Game Of Thrones Reminds Us How Monogamy Can Harm Your Masculinity

Game of Thrones (GoT). The ultimate blockbuster of the present decade. During its episodes we laughed, we cried, we felt excitement, jealousy, arousal and joy. We experienced all these feelings that make a TV show addictive and creates the love-hate connection every aspiring Golden Globe Director wants to achieve.

But most of all, as men we identified ourselves with specific characters. In their faces we found idols, mentors and heroes. Their behaviors and choices made us realize what type of men we are closely related to and how these choices and behaviors can bring you from the bottom to the top and vice versa.

This article is about my desire to analyze three of the most influential GoT male characters and unravel the mystery behind their seductive personas. Behind each character hides a powerful person that tries unapologetically to balance between his dark side and his will for apollonian mastery. These two sides of the same coin are explicitly related to each other and are constantly trying to win the battle over the character’s consciousness.

Sometimes this battle works in the character’s favor and helps him find his way towards glory and immortality, but some times it can have devastating results for him and his surroundings.

Robb Stark


The King of the North. The predecessor of a dynasty. The only true hope that is left in Westeros. Robb Stark is exactly like his father. Proud, stubborn and with wrong judgment. Despite his intellect and great strategic skills, he lacks social intelligence and the ability to make the right alliances. He thinks that because he is the King of the North and he has a single uncle, he can exchange that for House Frey’s help. Wrong!

What distinguishes a great man from a Quintessential Man is his ability to make right choices during chaotic times. He needs to be antifragile. Unfortunately, Robb Stark was blinded by his desire for vengeance and didn’t make the right decisions. Decisions that will most probably lead to the end of a dynasty.

Moreover, Robb, despite being young, good-looking and a King, decides to fall in love with a nurse. Most probably because she is the only woman that can match his emotional character.

I have nothing against falling in love because of emotional reasons but let’s be serious for a moment. You are in the middle of the most important war of your life. You give your word to a stupid old man that you will marry his daughter because you need his help. And you just break your word because you fell in love?  Fail.

Robb Stark wasn’t born in the right time. He would have been a great King if he were born in a Lord-of-the-rings-type-elvish-Kingdom, where everything is predictable and no one annoys the elves. In Westeros unfortunately, things are way crueler.

Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion makes great use of his intelligence as a tradeoff for his ugly looks. He has extremely high levels of social intelligence and he uses his language in an exceptional way. He is a good-hearted libertine who constantly challenges the status quo and desperately tries to find the reasoning behind humanity’s brutal nature.

His purpose is to find a role in King’s Landing and successfully does so by being assigned the role of the Hand of the King. Despite his constant controversy with his nephew and the never-ending insults by the luminaries surrounding him, his charming persona attracts the right allies.

He finds an ally in the face of two of the most heroic characters in the series—His brother Jamie and Prince Oberyl Martell. In the end, unfortunately for him, he cannot stand the insults anymore and loses his temper, thus resulting to him being accused of his nephew’s murder.

Tyrion is a womanizer like most of GoT male characters, but for some reason he has a huge weakness for whores. One of them, Shae, becomes obsessed over him and wants to force him into a monogamous relationship. She finds it difficult to understand the implications of such an event and despite Tyrion’s thoughtful attempts to save her, she refuses to compromise. This results to her being blinded by jealousy and vengefully tries to accuse him of rape and mistreatment. Apart from that, she goes a step further and finds a new lover/protector in the face of his father Tywin. We all know how that ends.

Tyrion is one of my favorite dramatic characters in the series because he represents the typical guy who despite his intelligence, is so self-conscious about his looks that he falls into the trap of falling in love with the first woman that shows real interest in him.

Khal Drogo


The ultimate Warrior. The Quintessential Alpha Male. The embodiment of testosterone. He is strong, cunning, intelligent and ruthless. Everyone respects him and everyone fears him. He has no fear of death and his every action is accompanied by a brutal ending.

His only weakness? Love.

It is very difficult not to fall in love with the mother of dragons. This amazingly beautiful creature that balances sexuality and cuteness in an exceptional way. But come on, when you are the leader of a bloodthirsting tribe of warriors, love is a word that does not exist in your vocabulary.

As we all know, love can make you blind and dictate some of your most thoughtless actions. This is exactly what happened to Khal Drogo. He decided to take a break from his brutal reality and step down and enjoy the fruit of monogamy. This comes with a price. The moment you decide to commit yourself to a monogamous relationship, “me” becomes “we” and strength usually becomes a weakness.

Khal Drogo’s brutal strategy served him well until he decided to let Danaerys influence him. He made decisions based on emotion and not on logic (his logic at least). His decision to save some slaves instead of killing them, simply to please his wife, leads to unintended consequences. By breaking the bro code, he pisses off one of his most skillful warriors, who challenges him to a battle. Obviously Khal destroys him but one of the hits wounds him heavily. Danearys asks him to accept help from a witch she trusts and in return she vengefully infects him and he soon worsens to the point of death.

Despite his brutal nature, Drogo represented everything we want to see in an alpha male. He changed his way just to please his wife. He paid the consequences.

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147 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Reminds Us How Monogamy Can Harm Your Masculinity”

  1. Bronn is the archetype of a red-pill man. Marries for money and fucks all the other women.

      1. You can marry more money in 20 minutes than you can make in a life time. That’s the Aristocracy.

    1. Ever since Tywin Lannister died, he’s the most intelligent and practical character by far.

      1. Even Tywin has moments where the best decision is forgone to preserve family or personal legacy. How he deals with Tyrion in one primary example. Bronn would only have cared about Tyrion’s efficacy in the positions he served.

  2. Khal Drogo reaming Daenerys from behind was the high point. Masculinity-wise its been downhill ever since

    1. That was epic I couldn’t believe they had the balls to show that. And you noticed how she loved him for it.

    2. Let’s not make the same mistake as women. Let’s not create a cock (pussy) carousel of our own. Players far more experienced than ourselves knew that this is not the path to happiness.
      A relationship with a great girl is probably the most rewarding experience game will bring you. You will spend countless hours with cunty Western women, but once you find a brilliant girl, don’t push her away because you are too busy spinning around on a carousel of your own.

      1. fair enough. I’m not that partial to Daenerys / Emilia Clarke however. I just thought it was a right and proper representation of a good pounding

      2. So if I find a “brilliant” girl, I have to stay monogamous? No way to convince her otherwise then?

  3. Tyrion has become my favorite character. He makes up for his lack or size and looks with exceptional cunning and wit. He can play people like puppets against each other without ever picking up a sword. I must admit, I was bothered by how enamored he became with Shae who is quite the bitch for a whore. Glad I’m not the only one who sees this glaring flaw.

  4. I have yet to see even one episode. What is this you young whippersnappers are into ?

    1. I’m going to say this as a friend:
      Don’t fucking watch it. Don’t start. If you do, you will become hopelessly addicted. Then, when the next season ends, you will literally (ok, figuratively) have withdrawl symptoms, and then you’ll pine away for another year until the next season begins. GoT is awesome.
      My advice? Wait until the entire story is told, buy the Blu-ray box set, get an 8 ball of blow, and don’t leave your house for a few days.

      1. I’ve watched it. Overrated in my opinion. The first two seasons were great, than it started going downhill with the intrusion of Jew-I mean hollywood’s feministic agenda where weak woman ‘kick ass’ and ‘all men must die’ BS.

        1. It’s not just Jews. GRRM included a lot of African-American agenda with all the inclusion of bastards and the heavy debt Westeros is running up.

        2. The death of Sean Bean’s character was a muddle for me. Wtf? Best actor there apart from Charles Dance and they Fugging kill him off almost instantly.

        3. Manipulative females did play a huge role in medieval dynastic politics. See Henry VIII and also see Isabella & Mortimer. The fight between Matilda and Stephen of Blois was reminiscent of the GOT plot.

        4. Spot on. I’ve watched all 3 seasons and it’s painfully obvious the pro feminist framing of pretty much everything in the show.
          Hell the writer of the books…that old faggot is an admitted feminist. So at best he is a kow towing pussy that will whore himself out to anyone capable of paying him. Much like anyone else who wants to succeed in today’s western civ dystopia.
          There is also a despicable amount of faggotry that takes place in several of the episodes that is of course serenaded with epic music and lofty set pieces…..fucking disgusting that so many guys watch this show and think its great when it is a blatant anti male/all men are evil unless a faggot message that is broadcast loud and clear to impressionable minds.

        5. interesting comparison. apparently grrm based a lot of it on some novelised french history:
          “Martin says one of his main inspirations was not fantasy, but a series of novels set in medieval France, little known or read in the English language. Les Rois Maudits (The Accursed Kings) was written by Maurice Druon between the mid-1950s and the 1970s. It’s a seven-volume saga chronicling the dynastic fight for the French throne in the early part of the 14th Century, culminating in the Hundred Years War.”

        6. It’s quite clearly got echoes of the Capetian and Plantagenet struggles. I think Capetian.

        7. The show is shit and sorry but last time I checked the population went from 50% male 50% female, to enter 2014 5%male 95% cunts.

        8. While HBO has certainly taken liberties with the books, not killing off Ned Stark would certainly been…well..extreme since they would have had make up the entire rest of the series.

        9. Sean Bean only ever gets hired onto a film to get killed. It’s always bad if you find out your favorite character is going to be played by him.

        10. yeah, I’ve never read any GoT but I intend to have a go with the Accursed Kings as its a fascinating period of french / european history

        11. Martin used the War of the Roses for the framwork. He used the 1440 Black Dinner in Scotland as a template for the Red Wedding.

        12. He starred in Sharpe (by Cornwell). That character fit him better. His end in GoT didn’t add up. I stopped watching at that point. He couldn’t have risen to power in the wild north if he lacked guile and sixth sense for danger. He’d have had an eye on deposing Joffre anyway and getting his sons on the throne too.

    2. The program is undergoing a brief mainstream popularity only because of its heightened violence and titillating sex scenes. The storylines are predictable, recycled from better authors. The acting is awful, except for Dinklage. Other than that it is standard propaganda programming, trying to get the audience to accept the creators’ viewpoints yet think its their own doing. 10-15 years from now people will be embarrassed to say they ever liked it, and its success will seem inexplicable.

    3. Its very popular with my age group ( 16-20) because it reflects what every little omega male faggot wants, a bossy cunt to rule over him. Read the books, if you want, fuck it actually dont read them go read Blood Meridian. Now that deserves a show.

      1. You’ve hit the nail on the head but I seriously doubt they’ll make a TV show or a film out of Blood Meridian. Not a single female character in sight and it deals with issues our society would not like to acknowledge.

        1. ” War was always here, before man was war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practioner”

  5. “We are a community of conscious men, centered around pondering, exploring & evolving the idea of seduction.”
    Manly prose fail.

  6. Seriously? An article written by a beta concerning his man crushes on a bunch of pretty boy actors in a weak-ass bullshit tv series? Is this where the manosphere is heading? WTF? There is no red pill in this article, Roosh, ya need to proof these articles before letting them pollute the site.

    1. Very true. However you are missing a trick here. The series is very popular among the Females. What is the appeal of the series? It’s largely white, it’s a blend of fantasy with early medieval history, there are racial and cultural metaphors galore. I wish I’d written the original books. The guy must be sitting pretty catering to the punters.

      1. You may be right, but those fag-assed vampire series are popular with females too, doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my time watching a bunch of pretty boys getting into a snit over some manipulative hamster. All tv has been infected by feminazi thought through the input of the hollyweird homos, betas, and fems. The dark ages had very few warrior women, but homowood will have everyone thinking they were as common as flies on shit. I don’t watch any of that crap.

        1. The warrior women are tiresome. The Lena Headly character is spot on though. I noticed that the Vikings series turned Ragnar Lodbrok’s wife into a warrior princess. Kinda dumb move on the part of the writers. Her character demoted a rather well researched historical drama into Xena territory.
          Agreed about vampires. That’s a shit trope. Zombies are being killed off as a vehicle for fiction too btw.

        2. I agree with you on Vikings. Sword Maidens were a myth. And I particularly hated when she killed that guy for raping a captive. Really? During the Dark Ages? Leaving aside the fact no tiny woman is winning a fight against a massive man.
          I hate vampire soap opera too.

        3. The rape revenge story was bizarre. Like she’d have cared, like she’d have even been on crew.

        4. I believe that in Nordic legend, Largetha WAS actually a shieldmaiden. The scriptwriters did not make her one. The only thing the scriptwriters did “wrong” was to make her his one true real wife and love of his life.

        5. I think men take these things as pure entertainment and nothing else. Women however…………
          Women of the 90s (not all, but many) pattern their lives on ficitional characters like those in SATC. We all know what kind of effect that had…….

      2. Wait… the appeal of the series is that it is largely white? How then to explain The Wire…?

        1. I don’t watch that show. I’d guess that GoT has a similar fan base to LoTR. Some overlap with Downton Abbey.

    2. If you can’t beat Jefe in an arm wrestling match, you should be able to post.

      1. What? You think Dinklage and Momoa got hired for their outstanding acting skills? You should go back to watching your tevo’d GoT episodes, fanboy, and let the real men handle things.

        1. Dinklage is a great actor, he was certainly a big draw for me to the show. Momoa is decent but not on the same level.
          Real men? Sounds pretty juvenile.

  7. Clever bloke who wrote it is laughing all the way to the bank. Mr Martin take a bow.

  8. I don’t buy this. Monogamy benefits men, not women. Women are better off under polygamy, but you get the 10% of guys having 90% of the girls (which you basically have anyways) and 90% of the guys have no ability to have wives or sex. Monogamy is just a way to forcibly distribute women downward.

    1. Also note that I haven’t seen a Game of Thrones episode, ever. The last time I watched TV was the world cup final.

    2. “Monogamy benefits men, not women. “…
      “Monogamy benefits BETA males, not women…”
      Here…I corrected for you.

      1. And this is a problem? I don’t subscribe to ‘Beta hate’. Betas built civilization.

        1. ” I don’t subscribe to ‘Beta hate’.”
          Neither do I… is too short to “hate” anyone!
          …besides…Who is going to pay all the alimony and child support (specially for other guy’s kids)?
          Who is going to marry and provide for all the wall-bound single mothers?
          Who is going to be the cannon-fodder in times of war?
          Betas are a necessity for a low tax society….the more the merrier!

        2. Interesting perspective. Basically you wish there be an Aristocracy of Alpha that uses Beta Men to fund, support, and levy taxes against for their whimsy? Everything you advocate is the essence of a Matriarchal society; the kind we are devolving further into. It only benefits the top 1% of men with the rest divided up by the 2%.. 3%… until the last percentile gets the crumbs of the crumbs of the crumbs.
          I suggest you reevaluate your stance with some more Red Pill required reading.

        3. *Shrug* Gotta keep ’em motivated somehow… and a man without a family is a man that doesn’t give a shit.
          The Human Race needs men that give a shit.

        4. Casinobox so far as I can tell is an oiley Jew. Or shabby goy. Pay him no heed.

        5. “Basically you wish there be an Aristocracy of Alpha that uses Beta Men to fund, support, and levy taxes against for their whimsy”
          That it is just reality….that it is just the way the world is…is it not?
          Accepting this is as RED PILL as one can get!
          Hoping that things were different is NOT Red Pill..

        6. That is how real patriarchy (and not matriarchy) in the animal world works. Human social behavior is pretty much a combination of that of wolves, chimps, (both patriarchal) and bonobos (matriarchal). In a patriarchal setting there is one clear alpha male who gets all the girls and the rest of the beta males either separate the female from the group to get sex (PUA game) or they give pieces of meat for certain periods of time (provider/prostitution) or they could challenge each other for alpha male status. Rape is even very natural, chimps rape their females if the female rejects sex. In a bonobo matriarchal setting, the females group up and just bang up all the males to blur out paternity (males no longer need to fight), and without fighting and challenging each other males become weaker, females can catch up to them in strength. The males depend on their mothers for the rest their lives and the status of their mother dictates their sexual attractiveness. In humans however, we live in both worlds, which makes it fucking confusing, this is why our sexuality had always been repressed in the past; it was to protect ourselves.

        7. Most red pill thinking and philosophy had its heyday in in the 19th and early 20th century. Particularly speaking, they balanced the Alpha/Beta dynamic to distribute women to a large variety of men (monogamy and social chaste). Western society bloomed in this environment. Economically, scientifically, philosophically, etc.
          As we can see, the Alpha’s of society were nurturing the lower classes (to an extent) via nationalism and economics. This provided the largest good for the largest amount. This is completely opposite of what you are advocating. You are demanding submission of Betas to Alphas. In essence, your prescription is the devolution of Western civilization into something that net benefits women and the fewest amount of men. Something like the rest of the world.
          Being human is balancing are animal with our civil side. Too civil, we lose touch with nature and become what we see today. Too much nature, we are no better off than the chimps swinging in a tree.

        8. True, and we all know what a great place to live that is.
          Well, if you like ugly women and shooting people on command in order to eat, it’s great.

        9. Who gives a shit about ¨Human Race¨, all i care is about me. Human race can go to hell/

        10. No, you are clearly a woman. Or a child. Either way, you haven’t learned how to act like an adult yet.

      2. Humans aren’t like animals, in that they have the ability to intellectualise. They can, and frequently do, group together to kill “alphas” and take their women..

      3. Here you could say that Female Monogamy benefits 90% of men. And 100% of children. A small number of women could be prostitutes and society wouldn’t suffer as they would service the men who don’t fit or who have a rampaging libido.

    3. And what do those 90% left-over males do? Be productive and work extremely hard? Or do they become a destructive influence?
      What happens to the surplus females who don’t acquire a commitment from one of the 10% of men once their fertile years are over?
      The West right now is an interesting, albeit unstable paradigm where the majority of leftover males still work productively, only to have their wealth siphoned off by their government and their corporate overloads to be distributed primarily to females (this includes both direct transfer payments and government make-work jobs like primary school teacher or human resources plus an assortment of other parasitic field). In addition to this, female hypergamy remains largely unrestrained. I see it as a transitional phase from a previously monogamous society that cannot last for very long, especially when coupled with many other problems.

    4. Your statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Monogamy is a fucking joke. No one is ever TRULY monogamous. Couples cheat behind each others back constantly.

    5. Concur. Its not “fair”, but evolution is never fair. Tomassi spelled it out in the Rational Male and I’ve seen it in person from both sides, women would rather be a mistress for an Alpha than the one and only for a Beta.

  9. This is complete and utter bullshit. Does the author know nothing about history and civilisations? Does the author not know that societies that practice monogamy in their male-female relations ALWAYS wipe the floor with those who do not?
    Seems like the author is in favour of receiving an ass-pounding from one’s nearest enemy tribe. How manly!
    P.s. Try not to make pronouncements on real life from a movie.

    1. I get why people on the manosphere are opposed to marriage. Right now it’s a raw deal for men, and there’s prudence in boycotting it until (or if) the laws are changed and feminism dissolves amongst Western women.
      But you are right that monogamy was one of the building blocks of our civilization, and to dismiss it entirely is folly.

      1. Female monogamy is a building block of civilization.
        Alpha promiscuity is a building block of natural selection.

    2. We don’t need marriage anymore. We’re not living in the dark ages… At this point in society, you would be retarded to get married.

    3. To be honest it’s not ALWAYS this way. Muslims had no problem assraping Christians for centuries.
      But yes monogamy > polygamy

  10. I have only been reading rok long enough to know it speaks truth. I don’t yet recognize all the authors, and I don’t mean this author any disrespect but it is weak to be discussing these bullshit tv episodes on here where so much raw truth is spoken. Besides its time to turn off the tv boys and make sure something else is what you are doing when you aren’t working. I don’t give a fuck if you are watching sports that is no excuse. Turn it off and do something productive. And if you are going to discuss your fav tv show post about it on your Facebook page cause we don’t need that shit in the man room.

    1. What is the real reason that you are pissed? Come on, be honest. You should know that discouraging men to speak against female supremacy, is worse than supporting female supremacy.
      If you convince one side to not fight at all, the other side won!
      What you posted, comes off as the perfect illustration of sabotage. Don’t.

      1. Where did I say I was pissed? Your reply was such incoherent monkey business that I couldn’t decipher your point. I don’t discourage the prevention of female supremacy- that’s why I’m on this site. That’s why I am encouraging men to turn of their tvs… Trying to help here

  11. The female glorification in this show makes me want to puke. How can any self-respecting man watch this show is beyond me. Cue the denialists with the “Oh no no men are shown as powefulllll””. These imbeciles should be smacked across the face for denying the obvious and manipulating others.

      1. He was dumb and honest and tried to white knight a horrible woman.
        That’s what was wrong.

        1. Not quite. He uncovered an incestuous betrayal of his best friend. I also tend to doubt that he could have risen to power as he did and miss the doubtful parentage of the recessive gene Joffre. And the Cuckold husband ought to have noticed. “White Knight” doesn’t quite fit the actor either. He was a cunning bastard in Sharpe. A man’s man. It’s a shame he accepted the role.

        2. I was talking the Ed Stark character, not Bean.
          When warned Cersie that he knew about her incest BEFORE he moved on her – cost him his stupid head.

    1. The HBO series really butchered George RR Martin’s books to please their feminist overlords. If anyone is interested in this, I suggest they read the books first.

  12. Fanboy articles like this do not belong here. GoT is a poorly-written, poorly-acted fictional television program set in a fantasy world.

  13. In real life no warrior, ancient or modern, would ever take serious advice from clueless women, let alone be ignorant on how to deal with his battle wounds and have to rely on the treatments by the enemy. Game of Thrones has become a very effeminate show demonstrating envious hatred against all things masculine and honorable, behind a thin veil of gratifying violence and sexuality which also quickly turned laughably feminist as soon as the male audiences were lured in after season 1…

  14. The amazing thing is that monogamy is horrible for men, but great for women. Yet, if one were to believe all the crap in the media, in entertainment, from the politicians, from the feminists, it’s the opposite.
    Monogamy is the best possible arrangement for a woman. She has to produce children while she is young. She has to have a man locked in before she is 30 and aging rapidly takes its toll. If she waits, or divorces, she has no options. None of this applies to a man.
    Our society has an epidemic of single mothers over 30. It’s a horrible sickness and one that will likely destroy our society. The fact that politicians cater to this demographic of life’s losers will only hasten the demise.
    These women are in hopeless situations. They are too old. They have dependents. But they are in total denial because they believe they can still get a man. Only a very small percentage of them ever will. The rest end up bitter, angry, blaming society, blaming men, blaming the government, blaming everything but themselves. They then vote for the pandering politicians, which in turn takes our society down yet another notch.
    It really is a sad state of affairs. The only solace I find is in getting young pussy; in watching older woman walk around in a bad mood; and in this small community of men here at ROK that see things for what they are.

    1. The cornerstone of monogamy is – wait for it, wait for it . . .
      Without that you are right. It is what men get as compensation for taking on the responsibility for a woman.
      In a matriarchy monogamy is nothing more than male servitude and he should just go fish.

  15. Game of Thrones is basically Twilight for dudes. Both the books and the TV show are a steaming pile of crap. We should be reading such books as The Five Rings. That is one of the most important books any man can read.
    GoT is for try-hards, homos, and women.

  16. lmfao…that fat, virginal turd George Martin getting treated as an epitome of masculinity? The reason he wrote all of those heartthrob books about sexy men is because he’s on the lower end of the masculinity scale.

    1. Yet, unlike George Martin, nobody knows (and never will for that matter) who the fuck you are. Stay small, sexy alpha dawg. It’s a good thing you have internet, the only place where somebody might pay 10 seconds of attention to your incoherent rants. Suck on that bitter, red pill truth.

      1. The reason that Game of Thrones is so popular right now is because of all the emotionally damaged men in American culture, who have turned to watching Jane Austen-style medieval drama in place of something better.
        Martin is a pulp romance author–all his heroes are pulled from 1990s women’s fiction paperback templates. It’s a sign of decay that this dross is so popular right now, just like when adults buy Winnie the Pooh pajamas for themselves.

        1. I’ve never encountered any GoT-watching male in real-life who wasn’t an unintelligent, out-of-shape tool.

  17. Two words for betas to look up and see how their special snowflake best friends see them: Friendzone Jorah

    1. “You have a good claim: a
      title, a birthright. But you have something more than that: you may
      cover it up and deny it, but you have a gentle heart. You would be not only respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule and should
      rule. Centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the
      world. There are times that I look at you, and I still can’t believe
      you’re real.”
      No wonder he couldn’t get laid.

  18. Enough with the Game of Thrones crap. The books sucked and the show is even worse. The fact that it features lots of tits and violence (while certainly not a bad thing) doesn’t necessarily make it worthwhile.

  19. I am not sure this is an argument against monogamy as much as it is an argument against making foolish decisions based on “love”.

  20. Oh yes more and more promiscuity just what the cathedral wants, Tthe destruction of marriage and the family and the future

  21. I get the book and series mixed up, but in both Drogo died because he was stupid. He had a battle wound (from a real battle in the book) that he didn’t get patched up from his own healers.
    When it got infected, he stupidly had a captured witch treat him – then didn’t even follow her directions. His macho dumbness killed him, not where he was putting his dick.

    1. he got challenged and wounded in the first place precisely because he decided to put his wife and pussy on a pedestal and let her feminist beliefs cloud his judgement and deny the just reward his men should get (i.e, women) for risking their lives in battle. Wtf are men lower in the dominance hierachy going to risk their lives for if they aren’t going to get pussy and women and the spoils of war out of the deal?!
      It’s a typical western feminist’s dream come true: fuck the alpha males and deny the beta males and those lower in the dominance hierachy any real power and privileges for their sacrifices and work. It’s easy to spot how bad of a deal this is for most men, and how it would never be accepted or work in a real warlike, tribal society that Drogo was a part of.. it’s only in a fantasy world that a woman like that would dictate to her warrior husband.

  22. Having read all the books in the series some time back, i find that George Martin’s writing skews towards being few if any of the truly masculine characters escaping some horrible fate. It’s well written popular escapism which appeals to females & beta thinking nerds. I wouldn’t be taking life changing lessons from that.
    You’d do better with stuff like ‘Hagakure’ or John Laffin’s ‘Secrets Of Leadership’.

    1. What I liked in the books is that all characters suffer the consequences of their actions, and anyone can die at any moment. There are no holy cow characters like in some other fiction.

      1. Yeah, the grey areas with the characters was what drew me in. I’m not a fantasy novel reading fan either. I just like compelling writing, whatever the genre.

  23. Seriously lame article. Using populist, MSM programming as a foil to protest against the customs that have catapulted our species to the top of the food chain? Seriously?
    I have nothing against PUA’s, I consider them the fist inside the velvet glove, but like an executioner, you only want them around when there is something to do. In a healthy and monogamous society PUA’s are rightfully punished… it is only in a sick culture like ours where pussy worship is rampant that they become a necessary evil in order to break the self-esteem of twisted cunts.

  24. Seriously????
    There are still some great articles and commentary on this site… But this?
    Game of thrones both the book and the insipid tv show is nothing but a silly fantasy soap opera pandering to chicks and beta faggots. The author is a well known gay man. No self respecting alpha man concerns himself this shit

  25. I like Martin’s writing. Love his early stuff like Sandkings and Wild Cards, like the GOT series.
    Funny to me that people on this blog bitch about his male characters while blogs written by female readers / show watchers are appalled by the medieval discrimination against women and the general rapiness in the series. I guess they never read any actual history.

  26. I don’t waste my time watching Cable or regular TV. In fact I don’t own one. Lame ass article I don’t give a fuck about fantasy!

  27. Why do people like this show? It sucks compared to The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. I cannot understand what is the deal with people’s fascination with these genres.

  28. Game of Thrones is well written story with fairly complex characters and lots of in’s and out’s in the plot line…which is a goddamn shame because the PC/grrrl-power agenda pretty much oozes out of every scene.
    Every male character is static, stunted, and otherwise blind to their own missteps, while every female character is cunning and insightful and really only restrained from achieving greatness by the cruel patriarchy.

  29. What is to remember in this completely fictitious story is not that men has to not be monogamous but it`s to not trust too easily people who has a reason to take revenge. Beside his warrior skills, the Drogo character is not exactly a person with good qualities and honest goals and is very cruel so no wonder why some people want to kill him. I think the author of the article didn’t like the fact that Drogo listened to his wife instead of teller her to shut up. He liked the fact that she made a big mistake though. In reality both genders make mistakes. But it`s very nice to put attention on a big mistake a female character made in a fiction just to say “See what happens if you listen to a female? Don`t be monogamous if you don`t want this to happen!!!”.
    The fact is if all men have many sex partners lot of women will have many sex partners as well, which is not good because this kind of woman is “slut” according to articles of this site. So a lot of men will have no partner at all to let them all to the others, which is not good either I guess…

  30. I love this site.. You all are a bunch of insecure men who have not one ounce of leadership qualities. You guys talk about masculinity while engaging in the most non-masculine trait…. bitching and complaining. The irony that this is a site where “manly” “alpha” men congregate to bitch, moan, and complain about women should not lost.
    Keep lying about your status as “Alpha” males as actual productive and successful males do not engage in the loser’s favorite past time. Excuses and finger pointing…

  31. Your character analysis is shockingly bad. I hope you meet G R.R Martin someday and ask him about Khal Drogo ‘breaking the bro code’. I am sure he will engage in a very.. erm.. intellectual conversation with you.
    By the way.. if you had actually read the books you would understand that Shae was always a prostitute and Tyrion paid her the ENTIRE time. Which means Tyrion was paying her to be his. She was not Sansa’s confidante and she did not care that she had married Tyrion. There was no ‘shocking’ betrayal, it was inevitable because of the turn of events and because Shae was a survivor. They shifted from this story line in the series but still gave it the same brutal ending. It made sense in the book. It did not make sense in the tv series.

  32. Game of thrones reminds us that ROK can be inconsistent sometimes, POLYGAMY hurts your masculinity, no stable civilization can arise with everyone owning a harem.

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