Why Men Should Call Out Cockblocks More Often

I recently went to a nightclub where I spent much of the evening interacting with women, having fun and hoping to find a hook-up. Nothing particularly unusual there, you might say. After all, not only am I a game writer, but men hitting on women is hardly anything new.

Not, apparently, as far as the female friends of a couple of the girls I approached were concerned, though. On more than one occasion I experienced unpleasant and rude cockblocking from mother-hens. This led me to contemplate anew something that has been on my mind for a while – that cockblocking is on the rise in Western society. The practice is a direct attempt by the female imperative to limit and control men’s agency and expression of their natural masculine desire through shaming. It is the duty of men to speak out against this. That night I confronted a cockblock. Here’s what happened.

I was at a Halloween party at a club where – well, let’s just say it’s the kind of place where people dress up, become uninhibited through various means, and where security turns a blind eye to any naughtiness that ensues. It’s well-known as a highly sexual place, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone there that guys are going to approach girls.

I walked up to a slinky young cutie wearing black angel wings chatting with a group of friends. I said hi. She turned to me and smiled. I reached out and briefly touched her on the arm. I did this because one of the tenets of game that has worked consistently well for me over the years is to physically interact with girls as early as possible. But here’s the thing – no pick-up technique works 100% of the time. You’ll always get that one girl with whom your killer line falls flat, who doesn’t get your sense of humour or your cool dress sense. In this case, the girl shook her head lightly and moved her arm away.

No big deal. Note that she didn’t tell me to fuck off, or indicate that my presence was unwelcome. She simply made it clear that she wasn’t comfortable with me getting physical with her – yet. That was her prerogative, and absolutely fine by me. I would never do anything against a girl’s will, or advocate doing so, but being cheeky, assumptive and persistent is all part of the game.

Had I continued talking to her, then perhaps she would have become comfortable enough with me to allow things to escalate – this has certainly been my experience many times in the past. Or maybe not. In that case I would have said goodnight and walked off. Either way: no big deal.

It’s called socializing.

Unfortunately, things weren’t allowed to continue on their natural course. I heard someone calling me, and looked up to see one of the girl’s friends superciliously waving me away.

‘”What’s her problem? Is she in a bad mood?” I asked Angel Wings, who smiled and shrugged.

Annoyed at what I regarded at an unnecessary intervention, I approached the cockblock.

“What’s up?” I said, smiling.

“She told you to go away. Go.”

“She didn’t, actually. You should be more polite to people.”

“So should you.”

“This is a nightclub. People socialize here – it’s normal. You need to think about how you speak to people you don’t know.”

The girl, a shorthaired mediocrity of boyish figure and awkward height, looked surprised but defiant. In her estimation, right was on her side. After all, she was defending a defenseless girl from an unknown male interlocutor. Is there a less assailable position to be in? The whole of western culture had her back.

“You need to think about how you treat girls,” she said.

“I was talking to her. There’s nothing wrong with that. You need to be less rude.”

She laughed nervously.

“And you need to stop going around groping girls.”

Now I know I had her. She knew it too. To “grope” is defined by my dictionary as “to fondle someone for sexual pleasure.” “Fondle” is defined as “to stroke or caress lovingly or erotically.” I had touched the girl fleetingly on the forearm. The gesture was not sexual, nor could it have been construed as such by any sane onlooker.

“I didn’t grope her. You need to stop lying, think about how you speak to people in public and be less rude,” I said. Then I walked away.

OK, I lost my chance with Angel Wings, and my retorts were hardly earth-shattering, but I couldn’t help feeling a sense of satisfaction. If a girl is being seriously harassed by a man, then I have no problem with her friends stepping in to help. But I was sober, and talking to Angel Wings in a normal, fun way. The cockblock simply stepped in too quickly, and was rude and obnoxious. When I politely pointed out to her that she had overstepped the mark, she lied in order to strengthen her position.

Often, when considering male-female interactions, it is useful to imagine what would have happened had the man in question been a celebrity. Would Ryan Gosling get cockblocked in a club? Unlikely. The best way to deal with cockblocking is to prevent it happening in the first place. As a general rule, the more high value you appear on your approach, the less likely you are  to face it.

The situation with Angel Wings happened early in the night while I was warming up — most likely I wasn’t in top form yet. When I’m having a great night, I hardly ever get blocked. That said, rejection is part of the game. Most non-psychopathic men know and accept this. If anything, men are too timid when they approach women, too apologetic. Bitchy girls “protecting” their friends are surplus to requirements: in the vast majority of cases the man will run away despondently at the first sign of disinterest from his target.

Of course, it depends on what your objectives are, and the particulars of a given situation, but I would encourage you to speak up when you are treated rudely by women in public. To be clear, I’m not advocating butthurt ranting. Be polite, but firm, and explain why she is in the wrong. Shame her for her social impropriety – rudeness and obnoxiousness – rather than allowing her to shame you for what she (wrongly) perceives as yours.

With society backing them up, and little fear of reprisals, some girls think they can get away with absurd degrees of unpleasantness in public. If they are not called out on this then the problem will only get worse. A word of warning, though – as the incident described here shows, the woman you stand up to may not be above falsifying her version of events if you upset her. If she does so, then rest assured that there will be plenty of white knights around to help her out, and some of them may be wearing security badges.

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177 thoughts on “Why Men Should Call Out Cockblocks More Often”

  1. calling them out does nothing. All it does is gets security involved then no other girl in the club wants to talk to you. Just walk away. the woman is obviously crazy and will not change her ways despite what you do in response. walking away is not being a pussy, it’s realizing that you need to take your fun elsewhere.

    1. I totally agree. While I like most of Troy’s articles, this one smells of a rant. Perhaps if the world was how we might like it to be, then yes, but that’s not being very “red pill” now is it?

      1. walking away actually pisses them off more because you didn’t value them enough to stick around.

    2. Exactly correct. You cannot win against a salvo of reflex chick defenses delivered by a potentially mentally-unstable woman.
      The only possible way back “in” when one of these dangerous women intercedes (and by the way, she *was* dangerous. She accused the writer of assault in no uncertain terms) is to ping on *her* radar. For this move, you require a wingman to neutralize her.
      But again, she was a dangerous woman who placed the writer in potentially serious personal jeopardy. Anyone who thinks those words are too strong, they are not. The danger posed by the assault-accuser was very real. Security can get involved in a nanosecond. And so can the law. So as Dallas said, it’s better to walk away and flirt with a cutie who is unencumbered by dangerous, psychologically damaged friends.

    3. Calling out women on there misdeeds and social ineptitude has never done anything for me in the past. In the world of self righteousness and rationalization, women are king, queen, and jester. Their narcissism knows no bounds and trying to “teach them a lesson” is a fool’s errand. The only time bringing up a woman’s slights are worth your time, effort, or breath is if you are already an established couple and she does something out of line. At that point you have a relationship with her that most likely neither her nor yourself want to jeopardize so having a dialogue regarding any misconduct may be beneficial.
      Other than that, if a broad is giving you a hard time then just unapologetically ignore as any further investment you make into the interaction is just feeding her hamster, ego, and taking away your time and effort… unless you genuinely enjoy entertaining the broad or its for some kind of social experiment.

      1. Most women are frankly unteachable. I hate wasting my time trying to teach a dog manners.

      2. I just leave them with a parting comment and quickly walk away before they can get the last word in. That rather irritates certain women as they always want the last word.

  2. Women have a network. A network wherein only women connect with each other. It is not visible nor decipherable to men. Every woman, no matter how she feels about other woman personally, will try to stick up for her when it comes to men. She will do her best to keep that woman away from the man.
    This is rooted in the natural female tendency of increasing the price of sex. Women always strive to increase the price of sex. Thus, any opportunity they have to remove the sexual opportunity for the man by turning her “BFF” against the man is gratifying and pleasurable to her. She feels delighted every time she is able to stop the man from getting access to sex.
    So it’s not just preventing her friend from having sex that is the purpose, but also preventing the man from having sexual pleasure that acts as the motivation behind these shenanigans.
    Women are much more than we give them credit for.

    1. this happened to me recently . A chick I was texting was overtly sexual in our conversations. We went drinking on the first date, having a great conversation. I invited her over 2 days later. nothing but crickets …. she wanted to be a cock tease.

      1. Maybe she wanted you to drill her, and didn’t understand how dangerous it is for a guy to jam a broad if she didn’t sign and notarise the consent-form first.

    2. “Women always strive to increase the price of sex. Women always strive to increase the price of sex”
      There’s no feminist initiative that can’t be explained in terms of the above

      1. Their approach is akin to a (dumb) marketeer selling fruit on a stall.
        At the start, they show off their wares well arranged, and the ripe fruit is enticing for prospective customers but for prohibitive prices.
        So, the market’s powers-that-be say it’s good practice to lower prices, give freebies to passing sceptical customers, and move stuff around, and make the ‘buying fruit experience’ fun for the customer, as in ‘fruit fight’, ‘fruit painting’, etc. In the process, much of the goods start deteriorating in some way, and not many real sales made.
        Then, at the last, the marketeer decides to resort to raise the price again so as to compensate for time and goods lost, and offload as much as possible before the market shuts. This works on the short term – however customers, even if attracted initially, return for a refund disgusted with the poor quality of the produce. Seller tries a great deal of bartering, and when it does not work, gives into paying the customer back their money, afraid of “market shaming”.
        Result – immense amounts of rotten fruit by the rubbish bins when the market shuts for the day.
        Easily relatable to the western society SMP.

    3. Naw. Women want to control sex. Increasing the price is the most common result, but decreasing the price also occurs.

      1. You don’t get it. What you perceive as “decreasing” is merely women fulfilling their desires. No matter how cuntish a woman may be, she will, at some point or the other, have the desire to have sex, won’t she? So what you think as them decreasing the price or “liking you so much” so as to have sex with you is nothing but them trying to satisfy themselves. In addition, there is a category of sluts as well, who give in frequently, but that is not because they want to decrease the price but because their sexual drive is more powerful and they simply “don’t care”. Even the sluts of today will want to exploit men tomorrow, it’s just that they are in a phase where they want sex more than they want to exploit. With time, every woman will try to increase the price. After all, they only stand to benefit from it.

        1. The price a man pays is the price he pays. Why a woman charges more or less is inconsequential. But they do indeed charge less even if most of the times they charge more. Pure economics.

        2. “The price a man pays is the price he pays. Why a woman charges more or less is inconsequential.”
          This is called ignorance. You actually won’t care if in order to sleep with a woman you have to jump through loops and spend half your salary on her every month? Come on man.
          Like I explained above, when they are charging less, they are doing so for themselves, not for you. Try to understand. Their agenda is to increase, but they also have desires, and there comes a point when their desire trumps their agenda. That does not mean the agenda is not there.

        3. Hey dumb ass. I don’t care if I get a cheap price because the computer is down, the tag is wrong, or because the sales lady is pissed and giving away her employee discount.
          All that mattersto me is price.
          And as I said before, women want to control sex… which means they can modify price up or down at will… just like a shop owner. Most of the times that price will be up… but not always.
          You really need to get out more.

        4. Hey retard, I don’t know what your problem is, nor do I understand what the hell are you arguing for. It seems like you enjoy pointless bickering. Do you even understand the stupidity in your own comment? You are agreeing, and yet slightly disagreeing and continuing it for god knows what reason. Maybe you have a lot of time to waste but all of us do not. Believe whatever you want to, be as ignorant as you want to and think whatever you want. I have already explained it twice. If you don’t get it, no problem. Good bye

        5. You fail when you assume the typical western slut likes sex at all. No matter how many cocks pounded her several holes, even simultaneously.

        6. In western women, their [sexual] desires have been excised or at least rewired.
          That might be one of the reasons that more than 80% of western women never had anything but a clitoral orgasm (if even that).

    4. They do network and make eye contact with each other.
      Also I have realized they don’t want to look like a ‘bitch’ for saying no..even if they were with you the entire night/bought them drinks, so they let their bitch friend do the dirty work.

    5. I disagree. I think it is more about competition between women. Woman, even if they are friends, are insanely jealous of each other. They hate it when a friend has “the perfect man” and they they don’t. Misery loves company and so they will try to sabotage their “friends”. I have seen exactly this when my girlfriends single “friends” tell her to leave me. Women don’t have “friends” they have frenemies.
      There is no solidarity between women, no code of honor. These words have no meaning to them. They never do anything for the benefit of another woman.

      1. “A [female’s female] friend is just an enemy who hasn’t attacked yet” – Skipper.

    6. Precisely. And because they act wholeheartedly toward their own interest irrespective of ours I feel no sympathy towards them – none. For if its a game, “to the victor goes the spoils”.
      I believe they have a lot more support than we can ever hope to have so my advice is act according to your own terms and cut the feelings of regret mercy and sympathy for you shall receive none

  3. Nightclubs symbolise the degeneracy and downfall of the west.
    This is one of the reasons why I hate living in the West- seeing fucking tatted, obsese women in their 40s still going to nightclubs, vomiting on the street, taking actual shit on the pavements and the beta simp bald bastard men you see on the streets, thinking this is normal behaviour.
    Fuck these women. Worst breed of asshole bastards I have ever seen.

    1. if more men rented escorts and stopped going to clubs, the women would be left with each other, which would be akin to putting the KKK in the same room as Malcolm X. They would have no male attention and would be forced to behave better.

      1. Saves money and time too, and it’s usually high quality and a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

        1. yea I don’t understand the hatred towards hookers. Even if you have good game, the amount of bullshit and effort you go through (and legal risks) to get laid are astronomical.
          Any man with a real career just doesn’t have time for that shit, you realize its all pointless.

        2. society in the USA has deemed that to be disgusting. Actually all escorts (the good ones) require condoms so they are cleaner than the club skanks. The feminazis have told all the males that prostitution is exploitation and it means, as a male, you have no game.
          I think of it as the equivalent of females using makeup. A 5 can turn into a 9 with the right makeup so they in fact are lying to get attention and score a man. They are most likely ugly without makeup.
          So we can use prostitutes to satisfy our urges and pretend we do not need women.

        3. Exactly.
          By the way, escorts are some of the most honest and pleasant women I’ve experienced, great sex too (as long as you have taste and don’t fuck trash – then it’s just like a cheap club girl). Ohhh, and absolutely no head ache/attention hoaring phone calls afterwards.

        4. Its legal in nevada. Its more a zoning regulation than moral issue. People are worried their property values go down if the house next door becomes a massage parlor with a red sign in the window.

        5. Keeping prostitution illegal is feminism’s top priority. It forces most men to have to put up with the women complained about here.
          A wise commentator remarked that had Robin Williams spent $100 a night on a hooker instead of getting married, he could have gotten sex every night for ~90 years and still paid less than what he paid for alimony.

        6. If they don’t take care of themselves they lose customers. Honest and efficient.

        7. To bad they don’t have a choice, many quality girls run game out of an apartment in nice neighborhoods.

        8. One compromise that I have heard in regards to this problem is to allow prostitutes but require them to visit their clients at their home/hotel and prohibiting houses of ill repute. I swear that I read that Ontario does this but apparently that’s not true. Would help explain Ontario womens’ extraordinarily poor reputation among puas.

        9. Exactly!
          Thsi is why PROFESSIONAL whores are pushing out AMATEUR whores out of the sexual marketplace. This is why women must resort to this kind of childish power plays of feminism and social justice to force men to ignore the simple fact that better pussy is available without the hassles of marriage and relationships at a fraction of the price, while providing a rainbow of variety and immediacy the typical western woman can’t match.
          As men wake up this fact the who game collapses for women as they find themselves alone with their rage, their mental disorders, their eating disorders and their crazy cats growing old and haggardly, with no hope of the fantasy they thought they were entitled to as little princesses in waiting.
          The Kings are Returning! Women are desperately fighting to save what little they have left, and will soon loose to the hoard of whores who will soon take their positions as princesses in the KINGDOMS OF THE KINGS.

        10. Ones I’ve had are young and clean, and no mouth kissing – she’s not your girlfriend. Not a good idea to mouth kiss any of the sluts you meet anyways.

        11. Thanks for the advise, but I’m still worried about letting her mouth or pussy anywhere near my skin, since that’s all it takes to transmit these STDs, and the idea of a full-body condom doesn’t really appeal.

        12. None, never been in “the club”, never so much as held hands with a girl.
          Back to the matter at hand: Is that a yes? Because it sounds like one.

        13. Prostitution would actually help their “Yes means Yes” campaign. In prostitution there is clear contract, with the exchange of consideration, and no uncertainty about whether the woman consents to sex.
          We should campaign for legal prostitution in the interest of women’s rights, protecting them from date rape and allow men to clearly understand when and when it is not OK to penetrate.
          The problem of date rape will be permanently solved.

        14. Why would I care to solve a problem that has no impact on me, so that others who already have more political power than I do are benefitted, especially when the solution most likely would come at my expense?
          The “Yes means Yes” law in California is an atrocity. It would allow for any woman to more credibly accuse a man of rape not just even when they didn’t have sex, but had no contact of any kind whatsoever. It makes it even harder for innocent men to prove their innocence, which they already have to do when they are falsely accused of rape.

        15. My experience is that a bar fly or club girl will shove her tongue down your throat and fuck you in the bathroom bareback.
          An escort asks you to shower first, doesn’t mouth kiss, gives bj and bangs with a condom. A professional who is trained to be clean and can’t afford sores on her mouth and certainly doesn’t want to explain to her boyfriend where they came from.

        16. “By the way, escorts are some of the most honest and pleasant women I’ve experienced, great sex too”
          I don’t know what kind of “normal females” you have experienced but I can assure you they are not generally honest or pleasant and the sex is well…. just a job for them.
          I do have some experience in this field, over the last 5 years about x2 a week. If you get to know them a bit you see they are way more emotionally damaged than club sluts.

        17. “Sex is legal; Buying stuff is legal, but Prostitution is not? This doesn’t make any sense!” – George Carlin

        18. Actually, since feminism posits that women control their own bodies, legal prostitution is perfectly in line with the philosophy. A model in which the sex worker is respected and protected by labor laws, licensing and health codes would allow her (or him) the freedom to truly negotiate a fair price for services and avoid becoming prey to criminals of all sorts (pimps who steal from their labor wages, sex traffickers and unscrupulous johns who may abuse and not pay).

        19. My dear friend, legal sex workers can also service the older cat lady. It’s a win win for all concerned 🙂

      2. One of the most fun times in my life was the two drunken weeks I spent in Thailand on shore leave.The ladies there were skinny and feminine and even though they got paid for sex they were still remarkably more of a woman than the night club tatted, foul mouthed fat skanks in any western night club.

    2. Don’t hold back, Urban. Tell us how you really feel 😀
      As hard as I try, I can’t make myself go. It’s like trying to find motivation to swim in piss. It was not like this in Europe.

    3. Just go to the one’s that don’t let women like that in. There are plenty of places in big cities where clubs either have VIP areas or simply reject the skanks because of “dress code.”

    4. “seeing fucking tatted, obese women in their 40s still going to nightclubs”
      It’s really the only place that these unwanted women have left. No one of real value wants them any longer. The only ones left are the beta providers and white knights who may take these “leftovers”.

      1. To quote Toecutter from Mad Max:
        “And we’re going to teach them, Bubba”.
        Teach these beta chumps not to be chumps by mercilessly shaming them and these night clubs become clam fests.

    5. There’s the attitude! Not really.
      If you cannot score with these morbidly obese land whales waiting to spawn, if they have not already done so; you will really fail overseas.
      It is not hard to imagine that all countries have the cock block, the queen bee, and the hen-pecker who nags her men into submission. They are everywhere. Even in the land of so called white guy heaven, Japan. And everywhere else.
      My wife is south Asian, and knew of feminism before ever leaving her country.
      Make no mistake, these man hating harpies are everywhere, and their message resonates with the less-articulately-gifted harpy. You have to know how to deal with them.
      Besides, losing your chance with a whole lew of raging hot tail is not a problem when you have game.
      Case in point, Honolulu 2003. This was back when the Irish Rose was a bar before the building got knocked down.
      I approached a group of nubile young lovelies, and asked one to dance with me. This was before I had my far more adept silver tongue.
      She gave me the beta nightmare scenario of not only scoffing at me, but getting up to leave.
      My immediate reaction….uncontrollable laughter. I am a big man, with a booming, deep voice. She had to stop to look at me as I started laughing, and saw me waving my out stretched hand, palm down, waving her away with no care or concern for her displeasure.
      What about her hot friends? Their collective jaws dropped, and told me “Good for you! Way to stand up for yourself!” She witnessed this, and proceeded to continue her plan towards the bathroom, but ran there.
      Now, back then, I was in extremely great shape, at 6’5. Not a bad looking man, had a great job, no kids, and was living an exciting existence. She could have done much worse, and a few other, very attractive women noticed. I danced with them instead, and all of us kept looking at her with grins. She tried later to smile at me, and got the same hand gesture as before, with her friends laughing at her for her snobbish behavior. The men who it on her after, not as good as me. 🙂
      She knew it. The beta biotch stayed with her friends, and I left with a hotty better than her, and her friends giving her a good ribbing because of it.
      Women know. They just want a man who can handle their shit.
      You have to understand, these women are like naval vessels. They have sonar, and a crew made up largely of their lack of family structure (metaphorical crew mind you). So, they continually drop drama charges, and constantly use their questioning like sonar to determine that the alpha’s submarine, with it’s amazing destructive power just below the surface is still there. By all means, let them know you still have the goods, and if need be sink a few of her idle threats with your sonar letting her know you are dialed in, capable of sinking her battleship, or the battleship of another if she fails to comply. If you catch my drift?
      So, many of them have a mind made up of a poor crew from a lack of strong familial relations. They have the equipment, in most cases, but are amateurs in how they use it.
      You need to understand how a sub works, and why “deterrence” is so effective. Other nations now, that if they bomb us, they face the triad of nuclear butt whooping.
      1. ICBMs planted in unknown locations, assume these are your connections you project without saying by your confidence. If you can bluff well, then she will assume you have the proverbial ace up your sleeve.
      2. Long range bombers. These are your wingmen. If you have good ones, her little worker bees will be busy receiving “their payload.”
      3. The Seawolf submarine/LA Attack class/boomer. The LA or Seawolf class are capable of destroying an entire city, then lying in wait for the enemy fleet to come out like a bunch of angry hornets whose nest is on fire…and sink every damn one of them with no one knowing the difference. The boomer is the Ohio class. That is potentially the most lethal weapon in our arsenal. For it hides for months, and can unleash the death of the world in less than a minute.
      Why did I just make this comparison?
      Because you need to be a predator who can handle business, and be unafraid of what you will face, because your strategy is effective, and already in place. And it must be backed up by competent wingmen, and their buddy, you, who knows that he too can unleash hell if a stupid broad pulls a Lena Dunham cockblocking routine.
      Know how to be suave, but exude a confidence born out of the ability to know that you can unleash psychotic intellectual hell if a broad challenges you. Thereby leaving a destructive wake that she, and her ancestors, and her descendents may feel for a long, long time.
      Lastly, if she is truly crazy, or just horny, she may become you and your new FWB’s stalker, and potential threesome.
      Use wisely.

  4. The “fat girl and fat girl’s friend” cockblocks are the worst. The fatty is like a guilt anchor for the other. But if you brought a fat wing man to take up the fatty, she’d get all like “I deserve Brad Pitt”.

    1. hot chicks view other hot ones as a threat to their self serving needs. the fat one makes the hot one feel better about herself. Women’s only value is their sex appeal and the women use that power from ages 14-30. After that the expiration date looms and they get a little friendlier. too little too late in my book.

      1. Yeah you are right though I have a hard time gauging “is fatty being brought along so her friend looks better or is this a ‘grrls’ alliance’ thing?”
        In a way, if the non-fat girl is less than a 7 via paint (a sub-5 painted to be at a higher level) then yes fattie is along for the ride as a downward comparison feature. If the non-fattie is a natural over 6 perhaps then it’s her fat cousin from Arkansas or something because natural 6+ don’t need fugly drones distracting her beta orbiters.

        1. Actually, it might be that the hot one is just being nice to Fathilda, thinking she might get some attention by coming along with her, whereas if alone, Fathilda would be ignored.

      2. Yes, fat bitches are used as cannon fodder by hot girls to re-direct attetntion back to them. That’s it, that’s all. Oh no wait, they must like the fat girls for their winning personality, that’s right! Suuuuure!

    2. Isn’t that the fucking truth.
      I look at some of these women and wonder “how the hell do you have the nerve to be so picky, fatty?”. These women expect a man to accept them just the way they “are” (aka fat) but they want the good looking, top notch, in shape guy?
      Talk about balls on these big women….Jesus.

  5. The cover picture is not exactly cock block but the girl in the middle tries to stop the man from disciplining his woman. The girl in the left is in fact pissed off with her girlfriend as she craves the whipping. The girl in the middle wants the man for herself. The man, as usual, is just confused by the bitches irrational behaviour.

  6. I have found three strategies work well for cock blocks. First, ask them to do something, get you a drink, throw something away, anything that gets them away or makes them look rude if they don’t do it. Second, turn the conversation to something that is embarrassing to them, nothing to obvious, but where you can appear superior. In this case I would have opted for strategy three: completely ignore them.

  7. Day game is totally under valued. I personally don’t have what it takes for night game, but luckily I see so much more opportunity during the day.
    Going 1 on 1, in a quiet area, is an extreme test of your will and wit. Makes you better quick.

    1. Day game is a much better option, and a TON cheaper. Oh, and it isn’t dark and you can see her in her natural environment (that she isn’t some f’d up moron).

      1. I agree – daygame does eliminate a lot of this crap. But the results can often be more immediate from night game. Therefore I like to do a bit of both.

        1. Bent over the sink is usually a bit quicker, than you can get right back in there for another one if you feel like it.
          Why doesn’t anyone mention how the rest of the broads act after you just worked one in a dark corner or the bathroom?

      2. True – you can see if her stomach has stretch marks that look like a National Geographic(TM) road atlas from having kids or not.

    2. Correct. Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles is probably much better. In fact, internet dating might make more sense. The club scene leads to plenty of silly behavior that is not really worth the effort. If you want to meet women in clubs, go out abroad. In the USA you will find too much ego and jerks out there.

  8. Sometimes in life a risk must be taken so that bs can be exposed and the bs’er shaken. It may have been risky to call out a hamster drone on her bs, but the results speak for themselves. Bravo.

  9. Don’t call them out, just befriend them. I find that mother hens are the easiest to game as they crave a dominant man. First you befriend the mother hen, then it’s all about dividing and conquering

    1. To hell with that. Why befriend someone who clearly insults you or thinks you’re a punching bag? Walking away and hitting on the 10 other chicks in the room devalues the crazy chicks behavior. Walking away shows that you do not care and are there to have fun, not be a verbal sparring dummy.

      1. In many cases walking away is the best policy, I agree. After all, no point in wasting time.
        But believe me – it doesn’t devalue the crazy chick, in her eyes at least. You walk away, she just thinks she’s won.

        1. so let her think she’s won. You’re there to have fun. Her crazy is better left for some other chump to deal with. Her future will consist of a surplus of beta males and anti depressants. Does James Bond try to change his enemies? Do you try to make a stripper into a housewife? you can try but we both know what the results would be. Chicks do not think logically, so why would a logical argument wok with them? Only with someone you have a relationship with, yes, but with total strangers? no, not gonna happen.

        2. Well, James Bond Bond dominates and destroys his enemies. But I take your point it should be about your own fun.
          Problem is, sometimes idiots can detract from that fun and sometimes – sometimes – they need to be told.

        3. I’m always in fear of the female who is willing to call 9/11 or the bouners at the drop of a hat even if you have not committed a crime. it’s the process of proving your innocence that I want to avoid.

        4. The James Bond example is always a good one, because he is polite and suave… so often we allow people to emote and shame, through exaggerations, and that is exactly their intention……. this is a great article, not just for game but in all senses… people everywhere hide behind a mask of inhibitions and insecurities and to maintain that facade they require you to play the same game… they play on your insecurities and essentially put their shit on you, for whatever reason….. cockblocker in this example is probably jealous, out to prove something or just trying to make her night better by spoiling someone elses…. this is what people do….. especially women and weak men….. when you control your emotions, think smart and quick and put people in their place, they have no choice but to shut up…

  10. Put it on the woman you are interested in instead.
    “Your friend is rude. Get back to me after you ditch her.”
    Then walk away.

    1. Agree and good point – call out the friend on the bad behavior. If you are just saying “hi”, then there should be no real (or perceived) threat.
      Or tell the friend to mind her fucking business.

    2. This.
      Why is her friend, or her issues your problem?
      She either fixes her problem, or she does not perceive she has one, and neither scenario concerns you.

  11. This goes for dealing with cock blockers of the male persuasion as well, in fact, doubly so. More men need to step up, as far as calling out social indiscretions is concerned in general. A woman drunk in public… shame her severely by letting her know how damaging that is for her health and how unattractive it really is… A man doesn’t rack his weights at the gym…. let him know that’s unacceptable and will not be tolerated…… Someone repeats something disclosed in private conversation…. verbally accost that individual at the very moment of the offense…. Someone takes the alley directly next to the lane that you’ve begun your bowling approach…. inform them of their heinous breach of etiquette immediately….. If some asshole sets their beverage on the rail of the billiards table….. explain to them what a table and coaster are for, and remove their drink. Know one is taught etiquette anymore, and I for one, always take the opportunity to correct these blissfully ignorant motherfuckers in the hopes of reestablishing civility in our society.

    1. yeah … and I am sure everyone of those examples change after you tell them the truth about manners. At some point you will get assaulted.

      1. Yeah, that could happen, but I don’t live my life in fear. I’d rather people respect me for not being afraid to speak my mind, than live in fear of ignorant individuals who lack manners. Anyone with any amount of training, that would have the ability to successfully violently assault me, probably learned something about manners and respect in the process and don’t need correction.

    2. I’m in agreement. I’d developed a habit of doing that even before i was exposed to Red Pill knowledge here. Queue line cutters, idiots who talk on their cellphones in theatres & generally publicly obnoxious people are all fair game. Of course, as Dallas has pointed out below, always wise to anticipate a hostile reaction that could escalate.

      1. Nothing is more “red pill,” than taking action in any way, shape, or form. Living in fear of perceived consequences is as weak as it gets. Most will take the advice, and move on. They probably will change their ways too, as most people have been trained to fear the scorn of their fellow sheep. People who lack etiquette and manners, aren’t the type to challenge anyone to a violent confrontation.

  12. ugh… less attractive female not getting male attention and vicariously living thru more attractive female friend who received male attention…
    Is there a male comedian with clever come back for this?

  13. OMG I feel the same happened to me. I was dancing with that cute girl and all went well but then her slob like girlfriend shows up and tells no no.
    I was almost mind fucked reading your sentences:D

  14. Ive been cockblocked so many times in so many different situations I have to concur there is some genetic disposition they have towards making sex more difficult to obtain. Its their impulse to pull their friends away.
    Its the purest form of objectification, its basically admitting their friend is a piece of ass who can’t make her own decisions and needs their friend to decide things for them.
    Often I wasn’t even hitting on a girl and they still pull her away from me.
    Women are cunts, Im glad they all hit the wall. Its not worth chasing them, at all. Ive more or less completely checked out from American girls for this reason. There’s not a ‘method’ to break cockblocking, its just disrespectful female bullshit that wont stop unless you stop hitting on them.
    I can’t believe guys even approach women in clubs/bars anymore. Theres so much disrespectful bullshit girls pull its just not worth it.

  15. What these cockblocking cows need to understand is, in this world, you can either be fat, or you can be a bitch, but you CANNOT be both!

    1. Truth. I think that’s what has changed over the last so many years. Fat girls being a bitch to guys because guys should just accept them?
      Not this fucking guy…and not on this fucking bus. Driver, stop the bus so I can kick this fat bitch off.

      1. I really don’t get why these behemoths are so goddamn bitter and angry at the universe. They allowed themselves to get that way, they knew what they were doing! And the cop out of “I have a thyroid disorder!” is a shitcrock and a half. If “thyroid disorders” were such an epidemic causing obesity in America, why do I NEVER see advertising for thyroid medicine anywhere? You would think it would be more profitable than ED medicine, birth control, and acne medicine all combined if that were REALLY the case!

        1. It’s just a bullshit excuse so many women can continue to live out their unhealthy lives. The nonsense of “accept me how I am” is just a way to rationalize their behavior.
          It’s not about judging somone, it’s about a woman having a heart attack before her time because she is so big (like many medical professions will point out).

  16. I think the main root cause of cockblocking is jealousy that her friend is getting attention and she is not. I was recently at a club and approached a hottie on the dance floor who had been eyefucking me across the room. She was resistant at first, playing the hard to get game and making me work for it, which is fine and I actually find these sorts of games fun. Then her fat friend appears out of nowhere and puts her hand right up in my face telling me to leave, being an extreme bitch. Before I can even reply, the girl who had been playing hard to get backs her body right into me and starts grinding, and she also pulled her friend’s hand down and kind of shook her head at her, as if to say “fuck off.” Her bitch friend then points her finger in my face as I’m now grinding her friend and she says to me “you’re lucky”. I just kind of gave her a smirk and watched her walk off. The girl I was dancing with then apologized for her friends behaviour. I would have liked to have told her friend off as that is definitely what she deserved, but at that point it would have just hurt my chances with her friend who was now totally into me. Looking back, it’s actually kind of funny as her fat friend kind of forced her hand into ending her games and showing me that she was in fact, interested.

    1. I bet Fathilda had to go rub one out in the bathroom after she wrung out her knickers because of that scene.

  17. What it all comes down to is the ugly friend hates seeing her pretty friend get all the attention. That’s not really someone I’d call a “friend”

    1. logically the fat one should start pondering her options for improvement. She doesn’t, she seeks solace at a Dairy Queen or becoming a lesbian.

      1. Indeed.
        But as you know, her logic is that her weight problem is not her fault of course. She was “abused” as a child and has thyroid problems. It’s not fair that she gets fat eating pastry and desserts while her friend gets away with it.

        1. Well yeah, apparently thyroid diseases are airborne pathogens now, they seem to spread so damn quickly!
          I am sure you noted my sarcasm.

      2. Oh man, fat girls who have to play lesbian to get any little sliver of affection are sad sacks who need to be gas chambered right quick!

    2. I was cockblocked by a fat bitch in a similar way once. I have since learned how to maximize the situation, but the expeiance is the only thing that made me aware of it in the first place. I was younger.

  18. Why even acknowledge her? When a woman acts like a bitch to me, I act as if she doesn’t even exist.

  19. You guys ever see those debbie-downer girls in the club? The ones with the sad bitch-face not having a good time? Why the hell would you go to a club to be sad at? Keep your sad ass at home when everyone else is trying to have a good time.

    1. When they are bored and being a bitch they turn to their phones and start taking pics of their drinks or food to show everyone how great of a time they are having. it is really pathetic.

      1. I knew this girl that went to London and Paris, and all her pics were of food LOL What a great way to spend a trip in Europe

        1. Good God.
          If civilization came to an abrupt end archaeologists are going to find and power these phones and be like “WTF was wrong with these people?”

    2. I always liked to ask that type, in a tone that doesn’t let them know for sure if I’m being sarcastic or sympathetic, “I guess you came here to be alone”. You have no idea how many interesting things happen after that, usually.

  20. I disagree with this post. Simply and in the purest form, Calling out cockblocks will gain you N.O.T.H.I.N.G. YOu will never win Female cockblocks By reason (Women dont respond to logic). So any attempt from you to “show her what she did wrong” is in vain. In addition, I think you should apply law #36 of power. “The more attention you pay any enemy, the stronger you make him…”. Like most of the comments here stated, just NEXT the whole situation as the more you try to fix it, the more it will deepens. Women will be women.

  21. I’ve had to deal with this many a time, I actually got punched once, it made me wonder if the cockblock was actually the lesbian lover of the girl I wanted, it was the kind of reaction I would expect from a jealous boyfriend.
    A line I’ve used to good effect (and some not so) a few times was to look at the cockblock and say ”You sure you want to ruin this for her?”. I have to be basically certain my target likes me to say that of course for fear of looking like an absolute and total idiot. It works more often than you might expect though.

    1. You are onto something.. they’re essentially lesbian orbiters. The equivalent of the beta orbiter only in female form. Masquerading as a friend but secretly holding an unwritten sexual agenda.

  22. This is very common these days. Girls are being huge cock blocks. Even if you think you might have made a catch, don’t count on it. Yes it’s anecdotal based advice, but I was once at this party and I had been with a girl the entire night. Just as we are about to leave, her friend steps in and asks if she is ‘alright?’ The girl I was with didn’t respond, so she asked for some privacy and took her into the bathroom. Yup done. She (the cock blocker) later emerged and she said the girl I was with passed out.
    All I can say is, don’t let her return to her friends, they’ll try and talk her out of it. And they are very good at it.

  23. This wasn’t a cockblock- a cockblock is when someone keeps her from you actually getting sex-max that was a chatblock and a shit test. You could have ignored her or asked angel wings “Why is your friend swatting at flies?” or mockingly said to her “Does your friend always need all of the attention?”. A laugh and you are golden, cockblock nuetralized, gina tingles created, and game on. This is also why its good to hit on all the girls in a group, it keeps them guessing then they compete for you. Taking offense is what someone who doesn’t have irrational confidence does.

  24. “Be polite, but firm, and explain why she is in the wrong. Shame her for her social impropriety – rudeness and obnoxiousness – rather than allowing her to shame you for what she (wrongly) perceives as yours.”
    You’re right.
    But I’d rather just say “beat it fattie”.

  25. When in situations like this, I always think of the classic line in the bar parking lot said to another cockblocking female at the start of “Way of the Gun”.

  26. The cockblocker is always the (usually fat) friend who knows she’s not getting laid that night, so she wants to fuck up everyone’s night and/or cause a fuss that draws everyone’s attention to her.

  27. The average male would have slunked away to some corner or just shrugged off the encounter. Credit to the author for calling a spade a spade & shining the light of logic on a cockroach. The win can also be attributed to the lack of butt hurt in the author’s response. A similar tone used when chewing out some surly, disruptive,pimply teenager.

    1. Precisely. Many commentators have said that the right thing to do is to simply walk away. While I agree that on most occasions you may as well cut your losses and approach more receptive groups, let’s not fool ourselves that not engaging will somehow slight the cockblock. On the contrary, walking away is the default response of beta men everywhere – which is why these girls are so confident that they can get away with being rude.

      1. Tell us what the net gains are of calling out the cock block are? If you get laid from it then I agree. If the chick of interest was not receptive to you what is the gain then? Also, please give us beta guys a clear definition of what it means to be beta so we can learn.

  28. I have never had this happen or seen it happen, but I have not been in a club since the late 90’s. I wonder if the fat cock blocker is a millennial phenomenon?

  29. I usually go for convo. with the cockblocker first. Some banal bullshit about the weather or lay some ripping humor to try and neutralize them. She’s either orbiting ‘angel wings’ or they are twin stars (lez?). I’ve heard a few dominant lez’s and they are very quick with comebacks and are full of them, that is the lezzies I’ve encountered that are strict man-o-phobes. They really know how to keep a leash on their high smv sub. and their whole world involves the white knights and calling the pigs out. They are the biggest pig squealers behind their lesbian tough bluff.
    If the bitch ‘den mother’ and angel wings were closer together, I would have chatted up the hon herself, while only peripherally garnering attention from ‘wings’. Otherwise would be too obvious. I’d lay some shit on her like: ”I just had a great idea for an invention. Ya I’ll be a millionaire, but what do you think . . I’ve invented this RED BUTTON. It’s mounted right above the urinal in the men’s room. . you push the button . . AND THE FLOOR SHAKES!! . . I’ve been asking and people in here want to invest in it . . I can’t believe it . . but YOU remind me of my mom, I wouldn’t think of asking you, but what do you think . . ” just get some stupid convo. going and step backward and bump into angel wings – turn around – apologize . . AND THE GAME IS ON . . that is if the cockblocker isn’t a COMPLETE landmine.
    Dominant lesbians are nasty but do have access to some of the sweetest and well preserved virgin women whom they subjugate. The sub is a virgin with respect to men of course and the big lez will eventually pierce, tattoo and chop the hair of their once beautiful sub that they’ve corrupted but preserved from dick.
    Approach ‘angel wings’ indirectly like she were the loot and the cockblocker were the bank teller. Don’t stare at the cash drawer but cajole the teller.
    Sad but true, having the mindset of a bank robber might be the only way to make away with the goodies in that situation.

  30. I have to say, I get really nasty when women are rude to me. I had the Mother Hen of a group talk some shit to me and lets just say I gave her short shrift. I cannot tolerate rudeness or bad behavior and I don’t have to, not at my age.
    With respect to cock-blocking by females, I actually see this as jealousy. After all, when do you ever get cockblocked by a pretty girl? If anything, pretty girls pussy-block or try to steer your cock out of their friend’s vagina and into theirs. I have had this happen and, well, its not the worst.
    Fact is, if a girl isn’t in to you, she doesn’t need her bitchy friends to come to her rescue. She can handle it herself and if she can’t, she will have no problems getting male support. I myself have provided this role to female friends who are actually being harassed.

  31. not to brag but i am the KING of call outs (shout out to Larry David). couple years ago, this girl invited me to her b-day party. her actual b-day was the first week of Dec, and the party was like 3 weeks after. i said to her, “sorry, you missed your window of opportunity. you can’t have a b-day party 3 weeks after the actual day. it’s just wrong.” of course she couldn’t appreciate the criticism.
    just this halloween, so many bitches when they got drunk tried to use the men’s bathroom bc the women’s bathroom line was way too crowded. every time i went to use the toilet, i shouted at them, “yo, what are you doing here? this is the men’s bathroom. what would happen if i tried to use the women’s bathroom? i’d be arrested, thrown in jail, exposed on TV, the whole nine. you don’t get a free ride bc you’re a chick.” i told off two bitches who get feisty back. “fuck you,” they said. “who do you think you are? i don’t care if it’s the men’s bathroom. i’m gonna use it!” funny that they said that while back-pedaling out of the door and toward the women’s bathroom line. they continued to hurl insults at me the rest of the time they waited, rightfully, in their own line. fuck these bitches that think they’re above the law.

  32. I’ve always enjoyed dealing with cock blocks at bars. There is always a new girl to move on to so why not have a little fun stirring up some irrational aggression in someone? After all, half of the time they are just pissy because you didn’t approach them.

  33. I would have asked that boyish girl cockblocking you if she was angel wings’ boyfriend? Basically mock her and gaslight her until she looks like an idiot. The one in control is the one who shows the least emotion.
    Also, telling a woman “Talk to me when you grow up,” and walking away is a great tactic. It calls her out and it asserts frame without being overly dismissive, as in you give her an opportunity to redeem herself. When you walk away, you can do so in confidence.
    The problem is if you walk away or if you stay, they can assume guilt on your part. If you stay, this most likely will lead you to being kicked out. Even if you explain your side to the bouncer and they agree with you, they will not let you back in. A woman’s word in a club/bar has always (in my humble experience) trumped the man’s. Feel free to regale me of stories where you won out against that rule!
    It’s sad that now any attempt for a man to talk to a woman in a public venue can be considered harassment. We are becoming such a paranoid society. It’s hard to witness.

  34. I am not to pick a fight, but I think you called out the cockblocks in a way that went to show that you’re too reactive. When I am out gaming, I am way more non-reactive…

    1. I just want to know what the gain is in calling them out especially when the chick you want has no interest in you regardless. big deal you called them out. it’s not like you win a Nobel Prize or anything.

  35. We all know the shot. The mother hen is the gatekeeper and is used by the alpha girls as a sort of airbrake. A last check and first check on doling out pussy. The thing is. the alpha girls know this too. Best thing to do is let the hen talk herself out of relevance. The harder the fuss she kicks, the less she is heard. Poking that bear will only make things worse. Best just to smile and ignore. PS- I know the smile part of that advice is a bitter pill to shallow, but think of Squatty Mcfrump as a bomb that goes off when agitated or looked at directly.

  36. She’s less attractive with cockblocking friends.
    Make sure she knows it before you leave her for more attractive prospects.

  37. I enjoyed the story. For me, the only way I come out of those situations is if I project an attitude of mild amusement at the other person’s rude or out of line behavior. Never let them think they got you angry.

  38. A truly outcome independent “red pill man” does not go running to interact just because a woman calls him over, nor does he give a hoot what a woman’s friends think of him. “do not engage” has always been my mantra, along with the moto “Shake it off”. 🙂

  39. No big deal. Note that she didn’t tell me to fuck off, or indicate that my presence was unwelcome. She simply made it clear that she wasn’t comfortable with me getting physical with her – yet. – well that sentence was fine until you said ‘yet’ . rather presumptuous wouldn’t you say? she wasn’t comfortable with a complete stranger touching her. and her friend stepped in. I think you were wrong.

    1. but it is up to the girl in question to tell Troy to fuck off, not the mother hen to step in. Only the President, movie stars and NFL players have bodyguards, not regular people. In this regard, I agree with the author. He had a right to stay until the girl he was hitting on told him to go away.

    2. Not presumptuous at all – did you read the following paragraph? –
      ‘Had I continued talking to her, then perhaps she would have become comfortable enough with me to allow things to escalate – this has certainly been my experience many times in the past. Or maybe not. In that case I would have said goodnight and walked off. Either way: no big deal.’

  40. A while back I had a pick up sort of like that. Girl I was talking to (maybe only a 6.5, name of ‘Purple’ of all things) was being friendly and receptive. My wing, a guy I found out years later was gay (nice guy, died young of a heart attack) was keeping the roommate occupied.
    Roommate decided to step in, I’m guessing now because she could tell something was off with the attention she was getting. My general approach to a cockblock is to try to bring her in to whatever game I’m running with my target, and so I’m trying to be nice and get her involved. Doesn’t happen.
    Eventually, I give up on the roommate. Since she won’t give me her name, I loudly tell her I’m just going to call her “Cockblock”, and step in between her and Purple with my back to Cockblock. Worked like a fucking charm, full close that night
    Call it out. They have no idea how to deal with that, and a lot of girls resent when their friends do it to them

  41. I’m totally confused why you’d bother to respond to someone you don’t know waving you over in a club. Was she very good looking? Secondly, why engage her further after her first remark? Just walk off. Isn’t that the best way to handle unsolicited advice from people who have no actual authority to govern your behavior?

  42. I don’t think calling someone out on it is a good idea. You’ll always look defensive. A dismissive, humorous comment is way more suitable to put them in place.

  43. “recently went to a nightclub where I spent much of the evening
    interacting with women, having fun and hoping to find a hook-up.”
    Unacceptable cost of vag…find me a way that isn’t so expensive.
    Ways this is expensive:
    1. Have to be at a lame ass night club
    2. Have to spend money at that lame ass night club
    3. Have to be there for more than 30 min
    4. Have to act like I enjoy talking to a bunch of average strangers
    5. Have to act like this is actually fun when its the opposite
    6. Getting vag is still tentative

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