The Newfound Alliance Between Feminism, Marxism, And Radical Islam

After my previous article, I received a lot of hate mail from social justice warriors, white knights, and feminists who threw a plethora of ad hominem attacks at me, calling me names such as “bigot,” “homophobe,” “fascist,” and the list goes on; however, I personally enjoy reading hate mail from enemies, so I want to add to my “notch count” of insults hurled at me via hate mail, and this time I am guessing it will be Islamaphobe.


The DePaul Feminist Front, the Apex of Feminism and Marxism. I would like to put in a facetious comment if I wasn’t at such a loss of words.

After watching a recent youtube video created by the DePaul Feminist Front showing their open support for DePaul Divest (which unfortunately has been taken down), I became intrigued with the dynamics of the liberal and feminist alliances.

One of these alliances that has been formed on all college campuses across the country is between feminists, Marxists, and radical Islamists on the issue of Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), which is a movement where these radical islamist groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) try and get their respective universities to boycott companies that do business with or in the state of Israel, based off Israel’s human rights abuses towards the Palestinian people.

Its completely hypocritical

Now let’s disregard the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and focus on the issue of this video to start off. In the video that has been recently taken down, the DePaul Feminist Front claims that Israeli “methods of occupation historically target women, through violence, kidnapping, and rape” and that “Israeli forces target queer folks with blackmail.”

Now I want ROK readers of this article to soak in the fact this is coming from feminists in conjunction with Muslims speaking about Israel’s human rights violations. Let us get one thing straight—you may be able to argue that Israel abuses human rights, but you really cannot argue that Israel is the worst human rights abusers against women and homosexuals.

So if the goal is to divest from human rights abusers, shouldn’t feminists and Marxists want to start with countries that have committed the worst human rights atrocities against women and homosexuals? If so, we would have to start with the plethora of Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, that stone homosexuals to death, do not allow women to drive, do not allow women to wear anything else but a burka, and have incredibly perverse legal systems when it comes to violence against women.

However, this would not be liked by their newfound friends who are pushing the divest agenda, because their idiotic sense of prioritization comes from one of two things. Either Students for Justice in Palestine is completely oblivious to the rest of the world, or they are sympathetic to these theocracies that subscribe to their religion, and through that religion engender some of the worst human rights abuses ever to occur on this earth. I would put my money on the latter.


As long as you can make the case that you are a victim, you will be loved by feminists and liberals.

Why do these Marxists and feminists even bother?

I believe feminists do intrinsically understand this notion that I just laid out, but they act the way they do for a purpose. The reason why these idiotic feminists have joined up with radical Islamists is because it has been a tactic of Marxists for a very long time. The idea is to rally every possible fringe element to distort your numbers as much as possible so that your agendas look more to be more serious and have more manpower than they actually are.

This is why in Occupy Wall Street you saw a slew of Communists sitting side by side with Anarchists, two political philosophies diametrically opposed to each other, but happy as can be to join a mutual cause. They go by the tactic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and whoever is fighting the “man” (whether it’s Jews, Christians, whites, males, heterosexuals, etc), these groups become best buddies.

This is why these groups have moved to join the Divest movement, because these fringe groups look at mutual support as “scratch my back I will scratch yours, while helping a good cause.” Furthermore, it helps that Muslims in this day and age have learned to attract these groups by playing the victim card so well, which help feminists and Marxists become entranced with this “struggle of Muslims and the Palestinian people.”

However, the have made a grave miscalculation: radical Islamists will never scratch the back of groups that has members that support homosexuality, atheism, and nihilism (alcohol, drugs,etc), much less members with neon green eyebrows.

The long game

What these feminists and Marxists haven’t done is think about the long game their behavior causes. This is typical because many of these acolytes of Marxism have only one concern: “taking down ‘the man.” They really do not care what the hell comes after, and this has terrible repercussions for the rest of society.

When these radical Islamists have gotten more power in the past, they have started to flex their muscles in other aspects of culture. One example is in the aftermath of any mass killing in the name of defending Muhammed, these cultural slime turn the tables on a pathetically weak west, trying to say we are intolerant and ignorant because of increases in anti-Islamic violence and rhetoric increases after.

Radical Islam vs. the west

If only this were a funny depiction of fantasy, and not the cold hard truth.

I do know one thing—Islam has a long history of having a very strong cultural dominance through forceful suppression of other cultures, which is why they will never move back. The Muslim crowd comes from a culture that has the archaic mindset of conquering distant lands to create a caliphate, and they are well on their way to doing so with their astronomically large birth rates that will eventually tip the scales in their favor.

Christianity had become this way for a while, but we outgrew it, and have become a relatively passive religion that can handle being insulted by liberals, without having the urge to commit mass beheadings. Islam still has no signs of widespread maturity in the Middle East or anywhere else at that, and I would not count on it happening any time soon.

If feminists think the neophytes of this very strong, inexorably manifesting culture will yield to political correctness and tolerance, the radical islamists will laugh as they cut your head off for being a homosexual if they could. Just like feminists have been trying to defeat the status quo culture for the past 50 years, the radical islamists have recently started their long game in western America, and we are already seeing the consequences.

When the feminists win their long game over the last vestiges of our dying culture, the process for Islamic cultural domination will come that much faster, and when it does come, I don not want to be around to see what happens.

Hannibal’s personal advice

Now, I have a soft spot for the androgynous wildabeasts DePaul Feminist Front, and would like to personally offer them some advice, because I heard they read my last article. Here is my advice to all feminists and Marxists at DePaul and around the world: you can ally with people you disagree with, but make sure that you fit somewhere into their endgame, because unless you don’t, when you do take total control of our vapid culture you will have previously empowered your current enemies, which is never a good idea. Please learn how to factor in what happens after you win because if you don’t things will get drastically worse for everyone when you do not.

If your groups are so concerned about dealing with human rights, I would suggest along with promoting the ban on Israel, include Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other Muslim nations that have some of the worst human rights records in the world, demonstrably worse than Israel. But it will never happen because any person with common sense knows what these groups truly are.

These groups are invaders from a distant land looking to destroy us from within. You can truly tell the moral fiber of a group by the way they act and who they affiliate with. The radical Islamist groups I have encountered cause havoc by shutting down parts of campus, by intimidating other students, and by associating with convicted terrorists,

Murphy’s law states that anything that has a possibility of happening will happen, which means that if we tolerate these groups in our own homeland, ourselves or our posterity will live to see the day when radical islamists will not tolerate us.

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  1. Honestly, all I will have to do it grow a beard and pay lip service.
    It’ll be the feminists and various SJWs getting stoned to death or hanged or forced to get a sex change against their will (no more “I’m a whatsitpansexualmutlimeekrawhatthefuckever” ).
    If the new regime lets me have an AK-47 it’ll be a bonus.
    Then, after the feminists and all their polyglot cohorts are destroyed, we dig up the AR-15s and pull a Charlemagne on the fucks.

    1. Interesting that you mentioned Charlemagne.
      I’ve been listening to a good audio book about him.
      It seems Charlemagne’s territory was suffering from repeated invasions by the Saxons, who at the time were still pagans. He initially engaged in some light punitive raids, but brought in missionaries to convert the Saxons because he thought Christianity would civilize them and make them peaceful.
      Charlemagne was a very devout man, but was unfortunately naive in thinking this would work; many converted, but soon after he brought much of his army elsewhere for other business many of the Saxons apostatized and began raiding again.
      You know what finally did the trick…the Massacre of Verden and two years of bloody warfare. It worked.

        1. “Charlemagne: From the Hammer to the Cross”
          Written by Richard Winston
          Read by Charlton Griffin

        1. Don’t we all!
          I like audiobooks because I can listen to them while I do other things.

        2. I had a buddy tell me about using them when he drives so now when I have to drive cross country for work I use them and it helps a lot on long drives and you can knock out a few good books in no time

        3. Absolutely!
          The radio stations play maybe 50 different songs in a 24 hour period, and so it gets real boring. With audiobooks, you can actually learn something instead with all that extra time.
          There’s such a variety as well! Its great for history buffs. I’ve also recently listened to:
          Napoleon: Resolute Determination by Donald Sutherland
          Armies of Heaven: The First Crusade and the Quest for Apocalypse by Jay Rubenstein
 has a wealth of material! Its well worth paying! The best money spent is the money spent to improve your brain.

        4. Thanks bud, I’ll check that site out for sure, first time I just stopped at Barnes&noble n bought a disc to try it out

        5. Yes, enjoy!
          You aren’t limited to what’s on the shelf at Barne’s & Noble. That’s whats wonderful about it!!!!

      1. Whoa! From Wikipedia:
        “Charlemagne had eighteen children over the course of his life with eight of his ten known wives or concubines”
        It’s good to be the king.

        1. Yeah, the Franks sure knew how to enjoy life!
          His wife Himiltrude was 14 or 13 when she was married, and had 9 kids by the time she died at age 26 or 25. Damn!
          Ol’ Charlie sure was busy!!!!!!

        2. Nah! You buy one present for one concubine, and all the other concubines and wives want to have one too! Mark Twain described the pain of the polygamist Brigham Young who, when one wife got a piece of jewelry, others complained about not getting one.
          “And Mr. Johnson said that while he and Mr. Young were pleasantly conversing in private, one of the Mrs. Youngs came in and demanded a breast-pin, remarking that she had found out that he had been giving a breast-pin to No. 6, and she, for one, did not propose to let this partiality go on without making a satisfactory amount of trouble about it.”

    2. Exactly, Sharia will be much easier on heterosexual men than it will be on everyone else. You always have to laugh at the absurd stupidity of feminists.

    3. I like listening to music, watching the occasional sports match and having a drink when I feel like it, so I disagree. In countries where islamists don’t let women drive the men are disappeared and tortured for doing what we are all doing here on this site.

    4. And if you’re a white convert you get treated fairly well in the interim time.

    5. Forced sex changes??? That’s gotta be real weird! But then again Iran does it. I heard trannies there can have a sex change paid by their government while the gays get killed.

      1. Yeah it’s hard to wrap the head around it but if you are gay in Iran you get a choice of prison or snippy snip.

    6. You have it easy. If I were still an atheist, I’d do this exactly. Actually, if I were still an atheist, I’d have ‘converted’ to Islam a while ago, to go over to Arab countries and rack up on wives from Syria to bang (they cost a few hundred dollars to BUY AS LIFELONG SLAVES!!!), and I’d probably end up like those Dubai oil lords making girls fuck dogs and stuff. I’d enjoy the power my ‘religion’ would allow me to exercise over women, and the freedom it gives me from feminism’s poison. I’d be the most devout Muslim guy ever, because of the pussy.
      However, I’m a Christian. I actually have rules beyond my own psychological inhibitions (of which there are none, I’m pretty dark triad) preventing me from doing all those things above I just mentioned – even though polygamy and owning slaves are actually not against what the Bible allows (but Biblical slavery is way too costly – owning a slave the right way according to it means you give them each as much of your wealth as you give yourself). Additionally, when those fuckers take over, I’m supposed to die by *letting* them chop my head off. I’m gonna pray that God at least allows me to kill some of them first.

      1. Those oil sheiks have pretty much gone off the map as far as conduct goes and just about anybody with limitless power and money is apt to become that corrupt. Their religions appear to have suffered a breakdown as well.

        1. Rich people in places like Iran still live western lives. Nobody cares.
          Same with the UAE

      2. Well you would like that because you would have a good combination of red-pill with a touch of pedestalization of women. That’s no criticism. It’s the best thing to be. Because you would actually plan your life to get Syrian tail. Good for you. But don’t envy Muslim Oil Sheiks for their heavenly life of endless women. They hate women. Being with a woman is severely compromising for them. It would be like seeing a goat walking around with Vida Guerra’s ass. Yeah, you’d hit it, but you would feel sick about it and kind of disgusted with yourself. I bet that’s how a lot of extreme Muslims feel about being with women. That’s why they get into the bestiality, scat play and all of that hideousness. Don’t envy them.

    7. Islam taking over the West won’t be good, sure all the feminist an SJWs will be raped an stoned to death but so will anyone else who doesn’t follow their doctrine including you an me.

      1. What doctrines do we have left when “they” have made everything illegal and that which is not outright illegal must be done “their” way?
        We already have it that saying the wrong thing means you don’t have a job.
        If you get caught thinking the wrong thing you get drummed out of a job or into minimum wage.
        Try starting your own business and see what “they” do to you with all “their” environmental laws, EEOC laws, handicap laws, and taxes (needed to pay for “their” system).
        “They” want to classify all consensual sex as rape or a form of rape.
        The only drugs you can get are “controlled” .
        The only real entertainment you get is already pretty much black market (just like over there). What you can easily get really sucks.
        So – no sex, no (good) drugs, no rock and roll (because it sucks). Eventually no guns, no job, no business, no real internet thanks to the FCC taking over the web by fiat.
        And that is WITHOUT being invaded by sharia law.
        So tell me again what I have to fight for?
        You see how that works?
        The deep dark over the spread of Islam in Europe was that in Islam they pretty much just taxed infidels for being infidels and left them alone. This was a better deal then they were getting under the usual “royals”. Post medieval Europe probably asked the same question.
        So when “they” got you coming and going and you pretty much don’t have much of a life anyway, are screwed over anyway, do you act like a Russian in the 1940s and proudly defend your own murderous regime against the other murderous regime and call yourself a hero like a stupid rube?
        Sorry. I’m not lifting a finger to defend “them”.

        1. Islam is a tougher habit to kick. As evidenced by how entrenched it is in its conquered lands.
          Moreover, the jizya is like an 80 or 90% tax. It is meant to be crippling but give the illusion it is not so bad before it is implemented.
          Sort of like Obamacare and other left wing schemes.
          Trade “I just pay a tax” for “I can kep my plan.”
          Another thing to consider is arabization.
          Islamification is usually followed by mass rape by the arab conquerors, turning the population into mutts.
          Hence why the Greeks are a lot darker now than they probably were long ago.
          And cousin marriage. Leading to massively inbred populations that also lack any national sense of self. You see this in arab armies and societies, loyalty and power is gven to powerful families instead of the nation. A consequence of cousin marriage leading to all marriage being within families.

        2. So ultimately, radical Islam and SJWs are two factions and the Western male is caught between them.
          Pass the neutron bombs….

        3. I don’t think it is over yet. Europe’s late resistance to Islam is getting stronger and stronger.
          And while sjw-ism is bad, I think it is less lasting. Without prosperity it will die and the end of the West’s prosperity being a given is coming.
          The reason I resist Islam more is that sjwism will die when that happens but Islam won’t, and if succeeds it will keep the West stuck in the past forever.

        4. I’m not here to defend The West, I hate how the West is repressing people who have a red pill lifestyle an celebrating degeneracy an shamimg men. There’s aspect of Islam I like such as celebrating masculinity a traditional gender roles but reality is Islam is a violent repressive culture that seeks to destroy everyone who’s not them. Replacing one repressive ideology with an more more repressive ideology isn’t a good alternative. Plus I just hate hypocrisy an SJWs, Feminists an Leftists defending an promoting Islam while criticizing Christians is the height of hypocrisy an I’m not even a chrisitian.

        5. That’s what they want. YOU not to fight! we’re being set up to be genocided and they’ve been planning this for a long time.
          The west is like a man at the gallows with nine ropes around his neck. political correctness, muilticuturism etc etc every ism out there. even if you cut 1 rope or 4,5,6 or 7 they still have 2 more. to survive your have to cut them ALL off. when this is all over i hope all these feminist’s and communist’s etc are put on trail and exposed for what they are. AND HUNG WITH PIANO WIRE! for all the broken families, for all the raped women and children. who they turned their backs on and ignored. for all the men who committed secuide and many many war crimes they’ve committed on the west.

        6. Fuck defending the west as it exists right now.
          It’s as un-natural a state as could be for humanity.
          But, I will defend my home, my family and my local area.
          Any sharia spouting pieces of shit try implementing that at my house and I will resist with all means available to me.
          As should any man with testosterone in his veins and a long and historically accurate view of Islam.
          I don’t give a fuck what they do in their own countries. That’s called self-determination.
          But if they come here and try to make me follow ANY religion against my will and I will not comply, baptist, muslim, IDGAF.
          Initiate force and get it back with both barrels.

    8. Stupid post
      Weird sect on here thinking islamist takeover would be good think cause it’s “manly”.
      The west was at a cultural high point in the 1950s. They’re the values we need back, not fucking islamism for fucks sake

  2. Is there a single bangable woman at DePaul? Based on that picture, I would conclude no.

    1. I dont understand how this is allowed at a CATHOLIC university.

      1. If it wasn’t allowed, these girls would go somewhere else, meaning they’d pay their thousands of dollars in tuition for a useless degree at another university

  3. Is Manic Panic hair dye a publicly traded company? I must invest

  4. “Feminists and Marxists”
    You’re repeating yourself.
    From the Communist Manifesto, Chapter 2:
    “Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.
    The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women.
    He has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production.”
    This is the basic ideology of feminism, that women are exploited by bourgeois men for their personal gain. Feminism IS Marxism, it is a part of it. That’s why its so evil and destructive.

      1. When you say “my generation” I’m guessing you mean “millennials.” I was born in 1979, right at the edge of Gen X and Gen Millennial; I grew up mostly with other millennials, so I consider myself one.
        No, we’re not sad and fucked. That’s a stupid thing to say. There’s always been generational groups who’ve been less than ideal. The 70s and 60s had hippies, the 50s and 40s beatniks, and so on, yet we’re still here.
        There’s always been bad things about society, and there always will be. There has never been a “Golden Age,” no matter what older people say. Older generations have been saying that the newer generations are lazy, worthless, etc. for literally thousands of years.
        The worst you can do is cloud your mind with defeatism. Yeah, the world sucks……so what’s new? Make the best of what you have. You can’t do anything more.

  5. And where do all these nice things emanate from ? Yes good old US and UK as psychological warfare tactics that suddenly turning against themselves.Thank the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory brought in after 1945 from the US, thank the CIA and MI6 for supporting the Muslimbrotherhood (Ikhwan) against Nasser,Gaddaffi and Assad.Thank them for unleashing al-Queida as an Muslim Brotherhood offspring against the Russians.Dont look somewhere else to blame somebody.

  6. Muslim countries are traditionally part of the leftists dimension of the oppressed, the east oppressed by the west, women oppressed by men etc. What worries me though is turning this into a simple left / right issue. Feminism sometimes gets legislative support from the conservative ‘right’ – for instance in canada with regard to criminalising prostitution When it comes to Israel / Palestine the situation is even more complex. Israel is right wing in some senses (when it comes to self-defence) and left wing / socialist in other senses (zionism was conceived as a form nationalistic socialism) yet right wingers from ex-trotskyist neo-cons to christian evangelicals automatically see it as western, capitalist, conservative etc and left-wingers and feminists buy into this. There is a lot of careful positioning going on here, of the enemy of my enemy is my friend variety. In fact both zionism and radical islam share quite similar roots. Wahhabism which is the evil jihadi cut your head off islam – is modelled on some of the ideas of revolutionary socialism just like zionism. Its pushed and funded by Saudi Arabia, yet Saudi Arabia is considered to be a conservative state, which nonetheless has civil relations with israel. Does this change the hypocrisy of feminism collaborating with people who would readily kill and oppress women. No, it doesn’t. But perhaps it means that a pro-israeli stance for the manosphere should be considered carefully, only in terms of realpolitik.

    1. Jews played an enormous role in creating the feminist bacillus and spreading across the USA and the West – Friedan, Sontag, Dworkin, Wolf the list is practically endless.
      And some of the most influential people in the PUA industry:
      1. Neil Strauss – jewish
      2. Ross Jeffries – jewish
      3. Robert Green – jewish
      First they poison the women with feminism, then they offer their PUA merchandise to the men frustrated by arrogant feminists.

      1. that’s true, but there are still many jews who thoroughly dislike feminism / socialism / zionism (leaving israel aside) but who find themselves more worried about the dangers of anti-semitism than helping out as might otherwise do. Solve that problem, that identification through fear, and you could have a very resourceful community genuinely turned against feminism. Feminism is ready to turn on successful male jews anyway, just as the left is doing over israel, so it should be a no-brainer for the typically quite brainy people in question to make better choices in the future – but transparently so

        1. Zionists are no different from islamists- both have destroyed their own people and hijacked their religions.
          Zionists believe in radical interpretations of the torah, where they believe to be the chosen ones and that everyone else is goyim (cattle)
          Islamists believe in killing the infidels and non believers.
          Both are radical and evil interpretations of two religions. which are constantly attacked because of outdated interpretations and as a result, used to unfairly attack the vast majority of jews and muslims.

        2. And secular/christian europeans who want to protect their ethnic and cultural integrity are white supremacists right?

        3. Well if protecting cultural integrity includes hating other people based on skin color and religion, then yes, it is considered to be white supremacy.

        4. Zionism has nothing to do to with religion nor Judaism. In fact Zionism is just the idea of returning the Jews to their true homeland = Israel. Zion is just another name for Jerusalem.

        5. A rabbi once said that it’s the Trotskys of this world that make revolution while the Bronsteins (Trotsky’s original name) pay for it. But what if the Bronstein’s weren’t prepared to let this happen any more? What if jews were to revolt against the established order of revolt?

        6. “Zionists believe in radical interpretations of the torah”.
          If I recall correctly Zionism and Marxism were both atheistic in origin. Zionism was a product of the jewish enlightenment and reflected an awkward and antagonistic relationship towards the torah, which is why many secular jews can still be zionist even though they are not religious Obedience to God is less clear than a common identity. Both zionism and radical islam are at least potentially messianic movements ….. hence all the blood

        7. there is also a kind of diaspora zionism which is less obviously focussed upon a physical homeland but rather upon an ethnic identity: anti-semitism becomes the binding agent for identity in the absence of either a firm commitment to Israel (many jews aren’t that bothered) or an actual belief in God. This is why secular progressivism can stand against orthodox judaism yet be more rather than less jewish on account of it

        8. Hernan Cortez is that you?
          You’re saying that only whites can have a ‘supremacist view’?
          La Raza, NAACP, and the ADL all prove you so wrong it’s laughable.
          However, the ignorance displayed in your comment makes me pity you in a way.
          But don’t get too comfortable in your delusion.
          Think about which ethnic group in this country has the numbers of men and the most guns (civilized people call this ‘real military power’), then go back to the drawing board and reconsider the real meaning of ‘supremacy’.
          Also carefully note which ethnic group dominates the combat arms in the USMIL, out of proportion to their percentage of the total number of USMIL. There’s a reason for that.
          I’m proud of who I am and my ancestors.
          If ‘browns’ and ‘blacks’ can be proud, why not whites?
          I say they can. It doesn’t have to do with hating anybody. It does have to do with not being goddamn doormats to SJWs and feminists who like to spout off about illogical social theories (like ‘we must tolerate Islam — the most intolerant group on this planet — the very people who will not tolerate SJW bullshit when the gain power) and who re-write history to suit their insane agendas.

        9. It would be, and I think its quite possible. (Secular) judaism currently associates millenial thinking (‘progress’, feminism etc) with the fight against anti-semitism when in fact millenial politics – increasingly laid bare – is now responsible for increasing anti-semitism. There already are religious jews in particular who see a problem with this.

        10. Brother, go study Zionism – the pseudoJews involved with that seemed to be trying to eliminate Jews and Judaism.
          Theodore Herzl, original Zionist, first tried to get European Jews to become Catholic, look it up.

        11. yes I agree, and that is why people get confused about the connections between zionism and socialism in general – the nationalist element was always present, but socialism the brand has been sold as something based upon universalist ethics (e.g. Kant) while zionism the brand puts on religious garb to attract those who see messianism in religious terms (both jewish and christian). In fact its messianism is primarily materalistic, but often reflects secularised “religious” or at least mystical / messianic thinking, typically Lurianic Kabbalah, which many progressives were suckled on even in secular households. Rebuild the temple or re-create the caliphate – faced with the terrifying prospect of the latter the world will I imagine more willingly embrace the former – but what form will it take?

        12. Unfortunately, both the political/secular and religious Powers that Be, have no interest in rebuilding the temple (or any messiah).

        13. I think there is a sense in which progressive jews / some zionists have secularised – made material – religious aspects of millenial jewish thought. This is particularly the case with tikkun olan – repairing the world. E.g. re-designing society from the ground up may potentially be seen as re-building the temple in a secularised metaphorical sense. There are some religious jews also who believe that the temple should not be re-built without specific command from god

        1. If it’s a piece of shit due to cheap overseas labor or a nationwide corporate culture of stressing short-term profits over long-term stability, then you actually could argue that point.

      2. Women were never “poisoned” by feminism. Feminism is merely the natural state of women (i.e. 100% freedom, 0% responsibility). Women have always been feminist, Western Civilization merely gave them the means to accomplish their goal. Perpetual civilization and “women’s rights” are two mutually exclusive goals. As someone else said, politics, ideologies, and even races come and go: the only human constant is male/female. Men create, women manipulate.

        1. This is totally true.
          I just watched Jane Eyre on Netflix. (I’m certainly not going to waste all the time it takes to read that book). In ‘Jane Eyre’, it’s shows all the hallmarks of what we have identified but wraps it in a moralistic shell, which would have been simply thrown away with if it was written today.
          It’s basically a study on some Plain Jane’s journey of hypergamy while she remains a saint. This was necessary back in the 1800s. Bronte class women couldn’t even conceive of a story where they just acted like a sloot, they had to have it religiously and socially justified.
          She gets fucked over by family/guardians in the beginning, She pines after the rich brooding bad boy, gets into a type of 19 century style secret courtship, has tragedy happen in that bad boy is already married to crazy psycho wife that he has stashed away, leaves bad boy for his deception, inherits loads of money, rejects beta nice guy that she meets, runs back to bad boy alpha and discovers that his wife killed herself allowing rich Jane to live with her bad boy alpha for the rest of her life without any type of guilty conscious.
          ‘Jane Eyre’, 1847
          Nothing new under the sun.

        2. I hated that book. I had to read it back in school.
          I had to read Jane Austen also; her books seem to be mostly about rich upper-class teenage girls trying to find husbands who are even richer and of a higher class. Women eat that shit up to no end.

        3. Which is why it resonates to this very day some 150 years after the fact. Because their hardwiring is set. At their base core they are slooty feminists.
          They have to be taught to behave which is what modern day feminist called ‘indoctrination’ or ‘socially conditioned’ or ‘cultural’. Yes sloot, we do indoctrinate girls into not behaving like sloots because of stuff like civilization.

        4. Can’t we call women to account for their actions, and acknowledge the critical role of revolutionaries? Why is it always either or? I’m curious

        1. Your nature is parasitical (like women), that’s not class, that’s dependance.
          Go find another host.

        2. Indeed.
          Their intelligence is a myth. Jews score very low in visual-spatial intelligence tests but they only do well in the verbal-linguistic ones – just like women!
          An example of spatial reasoning would be…say…seeing a set of shapes and getting a choice what the next shape in the sequence should be. A lot of smart Europeans can pretty much do it by eye without even having to work out the pattern.
          Intelligence is not the hallmark of Jews. Ethnocentrism is. The former begat the latter. In fact, everything remarkable about the Ashkenazis can be ultimately traced to their ethnocentrism.

        3. Yeah?

          22% (not including peace). We have 6-7 billion people and ONLY 20 million Jews.
          If you studied modern physics, mathematics, computer science (including cryptography) etc. you’d be astonished to find a lot of “Jewish” and “Israeli” influence there.
          And please, provide some genuine sources for you opinion. I mean some official and not conspirative material.

        4. Except actually it’s some inbred germans who aren’t even jewish running things and there is a big difference between an average jew being a doctor or business man, which doesn’t oppress me, and some totally unrelated Satanists who create the money and credit ruling from behind the scenes and promoting degeneracy.
          How much money and weaponry does Israel receive from those inferior IQ whites? and who gave them that little piece of land? The Nazis putting a few million jews in camps to work hard and killing em….is that just outsmarting them too? Because the germans were smarter eh?
          There is a difference between simply outsmarting or outcompeting someone in academia and business, and being downright evil/corrupt towards them. People only have a problem with latter.

        5. to a degree culture in the modern world is jewish culture, at least since in terms of intellectual paradigms etc. While that’s certainly an impressive feat, doesn’t it trouble you as someone with an obvious commitment to the manosphere that so much of modern jewish thought, since at least the mid-19th century has worked against tradition and men’s needs? There are many jewish guys in the manosphere who obviously wish things were different, and are clearly sick of being blamed for every thing, yet they don’t seem to be able to identify the dissonance here. There are conservatives for instance like David Horowitz, Ben Shapiro who clearly want to kill the left, but they always seem worried about saying too much – I presume because the anti-semitism issue remains omnipresent in the minds of so many jews

        6. I grew up with them. I knew Jews as dumb as box of rocks. Others with very crude mindsets, some with mechanical ability but very little verbal acuity. However person for person I would have to strenuously disagree with you. As a group they are smart, in fact smarter than any other group of people I’ve encountered and I’ve led a very worldly life. They see themselves as the perpetual underdogs and work it to their advantage like no other people in the world. Yes ethnocentrism but a high degree of intelligence and finesse to go with it. Just for the record I don’t hate them, do not lionize the Nazis as saviors of anyone. Like I said I grew up as a kid in a heavily Jewish community. I know them in and out, have had Jewish friends and opponents. There is much more I could say but not here and not now.

        7. Yeah that’s the major reason for the SJW bandwagon jumping by many modern Jews. Well, so-called Jews. The fresh race-trauma from the reich years facilitates a cultural conformity reaction/backlash. Fear and guilt drive identification with the Oppressed Other — even when the Other is not oppressed, or is in fact the oppressor. This permits a mass stature of ‘righteousness’ and renders them (heh) invisible within the hivemind of the herd. Smooth lives, no waves, limited collective accusation.
          Of course it goes much deeper — the Hebrews have been struggling with idolatry, feminism, materialism and greed, and wrong relationship with God for thousands of years, as the OT documents. Rebellion has been more common than obedience, to say the least.
          V interesting OP and comment stream. Cheers.

        8. I’m actually quite fascinated by judaic culture, but yes, I think there are the unscrupulous, particularly of the zionist variety, whose main concern is to try to build jewish identity around fear of anti-semitism, specifically around the politics of ‘anti-hate’. Ben Shapiro, a right wing jewish journalist reported that one survey showed that belief in God was below 40% and that most jews (over 70%) saw the holocaust as the major source of identification for being jewish. As Netanyahu’s suggestion that french / danish jews should come to israel shows innocent jewish people who suffer violent anti-semitism can be used – I believe unscrupulously – to reinforce jewish ethnic identity. In other words ethnic identity is being reinforced at the expense of jewish religious identity. Jewish people should be up in arms against this, because they are being tricked

        9. There are dozens of Jewish/Israeli Nobel Laureates in the sciences. There are…..wait for it!!…TWO Muslim science laureates, and one of those awards was shared with a Jewish colleague. The rest are in subjective bullshit fields like literature and peace.
          Regardless of what your feelings are about Muslims and Jews, there ain’t no motherfucking comparison about who contributes more to science and technology worldwide. And the fact that Muslims outnumber Jews by about 60 to 1 or so worldwide makes that figure even more pathetic and telling. There are consequences when a civilization (and I am talking about civilizations here, not individuals) has its HEAD up its FUCKING ASS for a thousand years. That’s not a knock on any individual hardworking Muslim, and as a science teacher who works at a school run by mostly Muslims, I have known and taught many talented, gifted Muslims over the years. But on a macro, global level, there just ain’t NO comparison.
          And those Muslim educators and students came HERE to the U.S. for their opportunites. That ain’t no accident either.

        10. Most of your posts are interesting and poignant.
          Get yourself some better info regarding Jews and Judaism.
          Just some food for thought – most ‘high profile’ “jewish” SJW types *hate* Jews and Judaism more than Hitler or Haj Amin Al Husseini ever did.

        11. “Shapiro, a right wing jewish journalist reported that one survey showed that belief in God was below 40% and that most jews (over 70%) saw the holocaust as the major source of identification for being jewish.”
          I’d agree that identification with negative aspects of heritage is mis-application of consciousness. Expressing the truth about traumatic events in the past is fine, and can be healing. But identification with such events isn’t. It shows they don’t understand that the same God who created their tribes, allowed them to go back into bondage during the holocaust.
          The belief-in-God percentage is more troubling tho. Of course the modern State of Israel is much compromised by U.S. cultural (global) influences, especially feminism and legalism/secularism. Reliance on worldly systems is an ongoing struggle for the Hebrew tribes. Just like everybody else.
          Anybody that calls themselves ‘Jews’ or ‘Hebrews’ should identify not with ideo-politics, nor with the State, but with the God that allows them to exist surrounded by folks that don’t like them.

        12. Can’t guarantee the statistic are correct, but I agree with that, and I think a lot of religious jews would do so as well. The battle here is arguably between jewish religious faith and jewish ethnic / national identity, which identification around the holocaust is making more dominant. The fact that this does not necessarily mean identification with Israel is strange – and suggests a kind of zionism without zion. The secularisation of jewish religion also makes it a kind of religion without religion, where jewish mystical / religious ideas are being translated into a secular and materialist kinds of action e.g. marxism / zionism. Progressive politics all seems to take this form.

      3. I am not so sure of that. Jewish men and women seem hard hit by this to me.
        Jewish men tend to be sexually frustrated, and Jewish women not having kids is a serious problem for them as it means Jewish men often marry out.

    2. Yeah, it drives me nuts that the only “conservative” party here in Canada is toeing the SJW line on every social issue. Big-govt authoritarians.

  7. Its become very typical for marxists and feminists alike to attack the white european heterosexual male. They should change the name ‘white privilege’ to ‘jewish privilege’ anyway.

  8. There may be worse human rights violators than Israel in the world, but none who simultaneously get to be friends of the West to the extent Israel gets to be.

  9. As a muslim, i must say that i am disgusted by other muslims like the ones in the above pictures. They have hijacked islam, spread a rotten image of the religion, and have fuelled further hatred for the religion. I hope the radicals burn in hell where they belong.
    At the same, I am also angry at the rise of white supremists who are clearly out for blood of all muslims. White supremists are also dangerous radical fanatics who are no different from the radical muslims. They also deserve to burn in hell.
    All of them have the same intent- to play divide and conquer.

    1. The people pictured are fundamentalist Muslims, not “radicals.” Radical Muslims are the ones that don’t kill women for being raped, because they are not following the life and teachings of a pedophile

      1. Mohammed was not a pedophile. Civilisation was different thousands of years ago, with different customs and laws, that are obviously not compatible in this day and age.
        Nice try, you supremacist trash.

        1. His favorite wife was 9 when he first raped her. Keep your taqiyya to yourself, dog. He was also a crazed rapist who tried to kill himself over and over again, because that’s what mentally disturbed people do sometimes. Your holy book says rape is OK as long as the girl is a sex slave, so fuck off.

        2. Yeah- keep telling yourself that scum. If I want a lecture on Islam, I’ll take it from an Islamic scholar, and not some radical supremist trash like yourself.
          I am a Muslim and proud to be one. Asshole.

        3. where did he have sex and rape other peoples wives? Seriously, if you think you are doing the lord’s work by using bullshit tactics like the one here, than consider yourself doing satan’s work.
          Typical zionist, white supremacist trash- attempting to play divide and conquer, Honestly, you would make a great candidate for the radical right wing racist political parties.

        4. Having sex with 7 year old girls makes him a pedo. He also had a whole pageant of war brides he’d fuck, who knows what age they were. Why the fuck would you follow a guy who slept with 7 year olds?
          Best thing that ever happened to Muslims was Sobieski III and Charles Martel.

        5. where did he have sex with children? Show me the proof that he “actually” had sex with children. Again, typical hatred from supremacists.

        6. How is anyone here a supremacist? Supremacist implies that we want to take over Muslims and rule over them. European nationalists don’t want to rule over you, they want you back in your lands, where you can fuck your first cousins, goats, camels, and pre-pubescent girls to your hearts content.
          Nationalists don’t want your alien religion and cultural values in Europe. What you do in your dessert is completely up to you. If you want to be in Europe, integrate with Europe.
          The trouble is you’re not content with staying in your dessert, you want a global Caliphate.
          Islam is supremacist, it demands the death or conversion of the kafir, regardless of where they’re from.

        7. Blah, blah, blah. A true believer is never going to accept the folly of his ways.

        8. I’m sorry man. I don’t hate on Muslims on an individual level but Islam and any other culture simply doesn’t mix on the macro level.
          Islam is founded/based on the idea of global Islamic empire. This is simply a fact. Now whether some Muslims believe differently now than they did during it’s original time, that’s a different story. However, Islam as defined by Mohammed is that of being incompatible with the not just the West but everywhere that isn’t Islamic.
          Also, Ashlar is correct about how it’s religious doctrine that Muslims should lie if it’s good for the faith. Muslims are not to be trusted at the macro level at all.

        9. Mohammed knocked up a child. If you don’t want to get disowned by your muslim family or whatever, then you follow that tradtion. But “interpreting” the koran by lying about it isn’t convincing anybody.

        10. Islam is not what you think it is. Yes, there are outdated scriptures in the koran and passages which any non muslim would consider extreme. As a muslim, I do not believe that they can be applied in this day and age either.
          In fact, the reason why the koran has some of these radical verses, is because the book, not only was written thousands of years ago, but it has never been altered once.
          Vast majority of muslims, choose to not interpret sharia law in the west because as muslims (the good ones anyway) we know it is incompatible with not only the values of non muslims, but also not compatible with the values of modern day muslims such as myself.
          Again, I appreciate your comment and as a muslim, have respect and tolerance for other cultures.

        11. It is perfectly called white supremacy for a reason. KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, Nazism all equate to hatred for anyone who is not anglo saxon.
          And integration is a two way street. I agree, multiculturalism has failed, but can be contributed by all ethnic groups.

        12. You’ve never even read your own holy book? That explains a lot. Either that or you’re one of those CAIR assholes deliberately lying to the Western world about the contents of your book.
          I’m in a generous mood today, so I’ll give you a chance to recant your assertion before I start posting quotes from the Koran.
          Typical jawa, crying racism to censor everyone who points out that Mohammad was a suicidal rapist and pedophile, as evidenced by his life and teachings (the Sunnah) and I will shortly back up with evidence if I must.

        13. Taqiyya has three stages:
          1. Say you come in peace when you’re outnumbered. This is part of the current situation, as propaganda groups like CAIR, the MSA and other Muslim Brotherhood front organizations try to censor the truth about Islam’s goals in the West.
          2. Say you’re equal when the numbers are equal. We are moving in that direction.
          3. When you have the numbers, enforce Sharia law on the host population, including the choice between death and dhimmitude (slavery to Muslims).

        14. What covert intentions? I’ve just told you what I think above, clear as day. I don’t practice taqiyya.

        15. I for one have no interest in ruling over Muslims. All I want is for them to either assimilate to American law and values, or fuck their cousins and farm animals in the comfort of their own caves at home. I would rather not intervene in the Muslim world at all, except to destroy their attempts at attaining nuclear weapons. Muslims must never, ever be allowed to have nukes. The world will end the following week.

        16. Please post your quotes zionist. Again, instead of repeating myself, I will refer you to my other comments you religious zionist fanatic.

        17. Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3311:
          ‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old.
          The implication is obvious–“taken to his house as a bride when she was nine.”

        18. Hah, this coming from the Zionist who I’m guessing, loves the state of Israel?

        19. Strange? I’m a Muslim, and I’m not calling for the deaths of kafirs and non believers.

        20. It specifically says nine. It is very cut and dry. Its impossible to interpret it any other way.
          You may not like that, but it is what it is.

        21. What about ISIS, aren’t they a good Muslims by beheading christians and threading to out the flag of Allah in the White House?

        22. 1. explain cousin marriage to the group. Explain the huge increase in genetic defects in cities in the UK where you all are all marrying your first cousins
          2. Explain why most Islamic countries are economic basket cases. If not for oil…
          3. why do you all stick your butts up in the air 5 x per day and bray to a silly rock in Mecca . This is the 21st century for crissakes.
          4 . Why do muslim men buttsex?? It is very common for muslim dudes to engage in Homosex
          5. Why do you cover your women?? You treat your women like shit
          6. Why did you or your parents move to the USA or West?? If muslim countries are so great why did you leave??

        23. Tell me, does the Quran mention an expiry date ?
          A sort “best before x-x ” ?
          Then fucking do as God has commanded you, wether you like it or not.
          And cut the modern-day hippie bullshit.

        24. Mohammed was a pedophile, both him and Abu Bakr note that Aisha, his favourite wife, pbuh, was prepubescent and nine years old when he, Mohammed fucked her repeatedly so hard that she, pbuh, could never have children, and therefore they recommend to only molest your child bride without fucking her until she has her period, so she can bear you offspring.

        25. “I am a Muslim and proud to be one. Asshole.”
          No, you’re a Zionist shill jewpigdogape trying to make Mohammed and his Quran look like some LGBT propaganda – “We’re Queer, we’re here, we’re loud, we’re proud,” etc.
          Just admit the Glorious Alpha truth of Muhammedizm-jizm: Fuck anything with a hole, then kill it. Allahu Akbar!

        26. You are the zionist pigdogapejew. You are the heretic, denying the glorious Word of Allah and His Prophet, Muhammed.

        27. He is a heretic or a zionist pigdogapejew, denying the Holey Islamist Writ, instead of being proud of it and teaching us the glorious wonders of that creed.

      1. He knows. Islamic deception about the contents of the Koran is called taqiyya, a jihad tactic explained in their holy writings. “Allah is the great deceiver,” says so right in their rape manual.

        1. Zionist infiltrator. You destroyed the reputation of the jews, and now seek to do the same to muslims.
          Honestly, there is no difference between you and the islamists. Radicals and fanatics.

        2. I don’t have to destroy the reputation of muslims. 1400 years of rape and terror does that without my assistance.
          Muslims in Africa and the Middle East currently own 11 to 14 million black slaves, because you people live in the Dark Ages and murder anyone who tries to teach you science.
          Don’t blame other people for your barbaric cult of bloodlust.

        3. Nope, you also contribute towards the destruction of Islam and Judaism. You are no different from the radical Muslims and radical Jews.

        4. How many slaves are owned by Jews in 2015? How many Jews do you see waving swords around like savages and beheading people who disagree with them?

        5. I see radical zionists like yourself hijacking the financial and banking system, which is even worser that weaving swords.

        6. Actually we invented those institutions while you were killing women who wanted to drive and go to school. You people have contributed nothing

        7. We are all slaves to the top Jews, and the ISIS videos are made by an Israeli named Rita Katz.

        8. Sure there is. Abu Bakr would tell you to STFU with your pandering to the infidel. Ali and Hussein would both assrape and behead you (unless they wanted you in their harem because you gave head so swell they need you a bit longer), before they got back to the Shia/Sunni hate warfare.
          Islam is first and foremost a plague on Arabs, you know that first hand, so does your cousin/wife, etc. You know that better than any westerner can ever know.
          Stop trying to whitewash the plagarist rantings of a nutter.

      2. No it is not. That is typical white supremist agenda, to interpret the words of Islam in a different way.
        Obviously the book was written thousands of years ago, when civilsation was different. Therefore, the same rules would not apply in this day and age.
        I am a Muslim and proud to be one. I have tolerance for other faiths and different people.

        1. He’s not going to answer your question directly or honestly, and you know that. There’s no arguing with Muslims. They have morality objectively backwards. Even atheists agree that their morals suck, granted, those atheists were indoctrinated in Christian-influenced cultures. Anyone who deifies a pedophile as the ultimate divine Prophet is obviously going to have a fucked up moral compass.

    2. No bro, we aren’t out for blood. We are out for separation. If you have middle eastern views, keep them in the middle east. If you want western freedoms, technology, way of life, employment opportunities, justice (i say this loosely), booze, etc, etc. You adopt the Western values and STFU. You can’t have it both ways.
      White supremacists which is actually white preservation is more separate and avoid.

      1. Bro, I am a Muslim and proud to be a westerner. But it is clear, that your views on western lifestyle is confined to the views of anglo saxon culture. Hence, white supremacy.
        Western culture has integrated many forms of foreign delicacys such as foreign restaurants and businesses. West also includes blacks, asians, arabs and other ethnic and religious groups, not just caucasians.
        Again as a muslim, i am proud of my beliefs and have tolerance and respect for other faiths. So stop trying to play divide and conquer.

        1. Anglo Saxon Culture is the anchor of the western world. Yes, sure we will integrate falafels because they are delicious. However, if your culture’s biggest addition to the west is food, fuck, it ain’t going to work. You see, we will integrate anything that is of value. Nobody in the west worth associating with will hate on any ethnicity if they are bringing value to the table.
          However, as it stands now, Muslim culture integrating with western values is a net negative. It’s not white supremacy you infantile little fuck. Its preservation.
          Did your grandfathers fight for the US in WWII? Most likely not. What exactly has your heritage done to tell the fabric of this country how to behave?
          Be proud, practice your faith but shut up and talk only when you have value to contribute. Otherwise, you are parasite comparable to a feminist that wants benefits without having to be accountable to them.

        2. Who is we? You mean white supremacists? Again you little dipshit, blacks, asians, latinos and other ethnic groups make up western culture. Born in the west, raised in the west, and believe in seperation of church and state, and have respect for all cultures
          Western culture also includes churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and even the beliefs of athiests.
          What you are trying to do is play sides and cherry pick what you interpret to be of western culture. Hence ,white supremacy.
          I have respect for other religions and cultures, But fuck any radical religious groups if they try to enforce their belief system onto others.This includes radical Muslims and radical Jews. But also, fuck you radical anglo saxon white supremists, if you are going to attack me for my beliefs.

        3. All Muslims have contributed to America is causing us to waste time and money paying off the pirates on the Barbary Coast so they would stop taking people hostage.

        4. All muslims?
          -Many doctors and dentists in America are muslims
          -Many business men and entrpreneurs who create jobs, are muslims
          -Many engineers in America are muslims.
          -Many soldiers in the armed forces, are muslims
          -Many muslims are tax paying, hard working and contributive members of society.
          Seriously, you are a joke, You keep painting all muslims with the same paint brush. Any man with common sense, will know not to generalise all muslims as the same.
          Unfortunately, you seem to lack in it.

        5. Well,initially I was correcting you as to the difference between white supremacy and western preservation. I am well aware what the west is comprised of. Its amazing. Every ethnicity you mentioned including arabs are great. Muslim’s currently are not adding value.
          From our side or the aforementioned we, where we is all of western culture, it has zero to do with religion. It has to do with a way of life. Western values and islamic/muslim values are incompatible. Muslim culture seeks to restrict while western culture is very fluid. Albeit that fluidity has its own set of issues.
          Either way, that doesn’t mean they can’t coexist in the world. Just probably not in the same country.
          I’m not cherry picking anything, I’m just explaining the concept of value in two different cultures. More importantly, I’m not going to feel guilty or ashamed for calling out bullshit that detracts from the western world.
          I’m quite certain you don’t live in the west so as we say ain’t nothing but a chicken wing. Cheers, mate!

        6. “When that day comes, oh Muslim, every tree and rock will call out” – for what?
          Don’t you believe in “That Day”, heretic?

      2. If you are of european descent having integrity and self respect makes you extremely racist, how dare you want to preserve what you are.

        1. I’m of European descent. I’m also black. WTF about me? I’m not going to spend my life in fucking Ghana, not after my parents and ancestors fucking built this country (USA) on both sides!

        2. Ofcourse not you are fully an american, read the outrageous comments from the muslim guy blabbering about white supremacy and you will understand my comment better.
          I would never be so arrogant as to define the american identity.
          I should be more clear with my words, i am not of european descent but indigenous european as i am not born in any colonized country but in my native land.
          But some people are so arrogant they lump native europe together with this idea called the west where all the values of the brave new world with all its multicuturalism and other social experiments suddenly weighs heavier and can just impose itself on the indigenous culture and its people who have no say in anything, but must submit to all the whims of the social engineers and the values they propagate through liberalism and “political correctnes” media, that my friend is racism under the guise of political correctnes, a very raw and insideous type of racism, as we have witnessed here today by a certain muslim individual.

      3. When can we just give the SJWs California as their own nation and then put killer robots on the borders so when they vote their little country into hell they can’t go flocking out and infest other states?

    3. Quran 8:12–I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.
      Quran 9:5–So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, and then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.
      Quran 9:123–O you who believe! Fight those of teh unbelievers who are near to you and let them find you in hardness.
      Quran 66:9–O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey’s end.
      For more peaceful Islamic messages, please see:

      1. Outdated and can no longer apply in this day and age. Vast majority of muslims cannot be painted by the same brush.

        1. Iiuiiiii is clearly a paid shill for CAIR, the MSA, or one of the other Muslim Brotherhood front organizations censoring the truth about Islam’s goals in the West. It speaks volumes for the strength and integrity of the men on ROK that he is being called out on it like the little Tuscan Raiding camelfucker he is.

        2. Can be hard to tell. Usually the propagandists have better syntax and grammar, so you may be right. He is like the feminist shrieking about how it’s all about equality.

        3. Grow up. I’m guessing you are some kid in in your mom’s basement judging by the way you call me a shill.

        4. Nope. You and the rest of your ilk are clearly ignorant and would choose to believe in your own propoganda

        5. These are direct commandments from Allah to Muslims. There’s no way that can be considered outdated.
          Its pretty clear what Allah wants Muslims to do.

        6. Which means you’re using the Quran as a pick and mix. Selecting bits you like and ignoring Allah when you don’t. Why don’t you just be honest for a change?

        7. So you believe direct commandments from your god are invalid?
          Many Muslims all around the world are dutifully obeying those commandments.

        8. The Koran is outdated for Muslims??!!! That’s like saying the Bible is outdated for Christians, or the Tanakh and Talmud for the Jews! You say those verses need to be thrown out? How about we just throw the entire book out!!! It is obviously a necessary and representative part of your religion. If the Quran is the word of Allah, then it is indeed the necessary teachings meant to be obeyed by all Muslims. Furthermore, since abrogation gives more power to the most recent of texts written by Muhammad, and the violent texts such as these were the ones written later, these texts are an essential part of true Islam, and opposing this makes you an infidel such as myself by Islamic standards. Welcome to Hell according to your own religion buddy. Please enjoy your stay by the boiling feces and the fire and brimstone. Heathen.

        9. Your shit’s the propoganda. You won’t even answer the damned question about your faith honestly. Give a just explanation for the above texts, of forever be written as dishonest. Oh wait, that’s right – ***lying isn’t always a sin in Islam***

        10. Pick and mix is how you know you’re going to Hell, lol. This guy’s damning himself according to his own religion the more he tries to defend it!

        11. Your Allah is a pathetic, wishy-washy fool. He can’t make up his mind, and if you believe the Koran, which is but a lie conjured by the delusional and disoriented mind of Muhammad, then he fucked up with Moses, and did it again with Jesus. Your god is as omnipotent as my jizz. Of course, some of us know that’s not true. You should realize the absurdity of the things your god says, such as the Earth being flat like a mat, and that you should kill people because they don’t worship your god.

        12. Nuh-uh, Moe abrogated the peaceful Meccan verses. So yeah you guys are stuck with the more violent Medinian version of the hadiths. Unfortunately for the rest of us non-muzzies, it’s all jizya and sacrificing infidel blood and less hoouris and wine.

        13. Isis considers themselves the true muslims and the rest of these muslims (no matter how devout so long as they don’t subscribe to the black flag of the Shahadah and the worldwide Caliphate) are apostates.
          I shudder to think that even among the most orthodox muzzies (like Ahmed Choudry who calls for killing of Brit soldiers or that Jordanian Pilot) they’re still consider apostates, what they would do to infidels

        14. Your jizz is far superior. For your jizz to be equal to Mohammedism, you’d have to be sterile and diseased, wreaking destruction on the bodies and souls of all who you infected.

        15. Just like you, and Global International Feminationalsocialist Eugenicists, LGBT ‘activists’, Marxists, Socialists, etc., right?

        16. No, brother, he is fulfilling the Mohammedist creed of Taqqiyeh, ie, bullshit your enemy by any means until you can conquer.

        17. Lying, aka Taqqiyeh, is a virtue leading to the big reward, “Dar es Islam”, ie turning the whole world into an Islamic realm.

        18. I’m guessing you are a big man, like thousands of your coreligionists, who would ignore the cries of a Jewish kid being tortured for a week in your neighbour’s mom’s basement before they dumped him on the train tracks to die. (See what happened to Halimi in France)

      2. “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is His name.”
        Exodus 15:3.
        King James Version.
        Thus wether you like it or not, The God of Abraham is a God of War.
        And God does not change.
        So God is a God of War – wether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim.
        So don`t blame the Muslims for what God has commanded them.
        That`s like blaming the janitor for the textbooks approved by the board of education.
        A Real Christian who worships YAHWE – The God of War.

    1. I know that’s sarcasm but, been there. Believe me, it ain’t. Place gave me the creeps.

  10. So you people don’t care about men.let the feminists and liberals die by their hand .feminism was always the and all its forms must be destroyed and its influence annihilated and if it means that Muslims have to kill some of them then so be it.

        1. Zionist jews like yourself are the real evil in this world. You hijacked Judaism and have spread more anti semitism against the good Jews of this world.
          Take your sick radical interpretations of the Torah and burn in hell.

  11. The thing is that these SJWs are an extreme minority. They are just loud enough to hold the power.

    1. They are loud enough to be heard. They only hold power because people listen to them and hand it over.
      If people listened to them and treated them as the mentally ill they are, they would have power over nothing but their rubber room.

    2. They’re primarily the ‘newsmakers’ on campus. Notice how every college lefty newspaper rag gives front page spotlight to the sjw bullshit.
      MEDIA IS THE SPOTLIGHT – Imagine taking a hike at night in the woods with a group and only the leader has the flashlight. He can shine it on only what he wants you to see. A raccoon behind a tree or a spider web ahead. You only see what he spotlights for you. There could be a bear behind you but he has control of the ‘spotlight’. Think about THAT the next time you hear the talking heads on the evening news say they’re going to SPOTLIGHT some coverage of something.

  12. Article s wrong about one thing. He says he doesn’t want to be around when the Muslims take over from the feminists.
    Based on History, what will happen is that there will be a thirty year golden age where men, freed of the feminist yoke, unleash their true potential. After that, the rot sets in and there’s a dark age, but the people living through the transition will enjoy it.

    1. Yep – few people seem to notice that the Muslim “Golden Age” in North Africa was exactly 1 generation. As soon as the people still culturally Western died out and were replaced by those raised from birth as Muslims, the descent into Third World Shithole began.
      The same is happening with Sweden. The first generation of the Socialism worked well because they still had a Protestant work-ethic. Now they are descending into poverty.

  13. Western feminists blame all their unhappiness in life on white male patriarchy. In order to counter this evil societal force of straight white males, they have assembled a coalition based on “unity of the oppressed”. This coalition is an umbrella that covers wildly divergent groups that have nothing to do with each other, in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion”. They are all part of the grievance industry, donate to their cause(s) or they will destroy you publicly.

    1. that’s some ugly bitches who seem to have worked hard to maximize their ugliness.

  14. When muslims no longer have non-muslims to blame, they turn inward on themselves and start killing each other over who is the “real” muslim. Its a self defeating belief system. Feminists are delusional if they think they can build an alliance with that.

  15. The alliance between Feminism and Marxism is as old as Feminism itself. I think of Feminism as nothing more than Marxism for chicks.
    While they have much in common with the Islamists, such as their hatred of freedom, they think of each other as useful idiots. If they ever won, they would turn on each other instantly.

    1. I don’t think they would. Feminism is a cultural destruction ideology, that craves to be ‘put in it’s place’… Much like Masochism, it thrives on oppression and pain.
      Islam is the best bet for destroying modern culture, for being the new wave of barbarians. Feminism partnering with Islam is as natural as Catholic girls fucking Outlaw Bikers.

  16. “because these fringe groups look at mutual support as “scratch my back I will scratch yours, while helping a good cause.””
    There actually was a formal organization at my ex-uni where all the leftist groups would brief each other on their agendas to promote cross-sponsorship.

  17. The analog for how this strange alliance turns out, oddly enough comes from Iran.
    During the Iranian Revolution, it was the alliance between Lefty University Students, Trade Unionists, “Intellectuals”, Socialists, and the followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini who threw out the Shah of Iran. What all of these Leftists didn’t bargain for was that the Ayatollah and his lot were willing to kill and die to get what they wanted. Those other groups, not so much. The Ayatollah & his ilk muscled out the rest and we all know how this ended for the Iranians. Very poorly.
    It’s a shame too as Pre-Khomeini Iran for all of its problems, had a quite a bit going for it and were pretty modern for [an] Islamic society. Interestingly, it still has one of the better collections of modern art outside of the US and the West. Link:
    Also, the best example of how much Hatred blinds the Left to what is Islam is Michel Foucault, a French Homosexual Communist philosopher who was just enamored with the Ayatollah’s regime even though the regime would have executed him for being a homosexual.

    1. So they’re like the SA or the ‘brownshirts’. Initial rabble rousers, scrappers or black-op stage wind-up toys that eventually end up getting flushed down the toilet once their job is done.

  18. ‘DePaul Feminist Front’ – the name says it all. It’s a FRONT for something else. I bet half the ‘village people’ clowns in the group shot don’t even know who they’re FRONTING for. Who’s your REAL puppetmaster?
    Underwear Basketweaving college has always been a blast like any theme park. The freak causes for sjw protest on campus and the ‘fag district’ with gay bars and peep shops with waist high holes in the partitions seem to be standardized fixtures in every leftist state teachers extacy rave party college town. Nearly EVERY petty college has the same set up just like nearly EVERY anchor store in a strip mall has a Subway, a Domino’s and an oriental dry cleaners adjacent to it. It’s in the architecture, the planning of it all. The continuity of it all across the board proves it is clearly by design.

  19. Finally an article pointing out the hypocrisy of feminists an SJW defending Islam. Islam an more specifically radical Islam represents all the things feminists an SJWs claim they are against but coz in The West Muslims have this ridiculous notion that they are victims they get defended. If Islam takes over The West do these SJWs honestly believe it will bastion of tolerance, gay rights an women’s rights, they will be in for a rude awakening.

  20. You can’t trust Muslims. Muslims don’t even trust themselves. They completely avoid verses of the Koran that have implications of violence and deception whenever talking to non-Muslims, and most will quickly defend the Koran by just not answering the question, even if they’ve never read the part of the book you’re referring to. They don’t trust the Koran enough to have a reasonable explanation that an infidel can agree with for the violence, and they don’t trust their own rhetorical skills enough to come up with good excuses for it – hence the instant ad hominem attacks they make whenever these verses are quoted or mentioned by non-Muslims. SJWs should really reconsider aligning with them. Anyone who deifies a pedophile as the ultimate divine Prophet is obviously going to have a fucked up moral compass.

  21. Look at those God awful feminist dykes. I feel sorry for whoever has to put up with such gutter trash! It is the same deal in Australia. The lefties hate marriage… unless it is gay marriage. They hate Christianity, but love Islam. They hate families.. unless that is a lesbian couple – two mothers with “their child” which has really come via IVF (which they think is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but what about the poor kid being deliberately denied a father and being forced to be raised in a freakshow environment all so her feminist dyke parents can have a ‘trophy baby’ as a political statement..) what they don’t realise is that their ‘ideal’ creates far more harm to society than the supposed ‘heartless patriarchy’ ever could

  22. What a bunch of anti-muslim false arguments. In the sharia a girl or a guy get stoned if she or he had sex with a stranger while being married. But to be sentenced to death. The judge must have 4 witness. You don’t even need one witness to fry a guy for some false accusation from a racist police officer in your democraty. In fact it’s a very rare sentence. And In islamic society getin married it s very easy you don’t have to watch porn or keep beggin for pussy at the local bar. And islam don’t allow women beating. Tryin to understand islam by watchin terrorist it s like tryin to understand black american by watchin some gang members from the hood.

  23. What is with the star of David behind those butch dykes, are you saying feminism is some kind of Jewish conspiracy now? I’m sure your average Israeli jew on the ground wants nothing to do with these pieces of shit or their ideology. Aren’t these types of cunts banned in Israel or something?
    It seems they all have a common enemy for some reason, the white Christian man. It implies a conspiracy of sorts, as Muslims/Islam should logically be SJW/feminist enemy number 1. But those lefties/sjws/feminists in the media and those who follow them just can’t bring themselves to hold or propagate any belief that might compromise multiculturalism, diversity and White Christians being replaced, outbred and outnumbered in their own homelands. Sounds like some crazy plan run from the top down to me. Not even anything crazy conspiracy theory sounding about it to me, Just logic.
    Behind the scenes special op commander voice: “The family is ruined, birthrates decimated, faggots, dykes, jews, paedophiles and degenerates of all races are having their way with society….just keep these aggressive, ultra conservative, high fertility muslims flooding in and these damn white people are really done for”

  24. You might find this interesting. I have long maintained islamism and victim feminism are virtually indistinguishable –

  25. Students for Justice in Palestine is not a radical islamist group. They are just anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian. Just because they are anti-Zionist does not mean they are anti-Jewish, nor does it make them radically Islamic. The feminists are not having an alliance with radical Islam. They are just being SJWs for the Palestinian people. Islam is very anti-feminist, so I really doubt feminists would have an alliance with islamists.

  26. As a Christian, I have no beef with Islam.
    Infact, many of them posess the traits that I really like in people.
    Namely: The Fear of God.
    These folks are Godfearing, and they throw themselves to the ground for God
    5 times a day. And that makes an Old-School dude like myself, very, very happy to see.
    The Muslims always remind me of Ezechiel, who was always one of my favourite prophets.
    Also, with Islam, women are put in their proper place and they get stoned if they step out of line, which is also great.
    Or like the King James Bible says:
    ” But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
    Why pretended “Christians” allow women to speak in public is beyond me.
    But the Muslims surely know how to put a bitch back in her place. Just look at how they handled “Malala” when she started to bitch:
    Their aim was a little bit off, but their hearts was surely in the right place.
    Thus, the Muslims are much better Christians, than most “Christians”.
    Furthermore, dudes don`t have to worry one iota about your wifes getting fucked by other dudes, as that would mean death by stoning for all involved.
    Also, she`d be dressed in a niqab from head to toe when she went outside so no other man would even get to look at her, which suits me just fine.
    So as a real Christian, who hate it when women speak in public or have authority in any way, I have no issue what so ever with Islam or Sharia. I`d be happy as Larry under Islamic rule.
    I would simply pay the tax that Christians have to pay, which is a lot less than current government taxes anyway, and after that I`d enjoy all the benefits of living under Islamic rule.
    I`d buy all the virgin wives I want. If anyone stole from me, I would have the option between forgiving them and having their hand chopped off. I`d use the drugs that are allowed under Islamic rule, such as Khat, which is an amazingly cool drug that makes you feel great.
    And then me and my Wifes would spend our days like this, (which by the way, is pretty much the way I live and spend my days anyway, he he) :

    1. Don’t let RoK here you say any sort of logical things like this. They somehow are dreaming of a mystical and magical return to a traditionalist Christian society that’s never going to happen. And even if it could happen that would mean it would be just as vulnerable to attacks from feminists and other cultural marxist elements as ever. The idea that radical Islam is anywhere near as bad or a threat to my way of life as these cultural marxist ideas is utter lunacy to me. I would take living as a male in Iran any day over living in the Soviet Union, where I would have like a 1/4 chance of either starving to death or being sent to a gulag. It still baffles me the opinions on here.
      Muslims in my mind are just playing smart, they simply are joining with people who are socially left because they know that they’ll get a free pass on almost all of their behavior. The Right is stupid for alienating Muslims post 9/11, Islam used to be a very big Republican block before 9/11 and now they’re losing out on this growing demographic in the States. For example 78% of Muslims voted Republican in the 2000 election, wow! I still believe they are completely conservative at heart and the Republicans should stop alienating them. There is no other group of people that was as strong a voting bloc for Republicans as Muslims.
      For now in Europe though it seems that they’re simply biding their time. They’re smart and also understand that the West is going to go under very soon. They need to simply wait and build numbers, not cause any trouble. For the time being they can use the huge white guilt infrastructure in Europe to their absolute advantage. And why wouldn’t they? Why would they want to support degenerate Westerns states that have homosexuality and feminism rampant all over? That’s why many are on welfare there, they realize the futility of working to pay taxes for these immoral, anti-family, pro-gay, and anti-religion governments.
      However when I bring up all of these points you still have guys screaming OH MY GOD ISLAM SO EVIL 666 THE DEVIL MULTICULTURAL MUDBLOOD RACE TRAITOR! I mean with attitudes like that they could be a host on Fox News and if that is their belief they should pick up a rifle and join the army if they truly believe Islam is the devil. But they won’t. Because they’re comfortable sitting behind their little screens intermittently leaving idiotic comments in-between porn sessions, netflix, and “hitting the gym”. Never even considering that maybe the reason you hate Islam is because corporations profiting on invasions and leftists making you hate these conservative people for their “BACKWARD” views. Horseshit. Islam is not an enemy, feminism is a real enemy that needs to be done away with.
      I for one welcome Islamic overlords, anything would be better than this shit. These people always harp on the little points of Islam while of course ignoring the greater picture. The same way a liberal might cajole a conservative for being against gay marriage or abortion. These closeted RoK racists(or not so closeted) are idiots for not seeing reality, I thought that’s what the redpill was, accepting the truth albeit bitter. Here’s a truth bomb, violence isn’t wrong, it’s not immoral, and sometimes it’s the only reasonable way to get what you want. Shock! Gasp! That goes outside of my humanist notions that all violence is evil!
      I’m tired of these articles and the retarded discussions which have a few smart people intermixed with a thousand fucking nitwits. It all goes back to RoK needing to do a fuck ton more QUALITY control. I swear I’m not going to come on for like a month and if the problem isn’t fixed I may never come back.

      1. Hey there Bro.
        I also dream of returning to a traditionalist Christian society.
        And by that I mean a real one, with wicth-burnings, no speaking in public for women and the whole package.
        But not even the Catholic Church seems to be much interested in that these days, so I`m a bit bewildered.
        I`ve tried to take this up with The Catholic Church and have asked wether or not they are interested in restoring a Christian Theocracy, but whenever I brought it up, my posts usually got deleted and I never got much of a reply.
        Only that the priest was “unsure” as to whether or not The Church should be engaged in stuff like making laws, collecting tax and all the mundane stuff that goes along with governing.
        Something I find saddening. As I would want to live by the Laws of God and not the laws of men. And especially not the feminist-faggot laws that are in effect these days.
        So, … …. … yeah, well, hmmm…
        But it could very well be that for true Christians, Islamic rule is the way to go.
        Christianity is after all, about this one single thing:
        The Will of The Father.
        And the Muslims seem to be very good at following the will of God.
        And like I said earlier, I`d pay my Christian-tax with happiness to live under a system that does not gravitate towards Sodom & Gomorrah.
        So as a true Christian, I`d much prefer the devotion of the Muslims, to the degenerecy of the satanists-feminists-atheists.
        After all: Feminism IS The Whore of Babylon and I have ofcourse no interest what so ever in living under Babylonian Whore-rules.
        And furthermore I often been saddended by the lack of co-operation between Jews, Christians and Muslims.
        I would like to see Jews, Christians and Muslims united against feminism and atheism. But the problem seems to be that so many who identify as Christians, are not Christians at all but “so-called cultural Christians”, who have somehow deified “democracy, United Nations and human-rights” which ofcourse has noting to do Christianity what so ever.
        On the contrary. “Democracy” which is “The rule by the many” is mention in The Bible in the story of the “legion”. The demon that refered to itself as “Many”, if you remember that.

      2. Hey there Bro.
        I also dream of returning to a traditionalist Christian society.
        And by that I mean a real one, with witch-burnings, no speaking in public for women and the whole package.
        But not even the Catholic Church seems to be much interested in that these days, so I`m a bit bewildered.
        I`ve tried to take this up with The Catholic Church and have asked wether or not they are interested in restoring a Christian Theocratic Empire, but whenever I brought it up, my posts usually got deleted and I never got much of a reply.
        Only that the priest was “unsure” as to whether or not The Church should be engaged in stuff like making laws, collecting tax and all the mundane stuff that goes along with governing.
        Something I find saddening. As I would want to live by the Laws of God and not the laws of men. And especially not the feminist-faggot laws that are in effect these days.
        So, … …. … yeah, well, hmmm…
        But it could very well be that for true Christians, Islamic rule is the way to go.
        Christianity is after all, about this one single thing:
        The Will of The Father.
        And the Muslims seem to be very good at following the will of God.
        And like I said earlier, I`d pay my Christian-tax with happiness to live under a system that does not gravitate towards Sodom & Gomorrah.
        So as a true Christian, I`d much prefer the devotion of the Muslims, to the degenerecy of the satanists-feminists-atheists.
        After all: Feminism IS The Whore of Babylon and I have ofcourse no interest what so ever in living under Babylonian Whore-rules.
        Furthermore I often been saddended by the lack of co-operation between Jews, Christians and Muslims.
        I would like to see Jews, Christians and Muslims united against feminism and atheism.
        But the problem seems to be that so many who identify as Christians, are not Christians at all, but “so-called cultural Christians”, who have somehow fallen into worship of false idols such as “democracy, United Nations and human-rights” which ofcourse has nothing to do Christianity what so ever.
        On the contrary. “Democracy” which is “The rule by the many” is mention in The Bible in the story of the “legion”. The demon that refered to itself as “Many”, if you remember that.

        1. Very good my friend. I should start a blog called:
          “How all of these high-minded, egalitarian, liberal, and humanist ideas will get you killed”

    2. ” As a Christian, I have no beef with Islam. Infact, many of them posess the traits that I really like in people. Namely: The Fear of God. ”
      Err…….dude, surely as a “Christian” you ever read John 14:6? ” I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me”.
      You may have no beef with Islam but Islam sure have beef with Jesus of the Bible because as far as they’re concerned, Allah has no son and it would be the unforgivable act of ‘Shirk’ to believe that Jesus is the Lord and Savior. Allah may forgive any other sin except the sin of ‘Shirk’
      And a Muslim is not a Muslim if he ONLY believes in Allah, he must also believes in Muhammad hence the ” I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah “.
      ” So as a real Christian, who hate it when women speak in public or have authority in any way, I have no issue what so ever with Islam or Sharia. I`d be happy as Larry under Islamic rule. ”
      Nah dude, you’re no Christian, you’re just a Muslim pretending to be a Christian.

      1. Your wrong, I am a real Christian.
        Which is why I want everyone to follow The Will of God alone.
        Furthermore, being a real Christian means that I take The Bible litterally and to the letter wthout adding or detracting anything.
        In me, there is no addition of anything.
        Unlike many other so-called “christians” I have no regard for the changes that has taken place with-in so called “christian nations” for the past 1000 years. Nor have I any asumptions what so ever.
        That means that if something is not the pure will of God, it can go fuck itself. Also, it means that if God wanted to ban something, He was free to put it in The Bible.
        Hence I have no problem with drugs-use for instance, as The Bible do not say “Thou shall not use amphetamines” and if God wanted to ban that, He could and would have said so.
        Now, from what I gather, the Muslims agree that Mary was a Virgin.
        Hence, they agree that Jesus was created by God.
        What seems to constitute some confusion between Christianity and Islam, is wether or not that makes Him “Son” or merely a creation of God, like Adam.
        Wich is a problem I think is constructed.
        I as a Father, is “The Creator” of my children.
        Wether my kids adress me as “Father” or “Mighty Creator, giver of life”, does not really make any difference, as both terms are a correct description of my actions as “Producer” of my replicas, a.k.a “children.”
        So, I haven`t read much of The Quoran but from the little I`ve read, so far I`ve found no discrepancies that cannot be bridged between Christinity and Islam with a little wanting to.
        Same as I never found any discrapencies between The Old Testament and The New Testament.
        And as I am concerned with results, I look at the fruit of the tree, to determine weather or not the tree is good.
        And from what I`ve seen of Islam, the fruits of the tree seems identical to what The Bible commands.
        Life is not rocket science, Baviaca:
        Fear God, keep His commandments, keep your women obediant and in the kitchens and your faggots in the closet, and that is basically it.
        The only thing that bothers me are the words that are added to the Quran that are (in brackets).
        They are from what I gather added later and produce a different meaning to the verses, and that is not good.
        But apart from that, Islamic societies seem to produce the desired effect on mankind that I`m looking for.
        Namely Fear of God to the point of people pissing their trousers at the thought of offending Him.
        ” I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me”.
        Well, Islam recognizes Jesus Christ, and He is in the Quran.
        Thus they sort of “come to the Father through Him” as you cannot read the entire Quran without encountering Jesus..
        And that seems “Good enough for blues” to me. So again, no discrepancies found there either.

        1. Onward, Christian soldier but not to the battlefield, nope not yet. Onward to educate yourself and learn to see through the deceptions of your mortal enemy.

        2. Again, this dude in the first video seems more intrested in blasting Islam, than making people follow The Bible.
          I cannot for the life of me understand why any Christian would have a beef with the muslims who, like Ezechiel, throw themselves to the ground for God.
          But to adress a few issues in the first video.
          First of all, I think Christ was a massive success.
          I also think that “The 1000 year reign of Christ” featured in The Bible has recently ended- and that we are in the end of days.
          I also agree with The Muslims that *these days* much of so-called “christianity” has infact been corrupted by those who claim to follow Christ.
          Otherwise you would have never heard of “Female ministers”. There would be no “statue of liberty” as that is an idol of the roman “godess” Libertas and is hence a false idol that God hates.
          But as you may have noticed yourself, there are women speaking in public, women are killing their kids through abortion and faggots are getting married in some places that call themselves “christian”.
          If none of these things happened around us, then I would say so-called “christian countries” were a success, because in that case they would have followed The Bible.
          But they don`t. Women speak in public. Idols and statues are everywhere. Faggots parade the streets. Kids are killed at Planned Parenthood and banks charge interest. All kinds of bullshit that comes from “The United Nations” are hailed as if it were “pure gospel”.
          So, I do not see much difference between modern so-called “christian nations” and the pagans of old.
          Much of modern “christianity” are reduced to lip-service, that do not follow the teachings of Christ at heart, but instead worship a mixture of hedonism, democracy, “womens rights”, faggots, humanism, freedom of speech a.k.a blasphemy and other satanic bullshit, which The Bible warns of.
          As of now The West at least is fallen, and my hopes for Christianity lies primerely with Russia, Ireland and Latin America.
          Here is Real Christianity for you:

        3. ” I cannot for the life of me understand why any Christian would have a beef with the muslims who, like Ezechiel, throw themselves to the ground for God. ”
          It has something to do with the fact that for the most part it was Muslims, not Hindus nor Jews nor Pagans nor Seculars nor Buddhists, who attempted to eradicate or at the very least to contain Christianity throughout history.
          Ezechiel worshiped God, Muslims worship the false God who goes by the name ‘Allah’.

        4. – But as you may have noticed yourself, there are women speaking in public, women are killing their kids through abortion and faggots are getting married in some places that call themselves “christian”. –
          Trust me, I am no fan of the likes of Sir Gay Mcfaggot either but the yardstick which is to be used is that of the One who gave birth to Christianity Himself :
          “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.
          (John 8:7)

        5. You know Jesus was arameic right?
          And He spoke arameic.
          Have you ever wondered what the word “God” sounds like in arameic?
          Here: Listen for yourself. Just press the audio symbol next to the word “GOD” and you will hear it in arameic, the language of Jesus.

          So, in aramaic, which Jesus spoke, God is “Elah”
          Thus “Allah” is a lot closer to the God Jesus prayed to than the german word “Gott” from wich the english word “God” is derived.
          Now, I havent read much of The Quran, but to I`ve noticed that Israel does no longer follow the The Mosaic Law and that they no longer stone people and thus “purge the evil from Israel,” like God has commanded them to do.
          So, they do not follow the orders of God either. But the Muslims at least try to carry out all of The Quran and do not cop out with all the bullshit about “human rights”, “womens rights”, “gay rights” and the old greek faggot-system called “democracy” which is a pagan invention.

        6. “As of now The West at least is fallen, and my hopes for Christianity lies primerely with Russia, Ireland and Latin America.”
          Those are mere nations.
          If you’re a Christian, then your hope is Christ.

        7. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at
          her”. (John 8:7)
          Jesus was without sin.
          Jesus was among them.
          Thus He was referring to Himself.
          Thus if they had aknowledged His sinlessness, and said “Lord, you are without sin. Here, cast the first stone:”
          -. then He would have cast the stone bang in her head, no questions asked.
          But instead of aknowledging His sinlessness and give Him the stone so that He, as sinless, could cast it, they dropped the stones and went home.
          Thus the whore got away with it.

        8. “-You know Jesus was arameic right?
          And He spoke arameic.-
          Aramaic was the language of the Aramaeans, Jesus spoke Aramaic but He was a Jew.
          The Hebrew word for God is Elohim so while Jesus said “Elah” , His predecessors like Abraham or Moses or King David said “Elohim or El Roi or El Shaddai or Adonai” BUT they ALL referred to the same God.
          Jews, Aramaeans, Arabs are Semitic people who lived in relatively close proximities with each other hence some similarities are to be expected, not to mention they all could have simply adopted from each other.
          Allah is derived from Al-Ilah which literally means “THE God”. Why the “THE”? Because Allah was basically THE Chief of the Arabian Gods among other lesser Arabian Gods like Al-lāt, Al-‘Uzzá, Manāt before Muhammad got rid of the lesser Gods and turned Allah into, VOILA! God of the Bible! It is akin to if a Nordic charlatan got rid of Thor, Freyja, Baldr, Loki and turned Odin into the God of the Bible and also dubbed himself to be the prophet of God “There is no God but Odin and I, Magnus am his prophet”.

        9. If Jesus really wanted to stone the whore then He surely won’t need anyone to give Him some stones! Come on now, you must be joking to think that Jesus actually wanted to stone the whore but regretfully the idiotic crowd deprived Him of that by not passing some pebbles to Him!

        10. You forget there was an entire pantheon in Israel as well, until El decided to get rid of the competition.
          Originally, in their polytheist days, they usually only prayed to Him for help with war.
          But after He branched out He told them that they should adress all their concerns to Him alone.
          Either way, I worship YAHWE and His Son Jesus Christ.
          The Bible tells us:
          “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.”
          Exodus 15:3.
          Thus the The God of Abraham is a God of War.
          I worship YAHWE – The God of War.
          And like I said a few times now, I have not read much of The Quran, but from what I gather, “God of War” seems to fit the bill for Allah.
          I think we should merely conclude with this:
          The God of Abram / YAHWE whom I worship, is not the peaceloving hippie modern-day people would like Him to be.
          He killed just about every living thing on the planet, during the flood. He burnt down Sodom & Gomorrah, and He has sent multitudes to Hell for eternal torture.
          If He decided to send another prophet after His Son Jesus Christ, then that`s His business.
          Now if you don`t like Islam, then feel free to go to Isis and convert them to Christianity.
          May the best man win.
          BUT: If you do go, make sure you convert them to REAL Christianity.
          Not some modern-day faggot-wedding bullshit.
          So tell them the following:
          Make sure they fear God above all things.
          No idolatry
          No speaking in public for women.
          No charging interests for banks.
          Women shall be Virgins until their wedding nights.
          No faggots parading the streets.
          No blasphemy.
          Make sure their women cover their hair, dress properly and don`t walk around looking like two-bit hookers.
          Tell them to destroy all false idols and statues of such.
          …What did you say??, …they do all that already ?

        11. Like I told you from the beginning.
          I read The Bible to the letter.
          I don`t asume. I don`t add.
          Jesus was without sin.
          Jesus was among them.
          Jesus said “”He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”. (John 8:7)
          Now once again:
          Jesus was without sin.
          Jesus was among them.
          Thus He offered to stone the whore on their behalf, but unfortunately they did not aknowledge His sinlessness.
          Hence, their decendants, and us, are plagued with whoredom and no stonings.
          So Bavieca, at the end of the day all who fear and love God and do as He says, I consider my brothers.
          Wether they are Jewish, Muslims or Christians.
          The crux is wether they humbly OBEY GOD or not.
          As what God demands, wether it be that you should jump on up and down on one foot, wear a green hat on wednesdays or kill every firstborn child in Egypt and only pass those who have lambs blood smeared across above their door, THAT is Gods business and I do not critizice Him , regardless of His decisions.
          He could blow up the galaxy for all I care.
          I still be praising Him.
          As for me and my house, we shall worship Him forever.
          Regardless of His decisions.
          Take care.

        12. -And like I said a few times now, I have not read much of The Quran, but from what I gather, “God of War” seems to fit the bill for Allah.-
          Actually it can fit the bill for quite a few.

          -The God of Abram / YAHWE whom I worship, is not the peaceloving hippie modern-day people would like Him to be. If He decided to send another prophet after His Son Jesus Christ, then that`s His business.-
          “In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.”
          ( 1 John 4:9-10)
          Why would Yahwe send another “prophet” after His only begotten Son?
          -Now if you don`t like Islam, then feel free to go to Isis and convert them to Christianity. May the best man win.-
          Most likely they will kill me first before I can convert any of them but perhaps you’ll have much more better luck than me since you like Islam ………so may he who is the Islam lover go and win converts.
          -Tell them to destroy all false idols and statues of such.
          …What did you say??, …they do all that already ?-
          Not all, there’s still that black stone which they love to kiss and tell.

        13. John 8:7-11
          “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”
          Long story short, Jesus chose to forgive the woman.
          Take care.

        14. He never said He forgave her.
          He said “Neither do I condemn thee.”
          There is a vast difference between “Not condemning” and “forgiving”.
          Judgement Day comes later, so she`s not off the hook.
          Neither is anyone else.
          But we`ve had a good talk my friend.
          But I`ll leave you with this.
          Do you remember when God said
          “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” ?
          Look what these motherfuckers are up to with their science-crap. I hate it when people don`t listen…
          [video src="" /]

        15. “Why would Yahwe send another “prophet” after His only begotten Son?”
          Why not? I like prophets.
          I have no idea what that black stone is, and I don`t know what their doing to it.
          I thought it had something to do with “the stoning of the devil,” and that they walked around throwing stones at it, but again that is just a vague recollection and might be mixed up with something else.
          But anyway, as long as they keep trying to please God the best they can and keep their bitches in the kitchens and their faggots out of other dudes asses, I`m pretty much content for now.
          They should be left in peace to build their Calliphate.
          I would like to see if they can accomplish a good system, free from feminism and faggots.
          Like I said earlier, I`m concerned with the fruit of the tree, and by the fruit I judge wether the tree is good or bad.
          I am aware that they play a bit rough at moment but I write it off at “sibling-rivalry” between Christianity and Islam.
          And you can`t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
          Either way, The Lord will recognize His own.
          And The Christians who die faithful to The Lord, become Martyrs anyway.
          Thus ISIS is in reality doing them a favour.
          The yezidies or whatever they are called I don`t give a fuck about, as they do not seem to worship The Lord.
          By the way, Bavieca:
          “Feminism” is The Whore of Babylon.
          Now you know.

        16. -Why not? I like prophets.-
          Tread carefully, friend, if you believe in Muhammad the false prophet and his false God named Allah then you essentially, in your heart, had denied Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
          “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”
          (Matthew 10:33)
          -I have no idea what that black stone is, and I don`t know what their doing to it.-

        17. That`s pure bullshit.
          God is free to send as many prophets as He wants.
          God could let it rain prophets from the sky if He wanted to.
          What you`re attempting by making such a ridiculous claim, is to limit Gods free will to something you aprove of.
          So it is you that should thread carefully Bavieca.
          You`re threading close to attempting to place yourself above God.
          God will do exactly as He pleases at ANY GIVEN TIME.
          “13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: ”
          Isaiah 14:13

        18. No where have I said that God can not do as He pleases, Thy Will be done.
          My entire point in my previous post was :
          It is beyond the pale to call oneself a Christian who believe that Jesus Christ is his Lord & Saviour but then simultaneously also believes that Muhammad, who brought the very religion that denies the divinity of Christ, is NOT a false prophet.

        19. I am not Christian (though I like the New Testament), but you are right that changing the Bible ruins it. I grew up Jewish, and there’s a prayer we would say in synagogue called “Avot,” which means “The Fathers,” an ode to the patriarchs of the Jewish faith.
          One day, when I was about 10 or 11, I noticed that there was something new Scotch-taped into every copy of the Torah–it changed the prayer to “Avot V’Imahot,” The Fathers And Mothers. Suddenly we were praying to Rachel, Sara, Rebecca, and other women who were essentially concubines that contributed nothing but their wombs to the cause. It was my first encounter with feminism, and even in my youth I realized how ridiculous it was to Scotch-tape new prayers into the supposed Eternal Word of God.
          In fact, there is a lot hidden within the Bible that gets lost when you change words and passages.

        20. Christianity is truly a pagan religion anyway. Everywhere from the life and times of Jesus, to the dates of the Christian holidays, to the symbolism and iconography, was taken from pagan religions.

        21. Here`s a resume:
          The Quran itself clearly states that Mary was a Virgin and Jesus was created by God.
          “When the angels said, ‘O Mary, ALLAH gives thee glad tidings of a son through a word from HIM; his name shall be the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honoured in this world and in the next, and of those who are granted nearness to God;
          ‘And he shall speak to the people in the cradle, and when of middle age, and he shall be of the righteous.
          She said, ‘My Lord, how shall I have a son, when no man has touched me? He said, ‘Such is the way of ALLAH. HE creates what HE pleases. When HE decrees a thing HE says to it ‘Be,’ and it is;”—Qur’an, Surah 3:38-48
          So, no problem there. The Quran does not “deny” Jesus divinity, but clearly states that He is the off-spring of God and The Virgin Mary. Thus ; The Quaran itself CONFIRMS the divinity of Christ as the off-spring of God.
          Furthermore: The Quran clearly states that both The Old Testament and The New Testament comes from God.
          Infact, it says it FLAT OUT that The Old Testament and The New Testament COMES FROM GOD:
          “ALLAH is HE besides Whom there is none worthy of worship, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining. HE has sent down to thee the Book containing the truth and fulfilling that which precedes it; and HE has sent down the Torah (Law of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guidance to the people; and HE has sent down the Discrimination (judgement between right and wrong).”—Qur’an, Surah 3:3-4
          So now you have The Quaran CONFIRMING that Jesus is the off-spring/creation of God directly.
          And in addition The Quran CONFIRMS that The Old Testament and The New Testament COMES FROM GOD.
          And, as we`ve seen and heard, Jesus Himself called God “ELAH” and “ELAH” is ofcourse identical to ALLAH.
          SO, Jesus came, did His thing and a lot of people came to worship God. Happy days.
          But 600 years later The Christians had still not managed to wipe out polytheism in the Arab-region. There were still 300 hundred false gods being worshipped there, before Islam came, and as you might have realized if you have EVER read The Bible, GOD HATES COMPETION.
          Now, instead of polytheism which God hates, we now have a billion people throwing themselves to the ground, five times a day, in order to worship THE ONE LIVING GOD.
          Just like Ezechiel did. And your trying to claim that that is somehow *not* The Will of God ?
          “And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.”
          Isaiah 66:23
          God HIMSELF has stated in The Bible that all flesh shall worship before Him.
          And Islam got Him a billion new servants. And THAT is why I as a True Christian, like Islam.
          Because it gets things done. So far it has gotten roughly one billion new servants for God.
          And THAT is what it`s all about:
          More slaves for my Master: YAHWE.

        22. -The Quran does not “deny” Jesus divinity, but clearly states that He is the off-spring of God and The Virgin Mary. Thus ; The Quaran itself CONFIRMS the divinity of Christ as the off-spring of God.-
          Nothing but word play and semantics, does the Quran confirm that no one comes to the Father unless through His son Jesus? Apparently not, had Quran confirmed the divinity of Jesus and His father then the shahada should have been “I bear witness that Jesus is the son of God and no one comes to God unless through Jesus”.
          -And, as we`ve seen and heard, Jesus Himself called God “ELAH” and “ELAH” is ofcourse identical to ALLAH.-
          I have a dog named Butch but I guess I can call him ‘ALLAH’ and start banging my head 50 times a day towards his direction, yeah that surely will turn him into God.
          -There were still 300 hundred false gods being worshipped there, before Islam came, and as you might have realized if you have EVER read The Bible, GOD HATES COMPETION.-
          Allah was among those 300 hundred false gods but he’s still a false god eventhough his 299 competitions had gone the way of the dodo.
          -Now, instead of polytheism which God hates, we now have a billion people throwing themselves to the ground, five times a day, in order to worship THE ONE LIVING GOD.-
          We can have 10 gazillions people throwing themselves to the ground 500 times a day to worship the false God named Allah, so what? They can all throw themselves onto land mines or grenades but a false god is still a false god.
          -And Islam got Him a billion new servants. And THAT is why I as a True Christian, like Islam.-
          You like that a false god got a billion new servants and still able to claim yourself as a True Christian with a straight face? Deep respect and salute to you, friend.

        23. “does the Quran confirm that no one comes to the Father unless through His son Jesus?”
          Yes it does. Jesus is in the Quran and thus you can`t read the Quran without encountering Jesus, as I`ve shown you above.
          But I`ve had enough of your bullshit-trolling now.
          I`ve explained everything to you a multitude of times and if people don`t understand something when you`ve explained it 3 times, they don`t want to understand.
          You don`t want to understand that feminism is the enemy and not Islam.
          Muslims worship The God of Abraham and that`s the lock, stock and two smoking barrels of it. And if you try to claim that The God of Abraham is “a false God” then your simply fucked.
          So: Muslims worship The God of Abraham.
          Muhammad thus got God a billion new servants, and you`ve done jack shit for God.
          All you do is talk shit about the Muslim servants of God and you also attempt to saw discord between Muslim servants of God and The Christian servants of God.
          Thus you remind me strongly of Cain, being jealous at his brother Abel since God looked upon Abels sacrifice with favour.

        24. -Yes it does. Jesus is in the Quran and thus you can`t read the Quran without encountering Jesus, as I`ve shown you above.-
          Biblical Jesus : Son of God, died on the cross for the sins of mankind and then ressurected.
          Quranic Jesus : Prophet of Allah, did NOT die on the cross.
          CONCLUSION : Biblical Jesus is the True Jesus whereas Quranic Jesus was probably a charlatan put in there by yet another charlatan.
          -You don`t want to understand that feminism is the enemy and not Islam.-
          BOTH are enemies.
          -Muslims worship The God of Abraham.-
          They might wanna fancy themselves as such but no, not even close :

          -Muhammad thus got God a billion new servants, and you`ve done jack shit for God.-
          A billion new servants for HIS false god? Absolutely! BTW, Muhammad also got money pouring into his homeland by telling his followers to visit that black box with the black stone attached to it.
          It’s up to Jesus to judge whether or not my soul deserves salvation although I suspect that He might deem mine to be a more deserving candidate than those who clearly deny Him being the son of God and in favor of false prophets whom the Bible warned about.
          “This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD”.
          (Jeremiah 23:16)
          Fun fact : ALL prophets of the Bible had God DIRECTLY spoken to them but the “prophet” Muhammad spoke to “God” via an “angel”.
          -Thus you remind me strongly of Cain, being jealous at his brother Abel since God looked upon Abel.-
          Wrong analogy, followers of a false prophet who want to whack my infidel neck don’t count as my brother.

        25. Are you not a son of Adam, like the Muslims?
          Yet you deny that they are your brothers.
          Thus your words are merely a variation of the words of Cain.
          He said “Am I my brother`s keeper ?”
          You say they “don`t count” as your brothers.

        26. – Are you not a son of Adam, like the Muslims? –
          Aren’t we all sons of Adam? Even the Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, feminists, pagans, satan worshipers, black stone worshipers, etc etc etc.

        27. As I said, your words are merely a variation of the words of Cain.
          A clever variation, albeit, but none the less an echo of the words of Cain.
          I`ve heard them before. There`s nothing new under the sun.
          And furthermore, the webpage you gave me,
          is one long and boring attempt at controlling God.
          It starts by listing what God “cannot do”, and already there it`s fucked.
          By stating that God “cannot do” this or that, it is just another attempt at placing itself above God.
          God can do any fucking thing He wants. His will be done. And not the will of men or their webpages.
          It`s as simple as that.
          So the entire webpage you gave is bullshit and an attempt to limit God`s free will into complying with what *they* are comfortable with.
          Thus it is a Satanic device they shall have to answer for on Judgement Day.
          Attemps at limiting God or controlling Him or saying what He is allowed to do or not, such as your webpage attempts to, is a sure way of damnation.
          – Unless God has mercy upon them.
          Now I`ll state for the last time, that I have not read more than a few pages of The Quran, and thus I only know this:
          If God wants it to be the real deal, then it is.
          If God does not like it, then its not.
          That is totally up to Him.

        28. -So the entire webpage you gave is bullshit and an attempt to limit God`s free will into complying with what *they* are comfortable with.-
          The author of the webpage use Biblical and Quranic scriptures as the base of his argument so basically what you’re saying is that the Bible is limiting God’s free will and the Quran is limiting Allah’s free will.
          Faith in Jesus is the beginning of salvation, even if one had not been baptized or one had possibly been a crook for one’s entire life.
          “There were also two others, criminals, led with Him to be put to death. And when they had come to the place called Calvary, there they crucified Him, and the criminals, one on the right hand and the other on the left. Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”And they divided His garments and cast lots. And the people stood looking on. But even the rulers with them sneered, saying, “He saved others; let Him save Himself if He is the Christ, the chosen of God.”The soldiers also mocked Him, coming and offering Him sour wine, and saying, “If You are the King of the Jews, save Yourself.”And an inscription also was written over Him in letters of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew:THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. Then one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed Him, saying, “If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us.”But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong.” Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”
          (Luke 23:32-43)

        29. “so basically what you’re saying is that the Bible is limiting God’s free will and the Quran is limiting Allah’s free will.”
          No. What I`m saying is that God does not owe anyone a Goddamned thing and He does exactly as He pleases.
          If He wants to slay the first-born of Egypt, He does.
          If He wants to send another flood and kill everyone, then He does.
          If He wants to turn the universe into a grilled cheese sandwhich and eat it, then He does.
          And no creation of His can place themselves above Him or tell Him what He can or cannot do.
          He is God and there is no-one who can limit Him or decide over His actions.
          And all attempts to do so are pure blasphemy.
          God can do any thing He wants. And THAT is in The Bible:
          Job 12:13-25:
          God’s majesty
          13 With Him are wisdom and power;
          counsel and understanding are his.
          14 If He tears down, it can’t be rebuilt;
          if He ties a person up, he can’t be set free.
          15 If He restricts water, they have drought;
          if He lets it loose, it overturns the land.
          16 With Him are might and success;
          the deceiver and the deceived are his.
          17 He leads advisors away barefoot;
          makes madmen of judges;
          18 unties the belt of kings,
          binds a garment around their loins;
          19 leads priests away barefoot;
          overthrows the well-established;
          20 silences the talk of trusted people;
          takes away elders’ discernment;
          21 pours contempt on royalty;
          loosens the belt of the strong;
          22 discloses deep secrets of darkness,
          makes utter darkness enter the light;
          23 makes nations prominent and destroys them,
          expands nations and leads them astray;
          24 takes away the power to think from earth’s leaders,
          making them wander in untraveled wastelands.
          25 They feel their way in the dark without light;
          he makes them stumble like drunks.
          Job 12:13 -25.

    1. They’re coming down, yes, but they’re still astronomically large in the Muslim African countries on the southern edge of the Sahara, including Boko Haram territory and Somalia.

  27. Feminists seeking to ally with Islam just nutshells the progressive mind so perfectly. Rape culture, extreme misogyny, homophobia, militancy, fundamental religion, guns, death penalty. POINT BY POINT these are the things that they hate and rally against in the West, even if they have to imagine some of them are even happening in the West. Yet when a brown man does it they’re blinded by cross-racial tingles, start to sniff around, finally supporting the very things they hate. All for progressive emotional capital which consists basically of; irony, edginess, “I know something you don’t know yet” stances, faux drama, spotlight shifting (onto them, natch), mindless sophomoric rebellion (and I mean high school sophomore, not college).
    I didn’t predict this at the time but when the Towers went down by Islam’s hand, I should have seen it coming. Sooner or later, leftists would start sniffing around and end up rallying behind Islam. Once again, all for purely fabricated, solipsistic, “I just keep you guessing, don’t I?” theatrics. Affleck, Obama, feminists etc. Of course they can’t resist the irony capital to be had here. There is no rationality, problem-solving or even simple human survival instinct at play here. It’s all for each progressive player to feel something inside themselves. You don’t get an emotional payoff or any attention for going along with flat rationality, which in these case would be; “Let’s protect ourselves against those disgusting, brutal sand-apes.” So if you subscribe to the obvious and rational, what do you feel? Hmm..Wait for it….Well, sorry I felt no tingles there. Flip the script and see if you can feel something.

    1. He he. Deep down all feminists probably know that they deserve to be punished.
      And if they embrace Islam, they sure as fuck will get their wish fulfilled, as these boys will not stand for their bullshit.
      So, I think this is good. I think we should welcome Islamic rule, and as soon as they are here they will wipe out all of feminism for us.
      Like I`ve stated a few times now: Christians and Jews are a protected species under Islamic Law as long as they pay their Christian-tax.
      Which is a lot less than regular government tax anyway. And once you`ve paid your tax, you can enjoy the full splendours of Islamic Law and buy yourself a host of Virgin-wifes for your amusement and comfort.
      In Pakistan, as a Christian, you can even drink alcohol. I`m not certain if that is according to Sharia or just Pakistani law, but I can tell you that Khat was a great drug and that is sold on virtually every corner in Islamabad.

      1. It’s ironic that, while Assyrian Christians are indeed mistreated under ISIL rule and few of them have been willing to stick around and be ruled by them, that the Yazidis and Shia Muslims are treated far worse.

  28. Israel uses it’s missiles to defend it’s children.
    Palestine uses children to defend it’s missiles.

    1. Hey there.
      Myron, I have a question about the Israeli`s:
      How come they don`t follow the Mosaic law?
      I havent heard about the Jews stoning anyone for a long, long time, so if you have any knowledge of Israel, I would like to know why they don`t “purge the evil from Israel” like their supposed to.
      Thanks upfront.

      1. Like all religions there’s a whole spectrum, from ultra-orthodox, to reform liberal anything goes. They can’t agree on their own shit. They only thing that binds them together is ancestral heritage.

        1. So, no evil is currently “purged from Israel”, despite The Lord`s clear and concise orders.
          One should think that a nation that calls itself “Jewish” would be able to carry out one simple order from God, such as “purge the evil from Israel”, but aparently not.
          It seems “Incompetence” is a propblem not only found in the public sector.

  29. It’s heartening to see that men are not just taking the red pill about women but about race and culture as well.

  30. If feminists are starting to go after israel (which is the root source of all these ideologys!), we should stay back and observe what happens. After all, many of the colleges and institutes responsible for pushing feminism are funded or owned by major banks, which means jewish money is involved. If the feminists end up turning on their masters… The two sides will fight each other for us, and we can come in for the (metaphorical) kill.

    1. The dude who invented feminism, Charles Fourier, hated Jews.
      He thought Jews should do all manual labour.
      A thought that later was put into practise by Adolf Hitler.
      So, Dear Mossad!
      If your reading this, then know that the inventor of Feminism, Charles Fourier, hated Jews.
      So in the interest of defending Israel, you should change Israeli law so that you legally can terminate feminist, since their founder, Satan, aka “Charles Fourier” hates Jews.
      Godspeed Mossad!
      “You must purge the evil from Israel”
      Go get `em!

      1. Marxism, feminism and multiculturalism are all Jewish creations designed to undermine and destroy White culture and civilization. In fact, an interesting point for debate would be; who hates Christians and Whites more, Jews or Muslims?

        1. Exactly, the roster of women involved in the feminist cause should speak for itself. Shocking numbers of them are half or even full blooded jews.

        2. What your saying is pure industrial-grade bullshit.
          The word “Feminism” was invented by the frenchman Charles Fourier in 1837 *, and the ideology itself comes directly from Satan. Not from “the Jews”
          Charles Fourier hated the Jews.
          Just like you do.
          And then you come along with your fucking PENTAGRAM and try to blame “the Jews”, for what Charles Fourier created,
          – a guy who also hated the Jews.
          What a fucking joke you are.

        3. The frenchman Charles Fourier invented the word “Feminism” in 1837.

          Fourier hated the Jews.
          Furthermore feminism goes against everything The Old Testament stands for, and The Old Testament is the heart of Judaism.
          So those whores you`ve got pictures of above are not real Jews, they are simply cheap traitor-whores who have betrayed Judaism and God.
          A true Christian.

    2. What happens is that you have Jewish movers and shakers raise hell through the press, like Roseanne Barr suggesting UC-Davis get nuked (srs) over a Israeli divestment act.

  31. Try not to conflate culture with religion. When people think “Islam” they immediately think “the Middle East”. The cultures of these countries are very different to say Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population. Indonesia is a relatively liberal country without the oppression seen in countries such as Saudi Arabia (one of our allies).
    You might want to distinguish between “Islamic States” such as those found in the ME from Islam and its practice. Only 20% of the World’s Muslim population resides in the ME, and in turn, in the ME not all Muslims follow the same ideas about Islam (Shiite and Sunni for example).
    Furthermore, you might want to distinguish between a terrorist who is a Muslim and those who are simply Muslim. Some people think they are the same. They are not.

  32. Glorifying ziofascism by comparing it to religious terrorism. Guess what? There wouldn’t be islamic terrorism if it wasn’t for the colonialist expansionst zionist regime of ”Israel”. I’m done with this site for good.

    1. Why don’t you construct an argument instead of flouncing off in a huff? Sure Jews can be prickly wankers, but so can Muslims. It would be a better world if they’d both. Just. Stop. And stop the “secret” ambitions to rule the world.

      1. Every group has assholes, but you don’t see any muslim country raining death upon a native ethnic group with helicopters and airplanes. Any islamisation you might encounter is because of simple sociological circumstances. Also ‘islamisation’ is grossly exaggerated by the zionist media.

  33. Feminism and Islam are both control mechanism of society, but i found more truth in Islam than in feminism. That really sais something.

  34. This alliance satisfies the feminists’ latent masochistic desire to be dominated entirely. Though the fundamentalists are no doubt repulsed by this type of woman, until endgame, and enslavement, they’ll keep up the pretence.

  35. Ok, after reading this article and most of the comments, I need to spout this out loud and clear… Islam is nothing of a threat compared to feminism when it comes to many western nations! Feminist poison is advocated in most western nations and is responsible for the collapse of our family unit! Islam has never come even close to doing the damage to our society that feminism has. You can take 9/11 and times it by 100 and its not even a hair on the arse of the feminists war machine! So all you peeps out here talking about how Islam is worse then feminism… GET REAL!

    1. Agreed.
      50 million innocents American babies have been slaughtered through the feminist ritual of abortion, since Roe vs Wade in 1973.
      50 fucking million dead babies.
      9/11 is nothing compared to the wholesale slaughter of babies that goes on every fucking day in the West.
      So if the American government was serious about “protecting American lives” they`d simply close down Planned Parenthood and declear Planned Parenthood a terrorist organisation.
      But they don`t. They don`t have the balls to say to women: “Keep your fucking legs together, you WHORES”.
      So instead they pretend “Islam is the enemy” instead of growing a pair and face up to the fact that Feminism is The Enemy.

  36. Feminists and Cultural Marxists hate the white heterosexual male more than anything else. Which is why they’re more than happy to ally themselves to Islam. Regardless of the fact that it would lead to their own negation.
    As for Israel? I can’t say I’m too bothered about it(modern Feminism/Cultural Marxism being mainly a Ashkenazi invention)

  37. Sorry man, the quality of English in this piece is bad enough for me to lose interest in what you have to say. The medium is, in part, the message; if you can’t write fluently in your own language, it makes me doubt your ability to think in it. I can tell that you didn’t take the time to get someone else to proofread it, which makes me feel like I’m wasting my time by reading it.

  38. *Inbred European pedophiles live in swamp, fuck each other’s sisters for 300 years, then rob everybody* Wow, such culture, much advanced.

  39. You forget the maxim ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In this case, heterosexual, strong and proud white men are the enemies of both Islam and feminists… of course, as you pointed out this is ludicrous, because if you actually locked feminists and Islamists in a room, the feminists would be raped within about 30 seconds

  40. Yep Steve, sharia will be much easier on heterosexual men than it will be on everyone else. If an heterosexual Christian man converts to Islam he would still be better off than in leftist feminist society that considers him like crap. Once Islam is here women will lose everything… but men will lose far less.

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