Why Trayvon Martin Isn’t That Important

The verdict in a case dealing with the murder of Trayvon Martin came out recently and, unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are far outside of North America), you’ve probably heard about the outcome. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot the unarmed Martin, stood accused of murder and has now been acquitted.

The reaction across the internet, mainstream media and our popular culture in general has been one of predictable disappointment and outrage.


Beyonce called in a concert for a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin, rapper Young Jeezy released a song in Martin’s memory and Russell Simmons called for peace after George Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida jury in the death of the teenager.

And on twitter:

Diddy: “#myTruth I am blessed to have 6 beautiful kids. I’m hurt and I’m mad as hell! My heart goes out to the family. He followed him! (Expletive) That!”

Jordin Sparks: “What is happening?!”

Solange Knowles: “Is this not what our ancestors, grandfathers and fathers fought for…? Now I will be fighting for my son…”

Steve Harvey: “A Child is Dead & The Man that Killed Him is Free & Again The Child is Black…My Country Tis of Thee?”

Gabrielle Union: “Help! What’s the proper procedure when you’re followed by a random armed nutbag returning home from getting candy & iced tea?”

Whoopi Goldberg: “My heart is with trayvon martins family tonight, so my focus on them. No one else really matters”

Nicki Minaj: “And our taxes paid for that trial. We just paid to see a murderer walk free after killing an innocent unarmed little boy. #GodBlessAmerica”

Sophia Bush: “The wind is more than knocked out of me… My heart aches for this boy’s family. Justice System? I don’t think so. #justicefortrayvon”

Rihanna: “This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily”
John Legend: “My heart hurts”

Lena Dunham: “No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn’t matter.”

The most salient celebrity reaction in my view, however, came from the rapper Lupe Fiasco.


Try as I might, I can’t find much wrong with what Lupe had to say. I do not like George Zimmerman, nor do I agree with the decisions he made on that fateful night many months ago now. Trayvon should not have died, and his killer strikes me as an overzealous mall cop/vigilante.

Despite all of that, I still feel that Lupe is dead on.

Young black teens with decent heads on their shoulders are killed every day by other blacks for no good reason.

This one died for a piece of chicken.

This 3 year old died for no conceivable reason at all:

This one got murdered for getting pregnant:

And this woman’s child, like many other young black men, got killed fighting over some hoodrat:

I could go on, really, because this shit happens every day. Lupe is right to note that people have been “dancing to black death” for some time now. There is a lot of music out there that kind of glorifies the idea of killing for no good reason (ex: murder over a silly beef or over a girl, etc), yet people love it.

If you need an illustration of all of this, why not take a look at the urban community’s glorification of gang culture. What do gangs do, exactly? Are they not known for violent conduct and frequent maiming/murder of people for no good reason? Do innocent souls not perish at the hands of gangsters every day?


Yet not only do we not even bother to discuss the loss of those innocent lives to gang violence to the extent that we discuss Trayvon’s death, but we go on to glorify that culture in our music, dress, and everything else. Some of the same people expressing all of this sadness about the death of Trayvon and the verdict signaling some sort of “open season” on innocent young blacks are the same folks throwing up gang signs and glorifying a culture that promotes similar instances of murder for no good reason, all the while protecting perpetrators of such violence with silly “no snitching” rules and a total unwillingness to work with the police.

Young blacks have their lives stolen from them for absolutely no good reason at all in this society all the time, and it is usually other blacks doing the stealing. And yet in spite of all this, people only get up in arms when a white (or, in this case, a mestizo who could be mistaken for a white hispanic) person does the killing.

People are trying to say that the Trayvon case proves that black lives are less valuable. I don’t support Zimmerman, but I have to say that if this case supports the low worth of black life, then black-on-black violence (and the apparent tolerance of that violence by many) absolutely establishes it.

This man sums things up quite well:

Again, I don’t agree with the decisions made by George Zimmerman on that fateful night. Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things I can’t see how it matters as much as our society seems to imply with the abundance of attention paid to the case. His is a drop in an ocean of innocent, young black lives taken for no good reason. The ethnicity of his murderer isn’t all that relevant to me: Blacks (and Hispanics, for that matter) are killing each other for FAR less, and nobody cares to talk about that or give lives lost to such internecine violence the kind of attention that Trayvon has gotten. This is a problem that really needs a solution.

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127 thoughts on “Why Trayvon Martin Isn’t That Important”

  1. Going by your logic one life doesnt matter so I can kill you and it wouldnt “change” anything in the grand scheme but I bet it wouldnt satisfy you that your death didnt change anything.He died for no reason and the guy who killed him is free,Thats all I need to know,Zimmerman should be in prison,this isnt about that guys death,its about EVERYTHING!Its about justice!

    1. I like how these retards’ narratives always go from Zimmerman stalking Trayvon straight to Zimmerman shooting Trayvon — completely glossing over the part in between where Trayvon repeatedly bashed Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.

      1. The Prosecutor and her team are being taken to task for withholding evidence now. I don’t think it will be before the end of next year and those angry over the verdict are going to be pissed when he potentially becomes wealthy suing CNN, the state of Florida, and potentially the Federal Government for falsely leading a lynch mob after him and his family.

        1. Thats right, I mean basically all the news compnaies, attorneys, celebrities (like the douche bag who mistakenly tweeted a family’s address thinking it was Zimmerman), and governments both state and federal are going to try everything to legally distance themselves from law suits.
          The problem is, they have literally aired their dirty laundry both on the internet, radio, and the air waves.

        2. NBC is probably the only one he really has a case against due to their manipulation of the 911 call.

    2. “Going by your logic one life doesnt matter so I can kill you and it
      wouldnt “change” anything in the grand scheme but I bet it wouldnt
      satisfy you that your death didnt change anything.”
      So let me try and understand you: you’re saying that my logic is that “one life doesn’t matter” (which is wrong, but let us run with it). You then try to turn this around on me by claiming that I would be unhappy to die knowing that my death “didn’t change anything”.
      So what you’re basically saying is that every death should bring about change?
      That’s a foolish argument, but even if we run with it we’d only be proving my point. I’m not arguing that Trayvon’s death is insignificant. I am arguing that it is not more significant than the many other wrongful black deaths that take place in this society daily but receive no media attention at all and whose perpetrators frequently a) are not caught by police and/or b) have their habits/culture praised by our broader popular culture (ex: modern gangs).
      Every young black child killed before their time should receive enough attention to help prevent similar cases and/or make sure that full justice is done for them, but the only cases involving lost young blacks that get such serious attention are those like this that involve a white perpetrator. That’s a problem.

  2. Everyone who says George shouldn’t have shot him: I really want to know what you’d do with someone on top of you that’s physically stronger and just bashed your face in.
    As for the topic at hand, there really isn’t a lot to say about the situation. This is just one thing in a long list of anti-White acts perpetuated by the media. Maybe you could say that on top of this it was also a cover-up story to take the heat of the NSA scandal but that’s about it.

      1. Its YOUR neighborhood. You bought a home, you live there. Calling the cops and waiting for them to show up shouldn’t mean “a life or death situation”. Listen to the phone call, GZ hadn’t seen TM for something like four minutes. GZ was jumped on his way back to his car.

  3. I think Charles Barkley has said it best so far. His point was similar.
    “I feel sorry that young kid got killed. But they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him (George Zimmerman).”
    Added Barkley: “Something clearly went wrong that night. Clearly,
    something went wrong and I feel bad for anybody that loses a kid. But if
    you look at the case, and you don’t make it … there was some racial
    profiling, no question about it. Something happened to change the
    dynamic of that night. And that’s probably not a popular opinion among
    most people but just looking at the evidence, I agreed with the
    Barkley said what upset him was not the verdict, but the racist attitudes expressed by many people who commented on the case.
    “It gives every white person and black person, who’s racist, a platform
    to vent their ignorance,” Barkley said. “That’s the thing that bothered
    me the most. I watched this trial closely and I watched all these
    people on television, talking about it. A lot of these people have a
    hidden agenda … The bias comes out.”
    Yes, black on black crime is rampant, and there are over 11000 black on black deaths since Trayvon died. The thing is, none of those murders get as much sympathy, face time, and tax dollars as this sort of crime. The media showed how sloppy and hateful it is when they saw Zimmerman’s supposed light skin color, and his last name. They saw the advertising dollars of a white on black crime, and thought nothing more of it. Until it was found out he was Hispanic. They had already shot themselves in the foot.

      1. There are numerous sources both right and left and inbetween if you google “11,000 black teen deaths since Trayvon murder”
        Basically, black kids killed by black kids don’t remind the President of his imaginary sons.

        1. I just did. And it’s mostly forums. Not a credible source in sight. So I’m just wondering. Where did this number really come from?

        2. I believe it comes from census records which indicate that 93% of black teens murdered each year are by other black teens.
          If 8,000 to 9,000 are murdered per year, prorating mathematically for the time since the one year February anniversary of the shooting from last year to the verdict of this year, you get something like 11,106 teens murdered by black teens since Trayvon’s death. So say 8,000 from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013. Plus the prorated number from Feb 2013-the verdict.
          It actually works when you do it. The 8k-9k death toll and 93% black on black murder rate are census data…I think?

        3. We should give them more guns, might get that number into the 6 or 7 digits.

        4. It’s half assed limp wristed journalism and a severe lack of fact checking. There is still no credible source. If there was they would link one. If Chicago has actual record highs which are around 500+, where do they get the other 10,600? 8,000 actual murders per year would mean that the FBI and the DOJ are only accounting for half. Or they only arrest half. OR, every actual murderer kills 2-3 people on average.
          FBI has only recorded a 1.2% increase of all violent crime in 2012
          Very first line:
          So it brings to question, who is really being race baited here?
          The blacks who perceive an injustice due to being mis judged and prejudged with no real factual basis for doing so,
          Or the people who continue to perpetuate the myth of a entire minority criminal class?
          Because even the stats among teens 18 below is incredibly low for murders. The people who are in fact killing each other realistically are adults over 18.
          Robberies are high among blacks, however burglaries are not. They actually commit less than half (look at the site I linked) Two different crimes. This is more of a poverty problem than anything else.
          So it’s safe to say that both sides are being effectively played. The black people in America are being played by provoking their passion for unity and being the historical underdog,
          And the white people are being played by having their pre conceived notions towards blacks stoked by stats that are in reality, equal to theirs in some crimes, and much much lower in many others. And opinion pieces that appeal to their need for societal dominance (in the US).
          This case was “perceived” as a hate crime. Not by me just throwing it out there.
          Which if you check the stats, it’s damn near a one sided offense from the dominant culture. Perception is reality for many people, even among these comments, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.
          In the end, there are still millions of people black and white who do not deserve the labels we place on each other.
          And as an aside, despite all the abortions, we still have millions of babies born each year. Millions. And crime is half as bad now compared to the mid 90’s

        5. Interesting, I have not had time since I commented to check the census stats, but I am having a hard time finding some of it.
          However, I am looking in the total amount of murders in the United States via the census bureau, and I am trying to break it down by race. I don’t see it, I am not a statistician, so I might be missing something.
          Yet, even if they exaggerated the numbers, and it is only 900 not 9000; that is still 837 of those deaths being black on black. Most by fire arms.
          I think you are going to face a really tough sell getting people to lay down their arms. Because if these feral thugs gunning each other down can get guns, why won’t they get them if you take them all away? More than likely, people will fear these same murderous assholes just moving to their neighborhood for a day to kill them.
          Call it pandering, fear mongering, or exaggeration; people’s fears are legitimate, and the way things are being handled by race hustlers like Sharpton a lot of people with guns are not going to get rid of them.
          Especially when they realize that types like Obama know Zimmie was acquitted via self-defense law, and not stand your ground. Yet why does Obama and friends keep claiming stand your ground laws which apply to your place of residence need to be repealed or changed and amended?
          Also, be it thousands or hundreds, and it is thousands regardless; black teen violence is terrible. Their music, “culture” according to Rachel Jeantel, and poverty filled life is routinely glamorized. Yet where are these rappers and others who galmourize it in music, policy, and film when one of these other kids get killed?
          Yeah, I thought so.
          Someone proving a point with these numbers, if you are right, is terrible and wrong. yet there point will not be changed.
          Considering the falsified recordings, racist threats of finding and killing whom I feel is an innocent man, and the hysteria these same individuals have caused simply because they thought he was white are indicative of the entitlement mentality of a majority of Black Americans.
          If they carried themselves in a sane manner, and policed their own gang leaders and sycophants the way they have went after ZImmerman I would take their calls to peace more seriously. Not until.

        6. “Call it pandering, fear mongering, or exaggeration; people’s fears are legitimate, and the way things are being handled by race hustlers like Sharpton a lot of people with guns are not going to get rid of them”
          They should not. However, the agenda setting put forth by the media, (and not just the media but people who also write online articles, and mis interpret stats) create this paranoia. Hell, this comment section is a microcosm of that paranoia.
          And men like Sharpton have never been regarded as black leaders anyway. But they are definitely used as a shit shield.
          If there was an entitlement mentality, they would actually receive entitlements. If the 11,000+ murders was indeed true, that in my opinion is practically an epidemic in the face of the drastically lower crime rate that we have had in the last 15-20 years. To put it on AA people as “their problem” is 2013 segregation. Seeing as how we are a nation united. This is an American problem. Or it should be. And people are in fact addressing the problem.
          Not only that; 1965 was not so long ago. A lot of the bad blood and bad people who keep this race hate flowing are still alive and well on both sides. (Sharpton and Jackson, Deen as an example) Keep in mind media editors are in it for the views, which generate ad revenue. Deen was exposed by a white woman. But It is hard to find that information anywhere. Yet many whites assume it was blacks. They choose what to show, and how much of it. Like I said, we are all being played. That comment about entitlement proves it.
          Rachel Jenteal is no spoke person for AA people. Far from it. She can only truly account for her limited scope of the world she lives in. She sees hood every where she goes, probably because she travels from hood to hood. I grew up in FL, in poverty stricken hoods, and I have lived in every corner of the US. A large chunk of it in the NW where black people are less than 1% of the population. And they are never in the news over there. But, if a violent crime happens, until the person is caught, who do we assume it is? A black person. Until he is caught then we see it is a white guy. And no one thinks to be aware of the people around them that are not so obvious. That is a problem.
          What people tend to do is focus on the percentage. Blacks are 13 percent of the population. But what is the actual number? 38.9 million. 60% of our prison inmates are african american. But what is the actual number? 600-700k. about .01-.02% of the population. Yet no one does that little bit of work. I saw another pervasive stat about white people. In 2011, 68% were arrested and convicted for forcible rape. But what people like to do is say; 68% of all white people are rapists. Its pervasive and wrong isn’t it?Especially considering there were only 14,000 rapes in total that year. This is how feminists game the system. So when we take on information with an un-objective bias, we perpetuate the very thing we need to avoid. Demonizing people who are simply trying to live. There is no propensity to commit crime from any race of people. The criminal class is separate from society. We simply believe what we believe because in our small scope of society, and what the news chooses to show us, and what lazy journalists decide to write, create this misconception. And our biases confirm them.
          I know this is getting too long…
          Personally, I believe none of us truly know what happened. People lie. Kids are raised to not talk to strangers. Urban raised teens do not respect actual authority figures and even more so a non authority figure. The perception goes both ways. Either party can make a case for feeling threatened. Except one is dead. History is told by the survivors. Hell if I ran into someone on a quiet street and killed him in a state with that law…I mean, who would honestly tell the truth as to what happened? We will never truly know.
          And Trayvon’s mother, who no one seems to acknowledge, she herself says she believes it was an accident. Can’t get mad over a verdict if the family is ok with the outcome. But people will believe what they want to believe. All of my closest Hispanic friends said that motherfucker was guilty.
          If we all want this to end, we first have to stop lying to each other to cultivate hatred where there should be none. And do our own fact checking.

        7. In the end, you and I could at least agree on most.
          It is obvious that this is very near and dear to your heart. For me, I just see the life of a 17 year old kid tragically ended for bad choices he made that were largely influenced by the characters he grew up with more than the fateful night he got shot by a guy who I don’t think is an evil person. Overaggressive maybe, sure, but he did nothing legally wrong, and in time, a black man may be grateful to get off the hook defending himself with those same laws.
          Speaking of the above, a 17 year old corpse is being used by everyone claiming to defend “Trayvon” to push their own agendas. Obama, it is for passing anti-gun law legislation. For Sharpton, more fund raising for his despicable action network or whatever. For the media, I agree with you, it is for the views and therefore more advertisers paying them. For feminists, it is their usual schtick to defend “black people” when in reality it is a buffer so they don’t have to explain how they co-opted the civil rights movement and still use it as their whipping boy. For racist people of all stripes, it is an opportunity to get their day in recruiting more of their fellow morons to their respective cause.
          Me personally, I looked at the facts of each case after many hours of trying to dig through a veritable Himalayan sized mountain range of media bull shit and obfuscation. I am reasonable confident that the verdict given was the right one. The character assessment that the defense gave was sadly, and tragically correct, and that his parents personal character flaws have been intentionally kept from the conversation because they can’t possibly be allowed to suffer blame and lose Sharpton and Crump their fifteen minutes of racial inferno.
          When I see all the media blockade silencing black on white crime which has only gotten steadily worse these last five years; it brings some painfully obvious truths, that many people in numerous camps want to keep hidden. I suspect that a race riot is going to go very badly for black-Americans. I can sense that you believe that black-Americans should not be profiled, and that they hate a woman clutching her purse and cowering inf ear when they ride the elevator, or when a bunch of black teens assemble at a fair ground police show up.
          Yet, the news does not cover on prime time what all of us who are white and don’t have a liberal head up our ass have known now for years; black-Americans a re a politically correct and protected class. As much as that may make your eyes burn from their respective sockets it is no doubt true. When you are such a small statistical category of the population, and brag about being overrepresented in sports as a good thing; I find it hypocritical that when you are overrepresented in prisons, school drop out lists, and named more in parole-officer filing cabinets; even when adjusted for poverty and outside influence, you cannot blame me for it. Not because I am white, male, or otherwise. I don’t see poor Chinese, white, European, direct-African descent, or even Latino commit less per capita than black-Americans.
          You may not like the entitlement charge, but I am only calling it like I see it. You can fault me for my skin color, but my eyes don’t work because I am white, they work because I can read and I have never been blind. Sometimes the truth sucks. I get that, but white people of all political stripes have tried at least, and are still shunned for doing so. Yet when black-Americans routinely go out and hunt for isolated, and unsuspecting whites for racially motivated vengeance; or just plain fun….I have an issue with that being my problem.
          You want it to be my problem and keep forcing me to pay taxes for Black Run America’s bull shit, then you need to start taking my words and opinion into account and stop dismissing me. Because after a while, I am not going to care about not caring.

        8. “You may not like the entitlement charge, but I am only calling it like I see it”
          Exactly, and how you see it is not the objective truth we should all follow. Neither is mines. Especially when it’s simply an opinion. My perception and your perception are the truths we live by. The problem is, too many of us lack basic empathy for others, and refuse to objectively see the other side. Put yourself in my shoes in a way. And vice versa. I understand the plight of American men. Because we all suffer from it. Because I am an American. But when it comes to divisions by race, many people can’t see past their own prejudicial concerns. Many of which, are not based on fact. But instead ignorance.
          Many already know that people don’t give a shit about the boy in this case, and that is returned in kind. Sandy Hook went down not long ago right.., a lot of black people did not care. Why? Because like this case, no one gives a shit about their kids. And I have an example of real entitlement for you below.
          No, it is not something near and dear to me. It is just interesting to see the assured nature we place on certain victims, and not others. That and it’s hard to find someone who can voice their concerns without resorting to hatred and trolling. There is no point to it except to make things worse. And every where I go when I visit my favorite sites, people are still fucking talking about it. None of my friends talk about it. Its over in my eyes. They got the verdict, said it was bullshit for a day, and that was it. Yet a lot of my white friends were posting stuff days afterwards.
          The problem with any black on white crime is that one instance is usually enough for someone to demonize the entire race/culture. The 911 operator in Dallas who’s boyfriend was robbed by 2 black guys, suddenly hates all of them over this one incident. And proudly makes this known. Is that right or fair to the millions who would never do such a thing? Should I hate you and everyone who looks like you for a single isolated incident? Does anyone say that is not right to people like that? Never. But people do this all the time. All it takes is one mugging, or robbery and they go on a racist campaign to let everyone know how their often limited encounter with another race makes them think the way they do. Not saying they should not be upset. But place it where it belongs; with actual criminals. Be mad at crime, be mad at strict gun laws. Be mad at bad parenting, left leaning ideologies and poverty. And as an aside, black perps are usually caught and sentenced quite swiftly. That is why its not showcased in the media. That, and there is no historical pattern of hate crimes or racially motivated crimes in this regard. When you get robbed its because they think you have something that they don’t. If anything blacks or people who rob others would prejudge whites as having money when most blacks don’t. Even by other white people. Even though most whites don’t have money either.
          Look at the recent mass shootings. Mass murderers are considered statistical anomalies, etc. We don’t demonize an entire race or culture because of them. Would we if they were black? And the victim blaming.. Imagine someone like Natalie Holloway who is presumed dead. We presume to know who “did it” per se. But do we say she was a whore who ran off to different countries to sleep around with foreign men and it’s her fault because of who she was even though we don’t really know who she was? Now, the great lengths to find her aside, highlights a privilege that has never been handed to African Americans. They sent the Dutch Air Force to find this chick. If entitlement is your source of contempt, I already said 1965 (the end of Jim Crow laws) was not so long ago. And to walk out of that, and right into feminism and welfare, a system designed to keep you in poverty what do you expect? Who outside of blacks are seriously looking out for their best interests? You can’t expect them to suddenly help themselves they need an access point. Again, this is not even 50 years later its going to take a few more generations of people dying off for things to really turn around. If we ever get there. You make sure to look out for yours, and there are a lot of blacks that would like to look past their past who would look out for you. But where is the consideration for them if you hold up the very lies that would apply to them as well? And further more, who made all of this happen? Not YOU of course. But they weren’t black. Remember no one was expected to give them anything. Freedom or otherwise. They decided to give it to them. But they really only gave them an exit, not access. You can’t put that on them.
          I respect your opinion and you views and I know that the people who have concerns do not have the power that minorities place on them as a whole.
          So we SHOULD be able to acknowledge that minorities do not posses the violent nature that whites place on them as a whole. Yet no one does. Not even minorities. They believe what everyone else believes because it’s being fed to them just like it’s being fed to you. So when you see an outcry like this case, one could say it was not race motivated but it was in a way. Why? Because people still believe that black people don’t or can’t possibly be living in well off neighborhoods.

        9. I get what you are saying.
          For me, though I am white, I don’t think I project a lack of empathy for those victims who don’t share my race or back ground. I don’t project a lot of sympathy. There is a difference. You see, I get it, someone died under terrible conditions. Yet I am puzzled why he attacked. I have been followed in San Francisco once by three gangstas, I could hear them talking that they were contemplating jumping me as I am a big guy.
          Now, at that time, I had just completed two months of gun fire, CQB, and boarding and climbing training, and MMA training, and been practicing higher forms of MMA for the four years prior to that. One was acting like he was packing the way his hand was in his baggy jacket. I probably weighed as much as all three of them combined. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I did not give them a chance to organize. I dove into a open restaurant that I noticed had a slight ramp, got to the top and waited to see if they would rush me. They sort of balked a little as they were not expecting that. I did not see them ever again, though I went to a store next to that open restaurant I dove in and bought a large drink in a glass bottle (in case I needed a weapon).
          I have been to a lot of places mate. A lot. Yet I tell you that every place I have been regardless of what the majority of the people there look like…people are the same.
          Class clowns, bullies, attractive ones, ugly ducklings, racism towards one group or another. Doesn’t matter, we all have them. So, I really don’t care he was black. I care that there is a segment of our society that cares that because I am white, they can’t gain from my knowledge or experience.
          For example, many of them think Maya Angelou is the cultural apex of poetry and writing because of black history months. Yet they have not read any of her work; she is good, but I can think of several white men from Europe that are just better writers. I get it, influence, inspire, and create your own culture. I respect that, but don’t let a chance to figure it out yourself go to waste. Like the liberal castrati who seem to think they are your cultural protectors, they hear someone they think is an authority say it is great; therefore, their research and conclusions are already done for them. Like the Staples place, push the easy button, it’s all done.
          I don’t agree, you want peace, gel together. For me, I have my first son who is half black. My second is Half South-Asian. I can care less your appearance, but the content of your character need impress me. The current attitude of black-Americans is one largely made up of enitlement thinking. Like they are owed something. I am here to tell ya, life does not care. If those men in San Fran had tracked me down and shot me, it would not have been fair. Knowing this, I chose wisely, and got out. I did not care to test my skill against so many unknowns.
          Trayvon should have done the same, life does not care about his past; and because of his poor decision it stole his future. Crying about what is fair will never bring him back. I feel for his family, and I hope I am wrong about how they brought him up. Or they may never recover from their own demons long after everyone stops acting like they care about this kid, and are not content to use him for their own personal bias.

        10. According to the numbers in a Wall Street Journal Article
          there are about 6600 ‘black on black’ murders per year. Trayvon Martin was killed 5 months ago, implying an estimate of 2750 ‘black on black’ deaths, about 2340 male, since his death, assuming a uniform murder rate by month.
          So, the murder count given by Jesse James was about 4 times too high. Still, thousands is pretty staggering, no?
          And what fraction of the victims are teenagers? 11% is a reasonable estimate, assuming that victimization rate per year is roughly uniform in each of the age categories in
          Implying that about 300 black teenagers were killed since Trayvon Martin’s death.
          “Basically, black kids killed by black kids don’t remind the President of his imaginary sons.” That’s a great line.

        11. Thanks for that, so the rumor mill is at least 3,000 murders too high?
          6600, plus around one third or less for the prorated time between the anniversary and the trial date. You see, between Feb 2013 and the verdict is about 25-40% of a year so I think 11000 murders is still quite a bit. Yet the portion of them being teenagers that are never talked about by race hustlers is almost 99.9%; still, that is sick.
          I think I see how the people got that number I quoted. However, that O’Reailly video claimed that blacks murder each other tens times as much as whites and Latinos combined. Amazing. Especially if it is true.
          I suspect that there will be no shit storm from the left about his comments, at least not any where they actually answer him direct. They all showed their ass on this murder trial.
          For me, it does not matter the gender, past problems, or color. What matters is how these political punks using one kid for gain.

        12. Oops on me. It was a 2012 murder, not 2013; I only began hearing about it recently, so assumed the murder, itself, was recent, my mind only registered the month and day in the WSJ article.
          Laughably ignorant to assume a case would get to court so quickly?

        13. Nothing at the top link.
          The bottom link is a 28 year trend. A trend with some really high spikes in the 80’s and mid 90’s. Maybe if it was narrowed down..

        14. Hello, sir.
          The article in the top link is from 2012 and it’s called Communities Struggle to Break Grim Cycle of Killing. You can search it on google. I don’t know why the link failed.
          The arithmetic uses the 2010 number of black homicide victims (specifically, the number of black male homocide victims and the fraction of the total number of black homocide victims that are male, as stated in the WSJ article), the 1976-2005 percentage of black homicide victims who were killed by blacks, and the 1980-2008 percentages of black homocide victims in various age categories.
          You point out that I took data that is averaged over 28 years, when murder rates varied a lot in that time. But, the data taken wasn’t a murder rate in the population, or murder number, equivalently (assuming similar US population over the years). It was the fraction of those murdered who were in a particular age group. Even as the number of murders changed, the proportion of murders by same-race folks and the proportion of murders victimizing young adults might not have changed so much. Who’s to say?
          I don’t thinks it’s unreasonable to assume those percentages in the arithmetic. It is just intended as a rational estimate after all. If you prefer, adjust the percentages and compute a result to see how sensitive the final number is.
          It doesn’t change the final message, which is that the number of black teenage boys dying by murder is large, and mostly done at the hands of black people, making the widely exclaimed “heartache” for this boy seem insincere and politically motivated by its notably absent in the other cases.
          You appear to think that the image of young black men as hoodlums is exaggerated. I would guess that that is true.
          But fear is adaptive and people are animals. When cost of error is high- the cost is violent victimizaiton or theft- increasing your “false positive” error to lower your “false negative” error is rational. Ultimately, the way for black boys to not be seen as hoodlums would be to have the fraction of black and white boys who are hoodlums be comparable. It’s not. Not even close. Deal with why. Then deal with black people PR.

        15. Like I said. There is nothing there except the title. Even if there was, there is still no link to any source just like the other guy. Nothing at all. I’m not BS’ing you.
          I don’t appear to think anything.. you assume I do. I have supplied my information. I guess it was ignored.
          No one has yet to prove their claims. I used to work for the DoD. Believe it, don’t..could care less. So I know where to get info. The trends you linked went across a 28 year trend average. Which ended 5 years ago btw. Like I said, high spikes in the 80’s and 90’s Even so, the rate is not the HARD data. Where are the ACTUAL numbers? Where is the 8000-9000 per year? You don’t have it because it’s not there. Trayvon died last year. prior comment has the FBI recording a 1.2% increase in ALL violent crime. Not only that, Murder and manslaughter is combined in their collection of data. So, it brings to question, where are you getting these numbers? But don’t worry about it. Just keep posting limp wristed online articles.
          Look, whatever limited information you need to look at to justify your bias so be it. Opinion pieces are not convincing to me. But maybe that is enough for you. I’m done with this. Good day.

        16. Actually before I go… Here:
          FBI Expanded Homicide Data Table 1 2011
          Look at the Black stat line for Male victims of murders
          Here is 2010
          What is the number? 5,505
          Notice how 2011 is Lower????????
          The number???? 5,561
          2012 is not out but again a 1.2% increase TOTAL OF ALL VIOLENT CRIMES.
          And I found that quite easily. Again you guys who buy that crap propaganda most of all are being played. PLAYED. 8-9k per year? Manipulated and don’t even know it. Anything to justify your contempt. And I have the under 18 stats too. Lets look at burglaries….
          Total 47,524
          White: 28,388
          Black: 18,347
          If I used this to profile potential criminals, is it fair to be so one sided?
          Larceny- theft:

    1. Unfortunately, the kinds of equal standards that Barkley uses is somehow considered “racist” by the left. Yes, you heard that right.
      They have all sorts of ways to justify their hypocrisy, usually with some variation of “it’s worse when the (dominant) group does it!”

    2. Like how 11,000 white on white crimes every year result in death from drunk driving but whites lose their shit if 5 whites are beheaded by isis?

  4. Erm… Zimmerman isn’t white and all sorts of people who have no business commentating on public affairs matters have exacerbated the issue, such as Jay Z, the well known corporate shill.
    Seeing as the looting of the nation, black/white/hispanic/asian and offshoring of jobs is going on, the corporate-owned media must distract the people with social issues for a nice ‘divide-and conquer’ so that when the chips finally fall, people will end up disempowered and wonder ‘what happened’?

    1. YOu sir, should have been brought to Florida for Jury duty. That I am sure would have gotten a politically favorab…..I mean “JUST” verdict for Trayvon.

  5. I wholeheartedly disagree with you on how important this whole thing is. This “black on black” rebuttal has been quite prevalent online and in the media. The aspect of this that all of you are missing and/or failing to point out is that most of the time when a young black murders another he is QUICKLY arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. It took over a month for Zimmerman to even be charged with a crime.
    The whole thing from Zimmerman getting hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to that sham of a trial illustrates that there is still a huge race problem in this country. If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, you would have never heard about this because a swift arrest and conviction would have followed.

    1. Because the cops concluded from evidence gathered at the scene that he did not commit any crime, genius. The same conclusion that the jury made last week. It’s not a crime to kill someone who’s trying to kill you.

      1. If you really believe that Zimmerman was in the process of being beaten to death by that scrawny kid then I AM a genius compared to you.

        1. Steve, TM’s height, weight and physical condition resembles that of some of the best fighters on the planet. To say he was a scrawny kid incapable of inflicting harm is woefully (if not willfully) ignorant.
          TM hailed himself as a “Gangsta”
          Had a love of fighting
          Spoke in racist terms
          Doubled back to engage GZ
          Was witnessed beating GZ into the ground
          Referees in MMA fights are trained to call a fight precisely when a fighter is being pummeled like this. Why? Because that’s how fighters die in the ring. TM unfortunately reaped what he sowed, which is the real lesson lost.

        2. The police consider a blow to the head deadly force. They can only strike someone in the head with a closed fist when circumstances warrant, the same circumstances they are also allowed to shoot their firearm. They are both considered deadly force. So there you go.

        3. It doesn’t matter if Trayvon intended to kill Zimmerman or not, the fact is he had Zimmerman in a significantly disadvantaged position and was landing punches. Do you know what happened to Brian Stow from a similar beating when his head hit pavement? He basically died.

    2. That’s because there was no crime. The police concluded that there wasn’t any, and it was nothing more than a circus of political hacks that brought him to trial because they demanded his head. Made more so by the overzealous prosecution’s overreach. The most you could’ve probably charged him with was harassment.
      As for your last sentence, it is completely untestable and without any meaning.

    3. There are plenty of cases of black-on-black murder in which the following realities apply:
      A: The police half-ass the investigation and the perpetrator is either never caught or not caught for a long period of time. This reality is often justified by the assumption that the victim was “just another thug” anyway, and wasting resources on chasing other “thugs” who offed him would be unwise. Still others justify this by claiming that the perpetrator “did society a favor”, and that inner-city blacks offing one another is great for the nation as a whole.
      B: The police do not half-ass the investigation, but the perpetrator is still not caught in part due to protection received from his surrounding community. Local citizens refuse to cooperate with police and/or make their jobs more difficult, thus making the solving of the case more challenging.
      Finally, a conviction/prosecution doesn’t justify the disparity in media attention here. There are plenty of black-on-black (or even black on white) cases that are far more gruesome than the one we’re now discussing. Conviction or no conviction, many of these cases would point to very serious issues in our society if they were put under a microscope (ex: many gunshot deaths in Chicago indicating need for better access to medical care for those in inner city). These cases don’t get the kind of focus that Trayvon Martin’s case does, so these issues are never really talked about on a national scale. Nobody bothers to dig into the cause of all of these crimes and try and mobilize the national campaign that Trayvon’s death has catalyzed.
      Every young black child killed before their time should receive enough
      attention to help prevent similar cases and/or make sure that full
      justice is done for them, but the only cases involving lost young blacks
      that get such serious attention are those like this that involve a
      white perpetrator. That’s a problem.

    4. You really need to look up “Roderick Scott”. He saw some young men trying to break into a neighbor’s car. He told them to stop. One of them attacked him and he shot the guy. The jury exonerated Mr. Scott.
      Scott is black. The guy he shot (a teenager) was white.
      Had Zimmerman been black and Martin white, with all the other facts of the case unchanged, the police’s original decision not to press charges would’ve remain unchanged and unchallenged and you never would’ve heard of either of them.

    5. You have some points there, but I’d also argue if the races were switched, the media would have barely paid attention, since it lacks the “racism” angle.

  6. A non-racist non-murderer (Zimmerman), volunteering to keep his neighborhood safe, morally shot a racist miscreant prick (Trayvon) as the racist miscreant prick was bashing the non-racist non-murderer’s head in for being “followed”.
    If you think Zimmerman had done ANYTHING wrong, get the fuck off my planet before I throw you off.

    1. If George Zimmer was Black, he never would have been fired from his job as Men’s Wearhouse CEO and spokesperson. You think that handsome black Allstate spokesperson who is always hanging out at the end of your driveway when your daughter drives off is gonna get fired? No way. But sooner or later they will lay-off the white guy who always acts the part of the vile, destructive creep.

    2. You sound about as tough Zimmerman who supposedly got his fat ass whipped by 17 year old boy who was 150lbs soaking wet.

      1. Shut up Steve and accept the fact that the little black cunt (i.e. nigglet) got what he deserved. I would have loved to be there to give Zimmer a high five.

        1. You are very angry about something, Mr. Stretcher. Maybe you need a new first name… try “Clint”, it’ll make you sound tougher as you go about your business on the Internets. Seig Heil, Herr Stretcher!
          Anyhoo, here’s Bill O’Reilly’s response to the race hustlers (like you Mr. Stretcher):
          Finally, here’s someone in the mainstream media who is willing to speak truth to dependency hustlers. Bill says broken black families are the problem; perhaps he reads the Manosphere. BTW, I’m black and I approve his message. Please spread it far and wide.

        2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
          I could not say anything. My son came in to ask me why I was clapping alone in my office.
          I dare any of the bastards he called out to answer him. I dare them, I beg them to say something. For once I absolutely agree with him.

      2. Trayvon Martin was actually 6’2 200 lbs. The 150 lbs was a lie so people could sympathize with the thug.

    3. It is a little ironic how Zimmerman’s alleged racism is barely substantiated, but calling someone a “cracker” evokes no reaction from the race baiting crowd. They have ways to rationalize their double standards, you see.

  7. Enable a sub-culture made up of thuggery then cry foul when the actions of those in it get them treated as criminals. Wiggers are not immune to the critique either. White guys who ape it are just as bad. If blacks want respect then act like it. Hold men like Carson, Sowell, or an Orr as someone to be instead of the myriad of piss poor people they emulate. These men made it because they worked hard, not because they took the easy way out and blamed others for their lots in life.

  8. GZ was not a part of any recognized neighborhood watch program. He was just an armed citizen. Calling him NW grants him some authority he simply didn’t have. Calling him a vigilante is going too far in the opposite direction. But what do you call somebody who appoints himself guardian and patrols the neighborhood looking for trouble? Lunatic perhaps?

      1. TM wasn’t doing anything illegal either.. that didn’t stop him from being followed, approached, questioned and ultimately shot by some guy with a gun. Nobody appointed GZ neighborhood watch, and he should have let the police do their jobs. I wouldn’t feel safe with GZ or anybody besides police on patrol in my neighborhood.

    1. I’d call him someone who was sick of his neighborhood being burglarized and decided to do something about it.
      Obviously the guy was incompetent, but that doesn’t make him a lunatic.

  9. The Zimmerman trial has done nothing more than undermine my faith in “democracy” even further.

    Just look at this utter retardation (yeah, I know, Faux News, but still). This is someone that was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE.

    1. Fuck, is Bobby Rush getting enough oxygen to his brain? Damn it I find myself agreeing with Hanity.

  10. Disagree with the title of this thread. There was no need to use the word, “that.” The little prick was headed nowhere.

    1. Black people really need to learn to shut the fuck up when something like this happens (i.e. black scum/lowlife gets what’s coming) as everyone else is getting real tired of all the protests (i.e. excuse to riot and/or fling the “racism” word around and cry like little babies). Reminds me of the Rodney King incident: drug dealing, drug using scum attacks some policemen then gets the shit beaten out of him -> cue L.A. riots. If the roles were reversed the most you would have had were a couple of angry KKK members saying angry words and the rest of white people shrugging their shoulders saying, “Eh, he had it coming.”
      About time you people (yeah, I said, “You people”) grew some balls.

  11. Atjlone you’re a despicable cock sucker who sincerely deserves to be culturally enriched.
    And by that I mean raped in the ass by a black man.
    >gets assualted and beaten up by a violent chimp for a full minute
    >shoots him in slef defense
    “I don’t agree with his decisions.”
    Yeah he should’ve waited until his brain is mush.

  12. The ethnicity of his murderer isn’t all that relevant to me: Blacks
    (and Hispanics, for that matter) are killing each other for FAR less,
    and nobody cares to talk about that or give lives lost to such
    internecine violence the kind of attention that Trayvon has gotten. This
    is a problem that really needs a solution.

    Don’t you mean “FAR more” ??

    1. No, I meant precisely what I said: that blacks are killing one another for far less in the way of justification, not for more.

  13. Athlone,
    The only mistake Zimmerman made was not announcing himself, announcing that he was armed, and declaring his intentions. Patrolling his own neighborhood due to a crime spree is perfectly legitimate, as is carrying a concealed weapon. Now, if you’re going to walk around armed, you should make people aware of your intentions if you’re going to be following them. However, it’s not really clear if Zimmerman was given a chance to do this. By Zimmerman’s own testimony he did exchange words with Trayvon, so perhaps there’s a case to be made that he failed to declare his weapon and intention. I’m certain if Trayvon knew Zimmerman was armed before they came into physical contact, Trayvon would be alive today because he wouldn’t have started a fight. However, once Trayvon took the fight to a level where Zimmerman could not be certain that he would not become the next Brian Stow (See: Dodgers Opening Day 2001), then Zimmerman was perfectly legitimate in using the deadly force available to him.
    Both men made mistakes, but none of the mistakes were criminal. It’s just a misunderstanding that went too far because no one else intervened.

    1. “Both men made mistakes, but none of the mistakes were criminal…”
      I was wondering about that. So it’s legal to bash someones head into a curb. Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

      1. Oh, you’re right, I did overstate myself.
        Trayvon’s actions on initiation violence were indeed criminal.
        I was wrong to say otherwise.

  14. The Trayvon Martin case is the most sorry collision of stupidity and corruption that I have witnessed in my lifetime.
    First, Zimmerman is exactly as white as Barack Obama, and exactly as black as Homer Plessy. (Look him up, if your public school experience deprived you of basic information about American legal history.)
    Second, you get to shoot any and all motherfuckers who troll around your neighborhood and get violent when you investigate them.
    Third, they found the owner of the 12 pieces of women’s jewelry that Trayvon had in his backpack at school (the provenance of which he refused to explain, and whose owner he refused to name). A house was burglarized a block from Martin’s school. The reason Trayvon didn’t go to jail right then was because the chief of the Miami School Police (what kind of shit-hole school needs its own police force anyway?) decided to FALSIFY the true rate of black male crime by pretending incidents like this were “discipline” problems, not crimes.
    That’s the President’s pseudo-son — a violent, home-invading scumbag. That’s today’s iconic hero.
    This country has become so insanely idiotic and easily manipulated that every square inch of it deserves to slide into the mud, never to be seen again.

    1. Your second point is both jarring and rock solid. I deplore the “cower inside and hope the bad man goes away” attitude I keep hearing, like that is the right thing to do. Calling the cops and waiting for them to show up is not reckless behavior or wanna-be cop behavior. Especially when the dispatcher keeps asking you for updates on the suspect!
      I wish one talking head would stand up and question TM’s actions that night. I mean the actions before he hit Zimmerman. That neighborhood had a lot of men matching TM’s description that lurked around, looked in windows and otherwise cased the neighborhood. Maybe he wasn’t up to anything, but why isn’t it even a consideration? He took 45 minutes to cover 3/4 mile. He was doing something unusual in the rain. GZ isn’t an idiot, he’d witnessed burglars robbing houses, would-be burglars casing homes and other criminal activities, like a young black man stealing a bicycle off of his porch.

  15. Why don’t you fucktarded Righties stick to what you know: picking up cheap, slutty, stupid, damaged women? Because when it comes to politics and sociology? You don’t know JACK SQUAT.

    1. Fucktard Righties? Yeah, that’s a really good way to present an argument. You’re sure told us!

      1. Yeah, these libtarded communists and their welfare checks need to be spent on their actual kids, and not lobster tail and pay less shoes.
        Maybe, just maybe, if the actually thought for themselves and not let MSNBC or CNN do the thinking for them; Faux News channel’s clientele would not piss them off so much?! Because basically, the exact carbon copy of what you are is a brainwashed member of the exact opposing view point you severely hate.
        They act this way, because they refuse to acknowledge that they need to wear their black sheets with eye holes when they counter protest their contemporaries. (If you don’t get the last statement, I mean that black panthers and their disingenuous liberal enablers who also wear fake leather jackets and cheap military knock off berets should save tax payer funds they have stolen, and buy cheap Wal-mart sheets in black, like their opposing but equal peers the KKK. If you need more of an explanation I can’t help you.)

    2. Well at least the lefties are sticking in their wheelhouse.
      Insult the people and present no rebuttals to the information presented.
      Arguing like a woman.

    3. Allow me to retort to the lefties mode of talking, insulting, and “best intentions”.

    4. >replace reasoning with moral outrage
      >calls other people fucktards
      Pretty typical. And is there one leftist political idea that isn’t ultimately based on feelings?

  16. While I agree with the title, I found this to be sorry fare for ROK. You don’t agree with Zimmerman getting out of his car? OK, that’s your choice but the man who actually lives in Sanford has as much claim to that st as the man just shy of his 18th birthday who really lived in Miami Gardens. A place where he got an in school suspension for burglary tools and stolen property. St Trayvon was also a local player in the LEAN community, if the screen grabs of his twitter and facebook accounts are to be believed.LEAN being the popular homemade drug made from Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea, and Robitussin. It creates a codeine style high with periods of intense paranoia and rapid escalation style violence. It also creates liver damage in long term users, something which you will find in the autopsy report of the relatively youthful Trayvon.
    Zimmerman was trying to protect where he lived, that’s what men do. You call him a wannabe cop? He was sucker punched by a wannabe scumbag and could well have ended up on the pavement in a coma or dead, the choice would have been the scumbag’s with all the impulse control.
    This isn’t about walking down a street. It’s about what happens when somebody is walking down a street and decides to physically attack a stranger and put them in dire fear for their life. The only bad thing I could say about Zimmerman is that crappy Kel Tec pistol, he should have had a 1911 in .45.

  17. Usually Athlone has the best articles on this site, but this one is off the mark. Black on black crime is a problem, but has jack squat to do with a white supremacist stalking and killing a black minor and getting off with absolutely no charge. It’s a deflection much like saying “oh your rent’s due tomorrow? You better pay off these student loans.”
    Zimmerman was no more a perfect citizen than Martin and had a history of breaking the law, including molesting at least 2 girls (one of them his cousin). His mother even proudly admits she’s a racist and talks about marrying into white families to gain status in society in their household. Yet, that’s all swept under the rug and he’s portrayed as a morally upstanding citizen, gets tons of financial support and donations, and the trial is thrown by the prosecution becoming more about how much of a thug Martin was and how he deserved to die.
    Zimmerman gets off scott free and surprise surprise, supremacists come out of the woodwork cheering about “justice being done”

    1. Where the hell do you get that? The only run in with the law he had was a domestic violence charge and the run in with police. He situation got altered on appeal because he did not know it was an officer because the cop was in plain clothes. In other words, a cop used his position to instigate and abuse a citizen in an intense situation. If the Trayvon thing did not go down, and we saw GZ from just that case most of these people screaming for his head would be calling the cop out.
      And if he had molested 2 girls (family or other wise) he would still be in jail dummy. Child sexual molestation is the easiest crime to prosecute and get federal tax dollars to the state for administration costs. No one wants to be the one who lets a convicted child molester off the hook. Have you not heard of a false allegation since being in the manosphere yet?!
      Martin was a thug. There is video that same day of him assaulting a bus driver. His step mom who he lived with for 14.5 years has come out and thrown the whole case out. Also, if he was living with his dad and step mom, why was he not with his mom? Kind of sheds a different light on her taking out trademark right son his name doesn’t it? The only reason he was with his mom, according to the step mom, is because towards the end of his high school days and life he became increasingly more difficult. Does not mean he was an evil kid, but like a lot of kids made bad chocies; and lost his life because of it.
      He had a criminal rap sheet growing by the time he assaulted an armed man last February.
      Wake up man, and read both sides, then think for yourself. GZ may not have been perfect, but he is not the demon the media has painted him out to be; we all know they have a financial stake in this right? Also, just because they took a face shot of Trayvon at twelve and covered up his tattooed face for the hoodie photo does not mean he was not a thug for life in training.

  18. Trayvons death is no tragedy and you shouldn’t have such negative feelings of Zimmerman as you don’t know what happened. The evidence suggests he was Mr. PC democrat gung ho for the crap that is diversity and ever racially sensitive. He was a man looking out for the safety of his community with the blessing of that community and law enforcement. He called the police and tried to keep an eye on things. I think he should have kept a better eye out but he was attacked. I believe that as the evidence shows it and the only other option I see as possible but very unlikely that he did it to himself or that he did some kind of weak attack on Trayvon that left no marks and provoked Trayvon to defend himself. In the end there are witnesses that corroborate that Trayvon was beating Zimmerman into the ground and the crime scene evidence also corroborates his story of shooting Trayvon point blank in the chest while he was on top of him. Trayvon possibly was expelled from school among other reasons for getting physical with a teacher, something the mainstream media doesn’t look into. The right to self defense goes back to prehistory.

  19. Logic doesn’t apply to a circus like this. The whole trial was a farce to teach us plebeians a lesson.

  20. Once CNN got a hold of this I think we all knew where it was going to go.
    The daily violence in south Chicago barely reaches the mainstream media. Everyone wanted to talk about gun laws after young white kids were killed senselessly in a school, but nobody says anything about the daily senseless murders of black youth in Chicago. The media drives me nuts. It’s power over the general population even more so. Get some perspective people.
    Good post.

  21. The issue with the Trayvon Martin isn’t race based at all.
    How many guys here have been in a street fight? I’m willing to be most.
    How many guys would not be here if some weak ass pulled a gun on you after he got his ass kicked? I’m willing to bet most.
    This trial is basically a pass to every pussy who cant swing from the shoulders to carry a gun to compensate for their physical ineptitude.

    1. How terrible. The faux Alphas discover they are worm meat like everyone else.
      In most other societies and the past when one man engaged in violence against another, whatever happened to the aggressor was his own fault. Then you had the modern age happen.
      I know, shocking, kind of takes a shit on projecting the modern American Alpha/Beta paradigm onto the past.
      Only chickenshits think that combat has to be somehow “fair” and “equal.” Sportsmanship has shit to do with it, it is about winning and ending the conflict. Especially when your life and limb are on the line.

      1. Seems my comment hit a little to close to home.
        Don’t worry it wasn’t a personal attack against you Themistocles just a passing statement.
        I’m sorry that you took it as one. If you don’t respect my opinion that’s fine but to use such a statement as a platform to belabor your belief about the Alpha/Beta dichotomy is a little out there.
        Thanks for sharing though. Your comment was very insightful.

    2. You’ve got to be kidding. Anyone starting fights past middle school is a degenerate. I’m not sure when banging someone’s head on the sidewalk became “street fighting”, the law considers it attempted murder. Some poor guy died a block from me because some moron sucker punched him at the bar. He was knocked out with one punch, hit the pavement with his head and died.
      Let me clarify it even further for you, GZ wasn’t fighting, he was confronted and sucker punched, then beaten. I don’t remember, “put up your dukes, Cracker” being in Jeantel’s testimony.
      GZ didn’t benefit from going to an MMA gym, but BJJ might have saved him. He was too weak and unconditioned to capitalize on the MMA training, as his trainer testified in court. After learning some basic BJJ, GZ could have swept Trayvon and choked his ass out with that hoodie. Then the cops would’ve hauled TM off to jail.
      And yes, guns are SUPPOSED to make up for physical ineptitude. Especially, for women and the elderly. But, GZ bought his after two scary encounters with Pit Bulls (pepper spray won’t stop them).

      1. I don’t have a dog in this fight However, it seems you were deeply invested in the outcome of this trial. I saw at as nothing but politcal theatre to promote racial division and didn’t really take it seriously.
        Honestly the verdict didn’t affect my paycheck or anything in my life at all so I don’t give a fuck if he got convicted or not.
        I just believe it sends the wrong message to men in society that if you get your ass handed to you after following someone around looking for trouble you can shoot them. Nothing to do with race or anything if you’re weak as fuck and can’t defend yourself don’t go looking for trouble. That is what the local police are for.
        By the way can you give me more concrete details on what happened at the scene of the crime?

        1. By the way can you give me more concrete details on what happened at the scene of the crime?
          They can’t.

  22. Anthony is really cooning it up. Ant you won’t be accepted bro. They look at you the same way they look at Trayvon. Black on Black crime is a myth. Every race kills each other at the same rate. Whites kills each other just as much BUT you never hear about it and it’s not White on White crime.Whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With
    respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests; in
    forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more
    than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led blacks, again, more than 2-1.
    Given this mathematical truth, would anyone encourage African
    Americans to begin shooting suspicious white males in their
    neighborhoods for fear that they’ll be raped, assaulted or murdered?

    1. “Every race kills each other at the same rate.”
      Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
      “With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests”
      And, considering there are about 6 times more white people than black people in this country, this would still mean that the average black person is 3 times more likely than the average white person to be arrested for aggravated assault. Don’t you know how math works?

      1. Nathan, 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites.

  23. It’s unimportant because unless you are the victim, defendant, or family or friends with said, it probably doesn’t affect your life one bit. What celebrities have to say about it is even LESS important. Most news stories bear little relevance to our lives and are blown out of proportion by media and politicians. Ignore.

  24. The reason white on black crime gets treated this way by the media is because the powers that be wish to incite racial contention, and divide people from one another. You can’t divide blacks from other blacks, but if there’s a white on black crime? Oh boy that is good for the agenda. Give it lots of media attention and paint the illusion that one has to pick sides. Either illusory choice would be the wrong choice. The choice that leads to disharmony, which is precisely what “they” want.
    Don’t drink the kool-aid, guys.

  25. From someone who is neither white or black, I find this case to encapsulate the toxic and inescapably emotional climate of race relations. I think most people, even conservative whites, do not want people being attacked/killed because of their race. But is really the question at stake here? In Western politics, feelings and “empathy” rule the day, logic can take a back seat. Half the public can’t even differentiate between premeditated murder and accidental manslaughter in self-defense.
    No, I don’t think it was right for Zimmerman to play wannabe cop. Yes, he is ultimately responsible for Martin’s death, so perhaps a manslaughter conviction would’ve been appropriate. But is this really what the media wants?
    No. They want racist cracker blood, so much so they that they will appropriate whiteness to someone that barely looks white, then actually accuse him of acting in white supremacy. But the facts don’t add up.
    That Zimmerman acted out of an innate bias against blacks is a baseless accusation.
    That Zimmerman profiled a black man because of preconceptions about blacks as a whole is also a baseless accusation. Does that mean he didn’t? We don’t know, we can’t read minds.
    There’s no reason to believe that Zimmerman didn’t target Martin simply because he thought Martin looked suspicious (yes, people can look suspicious independent of their race), or because previous robberies in his neighborhood were done by blacks, not because he figured blacks in general were more suspicious or criminal. It’s called reasonable doubt/suspicion, and the average American seems to have no idea what it is.
    “If something happens to a minority, it’s because he’s a minority.” Is terribly lazy thinking, and it’s endemic throughout much of the media.

  26. Pravda comrade!
    Zimmerman is a douche and Trayvon was a punk who had burgled before…but Zimmerman didn’t pull the trigger long enough to have his face pummeled and head perforated…so beyond a reasonable doubt, a murderer he is not.

  27. Thanks for saying what a lot of people don’t have the guts to say. Zimmerman kills Trayvon and there’s outrage. A black man killing another black man either gets justified or people don’t talk about it SMH. Fucking pussies man I swear.

  28. methinks SWPLs are the ones crying “Murder” holding up their still-beating, bleeding hearts up high and distracting the black community from the true elephant in the room.
    I’m impressed with Lupe Fiasco’s perspective on the matter, it means there’s still an ounce of independent thinking out there among popular artists these days.

  29. McGinnis, this article reads like something out of the 80’s. Why don’t you just write “Black on Black Crime is way before its time”, instead of this long article.
    Lupe is retarded.

  30. Justice was done when Zimmerman shot Trayvon. Fuck all these people protesting mane, why don’t they ever say shit when Black dudes kill each other in their own neighborhoods, huh?

  31. What a bunch of little punks commenting here. You tough guys rock up to a black fella on the street and spout your tough-guy talk?
    No you wouldn’t because you know you would get an ass whupping.
    As far as Zimmerman goes–a little beta whimp punk trying to be a tough guy.
    Zimmerman Racist? Don’t know, and not the point. What idiot disobeys the cops and initiates a reaction with some kid that results in the kid getting shot. Not required, a needless killing.
    Zimmerman is a beta punk idiot who should be locked up for being a total dunce fuckwit try-hard tough guy.

    1. I’m so sick of”Zimmerman is a beta punk idiot who should be locked up for being a total dunce fuckwit try-hard tough guy.”
      If this were true half of America would be locked-up.
      Did he overreact, yes…should he have taken a boxing class before joining the neighborhood watch, probably…but Trayvon was a house robbing punk who threw fists before words. Thank gods Zimmerman got off, maybe other punks will stay out of the homes and neighborhoods of actual high school graduates now.
      Young people today need more accountability…not less

    2. Zimmerman might have been an idiot, but race was clearly the point. If this had been two black dudes or two white dudes or even a half-Hispanic with a Spanish last name, it wouldn’t be on the news. You know it and I know it.

  32. Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case is fake. Trayvon’s dad is a grand master mason.

  33. The worst part of this was that nigger Obama calling Trayboon his hypothetical son. I hope if I ever need legal help, the President will be there to lend his incredible influence my way.

  34. Any sympathy I may have had for Martin left when they kept portraying the punk as a tiny little cherubic kid,not the pissy wannabe gangsta he was.

  35. Zimmerman looks like a hybrid of white, hispanic, arab, and asian. On the picture protest above, he looks more like asian. When he is not shaved, he looks like hispanic with little bit of white in him. When he has beard, he looks like arab.

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