Choose A Weekend Lover Over a Traditional Relationship

I propose that the working class man should solely be with women who are only available on Fridays and Saturdays, from 7pm-2am. I’m a realist and I have been in relationships so I understand that not all hours in relationships are productive. Many of these hours are spent doing one’s own thing, which is understandable and ideal so as not to smother our partners. So I prefer we lump 14 hours of productivity into 2 days.

The Ideal Schedule

I’m all about efficiency and reducing bottlenecks. An ideal schedule would look something like this:

Friday Night:

  • 7pm to 9ish: Go to dinner where you share stories about your week.
  • 9ish-9:30pm: Come back home. Get in a quickie, depending on how well you escalated sexual tension at dinner.
  • 9:30-12am: Take a bubble bath together. Drink some wine while watching a movie or playing a board game until about midnight (in which time plenty of jokes can be told).
  • 12am-1am: Share some affectionate cuddling.
  • 1am-2am: End the night after an hour of sex (as long as you’re sleep by 2am).

Saturday Night:

  • 7-9pm: Go to dinner or a movie, or perhaps dancing or a comedy show.
  • 9-11pm: Come back home, or preferably her home. Have wine and play a video game or talk about a book together.
  • 11-12am: Escalate sexual tension.
  • 12am-1am: Enjoy the fruits of the sexual tension that should have been built an hour earlier.
  • 1am-2am: Cuddle and then sleep.

This set-up allows for a win-win because you both can enjoy half of your weekend and your week days doing things that you want to do. The fact is, most people don’t, and shouldn’t have time for week day lovers anyway. I know I don’t. I have a son to raise, work to worry about, plenty of books to read, blog postings to write, and sleep to be had.

If one person just has to communicate during the week, then I suppose they should call, but I’d much rather they write their concerns on sticky notes and come prepared to discuss their notes on Friday evenings. In this manner, the couple would never have to worry about an awkward silence over dinner.

Why A Schedule? Shouldn’t You Just Go with the Flow?

Anything outside of these designated hours would disrupt the peace in the relationship. Also, too much information can come out way too soon. Have you ever felt pressured to “do something” just because your girl is around when you would rather be playing a video game or reading? Enjoy your “me” time. If your girl is worth anything, she’ll have her own things that she’s into and shouldn’t mind such a low-pressure relationship.

And no, it’s not an issue of being a control freak, it’s rather practical. A schedule sets social boundaries. I like my free time, so I’ll assume everyone else does too.

There are likely some who would argue that there shouldn’t be a schedule for intimacy, but I would invite them to consider re-evaluating their thoughts. How many people do you know are in relationships that are void of intimacy because they don’t schedule it? There are plenty of social psychologists and relationship therapists who promote scheduling date time. You’ll just be one step ahead of the game.

Married or not, nothing fundamentally changes about relationships. Quality time always rules over quantity of time. As long as you can make the 14 hours memorable, romantic, respectful, concerning, genuine, and compassionate, your woman should always look forward to the next scheduled weekend date.

My proposed schedule doesn’t exclude spontaneity, surprises, or new ideas to enjoy each other’s company. As long as you and your girl are spending good quality time together, you two should be good.

How do you convince your girl to submit to such a schedule?

I propose that the ultimate measure of a man’s game is to get women to agree with things they wouldn’t otherwise imagine they’d enjoy. To do it without lies or deceit is even better—it’s not only “red pill domination,” but also Leadership 101. The excitement in accomplishing such a goal is as exhilarating as having sex with a woman on the first night, even though she had said earlier that she’d never do such a thing.

In order to convince your girl to submit to such a schedule, it’ll take communications and a channeling of her inner emotions with sincere, genuine tact, which Winston Churchill defined as “the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

This is admittedly an extreme challenge. Females are needy and emotional. Thus, saying the wrong thing will quickly get your texts ignored and phone calls blocked. So challenge your inner “game” and see how would you get your girl to submit to your Friday and Saturday night only schedule, so that you can maximize your independence during your week days.

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24 thoughts on “Choose A Weekend Lover Over a Traditional Relationship”

  1. I didn’t read the article, I looked at the photo at the top. Reminds me of some interesting times. OF course, I was also remembering what happened after on those occasions.
    So what was this all about?
    Oh, scheduling a habitual sex buddy? I think that is marriage right? I pretend to care about certain things, and her vice versa, until we just meet and get our sex on.
    Personally, in my 20s, I made several women call me for plans. I scheduled them for “sessions,” and did not pay much. Creative idea, but lacks the concept of reality.
    Also, limits the time I could go out with the boys and find new ass to sniff.
    Back to the drawing board.

  2. it’s all a nice idea and i’ve been trying to install some male logic and logistics into my relationship(s) …. however women don’t go for this kind of thing…
    they love spontaneous, random, and chaotic…which in the male world = disorganised, time consuming and poor quality…
    women don’t much seem to mind whether they are fucking like porn stars or blubbing with a tub of ice cream… drama or orgasms don’t seem to have any preference in the female mind…
    worse than that, if you do ever manage to get things running, when you have to adjust your schedule, she’ll use it to undermine you and mess you about even more…
    i’m beginning to think the future of male – female relationships are going to be dominated by either total betadom… or a contractual arrangement with her benefits, remuneration and responsibilities all laid out in writing…

    1. I’ve been dating two women recently, one in Poland, one in the U.S. This can work, but it’s not something you should expect to last indefinitely. If a girl is very attracted to you and you screened out the flakes and unstable ones, they’ll want to spend time with you, even if its limited to a weekend. Personally, I only spend one night a week with any one girl. A Friday and a Saturday is more than I want at this point. I think it’s foolish to spend more than 2-3 nights a week on women. Between reading, writing, building, meeting friends, making money, working out, etc. you should have plenty of other pursuits to spend time on. Concurrently, I think moving in with a girl you aren’t married or soon-to-be-married to is a dumb idea. Friends of mine who have lived with girlfriends for years are like zombies to me. It’s led me to avoid most friends who are in LTRs since they aren’t their own men.

      1. the problem is your average gal is so dull and tedious that she’s not worth spending 10 minutes a year with, never mind every weekend…..and it’s complicated to keep them on line for long…..
        you’ll use up almost as much effort to keep a chick on tap for the odd weekend, as you will to move in with her, and have her on call every night…..
        i want sex every night, i want random BJs in the kitchen at 10am, I want to be woken up by a horny nympho… and i’ve had it rolling like that for years on end…
        of course in an LTR it always dies out….. but still the first couple of years, are so much better than any single living….

  3. I agree that planning is clutch. I have things laid out weeks in advance. The ladyfriend and I plan our upcoming week every Sunday.
    I disagree on just a weekend. Really? Can’t you find a girl you like talking to and likes doing all the shit you do or can fill up her time when you are doing your shit? I thought that was what game was for. If I want to sit around building a model or refinishing a guitar on a weekend, my girl will can food or knit me a hat. If I go out hunting with the guys, she runs errands and reads. It’s not that hard.

  4. Great post, this is what I have been doing for the past couple of years (except I tend to do Wednesday & Saturday as my ‘relationship’-days). The boost to my productivity and mental wellbeing has been immense.
    One tip I’d recommend is having a separate cellphone just for girls/loose acquaintances, which is only switched on during your chosen days.
    Simply tell the girl that for the rest of the week you only use your work phone, and that is strictly for business use.

  5. The pic of the woman at the top of the article: is she a SIF? Classic SIF pose there. Or she might really be fit and hot. Can’t say for sure.

    1. elbows too pointy, 2/10, WNB.
      Dude, it’s the fucking art accompanying the article. Don’t sperg out on the superfluous details.

  6. Kudos for an insightful take! I’ve semi-consciously adopted this strategy the past few months. I agree that scheduling is really important, even though I used to think otherwise. Most women I’ve dated always wanted to plan and it partly drove me nuts because I loved feeling free. But devoting blocks of time to certain activities gives you something to look forward to. I can amp up attraction with just a few well-chosen words as the meeting time approaches and that’s good for both of us.
    My guess is – acknowledged or not – a majority of relationships already follow a similar pattern. If you’re employed, in school, working on a business, raising a kid, or several of the above, you might not have much time during the week. Unless I’m within <1 hr driving distance (incl. traffic), I rarely schedule mid-week dates. I will on occasion but it’s tempting to stay up late which isn’t wise/healthy for either of you and tends to impact energy for the weekend.
    Planning is also important for developing self-mastery. Someone who is
    achieving dreams won’t get there by accident. I find when I schedule
    phone calls with customers, they take me more seriously and are more
    likely to buy than to call out of the blue even after they’ve sent in an RFQ. Similarly with women. Project your sense of righteous self-importance – know your purpose outside relationships and live it.
    Very good comments, too. I need to get a second phone.

  7. Sounds like a perfect relationship to me. Too bad the suggestion comes from a side full of oedipus complex suffering douchebags.

  8. I propose that the ultimate measure of a man’s game is to get women to agree with things they wouldn’t otherwise imagine they’d enjoy. –
    Well put
    Don’t care your schedule. However, keeping the weekends available to your harem concubine of choice is spot-on.
    Letting women into your weekday schedule is asking for loss of productivity, and loss of opportunity to expand your harem by gaming new girls.

  9. I really believe in this concept of “Weekend Lover”.
    There is only so much time in the day. There is no time to waste.
    I like your schedule. However, I have created my own schedule which allows a man to rest even more.
    My ideal Weekend Lover Schedule:
    5-7pm: Drinks/dinner
    7-10pm: Relaxation and sex.
    After this, Sleep.
    Actually, if I have been working all week. I prefer to do yoga on Friday night. This really relieves all the stress and tension in the body. Even better, if you do sexual yoga with your weekend lover.
    After yoga, shower and bang.
    After sex, smoke and relax, maybe watch comedy or HBO
    9am-12 noon: Sex, sex, sex!
    I like to start my weekend with sex!
    Why wait til late at night? I think its best first thing in the morning. I often have girls come over first thing on Saturday.
    12 noon – 2pm: Brunch or lunch with girl.
    2pm: Send girl back home and do whatever the hell you want. For me, thats workout, laundry, clean house, grocery shop, cook, read, write, study, day game, etc.
    I have no need to go out Saturday night because I have already banged!
    9am-12noon: Sex and breakfast followed by shower and relaxation.
    1pm-5pm: Sex and relaxation with weekend lover.
    Notice how none of this cuts into my personal time or my rest time. I make the girl adjust to my ideal schedule. I don’t adjust my life to fit hers.
    This is all about convenience and maximizing rest while minimizing waste.

  10. Sounds robotic and dreary. With modern work schedules, this is sort of how a lot of LTRs end up being anyways, except that the weekends are actually fun.

  11. if you only need sex and intimacy on the weekend, your are a cold fish, mostly dead inside. middle of the week, “Wednesday” They call it “HUMP” day for a reason.

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