3 Easy Hacks To Develop A Dominant Presence

Far too many men hold themselves like 13-year-old girls who are too shy to wave down the waitress and ask for a glass of water.

Whether I’m walking down the street passing a man who nervously looks down at his feet as we cross paths, or just meeting someone for the first time who rambles anxiously about god-knows-what as soon as we’re introduced, it’s clear that a large percentage of men shit their pants at least five times a day.

And it’s obvious. Whether you realize it or not, you size someone up within an instant of seeing them. A 2006 study at Princeton University found that people’s inferences about someone’s attractiveness, likability, trustworthiness, competence, and aggressiveness are made up after a mere 100 milliseconds of viewing their face. Allowing the participants to view the faces without a time constraint rarely changed their judgments.

This means that you should do what you can to portray what you want to. How you carry yourself, dress yourself, and build yourself physically will dictate EXACTLY how other people perceive you, and therefore treat you and relate to you. NOT taking the time to consciously analyze and plan these things is silly. How people view us and treat us will either propel us towards success or condemn us to failure. It will either fill women’s pants with moist liquids and men’s hearts with respect, or dry up that vagina like the fucking Sahara and kill your chances of ever impressing anyone in a job interview.

Obviously doing things like lifting weights to build a bigger chest and back and practicing martial arts to ingrain a sense of fearlessness in your character are worthwhile pursuits that will shape your presence over time, but in this article I’ll aim to offer you three “quick fixes” that can make a nearly instant impact on your presence if used correctly.

1. A simple stretch to help you stand up straight

One of the first things, if not the first, that people notice about you is your posture. Good posture is expansive, takes up space, and embodies strength. Poor posture shrinks and portrays weakness. And, while a lot of factors go into solid posture, the most important is undoubtedly bringing your shoulders back to expand your chest cavity and holding your head high.

The problem is that today we constantly bring our arms forward to type on computers, drive cars, or play video games. And this shortens the muscles on the front of our body, resulting in weak posture where the shoulders roll forward. To combat this you should stretch your chest. The simplest way to do this is standing inside of a doorframe with your palms holding the sides of the frame, and then leaning forward and holding that position for at least 30 seconds.


If you do this a couple times per day, you will lengthen these muscles and hold your shoulders back by default. This makes your chest look bigger, your shoulders look wider, and your presence more dominant.

2. How to hold eye contact

Earlier this year I wrote an entire article on this, but I’ll distill the key points here. Strong eye contact is associated with confidence and authority. By holding eye contact you can effortlessly convey these things without saying a word. The trick is to hold eye contact for just a bit longer than whoever you’re talking to. If you overdo it, it will come off as creepy or like you’re trying to intimidate them. If, on the other hand, you struggle to hold it, it will convey fear or nervousness.

Practice your eye contact in every interaction. I promise it’s worth it. I can’t even count the number of times girls have blushed, looked down, and complimented me on my eye contact. And I can tell you that it’s definitely built a strong attraction inside of them.

3. An appropriate speed to speak at

This conversation variable is similar to eye contact, although not quite as important. Eye contact is recognized before you even open your mouth, just like posture, and so those make for a stronger first impression. But the speed at which you speak is also quite important when it comes to creating a powerful presence. And it’s easy to tweak.

You want to speak slowly. As in while you’re speaking, the rate at which words are exiting your mouth is calm and controlled. But also as in allowing people to finish talking and pause for a moment before responding. This shows you’re completely comfortable in the conversation. It also creates an interview-type dynamic where you’re the interviewer and the other person is qualifying themselves to you.

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94 thoughts on “3 Easy Hacks To Develop A Dominant Presence”

  1. Valid points, valid exercises. Another important point to the confidence building is deep breathing. Exercise deep breathing to calm yourself to the point where you are able to apply the above mentioned exercises. This type of mental training requires time, dedication and consistency to yield results. Good luck gentlemen !

    1. Deep breathing is wrong. Deep breathing lowers CO2 levels and oxygen availability in tissues, elevating stress. You want to focus on breathing as little as possible. If you’re feeling agitated holding your breath for a minute or two is much better than deep breathes.

      1. False.
        1. It is proven that in order to exercise a deep breath you expand your chest.
        2. Expanding your chest in order to breathe deep, puts your back torace muscles into work and with time you’ll improve your aliure and posture.
        3. Deep breathing calms you down, brings a larger flow of O2 to the brain, placing you in a state of stress acceptance.
        4. I encounrage deep breathing but as a pre-exercise with stretching before beggining your work-out routine.
        In adaos,
        5. We all know that deep contemplative state smokers get through smoking. The chemicals they inhail along with other factors make them dependent yes, but that specific high is the breathing exercise they inconciously do while inhaling larger quantities of oxigen.
        6. Deep breathing exercises rid you of anxiety.
        7. Deep breathing exercises work your throat muscles (laringes); if done repeatedly as a routine it will deepen your voice.
        Johnny B.

        1. In order to exercise a deep breath you fully expand your diaphragm and this will cause your belly to expand, not your chest. If you only expand your chest when you breathe you will only use half your lungs.

        2. But you fail to point out one of the most important aspects of deep breathing: It has to be done slowly!
          Rapid deep breathing will make you faint. The point above about lowering CO2 levels in your lungs and henceforth getting insufficient oxygen is valid. CO2 is the oxygen carrier in your blood.
          If you do it slowly you maintain the optimal CO2 levels. You do not blow it all out.

  2. Any opinions on repeating oneself to others? I always got the impression that the more you must repeat yourself to the same people, the less they respect you, because they didn’t bother to listen the first time.

    1. If you repeat yourself, then do so slowly, with more volume and more bass.
      If the listener is female, you may salt your repetition with condescension, and ask her if she needs you to uses smaller words.
      À bientôt,

  3. Some further thoughts:
    1. Voice. Practice projecting it, like a singer would. Speak from your chest.
    2. Posture. Increased fitness will lead to better posture, so it’s an added benefit. Work on your core. Also, engage in athletics, preferably the type where you have to react to the ball or other players (basketball, volleyball, etc.) This will help one learn to “move in space” and that translates into everyday life.
    3. Eyes. When making eye contact with females*, hold it until she looks down or away. Down is best as it implies submission.
    4. One might also consider an acting class as it will help you work on 1 & 2. It’s also likely going to be mostly women, of the free-spirited and casual about sex, but also nutty type.
    Happy slaying.
    À bientôt,
    *Don’t worry about this with men unless you (a) are in the mood for a fight or (b) are gay, as extended eye contact by a man with another man is generally considered to be either challenge to a fight or an invitation to sex, thus it will likely lead to either fighting or fucking, neither of which you really want with another man, unless the exceptions of (a) and (b) apply.

    1. As a singer, projection of the voice starts at just above the groin, moves up the abs which pushes air out of the the chest through a relaxed throat and mouth to the lips and tongue as modifiers.

    2. Actually, if you want to project your voice, you speak from your diaphragm. Breathe into your stomach and exhale when you speak. Your voice will be louder and deeper.

      1. Quite correct. Y’know I was going to say “diaphragm” and then I thought about a Russian friend of mine who I practice Russian language with saying “You must SPEAK the Great and POWERFUL Russian language FROM YOUR CHEST!”
        À bientôt,

        1. Haha, I spoke from my chest for the greater part of my life, and I sounded like a BITCH. For any men reading this, if you’ve got bitch voice, chances are you’re breathing and speaking from your chest and not from your diaphragm.

        2. Men sound like bitches because they have allowed themselves to become bitches. The distinct feminization of the modern male species is hard to miss.

    3. Holding eye contact when talking, then looking away when talked to, works for me. A little aloofness gives that air of “je ne sais quoi” women like in a man.
      À demain.

      1. I like looking away and down initially to give the asshole the impression that I am submissive. I then switch it when the douche bag believes they are dominant. In particular, the opponent starts tripping themselves up with ridiculous comments under the misgotten belief that they are right and in charge. Basically, lure in the enemy and at the right time come in for the kill.

    4. “4. One might also consider an acting class as it will help you work on 1 & 2”
      This makes sense. After all it was William Shakespeare who stated “All the World is indeed a stage, and the people merely players.”

  4. It’s all well and good to have proper posture and good dress, but I find that in the business world no one really cares. At least starting out in the corporate world.
    It’s just my experience, but I think that the typical “alpha” attitude doesn’t work in the corporate environment, unless you are the boss. It’s much better to be a compliant beta, rather than asserting yourself and standing out, unselectively.
    The “I have my shit together” look doesn’t work in the beta-ized and feminized corporate whore house.

    1. Being an individual worked against me in my lab workplace. It wasn’t even that I was behaving excessively alpha or anything… and I was always respectful to my superiors.
      Looking good, having self-esteem, having standards, not being a complete leftist, and all the while getting positive feedback from females only made my relationship with my boss more difficult as time went on. The guy tried to amog me at any chance he could… even after that whole fiasco with my ex… and there wasn’t much I could do… ultimately he has to sign my graduation papers and give me reference letters.
      But at the same time, the female students could get away with practically anything…
      I could go into detail but I think I know where you are coming from. The betas seemed to get through my program the easiest. The omegas just got shit on at every point to get more free work out of them. I only knew one alpha male that seemed ok but even he had to tone himself down once his research wasn’t the hot new topic.
      Another thing I found interesting was how a new professor, who was quite red-pill IMO, was at first every female’s crush… rumours about him throughout the department. But when it was discovered that he didn’t give a shit about what others thought of him, and that he married a foreign woman from India, all the knives came out… Now he barely even comes to the university… but he snagged tenure already so he doesn’t give a fuck. Now everybody hates him… despite him being the only guy around who knows how to manually write fMRI algorithms…

      1. I don’t see how being an alpha helps you in the work place, although I can see why in the past it was the case. I also notice a lot of guys develop alpha personas once promoted … their confidence is directly tied to their pay check or position.
        I don’t know how to navigate the work place because all the standard advice is shit now.

        1. If you are a blue callor worker like me who is over a crew(I’m a lineman)you damn well better be alpha or you don’t get any respect.I’m not trying to say I’m some kind of bad ass just saying they need to know who calls the shots that’s all.

        2. Same applies here. I work in the timber industry and often have logging crews working under me. I learned early on to never act weak, or else I would have gotten eaten alive by some very tough dudes

        3. “I don’t see how being an alpha helps you in the work place”
          OK, you don’t. This is important, how?

      2. http://www.songsofthecosmos.com/images/sine_wave.gif
        As you can see from the below demonstration, a “v” shaped peak SINE wave, when perceived as powerful or of a dominant presence, it seems the herd uses vulture type social tactics to undermine you so that you revert back to the median line or possibly below it, the romance cycle in relationships works in a similar way, as do seasons, economic cycles , Sleep, exercise recovery and every other cycle, Trying to be at the top for very long, is like trying to stay awake for 24 hours, quite the challenge,
        the more “sine waves” we try to control the more we fractionally divide our minds, and the less power we have to sustain the cycle, as you clutter your mind, the “V” shape curve of the sine wave becomes a more impotent “U” shape, the oscillation stretches out so that there are less grand peaks and more wobbles along the middle

    2. Y’know I can’t say I’ve had this problem. Being “alpha” doesn’t necessarily mean “being a dick”. Project confidence, not fear. If your boss sux, move on.
      My current boss is the poster child for “beta”–half the time he acts like he reports to me–but he’s also pretty flexible and understand that my shit is wired tight, so if he leaves me alone, my work is going to get done ahead of schedule and right the first time. I also liaise with the company that owns my firm, and after my first staff meeting, I could tell that the department chair was thinking to himself, “Thank Christ! Finally they send me someone with actual talent.” My previous boss was an old NY Irish guy, so he and I understood each other the first day, and got along great and thus he gave me a lot of freedom.
      If you’re a confident guy who can handle himself socially (i.e. confident, competent, but not a tool), and you’re having problems at work with people, then the greater likelihood is that you work with losers.
      This underscores a big point that gets made and repeated in the manosphere, and correctly so–stay the fuck out of debt so that you can maintain independence and therefore not have to eat the whole corporate crap sammich. Someday, you may feel the heat around the corner, and need to bail. Be Ready.
      À bientôt,

    3. I can relate to the alpha possible threat scheme, were you might represent a threat to the other betas that are in high positions and see you and start to fear you in a way or another in the corporate world. Keep your cool, do your job as best you can to the highlights that you see fit and those ass kissing betas will expire with time and you’ll find yourself as the alpha who does his job takes no shit respects everyone, salutes everyone. The key to success is to be smart and use every means necessary to complete your work objectives along the line of respect for your colleagues. Respect your work, respect your colleagues, respect your bosses even if they are morons. Work, strive, challenge your-self, push, run shit, go forth and change the world by 1st changing yourself. Then, you’ll see wonders.

    4. “The “I have my shit together” look doesn’t work in the beta-ized and feminized corporate whore house.”
      OK, it does not work for you. Just how many corporate whore houses have you inhabited?

  5. From my behalf i’d like to add 4th point – dont expect to master it overnight. Often guys get pumped up after reading similar articles and after failing couple of times they give up or even worse – starts to blame everyone around them. If you gradually work yourself up you will become unstopabble masculine force. Have faith in yourself and remember you are not doing this for father, mother, family, friends or girls – it is you who wants to become a better version of himself.

    1. “It is you who wants to become a better version of himself.”
      Great point.
      For my part, whenever I attempted self-improvement for the benefit of another, I inevitably failed and ended in some pathetic existential crisis–“if you don’t appreciate/like/reward my sacrifices, but rather hate me for them, then what the hell have I been doing these past [X] years? What the hell have I strived to become? Something hateful to the things I love?”
      Selfishness is really underrated, and I think it is an overlooked point that to do the greatest good or become our greatest good, then we must first focus on ourselves. Then, and possibly only then, will the things that we love follow.
      And the process of so-called “enlightened selfishness” is gradual- as you say.
      Great comment.

    2. Yea, it needs to slowly integrate into the subconscious and seem natural. If one day you’re the lonesome loser, the next day your cocky, arrogant, and over whelming, people will see straight through that shit.

  6. My brother-in-law always mocks my great posture, he says I walk around with my chest puffed out. I just always walk around with excellent posture and I have a big muscular chest. I’m confident, a bit cocky, have been called arrogant. ..
    Meanwhile my brother-in-law is out of shape with bad posture, slouches his back when he walks, is not confident and has very low self-esteem lol
    I’ve got him going to gym with me, so hopefully I could get him fit and more confident

    1. Just your typical beta insecurity in the presence of an alpha. Good you’re getting his ass to the gym.

    2. Reply “No, I walk like a man. A heterosexual man. Not some guy whose had the life sucked out of him. Y’know, like YOU walk.”
      I suspect he will never bring it up again.
      À bientôt,

    3. My father constantly brow beat us about posture. He threatened to tie a board across our shoulders and would wack us between the shoulder blades if he caught us slouching. At the time, poor posture was considered a sign of stupidity, laziness and general poor breeding.
      You can always tell the winners at the starting gate.

  7. Another trick to make eye contact easier on you – Stare at their nose instead of their eyes, it still looks to the other person as if you are looking into their eyes.

  8. Posture is the first thing you learn in swordsmanship, both European schools, and Kendo, and other martial arts.
    People who stand upright and centered will kick your ass.

    1. In sanctioned games with little true downside, perhaps. On the street, in my limited yet not non existent experience, people who stand upright and centered will get sucker punched or backstabbed. Then kicked in the head ten times when they are down. Often by ten different guys.
      This carries over to boxing as well. Look at the pre fight posture of great fighters, and it’s one of flighty eyes that never leave the opponent, and sloping shoulders. The look of an cornered animal with nothing left to lose. Not of comfortable confidence. Overconfidence may be great game, but when the stakes are high, it’s just like over-anything; a weakness to be exploited.
      Even Tyson in his early years, imposing as he was, displayed that kind of shiftiness. Once boxers are superstars, pre match displays are more choreographed shows for the audience, than anything natural. Then you get the full ghetto bravado, Hollywood alpha, on full display. But that’s not the look of a fighter on the way to something big. Because in the real world, he who squares up to fight an opponent on equal terms, always loses out to he who have no compunction about shooting his opponents in the back.

      1. Martial arts does not equal street fighting. Yes, in a fight, the best course of action is to run away, and failing that, stick a shiv in the smuck’s back, or just shoot his ass.
        But in weaponed arts, that stance is there for a reason. If you are poorly centered, and not holding your weapon properly, I will kill you.

    2. Indeed, you want to stay upright and centered, knees slightly bent to allow for maximum penetration while thrusting.

  9. Whenever you break eye contact, always look to the side or up. Never look down as that signifies submission or lack of confidence.

    1. You can look slightly down (while looking to the side) to show pensiveness/thoughtfulness to defuse any kind of tense situation. But yeah, looking straight down isn’t a good idea.

      1. I look above and past people.
        Holding eye contact is hard unless you care about what the average person is talking about (9 out of 10 times I don’t).

        1. Hah, they’re going to think something is wrong with their hair, or some bird just shit on them

  10. Thanks Jefe, I really enjoy your articles and that’s some good advice.
    I’ll add another chest exercise that is not talked about much but can have similar benefits to the stretch that you recommended.
    Rader chest-pulls:
    Stand inside of your bathroom door frame and face one of the posts, or stand facing some sort of a vertical support structure for a pullup bar, telephone pole, or street sign for instance. Reach out with straight arms and grab it (roughly chin or eye level, whichever works for you after experimenting a bit), then take a deep breath and hold it while puffing out your chest and pull down-and-in as hard as you can for five-to-ten seconds, then rest for a few seconds, and repeat. If you are feeling an intense contraction in your abs, then you are doing them wrong; feeling them in your tris and lats is natural.
    These are mainly a “ribcage expansion” exercise, which is controversial at best. Be that as it may, it feels like someone placed a balloon in my chest after a few sets of these, so I perform them religiously and I recommend them to anyone interested in developing more of a barrel chest. There is some anecdotal evidence out there that this exercise actually produces a bigger chest, although I suspect that this effect has more to do with correcting one’s posture than actually expanding the ribcage.
    Another trick that I have found useful (my shoulders used to roll forward quite a bit): at various points throughout the day, remind yourself to keep good posture and correct it by placing your hands by your sides, make fists and point your thumbs forward, then rotate your thumbs outward until your thumbs are pointing straight out from your sides. It’s practically impossible to perform this movement without pulling your shoulders back and poking out your chest. Once you have performed the movement, hold your shoulders and chest in that position and continue to go about your business until you inevitably forget and relax–then when you remember, just do it again, and so on. After some time, you will train yourself to keep this posture.

  11. I have never heard of muscles at the front shortening with too much time at the desk, computer, etc. Do you have a source for your first point? Or any further information? My posture is something I need to work on.

    1. Well, I dunno about muscles “shortening”, but sitting all day is basically the worst thing possible for a person’s health, this side of cigarettes.
      À bientôt,

      1. There needs to be a widespread study, fabricated if necessary, showing clear and incontrovertible links between sitting all day and obesity.
        Maybe this will make a dent into the hordes of career whores. After all, housework is more standing than sitting 🙂

    2. Muscles do not actually shorten. What they do is restrict relaxation to restrict range of motion.
      OK, so the end result does give the appearance of having actually shortened, due to the lost range of motion.
      This happens when muscles become over patterned in a contracted state. Cyclists, for instance, are known for tight hamstrings, as the leg never fully extends when pedalling and the hamstrings are always under a certain amount of tension to balance the force with is being produced by the quads.
      When sitting for long hours in chairs, it is actually the posterior chain that becomes both tight and weak. This throws the whole body into imbalance along the spine, as other muscles, which should be doing other things, now have to generate forces to compensate.
      Chairs suck. Ironically, the ‘better’ the chair, i.e. the more it provides support, the more it sucks.

  12. I disagree with the “appropriate speed” for voice” technique. If you hold your speed steady you’re going to sound monotone and you’ll lose people’s attention when they can guess then next 3-4 words you’re going to say and youre….saying….them…very….slowly.
    It’s better to *vary* the rate of your speaking speed, pausing on the important parts and skimming over the less important ones. And you also want to vary your pitch (mainly low, but high now and then too) so as, once again, to not sound monotone.
    As someone else mentioned, projecting like a singer is good. You want resonance in your chest, but in your throat and head as well too for added projection. (On a side note, you can still be dominant with a high speaking voice. Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs sounded like he never broke puberty, but everyone knew not to fuck with him. Also, the warden from Cool Hand Luke “What we have here is a failure to communicate” didn’t have the lowest voice either.)
    And, most importantly, be sure to enunciate. Do speech exercises if you have to.

    1. True. You can vary your voice speed and cadence, but you should set an upper and lower limit. My speech pattern tends to go from slow “Clint” when I don’t give a shit or I’m dealing in technical issues, to an upper limit of “Matthew McConaughey” (when he’s being a happy, carefree country boy).
      What has never worked however is the fast “salesman” style of speech, it immediately inspires caution and “this guy is trying to sell me something” in most people.

        1. That is strictly out. I can do a reasonably good Johnny Cash however, when the mood strikes.

  13. Also, practice mindfulness/meditation. Get used to observing when your mind gets distracted or unfocused – as it is happening – so you can center yourself when that happens. You’ll be perceived as calm, in control, and collected.

  14. I recommend you do the opposite of this article. Do not have a presence, or others will constantly challenge you, as they secretly will hate that you are making their existence seem insignificant or trying to one-up them with your alpha, meanwhile by having an obvious presence you take all the risk while others get to sit back and all of the judgement is focused on YOU, and bet it will be negative
    as you act as the diversion , you will be undermined, and your “authoritative stance” will seem respected and encouraged on the surface , but only at first
    More will be expected of you and you will be mocked as the “leader”, the leader eventually learns to hate his own herd for many reasons which is usually what creates tyrants
    you are the diversion from the flaws of the crowd and you will do more damage this way , best to be silent, invisible and take no risk
    If you actually are a powerful personality, you don’t need to be conscious of it, others will see it in your eyes and your facial expression, body language ETC.

    1. You can do all those things and still be a sigma, or at least be outcome-independent. Projecting your voice, having good posture, holding but not dominating eye contact, etc. can still be done subtly without coming across as a try-hard.
      Perhaps the article could have been titled “3 Easy Hacks to Develop an Outcome Independent Presence” but that would have meant less clicks.

    2. A tyrant is a subcategory of dictator. A tyrant is one who is asked by the herd to lead them, because they have become so sick of each other that social cohesion has been lost.
      It is the end state of democracy.

      1. Heh, I love how the end of Democracy seems to coincide with the end of Anomie.
        I was always impressed by the idea that Democracy leads to Bonapartism, Leviathan, whatever–hence America’s reluctance towards Democracy and insistence towards Republicanism (in the fashion of Polybius’ Rome).

    3. In other words, rather than not caring what people think, put what other people think above all? fuck that.

      1. if our honest opinions were known we could not have civilization, it is essential that we maintain our privacy and care what others think for survival purposes, in a practical sense. Societal participants maintain their edge on you as much as possible by developing a “character” which shows beneficial traits, those who get good at it synthesize it into a “personality” which is a bit of an art form,this is accomplished in order to create the best possible reactions from others and thrive, similar to the entire “game” culture except applied to everything,one can quantify life itself with the attitude that it is a “game”, i guess this helps maintain a healthy sense of detachment, or perhaps calling it a “game” is what the winners tell to the “losers” so they don’t feel so bad, after all, they can convince them it’s just a silly “game” but you should instead take failures very seriously
        its 2014, we live in an artificial world, with artificial people, begging for more programming i’m not qualified to say whether or not it’s good or bad, but this is my free and totally worthless opinion:
        it’s bad in a sense that without honor left in the world,which is instinct and non-artificial, you will be betrayed without a second thought, Is path of least resistance mentality healthy for society, if you show any kind of vulnerability, you will be under-cut immediately, in a way it seems there is a psycho/socio pathological aspect to artificiality, this pain is acknowledged by the use of mental disorder drugs in 1 in 4 people, it is the ending of the “instinct” and the beggining of “artificial” communism, if your upset, well it will be considered a “programming error” and you will be chipped

      2. Isn’t a first impression useless by itself? don’t you have to maintain that impression beyond presenting your “james bond alpha fantasy” to the individual
        Hopefully, whoever you are trying to impress is pretty important in the first place, and being important they would have to be pretty intelligent, and being intelligent they would be able to tell whether or not you are a phony , i guess you will have to get a better “personality” programming guide, one that goes beyond initial first impression, or perhaps stop trying to take advice and be so “artificial” looking for “strategies” to manipulate and eventually disappoint your fellow man, there are things decent people have that are sensed on a subconscious instinctual level and it is hard to fake, and if required to be faked, not worth the price of the interaction in the first place
        Should back-TEST these “personality optimization theories”

      3. I get the point.
        I worked in one location for three years where my alpha ways set me at odds with some of the mongrels I worked with. Most were extreme betas, posers, and a handful of PC-feminist-abortion-proud_cum-receptacles that had sired a hell spawn or two, and felt the world owed them.
        They talked great to my face, but stabbed the hell out my back. I literally had a cutlery shop lodged in there. QVC could have run a special. I basically switched, focuses on myself, got a degree, and stopped striving with them. Ran a business, taught young teens sports, and married a foreign hotty with hotty friends they kept begging me to introduce them too. Seriously, dealing with people who out rank you, but secretly hate you, trying to ruin your life is not fun.
        On the other hand, you have to put up with them, and learn to lie outright every day, after day, after day.
        There will never be a day where these people don’t exist, and systematically try to passive-aggressive undermine you. And in today’s world, their way of doing business is the social order of the day.
        So, go ahead, be alpha, but know when to keep your head down.
        It will be really hard to tell the fat, oily prison guardess, with several hell spawn, who has taken a fancy to you, how alpha you are when she is done raping you, and passing you off to the “gangsta princesses” inside.
        Just when it seems that the whole house of cards will come crashing down, another beta male props the whole system up.
        Be alpha, but be wise.

    4. Stopped reading after:
      “Best to be silent, invisible, and take no risk.”
      Terrible advice for the aspiring men here on RoK.

      1. The article is “dominant presence” being able to “dominate” is much more valuable than having a “dominant presence” , i’m not suggesting you be a coward, the opposite, since wanting to be seen as dominant incentivizes(lol) that you are indeed acknowledging that you may be already being perceived as such coward and in need of correction reading above article
        on the surface it looks smart, but your actual “power” comes from being the “observer”
        its always a bad strategy to want attention, especially in a society that is unfairly critical and not easily impressed due to being exposed to extremes online
        By unfairly critical, i mean, they will hate you for things which they themselves most likely have in greater or equal proportion, but by you being the one who diverts attention, you will be the judas goat or made the fool, they will point out every single flaw you have, magnify it as much as possible, regardless of their own, and do their very best to either humiliate you, (get rid of shame), destroy your credibility, and climb ontop, and as soon as possible, Why? because the god damn truth is that people are sadistic. They can’t wait for you to fail, so be silent , and don’t give any opportunity, trust me you are only depriving yourself of a headache. Rich social interaction? lol … like calorie-free sweetener. Doesn’t exist
        This fact about the herd creates complexes in the leader by him knowing that he has power over the herd in one sense, but in another sense they hate him, therefore creating “elitism” and the development of the “tyrant”
        i have seen the social circle for what it is, a trap that will not lead to any lasting sense of achievement, One thing about “James bond” is, he flies solo, his power is that, he doesn’t need the herd, but it’s not about not “needing the herd” its just that you can’t actually “need” something which is acknowledged to be worthless…
        -All great men end up in solitude -Arthur Schopenhauer

        1. There’s nothing wrong with being an “observer”, I’m actually one myself, to be honest. But the glaring problem with your point of view is that we should be less assertive and more passive. No matter how much you try to rationalize it, you will make enemies regardless of either action. I prefer standing up for what I believe in rather than just let things slip through the cracks. You get more respect being assertive, but it should not get to the point where you’re becoming a tryhard.
          Being an alpha is about being the best possible man you can be while at the same time earning respect from your peers. It’s not about getting attention, it’s about being a man of poise.

    5. I’ll let the writer speak for himself, but the way I read it the primary utility was for interacting with women. There might not be much social benefit trying to act dominant over your boss at work, or random guys at the sports pub.

      1. In the case of women, her friends simply take the place of men, they try equally to undermine you. Partly because they do not like to see each other succeed either. Also, remember, if a woman is hot enough for you she is hot enough for every other man as well and so there will be constant attempts to make her unattracted and of course you will eventually lose, which is the case in 90% of relationships
        Being “respected” is a suckers game. The game is rigged so that people enjoy your downfall via “sadism” mental mechanisms, why? they feel the world has been unfair to them, and theyd feel much better if it’s unfair for you too!, that’s why people love to watch the news and hear terrible stories, it makes them feel a bit more comfortable in their mediocrity. They say to themselves “at least it aint me”
        We are our own problems and our own victims and it is not some mysterious “elite” it is your fellow man hating your fellow man

        1. If you only attract envious people who relish the fall of the confident, then you’re hanging out in the wrong places. I suggest busting out of your broken social circles and finding places where confidence is genuinely respected.

      2. -If you can’t be good with the “bros” you’ll fail with the “hoes”
        they especially like to size you up by who your male company is, everyone always tries to get as close as possible to the ultimate alpha male in order to benefit from his own aura, sort of like a quantum energy drain, studies show your perceived value to a woman goes up by 1000% if you are around a male of high value,in a subconscious sense, the woman thinks you have the traits of the alpha even though you aren’t actually the alpha, in a real sense she would much rather have the alpha the direct source of the sexual dominance, but since you may have some residual aura she will take the risk that you will make her content

        1. “I don’t have male friends”
          Meaning, you are either completely without any friends, or friend zoned by women?

    6. This is a good point, if sarcastic. There is something about natural confidence that engenders hatred, anger, epithets and threats. If, however, a man has the option of behaving like an obsequious sniveling bitch in the workplace or in the company of other men, he is often wise to do so, so long as he can convey confidence in the company of women (of course, the natural or appointed leader does not enjoy this option). This is the best of all possible worlds. There is no point being attractive among men, who will only hate you for it.

  15. Better version of the door frame exercise, do a reverse plank for a minute twice a day. This is much harder then holding your arms in a door frame.

  16. Agreed with all points. Re. speed of speech and tone… it’s important to know when to apply this. I find guys will overdo this and knowing when the time is right to slow it down. In general if you speak fast, just chose wiser words and speak slowly.
    But to speak too slow and just say average normal shit makes you seem stupid or like you’re putting on a front, or tired, or a dork, or whatever. Speak slower, but speak better, as in more solid even projection and more choice words.
    All 3 work well, but they should be learned into habit, and not overly done out of context.. I.e., the guy that walks around sticking his chest out constantly, the guy that stares too much, and the guy that tries to slow down entire groups to his speed of speech.. can all become very annoying and actually turn people off, women included.

      1. True, but what is the euphemism we use/used to use for dishonesty? A ‘fast talker’.
        Grock’s comments are spot on. Speak slowly but speak importantly.

  17. TAKE YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS. I see dudes who would otherwise seem pretty stand up alpha except they’re constantly masturbating themselves through their pockets. If you’re wearing an Armani walking down the street and your hands are in your pockets, that’s $5k wasted mofo.
    I used to be guilty of this. After a lifetime hands-in-pocket habit, not doing it will seem weird. You literally have to retrain yourself how to walk, but it’s worth it.

  18. A great tip is to stare at the bridge of the other person’s nose until you are comfortable maintaining eye contact. To them it looks like you are locked square onto their eyes.
    It’s also less intimate and helps you lie more convincingly.

  19. It is something that I always wondered : could acting classes improve your charisma ?
    I know that some historical leaders did use it, such as the General de Gaulle.

  20. Getting a standing desk is an ideal way to fix your posture. It stops you stooping and slouching and naturally brings your shoulders back.
    Also, consider the warrior posture, (shoulders relaxed, leaning slightly forward, chin down, arms forward), rather than the male model posture (shoulders back, chest puffed out, chin out). I think the warrior posture is more natural and carries more authority.

  21. Basically your best bet is to care more about yourself than anyone else in the room. Selfishness is the best cure for insecurity and anxiety. Always think about what’s best for you, but at the same time use charm to convince others that you care about them. Also, avoid self-awareness until you are alone.

  22. After a well deserved criticism, posture became a concern. Simply lining up against the wall with your shoulder blades square and learning to maintain that posture works.
    As for body language, I often find it amusing (or even beneficial) the lack of assertiveness in feminist-bred men. I believe dominant body language is, first of all, internal and pea-cocking with no foundation is extremely amusing.

  23. *** DOOR JAM GAME ***
    When communicating with another person, you form an information feedback loop. You hear the words of the other person, you process the message and then you respond and the other party does the same. It is a continuous information feedback loop.
    Identical twins in the womb communicate in the same way, but in the confines of the womb, they are physically identical but develop quickly into diametrically opposite personalities. In the communication loop they process information differently as A SURVIVAL MECHANISM. If their personalities remained the same whatsoever, they would be IDENTICAL PROCESSORS of the SAME information. This would have the same effect as placing an acoustic amplifier too close to its microphone. The feedback SQUEAL would explode the unborn’s brains. Circuits would blow and the shear SQUEAL would drive the mother bannanas as well. Thus the ‘good twin bad twin’ mystery solved.
    Often adults will encounter another unrelated person who is an identical processor of information. Most people are repulsed by them and wouldn’t think about chatting them up, but I beg to differ. How to identify these people? When you enter a doorway and it is blocked by another person who steps out of the way, and then you step the same way sideways, and you both continue stepping side to side blocking each other, YOU HAVE JUST MET YOUR MENTAL DOPPELGANGER. They are processing information in the SAME WAY AS YOU! Your first response is embarrassment and AN INSTINCT to get away from the other person. The feedback SQUEAL is avoided as you run away. Most folks would rather ride the teeth chattering vibe of an earthquake and be shaken to the bone than blow a circuit or two interacting with an IDENTICAL PROCESSOR.
    What I’d like to do the next time I run into someone playing ‘door jam’ is to GO ON AND ON, side to side and act dumbfounded to see if a circuit blows. I want to test my theory.
    ‘Door jam’ game would be fun to try. ”Oh I’m sorry” . . ”No you go first” . . ”I couldn’t, you first” . . ”Please, it would be my honor” . . ”I’m in no hurry . . Who’s in a hurry, really. Let’s flip a coin. I’m out of coins. You got a coin? . . Tell you what, I was in gymnastics. I’ll do a back flip. That counts as a flip, then you do one” . . (just a serving suggestion)

  24. Mike Tyson have a high pitch voice like a little boy but he walk and fight like a Alpha male. People will not mess with him in person because he can fuck somebody with his boxing skills.

  25. Remember the song
    This is what my daddy told me when I was about knee high
    He said son be a proud man and hold your head up high
    Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye
    I love those old pre-cuk songs

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