The Tragedy Of Letting A Broken Woman Into Your Life

On July 6th 1994, twenty-six year old Troy Kell, inmate and white supremacist gang member at Utah State Prison, killed Lonnie Blackmon, a black inmate, with 67 blows from a prison shank while prison guards videotaped the attack. The deed done, Troy wiped his hands clean of the blood and walked away, proudly yelling:

“Got some white power jumpin’ off around here!”

Later, in an interview with HBO for it’s documentary Gladiator Days : Anatomy Of A Prison Murder (2002), Troy explained his reasoning behind why he killed Blackmon.


“I went into the situation that I’m gonna hafta kill the guy – I’m not gonna…jus hurt ‘em, I’m not gonna stab him two times and say ‘yeah we’re even’, you know, cause the philosophy in prison is, you know, you stab me I kill you… I just stabbed the shit outta him, you know, until he didn’t move anymore.”

“I’ve seen guys hesitate…on not thinkin’ somethin’ was serious, and it was serious, and they get themselves stabbed up. Or they get themselves fucked off…they get themselves killed.”

A brutal view on life. Yet it’s not surprising to hear from an inmate who had been imprisoned for another murder since he was eighteen. Troy’s first murder was James Kelly [real name James Thiede], a twenty-one year old Canadian man in Troy’s hometown of Las Vegas. Troy, with the assistance of Sandra Shaw (fifteen at the time) and another friend, lured Kelly into the desert and ambushed him, where Troy shot Kelly six times in the face at point blank range.

Who was Troy? Where did he come from? What was the series of events that drove him to commit two murders, both of which placed him on death row?*

One of the most startling aspects of Troy, from watching the documentary, is just how intelligent, almost proverbially All American he comes across as. Troy was not some trailer trash kid, doomed for eventual incarceration.


“I was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, little middle class family. I’m the only child.”

“I think I was probably just an ordinary kid on the block, I wasn’t any different, or anything from anyone else that I noticed.”

“My father’s into horses, and kinda a redneck background, country boy kinda thing, and we had horses and stuff.”

“I was expected…to be successful, you know, my family, you know, they’re not losers.”


His neighbourhood was middle class, his school was middle class. Troy was thoroughly middle class. So why did he, at eighteen, kill James Kelly? For the answer to that, we have to turn to Sandra Shaw.

Sandra was three years younger then Troy. They met quite early, when they were children.


“Troy’s been a part of our life, um, ever since I first came to Las Vegas. Um, since I was probably, like, six years old. We lived on one corner of the street and on the opposite street he lived at the other corner. And um, me and a couple of friends, two little girlfriends, were walking down the street and him and his little friends were sitting in front of their house on their bicycles and you know they were watching us googly eyed cause he’s three years older then me. So when we got all the way to the end of the street, towards the desert, you know, we turned around and said somethin’ real sassy and they chased us on their bikes and we ran and he jumped off his back and tackled me into the grass and you know it just became like a plaything. And since then he was like, ‘You’re gonna be my girlfriend’ and I was like, ‘No I don’t even like boys’.”

There was obviously some romantic tension going on between the two of them from a very young age. Though Troy and Sandy both refer to each other in a younger sister older brother dynamic, it’s clear that at least Troy felt a deep attraction to Sandy. Why shouldn’t he? After all, she was the quintessential girl next door whom eagerly spent time with him. Sandy was a cute little girl, and Troy was no slouch himself.



“His father was really really strict, and um, I remember one time on his birthday, we were, he was turning thirteen and I believe I was ten and I rode my bike all the way to the mall and I bought him a Nike outfit and he had to sneak out in his back yard and climb up on the brick wall for me give him his gift, because he was on restriction – he was always on restriction – just, for absolutely nothing.”

That’s an almost classical scene of romance, and one wonders how many other secret rendezvous Troy and Sandy had over the years.

In many ways Sandy herself was the counterpart of Troy – the proverbial All American girl; pretty, a cheerleader, precocious and outgoing – though her family was struggling on the line between middle and lower class (Connie Shaw appears to be a single mother). By all counts, Sandy was destined for a typical middle class life herself. Perhaps even with Troy.


“When I was thirteen years old I was spending the night at a friend’s house and her step father went into a jealous rage and shot and killed her mother and her mother’s two friends and then killed himself. It changed my life.”

That man was Alex Egyed, a budding computer entrepreneur who may have been a well recognized name today if he hadn’t gone on a rampage and left Sandy covered in blood, huddling in a bathtub with her friend. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only incident Sandy was going to have with extreme violence.


“Another episode happened to her; she’s walkin’ home from school, uh, sees this guy runnin’ up behind her, girl in front of her, sees the guy shoot…the girl, in the back of the head. She’s already gone through this. Now this is two. How many times – I mean, I’m forty-eight years old, I mean, I’ve never seen anyone, in my lifetime, get shot. She’s seen two.”

These episodes left Sandy a broken girl; a girl barely on the cusp of her womanhood.


“I detached myself from my emotions, I didn’t have a sense of life or death, it’s all the same to me.”

Yet she was still a significant part of Troy’s life. And Troy really needed love in his life, since his own family had self destructed.


“My parents got divorced and I kinda bounced back and forth between them. It was kinda a struggle for me for awhile but, it’s nothin’ outta the ordinary… Any other kid goes through it.”


“His father must have been very tough on him, very abusive, I believe, with him. And his mother was never around. I know they were separated. But I don’t think his mother came around too much, I don’t know if it was because of the father…or what, you know, but uh, I guess he looked at me, more like a mother figure you know because he’s always sent me, even till this day, sends me a bouquet of mother’s day flowers.”

Troy and Sandy were both set adrift at a young age, both from broken homes, both experiencing severe forms of trauma – albeit Troy’s were less extreme. Because of his need for love, Troy grew ever closer to Sandy while Sandy threw herself into an abyss. Like many traumatized girls, Sandy began to slip down into degeneracy and self abuse. She began to hang around shady men and casinos while barely being a fully fledged teen, and at the age of fourteen she ran into James Kelly at the Circus Circus casino.


“I met Cotton Kelly at Circus Circus eight months prior to this actual tragedy.”

“He ran some type of, um, adult entertainment business. He wanted me to pose nude for him.”

“He had started following me and calling my house constantly, harassing my family… And as a fifteen year old child, I made a very bad decision, a very immature request and I called upon Troy to beat the man up. To have him, leave me alone.”

A normal girl with a strong family could have resolved this situation with ease. A simple, hard talk by a good father with this James Kelly character would have spared everyone a lot of tragedy. Sandy, however, had drifted far away from being a normal girl and with nothing but a weak family at her disposal she allowed this situation to escalate and continue. Perhaps she even began to be sexual with Kelly, though she does not mention the full depth of their relationship.

In the end she turned to the one man she knew she could depend on.


“Me and a friend of mine from high school agreed to beat this guy up, because he was doin’ some things to some teenaged girls that we knew. She was a friend of mine, she was like a, a sister kind of, to me.”

“This guy, I felt, was takin’ advantage of a friend of mine, and she asked for my help… And…I…went, kinda overboard.”

Eight months. That’s how long Sandy allowed James Kelly to be a part of her life. How many nights did Sandy turn to Troy? How many nights did she cry on Troy’s shoulder, detailing the horrors that James Kelly inflicted on her – and which she allowed to be inflicted on her. How many times did Troy have to hear Connie, a powerless mother, express her grief and frustration over this older man taking advantage of her daughter? Troy loved both these women.

Troy decided to save them. He told Sandy to lure Kelly out to the desert. So one night, in 1986, Sandy did just that. She made Kelly stop the car, claiming that she needed to pee. She went out, came back, pretended to hurt her leg and when Kelly came out to help her Troy put six bullets in Kelly’s head.


“For a reason that I, uh, can’t really understand, I decided to bring a gun and shoot the man. And killed him.”

“I didn’t go to sleep that night.”

Troy Kell, eighteen, murdered a degenerate man. He did it because he loved the tragic but degenerate Sandy Shaw. Because they bragged about the murder, soon schoolmates were visiting Kelly’s body in the desert.

When asked if he thought about running Troy said; “Yeah, of course.” When asked why he didn’t, “I…I don’t know. I didn’t have anywhere to run too. I couldn’t just keep on runnin’ and runnin’.”

Troy didn’t run because everything he loved lived on the corner one street over from his house. There was nothing else in the world for him.

One of the children who visited the body in the desert told their parents, and soon the police had Troy, his accomplice and Sandy in custody. They would convict Troy.


Surprisingly, Sandy was also tried and convicted. These were the days just before peak feminism so women weren’t the infallible angels that they are treated as today but still, after hearing about her abuse and her tragic past, the jurors sent a fifteen year old girl to jail for over twenty years.


In order to survive in jail, Troy quickly joined up with the white supremacist gangs. Eventually this would lead to the second murderous ambush of his life. Troy and fellow gang member Eric Daniels attacked Lonnie Blackmon with Eric holding his legs and Troy stabbing Blackmon with a shank 67 times. For this second murder Troy himself is currently waiting to face death.

I reiterate once more; by all accounts Troy was a normal kid. There was nothing in his childhood that would have led anyone to believe that Troy one day would end up a murderer of two men while leading a white supremacist gang in prison. If he just had to weather a broken home, as far too many middle class children nowadays do, he may have had a chance to move on and become a man of worth; other men have suffered worse and managed to raise good families and live a good life. Unfortunately Troy had the tragic fate of loving a girl who also came from a broken home, and like most women from such situations Sandy did not have the inner strength struggle for normalcy. She gave herself to degenerates and came to Troy whenever she needed to use his love.

This is a theme all too familiar with young men today. Young men are struggling to find peace in their lives while having to deal with their broken female counterparts. Most men can’t help loving who they love, and far too many men pay too high a price for this once noble emotion. The tragedies surrounding Troy Kell and Sandy Shaw provide an extreme example of this – and in the case of Sandy her despair motivated self destruction is understandable – but the dynamic of good men who need love and the rotten women who use it is one of the great (and unnecessary) social plagues of the modern age. Perhaps it always has been, going back through every society since time immemorial.

It seems nowadays that there is an epidemic of men being destroyed because of single parent upbringings or broken women. Yet Troy was destroyed in 1986. Who knows how many potentially decent men in the past have been destroyed because of similar situations. Who knows how many more in the future we’ll have?

We know the symptoms – it’s time to cure the disease, or we can expect nothing but more and more unnecessary tragedies like Troy Kell’s to occur in the future. Do we really want to grow old and live in a society full of young men like that?

I end with a comment from the video’s youtube page,


“Troy Kell is one the one hand a despicable human being, a stone cold killer, a sociopath or near one and a racist. But he’s in some ways he’s likeable, even admirable: he’s articulate, intelligent and is absolutely honest with himself and for the most part unblinded by bullshit. I’m not saying that he should or shouldn’t be put to death. His circumstance is just a very sad waste of human potential.”

*As of this article’s publication, Troy is still awaiting his death sentence. He requested to be shot by a firing squad.

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161 thoughts on “The Tragedy Of Letting A Broken Woman Into Your Life”

  1. I wouldn’t say this is an example of a man letting a broken woman into his life. Troy and Sandy were evidently somewhat precocious in experiencing affection for someone of the opposite sex. They were too young to have developed any individuality before romance. Without guidance from parents who were involved, the downfall of both of them from the bad decision of one of them seems almost cliche.
    I would say this example is more of a tragedy of uninvolved parents than a broken woman influencing a man. Troy never became a man, and such a tool in the hands of a girl who doesn’t understand what an infatuated male will do for her is probably one of the more psychotic states available in the human experience.

    1. ” . . . such a tool in the hands of a girl who doesn’t understand what an
      infatuated male will do for her is probably one of the more psychotic
      states available in the human experience.”
      A much overlooked or outright denied foundation of Lolita.

    2. Troy doesn’t strike me as the brightest bulb – a guy who shot someone six times in the head and bragged about it – what did he expect would happen?

      1. Ricky is right. Troy brought this on himself when he bragged about killing a man. And also lack of parenthood is more responsible than the girl imo.

  2. I used to be the guy that thought you could take a broken woman and glue her back together. After being with a couple I realized it is much easier for someone hanging from a cliff to pull you over than for you to pull them to safety.

    1. Bravo-the cliff analogy is spot on. I plan on using it whenever applicable! Broken people need to fix themselves, no one can do it for them.

      1. If you were actually pulling someone up from a cliff, what are the two prerequisites they need to be saved?
        1) A calm, sound state of mind. When they lose their cool is when they make rushed decisions that could lead to failure.
        2) Absolute trust. If they don’t FULLY trust you can/will pull them to safety then success is not possible unless you can dead-lift a semi-truck.
        Obviously those two variables are correlated, but what broken person is actually going to have faith in another individual to swoop in and fix things?

      2. You think broken people can just fix themselves? Not that easy. If they could there wouldn’t be any broken people left in the world.

        1. They can, that’s how a lot of guys find the red pill in the first place, myself included. I used to be broken, but I fixed myself and I’m almost a completely different person. Women should be able to do the same, it just takes inner strength.

    2. I used to be that same Captain Save-a-Ho guy too. Only tried twice though. I know what you mean.

      1. It only took my two as well to throw in the towel. The first one still baffles me to this day. This article really hit the nail on the head regarding my first one. My emotions were being used as if they were a resource. Luckily, I wizened up be the time I tried to save another girl. I bailed before I had a chance to make any bad decisions.
        Now I have a whole list of red flags to identify the broken ones. Maybe one day I will write out the story of my first relationship with a broken girl. It will really help guys out that are stuck in the situation. For some reason we like to think that our situation “is different”, but in actuality it is just a reoccurrence of a natural phenomena.

        1. You dodged a bullet & received an education in the process. That’s a gift that keeps on giving, and a positive outcome in my opinion!

        2. I think its almost penance/paying his dues for good guys to have to save a ho or two. I saved two too, until I realized it was a losing proposition (no pun intended). One of them I could care less if she moves to Shariah country, but the other one, thanks to almost 100% mirroring my personality and background, I still will probably try and care about. Famous last words, I guess.
          As James Bond says and Paul McCartney sings, Live and Let Die.

      2. Kell had a gun and I think he was bound and determined to use it on someone. It just happened to be this instance. He’s no victim of a “broken woman.” That’s ridiculous. He was a perpetrator, not a victim.

        1. This whole macho man site, blaming women for every problem a man has, is ridiculous to begin with. With the exception of the information that “Sandy Shaw assisted” Kell in the murder–which she did not–the story is fairly accurate. Sandy Shaw was railroaded into prison via a crooked prosecutor who intimidated/blackmailed two witnesses to commit perjury. It was one of the worst cases of injustice in Nevada history. I would rather be tried in Iran than in Nevada.

        2. She did lure the man to the ambush site.
          Although her sentence was a bit harsh, she still has to take a personal responsibility for her role.

        3. A BIT harsh. A cop on the case said that the most she was guilty of was conspiracy to commit misdemeanor assault. Perhaps she was guilty of conspiracy after the fact because she should have gone to the police, but she was scared that Billy Merritt, Troy’s friend who was there that night, whom Sandy did not know, might kill her. But that would have probably been a couple of years in juvenile facility, at most.

        4. I have to agree with you whole heartedly about this site blaming women for life’s every problem. It’s as if these men only know one type of woman…maybe that’s the only type they attract. Even then, they have minds of their own, the capability to walk away from these she devils.

        5. so….Sandy is virtually innocent because all she did was not only get herself into this mess…..but convince Troy to kill someone, and on top of that lie about why she had to get out of the car, fake being hurt to lure him out of the car, which all set up this mans death?
          shes just as guilty. Troy wouldve never killed the man if Sandy didnt start it.
          Dan = troll.

        6. Most women blame us for everything but it surprises you that there is a site that reflects the opposite? Yet third wave feminism, despite it’s absurdities had massive continent wide support in it’s claims of patriarchy and “all men are rapists” under their newly broadened definition of that term. At least we, who are here only hold the modern woman responsible for putting their oars in to drive us to misery for expecting us to change to suit their new theoretical societal norm, pushing us to bankruptcy through divorces in courts who see men as a bankroll yet deny us equal rights to our children because we are men not mothers. I think men in general have a lot to be bitter about regarding the application of the social and sexual theory foisted on us by those lefty alleged “progressive” professors of gender, queer and women’s studies. Many of those you will find here have been bitten by the new age woman. Here we band together to refute them and to strengthen ourselves as we make a return to what men were meant to be. Kings in their own homes.

        7. Women should stop blaming men for everything and vice versa. Only losers look to blame others for their own bad judgement. Unless someone is totally duped or set up, they need to accept responsibility so they will grow. People who keep blaming others are people who keep fking up.

        8. Would also help if we men stopped falling in love with a woman because she has nice jugs and a cute ass and are attracted to kind women who aren’t likely to be like that.

        9. Troll? I’m here to reply to mean, ridiculous comments. Are you saying I’m trolling because I’m not a misogynist like most of you posting here. Sandy didn’t “get herself into” that mess. She never led that man on and he was a flat out pedophile and was stalking her. She did not convince Troy to kill someone. He said he’d help her by slapping the guy around and that would be it. She didn’t know Kell brought a gun and she didn’t fake a hurt leg to get the guy out of the car. She was walking away because she didn’t want to see a fight and Billy Merritt, Kell’s friend, told her to fake an ankle injury to get Troy out there to talk to him because he wasn’t sure he wanted to go through with the fight. Kelly, whose real name was James Thiede when he wasn’t smuggling cocaine in from Canada with his family, was already out of the car and came out behind Kell to where Sandy was, and that’s when Kell decided to kill him. That’s how it happened. You need to know the facts.

        10. Most likely, these guys aren’t getting any. Or they are weak men who pick bad women, because that’s the only women they can get.

        11. All goes back to Eve who picked the fruit, and I wonder why Adam picked the fruit too? It is very interesting how Eve is told to have wanted the Power of G-d himself, and so has anything really changed- NO- NOT at all!

      3. Well, guys expend even more effort if the girl has herself together, and is pretty, like this girls is, don’t they? This is what parents do to protect their children . . . The authorities, or the group, in this case simply went way too far, or at least as far as you can go (with good intentions). That’s why this case is interesting. It is modern american values gone bad. I think in at least one way, at the very least, the perceptions regarding this case are backwards. Nice try, though. If she were prettier, or more together, he would have done more? Perhaps it would have been 10 bullets . . .
        As I write this, I realize more than one perception regarding this case may be wrong . . . the irony, in this case, would be that since she is a ‘broken’ or troubled girl . . the murdered man may have simply been expressing interest in her as a way to humor her, make her feel better, or even fix her or help her, with her problems or as a female human being – perhaps even as a way lure her away from even greater trouble that she might have been involved with visiting places like casinos and hotels . . . We all do want to protect her, don’t we? Why would that be? She’s the one in danger, right? Is there anything we don’t more know?
        So, the womens’ movement was well around in 1984. Too bad the murdered guy didn’t know all about it. But what can you do, but help more?
        The boy in this case was given life in prison, where he still stands (on death row) but likely dying in prison. What has changed? His story is now more visceral, and he’s still handsome and articulate. Kudos to the blogger for bringing it to light. Sadly, from reading the comments here . . . .I suspect all exposure to this case does is dig the whole even deeper . . . But at least I do suspect something. I just don’t have the words to express what I suspect. Oh, yeah, I do, if only a little bit. I’m articulate, and cute.

    3. Then you help the broken woman with her two broken children, and her teen daughter’s child.
      But she tells you you’re broken and she will have you fixed. Smh.

    4. Same here my friend. One of those was saved by God when her brother (a carjacker) was shot to death, and the other one when her grandmother died. I have a son with the one whose attitude changed when her granny passed, but has influenced so much in our son that although I’m allowed to visit him, he refuses to travel with me.

  3. You forgot to mention the reason for the 2nd murder. A black inmate had been talking sh*t to Troy about what he would do to some white pussy. I believe it was some white actress they saw on a prison TV. The footage of that murder is brutal to watch, especially when the black guy’s body is still twitching from involuntary reflexes and Troy then starts stabbing him in the eye. I’m sure Atlanta Man from that post yesterday about black men conquering white pussy would love it!

  4. Obviously women make the world go round because they motivate us to get off the couch and do stuff that will make it more possible to get with them. Unfortunately for men in desperate situations that may mean resorting to a life of crime.
    If you grow up in an inner city environment, for example, this may mean hustling drugs, so you have the means to have her while she’s at her peak. If you go legit, you won’t have the same amount of resources until your late 20’s. By then, she’ll be near the end of her prime and you will have less years to enjoy that. And don’t forget that the older she is, the more she will demand and extract from you as that pussy depreciates.
    In my case, this one girl I liked in high school didn’t give me the time of day because I was out competed by the hustlers. She is now married to a big time heroin dealer, who controls and entire city block. Just like New Jack City.
    The story Billy Chubbs told us, shows how women are the catalysts for this bad behavior. In many cases they are in on it. It also shows how they will drive desperate betas to murder people, to gain their approval, over something that doesn’t directly affect them.

    1. Not necessarily.. I’ve been single for almost 6 years, havent been on a date in almost 4. A man DOESN’T have to pursue a woman for anything… My motivation comes from me. Doing what I love. #Simple

  5. Or in other words, Don’t White Knight.
    It will bring you nothing but trouble and wolnt bring you any closer to the poon. Adult women are responsible for their own lives.

    1. And they’ve got the support and sympathy of the state on their side, defaulting them into victim status under the pretence that they are, by virtue of being female, inherently good while men are inherently

    2. I hear you, and yet there isn’t anything in my heart to condemn that boy. He needed a father.

  6. What a bunch of fucked up people. Hope he’s enjoying big bubba in prison
    I wouldn’t say it’s just about the broken woman. Troy seems to have some serious issues of his own

    1. I doubt “Bubba” would fuck with a gut who stabbed a man to death with a sharpened toothbrush

    2. Yes, indeed. The so-called “broken woman” was a scared, 15 year old girl who was being stalked by a 24-year-old pedophile. The title should be “Never let a psychopathic man help you.” She was the victim, Troy Kell was the perpetrator.

      1. The 24 year old, stalking a 15 year old girl, who you regwr to as a pedophile, is the perpetrator.

    3. Hoping some guts raped because you think he’s evil is in itself indicative of serious issues..

  7. A nice piece, but I would argue Troy was not “normal” but had the bad genetics of his father (or someone) and was an Eric Harris waiting to get out. 99.9999 percent of men, even total losers, would not murder for a woman. That said, this is a good warning to men not to be emotional tampons for women. When a woman complains about a man, the ONLY response should be: “You made the decision to be with him. YOU deal with it.”

    1. “99.9999 percent of men, even total losers, would not murder for a woman.”
      Nope….plenty of men will murder for a woman…..plenty more bash other men for a woman.
      If you want to see how much men pander to women? Check out any politician. Is it not murder to have all this man hating legislation so that men kill themselves? That is murder by proxy…..
      Indeed, in the west, 99%+ of men openly condone women committing crimes against men….it is a very rare man who will publicly denounce a woman criminal…..we have offered that service on CAF for nearly 6 months now and not one man has bought it….how about that?

      1. I don’t think Troy Kell “murdered for a woman.” He was supposed to scare off a pedophile who was mercilessly stalking Sandy Shaw, but slapping him around a little. He murdered the man on his own, and who knows why? Because he had a gun and had murder in his heart. Let’s stop blaming the woman.

        1. Another facet of the case that I find intriguing is the role of Sandys mom, why didn’t she feel safe calling the police ?

        2. It was harassment. I simply don’t believe that between her and her mother something couldn’t have been done. People do tragically slip through the cracks though…

        3. If it was a man harassing and stalking my daughter, I would be calling and going to the police station everyday until something was done to take care of the “pedophile” as Dan Gleason refers him as. Something not right here. Dan refers to him as a pedophile but blames Troy for killing a pedophile.

      2. I’ve seen it time and time again. Dudes have backstabbed me over and over and over thinking that it was gonna get them some ass and female attention. Cherish your time tested friends boys and don’t let them get sucked down. Believe me, thirsty dudes who are too lazy to improve themselves will be jealous of you as they’re walking home alone.

      3. In Texas it used to be legal for a married man to shoot anybody who slept with his wife. I think that says a lot.

    2. “99.9999 percent of men, even total losers, would not murder for a woman.”
      Nope….plenty of men will murder for a woman…..plenty more bash other men for a woman.
      If you want to see how much men pander to women? Check out any politician. Is it not murder to have all this man hating legislation so that men kill themselves? That is murder by proxy…..
      Indeed, in the west, 99%+ of men openly condone women committing crimes against men….it is a very rare man who will publicly denounce a woman criminal…..we have offered that service on CAF for nearly 6 months now and not one man has bought it….how about that?

    3. There was no romance between Kell and Shaw, unless it was in Kell’s own mind. Sandy Shaw didn’t make any decision “to be with him.” He was a neighborhood friend who turned what was supposed to be an honorable intimidation, or perhaps a fight, into a murder by stealing a gun and carrying it with him. Nobody there that night had any idea that Kell had a gun, except for Kell. He put himself right where he is today, on death row.

      1. Did she buy all of her neighbourhood friends expensive clothes ? Where did she get the money ?

  8. Don’t be a fool for women or anyone. Always try to use foresight…the if then system. If I do this…then why are the possible consequences. Foresight will keep you out of a lot of bad situations. Broken women are like broken people…..the only people that can fix them…is themselves, but that requires the ability to be self aware, to take a long hard honest objective look at yourself and start to fix the problem. Very few people are capable of doing it. Most people remain broken all their life, ignorant of their own shattered condition. Women are the worst with this condition and unfortunately, black women are the poster child for broken.

  9. Fascinating story and very profound look at a seemingly normal, intelligent, and honest man who has made a series of abnormal decisions. The point of the article, whether agreeable or not, is something I think many men can relate to – making poor decisions to win favor of a female. I have been in the same boat myself in the past. In fact I’ve have even had thoughts about mortally harming others because of the sordid confessions of a distraught female. I’m glad I never acted on them. These women were liars, fakes, and harlots like so many others before and after them.

    1. Hi Stalin,
      “These women were liars, fakes, and harlots like so many others before and after them.”
      Most of them are…notice how many women have got an “i waz raped” story now. Notice how Jennifer Toal, my ex, has got her father and her brother to commit crimes on her behalf despite the fact that both of them know she is a criminal.
      It turns out that Jennifer is blackmailing them both with threats of accusing them with sexually molesting her little sister, Suzanne, when she was a teen. So Jennifer has been willing to use Suzannes request for help back in 1989 as a weapon against her own father to get him to support her attacking me. Nice….
      And it seems that Michael Toal might also have participated in this sexual abuse somehow because the Deputy Director of the NSW Police, Catherine Burn, a radical feminist, canned any investigation of the child sexual abuse of Suzanne Toal.
      The only way a rad-fem is going to can a child sexual abuse case by a father against a daughter is because she was told to….
      You and others can read about this on these links. I knew about the accusation by Suzanne against Bill in 1989 because Jennifer asked my advice. Bill had no idea I knew he had been accused of sexually molesting his daughter Suzanne…that was the “nuke” I had up my sleep when I advised him to make sure Jennifer did not make our divorce messy. Well? He loaned her money for lawyers to attack me…so when it was appropriate I reported Suzannes accusation of sexual molestation to the police…who refused to do anything about it because Michael Toal works for ASIO, the Australian CIA.
      So the whole Toal Family saga is turning into a real soap opera now….the picture postcard for broken women and weak men self destructing with in fighting because one of the women is greedy and selfish and attacked a man of high moral character an inner strength…that being me.

      1. Peter Andrew Nolan is a false accuser lying COWARD and a blackmailer – he demanded my family pay him $300,000 or he would make this FALSE accusation! Wake up call COWARD! The reason the police are investigating your LIES is because EVERYONE you have LIED about has made statement to the Police to say IT DID NOT HAPPEN! You FAT LYING COWARD! Show some BALLS and face me in person YOU LYING COWARD rather than make grubby accusations about my family to strangers on the Internet. COWARD!

        1. “Peter Andrew Nolan is a false accuser lying COWARD and a blackmailer – he demanded my family pay him $300,000 or he would make this FALSE accusation!”
          So if you accuse me of demanding money or I would make this allegation then provide your evidence into the public domain.
          What I DID do was make your father the offer that he require Jennifer to remedy her CRIMES openly and publicly.
          I made him the offer that if the crimes of Jennifer, yourself, himself and Irene were remedied then I MIGHT consider not making the allegation of Suzanne public.
          And AUD300,000 does not even start to cover the remedy that I will be asking the jury for. That is just the value of the property stolen by Jennifer via criminal acts.
          There is also the question of being paid compensation for the kidnapping and alienation of my former children.
          There is the question of compensation for the destruction of my business.
          There is the question of compensation for the time and effort I had to put in to remedy these crimes when Bill could have remedied the crime of perjury in 2007 and we could have settled the matter privately and without the criminals in the family law courts stealing on Jennifers behalf.
          The compensation I am owed by the Toal Family alone runs into many millions of dollars. And it is most likely going to have to be paid in great part by the taxpayers of Australia who are ALSO liable since they did not require their servants, the police, to deal with the criminal Toal family.
          So….Bill Toal was offered MANY opportunities to settle this matter in private. He was then offered MANY opportunities to settle this matter in public. He was then told that he was accused of being a paedophile by his own daughter and offered the POSSIBILITY of settling the matter without this information becoming public.
          He turned down all these opportunities over a 5 year period. So now he has to deal with the fact that his own daughter accused him of being a paedophile. He also has to deal with the fact that someone in a position of great influence told the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, Catherine Burn, to refuse to interview Suzanne to get her side of the story.
          The very fact that someone told a rabid feminist who is deputy commission of NSW Police to not investigate a credible allegation of female child sexual abuse is very, very strong evidence the claim is true. If the claim is NOT true then Suzanne would have been interviewed, she would have made a statement that she never had that conversation with Jennifer and Jennifer would have also stated she never had that conversation.
          But neither Suzanne nor Jennifer have made a statement that the conversation Jennifer told me they had did not happen. And funnily enough? Now that the allegation is so public another witness has come forward to me on condition of anonymity and told me that Suzanne Toal also told her that her father molested her AND she claims that Suzanne told her that YOU molested her as well.
          So. It seems like Suzanne did not only blab to Jennifer. It seems Suzanne repeated this story to at least one other woman….but very likely more. We all know women can not keep secrets.
          And my guess, which you have not denied, is that the reason you and Bill are continuing to support Jennifer despite knowing for a FACT that she is a criminal is because she is blackmailing you with the threat of jail time for sexually abusing Suzanne when she was little.
          Looking back on it? It is no wonder Suzannes life was such a car crash when she was in her late teens and 20s. No wonder she was a drug addict. No wonder she slept with every tom, dick and harry in the town. She must have been really messed up by being raped by your father and yourself….or whatever “sexually molested” might mean…..Jennifer never did describe to me what Suzanne said…..just that she had been molested with might be any range of things.
          But given Susanne extremely erratic behaviour? I would not be at all surprised if she claim both you and Bill raped her when she was a teen.
          So….a nasty can of worms Bill opened up for himself, right? All he had to do in November 2007 was to tell Jennifer:
          “Peter has been a great husband and father. He has done our family a great deal of good and no harm for a period of 32 years. I will not allow you to lie about this man. You will cease and desist all legal activity and you will accept his offer and be grateful for it.
          If you do not do this? You are out of my family. I will not have criminals in my family. You admit your perjury. You publicly apologise. And you shut your mouth and you accept his more than generous offer. Period.”
          If Bill Toal did that in November 2007? The allegation that he might have raped Suzanne would never have been credible. But that he was willing to see his grand children abused for years and see his daughter commit crimes for years makes the sexual molestation credible. Bill Toal was a willing accomplice to child abuse. It is a very small step from being openly a willing accomplice to child abuse to actually abusing a child. That is what made the sexual abuse allegation credible. Bills own actions.
          Now..I am posting all this to CAF. We are going to settle this matter in the full view of the public so everyone who is interested can see what the criminal Toal family is really like.
          As I said years ago….to be screwed over in the family courts will be known as “being Toaled”. That is what your family has done to your name. Well done.

        2. Listen, you fat lying CUNT and blackmailer! EVERYONE you’ve told these deluded LES about have been tp the cops and made statements that none of what you are saying ever happened! Which part of that don’t you understand, YOU FAT PAEDOPHILE! Of course, if you had ANY integrity, you’d face me, rather than make grubby allegations over the internet to strangers. But that ain’t going to happen, is it? BECAUSE YOU ARE A GRUBBY SPINELESS COWARD WITH NO BALLS!

      2. You’re a buffoon. Sandy Shaw was not a liar a fake or a harlot. The creep here was Troy Kell, who was supposed to help a girl who was being mercilessly stalked by a 24 year old creep, and if he’d done what she asked, none of them would have gone to prison and the victim would still be alive…maybe still stalking. Interesting thing is, if there had been stalking laws in 1986, when Sandy’s mother went to the police, none of this tragic stuff would have happened.

        1. well, the girl has motives of her own, right? the fact a guy is ‘crazy stalking her’ gives a kind of power to her, doesn’t it? the only kind a working class girl has to exploit, let along a teenager, sexual power? Wouldn’t it be great if she could tell all her girlfriends about it. If guys want her, it must mean she’s hot – that is not to say, this may have happened instead in effort to win over the boy she truly wanted, Troy. It worked, didn’t it? Maybe Troy was no longer seeing her at that time? but after hearing about this lecherous, 24 year old stalker, Troy did, in a sense, come back to her?
          I don’t know what happened. In another post, I wrote that the older guy may have been trying to help her, humor her, so if so, in a sense, everyone involved was trying to help her.
          Again, I don’t know what happened. But to presume the girl had no motives of her own. . . other than to be the good girl that she ways. . . maybe that’s they whole story. Maybe it isn’t. How is it she earned the right to be so trustworthy?

        2. LHathaway, you obviously need some counseling. You’re saying the girl felt powerful because she was being stalked. Boy, is that a stretch, and lousy reasoning, to put it kindly. Two years prior to this, she had been on a sleepover, age 13, at her best friend’s house when the best friend’s stepfather went crazy and started killing everyone in the house. She and the other gal hid under a bed and escaped, and Miss Shaw was years later diagnosed with PTSD because of that terror filled night (the guy killed three people in that house). Sandy Shaw was terrified of that stalker. You’re blaming girls for the stalking. How ignorant and twisted. That guy was not trying to humor her. He was a pedophile and his goal was most likely to rape her. He’d been following her, driving by her school, calling her constantly, peeping in her window at night, parking out front of her house at night. Her mother went to the police and Sandy was having panic attacks. There were no stalking laws on the books in Nevada and the police said they couldn’t do anything unless the guy hurt her or attacked her. Today, he would have been arrested and that would have been it. You are right about one thing–you don’t know what happened. Her only motive was to have the guy leave her alone. That’s when she turned to a childhood friend and former neighbor, Troy Kell. She didn’t need attention from an adult stalker at age 15. I have written about the story and interviewed most everyone involved, and she was a victim of a stalker, and if Troy Kell had not brought a gun, and simply slapped the guy around enough to intimidate him, that would have been the end of it. She was convicted on perjured testimony and spent 21 years in prison for something she never should have been tried for. That’s how she earned the right to be trustworthy. You’re obviously misogynist who has probably been rejected by women all your life, or blame them for whatever issues you have. This whole site of regulars seem to be guys who never did well with women and despise them for it.

        3. no. I’m saying she wanted to believe some guy desperately wanted her. I’m saying the guy may not have been stalker her at all, but she wanted to believe he was (or wanted other people to believe) she was being stalked.
          And, Despite This Case, you do nothing but add fuel to the fire. You total sick in the mind, delusional, idiot. You’ve learned nothing. Nothing.
          I think my main point with this, my main twist on this, at least from what i’m reading here, is that if she were prettier (and she looks pretty in the photo), or if she were more together in her life. . everyone involved would have been even quicker to protect her.
          She wanted to believe this guy was stalking her because either, A. she could feel better about herself, being some other person was so icky. Or, B. She liked the idea that a guy was desirous of her (what are the odds a young girl, would want to think, or would want men to be attracted to her, even a girl with a sad background? Or even C. A combination of both. I even suggest that this Troy may have grown bored with her and she simply wanted to find a way to get closer to him (whether she intended it to or not, it certainly worked). That would suggest she wanted Troy. Even stalking Troy. Of course he may have just been stalking (and in love with) her. I think it is more likely he was trying to humor her and make her feel better, and as I suggested, possibly to genuinely help her. This idea may be some kind of reverse-projection on my part – I’m just not attracted to younger women. To look at it from your point of view, only guys are selfish and have bad motives? His motives with her were all underhanded (or sick) while hers (without question) were as clean as the sun. How could she want something from Him, icky man that he was?
          But back to your assertion. . you DO NOTHING but add fuel to the fire with your ridiculous assertions.
          I have a message for you. . FU. F U
          You’ve interviewed everyone involved and have learned nothing . . . did you interview the dead guy, the stalker? His friends and co-workers. His family member? You interviewed everyone involved. . everyone involved who only had their self-interest in mind when revealing to you what they wanted you to know, (their only motive in the conversation was to make themselves look good – coincidentally, by following along with the same narrative you are promoting). It’s just a coincidence, that, what makes them look good follows along with what is your own ignorant narrative? You don’t know her true motive, no matter what she has told you.
          “if Troy Kell had not brought a gun, and simply slapped the guy around enough to intimidate him, that would have been the end of it”
          This is further proof of your delusion. Your ‘might is right’ fantasy world where the pretty are always right? Stalkers are all somehow weaklings, physically deficient, and unable to fight? So, since one guy is the stalker, the mentally ill stalker, pervert, and the other guys is an 18 year old boyfriend, he’s just magically going to be able to ‘slap the guy around’ at will, and that would be the end of it? Maybe that works in your world. Where you just ‘slap someone around’ with your wit and your world-view steep in misandry and where you do so on paper. but what you do on paper does not magically transfer to the real world? You know. . to borrow from your line of thinking. . isn’t saying ‘he should have just slapped the guy around a few time’ aren’t you equally as culpable as the killer? Don’t you share the exact same mindset as those who have murdered? I should give you credit. You have not claimed, above, I don’t think, that I’m just as bad as the rapist, or the stalker (only that it is I that needs to go to counseling).
          ‘Troy should have just slapped him around a few times’ This is just further proof of your completely delusional, but also extremely sick and misandric thinking. I think you actually suggested that in your article! Maybe you’d feel comfortable also writing in another article, ‘Her boyfriend should have simply slapper her around a few times, so she got the message’. ‘The men at the bar should have just slapper her around a few times, so she knew her place, so she knew to stop harassing men’? Just make him afraid enough . . that is the solution . . Why not get racial with this?
          “This whole site of regulars seem to be guys who never did well with women and despise them for it”.
          Thank you. Thank you for letting on that we at least see things clearly.

        4. Yes, indeed, you are saying she wanted to believe some guy desperately wanted her, but you have no knowledge of it, no evidence of that; it’s just what you seem to want to believe. She had plenty of boys her age interested in her, and, in fact, a boyfriend who thought the world of her but had just had to move away with his family. That kid was 17 and could have protected her and would have, without murdering anybody. If there is a “sick in the mind, delusional idiot” among us, it’s you. You have delusions about the facts of the case. I know the facts; I’ve investigated the facts; I’ve interviewed police involved in the case; I know that the prosecutor, Dan Seaton, resigned from practicing law rather than be prosecuted for misconduct and disbarred. What it comes down to is that there was nobody to protect her, including the police because of the fact there was no stalking laws at the time. She asked a classmate to help her and he was afraid because he didn’t want to fight. The law refused to protect her and other girls against stalkers back then. She was a child; Thiede (alias Kelly) was an adult, a grown man. He got her phone number from a sleazy classmate of Sandy’s and began stalking her for months. That pedophile belonged in jail, not on the streets. You’re making speculations about something you know little or nothing about. Get the facts and stop speculating on the way you think life is. This is my last comment to you because I learned a long time ago that it was fruitless to argue with an idiot who won’t listen. Have a nice life and go find a decent woman, if one will have you.

        5. Well, I believe I called you ignorant. I should apologize. Ignorant, moron, backward, propagating evil, and just plain a bad-guy. Apology. Oh, and I said you were weak and couldn’t get laid, and stupid, and that your ‘investigative’ efforts might not add up to all that much?
          But you are absolutely totally right. I don’t know. I’m just making conjecture. The way you’ve covered the case, and the bias you clearly show, isn’t clearing things up for me? I am having to ask, ‘what if’, ‘how come’ (but I always do when reading articles, always)? I don’t take any of this at face value. It doesn’t help that the authorities only reveal what it is that they want us to know (usually, damning [likely untrue] behavior on the part of the culprits). It seems the authorities, the ‘responsible’ people, have a desire to make sure the general public stays on the right side of the law?
          Specifically, did the guy just shoot him this ‘pedophile’ right away? Did they argue first? Did a fight start? Did the ‘pedophile have a weapon of his own of some kind’? What do we know at all of this pedophile other than what those who murdered him have to say about him?
          Now, we have three views of this guy.
          A. He’s a stalker. Serious stalkers usually have lost a love one in their early life and they have abandonment issues. It would take a higher level of fear, or another stalking target, to get him to abandon his loved- one.
          B. He’s stalking her, but is more seriously ‘in love’ with her. They may have had some kind of relationship. He thinks, if this attractive girl is his girlfriend, his family, friends and co-worker will think more of him. Perhaps she has money. He has fun with her. He may envision a family life and children with this woman; he wants her to give him the health children he wants.
          C. You’ve suggest he’s a pedophile. He want’s the same things as ‘B’ or sex, but he just prefers younger girls (I should note that the murderer was also a fair bit older than this girl, and in fact an adult also, at the time of the murder, if we can accept the veracity of your reporting). So, if the victim is a pedophile, because he is dating, or being seen, with someone under 18, then so it the murderer. You’ve certainly taken sides?
          -Again, to spin something else completely around. Girls are usually with older guys because they feel it will advantage them. Girls are with wealthier guys because they feel it will advantage them (according to O-magazine, only 3% of stay at home spouses are male). Girls are paired with guys who are physically stronger than them (almost exclusively) because they feel this will advantage them. Why do they (and remember, this is a world where no, strongly means no) almost always pair with a male who is stronger than them (when if it were at random, likely in the USA 30% or more of couples would consist of a stronger or bigger woman with a smaller guy)? A guy smaller or weaker than her would offers her no advantage?Advantage at what? Let me say in other words, once women can no longer gain advantage from men’s violence, that is to say, after a violence against men act has been passed in the USA, and serious effort has been made in that direction (probably half of the effort you make doing the opposite right now) when they can no longer gain advantage from men’s violence . . . women will no longer prefer men who they believe are more capable of being violent? Indeed, after such an outcome, what would that say about our troubled history on this sphere . . . ? You asshat – Didn’t mean to go crazy rant there (meant the insult, say it again). Oh, according to you, the law just doesn’t do enough to protect girls . . . Perhaps THAT should be the title above the title, to your article. “Murder, it’s not enough to protect women”? I can find a way to rail for even more! – because any less effort would misanthropy (subtitle to the title, above the title).
          D . . . He’s some kind of sexual predator. Not like seen on TV, I suppose. But he intends to exploit this young girl for sex, money, power. This is where the ‘want’s her to pose for nude pictures’ comes in. Was he trying to exploit her financially; or did she just make that up (again, being fed by misconceptions you yourself propagate, making that up as a means to get with this Troy, or to see that this dirty guy who insulted her, gets beat up, she just likes seeing people get beat up, or perhaps, this older man did exploit her (and she felt he owed her money).
          All these things can’t be true. You’re right. I don’t what is true. I can only guess. Is he a stalker, desperate for her, was he exploiting her financially?
          I pointed out myself (if she were even prettier or more together, the efforts to protect he would likely have been even greater) the stalker guy may have been showing attention to her as a way to humor her, get her out of a bad situation (that he believed she was in) or to simply help her. I have no idea. It’s likely he had some interest in her (aside from completely altruistic motivation) but he may have been trying to make this girl feel better about herself, and to better her life, with no selfish motivation at all (other than the self-satisfaction). Maybe he wanted someone to talk to, and was not sexually interested in her.
          What do we know at all about the victim in this case, despite all your interviews, what do we know at all about the victim in this case . . . other than what those who murdered him had to say about him.
          More and more, just talking about it now . . . I suspect this case was spun in a way to make this girl out to be the victim.
          You know . . another rant . . on TV, almost every crime drama seems to start with a prostitute being murdered . . . What is more interesting to me . . . is how much more likely is it that a woman who is a prostitute murders someone else, or is involved in someone else’s murder?
          Anyway, my rant is over for now. I do remember. . . aren’t we supposed to ignore those who do evil, and only focus on those who are victims . . . I thought that was what we were supposed to do?

        6. what a fuckin loser you obviously have never gotten laid you first commented on this 3 years ago and you came abck 2 years later go get some friends you anti social fag without a profile picture smoke some weed for once

  10. Sandy in her preteen photo looks pretty cute, but in her mid-teens looks pretty busted. Sad when a woman peeks at 12!

  11. Your tone is still too easy on the girl. She knew full well what she was doing and must’ve enjoyed it to brag. Or the “drama” of it. He should’ve told her to go fuck herself.

  12. Good article.
    Women are either broke emotionally or parasites by nature. Women are women, period. Pump and dump then forget ’em. Do anything more and you’ll end up like poor schmuck in this article.

      1. Maybe his mother is the reason why he thinks like this. Why do we always act as if our mothers are holy angels who can’t do no wrong? The statistics show that mothers are the main abusers of children. Not everyone has such a great mother as you apparently have.

        1. So you’re saying he could be a broken man. Yep, I agree with you.

  13. “A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those
    holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole
    already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise,
    you’re talking about a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging.
    And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you
    gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all fuckin’ night.” – Nicky Santoro, Casino

    1. By not being a moron and trying to white knight for some chick. Knowledge is the cure for the disease.

  14. This comes from him having an emotional relationship with Sandy. I used to be like Troy, doing favors for women, often, if not always, in the hope of sexual retaliation. It never worked and I changed my methods and ways. No place for genuine emotion with a female unless her background is crystal fucking clear. Can’t put myself in danger.

  15. Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks… the hard way. (Try not to White Knight for damaged women ’cause you end up paying their freight with you life.)

    1. Or try not to kill people because you end up with life or on death row.. .it’s got nothing to do with white knighting women

  16. I ended my first relationship 2 years ago due to an issue related to her past and I’m still not over it. It’s like a shadow that follows me where ever I go. The lesson I learned was her baggage becomes your baggage.

  17. I tried to do the whole captain-save-a-hoe thing many times in my blue pill days and it never worked. Not once. This was true of even recovering drug addicts. The reality is that most broken women remain broken emotionally for the rest of their lives. There is nothing as a man that you can do but get the fuck out of dodge, unless they are a close friend or relative and you perhaps feel a certain degree of obligation towards them. Otherwise AVOID!

      1. Probably, but I don’t care about men as I have no interest in getting romantically or sexually involved with them.

      2. Well, he’s overlooking one thing. If the girl were very attractive. . or very together. . everyone involved would have done even more to help her. She does look pretty attractive in the photo . .
        So, in a sense, I think he has something backward here.

  18. A good rule for all young men to follow: Your problems are your problems. Other people’s problems are their problems. Focus on and resolve your problems. Do not get involved in other people’s problems.

  19. She was 15….I don’t really understand how she qualifies as a woman. As for the young man, I feel very deeply for him and believe that he thought he was doing his best to protect those he cared for (albeit in an awful way). Still, at the end of the day he shot a man and then bragged about it….not exactly the actions of a sane individual. Although I agree with the sentiment of this article, in my opinion this example is too far out of the range of normalcy to properly illustrate. Most young women don’t witness gun violence as children and most young men do not kill people and then bring their friends to look at the body.

  20. Troy was a fool, and a very weak young man. He paid the ultimate price with his life by aiding a damaged stupid little girl. A man with rock solid balls would have distanced himself far from these people…..I feel for him, but I also don’t respect him at the same time…

  21. A web search reveals not only is Troy now married, one of his groupies is burning with envy to the point that she launched this hate site against the woman she thinks he married:
    Consumed with jealousy, she hurls out the usual insults that women use in sexual competition over particularly valuable men: Golddigger slut, ugly whore! She promotin’ hate! She cursin’! She got tatoos and smokes meth! Only got married because he was lonely and didn’t know what he got himself into! Etc. etc.

  22. Actions have consequences, yes. And the most dangerous time for a father raising a son is when the son is between the age of 12 and 18, when testosterone, hormones and andrenaline is raging. That’s why military academies (for those who can afford it) will ALWAYS be good businesses!
    On other note, maybe the ONE positive thing about being an “awkward nerd” in high school, was that you are Kryptonite to all the cute & popular, yet crazy/deranged bad girls! They avoid you like the plague because you have no social currency. That actually keeps you safe while you watch other semi-Alphas lives spiral out of control because of some nutty bitch.

  23. I actually got kind of lucky cause I lost my virginity to a slut, who I knew was a slut before we fucked. Because I lived in Atlanta there were an avalanche of sluts after her so I battle tested when my fix a hoe moment came. Like most men who are players and end up in a fix a hoe relationship, she got me when I was weak after my father died. He had always guided me when I was fucking up ,especially with women (paid for an abortion when I learned the joy of barebacking, treated me when I got chlamydia, told me how to deal with women and their bullshit). He was a doctor and the primary breadwinner so his death left an emotional and financial hole in my life at 20 years old, and that bitch got her hooks in quickly filling both voids. It was ugly and embarrassing that relationship, and took until I was 24 to permanently end.
    Emotions are a womans best weapon against you because she will have a lot of experience dealing with emotion just biologically by being a woman. You however will be inexperienced dealing with that intense emotion and devotion, and they will take advantage of it because it is their nature.
    “It was a bad time in the empire.”
    The Shogun Assassin

    1. A man that has sex with what he calls a “slut” is then equal to the “slut.” You are a man whore.

  24. Billy,
    “We know the symptoms – it’s time to cure the disease, or we can expect nothing but more and more unnecessary tragedies like Troy Kell’s to occur in the future. Do we really want to grow old and live in a society full of young men like that?”
    I have long talked about how single mothers are creating a hyperviolent society. We are seeing that hyperviolent society today.
    Troy Kell is just one more young man who was created by divorce, though, strangely enough, with the father present which is in itself very unusual. As he said, nothing unusual about a teen boy being from a broken home, and he is correct.
    Funnily enough many women said to me words to the effect “kids are resillient, they will get over your divorce” only to condemn me in the next breath for disowning them and saying “If I do not get to be the father I choose to be then I will be no father at all”.
    Women know that boys without a father are a problem. One woman friend of mine tried to shame me on disowning my former children with “what if joshua turns to drugs, what if he turns to crime”? They know that happens much more often when the woman breaks up a family.
    My response was “If joshua turns to crime then that will be Jennifers responsibility, not mine.”
    Now. I have laboured very hard to slow down the production of hyperviolent young men via the divorce racket….I have asked for help and none is forthcoming. So I guess people like to have lads like Troy Kell in their society. And you are going to see a LOT of them I can assure you.
    The other thing you are going to see a lot of is older men becoming hyperviolent. If you take a mans life away and hate on him as much as was taken from me and as much as I have been hated on? How do you think men like me feel about that? Do you think most of us care about the rest of the people in our society when the rest of the people in our society have made it very clear they do not care about us?
    You are going to see older men, men with brains, men who can make plans, decide to “take out the trash”. Only they will not commit foolish murders like Troy Kell. They will plan what they do and they will hunt down and kill those who they perceive committed crimes against them. You can take that forecast to the bank.
    The older men of divorce are soon going to stop doing foolish thinks like shooting up court rooms…..they are going to play it smart. And when they do? A LOT of people are going to wind up dead. And there will be far too many suspects to ever find out who is doing such things. Especially as more and more men decide to go that way.

    1. You sound like a little boy who says, “If I can’t win the game I’m taking my ball and going home!”
      You are excrement, sir.

      1. Or “If I can’t win the game I’m going to bomb the basketball court!”
        Psycho. Maybe it is a blessing you aren’t around to fuck up your kids.

    2. I can actually attest to that: I’m a living example of a then-young boy that did not grow up with a dad, let alone a father figure, into my life.

  25. OT…if you want to see how to deal with criminal women or damaged women? Put “catherine burn” into google and check out the result page. On my page the CAF entry comes up second right behind her facebook. And she is deputy commissioner of NSW Police…..not bad, eh?

    1. God you are a retard. And update your photo, old man. You like shit in your picture, but what’s sad is that you don’t even look that good anymore. You look worse than shit. LOL.
      And I doubt the little boys who read this blog give a fuck about your whiny political rants. In fact, I doubt anyone gives a fuck.

    2. I tried to visit your site, only to encounter this:
      It’s as if your ilk in power are desperate and are going down like Rome is (read: poisoned water via fluoride, mass red herrings, and unaccounted female ‘power’).

      1. It is up again now. There has been an intermittent problem with the hosting company. It happens once every month or two….we can’t find out why.

        1. I am probably the least judgmental person you will ever meet. If I was able to follow what you posted, you gave up all rights to see your children.
          Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and them, to reverse that decision?! I, myself, am happily married with five children. I am gifted with excruciatingly painful chronic pain that can keep me almost paralyzed from it, at times. Despite that, I would do almost anything for my children (and husband). Life wouldn’t be worth living without them, G-d forbid!!
          One final thought. At the end of our lives, family is all that we have, and the only people we can really count on….

        2. This is PAN.
          You are a typical man hating bitch. You women openly condone women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.
          You openly support the kidnapping and abuse of our children. The theft of our houses. The destruction of our lives and our persecution by national goverments…
          And THEN you tell US what we should do.
          F*** you. Really. Just F*** YOU.
          There is not ONE WOMAN IN THE WORLD calling for my ex to be prosecuted. NOT EVEN ONE.
          You probably do not know that I refused to go to my mothers funeral and I disowned my father and brothers and ALL THOSE PEOPLE who took the position that stealing my house was perfectly ok.
          I have claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN and men are going to make the lives of your grand daughters MUCH WORSE in the future.
          And by the way? So far this year men have set a new record for killing women. It is now an issue for national debate. Every time some man kills some woman I CELEBRATE because it is one dead woman closer to my compensation pay day.
          Really? HOW DARE you even make a suggestion to me while ALL you women condone the crimes my wife committed? Your daughters and grand daughters are going to curse your name for refusing to hold criminal woman accountable for their crimes. They really are.

  26. This is not about broken homes or girls.
    In another time, this man would be a hero. Think 300.
    He killed a criminal who abused a 15yo girl – are not many fairy tales about a knight saving the princess? Most people do not complain when said knight kills a few villains while doing so, isn’t it?
    But today the times are different. Heroic knights taking the right into their own hands are no longer wanted in society. Death row awaits. We are too civilized now for something like this; the goverment beeing the only one allowed to kill people. That is what we have become.
    I can not blame this man for what he has done.

    1. I would have to believe that people who fall in with that sickness and evil personified, had the ability to go down that road ab initio!!!!!

  27. After reading this article, one of the aphorisms I read in “The Book of Pook” came to mind:
    ” The surest way to make a woman unhappy is to give her everything she wants”
    So true about feminists, and more so – about broken women. Men often don’t realize this (maybe some even don’t know this) when they try to “save” a broken woman. You can never make her happy, because she is the own cause of her unhappiness. The victim/martyr complex in such women is nothing but a disease or an act depending on her mental state. Most of them are “damsels in distress” who have locked themselves into imaginary towers of suffering, often created out of their own making. So leave or better still, avoid such women – to their own volition.

      1. Yup!
        Moreover, you have a built in best friend, you are never alone, you have someone you trust to help you make any hard decisions…
        It takes a lot of courage and guts to make the monumental decision to get married. However, being safe and single doesn’t keep you warm at night.

        1. You are absolutely right except for the joke at the end about making decisions together. It was dry, and kind of in the cut but still really funny.

  28. I read that 80-90% of men in jail were raised by single moms. Maybe cases like this are a lot more common than we think.
    It’s stuff like this that makes you realize the evils of feminism, it is a truly evil ideology that only leads to destruction.

  29. I’m not sure what the title of “broken woman” suggests. If it refers to Sandy Shaw, it should be instead “Never ask a psychopath to help you scare off a stalker.” It makes it sound like Kell was Shaw’s victim. It was the other way around. He was supposed to just slap the victim around (who was, by the way, being investigated for cocaine smuggling by the RCMP at the time and was using a false name of “Kelly”). They didn’t so much ambush the guy, since they were all riding in the same car, “Kelly’s.” Sandy Shaw also never “assisted” in the murder. Kell has made that clear in affidavits. Don’t make this sound like a 15-year-old girl ruined Kell’s life. It was totally the reverse. She had asked another fellow to help her ward off this stalker, but unfortunately the guy said no and she turned to Kell. Nobody else knew that Kell had brought a gun, much less that he would use it. Shaw was actually walking back across the desert toward where Kell’s car was because she didn’t want to see a fight. I’m not at all sympathetic to Troy Kell. He made his choices and didn’t value human life. Sandy Shaw is the one who got the raw deal.

  30. am i the only one who kept reading the guy’s name as blackmom instead of blackmon?

  31. ” These were the days just before peak feminism so women weren’t the infallible angels that they are treated as today but still,” — Erm, there was a time when a white women almost never went to jail, particularly in the south. The attitudes were like “Maria did such a horrible thing but we can’t send her to Parchman” (state prison in Mississippi). While prisoners are still overwhelmingly men, the numbers and proportion of female prisoners has skyrocketed.
    Anyhow, there are men who think they can fix a “broken” woman (or man), and vice versa. It reminds me of the movie “Mud”.

      1. You really seem to have a dog in this fight. Was Sandy your cellmate in women’s prison?

  32. I wouldn’t prosecute this guy, he did the right thing. Removing a man’s ability to protect his honor, leads to feminazis.
    ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |

      1. I’m not sure I caught the part where he killed the dude for being black.

  33. The moral of the story here is – don’t let other people get you into trouble. It’s not limited to sexual relationships. Sandy is free as a bird, and Troy’s in a cage. He has to feel like a complete fool.

    1. Sandy never should have been incarcerated; she killed no one. She never asked this loser to kill anyone, either.

  34. What an awful article. Aside from the mistakes about the crime and trial – the whole point on Sandy being responsible for Kell’s actions are ridiculous. First of all, you call yourself an alpha male when you’re the complete opposite – you’re a loser who blames all his problems on women. I’m assuming because you can’t get laid or maybe you have Mummy issues – not quite sure.
    Kell is charming, intelligent and charismatic. So was Ted Bundy. He’s a psychopath. That’s it. No one made him shoot Kelly. Did Shaw demand he stab another black prisoner more than sixty times to create a power play for himself within the prison system for the rest of his incarceration? No. He’s a pyscho. He would have ended up in jail for the rest of his life if he had never met Sandy.

  35. Interesting article. However, the comments are much more interesting – the percentage comments from apparently seriously disturbed individuals is extraordinarily high.

  36. Why are White Murderers considered Intelligent when they’re caught like all other murderers??? I will never understand that!!! I know 2 (Black) Killers that have never been caught but nobody calls them Intelligent!!! #GoFigure

  37. The article says: It seems nowadays that there is an epidemic of men being destroyed because of single parent upbringings or broken women.
    I think it’s wrong to blame others for Troys murders. We all know right from wrong no matter what has gone on in our childhood or our lives and it’s our choice whether we murder someone or not. He could have given Kelly a punch in the face if he felt the guy needed to be taught a lesson to leave his ‘girlfriend’ alone, but taking Kelly’s life is a totally different story. Troy chose to do just that and there is nobody else to blame for his actions but himself. He is responsible.

  38. Dating a girl who was raped at a young age.Cant say I dont want to kill the pervert.Cant say I wont.Thoughts?

  39. To say this article is speculative about Sandy having corrupted this Troy, despite his disturbed family life, is an understatement, to say the least.

  40. Very sad story. Sounds like the guy who got shot in the desert got what he had coming to him.
    Troy had to be one hell of a dumbass though, what 18 year old would not know that it isn’t a good idea to not only fail to dispose of the body but to brag about its location?

  41. It never fails, the downfall of man is a chicks snatch. Rot in hell Troy. See if you can use your brilliance up against Lucifer.

  42. The comments on this thread are very entertaining to read….I need some popcorn!

  43. Free Troy!! He was protecting a young girl on his first case & protecting himself on the second. Both of these men that were killed were not good men by any means & You especially can’t judge someone on a prison incident. It’s kill or be killed in there. You either protect yourself or get hurt. Troy is not this monster the media has painted him out to be he a good caring person. Always always praying Troy!!

  44. Yup, it’s called third wave feminism. Or us smart guys also call it the pussy pass, today women can literally get away with murder, kill your husband, kill your kids, then just pull out the victim card and blame everyone else.

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