Did SJWs Sean Powell And Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett Help Get A Vermont State Trooper Fired? (UPDATE 2)

Last month, Vermont State Police trooper Jonathan Graham was forced to resign from his job after several “offensive” Facebook posts he made were anonymously reported to his superiors. The Facebook posts in question included jokes about male-to-female transsexual Bruce Jenner as well as supposedly “anti-Muslim” statements. In a letter to the Rutland Herald, Graham’s daughter criticized his forced resignation as “too harsh a punishment” and also explained that their family will be going through hard financial times as a result:

If this can happen to my dad, it can happen to anyone. We now live in a country where stalking police officers on the Internet for “damning” political views is the norm, and any bored media outlet turns it into a circus. Is political correctness worth putting a family through this?

Return of Kings has obtained the names of the anonymous cowards who appear to have ratted Graham out: Sean Powell, a homosexual SJW and IT specialist from Randolph, and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett, an employee of the state court system in the area where Graham was stationed. Our research combined with interviews of acquaintances of theirs show that Powell and Galvano-Pickett are a pair of disturbed trolls seeking to ruin the lives of anyone who isn’t as left-wing as they are.

As a public service, Return of Kings is yanking the curtain away to reveal the demented SJWs pulling the levers. Sean Powell and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett are degenerate, fanatical ideologues who teamed up to agitate for a man’s firing because he hurt their feelings. By all accounts, Jonathan Graham was an upstanding member of the Vermont State Police and his forced resignation is an injustice that must be rectified.

How Sean Powell And Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett Ruined A Man’s Life


While we don’t have a smoking gun proving that Powell and Galvano-Pickett were behind Graham’s resignation, we have considerable circumstantial evidence pointing to their involvement. The two of them are top Facebook commenters on all of Vermont’s major local news sites, indicating that they troll Facebook looking to cause trouble and enforce their leftist viewpoints on everyone else. This article from The Vermont Political Observer, a left-wing political blog, heavily implies that the author knows who snitched on Graham.

Additionally, several tipsters provided Return of Kings with incriminating screenshots of Powell and Galvano-Pickett’s Facebook activity. In this first screencap, taken from a news article about Graham, Galvano-Pickett informed Powell that she sent him a private message, an unusual thing to do on a publically viewable comment thread. The two of them also display their SJW bona fides in agitating for Graham’s removal even before his superiors took action:


In this second screenshot, commenter Peabody Kohler Fox’s remarks to Sean Powell imply that she has inside knowledge that Powell is the one who ratted Graham out:


This next screenshot shows Galvano-Pickett demanding for Graham’s firing while the investigation into his Facebook activities was still undergoing:


Finally, this last screenshot shows that Galvano-Pickett has no problem with doxing anyone she disagrees with, even if it results in them losing their job:


Further research into Sean Powell and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett suggests they are a pair of trolls with nothing better to do than snitch on anyone whom they deem “racist” or “homophobic.” Powell maintains a blog called Sean’s Vermont Tech Blog, and both it and his linked Google+ profile suggest he is a professional whiner who runs around the Internet creating drama. For example, in this Google+ post, Powell complains about being banned from a discussion group.

In the case of Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett, she appears to have absolutely no life beyond arguing politics online. Virtually every news article from a Vermont-based media outlet has at least one comment from her. She is also an aspiring poet, scribbling doggerel such as this and posting it to poetry sites.

Pay No Attention To The Crybabies Behind The Curtain


It’s an accepted fact that the kinds of Puritans who agitate for people to be fired for their political views are failures with nothing going for them in life. The lives of quiet desperation that Sean Powell and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett lead are a prime example of this. These two trolls have no accomplishments to speak of, so they spend their free time stalking and ruining those who actually have something to be proud of.

Every bit of public info about Jonathan Graham suggests that he was a hard-working and well-respected member of the Vermont State Police. His only crime was having opinions and making jokes that these self-appointed commissars found “bigoted.” Because of their hurt feelings, Graham is now jobless and his family is looking at grinding poverty, perhaps worse. Both Powell and Galvano-Pickett have committed an unspeakably evil act.

If there is any justice in America, Graham will either be restored to his job as a Vermont state trooper or able to find another position in law enforcement. As for Sean Powell and Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett, they need to be publicly shamed and punished for what they’ve done.

Update (5/21/2015)

A tipster has provided more evidence that Sean Powell was the one who ratted out Jonathan Graham. This screenshot shows that Peabody Kohler Fox had inside information pertaining to Powell’s activities:


This is as close to a smoking gun as we are likely going to find. This screenshot suggests that it was not a fellow trooper who reported Graham, but was in fact Sean Powell.

Update (5/22/2015)

The commenter “Brian Ritchason” leaving angry remarks on this article is in fact Sean Powell himself. My evidence for this is that “Ritchason” is commenting with the email sburke05079+facebook [at] gmail [dot] com:


“Burke” was Powell’s last name before he got married, as evidenced by this post from his blog:


“Ritchason” has repeatedly argued that it was a “fellow trooper” who reported Graham, but the revelation that “Ritchason” is actually Powell is as good an admission of guilt as we’re going to get.


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  1. Are these clowns trolling FB, news sites and blogs all day to argue radical politics instead of work? If so, sounds like a complaint should be made and their termination demanded. If we don’t need cops that tell jokes, we don’t need unproductive trolls either.

    1. I’d suggest that perhaps the problem is more that people in charge listen to these freak shows and treat their cry baby whigns seriously. These smug little twats are powerless if people with authority tell them to go pound sand.

      1. I agree. But since we’re not dealing with people with balls, I say beat them at their own game.

        1. You think they have jobs? These kind of people are on state benefits of some kind and claim disability and the lot. They have time to troll the Internet and are probably reading this site trying to figure out who is who to get them fired.

    2. Yes actually…
      The guy I knew who pulled one of these stunts (got a random family man fired for making a racial quip on Facebook) was in the same Masters program as me, and he had some serious personal issues.
      A.V. Yader suggests that these people are not intelligent but this guy was not stupid.
      What he completely lacked was virtue. He had very little self-control, integrity, risk-tolerance, or self-esteem.
      He was always complaining about his depression, and how he was down-trodden and disadvantaged because of his half-Asian background. I tried for a whole year to get him to join me in the gym after work or adopt some positive habits but there was always some excuse.
      I’ve seen his work… he wasn’t stupid… his crippling flaw was his absolute lack of virtue.

      1. It sounds like a case of misery loves company in terms of his hostile actions toward an individual he never even met.

        1. Exactly. And misery loves company explains the vast majority of these cases.

        2. Indeed. It somewhat reminds me, given the mindset of [extreme] left-liberals, of what actor James Woods stated regarding these types:
          Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fascist … I’m not joking. You look at what’s happening in this country now. Catharine MacKinnon thinks that we should now limit free speech, anything that offends a woman should now no longer be allowed – no reasonable man or woman in this country would subscribe to that, it’s just insanity.” (1994)
          Regarding feminists he lamented:
          But, you know, feminists have just destroyed the world as we, know it. I haven’t met a woman lately, and I’m talking about women who work and have a high position, who doesn’t agree with that. It has just destroyed relationships between men and women. Men and women are very wary of each other now. I listen to these feminists rave about, “How dare they attack Bill Clinton for having a little consensual sex act”, but went nuts because Clarence Thomas allegedly made a joke about a Coke can. And the other guy is humiliating his wife and getting oral sex while he’s talking about Bosnia to a congressman. Hello? Barbara Boxer is, you know, the most worthless, hypocritical “feminist” loser on the face of the earth …. I just loathe with every fiber of my being, liars. My second ex-wife was a liar. And Nixon was a liar. And this Clinton is a liar. I have no respect for him no matter what in the world he ever does.
          On Hollywood:
          So much of what Hollywood does now, I’m sorry to say… they’re busy with the political agenda, socially political agenda, and that’s fine. But the older white heterosexual European male is only the villain in movies. Very rarely are we anything but the villain now.
          As an actor who has worked in Hollywood for decades James Woods is confirming a number of the things ROK has noted, yet been unfairly vilified, for.

        3. Great post. Amazing he said all that in 1994.
          Makes sense that he had the lead role in Videodrome.

        4. CanYouNameAnotherActorWhoWentToMIT?

      2. some people just cannot be saved. you will have to devote a good amount of your time, effort, and energy. and even then it is not guaranteed they’ll snap out of it.
        I told a male coworker about ROK. he read some articles, found it very intriguing. But I can tell he decided to “plug” back into the matrix. Some dudes just can’t handle the truth or aren’t as virtuous. I think it’s a weakness they refuse to acknowledge. They flip it and rationalize it as “it’s just the way things are.” I lose respect for dudes like that.
        It is unfortunate.

        1. I think you have to be at a certain place in your life. Atlas Shrugged has been a defining part of my awakening, but if I had read it even a few years before I would never have gotten through it. It was only because I had read The Misandry Bubble before that that I found myself reading and, most importantly, thinking obsessively.
          Later on, Heartiste said that women should not be allowed to vote. At the time I thought it was pretty radical. Now, not only do I think women should not be allowed to vote, they should be property of men and without most of the rights we have.
          It’s a progressive thing. Learning new things and new ways to think literally rewires the brain, and that takes time.

        2. I still haven’t shared RoK with any of my friends.
          I try to dispel red-pill wisdom here and there when I think someone is open to it but if everyone knew how much I hated Toronto I’d be excommunicated for sure. It’s not the time yet for a spectacular exit 😉

        3. I hear ya! I don’t refer many people to ROK. Only those who are potential red-pillers. However, I use what I read on ROK and the insightful knowledge I’ve gained as ammunition against the enemy.

        4. I would be weary of telling a work colleague about it. These blue pullers cannot be trusted, as Bill Burr ( unfortunately he has decided to swallow the blue pill) would put it. Feel them out first, as a few questions, do you like fishing? Have you ever f***ed you sister and then you can jump in with the red pill once you know they are not some inbreeding lefties who would make your work life a nightmare.
          Anyways, my friend thinks my views are extreme but then again he is the kind of guy who is scared shitless by his girlfirend (not even wife). She says jumps and he ask how high and if she wants him to rollover on his back as well.

        5. Totally agree, I have always been a red piller. I remember when I was 16 telling things that are not the same will never be equal, mathematically or otherwise it does not make sense. Men and women are different and that difference should be celebrated not eradicated. All the people I dealt with know my stance on certain issues except work colleagues and work. In my social life everyone from my girlfriends, brothers, sisters, friends, family know what I think about feminism and this pussy state we are maintaining and perpetuating.

  2. Two punch worthy faces if every I saw one. Even if they ultimately turn out to have not done this, they still smugly support it in no uncertain terms.

      1. That’s a very good idea. There is probably enough information here to track him down easily enough in real life, or even on Facebook.

      2. I found his daughter on twitter and sent her the link (story)…hopefully she send it to him (or share it).

    1. Do you know whose asses I want to kick? Those weak-spined assholes called “employers” who keep caving in to the whims of random degenerates, throwing their loyal employees under the bus for no reason whatsoever.

      1. The SJW is strong in the blue states. At every level.
        Affirmative action is a big part of that.

  3. Well, and how about blaming this gentleman’s (the trooper’s) employer for being, it would seem, so easily persuaded by these two losers?

  4. I’m not a prophet but sometimes i have visions of the future. Through the haze this is what i have seen.The greatest threat from the social justice warrior is joblessness however this too being the sword that unbinds the red pill men from the shackles of their world. As with the Germany during the Weimar Republic many men were out of work, unemployment was sky high from the Great Depression and Reparations, there were countless worker strikes, forced unionism had never been higher and those not sympathetic to Socialism were removed from the workforce. This formed the monster known as the Freikorps(ex soldiers given food and shelter in exchange for brutality) they went around smashing skulls of the left. This formed the greater paramilitary entity known as the Brown Shirts and a similar pattern of anti left wing rioting continued.Then finally the SS… So social justice warriors might want to think twice about branding those who in some cases may be moderates because with looming financial crashes, unemployment growing and greater loss of workers to mechanisation the haze will lift.

    1. “This formed the monster known as the Freikorps(ex soldiers given food
      and shelter in exchange for brutality) they went around smashing skulls
      of the left. This formed the greater paramilitary entity known as the
      Brown Shirts and a similar pattern of anti left wing rioting
      continued.Then finally the SS… So social justice warriors might want
      to think twice about branding those who in some cases may be moderates
      because with looming financial crashes, unemployment growing and greater
      loss of workers to mechanisation the haze will lift.”
      The Communists had their own paramilitary groups such as Rotfrontkämpferbund (Red Front Fighters’ League).
      …over the years the RFB engaged more and more in violent street fights with the police, the Nazi party’s Sturmabteilung (SA) as well as other political rivals and after their participation in the bloody protests following the ban to celebrate the International Workers’ Day in Berlin 1929, during which more than 30 people were shot and killed by the police, the organization was banned in 1929 and all its assets confiscated by the government. At the time of the ban, the RFB had close to 130,000 members of which a large part continued their activities illegally or in local successor organizations such as the Kampfbund gegen den Faschismus (English: Fighting-Alliance Against Fascism), while others retired from the political scene. Contrary to a self-perpetuating legend spread by later historians, defections to the SA were rare .
      In the USA, blacks serve in this role

      One of those lawyers, J. Christian Adams, defended the original charges Tuesday in testimony before the commission. Adams, who has since resigned from the department, said: “I was told by voting section management that cases are not going to be brought against black defendants on [behalf] of white victims.” If the commission heard from other lawyers in the section, he said, “little doubt would remain whether or not open hostility exists toward race-neutral and equal enforcement of the voting laws.”

      1. No disagreeing from me. The left was highly militant and they remain so ergo the term social justice warrior. It’s only when the right it pushed to the point of being broken do they fight back while the left is ever proactive.People do not experience militant unionism as it was in generations past and for that reason they can be sympathetic to groups that have caused untold pain.

  5. It’s great to see ROK going after these fuckers—bury their asses and show no mercy. I go through comments on my articles from time to time, and found this one posted a few days ago:
    “I know where you work. Professional Standards will see this and deal with you. Good luck.”
    I’m not the least bit worried about this faggot and his empty threats; however, these people want to destroy us—all of us. There’s no question about it. They’re losers and they want every single last one of us who doesn’t tow the party line to be destitute and penniless (or worse, if they had their way).
    I imagine it seems so petty to most of us (it certainly does to me). I would never try to get someone fired for a comment they made online, or in real life for that matter. But this is serious to these people, and it’s insane that there’s such a cadre of shitbags out there with nothing better to do than to get bent out of shape about something someone wrote online. It’s time to start fighting fire with fire. We may not have control of the narrative, but we are undoubtedly smarter and more resourceful than these people. It’s time to beat them at their own game as best we can.

    1. The reason they do this is that they do not fear reprisal.
      What they need then, is to start fearing pulling these stunts.
      How some may wish to instill that fear is a personal matter.

      1. Completely agree, GOJ. The least we can do is to get them to think twice about fucking with people. How that’s possible, I do not know. Articles like this are a start. These people are complete chickenshits—it takes very little to crush their egos and cause serious damage.

        1. two points: Facebook will usually have where they live and a man without the lifeblood of work may well want to enact revenge. Red pillers should band together and place their CV for other red pill. Hire from red pill sites in similar areas. Long term this will be the only solution.

        2. Gentlemen, the envelope needs to be pushed in order to show Progressives who is stronger.

        3. Fuck Facebook. If you have an account all of your info is right there to be sold to other companies, and to be used by LEOs or other gunvermin for any reason, even saying things, that while Constitutionally protected, hurt peoples feelings.
          Goddamnit there is no right to not be offended last time I checked.
          So that said: FUCK FACEBOOK.
          I would no more have an account with them (remember Zuck called all FB users “dumb fucks” for trusting him) than I would stick my finger onto a live 480V line.

        4. IF this guy wouldn’t not have posted on FB he’d still have a job.

        1. Used to be movies made about this subject, of pushing a good man too far. Don’t see many of those any more, which is a shame because they’re quite instructive to those who wish to push people around with impunity.

        2. Braveheart was such a story.
          Mad Max 1 was such a story.
          Walking Tall…

        3. Braveheart was indeed a story, a great work of fiction although the real story was far more interesting and complex.

        4. I was actually thinking of Walking Tall when I posted that.
          They choked that meme out fast by the turn of the century.

        5. The movie, “Assault On Wallstreet”, is a good example.
          Summary: Wallstreet causes many people to go bankrupt. Bankrupt man who’s loved one suffered goes on a shooting spree. Very good watch. Trailer below…

        6. My favorite is Law Abiding Citizen. It has the advantage of being fairly recent.

        7. Try the film “Seediq Bale”. It’s a Taiwanese film about the Taiwanese natives fighting the Japanese – kind of like Braveheart crossed with Apocalypto (as it has been said before). Though being a Taiwanese film, it needs no political correctness, so it’s not like Apocalypto where you have the peace-loving tribe of semi-hippies living in the forest, but clans of savage headhunters who give blood sacrifice to their ancestors by slaughtering Japanese invaders, and are not considered true men until they have taken a head from a rival clan. But they are brave, noble and freedom loving, there are great fight scenes. The film is well worth a watch.
          The leader of the resistance embodies that quote above “Beware the fury of a patient man”.

      2. They always demand to know who we are. I got a faggot to melt down in one of the Mad Max threads and there was a paragraph of “don’t be a coward use your real name”.
        Therefore we have every right to know who they are.

        1. “It is rude to ask someones name without first introducing yourself”. Simple, to the point and unoffensive to any non-blue piller.

      3. I personally find it interesting that a cop can choke the life out of somebody and “no crime has taken place” but if he utters a few off color remarks he gets fired? Is there something more to this story?
        Interesting priorities but sticks and stones I guess.
        Given the constant abuse meted out against every possible group on this site we should all be concerned for our jobs…

        1. The thing is, we’re not talking about one cop here. A cop in California can choke a man to death, but that doesn’t mean a cop who is a victim of the SJW brigade in Vermont is somehow culpable for the California officer’s actions and thus somehow, deserves it (or whatever).

        2. All depends on the employer. If my employer was told I made an off color remark online, he’d probably laugh and that’s about it. I couldn’t imagine the type of comment I would have to write in order to be fired.

        3. Where I used to work we had a guy who specialised in off-color remarks. We laughed. Mostly.

        4. Yeah but comments made in the work place are different than comments made on your personal time, at least I would hope.

        5. Oh my, you should’ve given a trigger warning, the nightmares, the sexual compulsions, the lurking boogymen and boogywomen.
          Now that impressive gentleman in the banana coloured trainer has me worried…

      4. I made the statement under another article that some may take mattes into their own hands if this shit continues.
        Once a man has nothing left to lose (like this state trooper who’s life and career are in ruins) he becomes very dangerous.
        The suppression of “freedom of speech” is starting to become a very real thing. Next up: The USSR….turn in your neighbor.

        1. I always tell people “Never push a person till they have nothing to lose.” If you have to explain the consequences in to much detail, probably difficult to reach this person.

        2. This is why I think divorce would be much more civil if my simple proposal to allow everyone to kill one spouse or ex-spouse lifetime. You wouldn’t want to waste your one free shot, but if pushed too far it would be satisfying. The result would be much better marriages and much less damaging divorces. Shared custody would be nearly 100% because we all agree that taking our children is just too far and will result in immediate execution. It would be most beneficial to society.

      5. Not worth going to jail over these people, but give it a bit of time. I don’t have a boss who can fire me and my income and the way I store what little money I have is resilient to a fiat collapse. Come times of trouble, these people will be crying out for us to save them. And I will be in a position to say “no”.
        I give it about 5 years. Everyone should spend the time we have left getting ready.

        1. They’ll be some of the first to succumb all while singing Kumbayah and holding hands.
          I’ll be watching. Through a Vari-X III, at a safe distance (outside the range of pistols and intermediate rifle cartridges).

      6. You’re absolutely correct. Companies, organizations and people, for whatever reason, cave everytime and give into these degenerates. There lies the problem: they keep gaining an absurd amount of power and momentum as they face little to no backlash.
        And the obvious problem with them getting whatever they want is that people excercising their views/rights which they disagree with are losing jobs.
        The most alarming to me was the CEO of Mozilla ousted due to a PRIVATE personal donation he made on his own time. This was a frightening precedent.
        From this case to college students automatically believing rape allegations while happy to lynch the potentially innocently accused — The PC Group Think is consuming our society at a dangerous level.

      7. It’s simple and I propose we start with this one. We use their own bullying tactics against them.
        Can we figure out where these people work? We then begin with a concerted, aggressive campaign against that employer. Start calling them asking why they employ stalkers, email the shit out of them, bomb their review pages asking that this person be fired.
        Since most of these types are unhinged it’s not difficult to find some a few examples of hate speech on their part that can be used as justification for the attacks.

    2. As you say, this faggot will probably do nothing, but if he does, don’t resign from your job. Force them to fire you. Remember that you may be undermining any wrongful termination claim you have if they can say that you voluntarily quit. You may also be entitled to better benefits if you’re terminated. Best case – they’ll grow some balls and ignore the complaint. Second best case – they’ll start to treat you really terribly. Document it all. It will help make your claims stronger. Once fired, go talk to an attorney with any evidence you have.

      1. I appreciate the advice, NemesisEnforcer. I’m 99% sure this person was just talking shit and has absolutely no clue who I am or where I work. Not a single person—not even my immediate family—knows that I write. In fact, they would all be shocked to know that I write. Hell, I’m shocked that I write, it was something I never enjoyed doing before becoming compelled to do it for ROK.
        I’ve covered my tracks very well by ensuring plausible deniability in all of my story telling. Social media is non existent/deleted, and I never talked about work or my employer(s) even when I was on there—no showboating uniform pictures or cockpit selfies etc.
        I use VPN’s and burner mails for all involvement with this site. I also write for free, and have never donated to ROK (I support the guys individually by buying their books through third party sites: Amazon etc.)—so there’s no financial footprint coming in or going out.
        This person would have to know me personally, and even then, all they would have is a guess/hunch.

        1. and it’s pretty fucking sad that you have to do all of that (especially as an American or living in the U.S..).
          I couldn’t have imagined this shit back in 1985. It’s something that the Soviets were doing…not us. Fucking sad.

        2. The same people who sponsored the Soviets are also sponsoring a similar style movement in this country.
          Hint: It ain’t white privilege, urban youth, or Latinos.

    3. Is “Professional Standards” a real department and particular to your own airline?
      I don’t see how any of us can be “outed” by our activity here. Granted, you should be using a browser like IXQuick within Chrome as is, but unless they’re tracking your IP address and you’re using a computer that’s your employer’s property (you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on there), don’t even sweat it. You could probably countersuit with breach of privacy and harassment charges or several things to that effect.

      1. Professional Standards is a committee that primarily provides conflict resolution for pilots—it is ran by pilots (who are volunteers), for pilots, and is an arm of an airline’s respective union, which is generally ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association), but Teamsters and the independent unions have them as well.
        An example for contacting them would be when two pilots are flying together and one of them is exhibiting unprofessional behavior that is threatening crew cohesion/CRM. The pilot that is under duress can contact Professional Standards and fill them in on what’s going on, and necessary action can be taken to rectify the situation. Pro Standards is not HR. They’re the stop you take before going directly to the company. It gives pilots the chance to iron shit out before taking it to the company—which is something no one ever really wants.
        I’ve never come outright and said that I’m an “airline pilot,” and I do that purposely, if you catch my drift. So the above is just for informational purposes and may, or may not, have been obtained first hand.
        I take enough precautions that I don’t worry about it. I write in an inflammatory manner, so I knew once I started submitting stuff here that I should be cautious.

    4. They will eventually create a situation where people will want to put on brown uniforms and “deal with them”.
      And you know what? If that day comes, I’m not going to give a shit. Yes I am capable of actually sitting here and saying “serves them right, they had it coming” if a day comes when SJWs are getting rounded up and put in camps.
      That “I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll die defending your right to say it” thing is dead now. This is not a government branch or program, it’s INDIVIDUALS taking it upon themselves to use their free speech to destroy other people. That’s what this collapsing society has now bred.
      Free speech is bullshit anyway. Notice that it’s only SJW speech that gets any results. All other speech that does not tow the cathedral/party line gets ignored. That’s why the same people want everybody disarmed.
      You see, they want to put us in camps. How do I assume this? Because what they want to do to us, destroy our livelyhoods and cast us out, is exactly what Nazis did first to “undesirables”. So if it’s do it to them before they do it to us, well then, so be it. While I don’t condone “put them in camps” behavior, I’m not going to be giving a fuck when it happens to them. They have it coming.

      1. and that’s just it. If SJWs continue on the same path, then there very well could be a posse (or brown shirts) that forms to look for them (and deal with them).
        Cause and effect. Pull that shit, again, and that group will be back.

      2. If you consider what happened in the Weimar Republic and Berlin being at the center of prostitution, pornography, bestiality, “progressive” art under a collapsed financial system you may come to believe the West has become the Weimar Republic part II.

    5. It is good that ROK is going after them, but what reprisals do they take? They are too often employed by social justice enterprises, and their beliefs are the official PC nonsense that the government supports, so I don’t know what real consequences can come of this. Heck, getting them all this publicity might even get them a reality show, prime time tv interview, or new job at a “nonprofit”.

      1. When confronted with a game rigged against you, playing by the rules of the game is futile. Cheating the rules of the game, in that instance however, is perfectly and morally justifiable.
        Just thinking out loud here.

        1. Right. How do you fight a standing (large) Army? Hit and run, guerrilla tactics.

        2. The Taliban and the Mahdi militia may have some constructive ideas and I’m sure there are many vets who also have their own, possibly better, ideas.

      2. You’re assuming the climate will never turn in our favor. If and when it does, they will experience firsthand what they have done to others.

    6. This is why I’m borderline done attempting to communicate with them in general.
      This is a Competition to see who’s Moral Compass resonates the loudest with the Public.

    7. If these people are stalking police officers, their employers need to know, and they should be fired.
      The first one, Sean Powell, works at a company called GW Plastics.
      For reference I found his linkedin profile here linkedin[dot]com/pub/sean-powell/aa/99/a77

    8. What they always do is to use the state or some larger power ( like your employer) to bludgeon people with whom they disagree.
      They don’t have the testicular fortitude to ‘enforce’ their beliefs, so they turn to the greater power, whine, and make bad things happen to guys like this cop.
      If I was him I’d get the holy hell out of that blue hell and move somewhere where his views would be more mainstream.
      even though Vermont has Constitutional Carry it’s too close to the big hive.
      Nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there, which is more than I can say for the remainder of the hive.

    1. Roses aren’t blue,
      Violets aren’t red,
      I don’t know how to rhyme
      so fuck off
      I have an entire ream of poems of this caliber just waiting to be published. Heh.
      Youthful poetry can be forgiven, but Wordsworth’s “The Thorn” can not.
      And to the left, three yards beyond,
      You see a little muddy pond
      Of water–never dry
      I measured it from side to side:
      ‘Twas four feet long, and three feet wide.

      1. Youth poetry can be forgiven

        that is a challenge if i ever saw one:
        We live in a life of speed,
        a life of groceries and needs
        that make us crave the things we miss,
        a lot of sugar sweets and kisses.

        The words the people use to speak
        are the music of the times.
        It´s not the kind of music that you seek
        it feels difficult to chime in.
        two years back, i ordered a two-volume compilation of english poetry for inspiration. to my dismay, i liked next to nothing in it. it’s all so boring and slow and flowery. i want something i can chant while marching towards enemy gates, something with rhythm. not a soup of words to read to my oneitis. i don’t see what people like about shakespeare.
        you should put one of these at the beginning of every chapter in your book. it’s such a trite custom to do this that it deserves a parody.

        1. The words the people use to speak
          are the music of the times.
          It´s not the kind of music that you seek
          it feels difficult to chime in.

          Ouch! I think you sprained my brain, lol.
          For marching towards the gates, look up the cadences that used to be sung whilst troops marched to and fro across base, or on company runs. I don’t know about the U.K. but we had some doozies here in the states prior to the 1990’s. Very, ahem, politically incorrect to say the least, and many quite violent. Great fun.

        2. Heh, that’s great!
          I remember part of one we used to sing while running:
          “I don’t know but I’ve been told
          Eskimo pussy sure is cold!”
          Also various ones about plunging your K-Bar into Charlie’s body, and such.

      2. “Roses aren’t blue,
        Violets aren’t red,
        I don’t know how to rhyme
        so fuck off”
        LMAO. thanks for making me smile )))

  6. These leftist SJW kids are a cancer on society. Always notice how physically pathetic looking these dweebs are?

    1. Drug problems… alcoholism… unemployment… paranoia… mental illness… These kids need help but instead they’re told how brave they are for being losers. It’s sad.

        1. KindaOffTopic,ButHasAnyoneHereSeen”Dr.Zhivago?”

        2. Haven’t seen it but maybe I’ll check it out.
          Makes me think of nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

        3. I think he damaged his spacebar, and is awaiting a replacement in the post.

  7. There are a LOT of good police officers out there, but I’m skeptical about any man with a badge who’s not an oath keeper.

    1. He made fun of Bruce Jenner and he doesn’t like Islam. He’s likely on our side, at least at some level.

      1. I did not mean to imply this man was bad. Just making a general comment
        All trannies should be shipped out of this country and sent to Sweden.
        And Islam is alright with me. The most courteous, kind, respectful and decent neighbors I’ve had were all Muslims (I’ve had quite a few). There are plenty of Muslims at your local college who would love to talk Locke’s natural rights with you. Plus they know how to keep their women in line. Islam when interpreted correctly is alright by me.
        However the cop had a right to his first amendment speech and these people who got him fired should be hunted down by the community.

  8. I did not mean to imply this man was bad. Just making a general comment.

  9. My heart goes out to this officer. I wish there was such a thing as karma, but since there’s not, all we can do is fight these people to the best of our ability.

    1. There is no such thing as karma. Evil doers continue with their jobs, are rewarded, exaulted, and continue to damage the lives of other innocent people. I know this from my own personal experience. I don’t think about it because because the sadness, trauma and rage comes to the surface and just paralyzes my soul and renders me empty and in a dark place.

      1. Sean Powell, a homosexual SJW and IT specialist from Randolph,
        Turns out, you’re right.

    1. She looks like she could be the mother or sister of just about every public worker in this county, size wise — with lots of apples that fell very near to the tree, so to speak.

  10. People complain about police brutality but they like to destroy the careers of decent law enforcers. Those maggots are gonna get no sympathy when the USA goes to hell in a handbasket and believe me, it will.

    1. When the USA goes to hell it’ll be all the crooks in uniform who violate our rights now who will be blowing our heads off when this country collapses.

      1. Well, they’ll try. We outnumber them about 100:1 armed-man wise.

        1. I honestly believe The US government wants to declare martial law but is scared too because of so many armed civilians. I used to think those armed militia groups were a bunch of nutters and some probably are but as The US approaches a social an economic collapse an with Leftists becoming more intolerant an the militarization of the police force I believe it’s a reality, hence the government trying to disarm citizens.

        2. They flinched in 2012, they gave up trying to disarm us for a bit since then actually.
          2012 there were armed (and loaded) marches on state capitols across the nation. The Feds thought that they could wave a bunch of dead blonde haired blue eyed kids in our faces and we’d give in to their demands to disarm. Turns out, they were wrong. And better, we finally crossed that bump in the road, we’ve showed that we are no longer phased by their propaganda.
          The number of “we will not comply” and “come take’em” signs I saw during those demonstrations, again all locked, loaded and armed, were amazing.
          And they flinched.
          Later they flinched at the militias that showed up to defend that cattle rancher. Turns out the militias aren’t made up of fat stupid people, but rather combat vets who are in shape and up on modern tactics and positioning.
          We’re ready.

        3. I wonder when they are going to try to disarm and label Oath Keepers as a hate group?

        4. Never. I really think that they are scared shitless to try anything now.
          Connecticut, see what happened there? Ordered registration and only a few thousand showed up, in a state where there are millions of gun owners.
          Non-compliance en masse is here. And they know it. One wrong step and their power ends and they get put to the wall. And again, they know it.

        5. That “when they come to my door” trope is dead. Nobody is going to sit around waiting to get Waco’ed.
          Everybody will be out on a hunting trip.

        6. Yes, exactly!
          Where I live, my neighbors and me all have a mutual defense pact of sorts. If it starts we do a call around the area and our networks, or knock on doors if everything else fails. That sounds like Crazy Militia Stuff, but in actuality I’m talking about highly paid professionals, people of doctor/corporate pilot/engineer rank and higher.
          Waco did teach us all that lesson, didn’t it? They’re going to torch you and your kids, don’t sit and wait for it.

        7. They were all over the net at the time. I have a large cache of photos from the event in Columbus Ohio, but will need to get them uploaded to provide linkage.

        8. had those rallies in northern VA (and throughout the state) since 2008 (I believe). The government had a look at what they were up against (and that was just a drop in the well).
          They’ll need to win over many other (Americans) if they want to stand a chance. I believe many in the U.S. forces would not stand for martial law. They would take off, go home to protect their own.
          All bets are off when the shit hits the fan.

        9. i was in the same boat as you! we need militias, it is the way of men, they way to fight back an oppressing system.

        10. What is the militia?
          It is the military aged men in any jurisdiction, who muster to respond to threats to their community, with their own equipment including firearms.
          In this state its all males aged 18 – 55.
          Do most males in this state even know that’s written in the state constitution? Can most males in this state show up to muster with their own gear, fit, and ready to defend their homes and towns?
          Can I get a resounding FUCK NO?

        11. That’s all well and good, but until they draw their weapons and start firing on our oppressive govt, it’s still not getting us anywhere.

        12. You know history. It takes just enough to push people over the edge and then change happens.

    2. Notice they didn’t go after the NYPD who choked Eric Garner to death. Or the ones that threw the flash bang into the baby’s crib.
      Nope. That would require actual balls, because people prone to violence are likely to use it if attacked, verbally or physically.
      The SJWs know this instinctively and only go after civilized people.

  11. It pisses me of that in a country of “free speech” you can still be fired for having views that arn’t left wing or politically correct, I’ve known for a while free speech is dead in Western countries but it still annoys me.

      1. That is sensible advice. However, it does beg the question of why, in a supposedly free society which embraces freedom of speech, no matter how offensive, we now have to hide our words *anywhere* in our private lives.
        If you have to stay away from, or vacate certain segments of your private life lest you offend the powers that be, then something is wrong in the state of Denmark.

        1. I agree with you GoJ but until individuals assert these rights it might be best to give these fruitcakes no ammunition. I’m all for kneecapping them then burning their houses down.
          This officer is now jobless and his family is suffering all because of FB.

    1. No shit. A black female college professor can make blatantly anti-white racist comments on social media and she’s not fired.
      I believe she said “white males are the problem”.
      For a professor, she sure doesn’t seem to be very well acquainted with actual data regarding crime in the USA and ‘problems’.

  12. This is the reality today. There is no privacy today. None. SJWs are anywhere and everywhere like a Big Brother monitoring police ready to punish anyone for the slightest infraction. I’m sorry but this man should have been smarter and have known better. Vermont? Perhaps the most left wing state of all (gun laws notwithstanding) and home to Bernie Sanders, resident commie. Keep it to yourself and among those you trust. That is what it has come to in this country. Of course I think his firing is an unforgivable abomination but the situation is much worse than even many intelligent people reallze.

    1. That’s the wrong direction I think. Don’t keep it hidden, that’s how people act in dictatorships. No, fight back. If you get fired, sue the shit out of your employer for wrongful termination. If you don’t win there, find the snitches and deal with them…appropriately.
      Solzhenitsyn’s admonishment about the oppressors fearing the oppressed comes to mind here.

      1. Much respect and I wish I could see it your way. The fact is people have to eat and support their families and you will get fired with no recourse in many situations. Additionally and I hope this is not too obtuse I subscribe to the fighting philosophy of run silent run deep but build up your strength. Then destroy your enemy who never sees it coming. ROK is doing a great service in fighting back , fighting against a vicious and merciless tide. In the meantime in your personal life pick your spots and tread carefully. Places like this offer some security. They can’t fire all of us.

        1. I wasn’t speaking of before you got fired. After. If they leave you without a means of support or recourse, in fact unemployable except as a burger flipper, then what actions you take after that are justified self defense, from a moral standpoint.
          If we fear them as they want, then they’ve set the frame, the terms, and we can’t let them do that. Make them fear us, I say.

        2. OK. I believe that this will never change until employers quit caving to the mob. This case and the man fired from Hydro One in Canada are prime examples. The problem is employers are scared witless. If one of them gets the cojones to stand up to the mob and retain the hunted employee who disobeyed the PC elites I think they would be surprised, even shocked at the amount of support that would be out there. This Stalinist crap is ugly and dangerous, it threatens all of us.

        3. Now that I agree with 100%, said something similar earlier in the thread.

        4. We can’t wait for employers to change. The change is going to have to come from the people. Employers (businesses) are about the bottom line…that’s it. You mess with it then they are going to react in a certain way.
          It’s going to take something else to happen (through the courts – being sued) or an incident to make this all change. There is no punishment if an SJW is wrong about an accusation about someone…that needs to change.
          It will…one way or another.

        5. I hear what you are saying but I kind of feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. Employers are terrified of the SJW crowd because of how they fear crossing them will affect their bottom line. I’m saying that in many cases if they stiffened their spine and said we are not terminating our employee they may actually be helping their business or organization. I don’t know what the answer will be. Sites like this help but the enormity of the task can’t be denied. A full court press on all fronts but individuals have to realize there is no privacy and you can lose it all over a tweet or a facebook post.

        6. I liked the way Protein World’s CEO stood up to the fat feminists in the Are you beach body ready ads.

      2. The founding fathers of the US (ex. John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, etc) faced execution by hanging or being quartered to speak out against tyranny, yet they went through with it anyway. When we speak out, we do not face any where close to what they had to deal with.
        I agree. We should not keep silent.

      3. We didn’t have social media “back when” but you still had the right to your opinion (whatever it was). Today, it’s all about control. Controlling what people think and say.
        When you can longer say what you want to say, then freedom of speech is something of the past. People in this country (U.S.) need to realize that no matter what you have the freedom of speech. SJWs are in for a rude awakening because this is going to come back on them…hard.
        Whether it’s in a court of law…or someone taking the law into their own hands. People get desperate when they are placed in desperate times. SJWs should be put on notice because it’s all about “cause and effect”.

      4. Dealing with the snitched appropriately.
        As a real man should, in days gone by.

  13. StopPostingShitOnFacebook.

  14. Also shame Vermont for caving in to these 2 SJWs in destroying this man’s life and family. Those responsible for this unjust firing should receive the same when they make an anti-male joke.

  15. But that was the whole idea behind Facebook – to spy on people. The members of the manosphere should boycott all of the mainstream social sites. I do.

    1. Fucking right!? Social media was fun back in freshman year of high school. Now its a pointless time sink where narcissists go to attention whore and lambast anyone who doesn’t think the same way they do. If you’re a man in this country there is absolutely NO benefit from social media.

  16. While this is messed up i think it should be common sense to treat things you say on FB as something you would say out in a public place,,,except it stays permanently. Be careful about what you say and how you say it.

  17. Thank you Matt for another informative article. However, I have little sympathy for anyone on FB. When are people going to wake up and realize that FB is like hanging your bare ass out the window for all to see.

  18. I am hoping for this Muslim takeover.
    They will take care of these liberal worms once and for all.
    They won’t care too much for the Muslim brand of “tolerance”.

    1. All we have to do is grow beards and game the local caliphate. The SJWs and the kind of people comprising them… well “getting stoned” is not going to mean what it means now. Too bad so sad.

    2. There are no bigger racists than muslims and jews. Be careful what you wish for.

  19. “disturbed trolls seeking to ruin the lives of anyone who isn’t as left-wing as they are” = isn’t that the modern definition of government

    1. It’s the modern definition of voters who can hide in voting booths and ruin the lives of others without anybody directly knowing what they voted for.

      1. they’ve got a right to vote (I guess), but they’re effectively functioning as a latter-day online armed militia, a rival police force to the one they managed to downsize

        1. No such thing as a right to vote.

        2. Yet there are background checks for guns but anybody can sneak into the country and vote and nobody bats and eye. Double standards were the end of America.

        3. I agree. Interestingly enough, an op-ed in the local paper in Columbus brought up that very fact. In our favor I mean.
          “Why should we require a CHL (concealed handgun license) when we have a right to bear arms without infringement, yet we’re told it’s infringing the right to vote if we ask for simple ID”
          There’s a whole head of steam building up here in the heartland.

        4. But if they don’t have a right to vote how can I begrudge them that right?

        5. It is a conundrum to be certain.

        6. I hope that steam makes it’s way to the coast cities. I’m in LA and am surrounded by leftist, homosexuals, feminst. I’m behind enemy lines.

  20. “It’s an accepted fact that the kinds of Puritans who agitate for people to be fired for their political views are failures with nothing going for them in life.”
    THIS. SJWs are the same kind of people who love government funding, or who want CEOs to be paid less so that their minimum wage workers can be paid more. Rather than put in the hard work to have a good job and make a good living, SJWs would rather major in 12th Century English Literature and then glom off other people’s hard work. At their core SJWs are lazy, nothing else.
    And bottom line, look at the average SJW – Do they look like anyone you’d actually want to hang out with? The answer is probably a resounding NO. And that’s because they’re losers through and through. Much like you’ll never hear a really hot chick talk about the patriarchy (There is no “patriarchy” for hot chicks because any straight man will bend over backwards for her), you’ll also never see a guy with his shit together talk about the 99% or minimum wage increases. And that’s because chances are they’re above working at Starbuck’s to pay back their exhorbitent student loans.
    Social Justice is self-esteem insurance for losers, pure and simple. But rather than admit that they’re losers, they construct ideas of “systematic oppression” or whatever to save face and hide the fact that they’re just not good enough to make it in this world. They’re crabs in a bucket, nothing else, and if you’re more successful than they are then they automatically hate you.

    1. Nothing wrong majoring in 12th century lit. But sponging off others? Such a person should be shot in my book if he’s able bodied and not insane or ill, but sponging off other people’s hard work as you have noted.

      1. If you can make money off an obscure major then more power to you (I say this as someone who majored in a particularly worthless degree but has managed to make a living out of it). The problems start, though, when a person majors in something like said 12th Century English Literature and then acts surprised when they can’t get a job. Surely it can’t be because they majored in something no one particularly needs. No, it’s the government’s/banks’/society’s fault!
        And this lack of self-awareness/Inability to take responsibility is seen all over the SJW world – If they admit that people have agency and can take responsibility then their narratives about victimhood fall apart . They couldn’t blame systemic oppression as opposed to laziness or the breakdown of the family unit for the plight of the black community. Likewise, they’d have to admit that maybe women’s behavior, clothing, or how much they drink can put them in danger when it comes to sexual assault.

  21. America is more and more coming to resemble the Soviet Union where any deviation from the leftist “party line” will result in severe punishment.

    1. That is correct. Pretty soon they’ll be turning in their neighbors because they don’t tow “the party line”.

    2. Once the Communists came to power they no longer tolerated homosexuals same with the Nazis. These idiots ally themselves with people who will quickly dispose of them when they are no longer needed.

  22. ok hold up a second, the fuck is this? Cops routinely get passes for committing blatant murder in broad daylight yet this guy gets terminated because he pissed off a faggot and some social just slut? This doesn’t make sense. I guess its ok to abuse your power and kill people in cold blood but its not ok offend butt pirates on facebook.

    1. So…he went out and killed people?
      Because otherwise, your charge makes no sense.
      We’re not collectives, we’re individuals. If the man had a clean record as a cop, or anything else for that matter, then saying “but other cops murder, so hang this guy here!” is irrational.

      1. Thats not at all what I’m saying. What I’m not understanding here is why offending people on Facebook is a fireable offense but killing people over nothing isn’t? Doesn’t that maybe show you something about the police force and how backward of a society we live in. I made no charge against him, i never accused him of doing anything wrong and I’m not trying to justify him being fired over this because its bullshit. People shouldn’t be fired for this kind of shit. But I guarantee if the trooper would have pulled that faggot over and put a few rounds into him and then claimed he was reaching for gun he would at least still have his job now. Its almost like in this PC world we live in the police force is sending a message to their officers that hey its ok to kill people for no reason, thats cool, but if you discriminate against the type of people you kill then fuck you your a monster.

        1. Oh, I see, my mistake. Thought you were making a direct attack on him instead.

    2. It’s about control. People who don’t conform get culled. Cops conform as long as they remain cops who follow orders, it doesn’t matter if a mere civilian suffers.
      They are literally dogs of the state. Unthinking animals who do what they are told. The fact that you can be denied a job as a cop on account of too high IQ is straight out of 1984.

      1. Dude… what in the actual fuck, i just looked that last part and i don’t even know what to say… You’re completely fucking right and its unarguable now. I always thought the job attracted the retards of society but no, they are actively and purposefully dumbing down the police force. Do you know what this means?

        1. Unless one of the face people has a gun and decides he’d rather die than submit to face stomping.
          It’s happened in this country before, and it’s happened elsewhere many times.
          That day is coming. I’m ready.

    3. Look, there is one simple explanation for this and be prepared because its chilling. Taking into account everything you said, the reason is this – they have the power. Simple. Now, scroll up and read danstrom’s comment. He’s right on the money…these are the weak people of society that have somehow found themselves in the seat of power…ahem over the rest of us. These people were the rejects, outcasts, nerds, dipshits, dweebs, fairies and pussies growing up. Consider for a moment the level of pent-up angst, anger, vitrol, hate (self hate) and vengeance these motherfuckers have. And, even though they’re sub-standard people, it matters not, somehow they control society and therefore can act and implement upon their years of torment. Picture that kid that got made fun of repeatedly, not just the run of the mill nerd that still had many redeeming qualities or the late bloomers…no, I mean the painted hair, pierced, freaks. That’s who were dealing with. I think its very scary, because, as we see echoed in other ancillary movements (feminism, homosexualism et al) that when dealing with self hating people they 1. project that electric self hatred onto others and 2. will never be satisfied because no matter the privileges or riches society gives them they’ll still hate themselves. So, they’ll never stop, ever. Litmus test – when has the left ever said “Thank you”. In our previously merit-based and normal society we made a holiday out of thanks. Today, not even a day is sufficient, no no, we have whole fucking months dedicated to whining. We have inverted society, the weak > strong, vice > virtue…and is it no surprise that while having this power we’re seeing more and more of an authoritarian police state?

  23. Nothing good comes out of having any social media anymore (except for LinkedIn)

  24. Excellent work, Forney. Way to go on the offensive! We need to give these degenerate cowards a taste of their own awful medicine.

  25. But if you’re gay and have your dick pics splattered all over the net, the politically correct feminist HR manager will advance you to front of the hiring process in the name of diversity and inclusiveness and tolerance.

    1. For example, if you are a train conductor.

      1. And are directly responsible for the deaths of 6 (or is it 7) people. In fact if you’re that guy you can even refuse to give police a statement in the wake of those deaths caused by your own negligence.
        America? FUCK YEAH!

  26. How is this even possible? What one says when they’re not at work is their business and no one elses.
    What were the official grounds for firing this Police Officer?

    1. What were the official grounds for firing this Police Officer?

      He committed the grave crime of being a cis-(normal) white male in a feminist paradise. He wasn’t a snivelling Social Jockstrap Whiffer, a faggot posting dick pics on the internet, a cop shooting cuffed men in their backs or a group of ‘urban yoofs’ playing the “knockout game” on homeless men.
      Edit: It’s not(or shouldn’t) be legal at all, but welcome to Anno Domini 2015, Obolanation(Formerly known as These United States of America).

      1. He has a right to Free Speech. The things he said were on his own time when he was off duty.
        Again, how is this legal?

        1. Oh, really? You’re obviously someone who doesn’t have a fucking clue what they are talking about, sorry.
          The majority of his hateful posts were made while he was on the clock, including pictures of his cruiser at the U-turns on the highway. He violated his employer’s social media policy. A very simple concept to understand if you aren’t a hate-filled piece of shit who believes that women deserve less rights than men.

        2. For starters, I was ignorant of the fact that Police Departments had a, “Social Media Policy”.
          Secondly, defending a policy that effectively neuters free speech is enough for me to hand you your arse.
          Thirdly, coupled with your nettlesome and sensationalist attitude, you are unworthy of further attention.
          This Policy that I was unaware of needs to be abolished. Cops have opinions and bias like everyone else independent of any Social Policy they are supposed to abide by.
          I’d rather know what someone is about versus them smiling at me while attempting to stab me in the back.

        3. Police power, like all government power, should come from the people. State police officers are subject to the population of the state as a whole. Graham is free to say whatever he wants; his freedom of speech is unlimited and he will not be punished by the law for what he says. That would not be okay, even if he said the most hateful things you’ve ever seen/heard. However, as a people, we have a right to hold police officers to a certain standard, which can reasonably include respecting the general populace and exhibiting a non-biased and professional manner. His actions/words have led people to rightfully believe that if they are a transgendered or muslim person they will be treated differently and unfairly by the police, which is not acceptable. Civil servants have a duty 24/7 to their jobs, and that’s just the way it is. We all pay taxes in this country, and these taxes support assholes like Graham.

        4. I expect Police to be professional and unbiased when in the line of duty because their profession deals in reality and facts.
          Where I disagree is the notion that by effectively silencing police officers from exhibiting political views candidly in their off time it will somehow ensure they’re “unbiased”.
          Police are biased with or without this policy… much the same way that racial based laws do nothing to mitigate hate in certain folks. The State cannot force people to hold hands.

        5. “Civil servants have a duty 24/7 to their jobs”
          I agree but my sentiment still stands.

        6. You can keep your sentiment all you want, and that’s fine by me, but as far as this entire article goes– the trooper willingly violated a clear-cut policy put in place by his employer. He even had other troopers on his Facebook friends list, and he definitely had plenty of enemies. To claim that these two people were responsible? Nothing but speculation and horrible reporting, honestly. The ONLY people who have a list of all the people who reported this guy would be the Vermont State Police. He had plenty of enemies. The only surprise here is that he went as long as he did without being busted. I guess it became easier for people to find him once he started posting pictures of him and his cruiser on the local highways. I think it takes a special kind of dumb ass to think that’s a great idea.

        7. I actually agree with you here. My point is that being a state trooper is one of those positions where maintaining a public image is a key part of your job. People need to feel safe, and that’s part of the reason why the police force exists in the first place. You get an openly homophobic, or openly racist trooper out on the field and suddenly people of that minority are going to feel incredibly uncomfortable around them. Officers have enough tension in the situations they face, they really don’t need a trooper posting publicly about who they happen to hate and/or strongly disagree with. I also completely understand that this former trooper, and people like him, will not have their views change simply because a policy is in place.
          The policy exists to protect both parties. Primarily the organization’s image and reputation, sure, but it’s also there to protect people from furthering the notion that they can’t trust the police who are sworn to protect them.

    2. Except for the fact that a condition of his employment is that he would following all of the Vermont State Police’s social media policies, a condition he proudly violated by putting his shitty views on display with a 100% public Facebook account. He had pictures of his cruiser, talked shit about people he had pulled over, suggest that certain minorities receive harsher punishment. I KNOW the readers of this pathetic blog don’t give half a fuck, but this is not a freedom of speech issue, nor was any form of witch hunt conducted. He was reported by a fellow trooper!

      1. I just looked at his Facebook posts and the “shit he talked” about that punk kid was nothing more than noting how ungrateful the kid was for receiving a warning versus a ticket.
        I didn’t see any comments about Minorities.

        1. Did you look at all of the screenshots that were posted online before he went through and deleted all of them? Not like it matters anyway, as you clearly don’t know (or even appear to want to know) all the details behind the investigation.

        2. I read the linked article.
          The views of this cop weren’t unreasonable. Honestly, if the cop had views opposite mine, I would feel the same way about their instated Social Media Policy being nothing more than an attempt to give the public the illusion that the Police are unbiased.
          It’s a false sense of moral security imo because in the end, human beings are people no matter what KoomBiYa laws someone invents.

        3. The fact of the matter is, someone could take them to court and claim that they were given a harsher fine simply because that person is gay. As for simply reading the linked article, you should really dig further than that. There were way more screenshots than what the news station included in their report because it would have taken a long time to go through them.
          Here’s one album I was able to find with a simple Google search:
          Also, if anyone here thinks that these biased views are something this trooper never carried over to his job, then it’s time for you to grow up. Have you ever been simply given a warning even though you were going 10-15 MPH over? How about the opposite where a cop writes you a harsh fine for going only 5 MPH over? This guy LOVED to give harsher fines if someone was openly gay, and/or if they had a bumper sticker showing an opposing view. Whether or not you believe it, it’s still something he was arrogant and ignorant enough to post about publicly, and THIS gives someone a potential case against him.

  27. Wtf… I’m slow. Was the Man fired or did he quit voluntarily? If the latter then son of a bitch!

    1. He resigned to avoid having a termination on his record when he applies for LEO jobs elsewhere

      1. Ok, now my question is: what did he do that was grounds for him being fired? I’m back to square one wondering how any of this was legal considering what he said was in his off time in his private life.

        1. He violated a very clear-cut social media policy that the Vermont State Police takes seriously. As an officer of the law, he’s in the public eye on and off the clock. It is a trooper’s duty to maintain an unbiased image to the public eye, even during their personal life. I’m glad my tax money isn’t paying for this piece of shit anymore.

        2. The article links to sources with the tweets he made. I didn’t see anything that would justify termination, but as he said in his announcement it wasn’t a sure thing and carried risk.

        3. I just learned about this type of policy before seeing your nettlesome posts.

        4. I was unaware of this Policy that Police are required to adhere to.
          It’s there to give the appearance that law enforcement is unbiased. Cops are people too so that doesn’t work as intended.

        5. Yeah, unfortunately there are those who believe that by instituting a meaningless Social Policy on cops that it will somehow have the effect of making them neutral when performing their job.
          When a cop is on the clock, he should be unbiased and stick to facts, no doubt….. but what he says in his private life while off duty is his business.
          Someone said something about not wanting their tax dollars to go towards a Police Officer with political beliefs… I find that sentiment extremely comical considering that is what Politics does in a nutshell. They take our money and they fight for a particular side.

        6. You are correct in saying that it’s to make law enforcement look unbiased; however, you may want to consider how much of a liability a trooper is when they are so open about who they disagree with. Any of his cases, in the past or more recent, now have an extra card to play in the courtroom. The policy is also in place because officers are there to protect and serve. How can they make anyone feel protected when an officer has the audacity to make public hateful comments against them? It’s not a “liberal agenda” or the “PC thought police” or any of that crap. Being a State Trooper is absolutely a job that follows you home, and his paycheck was given to him by many of the same people he loved to talk trash about. We can argue all day about whether or not it’s hate speech, or whether or not he should be allowed to say such things an officer of the law, but that’s not going to go anywhere. The bottom line: He was dumb enough to post that shit on a public Facebook profile, knowing all too well what his employer’s social media policy was, and it was only a matter of time before someone reported his ass.

        7. “you may want to consider how much of a liability a trooper is when they are so open about who they disagree with”
          You brought up some pertinent points with regard to legality in a court of law; I hadn’t considered that… duly noted.
          Notwithstanding, my point still stands as far as how cops are only human at the end of the day Social policy or not.

        8. That’s why it’s more complicated than people who blindly support this trooper (or even the other side) understand. Where’s the line drawn? at what point is a trooper’s free speech no longer a liability in the courtroom?
          It’s one thing for a trooper to have incredibly biased views against minorities, but I believe he foolishly took it way too far by using a Facebook account with all the privacy settings set to “Public”. Even beyond that, people are deceitful. He could have had a private profile, someone could have simply snapped photos of it, and then shared those photos publicly and now the information is a huge liability. (In this case; however, the trooper likely would not have been ‘convinced’ to resign)

  28. Thankfully I am 5000 miles from this shit. If and when I return to this wasteland known as North America, it will be as an entrepreneur and I will answer to no one except my customers. All I need is a thousand sane men who will give me a dollar a day to make their life better.

      1. Brain, you piece of amphibian excrement, why don’t you go bobbing for hashbrowns in the McDs deep fryer? That’s about as useful to society as you will ever be.

        1. I very highly doubt that you have any use to society. Myself, on the other hand, I have plenty of shit going for me, but I also know that the details are meaningless in a community filled with pathetic haters who are hiding behind anonymous profiles. Oh no…. you called me a piece of amphibian poop, and you suggested that I deep fry my face…. booo fucking hoo. Just like everyone else here, you know practically none of the details, and you just make all the assumptions you can so that you can have your turn screaming in the echo chamber.

        2. I teach people new languages and entertain them with games. You do what, put number A in slot B ?
          I don’t hate anyone. It is you who is the miscreant. I actually produce something and support those that do the same. Unlike you B Dick Son

        3. I would hope that given how frequently you fail miserably at both spelling and grammar that you aren’t teaching anyone any language.
          Also, NUMBER A? Hahaha the only thing you produce is the bullshit you spew on this trashy website. Try again, bub. 😀

        4. No language fails on my part. To the extent I deviate from orthodoxy, it is just beyond the likes of you. Maybe your grade 6 education just doesn’t cut it here.

        5. I integrate immigrants into Canadian society. I also design games to make people happy. When was the last time you make someone happy?

        6. I make several people happy every single day, certainly more than some ignorant internet troll who hides behind a site that hates women. You have to be a sad and pathetic loser to take this site seriously.

        7. No language “fails”? *failures
          Keep lying about your education, and about the fact that you “design games”. What a crock of shit.

        8. I gave up on trolling because it is too easy. Certainly it is you are the troll when I post on a website that is generally friendly towards my views while you go looking to pick a fight.
          Maybe your douche bag white knighting gives beta tingles to the most useless members of society, but this site has many lawyers, tradesmen and entrepreneurs who are sick of your shit and the skirts that you hide behind.

        9. Yet again you make that claim without knowing a single fucking thing about me! Hahaha what a fucking moron you are. 😀

        10. All I know is what you write and it is complete drivel. But I am the moron for pointing that out?

        11. Everything written on this shitty blog is complete drivel, and yes, you are absolutely a fucking moron.

        12. Oh, sure there are plenty of legitimate lawyers, tradesmen, and entrepreneurs here! I totally believe you…. 😉

  29. Trolls should be targeted for their criminal activities. And yes, I’m pretty sure all Internet trolls have broken several laws that they can be charged with.

  30. It’s striking how consistently these “male” SJWs turn out to be effeminate beta types, whether gay or straight. There is definitely some deeply rooted psycho-sexual etiology to SJWism, in both males and females. It’s some kind of revenge-agenda — a revengenda. A seething, rabid-hamster-driven revendetta against masculinity. They were picked on as kids. (Who wasn’t?) For females, they did not get to be prom queen or date the quarterback, leaving them only beta males, who elicit the instinctual female revulsion toward weak men, leaving them only with a hateful, “no-use-for-them” attitude toward all men, the reality tunnel of an extremist, having no mitigating, moderating influences.
    We have to incorporate this realization when dealing with SJWs: it’s a developmental maladaptation, a neurotically driven stumbling block preventing them from achieving full emotional maturity and taking full, adult responsibility — instead replacing mature self-reliance with dependence on the strength of their adopted daddy, The State — and is not so much a real, “as such” political position.

      1. IClickedOnThisToGetAnotherSOADVid,

        1. Ah,Rap/Rock.

  31. When dealing with gays, you’ve got to realize that they are butthurt in more ways than one.

    1. For the most part, gay males are embittered like feminists. Different but similar. Gay males are bitter because 95% of the male population is straight and won’t have sex with them and that’s just not fair in their gay male minds. Feminists are bitter because alphas don’t take them seriously, so they lash out at beta males as convenient target.

      1. What a crock of shit. Just another hate-filled moron pretending to be an expert.

        1. your opinion will be take into consideration but seeing you do not know anything about the situation you may be the douchebag here

        2. This trooper was known to do exactly that. How fucking hypocritical is it for these asshats who hate women to go on and on about how this trooper saved a girl’s life? They know none of the details of this asshole trooper being fired beyond what is publicly available, and of course they just have to act like they know everything about. It must suck being so fat and lonely that all you can do is post about how much you hate women on a shitty blog.

  32. This is funny people act like racism or the made up term homophobia make you a bad person. Every one is fundamental a little racist and so called homophobia is only natural a normal straight Person cannot relate, and where does one draw the line in this am I homophobic becuase im a Christian must I abondend my faith becuase of what,some one doesn’t agree. Are you homophobic becuase you have no homo friends. Is it racist if you would prefer to hang out with people of your own race or prefer if your child dated or married inside of race. See one must realize the bar is bieng raised becuase of the saturation of the gayness and political correctness everywhere. You either have to be for it or totally against it, why did God in the bible command that no son of Israel was to be effiminate or no daughter a whore. If you allow these things to go and go they’ll be in your living room in short order. This is only the beggining these people won’t stop at all

  33. In today’s day and age, one must be extremely careful what they post on internet because of some cry babies who decided to ruin someone’s life based on an internet post. These trolls should have their names exposed and shamed for what they did. Thank you return of kings.

  34. Has anyone approached either of their employers with their online comments that show how they are obviously distrustful people that present a poor image of themselves and the companies / organizations they work for?

    1. I don’t think any sane employer is going to take this site’s bullshit seriously.

  35. what the hell, this article has got to be spread out. This man needs to get his job back.

  36. This is pathetic. Why do you have say about this? You obviously just want to bash someone who is gay or anyone who has anything to do with anyone who is gay. You’re a terrible journalist who is so far sided on this subject you can’t see passed your own dick. You obviously has no interaction with Sean or Jocelyn about they’re side of the story. Maybe having the cop resign was a bit much, but he should know better then to “joke” about the comments he made. I’m a personal friend of Sean’s and I’ll back him up all the way. And if your dumbass followers stay stalking him and his family, I hope they nail your ignorant ass.

    1. No, I think the writer’s position here is that it’s scary and outrageous that people can be fired for having views the “Social Justice Warriors” disagree with. The officer should not have been fired, in my opinion, and I think it’s horrible that these people helped make that happen.

      1. Above-all, he violated a very clear social media policy the Vermont State Police had in place. A policy that is taken very seriously when it involves someone with the right to “shoot to kill”.

        1. Policy isn’t law, it isn’t the constitution, and this policy is wrong.

        2. That’s another example of you being wrong. Go ahead and believe in all the conspiracy bullshit that you want! Everyone knows you people just love to do so. The fact of the matter is, it was ruled that an employer CAN limit an employee’s free speech off the clock for certain professions. This trooper was a fucking moron for posting everything on a 100% public Facebook profile. The least the retard could have done was locked down his profile and shared it privately with just his friends. Do you really want some dumb fuck like that having the power to arrest and/or shoot people? Fucking think for once, I know it’s tough for you people.

        3. A retard, eh? You’re such a sensitive soul. As far as “conspiracy bullshit” is concerned, what are you even talking about? Do you even know? Are you unaware that many so-called Progressives invest massive amounts of energy into hurting people who express views they disagree with? You’re not unaware, you’re just totally full of shit. Then, completely unaware of the irony, you become incensed when the tables are turned, and people strike back at the social justice warriors. Well, you’d better get used to it, because this kind of crap is a double edge sword
          Simply stating on Facebook that you belong to a specific church, mosque or synagogue could be construed as homophobic and sexist. As for Bruce jenner, I think he’s a ridiculous, absurd freak. The fact that this view is now deemed “dangerous” shows how truly twisted our values have become. I don’t particularly want someone who thinks Bruce Jenner’s choices are awesome to have the power to shoot and arrest people. But I’m not insanely driven to control thought, either.

        4. This has nothing to do with “thought control”. Maybe get your fucking facts straight before you go posting useless shit like this. Oh, but right, this entire website is loaded with fat lonely assholes who can’t manage to find or keep a woman. Yup, so fucking manly you all are! How many of you have a fling on the side? You know, sucking each other off and talking about how much you hate women? So manly!

        5. This place certainly isn’t one for sensitivity! Nice how you can kid yourself though when failing to provide any solid points. Oh, right, you people have none of the details. This all happened in Vermont, among a very small community, and the majority of the information is kept under wraps. Sorry, but this is just another prime example of the closeted homosexuals on ROK fabricating a story for all of you women-hating morons who are dumb enough to always jump on the bandwagon.

        6. Ooohh… you’re really angry now, aren’y you? You’re so mad you could just spit. This is ALL about thought control, and this place is beyond your control, and you CAN’T. FUCKING. STAND. IT.
          It’s hilarious the way you trailed off into you masturbatory fantasies at the end, you sad little wuss.

        7. It’s funny that the worst accusation you can spit out is that people are homosexual. Really, really, really funny.

        8. Hahahahaha not fucking mad at all! You people are so fucking miserable and alone– if anything at all, I’m somewhat sad for how shitty your lives must be. Hahaha

        9. You’re here investing a great deal of energy stomping your petite feet and calling us all gay. You’re soooooooo mad that we are still allowed to speak our minds here. You just can’t stand it. Also, you’re deeply sexually attracted to me, and you know you’ll never have me, which is simply too much for you to bear. Pop some pills, make a blenderful of daiquiris, and blast the soundtrack to Cats. You’ll be feeling as fabulous as you wish you were in no time.

        10. Hahahaha oh, how fucking wrong you are about literally every single one of your assumptions. Typical of the scumbags who support this website. I’m not mad at all, trust me! Haha if anything at all, your false assumptions show how unintelligent your community truly is. I wonder how many people int his community have raped women? how many have been cheated on? how many think that their gender, as a male, gives them authority even over women who are better than them? If you can’t see why this website is nothing but trash, there’s no fucking point in trying to appeal to your shitty views. The bottom line, is that I don’t give a fuck, but you people sure are fun to fuck with! Carry on! Hahahaha

        11. The accusation is that you’re all a bunch of hypocrites. I’m sorry that you have the intelligence of a fruit fly, and you weren’t able to reach that conclusion on your own.

        12. Your false assumptions about me aren’t helping your already-shitty excuse for an “argument”. Keep trying though! Come back when you’ve made it to 4th grade.

        13. Oh, and policy may not be law, but it’s certainly protected by law! Try again, dickhead. Haha

        14. My assumptions are correct You’re furious that a couple SJW pals of yours are getting called out, and there’s nothing you can do about it aside from come here and get made a fool of.

        15. Do you even know what the fuck anti-semite means? Go ahead and do a Google search, you fucking moron.

        16. This is me having fun with ignorant assholes on the internet. Hey, if you people weren’t easily manipulated you sure as fuck wouldn’t be active readers of this pathetic “return of kings” bullshit. Hahahaha bunch of sad and lonely men, oh boo fucking hoo. Go cry some more about it! 😀

        17. You’re an embittered, sad old queen, and you’re furious that you can’t control the world. It’s pretty funny stuff. Anyway, the tables have been turned on your two dipshit friends. And there’s nothing you can do about. Boo fucking hoo, indeed.

        18. What tables have been turned exactly? A group of misogynistic lunatics trying to threaten the well-being of two people who had nothing to do with reporting this pathetic asshole of a trooper? There’s not a single legitimate employer in the most liberal state in this country, as in Vermont, that is going to take you people seriously. You people sure LOVE to play the victim! Hahaha

        19. “First step to become a woman: Drive like one,” said a caption on a photo he shared of Jenner, who was recently involved in an accident.
          Wow. That’s really horrible stuff. I don’t know if the country will ever recover from this. And I’m sure the snark that flies at the gay bars–and in the gay internet circles–that you frequent never gets worse than that absolutely horrific comment. I had no idea this cop was such a uniquely evil person.
          The man lost his job, and you laugh about it. My main goal has been simply to keep you talking–the more you say, the more your true character is revealed. You hate your life, so you try to ruin the lives of the “normal” people you blame for your unhappiness. I actually feel sorry for you, but I think it’s important for people to see what you’re all about.
          Your friend Jocelyn said she went to internal affairs. By your standards, she was incredibly stupid to say this in a public forum, and she deserves exactly what she’s getting.

        20. My friend, Jocelyn? I do not know these people, but I absolutely respect anyone who reports ignorant asshole troopers who go on a power trip and think they can get away with it. You’re a total fucking moron if you think that ONE quote is the reason for Graham’s resignation. He did this to himself. How fucking stupid do you have to be, as a state trooper, to make a 100% public profile where you bash several minority groups? You are sworn to protect and serve equally, and the Vermont State Police’s social media policy clearly states that troopers must maintain a positive public image inside and outside of work. Again– you’re a fucking moron, and you fail to understand the details. Keep posting away on this pathetic excuse for a website. I can tell you right now, a real journalist can write something that actually has cold-hard facts and not just speculative bullshit preached to their sad and miserable choir.
          Get a fucking life, bub.

        21. I respect all religions equally, to the point that I follow absolutely none of them.

        22. I’m probably more masculine than you are, actually. If you saw me, you would never know what my sexual orientation is. Feel free to keep trying though! All you people have is made up bullshit, but hey, whatever gets people to read your shitty blog, right?

        23. Oh, so you’re gay?
          Nahhhh… you just make up a bunch of bullshit because everyone here just LOVES to act as a self-professed expert. Hahahaha

        24. I actually do not know either of them, but nice try! I am merely another resident of the State Of Vermont who feels as though our tax money should not supporting a trooper who is so fucking stupid to post that shit publicly. Yes, I disagree with pretty much all of his views, but it’s the fact that he had authority to “shoot to kill” and was fucking dumb enough to post filth like that on public forums that tells me he does NOT have the mental capacity required to have such an authority! Let’s be clear here: NONE of your assumptions are correct, but you’re going to keep telling yourself that they are. I am not furious– in fact, I’m proud of the state of Vermont for getting rid of this asinine trooper who was lacking so heavily in the intelligence department that he felt he could get away having a very public power trip for the entire world to see.
          How fucking stupid can someone get?

        25. Are you claiming that YOU know what you’re talking about? The Supreme Court ruled that free speech can be limited by an employer for employees of certain professions. A State Trooper is absolutely one of those positions. They must, at the very least, give the impression that they are protecting and serving everyone equally. Anything less than that, or anything that tarnishes the force’s image, creates more distrust for the police force. Their jobs have enough stress involved as it is, and clearly this guy was at the point (for several fucking years, mind you), where he could no longer control himself– posting some of the dumbest fucking shit someone in his position could ever post online.
          At the end of the day, the mere fact that the “Return Of Kings” joke-of-a-community supports Jonathan Graham, is just another sign that the man shouldn’t be a trooper. Thank you, ROK, for proudly making an example as to why filth like this shouldn’t be on our police force.

        26. I understand that you support policies, no matter what they are. You supported the U.S. military when it kicked men out for telling people they were gay. Today, if a police force fired a gay trooper for posting the gay pride flag and images of men kissing (very offensive to many people) on his facebook, and condemned the Westboro Baptist Church, you would have supported his firing as your eyes filled with angry tears of indignation at his comments against The Westbroro Baptist Church–because you think that any expression of personal beliefs should result in a cop’s firing. In your mind, the U.S. supreme court ruling clearly states that government employers can curtail employees speech in any way, and we should all applaud any attempt to curtail freedom of speech. Devout Christians and Jews–and, lest we forget, Muslims–who believe that homosexuality is a sin should NOT be able to talk about it on their facebook pages, because freedom of religion is always trumped by any policy.
          Oh, by the way, the cop who spoke to the media about the big biker shootout in texas condemned these biker gangs and said all kinds of bad things about them, and admitted that the police force essentially stalks them because they are so suspicious of their activities. This is highly offensive to bikers (and some of them are gay!) and I hope you and your gay avenger posse get on this right away

        27. You’re hopping mad–it’s clear for all to see. Your two pals are facing the wrath of public backlash for their pathetic behavior, and they deeply regret ever doing what they did. I’m very glad about this, and your fury is a constant source amusement and deep satisfaction.

        28. No, as we both know, you’re gay. And that’s fine. You have to find a way to stop hating yourself and to stop projecting all that hate in this maniacal exercise in vengeance against god or nature for making you the way you are.

        29. No, when people see you, they immediately know what you are–a sad, old, embittered queen who is embarrassed to be obsessively sexually attracted to certain ROK readers. Oh, the sweet agony that your life has become!

        30. Yes, your friend, the evil hag, Jocelyn, who, like you, seeks to control all thought and speech in America–to punish anyone who doesn’t toe the SJW line–and is now paying the price for it. Readers and writers at this site (and many others) show that you don’t really control very much at all, and–sad little wannabe despot that you are–it enrages you. Too bad, you sad, old queen. Keep coming here and pouring yourself into your hilarious tantrums. You’re showing the world what how sick the SJW world really is.

        31. Hahahahahahahaha as if you fucking people are considered to be a trustworthy source of information! Good fucking luck with that haha You sure know how to make me laugh! 😀

        32. Completely and totally false. I completely support everyone’s right to free speech, but free speech is a double-edged sword. Something you clearly don’t understand. You can say whatever the fuck you want, but people also have the right to hold you accountable for it. Such as this website– a website loaded with degenerates who happen to hate women.

        33. Guess again! I get hit on by women all the fucking time because they believe I am straight. I had one woman get pissed off at me because she thought I was merely claiming to be gay so that she would leave me alone! Keep on guessing, bitch. Hahaha it must suck for you, really. I’m a gay man who gets more attention from women than you’ll ever fucking get, and I have zero interest in being with them. Ouch! 😀

        34. I have zero regrets about who I am as a person, especially when I read the filth you people love to post on here. Nothing but a bunch of sad and lonely losers who are pissed off at the fact that women don’t respect men who are pathetic assholes. Time to grow up, kid.

        35. I can assure you that I know neither of them and that the majority of people in this state agree that the scumbag did not deserve to be a trooper. The great thing is, nobody is required to explain anything to you, and it’s not like your mind is going to change anyway. You’re an avid reader of ROK, and you take this site seriously. There’s no convincing anyone who is so far gone that they agree with this shitty site.

        36. Again, missing every single point that was made, and now using straw man arguments. It’s not my fault your life is so fucking miserable. Seek psychiatric help, or maybe an education.

        37. Ah yes, seek psychiatric help. I eagerly await your tinfoil hat reference, you cornucopia of cliches.

        38. You have shared pube filthy hot tubs with both of them at the same time. Sick. You support freedom of expression only for the politically correct. Sad.

        39. I’ve been holding back from saying it, but the ladies go insane for me. Especially the really hot ones–Precisely because I’m not a beta pussy. You, on the other hand, can’t get laid even though you’re gay as a French horn. That’s almost impossible. But somehow you manage to get turned down even at the glory hole level.

        40. The 90 year old ladies who come into your flower shop don’t count, fatso.

        41. You are a perfect example of Orwell’s concept of Doublethink. You passionately support freedom of speech for Progressives and passionately oppose it for everyone else. And it never even occurs to you how insanely hypocritical you are.

        42. It’s there for everyone to see. And many will see it, and there nothing you ca do to stop them. Cry yourself to sleep.

        43. …and nobody will take it seriously because there’s nothing but trashy people on this website. The ONLY thing you people have accomplished is aligning Jonathan Graham with incredibly sexist/misogynistic and homophobic people. He was a total disgrace to our police force. Good fucking riddance.

        44. Nothing to cry about, really! The more you people hate me, the better a person I clearly am. You all envy how happy and settled I am. Make all the horrible jokes you want,but keep in mind that you sleep alone. 😀

        45. Translation: I seriously do NOT give a fuck. 😀 Share my name as much as you want. Fucking go for it! I can assure you that nobody in Vermont takes this trashy site seriously. Also, this cowardly “author” lives in Chicago. Nobody fucking cares. 😀

        46. There you go making shit up again. Is that all you got, bitch? 😀

        47. I’m amused by the fact that you have no idea how I talk, walk, or act, and yet you still try to insult me by ASSUMING you know these things about me. I would put some serious money on it that I am more masculine than some little bitch with the handle “Pearlbuck” who hides themselves on an incredibly anti-women blog. Yeah, you’re such a manly man and everyone should aspire to be you! Hahahahaha fucking tell me some more jokes, kiddo. 😀

        48. What’s your address and social security number, so i can verify that you’re really Brian Ritchason.

        49. You’re clearly a fucking child if you think ANYONE would hand out that information. Time to grow up, dipshit.

    2. So it’s acceptable for your pal Powell to stalk Graham for months and get him fired from his job?
      You leftists can dish it out but you can’t take it. If Powell and Galvano-Pickett are upset at being exposed for being vindictive trolls, then maybe they should have minded their own business and not hounded an innocent man over his political opinions. This is their fault and their fault alone.

      1. Go get obnoxiously drunk again, you ignorant shithead.
        Jonathan Graham had a 100% public profile that he was using while on the clock, and he publicly violated the Vermont State Police’s social media policy– a condition of his continued employment. The least you could do is target the people who actually reported this man who was a disgrace to his entire police force. Get your fucking facts sorted out for once!
        His resignation is 100% his fault, and his fault alone. You certainly wouldn’t know what the fuck you’re talking about anyway… all you people do on here is rant and rave about how much you hate women and equal rights for women. There has seriously never been a more obvious self-hating homosexual community on the internet!
        It’s nobody’s fault that you’re a sad, fat, and lonely piece of shit than it is your own. Please continue to embarrass yourself by posting your horribly inaccurate bullshit online. I’m sure women just love to hear you go on and fucking on about how they are less human than the “amazing” Matthew Forney in Chicago– a disgusting lardass who claims to be a man! Hahaha please! Keep entertaining everyone!

        1. You’re entirely welcome to email me with details of how horrible Graham is and fill me in on the facts that I supposedly ignored. The fact that you’re choosing to leave insulting comments instead suggests you don’t have a factual leg to stand on.

        2. Oh, so much like the fact that in your own damn article you state that you don’t have any solid evidence and yet you choose to publicly slander these two? Why the fuck would I ever want to email you? You won’t take it seriously. You’ll just put some spin on it and act like it’s some more solid “reporting” for this shitty blog you feel so compelled to write for. You want to talk about insulting comments? This entire website is PROUDLY all about insulting comments, or maybe you forgot who the fuck you write for?

        3. Go ahead and delete my comments on here. I’m sure you will, and it’s because you’re fat and worthless coward who can’t find a woman. Might as well hate them all because you have a fucking ego and clearly it’s THEIR fault that you’re a sad piece of shit.

        4. Yeah, and maybe just like you I can spend a fair portion of my free time drowning myself in alcohol and hating every aspect of a shitty life.

        5. Why is Brian posting here? Isn’t there a ban on women and homosexuals posting here? Why are they violating our safe space? I’m getting triggered.

        6. Snitches are Bitches, who get Stitches, and end up in Ditches. If you want to be a keyboard warrior in the culture wars, then you better be able to take what you dish out.

        7. Oh, poor baby 🙁
          Enjoy another night of being sad and alone as you blame all women for you being single. It certainly has nothing to do with you being a sad and whiny asshole. :'(

        8. Says the dumb cunt hiding behind a computer. Run in fear, everyone! The lonely closet-cases are angry!

        9. LMAO. Look who’s talking. Keep raging, puss nuts. We both know Brian Ritchason isn’t your real name. 😉 If the cop was really that bad and his firing was justified, then those responsible should be proud and take credit.

          The lonely closet-cases are angry!

          Btw, it’s always hilarious when Leftoids use being gay as an insult. BAHAHAHA! Oh, the hypocrisy!

        10. I was not using gay as insult; however, I am not surprised that you missed the point given your obvious lack of intelligence. What I claimed is that you’re all a bunch of closet-case hypocrites who need to get a grip on reality. Oh, and is “Haven Monahan” your real name? How about you use an actual photo of you? Oh, right, anonymity.
          This cop was one of the most ignorant pieces of shit on the police force. He’s entitled to his views all he wants, but it takes a rather high level of stupidity to think that posting a shitload of controversial statements on your very-public Facebook page is a good idea, especially when you KNOW that you are trooper who could easily be targeted by anyone you’ve ever arrested or pulled over. At best, this guy is a fucking moron.

        11. Oh, please. That fucking information would go nowhere. You have a rather long history of getting embarrassingly drunk off your ass at “white power” conventions, and then there’s all the bullshit you write for this shitty website. You don’t have the facts, nor will you ever have the facts. That information is purely within the records of the Vermont State Police, but good for you finding two seemingly random people to place on the blame on for the sake of fabricating a bullshit story. It’s pretty much what this dumpster fire of a website is all about.

        12. Brian Bitchason, keep backpedaling, you crybaby hypocrite. If there’s nothing wrong with being gay, then why accuse people of being gay? Hypocrite. Obviously, somewhere inside you think there’s something wrong with it or you never would’ve wrote it. You exposed your own inner bigotry with a Freudian slip.
          Only morons and hypocrites like yourself lecture random people on the internet for being anonymous, while also being anonymous. You’re the epitome of a stupid, self-righteous hypocrite.
          I’m not surprised you ignored my point. If the cop was so bad, then those who got him fired should be proud of what they did. They posted publicly on the internet with their real names attached. If they want to scurry like cockroaches after the fact, that’s their own fault. What’s the problem here, bitch boy?

        13. Oh, please get the fuck over yourself already. You haven’t proven a single damn point, but go ahead with feeling like you did like stupid little fuck that you are.
          There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, but many people within this community are hiding in the closet while also bashing those who have come out. You want to talk about who is being whiny? Take a serious look at literally any fucking article posted on this shithole of a website. It’s nothing but lonely and pathetic men bitching about women. It must suck living such a sad and miserable excuse of a life, especially one where you have to go to sleep alone every night. I’m not going to take anything you say seriously because, quite frankly, you’ve already proven yourself to be an arrogant pig-headed fucking moron with every single comment you’ve posted.
          There’s no convincing you, nor is it my goal to do so, but it’s amusing to see how upset you’re getting over my comments.

        14. … There has seriously never been a more obvious self-hating homosexual community on the internet! … Sorry, but this is just another prime example of the closeted homosexuals on ROK…

          If there’s nothing wrong with being gay, then why weaponize being gay and use it as an insult? You don’t have a rational answer because you’re a fucking hypocrite. If there’s nothing wrong with it then stop using it as an insult, you bigot.
          Brian, nobody is more of a crybaby than you are. You’ve done nothing but spit up and insult people since you’ve got here. You’re a sad little troll with nothing better to do with your time. But keep projecting your sad little existence onto me. LMAO!

        15. Hahahaha as if this entire fucking website isn’t about spewing hatred and insults toward people. You’re a fucking joke, not a funny one, but definitely a joke! Hahahaha

        16. Nice attempt to change the subject. You’re still a homophobic, hypocritical, crybaby troll. 😉 So based on your own standards you’re at home here.

        17. Definitely NOT homophobic, or a hypocrite, or a crybaby troll. I’m sure you have a fair share of fairy tales you believe in. You certainly love to make up shit and act like you’ve proven some kind of point! Careful now, your maturity level is showing… Please continue to bitch and whine about how much you hate women. I’m sure that’ll allow you to have so much success in this world! Fucking loser.

        18. The further anyone can distance themselves from the shitty views of the trashy people who take this blog seriously, the better they are as a human being. This entire site is a great guide for “How To Be A Lonely & Miserable Excuse Of A Man Up Until The Day You Die”. Fucking sad, really.

        19. Keep feeling like you’ve won something, or that you’ve proven some kind of point. The proud readers of this blog will ALWAYS feel like they are in the right. Good for you! Look at you just being all sad and lonely like the rest of the bitchy men who follow this blog. How are any of you any better than the most extreme examples of feminists that you claim to hate? You just look through all the shitty “articles” on here, and any sane person won’t take it seriously.

        20. Oh, and I like how “Matthew Forney”, a man who just fucking LOVES to express his shitty opinions hasn’t posted much more from his last comment. Coincidentally, this is just as “Haven Monahan” became active on the very same thread Matt had commented on. I don’t think you people get to call anyone a coward, really. Pretty much everyone on here hides behind an anonymous account, and everything you people say you say directly to your own little choir of sad and lonely men. Nothing is more manly than being a whiny little bitch hiding behind an alt account, right?? 😉

  37. In the end, it is more the fault of the Vermont state police if they didn’t have his back, than the fault of these two. Yes, they should be mercilessly harassed, mocked and shamed, but they didn’t directly fire him.

    1. You are not a “Law Student” and even if you are, you’re a shitty one at best.
      He had years of violations against his employer’s social media policy. A policy that the Vermont State Police takes very seriously, especially when giving someone the right to “shoot to kill”.

    2. “I see that you have broke several code of conduct rules that our other hundred or so officers have no problem abiding by. This includes twitter blasts that offend certain races or orientations. However, we’ve got your back on this and the lawsuits that will surely follow.” Is that how the conversation would go?

  38. And yes, the left wants us destroyed, not only politically, but personally and professionally. We need to use our power to destroy them, politically, professionally, and personally. We must destroy everybody who supports the liberal agenda.

    1. Good luck with that. I’m sure whining on this blog is accomplishing all of that.

    2. Don’t forget about the weekly LBGT meetings on how to promote their agenda and infiltrate the government. Typically they meet at your local TGI Fridays but if there isn’t one in town, they will fall back on Applebees.

  39. These 2 professional trolls aren’t really the issue here. Problem is this sick society where people like them suddenly became relevant. I have no idea how that came to be!

  40. There is a huge divide in America. It’s between the collectivists and the individualists. The collectivists use any collective action to snuff anything that violates their beliefs which is nothing but eradicating individual expression. The individualists on the other hand pursue those things that permit individual expression. The former seeks coercion through the acts of a collective whether it be a mob or government force while the latter seeks voluntary interactions. This societal divide is nothing but a conflict between the ideas regarding the relationship between the individual and a collective. This was inevitable. We cannot live together under a vast and intrusive central authority anymore. There is nothing that can reconcile this fundamental difference.
    The “Great Experiment” has run its course. America is too vast to be governed by a central government that hides behind the myth of federalism. Dissolution of this current form of American polity is on the horizon, and there’s no stopping it. Instead of seeking a restraint order against the so-called Left, it’s time to pursue a peaceful separation.

    1. I’ve thought this for several years now. Peaceful secession is the only long term solution. Of course, being tyrants the Left doesn’t want this. They want to rule over the states as if it were an empire based out of DC.

  41. If the same guy had shot somebody it would not be an issue. In some ways it is a good thing it is happening to the police . They are the enforcers for this madness. maybe now the enforcement won’t be so vigorous

  42. LOL the hate comments on this site would be funny if there weren’t real people making them. Fact of the matter is this: He signed a code of conduct when he became an officer. He didn’t just break that code, he opened up the State of VT to millions of dollars in potential civil suits by people who have received tickets from Mr Graham. If I was LBGT and got pulled over by him, I’d already have a lawyer. This has nothing to do with free speech and has everything to do with terms of employment.
    Lastly, you clowns aren’t even close to who broke this story. Wow! You dove all the way into the comments of the news story to find out “who dun it”? What a bunch of ace sleuths! There was activity related to this story online at least a week before the news story broke, maybe you should start there?

  43. As for claiming anyone is on a “witch hunt” based purely on comments on Vermont’s local news outlet, I can understand why people in a fucking huge city like Chicago think that seeing the same people on different articles is some kind of suspicious activity. The fact of the matter is, our state has less than 630,000 people in it. There are the people who follow WPTZ, and there are the people who follow WCAX. Hardly anyone, in comparison to our population, actually comments on WCAX because the website is a fucking nightmare loaded with ads. Also, with it being a state with a small population, something that happens in the southernmost part of the state is felt and heard by the people in the northernmost part of the state. This isn’t like Chicago, with a population of over 2.7 MILLION people in the city alone… the one city where this pathetic uninformed asshole of an “author” resides is roughly 4.5 times the population of our entire state. Obviously we are going to have people who are known to frequently comment on WCAX. I’ve done my own research into both of these people, and neither of them are anywhere near as active as this shitty blog would love for people to believe.

    1. Yea seriously, didn’t take long to discover the source on this and it does not reside in the comments section of WCAX

    2. You’ve done your research on yourself, Sean Powell? That’s right, I know it’s you. You’re commenting with the email address sburke05079+facebook [at] gmail [dot] com, and Burke was your last name before you got married, as this screenshot from your blog shows.
      So not only are you a cowardly snitch who gets people fired because of your hurt feelings, you have to hide behind a pseudonym when someone calls you out. Don’t worry, I’m screencapping all your comments and adding them as an update to this post so anyone who Googles your name from here on out can see what a chickenshit you are.

      1. Care to have anything else you want to fabricate? You people are fucking ridiculous hahahaha

  44. “This screenshot shows that Peabody Kohler Fox had inside information pertaining to Powell’s activities:”
    How is that screenshot proof at all? Some crazy woman known for posting radical bullshit on the WCAX website points a finger somewhere and a moron like Matt Forney takes it so seriously that he claims the information can be viewed as factual. Yeah, good journalism, buddy. It’s so cool that any god damn story you people make up is suddenly “factual”.

      1. I seriously don’t understand why he parades around as if he’s the poster model for masculinity. Fat and ignorant prick always seems so depressed in all of his photos, like he could break down in tears at any moment. I come on here defending my name and suddenly I’m “guilty” of something. All he does is bitch and whine! Nothing better for him to do, really. It’s not like anyone would ever want to be with such a huge loser of a ‘man’ anyway.

  45. “So not only are you a cowardly snitch who gets people fired because of your hurt feelings”
    Let’s be clear. The concern has nothing to do with “hurt feelings”. The concern is that as a tax payer of Vermont, we could be on hook for millions if anyone decides to litigate the tickets or criminal charges the former officer has issued. You and I both know that if someone who is homosexual takes one of these charges to court, they will in fact find a sympathetic jury and win in VT.
    So call this “the left’s agenda to destroy the right” or whatever other hogwash you can think of. In the end, this is about protecting VT tax payers so we don’t have to foot the bill of any lawsuits his actions incur.
    The fact that he BROKE HIS EMPLOYERS RULES is just icing on the cake.

  46. Hmmmm… .Let’s see here:
    A super homophobic and misogynistic website full of some of the world’s trashiest people have called me out and think that I’m a horrible human being for believing in equality, accountability, and following company policy… you know what? Announce my name to the world. The fact that I’ve pissed you people off just goes to show how great of a person I am, so feel free to continue saying otherwise. All you are doing is helping me! 😀

    1. you say homophobic and misogynistic like they’re bad things
      the butthurt is palpable, sean

      1. It’s not my fault that you’re sad and alone, and that no woman wants to be with you.

  47. The homosexuals are so frequently degenerate and traitorous, one can’t help but wonder if is a symptom of their illness.

  48. what strikes me first is that they both look like eaters who wouldnt be alive were it not for the compassion of general society

    1. “Return of Kings” is apparently a website that promotes masculinity, and yet here you are being a whiny little bitch.

  49. I like how all of you basement dwellers think that you’re actually helping Jonathan Graham out by defending him on here. All you have done is brought his name into the national spotlight. It would have stayed right in Vermont, or at least New England, but now you’ve probably done more harm to his career than anyone who reported him. I’m sure people will look at an incredibly homophobic anti-woman website defending Jonathan Graham and consider the guy worthy of hiring.

  50. I’m just now seeing this, but I have to say thank you for writing on this subject. As of now, my parents have no choice but to walk away from their house and move in with family in Massachusetts while my dad tries to find another job that paid half as well as the VSP (he has already been turned away from a job opportunity once due to this incident). I can also tell you with 100% certainty that Sean Powell is the SJW who caused this, my dad was given his name.

    1. I’m sorry but your father was really fucking stupid to be making those comments on public facebook and twitter profiles. If the job paid so well, your father should have been smart enough to follow a very simple policy that was in place. I have to find humor in the fact that you are now here, on rok, a community where women’s rights are laughed at. So here you are, Felicia Graham, publicly participating in a website that pushes ideas like why fat women apparently need to be locked up, or “why this douche totally did not rape that girl”. Maybe you should take a look around and see what you’re participating in?
      I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree after all…

  51. This fucking loser Sean Powell has been attempting to harass me via social media. He’s a skinny cowardly little cunt that needs his features rearranged. Don’t worry folks….his Karma is going to catch up to him sooner or later.
    Go fuck your self Sean Powell you little molested damaged goods faggot.

  52. Sean Powell has a terrible personal and business demeanor online and off. If you do not appreciate his SJW attacks he will harass you on social media while making various threats.
    The crazy thing is…I never made contact with this person until he Initiated an attack on me in response to a comment I made on a WCAX.com news story over a year ago! A comment that has never been moderated. A comment with the most upvotes of the conversation thread.
    Since then Mr. Sean Powell has harassed me several times via FB comments and private messages. He also has attacked my wife in the same manner.
    When I see his business listings I give his business negative reviews. Because he is a terrible business person. A very poor representative of any business.
    Today this coward enlisted a young man named Justin Demar from Sharon Vermont. Mr Demar contacted me out of the blue via FB to issue threats to my family. He said that “if I do not stop giving Sean Powell’s photography business bad reviews. He will hire someone to do strange things to my wife and daughter”.
    I reported this immediately to the VT State Police and FB security. The police took a full report. They know where both men live already.
    If you are going to use social media to attack people that do not agree with your view points ethics or lifestyle…you should probably think twice if you also intend to use the same media to promote your business interests.
    Bottom line is this person displays poor ethics and an unstable personality. I would not recommend this business to anyone anywhere. Quite the contrary. I advise people to stay away from Sean Powell.
    In response to Mr. Powell’s assertion that I was charged with any kind of assault ever. He is a bald faced liar. That is easily verified. As far as my daughter is concerned. You better never go near her Sean Powell. That will be a very big mistake.

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