How The Decentralization of Power Structures Is Destroying The Globalist Elite

In my previous article, I wrote about how Bitcoin is destroying the global banking cartel. It’s a decentralized, peer to peer method of transaction that can be done anywhere in the world. In other words, it can’t be traced, it can’t be hacked, and it can’t be printed. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been loosening the stranglehold that bankers and payment processors have on the financial markets, something else has begun to happen.

Over the past year, as conservatives have begun to wake up and realize the perils of having gigantic leftist conglomerates, we’ve started to see an interesting phenomena. Rather than power becoming more centralized, which is typical of technological evolution, power is actually becoming more decentralized. In layman’s terms, the power is slowly going back to the people.

From 5,000 BC to Now

For millenia, governments and the powers that be have been trying to control information. It’s not hard to see why, either—when you control the information, you control the people. Unfortunately for (((them))), however, the outlets for media distribution have slowly been expanding to allow anyone with basic technology to voice their opinion.

Take, for example, the following sequence of media evolution:

  • 5,000 BC to 1440 AD – Scribes and clergymen controlled 100% of non-verbal information. Only the highest echelons of society had access to information. Nobody else could even read.
  • 1440 to 1850 – The hand-operated printing press created massive intellectual outgrowth as the cost of books was driven down. Still, however, the top .001% created the information.
  • 1850 to 1920 – The emergence of the machine operated printing press allowed for numerous newspapers to begin reporting local and national news. At this point, the top .01% created what was printed.
  • 1920 to 1960 – Radio became popular, which signified a massive shift from written word to spoken word. Although still heavily centralized, radio allowed ideas to spread far more rapidly than before. At this point, roughly the top .1% created the information.
  • 1960 to 1990 – As television grew, thousands of men eager to share their opinions and ideas followed suit. At this point, the top 1% ccreated the information.
  • 1990 to 2010 – With the digital age revolutionizing the spread of information, we began to see a surge in early alternative news sources.
  • 2011 to 2017 – As platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress have grown, literally anybody with a blog and a camera can reach millions. The elites have begun to feel this shift, and have begun to push back hard. At this point, the top 25% create information.

While we’ve certainly made massive leaps and bounds in who creates the information, the power structures which distribute the information are still relatively centralized. Even though anybody with access to a computer can create information, the top .00001% of society still has a say in whether or not it’s seen and allowed.

Companies such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have repeatedly shown us that they have no issue with censoring conservative and nationalist viewpoints. Although they don’t realize it yet, the global elite are creating their own demise: the decentralization of the very power structures which allow them to control us.

The Death of YouTube

In the wake of the recent censorship protocol YouTube has put into place, conservatives have been looking for alternative platforms to spread ideas. For years, one single website had a monopoly on 95% of online video streaming services, but that monopoly is now starting to disintegrate.

After YouTube began demonetizing pro-Trump YouTubers in 2016, many conservatives began to panic, fearing that an Orwellian future was not far away. When YouTube crossed the line by putting conservative videos into “limbo,” however, a new video sharing platform emerged—and it can’t be controlled by a handful of globalist executives. It’s entirely decentralized.

Meet LBRY, a free, open, and community run digital database filled with endless hours of video. Although it’s only in its beta version, the decentralized library (no pun intended) has gained massive support all across the globe. LBRY works by utilizing block chain technology, where random volunteers around the globe can volunteer to store data. This effectively decentralizes the video sharing network, putting it into the hands of literally tens of thousands of users, just like you and me, and because of this, it’s immune from censorship.

Blockchain Technology

I predict that new digital technology known as blockchain will be a the forefront of this decentralization process. Although I’m not tech-savvy enough to fully understand it, I have a basic grasp of the concept, and from what I understand it’s completely revolutionary, something that will be even more world-changing than the printing press or the locomotive engine.

Let’s use Wikipedia for a quick definition of what the blockchain is:

blockchain[1][2][3] – originally block chain[4][5] – is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography[1].[6] Each block contains typically a hash pointer as a link to a previous block,[6] a timestamp and transaction data.[7] 

By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data. Functionally, a blockchain can serve as “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.”[8] 

For use as a distributed ledger a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and a collusion of the network majority.

In layman’s terms, blockchain decentralizes records, and can be applied to practically anything that’s digital. The world doesn’t realize it yet, but historians will look back on this technology as the final nail in the global aristocracy’s coffin—Soros and his Bilderberg pals are too isolated in their own bubbles to realize this.

Using blockchain technology, we can effectively circumvent the “centralized power” problem by creating a free, open, and community supported network of ANYTHING—from money to videos and data to medical records to business deals. The practical applications are absolutely incredible.

There’s A Pattern Here

“Hold on, Jon—you’ve only referenced a few points. Are you cherry picking your data?” This is a question that many readers may be wondering, and while it may seem like I’m selectively choosing my data points, if you look closely you’ll start to notice a very intriguing pattern.

As I laid in the previous section, for the past 7,000 years, the means of creation and distribution have slowly become more and more decentralized. Now, it’s only a matter of time before this quantum leap in civilization bleeds into every other aspect of our lives.

We’ve seen it with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. I’ve personally made ridiculous gains from investing in the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (among others), and know men that have seen returns as high as 22,000% in less than a year.

We’ve seen this pattern with information, as well. With radical new applications such as Filecoin, information can be crowdsourced so that no single entity can control it. With coins such as Golem, even data processing can be crowdsourced, so that we no longer have to rely on a monopoly of distribution.

How You Can Benefit

As this decentralization process continues to advance, we will all benefit—as the powers that be begin to lose their chokehold on Western Civilization, an era of prosperity and cultural revival will emerge.

Some will benefit more than others, however; especially those who can see the changing tides and act accordingly. If I were you, I’d take a few steps to ensure that you can not only profit financially from the upcoming changes, but in other ways as well.

  • Safeguard yourself – As society undergoes these transformations, there will no doubt be retaliation. The elite does not want to lose their power and will do anything they can to stop this from happening. So prepare yourself: buy guns, buy food, get in good shape, and learn some basic survival skills.
  • Invest in cryptocurrency – I previously laid out my plan to make $1,000,000 in this article here. I recommend you follow its advice to the T.
  • Become a creator – With the decentralization of power, anybody can create new content. Just a decade ago, the ideas discussed on ROK wouldn’t stand a chance of reaching the public. Now, however, we’ve got a reader base in the tens of thousands. Start a blog, create a YouTube channel, sell an eBook, just do something to set yourself up for the future.

Millions of men have already begun to feel the shift—it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be start to crumble, and humanity can finally be free. Although many may call my visions for the future idealistic or even naive, I would challenge them to look at the good in people. It seems that no matter how hard they try, no matter how much they control, and no matter how many people they silence, the elite cannot resist the human spirit.

If you want to support Jon’s work and get more SHREDDED than you ever thought possible, check out his Body of an Alpha fitness guide—on sale for ROK readers only.

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96 thoughts on “How The Decentralization of Power Structures Is Destroying The Globalist Elite”

  1. I have my doubts about bitcoin. It feels like a trap to me, whose origins may have been concocted. There is no root of degeneracy too deep that (((they))) won’t go to that will bring fruition to their world domination. Don’t forget to think in terms of causality, dialectics, and other divisive strategies.
    I say usher in the collapse because when this corrosive civilization fails another will replace it. No, not a muslim one. A stronger one, and it may only be a few at first, but one man with the right mind in the right place at the right time is all it takes to make the right kind of difference in the world. If you know your (((enemy))) you know that this goes beyond basic chess, you must plan all kinds of rerouting and contingencies to counter every possible outcome. This is something (((they))) do not anticipate.
    Ave Imperator, Morituri te salutant!

    1. As long as we have the second amendment here in America, I’m not too concerned. Bitcoin could be a giant scam, but it’s far more untraceable than credit cards and debit cards. It should be used online only.
      If the elites and government start pushing to pay with bitcoin in person, then we’re in fucking trouble. I can’t see this happening though, because that’d defeat the whole point.

      1. Are you sure there may not be a master program that could pull everyone’s bitcoins like a fail-safe? Just like how a few people I know who used to work on telephone lines and cellular towers have told me that an explosion from one of those could be enough to fry everyone within a mile radius – a sort of last minute emergency fail-safe installed to prevent a revolting population from removing the “elites” from power if it ever came to that. I don’t believe in all of that tripe – aka chemtrails, fluoridation etc, I know they certainly do exist but if the people are unable to openly remove their overlords without all kinds of mechanisms in place to kill them then you know you are dealing with a collective of fiends who truly desire complete control over every human life, and therefore must at least consider all possibilities, if not plan for all.

    2. I have my doubts about bitcoin. It feels like a trap to me, whose origins may have been concocted.

      The NSA developed the basic technology on which BitCoin is based (SHA-256).

  2. I agree that the control of information has always been central to the powerful, but in truth, the internet is actually the best tool for tracking people that’s ever been invented, and therefore, a measure of control.
    Quintus and I have been talking about what some people are calling the “Plutocratic Insurgency” lately. What I can easily see happening in the future is that essential public goods, like access to information itself, will be controlled by a new feudal class living in their private “techno-palaces,” as one observer called them. We already see this sort of happening with the close connection between plutocrats and the tech monopolies, which can be traced in a general pyramid of control from elites down to paupers:
    TL;DR, the means may seem decentralized, but there is a good chance the “global elite” will use this as a method of more indirect, rather than direct control, through tracking, filtering, redirecting to appropriate narratives, etc. I’ve come to grow somewhat more skeptical of the internet this year.

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    2. This could definitely happen, but what I would argue is that people will fight back. We’ve hit this critical point in history where the number of people that are waking up is enough to shift the balance of power.
      In the words of Obama’s former policy adviser: “Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

  3. Thank you for this. As an older guy, I am not following this latest digital stuff. Your article brings up some thoughts I have had on the state of media decentralization in general. (((They))) can’t control the flow of information anymore. They can’t even control the President and Trump just MURDERED the now branded and memed alt-left in a less than 20min press conference on… infrastructure. You could just FEEL the MSM reporters asking questions in complete, utter, and absolute DESPERATION to get ANY soundbite that would “condemn” Trump. You are 100% correct. (((They))) still don’t get it yet. They might start to and we are seeing that in censorship on YT and Twitter, but it is too late.
    You… me… the people… now control the flow of information.
    Hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years of oppression by elites controlling the message to the masses is about to go poof in my life time.
    For every dark cloud and storm that comes thundering overhead (Charllotesville), a morning of pure sun and light follows (Trumps Aug 15th press conference.)
    I don’t know how Trump is doing it… but he IS going to drain the swamp. He can truly only be ONE of two options. He is either a) another puppet that is a master manipulator at keeping the masses distracted and in check long enough for the elites to roll out the final plan for enslavement or b) a Man sent from God to do His work and wipe America, then the world, clean of globalist scum and villainy!!!

  4. 2011 to 2017 – As platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress have grown, literally anybody with a blog and a camera can reach millions.
    … implemented censorship, only leftist-approved opinion may be published. Opposition thought has been almost thoroughly sidelined.

    1. Bullshit. Look at ROK, Danger and Play, Info Wars, Matt Forney, Bold and Determined, Daily Stormer, Richard Spencer, and Milo. You would have no idea who these groups/people were without the internet.
      Obviously it takes effort to reach people, but it’s far more doable now than it ever was.

      1. I was more playing with your opener of ‘Twitter, Facebook, YouTube’. Hell, you even said yourself a few lines later ‘Companies such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have repeatedly shown us that they have no issue with censoring conservative and nationalist viewpoints.’
        But if you insist on taking the ‘almost thoroughly sidelined’ more seriously, we can note your new list is full of outlets that do not enjoy the same mass appeal and broad user base. Free speech does indeed still exist, but access to the mainstream is unequal.

  5. This seems crazy for me… There is evidently more and more control of the internet, day by day. Who cares about alternative platforms like lbry or duckduck, when most users are unaware / unwilling to migrate to them? Who cares where the information is stored, when they are coming to destroy its visibility, credibility and its author’s real life (job, money, family, even freedom)?
    Bitcoin is just a step for the great confiscation of currency they are planning, for solving the next dotcom financial meltdown. Faceless cash, you won’t have a way or even someone to demand it back. Europe is right now banning cash transactions by law. They are encouraging virtual money. Of course (((they))) want it. You are a fool, if you let them drive you as just another sheep.

    1. “Who cares about alternative platforms like lbry or duckduck, when most users are unaware / unwilling to migrate to them?”
      Personally, I would love to migrate, and periodically, I have explored the possibility of doing so. The problem is that none of these platforms are as good as the evil ones. For example, I have to use search engines all the time at work for various reasons, and I have occasionally tried other platforms, but the results are just not as on point as Google (right now I am experimenting with Startpage, and it is doing OK< but I have noticed that its video and image searches suck compared to Google). So Google may distort what it wants me to see in some instances, but I understand that I have to go to page 5 to see the results I really want, and in instances where I just want something on point for work, I can find it pretty reliably. That’s a big part of the problem, but if these alternative platforms can find a way to put out a better product, I I think people will slowly migrate over.
      And to your larger point, yeah, fuck cryptocurrency, give me cash any day.

  6. Yes bitcoin totally will destroy the people who literally run the whole world economy, they truly fear the nerds with their little mining tools and blockfolios. They are really doomed. You think you are the big fish swimming in ocean, the true whales are yet to arrive and when they do, none of your amateur economic “skills” will save from the utter rape these sharks will do to the nascent cryptocurrency market.
    Remember the dotcom bubble? This will far be worse and I will delight when foolish saps like to promote the bitcoin, it is a golden hen and singing wide and far how good it is… it will bring the foxes who will devour it and tear it apart.
    I know it is hard, gosh we all want to be good samaritans, but please shut the fuck up, not for my sake though, no for your OWN money’s sake.

    1. The last two big international financial crisis were paid with both the banks’ and the governments’ currency reserves. Reserves which are now empty. They NEED to go straight for common people’s money, but they can’t do it in classical bank deposits. What about untraceable, virtual money?
      Anyone investing in (((global))) digital money is going to lose it all. Straight and clean, and I can sign this.

        1. Commodities + high value real estate + (old) art= >80% of my savings. Some euros in government and big corporation debt. In the last 20 years, I’ve had annual median interest rates of more than 15% for the whole (European interest rates have been super low, between 1% and negative). And some people call this conservative investment. I call it good sense and I just laugh about bank products and stuff like virtual money.

  7. Trump threw the media a curveball today by uniformly condemning both sides in Charlottsville.

    1. He’s already thrown another curve. He’s come out after that statement and called out the violence by the “alt left” side.

        1. The media will have none of that. They shall continue asserting that the Major Development is the right-wing Nazis support Trump, and the extremely oppressed minorities “acting out” in response are noble martyrs.

        2. Nope, the SJW side is going down. Trump went after the WNs for good reason, there are minorities who want to be good Americans. Trump is sincere he wants a unified society.

        3. I don’t think the media is going to suddenly fall in line and adopt the Trump position.
          I do think what is much more likely is you and I have a slight misunderstanding with what we had intended to say.

        4. Indeed. I was stuck thinking in traditional legacy media mode for this progression. “80 percent of Americans” don’t listen to alternative media. Hell, it’s a small fraction of the 20% that DO listen to alternative media that are part of the problem.

        5. Actually a lot more than that listen to alternative media. Most Americans don’t have time to go to rallies and protest, become hooligans. They have to work, raise kids, pay taxes.
          After all Trump is about saving Western society and civilization not taking us to a Mad Max third world society.

        6. You are correct but the truth is what is at issue.
          Just being correct and telling the truth is not enough anymore (if it ever was).
          As long as the vast majority insist on supporting and using the MSM, the truth is almost irrelevant.

        7. While I agree, this is why Trump’s twitter account has them by the balls. He can speak directly to the people, in language they understand, in a medium they prefer, and as bold as they are, they can’t ban HIS account.

        8. Actually believe it?
          No, despite all the Nazi imagery some lesser mortals like to wave around.
          They don’t ‘buy it’ but they don’y ‘buy’ 80% of the stuff on the tv.
          They just comply with it all.
          Why else is anyone watching MSM ‘news’ broadcasts anymore?
          They WANT to be told what to think, Bem.
          They don’t care if it’s true or not.
          Anyone who cares switched off years ago.

      1. Also the part of the interview when Trump asked the fake journalist to “define alt right”. I think he asked her twice. She mumbled something about McCain… a buffoon that just had a tennis ball removed from his head made any sense. It distanced the alt right from the Nazis…..

        1. “alt-right” is the “assault rifle” of the moment: a nebulous, all-purpose boogey man the left is at a loss to describe or identify intelligently.

        2. Nice metaphor, this part of the speech has been largely ignored. I think it was important in demonstrating that the fake news media don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about……

        3. After visiting Yahoo’s homepage, I’d gather their current boogeyman is now “White Supremacist” it’s really hilarious how they’re twisting and milking this mess.

    2. “The vast majority of Americans just want good jobs, safe communities, and an optimism for the future.”
      What was that thing about comfort and liberty again?

  8. While the Internet started out as a renaissance-style free range of ideas, establishment interests have since corralled Internet users into a handful of social media sites where dangerous group-think can blossom in favor of the status quo.”
    ^ Matt Drudge already recognized the concept of “internet ghettos”; large corporate tech giants that trap individuals into platforms that can be censored and controlled, essentially funneling and directing preferred thoughts via various algorithms, group associations, “likes”, shadow banning and rigged trends.
    Ever notice how in the late 90s and early 2000s we had desktop computers and laptops that were tools to create content. Now more and more tech is consumer based…ipads and smartphones are prevalent more than ever but they are consumption devices. The masses are being herded into consumption technology and away from tech that allows us to create.
    Control over the internet, combined with the dumbing down of the American population and the pollution of total shit on the internet is how the elites are in current war with free thought.
    They know the narrative cant be controlled with legacy media, so now they’re pumping the internet full of white noise from controlled social media platforms and training a new generation of consumers to love it.
    Unless we start red-pilling more hackers and techies the future battle must be fought in the meat space using analog tech.

    1. White Noise

      Correct, they try to give addiction new forms.
      Here I love my native language where addictive stuff is called Rauschgift Noise-poison.
      And I really think, that’s why they hate Deutsch, because they didn’t want it to be shared with the rest of western civilization.

    2. ‘Now more and more tech is consumer based…ipads and smartphones are prevalent more than ever but they are consumption devices. The masses are being herded into consumption technology and away from tech that allows us to create.’
      The writer is looking at a glass half full.
      Look at our friends and family who are ‘on the net’ the most.
      They are consuming social media.
      They are the most useless brain dead zombies you could wish for.
      For every 1 person reading this there must be 10,000 ‘updating their FB page’.
      I don’t like those numbers………..
      Look what happened when people got ‘the power’ to vote!!
      They vote other peoples stuff into their pockets.
      The ‘power to know stuff’ will be used by these same people for the same debased ends.

      1. While I generally agree with you, I think this also reveals a weakness that can be exploited – most people will believe what you tell them to believe without seriously questioning it. Right now FB wields enormous influence because it can exploit this. People think that this means all hope is lost should things get physical because they will just sick the masses on you. But what happens if you just figure out where FB’s servers and offices are and blow them all up? I guarantee you that these locations are not guarded heavily enough to fend off a determined squad of men hell bent on taking them down. Doing so would neutralize the biggest advantage these people have.

        1. ‘I guarantee you that these locations are not guarded heavily enough to fend off a determined squad of men hell bent on taking them down. ‘
          I like the spirit……but we’re gonna need a bigger speed boat……
          ‘Google’s worst-kept secret: floating data centers off US coasts’


        2. Eh. Give me two zodiac boats with 12 well armed and trained dudes, two weeks to plan and prepare, and I could have this on the bottom in about 20 minutes. Barges sink with holes in the bottom, and it’s not that hard to make holes in ships.
          Plus, I believe they have actually abandoned these. Regardless, the real point here is striking at soft targets. Hitting military bases is stupid. Hitting unarmed communications and data centers is good.

        3. OK OK…I’m in.
          So, we’re looking for ten more guys, right?
          I can speak for two more now.
          Leaves eight, according to my maths.

        4. Stupid is as stupid does, eh? You’re actually planning a terrorist attack on a public message board. And I here I thought Al Qaeda was foolish.

        5. Stupid, eh?
          We’re gonna tel the MSM we did it because we were sick of all the ads. on ‘Google’.
          No jury will convict.

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      3. Consulting137s

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    3. Your last sentence is also what I think is the answer to Libertas’ well taken point above. Fundamentally, the internet is a powerful tool that they can wield as a weapon against us. But, it also has its weaknesses because it only works if you choose to use it. Analog tech is the sabot round that pierces that shit and prevents their various forms of tracking/control/spin, etc… The obvious drawback is that it isn’t instantaneous, but in meat space, physical might means a lot more than it does in cyberspace and can compensate to some degree over slower information distribution.

    4. We already are. Generation Z (the up and coming generation) is more red pilled than ever. We’ve reached this critical point where the power of millions of red pilled men outweighs the power of the elite to control us. It’s beautiful.

  9. I live in South Korea and we’re using block chain here also. The Korean government is trying to regulate the SHIT out of it. This’ll be good for people that can work things out.
    Here’s a video I made for anyone that wants more info on blockchain and what this company is doing to break free.

  10. You know what else stops globalists in their tracks? KRATOM
    Totally true, Judeo-Christ even spoke of it.

    1. Same here. I think that this cryptotoy will fork to a million branches and disappear before we even know it.

  11. Thank you for a good read.
    Disagree almost entirely.
    ‘The world doesn’t realize it yet, but historians will look back on this technology as the final nail in the global aristocracy’s coffin—Soros and his Bilderberg pals are too isolated in their own bubbles to realize this.’
    Who are these ‘Historians’ and who will be paying their wages & Pensions?
    British academic ‘History’ is controlled by Cambridge University. Everything comes from there. Publication, research grants, tv shows, articles in magazines etc etc All controlled. All Socialist. All atheist.
    Why would any of this change?
    ‘History’ is an industry that performs a function.
    Thus, zero ‘celebration’ of the British Navy destroying the global slave trade at the behest of Parliament.
    Thus zero ‘celebration’ of Britain (England) civilising 1/4 of the world.
    Thus zero teaching of medicine before the ‘year zero’ of the establishment of the NHS.
    ‘History’ serves power because that’s how human society arranges itself, NOT because of a lack of data/information/facts.
    ‘ Although many may call my visions for the future idealistic or even naive, I would challenge them to look at the good in people. ‘
    I do.
    I look very hard & then I see all the stuff that’s not ‘good in them’ as well.
    Specific examples.
    Millions of you voted for politicians who lied about WMD so they could slaughter the Iraqi people and steal their resources.
    We all know this, we don’t need any ‘better more clear, less biased information’.
    We know.
    Well,how many votes were lost by establishment political entities (parties) when we all learned the truth?
    Better information derived from the net because it is ‘unfiltered by TPTB’ will not make us a more responsible, more moral, less insane society.
    It will NOT make women care about History or the basic ’cause & effect’ of voting and politics.
    It will not create economic worth among people with low skills.
    Mr Anthony, more information will only hold up a ‘clearer mirror’ to what we are, perhaps with horrific results.
    In Rotherham, as you know; the whole town has operated as a Child Sex Camp for Pakistani men and the friends and family they fly in from Pakistan, for child orgies etc.
    As you know, Pakistani men are allowed to pull uo in school car parks at lunch, text ‘their little bi***s’ to come up from the play ground and service them in their cars,.
    All with staff walking around ‘not seeing anything’ year after year after year.
    I’m specific about Norther England so we are clear just what we are talking about.
    Because morally we are an utterly debased Godless wasteland well over due for a ‘severe correction’.
    The net was used to run the child sex operation. So many childtren were being used that they all had a place on different rotas.
    This has been going on since the 1980s and the net makes it all far worse.
    Mate, look at the bad in people then ask yourself which way this is going to go.
    You want to unleash ‘the truth’ on a barbaric Godless post-civilisation?
    Well, the ‘Daily mail’ published articles on the eight men from Rotherham who went to jail. For about 4 months.
    They were in constant contact with ‘their bi***es’ from jail.
    They were boasting about how hard they were going to be on them when they got out.
    They were posing in photos grouped around pool tables.
    They were discussing the children’s sexual ‘performance’ on ‘Facebook’.
    This is the real world and the internet isn’t going to save anyone.

    1. I agree with almost everything that you have said, and not to derail our point, but this Rotherham shit really perplexes me. If I found out some fuckhead was sexually abusing my kids, as part of a whole gang of sexual slavery, and the authorities gave these guys four months in prison as a slap on the wrist, I am clicking off safe. And consequences be damned. I don’t give two flying fucks if I am killed in a hail of police gunfire. I will wage absolute scorched earth war against everyone involved in such a fucked up system, from the Paki pedos to the teachers to the cops to the judges to the prison guards to the politicians to the civilian muh-diversity no-racism apologists. At that point, the system has broken the social contract, and I am no longer following it. It really blows me away that at least some British men have not stepped up and put the fear of God into these people over this.

      1. stuff like rotherdam happens all the time over in europe- refugee in germany just got a suspended sentence for molesting single-digit aged kids. woman who converted to christianity while on a visa is being deported to iran from sweden. it really seems like TPTB are out destroy white culture and christianity, and they are very good at it

        1. I’m almost more disgusted with the European “men” that are allowing this to happen than with the sick fucks who do it. Whatever else is true about these shitheads, at least it is a part of their fucked up culture. But European men who cannot be roused to bring down the hammer swift and hard to protect children? What a bunch of faggots.

        2. ‘I’m almost more disgusted with the European “men” that are allowing this to happen than with the sick fucks who do it. ‘
          These ‘men’ are truly scum.
          I’ve looked into some of their eyes.
          Look, if you are a ‘man’ with a daughter on a ‘Rotherham’ style rota, why would you WANT to stay out of jail?
          What are you DOING in your dog shit life that’s more important than ‘doing the time’ you should be ‘doing’?
          After sentencing.
          You ****ing dog shit cowards……

        3. And of course, my scorched earth policy does not allow that I will end up in jail. Fucking make me go, I dare you. Stay the fuck out of my way or you’re next after the pedos.

      2. ‘I agree with almost everything that you have said, and not to derail our point, but this Rotherham shit really perplexes me. ‘
        ‘…not to derail our point….’, now there’s the thing….
        Not to ‘derail’ my entire psychological balance, I try not to type things out about ‘Rotherham’, but it’s hard.
        ‘Rotherham’ is there lurking in your peripheral vision whenever you look at ‘the modern world’ or ‘the real world’ that we live in.
        It DOES derail any basic sense of order we have in the world.
        Like this… goes…….
        ‘….as part of a whole gang of sexual slavery, and the authorities gave these guys four months in prison…’
        Actually, a tiny ‘sacrificial group’ of seven (or 8) was ‘selected’ to be the one who went down for the whole town.
        Girls described being raped by 15 men one after another in afternoon orgies. fathers arrived with their sons to wait their turn in the long lines.
        These were specific child sex routines to ‘break’ girls who did not ‘work’ hard enough or who had disobeyed instruction about when and where to go to be raped.
        Recall, this system was built up over nearly 30 years covered by the report (28).
        We are not looking at ‘crimes’ we are looking at the functioning of a Child Sex Industry with semi-official status.
        I have read about a man who…..
        1) photographed the men raping his daughter.
        2) Showed Police their texts with specific sexual instructions.
        3) Photographed the cars outside the house at night, including car regs.,
        She went out to be gang rapes as usual, it was her night on their rota. The Police knew all the girls and their specific times on different rotas.
        5) The Police convinced him to send her to a special ‘secure home’ for her own safety. They were well practised in what to say to parents. The Police knew full well the same men used it as a brothel and these men gang rapes her THE FIRST NIGHT SHE WAS LOCKED IN.
        Locked IN see?
        For her own protection so she can’t be persuaded to go out to them.
        See how the women in the ‘special’ units in Rotherham’s Police operated?
        From, ‘I have read about a man who…..’, that is NOTHING TO DO WITH ROTHERHAM and that account was fully covered by ‘The Observer’ newspaper years before anyone knew about ‘Rotherham’.
        So help me God, my memory is accurate as to each specific detail above.
        So, ‘not to derail our point’ is my own battle with our ‘real world’ that we live in.
        This stuff could drive anyone crazy when you know it is worse now than before the report.
        ‘ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of ‘industrial scale’ child grooming revealed.Aug 9, 2016 has pieced together shocking testimony from victims, campaigners and local residents in a large-scale investigation series being revealed throughout this week.
        They all told us how police and the local council is still “failing” thousands of vulnerable girls.
        Today an investigation by this website lifts the lid on the shocking scale of abuse still going on in Rotherham, two years after a landmark report into the scandal ruled police and council workers had ignored the issue for fear of being branded racist. ‘
        That’s two years later.
        Same men.
        Same taxis pick girls up from same school gates.
        Same places for the orgies.
        Same time of day and same men attend as per their work schedules.
        Same schools provide the abortions provide the same ‘VD’ treatment and fresh 11 year old girls.
        Same Police visit same men in same houses and drink tea with them watching tv as they admit everything, off the record, same as they always did.
        Same men lose interest at the same time when the girls ‘start to develop breasts’ according to testimony.
        Same parents send their daughters to same schools pay same taxes and still all vote Labour.
        Like I say, I try not to contemplate ‘Rotherham’ but it’s hard.
        ‘Rotherham’ = Newcastle, Ayelsbury, Oxford, Manchester (google’child grooming now normal in parts of Manchester’) , Bradford, etc.

        1. Honestly, I cannot upvote the comment because it is too horrific.
          To my other comment:
          “I have read about a man who….. 1) photographed the men raping his daughter.”
          Full stop, right there. THIS is exactly what I’m talking about. This is not a man. If I know someone is raping my daughter, I’m going to cave their head in, string them up by a lamppost in their neighborhood and dare the police to come arrest me.
          “Man” my ass.

        2. ‘Honestly, I cannot upvote the comment because it is too horrific.’
          ‘Full stop, right there. THIS is exactly what I’m talking about. This is not a man. ‘
          This is why the issue is so troubling. He’s not a man and his daughter never stood a chance.
          Below is a breakdown of Rotherham by ethicity.
          ‘What is the local picture and how do we compare?
          Rotherham had 236,438 (91.9%) White British and
          20,842 (8.1%) Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) residents in the 2011 Census.
          The largest BME community is Pakistani & Kashmiri who numbered 7,912 in 2011 or 3.1% of the population.
          The second largest BME group is Other White with 3,418 people, the largest community within this being Slovak and Czech Roma.’
          Guess how many Roma children were on the rota?
          Guess how many blond haired Slovak children were on the rota?
          These are the real ‘disturbing’ facts about ‘R’ no-one wants to speak about.
          …and I really mean NO-ONE……

      3. ‘It really blows me away that at least some British men have not stepped up and put the fear of God into these people over this.’
        You mean kill them all?
        Kill the child rapists?
        Kill all of them and then kill the Police who supplied the girls?
        Then kill all the bitch Social Workers who crawl over this like flies crawl over shit?
        …and all their Senior Managers?
        Then kill all the School staff who did things ‘for the best’ like organise 1000x? abortions?
        Kill all the journalists who ignored all the testimony?
        Kill the Council Chiefs who made ‘racism’ so twisted?
        Kill the voters who voted Labour in full knowledge of what that meant for their own daughters/children?
        Kill the……………..
        See what I mean?

        1. Yes, and that’s exactly what I mean. I acknowledge I will not succeed alone. But my objective is to put the fear of God into these people that if they do not take action themselves, unimaginable wrath could be at their doorstep the next moment.

        2. No, it’s Godless cowardice.
          Everything else follows.
          Attacking children follows alongside everything else.

    2. 1. “Who are these historians and who will be paying their wages?” – The people. Look at Jordan B. Peterson. He’s spoken out in Canada against freedom of speech, almost lost his job, but now he has fucking $55,000 worth of donors EACH MONTH allowing him to create a new website that he claims will replace leftist infested universities.
      2. “Look at Rotherham” – you’re right. But there will be a backlash unlike that which the world has ever seen, believe me. Once we reach a critical point, people will change things.
      3. “Look at the bad in people” – obviously there’s bad people, but the nature of power is that it’s becoming more decentralized. This makes it difficult for dictators/leaders to have total control.

      1. Hi.
        I’m sure you mean spoken ‘in favour’ of free speech.
        As you know, 99% of Universities no longer have Professors prepared to tell the truth.
        However, you point is a grass roots net driven propaganda free History delivered direct without institutional control of the ‘narrative’?
        We have that now, today and have had for years.
        For every red pilled ‘Historian’ emerging from their 20s today, there are 150 emerging from the University system so full of lies they are a social danger.
        My point is that ‘history’ is a political social construct, not a fact based discipline.
        ‘They’ control the levers of social conditioning ,or ethan at any time in our previous history.
        A million sniper shots from the net won’t turn that tide.
        British radio is calling General Lee ‘a man who fought for pro slavery forces’.
        Hard to erase these lies.
        The backlash is underway. The ‘backlash’ has not been of decent able men prepared to stop the Evil.
        No, it hasn’t.
        My contacts in the EDL tell me the chances of a real national revival starting on the streets are next to zero.
        We know all we need to know about ‘R’ and we have seen the police CRACK DOWN on the EDL while the nation looks on unconcerned.
        This is the reality of England today, you think people prepared to accept THIS will ever ‘fight back’ against anything?
        They won’t.
        …and impossible to protect the innocent when atomised post-Christian society has no moral compass to guide it.
        Everything will certainly get a lot worse and optimists hope things might get better afterwards.

      1. ‘When people fail to protect their children then it’s game overm their future is dead.#
        Yes, as it should be.
        If you can’t protect your children, what do you want to live for?
        ‘Vladimir Putin claims decision to overturn child rape case conviction ‘dilutes national values’
        Russian president says an Austrian court ruling quashing the child rape conviction of an Iraqi man has ‘diluted national values……………………………………………………………
        A society that cannot defend its children has no future.”
        You know it.
        Putin knows it.
        Every child rapist in England knows it.
        ‘It saddens me to agree with you on everything.’
        I should ration myself typing about Rotherham.
        It’s all so dark.

  12. It’s always our heavy reliance on tech that leads us to this situation.
    Humans have to balance the triumvate of tech, physical, and spiritual. Over reliance on one usually leads to our civilization’s decay.
    Tech takes us far away from nature
    Being laborious leads to warring
    And over the top spirituality distorts our concept of reality.
    I say become an individual that can balance all three tangible, intangible, and unexplainable concepts.

    1. Body, mind and soul. Each affects the others. To improve as a man, you have to improve all three.

  13. What is happening is the attenuation of all the control measures to enslave the individual and remove all traces of freedom is getting tighter and more effective and efficient. By locking people into electronic “money” and trade TPTB will have total control of peoples lives, and like trusting sheeple, they are led all too easily into the trap by their addiction to and “convenience” of TPTB control systems through their own laziness and lack of personal responsibility and understanding of the bigger picture. When the warbling tone of the tuner hits a solid unchanging tone, mankinds enslavement is complete, and as such his future is over.

  14. Block chains are inherently uncomplicated, and that is their greatest strength and weakness. Functionally, their purpose is to create an audit trail, and it must be said they do their job well.
    Of course, there is a fundamental limit to block chains. If you only have one copy of the chain in one place, it’s pretty easy to manipulate – you change a block, and you then change all the blocks that follow. If you have two copies between two conspiring people, they can both be changed to match one another without breaking audit.
    A distributed chain, where you don’t know exactly who has a copy, is the only reasonably auditable record. If you can make your organization’s audits agree, but fifty random people across the Internet have a copy that doesn’t match, the audit is inherently suspect (much like the businessman who keeps two sets of books).

  15. They are saying $1 worth of Bitcoin back in the early days is worth a million. How I wish I had gotten one way back when, just for the novelty of having one.

  16. I’ve been a little down lately..came back from vacation where I got away from the news and all the insanity going on. When I got back it wasn’t work or any of the other life stressors you’d expect. No, it was all the silliness from the left we’ve had to endure. Charlottesville was a downer too, because, it was a hit to the right even though we’re not white supremacists and the event is just another skirmish in the on-going war between normal people and cultural marxists/postmodern freaks.
    That said, and sorry for the long entree, this article really made my day and week! Bravo Jon Anthony…well done! In my opinion, this is one of the most important ROK articles of all time. For a while, I’ve been trying to make this very case, although I take if from a cultural/media angle vs. Jon’s financial i.e. Blockchain and crypto currencies. I felt alone and that the message wasn’t getting through. I’m pleased to see that this idea has, independently surfaced and is now a part of our canon. No need to re-hash, but, in order to propagate ideas that are so utterly contrary to common experience, not to mention, science, biology and reality itself, requires a highly choreographed effort, in other words, a highly centralized apparatus, which is the left and the current mainstream media complex. Ideas, such as, there are no differences between men and women…to the point that people consider the penis not an actual thing existing in reality, but, a mere phantom social construct, can only be made possible by a centralized narrative and system. Its incredibly dangerous as we all can see.
    Its true, as Jon points out, that we’re evolving in a more decentralized direction, but, concurrent to this evolution is the power of the mediums and their ability to cast influence. For instance, a motion picture is exponentially more convincing then a painting add in color, CGI and even 3D and you have a powerful tool the offsets any advances in decentralized media. But, this can only last for so long. In short order all media from news to entertainment will be akin to how we consume music, which is oddly the most advanced UX. This is a media experience completely controlled and customized to each individual. We commonly say about things like homosexualism is forced down our throats against our will, and it is! But, in this new decentralized paradigm such propaganda will be impossible to implement at scale and in any effective manner. Minus the propaganda, nature and, for that matter truth, re-emerges. So, people, for instance, without their “will and grace” episodes will slowly revert back to seeing same sex interactions as unnatural. Same goes for relations between the sexes. It takes a lot to convince women that they’re all natural born killer Navy SEALs. Note: the new “sh*t wars, sorry, star wars” has NOT cast the wide net the original series did on the young. This is because of the leftist influence for sure, but, also because hollywood, the central hub of leftist propaganda, is losing its grip.
    When will it really change? When we’re making our own movies, tv shows and music. In some small ways its already happening, perhaps, at first blush its very small, but, decentralization is inevitable at this point. The old MSM and power structure is doomed.

    1. Yes, we have a lot of positives that we have to look forward to and can’t forget about. You’re also right about producing or own content away from their spin and control, and it is already happening. Thanks for the post.

  17. I still find myself not trusting Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency at all.
    That said, the whole blockchain thing does seem interesting. Not that I think it has a snowball’s chance in hell to happen as the author thinks it will, but I guess we’ll see.

  18. Indeed, a lot of positives that we have to look forward to and can’t forget about. You’re also right about producing or own content away from their spin and control, and it is already happening. Thanks for the post.

  19. Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency Businesses Act Approved –
    “The Uniform Law Commission approved six new acts, including a new act regulating virtual currency businesses during their 126th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.
    “The Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency Businesses Act creates a statutory framework for regulating virtual currency business activity, which includes businesses engaged in the exchange of virtual currencies for cash, bank deposits, or other virtual currencies; the transfers of virtual currency between customers; and certain custodial or fiduciary services. The act includes provisions on licensing requirements; reciprocity; consumer protection; cybersecurity; anti-money laundering; and supervision of licensees.”
    Here’s the full text of the act (a 52-page .pdf file) –

  20. I like your optimism, but I think the following is and always will be relevant:
    “Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.”

      1. Money & Wealth in the New Millennium: A Prophetic Guide to the New World Economic Order
        Norm Franz

  21. Hi John, good article as always.
    I recently invested a large sum in to bitcoin. But I’m struggling investing in to some of the other cryptos out there. It’s just all a bit much to take in.
    I thought about investing in Monero, but litecoin, etherium, golem, ripple (and many others)…I’m honestly just a bit lost and not sure where to put my money. Of course I need to do more research but can you shed some light on this?

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