How To Date Introverted Girls

One of my favorite types of girls is the bookish introvert. She’s usually mousey, waify, shy, and just a bit socially awkward. Sometimes she’ll look sad and other times she will look with wonderment out unto the world.

To me there are two types of introverted girls. The first is the internet attention whore who is shy and socially awkward. She will spend most of her time on tumblr accruing beta orbiters like there’s no tomorrow. The second type is the genuine introvert who might also be socially awkward, but prefers to live her life in the pages of a book. She still wants a man just like any other beautiful woman, but you have to approach her with the right mindset.

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Where To Find Introverted Girls

As I said before, introverted girls tend to stay inside all day reading books or surfing the web. However, for some reason I notice them alone during the day much more frequently than other girls who are found walking around with a BFF gossiping about the latest drama.

You’ll find introverted girls most frequently during the day time alone in thrift shops, book stores, art stores, grocery stores, and coffee shops. They’ll be walking around by themselves intently browsing book shelves or sipping a warm latte in a coffee shop.

Introverted girls can also be found online. Every girl wants companionship and intimacy, but it is hard to meet members of the opposite sex if one doesn’t put the required effort in.  You can spot them most easily by their pictures. They will have a few selfies taken by their computer’s webcam. Darker or faded colors, bad quality pictures, neutral expressions, and cats are all tell tale signs of an introverted girl.

One bonus is that they usually don’t bother with myspace angles so your chances of meeting up with a secret internet fatty are slim. Introverted girls spend much of their time reading and listening to music so their profile will usually have a long list of various artists and authors they are in to. The ‘self summary’ section will be self-depreciating, “witty,” or pretty straight forward.

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How To Approach Introverted Girls

An indirect approach as described in Day Bang is the most successful route. Roosh talks about “scaring the cat” in Day Bang and introverted girls’ cats are extra sensitive so take care to have a very innocuous opener and a solid ramble. Make sure you keep an eye on their body language, introverted girls tend to be shy so she might not make lots of eye contact, but she could be doing something like facing you with her feet crossed to show interest. Try to keep it light, get her laughing, and grab her number. If she hasn’t excused herself and is keeping the conversation going, she is interested.

Where To Take Introverted Girls On A Date

For whatever reason, I’ve found a lot of introverted girls don’t like to drink a whole lot. Maybe they’re scared they’ll “come out of their shell” or will do something people may judge them for. Pick somewhere that will let her relax, somewhere without a lot of people walking about, nothing with really loud music (unless you know she likes a particular style); get some ice cream and walk down to the beach. Do something low key and have a few venues which you can go. I usually do 2-3 venues meeting somewhere in the middle of where we both live and traveling closer to my apartment with each venue change. Eventually I’ll head back to my place to “watch an episode of that show” or show her something interesting. Comfort and rapport is key when it comes to seducing introverted girls.

It might be hard to get her talking at first, but there are a bunch of things all introverted girls seem to like. They usually like “hipster/indie” music so check out Pitchfork for some trendy bands. For some reason all introverted girls like Wes Anderson movies, the X-files, and independent films. Twin Peaks, Amelie, Monty Python, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind etc. all seem to come up a lot as well. Introverted girls like post-modern literature such as Kurt Vonnegut or Joseph Heller (Catch 22). They also enjoy Haruki Murakami and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. Food and alcohol is another large talking point. Find something she likes and get her to open up about it.

And remember, always ask her “why” if she mentions a particular book or movie.

introvert - twin peaks
Coffee and pie anyone?

How To Have Sex With Introverted Girls

Introverted girls, like other girls, just want to be fucked by a confident and dominant man. Shyness will be a huge hurdle, but you need to focus on escalating at the right pace. For example I once took an introverted girl to a food truck near my place, we grabbed some ice cream after, but spent most of our time talking. In under an hour I had her back to my place to watch a TV show and she still wouldn’t talk much or even look me in the eye. Fifteen minutes into the show I felt like I had to do something. Since she had followed my every move and was sitting on my bed, I knew she was interested so I made my move. I turned her head towards mine and kissed her. Shortly after we were having sex.

An introverted girl’s body language might throw you off and make you think she’s not interested, but if shes complying with any tests you give her, playfully hitting you, or back at your place, you can know for sure there’s enough attraction and comfort to start kissing her.

One thing you should not do is assume she is an innocent nice girl who has never had sex. Don’t try to psych yourself out saying “she won’t have sex with me quickly, she’s too shy.” Introverted girls are just like any other girl, yes some do require a lot more comfort than others, but most of the time it is just easy enough to lead the interaction towards sex. If she is uncomfortable she will tell you so by saying “you’re moving too fast” or “I don’t even really know you”

Introverted girls make for great casual girlfriends. You can see them once a week and do low key activities like watching movies, seeing a band, or going on walks. There is a great upside in that you don’t really have to run over the top asshole game like you would on many girls you meet at night. Being an interesting, non-needy, and confident man is sometimes all it takes to seduce these women. Don’t mistake their shyness for disinterest and make sure you’re knowledgeable on the common artists they enjoy.

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79 thoughts on “How To Date Introverted Girls”

  1. I usually just take them to this hockey rink down the street and tell them about my days as a boxer.

    1. Hahahahahaha. So true, that is one angle that will actually work. Even if you are joking.
      Like the article says, they like comfort. A boxer=he can handle himself=he can protect her=security=comfort. They tend to be very intelligent, but if they are reading Kurt Vonnegut, they don’t care about politics usually so that is a plus you don’t even have to consider.
      Essentially, she normally leads a dull life with only a handful of quasi boring friends. Even if their friends are individually successful, drab jock conversations won’t cut it. So if you can be humorous about anything, and maintain your frame; she will rolly-romp the hell outta you in the sack.
      Just be careful if you get into an LTR; their sex life can get boring, and worthless missionary in a heartbeat. They are a homebody after all.

  2. I expect a great inflow of femicunts and white knights being “disgusted” and “creeped” with this article, tweeting it all over, and increasing traffic.
    It doesn’t matter if she’s shy or not, you have to have your balls in the right place and always lead the way.

    1. Actually, I’m a “femicunt”, and other than a few questionable aspects (doesn’t everyone, unless they’re into BDSM and identify as a dominant, want a confident, dominant sex partner?), found this article to be alright.
      There’s no leading on, no coercion, no lies or negging. If a guy follows this article, he’ll probably have a nice time with a nice girl. Just be careful that she doesn’t in fact have a spectrum disorder; not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the traits identified here can mirror those of a person with Asperger’s.

      1. I was with you until the Asperger’s bit. As if introversion needed more stigma…. I am highly introverted, and -unfortunately- fit too many cliches in this article, but I don’t remotely appear to have Asperger’s Syndrome and don’t fit any of its criteria. Most of the advice is pretty sound, and I appreciate advising not to make certain assumptions about introverted women
        I am guessing what some find offensive about the article is the suggestion to feign interest in music/books/entertainment just to get into someone’s pants, as well as having that as a main goal (as opposed to a genuine interest in someone and forming a real connection). Taking offense at that is not a feminist attitude, but stems more from traditional values. Showing an interest in the tastes and hobbies of a date is one thing, a good thing, but when it is just strategy to bed them, it sounds yucky. This attitude didn’t pervade the whole article, but it does pop up, especially towards the end.

  3. Would you escalate just as early with introverted girls as you would with non-introverted girls?

    1. No. You gotta pretend that you’re listening to them, which takes longer than just whipping their clothes off.

  4. Had an introvert last night. While having sex I decided to spank her. She said ow that fucking hurts, I laughed and said you love it and proceeded to spank her harder and harder.
    Any thoughts on spanking an introvert?

      1. Will do. Let you know how that goes.
        P.S. Beta confession: I kinda liked the film.

    1. I like to do it after sex when we’re both still naked and she’s on her way to the bathroom.

      1. Before, during and after for me. But is there such a thing as spanking too hard? I normally leave their ass pink and goosebumped like chicken skin. Think I maybe take it too far. Dunno. That’s why I’m asking, never learned the spanking etiquette.

  5. I didn’t realize how introverted I am in dating until reading this. It’s
    so rare to see yourself described. Kind of makes me feel normal but different (a normal instance of a different type), not a defective version of something else.
    The comfort part is the key… Also, misinterpreting body language as
    lack of interest when really more comfort and trust need to be built. I have
    had a lot of trouble making eye contact with guys I dated. A lot of trouble. It
    was just overwhelming to me. But magic was working inside me, even if it wasn’t apparent on the outside. …. I’ll stop, because you wrote better than I could.
    One minor thing, introverted women are not all hipsters, though perhaps
    the majority are. Being rational and telling facts are more attractive to me and at least one of my friends, whom I presume is also introverted. Tell me things I don’t know (I don’t know that much, so it’s not a hard thing for a curious man who likes reading to do).
    I wonder if many such women enjoy sex more because of the tendency to be
    inside yourself, internally focused and energized by looking in, as they say is a key factor in the introversion/extroversion scale. …. I’ve read advice for women on how to enjoy sex more and it was like, focus on how your body feels during the act, and use your imagination during the day. A friend of mine told me about becoming more aware of the sensations in her legs at night after doing yoga. She said the increase
    in “awareness” of the now and her body blew her mind. The
    conversation blew my mind because I was not aware of how different I was compared to her, because this just part of day to day living for me. … If the power of meditation comes from being in quiet and going inside yourself, physical
    sensation and thoughts, and one consequence is a general increase in awareness
    of physical sensation, and that is one key piece of advice sexperts give to
    women to still want to have sex in longterm relationships, introverts, who “meditate”
    as part of existance, might have an advantage. (I’m not trying to sell introverts. Twer just thoughts written aloud.)

    1. And like you said, masculine sex appeal remains just as appealing. Taking the lead necessarily matters even more.
      Another thing. Expressing sincere feelings of interest has never lost points with me. Apparently, from reading this website, it’s widely found to be the kiss of death for attraction.
      I makes me feel safe and more open to connection, however, provided its not overwhelmingly early- but even then, so long as the early comes with strong signs of independence and lack of neediness, it increases comfort, not contempt. Expressions of interest are not unattractive…. not to me, and maybe not to the type of woman you describe in general. You would know better than me, because I don’t date chicks.

      1. So you like honesty. Nothing wrong with that, honestly, I do to. Interesting fact, I like sex and all that but it’s the cuddles that do it for me.
        So how did I do? You wet yet?

        1. Ew with a cheeky smile, or a frown? I mean, come on, I was honest and gave you an interesting fact about myself. What more does an introverted girl like you need before you drop your panties?

        2. Hey, thought I’d get an introverted female’s perspective. You like getting spanked or not. Not sure on spanking etiquette, need clarification.

      2. Most guys don’t express their interest sincerely (or at the right time like you said), they express it needily or to get approval and that’s why its discouraged around here.
        There’s a big difference between telling a girl something about her is beautiful because you think it will make her like you more (bad) and a non needy display of interest such as interrupting her mid sentence to tell her how you like her because she’s shown a certain quality he enjoys.

        1. This is the common mistake that guys make — myself included. Been there one too many times until I realized that I was making the mistake and stopped it.
          As a rule, I’ve never made any comments to women about their looks upon first meeting them, unless it’s something that stands out and is somewhat unusual.
          Example from today . . . Asian chick at the museum I visited was wearing a bit more mascara than someone her age would have been wearing. I looked at her and she flashed me a smile. Then, I said, “I see that your eyes match the portrait behind you. Were you trying to draw my attention to you as competition to the portrait?” I said it with a smile on my face and she responded with a positive comment.
          The older I get, the more I want the woman to do more of the heavy lifting in spurring my interest. Simply being light-hearted and feminine is enough. Ball-busters need not apply.

        2. Dude… I just cringed reading your pick up line. Don’t ever say that to another woman, please. It’s just so bad.
          Next time try, “Hi,” it works better than almost all other lines.

        3. First, I did say hello to her to open.
          Second, it wasn’t a pick-up line. It was a test to get a reaction.

        4. yea but surprisingly cheesy pick up liners work to draw some introverts *like myself!* out of their shell and start a convocation! but don’t do it a lot or she will think you are an idiot!

      3. If a guy is 5’4, but assertive and has good style and independent, wold you sleep him?

        1. Not if he’s standing next to a 6’1 assertive guy with good style who’s independant… I assume.

        2. So does this mean that it is impossible for short guy to have sex with Caucasian women?

        3. Nothing is impossible, theoretically. In Americulture, the short guy sleeping with the white woman is increasingly unlikely, but not impossible.

        4. Stupid western world and their females disqualifying 5’4 dudes……man they even banned brothels so I am subjected to fatties. that article on here on fat shaming was the best.

        5. Hello, there. Firstly, I never think so explicitly as “I would sleep with him”, unless we’ve been dating (I’m not saying I don’t have sexual feelings beforehand, but explicit thoughts never enter my brain).
          That’s a minor detail. If you mean, could those feelings be invoked, or would I date someone short, my last serious boyfriend was 5’6″ and I’m 5’5″. Before him, I thought I needed height. He was so confident, so assertive, so bold, so calm under pressure… (loving and good, too…) Now, I probably couldn’t accept less than that degree of masculinity (perhaps I didn’t describe it well, but I perceived it as abnormally high masculinity at the time and attributed it to his having Southern European parents (from a group with notoriously asshole-ish men round these parts, Portuguese) and his coming from a small town, as well as his personality) because of how he made me feel due to his behaviour, especially in bed; normal men are now ruined by comparison. I didn’t care that he was only 5’6″. It was swamped by other qualities. That said, given that I didn’t know him at first, 5’4″ would probably have been a little much for me to give him a chance. Shorter than me? ….
          But, I can’t say for sure. Also, he’s jacked, natureally. A petite man at 5’6″ would not have been attractive to me- I couldn’t do it. My only other boyfriend was tall and fit but lanky- on him, I liked it.
          In conclusion, in my experience, confidence tops everything. The stories are true. But, you should aim for 5’3″ and under and hit the gym more than taller guys. I’m not an expert. But, personality swamped appearance for me, and behaviour swamped height in making me feel like a woman.

        6. Michael…I am 5’6″ and yes I would definitely give this man a chance. In fact I am pretty certain I could be attracted to him.

        7. Well, thumbs up to you for not being superficial on a quality that a man cannot change( I don’t care about height or race).How come all chicks can’t think like you. If I got a penny for every time a chick told me out flat that my height was an issue, I’d be a millionaire. I hate that I am body-builder buff dress really well, have a nice face, super social and generally alpha of my friends group…but when I talk to a girl, or even get a date ,she will eventually say my height is an issue. I mean I can’t change my height, there is not workout to make me go to 6 foot( makes me think that majority of women are superficial). For this reason, I have had the unfortunate pleasure of sleeping with fat chicks, out of sexual urges . ……at-least a fat chick can work out and lose the weight.

        8. As a side note regarding height here:
          I’m 5′ 5″ and am more comfortable around shorter guys than 5′ 7″. My Mom is legally a dwarf and my Dad is shorter than average. My only reason for mentioning those facts is that you may find an American Caucasian woman (like myself) who naturally is more attracted to someone of a shorter height–who is not necessarily obese. But, as you and others have mentioned, finding that person is like finding gold nuggets in any river.

  6. i talked to a very shy introverted girl the other day. Opened indirect, rambled for 10-15mins, and she would not give me her name, where she lived or phone number. After that I said thank you for helping me, thinking the conversation was over. She kept standing there with her legs cross looking at me. Then awkwardly she left. Kinda don’t know what to do with that type of situation

    1. Sounds like you did all you could. You opened and did the eldery ramble, etc. If she didn’t volunteer any info about herself, then she probably fell into the “really shy and awkward” category. Not worth the extra effort to bring her out of her shell.
      I once went out with a California chick some time ago who was very passive and reactive. She and I would be walking down the street, side by side, and she wouldn’t initiate any part of the conversation. I had to do all of the talking. Only once did she take the ball and run with it, when I asked her about her experiences in modeling. That lasted for about ten minutes, then it was back to radio silence.
      I’ve been an introvert all my life, but this chick was exasperating.

    2. You may have rambled, but did you go into GALNUC properly and gradually?
      Jumping suddenly from “yeah I need a laptop like that one, blah blah blah” —> “what’s your number?” is jarring.
      Make sure that she’s interested and taking your bait, and then slowly ease into:
      * hey, are you … half-German?
      * you seem to know this neighborhood. Do you usually hang out around here?
      * how old are you??
      etc. etc.
      Make sure you’ve established a connection before trying to get her out on a date, get a telephone number, and so on.

      1. yea, this was textbook gradual , i transitioned the conversation off of “you seem like a college student” blah blah blah, where do you hang out?…….her : no answer, everything was texbook. Just the girl in this one scenario played out different than most other girls I talk too, because she’s shy.
        I’m sure if i talked to her for another 30 mins she would have come out of her shell, but after rambling my ass off, i decided not worth it

    3. haha it just means that she was shy and really never had anyone hit on her! she was more then likely interested! a guy did that to me and I thought he was joking! WHO THE HELL WOULD DATE ME??? only after he left did I thin about it! damn I should have given him my #!

  7. I have been seeing an a self professed introverted girl for the past month and this article is like you are talking about the same girl. It is true about the books, indie/hipster music, X-Files and other sci-fi, Monty Python and of course the sex.
    This girl messaged me of POF on Thursday, exchanged a dirty messages and I texted her the next day for a spontaneous date that same day on a Friday night. We made out in two venues and I walked her home and used the “Can I use your bathroom?” line and spent the night at her place and pretty much the entire weekend with her. There was no sex for the first week but lots sleeping together naked and touching each other. It is true that she needed to feel really comfortable with me.
    She acts all innocent but she likes sex and to be dominated and talk dirty in bed. She loves receiving my cum inside of her and would say things like “I want you to use me like I was your property”.
    She acts very girly, clingy at times which I don’t mind but you definitively have to take the lead. She will never decide on anything. She always wants to do whatever you want to do.

      1. she’s on the pill believe her, i’ve seen her birth control pills and she has no reason child support scam me giving her education and job

        1. That’s still no reason for not using your own birth control. She could forget to take the Pill, or might be taking medication that counteracts it.

        2. Yep, the dumbest thing you can do is listen to her when she opens her mouth. Words mean nothing, with women, emotions rule.

        3. Ya’ll are overreacting to cumming inside of a girl.
          Most younger girls aren’t trying to trick you into having a kid.
          Then again I only bust a nut in girls who’s IUD’s I poke with my dick…

        4. Even if I knock her up, she can have baby. I love her 5’6″ 115 lbs tiny feminine frame with a gorgeous ass that looks good in any tight clothing, blonde hair and sexy red lips tattoo on her right butt cheek.

        5. “red lips tattoo on her right butt cheek” = whore who may decide to trick you.
          Caveat emptor!

        6. You made 3 stupid mistakes. 1. You slept beside her naked for a week, repeatedly, and didn’t bang. WTF? 2. When you finally got the balls to bang her, you cum inside her. Are you an idiot? 3. Falling in love with her. Talk about being a pussy whipped mofo.

        7. “You slept beside her naked for a week, repeatedly, and didn’t bang.”
          I guess if your game skills where a baseball stat, you’d be at a 1.000 batting average.
          You sound like a date rapist nigger.

        8. ROLF. A racist, and a true beta. Here’s a little hint seeing to the clueless nazis – When a chick takes off her clothes, that’s an invitation for you to bang, dumb ass. One-fucking-week.. un-fucking-beleivable.

    1. “She loves receiving my cum inside of her..”

  8. Just like the best books and movies are not often on the front shelf, but the ones that get marketed the most, the same applies to girl. I have seen too many examples and have had too many personal experience to attest that it’s true over and over that a girl who seems to be wallflower how more passion and spice to her than that girl who dry humps the pole on a dance floor. Just because a girl appears shy, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have intense desires that just wait to be triggered by the right guy.

    1. Indeed. Some introverted types have a strong emotional component to them. They’re not all stereotypical “intellectuals” who are awkward in the general sense. Socially awkward, yes, but not when it comes to their passions.

  9. I think you can go direct on an introverted girl. Usually they’re more down to earth which means they won’t discard you right away for wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    1. Maybe, but not necessarily.
      An introverted girl usually has not been approached by * a lot * of guys in her life, so you can easily spook her with a direct approach.

  10. What a fucking joke this is.
    Just go to an asian massage parlour and get a happy ending handjob.
    Why the hell are you fags putting so much importance on women and on dating them? What a damn joke. You guys are a bunch of traditionalist moralfags.
    BOYCOTT MARRIAGE BOYCOTT DATING! Use women for sex as prostitutes and then toss them away.
    What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

    1. Yes it’s easier to go to a massage parlor or prostitute but when you go you’re on the clock. Take a girl home with you and you can fuck her 4 times in the night, then wake up next to her and fuck her again. Maybe have lunch then an afternoon fuck. Do you know how much that would cost in prostitutes compared to buying one or two drinks before taking her home?

      1. Good little goy!!! Keep supporting those goy women and feeding them your attention.

        1. more like hundred dollar bills
          what a fucking chode “i don’t pay women with attention, I pay them with shit loads of my hard earned money instead”

    2. You sound like you’ve never seduced a woman. There’s more you get out of it than an orgasm.
      By trying to troll with such a comment you’re telling all of us that you hate women because it takes too much effort to have sex with them. You can’t connect with or sleep with women so you turn to hating them to rationalize your failures.

      1. Henry is just accustomed to handing over $500 / 2 hours to a woman who barely pretends to smile and tolerate sex with him.
        He can’t even understand the feeling of railing a woman after a $25 drink tab– a woman who was seduced from indifference to animal attraction with some appropriate behavior and conversation.

  11. Ah, Twin Peaks good show now i just have to find someone in my age who has seen it and is a woman.
    The downside of being totally uniterested of what is “hot” today.
    The secret fatty i laughed about, has happened to me aswell. A pity because i worked her good over the internet to the point where she wanted to have sex in a changing-room. I could not do it as i nearly vomited when i saw her flabby flesh. Good experience though.

  12. Introverted girl = manic pixie dream girl. She will suck the alpha out of you and randomly run off to join a cult 2 years later while you are sleeping.

  13. Best tip i can give is try to get them to do something that get’s them out of their damn shell–but without people watching. I love mountain climbing and surfing (i’m an outdoors type) and i have gone surfing with an introverted chick, were it’s one-on-one and taught them how to surf–well, more or less. I think all intros want to escape whatever shell they are in and if you put in the time and you can do that without the anxiety that some of them have to being infront of crowds them you’ll be suitably rewarded. you’ll be their only gate-way, of sorts, to things that they wouldn’t normally do and because of this she’ll be super-loyal to you (likely not to leave you) without expecting the usual shit that an extrovert girl would (money, shopping, dates) On top of that chances are since she’s an intro that she’ll be a virgin. :))))

  14. Best tip i can give is try to get them to do something that get’s them out of their damn shell–but without people watching. I love mountain climbing and surfing (i’m an outdoors type) and i have gone surfing with an introverted chick, were it’s one-on-one and taught them how to surf–well, more or less. I think all intros want to escape whatever shell they are in and if you put in the time and you can do that without the anxiety that some of them have to being infront of crowds them you’ll be suitably rewarded. you’ll be their only gate-way, of sorts, to things that they wouldn’t normally do and because of this she’ll be super-loyal to you (likely not to leave you) without expecting the usual shit that an extrovert girl would (money, shopping, dates) On top of that chances are since she’s an intro that she’ll be a virgin. :))))

  15. I completely agree with this as I am currently dating an introverted girl. Show dominance, lead, and be the alpha but be caring about what she’s finds fascinating in life. Chicks like this are hella fun and great in the sac. Cheers.

  16. ok I just HAD to know so I read! I am an introverted woman! I found a guy on the internet! I have pics of my CATS AND DOGS on my sites! and I don’t know about the foot thing but YES I know for me if I do end up hitting you in a fun manner I like you! and if I go to your house you know I really like you! I HATE people touching me! but if you keep my INTEREST it WILL WORK! and I am low key on dating though the guy I am dating now IS TOO CLINGY sure I like cuddling but not everyday for hours! UGH! and books? I haven’t read any of those! I read terry goodkind! that is the only thing I have against this! NOT EVERY GIRL LIKES THE SAME KIND OF BOOK! ask casually, so what are you reading? if she blushes or looks away it is a romance! I know I do it!

  17. What’s a casual girlfriend? Is this about “girls are women? I’m looking on some advice on a woman in her 30s

  18. You are sooooo wrong with your description of an introverted woman. Please do not follow any of the advice from this article. Introverted people are very sociable and not at all mousy looking, coffee drinking, book nerds. We prefer to be alone because people bother us, and we don’t have to have people around us to make us feel good about ourselves.

  19. I think this is quite a great advice about how to attract introvert girls, these days I think calling them tech savvy would be correct as well, considering they would use internet for more than just clicking pictures and posting, so the point that they can be found for dating online is quite correct, for those men who want to try their luck getting hold of one can browse without payment 100% free dating site – as online meeting sites have quite a percentage of the shy men and women available on them, so once you attract them with your words and profile, rest can follow as well.

  20. *dies laughing*
    Yeah, this “guide” won’t work!! At least not with an introvert that is worth having. 🙂

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