Black Propaganda in Feminism Part II

It appears that codename “Bavarian” has escalated his propaganda operation against feminists on Twitter. His previous work has been documented here. Basically, a group of individuals are posing as various characters to sow dissension and spread disinformation in certain feminist circles on Twitter. This has been entertaining to watch and appears to be quite successful. He has provided me with some “declassified” screenshots. You can also see it on He is gearing upfor a new operation called “OPERATION: CUCKOO’S NEST”.

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 5.42.27 PM

Things like seem to stir the pot. This manufactured discord by race is especially sinister to use against a leftist ideology.

Here are the particulars about “OPERATION: CUCKOO’S NEST” from an email from “Bavarian”:


To provide covert tactical support for Legionarii by neutralizing the People of Oppression (PoO), including–but not limited to–feminists and Social Justice Warriors (SJW).

We will seek to humiliate, ridicule, and otherwise demoralize PoO on Twitter by infiltrating their ranks and exacerbating already existing tensions regarding divisive issues such as race, religion, politics, income inequality, homosexuality, age, transgenderism, abortion, crime, etc. Further, we will agitate moderate individuals by advocating extremist viewpoints for the purposes of recruitment and retention.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 6.33.34 AM



Undermine the will of the PoO to resist.

Increase unrest among the PoO population.

Increase desertion or surrender of PoO forces.

Reduce PoO interference with Legionarii’s operations.

Undermine the credibility of PoO leadership.

Increase acceptance of Legionarii’s forces on Twitter.

Deter intervention of neutral groups.

Counter propaganda.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 10.01.24 AM



Design your character. Really get in touch with your feminine side and think about what kind of character you’d be good at impersonating, then answer the following questions:

What’s her name?

Is your character female or transgendered?

What race is she?

Is she a Radical Feminist or an Intersectional Feminist (Read the Wiki pages on both of these).

What is her age?

What are her politics?

What are her hobbies?

What are her disabilities (disabilities are celebrated within the PoO community so don’t be timid about inventing one)?

Set up Twitter account. Subtlety is key when creating a twitter account. Remember, we’re trying to blend in. Follow these steps:

Create a new email account ( is recommended).

Create a tumblr ( account (if you don’t already have one) using your new email address.

Search tumblr with #Me and save a profile picture suitable to your character.

Sign up for a twitter ( account using your character’s name and your new email account.

You must also choose a twitter handle, which other users will use to contact you. It starts with an “@”. Be creative, but be subtle. For example, if your character’s name is Mikki Kelly, you could create a handle like “@MikkiRadFem” or “@KellyKickBoxer”.

Write a profile espousing your beliefs and/or hobbies. Again I stress, subtlety is of the utmost importance.

Google search images that would create a PoO-friendly header and background. For example, if you’re posing as a SJW, try image searching “social justice”. Or if your character has autism, image search “autism awareness”, then load the images as your header and background.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.18.37 PM

Create a Skype account and contact bavarianthearyan for further instructions. In the meantime, keep in mind this is not a joke. This is not trolling. This is PSYOPS. We expect you to remain professional at all times. We’ve lost many operatives due to reckless new recruits who thought it’d be funny to work outside the theoretical parameters we’ve set up to avoid account deletion.

This method of using the dastardly tools of the left against the left is delicious. I can taste those tears of rage and frustration through my computer. It does bring up some issues though. One big one that I have realized is how many of these “online feminists” are the real deal. With operations like this going on , one really cannot tell. I guess that is a good thing. It also appears that some feminist personalities have actually been infiltrated by Bavarian and his operatives.

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133 thoughts on “Black Propaganda in Feminism Part II”

  1. Funny, but a lot of work. Good luck with your campaign. Most feminist writing is self-parody anyway.

  2. Jesus, this is like the diametric opposite of inner game. Why are grown men getting involved in this “Mean Girls” shit? This is weak and feminine.

  3. what in the fucking world are we devolving into, 4chan? this shit is embarrassing, are we no better than trolls now?

    1. I think its hilarious. Proves what dumbfucks females really are. We are not going to beat Feminists and their Mangina lackeys in the political and legal arena. PYSOPS is awesome. Destroy them from within.

  4. this is amusing to read about, but participating seems like a waste of time. i have too many books to read and startup ideas to explore to bother teasing the most trollable populace in existence.

  5. I saw this on ‘pol’ from the beginning. Publicising this is bad for them because you expose them.
    they cant use subversion if you blow their cover

    1. Feminism is all Poe’s Law anyway. If this gets out, they’ll just be more paranoid and dismissive of their own kind.

    2. What would be even better is if this is just satire and leftists start wigging out on their own. “Ok crystalhighpriestess I know you be a man cuz you say you bleed for 8 days but use naturally cozy reusable washable feminine pads, you probably don’t even know what tofu and quinoa look like”

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am far too busy running a company, raising my children, and fucking my wife to get involved in some feminist revenge thing. Why waste your time on cunts? You are men. You are leaders.. Dont play fucking women’s games.

      1. Marriage and kids are for beta phaggots
        Ive seen enough 60+ year old men crying like little fucking babies because they were divorced.
        No man should ever fucking cry – ever – for any fucking reason whatsoever. That fucking shit makes me embarrassed to be a man.

        1. Dude….crying when it is appropriate is a very manly thing to do. I cried when I gave the grand childrens eulogy for my grand mother….perfectly appropriate to do that…I loved my grand mothers very much.
          The only men who say “men must never cry” are men who are not secure enough in themselves to allow themselves to do such.

        2. “Marriage and kids are for beta phaggots”
          Said nobody ever beside the self hating white libtard goyim.

      2. Can someone please tell me which is the fake troll, I clicked on the twitter link and they all seemed to crazy to be real.

      1. When you find a solid, old school, loyal woman you can and should marry them. It brings a number of benefits to the table and makes raising children much easier. This is also a by product of me being nearly 50. I come from a different time, when men were actually men, and marriage was an option. I do not come from the pussified modern world where most ROK readers find their roots.
        Additionally, I am fucking genius who can make anything successful, including marriage. Your mileage will vary. 😛

        1. I respect and congratulate you on your successful marriage but how many “solid, old school, loyal” women are there in America? Certainly not enough to go around if any at all. I have two sisters and even they are not something I would label as ideal partners.

        2. I don’t disagree that marriage can be OK if you find the right woman. It’s certainly the only way to have children. If a man wants to have children, it is like any other objective in life that a man pursues. He finds a way to do it.
          On your age, not buying that is was a different time. I am your age. The cultural pollution started in the 1960’s and was especially horrible and confusing in the 1970’s. You didn’t escape it. Our grandparents had shit straight. We have seen glimpses of an orderly world through our time with them. But our parents were confused.

        3. thanks Wi. there may be more than just age though. I grew up, was educated and now live in a rural area. My wife (of 25+ years now) is also country. While we are not religious people, the being hicks things also helps prevent some of the typical BS city dwellers experience. Sometimes, being country ass has benefits. 🙂
          Oh, my wife lost her dad at a super young age which I think also benefits me as it created attachment needs that other may not have.
          Dont get me wrong. I dont think I am good. I think I am damn lucky. There is a difference but the result is the same, a happy dark knight.

        4. How many masculine, decisive, driven men are there? Certainly not enough to go around.
          Things suck, women suck, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity out there whatsoever. There’s always a chance to win; most fortunes are made during economic depressions. And when most women are shitty, the truly good ones stand out – the rest aren’t even pretending to be good women.

        5. Funny thing that.
          Ive always found people that brag about their intelligence often have none.
          You remind me of that douchebag “The Ticker” that used to post here.

        6. I have found people who cant recognize a joke to be completely useless pricks. Congrats, the trend continues with you.

        7. When you are in smaller towns and rural areas where everyone knows each other, even if you have the selfish desire for promiscuity (male or female) it will get around, so it’s ill-advised. Country values are held to a higher standard and usually, divorce isn’t an option.

        8. Yep. See I completely agree with that. I agree that the ROK readers live in a pansy world. Yep. I was at a Ukrainian dinner, all the women were beautiful and tough, long hair, slim and elegant. All the men were men, some were back in the Ukraine facing bullets, some raising funds for them. The men opened doors, bought everyone drinks, kissed the hands of all the women. Everyone danced. There were some tribal dances in solidarity and some actions in solidarity with the men and women fighting dictatorship. The dead were remembered, the living encouraged. Men said, let’s do this again, its so amazing to be somewhere where all men are Alpha and all women look like models and make you feel like a king. At the end the mighty Cossack basket of whiskey and meat was auctioned.
          .I recommend all readers to visit a country that is not Pansified, where people still fight for freedom. Where men are still men and women are still women. Just get a local guy as a mentor to teach you their ways. I think Grayson Knight should start writing about life in a world were men are men and women are women. I also recommend ROK readers visit local immigrant communities, watch and learn.
          Also Grayson, you must have your own collumn on this site. You are one of the manliest men on this site..

        9. “Bitter fat old farts whose wives dumped their alcoholic abusing butts.”
          “Now I have created a possibility for my life do you think it is one I might enroll you in? I invite you to share a life with me more wonderful than we could ever have apart. My offer to you is nothing less than myself, utterly, totally and completely,
          With all my love
          I said “no”.
          Funny how you women like to try and tell the lie that Jennifer dumped me when everyone knows that I took her back time and time again for the benefit of the children. Even when I post her own words begging me to take her back again in May 2007 you women simply keep telling lies.
          Did your mothers not teach you “honesty is the best policy”?

          Here is a chapter from my up coming book “How to be a good wife”. It is still in draft. Lesson 3 is called “Be Honest”. It is very sad western women can not even make it to “be honest”. This makes western women very unattractive to us men who are honest men of honour and integrity.

      2. No shit. with wittle kids too .This fucking Knight clown seems beta as fuck to me.
        Wonder if his wife gave him permission to read RoK.

        1. Come on man, warm up that little brain of yours. I know you can do better than this weak ass troll shit. You must be a woman.

    1. Tell that to the US military industrial complex. Subversion is way more powerful than artillery, especially in the long run.

      1. Considering I fought in the first Gulf War, and now own a small electronics firm that services defense contracts, you can just look at me as part of the military industrial complex.

        1. Nice… Bet those are some lucrative contracts. No price big enough for “defense”.
          On a personal level I understand your point… Who has time for that. Dealing with a single woman is pointless, best to ignore. Ignore an organized group of women and well look at the state of affairs today.

        2. Lol…. how did you fight, like playing video games. I do not know many American soldiers who had to wrestle the enemy like I did, house to house, door to door hand to hand combat and they were better armed than I did. Lol, the Gulf War doesn’t count. Go to Texas, go to a bar where the last real men are left in America and repeat your comments about another man’s daughter and you will see hand to hand combat for the first time in your life.

        3. Dude, I saw your guys in battle, hiding behind technology because their bosses were too chicken to having them fight, and it was all about risk minimization. I fought, and my grandfather fought the Nazis in the second world war. You Americans talk a lot, but when it comes to fighting …. you don’t like dying and facing bullets. In fact your funeral homes are crazy, you are the only country where they putting freaking make-up on dead bodies because your society is too pansy to accept deaths. You even have a horror film industry that just passes as humour everywhere else. When they buried my grandfather in his uniform, he was pale with the face of death and honor and wasn’t wearing makeup unlike American soldiers.

        4. You have no idea how I fought so you just focus on sucking cocks and let the men talk here sugar.

        5. Congratulations. You wasted good money on a Women’s Studies Course. Please direct yourself to the nearest therapist for deprogramming. I recommend Tom Leykis.

        6. I think Maureen is an example of what this article is talking about. Unfortunately, Maureen needs more practice because “she” is not very believable yet.

    2. Everything you just said here, Grayson Knight, is a refreshing tall glass of water to me. Thank you. Especially the ‘you are men, you are leaders’ part! And thank you for serving.

        1. I mean I like to hear stuff like this rather than LETS GET FUCKIN MAD AND BITCH ABOUT THIS and that… it? Or perhaps we need another article about Bronies.

    3. Agreed. Best medicine for fems is to ignore them. In Bill Burr’s parlance, “just ghost em.” You are the oak tree, hold frame, and they don’t exist. The only way any of the huffpo blog nonsense makes money is via ads. You do not need any of the shit they are selling. Walk away from debt and slavery.
      Make real money doing something useful and get your ass to where the good girls are. If that means you expat overseas, so be it. Roosh mapped it out for ya. Life is too short for trolling. There are way too many lovely hotties out there who need your time, knowledge, dick and FUN. WELCOME TO THE CARNIVAL OF REALITY! (- credit to rsd tyler)

    4. Oh the “I’m too cool for this shit” defense.
      Please take your self important ass to another site where people will crawl in it.

    5. “‘raising my children”
      In that case you should be thanking your lucky stars men like the ones mentioned in the original article even exist….if your children happen to be white.
      If they aren’t then your reply makes perfect sense. Carry on.

        1. Are you serious? If you’re totally oblivious to what’s known as “the bigger picture” and you can’t see the good these men are trying to do for your children and their children then I’m probably wasting my time but anyway..
          Let me spell it out for you. You’re in a time where the sentence ” white people should be bred from existence” nary raises an eyebrow for the plugged in libtard masses, as a matter of fact most are so heavily poisoned they applaud the sentiments.
          Does this not seem a little odd to you?

        2. If I set you off a bit, I apologize. Seriously, I misunderstood your post and needed clarification.
          I fully understand the attack on white people and its ramifications. I just was not making sense of your comment. Thanks for um, spelling it out for me.

        1. So you were joking about fucking your wife? Is this some kind of lame “i’m only kidding” defense?

        2. Looks like I stuck a reply to another thread on this one. No, nothing I said at the beginning of this thread is a joke. Point is, I dont have time not the inclination to give feminists a second thought. The hive mind only screams loud because someone chooses to listen. I wont be that someone.

    6. About women’s games, check out this chick. First of all, she is hot. Definately hotter than most Americans, has long hair.
      Secondly, she is more a man than ROK readers. She might be dead now. She went to the square in Ukraine for freedom, to protest, unarmed, knowing she might be killed. Her courage and those like her freed Ukraine. She is feminine, more feminine than American women and more brave than most men. I have a lot of respect for women partisans that fight side by side with men, who get shot and killed standing up for their country. If you notice, female partisans are still feminine, and male partisans are still masculine though they lay down their life for the country. In 1776, such partisans gave their lives to form a country that became known as the United States of America.
      I respect that you fought the Gulf War, Greyson Knight, but the odds were in your favor. You fought for the world strongest army against an easily defeatable country that had been pounded into weakness by a decade long Iran-Iraq war. It is very different being cannon fodder like her or the Iraqis you shot, or the Iraqi civilians.
      Or my case, imagine if your wife and kids were being bombed by scud missiles, and the windows of the house next yours are shattered, your neighbors are killed because the enemy aimed the missiles at a hospital in your neighborhood, missed and killed your neighbors. Imagine, fighting with a stick to reclaim your house, your land against men who are armed with guns and machine guns and surviving.
      However, I noticed that war made you a man. And I agree with you ROK readers in the US live in a pansified era. Myself, I don’t live there and only sympathize and stand in solidarity with you.
      When you say don’t listen to women… I have a different view, long flowing hair standing with us in the square or shooting, being a nurse, and giving up their lives with men to take back their country and create a better life for their children. I listen to woman like in this video as she is more a man than most American men. I do not listen to princess housewives who were coddled, never had to face war. It was a woman warrior that saved the prophet Mohammed’s life on the battlefield.
      The Prophet Mohammed was the first to mandate equal work, equal pay, as he said we have to respect the women nurses and warriors in battle. My view on women: You fight actual battles, I listen. You don’t fight…. I flip the channel. I admire a man in the protest square in Ukraine who was shaving, and he said you have to look good, revolution isn’t an excuse for a bad appearance, same with their women. Many US women don’t have that excuse, but look….interesting…. and preach “fat acceptance” and say “love me as I am”, while they are not being shot at. Yet the women who are being shot at take care of themselves, and have better things to do than academical second wave radical feminism — like freeing their country.

      1. I REALLY appreciate this reply. It gave me a lot to think about and it clearly points out that my experience with women centers around American women, who differ considerably when compared to those like the Ukranian women you pointed out. Just keep in mind that while your experience includes the modern day Bodica, my experience with American women (including “soldiers”) is more Carrie Bradshaw.
        On the war thing you have pointed out something important; there is no comparison between fighting for your freedom and fighting for some college money. There was no sense of duty when I joined. There was only a desire to leverage the GI Bill into a college education, which I did. Being ordered to kill some people during that process was a possible side effect of enlisting, which came to pass, and I did what I was supposed to do. 8 years of true patriotic service was ruined by a brief encounter at Jalibah Air Base where all the pride I felt in my mission and my country was sucked away into nothingness. We killed everything that moved, regardless of their intent to surrender. In that brief moment I found myself at a crossroads where I could refuse an order and ruin my life or follow the order and ruin many lives of others. It is clear what decision I made as I sit here the owner of a small company in my mid forties.
        I may have done my duty but you are right, it holds no comparison to warriors like the woman you mentioned.

    7. If you are running a company, you don’t need to get involved in some feminist revenge thing. All you have to do is make sure you do not hire or do business with feminists and their sympathizers. Treat them the same way you would a Nazi or a KKK member.

  7. White women involved with black men and 8 times more likely to be a victim of spousal homicide. Wonder why feminists don’t complain about that?

        1. That’s not even a reputable source. What somebody writes on their blog is not necessarily the truth.

        2. He is using statistics from before 2006 ,now that people like George Zimmerman and most of the TX 10 most wanted list are counted as white despite being closer to feces color, the numbers are closer..

    1. I am calling you on your bullshit. Prove your claim please. I think you are 8 times more likely to be full of shit “anon”

    2. I don’t like statistics like these that do not provide a source that is reputable. This reminds me of the “1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime” bull shit that feminists use. Megan Kelly even said that on her show last night after that Ravens running back was caught on video carrying his drunk and passed out wife out of an elevator.
      In any case, if this statistic is correct, I don’t think this has much to do with black guys in general. This has more to do with white women and the choices they make. In addition, white women are generally a pain in the ass and one can hardly blame any guy for smacking one after listening to her being a bitch and complaining for hours on end.

    3. Because their victim complex depends on making no distinction between white men (whom they use to oppress blacks) and black men. If they even acknowledge that there is such a thing as a black man, they have to acknowledge that they are enriched by the oppression of billions of nonwhite men. They can’t admit to being oppressors, so to them all men are white men.

      1. This
        In order for feminsim to work on a global scale, all men have to be white men, the same way that 1st and 2nd wave feminism required that all white men be classified as the upper 10% of white men.
        They know that racism beats the soggy knees in the modern discrimination stack so they’ve created concepts like ‘intersectionality’ and ‘oppression Olympics’ in order to latch feminism onto these other things in order to prevent the critiquing of the core feminist group: middle/upper class white western women

      2. I once saw some horse manure where a feminist actually said, it’s OK to be afraid of a man because he’s a man, but not OK to be afraid of a black man.

  8. This is just old-fashioned trolling. Sad. I’m sure it feels good to tell off extremists, but what does it actually change? Nothing.

    1. Tempting as it is , and lets face it …easy too, to troll these folks it is hardly constructive. Shits and giggles yes, but there are better things to be doing.

  9. Except I wholly agree with the “satirical” statement that genocide is bad and that, re: Nordic peoples, “it’s the responsibility of all of us to make sure they survive.”
    It’s fine if he’s using truth to undermine them, but that makes it seem more like sincere arguing rather than, ya know, just wanton trolling. (I guess they can be mixed.)
    Either way, anything that’s bad for feminists is good for mankind, and so I wish him the best of luck.

  10. Unless it is truly your passion to troll, which is fine, you are wasting your time. You will not change the world with these efforts. You CAN however change your own life by choosing to be with the women you like and discarding the ones you do not. It’s a much faster path to happiness than political campaigns. Again if this is truly your passion then enjoy it, more power to you. Death stalks us all, so think it over. I’ll be poolside.

  11. Good work but isn’t revealing the troll somewhat counterproductive at this point? (magicians revealing their tricks, etc.)

  12. I have zero interest in devoting the time required for this sort of thing. But if some other guys want to do it, I say have at it. I see no reason to discourage them.
    I’ll equate it to pumping out septic tanks. I’m not going to do it, but the world sure is a better place if someone is willing to do those dirty jobs.

    1. Yes, Id agree with this. I find it very amusing to see the social justice warriors hoisted on their own petard, but I have better things to do myself than spending that much time trolling. I’ll spare the time to briefly appreciate any results from this operation however.
      And even this operation doesn’t achieve its stated goals, it will at least focus elsewhere the energy of several groups who might otherwise be competing with or obstructing me.
      Whats not to like?

  13. Lol, sounds like some harmless fun, fucking with stupid people. I love it. Getting women riled up over nothing and watching them self destruct. That is some funny shit! Good job! Something to do if you are bored and want some mindless entertainment.

    1. I was thinking the very same thing, but didn’t want to cause anyone to go postal since they seen to be on that edge themselves on their own.

  14. HAHAHA they actually got Laurie Penny to be supportive of someone calling for the genocide of white people.
    Meanwhile ‘Girls with short hair are damaged’ caused her so much consternation that she felt compelled to write a new statesmen article condemning it.
    Cheers fella, you brought a smile to my face.

  15. I disagree with those that think this is a waste of time.
    True, not many of us have time for this. But there are men that have been especially damaged by the feminist state. If this makes them feel better, gives them some degree of peace of mind, I say “go for it.”
    It can’t do any harm. If it hurts feminists, fat acceptance bitches, and leftist idiots of all types, that is the opposite of harm. That is like taking murderers off the street. Meanwhile, it certainly isn’t harming anyone else.

  16. If you think into it, the gay rights movement have also used some of the same tools… and whilst i don’t think that two men should be locked up if they want to lick shit off each others dicks (just shoot them in the head and save the legal system)… sorry i mean each to his own…. bugger away if you want to……
    Unfortunately whilst the blacks had a real issue to try to remove unwarranted prejudice and establish themselves as human beings, whereas in the 16th century they were thought of as not even human……. this was not right at all…..
    Taking that and using it to bring gay rights and lesbian rights and women’s rights into the limelight, and altering social behaviors so much so that teachers in schools now need to tell young children that it’s ok to be gay…….
    Like south park highlighted with it’s show on NAMBLA, if we give open promotion to everyone’s fetishes – we better start legalising child abusers and offer classes in BDSM to preteens.
    Fine if you want to make a civil union with someone of the same sex and not pay inheritance taxes and reduce income taxes… OK… but don’t make a big fuss about it…. keep your fetishes to yourself…. and yes… being GAY is just a sexual fetish and lifestyle choice….

  17. Honestly the “intersectionalists” and those screaming about “tone control” (which is the polite term for YOU CAN’T SHAME ME FOR BULLYING YOU) are doing all the work for you. Each of whom is trying to anticipate and out-shame any responders for not being sufficiently sensitive/non-cisgendered/non-heteropriviged/non- cisGayPrivileged and being more Pure In Heart than YOU. Not to mention the blogger “Feminism Is For White Women” (who, to be fair, has a point). Also remember the not-insubstantial cadre of third wave feminists who are convinced that trans-women are really just MEN MEN MEN trying to co-opt feminism with their Patriarchy Privilege and sneaking into the ladies’ room to pee. So just sit back and grab the popcorn.
    [Dig my user name! “On The Corner” is an intersection!]

    1. “tone policing” is all about silencing the opposition. In fact, the whole Women’s Studies/Critical Race Theory/Identity Politics/Marxist Clap Trap is nothing more than an unfair hijacking of everyday words into definitions that no regular person would accept, all geared towards unfairly wresting control of the debate. Because apparently telling someone who’s angry at them for no good reason other than they happen to have stepped on a PC landmine in relative ignorance (rather than deliberate malice) that they’re angry at them for no good reason is “oppressive” and “silencing”. It’s basically “the oppressed are the only ones that are allowed to curse at you with frothing mouths because the Man/Whitey/Patriarchy/Kyriarchy has “kept them down/told them to shut up” forever.
      People who stumble upon intersectionality rubber room fests for the first time are naturally befuddled and bewildered by the level of venom and the off-the-wall theories and redefined words because they have no idea where people got such insane ideas. (From insane people, of course)

  18. “this is psyops not trolling” No this is 14 year old 4chan level stuff, not fucking Alpha at all.

  19. Maybe Bavarian and his boys should target specific feminists who have been outed and named and shamed as man haters.
    Just google
    ali bracken
    fiona brassil
    sharell cook
    sophia poulos
    And of course…we must never forget Rachel Cassidy,
    Going in and causing discord in the ranks of the feminists is one thing….but educating yourself on the fact you can rescind your consent to be governed and not be subject to any legislation is a far superior way to invest your time in my opinion.

      1. That is one of the most ridiculous efforts I hve ever seen. You have not even put my face on to the photo with photoshop!!
        Here…this is how you expose criminals.
        We all know the tag line “this is what a feminist looks like”.
        This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

  20. As for intersectionality feminists, they aren’t as bad as radical feminists. They say, for example North Korean men are more oppressed than American women. True. When interning, applicants with black names are less likely to be accepted for internships, Arab names even less likely. True. A white female would be more priveldged than minority males. True. A young female, without connections usually are sexually harassed during internships when the economy is bad, and many are forced to take it because there are few options. True. An immigrant woman or a woman of colour is less likely to have the resources to resist or know what to do with sexual harassment at work. True. Her boss will be mad at her, and spread lies when she says know and destroy the young woman’s career aspects, nip them in the bud, and force her into a life at McDonalds despite her university degree. True. But he won’t do it to a middle class white girl who has access to lawyers. But would do this to a girl of colour who is the first generation in her family to graduate from university. True

      1. You sound like a second wave American feminist. That is why Miss Guest you can only attract other fat obese second wave American second wave feminists who are aggressive like you. People with guns like Texans have manners, and pansies have big mouths and no manners.

      2. You sound like a second wave American radical feminist. That is why Miss Guest
        you can only attract other fat obese second wave American second wave
        feminists who are aggressive like you. People with guns like Texans are polite and not mouthy. If they don’t like what they hear they shoot instead of using uneducated hick words. Let me guess, you are from a pansy part of California or Seattle. Real men/women won’t date you, just other jerk obese poorly groomed lesbian feminist professors who are rude Americans.

        1. Americans are known around the world for being rude, fat, ungroomed and uneducated hicks with a big ego. Sorry, that’s the truth of your reputation abroad and you are proving it. With your attitude, feel free to numb your brain with TV, workoholism and alcoholism, and date your masculine whales that pass for women. Other people on this site are interested in learning how to score attractive foreign women without being given fake phone numbers, or beaten up by their friends or laugh out of the room..
          .Female American whales respond to Game like “negs” because they have no game themselves and do not have a value nor know it if they have one. American men either do the mangina thing, which is NOT sexy, or they behave like radical second wave feminist assholes. In parts of the world where all men are alphas and all women are women, game is for school children, and its more advanced.

        2. Speaking of your men, …. your website is a shrine to pansy culture. I don’t know of other societies that had housewives. In the rest of the world, women work hard in the fields with their brothers. Other societies, farmers have fierce political debates during family dinner. You guys have electricity and watch tv during dinner which you microwave. Your last men fought in WW2, and are actually quite polite, and fight only when there is a need like alphas.
          .The problem was the Vietnam war created a culture of pansies and manginas due to risk aversion. It was fought for political and corporate interests, rather than sending your tribe to battle to fight to the death for their families, for a cause. So they couldn’t fight a World War II war. Your footage is censored, there is no blood. What is PG everywhere is rated R in the US. After Vietnam, US govt understood they had to pay soliders to fight other corporations and government’s wars. American soldiers are mercenaries, not warriors.
          .In Syria, Ukraine, nobody counts body bags. Yet every American coffin is a blow to morale. You aren’t fighting for your land, for your family, so its a loss of a mercenary. You are fighting for politicians, not survival. The result was that the military calculated that risk reduction was the best strategy so that they could still recruit people to fight other people’s wars. So in reality you are paid to be a corporation’s bitch instead of being a warrior. That really screwed up American culture. Men started attacking and oppressing women at work and their wives during the cold war, because the soldier became the corporate and politician’s bitch. There were no manly role models.
          .Yes it saved money, but American culture became pansified. Like WTF are drones??? They rare hit their target, usually hit civilians and people in those country wonder why aren’t you man enough to go to Pakistan and Yemen and just shoot the bad guys the normal way, with a gun like everyone else including women do. Maybe if Americans are too pansy too shoot people, they could hire some very good women snipers from Pakistan and Yemen to shoot the terrorists, those women are fearless. But drones, come on man!
          .The reality= cold war-> risk aversion -> loss of American masculinity -> men attack women in the workplace and the home, use their money as leverage to compensate feeling like their lost their balls -> women create militant radical feminism and attack them back -> men create radical feminism of patriarchy of their own like this whole site.
          .Why not just say no to pansification, being a boy instead of a man who is aggressive to try to find a fight to prove he is a man. Why not be a man and say, hey, how can I help men who are fighting. Right now, men and women are dying shot by dictators in Syria, Ukraine, and Venzualea. Myself, I try to get humanitarian aid there.
          .If you want to be a man, find a way of supporting other men and women fight real shit, facing bullets unarmed, in solidarity. Maybe learn to code and encyrpt shit. Be a man, support other men fighting for their land and families against corrupt tyrant who face bullets unarmed. Form a political action community, find humanitarian aid. Take risks. Be generous. Be a hero, fight a real fight.
          .This whole website is a shrine to pansies. Men who fight women…. only in America! In the rest of the world, people fight dictators. In heavy metal, singers fight dragons…. and you fight women????? Pansies. I dare any of you to join that secret Israeli organization that secretly delivers aid to Syrian civilians by the cover of the night. Google “Bashar Assad torture” and watch the youtube videos on what would happen should you fail your mission and get intercepted by Bashar Assad or AlQaeyda.
          Only American women respond to things mentioned in this site. Many of you write that you are tired of American women. Then stop acting like them, being mouthy, rude, fat and sound like you are so inundated by television and workoholism that you can’t even read nuance in an arguement, let alone a book.
          Most Americans haven’t read a book in several years while most European women read a few books a year. The intellect is why some women have figured out long hair and looking hot, putting an effort will get them a romantic partner. TV watchers don’t think they have to do a thing, and the world owes them everything, because that is how the world looks on TV.

        3. When I heard someone in the UK call a black an African American I said “no wonder the world hates Americans.”

        4. Wow, unless the black person was actually from America, that’s a whole new level of stupid for Britain that I never dreamed possible.

      3. Keep your fat obese American boy-like women. In Paris, when we hear a heard of elephants that look like men, we know its female American tourists coming to shop. You are more than welcome to only attract such women, American uneducated Pansy. I was written

      4. Keep your fat obese American boy-like women. In Paris, when we hear a
        heard of elephants that look like men, we know its female American
        tourists coming to shop. You are more than welcome to only attract such
        women, American uneducated Pansy. I was writting that women in the other part of the world are hotter, more complex, and require better game than crude American light alcohol and force.

  21. Many intersectionality feminists hate the hold of lesbians in academia, and come from young women of colour who want to fight the oppression they and their men are facing. A great example is an Israeli white feminist group tried to have solidarity with Palestinian feminists. The Palestinian feminists refused. They said, they are being hit by bombs and starvation with their men, and are more oppressed from being Palestinian than by being women. They said they refused to join the Israeli group as they have nothing in common with those women and instead supported Palestinian men’s groups fighting oppression because they had something in common.
    In the third world, intersectionality is a useful analysis. Different layers of power. Note coming from academia, a lot of them are reasonable and agree with a lot of what men have to say and feel they are a crucial part of the women’s rights movement. They fight against radical feminists who are against men’s voices being heard.

  22. You know, I used to like this site. Now I just pop in once in a blue to see how long this drop is going to last.

  23. Its hilarious to read those tweets. These “black women” are just intolerable 🙂 Crying racism and patriachy at every sentence, completely out of reach. But I still I dont get the purpose of this.

  24. I wonder if they are able to infiltrate us as well. Posting stuff on Rok about “the wall ” and how foreign women are much better 🙂 doubt they can pull it off though, they would hate to write the truth, even in a covert operation.

    1. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle
      Do you really think anyone on the left could do that? Diversity for them means conformity of thought.

      1. Well I dont think a feminist women could endure the pain of writing something like “Russian women are much slimmer, trimmer and pleasant than western ugly fat feminists”

    2. Thankfully most foreign countries haven’t popularized women’s studies…which is why foreign women are actually normal.

    3. Absolutely not, there are no women here, women are too stupid to find this website, let alone write the truth, which it’s great that we know by the way, the absolute unquestionable truth about everything. Oh those stupid feminists, not educated like us, they could never take what’s written here seriously, they’d just dismiss it immediately, not like us, we’re all brilliant and know the absolute truth no need to question it. Don’t you worry.

    4. ask a silly question… They have been trying for years. See below. Hopefully we are better at spotting saboteurs.

  25. Douglas, while your intentions are noble I don’t think you fully grasp what you’re up against here.
    Using extremes for majority white women to make a point will be like water off a ducks back. Western white libtard females are not self aware enough to even click with a paradigm shift to actually “get it”. Stuff like “White people should be bred from existence” is something they still won’t understand, don’t forget that’s pretty much what they have been subtly indoctrinated with since birth, albeit in a much more digestible “white ppl are da debbil” tone but still. At the least you’ll probably get a shoulder shrug, at the most a “that’s mean” response from the more socially aware non-vapid types.
    You understand what I’m trying to say here? I commend the attempt, I’m just saying I don’t think it will achieve much. I wish I was wrong.

  26. I just find it so totally hilarious that the acronym for “People Of Oppression” is “POO”. Did nobody test it before they released it?

  27. This is great! It’s not trolling because we’re doing it and we’re better than trolling, and it’s also comforting to know for sure that no one is doing that to us here, men, the men here, like me, no feminists here pretending to be men, they’re not smart enough to think of our definitely-not-trolling-but-very-similar-to-trolling plan. God we’re great. Men eh?

    1. Yes, fellow man. I hear you loud and clear. The women are trolls because they’re feminists and look like trolls. We men are superior in that our trolls are just men.
      To us men!

  28. “Trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and
    Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and identity scores. Of
    all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations
    with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to
    trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as
    chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling
    appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.”

    How Misconceptions About Trolling Threaten Society

  29. To those who feel this method of attack is feminine and infantile, ponder for a moment the infinite success of the Pyscholigical Warfare model and its impact on the modern world, most notably the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany.
    It cannot be denied how effective this method of attack has been on world Superpowers. To tear down from within is the simplest way to subvert a nation possessing a quality standing army and the ability to export force.
    Casus beli is meaningless when an enemy strikes from invisible shadows. To properly gravitate towards meeting such a clandestine challenge an opposing force must utilize all possible methods at its disposal…. and do so with no quarter, no mercy, and zero forgiveness in sight.
    Only then will this War be a fight we can win…

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