Why Does Jay Z Still Get A Celebrity Pass Compared To Chris Brown?

On December 1, 1999, just shy of his 30th birthday, rapper and mogul Jay Z stabbed music executive Lance Rivera in New York City. The reason? Jay Z believed, probably correctly, that Rivera had been bootlegging copies of his studio album, Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter.

Nearly a decade later, on February 8, 2009, then 19-year-old Chris Brown beat up fellow singer Rihanna. While Jay Z is today celebrated as an “icon,” most people see Brown as a pariah.

Working in the same industry, the men’s social reputations are about as starkly different as they could possibly be. For hitting a woman, instead of nearly killing a man with a knife blade, Chris Brown’s name cannot be mentioned without people thinking of Rihanna’s bruises in that photograph. No one, by contrast, remembers what Jay Z did or cares to recall the name of his victim.

The divergent treatment of Jay Z and Chris Brown, especially when you consider the former was a decade older than the latter at the time of their respective deeds, unearths an overt political correctness and ideological bent to the way society shames certain crimes.

The punishments for the men were heavily skewed: Jay Z got a minuscule three years’ probation, Brown five. Inasmuch as Brown committed a crime, stabbing a man in the stomach is objectively worse than beating’s someone face (provided they don’t die or suffer lasting disability).

Crimes against men are deliberately ignored

Maybe Jay Z has some photos of Lance Rivera’s bleeding stomach that he can show us when he’s not chastising Chris Brown?

I will not defend Chris Brown’s actions because they are indefensible. Despite Rihanna clearly not being the innocent but sexualized angel she wants to be perceived as, Brown overreacted and deserved criminal sanction. Unless she struck him first, what he did was nothing but gratuitous and unwarranted assault.

If she did lash out first, which doesn’t seem to have happened, he should have foreseen the personal and legal ramifications of such a response against a woman.

That all said, Jay Z’s actions were more calculated, sadistic and brutal than anything Brown did. Carrying a knife around in Times Square, when Jay Z had never cultivated the actual endangered existence of someone like 50 Cent, unless you count his teenage years more than a decade before, was purely moronic. More moronic (and self-entitled) still was Jay Z’s autobiographical retelling of what happened:

When I told him what I suspected [the bootlegging], to my surprise, he got real loud with me right there in the middle of the club. It was strange. We separated and I went over to the bar. I was sitting there like, “No the fuck this nigga did not…..” I was talking to people, but I was really talking to myself out loud, just in a state of shock. Before I even realized what I was doing, I headed back over to him, but this time I was blacking out with anger. The next thing I knew, all hell had broken loose in the club. That night the guy went straight to the police and I was indicted.


There was no reason to put my life on the line, and the lives of everyone who depends on me, because of a momentary loss of control….. I vowed to never allow myself to be in a situation like that again.

“Black lives matter,” so why does Obama embrace a guy who stabbed someone over bootlegging CDs?

Here we have a man who had the audacity to question Chris Brown’s actions and perceived lack of contrition regarding attacking Rihanna, even as he himself, ten years after his own “I stabbed someone” incident, still blamed his violence on “blacking out.”

It is laughable that Barack Obama, a preacher of so-called “male responsibility” for absent black fathers, stopping violence against women, and preventing campus “rape,” identifies with and calls himself a friend of a man who has never accepted the gravity of a highly serious but woefully under-punished act of sadism.

Lance Rivera’s problem in 1999 and after was not so much his lack of fame, like Rihanna’s in 2009, but his genitals. Just as Floyd Mayweather is continually (and, in all likelihood, rightfully) taken to task for his abuses of non-famous women, Chris Brown is pilloried for hitting Rihanna. In both of these cases (or sets of cases, as Mayweather is a repeat offender), the victims are female.

Rivera, cursed with a penis, would never receive the same sympathy for himself or anger channelled at his attacker, regardless of if he had died and his intestines had painted 500 cubic feet of the New York City pavement.

“Welcome to the liberal club, here’s your free pass”

Chris Brown committed a crime, plain and simple. But Jay Z’s received a pass usually reserved for violent women.

Aside from the configuration of Lance Rivera’s genitals, there’s another reason why his stabber is granted peace from people bringing up memories of the crime. Jay Z is unabashed about his support for Barack Obama and came out for gay marriage, although, conveniently, only after Obama had himself.

Once you come out as a liberal, there’s no chance of your violent past coming back to bite you. Just ask Sean Penn, who never faced the same sort of scrutiny in the 2000s, after the rapid rise of feminist anti-domestic violence groups, for beating Madonna with a baseball bat in the 1980s.

When you couple Jay Z’s politics with his wife Beyoncé’s status as a “feminist icon,” whatever that means, he is untouchable. Such is his vanity and arrogance, he himself is distinctly unaware of the rank hypocrisy he engaged in when he wanted to crucify Chris Brown for laying a finger on Rihanna.

Jay Z may be a great musician to many, but there’s a strong case to be made that he’s a worse human being than the reviled Chris Brown.

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  2. Chris Brown didnt get a pass? That dude danced his as out of jail and withen a year he was right back to banging that slut rihanna and touring. Women are even more crazy for him now.

        1. Because, you know, if he’s hot enough, he can say and do whatever. If he’s not, every word gets nitpicked, micro-micromanaged, or even persecuted. It’s all about what exterior is attached to the words. That’s it, that’s all.

        1. Oh yeah. Which is why you don’t EVER attempt online dating. Bitches get shitblasted by 100 schmucks a day and they get to window shop for whomever THEY like best? No thanks. I don’t feed any woman’s already overinflated ego and overvalued self-worth in the least!

        2. yeah definitely agree. I don’t see the point of online dating. It’s so easy to send few “copy and paste” text to any girls online but those same men wouldn’t have the guts to approach a women face to face. It’s pretty disturbing to see that a fat ugly girl can easily inflate her ego because multiple of thirsty beta men send her text message just for sex. And then she will get a false perception that she is the hot shit. Online dating is so overrated. Most of the females on online dating are either ugly, fat, and if they are “hot” they are just looking for attention and validation which is something I will never feed them.

        3. Or skullfucked single moms that overvalue themselves way more than they have any right to (the thought of playing stepdaddy should make any man under 50’s skin crawl!) and are ultimately just looking for a bill-splitter.

        4. Exactly. Because these women nowadays EVER actively talk to/fuck only one single dude just as well? My ass!

        5. I mean, there are good women out there, man. Rare these days, and valuable, but they’re out there.
          But “the one” implies the future is predetermined, when it’s not. Destiny and fate, all the bullshit Disney garbage we were fed when we were kids.

        6. I’m aware, you just have to look at all of them askance from the go. And really, is any even semi-attractive woman EVER totally bereft of possible suitors and not actively talking (if not you-know-whatting) to at least ONE of them, given the shitstorm of attention they get every waking moment? Somehow I doubt this…

        7. Dude, or woman, who knows. Unless you’ve got them in your sight 24-7 you do not know who she’s fucking on the side. Just how it goes. Don’t feel bad, it’s the way women are. Sure, you get men like that too, hell, I’m always on the lookout for better ass, why not? But you also get men who aren’t like that and just want to do what their grandfathers did. You sound like one of those men. And, unfortunately, it’s your type who get hit the hardest when modern reality slaps you in the face. Just a forewarning.

        8. What’s with the double standard? Men have sex with as many women as they can

        9. For you see, men have to actually TRY, and often need to put an ungodly amount of effort forth.
          Women just have to check and see if their pulse is still intact and then point at somebody. This is news to you somehow?

        10. He seems to be a joker parodying the classic female argument blitzer (so they think) “I pity you. I sincerely hope you sort out your anger issues, and find someone, etc”. All from a presupposed higher position from where they can dispense generosity. In a sense though, it accurately reflects their position: a lifetime of societal coddling, and easing back and allowing the bounties of the world come your way. When an enslaved beast of burden (man) reaches boiling point, they toss him a few scraps of (scorn couched in) pity, like a queen would toss a few alms at peasants as her carriage glides through her husband’s kingdom.

        11. I completely agree that it is much easier for women to find a stranger to have sex with. It’s seems to me that this double standard has arisen because men are intimidated by a woman’s sexuality and aim to repress it by slut shaming. Why do you think it’s so much harder for men to find a woman to have sex with? Have you ever considered that it’s because women are scared to have sex with men because they get called sluts for doing so? By referring to promiscuous women as ‘sluts’ you’re stabbing yourself in the foot. Women are so reluctant to have sex because such a thing, by today’s double standards, would slander their reputation . Therefore, it is harder for a man to convince a woman to have sex with him, while men do not suffer from the same repercussions and so will have sex with such contemplation.

        12. Sex is mutual. Both men and women play a role. They should be treated as two pieces of the same puzzle when it comes to sex, not otherwise. The double standard truly makes me laugh, it’s just so hypocritical. Men complain for being put in the ‘friendzone’ or complain for a woman refusing to have sex with them, regarding women as ‘bitches’ for doing so. If she does have sex with a man, she’s a slut. Even if a woman is nice to a man she doesn’t want to have sex with she’s a tease, if she’s ignorant towards his affections , she’s a bitch. The same applies to the way women dress. If a woman dresses in a sexually appealing way, she’s asking for a man to rape her, if she dresses in an aesthetically unattractive way she’s not satisfying a man’s demands for beauty and femininity in a woman. You can’t win whatever you do. People need to learn to respect what other people do with their own bodies. No one is asking you to marry a woman who’s had multiple sexual partners, so it’s none of your business what they do.

        13. I couldn’t completely disagree with you, women are indeed the gatekeepers for sex and if they open the gates too much they are deemed as devalued. I’m fairly decent looking and even though I don’t know what you look like I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are as well. If I walk into a room of 100 strange women and ask who wants to have no-strings attached sex, I might get 20 out of that 100. You do the same with a room of 100, I bet at least 90 would come your way (there would be the few that actually are faithful to their wives and girlfriends and the odd duck that wouldn’t find you attractive). That’s just how the world works and has for the longest time. Is it “fair”? Not so much.

        14. So, you ought to have sex with as many men as you can, whenever you can, and when you’re 40 let us know how that worked for you, go go gurl!

        15. So, empowered wimenz get much cock from badboyz who don’t mind shaggin da hoez? It works lovely, until the smartphone sukkyfukky gangbang vid from da hood hits Facebook.

        16. No offence, but your comment didn’t explain anything. We’ve already established that men are much more willing than women to have sex with strangers. I personally disagree with the double standard. This isn’t because I believe that every woman should go around having sex with tons of men, I actually think that both men and women should be more sexually exclusive. But I can’t control what people do in their own lives, so I guess I just don’t think women should get ‘devalued’ whilst men retain and perhaps exceed their reputation by having sex. I think if people are going to have sex with strangers there shouldn’t be such a double standard and if multiple sexual partners does devalue women it should just as well devalue men.

        17. I’m not encouraging women to be promiscuous, I’m simply criticising the double standard.

        18. None taken; and as a woman, thanks for coming to these shark-infested waters with some respect and logic, instead of the usual worn-out and tired “You Mommy’s basement dwellers all have small dicks and you know it!”, as is the usual laughable way “outsiders” insert themselves here (we simply tell them how unoriginal and cliche that is and they often go away with their tail between their legs).
          Okay, so approach life how you want. Devalue men who have been with more women than you deem as acceptable or for shallow reasons like “She had a cool accent!” or “She was thin!”, in much the same way many women do with accents or a guy simply being tall, just as a point to relate to. It may not re-write Western society’s thinking altogether, but it’s a start!

        19. No problem. Irrational insults don’t lead to any results in the world of debate and critique. `I disagree with basically everything on this website but insulting people who follow it isn’t going to raise any real issues. So for me, it’s much more progressive to highlight arguments and viewpoints I consider to be flawed. I appreciate the right of free speech, and no matter how strongly I disagree with someone i will continue to defend that right even if it results in the odd trolls here and there. Hopefully you’ve took some of my points into consideration as I have with yours. Thanks.

        20. There is no double standard for anyone not a drone zombie.
          A female cumdumpster has something wrong with her. Anyone without a certain kink or two wouldn’t pee in a toilet standing up, after she’s been on it, for instance.
          A dude who fucks any hole that he can indiscriminately, is either a fag or a hetero dirtbag or both, and everyone agrees, even the ‘stud’ himself.
          So knock off the false dichotomy arguments over obvious, intuitive truths, that even all diversity-lovers can get behind – all races and creeds of regular people know this.
          When any two individuals want to get it on somewhere, even the restroom at a diner, that’s their business. When harlots of either sex make a political movement out of it…

        21. I swear none of what you just said makes any sense. I’d retaliate but that would require your comment to be intelligible.

        22. All this bickering! The only way to solve this is to ask the denizens of Hell who is esteemed more or less for their promiscuity. I would wager that there isn’t a double standard, as that implies complete equality. It’s more likely that there’s a standard for each sex, and their transgressions will be tallied up at the end of a lifetime or several lifetimes.

        23. Well I’m not religious so this argument doesn’t apply to me. There’s certainly a societal double standard and even if there is a divine double standard, it’s not one I’ll conform to.

        24. Even in the most Darwinistic biological sense, there’s no real equality among the homosapians, as they like to call us. It’s often the case that we’re born into something we have no choice in conforming to or not.

        25. Just because we posses obvious biological differences doesn’t mean one should be oppressed nor does it infer that one is superior.

        26. I agree, it’s a disgrace that men are forced to work in dangerous construction jobs to build societies for all and sundry, while women saunter into cushy office jobs. Even more pernicious is the societal narrative promulgated by Hollywood, the media, etc, that men should be beasts of burden and ‘men of action’, (op)pressing these poor construction workers into a lifetime of back-breaking and often injurious/fatal labour. There should be equal opportunities for cushy numbers for all.

    1. You’re right he got let of light but the article is right that the media criticize Chris Brown a lot but praise Jay Z.

    2. Yup and if you lined up a bunch of women and Jaysey and Chris brown were standing in front of them and and said go to the guy youd want to fuck. ALL the girls would be fighting over Chris Brown. An ass beater never gets turned down despite what women say. They just cant keep away from a guy like him. As for Jersey. I commend him for stabbing a music executive, especially one bootlegging your album. Music biz executives are just one step lower than a lawyer. They should all be stabbed.

    3. Who knows? The guy may have gotten turned out in jail. That alone would be tragic.
      Plus that stint in jail was paid for by us taxpayers. That costs us. Hopefully he was fined enough to pay us back.

    4. No mate he didn’t get a pass. People were all over him for months and Jay-Z himself was threatening to end CB’s career. Sure he was eventually forgiven but it was a tough time for him for a good while.

      1. Forgiven…no. But his act was forgotten 2 years later. He had a steady supply of ass in and out of jail. And he still raked in the cash the whole time. This shit didnt even slow him down.
        Dude got the equivalent of a female pussy pass.
        If you’re a top notch alpha…you get a pass.

  3. Brown overreacted and deserved criminal sanction… what he did was nothing but gratuitous and unwarranted assault.. personal and legal ramifications of such a
    response against a woman.

    Sounds too whiteknighty for me.

    1. Yeah, this guy was watching his footing like he was being watched, that is for sure. Or maybe he found a suit of armor in the closet.

  4. Did Lorena Bobbitt get sentenced at all for cutting off her husband’s chode? I can’t remember…

    1. I dont remember. But her husband was mocked and made to be the joke of late night tv

    2. Not guilty by reason of insanity. 45 day mandatory eval, which sounds half price to me.

      1. This is when a good beatdown and shunning by her general community will do a lot more justice than any government department.
        Imagine you slashed some broads face up and got to plead insanity.

  5. Even if Rihanna struck C.B. first, a man doesn’t hit a woman because first, a man can easily prevent himself from getting hit, and also because the hit of a woman is not the equivalent of a man. Rihanna wouldn’t hurt Chris, but Chris would severely injure her. The best thing to do when a woman is getting physical is to clasp her hands. Play tough guy, and you’ll end up in court because you will be considered the dominant aggressor regardless of who hit who first.
    Hitting a woman is just ruthless, it’s like hitting a kitten, and that’s why C.B. is viewed more negatively.

    1. Here’s the problem with your argument – plenty of men are smaller and weaker than me too. Why should your logic not extend to them as well?
      Your arguments paint the world in absolutes that do not exist. Sure, many women are smaller and less physically capable than men, but many women are also larger and stronger than a substantial portion of men. Some women are professional fighters. And sometimes, weak and less capable women are armed, which neutralizes your strength advantage.
      That’s why I prefer “step up in my face like a man, be prepared to take a punch like one.” That way, we’re all on our best behavior. Act like a lady and I’ll treat you like one. Act like a man, and I will treat you like one too.

      1. Lol, buddy, this is not a parallel universe. You want to hit a woman, good luck, see ya in court.
        And most women do not measure up to men’s physical ability, the ones that do, are an extreme minority, and probably are not naturally like that. And if those women are armed, that’s a different story. Men hitting men is not viewed the same because even the weakest man is stronger than the average woman.

        1. You don’t have to hit women if you don’t want to, and I’m not advocating that you should. But these ideas that you shouldn’t hit women are based in chivalry, which worked fine when women still acted like ladies, but isn’t applicable now that women want to step up into your face like they can knock you out, then try to, and then expect a pussy pass no matter how violent they get. Fuck that. Step up in my face like a man, get treated like one. Act like a lady, get treated like one.
          For the record, I don’t start fights, but I will exercise my right to self defense, whether it be against a man or a woman. I’ll take my chances having to argue my case when I’m arguing from the position of not being the one who started it.

        2. Okay, let me give you a little insight: my buddy of mine very recently got in a fight with his sister, they both got into a physical altercation, his sister called the cops. When the cops came, guess who got arrested regardless of who started it? Him, because when cops get a domestic abuse call, they arrest the “dominant aggressor”, and that’s the person, who in their eyes, is more likely to inflict harm.
          Take my advice, women should not be, under any circumstance, be violent, but IF they do, you clasp their hands. You’re legally on the safe side, and your reputation as a woman beater is not there.

        3. A few days ago, there was a discussion on another article where I gave my thoughts on this “save yourself from legal trouble” strategy. The bottom line is, I don’t give a fuck what the law has to say about it.

        4. And you just roll with that like some push over chump?
          Scared of the fucking police?
          How very Alpha.

        5. Buddy, I hardly doubt you would lay your hands on a woman.
          You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?

        6. No, just not an insecure prick who thinks its acceptable to flex my muscles on a defenseless woman to not hurt my ego.

        7. Am I the insecure prick who thinks it’s acceptable to flex his muscles on a defenceless (got a c by the way) woman or is Chris Brown the insecure prick who thinks it’s acceptable to flex his muscles on a defenceless (got a c by the way) woman?
          Cause I gotta say I think it’s acceptable to flex my muscles on a defenceless woman and it tends to result orgasm for the both of us.
          But I’m not insecure.

        8. Well, then I advise you to continue dating trashy whores who have no self worth to begin with, and sadly, latch on to men like you because they’re emotionally damaged.
          You see, my buddy hit his sister, and I personally know her, and she’s quite the strong character. The was the wrong girl to hit, and he got arrested, currently on probation, and will have a criminal record.
          One day, you’re going to hit the wrong girl. Just a head’s up.

        9. I doubt I’ll ever hit a woman to be honest. I’m a good judge of character.
          Who gave you those rules you live by?
          Serious question.

        10. They sound like they are the rules of big government trying to creep into the private homes of men and Women to overly empower women in order to destabilise the family structure in order to pick up the fallout and become the new father figure within the modern home….
          You like Obama son?

        11. I like to look at it as rules from the government to protect women from patriarchal assholes like you that think if there feelings got hurt, that gives them the right to lash out and beat women.

        12. And what ramifications are there for women or men who cheat on their spouses in this world you describe?

        13. Oh yeah that will teach her.
          Like she hasn’t just given you a major passive aggressive ‘signal’ she doesn’t want to be with you anymore by greasing some other guys pole.
          She’s just finding the worst and nastiest way of making the break up your responsibility.
          This is what really happens in those scenarios.
          And you object to a few cuts and bruises and would have person incarcerated.
          I guess this is the New Age.

        14. … It has always been like this. There was never a time where it was acceptable to beat women.
          If you had confidence, and it was apparent that you did not care, it would be an emotional bruise for her. Lashing out only proves that you care immensely and can’t even control yourself.

        15. And fucking around shows that you *don’t* really care and can’t control yourself.
          Whats your point?
          The woman should go to prison?
          Your trying to use mind games to come off as ‘the bigger person’ here.
          Stop worrying about being the bigger person and do whats right and just.

        16. Fucking around is not illegal. Grow the fuck up and move on, that’s what mature men do.

        17. What the fuck does the law have to do with?
          Pease define a what a mature man is – and don’t tell me that by default a ‘mature man’ is law abiding you faggot.
          Are you incapable of making your own mind up or does that have to be handed down form the supreme court?

        18. That made me laugh.
          A mature man doesn’t beat women up, period.
          You know, I think you’re just a really sensitive guy. People are retards, they fuck up, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean you weren’t fantastic, it just means that person didn’t recognize or appreciate you. If a woman cheats on me, I would break up with her, and get on with my life.

        19. It’s not just about you and her.
          You have a role to play as a Man. And sometimes it doesn’t court many fans and followers.
          But it keeps things civilised and nips shit like cheating in the bud for several generations. Sometimes you have to demonstrate that there are rules no-one breaks without consequence. Do you oppose women being on death row?
          You know they end up being murdered right?
          Do you uphold the laws of men with higher regard than you hold the laws of God?

        20. This all makes sense now, you believe in God.
          What can I say, if your God believes women are property, why wouldn’t you.
          Personally, I believe religion was written by sexist men, and this is clearly evident.

        21. God has nothing to do with religion.
          And ‘my’ God doesn’t dictate that women are property.
          He dictates that adultery is a serious fuck up.
          You have avoided the question on women and death row.
          Don’t be a puss.

        22. I don’t think anyone should be on death row, because I believe death is peace, and they don’t deserve to be at peace.

        23. So you would let the women on death row walk free?
          Because you realise that confining someone within a concrete box and controlling their movements, social interactions, eating patterns and access to the outside world is a heinous act of violence?

        24. I wouldn’t, I said quote, “I don’t think anyone should be on death row…”

        25. But I’m asking if you think they should be imprisoned even if not on Death Row.
          Imprisonment being a heinously violent act.

        26. Yes, if you’ve done something illegal, you deserve to be imprisoned. Male or female.

        27. Do people voluntarily take themselves to court and then into detention?
          Do they willingly stay in their cells and follow the direction of the prison guard?
          Or do they do so under fear of violence?

        28. They do so because there’s no other way. They can’t escape, they’re under surveillance.

        29. I think you learnt something today and likely are having the cognitive dissonance that announces an coming epiphany.
          Your welcome.

        30. If you mean the male guard keeping down the female guard, that’s not violence for the sake of having the upper-hand, it’s to keep a criminal from society.

        31. Not what I meant but thats the same thing Chris Brown was doing.
          You just don’t see the wood for the trees.

        32. You know, I used to read this site thinking all you guys were misogynistic assholes, but now… After this conversation, I just think you guys are stupid and extremely sensitive.

        33. I won’t refute being called sensitive. It’s the root of my intelligence and depth.
          But you’ve just called me stupid and don’t even understand the concept I’m hinting at regarding morality, equality and self empowerment.
          You just say women must never encounter violence.
          But you agree with the incarceration of women which I point out is a serious and obvious act of violence. You failed to understand that concept as well.
          I suspect that you have no particular bone regarding male victims of violence – like the innocent convicts.
          But you can’t get out of this by screaming “he’s insane”.

        34. Wow, you take everything I say so technically. You are stupid, you have no common sense. Being imprisoned is an act of violence that is acceptable in this situation because the hypothetical female is a criminal. She’s not being beaten, but it’s emotional abuse.

        35. I assure you that were she (our hypothetical female convict) to try and walk out peacefully she wouldn’t get far before she encountered violence.
          She likely was a perpetrator of violence herself (thats why she’s inside).
          This young lady (in our hypothetical cheating scenario) has broken God’s law and must be punished to discourage her from doing it again. This is where the whole greater good comes in.
          Thats why Men under some circumstances have an irresistible urge to assault women. This si why men often say they were not in control.
          Do you understand the biological and evolutionary damage a woman causes a man/society by betraying him in such a manner?

        36. There is no “God’s Law”, God doesn’t exist! And the only reason you think it’s acceptable to beat a woman if she cheats on you is because the Bible says that. The sexist desert book written by men. Wake. Up. You’re being brainwashed.
          There is, however, biology. And yes, men get extremely upset when women physically cheat on them because that means another guy is spreading his goddamn sperm, but being upset doesn’t mean you get to be violent.

        37. If I was following the Bible I would feel that adultery is punishable by stoning to death. I do not.
          The Bible is a collection of the oldest records known to man. Some of them are virtually diaries of people who claimed (I’m being neutral here) they walked with God at a time that doing so would not make life any easier.
          You are following a collection of laws developed by mainly men over time to protect wealth and suppress the masses with increasingly good and ruthless PR to hide this fact.
          It’s not just a case of men getting extremely ‘upset’.
          Women as a whole are disrespected and misrepresented (hopefully) by adultery. There are many women who would agree with a beating following adultery or at least hold no judgements.
          It’s a shameful example to younger women and girls, and is a devastating blow to the development and innocence of any children inadvertently affected – which is a serious form of actual emotional child abuse.
          Its a serious betrayal of a mans trust and could lead to a physical violation by the spreading of std’s and the act of uninformed consent to sexual activity which is sexual assault in the eyes of the laws you venerate and in all other senses.
          No woman with any self respect boasts or readily tells people that she cheated on a man. No person with any self respect does things they are not ready to tell people and stand by.
          A man beating a woman up is really not as bad as you think when viewed for what it is and with the courage to see it as someone who has tough decisions to make sometimes.
          Obviously there are times when it is unacceptable for a man to beat a woman up.

        38. What about a man who cheats on his woman? What is his punishment?
          Well, I am that girl that got her brother arrested for hitting her, because everyone knows, no self serving alpha female let’s a man boss her around. 😉

        39. A man cheating on his woman is equally damaging and dynamic in it’s ramifications. Equally deplorable in the eye of God.
          If as a Woman you have no Male relatives or loved ones to address the situation properly and have to turn to the state to do so I do not judge you and I doubt God does either.
          It’s a shameful (not to you) situation that is the norm in modern western civilisation and has come about because we let it by entrusting too much to other people (big government). The breakdown of the family unit.
          But life for men includes physical assault from nature and otherwise, I would say life for women does too – it’s not nice for either gender. All the more reason to get along with men and encourage them to be great men by only procreating and associating with them.
          Whether a woman or man begins this social decay via adultery a physical beatdown is small ramifications and God’s laws are just and equally distributed.
          What I’m saying is I’m happy to see male cheaters get their asses whooped (which has even greater ego/social ramifications for men). I reckon if push comes to shove best of a bad scenario God might say so too.
          I really must make it clear I don’t speak for God.

        40. Well, I’m an exception. Most females in domestic abuse households will never have the guts to call the police, they’d be too afraid. I, lol, however, am a woman of steel and didn’t hesitate twice to call the cops and have his ass thrown in jail.
          I have too much pride; don’t fuck with me.

        41. I don’t know about individuals situations.
          Thats for them and their people.
          You can share your situation if you want. It could be a service to ROK…

        42. As a Christian I think the message is that Sex is Marriage.
          Previously, as an Atheist, I could accept that our understanding of evolution would also suggest that sexual union quite literally means that two become one flesh and that this is the deeper motivation which if done properly would lead to some form of ongoing partnership or compromise the chances of the next generation.

        43. No I didn’t wait until I married, but I wasn’t a Christian then. I was a horny young stud who believed that mother nature wanted me to spread my seed far and wide and prove that I was the Alpha Male. Thats where the religion of Darwinism gets you. I certainly regarded marriage with the same suspicion and repulsion as I did anal sex.
          Now, I fully intend for the next woman I sex up to be the only women I ever sex up again as fucking terrifying as that sounds. Life isn’t as easy once God makes you His property.

        44. Well, if it’s terrifying for men to be monogamous, why would God do that to you?
          Why would he want you to desire other women if you were made to have just one?

        45. Well one of the biggest misconceptions amongst non-believers is that God is responsible for everything. He’s behind it all but he’s not responsible.
          This is because your free will is sovereign to God. Your free will really is God’s biggest gift to you and the greatest risk he took as Father (like any parent would say about their own kids). He didn’t give it to animals or plants.
          In a reality were free will is a fact, and God has given direction by way of the commandments and His Son Jesus Christ, but still respects the sovereignty of mans free will, bad stuff happens and God didn’t intend for it to happen. The whole story about the devil and his influence is a different topic.
          Men ‘desire’ for the same reasons women do. And we all ‘desire’ more than one person. Wouldn’t be free will if we only desired one person.
          Acting on that desire is a different question. Different people cheat for different reasons. None of them are really justifiable reasons in my opinion but I still remember what it was like before I encountered God.
          If it’s terrifying for men to be monogamous it’s because our next move has to be our best move and thats a lot of pressure. By the time a man is 30 he’s seen enough shenanigans from women to worry about committing (his children as well) to even the most luscious of broads.
          Do yourself a favour and learn how to cook toots.

        46. I’m not, I get it.
          Did you see the comment I wrote to you up top? Seriously, watch the movie Holes. It’s one of the best movies I ever watched.

        47. “A man cheating on his woman is equally damaging and dynamic in it’s ramifications. Equally deplorable in the eye of God.”
          God commanded:
          Wife: Adulteress if she has sex with anyone but her husband. Penalty: Death.
          Husband: Adulterer if he has sex with another man’s wife. Penalty: Death.
          Now the man and woman would both be guilty (spiritually) of adultery and subject to possible damnation if they die in their sins, but God clearly has one higher standard for women and one lower for men (because as far as earthly ramifications go, male adultery is less destructive to the family and society).

        48. I would totally agree with you…except you and the other cats in here are basing fellows winning on muscle strength. Not skill, not speed, not tactical ability…you guys might want to be careful. some girls out here can destroy you with a swift kick to your temple. Only noting what I’ve seen in the dojo. Get fucked up if you guys want to running into the wrong one lol

        49. When they were “acting like ladies”? Beating women didn’t start in the 60’s. As I recall dudes were hitting women way before and still are…so the excuse can’t be that women are bolder now.

        50. Firstly Jesus demonstrated that was no longer God’s will. (for people to die for transgression of the Law). He demonstrated this when he commanded “let he is without Sin cast the first stone” (He mercifully pointed out to us that none of us are free from sin). This was a situation of adultery by a woman and we don’t just have a commandment from God, we have a demonstration of how Grace cries itself.
          Love thy neighbour as thy self tells me to do as you would be done by – this is the Law as best that God could communicate it to us.
          My take.
          These things in my opinion is how you can tell that Christ was God’s work but Mohamed wasn’t.
          No Islamaphobe.

        51. and then headbutt them. In an ideal world.
          Or if you’re really serious about not hurting your little snowflake, learn a soft martial art like Systema.

        52. And you run to daddy government as soon as someone says they don’t care about your rules, how typical.

        53. Women didn’t start acting like complete cunts last year either. Act like a lady, get treated like one. Get in my face swearing like a sailor and threatening me, be prepared to fight.

        54. that’s some punk shit to say. you’re either in here trying to sound hard or you’re really a bitch in real life. if a chick’s in your face swearing, you’re just going to start punching her? That’s retarded you should be able to handle yourself (& her! ) better than that. You sound like you got some shit bottled up And all that beating off isn’t helping dude. Log off right now and go get you some pussy…and don’t punch it

        55. Says the fat unfuckable internet tough chick who’s rubbing it to cat pictures…,
          Sweetie, I’ve actually never had to hit a woman – they don’t get “in my face swearing.” That’s what happens when you act like a man and women know you won’t take their shit.

      2. Well said – about time someone gave some original thoughts.
        There’s also no campaign to stop violence against men from other men.
        Why should there be a campaign to stop men from being violent to women but not to stop men from being violent to other men?
        I mean, I’m happy to wage my own war against violence towards myself, but I’m not crusading for asymmetric social justice and openly acknowledge violence in the grander scheme.

        1. Princess isn’t an insult. nemesisenforcer is. You sound like a street fighter character lol get the fuck out of here with that

    2. You don’t hit a woman to protect yourself from her.
      You hit her because you feel she deserves to be hit and that it’s in the interest of the greater good.
      Who other than Chris Brown and the artist known only as Rhiana (who probably won’t admit it anyway) can possibly know whether it was in the greater good?
      Do you think Rhianna will misbehave again?

      1. Let’s say hypothetically that Rihanna cheated on Chris, so you think it’s prefectly acceptable to beat the living shit out of her?

        1. Yes.
          One wound for another. One inhabits a realm that does not heal so readily nor does it attract any sympathy or support.
          The other is a wound that heals in a matter of weeks and will attract sympathy and support in abundance. Chris Brown took a big risk when he did what he did. And he manoeuvred out of the worst of the ramifications. He’s still adored and valued by millions.
          You wann date men at the top of the pile thats what you sign up for. You cheat on someone like that WTF were you expecting.
          In our hypothetical scenario I, were I in Mr Browns shoes, may have put much effort into terrorising her and the unfortunate individual she’s cheated for some time before I paid someone to put some ‘don’t ever fuck with me’ adverts all over their faces.
          Chris was straight and to the point and a cheating partner should feel lucky to get away with her (or his) face in one piece.
          Adultery is a serious sin and for good reason. Rhiana wants to try being an independent woman back in the day when she would have been stoned from long-time.
          A face beating for a cheating is legit.

        2. Well, with men like you running around, I’m glad there’s the law to put you in your place.
          This is not a zoo, buddy, and if you want to pretend it is, you can get caged.
          Maybe then you won’t misbehave again.

        3. It’s not a zoo and we’re not animals agreed.
          So we shouldn’t go fucking around on each other like animals either.
          Stable family unit is the foundation of anything remotely worthy of being described as a civilisation. Betrayal in the sense of your given hypothetical is a poison to that foundation.
          If you’ve ever absorbed the bare-knuckle boxing cultures (still alive and well in parts of Ireland) you’ll see that violence isn’t by default uncivilised or out of place within modern civilisation.
          Men have certainly been known to exploit their physical advantages over Women in scenarios that deem this exploitation despicable.
          But one wound for another as is my opinion on the Chris Brown/Rihana punch up would not be a despicable expression of our physical advantages.
          Were I the same age and of the same position Chris was in when it happened, I would have likely done the very same. Assuming she had cheated on me.
          Her face is OK. She got right back with him. He was never really damaged that much by it. He knew the situation, he knew how best to keep her interested (sadly some women do like this) and he had his fun in the moment.
          He likely felt pretty bad later but that comes with being a man and having to take rough courses of action sometimes that ultimately do more good than bad.
          Do you think Rhiana ever did whatever she did again?
          Even if it was just a poor choice in partner?

        4. You are a sad excuse for a human being. Seek help for your need to control women and crippling self esteem.

        5. I’m sorry if I touched a personal nerve I don’t like violence against anyone either (assuming you don’t like violence towards men).
          But we live in the world we live in and if your not going to follow Jesus Christ my way is the best way I can suggest.
          If a woman comes back what did you do wrong?

        6. Are you honestly asking that question? So, if she came back, that must be okay? Are you autistic?

        7. Well she wanted to be with him post face bust ennit?
          That says it all. It’s part of the wonderful one of a kind relationship they share. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.
          How the fuck do you press charges against someone and then fuck them again?
          All that court shit for nothing. If he beat her up a second time would you say she was fucking retarded for going back?
          Don’t wight knight here call it as it is.

        8. Yeah, she is retarded for going back, but that doesn’t mean beating a woman up is okay, under any circumstance.

        9. You don’t believe in equity betwixt the sexes?
          There are some Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters who disagree with you.
          Get rid of your ancient sexist opinions.

        10. You are autistic.
          Women wanted equality between the sexes in terms of voting, working, and having equal pay; not to have a fighting match with you.

        11. But equality exists beyond the realm of policy and legislation.
          The most important theatre of our lives is within our own family and community. This must be the highest regarded form of rule and law and the place where equity must be most readily practiced.
          And that means real equity. Women can’t just go fucking around with no consequences. Men can’t just live in a world where they feel totally vulnerable to that by virtue of their larger physical mass. Thats not equality.
          In this utopia I’m describing, were a man to cheat on his woman and her bigger brothers put their foot’s up his arse then it would be legit BTW.

        12. There is no equality between the sexes. They’re equal in their worth, but that’s it.
          A man beating up a woman is not equality; he overpowers her.

        13. bullshit, nobody is equal to anybody else in worth.
          his life, his rules. she can go whenever she wants, can’t she.
          you say we don’t live in the zoo, but there are aspects in our nature that are the same as in animals. ever heard of classical conditioning? as willy says – although i’m not a big monogamist: if she came back, he did it right.
          we are still animals down there and the stigma on violence is ridiculous. you realize that once you start some martial arts sport. think about it, all you do is finally also motivated by the threat of violent force, enacted through the state, a group or a person. you may rationalize it away and call it civilization and whatnot, but the reason why you don’t fuck with stronger people or the state is because you fear their power. if people weren’t programmed like that and able to be happy with it, civilization would be long extinct.

        14. All I can say, is thank the universe for having law and order, because men like you need to be punished for your unsavory actions so you will learn it’s unacceptable.

        15. “like you need to be punished for your unsavory actions so you will learn it’s unacceptable”
          see, there speaks the chris brown in you!

        16. If he resists arrest the armed and armoured police officers will use violence which you don’t agree with…no?

        17. Nice.
          Informing of the freedom of choice and the sanctity of free will.
          I like.

        18. And Our Lord Jesus Christ himself advocated the carrying of swords, and even whipped coin-flipping jews out of the temple…

        19. I’m not saying that a woman deserves to be hit because a man thinks she does – I’m just challenging the idea that men only hit women out of some kind of bullying motivation or something.
          Violence sometimes happens based on logic and even compassion.

        20. Yeah but he also did warn that he who lives by the sword dies by it…it’s a tough one to call and the scholars are all over the place on the issue of 2nd amendment rights….

        21. Violence is like a knife. The knife isn’t evil, it’s use and the intentions/motivations of the person wielding it can be evil. So long as the person using violence is in accordance with God’s laws then all is well.
          For example, when the criminal justice department is in accordance with God, then we have righteousness, when not, the modern world.
          So in the Chris Brown case, if he slapped Rhianna around just because he felt like it, and that he is a thug, then that would be indefensible.

        22. Ah a great relief to have you here Brother.
          I welcome you in the name of Christ.
          I knew the Holy Ghost had a good reason for me to be up at this time on an internet comments page.
          Thought I was gonna convert JKL but this make sense.

        23. Thank you brother. I am only up as I stupidly ate a whole bread and butter pudding following a curry last night…

        24. Not necessarily. If she returned, could mean she’s just as screwed in the head as he is. if you’re lucky enough for your heart function to return after an attack, doesn’t mean you’re on the right track eating like a scavenger. Lol the fuck kind of logic? poor justification for you just wanting to beat women dude. Just say you want to be abusive

        25. Why should a woman enjoy equal rights to men in a society when they would refuse to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend it. As in war.
          Until women are prepared to have equality in all the shit areas of life, they have no business asking it in the good areas.
          That is called cherry-picking brothers and is little more than a power grab…

        26. so, if somebody doesn’t behave the way you would want her to in your dreamworld, you can call her screwed and thus justify speaking on her behalf and refusing to accept her free will.

        27. If someone was causing you harm and you returned, I’d call you a dumb fuck. Male or female. I don’t have to overpower a woman to get what I want because…and here’s the kicker… I’m smarter than that. Lol work smart, not hard dude. You guys sound like you just want to manhandle shit. It’s a waste of energy. if I’m heading a boardroom meeting full of guys, I don’t have to punch them into following my plan. that’s not what leaders do. most of the guys on this thread are muscle heads that only know force, but those of us that are smart know what tools to use and when. If your woman isn’t listening to you, maybe it’s the weakness coming out of your mouth. You’re doing it wrong dude

        28. that is a fair argument, dude, but somewhat soulless. physical force is part of reality and some people ‘like the way it hurts’.

      2. “because you feel she deserves to be hit”
        sjws feel they deserve whatnot, so that’s not really an argument, but i will accept the argument of discipline and punishment for disrespect.
        i agree that nobody knows what happened, therefore it is nonsensical to judge what he did.

    3. I guess we should just let women do whatever they want then. Nothing encourages good behavior like having absolutely no consequences for your actions. It is people like you that make women think assaulting others, even with weapons, is perfectly ok.

  6. “Beyoncé’s status as a ‘feminist icon.” LOLZZZZZZ!
    Not that I listen to her, but I seem to remember she had a popular song a while back called “Bills, Bills, Bills” where she sang:
    At first we started out real cool
    Taking me places I ain’t never been
    But now, you’re getting comfortable
    Ain’t doing those things you did no more
    You’re slowly making me pay for things
    Your money should be handling
    And now you ask to use my car
    Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank
    And you have the audacity
    To even come and step to me
    Ask to hold some money from me
    Until you get your check next week
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    A baller, when times get hard, I need someone to help me out
    Instead of a scrub like you, who don’t know what a man’s about
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Now you’ve been maxing out my card
    Gave me bad credit, buyin’ me gifts with my own ends
    Haven’t paid the first bill
    But instead you’re headin’ to the mall
    Goin’ on shopping sprees
    Perpetrating to your friends like you be ballin’
    And then you use my cell phone
    Callin’ whoever that you thinks at home
    And then when the bill comes
    All of a sudden you be acting dumb
    Don’t know where none of these calls come from
    When your mommas number’s here more than once
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    A baller, when times get hard, I need someone to help me out
    Instead of a scrub like you, who don’t know what a man’s about
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Thou shall confess
    “Feminist Icon” indeed – needs a man to carry her worthless ass. Don’t ask strong, rich, independent Beyoncé to pay for anything. That’s not feminism. Haha! What a fucking joke.

    1. Fuck you just had the lyrics to the whole of this teenage girls song at the front of your mind?
      That whole song is about going out with a guy who thinks the grass is greener. Then trying to make the relationship worth something and save a little face by ‘locking a man down’ by having him pay your bills.
      The whole thing is deeply embarrassing if you ask me.

        1. “Whats Copy and Paste?
          “Serious question.”
          You’re probably trolling, but just in case.
          Ctrl + C (Copy)
          Ctrl + V (Paste)
          So, someone can highlight a whole block of text (by holding down the left mouse button and dragging), press the Control and the C buttons on the keyboard at the same time, and then Ctrl + V (Paste) the text that was highlighted and copied into a different tab/window.

  7. The world values a woman’s smile more than a man’s life.
    What’s murdering a man compared to robbing a woman of her looks?

    1. Don’t think the guy died.
      However once Jay Z put that blade in, he was willing to take his life.
      Beating some mega rich, sex symbol made for life person your involved with is nowhere near the same.
      It’s a violation no doubt but who knows whether Rhianna deserved it or not.
      Whatever she did she’ll never do again and I doubt she was doing anything particularly pleasant.

  8. Chris Brown’s career is back on top right now. I’d say he got a wonderful pass. He spent a lil time in prison, got out and made new music that’s getting played all over the radio everyday.

    1. I just realised your name is camel jockey. Neat.
      Does that mean you only do Arab guys?

  9. I wouldn’t have a ghetto thug rapper or any celebrity as a role model whether they are “alpha” or “beta”. Wouldn’t make a difference. To me, they are just like any other average person. Jay Z is overrated in my opinion. There are better rappers than him like Nas, Tupac, Biggie and Eminem.

        1. I don’t understand your ebonic gibberish. Is that how you sound like when you fap?

  10. Jay Z responded in the way typical of someone scared to death of just fighting with someone and perhaps taking a few lumps. He responded like a despicable coward and twerps like him don’t survive long away from some serious order and protection.
    He’s a classic Omega male given money power and influence.
    Chris Brown responded typical of the way a young man with feelings for a woman and who feels betrayed, disrespected and wounded does, by betraying, disrespecting and wounding her.
    Jay Z has had his moments as a rapper though.
    Obamas just a Bisexual arse licker.

  11. God I hate niggers. They were meant to be slave. What the fuck is going on?

    1. A black guy is balls deep in your bird is whats going on.
      Does is hurt so much having smaller dicks than us?

      1. You’re black?
        You know, when I was very young, I used to tell my mom I wanted to marry a black man because I was obsessed with the movie Holes, and the Sam, (a black character) was such a king gentleman who always said, “I can fix that.”
        But then I grew up, and my dreams and hopes were crushed.

        1. Yeah I’m not black either.
          I can see an early mistake you made – you fell in love with a film character and thought that it might have some barring on real life.
          This is not something men do BTW.
          I just know the only motivation for that kind of racial resentment towards someone is only caused by walking in on your most prized ‘plate’ and seeing her being drilled by a man you feel utterly inferior to.
          I don’t know that from personal experience BTW. Just Logix.

        2. I WAS A CHILD.
          But, really, I’m older now and I still love Sam. I still cry when they shoot him.
          IT HURTS SO BAD.

        3. I was not stupid, I was the smartest kid in my class. Both street smart and academic.
          You don’t know who you’re talking to, buddy.

      2. I don’t care about the size of the dick, its more because they are stupid primitive idiot. WOman are not as smart as man so they cannot understand us so they go for the niggers and then the genetics pool get weaker and full of STDs. That must stop

  12. Oh no…. Started out good and true, then degraded into another “blame liberals”.

  13. Ronda Rousey just explained why she would never fight a man: because that would result in people cheering for a man hitting a woman, and that is never ok. That’s very sexist, of course, but… anyway.
    I like Ronda, but she tells stories on talk shows about punching out dudes in movie theaters, and gets cheered for it. So… it’s never ok for a guy to hit a girl, but it’s ok for a girl to hit a guy. Ok got that, but… what if Ronda Rousey started picking on a tiny little gay guy, because he’s gay, and made him feel unsafe? I’m guessing, in that instance, it would be ok for a guy to hit a girl.
    But how about it Ronda finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and reacts by beating the shit out of his face. If he smacks her back, he’s instantly the worst human being ever born.
    What a ridiculous world the SJWs have created.

    1. Well Sharon Osborne thinks it fabulous when a woman chops off a man’s penis.

    2. Ronda Rousey is a very skilled fighter with good technical ability but she would get owned by a legitimate male fighter an knows it. Bit like that Transgender fighter that no woman wants to fight.

      1. I actually think in a true open fight market there are women who could best her. Also, I really like her.

        1. Raw strength is for brutes. If me and a some dude square up, and we both have raw strength, who wins? maybe the faster one? Maybe the black belt…who knows. Thinking with your muscles will get your ass leveled real quick.

        2. I invite you to a fight, anywhere and anytime you please. Let us see how your theories hold up.

        3. raw strength may be for brutes, but you don’t see many brutes losing.
          I have all the respect in the world for Bruce Lee, but if he had gone up against Andre the Giant, he would have been pulverised.

        4. Brutishness is the only way you win a fight. The gun is far more brutal than even the strongest person.

        5. I have all the respect in the world for Bruce Lee, but if he had gone up against Andre the Giant, he would have been pulverised.

          Even Bruce Lee knew that being physically strong and expertly skilled as a martial artist could only get you so far.
          Which is why he carried a gun too.

        6. You can find videos of ger sparring with guys. It’s obvious the guys aren’t trying very hard and she’s getting her ass kicked.

        7. If he’s a male fighter and she’s a female fighter, then we can assume they both can fight. With me so far? Okay, let’s do a bit of stereotyping for what a male fighter might look like: 6ft, muscular, possibly lean. Is he taller than her? Most probably. Longer reach? Most probably. Stronger? Most probably. Faster? Dunno, 50-50.
          So, tell me, besides biting his testicles, how, exactly, is she supposed to win?

        8. Yeah, a lot of people don’t realize that he got tired of constantly being braced by wannabes who wanted to kick his ass.
          ‘weight doesn’t matter’ is only true to an extent. And when it comes to men and women, there are way too many other factors in play.
          Weight doesn’t matter only if you have a gun, AND the skills, speed, and ability to use it. AND the strength to not let the kick hit you in the face and knock you unconscious.

        9. Then why are we even discussing men being physically stronger than women? Why don’t we all just fight all matches with guns

        10. typical ape that only wants to pick his knuckles up of the ground to swing them. is my manhood supposed to be threatened? Am I supposed to give you my address to save face and prove something to you? Sit your remedial ass down somewhere and stop talking

        11. Look at all athletic records an compare the top female records compared to the top male records, that should settle it.

        12. If strength an size didn’t matter then MMA, Boxing an kickboxing wouldn’t bother with weight divivisions. A really strong big guy who can fight will stomp a smaller weaker guy who can fight is most cases, strength an size does matter in a fight.

        13. In his books,he noted that the stronger man generally wins (can’t remember if he included ‘heavier’). Of course he went to great lengths to strengthen himself, and could olympic lift and deadlift heavy weights. Strength isn’t always synonymous with bulk, and his light frame belied great strength. Just like the lighter weight powerlifters, boxers, etc, even some marathon runners, emphasise strength.

  14. what chris brown did to rihanna is a business between those two. nobody knows what they agreed on, what the values of both those people are etc.

  15. I’m not surprised at all because our society has a double standard we only enforce rules and standards when you don’t please the great whore that is our media system. Both of the people mentioned in this article are useless,one make useless sex riddled songs and the other makes words rhyme togethor. I am not surprised at all years ago a senator Ted Kennedy crashed his car and fled the scene of an accident and left a women to die, and he didn’t do any jail time at all or even step down, he was a democrat. But Trent Lott can say something about strom Thurmond and be forced to step down. Ole bill Clinton can bang a young girl in the White House and not step down but a 20 year old can join the millitary do pretty much the same thing and he will lose his measly 15,000$ a year. If you make words rhyme togethor you can pretty much get away with anything forcible sodomy, rape, all kinds of crimes and it’s ok. I’m actaully even offended that they compare punching a chick in the face and stabbing someone the two don’t compare just look at rhinana she looks like she has a bad attitude. I’m definatly not a guy who believes a women shouldn’t be hit no matter what, I believe in a balanced approach to any and everything but he tried to murder someone the two are not eqaul. But it’s funny how all you have to do is allie yourself to the left and suddenly your an upstanding citizen

  16. “I will not defend Chris Brown’s actions because they are indefensible. Despite Rihanna clearly not being the innocent but sexualized angel she wants to be perceived as, Brown overreacted and deserved criminal sanction. Unless she struck him first, what he did was nothing but gratuitous and unwarranted assault.”
    more purple-pill muddled thought from RoK writers.
    Please tell me why a man isn’t allowed to strike females, at best only if struck first? There is no logic there.
    For a man to be unable to keep a woman in line using physical force, is like a woman being constrained somehow into not using her gifts of manipulation and mendacity. If a man isn’t able to use force where necessary, he is dealing with a woman with 1-arm tied behind his back… Hardly right is it?!
    Western civilisation is collapsing because western men, read White-men, have allowed women to get out of control. And the ultimate means of keeping women in control (also in the case of children) is the use of violence.

    1. if you have to use your hands it means you’ve failed at effectively using your mental faculties…or simply don’t have any.

      1. Hahaha you don’t understand female/male dynamics do you?!
        Men and women have different strengths according to their nature. Men being the more physical and logical, capable of reason and abstract thought.
        Women more gifted in the arts of manipulation.
        Trying to deal with women whilst removing one of your strengths and playing to one of theirs is folly.
        Like trying to out-Jew a Jew,

        1. *sigh* of course I do. What you don’t understand is logic and I’m guessing leverage. Im going out on a limb here, but I’m assuming you’re a male. not a man, but a boy. Men already understand this & don’t sound nearly as insecure as you. So let teach you what your father should have boy. If I’m fighting a man, he might be sonnet than me but I may be a more skilled fighter. I may be quicker or know how to use his size to my advantage. just because another man has muscles doesn’t mean he automatically wins. you sound slow, insecure, & powerless.

      2. If you’re using your mental faculties, it’s because you’re weak and you have to. See how I can play this game too?

        1. Wrong. Violence is a tool. Whether or not it is moral depends on the intent of the user when measured against societal norms. Murder is despicable and punished. Murder in self defense is undesirable, but just. Use of violence by police is expected and encouraged (though I grant it has gone overboard in the last decade). Violence on the football field or the fighting ring is celebrated. Violence itself is morally neutral.
          Marx’s morals have been used to brainwash generations of children in schools since before I was a child. Two of the main teachings you will hear in any indoctrination lesson are: 1) violence is never the answer; and 2) violence never solves anything.
          I’ll grant that this is cynical and designed to weaken opposition to leftist violence, but that’s exactly the point. If you take the position that violence is always morally wrong, it is a short step to then mandate always abstaining from violence. If you’re unwilling to use violence as a tool when necessary, you will always be at the mercy of folks who willing to use it.
          There is nothing morally wrong with violence. It is often the answer, and it does often solve things. If you believe otherwise, ask yourself what exactly is in all those history books you read in school, and why you had to read it.

        2. Well, now that you’ve fleshed out your argument, I can agree. I thought you were espousing the kind of dog eat dog darwinism that has launched a 1000 knock out videos and jihad beheadings. I didn’t entirely pay attention to the context of this thread. I can agree with thinkbot up to a point, but things can come to the point of ‘crossing the Sean Connery line’.

  17. Chris Brown’s only mistake was hitting her in the face where it could be seen.

    1. Haha I own a Volchatka whip which was used from time to time on an ex-girlfriend of mine to keep her in line.
      Worked a treat, with the added benefit that it gave her tingles lol.

  18. I’ll never get the obession with Jay Z, or why there is an article on him. The guy is the biggest race baiter in town. Holds black only parties where he turns away white patrons just for being white. Wears a necklace from a racist black supremacist group called the 5 percenters which says all whites are animals and subhumans. Then turns around and holds concerts called n-word in paris and encourages whites to yell the n-word. I see hhim for exactly what he is, a real life race troll. Trying to turn whites and blacks against each other when he probably got to the top sucking off a jew.

        1. yeah, I always figured it was because, after he wrapped it around his waist, he had to tuck the rest of it in his left boot to keep it from dragging around like a wedding train.

  19. Jay Z got a pass for one reason only, he’s in with the big boys (Illuminati). And whether you believe they’re a all powerful or not, or believe in God or not, the fact is he’s using a shit-load of satanic symbolism and satanic phrases. It’s kinda amusing to watch. Him doing the 666 symbol, All-Seeing Eye, wearing a jacket with “Do What Thou Wilt” on it. So, whatever you say or think, facts are facts, and he’s been promoting the shit out of the occult.

    1. The Illiuminati wouldn’t allow negroes. No matter how much money he managed to con.

      1. Don’t be so sure, if they exist, they want control. Do you not think that Jay Z and Beyonce (who also does a shit-load of symbolism in her performances and says shit like, “I channel spirits when I perform”) are a nice little beacon to negros that, if you wanna make it, you can? ‘Cause I see them exactly that way. In fact the first time I saw a Jay Z vid on MTV or whatever I was embarrassed for him, he looked so retarded. One or two years later he’s the hottest thing on the block (even though, as a rapper who bites BIG’s style big time, he’s kinda shit).

      2. what are the illuminati? If you believe in the ‘light’ presumably you have potential?

    2. None of them are actually part of the illuminati, but they are used by them as the media influencers and pawns to keep us the “feeders” occupied.

      1. Yes, that is believable. Also it’s believable that they’re doing symbols and shit to try and look cool. But I’m thinking that his ride to the top seems awfully smooth considering I don’t consider him anything better than average when compared to other rappers. With someone like Dre, it is more believable since he’s a talented music composer/producer. Tupac was a great rapper. Again, no problems there. Eminem a great wordsmith. Jay Z… uh, nope. Don’t get it. Maybe he’s just a good businessman… despite looking and sounding retarded.

  20. No-one takes rap seriously. That’s the ultimate white secret that the likes of Rolling Stone doesn’t want known..
    Do rap hacks know that it’s only white guilt that gives five stars to every piece of bullshit that negroes make while they blatantly rip off other artists?
    Rap is tuneless, uncreative garbage.

  21. Jay Z illuminati, satanic, annoying ‘celebrity’. I just wish him, Beyoncé, Kardashian and Kanye would go away. Hasn’t their shelf life from selling their souls expired? When you sell your soul, eventually your star fades away, or you die.

  22. You can be a pedophile, too, like Roman Polanski and get away with it. The Hollywood elite will back you up if you are a liberal.

  23. People are so gullible….do you really think Jay-Z belongs to a super secret society, yet he constantly throws up symbols representing that super secret society? Controversy sells, and him acting like he’s in the Illuminati is controversial.

    1. Jay z among many other power players of the entertainment industry are not part of secret societies, but they are controlled and used by them.

      1. he was photographed at a freemasonry meeting as I remember – pretty sure I saw him sat in one of the front row in a room full of garbed freemasons

  24. Chris Brown doesn’t get a pass from the media and finger wagging feminists because he is a walking red pill. From the way he publicly mistreats women like hitting Rhianna, to calling women out in his rap lyrics, “These Hoes Aint Loyal,” he is unintentionally part of the manosphere.

  25. good article. Rabid hypocrisy. In the UK just carrying a knife can get you: “4 years in prison and a fine of £5,000”
    Of course it probably doesn’t hurt that Jay-Z is a freemason. If Chris Brown should have beat Rhianna up using one of those special handshakes he might have got off more lightly

  26. Jayz’s case is totally different from Chris’s: they couldn’t prove that Jayz did the actual stabbing, whereas Chris Brown admitted to his crime, which makes a big difference in court.

    1. never talk to police. guilty not guilty does not matter. Don´t talk to police

  27. Chris Brown is young. Jayz is older wiser and more discreet with his abuses.

  28. Same thing happens in the NFL.
    Ray Lewis and his entourage KILLED a guy in a nightclub, but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.
    Last season in the NFL, two players were immediately suspended indefinitely even before any kind of hearing. And why? Because one of them hit his wife and the other hit his kid.
    And a major similarity between the Ray Rice-wife and Chris Brown-Rihanna incidents is that both women went back to the man who beat them even though everyone thought they were “the scum of the earth”.

  29. Anyone willing to bootleg Jay-Z’s lousy CDs would be doing Jay-Z a favor. Again, it shows how fearful Jay-Z can be because he knows people still see him as that local garbage man collector riding on the back of a garbage truck through the streets of Brooklyn. His dick sucking lips are quick to swallow a load from anyone with enough influence to market his lousy products. He went on Charlie Rose one time and said he wanted to be CEO of Universal; not to add or change directions for the recording business, but to perpetuate the Copyright machine that granted Disney never-ending copyright protection for Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. His over-the-top arrogant rap lyrics are to be mocked and laughed as well his retarded looking wife who sports a $5000 hair piece and mistakenly believes she’s hot enough to say in a L’Oreal commercial “…because I’m worth it”. There’s nothing about their notoriety worth admiring because any success someone might claim they have has nothing to do with hard work, but hustling a system they knew was so corrupt to begin with. Jay-Z producing and Beyonce producing 100s of lousy albums and claiming they sold millions is very misleading when most top artists can produce one album and sell more copies then all of their records combined.

  30. Agree with Lee. Chris Brown got a pass, is making a crap load of cash still, and women are lusting after him like dumbasses

  31. Because when Beyonce’s sister attacks Jay in an elevator, he doesn’t hit her back, cuz he’s a decent guy, thats why. What do you think Chris Brown would’ve done in the same situation?

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