Why Do People Hate Return Of Kings?

As you are all aware by now, the cancellation of the Return of Kings meet-ups was caused by a deliberate misrepresentation of our message. ROK readers were described as being pro-rape. I’ve also seen ROK readers described as a bunch of pick up artists whose only priority in life is to corrupt young virgins.

But it is not just the self-professed enemies of ROK that don’t understand the site. I’ve chatted with some men who tried reading the site but were turned off by certain articles. For these reasons, I thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of what ROK is all about. My intention is that this article will serve as a good way of introducing a friend to ROK.

Here are some things to be aware of when reading ROK:

ROK is about things that are interesting to men


If you’ve ever been part of a unit of men, whether it was a military unit or a high school football team, the content and comments that you find on ROK will not be offensive to you.

That’s because when men get together, they talk about what interests them. That might be sports, politics, weightlifting tips, or women. There’s also a lot of joking, and it’s almost always a little off-color.

In our day, men no longer have places in the real world where they can get together with other men to “shoot the shit.” The military, fire departments, and police forces used to be male bastions, but all of those institutions now include women as part of our push for equality.

Men’s clubs, country clubs, and sporting events also served as places where men could get together with other men. But the men’s clubs are gone because they were sexist. And following the dictates of “you go girl-ism” women have made sure that they attended sporting events to demonstrate that they could appreciate sports, too.

Thanks to the big push to normalize and celebrate homosexuality, straight men sometimes even feel odd going out to dinner with a group of other straight men—outsiders now just assume that it is a gaggle of gay men. That is why ROK is so popular. It is the one place where men can talk like men and not be censored by some pious ninny. The articles reflect the things that men are universally interested in.

ROK is entertaining but the ideas are often serious


The ROK writers always try to write articles in such a way that you will find them entertaining to read. We don’t write in a stodgy academic style, but don’t let the style deceive you. The articles often deal with weighty subject matter.

If you read ROK on a regular basis, you can find great advice on everything from becoming financially independent to getting in shape for a fight. But ROK is a lot more than self-improvement. ROK goes beyond the narrative that you hear in the popular media to reveal how big money is used to compromise politicians and subvert democracy.

Finally, ROK represents more than a website. It has become a movement. The attempt of the worldwide media to stop the meet-ups has had the unintended effect of making us stronger.

You need to have a sense of humor to understand many ROK articles


Political correctness has destroyed Americans’ sense of humor. In order for something to be funny, it has to poke fun at something or someone. But we’ve created so many protected groups that it is nearly impossible to tell a joke anymore.

You can see this at work in Saturday Night Live’s “mockery” of President Obama. Because Obama is black (a group one must never poke fun of), he was not a permissible target. Instead, the skits made fun of people who were around him—usually his Republican opponents. The fact that the President was off-limits made for poor comedy. All of the writers on ROK write without these politically correct filters. If you are not accustomed to this old school sense of humor, it can come across as mean.

My favorite example of this is Tuthmosis Sonofra’s legendary article 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder. The piece evoked howls from the dour politically correct establishment. But only someone who was devoid of a sense of humor could read that article and think that it was actually encouraging eating disorders.

Not all articles on ROK are meant to be humorous, but when they are, you can be certain that no politically correct filter will be applied.

Game can be taught


One common objection to ROK that I have seen is that “real men” should have natural game. All you really need, they tell us, is to dress nicely and go up and talk to girls. These people think that all game techniques that are taught in Roosh’s books or on ROK are artificial, and therefore not useful.

My own experience tells me that this is not true.

I was one of those guys who received very little advice from his dad on women so I had to learn from trial and error—and I made a lot of mistakes. One of the most notable was to let infatuation get the best of me. By the time I finally worked up the courage to talk to a girl, I would be nervous and not confident. That lead to lots of rejections, which only further lowered my confidence. Another mistake that I used to make was entering the friend zone. While I was in college I had one girl string me along for nearly a year.

I eventually did learn from my mistakes. I learned to approach attractive girls confidently without caring too much about the outcome. And after that bad friend zone experience in college, I avoided getting stuck there ever again. I learned the hard way, but if Return Of Kings had been available back in those days, I would have been much more successful and confident as a young man.

We tend to dismiss the importance of self-confidence in young men, but there is scientific evidence that winning changes your body’s chemistry. Winners have higher levels of testosterone and other hormones that make it easier for them to win in the future—not just with girls, but in every area. If a young man learns the skills necessary to win girls over, it could change the arc of his life.

The fact that ROK can be helpful to men is obvious from your comments. I’ve read tons of testimonies from men who were able to improve their lives through the advice on ROK.

Most readers of ROK are not PUAs

Despite what you may have heard, most readers of ROK are not pick-up artists. The majority of readers have wives or girlfriends, and they have no desire to serially seduce random women.

But doesn’t ROK contain some information on how to be a PUA?

Yes, the information is here, but the same information that can help you to become a PUA can help you to find a girl to marry. The information itself is neutral. The outcome depends on how you apply it. You can think of the “game” information on ROK as a Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. You can use the laws in the book to become a successful politician who wisely uses his power to do great good for his constituents.

On the other hand, you could also use the 48 laws to cheat your way into power, to unjustly enrich yourself, and to oppress your constituents. The knowledge of the laws is not bad in itself, what matters is how you apply the laws.


This brief introduction is not going to stop people from hating ROK or issuing malicious attacks on the ROK community. As we saw with the attacks on Roosh in response to the meet-ups, “truth” is no barrier to these unprincipled people.

However, I hope that it will be helpful to men of goodwill who may be put off by false information or to new readers. We need to keep making the ROK tribe stronger.

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604 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Return Of Kings?”

  1. Speaking of “5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder,” whatever happened to Tuthmosis? That guy has some of the best stuff on here.

    1. What the hell happened to tuthmosis and Christian McQueen??? They were awesome. Roosh needs to get those dudes back. It sucks that they branched out.

        1. Hm, that is interesting. Oh well, the guy himself may be a hack, but I appreciated the articles even if he just copied and pasted them, whoever the real author was did a great job. But he’s a dick for plaigiarising.

        2. I agree, all he had to do was rewrite the articles in his own words. Remember the “white witch” last month who casted her spells on us? She was so damn lazy she cut and pasted her curses just to repeat hem! Her powers were no match for our moderator who deleted all her posts with a mere touch of his finger!

        3. Let him pay his dues but come back to the Manosphere. Also there was another guy – Goldstein and also Billy Chubs and probably many more.

      1. If anyone knows what happened to Tuthmosis I’d like to hear it. His articles were the best. Short haired women are damaged is a personal favorite that I’ve shared with some dudes that needed to read it

  2. Great article. I fall into the camp of married with kids so it always amuses me when we’re all painted as basement-dwelling neckbeards who can’t get a girl to save their lives.
    I personally like ROK because I get a different take on current events as well as the community who comment here. There’s a lot of guys here that joke around regularly and share inside jokes and Kratom references. It’s great to take a break from the work day and get a good laugh from the conversations taking place.
    The meet-ups may have been cancelled, but I believe the community has become even more tight-knit. I carry on conversations with people here through email and am beginning to meet some of the men nearby in person. Like you said, ROK is becoming a movement; a movement of bonding and support with like-minded men.
    EDIT: Also appreciate my fitness article being referenced, heh.

    1. Gotta agree. I find ROK not only enlightening but gives real solutions to real life problems that will definitely help out the younger guys who really don’t have adequate guidance. The articles are far more informative anything MSM can dish out. But the most fun are the ones that push fugly fembots, SJWs, and manboobed fagfruits over the edge giving them massive meltdowns.

      1. I found RoK in the media shitstorm and it is even helping guide me as a young woman. It is always good to have a broader world view than what the narrow tunnel of regular social media gives you.

    2. I am new to this site. I found it during the media shitstorm. Also married with a kid on the way. I’ve found the Ievel of dialogue and debate is refreshingly higher than you’ll find in most places on the internet. I don’t agree with some of the opinions expressed, but that’s a good thing really. It’s important to have your worldview challenged and not live in an echo chamber.
      Also, I’ve been disgusted with the SJW movement for quite some time and it’s nice to see a site representing rational and logical counterpoints to their bullshit.

        1. I agree. Most days I post at least one thing. Read about 90 percent of articles. Comment on most

        1. That’s the way! these feminists need to learn their place. They keep crying about the patriarchy, now lets give them something to really cry about.

      1. As a 17 year old, welcome! I believe some older people comment here as well. It fits all age groups, as long as you enjoy informative articles and feminist meltdowns in the comments.

      2. ” It’s important to have your worldview challenged and not live in an echo chamber.”
        I could not agree with that statement more. Any opinion worth having should be able stand criticism. I have found ROK to be a site where men can debate and disagree, yet conduct themselves like adults at the same time.

    3. Me too. Married with grown kid. Not interested in cheating on my wonderful wife. But I do read this site at times and it is rather painful for me to think how I listened to what feminist said as a young man. I was 25 before I broke the beta mold.

        1. I’m 58 and just found the site in the past year, I think it’s amazing one of a kind!! I was a beta male in high school and for many years after. When I was in high school women were much different than today you guys ROCK!!

      1. Not to mention those red pill truths don’t stop being true once you tie the knot – I was married with a kid on the way when I stumbled in here. I may not game aggresively, but damn has the advice on frame has been an absolute life changer.

        1. You ain’t kidding. This site along with the Black Philip videos is Bitch Management 101.

        1. That’s not my wife, but even if it was… so? It would be hair and boobs I paid for in that case, for my pleasure.

    4. Agreed. The feminists in their desperation try to paint men who stand up for men’s rights as basement-dwelling nerds or geeks who can’t get women. I am actually what you can call a “super alpha” – enjoy a very active and adventurous life, highly intellectual and very well educated, and most women chase me. I was recently in a very long term relationship with a woman (over a decade) and was always a gentleman with women (almost a feminist myself) until I woke up after being betrayed by the woman I loved, protected and cared for. All men need to wake up!

    5. Definitely agree – Would be nice to hear from some guys in the UK. Can’t quite get my head around the Disqus private messaging system though. Anyone got any advice?

    6. I’m happily married with kids, but I like RoK for all the articles on improving yourself through exercise, good diet, culture, and spirituality. I also like the alternative viewpoint here.

  3. I’m sure now, this is a ROK song. A very funny one when you understand it. This is probably why feminist did not attacked it 🙂
    This sums up a few lessons I’ve learned form ROK

    ” Yes you want someone to hold you but be careful there is something
    waiting for you in the bushes of love. It ripped off the face of your
    father. It is dangerous even if it is a cow… Be careful
    Before I was free riding my land speeder.. I just wish i will not turn
    into another crispy corpse also like what happened to other men… as my

      1. Me too, I was expecting if I share it it would go into another one’s head and I would be free 🙂

  4. “I eventually did learn from my mistakes. I learned to approach
    attractive girls confidently without caring too much about the outcome.
    And after that bad friend zone experience in college, I avoided getting
    stuck there ever again. I learned the hard way, but if Return Of Kings
    had been available back in those days, I would have been much more
    successful and confident as a young man.”
    That was my experience EXACTLY. And I’m still learning, but ROK and RVF have improved my life tremendously. It makes a big difference when you at least have an idea of what you’re doing.

  5. Can someone do a post on Laveyan Satanism? In specific, ‘The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth’ and ‘Nine Satanic Sins’. Many ideas agree with ROK.

      1. Not really, they are an interseting bunch. But they are mostly edgy teens, I can’t take them seriously.
        Maybe I will write an article on Lucefarians and LaVeyan satanists.

      2. Laveyan Satanism opposes religion in general and focuses on the real world and asks you to focus on your own life above all. However, it does say not to harm those who are respectful and peaceful.
        Rule #2 of ‘The Nine Satanic Statements’: Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

    1. I’m pretty sure Aurelius Moner would have a go. Not sure it’s quite the angle you’re looking for though.
      Actually there seem to be quite a few satanic feminists out there….although I seem to remember LaVey was on the conservative side re. gender relations…correct me if I’m wrong

      1. I merely want to see a post about the topic. After reading on Laveyan Satanism at churchofsatan.com, it seems that LS has many of the same points and beliefs ROK has.
        All of the following quotes are from “The Nine Satanic Statements”.
        3.”Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!”This one pertains to all the lies SJW’s have spread and everything The Red Pill advocates for: truth & wisdom.
        4.”Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!” Self-explanatory. Can be applied to women.
        5. “Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!”
        Don’t tolerate undeserved violence or bullshit, destroy it.
        6. “Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!” Being a man and owning up to your faults and mistakes, not shifting blame or bitching your way out of it.
        I do not want LS to become ROK’s “religion”, I just want to know what the authors think about it.

        1. I would read an article someone else wrote on it. I would not write it myself, nor would I ascribe to any of it or recommend it to others personally.

        2. Even though some of this information can be of some use in isolated examples, I would rather direct you to the Holy Scripture, friend. Your comment really resembles a temptation kind of thing. God bless you, through Jesus Christos, and may you be saved from your wandering self-destructive ways.

        3. “Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!”
          God is love and divine love is never wasted and is omnipresent. God’s wrath, justice, and judgement are love too. Satan and Satanists are bunch of spoiled brats raging at God’s love which they see wasted on the unworthy, while the wrath is poured out on them. They just choose to interpret and receive love in that form. A bunch of rebellious children raging against daddy. They could submit themselves, but no, they rather a smiting by a flaming fist of fiery love.
          Likewise, there isn’t necessarily a contradiction between a Christian obeying the command of “loving your enemy” while killing that enemy.
          “The Nine Satanic Statements” are an emo’s bucket list of proclamations with exclamation marks(!) about how hardcore he is. If you really are something, you don’t need to shout it.

        4. See, this is why I want ROK to do a post on Laveyan Satanism, because religious fucks like you believe that Jesus is the answer, and God forgives all. God is a fucking hypocrite who breaks his own rules (Thou
          shalt not kill). It also seems that you didn’t even go on the site, you’re just writing a knee-jerk reaction to the word Satanism.
          Allow me to quote the late great George Carlin:
          “Religion has actually convinced people that
          there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things He does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!
          But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!”
          So wanting to better myself and get rid of bullshit in my life and the world are “self-destructive ways”? You sir, are retarded.

        5. I’ve encountered La Vey and his principles. Individually there’s some virtue in (some of ) those principles, such as you illustrate (I’m not keen on all of them). Leaving aside any specifically Christian objections, there are also the issues of carnality, gratification / indulgence to think of though. I would say that ROK, despite it’s PUA associations has tended to reject all of those things, at least as ends in themselves, although you could perhaps argue the point. Is there something red pill in Satanism? Probably, but there’s also a sense in which gratifying desires, wants and carnality, once we have acknowledged their existence, becomes the thing that clouds rather clarifies our judgement.
          There’s also the fact that Satanism is ‘left-hand path’, and relatively speaking ROK can be seen to be similar to some extent, but there are equally ways in which, particularly to the extent that it represents continuity with tradition and traditional masculinity, it belongs more to the right-hand path.
          I think its only fair to acknowledge that LaVeyan variety Satanism has tended to be somewhat misunderstand, but equally I think we could over-state the correspondences here.

        6. Ok my satanic friend, I didn’t mean for you to take your satanistic rant elsewhere and to butt hurt you, what I was trying to say is, Take your shit outta’ here, you dumb fuck of an excuse for a human being. I will not quarrel over what is right or wrong with the likes of you. Even homosexuals better themselves all day long, but they don’t come over here to vent it out. Out of pure civil respect I still encourage you to read the Scripture. Dumb ass.

        7. So you tell me not to insist Laveyan Satanism be brought onto ROK, but you insist that I be brought onto your religion??? Feminist logic.
          “read the Scripture.” As in “Scripture” you mean the Bible? Oh, you mean the book that has gotten millions and millions of people killed, maimed, and exiled because they go against it? Are you fucking retarded?
          And about homosexuals, Satan never killed, shunned or burned homosexuals at the stake like Christians did.
          “Out of pure civil respect…” I have respect, just not for stupid people or hypocrites, like you sir.
          “If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.” -House

        8. I also disagree with the magic aspect of LS, because magic is bullshit. I do understand your point of what you said:
          “Leaving aside any specifically Christian objections, there are also the
          issues of carnality, gratification / indulgence to think of though. I
          would say that ROK, despite it’s PUA associations has tended to reject
          all of those things, at least as ends in themselves, although you could
          perhaps argue the point.”
          From what I read is that man should give in to his carnal desires like food, sex and money, BUT, LS also advocates to being of sound mind and having a healthy body. It also states that you should not doing anything to anyone who DOES NOT WANT IT. The whole ‘give in to carnal desires’ thing may be construed as a reason to rape, but it’s not, and it never will be.
          #5 of ‘The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth’:”Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.”
          These are just my thoughts, and I understand that no “religion” is perfect.

        9. I’m not sure what LaVey claims about magic, but not all magic is understood as supernatural.
          Re. values / principles each value should be considered on its own merit I guess. Personally I think we have responsibility to others even when they fall into the category of enemies. Sometimes Christians fake altruism and that can make them hypocrites but equally I’m not sure what the virtue is in loving one’s friends but being prepared to destroy one’s enemy utterly or whatever it is that Satanists often seem to believe in. We’re all self-interested, and pretending otherwise is a lie, but sometimes you can just go from one extreme to another. As you say no “religion” is perfect

        10. Why the fuck are you quoting comedians and fictional roles portrayed by actors ? Son, you are totally off balance here, I was directing you to the Scripture ( yes Bible ) for you to read to have a full insight of life not to take it literally as law ( even though you should take some lessons from it ) . What I was trying to direct you towards was mindfulness & peace with the laws of nature and the laws of man all placed in harmony with the laws of God- all written centuries ago by men who were asking the same questions men are asking here on ROK. It comes down to what your elders profess as well as what do they actually do to better the societies they live in. If they worship beings that bring destruction to manking, I kindly invite you to take your bullshit and GTFO. But if you do question some of that propaganda, I urge you take a breather and learn more outside the satanic box. Don’t be a brainwashed americanized, satanistic moron. The world suffers enough from the lack of education, lets not bring more poison into the equation.
          Take a small peace at a time. Try documenting Jack Donovan for starters. For you, he’s a good step 1. Former satanist, I believe. God and peace be with you !

        11. #1. I never said I was a Satanist, I just want to know what the authors think about it. Exhibit A of why you’re retarded and your argument is null.
          #2 While House may be a fictional character, his lines were made BY REAL PEOPLE. George Carlin was real too.
          #3. “I was directing you to the Scripture ( yes Bible ) for you to read to have a full insight of life not to take it literally as law ( even though you should take some lessons from it ) .”
          So what I should take away from the Bible and from God is that’s it’s ok to break my own rules and kill people just because I don’t like them? To be a hypocrite? Okay, I will. Exhibit B of why you’re retarded and your argument is null.
          I unkindly invite you to take YOUR bullshit and GTFO.
          Like I said, Satanists never killed homosexuals or exiled scientists. If you’re Christian, you belong to a religion that killed millions of people and continues to molest and rape young boys. Exhibit C of why you’re retarded and your argument is null.
          And plenty of Christians who believe you should love your fellow man still hate gays, even their own children.
          “laws of nature and the laws of man all placed in harmony with the laws of God- ”
          There are no laws of God, only laws of man who made up God.

        12. Why do you relentlessly abuse the word ,,retarded”? Are you 15 years old ?
          ,,#2 While House may be a fictional character, his lines were made BY REAL PEOPLE. George Carlin was real too.” – You’re actually serious !
          Conversation over, kid.

        13. Thank Satan for that. I thought you would never close your Christian-retard mouth. How about you address all of my points instead of just one. Exhibit D of why you’re retarded and your argument is null.
          I hope your son turns out gay, but you’ll probably just beat him like the people in the link I posted which you didn’t read.
          I use the word “retarded” to describe you because your intellect incredibly resembles that of a person who suffers from a severe mental disability/disorder. AKA, a retard.
          You’re still wrong, kid. Pray to your non-existent “God” for me to stop. I’m sure that will work.

        14. This is from you @thenewjohn:disqus. It showed up on my email, but it’s not here in the comments:
          ,, The Church of Satan has always accepted gay, lesbian and bisexual
          members since its beginning in 1966. This is addressed in the chapter
          “Satanic Sex” in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey. ” – source http://www.churchofsatan.com/f
          Satanists have never BURNED gays alive at the stake for being gay.
          Satanic parents also never beat up their son for being gay, like these Christian parents did.
          Why is the comment in my email but not on ROK? Did you delete it? I think you did. Why did you delete the comment pussy? Are you afraid to admit I’m right pussy? Put it on ROK pussy. Christian hypocrite.
          If you really are Christian and believe in Hell then you’re going to Hell for all the lies and hypocrisies you have told. Repent, child, and you may yet be saved.
          Hail Satan.

      1. I think Laveyan Satanism isn’t deistic and tries to break with the christian conception of Satan. Might still serve the same purpose potentially, but the focus is on the carnal / human rather than some big red guy lurking around in hell

        1. I haven’t fully read the bible, but from what I have read there is quite a difference between the written content (and its context) and the pop culture interpretation. Christianity has deviated significantly from its roots.

        2. God is more capricious in the earlier stories. He jumps out of bushes to wrestle people (Genesis 32:22-31). Once he tries to kill Moses because his son wasn’t circumcised, and only stops when Moses’ wife circumcises the kid on the spot and puts it to moses’ “feet” aka gonads. (Exodus 4:18-31). Stories like these are the reason the phrase “god works in mysterious ways” was coined. It seems over the course of the stories god settles down, like he’s going from a bouncy 20-something to a calm middle-aged man. If such a transformation takes a decade for makind, and for god this was approx. 4000 years (biblically one guy figured out the world is 6000 years old and god settled down about the time Jesus came about), one can figure God’s psychological lifespan (if we take after his image in that respect) is about 32,000 years. So, if the interpretation is literal, we can expect the rapture (when god psychologically reaches the “regret” phase of his psychological life) in the year 30,000. A long way from now.

      2. #9 of “The Nine Satanic Statements”: “Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!”

  6. – Because it’s insensitive in the best possible spirit
    – Because self-improvement is hereacy to a generation of fucking cowards
    – Ditto self-discipline
    – Because it says things about females that society doesn’t like being spoke openly
    – Because it’s a from-the-bottom up working class movement
    – Because most articles are professional standard, and steadily improving
    It’s not Perfect, but it’s fucking good

        1. I’ve seen a couple bad articles from him recently, one praising Israel, and the other encouraging guys to controversially go to the Phillipines to bang their conservative women… but I will give him credit, I stumbled upon something he wrote years ago about how foreign women are better than American. It was one of the first eye opening experiences for me that led me to the red pill. Years later I see him on ROK and recognized him as the same guy, cuz, well, he’s pretty easy to recognize.

        2. “I’ve seen a couple bad articles from him recently, one praising Israel,”
          To be fair he wasn’t praising Israel, he was just mentioning things they do right. They have a few things worth emulating, like their high birthrate and fierce nationalism.

        3. “They have a few things worth emulating, like their high birthrate and fierce nationalism”
          Exactly. This is key to survival, and something to respect. Fuck, Israel makes great weapons & guns. Almost anything stamped “IMI” will be well made.
          That said, it would behoove the white christian race to adopt procreationism and nationalism and be able to shrug off any accusations of racism by outsiders.

        4. Agree completely. Copy their successful tactics, but damn if I will let them take advantage of European charity and naivete. The time for mercy, guilt-tripping and handouts is over. The nationalists are taking over this ship.

        5. I think his older work is pretty good, but his poor physique and fashion sense weaken his contributions in my opinion.

        6. Oh come on, he’s a guy who tried to bring a contribution to the table, let’s not clabber him for not doing it right – we’re not feminists now are we ?
          Either way – every once in while a bullshit article makes it’s way even here on ROK, but then it is our duty to call the BS.
          If he does still have some guts, let him come back, if he doesn’t for sure he needs guidance out of the dark side.

        7. I don’t control what gets posted , I respect a person’s right to an opinion. I also respect my right to say their opinion sucks

  7. I have been reading ROK for more than a year now, almost everyday, and I got tell you folks- it has changed my life. I went from being someone who complained all day long to becoming a man who takes charge of his life. Before swallowing the red pill, I was a blue pill guy who couldn’t take a stand for himself. Being a bloody introvert didn’t help either. Needless to say, I had no game to speak of. But it wasn’t just girls; my life was a bloody mess. I kept blaming myself for everything, but I wasn’t taking any action. Reading ROK has been a revelation- it was like seeing light for the first time after lurking in the darkness over eons. After being introduced to this site, I sold my video game console, I stopped watching porn and I never looked back. Thanks to all the contributors here on ROK, I have improved by leaps and bounds. I hit the gym three times a week, read red pill stuff, and what’s more important, I no longer depend on women’s approval of me. Life can throw shit at me, but I won’t give in, like never. Before stumbling upon ROK, I was blind. But now I see. I can’t thank enough all the contributors here- you have changed my life. I used to be depressed, miserable and shit, but reading this site has been an awakening. Thank you so much, to all of you reading and contributing here on ROK. A warrior has just joined the growing legion of Neomasculinity.

    1. Men used to literally have laws that would enforce the rules of patriarchy that made civilizations grow and spread for centuries. The wisdom you find here was a natural part of life in almost every culture in the world throughout history, known by everyone, and enforced through philosophic writings, and institutional support from religion, government, and society. I am just thankful that ROK exists to open our eyes to these universal truths.

      1. Give it time. The way things are going … I foresee this site banned from the WWW. Especially if Hillary wins. There’s a movement to crush free speech on the internet right now. Look at what’s happening with Twitter n FB across the pond. You have the case in Canada where the guy disagreed with Feminists on Twitter n went through living hell for 3 years. Banned from the Internet by court order. Across the pond, those who are calling out the Refugee madness are having posts deleted or cops at their door. Call me slightly paranoid, but when ROK went through the media shit storm weeks ago, part of me was a little freaked I’d hear knock on door. I’ve said I live in Maine a few times and some of the cunts responded to me being in Maine. They could have traced my IP address. This is their ultimate goal, isn’t it? Scare people out of speaking freely.

        1. What’s more likely is that Google et al will simply remove any reference to ROK and it will become part of the “deep web.” OR the elites will privatize the infrastructure and carve up the world wide web into numerous corporate networks which may or may not interlink, i.e. Verizon’s internet will not allow you to watch movies streaming on Comcast’s internet.

        2. I know. The meetups were a shocking wakeup call. I strolled by mine and it was staked out police and occupied by a dozen shrill feminists, and this is in the heart of the bible belt. It was a clear wakeup call, seeing the reaction by the community, that we are perceived as a far greater threat than a bad economy, high cost of living, bankrupt government, war, declining education system, lack of competitiveness, foreign agitators, or any of the other real problems our society is facing. Masculine men are their #1 enemy. And this is coming from a guy who would have considered himself an ally of the liberal protesters 5 years ago. The obvious answer to me is to leave for a more sane environment, as Roosh has done, but that will have to wait a bit… Also, we’ll see what happens with Trump.

      2. Growing up, I always felt like something was completely wrong, but I had no idea what is was. They say ‘it’s a man’s world’, and if that’s the case, than why would they conceal these universals truth? It doesn’t make any sense.
        For example: growing up, no one told me that being nice and a decent person would get me nowhere, especially with girls.I felt duped and cheated throughout my teenage years. All preached the same goddamned thing: be nice and girls will fall for you. Biggest lie ever! I had to learn things the hard way. I spent many years in the darkness, surrounded by hypocrites. ROK has been a real eye-opening for me. I was blind, but now I see.

        1. I think by changing a few names and details, you could write the dating biography of most of the men here. It’s such a universal rule it is unreal! I even did a test after discovering the red pill, just to see if AWALT.. met a super kind, gentle, loving latina who grew up in Mexico. She was head over heels for me, even had a friend tell me please don’t break her heart, she’s too sweet. I did the ‘nice guy’ routine with her, thinking wow maybe she’s different, I’m not gonna be a jerk or try to fuck her right away. This quickly made her lose interest (don’t get me wrong, it was still very enjoyable flirting and chasing a kind, sweet, feminine woman and was a great social experiment to prove all the RP stuff to me). Couple months later I found out, much to her conservative family’s dismay, she got knocked up. She quickly married the loser. A year later and she is divorced. ha. Sad, really, because now her life is fucked. But yeah, being nice is probably the worst thing you can do. I’m nice to my current girl, occasionally, but you can’ t ever treat them like a princess.

        2. Agreed. I know where you’re coming from. The moment you lose your frame, she will avoid you like the fucking plague. Been there, done that. I just came out of a LTR with a feminine, sweet girl. To keep the relationship going, I had to use dread game. Alas, my blue pill instinct kicked in. I started to buy her books and chocolates and other shit, something I had never done before(like a fucking moron, I know). In other word, I became a provider. Needless to say, by that time the relationship was over. I learned my lesson, though. One should hold frame with women, all the time. Complacency is men’s worst enemy.

        3. It gets to the point where I can’t even justify a LTR or marriage. Why would I want to be with someone I can’t even treat nice or give a present to?

    2. Good stuff and I’m sure many here including me have been there.
      We are about improving ourselves and opting out of any activities which help snarky, entitled and hypocritical women.
      That is the real reason we are hated. For every man who swallows the red pill that is one LESS man who is going to be an emotional tampon and financial parachute for some wretched whore.
      This scares the fuck out of them and I love it. They will try to shame and insult you but it doesn’t matter. We no longer fucking care.
      You can you go girl all you want but this guy and many here aren’t doing a fucking thing to support your bitch asses.
      Got a flat tire? Awesome. Change it yourself independent woman.
      Need help moving or in a bind with money miss fabulous?
      Excuse me while I hit on younger hotter and tighter. We aren’t nice guys and you can cry in your pillow all night or kill yourself. I will raise drinks with my pals for one less shit stain of a human on the earth.

      1. So you see women as “shit stains”? I think people like you are the reason this site gets a bad name. You can improve yourself without looking down on others. Not mutually exclusive…

        1. No, he’s referring specifically to “snarky, entitled and hypocritical women”. I share the opinion, having been married to one.

        2. You fail to comprehend the entirety of the post. Instead you heard a word which possibly offended you and then applied it to yourself or “all” women.
          Regardless most single women in western civilization are most definitely shit stains, leeches, parasites and otherwise horrible people to have the misfortune to be around. The one and only reason men don’t kill the majority of them is because they are thirsty fuckin dogs begging for scraps in hopes to receive a road worn pussy.
          Another thing faggot. I don’t give a living Christ FUCK if you or whoever else “looks down” on this site. Fuck you motherfucker.
          I am the villain and I don’t give one shit whether your bitch ass approves or not. Just stay outta my way and you can continue fantasizing about rainbows, unicorns and whatever other faggot shit gets you through the day in your miserable slave existence.
          Most of us here have stopped caring what others like you think a long time ago. We have out grouped ourselves on purpose so your attempt to shame has zero effect.
          I look down on the vast majority of women because they are shit stains who murder their own babies in their womb, are on a plethora of medication for a multitude of neuroses, have absolutely shit attitudes and offer absolutely fucking zero except a beaten up pussy by random dicks.
          So again FUCK YOU for ever presuming these western whores are anything but shit stains.

        3. Please see above. Pretty clear he’s referring to ALL. Or at least all the “western” ones. Though if you listen to stories about Russian women using western men to get green cards, then dumping them, I’m not sure the East is a better option…

      2. Agreed. Women say they want a nice, sweet caring guy, but what they really want is constant drama- an emotional roller coaster if you will. No wonder they ride the cock carousel until their late 20s, kicking well-rounded, good guys to the curb. Until they hit the wall, of course.
        The moment I saw women for what they really are, I began my road towards self-improvement as a man. Women want an emotional tampon, someone to deal with their crap on a daily basis. As Eminem says: “Superman ain’t savin’ shit”. I’d rather become a monk than deal with a self-entitled bitch.

        1. That’s what they seem to like but I’ve really found like children and dogs they like / need logical structure and being put in their place. A real man provides this.

    3. Welcome son! Give us a insight on how you bettered yourself so other youngens can do the same and for us older men to take a refresher.

      1. Thank you, man. Well, it has been a long and rough ride. I grew up with a blue pill father(don’t get me wrong, he has provided for our family and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for us) and a conservative mother(not religious, though). I was never taught how to navigate this world, especially when it came to dealing with girls. I had no girlfriend in high school or in college for that matter. I aced most tests in high school and university, but when it came to interacting with girls, I was completely clueless. I had no game to speak of.
        I was miserable, lonely, depressed and I had no idea how to get myself out of that slump. At one point, I asked to myself : “why the hell am I here? I wish I was never born.” I am an atheist, hence I did not seek consolation in God. At 23, I had never kissed a girl, let alone have sex. I had to force myself out of that slump? How? For one thing, I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Self-pity was tearing my life apart, and I couldn’t give in without a good fight. I finally made peace with myself- having no girlfriend during high school and college didn’t define me as a person, not in the least.
        Yet, I did not ignore the situation; the elephant was still in the room. I knew I needed to change. First things first, I stopped watching porn, television and sold my video game console. I started to take care of myself(I was skinny as hell). With porn, video games and television out of the equation, I could devote my time to other things. I started to hit the gym, I started reading books, and I became more social. After many failed attempts, I finally landed a girl. The relationship lasted for almost 2 years. At first I was devastated, but as they say, time heals everything.
        I no longer depend on women’s approval of me. I like to do my own shit; hit the gym(I’m practicing Taekwondo), read red pill books, hang out with my buddies, take long walk into the woods by myself and just make the best of my life. I strive to improve everyday. No matter how hard it gets, I know that I can make it.
        As Friedrich Nietzsche once put it: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

        1. Good quote.
          I think most of us can relate to your story, some might even have stories that are too private to be opened. Glad you realized that pussy validation only takes you so far. Its the programming we’ve been given. We’ve been conditioned since we were kids to worship the pussy. See the girl, fall in love ( whatever that means ) bla bla bla.
          Reality if fucking dark but at least we fucking try to wake ourselves up and it’s working, you can now find a ton of useful information here on ROK on how to make your life better without the aproval of any bitch. Also another fact of the matter is the manosphere is becoming a huge hit and is now known to a shitload of people, some of which are crazies – I don’t mean feminists cunts, I actually mean psychos lurking in the commentary sections. Anyway, bonne chance with hitting the gym and getting fit and pumped.
          Cheers !

  8. Before I discovered ROK, I was an active poster on the Misc, a forum on bodybuilding.com. I regularly met up with like-minded men that enjoyed working out, being alpha, and not being politically correct. We had large groups of guys that would meetup to go to the gym, go smoke hookah, go out to eat, go watch an action movie, go hiking, go skydiving, etc.
    We’d have a group of 20 testosterone-fueled guys meet up to go out to a club together, all competing to see who could pull the hottest chicks.
    The only men that hate ROK are the ones that don’t have any luck with women and are not open to improving themselves. Basically the self-defeatists. Guys need to be fully aware of themselves and know what they’re doing right/wrong in their life.

    1. “The only men that hate ROK are the ones that don’t have any luck with women and are not open to improving themselves. Basically the self-defeatists.”
      And even if you try to convince them they can turn things around and provide them encouragement, they still won’t budge and play the victim game. Sad really.

    2. I’d argue college has created this shit. The self-defeated male. Firstly: it’s 4 years of anti-male propaganda followed by crushing debt. It took me a good 4-5 years after undergrad to do a 180. I had been so brainwashed.

      1. heard a bernie sanders ad on the radio while driving home from work tonight. “free higher education for all,” he said. free marxist-feminist indoctrination, basically.

        1. “Free” — as said by any politician — REALLY means “paid for with your tax dollars”.

    3. I don’t have much luck with women, but that’s because I haven’t really tried, and I am very open to improvement. Some of the stuff here wouldn’t be dare told to you elsewhere.

  9. I used to read “Mens Health” magazine back 16 years ago when it was straight forward, funny, and masculine. Now they still write in the same way, but the content of their articles just reek of feminist propaganda.

    1. No shit, I stopped reading when I read this in “Men’s Health”…there was a profile of some model and one of the lines describing here was “…and we all love strong women.” Blah, blah about this chicks career or something. I dropped it and was like, speak for your fucking self men’s health, better yet, don’t fucking assume you speak for me or other men. As a football player and Marine, no, career and the feminists notion of “strong” woman is not something I like, it’s obnoxious, contrived and definitely not sexy.

      1. Don’t believe your lying eyes that tell you women simply aren’t strong. Don’t believe your stupid brain when it sees the pattern that women always define “strong” by changing the definition of strength. Take the blue pill!

      2. It tickled me to watch those porkers on Dr. Oz launch into an emotional tirade against Roosh while claiming they were ‘strong.’
        I guess she meant her grip was strong from shoveling all of those desserts into her mouth. Cunt.

      1. Guns & Ammo and a lot of gun-only ‘zines are fantastic. Devoid of leftism. Love’em.

    2. I just posted above… Lindy West left Jezebel and now writes for GQ. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean I can’t even think of an appropriate analogy… like Chris Farley writing for women’s fitness?

      1. Some things boggle your mind.
        That would be like Roosh hiring Megyn Kelly to write an article on Trump.

      2. His first article woulda been: “Fat Girl in a Lit-uhl Coat- How to rock a size 2 when you are a 14”

      3. I know what you mean. I think it’s a big shit test for men to actually follow fashion advice from a feminist. Women think they like these hipster looking scrawny looking men with shaggy beards. Men follow that shitty advice and wonder why they can’t get laid. They follow it to get female approval/validation.
        If only men stop following that garbage and follow real men and get real men’s approval. Better yet, create your own style that other men can follow.

      4. I was subscribing to GQ and when I saw that Fatass Lindy West started writing for them I wrote them an email telling them how disgusted I was and that I was cancelling my subscription. The contact site said that they would respond to “all emails within 48 hrs”. Of course I never got a response but at least my subscription was stopped.

  10. It is indeed important to be misunderstood in order to get ones message across.
    Pretty sure the above paraphrases something some famous author said, but I can’t recall who

  11. They hate us fer are freedums!
    I was going to make a comparison between what the top article on ROK is saying versus some feminist site. Someone made that comparison once before here, and it was funny. But.. no.. do not.. Please do not attempt this. My brain hurts so bad right now. I had to visit about 4 different sites before I could even find an article I could understand. So, yeah the top article on Finally Feminism 101 is “Sexism, Misogyny and Dictionaries” with just nonsensical rants on what imaginary tumblr words mean.
    Oh yeah, and I saw that Lindy West left Jezebel and is now writing for..
    Wait for it….
    G Q !!!!

      1. Good grief! I honestly feel pity for a young girl growing up in this environment. When you are bombarded with this insane propaganda for 20+ years, is it any wonder you have a desire to mutilate and pierce your body, defile your mind, and allow men to violate all your orifices? It’s like they are following an instruction manual for how to destroy your soul.

        1. LOL
          Just for fun, clicked one. Here’s a way tv is sexist:
          “If the episode is about a sexual assault, odds are the victim was a naive young woman (or teen) who made the mistake of stepping out into the hinterland of rape that is the fictional universe of shows”
          First of all, tv portraying sex and sexual assault and drugging of drinks and all that stuff nonstop is what PUTS the idea in feminists HEADS that rape is such a massive issue that they must constantly worry about.
          But the idea that it’s sexist to show men raping women instead of women raping men? Is that really what she’s saying here?

        2. Yeah, if you want to have fun, just search for “racism”, “transexual” and all other buzzwords.
          It was this website that pushed me towards the redpill, they made me realize the law of O’Sullivan : “everything that is not right wing will eventually become left wing”.
          The website was not always that way, they had great articles like this.
          They jumped the SJW before anyone else. Back then I didn’t realize what was wrong with articles like he ones mentioned and pictures like this, it really was a fog. Thanks for the manosphere for opening my eyes.
          They and CollegeHumor turned SJW in front eyes and I couldn’t believe it at that time, now I understand.
          Their consumer base became infantile millenials and their equalist fanatics. It’s funny how things have changed in just 3 years.
          The SJW have done more for the reactionary agenda than nazis ever could.
          I also find it funny how I dind’t think much of these posts back then, but now looking back I can easily spot the SJW bullshit, everyone can.
          How many people got redpilled by gamergate ? How obvious have SJW become, as well as how well known have their tactics and idology become.
          If you told people you were anti feminist 10 years ago, they would think bad of you, now this thought is ubitiqous.
          The last 3 years were insane, the SJWs took the world by storm but they are reaching their peak, it’s time for us to take over.
          But to notice how much things changed in the last 3 years is mind-boggling in retrospective to say the least.
          Thank you SJW for ruining the media and bringing the light of redpill to so many guys like me.

        3. I never heard of that crappy website before but I was furious when they attacked my comic books for targeting male readers. Were the reasons why comics are successful. That’s sacrilegious attacking comic books. Next they will be telling us we all have obese women in our dreams at night.

        4. I saw the bold print in your comment and started scrolling past because I thought it was going to say some crap about making 7231.67 per week assembling widgets at home. I’m going outside now.

      2. Before they published that article with Quinn I knew they were heading in that direction, just never expected them to go full SJW.
        This was literally my reaction the day I went to their site and slowly realized that Quinn was the “author” of said article.

        1. Same story.
          It blew my mind that day. Man, funny how things changed, it seems so ridicolous in retrospective.

    1. I gave up GQ at about the same time I gave quit reading Maxim a decade ago. After a while all of the articles sounded the same and the women were nothing more than flavor of the week.
      Seeing that they’re now hiring women for SJW propaganda isn’t surprising in the least.

  12. Aside from the recent influx of WN /alt right posters I come strictly for the comments . Most of the regulars are very articulate and have a broad knowledge of things relevant to my interest . Also another plus is that no good movie quote goes unnoticed

    1. I’ve gotten some great movie suggestions from the comments. I wish I had compiled a list of them.. some are well known, others sleepers, but all very good. Last one was Running Man. I particularly enjoyed American Psycho.

      1. I enjoyed the film noir article that was on here gave me some good films to watch . ROK definitely has good taste

        1. Also introduced me to the most red pill song ever:

          You asked me
          And I did not respond
          Will you until death does sever
          Be upright to her forever
          Will you ’til death be her rider
          Her lover too, to stay inside her

        2. Rammstein’s’s music is amazing, but they are utterly fully left wing “The heart is left”.

        3. Thank you for not linking the English version. Songs should be enjoyed in their original languages.

        4. It is my understanding that Links 2-3-4 was written as a satirical retort to accusations of fascism.

    2. Speaking of movie quotes, I had an interesting friend that revealed something to me. He was pretty masculine in some ways, a soviet sympathizer and a radical atheist that admitted abortion is murder and loved abortion. Chain smoker and constant asshole. We got along great even though I am very religious. We jammed to Black Sabbath together.
      The thing that you brought to mind was the realization I had about movie quotes. I don’t have a TV and steer clear of most leftist trash from Hollywood, but I still know a lot of movie quotes, some from my former days as an atheist. He, on the other hand, doesn’t watch movies or TV at all. Not one single movie quote. In fact, whenever I made a movie quote joke and it fell flat, I actually felt embarrassed. This guy constantly had interesting tales to tell about his life. Meanwhile, I am over here telling him movie quotes. How pathetic. People should have their own interesting stories and quotes, or quote historical figures, which he would often do.
      Sharing movie quotes and movies themselves are all vicarious culture.

      1. I don’t see your point . Movie quotes aren’t necessarily on par with historical figures but if you can quote a fistful of dollars , once upon a time in America , the departed , or even foreign films like fallen angels you’re good in my book . A good movie is on par with a good book .

        1. My point is that movies are like Dungeons And Dragons. They’re not real culture. They’re mostly trash, and the person that habitually quotes them instead of living his own life is pathetic. Even “conservative” movies are often tainted. When I watch John Wayne I see a grown man playing dress up with his own personal makeup crew in tow.
          And some of this extends to fiction books as well. My wife reads a lot of fiction, and I read almost no fiction, and when I do read fiction its likely to be something political, like Atlas Shrugged, or I’d like to read Victoria next.
          I like a good movie but I don’t go around quoting them expecting people to think I am cultured and interesting anymore.

        2. I can see your point but I don’t think everyone has the ability to go back to the west or serve as a green Beret in Vietnam. I view movies as ways to get you motivated to do great things or see events that you would other wise not be able to see a good movie is modern day folklore .the Greeks had the ilyad and the odessy, the Vikings had the stories of the aseir, and so on .I can quote Pericles’s funeral oration but have you ever read the history of the Peloponnesian war front to back ? Besides and few good speeches here and there it was repetitive as hell .

  13. They hate us because we blew up the socially correct narrative and sent it out to sea full of screaming, lovely, lonely girls….if you listen really carefully between the breakers upon that desolate shoreline you can just make out their distant forlorn wail crying “How you men set us free on this rudderless ship without a mast, oh come rescue us…even if you drown in your attempts to reach us”
    That’s why they hate us, and still in their hour of need and weakness they know most men will drown metaphorically in their heroic efforts to save the fair sex from themselves, and how they love this inherent weakness in our male nature!

    1. ^^this needs to be the featured post
      “oh come rescue us…” — “and i’ll whisper… no”

      1. Whisper ? Hell, give me a megaphone , cb, satilite phone , or whatever we got I’ll even Morse code them that shit .

  14. Well frankly, as man I’ve never found myself interested by any of your articles, beyond needing to get annoyed about something on the internet. Your ideas aren’t serious or entertaining, I like to think that just because people are politically correct they have a sense of humour (I admit sometimes it goes way too far but you seem to think that anyone that values political correctness is an idiot), what exactly is “game”, as if that’s a universally essential tool and we might as well not live without it? Also, not pick up artists, well based on the articles of this site I have to ay that’s hardly surprising.

    1. Methinks English is not your first language. Also, the period key is located in the bottom right.

      1. Methinks you are wrong, I live in England (and please don’t turn that around with some comment like “well your countries full of immigrants anyway” I don’t care). Those symbols you see are called commas, used frequently in a structured sentence.

        1. It’s okay man. Your shit testing comes as a refresher for us to understand the battle is long from have even really started. Although I’d rather have a sparring with you, I’ll just say, welcome to the manos-fuck you-sphere.

    2. If you weren’t interested then you wouldn’t be here. I’ve found sites where the content utterly didn’t interest me, so I left. The real truth is that you find the articles interesting and cannot help but comment, as demonstrated by your post here 2 hours ago.

  15. I read return of kings daily. Your summary of the website and articles published here is true but misleading. Much (too much in my opinion) of what RoK does now is react to or highlight crazy SJW shenanigans. It needs to focus more on the other things important to men.
    Even though a lot of the articles are garbage or boring, I still visit daily. There’s nothing else like it.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, there’s nothing wrong with a site targeted towards what interests men on a daily basis. But I feel as if here it has very rapidly shifted to radical right wing that condemns anything remotely feminine or foreign.

      1. The site also used to be more fun. There were more articles about life and self improvement (of course you can only write so many of those). Over all itbis more angry and pessimistic. I still like a lot of it though

        1. Actually, my job is “guns/masculine hobbies/outdoors/survivalist” now that I’m a regular writer. I write a lot of gun articles, did that independence article linked above (thanks, Michael!) and some surviving in the workplace. Although there’s going to be a lot more gun articles (I have about 20 ideas written down), I’m going to alternate in some of the stuff above. Current hot button ideas rattling around in my head are basic canoeing (I used to teach it in the Boy Scouts) and how to drive a stick shift. I’ll do a bit of survival prep later on, and basic car maintenance probably.

        2. Teaching stick is something you need to do in real life, kinda hard to teach in text. Car maintenance, especially oil changes, could be an easy write up that can be taught through reading.

      2. We all approve of femininity. What we don’t buy into is feminism. The two are mutually exclusive.
        As to why I should approve of anything from without my nation without full consideration of costs and consequences and rights, you tell me sir.

      3. I may try to tackle this in an article, but it may be better not to do so. This site is anti-feminism, anti-homosexuality, and anti-destruction of western culture by all threats. One of those threats is third world refugees. Another is militant racists of minority demographics, a la blacklivesmatter. The problem is, it’s like trying to stay at the top of a hill, too little and you only address the problem of sexual assault on western civilization, not racial or religious assault; too much, and the 1488 crowd takes over. I had to look that term up, I was like WTF happened in 1488?

    2. One thing I can promise is that we will not cater to new readers who are on the fence. We have no need to be a mainstream outlet so unless you truly are masculine and believe in patriarchal views, you will never be completely satisfied.

      1. The new readers will come because of the very essence of this site is and what it does. No need to cater, it would be counter productive. But too many articles and batshit feminism essentially equates to letting the feminists control the narrative. Men should control the narrative

  16. Read it every day. I just like the fact you guys publish a lot of the feministic bullshit out there that other sites won’t publish.

    1. Biker term on many of our patches and t’s:
      Do I look like i give a fuck.

  17. Married too, I find the articles interesting and the comments just as entertaining. This webpage is what GQ or Men’s Journal should be but they are infected with PC and fear of Crybullies.
    The stuff the PUA’s teach gives the courage to the young men drowning in the garbage the MSM is telling them and to go up and talk to that pretty girl. And I am guessing a lot of normal pretty girls are glad this site is here.

  18. Before I begin, I’ll state that it would be a pleasure to meet a small group of you in person here in the southeast of the Keystone State. I will post a burner email to my Disqus profile–if anyone knows of better ways to set up meetings, do tell.
    People hate ROK because mens’ improvement is threatening. Women and the system need suckers to keep things running.
    My father mocks me for lifting weights and asks me ‘why I need to do that?’ Sister scoffs at me–she’s severely overweight and a miserable person. My mother presses me for marriage and grandkids, blissfully unaware–or maybe not–of the state of affairs with most of our incredible American women today. Brother boy has his head up the ass of his girlfriend and rejects my very soft red-pill urgings to not let himself be defined by his relationship. Gents, even those who claim to love us sometimes want to keep us average while they loathe themselves.
    ROK, you saved me from falling deeper into blue-pill world and have shown me the light.
    I’ll be making my first financial contribution to ROK after lurking for a year, commenting infrequently and enjoying all that GOJ, lolknee, Mistral, Driver, Melmoth and other assorted men have to offer.

    1. Yes, nobody knows I frequent this site, as they would surely object. I discovered this site when I started high school (pretty young), and I have Asperger’s, so I’m quite timid and easily blue pill influenced, but I’ve found that those on the blue pill side don’t really have my best interests at heart, and some will even downright betray me to get what they want.
      When I head to college, I’ll be further from anyone else’s eyes and can make greater contributions here.

    2. Gents, even those who claim to love us sometimes want to keep us average while they loathe themselves.
      One of my older brothers is like this. He routinely defends aggressive and bitchy behaviour from one of my sisters. He says to me “Why can’t you just get along?” He married a bitch who secretly hates my family and who treats him like dirt and yet he laps it up. He said himself that he’s being held hostage in his own home and yet he falls over himself to do virtually whatever she wants just to keep the peace.
      When my mother died she sat right at the very back of the church with their two daughters at the funeral. When my father died nine months later she didn’t even go. And he’s apparently fine with it.
      He’s 61 now and their two daughters are adults but it’s too late for him to change course. He would rather live in a state of chronic denial.

      1. Beyond frustrating, right? I feel for you, mate. It’s pretty heavy to see this type of self-sabotage in your own family member.
        Could you at least rely on him in a crisis?

        1. I could if I really wanted to but at the same time I don’t really want to ask. Ever since I’ve been red pilled it just feels weird having to ask something of him.

  19. Excellent article! I’ve been reading this site for years, and have been commenting here for almost a year. I can’t talk about the things talked about here anywhere else, and the best explanation of what I learn here is experiences, economics, marriage, the worth of love, etc.
    This is my current home site and I’m staying!

  20. If you’ve ever been part of a unit of men, whether it was a military
    unit or a high school football team, the content and comments that you
    find on ROK will not be offensive to you.

    As a man who served in the military, I gotta say, this is spot on.
    Chick’s pic in “Game can be taught” needs to be washed up and sent to my chambers.
    Let’em whine. Who freaking cares, we are men and not subject to their “emotions” and “outrage”.

    1. My father was in the military, and he’s one of the most red pill people I know in person. He doesn’t give his opinion very often, but if asked, he has good contributions to a discussion.

      1. Same. My father is the closest thing to a superhero that I know of in real life. He’s a Vietnam era Marine. Man has shit down pat. If I end up half the man that he is, I’ll be twice the man of anybody reading this message.

        1. I believe the closest thing to ‘superhero’ my father did was when he was in Somalia for a year or something. They would have to deal with various warlords and their gangs coming in and taking supplies from villagers (but all they could really do was take their weapons and let them go; the gangs just went from attacking the military to avoiding them).
          Interesting stories, too.
          I guess what you see and do in the military pushes masculinity into you. I’m not sure if this also goes for other positions, though (eg. airforce).

        2. My old man was with 25th ID.
          In 2004 I was walking though a major airport in Europe when I made the acquiantance of a Marine heading home on convalescent leave (wounded in Iraq). When he asked me where I was from, he balked. “What is it about the Marines and Ohio? Half of my platoon is from that state.” Heh.

        3. My grand father on my dads side was a lt colonel in the marines , had his own arty batallion . Grand father on my moms side was in the navy and got to walk on Hiroshima

        4. Growing up here just makes men more masculine, so we gravitate towards the Marines I guess.

    2. yes, that is an astoundingly beautiful blonde there. still won’t be surprised if some random commenter gives her a “2 WNB” though.

      1. I figured the same thing, there’s always one who focuses on pointy elbows. Happily, he didn’t make an appearance under my comment.

  21. I’m married with a kid on the way as well.
    ROK is deliberately thought-provoking. Consider the articles that have gone viral the most and they are meant to be read with a sense of humor.
    That certainly applies to Forney’s article on girls with tattoos and piercings which was intended to show the lunacy of the “destroy your body and people will think you are even more attractive and unique” dogma mainstream culture throws their way.
    Realize it or not, ROK says what alot of people already are thinking, but are unable to say for varying reasons.

  22. The idiots hate what they don’t bother to understand and what actually might help them. A philosopher stated it best, “We can forgive a child for being afraid of the dark, the real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light” .. and a post-modern tragedy it is with no light in sight..

      1. What do you mean you don’t want to attend Natalia’s pool party?
        Apparently it’s off Russian dating site fails. Thought it was so funny I’d post here.

  23. if there is anyone from Florida…central Florida…i would like to create maybe a ROK group here in Florida.

    1. women support each other, team up, share things, guide and advise each other I think expanding the local ROK community to meet ups could be a good idea.

  24. My favorite article of all time was the one of the benefits of dating an anorexic girl. That one should be googled. I laughed my ass off. Shared it with a buddy. Not sure if he saw the humor.

  25. I like this site. This is the only place where I can freely insult bitches and fags and not be afraid of being moderated. I find it very liberating.

    1. True, but there’s always the wayward female commenter who will read your comment, take umbrage and call you a basement-dwelling, homophobic beta who can’t get any, or some other predictable leftist/SJW insult.

  26. I get down on myself sometimes because I am not where I want to be in my personal development as a man. This primer made me stop and think… I could still be dyed in the wool blue pill like I was almost 2 years ago before I found the red pill. I shudder to think what that would look like today. No sense of humor, in total withdrawal mode, no clue on women, married to a soul draining wretch, my God would I have had a neckbeard!?
    Truly a complete lack of hope. The unplugging may have been hard as hell, but ROK gives men reality. By knowing what’s real I have a real path to follow and with it a real hope for a meaningful life.
    Men that are new here… accept reality, every distasteful bit of it, this is the world you live in… then accept that you are the descendants of those that built civilization – build yourself, your life, and your world into something to be truly proud of.

  27. “I learned the hard way, but if Return Of Kings had been available back in those days, I would have been much more successful and confident as a young man.”

  28. I am an over the hill divorced feminist. ROK is the only place I have ever commented. Yes, I faithfully read Jezebel.
    I have never had the desire to comment there. I mostly lurk, but I like ROK’s action based advice/agenda. It makes me think and has motivated me to make changes in my life. Jezebel doesn’t inspire me. ROK provokes me. I laugh, I cringe, I get angry.
    Like good art or literature it challenges me like nothing else.

  29. By and large, I have found this to be a beneficial site so long as it’s not infiltrated by the toxic racism of the alt-right crowd. Any man of any race, skin color, or religion looking to genuinely improve himself in any facet of life should be welcomed.

    1. You’re absolutely right! I believe ROK is at a watershed moment. It has a choice to make the same mistakes the alt-right has made for all these years politically, or can become something powerful, a new and burgeoning voice for the man forgotten everywhere!

      1. Given Roosh’s comparisons between the alt-right and feminism, I sincerely believe he and the rest of the ROK writers will steer clear of that madness.

  30. I’ve been here a few times. I’m a 28 year old married veteran Marine. Read through several articles today. Great stuff. I was also going to say I like the site because people here don’t seem to bitch about dumb shit (to me) but then I read CK’s comment.

    1. I don’t think alt-right racism is “bitching about dumb shit.” Read the alt-right and feminism article from a few days ago and browse the comments. A lot of nasty stuff.

      1. Of course both sides are going to say really mean stuff. They’re currently in a non productive feud with each other. The sooner that people stop talking about it and letting it go, the sooner everything will get back to normal.

        1. Gotta agree with you on that one..as long as they dont let things go there is no possible way for things to return to normal.

        2. Except on articles pertaining to that unpleasant fringe, things here are pretty peaceful. I have as thick of skin as the next guy, but this is a site for male betterment and self-improvement, not that white supremacist shit.

  31. New to the site but I gotta say..its amazing.As a military doctor currently serving in Japan I used to buy into the social narrative..that was until I stumbled upon Return of Kings and Roosh a few weeks ago.I had always been semi-red pill but the raticles and truths revealed on this site turned me red pill completely.A toast to Roosh and all of you guys.

  32. “Why do people hate me? Why don’t people get me? I just wanna be loved or at the very least, understood….”
    Anyways great articles on modern women. Nothing much other than that.

  33. So when are the meetups going to happen? The SJW’s have moved on to promoting animal necrophilia as a human right or whatever…

  34. Because if you don’t have haters, you’re doing it wrong!
    ROK ain’t for everyone but it’s a good balance of humor, honesty, and agression.
    It’s the only site that dares to actually be funny nowadays.

  35. I wish I had ROK at my finger tips when I was a young man. Alas.
    I stumbled on Roosh and ROK when a poster at another blog I occassionally frequent mentioned this place about 18 months ago. I am a veteran, expat, conservative American married to beautiful Russian woman living abroad with our kids. I don’t read all the topics, but I do enjoy the input from other men who have something relevant to post.

  36. Roosh is GOATT. Browns never go down.
    Unless your Indian and you have to take poop in the Ganges.

  37. Number 1: we love women much that we have taken it upon ourselves to shame them when their sisterhood fails to do so!
    Women have to revert back to the gentle, fairer sex! To do so we must impose our will and the current realities not voiced by the left!

  38. People hate ROK for pretty much the same reasons people hate Donald Trump.
    1) He doesn’t follow the narrative. He sets the narrative and makes you get on board.
    2) He’s not politically correct. He calls it as he see it.
    3) He does not apologise.
    4) He doesn’t allow someone to get the better of him.
    5) He never takes an attack lying down. If he is attacked he will attack back harder and stronger.
    6) His wife is much younger and smoking hot.
    How ROK haters feel about us.

  39. All of this is 100% true, well said and worthy of good men. That said..I still want to corrupt young virgins. It’s not a priority, but, ya know, GIVE ME YOUR YOUNG VIRGINS!!!!!!!!!

  40. I don’t hate ROK. At it’s best, it’s funny and informative. It states the simple truths in a way that the Social Justice Brigades hate.
    The problem I have/had with the site is when the administration of the site decided to allow neo-nazis, racists, and real misogynists start overrunning the comments section. I realize that not every comment either could be or even should be monitored, however those groups should have been shown the door, ruthlessly.

  41. I love ROK. It’s insightful, funny and it spreads a positive message that all Men -all society period- should embrace. I don’t necessarily agree with every article posted on here but that’s fine, the site isn’t designed to be an echo chamber, it’s designed to represent the orthodox masculine perspective and allows us to approve or dissect whatever individual perspective is presented to us for intellectual consumption.
    The only people who don’t understand it are people who will never understand it: females, or Rino manginas on the right.
    The only people who hate it are people who want a reason to hate it: liberals, progressives, feminists, homosexuals, manginas, and other far left and pseudo right imbeciles.

    1. I don’t know if I would say that females will never understand RoK. It is the case for many, but when a woman is raised in a traditional household to know where she stands or is trying to change herself to fit her nature, I think she can appreciate RoK. Myself and my mother enjoy reading these articles and it actually helps us understand our male family members and friends better, and in turn, it makes us better women to ourselves and them. You have got it spot on about saying this site isn’t designed to be an echo chamber, that’s one of the things that I think makes it opposite to how news websites run. I just wish that there were more like minds where I am from.

      1. Then you and yours would be the exception. Notice i said “females” and not Women. I consider the latter to be the evolved type of female that can appreciate what orthodox masculinity tends to represent.
        I consider default females to be the homosapien equivalent of a flatworm. Parasites who live off the intestines of society draining resources while offering nothing more in return but banality and idiocy.
        Kudos to you for possessing qualities which define you as more than just the sum of your parts.

        1. Thanks for the reply, I think you got the definition of female pretty damn spot on! My mom got a real kick out of reading it (she goes on this account also) and then proceeded to go on a rant to myself and my sister about how a girl can become a woman when she can have the mind of a educated man with the instincts of a mother.

        2. Society has trained more and more females with the indoctrinating pablum that, in order for a female to be considered “successful” she has to do all the things a Man normally would and ignore all the instincts a female would normally have.
          This is why we live in a matriarchy, where males are raised to behave like females and females are more and more raised to behave like males.
          It simply doesn’t work. You can’t rewrite thousands of years of biological instinct with politically correct insipid fare. The effort itself only leads to chaos and enmity between the sexes, such as what we have now.
          What ends up happening is Women who managed to resist this gender specific group-think (feminism) look around and wonder what the hell happened to real Men, and Men who resisted or broke free from this indoctrination look around and wonder if there are any real Women left.
          We have domineering females AND emasculated males to thank for all this.
          Women like you and your Mother are few and far between nowadays.
          You have my thanks for whatever beneficial chain of events (God as i prefer) led to you both understanding the fundamentals of life.

  42. I see there’s a bunch of people like me – i am in the married with children camp. I think RoK is an internet version of an old time men’s club that want to talk man shit. I think the same theme seems to go through most of these: candid, funny and sometimes serious conversations with other men.

  43. I am married with two kids and one ex wife who is nuts. I read this as a sanity check and to see how to fare better in life as a man. I am an engineer, own my own house and we have two cars.

  44. You can get a lot from the articles themselves, but the comment section on RoK is always entertaining as well

  45. That’s it the tin foil hat is going back on!!! I was going to make a YouTube video addressing this very thing! I was even going to cover the exact same points!!! Well done in this article my friend!

  46. Anything which consist of Truth, Logic, and Common Sense are treated with so much taboo in this day in age. ROK is the star gate to the betterment of Man and not just men since your articles forces us to examines ourselves and how to approach a situation as a masculine man. As a result of ROK my perception has change on the views of game, women, and bodybuilding. Although the meet-ups were canceled, due those who refuse to evolve, lets look at this as “the glass that is half full” concept since ROK must be inflicting heavy damage to cause such “outrage” by those primates who decided to rally using picket signs. Who knows maybe this “Failure” might just be what we need to expand into other forms of media after all Nicola Tesla, George Washington, King Fredric the Great, Cao Cao, and Gaius Julius Caesar all had failures but still soared like eagles. I hope the leaders of ROK will take this set back, figure out what went wrong, how to correct it, form a different strategy, and come back even stronger. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BOYS !!!
    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. Theodore Roosevelt

  47. I have been married for 25 years and I started reading ROK and the Chateau Heartiste over a year ago. My wife noticed an attitude change in me almost right after i started to come this site. I was never a push over and she did not have me cucked but I was a middle age Xer with an sedentary tech job a growing middle waste and having a young son I found I no energy to want to do much, I was turning into a grumpy old man.
    I started to read this site and my attitude changed I started working out I started to take care of myself cut out a lot of junk food cut way down on the drinking, beer/vodka and such.
    I also rediscovered my inner jerk, at first my wife got mad and her comments to me were ” I do not what you are doing but you better stop it” or she would threaten to withhold sex from me. I never gave in I kept up the jerk game since I work in a office environment surrounded by women I would throw in some dread game.
    It worked great I slimmed down toned up a bit and my wife started to buy more and more lingerie, almost something new every week and get great pleasure from that.
    I am now passing on the advice I have learned on this site and others to my son and I hope he has it a lot easier with girls than I did when I was much younger.

  48. The hate serves your site well, though, and you know it. The hate brought me here anyway, and I’m probably not the only one. That was a few weeks ago, I saw a bunch of twitter posts warning about pro-rape meetings organized by evil scumbags. It was not clear to me in these posts what it was about, because they gave precise date and locations, but I couldn’t understand if the purpose was to disrupt the meetings or to avoid being raped as a passer-by. “Stay safe!”, they proclaimed.
    Of course my curiosity was piqued, as I just couldn’t believe a group could publicly claim to be pro-rape and form gatherings to defend their opinion. So I searched for incriminated article (which, as you can guess, the feminist twitterettes didn’t link to), and what I discovered was obviously meant to be a thought-provoking piece delivered with a deadpan sense of humour. In other words, some good old-fashioned internet trolling. Plus it wasn’t even pro-rape : imagine my deception.
    Anyway, I come here regularly since, as I always prefer bad sentiments profered in good-faith than good sentiments profered in bad-faith. Some of the articles are quite refreshing in that regard, some are childish, some reek like a male locker room, some I just don’t care about. I don’t support the Man vs Woman mentality, which is why I always hated feminism, but at least here it’s entertaining.

    1. I found RoK in the media craze too. I was forwarded a “Stay Safe!” message because I am a woman and live very close to one of the meeting areas. The bad media actually helped me into finding some good articles. I hope that the bad media helped RoK find more members, really. I enjoy many of the articles here and enjoy reading opinions in the comments also. There’s some good stuff here, some funny stuff, and sometimes some childish stuff. But these men are angry with good reason, I really don’t blame them with the shitty constant reminder that media keeps giving them that “men are trash!” and “every girl is beautiful!” kind of crap. I think the media probably brought some help to RoK in their attempt to de-bunk it ironically enough.

  49. If people must tell lies to create fear and loathing, just how much power does the message behind Return-of-Kings have? Modern feminists are hate-mongers who rely on dishonesty and deceit to sell their fantasies of victim-hood.
    Those who “hate” the truth, profit from the industry of the lies. Shine the light, and let the she-devils scatter back to the confines of their own darkness. Nothing warms my buns like the smoldering hate of modern false egalitarians.

    1. Don’t you have a meeting to go to?
      oops, forgot.
      You ran from the angry little feminists.
      I thought this place was supposed to be full of alpha-males and he-men.
      Not scared little boys who can’t handle a couple of little feminists.

        1. I would, but seeings how this is a VERY anti-gay website, it would be a bit hard.
          On the other hand, there are a lot of lads here who don’t like women, so I’m probably a sure thing.

        2. Leave it to those alt-right idiots to think a white male homosexual relationship is better than a mixed-race heterosexual pair.

        3. There’s quite a lot of evidence that homosexuality is caused by a dysfunctional childhood and bad or absent relationship with the child’s father.

        4. But there are SO many fellows here that are obviously at odds with their homosexuality.
          I am sure to pick up one!

        5. Wouldn’t it be easier to go to your local bar or public bathroom or whatever hook up spot you people use? But you’re trolling.
          I don’t think many men here would really wish to become homosexual. They’re just frustrated because men and women have lost the social skills to interact with each other in the manner that is required for traditional courtship. As a result both sexes suffer. It’s not pretty and it’s going to take a long time, certainly not in our lifetimes to fix.

        6. I admit that there’s a lot of hurt and angry men here, certainly a few that are more than resentful of women. Just as the converse exists. I myself was one of them until recently.
          Feminism is no good for anyone. Man or woman. It’s not about equality but rather the subversion of natural roles.

        7. Why the homophobia, Snapper? You seem to think that putting people down is winning. How far did it get your little loser version? On the other hand, you have your alter-ego IgnoreMe3. Maybe you should stop being such a loser… but then again, you can’t help it.

        8. Homophobia from Oh Snap? …and the loser is trolling this website? Yes. Oh word!
          You’ve always been wrong, but you can’t handle it. Didn’t you get your little troll version, Sodomy Saver, banned??? LOL!

        9. You seem to always deflect to homosexuality. Why are you so hung up on that? I wonder if you are comfortable with your life choices?

        10. Soooo many of Oh, Snap’s comments are about homosexuality. You really seem fixated. Maybe you should come out of the closet.

        11. You had to get someone banned??
          Was it a little girl feminist??
          Can’t handle yourself against those little girl feminists, eh?????

        12. Too bad no one is what you want them to be. If you are so unhappy about being gay, then maybe you should get some help. Your butt-hurt is showing.

        13. You’ll probably be next, loser. Then you’ll have to use a new sock puppet to troll here. LoL.

        14. Need to get me banned as well, because you can’t handle yourself?
          Who is the real loser here?

        15. I love being gay.
          That is why I am on this website.
          It is obvious that you are gay as well.
          We should hook up!
          (I hope there are no nasty feminists there to scare you away!!)

        16. You’re the one coming here using yet another sock puppet to pull the old “sore loser stalker” routine, “Oh Snap”. You lost the argument and now you are reduced to this. What a little child you are.

        17. You didn’t actually address how you are a sore loser that can’t accept that you lost an argument, and, have now resorted to stalking. You’ll be banned soon enough. I’m not doing the banning either, loser.

        18. What argument?
          1. That ROK got scared of feminists?
          2. That ROK is homophobic?
          Take your choice, lets’ have a debate.

        19. Still not addressing how you are sore loser reduced to stalking now? This is the argument: “You are a sore loser troll”. Are you too scared to admit that?

        20. Never forget who the real sore losers are: “Oh, Snap”, “IgnoreMe3”, “Sodomy Saver”…

        21. Stalking?
          If you can’t defend your position that
          1. ROK is scared of the feminists
          2. ROK is blatantly homophobic
          then just say so.
          Everything else is just a smoke screen trying to divert attention.

        22. No one cares whether or not you like being gay. Your and idiot and no one wants to “hook up” with you. You are scared of your own failure, so you try to harass people by stalking them.

        23. No argument. Every knows you lost the other arguments and you are now just reduced to stalking.

        24. I wonder who the biggest idiot is?
          The one who can’t spell?
          (And because you are SOOOOOO predictable, you will claim victory because YOU can’t spell and I pointed it out)
          Am I harassing you am I? Am I making you feel bad, precious snowflake?

        25. Would stalking consist of following people around the internet saying things like “You have no where to hide”????
          Thy name is hypocrisy.

        26. You are stalking and you know it. That’s OK…. keep it up. It will be dealt with just like your other sock puppets were.

        27. Sorry, snowflake. If you can’t handle the Internet, it ain’t anyone else’s problem.

        28. I’m not the one who complains about ‘stalkers 🙂
          (Thanks for using my own term against me, it says a lot about you)

        29. That’s been debunked ages ago. It’s a biological thing, probably a mix of genetics and hormone exposure in utero. Basically it’s a birth defect.

        30. You are stalking, and it’s not me that you need to try to prove otherwise, loser.

        31. I said you were a stalker. Never said I was complaining. But, hey, keep it up. It’s not me you have to prove otherwise too. You’re a loser and that says all that needs to be said about you.

        32. No. Stalking consists of what losers like you do. You hide your history, but try to stalk others into hiding theirs so you can “claim” hypocrisy. So far, that hasn’t worked so you employ more sock-puppets to try harassing even more. You’re childish and petty. There is no hypocrisy so you’re getting more frustrated. Soon you will have these sock puppets banned and you’ll have to create more. LOL.

        33. Parroting?
          Says the fucktard that has one line – You are a puppet troll.
          Is the internet too tough for you?

        34. Can’t handle me, just like you can’t handle feminists.
          Look out! Here comes a little girl with dyed hair!!

        35. You can’t handle being wrong, so all you have left is to stalk people with sock puppet. Poor little troll….. LOL.

        36. You’ve done nothing but whine like like the little loser you are. What’s the matter, can’t post as Sodomy-Slave anymore? Wahhhhhh….

        37. You’re the homophobic self-loather, bitch. Oh wait, you can’t post as Sodomy-Sucker anymore. LOL.

        38. Awww…. widdle parrot doesn’t have anything original to say. Too bad, troll. You LOSE….. again!

        39. Let me see.
          Parrot? Tick.
          Troll? Tick
          Puppet? Tick
          You are so predictable.
          It is if you are TRYING to deflect attention away from the issues I bought up!

        40. Stalker ? Tick.
          Troll? Tick
          Puppet? Tick
          You are so predictable.
          It is if you are TRYING to deflect attention away from the issues I bought up!

        41. Still bitching, whiner?
          Look out, a feminist can’t stand losing an argument and stalks people. Dumb!

        42. Modern scientists can say whatever they want and claim it as dogmatic, empirical evidence. That doesn’t make it true.

        43. …you’re a troll who is butt hurt from losing every argument, so you resort to stalking.

        44. Too bad I’m not upset. You’re projecting your emotions onto others. You’re the one coming here to stalk others, loser.

        45. Yes, why are you still deflecting from how you’ve been so severely owned that you have to stalk people now? Troll.

        46. You’re the one stalking people, so it is you that is upset. Why are you so upset?

        47. You’re a troll that has been reduced to stalking those that defeated you. Why are you so childish?

        48. You are still projecting your own anger. You’re the one coming here to stalk those that defeated you. Why are you so childish and petty?

        49. Too bad you don’t have a dick. You’re a big dick but you have nothing between your legs, loser.

        50. Still projecting how you are upset I see. You’re rather pathetic.

        51. Scared of everyone here, loser? Yep. You have no argument. In fact, I see you lost your latest attempt. What a total loser you are.

        52. Your name calling is continuing.
          It seems that you are still upset.
          I LOVE how upset you get, and how easy it is to get a rise out of you.
          It is like you have no control whatsoever.

        53. Standard straw man argument of trolls. You bring up dicks and when someone gets the better of you on the insult, you try to say they are focusing on private parts. You are deflecting as usual. You’re extremely dishonest….. why is that?

        54. You, as Sodomy-Savor, I-bore-You-3, and as “oh, crap” do little else but insult and name-call those you lose debates too. That you’ve been following me around for weeks shows that you’re the one who is —upset—.
          I don’t care whether you get upset or not, but is sure is easy to get a rise out of you. I don’t have to do anything but exist. You’re a hater and it shows.

        55. That would be YES, “Oh, snatch” is a butt-hurt idiot that is sore about losing an argument as “Sodomy Savor”. You trolled so much as “Sodomy Savor” that you got banned. Now you are using another sock puppet… which will probably get banned too.
          Scared? Of little cowards like you? Well, you don’t seemed to have stopped me from posting, wimp.

        56. You lost every debate. You now stalk me like the usual childish sore loser. You’re a coward and it shows.

        57. You lost to the other guys and you don’t have a point to debate. You are not even worth of a debate since you’re such a immature idiot. What makes you think people would give you any respect? Trolls like you are so full of themselves.

      1. Shouldn’t you be using your feeble little alter-ego “Sodomy Saver”? Oops… I forgot, your little troll account gets banned all over the place.
        You run into logic and you resort to personal attacks. I thought you were some righteous SJW and full of “superior” intellect. Apparently you’re scared of being wrong so you think trolling is the way to go. You’re pathetic, coward.

        1. You’re a troll. Try to stay focused on the fact that you and your sock puppets lost all your arguments before. Look out! Here comes Oh Snap, yet another butt-hurt feminist!

        2. Yes.
          I am.
          Does not take away from the fact that you couldn’t stand up to the little feminists!!

        3. It doesn’t create or support the false “facts” you make up. Anyone can stand up to a little feminist. Too bad little feminists have to hide behind false accusations. They are cowards, just like you!

        4. What false facts have I made up?
          “Anyone can stand up to a little feminist.”
          Apparently not ROK!!!!

        5. All your “facts” are false, you’re a sore loser stalker…… soon to be banned like the rest of your sock puppets. LOL.

        6. Fact: You’re a sore loser stalker. (I don’t do the banning, loser). You’re a coward.

        7. That’s what I thought.
          You have nothing.
          All talk, no walk.
          Like the meetings you were too scared to run.

        8. That’s all you do, bitch. You don’t have an argument, so it’s all little girl insults. Go and whine to your little sock puppets that can’t post here anymore. Wahhhhhh.

        9. I have an argument. 2 in fact.
          1. ROK is scared of the feminists
          2. ROK is blatantly homophobic
          But you keep avoiding the question!!!

        10. You have no argument. You’re reduced to insults and stalking. Troll. You’re scared of your own idiocy.

        11. Still deflecting?
          I wonder if that is because you have no argument?
          I love how easy it is to upset you.

        12. You’re a coward and you have no argument. You’re a troll and you now resort to stalking. What a loser. LOL.

        13. Not deflecting. Stop projecting what you do. Not upset. You only wish you had that effect on others. You’re a troll and no one cares what you think.

        14. You have no argument. You’re too scared to even face the fact that you were beaten in an argument. Why are you shouting? U mad?

        15. Settle down, tinkerbell. You seem tense and irritable. Go get a nice gerbil and have some fun tonight.

        16. I’m not the one spending all my time on an all male women hating site, champ.
          You were probably in the navy?
          Doesn’t count when you are in the navy, does it?

        17. There’s no “woman-hating” going on here. People don’t like you specifically because you’re an ass wipe. Don’t be trying to hide behind women. Your homophobia is typical of those who are not comfortable with being a half the man everyone else is.

        18. I’m ready for a debate, but you are too chickenshit to debate the issues I bring up.

        19. I LOVE how you think the world’s greatest gift to men – a woman’s cunt – can be considered an insult.
          It really means that I bring you endless joy.

        20. You got so upset you replied to me 8 times in 3 minutes.
          I’ve won this.
          And now I shall ignore you, except of course, to keep following you.
          Always watching…..

        21. There’s no woman-hating on R-o-K no matter how many times you say there is. Yes, YOUR homophobia since you use homosexuality as an insult. People don’t like YOU because you’re a childish asshole. Stop trying to hide behind homosexuality.

        22. You’ve lost every debate you thought you could win. When you lose, you just get all crybaby and chase people around saying “I didn’t lose, I didn’t lose!”. You’re too chickenshit to even admit that you lost.
          Issues? You already lost the argument on why people avoid physically hostile feminists in the West. You can’t produce any real evidence of homophobia on the part of R-o-K. So… yeah… you’ve lost these arguments.

        23. I always get a laugh out of how trolls like you think that —any— pussy is great pussy. That’s the typical false logic of feminists. They think that if one woman is hot, then –ALL– women (including butt-ugly feminists) are suddenly hot too.
          A great pussy is a gift. A hole on a whiny unattractive feminist is just a hole. The former can bring joy. The latter is just a dry gulch where D-cells get drained.
          Sorry, but hot women are hot women, you do not acquire their hotness for simply being a woman.
          ….yep. You lost yet another debate. LOL. What a loser you are.

        24. Sorry, you can lie to yourself but you can’t fool anyone else. You’ve lost every attempt to debate people here. You’re just an angry kid who can’t get over being inferior.

        25. Lol. Typical false argument based on ignorance. Never mind how I am answering 8 of your many posts. You lost every argument you thought you could win. You’ve been reduced to being a stalker (and already lost posting privileges as “Sodomy Savor”). You can watch all you want. But eventually, you’ll even lose that ability. Idiots like you think the world OWES you everything. The truth is that even having a Disqus account is granted to you by others. It is NOT your right.

        26. I don’t like the way you stalk and harass people as you are doing with geezus.
          Your words above.. .””And now I shall ignore you, except of course, to keep following you. Always watching….””
          That is creepy and exactly the type of behavior you are accusing the guys on ROK of . I am asking you nicely and your friend Soul Saver (looks like same old gang with new sockpuppets) to please stop following me.
          I have 200 followers and i only have about 5 who have private profiles. I know these 5 and they have a good reason , partly because online cry bullies like yourself harass them . You and soul saver have private accounts so you can stalk and harass. That is why i don’t want either of you following me.
          Stalking and harassing people as you admitted by using the words you posted to Geezus above are against TOS and will be reported to Disqus. I realize that you will be just make new sock puppets but at least we will have slowed some trolls down. Not sure what you bottom feeders get out of being sock puppets and flinging poo, but seriously get a life but at any rate, please don’t follow me again.
          BTW You realize there are ways of finding out who you are , yes? It’s really not that difficult .. Do you think you’re crafty merely because you can create a private profile and throw stupid insult bombs and then flee ? That’s kid’s stuff…. Better make sure you want to continue. Just sayin’ if you were all that clever you wouldn’t have to hide behind a private profile. See ya……….

        27. “BTW You realize there are ways of finding out who you are , yes?”
          Are you threatening to post my personal information online?

        28. Well, as this is the culmination of Geezus following people around the web with comments like ‘no where to hide’, I find it appropriate that he gets a taste of his own medicine.
          The more you know.

        29. Stop making things up, loser. I showed you that you couldn’t hide by making your profile private. We all know where you hang out and who your sock puppets are now.
          As far as following people around, you are basically a stalker that can’t get over being beaten in debate. Following people after they have removed you repeatedly is a violation of Disqus Terms of service. Your days as “Oh, Snap” are numbered.

        30. Get lost, troll. You got your ass handed to you in debate yesterday. Geezus PWNED you the first time you went up against him as “Soul Sucker”. You got your ass banned as “Soul Sucker” so you are now trying to stalk Geezus and others as “Oh Snip”. You’re just a sore loser. Get over yourself.

        31. You JUST said that it is easy to find someone on the web – just as you found me here.
          Your logic is inconsistent.

        32. That’s 100 replies.
          I thank you for playing. Soul Saver now owes me $50.
          My work here is done.
          It’s been a lot of fun.

        33. Nice try, but rationalizing is rationalizing. You have no control whether or not I or anyone else decides to post here. You’re a troll, a sore loser and a stalker. You haven’t had “fun” as Sodomy Savor, Ignorant3 or yourself here.

        34. LOLOLOL
          It has been a while since I read something that made me laugh out loud.
          Thanks for that, it was great.
          I will take my leave now, ignore your inane comments, and live as a very happy person knowing that I got my $$$ from Soul Saver for the 100 posts.
          I hope you get over your butthurt – and I do feel a bit bad about how upset I made you – and that you can let it go.
          (I’ll even help! I’m a loser, stalker, troll, parrot, sock-puppet, etc)
          So bye bye dearie, I hope you are mature enough to move on.

        35. Apparently, you are not mature enough to move on, Soul Sailor. You’re a troll no matter what sock puppet you use.

        36. No. As a troll your purpose, or more accurately, intent, is to harm or otherwise get a negative response from your target. You don’t see that so you continue to harass.
          “Making me reply” is just a rationalization of your inability to either have your target stop posting, or be bothered by your harassment.
          You basically -LOST- when “Soul Vapor” got banned. You’ve now resorted to using another sock puppet, and continue to lose.

        37. Am I getting a negative response?
          Fuck yeah!
          You are so butthurt you can’t even stop replying.
          I said I would leave you alone, but you can not help yourself.

        38. You’re the one that is having trouble letting go of being beaten on every thread you troll on. You trolls are PATHETIC.

      2. Oh, snap! Have you been taking field trips here to Rape Land too? It’s only fun for a little while, then it gets boring and depressing.

        1. Yeah, I was bored.
          I saw you and Hole Shaver fuck with this loser for a bit.
          Who are you fucking up now?

        2. Seems to me you had your ass handed to you by Geezus in the another thread, Ignore-anus. For some 31-year-old you sure act like you’re 13.

        3. The way you keep talking about homosexuality with your buddy, I’d say you were all about anal play.

        4. You are the one on the women-hating, man-loving website.
          We could hook up!
          But then I remembered that ROK is anti-gay! In 2016!!

        5. You and your cohorts support a website that advocates creating male only gyms, keep telling me I’m the gay one.

        6. So? What’s wrong with a gym that doesn’t cater to women? Most guys see gyms as a place to get a good workout. You seem to see it as a place of sexual encounter. Yeah, you’re rather gay.
          You’ve been busted for using multiple accounts, Ignore-idiot. You can’t use your troll account anymore so you resort to using this one, Oh-snap and probably a couple more.
          For a someone older than 30, you’re acting like quite the little kid. You’re an ass. That’s why people don’t like *YOU*. Stop trying to hide behind gay people.

        7. You already got busted for lying, Ignoreme3. Using another account doesn’t make you any less of a fraud.

        8. You don’t ignore your own sock puppets, so, no you clearly don’t ignore idiots. Myself? You avoid it when you get your attempt at calling others gay refuted, so apparently you ignore those that got the better of you. Try again, asshole.

        9. I notice you won’t take me up on my offer to meet me.
          And I am not even a little dyed haired feminist girl!!!
          You know, the ones you are too afraid to tackle??

        10. S 190.26 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
          If you are giving a precinct address, you are required to provide identification.
          You’re fraud, a liar and a coward.

        11. Why do you need a precinct? Why not meet where there are no witnesses, tough guy? You’re a coward.

        12. You’re the coward, *tough* guy. Why do you need to meet at a precinct. Oh yeah, you’re only *tough* on the Internet. What a wuss. All talk, no action. Come on, what’s your real contact numbers? Coward.

        13. Post *your* address, champ.
          You’re the one talking *tough*. You post your address for all here. Come on. What? You afraid?

        14. You talk big Online. Post your contact information… it is just a few digits and letters… what? Afraid of a few digits and letters?

        15. You’re the one that was talking big. What’s the matter, you afraid of all these *cowards* here going over to your place? I didn’t go around calling the guys here *cowards*. You did.
          Post your address for all …or… you are a C-O-W-A-R-D.

        16. You talk big Online. Post your contact information… it is just a few digits and letters… what? Afraid of a few digits and letters?
          See what I did there?
          I threw your own words right back into your face.

        17. See where you *FAIL*?? because everyone does. The *DIFFERENCE* is that I didn’t go around calling every guy here a *coward*. *YOU* did. Those where *YOUR* words.
          So… back up your boast. Post your address for all to see, or prove yet again, that you are a hypocrite and a COWARD.

        18. Does me being a coward make you less of a coward?
          Me posting my address will make YOU less of a coward?
          Is that how it works?
          Get a grip. You are losing this fight so badly.

        19. LOL. See where you can’t use that excuse?? You got beat. You were the one calling people cowards, so you need to ante up, not Trollivia.

        20. My actions will not prove if the big tough alpha-males here were scared of some little girly feminists.
          Why is that so difficult for all you butthurts to understand?

        21. Yep. The big Internet warrior lost. Watch the how big tough guy will go into deflections now.

        22. Sorry, kid. You lost. End of story. You’re just being sour grapes now. You do that every time you get owned. What? You going to follow me around like a hurt little girl now too?

        23. The only way I can lose this argument is for you to go to a meeting, and stick up for yourself against those little angry feminists.
          But we both know that you are not brave enough to do that.

        24. Nope. *You* don’t set the rules of victory. You lost because you were calling people *cowards* for not getting into a lose-lose situation (yeah, guys “lose” when they use physical force on women). You’re a coward because you hide behind this. If you’re so *tough*, then you’d be posting your address for all.
          You got called out on that. You lose. End of story.

        25. The whole debate was whether ROK is man enough to stand up to the little feminists.
          They are not.
          Whether I post my address is not part of the discussion.
          Why do you even want my address? Want to watch me take a bath?
          You lose, I win.

        26. Already explained that here:
          ” (yeah, guys “lose” when they use physical force on women)”
          Already explained why you *LOST*. Pretend all you want. You still lost and everyone else can see that.

        27. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
          That because you are too cowardly to take on feminists, you win?
          Physical force on women is only OK when Roosh is raping women?

        28. Rightly said. That troll is one of those big-ego, small-minded idiots that can’t admit being beaten. Talk about childish.
          Good legit win, by the way.

        29. If that guy beat your argument any harder, someone would have to call 9-1-1.
          You got beaten. Be at least man enough to admit it.

        30. LOL!! I know. Standard troll move though. Snapchump gets beaten and just resorts to deflecting. I only had to defeat the argument. The rest? Well, you can’t stop fools from making fools of themselves.

        31. Yeah. This troll is just a sockpuppet of “Soul Saver” who had his ass handed to him by Geezus. Soul Saver threw such a big fit that he got banned. Now, this troll resorts to using “Oh, Snap” and “IgnoreMe3” to stalk and troll Geezus.
          These trolls are so predictably childish it is hilarious.

        32. “Oh Snap” will just be a childish little troll and make some penis remark. He’s a real idiot and probably the same poster as IgnoreMe3 and Sodomy-Savor.
          He loses and tries to make himself feel good by throwing out a bunch of juvenile insults. Truly a coward and a lowlife.

      3. You do realize people were threatening to knife people attending the meetings, and beat them with baseball bats, etc., right? A “man” doesn’t throw himself into a pack of people armed with weapons-that’s what an idiot does.

        1. Feminists? The little girls with the dyed hair and tatts?
          You can’t handle yourself from a few angry girls?

        2. How many of these “big tough” dyed hair tatters are brave enough to go one-on-one without witnesses? You’re just as cowardly, Snap-hole. You talk big Online. Post your contact information… it is just a few digits and letters… what? Afraid of a few digits and letters? You’re a “big brave” troll. You got Pwned by some guy here and you come here to stalk him. I’m not talking big, you are. Come on. Post it, or prove that you’re a coward.

        3. You had your chance to show how tough you were, instead you ran away from the feminists – yes those big mean feminists – which just shows who the real coward is.

        4. You answer at the same time as -ignoreme3-. Seems to me you are the same poster using a couple of Disqus memberships. Too bad. You talk big, but don’t post your info? Coward and hypocrite. That’s all you are.

        5. Is ignoreme3 here?
          I’ll go chat to him.
          He’s pretty awesome.
          Psst, I posted the info.
          250 W 135th St, New York, NY 10030
          When do you want to meet?

        6. Cops don’t give out badge numbers, dufus!
          Now, what time are you coming down?
          Or afraid of the little feminists will hurt you?

        7. S 190.26 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
          If you are giving a precinct address, you are required to provide identification.
          You’re fraud, a liar and a coward.

        8. …..S 190.26 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
          If you are giving a precinct address, you are required to provide identification.
          You’re fraud, a liar and a coward.

        9. That’s a no-post on your badge or name, huh? Didn’t think so, liar. You’re a coward.
          S 190.26 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.

        10. Did I say that I was a cop?
          Learn to read.
          Then learn to fight, because I can see a little feminist coming this way!!!

        11. You gave that precinct as *your* address, liar. If you’re not part of the force, you got no business being there. You’re a coward and a fraud, and you got busted.. Awww.. little baby can’t go stand up without protection? Yeah, you’re a coward like the rest of the feminist big Internet tough guys.

        12. Yeah, that’s where I work.
          Guess what, honey, not everyone here is a cop!
          Do you even logic?
          So, what time are you coming down?
          Or should I go to you?
          Your address would be nice. I’ll turn up alone. Let’s do this.

        13. What a liar. You don’t *work* there. You’re a coward and you got busted. What’s the matter? Can’t meet where there are no witnesses?

        14. You’re the one talking *tough*. You post your address for all here. Come on. What? You afraid?

        15. You talk big Online. Post your contact information… it is just a few digits and letters… what? Afraid of a few digits and letters??

        16. …….You’re the one that was talking big. What’s the matter, you afraid of all these *cowards* here going over to your place? I didn’t go around calling the guys here *cowards*. You did.
          Post your address for all …or… you are a C-O-W-A-R-D.

        17. ,,,[Trollivia] didn’t go around calling the guys here *cowards*. You did.
          Yep. Busted.

        18. You talk big Online. Post your contact information… it is just a few digits and letters… what? Afraid of a few digits and letters?

        19. You’re the calling people cowards. YOU post your address if you think your so much better.

        20. Rofl. Yes. That was a checkmate for sure. Look at the idiot trying to deflect from it now.

        21. You are the one who can’t spell.
          It makes you look like a real idiot.
          To go along with your idiot argument.

        22. That was *my* post, and I’m not going to change that minor detail. You’re just clutching at straws now and Trencher noticed it.

        23. But seriously, learn to spell.
          You have so little in your life, at least try to improve yourself in this regard.

        24. But seriously, don’t keep pretending that typographical errors are a reflection of spelling acumen. It’s a child’s attempt and a deflection. Your immaturity is showing.

        25. It just goes to show how petty you are. You lost the argument, and you resort to picking at minute details.

        26. Argument?
          Is the argument “If I don’t post my details online, it will make ROK less of a bunch of cowards”?
          Is that the argument? Is that what you are trying to say?
          Because that makes zero sense.

        27. The coward got called out, couldn’t meet the challenge and is now trying to insult her way out. What a Looooooser.

        28. The idea of the meet ups was NOT to start fist fights in multiple cities around the world with groups of feminists.
          Why in the world would Roosh want to start brawls all over the planet? Until a few weeks prior to the event, there was no indication that any of the feminists had ever noticed the article or cared about it, and it had been posted for almost a year.

        29. Just seems that all the big tough people s here are expressing ways to engage with people in physical violence – hello john doe – but when push comes to shove, they chickened out.
          The funniest part is that Roosh said he would NEVER cancel the meetings.

        30. Good point, Evan.
          The problem is that these “little feminists” hide behind society’s protection (in that men are always wrong when it comes to physical altercations between a man and a woman) in order to act all *tough*.
          –Oh, Snap– is just a butt-hurt troll that has already had that explained to her (or quasi-him). She’s just pretending it hasn’t so she can keep taunting.
          There are no greater COWARDs than people like –Oh, Snap– that DENY the truth via Argumentum ad Nauseam.

        31. Tell me, if the meetups had gone forward, and there were battles all over the place, would that have been ok with you? What about if you were caught up in one battle?
          If someone got maimed or even killed because the meetings went forward would that have been good for you?
          Or are you just trolling and pushing an indefensible position in advocating violence for the sake of violence?

        32. No, you are an agitator and a troll.
          You are being disingenuous.
          You know full well that any act of violence would be blamed on ROK, and win or lose the fist fights, ROK would lose in the long term and be blamed for everything.
          If the meetups had gone forward and there were battles all over the place, it would not have served ROK or its members interests at all, win or lose. It would have been used as evidence that ROK is a group of dangerous men and needs to be shutdown.
          If ROK members had ‘won’ the battles by getting sucked into battles with the protestors and won, it would have served the opponents of ROK since then they would go to the police and try to get everyone rounded up.
          I also find it interesting that you seem to have no problem pushing others into a fight that you youself do not want, but seem to have no problem pushing others into situations where they could be maimed or hurt.
          I think there will be special place in the next life for how people like you have conducted yourself in this life, and imagine that you are a cause of hurt and pain to all around you, that you betray everyone and everything near you for your our joy and amusement. It is people like you that are tearing down Western Civilization, engage in the politics of division and ruin everything you come into contact with.
          Maybe someday, before it is too late, you will wake up to what you have done, make amends to those you have ruined, and asks for forgiveness from those people.

        33. I’m tearing down Western Civilization now am I?
          Without leaving bed, as well.
          Good to know, crazie.

        34. Still trolling? You already had you ass handed to you in debate when you were “Solo Saver”. You lost as “Oh, Snap”. Then you tried to stalk people. You really are a sore loser.

        35. Right on. That “Oh, Snap” is closed-minded idiot that thinks repeating lies will somehow make it true.

        36. Debate?
          Was that the one where I said that you were not fucking your mama?
          No one on this pissweak site can even debate me, even Soul Saver got banned because he was fucking with you sissy-boys so much – you are no challenge.

        37. Dream on, troll. You got owned by everyone. You’re an idiot. Keep going. You’re making even a bigger dumb-fuck of yourself, wimp.

        38. LOL
          I like the way you think insulting someone is somehow winning a debate.
          But perhaps I am just in Denial (like your dad was last night!!! Oh, snap!)

        39. Yes, in your own little corner of the world, and everyone and everything that you come into contact with, you are doing your part to tear things down. You seem to be happy with any little petty misery that you can spread to anything you come into contact with. I noticed that you keep your Disqus conversations private, and I suspect because otherwise if people saw what else you post, they would realize what a toxic person you are. For some strange reason, you seem to take pride in your destructive behavior, as though it is a great accomplishment. I suspect that deep down you are truly an unhappy person and instead of doing something to improve yourself and the world around you, you look for ways to hurt everything and everyone around you. When you make other people miserable, it makes you feel better.
          As you can see and fully well know, in the internet age, one does not need to even get out of bed in order to spread false ideas and ideologies to demoralize people, destroy moral, incite violence, and thereby help run everything into the ground. You are an expert in these things.
          As a matter of fact, one can have a far greater influence and reach far more people, from their bed than they could by gathering a crowd in a stadium; plus with it on the internet it is ‘forever’ and can continue to spread, while in person it only lasts that instant in time.
          As far as what the general population think of ROK, I give you exhibit one, girl crying about Roosh V meetups:
          In short, people such as yourself have whipped the uninformed into such a state of panic about the meetups, that she felt the need to take to the internet and post a response video about the meetups, and openly broke down crying about the meetups. People like you have used ROK to terrorize people like her. In all fairness, she is also partly at fault for listening to anything that a person like you would put out there, but since she clearly never bothered to read the original article, she wants to believe the lies that people like you tell her.
          What is most amazing is that the meetups were done with no intent or threat to anyone and for weeks no one cared, yet this person is so terror stricken that she is having a breakdown because of what people like you have told her, and you are proud of what you have done. I wonder what lies you will tell next?
          You claim that ROK are just a bunch of wimps and afraid, but it is the opponents of the meetups that are the ones that are terrified. The article was up for months, and no one cared, it was only when ROK members were going to meet that people like you decided to lie about the meetups and started to terrorize your own supporters to get them mobilized against the meetups. you are a liar and disingenuous about what you have done.
          And as a side note, you are aware that Roosh and ROK were debated on the floor of the UK parliament in two sessions, one an early morning ‘Urgent Questions’ session and then later in the afternoon? There was even an implication in the discussion that the intelligence services should start compiling information on ROK and its members (whatever being a member of ROK means, is it anyone who reads the web site, a person that posts, or someone that had bought one of Roosh’s books? What is being a member mean.) People all over the world are terrified about ROK and its members, and it is because of people like you made them terrified.
          Link to article with video of the ‘Urgent Sessions’ questions of Feb 4 2016:
          YOU DID THIS!
          I think you are afraid that people are going to realize what a liar you are one of these days, and then you will be discredited. The most ironic thing about the while incident, it that IT WILL ALL BE YOUR OWN FAULT.
          No one here did this to you. YOU did this to you. I would recommend that you confess now to the people around you what you have done. Maybe some of them will still forgive you. Of course, they will never trust you with anything ever again.

        40. That’s what you do, moron. Your entire “argument” is the usual pre-teen insults of a hurt girl. You’ve resorted to name-calling every time …just how you call out “daddy!” when your sleeping with yours. Oh…. crap! ROTFL

        41. tl;dr
          It is great that you went to all that time and effort though, just a pity it is a waste.

        42. Being your own fan is a loser move. I’ll let others decide who insults better. The history of voting shows that it isn’t you.

        43. I read it, and it was well put. If someone spent the time to make you look the fool, it is time well spent. Pity. You couldn’t do anything close to that if you expended 100 times the effort.

        44. A five word phrase would be too long for a moron like you, kid. You got Pwned. Get over yourself.

        45. “Oh Snap” is just a sock puppet of “Solo Saver”. She got beaten by Geezus so she’s just pestering people now.

        46. Where did I say that? Straw man argument much?
          You’re rather crappy at debate.

        47. Pwned?
          Out of junior high yet?
          Let me ask you a simple question: do you just have this thread open on the off chance someone will make a comment?

        48. In the comment just above this one?
          I feel bad engaging with someone who is so obviously of a small intellect.
          I assumed your dick was small b/c you can’t get the ladies and you ended up here, but I didn’t realise how dim you were.
          I apologise.

        49. Nope. You got Pwned. Everyone can see that. You’re deflective arguments are typical of trolls. Obviously you have been lurking around this thread looking to troll anyone that posts on it.
          Why are you so butt-hurt? You lost the debate as soul-savor. Why is that so hard to handle?

        50. Just happened to have this thread open…
          After 24 days without making a comment…
          Not suspicious at all!!

        51. Awww…. back to the “small dick” insults. You got your argument beaten so savagely it’s a wonder it didn’t just vaporize.
          You should apologize to your parents for being such a disappointment as a human.

        52. Bull-shit. You’ve answered practically everyone that has posted in the past week. Then again, you’re a liar.

        53. Argument?
          No one here will properly engage in debate!
          Why is ROK so homophobic? Let’s start with that one?
          Or too scared?

        54. You seemed to have missed the point of my comment.
          I’m not saying I had it open, but that Channing had it open – when he is obviously you.

        55. …says the kid who knows nothing but “small dick” insults. You had your wimpy ass handed to you every time you’ve tried to “debate”. Your sock puppet, “Solo Savior” even tried to stalk a guy that beat you. You’re about as childish as it gets.

        56. You seemed to have missed the point of my comment.
          I’m not saying I had it open, but that you had it open – when Denial is obviously you.

        57. As if. You loiter around this thread hoping to ambush anyone that posts with your childish insults. Moron.

        58. LOL
          You are not very bright are you?
          You just happened to have this thread open?

        59. Missed what point? You’re just trying to distract from the fact that it is you that sticks around here to troll.
          Denial is me now? You’re really a strange one. Tell me, are you on medication?

        60. So, let me ask you.
          Did you just happen to be perusing this site when my comments came up?

        61. That’s a no on the debate?
          Yet you complain that I won’t debate.
          You are 5, aren’t you?

        62. You’re the five year old idiot. You get out-classed and off you go with the usual kiddie insults.

        63. Doesn’t mean anything. You stand around here like the proverbial troll. Too bad it doesn’t scare anyone away.

        64. What a lame-ass quip. Only an idiot like you thinks that is witty. Oh, Not!

        65. Then let’s have a debate!!!
          Is ROK homophobic?
          If I’m the 5 year old, you should be able to out class me very easily.
          The ONLY reason you would not accept my invitation is if you are scared.
          Shall we do this? Or are you too scared?

        66. What part of … disqus has a pop-up that points you to new posts … are you pretending you don’t understand???

        67. ——and that is “all” posts, and, not just the one’s in response to yourself.
          Are you really that cognitively challenged?

        68. ….Then let’s have a debate!!!….
          You have neither earned the respect of others, nor have you shown anything like an earnest thirst for the truth. All you do is insult and attack others when they don’t align with your delusions. Why would you think anyone is going to entertain your invitation?
          Is ROK homophobic?….
          This is not the topic at hand, and, is nothing more than an attempt to propagate a myth. It is a standard trolling tactic whereby *nothing* in opposition to the allegation will be to your satisfaction. You will then surreptitiously claim that the *default* stands as true. Of course, “guilty till proven innocent” on an unfounded claim is a fallacy. I doubt anyone is as simple-minded as yourself, so no one will take that bait.
          If I’m the 5 year old, you should be able to out class me very easily.
          I *have* been out-classing you, as has everyone that you have tried to troll here. It was quite easy to do to. Your opinion of your superiority is not shared by anyone here. Fools like you buy into the myth that Return-of-Kings is full of mouth-breathing marginal intellects, so you come here thinking you can brow beat them. However, your typical falsely founded arguments get hammered to dust, and you resort to the expected personal attacks and insults. Yes. You act like a 5-year-old, who, gets into a fight, can’t handle him or herself, and tries to foul out. “Ok, let’s debate”? You’ve been in a debate, but lost. That’s like some loser saying, “best 2-out-of-3”. You lost *every* debate the moment you resort to fallacies.
          The ONLY reason you would not accept my invitation is if you are scared.
          Speaking of fallacies… here you go with the “false dichotomy”.
          In reality, there are many reasons why people will not bother engaging in a “debate” with a troll. Foremost to that is that trolls like you aren’t interested in getting to the truth. Flame-baiters like you are interested in promoting your delusions, and, if anyone disagrees, you will attempt to *punish* them. That punishment is in whatever you feel will harm them (insults, filibuster, repetitive lies, name-calling, stalking, etc…). None of that really hurts others, but you project your fragile ego onto others.
          Shall we do this? Or are you too scared?
          No one is scared of debating you, troll. You’ve already been defeated in debate the moment you resort to fallacies like this “false dichotomy”. You have not earned the respect to be considered a debating opponent. All you’ve done is smugly claim that you are superior, and when challenged, resort to the usual name-calling and insulting. You’re not interested in debate, much less the truth. You’re just trolling.
          A complete and comprehensive commentary on why you do this was presented by another poster here (#comment-2554675672). Of course you attempted to dismiss it by merely saying it was too long for *you* to read. Too bad, kid. That doesn’t stop anyone else from reading it.
          So, don’t lie to yourself and say something like “So, too scared”. You were beaten, you don’t really want the truth, and, you are just trolling. No one is “scared” of you.

        69. Excellent post. That troll has been using sock-puppet after sock-puppet to post the same lies and insults. Typical feminist idiot.

        70. It doesn’t matter if *you* don’t read it. Fundamentalists like you always think that if you stick your head in the sand, everyone else does. FALSE.

        71. “Old Snap” is “Soul Slaver” and a really butt-hurt troll. Notice how he will challenge people, but when he gets more than he bargained for, it’s “tl;dr”?
          What a LOSER.

        72. It warms my heart to see what you new guys are doing on ROK. Might even give an orphan a present this year for Christmas.

        73. Lol. That “tl;dr” means a “no” on the debate.
          “Oh, Snap” is the typical feminist coward. Can dish it out, but can’t it in return. He’s probably run back to his safe-space.

        74. That is the sickest thing DGCJ has done yet.
          Why does he know so many pedophiles?
          Who separates pedophiles into “good” pedophiles and “bad” pedophiles?

        75. Looks like the gang is all here to smack Snap around!
          Good to see you Bro!

        76. ER is probably the worst of the trolls. Why her I.P. Address is not permanently on a DISQUS blacklist is beyond me. Her agenda is to harass and attack anyone she doesn’t agree with. She will use any and all things at her disposal. That includes, but is not restricted to, LYING, Over-reacting, and posting annoying GIFs over and over again.
          She is definitely mentally imbalanced and should be under some anti-psychotic regimen (not a joke, really).

        77. I never heard of the term “good” pedophiles. Only a Lib would be so moronic to use an adjective to discuss that loathsome act. (Of course that is only a conjecture. But based on their ways of “thinking” — if you can even call it that, I cannot think of any other way to describe it! 😉

        78. Checking this old post to see how your project is coming. Not everyone can comment in this thread.

        79. Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
          I got the feeling that something ain’t right,

  50. I want to know why my comment was deleted when I pointed out all the Irish fighters – to name but a few:
    Conor McGregor
    Tyson Fury
    Andy Lee
    Current and recent World Champions – born and raised in the West – as good as any fighters in the East – This is a good site! But the boys of the West are as tough as the men of the East/South any day of the week!

  51. I only became aware of this site when its owner was labelled a “pro-rapist” and a giant hoopla ensued with respect to the organized meet ups. As a result of the media attention I found and read the article in question. Satire it is not, despite the author’s assertions. That said, I couldn’t find anywhere where the author suggested he thought women should be raped, or that he wanted to rape women. If anything, it expresses a shortsighted, overly simplistic, and ignorant viewpoint. Meh. So what. The guy’s entitled to his opinion, even if ( gasp!) I find it offensive. I’m a woman btw.

    1. You’re just another sock puppet troll. No one needs your particular acknowledgement of his right to an opinion. You’re a loser btw.

    2. Roosh’s article was a response to the idiotic idea that in order for a woman not to be raped she should “Keep them at arm’s length”. That is fucking retarded.
      Roosh wrote that because he wants women to be responsible for their actions and learn how to defend themselves.

      1. A tricky situation. On the one hand, a crime is a crime irrespective of the victim’s stupidity or poor decision making. On the other hand, personal responsibility and common sense are your best defense from becoming said victim, so if that was his point, on that I agree. When I see a sign in the underground parking garage reminding me lock my car, I don’t see that as victim blaming should my car be broken into. In any event, no matter what the purpose of the article, he doesn’t require my or anyone else’s permission to express his views. Whether or not I agree with him, the reaction was irrational. That the public hysteria was able to virtually shut him down is really quite terrifying. I for one see the bigger, much scarier, picture here.

      2. Exactly. It is not an ignorant viewpoint to teach women how to be responsible and to protect themselves. You see people saying “we have to teach people not to rob banks!” like you see feminists saying “teach men not to rape!”. Rape is a crime that should be prevented the way we try to prevent other crimes; It is terrible that it happens, but criminals exist and you must take precaution against them.

        1. I think Roosh said in his DC interview video. I’m paraphrasing.
          If you go into a bad part of town and park your BMW unlocked with the keys inside and it gets stolen, whose fault is that? The thief’s. But, could you have prevented that situation from happening by taking precautions? Yes.
          Roosh wants women to understand that life is not a fairy tale and the only person responsible for them is themselves.

        2. You got that right. It pisses me off to no end that women have the expectation that the government and society is supposed to be responsible for them.

        3. Someone who is truly “strong and independent” should be responsible for themselves.

  52. As a “nice guy”, this site made me realize the value of virgin women with traditional values.
    Even if I’m good looking and successful, I still was denied by numerous sluts (by sluts I mean liberal broads who only fuck bad boys) and I had spent thousands on these sluts on dates. I always thought something was wrong with me since I couldn’t get into a relationship with them– but ROK made me realize that it’s these broads that are fucked up. They just didn’t like the fact that I was a nice guy– but hey, that’s who I am, I can’t act like a “bad boy”. They can keep chasing their bad boy until their thirties for all I care.
    Now I only date good girls, and I won’t ever chase sluts again. Thanks ROK!!

  53. OMG! You mean they lied about Obama’s ethnicity? I thought his mom was white! If she is white, biologically it is impossible for Obama to be Black…scientifically speaking. Mixed is not Black, unless his mom’s race was Black. I’ll be damned! Sociology once again supersedes science. Obama’s whole life is a lie?

  54. Most of the time ROK is about gamma males, whining about not getting into western world pussies. For the lords sake there are third world countries for them, so the alpha males get the first world high class girls. 😉

    1. White Knight much? “Muh Aryan princess”.
      Also the whole “Alpha/Beta” hypothesis is suspect. Do you really believe everything that Vox Day writes? He is a science fiction writer after all, do you take his ideas about Christianity seriously?
      To reduce it to the most reductionist view possible, there is evolutionary/biological stimuli and there is response to stimuli. You’re not “born” a certain way that is immutable. That’s what the whole point of self improve is.

  55. I’m 38, veteran, and have been hardcore red-pill for the last 10 years. I know all about 9/11, GMO foods, chemtrails, big brother spying as I work in infotech for last 15 years. It wasn’t until a few months ago I began reading ROK even though I own Roosh’s books and used them to successfully enhance my game.
    ROK has been the most red-pill for me regarding the true nature of women, marriage, divorce-rape, and dating than almost a decade reading infowars or any other manosphere blog.
    Writers like Donovan Sharpe who lay their souls bare in their articles so we as a collective can avoid the same mistakes. Commenters like John Galt, GhostOfJefferson, and others offer insights from a mature, masculine perspective – some humorous, some serious.
    Finally – I’m most thankful for Roosh for having the balls to stand up to the #1 threat to the Western World – feminism.

  56. Frankly, the only thing I found not logic so far about ROK is this fact : while criticizing feminism and western women, demonstrating their deviance, lack of empathy and moral values.. the guys still learn game and put lot of effort to bang the most high number of those same girls.. because guess what ? we are “male” and we can’t live without putting our royal penis into a vagina.
    So what’s the alternative ? may be leaving western women and all their BS, going to other countries where family values are still working, countries where women are feminine and respectful to men, may be to marry a women and start family and applying the “white race preservation” ? sounds good but actually no.. from “Bang Ukraine” to “Bang_everything_beyond_the_Rubicon”, the goal is basically to apply the game to those ladies, make them angry bitches by banging them; then write a field report about it.
    Well, for me this is ugly, immoral and somehow not logic. Again, it’s the usual debate about “is morality a weapon invented by the weaks to get laid ?”, actually monogamy was invented by church (ROK is ok with Christian values ..another paradox I guess) to enable every man to have a wife, cause long time ago a rich guy could have as many wives he could feed.

  57. I applaud this site greatly for the way it has helped shaped my life in the recent year. From someone who was just a blue-pill married guy that seemingly lost his way, saw an end to that marriage, along with many other things I lost in the process, I was there thinking that these things were my fault because of the constant SJW, and feminist narrative pushed by social media and the mainstream outlets. Over time, I realized that many of those conceptions were totally incorrect, and the SJW/femtard dogma was only there to serve itself to push my confidence further aback from an already low point that I was in.
    Fast forward 2 years on, I am married again. I used the help of game and many great articles on this site to develop myself from a beta loser into the best man I can possibly be, and things are certainly very different in my life now. Whether it be game, lifting, business, work, aptitude or even general behavior, I’ve now gained a whole new scope of confidence, manliness, and in all honesty, never felt better.
    Things will only continue to improve as I move forward, and I’d like to give my thanks to all those who write on this site for providing a way forward for me to escape the tired, bullshit left-wing, PC horseshit that is rammed down our throats on the hour.
    Bravo, ROK. Keep up the great work!

  58. As a feminist, I feel it’s my social responsibility to read websites like ROK. It’s obvious that a lot of men feel shitty, and have a lot of shitty things happen to them. The kind of feminism I’ve seen referred to here is not the kind that I believe in.
    Men being falsely accused of rape is wrong, and yes, men can be raped. Men can also be abused, by women. I think that it’s unfortunate that the meaning of feminism has been lost, and feminist principles have been twisted to oppress men. I don’t think it’s right for feminism to be used as a way to get free things, and ROK actually brings to light the way feminist principles have been misused.
    I see a lot of hurt on this site, and people wanting to be heard. I have spoken to countless of MRA’s that are shocked when I tell them true feminist ideals, and have made a lot of friends along the way. I have actually even had logical, fulfilling conversatiosn with MRAs, as a feminist, which shows that the problem isn’t in the principles- it’s in the presentation.

  59. I consider myself a feminist, and I can say confidently that some of the articles I’ve read on here are hysterically funny and obviously satirical. While I may have different views, as long as no one is getting hurt, I don’t feel it’s right to ban people from having whatever man talk they want. [: lots of guys are uber masculine and macho.
    We give each other shit, but at the end of the day we need each other to survive/ reproduce/ do really fun stuff.

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