No Woman Can Escape Mother Nature’s Devastating Reality Check

Time and time again I run into younger fellas, frustrated with the entitled “treat me like a princess because I have a pussy” females of today. I explain to them that at 39 years old, I have experienced one ultimate truth, witnessed one formula that never changes, never fails and always levels the playing field. I tell them, be patient… mother nature will humble these chicks like nothing else, permanently.

Because of various circumstances in life, and despite my age, I often end up in social circles with individuals in their early to late 20s, as well as those in my own age bracket of course. Half of these people, if not more, are females and many I consider friends. Being the case, I have seen one cycle repeated at least a good three to four times over by now.

Six Nine Syndrome (SNS)

A common theme on ROK is the modern entitled female. Never has this been more apparent, in my opinion, than the last 15 years or so. Females generally seem to have the attitude that simply having a pair of tits somehow entitles them to a certain brand of treatment, as well as giving them the right to treat others a certain way. Essentially they feel they have the right to conduct themselves like complete bitches, often acting as if you are lucky to be in their presence, let alone speak to them. If you are so lucky and (in their mind) proven worthy, she may actually touch your dick. An even bigger problem exists as well, that being that females who really don’t carry the physical or intellectual credentials to even justify such attitude portray themselves as if they were 9s instead of the actual 6s they are. I call it the Six Nine Syndrome, or SNS.

Whose fault is this? I go with 50/50 blame here. If men are treating you like a 9 your whole life, you are going to believe it on some level.  It starts with their fathers making them feel like a princess their entire lives, regardless of how they behave or carry themselves. Even more it is the fault of the blue pill beta males so thirsty for female attention they bestow upon these “exalted ones” endless, unwarranted accolades and handouts in the hope that one day she will just maybe, MAYBE allow you to text her or even bless you with her company. Now the women need to exercise some rational judgment here and should realize they really don’t need to act this way, and in most cases simply do not warrant such attention. Dude just wants his dick wet… period…. get over it. There are 30 more chicks in this bar alone that can fill the task. You are not that special, Beyonce.

One Of A Million

Fast forward to the next day where she can meet a pack of fellow hungover friends at some coffee house, wearing the same makeup as the previous night, hair knotted in a ratty bun off-center atop of her head, un-showered and generally disheveled in sweat pants with “Love PINK” scrawled across the ass.  They will cackle and brag to one another how Brad or Greg “like was soooo talking to me last night… oh my gawd.”  You see, someone let these morning grease faced jackals think they really are THAT special. I mean, reality is down deep they all are tremendously insecure and jealous of one another. We know that, and playing off that is vital. But outwardly right now among friends, they are acting as if we all were blessed to simply be in the same universe as their grimy, polluted from the previous night, gash. Come on ladies, give us a break… you are one OF a million, not one IN a million.


Wall of Decay

When I was younger, and had not yet taken the red pill of freedom, this really bothered me. But over time, I saw before my eyes this wonderful cycle of nature. I say the average female has a socially relevant and peak sexually desirable shelf life of 10 years, 18 to 28 give or take. Note I said average. Sure some girls are never desirable, or some may bust their ass in the gym and remain relevant far longer. But the average chick doesn’t really take care of herself, drinks too much, tans to handbag like skin, doesn’t work out, eats like shit and one day around 28 or so they hit that wall, and they hit it HARD. Some hit it sooner than others, some harder than others, but it will happen and when it does it is absolutely magnificent. No longer can they skate by on their drooping tits, sloppy ass, bad skin and turkey neck to get what they want. Suddenly that requires merit. Something many never had to earn because blue pillers and betas just handed everything to them.

Definition of Hypocrisy

Now, they turn their nose up to the girls who are 4 or 5 years younger for the exact same behaviors they too once exhibited, only now are incapable of because that new generation of younger, tighter and more desirable females is on the scene. Of course they notice the men gravitating towards the new improved 2014 models first. Survival mode kicks in, and the younger crop is immediately labeled “slutty” or “trashy.” In other words, attempt whatever it takes to downgrade the better stock. Ironic, because 2 or 3 years previous, before the inevitable collision with the Wall of Decay, they were wearing the same clothes, dancing the same slutty ballet and slamming down the same Jager Bombs before some guy inevitably desecrated them, handed them cab fare, or begrudgingly bought them a bagel, egg and cheese the next morning. Wow, look how special you once were. Now however it’s, “Ugh… can you believe how these girls are acting? They are like soooo trah-sheyyy.”

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The Tables Have Turned

As a man this is where we can just sit back and bask in their downfall. We didn’t write these age old rules, but we undoubtedly benefit from them. Rules pretty much dictate a women only has as much desirability and power that her looks allow. When those fade, despite what they may think, power is lost as well. It may take her brain a couple extra years to process and accept this fact, but it remains.

Is anything sadder than a female past her prime that still acts like she has the power and allure of a 23 year old? But as men get older, if we simply take relative good care of ourselves and carry on suitably, we actually become more attractive, or at the very least maintain previous levels. Women like older guys… period. I am not even saying you have to be super fit or well off, just don’t be a fat ass, present yourself appropriately in the right scene and you can still do very well or even flourish with women far younger, and even more important, younger than the bitter old clan of entitled jackals that seem shocked find their value plummeting year by year. They have lost most of their power and now wish YOU would talk to THEM. They look on from afar while knocking back chicken nachos, sucking down mojitos, whispering among themselves about how awful the younger women you socialize with are, simultaneously judging us on how we could even want to talk to them to begin with. Sorry hun, not interested. It looks like it’s you, Chunky Monkey, E Harmony and The Notebook again tonight.


Cackle Away

Some women who read this will invariably have the typical response one might expect when hitting them with hard truth. Something in the range of “he is gay”, “he is just bitter because he doesn’t get laid”, “what a pig”… cackle… cackle… etc. Sadly, per usual this response is a false and failed retort to something they simply don’t want to hear.

If there are two things that will anger and confuse women more than anything, it’s when a man hits them with red pill truth and/or when he dares exhibit how he could do without their presence. After all, her whole life she has been told how special and essential to male happiness she is. How can you not feel that way? Simple, the RED pill. But don’t get it completely twisted: this attitude can also lead to plenty of success as they find your aloofness mysteriously attractive. Too many men, trapped in blue pill purgatory, still can’t grasp this. For them we can only offer this….


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482 thoughts on “No Woman Can Escape Mother Nature’s Devastating Reality Check”

  1. I appreciate the wall. It is the time in a woman’s life where she realizes that she needs to act right or can (and will) be replaced for someone who does.

    1. why does a woman even need a guy? and sometimes the younger “replacement” does not work out for the guy. Look at Johnny Depp, He shoulda stayed with Vanessa. This is usually what happens.

  2. Great article.
    However it is hard for some young fellas(including me) to really grasp this, because most of our female peers are in their early twenties, and knowing that you have to wait for like 8 years to really get the benefit is not always easy to handle.

    1. I say just take this as an opportunity and try to game them regardless. Even if you fail with them you will still learn a lot from the experience and if you succeed well great. Once you are a little bit older you will have a better chance since you know how girls that age behave.

      1. there is an upside to the wall if you think into it logically…. if you do want to hold onto an LTR, and you don’t leave large amounts of assets, family home etc. exposed to divorce lawyers, and you play it cool, and keep her in check…. you can land with a decent wifey that knows her place… and maintains the homestead and appreciates the benefits of being your SO… while you still get to come and go and have the odd fling from time to time….

        1. You don’t get to get married and then have a fling. You either get married and stay with them, or you stay single and continue to have flings. If you want to have flings while married, than it needs to be an open relationship with your partner having that same benefit. Talk about being trash and having no morals.

    2. Wait? You don’t simply wait until you reach 35. You have to work out, learn game, travel the world, get ripped, get money, etc.
      No hot woman will ever date the 38 year old guy without game who is not ripped or who doesn’t earns money or owns a business.

    3. At this point in life (early twenties) you shouldn’t be focusing on women anyway. It’s all about you at this point; develop your mind and body. The bulk of your time should be invested in learning a profession/skill i.e. education.
      The ho’s will come later, don’t worry about it, just follow the playbook.

      1. yeah i think i fucked up in that department, i’m 27 i’ve had decent lays. My ex made me such a blue piller. I’m barely recovering from that it’s been a year. I also feel like im spinning in the mud at my job right now. (it pays ok, but i’ve asked for a raised and got denied) I need to get my shit together and find a new job. I keep reading focusing on yourself in your early 20’s, but I don’t think i missed the boat on that right ?
        You can always improve yourself and your career, especially if you’re a male.

        1. Don’t get discouraged, you can and will always improve as long as you put the time and effort into it.
          Men should always be improving, or mid-life crisis happens (lack of progress realization).

      2. The early twenties is the time to focus on high school girls and cougars. The girls at her sexual peak are best left for his thirties.

        1. Sexual peak women should date young men, not thirty year olds. They are sexually over the hill and the scrotum is already starting to sag and get caught in the bed springs.

    4. game older women to practice, besides the sex will be amazing with all their years blowing and screwing…

      1. As a 42 year old guy, I can tell you it’s a myth the older women are more ‘sexually-experienced’. They are simply desperate, and since they’re lonely and women without hardship in their lives don’t seem to mature past their teenage mindset, their craziness is amped up to 11. There’s a reason why 29 is my cut off age, and I worked to elevate myself to be able to do so.

        1. “Some background. I’m 29. Never been a looker so haven’t “fallen” to the extent that the beautiful ones have. I’ve had one boyfriend.”
          “As a 42 year old guy”
          Some consistency please.

        2. Disqus username bug. He’s legit.
          He’s also right about the old broads. Younger girls these days are far nastier and imaginative than cougar crones. Guess what’s what happens when you grow up on a steady diet of porn and “you go grrl” sexual “empowerment.” I’m not complaining. lol

        3. Young girls will joke about your sagging scrotum behind your back. 42 year old guys are no match for 20 something guys. They are washed up, just like us women 🙂

    5. Your focus should NEVER be on women.NEVER EVER. Focus on self and career achievement. The Women will come to you. Women are like sexual sharks who smell confidence and accomplishment in Men from miles away.
      For men personal accomplishment heavily outweighs the thrills of chasing women.
      ‘Wilt Chamberlin,Jack Nicholson,Warren Betty,Gene Simmons,all have reputed to have banged hordes of women,yet that was never their focus,And I’m betting that if it came to down to a choice between their career accomplishments versus their bed notches,they would almost always pick the first
      Heck, even the extremely amorous Casanova developed himself into a Writer,Philosopher.Lawyer,Clergyman,Diplomat and Dancer,among many other things.

      1. If they banged so many women, how come none of them has come forward to get their 15 minutes of fame? Just like this site, Hype and more hype. Especially Wilt Chamberlain. Do the math, it’s not even possible.

    6. You don’t have to wait, my friend. You can still hook up with plenty of these chicks by simply letting them know you could do with or without them. But the added bonus of their inevitable collision with that wall, just a bonus.

    7. When I was in my early twenties I was still tapping into the teenage market via mall game (look my writing about this on the forum). There is no reason you can’t be hitting the same demographic — and it’s probably easier consider social media. You only have a few short years before you outgrow this. Look at it that way.

    8. I always tell the younger guys i know to go after the women in their 30’s. They would love to have some young stud take them to bed and they are more then willing to teach the young lad a few new tricks. They have less inhibitions and don’t require as much “maintenance” as the younger, hotter chicks.

    9. If you wanna screw around, with no strings attached, why don’t you just do the honorable thing and pay a hooker? Deceiving people and being negative and bitter is dishonest and dishonorable.

  3. Men can always be fit if they are successful. If you are a fat 40-year-old man but you have the willpower and money, you can cicle steriods and get back in shape. No women have this privilege.

    1. Reproductively speaking, men have the option of living the equivalent of two or even three lives to women’s one. Look at the guys who have one family with the starter wife, then divorce her for a younger woman and start a second brood. If postmenopausal women don’t have grandchildren to dote over, I wonder why they even bother to hang around instead of committing suicide.

      1. The human survival instinct is pretty strong, that is why these old broads keep plugging along in misery.. However, Mother Nature doesn’t care if a person is happy. Has anyone here ever met an older woman who was ‘happy; married or not?’ Think about it. Most peoples’ lives go straight downhill after a certain point; man or woman. But with women it’s just so physically obvious that nobody wants them.

      2. They hang around because there are many other things in life than children. I think I might be much more inclined toward suicide if I had to be around children. Not everyone is into children and the people who are, that is just like saying “I like human beings… for a little while.”

  4. The worst part about The Wall is by the time it is hit, a lot of women haven’t cultivated a personality or intelligence that is interesting to be around.
    When I was younger, I was often struck with how BORING some girls were.

    1. Many reasonably intelligent women don’t even do interesting things with their lives, and popular culture encourages them to aspire to boring nonsense careers. Just look at all the movies and TV shows about single women in their 20’s who have “jobs” at fashion magazines. By contrast, the shows about capable women in medical or legal careers usually feature actresses in their 30’s or 40’s. But a woman has to apply herself in her 20’s to get to those kinds of jobs, and that conflicts with the life of vacuous hedonism many women in their 20’s prefer.

      1. Yeah but devoting oneself to career in 20s in not going to make you any more desirable in your 30s – unless you are already good looking and you can “compensate” your age with the assets you bring into the relationship. For many average to below average looking women in their 30s with careers, they tend to remain single forever, since it has never occurred to them to “marry down”.

        1. ….Facepalm….Not all people are the same. I’ve always dreamed of being a sugar mama….while staying my slender size 0….2 is the biggest I’d probably let myself go……And not having kids…

        2. why do you have to get married at all? The guy’s gonna die earlier anyway. Its easier for a woman to get free sex, and if she’s got her own money what does she need a guy around for?

      2. Popular culture doesn’t have to “encourage them to aspire” to such boring careers. This is the only thing that most women are capable of doing, and is their default career course. Popular culture just has to mollify them so that they feel that their mediocrity is actually “success.”

      3. Many reasonably intelligent men don’t do anything interesting with their life….
        I wonder what a boring nonsense career is? Men don’t want women to take their jobs but they don’t want them to have boring nonsense careers either, what a dilemma.

    2. my ex says she’s an intellectual and she was smart, but she chose to read fiction novels instead of learning about how the world works so in the end she still didn’t have much to say…

      1. Most women will only consume entertainment, since they didn’t need it before the wall, they can’t be bothered with knowledge.

        1. 99% of women truly do not give a shit what happens outside their own little social bubble. It’s a fact of nature. Even the smart ones. The big picture, knowledge of the world and how it works; these concepts do not interest them.

        2. Please sir, explain to me the major philosophical questions behind existence and reality to this poor philosophy graduate who happens to be a woman.
          This is actually an absurd claim (and not the existential kind).
          P.S. The Matrix is pseduo-philosophy at best

        3. Yeah well what were expecting on ROK?
          Unabashed agreement about how wonderful women were? Maybe a how to guide on three easy steps to becoming a successful mangina?
          This is ROK if you don’t like what’s posted here then here’s a great idea…Don’t come here

        4. How do you know this? Have you taken a poll of at least 32 women in order to make a general inference about the rest of the population? What you say might be true. If so, it is sad.
          American society doesn’t seem to allow men too many interests either outside of sports; lest they seem gay.

        5. I saw the Matrix at the movie theatre in Les Halles in Paris. The ac was out and there was no O2. Couldn’t concentrate on the film. More interested in breathing. Should have just left.

        6. Formal logic is symbol manipulation, anyone can do it with enough practice. Can you however, act logical when the situation requires it like a man would?

        7. Entitlement: how does being a student give you insight into the secrets of reality itself? This is exactly the kind of brainwashed attitude the article is all about. Where’s your self awareness?

      2. You’re aware that fiction cultivates empathy and an understanding of the human condition, right?

        1. did you show genuine interest in the book? even if she isn’t one for social commentary you usually need an opinion to finish reading a book.

        2. she never gave me her opinion on her readings, just the plot summary. I don’t think she thought I would be interested in it anyways which is not true. My point is that if you don’t share your insights on life then you are not interesting I find.

        3. For the record, I find that equal numbers of men and women are apathetic towards media. It’s not simply limited to women.

        4. So basically you made it clear that you found her uninteresting ANYWAY, so why would she try to share with you?

        5. I thought this article was about how great younger women are and how worthless those older than 28 are, and now this whole posting conversation seems to require not only youth and a vagina but some sort of logical and coherent opinions too. When will the demands stop?
          What are you men bringing to the plate besides too many pubic and chest hairs falling off to the floor needing to be swept up?

        6. Well, here’s an insight, albeit from Hitchens: This planet is a penal institution and we are all prisoners. I think the late great Hitchens was correct about this.

      3. Intelligent people read fiction because they know enough about the world not to read the same shit over and over. If you really believe reading fiction denounces intelligence then dude, I feel bad for whomever’s pussy you crawled out of ya damn fucktard.

        1. Thank you. Novels are great for the brain. I think anyone who doesn’t agree on that is either blind or crazy.

        2. Actually most intelligent people read a mix of classical fiction, history, archaeology, historical biographies, etc. It is safer that way. If the book is not well written, you will still have at least learned something. If you read fiction and the book is not well written, you will have absolutely wasted your time.
          At any rate, as far as fiction goes, I would highly recommend “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. If you have a sense of humor, you won’t be disappointed. If you lack a sense of humor, you most surely will be both confused and disappointed.

      4. People reading this crap and talking about being intellectual are pretty funny.

    3. Hey, A.McG. I agree with you and the contributors at ROC, although Roosh detests women here…..that said, I disagree on this point I personally KNOW some fairly intelligent women with great personalities without entitlement issues, and are RARELY a man’s first choice, as they are plain janes, average bettys ect. Now I will say that is my experience, perhaps NOT any of you all’s or as we say where I’m from Y’alls

      1. Hey look, NAWALT. LOL
        And I bet these “fairly intelligent women with great personalities without entitlement issues” (yeah right) are wondering ….
        “Where are all the good men?”

    4. Don’t you guys get it…you ARE the entertainment to these women. Women don’t have to be smart, intellectual, or really cultivated. That’s a minus for them because they know guys are threatened by that. A girl with those attributes will lower the man’s status and make him pass on her for an LTR. They just have to look good. That’s our entertainment.

      1. “That’s a minus for them because they know guys are [unimpressed] by that.”
        Fixed that for you. You make a good point, but the “men are threatened by females with brains” canard is dead wrong. Normal men are put off by unpleasant, combative ball-busters. In American wom-land, this type of undesirable, socially inept personality is perversely lauded as “intelligent.” (Also note how abrasive sarcasm and cutting hostility are similarly passed off as female “humor.”)
        Men avoid people who engage in these behaviors because interactions with them are, naturally, dissatisfying, not because they are somehow “threatening.”

        1. Well said. I dont usually agree with you but you were spot on with that one. I was amazed at the profiles on Plenty of Fish (for the short one month period of my life I wasted there), how many females listed “sarcastic” as some kind of cute and desirable trait. I cant think of a more revolting trait to tell you the truth.

        2. The British think its an art form. I always remember the quote “Sarcasm is the protest of the weak”

      2. ” Women don’t have to be smart, intellectual, or really cultivated….because they know guys are threatened by that”.
        Exhibit A: Idiotic Feminist rationalizations.

      3. Because women exist to satisfy men, and have no autonomous will of their own.
        Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

        1. No. A woman will always look to satisfy herself. Like I said, we entertain them…just not with our looks. You don’t think we get used by them every time they shit test men, play mind games, and reward criminality etc.

        2. And who does a man look to satisfy? Just as many men (if not more) are looking to satisfy themselves too.
          Who should a woman and a man be looking to satisfy?
          That’s an opinion question, and living in a capitalist world, most people are going to be looking out for themselves. This isn’t a gender issue, it’s a societal and moral issue.

        3. Did you know that an egg can fertilize an egg in a test tube and no sperm is needed? Did you know that the Y chromosome is merely a broken X?
          It is you, my friend, who are not needed. In fact if the world was rid of men, it would do much better and last much longer than if the world was rid of women. Do not get so cocky. You men cannot continue civilization without us. Women can continue civilization without you.

      4. AMEN. I went an entire year without dates because I’m “intimidating” and “weird” for wanting to discuss ISIS or InTrade….Or the implications of job destruction and creation due to technology and globalization.

      5. What kind of insecure man would be threatened by a smart, intellectual, or cultivated women? Oh, right. Only insecure men would be threatened by that.

    5. Want to know the beauty part of a woman’s expiration date? These older women are great for young, up and coming guys to bang. If you don’t have a lot of money to date, or you don’t have a great ride, or apartment, guess what? An older chick will come over to your crappy place and give it to you.
      These old broads like young meat like we do. They love to have sex, and they don’t need to go out clubbing and drinking at bars because no guys look at them. They will just come on over. So boys, until you are loaded with cash, or get better banging club trash, these women will be a great way to relieve yourself.

      1. One caveat to any banging a broad under 40 with no kids: use your OWN protection. Shit YOU carry. Don’t let her touch the condom before, during, or after (flush it) sex. A co-worker and I were amazed that the pros in Amsterdam apparently didn’t let guys touch the condom, and often get new condoms if they do. The reason is simple: she’s a pro and DOESN’T want to get knocked up.
        That cougar you’re banging? She might WANT a baby. You might just be her chosen donor that month.
        My momma was a smart woman, and she told me at 13: ‘Never trust a woman with birth control. Woman do stupid things for love, or to get what they want.’
        Oh and watch the blowjobs as well. Google ‘gift girl chicago paternity doctor’ if you want to know why. Make sure she swallows… Good hunting.

        1. That is exactly why someone needs to introduce the Male Pill. It was made years ago but was banned due to loss of control the female had at falling pregnant.

        2. Why don’t you guys just get your sperm frozen and then get a vasectomy? That way, you will absolutely have to plan any pregnancy. Girls can be pretty sneaky and rubbers don’t always flush 😉

      2. “Give me an older woman every time… oh they won’t yell and they won’t tell and they’re grateful as hell, so give me an older woman every time.” –Benny Hill
        Was with a hot-ass 16-year-older woman for 8 years who paid her way through school by being stripper (raised by a clinical psychopath and liked guns, too)… hot, did great sex and other guys were flat-out scared of her.

        1. “THEY DON’T YELL, DON’T SWEAL, DON’T TELL AND ARE GRATEFUL AS HELL’ is how that statement goes i believe. altho i could be wrong. its been a long time since i heard it said to me. thanx for bringing up that old saying!! *****

      3. true dat. the most exotic sex things i learned were from older wimin. ha ha ha every rim job i ever received was from an old cow. i finally began to have just a LITTLE bit of a conscience and stopped that unhealthy practice. much later when i discovered that a guy i knew had anal warts from that, i stopped altogether. but it WAS so nice to be licked and tongue tickled by an ‘older and more knowledgable woman’ on my anus with her tongue. ha ha ha ha ha
        the list is endless. swallowing at the ‘moment of truth’ during receiving fellatio, the works. ahh. i just remembered bare butt spanking then following that up with ‘visiting greece’ with the old girl in question. it is funny to listen to little screams, shrieks when ‘visiting greece’ to her. [she offered the service and instructed me Accordingly-HA HA HA HA HA ].

    6. When a girl meets a men, he becomes more or less attractive based on his character. Whether he is a good man or not. Really. Whether you want to date or not. Is it not that same for when you meet women? If so, then wouldn’t it be easier to accept an aging women if you liked her character.

  5. I was starting to get puffy a few years ago, so I turned my diet upside down.
    I never eat anything processed. I don’t know what sugar is anymore.
    My daily food intake is nut butter, a smoothie (goat yogurt, water, organic frozen berries, organic pomegranate powder, organic grapeskin powder, etc.), boiled organic sweet potatoes, boiled free range chicken (and I simmer the bones for days so that they crumble when I eat them) and all the broth. I take proven supplements like curcumin, fish oil, CoQ10, ginger, cinnamon, etc.
    When I rarely shave off my greying scruff, I often get told that I look ten years younger, and I feel better and stronger than I did then too. My body fat is slowly melting away. The exercise I get in my work is bulking me up. My face glows.

    1. Your gonna have a great future!! And when you’re retired, you can move to Phillipines, Thai, and live the priveleged life everyday for a fraction you would here. .. That should be your goal. I dont have to tell you that if you dont have kids, dont start now. Then just vanish when the time arrives…. I was banging 2-3 bitches a DAY when I was out there….. Enjoy!!

      1. No, I can never retire, but go to Asia more often? YES!
        I just came back from the health food store. I ran out of cod liver oil and needed more. I usually buy from Iherb but I needed it right away
        (half a day of shoveling show had gotten me achey). Anyway, the lady asked me how long I had been taking it because my skin is so beautiful (for a man). I don’t know what “for a man” meant. Bitch. Complimented me, but had to get her dig in at men. She was fat and plastered with makeup anyway, at a fucking health food store!

        1. I’m taking Carlson because that’s the best brand I could find locally. Iherb has Nordic Naturals and Nature’s Answer, which both seem to be as good as or better brands. I used to take plain old fish oil, and before that Vital Choice salmon oil, but with the Pacific Ocean possibly being contaminated with Fukushima radiation, I’ve changed to Atlantic cod liver oil. The Weston A. Price website has cod liver oil brand recommendations.

        2. There ARE two sunken American subs in the Atlantic. Don’t know if they are emitting radiation, however.

    2. Now, if more women did this, they’d have a higher chance avoiding the wall till much later. Provides their genetics agreed.

    3. Paleo diet?
      “Work like a bastard in Canada, screw my brains silly two or three times a year in Asia.”
      That’s what I call good ROI.

        1. I know, I feel better eating paleo but it’s hard getting enough calories to bulk that way.

        2. oh man it’s a TOTAL difference when you eat like shit rather than paleo, You actually feel alive and energetic. I’ve eaten pretty paleo for 3 years, now i’m bulking so gluten is involved. But it’s life changing.

    4. I realize why my exes are blocking their FB profiles on me…
      They don’t want me to see how aged they’ve become and keep the illusion going…

    5. I am glad. If I can choose to a gender before I was born it would most definitely be a man. Fuck being a woman. Needs government help, oblivious to reality, getting fucked and used up. Hahaha.

      1. that’s the trade off in life:
        1) female, entitled, power pussy until x age then famine.
        2) man, no free lunch but can maintain pussy all his life.

        1. Anyone can get sex any time, only problem is there’s a dichotomy between expectations and reality. There’s no shortage of sex in the world, if you have the stomach for it.

        2. It’s a conscious choice, more they want to rather than have to, on the whole. I paid a couple of times but it wasn’t for me.

  6. What about the unnacttractive but not entitled ladies? Like, what about the 4’s and 5’s? Do they have a cycle or is it more a line?

    1. What about them?
      On a more serious note, the unattractive ladies will get even more unattractive as they age. They already look like they hit the wall, imagine how they will look after hitting it 2 or 3 times…

      1. Actually, I don’t think so for everyone. I have a aunt who looked like a five, maybe six when she was 20 and that woman looks like she hasn’t aged a day. But maybe it is that she lives a very quiet life, no smoking, tanning, drinking or overeating and works in a book shop, which is dark and cold, keeping her skin healthy.

    2. If a woman is a 4 at 22, then she may as well enter into a harcore gym regime, with medical and hormonal treatment along with serveral plastic surgeries…
      Or buy 3 cats. Just saying.

    3. To answer your question: A fall from your chair will hurt less than a fall from the roof of your house.

    4. Most women are 4 or 5’s, it’s average. Everything below this is generally a lack of discipline. In this day and age there is no excuse being a below 4 woman, unless you have a serious disease; a skin condition, tumor etc.

  7. Unadulterated truth. Look at the hottest bitch you can see today, in 5 years you will be eyeing your younger sister. Here is how it goes for hot girls- at 18 they know they are hot and off to college, there is a girl who is 11 that she babysits who is cute but a little girl. Flash forward 5 years- hot girl is 23, baby girl is 16. Hot girl does not feel threatened because she is a woman and baby is a 17 year old girl. 5 more years- hot girl is 28 baby girl is 22 and getting all the attention, that is the cold reality of the wall- people women consider no threat become their primary rival and they never saw it coming…..

  8. Had an experience with an older woman a while back. The attention and gratitude she showed me almost floored me; it was practically the reverse of the way I’d treated girls in my Beta-days, and made me all the more determined to see how far this red pill can go.

    1. same treatment when you first meet a girl…
      bj’s on demand
      sex on demand
      no strings attached
      you call all the shots and she’s happy pleasing her man

      1. but don’t commit or its…
        no bj’s
        infrequent low quality sex
        child support
        honey do lists and incessant nagging and shit testing

        1. This reminds me of a good joke: Guy on his wedding day to his best man: “I am so happy. I am getting married to the woman who just gave me the best blow job of my life”. Bride to Matron of Honor: “I am so happy that I’m getting married today. I just gave the last blow job I’m ever going to give” Ha!
          But makes you wonder why she would marry someone she doesn’t enjoy giving blowjobs to.
          Some people are dumb. Both girls and guys.

  9. When a woman has clearly hit the wall, you can play what I call “savior game.” You let her think you’re going to be the man she’s been waiting for that will rescue her from her years of bad decisions, mountain of credit card/student loan debt and possibly a few illegitimate children (may require some betatude). Have your fill of her for a few months, and then proceed to drop kick her through the uprights.
    “I’m sorry babe, its not you, it’s me. No really, it’s ME. I never had any intention of making this long term.”

    1. Savior game… Meh, not for me. Even if she’s playing the “nice guy” game, it’s not worth it. My max age is 30…
      it may feel satisfying to quite a few guys but to me they are invisible…

      1. Most girls realize they’re losing their “superpower” before 30, so as long as you don’t stay with them, they’re within your age limit.

    2. Haha, I do the exact same thing. Honestly those girls actually treat me well but I can’t justify getting involved with an asset that is already well-past it’s prime. They should have made better decisions in their prime.

    3. Then she marches off to the police to file a false rape charge and have your named dragged through the mud, incurr legal bills to prove your innocence. . what else… oh yeah you lose your job because your name is in the papers.
      Better just leave the old hags be.

      1. If you spend a few months banging them, they really don’t have much of a case to begin with.

    4. This is pretty much what I do. There are a percentage of women in their early 30’s that still have some sex appeal. But by this time they are in an incredibly urgent race to beat their own decline. They either have a couple of kids and are desperate for stability. Or they do not have children and know their clock is ticking faster and faster. The former, I will let stick around for about a month. The latter, 3 – 6 months typically.
      The upside is that they tend to be sexually experienced and very eager to please. But, of course, there is a downside (there is always a downside). You have to be extremely careful that you do not get them pregnant. You can’t trust that they are using birth control. So, you have to insist on using a condom, even though most of them will protest that by the 2nd or 3rd time.
      The key to enjoying them is to use their willingness to please and instruct them in what you want. It’s gotta start with a condom, but can end in a variety of enjoyable ways.

      1. I’m banging this 26 year old divorced slut now. She is exactly how you described it, no kids, divorced, insists I fuck her without a rubber, can’t happen. I refuse to become some used and abused slut’s consolation prize. Always have them obey you(whatever you say goes), these almost 30 y/o sluts do not hold any power anymore-just as the article teaches.

      2. And occasionally you could meet up with a bunny burner…. Good luck to you in all your endeavors and just get a vasectomy why dont cha. Smart chicks can still catch your sperm if they want. Guys are real easy to trick. And its the youngun’s who’ll do it to ya ’cause you’re all hot for ’em and not looking out as good as you should. Pride goeth before a fall…

    5. I can’t wait to see my ex 10 years from now, if nobody committed to her I’m sure she will be banging a guy that’s a 3 when she had a solid 8 ready to commit.. haha.

      1. you lucky bastard. you saved yourself a world of problems: divorce, fatherhood, oneitis, feeding 2 maybe 3 mouths instead of just 1…

        1. I was so close to getting my ex pregnant. I busted without a condom but thankfully she was on the birth control.

    6. captain-save-a-ho isn’t in a redpiller’s playbook. Single motherhood is a highly infective disease, that’s why i keep far away from these sickly ho’s. Just don’t waste your time on them. The time and effort your wasting on them should be invested in higher quality specimen.

    7. They’ve hit the wall, man. Why waste any time on them whatsoever? There’s younger chicks to game. Your average 20 year old girl is a slut in the name of empowerment, to the point they horrify me by the things they’ll try to do on a first bang. No point giving the time of day to women who are past it.

  10. A few months ago a 30 year old single female acquaintance was drunk and got upset at me for “not paying attention to her” despite that she is a “fun person.”
    The. Wall.

  11. I’m 29 and live in a college town and the most resonating lesson that has taught me is that American women don’t figure it out until it is too late.

    1. Men are not much different. But they have an advantage, they can correct any stupid mistakes they made when they were 20 somethings a lot better than a female can. A female’s mistakes sort of become a part of her personality while a man seems to be able to just shake it off and forget them.

      1. That is because men are making those mistakes at a time when they are not at peak value and women are never going to be able to regain that kind of value.

      2. Ha! just look at all the posts on the part of the men here. Much bitterness. If corrections were made by these men, there would not be the bitterness toward all women. Much hurt and much bitterness.

    2. too late for what? to be with some bitter man who is disparaging to women? Wouldn’t it be better for a woman just to go out and one night stand a man when she needs one, or be with a woman or satisfy herself?
      I can see no reason why any woman would want to be with any type of ill tempered negative man like the ones posting here. No reason at all.
      Mean spirited tripe that is probably nothing more than macho posturing and posing. What woman in her right mind would want anything to do with that?

  12. Stupid article written by another MGTOW type beta ! Why don’t you phaggots get it ?
    The ” Women hit the wall faster & as an older man u’ll fuck hotter girls ” mantra provides false hope & solace to young guys who don’t get laid but does nothing to attack the problem. A lame guy @ 22 will be even lamer at 32 and straight-out invisible to women at 40.
    It’s like telling some WOW playing pseudo-intellectual hipster nerd ” Bill Gates told everyone to be nice to nerds because chances are u will end up working for one. So u don’t need to change ! In 20 years all the players and jocks will be working for u”
    While that may be the reality for a tiny percentage of nerds the vast majority will turn out to become 40 year old virgins or other social rejects. Same goes for all the guys who don’t get laid now but expect to be slaying 22 year old pussy when they are 35 ! Very few will … most will get married or fuck post-menopausal pussy!
    Most guys on here are my age … early 20’s . Even if you are one of the lucky few do we really want to wait 10 years for bad bitches ? My philosophy is simple … There is NO tomorrow. Try to be the best you can today , try to fuck the highest caliber of pussy you can today and stop postponing your life/happiness to some obscure later date based on what some MGTOW phaggot told u !

    1. A lame guy @ 22 will be even lamer at 32 and straight-out invisible to women at 40.

      No, you don’t get it. A 32 year old guy who has developed himself and managed his portfolio of resources carefully will have more wealth and status than his 22 year old self. And he’ll have skills that he didn’t have a decade earlier, especially in dating. Life does get better for the less competitive guys who do the right things and bide their time.

      1. “Especially in dating”? How, unless they practice? You may get further based on passive attraction, but you still need to be able to talk to a chick.

        1. Like it or not but a 22yo pennyless pauper is nearly invisible to the hot girls.
          If you have a great body and great game you may be able to sneak in a fuck or two but you will not be able to keep her long term.
          If you are 40 and financialy stable beta pussy you might, might be able to marry such a hotty (who will pick the 22yo toy-boy for sex) and keep her until she devorce-rapes your ass.
          On the other hand if you are a 40yo alpha man, with some money, with some social skills and you took good care of yourself (gym, food, nice cloths, hair cut etc) you are a target for many women.
          I shit you not my friend, they WILL activly hunt you. As long as your passive value and your pre-selction is strong you will get showers of IOI and much more. The age 40-55 is good for a man with value.

        2. Because one day you will wake up and realise you are30 or 40 or 50. Age kind of creeps up on you like that.
          Enjoy your 20s while you are in them. It will pass.
          But you can still enjoy life. I’m 52, and I still get IOIs from much younger women. Current FWB is 22, HB8, and I did not even make a pass at her (I decided she was too young for me) but she had other ideas and pursued me hard.

    2. Most readers are smart enough to know that their life getting easier with age doesn’t mean they shouldn’t improve themselves.

  13. Ah!!!! There is nothing greater than being a man. The world is your bitch! Women hit the wall. Men get better with time if they work at it.

    1. You are right, but men have to shave all the time and are smellier than women and have to deal with too much pubic hair around their butthole catching poop and making skid marks on their underwear. And also men have to be afraid of hurting their balls and of their scrotums sagging. And also really long nose hairs. And men die earlier too. Its not all cake and ice cream.

  14. There is nothing sadder than a past her prime un married woman. She missed the boat. That doesn’t happen to men

    1. there’s one girl at work, 39 yo, 5’9 skinny brunette with a nice rack….
      problem is her face looks like she’s 47.
      yet she still parties and act like she’s 22 while men who want a serious relationship are passing by her everyday.
      Facebook and Instagram keeps the illusion going for them.

        1. the kicker is when you see them on dating sites at 39 years old explicitly stating they are not looking for something serious…

    2. Why is it sad? She missed the boat to be a servant to a man and some kids? How is that sad? At least women know how to take care of themselves.
      According to life insurance statistics, the longest lived person is a single woman, then a married man, then a married woman, then a single man (who is the shortest lived) That should tell you something. And a woman basically lowers her life expectancy by two rungs by getting married. A man raises his by two rungs.
      Marriage is a bad deal for a woman. Why else would she have to be bribed with a fancy dress and a big party to become a maid and a brood mare?

  15. As you get older, you’ll notice women and manginas shaming you for dating younger women.
    Guess what, there’s no law that says you have to take a woman of your age.

    1. Many years ago I nearly caused my grandmother to have a heart attack/call the police.
      She asked me why I didn’t have a girlfriend, I made good money, was in good shape etc etc
      I flat out told her 1) why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free, 2) if I keep making good money and stay in shape my future girlfriend is still in elementary school right now.
      I had to explain to her that when I would get myself a fine piece of 19 year old ass at 36 that same girl would be 9 right now. Oh the attempted shaming, it was hilarious.

      1. Holy shit dude. Red pill wisdom.. not for anyone past 70 lol. My grandmother would react the same way. Their generation is too far detached to understand. She got married at 17!!

        1. I think old ass guys with young ass girls was more socially acceptable back in the day. My dad’s parents were fifteen years apart in age although they met when granny was already in her 30s

      2. Every woman is a whore except our grandmothers. The last generation of marriage worthy women were our grandmas… It’s fucked up but true.

    2. Yes I’ve experienced this to a degree as my current girl is 10 yrs younger than me(33). But I am going to go for the girls that increase blood flow to my penis on first glance. The vast majority of these types just happen to be in the 18-23 yr range. I would even go younger if the law permitted it.
      A guy I know tried to shame me recently because I was talking about this girl who is a high school student in a cardio class which I teach. I was recollecting how her ass was just delectable. I go on to tell him that if she is under 18 I’m not looking but the day she turns 18 I will be there dick in hand.
      “no shame in my game.” I said. He responds with ” Well shouldn’t there be?”
      I’m like “fuck no, what the fuck is wrong with you? Like it has been said in Dazed and Confused……I like high school girls because I get older and they keep stayin the same age.”
      It just caught me by surprise because here is a man who loves women as we have talked about girls we’ve banged before. The brainwashing is so thick these days that even partially red pill guys cant get past what they have been conditioned to think is ok.
      The fact that younger women seem to be quite attracted to me and I them is the most natural feeling thing in the world. Also the younger you get them the easier it is to train them up on what pleases you and what you expect from them. If you have a good core to yourself as man then this can be much better and healthier for them as a female.
      I used to believe all the blue pill crap but experiencing this sort of thing first hand has been a real eye-opener. Everyone will try to shame you for not letting a younger girl be free and slut it out with thousands of strange cocks EXCEPT the girl(s) who is freely giving you her loving adulation and rests comfortably in your knowing arms.
      Jealousy is a mothafucka.

    3. Well, what do you think you say about women who date younger men? Is calling a woman a “cougar” not a way of shaming? Throughout all of these posts, all I’ve been seeing is disparaging hateful remarks about both younger and older women and now you are concerned that you will be shamed for dating younger women?
      Follow the golden rule. If you don’t want shit talked about you, don’t talk shit about others.

    1. why are you telling us that (we already know), go tell your ho friends. They are the ones in need of this knowledge.

        1. So… you’re saying that it’s wrong for chicks to have anal sex? Please, empower them some more.

        2. Hey asshole I’m just messing with you lol, I just needed an excuse to call you asshole, hence my made up name Dick. I’m not a girl I btw just joking around.

        3. Thank you, yet I expect no man on here to stick up for me, but I appreciate it. I support all of you. I’ve been reading this website for over a year now and boy, the truth stings. First step to becoming a red pill woman is learning about the wall and avoiding it for as long as possible. Thankfully, I look like im 20 and not my real age which is 25. But its naive to think ill look this way forever. I take drastic measures to make sure I take care of myself. I spread this wisdom like wildfire to young women 20 and younger. I only want to help, and I’m doing what I can to make young girls realize what the truth is. I only have thanks and respect for you all.

        4. Well, there’s lots of second class humans commenting here. (Second class humans are those incapable of growing other humans inside their bodies). And eggs can fertilize other eggs. We can live without you, but you cannot live without us.

        5. If you want to stay looking young (you are 28 now, so the wall as far as these jokers are concerned), make sure you supplement with liquid magnesium chloride and avoid calcium and vitamin D like the plague. They actually cause wrinkles. Read The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean and The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Kill You by Dr. Robert Thompson. Also “Excitotoxins” by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. It is about food additives like aspartate/ aspartame and MSG and how they destroy the brain and the health. MSG makes people fat because it depletes B6 and without B6, the metabolism will not work properly and the body will start to store fat. So take liquid magnesium chloride daily and avoid calcium supplementation, Vitamin D supplementation, and MSG.

  16. So true. I am 30 and 99% of women my age I have known since highschool have crashed against the Wall. Hard.
    Some were intelligent and have an engagement ring or already married to a beta. Divorce can wait. A little.
    have become bitter, pessimist and bitchier. With their hamster in
    full survival overdrive mode, they have enormous bitch-shields since they
    know their next quality man may be their last. They expect a blue price.
    Their fat assm plump body and aging skin get them beta losers and (some) players. For a while.
    Married, single, engaged, divorced, pregnant, succesful, rich, poor, they all have something in common. They can’t get my dick up anymore (unless by some chemical substance assitance).
    While my luck with women has only slightly improved, I can see signs of chance. Some nice 27 girl with a 38 guy. A hot 29 (admittedly goldigger) with a 46 guy. I dont’ know what will the future depare for me, but I certainly know by now, it really sucks to be a woman over 28.

    1. At 30 you may want a glimpse into the future.
      Look at 5 average (!) men in their 40s.
      …(google pictures or whatever)
      Now look at 5 average (!) women in their 40s.
      Speaks for itself, isn’t it?

      1. Indeed. My recently divorced uncle is 51, quite well preserved and lifts more weights than me. He has quite the luck with the 32-38 women cohort. Even for him, women over 40 are invisible.

  17. I know a girl who was insanely hot a few years ago. Her lifestyle of constant drinking, smoking, and partying really did a number and today, the same girl who I wanted to ferociously bang back then, would not get a second look, this is only after 2-3 years. At a certain age posting awful cell phone footage from after hours clubs is just pathetic.

  18. I don’t care found for facebook but with todays technology and social media one can lookup their high school sweet heart from 15 years ago and check out the train wreck she’s become.

  19. Quote: . “Women like older guys… period. I am not even saying you have to be super fit or well off, just don’t be a fat ass, present yourself well”
    I read another rok piece .. I thnk it was the “5 things I noticed on return to the states” the writer is an expat and yes older guys who spend time outside the states are interesting for younger american women – that plus an expat red pill guy is going to know how to act like a man and he will stand out against the crowd of younger insecure girly boys who women find unattractive at the primal level.

  20. As usual, this article depicts reality that you will never get in the mainstream media. The ironic thing is that the media, feminists, the education system, even their own parents, do not teach girls about this reality. So, inevitably, large numbers of them are duped into behaving against their own interests.
    The smart thing for a young woman to do is to search for the best man she can get, of whatever age, while she has her maximum sex appeal. Then, lock that man in with marriage, kids, and provide a home that becomes the path of least resistance for him.
    He may stay, he may eventually look for greener pastures. But she will have children, which is something the souls of women crave. And she will have attached herself to at least part of his resources.
    But she has been instructed to do the opposite. This has been so drummed into her hollow head that she ignores the yearning of her own soul. And, thus, men have a pussy-fest while giving up very few resources. For those men that have work ethic and know how to invest, their wealth builds, making them more and more attractive. The pussy options of these men grow with time. And the chances of locking one of them in declines as their wealth grows and their options increase.
    It truly is amazing that political correctness works so counter to what is truly in the interests of women. The mangina White Knight politicians they employ (since the own the vote) only tell them what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. A few older women try to set them straight, but most are bitter in their post prime and misery loves company, so they are happy to see the next generation ruin their own prime years. And, so, the cycle continues.
    As a side note: I admit that sometimes I can be quite cruel. Though I view it as playing my necessary role in karma. There have been at least three occasions I can think of when I have seen women that I knew in college or in my 20’s, 10 or more years later, and was shocked by the decline in their appearance. My shock was genuine. And so was my response, when I asked each time, “What happened?” Of course, I knew better than to ask that. But I just had to in order to see the look on their faces.

    1. Very true. If I had a daughter, I would teach her exactly this.
      Do you mind if I ask how old you are? Keen to hear thoughts of older (50+) readers who may have a different perspective from the <30s. .
      I’m struggling very much with the sense of ‘your life is over’ that comes from being 29, about to hit the wall, with no children nor man. It feels very bleak but sense there’s a strong ‘entitlement’ mentality trap at work. It’s a great luxury to be alive, have all my senses, a functioning body, and many years (if I play my cards right) to live; I’m unbelievably fortunate enough to have been born British. Something’s telling me it can’t be right that all older women (and, on that point, all non-alpha men) are entirely …lesser…in value. Has anyone thoughts on this? Does the English speaking world judge people (if they’re men) largely on how much they earn, how built they are, how successful, their ability to attract women and (if they’re women), how pretty and young they are, how many children they have, the quality of their man. So a beautiful woman is worth more than a beggar crone? Of course “worth” more as a mate, breeding potential etc. but…is there something beyond all of this, something that acknowledges our animal nature but gives some hope of meaning outside of it?
      Can anyone offer any thoughts about the inherent worth of a human being? I’m not religious but this is making me think that without love or children you may as well not exist. Which seems…wrong. In the same bracket as believing that royalty and celebrities are “better” than the impoverished and unattractive. How does a crone, without children and without a mate, live a worthy life?

      1. You, and everybody really, are in a large part what you think you are. If you view yourself as a failure in life, it will come through in your personality as an unconscious projection others will perceive.
        You are only 29 ffs, stop thinking so negatively. There are billions of older people who can only wish they were still 29.
        Your sexual market value to men is not who you ARE, it is how men see you. Men are visual, we judge women by their looks, that is just the way we are. But how you deal with that fact is up to you. Do you let it depress you, do you let it empower you, do you ignore it, those are the choices only you can make inside your own brain.
        From your comments above, you seem a kind and caring person. That is far more than many beautiful but cruel and uncaring women will ever have.
        There is absolutely no reason you cannot do whatever you want with your life. Stop obsessing about your looks and why you aren’t perdect or married by now etc.. If you take care of your health, work out, dress nicely, don’t smoke, don’t get fat, and are not bitchy or sarcastic all the time, there is no reason you can’t be highly attractive to men if you want to be. Makeup can work wonders, so can breast enhancement etc as suggested above.
        We are all far more than our relationships and sexual history, if we want to be. I admit I don’t know you at all. But from what I read in your comments, you sound like you would make some guy a fine wife. The questions is, would that make you happy? If that is what you decide you want, then go for it. Get a glamour shot photo and do the online dating thing, broaden your social circles, join some clubs or activities that interest you, travel etc. Do it for your own self. To an older guy, a 29 year old is a perfect prospect.
        And if it does not work out, there is nothing wrong with being single either.

      2. I’m in my late forties, here’s my tuppence-worth;
        Despite everything that we are all told about, equality, feminism, political correctness etc, women only really have two cards to play; sex appeal and femininity.
        Wise women use sex to lock a men down and femininity to keep him. At 29 you sound like you have some sex appeal left – learn what it means to be feminine and become a truly feminine woman. Sex appeal + femininity are like catnip to most men. In the modern world it can be hard for women to even know what femininity is, let along adopt it. But in sort, understand the power of your submission.
        This is what I am starting to teach my daughter as she enters her teenage years.

        1. So women can’t play a brain and successful career card? What about lesbians? Be sure and tell your daughter to hook a rich man by getting “accidentally” pregnant and help make sure she gets a good prenup 🙂 Also it would be a good idea to invest in braces, a nose job and boob job for her.

      3. You need to rid yourself of the defeatist thought. Your worth as a human being has shit to do with what a bunch of guys on a message board think of you.

      4. You exist for yourself. You do not need children. They might grow up to be crazy and or hate you. A husband might leave you. They might all leave you. Husbands usually die first anyway, and then you will be alone with yourself again as most older women usually are.
        Find things you like to do and do them. This will also be the best way of meeting a potential husband, because then you will have more things in common.
        The world is also overpopulated and it is a service to humanity that some people do not have children. Do not have children just because it is a social imperative.
        I have not married or had children. I am 53. I have traveled a lot and had a very interesting and varied life. I have had boyfriends and one wanted to get married, but I chose not to. The man I would have like to have married, who I met years before that while running, died accidentally. I mourn him, but there is no one else I have met that I would have married. I would have never gotten married just to be married. That is madness.
        I am happy I did not have children. The only thing that I would change is to make a bit more money. So my advice to you is to concentrate on hobbies and things you love to do and concentrate on your education and career and becoming as financially stable as you can and buying a house… husband or no husband.
        Do not ever setlle. It is better to be alone than settle on someone and it is not fair to the man. No one wants to be settled for. Everyone deserves love. And if you are financially stable and have a home, you can have children as a single mother if your heart is set on it and maybe get a house with enough bedrooms that you can have a roommate who you give lesser or free rent to in exchange for childcare.
        The important thing is to figure out what you really want, not what society or the guys on this website think you should do. Doing what you love will help you meet a soul mate if you want, and being financially stable with a home will help you have children with or without a husband if you really desire children.
        You are 32 now, and even 40 is not too old to have children these days as long as you make sure you do genetic testing before and make sure to take magnesium chloride and a b complex vitamin with folate (not folic acid() while you are pregnant.
        Do not get down. No matter what age, if one keeps a positive outlook and keeps in shape, one can have a good life, no matter what doomsday predictions you might see on sites such as these.

    2. Are you suggesting that a woman snare a man with kids and marriage? That’s not exactly sage advice there bro…I have told my sons to beware the marriage trap. Most women today are not like their mom.

    3. I am a woman with a soul of a woman and I have never craved children. I love sleep and children and sleep are incompatible. Surprisingly, there are many like me. I also don’t like to have to clean up after other people, and you usually have to do that if you cohabitate with a straight man. Life insurance statistics show that the longest lived persons are single females, then married males, then married females, then single males as the shortest lived. Why would a woman want to shorten her life expectancy by getting married?
      If a woman wants kids, she should get a good job and have her kids. She doesn’t need an extra kid in a husband. Especially a sexist and angry and bitter one like some of the guys posting on this site.
      I thank God every day, that I am not married and that I do not have kids.
      It seems I crave the same kind of life that most of the guys crave here. And I have it, plus I have a much easier time of getting no strings attached sex than a man, even though I am way too old for many of your tastes. Who ever thought old age would come in handy as an a**hole repulser?

  21. Here is The Ages Of Women
    1. Between the ages of 16 and 18, she is like Africa, virgin and unexplored.
    2. Between the ages of 19 and 35,she is like Asia, hot and exotic.
    3. Between the ages of 36 and 45, she is like America, fully explored, breathtakingly beautiful, and free with her resources.
    4. Between the ages of 46 and 56, she is like Europe, exhausted but still has points of interest.
    5. After 56 she is like Australia, everybody knows it’s down there but who gives a damn?

    1. May I offer a modification?
      “…like America, fully explored, beginning to show wear and tear and free with her resources.”

    2. A nice analogy with one problem. America is not “breaktakingly beautiful.” America has turned into a hellhole of nasty cities, awful highways, conformist chain restaurants on those highways, and gaudy suburbia. Even the cars aren’t what they used to be.

    3. Ironic, considering Australia ranks far better than the US on many OECD indicators (education, standard of living, gun violence etc). Might want to check your facts next time bud before insulting other countries like a typical American.

      1. Nigger you elected Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. Fuck outta here with your “derp oz > merka herp” bullshit

  22. OH SHIT… dat Lindsay Lohan pic…
    Anyway, this article speaks truth. I remember being a lonely gawky teenager and then a whiny twenty year old beta male who always lamented at how the jerks got all the hot young chicks. Spend your teens and early twenties working on yourself, upping your game, and not being a fat ass. I guaran-damn-tee it will pay off in accordance with your patience. Now I’m in my early thirties, I’m post-red pill, and never been happier.

    1. “OH SHIT… dat Lindsay Lohan pic…”
      And thats just the tip of the iceberg — try googling any famous female celeb then and now and enjoy the horror show.
      Aslo try looking for some hottie you had a crush on in high school or college and find her on Facebook, and check out what you see now.

  23. nice one, i was thinking of writing something like this myself….
    check out the before and after on Elisha Cuthburt who was a stunning 10 in the series 24, back in 2003…. 10 years later… she’s positively desperate housewife material… getting married up quick… talk about brand new second hand….

  24. In my experience women these days hit the wall between their 24th and 25th year. Long ago in another millennium women could hold it down until their late 30’s. I put this recent change down to poor diet and to poor role models. The role model women aspire to intentionally or subliminally is John “Bluto” Blutarsky from Animal House. Keep that in the back of your head next time you engage in a put and dump.

    1. Should note these are American women, you will easily find women into mid 30s that are still as hot as american 22 year olds over in some countries. I went to Croatia a few years back and was astonished to see the number of older women who are still beautiful, and that is a lot coming from me who finds over women over 24 to be nearly as ugly as women in there 40s

    2. I used to go to those Korean massage places a few years back and the girls there used to tell me that in the best establishments its hard for women over 25 to keep their jobs, especially in South Korea.

  25. Kind of down on the whole subject of sexual peak but to correct you, they usually have 10 years. 14-24. In america where 18 is legal for older men to have sex with young women you are only getting 6 years of prime time if she is 18. If age of consent laws dropped down to 14 then we might see more women married to rich and powerful men.

  26. Hi,
    this is the glaring truth – great news for men, devastating for (most) women. Justice meted out in full for the countless feckless and cruel lasses, who treated men badly when youth was on their side. I have a question for you though: putting aside your sense of ‘just desserts’, can you offer any comfort or advice to women who are nearing the wall and aren’t happily settled down with children?
    Is all hope lost? Should we just give up? I’m not being sarky: if you’re staring into 50 years til you die (reaching 80 if you’re lucky), are past your peak where most of your value (beauty) is gone, you haven’t had children and aren’t with a man…what can you do with your life? I realise this may seem a selfish, ‘first worldly’ concern given all the real suffering in the world but this shouldn’t mean it’s invalid.
    Some background. I’m 29. Never been a looker so haven’t “fallen” to the extent that the beautiful ones have. I’ve had one boyfriend. Given up on having children (always believed should have by 30 years old). Now opting to change jobs and go for a ‘helping’ profession (thinking about nursing – many nurses on my mother’s side of the family tree). I (now) eat ‘clean’ and exercise a lot – ‘chicken tuna’, Darcy Bussell and other 30+ year old non-fatties inspire me. I’d like to be able to look back when I’m ancient, and have been useful, made people’s lives a bit better in hard times; feel so bleak about the darkness of the world and how unchangeable things seem, at least I can have done something human and decent. Have you other thoughts on finding fulfillment? While men may find happiness in leading, building empires, capitalism, heroism, brotherly camaraderie and the like….for women, is meaning without children and beauty found through looking after people, empathy and fleeting connection with people whose lives you glance past, small joys (getting good at a hobby you like?) and trying hard to be compassionate? I don’t care for cats :-/

    1. I’m not even 25 and I think Darcy is glorious. You have the right inspirations.
      I wouldn’t give up on the maternal goal just yet. It ain’t over till it’s over.

    2. Usually after they hit the wall and haven’t achieved any woman milestones (marriage, kids, love) they go into politics.
      So there’s one career choice for you. Or become a bitter elementary school teacher.

      1. Women in politics. Shudder. Some of them must do a good job (see Maria Santos Gorrostieta – murdered mayoress who tried to battle drug cartels) but by and large the women who reach anywhere in politics seem awful, don’t they. I’m sure any of them would swap their achievements in a second if they could be beautiful instead. I don’t look up to them at all :-/ . Like women in ‘middle management’ with no professional/technical skills. Bolshy, man-like – but with none of the good bits that men come with! Here in the UK, anyway. Maybe nice to go into politics with a good heart and try and change things for the better but I don’t believe it’s possible. Don’t really understand politics but the system here seems so corrupt that any decent person hoping to change things is an ant trying to hold back a tidal wave. Rare, and real heroes.They have my respect but am ill-equipped (and too selfish) to join the good fight!

    3. Hello lady,
      your situation is not hopeless at all. At age 29 you are still young. Do not bother about 28+wall. It is true and it is false at the same time.
      Truth is, as long as you can have children you have NOT yet hit your wall.
      You could still find a man and have 3 or 4 children if you set your priorities NOW.
      When it comes to finding a suitable man, make sure to look as good and sexy as you possibly can. I might require some work on your part in terms of weight loss, gym time and eating habits but if you want a decent man to stay with you, this is the only option really.
      If you have done all that and you are STILL not able to attract enough male attention you may want to consider plastic surgery as an option. Nice big boobs will up your sexual market value considerably.
      Now that we have the “look” area discussed, and if you are still reading this, you are really serious about what you want. Thats good; because i write hard, sometimes brutal facts, but they are nevertheless true.
      Now lets look at your man. He need to have certain qualities of course. But please be aware that your looks decides what you can keep. Most women try to aim high. Meaning a look 6 will want a man who is worth (mans worth is looks+status+money+social skill etc while woman is 90% looks and 10% feminine traits, like submissive, joyful personalty and some basic skills like cooking from scratch) at least 7.
      The problem here is that she may be able to have him for a fling but she may not be able to keep him. If you can get yourself to a 5 or 6 you may want to aim LOWER than yourself – going for a male 4.
      Why? Because you get older and your beauty fades, while he gets older he might make a career or learn new skills and improve. Get the idea?
      Children and grand children are a lot of work to begin with but are well worth it over time. You sound like a good mother lady. Best of luck!

      1. Hello gentleman 🙂
        Thanks for taking the time – you’ve cheered me up this evening!
        Everything you’ve said makes sense and I’m taking it seriously. Re: eating well and keeping my body in the best shape it can be – there’s no downside to that, is there? At the very least it’ll mean a cheerier outlook (especially important if I’m going to be a nurse!) lower risk of diseases, and (possibly) maintain fertility for longer. Though would urge women to not have children much beyond 30, as risks to child are higher and that’s a bit irresponsible really.
        Agree, yes – the problem of fading beauty while partner’s desirability increases. So best option is to seek an older man I’m attracted to who also finds me hot, but he’s not so hot that I’m competing against 20 year olds. A stiff challenge, but a speck of hope is far better than none.
        By the way…just found this out today – in English we use the word ‘love’ to mean a lot, and the media focuses very much on single man-woman love. In ancient times (think ancient Greece) there were many more words for it – brotherly love, love for
        your country, love for your parents, sexual love, love of the wild, love for mankind, love between one man and womankind. I can ramble on like this as am finished work for the day….don’t really have a point, but just thinking around this that failure to find a partner doesn’t necessarily mean a completely failed life (as long as you give it a good go and are compassionate to the world?). Anyway – sincere thanks, and good luck to you 🙂

    4. A woman can never truly feel womanly without splurting out a couple of kids. You can’t deny nature; you are programmed to nurture. Get yourself knocked up and you’ll feel better. You’ll die empty-hearted if you never have kids. Breastfeed them too because it’s healthier for them and creates a bond which father and child can never have; sure, it’ll ruin your titties, but that’s what The Wall is all about! 😉
      I’d volunteer my sperm because I make great kids, but I doubt your DNA is of high enough quality. Nicole Scherzinger is Filipino/white, and she’s gorgeous, so should I meet a suitable Filipina of superior DNA, I’ll create kids as beautiful as Nicole; because really, the world deserves it.

      1. Eh? That’s not even true, that doesn’t apply to all women. i could live very happily with out any kids. What would really make me empty-hearted would be if I never got a degree in zoology.

  27. When I read articles about the wall, I am sooo glad I got married young and to a man several years my senior.

  28. Nature is especially cruel to the white woman. White woman are probably the world’s most desirable women from the ages of 16 to about 28. However, I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of melanin, but you can see the signs of aging in white women more so than women of other races by the time they’re 25. They age considerably in a shorter amount of time given their high market value in their teens and early 20s. I’ve seen beautiful South American, Persian and Arabic women who still look great in their mid and late 30s, even early 40s. This isn’t necessarily true for white men or men of any race to age so rapidly, but men retain and increase their market value well into their late 50s. I would say, at all costs stay away from pedestalizing the white western woman given her inertia of rapid aging, being cum dumpster, many years of abusing her health and body, entitlement, privilege and virtually 0 market value after 30. It’s a losing proposition. If any of you beta whiteknights treated foreign women of well-repute with an ounce of the dignity you treated these overvalued white bitches, they’d worship the ground you walked on. Although no woman can escape nature’s reality check, it hits white women especially hard and all the more reason why you men should stay away from these vitiated whores.

    1. You go to Iran to hunt women and expect to be locked up for spying or some morals clause…this is bad advice here. Find them outside of Iran if you must.

    2. Young women like young men. Young women who like older men, do so for their money. Men’s bodily market value declines at the same rate as women. Their skin might age less quickly (less phosphorus and calcium in the bloodstream) and they can cover nasolabial folds with a beard, but most men start losing their hair early on and scrotums sag early on as well. If I was a man of a certain age, I would make sure to get a scrotum lift. Young women joke about it all the time.
      “Does your sac hang low, does it wobble to and fro, can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow….” Ha!

  29. Not that long ago (early 2000’s) I was hooking up with a young hottie – she was 22 and smoking hot. She moved away and we lost touch. In the summer, I met her younger sister who is just a bit over 10 years younger. I ended up hooking up with her when she texted me to get together since she took a job in this area – and it was natural to get together. So over Thanksgiving her older sister was in the area, and she stopped by to visit her younger sister. The years weren’t kind to her. I was at the airport with her younger sister (to “surprise” her) and I didn’t even recognize her when she came out of the gating area. I mean she’s almost 35 and I would have placed her at mid-40’s. The year’s weren’t kind to her – she really let herself go. Probably put in 15 lbs, and her hair is going grey – she looked tired and unhappy. She was NOT happy to see that I had hooked up with her younger sister, as I found out after she left and I got a flood of scathing texts from her.
    There has always been more than a bit of jealousy there. I remember the ex getting all bent out of shape when I danced with her younger sister – who was maybe 11 at the time. She isn’t a kid any more… I mean the older sister was 22 and jealous of a child – now she’s getting long in tooth, and her younger sister is smokin’ hot.
    I suspect that seeing me with her sister was just a bit too much of a kick in the head for her. But from my perspective – there is no comparison. I’m still dating the “hot chick” – it’s just that over the years, the women come and go. Men tend peak late and decline slowly… So while women call the shots when they are young – they only have about 10 years in their prime. Rather sad when you see it so blatantly…

      1. Bang on, old man
        WTF is with you and your mirroring your feelings onto men? With the exception of the pitiful manginas that flit around here like annoying little moths, we aren’t women and don’t act as such.

        1. We’re just trying to understand female mentality so we know how to avoid them after we’ve fucked them.

        2. You’re not going to avoid this–it isn’t mentality but biology.
          Young women look after older men and older men look after younger women and i’d hit it before/during/after my brother AND/OR dad.
          Also the ‘feel’ part is really stupid as feelings are something to be kept in check and men don’t care for this type of stupidity although bitchasses do.
          If you keep being sour about this your feelings will turn you into a bitter bitch who will gladly join in and harp on that 22 year old with a nice ass and all that perky perkiness who will eventually turn into the women men naturally desire as you sit on the sidelines nursing your piss warm cocktail of tears and margaritas in the dark shady part of the club with the other hags.

        3. i dont go to bars and cry in cocktails. its not biolgy to go off with someone younger sister, its just jerry springer trash behaviour. what a male slag. its like incest! truly disgusting.
          I knew a guy that done that. He shagged a girl then went out with her twin sister. The family fell apart. They dont talk to each other anymore and then the second twin sister broke his heart. fucking karma.

        4. There’s not much to understand; we’re all immature pricks and we love it! It’s just that some men hide it better than others. When you consider that Stephen Hawking allegedly loves strip clubs, you’d might as well just give up on men and love each other’s fat arses, unless you’re stripper material, then we might have a use for you. I guess I shouldn’t tell you what happened in the French strip club I visited a month ago. 😀

        5. If you can confuse our primal instincts with something pliable and easily manipulated such as feelings then you’ll never understand what’s going on here.

        6. No…. trying to shame you for being mean and bitter? No…..
          Its ok to fuck whoever you like, you just don’t need to be mean and bitter about things. It really is not attractive… and you complain about girls being dumb. Well they would have to be dumb to have anything to do with mean and bitter guys who hate all women and treat them as objects. Most definitely unattractive. Most definitely….

        7. Doesn’t explain why I am currently 34 and fucking a 25 year old. Stop pushing your bullshit views on us; reality doesn’t share your views.

      2. Lol no guy would date his son or brothers ex… That kind of slutty behavior is solely in the realm of whores.

    1. Men get old hangy balls that are gross and the young girls laugh and make fun. You can be delusional like some of the women are, but you are getting older too and no match for the hot young guys.

  30. Arabic women definitely age better compared to most European women. Salma Hayek for example is actually half Lebanese from her fathers side, even though she’s technically “Mexican”.
    She’s currently 47, and it’s only been in the last three or four years where her looks have been finally starting to fade. Go back to “Dusk Till Dawn” days and she was already 30, but looked fine as HAIL!

    1. To tell you the truth she never looked good to me when she was younger or now. I’d take Amanda Seyfried or the Olsen twins first :o)

    2. Arab women do not age well. Most of them get fat easily with age. Same for the related ethnic groups such as Turks, Azeris, Armenians, and Persians. Salma Hayek is very much an outlier.

  31. This “men age they get better with age” idea is a myth. Most older men are lonely and broke. The only older men who can get younger women are the ones who are very successful but most men simply won’t end up being successful enough to get with the younger women as younger women are almost always more attracted to younger men then older ones (biologically speaking younger men have better sperm production). Also women who date men way older then them are almost always digger types or have daddy issues so it’s not even like these older men are getting the “cream of the crop” younger women. Most married couples have a few years difference between them say 2-5 years. Realistically speaking the majority of people just tend to date within their age group. I don’t see why men here insist on perpetuating this myth that women like old men. It sounds similar to when cougars pretend that young men like old women. Men here are so bitter if you want a good woman be a good man dating isn’t easy for anyone but having a nihilistic bitter attitude won’t get you anywhere.

    1. Speaking from experience, you’re full of shit. I hope you don’t believe your own drivel.
      At 32 I am now consistently banging more 19-24 yr olds than I was at that age, it’s a big difference going from the dipshit bumbling teens through the 20’s.
      The key to all of this is to constantly self-improve, or maintain a healthy level, both of which women know nothing of, and have no interest in doing.
      Do you think they feel their ovaries shriveling and wombs drying?

      1. ah, an older guy banging younger chicks to try and make up for a decade of sexual rejection. trust me, bad bitches can smell your lifetime of pathetic insecurity a mile off and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. im sure the 19 yr olds you’re fucking have a lot to offer tho! *eyeroll*

        1. Why would I want to even go near a bad bitch? They’re all good bitches, and do what they are told, because that is all they really want out of life, they just want someone to tell them what to do and how to think. The moment they are bad bitches, ie; let themselves gain weight, don’t pick up after themselves, or try to cement themselves in my assets, I toss them in the recycling bin, to be reduced and reused in life.
          And why shouldn’t I do this? They reaffirm my actions by crawling back, time after time. Gotta love the positive reinforcement. They don’t help me with my life, they don’t strive to be more as human beings. They continue to pay to ride the cock carousel, and I don’t mind taking their tickets.
          You’re talking like I am looking for something that is being offered. Please, inform my dumb ass as to what women offer, what do they have that will make my life complete? I have yet to have a female give me stock tips or help me better my life with what they have.
          What do 19yr old males have to offer you?
          I don’t limit myself to <25, but in no way am I going to let the Wall-E’s take root. If they don’t have enough sense to restructure their lives and to get off the feminist slut list, then why should I give them effort?
          I wasn’t doing bad, didn’t have a decade of rejection, had some ups and downs like everyone else, but I definitely wasn’t up to my full potential, kept wasting money on renting apartments renting girls (girlfriends), so instead just focused on myself, learned to invest wisely, and stopped treating women how I was brought up to treat them. Now I have a healthy portfolio, a healthy body, my own house, and my own business. Everything I succeed at is from my own blood and sweat. Sure I’ve had plenty of failures, but that is how you learn to succeed.
          Do women learn from their past mistakes? Obviously not, they are still taught that it’s ok to be a slut and they are empowered by having as many cocks along the road of life as possible.

        2. If it’s ok for men to fuck around and treat women as objects, then it’s ok for women to fuck around and use men. That’s life and reality for you. Take the real red pill of truth and realize that most women really don’t give two shits about you. Cocks are a dime a dozen. There’s literally nothing special about you. You’re a typical asshole with a usable cock attached, which is easily replaced for 20-50 bucks at an online or local sex shop. You’re used for a quick fling when women are bored and have nothing else to do that night, because in case you didn’t know this, women don’t need you for orgasms or for anything really. Unless they are the lazy, airheaded types who prefer to dip into other peoples wallets. Which is probably all you get. But eh, they’re lame enough to be stupid and abused so all the power to you, but don’t be stupid enough to count them as the majority.

        3. Please don’t breed with these “bitches” who do what they are told. They are obviously unintelligent and you don’t sound so intelligent yourself. Please get a vasectomy. Your genetics and these subservient “bitches’” genetics will not be a good addition to the already overpopulated human race. Please please get a vasectomy.

      2. I’m in my 60’s and I can tell you, the returns diminish even for us men. To young women, I am invisible. I’m married, so it doesn’t matter, but it’s the reality. No amount of working out or froo-froo male moisturizers/cod liver oil/other new age bullshit will not cover up your sagging skin, saggy ballsack, aging face and thinning hairline.

      3. How can you consider yourself to be an improvement when you are rude condescending and mean? The women you eff, must just be a bunch of drunk club chicks which I would hardly consider an illustrious feat. More like necrophilia.
        And why so much focusing on wombs/ovaries/procreation when the planet is seriously overpopulated? (sustainable world human population is between 2.5 -3 billion max) It would be a much better thing if the whole human race started to cut down on the wholesale breeding just a bit.

    2. I agree with you to an extent. A great number of older men are condemned to a life of celibacy and loneliness. But it’s not entirely a myth either. the key is, as an an older man you MUST have your shit together in terms of professional and social success. (Its not even about money necessarily though it certainly helps). It’s trite but true to say that attractive, young girls gravitate to socially dominant males. I have observed this from close quarters, and no, these women are neither gold diggers nor do they have daddy issues. To give you an example, I’m a successful lawyer, running my own practice. I have no trouble meeting and dating young attractive female lawyers. One of the most gorgeous girls I ever had the pleasure to meet was married to a good looking and WEALTHY young doctor her own age and was having an affair with a lawyer 35 years her senior, and this older guy had her like putty in his hands. But, again, he was at the top of his game professionally. I know numerous similar stories but the age gap wasn’t so extreme. The fact is, a man who is secure in himself, is held in high esteem by other men, and has the easy confidence and charisma that comes with success, has plenty of options. BUT, I agree that these men are the exceptions rather than the rule.

    3. “having a nihilistic bitter attitude won’t get you anywhere.”
      I like my nihilistic bitter attitude.
      Keeps me away from cunty bitches like you.
      If you had a man you wouldnt be wasting your time scolding us here would you?

      1. And smart nice women are attracted to your nihilistic attitude? I would say that stupid women with low self esteem might be more of a target market for your sludgy personality and even then, its a bit iffy. Maybe if they’re on ecstasy….
        Please don’t breed though, bad attitudes are usually genetically mediated. You most likely have a B6 absorption issue which prevents your body from making enough dopamine and serotonin. These mutations can also be linked to cancer, heart disease, miscarriage and birth defects, so best if you don’t breed.

    4. Sounds like someone is 30+ and jealous that guys you used to reject are fucking the girls you used to babysit…. Sorry whore, you had your chance to either ride the cock carousel or marry a good man and you clearly choose to be a slut.

    5. Any middle age man who really decides to shape up and increase his appeal can do so; middle age, post-children women cannot without cosmetic surgery (droopy titties and ass).
      Aging is a lot more fun for guys who were hot when they were young; we can still ramp it up, but it takes devotion to a particular lifestyle. I fully intend to be sexy until at least 60. Looks and money are fucking great, but I’m headed to where both will be maximized: Asia (they can’t get enough of Liam Neesonesque looks).
      For those older guys who don’t have the looks but still love the young tight ladies, why be alone or suffer with a fat old bitch? Go the fuck to Asia, and if you can’t get it by playing by the rules, just fucking buy it. I once met an old man in his 70s with hands crippled by arthritis. He was wearing a “Thailand” cap so I asked him about it. He said he has a ‘girlfriend’ in her 30s there; he goes to visit her and she comes to Canada to visit him. I met her once and she’s gorgeous, slim, and so bubbly and happy I envied him. Was money involved? Who the fuck cares? I want to be him when I’m 70 (well, minus the arthritis and pot belly, of course)! 😀

      1. Well, I am over 60 and all I can say is, good luck with that ambition of yours. Nature wins in the end.

  32. so judging from the comments then can i assume that men dont feel love and instead will move from one woman to the next based on looks until they get too old to do it anymore? makes me feel pretty shit as a woman tbh.

    1. I have felt emotional love and been romantic, and guess what ?
      It doesn’t work.
      If women responded differently women would be treated differently, but in the end what works is having as little emotional attachment as possible ( otherwise it gets interpreted as being ‘clingy’ and ‘needy’ ).
      We have go with what works I’m afraid, personally I think the fact that women don’t respond to being nice is one of the most pathetic aspects of modern womanhood were men are forced to act indifferently.

      1. Ovs you get sluts that will cheat on the man etc, but a lot of women convince themselves that guys actualy like them emotionally and come from a place of genuine feelings, but reading some of the male comments on here just shows me how naive I am. All i am is game to a man. A body to be use temporarily till someone else comes along. That is soul destroying to read. My dad used to be a man slag, then he had a daughter and now I wonder how he feltt when he saw me crying becuase my boyfriend left me after a long term relationship becuase he was never committed in the first place, I was clearly just being used.

        1. Yes, you probably were. Here is a simple way to please most men, feed us, bang us, and be quiet. The less a woman talks the more interesting she becomes. If a woman rarely speaks and when she does it is with meaning and wisdom, her value grows exponentially. When a woman is submissive it makes a man want to work for her. When a woman is chaste, it makes a man value her. Too many women today, don’t know how to be submissive and humble to their prospective husbands. Women are free with their bodies, being promiscuous in their youth not realizing that that lowers their value in mens eyes. no man wants a woman that has had many men. Men feel like they are getting the leftovers not the whole meal. Women don’t realize that there is a heavy price to pay for being loud, disrespectful, easy women.

        2. Blah Blah., more male shaming.
          The sad truth is, all women are like that. All women will seek to get the most they can from men while contributing as little as possible to maintain male attraction. If a man throws his attention at a women unconditionally, then she has absolutely zero reason to do anything for him since she’ll be getting maximum benefit for zero effort. The entire thing is kind of sad. As a fit financially successfully 31yo male I need to withhold my attention and thus create incentive for a women to give me exclusive access to her best. So shame away, it won’t budge those of us who’ve taken the red pill.

        3. as a woman i dont want a man that has had many women. its easier for a woman to get laid and harder for a man. we all know that, so the more women a man sleeps with, the more deceitful, ‘game playing’, and manipulative he has had to be. why would I want those qualities in a long term partner? Mr Direct, do you have a daughter? if you do, would you want her partner to expect only submission? I agree with your chastity point though, it does lower the value but it lowers the value of men in my eyes too. the qualities I rate most highly in a man are loyalty and truthful feelings. thats it. that is all I look for in potential partners. Im a woman, im 21 and have a masters in law. The only thing I have learnt from this blog is 1. i dont need a man to be happy 2. men expect to dominate and control women rather than equally value them 3. if i get married to a great guy than great! but if not im going to be financially independent, happy in myself ,im not going to sleep around, and im going to adopt my own children

        4. Cut the shit already with the “if you had a daughter” crap. Nobody here is interested in your fucking masters degree, and none of us are interesting in banging our daughters.

        5. Please take your tears to the bar and cry into a cocktail.
          ” a lot of women convince themselves that guys actualy like them emotionally and come from a place of genuine feelings”
          They have to convince themselves because the evidence is not there. Woman choose indifference and interpret that as ‘confidence’ while passing over ‘niceness’ as being ‘needy’ and ‘clingy’
          “All i am is game to a man. A body to be use temporarily till someone else comes along. That is soul destroying to read……becuase my boyfriend left me after a long term relationship becuase he was never committed in the first place, I was clearly just being used”
          Your boyfriend was your boyfriend, not your husband. You allowed YOURSELF to be a ‘body to use temporarily’ and obviously enjoyed it at the time.
          If you wanted ‘commitment’ you should have got married.
          Oh but wait, men don’t want to wait to get married before having sex ?
          Hang on, all those ‘nice guys’ in church who want to get married will as a sign of commitment even wait till the wedding night to get laid.
          But that’s not what you choose.
          Take responsibility for your own life choices.
          It was soul destroying for me to realize that woman don’t appreciate ‘niceness’ and I had been sold a ‘bill of goods’ about being ‘nice’ being a friend first etc etc.
          You’ll get no sympathy from me. You made your (single) bed, now lie in it.

        6. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan….but as they say the best laid plans…. I do have a daughter and I pity her. She has to grow up in a society worse than the one we are in. I am training her to be a smart, humble, sane young lady. I have told her about young men and the only thing they want due to hormones and peer pressure. We have talked candidly and at length. She understands but I can only hope she doesn’t stray too far from my teachings. She knows not to be a whore and to keep herself for marriage. I am not naive, I know the world has many temptations. I’d definitely want my daughter to submit to her HUSBAND in all things but, if he should ever hit her unjustified, he and I will have a serious physical discussion. Here is the thing both women and some men don’t understand, if you are in a relationship (i.e. Boyfriend and girlfriend) you do not owe that other person anything. There is no such thing as cheating if you are not married. There is no legal nor spiritual contract between you too. So there is no logical expectation of fidelity or commitment…nor should there be. Asking for a chaste man is like looking for a needle in a haystack the size of new york city. Women in general don’t want virgin men. Men are not expected to be nor is it a good thing in the eyes of men.
          A woman’s education level or monetary earning level means little to men. We don’t depend on women for money and your academic achievements are irrelevant. That is not impressive to men. Can she cook. Is she humble. Does she look good. Does she have a good relationship with her father. Are her parents married. What is her mother like in looks and demeanor. Men want peace in the home. not stress nor needless arguments.

        7. okay well first is first, we were going to get married within the next 2 years. when you love someone, its only natural to want to be close to them. I felt I was with him long enough to experience that love. So maybe I wasnt used, but I dont read minds so who knows.
          “They have to convince themselves because the evidence is not there.” hmmmmmm funny then how all i read on this blog is how to convince a girl your interested. Your full of hypocrisy. apparently if you cant keep a man its becuase your not submissive or tight enough, and then you go on to criticise the shallowness of women who move on to someone with more money?!
          At the end of the day you get scum from both genders, from all races, religions and sexual orientations so you made your slutty empty bed, so you lie in it with the next slut you pick up. good luck in having an emotionally fullfilling life. I hope your mother, sisters, daughters etc all get used by such scum.

        8. ” how all i read on this blog is how to convince a girl your interested. Your full of hypocrisy”, now you’re upset you are no longer capable of logical thought.
          WHERE has this blog ever stated ‘Pretend you like them emotionally’ and you will gain the womans interest ?
          Quite the opposite in fact, the advise is to fain disinterest and then indifference, which woman then use to create some fantasy in their heads that ‘he loves me’
          To prove my point, you’re replying to some guy on the internet with the tag ‘Zombiekiller117’ because I told you to take your tears to the bar and cry into a cocktail.
          Had I posted ‘I feel so bad for you, what a jerk that guy was’ you wouldn’t have even bothered to reply to say ‘Thanks for your sympathy’.
          P.S ‘both genders’ ?
          There are 4 genders, masculine, feminine, indeterminate and neuter but to have a gender you must be a noun.
          Men and woman have a biological sex, not a gender, drama queen.

        9. i dont see much point in arguing with anyone about this any further. im sure you have had your own experiences as to why you have to come to this point, and im also sure than when you meet a good woman (even if it does begin with game playing) that you will treat her well and want to settle down. But dont assume all women are the same. maybe I did allow myself to be used despite the fact he as telling me he loved me, and thats difficult to take. from now on im just going to remind myself that somewhere underneath all the bravado and ‘disinterest’ there is still a person underneath the mask of a man. dont be a slutty women and you wont get a slutty man who moves on quickly. my boyfriend (first one) was a tough experience to overcome becuase im a stupid girl with stupid feelings living in a fantasy world of romance and love. i wont make that mistake again. Iv got myself and thats all I need.

        10. Beth, honestly if you met this “great guy”, would it matter if he wanted to be a stay at home dad while you were the bread winner?

        11. How you view the past isn’t always how you will view the past. How you think of the past, as a woman, is largely determined by how you are feeling now. The next part is important.
          I suspect your body has shut down dopamine production, the chemical that makes you ‘feel good’. To go from feeling good on a dopamine high to ceasing dopamine production can be pretty much the same as going cold turkey from heroin (minus the shakes).
          You might find yourself crying over small things for no reason or going from exuberant to ‘leave me alone’ several times a day as your body tries to normalize chemical production. There are always help lines to call if you get seriously depressed.
          Things will get better over a period off a few months and after a few more you’ll be feeling a lot better. Try to exercise and get out of the house on a regular basis, and try to maintain as regular a routine as possible.
          In 2 years from now you will look back on all this and it will all feel so different.
          P.S You might want to stop reading men’s blogs for a while, otherwise you might just give up on men and go gay on us ; )

        12. well to ruin your previous point, i am now taking the time to say ‘Thanks for your sympathy’. but seriously, thanks, i dont think i will look at men’s blogs again. but it might be interesting for you to look at women’s magazine’s blogs an take a look at the shit they try to pump women in ‘how to get him to fall in love with you’. it might help you improve your game lol

        13. You just have to get over the fact that men are the way we are, not the way you wish we were. As are women to men.
          This all came about from hundreds of thousands of years of genetic adaptation to traits that enabled our species to survive. DNA of the winners was passed on, the losing traits died off.
          Is it fair, just, romantic? No, it is just the way nature has made us. Stop obsessing about things you can’t change, and work on improving yourself, for your own self. See my reply to kilik above.

        14. The crap they write in women’s magazines is nonsense. Fills womens heads with crap.
          And it is of no use to men who have game. Game is an alien concept to women, and unacceptable to feminists. But it does work, very well, as it goes directly to the subsconscious mind as programmed in your DNA, despite what you may think about it.
          The point of game as discussed on men’s Blogs is for the guy to be able to get laid, often. Which is what WE are programmed to do, by our DNA. Women have different genetic goals. Blame Mother Nature if you want, she is a bitch. But there is no reason to be hateful about it, our nature is what it is.
          I replied to one of your above comments. Scroll up and read it

        15. You expect eternal love and go all-in disney…while at the same time you have a law degree and want to focus on your career.
          Thats not going to happen sweety. You have to pick one.
          A) Career, independent, money, sex and the city, party, fun….until you are 46 with no kids and 5 cats. Ever imagine how the next 25 years (46 to 71) will look like for such a girrlz power career woman?
          B) You do your best to be pretty, submissive and sexy. You learn some female traits (like cooking from scratch, no microwave crap) and you find the best man your looks can get you.
          You show him how much he is needed (!), how much you depend on him and you have children together. You become a SAHM for at least several years until your kids (plural) no longer need you 24/7.
          When you are 46 he may replace you with a younger woman nevertheless. There are no guarantees. But you will have your kids and your grand kids. That is one thing nobody can take from you and you will never be alone – it will at least give you a chance for a happy live.

        16. I chose a law career becuase I didnt want to be financially dependent on anyone. Also becuase when it came to buying a house with my future husband I wanted to make actuall financial contributions its not fair to leave it all to the other person. Im not going to be submissive, im going to be equal. If i cant find a man that will treat me like that then no I wont get married. And save missing out on children, when I get to my thirties I’ll be artificially inseminated or adopt.

        17. “Men want peace in the home. not stress nor needless arguments.”. So do I. .
          “So there is no logical expectation of fidelity or commitment” well one is health reasons (sti’s etc)
          “She knows not to be a whore and to keep herself for marriage.” its a nice idea and was mine to, but plans never work out do they. It takes a long time for two people to decide whether the person they are with is the one they want to commit to potentially for the rest of their life. Men just dont wait that long unless they’re getting sex from somewhere else. On average its 3 years before a proposal. No self-respecting man will wait 3 years.
          And you got to hope she doesnt marry a douchebag that cheats and then she ends up divorced at 29 and about the ‘hit the wall’ with no kids and only people after getting a leg over showing any interest.
          Also, if the husband wanted to move to the other side of the world and you would never get to see her again, i dont think you would expect her to just ‘submit’ to that.

        18. also, i hope that you havnt accidentally brainwashed your daughter into thinking that she must take any crap from her husband or someone she has slept with. She may not be naive but cherished daughters are more likely to fall for sweet nothings by good looking alphas then anyone else. they have no reason not to believe what they say! they are therefore more likely to be emotionallly destroyed by it too.
          Please just also remind your daughter that if she marries a prick who keeps her short of money or cheats, that she doesnt have to accept it

        19. Then you’re living in fairy tale land if you expect to be treated like an equal. There is no such thing as equality in a relationship because someone will always take on the dominant role. Men and women are just different. There can be no such thing as different but equal. What you’re asking for is men to be the submissive one. Humble yourself and just respect the fact that men need to be a strong leader in a relationship, otherwise it falls apart.

        20. Beth, I’m afraid you haven’t been listening to me. You’ve heard what I wrote but you didn’t listen. If my daughter chooses to sleep with men before marriage after I have given her wisdom on that subject, she is the fool. She makes the bed she has to sleep in. She is her own undoing. The Husband is the head of the house, so unless he is abusing her, yes she will take his crap because that is the man she chose to marry. She chose to SUBMIT herself to his authority under his rule when she said I do. Foolish women fall for sweet talking men. I am not raising a fool. I am raising a young lady who will one day be a woman of VIRTUE and value. I am teaching her the tricks of men, so that she won’t be afraid to lose men who want to sleep with her outside of marriage. They are UNWORTHY of her. That is the mentality you teach young girls so the don’t become promiscuous whores. I am teaching her the things and minds of men so that she will be wise in their ways, so that she will be an asset to her husband, so that he will want to raise her high in the sky like a glittering jewel for all to see what a good woman is. I do not tolerate back talk or arguments from my daughter or sons. They are children. A child cannot argue with an adult. When a husband and wife argue, if they cannot come to an agreement, they are to go the husbands way. That is biblical. New Testament and wise words

        21. You’re stance on fidelity outside of marriage is moot. If women waited till marriage before having sex, there would be far less risk of STDs. Either she will save herself for marriage or she won’t . She has been taught to do so. If she strays from that path, then she must live with the consequences of her actions, much as you are now. You do not need to date someone for years or know them a long time to marry them. No living together or playing house can prepare you for marriage. It is a completely different beast. Contrary to popular belief, marriage has nothing to do with being in love. It never has. It is a contract, a covenant between a man and a woman and God. You are literally, joined together, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Two become one. Why do you think the death of a marriage is comparable to the grief one feels for the death of a loved one. Two people are being torn asunder, ripped apart. If my daughters husband wanted to move across the world with HIS family, that is his right. She may be my daughter but she is HIS wife. He trumps me as it should be. I can see her whenever I like. It’s called air travel and FaceTime. That made no sense

        22. You sound like a great father, you are teaching and protecting your daughter. Not just imposing impossible standards but educating her on knowing who is worthy and not. My own father died when i was 4 so I have never come anywhere close to this level of father/daughter teaching. All the best to you and your family!

        23. Also, on marriage, if a man wants to marry you he’s not gonna wait three years to do it. He knows if you’re marriage material within the first few months. A MAN marries when he chooses to not when a woman asks or nags him too. If you have been in a “relationship” with your man for two years and you aren’t married….you are not the one. You are the one he’s sleeping with. If you have to nag or ask him about marrying you constantly, you are not the one. You are the one he is sleeping with. And realistically, why should he marry you when you’re giving him everything he wants already. Marriage doesn’t benefit him. It hurts him.

        24. This is the problem with promiscuous women. Your virtue is a gift to your husband. Once you give it away it is gone forever. You can’t expect a man to wait until you are married to have sex with him if you aren’t a virgin. Why would a man wait for something other men have already had. He wouldn’t. You’ve given up your strongest card in the deck. You’ve overplayed your hand. You have nothing to barter with or offer him.

        25. Thank you sir. I try to teach her to live in reality and to prepare her for it. I do her no favors by letting her live in a fantasy world

        26. ^^ In todays world I would advice any young man to live with his girl friend for at least 5 years before even thinking about marriage.
          Before living with his girl friend I would advice the same young man to have sex with her at least 3-5 times a week over the course of one year. Then he knows if it even makes sense to think about a serious (living together) relationship with her. Sex is always the foundation of any lasting relationship.
          To marry a girl without having first a taste what to expect? No Sex? No Living together?
          Well the basic idea is not terribly bad, we just needed sharia laws (google that) to make it work. Under the current legal system this would be a no go for every smart man. Do you want your daughter to marry a dumbass?

        27. No, I want her to marry a man that is worthy of her and her virtue. Any man can sleep with a woman once she has slept with other men. Her value in that area is marginal at best. I am not advocating men stop trying to sleep with women or enjoy them as much as they can. that would be foolish thinking on my part and against the nature of game. I am stating that the women of worth keep their virtue for marriage. Let her friends be whores if they like, the wise woman keeps her virtue for her husband. A wise woman is not argumentative with her husband. She is a calming presence to him. She provides him solace from the world when he comes home. She is loyal and faithful, knowing only him. He is her desire. Women today could learn a lot from the women of yesteryear. You get nothing from being a nag and everything from honey. A calm voice to her husband gets far more than a disrespectful one. A WIFE should always humble herself before her husband. He is the head of her house. there is no equality of the sexes. For women to espouse such things is nonsense. Men are meant to rule over women in their house. They have a RESPONSIBILITY to protect and provide for them. A disrespectful wife is a curse to her husband and family. She tries to be the head of the family and leader which is unnatural. A man that does not work and provide for his family ….is not a man. he is a shame to men who do. In older times, a woman that wasn’t doing her marital duties was shamed. A man could divorce her and get a new wife. She was an outcast to society. Society ran well when people were shamed for unacceptable behavior. But in this society, women want to be whores….so treat them as such. bang them, enjoy their treasures that they give up so willingly and easily and when you are done with them, move on to greener pastures. MEN don’t marry whores, we bang them. that is all they are good for cause thats all they view themselves as by their behavior. Women are so desperate to have the same “equality” as men, they think they can do the things men do and be treated the same. this is folly. A woman who sleeps with many men will ALWAYS be viewed as a whore by men and women. A man who sleeps with women will always be viewed just as a man. there is no shame in his actions. that standard will never change. The women think they are doing the same thing men are with no consequences for those actions…..they are wrong. That is why you see ALOT of 30 something and 40 something women who have never been married, because they were whores in their youth and they were never taught how to be a wife….or they ignored those teachings. They have this misconception about a career meaning anything to a man. They think in a “relationship’ everything should be 50/50. And in a “relationship” they would be right but in a marriage there is no such thing as 50/50. As a marriage progresses, sometimes its 80/20, sometimes it 90/10 and sometimes its 100/0. its never 50/50.

        28. what consequences am I living with? a break down of a relationship? the majority of people in this world have had to live with that experience. but if you think a slutty man can raise a classy daughter then you a well and truly mistaken – whats in the roots is in the branches, whats in the cat is in the kittens etc etc. Also, just becuase I have slept with one man in a committed long term relationship does not mean I have nothing to offer any other man or that I should be viewed less valuable. My value is not based on whether I am a virgin or not. Some virgins are bitches, some virgins that marry a man may still have an affair in the marriage.
          I might not be a virgin but Im loyal. And i also think a few months is way to soon to get married. Your going to spend the rest of your life with someone so you should at least find out what your getting involved with. I had a lucky escape, I could have ended up married to my ex who turns out to be a cheat! hahha! the irony!
          so youv taught your daughter the ways on men and the games to watch out for. good! but that doesnt mean she might never have a break down of a relationship or fall out of love with someone. or even have to put up with shit from a man who thinks he has ultimate control over her.

        29. The only committed long term relationship is marriage. Or didn’t his sleeping with other women prove that to you. He owed you nothing and you owed him nothing. You two were not legally bound to each other. There was no legal consequence for his actions. He was free to sleep with other women the entire time you were together. Neither of you had any real expectations of fidelity. If you did you were fooling yourself. Saying you are my girlfriend or boyfriend carries no weight. No real man seriously honors that statement. If you were sleeping with your “man” for two or three years hoping for marriage, you deluded yourself and waisted your time. He was never going to marry you. You were already giving him everything he wanted for free…and he proved it. A man can’t be a slut. He can just be a man. the term slut was coined and meant for women. You are right! You should never view yourself with less value because you were promiscuous……but men do. People have married without even knowing or seeing each other for thousands of years and those marriages have lasted. It is only in the last 50-30 years that people have started this living together nonsense, pretending to be married to see how it is. but when some do get married after living together….most end up divorced….check your statistics. Marriage and shacking up are to COMPLETELY different things. You can’t put the cart before the horse. Go talk to a couple that has been married 50-60 years and see what they think of “living together”. They think the people who do it are fools. They are living together out of wedlock. the woman is his personal whore. He is not her husband. he uses her for sex and can leave her at anytime. There is no honor for her in that arrangement. She is shaming herself and is ignorant of it or she just doesn’t care. It doesn’t affect him at all. You make the argument of living together for a few years before you get married to the person,. How did that work out for you. Now, go find the old married couple and ask them did they live together before they were married. The answer will be no. They’ve been married for 50 or 60 years. guess whose way is better and whose way works. their way maintained the woman’s honor and did not shame her. Their way did not make her out to be a whore. their way brought children into this would that weren’t bastards. Their way produced s stable environment to raise a family and more than likely mentally and emotionally stable kids who grew into adults. If my daughter doesn’t “date” but is courted, then she won’t have to worry about having a break down in a relationship because she will be married. I fully expect her to put up with her HUSBAND’s shit. He will be providing a good life for her and taking care of her. Do you put up with your boss’s shit. yes you do, because he pays you to do your job. The husband is the boss in the marriage. the head of the house. He is ultimately in charge (after God). So of course everyone under him will put up with his “shit”. If they don’t, they get fired!

        30. i wasnt promiscuous you dumbass. and i also didnt live with him. I live at home with my parents. my boss doesnt give me shit thats why i stay at the job i have otherwise i would leave. i dont know what makes you think that a woman has to put up with shit for cos they dont! really, i feel sorry for you. men are becoming obsolete. women dont need men to provide for them anymore. women dont need men to survive, now they can work for themselves. The only thing men are good for is providing sperm so the woman can have children. Experts predict even this will no longer be the case in 5 million years. google it and see for yourself. it must be hard for a man to see he is no longer the dominant gender.

        31. And yet you are arguing on a male oriented website. Better get started on extending your lifespan.

        32. I will ignore the aforementioned slight. I understand you are upset with the truth. If you are having any sex outside of marriage with a man that is not your husband, you are being promiscuous. I’m sure your boss gives you some shit, all bosses do from time to time. You aren’t going to just up and quit because he does. Or maybe you will but that would not be acting in an adult manner. Women have been putting up with men’s shit since the beginning out time. Its not about to stop now. You are living in a microcosm. You are naive to believe that how women behave in america is tolerated everywhere else in the world. Women can “”work for themselves”, because ‘”MEN” allow them to. Everything women have today, every PRIVILEGE, every advantage, every standard of living is because of men. You have your freedoms because of men. You have your security because of men. Feminism exists because men allow it to and some men support it. Yet you are deluded to believe that women have some sort of power in this world…..why, because of a vote? don’t be ridiculous. You are actually naive enough to believe that men are not the dominant gender and will not always be. Please don’t let your sheltered view of the world blind you to reality.
          Society prospers under a patriarchy…fact. A matriarchy could never happen without men’s explicit approval.
          Everything in modern society, all the great technological achievements were made by men. Feminism exists because men allow it to. Period.
          There is no such thing as the cooperation of the
          sexes. One rules, the other submits. Prosperity is for the strong. A culture of cooperation and co-mingling, breeds weak men as is evident in a lot of today’s American beta males. A culture of dominant patriarchy breeds strong men, which can ensure the safety of a nation. Weak men can make a weak nation. Weak nations get conquered. Tell me, what has feminism brought to the table? What has feminism conquered? What great technological advances has feminism made? The answer is none. Feminism is an offshoot subculture that MEN have allowed to exist and continue to allow to exist. How can a group of women think to call themselves equal to men? HERE is your litmus test, Men can physically beat, dominate, rape and kill women at their leisure by and large if they so chose to do it and there is nothing women could do about it but take it…where is your precious equality of the sexes in that. The answer is there is none and never was. You are not equal to that which you fear. Women in the west get to enjoy the freedoms they enjoy at the behest of MEN. If the majority of men got together and decided to take those freedoms away, there is nothing women could do that could stop them from doing it.

        33. “If you are having any sex outside of marriage with a man that is not your husband, you are being promiscuous.” that statement just goes to show how little you have evolved.
          “How can a group of women think to call themselves equal to men?” how can they not be equal?
          *also im not american, im welsh.
          “Feminism is an offshoot subculture that MEN have allowed to exist and continue to allow to exist.” why do men allow this to exist when you supposedly hate it so much? article after article of how feminism has ruined society yet you continue to let it exist.
          One man who did value and respect women as his equal – Jesus.
          As I argued to someone previously, when you are in love with someone it is natural instinct to want to be physically close to them i.e sex. Therefore sex before marriage to one guy is not promiscuous – its nature. Sometime culture can get in the way of marriage. All men here are advised to fck around till there 40 then settle down with someone of 20. I dont find 30+ men attractive. I have every belief my ex felt he hadnt experienced enough women since all his friends were single guys, despite the fact he was getting a lot more sex. and thats one reason we broke up.
          Now his brother is telling me he feels he made a mistake and is crying all the time becuase I wont take back someone who cheated! I didnt cheat so I expect the same standards! fuck marrying that guy no matter if I still love him. Hes a slut!

        34. ROFLMAO!!! Obviously he still has a chance to get back together with you because you still have that fire for him burning within you. I know you will say “no” he doesn’t but if he didn’t, you wouldn’t be so angry and hurt still. The door on you hasn’t closed for him. Not yet. Men can’t be sluts. Only women can. LOL
          I love the fact you use the term “evolved”. Evolution does not happen. Adaptation does but not evolution but that is another discussion. What I said about promiscuity is the truth. Plain an simple. You don’t like it because it applies to you. its okay. It takes a strong person to face the truth about themselves and not flinch, but accept it. Most people can’t. It hurts too much. But those who can become better people because of it. As far as women being equal to men, I already covered that in detail. You’ve been contrary but not had any facts to support your position. That is what people deal with in the real world….facts. You are Welsh. Good for you! The feminism’s chapter in american history isn’t quite done yet but don’t worry, it will go extinct or into remission. Yes, Jesus valued women….but never as his equal. Have you even read the new testament or what he taught in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? If you did you would not have made such a foolish and ignorant statement. You make it very difficult to have a logical conversation with you when you refuse to deal in facts and only espouse what you…….feel. I’m sorry, I can’t continue to have a conversation with you. You aren’t basing anything in reality. You are still too young to have seen and experienced anything much of note or worth. We could have this conversation in a decade…maybe. You have to open your eyes and see reality as it is, not as your want it to be. Love is not the emotion that is felt when two people are physically attracted to each other. Its lust…but it is instinctual. Any sex outside of marriage is promiscuous. that, once again is fact. Sex is natural, no argument there. Sex can be a way to express love, but it is not love. Real love has nothing what so ever to do with sex. Marriage is one of the few foundations of culture. You are right about your ex not experiencing enough women though. It had nothing to do with him not loving you, purely physical need. He knows you still carry a flame for him, so he knows he can come back.

        35. Having children in order to have companionship in old age is one of the worst reasons to have kids. Kids move away, or just don’t want to be bothered. Then what, Mom hangs herself? What a great deal.

        36. “A woman’s education level or monetary earning level means little to men.”
          Speak for yourself. I want someone I can have a conversation with, intelligent conversation, and I have that.

        37. Degrees don’t equal intelligence, nor does it equal wisdom, my friend. I’ve met a lot of educated dummies. I’d rather have an intelligent woman that can cook, clean and is pleasant on the eyes and ears than a shrill woman who is argumentative and contrary.

        38. I thank you for your higher level of intellectual conversation, sir. It’s nice to see we, as men, can have an intelligent discourse without needless insults.

    2. Do men care for (you call it love) women they have “meaningful” relations with…sure. The problem is that male tolerance for unlovable behaviour declines simultaneously with her age. A young tight woman can get away with alot, an ageing woman can’t. If you want to keep a man – while ageing – you better come with 200% cooperation. The moment you hit 30 nagging, drama and princess behaviour must cease.

  33. Can we expect to see a change in the way daughters are raised by mothers that have hit the wall this generation? Such as overcompensating with more special snowflake treatment to balance the hard painful truth the girls are sure to learn later in life. Or will it swing the other way, to which mothers tell their daughters that they should marry young and start a family before it’s too late?

  34. Karmic revenge in her getting ugly, after rejecting you when she was younger and pretty, shouldn’t be the take away you get from this red pill lesson. She was simply following her best interests, because she knew Judgement Day (The Wall) would come. The Hamster? Think of it as the morphine given to a terminally ill hospice patient.
    The red pill lesson is about value: your value relative to hers. Men gain value as they age. Women loose it, Kilmister knows he’s as valuable at 39 as a woman in her twenties. He’s cultivated money, resources and experiences in the nineteen years since he was 20. His 20 year old self only had youth, an annoyingly high sex drive, and the vague promise of a bright future.
    With women it’s about what you have now. They have their looks…now but not forever. So what Kilmister has now means more to her that what you may (not) bring in the future. That’s why it’s better to date younger women. You will have more leverage than if you are the same age or younger than her.
    The problem is men don’t go for youth as much as they should can be blamed on education. Males and females with the same age are put into a classes together for 14 years. As a result, men are conditioned to socialize with women close to their age. This puts men at a lifelong disadvantage in dealing with the opposite sex.
    A woman has to get down business sooner because her of her shorter reproductive life cycle. Things get better for men ten years better than women. Think about it. You beta-ize yourself automatically by living on her schedule. By dating women ten years younger, when the wall hits and she has to settle down, you are more willing to do so as well.

    1. I feel like my message is kinda getting away. A lot of posts here keep talking about “financial success” and the allure that comes with that for older guys like myself. To be completely honest, I have had many ups and downs in that respect in my life and right now things are not as good as they could be. But I have seen no difference in my ability to attract women my own age and way younger. Would some of these chick want to marry me? Probably not, but I don’t care because I have never been married, and never want to be….ever. If we are strictly speaking of hooking up, or ability to hook up, that has never been an issue regardless of my social standing. My libido is not that of a 22 year old, so I am not ruled by pussy, per say, and in an odd way chicks find that attractive. It’s like they instinctively NEED to make you like them. They can’t comprehend a man not sweating them. It’s not “game”, it’s just my personality.
      I guess what I am saying is, hooking up aside, women who think their shit don’t stink because they have a pretty smile and a nice ass will in fact get what’s coming to them. It’s a hard reality for them and it is amusing to me. Another poster mentioned he thought I was saying you have to wait until you get older to hook up with these younger girls, not at all, slay all you can in your 20s, 30s, 40’s…whatever. But just enjoy watching these females getting humbled in the mean time. I do, and at this age I have seen it in bundles.

  35. Here’s a 57 YO hamster’s online dating profile. Not to bad looking for an old bag, but she seems like a lot of work although she’s obviously red pill aware. Obviously had a considerable amount of face work – WOULD NOT BANG.
    Always make me proud when out in public with you. Show me confident
    swagger, wit, maturity, and self-effacing humor; and stand firm in your
    beliefs. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Show and tell me that I’m
    needed, while being an independent man, let me comfort you when needed.
    Impress me. Look into my eyes and keep my rapt attention.
    yourself and speak honestly. Feel free to complain but don’t sweat the
    small stuff.
    Have game. Show me passion. Dazzle me with compliments, casual touches,
    kisses, give me the ‘the look’ at unexpected times and in unexpected
    Remember to ask me what I like and I promise to tell you. Be
    spontaneous and adventurous. Take me out of my comfort zone.
    Take time and space for yourself so you can be quiet with your thoughts.
    Make me want to be with you, give comfort whenever I’m in your company.
    Be goofy when the moment calls, make me smile and laugh frequently.
    Never compete with me, unless we are playing a game. Then fully expect
    the game is-on and winner takes all.
    Be thankful that you will NEVER hold my purse at the shoe store.
    Know that I’ll always save the last cookie, soda, for you.
    Accept me as I am, show me respect and appreciation, recognize but look
    past my faults.
    Don’t become infatuated and don’t assume anything. Relationships grow
    up, not sprout up.
    My life has been absent of a wonderful man and my
    heart has grown fonder towards having one.

    1. A female at the age of 57 with words that would do well for a female age 27.
      At her age she would do better with something like this:
      “Will do my very best to impress YOU.
      Whenever we go out I will do my best so you can be proud of me.
      My age is a problem, and we will not have children but on the bright side you will not have to worry about birth control and we can raw-dog five times a week. If you are enough man for it, that is. ”
      Remember you attract men with sex. When you are a 22yo female you will have so much willing buyers that you have to filter them (ASD). When you are 57 you better pull out all the stops to get *one* interested buyer.
      Otherwise you might realize that what once was valuable and in high demand can now not even given away for free.

  36. “Is anything sadder than a female past her prime that still acts like she has the power and allure of a 23 year old? But as men get older, if we simply take relative good care of ourselves and carry on suitably, we actually become more attractive, or at the very least maintain previous levels.”
    Edited for content and accuracy–But as men get older, IF they have a sizable bank account, youthful looks, and tone down the ass-hatery of trying to recapture their youth, then there is an increased probability that they will become more attractive in the eyes of prospective women who are in their late 30’s or early 40’s. More than likely, however, middle age men will NOT be planting their seed on a nubile female in their 20’s. Fact, not fiction.

    1. I’m almost 40, my bank account is not sizable…I do pretty good with 20 somethings. If I put in any real effort, I would do better, but I don’t. This reoccurring idea about the money is not true in all cases, unless we are talking about women who would commit to an older guy. But if we are talking strictly hook ups, if you are attractive to the female and have any sort of personality, funny or witty for example, you will get laid.

    2. Are you trying to convince us, or yourself? This is so typical of so many women’s exaggerated sense of entitlement. It amazes me that dried up old harridans think they deserve a man with, to use your words ” a sizable bank account, youthful looks, and (who)tone down the ass-hatery of trying to recapture their youth”. Wow, do these women ever stop to ask themselves why the find themselves single in their late 30’s or early 40’s, or does such an exercise require so much self awareness that it would send their entire e solipsistic world view crashing?

    3. Fact-I’m 60 and have shagged 2 females who were 19. Both good looking slim girls and both virgins. They were both in a very hard course of study at Uni-medicine- and both about 4 years ahead of the norm for their age so I guess the studying didn’t leave them much chance for a lot of socialising.

  37. I’ve been through the same as the author, watch girls I lusted after turn into hags, and I find now I can pull hotter girls than when I was in my prime. I can only imagine how my life would have become if I had married the first girl who tickled my fancy.

  38. Cool piece, Lemmy Jr. What most women don’t get is that Jennifer Aniston and Angelie Jolie are the exceptions, not the rule. For every one of them, there are hundreds of women in “mom jeans” no one looks at.
    A few years ago I bumped into a women I was crazy about at 16. I had no idea who she was. Even after she told me her name (“Hello! It’s Stacy!!”) I could not place her. But she knew who I was. This is how time works for most men and women. There are always exceptions; most women aren’t the exception.

  39. The Wall can happen to men quickly too. The ladies used to love a good buddy/former employee of mine because of his baby face (he’s 8 years younger than me). But he’s a big cigarette/pot smoker and daily drinker, and now he looks old and grizzled. He doesn’t have a baby face for the ladies to love anymore. Cigs, weed, and booze killed his looks 20 years prematurely.

    1. 100% Wrong (is this a chick posting?)
      Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
      Still slaying and nobody partied and got more worn looking than them
      I wouldn’t touch Madonna but Mick and Keith could still pull 9s and 10s
      Looks have nothing to do with men picking up pussy

      1. For fuck’s sake, of course those geezers can get babes; they own a billion dollar empire! And no, you don’t need looks to pick up pussy, but if you’re fussy about your pussy, looks sure as hell help!

        1. Money Attitude Power Style Confidence – as a man you have at least one of those you’re set getting pussy
          Women can possess all of those doesn’t matter, if they lose their looks they are shit out of luck.
          There is ZERO wall among real men that possess one of the 5 elements

        2. Rupert Murdoch has at least four of those (not sure about his style….never noticed), yet he lost Wendy Deng. But of course by the looks of her, I’d say he’s a lucky guy.

  40. The word “prospective” should never be used in the same sentence with “women who are in their late 30’s or early 40’s”. What do you have to offer? Kids spawned from another man’s load? Years of victimhood and how many guys “screwed you over” and now you need to prove to them you aren’t like them? Years of your holes pounded like jackhammer? No matter how hard you try your body just isn’t the same when you were in your 20s so no high value man wants 10 cents on the dollar. It’s like your boss telling you’re getting a 10% raised but you tell him you’d rather take a 50% cut.
    You can always tell a woman’s age but how much she has to tell men what they should do. I am in my early 40s and look 10 years younger. I’ve dated many women from all age groups. I’m high value: great job, fit, take great care of myself, world traveled anyways here’s the thing:
    Women can never let stuff go
    So two choices: women around my age who have been “burned by their ex’s” with loads of baggage or full of life, loves to learn and experience new things for the first time women half my age.
    The last time I dated someone close to my age I ended up telling her look this makes no sense to me, it’s YOU who should be thankful that you’re going out with a man like myself. You need to get off the pedestal and look at yourself and what you have to offer. Tons of baggage and too old and worn out from years of partying, worrying, nagging and being a uppity cunt.

    1. dude, i have seen 35 and 38 yr olds whose bodies and skin are like a teens. absolutely incredible – i agree with you though, lol – i think US chicks are just fat and cellulite – we have the HOTTEST babes in the world. Nothing worse than a dumb 22 yr old who doesnt know jack – now finding yourself a 30 yr old with some maturity and gr8 genes – damn, thats another thing all together!! There are some honies that look better after 2 kids than some chicks at 24!!
      haha –

    2. You are the one who sounds like you have a lot of negative baggage. What a load of fun you sound like. You are right to date younger women, they are usually not so judgmental about people’s limitations because they don’t know any better.

  41. Lidsay Lohan is a prime example of 9 a who smashed against the Wall at 25 with great force.
    She started to ride the cock carrousel at 13, perhaps 12. Multitude of men an women entered her. She abused multiple drugs, tobacco, alcohol and tanning products.
    She could have hit the Wall at 28 but, alas, she chose her destiny and now is not different than the cohort of 35+ cougars.

  42. It’s all so funny now. White men are experiencing the same plague that black men are experiencing, that their own women are their worst enemy. The white woman is officially the biggest enemy of the white man in America and Western Europe, and any white-male beta mangina that still believes in the “sanctity” of his “Aryan princess” deserves everything and I mean everything that comes his way; alimony, child support, false rape allegations, taking care of some previous alpha’s bastards etc. And the cause for my sadism? Because white men brought this on themselves, the rest of us and our country by allowing their women to fucking commit murder (figuratively and literally). The white woman in their eyes was/is above reproach, so much that even slapping a white woman (common in Hollywood movies in 20s-60s) back in her fucking place is a crime. White women as a group in the West, lost any sort of sanctity in the bonfires of woodstock and bra-burnings circa 1969. You can blame feminist Jews for proliferating feminism, but now that white western women have taken the power, they aren’t giving it back to white men or any other group. And without the compliance of the female sex in any race, is a sign that group is finished; “Verloren, Kaput, Niederlage!” Does this mean that I will deny the advances of the attractive white woman? Hell no, however I won’t spend a single partition of my time pursing them or my hard earned income paying for them. Not only do they age worse than any other race at quicker rate, but they are just a fucking losing proposition. Why any white man or decent American man would wife one of these bitches up, is a complete mystery and shows how pathetic and weak American men have become.

    1. White women can go work and spend the rest of their lives clubbing and shopping for all I care. I’ll just find myself a good foreign woman to have kids with.

      1. You do that. Let some woman of color be your servant and brood mare. 🙂 (no one here knows what to do with themselves. It all boils down to clubbing, shopping, slutting around, banging sluts or settling down and having kids) Yikes, what about art, science, music, sports, traveling, reading, writing etc.? All this genital centered recreational and procreational blather seen as the end all and be all of human existence.
        Please all of you bitter and sexist men on here, get vasectomies. You should never be fathers, especially of girls. How would you like it if you had a naive daughter and men thought about your daughter in the same way you are thinking about other men’s daughters?
        This is all disrespectful and bitter. No good can come of such negativity.

    2. Please take some responsibility for your life. Stop being bitter about the alimony etc. Men always want a chase, so they marry a woman they have to chase, and a woman that you have to chase is not really into you. This is why when she’s had it with you, or met a guy she really likes, that she hits you hard with this stuff. She wasn’t into you in the first place. But you did not see that because you wanted to chase the princess. Sorry you got burned, but any time you have to chase someone, they are never as into you as you are into them, so they will call all the shots in the relationship and make your life miserable and then make it more miserable when you divorce. But hey, you wanted that chase.
      Now if you would have gone out with a reciprocal woman or a woman who wanted you, stuff like this would be less likely to happen. But you wanted to chase your princess. So man up and take some responsibility for your own mistakes.

  43. As a member of the offending age group, media is a sweeping change. We keep seeing these reality show tarts living a first class life because they made a sex tape. All women have a peaking age, it’s usually low enough to become conceited and think it will last forever.

  44. To be fair I googled the woman pictured and she’s a certified drug addict. Drugs wreck havoc on the body and appearance. That being said keep in mind she’s white and white people have a window of about 10 years of looking good because of their skin type. Most whites wrinkle by 27 and by 30 they look 42. Even the white celebrities, desite all their professional makeup artists and what have you. Brad Pitt just turned 50 and has about 6,000 wrinkles. When a pretty white boy hits his wall, does he ever hit it hard!!! That’s why black and brown women must be cougars if they wish to date and marry men who look near to their own age.

  45. This is why patriarchy is dead men don’t want to be fathers anymore. Makes no sense to me. If you want a good woman be a good man. No one finds dating easy especially in these times but there are still decent people out there.

  46. When I was at university studying engineering…worst thing a
    straight man can study by the way so avoid it like the plague unless you love smelling
    of fucking unwashed Indians and Pakies
    and being surrounded by handsome women….i had a great opportunity to partake in
    a modern poetry class taught by this amazing NYC poet. Mr. K was in his mid 60’s and looked like
    Hemmingway. The kind of guy who lived a good life and enjoyed a good scotch.
    Mr. K only dated Juniors…as in “She’ s Junior at the local
    university” and being a man he taught a finite number of students, 14 of us,
    from his well appointed corner office and got paid very well for it.
    One Monday we arrived in his office waiting for his 11am
    class….11:30 he walks in, glass in hand and looking kind of down. Sat there for
    a second enjoying a drink my broke ass engineering student could not afford
    till I was in my mid 30’s…and as he looked up at us (4 guys and 10 gals in the class)
    his eyes brightened and a smile came to his face. He said boys……men….come close
    I’m going to give you a present the key to life.
    As a young guy who at the time was driving a 10 year old car
    and couldn’t get his dick wet if his life depended on it I was eager to learn
    and be better and here was a man…a truly amazing person who bordered on god
    like was going to give me and the 3 other guys advice….so we 4 got closer pens
    in hand ears straining ready to write the words from the lord….and I’ll never
    forget what he said….
    ”Boys, one day you will be great men. And as such you need
    to know two things. We men we mature we age we inrichen and we become like this
    spirit desired and sought after and enjoyed by many…..while girls become women…that
    is to say they age like French bread….warm supple and soft when fresh out of
    the oven but quickly harden and wrinkle and become bitter husks only suitable
    for a presents onion soup.”
    He then took our 4 glasses poured us a small drink. Looked
    around his office of all the photos of him on the wall and then to us boys and the 10 now fuming and
    furious ladies in his office and walked out.
    I had no idea what had just happened…..all I knew was that
    10 women were screaming for his head and I was holding a drink.
    Fast forward to when I’m 34, my x wife who had the IQ of a
    twice boiled potato had just cheated on me and divorced me leaving me with a condo
    I hated and legal bills. I was crushed and felt very broken to the point where I
    had two nervous breakdowns…..until I went online dating…..and there it was….these
    women…these dried up bitter husks of what was once beauty were there in the mid
    30’s thinking they still were desirable…which was the furthest from the truth.
    They were haggard messes with more baggage than a 747 fling out of India! And
    then I went to facebook and looked up old flames and my god they looked as if
    they had fallen from a 10 story building and broke their fall with their face! And
    then I looked in the mirror…I was fit…I was well dressed…my skin was clean and
    clear and free of wrinkles and in my right hand I had the keys to a BMW and in
    my left a wallet with money. And in front of me a nice glass of JW Black.

  47. When I was at university studying engineering…worst thing a
    straight man can study by the way so avoid it like the plague unless you love smelling
    of fucking unwashed Indians and Pakies
    and being surrounded by handsome women….i had a great opportunity to partake in
    a modern poetry class taught by this amazing NYC poet. Mr. K was in his mid 60’s and looked like
    Hemmingway. The kind of guy who lived a good life and enjoyed a good scotch.
    Mr. K only dated Juniors…as in “She’ s Junior at the local
    university” and being a man he taught a finite number of students, 14 of us,
    from his well appointed corner office and got paid very well for it.
    One Monday we arrived in his office waiting for his 11am
    class….11:30 he walks in, glass in hand and looking kind of down. Sat there for
    a second enjoying a drink my broke ass engineering student could not afford
    till I was in my mid 30’s…and as he looked up at us (4 guys and 10 gals in the class)
    his eyes brightened and a smile came to his face. He said boys……men….come close
    I’m going to give you a present the key to life.
    As a young guy who at the time was driving a 10 year old car
    and couldn’t get his dick wet if his life depended on it I was eager to learn
    and be better and here was a man…a truly amazing person who bordered on god
    like was going to give me and the 3 other guys advice….so we 4 got closer pens
    in hand ears straining ready to write the words from the lord….and I’ll never
    forget what he said….
    ”Boys, one day you will be great men. And as such you need
    to know two things. We men we mature we age we inrichen and we become like this
    spirit desired and sought after and enjoyed by many…..while girls become women…that
    is to say they age like French bread….warm supple and soft when fresh out of
    the oven but quickly harden and wrinkle and become bitter husks only suitable
    for a presents onion soup.”
    He then took our 4 glasses poured us a small drink. Looked
    around his office of all the photos of him on the wall and then to us boys and the 10 now fuming and
    furious ladies in his office and walked out.
    I had no idea what had just happened…..all I knew was that
    10 women were screaming for his head and I was holding a drink.
    Fast forward to when I’m 34, my x wife who had the IQ of a
    twice boiled potato had just cheated on me and divorced me leaving me with a condo
    I hated and legal bills. I was crushed and felt very broken to the point where I
    had two nervous breakdowns…..until I went online dating…..and there it was….these
    women…these dried up bitter husks of what was once beauty were there in the mid
    30’s thinking they still were desirable…which was the furthest from the truth.
    They were haggard messes with more baggage than a 747 fling out of India! And
    then I went to facebook and looked up old flames and my god they looked as if
    they had fallen from a 10 story building and broke their fall with their face! And
    then I looked in the mirror…I was fit…I was well dressed…my skin was clean and
    clear and free of wrinkles and in my right hand I had the keys to a BMW and in
    my left a wallet with money. And in front of me a nice glass of JW Black.

    1. Just ripe and ready to be used by a new crop of beauties….. Will you never learn? As long as you see women as pussies, they will only see you as a wallet. You too wanted to chase your princess, so you married a woman who wasn’t really into you and you got burned. Anyone who takes up with someone who is not really into them, is sure to get burned and men especially create this for themselves when they insist on chasing their “goddess” and ignore another woman for who they might be better suited personality wise and who actually likes them, but since she actually likes them does not provide that all exciting chase. Take some responsibility because if you do not learn this, there will be a near teen goddess waiting to reteach you the same lesson you should have learned from your experience with your ex wife.

    1. In a nut shell…blue pill men are the typical beta males that allow women to walk all over them and are just “too nice” overall. Red pill males are more alpha and in control of the situation. It goes deeper than that, but in general that is blue vs red. Think of a blue pill man as the guy who likes every girls facebook photo, pays for everything while getting nothing in return, usually stuck on some chicks bench or if he does have a chick she owns him because he is too scared to be alone or never get laid again.

  48. Y’all are nothing but a bunch of bigoted men who have nothing better to do with your lives than sit around on a computer screen and watch as your lives slowly fade away into nothingness. at lease women have the ambition that men have come to lack due to their overarching egos

    1. Says the jealous bitch that slammed into the wall while staying at her computer screen.

  49. My wife reads WWII history books…and like me is an engineer…so she’s not the hottest in the world but makes good money and is interesting to talk to. Guess I’m lucky! Or just never got hooked by looks.

      1. You have a sense of humor and whichever one of you is you in the pic, but wither way, you’re very pretty. So, sure, love this!!!

  50. Kilmister-
    So you actually like being alone without the company of a woman other than sex???
    I’m a younger guy than you- why us my generation of men more codependent and in need of constant socialization???
    I also notice guys and girls younger than me all hang out in big, large groups and are even more codependent and dumbed down- many early 20s sets now talk about silly things my crowd would’ve discussed in 10th grade. It’s all social programming by the fiat men and their hos-media, college, etc.

  51. Some men are just angry little animals. Why is this a competition? Why should there be a winner in the end? Don’t men value just plain good relationships or they just want “to get their dicks wet”? And why would some women not want to talk to him when they were young and now he doesn’t want to talk to them when they got old and not as attractive. This is some kind of circus with a cranky old man as the main act… Old, damaged and still very superficial. Btw, I am young and attractive but when I am old I would care less what old cranky men thing about women over 30. I will probably enjoy my family and people I love and appreciate.

  52. Ha! Ha! I’m a 32 year old woman, an “old broad” as frequently mentioned in the comments, and I find this to be hysterically and probably for some women, horrifically true. They won’t admit it, but to each their own I suppose, lol. I have hit “the wall” (if 30 is truly where this wall appears) but I was prepared, wearing a seatbelt and airbags deployed. But at this point for me personally, my relevancy lies solely in the eyes of my husband and children. The wall is not always a bad thing for some of us “old broads”. I welcomed it as a release from the onslaught of bullsh*t that consists in the female mindset!

  53. Clearly you have never met any young men attending college, because they are equally as bad as you claim females to be. It’s hard to believe someone could write an article like you have and feel alright with yourself. You generalize females so incredibly much, and put all women into the same category, not realizing that not every woman is as you have described. Yes, there are some women who are more promiscuous, but for each woman like that there is an equally successful woman out there working hard in either school or the workplace, with good moral values. For every woman you demean, there is a man out there who is taking advantage of these women, whoring around hopping from vagina to vagina, just like you say women hop from dick to dick. You disgust me, and I hope you are able to open your eyes more to the world. I also hope you are never able to find a women to be in your life, you don’t deserve to have any one stay in your life if they ‘expire’ as you say. As a college student (female, although it shouldn’t even matter), I don’t fit any of your stereotypes, and I know more people who are like myself than the picture you’ve painted, both female and male. Grow up and look around you, stereotyping doesn’t work well outside of a close-minded and bitter individual.

  54. DAMN!!! You are one salty disgusting vile human being. But guess what!!
    WE ALL FUCKING AGE AT SOME POINT. Using a picture of Lindsey Lohan is just incredibly ignorant. She does drugs, drinks, parties, you name it. Of course her body is aged well beyond her ears. stop posting such vile garbage for a reaction and actually live an interesting life.

  55. What you don’t seem to realize is that this goes both ways…What makes YOU think you deserve the high-caliber women of the world? The most intelligent, level-headed, desirable, moral, ambitious women are the ones who don’t need you either. A woman like this won’t want a sleazebag like you who goes around banging 20-something trashy hoes. She is above your league.
    If you want to go around banging random college-age whores at age 40, don’t complain when all you can get is a woman who goes around banging random dudes either.

  56. First of all, Nobody is Perfect and Men are no walk in the park.
    That being said, I agree with a large part of this article. It’s a little offensive but honestly, nothing I haven’t been thinking for years. I would like to make two points here:
    A. Hearing how beautiful she is growing up will naturally result in an inflated ego, but it will also teach a young girl that she is good for nothing else. And so she does what she thinks she is supposed to; uses her looks to get ahead. Deplorable, but guys can use their looks for some pretty messed up shit too. Not saying it’s an excuse for either, but rather trying to point out that men are just as bad as women.
    B. The worthwhile women, the ones who are smart and loyal and actually deserve respect–guess what? You don’t see them, because their ass & tits are fully covered. You don’t notice them because they are not pandering to men. You think they don’t exist but the fact is that they do, and they want to be left alone. Why would a Real Woman like that need or want some big hairy Manster pawing at her all the time? (yes, Manster: a Man-Monster)
    And you know what: Most men don’t deserve those women.
    (See what I did there?)
    Both genders have some pretty shady representatives, but that’s no reason to bash the entire female population. What if women judged all men by that nasty creep driving the big rig who honked at us? Y’all wouldn’t get Any, Ever. The combo of women gaining more personal freedom and men remaining in control of the media has resulted in a confusing mish-mash of mixed messages.
    All in all, women DO need to get their shit together. But guys need to open their eyes, too. I was amazed at how an article with some really good insight could also be so demeaning and derogatory. Your diatribe about women’s rotten insides is framed within the assumption that they SHOULD look perfect on the outside. You are not trying to help anyone, you’re just bitching that you deserve a good woman…who also happens to look like Scarlet Johanson.
    But think about it KilMister, do you really? You sound pretty shallow for your age and profession, you self-described 40 year old who hangs out at bars with 21-ers. We witless women certainly don’t deserve a “good” guy like you, ya big charmer.
    For your next article, why don’t you do something really radical, like research different perspectives on the issue? You could do interviews, just like a real writer! People might take you a little more seriously without all the hate between the lines, brah.

  57. All I can say is Wow!!!! I read this article and loved it. So I decided to post onto Facebook. The storm that brewed over this is amazing! I get it that women would not like it at all. The suprising thing is all of the beta boy white knighters riding in to save the day and insult the author and myself. I never knew how pussified men are in the USA till I reposted this!! Wow!!

  58. Clearly those who write for Return of Kings are misogynists. Judging that by looking around the sight, they are very angry and bitter at women. Giving blanket statements on limited observations in their small circles is ignorant. They will get exactly what they put on in this world and I hope when they look in the mirror that they are happy with who they are and will be equally as happy when their daughters bring home someone just like them. Not all men are assholes and not all young girls hos or older women desperate. Maybe they should look in a better pool than the toilet bowl they obviously live in

  59. Average girl, really? I honestly don’t know what kind of woman you hang out with but it’s certainly not describing me. I’m 21, I don’t go to bars, I don’t drink (not often anw), I eat healthy and I don’t stay out after midnight. A woman DOES NOT lose her value when she becomes old nor does she lose her ‘power’, which the way you describe it seems like nothing more than a sense of self-worth, I don’t see anything bad with believing you’re one in a million, not that this means you’re worth more than everyone out there. Also, what’s wrong with a father wanting to pamper his daughter? That’s like the most common thing in the world, for reasons that I will not discuss in detail I don’t like the idea of calling little girl princesses, but that’s because you don’t need to call a woman a princess so she may have a sense of value, instead you empower her, show her how brilliant she can be, but never mind that.It’s not other people making us believe we have some value, it’s us knowing we have it, and we deserve to be treated decently, like any other human being. You generalize too much.
    You saying these kinds of thing is superficial and no wonder all you get from women is superficiality because that’s really what you seem to be looking for, you appreciate the woman who shows off with her body, the tight assed,the young looking, make-up wearing one. It’s like you’re saying ‘oh you’re 28? I’m sorry honey but you’re worth crap’

  60. Wow. wow wow wow.
    Talk about a diatribe of misogyny, stereotypes, and small mindedness.
    If you actually think women are to be valued on their looks and that men are inherently smarter than women, you are blissfully unaware of your bigotry.
    (I won’t even bother to throw down statistics about women out-achieving men in primary, secondary, and post-secondary school to prove my point because research does not have meaning to those with closed minds.)
    Just wanted to say that I take solace in the fact that the people (men and women) I surround myself with are educated, insightful, and not slaves to the materialism that is the media. Some of you really need to broaden your horizons and open your eyes. If all of the women (or men) you hang out with are all the same stereotype, I would venture to guess that you too are fitting a similar stereotypical mold, whether you realize it or not. “The apple doesn’t stray far from the tree” if you know what I mean…

  61. Average girl, really? I honestly don’t know what kind of woman you hang out with but it’s certainly not describing me. I’m 21, I don’t go to bars, I don’t drink (not often anw), I eat healthy and I don’t stay out after midnight. A woman DOES NOT lose her value when she becomes old nor does she lose her ‘power’, which the way you describe it seems like nothing more than a sense of self-worth, I don’t see anything bad with believing you’re one in a million, not that this means you’re worth more than everyone out there. Also, what’s wrong with a father wanting to pamper his daughter? That’s like the most common thing in the world, for reasons that I will not discuss in detail I don’t like the idea of calling little girl princesses, but that’s because you don’t need to call a woman a princess so she may have a sense of value, instead you empower her, show her how brilliant she can be, but never mind that.It’s not other people making us believe we have some value, it’s us knowing we have it, and we deserve to be treated decently, like any other human being. You generalize too much. You saying these kinds of thing is superficial and no wonder all you get from women is superficiality because that’s really what you seem to be looking for, you appreciate the woman who shows off with her body, the tight assed,the young looking, make-up wearing one. It’s like you’re saying ‘oh you’re 28? I’m sorry honey but you’re worth crap’

  62. I am a female in my mid 20s. And I must say I agree completely. Me and my boyfriend have even discussed this many times before. Women need to accept these facts. My man always says there’s few women out there like me. The right ones are just harder to find i guess…And this article explains it all.

  63. Enjoyed your read. You bring up very good points. If spoiled by their dad, they are going to look for that in a man/husband. If she hates her dad, she will want the attention never given to her…. Or… She self enlightens, after being in the dark for years and becomes an actual human being with rational thought, sain emotions, and logic. Doesn’t happen to many. But did to me. (I’m sure many exs will disagree 🙂

  64. Lol so ridiculous. Apparently women hate each other. But then a red pill truth is that women band together against men because we know they’re strength in numbers. I think you just pull this stuff out of your ass, throwing it it at the wall to try to see what sticks. Let’s get real: you have a problem with confident women because they wouldnt look twice at you and that bothers you, it stings. Don’t pretend like you’ve stumbled onto any “higher truth” about the nature of “women as a specieis” (the way you talk about women is like a scientist hypothesizing about alien life forms, which just proves you dont have ANY real knowledge of women)… when the sad truth is you’re rejected and angry and you’ve made up convenient generalizations and lies to justify the fact that you’re alone and girls rejected you.

  65. “Is anything sadder than a female past her prime that still acts like she has the power and allure of a 23 year old? But as men get older, if we simply take relative good care of ourselves and carry on suitably, we actually become more attractive, or at the very least maintain previous levels.”
    I comment on this, as not only a woman halfway into my “desirable prime”, but as a woman dating someone twelve years older than me.
    I am completely disgusted and appalled by the PIGS who read this and shook their head in agreement. Repeatedly I read that women have an expiration date for how long they will be wanted or desired, while men will continue to exponentially increase in desirability.
    I realize that as generational changes occur, the same crude behavior by young naive women, stay the same. But that does not label ALL women as these trash bags that shuffle into bars, only to be drug out hours later.
    I am horrified that as anyone who has a MOTHER, could basically agree with all of this tripe, only basically defining your mother as unworthy, unwanted, undesirable, and unimportant. Simply because she had lived out her, “shelf life”? Would you not expect your father to still look at her with the same light in his eye as he did when her “tits” stood a little higher and felt a little firmer and had not been desecrated by age and CHILD BIRTH?
    Men are not impervious to age. Working out does not reverse the effects of balding, smoking, wrinkles, and inevitable love handles that don’t seem to disappear the way they did in YOUR prime.
    While women are attracted to older men, and they just keep “getting more attractive”, do you not think that while my boyfriend, who maintains a tight body and incredible physical upkeep, will eventually no longer be able to hide from the effects of HIS partying he did at MY age? I at twenty-two, whilst I may not be a NINE and may only be a six, as you may say, will get to enjoy my physical appearance much longer as a six than my boyfriend, who is a ten. Do you not think that I have considered that when his looks fade, there must be something else that keeps ME wanting to get HIS dick wet? Why is it, that women can look much deeper into a man and accept that while looks fade, there is something so much more desirable.
    Are women not entitled to feel a little scorned when men your age are trying to take home women my age? Don’t flatter yourself to think it’s your stunning good looks and tight body. We’re desperately hoping that with age came some advance knowledge we had yet to explore in the bedroom, and vastly we end up taking our walk of shame, disappointed anyways. Women are made to believe that once crows feet, the cellulite, and the however small or larger but still existent muffin top have creeped up on them, as these things often do, they are no longer capable of any sort of worth. Why?
    It is a societal fed lie that desired beauty is only attainable while you have a young and hot body. Where are we left to enjoy someone for their mind, their heart, their education, their merit, their accomplishments, goals or dreams? If someone were to value you, would they not need to read this garbage you call an article and appreciate something you, I assume, are proud of?
    We are someone’s daughter. And as a daughter to an incredible father, I was made to believe I AM A NINE, because to my dad, I AM. When or if you were to ever have a daughter, would you not want her to believe she is a nine as well? If she WASN’T a nine, would you want some pretentious asshole to write a blog about how she doesn’t deserve to walk around and feel good about herself?
    Reading your blog just makes me really sad, it sounds like you frequent places that someone MY age frequents. When we, as younger women, pursue men in YOUR age range, it is because we are looking for something deeper that men our age don’t seem to supply. A mental challenge? A steady income? A roof over your head? Either way, we do not pursue you for YOUR looks, because contrary to your beliefs your looks will fade, MUCH faster than mine. And before we have even given you the “Fuck Me” eyes, we have accepted that our night may end in a less than satisfying sexual encounter, but we are still looking for something more.
    Mother Nature is not bitch slapping us. She is doing what she is intended and paving the way to a life where we no longer need to feel secure in SOMEONE else. We have mastered the security within ourselves. Without a man’s validation. And if at twenty nine, I want to walk around like I’m a fucking nine, then I will. And I promise more people will believe I am than not, because I BELIEVE I AM, and self confidence is the sexiest attribute someone can acquire.

  66. He’s making comments about women in their 20s that party at bars. Many people, men AND women in their 20s are self-centered that’s just because they’re young and haven’t seen much of the world. And yes, if you are observing people in bars and clubs you will see many foolish drunken shenanigans, I believe he might have a different view if he observed women in a different setting, perhaps a library. I know it’s hard to believe but yes there are women who give a damn about the world around them, there are women who are intelligent and read for the sheer joy of new knowledge, there are women who don’t treat men like playthings but maybe you need to open your eyes and stop watching children playing at a bar or trash on tv and you will see that we are more than just conniving wastrels that demand to be taken care of, we are human beings…

  67. There is so much hate towards women here. I really don’t know where you are meeting these manipulative, deceitful, self-centered women. I’m not foolish, I have met many people like that but I have met so many more that have ethics, morals, and genuinely give a damn about other people.
    Maybe if you stop looking at them as something to be acquired you could see that women are people too and are all different. Yes there are girls like Paris Hilton who are a waste of space that use her looks and money to get anything she wants but there are women like my grandmother who spent years doing missionary work alongside my grandfather building wells and bringing books and clothes to people across the world.

  68. (author) You sir, are scum to this earth. You are truly a waste of human life and space.. You are SERIOUSLY a PATHETIC excuse for human flesh. Sorry to tell you, but aging has exceptions for NO ONE! Man or woman. You probably have to wrap you balls around your waste just to keep them off the floor you piece of shit. You and all the other men like you. FYI we are ALL human. Man/woman/black/white/child/ adult…whatever. We all came from the same origin of life. I feel sorry for you actually, i guess you didnt receive enough love from mommy or some shit. Im so sorry that you feel this way towards women, because, seeing as how you bash them so harshly on so many levels, just makes it look like you have so many insecurities and flaws and ugliness that you have to put down and ENTIRE gender. There is a SPECIAL VIP section made just for you in HELL. I hope to god you NEVER reproduce and if you have im terrified for your children specially if its a girl, im sure with you as a father she probably has done committed suicide after being raised to believe she isnt worth a damn and never will be.
    You talk as if men are the PERFECT, beautiful, generous, selfless beings, as where women are greedy, slutty, worthless beings. When really men are usually among the most selfish. Most men have trouble handling your sexual needs, you guys have to stalk and RAPE and prey on women just to get your dick satisfied. Hmmm, You hardly ever hear of women committing rape or sexual crimes.
    You making these posts proves in itself that YOU yourself feel ENTITLED as a MAN to be looked upon as an almighty figure, as if you came right out of gods ass. This stuff so terribly disgusts me and breaks my heart to witness just how negative and heartless someone can be to another. Yet apparently women are heartless soulless beings, but you a MAN is the one putting down other people with everything under the sun you can think of to use against them?
    I, a W O M A N, am far from self centered, evil, greedy, and manipulative. I have a HEART, something YOU will never have obviously. I care for my environment and my family. I respect others to the best of my ability. I, a W O M A N, can show acts of selflessness. I can relate to another human being and put myself in their shows to understand how they feel. I care whether or not that I have hurt someone. I try to be polite, listen to people when they speak. But how is all this possible??? Im a W O M A N, im supposed to be a hateful, deceitful, attention addicted bitch..?? Well sorry to bust your arrogant, bitchin-ass baby bubble, but we actually have the capability (unlike YOU), to be kind and respectful to others. Of course there are many people both women & MEN, that are greedy assholes, but not all of us.
    It amazes how you can discredit women so easily, since, for a SCIENTIFIC FACT, you were created from a WOMAN! Without us,men WOULDN’T be able to proceed in creating l life. A WOMAN gave birth to you. A WOMAN fed and nurtured you. Prepared and help teach you how to walk and talk. Could you look your mother in the face and tell all this to her???
    You are bashing the very being that gave you LIFE!
    I hope you rot in hell for all eternity surrounded by these WOMEN you hate so much. Maybe, JUST MAYBE… if you were not such a total and complete foul being, you would be blessed with the opportunity to come in contact with good women. And seeing as how your 40 & your hanging around 20 something year olds all the time your obviously a serious creep! Or too immature to attract decent people your own age.
    ” Who are you to judge the way I live?
    Im not perfect and i don’t live to be,
    but before you go pointing fingers
    make sure YOUR hands are clean..”

  69. Hey, I’ve come across your blog by the awful chance that someone posted on their FB wall. Seems anyone with a loud mouth has a platform these days. After an exchange of unsupported claims, faulty, class-specific examples, and socially contextualized discussions, I got my point across to these poor guys, who have never had a decent woman in their lives- that they’re in fact thinking of everything all wrong. I continued to read your blog- and I AM SHOCKED, but mostly saddened of your sick twisted view of the world. I find myself wondering how you grew up, who gave you advice, and if your mother was even around… You got one part down right- the attention, and I’m sort of grateful to have your platform to share with people how the state of American culture is in fact devolving- but now for the way in which you so loosely “point out”. I can top to bottom break down your unsupported claims with logical fallacies, studies (yes, real actual academic work) that prove your value-laced judgements are flat out numerically WRONG- but I won’t. If the above is the life experience you’ve had thus far, you deserve it. And I hope one day you’ll be able to raise yourself to a level where you finally see the truth, but hopefully I personally won’t have to be anywhere near it or help you get there.

  70. I feel bad for the guys that write these articles because apparently they’re in a void of self-centered sausage wallets. Maybe they need to evaluate who they let in their life who they choose to stick their dick into. I sure as hell don’t associate with those types of women so the ones I know(I fucking hold onto!) are beautiful and doing amazing things for the community and scientific literacy. ‘Cause…. Go science!

  71. There’s smart women and crazy ones. Just like there are men, and there are pigs, which are just about the majority of the people on this website. considering the fucking author only used examples of stupid females and somehow brainwashed you sheep into thinking all females are like that, I’m sure that’s why you post shit about women from behind a screen and never find good ones. Your personalities are absolute shit. If you’re offended by this post. That’s how women like my girl feel about the shit you spout. Otherwise you can grow some fucking balls and accept what pieces of shit you are as men.

  72. Kilmister! Congrats, sir — you’ve just knocked the ball outta the park. Multiple replays now warranted.

  73. Although I do agree with a lot thats written in this article, it’s all just backed with your self-righteous attitude, which makes it sound like nails on a chalkboard. Your constant generalization of the female population is offensive and degrading and points towards the kind of people you choose to surround yourself with. I wasn’t raised at all the way you describe females being raised. In my family we were taught to have self-respect and love yourself and neither of those things are attained by getting attention from slimy guys who view women in the way you do. The problem isn’t that women can have a stick up their ass when it comes to men, the problem lies with women having met too many men like you. Reading this article is like reading something written by a bitter 16 year old little boy

  74. What are we supposed to do then as females? How are we supposed to act for our kings?

  75. “Rules pretty much dictate a women only has as much desirability and power that her looks allow. When those fade, despite what they may think, power is lost as well”
    Harsh quote, but brutally honest. The truth always stings a little, doesn’t it?

    1. I think this quote is only true for women who have looks and nothing else. A woman of intelligence and integrity doesn’t lose power just because she is no longer a youthful beauty.

  76. Bahahaha. This article is so funny and true. But what I don’t understand is all the comments on here from Beta males that are angry at former hot girls. Why would a hot girl age 18-28, ever have liked a beta male age 18-28? (And I know you are Beta males because an alpha male would not have tim as he is busy with the hoit’s just the way it is). A hot girl will naturally want an alpha male. An alpha male is naturally not going to want to settle down. He will want to impregnate as many women as possible (not literally anymore, just have sex with as many women as possible). Hot girls are then going to get pissed at alpha men for being such cheaters and liars, and develop a chip on her shoulder and become bitter towards alpha men their own age. Then these hot girls will look at men that are older. Hence the Beta man comes in and gets her (provided at this point he has money and is established, some hair and not a pot belly…unless he is super rich, then the hot girl really doesn’t give a shit what you look like, becauselet’s face it, sex doesn’t really feel that great for women and we can just close our eyes and wait for it to be over)….It’s not the hot girls fault, it’s the alpha males fault that we want to be with them in our 20s. You should start an anti-alpha male campaign…then betas in their 20s will have a chance….not…forget it…probably just have more lesbians then.

    1. This concept of “alpha” vs “beta” males is really bizarre when people apply it to relationships. What I consider to be alpha enough for me, is going to be different from what my friends consider to be alpha. There is always an alpha male in any group of males, and he is easily distinguishable. He naturally leads in the workplace and is excellent in political or social circles.
      However, just because I can identify the alpha male, doesn’t automatically mean I think he’s suitable for a relationship with me. I believe that (thinking) human females are different from animals – we can see that you’re the alpha, but we can also see that you’d make a horrible husband.
      The alpha concept works amongst males because men toe the line. We women on the other hand, all want to be #1. The alpha female will always be opposed by her minions.

  77. Well I am female and I have really enjoyed the 2 articles I have read here today. There is a lot of truth in what you say. I can’t say I agree with women hitting some wall of ugliness by age 28, that’s really young for looks to deteriorate! But then I’m black and non-American, and my mother is still hot by any standard. I think you place too much emphasis on looks when describing this “wall”.
    I do believe there is a wall, but I don’t know what it is yet because I’m in my early 20’s. I suppose I’ll find out. Maybe when talking about your wall of ugliness, you are referring to a particular group of women, because this is certainly not true for all women. Do you have any wall in mind that applies to women of all backgrounds?

  78. As a woman who is also 39 I think you have a very negative perspective on women in general. Yes, there are women out there who don’t have any respect for themselves, or anyone else but there are A LOT of women who do! As for the age thing, people are always shocked to hear my true age guessing that I’m at least 10 yrs younger & that’s with no cosmetic surgery ever, and having a 2 year old toddler. Give women a break here please & write something positive. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself & the world around you, and you’ll inspire your readers rather than making them feel disgusted with the female race. It’s NEVER a nice thing to meet a guy with a big chip on his shoulder & a bad attitude!

  79. Wow, who cares what people think about my looks…It’s sad that people have to pick apart others and can’t look at one another and just simply thing “gee, what a lovely creation made on behalf of the universe, thank you!” ….I do not need to point out obvious facts but this is clearly stereotyping….You forgot something people, especially Americans, which people value more….money. People CAN achieve intellect (provided they are on baseline learning, with enough education), money and whatever they want to WHENEVER, no matter the age….Looks are unimportant. Yes, they do fade, which is why women should care the LEAST ABOUT THAT CHARACTERISTIC, and MOST about the characteristics which develop her as a human. If someone attracted solely to looks is dumb enough to not see one’s personality flaws and end up with ladies like this, then that’s what their idiotic personality deserves anyway. Same if a stupid chick goes for a jerk meat head.
    PS – My mother, age 49 with no plastic surgury is a natural size four, 5’3. My entire life she always emphasized two things, taking care of one’s health and treating others with kindness. I feel sorry for you that your judgement and circumstances haven’t allowed you to meet more people who believe in these two simple principles.

  80. Hah. Comment was deleted. So here it is again ^.^
    Wow, who cares what people think about my looks…It’s sad that people have to pick apart others and can’t look at one another and just simply think “gee, what a lovely creation made on behalf of the universe, thank you!” ….I do not need to point out obvious facts but this is clearly stereotyping….You forgot something which people, especially Americans, value more….money. People CAN achieve intellect (provided they are on baseline learning, with enough education), money and whatever they want to WHENEVER, no matter the age….Looks are unimportant. Yes, they do fade, which is why women should care the LEAST ABOUT THAT CHARACTERISTIC, and MOST about the characteristics which develop her as a human. If someone attracted solely to looks is dumb enough to not see one’s personality flaws and end up with ladies like this, then that’s what their idiotic personality deserves anyway. Same if a stupid chick goes for a jerk meat head.
    PS – My mother, age 49 with no plastic surgery is a natural size four, 5’3. My entire life she always emphasized two things, taking care of one’s health and treating others with kindness. I feel sorry for you that your judgement and circumstances haven’t allowed you to meet more people who believe in these two simple principles.

  81. Hah.
    Wow, who cares what people think about my looks…It’s sad that people have to pick apart others and can’t look at one another and just simply think “gee, what a lovely creation made on behalf of the universe, thank you!” ….I do not need to point out obvious facts but this is clearly stereotyping….You forgot something which people, especially Americans, value more….money. People CAN achieve intellect (provided they are on baseline learning, with enough education), money and whatever they want to WHENEVER, no matter the age….Looks are unimportant. Yes, they do fade, which is why women should care the LEAST ABOUT THAT CHARACTERISTIC, and MOST about the characteristics which develop her as a human. If someone attracted solely to looks is dumb enough to not see one’s personality flaws and end up with ladies like this, then that’s what their idiotic personality deserves anyway. Same if a stupid chick goes for a jerk meat head.
    PS – My mother, age 49 with no plastic surgery is a natural size four, 5’3. My entire life she always emphasized two things, taking care of one’s health and treating others with kindness. I feel sorry for you that your judgement and circumstances haven’t allowed you to meet more people who believe in these two simple principles.

  82. Hah.
    Wow, who cares what people think about my looks…It’s sad that people have to pick apart others and can’t look at one another and just simply think “gee, what a lovely creation made on behalf of the universe, thank you!” ….I do not need to point out obvious facts but this is clearly stereotyping….You forgot something which people, especially Americans, value more….money. People CAN achieve intellect (provided they are on baseline learning, with enough education), money and whatever they want to WHENEVER, no matter the age….Looks are unimportant. Yes, they do fade, which is why women should care the LEAST ABOUT THAT CHARACTERISTIC, and MOST about the characteristics which develop her as a human. If someone attracted solely to looks is dumb enough to not see one’s personality flaws and end up with ladies like this, then that’s what their idiotic personality deserves anyway. Same if a stupid chick goes for a jerk meat head.
    PS – My mother, age 49 with no plastic surgery is a natural size four, 5’3. My entire life she always emphasized two things, taking care of one’s health and treating others with kindness. I feel sorry for you that your judgement and circumstances haven’t allowed you to meet more people who believe in these two simple principles.

  83. Hah.
    Wow, who cares what people think about my looks…It’s sad that people have to pick apart others and can’t look at one another and just simply think “gee, what a lovely creation made on behalf of the universe, thank you!” ….I do not need to point out obvious facts but this is clearly stereotyping….You forgot something which people, especially Americans, value more….money. People CAN achieve intellect (provided they are on baseline learning, with enough education), money and whatever they want to WHENEVER, no matter the age….Looks are unimportant. Yes, they do fade, which is why women should care the LEAST ABOUT THAT CHARACTERISTIC, and MOST about the characteristics which develop her as a human. If someone attracted solely to looks is dumb enough to not see one’s personality flaws and end up with ladies like this, then that’s what their idiotic personality deserves anyway. Same if a stupid chick goes for a jerk meat head.
    PS – My mother, age 49 with no plastic surgery is a natural size four, 5’3. My entire life she always emphasized two things, taking care of one’s health and treating others with kindness. I feel sorry for you that your judgement and circumstances haven’t allowed you to meet more people who believe in these two simple principles.

  84. aww author, I love you, why do you keep deleting my comments? I’m trying to counsel you…You know like buddy buddy ^.^ friendship is the best.

  85. Hehehe the author may assert things which a woman can’t escape, but I am asserting right NOW who he can’t escape …ME 😀 his newest lover and fag hag!!!

  86. I agree, but you didn’t mention that even if you bypass washed up sluts for the new brigade, you still have to deal with women that think their shit is pure white and has no smell whatsoever…

  87. All I can say is, at 47, I am feasting on 19-25 y.o. girls. Sure, I’m tall and white and have good work, but the deciding factor is game.
    If I was a 47 y.o. woman, even with similar advantages, there’d be NO WAY I’d have the same prospects.

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