Huffington Post And Jesse Benn Are Getting Away With Endorsing Violence Against Patriots

…there’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this.

— Jesse Benn glorifying and justifying violence against the Trump campaign

The Huffington Post has sensationally allowed a liberal extremist, Jesse Benn, to advocate violence against Donald Trump and his supporters. Despite his comments, and the near certainty that a conservative saying the same things about stopping liberal campaigns would be arrested, Benn is yet to be questioned by authorities. Perhaps observers should be far from surprised; San Jose police have already been accused of letting thugs draped in Mexican flags attack Trump supporters recently. It may even be that police are concerned for their safety if they crack down fully on liberal violence.

Benn weirdly says that Donald Trump is not but still is a fascist. Using the fascist analogy, he implicitly compares Trump’s previous calls for the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants with some sort of unspoken Nazi Einzatsgruppen operation or the mass deportations of Jews to extermination camps. The Einzatzgruppen were the special SS and other police task forces charged with killing Jews using firing squads and mobile gas vans before permanent extermination camps were fully established.

This vague conjuring up of the Holocaust (though he never explicitly mentions it or the Nazi forces behind it) is especially audacious for Benn, who is himself a Jew and should know better than to use ridiculous hyperbole about it. Whether he agrees with Trump is a very different matter from basically defaming those killed in World War II acts of genocide and trivializing their suffering with the lamest of equations.

Another lovely aspect of Benn’s piece is that he says Trump, for whom at least 40-50% of Americans will vote in November, espouses a politics so radical that it cannot be considered part of the normal US political spectrum. This essentially forms the crux of his reasoning as to why violence against the Trump campaign is “logical.” Violence is okay for Benn if you can apparently rationalize away why a group you do not like should be legitimate participants in the democratic process. It is a thoroughly self-serving and circular argument, not to mention one that involves the convenient infliction of violence upon your ideological enemies.

Finally, according to Benn, you should also suspend your critical thinking, most notably if you are a white male. You cannot understand the “oppression” of certain people, namely Mexicans, other minorities, and women, and if you can, you must still understand why they react with violence.

Our meet-ups this year were canceled after serious threats, but Jesse Benn is permitted to glorify violence with impunity

Roosh had to organize a secret press conference to avoid mass SJW violence but Jesse Benn gets a platform for calling for it.

This situation is both amusing and tragic for us here at Return Of Kings. Amusing because of the contrived liberal drama that more resembles a circus than reasoned debate. Tragic because our own supporters had to be protected from serious threats of violence earlier this year, leading to the cancellation of our planned global meet-ups. Vague but spurious allegations were made against us at that time, but the only documentable threats were made by our opponents.

Fast-forward a few months and an opinion columnist for a newspaper that makes a living off making allegations of violent threats against conservatives is openly advocating for violence against people they do not like. When will someone be arrested or at least served with a deterrent that prevents this from happening again?

The media silence over Benn’s calls is reprehensible, too. Just when I thought some outlets such as CNN were moderately improving their coverage of Mexican nationalist and general SJW violence, they fell away again and refused to even discuss the putrid pro-violence Huffington Post article. The only sites giving it real scrutiny are the so-called “extremist” platforms like Fox NewsBreitbart and Mediaite.

And what happens when Trump groups start to defend themselves? Based on the present condoning or ignorance of liberal violence, mainstream media outlets will portray it as unjustified Trump supporter aggression, not the countermeasures of people legitimately fearful of their safety in environments where police are seemingly unable to protect them. People are going to get hurt as a result and the liberal establishment is largely to blame.

When will someone be arrested promptly for liberal violence or for calling for it?

The very definition of assault and false imprisonment.

After the footage of Mexican nationalists harassing and assaulting a woman went viral, suspects suddenly started being taken into custody. The speed of follow-up in San Jose was lax at best. It is time for proper resources to be devoted to preventing egregious acts of SJW political terrorism. I can understand police need to calm situations, but it is clear that they are either being restrained by political considerations above their heads or they need more feet on the ground at Trump rallies to stop leftist thuggery.

Jesse Benn must also be arrested by the authorities. His attempted demagoguery has no place in the United States. Inciting violence, last time I checked, is a crime. Nonetheless, it seems it is a crime created on inherently unequal terms in the modern political system. Say something liberals do not like and it is incitement to violence. When liberals actually preach violence, though, it is not incitement but “logic.”

When will the madness end?

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144 thoughts on “Huffington Post And Jesse Benn Are Getting Away With Endorsing Violence Against Patriots”

  1. “When will the madness end?”
    It won’t. Not until there is a serious pushback. That push back won’t come from politicians or police. It must come from the people.
    And words are not enough for the push back that is needed.
    I know no one wants to say it…. but we all know what needs to be done. Violence must be met with violence.

    1. Been saying that for a while now. I loathe violence and prefer peaceful solutions, but there comes a time when peaceful solutions simply won’t cut it. Peaceful solutions must be backed by the capacity to perform violence or else there’s no incentive for the opposing side to stop. The media is against us. The police aren’t protecting us. We have only each other.

      1. I agree 110%. Diplomacy only works if your enemy also believes in it. You can’t fight violence with words. You have to set down the peace sign, pic up a stick, and start swinging it.

        1. I think a big problem is that people end up projecting their anger at the wrong people, which is what politics do. The final fight or war is carried out between people who actually don’t give a shit about each other.

        2. And imagine for a moment how the media and government will spin/portray that self defense. And which side all the guns/cops/judges and jails are on. It would only serve their purposes to take physical action on a small or individual scale.

    2. We continue to beg for, hope for, pray for a solution that doesn’t end in bloodshed. Until we breathe our last, we will look forward to a time of peace. But, when the time comes that it’s kill or be killed, we will beat our plows into swords and march.

      1. Crusade cosplay is fun and all, but I’m going to leave my sword hanging on the wall in my den and just shoot the motherfuckers.

  2. these retard libs get away with everything in these protests, they hold signs saying end hate and violence and calling Trump racist. Yet they tell his supporters to F*ck off, that they should die, and that white people are evil, all while attacking them. than trump and his supporters get blamed for instigating it, and if they defend themselves they get arrested and blamed. they got the same immunity from this Sh*t as these muslims in europe.

    1. They are viewed as children, which are acting out, and will come around.
      Not only is this shown by history but also by personal experience.
      Two examples:
      1. Greek Junta
      2. Occupy Wallstreet
      The Greek Junta lasted a few years. It was a military takeover of Greece to prevent Marxism. The older men took over the nation and cracked down on Marxist propaganda. Actors and musicians were a big target. the resistance was made up of a lot of kids in the music scene. Think Marxist punk rockers. They were rebelling against their own dads. The dads did spank them a little, but not hard enough. It fell apart eventually. Sometimes a disobedient child needs to be taken to the gates and stoned to death by the men of the city. Now you see the wisdom in Deuteronomy 21:18?
      Occupy Wallstreet came to my small rural white town in a white state with pretty conservative cops. The liberal city councilors told the cops to stand down, don’t enforce the city anti-camping laws on them. My friend stormed out and yelled at them saying he’ll never bust another vagrant again for violating municipal camping laws.

    2. Depends a bit on what you accept. They don’t get away with it for me, I will and do hold these asshats responsible.
      It only matters if you accept their bullshit, if you don’t they have no argument.
      If I was in the US I would carry a gun and enough ammo to seriously fuck shit up, and if a cop tried to arrest me for something I don’t agree with their right to arrest me for… Say hello to my fiveseven with black tip ammo motherfucker.

  3. When the violence does occur, this man and the Huffington post must be held to account. Where is the FBI on this?
    No one should get away with threatening violence against Americans exercising their right to peaceably assemble and exercise their free speech. Google, Facebook are censoring “hate speech”, but threatening violence is OK because it goes along with their narrative.
    This man understands zero about what real violence and civil war looks like. I would not wish that on anyone.

    1. We’ve all seen how “Assassinate Donald Trump” doesn’t violate Facebook’s terms and conditions, but “A Voice for Men” does.
      When these dumbasses get the violence they’ve been advocating for – when they actually cause the Saxon to hate, when they bring the nationalist back out of the German people – may the heavens have mercy, because they shall find none on earth.

      1. Right now white men don’t identity primarily as white men. When they do, and when they start working in their own best interests as other groups in identity politics do, watch out.

        1. When they do? When will David Cameron, Ed Milibrand and Bernie Sanders start working in your best interests?

        2. There is no “system” stopping white men identifying as white men. The fact is, “white men” encompass multiple ethnic groups and political objectives. They will never identify simply as “white men”.

        3. Publicly Identifying as a white man today carries negative connotations of guilt, shame, ridicule and loathing. I believe this is not something that has happened by accident.
          The ‘white man’ and all his encompassing ethnicities, cultures and nations are to be broken down and remoulded to multicultural ‘utopias’. White people no longer have the right to self determination or autonomy.
          What does an Australian Aboriginal and an African American man from Detroit refer to themselves as. Most probably a proud ‘Black man’. What do both men see when you present him a Russian, Irish and Hungarian. Most probably ‘White people’.
          What does a Hasidic Hebrew from New York and German born atheist Jew from Yiddish speaking parents have in common. They both strongly identify as Jewish and zealously support Israel.

        4. There is no homogenous group called “white people” that’s the point. And I keep telling you guys to stop acting like black people are the same everywhere. They are not.
          And where I am, no white man is afraid to identify as white. I think that is a local issue where you are.

        5. If by “simply as” you mean “only as” then I agree. But the potential exists to identify “also as”. Strangely this identification may not come from within as much as from without. Defensive identification from those condemning the white man. Not being racists we resist it until the true racists give us no alternative but to identify by the term being used to target us.

        6. Most of those who identify as white do so without fear only in the context that they do so bashfully and apologetically. Fear comes from identifying without conveying shame and embarrassment at the state of whiteness. To convey happiness or even neutrality angers them.

        7. Where are you? None of the white men around me have a problem saying they are white.

        8. Fair enough, but honestly, any one who has a problem with you identifying as what you are is a complete cretin.

        9. They will work in their own best interests once they feel their genetic survival is under threat. That’s the difference between the far left and the far right.

        10. There is no homogeneous group called “black people” either. White and black are shorthand for a collection of different groups. White roughly means European, and black roughly means Sub-Saharan African, although I suppose the label can vary depending on locale.

        11. I never said what my interests were. Under the right conditions, with the right stimuli, they would side with each other. Genetic self preservation is the most powerful of all human instincts.

        12. They’re Jews and they think of what’s best for Jews, not white men. For some strange reason they see Caucasian Christian makes as their existential threat.

        13. What have you been smoking? Oh you must be Black because you can’t understand White men.

    2. The Left is a violent and oppressive cult. When they call something “hate speech” they really mean it’s “blasphemy.” Simply disagreeing with a liberal is “hate speech” now. However, advocating violence against other Americans is not (as long as you’re a liberal).

      1. “However, advocating violence against other Americans..”
        I have pointed that out to acquaintances who publicly stated they want Trump dead and support the assaults on his supporters. They are not very aticulate and very emotional when challenged. Like a bunch of women with issues.

    3. “No one should get away with threatening violence against Americans
      exercising their right to peaceably assemble and exercise their free
      speech. Google, Facebook are censoring ‘hate speech’, but threatening
      violence is OK because it goes along with their narrative.”
      One man’s “free speech” is another man’s “hate speech” (incitement to riot, sedition, treason). America needs New Founding Fathers and/or the first emperor to do a better job of defining what is “free speech” that won’t permit domestic enemies to take over the country again.

    4. The account needs to be held by the government officials that stand by and let it ride. The government is letting this go is basically using them as tools for their agenda. Now we are fighting the huffington post. The real target is the government.

    5. Fumbling, Bureaucratic Incompetence doesn´t give a damn, nobody is going to get punished for this oversight and for the oversights that killed +50 homosexuals in Florida either.
      “When will the madness end?”
      When the civil war is over, the anti-Whites have lost it and are left begging for the mercy they themselves do not have…

  4. (((They))) have to turn white men into super-villains because the other kinds of men in the world don’t measure up. Frankly I hope white people’s enemies keep up this kind of propaganda, because it draws attention to the facts of white superiority.

    1. I choose not to forget that we stand upon the shoulders of giants, but it is true that the Europeans and the Slavs have created the greatest civilizations, technologies, philosophies, and artistic masterpieces since the days of Greece.
      We were the first to wage “civilized war” amongst ourselves, where we distinguish the enemy from the enemy’s civilian population.
      We were the first to end slavery.
      We were the first to bend electricity to our will, in a fashion unimaginable a mere century ago.
      We were the first to harness steam to power transportation, allowing us to traverse hundreds of miles in a day.
      We were the first to compose the idea of “human rights”, asserting that there are certain rights that are granted by God instead of by the ruler of the land. Among these are the right to life, the right to basic liberty, the right to one’s property and the fruits of one’s own labor, and the right to pursue happiness (though not the right to be happy).
      We are the peoples of Rembrandt, da Vinci, Rafael, and the Greek Masters.
      How can we be such a remarkable group of peoples, who have achieved so much and raised civilization to such a high point, and have so little pride?

      1. Why don’t we have a white history month? Cause everyday is white history.

        1. Obviously you have not attended a current elementary school nor have you looked through the text books being used to teach history. The disappearance of white men is amazing. The exception to this disappearance is when you can defame and criminalize a dead white male for not living up to current social justice standards. Then you can have his name and statues removed from the town square and his name removed from everything he built. Think Jefferson and Rhodes.

  5. What is so bad about the Nazi’s??? They didn’t kill, imprison, rape and pillage nearly as many people as the communists.

    1. They were bad because they didn’t kill, imprison, rape, and pillage the right people. Leftists/liberals only like killing unborn babies, men in prison getting raped, private citizen’s compounds being raided, and pillaging via taxes and cops.

  6. Leftists have always used violence and emotions to do their will. That’s one of the reasons why their so effective. Of course they’ll call for violence and commit it as long as they can. They’re like women/children they’ll get away with whatever they can as long as their allowed to. Until their met with some “discipline” they won’t stop. You let your kid slap you and moan about how he won’t stop, he won’t until you reassert that you’re the father and they’re the child and put the child in it’s place.
    This is another reason while classical liberalism really did nothing but pave the way for Leftism because it’s too weak to stand against it. Fascists and monarchists would put leftists in their place in a heartbeat but classical liberals are really just not radical communists. The equality of all, how a piece of paper can somehow override religion and culture, and so on and so forth.
    Also “who is himself a Jew and should know better than to use ridiculous hyperbole about it.” that’s what many if not the majority of jews do in regards to the holocaust.
    The madness will end when we make it end. Good article, raising some very important points, and something that needs to be addressed because it isn’t going away.

  7. As a white man, I don’t give a damn about the “oppression” of non-whites. Why should I? The “true oppressor” doesn’t give two shits about the people they are “oppressing”.
    If liberals want tribalism, they’ll get it.

    1. Well said. I have abandoned all shame for the work of my peoples, save that we did not choose to conquer. Had we done as the Assyrians or Babylonians and eradicated every culture we conquered through diaspora, there would be no one to say, “Your ancestors were too mean to X”.
      The benevolence of our ancestors has led to the multi-tribal society we inhabit. Perhaps they were wrong to allow such a thing.

    2. That happened in the past and YOU had nothing to do with it. Why blame you for something your ancestors did. You admit that it was not a good thing they did, but YOU don’t owe anyone.

  8. The thing about attacking patriots is, we are usually better armed and not afraid to stand our ground. Just throwing that out there for consideration,…

    1. That’s the reason the Leftist want to make it so difficult for you to get guns to defend yourself.

      1. Have Hell’s Angels there with tire irons instead of guns. That’d be even more intimidating.

    2. That’s the right idea. Trump supporters should have a designated group of people who gather at Trump events, and when the neverTrumpers and SJWs initiate violence, this group should step in and start breaking skulls just like the police did to the civil rights and anti war pukes in the 60s.

  9. Bring it on morons! No point being nice to these POS’s anymore. Leftist are some of the worst vermin in humanity and should be disposed of as such. Augusto Pinochet and a helicopter anyone?

    1. When they actually start killing themselves without begging for permission (That article is just a fag looking for attention), then it’s newsworthy.

  10. It boggles my mind why liberal white people are trying to destroy what whites have created/built over the past (say 1000 years). Shouldn’t we all be on the same team? Its like a fisherman who gives away his secret fishing hole….why on earth would you ever do that?

    1. I disagree. It’s another kind of groupthink. I am white, but I do not identify with “white people”. It is a categorization that is forced on white people by screeching minorities who identify with their non-white skin colour. They are more racist than many whites are. Yeah, I know, as if that was not obvious….

      1. Brilliantly said Tom, I too don’t want to be a grumpy conservative while I’m young but end up being thrown in and agreeing with more right wing people on the topics of this modern madness.
        Have your fun while young but grow up at some point. Most millennials continue to be children and not juts their generation. What’s coming is frightening.

        1. I’m 62 & then some! As I look back, my life has really gone by fast. I hope you realize that some day!

      2. First of all, white people in general identify more with their ethnicity than with whiteness. I saw this a lot during my 12 years in Catholic schools. Many of my classmates saw themselves as Americans of German, Irish & Italian ancestry. Secondly, I think a lot of minorities are just plain jealous of white people in general. Quite obvious why.

        1. Asians are a very small minority and yet they have no hatred of the whites. Why is this so? Because they have beaten the white man and woman at education, earning, and maintaining their native culture. So, why do blacks hate whites? Not because they are minority, but because they are a failed minority.
          Having said that, I know a few blacks personally and they are nothing like that. Why is that so? Because if they were failed ghetto rats I would never have known them. The ones I know have integrated and succeeded, hence we travel in the same social circles.

      3. “White” is not a race. There is no such thing as the “White race.” There is, however, a Caucasoid race to which Europeans, Semitic people and South Asians belong.

    2. Mankind has always have to have some enemy. If one race defeats all others, they will find something about their own race they don’t like and fight against that. It could be religion, their food preference, tall people, skinny people, or whatever.

    3. In their feeble collective minds, all white people, particularly white Americans, are guilty of every ill that’s been visited on mankind since the dawn of time. They’ve been programmed to hate their own culture and country to the point that many of them feel that acts of terror committed by Muslims – who are by and large not cisgendered white males – are justified.

  11. SJW extremists. Why do you take these people seriously? Egg and flour bombing events always occur in even the most tepid elections in Europe. It’s hardly an act of terror, is it?

      1. “white Christian American males aren’t allowed to have their own society and culture” This is an exaggeration. The majority of the States is white and Christan, much more so than most European Countries. The Southern States are even more homogenized in white Christian values than a country like Italy or Germany for example.

  12. We’re not Europe.
    Oh I forgot, white Christian American males aren’t allowed to have their own society and culture.

  13. It is funny how clear the comment sections of such articles represent what normal people think. I did not see one single comment in favor of the article there. And that’s the readership of those idiots – I guess. This is why people should stop reading newspapers and start reading online articles with enabled comments. When you read a newspaper, it makes you believe that people actually support and believe that crap and it makes you feel helpless. When you see people’s actual unfiltered reactions, you see that you are not alone. A bit like when Soviet Union invaded Czech, my “homeland”. I spoke to my parents and some older people and they practically all said that they acted obedient for the sake of being safe, but pretty much no one actually liked what was happening.

    1. I’ve never seen so many hostile comments on a Huff Post article, and they were the sorts of comments you’d find on a site like this. Quite encouraging.
      The company should be getting major flak for publishing a piece like this though

      1. Same with the Guardian, the authors are going against their own readership! The top comments are always contradictory to the article. Only a matter of time before they crash and burn, till then they found a limited success formula where they feed SJWs shit to keep them reading. That won;t last long.

        1. What I love are the sites which allow you to comment, but first you have to pay them a couple of dollars per day to do so. Basically, a form of censorship you can make money from, while at the same time guaranteeing you only get feedback from people who like your website. Most progressive journos should be preparing themselves for imminent unemployment

        2. The Guardian has just gone through a campaign of explaining why they need to shut down the comments that disagree with their shit articles.
          The readership destroyed them.
          It made me warm inside

        3. No doubt that will happen! The only thing they’ll do from now on is clickbait shit for advertising.

        4. It’s a good feeling seeing that cuck Owen get served by hundreds of people in the morning. Morning coffee never tasted so good haha.

        5. Read back on “the internet we want series”.
          A firm FUCK YOU from the readership

        6. Think I came across it at some point!All feminism,”far right”, some more feminism, islamophobia, Karl Marx’s dream, “it’s totally not Orwellian”, “we must protect the children”,feminism! I just love how the readers dissect the argument with logic. I learned quite a bit reading the comments.
          Not one person was on board with the whole women never worked bullcrap.

        7. It was the whole “we must kill free speech to preserve (our) free speech” I loved the most

        8. The Telegraph’s entire commentariat also went against them & the papers reaction was to shut the commentating facility down entirely !! Not a SINGLE article allows comments, guess the Barclay Bros are getting some juicy big brown envelopes from someone ..

      2. We are slowly approching the situation at the end of the They Live movie…

      3. So long as they do not filter their comments I don’t much care what they publish. The problem is more so when they delete criticism and only keep up the praise.

    2. At least the Czech nation still existed during Soviet times.
      If Czechoslovakia had joined the western bloc in 1968,
      you would have the same problems as in Germany and Austria today…
      There is not going to be any Germany, USA or Austria in less than 10 years if they aren´t stopped.

  14. “There is a weapon called ridicule which once was used to deflate pretense and haul the absurd to earth. Then the pretenders made life the fool and they ridiculed plain common sense to defend the pose that earth was absurd and existence itself the pretense.”
    BB Weapons 2:1-7

  15. I was just thinking … the libtards pretty much attack everyone who shows the slightest sign of being non-pc, even if he is from their own ranks. How about creating a fake liberal news-site exposing liberals for being “non-liberal”. “This man is not worthy of being a true liberal!” Turn their hatred against themselves, until they no longer know who is enemy or friend and eat themselves. 🙂

    1. Brilliant idea tom.
      If done correctly, they would eat that shit up.
      Remember pissforequality?
      Yea those dumbfucks love a cause to get behind.
      Especially with your idea where they can show how much holier theu are than others.

    2. Exactly it’s high time we used liberal group think and stupidity against them!

      1. Rofl…
        Another idea: Create two narratives about a policy that woild be very ‘social’ and feed them to two distinct groups. Then let those two groups their each other apart over the differences.

  16. Leftists are so convinced that they hold the high moral ground that they think it gives them the right to use violence against their opponents for the “Just Cause”.
    The first culprit to blame is our school system, that has been ruled by Leftist for decades now, then the Media, filled with left leaning “journalists”.

    1. “journalists” I’ve called these assholes “professional liars” for well over 40 years!

    2. It’s amazing what people will do when they think they have ‘permission’ to do so. Leftist primary school teachers prime their pupils with instructions that last a lifetime. Students learn that it’s okay to lash out at predefined foes, boogeymen and ostracized culture. When youth are learning to raise their hand and ask permission from a nametag wearing mentor, permission for everything ranging from going to the restroom to speaking, then you realize the fat purple haired teacher has a lot of influence over the young pupils. A lefty sjw teacher in the educational system can wind up many kids and prime them for a lifetime of lashing out at trad culture. When a teacher tells kindergardners that it’s sometimes okay to go apeshit crazy on some predefined villainy and then they present material that villifies and defames trad culture, then they just clearly placed an instruction command in the pupils to attack their own culture. The brainwashing lasts a lifetime for many, especially for ones who never learn to rebel. You have to learn that nametags and tinfoil badges mean nothing. Righteousness and virtue are defined with principle, not nametags and stinking badges. Sjw’s go hogshit crazy when they think they have the blessing of the badges and nametags, when they think they have permission.
      The first lesson is that you need no permission for anything, not permission to live, to speak, to defend yourself or your tribe or to rebel. You need principle. But no, you don’t need no stinking badges or nametags. A man with principle trumps an empty nametag or badge without principle. An empty title without principle is like a dog. You throw it a bone and it runs.

      1. Which is why I homeschooled my two sons. They are not thriving in this corporatist monoculture, but they are solid men, indecently minded and clear thinkers.

      1. with the way women abuse their cunts today it is down right subversive to put your mouth on one.

  17. Violence that furthers the aims of the social engineers, the utopia builders, is never going to be condemned. Political violence, war, or anything else. If it furthers their aims it is acceptable. If it doesn’t then we’ll be told how violence is unacceptable. Violence is the tool of statists and it will always be twisted to their benefit.

    1. True. Violence has always been an integral part of the revolution. For the revolutionary, it is cathartic; it cleanses as it destroys, that a new order may be built from the chaos and destruction.

  18. The madness will end when the conservative gun-toting majority decide that they have had enough. I hate that it’s going to come to that, but these 2+2=5 liberals are leaving reasonable people with no other choice. You can’t have fascists erroneously calling other people fascists and expect anything to get done aside from escalating violence.

  19. But the attackers have the right to be tried by a jury of their peers. I.e. fellow members of La Raza
    (By the way, imagine if a right wing group had a name like “Our Race”. It would be interesting to read about it in HUffpo.)

    1. La Raza is grounded and funded by Soros and the The Ford Foundation.
      When I pointed out to Mexican friends that La Raza is simply the Mexican KKK they were a bit peeved.

  20. Liberals today are more extreme than ever. They justify their own authoritarian tendencies by saying we are authoritarian. What a joke.

  21. Maybe he’s talking tough because he’s trying to compensate for the fact that he’s a “NERD”

  22. If they want blood they can have it. I do not care and it’s doesn’t concern me. Perhaps it will spark a much needed revolution. If it gets to revolution I fully believe our side will come out winning. No it won’t be easy and I’d prefer political revolution but in the violent form we have the advantage in my opinion.

  23. Yes. The silent majority should call this out and promptly go on resisting peacefully.
    Fighting back, egging on, and even dialogue with these morons isn’t doing much. Just videotape and publish the idiots and their idiotic behaviour.
    Its in such a state, fighting back, the media will most likely edit out the instigation and only portray the retaliation as what the silent majority is about.
    It would be amazing if it could have some of the silent majority embed some undercover with the left and just record. The trick is to have these people set themselves up where the context cannot be refuted.
    Its a fight fire with water type of way.
    Just keep pointing out the hypocrisy

  24. I wonder if liberals have EVER, EVER held a protest outside the Nation of Islam headquarters in Chicago. Using Benn’s logic, attacks on this group are justified. For the record the Nation of Islam:
    1) is a hate group according to the SPLC
    2) preaches segregation
    3) is not tolerant of homosexuality
    4) has espoused anti-Semitism.
    So when will the liberals be leading their thug-like attacks (comprised mainly of cowardly sucker punches) against the N.O.I.? I won’t hold my breath.

    1. I’ll settle with a truck bomb as a culturally correct response to those slime sucking sons of pond scum.

  25. The MSM are justifiably afraid that under President Trump they will be held accountable for lying on behalf of their paymasters and inciting race riots to order.
    I look forward to America’s having as healthy and vibrant a media as Russia’s. Russian media don’t glorify SJWs or terrorists, or call for the assassination of Vladimir Putin. They’re too busy reporting real news.

  26. Yeah that is one thing we need to know and understand. Violence wielded by the gov. or it’s minions=GOOD. Give them a taste of their own medicine=BAD.
    They understand violence far better than any one person or group cause they have had a monopoly on it since modern technology has firmly entrenched them in positions of power no man or army can touch.
    Robots on the other hand could do the job either against us or for us. Darpa is not playing games when it comes to developing the future of land warfare and once they field these newer robots all will be lost for anyone targeted by the state or it’s agents.
    You won’t get a flesh and blood grunt knocking on your door for whatever reason, it will be a robot that is impossible to fucking kill mark my words this is where everything is going.
    The gun grab rhetoric are merely a smoke screen and distraction to buy them time to cinch the technological noose tight.

  27. Gulag Archipelago ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

  28. As a member of The Tribe myself, I am appalled by the likes of Jesse Benn. I’ve said over and over again (and never backed off from it) that if Hitler were non-white, Jews would be fighting to be first on line for the gas chambers, and Jesse would beat all of them out.
    The conservative movement of the future will, out of necessity, have to put aside all pieties about the First Amendment and stop eating its own adherents over perceptions of “racism”. Instead, it will have to become a lot more confrontational and belligerent and tell our adversaries “No, WE will tell YOU what you can say!” All that matters will be power, and the raw exercise thereof in a nation whose Constitution has been a joke since Jan 20, 2009.

    1. I recently discovered I have Jewish blood in me myself, turns out I am related to Samuel Nunez which makes me related to King David. I guess I would be an ass if I brought up any Jewish jokes over this schmuck.

    2. You know what you need to do. Start keeping Israel’s covenant with God. That means doing away with a lot of people who insist on defying Him.
      Sodomites, harlots and Amalekites (Muslims) must die that Israel might live. So must anyone preaching the worship of any God but the God of Israel. God did not command the Israelites to respect the free speech of idolaters. God commanded the Israelites to kill them.

  29. “Jesse Benn must also be arrested by the authorities. His attempted
    demagoguery has no place in the United States. Inciting violence, last
    time I checked, is a crime. Nonetheless, it seems it is a crime created
    on inherently unequal terms in the modern political system. Say
    something liberals do not like and it is incitement to violence. When
    liberals actually preach violence, though, it is not incitement but
    When will the madness end?”
    Well said sir. Please keep up the good work.

  30. We probably won’t see any action by the authorities or coverage by the media until there is a full retaliation. You can only push people for so long…and then they strike back.
    The fact that some police departments (California) are not protecting all citizens should be disturbing.
    A recent Trump rally – I was glad to see in Richmond, Virginia that the police jumped into action when they saw violence. They pushed back the crowd when the usual violence started with the anti Trump supporters attacked Trump supporters – a couple of police got into it with crowd members. All citizens have rights…not just liberals with their nonsense. If all citizens are not protected (all rights) then chaos will ensue…because people will take justice into their own hands. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any shootings.
    Let that shit continue down south. It will stop pretty quickly because many of us don’t play that nonsense.

  31. People who compare others to Hitler either don’t know who that is, or think he wasn’t that bad of a guy.

  32. These articles and mindsets are no joke. I used to believe those SJWs were all pussies, with the occasional exception of a person who is willing to beat you up. Yet no. In 1970 Germany, the Red Army Fraction (RAF) was a terrorist group that killed many politicians, business leaders and civilians (e.g. when they hijacked a plane with the aim of pressing free some of their incarcerated comrades). One of the originators of that movement, Ulrike Meinhof, for example, said: “Protest is when I say this does not please me. Resistance is when I ensure what does not please me occurs no more.”
    So yeah, the BLM people are indeed terrorists, and it is no laughing matter, because assholes like Jesse Benn start justifying their violence.

  33. JEWS aren’t called NATION WRECKERS for nothing. Globalism, multiculturalism, open borders, diversity, PC lies – this is what they have historically done.

  34. The response to the San Jose mob would been even more muted if not for the video of the WOMAN being assaulted that went viral. At that point, even the media had to acknowledge it. Even Hillary made a few muffled noises. Were it just a man who had eggs thrown at him it would still only fall under “violence at a Trump rally”.

  35. I’ve started to notice that every talking head and media type losing it over Trump is Jewish, is this not so?
    Why are they so against him anyways?

  36. Jesse Benn is not a liberal, he is a Stalinist. But he also thinks he is an Anarchist. So on one hand he wants no government and a fairytale planet…yet as a Stalinist he wants totalitarianism and supports the killing of 90M plus by communists. This is all we need to know about a very disturbed Pol Pot wannabe.

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