It’s Time To Revise The 10 Point Scale To Account For Modern Female Obesity

Guys, we need to talk.  It’s 2017.  Many of you are still using an outdated, biased, unattainable scale for grading women based on their physical appearance.  Yes, I’m talking about the 10 point scale.  Well guess what?

The Current Year is now 2017, and it’s time to throw that old grading scale out the window.  If you’re still grading women the same way you always have, you need to check your privilege and check out some facts.  Things have changed.


This data is almost a decade old.

One of the most massive changes is weight.  68% of American women are now Plus Sized.

The New “5” — A Size 18


ALL of these are smaller than the AVERAGE woman today

According to a 2016 study, which analyzed data from 1988-2010, the average American woman’s clothing size is between 16 and 18.  Considering the age of this data, and the fact that weight is trending heavier every year, we are today looking at a size 18+ as average.  What does this mean?


Less than a third of women are a healthy weight. Average is now fat.

The average American woman is 5’4″ and has a weight of over 166 pounds.  With a 37.5 inch waist.  Average.  Meaning half weigh more, and half weigh less, but 166 is a pretty typical weight for women.


Normal distribution: a 5 weighs 166 pounds. A 9 now weighs 130 which would be considered a 5 in 1950.

A woman with average face and hair weighing just under 170 pounds and wearing 38″ jeans becomes the new 5 on a 10 point scale.  Based on a normal distribution, a 9 would lie two standard deviations from the mean, weighing an average 130 pounds, and comprising around 2% of the population.  Let’s examine the new 2017 10 Point Scale.


Spanish actress Soledad Miranda, 105 pounds, is 3 standard deviations from the mean today


A one is so physically disturbing that one cannot easily imagine something more ugly; if you could do something to her to make her uglier, she is by definition at least a two.  In the interest of publishing standards, no images of ones will be shown.


A two is among the lower tier of women; decidedly ugly but not hideous.  These include the old, the obese, the hairless, and the handicapped.


Still possesses teeth and hair = definitely not a 1


Threes are usually over the 166 pound average; 38% of American women are obese, and these include most 3s.  Threes and lower are noticeably less attractive than average; they are the opposites of 7s, which are noticeably attractive, in this regard, but they are still seen with regularity.  Be wary of considering them easy pickings—they are not good even for practicing game—they typically have cocky attitudes and use lots of sarcasm.


Four – Above Average Weight But Other Redeeming Qualities

A four is only slightly below average; you should be seeing many of these on a daily basis.  4s, 5s and 6s as a whole constitute one standard deviation of the population distribution of all women (2/3 of American women are 4s, 5s, or 6s).


Above avg weight, but with long hair and smiling


Tess Holliday-above average weight but is a working “model”

Five – Average (170 Pounds and 38″ Inch Waist)

Fives are average, which is not to say that they are neither fat nor thin; but that half of the women you see will be either above or below a 5.


Singer Adele has an average body, though skin and hair are above average

Remember, 70% of women are overweight, and clothing sizes have been constantly redefined upwards to fit the ever expanding “normal” which is now a 37.5″ inch waist.


These women have size 16-18 bodies with above average hair and makeup–5 bordering on 6


Meghan Trainor, 9 pounds above avg, but with superior clothing/grooming


A size 16 in 1960 wasn’t so bad (though it was still larger than average)

Six – Above Average

Sixes are slightly above average, but still within the range of most typical women you see.  This includes women slightly under the average weight of 166.


10 pounds below average

Seven – Some Femininity Visible


Well below average weight and long hair make them a rare catch

This includes girls below average weight, approaching healthy, physically attractive weight but not boner-inducing.


This girl is in the top 15% of all American women

This also includes women of attractive weight who have permanently degraded their physical beauty by graffiti and shrapnel.



This group will have typically attractive traits.  Body weight is not thin, but still below average, and flaws are present, though not immediately seen at first glance. Due to their rareness, they are often former 9s that have aged or gained weight, but are not overweight like 70% of American women.


Bruce Jenner is an 8/10 on the female scale.

Remember that even at level 8+, the physical appearance may be pleasant, but their speech and behaviors are usually boner-killing if they were raised in urban America.



Elbows slightly pointed, manly hands. A high 9 in America

The nines are the top 2% of women and include the Amish, girls with pleasant smiles, and a body with no visibly drooping fat.  A small portion of them (3 standard deviations from the mean, or 0.1% of the population) will be visibly attractive.

While the above is undecidedly attractive, that is what healthy girls in their early 20s are supposed to look like, which is why she would be considered a 5 in many cultures.  Average in some cultures is attractive.  Average in America is a 38″ waist.



While women can approach 10, they can never fully reach it.  A 10 implies perfection, that there’s not anything better.  If you think a model or celebrity is a 10, she’s likely been boosted a couple of points by airbrushing and makeup.  If you find a 22-year-old who you think is a perfect 10, she probably looked better at 21.  Or would look better with a breast slightly larger.  Or if she lost 5 pounds.  It is highly unlikely that you are seeing her at her maximum beauty.

There is no perfection; there is only 9+.  Anything 9.5+ has no easily recognizable physical flaws.  9.5 is the highest rating a woman can objectively be given.  You can browse some beautiful women here.


Eights and nines are the top 4% of all women in America.  The majority of them will be too young, too old, married, dating politicians, athletes, or sheiks, or living in NYC or L.A while you are wanting to meet them.  That leaves a very small number for the rest of men to chase after.  If you’re not happy dating 7s and below, you may need to consider looking elsewhere.

American women are large, and getting larger all the time.  And their attitudes and behavior are becoming less feminine all the time.  If your dating options are restricted to American women, you’d better get used to the new normal.

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372 thoughts on “It’s Time To Revise The 10 Point Scale To Account For Modern Female Obesity”

  1. Most of the women I meet in the Philippines are around 40Kg, in Thailand they are around 50Kg. If you don’t want the larger sizes you need to get yourself out of the USA.
    One thing I have wondered about, if Americans are so fat, why are all the actors in American movies so slim? Does the US movie industry have some sort of anti fat person agenda?

    1. Hehe average weight for females in Japan is 51kg. I have to say that the whalepottamuses must be boosting the average because walking around in a major city it looks like almost all are 40-45kg range for the most part.

    2. Often they’re under contract to be fit. Some of them get away with being ham planets, but it depends on their level on the food chain.

    3. Thailand ! OMG !! There are “doctors” specializing in a “re-attachment surgery” ! females can easily escape with whatever they do !! no repercussions, no shame, no punishment ! Thailand ! OMG !!

    4. Are philipinas lighter cause they also are shorter or are they also actually slimmer than thais on average? Still quite a few 40kgs around in Thai though. But average has definitely gone up the past ten years.

      1. Here you can check overweight and obesity rates:
        The Philippines data: “5.7 percent of women (aged 20+) were obese. 21.6 percent of women (aged 20+) were overweight.”
        Many – often short – Filipina girls are not as trimmed as they could be, partly due to cheap and calorie-dense foodstuffs, but still of course much, much better than those of the worst places in the West.
        When I was in Cebu City I saw a lot of pros who were 8-5-9.5 but also many normal girls who were 6-8.5. It is a good country in this regard and if you are a good-looking Westerner and have a hotel room or an apartment at your disposal, then it is impossible to not get laid if you’re not gay and make approaches.

        1. Heck of a difference. You could compare your wrists with her legs probably.. That girl seems to have the right proportions. I had a few Philinas although I haven’t been to Phills yet. I think pinays are curvier than thais. But what it comes down to in the comparison between them and thais is culture and mind. Thai girl is more of a cat, loner, calmer, more quiet. What goes on in their mind is a mystery. Philipinas that I meet are always in a group of girlfriends and very often join in parties at each others places. If I was 30 I’d probably enjoy that more. What’s your take on their differences?

        2. I’m 61, my trip there earlier this month I must have met 4-6 girls just like her, she was actually a bit taller than average (around 5′). The problem is the available girls are a bit young, generally 18-25. It’s easier to meet girls in their early 30s in Thailand. Filipino culture is way more similar to the western way, they understand us, our jokes, our politics ……… Thai girls are from a different planet.
          Never heard anyone describe a Thai girl as calm and quiet …… guess you never lived with one. Most of mine were/are violent and crazy (after a few weeks living together they let the real them out), been chased with a machete more than once, and they meant it.
          If I were starting again, I’d probably go Filipino and just make do with a ridiculously young one around 22. But I’ve got an older Thai wife and a 5 year old Thai/English son so the Philippines is just for play time.
          But the important thing to remember is you can just turn up and stay in the Philippines for 3 years without a problem, Thailand you have to leave after 60 days.

        3. I agree with that. It’s way easier to communicate with Pg than Tg. It makes it much easier to initiate contact as well. This might come down to personal preferences as well. Actually I have a lot of time in Thailand over 15-20y of 1-3 months 2-3 times per year. Several long relationships. Initially I saw thais as you describe them. And there are many just like that. Most of those girls came from interactions in the bar or nightscene. Now I steer clear from that and seriously find tg calm, although yes they do have temper that can be easily awakened. Mix in alkohol and its fire. I prefer to find non smoker, non drinker, real worker. Personally I prefer Thai mentality but consider Phills for its benefits. Visa, language, demand for Foreigners etc. Thai is definitely not as it was 15y ago. 30 million tourists per year to a country with a population around 70 million makes Thai girls spoiled for choise. Fast food and ice cream parlors ruining their slim figures of the past.

    5. Movie actors have long periods of unemployment during which they have nothing else to do but go to the gym.

    6. There’s no question east asia females are slimmer. Then they move to america and 10 years later they have tree trunk thighs.

    7. Because a lot of the gruff that’s posted is just that, gruff.
      There are plenty of slim, in shape women to be found in the States. I think some guys just get off on proclaiming the place a lardtopia because it saves them the effort of getting up and walking outside and seeing their fantasy dystopia burst asunder. Some places are full of fat chicks, others not so much. It’s all a matter of where you go and who you hang out with.

      1. Kept trying to get laid at magic the gathering tournaments and outside the comic book store, but the world said no. Think I’ll hit up the renaissance fair and cat shelter to up my game.

    8. It’s just ignorance. Yes Americans have some of the fattest, but we also have some of the most fit people on earth. Look at our athletes, the obsession with health is very high among average society

  2. Is the Obesity problem that bad America? If so, how do you guys do it? Isn’t the competition intense for slimmer girls, or does it depend on the location?

    1. Why do you think thirst is so bad in the states? Slightly overweight chicks have 50+ high quality dudes trying to get a piece every day. The hot ones realize they have near zero competition so getting them requires money and/or fame, looks, AND game just to have a chance.
      Thankfully I found ROK and work on wall st

      1. very-average women are so cunty and stuck up…
        because they get so much attention??? Maybe makes them more bitchy cause they know something is awry…
        Beautiful woman seem so much more pleasant on the street in NYC.

        1. My experience with NYC (never lived there) is the entire population male and female is what I would call “guarded”. They don’t make eye contact and don’t talk to strangers, and are reflexively suspicious of other person’s intentions. When you say the women are so much more pleasant on the street in NYC, what are you talking about?

        2. “you’re not talking about their personality, ”
          Yes, I am speaking specifically about the personality.
          some uglier woman are bitchy and guarded — perhaps “every man’s a rapist”??? or “he must be damaged if he likes me(cause I’m really damaged)”???
          but I don’t know their motivations…
          cuter women seem more friendly and approachable – not seem – are…

        3. Not my experience. NYC in general everyone is judging everybody else to be working a hustle until proven otherwise. Population is guarded. Defensive. Nobody smiles. City vibe is like get out of my way I’m late to a meeting. I was only there to visit and for business. Never got plugged into the night life, but it sounds promising once you figure out the places to go.

    2. location.
      NYC mostly competitive hot chicks…
      I watched a tall 10 model from the City Bus yesterday. walking past MickJaggers/Nicole Kidmans home. Thought she was going to make a booty call -but she walked on…
      In any case I’m going to a strip club tonight – first time in years— need to wash this muck from my eyse with copious amounts of bourbon and Russian chicks…

        1. i was on the bus. I’m the regular joe.
          Watching a model walk past Mick Jagger’s House is cool. And if she went inside? Cooler…
          It is Fashion week so the models are every where…

    3. Obesity is Major problem. We have in-services as most industries on specific features and characteristics in caring for obese and morbidly obese individuals. One requirement hospitals have to make in the future is have > 40% wheelchairs on hand with 500lb weight capacity.

      1. that’s so funny…” 500lb weight capacity”
        do any doctors prescribe fresh fruit and vegetables? Avoid package “food”?

        1. Obese patients are insulted, offended, and demand an audience with administration with that type of counsel. After 10,20,30 years of abusing their behavior they want doctors to “fix them”.

      2. I’ll tell you something else that is disgusting. I’ll see 5ft2in 110lb nurses push these patients everywhere like an overworked mule. Then when they get handed their discharge papers, they flip the blankets off and get up and walk out with no difficulties. The nurse just stands there with her mouth open.

    4. “Is the Obesity problem that bad America?”
      It’s massive. Colossal. Gigantic. Humongous. Galactic.

    5. It IS that bad, though when you get to high population cities, such as NYC or LA, the number of doable chicks makes that stat less relevant. There are still plenty of thin, attractive ladies to go after, even considering the increased competition.

    6. obesity is one thing but add to that the horrible attitudes and the ugly tats and the piercings.

    7. Really depends. Currently as I type this I am sitting next to a few 6-7 and 3s. The only women overweight near me are the Asians. Not in the crush you sense but more in that old thick sense with round faces to match. Things aren’t that bad except when you get the more liberal girls.

    1. “Cause your waste is small and your curves are kickin’”
      Every one of the women in that video is under the norm now for weight – they all have waists smaller than their asses.

      1. Had an acquiantance just get back from the US on a business trip and he let me know he was a bit surprised how fat even the young women are in the general populace. I had to assure him that wasn’t the case in the past, but something that has happened in the last 10-15 years. Strange.

        1. It is a lot worse now but the past was a joke too. Go back to the 70’s maybe. But who cares? Between the obesity and pussyhat USA, the only play is to GTFO or tailor your life around a lot of travel.

        2. I can flip through my HS year book from the 80s and you can count the fat kids on one hand.
          “But who cares?”
          As long as I’m not paying for their life style. I don’t.

    2. I hadn’t watched that video since the early 90’s. Those girls look nothing like girls in modern hip hop videos twerking their flabby, gelatinous asses. Sir Mix A Lot had taste.

      1. I just watched it.
        Only assumed they were fat.
        90s curvy
        2017 — new skinny with subtle curves…

    1. If they just positioned her where the impact was, it would bounce the comet back into space. No special physics needed.

    2. I always think it hilarious when a hamplanet gets a tattoo of a pretty woman, usually monroe.
      Cracks me up.

  3. I would NEVER consider Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for anything. She/he was responsible for the death of someone’s wife/mother/grandmother/sister.
    You got that? Due to his/her irresponsible actions SOMEONE DIED.

    1. Bruce is always Bruce – I will never acknowledge the moniker he is using, and he is, and always will be a dude. He is not a woman, but rather a surgically altered male with a serious mental issue.

      1. He’s a smart guy, he pretends to be a woman and it helped him escape a prison sentence for manslaughter.

        1. Just like Chelsea Manning winning a pardon by Obama. Obama wanted the chance to virtue signal by constantly saying “She” “Her” “She” “She” “Her” to the squeals of delight from the insane left.
          Do you think Obama would have paid attention if it was just some white dude named Brad who betrayed his nation?

        2. Exactly this, I mentioned that exact point in a couple other articles. It was an attention stunt and last minute high-profile outgoing nod to the freakshow fringe by Obama, traitor in chief.
          BTW has The Don gotten rid of the tranny bathroom at the whitehouse yet?

        3. Consider the precedent that obama set. Treason, a crime worthy of death penalty, can be pardoned if the accused uses the bullied queer defense.

        4. That’s why you have to keep a wig, dress and heels in your closet. It’s better self-defense than a firearm to navigate the incoherence of pussyhat America. It’s all so totally insane.

      2. You’d think feminists, (or any self-respecting Woman) would be up in arms about delusional mentally ill homosexual males trying to usurp the definition of female. Where’s the outrage? Or do they just hate straight men so much that they collaborate with the absolute insane fringe of homosexuals trying to rewrite nature’s laws?
        Nature invented sex approximately 1 billion years ago, and theres only ever been 2 sexes, Female and Male, not innumerable nondescript androgynous blends somewhere in between, to suit whatever magnitude of mental illness the psychologically deranged sexually deviant person “identifies” as. The arrogance and the utter disregard for nature and science these people display, they should all be thrown in a Straight-jacket and locked in a padded room.

        1. It can be an effective birth control thing though. Those who just think they can cut their d!ck off and pretend they are female will just die off. Simple as that. But slow as well.

  4. Women’s attraction is primarily physique. Men’s attraction is primarily economic. As US is declining and going from being First World to being a Developing Country (or a Regressing Country)…. men are becoming poorer, so women are becoming uglier.
    But don’t be worried, the decline is not gonna happen suddenly, US has still some decades before becoming the new Africa 🙂

        1. My point is that you’re all about there not being quality women in the States but I am married to a girl who after 2 children is still around 120 lbs and feminine. I also see quite a few slim feminine females in my social circle.
          I think it’s all about what circles you travel in. There are probably more fat hogs here per capita but I would say that most of your African girls, like >80%, do not look like those girls in the photo. I see girls like that where I live along with slim feminine European girls.
          I just get tired of the whining by guys who blast the U.S. as a lost cause when I have probably 8-10 girls that if something happened to my wife I would be all over and I live in a town of 10,000 people and don;t really have a large social life.

        2. But if you prefer black girls I could see how Africa would be superior to the U.S. because of the breakdown in black homes has led to the domineering state of black females here

        3. Let me guess;
          You’re more alpha than us.
          This is such typical alpha signalling. I’m seeing it all the time lately.
          Here’s how it’s been going lately in the manosphere;
          A well-travelled, thoughtful, possibly older guy takes the time the time to let other men know the reality of their situation. This is so they can hopefully avoid the mistakes/wasted time that they suffered.
          Then there are three reactions;
          —“Yup, I couldn’t agree more. My whole world changed after a trip to (South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, South Africa, etc). I wish I’d known this stuff earlier.
          —“Wow. I’ve never travelled. I didn’t know stuff was this bad here. I need to save up for some overseas living.
          Or you
          —-“Stop whining and man up. I’ve always been able to pull good tail. You just have to be an alpha like me.”
          You actually said this;
          “I have probably 8-10 girls that if something happened to my wife I would be all over”
          Oh, we’ve got ourselves a stud. Alpha alert!
          Your post is so hilariously typical. Good day. Enjoy your cunt’s wizard sleeve 8 times a year and good luck in the divorce. If she really is 120 and stays that way, you’d better be adding about 30k a year in income for each year that she keeps herself in that 4%.. Best of luck.

        4. I get that you’re bitter because you had some bad experiences. Sorry. And when I said there were girls I would go after I didn’t mean I would be able to pull them just meant there were options. I honestly don’t think I’m some sort of stud. Far from it.
          The point I was trying to make is that you can still find decent girls. It is probably harder work now than it was even 10-15 years ago but they are still there. Not unicorns, just decent wife material.
          But if you prefer foreign girls go for it. I think the key stateside is finding girls from a conservative family with a strong father figure, which is what I did. I didn’t even know about the red pill then it was just what I was taught to look for. And I actually was a virgin before I was married so I don;t buy into the whole “game” scene anyway.
          Have fun with your foreign women since that’s what floats your boat and I’ll stay stateside. Everybody does what they think is best.

        5. No one’s bitter. That’s more of your shit talk.
          Let’s paraphrase;
          “I’m sorry you’re bitter. I’m not bitter because I’m better than you.”
          More of your insults and more of your status signalling. I see you’re at least trying to get passive aggressive with it. Nice.
          The point is this; This is not about you and how much better you are than us. It’s about young dudes being made aware of how wretched the women have become so that they can make the best play possible and waste as little of their youth as possible or at least downplay their suffering.
          There’s always a “Man Up* and stop whining. Just get better” guy who derails the conversation to thump his alpha chest. Basically saying, “Just be more like me.” That doesn’t help at all. There’s no point. And the “just be better” message is the same message Michelle Obama gave to the men of America a few months ago. So some really decent guys get that kind of shit from both ends of the spectrum and are likely taking it way too hard, like a lot of us older guys did. The manosphere is helping them to understand this all so they won’t take it so hard. Meanwhile the girls just get fatter and fatter and fatter. This time with their “Fuck You in General” Pussyhats on. It’s dire and no one has time for some dude from somewhere USA to hog the spotlight just to sniff himself.

        6. I know nothing about JumpnJive, but natural alphas do live in different reality. They don’t put in much effort any where they go and above average poosy falls in their lap by accident. I’ve seen this as wing man.

        7. Right. That’s why it doesn’t help if some 6’5″ STEM-working, Crossfitter derails a valuable conversation for normal men to cup his own fart and status signal over his ability to score a flyover 9 (international 5, iow).

        8. Right, it was taken over and ruled by Greeks, Romans and later, other European powers. So, yeah, they’ll have a bit o’cracker blood in them, for certain.

        9. It was Caucasian long before the Greeks. Just look at ASuperEgyptian and 7phonecian7’s YT channels on ancient Egypt to see North Africa has been Caucasian for as long as the records show.

        10. I haven’t seen the channel yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given as it’s just across the puddle of a passage way of water that you can easily navigate with a raft at the closest points. It would be surprising if Caucasians *didn’t* take many trips over there long before the Romans started clod hopping around.

        11. Funny how the leaders and those not even competent enough to be followers out themselves simply by speaking a few lines.
          “A well-travelled, thoughtful, possibly older guy takes the time the time to let other men know the reality of their situation. ”
          I don’t expect you to get it. Yet do expect you to lash out at anyone that doesn’t subsidize your personal issues.

        12. Did you ever stop to think, some men might just be encouraging others. That they found solace in a screwed up world. There are exceptions and playing the can’t win for losing card is a downward spiral.

        13. LMFAO. 100% straight edge for 18 years. Try again. Only it’s cute your obsessed with me. Maybe one day you will learn from mistakes, if ever have the balls to make any.

        14. Guys doing what they want cause they can just scares the Fuck out of you doesn’t it. Perhaps one day you will have that reckless transition period of a boy becoming a man.

        15. Here’s the thing, not that expect you to understand. Men make mistakes. Men admit fault. Men correct mistakes. For a few teenage years I was a real bit of work. Basically if it’s in the game it’s fair and everything is in the game. That pattern was in conflict with goals, so changed it.
          With you I thought you could be motivated to value yourself as more then self proclaimed ” normal guy.” That maybe you could get over being a victim of society. Perhaps you could even stop lashing out at things you envy. I admit, I was mistaken. The correction for this mistake is simply write you off as a lost cause. You’re the one stuck in a pity can’t win for losing party. Not my problem.
          The deep down truth, you’re pissed I enjoyed myself in the past. Ticked enjoy my life now. Then you’re forthright livid I’m gonna have fun in the future as well. Kick and scream, that’s the natural symptom of the pattern you’re stuck in. Only feel good that you’re case example might help some other guy.

        16. Here’s the thing, not that expect you to understand. Men make mistakes. Men admit fault. Men correct mistakes. For a few teenage years I was a real bit of work. Basically if it’s in the game it’s fair and everything is in the game. That pattern was in conflict with goals, so changed it.
          With you I thought you could be motivated to value yourself as more then self proclaimed ” normal guy.” That maybe you could get over being a victim of society. Perhaps you could even stop lashing out at things you envy. I admit, I was mistaken. The correction for this mistake is simply write you off as a lost cause. You’re the one stuck in a pity can’t win for losing party. Not my problem.
          The deep down truth, you’re pissed I enjoyed myself in the past. Ticked enjoy my life now. Then you’re forthright livid I’m gonna have fun in the future as well. Kick and scream, that’s the natural symptom of the pattern you’re stuck in. Only feel good that you’re case example might help some other guy.

        17. That’s really what you want to believe isn’t it. Does it help you sleep that alleged trashy losers from bad families get more play then you.

        18. Here’s the thing. Attempting shame over some brief teenage antics from twenty years ago that are admitted being uncouth and not way to live adult life, is pathetic. Puts you in the same boat as the fools that dug up Trumps pussy grabbing comments and tried to rake him over the coals.
          Your aversion for guys that display confidence talking about basic normal ( or from your perspective extraordinary feats of the gods ) things as ” alpha signalling “, is also pathetic. Really think everyone is supposed to walk on eggshells and roll back their boldness as not to trigger your delicate sensibilities.
          Then the most sad sack shit ever. Attacking other men’s wife’s / relationships / marriages. They don’t need me to back them up, I don’t need them to back me up. That crap is a reflection on you. It telegraphs a mountain of clueless chump on your part.
          All the above is why I politely turned the screws on you a tad. Sliver of chance you could have some personal accountability for your lot in life. Yet knowing the probability was high you would lash out. Well it’s clear the path you took, a virtue signalling hypocrite.
          Only I did learn something from you. Not everyone on this site is a man. Not everyone here is improving. Not everyone here can detect the satire and sarcasm of much the sites content. Not everyone here can separate the extremes presented online from the reality of walking outside. Not everyone here is brandy sipping cigar smoking tall tales telling material. So thanks. When I post some simple shit and some palooka drives by ” I don’t believe you ” that’s cause they can’t relate and live a miserable life. How about you go read the ” 11 signs your a wuss ” article and see how many you check off, just from your limited interaction with me.

      1. “Absorbed” lol
        Like she is some crystalline life form on an alien planet absorbing an unfortunate redshirt.
        Granted, it’s not too far off.

  5. Well, that’s a cheerful way to end this week.
    “Bruce Jenner is an 8/10 on the female scale.” Welcome to 2017!

        1. I cant look at her anymore, if I get aroused, my member is shaped like a question mark

        2. They should really remake the empire strikes back for the new millenium:
          “Luke, I am now your mother”

    1. BUT IT’S NOT FEMALE!!! It’s just a guy dressed like a woman and took whoremoans to grow boobies.

  6. Does the stomach tat on that gutter slug in that #3 pic say “tasty?” If so, that might be the most appropriate tat I’ve ever seen, especially given that her fat folds make her gut look like a grumpy mouth.

    1. I thought the same.
      It does look like a mouth.
      And whats right next ro it? Pizza of course.

  7. After being exposed to the photos of these hideous beasts, I don’t think I’ll have a sexual thought in my head for another several days or so…thanks for ruining my weekend.

      1. Ah yes…a very timely reminder there. I will look at a plethora of 9s for about a half-hour, just to rinse my mind. Thanks my friend…

      2. If your into women that act like men sure! Hard to find a feminine woman these. Google feminine on a porn site and you will get cuckold men!

    1. That’s why I live in the East. 9s mainly everywhere cause women there know how to look after themselves and act like women (feminine).
      Western 6-7 women are 2-3 in Eastern countries! So much easier to have a chat with a decent woman there without being treated like a predator! There also basically no game… It’s how our grandparents + use to live and didn’t need to study ‘gsme’

    2. That article is actually really depressing. I think I am at the same boat as you.
      What’s more depressing is that the fat virus is spreading to the rest of the world, slowly but surely.

    3. I’m glad I left the west! Western women are the low of the low hence why you only see loser beta males marriage them!

  8. It’s a secret NASA project that wishes to use women as missiles.
    Recent studies have shown that launching female blobs at planetoids diverts the wandering star’s trajectory.
    Apparently giant space rocks bounce off women’s fatasses.

  9. Add to these freaks crossfitter girls gobbling steroid pills to look like the average man. My eyes are bleeding.

      1. I’ve never understood it. What the fuck are they training for? To be the best at doing a bunch of poorly executed exercises that are certain to give them the joints of a 90 year old man at age 45? I’ve seen people who’ve been in crossfit for two years and they look no different than the day they joined, but they’re certain to post pictures during every workout sesh.

  10. By the way, most models are not 10… There’s a huge difference between thin and being skinny.
    The fashion indusrtry, with their gay overlords, seems to enjoy dickless ‘gitons’ to wear their clothes…

      1. Yep, and very litle breast and no asses. That’ fun that most women try to look like some gay ideal…
        Well, we may be on Something here…
        The irony is that, thnks to mainstream narratique and dating apps, even disfigured women can find some cucks to fuck them… for a time…

      2. “Super model” Cara Delevingne is a male, i.e born male. She is an eunuch for her elitist father. He is promoted everywhere as a female, yet has a male forehead, male hips/waist, and a guys personality. The fashion industry is wholly satanic with their androgeny/ tranny agenda.

        1. I’ve hated that cunt from the start. Now it all makes sense. He/She is always making the dumbest faces.

  11. Modern American women have no cultural pressure to remain attractive since they are considered infallible just for being female.

    1. No cultural pressure? I see the magazines and shows and crap my wife and daughters look at. It’s nothing but pressure to be prettier than the women around you. And shopping. Fucking tons of shopping.

      1. It’s a strange dichotomy. Seems to me that women, particularly younger ones, decide they should be perfect tens. If they can’t be perfect, they say “fuck-it” and become big fat frumpy pigs.
        They seem to have lost all perspective on men. Regular men don’t want a relationship with a fashion model or a pig. They want a fairly attractive woman with values and personality – who will stay that way through middle age.

        1. Guess I’m abnormal then, I don’t care about their values and personality, I just want a fertile womb with a transportation system weighing under 50Kg.

        2. Here, here!
          Well said, ol’ boy!
          A balanced view is so lacking. Somewhere between is not a bad place for a woman to be.
          Most men are reasonable enough to realize that most women don’t have the genetics to be 9’s.
          But a 10-15# overweight 5 can easily notch up to a solid 7 or 8 if said weight is lost and tone is manifested.
          Excessive fat really is the destroyer of femininity… and worlds.

      2. I suppose I should clarify and say that they have no cultural pressure to be attractive to men. Fashion models are just the other side of the coin when it comes to American female neurosis. They are too thin and do not have enough fat in the right places (hips, thighs and butt).

      3. Yes. If women weren’t shopping, most of these knick knack home decorating stores would be out of business. Ever see men following their women around these stores? Just look at the man’s face, he has this “what the fuck” look. The woman is usually yammering at him about towels, pillow cases and “I love this!”. He looks like he wants to kill himself. Of course watching the gay decorator dudes is very amusing too.

  12. Consensus in the comments seems to be the thinner the better but thin women don’t have (real) breasts and they’re all bony and angles. Me, I like an hourglass. Not fat, mind you, just soft and pretty.

    1. Sure, I prefer the women shaped like the middle 2 in that 2nd picture, not the bony one on the left.

    1. Fat shaming made me get off my ass and lose weight.
      When more than one person asked me if I was pregnant or told me that I was fat, I began to exercise and choose better food to eat.
      Based on this scale, I went from a 5 to a 7. I don’t have to wear plus size clothing anymore. Despite my progress, I still think I’m fat even though I’m surrounded by whales who are 3s and 4s. I need to raise my rating to a 9 because it would make me feel better and my husband deserves a 9.

      1. Look at this post, violent fems and despair! The narrative is crumbling all around you.
        In the meantime, congrats HisHumbleDarling. Keep it up!
        Couples adopting complementarianism… that’s a beautiful thing.
        You see, not all shaming is bad. In most cases, its intent is to build up, not tear down.
        Proper shaming sets boundaries for decency and keeps chaos at bay.

        1. Thank you my dear. Every aspect of my life improved once I adopted a healthier lifestyle.

  13. Whenever I see a really fat person, I think, “How in the fuck did you get that fat? Did you sit motionless in a chair, and shovel pizza and cupcakes into your mouth for six months straight, while you washed it all down with milkshakes and Mountain Dew? Ever think about putting that fork down? Ever hear of cottage cheese?”, etc.

      1. I get the HFCS but just fructose is nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with eating whole fruit. If there was I’d be dead by now.

    1. They are like dogs if you put food in front of them they eat it. I´m only eat when I´m hungry, those people eat without being hungry they eat for the pleasure of eating. Basically the are addicts. Even the smoker with cancer continue smoking. They LOOOOVE to eat. I heard from some psychologist that everything that cause pleasure can cause addiction. EVERYTHING, that´s the reason there is sex addiction, after feeling the pleasure of eating delicious food you burn your dopamine receptors and you need to eat more for the same amount of good feelings. Like any other addiction.

  14. If you think this scale ranking is shocking wait to you read how American women rank themselves.

  15. Over here in England we have some fat bastards no question. But you guys in the US lead the world in lardy bloaters. And it ain’t just the ladies. I sincerely hope all you feckers posting below are in good shape with BMI 25 or less. If not get off the internet and move some assholes.

    1. I don’t know – you Brits are pretty damn flabby. The Top Gear guys used to make fun of fat Americans – but Clarkson is too fat to fit in a sports car now. The fatso ratio in the U.S. varies widely by region.

      1. Clarkson always was a tubby cunt, though he has piled it on now. Funny tho. But you’re right about Brits, we are catching you up. US portion sizes remain, however, a thing of wonder.

    2. Oh come now, there are as many fatties in the U.K. as there are in the U.S., maybe even moreso. The only place I see consistently thin women is in London proper, and most of those chicks are French.

        1. You can see that guy on the right concentrating and trying to assess the situation, like; “I could just go home and google ‘naked sorority girl’ and be done with it, but I always do that. I should really try a flesh and blood female but it’s not that great. Maybe I should go home, wank, and get back to my hobbies…hmm…I just don’t know the answer.”

        2. Ha. Yes, it’s like he’s also thinking, “I hope nobody I know is watching me as I rub my half-hard cock against this humongous land whale…” Crazy shit. I’d rather watch porn myself, but, that’s just me.

      1. Reaching the actual tensile strength of steel… we have been researching stronger materials for things like spaceships and oil platforms, but it seems we will need to apply them for landwhales too.

    1. Thats the strongest bicycle ever built.
      Whats even funnier is that theres no way that lardass rides that bike.

      No way it could maintain balance, nor get feet high enough to work the pedals.

      And i dont even want tp know where the seat went.

    2. Hey this reminds me of a trip I took Yosemite. There’s was a group of tourists riding horses…. single file… slowly… About the most boring way to ride a horse, however, one of the tourists was this enormous fat woman. And I swear the horse had an expression of “Please kill me.”
      😀 😀

    3. My real question for pictures like this one:
      Why did they take pictures of themselves looking like that?! If I were THAT hideous, I would lock myself in the gym and never go outside until I reach a proper/decent look at least.

    4. Even trying to gain mass during the winter, I don’t think I could put that many calories away each day.
      Holy Christo, bleach my eyes!

  16. To US-based RoK readers:
    What do you think is mainly responsible for the high obesity rates in the US?
    Lack of exercise? Genetics? Unhealthy diet and poor quality of food? Or the combination of all those factors?
    Share your opinion.

    1. Lack of exercise and too much sugar mostly. Most people don’t have to really work now so they spend a lot of time sitting around drinking cokes.
      Women even ruin good liquor by putting sweet stuff in it.

      1. X2 on sugar. The hormonal effects it has on people caused by sugar. It robs you your energy and inhibits fat burning. The science is coming out about it, but the sugar industry is fighting it like tobacco industries fought the dangers of nicotine.
        Edit: In addition is the wrong information from the government’s dietary guidelines.

    2. It is a combination of a lot of things. The fast food epidemic really started here in an America, and that is probably the biggest cause. And not just fast food from a drive thru place, but also the fast food packaged and sold in groceries stores. MIcrowaving shit food instead of cooking dinner is another awful food habit that started here, too.
      The worst of the shit foods, processed shit, etc., all started here and became part of the lifestyle. The breakdown of the family exacerbated this in a huge way… single parents rushing around, juggling kids, and shoving McShit down their throats to keep them quiet as they sit in traffic driving from a school where they sit around all day and can’t play dodgeball, back to an apartment complex where they can’t go outside so they just sit inside and play video games.

    3. Many comments have named HFCS, sugar, etc. Those are merely symptoms of the problems.
      The real problems:
      1. Ideology replaced tradition.
      2. Time preferences conditioned to be shorter.
      3. Low interest rates.
      All of these are the significant causes of obesity.

    4. It’s a bit of everything, poor education included. And it’s not just about food. You have tons of women (and men here) shoving calories into their mouths in the form of fancy coffee and sodas (something I noticed isn’t very widely done in other countries.) A lot don’t count drinks as calories for some reason and can easily drink 1,000 or more calories a day.
      Then when your body is craving water they start thinking they’re hungry, so will eat like pigs even though all they really needed was a glass of H2O.
      Also for women in the US it’s too easy to think your size is “ok” because you can walk into 4 different stores and be 4 different sizes, often smaller than what you really are.
      For example- I’m 5’1. I’m 27″ at my low waist-right above hips (I wear low rise jeans) and 24-25 natural waistline. I usually only wear Levi’s for jeans which I’m a size 5 in Youth Misses. But I’m a size 2 @ American Eagle and Express, a size 0 @ Gap/Old Navy.
      By most stores in the US sizing standards, I could gain 20-30 pounds and still wear size 6-8 at most stores.
      So it’s not just the culture here trying to pass on the big is beautiful message, women’s clothing companies try to make fatter girls feel they are normal and average too.

  17. Yo mama is so fat, she went to McDonald’s and they had to call Burger King for backup.

        1. I think allowing children to become obese is abusive.
          They are being set up for a lifetime of health and social problems.

    1. Yo mama so fat, when she orders wonton soup, Asian businesses start weighing their ingredients before they ask will one ton be enough?

        1. they also got the song that has
          “I got a funny feeling like something was real wrong.
          I looked down and her FEET was real long”

      1. I came up with this portmanteau last night, then like providence, this morning theres an article on RoK about the #FATOCALYPSE
        Must have been Divine intervention for the benefit of all mankind

  18. I really hate to admit I noticed this but, the fat tatted up girl in the fourth picture has a slice of pizza tattooed on her side?………OOHHHH SHIT WHAT THE HELL MAN! IT SCORCHED MY EYES!

    1. That’s probably her good side, too. I’d bet anything there is a Happy Meal on the other flank.

    2. Why in the ever-living fuck would anyone get a giant slice of pizza permanently etched into their skin?
      Seriously, walking into a tattoo parlor and requesting a pizza tattoo should instantly land you in a psychiatric hospital for a 90-day stint.

  19. This is why the ancients of India and Babylon invented Zero, and later cultures negative numbers. But ancient history teaches of the mythical land of Bulimia, where there were unicorns and all the women were 10s.

  20. If the pictures in this article gave you cancer you can cure yourself by watching DJT do some winning.

    1. Over the last 24 hours, next to every MSM outlet has purposely cut the final 1:00 of this exchange. By cutting the last 1:00, it appears Trump is hostile to a black reporter. Whereas playing exchange in its entirety, it becomes clear Trump is FED UP with members of the CBC bailing on scheduled meetings as they’re more concerned with political optics than actually discussing common ground.

      1. The media situation is so corrupt that I think most people just can’t fathom it and thus believe what is being fed to them.
        Sadly I think most people have gotten their news of Trump by secondary sources, rather than just watching the guy speak for himself.

        1. I caught the last 30 minutes of this press conference, LIVE. When I saw this exchange, I knew the MSM would conveniently edit to work the “racism” meme. Sure enough, over last 24 hours, haven’t seen one outlet play end of this exchange.
          The other one which caught my attention was Jewish “reporter” trying to speak over TRUMP. The guy has twitter name on Yamaka. I can’t believe how self-important these “reporters” think they are — to the point of placing twitter name on Yamaka.

        2. I’ve found practically nobody goes to root sources or bothers to listen, see, or read things for themselves. The people who do are called “conspiracy theorists” by the ones who don’t.

  21. I never thought I’d see the day where ROK listed Bruce Jenner as 8/10. Hell, the thought never even crossed my mind. It’s gloomy and rainy outside, but now I’m so depressed I might go swallow an entire bottle of Ambien.

  22. No, we should not lower or revise our standards. Not one single bit.
    Anything that doesn’t fit on the scale is a 0, totally unfuckable.
    A 1 is a flat, ugly, out-of-shape (but not obese) chick that you could make yourself have sex with if you were drunk and needed to procreate to reproduce the species.
    If there is no way you could get your dick hard enough to put it in her with a gun to your head, she’s a 0 and not worth any further thought. I think that’s pretty much anything under an 8 on this ‘revised’ scale. Except Jenner, because he is a man, and men don’t get rated on a scale for women.

  23. Good article. If one is not a complete idiot then one understands the blend of satire and realtalk.

  24. Or how about this – stop using the 10 scale entirely and just go for the girls you want to bang?
    10 scale was always mental masturbation and just puts unnecessary clutter in your head interfering with your own game.

  25. So gnarly man, its like we’re living down the rabbit hole and these hideous science experiments gone-wrong are taking up space and breathing the same air that we do. I say every single American man go foreign now and forever just to spite these frankensteins monsters back into the mass graves from whence they came.

    1. No you don’t. It’s just social retardation. Let me pain white stripes on a black lab and call it a zebra. Truly, it’s a black lab.

      1. Just replying to the whole 10 point scale (which is obviously a joke anyway). I still consider Bruce a modern Frankenstein project. And a dude.

  26. The fatocalypse is why I will now bang butterfaces if necessary. Rather pound a girl with a nice bod and an average or fugly mug, than a girl who should be pretty but who is drowning in 200Lbs of lard deposits.

    1. I’ve considered the same (butterface). If it’s dark and banging them from behind, you can ignore the butt ugly face.

      1. I’d not stoop below a 5, but if they can stay in shape, they deserve the D whether theyre pretty or plain. Sometimes a 5 face and a 9 bod is an untapped goldmine! I have banged some of the prettiest girls around, but I’m not so much of an elitist snob that I’ll pass up an average looking chic with a hot bod. Theres not a whole lot to choose from these days. If this was the 90s I’d be singing a different tune

  27. Meaghan Trainor. Cause I’m all about the fries, bout the fries no salad. ……..
    Number 7 is a gem. Can I stick those needles in my eyes

  28. It’s a massive bell curve with 4,5,6 housing the majority of women.
    A 10 should be as hard to find as a 1.
    Face it, American women got lazy, heck Americans got lazy. Happens every time.

  29. I cannot take this seriously.

    The nines are the top 2% of women and include the Amish, girls with pleasant smiles, and a body with no visibly drooping fat. A small portion of them (3 standard deviations from the mean, or 0.1% of the population) will be visibly attractive.

    Yeah, only 0.1% of the 9’s in the nation are attractive. The rest are real dogs.
    I think that the entire meaning of the scale has eluded some people. If a girl is a 9, she’s attractive right out of the gate, period, no “Man hands” or “pointy elbows” (seriously dude?) thing as some kind of “Well, she just doesn’t meet up”.
    Clearly, this is satire.
    Yeah, they can’t slip anything by me!

  30. I’d love to see data for white women. I have to think the average weight is driven downwards by the importation of massive numbers of slim people from Asia. Which means the average weight for blacks and whites is probably climbing pretty fast.
    My wife looks around and laughs. She’s 108, at 5’3. She looks like a pixie in the USA compared to the lumbering bison that walk around. Even the ‘attractive’ white women here have hefty thighs, often at age 15 when they should be slim as reeds.
    It’s kind of odd that I have mastiffs, who by all rights should be larger than the average woman. Yet when I meet women while walking them the dogs are dwarfed by some of these ladies. 300lb women are not rare in my area.

      1. Just from observation on the street, not putting people on the scale, I’d say 160lb appears to be average for adult females in america. Female at 125lb would be 13 y/o girl.

        1. Speaking of a place that’s less tubby, several years ago I was in a small town and saw a woman (probably mid 20s) that was so fat they were hauling her around in the back of a Ford Ranger. I mean she had on tennis shoes that weren’t laced up and had fat rolls coming out of them.
          Losing weight wouldn’t have done her any good either as she was ugly enough that it wouldn’t matter.

  31. But that faggot Freddie Mercury said big bottom girls make the world go around.

        1. I loathe blanket statements. It’s not “you American men”, it’s “some American men, while others are getting fitter than ever”.

        1. Sure, but then pussy will follow regardless and what’s the actual point outside of a change of semantics on Disqus for all intents and purposes?

    1. No, just get the word out that men shouldn’t be fucking 1/10 obese pigs, and male shame brothers that do it…though there will always be thirsty black guys desperate to bang fat white 1/10s, and 1/10s desperate enough to lower themselves that far.

      1. See? Perfectly reasonable answer. There’s no reason to “settle” and if a guy says “Hey, I’ll bang a mediocre chick as long as she isn’t a landwhale” then a) He’s thirsty like a beta and b) he’s part of the problem.

  32. I am so depressed now. Even the 9, who looks pretty and feminine at first glance, indeed has man hands, and the tell-tale high ring/index finger digit length ratio (left hand) indicating high-T. As indicated by her camera-whoring and fake boobs, she is hyper-sexual and would probably make a terrible mother or long-termer. She’s looking to get hammered by as many Alphas as she can attract.

    1. Why would you have any kind of emotional reaction to a photo of someone you know nothing about? She might be a right wing chick and salvagable…she could even be married with kids. At the very least, she would make a good fuck buddy with a toned body like that.

  33. I suggest adding negative numbers (-1 to -20) at the bottom of the scale for those disgusting women you pictured here.

  34. If fat shaming females isn’t politically correct, we need to find other ways to express it, for example compare it to alcoholism.

    1. You often find that people who are fat are so in denial, they don’t even accept they are as far as they are. The only thing I’ve ever heard of working in mobilising fat people, are when they are publicly embarrassed, say they see a photo of themselves at a wedding, ruining the photos, or getting stuck in an aeroplane seat. If people aren’t deeply ashamed of ruining their body, there isn’t much chance they are committed to change, and the stats show this, as most fat people who lose weight, about 80% put the weight back on within a few years.

    2. I wish people would fat shame me. But instead they just tell me Iam not fat. Well Iam 5’6″ and weigh between 165 and 170. And I wear a us womans size 8 to 12. I say thats fat.

      1. I asked my wife (not fat), and she says your height/weight/dress size is not that bad. But also depends on age, etc.

        1. Noel, seriously, if you want an honest assessment, you’d have to put a full length pic up here… obviously with your face blacked out, or the pic just from the neck down. If you are indeed fat, some guys here will be all to happy to fat shame you. Given your height, age, and having a kid, you may not be as bad as you think. Depends on body proportions of upper to lower body, etc. Don’t know what else to say. But if you’re convinced you’re fat, just make an effort to lose some weight.
          I know a lady who is 46 y/o, 5 ft 4-1/2 in tall, weighs about 143 or so, and is smoking hot. 3 kids too.

  35. You know something is wrong with American women when Caitlyn Jenner, an artificial woman, gets an 8/10.

  36. Girl under number TWO on the picture looks definitely skinny and fun and DTF, I can tell that even without putting my glasses on…

  37. So, how are you guys going to help out Kim Davis? I mean, I’m fat myself. But what is Kim Davis on your rating system. She is a right-winger and everything. She’s all antigay and stuff. Also, I’ve read that people in states that support Trump and vote Republican tend to be more obese. Is that true?

      1. My favorite part of the trolls on this site is that they all make the same assumptions and all seem to believe that they’re the first to try this.

    1. What does being a fat conservative have anything to do with it? Separation of fat and politics, people. That’s a completely different subject

    2. “She is a right-winger and everything. She’s all antigay and stuff.”
      I give her an added point or two for those views.

  38. I have to quibble. Max Roscoe must live in a part of America unusually full of fatsos and uggos. (West Virginia?)
    His “6” isn’t any more than a 2 at best. Adele and Tess Holliday are 3s. A legitimate female version of Bruce Jenner would be about a 4. Tatted/pierced chick? About a 5. Meghan Trainor is also a 5 — pretty much the only chick here I agree with him on. His “8” is a 7 and his “9” an 8.
    Also, the 1/10 scale is pretty much inoperable for just about any woman over 40. Aside from a small lucky minority, old women are sexual nulls. Ciphers. Zeros. Like men.

  39. Although Viagra was a accidental discovery, I believe it is truly being marketed for Western Women whose husbands have lost all interest from the attitude, servitude, weight gain, tattoos and lack of even trying to look sexy.

        1. True. A girl I grew up with (our grandfather’s were best friends), well she’s an absolute cow! I can’t imagine getting excited over her. She’s on her second marriage to an ugly guy that is nearly 20 years older. Maybe he doesn’t need viagra come to think of it? Na, probably as well. 🙂

    1. Would rather go ride my motorcycle, read a good book, plan my next SCUBA trip, go for a jog, etc. then bang either one.

      1. Who even thinks of these possibilities without money involved.
        The question is ..what is your price ? $100? $500…The 6 and the three up their would require at least $600 for me to do either one.

        1. A Citation Jet 4 and all operating expenses paid for 10 years might get me excited enough…. might.
          I’m thinking Johansen was envisioning a scenario of someone holding a gun to his head and forcing him to choose.

        2. I know there are few guys that actually like this shit but not one of them. My only thinking is $600 could get me somewhere for a nice weekend to recover from the mental harm. I would have to really visualize or something

        3. They may be perfectly nice people, but no. Just no. You are obviously much stronger than I psychologically, or have a more generous spirit in being willing to assist these women.

        1. Are you saying you actually would bang either one of them? And find that a better use of your time than doing something else?

        2. No, I wouldn’t fuck them, but I got a whiff of MGTOW in your comment and am honor-bound to kill you

        3. Well, you can try.
          I know Ben Franklin said, “All cats are gray in the dark” but I would spend a bit more time to find something I can look at in the daylight and actually find attractive.

        4. You might not be a MGTOW, but better safe than sorry and just shoot you dead. Shame you’re in a whole different country and all but

        5. Far be it from me to dissuade a man from upholding his honor.
          As an aside, not even sure what MGTOW means anymore. It started out as just guys refusing to compromise their goals for women, and lately it’s turned into the insane proposition of having nothing to do with women.

        6. MGTOW is like fat women saying curves make them sexy and refusing to admit the truth, but for loser boys who can’t get women so they pretend they don’t want them to begin with.

        7. Given that definition, I could see how killing me would be justified if I fell in that category. Almost a mercy killing in a way.

  40. I knew enough from experience not to eat before getting on this thread. Whew.
    I still think its wheat and any type of sugar causing this to happen. If you want to be thin; these need to be purged from your diet.

  41. I wonder when people are going to realize that the correct strategy for fighting obesity is not moderation,(eat less-move more)but rather seeing it as an addiction, to sugar and refined carbs, in all its forms.
    (including artificial sweeteners)
    It was really Government and industry that screwed us(as usual.)
    When we ate more good fat,(not refined vegetable oils) people where much thinner and healthier.
    And STILL some idiots believe fat makes you fat, that`s beyond absurd.

    1. The only time any carbs should into your diet is a fiber carb supplement for when your working out to keep glycogen levels high or some type of vegetable or fruit for the minerals.. any type of refined sugar is horrible on a person. It fucks your system up and is addictive. 1 gram of sugar takes hours to break down. If refined sugar was so good, why is cocaine bad- Its the same concept. Processed from a plant… .Sugar and wheat is a scourge on American society.

    2. It is also about eating less though. Our ancestors were also much thinner (well at least those that weren’t wealthy) because they didn’t eat every day or they went a healthy bit of time not eating.
      Fasting is really healthy when done correctly and would recommend trying a fast diet to anyone looking to beat a sweet tooth, caffeine, or general binge eating addiction.

      1. A sweet tooth comes from a protein or a nutrient deficiency. Also, the addiction to sugar after a jolt of Insulin spikes. I don’t believe our ancestors (2 generations) ate that much less. They were not devouring a sugar bowl and 4 slices of GMO every morning. My mom –still alive; was 95 lbs back in the 1950s’..Her diet hadn’t really changed until the 80’s with more sugar products. – now, 220 and in a nursing home at 80. She worked hard but the food is not the same.

      2. It`s true that fasting is healthy, but eating high fat will give you much of the same benefits,( autophagy, mitophagy) as you get with fasting, since you don`t stimulate the insulin, leptin and mtor metabolic pathways, and your body enters repair and maintenance mode.
        Also hyper-palatability in modern foods, and the addictive nature of sugar, grains, caffeine etc. is what drives over-eating .
        It`s hard to overeat on salmon and spinach, you simply get tired of it quite fast. But if there is ice cream for dessert…

      3. Well said. This idea you gotta eat 6 small meals a day is such nonsense. It’s abnormal and never our ancestral lifestyle. Most people live a soft, labor free lifestyle and need max of 2 meals a day

  42. I refuse to adjust my scale. The scale doesn’t rely on the amount of women, but the quality of women. Just because everyone is ugly, doesn’t mean that they become 5’s. Almost all of the examples fall far below 5 in objective ranking.

    1. True here. Like the “vanity” clothing sizes putting fake measurements on labels to make fat hos feel better about themselves, giving ugly hos a 5 does nothing but stroke their ego.
      Bruce Jenner is a 2, in any case. I’d give him a 1, but then what would we give him if he got hit by a truck?

    1. After Bob’s comment i thought Janet here said “my first five finger paycheck..” (actually 4 and a thumb but who’s counting).
      Then i thought, shit, how do i get paid for fapping online?

  43. If “plus size” models really believe their “curves” make them beautiful, then why don’t they disclose their weight right next to their pics?

    1. Yeah, like big-titted women boast their bra size, but deep down fatties know they foul and it’ll never happen

  44. Seems to me that the solution to the female obesity epidemic is heroin. Obviously needle girl knows how to keep her weight down. Don’t even suggest crack or meth. That shit makes you age 10x faster and rots your teeth. A good daily dose of UK pharma grade diacetyl will have those landwhales slim down.

  45. This new scale has upgraded my 5’2″ and 53Kg (116lb) Thai wife to a 9 ……… and I’ve been telling her to lose weight cos she’s getting fat (she was 48Kg, 105lbs when we married). I guess I won’t need to be unfaithful to her with all those 40Kg (90lb) filipino hookers any more.

    1. eewww…..
      When the Sirmixalot song came out, I knew it was a bad day for us all. Fatties were suddenly justified in their slovenly, disgusting behavior.

  46. Vanity sizing…sew a size 4 on a bloody moomoo and these dames think the Greek yogurt worked. I’m a size 4!!! Where, Jupiter? I’m a model!!! For who, michelin? God damn, the fact can tattoo 10 full size attractive women on one leg doesn’t clue them in.

  47. I travel for work reasons in Italy, but this is not the true, just my two cents coming from my experiences and friends:
    Luckly, the average italian woman is not so fat – for now – from south to north, you may find lots of six (more in the southern part) to few eight (northern part or immigrates for study/job reasons from south) but their attitude is manly and they consider themselves as princess (due lots of orbiters, of course lot’s of mangina starving for pussy as well)
    Many eights are located near rich men, usually in Milan, Rome, Venice, usually where money flows, you may also find lot’s of seven/nine Russian, Romanian, Ukranian chicks who pursue them as well (golddiggers or citizenship hunters plus thx divorce house and money as well).
    lots of eight/Nine are in the media or with soccer/tv/music stars.
    However, they are poisoned by feminism, and thx to the starving manginas, you need an high game to score them (talking for the average joes here) or, pay cash as i do and choose the one you want to bang without any problems.
    the question is? why you want to spend your precious time to deal with such females? are them your perfect pick for a wife? a life companion?
    So, if you are not a starving mangina or a Pua buffon who act accordly just to score one of this “empowered females”, you simply have to expat, even in case you will find an unicorn, and you wish to marry her, keep in mind she always have the law by his side once she realize not “haaaAAAAAaapppy” anymore.
    for a bang? is better to pay a nice escort than courtship them, wine&dine them – i remember a post about the “dinner whores”, being a buffon to bang one of them, and keep in mind the false accuse of rape, even months after you bang one of this “empowered female”!
    Unfortunatly, italy is not the country of beautiful women anymore, however, tens are rare in Italy, you may found them usually in their yourger age, too bad they become poisoned by feminism thx to media few years later, and few of them are in the Media as well, usually coming from East countries or Brasil.

  48. Dude, your pictures made me chuckle. I like that you are using the normal curve, but the average girls are far better looking than your 5 and 6, maybe your first 8. That 7? uh it doesn’t count if they purposely disfigure themselves. On this scale, my wife is comparable to an 8, in her late 30’s. Bruce Jenner is not an 8, he is not even a woman.

    Here is a group of young women who are preparing to go on a mission, just typical girls who take care of themselves enough to qualify for a mission. The average girl in here is where a 5 should be (if they took care of themselves)

    1. The thing about these girls … and I’ve discovered this just recently … is that while they’re not “hawt babes”, they won’t age in the way their degenerate sisters will. I’m noticing, at 25, beautiful girls I went to highschool and university with are beginning to look ten years older than their age. Drugs, alcohol, junk food, poor sleep, crash diets, no exercise have left them looking like hell. I’m biased, but this idea that women hit the wall at 25 is ridiculous. And yet, I can’t deny that it happens. It shouldn’t. A women who takes care of herself shouldn’t hit the wall until late 30s if not later. The owner of my Pilates studio is 42. She looks better than some of the 30 year old students because she’s taken impeccable care of herself since she was a teen. So … a hard living 20 year old 9 might degrade into a 7 before she’s 30, and the clean living 20 year old 7 will out rank her in ten years. Men should probably consider that.

      1. I know what you mean. My wife is in her upper 30’s, very clean Molly Mormon. At college, she was in good shape, a solid 7, but nowhere the cream of the crop. Now, I look around at women her age, even Hollywood celebrities, and am very happy with my choice. Seldom do I see one as good looking as her that is her age.

  49. Scale used is sarcastic I’m assuming. There’s a big gap between 8-9 and it’s not just a thigh gap.

  50. I don’t like the Ethiopian look and I can find a plus size woman attractive if she is fat in the right places. Wendy Williams is plus size and looks nice for her age. I’ve always preferred more along the lines of Jane Seymour especially when she was younger.

  51. I guess I’m considered a 8 1/2? Lol I am only 4’11 in height and weight in the 80 pound range and am rather curvy. I wouldn’t know exactly where I would fit on this scale

  52. This is ridiculous. There are plenty of what I would consider real 5-7s, that are MUCH more attractive than these… Things…

  53. The UK is not far behind…I would say there are almost no date-able women here now. And I don’t just mean it from a visually attractive perspective, but that’s another story. I tend to avoid eye contact with any females on the horizon these days, as I have had too many shocks from being visually blind sided by deformed beasts.The good news is due to their loud, over bearing and constantly chattering coarse mouths you can hear them coming from a mile away anyway. And if that fails there’s often an overbearing waft of some rancid infection or the guy from last nights seed to warn you in advance. It also explains why obese girls with multiple chins have become so comfortable being bitchy, unpleasant and self-entitled; they really have moved up the ranking scale due to desperately lowering standards. Man I really do envy how much better it was for my fathers generation.

  54. The only two women where I work that aren’t overweight are South American. All of the others “born in the USA” are mostly way overweight. They eat so much sugar and junk… I can’t believe their husbands put up with it, but they’re probably all fat too?

    1. My coworker one cubicle over is a real beauty at about 300 lb. Constantly gorging on a bowl of M&M’s that she brings in these 1 pound sacks for refills. I don’t know how her husband puts up with it.

  55. We need to go on strike w overweight woman. I’m dating a 10…I feel more than lucky, but then I met some girls trying to flee Venezuela…maybe starvation isn’t so bad after all.

  56. So if one of the girls I’m banging is feminine, mid-20s, slim waist, tallish, a great apricot ass, perky boobs, cute face, great skin, toned figure, that presumably puts her in the 8-9 range on this chart, but are points deducted on this scale if the girl is African? Just curious if the scale takes into account skin color. Other white guys always wink at her or stare at her when we go out so I don’t know if that plays into her SMV.

  57. Seems like grade inflation.
    No matter what though we must never reward obese women with our attention

  58. While I believe this article is tongue in cheek, it bears saying that any overweight woman is gross and not even a 3.

  59. I would like to see some real scientific study based on the normal curve about how women do look. Take a group of five guys, and have them order 10000 randomly selected pictures from prettiest to ugliest, and see what they would get.

  60. This is why I gave up the idea of dating and game. To get anything even remotely looking like that “9” takes so much effort and so much wasted time, and even when you get it, she has has more dicks inside her than you have fingers and toes, and every dude that’s fucked her is a ripped tall thick dicked stud, so you’ll just be one of the pile.
    It’s a lost game for men in this generation.

  61. I’ll wager that 90% of the 8-10’s are conservative women with traditional values regarding family, marriage and men.

  62. I’m so glad he didn’t include a picture of a 1.
    That said, what’s the point of rating anything below a 5?

  63. Much of the obesity problem comes from the fact that women are neglecting their homemaking duties. More and more food is prepackaged or fast food. If the wife cooked a proper meal regularly, people ate at the dinner table, and shut the damn TV off, they would look much more healthy.

  64. Why are you claiming that those morbidly obese women are the American ‘average’? Most of those women are no where near 160/165 pounds they are probably 250 maybe closer to 300 and I can guarantee none of them have a 38 inch waist. Say whatever you want but deliberately using misleading pictures to make men feel like that’s what most women in America look like is pretty pathetic. I’m all for encouraging overweight women and men to be healthy and lose extra weight but come on…

  65. Megan Trainor is WAY more than 9 pounds above average, even at the advanced scale. Solid article though.

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