Lena Dunham And The Hollowness Of Millennial Girls

Last week saw one of the most embarrassing temper tantrums ever thrown in public, when Girls creator and feminist activist Lena Dunham went into a “rage spiral” at people calling her a child molester based on quotes from her own memoir. In Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham’s 300-page paean to the awesomeness of Lena Dunham, our plucky rich girl heroine describes sexually abusing her younger sister in ways that would land someone with less money—and more conservative views—in prison:

One day, as I sat in our driveway in Long Island playing with blocks and buckets, my curiosity got the best of me. Grace was sitting up, babbling and smiling, and I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina. She didn’t resist and when I saw what was inside I shrieked.

My mother came running. “Mama, Mama! Grace has something in there!”

My mother didn’t bother asking why I had opened Grace’s vagina. This was within the spectrum of things I did. She just got on her knees and looked for herself. It quickly became apparent that Grace had stuffed six or seven pebbles in there. My mother removed them patiently while Grace cackled, thrilled that her prank had been a success.

After the red mist cleared, Dunham threatened to sue Truth Revolt for calling her what she called herself—a sexual predator—and tried to defend herself by claiming that other people did weird stuff when they were kids too! Uh Lena, no, we haven’t. “Weird” is sticking a fork in an electrical socket. Giving your toddler sister a gynecological exam then bragging about it in a book is sick.

The most remarkable thing about Dunham’s tales of incestuous molestation is that it took this long for them to become public. Not That Kind of Girl was released in September, yet the only reviewer to even mention these segments was Jezebel’s Jia Tolentino, who described Dunham’s vaginal spreading as “welcome,” “old-fashioned” and “childish.” Then again, seeing as Dunham had to resort to having her father Carroll blurb the book, maybe the lit-press was just playing a game of Let’s Not and Say We Did.


The Girls Are Not Alright

My primary experience with Lena Dunham was watching the first season of Girls, in one of my bizarre episodes where I try to understand how “ordinary fuckin’ people” think. It’s one of the most spectacularly lazy TV shows I’ve ever seen, a poorly-written mess that queefs pure concentrated smug in your face. Girls is basically the daughters of the elite (all of the show’s main stars have rich and famous daddies) playing dress-up with HBO’s money.

At the time I watched the first season, folks in the manosphere were claiming that Girls was somehow “red pill,” oblivious to how the show took basic truths and spun them to justify female piggishness and vanity. The show is clearly written to frame Hannah (Dunham’s character) as sympathetic, whether she’s stealing tips from underpaid Mexican maids or breaking her beau Adam’s heart because… well, she doesn’t have a reason. The second season took this wish fulfillment to even more ridiculous levels, featuring an episode where the dumpy, titless Hannah somehow rejects a man who’s far more attractive than him after leading him on for days.

Assuming there’s any point to Girls beyond rich girl vanity, it’s cultural inoculation: taking the truly dangerous ideas of the manosphere and killing them in a lab to vaccinate the female population. Girls is about telling the most narcissistic, damaged generation of women in American history that their bad choices are not their fault, they’re special just the way they are, and anyone who protests this is just a sexist meanie who wants to put them down. That’s about as “red pill” as the SPLC Intelligence Report.


They Are The Stuffed Women, Leaning Together, Headpiece Filled With Straw

Because of her work on Girls, Lena Dunham has been lauded as the “voice” of the Millennial generation, which is enough to make me wish the GenXers would adopt me. Most sensible people would scoff at the idea of a trust-fund nihilist from Brooklyn being the voice of anyone, but I’m not so sure anymore.

Lena Dunham is the embodiment of the Millennial woman. Raised by permissive parents, her head filled with affirmations of her own wonderfulness, shielded from the negative consequences of her actions, she is a monster. Having never known pain, she has no empathy and cannot acknowledge the humanity of those around her. Her friends, lovers, family members are mere tools in her quest for narcissistic supply. She has no soul, only a black hole that sucks in everything and crushes it.

And before the usual suspects come in, yes, many of these criticisms also apply to Millennial men. But Millennial women wield far more power than men in mainstream culture. The majority of TV watchers and moviegoers are women; virtually all consumer spending is controlled by women; politicians jockey for the female vote by conjuring up mythical “wars” on women and creating fake “Women’s Equality Parties” to win extra votes. Outside of video games, nobody gives a crap what the Millennial male thinks, so he’s left to masturbate in the corner alone.

The Millennial woman is an intellectual vacuum. She cannot form true relationships, so she compensates with social media, the crack pipe of Twitter and Facebook giving validation to her existence. She pops Prozac like candy to quell her feelings of suicidal ideation. She covers herself in tattoos and piercings as a narcissistic defense mechanism: aware of her own vapidity, she clothes herself in markings to keep people from seeing the truth. She inflates the molehills of her life—“street harassment,” “date rape,” having to pay for her own birth control—into mountains because she has no real problems.

Sex is where the Millennial woman displays the true extent of her dysfunction. Too autistic to handle a real-life conversation, she retreats to the safety of Tinder, where she can filter out all men who don’t perfectly match her narcissistic fantasy. Her feminine instincts dulled by mass media, she resorts to imitating the phony moans of porn stars, her every motion as mechanistic as a sexbot. Incapable of true emotional intimacy, she substitutes it with the spiritual junk food that is meaningless hookups.

So long as the Instagram likes and Tinder matches keep piling up, she’ll never have to confront her inner emptiness.

Lena Dunham is their spokesgirl, a woman so clueless that she thinks that she can write about prying her sister’s vagina open and think people won’t find it disgusting. Note that her parents didn’t bother telling her that she shouldn’t be playing with her sister’s loins. After all, telling young Lena that something was bad might have made her sad, and we can’t very well have that, now can we? Dunham has even confirmed her narcissism by claiming she views her sister as an “extension” of herself, as opposed to an autonomous person with her own consciousness, wants and needs.

This is why the white girl “intelligentsia,” from Jia Tolentino to Salon’s Emily Gould, are closing ranks to defend Dunham. According to their own ideology, they are helping to perpetuate rape culture by making excuses for Dunham’s kiddie-diddling. They don’t care because deep down, they know that Dunham is just a more extreme version of themselves. They cannot condemn her without negating their own existences.


This Is The Way The World Ends

Whenever a man criticizes the way women behave, the default reaction is that it’s always his fault somehow. “You’re just choosing the wrong girls.” “Like attracts like.” “Not all women are like that!” When I was young, dumb, and full of cum, I actually believed it. But you can only thrust your hand into an open flame for so long before your flesh catches fire.

With just one exception, the most fulfilling relationships I’ve had were with girls who were either non-American, significantly older (mid-thirties and up) or younger than me (young like 18-19 young, you perverts). Why? They treated me like a human being and not a supporting actor in the stage play of their lives. The social retardation and narcissism endemic to Millennials is a curse all their own. No, not every Millennial woman is a vapid narcissist, but not every apple in a basket has to have a worm in it to convince people to toss the whole thing aside.

And remember: these girls are next in line to run the country. The girls who think being a portly, rich, child-touching narcissist is something to aspire to.

God help us all.

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      1. Or if you’re a guy who GLOATS and enjoys watching America collapse. I’m very happy to see the white race dying out. No more white race equals no more moralfaggotry, no more feminism, etc.
        White people are lame as shit.
        -Signed, a self-hating white

        1. ” It requires buying in to or creating a new community, and being trustworthy enough to lead it.”
          Implying that I am not going to start a cult one day.

        2. Implying that I haven’t already started a cult movement called the Boycott American Women movement. Check out the new blog, by the way! BoycottAmericanWomen DOT com

        3. Just read the article. It is actually quite interesting and poses an interesting question about the beta/alpha dichotomy.
          Would you rather be a “beta” amongst Spartans, or would you rather be an “alpha” amongst a group of manginas?
          There is far more glory in being beta amongst a group upholding a powerful cause than being the king of mount bullshit.

        4. I’m very happy to see the white race dying out.

          Well, at least you’ve vindicated the White GeNOcide types who lurk RoK. They will rejoice to hear a Jewish person openly admit this. As if the innumerable subversive ‘-isms’ weren’t proof enough.

      2. @zphyer6:disqus
        “5’s who think that they’re 10’s” are becoming more and more prevalent in our society.
        Credit goes to Tom Leykis on the quote.

        1. In america anyway, half the female population is obese. All a woman has to do is be under 150 pounds to be called pretty. I don’t understand how men fuck these women. As a man I can’t fake attraction, I can’t fake a boner. Who’s fucking these women and validating their egos? Does viagra make ugly women look pretty?

    1. No, it’s not all that matters. These women will be pushing their ideology onto their children, which will then be passed to their children, etc. If you don’t have children, then this is pretty meaningless to you. However, I do have children. I don’t want my son to grow up in an even more emasculated world, and I certainly don’t want my daughters to end up like Dunham’s ilk.

    2. “Who cares if they’re hollow? They’re easy as fuck. Isn’t that all that matters?”
      Enjoy the herpes and HPV.

  1. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Unnecessary article, you just make her even more popular.

    1. Not saying anything (for years) has been the real problem. Turning a blind eye because it’s a woman is the real problem, today, If you know anything (or learn anything) about women, then it’s they need to (or liked) to be called out on their shit (just say no). They’ll respect a man for it.
      PR can only go so far (yes, even bad PR). I’ve been around for quite awhile and I’ve seen it.

  2. In a sane and just society, a filthy beast like Lena Dunham would be hauled in front of a judge and convicted of a sex crime. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a sane and just society anymore.

    1. Agree. If a man came out with that book making those statements, then it would have been “off with his head” by the female crowd and her white knights.
      It’s a female so it’s dismissed as a “harmless, childish” act. You have to love the hypocrisy.

      1. We live in a society where all men are assumed to be creepy perverts for no reason whatsoever, while women can broadcast their perversions to the world and still come out as the “victim”.

        1. Exactly. A woman can walk up to any other woman’s baby and get right in the baby’s face and start talking about how cute some stranger’s baby is. Any baby who crosses her path. Men can’t do that without provoking a gut level fear reaction from the baby’s mother.

  3. Points taken in this article. But be forewarned, people: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Megan Trainor are also trust fund girls. And it shows in their self-obsessed, inwardly-directed music — music that no critic today will call them out on. Why do we have rich girls setting the cultural agenda? Why is the media not bringing this up? This is a major switch from Gen X, where women from Mariah to Gwen were self-made.

    1. The media, today, owns many of these artists (or the company that represents them). A big switch from years ago.
      Plus, the consumers who purchase the works of these “artists” are mostly female or beta males so it’s a win-win for corporate America and these consumers.
      Taylor Swift’s music, alone, tells any sane person that she needs some type of therapy. We probably won’t see the downfall of her until she hits rehab, jail, etc…like so many others in her age range.

      1. What’s odd is that from all accounts, outside of her awful music, Swift is actually conservative politically. Or so I’ve heard from a few independent sources. If that’s true, and it may not be but still, then I wonder why she would continue down the horrible line she’s on musically.

      1. New age Mariah Carey. Similar sex appeal, half the curves, as powerful a voice, and latest recruit froom the childhood grooming Corp of stars called Nickelodeon.

      2. Ariana is the latest in a long line of pre-packaged Disney-bred “pop princesses” the youth of America buys. Corporate pop to the extreme and I wonder why no one questions why the youth of today are like lemmings with this. When early Gen X-ers took to teenybopper stuff like New Kids on the Block, Boomer critics had nothing but criticism. Why is there no criticism now? At least New Kids had some street cred and weren’t as corporate.

        1. Ugh…the Disney or Nick pop singer mill is in full swing.
          Terrible music fed to mostly female and beta boy consumers.

        2. To be fair, she has an amazing voice. Much more musically talented than Swift and Katy Perry and the like.

      1. Yep. Australian slut (I’m sorry to say, being australian) who does nothing but create and provoke drama to draw attention to herself. talking about guys she’s blown, why she’s blown them, etc. etc. Lame.

    2. Female “musicians” are no longer expected to learn an instrument or write their own songs. All they have to do is master being attention whores.

    3. How common is the trust fund thing among people in general? I never met anyone with that. Some people got help with college, but that’s it.

      1. There’s a lot of misconceptions about trusts, in my opinion. They’re not for only the super-rich. In addition to the prevalent reasons for creating a trust (dynasty income, estate tax planning, and, as you mention, post-high school education), there’s benefits of which every day people can take advantage.
        For instance, one of the biggest pluses is probate avoidance. They can also be helpful, if technically sound, for engaging in pre-emptive shielding of divorce-rape. They help special-needs individuals live as fruitful a life possible, and allow for family to take care of impoverished kin while not precluding government assistance for long-term care.
        They can help establish guardianships for minor children and take the place of powers of attorney with ambiguous fiduciary standards fraught with potential for abuse.
        And as a contract, they’re much less susceptible to challenge, unlike, say, a will.

    4. See you are onto something there. That one point alone could be used on their entire culture.
      There are plenty of pissed off poor people to fuel that.

  4. It’s honestly a great show and i would encourage anyone to watch it. i watch and play this omnipotent narrator. Shoshannah the Jewish girl is the only one who is seemingly not corrupted by modernity. her cousin who may or may not be Jewish the the archetypical fallen female that sucks betas dry. But in Dunahams work she is highly self loathing. she embodies everything she hates. She almost gives the perfect reasons to be against everything that she represents. even bases her parents soft liberal attitudes as a reason for her own destruction. She dates black men(Childish Gambino) and portrays them as men that can only get with fat white women. Girls would be the show that Goebbels would use as propaganda against feminism. But there is one thing missing in all the chaos and its constantly raised throughout Girls. Why does no man stop and intervene? Why with all the chaos and destruction that they cause for themselves and others. Why does no man or by extension society give them any guidance? They sleep with doctors, bankers, street thugs,hipsters and mental nut cases. . No one gives them guidance.

    1. Yes, jews are the most intelligent people and that is why they are capable of deciding for themselves what kind of lifestyle or culture they want to follow. Jews have enough intelligence to be self aware, whereas whites and other races are not so intelligent and are basically autistic as fuck.

      1. We may share a religion, but that’s about as far as we agree.
        Seriously, bro… Please get off my team.

        1. This ALPHA.MALE is a professional troll. I am surprised every poster has not yet realized this. He is always trying to make us look bad with embellishments and exaggerations, but he is subtle so gets away with it frequently.

        2. The fact that you dumb goyim don’t realize that I am deadly serious shows how dumb you are.

      2. What the Jews have right now is tight community bonds due to their history of persecution. They identify with each other and have established a common agenda. From what I’ve experienced, Jews currently have strong institutional power and keep themselves in higher rank through nepotism… sometimes unfairly.
        I’ve known Jews personally that get into high rank despite noticeable incompetence. What is bothersome about this is that no one is allowed to openly question them about it.
        “Why did you get to enter that program without fulfilling the necessary requirements?” “Shut up Clark, he’s Jewish, we don’t say those kinds of things.”
        I have many Jewish friends and have no ill-will towards them, but I am willing to question them and judge them as a group of individuals. I know plenty of intelligent people of all races, and the arrogance of your comment only breeds negative feelings towards the Jewish tribe.
        Honestly, if any groups that I’ve known get my vote for higher-than-average intelligence, I’d say Asians and Russians.

      3. Jews are hardly a genetic people anymore. Their genes are completely watered from being mixed with so many people. The rule is as long as your mom is jewish, you are yews, allowing them to spread all over the globe calling themselves jews without jews without having much to do with the original jews.
        Most other people assimilate into whatever country they are, then start calling themselves Italians, Swedish or whatever. But not jews and that is why they are hated.
        Anyway, they only started to show real intelligence when they were mixed with whites for a couple thousand years 🙂

        1. The other night my friend said “Hey try these ground chicken latkes.”
          I was like… “Dude… latkes are by definition made of potatoe… that is a ground chicken patty… Bro I’m more Jewish than you are.”
          He was pretty pissed at me.. but its true… his “Jewishness” is just kuz his mom is Jewish. I know more about Judaism than he does.
          My ex was “Jewish” as well. Her pure bred British mom had to convert to marry her Israeli dad. Being “Jewish” is just about being part of a club. Soon we’re going to have a lot of half Chinese “Jews”.

  5. Vile creature dictating the terms we humans are to live by.
    This has to be made more public, and all the evil filth who support her freedom of molestation should be publicized also.
    There is to be a real witch hunt in which these vile evil filthy creatures are to be brought to the light and truth will be the fire.
    Almost 100% sure that all the people who support this filth are also SJWs when it comes to matters that don’t matter,

  6. The fact that we have to refer to female adults in their late 20s and early 30s as “girls” is quite telling in itself.

    1. “The fact that we have to refer to female adults in their late 20s and early 30s as “girls” is quite telling in itself.”
      Was thinking the same thing.

    2. Isnt that something? Feminism actually teaches them that becoming a woman is some kind of trap that men set to enslave them. So naturally their reaction is to rebel against anything men want them to be, and expect us to still want them.

      1. Agree. The real trap (as women are finding out) is the one that has been set by this new wave of “feminism”…not by men.
        Many don’t want to see it or agree with it…but it’s there.

      2. Millennial women have no idea what they are rebelling against anymore. They pretty much go thru the day letting their pussy drive their emotions, and then letting their emotions control their thoughts. They’re DTF by 2nd date if he’s “cute”. If he’s not cute then retreat to circle of female friends and blame problems on men.

        1. Some of the most messed up women I’ve ever met are the most financially secure people I know.

        2. They’re rebelling against submitting to a man because they’ve been tricked into thinking that will lose their “independence” and identity by doing so. Cutting their hair, tattoos, piercings, slutting around, etc. are all futile attempts at being unique and free. They dont realize how common and stupid they look until they decide its time to find a husband.

        3. Right…it’s the herd mentality with women. They’re all fucked up and they all look fucked up….but they all keep asking the question “So where is my husband (that tall, handsome man with money)?

        4. Why would having money equate to being a well grounded, mentally stable person? If that was the case, TMZ would be out of business because celebrities are usually quite rich.

        5. What is your experience?
          Depends on what we mean by “messed up”.
          What I mean is the rich chicks I’ve dealt with are the most entitled, anxious, depressed, hypocritical, career-bitches I’ve met.
          Sure they have everything handed to them in every possible way, but they manage to still complain about everything… develop eating disorders… get addicted to drugs… destroy friendships and communities… end up riding the cock carousel… and crash into the wall…
          I know quite a few messed up poor girls as well. I’m not saying that poor girls are magically better or something.
          I think there must be a happy medium somewhere… same with boys growing up. Hand them everything and they get stuck in the downward spiral of hedonism. Give them nothing but problems and they just shut down.

        6. Ah my friend, if you think those are examples of the American Hippopotami (Hipsterpotami?) then you haven’t seen nothing yet. Those are just the babies.

        7. They’re rebelling against their daddies. Which is ironic and sad, since their daddies are often non-existent or spineless betas who couldn’t utter the word “no” even at gunpoint.
          On second thought, perhaps they’re rebelling against the absence of good fathers.

        8. Because to keep money and build on it you need to have some degree of stability about you. I’ve noticed that reckless people tend to not hang on to their money. Celebrities are extreme outliers in the world of money. In the ‘real world’, to become rich one must be committed and focused on their work.

        9. Oh ok, if you mean girls that grew up in rich families then yes, i agree with you. It’s because they are spoiled rotten and never have to deal with the consequences of their actions

        10. You lost me at Sperrys and New Balance, bro. I assume the shoes you and your friends where are all the same color and everything?

        11. Agreed. I’d also add that millennial men have no idea what they are rebelling against anymore. They pretty much go thru the day letting their dicks drive their emotions, and then letting their emotions control their thoughts. They’re DTF by 2nd date if she’s “hot”. If she’s not then they retreat to their computers and blame their problems on feminists.

        12. Problems are a luxury, there are no problems for the poor man, just work and responsibility

        13. Most of the bratty millenials I know are not rich at all. They often have parents who really can’t afford to give their helpless kids money but do so anyway. The parents are so whacked that they spend all of their savings to send them to overpriced mediocre colleges. I know a guy who wants to spend his pension on his daughter’s education at a lackluster college because he’s “always given her everything she’s wanted”.

        14. “…–potami…” Hippopotami, is what you want to say.
          To add to, there’s a fair amount of tank-ass and desk chair porkiness, but I wouldn’t call any of them outright fat.

    3. When you’re above mass media scrutiny the media, you can call yourself anything you want i.e. women, girls, angels, vaginas(don’t laugh, this one’s coming)

    4. In california divorced women in mid 40s still call themselves girls and take all their behavior cues from 21 y/o females. Then they dress up like a porn star on halloween and complain about men having peter pan syndrome. lol

      1. I’m always commenting on the Halloween costumes when I get a chance. Women used to be able to dress up like a nurse, a witch, etc….but now it’s whore-witch, whore-nurse, etc…a pretty funny joke because I’m laughing while making this obvious observation.
        Women have the right to dress up however the want…but they have to be held accountable for the message that is sent when dressing in this manner.
        They definitely call out men every chance they get….it’s all about equality, right?

        1. I went to a Halloween party years ago with my ex and her sister. There was a good looking woman there dressed like a “cop” but in typical slut fashion. Short blue skirt, high heels, stalkings, hand cuffs, shirt rolled up exposing her stomach. She was a good looking chick and pulled it off, but she looked like (and probably is) a total whore. My ex’s sister asked her “I like your costume…are you a stripper?” I never liked her sister, but this gave me a good laugh, and I’m glad she said it, even if it was out of envy.
          So anytime you see a woman you know dressed as a slutty nurse, or slutty cow girl, or slutty whatever, always ask if they dressed as a stripper. It drives the point home, so passive aggressively.

        2. Bro ever notice how almost all of those costumes are the exact same cut and style of cloth, just with different colors and graphics to represent whatever whore-motif they have going?

        3. Good one….or walk past her and put a dollar in her shirt or skirt. She should get the message.

        4. I know, I agree. But sometimes it pays to let her know that she’s being a stripper, a whore or both.

        5. They ain’t playing “dress up”, shit is for real, i.e they are “whore witches” and “whore nurses”

    5. This brings to mind a quip I once heard…” It’s no wonder women live longer than men, just look at how long they stay ‘girls’.” 😉

    6. There’s some evidence that women don’t hit neurological maturity until they give birth; maiden, mother, crone. Women race ahead of men to ‘maturity’ (~17), and then plateau there until they have a baby.

      1. Man I wish that were applicable as a standard, but it’s just not. I know many a post birthing girly who didn’t gain an oz. of maturity.
        Either 1) they do mature, be it through the responsibility of a child and a chemical rebalancing of their bodies, or 2) It completely fucks their hormones and they’re even worse and harder to deal with post birthing.
        I’m noticing more of the latter lately.

    7. The ‘dating’ situation (if you can even call it that) is incredibly dire. Just for laughs I opened an okcupid account a few days ago and I was dumbfounded. There was literally not a single girl who was even remotely datable. They are all either fat, hideous, covered in tattoos, or have attitudes so incredibly harsh and bad that just reading their profile page makes you want to kill yourself. They all talk in the same uniform sarcastic/ironic, atheist/feminist/fuckeveryone way. I wonder if they actually send all girls now to some sort of bootcamp when they come of age. They are that similar. Imagine having dinner with girls like that. Or taking them to your mom.
      At least I can still find decent women offline, but the proportion of broken girls in real life is increasing alarmingly.

      1. Can you not filter for non-fat, non-ugly and good attitude? Or does OkCupid not provide that level of detail?

        1. I think you’d have to stick with the non search prefix and go with “non-bad attitude”?
          The really strange part, today, is how so many fat women (or girls) have such shitty attitudes.
          Women can’t be fat …..and a bitch.

      2. As an exercise, filter for women in Thailand and the Philippines.
        The contrast in looks is striking, of course, but even more significant is the more traditional and pleasing orientation of attitudes and worldviews presented

        1. Dipshit – THEY ARE IN THAILAND AND THE PHILLIPINES!!!!! Unless you are rich enough to always have money to spend on airfare and hotels and time off from your job ITS NOT ECONOMICALLY FEASIBLE!!!! Christ so many of you “Fuck Foreign Girls” guys act like all men are independently wealthy with abundant time for international travel.

    8. I work with men from 28 to 51 and I call them boys. This really is such a strawman argument. Absolutely does nothing to address any of the concerns in this article. Well done for being a knee jerker….

  7. “And remember: these girls are next in line to run the country. The girls who think being a portly, rich, child-touching narcissist is something to aspire to.”
    Tattoed, you forgot tattoed.
    Listen Matt, I could spend my time finding an American women who doesn’t fit the description you so coldly described.
    Or…………………..I could spend one tenth that time and find the cup of Christ

  8. Come on when we were young children we were naturally curious about other children’s genitals (show you mine if you show me yours). There’s nothing abberant about a young girl touching another young girl’s vagina. Her comment vis-a-vis sexual predatorness was reflective. Children don’t perceive each other as sexual beings.
    Lena Dunham has a cornucopia of faults to criticise but this storm is almost knocking over the teacup now.

    1. Whether you think it is vile or not, the fact that she was 17 and the younger sister 11 when things continued is predatory and wrong. Sounds like you may be trying to justify someone elses behavior. My children are 5 years apart and if I ever saw anything similar happening, you better believe it would end right then and there.

      1. That is truly the fucked up part about this whole thing. She even stated that she continued this behavior through the years til 17 and no one sees a problem with it??
        A man describing this behavior in his childhood years would have burned at the cross by the MSM plus the horde of women.

        1. A man describing this behavior in his childhood years would have burned at the cross by the MSM plus the horde of women.

          I’m taken back by the number of RoK readers who were “naturally curious about other children’s genitals” but what you said should be the primary take away.
          Further, if we compare the double-standard of the Lena Dunham situation to how Jian Ghomeshi’s BDSM fetish cost him his job, then factor in Shoshana Roberts’ catcalling video, you begin to see a trend of using shame to comprehensively limit (heterosexual) male sexual agency.

        2. My opinion is she selectively chose 17, since 18 would have made her an adult and could have made “real” problems for her. I work in an industry where I see boys (considerably under 18) arrested for child molestation. Dunham is female, so nothing will happen.

      2. Matey I can tell cold reads aren’t really your thing. Maybe you should go for some easier game.

    2. Partially I agree, partially I do not.
      There’s three parts of this story, in my view.
      First, what she did when she was seven. I, personally, cannot call her a molester for that. Seven year olds are not developed enough to have the intent to molest someone and they don’t understand the concept of consent at this point. It’s complete curiosity and there is zero ill intent or consideration they’re doing something wrong. Not saying you should let it go on if you see your kids doing it, but at this point it doesn’t make her a child molester either.
      Second, what she did at 17. That’s a completely different story. The situation is almost the exact opposite at that point with the ability to understand your actions, their repurcussions, an understanding of intent, an understanding of consent, and so on.
      Last, is this sick need to use the experiences as some sort of attention whoring advertisement. If a man did this, he’d be accused of making his victim relive the experience over and over. But her sister sounds just as F’d up, and the entire family is F’d up, so while I think it’s pathetic behavior to use her sister as a marketing gimmick, I’m not surprised it’s happening.

      1. I’m not hugely familiar with this chick because we don’t have Girls in Australia (and because I don’t spend much time on offensive women): I wasn’t aware there was more to the story than the vag opening when she was 7. I agree with you on all of these points.

    3. I had the same opinion as you. 7 year old girls touching each other is not so weird that you’d accuse them of molestation…
      What is weird though is the whole context and Dunham’s self-described behaviours for years on after that.
      Chris Dagostino posted this link in another RoK article to an analysis by JudgyBitch.
      After I read this I realized that the behaviours that this Dunham girl was doing to her sister was a little weirder than I initially thought. She should have been reprimanded by her parents.
      In the same way that my parents gave me shit for rough-housing with my younger brother, they would reprimand a daughter for toying with her younger sister’s sexuality.
      This stuff happens… kids are kids… they do stupid shit… I think where I’m disturbed by this issue is that nowadays we aren’t even allowed to question such behaviours, especially not in any meaningful way. I’m worried that we’re getting to the point that “If a feminist did it, it must be ok.”

      1. Right. It is disturbing that you can’t even question a feminist’s (or even a woman’s) action without some kind of push back by that mob.
        We’re supposed to blindly trust this herd as if everything they shit out is a gold standard….not to be questioned or touched.
        Fuck that…I’ll question it every time.

    4. “There’s nothing abberant about a young girl touching another young girl’s vagina.”
      Pretty much the spiritual essence of feminism right there

        1. Who cares what feminists believe? Use your own brain matey. Kids will be curious. Before they are taught decorum as they get older this sorta stuff will happen. I suspect this slapper’s parents never taught her anything (because she kept doing it as she got older).

        2. her parents permissiveness and warped sexuality predicted that they would do nothing, and allowed a decade of unchecked systematic exploitation on the basis of her own account. Focus on the 17 not the 7

        3. My original comment is about the 7. You’re strawmanning then saying I should be focused on the strawman?? Bold. I like it.

        4. I’m saying the focus of your original comment on the 7 serves to deflect attention away from the decade of systematic exploitation that followed it. An isolated incident of sexual curiosity by a 7 year old is not what the concern is about. Its what Lena Dunham’s defenders focus upon in order to deflect criticism away from her activities over time

    5. She kept doing it and other pedophile actions up to 17 according to her.
      You’d give no man such a pass, Niles.
      Go white knight somewhere else, scum.

      1. “She kept doing it and other pedophile actions up to 17 according to her.”
        Good to know but the comment doesn’t go to that. It goes to that specific event taken in isolation (I don’t live in the states and pretty much thought that was the extent of it because that’s the bit everyone keeps quoting).
        “You’d give no man such a pass, Niles.”
        I’m not sure if I’d call a 7 year old a man. Though now that I think about it 7 is pretty old to have not grown out that sort of behaviour.
        “Go white knight somewhere else, scum.”
        Matey that’s a hurtful thing to say. We were going so well too 🙁

  9. Lena will turn into a middle-aged spinster with cats soon enough. Does she really deserve this much attention?

    1. Actually, the more I watch and listen to Lena, the more I’m happy she’s getting this attention. As far as I’m concerned, she can become the face and voice of feminism.
      There is no greater advertisement for why feminism is an abysmal failure than Lena Dunham.

    2. Because there are millions more like her but who are not rich like she is. They will be a major voting bloc that will curse this country for decades to come. And as their own undesirability as spouses drives spinsterhood, and their own financial needs not being met by a husband translates into a political opportunity for the next up-and-coming leftist politician who seeks to advance his/her own career at the expense of those of us who ARE supporting our families.

      1. They already are a major voting bloc.
        And there’s a good chance they’re going to elect that walking corpse from Hell Hillary Clinton to lead this lost nation in another couple of years.

    1. I vote for ISIS.
      If they agreed to take her and do what is necessary, we should stop bombing them and welcome them into the civilized world.
      It’s always the most violent criminals in prison that do what needs to be done to pedophiles once they land there.

  10. I suppose this thing deserves our attention so long as its extremely critical and full of ridicule. Its disappointing to see something as ugly as dunham given such influence. As Forney put it, this fat ass has never known hardship or any real challenges in her life, well, up until recently. Lest we forget she has bombed in media and her career, book or no book, is sinking. Never mind her politics, its for the good of beauty itself that dunham be relegated to obscurity as soon as possible…she’s fat, not attractive and not talented. If there is a message being made here its this – its now okay to be below average and to not try. Such things just don’t last. But then again, we must ask ourselves where did fatty come from again? Oh yeah, she just showed up one day because the msm is a top down machine and they fed it to us. Right…along with all the other shit they’ve been pushing and what else is going on? Ratings are falling across the board…why? Because media is too political and, above all, its all shit. The writing is on the wall, I was encourage by watching this video of Alex Jones – see link. He’s absolutely right, the old media is basically already dead. dunham in all her mediocrity is a death throw of sorts.

    1. Good points….the message is strive to be “average or less than average today”.
      Yeah, that’s what I’m going for in life.

  11. Just to clarify: the people who thought Girls was red pill were people who thought that the girls in the show were unlike able ugly, failures.
    We thought that this show was critical of the generation that grew up on cultural pollution like sex and the city.
    But that was just the predicable act one in any formula chick show/chick flick.
    Lena Dunham is a monster, and apparently also a child molester.

  12. The incident from when she was 7 is just the tip of the iceberg, she claims she did all sorts of shit with her sister right up to age 17, a curious 7 year old is one thing, but a ten year stretch of weird incestuous behaviour is quite another. Don’t fall for the framing that it’s just this one incident. That’s how they get her off the hook.

    1. I’ve always thought that there is something wrong with her. But, women (and white knights) are going to give her a “pass” (or try to anyways) as if it was something that “kids just do”.
      No they don’t…not up until the age of 17 either.

    2. Yeah, imagine what ELSE she must have done, that she figured was a little too weird to just lay out in front of the world in a book.

      1. My observation as well. I suspect the editors of the book stepped in and put a limit of age 17 on Dunham’s sick confessions.

    3. Curious how the editors of the book must have stepped in and set the limit of Lena Dunham’s pedophilia at the age of 17. Then she magically changed course.
      My guess is that she is the Michael Jackson of our time. She probably has hundreds of child victims of her pedophilia post age 18.

  13. The picture of the four chics- WB three of them, can you guess which one doesn’t measure up? I think most of us would agree.

  14. It’s bad enough this degenerate did this to her sister. But even worse, her psyche apparently is too twisted for her to apprehend that other people – well SOME other people, at least – would find it despicable and revolting.
    Her innate depravity is so complete that she doesn’t even get that if she’s GOT to tell people about this, maybe she should just keep it among whatever lowlife crowd she runs with that apparently accepts this kind of behavior as normal.
    No, she’s got to publish it in a freaking book, and then get all huffy when somebody FINALLY calls her out for being a child molester.
    How anyone can try to defend this creature just baffles me. When did we cross over to living in this bizarro world?

    1. It seems to be all about the attention these days. It’s like a modern day crack…just get the next attention “high” or fix.

    2. Exactly, she could’ve easily omitted the incident from the book, but instead she broadcast it for all to see. That alone says something about her.

      1. she was taking a calculating risk. The way she describes it is designed to bring a possible future accusation – either from her sister or elsewhere – out into the open, thereby removing the danger of a difficult to defend attack that she wouldn’t easily be able to deny. Alternatively she just believes she might be genuinely guilty of turning her own sister into a lesbian.

    3. Females get away with it because they are female. Female teacher fucks (has a relationship) with 15 y/o student, she gets probation. Male teacher goes to prison for 10 years for rape. Feminists don’t want to replace patriarchy with equality, they want to replace patriarchy with matriarchy.

      1. Right…and even if it happens to get reported by the MSM the court will usually go light on the females versus the males committing the same type of crime.
        You know…the white male is so dangerous while the same (usually) white female is pretty harmless. Sure.

  15. “ Having never known pain, she has no empathy and cannot acknowledge the
    humanity of those around her.” And judging by the quality of her “intellectual” property, she also apparently has never known a hard day’s work, just like the majority of millennial women. Let’s face it, you don’t just have to be an overprivileged NYC trustafarian to dicksuck your way through life and have most of your monthly expenses or even day-to-day survival necessities paid for. The vagina truly gets wielded as a weapon of man’s destruction today more than ever.

  16. “Her friends, lovers, family members are mere tools in her quest for narcissistic supply. She has no soul, only a black hole that sucks in everything and crushes it.”
    Somewhere, Grace Dunham is quietly sobbing : “its true, its so true”

    1. Grace is a lesbian. She doesn’t think she was abused. She has convinced herself that she wasn’t.

      1. I’m aware. If the abuse shaped her sexuality, she would have had to decide to accept that shaped identity or reject it, and with it reject her hugely successful older sister, who has also helped make her a ‘movie star’ in a small way.
        I imagine at some level she’s conflicted about this

    2. And how many careers of men have been destroyed by this type of behavior reported by women?
      HBO needs to take a good, hard look into this troubling revelation (but it will probably turn a blind eye as long as the money is rolling in).

      1. the careers of men are broken on such things, but unfortunately the careers of women seem to be built from such behaviour.

  17. The great Bill Hicks was really on to something when he pointed out people have forgotten how to judge properly. I think it’s off his Revelations special, anyway, he reminds us that if we see a piece of “shit” we need to be able to call it a piece of “shit” and walk away. Things that were cut and dry as weird and abohrent and unsuitable for dinner talk have become cultural talking points. I’m glad there are some folks left who not only can spot destructive behavior, but also call it out.

    1. Was turned onto Bill Hicks back in highschool when I was listening to Tool.
      The man is a legend. RIP.

      1. There is a reference to him in the first issue of the graphic novel Preacher.
        He is doing stand-up in some grungy bar and calls out some guy in the crowd for being an idiot.

    2. Great link/post sir. Bill Hicks is a golden god. He is like “Zeus ” in the comedian pantheon. He did a bit about Christians wearing a crucifix and said “Do you think Jackie Onassis wears a rifle pendant”?? Fucking pushed the envelope. Died of pancreatic cancer age 38 ( I think). Tragic….

  18. Fast forward 5-10 years from now, the next hit TV sitcom is going to be called “C*NTS” and it’s going to be about a bunch of dumpy pansexual 30 y/o women dorming together at grad school working on their humanities masters’ who all have their own cats (credited as characters in the show) who are all plus-size instagram models, have their tubes tied, and hook up with Calvin Klein models everynight but never commit to them because they are just too busy with their careers and crazy/fun life-styles to settle down. At the end of the series they all marry eachother.

        1. Not in 5 to 10 years (at this rate). If we’ll have the show called C*NTS in that time then it will be enough time to convince fat girls (most American woman) that it’s ok to wear Fat Jeans “as is”.
          People will accept you just the way you are fat snowflake…in those fat jeans (now popular in 2021).

    1. lol… soon feminists will embrace the word ‘cunts’ as a form of taking ownership of it to empower themselves… like blacks calling each other niggers as a term of in-group identification…

      1. Many young foul-mouthed women already use this as a term of endearment. It’s only a matter of time before it works i way into pop-culture use.

      1. That’s what I was thinking exactly, we laugh now.
        F*ck it, let us laugh then too. It is all too funny, like that statue in Birmingham England of single moms, one pregnant again. Horrible but funny. Don’t forget feminists and “independent” Grrrl c*nts don’t want us happy and laughing, especially At them.

        1. that statue. openly hostile. viscously parasitic. hubris at a scale unspeakable. in plain sight. worship of the deep malicious hate two year old girls have when there are no more cookies left in the jar they emptied, but… they are adults.
          the source of the pregnancy absent, omitted, is she the virgin mary? two sons, stolen, re-purposed to further serve the unforgivable selfishness that ate the father, slated for similar thoughtless discard, their eyes look down. two harpies, one stuffed, their heads cocked and looking up with smug smiles… at nothing, just blankness. no one looks at each other, none see each other. the past eaten, the future absent, and happy superficial holding of hands.
          a magnificent stupefying marvel of fail, an endless discord mastered in metal. did you know it was outsourced to china? funded by $160k of tax dollars? someone, please, tell me i’m wrong. on any of this?
          god help us indeed.

        2. When you put it like that. Props on your writing skillz. Somebody’s going to vandalize it, maybe just some kid, probably just for the hell of it, and it’ll be much reported in media, justice warriors will throw fits on the Internet, and it will be blamed on male hatred of women. A hate crime on par with the “KKK” defacing an MLB statue.

        3. must have just had a fit of uncontrollable sleepwalking/somnambulism. i just woke up this morning, with a used ticket stub to the british isles and an empty can of paint…

    2. to quote fat tony, “it’s funny, because it’s true.” we laugh now, but that’s the progression.

    3. If I hadn’t just swallowed my coffee before reading that it would be all over my screen. Well done sir.

  19. I have to tell a little story here.
    There’s a feminist writer who runs a blog I had never heard of, but one of her articles caught my attention a few weeks back. She had written in defence of Lena’s allegations that she was “raped” at Oberlin a few years back, and that anybody who questions the assault is “victim-blaming”.
    Writing to this person, I pointed out that “victim” is a legal term, and the victim hasn’t been established yet. (Lena’s “rape” story rings hollow, and let’s be honest, she probably wasn’t “raped”, but anyway..) I told her that she needed to be careful, because the “victim” could very well be the man who has had a possibly false accusation lobbied at him. In fact, a journalist working for a major newspaper actually found the person whose details were consistent with the details of the “attacker” as provided by Lena. This man, I pointed out to her, has his livelihood at stake. The feminist said Lena had “every right to tell her story”. I agreed with her… she does have that right, as in TELLING THE STORY TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. An avenue Lena failed to pursue.
    My email to her was polite, cordial, but intellectually challenging.
    She ignored my email, but upon checking her Twitter feed a few days later I discovered she was maligning me and the content of my message. To her legion of followers she had called me “creepy as hell”, that I had a “hilarious sense of entitlement”, that finding her email (which was easily accessible) “weirded her out”, and that my email was both “meh” and “shitty”. She asked her followers how to go about blocking me, not before she told them she had “screenshot’d” the email for future reference.
    Ten tweets were dedicated to me.
    And all for what? For simply challenging her intellectually in a non-threatening, polite, non-aggressive email.
    It all boils down to what I call the Feminists’s I’m-a-victim-too-ism.
    Oh – and when the story broke about Lena’s emotional manipulation of her little sister for her own sexual gratification, the feminist was deafeningly silent.

    1. Women will “character assassinate” anyone who doesn’t follow the feminist narrative. There is no talking about facts or logic. They’ll simply change the subject or change the definition….and as a last resort…they’ll discredit someone (usually a man) by calling him “creepy” or other.
      It’s sad to see this delusional thinking in action. The facts and logic…all up front but let’s change the subject?

  20. This bitch thinks opening up her sister’s vagina is no big deal, and then whines about being “raped”. She was having sex with a guy and everything is going great. Then he starts becoming a little more rough, and rather than say she doesn’t like it….she dirty talks to him. WHAT THE FUCK!? That’s not rape. Bad sex, yes? But don’t throw the word rape around just to ruin someone’s reputation.

  21. The show makes a mockery of the middle class. Lena Dunham, comes from old money, and the other actresses also come from wealthy families. In the show they portray women who are not nearly as wealthy as they are, and instead of doing so with empathy, they makes the characters extremely unlikable. So basically it’s a show where a bunch of rich actresses make fun of poorer people. It’s sick.

    1. They should have called the show “Poor Little Rich Girls”…but then they wouldn’t have been able to connect with their “audience”.

  22. ” Whenever a man criticizes the way women behave, the default reaction is that it’s always his fault somehow. “You’re just choosing the wrong girls.” ”
    This hit home. I was talking with a woman I met recently. We were discussing how I’d been at my parent’s house watching Two and a Half Men with my dad (I don’t have a TV, so I’m fairly oblivious to much of American pop culture). I remarked to this woman that there are two types of men: Men that women want to bed, and men that women want to marry and bilk after bedding the other type. Her response was that I needed to “find different women to hang out with”.
    The takeaway? The following week she spent the entire day in my bed being banged into oblivion. But oh no… not all women are like that.

    1. The shaming or the remarks is the typical ammo used by all of these feminists.
      But the funny part….you can get most of them to jump right in bed with you at any point.
      They’ll spout one side of the argument while acting out the other….and, of course, they don’t want to be held accountable for any of it.

  23. “Assuming there’s any point to Girls beyond rich girl vanity, it’s cultural inoculation: taking the truly dangerous ideas of the manosphere and killing them in a lab to vaccinate the female population. ”
    Knew it! you guys are dangerous! much more so than feminists. you guys are elliot rodgers in the making.

    1. I’m assuming you’re male here.
      Elliot Rogers rejected the manosphere and PUA. He openly sneered in disgust at us. He was one of your white knight idiots going along with your leftist bullshit, and look what happened.
      The blood he shed is on your hands.

  24. SMH…I look to the left, I look to the right, and all I see are SIMPS: Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pussy. THAT’S the real reason hard 4’s like Lena Dunham can forge ahead unscathed the way she’s doing. She presents herself as the “real and attainable” girl that feminists keep insisting that we should consider hot, sexy, and closet wildcats in the sack. Betas and simps ignore all the warning signs and fall for it because they don’t know any better.
    What makes it worse is that simps are falling for it despite the fact that not only is this ideology bullshit, but the orchestrators of this joke are doing a piss-poor job of selling the aforementioned bullshit properly. They’re not even really trying to hide the fact that it’s crap. I’ve only seen about 3-4 episodes of “Girls,” but I think my assessments on the show as a whole will be pretty accurate. In season one, Dunham’s Hannah is a mousy womanchild who doesn’t seem to understand how sex works. In the opening of Season 2, it appears she’s finally mastered the art of cowgirl (and, ooh, look at how open-minded she is, she’s doing a black guy!), but she’s still flaky as hell. The actors who breathe life into characters on screen put a lot of themselves into said characters. And if you’re a vapid, tattooed side show with no sense of direction who only knows how to wander around in an aimless quest for bliss, your character can’t help but reveal that. Hell, even if Dunham herself WASN’T that way in real life, the way the character’s written, you could never come up with a funny, hot, witty chick with her head on straight. You’d still end up with a neurotic basket-case whose only semi-redeeming quality is her willingness to jump in the sack (your mileage may vary as to the utility of that trait…unless I’ve had three shots of bourbon and have been on a three month dry spell, I could take it or leave it).
    Truth be told, I’m not even sure what point “Girls” is trying to make. I can only assume it’s trying to dupe us into thinking that we should strive for mediocre chicks like what Samuel L. Jackson described in Jackie Brown: they like to screw a lot but they’re no damn good at it, and they’re shells of people waiting for someone to come along and fill them up. It’s like Dunham and her motley crew are trying to convince us that these are the only kind of women out there, so we should just suck it up, grab ’em up, and give them our wallets. To hell with that, I’m getting a passport. Who’s with me?

      1. My bad, I was stuck between saying “hard 3” and “weak 4” and ended up putting “hard 4” by mistake. That just goes to show how insidious modern media is. By taking a nobody and painting a picture of them as being remotely relevant, you can screw up any man’s perceptual compass. I could make a list a mile long of women with subpar looks and even more subpar intelligence who became the “it” girl by default just because pop culture puppet-masters made them relevant. Of course, it doesn’t help that in most towns nowadays, the local chicks tend to look only slightly better than Lena Dunham. If you’ve ever lived in South or East Georgia (particularly Augusta), you know what I’m talking about.

        1. I don’t spend much time in South or East Georgia. I suppose that is a place that attractive women leave in hope of using their vaginas to procure a better life.
          I would find it surprising if there were any region of the country that is actually worse that the areas of the US where I do spend some time. Wash DC has no woman more attractive than a 7, but loads of 6’s. NYC has a fair amount of 8’s and even 9’s, but they are all bat shit crazy. And Seattle, well, there are hardly any women to be found there at all. I do not know what to call the dick-less fatsos there proporting to be women, except unholy ugly creatures.

    1. Yeah the next beatdown that feminists are going for is to simply instruct males on what they are supposed to find attractive. In ten years there will be institutionalized shaming for men who show healthy appreciation of classic beauty and also the women who try to embody it. I wonder if there will be actual criticism directed at women who are 5’5″ 115 lbs and have the snarkiness to actually go out in public….I watched ‘Girls’ while overseas (now) and I had no idea what it was. I live without a TV but I was travelling on a holiday, wanted a night of TV. Girls came on. I thought it might be a weird little indie flick so I watched. I became gradually stunned at the utter nothingness being presented. There are comedies, there are bad comedies and there are dramas and there are bad dramas, etc. Girls was nothing. I THINK it’s a comedy, right? Yet there was nothing remotely funny. Even though there are no boundaries they still couldn’t be funny or shocking or interesting. Just an empty, spoiled fat girl’s arrogance on display. I knew a few minutes in that it was millenial written. The dullness was so glaring. I have never seen a more aggressive lack of talent in my life. Wow. What’s coming? The internet-cultivated brain is very bad news for the world. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE. Girls is human emptiness on display….Also, I have lived 17 years overseas. Get your passport by all means. My main advice is that if you decide to live overseas, then fully decide from the start. Make your decision and don’t quibble, don’t get caught in the middle. Don’t worry about how it seems or feel any twinges of guilt. Make the call and go overseas 100%. Don’t compromise on it.

      1. I don’t intend to compromise. It’s compromises that have gotten us into this mess. But the unfortunate news flash for us is that it’s a little worse than we thought, because the fem brigade is already trying to tell us what’s attractive and what isn’t, and what guys should be willing to accept:

        Mothers Have Become The Main Source Of Harm To Children

        Somewhere down the line, we were conned into forgetting that nearly every mammal on earth selects a mate either based on attraction or the presumption of healthy genes (a presumption which, surprise-surprise, is usually based on attraction). But unfortunately, in Feminist Fairyland, 600 pound, 40 year old single mothers have 21-year old guys breaking their necks to walk them down the aisle, and 40 year old cheerleaders are the belles of the ball. And sometimes, if she’s lucky, a basic-ass broad can get some schmuck to buy her a nearly $800,000.00 engagement ring and just dust him off, keep the ring, and ride off into the sunset (e.g. Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills). All the while, in this mystical world gone mad, attractive women are shamed, ridiculed, and demeaned right along with the men who admire them. Basic-ass female wish fulfillment, indeed.
        But there’s a few good things on TV, though. “You’re the Worst” on FX is pretty funny, and the chicks on there are actually pretty hot.

    1. Brushing one’s teeth is apparently conforming to traditional female gender roles of beauty meant to gain approval of the Patriarchy. ($100 says I can find a feminist who agrees with that.)

  25. HBO advertising created the impression that “Girls” was a fun comedy about idiot millennial girls. We would get to laugh at how stupid and shallow they are, etc…
    I watched the first episode and a half – it was a fucking soap-opera about retards and I was expected to care! The funny never came so I left.

  26. This situation is seriously out of control. IT IS OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL. How the FUCK can a FAT NO TALENT BITCH like Dunham become so famous? Even that horrible Australian rapper Iggy has a decent body and at least she can perform on stage.
    Millennial women absolutely do overrate their looks. I see it all the fucking time in my line of work. 5’s gun for male 7’s, and the fucking joke is that they often get them too.

    1. “5’s gun for male 7’s, and the fucking joke is that they often get them too. ”
      When you say “get them” how do you mean? Get them for a relationship or get them for 60 minutes then never hear from them again?

      1. They can fuck them and have short term relationships mostly, but if things get worse I wouldn’t be surprised if more male 7’s ended up marrying 5’s.

    2. You know who your 8+ types are gunning for? Older men, usually openly masculine men.
      Maybe Millenial men should perhaps adopt more masculine demeanor and habits. Learn to fix shit with tools. Learn how to control their emotions. Start shooting guns and start riding motorcycles. Learn to stop being whining, snarky little bitches.
      I’m married, and 47 years old, and cannot fend off your 8 through 10’s with a stick sometimes. Almost every one of them, nearly to the girl, mentions either my overt masculinity, or the lack of masculinity in “boys her age” (with the implied notion that I am not like Millenial “boys”)
      Keep this in mind when reading articles about how to be a meterosexual, a primping douchebag or use “gay game” or any other effeminate bullshit that is being advised from some corners of the manosphere. Your high end women, at least outside of NYC and London, crave masculinity. It’s practically a drug for them that they cannot get enough of. Don’t believe me if you wish, but when you find women hitting on you openly all the time, and even handing you their digits without you even pretending to ask or acting interested, then you’ll know.
      Or, retreat to video games, dope culture and “tribal” tattooes and beards while being flaccid, flabby wimps. Good luck with those 5’s.

  27. I agree with most of what he says but the way he says it. He comes across as a holier than though ass.

    1. How so? Seemed pretty straight forward. When one is commenting on pond slime, even basic objective observations may sound arrogant if they come from something higher than pond slime.

  28. Matt I must say that you absolutely nailed it with this article – spot on! Women signed their binding agreement with the devil back in the garden days but now he won’t even have them – they’re a whole different breed of evil and dull.
    Lena Dunham is an entitled twat.
    Fuck Girls
    Feminism has perpetrated the biggest and most unjust lie of the ages: that men are responsible for women’s ill. The truth is we have nothing to do with how batshit crazy women were, are and forever will be

    1. Yep, agree…..and I say let more “crazies” come out and speak like Dunham. After awhile, it will be too hard to cover up the crazy going on with women.
      You only have to say one word to feminists at that point……equality.

    1. America is gonna dominate women’s football if we keep producing fat whales for our offensive lines like this specimen

  29. THANK YOU for this article. This woman is a pestilence and we need t awaken more to it. I have never seen Girls nor do I plan to. Utter crap.

  30. Im no fan of this one ( or anyone who takes it upon THEMSELVES to decide they are “the voice of a generation” ). And I’ve just about reached my limit with the street harassment silliness. But heres my two cents on rich kids: having wealthy, famous parents in no way means the child has ” never known pain “. A buddy of mine was raised by a pro athlete and growing up we all thought his life was ideal and he was sheltered from any real life problems. We found out as adults that the dad was beating the shit out of them. He didnt have the financial stresses we did, but he definitely ‘knew pain’ . We never know whats going on behind closed doors; we only know what people choose to tell us.

    1. Most people put up a front.
      And I’d say that a lot of the time the people that say “We have it sooooo hard!” are the people that have it the easiest and can’t empathize with people who have struggled.

      1. “And I’d say that a lot of the time the people that say “We have it sooooo hard!” are the people that have it the easiest and cant empathize ” > Great point. Ive tried to point this out multiple times to a SJW that I know. She has been less than supportive/empathetic to people in her real life have gone through some pretty intense stuff. And I get a blank stare every time. It wouldnt even bother me so much if she didnt continue to speak with what I feel is an undeserved authority.

    2. I’ve just about reached my limit with the street harassment silliness.

      You mean when a viral video marketing company pays a young, whitish actress with 34DD breasts and curvy hips to wear form fitting clothes and walk through a neighborhood of low-income, low-status minority men, where the culture is far less reserved? Then, in order to feign “political correctness,” they add some text at the end that says the “street harassment” was equally by men of all races? Don’t make me laugh. It’s a sexist, racist piece of trash video that’s non-scientific and anecdotal, yet somehow people have been convinced it’s scientifically accurate.
      Now let’s have a woman walk through a neighborhood that is NOT the hood and see what happens…

      1. i thought that the first video may have been a set up. do you know if anyone is clear on that? id love to see a definitive source if you have it or come across it. thanks !

        1. ” This does not include countless blaster discharges, force chokes and bantha droppings.” – i daresay this just made it all worth it

  31. I don’t know if anyone else already remarked upon the Eliot references but nice work.

  32. I go back and forth with ‘Girls’. It can be seen as a cautionary ‘What NOT to do in your 20s’, or it can be seen as a bleakly accurate depiction of what actually happens.
    Living in NYC, the vapid narcissism of these characters was/is realistic. I met Jemimah Kirke once at a RISD/Brown party and ironically, I think she’s probably the sanest of them all. She’s married and has a kid, I think.
    The problem is that narcissism has spread in youth the way chlamydia spreads through Rutgers. That’s because we have pedestalized those people who are self-obsessed and have garnered large, visible followings via the means of social media.
    If we had spent more time encouraging collectivist effort (many hands make light work, eg) instead of playing up individuality as the main driver of personal growth, society wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    1. I’m fairly certain that the solution to the rapid collectivisation of the world into one big miserable happy camp cannot be solved by more collectivism.

      1. There are drawbacks to both. Japan is an example where conformity stifles decisionmaking and self-expression, and yet because of that they manage to create amazing art . That’s because only the true individuals break out into creativity, they find the way. Whereas, in the US there’s a lot of loud, self-promotional mediocrity, and those at the top are there because of that, not because of talent or hard work necessarily. And a trust fund and an inherited sense of entitlement and narcissism always helps.
        For that matter, narcissism IS good, only at certain levels does it become a diagnosable personality disorder. We need balance, and all I’m saying is too much emphasis as of late in US has focused on ME ME I I I.

  33. This is actually so close to being a feminist-approved article, watch out lol. I agree with you absolutely about Lena Dunham being a terrible person, though less so about people being so simple minded that she represents them all.
    There are a lot of intersectional feminists who spoke out against Dunham too, and I’m not sure this vapid person really exists, I think they might just be a collage of “things matt doesn’t like”. I think you should rest at ease…there are a lot of people who you personally might not like, but they aren’t that way because of any corrupting effect, it’s just how the world is made up.

    1. The obvious point being missed here (by you and many other females) – if this had been a man he would have been burned at the cross by now.
      Society (mostly MSM and woman) make it their goal to be the social justice warriors – unless they, themselves, commit the crime…then it’s just a smack on the hand or look the other way.
      The supposed “equality” on such an issue as this one is ridiculous. It is similar to adult teachers having sex with their underage students. Men receive not only a ton of attention from the MSM but they also get a stiffer punishment for it.
      It’s bullshit and you know it. Stop pretending that any real action is being done in this particular case.

      1. I’m not sure if that point was raised in the article, actually, so forgive me for not bringing it up 😛
        Yeah, society is far more willing to portray men as sexual predators, yes, I agree. And there are thousands speaking about about Lena’s abuse, you just can’t see them, because you don’t move in feminist circles. And very few people are so virtuous that they dole out justice to themselves, that’s just a fact of life, we cannot be surprised that she’s not condemning herself, only disappointed.
        Actually, I’ve been overwhelmed at how much attention female statutory rapists get in the media recently, but you’re right, we have a long way to go in changing the public response from “wish it was me” to “this shouldn’t happen”.
        Your comment is nothing to do with my comment and you know it. I wasn’t making any pretenses about action, I was talking about Matt’s generalised fear of “millenial women”, as if they were an actual wide-spread phenomenom instead of a clever illusion created by the media.

  34. This is a great article. And a useful reverse barometer for use in everyday lives. As soon as one of these traits manifests, move on.

  35. Speaking of vapid, narcissistic millenials, check out this blog ” a co est 84″. I only looked at it because there are some gratuitous leg shots in it.
    Comments were disabled because people were calling out the narcissism and the author had a meltdown.

  36. American females in their twenties demand we call them women…
    … but they hardly act like it.
    Don’t dare call them “girls” you sexist! /s
    American females in their forties call themselves girls…
    … even though they hardly look it, they’ve long practiced, mastered and refuse to outgrow their childish tantrums and drama that probably never was cute.

  37. Matt – This is exceptionally well written. Incredibly insightful. As revealing of truth as anything I have read in the past 10 years.
    Nowhere have I read anyone summarize what is so disgusting about Lena Dunham and then put it accurately into a larger context. Keep writing, take it up to the next level. 100 years from now, you may be recognized as the voice of our time.
    Indeed, Lena Dunham portends doom. Just the fact that she is not yet indicted for child molestation says it all about the depravity of western feminist run and controlled culture. Though, I am sure it must have been the patriarchy that caused Lena Dunham to play with her baby sister’s vagina and later to use classic pedophile methods of coercing a child into sexual acts.
    Thus, this chapter of Lena Dunham will come to an end once she blames everything on her father. She will then be hailed as a hero and quite likely voted to public office.

  38. Great post Matt Forney……Amazing summary.
    We need a depression or an apocalypse to cull these useless lardasses….

  39. This is where all your red pill knowledge can be put to use. Make no mistake, we can’t win, but we can make life a little uncomfortable for the corporate hacks and aspergy millenial chicks who support this trash. Here’s what I’ve been doing to fight the machine:
    1. Write Random House and say a self confessed child molester should not be published
    2. Write HBO and tell them to get GIRLS off the air
    3. Hit Lena Dunham/HBO/Random House on twitter
    4. If in mixed company and Lena Dunham sympathizers say “She was just a kid” or some bullshit like that, stand up for your values. You can’t change minds, but you can provide resistance and show not everyone still worships a self confessed child molester.
    5. Keep doing all of these things, because GIRLS Inc. is waiting for the outrage to blow over to get back to their regularly scheduled program.

  40. If this were a 6 year old boy who so much as kissed a girls cheek on the playground he would be expelled and charged with a crime.

  41. Lena Dunham is a gob of used old runoff fat dranied from a KFC fryer. What’s the relevance of that in any context? I just couldn’t digest this shit, just like I can’t digest the crap that comes out of KFC. On the rare occasion I do eat it, it just makes me feel like greasy crap shit through a goose.
    That reminds me to buy a big bag of lard in preparation to fry the Thanksgiving Day turnkey.

  42. Women are naturally programmed by nature to bear and raise children. Why? Because of their obvious biology and not so obvious intellectual capacity. They think and act like children themselves. Emotion > logic, mood > reason, equality > fitness. Hence…”social justice’, “sexual liberation”, “gender role reversal”.
    But nature is constant and true. When you turn nature on its head and permit the children an equal if not superior place at the table…anarchy ensues.
    I believe the Millennial woman is the final product of this century long repudiation of nature:
    “Sex is where the Millennial woman displays the true extent of her dysfunction. Too autistic to handle a real-life conversation, she retreats to the safety of Tinder…..The Millennial woman is an intellectual vacuum. She cannot form true relationships, so she compensates with social media, the crack pipe of Twitter and Facebook…..she covers herself in tattoos and piercings as a narcissistic defense mechanism: aware of her own vapidity, she clothes herself in markings to keep people from seeing the truth.”
    All true to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. The Millennial woman is the endgame of the leftist social engineer. A human wind-up robot once programmed to ensure the perpetuation of the species, now reprogrammed to destroy it.
    This is the way the world ends indeed.

  43. It’s the responsibility of every American, or Western man, to call out this bullshit in every way possible. They will destroy everything if we stand silently. They are herd thinkers when all is said and done, so we have to expose them for the circus freaks that they are. I, for one, vow this unto my grave.

  44. You deserve a medal for sitting through an entire season of this tripe. Above and beyond the call of duty.

  45. Rule #4 in Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals
    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that
    every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with
    this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.”
    That is why Lena Dunham had a temper tantrum.

  46. I strongly suspect that her “book” is self flaggelation. She wants people to heap on her, to abuse her with words, to call her names, to call her what she is. I’m guessing that somewhere, deep inside what used to be a soul, a small ember of humanity remains alive and feels horrible about what she as a person has done and said her entire life. The “book” then is to bring out those who will speak where her now dead conscious cannot, in order to make her feel alive, to feel “punished” somehow, to feel that she too can be the victim, only in this case, to her own depraved evil.
    Not a psychologist by any stretch, but something about this entire episode seems too twisted to explain by simple feminist politics. She molested, and continued to sexually molest, her younger sister, and did real observable damage to her sister. She wants the name calling I think, as a form of punishment.
    Well, that’s the best I can figure anyway, there’s no sane explanation for doing something like she did, and then publicizing it.
    Or, maybe her soul is completely dead and she is in fact distilled pure evil. That could be too.

    1. nuff said……….apologies to those that lost their lunch and will never eat cake again.

      1. Why do we need to see this again? Why?
        This is how you know she has no boundaries for self-protection. I seriously wonder if she has frontal lobe damage.

      2. she has serious” issues ” as the excerpts from her book show. Some of things she has done are perverted and even illegal. I don’t think i’ve ever read a whole article on her. I can’t . Usually by the second paragraph I feel like throwing up. She is a freak and she is uglier inside than she is outside

      3. wow….shattering the food while eating it. that is the most disgusting pig i ever saw. The haircut, the face and … god NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO 😉

  47. If television programs reflect the culture which produces them, then Lena Dunham’s fame is the Almighty Father’s way of telling us, “You’re doing it wrong.”

  48. Can you imagine a man talking about molesting his brother/sister. The witch-hunt would be on, he would be fired from his job and taken in a dirty donkey cart down a muddy road to the social/financial gullotine. Candle light vigils would be held after for the victim.

    1. Of course. A man commits the same act or “crime” and it’s a tragedy. A woman does it and many give her a pass – “just kids being kids”.
      Fuck that…no it’s not. She needs to be held accountable (just like a man).

  49. Instead of the world ending, recognition in articles such as this is the way the world – or at least part of it – is reborn.

  50. “the crack pipe of Twitter and Facebook giving validation to her existence.”
    QUOTE of the century!

  51. Who gives a damn what women today have become. They’re the authors of their own miseries not mine.

  52. “…her head filled with affirmations of her own wonderfulness, shielded from the negative consequences of her actions, she is a monster.
    Having never known pain, she has no empathy and cannot acknowledge the
    humanity of those around her. Her friends, lovers, family members are
    mere tools in her quest for narcissistic supply. She has no soul, only a black hole that sucks in everything and crushes it.”
    Change every ‘her’ with ‘him’ and you get the best description of Joffrey Baratheon ever. Now I’m terrified of these so-called girls…

  53. I don’t mean to call names, but, I recently found out who this blob of pus is, because I refuse to watch television. When I saw just a video clip of her speak, I quickly ran to the bathroom and almost puked my brains out. The way she looks and talks is gross.

  54. Even though I knew this article was likely complaining about Lena Dunham, I still almost did not click. She is such an insufferable, talentless cunt that I can hardly stand her to be spoken of, even if it is derisive.

  55. Spotted this today. This nasty mutt looks like goddamn Cruella DeVille now! Doesn’t get much more repulsive than this!

  56. I am a 22 year old woman (Dutch) and this is the first article I’ve read about Lena Dunham that I entirely & whole heartedly agree with. Thank you for this article. I have been trying to explain myself (and my disgust of the show) to some Girls-watchers for a long time now.
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I found this article on ROK.
    I understand the Red Pill idea but scrolling around the ROK website for too long makes me feel like shit. Some articles are just too much, but articles like this (which aren’t all about ”Why (fill in any ethnicity/nationality) Girls Are Disgusting” or ”Why All Women Are The Same”) give me hope.
    I hope all men in here don’t have an intrinsic hatred towards women, or understand why all women are not the same (or at least don’t have the same opinions/lifestyles/morals).
    Makes me feel sad because it seems like there is a dark underlying pessimism and nihilism going on in here, and a deep unbridgeable distance/lack of understanding or love between the sexes. Again, please understand I am not being leftish-lets-just-all-get-along-hold-hands-and-run-through-green-hills-eternally-together. Lots of people, also ‘friends’ (even guys!) who call themselves ‘feminists,’ call me sexist. I am the first to say we are not the same, and we want different things. I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe we (biologically) aren’t supposed to understand each other wholly.
    But again, this article gaps the bridge for me. Thank you.
    I think the problem (in this Millennial Age) lies in weakness: weak women (girls, like above) and men. I have been surrounded by strong men during my life, like my father, and strong women. I cannot bear a world without strong man and masculinity, and I have seen men truly loving and fruitfully living together with women. I know there is a way to connect.
    (I don’t know exactly what to say, but I hope I won’t get hateful replies. Perhaps it is time to start a dialogue. Or is all hopeless. No idea.)

  57. If Lena Dunham is the voice if me, let me grab the rope…Kidding, I’m a millennial and well I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth with my parents over-supporting me, I grew up in a cynical and borderline abusive environment and am a better person because of it.

  58. To hear you all talk, I should be sitting here watching the next MTV disasterpiece and planning my next sexcapade, but I’m not. Not every young woman in their late 20s to early 30s are so unbelievably self-absorbed (although sadly a great many are). I would like to point out that there are those of us who are married, with children, sexually satisfied and as disgusted with our immature counterparts as you’re describing. I would also point out that real men who have managed to put a stop to their mother’s incessant breastfeeding are in horribly short supply as of late. If women are supposed to be women then it makes sense that, as the leaders,men must behave as men first.

  59. Haven’t seen Girls, but judging by the description of the show, it makes Sex and The City sound like Downton Abbey.

  60. A bunch of sad-sack losers, who obviously can’t get girls (unless they go on a sex tour), sitting around in a virtual knitting circle, clucking and bitching about the women they can’t get. A sad state of affairs for men indeed.

  61. Dude, I saw this chick nude on the show ONCE….once, and lost my appetite for 2 days. I literally did not eat meat for fear I’d recall those abysmal three seconds of eternally-scarring television viewing, and barf all over myself.
    Pretty much felt something like this guy only not so cheerful:

  62. I’ve watched Girls. The English blonde druggie with a hardscrabble past is the most interesting character. Dunham’s character Hannah is the least appealing. I don’t think that’s by design. She’s playing herself. Hannah is hard to look at. Adam likes to be without a shirt. They’re both unattractive, but Adam can and does bed other girls. OH! also, around season 3 Hannah goes to the Iowa writers program and messes that up. It’s pretty funny. This is unironically presented as a GREAT thing, even though she’s just wasting her time and (presumably) tax payers money. Wow, I can’t even….. 🙂

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