A Prenuptial Agreement Is No Option For Red Pill Men

Urban Dictionary: “Prenup

A legal document signed before marriage to level the playing so that the dominant bread winner (preferably the male) will not have to worry about his wife strangling him by the balls during a messy divorce.

It assures that at the most, she’ll retain the kids, but will not gain any financial liability in the assets of the man that was made either before or during the marriage.

Since 50% of all women have a hidden agenda of gaining financial stability and a sexual dynamo in a spouse…it regulates that YOU DON’T GET SHIT if we split!!!!!!

As an enlightened and intelligent red pill man, you accept the fact that relationships fall apart all the time in the 21st century. People just can’t seem to make marriages last much longer than half a decade, if even for that long. Our “forever girl” loves us one week, and suddenly decides she doesn’t the next. She then takes half of everything you’ve worked so hard for along with her. Such is the selfish and hypergamic cruelty of women.

This article will address why you should always be prepared for the worst, and never contemplate marriage without a prenuptial agreement. It will also address why you should consider some alternatives to marriage in general, so just keep on reading.

Mastering Your Prenup Ordeal

Take the “Help!” prenup guidelines for females and flip them in your favor

The following video is almost unbearable to sit through from beginning to end, even though it can be inadvertently hilarious at times. It’s a promo video for an actual book which was first published in 2007, by Dr. Lona Smith.

Nearly universally despised on Youtube (check the like-dislike ratio!), the airhead psychologist is trying to help women gain the upper hand in prenuptial agreements. You know it’s funny, she likes to talk about the “relationship” side of things, but all we’re hearing is “me me me.”

So take this male-shanking advice and do a full 180!

1.Fight Fair: Make sure your spouse gets as little of your family inheritance and personal wealth as possible in the event of a no-fault divorce. Preferably none. Give yourself a high five if she signs away the fact she won’t get a dime.

2. Negotiate Terms That Make Sense For You: EVERYTHING. You’re the man. You’re in charge. You know what you want, and you should make damn sure you can get it.

3. “Deal With All Your Emotions While Completing Your Prenup”: Hahahahaha! C’mon, you’re men. This shouldn’t be a problem for you in the slightest.

4. Develop a deeper, stronger, and more secure relationship: Yeah, more secure for yourself.

Before long, she will be exchanging those two magical words with you. “I DO” (realize that if I divorce this man for petty and selfish reasons like “we’re growing apart” or because I’m “unhaaaapy,” I’m either getting nothing or I’m totally screwed. I must actually try and abide by the sacred vows of loving and caring for my husband, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. If the vast majority of women over the course of history have been able to accept this fact, before this “feminism” scourge came along 50 years ago and started destroying families all over the western world, then maybe I can too).

Her Inevitable Shit Test Questions – Recognize And Neutralize

Your bride-to-be will try to guilt trip you into calling off the prenuptial agreement by using one of these tried-and-true emotional blackmail tactics. Pull up your big boy pants and ignore, ignore, ignore. She’s gonna sign it, or you’re gonna dump her. That’s all there is to it.

  • If I divorce you? But honey, why would I ever do such a thing?
  • Oh honey you know I love you. Why would I do that?
  • That’s preposterous honey! You know we agree “til death do us part”?

My Two Cents

Most of us, at one time or another, have contemplated getting married. The wisest amongst us have declined to do so for good reason. That’s the topic of this video. Why marriage is bad for men.

First let’s get down to basics. Why does marriage even exist? It exists as a social convention to take advantage of an important biological quirk of manhood. That biological quirk is deep sexual attraction or infatuation with a particular female.

It goes like this. When men are deeply attracted to a woman, our primal instincts prompt us to want to possess this object of our affections. The trouble arises when this attraction, which is nothing more than a biochemical reaction in our brains, clouds our better judgment and moves us to make a lifelong, or long-term decision, based on this short-term attraction.”

– Contrarian Expatriate

That is absolutely timeless wisdom which came from the preceding video. Quite frankly my manosphere amigos, the best piece of advice I can give you is to simply not get married at all. Marriage in this day and age is a completely raw deal for men.

We benefit in absolutely no way, shape, or form from this institution. All of the benefits that marriage has been said to provide a man, have been found out to be obtainable without formal recognition from the state, the courts, or any other societal ritual which is supposed to make your relationship “legitimized” in the eyes of others.

Just living together with your partner, in an honest and fully-committed relationship, is damn near the same thing as marriage. It’s all the sex-on-tap (in theory), emotional support, companionship, and (hopefully) equal splitting of household expenditures that a formalized marriage provides.

Most importantly, if your partner wants to call it quits, she doesn’t get the pleasure of squandering half of your hard-earned financial assets through the female-friendly divorce court system. You know, just because she decided that “things aren’t working out” or that she’s suddenly become “unhaaaappy” over the past few months. Oh, and you don’t have to go through the stigma and embarrassment of being a divorcee, and all the gut-wrenching paperwork that has to go with it.

The only major exception I can think of where marriage does have a distinct advantage over a de-facto relationship is for a spousal visa. I don’t blame you for a second if you prefer having an attractive and feminine Brazilian, Colombian, Russian, or Ukrainian wife over a feminist landwhale from the core English-speaking countries. Still, make sure she signs those papers!!


At the end of the day, it’s your life and I’m not your papa. Marriage may or may not be right for you depending on your cultural upbringing, personal preferences, or the nationality of your significant other. But please, whatever relationship path you choose to follow, I beseech that you don’t allow your women any viable option to walk out on you like bandits. That means not ever …ever… allowing them to have a conversation like this one after the relationship has been terminated.

Prenups. They are not just a good idea, they should be part of red pill law.

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196 thoughts on “A Prenuptial Agreement Is No Option For Red Pill Men”

    1. Yes. This article wouldve been better titled as “How to Guarantee Your Prenuptial Agreement is Found Unconscionable.”
      My advice, and I admit my bias, is to retain an attorney, make sure she retains one too (one neither associated with nor referred to her by you), and hire a court reporter and make a record that she is signing voluntarily and not under duress with her attorney present.
      –An attorney

      1. Follow that and I can guarentee that she can still claim that she was under duress. A friend had it happen to him. He has been zombie divorced from this woman twice more.

        1. Let me add that he has since remarried but this time went the private trust route. Every bit of his assets is held in a non-revocable trust. I don’t know if this will work better, but he is at least giving it a good try.

        2. Yeah, she “claimed” duress despite four other people in the room who saw her sign on her own volition.
          She can claim whatever she wants. But when the above steps are taken, in addition to the videotaped signing ceremony as another commenter mentioned, no sane judge will risk being overturned on appeal by finding the contract void based on duress.
          The irrevocable trust with independent trustee who’s not a settlor or beneficiary is a much better route.

    2. The “overturned prenup” is in our heads (for the most part). A well constructed, properly executed prenup is incredibly hard to overturn. Does it happen? Yes, it does, typically when the guy is so rich that the wife can hire a 25 person legal team to try to rip it apart. Or, when the terms of the prenup are so egregious as to outrage the court (leaving the wife in poverty while the husband sails off on his 150′ private yacht).
      My prenup cost somewhere between 4-5K (IIRC). She had to get an attorney, I had an attorney (NOT THE SAME PERSON). There was some negotiating back and forth and then it was done. Basic terms, no alimony ever for any reason, no splitting of 401Ks, excluding some assets that I had pre-marriage, pay own legal costs for a divorce, ability to keep property “outside” the marriage, no implied ownership… Nothing really all that difficult.
      If my wife were to divorce me today, going by “standard” alimony rates, this document would save me close to 1/4 of a million dollars. If my salary keeps rising, it becomes even more valuable.
      And, probably most importantly, it takes the “hammer” out of the woman’s hand. If she KNOWS she’ll walk with a bunch of cash and prizes, she’s likely to do it much more easily than if she KNOWS that it’s going to be protracted legal fight that might wind up with her sleeping in the streets or back at her parents house at 40 years old. It’s the illusion of power as much as anything else that I paid for when executing my prenup.

      1. I am glad you realize that it is only the illusion of power. I am in the same boat and I am pulling for you.

        1. Makes the nightmare of total collapse and having to live out in the wild with a gun and a horse while the kind of people who wrecked civilization get sloughed off not seem like such a nightmare after all.

  1. Leykis has talked about a video-recorded prenup. The recording was done with a retired judge asking her questions like, “What is your name?” And, “Do you feel you are in sound mind and were not coerced into being here today?” I would say if you absolutely must get married because you will die if you don’t, definitely consider video recording. And both parties must have independent legal representation.

    1. Good call. It should be easier than ever these days since just about everyone has a 1080p video recording device right in their pocket.

  2. As long as a court…any court…can disregard/change the conditions of a prenup during divorce… then a prenup is not worth the paper is written on and it is a false safety net….a simple solution is to never get married…problem solved.
    The ONLY exception is if She is worth more than you do….

    1. “The ONLY exception is if She is worth more than you do….”
      Unless you are 110% RedPill x 1000, watching your marriage fall apart (and the suffering it will probably cause your children and potentially others) is going to hurt on a deeper level than money. In that situation you might not even care about the financial ruin but just want to see the whole racket end.
      After you get out of the shit-storm only then will the other things like financial ruin and social isolation start to hurt. And in the worst case scenario these problems can leave you with no way to pull yourself back up to a recognizable standard of living.
      I’ve seen some men fall never to return post-divorce. I also know some men who made it out fine, but these were seriously rich powerful men who didn’t give a shit about paying their ex wives $50,000 a year.

    2. This article forgets the other option for a man who absolutely must get married. That option is the secret weapon that can never be taken from a man. This too can be brought up, just like in the first video, “Let’s play the truth game.” Start with the martinis. Work your way to the question, “what do you think should be done to a woman who goes against her vows and wrecks her marriage and tries to destroy her family and husband for frivolous reasons, such as not being happy or something silly.”
      Sit patiently until she asks what you think should happen. Your answer is this:
      “I would respond to any threat against my family, internal or external, such as punk ass boyfriends, milf seeking players, gold digging whores, or what have you, as any man should: with maximum overwhelming violence against the threat, including throwing acid in your whore daughters face, slicing your wife’s face off and eating it like a fruit roll up, a shotgun blast to the lower spine, etc. Because defending my family from destruction is worth going on a murder-suicide spree.”
      Remember to smirk a little but not too much, and then check her panties for moisture to be sure you had the intended effects (she’ll be DTF instantly).

    3. In Canada you cannot change a prenup like in the usa, after the marriage, that is why arturo gatti wife murdered him in brazil. She went to a lawyer and the lawyer told her this isn’t the usa, you can’t change a prenup after marriage, its viewed as a contract and its iron clad. Even if you do have an iron clad prenup, your wife can just kill you or hire some bad guys to do the actual murder, or claim you raped her like jodi arias, and shoot and kill and behead and stab or strangle you.

  3. If you’re going to get married anyway….well first, go have your head examined, b/c there’s no reason to ever get married. It’s a sucker’s bet. We like to own things that appreciate in value (land and precious metals (usually)) and lease things that depreciate in value (cars (although typically those leases are non-economic) and women.)
    But if you’re still going to get married anyway, and cannot be dissuaded, then GET A PRE-NUP. (N.B. You have to be in a state where they are enforceable, and then they have to be done correctly–everyone has their own atty, whole thing is videotaped (see Professor Jesus’ comment w/r/t Leykis). If she REFUSES to have a pre-nup, she’s ALREADY PLANNING on DIVORCE-RAPING YOU…..Run, Forrest, RUUUUUUUUN!!!
    When you get married, you’re agreeing to *someone’s* set of rules for dissolution of the marriage. Better rules that you *you* devise and not the “the guy takes it in the ass w/o lube” rules written up by the gender feminist twats and their bitch boy allies in your state legislature–and enforceability varies from state to state, so you need to know your state’s laws.
    Oh, and if you have any type of family business with relatives (which already comes with its own set of problems) then a pre-nup should be MANDATORY.
    À bientôt,

  4. Seriously, though, there’s no reason to get married–the fucking you’re getting is NOT WORTH the fucking that you’re going to get later in divorce court (which should really be called ‘misery court’).
    À bientôt,

  5. I don’t even need to read the article to tell you that marriage to any woman who isn’t a virgin and 100% devoted to you off the bat is NO OPTION for a RED PILL MAN.
    Blows my mind that men can be so easily deceived. You should go into any relationship predisposed to the idea that the woman you’re dealing with is an evil, slutty succubus. Then you either won’t be surprised at all, or you will be pleasantly surprised. Assume the worst and she might actually turn out to be better than you expect. I shit tested the fuck outta my foreign wife. But then she started showering me with gifts after one month of dating.

  6. I think I will end up getting married but it will be purely a business arrangement. No different from how Royals or aristocrats were married off. Have progeny with someone intelligent, athletic and prepared to foster the right attitudes. Plus dying alone seems droll

  7. Think it over long and hard, fellas. Do you really want to give up half of your hard-earned stash plus future income (more if there are kids involved) because some girl *changes her mind*?
    À bientôt,

  8. That women in the first video came off as cunningly hyper-manipulativeky intelligent and had stellar good looks to back it up. I imagine most societies sacrificed Sirens like that to the Kraken for good reason.

      1. It’s true. She scared me. Her kind -Oracles would frighten hardened warriors with their boding before battle. There would not be a judge in the world who would take her a males word over hers. The way she threw away the other people in the vid as if they were her slaves.her husband will commit murder suicide for sure if her spell ever wears off. The 24 question thing at the end of the video. “What age was your first kiss” these guys have no idea that they are walking down the path of peridition.

        1. the more red pill i become the more i realize that the concept true love is all but an impossible dream for men but an extremely effective weapon for women

    1. OMG
      I thought that shit was a joke, a spoof of sorts. Then I checked Amazon and saw the book was real. That woman exists
      You comment is all too real. Not funny, because she is real. And that is terrifying

  9. Each day a romantic turns into a realist on this site. Gone are the misty eyed dreams of finding true love with a woman. They’ve become a precarious business venture where investment must never exceed output. It still makes part of me sad; however, it is relaxing to know truth over hectic mystery.

    1. I love it when a woman I worked with started to get agitated with me. I didn’t care why, just she changed from being cool, to down right hatred. Whatever. Until about two weeks later, all the other men, beta blue ball orbiters the lot of them, decided with her to try and give me a “shame intervention.”
      Didn’t work.
      They all hated me, and she started asking me to come over to “teach her how to mow her lawn,” or fix shit at her house,” or needed help with a male influence for her ex’s son.” These idiots hung out with her all the time, and could not get access.
      At the intervention, she accused me of reading “Ihatewomen.com” which was absolutely priceless.
      When I left, the workplace sent out these stupid boards for those who left. Most of them did not sign, she did.
      Thank you “Ihatewomen.com” for being one fo the many sites that help me through.

  10. Make sure to add fine print regulating her weight gain, and choice of hobbies/TV interests/etc. If I come home after a long day of work, and I see ANY Kardashian on the TV, she is out.

  11. Marriage is a dinosaur simply because women now have the ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ to be degenerate cheating sluts with no consequence to them. Also most women have slept with like 10 dudes before ever getting married and more afterwards.

  12. A couple of topics that should be explored on ROK :
    1. Proper divorce planning.
    2. How to correctly diddle a woman’s clit. I been doing it for 40 years and I still don’t know.

    1. You don’t have one, so trying to do it correctly is like trying to describe “blue” to a blind man.
      The only orgasm you need to worry about is your own.

  13. Let’s cut the shit. Women control marriage and divorce in the Anglosphere. It only makes sense that those same laws would favor them. Why any “red-pill” man, with this seemingly esoteric knowledge, would still entertain the thought of marriage is beyond me.
    Let me spell it out for you:
    Marriage makes women financially secure, not men.
    Don’t assume you will be happy and have the woman of your dreams. The truth is you control nothing in a marriage, you are controlled and that pussy will dry up faster than Death Valley once the afterglow fades.
    If you are a man, I mean a real man, do yourself a favor and forgo marriage altogether. You lose your income and standard of living as soon as you get married. You will not be better off financially, emotionally or sexually. In fact, divorced men commit suicide at double the national average; Take a second to think about why that is.

        1. If he had no money problems why was he forced to sell properites he loved at a loss to get out from under?

        2. doktorjeep: Sorry baby… this is the end of the road. I’m sick of your shit and its time for you to get off.
          Girl: What!!! But doktorjeep I thought we were in love!? You drove me everywhere!
          doktorjeep: I know. But this is the end. Goodbye and good luck.
          Girl: WTF!!! Fuck you doktorjeep! You’re not a real jeep. Not like those other jeeps! I deserve a real jeep!

      1. What personally got me about Robin Williams’ death is that on my Facebook and in public discourse I find a lot of female attention whores going off on how sad it is… Oh poor Robin Williams… He was such a good man… What a cruel world we live in that Robin Williams commit suicide…
        But not one of them wants to bring up his failed marriages and/or any resulting financial grievances as possible reasons why he offed himself.
        These commentators include girls I know that have utterly devastated young men with not even a hint of remorse. Girls that have destroyed multiple young men and continue to do so without any acknowledgement for the effects of their childish behaviour.
        I personally know multiple guys who have gone to brink of eating a bullet related to their experiences with women. But this fact is completely swept under the rug in public discourse.
        Whats I’m ranting about though is that some of these girls I know use these extreme events to bring attention to themselves. The hypocrisy and ignorance could drive a thinking man insane.

        1. This reminds me of a line from Camus’ novel ‘The Fall’ which was something like: “martyrs are either made use of or forgotten. As for being understood, never.” That is to say, I’ve yet to meet a woman who didn’t know how to turn a heartbreaking tragedy into ‘ego-fodder’
          If Mrs. Doubtfire can’t stay married, Joe Schmo can forget about.

        2. “Girls that have destroyed multiple young men and continue to do so
          without any acknowledgement for the effects of their childish behaviour.”
          Your point is understood and I empathize but this statement and the comment as a whole tells me that you’re EXPECTING this from women. Women ARE like children, so of course their behaviour is childish. The problem is with men expecting them not to be. We’re all guilty of it at some point and to some extent. Remember, this concept of “love marriage” is relatively new to the civilized human experience, and it’s consequences are obvious. If a man is willing to overlook the obvious legal entanglements and still get married so she’ll love you, then his mindset is a bit childish too. BTW, if she’s willing to leave you for not signing the papers, she don’t love you anyways.

        3. Modern society confuses “love” with “lust.” Sure, I love my girlfriend. We get along great and share common interests. She’s cute too. But that’s not love. Love is functional. Love is her showing attributes and the ability to be a faithful devoted wife and mother. I know because I laid down rules at the start and she has continually obeyed them. I put her through the tests and evaluated her (still am). Any marriage will be because the calculations add up that I will be content and secure for a minimal of the next 20 years.

        4. If your wife gets in a horrible accident and can no longer have any type of sex with you, will you really stick around with her for the next 20 years? Funny how some think there is this benevolent separation between sex and love. This exists between parent and child, but try not having sex with your wife for 20 years and see what an amazing love you really have.

        5. If there were no children, no it obviously wouldn’t last. If there were children, of course I wouldn’t abandon the mother of my children. That said, I would definitely find other women to sleep with. This hypothetical has been discussed before.

    1. What’s not to understand? The drive to pair bond is there, it exists, it is part of basic human nature and instinct. You can have all the ”esoteric knowledge” you want but in a large population of humans the evolved drives are going to prevail at least some of the time, and hence men still line up for divorce court rape by getting married. It’s a sad state of affairs but I don’t think there’s much to be done about it. You just have to be glad you are one of those men able to overrule your impulses, not everyone is.

    2. what I find odd is how these women afford these hot shots attorneys… oh wait, we know what favors they give them.

    3. Marriage is madness for sure especially with the golddiggers out there. I heard that Dave Lombardo from Slayer was only netting $60,000 a year despite having 4 million in sales per year – and this was because his ex-wife was taking his money.

      1. What’s the word LC? I know I’m not saying anything you don’t already know. Unfortunately, some of us have yet to take the red pill or worse, grossly underestimate the malignant hypernarcissism of women by believing marriage is still a viable option in western countries.
        The truth is men marry for love; Women marry to improve their lives. Further, women are selfish, literally, at all times and until we disincentivize divorce, marriage is a moot point. End of story.
        We can debate whether a prenup, which heavily favors a man, will stand-up in court (which it won’t) but reality is no one would voluntarily relinquish the kind of advantages women have been afforded unless forced to.

        Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.”
        —Leonardo Di Vinci

    4. Question.
      -I read a factoid saying married people on average are richer
      -Also when you are covering all of rent/mortgage in a major city by one person it is very costly, I struggle to see how one income goes farther than 2.

      1. I read a factoid saying married people on average are richer

        I’ve read that married men make more but I haven’t seen a study that confirms whether they have more because in general, the calculations aren’t so clear cut. For one, married couples typically pay substantially higher taxes.
        Further, if you have children, the average cost to raise one child is about 240K. Which doesn’t include savings to secure the child’s future.
        Lastly, the financial attitude of your spouse is the largest factor and matters much more than any of the supposed advantages of marriage. To wit, marry a “saver” and you’re more likely to lessen your expenditures. Marry a “spender” and you’ll likely splurge more than before.

        -Also when you are covering all of rent/mortgage in a major city by one person it is very costly, I struggle to see how one income goes farther than 2.

        I don’t know what to tell you. You may save a few dollars by cohabiting with a woman and splitting household expenses but…
        a) You’ve effectively created an environment where her opinion matters (see: democracy), which is never the way to go.
        b) You could just as easily have a male roommate and keep your assets and property separate. Which is always the way to go anyways.

        1. By on average richer, I mean the factoid said married couples who stay married have more wealth as a couple. Now naturally this would require a financial responsible partner who doesn’t divorce you, but in some cases even with divorce it all balances out if the person marries another divorced person because anothe rman is apying for “your kids”. My understanding of taxes which is admintingly not alot,, is married people get tax discounts, isn’t that why the gays want marriage so they can get tax money? Do you guys who don’t intend marriage intend no children. Reverend sharpe gave a good recommendation on how to have your OWN kid. Get a 3rd world surrogate, have her give birth in anothe 3rd world country, and take the kid, and have a lawyer in said 3rd world country handle all paper work, and move to america. Do you no marriages never intend to have kids, isn’t self genetic annihilation counter to normal human behaviour? I agree you set yourself up for democracy in that type environment which isn’t ideal. Best to find a woman who does as you say until you are ready to discard of her. I like my male friend but most are trying to shack up with females and many just are too irresponsible for me to depend on. Some of them don’t care if they get evicted

        2. By on average richer, I mean the factoid said married couples who stay married have more wealth as a couple.

          Cite your source. I wouldn’t mind reading an academic study that substantiates this claim. My only concern is In western countries, the lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40%–50% with women requesting the greatest majority of divorces. “Married couples, who stay married…” is a pretty big if considering your odds. You’d have better luck in Vegas.

          Now naturally this would require a financial responsible partner who doesn’t divorce you.

          This is much easier said than done. Approx. 72% of divorces are filed by women (which is a conservative estimate) and almost 65% admit to shopping to lighten their mood.

          but in some cases even with divorce it all balances out if the person marries another divorced person because anothe rman is apying for “your kids”

          The only problem is, even If the woman remarries you still pay for child support. In fact, nothing stops a child support payment. The amount received is regardless of the financial status of the mother or the new husband.
          More importantly, the new husband is not legally responsible for the children unless he adopts said children, and becomes their legal father. I don’t have the statistic for how many step-fathers actually adopt their step-children but I’d assume few men, Alpha or Beta, are going this route without legal or female pressure.

          My understanding of taxes which is admintingly not alot,, is married people get tax discounts, isn’t that why the gays want marriage so they can get tax money?

          Married couples pay more taxes if their newly combined income pushes them into a higher tax bracket. In the U.S. this is called the ‘Marriage Penalty’ I’ve heard of married couples paying upwards of 20K extra in federal and state taxes annually after getting married.

          Do you guys who don’t intend marriage intend no children. Reverend sharpe gave a good recommendation on how to have your OWN kid. Get a 3rd world surrogate, have her give birth in anothe 3rd world country, and take the kid, and have a lawyer in said 3rd world country handle all paper work, and move to america. Do you no marriages never intend to have kids, isn’t self genetic annihilation counter to normal human behaviour?

          Reverend Sharpe’s suggestion is interesting. I have a friend who knocked up some bird in Brazil, has a son, hasn’t met the son, makes a ton of money but doesn’t pay a dime in child support. I’m unsure how Child Support Enforcement works abroad, with regard to extradition but it lends some validity to Rev. Sharpe’s suggestion.

          I like my male friend but most are trying to shack up with females and many just are too irresponsible for me to depend on. Some of them don’t care if they get evicted.

          It’s difficult to find responsible, ‘red pill men’ who aren’t constantly chasing pussy but if you’re not married, it’s easier to live with your family or men, than with a woman who is constantly plotting on your head.

        3. http://www.forbes.com/sites/financialfinesse/2013/02/07/5-ways-love-and-marriage-can-make-you-wealthier/
          Can you refute or explain articles like this, I see them pop up all the time on the marriage subject. I am really asking you questions to find truth, not to troll you.
          So loong as she isn’t shopping on your money, I guess you are ok, but people don’t just become financially irresponsible over night, you can usually spot these things from a MILE AWAY, if the person is always buying gifts, has a large crowd of trendy friends who all dress nice and go out often, you can bet your bottom dollar you found a spend drift. With things like social media it is much easier. A woman who you constantly see dressed up and dolled up, I can tell is a broke spender. One who does things for free mostly like biking or exercising or at the park or camping you can tell won’t spend you into the poor house.
          As men we are smarter, we can also turn the tables on women, by using them to finance our lifestyles. Lots of players do this.
          You are right that if you divorce you pay child support, but it balances out, if they both remarry to people in similar situations. The reality is a ste dad who is there constantly is going to have to cover alot of cost just by virtue of being there.
          Thank you for clarifying that marriage topic.
          The enxt point is valid, but is it possible for a shrewd man to come on top of the marriage game? What if he borrows lots of money from his spouse and gets her to buy him stuff?

        4. Can you refute or explain articles like this, I see them pop up all the time on the marriage subject. I am really asking you questions to find truth, not to troll you.

          No worries. I’ve seen you comment before, I know you’re one of us. I can’t refute those statistics but I can put them into context: Marriage builds wealth and divorce destroys it. Certain studies have found that divorcées see their post-divorce wealth fall dramatically, leaving them much worse off than bachelors who had never married. Further, people who eventually divorce start losing net worth at least four years before the divorce is finialized; Possibly because they get separated long before the divorce and are forced to support two households.
          So taking that into account, along with the knowledge that the lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40%–50% (in the Anglosphere) with women filing at least 72% of said divorces, it doesn’t take rhodes scholar see how marriage is an unsound investment. There are much better ways to accumulate wealth.

          With things like social media it is much easier. A woman who you constantly see dressed up and dolled up, I can tell is a broke spender. One who does things for free mostly like biking or exercising or at the park or camping you can tell won’t spend you into the poor house.

          Social media is definitely a gift and a curse. I don’t even date women with Facebook and Instagram or shit like that, because of the obvious implications (see: Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but it certainly makes reconnaissance ridiculously easy. The amount of information woman make available to complete strangers, to ratify their insatiable egos, never ceases to amaze me.

          The next point is valid, but is it possible for a shrewd man to come on top of the marriage game?

          Marry up. RoK luminary @lance_christopher:disqus is a big proponent of hypergamy and has commented in length on previous posts. He does a stellar job of elucidating this concept so I won’t rephrase his words.
          In the event that you’ve already surrendered your best defense (read: freedom), try a solid defense. I recommend educating yourself on how to How to Protect Your Business in a Divorce, How to Divorce-Proof Your Company and et cetera now. The likelihood of divorce is so incredibly high it would be irresponsible to be prepared well in advance.

  14. My father told me this piece of advice at 7 years old, now I try to pass it on to every man I meet. When I told one of my close friends he went into this idiotic woman’s rationalization for not getting one someday when he marries his girlfriend. Boys if you want to have the perfect justification for this tell the women what my father told me “I want to prove to everyone that our marriage is purely for love”, throw that shit right back in her face, and if she disagrees tell her to fuck off and find a woman who will.

    1. thats a really good line. i also like “if we’ll never get divorced then having the prenup wont matter. but if we do get divorced, not having the prenup will matter. you shouldnt care about the prenup unless youre hiding something…”

      1. I used a very similar variation of that line. And, although it may seem like a manipulation tactic, IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE. A prenup only matters if you get divorced. Considering something like 70-80% of divorces are initiated by women, there’s a very slim chance that she’s going to sign a prenup and then be divorced by the man. Much more likely, she’s going to want out and find out that her prenup means “No cash, no prizes”. That’s a pretty indefensible argument for a woman who “loves you” to make (If I want a divorce, I want to make sure I get stuff!).

        1. That is a good way to get yourself killed like arturo gatti and the other women on forensic files who have their husbands murdered by some gang banger or painter or some pool boy because she promises to split the war spoils with him.

    2. The only advice my Dad gave me was “Son, get out there and fuck as many of them as you can while you can”.
      Great man.

      1. Reminds me of the old joke about the old bull and the young bull standing on the hilltop watching the cows grazing below. The young bull says, “Hey, lets run down there and fuck one of those cows”. The old bull says, “Naw. We’ll walk down and fuck ’em all”.

  15. Many years ago, in my youth and first career as a naval officer, I was ordered to counsel a young enlisted man that was about to marry for the fourth time; he was not yet 21. The previous wife had caused problems for the command by writing letters of complaint up the chain of command all the way to the Secretary of the Navy (more about this to follow). Shit was flowing down hill and as his division officer I was at the bottom of the slope. I told him that he could not keep marrying and divorcing. He assured me that he could. First he reminded me that by marrying his pay doubled due to getting allowances that were not available to bachelors. Secondly he told me there were three rules which made infinite marriage and divorce possible for men in this culture. They were;
    1) You must absolutely not have any children; ever.
    2) Accumulate no assets of any kind, and
    3) Spend every dime you get on good times because they can’t take your memories.
    I was not able to refute this logic then or since. If that is the lifestyle you choose than you can marry all you want.
    Now let me tell you all more about the prior wife and her problems. The young enlisted man in question generally married the bar sluts or even outright whores he met in the bars closest to the base. These were women totally not marriage material. So the prior wife (#3) was a real winner. When the level of problem reached a point where something had to be done, guess who was selected to get the problem solved? I talked to the guy the Friday before a Monday when we were due to put to sea for a prolonged period. He assured me that if he could get home to Arkansas where wife #3 was at the time he could take care of it. Another junior officer and I got on the phone to the local MAC base (Air Force trash haulers) and lied through our teeth about the humanitarian necessity of getting this guy a round trip to Arkansas. BTW we suddenly became Navy Captains (Air Force Colonels). They took him and got him back in time for movement on Monday. Several months later, not having heard another peep out of the woman, my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him how he got this woman to quit making trouble. He told me he put a gun to her head and said if she gave him any more shit he would blow her brains out. He also said she believed him. Knowing him for about a year I think she showed excellent judgment. End of sea story. BTW do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story? One starts “once upon a time”, the other starts “this is a no shitter”.

    1. Interesting, as I said below he violated the most important rule of marriage: don’t marry a bitch.

    2. Speaking as a former DivO afloat … this has the ring of a True Sea Story™. Heh.

  16. Sadly, in many countries pre-nups are unenforceable. In these cases, it makes sense to be cognizant of the law and how it will screw you in a divorce. That said, consider what you are most likely to lose in a divorce – your house. Most men won’t have any other asset. The best advice is not to buy a house – then you really have very to lose. If you have any other assets either make sure they are not readily available and recorded (like a bank account) and can be hidden or moved easily (like precious metals). If you have financial assets put them in a trust, in your children’s names. Remove any financial incentive for your wife to divorce you.
    They may come after you for alimony/child support but this is something that can be evaded if you think ahead.
    Last most important piece of advice. Don’t marry a bitch. This may seem glib but you can tell a bitch ahead of time.

    1. I dont see anything wrong getting a house so long as you dont pay it off right away. Think of the down payment as basically rent money.
      What idiot is going to want the house with a $550,000 mortgage remaining on it? In financial terms homes are not assets, they are liabilities until paid off. Its our effed up society that views liabilities as assets.

      1. She can still get the mangina judge to give her the house and make YOU keep up the payments.

    1. The ultimate dread game. Why do men who really beat their wives never spend a day in jail for it? Because the women know they will die before he goes to jail. It is the wimps that would never hit their wives that get hauled off under VAWA. The women know they are completely safe from these guys,so they are free to be completely evil.

  17. I can never un-see that prenup video. Funny how they’re totally fine signing the marriage license, another legal document creating a binding contract, yet find the prenup legal document totally offensive.

    1. I’m sitting here slamming Yager trying to erase the memory of seeing it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    2. The reason – women want equality only when it suits them. They don’t want any of the bad stuff that men have had to endure all of these years (like the stress and drinking of being the bread winner of the family).
      Women only want the good stuff when it comes to equality.
      Did you see any feminists gathering outside the court house (pick one) to oppose all of the inequality going on inside? Probably not.

      1. Truth here. Its like when the bill comes-they have no issue keeping “traditional” roles and letting you pay for it in this case. True equality means splitting that bill 50/50.

  18. The prenup issue will be less important for blue pill millenials. Boomer and genx men were ravaged by the divorce-industrial-complex because they had assets and high salaries.
    Most millenials, of both sexes, will enter their 30s and 40s with little to no assets, heavily indebted, unemployed, underemployed and/or with low salaries. Besides children’s custody, this generation will not have that much to fight for once divorce arrives.

    1. Predictably, most millennial marriages don’t even make it 5 years. Im 27 I know several who barely made it 2 years before they divorced. Millennials are arrogant godless liberal fucks who don’t deserve the lifestyle afforded by the booming economy they grew up with in the 90s.
      They are hitting the age wall, single parent wall, and financial wall all at the same time. It’s beautiful

      1. Yep, it’s a wasteland of attention whores, actual whores, and “you go gurrrl” career gals….None of which are qualified for the job of wife and mother. Just use them for what they’re good for and kick them to the curb.

        1. The rate at which they gain or lose attraction for a guy is truly mind boggling. Electronic devices accelerate instant gratification for every little whim from their emotionally chaotic brains.
          It’s very clear they can’t stay attracted to anyone. I couldn’t imagine mentally going from a state of deep infatuation to feeling nothing for them over the littlest shit.

        2. The new term I use for this phenomenon, is that all American women at some point in their lives went to “SBU”. They all went to “Side [email protected] University”. The women in America are raised by this culture to be Side Chicks at best. And, not even good ones at that, since most of them are self deluded to believe they are main chick worthy. A good side chick knows her role. But, they are absolutely not raised by this culture to be wives!

        3. Men have become just another stimulus for the overloaded female brain, used and discarded with no control, sometimes within the span of hours. It is no surprise the amount of women showing alarming signs of narcissism and border personality disorder.

        4. They’ve been raised to be whores, and “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”.

      2. Ouch. I’m a millennial and we didn’t grow up with shit. 9/11, terrorism, market crashes all through our adolescence, and finally when we enter the workforce, voila, Obama. Millenials clearly have a tougher deal than their predecessors.

        1. Millenials clearly have a tougher deal than their predecessors.

          Good joke, bro. Tell us another one!

        2. Sure thing. Millennials will be the poster children of American disenfranchisement. What we have come of age in:
          -Increased terrorist threats throughout the world and large-scale attacks on our own country
          -Market bust due to terrorist attacks
          -Absurd government debt to finance the government’s pet projects. We will probably never dig ourselves out of this hole
          -record-setting consumer and student loan debt
          -2008 the worst economy since the Great Depression, conveniently around the time we enter the workforce
          -feminized blue-pill PC bullshit if we are lucky enough to enter the workforce
          -Increased war against white Christian males in the media
          -entitled, narcissistic, undateable females
          -Barack Obama
          -Social media and the digital age reducing human interaction, opening unlimited options for attractive females
          -Militarized police along with a gargantuan, out of control government interfering with our live
          -USA clearly diminishing as a world superpower
          -Increased hostility along gender/party/racial lines. It’s like the entire country hates each other. There’s a “war on women”, “war on men”, “white privlege” “evil patriarchy”
          -black people won’t shut the fuck up about slavery (I understand this was always the case, but we are way past civil rights and its only getting worse)
          -Illegal No-Habla-Englese invading our country and leeching tax dollars
          -3rd wave feminism
          -Special treatment for faggots, glorification in the media, overly harsh punishment for treating them like the scum they are
          -Quantitative easing leading to the highest stock market of all time, except we weren’t in the workforce pre-crash, so we have no fucking money to invest
          -A nation, economic system, and society all on a crash course to failure
          We don’t remember shit before the turn of the century, bud. Pretty sure you wouldn’t be on ROK if you were satisfied with the way things were going.

        3. Don’t forget to add having to pay back the $15 T in federal debt (plus state/local) that was taken out and you were given the bill.

        4. Yup, I addressed it in point 3. Its actually about 17.5 trillion, should be around 20 by time obama is done. Only gets worse if a democrat comes after him.

        5. Yep, us millennials wrecked the country. Look at us, we made no fault divorce law and the divorce industry, bankrupted the government, shipped the factories and every other job possible overseas, helped make sure women enter the work force as heavily as possible while signing in massive immigration bills to turn America into some third world shithole where American men can’t get decent jobs… oh, wait. We weren’t born yet or we were too busy being toddlers and watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood to notice.

        6. Graft: Your list is an excellent summary of the problems facing America–problems that will have a great impact on the economic, political and social well-being of our country for the foreseeable future. But as a Millennial, surely you must understand that your views are decidedly in the minority among Millennials, who are, by far, the biggest single age group who voted for Obama and his Socialist “fundamental transformation” of America. Millennials may not have had a hand in causing our current problems, but their massively Leftist political philosophy will almost certainly prevent any sensible solution to the problems you’ve identified.

        7. I’m not a millennial advocate by any means-I just know it’s not our fault when we were in high school/college throughout the past 15 years of mess. Here is an interesting article I came across:
          I was a split decision voter. Obama first, then Romney. I was tired of a failed Republican presidency, and Obama was a dynamic, charismatic speaker who IMO beat a shitty McCain/Palin ticket in the debates.
          You have to forgive my first vote-being an 18-25 year old male watching McCain go on and on about dragging the war out and me picturing myself in fatigues and boots. Only astute political analysts could tell what Obama was really about back in ’08.

      3. And it’s not just millennial women who marry blue pill men. I’ve seen all women (through my few decades) marry the beta provider – later down the road – for the financial stability.
        The honeymoon stage doesn’t last long at all….just enough to get the hardworking man on the hook, married and then it’s over.
        I see these “hungry” married women out all of the time. They are in financially stable relationships but you can tell they aren’t really happy with their partners.
        It’s all about the comfortable life once they hit the wall.

        1. When the economy goes to crap even more because the Chinese won’t support our debt any longer (“we’re not buying your dollars anymore — you have to pay us something that has some value…”), and the government then won’t to be able to afford to support their anti-male, anti-white “social programs” (VAWA, AA, WIC, etc.) nor pay their cronies or minions anymore, the bitches’ “comfortable life” will come to an end.
          Then they will find out what REAL ‘misogyny’ is.

    2. 10 bucks says that with the millenials we’ll be seeing divorce cases where they fight over assets in an MMORPG.

    3. Actually most divorces are about assigning debt obligations than they are about splitting assets since a divorce wipes out pretty much all assets anyway.

      1. Agreed, one of my friends from kung fu used to be married to a girl while she was in college. When she finished college she divorced him and left him with half (~$30,000) in her student loan debt.

      2. Indeed. When my uncle divorced, between the double mortgage and credit card debt, there was barely anything left to pay for legal expenses. He is healthy and gained freedom, but has no assets or liquidity at 53.

  19. When a woman proposes to you that you and her need to get married, other than some crazy romanticized excuse, she has not one singular convincing reason. If you are strong and dominant in your approach, she will not have one realistic, objective answer as to why your relationship isn’t respectable based on being boyfriend and girlfriend vs husband and wife. Other than maybe certain laws set in place to help out for tax breaks it’s really not worth the trouble and really here to uplift women She won’t be able to convince you when you know it’s just repeated bullshit, so she’ll try to shame you ( you’re an asshole, you don’t love me, you don’t respect me ) or the pity party ( if you loved me you’d marry me, why don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with me )
    Fact is men, as we get older become better and better. Your ideologies on life can switch at ANY MOMENT and help you upgrade yourself. I’ve shown guys this site…or comedians like patrice oneal and it was like removing kryptonite from superman. Whereas with women, the reasons you keep them around initially is for the looks

    1. Good stuff here bud. I think many guys out there just cave because of the shaming techniques not only from their girl, but from family, friends, etc… It all usually boils down to the growing old alone, who will take care of you, blah blah. Odds are 50/50 you’ll die alone anyway, even if married. Plus, when all my grandparents got very old and ill, they all had to go into nursing facilities. I think if anything, if a guy wants to marry, do it much later in life. That’s really the only time you get any benefit from it. The institution is very outdated now. People used to marry and have kids to help survive. Life was hard and most lived an agrarian lifestyle that required hard labor-it was more about joining forces and assets to overcome the harsh environment. Now, most of us have all the basic needs met and people are just looking for company and some sort of fulfillment.

  20. Taking it one step further, there’s no reason to cohabitate either. Depending on where you’re from, even living together can set you up for a State sponsored colonoscopy. I’m convinced that as the marriage rate continues to fall, more states will consider cohabitation as grounds for financial liability after cupcake starts fucking that “totally hawt” guy with the neck tattoo who works at Wendy’s and sells drugs on the side.
    If you’re living with cupcake, all she has to do is call the police and say she’s scared. You’ll be the one who goes to jail for a bit while she files an order of protection. Then, you’ll be the one who can no longer live in the abode you most likely paid for.
    In the West, there is absolutely, positively, nothing to gain by engaging with women beyond pumping and dumping them. It’s what they really want, anyway. Anything beyond that is her attempting to line up a sucker. Don’t let it be you.

  21. Look, even the most ironclad of pre-nuptial agreement has battleship size loopholes that women and their lawyers will easily navigate through.
    That game goes like this. You haven’t done anything wrong, in fact you were working, you thought to build your life and your marriage. But…remember when the two of you had that conversation where you told her that you were locking up the credit cards until you could get them paid off? That was the same behavior as a husband isolating his wife by not allowing her to have access to financial instruments, how abusive.
    Remember that conversation about how when you are in your study you are working and unless the house is burning down, she needs to leave you to work? Yeah, she remembers it too. That is why she came in to the study wanting to “talk about the relationship”, if you send her away you are either emotionally withdrawn or abusive if you ask her why she is breaking that rule.
    Remember catching her flirting with the ex-cock on facebook and telling her to knock that shit off? That is controlling and abusive behavior.
    Believe me, she knows these and will use them to her full advantage if a pre-nup exists to get it nullified. Believe me, she will be miced up and have the house under surveillance so she can make the most of the moments when she presses your buttons.
    I’m sorry gentleman,I wish things were different. I really do. However, anybody advising a man to get married at all simply is either uninformed or doesn’t have his best interests at heart. As a man, I can tell you this, we mostly don’t see the divorce coming and we mostly are two steps behind and playing catch up the whole way. If you have a woman you love, I am truly glad for you, but remember she will change, and you need to protect yourself and your future and pre-nup or not, marriage is simply not a way to do that anymore.

    1. Why would you even consider marrying a woman that showed any signs of that?!? Set the ground rules early and maintain consistency. If you bring up a relationship issue in any way other than a calm rational manner – over. If you are fiscally irresponsible – over. If you try to use sex as leverage – over. You are the captain, she is the first mate. Any hints of mutiny and she walks the plank.
      I’ve been dating my girlfriend for over two years. Never thought I would ever date a girl that long, much less cohabitate with her, but I set the rules early and she complied. We’ve never had a fight. I’ve never felt pressure. Granted, there were a whole bunch of previous blue pill relationships that were fucking awful, but once you finally get your red pill dialed in (and find a 10 year younger, semi-conservative girl (rare, but still possible in the USA), it’s quite nice.

    2. A man in our court system (today) versus a woman (for anything) spells disaster for the man.
      Our court system is so biased that a man will never get a fair trial for anything if he’s up against a woman. It’s going to take a long time to reverse that trend.

  22. Most importantly, if your [live-in] partner wants to call it quits, she doesn’t get the pleasure of squandering half of your hard-earned financial assets through the female-friendly divorce court system.

    Don’t be so sure. In some states, shacking up together becomes “common law marriage” if you do it long enough. Talk to a man-friendly divorce lawyer before you let you tempt fate.

    1. Indeed Washington state is one example. The gay marriage laws have such fine print that cohabitators needs to be on the lookout for.

      1. That’s why I’m actually not against gay marriage. They clamour for it, then let them have it. They should have every right to be just as miserable as every poor heterosexual chap who’s fallen in the trap since the beginning of time. I liken it to turkeys clamouring for more thanksgiving days and christmasses .. lolzlolz

  23. When the relationship SHTF, move all said assets into bitcoin and retire to tropical island. Not that hard to do 🙂

    1. I’m expecting that before this decade is out, you will be seeing services for people to fake their own deaths.

      1. I agree…but those services will probably be underground (until the government and corporations can make it legal – make money from it).
        There are too many reasons (too much money at stake) to keep you alive as long as possible.

  24. Been married THREE times (four kids). Every time it was me who left the woman and every time I would leave everything behind – the houses, the cars, the furniture and even the kids. The women are free to do what they wish with my properties but I leave them the kids with the only ONE condition for me to see them as often as I and they want and for as long as I and they want. When they all come for xmas I feel like a King!
    I didn’t bother with prenup nor did I bother to fight in court, after all it was in fact my initiative all along. Every time I start from scratch I get better and better, I don’t fall in complacency and it feels cathartic.
    But that’s just me – I love kids and a variety of women to pass my genes on. Nowadays you can’t have both without the collateral damage.
    I would not advice anyone to follow my example because women are like parasites. They need a host man for their own pitiful survival. Sadly for us, we need them to pass on our genes.

  25. That video is one of the means through which we can shame beta chumps – not be directly doing it ourselves (because their conditioned response kicks in when we try that), but by revealing to the chumps what the women think of them.

  26. This advice is a disaster. I’m an attorney, and the above advice is virtually guaranteed to have it overturned as being “unconscionable” to the wife. Get actual legal advice, the above is like putting on a rubber that breaks with your nut in it…

    1. The columnist recommended not getting married…. Can’t overturn a prenup if there is no marriage in the first place.

  27. Why oh why do these chumps still end up married? Why?
    The women have sperm banks to go to. Remember that. Sperm banks. Yet there’s no line out the door.
    That’s all you need to know.

  28. Good stuff. I think a more explanatory title would be “A prenuptial agreement is NOT OPTIONAL…”. “No option” seems to imply it’s not an option, as in ‘you should not do it’, when you’re obviously (and rightly) saying the opposite .. haha

  29. Lona Smith gets down on her knees and blows alpha males… while she makes money off other women who are going to hump and dump their provider hubbie after 7 years… lol
    66% divorce rate in california… draw your own conclusions…

    1. You can’t look at the rate in the vacuum. Its actually higher for low earners than high earners. California having spent decades destroying the middle class would have higher divorce rates mainly because it has a larger lower class

      1. California leads in divorce for lots of reasons. What matters is its role as cultural trendsetter for the rest of the US. Other parts of America will be there in about 10 years. Millennials who grew up with internet, unlimited free porn, and near anonymous hook-ups on dating apps, don’t know anything else, and are reduced to playing the alpha / beta social dynamic.

      2. A rate is also just a number based on what a whole bunch of average fucking schlubs did. Hopefully the life of a person who has ingested the tiniest amount of “red pill” is not a crap-shoot and if you decide to go the marriage route, that you have grown and learned enough to know you are above the odds (which again are the odds for the average prole jack off).

  30. Pre-nups are indeed a fucking joke; they get laughed out of court by the fascist pig judges whose soul objective is to transfer wealth from man to woman.
    Many guys still don’t understand this. Good article.

    1. There are ways to maximize the effectiveness of pre-nups. If you make sure it is signed before the save the date/invitations go out, and she has had her own lawyer review it before she signs it, the judge won’t be able to toss it out.
      If you have kids with her, they will still be able to sneak extra money in through child support, but they are going to do that even if you don’t marry her.

      1. I hear what your’re saying; but your points are being made under the wrong assumptions that the judges follow the laws or any kind of decency or sanity for that matter. They do not; they make it up as they go along

  31. You get married to a westernized woman and I have no sympathy for you whatever happens.
    And if I were to ever be foolish enough to think I found an NAWALT and be proven wrong, I would demand not one ounce of sympathy from anyone else.

  32. My sister recently married a very wealthy man and she agreed to sign the prenuptial on the condition if he cheated it would be null and void. And if she cheated, well the prenuptial would stand. She saw the prenuptial as not protecting his assets but allowing him to do what he pleases (the cheating was what was actually her concern) while keeping her from divorcing. I don’t know why he married her, it’s not smart to do. But there are advantages in the business world to having a wife. And after he was wed he received a nice promotion, as the CEO’s wife liked his new wife and she could have someone to ‘talk’ with at gatherings or business trips. Crazy.

    1. One of my friends tried to convince me that marriage was a good idea, and the first thing he brought up was that, “at the company holiday party, it’s good to have a wife to introduce”. I laughed in his face. That was the best reason to have a wife? To impress people at work? Glad i don’t work for corporate america.

      1. Unfortunately, he’s factually correct about that.
        That’s one reason why older corporate women seem desperate, and marry down (way down). A very high percentage of them are single, and they’re keenly aware of how not having a man makes them seem less powerful and successful, and opens a ground for being disrespected.

        1. Remember, they were “strong”, “independent” women “who didn’t need a man”; they made their bed, so let them lie in it –ALONE!

      2. People without families are not visibly demonstrating future orientation and are thus less valuable. Keep in mind while the wealthy have no problem with, and even actively encourage the proles behaving like animals, they really do care about building successful legacies which history demonstrates is best done with legitimacy of lineage.

      3. A lot of the wealthy companies are catholic based. Catholics love to have the whole ‘family’ thing going on with the white picket fence. But really I think it’s about psychology, you ‘like’ people who are similar to you. If you ever want someone to like you, start looking/acting like them. My friend at a hospital position was berated consistently and did not get along with her supervisor. I asked her how her supervisor wore her hair, she said always in a ponytail. So I told her to do the same. Problem solved. People like themselves.

  33. On the other hand, you could end up with a woman who out earns you considerably like I did. Of course that makes me blue beta to some of you I’m sure, but it does take away the incentive to screw me financially.

    1. Provisioning is one element of attractiveness. It makes it more difficult to be alpha, but it is not impossible. Most betas however compound the provisioning problem by also taking on women chores and surrendering headship, which is a recipe for becoming thoroughly repugnant to your wife.
      Fireman I know, he makes good money. Married to a doctor, she make great money. They have 2 kids, and she is thin. I was at a social gathering with him, she was working and shows up 3 hours later. First thing she does after she says hi to her husband and everybody else is grab him a beer without him asking. She takes up a submissive posture slightly behind him, she slips her hand into his, etc.

  34. Placing faith in the law and lawyers protecting you, is no less naive than placing it in women. More so, actually, as at least amongst women, there may, in theory, exist one or two that aren’t complete scum of the earth.
    Work to shift as much of your assets as possible to where they are not discoverable as yours. Off shore, in buried metals, in elaborate, weird tax shelters etc. Pretend you made whatever money you have, by peddling in arms, drugs and child porn. How would you avoid detection?
    Rent a house. Never buy. Lease cars. Don’t own anything expensive. You’ve got game. It’s beta as f to try attracting women by displays of wealth anyway. If all you seem to own in life is a bag of skittles and a mountain of barely serviced debt, the team of lawyers she’ll manage to assemble to fight her fight, is much weaker than if you look like a gold pot.
    Gold, Silver, Platimum, Laundered Bitcoin….. whatever, just nothing that is remotely conveniently traceable to you.
    If you own your own highly successful business, you’re kind of out of luck in this respect, but you can still try shifting ownership of IP and other assets abroad, by “selling it”, then leasing it back for enough to barely break even in jurisdictions the where lawyer scum can get to your wealth. If you are like most men, and your assets are mostly savings from a salary, simply skimming 30% off the top every month and “burning it” (on buried Gold……) should amount to a bit of a freedom chest after awhile. Of course, if you can’t help yourself bragging to honey about how much money you make, all those bets are off…..
    If any of the above advise is illegal or questionable, don’t even think about doing it. It’s just for entertainment. I would never advise anyone to do anything illegal. As that would, after all, be illegal…

  35. My advice to my children when they get older will be to offer a religious marriage to the woman and forgo signing the state documents. After all if its true love the woman won’t need the validation of the state.

  36. The way I put it to my girl was that marriage has become nothing more than bringing the State in as a 3rd party to a relationship that had going along just fine. Marriage in America does nothing but lay out an incentive for a women to divorce. In most states, divorce is a 10-year retirement plan; if she stays in it for 10 years, after that he’s on the hook until mama decide to go back to work…or die.
    Avoid at all costs.

  37. if you need a prenup….
    1. You are doing it wrong.
    2. You shouldnt get married.
    3. There are ways of overturning a prenup when getting divorced. Depending on state you live in.
    Just dont do it.

  38. Never forget that one little tidbit that most high-net-worth financial advisers know: Divorce and inheritance from husbands are still the Nr. 1 asset accumulation reasons for women worldwide! They are so in the US just as well as in Sri Lanka.
    Despite 50 years of feminism and empowered women the best way to make money as a woman is on your knees and on your back – the old-fashioned way!
    While it is understandable that women have the innate desire to have the future of their offspring secured, men are given such a raw deal that actually no one should marry nowadays.

  39. Ingenious press claims RT, Putin’s propaganda is “Red Pill”. How stupid can they be? If you’re going to claim to be “Red Pill”, then you should be ignoring all outlets that are obvious propaganda, not merely the ones that allegedly stick it to the big guy but are supporting another big guy, possibly even worse ones.
    Maybe ISIS is red pill? lol

    1. RT is as good as a major news network gets (unfortunately). I find their primary agenda is exposing U.S. hypocrisy, warmongering, and the police state issues more than spilling a Putin narrative. For that, I like RT.
      It’s just the blatant pro-russia news segments which should be taken with a grain of salt.

      1. There are no good major news networks any longer (in my opinion).
        They are all full of some kind of propaganda (U.S. or other).

      2. But everything is supposed to be pro-russian. The criticism of US warmongering isn’t because RT is an honest news outlet, it’s because it serves Putin’s agenda. Not that the US doesn’t deserve criticism, but as a non-American myself I’d rather live under a Pax Americana than Pax Rusa, Pax Persa, Pax China or Pax Islamica

        1. Nicely put. I also think the Americans, for all their flaws, are the best out of the lot. Their major issue, however, is being a bitch for the Jews, the wonderful folk who brought us Communism and all its associated evils.

        2. Not sure if you care, or about your political orientations or suggestions, but I’ll make some assumptions to address this comment: Jews aren’t the only responsible party for communism in America, non-Jews themselves see the appeal of communism themselves; communism had plenty of appeal at a time where industrialization made work in poor conditions, such as in sweat shops, commonplace, so while communism is flawed in principle and has also had devastating consequences, it’s not hard to understand why a lot of people back then, and some still today, hold it in esteem. In Europe, socialists abound in places where Jews are not commonplace, such as the nordic countries, and they have been infested with mass immigration even when there are very few jews to have much of an influence there. Furthermore, Not all Jews were communist either; Jews have also been big drivers of capitalism. There’s also Jewish Nationalists, and even Jewish National-Socialists and Fascists that were killed by the government they supported. So the affirmation that all jews are communists and all communists are jews is false. Even Marx himself condemned the Jews. Finally, Stalin purged his government of all jewish influences. I’m sure some jews participated in some attrocities made by communists, but it was not a jewish country that made those attrocities, nor were those attrocities financed, let alone approved, by every or most jews out there. Finally, just as it is ridiculous for modern white families to pay for crimes their ancestors committed via affirmative action, so would it be ridiculous to somehow blame and take action against all jews for something that happened in Russia 100 years ago without the collaboration of all jews and with collaboration of many non-jewish russians.

  40. If she asks one of those shit test questions, one might as well answer with some variant of:
    “Well, if you are so sure you won’t divorce me, then you should have no objection to signing an agreement pertaining to a divorce that, as you said, will never happen anyway”.
    Not that you should inherently need any excuses to lay down the law and draw lines in the sand, but it might be interesting to see how she’ll contort herself around that one. If she seems insistent on retaining the option of raiding your assets in the divorce she swears will never happen, that might be an indication that she is unfit to be married to begin with, prenup or no.

  41. Prenup or not, marriage seems to be just not worth it in this day and age. I grew up with millennial women, and for the most part they are fucked in the head. Majorly fucked. What sucks is that society really does put pressure on you once you reach a certain age. I’m 30 and i’d be lying if some people in my life, friends and especially family, have looked at me like something is wrong for not wanting to get married. Even after taking the red pill this still bothers me in a way. Women have a really nice racket going for them right now; social pressure, law etc. Fuck this society.

    1. Felt the same pressure, especially when I saw some best buds getting married, some of them to attractive women. Fast forward and half of them are divorced, and the ones that are still married have wives that don’t look attractive any more, and they are living for their kids. I’m not trying to talk anybody out of it, just saying go in with your eyes wide open. You might actually have the uncomfortable experience of having friends wife flirt hard with you, because you’re still single and pre-screened because of your social proximity and familiarity. I came to realize one day that almost all the women I dated were foreign born with accents. I couldn’t figure out why I had such a difficult time connecting with American women. Stumbling on this site clarified some things. Generally I find cultures that are less influenced by feminist ideas are less toxic.

    2. “I’m 30 & some people in my life, friends, co workers, and especially family have looked at me like something is wrong for not wanting / being married.”
      If it was such a good ideal or good deal you wouldn’t need to be talked into it. How many men need to be talked into mastrubating? Not a whole hell of a lot because it’s a great deal, free, feels good, no real downsides.
      Marriage, on the other hand. Expensive as hell, more likely than not to end it utter heartbreak, feels good for awhile, then, for most men, is a test of stamina to see if they can stand the pain for the next 50+ years.
      Misery loves company.
      That said, I’m married and happy. But that’s like saying Roosh has no trouble pulling 9’s out of a bar for a first night lay. Just because he’s good at it/lucky/skilled/etc doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to duplicate his success. And, let’s not forget, it’s a SHIT TON of work (both to be a good PUA or to be a male in a good marriage).

  42. In the current environment, just don’t get married as a male it’s a bad deal in the current climate. Are there some good marriages and success stories yes, but don’t in any way compare yourself to your fore fathers and others who came before you when it comes to marriage.
    Fact is , there is a huge economic incentive for the government and corporate America for divorces, two households spend and can be taxed more than one household, this is the sick economic society we live in. There is a whole industry around encouraging divorce and the primary target is the female in a marriage, even if you get a good woman she will be subjected to the divorce barrage undercurrent 24/7.
    You as the male will be the victim in all of this, don’t despair the current system is untenable in the long run, it just won’t work and the divorce statistics bear that out. However, once the backlash from all these fatherless ruderless lost kids is felt perhaps the whole marriage thing may become attractive yet again, marriage does have it’s benefits when raising a family but that’s when the government and corporate america are not involved.

  43. Any man who has ever been in a relationship with a woman, and who observes their ever shifting relationships with their female “friends” (women have no real female friends), and who has ever ended a relationship with a woman; a situation in which no matter what you have ever done for her or any good times you two have shared, turns on you with absolutely zero warning, with no emotion and the attitude of your
    mortal enemy, who with a smile on her face pulls your heart out and places it in a paper bag like Lloyd Christmas….How a man can observe this behavior and still get married makes me lose more faith in us every day. Every man who enters into a legal agreement with one of these creatures, in which the odds are so obviously stacked in favor of the (whore) house, proves that we as a gender have gone completely insane.

    1. What’s frustrating is that a lot of it is our fault. It takes two to tango. We continually give women attention on instagram and facebook, lower ourselves and our values to get pussy, and desperately marry in order to secure consistent sex.
      Take a step back for a second and look at how we are reacting. Posting comments on a website. We have the guns and muscles and we are sitting here acting like permanent second class citizens. The guys from A Voice for Men are on our team, but they are truly pathetic the way they protest and actually try to civilly debate with creatures who are incapable of rational thinking. We should be kicking ass and taking names. I truly hope that one day we will be able to take over the world again and do as we please.

      1. “lower ourselves and our values to get pussy, and desperately marry in order to secure consistent sex.”
        All because prostitution is illegal and most men don’t want to risk jail/shame being caught. If we ever get to the point where prostitution is more accepted, this will stop pretty quickly. Why grovel for it from a 5 when you can drop 200 bucks and get a 9 to do whatever the fuck you want?

        1. So true. I wonder who is behind the demonization of prostitution. I do also see high level escorts on TV charging in the thousands of dollars, which would fuck average guys even further/

  44. Spot on article and very good advice.
    Younger guys….take notice and reread this article as many times as possible. Come back to it when the time comes where you’re thinking of possibly getting married.
    Always do the prenup, never give ground and walk away if she draws a line in the sand.

  45. It seems the looking glass here is focused INTO the western marriage casino, where well dressed optimists and thrill seekers walk in, convinced that they are a player in a game they have control over depending on their skill level, and then walk out as losers to slump in their cars.
    What we’re missing here is that the pagaentry of a wedding is unnecessary. A practical man would call it wasteful. A state issued marriage certificate is unnecessary and is nothing more that a worthless scrap of paper if the woman doesn’t stand by (or behind) you. What’s REALLY important is food, family, friends and fucking. If your flame is into the photo op party of the ceremony itself, hell stage a mock wedding with booze and stand up comedians and the whole bit. Even better ON A BOAT with hot bitches galore, but KEEP IT UNOFFICIAL and not legally recognized.
    The truth is that marriage is a covenant that YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE make with GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. And NO ONE ELSE. If she can swallow that pill, then it is very likely she would make a good spouse. It really is NONE OF THE STATE’S BUSINESS who you wife by or sire offspring by. Compulsive busy body henpeckers may prod you to conform to the custom of recording your private life with the state, but you can physically chuck them out of your sphere and away from your family. The state will send no army to force you to legally disrobe before them. Your family is your sanctuary. Before asking a woman if she will marry you (unofficially and on GOD’S terms of course), she must first answer correctly the litmus test question that determines if she’s even worthy of marriage in the first place. That question being if she is committed to YOU over the state. The state may twist her arm against you, but YOUR WISDOM when used by YOU as you will it, will avoid skirmishes with the state.
    Always keep an apartheid crack rule of law over your family that they are to stay as far away from any limestone temple or building with any statue of a fugly lady holding scales. They say separation of church and state? Hey here’s one we can enforce and cram down the throats of our contemporaries: SEPARATION OF FAMILY AND STATE ! !

  46. Just living together with your partner, in an honest and fully-committed relationship, is damn near the same thing as marriage.

    Unfortunately, in several states the courts have come to see it as exactly the same as marriage — including when the couple splits, alimony is awarded, and the “community property” gets divided up.

  47. It needs to be stated quite clearly. THE FAMILY LAW COURTS DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW!. You have no recourse when a corrupt judge, getting payola from your ex’s attorney, decides to ignore your prenuptial and grant full lifetime alimony and child support equaling 80% of your income. As well as 100% of the property. You will starve to death slowly and there won’t be a thing you can do about it. The judge will not allow you to recuse him, will not allow you to appeal, and they oversight committees will not care. You have no protection at all in family court. Don’t think that a prenup will necessarily do you any good.

  48. This should be a lesson learnt for all of you ‘I don’t want to bastardise my children, I need to marry to uphold civilisation’ types. Current statistics indicate that divorce rate is around 45%, however if you factor out the geriatric and conservative immigrant populations, those numbers probably skew a lot higher. Point is, if you reside in a NATO country, do not marry, point blank, don’t even think about it. Pre-nups are becoming null and void by corrupt judges either throwing them up (which negates the whole purpose of a pre-nup anyway), or useless clauses that indicates in the case of infidelity or domestic violence (which a skilled lawyer could fabricate) she gets the castle and keys. Marriage in the 21st century in the Anglosphere is the sole refuge of beta males. Again in financial terms, if you have children limit your risk exposure to child support, if that, but do not let some bitch convince you to ‘marry me, because we’re having a baby!’ DO NOT GET MARRIED, DO NOT TELL YOUR SONS TO GET MARRIED, LET THE SYSTEM BURN.

  49. Let’s also keep in mind–some people are just smarter than others. Why do you think Robin Williams got mauled in divorce court twice, but Tom Cruise is still fabulously rich? Because not only did Tom not have an affair, but he HAD HER SIGN A PRENUP.

    1. Well, Robin also didn’t have the benefit of a fanatical cult that was willing to go to war on his behalf against any ex-wife who decided to play kiss-n-tell games against one of the most important figureheads of said cult.

  50. If a woman earns more and has more assets than her partner, should she make him sign a prenup?

  51. Note: A pre-nup means shit once children get involved – whether yours or another’s. So she can go cuckold you with an Alpha jerk, get preggers, overturn that prenup, and you’re still on the hook for cash and prizes while she goes to fuck more Alpha jerks.
    Keeping it real.

  52. Divorce attorney here. ATTN ATTN ATTN – free legal advice to follow: the only men you hear talking about the magic of prenups are men who have never been married or men who got fucked in a divorce. In most jurisdictions, these things are not magic, they can be invalidated for a bunch of reasons. Even if they are iron clad, it’s not always the law that fucks guys, it’s the process – you can still get screwed (i.e. you’re still fighting in court, paying me $300 an hour, defending endless motions, etc.)
    Best practices – if you are worried enough about marriage that you are considering one of these for any reason DO – NOT – GET – MARRIED.

  53. I just want to spread this and say watch this documentary, it sheds the light to the cruelty of family courts in USA.
    Every man who considers marriage ought to watch it.
    I’m not saying marriage is bad, its just its been under attack for decades (again, by The Frankfurt School and the like who want to bring the Western society down).

  54. “Just living together with your partner, in an honest and fully-committed relationship, is damn near the same thing as marriage.”
    It is the same as marriage, just without the expense of a party and honeymoon.
    And guess what? In many countries living togheter have the same dangers as marriage. If you live togheter she can still get half your assets if you break up.
    Don’t get married! But you MUST write a contract before living togheter, it is like a “pre-nup” for living togheter. If you don’t, you can be screwed.

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