the spectrum I still know of a great number of virgins, even though most of my friends (and former classmates who I keep in touch with) are now in their early 20s.

It’s worth mentioning at this point, that even the “winners” of this new reality may not necessarily be better off. For the vast majority of men, this new order could rightly be described as soul-crushing of course, but for the top-quota men and women who have seen the quality of their sex lives go up, most of what they’ve got is just that—sex.

There’s no denying that long term relationships are on the decline. Social conservatives are often described as hateful and misogynist for railing against promiscuity, but the statistics don’t lie. Marriages in which the wife was a virgin have an 80% chance of succeeding, while the figure for brides who have had 15 or more premarital partners is just 20%.

Basically, there’s an ever-increasing number of washed-up old hags out there who are coming to regret their earlier promiscuity, and are now facing the realization that they will probably die alone and childless. Whatever “decent” men there might be out there are typically dating women half their age, while older women quietly seethe at a younger generation doing exactly what they did when they were that young.

This has economic effects as well. The elderly used to be looked after by their partners or their children once they got too old, but an increasing number are now destined for retirement homes—ones for which the taxpayer will no doubt have to fork over the cost. Here in Australia, the decline in average household size (from 3.1 in 1976 to 2.6 today) means there are just over one million extra houses today than there otherwise would be.

That’s a million extra fridges running 24/7, and hundreds of thousands of extra dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, cars and other devices. No wonder the cost of living is continuing to skyrocket.

As for the younger generation, the blurred line between alphas and betas, where marriageable men may still be found, seems to be shrinking every year. ROK author Tuthmosis covered this brilliantly in a post last year.

The real problem with this new reality however, is found in the hordes of thirsty young men who fall outside the fortunate group at the top. The reality can no longer be ignored that the deregulation of the sexual marketplace has disenfranchised millions of young men across the western world. Elliot Rodgers is merely among the most extreme examples. Others have written detailed articles on his story.

Aside from mass-shooters, there is also the reality that young men commit suicide at around four times the rate women do. Furthermore, the number one cause cited for such deaths is actually breakups—a factor in a whopping 75% of cases.

One can also see how this crisis of intimacy has divided the male community. We can outline three groups—the manosphere, PUA-hate and white knights.

The first group basically accepts the new reality, and generally consists of men who are (or think they have a decent shot of becoming) in the top portion of men who have much to gain on the sexual market. “PUA-hate” refers to those who are rallying against the new reality, and we can include Elliot Rodgers among them. The last group basically rejects the whole thing, and thinks that either stable marriages can still exist in our society regardless, or that it doesn’t matter much anyway.

I would hope to count myself among the first group, but that isn’t to say the other two are completely inferior. If only a minority of men stand to gain from this new order, then the betas of PUA-hate will always outnumber the alphas of the manosphere, and if a revolution ever comes, like the Proles in 1984—it will come from them.

The new reality

If there’s one thing socialists have always understood, it is that you can only deregulate a market so far before the losers, justly or not, begin to respond violently. This is because violence, more than any other currency, is not a distortion of the free market; it is the ultimate free market.

The collapse of the family unit could be compared to Russia after the fall of Communism—society may have become “freer,” but it also became more unequal and actually poorer. Unemployment and poverty, previously almost unknown, became commonplace. Similar trends are now seen in western countries regarding sexuality. Involuntary celibacy, the social equivalent of unemployment, is increasingly common, and the latest surveys show that people are actually having LESS sex today than they used to.

No resolution to these problems seems to be in sight. Even trying to admit their existence will bring social justice warriors crashing down on you, hurling the tired old labels of “sexist” and “misogynist.” It is a crying shame that, while the left typically comes out against excessive inequality, since we’re discussing women’s issues this is trumped by feminist dogma.

Just as wealth inequality will surely drive up crime rates and destabilize a society, it is not hard to see that this newfound crisis of inequality of intimacy is causing much the same thing. Our society is largely blind to this reality, but chances are we won’t be able to ignore it forever.

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761 thoughts on “The Deregulation Of The Sexual Marketplace”

  1. This is a strong analysis of the situation, and probably one of the Top 10 articles that I have read on this website. A mandatory reading for future history courses, congrats!

  2. Great topic and thanks for the write-up.
    At least here in the US, I tend to view the situation more as SUBSIDIZATION of women’s choices and REGULATION of men’s choices.
    Women are now free to get together with the bad boy alpha male because if ever they get knocked up, big daddy government (mostly through the taxes of beta males) is there to subsidize their spawn with child tax credits, welfare, food stamps and so forth. If the alpha that she chooses is violent and beats her, she also has tax-payer funded shelters at her disposal. If she decides to marry a beta shlub, she is in the majority of cases awarded the kids and prizes during divorce.
    I see men’s choices as becoming more regulated with the passage of IMBRA and this recent “yes means yes” law in California. If a man is too awkward in his approaches he can even be threatened with arrest as we have recently seen. Even if some men (and some women) decide to forego relationships altogether they are still paying taxes to support this system.
    I am certain there are many more examples, but these are what I could get off the top of my head. Keep up the interesting articles.

    1. Indeed. It is violent intervention in human relationships via the political apparatus that has created the dire situation men face in the sexual marketplace today. When one depends upon government one will always be at the mercy of individuals who will enforce their will upon you at gunpoint.

      1. You hit the nail on the head.
        The perpetual madness of women, long understood by all men, now has the power of the gun behind it in the form of the government. In the past, the weakness of women’s will prevented them from effective use of violence in all but the deepest darkest episodes of madness, but now an army can be summoned at the slightest whim.
        Scary shit.

        1. “but now an army can be summoned at the slightest whim….”
          It can only if men (who are taxpayers) continue to let that happen. Men are the reason for change, revolution, etc…at any point in history. It will take men, again, to make this change to actually save society from itself.
          We’ve already had “no taxation without representation” at one period, at least, in this country’s history (pre-U.S.) with the 13 colonies. There may be a second coming of it if more men would wake up and see that it’s happening.

      2. It’s already been mentioned, but merits a repeat; blaming one’s inability to compete in a given marketplace on other people is pretty beta.

    2. Spot on!
      The market has not been manipulated, not regulated. Women’s choices are subsidized while men’s choices are regulated.

      1. Good point and many men need to be made aware of it. They don’t understand that when they cater to them (or politicians siding with them) that they are actually giving up something of value.
        The problem with politicians, today, is that they all try to pander to everyone (for votes). At some point (as an individual) you have to make a stand (for something) and it will probably piss someone off. Men need to regroup and look at how they’ve been “disregarded” or regulated instead of always trying to pander to women, women rights, etc….
        Women have equality, today…feminism is over. The rest of it is just whining and bullshit.

    3. Society certainly views women as more valuable than men, and thus gives them things while taking things away from men. One only needs to look at gender segregation in homeless shelters (“separate but equal”) to see this bullshit. Women are treated much better than men, especially if they have children, and they’re always given job opportunities before homeless men.

      1. I can’t believe you actually think women are responsible for all this. Look a bit deeper.
        Women as a group have never created anything of lasting value, including social movements. Feminism was created by men; rich men.
        The manosphere is very misguided in it’s belief that somehow women are the problem. Women are pawns. Always have been, always will be.

        1. I didn’t actually say women were responsible for it. My own person opinion is that Marxists were pushing modern feminism in order to destabilize the West. I don’t buy that it’s rich men, because I don’t see the incentive.

        2. an inch forcibly taken by main street from my pocket to theirs, a mile and everything in it devoured by them, all with pretty little lying smiles and face-painted beady eyes. yes, i do think women have agency, the greater agency, over the larger picture, than some skilled money manipulating profiteer. no, i don’t under estimate either of them, but i know the ungrateful dogs that bit my hand, my fathers hand, etc.
          i don’t have a solution to any of this, to the decades of ruthless selfishness and lies, to the subversion of the faith of men, if that’s what you’re implying. but i know what doesn’t work. and saying children aren’t responsible for what they do ensures that they will remain children, ungrateful, un-humble, and wickedly selfish.
          believe what you will.

        3. I don’t think you can point the finger at one particular cause….. Humans are neither intelligent or social enough to carry out massive subterfuge or conspiracies for very long… look at religion… even with the Almighty God involved there are so many splinter groups and schisms… can you imagine trying to run a conspiracy for New World Order like that ? Even Mafia’s and Cartels with billions of dollars in drug business often sink to infighting and feuds….
          The rise of women sits alongside the rise of technology.. once the farms were mechanized life was easier, when the home was mechanized women had less and less to do… two massive world wars put women into administrative and clerical jobs… lots of war widows made single motherhood and marrying single mothers acceptable….. then the social security system and free healthcare sprang up in Europe first….
          There are many pieces to the puzzle… one of them is women on soap boxes chanting for their rights…. Another is men, very often well intentioned that tried to build a safer social system, that unfortunately disincentivizes people.
          Then comes the free love and free sex and lose relationships… then the women start playing the field for advantage as the men started playing for easy pussy.

        4. I understand where you’re coming from. I agree with the Marxist angle. Although I think it’s always important to follow the money trail. Someone is benefiting massively from all of this feminist dysfunction.

        5. I have no idea what to believe. All I can do is bounce ideas off of guys who are trying to find answers.
          This monster is so big and has so many heads, it’s nearly impossible to determine exactly who is responsible for it and who gains the most. I know women do not gain from feminism at all. That much is clear.
          Although, I do make the argument that the average man has benefited tremendously from feminism, at least on a individual level. The extreme madness that feminism is in it’s current form shows us much about the true nature of women though.

        6. Russo is fascinating because despite his position he had as a well known director he still spoke his mind. I will assume he was done away with by somebody who didn’t like him talking.

        7. The bit about getting kids into schools earlier to get them away from mom and dad is 100% dead on balls correct.

        8. But consider this: Feminism is not something valuable in the first place.
          You may be right that men are complicit in allowing or buying into the ideology, but the core of feminism is indeed, whining and female entitlement.

        9. I disagree. I believe the core of feminism is much more insidious than simple female bitching. It’s politically institutionalized. Why? What are the aims of feminism?

        10. to weaken men from childhood to professional adults. From the time you enter school till the time you retire you now have to watch what you say and how you act because if it doesn’t conform to their ideas then they sick the sjw are you. It’s all about power and being able to turn simple ideas and comments on people for their advantage

        11. to take.
          imitate exchange but not give. masquerade trade with smiles when receiving, and cry intolerable temper tantrums with daemonizing when giving back. to lie so as to take. and what better lie ever existed? credit them that innovation: the discovery of how to exploit something so fundamentally naively trusted by boys.

        12. Feminism “back when” had a real purpose at one time (similar to Unions)…at least in the U.S..
          Today, the latest version of “feminism” is nothing more than an entitled society (usually, white entitled women) bitching about shit that they don’t have in life. It had it’s purpose and now we need to put it to rest.
          I blame corporate America (and others worldwide) for giving rise to this new wave of consumerism (because that’s really what it is today). It’s all about the money trail (who has it, how can we tap into it for gain, etc…).
          Yes, always follow the money.

        13. The destruction of the nuclear traditional family has huge consequences and feminists at the top know this. Talk to any stripper, porn star, drug dealer, soldier, inmate, etc. and 9/10 they came from a broken, dysfunctional home. Now, imagine what happens when millions of Americans are growing up with single mothers or divorced parents. Instead if depending on a patriarchal father figure, they turn to daddy government. Its no coincidence that over 50% of the population is on some kind of social welfare. They have had blacks and the elderly dependent on them for decades and now they are going after middle class white women.

        14. The incentive is to divide and conquer the populace, which makes it easier for the elites to control.

        15. Do some research on the Jackals and the adventures they’ve had in Latin America for the last 50 years, essentially keeping all of Latin America a vassal state of the U.S. empire. Then you’ll know MAYBE how this poor bastard got cancer. Sure was funny how Chavez got cancer, too. (Not defending Chavez, just saying we should be looking at the men behind the curtain.) Polonium sushi anyone?

        16. I watched the video. They make the elites seem smart. But elites sure have fucked up haven’t they? WASPS formed the elite of the United States of America, starting with the revolutionary Founding Fathers, but for how long now? We’ve passed the demographic event horizon. I can see your average dumbass Democrat or Republican thinking if they kiss Latino ass they can win while failing to realize, or simply not caring, that people are racists (by lib-pc definition) and in a multicultural society people will overwhelmingly vote for their own kind, class taking a second seat to skin color, religion, language -the tribe. So nice whites will get the boot in the long term. Which means, eventually, this century, no more comfortable and secure American WASP elite. The elites, their “business community”, “the Beltway”, Wall Street, so greedy and uncaring towards the lower and middle class whites support immigration.And feminism, whether or not supported by WASP rich dipshits, has certainly helped weaken white America especially k selection America.

        17. I used to read a blog called “Bitch PhD”. I was interested in learning about feminists and what they have to say.
          In any case always read your enemies more than your allies. I wasn’t an overt enemy at that time, more of a frenemy, I guess, cause I have a dick. A white one so what else can you truly be to the feminist?
          After awhile I thought to myself the one really, truly consistent thing this blog was about was just bitching about how it sucks to be a woman, and it seemed to be mostly well off white women. GO FIGURE, with Bitch PhD as the title of the site. At the top of the site there was a picture of a little girl flipping off the camera and another little girl laughing about it. Perfect, more than they realized. And then the main woman that started the blog seemed to have more guest bloggers after awhile until hardly anything was getting posted and finally she announced the blog had come to an end. She was in a better place in her life, she explained, and happier, so no more need to do her bitch blog. After all the important social justice work her blog stood for that was that. No doubt the sisters continue to fight the good fight, everyday of their lives.

        18. Great video. Nobody thought it “women’s rights” was an issue until Foundations, like the Rockefellers, backed all of these politics and promoted “identity politics”. In fact, most women culturally loved the idea of having a strong masculine husband while they raised their precious kids at home. How feminism turned that wholesomeness into something ugly baffles me to this day.

        19. What doesn’t matter is what side the elite rich or even governments are on, because much like a stock trade, when you initiate the change, you can either invest further in the existing cause or short it because you know the outcome of what is coming, you created it. Maybe the grass roots cause was not started by said elitists, but the differential is always extremely magnified and accelerated exponentially by them. What governments and the elite rich do NOT want is smooth sailing. As long as there is tumult obfuscating social condition, big brother and his, or it’s henchmen will maintain control. The power is to not fall into the people’s hands. That’s the goal.

        20. I wonder though, what they will do in a future that is heavily Muslim and Mexican influenced.

        21. Another reason why I’ve fought across the board anti Semitism on this site. Jews are not monolithic. There were and are many libertarian minded Jews and some of the most vicious lefties in human history aren’t Jewish. Besides being an interesting person Russo ran one of my all time favorite night clubs on the north side of Chicago way back in the day, the Kinetic Playground.

        22. crock of bullshit the black middle class is larger than ever but folks get rich raging about the poor blacks and dumb white folks fall for the okey doke

        23. But communism and leftist ideologies are inherently jewish, karl marx was the son of a rabbi, lenin, trotsky…. etc. It was an ideology to destroy the russian tsar and his people.

        24. vast majority of the bolsheviks were jewish, Communism is 100% Jewish creation

        25. I’ve known for some time that the goal of Feminism was control over women,not men, much the way the goal of Communism was the control of workers and peasants. It hadn’t occurred to me that even this vanguard party elite was subordinate to an ever smaller group of elite males. You have given me some thing to think about and I promise I will. Thanks for the insight.

        26. Hasn’t this been the UK model for centuries, at least for boys, and for girls too starting in the late 19th?

        27. What confuses people, I believe, is that the Jews are represented in the elites overall, much as they were in the professions. This repeats a pattern that has occurred repeatedly in Europe, and now here. Jews are about one third the elites, but hardly the majority. The Jews least likely to be part of the elites are the most traditionally religious. Add to this that the assimilated, secular Jews reproduce below replacement, where as traditional ones have large families – four to six children typically. Take this forward a few genrations – is there a visible Jewish presence any more that is not a religious one?

        28. No, the majority of the Bolsheviks even were not Jews. And , after Stalin was done, theiy were absent from headship positions. By your argument, Market Liberalism is 100% Jewish, since its leading lights – Mises Popper, and Friedman – were. (Hayek was not, even though he was often taken as such, and he had Jewish relatives such as his third cousin Wittgenstein).

        29. We have to distinguish between the Women’s movement and Feminism. The latter is mostly a post WW2 development. The Women’s movement emerged in the 19th century in the US as an expression of the Second Great Awakening. It sought political changes to protect women in their traditional roles of wife and mother. Hence, jury duty exemptions, and favorable labor regulation. The vote for women itself was supported by no less a Christian evangelical William Jennings Bryan, who famously stated “The hand that rocks the cradle should guide the nation”. In contrast, Feminism is a movement intending to destroy the traditional roles of wife and mother. We don’t have to guess at they; they are quite open about it. This is why so much of what Feminism does is about control over women.

      2. The shelter racket turns kids over to the ‘market’ where they go to the highest bidder. A blue eyed blonde or raven haired kid in a shelter is a high dollar kid and the foolish runaway mom is usually powerless to keep hold of her children during her stay. Especially if the child isn’t old enough to say his own name, the socialist workers make an impromptu visit to see the new hottie after they bring a teddy bear, a cute outfit and bow for the hair. They fix the toddler up like a doll in a window, taking pictures while the mom unknowingly gets pumped for information while she carelessly chats with the workers and then ends up sobbing.
        A lower value kid like a mulatto or colored kid usually makes it out with his mom unless he/she has a rare or sought after blood type, in which case they end up as medical waste less an organ or two. This isn’t Red China but the same money drives the machine of every country.
        Never underestimate the depths of depravity of any state which ever allows females to make policy whatsoever. In nature, it is the wild bitch mother who eats her young. Child sacrifice is worst in Great Britain where an actual BITCH QUEEN’S PICTURE is on the currency. A coincidence?

      3. Wow, society has given me everything? What a fool I’ve been for working so hard in school and job then. BTW, could you tell where to apply for all these “benefits” I’ve not taken? I bet with accumulated interest, I’ll make out like a queen 🙂

        1. Women benefit from the privilege of an education system that caters to them, churning out millions of graduates in made-up fields, then proceed to find filler jobs in areas like HR.
          In a fair world, men and women should be extremely inequal.

        2. You don’t need to apply, your local feminist group is making it law. Women received preferential treatment in both the workplace and at universities. It’s no coincidence that people feel more sympathy for homeless women, and assume she must be a victim, while assuming homeless men must have done something to deserve being homeless, like being a drunk or drug addict. Men are shipped off as canon fodder in the front line of wars, while women kept at home and protected. Females absolutely have privilege. Any success that a man has, is him trying to compensate for the preference women receive. Successful men are rewarded only because they are good providers for women. Men who cannot provide, or refuse to, are scorned. Society is all about women, and hates men unless they provide some sort of value to women. There’s a strong bias against men.

        3. It’s sickening really, the cancer placing feminazis in HR positions has metastasized. In essence putting women in these vital roles in the mini-governments we call corporations, the supposed backbone of our country’s economy.
          As it stands, your job isn’t secure, your words aren’t free, anything you do can be misconstrued into rape, harassment, or violence. And obviously now, laws are being changed to supplicate to the whole damn mess. Now they’re talking about allowing women to become Navy Seals. I invite women to carry the burden of true equality, merely to accelerate the demise. this slow burn is sucking the life out of society.

        4. Thing is you have a safetynet. you do not NEED to be successful in the same way a man has. No woman will feel attracted to a broke ass man whereas as a woman you can still be a huge failure and still attract a man to have a family with and who will give you anything you want.
          This only applies while you’re reasonable young of course.
          Women do not give men anything, in fact, they extract as much as possible from them.
          Im not angry over this fact, its just the way of things.

        5. Thing is, we cant even use women in warfare really. Not if we want to win the war, that is. Can you imagine a bunch of broads storming the beaches of Normandie, facing direct machinegun fire ? I cant.

        6. By failure do you mean, no career? That to me, is a successful woman, provided she has married well and keeps a good home (and raises healthy children).

        7. Quite sincerely, you may be unattractive, as an addendum to this (and generally, my and other’s) game theory, unattractive women who cannot find long-term Beta Males to take care of them, essentially will become workerbees who are invisible to Alphas and High Status women (both in looks, and/or corporate America)–simply existing to serve in positions like Starbucks Barista and waitressing, etc. Just as most beta men are invisible to SMV 7-10 women, most overweight, and/or unattractive women simply exist to serve me as well.

        8. Hi, I was raised by people who saw my intellectual potential to contribute to society. They cared less about my gender, than my brain. They nurtured, encouraged and raised me to realize that potential. But, I guess each family has it’s own way dosen’t it?

        9. But can you imagine women as snipers, picking off men at long distance? Worked for the WW2 Soviet army very well.

      4. Be careful of such generalist comments. You stray into irrationality. Who is “society”? Some omnipotent deity that controls us? You need to speak of specific individuals (or groups thereof) that hold these views and make these rules rather than some vague “society”.
        Furthermore, your comments sound like whines “she gets treated better than me, boo hoo!”. What I say about men, personally, is that real men don’t cry.
        I wouldn’t worry about homeless men. They are insane, mostly, but they are survivors. They will be fine.

    4. Both this post and the article are right. The sexual market place is subsidized for women and regulated for men. However, even if this was not the case, you would still have hypergamic deregulation. I’m sure that even in places as free market as Singapore and Hong Kong there is plenty of what is described in the article.

      1. True. But natural hypergamy looks more like monogamy lite than this slutty, compulsive, cock carousel bullshit that is representative of artificial hypegamy.
        Remove the pro slut feminism and free government cash and female sexual behavior will change drastically.

      2. it’s only because men allow it to be this way. you make your own bed, lie in it, then blame the woman. shameful.

    5. Yes, it’s not really a deregulated market, because women could not survive on their own without the myriad of Govt. subsidies…. the old market was deregulated, the new market is thoroughly communist.
      HOWEVER: If you take socialism / communism and subsidization, far enough, a black market begins to thrive….
      That black market will be quid pro quo relationships, where men pay a women, much like a hooker, only for a more long term arrangement and this will begin to become the defacto way to ‘get married’.
      All we need is a quick depression that puts a huge slice of female work force out of a job, nails the tax base and cripples the government and we’ll be there.

      1. All of that looks to be just around the corner. The phony facade appears to be falling off this shit-house very rapidly.

      2. Yes, good points. Let the gravy train come to a halt and you’ll find that change comes with it.
        It was good to see the end of the Bush era (and the financial bailouts) continue with the new Obama administration. At this point, we truly saw the two parties as one party and we found out what that party really cares about: wall street and big banks, first,….main street and citizens a distant second.

        1. Good for those of us with wisdom to see; the majority still see them as ‘republican’ bail-outs and ‘democrat’ bailouts. They’ve been whacked over the head with the obvious fact of our 1-party government so many times that they are insensate; yet not so insensate that they can’t continue to support their chosen side with mindless vigor

    6. The purpose of leftism is to uplift the inferior by telling them lies about equality. Same thing here. Feminism was created so low-value women can gain easier access to society and the sexual market.

      1. feminism was created so guys wouldn’t need to be burdened by taking care of women. let them get jobs and take care of themselves.

        1. That’s not what’s happening in the real world. What’s really happening is that women are on a higher platform to demand that men make even more money and they are now free to pursue their hypergamous instincts.

        2. Not working women. As a college educated professionally employed woman I’m focused on providing for my family and on my overall financial security. I’m not concerned at all what men make, only that my compensation matches theirs all things being equal.

        3. A woman that makes her own money and is *financially independent!* (key point – financially independent) won’t care how much money the man makes.

    7. Single women tend to vote liberal. Married women tend to vote conservative.
      I think it’s no coincidence they do things to discourage women from stable relationships.

      1. Married women vote conservative because 1) having her family’s income taxed and going to ghetto cum dumpsters takes away from the resources she could be giving to her children; and 2) once a woman has a child and becomes attached to it, sooner or later she starts to wonder if her child had been aborted, and becomes disgusted by the thought. Women with children tend to focus on children, while single women are all about “ME.”

        1. Yep. Women are extremely selfish by nature. Only a child can stop a woman’s self-destructive streak of selfishness…a child, or spinsterhood

      2. What’s the difference between democratic women and republican women?
        ans: Republican women give their heart to Bush and democratic women give their BUSH to HEART.
        (A dated joke from the 1988 pres. campaign – George HW Bush vs. Gary Heart)

    8. Expatriation has never looked so good.
      Nice analysis, and absolutely true about Uncle Sugar subsidizing women’s awful life choices while reaming Mr. Beta Schlub no matter which way the poor bastard turns.
      Support a system like this with my hard-earned tax money? Two words: FUCK THAT.

    9. Excellent post.
      There is also the reality of the ‘dating subsidy’. When a man buys a woman a couple of drinks at a bar that’s great for her but what is just as important and often overlooked is that it means that she gets to keep that money in her purse to spend somewhere else. In the past during mostly one on one courtship this was usually fairly short and limited exchange leading to marriage. Now however a woman can have multiple schmucks giving her small subsidies. It doesn’t take much for her to be getting more than a hundred dollars a week in cash and prizes.
      Think about what usually happens if a man and woman are living together. During the course of the relationship it’s common for the man to bend to her wishes for new shit most of which of course is paid for by him. What happens when the relationship ends? Most of that stuff goes with her – another subsidy. A woman who’s a serial monogamist can easily add thousands of dollars of possessions to her bottom line by the time she gets to her 30s. These women aren’t waiting for the marriage and divorce to get the goodies. They’re going through several ‘micro divorces’ during the course of their lives and scooping them up in smaller bundles. This also ties into some women’s desire to ‘remain friends’. What she is really saying is that she still wants access to some of the resources that a man was providing her with during the course of the relationship. She wants the relationship ended but she still wants a part time free therapist, chauffeur and tech support.
      Thus the end of the carousel has some very real financial costs for some women. As the ride slows down so do the subsidies and some find themselves unwilling or unable to maintain their standard of living on their own dime.

      1. It’s karmic retribution; the women who flaunt their flapping labia in barrooms and pool halls for their best 10 years gain all sorts of ‘subsidies’ from thirsty men; but once they hit the wall, they are left with nothing more than a few trinkets and a bruised and battered pussy that resembles a squashed tomato. Grrrrross grrrl power

      2. It’s the man’s fault for permitting this occur. If the relationship was maintained on equal footing – she works, he works, she pays, he pays – this wouldn’t happen (or at least the relationship would end differently)

  3. Good article. For those of you who look at this and are disheartened, don’t be. It’s useless to get down on yourself first of all and second of all, it’s actually quite easy for a man to be Top 20% if not Top 10% material. Top 0.1% (Brad Pitt, David Beckham, etc.) may be off the table but you don’t need to be anywhere near there to do quite well.
    In my hyperdating days, 90% of my game was simply having my shit together.
    1 – Career
    2 – Fit
    3- Well-groomed
    4 – Went out and lived – did 3-4 martial arts, active in politics, business networking charity, did powerlifting and bodybuilding – met people from all walks of life to understand the human condition, develop social skills and collect interesting stories.
    5- Had a spine
    In this day and age of grown manchildren who can’t cook (yes this is a male skill), clean their own castle, change their own oil (at least), and formulate 2-3 long term goals beyond making a strong World of Warcraft character, this is legitimately enough in the West to set you apart from most men. Throw in the fact that you can be direct, courageous and you stick to your word and it’s almost a gimme.
    The result was I came off as a well-balanced, decent-looking stable guy. Not in the beta provider sense but in the general “dashing, ambitious bachelor” sense.
    Believe me girls can pick up on these traits in 5 minutes or less. I had 20 women in 1 summer (Jun – August).
    In other words: The bar is currently so low, that any man who pulls himself up by the suspenders, gets at it and asserts his needs, wants and expectations can climb very high up into this hierarchy.

    1. I’d make one caveat: the list is arranged for early 30s husband hunters. For women under 30 “having fun” your list is in reverse order of importance. 3 could also be appended, “if you don’t have a guitar and a motorcycle,” but the bar is so low there these days that combing your hair daily and bathing weekly might cover it.

    2. Agreed, this site can psyche out many newbies into thinking that attracting women is a complex algorithm that can only be cracked by an extremely alpha rich man. Be calm, confident, and hold your frame.

      1. I’d contend that even rich alpha males got problems. Women know what that man has and has to give up. She’d immediately slide the price of her pussy up.

        1. Mayweather and Nelly are both dicks. Negroes are so stupid when it comes to pussy and all this hat hatted hooligan wanted to do is use them both.
          Real upper class educated men, not these athletes or actors who get lucky and make some money(they almost all go broke and end up owing the IRS or something or have some bitch get it) don’t have these problems.
          Nelly? That happens to be slang for queer so I suggest he change his name unless he’s on the downlow and is advertising for boytoys.
          You all know what I said is true.Negro boys need to stay out of athletics, acting and rapping and do something real because you have like a 1 in a million chance of getting anywhere in these areas.And even that 1 in a million who makes some money almost always gets fucked up in some way. He either spends his money and neglects to pay all his tax and then when he’s no longer making money ends up like Tyson owing a lot with penalties tacked on etc.It is so common that it is the norm.You make money rapping, some rival kills you.
          You make money boxing, Don King steals it all or some Ho gets it lol
          And let’s not forget Tiger. Giving up money to all those white Hos, his wife finds out and beats him with a golf club and then takes 1/2 his money.
          This is what happens when you let pussy rule you.

        2. Nah man. I dont know the rates but upper middle class and upper class white men get in trouble all the time, especially with money. I’ve seen the tax problems within my own family. ESPN’s 30 for 30 summed it up pretty nicely. The white collar criminals are the worst. They’ll act like your friend and in your best interests but take all your money.
          Mike Tyson has had his ups and downs but as fas as I can tell he’s financially secure now with movie cameos, interviews and a heavily scripted comedy tour
          I wouldnt say black athletes got lucky. They still had to work on their cross over, their J and their defense. Even people with talent like Percy Harvin find their ass on the way out if they’re not performing or are a cancer.
          Tiger had side chicks, MJ had side chicks and both their wives took half their money, and you know what? They’re still wealthy, they made it back. MJ wised up and got his new cuban broad on a $1m/yr prenup. You’re also downplaying the legions of white men across generations that got suckered into marriage and are sticking with it or are were wrung out by their wife. Go listen to the Tom Leykis show.
          Shit. I’ve had many white friends but very few black friends. The black friend’s dad actively encouraged him to have a side chick. He aint some super player, but he’s always in command of his sex life and has a side chick like his dad…though he was kind of mad at him for cheating on his mom. On the other hand every middle class married male I’ve been with has told me “Once you put a ring on the finger the hole closes up”

          How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

        3. No doubt. Whoever he’s banging right now is probably just happy she doesnt have a disease and is happy that she’s his number 1 and seen that way in public, the other hotter side chicks don’t matter to her as long as the world sees her as TW’s main chick.

        4. I said upper class men not white collar jew criminals.I have avoided all problems in my life and so have all of the men I know. It’s only these nouveau riche boys that have the problems.
          And as far as Leykis I knew him many years ago when he was at a local station making peanuts and gave him most of his schtick which is mostly an act.Same with Stern 30 years ago. Leykis has been married 4 times so I guess he’s a slow learner and it took him until 50 to wise up.

    3. Great post. The one disclaimer I would make is that the number of solid career options available to young men (at least America) are dwindling. And even if you do your research and get into a good one, there are few assurances that it won’t be outsourced/automated out when it becomes viable.

    4. The career is the glue holding that entire plan together. For many men, this is increasingly unattainable.

      1. absolutely. When men are secure and gainfully employed getting laid becomes a lot more possible. Its not a turn on so much as it doesnt set off a red flag and is a signal of comfort.
        On the other hand its relative as well. If shit really hit the fan like the oil dried up and we entered the dark ages there would be a period of time where NO ONE would be getting laid, but it would eventually go back up and new standards are defined and settled.

        1. NO ONE would be getting laid
          Bullshit. If we ever devolved into that situation things like rape would mean nothing and just be part of the male/female dynamic. Females are quite malleable and may even fall in love who a man with gives them the old in-out in-out.After all, their bodies are made for fucking (reproduction) and they may even desire it. Even today many females intentionally put themselves into situations where they are likely to be alone with a man and they certainly know, unless they’re retarded, that that means sex. Feminists, who were almost all lesbians in the past, have managed to brainwash females into believing that normal things are now abnormal and that some man had done them wrong.Females are very susceptible to suggestion from the herd and can be made to believe anything but ingrained instincts and action speak louder than words or conditioning from these feminist dykes who are really just grooming the girls so that They can get into their pants. Even fugly lesbian dykes want a good looking feminine women just as men do.

  4. Why do alpha males waste their time on average pussy, thereby fucking up the sexual marketplace? Why bang a 5 if you can pull 7.5?

    1. It’s not a waste of time if you have your cock in a girls ass only 30 minutes after meeting her.

        1. Someone said before that most American women have never been on a real date. I won’t be shocked if that were true.

    2. Because the feminists are right to this extent:
      For alphas sex has a considerable dominance component. It’s about power, and not just over women, but the entire tribe. When he bangs the 5, he’s putting you in your place.
      It’s good to be the King, and you can’t be the King unless you can knock him down and earn the right.

        1. Et tu, Brute?
          More than one top dog has been converted to dog meat by a beta revolt.
          I’ll note, however, that Vox Day is right. The alpha-beta social dichotomy comes to us from the PUA community, which had its own self serving reasons for casting things that way.
          In reality the betas are the top ten percent of men. They are the alpha’s core group and the ones who do the majority of social enforcement, sparing the alpha from having to fight every moment of his life.
          The average Joe is third tier, not second. Julius was taken down by his own associates, not an angry rabble. The rabble loved the shit out of him.

        2. The manosphere does suffer from a lack of common terminology and good definitions.
          Although I’m pretty sure everyone here agrees that they hate mangina white-knights…

    3. Because at a biological level, our sperm is nearly worthless. We make so much of it there’s no need to conserve it.
      It’s why men will be glad to scatter their seed into almost anything on a short term basis, but only want to pair bond with high quality women, and it’s partially why there is no “slut shaming” of males, but there is of females.

      1. “Because at a biological level, our sperm is nearly worthless. We make so much of it there’s no need to conserve it.”
        Maybe feminism is secretly sponsored by the paper towel industry…

    4. Because for many men, quantity is important. I’d smash girls from 6 up to the proverbial 10. Sex is fun, and if it’s being offered without onerous conditions or negative ramifications, I’m taking it.

  5. Men will always make up the worst and best of society because men will always be willing to sacrifice for women for the sake of sex. The poor and ugly men have little to help women with, while the rich and famous can support many (ex: kings)
    The women with the rich men will never be better off than the man for the sake they needed his help to become more wealthy. Evolution at play, the strongest survive.
    It is unlikely to have a riot over this issue (the strongest will always have it better), but the pent up anger just needs the right release valve (another murdering cop anyone?)
    Society structured marriage to take the idle time of men and use it towards producing for women (ie his kids). To have a family you needed to have enough ‘idle time’

    1. The strongest, most intelligent, and best men are NOT reproducing.
      I love how everyone has an evolutionary theory that hypergamy leads to better future offspring … if that were the case why are we degenerating further and further by the generation?

      1. please… you are assuming that hypergamy is the only factor in leading to a prosperous society. The amount of factors is too long to speak of but having a total effect much more powerful than hypergamy itself.
        Also I didn’t say that hypergamy in the pursuit of ‘game’ or ‘cool’ leads to a prosperous society, but money certainly does to a limit. That limit being when money that was created is freely redistributed by the government sufficient to raise a family or the woman can easily earn it herself.

      2. Most guys (you included) don’t even know what hypergamy truly is so how do you know the generational impact

  6. “If there’s one thing socialists have always understood, it is that you
    can only deregulate a market so far before the losers, justly or not,
    begin to respond violently. This is because violence, more than any
    other currency, is not a distortion of the free market; it is the ultimate free market.”
    The above is completely idiotic. Violence a feature of socialism not the free market, as the deaths of about 150 million people in former Communist nations will attest. Not to mention the endless starvation, torture, and suffering they experienced.
    Alcohol prohibition, a statist feature–certainly not a feature of the free market–was brought about via government force. The result was the creation of organized crime and the subsequent explosion in violence that is a feature of anti-market policies. Interestingly enough, the early feminists were perhaps the biggest supporters of the implementation of alcohol prohibition in an effort to “stamp out sin”.
    The sexual marketplace is in no way deregulated. It was simply “re-regulated” to favor one set of the population over another. Men must endure a virtual endless number of regulations upon their person within the sexual marketplace while women have virtually none. Interpreted through an economic lens one can easily observe the protectionist policies implemented in order to grant economic sexual power” to one section of the population over the other. Therefore, the sexual marketplace is indeed highly regulated, but for only one section of the population, thereby creating the severe distortions we presently endure.

  7. I’d like to see social science data about the percentages of virginal men in their 20’s, because that conflicts with the dominant belief in American culture that boys’ “sexual debut,” as the literature calls it, happens as an organic developmental stage with a median age of about 17.
    In other words, if a 17 year old boy can figure out how to close the deal with a girl for the first time, this accomplishment can’t depend on training from his elders or on previous life experience, because what the hell does a 17 year old boy know?
    I’d also like to see studies on parents’ attitudes towards their sons which compare the teen boys who can attract fuckable girls versus the ones who can’t. If you have a teenage son, and you can see that girls don’t want to get anywhere near him, that has to affect how you view your son, and probably not in a good way. These parents wind up telling their boys that they have to develop themselves and wait until their 20’s before girls will find them bangable – and while these parents probably mean well, they really convey the message to their sons that these boys don’t measure up, compared to those other boys who have the goods to bed girls in their teens, and without any of this nonsense about developing themselves and waiting.

  8. The sexual market has not been deregulated. It has been manipulated.
    Sex possie feminism, state funded birth control, white knight rape laws, Jew divorce lawyers etc are the drivers.
    Language is important to any red pill man!

    1. You are correct, but it has been manipulated away from advantaging men to advantaging women, and women being advantaged in the sexual marketplace is the unregulated state.
      The fact that the majority of women are only attracted to a minority of men is not a matter of any regulation, nor is the fact that women control reproduction.
      Consider these purely biological facts:
      Men produce flotillas of sperm, each of which is programmed to expend its entire life’s energy trying to fertilize an egg in the face of competition.
      Eggs are entirely passive and the majority of fertilized eggs spontaneously abort.

      1. So you’ve bought into the hype?
        The truth is that human babies require huge amounts of energy and resources to survive. What you just described is modern sluttery and NOT what women are naturally attracted to.

        1. “So you’ve bought into the hype?”
          No. I’ve “bought in” to empirical observations as a student of natural history since the time I didn’t need two hands to show my age. As I’m getting a bit long in the tooth the “hype” then was of a different sort than it is today. The nature of the hype is itself something to be observed and analyzed as a clue to the natural behaviours of those creating the hype.
          “It is really dumb to only consider sperm and egg characterisitcs when talking about homo sapien mating choices.”
          Indeed, which is why I have never done anything of the kind. It is, however, completely idiotic to ignore them.

        2. Listen up fag. The sexual marketplace has NEVER been manipulated to advantage men. Got it.
          And in 2014 female sexual behavior is a result of manipulation not sperm egg biology …

        3. You’re right. The sexual marketplace has never been manipulated to serve common men’s interests. It’s been manipulated to serve the sexual and economic interests of the elite males; always has been, always will be.
          And don’t resort to petty personal attacks on others posting comments. It’s makes you look weak and frustrated; like a child or a feminist screaming to have their viewpoint heard. Keep it civil.

        4. Hey. maybe he knows of some country where the female tax dollars are used to subsidize government mandated blow jobs.

        5. HAHA! Sounds like a paradise.
          The way things are going though, female tax dollars are going to be funding everything. Men are checking out of this shit show in massive amounts, whether voluntarily or not.

        6. “Listen up fag.”
          Quite the charismatic little charmer, ain’cha? Save it for 8chan, this is RoK.
          “The sexual marketplace has NEVER been manipulated to advantage men.”
          I am not a “traditionalist” and my time frame of reference is not limited to the mythical 50s (as someone who remembers them, I can assure you that they aren’t what they used to be).
          Your denial that the legal structure was ever manipulated to advantage men, ironically supports my own case, as laws which were created to advantage men were twisted to advantage women, even at a time when women had no direct political power.
          Because in the unregulated state women have the advantage in the sexual market. By the 20th century they had used this power to gain the legal upper hand as well.
          The Tender Years Doctrine was their key victory. That first entered the legal lexicon in 1838. Chivalry 2.0 of the Victorian Romantic period was also of significance.
          The legal advantage of men applied all its force through a single keystone. Once that keystone was removed the arch fell, transforming the system to one which served women.
          That keystone was the default ownership, by men, of recognized children. It was gone by 1900.

        7. “It’s been manipulated to serve the sexual and economic interests of the elite males . . .”
          Marx was right to that extent. The elites have never viewed the commoner as anything more than livestock.
          For a good deal of the agricultural period, the sexual and economic interests of the commoner were not even an idea.
          However, some livestock is considered more valuable than others and breeding programs were found to have value.
          Which might be of some value to the livestock themselves, as contrasted with the wild state. The average rabbit in the wild has a lifespan of less than two years, and they aren’t easy.

  9. It’s not that I am blind to the reality of the world we live in right now, it’s just that I refuse to accept it for it is. Like Chesterton, I choose to try and restore things, not enjoy the decline (sorry Cap). In doing so, I want to show the future generations that there is hope, there is always a way to make things better, and there will always be a way to turn the tide, provided we draw breath.
    I know it looks bleak right now, but I suspect that the pendulum is about to swing back and stay that way for a long time. Feminism is a self-destructive philosophy. Once you stop giving into it, it loses its power and then it turns on itself. It was created out of envy and envy can only destroy the productive and prosperous, provided the productive and prosperous let it happen.
    I refuse to let it happen.

    1. Its not necessarily feminism that is to blame. Its perfectly normal for mating habits to change as societies grow and change. Female liberation was as inevitable as the end of slavery. Things arent going to ever go back to the way they used to be. Feminism is a poison but its natural for women to want to have a larger portion of the “American dream”, and they are not going to jump back in the kitchen any quicker than blacks are going to head back to the plantation. You have no choice but to adapt because our true human instincts are now on display without societal restrictions. To refuse, is to fail, to die, and your children are much better off being born to a father thay chooses to improve himself instead of worrying about a collective good thag he has no real power over.

      1. Well said. Perfect articulation of the bigger picture. Things aren’t going to go back to the 1950’s where women wear aprons over there summer dresses and stay home all day making dinner and baking cookies for hubby. We need to accept this and adapt. Idealism only hurts us.

        1. That era was brief, and it’s gone forever, like a fart in the wind. It was probably nice while it lasted. My old man speaks highly of it.

      2. I’m not interested in collective good, just my own good and that of my family. When I say I will restore what was lost, I will do it first in my own life.
        From there, hopefully I can inspire people to follow suit. Even if it is just one person, that makes all the difference.

  10. I think the author makes some good insights here, bringing in economic theory, but there is one point at which I disagree.
    The author states that the market is completely deregulated, but there are facets that are still regulated. The whole marriage institution IS regulation and top-down intervention.
    The fact that a man (in 99% of cases) is liable to pay alimony, be labelled the “oppressor”, and have wealth transferred from him to his wife is a form of regulation and taxation.
    I would even go so far as to say that the rape-hysteria culture is another form of regulation. You can be attractive to the ladies, but if you offend them in any shape or form you are liable to be professionally and legally burned at the stake for pushing a boundary that they themselves ask to be pushed.

    1. The men who win today are men like Roosh and the quasi-omega alphas who like to pump and dump and treat women like shit. These “men” are in a stage of arrested development, usually accompanied by substance abuse.
      I have more respect for the beta provider who attempts to raise a family (as misguided as that is) than the PUA who fucks and chucks indiscriminately. Young men are allowed to be promiscuous, but to make a lifestyle out of it is usually the sign of a lack character.

      1. “I have more respect for the beta provider who attempts to raise a family (as misguided as that is) than the PUA who fucks and chucks indiscriminately. Young men are allowed to be promiscuous, but to make a lifestyle out of it is usually the sign of a lack character.”
        Yeah usually… But what of the men that realize that the system is rigged and it is time to hoard their resources for better times (or better places if you are willing to relocate)? Are they just supposed to dutifully masturbate for half-a-decade or so?
        Everyone can lambaste me for being beta, but I would have been quite content to have a litter of children, a wife I’m attracted to, and a study where I could pursue my projects and interests. Sounds good to me. But that is not on the table for me right now…
        So what am I supposed to do until then??? Never date women??? Put together a porn-encyclopaedia?

        1. Given a rigged scenario, your options are 1. play anyway (naive chumps) 2. adapt (PUA) or 3. opt out (MGTOW). Perhaps you could also try some rigging of your own. Guys who use steroids as a way to play into girls’ predisposition to respond to supernormal stimuli are an example of this (not that I’m advocating steroid use).

        2. just try it once. it is not satisfying on a continual basis, but when you’re on a dry spell it helps calm you down.

        3. Everyone can lambaste me for being beta, but I would have been quite content to have a litter of children, a wife I’m attracted to, and a study where I could pursue my projects and interests. Sounds good to me. But that is not on the table for me right now…
          There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s not nearly as many real alphas as people like to think. Without a large number of actual beta males society would never have proceeded like it did.
          You had the best quote on that I’ve seen. Would you rather be a beta in the spartan army or an alpha leader of some mangina club.
          For decades, doing exactly what you said you wanted was being a beta in a pretty damn good civilization. Nothing wrong with wanting that.

        4. It does not bring fulfillment, but then again neither does frivolous divorce, the odds of which are currently VERY high for the average man in this social climate.
          There are few options available to men right now. Most are not great. Haphazardly getting married and having children is arguably the worst option right now. I don’t necessarily respect the chumps that do it.

        5. Just accept the reality that a life-long, loving marriage is not very likely.
          I was team monogamy until I got cheated on by a piece of shit girl in my last LTR. I can’t see, at this point, how I’d ever go back to practising monogamy. The novelty of having different women at the same time is addictive. I should have adopted the philandering lifestyle years ago. Try it.

        6. If you’re willing to just totally forego your sense of self and dignity for vagina, I’m pretty sure there are ways to hack the female brain for more of their sexual attention…

        7. Its not even monogamy itself that brings fulfillment (in contrast to being a player), but rather the potential to have security, community, and the opportunity to raise children. And with the restlessness related to acquiring those other things gone you get the opportunity to start building things of lasting value or pursue higher-minded interests.
          Of course many men just go the Al Bundy route…

        8. Clark, I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned the desire to father children several times in different articles. How old are you, if you dont mind my asking?

        9. 28.
          I keep bringing it up because I’m trying to understand if this is factoring into anyone else’s thinking.
          If it weren’t for the possibility of fathering children (not just spawning bastards), why the hell are we bothering with all of this??? If we’ve decided to say fuck it to a decent future, than all I really see ahead of us is hedonism… A total breakdown of civilization… No families… No peace… Just lost souls and cruel mobs everywhere…
          If fathering children was not on my agenda whatsoever, then I’d completely change my lifestyle and say fuck it… Wouldn’t bother with career building or any of it… I’d just be a broke-ass musician/philosopher travelling the lands and talking to people… I couldn’t give a shit about all the posturing and materialism of our society to be honest.
          The possibility of having children is what ties it all together in my mind. Its the only reason I bother to keep out of debt and work hard at being competitive in the modern labour market.

        10. I hear you, but I think you are thinking too much about it. You are on the right track man. I truly believe in bettering yourself to the highest degree you can before starting a family. Being 28 and having no kids is way better than being 21 with 1+ unloved bastards roaming the Earth. You seem like a smart guy, you need to trust yourself that you are doing the right thing by not doing anything at all (i.e having kids) until you are good and ready in all facets of your life. A lot can happen in a few years too, you’re nowhere near an old man.

        11. Exactly this. I have so many beta colleges who all they want is a loyal women . They’ve spent their entire lives studying to become doctors/engineers and now they realize the little it asked for is never going to be found.
          The smart men now realize the situation that is before us and just play the game.

        12. And also understand that a ‘loving, lifelong marriage’ will result in a very subdued, bored libido, meaning compromised hormonal flow, moods, sensuality. That’s the BEST case scenario. Marriage is a narrative for older generations. To go into marriage nowadays would require an almost superhuman inability to see what is right in front of your face.

        13. “neither does frivolous divorce, the odds of which are currently VERY high for the average man in this social climate…”
          That statement, alone, is a very real reason why any man should have reservations about getting married, today.
          Men work hard to make a nice living….to have it all taken away by some woman who isn’t “feeling it” or who isn’t happy is not in a man’s best interest. It’s a very real thing because it can separate a man from this wealth very easily while the woman finds a new man (and now has half of your income).
          Many men have gone through this experience and it isn’t a good feeling. To have worked so hard and to have been loyal only to have a court order a man to pay a woman “just because” – remember, we’re all equal (lol).
          Fuck that….maybe years ago but not today. Men need to push for more laws to change before considering marriage.
          There is nothing but a downside to marriage for a man (it’s all an upside for the woman).

        14. I’d recommend, at this point, maybe heading overseas to teach English and see how that lifestyle works out for you. You’re still young enough to get out and see how it pans out.
          If it doesn’t work, then come back and regroup. You may find everything that you’re looking for in a foreign bride who is looking for the same lifestyle. I don’t see much promise here in today’s group of women (too entitled).
          You only see the women here start to somewhat “compromise” once they approach the wall. They know time is ticking and that their SMV is dropping (because the younger, hotter women are out and about).

        15. yeah, cheatin’ happened to me once (short term relationship, but I wanted it to work).
          Why did it happen? Well, there was a blizzard, and I didnt feel like making the trek to her place.
          Clearly, it was totally my fault it didnt work out 😉

        16. It’s horribly skewed in favor of women. Yet, beta men are still lining up in droves to involve the State in their romantic relationships. Any and EVERY man who gets married in this current social climate is a tool and a sucker to the core. There are few exceptions to this. I have no respect for them no matter how noble their intentions are. I simply do not respect ignorance,or lack of situational and environmental awareness.
          I’m a firm believer that less than 10% of the male population will ever fully digest the red pill. Most men will outright reject the red pill in favor of a lifelong, steady diet of comfortable lies. That is why feminism, Marxism, and all this other bullshit keeps winning. The vast majority of “men” are weak pussies. They ruin it for the rest of us.

      2. I don’t think that’s fair, maybe they’re just too cynical for long term relationships. Average length of marriage in US is now 7 years.

        1. The institution of marriage is clearly dead. It’s a shell of what it used to be. It no longer has meaning, and can no longer be relied upon as the backbone of civilization. It’s quite obsolete, and does not jive with the corrupt values of modern civilization.
          Marriage rates are plummeting, and rapidly I should add. The only thing keeping marriage stats high are old people. In 20 years when they are all dead and gone, the marriage rate among adults will likely be well below 20%.
          Any guy dumb enough to get married in this social climate deserves what he will inevitably receive; a humiliating divorce, accompanied by garnishments of his future earnings.

        2. Do immigrants count as part of the “married” pool if they arrive to the country already in wedlock?
          Kuz if so you could say that immigration accounts for a noteworthy percentage of the married population.

        3. I really don’t know. But I do suspect that Western culture can destroy even the most solid foreign marriage.
          Any foreign dudes bringing their families to this country should be prepared for what they are facing. America may be the land of opportunity, but it is also the land of broken, shattered people.

        4. Nice reference. I called it the Sex and the City philosophy.
          Yes, it has damaged (and can damage) many marriages. It has already damaged many older women that you see at the bar, restaurants, or clubs.
          You know the ones….sitting in that same group of 3 or 4, older and trying to figure out “what went wrong”….lol.

      3. What a perfectly gynocentric comment. Onward Feminine Imperative! Even a regular poster here is really just a F.I. handpuppet bitch without consciously trying to be.

    2. You’re correct, but the main point is that a majority of men are sexually disenfranchised, and both of these lead to involuntary celibacy. A guy can successfully get money and successfully breed and then become unfuckable by all women when his wife divorces him and is then free to fuck desperate college boys while spending her ex’s money. Those same kids are so desperate because they know even the most enthusiastic girls at their college could sing a different tune in the light of day and send the guys to jail.
      Women have the power to do whatever they want with moral carte-blanche in the eyes of most ignorant shitheads.

    3. Holy fuck, Clark Kent. You’re here everyday, posting at the very least 20 comments per article. Go do something productive with your life.

      1. I know right.
        My thesis forces me to sit in front of my computer editing for days on end… I can’t help it, stuck right now…
        But quite frankly, I find the manosphere and the current direction of our culture, as a phenomenon on the whole, extremely interesting.
        All the shit that is going on right now… Culture wars, social trends, potential for economic depression, all the new laws that are being implemented (that are really outlandish you have to admit… The “YesMeansYes” thing in California??? Why does everybody think that is ok???), the utter dismantlement of the institutions of traditional life… How is this not something that will be definitive of our times???
        Keep in mind I’m an academic, writer, and psychologist by trade, and there is so much food for thought here it is ridiculous…
        You may not agree, but I actually think drinking in all this information while I have the available time is in fact productive for me. Some other asshole is sitting in front of the couch everyday trying to numb his mind to the harsh realities of our world…
        I’ll spend my time how I want and you should do the same.
        Also, daily practice in creative writing 😉

        1. Well said Kal…..errrr…..Clark Kent. Culturally speaking this site is a haven of ideas, ideologies, social trends, health benefits, and intellectual discourse. If these were the minds I met in school, I would have gladly over-achieved! You’re doing it right Clark. Of all the sites you could be ‘wasting time’ on, this is by far one of the best and can yield life enhancing changes.

        2. Not only the articles themselves but the comments sections have tonnes of wisdom. We’re having conversations with men of all ages, races, cultures, physical locations, careers, lifestyles… Where else am I gonna get to do that all at once??? If I’m procrastinating I might as well be learning something.

  11. Chasing women is for little boys, they should be chasing you after you are 25 as far as I’m concerned (I’m not at that age yet).

    1. They won’t be chasing you, unless you’re the crème de la crème. Remember the last time women took any initiative? I don’t either. Even the mediocre ones have more options they can handle.

      1. when a woman finds a guy attractive, it is emotionally hard for them to approach a man. even attractive bitchy women have a hard time rejecting a man they don’t even like !!!

      2. “Remember the last time women took any initiative?”
        Yeah, I ended up having to go fucking ghost to get away from her. At least she wasn’t a bunny boiler like some of the others.

      3. In last four months I have been approached (phone number placed in my backpack, friend asking, and blatant eyeing) by three women 8 plus.
        I initiated none of it. That didn’t happen to me in college.

        1. well then you have the looks, that is your game. the rest of us are average looking guys. we have to do the approaching.

        2. Height and above average looks, good job. But I have no real game or sense of humor (honestly).
          I see men who are 5’6″ with great conversation skills work a crowd and get a few numbers.

        3. Not really, one was on public transit, another near a library. It could just be due to my confidence level rising high of late.

        4. you cant really cultivate a sense of humor. You can, however, learn to juggle and do card tricks 🙂

    2. They will. Mainly single mothers and desperate older women who were playing around with many other men.
      You really want to have your pick of these women?

    3. Dunno if you’ve seen this but you might like it…
      SMV on the y-axis, Age on the x-axis
      *Figure adapted from Rollo Tomassi

    4. women rarely chase, unless they have some kind of emotional over-current. you need more experience out there.

        1. All of you who claim to be pussy slayers are either full of shit or somewhat famous and thus wouldn’t be on this site to begin with. I’ve been with 2 dozen women in my life, and 99% of them I had to do the work to bed them. only 2 approached me.

        2. I’m not a slayer. I have only been with 5 women in my life (admittedly could have been way more), but I still claim women chase some men.
          I don’t have good game either, I’m an introvert loner type.

        3. the extroverts do not necessarily do better, they just approach more women. the success rate for the best players is maybe 10%, more like 2-5%. on a given weekend I approach 4 women in an evening and go home alone most of the time. I also hit up about 100 online. I haven’t had pussy for about 6 months. it takes effort. I’m 40 years old. I do not chase, I approach, then let the course of action take place.

        4. for most women, the man has to approach. a female desires a man to take charge . some of my friends who have looks but don’t approach women do not fare better than the rest of us with average or above average looks.

        5. I do not claim to be a pussy slayer and expressly deny being alpha. Nonetheless it is an empirical fact, in the public record, that I have been pursued by women hard enough to interfere with my life, and even threaten my liberty when I have rejected them.
          Earlier this year I had a high school girl, thus less than a third my age, abandon her soccer practice to run to the side of the road and cat call me as I bicycled by, and a female bike cop has obviously taken a liking for me, abandoning her stone face to smile and wave every time I ride by her.
          A woman who has decided she really wants you will tear down the halls of heaven itself to get you.

        6. but does it happen everyday?? that’s the key to being a player is getting it by different women many times over and I seriously doubt that happens to you on a daily basis unless you got superior looks. most of us do not and are average so it takes some work; clothes, conversation, physical fitness, etc.

        7. True. Men like Krauser and Steve Jabba approach hundreds of women each year. I think Krauser said his conversion rate was about 5%. With a work-rate like that, by mere probability and the fact that practice makes perfect, you’re bound to end up with a triple digit notch count after a while

        8. ” . . .but does it happen everyday?”
          Is that moving the goal post?
          No, it does not happen every day, because I have learned to manipulate my attractiveness downward in order to be able to get on with my life, and that can interfere with my life to the extent that I am a public personage.
          ” . .. the key to being a player . . .”
          I do not claim to be a player. Others have, both men and women, but they are in error and I expressly deny it.

        9. you stated my game was incorrect and I am not doing it right. I get the 1 out of every 100 women to basically chase me, but if you read my original post it said most of the time the guy has to do the approaching and slight chasing. (asking out, asking for a meetup, etc) now you are saying that you have no game, women spontaneously pursue you, doesn’t make sense. please explain.

        10. It’s their job. They make a living from fucking tons of girls and then teaching men how to do it. Their office is the streets. They clock in every day when they go out to game.

        11. ” . . .you stated my game was incorrect and I am not doing it right.”
          I said nothing of the kind. I will note, however, that if you find dressing yourself, having interesting conversations and keeping physically fit to be things that you have to put special effort into in order to attract women, that might be an issue for you. I have always done these things for their own sake. I have never done them in a conventional manner, deriving my own definitions of what these things amount to.
          You might want to give that a try.
          ” . . . you are saying that you have no game, women spontaneously pursue you . . .”
          Yes. I have had a woman decades younger than myself stop her car in the middle of the street and back up to open me as I was just walking down the sidewalk. Her opening line was, ” I just wanted to tell you that I used to follow you around when you were out for a walk.”
          She could have been very attractive, if she had had more hair and less fat. I thanked her politely and blew her off. Pity.
          ” . . .doesn’t make sense.”
          And yet it must, because it is the empirical case.
          “please explain.”
          I’ll have to leave that to the social anthropologists. I’m not a PUA guru or “life coach” with something to sell. I am more of a social philosopher, in the cut of Swift, Twain and Thoreau, which is why I comment here relatively often, but at Roosh V very rarely.
          I also have the disadvantage of being inside the phenomenon, making it harder to observe. I can offer this note: I am, except with regards to height, not average.

          Websites like ^this charge men ridiculous amounts of money ($1000’s) just to learn the art of pickup, and they aren’t short on any takers either…
          You’d learn much more from roosh’s books anyway, save that cheque for a ticket to paradise where the women are hot and non-feminist.

        13. They have clients who pay then to teach them how to game girls. Their bootcamps are pretty expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of Euros/Pounds Sterling. Plus they have ebooks that people buy. I’m not sure how much money they make, though.

    5. The Doc makes a good point. If you’re a young man today, you know the majority of your friends aren’t really pushing their limits. It’s well known in this corner of the web that minimal “gaming” is necessary for men who can understand and apply certain fundamental principles. Any guy can start attracting female attention if he focuses on himself.

  12. Actually, not to dismiss the pain of the incels, which is obviously felt at a personal level – and as you mention can often lead to suicide – this is not the biggest cost of this deregulation.
    The biggest loss and it affects every one of us, man, woman and children – and everyone yet yo be born – is the consequential de-coupling of male productivity from sexual access. Women’s sexuality is much more fluid than men’s (and I know I’m preaching to the choir here) and once thier dependence on men’s productivity was removed, male productivity ceased to be a primary attraction trigger.
    With this route to sexual access to women removed from increasing numbers of men, more and more men are seeing no point in pushing themselves to the levels men typically did in the past. This matters. Because for all the talk of equality, women, as a group, still take billions of dollars a year more out of Uncle Sam’s pot than they put into it. Women are not picking up the slack. It turns out that allowing women the option to work like men actually comes with an implicit expectation that they deliver like men. And quite simply they are not. Women, as a group, and over the arc of their lives, are not delivering at anything like the rate the feminists have spent the last 50 year proclaiming they would.
    And so we are all becoming more impoverished – at an ever increasing rate.
    It is this reality what will bury feminism – and soon. Pity we had to pay such a high price to pander to a bunch of noisy women and weak men.

    1. GirlWritesWhat, a female manosphere and MRA writer, calls this coming economic crash the “Fempocalypse.”
      Here’s a video she made some years ago detailing exactly how this will happen and it makes quite a bit of sense…

      1. Yep – I have posted this before, so apols if you have seen it, but I got into a debate with a SIW regarding female economic contributions
        She posted this link;
        From it;
        “In the U.S., an estimated 8.6 million women-owned businesses contribute $1.3 trillion to the economy and employ 7.7 million Americans, according to an April report commissioned by American Express OPEN, the credit card giant’s small business division. What’s more, the number of women-owned firms with $10 million or more in annual sales has increased 57 percent over the past decade.”
        Sounds great doesn’t it?
        The latest figures from the World Bank puts the annual GDP of the US economy at 16.8 trillion dollars. The link celebrates that female owned businesses are contributing 1.3 trillion dollars or 7.7% of this.
        The latest figures from the US Department of Labor puts the number of civilians employed at a whisker under 144 million. The link trumpets that female owned businesses employ 7.7 million or 5.3% of this.
        This is all that women, as a group, can bring to the table after 50 years of ‘equal’ opportunity, affirmative action in education, huge amounts of legislation to tilt the playing field in their favour and the complete re-tooling of the working world to suit their needs? 7.7% of GDP? After 50 years?
        Christ, after WW2 it took men only 20 years to rebuild the whole of Europe.
        But that’s not the worst of it;
        Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends found that in 2012, 49% of men and 61% of women had ever received payments from at least one the big six entitlement programs. The same report revealed that more women receive multiple benefits than do men, so the actual value of the benefits paid by sex will inevitably show a greater disparity. This figure is never published (wonder why!) but let’s say that by value, the benefits paid splits 35% male 65% female. The President’s FY 2013 budget allocated just around 1.7 trillion dollars to these programs, which means women are receiving approx. 1.1 trillion dollars.
        If we assume that female owned businesses in the link are paying 20% of their 7.7% of GDP to Big Daddy Government as tax (they’re not, female run businesses are significantly smaller and less profitable than male ones, but indulge me) then they are paying in about 260 billion dollars. Or about 850 billion dollars less than what women, as a group, are taking out of the pot.
        Women, as a group, are not even close to paying their way, let alone able to produce a surplus for anyone else.
        But it gets even worse.
        Whilst women, as a group, are being subsidized by men, as a group, to the tune of 850 billion dollars a year, every year, we are all supposed to be chanting the mantra that women are men’s equals, that they must be respected like men, that they can perform and deliver like men.
        It’s simply not sustainable. Men, as a group, and BDG’s credit card, are tapped out. What can’t continue, won’t.
        We are into the end-game of feminism. It will not go quietly. The next few years are likely to get nasty. Stay strong. Feminism will eat itself. Help it along where you can, but mostly don’t get in the way of their self destruction.

        1. Omg well I can debunk everything you just said about women not reaching the same potential as men with one word..patriarchy !

        2. this will never end without the concomitant ending of the ‘equal opportunity’ lie.
          feminism’s root, the intense wicked selfishness of toddlers, has always been. but its latest incarnation explosively rose because it hitched itself to racial equalist movements. when you have to pay for opportunity with your own time, space, and innovation, you quickly it is the most expensive thing on earth. if your trainee can’t become self sufficient, sail on to mastery, and not only replace all the trust/money spent on them but also afford the next in line -and- the sporadic financial forgiveness of earnest failures in the same horse race, it is always a net global loss. opportunity not replaced, consumed forever, is the ledger that Cadders details above.
          equal is as irrelevant as race and feminism. but, i strongly doubt this lie will end, sadly.

        3. Agree with others….send that to Roosh and let’s get that posted as an article.
          That is an excellent piece and many others should be made aware of those numbers.
          You know unless we post it, then it will never get reported….fucking sad.
          Thanks again…good stuff.

        4. “We are into the end-game of feminism. It will not go quietly. The next few years are likely to get nasty.”
          How many years until it comes to a head? When does endgame come?
          And I agree with Clark Kent that your post should be made into an article and submitted to ROK as an article. Interesting, bro.

        5. IMO things are already coming to a head. There is not going to be a big ‘battle’ or confrontation. Men and women are complimentary, or in other words, equal and opposite. Just as feminism created an army of millions for confront and face others down to get their way, so the red pill has created a million armies of one, with each man choosing for himself how to live his life. The red pill response is happening now and it is undermining feminism everywhere. To speak to the bigger picture ( and to borrow something I have written elsewhere before);
          All feminism has is shaming language and the state
          (ironically, ultimately other men) to keep man to the feminist line.
          But now, increasingly, the shaming doesn’t work. And men are dis-engaging from society in general to avoid entanglements with the state; if you don’t get married, you can’t be divorced, if you don’t co-habit you can’t have half your stuff appropriated, if you don’t have children, you can’t be on the hook for child support, if you don’t enter the corporate world you can’t be be accused of ‘harassment’ and if you don’t date you drastically reduce your chance of a false rape accusation.
          These are genuine threat-points for men in the modern world that didn’t exist before feminism. It speaks to the feeble minds of feminists that they would think that men will simply carry on as they did when these threats did not exist. For the last 50 years men (mostly) still did. But that’s over now.
          So men are doing what they have always done, survey their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. Which means, increasingly, living their lives without regard to what women want. This does not mean living without sex, relationships or female company. Just that the investment men make in all these areas is being dramatically reduced.
          As feminism reduces the value of women (in men’s eyes), so men are reducing the amount of time, effort, attention and money they are willing to spend for the declining ‘benefits’ modern women now bring to their lives.
          But my point here is that the real news is that the true cost of feminism, firstly born by men, and then children, is now being passed on to women. Record numbers of women are living alone, record numbers of women are childless, record numbers are on psychiatric medication, record numbers are facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs that they can never leave. And still feminism spins these outcomes as the conscious choices of these women and as ’empowering’.
          And yet, women’s self reported happiness, across all classes, all races, all demographics is lower than ever since records began 50 years ago. Tellingly, for the first time ever, they are also now lower than men’s.
          But you do not need to read ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’ to know this. Just talk to the increasing number of 30 and 40 year old childless spinsters one on one – not in a group – to get the REAL story.The REAL effect of feminism in the REAL world. These women don’t give two hoots about intersectional feminism, they are just wondering where all the good husbands, hell ANY decent man, went.
          Mostly, disgusted with what feminism has done to women, he walked away.
          For the truth is that men don’t want to fight women, it goes against the core of what it means to be a man. But feminism thrust men into a fight that they neither started nor wanted. To the point that feminists are reduced to crowing about ‘winning’ battles that men never turned up for.
          And even now, as feminism pushes and pushes and pushes to ever more absurd levels, as ever more restrictions are placed on normal masculine behavior, ever more insane definitions of ‘rape’, ‘assault’, and ‘aggression’ are drafted into law in increasingly desperate attempts to somehow, anyhow, cast women as perpetual victims – even now – men are still refusing to be drawn into a real battle.
          That’s how deeply men do not want to fight women.
          The sound of the final battle between the sexes will not be heard in the streets or legislatures. It will not be televised or reported. There will be no flags hoisted or victory parades.
          Because it is already in progress. It is happening all around us in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see it.
          And men are deploying the most devastating weapon of all – indifference. In this final battle who cares least wins.
          This last act will be played out over many years – no one know how long.
          Right now, men just need understand how the game is played, and make sure your on the right team – you own.

        6. After all, women are only good for sex, raising children, and housekeeping, not being in the workforce.

        7. You should also note that the majority of those women-owned business are women owned in name only. The benefit of having the wife on the ownership paperwork is huge. Government subsidies in loans and preference on contracts give these arrangements an incredible advantage. We must also factor in the costs to providing these advantages to these woman-owned businesses. So, most of the economic contributions (no matter how minor they may be) are a not really female contributions. Secondly with all the costs associated with these businesses the net economic contribution may actually be negative.

        8. Yes, I got that impression when I started digging into the detail. Of course it is impossible to quantify it. It really is quite mind boggling the spin that almost all of the articles I pulled up put on to promoting women’s ‘achievements’ and ‘advances’. Often they state ‘amazing’ facts without any terms of reference, or simply omit the multiple caveats that invalidate their narrative.
          You don’t need to go to these lengths if the story you are reporting is actually true.
          In the end though, it won’t matter. The more that feminists delude themselves the faster they hasten their own end and the further they will fall.
          We live in interesting times.

    2. “With this route to sexual access to women removed from increasing numbers of men, more and more men are seeing no point in pushing themselves to the levels men typically did in the past.”
      I don’t blame them. No incentives, no point in trying. It might be a different story if the third wave of Feminism had produced the quality women that its propogaters said it would, but as we can see, it’s been quite the opposite.

      1. And then on top of it, they make prostitution and whore-houses not only socially black-listed, but in some countries outright illegal or legally risky…
        Those incels are basically expected to be eunuchs…

        1. Prostitution has been around since the beginning of humanity. It has never solved any of these problems.

        2. I am not saying it does, but for the beta males, it can help alleviate their desperate tendencies. once the betas marry a slut the slut for the most part forgets the mans needs. the betas can have more fun and get better at game at strip clubs and house of ill reput.

        3. I don’t. I think prostitution is okay as long as it’s regulated enough so that the prostitutes are in charge of themselves, and not virtually “owned” by some pimp. If they’re self-marketing, of legal age and both parties are okay with the risks, I don’t see the problem.

        4. Yes, I agree. These outlets are necessary to keep societies from running off the rails. Prostitution is legal, or at least accepted, throughout most of Europe. That’s because Europe has some of the most anti-male laws in the world. They are at least smart enough to throw their desperate men a bone every once and a while. If they didn’t violent revolution likely would have occurred a while ago over there.
          Feminists hate prostitution so much because it gives men some options. Feminism is all about reducing men’s options to zero, effectively making them slaves, or at least second class citizens. Sadly, it’s done it’s job quite well.

        5. Feminists totally agree that men should pay for pussy, it’s all the fair characteristics of prostitution that they hate.

        6. You can’t be sure. I think many people here would be interested to know that a lot of feminists are pro-prostitution, as long as prostitutes aren’t controlled/abused by pimps.

        7. I dunno about that. Seeking out prostitutes is only for the lowest of the low loser males in society. It sounds good in theory, but in practice it’s not great.
          I only respect it when a super rich guy pays for a high end call girl, not because he lacks options, but because his time is precious.

        8. Bullshit. I knew a dude in college who was in a wheelchair. Needless to say femininists aren’t as loving as they let on.

        9. It’s more like a two-party transaction: the man who can’t attract women suffices his sexual needs, the woman gets paid, and neither has to go home worried about getting beaten up.

        10. when you have a son, a job, and hobbies, that also takes up your time. I can only go out to bars for 3 hours per week, not much time to approach and bed females.

        11. I call bullshit. Feminists are strictly opposed to prostitution because it gives men an outlet for sex beyond having to put up with all the shit women bring to the table.
          In Sweden, prostitution is only a criminal act for the male getting serviced. Being a whore is not against the law there, only seeking them out is. That should tell you all you need to know.

        12. “Feminists are strictly opposed to prostitution because it gives men an outlet for sex beyond having to put up with all the shit women bring to the table.”
          I know many other feminists who agree with me, because it allows for more sexual freedom without social repercussions on both sides. Sweden may be one imbalanced example, but it seems like in the U.S., sex workers get stigmatized much more than the heavily-male customer pool.

        13. Same in Canada…
          It is no different than the YesMeansYes bullshit going on in California universities…

        14. Feminists hate prostitution because men can’t fake arousal and service women that are undesirable, so they feel that must be unfair to them.

        15. Yes, I forgot about the disabled. Prostitution serves them well, and I think that is a good thing.

        16. Exactly. Feminist “prostitution isn’t prostitution. It’s men paying too much for pussy…. and then being villieifed for it… while women sell pussy and get to be victims.

        17. Cunt,
          We all know the feminists think it’s a great idea that women should be entitled to sell men sex at a very high price and have zero risk/stigma while all the bad gets foisted on the males…but that ain’t prostitution. That’s female domination.
          Feminists do no like prostitution!

        18. Yea. Feminsts like to redefine the prostitution out of prostitution and then pretend they like it. But they don’t like prostitution… they like female domination, but just to refuse to call it that.

        19. When team cunt decided to make it illegal for Canadian and Swedish dudes to buy pussy, but not for team cunt to sell pussy.
          Pimps are awesome. If sex is to be sold, not just women should profit… equality all all. Plus pimps keep the prices affordable for working class guys.

        20. What about in the case of a female pimp, a madame? Do feminists have a problem with that? No, when a madame gets busted she’s portrayed as looking after her girls. Its just when men get a cut of the pay its a crime.

        21. Exactly. And that’s why feminists are cunts.
          Ultimately since prostitution is women profiting from sex. Feminists have to be against it, but they are never against it for that specific reason.

        22. Nope. Women need to have their vaginas regulated. Otherwise they are to unfair, greedy, and inconsistent. That’s where pimps improve things to make a better male female power dynamic.

        23. Nah, sometimes it’s disheartened husbands/boyfriends as well, or charismatic dudes just feeling lazy or wanting a show.

        24. In her heart she feels any guys who pay for sex outright are losers…. all feminists feel this way… even if they won’t admit it to you or themselves.

        25. If pimps were magically safe people that didn’t beat up their employees, control them in every aspect, and kidnap+lure underage girls into the sex trade, then yeah, they’d just be nice middle managers bringing down the prices. But that’s not reality.
          There are plenty of women that just want one night stands, so if prostitutes cost too much for you, you’ve still got plenty of options.

        26. Yup I’ve got lots and lots of options…. all of which bring down the price….
          But of course being a good feminists… you want to avoid the issue of why men and not women are the ones always paying, no matter how cheap.

        27. Some women hire male prostitutes. It’s less common, but it happens. Look at the popularity of Magic Mike.

        28. wife/gf becomes shit, guy goes to a hooker. those cases are rather “often” then “sometimes”. thats why the majority of fems hate hookers

        29. I wouldn’t even say the majority hate hookers. I see pro-prostitution posts on tumblr often. They want it to be legal, but also safe and regulated for the workers and customers(mandatory STD tests, no pimps, etc.)

        30. well im aware of this. despite having a SHITLOAD of desire, woman usually have no clue HOW it works.

        31. when you go off this site and tumblr, and start dealing with real feminists, you will notice something.

        32. Yes. I notice that the bulk of feminists, even there, are pro-sexual freedom, including prostitution.

        33. So that’s how team cunt rationalizes inequality.
          Sorry, but Magic Mike doesn’t change the fact that in 99+% of prostitution transactions a woman gets paid.

        34. then americans are clearly different from the german ones. but somehow its hard to believe your words. the fems here are utter shit, at least the ones at the big events in my town, which is fairly big as well.

        35. my experience is that they mostly are delusional, i only met very few outright liars like alice schwarzer. i think the most really have no clue what they are doing to males nor the relationship between the sexes

        36. Yes, Lilac Haze. Please submit your vagina for regulation. Post a bald pussy pic here for rating.

        37. they are full of it, im pretty certain of this. even if its hard to believe, everyone, even woman, crave something. and its not just money or alpha dudes. recognizing this ramps you into a whole different position

        38. 73 convicted pimps were interviewed in this study, in addition to a group of former sex workers. Only 6% of the average pimp’s safety concerns were that his employees would be raped, get killed, or get infected with an STD. Yet 58% of the sex workers reported facing violence.
          If you can find data that suggests otherwise, show me, but I’ve seen nothing that would suggest a pimp would have any incentive to lower his price to “help out” the common man. They care about making money; that’s it. Naturally the prices are going to be lower in less rich areas, but why would a woman who prostitutes herself charge more than someone who has to house several or more women, especially if they know they can get away with charging high prices?

        39. I think more traditional feminists might be against it like some women were against drinking in the Temperance Movement: because it can tear families and marriages apart.
          But as far as the feminists I know, they might not think prostitution is an amazing thing, but like the fact that it allows women the sexual freedom to market their bodies at their own will(when it’s safer and regulated, without pimps) and make money off of something society already objectifies and drools over anyway.
          Then of course, it also helps guys who might have high sex drives but little skill with women to function better.

        40. I think it’s negative either way. Both genders can be manipulative and cruel when they have that power. The fact is though, way more men are pimps.

        41. I’m not interested in your self serving links. If pimps aren’t around. Then very few men make money from the prostitution industry. And since I support equality…

        42. Like I’ve said a million times, I’m a feminist and I’m not against it.
          It has profits for both parties involved, and if it’s “too pricey” for you, you can still find cheaper ones.

        43. Show me data that says male pimps make prostitution for affordable for the “common man” over a prostitute without a pimp.

        44. It depends on the situation. If a guy has been married to a woman for a long time, and they’re both aging, have kids, etc., and he does it without her knowledge because he wants to nail a “hot young thing”, then yes, I’d see him with far less character than someone who didn’t. But if a guy is just sworn to the single life, just wants to get laid, or is in one of those more open marriages and the wife is cool with it, why not?

        45. How which aspect works? The science, or how to blend it with the rest of your lifestyle successfully?

        46. And I’ve said a million time that feminists support female domination and not prostitution in which both women (hookers) and men (pimps) make profit.
          PS. Profit is only a money thing. That’s the convention of everyone including feminist cunts seeking equal pay….valuing women’s work etc. Stop bullshitting.

        47. My experience is that they are liars… who don’t understand the consequences of their lying.

        48. Don’t buy into the feminist propaganda. Desire in women is intense and periodic but can not be characterized as “shitload”

        49. Guys can get paid as prostitutes. If that’s really what you’re worried about, ask guys why they aren’t doing it as it becomes more socially acceptable for women to seek them out.
          Even if pimps get paid, it’s not “equal pay” because it’s not the same job. Considering the fact they usually take most or all of the prostitutes’ profits, they’re actually making MORE than the women in the industry under the control of pimps, but at the expense of the women they abuse, kidnap, and employ at illegal ages. All of those factors trump the importance of “male profit”.
          Hence again, prostitution can be utilized by both genders the same way, esp. as women are becoming more open to the idea of going to strip clubs and hiring escorts. Feminists are for the empowerment of women, so being able to market your body at will is okay, but abusing women for profit isn’t.

        50. I’m completely in favor of prostitution being legalized. Customers need a safe outlet, and prostitutes need a safe way to make their money. Legalizing it would cut down in disease, rape, robbery and murder for both parties, and lower sexual slavery. It’s a win for everyone.

        51. Lol. Haha. You show me data to the contrary. Because it’s common sense that coddled “independent” sex possie hookers feel entitled to charge men more for less compared to 1 girl who is on the corner/spa.

        52. I’ve never heard that. The burden of evidence lies with you, as you made the initial claim. Until you can prove it one way or another, we only have our opinions to compare.

        53. Exactly. But because I identify as a feminist it MUST be a scheme to make men’s lives more difficult, right?

        54. More cunty feminists lies. Imagine that.
          Women don’t pay for sex because men give away dick for free, not because of a stigma if women pay.
          Pimps are good from prices, and gender equality.

        55. Then why are Chip N’ Dale dancers getting so popular? Why would Magic Mike be so popular, let alone come to fruition if strip bars for women and buying male prostitutes wasn’t getting more popular?
          You still have yet to provide any evidence of your assertion that pimps bring down prices compared to individual marketers. They drive away gender equality by creating harem-like atmospheres in their homes, subjecting women to abuse, teaming up with other guys to kidnap women, etc. Then at the end of the day, they take the profit from the workers. So in effect, they’re merely stealing the money, nowhere close to “equalizing” the industry.

        56. actually im into a network that promotes woman without having to rely on a “pimp”. the prices there are above for what you would usually pay in the bordels here. bordels here take 50€/30minutes, while the woman in the greatest “freelancer” network take at LEAST 40% more. my first gf was also a sexworker. she said that the two femals pimps she was under were the WORST she ever had. maybe you go out more and check reality, before spouting your unrealistic ideals.

        57. It seems to me that often when someone says feminist, people automatically assume this to mean man-hating all penetration is rape no shaving variety of radical feminist. In reality, that’s like saying that Westboro Baptist Church is a good representation of all Christians.
          Our current system is seriously flawed. But having an extreme us vs them mentality will only exacerbate these issues. I can’t believe that people on both sides who insist on setting everything in black and white have any interest in improving things.They’d rather whine on the internet about the unfairness of it all.

        58. “Even if pimps get paid, it’s not “equal pay” because it’s not the same job.”
          lmao – how can you make such a seemingly cogent point regarding the nature of one’s pay relative to one’s job, yet still subscribe to a movement that endlessly parrots the disproved gender pay gap as a primary talking point? You’re confused.

        59. There’s a world of difference between chicks paying for their “gurls-just-wanna-have-fun” novelty nights out at the male strip club, and chicks actually paying to sleep with dudes.
          Hint: The male dancers still sleep with their ‘customers’ at the end of the night, and they do it for free.
          Also relevant:

        60. im just telling what im sensing in many of them. even its hard to believe, but woman are indeed human and have this. it varies from from to another, but its definitely there. and this it what gives me fun dealing wiht them. even if its mostly despicable.

        61. There are a host of different sects within feminism, and individual feminists can assign different levels of value to different issues. For example, I think FGM, rape, child prostitution, etc., are some of the most important issues. However I don’t have much power to stop such issues, so the best I can do is talk about it, spread awareness, etc, and try to focus on more local issues.
          Consider manosphere and “redpill” guys. There’s a spectrum: on one end, you’ve got guys who kind of except a lot of the ideologies, but disagree with a lot of the main ideas of it, and/or want a woman that’s unlike the ideal prescribed by sites like this(ex. one who’s the same age, has a career, etc.) and that makes them happy. On the other end you’ve got guys who could be defined as actual misogynists, believing women are only good for sex, domestic jobs, bearing children, etc. hence are more likely to be wife beaters or walk away, in pursuit of younger women.
          A lot of the commenters on this site show that radical side, just as women on certain radfem sites proclaim that men are worthless beyond providing pleasure.

        62. why do you think the well paid guy with the fat wife has no skill with woman? did it ever cross your mind that he just dont want to put up with the “game” and gets results on a regular basis

        63. When did I say that ONLY guys with no skill with women seek out prostitutes? You’re making assumptions.

        64. have you ever met a woman? a normal one, not the great examples feminism hold up high? have you seen the everyday-jane?

        65. I’d recommend taking a Speech and Debate course. When you make a claim, the burden of defending it lies on you.

        66. “Then of course, it also helps guys who might have high sex drives but little skill with women to function better.”

        67. Nowhere in the statement did I claim that only guys with no skill seek out prostitutes. I merely said it helped the ones who didn’t have skill.

        68. im tired to quote one of your lines again. besides, whats with my other points that disprove yours?

        69. You don’t have any lines to quote, because I never made that claim.
          Your other “points” are personal anecdotes with no data or official documentation. For all I know, you could be lying.

        70. Just happened this week in Ireland. Our minister for justice, needless to say a femikunt, announced that to pay for sex will in future become an illegal act. I listened to her on the radio and the interviewer more or less told her that it would be nigh on impossible to police and this imbecile agreed! And btw they also brought in a number of laws re child prostitution and child pornography in the same bill thereby comparing these awful crimes with adults. It is becoming ridiculous in the extreme. They trot out the same old arguments, trafficking, pimps, etc, Bollox……

        71. as if your answer would hold any value, since my “question” was nothing more than making fun out of you

        72. I’d recommend you take logic and economics. I don’t waste my time explaining the obvious to dumb cunts who are brainwashed.

        73. What is the rationale for creating this skewed law?
          That the male patrons are somehow taking advantage of the female prostitute? It is her free choice if she wants to sell her body for money, it isn’t fair that she can just re-construe the whole situation as her being taken advantage of…
          What is to stop a female prostitute from trying to blackmail a well-to-do young male professional?
          This is all becoming insane… And I’m becoming one of those stereotypical conspiracy theorist maniacs… It really seems to me that the male bashing culture is getting out of control…

        74. It’s so popular you spelled it wrong. Lol. Just like the last dumb cunt.
          Stop being such a lying delusional bitch! Seriously. Stop it.
          Women paying are the .00000001%

        75. As long as legislators are passing laws like the swedish prostitution laws or “yes-means-yes” style laws, and as long as even the fucking president of the United States himself is parroting the fictional gender pay gap to curry favor from his base, your no-true-scotsman defense of feminism won’t gain any traction here.

        76. It doesn’t have to. My goal isn’t to convert the site’s users to feminism, but to at least show them how overly simplified their views of feminists are.

        77. Our view of feminists is reflective of what real feminists with real power are doing to change the real world to their liking.
          Insofar as there is such a thing as a “good” feminist, she and her like minded sisters need to go out there and do something about it.
          Otherwise, our view of feminism will continue to be perfectly justified.

        78. I’m spreading my opinion to you, to my friends, to people in class, etc. I’m not a millionaire or a beloved youtube star. What do you expect me to do?

        79. I don’t expect you to do anything more than you’re part, but we’re debating the merits of FEMINISM here, not “Lilac Haze’s specific, unique brand of feminism”, whatever it is.

        80. You’re not the only one who thinks that.
          I like how truth seekers are immediately labeled “conspiracy theorist.”

        81. Feminism is obsolete here in the West. No longer needed. All the laws are in place. Feminism has become a Bitch Goddess Cult for ugly , white women . Now there is a need for feminism elsewhere e.g Middle east , Africa. Chicks need to go forth to those places and help those women out. Your work is done here.

        82. You obviously don’t know or understand the role of the “pimp”.
          Pimps don’t just take all of the ho’s money. A Good Pimp finds and recruits the best and youngest pussy, he also dresses, trains, and schools the ho in the ways of the streets, customer satisfaction, and politics of dealing with the local enforcement.
          A good Pimp also, pays for a ho’s bail, if she’s a dumb b#tch and gets locked up, as well as protects her from other ho’s and Pimps looking to recruit her to their stable, or just exercising a personal beef against said ho.
          Naturally this means he also houses, feeds and finds her “ho-type” employment.
          In essence a good Pimp is a end all be all talent manager.
          And like anyone in Hollywood would tell you, a good manager is worth his weight in gold.

        83. And that mindset exposes you as someone who is also part of the problem (at least in the west). A lot of men want next to nothing to do with women except to relieve some pent up sexual urges.
          In that case it matters not whether he is a loser, or some super successful “alpha type”. He merely would rather cut to the chase and get some sex vs paying more in time, money, and effort to get drama/emotional needyness as well as no guaranteed sex.
          When I hear men state judgmental opinions such as yours about their fellow brothers who do use prostitutes I can’t help but face-palm.
          These are the same guys who completely miss the fact that marriage and LTRs are indeed life/long term sex for services arrangements.
          The #1 reason most men wake up to the sham of female promises is that regular sex – and the associated attractiveness that’s supposed to come with it – is almost always the first thing to be reneged in a male female relationship.

        84. You have that backwards. It’s men paying too little for pussy. That’s what females whether feminists or not have always objected to.You hear about these high priced sluts but that is not the average whore.Forget the Hollywood crap you’ve seen in films.
          Most whores do not have pimps and usually stay with another girl for protection.They are all very young and generally naturally good looking and don’t look any different than any other highschool or college girl except for the fact that they look more chaste lol No one wants to draw attention to themselves. Prostitution has always been illegal in NY but no man has ever been arrested and even the girls are not charged with prostitution but occasionally for the violation of loitering(a fine). Prostitution must be a quid pro quo to be crime in the rare cases where cops pretend they’re customers or pros themselves which means that you would have to offer x dollars for sex directly and even this is a grey area. Only the dumbest Ho wouldn’t know it was a cop posing as a customer and actually ask for money for sex which is the only way a case can be made.

        85. You’re talking about a whorehouse and yes they are always run by females so are the escort services(mostly) I knew the Mayflower madam in the 80’s(she may have been a descendant of the Mayflower people but her name is from the hotel she used-The Mayflower)The hotel was torn down and a very expensive building was put on the site(I have an interesting story about that) She herself was not a whore so I still don’t know why she was running this escort service because I was with her once at her grandmother’s and woman was like Vanderbilt rich. For some reason men will pay these high prices for girls who are no different than the girls who may just be strolling around the Plaza hotel and who are even a bit younger.

        86. Defending a group responsible for physically abusing girls and women; what a fantastic representation of the user base.

        87. This site is evidence that it’s not. Misogyny is rampant in society and the minds of guys everywhere, as the user base and commenters’ language shows.
          Believe me, I would love to snap my fingers and end FGM, but somehow I don’t think they take too kindly to those without a dick in those regions, or anyone who isn’t enslaved to the dogmas being spread(Islam, rural African tribes warring against each other, etc.)

        88. It’s not just mine, it’s the way I see virtually every feminist I know behave. I know it’s more fun to picture each feminist as a Big Red copy, but if you looked beyond radfem blogs and redpill popculture, and actually talked to them, you’d learn that many are more moderate than you want to make them out to be. We won’t back down and shut up because some guys on the internet tell we’re this or that, but we’re not out to take men down either. That would be radfem’s and misandrists.

        89. I didn’t have to watch it. I see girls talking and swooning about the movie often enough, and talking about going to male strip clubs, etc. to know it’s becoming more popular with women.

        90. Many of these women just needed an escort for some reason and may have wanted a younger man. I could have done that when younger because I’m from the same background as these wealthy females and would fit in.Want to go to the theatre or opera? Fine, I’ll put on my dinner jacket (tuxedo to you proles) They don’t want some Midnight Cowboy.
          Most of these male hos though are homosexuals and go with other men and in fact that’s like 99% of male escorts. But even here the male escort needs to have some class because the gay guy doesn’t want some truck driver looking guy coming over to his room at the Plaza.
          Now, your point was that women will pay men for sex and that never happens the same way as a male with a female ho.The guy still has to sort of act like he’s her lover and she sort of gives him gifts or money but you have to be some high quality man because females can always just get sex.

        91. There’s a difference between ‘misogyny’ and men recognizing how thoroughly they have been manipulated. Men discussing their place in society and deciding that the normal roles no longer have ANY not misogyny. If the truth comes off as ‘misogyny’ then maybe American females need to check themselves.

        92. Lilac, you’re trolling to get your confirmation bias—That’s the internet’s oldest profession. Let us talk about our issues and stop derailing it. I’m starting to think you’re working on some kind of thesis here.

        93. Women are dominating education, waltzing into corporate jobs whenever they want, get gov’t money in the trillions, have divorce laws wrapped up in their favor. They have started to totally dominate dating/casual sex to the point where it is exactly how they need it to be. They have gotten everything they want (and they’re miserable) and will now march on male happiness because they resent it so much. NFL, prostitution, strip clubs are all on their radar. Twenty years from now, who knows? Sports cars, golf, poker halls? One thing that will never happen is that feminists will one day stop on their own with some “Our work is done. We’re satisfied now”

        94. This site is actually evidence that what feminists call misogyny is generally nothing. Your position only holds if you adopt their framework, which is problematic. There are societies where the entire population is like this site. That should be the model for America.
          And this notion you hold that we base on views only on extremists is also erroneous. I’ve never met a single feminist who didn’t believe in equality. That alone is an extreme position with regards to reality. It’s like saying somebody is a moderate extremist. In other words, the baseline belief of feminist is radical to begin with, and therefore, even its ‘moderates’ should not be taken as such without context.

        95. “This site is actually evidence that what feminists call misogyny is generally nothing.”
          Oh, you’re right, it’s totally harmless to make a “satirical” article praising eating disorders, then one tearing down girls who have them. Articles run with very humanizing titles, such as “The Most Disgusting Thing a Slut Can Say”(how DARE that woman who has as much sex as me has emotions!), “The Delusional Nature of Women”(you can only be truly intelligent if you have a dick, amirite boyzz?!?!?!), or “A Man’s Guide to Women Based Purely On Looks”(because, let’s be real dudez, women aren’t worth SHIT if they don’t have a nice pair of T and A).
          “From the “About” Section:
          “5. A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”
          Tell that to Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Esther Lederberg, Chien-Shiung Wu, Amelia Earheart, Lisa Meitner, and Nettie Stevens.
          But whoops, I guess scientific advancements(not even leading to the discovery of DNA, for one example) is anywhere NEAR as important as insisting that ALL women follow a stone age patriarchal dogma, or they’ll be the root of societal turmoil. Fuck that, I’m majoring in science.
          “There are societies where the entire population is like this site. That should be the model for America.”
          Yes, let’s remodel America to be like the war-torn Middle East and see how that works out. Happiness for all!
          If you want to live out your life as a masculine man, by all means, go ahead. But realize that sometimes, it’s better for society as a whole for women to focus on the next medical advancement or scientific achievement than how good their ass looks in some jeans.

        96. >For example, I think FGM, rape, child prostitution, etc., are some of the most important issues.
          You would be in the minority, then. Do a survey of recent news articles and you’ll see most feminist complaints are about trivial things. Feeling offended, not being treated equal, off-color jokes, implied sexism, a sexy female in a video game, and so on. You can barely bring up FGM without some nuts derailing to home or screaming “America is just as bad!”. No it isn’t.

        97. Discussing your “place” in society doesn’t involve dehumanizing the other half of the population. Speaking logically doesn’t include unnecessary schoolboy jabs at the gender that gave birth to you, that you demonize and subjugate to make them feel insecure so that they become your ideal “cum dumpster” as some redpillers so elegantly put it.
          Don’t expect a movement where you routinely degrade and refer to women as “cunts”, “bitches”, “whores”, etc.(not even including the slew of creativity directed towards dastardly feminists like myself) to be taken seriously by reasonable people.
          The truth is that many people naturally tend towards gender roles. And guess what about the rest? They’re perfectly fine. If that woman wants to be the next Nobel Prize winner and not the umpteenth “Sexiest Woman of the Year”, let her. If she wants to have a few kids and raise them to respect women, let her.
          Redpillers don’t seem to realize that they could have avoided decades of affirmative action if their highly intelligent forefathers had simply judged women in the same fields as themselves based on their merit, and not their asses.

        98. Do you have any data to validate this? Do you have any evidence that some women don’t simply want to get fucked by a hot young guy instead of an arrogant 40 something? Women are becoming more comfortable with the idea of having sex drives equivalent to men, exploring their tastes, etc. Why wouldn’t they sometimes pay hot, toned guys, especially if they’re not 10’s themselves?

        99. Hell, that’s everything today. A male commits the crime and he is severely criticized, loses his job, punished, jailed, etc….
          A woman commits the same crime and society is much more understanding with a lighter sentence.
          That’s everything in a nutshell. You have to love that equality thing working for us, today.

        100. “Feminism is obsolete here in the West.”
          Isn’t that the fucking truth. It’s been dead here (U.S.) for at least a decade.
          Now, all we have is entitled (usually white) women complaining about “selective equality” and shit that they don’t have in life. Women get paid less in a certain position because they are shitty negotiators (they’ll do it for less)…that’s the problem (it’s not men or corporations).

        101. Amen..isn’t that the truth. You don’t see them lining up to change out laws in court (i.e. divorce, alimony, child support, etc…) or to change our law regarding Selective Service.
          It’s all about “selective equality”. I laugh when I hear women complain about the lack of chivalry, today.
          Well, you have to have fucking ladies if you want chivalry…plus, I thought we were all “equal”?
          Too much.

        102. browse the comment section, and then tell me how many users provide data or documentation. more than 80% of the postings there are BASED on personal anecdotes. sure they can lie. but assuming they are lying and dismissing/ignoring the points someone makes that you dont have a response to, identifies you as the everyday- feminist in a way which couldnt be more accurate: caring only about YOUR views, while dismissing valid points another makes that doesnt suit you. i bet you truly think youre different.

        103. not mentioning one group (of capable males) and only pointing at the other, incapable one, gets the same result

        104. Nope. I would have to directly say that only guys with no skill seek out prostitutes, which I did not. I only listed it as one benefit for those guys.

        105. Forgetful much? I never said that men are naturally worse pimps. There are more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that female pimps treat the workers any better.

        106. Oh dear, a “typical” feminist, what a horrible insult. Yes, I expect actual data and not yet another sob story of a guy getting “screwed over” by some “whore”. This site has plenty of those without the comment section.

        107. And even though a pimp might have to slap a ho, everybody knows he’d fucking kill somebody for fucking around (sorry for the pun) with his girls.

        108. The thing that you don’t seem to understand, Lilac, is that feminism is what CREATED most of the misogyny you see here. It’s the CAUSE, not the solution. Sites like this didn’t spring up independently. They rose as a RESPONSE to a society willing and eager to fuck the average man in the ass in order to please even the most ridiculous feminist demands. You and your friends created this place. And if your response is to just double down on the feminism, I promise you that the only thing you’re going to be doing is creating even MORE men like the one’s you see here.

        109. Misogynists have always existed. They just laid low earlier in history because it was easier to control women. Now they’re pissed that they can’t treat women like dogs anymore.

        110. Yeah, not until the misogynistic comments stop. But that’s too difficult to pass up, isn’t it?

        111. No. They’re pissed that they’re being TREATED like dogs, and are being called misogynists if they dare complain about it. You’re right. There have always been misogynists. But those numbers have been growing exponentially lately due to a feminist movement which has grown drunk with it’s own power and now believes that it has the right to censor, harass, and dismiss anyone who disagrees with them, or who dares to challenge the assertion that all women are victims, and all men are oppressors.
          The pendulum has swung in the other direction. YOU have become the very people you started out fighting against. You’re just too blinded by your own ideology and victim mentality to see it. Men are getting fed up. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

        112. I’m going to do something I never thought I’d do, and actually agree with the feminist troll. As a religion, feminism has many different denominations. The feminists who are okay with prostitution and porn are called “sex positive feminists.” I don’t think this group is as powerful as the anti-porn and anti-prostitution group, which are more mainstream.

        113. Who will protect these empowered prostitutes from dangerous johns? Who will drag them out of bed after they banged a bundle of dope in between their fungus-ridden toes?
          It’s easy for a spoiled middle-class white girl to say let the wimmins earn a living on their backs as independent businesswomen, but the realities of this world are, of course, lost on you. Women can no more take care of themselves than a child could. This has been proven so many times over that at this point its an ignored redundancy.
          I agree that prostitution should be legal, but at the same time am more than aware that professional whores have an early expiration date, and will soon enough be suckling at the government’s teat, taking my tax money to subsidize her golden (or white-and-golden, heh) years.
          ‘Sloppy blowjobs’ aren’t a great item for a resume, and battered pussies are generally disliked by potential husbands, whatever the establishment told you.

        114. Yes, because women have proven themselves so business savvy in the last fifty years. Who needs a pimp, right? Spoken like a girl with no real conception of the ugly world of professional whoredom.
          Your pimp, whoever he is, owes you a slap

        115. Misogyny exists because women spend their lives demanding everything from men while at the same time disparaging them, wholly unaware that they could never function independently outside of the safe world MEN have created for them. Crying misogyny because the world won’t kowtow to your ridiculous fantasies of strong, independent wimmins only shows you for the idiot you are.
          Get over your penis envy and stop playing the victim while living in the lap of luxury…a lap envisioned, invented, produced, distributed, and maintained by MEN.
          Awww, what rampant misogyny the truth is

        116. Yeah, you are right. Feminists, and women in general, never dehumanize men. Rape culture is real.
          Women have had fifty years to prove their ‘merit’; and have created nothing other than sexual harassment, human resources, and cognitive dissonance. Indeed, women have had the all of human history to show their merit. yet they haven’t, and you’re bitter about it, so live in a world of fantasy and blame the sex who have created the world for your comfort.
          Biting the hand that feeds you, parroting femtalk, and mastering social media are not merits

        117. “i would”
          any evidence or data u can give me that i can rely on? that you really would? oh you cant? for all i know you could be a liar. do you get now how toxic this argument is when talking with someone?

        118. do you think i wanted to “insult” you? i wanted to make certain the other users here understand your beliefs, which are pure feminism (=racism). and your assumption of me “sobbing” is also wrong. i liked that girl. she knew what the relationship between the sexes looks like and didnt pretend anything. in terms of trust she was far above the “non-paid-whores”, also known as “modern woman”.
          “Yes, I expect actual data”
          oh dear. imagine you visit a presentation about raped woman (article), and then imagine the people there (users) to discuss about it afterwards (comment section). i highly doubt ANYONE there can show clear evidence about the stories they tell.

        119. ” Feminists, and women in general, never dehumanize men. Rape culture is real.”
          Whenever I see feminist reactions to hearing a male claim to be a rape victim, it’s generally much more sympathetic and understanding than say, the average nonfeminist or manosphere type guy’s reaction(“that’s horrible/you deserve help/don’t shy away from it, acknowledge that it happened so that you can recover” etc. are common sentiments I hear, and ones I wholeheartedly agree with, not “you have a dick, man up” or “stop being such a little pansy, it’s bad enough that you got dominated” or “so you’re gay? Obviously you wanted it”).
          Both genders experience rape culture in different ways. Guys often are fed back statements like the latter set above, and are discouraged from speaking up for fear of being accused of homosexuality or effeminacy, leading to excommunication from fellow men.
          “Women have had fifty years to prove their ‘merit’; and have created nothing other than sexual harassment, human resources, and cognitive dissonance.”
          They’ve proven their worth consistently throughout history: consider Marie Curie, whose research on radioactivity led to her discovery of polonium and radium. Or Rosalind Franklin, whose work led to our modern understanding of DNA.
          I could go on and on, but here’s a convenient list:

        120. Misogyny is a form of psychopathology that has existed across cultures throughout history, despite women only gaining equal footing relatively recently(within the last half century, give or take). Hitting and abusing women has only become a serious taboo recently as well(it was considered “improper” perhaps, by gentlemen in the 1800s, but still deserved and reasonable at times). It’s not like we’ve had much room to complain or so much as question men up until the last century or so(more like less than that).
          Hence, your idea that misogyny exists simply because “women complain too much and men do everything” is unfounded.
          However, there are some interesting psychological theories to the causes of misogyny: “Many theories rely upon the psychological concepts of ambivalence (contradictory love/hate feelings). One theory (Spiro 1997) holds that men are ambivalent about their own sexual impulses. They therefore experience mental stress, which is alleviated by denigrating the source of their desire—women. A second theory argues that men are conflicted about their powerful nonsexual needs for women (for food, caretaking, comforting, mothering). Thus, many men feel inferior to women and dependent upon them; many men cannot tolerate such imagined weakness in themselves, so they attack women as a way of restoring their damaged self esteem. Yet another theory (see Chodorow 1994) holds that all people are essentially bisexual and that many men are deeply disturbed by their own feminine side.”

        121. One thing I don’t understand about this feminist push for “legal prostitution” is what’s in it for the feminists? As a woman myself, I know how little women actually care for other women. They will backstab their sister if it’ll get them ahead. The women who hold their noses and plead how much they care have been some of the biggest hypocrites I ever met.
          They complain about the need for women’s right, but fall silent at how women are abused in the middle east, Africa, South america, and anywhere outside of the West. Not a peep. It’s disgusting.
          ISIS has rape brothels for the Yazidis and where is the feminist outrage? The silence is deafening.
          I don’t put much stock in so-called feminist crusaders anymore. They scream loud, but then go quiet as mice when they don’t see a direct benefit in something to them.
          So I’m completely skeptical that this is to make it safer for women.
          Which makes me wonder if you’re planning on going into business Lilac? Prostitution is a lucrative market. But what would deduct for?
          Lube? Dildos? Whips? Handcuffs?

        122. no idea why i even bother trying to take you serious. other uers are way more effective by calling you cunt.

        123. I’m aware of this “every woman for themselves” mentality that many seem to have, but I’ve also met many women who genuinely care for others. Of course, humans are all, at the core, egotistical. Even “nice” things we do for others have some benefit for ourselves(giving us internal confirmation that we’re good people, for example). However from what I’ve noticed, women aren’t generally any more antagonistic towards each other than men are.
          We can argue personal experiences until the cows come home, but I find data more effective.
          IDK if you’ve been paying attention, but at least several times by now I’ve mentioned that FGM and the like are the most important issues to me, as a feminist. A lot of feminists don’t talk about issues in the Middle East, I suspect, because they’re worried about being silenced by more radical feminists and Muslims, or labeled “Islamophobes” if they even suggest that Islam and tribal religions increase the range of people affected.
          “I don’t put much stock in so-called feminist crusaders anymore. They scream loud, but then go quiet as mice when they don’t see a direct benefit in something to them.” Yay, distortion and over-generalization. I’ve never been raped, but it makes my blood boil to know that it’s still happening with such ease around the world. You don’t have to be a personal victim to give a shit.
          “So I’m completely skeptical that this is to make it safer for women.
          Which makes me wonder if you’re planning on going into business Lilac?”
          No idea where you find the logic to jump to that idea, if for any reason other than using an opportunity to try to insult me by claiming I’m “promiscuous” or whatever.
          It’s safer for women because they wouldn’t have to hide under the “protection” of a pimp from the police, and risk physical/sexual abuse if they displeased them.

        124. Even a grain of respect is lovely like American pie, but the most “effective” method of communication is to make valid points. The only time personal criticism is relevant to a debate is when someone’s argument is flawed, or they don’t comprehend the ideas being discussed. So if you’d like to waste both of our time rattling off petty insults, be my guest, but we’re not going anywhere.

        125. “but the most “effective” method of communication is to make valid points”
          and thats where you are wrong, i dont even need insults for that one. the most effective method of communication is when you can reach someones heart, so that they do utterly irrational shit for you, even if there is no reason for them, even if it DAMAGES them. you will not get much out of a person if you just reach his mind, but if you reach his heart you will have TONS of benefits. if you dont understand that you never knew love. go out more and try.
          besides, you can in fact be my guest here

          its the biggest trance festival in europe, with the worlds best lightshow. im one if the dj`s playing there, my hooker ex-gf will be there too. you could see a real woman, and i could show you live how effective “making valid points” is. or are you just a keyboard warrior?

        126. “No idea where you find the logic to jump that idea”.
          That’s what I mean. The minute I touch on your pride in yourself you respond back. You go on a tirade and insult back. I tested you. And you confirmed yourself as a terrible debater. You say my statements are illogical and yet do nothing to prove it but scream back insults.
          Reading your comments it’s like hearing a cat screeching.
          “I’ve never been raped, but it makes my blood boil…”
          What is the point of saying that? That’s not a counter-argument. That’s just you hurt over my comments and feeling you need to assert that you know best.
          It’s no wonder the commenters here are mocking you.
          Getting sensitive like will ALWAYS let you be turned into a laughinstock by trolls. At times you make good points, but all of that is overshadowed by your need to protect your ego.
          Did it feel good to insult back? What did you feel you had to defend? I’m a stranger. Why do you care what I think of you? You wrote paragraphs that were dedicated not to proving a point, but to arguing that you know what you’re talking about.
          I just skimmed through your several paragraph tirdae trying to yell, “I know stuff and I’m not slutty!” And it makes no sense why. Why is it so important to you that you keep trolling the commenters here and respond to their return-trolling?
          Do I think your a slut? answer: I don’t care. It doesn’t matters. It’s your life. If you are happy with it, who the ***k cares?
          If you can’t let go of your ego enough to just debate your points, then you really need to find a healthier place to comment on. I only commented on your thread because of the eye-popping long troll thread you have going on.
          There’s no reason for that. Why are you dragging this out?
          If you didn’t run around defending that and just fought for your opinion, you could be good at debate. As it stands, you really should just walk away.

        127. “You say my statements are illogical and yet do nothing to prove it but scream back insults.”
          If you make the effort of ignoring the first 3 bulky paragraphs, it could look that way. But I’m interested in your response to my other points.
          If you’d rather hash out a rage-inducing argument, try one of the guys here. I get miffed a bit, but my motivation to respond is dominated by curiosity and eagerness to respond to others’ points. Hence, again, I addressed the rest of your argument(which you’ve conveniently ignored) long before even mentioning your “insult”. You made a baseless point, I refuted it.

        128. “the most effective method of communication is when you can reach someones heart, so that they do utterly irrational shit for you, even if there is no reason for them, even if it DAMAGES them. you will not get much out of a person if you just reach his mind, but if you reach his heart you will have TONS of benefits.”
          I think a counselor would be interested to hear this. You should explain your views to them, not me.

        129. im correcting the clueless shit you write about communication, and you tell me to go to the counselor? do you do that with everyone whos ahead in you in terms of life experience? i quote it again
          “but the most “effective” method of communication is to make valid points”
          this statement could have been from a DUDE who never got in touch with emotions and zero empathy. maybe try and find your womanhood, before telling man what to do. i have a hint for you: you wont find it in feminism.

        130. “do you do that with everyone whos ahead in you in terms of life experience?”
          I do that with everyone who seems to have some unchecked psychopathy/sociopathy. Being aware of people’s vulnerability to manipulation isn’t bad, but talking about it as if you encourage the behavior sounds peculiar.
          All of that aside, my original statement(which you just quoted) was in reference to debating people like myself. You can call me a feminazi, slut-bitch-whore-cunt-twat whatever, but it won’t have as much of an effect on me as if you’re able to prove my points false, logically. Insults are a dime a dozen in the comment section here(much like youtube) so they don’t all pierce your delicate little heart. But if you can actually prove my ideas and positions as wrong or unfounded(esp. with data and studies) THEN I’ll feel something. Hope that clarifies it for ya.

        131. i proved you wrong multiple times, you just cant see it. thats what my counselor taught me as well: black and white patterns arent exclusive to borderlines, in fact many people are unable to accept points they do not feel right about. yes, FEEL right about, thats what she said. now go figure.
          oh and i dont care what you feel about me, since your way of talking is way too manly and therefore absolutely unattractive. my experience with woman like you is that they need dick. good dick. then they start getting normal. but since i will probably never see you its useless, i cant stop your wrong assumptions with texting. we would have to meet, which will, as i said, probably never happen. no matter how many times i prove you wrong you just wont see it, i realise that.
          that being said, im returning to my psychopath life, enjoy free hookers (feminine woman in my case, im lucky i know), making thousands of people ecstatic at events like asot, and living my passion which is music. you can enjoy your fem meetings and cats, as well as the lack of masculine man in your life, though that is just a guess.

        132. “i proved you wrong multiple times”
          Enlighten me. All you’ve said is that I’m wrong to think that valid points are most effective, then I clarified to show that it was in reference to myself; not necessarily the general public.
          “oh and i dont care what you feel about me, since your way of talking is way too manly and therefore absolutely unattractive.” This is relevant how? I don’t want a husband or kids. Cats are nice, but my main goal for middle age is to harvest a mustache and beard set around my jaw, after finding a nice top hat.

        133. No, Lilac you’re obsessive need to respond is not driven by curiosity. Stop the BS. You are driven by one thing: your ego. Look at the ridiculous tirade of nonsense you’ve spewd this entire thread trying desperately to convince yourself that you’re better than others.
          Everything you wrote shows you are a pathetic and truly sad person. When people point out that you aren’t debating you insult, and then try to act like you’re noxious comments count as “witty” and “insightful”. When all you are is an arrogant troll.
          That is the last I’ll say.
          It’s just sad how desperate your ego is for male attention. I mean, you have to get it here?

        134. “If you make the effort of ignoring the first 3 bulky paragraphs, it could look that way”.
          All right. *cracks knuckles*
          First off, it doesn’t take any effort to ignore those paragraphs because there’s nothing of substance in them. But let’s pretend there is. You have requested my respond to your other points.
          You already have made a lot of assumptions about yourself and prowess as a debater. Since you mean “bulky” should Ignore the one sentence paragraph in the middle? I went ahead and examined it too.
          “I’m aware of this “every woman for themselves” mentality that many seem to have, but I’ve also met many women who genuinely care for others”
          Okay, first rule of a debate we CAN’T debate opinions. We can philosophy and make assumptions, but this sentence is YOUR opinion. Also it’s not that strong of a case.
          I’ve met gay conservative men. It doesn’t mean most gay men vote conservative. I’ve met twelve year olds who were very mature for their age. It doesn’t mean most twelve years olds are mature. Taking the few encounters you’ve had and applying it to a whole group is weak evidence.
          I’d recommend you word it, “In my observation, I’ve…”
          “Of course, humans are all, at the core, egotistical.” <<— Entirely YOUR opinion. There is no evidence that is based on. I could say the prime motivation for your all women is love for their children. AGAIN, that cannot be proven.
          There is evidence that men are greatly motivated by their sexual urges, but motivations are too complicated to generalize. AGAIN you did not make a point that could be debated. You stated your opinion on which there is nothing to say, but “I disagree”.
          Next you wrote…
          “Even “nice” things we do for the others have some benefit for ourselves (giving us internal confirmation that we’re good people, for example).” <<=== What a load of nonsense. And AGAIN it’s your opinion. This cannot be debated. There is no evidence to at all back your claim.
          And then you wrote…
          “However, from what I’ve noticed, women aren’t generally any more antagonistic towards each other than men are.”
          Okay. Good job. The “I’ve noticed” works just like “in my observations” And while this is still opinion there is something here that can be debated.
          I agree that they aren’t. However, women show their aggression in very different ways. In sociology it is well documented that women punish each other through “shunning” (exile from the group” whereas men use physical aggression more.
          Still that’s once again mostly opinion.
          Next “bulky” paragraph isn’t really a bulky paragraph. It’s one sentence. Anyhow…
          “We can argue personal expirences until the cows come home, but I find data more effective.”
          Umm… didn’t in your response you claim that had logical in these set of paragraphs. Your response to my saying, “illogical” was that if I ignore your first three bulky paragraphs. Well, I’m reading them and they’re still nothing but illogic.
          And this is a cowardly way to avoid actually debating. This is very obnoxious thing to do. In the preceding comment you claimed you made a point, but when I point out that you didn’t. You just yammered on with your opinions and even admitted so (how these opinions count as personal experiences I won’t even touch on), you’ll say some huffy statement like “I KNOW THEIR OPINIONS” or some crap.
          Let’s move one. You next wrote:
          “IDK if you’ve been paying attention, but at least several times by now I’ve mentioned that FGM and the like are the most important issues to me, as a feminist”.
          I’ll be honest, I did not bother reading through all the crap you wrote. I’ve got better things to do. I don’t even know what your acronym “FGM” means. Again nothing debatable here. All opinion with a heavy touch of arrogance.
          “A lot of feminists don’t talk about issues in the Middle East, I suspect, because they’re worried about being silenced by more radical feminists and Muslims, or labeled “Islamophobes” if they even suggest that Islam and tribal religions increase the range of people affected.”
          AH, finally a debatable opinion. But I agree with you mostly on this one so there’s not much to debate. I think you’re correct on this assessment.
          “Yay, distortion, and over-generalization” Umm… now you’re being a hypocrite. You could be easily accused of this with your rants in several comments. You have distorted and over-generalized the commenters here. And over-generalization? Really? When is it generalization or over-generalization? You just made a very broad statement about feminists.
          “I’ve never been raped, but it makes my blood boil to know that it’s still happening with such ease around the world”
          Firstly, I’m glad you never have. Rape is awful and no one should be subjected to that. But there is no point to this statement. It doesn’t further your argument, whatever it is your trying to make.
          “You don’t have to be a personal victim to givae a shift”.
          More opinion.
          Okay, I’m stopping there. All that and you made only one debatable opinion and still no real point. What are you arguing for with all this? It seems to be one big statement of “I UNDERSTAND and no one else does.”
          Good for you. If you actually can make points through critical thinking I’d engage. But you’ve made almost none.

        135. So it’s critical thinking when you make generalized statements based on opinions(without backing them up), but when I do it it’s “non debatable”? Let’s look at some of your earlier statements:
          “As a woman myself, I know how little women actually care for other women. They will backstab their sister if it’ll get them ahead. The women who hold their noses and plead how much they care have been some of the biggest hypocrites I ever met.
          They complain about the need for women’s right, but fall silent at how women are abused in the middle east, Africa, South america, and anywhere outside of the West. Not a peep. It’s disgusting.
          ISIS has rape brothels for the Yazidis and where is the feminist outrage? The silence is deafening.
          I don’t put much stock in so-called feminist crusaders anymore. They scream loud, but then go quiet as mice when they don’t see a direct benefit in something to them.”
          These are your opinions, not facts you’ve verified. They’re merely your observations that because you haven’t seen people you recognize as feminists talking about these issues, feminists as a group must not care about them. Or that because you’ve had bad experiences with other women, they must all care little about each other. Not very strong, or provable points.
          Don’t get pissed about me sharing opinions and observations if you choose to drag them into an argument to begin with.
          By sharing my opinions subsequent to you doing the same, I proved our difference in perception and hence, the irrelevance of personal opinion/observation.
          “However, women show their aggression in very different ways. In sociology it is well documented that women punish each other through “shunning” (exile from the group” whereas men use physical aggression more.”
          Here’s something scientific we could discuss. Show me data or studies, and we can jump into it. But attacking each other is just wasting both of our time.

        136. “Lol. How did you refute it? Nothing you said you refuted it. What fantasy do you live in?”
          You suggested my reason for interest in the topic at hand was due to my interest to become a prostitute of some BDSM sort. I told you that it was not, and that I shared sympathy with other causes, even if I wasn’t personally victimized by them, refuting your idea.

        137. Actually, primate studies have shown that prostitution well predates human existence (prior to the point at which our hominid ancestors separated from what eventually became our Great Ape cousins). Several closely species, chimpanzees and bonobos, have the equivalent of prostitution where females trade sex for food or grooming. Of course this is not limited to primates.

        138. Again. You’re not refuting things. You’re going with what you believe I said and in your fantasy claiming yourself the winner. It’s really sad. I never said your interest in the topic was because you wanted to be a prostitute. That was sarcasm.
          Then you keep going on and on how you can have sympathy for a cause without personally being victimized. I never said you couldn’t. So it’s very curious how you keep trying to argue with a point I never made. Again you argue with what you BELIEVE someone said.
          And you still have refuted nothing.
          Just more of your “I’m so smartz” claims.

        139. Clearly reading is not your strong suit. I went through each comment and pointed out the ones that were debatable. I POINTED out the one debatable comment you made.
          And then you go *sniffle” when I do it it’s non-debatable?” *pout* Oh please. I showed where you MADE a debatable point. READ carefully. You did make one.
          But you want act like the victim. Typical.
          Again my arguments were that you are not making debatable opinions. I
          “Here’s something scientific we could discuss. Show me data or studies,… But attacking each other is just wasting both of our time.”
          So you noticed my debatable opinion. Just like I noticed and POINTED out the one debatable opinion you made. But you want to act like that never happened or you couldn’t bother reading. Either way that’s your problem.
          *sigh* Typical. When the fight gets too hard you just run away. Oh, and THAT tactic. Trying to get me to get evidence to counter YOUR claims without you getting any evidence.
          No, you started this. You came this thread trying to prove you were better than the commenters. You need to prove your points.
          If you want to find the data for women punishing by shunning It’s an easy google search. Just type in “women punish by shunning”. Lots of stuff will pop on that.
          But I’m not surprised to see you try to run away now. You didn’t even dispute my points. You just quoted a whole comment and said, “There’s no point to discussing this”.
          Wow, again you don’t refute. You judge, you blame, and ultimately you run away. You’re a coward and you’re lazy.
          I don’t blame the commenters for despising you. You never try to win by the merits of the argument. You try to insult them (which they do back), you play victim, or you run away like a coward when it’s tough.
          Stop MAKING excuses for your inability to debate.

        140. “These are you ropinions, not facts you’ve verified. They’re merely your observations that…”
          Duh. I said they were my observations.
          It’s cute how you try to say “I’m right because you did this”. It’s like a mouse trying to hit a whale. Haha. Bless your heart.
          Read CAREFULLY what I wrote about your “bulky” paragraphs. I called them illogical. You disputed that implying there was logic to what you wrote. I said there wasn’t. My goal was to prove that what you wrote was not logical and maintain my claim.
          I pointed out how those bulky paragraphs were filled with nothing but your opinion. To have some logical, there must be something debatable in there. But they were solely your opinions and thus non-debatable (except for sentence). And thus I maintain my statement that what you wrote was illogical.
          And that your claim that those bulky paragraphs were, is in fact false.
          And you made a false statement.
          And are thus your statement is BS.

      2. Indeed.
        And to be clear, I am not having a pop at such men.
        If women are offering lower value (when measured against men’s preferred requirements) it is only rational that in turn men will offer less money, time, effort and attention to women in exchange.
        It’s simply market forces at play in the SMP.
        And with every restriction placed on normal masculine behavior more and more women will come to find that when it comes to male attention, their main competition is not other women, but no woman at all.
        When the monopoly supplier prices themselves out of the market, it can only correct in one direction.

      3. That describes me to a “T” at age 25. I just don’t see the point in working hard (I.e. at 100% capacity) when we can get taxed to support women we have not even met – let alone married!
        Men can get by by working at ~30% capacity.

    3. solid argument, but that argument refers to the reality of the situation. Feminism is the articulation of distorted reality, that’s to say the manipulation of any state of affairs to advantage themselves, and women (in that order). In other words a disaster may happen, the system may come crashing down, but public discourse on the subject will still be a matter of interpretation: feminists will do everything they can to cover up the actual reality of the situation just as they are doing everything can to cover up the real sexual economics of today’s mating market. Unless the case is made watertight it will be rationalised away even if the whole of the west is a apocalyptical wasteland (which it probably won’t be)

      1. Completely agree with your read of the dynamic, but not it’s outcome.
        When feminism dies, women will switch to the next dominant cultural narrative (most likely some form of patriarchy) with breath-taking speed whist simultaneously denying that they ever followed or believed in feminism.
        It is simply in women’s nature to adopt the cultural narrative that most advantages them at any given time. For decades they have submitted to the feminist narrative as it gave them prizes for little effort. Now that feminism is starting to fail to deliver, or at the very least is asking women to pay the full price, they are already casting about for the next ‘thing’ (‘where have all the good men gone?’ articles, women against feminism etc).
        The trick for men is to understand and importantly accept this aspect of the female – there are sound biological reasons for their chameleon like and opportunistic nature – and adapt accordingly.
        And here we finally have something to thank feminism for. For in striping away all the traditional, societal, and sexual covers from women we have had a rare opportunity (from a historical perspective) to see naked female nature in the flesh. This is not new knowledge, as any of the ‘great books for men’ will testify, but is revealed afresh, to an audience eager to analyze, dissect and understand it. In the battle of the sexes this discussion, this knowledge, truly is power.
        As the future unfolds, I do not think that we will ever find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a ‘watertight case’ as you put it. Women’s wants, needs and desires have never been something open to negotiation. Female attraction cannot be negotiated – they simply have to feel it. And as times get harder, with ever more women dependent on an ever less resourceful state, the resourceful man (and I do not necessarily mean high paying job here – more men a proven masculine skillset) will prove ever more valuable. And women will, chameleon like as ever, start to find such men attractive. A new narrative will have formed.
        Women, as a group, will do what women, as a group, have always done; what they’re bloody well told to. It used to be fathers and husbands doing the telling, today it is the feminists and BDG, tomorrow it will be someone / something else.
        Our job, as men, is to make sure we’re on the right side of that dialogue.

        1. “The trick for men is to understand and importantly accept this aspect of the female – there are sound biological reasons for their chameleon like and opportunistic nature – and adapt accordingly.”
          I agree that this is a unique opportunity, if a very costly one, for a learning experience regarding who women are, and to be honest I think we are still only beginning to uncover that. There is a set of discoveries being made about women, that in many ways may be more radical than anything feminism came up with, but I’d also accept that biological imperatives / needs will always to some extent fog the reality of what is said and done. The problem I have is not with the nature or reality of women, who are as you say simply who they are, but with the top down nature of feminism. Any historical reading which anticipates an inevitable collapse / cataclysm etc is inevitably a kind of historicism equivalent to say Marxist historicism – there are any number of factors that can and probably will intervene to complicate the inevitability of such a (cyclical?) evolution of the narrative. The arguments here tend to focus on economics, as the underlying reality (which is I think basically true) but even economics lies at the root you still have forces, which as I say are mainly top down forces – feminism was never a grassroots movement for the reasons you mention – that will seek to ensure that the feminist narrative remain the operative one. I think if I continue in this vein I will end up predicting the need for a red pill vanguard (!) but in fact all I’m really saying is that arguments such as these, which address the underlying sexual economics which feminism (and its sponsors) moves heaven and earth to conceal must enter the public discourse at some level. Which is only to say that we will have to push ‘that dialogue’ not only hard but strategically and effectively

    4. Yea I just wrote that myself but look at the socalled “possy paradises” around the world. Where men have an a lot easier time with women. These places are always poor and never really gets anywhere. So perhaps having no access to pussy is the biggest motivator to a man.

      1. I think you meant ‘competitive access to pussy is the biggest motivator to a man.’ Now we’re on to a possible historical first—Many smart and would-be productive men will truly have NO access to good women. Now we’re talking about total hopelessness, not just some suspenseful, ‘you win some, you lose some’ drama like previous generations.

    5. You say billions. It might be trillions. They’re taking up all the educational resources and producing nothing. What a great post, Cadders. I’ve had some similar thoughts. Why should a guy even try to be an engineer or something? There’s nothing in it for you anymore. Go work some candy ass state job or push broom at a union job. Load up on Bakken money and go open a bar/dive shop in Thailand. Stop spending your money in the US to try and make yourself attractive to 190 pounders. Live in a trailer, eat canned beans, pick your own fruit, hunt, fish, push broom for the school district, work up your pension. Spend your two months a year vacation in the Phills. So does this above scenario make a guy a loser or just smart? A lot of smart guys are saying ‘Fuck it. Why me?’ Why work for these complete slobs?

      1. “So does this above scenario make a guy a loser or just smart?”
        I’d say it’s a matter of another choice. If a man decides to do that and it works out for his lifestyle, then go for it. As long as he is improving his life for the better (and for his own well being), then I don’t think their is a “wrong answer” to that one.

        1. Yeah that’s right. It can take a whole lifetime for a guy to finally get to where he can answer these questions for himself and himself alone. Most guys will filter it through all kinds of cultural imperatives that he mistakenly thinks are his beliefs/wants. But women are getting more horrendous by the hour, both physically and socially. The decision is getting easier and easier. Do what you want. What modern man doesn’t have at least a dozen divorce-raped friends who are extremely embittered about falling for the ‘traditional life’ shitshow?

        2. I’d always tell younger guys to look out for their best interest, first. You can believe that a woman is always calculating what’s “in it for her”.
          Some listen, many don’t….until divorce court and by then it’s too late.

        3. No, post-divorce court is not too late. Women almost always divorce with the firm intent that they will marry again and up. When a divorced man learns the bitter red pill truth, and changes his lifestyle to minimize investment in women, he deprives the divorcee of her next victim. The numbers are already showing that the remarriage rate for women is dropping at an ever increasing rate. Soon it will be too obvious for even women to ignore. Right now the divorce advantage is perceived by women to all be in their hands. The power dynamic gives them the threat point. Maybe when they know that divorce means no marriage ever again, and a relatively short period of pump and dump before a celibate spinsterhood, the power balance may shift. I am not holding my breathe.

    6. That’s why equality is not even a worthwhile value. To base a conversation around it is a waste of time.

    7. Agree. As we’ve discussed a few times on here, many women have the “alternative” plan of marrying the beta down the road and becoming a mommy (stay at home).
      I’ve seen this plenty of times (well, I’ve heard it because you can’t shut them up). One women consistently tells everyone how she used to be an attorney but now she is a “mommy”.
      I guess that equality thing was too hard on her?

      1. Indeed.
        And it is this very dynamic – women switching to lower status / lower paid / part time / no work once they have kids – which is a leading indicator of the end of feminism. Because it is here that most women experience, often for the first time, a serious cost to THEM of feminism. Separation from their children whilst grinding away at a job they can’t leave.
        Feminism can now ONLY continue if women, as a group, step up and start delivering like men have historically have – 50/50/50 (fifty hours a week, fifty weeks a year for 50 years – and yes, I know that’s hyperbole but it’s useful shorthand)
        But using only the evidence of your own eyes, this is not what most women want – and reasonably so IMO. But feminism increasingly gives them little choice. And as more and more women are discovering, if you work like a man you can expect to give birth to the same number of babies as a man.
        Feminists are starting to find that they are no longer fighting ghosts – the ‘patriarchy’ or ‘rape culture’ that can’t fight back. Their attempts to bring the battle to men is increasingly being met with men’s nuclear option – indifference.
        No – the real shouty, scratchy, nasty battle is yet to be fought – between the feminists and the mass of scorned women.
        Bring popcorn.

        1. True. Many are realizing that “selective feminism” isn’t in their best interest. True equality does not exist and many women do not want it, anyways (if you ask them they’ll give you the “right answer” but it’s a lie).

    8. Certainly, the functionality of society itself is at stake here. Inventors aren’t inventing as much as they used to, entrepreneurs aren’t taking the risks they used to, architects aren’t able to design skyscrapers and palaces with the same ambition that existed in the past, and the government is busier redistributing what prosperity there is left than it is creating the conditions for new prosperity to be created. Increasingly, I feel like someone living in the Rome of the fifth century – I am surrounded by beautiful ancient monuments, and the elderly still speak of the glory of Rome, but that glory is long gone because the mentality that created the glory is long gone.
      This has to do with the feminization of society – women are always interested more in what is than what can be, while men have always been the ones to look beyond the horizon and ask themselves if this was really all we could get out of this life. That feeling is now punished starting in school (where you have to sit and listen and talk only) and ending in the labour market (where women control human resource departments and decide based on personal preference who gets ahead and who stays in a dead-end job).

    9. Couldn’t agree more. Women have had fifty years to produce something of value in the workplace, yet every single market revolution since their ‘liberation’ has been created by men. Every gadget produced since the 60’s, every technological revolution (including the internet and, curiously, social media), market revolution and mass movement (including feminism) have all been wrought by the hands of man.
      Yet women still parade down the sidewalk in their ‘big girl’ power suits, so proud of their lack of true accomplishment and beaming with self-satisfaction. They’ve had fifty years, and have yet to produce anything outside of bastards, sexual harassment, and HR departments.
      I tried explaining this to a friend (who is as beta as can be, chasing a fat ugly slob still four months after she dumped him); his response is chilling: “Women haven’t had enough time”. How much fucking time do they need to do anything other than bitch and whore?
      The liquid nature of women’s sexuality is something I’ve been contemplating lately; for all their hemming and hawing about their bodies, many women seem to see their bodies as a separate entity from their mind…how else could they defile their own bodies, and let them be defiled, while still expecting to be respected as man’s equal?
      It’s like they see their sexuality as a sphere wholly outside of their personhood, as if blowing some stranger in a bar’s parking lot and ending up with a face-full of cum can in no way preclude them from equality with the man who just shot his load in her hair. Cognitive dissonance plays a role, I assume, but their ability to divide themselves into a sexual receptacle and also a man’s equal in everything is astounding

      1. Great insights – which align with my observations.
        50 years is long enough for this kind of experiment. The first generation of ’empowered’ women have already retired, the second generation are about to do so.
        The results are in. And they are unacceptable.
        Feminism simply doesn’t provide a return on the investment. And we all understand what happens to enterprises that don’t perform.
        Well, everyone except the feminists.

  13. Good article Mad Max. Social disruption and civilisation decay sounds like front row seats at the Thunderdome. If that happens, I’m not looking forward to it.

      1. Yeah, I guess I mean when the rate of decay starts speeding up. On a low boil at the moment.

        1. I don’t know. I’ve been around for a while. The decline appears to me to be accelerating pretty rapidly now. Corruption is completely institutionalized and the lies from the top are getting more brazen and out of line with reality.
          I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I personally cannot see this system functioning like this 20 years from now. The next generation has no money and dwindling prospects, both in terms of jobs and sexual access.

        2. Be careful what you wish for. There will be nothing glamorous or good about a collapse.

    1. this why controls on women’s behavior have been put in place for centuries. even alphas who marry women get fucked over when a woman “feels” like he is not “attentive anymore” or he does not “meet her needs” or is “incompatible”.

  14. I do not know about the suicide stats. Women attempt suicide at far greater rates than men. Men are just better at finishing the job and do not do it for attention. I met a 40 year old woman last night at a bar. 3 kids, divorced from hubby, a hot body, nice face, and bitchy. she said she got tired of being arm candy and wants to get married. I told her the chances of her finding a mate, other than a severe beta, is almost zero. she said she’s okay with a beta ( I called bullshit on her) as long as he works. we all know betas are as erratic as women; they quit their jobs at the drop of a slight conflict , sometimes lazy, etc. I told her she should have stayed with hubby #1. she didn’t disagree. believe me, these women do not gain anything from their behavior and it is satisfying to see them at 40 used up, old and everybody’s sex doll.

  15. “It is a crying shame that, while the left typically comes out against excessive inequality, since we’re discussing women’s issues this is trumped by feminist dogma.”
    Money? From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.
    Sex? May the free market prevail!
    No consistency required. They’re actually able to hold both of these positions without a hint of irony or acknowledgement of their hypocrisy. They’re not even remotely capable of seeing why it’s an issue in the first place.
    Great and much needed article overall. Well done.

    1. however, the free market gets stifled even more by feminazis when they shun prostitution and pass laws making it illegal, so they rub salt in most men’s wounds by denying access to whores.

  16. Truth be told ,some things got to give and feminist and SJW’s won’t give an inch but I think these groups are the process of losing their power as we’ve seen with gamer gate and the trend of WAF’s. Once we defang these psycho’s ,we could solve this problem in the future! So I have some hope for the future!

  17. Marrying a used up/non-virgin girl is like paying full retail for a used vehicle and putting a whole lot of money into it in order to maintain it. Don’t do it.

    1. unfortunately you have to give up the virgin requirements. the best thing to do is get a rock solid prenup for when it all falls apart or just go PUA which has its own advantages/disadvantages.

    2. Mr. Sotomayor had a good video on that. Single mothers spouting shit “Im not looking for sex” when they have evidence of them giving it up pretty easily.

      1. only to a guy they can trap. Many single mothers see me as a player and give me that line of b.s. then will give it up to a beta to rope him in. women are master manipulators!

  18. The problem with deregulation is that it is often selective deregulation. For example, a coal power plant puts out more radiation than a nuclear power plant because there are traces of uranium and other radioactive elements in the coal that is burned, but coal power plants are not regulated the way a nuclear power plant is. The owners of the coal companies make sure of this in order to keep their power in place. This is selective regulation to the benefit of a few.
    In the case of the sexual marketplace there has been selective deregulation. The aspects of traditionalism that held back females has been destroyed, but aspects that help keep females in power have been kept. For example, prostitution is still illegal and socially shunned. Most men don’t really want to have sex numerous times a day, but a hooker is probably hoping for numerous clients in a day so prostitution would balance out the sexual demand. The problem is that women don’t want this balanced out. The imbalance gives them power and they will use the state to keep the system in an imbalance that benefits them.
    It will be interesting to see how this all turns out in the long run. Yes something is going to give. Maybe I should create a gambling website where people get to make bets on what will give first.

  19. “Now in our modern, globalized world, the idea of “deregulation” may sound appealing. What need was there, many wonder, for such restrictions in the first place?”
    Excellent, man.
    Oddlu I think today one could argue that sex may be easier today, but one has to ask if it is worth it.
    All the ‘alphas’ knee deep in pussy are also knee deep in STDs. And most are walking around with a plethora of shit on their dicks that theu can’t get rid of. Dunno…. no romp in the hay is worth having a doctor tell you that you’re going to carry that rash on your cock and balls fot the rest of yout life.

      1. Sounds like you’ve perhaps constructed excuses to justify your unwillingness to adapt to the market as well as your stubbornness in clinging to a long gone ideal.

        1. Well, at least I’m not a thirsty beta (all I do is hear from those guys and see anguish in their eyes) or a degenerate PUA working as a security guard or waiter.
          I’m not going to make myself miserable by doing something I don’t want to do (casual hook ups).

    1. STD are an inconvenience nothing more.
      Their main use is to scare the cowards, give them an excuse not to work hard enough.
      An alpha knows no fear. Women do.

      1. the clap sucked. I got it, when i pissed it hurt. had to live with it for a week until i got meds. I dont like condoms and I do not use them but eventually you will get something.

      1. Eating out ONS pussy is okay if you like the taste of another man’s spunk/saliva/piss droplets/possible STD’s.

  20. A few videos about this subject.
    About the deregulation of pussy and it affects:

    About patriarchy which is basically the regulation of the SMP(sexual market place). There are 4 parts but I’m only going to post one of them:

  21. Adapt, men. Adapt. Stop being idealists, it’s only going to make you more bitter and cynical in the long run. Let go of the bygone era because it’s not coming back. Learn game, fuck some bitches. Maybe you’ll find a decent woman, maybe you won’t.
    The unicorn you want to find won’t marry you just because you believe you’re above the “PUAs”. If you don’t have any game, you only decrease your already poor odds of finding such a woman.

    1. Point taken. Average male can improve his odds by working out, dressing sharp, developing cocky witty attitude, irrational self confidence. But still conversion rate 5%? Better than incel status, but fuck.

      1. 5% is better than 0% if it’s something that you really want. That’s something that I learned in China. Sure, I wasn’t scoring a new chick every night like the “super-duper White guys”, but in all honesty, a couple a week is WAY more than the goose eggs that I’ve been relegated to in America.

        1. I’ve met a couple guys in China who have WRECKED house. One a brown college student with tats who said he’d just invite girls up. All he had to do was be american. His friends were there to verify it and they were the college girl type and of course they sniped at him.
          The other was an older Spanish cat. He said he had 20 consecutive one night stands and had to stop because it was getting ridiculous.
          I think it was RooshV who wrote an article about the price of pussy and sudden spikes. Where its super easy one day will eventually level out over time.

        2. I think that’s about the circulating in a different social environment. As a westerner you stand out in the crowd as different, you have high visibility without trying, you can never remind them of their brother or boss. Also asia is much less toxic with the feminist dogma. Also they like american pop culture, unlike europeans who condescend to it. They will approach you. You just walk by a group of females talking, they will suddenly start talking about you, and send over the one with the best english skills to say hi. You can make what you want of it, meet up later that night at a club and bring your friends. There is no “game” to run. There’s no “bitch shield”. There’s no “shit test”.

        3. I hate to say it, but if you are a western guy, Asia is probably the last place on earth where ANY western guy can go and just clean up with little to no game.

      2. If you mean a 5% conversion rate of girls approached thats actually a really high number. If I approaches 5 girls a day I’d be closing 1-2 every week, and 50-100 girls a year.
        I had a co-worker who was on to me ask me about RSD Julien. blah blah blah. I said what he did was wrong, but the truth is it works. It doesnt even need to work on 1 in 10 women. I specifically said if it worked on 1/20 women then he’d get a new girl every 3 days, thats 100 girls a year. She was shocked for two reasons, 5% success rate is really low for rewarding behavior and 100 girls a year is A TON!

        1. Different world. Enjoy it while you can. I spent 7 years in Japan. Confidence went through the roof. More like 50% conversion rate. If you’re american be prepared for the reverse culture shock of the land of obesity and bitch face.

        2. I went back for the first time in 5 years last summer. Bitches were much kinder and prettier than my brimstone-and-hellfire-white-women-are-animals memory tells me but I was preparing for the worst and the only people who would have told me I didnt have a good body is a woman giving me a shit test.
          I dont know where my life is going but I was in a dark place in America and I’ve come to the conclusion that i probably wouldn’t have come out of it had I not come to korea. Granted I went through a lengthy cathartic process once I got here the experience has been good. Getting an average American girl SUCKS. Getting an average Korean girl is pretty damn good.
          Maybe my conversion rate is skewed. From a cold approach is really low, but once I lock in and properly time bridge is goes up with every step I take.

        3. Are you in Korea for teaching english?
          I’m thinking of ditching the West next year to do just that.
          I just need to see for myself whether or not the whole world is like this.
          I pulled ass this year but even so I just want to GTFO for at least a little while.

        4. I don’t see it. I can pull 5s with minimal effort but get bored so quickly, I can’t go there anymore. Standards go up with life experience maybe.

        5. Im here for a lot of reasons. Its my belief that everyone in the world should get out of their country and see the world and if possible, see it in a non-vacation way.

        6. The only downside is when you return to america or australia or whatever, teaching english isn’t highly valued work experience unless you to pursue a career in education back home.

        7. A friend told me in japan just look for the woman with the sluttiest high heel shoes and start there. I thought it was stupid advice, because back then I was socially conditioned by american culture that you can’t judge women by appearances. But that saves a lot of time. They aren’t into tats or smoking.

        8. FUCK! I remember buying that shit hook line and sinker. If she’s dresses slutty it doesnt mean you’ll fuck her but it certainly raises your chances.

        9. I notice about 1 -2 hot women per month, often a tourist from out of town. So I know I must be doing something wrong. There’s got to be better ways to socially circulate.

        10. They like to get dressed up too when they go out at night, right? Bu its like american women are in ubran camouflage or something, trying to avoid getting approached by “creepy” guys.

        11. I’d also add that the isolation from american people is a key element to confidence building. When the news, movies, family, friends, co-workers and classmates spout bullshit (that which ROK is opposed to) its tough to keep your spine straight, but with my isolation here I’ve been able to slowly develop my mental foundation over time.

        12. American media puts out a huge amount of negative messages towards men. You can start to think you have to apologize to women for shit you haven’t even done. I remember the first time I got groped in a crowded train in japan. I turned around assuming that it was a fag that I would have to punch. It a cute girl smiling at me who said ‘haro’. I wasn’t threatened. It felt great even if I wasn’t interested. That’s probably considered “assault” now in america.

        13. I know that feeling. Everytime I’m in Japan, I’m just astounded as to how nice and feminine the women are.

      3. Stop the gay ass working out bullshit. Unless you are fat… chicks don’t care. Former D1 college athlete.

        1. Actually gives me something to talk about. Chicks are easily impressed. If I say I achieved my goal of benching 200, that sounds like a lot to them. “Oh, so you could lift me then”. lol

      4. My conversion rate is lower LOL. I seriously stated to game in about May. Right now, I have 1 girl who’s decided to call herself my girlfriend although she says she expects me to cheat on her so she doesn’t have a huge problem. I have another girl I’ve ben steadily hooking up with since August, plus 2 extra girls that show promise. This is the culmination of a lot of gaming, rejections, last minute resistance, last minute fuck ups caused by me, etc. Totally worth it. Doesn’t even feel like a chore any more once you get into it. It’s rather addictive.

    2. Agree. I always preach that you (men) have to see yourself “as the prize” not the woman – but you also have to put in the hard work to become that prize.
      This mentality will carry you very far with women.

  22. The old customs weren’t simply the result of odd religious prescriptions or peculiar tribal taboos. They were intended to stabilize society. However appealing polygyny is it was done away with to help insure mates for more men since quality females would always try to marry rich, powerful men and poor, mostly young ones would remain single.
    Revolutionaries have always used the promise of freedom and pussy to seize power, following which they establish almost exactly the same society as before.

    1. Bingo. Put a slightly different way is that muslim societies today and all societies that control women sexually are done for the purpose of spreading women out among men. When men arent busy with a productive job and arent getting laid they revolt. I remember reading somewhere, perhaps on this site, that a chinese rebellion (I wanna say Nien) was done partially due to the surplus of men. Its also a current concern for the chinese government right now. Conversely the late 40’s-60’s were America’s golden era as well as the Soviet Union in some respects, both of us won wars established dominance and had a surplus of women due to a generation of men being lost.

      1. Surplus extra men=war. China due to it’s one child policy AND the illegal practice of female infanticide has resulted in a surplus of men.What to do with the extra males?? Cannon fodder .War

        1. We have enough useless surplus men globally to conduct 5 world wars. It’s coming, fast and hard.

        2. Karen Straughan had a super cash money thats air tight as to why China has a surprlus of men and females are aborted. Chinese parents didn’t want boys in so much as they prefer then to take on the family name, they wanted food in their mouth and a roof over their heard.

  23. This article goes to my collection of readings that I use to remind myself what the actual situation is. To remember myself why do I go to the gym everyday, study everyday, work on my game everyday. Do not wish things were better; whish you were better.

    1. Unless you are morbidly obese. Going to the gym is for you, not for women. More red pill, less feminism.

  24. is fucking hot women the pinnacle of living life? so the motivation behind reaching the top is to get women? the problem wjth todays boys and twenty something guys is that we dont what the fuck is life all about. fucking women? getting a 9-5 job? having kids? then dying at the age of 70 alone and sad? doesnt make sense to me.

    1. given the divorce rate and the likelihood a man will lose virtually everything in said divorce one is likely to die broke and alone even if marriage/relationships is not avoided.

    2. “then dying at the age of 70 alone and sad? doesnt make sense to me.”
      Because you’re trying to attribute meaning to something that has none (life). Yes, you can try to give your life meaning. Having kids, sleeping with the entire Olympic Women’s Soccer team, climbing Everest or building a cabin in the wilds of Australia. But, at the end of the day, there’s no meaning to it. Your kids, if they are smart enough will someday come to this realization and curse you for bringing them here. And, hopefully, you’re able to deal with the implications that we’re just like every other animal; a temporarily sentient being that bounces around this earth with the end goal of spreading genes to assist evolution. This may change someday (soon, perhaps) as we move closer to life extension technologies. But, today, the reality is clear; there’s no more meaning to a child being born than to a kitten being born. It’s the way evolution occurs, and, if you want to be a part of it, have children and see what happens.
      I am opting out. I’m not going to have kids because I fear they may come to the same conclusions that I have and be pissed off that I brought them here. I have a great life; but, honestly, in the end, there’s a lot more pain than good in 99.99% of the lives lived today (especially when you figure end of life pain). I’m glad that people are out there having kids to keep the whole thing going until we figure out a better way. But I like my unborn children enough to keep them that way.

      1. even it j were to give a meaning to my life, it would never be along the lines of fucking 20000 women . it might be a short term goal but the end goal has to be something more significant than

  25. interesting approach. Deregulation can be considered as either cause (as in the article) or effect (i.e. what caused the deregulation / current state of affairs). Looking at it this way i.e. as a cause avoids getting bogged down into inevitable disagreements as to why the status quo is what it is, which I think helps a focus on the problem as it presents. I look forwards to the time when the media / public discourse will actually acknowledge the reality in part or whole

  26. many women who would be considered good quality (looks and body) aren’t having sex either. in relationships or out.
    i am a part of generation Y and we all have less sex.

    1. many – maybe
      all – no
      if you want more sex you have to stare on your phone less. Simple as that.

    2. Gen Y is the sluttiest generation yet. You aren’t having sex with them but I am. Slutty is the new normal.

  27. I “love” when dumb people claim “women want it as much as men do”. Hell no. The only woman that knows what the sex drive of a healthy male is the nymphomaniac woman, a rarity.
    Having a relationship, or marrying a Western woman (God save us!) is definitely out of the question. Smash and dash, pump and dump.

      1. This is ROK: everybody here has been with 100 women, has a 9 inch cawk and has the body of Steve Cook.

        1. Don’t be silly. Having the body of Steve Cook would be a serious legal liability. I don’t need that sort of style cramping in my life.

    1. I also see a problem with men thinking that women are as sexual as we are. It is contradicted by biology/hormones/brain/behavior/history, etc.
      But I do not think a nymphomaniac(myth) knows either(its something else about women with mental problems).

    2. 50% of women don’t climax from fucking. Maybe vibrator. So no no no women don’t want or need sex the same as men. That’s one of the biggest reasons the sexual market place is all fucked up. Then there’s the fact that women flame out in their 40s, while men can keep going many years after. So its a total lie that women want sex as much as men.

    1. Sex:
      She: constantly, maybe 3 times a week
      He: almost never, maybe 3 times a week
      That’s about as clear and perfect as it gets.
      I might add that for a women to want 3×4 = 12 times sex a month, she must be married to an alpha male.
      If it is a beta male it is more like 3 times a month after year #1.
      To 1/month until year 10
      To birthday sex til divorce.

  28. This is a very good ‘from the crows nest’ view of the sexual landscape that many down below cannot see. Well depicted article! I would have thought to use a ‘PUSSY PIE’ graph nevertheless. Mary Letorneau? Girls like her bring up the George Michael lyrics . . ”there ain’t no joy for the uptown boy whose teacher has told him goodbye”. It is THE MAN who should be the teacher NOT THE SEASONED HUSSIE. Game a virgin and YOU TEACH HER how it’s down. Show her how YOU like it. True?

  29. “The rich, the famous, and the physically most attractive are in the latter group”
    I would argue that while money certainly still matters, it does not buy now what it did in the past. The marginal cost of pussy has gone up as women have become wealthier through entering the labor market. Beyond having enough money for:
    1) privacy (your own pad)
    2) location of said privacy (near where the cute girls are)
    3) mobility around that location (usually but not always a reliable – note I didn’t say expensive – car)
    4) a wardrobe
    5) time
    money isn’t going to buy you very much. You’d be much better off learning game and increasing your social value.

    1. Having a decent car, decent place to live in and decent clothes to wear is quite difficult to attain at a young age.

  30. This was a great article although I can be considered to fall more towards the “left” I do have a problem with certain areas of Feminism which seems hypocritical. I believe in “equality” between the sexes in terms of a Meritocracy just as I do with anyone no matter race or culture (You get rewarded for your worth). In the sexual marketplace its a little more complicated as heterosexual Men and Women we have a certain balance we need to strike. For many women sexual freedom more money and more freedom means they usually will seek a partner slightly better than they are. Men especially Generation Y we are faced with tremendous income inequality the rise of the part time job and less job security and benefits. And you need a certain level of financial security to start a family let a lone even get a date in this society. I felt frustration for a few years but now I care less as I view the whole situation like I do economics. I realize the world is big and maybe we can look elsewhere. Also as you reach closer to 30’s…you start realizing a slight turn in your romantic life.
    I talk with some of my buddies and they look at me weird when I say i don’t seriously date single mothers. Of course some single moms are great women, but I especially stay away from the single moms with multiple kids and multiple fathers as I feel I will be put on the payout list. Even with extreme Feminism I now only feel a slight annoyance and I simply don’t care as much anymore, I can only control what I do and the right woman will like you for your true self and confidence in your self. As long as you concentrate on your career, your hobbies, your education, and your physical fitness. Certain things you can’t control like the weather all you can do is prepare. And as long as you have your jacket and umbrella and the proper tools you’ll be ready for anything.

    1. An interesting note: I mentioned dating single mothers to two female coworkers…the more feminist coworker said “go for it that’s great you are doing that!!” While the more traditional woman actually told me “you are young single man ARE YOU CRAZY?!! Don’t get caught up in that!!” This was a woman saying this.

      1. On average, anything that can damage your long term value or erode your confidence a feminist will say, “Go for it!”

        1. What opened my eyes was the “Traditional” woman’s reaction saying hell no don’t be a sucker for those women….she sounds more sure about that dynamic than most males are…and the female feminist reaction to her was priceless lol.

  31. Great timing. I had a long discussion about this topic with a friend of mine yesterday who is an academic and a published author. While he agrees that the deregulation of the sexual marketplace has been problematic for both sexes–he refers to it as the breakdown of traditional courtship and monogamy though–he refuses to accept the Manosphere explanations for the consequences.
    I told him about the theory that few men benefit while the rest of us are kind of invincible, and he said it sounds like a theory put together by whiny men who aren’t getting what they want. When I told him that that is like claiming that anyone who has a problem with capitalism is an envious person who wants more money–an argument he explicitly rejects–he went silent, although he didn’t validate my opinion.
    Like most educated men, he did not like the fact that women were often blamed for problems in the sexual marketplace, did not see the big deal of women chasing men based on attraction–strangely enough, he rejected this as a reason for why marriages don’t last–and insisted that the reason women dress like porn stars nowadays is to attract men. When i tried to explain to him that they aren’t dressing like that for men like us, but to snag the best looking alpha types, he just did not accept it.
    In short, despite his rejection of most feminist ideas, he remains in denial about the causes of the problem and the consequences for wider society. He believes the fact that men are exposed to so much pornography in their youth is a much bigger issue to deal with than the fact that women may chase a minority of men in their 20’s and ignore the rest of us.
    Most men will not accept this argument because it causes them to reassess their own SMV, among other things, which can be extraordinarily painful. They also want to cling to their rosy view of women as well.

    1. deeper than that alone. said another way, when women are intensely rewarded so unbelievably one-sidedly for starkly egregious endless violations of men’s faith that are in fact all their own agency/want/value-choices, it invalidates his entire life’s work and pursuits/value. all his contributions, all those decades, are all worth nothing. civilization: nothing. i mean, he could have spent all that time on steroids and mah dick, how could he have gotten it so wrong? no, no, that just can’t be true… we can’t give up calculus, the atom, industry, women must value men who value these things! reassemble the puzzle pieces, there must be another way they fit! right?…
      what you were looking at was pillar of society unwilling to accept the pieces fitting the way they do, for then why did he build a pillar, or even a family? worse, he contributed, in his blind ignorance. what you were asking him to realize, he just can’t, not that way.
      for those so deeply committed to a trust that doesn’t exist, there are two primary categories: white knights and betas, and the dying breed of iron men that betas would have gone on to become. for these men, if you study them closely, mania comes before depression, and he’ll gladly go back to mania that accept depression. not moving feels even worse.

  32. As an Australian girl, reading this kind of makes me sad that this is also happening in Australia. I mean I know its happening and when i show my boyfriend the articles and comments in disbelief he always confirms it to be true but I always found it hard to believe that it was on the same level here that it is in the US

    1. Well I’m having a good day today and feeling particularly jolly right now so welcome here. You’ll probably get some hate and a deluge of negative comments even if yours are tempered and well constructed. Stick with it, be consistent with handling negativity and people will appreciate your comments. Personally I have no problem with like minded people who see things the way I do.
      This shit used to make me sad too but after repeating it to myself and seeing it play out every day a daily basis as well as re-evaluating memories of mine and seeing the principals play out perfectly.
      Could you please clarify what part(s) make you sad?
      Do you value monogamy?
      Do you want to get married?
      Supposed you could get a top 20% guy are you worried he has 2-3 side chicks and not want to share him?
      You’re a woman and the deregulating of the sexual market is a sweet deal for you as you’re not tied to a man and your congratulated for dumping “him” whoever he is. You’re free to consistently punch above your weight and if you’re ever lonely you can dial up an orbiter to fill your emotional needs or hook up with a guy any time you like. The only REAL worry is an STD.

      1. I’ve commented here and there before, been following rok for quite a while now. Very much enjoy the motivation articles in particular.
        Yes I value monogamy and yes I definitely can’t wait to marry my man, very exciting stuff. Not worried about other women. I dont think either of us is punching above our weight, we both excel in very different areas and are very complementary to each other and both say we’ve found “unicorns” in each other. There’s also a 7 year gap.
        However, he and I have on a few occasions been told that he is punching above his weight and I suppose the insinuating thing is that I could do better. He says it to me sometimes too and it makes me feel a bit uneasy, I don’t know how to respond to things like that, we’ve got a mad relationship.
        It makes me sad that women conduct themselves in these manners and that men are ok with it. Where is the womens respect and the mans backbone?
        Also it makes me sad that because of this deregulation, people feel it’s ok to commend great relationships ending, just shut the fuck up and enjoy what you have, people feel they are entitled to anything they want these days even if they have something great already (this doesn’t apply to improving your life and living standards though) and end up being even unhappier because they are always chasing some bullshit fairytale myth when in reality the happiest relationships have had rocky times and downs but they both stuck with it and worked through it – that’s what everyone wants but no one wants to work for.
        Lastly, modern feminism is damaging because it perpetuates this myth that men are bad for your life pprogession and attainment of your goals etc
        No one ever told me that being in a good relationship provides an invaluable foundation to fly even higher towards your goals. All I heard growing was bitching about men, all the adults I grew up around are still married but all I would ever hear was whinging. I suspect im not the only one either. Kids should be told that the right person will do good things for your life, not that every man or woman you are with will drag you down in their respective stereotypical ways.
        Thats my 2c which turned into a bit of a rant at the end there which I apologise for. The shitty parental advice hits a nerve because my boyfriend has a very young daughter and I would consider it shitty parenting to bring her up with the views on males and relationships that I was exposed to.

  33. War is the natural progression of unsatisfied male desire. This has been so for centuries. War actually has the effect of removing lesser males while allowing stronger and smarter males to mate with the remaining females.

    1. True in classic war. Feminazis are waging an unconventional socio economic and judicial war against patriarchal standard and they grant prosecutorial immunity to their renegade guerrilla feminazi combatants. Ever faced off with feminists at a rally or won a street debate with radicals or turned the tables while being served with exit papers to your own house by local uniformed feminazi gestapos? That’s when the tire slashing or arson from the renegades comes in. Even street protesters keep a known psycho in the bunch that will lunge with a knife or gun and the ‘legit’ members hands remain clean. They have crazy kamikazis believe me and the system looks the other way.

  34. Wealth inequality is tolerable for men if it is balanced by
    sexual-access equality. In short, a poor beta is not going to resent a
    rap star/Donald trump’s monetary excess if both only ostensibly get one
    loyal sexual partner each of comparable value. Yes, rapper/Trump gets a
    supermodel, and poor beta gets an average chick, but if average chick
    stays in shape, cooks his meals, and gives it up to him, and
    rapper/Trump ostensibly only has sex with his wife, men will tolerate
    the situation.
    This is why societal-enforced monogamy and
    slut-shaming decreased societal volatility. When the Roman Empire went
    through chaotic stages, it was almost always a “bad” emperor on the
    throne. What many of these bad emperors shared as a trait was notable
    and public sexual excess—contemporary rumors about stealing other
    people’s wives, multitudes of concubines, orgies, etc. These public
    rumors stoked resentment. While they were not the cause, there was a
    definite correlation—-those emperors who had “good” reigns had
    positive sexual rumors (i.e. faithful, monogomous marriages) following
    them, even if later found untrue (e.g. Augustus, who banished his
    daughter for being a slut while he was sleeping around on the sly).
    short: when it’s obvious to the public that 80% of the women are
    sleeping with only 20% of the men, a society is doomed to chaos. When such a fact is either hidden or monogamy/chastity are enforced rigorously, society is stable.
    it this way: JFK hid is astounding sexual excess from the public and
    gave the image of a family man. Hence the partial nostalgia for the JFK
    years as solid, predictable times. Meanwhile, when Teddy was in the
    senate, the public knew about his constant catting around; had he won
    the presidency in 1980 when he ran, I believe the country could have
    been brought much closer to impeachment/chaos/revolution simply due to
    his public hogging of all the women. Bill Clinton learned that the hard
    way when he got in office—his public catting around (even with ugly
    women) led to his impeachment and a strong dislike by many American men
    who otherwise would have probably supported him and his policies.
    In short, it is sexual envy, not material envy, that drives men bonkers and society off a cliff.

    1. I’d have to agree with the first half whole heartedly. When a man is getting his rocks off to a decent woman there is a lot less to envy. When a man is not getting decent sexual access its sexual frustration at best and Elliot Rogers at the worst.
      Even if every congressman and high level govt official had 3 girls in the bullpen I dont think it would cause men to say “You’re hogging all the women” Women themselves dont like it either because they want the powerful men and they dont wanna share.

    2. Correct. The sexual market is the one market to which all other markets are subordinate.
      Men (self-aware men anyway) don’t truly give a shit about wealth beyond what it can do for them sexually or for their families.
      That such an elementary fact is lost on so many people is a tragedy.

  35. Guess it takes a lot of motivation away from the average guy. Why work hard, why be excellent, why even work at all if it doesnt give you access to basic stuff like having a woman and some kids ? This is going to have serious consequences.

  36. “You can find countless news articles about women in their 40s and 50s foraying into online dating and successfully bedding desperate guys half their age. Such articles are typically clueless on the actual causes of this phenomenon. “Young men now actively seeking older women!” the headlines proclaim—not realizing that only a lack of suitable partners their own age has driven them to this.”
    This makes sense if women’s value drops as they age and men’s increases. Young guys and older women are therefore on a more equal footing, sexual value-wise. Also their motivations might be similar, both might be looking for casual fun only so it suits.

  37. “If there’s one thing socialists have always understood, it is that you can only deregulate a market so far before the losers, justly or not, begin to respond violently. This is because violence, more than any other currency, is not a distortion of the free market; it is the ultimate free market.”
    An enjoyable article to read, but this paragraph was pretty 0ff-base. The free market by definition is based on voluntary action, not coercion or “violence.”

    1. Indeed. And Russia is not poorer now than it was under communism. It’s not great, but it’s not worse.

      1. 1) Russia is relatively poorer than it used to be when compared to other countries like the US.
        2) Average Russians enjoy way worse standards of living than what they used to.

  38. I honestly predict that at some point betas will start to riot. So many of my generation (millennials) and the upcoming generation are and have been fed lies about what women want and when they start realizing they have been mislead, there will be serious discontent.

    1. The women may get there first. They’ve been fed the lies about what men want and they’re not “having it all” like they were promised.

    2. I don’t think they will riot. Being beta means being a doormat. Women wipe their feet on them to get into the house. Then they shut the door behind them and lock it and leave the doormat outside. Betas are told they have a useful function in protecting the carpet.

  39. Excellent article. I agree with most of the things you speak on and its refreshing to hear other men talking about wanting a suitable partner for a ltr. All my friends joke me for cutting back on my promiscuity because like you said, all i get is sex. Its gotten to the point that the girls in my circles are so dirty id just rather beat off. Granted i did it too myself trying to pursue the “bad guy” vibe with tattoos and a shitty attitude which attracts those type of women. But im trying to change to maybe find. A decent woman.

  40. This is why the ‘freedom to do whatever you want’ is not necessarily good for society.
    If the restrictive standards necessary to create a function/productive society offends women, so what? You can’t base social norms on whether or not people feel accepted. The very purpose of norms IS to marginalize those who fall outside of it. That’s not an unwanted product, it’s the very purpose. This is the problem with Western societies, it’s all values and no pragmatism.

  41. Mad Max,.
    I BELIEVE in your thesis, and have stated it many times myself in different ways, but the problem is that it strikes many people as just an assertion.
    What we need is some sort of data to back it up. I don’t know what this data should look like, but if the claim is true, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some data that supports it.
    Heck, who knows, original studies/research might need to be done to definitely verify it. But as it stands, it appears that this thesis is merely the hobby horse of some manosphere members (myself included) and not of interest to academics and social scientists. Maybe that’s because it’s taboo (as it would call for either the acceptance of the fate of many men being incels or a call for social reform)

  42. Some interesting observations here, but you have the primary one exactly backwards – modern women act the way they do as a result of overregulation rather than vice versa. 40 years ago, women’s behavior reflected a pure market with organic mechanisms to correct bad behavior. Now, women are protected by alimony and custody laws, welfare and social support mechanisms, discrimination and harassment laws, and, coming soon, you’re-a-rapist-because-I-say-so laws. At no other time in history have women been so untethered from the consequences of their actions. In the past, if your wife cheated on you, she wasn’t walking away with a golden parachute, and may very well lose her house, kids, possessions and face scorn from her community and her family. This was a pure unregulated market that
    corrected itself. No one forced this behavior, it was normal, and as it should be. Today, a woman who does the same thing will end up with a large thanks-for-playing award, will take your children and poison them against you, along with your family and friends, she will then fall back on all manner of social safety nets from food stamps to welfare to housing to childcare, which again, you pay for, and if she literally kicks you in the balls on the way out the door, you’re going to jail for it. This isn’t an unregulated market, it’s an open window into the perversity of an overregulated market that plays favorites.

  43. Men, pls stop responding to this Lilac Haze feminazi. She only has power & attention because we men give consent to giving her power & attention.
    take away the attention & the replies, which are implied consent for speech & this bitch goes away.

  44. “That’s a million extra fridges running 24/7, and hundreds of thousands
    of extra dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, cars and other
    Nice article…and way to tie it into consumerism as well.
    Corporations love the new wave of feminism. Their whole goal is always to sell, sell, sell….more microwaves, TVs, etc….so it’s a perfect scenario for them.
    But, on our side (society as a whole), it has had a drastic impact on the family unit. Your note of society being “freer” comes with a price tag and we’re paying the price, today.
    Feminists can ignore the numbers and statics (were talking logic here so is anyone here really surprised?). The fact reminds that if we keep heading in this direction, then something will change (and it may result in a clash, civil war or some time of revolt).
    I can’t say collapse because I can’t see it happening but there is always change (whether we like it or not).

  45. Very interesting observations. You see this also playing out in China where population laws have caused men to outnumber women. In natural demographics women outnumber men. One cause is that male babies tend to have a higher mortality rate than females.
    So the natural population make-up tends to be 51 % female to 48% male. And this is quite healthy. However, China is starting to climb to rates of 52 % to 47 % female. This is incredibly dangerous.
    Since women are becoming a rare commodity, many families know they can pick. Thus wealthy men have a huge advantage in the wife department. Young men who can’t afford a house, car, or other assets are left out in the cold. They are trapped as “wifeless” and are increasingly bitter at this.
    India has similar problem as sex-selective abortions become more prevalent.
    Feminist seem clueless what to do about this. Their unwavering support of abortion comes into conflict with the fact that females are the most aborted gender of them all.
    This fuels demographic disaster.
    Any society where the men outnumber women like this and a huge section of those men are left to never have a stable relationship is heading to violence.
    What feminist don’t understand is that it’ll fuel more misogyny and hatred of women. In the end the house of cards will tumble down and women, more than anyone, will pay the price.
    I’m involved in several communities for critiquing and all the stories young women write about romance are mind-boggling. In one girl’s story her female called it “cold logic” when the guy she adored talked about the need for his brother to marry and produce an heir. That’s cold logic?
    A lot of these stories teach girls follow your heart and it’ll magically turn out right. That stable guy who will provide you with stability? BORING ~
    The woman cheats on him because her heart is just singing for the other guy. And then when he confronts her on being a cheating liar, she goes, “Um…. er… *sniff* *bawl” When she cries enough to make him back off, she just sobs that she can’t help the way she feels.
    Choose the hot player guy who will leave you pregnant and dump you for something younger! In the romance he always stick with her because of true love ~
    No, sorry, but a guy like that will dump them.

  46. Another article that desperately tries to turn back time. Why only focus on the negative aspects? As a man I no longer am expected by society to go the traditional path of marriage, children, mortgage and slaving away at work. I consider my life as a bachelor (I am 46 and never been married, don’t have kids nor a mortgage) as a relief compared to what a man was expected to do with his life 50 years ago. I am not seen as a looser, I am not forced to go down the career path. I am free to do what I want and nobody tells me how I should live my life. I consider this a form of freedom that earlier generations of men could only dream of. I have enough sex and came to the conclusion that once I fucked a female 100 times, the interest in her from my part wears off. Do you really believe people in the old days had more sex only because they were married? You must be joking. After a few years of marriage you just don’t fuck as much anymore. It becomes a burden, because this whole idea of monogamy was forced upon us by governments and religions. It is not a natural biological state to fuck the same women for the rest of your life. I wish you misserable bastards could cheer up a bit about the present liberation. I for me don’t want it any other way.

    1. Some of us want to have kids, eg me. I want to pass on my genes, leave part of me behind, be a biological success. I want those kids raised with their natural parents, in a secure relationship. To me it’s important. That’s why this bullshit ‘liberation’ or ‘freedom’ as you call it, aka ‘no commitment anything goes let’s just fuck around’ society is a fucking disaster for my future plans to be a father.

      1. No it is not. Find yourself a traditional woman who wants the same as you do. There are plenty out there in the world and the world is much bigger than The West. The problem with guys like you is because you can’t find a girl who wants to commit to you and have a traditional life it is always the fault of society, the girls, the liberation, etc. If no traditonal woman wants to commit to you maybe for once you should start looking at yourself in stead of blaming the world. And if you still don’t agree, why the fuck don’t you take action and do something about it like finding yourself a wife from some thirld world country who is dying for a traditional life in stead of moaning on the web.

        1. terribly sorry, but life disproves such parroting.
          were you the best, the fittest, of your class? yet you passed? thus you already know, in so many more ways than not, that evolution isn’t the survival of the most fit, rather it is the self-selection of the least fit. don’t do what doesn’t work. don’t be stupid. don’t get married, don’t not pass on your heritage, both genetic and empire. what some search for here, is only a small part of what you describe.
          and darwin was a perfect example of a hawthorne: a neoreligious nut who
          left his self hated white civilization to ‘discover’ and champion
          noble-nature craziness on the other side of the world. try not to celebrate him as much as people tell you.

        2. “self hated white civilization”
          In 1850 when he lived? You are projecting modern times ideas and philosophies over a century back in time. It were the high days of the british empire and colonialism. I kid you not.
          Further: projecting theories on individual cases is something never works and is not what theories are meant for. You should know better.

        3. The man who discovered DNA (and Im paraphrasing here) said: “The earth hasnt existed long enough for evolution to be possible.” He was coy when asked to explain, but he is clearly acknowledging that something (God, ETs, whatever you want to call it) helped us along.
          I am supremely confident he is smarter than me or you.
          If you wanna stay in the matrix, stay there…

        4. Yes I know, there are people out there who believe the earth is only 5000 years old.
          I am not the one who is living in the Matrix. After all I am not the one bitching and moaning about modern women now am I?

        5. The earth is billions of years old. Einstein and Carl Sagan acknowledged the possibility of a higher power (were they getting sentimental in their old age? afraid of death? who knows) because they believed all of this simply couldnt have happened by chance. Nikola Tesla believed something was speaking to him directly and guiding him along.
          so who are you gonna believe? Scientists like DNA guy, Einstein, Sagan, and Tesla, or a non scientist who drew pictures of exotic turtles 150 yrs ago? The choice is yours.

        6. i don’t think i misjudged your efforts, hector. but if something above was indeed an extreme for parody, then it flew over my head. you’re not wrong that some that you describe are here, though they be far more so elsewhere.
          the referenced ‘you’ is generic and introspective. anyone reading it can apply it’s case, to themselves and to all. less you think i was making you the individual case exception that breaks evolution. lets avoid selective pedantry.

        7. Hmm. I’m quite capable of ‘reproducing’, if that’s all that mattered. I could knock up 5 chicks tomorrow, if all I cared about was ‘fertilising eggs’. Perhaps you’re basic comprehension skills are lacking, but if you understood my post properly, you’d realise I’m complaining about being able to have children (when the time comes) who can be brought up in a secure and stable relationship, with committed parents, so that they turn out emotionally and psychologically ok.
          You assert there are ‘plenty of traditional women out there’, which is a laughable statement to me as I’m in my 20s and live in urban Australia. There are not ‘plenty’ of ;traditional’ women in their 20s in urban Australia. So either I find older traditional women, or move countries, which is not an option for me. I’m not one bit interested in a wife from the third world.
          As for ‘moaning’ on the web about it, I was replying directly to your ‘Who wants to fuck one woman forever anyway? Liberation rocks!’ post, which was glamourising the societal trend of putting adult’s sexual freedom over the welfare of any children being born to them. But hey, as long as you’re getting a lot of pussy, guys like me must just be losers. Logic.

        8. Hector, I think you’re missing the big picture. For many men on ROK the Red Pill is about saving Western society from ruin. It’s not about spreading our seed from a Darwinian perspective. It would be quite easy to pick up chicks in a bar, raw dog them, lie and say you had a vasectomy and hopefully impregnate them. Then disappear to never be heard of again, and hope they don’t get an abortion. That kind of behavior would be optimal in our society from a Darwinian perspective, even though it’s completely unsustainable in the long run. Civilization has to be built on a stable backbone of some kind, and a world of pump and dump impregnation is not stable.

        9. “For many men on ROK the Red Pill is about saving Western society from ruin.”
          By taking the Red Pill and “going your own way” you seriously believe you can save society from ruin? Sounds rather inactive to me and more a form of retreat from society. I rather accept the present situation, adept to it and make the most of it. But then again, I am not in my twenties anymore and don’t have the illusion I can change society. As for the future which looks terribly dark to me given the current crisis in the western world and western societies imploding all over the place, I really don’t see any reason of putting a child in this world to pick up the bill.

        10. Did I say I was going my own way? We are here precisely because we aren’t retreating from society. All anti-establishment movements begin somewhere.

    2. it’s because you are talking to the ones who can’t get laid (let alone screw a girl 100 times).
      they are also looking for a mommy to screw. they want someone to cater to their every need, sex included.
      but i think it’s a lot of grass is greener on the other side. you’ve raised a great point…how do we know in traditional relationships were men getting laid?

  47. Well written and as Mad Max said, a topic that needed this articulation.
    The gist of it is pretty bleak and as he put it “soul crushing”, for everyone. This includes the women who are now prisoners of their own freedom in this deregulated market.
    For the men it’s simple: You’re either in: A.) the upper 10% USDA prime cut or B.) the 90% discount bin of carne asada (aka the average everyday nice-guy schlub)
    (Nothing against carne asada….you’re just not going to be paying $15/lb for flap meat is all.)
    The problem here is this: whether you’re a man in column A or B you can see the underlying issue –> The death of stability. The death of the long term relationship, possibly marriage. Quite possibly the death of lasting happiness. Happiness a man can only get from fulfilment of his role in society as he sees it – being a husband, father, mentor, teacher, grandfather. etc.
    The top 10% get their choice of the women. True. So they just start slaying everything 7.5-8 or above and sleep during the day. Sure, why not? Who wouldn’t? But eventually, a good majority of those men (yours truly included), wake up one day and figure getting laid doesn’t have that appeal anymore. You don’t find that nonsense fulfilling. You dig deeper and realize you never found it fulfilling. It was just fun for the taking. Now you go into whatever short term relationships you can find and discover you are just one of many ponies on the carousel. You give up on anything with potential and consider it false hope. The easy sex you’re afforded is life’s consolation prize. Congrats. Now you’re “that guy” with a new empty headed barbie on his arm each week. (If that’s you and your idea of heaven, thumbs up. But for other’s it’s a bottomless pit)
    What are the attractive women doing? Riding the merry-go-round of modern feminism of course. Free sex without consequence among a platoon of alphas to choose. Of course, she may have to shoo away the hordes of thirsty betas who dare work up the nerve to say “hi”, but that’s what makes it fun right?
    What are the betas doing? Video games, fapping, Comic con, approaching attractive women, (stiff-arm to the nose), back to the basement, back to the beginning.
    What are the unattractive women doing? Consoling and marrying the betas after they’ve been rejected right? Umm, nope. They’re standing in line waiting for their turn on the carousel just like feminism promised everyone. Unfortunately, you must be 30yrs or younger to ride the carousel…so if they miss the chance to ride there’s a pet-shop down the street holding kitten adoptions. You know what to do ladies.
    Ergo –> the building block of society breaks down. Marriage & the nuclear family are relegated to back and white TV reruns and Western culture becomes a ship of aging, narcissistic, dumbed down malcontents headed for the whirlpool.
    Solution – Mad Max alluded to it. The Proles revolt ala 1984. Betas wake up and smell the coffee. Stop being thirsty, stop placing women on pedestals, stop playing their game. Women then see two options A.) being a weekend amusement for an alpha or B.) being nothing. Some of the hottest hotties will ride the carousel for sure, but others with come back down to Earth. They’ll find that “nice guy” like grandma did way back when and while he’s not the richest or most popular, he’ll still be there and that sure beats nothing. Order is reset.
    The power lies with the Betas to change it.

    1. or not sleeping with men at all. you read the post right? they aren’t into sex as much as men.
      i know plenty of girls who don’t go out because it’s boring. they’d rather stay home and just watch movies, bake and go to bed.
      i’ve been saying this but women don’t need men. they can make their own money and own their own property. they can even go to a sperm clinic if one day the biological clock strikes 12.

      1. No I didn’t read the post jagoff. I just citied the certain parts I skimmed enough to comment on.
        You realize that the comments section, much like this whole site, are opinion pieces yes?
        Attractive women don’t stay at home, bake and go to bed because dancing on bars, getting free drinks and eye-fuqqed by dozens of sex starved men is “boring”. These are the unattractive girls waiting for their ride on the carousel that isn’t coming.
        And by the way, ask any straight woman entering a sperm back if she’d prefer a bottle of spunk over a living breathing man who would not only knock her up, but help her raise a child into adulthood.
        But….sperm banks or pet shops. Both serve the same purpose in a way.

        1. a bit defensive there, eh?
          no, they are attractive, just educated.
          educated girls are the best. especially ones in very intense programs. shows dedication to get accepted into medicine/pharmacy/law/clinical etc. and usually that dedication involves not riding the CC or clubbing every weekend.
          i know a lot of them cannot afford to because they are on scholarships.
          the other girls are wealthy ones. wealthy girls are amazing because they don’t need anything from you. but you better bring something to the table or they’ll leave you within seconds.
          the best are the educated/wealthy girls. they are generally modest and very involved in charity work (because they can they have no student loans) and studying and so forth.
          life is great you should smile sometimes.

        2. Your post is a giant anecdotal fallacy. According to actual studies, the most unhappy people in America are these educated women with high status jobs and no man.
          Profile of most unhappy American
          -42 years old
          -Unmarried (and no children)
          -Household income under $100,000
          -In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)
          Profile of most HAPPY American
          -39 years old
          -Household income between $150,000 and $200,000
          -In a senior management position
          -1 young child at home
          -A wife who works part-time

      2. UK sperm clinics are having tough times getting donations nowadays. Men are being held accountable in cases for child support years later for sperm donations. They’re having to import sperm from other countries the lack of donations is getting so severe. UK men don’t want to impregnate UK women even if it means just masturbating into a dixie cup and never meeting the woman.
        If that idea that women don’t need men and can just hit a sperm clinic for a baby then sue the man later ever comes to the US, you can expect the donations here to dry up just as quickly.
        I hate to tell you, women do need men. It’s biological. Mother Nature didn’t create men by mistake, or as some sort of weird experiment just for the hell of it. That’s not how it works. The two sexes were created to fulfill various roles, and to need each other so their strengths complemented each other.
        This dopey idea that women don’t need men is as dumb as saying gays should just stay closeted or like girls instead. No one would think to tell a gay guy to just repress what his DNA is telling him, but a whole generation of women have been told and taught to repress what’s in their genetics in the name of ideology.
        How’s that working out when they reach 40, are alone, and are childless? Well….prozac seems to be a popular option. It doesn’t seem to indicate deep fulfillment, but it sure is popular. 25% of women in that age group are on antidepressants and that number is climbing not declining.
        A few cats and some boxes of wine to self medicate the loneliness and regret, is another option. Doesn’t sound as good as having a mate to spend time with but maybe women really like cats.
        You know who the happiest people in the country are? Not career women, not single moms, not spinsters playing online canasta tournaments….
        The happiest people in the country are men and women in happy marriages that have lasted a while. Why? Because we are designed to need each other in our DNA.

      3. i’ve been saying this but women don’t need men. they can make their own money and own their own property.

        Bullshit. The protection afforded to you from the state is provided by men. Your “safety net” is financed by men. That you’re given preference in the workplace, and the Rule of Law are both enforced by men. All the technology you use was developed by men. The fact is, you NEED men. The difference is that you’ve found a way to manipulate the system where you can take and take from men, without having to give anything back. How long do you think until the slaves awake and realize what’s going on? Guess what’ll they’ll do when they realize there’s a system set up to manipulate and exploit them? It won’t be pretty. Don’t think it will happen? Take a look at history.

  48. Mad Max “If there’s one thing socialists have always understood, it is that you
    can only deregulate a market so far before the losers, justly or not,
    begin to respond violently.”
    Losers don’t necessarily respond violently at all. The free market balances itself naturally. Women who have their biological clocks tick heavily will lower their standards over-time.
    If it wasn’t for the corrupt. anti-father, family courts then more women would live happily with beta males, because they cannot keep an alpha.
    Mad Max “This is because violence, more than any
    other currency, is not a distortion of the free market; it is the ultimate free market.”
    Violence is coercion which is the opposite of the free market and voluntary interaction.

  49. You forgot the third category, drifters, people who accept the new reality, and realize that the restoration of the old reality is just as bad if not worse, because women still benefit, so the go their own way. That is me.

    1. That used to be called a Confirmed Bachelor. Now its called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Its a combination of wisdom from life experience and just burn-out.

  50. what advice would my fellow ROK readers give a 22 year old male who is single and has a decent job? should i focus on getting independance or just banging women? because doing the latter just seems shallow to me. i want access to decent looking women, women im actually attracted to.

    1. Women don’t think like us. By banging many women, even the attractive ones who want relationships will wonder why so many women want you, even if many of the women you bang are average . Look at tommy lee and Charlie sheen , Nikki sixx. Damn druggies with many women multiple kids yet they still pull the hottest women. Don’t think too much about it, just hit on women you find attractive and have fun .

    2. Easy, Harry. Overall focus on getting independence (particularly financial) and health sorted – you then have real choices as far as sex and anything else you desire. At the same time if fun is sort after or offered, go for it, you’re only young once

      1. Sometimes it takes time to figure these things out. Doesn’t matter how many books a young man reads or people he talks to. I didn’t figure Things out until 36. It just clicked one day .

    3. doing the latter just seems shallow to me
      Then don’t do it. Always do what’s right for you, regardless of what you read other people are doing.

    4. Focus on the independence.
      Travel & date overseas. Learn game too as an insurance policy against neediness/thirstiness. That’s what i’ve done this past year (but i’m a decade older than you so you have more time young man – i have reasons why i’m late to the express bus… namely i’m a beta).
      If you’re white, go to Latin America like Colombia. You’ll probably have the time of your life. (others can give you guidance on this).
      As others have said, save your money & dont go into debt. be financially secure & not reliant on just a salary. find a way to either start a consulting business just using a laptop or some other way to generate passive or semi-passive income (like forex day trading) so you’re not physically tied to the USA so you have plenty of time to travel & date foreign.
      I know you’d be skeptical of random ppl on the interwebs but i can say from my experience that in the USA, im not datable or boyfriend material. Yet in Poland & Mexico, I got dates… so what gives? You’ll find that, as a lot of posters here have discovered, foreign women are far more sweeter & more accomodating on the whole. Now granted i ran into that initial euro icyness/skepticism but once i got past that using world game, its just like interacting with a sweetheart.
      Sorry for TextWall.

    5. Don’t think too hard about anything but money until you hit 30. The the world is yours. Pay for a few hookers if you are shooting craps at Colege/bars.

  51. We all know the problem so now its time for the solution. Men need to lower American women’s smv by lowering demand. By this I mean we need to raise our standards and stop fucking fatties regardless of how easy the pussy is, this especially goes for alphas. Also fat shaming should be actively participated in. Let these cum dumpsters know that you’re better than them in every way and every chance you get. Never say or do anything that feeds their ego. Assess a woman’s value and make damn sure she knows she’s not above it. Most importantly if you have the means date foreign women and avoid American women all together. when some little jealous American bitch asks why you only date foreign women, tell her exactly why, be blunt then make sure she know your out of her league. there will always be thirsty betas to feed their egos but at least if that’s the only attention they get then eventually they’ll realize that theyre on or below the same status as the betas.

    1. Betas rarely change. At work when I tell betas to stand up to their women and don’t be pussies, they reply I don’t want to end up divorced like you. Most betas remain pussies because it is easy and the path of least resistance .

      1. Well yeah, they are cowards. That’s why they are betas. They are not real men. All they care about is their own security, just like the women that hate them.
        Men that value their security and comfort above their personal advancement and satisfaction are textbook betas. Risk adverse men are predictable. They will always betray you when the chips are down.

        1. I even got one former employee a raise and he ended up being the biggest backstabber of them all.

  52. There is a direct landline between the vagina and the emotional sector of a woman’s brain. That’s why women have a hard time acting on their sexual needs because it affects them emotionally. Even riding the cock carousel fucks them up while riding the pussy train makes us men feel like conquerors . The feminist agenda didn’t explainthe consequences of being a slut to women that’s why we got what we got. In the words of Yosemite Sam if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘ em.

  53. Just look on plenty of shit or okstupid dating sites. All women on there want a john f Kennedy jr with a lot of money , a good personality, who will love them and her kids. Haha women never get what they want.

    1. “Just look on plenty of shit or okstupid dating sites.”
      Had to stop right there as I cracked 3 ribs and dislocated my jaw from laughing so hard!

      1. I fucking live on those sites during the work week. I’ve seen the same women on there, I live in Dallas, Texas, for the past 5 years off and on, many of them never going on a date!

        1. They probably don’t even want dates (considering the fattest and ugliest skanks can get one), they want attention, validation and praise just for being born with a vagina.
          With the hoards of thirsty blue pill ‘men’ on the internet they can get it too.

  54. It is all about supply and demand. Since the dawn of social media, beta/thirsty men have flooded the market with dick. Why would a woman get in shape or act sane when she doesn’t have to? I remember I had this 2 message me on IG and then had the audacity to tell me “Don’t ask for nudes.” Are you serious? If I wanted to see a naked whale, I would watch the Discovery channel. Decent looking guys have pumped up her ego so damn much that she has the attitude of an 8. The balance is way off. I am only 30 and it used to not be like this when I was in high school. Everyone knew their place.

    1. The key is to “be the prize”. When you have a lot to offer, then you can be picky as far as which women you’ll want to see, pick, date or other.
      Always improve yourself (for yourself, regardless). This method has worked very well for me over the years. You are the one who can pick and choose plus hold women to a certain standard.
      Never let society (or any woman) shame you, either. They’ll try but you just need to hold your own. If anything make a statement similar to “why would I want to spend my time (and money) on a woman who looks like she sits on the couch and eats chips all day?”.
      Nope…no fucking way.

  55. They hypocrisy by men (myself included) is we want to easily do all this crazy sexual stuff with women yet we don’t want women to have so many past experiences as to be a promiscuous cunt.
    Another note, marriage, from the legal side of things, is fucking total horseshit, so why would men want to enter into a bad business deal?

    1. ‘They hypocrisy by men (myself included) is we want to easily do all
      this crazy sexual stuff with women yet we don’t want women to have so
      many past experiences as to be a promiscuous cunt.’
      I think most men won’t mind banging hot promiscuous cunts long as those cunts don’t have STD and don’t expect to be wifed-up.

      1. Eat a fucking dick.
        Don’t get me wrong there’s some great articles on here about personal growth but there’s also a whole of fear mongering absorbed by dudes like yourself who think by reading PUA dogshit that makes you an alpha male. Alpha’s in the animal kingdom don’t have to read countless articles to be, they just are.
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend and try to keep your soiled thong from getting in a knot.

        1. Actually reading pua stuff I realized that rejection happens to 99 if not 100% of men and thus made it easier for me to become alpha .

        2. Way to double down on the feminist tirades you faggot.
          Fucking sluts, but not wifing them is common sense
          Do you feel hypocritical because you won’t buy a 100,000 mile rental car at full price?

        3. You won, bro. Keep building your “brand” even though you don’t sell anything nor offer any service, but you’re an executive!

        4. You know what I’m selling, Burt?
          Red pills.
          And maybe your faggot as should buy some, and then you won’t feel so “hypocritical” and “guilty” about having a penis… just like the brainwashing feminist cunts want you to.

        5. Never used the term “guilty.” And I more or less hate women, especially feminists so cut the shit, you don’t have to sell me anything I don’t already subscribe to.

    2. I may want to do ‘crazy sexual stuff’ with a girl, but I don’t think she needs to be promiscuous to do that. She just has to have normal sexual urges and be into me. Actually I dislike fucking sluts. I need a bit of innocence to turn me on these days.
      I’m more than happy to commit to a girl if she ticks all my boxes. I’m not hypocritical in that regard. But if I find out a girl I’m sleeping with has had twice or three times as many sexual partners as me, yet expects me to commit to her and be cool with her previous lack of judgement, then that is hypocritical and I’m entitled to tell her to fuck right off.

  56. Women back before 1960 were just realists and had a better head on their shoulders. They understood that they all couldn’t be married to millionaires so they found someone they liked and got married. Women back then also understood that if they slept around, their value would decrease, not increase. They were taught this growing up because back then there was a stronger moral standard due to church-participation rates etc. Women today are not taught this because they are brainwashed by our universities that God and morality are obsolete.
    The comparison to the free market is an apples and oranges argument because socialism always leads to greater control by an elite few (Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, most of Europe, pretty much everyone but the U.S.) while true capitalism always leads to greater prosperity for the masses (see: America).
    I’m surprised you would cite 1984 and then turn around and make a case for progressivism and wealth redistribution. What are you trying to pull, Aussie??

  57. The unemployed man improves his skills to win over an employer and obtain the best job he can. Sometimes, the unemployed man “settles” for a job below his perceived skill set, that still meets most of his requirements. Some unemployed men grow only fatter, lazier, more bitter and less employable the longer they are out of work. The involuntary celibate has the same three choices of action. As we are generally discussing grown ass men who are responsible for their own choices; blaming one’s own unemployable or undatable condition on societal forces is a sad cop-out.

    1. we are only trying to better you sluts and bitches. when you become a party whore in your 20s and 30s, you realize at 40, that you made a mistake and should have found a man to please and serve. you get your education from MTV and Bravo network. we do blame them as much as your inability to see the logic. have fun being a lonely washed up feminist bitch @ 40. go for it. Please reference, the tattoo article, the dating article, the single mom article.

      1. You are assuming a whole bunch of facts not in evidence, dear. Please reference my point that some of the chronically unemployed/undatable become ever more so.

        1. 100% unemployed men do not care about ROK or about game or about bettering themselves. youre barking up the wrong tree. sounds like youve been with the unemployed your whole life and sucked their cocks too.

    2. Incels? Ha. There are lots of guys here who are married. If you think we’re opposed to feminism because we can’t get laid you’ve got it completely backwards. Feminism encourages whoredom, and ultimately leads to an unstable society. Feminism decreases the birth rate to unsustainably low levels. Thus, people who adopt are destined for extinction. It’s no coincidence that Muslim immigrants are out-reproducing the native feminist societies in Europe. Eventually, they will replace the native population.

    3. Funny how “unemployable” and “undatable” go hand in hand in 1 sentence. That’s the true character of a woman you are exposing.
      So how are you improving your skills to win a man over? What do you bring to the table?

    4. I’ll see you and raise you the professional career woman.
      The woman gets paid less versus the man in the same position. Why? Because she’s a shitty negotiator. A man doesn’t blame a man, a woman or a corporation because he isn’t making the same pay as the last man.
      A woman finds someone to blame (always) because she can’t take personal responsibility for her choices (or actions). A woman excepts the job at a lower pay (versus she could have refused the job altogether). Then, she bitches about it.
      This is feminism, today.

      1. Don’t see how you interpret that from my comment. And yes, men do blame other men, women, corporations and society because of perceived pay disparities, see affirmative action.

        1. Unequal pay is more bullshit feminism. It only exists (and is kept alive) by women because women are stabbing each in the back or tossing each other under the bus for that promotion. You didn’t hear anyone whining about this shit until women came on the scene. Now, they are getting paid less because so many of them took the job for less pay.
          Women are…in many ways….their own problem.

  58. The solution is to find normal women, abroad if necessary. Let the people who believe in social justice wallow in their own unattractiveness.

    1. you guys think foreign women is the magic bullet? they are more shady than the American ones. at least with the American ones, they do not hide their greed, illogical ways, stupidity. the foreign ones pretend to make good wives until you give them a Greencard. then they realize in the American legal system they can fuck you over as well. I see so many Russian women at the bars smoking and drinking while their money making American beta husbands are working thinking they landed a great wife.

    2. Only if she is some sort of an illiterate Umfufu from the jungle of some banana republic in dark Africa. Else, forget it.

  59. I can’t be the only one who has become annoyed by this Lilac Haze person. Why is a feminist trying to spread her beliefs to us? And why are we debating her? I used to debate with women all the time about gender issues. Then I realised it was pointless. Stop giving her fuel for her fire.

    1. I know what you mean, women don’t debate or discuss ideas, they just talk, scream, screech, heckle, babble and whine….. ALOT!

    2. but it makes for great entertainment. I do the same thing at bars. I tell these bitches how it is. they even crack a smile every now and then .

      1. Agree…and if they don’t mind a beating then I give it to them. Hey, if they ask…I don’t mind setting them straight…..but they did ask for it.

    3. She serves a purpose; she’s useful for polishing up red pill arguments. I’m glad ROK stopped banning feminists and readers who reply to them. The comment section here got to be too much of an echo chamber, which encourages intellectual stagnation. She loses pretty much every argument, so I don’t see her as much of a threat.

  60. Elliot Rodgers wasn’t disenfrenchised, he was mad because black guys were f*cking the blonde girls he dreamed about.

    1. Elliot Rogers was a straight up sociopath, there was no saving his ass-game or no game- he needed a long vacation at a mental health facility. Of course, feminazis will always try to pin nut cases like him to the manosphere even though he opposed everything we stand for a.k.a PuaHate.

    2. He was mental going back years and years in treatment. It appears princess cunts were an emotional trigger for him. But he would have snapped sooner or later, he had multiple emotional triggers.

  61. marriage for men = “enter into a bad business deal?”
    -> The reason is simple. In
    nature the top 30% of males get 100% of all females. The young and hot
    ones for the absolute elite but even the fat, old and ugly woman will be
    fucked by a decent guy because one single quality man can fuck hundreds
    of woman and father tons of children.
    Then came civilization and with it the rule of law, religions and order.
    This order was only possible because the masses of beta males (the 70%
    who would not reproduce in nature) got silenced and domesticated by
    giving them a wife. Their very own pussy. This kept hordes of beta males
    as good servants, tax payers and workers for hundreds of years.
    we no longer need them. We have machines who can do most of the dirty
    work. We have weapons of mass destruction so we do not need millions of
    foot soldiers anymore. Thats why the elite “liberated” the women a few decades ago.
    from what? Women often say: “male oppression” and they are correct. Women NEVER
    are happy if they have to fuck and get children of a lesser man.
    -> Given
    the choice women(!) will always prefer the harem of the king over the marriage to a farmer or smith. <- (read this twice if you have to!)
    Now liberated, these
    women use their pussy as leverage to
    get the best deal.
    Best deal = alpha fucks. Not even alpha babies
    because of condoms and the pill. Just alpha fux.
    Beta bugs are no longer
    needed and for this reason a greater and greater number of beta males
    find themselfs in incel.
    Now what is the solution? Virtual realities called online games; like
    counter strike or world of warcraft. These are the places where unhappy
    and undersexed beta males can spend time and get their happyness “fixes”. Combine this with TV, smartphones and online porn and you might see our future.
    Tons of women for the alpha. Modern harems. Blackdragons alpha male 2.0. Open relationships. Tinder. You get the picture.
    Lots of online action for the incel beta hordes. Thats what they afraid of. Even those who HAVE a wife (as sucky as she may be), know deep within their souls the fear to never ever find another pussy again. This fear, this mentality of scarcity is typical beta – but they have it for a reason. It is a real danger for them.

  62. Great article MadMax. Good to see a fellow Australian on here as well, keep up the good articles man

  63. ROK news and comments are good for identifying the problem. But just ranting about how feminism has twisted society into a matriarchy that gives women more “choices” doesn’t go very far. If men are living inside one of the feminist cultures of the anglosphere, how do we make it work? Approach 25 women to hook-up with 1 that just passes the boner test?

    1. ” Approach 25 women to hook-up with 1 that just passes the boner test?” that is pretty much what I do. Also add the 20 daily i approach on the internet.

      1. Which is feasible if you work as a bartender in a hot club in Vegas or Miami. But that’s not everybody’s routine.

        1. It takes me about 6 months to approach 25 women. I work a regular job like you do too. it is time consuming as well.

      1. there’s a lot of that…we think it is about seduction. with the 9.5-10 hot bodies and hot faces, they chase the fame only. they could care less about our game.

        1. I would give her an 8, unless you think only supermodels are 8+ but those are out of our reach.

        2. I’d rate her 8 and be happy with her as a fuck buddy. But take her seriously enough to wife her up is insane. Black athletes get conned by white skanks all the time, almost too easy.

  64. As others have pointed out, what we are experiencing is increased REGULATION. Men, and decent women, are forced to subsidize whores and their bastard children. Which is why they are proliferating.
    DEREGULATED sexual markets looks a lot like Afghanistan. Noone subsidizes anyone’s choices. Which leads women, and men, to behave. If they don’t, there’s noone to cushion the blowback they get from those they cause grief.

    1. I agree. A completely deregulated sexual marketplace would return to a traditional society, which is a natural equilibrium. It’s government interference that’s really fucking everything up.

      1. Don’t forget churches. They interfere plenty. . They have a single mom victim thing going. .churches give single mom’s millions

    2. If single mom’s got no help from govt or churches then woman would make damn sure they fucked a man who was decent.

  65. here is aus hypergamy is in full effect as in everywhere in the western world.6/10 girls arent satisfied with men of the same rating, so they only make themselves available for 8s and above. they would rather be an alphas harem or shack up with degenerate men who look like this picture. (well pic 1) you either have to fit a small shallow fantasy of what a guy has to be or you get left out in the cold. australian women are the worst of all anglo women. the 5s think they are 10s. also if you arent 6ft tall you are at a serious disadvantage. honestly, the pussy market down here in aus is a cartel, so when ive saved up enough im leaving on a holiday to europe. rather go wife an eastern european women then the trash down here.

    1. I hear you man.. Im 1.5 years away from relocating to Europe permanently. I lived in EE for a couple of years, i’ve since been living back in Australia and it’s pretty damm depressing when it comes to the women.. I have zero interest in pursuing women here, just focusing on my work, saving cash and planning/researching future plans and business ideas.

        1. Loud. Obnoxious. Vulgar, with an arrogance to match, femininity is viewed as weakness.. most wouldn’t have an idea of how to be graceful, our culture celebrates hedonism.. further more men here encourage this behaviour in women and because they receive attention, they continue to do it. Especially those with low SMV, because they can feel like one of the ‘guys’.
          It’s not too far off from English women, there are striking similarities. At the end of the day im interested in women, not women masquerading as men.