The Pussification Of Western Society And How To Overcome It

The average man today has slouched shoulders, an expanding waistline, is indecisive, and presents an overall timid nature. He exemplifies the pussification of western society. But what’s causing this? Why is it that men today are less manly than they used to be? Is it because of the rise of feminism? Porn addiction? Processed foods? Environmental toxins? I’d say yes – all of these are contributing factors. But the real reason for this decline in masculinity is something very different. And once we address this root cause, all the other factors become irrelevant.

But before diving in, let’s discuss what it means to be a man in the first place…

What Does It Mean To Be a Man?

This is a question that will get many different answers depending on who you ask. But if you asked it of the philosopher king Marcus Aurelius (or any of the ancient Stoics for that matter), he would tell you that to be a man means to live with virtue. In fact, the root word of virtue is “virtus,” which is Latin for manliness. The four cardinal virtues that the Stoics abided by were 1) Wisdom, 2) Justice, 3) Fortitude, and 4) Temperance.

Wisdom is knowledge of life and the ultimate Stoic wisdom is to concern yourself only with factors that are within your control. What are those factors? Your thoughts and your behaviors. Nothing else. Never play the victim. If you have a problem, ask yourself if there’s anything you can do about it. Yes? Then get to work. No? Then don’t worry.

Justice is living in integrity with your ideals. When we live with integrity, there is a match between our intentions and our actions. When we live without integrity, we procrastinate on the actions that would move us towards our goals.

Fortitude is courage. The courage to make decisions based on standards rather than emotions. The courage to do what needs to be done regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

Temperance is self-mastery. A master of self is engaged in the consistent pursuit of narrowing the gap between where he is and where he knows he’s capable of being. He understands that there is no finish line and that progress is the only way forward.

That’s a quick look at the four cardinal virtues that embody what it means to be a man. If you want me to dive deeper into them in another article, let me know in the comments. But now, let’s dive in to the root cause of the masculinity crisis as we face it today.

The Real Reason Men Are Less Manly Than They Used to Be

The first men walked the earth more than 5 million years ago. Through the trials and tribulations of harsh environments and dangerous predators, nature slowly molded us into what we are today. Man has taken control of his environment, tamed the wilderness, sailed the oceans, conquered nations, and even walked the moon.

You and I are the fine-tuned result of countless iterations of evolution. You were designed to be strong, fearless, confident, and powerful. The drive for greatness has been hard-coded into your DNA. Why, then, do none of these characteristics seem apparent in the average guy? Well, it’s because we are born in a modern world with a mind and body that was designed for something very different.

Genetically, we haven’t changed much over the past 100,000 years. Technologically, however, we have advanced exponentially. We are born in a world of instant gratification, social media, and Domino’s delivery with a brain that was designed for hunting wooly mammoths and fighting saber toothed tigers.

The real reason men are less manly than they used to be is because we are no longer being forced to exercise our masculinity. The human brain is a very efficient machine that was designed to conserve resources. That is another way of saying that we are lazy by nature. Since the environment is no longer forcing us to man up, the majority of men succumb to the temptation of the path of least resistance.

Our primal drives are survival and reproduction. No matter where a man falls in the strata of western society, he is likely to scrounge enough food and water to survive. As for reproduction, most men are chronic masturbaters and trick their brains into thinking that they’re reproducing. With the primal desires met, it is very easy to fall back into comfort. To become a masculine man, however, you have to exert the evolutionary pressure on yourself. You have to force yourself to grow.

How to Reclaim Your Masculinity

Yes society is becoming more feminized and there are a lot of forces trying to suppress your masculinity. But if you let these factors hold you back, then you are nothing but a pussified bluepill beta cuck. To reclaim your masculinity you have to exercise your masculinity. If you don’t use it, you lose it. How do you exercise your masculinity?

Well, the first step is to get clear on your path and purpose. Your thoughts and behaviors are the only things you have control over, so always make sure that they are directed to some end. Know the intended outcome of your actions. Begin with the end in mind.

The second step is to live with integrity. Stick to your commitments. Keep a task list everyday and complete it. Do what you said you were going to do. Keep your word to yourself.

The third step is to build courage. Take cold showers. Cold approach women. Practice martial arts. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

And finally, understand that mastery is a never ending process. Life is about climbing one mountain peak after another. Each mountain you conquer reveals the view to a completely new landscape. There is always another level. And at every new level there is a different devil. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

God speed.

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73 thoughts on “The Pussification Of Western Society And How To Overcome It”

    1. “Why is it that men today are less manly than they used to be?”
      Fear of the law.
      No other reason needed in the western world.

      1. Sadly true but you have to keep learning. I have Asperger’s well a mild variant, so whichever mountain I need to climb I will get there.

      2. I agree that fear is the root cause, but fear of the law? Is it against the law to set and pursue goals or take cold showers or practicing martial arts? LOL john u funny

        1. It’s against the law in countries like Canada and UK to ask why is your Grade One teacher naked in class, or why that pedo femoid V i c t o r i a B a t e m a n of Oxford or Cambridge University is naked on campus.
          It’s illegal to shoot down a feminist if she attacks you while she cries in pain. Feminists are no different than )ews.

        2. Roosh is banned from entering the UK for allowing criticism of women on this forum. I repeat men are less manly for fear of the law.

        3. The year, 1999, almost 20 years ago it was as plain as day where we were headed. It has gotten a FUCK of a lot worse since then. Here is a visual aid to help you ‘Mo’ (I know what that is short for, I wonder if everyone else does). Project Mayhem (or something like it) is the only way out of this.

        4. Are you really that naive Mo? Fear is paralyzing men all throughout the western world. The elites use the hammer of government (the law!) to keep men in check. So pursue your goals and take all the cold showers you like. Personally I prefer hot water to soothe and stimulate the muscles and joints but that’s just me.

      3. If you argue with femoids on Twitter like Greg Allen Elliott, the police there arrest you for criminal harassment, have you on bail under Gestapo conditions for three years, and after a 3 to 5 year trial, and $400,000 in legal fees and lost income, the Crown quietly gives a no guilty verdict and time served.
        GAE could’ve just pumped a slug in those feminist liars and he would have served the same time in prison or on parole.
        Alek Minassian will get released for not criminally responsible and he ran over innocent men. It’s only when a femwhore feels offended that the police and courts act dictatorial on a male.
        I repeat, in countries like Canada and UK, murdering someone using gun violence gives the same jail time as offending a feminist. You will also be less likely to be slandered and defamed like Ro osh.

      4. Not fear, arrogance and ego. When you think you can do whatever you wanna do there’s so no discipline and no order. Its actually the law which instills discipline and all of the other virtues, or should – without it youre just living in anarchy.

        1. Guest…For those of us that have been on the earth long enough, we know things weren’t always as they are today. Laws and beliefs have swung so far to the left it is hard to be a masculine man without breaking the law. Things like homosexuality have been decriminalised, trannies must be kowtowed to, whilst standing up for your self in a self defence situation you are just as likely to be charged assault, and possibly with murder or manslaughter. Men are just supposed to sit there and take whatever shit is dished out to them by women and minorities. All the responsibility is put on the man, whilst the “others” have no responsibility.
          If you can’t see that you have your head stuck in the sand. No one’s talking about anarchy, or indiscriminate violence. Its about freedom of thought and freedom of speech, common sense and reason rather than just obeying those that think they know better about how you should live your life.
          History will judge the present times harshly as weak and degenerate.

      5. “I agree that fear is the root cause, but fear of the law? Is it against the law to set and pursue goals or take cold showers or practicing martial arts? LOL john u funny”
        None of that is against the law. But 50+ upvotes tells me readers here are way more hip to the grim reality than the author.
        The point is, you can peacock all you want w/ your abs, martial arts, bank account, etc. but the truth of the matter is as harsh as it is liberating once you realize it: You are a slave.
        You attempt to smash the machine of control and it will destroy you utterly. So OBEY. But yeah, hit the gym, prance and preen around the dojo, go get pump and dumps, and most importantly- consume.
        We live in a gynarcho-tyranny (hat tip: Heartiste) that will crush you like a gnat if you attempt to restore masculine values to it. There are men with badges and guns, the whitest of the white knights, who have a monopoly on force & violence that will see to it that you stay in line.
        More clear now?

        1. You’ve got a choice – play the victim to external factors outside of your control or become the creator of your reality. Seems like the choice has already been made for you + Jon + the 60 upvoters.

        2. Mo,
          I never played the victim, I just walked away from the UK and set up a new life in Asia when I couldn’t live with the white laws any more. But you PUA guys just carry on living where you are, banging club sluts and complaining that you have no wife or children when you’re age 40+.

      6. John nailed it. We are eff’d in the workplace and on the street. If you speak your truth strongly and with certainty (at work), it’s a microagression and you will be in the HR office on Friday. You will get a good talking-to or get written up. Butch women and faggy men try to make assertive personalities “a problem.” Personally, I’m over it. Women and effeminate men shouldn’t be in business or corporate jobs, unless they are willing & able to take a few punches.
        And on the street, women generally lean to the left-of-center, politically. They claim to want a renaissance man. But, a few months after dating said renaissance man, they find themselves under-served and “can’t really figure out why he isn’t ‘the one’.”… it’s because she is denying the fact that she wants to be led by a strong, masculine figure… and the ideology that has been rammed down her throat by libtards in the education system is failing her, on disastrous proportions.
        By the way, I’m seeing the dam beginning to spring leaks, even in the super-liberal Northeastern U.S. Women are becoming awake and aware and don’t want to struggle with the true nature of men and women. And when I say “true nature”, I’m not proposing some sexist notion of women being barefoot servants. I’m proposing that traditional roles worked for a reason; they are genetic, which you cannot overcome.

    2. Great article! Many men may not know where to start, and for those and all men, I strongly recommend making a connection with nature. Going in the woods for a week, with bare minimum supplies, with no technology, and coming out successful will change you as a man. You will realize how little you actually need and the reflection time will help you priortize what you actually care about in your life.

    3. Finally a useful article that’s actually well written.
      That being said Mo, and of course taking into account the fact that a man has to earn a living, the sales pitch at the end was just distasteful…and unrelated to the overall point you were making in your article.

      1. What I’m SELLING you on is the fact that testosterone is the biological cause of masculinity and that every man should get this area of his life handled. Plus, the link is to a FREE blueprint that helps you do that. Please explain why that was distasteful?

    4. 7 Billion people, are being led by the nose by 3,000 families, who are overwhelmingly Israeli.
      Let that sink in….

  1. Fantastic article. And yes, an article expanding on the 4 cardinal principles of stoicism – or anything along those lines – would be welcomed.
    For any portuguese readers out there: I’ve started my own blog, following the vital work of Roosh V and The Return of Kings. Naturally, I’m writing in Portuguese:
    Stay strong!

  2. meh…a writing of common sense….mostly. Do right, live right and take responsibility.
    5M years? Exactly where did you get that number? Being a man is to speak the Truth, especially when it’s not politically correct.
    Empirical evidence points to:
    – 7000-10,000 years of man on Earth,
    – That there is a God, and mankind is under the curse of sin.
    – Because of that, we have been DE-volving ever since; we are overall weaker, & dumber than our ancestors.
    We have more knowledge but less capacity to use it. We have a healthier life, but are weak in spite of that. Greek messengers ran Marathon distances in sandals over rough terrain 🙂
    Just another sales pitch of an article…

      1. I don’t care how unpopular it is but Darwinism has at least as many holes in it as Creationism does. Just for the record I am not a Creationist and don’t believe the world is only thousands of years old. I just don’t even begin to pretend that I know the whole history of our origins. Darwin himself admitted many flaws in his theory. I lump Evolution along with Socialism/Communism as one of the major banes of humanity that began in the mid 19th Century. Besides being almost universally accepted very few people even understand what Darwin was trying to claim as truth. “It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” Being the strongest and/or smartest guarantees you nothing.

    1. lol the bible is nothing but a crock of shit used to take people’s money, the sooner you wise up to that fact the better

  3. “You and I are the fine-tuned result of countless iterations of evolution”
    Good that there are Americans who do believe in the evolution.

  4. Great article my fellow bearded brother. Society is soft as fuck and the feminists are having their way. Low T males are their useful idiots.

    1. Yes brother. So many guys are reading redpill content but have great difficulty in actually swallowing the pill. As a result, they play victim and blame outside circumstances to justify their position. They fail to realize that the moment they take responsibility for everything in their lives is the moment they grant themselves the power to change anything in their lives.

        1. It’s a step in the right direction. If you get far enough out you’re cutting yourself off from civilization, severing that damned tether to your smart phone that has us all tied up like pussies.
          The point isn’t to just ‘hike in the woods.’ It’s to challenge yourself and cut things down to the bare basics so you realize on how little you can actually survive. Then when the power goes out, or you hit a rough patch and have to cancel your internet for a few months, or you (gasp!) have to skip a meal or two, you’ll have learned that these things aren’t the end of the world. They can be managed. In fact, they’re not even that big of a deal.

  5. Yet another “Be a man and don’t be a glasses wearing geek. Be a high school jock” article. The only difference in content is a slight variation in length and the exact pictures and words used.
    Sorry to be this negative. It’s not the fault of the writer but the one who agrees to publish yet another cookie cutter article after another.

    1. Nothing in the article advocates for being a “high school jock”(although high school jocks are high on the food chain). The premise of the article is pretty straight-forward: discover and pursue mediums that cultivate your inner masculinity. The information may sound generic to some but clearly it’s is not being readily applied since society is in a masculinity crisis.
      Good article Mr. Saleem.

      1. I’m not convinced that society is in a masculinity crisis. The crime rate is down (less ‘toxic masculinity’) and men have more knowledge about sports and getting jacked than ever before. There’s more ways to make money at home. People are living longer. Improved drugs allow old men to have erections etc. I’m guessing that a modern soy boy would kick the ass of a stone age man all else being equal because of his far better health (including size).
        Instead of more masculinity I think what we need is more virtuousness in general. We should not romanticize shitty old times of dying a painful death from a kidney stone or appendicitis. We had the masculine era out of necessity. We needed strong division of labour and just plain did not know much better. In a more advanced era we can choose whether we want to be masculine or not or what masculinity means to us. The vast majority of men or women will continue to have goals and dreams but they do not necessarily need to be in line with ancient practices and worries.

        1. “In a more advanced era we can choose whether we want to be masculine or not or what masculinity means to us.”
          That is true. And we men who choose to be masculine will bang the shit out of all the women you don’t bother chasing because you’re such an effeminate joke.
          Goddamn bro if you don’t think there is a masculinity crisis in this culture than you have not been paying attention. I just got back from a business trip to Portland and I swear I could smell the soy on those fuckers. Seattle and California are just as bad. These places used to ooze energy and triumphalism, now they’re filled with man-buns, skinny jeans, and androgynous dorks pushing around strollers while they’re ‘women’ go to work.

        2. The Jomsviking,
          I’m not american and do not know the details of what you’re talking about but if men are so feminized in America, that is less competition for you as you have observed so why the bravado? Allow feminized men to be feminized just like they allow you to present yourself the way you like.
          ‘A real man’ might look down on people for having different genes and preferences but a virtuous person would not be so near sighted.
          I live in a fairly feminized country but I have had enough exposure to other cultures to know that ‘masculinity’ is not necessarily so great. In my town I can walk around and talk to women without some black haired exotic hot head (arab or balkan douche) flying into jealous rage and I can look at a group of people without a drunken dullard trying to pick a potentially lethal fight with me (as is apparently far more common in slavic nations). And the woman I’m talking to may not be the most feminine but at least she’ll probably try to treat me as a person possibly in need of assistance and not as a potential threat even if that’s in the back of her mind.
          Do you have any evidence that the feminized men in your circle of the world are any less productive than anyone else? Maybe you have and then you have more of a universal point but I could care less if they chug beer and watch the UFC or practice finger painting instead.

        3. Depressed Guy,
          You think you have law and order, but I see the western world as almost completely lawless (as long as you don’t offend women and minorities). The petty theft in the west just doesn’t happen in the Middle East or Asia. When I go shopping on my scooter, if I buy a box of beer, I just leave it sitting on the scooter seat along with my helmet, when I visit the next shop. I almost never close the windows of my house or lock the doors when I’m out. My car keys live in the car ignition out on the road every night. In ten years, I’ve had one m/c helmet stolen when it was left on my m/c mirror. Back in the UK, anything that wasn’t locked down was gone in 60 seconds. Western law and order is a joke to most of the rest of the world. My wife is even worse, she often leaves her phone and purse sitting on the m/c seat or in the front pocket with the keys in the ignition, nothing has ever been stolen from her.

        4. John,
          the average brit, white german speaker or a scandinavian is a sincere person. Studies have shown the latter to be the most honest people in the world while swarthy nations are the least honest (China is pretty dishonest too depending on the study you believe).
          Thirld world Asia and the Middle-East is orderly because of over the top punishments they have for petty crimes, while europeans and western whites operate out of internal moral compass and the law is there to discourage the ones whose internal moral compass is weak.
          When you bring third world muslims into Europe with is light punishments, their true nature is soon revealed.

        5. DepressedGuy,
          You’re wrong, in the UK it’s low-class white guys that steal everything.
          There weren’t all that many non-whites until recently, and petty theft has always been a problem in the UK. Britain populated the USA and Australia with our petty criminals. It’s just too easy to blame immigrants.

    2. Depressedcuck1985, u piz o shite. Are you fing tard? Do you actually read the article. You always writing nonsense. Goddamn crybaby.

  6. The question should not be what is illegal. The question should be: “Is anything legal?”
    The question should not be what rights Americans have. The question should be: “Do Americans have any rights?”

  7. Okay!
    Momo and his testosterone booster “sign up and download” little pack…
    As a pro level athlete, I say this!! :
    Watch the video below and your testosterone level will increase around 3000 points under 7 minutes! ! ! <<>>>>>>

    Told ya!!
    Extra mgtow bullshit :

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    Peace out!

  8. Restrict the sale of amyl nitrate. That’ll make it more difficult for potential soyboys to take it in the pooper, and perhaps they’ll change their ways. Worth a try.

    1. Captain,
      Read it, didn’t agree with it.
      We men are facing the biggest struggle in the history of man, the struggle to hold onto our assets in the face of usurpation by women. I’ve been almost completely defeated by a woman and the UK law.

  9. Why is it always muslims and other trash writing negative articles about Western men? Also this article told us nothing that the manosphere hasn’t been bombarded with for the last 5 years.

  10. Being 52 and having seen how it gradually has gotten to this point, there are a few things I can recommend:
    1) Forget “armed revolution.” We all know that unless things SUDDENLY get ten times worse it’ll never happen. It’s the fact that it has been a GRADUAL process that makes it so effective.
    2) Use Money. That’s right, money has considerable power, both ways. If Hollywood puts out yet another piece of SJW propaganda, DON’T SPEND MONEY TO SEE IT!!!!!!!! It is the same with comics, television (trust me if you have cable or satellite or HULU they know what you are watching).
    3) Take a moment to say something. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you know a movie or comic is SJW contact the ones selling it and let them know why you will not purchase it. Does a program scream man-bashing? Let the advertisers, who are supporting it, know you are displeased and will not buy their products. Note that with the way things are today, many different products can be under the same corporate umbrella, so do some research and include some of that- if they know you are aware of what other products to avoid they’ll take you more seriously.
    4) Do support things that go against political correctness. Many people were mocking buyers of the game “Hunie Pop” because they were buying a merely o.k. game to spite the SJWs- what they didn’t realize was that it was an investment for the future, showing companies that being anti-SJW is NOT a death sentence. Money power is useless if not applied.
    5) Avoid the “crazy” right. The left would like nothing better than to associate all people who oppose political correctness as being “Nutcase Fascists.” This is not a “left” or “right” thing, it is standing up for what is right and against what is wrong (e.g. transsexual insanity). Many of the “right” organizations are actually phony entities designed to discredit opposition to the left, so don’t fall for it. In the animal rights movement I saw examples of people who were obvious troublemakers trying to accomplish just that- and with the way things are we cannot afford to make such mistakes, unless you LIKE the idea of a leftist Big Government forcing you to have intimate relationships with transsexuals or go to jail for a hate crime and being bullied and sent to jail by feminists just on a say-so.

    1. I broadly agree with your comment, but let’s get the politics clear. Fascists and Nazis were National Socialists. Communists were/are International Socialists. There is no right wing. There has never been. It was an invention by Karl Marx so that he could have an enemy to fight. He needed an opposition to explain why communism didn’t catch on fast. I have heard many people proudly proclaim they are left-wing, but I have never heard anyone describe themself as right-wing. Right-Wing = not a Marxist.
      It’s used as a slur, like calling someone a racist.
      Antifa is a joke – Fascists who fight Fascism. Mussolini would be proud of them.

  11. So many menstruating men on this site. Kvetching and bellyaching and gumming each others’ dicklings for comfort.

  12. Feminism really started in the early 60s with the advent of ‘the (birth control) pill’.
    From that moment on – and living in a protective society that nice men had created – a woman no longer needed a man, so all self control was lost and all hell broke lose.
    Adultery, broken families and declining birth rates will eventually lead to the collapse of Western civilization when finally ‘SHTF’ (Shit Hit The Fan – Preppers Terminology).
    However, the irony of all this is that when SHTF happens, feminism and (fake) girl power will be over in just a matter of days and nature will regain its true course.

  13. Please listen to me…@ am from India and sing johnny cash.nobody gives a god bless you

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