What Is #Metalgate?

Having recently lost their stranglehold in games and their ever-favorite topic of rape, Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are mounting an attack over another topic: metal music. Yes, really. Because SJWs think that even rock music, which is historically offensive and counter-cultural, will realistically come under their thumb.

Oh, the fools. But I can’t complain, considering how in these situations us marginalized red pillers always come along to pick up the pieces and use these scandals as an opportunity to grow our numbers and gain sympathizers. Let’s begin looking at Metalgate.

Friday Death Metal Underground released an article on the SJW takeover of metal. Between that and the below video from Saturday, #Metalgate is incipient. Reddit has responded by banning a thread on it, although others popped up.

metalgate 2

Water Boiling Under The Lid

Basically SJWs are complaining about how people who enjoy metal tend to be racist, misogynist, and homophobic (the three favorite strawman attacks of the left) and exclude those who are not white “cisgendered” males. As you know, the average white man in the West Virginian coal mines has much more prosperity and opportunity than the rest of the ethnic and gender groups in the country, so there is no reason that white men should have a right to have any pride in their ethnic identity or have anything unique that they can identify with.

Christians are not the only ones who inject ill-fitting lyrics into any music genre they can find. A metal band called Cattle Decapitation sings about how hardcore it is to be vegetarian. At least the Christian metal is only marketed towards Christians, but this pussified street preacher (the animal rights band, not the Christians) wants to be considered one of the regulars in the metal community.

But did the metalheads ask for animal rights lyrics? If not, then pick up an acoustic guitar and find a different venue. And of course this animal rights band is drawing in animal rights activists to the venues, thus corrupting the exclusivity of the subculture.

Exclusivity is the essence of subcultures. People like the possessiveness they have over their subculture. Just as it would be odd to have Christians passing out Chick tracts at hippie festivals, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if my favorite redneck bar held a hip-hop show. I don’t make hip-hop music, and loudmouth vegetarians shouldn’t make metal music. Having metal music about SJW causes is as bizarre as a folk rock band singing pro-imperialist songs.

Metal music has always been offensive. That was part of its concept. It is a worldview as much as it is a music genre. So do not act surprised when you find such waspy behaviors like using the word “faggot.” If you do not like it, then find a different community to join. What kind of psychopath seeks out people he hates so that he can join their group? And if you love the music but are repulsed at the people, then just buy the CDs and stay away from the fans. That’s what I do with folk rock.


This funny video has been gaining views very quickly since its publication Saturday. It’s a bit hard to understand, so I would recommend watching it after you finish reading this article. It summarizes a Metal Injection article and the Death Metal Underground article above while touching on others, but I’ll give the highlights of what is happening.

The main focus of the DMU article is that metal is inherently anti-authoritarian, and activists have come in throughout the decades to clean it up and bring it in line. It is not so much a conservative-versus-liberal issue as a libertarian-versus-authoratarian one.

Unlike #Gamergate, this is not something with a new sex scandal or coverup revealed. Rather, it represents the consequences of leftist invasion over an extended period of time. Leftists in the last several years have been trying hard to infuse metal with social issues instead of just enjoying the angst. The above video discusses this at length. The Washington Post wrote in 2006,

Metal artists ‘have responded to the culture and politics of the day,’ said Donna Gaines, a sociologist and author of ‘Teenage Wasteland,’ a study of working class New Jersey metalheads.

Was rock music ever irrelevant to the culture, though? And to whose politics and culture are they responding? The Post answers in the next paragraph,

Metal music in the 1980s was often homophobic and ‘very white,’ she said, but current bands tend to be socially conscious and suspicious of political power.

Oh, so not the correct culture then. But if white people are part of society, then isn’t music made commenting on their frustrations by definition “socially conscious” and likely “suspicious of political power”? In fact, yes, the Post confirms this three sentences later,

Heavy metal has always touched on social and political issues. Metal grandfathers Black Sabbath criticized the Vietnam War in songs like ‘War Pigs’ and ‘Children of the Grave.’ Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ was an angry denunciation of the displacement of Native Americans.

So maybe not so much “very” white after all. But that’s a moot point, because they used the word “often.” Words like “often,” “many,” “tend to,” and “can be” are the leftists’ safe words that allow them enough vagueness to make any ridiculous claims they want (e.g. “Gamers often hate women playing their games”). Note that this does not work in the reverse, as they get angry when I say, “Blacks are often dangerous people who should be avoided.”

First-semester sociology class will tell you that culture is necessary to a society. Without it, society would be chaotic (as we see with the loss of traditional sex roles correlating with the rise in psychiatric drugs). Why then is it so vile to recognize white culture? Indeed, many white people feel as though they have no culture or feel as though their culture is being denied them. This culture war instigated by the left only causes Joe White Person to become more racist. But I digress.

Another article from last September on PopMatters is about how we should not listen to metal music that advocates doing vile things to women. A simple solution is just to not buy the music. I find gangsta rap offensive, so I don’t purchase it. Therefore, it is out of my life. Problem solved. But that isn’t enough for the spoiled and bored white liberal arts majors of the Anglosphere.

Eruption Pending

It seems now that the anti-Gamergate movement has failed, the SJWs have started for a revitalized push against the metalheads. Or at least the metalheads have been inspired by Gamergate to push against the SJWs. Either way, #Metalgate is rising, and I imagine that there will be strong pushing on both sides. It’s a bit confusing to figure out what is going on, but what we can know is that metalheads are beginning to fight back and that the SJWs will be too naive to not provoke the metalheads to more anger.

The website Metal Injection has several articles pushing this leftist agenda. The one focused on in the above video was released in October 2014. It criticizes the common use of the word “faggot” by metalheads. This is part of his series called “The Problem With Heavy Metal Is Metalheads,” an excellent slap in the face to his readers.

The author complains that metalheads tend to be exclusive towards people who are not “heterosexual white male[s] who wears cargo pants and band shirts” and links to articles concerning “racism, misogyny, and homophobia.” If you look at the articles, you see that those accusations do not fit at all. The video above explains it shortly after 7:20. So the writer has already discredited himself.

It should go without saying that any fandom or scene that prides itself on embracing outcasts the way the metal community does would avoid using offensive language that targets an entire group of already-persecuted people. You’d be wrong, though.

This is one of the critical errors leftists make about outcast subcultures. They assume that all subcultures that cater to outcasts should cater to all kinds of outcasts. But the point of these cultures is not to make a place for all the social misfits to gather; it’s to make a place for a certain kind of misfit so that the misfits of that kind can unite and identify with each other. Through this they feel a sense of belonging instead of loneliness. Social outcast groups tend to have little in common with other social outcast groups.

Most people do not feel morally obligated to give unsolicited pity to any type of minority who walks by him. Or at least, if he does feel morally obligated, his stomach churns since he innately knows there is something wrong with the culture of victimhood. Let the gays have their bars and let the metalheads have their internet fora.

The article continues to prattle at length on about how wrong it is to use gay slurs and seems to assume that every thinking person naturally believes there is nothing wrong with homosexuality or transgenderism. It is odd how it spends more time talking about metal fans than actual metal music.

Other SJW articles shown in the video can be found here (September 2014), here (January 2012), here (June 2014), here (December? 2014), here (May 2014), and here (October 2014).


A core doctrine of leftism is that a person is never allowed to just enjoy something. There must always be the label “important socially relevant” attached to it. They cannot allow those on “the wrong side of history” to go off in their own corner and vent. Nor can they merely martyr them through journalistic hazing. No, the heretics and thought-criminals must be made into converts.

Another core doctrine of the SJWs (and frankly most of society) is that the opinions I the individual hold today are empirical fact and that anyone who disagrees must be closed off to thinking about it. This is especially disturbing if few or no people held these ideas more than 100 years ago, as though I the individual am the smartest person who ever lived.

The SJWs try these things constantly. However, this is 2014, not 2013. Gamergate has crushed them and provided alternatives, and we will find that metalgate will win another ideological victory. Between gamergate, Women Against Feminism, and the false public rape accusations, 2014 will be remembered as the year feminism began to end.

The SJWs will likely try the same excessive tactics with metalgate that they used on gamergate and shirtgate, and they will get the same negative reaction from the masses. The harder the SJWs push, the more Average Joe is repulsed by them. Their unfounded optimism and willful naivety will be the death of them. Metalgaters have thrown down the glove, and I cannot imagine the SJWs will be hesitant to answer.

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  1. It’s come full circle: http://theneedledrop.tumblr.com/post/95894002452/i-dont-think-anita-sarkeesians-videos-should-be
    “Would you take my metal reviews seriously if I owned no metal
    records? Didn’t listen to metal? Had no real history with metal?
    Disliked metal? Constantly criticized metal with surface-level
    complaints like it being too loud, satanic, violent, angry, and
    perpetuating dangerous, overly masculine gender stereotypes? No, you
    wouldn’t. No one—except people equally ignorant to metal—would take me
    seriously. I’d be an ignorant outsider, which Anita is when it comes to

  2. SJW are so quick to attack anything… I listen to rock/heavy metal when I workout to get a nice pump.. How does this type of genre music offend people? They want to bash metal music, but not music conducted by satanic followers like Lady GaGa -that dress up in steak costumes for her shows…truly pathetic

    1. This type of music might cause you to think something offensive about someone, somewhere. Remember we are talking about people who live to be offended.

  3. So they opened up another front, against an enemy which is less net savvy BUT is more used to dealing with them…
    How did this ideology take over the West again?

    1. Maybe less savvy but with more experience about standing up for ourselves in the real world, not just in cyberspace.

  4. I like this article because it shows the power of language. I personally do not have a problem with Metal music but just a few days ago there was an article dealing with Rap Music. The same can be said for Rap music! SJW have long ago tried to silence Rap for the violence and words used. Many commentators quickly put down Rap Music and lumped the whole genre as degenerate and a problem with society. Can it not be said that not only the Left Wing SJW rallied against Rap but also Conservative media (which they are doing currently. Personally I am not a fan of whats on the Radio today but there are many types of Hip Hop music…which include Dance music, Gangster Rap, music that has a message, and also heavily political and conscious Hip Hop. Personally the jewelry and women does get boring at times. Initially it was a genre that arose in the inner city slums of New York but now it enjoys a culture and multi-racial audience all over the world. Much of the Hip Hop I listen to deals with Geo-politics and a questioning of Society. Now It is not the only genre I listen to, I enjoy a wide variety of music. I also understand that certain music has its place especially given the type of people you are socializing with at any given time. Much like certain language has its time and place.
    I read articles here and I make connections and it is interesting to see some of the comments that will develop. Rock Music is a large musical Genre and I have a wide variety of bands I listen to, but I have also listened to Metal and some Harder music and personally I think some of it is good. Music is a great way for many people to unwind and relax. And I feel no one should tell you what you can and cannot listen too, especially when you do it in the privacy of your own home or with friends in your own space. Public Radio can be censored but that is where the censoring should stop. As long as you are not infringing on others Freedoms and Rights under American Law.

    1. Really? I always thought SJWs ignored rap because of the racial matter. Learn something new

      1. SJWs also oppose the Rastafarian rejection to homosexuality in their culture. On this note, anyone know of any listenable Reggie that came after Bob Marley and his ilk? I’ve yet to find anything.

        1. Reggae* Some contemporary Reggae artistes to listen to -Chronixx, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Jah9, Raging Fiyah. Let me give you a Chronixx song to start off

      2. Well many feminists don’t like Hip Hop because of the bad language used towards Women. However Underground and Conscious Rap tends to stay away from bad language and “Sexist” terminology.”

    2. I’m not going to take offense to any form of racism apart from the displacement of my own culture and the social justice lies they replaced it with. I am not into Hip Hop, but I do listen now and then. I found The Devils Rejects enjoyable enough to repeat listen now and then, but Cypress Hill, I actually love this band, listen to it allot and kind of excited that they are working on a new album too. Never heard any other hip hop that I liked. The only way forward is to oppose censorship, support free speech everywhere.

      1. Thanks I appreciate the reply…I like Immortal Technique….may I suggest Jedi Mind Tricks! Great Albums are “The Psycho Social (long name) and “Violent by design.” It’s a different type of Hip Hop also lots of underground Hip Hop is good, also European Hip Hop is more like Eastern 90’s Hip Hop check out Snowgoons (German Hip Hop) and a few others. Lots of cool stuff.
        Rock music I mostly stick with Classic Rock.

      1. Yes publicly its against surface level lyrics but Conscious Hip Hop and Reggae is looked down on by higher levels of Government, because it awakens a Third Eye and critical thinking. Look at how American NGOs tried to adopt Cuban youth Hip Hop Artists to undermine the Castro Regime through their music. This is fact just disclosed days ago.

    3. Rap ‘music’ is just shitty poetry by stupid people. My problem is with calling it ‘music’, not with their right to be as stupid in front of a microphone as they want to be…

      1. Actually Hip Hop has some pretty smart well informed people outside the mainstream and yes it is non traditional ‘music.’ I listen too a wide variety Rock Reggae Jazz Funk but I really love Latino music I think it is the best by far…not so Much Mexican music but Afro Latino/Caribbean music like Salsa (New York). Because it mixes wind instruments with lots of percussion and the dances to go with the music can be very intricate.

  5. Black Metal history was the first metalgate back in the 90’s. Allot of hatred directed at politically correct death metal bands like Napalm Death. Metalheads are are way fucking too far out to be sucked into social justice bullshit. Amon Amarth is biggest representation of white cultural birthright that the world has seen for many decades. Cannibal Corpse and Deicide give no quarter to the sensitive. I’m 38 and not really into these modern bands like Slipknot, System Of The Down or any of that noise, would not be surprised if they are more left leaning. One band people I know like, Gojira, apparantly hippies with an environmental message. Then one of my favorite speed metal bands Kreator, I learned not to watch their DVDs to avoid these awful anti-racist speeches. Fuck this shit, men should not be sensitive about race.

    1. “Amon Amarth is biggest representation of white cultural birthright that the world has seen for many decades.”
      Agreed. They are by far my favorite band lately, and the stories in their songs exemplify the Nine Noble Virtues. Extinction waits for everyone, for gods and men alike, but AA shows the way to live with dignity until Oden brings us home.

    2. Yes you are right. I am of a similar age, and I remember these Developments back in the 90’s. Metal has been on a downward PC slide for at least 15 years.
      The SJW campaign is just the latest development. Its not something new.
      Only difference is that a large segment of the subculture has been immune to the indoctrination, compared with other subcultures.

  6. Metal has never been about being inclusive. If any of these SJWs went to a show, they would know this. The atmosphere is aggressive. If you listen to the heavier side of metal from metal-core on up (Screaming) its meant to fucking pump you up.
    This is why 90% of the people who go are male.
    Metal has always been anti-authoritan and the wimps at metalinjection who keep trying to say what people can and cant say both at shows and in band’s lyrics are destroying it.
    What’s next? Making moshpits more “inclusive”?
    Unfortunately its been happening for a while. I remember when Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire took insane heat when he said that girls should stop dressing like sluts at shows and asking them to sign shit near their tits when he has a wife and it made him feel uncomfortable.
    To top it off, its one of the notorious, “Socially liberal” bands in Attila who used the word “Faggot” and took heat as well from Senses Fail. (More of an alternative-posthardcore band.)
    The “rebellion” and refusal to accommodate the norms of society by metal is starting to die, and it really sucks.

  7. “Basically SJWs are complaining about […] and exclude those who are not white “”””””cisgendered”””””” males.”
    DO NOT use their words, DO NOT acknowledge their concepts. If we talk like them, we are lost. We MUSTN’T allow them control the language. If they do, as they have been doing for the last 50 years, we’ll never win.

    1. I concur, ‘cisgender’ is a slap in the face of common sense and nature itself. Leftists love to change the language to confuse people into thinking their causes are just. Do NOT acknowledge their attack on language and educate others to resist Newspeak wherever it strikes.

      1. I don’t love the word cis, but what do you call people who do not claim to be transsexual? Non-transsexual?

        1. That’s like all these fucking retarded BDSM kids that call “normal” sex ‘vanilla’. As long as the vast majority of people is or do something, it’s considered “normal” so there’s no need to create new words.
          The next SJW campaign will be against right-handed people. Just give them time.

        2. Normal. You call that person normal. Normal has a definition, and it’s not offensive. Ya know, as long as you have a brain.

        3. People who do not claim to be transsexual already have an
          identifying term.
          It’s called normal.

        4. Normal sex is only ‘vanilla’ if you suck at sex. If someone has to resort to props and fake dicks,etc to make sex interesting then maybe there is a problem already there.
          I found that crazy positions always livens things up.

        5. I forgot to add the point that trans-sexuals would be way way outside the third standard deviation, probably approaching the 4.0 mark. Gays and lesbians with generously estimated at around 10% of the population are outside roughly 1.8 standard deviations. Nevertheless 80% of the media is controlled or at least heavily influenced by a comparably small group outside the vast majority (i.e. 90% – the inside of the bell curve).

        6. Props and Fake dicks? I think my BDSM community and the one you are listening to must be vastly different communities.

        7. I don’t subscribe to bdsm at all, but a friend of mine was a dominatrix and i heard about some of her stories.

        8. Ahh, you see.. that’s the thing.
          Dominatrixes are not actually part of the BDSM community. They are, in a word, Fetish providers akin to the women that give foot jobs. They have no interest whatsoever in the pstchology behind D&S, and are simply prostitutes that found a method of profiteering off of the twisted fantasies of some profoundly disturbed men.
          Dominants are male. a dominant female is not dominant, she is simply bitchy.

        9. Freakn’ amazing how “Normal” as a word is now considered offensive. As though using the word “Normal” is hate speech.

        10. That’s a generous, generous estimate. I’ve seen as low as 1%. But like a tree frog, I think their ‘voice’ is far larger than their ‘size’ or numbers would actually indicate…

        11. Its because idiots don’t understand that “normal” is actually a mathematical term.

        12. LOL
          “Justice for the left handed and ambidextrous!”
          If it is ridiculous, they will certainly be “for” it.

        13. Ridiculous or so revolting it would make most people curl into a fetal position and cry afterwards.
          One can only hope that eventually these mental midget, Darwin awards will get bored with breathing.

      2. I still am not sure what cisgender means–I’m guessing ‘normal’–but I refuse to look it up

        1. Yeah, normal’s good enough.
          When it comes to genders, there’s innies and outies. Women, men. The SJWs are trying really hard to confuse the issue with obtuse terminology.

      3. It is a vile slur. If you need to cite words like “ci**ender”, at least have the decency to bleep it out.
        It’s time to finally stand up to far-left bigotry and hatred. Call the bigots out when they use persecutory language that is meant to dehumanize normal, moral people. And make no mistake – the intent behind that language is to prepare ground for all-out genocide of moral people. This is the fourth stage. We need to stop them before they reach the last one.

    2. AGREED 100%. On an individual level one should not allow a liberal fuckface to control language.

    3. YES. Laugh in their faces, say/type “WTF are you talking about?” if they try to use their nonsense vocabulary against you. They do not deserve the slightest bit of respect or acknowledgement. There is nothing legitimate about these SJW dipshits, and they need to be reminded of this.

      1. Unfortunately, to remind them of this, you’re going to need to speak down to them in terms they’ll understand; eg. – their own language.
        I know it seems counter-intuitive, but they interpret dismissal as their opponent being “too stupid to handle such complex issues”, boosting their sense of self-righteousness and “being enlightened in a world of idiots”. To summarize; not playing their game makes them think they’re winning the game. In order to combat this plague we, too, will need to employ their favored techniques of mental gymnastry and oratorical fuckery.
        Also, understand that, more times than not, your standard issue SJW is some small town pissant that went to a “big city” (community) college. Now that they have some worthless Lib-Arts degree, they develop a superiority complex, as they’ve “risen above the hate” of all the toothless hillbillies back home and “made something of themself, unlike THOSE people.” Also, you’re dealing with fairly young (primarily female) people. Girls, especially the ones that either are, or want to seem, intelligent, are particularly wordy, and guys that want to impress these girls will teach themselves how to be particularly wordy. Kind of explains ‘feminist men’.
        If you REALLY look into how they’ve gotten away with their bullshit thus far, it’s because they’ve used oratorical fuckery to turn “I’m stabbing you” into “Stop stabbing yourself”.

        1. Techniques, yes. Vocabulary, no. Who controls the vocabulary, controls the terms of the debate. This is something Confucius knew two and a half fuckin’ millenia ago.
          It’s time to stop giving those hateful fuckheads this luxury of setting the debate terms. Call them out on every bigoted, pervertist slur they use. Refuse to perpetuate persecutory language meant to dehumanize moral people. Fight back until pervertism is no more palatable in polite society than racism or feminism.

    4. Exactly. Why should we kowtow to a small iota-sliver within a tiny minority as is? Especially one that uses their bodies as science experiments then tries to forcefuck society to give them special privileges after? Straight to Hell! We’re NORMAL, and you don’t dictate a damn thing we do! Hopefully there is a blast furnace in all you slimy SJWs’s futures!

    5. I don’t even like the word ‘misogynistic’. I prefer ‘male-chauvinist pig’. 😉

  8. Metal is probably the most powerful form of music ever created.
    I am therefore elated to learn that SJWs have set themselves up against it.

    1. It’s also one of the genres of music with the least proportion of women in it. I remember a while back a few people tried to spin this as somehow something wrong with metal culture. I didn’t think about it much back then but now I’m starting to see the motivation behind that.

      1. It is the most empowering form of art and expression on the planet, period. No other music is so complex and so emotionally charged. Yes, Wagner has a HUGE part in inspiring the culture, as did Gustav Holst, Modest Mussorgsky, Basil Poledouris, many others…Unfortunately a lot of bands with females merely use them as a gimmick to cover-up for mediocore or worse music (I’m look at you, Nightwish, Huntress and Myrkur!) and often showcase the female scantily-clad in the forefront of the band’s photo with the men diminished in the background, as if this somehow is going to sell more albums and “legitimize” the band. It’s sad. Fortunately, most metal purveyors who are well-versed don’t ever bother caring what the band even looks like, ever. The music shall speak for itself. It’s what makes us a cut above ordinary cookie-cutter Pop 40 fans.

        1. You speak the truth. You also forgot the worst offender: Halestorm. Now, take the case of Laura Pleasants and Kylesa who are probably the most original metal band today and they do none of what you state.

        2. Yes, my intent was to brushstroke-generalize. There are exceptions, but unfortunately many are much older like Znowhite, Sentinel Beast, Holy Moses, and Acid are the immediate examples that come to mind. I personally don’t like Kylesa or that style of myself, but have no issue if you do. Don’t need to force one just to have one. That’s the nice thing about metal purveyors: We won’t judge you if you DON’T like the music, unlike the other way around!

  9. Youtubers Sargon and MundaneMatt have posted good vids on this topic, but I was disappointed to hear them explicitly deny the rightist nature of Metal.
    “From the most simplistic party sing alongs to the highly complicated creations of serious artists, metal repeatedly stresses themes of conquest, self-overcoming, strength, and conflict. If the primary value of the Left is equality, than the primary value of the true Right is hierarchy. The common thread between an anthem about drinking with girls to the heavy drone of doom meal is the rejection of egalitarianism and the pretty lies of modernity. If leftists can “Imagine” along with John Lennon a world where the Last Men loaf about all day where there is “above us only sky,” metal provides the battle songs for those things it’s still worth to “kill or die for.”

  10. Woah….you did NOT seriously just describe Cattle Decapitation as “pussified”.
    CD are some of the most brutal shit you will ever hear. The fact that they can somehow make vegetarianism METAL AS FUCK somehow just makes them more awesome.

    1. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes brainwashed dumb fucks have talent, that’s why I still listen to Protest the Hero even though the singer is a raging mangina and they have pro-feminist lyrics in a couple of their songs.

  11. The SJWs are fighting on too many fronts and making themselves a nuisance to too many groups and sub-cultures now. There’s no way that they are going to be able to keep this up.

        1. I’ve never come across majors and minors, you either do a degree in one subject covering several modules or a dual honours in 2 subjects. Majors and Minors don’t really seem to be a thing in the UK, at least not in the prospectuses I have read from unis I’m looking at.
          Fortunately the Millennials I do know are more interested in sciences and bettering the world. We openly mock those who do things like diversity, women’s studies ect. What possible job do those things offer you in life?
          I mean, I took religious studies at college (not the same as US college, it’s the gap between high school and Uni here) but that was just for an easy pass and to fill a slot in my timetable, but I have little interest in persuing a career in religion, also there were very few courses open that I had interest in as I was a late application.

    1. The attention that they get is grist for their soul mill.
      Nobody cared about these people, because they are so fucking stupid and useless, and now look at the massive amount of attention they get. They are finally so important just like they knew they always would be.

  12. There are more leftists in metal now than there was 15-20 years, but it’s not too crazy yet. A lot of metal journalists push that whole we-need-to-increase-female-participation-in-metal line, but it’s not particularly effective. Women that do well in metal tend to attractive and generally fit in with the general male environment. In other words, they don’t make waves. They don’t go on crusades.

    1. DO NOT use Pitchfork as any sort of gauge for anything metal. They are opportunist-elitist hipster trash who have no business feigning an interest in metal.

      1. I understand, but the reason I mentioned it was to demonstrate the invasion of recent years from those kind of listeners.

      2. Agree, but I think the fact that they do pay attention to metal now and have managed to convert quite a few of these indie/leftist types is a sign that things are moving in the wrong direction.

  13. Here is some Carnivore to help alleviate the PC faggotry you were just made aware of:

    Listen to this all you douche bags
    It’s time that we laid down the law
    We’re tired of taking your shit
    And we ain’t gonna take it no more
    Be prepared to fight and die
    So that we may be free
    U.S.A. for U.S.A., U.S.A!
    And if you don’t like it here
    Then pack your shit and leave
    U.S.A for U.S.A., U.S.A!
    Our forefathers died in war
    So that you could live better
    U.S.A for U.S.A, U.S.A!
    We at least owe it to them
    To keep the stars and stripes forever
    USA for USA, USA!
    Planting bombs on planes
    Blowing up our ships
    Kill our kids and women
    Find these dickless slobs
    Hang them by the scrotum
    Let’s end the terrorism
    You think yourself a god
    Would follow to the death
    A spineless yellow faggot
    A bunch of stinking slobs
    Hiding behind masks
    Show yourself ya maggot
    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    And that’s the way it’s gonna be
    Don’t ever forget
    All the soldiers who died for liberty
    All the bullshit countries
    Who think they’ll beat the giant
    World peace in upheaval
    We’ll nuke ’em to the stone-age
    Send the message clear
    Ya don’t fuck with the eagle

    1. It’s still hard for me to imagine the late, nearly-seven-feet-tall Peter Steele in a hardcore band. That guy was born to make dark metal.

  14. Right at the beginning: you’re looking at it wrong. The Red Pill is not about “growing our numbers and gaining sympathizers”. That is the thinking of females and manginas. Herdthink! We know exactly how that went, with “A Voice For Manginas”. Just another bunch of pussies: “I never knew my father!” And cue the crying in their pussy exquisitely-brewed craft-beer bullshit.
    The Red Pill is exposing the truth for whichever poor sonofabitch is currently lost, in a haze, and trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with his life. Once he’s got that he can start the process of getting his shit together and deciding what to do next.
    Sympathizers, fuck. Sympathy is for teh wimminz and manginas going “oh you poor little victim”. Nobody “sympathizes” with men, they just kick us up the arse and tell us to fucking deal with it. Sympathy is only for professional victims.
    Now go out there and kick the pieces-of-shit SJW’s out of your Man Place, whatever it is. That’s what happened with GamerGate.

    1. Dead on. Which is why the whole womenagainstfeminism is utterly irrelevant. As if a man who knows what’s up wants or cares about the approval of others, especially women.
      That “red pill” went from being an informal reference to the semi-official nomenclature or that this is now called the manosphere is profoundly annoying.
      What this is, is people waking up to realize they’ve been fed bullshit for years. This is not some underground “movement”. This is classic every man for himself, but willing to extend a helping hand to another out of recognition of their own struggle.
      AVFManginas is doing it wrong. We’ve been checkmated, and they’re trying to use legal chess moves to get out of it. “We” are flipping over the chessboard and punching the opponent in the throat. Scorched earth. My way or go eat a bucket of shit.
      With “social justice”™ parasites, the only way to win is not to play.
      And this is what a lot of these faggots don’t understand….. Even when trying to learn game, they still try to learn lines / routines to make a woman like them, when what they should be doing is not giving a fuck and going in guns blazing.
      Read the comment section of ROK now and you’ll see blue pill shills/beta phaggots use buzzwords like “homophobic” “islamophobic” “antisemitic” and “racist” “classist” etc etc etc…… This is not “red pill”. This is blue pill with some blue balls grasping at straws, the inner phaggot always reveals itself. Mainstream fuckwits and jilted neoliberal parasites hoping to fit in are rushing in, and with them the signal to noise ratio goes to shit.
      If you are a so-called “red pill” brah and claim to reject the marxist view of gender relations, how can you accept the marxist view of anything else?
      Left wing thinking is degenerate thinking. Everything the social justice™ shitdicks claim is correct is false. Every buzzword/insult they level at you is what you should be in the first place.
      TL;DR fuck dumbshit rebels without a cause trying to unite “red pill” men into some kind of gay-ass internet army. “red pill” implies individual awakening. uniting to share knowledge and ruin a liberal phaggot’s day is legitimate. To “unite” to change the system by the system’s rules is utter nonsense.
      Find a good woman that you can control (yes, control you fucking pussy) , make lots of kids, and teach all the kids about the truth from a young age. Do not get married, and conceal your assets. Disconnect from the propaganda machine and cut out those who disagree from your life. It’s the ultimate fuck you to a degenerate society.

      1. Nice.
        I especially like the part about red pill not being manosphere. It is about waking up to the truth all around us. We’ve been lied to, and we live in a system of lies. Wise up, learn and act accordingly or get used, fucked, and thrown away like all the other chumps who want to walk blind. Ignorance won’t save you.
        Want to change the system? Don’t play by the rules and make it irrelevant. Don’t feed the beast. Deny it your time, talent and money.
        “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

    2. You sound like a man for whom his contempt for our society-as-is has become a generalized contempt for any and all society.
      I certainly think that the AVfM guys are a little too close to the self-help, I’m Okay/You’re Okay stuff. Nevertheless, they’re agitating for awareness of men’s issues, with the goal of actually changing laws and politics. Assuming you live in society, you stand to gain from their actions. And yet, you have a mighty disrespectful attitude for people who, in their own roundabout way, are trying to help. I encourage you to reconsider your position.

      1. A lot of boys in the manosphere are miserable and self-hating. They love to go out of their way to degrade anyone who thinks differently, and they endlessly shout from the rooftops that solidarity is for “faggots.”. I’m all for striving for independence and eschewing victimhood, but toxic hatred does no one any good, despite the mental contortions some people engage in to convince themselves otherwise.

        1. Explain to me the difference between ‘Toxic’ hatred, and the good clean hatred that gets things done?

        2. Good point. Chuckle. I’ll bite. Hmm, it’s like the difference between a smooth, big no wiper dump and painful constipation. Or not constipation but diarrhea. It’s the difference between Milwaukee’s Best Light and pick any from the top 50 of Beer Advocate’s or Great Brewer’s lists.

        3. Well, then it seems to me that a rejection of socialist principles of solidarity (clumping shit) is of the good, clean hatred type, not the dirty, diarrhea or constipation type.
          Men do not accomplish things democratically. They find a good leader and flock to his banner… If Someone wants men to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ they do not need to be looking for converts, they need to be looking for a king.

      2. I agree that the red pill is outside of mainstream society’s Overton window. That, of course, doesn’t mean that guys like Heartiste aren’t preaching the truth. AVfM is purple pill, for sure, but also more palatable to the mainstream. What I don’t like about them is that they basically preach the same gender “equality” bullshit as feminists. I’m much more interested in the mainstream accepting that the genders are NOT equal but evolved to fulfill different niches, as the fields of Evolution, Evolutionary Psychology, and Social Psychology have shown. I am not interested in letting feminists run amok with their Marxist pseudo-science, so if that means lending support to AVfM to provide some sort of resistance, then it’s better than the alternative.

      3. I have mighty disrespect for the SJW’s who, in their own roundabout way, are trying to help too.
        AVFM is not approaching ‘I’m OK You’re OK’ stuff…. the blew way past that almost two and a half years ago. What they have become, is pathetic little Oliver Twist faggots begging at the back door to be allowed into the victim club.

        1. This gets at a broader issue that is fueling beta-ness in men, the issue of how men deal with their emotional/psychological problems.
          One approach some guys advocate is the “man up” approach wherein they “help” a man who is suffering by calling him a faggot/pussy/mangina and telling him to “get over it.” The problem is that this isn’t really advice at all, and it’s unproductive. Worse than that, it’s little different than the way bitchy women try to dominate men, by emasculating them. This is just bullying, kicking a man while he’s down. This is the kind of machismo behavior that co-occurs with doing dangerous stunts, picking fights, and other attempts at proving manliness, efforts ultimately rooted in a deep insecurity.
          The other approach, ever more common in our culture, is the feminine model of bitching, moaning, and wallowing in misery, which is intermittently relieved by comfort from friends, parents, AVfM commentors, etc. This approach is also unproductive. Lots of men in our society are suffering emotionally, and when faced with two unproductive approaches, they naturally favor the approach that at least provides some comfort.
          Men suffer because something has caused them to suffer. In times past they were guided by society’s emotional and spiritual customs, values, and traditions. They also had shamans and wise men to give them insight and advice. Now we have a culture whose customs, values, and traditions are ever more material and degenerate. Now shamans and wise men are few and remote. Men are suffering and they don’t know where to turn to;
          A lot of these men can learn to save themselves from a life of beta-ness with Red Pill wisdom and especially ROK. We can hate weakness without hating the weak; we can sympathize without coddling, and we can provide action-oriented guidance that is masculine and fraternal. Thankfully this is the prevailing ethos on ROK, but we need to guard against antagonistic machismo.

        2. Too many men suffer because they actually believe they are obligated to please everyone. The main point that ROK should stress is that the red pill is liberation. We, as men, are free to do whatever the hell we want to do. We all see the cliche male breaking his back to work and provide for a family that completely takes him for granted. He is mercilessly bound to his mortgage, car payment, children’s cell phone bills, etc., all while they mock and take advantage of him.
          We call this guy a beta male, but I have seen several men with fairly alpha characteristics (dominant personality, multiple female options, money) fall into this trap simply because he feels it is expected of him; like its the right thing to do.
          His suffering is unnecessary and he can check out of this hell at any moment and retake his freedom, his manhood. ROK should not place further shame and ridicule on his shoulders, but rather teach him how the game is played. Alot of tough guys on this site are going to be married with children ten years from now, despite their constant chatter.

    3. > Nobody “sympathizes” with men, they just kick us up the arse and tell us to fucking deal with it.
      Damn right. Society doesn’t help men who need help, it punishes them. Severely. Cruelly. Often with a smile. So it’s no surprise that a lot of men go inwards and lead lives of “quiet desperation.”
      We actually offer genuine help for men. The help that they need to get them back on track.

    4. I think growing the numbers of red pillers is EXACTLY what needs to be done. Why? Because numbers gives legitimacy. There are large groups of feminists in every college and workplace. If there is no group of people in a countable form, there is no chance of standing up to this opposition. That’s just the way it is. Trust me, this isn’t a fight that you could tuck your head down and hope it goes away fast. What if it don’t? What if a slew of crazy new laws dictating the scope of how and when you can interact with the opposite sex gets passed, simply because we
      Did not have the foresight to organize and make ourselves known?

      1. Its highly disturbing that there are zero openly red pill politicians while there are countless feminists wreaking havoc on the world. Not a single man has the balls to get in front of the podium and defend male dominance and superiority. These rape laws get passed without a peep from male lawmakers.

  15. I reckon that in 5 years time, I’ll be able to name five Bulgarian NSBM bands but be unable to recognise much of what will be played on top 40 radio.

    1. because its degenerate garbage peddled by jewey record producers designed to keep the dumber elements of society contained.

  16. I notice that both #gamergate and #metalgate invove the consumption of mass culture. Computer games and music. The common feature is that thanks to the internet and technology, large corporate actors are losing their hegemony – indie games and indie music spread over the internet, and can be made and enjoyed by people that like that sort of thing.
    What next? Sports?

    1. “Consumption of mass culture” is right. And in so doing, stay distracted enough to get out of the way.
      Gamergate is good because it is giving social justice™ worms a black eye, but let’s not pretend gaming is anything other than, at best, a fun way to kill an hour or two or at worst, yet another opiate to keep some of the more intelligent folk (therefore the more dangerous folk) pacified.

    2. Were you hinting at a “we’ve no revenue, how do we generate revenue; let’s generate controversy”
      If so; good insight. I think it’s time we begin ignoring these hacks. They want controversy. It gives them clicks.
      edit: also sports is definitely next, if not happening already

    3. Sports? Doubtful. It there is a next thing after games and music, I think it will be comics and children toys.

  17. In my experience, metalheads are mostly left-wing people. The girls tend to be sluts, the guys tends to be beta.

    1. It really depends. There’s a nerdy side of metal and then there’s a jocky side. The nerdy side listens to stuff like, “super underground black metal”. The jocky side listens to Pantera. Same with rap, there is ‘intelligent rap’ and then there’s Lil Wayne.

    2. I’ve always found metalheads to lean to conservative and libertarian side of things. Punks are the lefties.

  18. Metal has always been about freedom and anti-authoritarian. They might have been writing political-lyrics but metal has never been inherently political. But if metal-bands want to be political they can, because metal has an multitude of different sub-genres.
    “This is one of the critical errors leftists make about outcast subcultures. They assume that all subcultures that cater to outcasts should cater to all kinds of outcasts. But the point of these cultures is not to make a place for all the social misfits to gather; it’s to make a place for a certain kind of misfit so that the misfits of that kind can unite and identify with each other”
    This paragraph is as I see it the most important point to make about anything the SJWs are fighting. Subcultures isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be. And people complaining about metal is just faggots. As in complaining bitches and not a derogative term for homosexuals – just as Sargon says in the video linked.
    Btw, if there is any metalheads here you should go watch http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0478209/. It’s a great documentary about metal.

    1. novel question. still working on it. more masters are needed here:
      (1) a strange combination of caustic in-group behavior driving members out + a child’s loneliness on an empty playground? (2) soulless zombies? (3) hysterical sexual restlessness of women in-group + can’t find suitable fucks in-group + need socially acceptable excuse to look for outside tingles/progenitors? (4) sheer random Brownian motion + remnant generosity naiveté of groups not yet rabidly hostile? (5) spoiled pampered toddlers trying a new toy + crying wolf when the toys ignore them?
      whatever it is, it’s definitely a form of mania that sporadically ejects member moths into the flame. why don’t the wallard facegardens, which tumble overflowing, jettison more crazies more often? what’s stopping them? they outnumber us all by millions…
      the dates are important too. metal-gate seems to just be a back track into a prior less-of-a-dead-end than gamer-gate currently is. their mania can’t resist old failed lays, it seems. they are lurking for food.

    2. Well yeah, that’s why an attractive women will commission a DUFF (Desingnated Ugly Fat Friend) who she has zero respect and utter contempt for (no wait, she must like her for her winning personality, of course!) and uses her as cannon fodder and bars and clubs to redirect the attention from schmucks back to her. It’s as obvious as smoke and fire being inseperable.

  19. It’s like it’s the 80’s again. I lived through this the first go around when church ladies thought Ozzie Osborne was the devil made flesh. The daycare satanic abuse hysteria has morphed into ritualized campus gang rape. Nothing changes.

  20. It’s an interesting one alright. Some thoughts:
    1. In the same way that Patrick Bateman in American Psycho didn’t *actually* go around killing dogs and raping women, no women were actually hurt as a result of metal lyrics. if your opponents tell you otherwise, ask them for some scientific correlation and politely remind them that they sound a LOT like the fundamental Christians who linked every bad thing that’s ever happened (and ever will happen) to marilyn manson.
    2. In the same way Peter Pan didn’t *actually* fly around and fight pirates, no rape or misogyny actually occurred in the making of metal music. The lyrical content could just as easily been written in the third person, (as in a novel/or film narrative) and the word “faggot” could just as easily be used as a narrative device to describe a bigoted character trope rather than the band’s actual views on homosexuality. This needs to be-i feel- pounded into peoples heads like Napalm Death. People even see rape on Game of Thrones these days and they lose their shit.

  21. “Enemies of metal, your death is our reward!
    Triumphant victory when you bring the steel to life!”- 3 Inches of Blood
    “Oh, you ironic pop-rock fucks
    Don’t you fuck with METAL!”- Strapping Young Lad

  22. As different as Gamergate and now Metalgate are both have one thing in common….
    Escapism for males.

    1. I grew up in the DIY punk and metal scenes. That was not escapism. That was a bunch of kids doing something independently and for the right reasons. Pretty magical.

    1. No, it did not pop. The Futurist correctly pointed out in 2010, that it will pop in 2020.
      ‘No Maam’ is not an intelligent website.

  23. “It seems now that the anti-Gamergate movement has failed, the SJWs have started for a revitalized push against the metalheads.”
    So #Metalgate is to Case Blue what #Gamergate is to Operation Barbarossa. I’m looking forward to the SJWs Stalingrad & Kursk.

  24. I suppose that the only reason why SJWs won’t touch rap and hip-hop is because they think that doing so would be racist as both genres are mostly made up of blacks. What other genre could they go after? Country? That’s the only one that seems to have conservative values.

    1. Eh not really… too many major cuntry acts have come out in support of one or more aspects of the leftist agenda.
      Garth Brooks comes to mind.

      1. That was before the you go girlism, the YOLO mentality, and hip hop becoming all about the bling and the booty.

    2. SJWs/feminazis are quick to attack a straight Black man, especially since they expect us to march lock step with them.
      SJWs don’t mind being racist, they just hide behind a smokescreen and claim to be for “equality” when they really are not (they are also likely to discriminate against other things like height, appearance, voice, etc. if they can make ad hominem attacks against their opponents).
      Case in point: There was a Black guy in Taiwan talking about how he was treated out there. As a Black man with an interest in Asia and Yellow Fever, I followed his writings and chimed in. I was labeled as being “problematic” since I have a “fetish” for Taiwanese women. This same fag that is supposed to be for Black empowerment is against a Black man getting his.
      On the other hand, he praises his Asian-American Skrillex-cut cohort for her “pussy game” in sleeping with White dudes in Australia, even though they are supposed to be against White male patriarchy and privilege. He is also a fag that has a thing for tall guys, essentially having a “fetish” himself on top of being a degenerate.
      So yes, SJWs do attack Black men, and in the days ahead, I think that we will be seeing more and more attacks against Black men from SJWs. If experience serves as a teacher, when these attacks come, you may be able to expect an “unholy alliance” of conservatives and SJWs.

      1. It’s no accident that metal and hard rock are two of the very few worldwide movements that actually bring straight masculine men together – a brazilian metal band (sepultura) can induce 15.000 agitated greeks to gloriously beat each other in the mosh pit for instance – and as such, SJWs attack on metal is no accident either. I’m beginning to see – after games and metal – a much bigger anti-straight-masculine-male picture forming…

      2. Yes. Imagine a metal band mocking the jews and zionist power. Simply not possible. Christianity is safe ground, since its associated mainly with white culture.

      3. Yes. Imagine a metal band mocking the jews and zionist power. Simply not possible. Christianity is safe ground, since its associated mainly with white culture.

  25. If SJWs want to avoid marking themselves as inconsistent hypocrites, then they need to support those Norsemen responding to what they call A Thousand Years of Oppression.

    “I refuse to submit
    To the god you say is kind
    I know what’s right, and it is time
    It’s time to fight, and free our minds
    Let me die without fear!
    As I have lived without it
    So shut your mouth and spare my ears
    I’m fed up with all your bullshit
    After a thousand years of oppression
    Let the berserks rise again
    Let the world hear these words once more:
    “Save us, oh lord, from the wrath of the Norseman”
    Our spirits were forged in snow and ice
    To bend like steel forged over fire
    We were not made to bend like reed
    Or to turn the other cheek”

    1. Amon Amarth are quite awesome, some of their songs have decapitation sound effects. You feel like you are literally in the middle of a Viking raid.

      1. You must be thinking of the older song Amon Amarth from the “Once Sent from the Golden Hall” album. Blood Eagle from their latest CD has mutilation/torture sounds at the start. Great stuff, and I saw them play live twice this year, once in Boston and once in Detroit.

      1. Yes. One of my allegedly Polish forefathers must have been a Norseman riding the rivers of the eastern trail deep in the land of the Rus, because Amon Amarth inspires me like no other band, with both the lyrics and the riffs.

      1. Glad you dig it. Amon Amarth is criminally underappreciated, IMHO, and they put on a great energetic live show that I saw twice this year!

  26. Thanks ROK, this is some brilliant source material for my blog.
    The thing about sjws is, that they have no grasp on reality. They simply imagine the world is full of straight, “normal” , white males who want to take over the world and control everything.
    Whereas in reality – I’m a metalhead, grew up with it and I haven’t really found anything negative about the metal community that would ever make me want to side with this feminazi and social justice nonsense, and I’m definitely not going to side with a movement that has literally copy/pasted their arguments about gamergate and replaced the word “gamer” with “metal”. (which is exactly what the SJWS have done)

  27. SJWs are fascists because they scapegoat the ills of the world on a single ethnic group: white men. Scapegoating is a common element of fascism. For SJWs, white men serve the role of the boogieman, the devil, the Illuminati, etc. Therefore, they will irrationally oppose anything associated with white men.

  28. I think something like this is very interesting in the sense that specific factions are coming under fire (i.e.-gaming and metal) that could merge and become something very significant if the right conditions prevail. I’m not going to go on a tangent about specific ideologies in the groups, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter, is there is a larger target audience for a red pill movement.
    What a group like this has to benefit from this larger potential audience is a larger shared experience ( return of kings can be a place where guys of all walks of life, that go for girls , can talk about the issues in life that affect them) and a camaraderie amidst the backlash of feminist America.

  29. This seems like a squib to me. The Metal community is extremely fragmented into niche groups and there are plenty of damaged weirdos among them, including gays and women who are sympathetic to the SJW narrative. This is coming from a guy who loves Doom and Stoner.
    This basically seems like a big to do because some guy wants “metalheads” to stop saying “faggot.” I don’t think this is that big a problem for people outside their teens/early 20s where young men are compelled to prove they are not gay.
    America has a gay rape problem and young men in that age bracket have targets on their backs, that is the reason this word is prevalent. It has nothing to do with music. Once a male is outside of that age group there is less threat of homosexual exploitation so use of the word becomes less prevalent, at least in public.

  30. The article discussed this briefly, but the politicization of metal is due to punk’s current influence on the genre. CRASS wasn’t a “movement” it was a band. A lot of the leaders of current trends inmetal are actually punks that “grew up” and are now into metal, and brought typical punk political attitudes with them into the scene. Historically metal was basically apolitical, the change is entirely due to the influence of punk and hardcore.

    1. When the thugs form bands, look who gets record deals
      From New York metal labels looking to scam
      Who sign the most racist queer-bashing bands they can find
      To make a buck revving kids up for war

      1. Hahaha, but The Cro Mags are better then DK…and in the words of Wattie…”Jello Biafra…faggot!”
        But what im talking about isn’t Slayer ripping off hxc bands, its anarcho-punk worshipping crust bands, like Nausea.

  31. Metal exists because Rock N Roll quit being about rebellion and angst once large corporation got a hold of it. Or, for that matter it wasn’t extreme enough for our voices to all be heard.
    To imply that a vegetarian metal band is about angst against animal eaters, is like starting a band saying:”I don’t like the way you fucking breathe, so don’t inhale so deeply..”

  32. Metal seems like a natural second front against the SJWs after gaming. Why? Both involve asocial white men who don’t give a f*ck about gaining the approval of the broader society.
    Now, what’ll the third front be…

  33. All you need to know is that “San Francisco” is the first word in the news story in the youtube video. SF is the social justice worker capital of america. Everything else that follows is predictable.

    1. And…ironically, the birthplace of thrash metal. As an SF resident, dirtbag, and thrash metal fanatic, I can tell you the SJW thing is far from settled, even here.

  34. I think the term SJW should be changed to SJF (Social Justice Faggot). Because we know how much they love that word.

  35. SJWs taking on heavy metal is like the military taking on Godzilla — it never, ever ends well, and at best it’s filler until the real fight begins.

  36. The author makes the point that leftists/SJWs/feminists “assume that all subcultures that cater to outcasts should cater to all kinds of outcasts.” What we are finding now is that the “white cis hetero” IS the outcast, while the furry, trans, homo, xis, [email protected]$ is anything but the outcast. I feel like they trade perceived “privilege” as a currency and want to redistribute the wealth, like a retarded Robin Hood “robbing from the poor to give to the rich”.

  37. The difference with metalgate is that dealing with cunty social justice warriors is nothing new to us (metalheads). The majority of gamers were taken by surprise by the Zoe Quin scandal. They all sort of looked up all at once and went, “hey!” before they came back swinging, and quite admirably I must say.
    Whereas metalheads have been reviled by both the Left and the Right for decades. We were called neckbeards by SJWs long before the terms “neckbeard” and “SJW” came into being. We were telling socially conscious lefties to fuck off back when gaming consisted of plugging quarters into the new Pac Man machine all afternoon. We are used to being marginalized but have always persevered. We know how to handle this new crop of posers. We will make short work of them.
    As a metalhead of 25 years I can say this with the utmost confidence… this new crop of SJWs ain’t shit to us. They aren’t the first and they won’t be the last. Anyone remember Tipper Gore (Al Gore’s husband), Susan Baker and the PMRC? There was also a similar scandal with Metal Maniacs magazine in the early 90s when one of the editors got on the social justice train. She was run out on a rail by the metal community.
    As for metal being too “white,” I’ve got two words for you… Botswana cowboys
    …and I’ve got three more words for you…Angola metal scene!
    Metal is worldwide and we are only white in countries that have lots of white people in them. Even that has exceptions…namely Texas and California, where metalheads tend to be more Hispanic than white.
    So on behalf of metalheads worldwide, I’d like to thank the political Left and the SJWs for being the “posers” of this new generation. They have given us a new social enemy to rally against. 2014 has been one of the best years for heavy metal in a long time. Thanks to the SJWs…it’s only going to get better!
    “We don’t care what you say…FUCK YOU!” -Overkill

    1. After 25 years of defending myself for loving heavy metal and sometimes paying the price for not going along with shitty musical trends, I feel like a tgriseled

      1. Well said. They are fighting and ideology, and we’ve all seen how little luck the last two US Presidents have had with that. It’s damn near impossible.
        Plus, what are they going to do, scour every underground scene in every country and try to purge them of anything not up to their “standards”? If they want to bring a knife to a gun fight, then I’m licking my lips at the ready!

  38. I still remember as an impressionable young person listening to Cannibal Corpse, Fucked with a Knife. Ahhh memories

  39. I have over 3,000 metal CDs and a decent collection of vinyl and mp3s (all purchased, thank you). Not once have I heard the word “faggot” uttered a once. Most of the lyrics are about warfare, expulsion of wrath, and esoterica/The Left Hand Path. That’s metal. It’s The Devil’s music. Always has been, always will be. It’s such a worldwide unifying movement and the majority of the good stuff is so far underground that The SJWs would have to spend a lifetime trying to sterilize it (and not that they have anything better to do as is!). Maybe some that godawful late-90s/early-2000s mallcore fun rap-rock they tried calling nü-metal had some homophobic and misogynist lyric therein, but that garbage is dead in the water now, as irrelevant as ever, and no true metal purveryor gave it the time of day. Like the author said, don’t like it, look the other way. Your time/money/energy is better spent on something you actually like and respect instead of misbegotten on ANYTHING you see as beneath you!

  40. The solution is to push back in the best way possible. Return to the sex-fueled metal of the 1980’s. Nothing will piss them off more than to see our generation’s David Lee Roth or Tommy Lee parading around with scores of blondes with big tits and the IQ of a pineapple. I’m talking all out cock rock.

    1. I blame Kurt Cobain for killing rock and roll. He turned it from a hard, rebellious, highly masculine middle finger to authority into a whiney little proto-hipster left wing snark and cry into a pillow pajama boy party.
      He died, but not soon enough, the damage was done, the die was cast.

      1. You’re just wrong on that. The punk influence of grunge freed music. The 70’s and 80’s was filled with corporate stylist androgynous bands that were put together to make a quick buck for the record companies. Dull, lifeless music to sell to the masses and soulless pop rock to sell to coked out cunts in shoulder pads. Punk rock and the DIY movement showed that bands could do their own art however they chose. Groups like CRASS, Dischord Records and SST may have been left wing, but they were masculine as shit.

        1. I don’t see Led Zepplin, Rush, Pink Floyd and pre-1980’s Yes as particularly commercial and dull.

      2. I agree that Cobain was probably the inspiration of what I call “Depression Rock,” which is epitomized in the band, Staind. (Ugh, please stop singing about your first world problems!)

      1. Yes. And now they have changed course and the “conservatives” are holding on for dear life to a Progressive initiative. Too funny huh?
        The War On Some Men aka The War On Some Drugs. Maintained by your favorite Christians. Tradcons are as much the enemy of men as SJWs.
        In any case the SJWs have made a serious error promoting the end of Prohibition. It will shrink their tool.

        1. As a libertarian I support the repeal of all drug laws but ONLY because my hard right *values* sees it as a way to weed out the losers in society once and for all. Those that can do drugs and remain normal productive people, great, those that get addicted and end up dying on the sidewalk of a major shithole city, well, good riddance to them.

        2. I’m not pro-drugs. Rather, the laws for marijuana simply weren’t working, and the dangers of it are greatly exaggerated. A bad law is just a bad law.

  41. Here’s an idea: If you don’t like animal rights themed heavy metal, don’t buy it. Don’t go to their concerts. It’s just music. Entertainment. What’s the point of building a whole subculture and an identity, or a whole lifestyle, around one’s musical taste anyway? I’m not an outcast or a misfit. I’m not a practitioner of the lost art of goat sacrificing. I’m just a guy who likes certain kinds of heavy metal. And, here’s the thing, I don’t act like the kind of heavy metal I do like is somehow compromised by the existence of other kinds. Faggots, SJWs or whoever can make teletubby metal if they want, I don’t give a damn.

    1. Many people enjoy being part of a group or subculture. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and hanging out with other bikers, and if some faggots decided that they needed to invade the subculture they’d find themselves bleedingo on the street. No “if you don’t like faggot invasion, just stop hanging around other bikers while the faggots invade” bullshit.
      There is no need to be atomistic all the time. People, men especially, enjoy hanging together with men of similar interests and tastes. Confining us to our rooms sitting alone listening to albums on a 30 year old record player is not sound advice.

      1. Then just don’t hang out with the faggots. Don’t let them join your bike trips. You do not own the subculture, you have no legal or moral claim on dictating what it should be like. You self-identify as a libertarian, yet you’d use and endorse the use of privately administered coercive violence to restrict the freedom of association of others, rather than practice your own. Interesting that.

        1. Coercive violence? I’m telling you what would happen, not what I would personally do. I know these people, they won’t tolerate some primping pansy snarking at them for any length of time. In effect, they’d apply a correct remedy which would ensure that faggots would avoid our group in the future.
          Just the fact of the matter.

  42. So what now, every witchhunt these affronts to nature that look like men with female body parts (notice how so many look like Billy Idol?) go on from now on shall deemed “#(fill in the blank)gate”? Wow, how creative! That’s some real intellect manifesting there!

  43. Hahaha! This is great, cause guys who love metal REALLY give a shit whether you like what they have to say or not. Yes, always looking for approval….right. This will turn out great for SJWs I’m sure.
    They just can’t help starting a fight with everyone they come across.

  44. The article continues to prattle at length on about how wrong it is to use gay slurs and seems to assume that every thinking person naturally believes there is nothing wrong with homosexuality or transgenderism. It is odd how it spends more time talking about metal fans than actual metal music.
    But what if we call them faggots, queers, queens, butchdykes, fudge packers, poop chute plumbers, carpet munchers or gayballfaggotfaces in a friendly way? Heh.
    These SJW’s are quickly finding out that most normal people don’t like being told what to say or think. The mystical magic of political correctness is fading fast, and you can practically smell the fear in their little faggoty poopy pants over it all. Right now it’s at the public level, but soon it will arrive at the higher levels of society (media, entertainment, etc), then it’s over for them.

  45. This is going to be the SJWs’ Stalingrad. They have no clue what kind of beast they have awakened. The metalheads are actually anticipating the fight with equal parts glee and indignation – their only lament seems to be that the fun will be over too soon.

    1. My only regret is that they will never get around to targeting my social group, bikers. I cannot imagine some whiney hipster walking into a motorcycle rally and telling us to stop calling people faggot or to stop smacking our (adoring) women on the ass when they walk by.
      Pajama Boy: “Heeeeeeey. That’s not right, don’t treat that woman like a sex object! That’s sexist!”
      Biker: [opens patch covered vest displaying a handgun underneath]. [glares] [says nothing]
      Biker chick: Shut up you stupid faggot, I’d rather have Diesel smacking my ass and grabbing my tits than listen to your gay ass shit

      1. I was going to say, there are certain groups that will never die out because they are doing activities that only a certain type of person seeks out. I would include bikers, metalheads, and extreme sports enthusiasts. And for the later, I am not talking about X-games, but people that don’t even see what they do as a sport, rather a lifestyle. It’s risktaking behavior for the sake of itself and no one else, to find out what you are made of. No keyboard warrior has a chance.

  46. It is not smart to attack a culture of people who’s entire social consensus is based on the acceptance and necessity of death and war as a contrast to life and peace.

    1. Why don’t you go read ,,The Fault in Our Stars” or ,,Twilight” instead of putting your bullshit here?

  47. Metal has already had periods of commercialization and dumbing down. Back in the 80ties “hair ” metal became popular. In the mid to late 90ties it however became fully niggerized for good, with the embracement of rap music and fusions of other styles like left wing anarchist punk.
    So it really is not true that metal has become PC of late. 15-20 years ago it was already starting to conform to the cultural marxist agenda. The music industry wanted to expand its target demographic group, and hip-hop was coming into fashion. The result was that wiggers jumped aboard and started to subvert this traditionally white subculture from the inside. Metal has slowly become “safe” territory, where parents can place their frustrated nihilistic teens without qualms.
    Many metal bands have for a long time proclaimed that they are “tolerant” and “anti-racist”. Some even make a virtue of only mocking christianity and straying away from criticism of islam and judaism.
    Only extreme and underground metal and folk music is free from PC brainwashing today. Any band that wants commercial succes and wants to enjoy broad appeal in this day and age needs to conform to the PC agenda.
    The SJW movement is just the latest development in the sanitization of a white subculture.

    1. Who gives two shits about “broad appeal”? Turn it to 11, throw down some power chords and fuckin’ head bang. Popular appeal is Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I’d rather staple shit to my foreskin than listen to “popular” music.
      I believe, though, youre talking about the bastard children of true thrash metal…lame crap like avenged sevenfold and slipknot. There is still plenty of hard, heavy shredding going on. Havok is one of my current favorites. Check out their cover of Slayer’s immortal “Postmortem” and “Raining Blood”

  48. I consider myself a metalhead but by the same token my iPod has everything from Black Sabbath and Napalm Death to Rachmaninov, Yanni and Kelly Clarkson (Fuck y’all, ‘Breakaway’ is a killer record!! :-P).
    I’m not going to deny that there is definitely a more openly hostile ‘bro culture’ in the metal scene that has been brought about (some have said) by the immense commercial success of Metallica back in the 90’s. Suddenly dumb jocks and their girlfriends were going to metal shows (and screaming for the band’s biggest radio hit after every single song!) and a mosh pit became a place to brutalise and beat other people.
    But, let’s be honest, these are the exact same kinds of people also start brawls at sporting events, nightclubs and anywhere their crippling insecurities can come out as mindless violence. It’s not necessarily the music that does it.
    But, as we’re seeing. the SJWs are just swinging in every direction and losing credibility by the day. If they think metal fans or bands are going to indulge their bullshit with any sort of phony ‘support’ they’re in for a shock.

  49. Cattle decapitation does not talk about how “hardcore” it is to be vegetarian. Their lyrical content is gore based, centred around subjecting humans to the same torture of factory farming, which I don’t think most people are fans of anyway. Their last album, monolith of inhumanity did get away from that angle slightly but that’s not really the point. They belong in death metal because they have a gore aesthetic, not a vegetarian one.
    If you actually wanted to make any kind of argument you are looking in the wrong place because there are a handful of vegan /straight edge hard core bands, but lifestyle choices are not the message of cattle decap.

  50. Look at cattle decapitation’s albums and compare to old hypocrisy like penetralia and Osculum Obscenu…sounds like their entire sound was stolen.

  51. The whole “SJW’s don’t want equality, they want supremacy” didn’t really dawn on me until a few years ago. Now it’s interesting because everywhere you look in sitcoms, movies, news, and even commercials there is clearly an illustrated a bias against ‘white’ culture. And since we’re in the year of the female, white females typically have the loudest voice. It’s hard to even have a conversation about American or European history without some self-loathing brainwashed simpleton parroting some phrase about how horrible we are. Please note, there are no positive white male stereotypes. There is a box they want to define us into and it grows smaller by the day.

  52. I stopped saying straight, started saying “sane”. You know, because sane men don’t want to chop off their dick, dip it in fecal matter, put it inside a dog or a 13 year old, or do any other crazy crap with it.
    SJWs will be the death of this corrupt age.

  53. ‘Are you part of an outcast subculture like metalheads? Don’t worry, you can find companionship amongst the alternative right! Hell, don’t even worry about all that ‘metal’ stuff, that’s just part of the issue, what matters is that leftists (oh yeah, all leftists are SJWs and hate you for being white men, we’re the only people standing up for you) are subverting white culture, and you need to hear the untold story of Adolph Hitler, and learn how women go for alpha fux and beta bux! Just start to equate all left-wingers with the retarded tweens on tumblr and the middle-class hipsters who write for Vice, and you’ll be ready to take the red suppository, ever heard of ZOG?’
    Ram your cunt article up your cunt arse, cunt.

  54. Fucking lol. Does this author know anything about metal?
    “Christians are not the only ones who inject ill-fitting lyrics into
    any music genre they can find. A metal band called Cattle Decapitation sings about how hardcore it is to be vegetarian. At least the Christian metal is only marketed towards Christians, but this pussified street preacher (the animal rights band, not the Christians) wants to be considered one of the regulars in the metal community.”
    Please explain how Black Sabbath, Trouble and Candlemass were “marketed towards Christians”. I’ll be here waiting!
    “But did the metalheads ask for animal rights lyrics? If not, then
    pick up an acoustic guitar and find a different venue. And of course
    this animal rights band is drawing in animal rights activists to the
    venues, thus corrupting the exclusivity of the subculture.”
    Somebody never heard of Carcass, the band that invented the whole “gore metal” schtick and were massive animal rights supporters, and have even written lyrics on the topic. As have Sodom, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault, Atrophy, and probably others I’m forgetting.
    In other words, get back to sucking each other off in the gym locker room you faggot jock posers and don’t touch my fucking metal. You stupid fucks are just as bad as the PC straight-edge douches!

  55. I’m surprised I only just saw this article.
    Cattle Decapitation is pretty well known. If people didn’t want vegetarian lyrics then they wouldn’t have survived for almost 20 years. Two decades makes them “regulars.”
    Geezer Butler–the bassist for Black Sabbath–is vegan.
    Napalm Death are left-wingers.
    Sodom is anti-war.
    The black metal band in the picture at the top is Gorgorth. Their ex-lead singer Gaahl, who was with the band for 9 years, is openly gay.
    Rob Halford, the singer for Judas Priest, is openly gay.
    Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Napalm Death are all huge names, and Sodom, Gorgoroth, less so but still very big.
    Dude, you really don’t know jack shit about metal. The point is, us metalheads don’t really care that much about the politics, we care about the music. That’s why someone like Rob Halford, who is gay as gay can be, is nicknamed “The Metal God” and highly respected in the scene. Sure, Rob is gay, but…..we don’t give a flying fuck!!!!
    And then on the other hand, you have Nicko McBrain, the drummer for Iron Maiden, who is an evangelical Christian, and Pete Sandoval is another Christian convert, who used to play drums for Morbid Angel and now plays for Terrorizer.
    “outcast subcultures.”
    Give me a fucking break. Metal is not an “outcast subculture.” It’s not as popular as it was in the 80s and early 90s, but it’s not exactly the domain of social rejects wallowing on the edges of society.

    1. I’d like to add my two cents. Metal may be white in America, but there are countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Japan who have their own rich rock scenes, and they don’t exactly fall into the so called Anglosphere. Even Iraq had at one point one metal band, Accrasicauda, and they became the focus of an excellent Vice documentary. Ditto Journey, who took on a Filipino as their lead singer. I suspect it’s this whole racial nonsense, it’s not just liberals, it’s America in general.

  56. There is no genre of metal that is more the antithesis of SJWs than Norwegian Black Metal. It’s ironic that Satanists are at the forefront of fighting SJW bullshit and trying to preserve Western culture. It’s that good ole Viking rape and pillage mentality.

  57. I don’t know if you really understand metal. Metal isn’t about being offensive, it’s about making QUALITY, complex music, heavy music.

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