What Happened To Ashley?

From prom queen to dumpster slut. Seriously I didn’t think it was possible, but I guess meth really can ruin your life;  or having a lack of motivation as well possibly. Having your parents money could also contribute I suppose. Either way this is a great case of what the fucking fuck.

Below is someone I will name as “Ashley.” The photo’s are all real, but I’ve decided to change the name. More for protection of my own identity rather than hers. I could care less about this piece of garbage ever having her real identity discovered. This my friends, is a cautionary example of what direction the American female race is heading in.

Here is a picture of Ashley:


She was homecoming queen for sure, and was probably prom queen once as well. My interaction in life with her was pretty limited. She was a friend of a friend who had relocated. She came to visit with that said friend once, and I think we hung out for only two days. She was a cool, cute, young woman, and she did admittedly have a crush on me, which made me feel great when she pointed it out to an ex who had broken up with me.  This was when I had zero game so that’s the sad ending of the story. Mikael got zero ass out of it.

Here is Ashley now:


Yes, she looks like a dumpster slut. I’d assume her parents pay for her phone as she bums around the country, since she’s always posting pictures on Facebook. All of her bum friends somehow have smart phones as well. The rest of her family is relatively normal. She’s often home to attend family events in which she’s clearly the black sheep of the family. The appalling part is the simple fact that she doesn’t need to be. She was and has the potential to be attractive but refuses. So the question is why?

Option A is that she uses drugs. And well she probably does, but she still has all her teeth so I’m guessing its nothing more serious than weed.  And weed isn’t a drug, it’s a plant. So in my opinion that option is out the window.

Option B is feminism. I’m going with that because she fits the perfect build of a feminist. She was told she can do whatever she want to do and she has. She’s selected a man whom she can have sex with whenever she chooses. This said man will not question her authority, will do her bidding, and live with any consequences she has revolving her body. Her man is not Ryan Gosling, but he is the perfect slave according to what feminists desire. Just look below.


So this is the direction our women are now heading. From homecoming queens to dumpster sluts. Good job feminism. This is the direction you have lead our country. You lie in filth like the sheep you are.

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95 thoughts on “What Happened To Ashley?”

  1. If there are two things that a woman can do that will make me easily disregard them before I even do anything.
    Makes my life easier.

      1. they always thinking cutting their hair makes them look younger. and its that very trait that outs their sell by date

    1. disagree with tattoo’s so long as its not full sleeves. I agree with fat, short hair, shaved hair, and massive piercings.

    2. The writer Theodore Dalrymple published an interesting essay on the popularity of tattoos among today’s middle- and upper-class women in the West. Here’s the link: http://www.newcriterion.com/articles.cfm/demello-dalrymple-2647. In reference to the motives many of these women give for their bodily inscriptions, he explains as follows:
      “What is striking about these “tattoo narratives”…is their vacuous egoism. The interlocutors speak, and appear to think, in pure psychobabble, that debased and vague confessional language that allows people to imagine they are baring their souls when in fact they are exposing their shallowness…One cannot but feel sorrow for people who think that by permanently disfiguring themselves they are somehow declaring their independence or expressing their individuality. The tattoo has a profound meaning: the superficiality of modern man’s existence.”

  2. While I agree with everything, I think you’ve left out another motivator. It’s cool to be a bum. The picture with her manslav… boyfriend immediately reminded me of the anarchist subculture, which infects both males and females. It’s totally compatible with feminism. Well… It’s not really but in their minds anarchism is everything which says “fuck you” to old values while looking cool.
    Feminism is probably part of her transformation and her being one would fit but I personally think that trying to be an edgy anarchist is the prime motivator here.
    PS: Swapping out anarchist with hippie works just as well.

    1. I think the point though is that while it’s cool to be a bum, anarchist, hippie etc. the fact is being any of those isnt possible without feminism. Female bums didnt exist until feminism told women to do whatever they felt like. Prior to feminism women wanted to or were forced to get married and therefore weren’t bums.

    2. Anarchism is not a subculture. The hipsters/hippies take anything that looks cool and incorporate it into their “lifestyle.” And then they give it a name or a song or a poem or a drawing on a condom.
      Anarchism is the closest thing to a human paradise. It removes violence from human social interactions. Every one receives quality education and power is destroyed as society is re-organized according to different principles.
      If you understood it as it is, you would not call it a subculture.

  3. It seems that you are stating that in the first picture in the article where Ashley is cute that she is a girl next door type…
    You neglect the fact that she’s apparently getting a tattoo on her ass. She was never this “cute, innocent” girl you imply that she seemed to be.

      1. It’s not about being rebellious. It’s about being trashy. The girl next door does not have a tramp stamp.

    1. The girl in the top picture appears to have blue eyes. But the girls in the 2nd and 3rd pics appear to have brown eyes.

  4. She is a crust punk/traveler/ possible trustafarian’. I dont see how you equate any of her decisions to practice that lifestyle with feminism. Yes, I am sure many travelers are feminist but that has nothing to do with living the way they do. There are a lot of travelers now because its kind of in trend. Some do it because they have ran out of options, others because they want to try out an alternative lifestyle (because they know they have their parents financial support no matter what fucked up situations they get into). Its voluntary homelessness and its just another sub-culture in a kaleidoscopes of sub-cultures.
    This was a shitty entry.

    1. The author’s point could have probably been elaborated a little better, but i disagree with your crust punk/ traveler situation. The point seems to be that feminism is what tells women they can do whatever they want. So whether women see themselves as feminists, the fact that a group said do whatever you want to do ends up with crust punks. So while she’s probably not a feminist, the reason she had the option to be a bum was cuz of feminism.

      1. No, the point is this entire article is based off assumptions. This guy had a crush on her and now thinks she’s ruining her life and feels compelled to tell the world (or the manosphere at least) about it, fobbing it off as “evidence” of what happens when a girl is a feminist. Bit gay, don’t you think.

  5. I’d hit it
    with a blunt object to put it out of its misery.
    But I’d concur with the comments citing the article’s lack of quality. Associating this saggy whore with the average femcunt is a pretty huge leap. This is simply what happens when a girl lacks masculine discipline in her life. I feel kinda sorry for her, tbh.

  6. Its like modern day romanticism except people like her contribute nothing to the likes of art and beauty. But the rejection of living under a capitalist umbrella. Exactly what we need. More people benefiting from someone else’s work, but not contributing their own.

  7. Easy question to ask: “Who is paying for this?”
    Either her parents are, or taxpayers are. Send this post to her family, and you are hands off at that point. I’m sure you do your job as a taxpayer and earn as little as possible for the parasites.

  8. Ack… That is a perfect example of how potential can take a nose-dive… She is a perfect example of why I am a firm believer in getting them young and enjoying them during their best years 18+. It doesn’t take long before they lose it…

  9. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I would still plunge Ashley’s musky young
    snatch and then jizz all over the campsite pine cone wedged in her
    buttcrack. She has a lovely face and some sweet ass titties.
    And: let her have her fun, for Christ’s sake. I can’t bitch at anyone for
    not holding down their place in society. Working sucks. Staying at
    home and cranking up the Ellen show so it can be heard over the
    vacuum and the See ‘n’ Say blaring “the Cow goes: MOOOO” for the
    ten thousandth time must suck too. I can’t blame anybody for saying
    “fuck it” and hitting the road.

    1. Yeah raising kids sucks. Being a home maker sucks. But going to work every day for 40 years also sucks. Not coming home to a hot piece of ass every night sucks. The whole deal fucking sucks man, but you gotta do what you can.
      And if this dumb bitch can’t make any more effort than sitting in the dirt with a couple dogs, then I say get used to the outdoors, ’cause no man is gonna pony up for a blown out saggy-titted dirty-footed middle-aged hippy-bitch who brings exactly fuck-all to the party. Its blow-jobs and alleyways for this prom queen, hope she likes the view from her knees.

      1. With all respect, you have no fucking clue of the desperation that is the beta male’s sex drive (thirst). She’s a shower and a manicure away from been wifed up in the Burbs. After all, she was just finding herself until the wanderlust reappear and it’s divorce city….you know the rest.

        1. “When she was young and dumb” this will be a story for her to retell her girlfriends over drinks at Applebees in suburbs once she hits 30..and the wall and marries some beta shlub…

  10. “Dumpster slut?” The hell? She looks cute, even if the photo isn’t that flattering. And her boyfriend is cute too.

  11. When I was in Minnesota, I met a hippie chick who looked like this girl, but more busted looking: rotten teeth, dreadlocks, hairy pits, fat, made “jewelry” for a living. She was a nice enough chick I suppose, but I don’t know how anyone could live like she did without going nuts. There’s a difference between hitchhiking and being a bum, and it involves showering once a day and brushing your teeth in the morning and night.

  12. You see a lot of Western girls like this in Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia, making jewelry for a living with a local hippie guy for a boyfriend.

    1. O Brasil é cheio de universitárias que adotam o modo de vida hippie. Elas vem de boas famílias, mas como nossas universidades romantizam esse tipo de estilo de vida, elas não se sentem mal e vivem mal-vestidas e lutando contra o sistema capitalista “opressor”.

      1. My translation: “Brasil is full of female university students who adopt a style of hippie life. They come from good families, but as our universities romanticize this type of lifestyle, they don’t feel bad for themselves and live bad—fighting again the capital oppressor system.”

        1. Cara e tam certo, eu conheço uma garota a sim aqui na Colombia, e holandesa, gatissima, mais doida pa caralho, de as que falam “fodace o capitalismo”.
          Same “oppressor system” that feeds their parents bank account so they can travel and back-pack, the same that blame poverty and violence on the government but don’t have an ounce of shame when they buy their bag of drugs for the weekend.

        2. Daqui a cinco anos o Brasil vira os EUA em termos de obesidade mórbida das mulheres… O feminismo já é praga entre a classe média, mas como as mais pobres matem o corpo esguio e femininas, as riquinhas, a contra gosto, tem que nivelar, caso o contrario, perdem a disputa. Lembrando que a nossa noção de corpo de bonitos de mulheres é diferentes do de vocês… gostamos de mulheres com belas bundas e pernas.

  13. You can see in her “After” picture that living like a dirty hippie has prematurely aged her.
    Also, how the hell is this chick fat, she’s poor and penniless. She can’t afford food. Who is feeding her?

      1. …don’t tippy toe thru the tulips, you’d flip your buddy shit in a second if you caught him trying to hustle this pig out to the curb before the sun came up…

  14. I don’t want to be a dick but this article is a bit much. This dumpster slut does not deserve a feature on this website.

  15. Hippie men are the beta of betas. Lacking any ounce of testosterone and assertiveness, they deny their masculinity to lead, dominate, master, instead following every whim of their hyena hippie women. They might get laid more than your average man but their subservience to hippie women is revolting. They might as well be dildos with arms and legs.

    1. Nah, they are in effect the kings of betas.
      Most betas don’t get laid, hippy dudes do. Sure it comes with baggage that a lot of us would find acceptable, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen a gross dude banging an impressionable hot young dame, purely down to his ownership of a Jesus beard and sandals.

      1. Women LOVE losers! 😛 He has low standards, so she won’t always have to look her best at home, and yet, in public, his grotesque appearance accentuates her “beauty” even more.:P Total ego trip for her! 😛 She’s not competing with a beautiful man.

    2. Nah, they are in effect the kings of betas.
      Most betas don’t get laid, hippy dudes do. Sure it comes with baggage that a lot of us would find acceptable, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen a gross dude banging an impressionable hot young dame, purely down to his ownership of a Jesus beard and sandals.

  16. Impotent Beta Rage because you found out some chick you thought was a “wholesome girl next door” turns out to be a sloot.

  17. Spot on. Women have to be corralled like wild fucking horses or this is what you get. But dude, weed is a drug. Anything you put into your body that alters its normal function is considered a drug. 100% oxygen is technically considered a drug.
    Is weed a big deal? no, fuck no. But I don’t like reggae, jail time, or bitches that don’t shower, so I pass on grass.

    1. I tried to do a play on Half Baked with that line. The part where he says “I don’t do drugs … just weed.” I clearly failed.

  18. I thought you were going to take this a little further than just putting the blame on feminism. She looks too dumb to actively fuel her life with feminist ideology, that would take some brain cells.

  19. The first picture looks like she is about to get a jungle bukkake getting done on her after getting a train run on her when she is wearing a wedding scarf or whatever that is.

  20. I’m not sure she is a good example of a feminist. Real feminists make seven figures+ in business like Sandberg. I think Sandberg looks ok.

    1. “Real feminists make seven figures+ in business like Sandberg. ”

  21. This is half of my female classmates from graduation ten years after. Use to have a crush on a few of them. Now they are so repulsive, masculated, and nasty. Can’t look at them twice, so sad!

  22. eh, what crust punk anarchists do has very little with your average conception of what a person should be. sorry bra, try again. it’s a counter culture, not a lack thereof.

  23. on less personal (for me as a dumpster crust punk hippy) note, and a more personal (for this bitch ass writer) note, this entire post reeks of oneitis something fierce. BAWWWWW THE GIRL I HAD A CRUSH ON JOINED A DIFFERENT TRIBE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    1. “She was a cool, cute, young woman, and she did admittedly have a crush on me, which made me feel great when she pointed it out to an ex who had broken up with me.Quote”
      Where the hell did you get that the author had a crush from?

  24. Terrible post, and sweeping generalization fallacy. This entire thing is one big logical hole, as a single incident doesn’t constitute the whole.
    In any society in the world you can cherry-pick examples like this to get PR while riding the “America is sooooo dead” (hint: it’s not) trend. Might as well have been another “10 BEST WAYS TO ____” post.

  25. Definitely a lot of drugs. Spend a little time around drug users, and you’ll understand.

  26. No, it’s weed. Most of the problems grinding down Western Civilization right now can be traced back to weed.

  27. Throwing a girl you know under the bus for cheap page hits? While I don’t care about some girl I’ve never met, this is gutter journalism, smearing a girl because it ‘could be’ feminism. Get more evidence or don’t bother writing tripe like this.

    1. I’m wondering if she did something to cause “Mikael” to have a grudge against her. Someone not looking as attractive as they once did isn’t (well, shouldn’t be) a reason to write an entire article about them, including pictures and call them “garbage.”
      If not, this is definitely low. Seriously, what did she do to deserve this?

      1. I suspect it is because she did not have sex with him, which is the basis of all these woman haters. They feel entitled to sex from whatever woman they want, and bash any woman who refuses them.

    2. “Get more evidence or don’t bother writing tripe like this.”
      Sir, yes sir!

  28. She’s got a genuine smile in her photos…I don’t find the story of how she no longer meets your sexual standards much of a tragedy.
    I’m hoping its not just me that’s noticing this community is turning into haters. I come here to learn, not to find reasons to hate.
    I’ll admit I wouldn’t find her attractive since her ‘decline’ but she’s obviously wanted to break from the status quo, personally I can respect that.

    1. in the second photo it looks more like a stoned smile.
      but i think you’re missing the forest for the trees. the hate isn’t directed at her personally, it’s directed at feminism, for turning what was once a cute girl into a chubby hag.
      see, the truth is, when an ugly girl becomes a feminist, we’re not really surprised. in fact, we kind of expect it. being guys, we’ll point and laugh, but overall it doesn’t bother us a whole lot. but a young cute girl who becomes indoctrinated and turns fat and ugly (both inside and out), well, that’s kinda depressing. it’s a waste. we can’t help but ask ‘why?’.
      it just didn’t need to happen.

  29. I just had two airbnb’ers stay with me that exactly describe her. The girl had hairy pits and sex with the dude on command, while he seemed otherwise cool would bend to her every whim if it really mattered to her. Pretty sad.

  30. This has nothing to do with feminism. The true feminists advocate for work and family (remember Joyce Miller, Nancy Folbre, Ellen Galinsky, Joan Williams,Ruth Bader
    Ginsburg,Patricia Schroeder etc.) A woman’s true life purpose in to create and not (self)destroy. Ashley looks like a woman who didn’t found a purpose in her life, who believed everything is meaningless and felt empty and probably thinks now it’s too late o rise.

  31. From the first two photos, never before have I seen such conspicuous evidence for the adage;
    “Women age like milk.”

  32. “she still has all her teeth so I’m guessing its nothing more serious than weed.”
    Actually, a lot of drug users still have their teeth, drugs don’t magically make your teeth rot. It’s lack of hygiene from homeless (as in no family to give them money homeless) people who have serious crack addictions or inject dope. Just go to any rehab clinic in a middle or upper class area, all the people still have their teeth. So she could very well be on drugs.

  33. She is my ex-girlfriend. We tattooed eachother’s names on our asses. Then she turned into a dumpster slut, and now I can only date girls named “Ashley”, which is an overtly feminist name. And you think you’ve got it hard…

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