Feminist Book Is Being Handed Out To Thousands Of Swedish Teenagers

Over 100,000 copies of We Should All Be Feminists are being sent to Swedish students in their second year of high school. A number of organizations, including two big unions and a women’s lobby group, have decided to hand Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book out for free.

The generous organizations say they want it to be “an introduction for girls and boys who never before thought about injustices between the sexes.”

We do it with the hope that they will read Adichie’s words and understand that feminism is the key to unlock their narrow cages. Feminism makes it possible for both girls and boys to be themselves.

It’s a move reminiscent of how the government in Nazi Germany gave all newlywed couples a free copy of Mein Kampf. But is it really fair to compare this piece of literature to Hitler’s notorious manifesto? Let’s find out.

A Nigerian perspective


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was born in Nigeria. She studied in America and received Masters degrees in creative writing and African studies. Today she’s a critically acclaimed novelist.

In 2014, We Should All Be Feminists was published. It is based on a speech the author held in December 2012 at TEDxEuston. You can watch the talk here, and it differs little from the printed version.

Earlier this week the short book came out in a Swedish translation. As it is now being passed out to teenagers all over the country, this writer read the Swedish print to figure out if it’s any good. And it does start off quite well.

To explain why she became a feminist, the author tells us about her experiences as a woman in Nigeria. For example, only boys were allowed compete for the role of class monitor at her primary school. This rule was clearly discriminatory, and one can sympathize with Adichie as she expresses her wish to be something forbidden to her kind.

These are little things, but sometimes it’s the little things that sting the most.

Acknowledges differences

She continues by acknowledging the fact that men and women are biologically different, having their own types of hormones and genitals. This is important, since many feminists today seem to think that gender is purely an illusion constructed and promoted by the faceless, evil entity known as “the Patriarchy.”

After these passages, though, Adichie starts sounding like every other feminist you’ve heard since the third wave of their movement came along. Men have all the power, women are seen as second-class citizens, and in every imaginable situation they get the short end of the stick.

The fact that the author’s experiences mostly come from Nigeria is a problem. How is her critique of Nigerian society pertinent to the way we live in the West? Another problem is that a lot of what she promulgates as fact is either unconfirmed by any proof, or feminist myths that have been falsified a long time ago, like the wage gap myth (she claims that women in the US get paid less than men for the same work).

The biggest flaw in the book is also the main point she’s trying to make; that masculinity is the Great Satan that must be banished from the world if men and women shall live in peace. This, she says, would improve the lives of both sexes.

Although she admits that our bodies are different, she doesn’t make the connection from that to men and women behaving differently as well. She claims that masculinity and femininity are social constructs. And in this modern world, masculinity only breeds trouble.

Men are too “hard”


Muscles—only useful a 1,000 years ago?

A thousand years ago, she writes, it was reasonable for men to be in power. But today, other qualities than physical strength are necessary to rule, like intelligence and creativity. Those traits can be found equally in both men and women. Therefore, men having more power is unfair.

In her mind, masculinity is like an evolutionary by-product, no longer needed but only harmful. Because we are taught to be either masculine or feminine, we must begin to teach our children (especially boys) differently.

We do a great disservice to boys in how we raise them. We stifle their humanity. We define masculinity very narrowly.

Masculinity is a hard, small cage, which we put our boys into.

We teach boys to not show fear, weakness, vulnerability. We teach them to mask their true selves because they have to grow up and become a hard man, as they say in Nigeria.

In contrast, Adichie wants us to make boys weak, soft, sensitive and neurotic. One would guess that she models her perfect man after a Woody Allen character.

The truth is that masculinity serves men well. It has for thousands of years, and it still does. It makes us strong, resilient, competitive, logical and rational. In a word, hard. None of us would be here if our ancestors weren’t hard. Neither do we achieve any success today if we don’t acquire some degree of masculinity. Our superior physical strength might not do much for us in our working lives, but it certainly makes us more attractive to women.

That’s one important inconsistency in Adichie’s message. She calls on women to raise their children to be Woody Allen, but she doesn’t say that they should marry a Woody Allen. Hence, she wants to turn the next generation of boys into beta males, while knowing that these are not the men that women typically go for.

We would do a great disservice to boys if we raised them the way Adichie tells us to do. It would make them less competitive compared to masculine boys, which would ultimately impede their chances of procreating. Natural selection would discard their substandard genes to the landfill of history.

While We Should All Be Feminists starts off somewhat agreeable, it ends up expressing the same sort of Marxist adoration for weakness that we’ve heard time and time again.


The face of the ideal modern man?

Graded F For Feminist

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie deserves credit for laying out the basics of modern feminism in a plain and accessible language. She avoids, perhaps purposely, loaded words like patriarchy, misogyny, and all the different varieties of shaming.

The book is also short, and therefore even a teenager with the attention span of a goldfish can finish it. But kids shouldn’t be reading it at all, and it should not be passed on to them through the school system. This piece of feminist propaganda is something teenagers can find on their own, if they’re interested in the subject.

Although it might be less than applicable to compare it to the Third Reich Führer’s autobiography for many reasons, as a manifesto for third-wave feminazis, this book is as good (bad) as any.

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198 thoughts on “Feminist Book Is Being Handed Out To Thousands Of Swedish Teenagers”

  1. Absolutely no coincidence that the same Swedish mindset that outpaced the world in terms of zany feminism also has found such solid footing in Muslim worship. It’s the same cheap, pseudo-heroic set of emotional tingles, totally devoid of logic, fact, reality. It’s comedy to me that most Swedes can’t see how they’ve cancelled themselves out here; a bunch of feminists prostrating themselves to welcome the pure misogyny of Islam. What a joke. The upside is that a lot of hot Swedish women will be wanting out soon.
    As for the Nigerian; How about recognizing the horrors of the sexist society you come from and then celebrating how decent men of the West are? Acknowledge the goodness, maybe? Nah, just keep smoothing it along until disgusting Nigerian male behavior transitions into simple, overall male behavior and then blast away. Yawn.

      1. I’ve seen the Arab=Alpha canard too many times. They’re woman-hating homosexuals in their heart of hearts. Not alpha. If you disagree then explain this famous Islamic maxim;
        For babies fuck a woman
        For pleasure fuck a boy
        For ecstasy fuck a melon.
        That culture is an absolute toilet bowl. Not alpha

        1. Yeah, I read an article a while ago that Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest underground(?) gay cultures on Earth, and the supposedly pious Wahhabi religious authorities just wink at it while continuing on with their pseudo-religious state benefitting the oil shiekh ruling family. Afghan guys, Pakis, etc. molesting teenage boys, while claiming that the Koran sanctions it because they are not “in love” with them. Yep, aside from controlling their women better than Western culture, Islam pretty well blows goats…. Well, and other men, apparently.

        2. I’ve read that a full third of adult Paki males are full blown homosexual pedophiles and that most impoverished Paki boys have brought off more adult cock than all the women of pornhub combined. It’s only what I read but if you read about the Middle East enough you will find that they are total fags. Every once in awhile they scapegoat a fag who has the honesty to be ostentatious about it, I guess.

        3. Cover a women head to toe, use religion to further demonize them, use excessive force and control. Completely isolate them from men and restrict their moments. Seriously, it implies they are fanatically frightened of them.
          Beta? Yes, they blindly follow a doctrine that enforces nothing but collective thought for the continuance of a destructive ideology.
          They are faggots. They are afraid of woman and use them a utility to produce more homosexuals and soldiers to reinforce an archaic tribal doctrine.

        4. Oh, I agree. They only APPEAR alpha to western women when compared with the average western male.
          They’re in for a rude awakening.

  2. I had a teacher giving out similar doctrines as required reading in high school, but amusingly my class was the first in his whole career to actively question and systematically destroy the Marxist propaganda he was pedaling.
    It’s possible to beat back the rhetoric with equally-powerful rhetoric, backed up by facts. Perhaps we should consider formulating a systematic response to that work, and get it localized to these Swedish kids.

  3. We teach boys to not show fear, weakness, vulnerability. We teach them to mask their true selves because they have to grow up and become a hard man, as they say in Nigeria.

    Well, there is truth to it. It is one thing to force boys into being effiminate bastards. But it is another to completely deny them expression of any weakness. Both are extremes that create a caricatured man.
    That said, am I the only one who just feels like smashing something when he sees a female feminist on stage? I mean fuck. So much suffering among men – even rape, yeah. But there they are, the stupid CUNTS, crying and crying and getting all the attention. Fuck those stupid whores and their agendas. Put them in their place. About time someone stopped listening to their fucking bullshit.

    1. After listening to Adichie speak in her TED talk I am positive she is a diversity/affirmative action beneficiary. The woman is an empty-headed buffoon without two brain cells to rub together. The society which tramples excellence in order to reward imbeciles reaps what it sows.

      1. Yeah, she looks nasty, does she not. One of those preachy annoying nigger bitches. A face meant to be imagined as a punching bag … haha, my mind just contemplated actually creating punching bags that look like her. I wonder what kind of outcry that would cause!

        1. Our ancestors were not small minded bigots but were intelligent, shrewed men who understood the world and were not constrained by feminine sentimentalism. They observed a problem and quickly remedied it in the most proper and efficient manner possible.

        2. Cracker or Ofay would have been a more appropriate slur than Whitey. I prefer Redneck myself because that is the term that has replaced Barbarian. And in Russia darker folks find being called black to be particularly offensive and prefer to be called niggers. This is 100% true and just goes to show that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Don’t be so hung up on labels and insults. I am a Southerner, I am EVERY BODIES asshole and punching-bag. I am the new nigger who only wears pants to hide his tail. So lighten up darkie, whatever our race, color or nation of origin, we’re all just a bunch of swinging dicks here…

        3. They just finished filming a movie in Savannah titled Birth Of A Nation about the Nat Turner Rebellion
          Actor-turned-director Nate Parker (Beyond The Lights, About Alex, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) will tackle this controversial event for his debut behind the camera. Parker’s been pursuing a Nat Turner film as a passion project for years now, and his vision will finally be realized under the title Birth Of A Nation, a defiantly ironic allusion to D.W. Griffith’s notoriously racist 1915 Civil War epic. In addition to directing, producing, and scripting the film, Parker will also star as Turner with Armie Hammer and a pair of newly announced actors as co-stars. (Notice how the first movie is labeled racist and the new movie about killing Caucasians is free of this label. Amerika 2.0)
          Prompted by religious visions, Turner and a band of about 70 rebel slaves killed between 55 and 65 people in Virginia — the most ever killed in a slave uprising. The rebellion was stopped after two days, but Turner survived in hiding for more than two months.
          And what did Nate Parker have to say about the project? “I couldn’t be more honored to tell the story of one of America’s greatest heroes,” said Parker. “A man whose actions rocked the nation, further precipitating the Civil War and emancipation for Americans of African descent. Nat Turner’s rebellion and message of resistance not only compels us to stand in the face of iniquity but also shines light on a critical moment in our history.”
          This is the same as Django Unchained. All the Caucasians are slaughtered and yet no one is offended. Show some black guy getting the shit kicked out of him by a white guy and all racist hell breaks loose. But who cares, it’s not like I want to throw you down the apples and pears over it…

        4. You’re lucky I have better things to do than track you down and beat your ass.
          Anyway, you need to get up with your black music. That’s the title to a song by Sly and the Family Stone.

        5. Well its a little bit different. This actually happened. I hope they tell the true story rather than some Hollywood version. Or maybe I’m being naive…

        6. You know I live in Munich. Leave me a note when you come by the city.
          Do you mean ‘Dance to the Music’? I kinda never liked this slavey jazz stuff. But I am actually starting to like it. I think that it always resonated with something in myself I did not want to be thinking about.

        7. We will probably see more violence against blacks in america in the not so distant future, not that i condone violence, but there will be a violent reaction eventually to some of the shit being perpetrated by the black people in america against whites and to some extent latinos and asians as well.

        8. I have met some awesome black people in my life. The BLM folks shout down those people and demonize them. It appears the black community have been systematically attacked by leftist, cultural marxist, to the point of collapse.

    2. “That said, am I the only one who just feels like smashing something when he sees a female feminist on stage?”
      No. I get the urge to go ‘a-viking’ or start a new Crusades plenty and often when I read this SJW crap, and then I sublimate my rage and frustration onto the Iron.

    3. What she is saying is false. Nobody is teaching boys to be like that. Boys either know that intrinsically or they learn that to show weakness puts you at a disadvantage.
      Nothing makes a women’s pussy dry up quicker than a fearful, weak and vulnerable man. Women need a hard man.
      If you are not hard, harden.

      1. See, Bob, that is where I am different than you by now. Who gives a damn what makes a girl’s pussy dry? I do not live for those fucking cunts. If they can not handle my tears, let them swallow my fist. Who gives a damn what those bitches need. Treated me like shit all my life, so fuck them.

        1. You sound bitter, weak and vulnerable. When you’re done crying, put your balls back between your legs and get on with it.
          And don’t let me hear you whine like this again or I really will beat your ass. Twice if you cry about it.

  4. I’m not a big fan of this alpha/beta narrative prevalent in the manosphere. Yes, some men are extroverted and warrior-like, while others are more contemplative and monkish. However, one isn’t better than the other. Our society needs both types of men.

    1. Sure, but both should live to their full potential and that includes a healthy access to their aggression and sexual energy. Any man who does not have that will not even be a good monk. Just a castrated monkey. His words will have no relevance, as he is cut off from a fundamental energy of existence.

    2. I agree, A Man doesn’t concern himself with Labels, but there is definitely a difference In quality between some Men, You have Men, then you have Modern Liberal Hipsters, one is Alpha one is Beta, just terms used to help distinguish between the two. I’ll take an Introverted humble Monk who stays True and won’t Quit even if about to do Battle At the Gates of Hell, but I’ll pass on the guy who is extroverted claiming to everyone “Hey Babe I’m an Alpha”, but shits his pants first chance at Let Slip the Dogs of war. Actions determine a Man, words are Mere words.

    3. A man should be both warrior and monk . It is one thing to be a able to formulate an intelligent thought but how will you defend it if that’s all you do . Likewise being a brute does you no good because your are just a mindless drone who only sees violence as the answer . I don’t understand where this divergence of scholar and warrior was made . The Greeks , the crusaders , the Vikings , Bruce Lee and so on harp on the importance of being skilled in both thought and action .

    4. That’s not really what I think of when I hear “Alpha” and “Beta” used as shorthand. A contemplative, monkish shaman-type could be far more Alpha than some conformist who lifts weights and gets into bar fights with his bros. It’s comes down to individuality and dominance.

    5. There used to be the embodiment of warrior and monk in the same man.
      Think European Christian tradition. Knights Templars, Knights of Saint John. I know the Templars took oaths of poverty…at least before they became rich and corrupted.

  5. The Manosphere has definitely gotten Larger, but the reason we are still losing to women (feminists) is because feminists have infiltrated the youth through the Guise of Education, and are brainwashing the Next Crop of Society to Feminist Ideology, Masculinity needs to enter the public school system, so the Youth can be influenced by it, There is no reason Masculinity can’t be spread into Schools.
    On a side Note, the Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has declared all Jobs in the Military be open to women, No Exceptions, while this may seem Doom and Gloom, His decision is going to be Reviewed By Congress, hopefully Congress will shut it down, Congress already seems skeptical of it, and it’s a Good thing Congress is a Republican Majority, hopefully it wont go through.

    1. The problem is not feminism in public school, the problem IS Public School. Free public education provided by the state is one of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto. Public Education and the Media are absolutely necessary for mind control propaganda to work. Get rid of Public Schools and you get rid of most of the problem. Uneducated peasants are almost impossible to convince of the validity of modern ideology, they see it for what it truly is. Bullshit! The more “educated” (not intelligent or knowledgeable) one is the more one is susceptible to propaganda and thought control. That’s why the liberal, elite at these Ivy League schools are so fucked up. They are the first to be exposed to the latest propaganda and it takes an over educated “intellectual” to believe the bullshit being foisted upon us as “Truth” today.

  6. If a white man wrote a book about the horrible behavior of black men in Nigeria, the social-justice warriors would call him a racist.

    1. Spoiled women. Yeah they’re hot but they’re also on an island with docile engineers who all look like Brad Pitt so they’re beyond spoiled in the men they get and the life they have (had.) The female mind simply cannot be satisfied with its lot. That’s why they had to start so much shit, so their stress hormones could unwind on something instead of just swirling around inside them and driving them crazy. How else do you explain virulent feminism in a land where the men are so ideal? No, I’m not a Swedish guy either. Danes, Swedes, all Scandi men are ideal. The fact that the Scandi women just ratchet up their bullshit to this degree, given what they have, should give all men fair warning about the female brain-stem. You can call it “Hyperscandi”

  7. It is disgraceful to compare feminists to nazis. Nazis, for all their faults, were heavily K-selected. Feminists are the opposite, r-selected. There is no comparison.

  8. The stupidity of all of this is even if you agree with her premise that masculinity is obsolete in the modern world, men still excel over women in creativity and intelligence. The only thing women are better at is giving birth.

    1. The stupidity of all of this is even if you agree with her premise that masculinity is obsolete in the modern world, men still excel over women in creativity and intelligence.

      Heh, yeah. When I got to the part where she said, “But today, other qualities than physical strength are necessary to rule, like intelligence and creativity”, I was thinking….Uh, you think men haven’t been doing that already? Have you looked around at all the brilliant creations men have made that has made your spoiled cunt life so much easier?
      In the end though she doesn’t really care anyway. It’s all about her. She’s not fooling me.

      1. Men have allowed women to have that Argument as a foothold ( that women and Men are intellectually and Creatively equal), it’s the only argument Feminists have (though they try the Physically equal BS but most people don’t buy it anymore) Men need to start arguing that women and Men are not Mentally equal, the Fantasy has to Stop!

        1. Yup, you forgot to mention that very few women have any sense of loyalty or honor. So that’s another way we differ from them But moat so called men are just weak ass cunt worshipers these days; thirsty little bitches.

      2. Indeed, not only did MEN build the Pyramids and Great Wall of China, they DESIGNED them beforehand as well.

    2. And Feminists want to ensure women have the Right to kill their Babies, soon women won’t even be good for that.

      1. Feminists want the right to kill their babies and the beta men. You probably saw this from the feminist swedes.

        1. God bless the Russians. Only sane white country left with the exception of Hungary and Poland.

        2. Those Cossacks are needed as well to educate Miley Cyrus the Kardatrashian, Madonna & the other scatological so called celebrities !

        3. While I’m Glad in the United States People can Peaceably Protest without having to worry about the shit getting beaten out of them, sometimes something like this happening is a Little bit of Justice.

        4. Yeah, agreed. This skank’s book is just another shit test pushed at innocent, impressionable male youths to fuck them up and presumably made more palatable because it is written by a black chick. Who is going to write the next feminist manifesto of bullshit nonsense… A transexual Syrian refugee? Actually, that might be the genesis of some great business idea for an amoral publisher.

        5. Interesting though how these women are absolutely Manhandled by those Men, Reality Keeps disproving the Feminist Fantasy that women are just as Strong as Men.

        6. Indeed, if Male and Female are “equal”, how is that Men have generally been the world’s rulers since the beginning?

        7. And the funny thing. They weren’t really tyrying to hurt them.
          Each and every man should take notice. It was so easy…

        8. This has always been my question too. But you say this and all the feminists can say is ‘because the patriarchy’ or ‘because of oppression’, which is BS and they know it – but it’s the ONLY thing they can say, or they’d look idiots (except they do anyway, but they don’t think as much as they do).

        1. Only specific things like the components of a machine. Women are better at overall cleaning because they have a higher standard of hygiene. I have had girls spend all day cleaning my place even though I was happy with it already.

        2. That is actually true now. Modern western women are a very messy pet to have at home.

        3. This “higher standard of hygiene” you speak of doesn’t seem to apply to women’s bathrooms or even women’s apartments (especially single women’s apartments).

        4. I guess that depends on the woman. If a woman doesn’t keep her bathroom clean something is seriously wrong with her. At least I would wash my bathroom. In my experience, women who live in a pig sty are seriously emotionally damaged. All of the women I have dated immediately started cleaning my place almost unconsciously. If a woman doesn’t do this she is broken.

    3. The only thing women are better at is giving birth.
      Yes, I feel very sorry for the woman who gave birth to such an ungrateful person like yourself.
      With an attitude such as yours, I simply cannot see why there is feminism.

      1. Brilliant non-sequitur (that means “It does not follow.”) How does acknowledging the historical fact that men are more accomplished than women make me an ungrateful son? Childbirth, while noble, is so easy women can do it while in a coma. It’s a biological function. Painful yes, but worthy of praise? Hardly. If a man who had a root canal whined as much as women do for giving birth, you’d call us pansies and wimps.
        Fact is, if my parents had listened to liberals, I’d be aborted. But they listened to God instead, and here I am. So you can go fuck yourself.

        1. I know you want to use the religious argument, but just to avoid idiots and assholes, use the argument that their biological need to procreate and have children was stronger than their own selfish tendencies through liberalism. Makes for a well rounded and scientific argument.

        2. Pragmatically, yes. Religion affirmed their biological imperative. Why quibble over the semantics? You’re afraid that progressives will attack us as religious crazy people? They say that no matter what.

        3. How does it not follow? Historically, men are more accomplished in creativity because of the fact that they didn’t have to worry about giving birth and child rearing. Are you still following me?
          ..There are plenty of women who exceed you in intelligence and tact, I’m still amused by your initial comment.
          You’re ungrateful because you don’t appreciate the molecular role that women play in the advancement of our species.
          Childbirth is so easy? Lol
          Yes it is worthy of praise when women birth unappreciative men like yourself. My son will grow up to love women because I show him love, and his father shows me love.
          Your parents clearly made the right choice. God bless you.

        4. “My son will grow up to love women because I show him love, and his father shows me love.”
          What the Fuck does that sentence Mean?

        5. I’ve heard about this website. Everything I heard is true. Unfortunately.

        6. I thought you were a Man, the Sentence Make sense now, unfortunately the rest of your comments don’t.

        7. Women have been liberated for over 100 years. They have had as much time to build skyscrapers, design hydroelectric dams, launch spaceships, and invent microprocessors as the rest of us. So where are all these geniuses?
          Answer: they’re buying lattes, gossiping, having kids, spending men’s money, and watching reality TV.

        8. “How does it not follow? Historically, men are more accomplished in creativity because of the fact that they didn’t have to worry about giving birth and child rearing. Are you still following me?
          ..There are plenty of women who exceed you in intelligence and tact, I’m still amused by your initial comment.”
          -And men had nothing to worry about?
          Hunting, the survival of the tribe, fighting for mating rights, oh, and eventually building civilization.
          -There might be plenty of women that exceed the intelligence of one individual man, but that does not mean the average intelligence is the same, nor that there is an equal amount of highly intelligent women.
          In fact both history and biology show that at least the most intelligent individuals are basically all men, with extremely few exceptions.
          This is how evolution works. If men had the pussy, it would be vice versa.

        9. Actually, it’s to avoid letting them have an instant win. You see, the first second you give them that kind of agency, then they can direct the argument. You give them the scientific argument, they bring up the other religions, and then they paint themselves into a corner. It’s just a better way to shut them down before they even start.
          Another way of putting it is they use your religion against you while having the ability to defend another religion allowing them to ignore the wrong that religion does only because your religion supposedly has the same level of violence inherent in its own texts. So, in Athens, they think that because their book has violence in it, but yours does as well, then it’s perfectly OK for them to do whatever the hell they want with no negative side effects. You can say this about feminism, Islam, and a number of other retarded bullshit things.

        10. Rise kids is as hard as get shattered and dismembered?? Because that was has happened to men throughout history and still they have been the intellectual Lords.

        11. You’re right, barely literate person, I should have told you that I don’t care telepathically.
          My mistake.

        12. No, Shakespeare, you should not have told me, telepathically nor in writing, that you don’t care. Because why would you do that if you truly didn’t care ?
          I bet you will respond to this one as well..fuming from all funnels with “indifference” haha.
          Manginas are always so easy.

        13. So, in your brain-dead interpretation of basic logic, when someone tells you that they don’t care, you automatically assume that they do.
          Your all-consuming fear of women appears to be causing glitches in your “thinking” process.
          Kudos to you, though, for finally figuring out that you aren’t on Twitter and posting your replies in a semblance of proper English.

        14. You’re still ducking the question. If you don’t care, why bother to even reply ? Why are you even here if you “dont care”..it’s a very easy question. Must be easy for a regular Hemmingway to answer.

        15. Let me see if I can simplify this even further:
          The only way to tell you that I don’t care is by replying.
          So, never once in your life, has anyone told you that they don’t care about something that you’ve said? This may surprise you but walking away in the middle of a conversation is considered rude. By not replying, I would have done the online equivalent of that.
          This may also surprise you:
          We are here for the exact seem reason: To express our opinions.

        16. Before replying, please consider that this is the crux of your “argument:”
          “You care because you told me that you don’t care.”
          Huh? What? Wow.

        17. You need to take man lessons or something. It never pays off being a white knight mangina..many have tried and many failed, they hoped that women would like them, but the opposite happened, they became even more despised.

        18. Well, that didn’t take long. The name-calling began (at which point, I stopped reading). I assume that the rest was equally childish nonsense that had nothing to do with anything.
          Maybe you’ll develop better communication skills if you mature into an adult.
          Anyway, take care and good luck with whatever it is that you think you are doing.

        19. You’re clearly a fag who upvotes his own comments. You are not worthy to have Trump as your avatar. He is not a fag so you clearly don’t have a chance there.

      2. Yes, feminine imperative uber alles. What an original idea and mental framework you are operating from… Wait, that was way over your head, never mind.

        1. The mental framework of his initial comment sounds like something that any run of the mill Jihadist would say. Deport all of them.

    4. Men vary more widely in qualities than women, so what you find at the elite levels of pretty much everything politics, business, science, the military, art, etc – is that men dominate unless there are affirmative action policies, either official or unofficial, to give the top women the same recognition or representation as the top men.
      The other thing she completely misses is innate competitiveness that is necessary to be successful in most fields. Men are more competitive than women, so the feminist answer is to brainwash men through social condition, drugs or even jail time, to be more docile so that women stand a better chance of matching them.

  9. Feminists want to indoctrinate males into being more beta, while they masturbate for alpha.

    1. “while they masturbate for alpha”
      Not just masturbate.. but actually desire and sleep with. It’s no coincidence that feminists and most women today find Woody Allen, the epitome of a self-effacing, intellectual, wimpy beta male, to be “creepy.” And it’s not just because of his preference for younger women and the whole Soon-Yi scandal.
      It’s the same story with that cunt Emma Watson and her big speech at the UN about feminism… meanwhile, the guy she’s fucking is some alpha jock. Women are truly some of the biggest hypocrites… or just too stupid to understand the consequences of feminism goals to eliminate the cultivation of masculine virtues and strong, masculine men.

      1. Women do all these hypocritical shit just to win approval. They don’t practice what they preach.

  10. you lost me on Woody Allen. what the hell it has to do with Woody Allen? lol. he’s as masculine as you can get. maybe your idea of masculinity is way too feministic.

      1. actually he didn’t molest anyone. or do you imply that he raped his children with his Israeli passport?

  11. “That’s one important inconsistency in Adichie’s message. She calls on women to raise their children to be Woody Allen…”
    yeah… inconsistency. Woody Allen is a highly successful multimillionaire, who was married several times, raised several kids and currently is married to a woman 35 years younger than him.
    one of his movies is actually praised here as a “red pill masterpiece”: http://bit.ly/1Q9zb8z
    what is not to like? or are you upset that Woody Allen isn’t some kind of a “masculine” gym rat who carries heavy boxes to make a living?

    1. It is inconsistency because most women and feminists today find Woody Allen to be “creepy” and unattractive.. and not just because he’s old now.
      I was and still am a pretty big fan of his movies.. It’s funny though how things have changed. Watch his movie Annie Hall for example… and it’s a pretty accurate representation of the sexual market of the 1970s.. where a nebbish, intellectual, and average or even below average looking guy like Woody Allen was able to easily attract slender, average looking or even much more attractive women. In today’s day and age, he would never be able to be as successful as he was, or be able to attract and get married to the younger, sexy women he ended up with.

    1. This can’t be said enough. Even around here I’ve seen long drawn out responses to female commentators(of which I am guilty but only once or twice), long rebuttals to fem centric ideas.
      Just don’t fucking engage the feminine imperative. Period. Full stop.
      Now shut the fuck up, turn around and get to work on yourself or some other masculine endeavor.
      No man should seek anything from a woman coming from the perspective of equals. We know they aren’t logical. We know their faux altruism is really selfishness and attention whoring.
      Stop fucking feeding these rabbits. Stop supporting these fucking whores so that this bonobo circus r-selected society can finally fucking die.
      Jesus Christ I’m tired of seeing this shit.

      1. “This can’t be said enough. Even around here I’ve seen long drawn out responses to female commentators(of which I am guilty but only once or twice), long rebuttals to fem centric ideas”
        I’ve seen this as well..annoying as hell too. Female comments here should be given radio silence.

      2. Agreed. Aside from one time properly answering to the lady that runs the blog “girl with dragonfly tatoo”, who clearly has a decent respect for her husband and constantly tries to respect masculinity as well, I have tried a lot to resist the urge to “logically” respond to female commenters.
        They won’t listen anyway, so there is no point. Besides, they shouldn’t even be commenting. This is a place for men.

    2. “Men need to start ignoring Ideas of women.”
      The elite are using feminist propaganda to control men, this is why a society is entertaining this sick shit.

  12. Another misguided feminist.
    She has a Masters in creative writing that has gone wild.
    it is obvious she should stick to writing fiction.

  13. We have to raise boys to be hard today, hell male suicide rates are already 4 times that of females, can you imagine if guys were not hardened… The fact is a guys life is Way more difficult than a woman’s is and is getting worse. To be a guy today you better be hard as nails.

  14. “That’s one important inconsistency in Adichie’s message. She calls on women to raise their children to be Woody Allen, but she doesn’t say that they should marry a Woody Allen. Hence, she wants to turn the next generation of boys into beta males, while knowing that these are not the men that women typically go for.”
    The Female Foster/Social/Attraction Trichotomy. (FSA Trichotomy)
    On one side the woman wants to Foster her son to be a sweet understanding boy who is Kind and Gentle and never does anything wrong, she instills in him Ideas and thoughts that will turn Him into a Loser that she in different circumstances wouldn’t find appealing as a Mate nor would any other woman.
    On the other Side the woman wants a Social Environment to be Filled with beta’s who will make her comfortable and these loser Males will never have confrontations with her and she can bull them over in the Work place, non of these Men she would want to be caught dead with, in fact they make her quite sick, but she Prefers males who are beta in the Workplace/Social Environment so that way her Job/Life is easier.
    But on the Last Side, the side of Attraction, she wants what is considered an Alpha Male, a Tarzan who will swing down and Tear her Holes wide open, A Man who says Fuck you to everyone and Everything that Tries to Tame Him, Including her, A Masculine Man is what she Wants and Craves, she doesn’t want to be seen with Second Best by her Friends! No, she wants Number 1. She’ll throw her son under the Bus destined to a Life of being Pathetic at the Expense of some Bull shit female Morality that Turns an otherwise Competent Male into a Useless Ass, and she wants the Same Uselessness to be found in Males in her Social Environments so she won’t be stressed out with cat calls or feel any kind of “Pressure” or Aggressive Energies, But come 12 o’clock at Midnight she wants a Battering Ram knocking down her Door and having his way with her Fifty Shades of Gray Style. A woman’s Mind can’t Make it’s self up, and It’s really quite Selfish if you think about it, everyone is supposed to remain Loser’s until she decides she wants a Winner.

    1. Actually I pity them. Do you realize the contradictions, the storms, the rationalizations, the mindfuck going on in her head? Honestly, I wouldn’t wanna deal with that.

  15. Funny thing is that I am in Nigeria on a regular basis. The Nigerian guys treat their women like gold and inspire jealousy all over Africa because wherever they go they end up stealing the women due to their suave and kindly treatment of the lasses.

  16. Perfect timing to feminize the Swedish boys even further when Sweden is being flooded with radical, violent third world hordes.

        1. Shari’a Football Club. Pure soccer for pure believers. And remember don’t let have your head beheaded!

      1. The blue hairs will get acid washed and the homosexuals thrown off of balconies. They’ll have the rest of their lives to figure out where they fucked up. All 5 seconds of the rest of their life.

    1. Those Swedish boys are going to get bent over by the incoming masses. They’ll be forced to wear their hair in pigtails and sit with the women.

      1. I think you’re speaking metaphorically but you might be closer to speaking truthfully than you think. Most Muslims would choose a man over a woman if they knew there was no chance of being caught.

    2. They hate their feminized Swedish men that much apparently. Swedish men, find your balls!

  17. This is the only way for them to obtain equality, because there is a dichotomy.
    If you accept masculinity as it is, you have to accept the superiority of men as undeniable, so they create these ideas, like female oppression, machismo, sexism, or ageism, or no brain differences, or gender, or rape culture, etc. because you have to attack and redefine masculinity to make it equal to femininity. There is no other way.
    Superiority and inferiority are truths nobody is supposed to talk about.
    We have all the science and information we need, but we are in denial.
    The irony is that femininity is a derivation of the masculine. No parallel, no equivalent
    And so we see females trying to be like men, all the time.

  18. I am sure that the experiences of a Nigerian female growing up in Nigerian society are completely transferable and relevant to a Swedish female growing up in a Swedish society.
    You can imagine that everything is transferable.
    Especially because Sweden is the number one most retarded, ultra feminist, man hating society on planet Earth today.

  19. One female genius for every eight male geniuses.
    One is clearly physically stronger than the other.
    Doesn’t seem like a social construct at all.

  20. Sweden has been in trouble for years with feminists weakening their society and importing many from the Middle East. Now, they are doubling down with handing out this book to the next generation.
    It’s why the country will be lost or there will be outright civil war in the near future (fight to keep their land).

  21. Hmmm, this Nigerian coon comes to Amerika and because of her race is granted a “Masters” in “creative writing and African studies”, not to mention that those subjects should never merit a Masters degree in the first place. First, why would a proud negress accept a “Masters” degree? The name should be offensive to her as it should remind her of the days of slavery in America and warrant her refusal if she really believed in the personal ideology she preaches. Second, she used her heritage and race to pimp an ideology accepted by the cucks and LIBTARDS of the world and makes a fortune from these morons. Finally, it is great that her and her disciples seek change, but in Sweden, I mean WTF! Why isn’t she returning to Nigeria and trying to improve the shit-hole country that spawned her black ass? Perhaps the fear of female genitalia mutilation, being beheaded, gang-raped, or everything else despicable that might happen if she spouted her garbage to the children of Nigeria! Fuck this cowardly negress cunt and every cuck and LIBTARD who buys into her propaganda to undermine white culture!

    1. Slavery didn’t happen to the country also to point Nigeria is the richest country in the continent.
      (The rest I agree with)

      1. Please help me understand what you are saying. First, your position is that during the history of the USA, slavery did not occur. Second, as Nigeria is the richest country in Africa, human rights abuses do not occur there. Does this represent what you are saying and are in disagreement about with me or am I misunderstanding what you have said? Thanks in advance!

        1. What? LOL. I was referring to the Nigeria. Second human rights abuses? Gotta define that first

        2. Dude, get real! First, I can’t engage in dialogue with you when you cannot seem to form grammatically correct English sentences. Second, why would I want to engage in dialogue with you when your perception of Nigeria isn’t even jaded and is more like blackened. Finally, I am presently reading a book titled, “The History of Slavery” and it is an 1860 First Edition copy. Seems you cannot fathom the role of Nigeria in the Christian slave market. What I find fascinating is there were two slave trades in operation: Christian and Muslim. To be quite frank, I had never heard of the Muslim slave trade which continued well beyond the end of the Christian slave trade. In fact, the Muslim slave trade was far worse than the Christian trade and occurred annually at the start of the growing season when men could be readily found and caught in the fields. What I found amusing was that a large percentage of Africans freely submitted themselves into Christian slavery in an effort to have a better life while there is no documentation to support the notion that a single African ever freely submitted themselves into Muslim slavery in an attempt to have a better life. You should get a first edition copy of “The History of Slavery” and read it. Needless to say, the book documents very well the history of African slavery with translated texts from some of the very first written languages. The reason the African race was selected for slavery is quite simple and the Spanish documented their reasons while trying to use American Indians as slave labor in the New World. Never forget, the Spanish were responsible for the introduction of Africans to America. In any case, African slaves were known to work hard, tend to remain healthy under adverse conditions, and tend to be extremely docile compared to other races. Of course, the author pulls no punches and documents the heavy role of the Jew in the Christian slave trade, and their minor covetous role in the Muslim slave trade.

        3. You’re referencing the eastern slave trade, you’re right that a majority of slaves came from west Africa.
          However I was referencing the country since it’s independence

        4. Thank you for clarifying things for me. I seem to recall and Underworld INC episode on Nigeria. Appears Nigeria is the world’s greatest imported of stolen USA goods like cars et al. I hope you agree as a minimum that a nigger dominated Nigeria is still one of the world’s shit holes.

        5. LMFAO That’s the west African automobile market your referencing. You probably don’t know this but Lagos is where the road system to west Africa begins

      2. Slavery existed in nigeria long before it was brought to the americas. Nigeria became an export source of slaves during the period of the trans-continental slave trade, the word nigger entered the english language durring this period as slang for nigerian. Slavery still exists in nigeria today.

        1. Nigger comes from the Spanish word for black Negroe.
          I wasn’t referring to the slave trade, but the country itself.
          Slaves were exported but not imported

        2. Negro is Spanish for black which the word Nigger comes from.
          That was my case which you later added in the Latin route

        1. I have just check the gdp ppp. It’s true.
          Although in this rank China is above USA, India above Japan and Germany, Pakistan above Netherlands and Venezuela above Sweden, Switzerland , Denmark and Singapore.
          Not to mention that Nigeria is above Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Singapore. While still having a 70% of working population employed in agriculture
          GDP per capita list make much more sense.
          At least in Nigeria there are the most beautiful black women along with Ethiopians

        2. That’s actually the true side of economics, despite the propaganda socialism makes you poorer

        3. You mean the natural resources which are a CURSE to the country’s political system? At one point of time Nigeria had a stronger currency than the US dollar

  22. Define irony. A woman writes a book proclaiming the obsolescence of masculinity and publishes it using the tools developed by men. The computer, the Internet, hell…even the printing press….all of these would not exist without the men who pioneered their invention.
    She should shut the fuck up and get back to the kitchen.

    1. The worst of all is that is said by a black woman.
      There is no point of humankind closer to a bonobo than a black women.
      Genetically and phenotypically

  23. May every Swedish feminist female receive an appointment with her own personal Muslim rapist. Shouldn’t be difficult to arrange, with the increasing supply of wogistinians entering that country. If this seems harsh, the only response I have is “Sister – you asked for it”.

  24. How can we all be feminists when we’re not all a) fat, ugly and otherwise reject women b) entitled white women?
    I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that book.
    I may get charged with rape.

  25. I’m Nigerian, she’s right we have a masculine culture. A lot is expected of you if you’re a boy. There’s also polygamy which is popular, my grandfather who was a village chief had 40+ wives

    1. Seen it. Hitler speaking in the interest of woman. He certainly seemed interested in preserving and defending women’s important role in society.

  26. This only illustrates why you must be vigilant for what schools are trying to push on kids all in the name of developing a well rounded student. Notice how the girls don’t need to be improved, they just need doors opened for them. The boys are considered defective by birth.

  27. “Although it might be less than applicable to compare it to the Third Reich Führer’s autobiography ..”
    No, good sir, your analogy IS indeed accurrate. It’s the same method of hijacking the young minds and infecting them with poison.
    I gaurentee you that we will eventually see the feminists declare not only mens’ muscles obsolete, but also mens’ testicles and penises.

  28. This isn’t a Nigerian perspective, it is a western narrative superimposed over an African experience, no doubt learned from her time at the American university.
    You can tell from the obvious concern trolling about the rigid limitations of masculinity
    The idea that holding boys to standards amounts to oppression is a construct of the western female mind. It presumes that everyone fears and should avoid judgment just as much as they do, and that standards serve no social purpose other than to make people feel bad, which in turn feeds into the idea that not feeling bad is of prime importance. This is the mentality of first-worlders who’ve eaten their fill and don’t have any real problems to worry about, so they fight inequality. It’s not a natural position for the rest of the world

    1. When I was in Africa I noticed the females had zero tolerance for beta males. It was not unusual to see the one alpha in town have an upwards of a dozen women to himself while all the other males went without. It’s because the women of that environment need a strong hand to provide and protect-or simply starve. If western governments ever pulled the plug on welfare, the natural order would revert back to this.

    2. Gracefully for you white men are fighting with themselves in house.
      That stopped them from take over the whole world

    3. Second that. Adichie is not really a purely Nigerian writer, she emigrated to the US and mostly discusses the immigrant experience.
      Americanah was a decent book, not sure about the feminist one though.

  29. ROK dismantling one piece of nonsense at a time. Just show this to the brainwashed horde who gave a like to the TED video. The disturbing amount of likes the video has shows how feminism thrives only in a ”bubble”. They base their propaganda on feminist myths with no one to challenge them. I wish to see someone like Roosh on TED talks one day, less notorious, yet carrying the same message.

  30. The author would have a lot more merit if she was fighting this fight in Africa as opposed to the most egalitarian country on earth [Sweden]. There’s something to be said for someone willing to risk their life for a cause as opposed to complaining behind a curtain of comfort and security provided for by the same class she is criticizing.

  31. There’s an interesting thing here outside of all of the crazy and stupid. “Hard” IS a bad thing, it’s also not really masculine. Men become hard when they’re too insecure to become strong and resilient. Hardness is an inadequate substitute for masculinity.
    Interestingly, hardness DOES cause a lot of the problems feminists associate with the “patriarchy”. Also interestingly, masculinity is the CURE for the problems caused by hardness, and rejecting masculinity forces insecure men to become hard.
    The whole thing is so backwards crazy that even the backwards is backwards.

  32. Didn’t Roosh have a video where he said: The worst thing a man can do is ask women for advice?
    In most cases, I’d say that sounds about right.

    1. This is very common “red pill” advice, and for good reason. For example, the classic situation where young men who in their naive ways ask women for advice regarding attracting girls get advice that is ridiculously far from reality.

  33. Damn I’d rip that shit propaganda in half if they handed it to me. At first I was reading the article, kind of mesmerized by the topic, like it was an intro to some book of the month club. Half way through the article it all snapped when I read the words ”masculinity is a hard small cage we force our boys into”. I said, ”wait a munite” , shit that’s propaganda. I’ve written shit like that, only for the other side. A book going viral like that was either ghost written or the afro sheen queen is a propagandist herself. She’s no doubt a talented writer but she made some jewish fem friends and connections when in US school. THE SHIT IS PREMEDITATED PROPAGANDA. I know propaganda when I fucking see it. Jew bitches helped her brainstorm the piece of shit. They proofed it and tweaked it for her, and the jungle queen look, what a nice cover. See if it floats in the northern most parts of Scandinavia. Shit, that would be like putting ELSA on the cover of a feminist rag and exporting it to the Congo. WTF really. The ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ book was made and written just for Sweden. FUCK that jew propaganda. I can do warped ass propaganda myself so trust me when I say I smell propaganda. The shit is propaganda and was taylor made just for the current sweep of Sweden and JEW FEM BITCHES under wrote and weaponized the distribution in Sweden. Trust me.

  34. whats with the hitler youth picture…hitler hated feminism too. and just in case you buy into all that hitler jew crap…feminism was created by communist jewish women… another thing that hitler opposed…

  35. All these fucking articles about fucked up Sweden. Who give a rats ass. I’m so tired of seeing “Sweden” in the headlines that I don’t even bother to read the rest of the article. What’s the point.
    I’m not in Sweden, and probably will never visit there based on the pure number of Sweden-sucks articles posted up here on RoK.
    Look man, shit’s bad everywhere for accomplished white males. I’m sorry it sucks to badly up there. But unless you giving me solid intel on how to game and bang them blonde bombshells, I really couldn’t give a shit about your social ills. We’ve got enough here in the states to trump your Swede-pede any god damn day of the week.
    So with that said, please provide us something other than how Sweden is draining down the toilet. We’re all in that boat. And we all need alternatives to the doom-and-gloom of western world, lest we all slit our wrists in utter despair.

  36. Feminism will lead to only one thing, a total collapse of society when unsocialized and fanatical men from various cultures run rampant over the face of the planet. The violent culture of American inner cities where the matriarchy is robust will only grow and meld with fanatical religious extremists who are as prone to violence and destruction as inner city bastards.

  37. Adichie is a great example of how quickly African woman becomes corrupted after living in a Western World for a while

  38. A great introduction to start young Swedish boys on the path of being cuckolded by the more masculine invaders Swedish feminists insist on flooding their country with.

  39. Shame on this site for promoting historical lies. What exactly in Mein Kampf was false? That j ews are destroyers abd that destroying ones race as they push us to do, but not themselves, is evil ala the strict racial Apartheid laws of Israel? Or that they were the creators of Marxism and feminism as well as usury? That large white Christian families that the German Govt helped subsidize with interest free loans on homes, were somehow bad? Here’s the reality of 1930s Germany below In a photo essay, and it was The happiest and greatest nation in the world at any time, where the worlds richest sent their children to be educated, where there was no crime or unemployment and military GDP spending was less than 10%. https://pridecomethbeforeafall.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/life-in-germany-1930s/

  40. Not sure if it has happened in Sweden but I recall reading more than once about SJWs throwing a conniption fit when some bible society wants to give away copies to public school students. Then yet, they will have David Suzuki have a televised propaganda session.
    Maybe Roosh should give away a copy of Bang! to every Swedish high school graduate.

  41. If women had run the world like they do now from the beginning, we would still be in the dark ages making castles. And even that is doubtful.

  42. Every young boy should be taken up to the Mountains to learn. . . THE RIDDLE OF STEEL. The short version of everything you need to be a man.

  43. I am of Swedish heredity (a quarter or so) and I have never been more disillusioned by my relatives in Europe. Take a good hard look at what is going on in Sweden right now and you will see the results of this “PC Culture”. Overrun by refugees and rape increased immeasurably; a society in decline and about to become a third world nation.

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