5 Reasons To Boycott Pokemon Go

You have probably noticed them by now. Adults dressed like children, eyes rivetted on their smartphones, pacing with awkward and nervous strides around your local roundabout. Here they come, the Pokemon masters!

Pokemon Go has been released for a bit more than a week now and is already the most downloaded application in the history of smartphones. An experience so immersive that it feels like real life, according to the players.

It sounded positive at first. Millions of people sharing the same passion, a game that accomplishes the feat of bringing under direct sunlight the likes of morbidly obese recluse David “Diabetes” Futrelle, loads of fresh air, and so on, but the dangers of the phenomenon start to surface. Some will think I am stating the obvious but we do not need more mindless entertainment. Pokemon GO is just another Trojan Horse and here is why.

1. Gotta watch ’em all!

Capture d’écran (584)

Oh, if they say it then it must be true

But duuude! This game does not share my info!

They track you. You thought they had enough with Facebook trading your data? Not quite.

The game needs 24/7 global position. To get connected, you need to have a Google account that allowed (or still allows) access to your personal details (name, emails, photos etc.). They know which trainers you hang out with and where. A Holy Grail for a Police State.

Behind that project, Niantic Labs and its CEO John Hanke (a Google “Let Me See Your House” Earth veteran), the Pokemon Company, Apple (Champion of SJWs and Latte Activists) and PC Behemoth Google.

The usual suspects behind this intrusive game

The usual suspects behind this intrusive game

2. Gotta distract ’em all!

Pokemon or my unborn child? Decisions, decisions...

Pokemon or my unborn child? Decisions, decisions…

But duuude! This game is played outside and makes me walk!

It is simple. This application sucks your time and your energy for something that does not exist. It is an endless reserve of unproductive entertainment, designed to lock you into a comfortable, mindless loop.

Some will say that I am a killjoy with no Pokefriends and should join the Saudi imams and their anti-Pokemon fatwa. That what is written in books or found in art is equally imaginary.

Books and art bring reflection and knowledge. That game brings nothing of value. As useless and life sucking as those mass player games that have people locked indoors weeks at a time.

Unless you wear a 50 lbs weighted vest, it's not very effective

Unless you wear a 50 lbs weighted vest, it’s not very effective

Another argument trumpeted by fans is that the game is a good source of exercise as it makes you walk. It does but in a vastly insufficient amounts, cut with many breaks.

How do you do, fellow kids?

How do you do, fellow kids?

3. Gotta attract ’em all!

Capture d’écran (575)

But duuude! This game is just aimed at being fun!

Your flag and your history do not matter, you are a Pokemon Master. And if you are not with us, you are against us. It would be so great if we could join our great community and unplug your mind from real world issues, imminent threats or budding race wars.

This game sounds like catnip for SJWs. It would allow them to unite all their fellow social rejects and gang up on those who do not agree with their views.

Capture d’écran (581)

“It is the current year. Nationalism is the real enemy!” Rings a bell?

A product that reaches so many customers cannot exist without an agenda. Many celebrities have already endorsed and showed their enthusiasm for the game. You know that when something receives Hollywood’s stamp of approval, something is wrong.

The shares of Nintendo et all almost doubled their value in a bit more than a week. Loads o’ money, private companies that will soon be able to buy their own Pokestores to bring more sheep customers around, underlying narrative… Winning!

We at Mac Donald's understand that our trainers must be well fed

We at Mac Donald’s understand that our trainers must be well fed

4. Gotta castrate ’em all!

But duuude! This game will bring plenty of guys and girls together


Ladies, watch out

Let’s face it. What is more attractive for a woman than a Pokemon trainer squealing “Yay! I caught insert word salad Pokemon name!”  in a high-pitched voice while high-fiving his spectacled sidekick.

Pokemon GO is an additional step taken by those in power to turn men with limited time on their hands into unfuckable, digitally-neutered zombie consumers.

“People will meet more and betas will breed.” Indeed, people with socially awkward behaviour will meet others and think that they are normal. They will interact to discuss about pixels and finger swipes. But do the male players think that interacting via this game will palliate the lack of basic flirting skills and magically turn them into womanizers?


They could meet 1000 more girls, it does not matter. Betas are already exposed to legions of girls and do nothing. A man could be in a football stadium full of girls, without minimum game, he will still fail.

Girls were already stuck to the screen of their smartphone. If cold approaches don’t become soon illegal, we will face episodes of “Don’t talk to me. I need to catch this virtual creature.”

Adding more interactions will not replace romantic skills and sexual market knowledge. It is calculated. The final goal is population numbers and reproduction control. People that play are too busy to reproduce.


Pokemon Go has seen less porn and Tinder consumption. Good, but it also shows a decrease of interest for sex

In an accurate allegory, the power wants men to catch monsters instead of attractive girls.

5. Gotta harm ’em all!

The border is safe. Pvt. Matthews caught one during his watch

The border is safe. Pvt. Matthews caught one during his watch

But duuude, this game is inoffensive!

The game was released a week ago. So far:

People not paying attention and dying are as old as the world. We need candidates for the Darwin Awards.

But girls and children walking alone at any hour of the night to hunt Pokemons and “explore the neighbourhood” is not smart. When will there be a PokeMeeting in The Calais Jungle at night after migrants set a Pokemon Lure there ?

A terrorist downloads the app. A rare pokemon alert pops up. It is broad daylight. 2000 nerds at the same spot, all with backpacks. Guess what?

Un mot pour conclure

This game is for children. A grown man does not play with a child’s toy. It is a waste of time, productivity and human interactions. It is addictive, invasive and a waste of resources and money. It promotes childish behaviour as the norm.

Video says it all:

2.33 Sharp dressed man “All the plebs gather. They just loiter in circles while I make money and live a real life.”

3.03 Low T beta “Been here 4 days. I eat from hot dog trucks. I did not shower.”

My predictions: more Pokemon Go-related deaths and a terrorist attack. I sincerely hope to be wrong.

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302 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Boycott Pokemon Go”

  1. “Pokemon Go” is a true indicator as to how much our society has declined in terms of what it truly means to be aspiring individuals. The world right now is going through unpredictable turmoil in all aspects of our lives such as the societal and economic circumstances we are facing in our everyday lives. Therefore, one would expect that we as a world, should learn to empower ourselves by educating ourselves and learning to become more productive and efficient members of our society. But instead of doing any of this, we now have a generation of absolute dolts who are going crazy over the latest smartphone game known as “Pokemon Go.” There was a time when it was amusing and rather nice to watch the childhood innocence of many kids who would go out ot buy the latest video game. But what is rather frightening now, and even irritating and shocking to witness is the huge number of adults in society who instead of spending their time doing something more productive like learning or producing an income, would spend their time playing endless hours of Pokemon Go.
    The ridiculous justifications I am hearing from people who are obsessively attached to this game includes that it allows them to spend more times outdoors. Well, can you really spend your time outdoor without a smartphone? I mean you now are hearing all of these crazy stories of people falling off cliffs or getting mugged and even shot at for trespassing, all because of their insane antics regarding their endeavours of looking for virtual creatures. Heck, people are even going as far as quitting their jobs just to spend their days looking for pokemon. This is without a doubt, a sickness and if you do not believe me, look up the story of everyone going crazy in Central Park- hordes and hordes of zombies going mad all for a pokemon.
    There is no doubt, that the conditioning and dumbing down of the general public has reached an all time high, where people are completely oblivious as to who they truly are as individuals. No self respecting individual would spend his or her time indulging in playing this ridiculous game for endless hours while our lives our ticking away. I have no doubt that this is the start of something even more insane that will be released in the next few years in which the hordes of idiots and vacuous morons will gladly choose to entertain themselves in order to compensate and fulfil their empty dull lives. Make no mistake about it, Pokemon Go is reflective of how much our society feeds on the energy of the worst pop cultural trends around the world and simply goes to show you how much people have lost their ability to think as an independent and wise individual.
    When grown adults are playing like 5 year olds in pursuit of fictional creatures, then you can start to sense that indeed, a large percentage of humanity has gone. Let’s make sure that we as civilised and productive individuals, do not allow ourselves to be caught in this trap of joining these reckless and unproductive circle of idiots.

      1. It’s all a hook to promote the thing. It’s no different than a car salesman telling you all of the positive things regarding their car to make the sale. They aren’t going to tell you any of the disadvantages or draw backs. The whole idea is to get you on the phone, keep you on the phone (probably data mine your info)…that’s it.

  2. The fact that this article is even necessary is just plain depressing.
    I am not really sure exactly what this pokeman is. When it first came out back in the 90’s or 00’s I was probably doing things like making money and fucking women so I didn’t really pay attention. It’s reintroduction seems to be insanely big.
    I will say this right now. If you have pokemon downloaded on your phone I would appreciate you deleting it before replying to any more of my comments. You are on the honor system, but I feel like I will know deep down in my soul.

    1. I’m with you on this. Not a clue, nor any interest in getting a clue of Japaname. My neighbor has this 16 year old kid into it. I seriously doubt he will get laid by 30, that is if he manages to save money for a prostitute by working at McDonalds.

      1. my buddy is into this! he’s had at least fifty girls so far, no joke! sometimes you just gotta enjoy life

    2. I downloaded it, purely to sate my curiosity and to see if it lived up to any of the hype. It did not and was off my phone within 20 minutes. Incredibly boring and buggy. I like to walk around the parking lot during my lunch breaks and thought maybe this would keep me distracted as I made endless circles. I actually prefer the mindless circles to this “game”.
      For those looking for a walking/running app that’s actually fairly fun, try “Zombies, Run!” The premise is you running around gathering supplies and eluding zombies while HQ guides you over the radio. A fun story line and you can actually use the supplies you collect on your runs to build up your base.

        1. As far as I know Tibetan practices consist, 98%, of getting drunk and eating food that tastes like curdled yaks milk.

        2. In Peru, before I left the Ayahuasca retreat, there was a tobacco cleansin ritual. You drink 6 liters of water with tobacco in it. Then you puke it all back out.

        3. I always wonder that about the Tibetan monks. I feel like Tibetan guidance counselors are like…ok Tenzin, here are your options. You can hike up Everest with a bunch of rich white idiots, you can toil in the field or you can sit around and chant in a monastery drinking about being spiritual. Those are your career choices.
          So they look over at the field and the people doing back breaking work, then they look up at the mountain and are just like fuck that noise, ill be a monk.

        4. I knew a girl on a diet like that only she was using cocaine and semen in lieu of tobacco.

      1. If I was computer inclined I would make one for working out. Like pin point different areas. here is some bar on some scaffolding. Do 10 pull ups on it and get x points. Or go to this corner and do 100 jumping jacks, or this spot in the park for burpees. You would be able to have friends and connect with them and make a competition out of it and get some good exercise

        1. Yeah, they don’t even allow “connection with friends”.. you can see other people on the Pokémon game, I asked, can you interact or talk to them or anything? Nope.

      2. I asked to play it on a girls phone so I could see what the big deal was about. Yeah, boring as hell.

      3. My wife played it for a day or two, but has stopped because as she says “If I am walking around outside, I am already doing something.”

        1. but even if you only had it on your fone for a few days, hasnt the app already sifted thru all of your data?

      4. I downloaded it too, as my GF’s kids were going ape over it. When the gamer 13yo boy starts wanting to go outside, It catches my attention. I, like you, didn’t see the point. I hate walking with my head down in public, old habit my father taught me about not being an easy mark. Now when Pokemon came out on TV and games it was 1998. I had graduated college and was busy launching my life by getting paid and laid. I didn’t know pokemon even existed until I worked security at an Anime convention in 2005. I think I asked about it at some point and it was explained. I thought it was new and for kids. Little did I know that apparently the kids in 1998 are now Kidults and are still fixated on “catching them all” I am thankful for a lot of modern technology. It even pays my bills, but this is ridiculous. But if it keeps the sheep docile then the wolves can keep on hunting.

      5. I didn’t have to download the app…I had enough betas at work show it around to everyone (pretty sad). I just shook my head and I commented to them “don’t you have something more productive to do with your time?”.
        I’ve offered to take a few of them to the range (they’ve never fired a gun in their lives)…some took me up on it…some still play this bullshit game.

    3. Well said lolknee. Only one reason is not to play is necessary, and it’s quite simple really.
      This is a childish pursuit and as an adult you put away childish things

      1. I mean I am so far removed from even understanding it. Like the article mentions that it is addictive. I can’t even understand how. This is so far from anything I understand.

        1. That’s perfectly understandable. I’ve never been impressed with scavenger hunts nor as a kid was I impressed with Dungeons and Dragons. It’s really a to each their own thing and I find it ludicrous.

        2. D&D? The role-playing game? It thought it was awesome. You literally created an entire world with your imagination and learned to continuously make both tactical and strategic decisions. Its a shame kids don’t play it anymore.

        3. When D&D first started a bunch of adherents tried to get me involved. At the time I was a strategy and Tactics fan (board games of famous battles). I asked what the objective of the game was. They told me there was no objective. That was all it took to convince me it was a pointless waste of time and energy.

        4. I concur it helped with what you mentioned, but since there was no clear ending, I didn’t see the point to it.
          Great cartoon and artwork in the books though.

      2. Hear hear !
        Get an old phone, Blackberry like and get reading, writing and make things.
        Nothing is more depressing than looking in the metro and seeing all these absent-mind faces staring at their phones looking at Buzzfeed articles, taking selfies and working out their thumbs at candy crush.

        1. I agree to a point. Spectator sports can be entertaining in moderation, but it’s not hard to wind up treating it like the Kardashians for guys. Fantasy football? Just as lame as Pokémon Go.

        2. Actually, watching sports, in any amount is far worse than playing Pokemon go.
          Pokemon Go players at least have the balls to do what they want to do regardless of what others think of them. I respect that.
          What I don’t have respect for is men who claim to be sports fans, but their only connection to sports is watching it like little bitches .
          The idea of spectator sports teaches that if you enjoy doing something, do it. Unless of course you aren’t good at it, in which case, sit down and watch the real men play and cheer on like a woman.
          It is virtual cuckolded, watching other, presumably more masculine men indulge in what you claim to enjoy, but are to cowardly to do because you are not good enough.
          It also sets the stage for worshipping blacks as male role-models when white males need our own role models.
          Say what you will about Pokemon Go players, but at least they are out doing what they love instead of watching others doing it for them.

        3. Heh – you could always avoid your fear of worshipping blacks by watching hockey.
          Have you seen the user interface of Pokemon Go? It looks like it was developed for a three year old girl. It’s got no place on a man’s phone, period.

        4. I don’t see how watching a MMA-fight lowers yourself as a man. Watching men running after a football..yes, that’s stupid.
          But I’m a sportshater anyway.

        5. Good point, although it is okay to watch sports to study them to improve your own game… says I, the guy who watches MMA but never trains in it.
          Also nothing wrong with watching pro wrestling, similar confrontation of stigma and fun to marvel at athletes.

        6. I haven’t checked. I played a couple first gen poke.on games in the gameboy, can’t be that far off. Doubting GO has intricate Team Rocket conspiracies though.

      3. That’s an insult to REAL childish pursuits. When I was a kid we’d play real rough-and-tumble games like rugby and red rover. Only the losers would spend all their free time glued to their video games. Terrible weather might offer one a partial excuse to indulge in sedentary pastimes occasionally, but since Pokemon Go is basically an outdoor video game the excuse of bad weather doesn’t cut it; if the weather’s good enough for kids to play Pokemon Go then it’s good enough for them to play proper traditional kids’ games.

        1. Never heard of that. I googled ‘Ass kids game’ to see if I could find out its rules. The first result was a link to some official ‘report kiddie porn here’ website.
          If I wasn’t on some government watchlist already, I am now …

    4. I remember the Simpsons and Pokemon mania in the late 90ies when I was a child. Later came Beyblade or something. While I now shake my head when I recall those moments I participated in these things, I was a child back then, and children act like children. This is behind me and now that I am an adult, I act like one. However the latter is becoming rarer day by day. This new craze of Pokemon Go shows that many young adults are overgrown children who, well, never grew up.
      The worst part is not that they act like children – that is merely pathetic – but that these are the same people who you interact with everyday when you go out, when you work, when you take a walk, etc. and have the power to destroy everything you ever worked for when you disagree with them or shatter their hollow dreamworld with facts. These are the ones who think they have the moral high ground when discussing political or social issues. You know, issues that are really important contrary to catching some imaginary pokeballs or however you name it. Since they are so busy wasting their time with these mind-numbing activities, they never learned to debate or to question the narrative. Hence why they are unable to provide arguments in a discussion but always end up name-calling or using twitter-rethoric. Watching how they act is simply cringeworthy.
      And I refuse to participate in this. I refuse to download the app. I recently saw how it turned one of my chinese colleagues into a zombie. E.g. we had a drink among colleagues last week, and he arrived late with his smartphone in his hands catching pokeballs. Another colleague his girlfriend is into the game and when she goes out jogging, she adapts her routine to the game. It’s really pathetic. And sad that these people will soon be our CEO’s and politicians.

      1. “I refuse to download the app. I recently saw how it turned one of my chinese colleagues into a zombie.”
        Yeah my Chinese buddy is bragging that he’s at level 20 in PokemonGo. I really like the guy but I can’t believe he’s investing so much time on a smartphone game like this. He’s 27…

        1. if bragging to some chick at a bar that youre a level 20 pokemon go’er doesnt get you laid, nothing will…

    5. The last point, that this is a game for children, says everything. Men need to stop playing children’s games, wearing children’s clothes, using children’s words, and eating children’s food.

        1. There are no legit trades involving corporeal goods like money or time and incopporeal goods like souls. Like William Burroughs says, it’s never an honorable bargain especially with a religious son of a bitch because he has God on his side telling him how to fuck uou on the deal.
          All offers are taken as a compliment but rejected out of hand

        2. Hah, gotcha! Man, aren’t you cute.
          You misunderstood due to my English btw. I was actually just curious who’d upvote your claim of having a soul of the finest variety.
          Deducing that that was likely you.

        3. I’m adorable.
          Sorry about the misunderstanding. Those things happen.
          I am sure many would upvote my fine soul. It is quite fine.
          It was not me. Self-up voting is a sin and I am pure as an angel

        4. “Nihilist souls are the best.”
          Now THERE’S the narcissism we all know and love! Hahaha
          My faith in humanity has been restored. 😃

    6. I downloaded on my phone just to see what it was all about. In an hour, it wasn’t really that much fun and since I had better things to do I just deleted it

    7. Activities like this are superficial, there’s absolutely no depth, it doesn’t not inspire any thought or broaden your imagination or understanding. It’s nothing more than instant gratification for the weak.

      1. I mean listen, we all have to turn off sometimes. We can’t live every minute with meaning. Sometimes it’s great to be silly or have a game or book or music that is just brain candy. But this I just don’t get

    8. My 7 year old son was playing with Pokemon back when it was popular. At my direction he gave it up the last of his cards and characters by age 12, nearly a decade ago.
      I taught him to learn game, play in a rock band and invest so he could be financially independent and control his own destiny like his old man. We’re still working on that last one.
      These people are infantile adults with no worthwhile purpose or philosophy of living that enables them to identify this game for the childish entertainment it is.
      I say a man is what a man does. If that’s the case, what does it say about the state of young men?

      1. These “men” today are immature, perpetual teenagers. The only thing they’re proficient in is giving way too many fucks about shit like pokemon and videogames. A bunch of fucking faggots

      2. Rock Band, reminds me of this faggot I know who is constantly practicing the guitar, barely getting any better, never approaching guy good at it. Pathetic..why not just watch some TV and challenge your mind with of instead of chords?

    9. I feel the same way but you have to understand how we (vets on here and to the red pill itself) are constantly giving out advice to the new comers. The more we get on here (ROK) the better we’ll be (and society as a whole).
      You have many of these blue pill men (betas) who wander through their 20s and then find us at some point. It’s our duty to educate them as much as possible (many didn’t have the luxury through the 80s and 90s of these resources). I say educate as many as you can and I see this article as a man (say a dad) smacking a young man around saying “what the hell are you doing playing that bullshit…you’re a man, now”.
      The more we educate, the better off we’ll all be….because I cringe when I see them. God damn, I cringe.

      1. i think you should educate less. let darwin take care of the retards. the more you help the more you lower the standards

    10. But duuude! Pokemon is awesome! While those fools are playing Pokemon that’s just more wet pussy for the rest of us…

      1. i got laid with 8 different chicks in the last month by meeting them while they chased pokemon. so that is a wrong statement. so you just keep being a good little grandpa while the rest of us is moving on with the times. this comment section is depressing. have fun, live life. you’ll get an ulcer getting all angry about a stupid app.

        1. LE sounds cool please tell us more. I don’t think I could get hard for a girl if she doesn’t like Pokémon. Seems like a good way to weed out the nerd-hating sluts, to only pursue those who play this game.
          I am upset it is so popular though. Now getting into it wouldn’t be some special coincidence. My unicorn has probably run into dozens of guys playing it already.

    11. Your soul is sitting on a liquid cooled hard drive somewhere in the pentagon being mined for the most trifling aspects of its holders real life. And yes, it knows, and it’s none too happy about t either.

      1. A classic role playing game.
        I admit, PokemonGo is pretty gay, and a lot of the people I know that are obsessing over it are pretty friggin gay.
        But it’s truly a technological achievement, and Nintendo’s stock has almost doubled in about a week since it’s unofficial release.
        Nintendo has a long-standing record of creating entirely new game-genres. They’ve always been at the cutting edge of the gaming industry, even when they are overshadowed by companies that have 10x their resources.
        I find the whole PokemonGo phenomenon to be really interesting.

        1. What if a company like Illusion makes something from both of these things?
          The player would actually walk down the beach or dark alley and be confronted by a 3D anime vixen (or perhaps a furry?).
          Some of these folks would never talk to anyone again. On the plus side they would likely starve to death, but on the other hand we’d have fat, smelly rejects wanking off everywhere…

    1. It would be fun if you could get pokemon to fuck each other to create new pokemons. I guess you could use it as a sort of “clown game” then.

  3. It’s fascinating how it took off, though. I started just reading jokes about it on my Facebook wall (which usually only contains offensive male humour). So, basically, I only got to know about it through the people who were bitching about it.
    And the more I know what it is, the less I can understand why you would waste your time with it.
    If you want to go take a walk in the park, just fucking go. There are no Pokemons there, but there is grass, trees, maybe flowers. Why is that not fucking good enough?

    1. I think some things are purposely injected into media, until the knowledge is widespread. It is how agendas are created, seemingly out of thin air. Gay marriage? A laughable concept as late as 1995 is now reality.

      1. In a way, I guess it is smart. I don’t know what it is really about, but it seems like a more advanced version of geocaching – only that you don’t need to hide some rubbish somewhere.

        1. A week ago, I joined an “Exposing the Lies of the Matrix” group on Facebook, lusting for some more red pill.
          So, some guy comes claiming NASA are liars and that the eart is really flat. I was intrigued. I mean, I never really saw the earth being round.
          I was quickly disappointed by their moronic arguments and name-calling.

        2. Yes, I’ve looked into that too, unfortunately. They’re very arrogant in how they present their evidence, which weakens any stance they take significantly. That has trended very quickly, and Obama has discussed it as absurd, which suggest it is a hoax encouraged by governments to distract. Hint:obama has never addressed the vast number of concerns of 911 being an inside job. They probably want people to obsess over irrelevant stuff like this as a distraction.

        3. Yeah, it’s truly frustrating how they basically retreat to their safe space with those tactics.

        4. Man, you picked that group apart perfectly. Almost too perfectly… Well done, a perfect analysis.

    2. Talk about tracking, facebook wants govt identification and bank statements now to verify their users.
      ×edited to decapitalise the f at the beginning of that surveillance system*

      1. Not from me, yet, but they already blocked me once for using “Tom Arrow” as a name. I switched it to “Tom Arrowich”.
        The moment they demand personal identification, I am deleting my account.

  4. The last article of 5 deaths is satirical, I am sure you know that. Makes me think whether the other ones are, too. There is no bad publicity.

  5. I just wish Darwin’s Law would work more rapidly in regards to these morons playing Pokemon Go. Walking to work yesterday, I passed a restaurant where one panel of glass was completely dented in and cracked, like a large man had run at full speed into it. The restaurant had placed a note on the glass which read “this is due to someone playing Pokemon Go, please be careful”. My jaw completely dropped when I read that. Pure, unadulterated, idiocy.

  6. Pokémon Go is already becoming a safety issue. There has already been some injuries related to this app. I believe one person was hit by a car and another walked into a dangerous part of town and got stabbed. Plus there have been multiple instances of people calling 911 because they wanted access to a police department, prison, or fire hall that had a Pokémon inside. Utterly ridiculous behavior from the lowest common denominators of society.

    1. by the way Unabashed, I am going to need you to edit your comment and remove that accent mark over the “e”
      I simply can’t abide by it.

        1. I HATE autocorrect. I spend more time correcting the autocorrect than it corrects me. Or even more infuriating is when it shows I have misspelled a word but when I google it, it shows that I had the correct spelling.

  7. “Smart phones” don’t make people smart. For God’s sake people, when you are out in public, put your phone in your pocket and leave it there.

    1. I tell guys all the time that they need to do this. If it is hard at first start small. Always wear a watch and never, ever use your phone to tell time.

        1. Right. But that is why I live in Manhattan and the Indians are selling cigarettes in the booneys.

        2. Oh, I don’t care. I dress like a bum, I walk like a bum, I work as little as a bum, but I still have a flat. One day, I will shed that last attachment to this sickening civilized life. 🙂
          What’s a booney?

      1. For any other reason, it is just appearance. I see someone walking down the street, with their nose buried in their phone, I instantly think to myself that they are some introverted loser that needs a crutch.

        1. The recent phenomenon has really made life easy for introverted losers. Before people had phones to look at, everyone was looking about and could sniff out weaknesses. Now the phone obsessed mark themselves out as misfits, whilst all an introverted loser has to do is walk around chin up, and he’s suddenly in the alpha bracket.

        2. remember back in the day when strangers actually talked to each other? Now, people look at you funny for asking where the nearest ATM is.

  8. “Other avoidable deaths occurred”.
    the above link is to a fake news site. or is the entire article is a joke and i didn’t get it?

  9. The only thing I found incorrect about the article was that hackers stole any data.
    Anyone with basic knowledge of the internet knows that a DDoS attack is very different to being hacked.
    DDoS is the equivalent of a group of people blocking a doorway, preventing people from accessing it.
    Hacking is breaking into a system, the equivalent would be lock picking or bypassing a locked door to get to whatever is behind it.
    Anyone can DDoS, at the bottom end of it all you need is a device that can ping a server.
    An informative article even if it is exploiting current events for ad revenue.

      1. If you were the part of a larger attack you could partake with one pc and command prompt.
        I pointed out the tools required to explain that is wasn’t hackers, which is why I used those magic words “at the bottom end”

  10. People could have done all this through Geocaching, just in the empty panty-hose egg or film canister cache place an el cheapo knock-off Pokketmonn made in Taiwan from out of a quarter capsule machine.
    Bang, easy-breezy outdoor activity with less tracking/spying and just as much an element of risk (“We’re investigating this hidden cache as having been used for a drug drop.” Hear that in the middle of the night or “What are you doing in my shed, boy?” and tell me something inside isn’t screaming Danger! Danger!).
    And grown children can still pretend they’re catching non-existent critters and get into sissy slap-fight “battles” over who got there first: “Check it out, I caught a Peaceappoo!” “Nuh-uh, that Peaceappoo is mine, Richard.”

  11. I have to thank my mother for never letting me get into Pokemon when I was a kid. I wanted to have the cards and the games like every kid but she always refused. Today I heard my coworkers (obese female and pussy-whipped male) talking about how they went for a 4 hour car ride to “catch” some Pokemons and how they are endangering other people on the road because they play while driving and I find them pathetic. There are a thousand things they could do that would be as interesting and ten times as productive. That woman should be at the gym and that guy should be reading r/TheRedPill until his eyes are sore and his balls finally drop (I mean, he’s the one with a job and HE has to cook at night after his unemployed girlfriend stayed at home all day doing nothing… )

    1. Did you punch the guy in the head yet? I would. Or at a bare minimum make fun of him every time I see him and tell him he’s a pathetic loser who gives men a bad rep.
      The bitch I don’t care about, useless skanks are not worth the time and grow on trees anyway.

      1. Meh he still serves his purpose as a friend. I’ve never seen his master… I mean “girlfriend” and his beta ways don’t affect our relationship as friends for the time being. I don’t really believe in preaching the Red pill because I don’t think it works. Saying that men should be in charge of their lives and put themselves first in a relationship and demand a certain standard of behaviour from the women in their life offends betas so much that they just shut down and go in to their default “he must hate women” mode. I think the only way to cure beta is to get hurt often enough or hard enough so your get angry at the world, hopefully stumble on some Red pill content while searching for help on Google and start to change yourself.

    2. I was the only boy in my 2nd grade class who didn’t play Pokémon. I refused to play on my own. I was more interested in real life things. Same thing with Harry Potter.

  12. 1 Corinthians 13:11
    When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But, when I became a man, I put away the things of a child.

  13. Pokemon was an awesome part of my childhood, but this app and people wandering around in public has gotten out of hand IMO

  14. Ugh! I always hated that gay ass stupid Pokemon when it first came out years ago and this is even more retarded! Not to mention, it is a spy grid for the NSA and CIA to track you!

  15. The conspiracy theorist in me says that Google is using the granting access to your phone/virtual reality function to map the inside of buildings and homes.

  16. Seeing the promoters of this app on Facebook is telling of its users. Most of them are just approaching their 30s and either unemployed, single, fat, or a combination of several or all of these attributes. It’s no surprise that this game is appealing to unenlightened. It’s just another ringing bell to look at before football seasons starts, Black Friday, and Christmas at the end of the year. These are the same people who live for the weekend, wake up with a hangover every Sunday, and offer little to society in general. & yes, all of them are aboard the SJW gravy train.

        1. fuck that….I want to find the opposite of lumocity. I want to find things to make me dumber. It may help with the rage. Less rage would mean less need to smash idiot vaginas.

        2. This reminds me of a line from a rap I wrote for my students based on Plato
          Since You’re all too dumb to make me king, you should fee me free at least / ’cause my daimon’s droppin’ logos that’s deserving of a feast / I’, the gadfly buzzin’ round your ass, the midwife birthin’ truth / that fool Meletus, he be trippin’ I ain’t corruptin any youth

        3. He really did have an over reaction to that word. It’s like he was raped by Colonel Sanders.

        4. Check out worldstarhiphop and then go play some knockout game. That’ll knock your IQ down a few dozen points.

        5. Tell me you did the whole arms wrapped around and a twist to the side when you finished dropping them bars!

  17. Pokemon Go needs to go AWAY!! The popularity of this game just goes to show us how stupid people are!!

    1. “Baby, remembers when we met? There was a Legendary Pokemon near you. I knew you were the one from that moment on!”

        1. “I’ll be the Mew to you Mewtwo!”
          “Baby, you never need to evolve. You are perfect the way you are!”
          “I’m about to cum! Team Rocket is blasting off again!”

      1. “I realize I’m not enough man for someone like you and you have to get out there and try new things and that’s so special and beautiful, like you, and I realize you have to Beefree, my angel, or you’ll never evolve.
        So go, go and get banged by as many studs as you are able. Don’t worry about me, my darling, my Pokeballs and rule34 will get me through…”

  18. But Koffing was found in a Holocaust Museum. That is hilarious. For those of your that do not know, Koffing is the Poison Gas Pokemon. I used the play Pokemon Blue on Gameboy when I was growing up.

      1. Back in our days we had black, white, and grey. 😀 And that yellow tint of the Gameboy screen, for some reason. No color.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Except I wouldn’t quite say things “hilarious” in the sense that this “Pokémon Go!” craze is quite INSENSITIVE to the people and the public of places of solace and respect like a museum about the horrific Holocaust.
      … I just think people ought to be more “TACTFUL”, SENSITIVE and CONSIDERATE to the things they do and say to people and certain surroundings that might be very inappropriate.
      For instance, I don’t respect the people playing this “Pokémon Go!” game out in graveyards and cemeteries to catch unreal, virtual, imaginary creatures while disrespecting the dead. Amen.
      ~ Sincerely,
      Bro. Jed

  19. I have not played Pokemon Go, nor am I tempted because I already played its predecessor, Ingress. I got sucked in for a couple of months last summer, capturing portals rather than pokemons. The reason I got tired is because I got to a high level fairly quick. I was able to see that there wasn’t much more to attain or accomplish in the game that would give me that coke-like hit of pleasure everytime you get a better weapon or go up a level. At the same time they changed their privacy policy. That’s when I realized what a scam and a waste of time that was. I Could have learned a computer languge or spoken language with the time I spent playing Ingress

  20. Wow Pokemon Go is getting it from both sides. SJW Jonathan McIntosh (Anita Sarkeesian’s former douche at arms) doesn’t like it either. …He thinks it is too much like dog fighting (!)

      1. It isn’t worth support. I didn’t think it was fun. The virtual Pokemon weren’t very realistic looking or moving. Pokemon itself isn’t all that creative. The concept of making the real world a venue for a virtual adventure might be interesting if done well, but this is crap. (I don’t think it could be done well on a phone actually)

  21. The only pokey anything I’m throwing my balls at is going to be 5’2″-5’10” 100-140lbs with a skinny little waist and nice ass…

    1. Amen, I was 14 at the time but I thought the same thing.
      I have my own hobbies and interests- right now I’m applying decals to a 1/20th scale Formula 1 car before I assemble the thing, and to this day I have a keen interest in model railways (I’m currently building a table layout, in fact)- and I don’t really give a shit how “cool” such a hobby is or who else likes it. I enjoy it because it requires you to be an artist and a handyman at the same time. The trains and the layouts are not just images on a screen, but real objects that you can hold in your hand. It takes much longer to build and model a layout in life-like detail than it does to catch a virtual creature on your phone, but (in my humble opinion) the end result feels so much more satisfying. Watching long trains run of their own accord around a detailed layout that you brainstormed, designed and built yourself feels like playing God.
      Frank Sinatra was a keen collector and Rod Stewart is an avid modeller and he’s never had a problem getting laid so I figure it’s not the lamest thing to be into. I spend enough time outside anyway!

      1. Re the model trains, I have to give a hand to those hobbyists who devote thousands of dollars and man hours towards building those highly intricate and detailed sets. Saw a few of said HO and N-scale sets when I was younger; impressive, to put it mildly.

        1. That’s pretty much it. I have grown out of plenty of other things over the years, but watching an intricate scale layout in action (or building one) is still something I still enjoy.

  22. At least with the Gameboy games you can indulge your inner man-child in private. But with PokémonGo you got to advertise it to the world.

  23. I currently work on a secure site and there were still morons walking around filming imaginary shit

    1. Haha, I kept that shit a secret fir years, nobody knows what a great dungeon master i be. Now I play with my kids, good for lessons in ethics

  24. Jesus, every day the same 3 commenters shit up this forum worse than a construction crew’s portable toilet on taco Tuesday.
    RoK: where u learn what that little – and + symbol means on the right side.

  25. There seems to be a connection between the childishness of this Pokeperson, and the recent Star Wars craze. Grown men and women, dressed like Chewbacca, waiting hours in line.
    I won;t analyze the causes, but it definitely smells of a low SMV.

    1. Society has delayed adolescence well into a person’s 30’s nowadays.

  26. More opium for the Matrix plugged masses.
    Like all new untested technology, it’s already showing a lot of red flags in terms of posing a high risk on the Safety, Security & Health spectrum.
    The masses keep looking to assuage that inner thirst for real accomplishment by way of the dopamine rush of worthless achievement through increasingly pointless activity.
    I’m increasingly grateful for discovering ROK two years ago…

  27. I do enjoy the occasional video game so I looked into it, but the information it requires and then shares is simply ridiculous. People don’t realize that game developers and app developers in general are creating this giant worldwide database that’s going to make Minority Report look quaint in terms of invasive advertising and the like.
    No thanks.

  28. “A product that reaches so many customers cannot exist without an agenda. Many celebrities have already endorsed and showed their enthusiasm for the game. You know that when something receives Hollywood’s stamp of approval, something is wrong.”
    ABSOLUTELY. Smh… I used to be into Pokémon as a young kid since I was five years-old all the way until I was 16 years-old and then it waned on me. In fact, I even wrote up and typed up some ideas of various RPG Pokémon games to create if I could land a “dream job” working for Nintendo back in my “daydreaming” high school years. I wasn’t a “geeky nerd” about Pokémon but was “cool” about it in the sense I liked the idea of the *aesthetics* if the many of the technological and social advances of the Pokémon world (talking about through the main RPG Pokémon generation games, not this childish anime series with main protagonist Ash Ketchum that continues even unto now…) were translated into the “real world reality” of the real world. I always caught myself to know Pokémon was entirely FICTIONAL even though I played it.
    That said, as I got older and grew out of Pokémon unto more “mature” Japanese productions of manga and anime, I put away all the “childish aspects” of Pokémon for what is was even though I still like the pure creativity and imagination of the “Pokémon World”. Shoot, through my childhood of Pokémon by reading through the Pokémon Nintendo Play Through guides I actually enjoyed reading how to progress in the game while learning “new words” in the guide books like “juggernaut” that I used in one of my childhood book reports.
    Rather than letting a “game” get the distraction out of me, I used it since then to learn and gain experience in reading and creativity and understanding the implementation of new innovations. As Einstein said somewhere in one of his famous quotes, “Knowledge is limited but imagination is unlimited” or something like that.
    Anyways, after putting aside Pokémon and getting more deep and serious in my FAITH as a Christian, I learned that Pokémon” as much as I liked it in my childhood had worldly, heathen and even Satanic beliefs, views and ideas to the contrary of what I thought. I always kinda knew as a kid “evolution” was against God’s Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) but it was only until later when I understood as an ADULT the significance of that difference.
    Here’s a little interview from the original creator of Pokémon I think: http://www.p4rgaming.com/pokemon-creator-admits-games-aimed-towards-satanists/
    In all honesty, I believe and take the interview as face-to-face true as it is concerning Mr. Satoshi.
    Yeah, I could go on-an-on about Pokémon since I was kind of an “unofficial fan” of the franchise, so yeah, I can answer a few questions People may have. God-willing, I’ll get around to writing an article on POKEMON through-and-through for what is it from the worldly perspective to my CHRISTIAN UNDERSTANDING.
    Anyways, yeah the “current hype” of this new deal “Pokémon Go!” is nothing but a massive scale SATANIC DECEPTION being deployed to deceive and disorient the people.
    Smh… yeah, all these years since Pokémon made it big in the 90s and then cool down in the 2000s makes it clear that this “Pokémon Go!” craze in intents is not being targeted to the legitimate Pokémon fans of old but to be used as a current modern form of SOCIAL CONTROL
    In other words people SATAN is using Pokémon to “to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY” people in the aftermath of these incidents we hear about in the news.
    Now, looking back, GOD is using what I learned and experienced in childhood from playing and immersing myself in Pokémon to WARN THE PEOPLE!
    What you should do: do NOT “play into” and IGNORE Pokémon Go! for the manipulating SCHEME it is. Please do NOT be a mere “pawn in the Devil’s literal game”. Amen.
    What you SHOULD DO: TRUST on the LORD JESUS CHRIST and PUT AWAY this damnable Pokémon idolatries away from you! Amen.
    ~ Sincerely,
    Bro. Jed

    1. is this times pokemon and pikachu have more credibility against the bible and that men …. facts of new era .

  29. I never bothered with it either. I don’t normally play games on my phone. However I just got off a plane and the TSA punk cops at the airport were advertising a rare pokemon character called “Glovinass”.

  30. Never given a shit about this kind of thing but he hype made me look into it a little.
    I have yet to encounter anyone who doesn’t openly mock that stuff in person though…
    It seemed idiotic at the outset and basically has proven itself to be beyond what I thought possible even. These whack heads who want everyone and their grandmother nosing around all their locations, contacts, pictures etc just to catch pixels on a screen in my view are fucking welcome to it.
    I’m going to keep on my own “Pussy Trainer” quest lol.
    Jokes and pixels aside, turn the fucking location services off guys, if you need a navigator buy one that doesn’t have your dick pics and FWB contacts on it, don’t use your fucking phone for that shit.
    Any time shit like this is free and requires access to your location or data or whatever, it’s not free. Far from it.

  31. This is Japan’s revenge for us nuking them to end WWII. They knew they couldn’t defeat our military, but they knew if they turned our future generations (including my generation: millennials born in 1989 and after) into herbivores, they could become an empire again.
    The only difference is that this empire is a technological and entertainment-based one.

      1. It’s a shame too, Japanese food is great, red pill men can learn alot from the history of the samurai, and they as a nation have closed borders.
        Yet, all people think of when it comes to Japan is those creepy panty vending machines, anything involving the noun “tentacles”, and now Pokemon Go.

        1. It’s like a defense mechanism. It limits visitors to either alphas with the intelligence to study japanese culture and respectfully visit or relatively harmless herbivores.

        2. I’m not sure about the harmless part of said herbivores. From what I remember of my right wing activist days in undergrad, these are the same archetype that comprises left wing protests: Stupid people who can be dangerous in overwhelming numbers, and when whipped up into a mindless frenzy.

        3. Harmless in that they are distracted from real-world issues. They’re usually keyboard warriors or turn tail at the first sign of retaliation.
          Of course, you’re assuming that they are people.

        4. It’s the panties with tentacles that really freak me out. What the fuck is that all about anyway?

    1. That’s what we HOPE a properly raised teenaged son would say. Most parents would only be so lucky as to have a son who leaves the childhood ways behind.

      1. As a teen I collected “Yu-gi-oh!” cards because I found some of the creature concepts neat. I also spent too much time making silly little computer games. All well.

    1. That dude with the white hat (who knocks the guy in the white shirt down) looks like he always skips leg day.
      Beta-tude at its finest…

      1. Agreed, however I’m more concerned about the fact he is acting like a complete jack ass and playing pokemon.

  32. As a millenial I played Pokemon on the GameBoy color and with the cards at age 8 or 9, back in 1998 to 2000 at the height of its popularity. They made a whole lot of new Pokemon since then, but now they brought back the original 150 of them from 1998 for us. I now think that millennials really aren’t expected to ever actually grow up. My peers would rather walk around in a virtual world as that same goofy looking anime character from almost 2 decades ago than deal with real life.

  33. I didn’t even need to read the article to fully understand the point. The whole thing had been going on in my mind since the hype started. Everybody going shenanigans about it, and the Internet being crammed with the word ‘Pokemon’ wherever you gaze.
    This is just a manifestation of a sick spiral of infantile behavior, combined with smartphone addiction. I recall my childhood-I did have a couple of Pokemon figurines, watched the cartoon from time to time but in retrospective, I just can’t comprehend the infatuation all the millenials have with Pokemon. I preferred the usual boyish stuff-wooden swords, army men, hide-and-seek, slaying imaginary monsters, role playing…and forget the Nintendo. No one had the money to buy such things in a country that had only recently recovered from a war. Which good in one way-kids played outside.
    Yes, I understand nostalgia kicks in sometimes, but aren’t we grown men? Let alone the fact that certain idiots risked their lives for this game, which explains a lot.
    In the end, video games are reasonable pastime, but only in fairly moderate amount. And catching Pokemon in a yard that has guard dogs is an act of idiocy, not moderation.

    1. Because video games are literally engineered to maximize time spent. They literally warp your psychology. Same with that stupid pop music horeshit.

      1. Play older video games, where there was some attempt at originality and experimentation.
        I only occasionally play KSP and Spore to try out some concepts.

        1. I tried Pong in 1977 but it didn’t seem very original or experimental. Two straight lines that burned into your television screen if you left them sit stationary to long, and a square “ball”. Hit back and forth.
          The excitement was overwhelming.

        2. They don’t remember the TV’s that would get the image burned into the screen GOJ…

  34. this is pretty bad, but a few years ago adults were playing quiddictch in the real world; I think that was even worse

    1. Im insanely happy I never watched one of those movies. Never played with Pokémon either for that matter.

  35. Had to take my wife to the emergency room last week and the Goddamn nurses were walking around like dumbfucks looking for Pokémon, I fucking lost my shit. I’m not dealing with this bullshit. Pokémon? really!?
    Its annoying me right now, that my computer is autocorrecting the spelling of Pokémon yet it wont correct other words, just puts the red jagged underline under other words I misspell. I cant believe this is a thing.

  36. Inhale………. Exhale………. I have a crazy idea, why not go on a scavenger hunt for a new park, a new activity, learn a card trick, go on a hike with an Audubon society book and discover trees, plants and animals, buy a wilderness survival book and hike experiment with some of the techniques illustrated in the book, go to a museum or go stroll down Main Street with your smart phone and look for a digital fuck tard imagined character and build your fictional net worth to compensate for your short comings, stock up on amo, we’re fucked.

  37. I don’t get it, but I wish I’d bought Nintendo stock about two weeks ago! Wow, the world is demonstrably full of people with way too much time on their hands. And for what? It isn’t even like you can get Amazon points or cash out of it. Retarded.

  38. Yesterday I picked up a book about gunsmithing the AR 15. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the parts, little screws, cleaning supplies and tools. It left me with a lot of research to do. That’s a fucking scavenger hunt.

  39. I’m not seeing the problem here. I’m actually thrilled with Pokemon GO. Not because I play it, or would ever consider playing it. I love it because it’s a great opportunity to cull humnaity of some incredibly stupid people. In fact, Niantic should make the extra effort to ensure that the rarest Pokemon are found in abundance only at the most dangerous of locations so that the chances of bodily harm and death are greater.
    The game is nothing more than the entertainment equivalent of removing the warning label. I say let the mentally challenged “masters” chase their virtual Pokemon all they want. Right off a cliff. Or into a busy freeway. It spares the gene pool their “contribution” to the species.
    Pokemon GO: Supidity Solving Itself

    1. This is what globalism is ultimately all about – the elimination of the galactically stupid. When you read things like this, it’s hard to argue with the NWO’s ultimate goal. I mean…seriously freakin’ hard.

      1. No, people who die from doing stupid shit like being glued to their smartphones trying to catch something that doesn’t exist, so much so that they fail to notice life threatening dangers to themselves, deserve what they get. It’s natural selection at work, nothing more.
        Given that Western civilization is suffering greatly from a preponderance of stupidity, such as feminism, SJWs, cultural Marxism, and so forth, I see no problem in advocating the culling of the shallow end of the gene pool.
        Lastly, most normal people dislike being around vapid idiots who say and do stupid things at the expense of themselves or others. Your sarcastic response indicates that there is something wrong with me because I’m not inclined to sympathize with and coddle people who do stupid shit. There’s enough people out there who are more than willing to do that job without my participation. We call them “Liberals”. This may come as a surprise to you, but I also don’t like the smell of dog shit. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.

        1. its not western civ. that needs culling, it’s actually eastern civ. that needs to slowly die out. many more of them out there

        2. Rather, just be more “tactful”. There’s no empathy or “love” for your fellow man in just wanting them to “die off” just because of their ignorance.
          Yeah, yeah, we know the world’s messed up in the whole litany of reasons you’ve listed. Even so, I’d rather be around kind, caring decent “stupid” people than a bunch of cold-hearted, calculating intellectuals anyday… Been there done that.
          Learn and ADAPT. Get along with ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. Don’t have to live with them or among them if you don’t want.
          Let PATIENCE have it’s own perfect work. Amen.
          ~ Sincerely,
          Bro. Jed

        3. The problem with your “Kumbaya Around the Campfire” approach to stupidity is that it creates more problems in society while solving none of the existing ones. Instead of obesity being called out for what it is, we now have idiots calling for “body positivity” because it’s the “tactful” thing to do. Behavior that would have sent someone to a psych ward for mental illness in more sane times is now paraded and flaunted as the new “normal”. My country is literally falling apart around me because useful idiots such as yourself decided it was more “tactful” to coddle stupid people than to simply let natural selection run its course. The insane are running the asylum because it’s the current year and that’s the PC fad now.
          I do not need to learn to “adapt” or be “patient” with stupid people. I surround myself with intelligent friends and colleagues who are, at minimum, my equal if not substantially better than I am while avoiding association with stupidity and its many, many followers. This has resulted in a close, small circle of well connected, caring friends and successful people. Their methods for success, as well as their intellect, affect me to the point where I too am successful. The types of people you associate with reflect the type of person you are.
          So have fun associating with idiots if you like. I choose not to, and will continue to derive humorous pleasure from their antics. Including walking right off a cliff because they were too stupid to look up from their smart phone to see it.

        4. … Hmmm… Yeah, well just “live and let live” bro, I’m not trying to make it all one big “explantion”.
          People are always going to lie to themselves and the media’s always gonna be their big helper.
          “My country is literally falling apart around me because useful idiots such as yourself decided it was more “tactful” to coddle stupid people than to simply let natural selection run its course. The insane are running the asylum because it’s the current year and that’s the PC fad now.”
          Hey, hey now… That’s too personal. You don’t know me well enough to call me a “useful idiot” coddling stupid people. That’s nothing but YOUR SELF-PROJECTION on your part not backed up on anything but your “emotional assertions”.
          Otherwise, I understand everything you’re saying about how messed up the world is and all that jazz. Big deal. It’s always been that way from the Beginning. God LOVES you. JESUS CHRIST died for YOU. THAT’s what’s important. Amen.
          Life will go on on this earthly plane till He Returns…
          Take care in life sir. Amen.
          ~ Bro. Jed

        5. Again, you seem to be on the wrong site. I think you’d best run along as this site is definitely not for your type. I recommend Reddit, Jezebel, Imgur, or some other equally sanitized “safe zone” where your sentiments about “self projection”, “emotional assertions”, and your silly bronze age sky fairy beliefs will be taken more seriously. It certianly isn’t going to work here.

  40. 6. Because people definitely do not need yet another reason to stare at their phones all day long! Phone zombies I call ’em…

  41. If someone asks me if I play this I laugh. I may be fat, but at least I get out and walk to work and go shooting in the woods. I don’t have time to play a game that is a waste of time.

  42. The whole GPS phone thing is insane
    The possibilities for data tracking are completely off the scale. By recording that info (and it is being recorded and stored some where), it’s possible to know where someone has been more or less everyday of their lives to the nearest meter
    Every single web site page you have ever looked at, every email you have ever sent, every search you have put into Google, plus there’s Facebook also of course.
    A recent scandal in the UK highlighted how mobile phone calls are being recorded and analysed also, especially of anyone with any influence or fame.
    Sure most of this info is never looked at as most people are of no interest, but as soon as you become someone in society – boom, they know every last single thing about you
    That’s some insane shit…….

  43. Thank you for posting this. I mean everyone just went crazy with this pokemon shit. I’m just looking at grown people playing a child’s game (And not the kind of one Chucky would play, a literal one).
    I just guess people dont have shit going on in their lives. You dont pour energy into something like this unless you have nothing interesting to do with your time. There are people who wake up at 6:00 to go pokemon hunting. This is beyond ridiculous. I mean everyone is free to do whatever they want and all, but come on.
    Even if I wanted I could never play this game. I just got a job in a company with a team of people, joined a gym and started practising karate and boxing, finishing a course, ect. I have dreams and ambitions, that is why I could never see myself wasting so much time on something as trivial and unproductive.
    And I dont know why, but I didnt expect so many adult men to fall for this.

  44. You need 5 reasons?
    To sum up reality….
    So people use a GPS…and walk to a destination to find an imaginary monster on their phone with their GPS…so they can get points and look for further imaginary monsters. This leads to morons walking into a robbery trap or having their identity stolen…or finding dead bodies.
    Me personally I would rather make these morons busy with something this mundane than have them doing SJW takeawayourrights shutupshesaid horseshit. To me anyone who gives a shit about anything related to this bullshit society should reject this and it would be easy to see who they are. I saw one of these morons playing the game on his/her phone on the freeway driving down the road….or this piece of human debris was really drunk.

  45. Both this article and comments have left me rather depressed, as almost everyone I work with or interact with on a daily basis plays this game.
    Are there really that few real adults left in the world these days?

  46. At least when I wander aimlessly around Skyrim looking for shit, and get bushwacked and beaten to death by bandits, I can reload a save game.
    Fucking Poke-idiots.

  47. ps. I’m not sure if that metro.co.uk reference is entirely credible, judging by their articles 😉

  48. Pokemon Ho you gotta go. Out with you tonight. You with the players and the gamers, run along now with the neighbors, out with you tonight! Pokemon Ho you gotta go. You gotta go.

  49. One kid over here in Portland Oregon got stabbed for asking another guy if he to was playing pokemon. Scary but I knew from that point on this game was going to bring me some fabulous liveleak videos.

  50. It’s basically another attention whoring thing like taking pics of planking and stuff but probably more danggerous

  51. I can imagine the Navy trying to recruit people this way. Join the Mavy and catch Pokemo out at the deepest ends of the world

  52. The future has arrived: This kids don’t want paid jobs, but merely digital creatures. If it works, we will all be paid like this soon.

  53. It’s almost as if, without families, children, or a meaningful job, people have no meaning in their lives and seek desperately to fill that void with any bullshit they find.

  54. What a time to be alive! Now seriously, this crap only proves the supreme infantilization of our society, with adult men searching for fictional “beings”.
    Now, i had a very happy childhood and video games were a big part of it. I was a Sega fanatic and men, did i enjoy my Mega drive and my Saturn. Then i also played games on my PC namely strategy games. But then something happen…I grew up. I have no problem playing a game that i like, if i have the will to do so, but its simply not a priority, not as a 33 years old. Instead of being concerned with a rpg or some difficult game level, i began to be much more interested in women and a salary.
    What i find troubling is that this normal biological drive seems to be destroyed in many Western men. It boggles the mind.
    btw: how many pokemons are in Mosul or Raqqa??? Send these bastards there to find out!

  55. Betas have jobs to go to. These dolts are well below betas…whatever the Greek name is for that.
    Dolts breeding…now there’s something that needs to be dialed back considerably.

  56. I see no reason to boycott Pokémon Go; just as I see no reason to boycott Brussels sprouts. In both cases I have absolutely no desire to partake of them, but have no objection to others that chose differently. If you are merely trying to convince others as to the dangers and unstated costs of this activity, good for you. But boycotts are a different matter.

  57. I don’t care for Pokemon go, but common, if all of these people weren’t playing Pokemon, they would be playing video games instead, which is way worse because at least with Pokemon you are walking around.

  58. Like many here I don´t care for Pokemon Go.
    I hate to admit it but I play a card game when I want to distract myself a while, it´s not bad to have a hobby like this, but it is important not to forget that it’s just a hobby.

  59. I wonder, people who play such kind of games what they can teach their children…
    People waste their life for ridiculous things.
    Some chase women over Internet to seduce them, after what post their stories in Internet thinking they are super cool men, other play pokemons.

  60. I have zero interest in playing this colossal waste of time. Looks like this is a true “red pill” indicator to me!
    I have cut my television consumption way down, preferring to watch alternative stations whenever possible, or watching a proven good DVD instead. Working hard to simplify my life and enjoy a quality of life made possible by the red pill!

  61. While i agree on the points this comment section is cancer. Full of people wants to boost their ego through bashing like they are always doing something productive .

  62. I do not play this, but this fad will die down in a while. It does not have much going on to keep its steam going. It does not bother me, I rather see people playing that game than seeing them on social media.

    1. Pokemon has been around for twenty years. The TV show has 19 seasons and is still going. It has countless games that are still being released. There are Pokemon tournaments in real life where trainers battle. The franchise is worth 30 billion dollars.
      That’s some fad.

  63. Just to add, technically Pokemon GO is probably the worst popular app ever. It’s full of bugs and constantly crashes. Pokemon servers are also very unstable.

  64. At a Christian youth camp last weekend….. The organiser gave a message centered around Pokemon Go.
    I can’t decide what’s worse – adults trying so hard to be hip and relevant, or the app itself?

    1. The app itself, the adults are working hard to keep it entertaining for the youth. I’m a Scoutmaster, I know how hard it is to teach morality in a way that keeps their interest. Cut them some slack.

  65. pokemon go?
    it’s like if you were a loser that couldn’t get chicks before now you can’t even get pokemon!

  66. While I agree with the premiss of the article I can say that the comments here sound like a bunch of hypocrites.
    I can Guarentee that every single one of you does something in your life that is a waste of time. You pretend like you are costantly doing something “productive”, I call bullshit.
    I agree men are turning into/staying children and wasting vast amounts of free time on childishness. But I think the problem is more the amounts of time and not fully the activities themselves.
    I work an $80k job, work out 6 days a week and manage a marriage. I take care of my home and my yard has the nicest grass on the block and guess what? I have started playing pokemon GO!
    I can do this because I manage my time properly and don’t play video games 8hrs a day. I also have a real relationship and don’t have to waste time “gaming” women into bed for no other point than to shoot a load.
    So call me immature if you’d like but when you start telling people what they should be doing to be a “real man” then you sound like a bunch of SJWs trying to control everyone elses thoughts and actions.

  67. 1. They updated the permissions the app needs, it does not spy on you.
    2. This applies to smartphones in general, not any certain app.
    3. What is the complaint here? That people are getting along? I’ve met people through this app, conversation is not necessarily about the game when people meet.
    4. I’d wager a good 30 to 40 percent of players are women. Usually the attractive type. But then again I’ve actually played, so what would I know?
    5. And this is a problem how? Stupid people will find ways to harm themselves regardless of this game’s existence. Pokemon Go is only yet another avenue for this.
    On top of these non-issues, it’s getting people off the couch. In my opinion, outdoor activity is always better than indoor TV or video game binges.
    I’m usually a big fan of your articles, but this just seems contrarian to me.

    1. finally someone with brains. i pick up attractive pokemon player girls almost every time i go out. i have the app, i did catch some pokemons, and while i think this isn’t even a game, just a glorified stamp collection app, it makes people get out more, socialize and actually lose a few pounds.
      people played ingress for years, nobody cared. people play candy crush like zombies, nobody cares.
      but god forbid, to see other people having fun in front of my eyes. some of the comments here… geezus christ, like “japan should be nuked again” and “darwin’s law is working ” like wtf, you wish death to people who do nothing wrong to you just having fun in a different way?
      all while most of these bigmouths are watching the tv 6hrs a day…

  68. I always hated RPG’s, so never played pokemon.
    This game is for children. Any man older than 21 who goes out with his cellphone and walks around to “catch” a non-existing creature is an idiot. It’s the same person who a couple years later will be pedalizing pussy.

  69. You forgot to mention that Pokemon Go was made by the devil and will turn kids into homosexuals, da fuq is this exaggeration?
    Pokemons Go was intended to be a promotional game for the upcoming actual games and while the fans expected it to be big no one imagined it to become this big, the only agenda it has is to be advertisement
    Yes, bad shit happened involving the game but this site clearly states that guns are dangerous only when bad or stupid people uses them but that logic went down the toilet when “analizyng” this game, just change “Pokemon Go” for “Guns” and you will have an article that can be clearly considered liberal trash due to the demonizing approach, if the article actually intended to analyze the game it should be focused on the game mecanics and not in the social impact because it is up to the society, instead it would be resonable to analyze the society based on the way they reacted to the game
    Finally you cant appeal to the “a real man does this” in a site based about developing individuality, what is the point of such a rushed and missinformed article?
    Well, a streght of the manosphere is the fact that men will judge each other instead of falling into mutual complacency, to remmember that is the only reasonable thing i can get from this

  70. This article is a prime example of TFLer’s going full on SJW and have to condemn people over a game.

  71. I would probably try out the game if I had the proper phone for supporting it. As a true recluse I don’t think I would get into adventuring. Mobile data plans are expensive so I would only want to do it adjacent to a router.
    Game is not harming game..if it wasn’t this it would be some other hobby. Geek guys may be asserting they don’t want girls who find GO-playing unsexy. I with not fault them for not finding those types unattractive.

  72. This game is fucking trash, I popped up Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Yellow on my old Gameboy Advance for Nostalgia sake and had more fun playing them then trying out Pokemon Gay oups Go I mean.
    Seriously this series had a very badass rival in the first two games, basically Gary and Silver were bad boys who gave no fuck, always surrounded by girls and always being extremely douchy with everyone. Comes in the third generation and it feels like these games were made for retards. Gaming was good 15 + years ago but now it’s trash.

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