9 Old-School Ways For A Woman To Become More Attractive To Men

Most American girls today have no idea how to be attractive. Apart from whatever god-given physical beauty nature has seen fit to grant them, they have zero understanding of the countless intangibles that can make them more desirable. Like a lottery winner, they draw on their windfall good-looks account until they drain it, without ever having made a single investment. More times than not, they spend their riches away prematurely, on obesity, body mutilations, and bad haircuts. That’s to say nothing about their insufferable personalities. It’s really only through the grace of the unquenchable male sex-drive that today’s Western woman still gets invited to anything.

And, when you have magazines and Facebook friends and talk-show hosts telling you’re beautiful no matter what, why would you do anything to preserve or enhance your looks? When you have a hoard of thirsty guys tripping over each other to pay your rent, why would you do anything to optimize your personality? It’s a great race to the bottom.

It’s only when you encounter the rare gem—or travel abroad—that you realize it doesn’t have to be this way. American girls used to be top-shelf sweethearts, the Cadillacs of the female showroom. That’s what #BackToTheKitchen is all about: restoring the American broad to her former glory.

Ladies, these are 9 ways to help us get that ball rolling:

1. Make eye contact.

The typical American girl is programmed to avoid eye contact like she’s in the room with Medusa. A combination of the years of being told that every man is John Wayne Gacy, and a growing inability to deal with even the most basic social interactions, are my best guesses for why this is. The trend makes them cold, obnoxious, and unattractive. Warm eye contact with men doesn’t automatically mean you want to sleep with them, it means you’re a well-adjusted adult worth knowing.


2. Say thank you.

The good old-fashioned thank you is a dying art. I’ve talked about how only like one in five girls I take out on dates ever thanks me for the drinks I buy. But, there are other occasions for saying thank you. The waiter fills your water? Thank you. The guy in front of you does that little flip with the door so you don’t have to fully open it yourself? Thank you.

3. Grow your hair out.

I’ve spoken at length (no pun intended) on the importance of not having short hair for communicating physical and mental stability—a fact no honest man, with experience around short-haired women, will dispute. But, even if you don’t have a hideous pixie cut, grow your hair out to the middle of the back or lower. Men will notice.


4. Learn how to sew or knit, and how to iron while you’re at it.

I have a friend whose ex-girlfriend knitted all of her Christmas gifts last year. In a brilliant and subtle tactic to impress the man who had recently broken up with her, she emailed him a picture of the finished product. In dismay, he showed me the picture. You could read the second thoughts in his face over leaving that on the table. Domesticity works.

5. Dress cute all the time.

Walking out of the house in your sweats and Uggs may feel comfortable, but it telegraphs your I-don’t-give-a-fuck-ness. Unfortunately for you, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-ness isn’t attractive to men. Spend 10 fewer minutes on Facebook or Instagram and reinvest that time into putting together cute ensembles. In the words of a Ukrainian girl who used to do exactly that, you “could run into man of dreams on way to throw trash [sic].”


6. Act like his satisfaction in bed is guaranteed.

From my on-going discussions with my male friends, it seems like upwards of 80 percent of girls today get sex totally wrong. Some go way too prude—lifeless mummies who act like they’re posing for a Civil War-era photograph—and do none of the work. Others go way over-the-top slutty, talking about how much they “love sucking cock” or directing traffic to everything she “likes,” because she’s developed all kinds of hacks for her genitals through overuse. Instead, split the difference. You can never go wrong by focusing on pleasing your man.

7. Reward your man for being manly.

One of the best compliments I ever got from a woman was something that seemed silly in the moment. “You’re so brave,” she said as I volunteered to go first to speak in a front of a big crowd. It was only in retrospect that I appreciated receiving what’s probably one of the original Paleolithic compliments for a man. Dudes today are pussies because the incentives to be manly have plummeted in recent years. The next time the guy you’re with fixes, lifts, or grills something, acknowledge the hell out of it.


8. Text or call back promptly. Show interest and be vulnerable.

My buddies and I have a rule of thumb: if she texts back within 20 minutes the first time, she’s girlfriend material. Girls spend so much time trying to find angles and show disinterest that they strangle the infant relationship in its crib. Be responsive. Give compliments. Show enthusiasm. It’s attractive, and addictive.

9. Make him that sandwich after all.

The phrase may be comically played out, but there’s very few things more effective than making food for a man. This is no coincidence. It signals several things at once. It shows your dominion over the domestic sphere. It displays your kindness and generosity. It exhibits your nurturing instinct. Between the Internet, something like 10 different food channels, countless apps, and modern supermarkets, there’s simply no excuse for not knowing how to feed a man without having to tip someone else at some point during the transaction.

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540 thoughts on “9 Old-School Ways For A Woman To Become More Attractive To Men”

  1. While I have no argument with your point, I will point out that knit sweaters were originally the invention and work of . . men. North Sea fishermen to be more precise.
    It became women’s work to keep them productively engaged after the spinning frame (an invention of men) removed spinning from women’s work.

  2. My hair is really fine and thin, it’s a little below my shoulders. Hard to grow long.Advice? I’m so insecure about it.

    1. there is no need to feel insecure about your hair, however if you are i would suggest trying horse shampoo and conditioner, they sell it at sally’s and it usually helps to grow and thicken human hair, also extensions are also helpful to make hair appear longer and thicker. i am sure you are beautiful the way you are!

    2. “Hard to grow long.”
      Length has nothing to do with fineness.
      Just like muscle and bone, hair needs energy and the raw materials to grow. Stop trying to live on 800 calories a day of salad.
      You can haz cheezburger.

        1. Hair has mass. A woman with long hair weighs more than she does when she cuts it short.
          Weight that goes into hair does not go into fat. Lifting a wig might surprise you.

        2. If a woman has 5 kilos of hair then that’s magic. If a woman has another 5 kilos of chub-fat, I’ll think seriously of leaving it on the table for someone else.

      1. Well, what I mean is that it’s brittle and when it’s long it looks kind of stringy. I never straighten it or blow dry it, take biotin, try to eat healthy (800 cals? Haha I wish I was so virtuous…)

        1. The chief point being that hair growth is largely a dietary issue.
          Eat eggs, fatty fish, cheese, red meat and liver (if you can’t stomach your liver straight up, try liverwurst. Even just a few ounces a week will do).
          Wash it as seldom as possible, in tepid water. Do not use shampoo. Wait until it is dry to comb it, first with your fingers, then with a wide tooth comb. Do not brush – ever.
          For conditioning rub a bit of olive oil into your scalp now and again.
          “800 cals? Haha I wish I was so virtuous…”
          That isn’t virtue, that’s idiocy. The Buddha’s enlightenment came when he realized he actually had eat something.

        2. Coconut oil. Slather some on your hair for a few hours once a week before you shampoo. Dont towel dry your hair, this leads to breakage. Instead dab your hair after washing with a towel.

    3. My eastern european woman has fine and thin hair too so she keeps them rather short (to the middle of the neck). She explained that this is optimal lenght for her and she excels at the rest of 8 given points.
      So, Lena, you’re fine.

    4. My advice would be to talk to a professional stylist. Or ask other women for advice (though, ignore them if they try to tell you to cut it short).
      My inclination is that if you have thin, stringy hair, if keep it long and well-groomed there’s nothing to worry about. You might not have the best hair in the room everywhere you go but it’ll still be girly and feminine.

      1. Thank you. I try to keep it as long as I can because I’m young and I know I’ll probably have to cut it when I’m an old lady! The emphasis put on hair here just makes me feel so inadequate.

  3. #9 can turn the most bitter misogynist into a white knight.
    Turkey+Swiss sandwich = faithful man

      1. Pretty right. The one you fantasize about by sticking your fingers and cucumbers up your ass.

  4. some of these are agreeable, however not all. attractiveness is different for all people however. short hair is sometimes better than long, if a girl doesn’t sew or knit then that is fine, that isn’t attractive or unattractive. cooking can be done by a male or female and not matter as long as they arn’t bitchy about it.

    1. What are you doing? Who asked you for your opinion? Who do you think you are to question the list of men what we find attractive?
      Or are you a tranny with dick?

      1. Seriously, It’s not like I argue with women about how they shouldn’t find wealth and success attractive in men, and then get indignant when they disagree with me.

    2. A girl is not attractive if she cant cook. It’s like a man who cant even change a spare tire.

    3. Just share the fucking article with every bitch you know bitch.
      Then everything will be cool.

        1. Hey, she´s just a teen. Don´t smack a teen (even when deserved). She´ll learn.

      1. Longer hair would of course be better, but she is really cute, so she can pull off the short hair look without too much trouble…

  5. Good list, I agree 100%. Compared to the 1000 point list of the females on the perfect men, I think we can clearly say we do not ask much. Just nine measly points.

  6. I particularly like the ones who text or call back promptly. It shows a higher level of interest. If she can’t be bothered responding back for a few hours, she’s hardly worth responding to at all.
    In fact I’ve deleted numbers from slow girls only to hear later that they were actually very interested. Too bad, so sad, your playing games only got you the cad.

    1. Exactly Black Poison Soul!
      I know some are very busy, I am too, but it doesn’t take hours or days to answer a txt.
      But whatever, standard txt game is to artificially wait more time to reply to their txts too, so it can go both ways.

      1. Not really. It is not unusual for network problems to delay text messages for hours or days. If you’re nexting a prospect on a single ignored text, or a few “ignored” texts sent within an hour, you might just be selecting based on Verizon’s network gurus.

        1. Recently it isn’t a prospect I haven’t met, rather someone I’ve been on more than a few dates with and seemed to be enthusiastic to make plans again. I highly doubt it’s network delay in a city like NYC.

      2. Sometimes it does take hours, though. Where I work, phones are absolutely forbidden, due to the fact that most phones have cameras, and we (employees of that company) are absolutely forbidden to share any kind of personal customer information, and cameras are the easiest way to do just that.
        For me, personally, if I go several hours without texting, it means I am working. Not uninterested in the person texting, just not interested in losing my job due to texting (Someone was fired just last week for texting.)
        However, there is also the opposite end: Someone texts you, and within 5 minutes, that person starts accusing you of ignoring them…..Wait a few minutes more and they might begin to confess to some shit: “Oh, you must be mad because…(fill in the blank here. Add several LOLs as they are making fun of you for something.) Ugh, I really hate texting with girls like that.
        Bi, and/or tomboy, girls have been the only girls I’ve come across who are worth anything at all. In my personal experience, straight girly girls just play mind-games and are only interested in whatever has to do with themselves.
        My personal belief is that of all guys found a bi and/or tomboy girlfriend, the relationship world be so much smoother.

        1. “My personal belief is that of all guys found a bi and/or tomboy girlfriend, the relationship world be so much smoother.”
          ^ Why you shouldn’t take dating advice from chicks.
          “My personal belief is that if all guys found a sexually confused, masculinized girlfriend, the relationship would be so much smoother.”
          Riiight. You even read the article, sweetcheeks?

        2. I’m sorry your only experience with bi girls and tomboys is that they are sexually confused and masculine. I know many, many of them who are not. Clearly you have not, which is, of course, no fault of your own, nor is there anything wrong with that. One can’t force knowledge of something they haven’t experienced it.
          Also, I did read the article, otherwise there really is no point to the comments section.
          There are no reasons that bisexual girls and/or tomboys couldn’t meet all the points listed here.
          While it’s hard to interpret and convey tone via text at times, just know this is not a post which is hostile in any way. I always welcome good conversation! No sarcasm, etc needed. It is nice, don’t you think, to have a nice friendly conversation even if viewpoints differ?
          Thanks for the reply and time 🙂
          (One more thing…not directly to you, rather in general. I hate the auto-correct in my original comment. Until very recently, I’d never understood how auto-correct really worked, haha, but I completely understand now. Yikes!)

    2. That happens to me all the time. I probably sent as more “Who is this?” texts to girls than anything else. I know it would help me get laid more if I were only a little more patient but I can’t help the feeling of indignation that I am not valuable enough to warrant a timely response. It isn’t like American women go anywhere without their phones.

      1. I get your meaning re indignation. In the end it is her loss. Once you really internalise that, you will be the true prize.

      1. Here, have my like. I thought I was the only one. When I am texting and I receive a “Wut R U ^ 2?” message, It makes me want to hit a child with a dead baby seal. I feel like i am talking to my little niece or nephew or something.

    3. Promptly but not *too* promptly.
      Overeagerness that comes off as desperation is not attractive. Split the difference here too.

      1. Ever think that maybe we men are like, fully cognizant and capable of recognizing that girls do have to do things in life. Like work, sleep, eat, bathe, shit, etc. And that we make some *sensible* allowances for this type of thing, rather than being like that fucktard chick who goes “why haven’t you responded to me :'( *sniffsniffcry*” after 14 texts in 5 minutes after fucking midnight.
        For commonsense example: “promptly” might be a couple hours when she checks her phone at lunchtime or after work or gym or the like.
        Save me from white-knighting aspergy idiots like yourself who think that nobody else can *think*.

  7. imho, i think tuthmosis’ writings are the $hit! Always insightful and fun to read. thans again tuthmosis

      1. His name is “eat a dick Maureen.” A dick looks like the vibrator you use. Just in case you have not seen one in a while. Always trying to be helpful, that’s me.


        2. “Potty, nice potty….aah! There! Perfectly landed in your mouth,Maureen…”
          Howz the taste of fresh shit?

        3. Didn’t you just say that you weren’t supporting hate speech? Calling someone “disgusting rapist trash” is more than a bit hypocritical in that case, don’t you think?


        2. He thinks he’s King Tut lol The delusions this negro boys have. They all think they’re kings when living in some slum with a nickel in their pocket lol

      2. The paradox of asking a masked man who he is.
        He is Edmond Dantès. And he is my father. And my mother… my brother… my friend. He is, well, maybe not you, but me. He is all of us at RoK; and beyond!

      3. Tuthmosis is like the wind. You cannot grasp the wind.
        Tuthmosis is like the water. You cannot contain the water.
        Tuthmosis is like fire. You cannot hold fire.
        Tuthmosis is like the earth. You cannot own the earth.
        You may possibly find out his name, but it is a treacherous path. First, you must spill exactly 700 tons of pasta into an active volcano.
        Then, if and only if the viking god Odin and the disembodied spirit of Dean Martin agree to deem you worthy, you will learn the TRUTH.

      4. Is he me, haunting you like a dream?
        Is he really YOU, staring back at your soul from a dark mirror at midnight?

  8. I’m afraid this column will be ignored by those who need it most because it doesn’t explain “WHY you should care about being attractive to men.” Many, many modern women make it a point of pride to NOT care about such things.

      1. If you write aggressively and proactively, you’ll get many eyeballs, but few of them will listen. Your message, if you want to be loved by a man who makes an effort and is lovable in the way you like , than you have to make an effort to lovable in the way they like. Don’t complain and cry in a corner that now there are more women with short hair and fewer American women who take care of themselves if you wrote aggressively. If you write assertively, you won’t go as viral but women will actually listen. So what will it be, women listening and becoming attractive but you aren’t internet celebrity or women don’t listen but you are famous.

        1. So… Having short hair automatically means that we don’t take care of ourselves? That we aren’t attractive? Why can’t women just like what they like? I have short hair. It’s really thick and hard to take care of; so, I keep it very short. But, that apparently isn’t a good enough reason, and because of a social bias… I should have long hair.
          Fuck you, and fuck your twisted, warped version of reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re “assertive” or “aggressive”; if you’re being a dick, then women WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU. GUARAN- FUCKING-TEED.
          It’s a damn shame that women can’t be accepted as who they are as a person. That they have to look, and be have a certain way in order to feel like they matter.

        2. This was such a nice article. Then comes the short-hair with the foul mouth. #10: Be nice for a change.

        3. Agree, women wear their hair how they want & usually don’t care what anyone else thinks.
          If a man doesn’t find you attractive because of your hair, then thank your lucky stars he’s going to be some other poor girls problem(if he can attract one)…picky bastard

      2. I see that women were aggressive in response to the Don Drapers of the 1950s and 1960s. They got power, and now in response to feminist, you write aggressively in the style and tone of the very second wave feminists you fight against. Its useful to tell women that if they want a date who makes an effort for them, they should make an effort for their date. The way you tell what could be a useful message, you sound like a troll, like this is a satire written by a second wave feminist to prove to the world that patriarchy exists. Are you a woman? Are you a second wave feminist woman? Are you trolling us. If you are a man, prove it.

        1. Just looked through your reply.
          >American detected.
          -In the rest of the world, women and men don’t watch TV, pizza, have the attention span of tweet & don;t get so fat then pick either aggressive second wave feminism or third wave patriarchy.You probably don’t even know what Hegel wrote judging by your ADHD-esque response.-
          Enjoy your TV, credit card shopoholics, baseball and pizza.

        2. I just looked through your comments history. You’re a gem, I saved them all. Thanks for providing us with your eastern euro wisdom.

        3. Thanks man. The problem in America from feminism to game is too aggressive or too passive. In other countries countries people are more chill. In US, most men and women are either beta (passive) or gamma (aggressive) and there are very few alphas (assertive). There is one good thing from US is DBT which is this therapy based on alpha, beta and gamma behavior. Alpha=Assertive, beta= passive, gamma = aggressive.
          The main problem is Betas and Gammas copy different attributes of the complex Alpha but aren’t Alpha. For example, Alphas in the animal world are male silver back gorillas.
          Gamma as faux alpha example:
          There is nothing more aggressive than a male silver back gorilla defending from attack. Only fools attack them. When an alpha male is aggressive, he is aggressive for the kill, not for the show. In America, people don’t mess with alpha males, they mess with their lawyers. In other parts of the world, replace lawyers with mafia. Gammas take this as a cue to neg or put a girl down at a club. Russian women laugh at this rude kid and walk away as its a fake alpha. On the other hand they fully expect their boyfriend to defend them against an aggressive man who doesn’t take “I have a boyfriend, leave me alone” as an answer.
          Alphas and betas give women flowers-
          But women know the difference
          Alphas are energy preserving powerful slow moving creatures – the rule of an alpha is to do what costs the least energy to move around. Alphas are generous to everyone until their generosity is abused, then they ostracize the abuser from their and their friends’ networks. Alphas aren’t thinking of potential abuse because they have other things to do.
          Alphas give women flowers because they feel like it. Their mother gets some cool looking flowers, its the girl they date who gets flowers if they are in a generous mood. Women appreciate random acts of generosity. Women don’t appreciate a guy trying to barter flowers for sex, which is a beta. Women never date them and aren’t attracted. Beta bring flowers hoping if they are nice enough they can trick the girl into sex. Women see through it, find those flowers “icky” “slimy” and “cheesy”.
          Betas suck up to women, and women aren’t attracted. Alphas randomly do nice things for womEn in their lives (mothers, sisters, girlfriends) because they feel like it and are in a good mood.
          The best alpha example I can give is a DJ. He is running the party, alphas are always running some show and don’t have time for too many social games but when they play they play it right and smoothely. A DJ is too busy spinning tables, he won’t be negging. Girls line up and talk and DJs don’t have time as they are busy running stuff. If a DJ wants a girl, he will walk up to her, tell her “You are very beautiful. Could I have your number?” expecting a yes and then goes back to DJing, running a party. He will call her back, but he needs to sleep the next day, has stuff to do, so calls back a day and a half later. A gamma party dude will call three days later, playing games. Russian girls immediately detected the gamma rays as not alpha.
          At a club, the Russian girls are the ones who all secretly want the DJ. Being a DJ makes a difference at a club with Russian women. Eastern european women like smooth men that run the show. Another alternative to DJ is being the top dancer at the scene, so focused on dancing that chicks don’t matter as you want to be the other guy with your moves. You’ll get a small crowd of female admirers to choose from.

        4. that’s racist dude. seriously, it may sound funny for me to say that but it is. so chill with the condescending crap, there’s no such thing as an ignorant american (or an ignorant demographic) just people that misrepresent other people. for example, you’re making people from your country look like douchbags, but I’m sure it’s only you. peace (and I hope that my lack of capitol letters haunts your grave, I’m assuming you’re also a grammer nazi.)

      3. Guys AND girls should take extra time, even a few minutes on their appearance. To look at least decent. It’s a two way street
        There are plenty of guys and girls who look sloppy as hell, actually expecting flirt or some game.

        1. Preaching to the choir here. Exactly. Looking good, feeling good is half the game outside North America.

    1. Not only do women now not reward men for putting in effort to improve themselves, they actually actively put men down for doing so. Virtually every single girl I know takes pleasure in constantly putting down guys in various ways.
      Of course, to an alpha male, none of this means anything. Alphas just do their thing regardless of what women say. It’s the betas that this completely destroys, because it punishes them for being men and turns them into pussies. A beta is not automatically a pussy. Most soldiers on the battlefield are betas who have been trained in the ways of being men.

      1. Says the guy who has clearly never stepped foot on a battlefield. Long before Alpha and Beta were buzzwords, combat arms men referred to meat eaters and plant eaters.

        1. > Says the guy who has clearly never stepped foot on a battlefield.
          As have 99% of young guys who live today, since there aren’t really any wars going on, unless you’re in Afghanistan. What exactly is your point?

        2. In DBT therapy there is such a thing. Alpha is a the assertive man. Beta is the passive. Beta2 or Gamma is the aggressive. Beta-Gamma is like a pendulum that swings back and forth. Meanwhile alpha is cool and chill because they are assertive.

        3. My point – and I’m not sure how you possibly missed it – is that if you had spent time on a battlefield, you’d know better than to make an ignorant comment like, “Most soldiers on the battlefield are betas who have been trained in the ways of being men.”

      2. What we have today are gammas and epsilon semi morons.
        Thankfully, that means that both their numbers and individual strenght won´t count for much if push comes to show.

        1. How about not generalizing an entire gender? Both women and men have to make efforts if they want any kind of action. They should both also receive some kind of acknowledgment for that effort. Even a nod is enough. For example, I hold the door for everyone as a matter of habit because I was taught well by my parents. A great majority of men thank me either audibly or with a nod when I hold it for them. Women, on the other hand, don’t even look at me. I rest my case. People need to work harder – period.

        2. You literally started this comment by saying not to generalize an entire gender, and then ended your comment by generalizing all women as not looking at you when you hold the door.

        3. He was making a case that refutes ashlea’s statement and parallels a guy’s claim in order to create a common ground. what do you care anyway?

        4. You’re right and I apologize. I should have said, in my experience most of them don’t give a shit. Not all, and not by any means all women. I was mistaken.

    2. Copyleft there was a very good comment that said that if they want men to love these girls as ugly as they are then we should like men with beer guts instead of bodies like the “300” movie. This should make anyone understand

  9. Why am I reading how to be an attractive woman on a website for men… We are being brainwashed here guys.

    1. Because of Tuthmosis’ last famous article, he has notoriety cred, and teh broadz will be more likely to actually come across and read it.

    2. No, we are telling women what makes them attractive in our eyes. 90% just won’t get it – they’ve been brainwashed too long that being a man is “a good thing”™ – yet the remaining 10% might have a chance for a happy life.
      At least, if they take note before their indoctrination has gone too far. Otherwise they’re stuck with kitties.

      1. But WHY would they care ? there are legions of cocks standing in line no matter what they do. The cocks even pay their bills and make them babies when they’ve hit the wall.

        1. Like I said, 90% won’t get it. Eventually the legion of cocks will go away, away, oh – leaving them as hosts for cats.

      2. Yeah- we are all super lucky that last 10% suffers from low self esteem, daddy issues, and/or Stockholm syndrome

  10. Some of these I don’t really care about but in my experiences numbers 2 and 8 provide very good indicators of personality.

      1. Yeah, but this one doesn’t hurt anybody’s fragile feelings so it’s doubtful it will go viral. Not to mention, what feminist woman would want other women to wake up to the things listed here?

        1. Im sure Feminists could find something in that to get offended over. Misogynism, sexist “caveman” attitude to gender relations, etc. You underestimate them…

        2. For that reason as well, but I figured the “not wanting to wake up other women” reason would take precedence…

        3. Yes, I agree that this might be a little too reasonable sounding for them to share with other women to rage over. I dont want to put too much stock into their idea of whats “reasonable” though, because Ive been constantly surprised by how trivial some of the shit they get riled up over is.

        4. Women specialise at making a mountain out of a molehill. It satisfies their twisted desires for drama and attention, also useful for those types who love to cause fights just for the hot make-up sex.
          In my experience: 99% of their stuff is so trivial that you honestly have to wonder at how low their IQ can really go.

      1. You still convinced Ashley’s a troll?
        If she is, it’s one of the slowest-burn troll attempts I’ve yet seen.
        Also, at this point, she sounds so red-pill that she actually is affecting the signal here more than the noise.
        Not that the no-women-allowed rule shouldn’t be enforced (*cough*)…

        1. Sure you can Mashenka.You are Wonder-Woman after all, with your imaginary MS degree in Biology and your imaginary Scholarship in English.What other superpowers do you possess that can be used for the benefit of Humanity?

    1. Yes, works like a peach if you are still young and attractive and really don’t need to fight tooth and nail for anything because they will get handed to you on a platter by men. If you become widowed late in life or for due to unattractiveness or whatever reason you have to stand on your own two feet, then this strategy won’t work as well.

      1. I never had much handed to me on a platter. I had to fight hard for a lot of things in my life. But thank you for your concern 🙂

  11. The last time I held a door open for a woman who I wasn’t related to or with, was 2 years ago and I remember it vividly. She looked right at me and asked if her arm looked broken. Men are more likely to say thanks than the modern woman is.

    1. I had a similar experience in college, and I still make it a point to hold the door open for people behind me. Where I live, most just say thank you or nothing, but occasionally some bimbo gets butthurt about it. I give them the biggest grin I can, compliment their tube top and keep going…

    2. An interesting indicator of how fucked up America appears to be. I live in Europe and this didn’t happen to me once. It’s difficult to believe that there are such head-cases in larger numbers.

      1. You must remember that this is a blog for lower class losers and blanket boys. The females in the lower 10% of the US are pretty bad and that’s all these boys ever see. It’s not like they attend some Ivy league school or live in Greenwich. More like Podunk or Bed Sty

        1. “You must remember that this is a blog for lower class losers…”
          Good to know that you accepted you are a part of the loser community, considering you actively troll here with your thoughts.

        2. In case you’re not familiar with american culture (and it seems you’re not), all of american culture is a race to the bottom and the ‘lower class’. Higher class people act lower class. They take pride in doing so.

        3. Well, I’m studying the lower classes as part of my anthropology project.
          It appears from the lame comments here that you blanket boys have never
          been exposed to anything but the bottom layer of society and think that
          “higher class” means some entertainer or negro athlete. It’s a pity
          that you don’t know any better and think that what you see on TV is real
          and that that’s how real upper class people behave. A little money
          without breeding means nothing. We generally have a sense of noblesse
          oblige and try to uplift you people at the bottom but I have to say that
          most of the time it’s like the labour of Sisyphus.

        4. Woman, show us different and we may consider changing our opinion.
          Otherwise your words are merely hot air.

        5. Mashenka knows all about Ivy league schools.She after all tried to turn tricks there,but even those virgin nerds would not pay to touch her with their mind controlled prosthetic limbs.

        6. They do, except for small rarefied groups of people that live n a bubble. Same goes for the country i live in too(Australia). The message people get in these countries is all that matters is money. If you have money, then you have permission to act as badly as you want. Europe isn’t really like that. Money breeds arrogance there too but they don’t act as badly as Americans and Australians do.
          One of my uncle’s is a lawyer that makes 500 k a year–his wife makes around 200k–and sends his daughters to the best schools here. When they get together in groups they are not discussing politics or literature or philosophy, i can assure you of that. They talk about the same bullshit that so called ‘lower class’ girls do. e.g ‘boys’, celebrities, mainstream t.v and films etc. That is the consequence of living in a pseudo-egalitarian culture. People really need to get over this ‘oh that’s just lower class behaviour’ nonsense already. The masses won the culture wars years ago. There is really nothing but things that would appeal to the ‘prole’ class anymore. It’s all mass culture now.
          Upper class American women also tend to be extremely hypergamous too. That is not my idea of a quality woman, sorry.

        7. I never mentioned nor even implied ‘negro athletes’. Not only are you wrong, you didn’t even bother to read what I said.

  12. Great list. I’ll boil it down to 2 things:
    1) Be cheerful
    2) Be skinny
    That is all.

  13. #2 is a given and should be for everyone in life. #8 cracked me up! “…lifeless mummies…” Good one!

  14. One thing about women is that they crave advice on how to be attractive. Consider the supermarket checkout and all the tips for women on how to attract men. The problem is as the author says above is that they encourage women to either be sluts, prudes, or both (somehow.)
    There’s the stereotype of “the desperate mail order bride” who panders to what men find attractive. It’s ironic that the stereotype also suggests what men really want. Men pretty much know what women want: Tall, well-built, successful, and willing to take charge. What many men don’t know is that (most) women don’t like pussies even as the women constantly try to whip men into wimps. Nobody gave me that advice but I figured it out.
    Anyways, back to advice for women from mail-order brides. Men like women who are interested in men. Even desperate. Yes, there are some men who are commitment phobes but the fact is that the myth of the desperate woman who can’t find a decent man is largely that. A woman who expresses a sincere, warm desire for a good man will quickly find one. The hard-to-get-game is one of the most unattractive things about American women. Note: this isn’t the same as being a slut who sleeps with any man and has little judgement. The man may worry she may be unreliable. But otherwise, a woman who expresses herself is welcome by most men.
    Next, the term attractive literally means to inspire others to come to you. This is also, literally, a superficial trait. Introvertness isn’t attractive by definition. The aggressive bird gets, er, the worm (sorry for that visual). Women who dress in a soft, feminine manner and act feminine and are willing to put aggression aside are recognizable from a distance.
    The author forgot one thing: tattoos and face piercings. Basic rule is this: To be attractive, don’t do UNATTRACTIVE things. Few men will reject a woman who doesn’t have tattoos, face piercings, or smoke. The less stuff that turns off men, the better her chances. My wife has friends who smoke like a chimney. It instantly eliminates 2/3’s of men and most of the professional men are in that category.
    Another observation: cut back on the cursing, criticism, and demands. It may amaze some women (or people) to hear, but someone whose constantly griping and being demanding turns people off around them.


    1. Come on now…you’re not comprehending. All-caps shouting and shaming is not attractive. Go back and read again, sweetheart.

    2. And Real Men are only interested in Real Women. Are you one? Do you measure up? Do you qualify?

    3. Doctors generally prescribe meds to help you live longer and function in society, Maureen. You need to take them as prescribed by your Dr. If you are not on meds, it is highly recommended that you do.

    4. The day you act and behave like a (real) princess we will treat you as such. As long as your a dumb cumdumpster who cant cook or anything else, we will treat you as such. Capish ?

        1. Look up the spelling dude. Yes, it’s pronounced “capish.” Yes I watch mob movies, but I also read.

        2. Well, from urban directory:
          English phonetic spelling of Sicilian-American way to say “understand” (in the second person singular). Common in Mob movies. Typically used at the end of the sentence in these movies to verify the listener understands, especially when making threats. Comes from Italian obviously; it’s basically capisci or capisce (depending on the context) with the last letter omitted from the pronunciation.
          You better make sure your boss is outside the saloon at high noon, capish?
          Do you capish the words coming out of my mouth?!

        3. Yeah, phonetic spelling. That would be like spelling phonetic fonetik. Urban dictionary isn’t a very reputable source.

        4. Google it. There are millions of sources. Yea it’s not a real word. It’s slang. But it’s as correct as saying “yo” or “lets bounce” in english.

        5. Well,I was wrong about that. It is sicilian-american slang. But close enough. Point is, you corrected me. And I wasnt wrong. Its like correcting someone for saying “Yo” instead of “hey”.
          Capish ? if you dont get it now, I know you’re female.

    5. hahaha my slut calls herself “princessa” I laugh everytime. Hollywood brainwashed mind.

      Pull down your panties and bend over.
      You won’t feel like a princess, but a queen by the end of it.

  16. Women know these things are attractive but they don’t them for a simple reason. They get off on being so desirable they don’t have to put in any work to get guys.
    It’s validation smack injected right into the hamster.

      1. This is the famous line of Bridget Jones’ Diary: He wants you just as you are. And who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want the ability to do whatever they please and someone still love them? But even a cat or dog won’t love you if you ignore them, treat them with disdain, and refuse to feed them. People could learn a lot about love by observing a (socialized) cat.
        Check out old movies from the 40’s where conflict between the women and men is shown to be romantic. They fight and ignore each other but can’t help but fall into each others’ arms. It’s like the commercials of the same era that imply getting something for nothing: “Easy on oven spray: someone else will clean your oven!” “You can have it all!” Modern advertising, feminism, and even politics teaches women (and many people in general) that fish should jump into their bucket.
        All that said, note how women get so upset at fat shaming or being told that dressing or acting badly is unattractive. Look at this news story:

    1. True. Of course, that si why it is so pleasurable to read their “Why won’t my male peer(s) mwarry mweeeehahahahahahahahahhaaawwwwww?” articles when they are forty something, and can’t get a date in their child support subsidies condo in spinsterville.

  17. women will do all this shit naturally in the presence of a high value man (I avoid the term alpha because it makes me want to cut my penis off). They won’t do this shit in the presence of a beta phaggot pretending they should do this shit just because he spends a lot of time on the internet

  18. women will do all this shit naturally in the presence of a high value man (I avoid the term alpha because it makes me want to cut my penis off). They won’t do this shit in the presence of a beta phaggot pretending they should do this shit just because he spends a lot of time on the internet

    1. Somehow I doubt that Melinda Gates is doing this for her husband.
      Then again I probably misunderstood for a moment what you mean by “high value”.

        1. If him being in Seattle by itself increases his credentials on this topic I wonder what’s going on in Seattle…

        1. If I estimate is social environment correctly, he would have to fear social ostracism on doing something like that. He’d have to change his values and re-define himself first – something that’s not easy to do, even if he wanted it.

      1. PGP reminds women who whine how they hate bar-hopping, whilst sitting at a bar !! Or how they hate working out at gyms, while working out at gyms !!!

    2. No, women will do it for whomever they want something from. Sure, it doesn’t take much to elicit attention from a phaggot as you put it, but his sweat and blood is something else. Even phaggots have their uses.

    3. You are correct. Since when does a woman respect some ugly poorly dressed blanket boy who looks like a toady?

    1. Yes I agree but the niggling question is there at the back of your mind as she’s looking up at you with a mouthful of cock…. how many others have enjoyed this sensation before you?

        1. My new bird sucks like her life depends on it…. and swallows…. but her experience betrays her underlying insecurities…. and there are a few… it’s strange….

        2. Or maybe one of her many cosmo mags told her the protein in semen makes for a really good facial, and protein fix. Depending on her needs for the day.
          Wouldn’t it be a real trip, if men actually had to push a woman away from her daily “maintenance check” because his cock was sore from all the daily sucking?

        3. Marshmellow. formerly known on here as Creampuff says he’s had a cockatoo. This we can believe.

  19. Or ladies, how about treating us men as human beings?
    Or would that be asking too much?
    Thought so.

  20. Can someone write an article on how to preserve youth? Everyone is going to hit the wall but some harder than others… never too late to start at 20…

    1. I can write now. Drink water, wear sunscreen, eat veggies, don’t smoke, use retinoids, moisturize!

      1. Right* haha sorry! And if I had to add anything, eat fatty fish and vibrant fruits, exfoliate, wear hats and sunglasses, weight train. Food is medicine!

        1. Thank you! I do all of that but I’m trying to find other ways I can add in my morning/night routine. Like green tea, fish oil pils ..etc

        2. Fish oil pills for men is bad advice. Recently it has been found to increase the risk of prostate cancer greatly.

        3. Look into Krill oil. Its better than any fish oil, IMO. It’s very well absorbed in the body. Look it up. If you’re a woman (which I’m assuming you are), I’d look into supplements that are very good for the female body. Evening Primrose Oil, Maca Root, Chinese herbs… These are examples of a few supplements that I take to help with vitality and also to help regulate your menstrual cycle. That’s something to look into to see if your body is running optimally.

        4. Krill oil and maca is great, as is reishi, hemp, ashwaganda, acai, probiotics, bee pollen, royal jelly, chlorella, spirulina, turmeric, different kinds of berries etcetera.
          Men should be careful with ashwaganda though, it can turn them into violently horny beasts.

        5. Krill oil, ‘Green Pastures Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil’, ‘high vitamin butter oil’, raw unrefined coconut oil. Eat organic/wild as much as possible, eat only meat from wild/organic pastured animals and preferably rare/medium rare, eat fish and shellfish caught in the less polluted waters of for example the North Atlantic and try to avoid ones farmed or caught in polluted areas as they contain heaps of toxins, drink green juice, preferably from nettles, kale, dandelions, wheatgrass and such, avoid any and all refined foods as much as possible, exercise smartly, for example ‘peak’/interval high intensity exercises will increase your human growth hormone production which keeps you younger inside and out, lift weights for bone density and maintaining muscle mass, do yoga/ballet/dance to keep flexible and for good posture. Vitamin D is essential so do not avoid the sun, but rather expose yourself smartly and never get burned. Use natural beauty products and make up, such as ‘100% pure’, ‘John Masters Organics’, ‘Lily Lolo’, ‘Lakshmi’, ‘Une’, ‘Madara’ etcetera. I am 32 and often mistaken as being the same age as my 23 year old sister.

    2. Maya, here is some answers to your question and unsolicited life advice. Enjoy.
      Don’t drink too much alcohol, avoid the sun, don’t do drugs. Treat your body like you would actually want to keep it around for a while.
      Most importantly stay grounded, don’t get messed up in the head. Much of what I have seen is a young girl, who stayed thin, got a lot of attention, went to her head, thought she could do whatever she wanted without REPERCUSSIONS (idiots). There are results of all action taken.
      Enjoy your youth, it won’t last forever. But that is one of a young woman’s greatest assets – use it to set your life, don’t waste it and then think some guy wants you in your 30s. Only a chump would do that.
      If a man is going to allocate his resources to you he deserves the best years of your life, not when you are on the decline.
      Don’t get pregnant before marriage, only an idiot man would marry a woman with a kid. Too dangerous in our society for the non-biological father to care for a child. Especially if the mother is crazy, a whole load of trouble she could create for him.
      Before the “you’re so bitter samsamsam” comments come out, I am not married, never have been. Too much nonsense to not pick wisely. Gentlemen, remember to wrap it up. And there is plenty of vagina out there, so don’t get stuck on one chick.

    3. I started at 18. Want to preserve youth? Don’t go to the bars! Too much booze=bad behavior. Avoid tanning beds, eat well, exercise, and wear sunscreen. Don’t dye your hair or use too much product in it. Play with it’s natural texture, use a bit of coconut or argan oil to smooth frizz…. The list goes on. Another good way to treat your body well is to treat it as you would if you were preparing it for pregnancy.

      1. It’s really not the booze that ages you. You can drink moderately your entire life and retain a lot of youth. Three things age you fast:
        1) Lack of sleep
        2) Too much sun
        3) Poor excercise/diet habits
        If you consume alcohol to excess, that falls into poor diet, and because such activities happen in the wee hours of the morning, you’re not getting enough sleep on top of it. Just get 8+ hours a night. Don’t avoid the sun, but don’t burn your skin often. Excercise and eat well. Do those three things consistently for years/decades, and you’ll look 20 when you’re 30.

        1. True enough. Although, on weekends I find a lot of girls drink very sugary drinks, eat fast food at 2 am, and then crash without washing their faces. Keep that up every weekend, and you’ll look 30+ at 25.

        2. Stress. Though weed smoking will help you accomplish zero in your life it will keep you looking young forever.

        3. Yep, and a lot of women follow that path, thinking they’re being “successful” when doing it.

        4. There is no guarantee that if you followed this advice, you’ll look 20 when you are 30, but if you don’t, you are guaranteed to look older and be unhealthier than your actual age suggests.

      2. You forgot to mention smoking and having your babies early in life if that is at all possible.

    4. Muscle and bone mass. Lift. Heavy.
      You don’t need to bulk up, but you at least need to preserve. Vanessa Hudgens dead lifts 250lbs.
      Bulking is controlled by diet, not lifting.

    5. Maya in the future we will have better plastic surgery methods to make old people look good again, that is all, I will say that the next generations will be more lucky, we will have the best technology in our hands, I am 22 years old and when I start to look ugly in my 45 ,I will go to plastic surgery, however in South Korea their technology is already quite futuristic, so old people now can go there and have some hope. They are ahead of us.

      1. Nooo. That would enable ugly genes to propagate hence objectively increasing the number of ugly people in reality.

    6. Most importantly, don’t get a career at it make you age faster. Simply get #backtothekitchen

    7. Discipline and Focus. That’s what you will need.
      Eat well, sleep well, don’t do drugs, etc.
      Develop self control to develop self-discipline and willpower.
      “The one who cannot control the self, will be controlled by the self.”
      Don’t masturbate (even for women) or indulge in promiscuous or excessive sex (lest you want to look like the average pornstar in the 20’s who looks like a 30 yr old)

  21. ” if she texts back within 20 minutes the first time, she’s girlfriend material”
    So true..

  22. The guy in front of you does that little flip with the door so you don’t have to fully open it yourself?

    Agreed, it’s annoying opening the door for a girl (or anyone) and she doesn’t say thank you, just walks right in.

        1. They wouldn’t even feel challenged. They’d gladly do it. Doing anything less then assuming a traditional male role around a truly feminine women kind of feels like hitting a trusting, playful puppy. If a puppy runs up to you all bright eyed and excited just to meet a new person, you’re going to bend over and pet it, and be thrilled to do so. Same with opening doors and carrying heavy things for a truly feminine woman.

        2. Very good. That’s good to hear that it wouldn’t be a challenge. Though, unfortunately it seems to be a challenge for most women to be feminine.

      1. but women go for nothing but “bums”, so what is the incentive for a man to be a gentlemen?

      2. What MAUREEN actually says is “BE A GENTLEMAN.TO HER BUM”.
        Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle with your bum. Need us to get some lube?

    1. I’ve slammed doors in girls faces when it becomes obvious they’re not going to say thank you. Someone’s gotta teach them some manners.
      One had the temerity to scream out “asshole!” to me, to which I responded: “You’re the asshole. Learn how to say thank you when someone holds the door open for you. Was you mother some kind of wild animal?”

      1. To be fair, this doesn’t happen often and it’s probably because this is Texas and thus in the south. I’d say 1 out of every 30 girls I open the door for are rude.
        This also reminds me of a comment I read where a guy said these women were carrying a heavy desk up the stairs, and they told him-not asked, told him-to help them. The guy gave them a chance and asked “What’s the magic word?” One of them said “Now.” The guy told them “Good luck” and kept it moving.

  23. 4. Learn how to sew or knit, and how to iron while you’re at it.
    I have a friend whose ex-girlfriend knitted all of her Christmas gifts last year. In a brilliant and subtle tactic to impress the man who had recently broken up with her, she emailed him a picture of the finished product. In dismay, he showed me the picture. You could read the second thoughts in his face over leaving that on the table. Domesticity works.

    If I had a girlfriend who could and wanted to make me custom shirts and sport jackets, I might move heaven and earth to make her an LTR just based on that alone.

  24. Especially #7! Ladies: The more you acknowledge our manly qualities that you like, the more we’ll do it. Promise. We’re prideful creatures who love having our ego stroked. And we love women. So, when a woman we dig compliments that, you better believe you’re gonna get more of that sexy man-shit you love.

  25. Dress cute all the time? hahahaha. If she dresses “cute” all the time it’s not for you Mr. Dress Cute.

        1. Yo te respondo. Yes, but also femenine and according to the fashion of the times including some aesthically pleasing taste.

  26. Fun Fact: once upon at time, these guidelines were actually followed, and civilization was not collapsing in on itself.
    Being a millennial, its hard to imagine a time when bitch behavior was little to non-existent. The 1950s was supposedly a time when wives made lemonade on summer evenings.
    Back then young men had strong father figures to play catch with, instead of playing the Knockout Game and steal iPhones from strangers.

  27. Number 2 is huge with me Raised as I was by my southern gentleman grandfather Ill hold the door open for ANYONE if there not to far off. Old men, young ladies , that crazy guy who wheres a skirt and thinks we should all be naked…… Really its just common courtesy the only demographic that has ever yelled at me for being polite though is college educated females with short hair or more than 3 piercings. Civilization is based on civility or at least it should be God why can’t we bring back dueling,

    1. the only demographic that has ever yelled at me for being polite though is college educated females with short hair or more than 3 piercings.

      Datapoint #103,765.

  28. 10.Practise decent and respectful speech.
    11. Responsibility. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions when you are wrong, instead of seeking justifications.
    12.Learn empathy and discard apathy. Women are nurturers. Understand the world does not revolve around your existence as a woman only.
    13.. Sincerity and dedication. Don’t troll or be a phony.
    14.Loyalty and support. These are the true signs of a keeper, for a relationship. Trust is like paper, once it’s crushed it can never be perfect again.
    15.Read RoK for future posts within this week (especially), and beyond

    1. Good points. But you forgot “Humility”. It’s separate to deal with a hoe or slut, and to deal with an ARROGANT hoe or slut. Women (especially white) are the most arrogant condescending creatures on the face of this planet. Humility itself will bring about most of the necessary changes that you wrote about, though loyalty and support is the most important point on that list.

      1. Humility is something that almost everyone is in need of a crash course in though, myself included.

  29. This is one of the ROK posts that I will show my girlfriend. She does all of these things without even knowing it. She’ll be thrilled when I congratulate her on nailing nine out of nine. By the way, what’s next week’s theme? Cat shaming week?

  30. Every woman should read this, great article.
    By the way, I propose next week be #gettingjacked week

  31. This, I am glad for this. I should print this and get my friend to post it all over school.
    Why are these things not followed these days though? It seems pretty simple to do.

    1. Because the idea that it’s bad to do something that makes someone else happy besides themselves (especially if that person is male) has been drilled into women since infancy.
      “If it make you (and only you) happy it must be good!”

      1. It is my opinion also that the indoctrination fosters a great deal of laziness along with the entitled attitude. When you’re taught that men will do anything for you and it’s borne out daily, there’s no incentive for thinking about anything other than yourself on an ongoing basis.
        That translates to intellectual and physical laziness. A prelediction for “I participated” PhD’s, YOLO thought, and slovenliness.
        Please keep up the good work of exposing this and suggesting corrective action. If even a single someone like Becky gets it, you’ve done magic.

        1. He has done magic has he not? He needs to keep it up. This site needs to keep going and not stop.

  32. In Scandinavia’s old days, women would propose to men by knitting him a sweater. If the man accepted the gift, he accepted the proposal.

      1. You’ve just insulted many hard working plumbers. Joe does not Hope for that kinda Change.

  33. “It’s really only through the grace of the unquenchable male sex-drive that today’s Western woman still gets invited to anything.”
    I’ve never read a sentence filled with more truth on this site than this one here.
    Women are INSUFFERABLY lame.

      1. “my sex drive is way higher than any guy ive ever met…”
        You should preface that with guys who are in your presence, thus your impact on their sex drive.
        Testosterone ensures all men have higher sex drives in their natural, unimpaired state.
        it later gets suppressed by things like male shaming… or quite frankly.. how women like you look.
        if your sex drive is higher, then that means something has happened to the man.

  34. I get that this reads as directed to women, and therefore isn’t directed to what men should do, but I still think that the sex-part sounded a bit one-sided, it should be about pleasing eachother, not just one. Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on one, but as a whole sex isn’t just about satisfying the man. It’s not a duty to be performed but rather love and affection and pleasure.

    1. The thing is Li that this site is largely built on the assumption that in the modern relationship world, relationships quite often constitute a bad deal for men. And it is not an incorrect assumption. Unfortunately the romantic notions that many men have will often just end up making them vulnerable and easily manipulated, and this site helps with that.

      1. But in the american movies and series the men is always not doing right and the women feel neglected, tired of the men and/or subtle want to take control specially in the relationship and the one who wants an equal relationship the couple acts almost like and semi-complete humanized android with their conversations about jargon terminologies to describe their relationship and how things should/mean to be equal(if looking closely), but maybe they were bad movies who knows XD

    2. Just takeway whatever you can use from the article for you and your ugly skank feminazi friends and get the fuck off our site already trollface.
      Nobody here is interested in your comments capisce?

    3. But that’s not accomplished by trying to give pleasure to each other. Trying to please each other just sounds gender neutral.
      The woman has to please the man. Then if the man enjoys the sex and is really into it, the woman will enjoy it too, because pleasing her man is what turns her on the most.

      1. “if the man enjoys the sex and is really into it, the woman will enjoy it too, because pleasing her man is what turns her on the most.” And you know this because… you’re a woman?

        1. That’s not what I said. I’m saying the best way to give a woman pleasure is to think about yours first. Then the woman will enjoy it. It’s not selfish because everybody wins.

  35. Advice for Tutmouse;
    1. Make eye contact.
    Girl does not want to look at you salivating or encourage your creepy advances so she ignores you. You must get this a lot.
    2. Say thank you.
    It it you who should be thankful that any girl would even want to seen with you in public.Normal men get thank-you from girl if he fucks her so you must really be a loser if she has such disdain for you.
    3. Grow your hair out.
    Trim your nosehair and get a man’s haircut. Mullets and Afro Skrillet haircuts look stupid.
    4. Learn how to sew or knit, and how to iron while you’re at it.
    Learn how to dress like a man and to get permanent press shirts so a girl doesn’t have to work like a slave. Send your shirts to the laundry like men did 100 years ago. Only low class women ironed shirts like a washer woman for their poor men. You must be too poor for that and no top woman wants you anyway.
    5. Dress cute all the time.
    Dress like a man and not a little ‘tween boy.No baggy mid thigh shorts or flip flops or tent shirts. Wear real shoes like my bf,Crockett & Jones or Mephisto or Gucci for sportswear. Wear a sportscoat as your everyday garb and not a kid hoodie especially in a hot place like Florida, it looks stupid and like you’re trying to hide something. Get some Smedley polo shirts or something like it for sportswear. And most of all some good underwear. It’s not likely you’ll ever get to this stage but girls don’t like looking at your skidmarks because you never learned how to wipe your azz.
    6. Act like his satisfaction in bed is guaranteed
    Don’t come in 10 seconds like you’re in some ‘tween circle jerk contest to see who comes first lol You know all about this.
    7. Reward your man for being manly.
    You first have to be manly not some pyjama boy omega.
    8. Text or call back promptly. Show interest and be vulnerable
    Girl is ignoring you if she doesn’t text back. Does she have to be rude and just tell you to fuck off little boy when you annoy her with your retarded texts?
    9. Make him that sandwich after all.
    Are you an autistic retard who can’t make your own in 2 minutes?
    Hope I was of assistance to you losers.

    1. Sweetie,
      it is because most women in the west are exactly like you that I live in Germany. I have never seen a woman in Germany be so snarky as you.

        1. Actually no. Germany is nothing like western countries like USSK/USSA.
          I have lived in Australia, USSA/USSK/Ireland and other places… I have also lived in Germany much of the last 6 years…..I can assure you that living in Germany is like living on a different planet.

        2. It might be very different from other western countries, but nevertheless it still counts as “The Western World”. In the contemporary cultural meaning, the phrase “Western world” includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with substantial European ancestral populations in the Americas and Oceania.

        3. The only people who believe Germany is part of “the west” are those who do not live here or those who live here but have not travelled to the west and have no idea what life is like in the west.
          Why do you insist on arguing about something you know nothing about? That is so like a woman.
          Have you ever lived in Germany? Do you understand what german culture is really like?

        4. As a citizen of the EU who have been to almost all of Europe including Germany, have German friends and business partners – yes, I have quite an understanding of German culture.
          The definition and inclusion of Germany as part of the Western World isn’t mine, it is common universal knowledge, defined in dictionaries and part of elementary schooling.

        5. “yes, I have quite an understanding of German culture.”
          Then you know that in Germany it is almost unheard of for a woman to promote or condone women committing crimes against men with impunity. This is diametrically opposed to “the west”.
          Further, in Germany police do not assault men and throw them in jail based on the lie of a woman.
          So you see….the prevailing culture in Germany is a LONG way from “western”.
          “it is common universal knowledge, defined in dictionaries and part of elementary schooling.”
          And 500 years ago it was common universal knowledge that the world was flat. Indeed, for saying it was round you might even be killed.
          Appeal to popularity or consensus is one of the weakest forms of argument to try and deny facts.
          “The truth is still the truth in a minority of one.” Ghandi.
          What you just did was the normal “woman thing” of “if I can get enough people to agree with a lie then it must be true.”
          You women are always doing that….you are well advised to stop it.
          “The definition and inclusion of Germany as part of the Western World isn’t mine”
          There is a saying my mother used to use to me when I was little, it was “And if everyone else jumped off the sydney harbour bridge would you jump too?”
          If you get your ideas and consensus from other people rather than think for yourself you will be easily lied to and enslaved…after all? Almost everything you have been taught in schools is a lie….a great deal of it.

        6. You are trying to deflect from the fact that you were wrong, by using master suppression techniques and the assumption that I am female, and therefore I am wrong. Rubbish argumentative skills, dear Sir.
          The concept of the Western part of the earth has its roots in Greco-Roman civilization in Europe, and the advent of Christianity. In the modern era, Western culture has been heavily influenced by the traditions of the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation (which started in Germany by Martin Luther), Age of Enlightenment – and shaped by the expansive colonialism of the 15th-20th centuries. The traditional Western viewpoint identified Western Civilization with the Western Christian (Catholic-Protestant) countries and culture. Germany is part of the ORIGINAL Western World, before the Americas was even known to Europeans.
          The term originally had a literal geographic meaning. It contrasted Europe with the linked cultures and civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and remote Far East, which early-modern Europeans saw as the East. Today, this has little geographic relevance, since the United States and Canada are in the Americas, Russia expands to Northern Asia, and Australia and New Zealand are part of Oceania.

        7. “You are trying to deflect from the fact that you were wrong, by using master suppression techniques and the assumption that I am female, and therefore I am wrong. Rubbish argumentative skills, dear Sir.”
          Nope. I am not wrong. Germany is not a western country by any stretch of the imagination. The culture here is very, very different from “the west”….especially the anglosphere.
          That you can not accept that is typical of a woman.

        8. Just remember Li Cheri,
          99.9% of western women openly condone and support women committing crimes against men.
          Tell me. Why are you wasting my time trying to defend the indefensible…that Germany is in any way like “the west” and NOT addressing your fellow women who commit crimes against men?
          Why fight a lost argument with me rather than HELP MILLIONS OF MEN?
          Talk about a hate filled shrew….you could not care less about men like this and it shows.

        9. You said Germany wasn’t part of The Western World, I just refuted that. Then you seemed offended. If you had written Germany was different than other Western countries then I wouldn’t have had any issues with your personal opinion and viewpoint. It was simply a factual error, nothing else.
          I am adressing peoples crimes against other people everyday, no discrimintaion. No matter the gender, race, religion, culture sexuality of the victim/s and perpetrator/s. Why should I focus on one group of people instead of being against ALL forms of abuse, discrimination, miscarriage of justice and all forms of fascism? I am on the side of every man, woman and child in this world who have been mistreated.

        10. As I said, ask some Germans if they believe their country to be part of the Western world.
          No matter the culture in Germany, which I find to be very near the Scandinavian countries, and what makes it different from other Western countries (I think there are few countries in the West who are the same culturally, Italy is for example very different from Britain, Greece is very different from Denmark, Germany is very different from the U.S.), it is still at the very core of what has been known as The Western world for centuries. What are you saying, it’s part of the Eastern world?
          You’re just being obstinate. Perhaps you have personal issues of pride or low self esteem.

        11. “You said Germany wasn’t part of The Western World”
          No, I said that germany was nothing like “the western world” and not part of “the west” based on the massive cultural differences.
          You are such a hate filled shrew. Why do you HATE MEN so much that you will not attack and denounce women who openly condone and support women committing crimes against men like Hilary Clinton, Theresa May and thousands of other high profile women?
          You western women disgust me. I am so happy I have nothing to do with you any more.
          If Angela Merkel gave an award to some woman for napalming her husband and burning him to death german WOMEN would be outraged and demand she is removed from office.
          But a woman in “the west” does they same they give her an award.
          Western women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE….and women who live in germany are decent upstanding people.
          Germany is NOTHING LIKE THE WEST…it is NOT A WESTERN CULTURE….women like you would not be welcome here expressing your view by silence that it is ok for women to commit crimes against men.
          You are a MAN-HATING SHREW and you are too stupid to even know it. Disgusting.

        12. “As I said, ask some Germans if they believe their country to be part of the Western world. ”
          How about you ask some Germans if they support and condone a woman napalming her husband and burning him to death.
          How about you ask some Germans if they agree that women can commit perjury and be rewarded for it.
          How about you ask some Germans if women should be allowed to steal children from their fathers with complete impunity.
          The list could go on but you get the idea.
          99.9%+ of women in THE WEST takes the position those things are ok.
          I would be willing to wager at LEAST 99% of women in Germany would say NONE of those things is ok.
          You MAN-HATING WESTERN SHREWS simply can not accept that women in Germany are DECENT PEOPLE and that you are a disgusting horrible man hating shrew who has NEVER STOOD UP AGAINST CRIMINAL WOMEN.
          And every man reading this can see what a bitch you are that you are trying to argue GEOGRAPHY when I have been talking about CULTURAL NORMS and what is acceptable.
          Germany is not WESTERN….not even close. They believe in showing men respect here….UNLIKE BITCHES LIKE YOU.

        13. You want to believe I am a man-hating shrew, because you obviously have issues with self-pity and rage. You probably want to feel like a victim so you can justify your fascist views to yourself.

        14. “How about you ask some Germans if they support and condone a woman napalming her husband and burning him to death.” Why? Because you believe I condone anyone napalming anybody?
          I always treat people with respect. Unlike you. Just look at all your rude, uncivilized and ill-mannered utterings.

        15. Hey, Loopy Pete, here’s a wake up call, you broke ass fat cunt, the Krauts aren’t your friends, and you’ll be ranting about them, like you currently do about the Irish, when you rightfully get your fat lying ass deported back to Australia, where people you have persecuted as KEYBOARD COWARD will be able to give you a righteous flogging …

        16. @Michael Toal.
          Sending your ASIO profile mates over to tell lies about me does not work.
          So tell me. I have not seen an affidavit from Jennifer Toal and Suzanne Toal saying that you and your father did not rape Suzanne when she was a teenage girl.
          Must be a bit of worry to you that your own sister will not say you didn’t rape her, eh?

        17. Get on topic Loopy Pete … how you going to handle finally saying something to someone’s face KEYBOARD COWARD? Answer the question, fat cunt!

        18. Loopy Pete, wake up call, you are an Australian non EU citizen living illegally in Germany and seeking to STEAL income from rightful people. You were denied citizenship because you are a psychopathic scumbag … deny that my lawful affidavit, scumbag …

        19. @Michael Toal,
          I flew around the world to take this 40 minutes of video.
          All the men here notice there are two gorilla feds to my left rear.
          No other man in the world has done this in the last 4 years.
          Further. I did a court meeting in Germany in front of 4 armed police officers and told the judge that he had no jurisdiction over me. I have sent notices to Angela Merkel to remove the judge in question from the bench for endorsing slavery.
          Your problem Michael Toal is that your sisters will not deny you rapes Suzanne as a teen. Your problem is also that you decided that it would be a good idea to attack me, a man who helped you as a socially awkward 12 year old.
          If you believe I can not have your father and mother killed any time I want to? I recommend you review that belief.
          If you believe I can not reach any member of your family? I recommend you review that belief.
          Many men know where your family members live. Nothing that happens to me will save the lives of your father and mother. You have brought your family into deadly peril from your threats of violence.
          You are a mentally ill man. You are also very stupid. You were never very smart but you seem to have become unbelievably stupid. You threaten people when the location of your family is well known? You think that you can claim “honour” against other men to keep your father and mother safe?
          You are a mentally deranged man. The sooner someone puts a bullet in your head the better.

        20. Ahahahaha this guy is a total lunatic. He used to post on men are better than women.com before even they agreed he wasn’t and booted him off the board. I have also seen him in the flesh. And as you can imagine, it’s not a pretty sight. He claims to live abroad but that’s got to be just more of his BS. He encouraged posters on mabtw.com to help him form a protest outside a family courthouse in Australia a few years ago. He was due to attend a hearing that day, apparently in a fight with his ex-wife, and revealed that he would be waiting outside the courthouse with a sign for other similarly perturbed men to join him and his bandwagon. At the time I worked five minutes from this particular court-house and I was curious to see whether he would actually get any supporters so I walked by on my way to work. He was sitting on a bench with an old tatty suitcase next to him and a makeshift cardboard sign stuck to it. I couldn’t read what it said from the distance. Disappointing as I’m sure it would have given me a good laugh. There was no one with him. He at the time was middle-aged, unattractive, overweight and his clothes were nothing to get all excited about. He’s just another douche, among many, who has no other outlet for his delusions and hatred than the internet. Don’t give him any attention, he’s a bona fide attention whore.

        21. The ancient Greeks knew the world wasn’t flat you stupid lardarse. Go jump off the bridge you’re a waste of oxygen.Your fugly forty year old flabby wife dumps you and you cry like a little pyjama boy. I understand that it’s impossible for a fat loser your age to get a girl but stop this blanket boy crying and man up! You’re an embarrassment to all men and even as a women your creepy obsession makes my skin crawl. Do you realise how wimpy you sound/ Despite all of your bitching you’d crawl back to the bitch if she let you and be her pussy whipped Pillsbury Doughboy. Take the gaspipe now and put yourself out of our misery lol

      1. I am Russian you durak and fat tub of lard. You’ll get yours fatboy when they deport you to Australia and you become Bubba’s chubby sex toy.

    2. Advice for MashenkaS:
      1. Make eye contact.
      Don’t hide behind oversized sunglasses which make you like The Fly in the process of transformation. Unless if you’re suffering from conjunctivitis or blind.
      2. Say thank you.
      That the Mods have not banned you yet for your obnoxious trolls on almost every page on this site.
      3. Grow your hair out.
      Unless you want to continue to look like you’re wearing a comical wig made out of the hair on the ass of a golden colored mule, produced by the scientists at the Pavlov (Pablo) Institute.
      4. Learn how to sew or knit, and how to iron while you’re at it.
      At least to make some clothing to cover your hideous body.
      5. Dress cute all the time.
      Even though we know you are the hybrid result of aliens mating in Caucasia with golden haired mules or asses, under the supervision of your scientists at the Pavlov (Pablo) institute.
      6. Act like his satisfaction in bed is guaranteed
      Even though you hate anal, as you keep trolling that we are obsessed with gay porn. If you have problems with your anal obsessed boyfriend, act to keep him satisfied, instead of venting out your frustration on this site.
      7. Reward your man for being manly.
      For cohabiting with an alien hybrid like you. The story of your life can be the basis for James Cameron’s sequel to “Avatar”.
      8. Text or call back promptly. Show interest and be vulnerable.
      To your man. Instead of trolling promptly on this site, as soon as another post is put up.
      9. Make him that sandwich after all.
      If you can’t, then head back to Caucasia to graduate in cooking courses from your Pavlov (Pablo) institute. You can then add cooking to your inglorious resume of anthropology, medicine, biology and science. P.S : A crash course in learning spelling in English would also be useful to you.

      1. Pablo can spell just fine. He adds some good comedy relief to the board actually.
        I was getting tired of the long-winded philosophy and sociology, anthropology or whatever-the-fuck-ology students and their boring ass comments. Getting tired of the fake FBI “16 year-old” trolls, and all the Barney Fife Lars Pee-erson mangina WK’s.
        Pablos MAUREEN troll is an instant classic though, I must admit.
        Hey whatever happened to The Ticker?

    3. Lol. The Gucci loafers gave ya away Pablo. But I gotta admit, the MAUREEN persona was pretty funny.
      You are keeping us pyjama boys on our toes!

    1. The comment section can get pretty funny. But horrifying, nah! Oh wait you meant the articles? Oh…I see….maybe you should take their advice, huh? I am, are got knitting down, sort of just a beginner, and a few other things. Working on that eye contact thing, I’m shy. You should try knitting, or sewing, or learning to iron, maybe then you wouldn’t be complaining about this site, you’re appreciate instead.

      1. I can do all of those things and am appreciated regardless of them. It’s pretty awesome. And no- I definitely meant the comments.

        1. You should be more precise with your words so people won’t misinterpert you. Ah well, we all have things to improve upon. Good luck and work on that so people don’t misunderstand 🙂

        2. Yes, of course, thank you for the advice. I had assume “you all”, indicating a plural collective, would have sufficed (especially when addressing a target audience), but precision is absolutely a skill that can always be improved.
          Like growing my hair (skill!) or giving men rewards for their manly-ness (super skill!)

      2. I’m quite shy too, it can be a little scary with prolonged eye contact with strangers. Not with family, friends, in the work place or when talking to service people or thanking some stranger for helping/being polite, but when strange men look me in the eyes I feel sort of “naked” and uncomfortable. It might be due to being unavailable and not wanting anyones attention in a romantic way though…

        1. I think that has something to do with it for me too. Plus I’m awkward….not like fake cute awkward but real awkward and I’m like…no don’t look at me….oh my god please don’t try to talk to me. I’m only no awkward with my boyfriend, close friends, and family. Everyone else sees the awkward me.

    1. I’m going to show this article to every girl I fuck more than once. It’s kind of romantic in a way.

  36. Like the pic of the girl who’s cooking in tight pants. She’s in the perfect position to be railed standing doggy style.

  37. 10. Be literate and interested in the world.
    I get that you are not all super interested in her Master’s degree, but she should, at the very least, be able to form a world view that extends beyond what makes a good contestant on ‘The Bachelor.’

    1. Such as, people need to stop complaining about the world and do something about it? Does that count? And I’d do something, but the things that need done the most require some money(except say, being more mannerly, lady like or being a gentlemen, and setting an example for what a decent human being is to younger generations).

      1. That’s vague, Becky, but I guess it’s a start. I think I am referring more to a process.
        I was pretty much just saying to get a library card, stay on top of current events, get involved in community building activities, through church or clubs, and to make informed personal decisions that are aligned with her values. For instance, I prefer to avoid supporting overseas sweatshop labour, so I sew my own skirts.
        One person can do a lot, even without a lot of resources. A person can organize a bake sale to help children, or start a garden, or knit mittens for troops in Afghanistan, or join with like-minded individuals and do even more good.
        Much like a dedicated, feminine and thin one, an informed, proactive woman makes a great role-model for young children.

        1. Take it with a grain of salt. I am no expert. I can admit that I am here in a similar capacity, which is to go straight to the source, the most possible brutal, honest source, for tips on being the best kind of partner that I can be.
          These guys will say, here, what many men may think but might never say.

        2. “I prefer to avoid supporting overseas sweatshop labour, so I sew my own skirts.”
          Check the label on the bolt core.

        3. Thought of that. Recycled fabrics are easy to come by in our throw-away society. Now, I am not exactly spinning my own thread from sheep I raised myself, or anything. And I don’t really know how to make shoes or needles or laptops, so, there’s that.
          But that doesn’t mean that I should also support a system that I disagree with in the ways that I can easily avoid.

        4. I can’t advise raising your own sheep. Stupid, smelly and nasty little critters, but I do advise at least learning to hand twist and spin as a basic life skill – for both men and women.
          If nothing else, I can never run out of twine in the woods.

        5. Well, consider it to be one perspective. Take a holistic approach and seek other perspectives, as well. And consider your own needs and values.
          One thing though, other women are our competitors for a finite resource. They are much less likely to tell us truthfully how to get the best.

        6. “I am not exactly spinning my own thread from sheep I raised myself, or anything.” That made me laugh and feel a little nerdy as I can actually do this. Crazy I know but since I was a little child I have learnt sheering, carding, spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, wickerwork, pattern making, sewing, milking, cheese making, churning butter, grind flour, making sourdough, baking, some basic butchering (not slaughtering animals but how to separate the different parts of the animal afterwards) how to kill chickens and pluck them, cooking, how to start a fire without matches, how to build shelter and housing, some simple forging of different metals as well as some soldering, archery, shooting, sailing, some basic rope making and so on and so forth. Not an afficionado in any way but have a basic understanding and know how.

        7. What does “lady-luddite-ed” mean?
          In my family we are just very much into the capability of being self-sustaining/self-sufficient.
          Where I live I have in the last couple of years seen a growing trend of sourdough-making and baking from scratch, sewing, growing your own food, making sausages and curing meats etc. I see more and more girls in cute 50s-esque outfits on the subway knitting things.

        8. The original Luddites were skilled textile artisans in the 1800s, who, when seeing what industrial means of production would do to their livelihoods, were strongly opposed. They often took to acts of vandalism. Ultimately, they were squashed out.
          Today the term refers to people who question the turning wheels of technological development and resist adopting certain aspects.

        9. Oh. Thank you for the explanation.
          I am however thrilled with technology, at least parts of it. Like “clean” technology, sustainable technology, technology that furthers society in a positive way etc. But I see the value of being able to survive no matter what. And I love “making things”, it’s a lovely pastime and I take pride in sewing my own dresses, giving others presents that I have taken the time to make and not just bought, and enjoy making nice and healthy food.

  38. My wife is exactly like this. In return, I treat her like a queen and give her a lot of money to spend.
    She thinks feminists are losers, and well, let’s face it, she’s right.

  39. Women really do not say thank you? Seriously? I’d ask her out one more time then split and leave her with the bill.

    1. No, they really not. This is why I only open doors for women who I know and like.
      They always say thank you of course. It is an easy and fast way to seperate good girls from bad girls.

      1. Here’s what a man should get from a traditional date:
        1) The woman should show she’s on the date with him (not just as a general dinner guest). This means holding his arm as they walk. Otherwise, what’s the difference between him and a free coupon from LivingSocial?
        2) She should “earn” her dinner as a guest. This means having something pleasant to talk about (not just work) and waiting for him to entertain her.
        3) He should order. This doesn’t mean him asking her to tell him what to order but rather he decides what to order. This way, if he wants to buy her lobster, he can ask her if she likes lobster and order it and if he wants to order fish and chips, he can ask her that too. This also avoids her feeling bad about ordering something expensive.
        4) He gets a kiss. Not a hug. Even if it’s on the cheek.
        5) This should be basic manners for women, but it needs to be said: She shouldn’t criticize him in public in ANY way much less on a date.

  40. When did we start referring to sexy as “cute”? It’s probably just because I am not a native english speaker or something, but when I hear someone’s “cute” I immediately assume they’re 6 years old with pigtails and an imaginary friend.

    1. I think cuteness is a trait of the face mostly. Saying a girl is cute says something about her face, which can contribute to her sexual desirability if it’s a young woman.

    1. Wait, are women banned for this site?! Oh no! I just stumbled into it in the last week or so when somebody linked the short hair piece–which I really thought was fun since I thoroughly enjoy men speaking as men. I also really enjoy watching the women’s studies-types getting all offended and then swatted down like flies in the comments section, loooool!
      Is there a board or some governing body i can appeal to for an exemption from the ban? I think that it could be helpful to women in my age bracket–I’m 30–to see that there are still a few Don Draper-esque, non-neutered men left in the world. Many of us had lost hope, sadly.

      1. “Wait, are women banned for this site?”
        One of the differences between men and women is that men typically read the About page.
        ” . . .there are still a few Don Draper-esque, non-neutered men left in the world.”
        I’m significantly older than Draper and a bit more Sir Richard Francis Burton.
        “I’m 30”
        Bummer. Your avatar suggests you might actually be cute, but you’re beyond the age of any woman I’ve ever associated myself with and well beyond your actual sell by date – and an attorney to boot.
        That is the problem women such as yourself face these days. Men such as myself can still pull teenagers.
        You have to figure out what you can offer beyond merely being female, and whatever that might be it will never be enough to buy marriage. You have lived off your capital for too long and expended it beyond recovery.

        1. Yes, you are sooooo correct and thank you for sharing your insights!
          And as an aged crone of 30, I do tend to usually date men 40+. Which I actually like, because they tend to be strong, mature and manly–far fewer of the men who constitute the leading edge of Gen X were raised by divorced mothers, so I find that their day-to-day upbringing around their fathers tends to have made their manner of thinking and use of language far more masculine than the many closer to my age, and younger, who were raised very differently in estrogen-fueled homes.
          I know the attorney thing is a big negative, too, but all I do is dry appellate work, just lots of research and writing–I’m not like my family destruction law, slip-and-fall or ambulance chasing colleagues who are slowly reducing our culture and nation from within. I’m more along the lines of a librarian or English teacher, *she yawns involuntarily thinking about her own chosen field*.

      2. Yes. Go to the about page and send your naked pictures to the appropriate recipients. They will evaluate your resume.

      3. I’ve never heard of any ban on women but I remember Dick Masterson used to do that in an attempt (very successfully) to bring angry women onboard. I mean think about it. You have a webpage and you say no women, what you think will happen?

      4. I have a friend of mine who is a legit don draper-esque…get rejected cause he is 5’3 by American sluts…would you date/have sex with?
        I don’t want to lose my friend to south east asia…is kicks ass at pool and talking politics.

    1. God, you people need new material, so sick of the shrill Feminists their and their mommy’s boy castrati supporters calling everything that upsets them ‘misogynistic’, simply because they are incapable of formulating any remotely persuasive rebuttal arguments!

  41. 3 things
    Im a woman and liked this article (only like the part of feminism where women can vote and work, hate the part that told women to be men with boobs).
    My boyfriend says the same things especially regarding hair (cut it shortish last year but on the brightside I felt horrible once I left the hairdresser so he’s safe that I won’t do it again until I’m old) .
    These make cool resolutions and are pretty doable. 🙂

    1. The challenge is that if women make as much money as men and vote,
      then it undermines men’s role as the protector and provider. Women
      can’t all earn as much as men AND marry men who earn more than them.

      1. I only said that I agree with women working if they want to. Doesn’t mean I want women to start doing jobs that are manly or to earn more than men. So men would still keep their role but simply have more time for friends and hobbies. Because the wife is doing their overtime. As for voting the majority of people (men and women ) vote with their heart rather than with their head so whether women vote or not won’t make a difference because either way its the most likeable person that gets the votes and not the one with the best ideas.

        1. I concur I know a lot of idiot men who vote like they’re in high school. Before feminism, women did work (factories, textile mills) and helped contribute to the family economy. Even worse, CHILDREN often worked as well (One of my great–great-uncles separated coal from shale at the age of 10) Restrictions on women’s pay and work hours were congruent with similar restrictions on children. It was considered “family values” at the time to raise wages overall and provide more time for children and women to stay home.
          Note the recent outsourcing effort to the third world where children are often working in factories. Progress sometimes regresses.

        2. I don’t understand the current use of “housewife” as some sort of accusation of being inferior/stupid/useless, a curse word of some sort and/or punishment for being a woman/unintelligent/unproductive. I believe it is crucial to rear and care for babies and children, breastfeed and nourish with good healthy foods and providing emotional guidance in order for children to grow into healthy, sound, intelligent and caring people.

        3. Something to keep in mind is that the biggest bashers of housewives are women. Feminists don’t respect them (since the workplace is regarded as something that men “enjoy” and they don’t) and when career women who complain about work/life balance are told they could marry a man to do the cooking and child-rearing, they remark: “Feminism means being a 1st class woman and not marrying 2nd class men!” (Yes, they regard men in such a role as 2nd class.)
          Here’s the highest respect ANYONE can give a role: To support it. Put your money where your mouth is. To do something you HATE in order to help the other person. It’s about life sucking a bit.

        4. Yes, that is what I meant. Many women as well as many men in current society seem to loathe housewives and the concept of stay-at-home-moms in different ways. Some see housewives as leechers, some as inferiors, some as “traitors”, etc.
          I believe parents must put their childrens’ needs before ego, status, and ones own convenience. If they aren’t willing to do this, they aren’t ready to be parents.
          I personally believe that a woman should breastfeed for at least 2 years, as that is what is best for the baby biologically, so during that time it is perhaps best for the mother to be home, after that I see absolutely no reason for the man not being the stay-at-home-parent if that is what works best for that family.

        5. I was 100% with you until, “I see absolutely no reason for the man not being the stay-at-home-parent”.
          Personally, I would not want to work a whole day and then come home to the 2-year-old working the TV remote to alternate between sports and fishing shows; dirty, greasy, partially disassembled engine things on the coffee table, beer cans everywhere, duct tape on everything . . . no, no way, not me!
          I say get him out the dooe in the morning and let me worry about making sure the kid(s) and house don’t become a complete catastrophe. I mean, think about what single men live like. Then, imaging that around your BABY, God, what a honorific thought, hahahahaha!

        6. Obviously, that wouldn’t work for you. But not all men would drink alcohol when they are home taking care of their 2 year old though.
          I think you are assuming men to be dirty unattentive idiots. Pretty sexist of you.

        7. Many men would make wonderful SAH spouses and could give a child breast milk that was pumped and then saved for later. Many mothers do this so they can leave the child with a babysitter.
          But the reality is that most women don’t respect men in such a role or in the very least, don’t want such a man. So when feminists say “I won’t make a very good housewife so I need the option to have a career!” I think about the fact that most men don’t have an option out of their sexist role. Sink, or swim.

        8. Yes, pumping milk to feed the baby is great, but to be able to pump milk a baby must first have started and gotten the milk production ‘up to par’. A breast pump can only somewhat sustain milk production, not start it. Breastfeeding also releases a lot of hormones in both mother and baby, which prevent post partum depression in the mother and ensures the emotional wellbeing of the child. I think it would be best for both mother and child for the mother to stay at home with the baby for at least 6 months before going back to work. During this time it would be great if the father also could be home (at least for a couple of months) and bond with his child/children as well.
          After that initial time, I absolutely think a father choosing to be a SAH-spouse while the mother goes back to work sounds just as good as the woman being the SAH-spouse. I am for everyones personal right and individual freedom to live their lives as they wish. I would never think it weird, or strange or unnatural for anyone to care for and love their children in any which way that works best in their lives.

    2. “cut it shortish last year but on the brightside I felt horrible once I left the hairdresser so he’s safe that I won’t do it again until I’m old”
      Long hair on older/old women is gorgeous too, though… I will never have short hair, not even when I have one foot in the grave.

  42. “Traditional Sex Roles”, “#BackToTheKitchen”, “[ew, /AMERICAN/ girls!]” LOLwut
    1 & 2. I’ll leave those two alone, because they apply universally.
    3. Lolwut, your hair length should be wherever you feel comfortable having it. ALSO, pixie cuts can be attractive as fuck.
    5. yes, dress cute ALL THE FUCKING TIME, cuz that’s so easy.. yo, fuck that. be comfortable. Attractive is a girl who is comfortable and confident in herself, not one that is trying to fucking /please/ all the men around her. Nigga please. Also again, “i-don’t-give-a-fuckness” is pretty cute, but that might be just me.
    6. LMAO, fuck this one. do whatever the fuck you want with your sexuality. and also, it’s so easy to please us guys, honestly, that you might as well focus on you getting pleased (because we almost certainly will be pleased), also the guy 9/10 times won’t be thinking of pleasing you (thanks to articles like this), and it’s so much harder to please women that two heads are better than one (PUN NOT INTENDED, BAD TIMING).
    7. Oh, look at you Author-of-this-Article, soooooooo manly, fix my plumbing, defend me from this spider, i’m such an useless woman.
    8. Idk man, maybe they’re not faking their disinterest… maybe you came across as a bit of a sexist asshole so she won’t put you as priority number one in her texting schedule… maybe? (i’m starting to think the author is just sad cuz he keeps getting rejected) or maybe you came across as an awesome guy and she’s just not interested enough to come back to you right away with intensity? and also that’s a lie, when a girl takes her time and acts a little bit hard to get, guys i know (me included) are attracted, but i mean, a fast responder isn’t unattractive either. it depends…
    9. LMFAO “there’s simply no excuse for not knowing how to feed a man without having to tip someone else at some point during the transaction” lol this guy is the WORSt there’s like a gazillion excuses, and again back to 4: WHAT ELSE ARE WOMEN FOR THAN MAKING US FOOOD??! HAHAHA, i’m the worst.

    1. ^tl;dr: feminazi posing as a mangina dipshit arrives at RoK, posts usual incomprehensible rant

      1. I’m sorry that was incomprehensible, but you can blame my anger for that. Also, I had no idea what a disgusting website I was on; I was directed to this article through a friend’s link. Now that I see the terrible things this site represents I realize that reasonable discussion about how wrong all of this is utterly pointless and not worth taking here because all you pieces of shit won’t change. Again, I’m sorry I ever commented here. (And why would a girl pose as a guy you fucking idiot? [sorry for the insult, that was uncalled for, excuse my honesty])

        1. dude (or whatever you are), when you post a comment with statements like:
          “maybe you came across as a bit of a sexist asshole”,”the author is just sad cuz he keeps getting rejected”,”because all you pieces of shit won’t change”
          then you get NO – “reasonable discussion about how wrong all of this is utterly pointless” and NO polite response, as you fully deserve. I’m sorry you ever commented here too.
          “And why would a girl pose as a guy you fucking idiot?”
          because trolls want to troll, lot of it going on here lately

  43. I keep waiting for something controversial to come out of #BackToTheKitchen week, but it’s just reminding me how little real effort any given woman would actually have to put forth, to set herself apart, catch a good man, and keep him happy.

    1. I’m chuckling. When I started dating 25 years ago, the female:male ratio in non-traditional dating was easily 10 to 1. There was still a good supply of well educated men for women to pick from.
      Today, although young men here will disagree, things are more equal than they might think. Yes, women tend to get flooded with messages from men online than vice versa BUT nearly all women are online now. It’s no longer a matter of men having to pay an entry fee in drinks and dates to talk to a woman. In addition, the supply of decent men to the number of educated woman is a lot lower today. So women are painfully aware of a shortage of successful men.
      But yeah, a woman who puts in some effort can easily get that guy and even when they hit a serious snag such as their 30’s or perhaps even have a kid, they can still find a good man if they put in a serious effort.

      1. You have a point that men don’t have to invest much into women anymore; no dinners, no entrance fees. But at what cost? Those educated women are often damaged goods who’ve been had by a little too many guys. They didn’t learn how to be good wives.

  44. Ok, so I make 8 out of the 9. But I have a university degree and would like to work (I feel I deserve it after all the hard work to obtain that degree). So I guess I can be fuckable but not marriable or for a LTR because you are looking for a woman who stays at home cleaning and raising the kids, isn’t it?

      1. Absolutely nothing. It’s each one’s choice. I don’t see anything bad, if a woman wants to, great! Go ahead, but it’s not what I want to do. I want to work, is there anything wrong with that?

        1. If you are single yes but if you are married with kids it’s a tough choice because the wallbeing of your children are involved and why you have this tone of writing like I were the one judging you? lol

        2. Oh I didn’t mean it. English is not my mothertongue, and I don’t usually speak it, so maybe it sounds odd. But I wasn’t judging you either, it upsets me when I read (on this site) that all women MUST stay at home, they even say sometimes we shouldn’t vote. I know I wouldn’t be happy staying at home, maybe while the children are little, yes, but when they start going to school, I want to work outside home.

        3. Well good for you I guess, I prefer to stay at home with my children to educate them well and live a happy family enviroment taking care of their need and making them follow a good path on life, plus taking care of my husband that I choose to be with in merriage in despite that I had intellectual curiosities like any person regardless of gender, and living in a namely conservative country like where I live does not stop women to pursue your dreams BUT family comes first, because why it would matter if you choose to be succesful if your family are broken? human relationships are first and the most important things in life like oxigen.

      2. Nothing is wrong with it, but since feminist wanted to free women from the slavery of not working at a soul less corporation mainly answering phones and being harassed it’s pretty tough to be a stay at home mom now unless the husband has an excellent career.

        1. Sorry for not reply you earlier, yes economically (sp?) speaking is tough like you said. Thanks for your reply.

    1. I’m with you… Spent too much time studying to not work at least until the kids come along. But after that I’ll probably switch to part time in the morning so as to be able to fully take care of them.

    2. You can work, but avoid stressful jobs that make your hands dirty. They take a toll on you. Your main focus should be to be feminine and find a good husband to raise the kids. Cleaning is optional as you can hire a maid. Settle down as soon as possible because time is running fast.

  45. #9 is very important, and always make sure to compliment. a girl made me the most boring, bland spaghetti one night and when i told her how delicious it was, her eyes lit up with such pride that i knew i had unlocked a door.

    1. See?that was really nice of you. We also need positive encouragement. If I cook, and you take it for granted, I won’t put a lot of effort on it next time. By doing that, you made her want to cook better for you, so that you are happy. “Reward your woman for being womanly”

      1. My wife cooked one of my favorite dishes for me (Rice a Roni) and she did a terrible job of it. And I said so.
        She was HIGHLY upset.
        Keep in mind she feels free to “be honest” and tell me her opinion, harsh as possible, when she is displeased with something so I laughed at this. And I explained later. When she does cook well, I do tell her so but otherwise, I didn’t want her to get the idea that she could criticize me, without consequence, but I couldn’t do the same with her. She’s now a lot more considerate.

        1. That sounds perfect to me. You both have the right to say what you think, and in that situation you did great telling her. I meant sometimes some good words make everything much worth it, at some situations. In this case, of course you can criticize her!

      2. “Reward your woman for being womanly”
        Nah. It’s easier to move on. Dating foreign girls is great if you want to experience some semblance of femininity. No tedious retraining required.
        Western women are so coddled. It’s mind-boggling. “Honey, I didn’t burn the soup!” Well, gee golly whillickers, let’s have parade.

  46. Oh how I love this site, usually it’s for a good laugh but I fully enjoyed reading his piece. I am a woman who wants & LIKES to take care of her man, I can’t explain entirely why and that’s alright, I don’t have to. I want him to be attracted to me every second that he sees me so I do take a few extra minutes to get ready, even if it will be a couch day. I want him to ask for 2nds at dinner (if he doesn’t it makes me think the meal wasn’t that great). If he ripped a pocket on his jeans he knows it will be fixed. When something breaks I let him take care of it, even when I know I can, I do this not to make him work but for the reason that I know he likes to take care of me as well and of course there will be plenty of thank you’s to follow. My point here is that there are
    women that do these things out there (not just homely ones either) and for the
    women that just read this and rolled their eyes: When was the last time that your man lifted you up in his arms, gave you a good kissing while saying “How did I get so lucky”….Mine was right before I left for work this morning 😉

    1. I agree with you, lady. A relationship is about taking care of eachother and showing appreciation. I do the same things for my man, and I love it.

      1. Thank God you live in western country because I don’t think you can endure in others parts of the world like my country. Seems that western man are really fantastic boyfriend/husbands in general.

    2. Lissa13, I’m happy for you.
      I captured my wife’s heart when she had never tried Alaskan King Crab before so I packed some in dry ice and brought it for her (it was unavailable in her town). She LOVES fish so she knew that I was the one.
      Relationships are first and foremost about acknowledging each others’ humanity on a daily basis and accumulated over a lifetime. Our friendships, work, and even parental relationships come and go but it’s out mate who provides us with context for our lives. When you live alone in a log cabin and see a pretty sunset, you’ll forget about it a few weeks later. You have no reason to bother. It’s the other person that pushes us to remember those moments.

      1. Well put PolishKnight!!! you are a champion putting words!!!, your wife is very lucky!. Greetings!

    3. You don’t have to explain to anyone why you want to take care of your man. Thats a normal genetic trait. Men have a genetic trait to provide for a family and most do it very well. Never make excuses for good, normal behavior.

    4. When I err, umm…”worked” at the SPCA every single time a woman adopted a dog they adopted a pretty large to very large dog. Every time a man adopted a dog they always adopted a smaller dog. The women were clearly looking to take care of something strong and and the men were clearly looking to provide for something docile and defenseless.

    5. Mine does that all the time. Good for you that you like being a domestic homebody, please don’t act like everyone who doesn’t enjoy that way of life can’t possibly have a fulfilling relationship.

  47. What happen if there are american women and russian, brazilian well any foreign women in the same room?

  48. So men, how about you? 9 ways for a man to become more attractive to women (some are old school):
    1. Dress in a suit all the time.
    2. Open every door to her, wherever she goes.
    3. Go shopping with her and never make her carry anything. You’re the man, so you’re supposed to carry EVERYTHING for her.
    4. Pay everything for her: clothes, dinner, hobbies, everything! Whenever she asks for something, get it for her.
    5. Lick her pussy wherever and whenever she wants it. If she likes you to wake her up by licking her pussy then do so.
    6. Tell her all the time she’s the prettiest and the smartest woman you’ve ever met. And tell her you love her. ALL THE TIME!
    7. Remember to listen to her whatever she wants to talk about. Show that you’re interested.
    8. If you have something bad to say about her (especially about her looks), just shut up. You don’t need to say that.
    9. Accept her fully the way she is and don’t expect anything in return.
    (10. Clean and cook and help her with all the stuff she does at home.)
    If you think it’s important to be attractive… it goes for the men too.

    1. Except for the first point, none of these things make men attractive to women. The are attractive to women, but they make the *man* less attractive in her eyes.

    2. 1. Most men don’t wear suits. They are building houses, fixing plumbing, installing AC units and harvesting food. Suits aren’t good for this kind of important work.
      2. The last several times I did that in the US the women sneered at me and kept walking without saying anything.
      3. Ahh, so take her shopping, let her use your money to buy her shoes and then lug them around until she is good and ready. No thanks…
      4. How bout we pay for what we need individually and call it equality?
      5. I’ll eat her pussy during sex when and only when I want to. If it is not in tip top shape I will inform her so and roll over and snore. I’m not a fucking dog. I’m not gonna eat her pussy when she rings a bell. Also, that is the quickest way to lose a woman’s respect.
      6. If she is pretty and smart I will have no issue telling her that. If you overdue it you risk becoming soft in her eyes which will lead her to stray.
      7. If she’s interesting I will listen. I am not an actor and was not put on this Earth to try to ease every woman’s trivial issues just because I get to have sex with her.
      8. Again, honest communication is the key. I was not placed her to tolerate poor behavior from anyone. Is she is being a C, then I will tell her. If I am being a D, I will engage in honest conversation when she tells me.
      9. You have any idea how stupid, arrogant, and bullying this sounds?
      10. If she is not working then no dice. I keep my home clean and cook everyday for my self. I see no reason why that would stop if I was in a relationship.

    3. Wow, let me guess the only men you have luck with are the ones that still live with their mothers and are desperate for any contact with women. None of these are appealing to me, except for the 1st and that is only if we are going somewhere nice or required for his job.
      2-he opens the doors for me which I love, but I don’t expect him to and if I so happen to get to the handle before he does then so be it, I don’t even think twice about it
      3-We go shopping together and hold whatever we want, he isn’t my dog or slave to be made to carry my shit
      4-Don’t worry tax season is upon us, I’m sure that you will be able to “ball” soon and won’t need his money
      5-Umm I so have to be in the mood for this and when it happens hooray, wouldn’t it be better for both of you to return the favor instead of expecting him to satisfy you?
      6-I don’t want to hear how great I am all the time, I want it to mean something and when it’s repeated over and over it loses it’s authentication
      7-Really?? I don’t want to talk all the time, if I have something worth while to say I will. Great saying to accompany this “It is better to remain silent than to be thought a fool”
      8-Why would I want someone around that will be two-faced and tell me only what I want to hear. If I’m letting myself go speak up and get me back on the treadmill. Keep in mind heated discussions often lead to get make-up sex
      9-Why would you be with someone that you don’t accept fully for the person they are? And a healthy relationship isn’t ME ME ME, it’s WE
      10- I like to eat and prefer a meal that doesn’t include grilled chesse, so I’ll do the cooking. If you stay at home the house is your responsibility, if both work then household chores should be shared.
      You sound completely ignorant by the way.

    4. If he is not interested in you he won’t do that to you. Ever. Only with the ones he really like.

    5. “So men, how about you? 9 ways for a man to become more attractive to women ”
      If a man wants to be more attractive to a female the answer is to be alpha.
      And NONE of the 9 things you list are alpha. The things you list are what a beta smuck loser would do and beta loser smucks are not at all attractive to most women.
      When you are alpha and you treat women as alphas treat women then women find you attractive….women are hypergamous by nature and attraction to alphas is in the DNA.
      Rubbish lists like this? Us older alphas are telling the lads that this is a pack of lies to dominate and control them and to not take any notice of such garbage.
      You women would have done very well to take my advice. You didn’t…now you have to live with me advising the lads from a position of impeccable credentials/ Good luck with your lies….the lads are going to listen to men like me because we are exposing your lies.

      1. How are you getting internet access? Free wifi at your local gay dogs and dwarves bar?

    6. To cowardly “someone”:
      1. Dress in a suit all the time.
      – Do you have a fetish with James Bond?
      2. Open every door to her, wherever she goes.
      – And lock it tightly so that she can’t return.
      3. Go shopping with her and never make her carry anything. You’re the man, so you’re supposed to carry EVERYTHING for her.
      – That’s precisely the attitude what makes men believe that women are the greatest burden to endure.
      4. Pay everything for her: clothes, dinner, hobbies, everything! Whenever she asks for something, get it for her.
      – Another reason to believe that women are burdensome.
      5. Lick her pussy wherever and whenever she wants it. If she likes you to wake her up by licking her pussy then do so.
      – We’d get the pet dog to do that to her.
      6. Tell her all the time she’s the prettiest and the smartest woman you’ve ever met. And tell her you love her. ALL THE TIME!
      – She can record those words with her own voice on her ipod and hear it ALL THE TIME!
      7. Remember to listen to her whatever she wants to talk about. Show that you’re interested.
      – Definitely. We’d show her that we’re more interested in getting her to STFU.
      8. If you have something bad to say about her (especially about her looks), just shut up. You don’t need to say that.
      – Of course. We don’t need to say that, we just need to show it. Dump her sorry ass if she can’t improve.
      9. Accept her fully the way she is and don’t expect anything in return.
      – Once we’ve shown her the door.
      (10. Clean and cook and help her with all the stuff she does at home.)
      – And then throw her out with the garbage at the end of the night.

    7. A man like that probably finds his wife banging his badass brother.
      And the stuff mentioned in the article is doable and kinda cool, and gets men to commit. Your stuff gets a man nothing except being called pussy whipped.

    8. I think you confuse the definition of attractive.. See if men do all those things…we won’t get the sex. It is only by being rough, and dominant and putting you chicks in your place that were fuck the pussy while you complain about us to the nice guy friend who you never have sex with …making him more frustrated as to why he is not getting sex even though he does most of those things….hence he turns to RoK, becomes a man and fucks bitches and then you complain about him to you guy friends…the cycle continues.

    1. Right – women shit all over nice guys and “true gentlemen.” A man who treats women like shit, degrades them, and makes them tingle by mercilessly dominating them reigns as king of women. I don’t buy this dumb ass comment for a second. Just look around you and you’ll see the “true gentleman” tripe for what it is.

  49. “My buddies and I have a rule of thumb: if she texts back within 20 minutes the first time, she’s girlfriend material.”
    My girlfriends and I have a rule of thumb: If he likes Return of Kings, he’s not boyfriend material.

    1. True enough – but he will fuck you good and you will call him after your boring date with your beta-boy-friend who buys you expensive gifts daily.
      He HAS to bribe you to accept his damaged genes after all, isn’t it?

      1. Since there are no “alpha” and “beta” males outside of your dumb-fuck pick-up club for the birth-defected and mentally challenged males, I wouldn’t worry about that.

        1. All of us here have a rule of thumb: feminists and short-haired women are invisible to us.
          Fly away now, pumpkin, and tend to your cat collection.

        2. You sound like the only action you get is from that relationship you have with your right hand. Keep eating, fatty.

    2. My guy friends and I have a simple rule of thumb: If a woman has time to surf the Internet looking for web sites that make her angry, she is not spending enough time in the kitchen.

        1. Glad to see that we won’t have to deal with used damaged goods you broads obviously are.

        2. Not really. Considering that men are the key and women are the lock a key that fits many locks is a masterkey. A lock that fits many keys is a shitty lock.
          And that is exactly what you used up broads are and yet you expect us to pay full price as if the goods are new.

        3. You seem awfully ignorant for someone who is apparently confident that it is.
          You obviously didn’t get the memo that shows that the more cocks a woman has ridden before marriage the greater the chance of divorce. This is true even when the cock is the one of her boyfriend that she ends up marrying.

  50. In my opinion, I find cute girls more appealing that girls who put in all that effort to look sexy. Of course, my version of “cute” isn’t an overblown outfit involving various pieces of “fashion”, attempting to look like a teen on TV. I like simple girls who give off a kind of, how should I phrase this without sounding creepy, aura of confidence and seems like she isn’t easily swayed by other people’s opinions or propaganda.
    appearance means nothing, however, if her personality is…not bad, but incompatible with mine. This would differ depending on who you’d ask, since all guys have different preferences with girls. I, personally like a girl who has moderate, positive traits. Such as; funny, but but not an airhead. Or nice and gentle, but still able stand up for herself. Stuff like that.
    I’m 100% positive that there are guys out there who disagree with my tastes completely. This is why posts like mine or the actual article are actually pointless, and in most cases, counterproductive.
    The fact of the matter is, all guys have different opinions when it comes to girls, just as all girls have different standards for themselves. I’m not gonna sit here and try to enforce my views on other girls, at the most, all that will do is make me sound like an all mighty prick. The saying, there are plenty of fish in the sea kinda gives me hope because, statistically thinking, since there are billions of girls out there, there’s gotta be at least 1 girl that I find just as special as she finds me.
    Of course, I’m young and optimistic. I still have yet to see how shitty the real world is. All I can do is hold on to my hopes and see where that gets me.

  51. What about a column for men on how to be more attractive to women? I have a lot of trouble finding men I find attractive….

    1. um…read RoK..pretty much the whole site teaches men to be attractive…unless your one of those superficial chicks that for tall good looking men(me)..well I’m chilling at clubs..holla

  52. Dude! Je veux te faire bouffer tes dents, littéralement. C’est assez féminin pour toi? =D

  53. This article was written by someone who sounds incredibly and excessively selfish, and immature. It’s like he wants to be babied and pampered by women, and amusingly expect such. This poorly written article is an actual result of the mentality of a boy, and not a man.
    This guy is trapped in the 1800s, early 1900s at best.

  54. Women shouldn’t have to be more attractive for men’s pleasure. They shouldn’t /have/ to dress nice, make food, or do anything for men ((on anyone, really)) that they don’t want to do. If a man cannot appreciate and love a woman for being herself, then he doesn’t deserve her at all.
    Women /can/ have short hair and wear sweatpants and not care a great deal about how they look or what they do to be loved by a man.
    Personally, I don’t do anything to impress men. However, I am a lesbian. ((It’s funny how my girlfriend still loves me, even with my short hair and casual appearance and me not praising her for acting “womanly”.))

  55. Dont be such a pussy about women who dont aim to please you. Put your fedora back on and go do something productive. After all writing is a woman’s area.

  56. I can’t begin to explain how misinformed this article and some of the comments are. 1. If a woman doesn’t text back or takes a long time, she is simply NOT interested in you. She is not playing games. She may want to be nice so to not hurt your feelings, and so will take a long time or whatever.
    3. If a woman does not make eye contact with you it is NOT because she is a bitch, a feminist, playing games, etc. she is simply NOT interested.
    3. Most guys we meet are “one trick ponies”. “I want to sleep with you”, I would f you so great”, “I am amazing in bed”, etc. So let me guess, you want to have sex with me?! What a shocker!!! I would never have guessed!
    4. Some of you seem to view women as being only useful for sex and that is the sole reason we are here.
    5. I did this one time when I was very young and dumb. He was an ass. Never again. I treat most men like shit now and they don’t stop calling because they assume you are awesome,

  57. More
    in demand, too good for them, etc.
    6. You guys are ALL going after women way out of your league and then wondering why they are not interested. I went to a concert the other night and probably 40 guys approached me. Not one went up to my only slightly less attractive friend.
    7. I am American and so maybe fulfilling your theories on American women
    8. You only want bitches and you know this on at least some level
    9. Chin up boys, dating is hard. Open those doors, be nice, don’t ever think women’s sole purpose is to f. Listen, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s crazy. Be positive, be happy, wear nice shoes, be honest.

    1. There is no such thing as ‘out of league.’ That’s an idiotic, classist, elitist, and narcissistic piece of garbage.

  58. I’m not sure if you still discourage women from commenting here, but I just really loved this series of articles. Traditional gender roles are so important and too many women have lost site of them. Every move I make is based around the central goal of making my SO happier/more attracted to me/more comfortable, and these articles are full of great tips and reaffirmations.

  59. I have a friend whose ex-girlfriend knitted all of her Christmas gifts last year. In a brilliant and subtle tactic to impress the man who had recently broken up with her, she emailed him a picture of the finished product. In dismay, he showed me the picture. You could read the second thoughts in his face over leaving that on the table. Domesticity works.
    Meaning…. Nobody’s husband ever left them in the 1950s? Get real. I’m amazed that a chauvinist like this is allowed anywhere near a real woman never mind advising other people how to date. What next, “men don’t like girls who read books”? This article is scary. Girls take note: the only man who you’ll attract following rules like this is one from the 1920s!

  60. This is ridiculous! No one should have to do things to please OTHER people, they should do what pleases them. Most men in our modern society today appreciate honesty, right? Why should a woman change who she is in order to ‘attract a man’, and at that this man? This article is written in one man’s perspective, it does not represent what all men are attracted to. The problem with this article is that the author assumes that all men what this, when in fact, most modern men don’t. I hope he gets his facts right.

    1. Well, tbh, people should be more interested in pleasing other people as much as they are pleasing themselves. However, they shouldn’t be *required* to do anything to please anyone else, that’s true.
      If you don’t ever do things to please other people, though, don’t expect anyone to ever do anything to please you. It’s a two-way street.

  61. Appearance is always important, but never do too much – my advise is always to dress as nice as, or slightly better, than the average guest.

  62. No, I’m afraid you misunderstand. It’s not that women don’t care about being attractive to men. It’s that they don’t care about being attractive to men who write bullshit like this. While you lament the state of modern womankind, there are plenty of happily married men being showered with encouragement and support and blow jobs and steak dinners. All of those things you feel entitled to simply by nature of having a penis? Other men get them all the time. Not because they are men, but because they deserve them. You don’t know those men because they find men like you embarrassing, and you will never be such a man because instead of looking for a woman whose innate qualities you admire, you feel compelled instead to tell other women how they should change to better fit your ideal. Since you’ve based this entire article on the very true premise that other women do not give a shit what you think, this is clearly a waste of everyone’s time.

  63. This entire article could be summed up as “Care less about how YOU feel, and care only about how I feel.”
    How about this: if you don’t think someone is attractive, don’t go after them. And maybe accept that as actual people with thoughts outside of ‘catching a man’, women shouldn’t have to prioritize the desires of men above their own comfort and needs, just as CLEARLY the author of this article cares less for women’s desires than his own.
    Of course women love to please their men, but it is immature and delusional to think that women’s lives revolve around the pleasure of men.

  64. No, I’m afraid you misunderstand. It’s not that women don’t care about being attractive to men. It’s that they don’t care about being attractive to men who write bullshit like this. While you lament the state of modern womankind, there are plenty of happily married men being showered with encouragement and support and blow jobs and steak dinners. All of those things you feel entitled to simply by nature of having a penis? Other men get them all the time. Not because they are men, but because they deserve them. You don’t know those men because they find men like you embarrassing, and you will never be such a man because instead of looking for a woman whose innate qualities you admire, you feel compelled instead to tell other women how they should change to better fit your ideal. Since you’ve based this entire article on the very true premise that other women do not give a shit what you think, this is clearly a waste of everyone’s time.

  65. And here’s all the things that YOU, men, can do to be more attractive to women:
    “Get ready to take notes…
    1. Have long hair. Everyone knows men with short hair are naturally rebellious and over-opinionated. We don’t want that, we want men who are easily controlled.
    2. Spend lots and lots and lots of time making sure you look perfect. But don’t look like you tried too hard.
    3. Look hot enough all the time. You’re not being hot enough. UGH GOD WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO UGLY
    4. Have soft, exfoliated hands, kissable lips, and wear makeup. Because your natural body and face are gross and regardless of your feelings about wearing makeup honestly you’re going to look like shit without it.
    5. Make sure you have firm pecs and a firm butt. AW YEAH LOVE THOSE FIRM MAN TITTIES SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE.
    6. Shave everything. EVERYTHING. That’s right, even your butthole. We want you to look like a hairless little boy.
    7. The natural scent of your body is rank. Cover it up.
    8. If you have greater than 20% body fat, I feel fucking sorry for you because body fat is a meaningful way of characterizing a human being. You should probably do something about that.
    9. You should work out, but you shouldn’t work out to actually get stronger, you should just work out to “tone” (because that’s a thing that exists in the real world). No woman wants a man who’s overly-muscley, that’s gross and it walks all over our perceptions of our own bodily strength.
    10. Always dress in business clothes. Always. You like wearing basketball shorts at home? Too bad. You should be dressing cute for us all the time.
    11. Don’t wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable, wear the clothes that will make us spend money on you. Because everyone knows guys are shallow gold-diggers and women are basically just walking ATMs.
    12. It sucks if you don’t have a perfect body (because that’s also a thing that exists in the real world). If you’re so unfortunate/lazy/pathetic as to not have a body that looks like [Insert Name of Celebrity], then you should at leastwear clothes that give you the illusion of kind of sort of starting to have a body that looks like [Insert Name of Celebrity].
    13. Wear thongs. So having a piece of cloth shoved up your ass-crack doesn’t make you feel sexy? Too bad, we like it.
    14. Be nice to everyone all the time no matter what. No woman is going to want a guy who isn’t constantly friendly to everyone no matter how people talk to or treat him. Know your role.
    15. Smile. Keep smiling. Always smile. WHY AREN’T YOU SMILING?!
    16. Don’t take yourself seriously. You aren’t worth taking seriously, after all.
    17. Don’t have your own personality. If you’re a serious person or someone who worries a lot, fuck off, we don’t have time for that. All guys are supposed to be bubbly and warm and it’s off-putting when you’re not.
    18. Act like a playful little kid. Because acting like a grown adult makes us feel like there’s nothing for us to take care of or control.
    19. Don’t get emotional. You’re not allowed to have emotions.
    20. Be confident all the time. Fuck your insecurities, we don’t care.
    21. Don’t get in our faces. Be subtle. Don’t be boisterous. If you have an outgoing personality or strong opinions, stuff it down, we hate that shit.
    22. Be social, even if you’re an introvert and it makes you miserable.
    23. Stop being dramatic. God, guys are so fucking dramatic all the time.
    24. Realize that you have no valid reason to complain about anything ever. So don’t complain.
    25. Be our arm candy. God knows no one cares what you have to say, and women aren’t going to judge you by your intellect.
    26. Don’t have a life history, or don’t share it with women. Basically, pretend you got amnesia right before you met us. We don’t want you to have a life that existed before you met us. WE are your life now, got that straight?
    27. Don’t make decisions for yourself, let us make them for you. We call this “letting us take the lead.” Because we know what’s best for you.
    28. Don’t talk about work with us. Just pretend those eight hours five days a week don’t happen. We don’t want to know.
    29. Don’t enjoy alcohol. I mean, we can, but you can’t. You’re supposed to take care of us while we puke and get hungover.
    30. If you have family issues, don’t bring it to the relationship. Just stuff that way, way down, out of our sight.
    31. You should want things but you shouldn’t need anything. If you need someone, you’re SOL. You aren’t allowed to have needs.
    32. Make sure you’re porn-star awesome in bed. Otherwise we’re not going to want to commit. Oh, but don’t have any experience first, we hate sluts (see item 26).
    33. Don’t have sexual boundaries. Just do what we want regardless of your level of comfort or sense of safety. Your willingness to give yourself over to every sexual whim of ours will set you apart from other men.
    34. Don’t ever, ever, ever talk about our relationship with anyone for any reason. You think you need advice or have doubts that you want to talk out? You come tous. No third-party perspectives allowed.
    35. Give us constant flattery and constant attention. Do not pay attention to anyone else. Just keep feeding our egos all day long. Like several times a day. But don’t be clingy.
    36. Make us sandwiches. Because we’re not capable of making food for ourselves, and you should know by now that it’s your role.
    37. Take care of us. Like, nurture us. As if we’re kids. But at the same time let us treat you as if you’re immature children. And don’t point out the hypocrisy in that, that’s not your place. (See item 21.)
    38. Don’t have standards. Give every woman a chance, even if you aren’t really that interested in her. She likes you, that’s all that matters, because only women’s desires matter, duh.”

  66. I do all of these things and still end up with guys who broke my heart and treated me poorly. I decided its time to stop worrying so much about meeting their needs. I hope other young women out there learn earlier than I did.

  67. I guess the lesson here is that women can totally say what they look for in a man, and most men will internalize and chase those things, like a huge amount of charisma, wealth, toned bodies, fixing things around the home, etc, but when you do the same back, that’s patriarchy.
    What people just don’t seem to get is you can only say what attractive to men, you can’t very well decide what’s attractive to women, so you can only speak for one side of it. They view that as having one sided expectations, rather than you saying what men like and you awaiting the women you want saying what they want in a man, so you can try to be that guy (if it’s worth it to you), and vice versa.
    Sometimes you make it so bloody obvious that I can barely keep myself from thinking they have the attention span of an undisciplined, neglected six-yearold on a sugar-high and so just look for what they want to look for, or if they really think men shouldn’t have standards or even things they appreciate in particular in a woman at all.

  68. The first two points are just common sense, everyone should say thank you and make eye contact, that’s just a point of being polite, but the rest are just demeaning. There’s a reason that women don’t do some of that stuff anymore, because it was meant for the olden time housewives. Women cut their hair short in the 1920’s to rebel against the idea of men always making women sexualized. And if a guy can’t deal with sometimes the woman doesn’t want to satisfy him fully in bed for what ever reason (bad day, not feeling well, not in the mood, etc….) then he shouldn’t hold it against her. And having to dress nice all the time, so not going to happen for any guy. If a man can’t handle me in my sweats after a long day at work then he doesn’t deserve me in a gorgeous dress. looking my best.

  69. this is disgusting. it’s pretty obvious that any man who agrees with this horseshit is either single or has a mail-order bride. a real man wouldn’t be intimidated at the thought of his significant other being his equal.

  70. I feel bad for the girls you sleep with, because you obviously expect them to be obedient little housewives, and you expect to do nothing to provide them with satisfaction. I wouldn’t sleep with a guy like you. Ever. Thanks for your advice. I’m sure the girl you’re looking for existed at some point– In a poodle skirt, fifty years ago, with long hair, unused potential and barely a high school diploma. Grow up. Women have changed.

  71. The author is a complete retard by saying he’s banning comments by women and homosexuals. If your going to ask for comments from people you shouldn’t ask for some and ignore others. Apparently you probably are afraid of hearing the truth about something therefore you choose to not hear replies from women and homosexuals. It’s your loss to be so narrow minded and shallow…

  72. Jesus Fucking Christ. This is just fucking sad. To any women who read this I’m sorry real men do not read this shit. To the guys grow a fucking pair and man the fuck up.

  73. You have got to be kidding me. I don’t know what’s worse the opinions of people who wrote this or the whiners who keep posting about how ‘women don’t care about me.’ Get over yourself.
    You want whats listed above then just wait for sex bots. Otherwise, why not acknowledge that women come in a variety of flavors. Fuck plain, ordinary vanilla ice cream, give me ‘rocky road’ one week and pistachio the next…give me variety! Boring people are boring. Give me spice in a lover because that brings everything nice 😉

  74. I make eye contact and always say please and thank you when asking for something or someone has done something for me. I keep my hair short because it looks better on me and it’s easier to take care of. My sewing goes as far as fixing things – my boyfriend can sew better. Most of my shirts come from the guys section; I rock band tee-shirts, flannel, and hoodies quite often. I prefer boy’s shorts to girls, especially when it comes to exorcise because it offers more room. Most girl’s clothes are uncomfortable – whether it be too tight, too revealing, or just not my style – and he doesn’t pressure me into wearing what he wants me to. When something needs to be fixed in the house, we work together if it’s a big job or take turns when it’s something small. And both of us are amazing cooks who plan and make meals together. He loves that I was a wrestler in HS (became the first female captain of my co-ed team and beat many guys and girls in the process of going to states – twice – in my 3 years in the sport). We take a martial arts class together and are sparring partners.
    And you know what – we have a very happy and healthy relationship.
    We can talk about troubles, hopes, dreams, work, friends, and our childhoods. We can vent when we’re upset and do our best to understand the other’s point while also providing optimism on the problem. We work out together; I have a bad knee, so I’ll bike with him as he runs. We are happy when together, but aren’t so codependent that we can’t go on without each other. An often late night scenario will be me reading while he’s on the computer. It’s nice, relaxed, and comfortable. When we don’t agree on something, we illustrate our pros and cons to each other and pick which is a better/safer plan. We’re equal in the relationship and we both like it that way.

  75. I think that this article could be greatly improved on. I agree with some of these items and at the same time I think some of them are exaggerated and need a modern touch on it. I am female but I believe that men need there rewards and women need theirs. The whole sex issue is a war zone though. Men tend to want women are skilled but have not history. But isn’t that a double standard? What about your history? I think people need to be more open or tolerant of peoples past. I have only had one lover and I plan on marrying him, but there are some men out there who are not that nice and ditch a girl after getting laid. Also I believe in please and thank you, but I also come from a military house were there is no other way. Women may need to know domestic skills, but they don’t belong only in the kitchen anymore. Plus my love loves cooking to, and loves it when I do the yard work.

  76. Try, be a decent human being. Everyone. All the time. I refuse to belittle myself, be submissive, or change my ways in order to “please a man”. The right man will be pleased with me regardless. In return, I will do my part to make him happy; as long as he does HIS part to make me happy.
    Sandwich or no sandwich.

  77. What the hell? Do people really still think like this? Granted I do agree with a few things, such as making eye contact and saying thank you. Being self-assured and polite can go a long ways. But the others? Please. I am in no way a feminist, but I don’t think ‘male dominion’ is correct either. While I do take great pleasure in pleasing my significant other, I don’t live to do so.
    Number three is ridiculous as well. Grow your hair out? Since when has my body ever been something that you should have a say over? I will grow my hair to whatever length I like, thank you very much. Short hair is much easier to manage, and take care of (even though my hair is currently long). I grow my hair out to please myself, not you. And if you don’t like my hair, you can go fuck yourself anyways, because I sure as hell wouldn’t like YOU if you only valued me because of it. What if I went bald because of a chemo therapy for cancer? Would you immediately dump me?
    I can’t even begin to start on number 5. Most of the men that I’ve met (correction, almost all), look like slobs most of the time. They wear unflattering t-shirts and jeans, or disgustingly stained and smelly undershirts. Why should I have to look beautiful all the time if you don’t look like a male model all the time? Ever heard of double standards?
    And while I agree that cooking can be the way to a man’s heart, it shouldn’t be a necessity for a woman. If the woman is working as well, why should she also have to come home at the same time as the man only to slave over the hot stove to make him a meal? I firmly believe in sharing the work – the man can help with dinner as well, if he wants to eat.
    Fuck this article and its archaic, misogynistic views. If you have views like this, and think women should be stuck in the kitchen all day, or that they should ‘dress cute all the time’, then I wouldn’t want to attract you pigs anyways.

  78. This may or may not be the scariest comment thread I have ever read. I’d love to see the ratio of men who commented about how much they feel women should bow down to their whim compared to their current relationship status.

  79. When you’re ready to get out of the 1950s, the real world is waiting. Women don’t have to cater to you, grow up.

  80. Okay I need to put this out there: these articles are *clickbait* for women who are vulnerable and already outraged at the shit society throws us on the daily. FYI, ladies: don’t fuel the fire. It’s just silliness, and silliness being thrown on the internet by people who are getting paid for our anger.

  81. You wrote an article aimed at women, on
    wait for iiiit
    a site that doesn’t tolerate female commenters. #logic

  82. This is the best article i have ever read.. I think now i will grow my hair out and learn to make a sandwich and dress Cute – maybe in school dresses and ribbons on my hair to meet the man of my dreams… .
    Oh wait! I already did – despite being a tomboy! A man who ‘lets’ me take my decisions without being insecure of his manlihood. Who loves me for my torn jeans and no nonsense bandana when i change the light bulb on my own without sobbing at the corner… Who stands by me to make me fearless when im feeling vulnerable.
    Oh god! Why should women care for being attractive to men. Most intelligent people would be attracted to another person for what they are – not what they do on the outside to attract them! What Bullshit????

  83. Was scrolling through the history of ROK articles and I realized that I could be in the middle of the most important thing imaginable and damned if I won’t drop that task in an instant when a new Tuthmosis post comes out. Outstanding post!

  84. Why are all your articles so pathetic and stupid? Can you please die in a horrible and fatal way that involves hours of excruciating pain?

  85. Yep. Always looks perfect (because it only takes 10 minutes, right?), cook, clean, knit, iron, and do all the duties of the typical 1950’s house wife. Go on and push those titties up to your neck, be overly thankful to everything given to you and always give your body to please your man without bothering of your own pleasure. Never show your true self or personality because that could be off putting. While you’re at that you should probably just stop voting, working business class jobs, reading, writing, all that manly stuff because hell, you might not find a husband that way! And everyone knows a princess needs her prince.

    1. “Never show your true self or personality because that could be off putting.”
      That’s all right, darling, yours appears to be entirely on display and very well disqualifies you for a stable, functional heterosexual relationship.

      1. I honestly can’t tell if you picked up on the sarcasm from my comment or not.
        But regardless, in reply to your comment I’m actually in a great long term relationship. We’ve been living together for two years now. We are equals and treat each other as such, none of this sexist bullshit.

        1. Indeed your sarcasm rather makes my point. I’m sure your previous post will comfort you wonderfully when you’ve broken up with him because he makes you unhaaaaaaaaapppy. LOL, two years, most university degrees last longer and you think that makes your relationship stable or functional?

        2. We’ve been together for 4 years and are common law married. But sure, everyone knows that equal rights and mutual respect creates ruined lives.
          But if you’re going to play this like a childish internet troll, sure, go fuck your misogynist anus with a black dildo. I hope you get paper cuts on your gouch, double mosquito bites in the crease of your nose, step on a lego piece, have thin rough toilet paper, and bad cell reception for the rest of your mediocre life.

  86. Interesante punto de vista, aunque con un ligero toque a ultraconservadurismo.
    Cosa totalmente respetable, no obstante la proyección de una sociedad cada día más globalizada y por tanto, más igualitaria en términos generales (Puedo explicar por qué es a causa de la globalización más detalladamente si me lo pides.) va a hacer por desgracia que este tipo de “llamamientos” a un estilo de vida que se está perdiendo, tenga cada día menor relevancia e impacto en la propia sociedad.

  87. UGH! Yessss. Women these days are far too interested in being equal. I’m sorry but I was raised to treat my man right. I will do my best to make him feel wanted every single day.

  88. Don’t waste your time in the West, you get all these qualities in the East. The women in the West are dysfunctional, why waste your time on the lowest quality women on this planet!

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