How Trump Lost New Hampshire And Won The Presidency

This is the final installment of a four-part series. You can read the third part here.

I began working for the Trump campaign in NH as a volunteer, working Saturdays through September. My performance was so good they wanted to offer me a full-time position, but they could not give me a spot because of corruption. There was already an affirmative action hire in the spot as a full-time door-knocker, but all she did was fabricate responses in the app used for voter data. She would pretend like she’d be going out to go do her job, and then punch in a bunch of fake data about how many doors she knocked, who people were voting for, etc, while drinking a beer.

It was massive fraud. She’d complete about 1-2K false entries per day and although she’d often get caught, the bosses she worked for liked the fact she inflated the numbers. Her bosses could then report up the GOP chain of command that they had knocked on so many doors to look good for their district.

This fraudulent woman probably cost Mr. Trump about 500 votes. She may have cost Kelly Ayotte, the Republican candidate for the Senate, the election. She was working in a heavy Republican town, Salem, NH, for months and had the important job of building up voter morale, persuading undecideds, and potentially flipping some Dems. Instead, between August and halfway through October, this woman was punching in fraudulent information.

My good friend whom was in charge of the Salem Trump office could not get this woman fired despite telling his higher ups numerous times about the ongoing fraud. He had been complaining for weeks, and he had to continuously delete her data only for her to punch it in fraudulently again the following day. It was an infuriating display of cuckservatism.

So they could only sign me up on a part-time basis at first, but eventually my friend put his foot down and said if they didn’t get rid of her and replace her with me, he would no longer care about meeting his quotas of voter turnout for the town and such. They fired her and I got the full time position with about two weeks left to go.

As dedicated as the Trump campaign’s team of volunteers who were flooding across Massachusetts were, the Clinton team also had a well-organized, and well-paid ground-game around NH as well. Combined with the media propaganda, the NH campaign was a constant uphill battle. The Dems spent a whopping $48.4 million, the second highest in the country, just on the Senate race alone! I remember on one occasion how an elderly man, after learning I was there on behalf of the Republican party and Trump, said to me, “I SAW ON TV TRUMP WANTS TO GIVE NUKES TO EVERYBODY,” and slammed the door in my face. Hilarious but sad at the same time. TV is evil. I tell everyone I know to cancel their cable.

As a result, it was NH that cost Hillary the election. For whatever reason, her team was panicking at the thought of losing NH to Trump, so they pulled out all the stops and devoted a tremendous amount of resources to securing that state. Including many of the coveted and rare Hillary appearances. Trump, being a living machine, was able to make campaign stops everywhere all over the country – including many appearances in NH. Apparently, this caused the Clinton team to over-react and devote disproportional resources in order to secure NH. In hindsight, we know Hillary and her team should have been focusing much more on WI and MI, but because they felt like these states were so reliably blue that all they needed to win was ensure NH stayed blue. And NH did go blue. But it came at a heavy price, a total pyrrhic victory for the Dems.

I would say Trump had a shotgun approach to campaigning – doing around 8-10 rallies a week or so himself, whereas Clinton had a sniper-rifle approach doing 3-5 appearances per week plus her incredible number of surrogates (the celebs, Bernie, the Obamas, etc, just to name a few). But surrogates are no substitute for the actual candidate, so Clinton needed to use her fewer appearances wisely, and she would come up to NH far more than she should have with such a limited schedule. She should have left NH more to her surrogates while she traveled to the rust belt to keep the blue wall secure. She never stepped in Wisconsin once, which anyone can clearly see was a tremendous mistake.

There was also the issue of UNH bussing in 6000 students and registering them at the voter booth in Durham, which reeks of fraud and bullshit as many of the students were from out-of-state. If this did not happen the Republicans would have won every race. But because voter laws are corrupt in NH, it was legal. It’s a rigged system, folks.

Regardless, not only did the enormous effort of the Democratic machine give Hillary the win in NH, but it also barely gave Hassan over Ayotte, Kuster over Lawerence, and many other local races. Ayotte pulled her endorsement of Trump and constantly bashed him, which significantly depressed her voter turnout in Republican towns. Ayotte performed worse than Trump in Republican towns, but better than Trump in Democrat towns.

There was also a third party Independent named Aaron Day, who simply hated Ayotte for personal reasons and ran just to steal her votes. She lost her campaign from many small cuts. Overall, the campaign against Trump was indeed very damaging to the rest of the down-ballot races, but Chris Sununu still managed to win big against heavy odds and secure a comfortable vote margin. So there is still a promising future for the Republican party in NH.

Moreover, there is a very promising future for the Republican party, and the rest of America, with President Donald J. Trump.

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  1. The Hillary campaign was completely caught pants-down off-guard because it looked like they were relying on polls to determine where to campaign, whereas Trump relied more on an instinctive sense of where he might be popular. There were relatively few polls out of Michigan and Pennsylvania, and they usually had a comfortable Hillary lead, so again, she let those states slide through her grasp. New Hampshire, by contrast, had some tight polls.
    Wisconsin was another state that threw her off, in a different way. It was a total sleeper-surprise for Trump because it was so vehemently anti-Trump during the GOP primaries. Many people, including both myself and seemingly Hillary, thought Trump had no chance in Wisconsin.
    In both cases, simple history was another factor: if a state was an official “purple” state that had gone for, say, both Obama and GWB, Hillary figured she should campaign there. But if it was an official “blue” state — and WI, PA, and MI all qualified — she figured she didn’t have to try.

    1. “The Hillary campaign was completely caught pants-down” Wouldn’t that be Depends down?

    2. I think one of the factors that led to the upset victory is that there were a majority of people who would not answer the calls from the pollsters. I bet that a majority of the calls they made wound up as hang ups. Out of the people who refused to talk to Gallup or Rasmussen, ninety percent of them were Trump supporters.

      1. Yeah, one family member said he was all for Trump but wasn’t going to tell any pollsters a damn thing. Another seemed like he would cuck out but changed his mind and voted for Trump at the last minute.

    3. “… it looked like they were relying on polls ..”
      Bingo! They were relying on fake or skewed polls to their own detriment..
      You could tell as much when you compared Hilary’s fake events with bussed in audiences all handled by a slick media machine versus Trumps where it was announced he’d be there, a stadium was filled and T-Shirt sales financed a substantial amount of his campaign…
      Even in California “The Land of Nuts and Fruits” a lot of cash was raised via dontaitons for shirts this way…

    4. I’m from Pee-Aye (PA for the locals) and it was once a major white working class region. When steel and coal were king, there were plenty of jobs and money and like with Sliicon Valley, the oligarchs wanted to keep all the money for themselves and pay the peasants scraps. The unions fought for better working conditions and the Democrats of that era had schools built back in the 1920’s to 1940’s.
      Tragedy struck when the coal mines actually caught fire and flooded making them worthless. Steel is a dirty business and much production was sent over to China where they don’t mind making Beijing into a swamp and it was tough to replace the work. The region was rife with corruption (check out the film “kids for cash”) and the politicians and Unions remained more loyal to the Dems than their constituents. The loyal voters put up with this nonsense for 50 years. Their offspring, including myself, moved out.
      At some point, the Leftovers, (if you’ve seen that show, it’s kind of like that) have just gotten sick of it and were ready to jump parties but the Republicans were in bed with the oligarchs at Silicon Valley and unintersted in helping them as voters. This is why they didn’t turn out for Romney.
      This is a big deal because if Trump continues to deliver, and IMO he’s already done more in two weeks than GWB did in 8 years, Ohio and Pee Aye will remain red.
      I think they’ll also bring other blue/purple states with significant white male electorates along for the ride including the rust belt of the north east. Think about it: A pillbilly in Wilkes-Barre wised up faster than wise-acre Bostonians.

      1. “The unions fought for better working conditions…” The union bosses fought for themselves and their Democrat overlords, more like.

      2. I know an older guy who moved to New England after working for decades in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. Those guys used to make a killing. Up until the unions didn’t know when to stop and drove out the industry. Even though they we’re making an incredible hourly wage, the union was always encouraging them to strike/ demand more per hour.

    5. Unreal hubris from the Hildebeest campaign – the one that thought they had dependable Silicon Valley data wisdom in their back pockets.
      They forgot they were no longer running against an AOL-using McCain and establishment dork Romney. Trump doesn’t play unless he’s going to win and he knew just how to do it.

    6. So switching to pants was a mistake for Hellary? If she had been wearing a skirt without panties she could have squatted and not had to drop trou to take a leak.
      There’s a reason women used to wear skirts for the last 10,000 or so years.

    7. The Hillary Campaign also thought partaking in countless events with celebrities would get her over the finish-line. It did quite the opposite. It completely exposed just how out of touch the woman truly was/is.
      Evening of November 6th she held private event in Manchester, NH with James Taylor while the following night Trump held rally in 12,000 seat arena that was open to the general public.

    1. He already announced as a 2020 candidate, slogan “Keep America Great”. There’s a theory going ’round:
      “Trump announced he is going to run for President in 2020. What does that
      mean? It means that he’s now a candidate for 2020, which is something
      that has never been done before – no incumbent President has ever
      announced candidacy this early before, EVER. What did this accomplish?
      SOROS, who does everything with NGO’s has been shut up, because it is
      illegal for any NGO or foundation to speak or act against a candidate
      because that is interference with an election. So they can only do it
      against a president, who is not a candidate. If he’d done this before
      the marches that took place, Soros would be toast even now.”

    1. I loved when Trump hosted SNL at onset of campaign and there was skit of him in Oval Office. He’s conducting bunch of business and in walks President of Mexico with check for the wall and later an advisor says, “Mr President — its the American People. They’re so tired of winning!”

  2. I consider Ayotte losing a wash. Yeah she was “Republican” but let’s be honest here. If she would have won, you can bet she’d have been the nominee to the UN!

    1. Doubtful, Nikki Haley’s Lt. Gov was an early supporter of Trump. Nikki got the UN spot not to reward her but to reward her Lt. Gov. who is now Gov of SC. Trump does not like Haley the UN spot is total and complete bullshit. Hopefully we will exit the UN

      1. Could be. I just always figured he’d stick a GOP traitorous pain in the ass in that position as a means to get rid of them, which is exactly what he did

      2. Ayotte had a tough fight in a state half-filled with aging cat ladies. She tried to split the difference and it didn’t pan out.

  3. Anything the witch does that seems accomplishing is only another lesser victory, the devil is coming to collect his due, and that cancerous porous tongue of lies has nearly spoken its last words. Every morning that myself and other free souls look up to the heavens with regard, these puppets and their masters can only look with worry over their shoulder to their inevitable gruesome fate, be it decrepitude, betrayal, disease, or perhaps soon mob slaughter.

  4. I went to 3 Trump rallies. 2 in New Hampshire and 1 in Maine. I was at his Manchester, NH Election Eve Rally. Absolutely incredible! The 12,000 seat SNHU Area was PACKED.
    NH’s being invaded by the cockroaches fleeing Taxachussets. Here in Northern New England we call people from Massachusetts MASSHOLES. I absolutely f-ing HATE people from MA for a multitude of reasons. They’re some of the trashiest, drug addicted dregs who treat all roads like its Speedway 95 & think anyone from outside MA should be envious they’re from the (shit hole) Bay State.

    1. I used to live in Massachusetts. You are correct in your description of them. They also have the attitude that they are smarter than the rest of the people in America. I was so happy to get out of that state.

      1. Did you ever listen to Howie Carr when you were in MA? He’s based out of Boston but covers politics in Maine & New Hampshire as well.
        Had him on last week. He was talking about the MA Legislature voting in-favor of increasing their pay by 40%. He then proceeded to inform audience that members of the legislative body get per diem when they’re conducting state business. Apparently the Boston Globe would actually investigate state office holders submitting bogus per diem requests while they were vacationing out of state, etc. So to avoid the scrutiny of getting caught, they voted in favor of scrapping per diem submissions with automatically getting another $15,000 on top of the 40% increase.

    2. Liberals are locusts. They move and think in a swarm going from state to state devouring all the real sources and beauty and then moving on with only barren earth and a few drugged out hippies left behind to remind us of what happened.

      1. I’m in the worst state and city – San Francisco, California. 1 more year and I’m outta here.

        1. Sounds like you can’t hack it there and will leave to somewhere else that has less competitive.

        2. The women are definitely not gorgeous. In fact, there are no women. And the place is crawling with third world migrants mostly from India, China, and the Philippines. And sadly, they haven’t produced any great looking offspring either. Their genetics is terribly bad. Too man FOBs here.

        3. San fran is a beautiful city for many reasons, but the women… is not one of them. It’s a good place for the occasional 3-day vacation but not somewhere I’d wanna live, especially with COL already ridiculous and spiraling higher thanks to all the yuppie techs.

    3. I have family in NH I can’t believe after I land in Boston and drive up to Newport how many people do not live MA and commute to work from NH.

      1. Yes. That’s exactly what’s going on. Many of the towns in MA are overrun with welfare and drugs. So they’re spilling over the southern border of NH to get cheaper housing, lower taxes and better quality of life. Yet the problem is after they move to NH, they continue to vote straight line (D).

        1. See, I don’t get it. These libfuck parasites hate the hellholes they create then move to another place and vote the same fucking way! How stupid can these people be?

    4. Don’t blame them – have a look at who most of the big asswipe leftist politicians in NH are and where they came from. They’re mostly from NYC, Maryland, NJ, etc.
      It ain’t the massholes you should worry about – the ones who leave MA are the ones fleeing communism. All the rest of the blue state idiots think it’s a great idea to pack it in their luggage and bring it with them.

      1. You need to realize that they are attempting to escape what they created. They are PARASITES. Once they have sucked their new host dry and eaten its carcass they’ll move on to the next victim host.
        They’re in this way like Mexicans. They come to the USA both legally and illegally, as individuals trying to escape the shitholes they were born and raised in. But they’re still MESS-I-CANS. They think Mexican. They act Mexican. They turn any place they cluster in the USA into CUCARACHA nests. Little “Mexicos.” A few of them try to escape Mexicanistic life and customs but when you see how they live, it’s just like Tijuana or any other Mexican slum.

        1. Yup, look at what happened to the state of NJ. All occupied by East Indians. And now, the East Indians want to migrate to where all the white people live because they don’t want to live among themselves.

      2. You fail to see I have larger issue with MASSHOLES.
        There’s a reason why majority of people in northern New England hate MA. (And it’s not that we’re secretly envious as mASS likes to think.)

      1. Next to every institution of higher “learning” is that way now.
        Speaking of UNH. I was working on a project in Durham/ near UNH 1.5 years ago. My Gawd — UNH has some painfully HOT girls!

    5. You guys should build a wall along the MA border. Then keep working to make NH and ME republican states. Forget VT, tree-hugging fems go to live there. Sell them to Canada.

      1. I know. I went to college in Burlington, Vermont.
        This a.m. I thought of another incident involving MASSHOLES. Last fall after Maine Governor made remark on RACE, the Maine State Legislature received nasty emails & letters from folks from in . . . Massachusetts! (And the remark had NOTHING to do with Massachusetts.)
        But since those from MA are “so much smartah” than everyone else, they felt compelled to actually tell representatives — in a state they don’t live in — what to do.
        One representative, so sick of these people, actually wrote an e-mail back to one woman telling her and every-other MASSHOLE to just stay the F-out of Maine!

  5. It’s pretty hard to aggressively campaign when you’re suffering from Parkinson’s…

    1. A better cunt than what won. We need the senate seats to confirn Trumps judges. That will be the real legacy he leaves behind.

      1. I can’t disagree with this. I just have a strong dislike of any traitor who disavowed trump when he needed support the most(after the hot mic tape)

    2. She HAS a cunt. Does HAVING a cunt MAKE her a cunt? Don’t forget, bud, you got here through a cunt unless you took a detour out the back way.

      1. Being a cunt and having a cunt are two independent variables. She just happens to have both switches set to “yes”. But you would know that if you weren’t an identity politics douchebag.

    3. The commercials between her and Maggie Hassan became pretty ridiculous. The one commercial I couldn’t stand by Ayotte was her driving husbands 1-ton with plow and sander acting like she built his business. And Maggie Hassan with her retarded son was icing on cake. The daughter talking about how compassionate her mom is as they show Hassan pushing around drooling kid in wheelchair.

  6. “She never stepped in Wisconsin once, which anyone can clearly see was a tremendous mistake.”
    I’ve yet to meet a single person on the left who has asked why Hillary lost, and come up with an answer other than “Donald Trump is a Racist!! That’s why!!”
    I even told one person, “Hey! Hillary bet she didn’t have to worry about Wisconsin and that it would stay Blue. Trump bet that he could take that state from Hillary. When the cards were turned over, Trump won that bet.”

    1. she didnt visit Wisconsin, Ohio or Pennsylvania in the weeks leading up to the election. She also spent more money in Omaha advertising than all of Wisconsin.
      But its all Russian hackers and racists….

    2. Same here. I saw one self important poster on FB saying “Payback is a bitch!” What he and the rest of the global homosexual elite fail to understand is that this last election WAS payback!

      1. I heard a great line around election time: Trump isn’t a threat TO democracy, he is a threat FROM democracy.

  7. Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife got a lot of help from dead, illegal or otherwise ineligible voters.

  8. That’s a cool map dotting all the stops TRUMP and CLINTON made during end of campaign cycle. No one can deny DJT absolutely outworked everyone.

    1. No better advertising for the drugs he runs on. Good grief he’s 70 and still poking puss. Good for him!

  9. I’m sure the bitch canvasser, you mention in your article is now heading some DNC 2020 campaign group!

  10. Knocking doors is always a swell time, you really get a sense for how nutty some people out there are

  11. I thought Hillary was going to win. So I went to bed around 7:30 on election night. Did not want to ruin my evening wiwth emotional roller coaster.. Woke up around 1:am to take a piss, did not intend to turn on TV as I did not want to get pissed off. But my wife was up, and she said one word, “Trump”.
    She was in shock, being for Hillary. I tried to not soun d to happy, but I was. Opened Drudge and saw Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylavania. Couldnot’t belive it.
    I still am bummed that I slept through a piece of history now that Trump won. I went back on youtube and watched the broadcasts for 8 hours, savoring the moments where it looked like the liberals knew they were going down.
    Just wish I had not missed it in real time.

  12. Because the theocratic dictatorship that runs this country decided that circus clown would be president a long time ago

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