A New Red Pill Comedy You Have To See To Believe

This is intended as a public service announcement of sorts. There is a new red pill sketch comedy that readers would do well to check out. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (MDEp:WP) began airing in early August as part of the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network.

In an era of stifling political correctness, MDEp:WP is a welcome breath of fresh air. The sketch comedy is the brainchild of comedian Sam Hyde, who cut his chops doing controversial stand-up routines, creating scathing YouTube videos, and trolling college campuses.

With MDEp:WP, Hyde and his comedy troupe have achieved mainstream success with the show drawing nearly one million weekly viewers. However, the irreverence of MDEp:WP has not gone unnoticed by the establishment and the show has come into the crosshairs of BuzzFeed, which has already written two hit pieces: “The Alt-Right Has Its Very Own TV Show On Adult Swim” and “The Underground Neo-Nazi Promo Campaign Behind Adult Swim’s Alt-Right Comedy Show.”

MDEp:WP incorporates many references that regular readers of RoK will undoubtedly be familiar with: pick up artistry (PUA), game, peacocking, the wall, and female hypergamy. MDEp:WP is absurdist comedy at its finest. The show has a definite Kafkaesque feel to it that somehow manages to perfectly capture the ridiculousness, isolation, and hollowness of modern existence. The psychedelic camera work, vivid color effects, and ethereal soundtrack cleverly enhance the surreal dream-like atmosphere of the show.

Below is a brief overview of the episodes, with red pill truths and memorable quotes from each episode.

Episode 1: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe


Red Pill Truths:

Beta male, the myth of equality, leniency toward female offenders, gender double standards

Memorable Quotes:

“You’ve seen all these school shooters: pathetic beta males. Who have no girlfriend. Just imagine how many less there’d be, if they had been bullied early, and often.”

“This closet is why David Bowie is dead.”

Link to full episode

Episode 2: Illegal Broadcast: John Hell Emergency


Red Pill Truths:

The wall, female hypergamy, female entitlement, lack of female accountability

Memorable Quotes:

“It seems like when you hit 30, that your partner count is considered something negative. Rather than being wild and free, it’s just you can’t find a man, so you can’t stop looking, and you can’t stop fucking.”

“Welcome back to ‘The Wall Show,’ the show where 30 stops being a number and starts being an unescapable way of life.”

“Don’t you want to commit right away and give ‘em access to your bank accounts?”

“I say that stay in school a little longer, they get great jobs, they keep their bodies in shape, and they find a guy like me after all that.”

Link to full episode

Episode 3: 3 Down 47 To Go Countdown To Mass Funeral


Red Pill Truths:

Birth control / estrogen in the water supply, low-T, one-itis, SJW control of the public school system

Memorable Quotes:

“They call me all kinds of things. They call me argon. They call me dark child. They call me night master. They call me P-body. They call me Peanut Arbuckle. They call me Doorway. They call me Pink Dress. They call me Sweezy. They call me Go-Go Nuts. They call me Pineapple Man.”

“It’s just the same things over and over. It’s bad when I’m not smarter than the students I teach. First three weeks, Holocaust. Next three weeks, Black History Month.”

“I didn’t make the kids stupid. That’s on the parents. That’s on the government. Not me.”

Link to full episode

Episode 4: Mad At Dad? Gomad For Chad Mgtow


Red Pill Truths:

PUA, peacocking, game, single mothers, women marrying the government

Memorable Quotes:

“I’m a really nice guy. It just hasn’t gotten me anywhere.”

“I know literally everything there is to know about getting pussy. So even though you’re test-tube, gub-gub snail man, we’re gonna be getting you knee-deep in some gash.”

“I’m that gorilla dick pussy god. I make dyke pussy wet.”

“This gorilla dick daddy’s hungry. And if you don’t blow me right, I might kill you.”

“Once Uncle Sam stepped up to the plate and gave us our EBT, they started taking care, taking the place of daddy.”

Link to full episode

Episode 5: Not Everyone Thinks You’re A Hero


Red Pill Truths:

Female careerism, Facebook censorship and suppression of dissent

Memorable Quotes:

“She’s got an associate’s degree. I know you may think she’s just a hot little package, but she’s educated.”

“When my field hockey wife asked me to marry her, I said yes.”

Link to full episode

Episode 6: You Hate This Show Because You Hate Yourself


Red Pill Truths:

Victimhood mentality, demographic replacement, female hypergamy, drugging of male students with ADHD medications, criminalization of masculinity

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s 2016, and if you’re not cool with homosexuals in your schools teaching your kids about butt sex … Peace, because hate is wack.”

“My race is done. You’re inheriting the Earth, along with some other undesirables, and that’s cool … but just remember who built this place, all right? Remember to pay homage to the white man.”

“We can all be victims.”

“We’re here because we need to find suitable genetic material for comingling with my own. Not necessarily using my husband’s DNA.”

“I want to feel tingles.”

Link to full episode


It seems 2016 is the year that the Alt-Right enters the mainstream. Too large to ignore any longer, those on the right who are disillusioned with milquetoast conservatives and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have received recognition from both presidential candidates. And now the Alt-Right has a hit comedy series on a major network. So what can you do? Watch the show. Tell your friends and family to watch it. Share clips on social media. Incorporate phrases and quotes from the show into your daily lexicon.

The establishment is already trying to pressure cable providers to stop carrying MDE. We must all do what we can to make sure MDE is picked up for another season.

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257 thoughts on “A New Red Pill Comedy You Have To See To Believe”

  1. DUDE! Nice recommendation. I’m watching season 1 on Youtube as I type. This is the best red-pill find since I discovered comedian Doug Stanhope a few years back. A million plus viewers is serious traction in this diluted mass media market.

  2. I only watched it because of the “Sam Hyde” meme, but it really is a good show. I underestimated how red pilled the guy actually is.

  3. While it might be red-pill, I will most likely not be wasting my time watching this show. This looks like it’s on the same level as that Bill & Eric: Great Job, or whatever it’s called. It might be other’s cup of tea, but the shows like this just don’t do it for me. Looks like a bunch of men on drugs just randomly throwing shit together. Stupid is still stupid, even if it is red pill.

    1. The only show I ever watched and that I will always watch until the end of times – is South Park.
      And I’d vote Giant Douche.

        1. WTF, Turd Sandwich is literally totally corrupt and would nuke the shit out of our country. We need Giant Douche to make this country great again. How could anyone vote for a Turd Sandwich, for god’s sake. I also liked that Giant Douche was not standing during the national anthem because that shows that he is able to switch his tactics when he’s hit with adversity. We really need that Douche. Otherwise we are screwed.
          And I don’t even live in the States.

    2. Yeah, I’m glad they are making anything going against the narrative, the same way I’m glad Trump is running for president. But I don’t really “get” this kind of humor.

    3. 100%. Reading the ‘Memorable Quotes’ made me feel like I would have to learn a new set of lingo to be able to understand it. Not worthwhile.

    4. No, it’s actually a critical strategic move. Especially if you have been following Sam from the beginning.
      This is really the only medium where the message can go mainstream right now. They HAVE to make it this ridiculous to get the concepts out there. I agree it’s not my cup of tea either, but I do see the importance and will still market it heavily.
      Everyone who has any ties to Alt-Right or Red Pill, this is a launch point for further ground work. You don’t have to support it, but Sam has been able to reach many more people through this style.

      1. “No, it’s actually true genus. Especially if you have been following Same from the beginning.”
        Being as ludicrous and inflammatory as you can be to get a message out there is not what I would consider “genius.” Can it be effective? Sure, but let’s call this what it is and high quality work, it is not.
        “This is really the only medium where the message can go mainstream right now. They HAVE to make it this ridiculous to get the concepts out there.”
        I would respectfully disagree. ROK has posted at least a couple of articles listing red-pill movies out there, some of them having been quite successful at their release.
        “Everyone who has any ties to Alt-Right or Red Pill, this is a launch point for further ground work. You don’t have to support it, but bashing it is just bad business at this crucial time.”
        Criticism is how things improve. I’m not bashing Sam Hyde simply because I think his work is shit (I do, but that’s not the point). I criticize it because I want to see higher quality productions being pushed out into the forefront. Things that get people thinking about the realities of our world and shifting to our side without them even realizing it.

        1. It’s obviously effective if they’ve gained a mainstream cable network spot.
          You can “respectfully disagree” all you want, but that doesn’t change reality. Reality is Sam is charging ahead in this field with his style and it is pushing these concepts mainstream.
          If you want to wait on a slightly red-pill mainstream movie every 5 years or live in the glory days of the one’s listed here in the past, that’s ok.
          Comedy like this and dailystomer are brash and crazy on purpose. It gets people talking. This is the exact strategy Trump has used over and over again.
          So while yes, this isn’t something I will particularly sit and watch, you can bet I will upvote it and comment showing support.

        2. That’s the thing though, it doesn’t come across as particularly comedic.
          Sure, support it, no issue. But I’m at a loss as to how most of it is funny.

        3. A mainstream cable spot… one day a week when everyone is either out on dates or partying (Fridays @ 11:15PM & 2:45AM are not exactly primetime).
          Who exactly is he pushing these concepts onto? Who’s at home, late on Friday nights watching the Eric Andre Show, Squidbillies, and this?
          I’ve seen shows like this and they all end up with the same fate: Relegated to the back of the bus where no one, save a few insomniacs, mindlessly watch them. Sam Hyde is no revolutionary. He’s at best a red-pill troll.
          Support him if you wish. I’m not going to besmirch anyone for doing so, but I’m not going to support the idiotic ramblings of some guy simply because he’s red-pill.

        4. That is because it is not for you. It is not even supposed to be universally acceptable. The fact that you find it crappy and off-putting is why it works, and actually that is also why it’s audience finds it funny and real. This is one of those Last Psychiatrist things… it is not for you, which is why you are reading about it second hand on a website rather than watching it yourself. The medium is the message.

        5. Ehhh…I’m never of the mind that “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand” is ever an actual valid position. I have a sense of humor, I can tell when things are funny even if I don’t personally find them funny. When I watch him, at least from the Ted Talk he did, I just look at the screen kind of bored and shrug my shoulders. I want to see the humor there, but I just can’t.
          But if this is how the mind of a Millenial works, well, ok I guess.

        6. “The fact that you find it crappy and off-putting is why it works, and actually that is also why it’s audience finds it funny and real.”
          So people will themselves into finding this funny simply because others won’t? …Think I’d rather just watch something that is genuinely funny.

        7. No, I meant that the same things that signal ‘crappy’ and ‘off-putting’ to you make the younger generation see it as edgy or punk rock. The absurdity works for them in a humorous way because of they are so steeped in saturation in a particular culture. You have a broader and different perspective so that absurdity is really just… absurd. It doesn’t trigger the same reaction because you don’t view it in the same way. You understand the underlying themes because you are RP, but that is not the actual message. The medium is the message.

        8. I get your broader point but, anything that is not a girlpower SJW show is fine with me. Seriously, a Hong Kong cop show in Cantonese is better than 90% of the shows on TV.

        9. Yes, because being respectful and compromising has worked out so well for conservatism and tradition for the past 30 years.

    5. The thing is that this is what passes for ‘punk rock’ in young modern culture. Its the absolute other end of the spectrum of slick, pre-packaged, over-produced, managed and polished like everything else that the corporate/government uses to message and manipulate the millennials. It’s the Red Pill presented to the upcoming generation in a way that is more real or accessible to them. It’s the Dead Kennedys.

        1. It’s not for me, either (e.g., I can make a Dead Kennedys reference), but I recognize the cultural phenotype.

    6. I don’t think it’s stupid at all. I really think Sam Hyde is the avant-garde of the red pill community.
      You guys are trying to dissect his work as comedy, when really it’s Fight Club.

      1. It IS an acquired taste…but I think he is funnier than SNL but his batting average is higher….he is REALLY nuts and far out there with the weird costumes…and women sitting in wheelchairs?! What the FUCK is that all about anyway??

    7. “It might be other’s cup of tea, but the shows like this just don’t do it for me. Looks like a bunch of men on drugs just randomly throwing shit together.”
      I don’t find this at all to be true.
      MDE is more about penetrating the 50 shades of irony in modernity. That’s often why a satirical depiction of modern art or the neoliberal established order of modern society is a centerpiece, or maybe just a minor detail to the stuff they produce.
      Earlier this summer, when RoK published an article about Larry David, I posted a clip of these guys in the comments. It was that “Utopia” clip nagantkun posted above your comment.
      That clip is a good example of them building up an atmospheric critique of MGTOW (and maybe Plato’s Republic too, I’m not sure, it really made me think). Only to let it go, without any conclusion or emotional resolution. That’s their style, and I laughed my ass off when I saw it.
      But almost everything they make is centered around experimental comedy, or mocking someone. I think people overstate the “red pill” centric approach of MDE. These guys have been at it a while, unprofessionally until recently, and its a unique style to say the least.
      But many of us do find it to be artistically well done. I think its very well done.

  4. What the hell. Posting an article about my favorite anglo comedian while I was watching his show. Are you cyber-stalking me, Waldemar ?
    Also, check this one from them on single mothers :

      1. “How am I supposed to have any respect for you when you’re acting like such a pussy right now” ?

        1. That guy fucking killed me with his balls lol. That poor 32 year old kid… It can’t feel good to forcefully suppress your innate need for at least self respect on the daily like that… He knows he’s working for a shit factory and the poor guys just floats through life.

      1. From 11:14-12:00 … bucket of ice-water in the face and spot on with the take down…if you’re going to stop being polite, then this isn’t a bad way to dispense it…”weaponized insult humor”

    1. Commenting to watch later. I loved the ep where they takedown all the bullshit that happened in flint michigan with the water supply stuff. It was really excellently done

  5. I just watched episode 1 and didn’t crack a smile once. Perhaps it just isn’t my type of humour (my all-time favorite is “30 Rock”), but maybe there really isn’t anything there. I will admit that some of the quotes above are funny, but to me at least, they seem to work best typed on paper or the screen. Does anyone have any other red-pill comedy recommendations (film, television, books, albums)?

    1. “Does anyone have any other red-pill comedy recommendations (film, television, books, albums)?”
      I would postulate that all blue-pilled shows are actually red-pilled comedies as you can watch while the main character makes a fool of himself to win the girl that’s been banging 5 other dudes in the span of a couple of weeks. Red pilled lessons can be learned in every situation.

      1. Doug Stanhope. Start with his standup comedy special No Refunds 2007. Find it on Youtube. Explore from there.

      2. Stripes: Chicks did me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it is usually something unusual
        Trading Places.
        Reservoir Dogs
        The classic tv show Allo Allo where ever episode see Renee, café proprietor and reluctant member of the resistance, getting caught cheating on his wife with one of his sexy waitresses and says “YOU STUUUUPID WOMAN…..” and then gives her the most insane excuse for his actions which she invariably believes.
        Sledge Hammer!
        Oh man, I could go on all day.

        1. Blues Brothers, where Jake is held at gunpoint by the then young and modestly attractive Princess Leaha, and spits out this amazing set of lines that gets her to drop the gun so he can run off with Elwood and get chased by 1,0000 cops.

        2. Yes. I define reality, math and physics as I see fit. Behold my works, and tremble in despair!

        3. Yes! The beauty of that is she has blown up a building trying to kill him already and is holding him at gunpoint because he stood her up at their wedding and when he takes off his sunglasses she drops the gun and melts into his arms….where he proceeds to drop her in the mud and just leave

        4. the back of the kratom container actually has the warning “May redefine reality, math and physics. May cause some to tremble in despair”

        5. I ran out of gas! I got a flat tire! I didn’t have change for cab fare! I lost my tux at the cleaners! I locked my keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!
          Had to look it up and then watch it.

        6. “If you find yourself trembling in despair for more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical treatment.”

    2. I’m particularly annoyed by this quote: “You’ve seen all these school shooters: pathetic beta males. Who have no girlfriend. Just imagine how many less there’d be, if they had been bullied early, and often.”
      Yes bullying can create shooters but what do you expect? To bully somebody and alienate them from society and at some point they will not retaliate? They don’t need more bullying but less IMO.

      1. I think the bullying itself is less the issue and more if/how the kids are taught to handle bullies. Most aren’t and so they get increasingly frustrated as they see no way to make it stop until they snap. Now I’m not advocating that bullying is great and everyone should be bullying each other, but schoolyard bullies have always existed and always will. Instead of trying to more and more silly pass policies to stop it, let’s teach our children how to handle it:

        1. One of the first lessons my dad taught me was don’t take shit from a bully. I wonder how many of these kids would have formed out if their parent, I don’t care which one, taught them not to take shit from anyone.

        2. Exactly. I lost count of how many times I recieved a beating from a bully, but none of them expected me to keep fighting even after losing. The few times I won it was on account of grabbing a weapon like a thick stick or rock, but literally within hours the boys mother would come over.

        3. In my family, you never start a fight, but you always end it. If you got your ass kicked outside, you’d get an ass whooping inside. Victory was given a nod of approval by the patriarchs. Which meant a lot more at the time than it sounds like, now.

        4. My wife and I have the same mindset with our children:
          -Don’t start fights, but sure as hell finish them.
          -If one of your siblings is being picked on, you better get your ass in there and help.
          -If you don’t protect your siblings, you’re going to wish you did when you get home.
          -Don’t worry about the school admin if you didn’t start the fight. I’ll take care of them.

        5. That’s the same attitude I’m giving my kids. I’m not going to let the schools he seems to teach him to bend over and take it.

    3. Start with 1970s sitcoms like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Barney Miller

        1. Is that red pill? havent watched a rerun since I was little. Fonzie jumping a shark was neato though

        2. I haven’t watched it since I was in Jr. High so I’m not too sure myself. I think the Fonz might be pretty red pill. Walked into rooms and assumed the women were his no matter what. The rest of them….meh.

        3. Chachi was a player. Got with a much older Joanie. Fell in love, and got themselves a sitcom

        4. Yeah, but that episode was about the time that Happy Days jumped the shark….
          …oh, wait…

        5. As I recall, while all of the guys were still in high school, he was super cool alpha. After that they really went bizarre with his character.

      1. If that is not a thing, it should be…stupid magnifying glass jammed into one of his boxing gloves

        1. A friend of mine told me about it after the first episode aired. I got an email “Mike Tyson Mysteries. Google it. You’re welcome”

      2. Yes yes yes!
        Possibly best show on tv.
        Mike bites.

        Pigeon is awesome.

        I swear i nearly soiled mu shorts when i heard norm macdonald and mike tyson were making a show together.

        1. What about when he meets the fat woman with three kids and she tells the team her whole story and mystery and after she is done he just says “wait…..someone fucked you three times?”

        2. Marquess is, first of all, a totally brilliant name……that mike basically calls him Marcus is so fucking hilarious to me.
          So much good in the show. Like when mike is blinded. I will just rely on my other senses. Like my sense of humor.

        3. Carmel mcarthur is a reclusive author.

          Holyfield knows about mike bites.
          One of the best things on tv ever.
          And lil mini mike thing after the credits is always fantastic.

        4. This if fucking hilarious! How have I not heard about this yet? Is it on Netlifx or another streaming service?

        5. I will, but you have to binge watch Archer at the same time.

        6. Archer was fun and all for the first couple of seasons but was it really what this place’d call “red pill”?

        7. Dude is a major cocky ass player who never passes an opportunity to score pussy. He has ZFG about anybody on this quest. Seems PUA 101.

        8. With enough “mommy issues” to be the modern Oedipus, willingly slept with the “Moby Dick” of landwhales and can’t kick his Lana Kane addiction.

  6. Some of the quoted lines are funny, but overall I never really got this guy. His trolling at a Ted Talk never really struck me as anything other than weird.

    1. There is the one in which he trolls a room full of new yorkian hipster faggots, start by calling them hipster faggots and then does a monologue on the danger of the gay agenda that I think you will like.

      1. seems like the attention whoring faggot calling the attention whoring faggots attention whoring faggots to me.

      2. Wow, this is fucking amazing. I don’t care if this is just trolling. homosexual culture, life, whatever is simply repulsive. I have a very hard time accepting that people are not fully aware of what homosexuality truly is. The bit about pedophilia is spot on. When I’m out and about I just can’t bring myself to believe that the majority of people are going to be “accepting” of pedophilia, but, that is the next stop on this depravity train. He is right in referencing media and that explains a lot of homosexual popularity. All these tv shows paint homosexuals in an extremely favorable light…they’re incredibly embellished and idealized. Its that false image that deceives people, I very much believe. And so this is and “they” (homosexuals) are deceivers. People do choose ignorance because it is convenient to conform and believe the mass produced lie that homosexuals aren’t fisting each other but they are. Trolling or not, nothing that he said was false…NOTHING. The lie is too great and homosexuals are too flawed. The bit about not disclosing aids might be true or not…BUT, bug chasers most certainly exist! I like Milo, but, I had it with homosexuals…I honestly just want to be left alone but they fucking INSIST to be in everything and everywhere. But, trolling or not, I feel their is a change coming in the zeitgeist. Sooner or later the depravity will be too much to contain and not amount of “will and graces” will be able to keep it suppressed. I suspect when “they” attempt to legitimize pedophilia the line will be crossed and finally the much needed push back will occur.

  7. Should we really be worried about television and making in-roads on television? Don’t get me wrong, because I’m surprised and pleased that a show like this exists, but television (and newspapers/”journalism”) needs to die. It will always be a tool of the elites and used as such, no matter how many little bones they throw to those of us who live in reality.
    Seems to me like it would be smarter to make sure the internet isn’t taken over by the UN or whatever than to give a shit about what shows are on tv.

    1. hey. you shouldn’t knock television. Did you know that in 2008 when Kim Kardashian was promoting Keeping up with the Kardashians, she met a kid in Russia that didn’t know how to count, she told him to believe in himself and never quit fighting to live his dreams. That kid was Albert Einstein. Inspiration right there.

    1. I read up until 5’1 180 lbs. After that all the words just disappeared off the page the way that Marty McFly disappeared out of the photo after his mom fell in love with him in the past. It’s like, as soon as I had this information this woman ceased to exist and as such this article was never written and no amount of Marvin Berry playing Earth Angel will even snap it back into existence.

        1. Thanks mate. Heh.
          They hate it when somebody comes in all logical and calm with a load of Hate-Truth for them to be microaggressed by.

        2. I am absolutely going to steal that line and use it right before I get banned, heh.

        3. Is it wrong to find so much pleasure in triggering so many feminists simultaneously?

        4. The best way to eat as much ice cream as possible is to throw it in the microwave, then drink it down, then repeat until you get to 23 pints or so

      1. she also has an article where she extolls the virtues of getting smashed by her friend’s husbands.

        1. I read alot off and on line. In fact, another blog mentioned ROK 2 years ago which brought me here.

    2. I was banned too. And I was coldly logical like Spock with very little invective. They simply cannot handle a difference of view. How Soviet.
      Feminists – no sense of humor. What a sad sorry lot of little cunts who sit around fantasizing about being put in their place.

      1. In all honesty, some of their responses were pretty damn funny. But mostly I was shocked at how cynical these “enlightened women” truly are, esp on the subject of sex & relationships. I’ve never been one to subscribe to the notion that every feminist just craves a good Dickens Cider.. but now I wonder.

        1. These kinds of episodes are perfect crucibles to learn from.

        2. And they are still going at you. Its like these damn wasps by my barn who were literally burnt crispy and still trying to sting anything around them.

        3. Yeah, once it was clear I was banned then they heaped on to feel “validated”. Because frankly, women are cowardly little dorks who feel “empowered” when they can silence a male voice of reason.
          Giving them the vote was one of the worst ideas in human history.

      2. I’m particularly amused at how they piled on and went apeshit after I couldn’t reply. They’re so weak.

        1. Wish I found the leak but there’s a gem on Liveleak about a mouthy UFC-type lesbian goading on a giant black man (lesbian partner filming everything of course).
          When all ends, the two slink away claiming victory when any observer realizes she would have been destroyed.

    3. After reading thru the comments, I’m starting a new Facebook page.. “The sexual tension between ROK and XOJane readers” 😉

  8. It’s just a hook and it’s shame that you’re promoting here.
    The reason the censorship allows few non-PC productions like this is get you back in the television audience. Once you’ll have watched this comedy, you will be subjected to other indoctrination like commercials, news, documentaries, etc.
    If one’s red pill one would have thrown the TV set long long time ago and not look back. I’ve ditched mine more than 15 year back and now if catch a glimpse of TV elsewhere it makes me physically sick.

      1. Yeah, that block-function is a disgrace. I only block full trolls (Muhammad Muhammad and lolknee) but I don’t get why one could block Unabashed. The fact that you got Fry as your profile pic is proof enough that you’re a cool dude.

        1. he blocks me because I pointed out that he is an effeminate little wierdo loser that would sooner come up with Rube Goldberg level conspiracy absurdness than admit that maybe he should take some responsibility for his own life and not be such a pathetic wuss.

        2. I seriously doubt there is anyone in the world who would have assumed otherwise. I do sodomize more and younger women though. All things being equal, I will take that trade

        3. No. You make some worthy posts, but get sensitve when you hit some flak/ critisism/ ball breaking replies.
          Lighten up Francis.

        4. And before you ask, “what do you mean by lighten up Francis?” It Comes from an old 80’s movie called “Stripes.”

        5. “an old 80’s movie called ‘Stripes’”
          It sucks that I’ve lived long enough to witness this sentence.

  9. These are a few personal favourites. The first two are 2-3 min sketches, and the last one imo is his magnum opus for stand-up… I think it’s his most mature performance where he has total command of his audience.
    The first one imo is a must watch though because he was trolling the red-pill community way back in 2012. Shows how ahead of the times he can be.

    1. Why the hell can I see your comment? I blocked you. Is that your new account? Just stop creating accounts.

      1. lmfao blocked me? And here I thought this was the ‘thick skin’ type of crowd lol Sorry honey you arent nearly important enough to go through all the trouble of making a new account lmfao GTFO BAHAHAHAHAH

    1. saw that coming. I know there is a lot of Bourdain hate around these parts, but I think the guy is cool.

      1. No doubt. Her waaay too flirty instagram account telegraphed what was coming. 20- plus yr age difference did em in

        1. He will be fine. He went through a phase, got some old man tattoos, married a Brazilian judo chick. At the end of the day, this guy is a millionaire, a good author and has a job where he travels the world and gets drunk with locals and gets paid serious bank to do it.

        2. Of all the women he could have had he went for a Brazilian 4 that’s going to divorce rape him. Shows lack of judgement on his part. Liked his book and show though……

        3. No one says he has great judgment. However, he does have a lot of talent, a shit ton of earning potential, enough fame and cool persona to keep him in young twat for the next 500 years and pretty much the coolest fucking job in the universe.

        4. So what? The man got lucky, that’s it. He’s an average “chef” and a former heroin addict…if he didn’t strike gold he’d be a loser. His lack of judgement to marry that shitfuck says everything. Yeah, he’ll have money, but, does the guy that won the lottery. I don’t watch his shit anymore, its the same crap. And if you think about it, its kind of pathetic. Instead of living that life people live through him and watch him eat and drink. And lets talk about shows about eating…just the other day they said that the US military has never been fatter. Gee, wonder why.

        5. I like him. I think he is a talented writer who has a sense of humor that jives with my own. I don’t care that he was a former heroin addict. That he did drugs means very little to me. His books have all be fun to read, insightful and generally terrific.
          I don’t think he “just” hit the lottery. He was a fair to midland chef who wrote a book that very well might have totally sunk his entire fucking career. That took balls. The book took off and so on and so forth. He displayed both talent and courage in changing his life from chef to author and then eventually tv personality. He displayed a lot of fortitude when he essentially told food tv to fuck themselves and bashed guys like Emeril and Sandra Lee really fucking hard when he was trying to get into a business that they totally dominated.
          It is true about shows that are just about eating and you are right about people being fatter for sure. That said, I found his shows super interesting. It was cool to see the places he went to and things he did and cultures he got access to on unprecedented levels. I actually really like the guy. He made some bad choices with women and spent some time getting high when he was younger. I don’t hold that against a man.

        6. “…just the other day they said that the US military has never been fatter.”
          Unfortunately that is true. For us gen X vets, I am amazed how fat the over population has become.

        7. “that’s going to divorce rape him”… Type “anthony bourdain wife” into google and look at the latest headlines. Nailed it.

        8. Why thank yo…oh, wait, thought you were talking about me.

        9. lolknee is a fucking gatekeeper troll. Why does ROK allow this guy to post and not block his ass?
          I made an account just to say this. He talks about all the pussy he crushes and how valuable he is and yet he somehow has time to make multiple posts on literally every article published here DAILY.
          He’s either a paid troll, a toll bridge collector – sitting alone in a booth or is jerking off in his mother’s basement.
          It’s obvious he has an agenda – he is a contrarian nihilist. People like this guy are the reason RETURN OF KINGS EXISTS. He offers nothing to the world.All he is here for is to make snarky remarks and feign intelligence. This guy doesn’t have a single original idea. But somehow thinks his contribution to the comment section makes him special lol!

        10. You made an account just for me. I feel so loved. You even did your best to show that you have the logic of a 12 year old girl.
          Thank you. You totally made my day.
          Now that you have been a tough guy to a stranger on the internet maybe you can finally get some rest. I hope you haven’t been planning your big attack all week. I’d hate to think you have been obsessing about me.
          As a side note: I’m not gay. While I am flattered by the attention I must tell you that I simply am not a homosexual.

        11. “all week” don’t flatter yourself. I just wrote that message in 30 seconds. I come here occasionally. Lately I’ve seen your comments littering rok and wanted to say something.
          rok used to be a more cohesive place. its sad that betas masquerading as anything but are infiltrating this website. selfish nihilists like yourself offer nothing but temporary entertainment for other bitter people like yourself roaming this side of the internet.
          And you do it all for what? a few “likes” on disqus?. lol. jesus. got to keep that steady drip of validation going huh? gotta make sure that everyone knows you’ve read books huh? lol you don’t want to feel like all the reading you’ve done along the way is all for naught do you?
          go out into the real world and do something. you speak with such self-importance but here you are on a pick up artist website trying to wax poetic and be “philosophical”.
          it’s funny that a self-proclaimed nihilist sure seems to need to spray his intellectual and verbal diarrhea all over this site at the same time pretending it all means nothing to you.
          just say it – you want our love.

    1. Me too. Well that was interesting. There is lots of man hate and wild hysterical emotions coming out of those reprobates.

      1. funny, all my comments were deleted but I didn’t get banned. I feel left out.

        1. Half of mine were deleted so that you only see the little cunts snarking at me with no context, and some were left up. I was of course banned, because “calm reasoned arguments trigger females!”.

  10. Can someone please explain “Peanut Arbuckle”? This is the second reference I’ve seen in as many days.. and even GIYF is no help.

  11. I didn’t watch any of it, don’t sound like my kind of thing. I’m more of a black and white Andy Griffith type. Barney was a PUA and Andy was smooth like Keith Stone.

    1. Lol! That Barney thing, fantastic, hadn’t thought of that. Dude had his game down pat AND he carried a single bullet! Smooth operator…

      1. If you’re a good enough shot, one is enough and he had that player suit for when he was off duty. He was the man.

  12. “You’ve seen all these school shooters: pathetic beta males. Who have no
    girlfriend. Just imagine how many less there’d be, if they had been
    bullied early, and often.”
    Why is the solution always this? More bullying, shaming, ridicule until they man up and conform? This a tool suffragettes and feminists used to get things the way they are. The way the government and other manipulators get what they want. The bullying doesn’t create alphas. If does anything it positive it creates a ‘fuck you I’ll do as I want’ attitude in the victims. Only the weak conform because some group of assholes bully him. So a beta stays a beta.
    Furthermore school shootings have nothing to little to do with ‘beta males’ they have to do with the design of the modern public schools. What they do to kids, their prison like systems, procedures, and architecture.

    1. Because it works. It’s a hierarchical tool. You either learn that you’re weak and a follower, or you learn to stand up for yourself. It makes men when it goes the later route, which it often does. Bullies are almost always weaklings empowered for 1 or less years by a “growth spurt”. Men learning to stand up and fight back against bullies is what is of value.

      1. Bullying is a tool of the government school system. Bullies are just capos. Yes it teaches animal hierarchy. But not alpha behavior. That wouldn’t be tolerable. It teaches boys to serve. To obey. To conform. When a boy stands up for himself the school itself, the system will come down on him. It’s even worse if he wins the fights. The more the child does not conform and does not progress to his role of fungible human resource the worse it will get.
        The government doesn’t want men who stand up for themselves. They want men who cave to authority. To police. To military*. To politicians. To bureaucrats. That’s one of the primary reasons why we have these schools. They want betas to be produced and that’s why bullying is a functional part of the schools and will never go away until we get rid of this system.
        It doesn’t produce alphas. It’s not designed to. Zero tolerance and everything like it were refinements to the system. To find a way to condition the few boys who did fight and wouldn’t go along. Wouldn’t conform. Shows them the system will punish them. Teach them to fear what authority can do to them. Teach them that standing up for themselves has real and tangible costs.
        *The military uses its own forms of bullying to produce fungible soldiers who do what they are told to do, not men who punch their commanding officer in the face.

        1. I can see where you are coming from, but I respectfully disagree. I got bullied a bit in middle school, I think because I looked older than I was. 18 yr. olds would try to start shit with me when I was 12. At first I did not know what to do with myself so I just stood there like a dumbfounded moron while this guy is pea-cocking 2 inches in front of my face. I did just stare him in the eyes but I never said or did anything. One day I decided I had enough of this guys shit and fought him.
          He never bothered me again, nor anyone else for that matter for the remainder of my school years. The system did not punish either of us because this kind of thing always happened off school property back in my day, I suppose because we were all smart about it I guess. Nobody in “authority” ever knew about it.

        2. Sounds like you were bullied a lot but didn’t pass the test (no offense). Bullies were around long before public schools. Boys like to fight and are kinetic, they have lots of time and energy.
          And standing up to a bully does teach independence.

        3. Bullying is a tool of the government school system.
          This is just weird, and doesn’t make any sense.
          I think you don’t understand how being young and being bullied/fighting back works. I can assure you from plenty of personal experience it’s not some grand conspiracy.

        4. Here you go making it personal again when you can’t defend your argument. Bullies serve a function in the modern public schools. That doesn’t mean they didn’t exist prior. Logic. Use it. As the modern public schools have matured they have “fought” bullying by continually stronger handcuffs on the targets of bullying. First it was anyone who fights on school grounds making the victim subject to punishment. Then it was zero tolerance. In recent years schools have been punishing kids who fight off school grounds. Handcuffing the target of bullying from fighting back does not and cannot serve the beneficial purposes you claim. It only serves the need of the state.
          Oh, and since you’re so got-damn’d curious about me personally, I didn’t have the pleasure of going to school in the 1950s or 60s or early 70s when if a boy beat up his attackers that was considered justice. From the first grade on if I fought back I would be punished. The only thing available to me was to goad them into attacking one on one after school, away from school. Where I kicked their asses. They always wanted rematches and I would kick the shit out of them again. Twice each for those brave enough. They never bothered me outside of school again after a few fights. But they were protected in school, they knew it, and I knew I would be punished for defending myself and they took full advantage. Never once did they land a punch that hurt. However, I got my conditioning clear as day. Time after time. I can fight back but the authorities would step in and do more lasting harm to me than the bullies could.

        5. One bully? Outside of school? That’s all? I beat the shit out of a few of them. When I could get them fight one on one outside of school. By the time I was 12 they were too chicken shit to fight me where the adults didn’t protect them and almost never alone. In school they were protected because the school staff would allow them to do what they wanted and the moment I fought back the teachers and administrators would step in to punish me. By the seventh grade just one of them hitting me was enough for a suspension until my mother put up a stink. They would believe whatever the bullies (I was always but once attacked by a group) said. There were at least six of them and one of me so I must be the liar. I never had a fair fight after the fifth grade. The ones I could find outside of school, the ones that lived close enough to me never bothered me after age 11.
          Since I was in grade school it’s only gotten worse. The schools now punish for anything they learn about. They fight bullying by handcuffing the target of it. That says everything and cancels any beneficial effects. It creates effects that are good for the state. This beneficial effect argument only works if the schools don’t punish those who are attacked and let them beat the living shit out of their attackers, in school, in the classroom, in the halls, bathrooms, locker rooms, libraries, before school, after school, on the bus, and anywhere and any time else. But that’s not done. What is done is to condition children that they will be punished by an authority that can do a lot more harm to their lives. The ones doing the bullying are going to be cops or selling women’s shoes. The ones being bullied are ones that have to protect their academic standing.

        6. I had a similar experience (1980s) in public school. I matured really late. When I was 15 years old I looked 12. Needless to say I was a target.
          However, I was pretty good at Judo and was adept at inflicting tracheal crushing chokes, which came in handy when I was assaulted.
          I ended up getting punished worse than my attacker, who if they were important members of one of the school’s sports teams, received no disciplinary action what so ever. Getting punished for defending myself kind of screwed me up in my youth. I became more afraid of the punishments from the authorities than the actual attacks.

        7. Exactly. The punishments for fighting back were what was to be feared. The bullies had no power of their own.

        8. Beating the bully is one thing, beating the system is another. Neither is done with brawn alone. It’s all a massive shit test.

        9. Agreed, but how does an eleven or twelve year old fight a system of adults that wasn’t even explained to him? These are children being subjected to a system of adults. And since women generally rule the elementary schools it doesn’t work out very well for boys. All their models are based off of little girls for one and it gets worse from there.
          Then there is the fundamental design of american government schools. I didn’t understand my school experiences until I read John Taylor Gatto’s “The underground history of american education”. Then it all made sense. I understood how I had unknowingly made myself their target by doing my own self-learning right in front of them among other things.

        10. For me it was lots of studying the system and of course trial and error, I used to get in trouble often. I certainly did not not have things figured out at age 12, however by the time I was a senior in high school I had a decent grasp of things and could pretty much stand my own, at least in that world anyway.
          For example, the school principal hated me, my senior year he tried to make an example out of me in the auditorium in front of an assembly (he was acting no different really than the bullies in grade school). Using my wits I pushed his buttons enough that he called me a loser and threatened to beat me up in front of the assembly. I just said bring it big boy throw the first punch and see what happens, he realized his mistake of berating and threatening violence on a student, very publicly no less. He ended up just walking out of the auditorium red faced, leaving me standing in front of the assembly. That was my final shit test in school, the “system” stopped bothering me for the rest of the year, and due to that public stunt the principal pulled on me, I gained lots of respect from both faculty and students as I’d cut the head off the snake.

        11. My problems had ended by the time HS started. I was too big for other kids to bother with and the teachers would on very rare occasion try to assert intellectual dominance. They would as often lose as win.

        12. Heh yeah I used to do the same with my teachers. A couple of them enjoyed my engaging their attempts and outwitting them in which it became an almost daily game, however the rest hated it so much I was always targeted or given detention for made up shit , which I never attended… which pissed them off even more. Hence the principals eventual last stand and my proverbial taking of his crown in front of a packed assembly.

  13. Doug Stanhope just put out another good anti-pc show called No Place Like Home. I’ll definitely check out this Adult Swim show.

  14. damn, that “world peace” sketch in episode 2 was ruthless, savage and (in a Dave Chappelle is Rick James voice) COLD BLOODED!

  15. I’ve been following Sam for a few years, the guy is hilarious! Check out Brooklyn fashion, fucking gold. Also the migrant crisis.

  16. Love this show. Reminds me of Tim and Eric (unfortunatly Tim Heideker cucks alot).
    The Wall Show is gold.

  17. Awesome show-glad to see its catching on. The sketch about the wine party where he throws the guy’s wife through a table and smacks her in the head on the way down is gold.

  18. Ok, this guy is funny as hell…got time to see some of the sketches since I am an out of work Mechanical Engineer at the moment….

  19. I don’t pay for cable, but I bought this show on itunes. 14.95 for hi-def it’s 9.99 for SD. Support your local shitlords.

  20. Why omit the biggest red pill of all, “Jews Rock” with close ups of all the jews backstage observing and coordinating everything on Cartoon Network?

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