Traditional Marriage Is How Past Societies Prevented Drama

Recently, I was visited by my cousin, his wife and their two-year-old son. Let’s call them Bob, Jane, and Damien. To the outside world, their family looks idyllic and like something out of a generic child’s drawing. Bob seems to be an especially involved father and constantly posts selfies with Damien that generate massive outbursts of feels, emoticons, and stickers from bored housewives. However, to the discerning eye, not all is well in Bob’s and Jane’s household.

Cracks in the armor


Bob is the least fit security guard I’ve seen in my life, lugging around a bulging gut, and unsurprisingly, he is struggling to find any employment in that industry. Not just that, but he seems completely resigned to his fate of never advancing his career in any way.

On the other hand, Jane works in a local furniture manufacturing plant and easily earns three times the amount Bob does, when he finally does bring home a paycheck. This setup causes Jane to exhibit massive amounts of thinly veiled bitterness and resentment towards Bob, regardless of the company they are in. I was privy to one such occasion, but I wish I hadn’t been.

The first thing Jane said when she entered my home with Bob and Damien was: “I want a divorce.” To my surprise, Bob didn’t even bat an eye to this, which means he is hearing it on a daily basis. Indeed, during their two-hour stay at my place, Jane kept saying the same threat over and over again, though worded differently.

And frankly, why should she tolerate Bob? She has a healthy son, can earn enough money for both of them, and has the government fully on her side if any altercations happen. Her behavior clearly showed that she considers Bob just a feeble leech that’s done its part of donating sperm. This is, in a nutshell, everything that’s wrong with the modern state of marriage.

Turn back the clock


Originally, marriage was a convergence point of male and female natural urges. Women wanted to satisfy their maternal instincts, today also known as “biological clock,” while men wanted regular sexual access to a (relatively) undefiled woman. Both parties got what they wanted with minimal fuss and drama through marriage.

This was exactly the most valuable benefit marriage contributed to the society – removing drama. Today, with the entire institution of marriage turned into a horrible parody of itself that no sane men is willing to submit himself to, you should logically expect an upsurge in the amount of drama relating to the natural biological urges of men and women. And this is exactly what we’re witnessing.

According to the mainstream media, rape is everywhere, in fact, all women are being raped all day long. To get instant recognition, a modern empowered woman simply has to whisper the magical words: “I was raped” and all doors swing open right away. The more renowned and richer man she was raped by, the better.

Conversely, paternity fraud is rampant to the point of France outlawing paternity tests “to preserve the peace in society,” while in Germany a paternity test requires consent of the mother.

Note how I mentioned traditional marriage, where the man is clearly in charge. Today, even if you do end up married, you will suffer Bob’s fate if your wife happens to be in any way superior to you. Seeing how the modern liberal society promotes women, with the EU going so far as to mandate gender quotas in boardrooms (PDF), it’s no wonder their entitlement is running at historically unprecedented levels.

This all began once women were let out of the kitchen. Sadly, at this point there is no turning back and, no matter whether you decide to marry or stay single, you’re bound to come under the assault of this widespread hysteria sooner or later. Your every word and action will be examined with a microscope and you will be found guilty one way or another.

The drama is consuming us all and there is no escape from it. The best thing you can do is develop a thick skin to endure the spotlight and react to all outrageous accusations with an air of slight amusement.

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225 thoughts on “Traditional Marriage Is How Past Societies Prevented Drama”

  1. They have outlawed or require consent for a paternity test in France and Germany? Why on earth would they do that? Even if they forced the other man to still be the legal father, isn’t it best to know the true biological father if nothing else than for health reasons?

      1. Absolutely agree. Moreover, any woman who is caught taking money off of said cuckold should face theft by deception charges. If he spent more than $1K unknowingly nurturing another man’s seed she gets slapped with a felony.
        Of course those who seek to subvert the West will not allow this. They want our society weak from within.

        1. She could claim she didn’t know who the father is when being prosecuted. She got so drunk that night and did the whole baseball team. That could be the truth.

        2. That wouldn’t be much of a defense. Stealing one man’s money to pay for another, unidentified, man’s seed doesn’t change that she stole from that particular man.

        3. I agree with you. But I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. She had sex with her husband one night, then another man the next or even the same night. How would she know who the father was unless you do a paternity test.

    1. I’d just buy a couple kits online from different sources. Amazon is a wonderful resource.

      1. In France, doing a paternity test without a court order can land you 1 year in jail and a 20k fine.
        In Germany, you must have the mother’s permission and it must be administered by a German licensed firm which verifies the mother’s consent or you can face jail time….
        Thank god I live in America… but to me this is definitely showing how feminism is changing laws in favor of the woman and taking away the man’s rights.

      2. In the US you can get a paternity test at your local drug store…. its easy, and I think everyone should do it, whether you suspect something or not.

    2. It is so fathers are kept in the dark while the secret DNA banks can map everyone’s lineage back to the mother ships of antiquity. Few fathers would fight for questionable offspring to the same degree that a man would kill to defend his own blood from attack or a hostile state. Attack a man’s known blood and it becomes a fatwa like the Mccoys. It’s also a ploy to patent our own personal DNA right under own noses. Once you full circle despise and mistrust the state, their bullshit becomes transparent and obvious.

      1. I think it has more to do with the fact that the feminist machine there doesn’t want women who have been unfaithful to have to deal with their husbands leaving and refusing to support a child that isn’t theirs. If a man were able to prove the child wasn’t theirs and the were the victims of paternity fraud, the women and the real father would be on the hook to support the child and the state doesn’t want that… they want the cuckold father to be peacefully ignorant while paying for the other man’s child because they consider it in the best interest of the state.

        1. That also seems valid. If the manosphere were to forge a declaration of independence from the state sponsored bitch tyranny, tha issue of the state cuckolding on the cuckold, thus magnifying cuckolding as societal norm, would be enumerated among the many other grievances against the state of bitch rule. The original grievences of 1776 shy in comaprison to what we have today, the false imprisonment en masse, the kangaroo system where you cannot even cross examine your accuser, ad infinitum, etcetera, ad nauseum and so on. All the issues of injustice listed and enumerated would stir a storm that would go right to the throat of the beast. King George was a picnic to deal with compared to the mountain of shit for matriarchal bitch rule before us now. What we have now is intolerable to no end ever seen before.

  2. The value of marriage has died in this day and age. It never ceases to amaze me that marriage was indeed a concept that once existed which symbolised the meaning of true love and helped to define a man as having stability and a foundation for a traditional family. In essence, the concept of a marriage was defined as the spiritual union between two souls.
    Now, when we fast forward to the present, the very general notion of marriage is seen to be a complete disaster and a train wreck, ready to happen at any moment’s notice. The sad reality, is that in today’s world, a marriage is perceived as a business contract and it is especially women, who are trained to think and treat marriage this way by the female influential forces that are present in our society. Ever since the removal of no fault divorce and the government getting involved this traditional and religious ceremony, marriage has been diluted in value over time, been twisted and ripped apart and is now treated as a business- a business.
    From the slimeball and scum bucket family lawyers, the corrupt federal judges, the private investigators and the very spouses themselves, its all about who gets what. The houses, the cars, the assets, the savings, the pensions and even the children. This my friends, goes to show you how sick the times we live in, truly are. The current day women symbolises how depraved and degenerated our society has become, and how everything now goes, where any good moral values are discarded and thrown out the window. I mean look at the following points below:
    -Divorce rate is now 60%
    -70% of divorces are filed by women.
    Those two points above simply show you that there is something culturally wrong in our society but more importantly, goes to show how socially dysfunctional today’s modern day women truly are. Don’t tell me that today’s women are oppressed. Do not ever, tell me that today’s women are oppressed. When men are financially being raped and destroyed by a system that is beyond repair and with no hope of salvation, people are now starting to witness how outdated and sadly, abandoned the value of a marriage truly is. Men without a doubt, get hurt, but the biggest victim, are the children. A large percentage of these kids do not grow up with a positive father figure and influential male role model, and in turn, are manipulated by their mothers and brainwashed with all the wrong ideals and values.
    As long as feminism and the government continues to expand their powers, then the traditional nuclear family will continue to errode over time and this in itself, reflects the cultural decay which we are witnessing in our society.

    1. 1. the divorce rate number is a myth
      2. Marriage symbolizing “true love” is a notion that has only existed since the spoiled boomers. Marriage was a practical exchange. Women receive shelter and protection in exchange for sex and mothering. People did not marry for true love, they settled for an objectively good mate.
      Make no mistake about it, marriage is a business contract. The problem is that the government changed the contract laws. It was like removing the reserve clause from baseball. Once players could get out from under the contract, they would jump ships to the higher paid team. No-fault divorces are nothing more than assurances of good old USA free market competition.

      1. Actually he is right. Its not a myth. The divorce rate is indeed between 50-60%. I would not trust anything coming out of the huffington compost newspaper.
        I suggest you watch the documentary “divorce corp” which highlights how corrupt the whole legal system is.

        1. You guys are arguing two different numbers. The number of divorces never broke 25% per year. The aggregate number of divorcees is 50%.
          The downward trend of divorces parallels the downward trend of marriages.

        2. Yes, but the rate of divorces per total marriages a year rate is declining. People are getting married older and/or waiting and that is leading to more stable marriages.

        3. Yeah divorce corp is I think the documentary I saw and referenced above. This will be spreading to other states from CA soon I imagine. Crazy stuff!

        4. Assuming the divorce probability is falling, one reason is that people simply aren’t getting married. They just play house and perhaps get roped into a common law marriage but when those end it does not show up in the statistics (and common law marriages are innately more unstable than legal marriages).

        5. NY time and washingtonpost? Come on man, that’s SJW-turd-central! Don’t believe any of the crap you see on that bs news outlet

        6. Yep, older, bitter men marrying used up whores, many of them with children or abortions. What a bargain! that’s what your stats don’t tell you.

        7. The statistic is somewhat over-broad. Divorce is MUCH more likely in certain groups(women with lots of sexual partners, people who cohabit, existing children, evangelical “christians”, etc) and almost non-existent among others (Mormons, traditional no-contraception Catholic marriages to virgins).

        8. Who says the older men had to marry women their own age? It’s the older women who are bitter that they can’t get married and don’t count at all in that statistic. Older man, younger wife. Both are happy.

        9. I’m watching it. They get some things patently wrong off the bat but it shows the problems with the US legal system. Hard to know how much of it is the “shark attack” syndrome, where a limited number of horror stories (proportionately) get overplayed, but the USA seems rather dystopian even compared to Canada where I practiced for four years. Some of it is just legal realism that has metastasized south of the 49th: you get some of the same things in Canada but not so brutal or corrupt or perhaps as widespread.

      2. A while ago I decided to check the anecdotal 50+% divorce rate out. Here’s what I found.
        Go to the CDC to find out what the rates were in America: Marriage and Divorce (2011) (provisional):
        Number of marriages: 2,118,000
        Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
        Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (44 reporting States and D.C.)
        Note that they don’t state outright “number of divorces”, only “number of marriages”. They also say that divorces are reported only from 44 states, implying that marriages are from all states (so the divorce rates are low). Doing some basic mathematics:
        3.6 / 6.8 * 100 = 52.94% of marriages end in divorce
        52.94% * 2,118,000 = 1,121,269 divorces
        That’s a fuckload of both blank-slate and really-pissed-off Men thrashing around uselessly in American society – in a single year. And note that that is from 4 years ago.
        I’m not betting that the number/rate is lower now.

        1. If the divorce rate is falling it is probably because fewer people are getting married.

        2. Well, by definition a divorce *rate* is simply a ratio, so it shouldn’t change just because there are a fewer number of married couples.

      3. Marriage has not been a business contract for several hundred years. Last I saw, the US divorce probability (technically not the “rate”) was 43%.
        Marriage has generally been about social validation: it justifies fucking. Liberals want gay marriage to justify men fucking each other up the ass. Sure, there is also the social validation of proclaiming your love for one another, but it is about fucking. Fucking someone who is not your spouse is adultery, which used to be a crime and still has a few legal implications these days. There is no word for loving someone who is not your spouse, and no legal implications although there is a slight social taint to it.

        1. Marriage is social validation for women nowdays. Just like the weddingis just a large spectacle of attention whoring.

        2. I think you are right about the validation thing. I have read a few articles recently about studies that indicate big wedding and big honeymoons reduce your chance of divorce.

        3. Yea I’ve read that to, your ceremony is supposed to be about exchanging vows with someone you love, not making yourself the centre of attention. I’ve also read there’s divorce ceremonies now, to me that is complete narcissism. Celebrating the fact that your marriage deteriorated and that you betrayed your vows shows how much respect these women had for their marriage.

        4. I haven’t heard about divorce ceremonies but they strike me as being inane. Marriage ceremonies have traditionally been community events to show your community that you love and are committed to someone.

        5. Bingo. That nailed it.
          We lost the argument about gay “marriage” decades before it even began when we allowed marriage to be redefined as a social validation, whereas previously it was more of a contract signifying intent to procreate and take care of the resulting offspring together.
          Ban divorce and see how many gays still want to get married.

        6. The whole contract thing was more of a concern of the nobility. For normal people there was still a heavy dose of social validation which was why public ceremonies were the norm. There was no redefinition but before reliable birth control having sex pretty much always led to procreation.
          With no-fault divorce, marriage is more of a fashion accessory. Plus, a woman can have 3 bastards from 3 different guys and there is no shame in that: she can hit the guys up for child support and the state will give her extra goodies to make up any short fall.
          As for gay marriage, there are lots of cases where gays can’t get divorced because the state they live in doesn’t recognize gay marriages in the first place. In Canada, same sex divorce has been available since 2004 but what was happening is that gay couples would come to Canada to get married because the state they lived in didn’t allow gay marriage. But then they wanted to get divorced and their home state wouldn’t allow it and the law in Canada was that you could only file for divorce in Canada if at least one person was a resident for 12 months before filing the petition. The SJWs flipped over that and the (allegedly) Conservative government caved and changed the law so that non-residence could file for divorce in Canada.

        7. Familiar with most of that. The other factor that made marriage more serious is that it used to be near impossible to get a legal divorce, and even harder to get the church to recognize it so they would remarry you. A “divorce” would previously have forced women to ruin their social status permanently by just walking out of the house and shacking up with a dude they weren’t married to.
          Since a majority of women crave social validation over anything else, a social death sentence is the last thing they were willing to risk.
          The Canada example isn’t really relevent. Again, allow Gay Marriage but ban divorce again and lets see how many gays actually want to get married. It would be an infinitesemally(sp) number

        8. And in the Christian tradition, the ceremony allowed the church to publicly recognize the start of a marriage.

        9. And that was back in the day when the church was at the centre of the social circle. You can now read articles about atheists setting up “churches” and the impression one gets is that it is their own form of social interaction and validation.

      4. Just to clarify, the article cited says that the 50% rate may not be right. It does not state what the actual rate is, or whether it is higher or lower than 50%. From multiple sources, I have concluded that the divorce rate in the US is at least 40% and could easily be 50%-60%.
        Another factor to consider is that while getting married later leads to more stable marriages, in western culture it also leads to lots of time on the cock carousel. I know a lot of girls who say they are waiting until 30 or so to get married. If she stayed a virgin, ok great. Later marriages typically last longer. But you know a 30 year old girl in the west has seen more cock than the local chicken slaughterhouse, and once she surpasses 3 partners, she loses her ability to pairbond. So I think down the road, we are looking at the potential for a much higher divorce rate.

      5. Was it always a government contract? I have the impression it used to be between families.

        1. I did a good bit of research on the history of marriage, and throughout history, marriage has meant many things to different groups (which is one reason why the “sanctity of marriage” argument is doomed to fail against gay marriage).
          If there was one universal commonality, it is that marriage was a union between one FAMILY and another. Historically, marriage had very little to do with the bride and the husband, but was much more about joining one extended family to another. Sometimes this was done for business or economic reasons (larger group of labor, or a good match the same reason business firms merge), sometimes it was for mere support in raising children (the aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins would all assist in the raising of the child, and would step in to help when things went wrong, ie the father lost his job, the mother got sick, etc.)
          This is why arranged marriages existed in the first place. It was because the important thing was which FAMILY you were marrying into; hence it made sense to let the families decide which opportunity was best.
          Contrast that to today where the in-laws are something to be begrudgingly tolerated at an event once or twice a year, the extended families have a very limited role in the married couple’s life, and the entire ceremony is a celebration of the groom and (especially) bride.
          The church began having some involvement with marriages, mainly because the church craves power and marriage was historically a strong and important institution. I am a little fuzzy on the details of the church involvement, as it has been a few years since I read the books on marriage, but the state involvement is a relatively new phenomenon, that really came about only as the church’s influence waned over the past 100 years.
          The idea of marrying for love is an entirely new concept, and never existed throughout history until very recently. Sure, the couples grew to care for each other, but love was not the reason for marrying, and societies understood that it was a poor rationale for bonding. First, if it goes away you are left with nothing, and second, if the two families are a match in other ways and the couples are reasonable and amenable to each other, they can grow to love each other. Think about all your exes–couldn’t you or didn’t you love them at some point? Love is not some special one in 6 billion experience.
          I led a discussion on marriage, and went into it being very opposed to the institution, and came out of it with a new appreciation for WHY and HOW it could benefit society, but only under the historical model and I am very skeptical of the modern institution today. What other institution can have a 50% failure rate and still continue? What if hospitals killed 50% of their patients or 50% of school graduates could not read? Clearly, we are doing something wrong today.

        2. Men in the modern world are starved for meaning.
          They dangle marriage in front of the poor sucker.
          Except for a few tax-breaks and perhaps a social status symbol marriage just seems like a trap nowadays.
          The family model makes sense, but sadly the idea of an extended family doesn’t seem possible in this society.
          Some groups seem to deal with this fairly well and hold onto tradition for the sake of family, for example the Jewish community, but most people are buying into the bullshit being sold to them.

        3. I have a PDF on The History of Marriage. A few years ago I read a gay screed called What Is Marriage For? which seemed to argue that since you can pin down a 100% commonality among marriages then marriage is whatever you want it to be.
          My understanding is that the family bonds in marriage were mostly the concern of the upper classes. A couple of shit-shoveling peasant families really didn’t care as long as the husband was virile and a good worker and the wife was fertile and a good homemaker.
          There is the joke:
          Q: What is the penalty for bigamy?
          A: Two mothers in law!
          The romantic model of love is a rather new invention. . .sort of. It’s just that all your shit-covered peasants were not writing novels about it for the last couple of thousand years. Now that all the shit-covered peasants in North America can own big screen TVs, it just seems like it is new. I’m not sure to what extent the old system has disappeared.

        4. GTFO of North America. The divorce probability in China is 4% (although almost at North American levels in the big, westernized cities); it is my understanding that divorce is illegal in the Philippines. Alternatively, seek out and engage recent immigrants. There is always the risk of “Eddie! I Want half!” but you have good chances if the entitled cunt mindset does not establish itself until after the wall.
          In just the last year, three of my friends/colleagues have become parents (early 20s to early 30s). My best Chinese friend back in Changzhou has a daughter and had his parents living with him. His marriage is not idyllic and we discussed some of the problems but talk about divorce simply was not on the table.
          I don’t know about the various US states, but any serious relationship in Canada can rope you into a “common law” marriage (which is becoming an increasingly stupid term because it is now statute defined) that you never contemplated or agreed to. . .sort of the same way you never agreed to any of the other laws when you were born.

        5. Seems like your attitude has changed somewhat. I have the sense you used to hold the west in higher esteem.

        6. I could get all historical and philosophical on your ass about this particular question but it comes down to a few things:
          1) Canada will tax rape me
          2) Canadian law and Canadian women can divorce rape me
          I love my country and spent a decade in uniform ready to kill or die for it, but I don’t feel that love being reciprocated.
          I never really planned on living in China but things are working out pretty well. I don’t get paid to post shit here but rather I get a certain satisfaction from giving perspective – some might say “advice” – to guys in their early 20s to mid-30s regarding what is in store for them.
          I have a stable job and a pretty fiancé and life is good. I am aiming for a six figure income this year. If and when I can get a seven figure income then maybe I will repatriate: there is nothing I can do to fix the system before that.

        7. Well if it means anything your posts have been food good for thought. Good to know there are options for a more balanced lifestyle.

        8. I am at peace although there are some logistics to work out.
          I will visit TO in August: lunch?

      6. Barbarossa almost mentioned how the divorce statistics fail to factor in the number of men who are trapped in the “Cheaper to Keep Her” scenario, because they know that they’ll be decimated in divorce court.

        1. Good observation, but hard to pin down. The unspoken “staying together for the children” strikes me as more likely. If you don’t have kids you pull the pin and take the hit unless you are on a downslide and can manipulate her into hanging around until you hit bottom. . .then you pull the pin.

    2. Minor correction.. I believe you mean since America *instituted* no fault divorce. Prior to 1970, the spouse had to show that they had breached the marriage contract in order to obtain a divorce. You couldn’t just split up “cause feelings”. Ronald Reagan first instituted no vault divorce in California in 1970, and as is the pattern, it spread to the rest of the nation.
      Incidentally, the National Organization for Women opposed no fault divorce when the last state, New York, passed its no fault divorce law in 2010, because it allows alimony and property to be granted to a party which may have been at fault and caused the divorce (I’m guessing there are a lot more career women in NY than other states).
      I saw an awful (but well done) documentary on divorce that came out within the last year, and it was about all kinds of crazy shit in California that one must do in the divorce proceedings, and I can only imagine that will spread to the rest of the states.

          The particularly odious part to me was how you must spend thousands and thousands of dollars to cronies of the judge who donated to his election campaign and now operate “consulting” businesses where they will “analyze” you as part of the divorce proceedings. There was a pretty funny part where this guy showed up, demanded several thousand dollars from a divorcing wife, asked her a bunch of irrelevant probing questions for maybe an hour, then ran to the bank and tried to cash the check. The bank manager called the woman, she looked into him some more and found his facebook where he had postings about gay sex parties where everyone can take it up the ass without a condom. The woman was like, hey, I have no problem with gays but what the hell is this guy doing judging ME on what kind of mother I can be?!?

    3. Marriage was originally a social and financial contract since human society was formed. The love bullshit was added on by some Victorian poets.

    4. Materialistic, narcissistic societies turn people into numbers and objects. Compare beautiful women to the newest iPhone and fat, beta men to old Nokia flip phones and you get America. Women value handbags, makeup, and high heels above their own children now. Marriage is a way of securing access to her shallow desires. The poor male chump is just a means to an end. Narcissism is the religion of today for women. Everyone is a 2 dimensional cardboard cutout to be used and thrown away, including their children.

  3. Never be a fat slob, treat her with respectful dominance and rock your life. All signs point to Bob being a pussy. Maybe you’re a pussy too… then don’t get married.

    1. “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” -Old boxing proverb.
      Men today are economically disenfranchised, what with all the little fuck-me-pump wearing little cum-on-me-tits getting workplace favors, you just don’t draw that much water unless you are in the top 10% of men.

      1. If you can’t take a hit to the head, choose a different sport. – George, my childhood boxing coach.

        1. George only hit for technical lessons… it was his star 25 year old who taught me a lesson when I was trying to look cool and sucker punched him in the back of the head aND he threw me into a cinder block wall.

  4. “The drama is consuming us all and there is no escape from it. The best thing you can do is develop a thick skin to endure the spotlight and react to all outrageous accusations with an air of slight amusement.”
    Not only that, but develop your skill set to capitalize on the inevitable collapse that comes whenever a society emphasizes feelings over facts, and symbolism over substance.
    When Marriage becomes a total farce in society the end of that society is usually not far behind. Historians like Toynbee and Unwin demonstrate this superbly in their historical research, which is why i advise all the real Men here to not just endure it as it is, but survive it as it falls.
    Make yourself the truly indispensable Man. Study from the thoughts of great Men who lived in the past (Washington, Wilson, and others to name a local few) and from works which still benefit the modern Man today. Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984, and the bible to name a few.
    Learn skills and improve your talents in applying them. Archery, firearms training, survival botany, learning how to build a makeshift shelter and where to obtain the materials from scrap etc, all these things will come in handy for the collapse that is coming.
    The US is not a special snowflake when compared to all the other great empires of the past. It can’t sustain itself from the sheer weight of progressive bs that infects the mind of its leadership and the hearts of most of its population like a cancer.
    It will fall…it’s not a question of if, but when.
    Some say we have fallen already, but i disagree. The US is dying, but it’s not dead yet. When the veneer of constitutional adherence is finally cast off and people finally realize they are no more than the possessions of government (and indeed, the government itself confirms it) THEN the facade of democratic pseudo republican government will finally be cast off and a proper tyranny will rule in its place.
    Men like ourselves will be hunted down in earnest because of our outspoken opposition to any such politburos that would rule in the stead of the Constitution.

    1. You do know 1984 is against totalitarianism and in favour of democratic socialism, and that Orwell was a socialist and a member of the Labour Party until his death?

      1. Yes i did. It doesn’t matter. Just as i can read Machiavelli and not necessarily apply its principles to any one under me i can read 1984 and not come away a converted socialist.
        Sometimes autobiographies or other such personal works do more to expose the flaw in people’s belief system than their fictional works do. Marx did it with his manifesto, Hitler did it with his Kampf, and so forth.
        Notice i said “benefit” and not much else. I read Alinsky’s rules for radicals not to become a better leftist radical, but to better understand how they tend to think and more importantly, how they operate against guys like myself. Knowing the enemy as GI Joe would say, is half the battle.
        Patton for his part would routinely read up on his enemies writings in order to understand them better and anticipate their movements in battle. (Rommel for instance)
        I am doing no less here. The better one understands the philosophies that helped destroy a civilization, the better one is at not making the same mistake.

      2. 1984 was a foreboding of today’s society. We aren’t in the factory society but it’s becoming assembly line thinking and anything outside it is harshly punished. The government has devised a clever legal minefield for the modern man to tread and the easy way out is just to hand over everything to the government and women and hope for the best.
        Well fuck that shit. Leave this place and all its problems to burn in the hell they’ve created. At least while there is still time. It is better to die free than live as a disposable slave.

        1. “When you say, ‘I object to mechanization and standardization–therefore I object to Socialism’, you are saying in effect, ‘I am free to do without the machine if I choose’, which is nonsense. We are all dependent upon the machine, and if the machines stopped working most of us would die. You may hate the machine-civilization, probably you are right to hate it, but for the present there can be no question of accepting or rejecting it. The machine-civilization _is here_, and it can only be criticized from the inside, because all of us are inside it. It is only romantic fools who natter themselves that they have escaped, like the literary gent in his Tudor cottage with bathroom h. and c., and the he-man who goes off to live a ‘primitive’ life in the jungle with a Mannlicher rifle and four wagon-loads of tinned food.” – George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

        2. The machine has changed and evolved over time.
          Each time it changes, a new machine is born.
          I think the machine is going through growing pains right now and the smart man will choose to weather the metamorphosis.
          Prepare to play with butterflies, or get washed up with the caterpillars.

    2. Here’s the thing: these collapses don’t happen overnight. Yes Rome collapse, and yes there were flashpoints but the entire process took over 300 years.
      The final ending wasn’t with a bang, but more of a wheeze as people went literally MGTOW and just walked out of the cities headed to the countryside.

      1. This is true. We can see the crumbling of the roof and walls of America right now, the actual collapse however might be quieter than people realize since we are so dangerously close to total totalitarianism that the sheeple probably won’t notice it until the government puts an exclamation point to send a statement to the masses.
        “Alea Iacta Est”..the die is cast.
        That die has been cast long ago, as judges, presidents and congress slowly moved us from a republic into a pseudo socialist quasi capitalist deformation of Constitutional principle where one branch of government routinely bullies…or manipulates…another branch in order to get its way.

  5. Conversely, paternity fraud is rampant to the point of France outlawing paternity tests “to preserve the peace in society,” while in Germany a paternity test requires consent of the mother.

    1. From Wikipedia sources:
      “Paternity testing is regulated by the state and only allowed in certain cases:
      Without a court order the express consent of the person must be obtained in writing before the carrying out of the examination, after the person has been duly informed of its nature and its purpose.[20]
      With a court order (if consent could not be obtained)
      This is partially due to the official desire to “preserve the peace” within French families, with the French government citing psychologists who state that fatherhood is determined by society, rather than biology. French men often circumvent these laws by sending samples of DNA to foreign laboratories, but risk prosecution if caught. The maximum penalty for carrying out secret paternity testing is one year in prison and a €15,000 fine.[21]
      Under the Gene Diagnostics Act of 2009, secret paternity testing is illegal. Any paternity testing must be conducted by a licensed physician or by an expert with a university degree in science and special education in parentage testing, and the laboratory carrying out genetic testing must be accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. Full informed consent of both parents is required, and prenatal paternity testing is prohibited, with the exception of sexual abuse and rape cases. Any genetic testing done without the other parent’s consent is punishable with a €5,000 fine.[22] Due to an amendment of the civil law section 1598a in 2005, any man who contests paternity no longer automatically severs legal rights and obligations to the child.[23][24]”
      Pure madness.
      French “psychologists” proclaim that “fatherhood is determined by society, not biology”.
      And in Germany you might still have to end up paying for the kid even if it’s not your kid

      1. Why don’t comrade Merkel and her allies just go all the way and bring back the mother’s cross for spawning healthy and moldable cannon fodder to their brave new egalitarian paradise. The sperm donors are already on a figurative train to Stalingrad, so testosterone outbreaks among the offsprings should be minimal and easy to deal with.

      2. Let’s not forget that this ALL applies ONLY when there is a marriage in place…so if a ONS/LTR has “your” kid… the family court WILL require (if you request) a DNA test before you are liable for child support….so it is the same as everywhere else.

  6. Family is no longer a value. However, sexual titillation is of tremendous value. They are mutually exclusive.

  7. I don’t know. Manginas have probably been around forever, If my wife ever said that once, particularly in public, my next stop would the divorce lawyer’s office.
    Divorce has been common in other times – particularly during the Roman Empire and Late Republic. (another period of drama and decline)

  8. Simple way to solve the marriage crisis. Make marriage about man, woman, and God. Not Man, woman, and Country/State.
    Anything Government touches turns to poison.

  9. Yeah, don’t be Bob. I used to get divorce threats all the time from my (now ex) wife. It’s funny… husbands take the first one or two really seriously. Then they get used to the threats to the point where it becomes like white noise. It sounds like Bob is at that point now.
    If there is one silver lining in his situation, it’s that his wife earns more than he does — she could wind up having to pay him to get out of the marriage. There’s your equality, cunt!

    1. Just out of curiosity, did you come out ok, money wise, in the divorce?
      You sound like someone who would have seen ‘the storm coming’ and prepared for it.

      1. I actually did come out of it pretty well (compared to a lot of guys, at least). I’d been through the family court gauntlet once before with a child from a previous relationship, and I made all kinds of mistakes during that go around. I was mentally and financially prepared for the worst this time, but I filed in a county that was a lot more dad-friendly (AKA, conservative) this time around. I had to do a Chapter 7 when it was all said and done, but I did manage to keep my 401K intact.
        Put it this way, even with very high child support, I still have a lot more dispensable income now than I did when I was married. It’s been four years since the split and every year since has been better than the last.

  10. “. . . react to all outrageous accusations with an air of slight amusement. . .”
    Considering how things can go ‘once they are going’, while it may be ok to have an ‘air of amusement’, as long as nothing is being done to you and you make it clear to others and her that you consider it all BS.
    However, I would recommend that you should be prepared to go
    to what I call, a ‘full scale nuclear alert’; and make it clear to everyone
    that you have no qualms about making sure that you will retaliate if some BS is pulled, examples of which are ‘false rape charges, attacks on your character, threat to divorce, etc.’. It might even be beneficial to make people believe that you are ‘so irrational’ that if you even think they might be about to do something, that you will do a ‘preemptive strike on everyone’, like emptying bank accounts, canceling credit cards, moving out of the home with no warning or forwarding address.
    Sitting there and being disrespected like this is nothing more than a test that she is doing to see how far she can push things, which WILL get worse over time, and even signaling to other people that it is ok to dis you too.
    He needs to start telling people to STFU, especially the wife and ask her things like, “How would you like to always have to take care of the kid, with no help or support EVER from me”.
    For the guy in the article, I think it is too late. I would recommend that he stockpile cash outside of a bank account and tell NO ONE about. (I would suggest lying to even his lawyer.) This would be used in the event she does carry out the divorce, kicks
    him out of the home, and leaves him on the street with nothing.

    1. “It might even be beneficial to make people believe that you are ‘so irrational’ that if you even think they might be about to do something, that you will do a ‘preemptive strike on everyone’, like emptying bank accounts, canceling credit cards, moving out of the home with no warning or forwarding address.”
      I’ll bet that in the US you have those “family tragedies” as well. Fathers killing their children (and themselves) because the mother took him to the cleaners, limited his visiting rights and kicked him in the balls as a thank you. The strange thing is that how disgusting a father killing his innocent sons may look like, It’s sad that is has to come to this, but I can understand why men do it. It’s the ultimate act of desperation. And it’s not only men who do it btw, women do too.
      Every year 20 children are killed in my country because of divorce battles. Probably hundreds think about doing it. That’s the world we live in now. And it’s all because the government and their divorcelaws.
      Picture below. Father killed his sons and himself. 2013

    2. Just make sure it’s actually cash. I looked into putting away maybe $10k into a foreign bank account, just in case of emergency, be it spousal, economic, legal, whatever. I was told that due to the Pay-triot act, you really can’t do that anymore. I think you can still open an account but then you have to register it with Uncle Sam, which of course defeats the whole purpose of a foreign account. And any account domestically is fully tracked and tied to your SSN and other identifying info, so go cash or don’t do it at all.

      1. Prenups, if done correctly, can limit the damage but there are various tricks – some legal and some not so much – to hide assets from your wife so you can restart your life in the event of divorce.
        Certain business assets and investments will not be considered “family property” so they won’t be divided on divorce. Inheritances can be kept out of the loop so if you buy your parents a nice house, pay off their mortgage or upgrade them or something, when they die – assuming you can trust them to put it in their will – that money comes back to you and your wife can’t touch it. The downside to this is you tie up the money and can’t get at it unless you get divorced, or expose it to being taken if the divorce comes after. Those are glitches in some Canadian laws, but you have to check with your local lawyer to see if it works that way.
        The problem with hiding assets illegally is that if they ever come to light even decades after a divorce, you can get fucked. The assumption will be that you have hidden even MORE money. Any bank account, even overseas, leaves a paper trail, and if there is a whiff that you have money socked away, if she has a good lawyer they will still find it.
        You need a secure location to keep a stash. Cash is the simplest, gold bullion gets a bit more complicated, and raw diamonds are the most complicated but the most compact. The general rule is that you can’t move $10k or more across international lines without declaring it. I would suggest gold. A shoebox can hold $3 million in ingots although if you fill it, it will weight about 200 pounds.

    3. Threats of a preemptive strike just creates more evidence for your soon to be ex wife to get a preemptive court order against you that will lock down all your assets and keep you away from her and your kids and your home.

      1. If the soon to be ex wife is about to do that, then the time for threats has passed and it would be time to execute the plan.
        You will note that part of what I suggest is a stockpile of cash that NO ONE knows about, especially soon to be ex wife, in case she does a preemptive strike on you.

  11. Marriage is dead. The promiscuity of most modern women prevents them from truly enjoying a potential partner, they can no longer bond after the cock carousel. We live in a consumerist society, when you say to someone that they are “commiting for life”, it scares the shit out of them, especially when such person was used to abundance. It’s much easier to take something, consume it and then throw it away with no drama and long term consequences. Most people get quickly tired of routine in this technological era with unlimited and instant access to information. The thrill of novelty and “fun” always wins over the classical stable scheme that is considered boring. Last but not least, in the 21st century, loyalty doesn’t mean shit, especially for women.

    1. Women can order sex from an online dating site with smart phones like having pizza delivered to their front door.

      1. Women have instant validation and attention from men with online dating. Sex is like you said on delivery. 8+ males are now within reach of every mediocre 6. Cats and dogs as company. Shopping now is religion, the mall is the church. Government as a safety net and provider of jobs with all kinds of unnatural constraint to favor the weak above the competent.
        Five minutes before the last egg dries out they message you on PoF (or whatever). If you have a free evening. “Finally, after a 1000 messages a woman sends me a message, lucky me!”.
        For men, the reality now is reversed. It’s scanty at best.
        We are now: doormats socially, and ATM’s financially, nothing more.
        Wait till Russia and China come knocking on our doorsteps, still interested to pick up an assault rifle to protect this wonderful society we live in? You’re going to die for it anyways. Rosie the riveter. You know her? Probably. Well, a thousand+ anonymous Johns died on the battlefield. They don’t have a face we remember, maybe some faceless memorial or a name on a wall in Washington. Rosie didn’t die by a bullet and she is more famous. What I said. You are a doorstep. Or…a gravestone.
        The question is. What can we do about this “new” world, with all it’s technology catering to hypergamous and demanding women. Should we all go MGTOW? Punishing ourselves for not ‘wanting’ sex with those women (self delusion). Chicken out of our biological tendency to want a family (become bitter). To have a meaningful relationship is what every person wants, even when it’s only for a couple of seconds.
        What tot do in this society? You tell me, because I don’t know.

        1. It looks like this indeed. But she looks like a victim here, but we all know women have more privileges and freedom they ever had in history. And they like it this way. Men created the technology, and it ends up to be used against us.

        2. A victim? This is the dream of the modern woman; and these guys would rather be alone with her.

        3. I say this a lot of times but people seem obsessed with failure.
          Patriarchy is the solution. Men must join together as brothers and work for THIER common interest as men.
          Yet many men here prefer to rond reasons to hate and cast out one another. Mane that can work, maybe not.
          Blacks are accused of tending to violence and handouts. Well, then ally with those black men who can temper those passions into constructive use.
          Jews are accused of being clannish and socially influential, well, ally with those Jews who can temper those same traits for the common good of men.
          Instead all men want to do is see the negative but not the potential positive,
          A while ago, the right wingers among the Israelis were trying to ban immigration of Sudanese who had been imported by the leftists. Instead of red pillers recognizing this as an opportunity to make common cause against rampant immigration, all people could do was scorn those right wing Israelis as hypocrites. As if those particular Israelis were even responsible for what leftist American Jews did!
          People are welcome to do what they want, I am recommending making common cause for our collective interests as men and to put a stop to the rampant destruction we are all being subjected to,

        4. What I meant is that the creator of this image might wanted to depict her as an victim of online stalking.

        5. “Patriarchy is the solution. Men must join together as brothers and work for THIER common interest as men.”
          ^^ This
          If we can’t get over our petty differences and help each other out of this mess, we are really just doing exactly what the cultural devolutionaries want.

        6. Actually, the woman riveter that was used in as the model for the poster had only been a riveter for a few days when she sat for the poster. Within two weeks after that sitting she had quit her job as a riveter (it was too hard and dirty)and become an office assistant for a dentist; whom she married shortly thereafter. She never worked outside the home after that.

        7. Yep with the exception of white knights and manginas, I don’t see why men can’t band together. It’s always PUAs hating MGTOWs, MGTOWs hating PUAs and everyone hating MRAs. They all see and understand the problems. It shouldn’t be that hard to get along

        8. I was just recently banned by The Red Pill on reddit, I assume from my criticism of the anti-science and anti-morality stance of the mods and that I called them on their crap. Not a good omen for men joining together.
          I consider the leading intellectual in America (and perhaps the whole western world) to be Thomas Sowell. . .a black man.
          The only members of SCOTUS who can think clearly are the Wop, the Nigger and the Wet Back (and I say that lovingly).
          Chinese immigrants are so red pill. The men are hard working and the women are gorgeous and loyal.

        9. Really. I didn’t know that. I was scrolling through some posterstand at a shop today and saw that image from Rosie the riveter passing by. Crazy – overrated – stuff.

        10. Man that comment cuts to the bone. Spoken so very well. Just like so many men on here, I have lived the hard knocks and can relate. You really hit the nail on the head when you talk about Russia and China knocking at the door. I am also one of those “crazy preppers”. Very very skilled at shooting and tactics. Spent enough money to buy a house on high quality weapons, night vision, huge piles of ammo, and lots of different training schools to learn to use it all (never been in the military).. In really good shape still. But now I look around at a society that is not worth saving or fighting for. Woman spit and shit on good men all the time. I have 2 good friends that got shit on by their wives big time. They were loyal devoted husbands and fathers. Lost it all because “I just don’t feel the same anymore” said the woman. Yep all those slutty, snobby, materialistic mall girls in their fake lives will be wondering what the fuck is going on when the U.S. gets hit with an EMP, people are eating each other in about 2 weeks, and then after we are softened up internally, the Russians and Chinese invade and rape all those bitches. Then they will cry out for help to all of the beta men they fucked over. Me, I think I will hide out back in the sticks half way up the side of a mountain, eating my freeze dried food that I backpacked in, and watch the chaos through my spotting scope. The man inside me wants to love a woman and raise a family, and fight for whats right, but my logical brain looks at it all, and says why should I??? I think I’ll sit back and watch it burn.

        11. Are Chinese immigrant women to the West really loyal? Most are hypergamous hopping on as much white cock (and on very rare and delightful occasions, Black cock) from what I see.

        12. It partly depends on the age at which they immigrated and what city they were from. The younger they were, and if they came from Shanghai, Beijing, or Hong Kong (including Shenzhen) then they will be really westernized and behave accordingly. If they immigrated at 18 or older, or came from a smaller, less westernized city, they tend to act more like Chinese women generally.
          It’s a whole different ball game if you find them in situ here and then bring them back. A friend of a friend commented that Taiwanese women are “Chinese girlfriend version 2.0”; they tend to have both the best qualities of Chinese and westernization.

      2. So can men, exactly why we dont need marriage.
        Both sexes have gotten smarter, work smarter not harder ; )

        1. Do a social experiment with fake dating profiles using model pics, both male and female. The female profile will get ten times the activity. Its not the same social market place for men and women.

        2. So can men? Really? You mean if you look like Dicaprio, behave like kanye west and have the bank account of tiger woods? Then probably yes, that dude will have sex on demand.
          The dating and sexual market is much harder for dudes, we literally have to do all the work to get pussy and by work I mean the burden of trying to work out with women who have “standards” that are almost impossible to get close to. Everyday, I see good looking tall guys, ripped body and successful, they are dating disgusting fat landwhales. Why? Not because they want to, but because the market nowadays is so fucked up and difficult that even those guys have to settle down for way less than they could get.
          Bitches be like ” I only date guys who are at least 6’0″, what the fuck are you talking about you are 5’2 you look like a troll from warcraft just shut the fuck up.

        3. Roosh doesn’t have any of those things, yet he probably gets laid far more than those men could dream of doing,

        4. Good point you are making. Don’t get me wrong though, I was just emphasizing the fact that women’s standards nowadays are just unreal and that a lot of men who could get much better settle down for way less.

        5. Yeah because he has had to learn game and master every little reaction these cunts make during what used to be a normal conversation. A female 7 can walk in a bar, get hit on by 5 guys, pick the most attractive and leave with him. Roosh researches the bars, selects his wingmen carefully, measures his approaches, and probably walks up to 20 girls before getting one lay. All while trying to read every silly, subtle clue that indicates how tickled her hypergamy is. Thats winning for men today. 80% output for 20% reward.

        6. Some good looking guys have mental issues. Those who do not are having regular sex with good looking women. Only chumps “date” women

        7. You are making a really good point there, something that all the haters don’t understand. It takes a lot of work and training to learn game, to lift weights and eat properly, to read books about human interactions and social behaviors, to work towards a stable financial income… This whole self development process is a long and strenuous road that takes years and years in the making. What efforts do women have to make to get laid again? Nothing, fucking zero. Just dress slutty and wait that men come at her so she can chose the dicks she wants.

        8. This is why there is the double standard of the slut and the player. We should be allowed to celebrate our conquests, because for most men, it takes some measurable amount of effort. There is nothing praiseworthy about spreading your legs for the overly eager crowd.

        9. That’s what they say. But ultimately, if you’re a chill guy (i.e. who’s not socially nervous) and a good conversationalist who can make her giggle like a nine-year-old girl, she’ll fuck regardless of your status and physique. Where status and physique help it’s that she’ll cut your more slack when you’re flirting with her.
          The thing is that men and women simply don’t get aroused the same way. For men, it’s instantaneously and visual; for women, it takes some building up for the sexual tension to be created, with some bold teasing, masculine behavior, humor, etc.
          Having said that, I think your view of the
          almost unavoidable failure of marriage is exaggerated. I haven’t been
          married for that long yet (4 years since last month). The thing is
          that, a married woman is still a woman. That is, she still wants the
          same things in a man (in you) that gave her the gina tingles when you
          first got to know each other. Which means as long as you keep having
          your moments of passion with her, flirt with her, treat her like you
          guys just met by being fun, spontaneous, bold, and passionate, and
          she’ll worship your ground. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman
          giving you those loving, glittering eyes when you make smile or blush.
          she still has to respect you as a man. And that happens by you taking
          charge in the relationship and life, being assertive in challenging
          times especially, and simply wearing the pants. You have to be dominant
          and passionate in the sack too.
          That’s it. I think every failed
          relation where the woman “isn’t feeling it anymore” is due to the man
          not being the man he used to be, or not being passionate, fun, and
          assertive enough. If you are this type of man, if you have goals in
          life, plan ahead, who can deal with things, etc., she will be your most
          loyal “assistant”, which she is naturally predisposed to as a woman.
          when things are going well between you, don’t be afraid to demand her
          casually that she wears that jeans who keeps that hair color that you
          like in her. She has to be attractive for you too.
          My two cents. Best of luck to everyone.

        10. The tall, good-looking guys don’t date landwhales because of “the market”, but because they’re not confident enough to initiate fun, flirtatious conversations with more attractive women, and are probably too scared or awkward to escalate things with them to kissing and sex. That’s what closes the deal, not good looks.
          At the end of the day, if you’re a chill guy (i.e. who’s not socially nervous) and a good conversationalist who can make her giggle like a nine-year-old girl, she’ll fuck regardless of your status and physique. Where status and physique help it’s that she’ll cut your more slack when you’re flirting with her.
          The thing is that men and women simply don’t get aroused the same way. For men, it’s instantaneous and visual; for women, it takes some building up for the sexual tension to be created, with some bold teasing, masculine behavior, humor, etc.
          Having said that, I think your view of the almost unavoidable failure of marriage is exaggerated. I haven’t been married for that long yet (4 years since last month), but I disagree with it. The thing is that, a married woman is still a woman. That is, she still wants the same things in a man (in you) that gave her the gina tingles when you first got to know each other. Which means as long as you keep having your moments of passion with her, flirt with her, treat her like you guys just met by being fun, spontaneous, bold, and passionate, and she’ll worship your ground. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman giving you those loving, glittering eyes when you make smile or blush, or give her some thrill.
          Also, she still has to respect you as a man. And that happens by you taking charge in the relationship and life, being assertive in challenging times especially, and simply wearing the pants. You have to be dominant in the sack too.
          That’s it. I think every failed relation where the woman “isn’t feeling it anymore” is due to the man not being the man he used to be, or not being passionate, fun, or assertive enough. If you are this type of man, if you have goals in life, plan ahead, who can deal with things, etc., she will be your most loyal assistant, which she is naturally predisposed to be as a woman.
          Also, when things are going well between you, don’t be afraid to demand her casually that she wears that pair of jeans or keeps that hair color that you like in her. She has to be attractive for you too. It helps keep the passion.
          Alright, so those were the two-cents of a thirty-something white guy who’s been pretty successful with women, especially from college on (I was a scrawny kid in high school, and that made me insecure and rather shy). Best of luck everyone.

      3. And so can men…..but I don’t think either would if they received it regularly from one person. Too much work and risk.

        1. It’s a quality thing and it depends on where you live. If I was in Vancouver and wanted to pork a 4, then no problem.

      4. If you could use extra income averaging 50 dollars to 300 dollars every day for doing an online job from your home for 3-4 h each day then try this…

    2. Marriage is dead because today, SCOTUS (which should more accurately be called “SCROTUM”) just announced that two homos ramming each other in the ass can stand on the same equal footing as a man and a woman. Get ready to start seeing men marrying goats and women marrying golden retrievers, coming to a courthouse near you.

      1. Using the same legal arguments 2 men can marry 2 women and have 4 way marriage. Marriage is meaningless now.

      2. There are about to be some hall of fame articles on here about this…comments sections too.

      3. Well, men in Japan can marry their video games, so I’m sure that’s headed to America at some point, too….

      4. It should be interesting to see who will be favored in divorce court when gay/lesbian couples split. Income aside, when it comes to child custody, will the more effeminate male and the more butch female be “the better parent?”

  12. If all men just stopped handing over their power by signing legal documents of marriage and registered partnership things could change pretty drastically. But it’s not going to happen because there always be somebody at the bottom to pander to women’s dream of marriage and children eager to sign at the dotted line. The only thing that can happen is a downfall of society (like a large natural disaster or economic meltdown) , long wars may help, religious terrorism, or what about a dictator.
    Manditory DNA testing would certainly help to tame women’s urge to cuckolding. “DNA test before paternity” that would be a cause worth petitioning.

  13. Marriage is part of a political system. Religion was a political system, now replaced by our modern religion, the government, the media, the commercial system.
    It is a control system.
    The state, steals from men his authority, his dominance, his masculinity, his freedom, his money, and transfers it to women,the state, and commercial entities.
    For the state to have power it needs to impose limits, the more limits the more control it has. But it also needs to replace moral, and redefine it through laws based on political convenience, not logic, not reason, not moral.

    Originally, marriage was a convergence point of male and female natural urges. Women wanted to satisfy their maternal instincts, today also known as “biological clock,” while men wanted regular sexual access to a (relatively) undefiled woman. Both parties got what they wanted with minimal fuss and drama through marriage.

    Love does not exist as a man-woman phenomenon, it is a philosophical concept, used vulgarly in romance,losing its meaning. Love creates the illusion that you can find someone equal, compatible(beyond reproduction), magical, destined for you. It creates dependency, it makes men stupid about women.
    Women maternal instinct does not exist, biologically she does not know about her future babies to nurture, but she knows about her own present, self centered interests, her fears, her personal needs, her urges, her greed, her basic instincts.
    If women had a maternal instinct, they would reproduce early without postponing it, as men have the instinct to have sex. Also women never had control of their own reproductive system, nor the responsibility, never, because she herself is like a child.
    Nature itself needs to manipulate women with oxytocin(the bonding hormone), “very suspiciously” so she does not kill her babies, as proved today with abortion/infanticide, etc.
    Women being maternal, is nothing but a myth. What they have is emotions, and emotions create dependency, and this is what we confuse as “maternal”
    Men desiring to have sex with the same woman is abnormal.
    Like it or not, our nature is still polygynous while women find monogamy very convenient for them as they get the man entirely for herself, which is congruent with women competing with other women for dominant men, women hating each other.
    There are studies that prove that males seek variety, it is normal in men.
    Marriage is castration for men, his testosterone reduces, his masculinity reduces, his dominant nature is inhibited and stolen by the state.
    The state is a pseudo-male, a ridiculous imitation of masculinity: protection, paternal, dominance, nothing but imitations, but in reality it is the pariah/weak that other species recognize as a disease to kill, for the sake of the species, but that we made our kings, thanks to “equality”, so they don’t have to prove themselves through merit.
    We see it all the time, the state is constantly trying to castrate the man.
    For example there are more rapes in prison than women being raped outside, a rape culture on men, but women are the victims. Genital mutilation on men is rape, but if it happens on men it is not rape, and it is not mutilation either.
    The state is a false imitation of masculinity, this is what the weak does, like women today trying to be like men. Men in the state need victims(women) and criminals(men) so they can be the heroes. Marriage controls men even if they are single, through taxes, through sex, through laws.
    Reproduction is important for men, not for women, as it is men who compete with other men, and through this is that DNA is tested and we evolved as humans. It is intrinsic of being a man, This is why men are tricked with the idea of marriage, is not about man and woman, it is about “the children of a man”, his offspring. In the past the most fit men reproduced the most, nowadays a virgin can donate sperm and make hundreds of women pregnant.
    That is our society. Don’t fool yourselves with traditional/idealistic marriage, the false idea of a better past.

    1. Men are polygamous by nature but marriage is the only way to ensure civilization and a decent rate of infant survivability. Technology just masks the fact that this generation would have never made it in the conditions of the 1800s…ensuring that the weak and conniving die when 100 years ago they would have died young, abortion itself was impossible to do safely and single mothers had a life of misery to look forward since the State had no way to prop them up.

  14. What is this obsession with marriage today? The queers have put the final nail in the coffin of an institution that has been under siege from feminists to Marxists, the Frankfurt School and all the other leftoid retards. You don’t have to be married to have a family. If you want kids just knock up a bird you actually like. If she truly feels anything for you she shouldn’t have a problem not getting married forgoing the expensive day and dress just so she can feel like a princess for a day.
    Marriage leaves a male open to loosing half his wealth. I have said it before it is a 2:1 bet it will work out, not bad odds, but you bet half your net worth. The lawyers will pick through the bones and divorce rape the man.

    1. Right. Divorce the state first. Then knock up your woman(s) as needed or as hit and miss determines. But stay away from the courthouse. I get a lucid kind of spidey sense everytime I walk into a state building like a courthouse full of well dressed and perfumed predators. The same folks in there that do your marriage papers will later on be rubber stamping your walking papers and will robo-sign your death warrant when your dingbat pig-squeals for the uniformed manginas to help her with her preying mantis job of biting your head off. In fact most women will try to do the head biting ritual on you like it was instinctual and like a clockwork of some pecular cecedian rhythm. Man has survived the black widow insanity spells for eons. Just keep your woman away from the paid assasans. Blow the air sirens and call out the sjw’s and WN hit pigs whenever they are spotted. It’s a dangerous land of landmines for men these days. I can eyeball people in public and can pretty much sum up a person but in a courthouse, my mind is alerted into overdrive when I’m in the presence of the evil hucksters at work. I see them as if they were naked and before the supreme judge above. I don’t even like walking in a courthouse parking lot these days. Hell you can’t even walk from one end to the other without stepping in FEMINIST SHIT! Eeek . .

      1. The ironic thing is society and government policy *rewards* women for not getting married. If I knock up a chick and split, she gets increased payouts from other men (welfare, food stamps, housing vouchers, etc.) If I stay, there are no incentives to help us raise a family together unless our incomes are dirt low.
        Of course, I guess the bigger payout is to women who trick a man into marriage, and then get child support and alimony, so the biggest government incentive is for chicks to marry and then divorce.

  15. All men do yourself a favor, do not marry. You can be with any woman without marriage, marriage as it existed long ago, a dinner and a ceremony, is now about financials and gov census.
    Men dont need either of those; all you need is good company, sex, companionship and off spring.
    You can have all these things without marriage.

    1. The problem is that society has put before all the ideal of a ‘perfect man’. No matter in which culture, we have scriptural doctrines and traditions handed down to us to tell us how to behave, to get married, to do this and that. We are told that by following certain practices we can even eventually become how we are supposed to be. And so we try to control our behavior, to control our thoughts, to be something unnatural. We develop more mental illnesses on top of the alien mind we have been contaminated with. The institution of marriage is one of the results of mental illnes. As if by a convenient coincidence, marriage and religions are strictly connected.

  16. I’m tired of the enablers playing the knockout game on me. Ooh if the tables were ever flipped.

  17. The divorce rate doesn’t actually represent the amount of unhappy marriages. I’ve known plenty of people in unhappy marriages who won’t divorce because if economic reason or children. Many married people wish they were divorced.

    1. And yet study after study says that married men tend to be happier than single men.

      1. being in a good relationship will make you “happier”, but also less serious and alpha,

        1. You have a weird definition of “serious” and I don’t know what implication you are drawing about alpha status unless you define it solely in terms of how many new women you bang each year.
          Married men also earn more and live longer than single men. They tend to have higher overall status (how many single men have ever been elected POTUS?)

        2. Married men earn more because they fucking well have to – they’re indentured slaves, who have to sate cuntcake’s every whim and wish.
          They may well live longer, but what would you prefer – being a caged animal that lives on a daily ration of the same food and has no freedom to speak of, or live a life of pure freedom, with all the inherent dangers thereof?
          And as for “status” – who gives a fuck? A fifty percent chance, or worse, being their lofty “status” can go from “winning” to ending up living under a bridge, begging for food, or in prison if they cannot make their mandatory child support payments … and a life cut short from stress.
          Men are waking up. Marriage is fucked. And so is cohabitation.
          The statistics about marriage may have applied during the 1950s, but that shit is fucking over.

        3. Men, traditionally, have embraced the responsibility to take care of their family. With marriage 2.0 what has to change is to get the bitch out of the house to bring in some coin so you can have more time with your kids.
          If she earns the same as you and you have similar time with the kids, the chances of getting divorce raped are almost zero. Everything will be divided equally and there will be no basis for alimony or child support.

        4. “Married men also earn more and live longer than single men.”
          yeah you’ll have to grow your 50% of earnings pre-emptively before the divorce happens in 10 years or the 7 year itch so you can rebuild your life when she destroys your finances
          all married men know this at the back of their minds, they work a few extra hours a day for “insurance” against future divorce” sort of like a future recovery fund, as men are smart, men also make sure to advance their career aggressively during a nervous marriage so when things go sour they can rebuild the sunken ship on marriage hell island quicker
          Only the rich can really afford to get married, since it’s easier for them to bounce back having lot’s of resources. Split 2 million in half, you’re still a millionaire, however, for a man who is middle class and worked his ass off at 70-100k income good luck recovering from that kind of destruction, You’re time is worth way more than your money when you are on a middle class income, VS having more money than time,
          By definition A true superior desireable and valuable “alpha” male has no reason not to marry Up^^^$$. Find a woman who makes MORE than you, Since there are plenty these days, and women are still suckers for “magical thinking about destiny and an ideal male or whatever” capitalize on that fact
          I know a few men who have done this
          “marry a numb low maintenance fat toad whose on large amounts of SSRIs who makes more than you do, than cheat on her with the money and extra freedom she provides and keep silent about it”. Ideally, marry an average woman with high income, than use the leverage she gives you to shag a better looking one
          Women get uglier with age, so they become more useless, and money becomes more important to a man’s identity and status as HE ages, So marriage is a terrible idea
          So it’s important to keep this in mind, Money over marriage unless the marriage leads to money

        5. You have to specify why married men have to make more. Because they almost all have children, so need a bigger house and a larger car to transport the family. More people = more stuff will break. Washing for 2 people is something completely different then for 4 or even 6 people like my mom always did. Same goes for cooking. Everything will be more expensive. And a lot of things aren’t even taken into consideration when talking about that €100.000 a child costs. I’ve seen how hard my father always had to work for his family (5 people). Just the idea makes me tired.
          Marriage and cohabitation only serves a purpose If you want a family. But I’m scared to ever consider it.

        6. Yeah, but hypergamous sluts will dump their equally earning hubby in no time flat as they cannot respect a guy who is “beneath her”, i.e. the same level, in any way!

        7. With marriage 2.0 you have to be fucking sick in the head to let your wife stay home. If she’s not working, you need to get her ass back out there pronto. Divorce rape is not only likely, but assured when you have a non-working spouse.

        8. The only saving grace is that courts are getting it into their head that the circumstances of divorce are different that the circumstances or marriage. Housewives have to get out there and earn some money. The problem is that it will still be on the ex-husband to pay for her education and training.

        9. But what a catch-22 it is. I want a stay at home mother to keep house and raise children. If she is sent to work, she socializes with other Americunts who pollute her brain with all sorts of greedy and selfish thinking. Sure, you get a little more money, but then what is she actually providing you as a wife, if shes too tired to cook you a nice meal and care for you. Why not just find a roommate.

      2. You can find any study to suit whatever point of view you want. I’m not denying there’s some happily married men, I’m pointing out that the divorce rate isn’t a 100% indicator of happy marriage’s.

        1. I am not aware of any study that suggests that men, on balance, are happier single than when married. Not all marriages are happy but your chance of being happy improves if you are married. If anything, the divorce rate is an indication of how many women are happy. Fact one is that 90% or so of divorces are at the request of the woman being unhappy. Fact 2 is that China has a divorce rate of something like 4% and yet is one of the only places in the world where women’s suicide rate is higher than men’s.

        2. I’m sure there’s a study out there that says single men are happy. I’ve heard studies proving the opposite point of views on so many subjects. I’m not saying all married men are unhappy, I was pointing out there’s a lot of couples who should be divorced but aren’t. And they don’t appear on the divorce stats.

        3. Sure? Without seeing a study or even investigating it? That’s blind faith, my friend.

        4. Well I haven’t actually said weather I think men are happier married or single, I was just saying there’s a lot of married couples that aren’t happy that should be divorced, so divorce stats aren’t 100% accurate in terms of finding out the number of stable marriages. I wouldn’t have a clue if most are happier married of single. I guess it depends on the guy.

      3. Were their wives present when they were asked if they were happy they were married?

      4. I was talking with a couple of ladies last weekend and they brought up how statistically women are LESS HAPPY after they marry than before. I asked them how this could be and they said because of all the sacrifices a woman must make to her career in order to take a husband.
        I asked them, but surely the benefits of being a mother and of having a husband along with the shared housing, increased income, etc. would offset this? They said no. These girls are early to mid 20s and don’t plan on marrying soon. I also talked to a 19 year old latina from a traditional family and she does not plan on marrying until 30 so she can work on her career.
        I don’t know if men are happier single or not. I do tend to think a lot of guys feel they are “trapped” once married and make the most of the situation and make themselves happy. In other words, men are optimists, and instead of suffering and complaining, they try to make the marriage work as best they can and respond that they are happy. But would they really be happier being single? A whole lot of them are not getting laid. And marriage definitely benefits the women, and if THEY are less happy being married, then something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

        1. In the context of this discussion, I have not been keeping track of whether women are happier or not within a marriage. What did emerge is that marriage increases a man’s life expectancy and erodes a woman’s life expectancy. The effect becomes more pronounced when the husband is significantly older than the wife. That is, men who marry a much younger girl have a bigger boost to their life expectancy while the younger bride takes a bigger hit on theirs.
          Of course, you have to consider causality. Hunting down and marrying a chick half your age will not necessarily extend your life. However, if you are young at heart and attract significantly younger women, then maybe that is what makes you live longer.
          The thing about divorce is that it boosts women’s happiness while many men fall into depression and their suicide risk goes up 2 or 3 or 4 times.
          Assuming your ladies’ statistics hold, one has to wonder if marriage makes women unhappy or if feminism does?

        2. I have heard this “married men living longer” phenomenon explained thus: because women tend to be killers of dreams, they don’t let the men own a motorcycle, go out drinking, buy a lakehouse, smoke a cigar, take long vacations, hunt, live dangerously, etc.
          I really don’t see how a woman can make me live longer. I look about a decade younger than I am, and I attribute that to the fact that I’ve never married and thus didn’t put up with all that stress and bullshit that ages you. I see married guys my age who are graying and fat.

        3. Guys with responsibilities take fewer risks, but there is the nag factor in that wives will nag their husbands about drinking and smoking, regular visits to the doctor, and their diet. I don’t know how you squeeze buying a lake house fits into either set of reasoning.
          Guys who married young do tend to set themselves up for a mid-life crisis so somewhere in their 40s they want that motorcycle, that electric guitar, and all the other things they feel like they missed out on in their 30s while raising a couple of kids and sending them off to college. I had my “mid-life crisis” in my 20s so a lot of that is out of my system, and I too tend to pass for a decade or so younger (my fiancé is 14 years younger).
          There is a bit of a tautology involved in saying that married men tend to be happier and live longer given that marriage is the leading cause of divorce and divorce causes a huge hit to a guy’s health and happiness in most cases.

  18. If you want kids then marriage gives you some additional legal leverage. Otherwise, there is not much point. Some jurisdictions with “common law marriage” with basically force you to get married if you shack up with a women for 2 years.

    1. FYI I talked to a judge about common law marriage and it’s basically if you treat the woman as if she were your wife but just never filed the paperwork and paid the fee, they will consider you common law married. IE if you live together, share a bed, are always together in public, aren’t dating anyone else, and you refer to her as your wife and she calls you husband. Maybe it’s more easy in other states but here it’s not like just shacking up can allow Uncle Sam to put a ring on it.
      But this kind of begs the question.. why would you ever get a legal marriage if the state will do it for free eventually without you filling out any paperwork and paying them taxes I mean user fees?

      1. It depends on the jurisdiction but that is largely correct (I practiced in British Columbia). The problem is that if you shack up and then piss the bitch off, she will claim it was a marriage-like relationship and try to divorce rape you. It can take you tens of thousands of dollars to prove her wrong.
        I saw the worst-case scenario of this when a guy died unexpectedly and the chick tried to claim inheritance to his home based on being common law. We had to run a full trial to prove it was all bullshit but the goofy way estate law works is that legal costs go against the estate rather than the parties. So what happened was that the dead guy’s mom got next to nothing on the sale of the house because most of that was sucked up in legal fees. I say “worst-case” because the guy was dead and could not testify (although we eventually won the case anyways) and the bitch didn’t have to pay her freight for his legal fees.

      2. For the $45k wedding and reception where all your friends are present. Of course it’s always HER day.

        1. Thats something I always found perculiar. The bride herself could be further from religion and identify herself as an athiest, but damn do they DEMAND that church wedding. It boils down to being the center of attention rather taking vows before G-d with family and friends as witnesses.

        2. Agreed. But I was talking about why go down to the courthouse after your ceremony and register your sexual agreement with the state.

  19. oh Jesus, so either you get a nagging woman who works and will run away from you because she support herself financially, a pretty young woman who will run away from you because she can find someone with more money to support her financially, or you get the task of going out and “gaming” young hot girls and not getting attached enough to care about them.
    I wish love existed, it would make life a lot better, and a lot easier too.

    1. So do most men, but it doesn’t really. The only time it comes close is when you date a girl much more ugly than you are.

      1. Yeah, but then it’s just her trying desperately to cling to a decent man long enough to get pregnant and maybe find some security in a relationship. It’s sad, in my experience with women they need to feel like you desire them madly every second just to compensate for their own insecurity.

        1. But when you desire them madly every second is when they want to get rid of you. Sometimes when they are repulsed by you, they act like they’re in love with you (through deception) to milk you of your resources until you are of no use to her any longer.

  20. P.S. there is no such thing as having no pre-nup. When you get a marriage contract issued by the state and do not have a pre nuptial contract, it means you are voluntarily agree to use the government’s pre nuptial contract. This is also known as divorce rape. It is whatever the state laws are will determine how your assets are divided, instead of your own devised pre nuptial contract.
    Your pre nuptial contract should never have a sunset clause and most importantly should specify child support payments (if any), division of assets, division of custody (which parent gets which kid and for how long), and even should have an arbitration clause to avoid lawyer rape.
    Marriage is hard to maintain today because marriage was made in a time where a man was permitted to treat his wife as what she was, an overgrown child who gets beaten around when she acts up.

    1. As always, it depends on jurisdiction, but:
      1) prenups can be invalidated if they are “unfair”
      2) there is a built in sunset clause in the sense that if circumstances change or arise in a manner that was not contemplated by the parties then the prenup will be invalidated.
      3) Child custody and support are off limits and will be invalidated if they are in you prenup
      4) AFAIK, there are only limited circumstances where you are allowed to arbitrate divorce matters and everyone still lawyers up when they go into arbitration in any event.

      1. 1) Get a lawyer
        2)get a lawyer, marry in a state where this is not the case
        3)No, you can contract these. In fact courts won’t typically hear child support claims where a pre-existing agreement exists. Courts will not order a new child custody arrangement if one is already in place.
        4) Arbitration will limit cost.

        1. Given that there are 50 states in the Union (despite Obama) and 10 provinces with 3 territories in the Great White North, the only advice is GET A FUCKING LAWYER. Everything I have said is based on being a divorce attorney in British Columbia – one place out of 63 – so my observations and advice are accurate a truthful but perhaps only applicable in less than 2% of cases that we can discuss.

        2. 1) If you get a lawyer, he should draft a pre nup that is not unfair. If the court throws it out you can now sue your lawyer for bad legal advice. 2. Same as #1, but most pre nups don’t have sunset clauses. 3. Simply not the case, you can contract these. 4. tHe fact you are a lawyer of divorce hurts your case, you have a vested interest in driving up legal cost of all sides because you line your wallet.

        3. Your chance of suing your lawyer is effectively nil.
          I have no vested interest because I got out of the game years ago.
          Amongst those still practicing a minority has internalized professionalism. Proper doctors heal the sick so they don’t come back to their office; proper soldiers fight wars to have peace in our time. A proper lawyer solves problems and does not create them.

        4. Simply not true, if your lawyer gives bad advice that causes you to get screwed you sue his behind for legal malpractice. Proper doctors heal the sick, proper soldiers fight wars. Most lawyers are not proper and often screw their clients. Everyone knows this, only lawyers are under this allusion they are some great public service.

        5. There are various mechanisms where you can contest their fees or lodge a professional complains but actually suing them is like proton decay. In 4 years of practice I had 3 professional conduct complaints leveled against me, all by women. One was by opposing counsel and the other two were by opposing parties. They go up the pipe and as soon as they land on the desk of a man they get tossed out.

        6. I am not talking about contesting fees no filing a complaint with the law society. The law society has a vested interest in screwing the client’s complaint because they insure the lawyer so they have to payout if they find guilt. I am talking about suing your lawyer infront of a judge for legal malpractice. If your lawyer gives you bad advice that cost you money, you certainly can sue and win for legal malpractice. It is why lawyers have insurance on their practices, its considered a real risk, and it is not voluntary. Its part of your yearly fees. Professional misconduct is not the same as what you are saying here.
          You sound like you are out of legal practice now though?

        7. Moved on to teaching. I hated doing family law and was not in a position to build a practice in another area. When people ask why I ask if they have ever been through a divorce. Regardless of their answer I explain that I had been through a divorce every month for four years and I had enough.

        8. Really, couldn’t you just go to the law library and learn to do something else? Was it really that stressful dealing with other people’s divorce?
          You teaching English or teaching in regular schools?

        9. It’s almost impossible to get hired without experience. If you want to be self employed then you have to find new clients, which is not the easiest thing either. It was stressful and it was shitty. Half the time your client holds a grudge against you for actually charging them to fix their mess. Everybody lies, even your clients lie to you in many cases. When there are children involved it gets pretty heartbreaking because usually one or both of the parents is messing with their heads in one way or another.
          I was teaching grade 12 business courses at a private high school. Now I teach English in China. I don’t have a teacher’s certificate so I can’t teach in the public system, not that I would really want to.

        10. Where you at least able to pay off law school debt, I’d imagine being a divorce lawyer pays pretty well?
          Didn’t you have experience in divorce, why couldn’t you use that to get into a firm and switch to something else?
          Why would it be hard to find new clients with all the internet and everything?

        11. People don’t understand the economics of being a lawyer. As a noob in smaller centre I billed out at $150 an hour. On the “eat what you kill” program, 2/3rds of what I brought in went to overhead so now we are down to $50 an hour. Given administrative duties, pro bono work and dead beat clients, you basically need to put in two hours for every hour that you can collect on so that means $25 an hour for the time I spend in the office. For a standard work year, that is $50k a year, and that is typical for many lawyers (they have a bi-modal income distribution – a bunch make about $50K and a bunch make about $100K with everyone under, over or in between being exceptions).
          As a private school teacher, I got paid $25 for every hour in the classroom so WTF? As a test prep instructor I could make $40+ an hour but that was only part time. As an ESL teacher in China I make a lot less on paper but given the cost of living here my lifestyle it is as is as if I was making $50k in Canada with a lot less hours, stress, bullshit and everything else.
          You are starting to sound like the supermodel silverdigger I almost hitched to in Shanghai. She was always bugging me to “do business” and make more money. (Her daddy – who largely paid for her dilettante lifestyle – made about $100K a year and I would only be an acceptable member of the family if I could top that.)
          Clients don’t appear magically out of the internet ether no more than any other “business”. There is competition and risk and yes I was in the process of paying off my student loans so I could not take on risk or go into further debt to launch my own firm.

        12. Why did you choose to be in a smaller centre. And why not just charge $250 an hour anyhow? Why not just move out to vancouver or calgary and charge more money? No, I come from a family of lawyers, its not common someone leave practice in Canada or at least in toronto/ontario, the money is pretty good, but that may be changing as you said. I was just interested in seeing if/how things got worse.

        13. It was happenstance. I happened to be passing though Vancouver and a law school buddy told me there was and opening at his firm in Maple Ridge (Eastern edge of GVRD).
          It’s not like you can just pick up and move; you have to land a job in the city or set up your own practice.
          My commute was a 5 minute walk from a reasonably priced apartment, which is not something you can expect if your office in in downtown Vancouver.
          Maybe lawyers are Veblen goods, I don’t know. There were more experienced lawyers charging $250 or less in the same area. Downtown lawyers charge more for the simple reason that their overhead (ie. rent) is that much higher. My boss charged something like $350 an hour compared to $500 for a downtown lawyer with comparable expertise and experience. Some lawyers who charge $800 an hour or so are worth it if they have a large support staff which means they don’t actually spend a lot of time on the file themselves.
          The five year burn out rate for lawyers if fairly high. If you make it past five years then the odds are good you will make a full career of it.
          Lawyers incomes are bifurcated/bimodal. They cluster around something like $60k and $120k. Some make less, few make more, and there is this weird empty space shy of the six figure mark.

        14. Weird, I thought the bimodal income was an American thing. Also the client typically doesn’t know your level of expertise. It is weird, because I have come across alot of dumb lawyers and incompetent lawyers who seem to have no issue with getting clients and you seem to be rather intelligent.

  21. Marriage is dead in the West. For women, jobs and government and dogs and cats have replaced marriage. For men, nothing has replaced it. This is why too many men struggle so much against all odds, singing up for a marriage “contract” about which they usually have little understanding. Believing that they have found true love with a special snowflake.
    Intelligent men find a way to channel their energy into taking care of themselves. They accept the reality that marriage is a mirage, a method of government control over their lives, and move beyond it. They find satisfaction and meaning by filling their lives with challenges, building things, and achieving things. They meet their need for sex by using women who are now mostly all whores. They do not mourn the loss of marriage as a healthy societal norm because they accept that they cannot do anything about it.

    1. ” They find satisfaction and meaning by filling their lives with challenges, building things, and achieving things”
      True, As relationships have gone down, technology has advanced further ahead since men have more time to spend on advancing technology than relationships

    2. Western society only makes up a small portion of world population. You need to expatriate and find a wife in another country.

      1. Agreed. The question is what do you do with her? Bring her back to the USA, and risk destroying the very traits you like about her, and you are still living in a corrupt society, but you are close to your friends and family. Stay over there and you give up career options, and your friends and family. It’s really a tough call.

        1. I’m stuck with that myself.
          It does seem to me that girls that move to my area get affected by it after a short while. How can their behaviour not change when they go from being part of a strict culture isolating itself from poverty to becoming a celebrity overnight?

        2. The only way I’ve seen it work (and keep in mind, this is only so far, it could change) is if you move to a western area that has a community of foreigners that your wife is from. So for example if you get a Phillipina wife, you move to an area of the US that has an established Phillipina community, and they will reinforce their beliefs and values. I don’t live in a very diverse neighborhood in the US, so I would have to end up moving, and at that point why not just live in another country? It would be exciting and fun for me.

  22. 95%+ of western girls these days are too slutty to ever be good wives. The carousel ruins them. Feminism poisons them to be selfish, disloyal and promiscuous, to be fat and destroy their feminine beauty, and to view men as second class citizens. Never forget, feminism is the enemy of all that is good and decent in this world

  23. I would only ever consider marriage if they took it out of the hands of our gynocentric governments and corrupt divorce courts, and put it back in the hands of religion. It’s not worth having your entire life destroyed because your wife decides that the poolboy gives better tingles.

  24. Maybe Bob should work out and get a damn job. I do not think you have made your point that feminism us to blame in this marriage. Instead, feminism and Janes ability to support her children, and apparently her sad sack husband, is the only thing standing between the three and the government dole.

    1. But it is ok for Jane to get fat and not have a job while sucking off her husband’s resources. How’s that equality?

    2. Bob did a lucky punch above his weight and when she came to, she saw the sumbooger that knocked her silly and did what her own mother probably did. She began belting him with that pussywhip like a bad boy that stole something gets belted by his dad. There are many frumpy wenches at his level that would have served him better. Sometimes I think alpha/beta is a relative term depending on the degree and grade scale of women that a man can bag and control.

  25. This article serves as a reminder to all people to see what feminism achieves and does. Now, on a more local side, myself as well as many other Romanians out there greeted the new President of Romania, a real anti-corruption and prosperity symbol in a male form if I ever saw one. But something strange is up with the guy. Not since a while ago he started promoting ,,equal rights between men and women” and I find strange and stupid as in Romania we don’t have differences except nepotism and corruption serving as factors. Since our NATO collaboration with USA, our president started pointing out some Objectives mentioned on America’s agenda. Feminism has already started in Romania, it will only get worse and so I urge all men, especially Romanian men to teach each-other and to train each-other to prevent any and all consequences of dealing in any way with women. That little piece of pussy will cost you your whole fucking life. So beware ! > Always wear protection !
    Where protection here means much more than your preverbial condom, protect your self against her spending your money, fucking with your mind, your life, your goals, reporting you to the police for rape etc. If she appreciates you, she’ll support you. If not, end the relationship.
    I personally use the ,,fuck or walk” method. Keeps things simple and the feminists at bay – ,,Oh my, you’re such an ass-hole! ” (then smirks like a slut).

    1. “That little piece of pussy will cost you your whole fucking life. So beware !”
      Absolutely, too much hype around that little piece of pussy. After you’ve dipped your dick inside you realize they pretty much all feel the same anyway. A lot of trouble, patience and drama for what it’s really worth if you ask me…

      1. As I was told when I was younger. When the lights are out, it’s all pink inside.

  26. She’s not divorcing him because there’s no profit in it. Child support will be set very low as he doesn’t have a good job and has no history of a good job. No alimony, probably no big pot of assets to plunder, and no fancy house. With no job history the courts can’t even pretend by “imputing” his income. His best bet to stay married is too remain a slug – the second he gets a good job she’s going to immediately pull the trigger. She doesn’t see that massive disincentive but I bet Bob does unless he’s a total idiot.
    If he wants to continue to see his child his best bet is too continue to be a slug. The moment he starts improving his situation particularly financially it’s over for him.

    1. He should divorce her, now, while he has nothing.
      He should divorce her now, while he has nothing to show as far as income or assets. Then once he gets away from her, he can start to make money and would not have to worry about her coming after him for money.

  27. Oh yes it can exist, but not in the “love at first sight” way that Hollywood does.
    It requires a conscious decision by both people to make the good of the family as a whole their #1 priority. Then you need to follow through. It’s not something that’s just happen, it’s something you make through hard work, sacrifice, and emotional maturity.
    Unfortunately most Millenial women aren’t capable of those things.

  28. i’m married to a Chinese nationalist of similar power level, and i couldn’t be happier
    just remember not to breed with anyone that even sounds remotely feminist – they’ll probably be the end of their bloodline if you shun them

  29. Originally? Originally marriages were arranged and you married whoever your parents thought would in the best interests of the clan or business. Marrying for love is probably no more than 200 years old. Sheesh!

  30. Look, I get that marriage is a messed-up deal right now for most men. We all get it. Thing is, though, when are we gonna take it back? While we’ve been bitching and moaning about corrupt small-town domestic court judges and divorce lawyers, the LGBT got with Federal Judges and SCOTUS and hijacked marriage from right up under our noses, during Pride Month no less (undoubtedly to rub a little bit more salt into the damned wound). Why does this matter? Because marriage is the only stable environment in which to raise our children. If we abandon marriage, how can we raise our children to be productive, law-abiding citizens? We’re reduced to becoming a nation full of baby mamas and baby-daddies. Meanwhile, the butt-fuck brigade gets to prance around with marriage licenses bought and paid for by the dirty money of special interest groups and gets to say they’re the “new normal.” What are you gonna do when, after you say “ah, screw marriage” and leave your daughter with the ex-girlfriend, you find out that the ex decides to marry a lesbian? What kind of future can your daughter have then? IS THAT REAL ENOUGH FOR YOU? ARE YA GETTING IT YET? We need to be thinking about this long and hard. It’s damned scary to think about, but it has to be contemplated nonetheless, and followed up with ACTION.

    1. Some people are so head banging for the interest of the state it makes me sick. They act like they’re ready to be sacrificial lambs for the good of the state or their party that you’d swear there was a spiritual element in play or for some, downright posession. How many black ops dupes and palace drones go so far as to hand their own children over to secret projects and mind control crap? A lot of the false flag wind up bots recently have turned out to have had parents involved in high up state debauchery and forked their own flesh and blood offspring over to MK Ultra programming. Now THAT’S abuse. Not that I’m for in any way the state meddling with private family matters, but the households with a female breadwinner who holds a state job seem to be most impacted. Whores of the state they are.

      1. It’s also funny, if you know what MK Ultra is, you’ll know what MK Naomi is. And with that being said, the controllers created an agenda to popularize and normalize a small percentage of people (who now have the “right” to marry) while creating a disease meant to kill them off.

        1. Advocating non pro creative lifestyles and empowering those who partake in such lifestyles is population control agenda. The end result is clearly the mission all along. It has nothing to do with tolerance/acceptance or peace and love or religious freedom. It is about ‘tricking’ the target group into foregoing reproduction (caucasian males with moustaches who could double as state troopers enforcing domestic orders like robots and the taller athletic black males that dress as 7′ trannies).
          BEING TRICKED into not reproducing is what it’s all about. If it means brainwashing the subject group to believe that the festering smell of B.O. and ballsweat and a semi wiped anus or colon with clingons is delicious like a red velvet birthday cake with cream cheese icing, then you see the results and they are shocking. People’s gullability seems to be especially enhanced when in a herd of lemmings subject to groupthink. Plus chemicals and hormones like estrogen fuel the problem by ‘tricking’ the libido and psyche. BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL ME. I know what a pussy looks like and smells like.
          CASE IN POINT on being ‘tricked’ into not reproducing. Back during the 80’s ‘Raid’ bug spray came out with a product called ‘Raid Roach Ender’. It was the only bug spray that ever really worked. I’d use can after can of triditional roach poison to spot kill the bugs, but they always returned.
          The coastal area where I grew up had cockroaches the size of waterbugs. Then came this new ‘roach ender’ so we tried it. They said it had no toxins but instead had a chemical that ‘TRICKED’ the roaches and disrupted their normal reproductive cycle. And I shit you not, the bugs were gone in 6 weeks. Like any adjusted kid I enjoyed pulling bugs apart so of course I got a kick out of spraying roaches and watching them become disoriented, running in circles and start humping their own males. The females would commit suicide or eat their own egg sacks. It’s probably the only roach spray that ever worked which is probably why they discontinued it and pulled it off the market. When it was time for the roaches to reproduce, the chemical TURNED THEM ALL GAY!! Hard as they tried to save their colony, they MISSED THE CORRECT HOLE. They turned fag and died out.
          It seems target groups are being innundated with chems and psyche warefare waged against the libido and normal reproductive cycle in this same way. We need to shine the spotlight on this.

    2. The problem is that marriage has become very dangerous and men are backing away. I got married, divorced, had my children taken away and now I pay alimony and child support to my wife. There are many men like me, and when young men look at us, they simply don’t have the heart to marry. I don’t blame them. On the contrary I think they’re being smart.
      If men seek to change the system, they encounter many hurdles. From top to the bottom the system is twisted. From the female and mangina voters who vote for leaders with misandarist policies, to the corrupt leaders, who make their policies more misandarist to appeal to the masses, everyone is doing their part to make the society more misandarist, and this means more cruel laws directed at married men. Our schools, colleges, and universities, are literally misandarist factories, programmed by the leaders to produce more and more man hating men and women. These men and women, then become women and manginas who vote for the misandarist elite. It’s essentially a cycle of misandary, and it’s very difficult to break it.
      Our of this cycle of of misandary, there are a few drop outs, primarily we the red pill men, who after years of indoctrination have gotten our sanity back. And yes, there are some women, out there too, who believe things are unfair for men. But we are compared to the insane society, we are proportionately very less, and are essentially like lone voices crying out in the desert. We’re MRA’s, PUA’s and MGTOW’s.And then we often do not agree with each other. This lack of unity, coupled with our less numbers simply doesn’t help. Until our numbers increase, enough to impact elections through votes, the elites won’t take us seriously, and this society will continue just as it is, and men will simply keep dropping out of marriage.

      1. Your last paragraph is spot on. We men need to unite the same way all of the other various groups of lib-tards have. Think about it. Lesbians, gays, trannies, furries, feminists, pedophiles, weed-heads and all other forms of liberal detritus have put their differences aside and have banded together like the pieces of a f*cked up Voltron suit. It doesn’t matter if we’re PUAs, MRAs, or MGTOWs, we all know the system’s damaged, the voices and votes of everyday moral-minded people are falling on deaf ears (SCOTUS just rammed that point home last week), and we all want it to change. We also all know it NEEDS to change if we’re going to survive as a civilization. The world is watching our downward spiral into insanity, and our enemies are licking their chops. Red Dawn, anyone? Don’t think it can’t happen. Can’t we all unite under the idea of SURVIVAL? Make that our rallying cry as we battle to take our society back? You see, “enjoy the decline” doesn’t cut it when the jack-booted thugs find your mountain hideaway and drag you kicking and screaming into a reeducation camp.

        1. And I said, the various groups of the manosphere have to unite. We even have to put our racial differences aside, to work together. But even while doing that we have to accept the truths. Being an Asian man, I know white men have it harder than me. They don’t have the “privilege” of being a minority.
          The fact is that a lot of western men don’t see the need to unite. That’s because as yet they don’t see themselves as the oppressed group. The media is busy portraying, women, gays and minorities as the oppressed groups, and many men buy into it. The media never reflects on how men are oppressed.
          The manoshpere, however exposes how men are wronged everyday, may it be colleges or family courts or the office, and in the past few years it’s readership has dramatically increased. It’s a good sign. It means that men are finally awakening. The manosphere needs to continue it’s work, because I believe that the internet will be a big force in informing men how they are wronged by the society, and in uniting men. That’s why I salute men like Rooshv who put their balls on the line and educate men about their modern state.

    3. It is gone for good. The fags have it now. The only use for marriage was a pussy to grow your child in. That is not happening any more they take the child from you. If you really give a damn engineer an artificial womb. men need to work around women rather than beg at their feet. Become an advocate for a male birth control pill. Saving marriage? Stupid move

  31. “she easily earns three times the amount Bob does”
    -> this is NOT a problem.
    “least fit security guard I’ve seen in my life, lugging around a bulging gut”
    -> this COULD be a problem
    “To my surprise, Bob didn’t even bat an eye to this,”
    Now THIS, this IS a problem. She is disrespecting him. The mother of all shit tests. NEVER. N E V E R let something like this go unpunished.

  32. Thanks to Liberal Judges and Politicians our society is a mess. Without the consequences to Mr. Wrong Marrying Mr. Right has become unnecessary.

  33. Marriage will never come back to be what it was. Unless society gets reset by war.

  34. Marriage is great, but you have to enter even the dating world knowing that you cannot play nice guy. You have to show dominance in the marriage and in dating by not allowing yourself to be disrespected by her, in any way. It is a two way street, because in turn you treat her like a lady. When a woman knows she will be put in check like a bum in a rail car for trying to walk on you, she respects & in turn loves you as her man. Too many bums these days let their women hold the reins, it never works. Don’t listen to the media and get equal with them, treat ’em like dirt & they will stick like mud. If you value yourself or have any value, you know that a decent piece of ass is a dime a dozen. Finding a woman worth treating like your queen is the challenge, few are worthy of anything with their entitled attitudes.

  35. Our society is decaying at warp speed and there is nothing that can be done about it. I think most of us want something that will never be feasible again for us. The moral fabric of our country has rotted.
    I know some of you don’t believe in organized religion but it is what kept us a strong and moral country for generations.The 1960’s started the erosion process with the decay of the old order. It has continued subsequently to this point where the majority of the people in this country are moralless and valueless.
    You have the haves who do everything they can to accumulate wealth at the expense of everyone else. You have a society where everything now is OKAY! You have a generation of soulless sheep who will follow whatever is cool and fashionable at the moment. God forbid you disagree and you are ostracized, tar and feathered.
    The way society is structured now you are in the drivers seat if you are a man who comes from money or has money, a woman, a homosexual or a minority. If you are an average dude with an average job you are fighting tremendous odds.
    You want a woman, good luck, good chance she will make more money than you, will have the law on her side, and will be ultimately unhappy with you because you can’t measure up to that small fraction of men who actually have the means to still rule the roost.
    This site knows this and has done a great job of expressing this and informing men on the current situation in society.
    You need to have an alpha mindset nowadays to survive! It’s sad! I have learned that the old order has died long ago. Empathy and compassion are long gone. I see this every Sunday when I go to church. I see a lot of white hair.
    It’s sad! As much as I want to get laid I want to rebuild humanity. It’s our responsibility as men to bond together and rebuild the old order. Put aide our selfish pursuits for one moment and help our fellow brothers. Befriend that lonely guy who has no friends. Speak and say NO I don’t support homosexuals marrying and distorting the ancient order. Instead of padding your own pockets with a million dollar bonus, put that money in another mans pocket. Teach boys how to become men, encourage men to be responsible and be active fathers in their children’s lives, put your own self respect before pussy. Boycott the Kardashians, Cyrus, or any other media entity that promotes moral decadence. Support men, create bonds of brotherhood, support our solders, ostracize the single mom, divorcees, and serial dating bitches. Let them know that they will have to be responsible for their actions. Don’t betray your fellow man and take their wives or girlfriends. Shame them! Don’t encourage their behavior. Call out the whores for what they are. Don’t patronize them! We have a responsibility for our formerly great nation to build it again into prosperity. But that will NEVER happen without unity and taking a stand. A real man is willing to stand up against cultural norms and plot a new path. It’s time that we as men take our rightful place back at the top of the societal hierarchy. Out!

  36. The moment you start saying marriege is dead or women are bad, you’ve already lost. Indeed most have already lost but when did you lose, you lost before you even saw your spouse. The average person gets married to be respectful because shacking up is sorta frowned upon but if you could shack up forever you would. Why do it then, because you are a follower you know not the cause of your legal binding together. It has no foundation, think of this if we where say in the jungle with no pressure to be joined to a spouse a total state of anarchy free of consequences Would you marry then? No you would not. But in your mind you are in the jungle you live quite a lawless existence Devoid of absolutes. I find the bedrock of why be married, to me because God commands it, if I want to have sex. If you take that out it makes no sense at all. If you remove God why have a civilization, who and what garuntees decency, obviously not man because we see all over man is almost incapable of not blowing someone up or chopping someone’s head off. But we remove God from everything and expect it to work. In the French revolution they abolished 7 day weeks but it didn’t work for them.

  37. This is why I am okay with same-sex marriage.
    Two straight men marry each other. They bring home as many chicks as they want. But other women cannot use them since they are already legally married.
    It basically gives men everything they want and gives a big “fuck you” to control bitches, since you, as a straight man, would still rather marry another man than a women. And you won’t have intimate relations with the other man, the two of them will be dudes and nothing else.
    That’s just me though.

    1. I’ve had a couple Western women that I was using for sex, complain to me that men break up with them when they flirt with other guys in front of them. My eyes couldn’t stop rolling for a week!
      I’ve had exs do the same shit where I said if they that shit again it’s over. They cracked it and i would say, how would you react if I was flirting with other women? They never so it again…
      Women in the west are so fucked in the head! David Beckham should throw the broken bitch to the curve!

  38. I know the author is looking at society as a whole, but he has neglected the way subpockets of the culture are dealing with the problem of society short-changing men. Traditional women are making one of two decisions: i) to simultaneously be the provider and submissive, always keeping before themselves the fact that it’s not their husbands’ fault that females have undue advantage, or ii) to quit their better paying jobs and live humbly on what the men can get.
    There have been a few times when I’ve earned more than my husband, but I was always aware of one thing: whatever he got, he got on his own. I caught the wave that happens to reward people well now, but what I reap depends on so many things beyond my control. And without him prompting me to ask for more money and to be more hard-nosed with my clients, who knows where we would be.
    But as the men here are irreligious, and as marriages of mixed convictions are a no-no-NO, I must agree that traditional marriage remains inaccessible to most men. Hope you may find peace someday though, pax!

  39. This doesn’t apply to my relationship. Although we’re not married, my girlfriend enjoys calling me “master” and cooks for me every day, sex whenever I want it, etc. She was home schooled, so she wasn’t indoctrinated into the garbage feminist culture.
    If you want to have a real marriage, find a cute sheltered girl and she’ll be craving for you to lead her throughout life.

  40. “. . . while men wanted regular sexual access to a (relatively) undefiled woman.”
    Why that qualification? No. Men don’t want access to a (relatively) undefiled woman. They want access to an undefiled woman. Don’t make excuses for these whores.

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