The #MeToo Campaign Compares Not Replying To A Girl’s Texts With Raping Her

If our readers have paid attention to their social media feeds over the last week or so, many of them will have noticed countless virtue signals from the #MeToo campaign. A male feminist spinoff of this putrid witch-hunt, #IHave, is now comparing not responding to a girl’s text messages to abusing her sexually. Apparently “rape culture,” which is about as fictional as that giant annoying dog from The Neverending Story, is perpetuated by men not writing back to girls after they’ve had sex with them. Not texting a reply to her leads to rape, remember!

What we are witnessing is the realization by feminists and others that actual rape is at an all-time low. Still, people, SJWs most of all, need their boogeymen and scapegoats. Consequently, behaviors women themselves engage in (flaking, ignoring SMS invitations from interested males, etc.) are presently being equated with promoting rape when it is men who are performing them. “Ghosting,” an unspoken refusal to communicate with someone, is evidently such an affront to women that it has been included in the “rape culture” lexicon.

Of course, a perennial topic of game, including by Roosh in Bang, is dealing with girls who flake on dates, don’t text back, or fail to pick up the phone. If only Roosh’s readers and readers of Return Of Kings could accuse a woman of furthering “rape culture” every time she doesn’t respond to them! We could resolve common female antics almost overnight if that were the case.

Yes, this is real

Sweet Jesus. It’s hard to see how these girls are at risk of rape every day.

The virtue signals being offered by men at the moment may differ from one another somewhat, but this is the general sort of thing being plastered on Facebook and other social media platforms [the emphasis is mine]:

I have assumed she knew we were just “hooking up” on a regular basis with no strings attached.
I have stared way too long, not caring if she catches me checking her out.
I have gone ahead with sex without having the time or inner sensing to see if that is what I actually wanted.
I have ghosted someone after hooking up a few times.
I have assumed consent once is consent always.
I’ve used intoxication as an excuse for “coming on strong.”
I have emotionally hurt women I’ve cared about through sex.
I have leaned heavily on the emotional labor of woman to teach me how to be a better man to them.
I have tolerated “locker room talk.”
I have tolerated cat-calling by my friends.
I have wielded my “power-over” in many ways to get what I want.
I’m not a bad man, I’m waking up within a rape culture and learning everyday what it means to feed life instead of stealing it. I’m not posting this as a confession or in an effort to absolve my sins, but to give examples of how I’ve learned that I have contributed to rape culture in order to encourage other men to do the same.
#itwasme #ibelieveyou
– Copy/paste if you have ever contributed to harassment and rape culture or failed to confront or prevent it (modify as appropriate). Don’t leave it up to the women, gender non-conforming folks, and smaller number of men who have suffered sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape, to address a problem they didn’t cause.
(Note to other men: Please do not leave comments praising me for posting this. The focus is on survivors, not heaping unearned praise on men who had to hurt people to learn how to be decent humans. Feel free to share your own stories/apologies though.)

Let’s take a look at some of these points.

I have assumed she knew we were just “hooking up” on a regular basis with no strings attached.

What do women expect? With girls racking up historically high notch counts, the majority of relationships are not really relationships. In fact, as Return Of Kings has stated a number of times before, men are the real romantics, which is usually to their detriment. Most, if not all ambiguity about the nature of sexual relationships (random fuck or “I’m going to marry him”) would be removed if women valued their virginity and near-virginity more.

In the context of pathetic male apologies for “advancing rape culture,” #IHave recklessly throws consensual sex with a woman into the same basket as sexually abusing her. With so few examples going around of men beating girls in the head and forcibly penetrating them, a woman voluntarily entering a bed with you will now suffice as sexual assault if you do not later requite her feelings and pursue a long-term relationship with her.

I have stared way too long, not caring if she catches me checking her out.

Yes, because women dressed and behaving like the girl below, constituting an ever growing number amongst the fairer sex, are not trying to court any attention whatsoever. Worse still, they are obviously deeply traumatized when such attention comes their way:

I have ghosted someone after hooking up a few times.

a) Because he’s a rapist. b) Because he’s a rapist. c) Because he’s a rapist. d) Because he’s a rapist.

Incidentally, this is the tactic actress Charlize Theron is said to have used on Sean Penn when she dumped him. Before I heard about this, I knew what “ghosting” was in basic terms, but had never come across the word itself. Given the sad state of male thirst in today’s world, plus the time-honored, hardwired female practice of hypergamy, it’s a safe bet that women utilize this a lot more than men.

I have emotionally hurt women I’ve cared about through sex.

Remember, this is the age of the snowflake and subjectivity, not facts, are king. Ivy League students, touting themselves as the cream of the crop, have meltdowns over Halloween costumes. So God knows what can happen when a man rejects a woman he has had sex with or simply does not do what she wants in any relationship.

Western society is beset with a divorce rate above 50% and most women have many sexual partners before marriage. As a result, are we to believe that it is ever possible for a woman with a notch count of, say, ten men to have not been emotionally “hurt” multiple times by a sexual partner? And this says absolutely nothing about whether the feelings she has are rational or justifiable, let alone whether they should be mentioned alongside a crime like sexual assault or rape.

Are you ready for the total conflation of hurt female feelings and “rape”?

Well, let’s be honest. We have been approaching this outcome for a long while. Right now, however, the rot is accelerating beyond belief. The floodgates have well and truly opened with the downfall of Harvey Weinstein. Any slight a woman has suffered at the hands of a man (or concocted in her own mind) can be conveniently subsumed under a hashtag like #MeToo. No evidence is needed, only a Facebook or other social media post.

We should give the leftists credit—they have done a spectacular job in redirecting the focus onto the vague, otherwise easily disprovable idea of “rape culture” and away from the hypocrisy of liberal Hollywood. Likewise, the collapsing of real crimes like rape onto normal male behavior or, at worst, bad manners is steadily ensuring that the definition of sexual abuse is whatever hurts a woman’s feelings.

Got your sex consent forms ready yet, gentlemen?

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95 thoughts on “The #MeToo Campaign Compares Not Replying To A Girl’s Texts With Raping Her”

  1. I have exactly zero attractive girls posting this on my news feeds. I noticed immediately it was only the ugly and fat ones posting it and I figure these girls are probably just trying to deal with rejection issues. Sad

    1. Exactly most of the feminist and SJW are all fat ugly girls who don’t have an attractive personality to make up for it.

  2. Hurt feelings are kinda like rape? Then I will never forget that time you trolled an entire continent. It was like the time Nanking got raped. It should be in history books.

      1. I’d buy that for a dollar!
        Seriously, though, I got your back in Oregon/Washington if you really want to hit the liberals where they live. They could use a wake-up.

  3. Hell still has no fury like a woman butt-hurt. I fit a lot of those ‘categories’ but I’m not ashamed. Some of them I still laugh about. One or two memories are a depression risk. Either way, whoever wrote that #Ihave schtick sounds like a college hippo crying through cheap mascara and nose rings.
    You know, I always thought ghosting was when you walked past someone and farted silently. By each definition women ghost more than men. Women get their tang in the moment, and later they tell their friends and manifest emotions to attach to that memory. …in some cases a process something like betrayal.
    Where’s a woman you can trust?

  4. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of the third season of the excellent British series Broadchurch and I’m afraid it might have jumped the SJW shark. The theme is sexual assault (that’s promising already…) and there was already this ‘faux pas’ by a young intern who DARED ask whether the victim was drunk. This doesn’t bode well for future episodes…

  5. Women are basically overgrown 4 year olds. Learn that, and that explains about 80% of this stuff.

  6. With each passing day, sex robots become the most sane thing a guy could think about…..Just saying.

      1. Uh, have you s3en either of those movies? You definately do not want a sex robot on that level…at least not personality, and processsing wise. That bitch would kill you…or worse yet, act like a REAL woman!

  7. ………..and the sole reason why women / feminists will fight them tooth and nail. Sex robots are the cure for all the ails that men are heaped with as the out of control SJWs and conflationists go about criminalizing men for all sorts of insane bullshit.
    Name JUST ONE thing sex robot / love doll does to threaten men (aside from the fact that men can no longer have healthy relationshits at all with women, and the PRIMARY objection feminists have to sex robots is that they WILL CREATE in men, UNHEALTHY sexual attitudes towards women AS IF THOSE DO NOT ALREADY EXIST BECAUSE OF WOMEN AND FEMINISTS ALREADY!!!)
    What if the only solace men will have in the near future really is a mechanic best friend who will never betray or hurt them……? What if, MEN? Think about that. My best friend I ever had was a dog, but you cannot have a full spectrum healthy relationship with a dog, and failing opposite/same sex connections, man will have to resort to the one truly trustable solution, a robot (until men figure out how to hack and turn them as well against us, unless that is remedied at their inception).

    1. The real problem is that these ugly feminists get no male attention, or at least the attention from the men they want attention from. Whatever gets men’s attention, feminists will be against, be it video games, sports, hanging with the guys, sex robots, TV, smartphone, or other beautiful women.
      When women can’t draw male attention, they go ape shit and do just about anything to get it. Doesn’t matter if making themselves more attractive (harder to do, but men prefer) or make themselves more disgusting (easy way).

      1. “Doesn’t matter if making themselves more attractive (harder to do, but men prefer) or make themselves more disgusting (easy way).”
        Females will always catch flies with honey….. IF they have the honey.
        If they do not then they will use vinegar.
        That is the only reason you get less feminism out of the more attractive females.
        So then, a sign this sexbot stuff is working is if, in about say 10 years, we start to see many more attractive women sounding exactly like feminists of today. As this would indicate that their ‘honey’ can’t compete with the ‘synthetic’ variety.

    2. You’re right. Non-human sex companions are the future. Like in Bladerunner 2049, but much better. Women will engage in it too. Everyone will eventually have their ideal sex partner(s). Could happen sooner than we think. Immersing ourselves in phones is only the precursor. We’ll choose whether we want to live with advanced tech or a set aside area fixed to one technological era that never evolves.

    3. I’ve said before on this site that my most successful Chinese friends own sex toy companies.
      I’ve been sent some truly mind-boggling videos and photos of cutting-edge sexbots sent to me by them while at conferences. It’s gotten to the point where I HAVE to know consider it as part of a profit making business when before I wouldn’t touch the freaky dolls.
      Make no mistake, this is not a fad, the sexbot revolution is coming.

  8. Hopefully only women producers and cucks will be allowed to make movies in Hollywood.
    That way its demise will be assured as there will be a never ending parade of insomnia curing chick flicks.
    Loving the parade of duds and bombs coming out of creatively washed up Hollywood right now.

  9. Sex with girls? What’s that?
    In order to do that your name either has to be Tyrone Jones or
    Harvey Wienstine.

    1. Concerning the latter, the temptation to enjoy seeing high-minded Hollywood types and male Feminists get their comeuppance has to be tempered with the fact that many allegations of sexual assault and/or harassment have proven to be false.

      1. yep.
        seems the usual suspects, entertainers, are establishing the hard rules:
        women must be believed.
        lynch men by accusation

      2. Indeed. The entire Weinstein event appears to be little more than high-class prostitution. “Jump on this dick, and you’ll be a star, honey.”

  10. butt sex and you feed her afterwards = date/relationship
    butt sex and you throw her out afterwards = rape
    Please note feeding her is not about being a gentlemen or being nice. It is an insurance policy from her going ape shit on you.

  11. According to today’s culture I am a misogynistic cis-white-privileged nazi rapist bigot basement-dwelling white-supremacist…
    Am I missing anything?

    1. Just like to let you know you will NOT have this issue if you have a year long tan likes hip hop and wear your jeans down where it shows off your undies.

    2. “Am I missing anything?”
      Don’t forget the V2 rocket in that underground missile silo adjacent to your mom’s basement.

    3. you forgot transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, zionist, capitalist, republican, manspreader, mantalking, white-supremacist, christian, jewish, anglophile, colonialist…. could be couple I’m missing. Oh yeah, lookist, chauvinist, ableist, microagressor, macroagressor and a person who like hot chicks.

  12. I saw this Asian Girl complaining about this in youtube, The imbecile Anna Akana, She was mad because she sleep with guys and coworkers with her saying I don´t want a relationship no string attachments and all that crap, then her hamsters start spinning the wheel, But I want a cuddle after sex, sex was amazing etc.. then the guy do what he was told to do and continue as if nothing happen then she began to text him like psycho girl the whine about men not responding back. So it is no string attachment unless I like it later. Her channel is the rationalization hamster speaking. She want to be a slut but not to be called slut, She fuck coworkers and friends then complain that men don´t take her seriously. If you want to explain the rationalization hamster to someone show them one video of this girl when she talk relationships.

        1. There are red flags to look out for and that stripper pole is definitely one of them. Always avoid the woman with a whore in mind. Those are the ones with whorish behaviors but doesn’t think she is one. Everyone loses at the end.

        2. She takes pole dance because she is an aspiring actress and she was “not sexy enough”, Translation, She was not attractive enough to Harvey weinstein that just her body and the usual women of just being there is enough to arouse a man is not working with producers who see much attractive girls all the time, So she needs to take her slut game to the next level.

        3. I think George Sarosi nailed it… giving some great insight here!
          Damn, I feel sorry for the unexperienced simp guys who can fall for this type of girls (especially when she knows to cover up her true nature when meeting him)…not knowing that they are engaging with a ticking time bomb!
          We guys must be screening like hell when trying to match a proper girl

    1. Facebook is fine say if you want to keep up with your favorite bands or to keep up to date with what is going on with your gym. If you are spending hours on Facebook trying to hook up with women then you are wasting your own resources and time. That goes for other forms of social media as well. I remember reading on here that Kyle Trouble one of the writers in here used to spend some +5 hours a day on instagram trying to hook up with chics. I say WTF?!?!?!?

      1. Nah, Google the band if you’re curious. Who the fuck cares what’s going on at the gym? Go work out and get on with your life. Leave Facebook to the plebes.

        1. My gym suddenly closed at the beginning of August and it was communicated through a Facebook post saying the gym is closed until further notice. No sign at the entrance of the gym. Nothing. Just gated things up. A real shady move.
          Then I joined a new gym and it has classes I wanted to take like boot camp and parkour. Sometimes the classes are cancelled or the change of instructor. That is also posted on Facebook.

      1. Call or text message them, if they aren’t in your phone and are just “Facebook friends”, they are expendable and not real friends.

  13. #Ihave
    I have assumed she knew we were just “hooking up” on a regular basis with no strings attached. – HA! Her fault, bitch needs to make clear what she wants or refuse to fuck without commitment.
    I have stared way too long, not caring if she catches me checking her out. – Shit, this is how I found out how girls actually like to be treated. Freshman year at a party, me drunk, girls sitting nearby. All of the sudden, “Hey are you STARING at my friends ass!” with a super irritated look on her face. Me, “Um, I a, um, well… I would say that I’m sorry but that would be a lie.” I totally expected to get slapped. INSTEAD, I had three new best friends.
    I have gone ahead with sex without having the time or inner sensing to see if that is what I actually wanted. – what the fuck? Seriously WTF?
    I have ghosted someone after hooking up a few times. – Maybe, don’t know, don’t care.
    I have assumed consent once is consent always. – uh, nope. That’s just silly. Clearly just because I was fucking you in high school does not mean you want to fuck me now that I’m in my 30’s.
    I’ve used intoxication as an excuse for “coming on strong.” – my intoxication or hers? Quite honestly, I’ve been raped by a lot of girls while I was drunk.
    I have emotionally hurt women I’ve cared about through sex. – What? What does this even mean. I’ve emotionally hurt girls through frogs, through talking, through not talking, through doing some thing innocuous, through not doing something, through staring at another girl, through not staring her while I was driving, through changing the radio station. Females will cry literally over anything. ANYTHING! And you know what I’ve learned over the years is the most painful thing to a female. Rejection. I’ve never had any females more angry at me than the ones I’ve turned down for sex. That’s another lesson I learned in college. Even the nicest girls would rather you try to go too far, so they can rebuff you (or not), than they would have you not try to kiss, them, touch them, fuck them. Nothing is more painful than a guy they like having no interest in them. And nothing is more disgusting to them than finding out a guy they like doesn’t have the balls to try anything.
    I have leaned heavily on the emotional labor of woman to teach me how to be a better man to them. – I have leaned heavily on other men to teach me how to be a man. I literally cannot think of one smidgen of good advice that was ever given to me by a girl. This includes my mom… Wait a minute, mom did tell me nice girls are better than pretty girls. Of course, she had the complete wrong definition of a nice girl.
    I have tolerated “locker room talk.” – um, fuck yeah. I’m not going to police other dudes language in the locker room. I do want to have some friends in the world. I mean, who is going to police what girls chat about when the guys aren’t around. Have you guys heard the shit that comes of female mouths? Anyone whom thinks their “locker room” talk is better is living in a fantasty land.
    I have tolerated cat-calling by my friends. – um, don’t care. I don’t really ever hear this, but still, dgaf.
    I have wielded my “power-over” in many ways to get what I want. – mainly I use invisibility and the huge bulge in my pants. Of course, this doesn’t work when used at the same time, and… they’re pissed when they find out later it was a banana.
    I’m not a bad man, I’ve just woken up in whore culture.
    To all men out there. Please be complete pussies and bow down to this ridiculous attempt to control who you are. My value just goes up and up the more men bend to this. Plus, it makes it real easy to identify all the real faggy types. You will be left behind. You will not reproduce, and if you do, you’ll be left rearing several other men’s children to the one she agrees to pop out for you. You will probably find out later in life, all of your relationships with females have been open relationships, whether you new it or not. Of course, it was only open for her, not for you. You will be used for your money, both for her, for her friends, for other females and for the state to purchase the female vote. You will be tossed aside and no one will care if you die. You are an expendable resource.
    Now, if you are a little bit beta, or you are a little bit faggy, but you still want a loyal wife and kids, there is only one way forward. You must band together with all of the other beta dudes and demand a culture that allows this. You must demand society to bend to your collective will, you must find the Alpha type men whom agree with you and stand with them. Because many Alpha type men are happy to fuck all the poon and leave you stuck with the bill. You will raise they’re genetically superior, asshole children. They will never or rarely get accused of rape or harasment. The women will line up and lay down in front of them. And most of you beta types are too stupid to see which side of the dollar bill you’re looking at.

    1. Sure they pissed when the huge bulge in ur pants turns out to be a banana. Don’t believe what your sister told you: SIZE matters. No one wants your wimpy-limpy-peanut.

  14. Men and women want love in their lives. Accept it or deny it the fact is we crave it. The mistake that causes all the conflict is the belief that we can find that love in another person. Why would they be in possession of the love you lack? And if you lack love what’s in it for them? Won’t they want the love (that you don’t have) in return? Result: chaos. The only way a “relationship” can be conflict-free is if the two protagonists are completely independent and self-sufficient on every level. When a man is supremely content with his own company, his body, his home, his friends, his understanding, his talent and his mission in life whatever it may be, then he will be able to approach any woman, or man for that matter, for any reason and without any fear. And this incidentally is when a man has reached the pinnacle of his attractiveness to the world because he is complete in every respect. He is standing on his own two feet, not limping. You can’t fake this because the smell of fake is all-pervading and the consequence is rejection and the pain of rejection is man’s worst nightmare. So don’t fake it. Get real. Be a man. Man is good.

  15. The alt-lite and alt-right and just about everyone right of center asked for this. They enabled it by touting all these harassment and rape stories about Harvey Weinstein without having any evidence. They held up the Weinstein accusations to bring the liberal hypocrites down but they raised fake rape accusations in the process. Who fact checked Rose McGowan? We’re right back where we were two years ago

    1. If the actresses and models admitted to having sex with him, than that’s all that matters. None of us or the articles were trying to make him look bad. I’d do the same thing he did. It was only covered on HERE to show the true nature of women…
      even the friendly, loving women we see in hollywood prostitute themselves. That was the only point of it.

      1. That sounds great but it missed the point. The point is that nobody is holding these women accountable anymore. Nobody is holding Rose McGowan’s feet to the fire. Instead as soon as she said Weinstein raped her everyone started calling him a rapist. Notice that Janice Dickinson says Bill Cosby and Weinstein assaulted her? But she never said anything until it was trendy. Notice Asia Argentina says he forcibly gave her oral? Yet she dated him afterward. And now another woman is sitting next to Gloria Allred giving almost the exact same story. And because nobody is doing that we are gaining only a pyrrhic victory over degenerate Hollywood.

    2. You’re largely correct. Some of these Weinstein allegations are probably true. Some exaggerated, and some outright fabricated. Some probably pretended to go along with it when they didn’t want to even if they had a clear chance to leave. It is stupid to try and bring down political enemies and slit your own throat in the process. This is a coordinated attack on Weinstein. Someone put the word out to do this. They could have squashed it if they wanted to like before.
      The accusation where the woman wore the wire could be very legit. We can’t get into a sports team mentality where we start dismissing everything.
      What this is going to do is motivate politicians to make everything possible a sex crime, lower the evidentiary bar as low as possible, and remove as many legal protections for those accused as they can. The average person doesn’t give a damn what happens to men right now, but these witch hunts and overreaches will eventually backfire.

  16. I advocate ALWAYS at least getting the, “Last night was fun, we’ll have to get together again soon,” text so I can screenshot that to put into the “you didn’t rape me” file in case her friends shame her and she tries to get out of it by claiming rape.

  17. Saw a girl #meetoo. Her reason- a guy hit on her while she was bartending. How dare that foolish, unnatractive man disturb such a devoted working professional!? Lo, the trauma and scandal.
    Making her harrowing tail of survival even more trivial, the girl above her shared how her father would come into her room and rape her repeatedly as a child. Such comparable experiences, right?

    1. The #meetoo response kit ( a tampon or maxi pad and two Pamprin with a sympathy note that simply says; “WAAAAHHH! GTF over it. You were fine with it when you could get something out of it”.

  18. Even a sexual consent form would never hold up in court if the women said she felt pressured to sign the form. Don’t bother gentleman. Just record every sexual excapade session by audio, or video, or both, if legal in your jurisdiction. Even most other females find it hard to convict when they see a woman whom clearly wanted it and was quite literally asking for it.
    For instance, I bet a lot of these gals whom where pressured by Weinstein into sex, put on a pretty good show for him and made him feel like they loved it. I mean, they were auditioning for acting roles, so they better have been believable. I bet a lot fewer of them would call it rape or assault if there was video or audio of the incident. Let that be the lesson to directors and producers going forward. Tape it.

  19. Nipplegate redux is the new feelz. The No Fans Left league wants to have uber talent Justin Timberlake for the Stupor Bowl half time entertainment this year and the mighty SJW are now onto…justice for Janet.
    Now that a hashtag has been made the world is saved!

  20. We should start a #beenrippedoff movement, all us pre-pill schmucks who wasted $$$$ on dates, buying average looking women gifts, drinks at the bar only to have these women take all our resources and time before blowing us off for Chad-F*ckhead.

    1. That’s a good point and something I’ve thought of many times. I’ve known women who refused to commit to anyone because they were having too much fun stringing along beta males from dating websites. Every night they’d have a new schmuck paying to take them out somewhere. And they never had any intention of doing more than accepting the free gifts. Then it ends up that they’re over 40 with no kids, no great career, and not being able to pull off the scams they used to.
      Because we are men, we are held to a higher standard. If this were happening to women and there was a social media campaign to make this type of behavior a felony level fraud offense, everyone would get behind it except for people who read sites like this who aren’t leftists reading it to do a report. Someone could try to be funny and start a hashtag #enddatefraud and see what the reactions are. More than likely we will be told we have “male privilege” and that any money a man is scammed out of is retribution for past offenses of the male sex. There is always some excuse to allow mistreatment of men.

    2. Don’t be mad because you acted like cucks and vagina whoreshipping simps and got what you deserved. Be mad because you CHOSE to be like cucks and vagina whoreshipping simps, and got what you deserved
      Buyers remorse is what it is called. The women don’t owe you for what you did voluntarily for (reasons). You what you wanted when you got it at the time. You were a voluntary player in their puzzy controlling system. If you are mad because you now see clearly that you were cucking/simping and are embarrassed by it, lost for it, then be glad you are smarter for it now and actually able to look back on it. your best revenge is to wisen others up and spoil the systems success by mentoring and educating those who will listen.

    3. Right. If I had to sleep with every guy who bought me a drink (since this is clearly what you expect) my guts would have long ago fallen out through dat ‘ole. Thanks for the drink- here’s my c*unt.
      Look pal, I don’t know what kind of dimwits you bang since they accuse you of rape every time you won’t text back, but I ‘ll tell you this, I f*ck and always have for one reason, cause it feels good. And I don’t have a dinner-metric-system. But no, I won’t go with a guy just cause he paid for my pad tai. Scuzi, gents, but that’s a tad fkng rude to suppose I might.
      Since we sharing today, I’ve been “hurt” some and hurt some. But never have I ever felt I’ve been “raped”, not even after “ghosting”. And I doubt any sane woman have. For the record, we, the women, can handle strictly sexual as well as it’s abrubt (but honestly, not AT ALL surprising) finale. The trouble is you looking for “love” in the wrong fkng placec, boys. You go out and you fixate on the biggest-obvious-hypergamy-knock-out-slut out there, and then you want her to become a decent, caring human being (lol all over your stupid cucks)
      Best of luck to you finding your own personal Shayk and turning her into a mama bear for you and your cubs.

      1. I’d settle for a tit grope. That’s the normal exchange rate for a couple of drinks. Cunt is worth an entire evening out, or I can just hand you the cash I would have spent. Your call.

  21. Good article, David. This is the next phase of the radical feminist plan pointed out on this site many times. They’re looking to expand the definition of sex crimes against women as wide as possible, lower the evidentiary standards to nothing, and then significantly lengthen or remove the statute of limitations(this type of thing was being pedaled by Dem politicians here to entice women voters). Catching perfectly innocent men up in their wide as possible dragnet is fine with them too, as anyone who has read radfem writings knows. It’s a power grab plain and simple. They drool over the idea of a future where they’re telling some guy “you spit out some bad game 20 years ago, automatic rape conviction”. The next step is to use beta cucks or beta cuck programmed surveillance to police male behavior online and in person. To get to a point where it’s basically illegal to converse with a woman you don’t know.
    These dolts who give in to these radfem campaigns are slitting their own throats. They aren’t going to score points with women. The end result is that their furthering the witch hunt mentality. Some Breitbart writers seemed fine with this. One posted a Woody Allen thing as if it’s bad that he doesn’t want to see a witch hunt mentality. I also read there was solid evidence that Mia Farrow made up that molestation stuff to try to screw him in some legal case. There is a mass brainwashing going on with Western women. Brainwashing works as anyone who has spent time in an MLM company or cult like Scientology can attest. The Democratic Party has become the Cult of Democratology.
    Democrat-voting women I know have an almost religiously fanatical devotion to it. If you aren’t towing that line, they treat you like a Scientologist treats a suppressive person as detailed on that Leah Remini show. It’s not just them, of course. Male morons like Eminem are drawing a “line in the sand” too. The irony in all of this is that their virtue-signaling, brainwashing campaigns are going to ruin the credibility of legit rape claims. So many women are going to be claiming victim status and many will not be legit. Rape claims and rights of those accused both need to be taken seriously. Leftists hate due process when it comes to this stuff, as any reader of this site knows.
    Unfortunately, the politicians love this virtue signaling crap. Plenty of people love style over substance when it comes to politicians and could care less if they do a million horrible things as long as they present the right image on TV. People on all political sides should oppose the social media witch hunt mentality. One of the first things the left tried with Trump was to have Gloria Allred dig up some women to claim a bunch of sex crimes. And they will try that again and again. If these radfems had their way, Trump would’ve been convicted without trial, removed from office, and executed.
    There would be little to stop Trump from witch-hunting leftists if he so desired. His predecessors signed enough unconstitutional legislation that he could designate them enemy combatants and toss em in a cell somewhere without trial. Leftists conveniently don’t know or have forgotten about the NDAA and related things. If Trump were the tyrant they think he is, he would’ve done this on day one.
    When you guys write about the Iphone problem, I find it to be very true. It reminds me of that Naked Sun article that was on here. I’ve read a lot of The Singularity is Near as well as many articles on singularityhub and we’re headed towards lives where tech has taken care of everything. However, Kurzweil stated that people could choose to live in areas where the advanced tech isn’t used. So maybe there will be places where it’s 1997 forever. Like another ROK article said, the 90s was the last sane decade.
    There are I think pragmatic solutions sites like this could offer up to women who are worried about legit domestic violence and sex crimes. There is this thinking among many average Westerners that if you scrutinize things feminist related things that you don’t care about women or that if you believe in constitutional protections that you are pro-Rape or whatever. Shredding the constitution is not going to get them what they want. It could end up sending their boyfriend, son, or father to jail on fabrications for a lot longer than if they had killed someone. There will always be sick fucks out there who won’t be stopped by brainwashing campaigns and virtue signaling.
    The fact that disqus kicked ROK off says the culture war is still very much alive. This Weinstein stuff is bad for everyone. Victims, average people, and the liberal celebrities, msm pundits, and politicians. The politicians will inevitably use it to enact horrible laws and enrich their own power. But so many of them have lost their credibility over this. There’s an opportunity to de-brainwash Democratologists by showing them a better way to address the issues they thought the Cult of Democratology was addressing for them.

    1. Statute of Limitations on a female accusations should be restricted to under 60 minutes.
      The stories of voluntarily joining a man in a hotel room, and massaging him, etc etc etc. then 10 years later is reason to cry and accuse, and virtue signal, and cause for ruination of man, and possible incarceration —end of the world as we know it…

  22. “Please do not leave comments praising me for posting this.”
    These was by far the doucheiest, most shit-weaselly bit to me: humblebragging even before any praise is offered.

  23. I recently posted a story about how I was sexually harassed in high school by a group of other students. None of the women on reddit care. I don’t care for anyone that posts this hashtag.

  24. I’m tired of all the virtue signalling in our society. When will it ever stop? I think things will change, but it’s hard to see it change within the near future.

  25. I wouldn’t hit it even after a six pack… so they would have to rape me since I can’t consent when I’m drunk…

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