Man Shares Hard-Earned Wisdom After Being Married To A Swedish Feminist For 25 Years

I want to share with you a selection of quotes from a new book I’ve just read. The book, called Den sista grisen (The Last Pig), is basically a collection of aphorisms, short sentences or paragraphs filled with important meaning. The author is Horace Engdahl, a famous writer and intellectual in Sweden. He’s a member of the Swedish Academy, which might be best known for yearly deciding who will win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Another thing that Horace Engdahl is known for is that he was married to a prominent Swedish feminist, Ebba Witt-Brattström, from 1989 to 2014. How such a gifted man could have married a harpy like that is beyond me, but the experience obviously had an affect on his thinking and writing. Den sista grisen has gotten attention from the leftist critics for being somewhat anti-feminist. Below I will give you a few examples of what he’s written, that makes feminist blood boil.

I’ve done the translations to English myself. Some expressions may sound strange, but I hope you get the big picture.

“The natural way for a man is to be pleased with himself”

A woman’s contempt for a man can in some cases be excessive, greater than natural size. What triggers her reaction is the sense of how pleased this man is with himself and how important he feels, feelings which she knows she can’t achieve on her own and which she therefore furiously revolts against.

But the natural way for a man is to be pleased with himself and feel important. The one who dislikes that might as well hang herself in the attic.

I like this quote because it’s about how some women have a way of hating and at the same time adoring masculine men. They hate the way masculine men don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy with themselves, least of all the approval of women. Yet they want to be like that too, but can’t, because it’s not in their nature—and that’s why they refuse to admit to themselves that this innate female nature exists. More on that point later.


The feminist harpy he wasted 25 years of his life living with.

“In a young man’s mind there is an innermost room”

In a young man’s mind there is an innermost room, and in it there’s only space for one thing, himself. To expect something else or to demand something else, now or ever, would be foolish.

What doesn’t fit in the young man’s center, namely everything else, is put in the waiting room. There sits his girlfriends, his ambitions, society, God and the devil. Maybe one day they’ll be allowed to enter, maybe not. But until further notice, the inner room, the most sacred, is occupied. God is not angered by this, and therefore no one else should be either.

Toward the end, when the no longer young man shall die, he notices that the others have taken over his center and driven him out to the waiting room. That’s how he knows it’s time to turn off the lights and leave.

In a young woman’s mind there is an innermost room, and this center is empty, not even she herself is there. She sits outside waiting for someone to fill it. Then comes the friends, the men, the children, society, God and the devil and answer her call, and she steps in and places herself among all of this that is her life.

One day she notices that she’s become alone in there. Those who came have gone away, she might even have drove them off. Then she understands that it’s time to turn off the lights and close. But it would be good if she first wrote some lines about how it feels. We already know everything about the man’s loneliness.

Women have a void in themselves waiting to be filled by a man. If it’s not filled, they feel as if they have nothing to live for, and they respond with anger. This explains why man-hating feminists are so miserable. The question is whether no man wanted them from the start, and they turned to feminism for answers, or if they turned to feminism and men suddenly stopped paying them any attention.


Scene from a failed marriage.

“The human is not only a part of nature but also has a nature”

The human is an animal that can’t stand its own nature. This expresses itself in, among other things, that she with the help of philosophical arguments tries to prove that she doesn’t have a nature but that she is an infinitely malleable being, which realizes itself in the form of conscious projects, where she through sheer will transforms herself to what her reason has freely chosen. Other more exact sciences would however suggest that the human is not only a part of nature but also has a nature in the sense of a great number of species-specific and gender-specific qualities.

History shows that there’s a considerable regularity in the human’s basic behavior: the formation of hierarchies, the suspiciousness toward strangers, tendencies in the sexes’ choice of partners and a number of virtues and vices known through all times. However, to admit this these days is considered more inappropriate than ever before. By that you can draw the conclusion that human nature has never been perceived as more repulsive than right now.

The enlightened human has become hypersensitive to her own image and in rage breaks the mirrors held up by the annals and the classics. It’s no wonder that there are loud demands for theaters to stop playing old plays! Without banning the old masters, erasing history will be incomplete, and only by erasing history will it be possible to forget the nature you have come to hate and toward which you feel so powerless.

The first step in healing this broken, degenerate society is to admit that we have a nature. A human nature that we either embrace or waste the rest of our lives fighting. One important key to happiness and success is knowing who and what you really are, not what some Marxist professor preaches that you should be. Understanding and embracing our nature is needed to combat the forces trying to destroy every good thing that we have built so far.

Lastly, I want to share a short quote that reminded me of Roosh and his experiences with the media earlier this year.

It is easy to create a monster. Put a journalist on the case!

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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308 thoughts on “Man Shares Hard-Earned Wisdom After Being Married To A Swedish Feminist For 25 Years”

  1. So he was married to a regular, normal woman, then. This book, along with many other books, should be suggested reading for young boys.

    1. She does a bit. Something about her face. I think if she was fatter it would be more obvious.

    2. I’ve heard an expression about that somewhere in my past; it goes along the lines of “Evil is not recognized at first sight, because it wears a beautiful or handsome face”.

  2. Are there any women left in Sweden that don’t identify with feminism? Hell, are there even men left in Sweden that don’t identify with feminism?

      1. The Fictional Swedish Bikini Team was killed off by… you guessed it, NOW. Too sexy for TV.

        1. damn…al bundy done broke my heart and shattered my childhood lmao. but though it was false, out of all the countries they could have chosen — sweden, I mean damn, there had to have been some beautiful women there at some point who didn’t look like a melted candle.

      1. As the joke goes – where do you have to go to find a conservative Scandinavian?
        North Dakota!

    1. The men are all being investigated for being big ole meanies towards the immigrants by getting mad at them for rape, assault and attacking police officers.

    2. Yeah, but they’re in so rare that they have to import them and tolerate their animalistic horseshit.

  3. I think any man with a bit of sense realizes this when he’s young. Can’t wait for the full translation.

  4. The first excerpt is probably the biggest case against LTRs with women: they are incapable of true happiness and dont want to see you truly happy. Real happiness comes from being comfortable with yourself, flaws and all. Only we can achieve this seemingly simple feat.

  5. “In a young woman’s mind there is an innermost room, and this center is empty, not even she herself is there. She sits outside waiting for someone to fill it.”
    This seems true, and the reason why women don’t feel they exist until they’re in a relationship. It’s also why figuratively at least Virginia Woolf’s ‘a room of one own’ will always be a fiction, an unrealisable aspiration except for those women who denature themselves by becoming for all intents and purpose psychologically male.
    “The enlightened human has become hypersensitive to her own image and in rage breaks the mirrors held up by the annals and the classics. It’s no wonder that there are loud demands for theaters to stop playing old plays! Without banning the old masters, erasing history will be incomplete, and only by erasing history will it be possible to forget the nature you have come to hate and toward which you feel so powerless.”
    Methinks the much scorned Swedish male is starting to turn. Maybe Captain Sweden will uncuck himself from his chains and put on his Viking helmet and go a bezerking once more. For this guy to even be able to say what he is saying here in what is effectively a marxist feminist state, a state in which ideology is heavily policed by quasi party apparat-chicks (sic) is genuinely a step forward. What’s more he’s described the problem very clearly. Feminism is the worst kind of iconoclasm, tearing down all that is noble and sublime, like ISIS in Palmyra but with less discernment, for the simple reason that high civilization reminds them of what they cannot be, however much tabula rasa social-engineering they engage in. It is a mirror that continues to mock them and smirk at their quotas and five year plans. So they hate that which would correct them and puncture their fragile and manufactured egos.
    Let’s face it civilization triggers feminists. That’s why they’re intent on pulling it down.

    1. “Let’s face it civilization triggers feminists. That’s why they’re intent on pulling it down.” Hey Michaelmobius, can I use your quote? that is the best line I have ever heard in a long time. That sums up the whole pc movement. Thank you for the inspiration.

        1. Oh don’t worry! I will, I really really will. To me, triggering feminists is like a machine gun of pleasure!

        2. Hey… me too. You wanna see a lesbo feminist really lose it, try being a happy, feminine, straight chick that actually likes men … and guns.

        3. Ooooohhh, where can I find such a woman! I would be glad to ask her out on a date. Do you know of any?

        4. ” To me, triggering feminists is like a machine gun of pleasure!” Me too, let’s blast ’em!

        5. “Guns, the greatest rape deterrent”
          Along with feminism…after all, who in their right mind would WANT to rape* a feminist? Ecch, I’d rather be celibate.
          *REAL rape, not their lunatic “you looked at me in a way I didn’t like”/”you walked by me without looking at me”/”we had sex and now I don’t want to feel like a slut”/etc. ‘types’ of ‘rape’

    2. “Methinks the much scorned Swedish male is starting to turn. ”
      Art thou sure? Methinks they are naught save but finished.

    3. “It’s also why figuratively at least Virginia Woolf’s ‘a room of one own’ will always be a fiction…”
      That also explains why so much female literature feels “empty.” There is not a great, burning ego behind the pen, a truth speaking soul that inhabits the innermost room. Merely, it is almost always the voice of a passive observer, detailing the he said/she said occurances of life.

      1. There are some female authors I like, and who I ‘rate’ to some degree, but I know where you’re coming from. The male authorial voice at it’s best is rather different and as you say less passively observant. I think there’s a place for them both, but on balance I’d say great literature so far has been pretty much male – I’ve not read Austen, Bronte, etc so I’ll have to reserve judgement, but I don’t think there’s ever been a female Dostoyevsky or the like

  6. In my experience, women typically turn to feminism after some sort of male rejection. I have rarely seen a pretty, well raised woman in her prime have much interest in it–at least in its intellectual form (they may of course subscribe to YOLO). But then once they hit their early to mid thirties (almost always followed by the end of some missed fish they intended to fry in the institution of marriage) they suddenly start using terms like “male privilege” and citing other feminist dogma. Those women that are feminist from an early age have had some incidence of betrayal from their fathers. For feminism, at its heart, is simply a form of male hatred, packaged and labeled with pseudo rationale and sold as subversive, academic thought.

        1. Like Steve Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism:
          The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

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        3. They cannot create. Do a test run of inmates running an asylum or a prison revolt success, provided it’s not political prisoners of the state but the truly criminal who shit where they eat and rob their neighbor. You would see a rapid greased slide backwards in evolution where the biggest prison bung ape ruled until someone takes their life in their sleep or they pass from aids. Aids would then claim many more then spread by cannibalism. The same rough scenario transpires if women solely ruled.

        4. Excellent point! I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately I came across your comment too late in the game. If you had made this comment earlier I suspect you would have received more of a response.
          While I completely agree with Bill, I too was troubled by his use of the word “create” in that context. If women could create and innovate as well as men it would have manifested itself millennia ago instead of now when modern man-made technologies have mitigated female deficiencies and, sadly, diminished male strengths. What is taking place today is more accurately described as a psychological usurpation based on the instinctual gynocentric female survival strategy to exploit and manipulate men. Since it is difficult to respect those that they must exploit, women are inherently misandristic. While my conjecture is similar to yours, I believe that it is a virtual certainty that a female ruled society would devolve into a more chaotic and innovatively stagnant culture.
          Have you ever seen the PSA whose purported message is to warn women that their stroke risk is greater than men’s? It starts off with a famous actress (I recognized her but I don’t know her name) in a period costume toiling in a 19th century stifling hot kitchen. She looks at the camera and says, “They say it’s a man’s world? Well why they were off doing their own thing, we slowly changed all that. Now days women can do anything a man can do.” As she is speaking the scenes morph into various scenarios in progressive time frames in which she takes advantage of man-made technologies and constructs to demonstrate perceived “girl power” until she is finally shown as an executive in a modern office, culminating in the actress shown lying passed out on the floor as she delivers the stroke message in voice-over. Besides pandering to the female collective victim mentality, this ad is blatantly misandristic and chauvinistically hypocritical, and yet still socially acceptable. One can only infer that the message in her statement about ‘men doing their own thing’ and ‘women slowly changing all that’ means that women steadfastly have demonstrated their perceived superiority over “bumbling” men, even as women refuse to acknowledge or appreciate the man-made infrastructures and technologies, which mitigate female deficiencies, created through the hard work and innovation of men. This ad is akin to tapeworms saying, ” They say it’s a man’s digestive system? Well why they were off doing their own thing, we slowly changed all that”. Feminism, at its core, is opportunistic and parasitic. Man power made girl power possible.
          Anyway, because your comment resonated with me, I wanted to share a few related thoughts. Women will see our views as misogynistic because they go counter to the female chauvinistic agenda, but, at least in my mind, they are based on observation and pragmatism. Women avoid debate and eschew logic because their chauvinistic views wither under scrutiny.

        5. I had the clencher response for you but then suddenly women here bagan screaming nonsense and I momentarily lost my train. I’ll get back once I turn down the bitch squeal and get it regulated and pacified.

        6. Ok there. I’ll make a plug for STRONG GINKO TEA. Aaah! Ever wish you had an etch-a-sketch built in to your brain to hard store quick ideas when your hands are too full to write it down? Try ginko.
          Ok. As for women not being the creators or builders of civilization, the creator/builder/architect is a natural male pursuit, or male ‘energy’ along with the hunter/gatherer, the venturer/explorer and the warrior. (the female ‘energies’ are the mother, the healer and the nurturer) Whenever you see a ‘she-warrior’ trope depicting such anti-nature and palsy inducing to the species tripe, then please call it out and hang the producer by their toes until they cry satire.
          Architects and fine craftsmen were esteemed elites within every civilization that was on the rise. (screaming bitches and lunatic attention whores make the papparazi name list in civilizations on the decline) The concept of an order for the citizenry and its culture determined the layout of the superstructures of the civilization. From the architects’ minds came the ideas and the artistry to ‘create’ and lay out the creations of man. Always be weary of the aggressive ‘leader’ who can’t create, who can’t conceptualize a simple floorplan or flowchart a cityplan that isn’t shit jammed, constipated or woman engineered. Beware the he-bitch authority figures that rise to prominence being bossy managers in a male engineered society but who themselves are all thumbs. THEY’RE BITCHES TRAPPED IN A MAN. There are an awful lot of mutant she-males (with actual dicks) in sjw law and ‘justice’ related fields. They’re given carte blanche as elites. They need torn down. This sector needs routed of its manginas having them re-ordered to the hard unskilled mule labor sector.
          The true elites, the architects and fine artists/craftsmen need their due respects and elite titles returned, or actually re-conquista-ed. They along with the family and clan patriarchs are the bass level pillars of civilization. They are its foundation. No civilization can freestand without its pillars, its creators and patriarchs subjugated or subordinated, especially under sjw mangina judicary or ultimately women.
          Civilization itself was the architects’ ‘idea’, their jewel or oyster. Emblazoned and highlighted in every great structure to ancient times was a prominent capstone or keystone which displayed the name of the ARCHITECT, the guy who conceptualized the structure you’re looking at. He was a very highly regarded and respected man within the vicinity of the area where you’re standing. ‘Pedestalizing’ and homage and respect of ‘the architect’ needs to return and the fat entitled divorce rapist needs drop kicked off the pedestal at once!!

        7. I can only agree with you. I definitely can’t think of anything to add. You pretty much covered the spectrum. I do have strong issues with gratuitous girl power in entertainment venues but I’m sure there will be pretty robust discussions about that when the feminized “Ghostbusters” and “Road House” are released.

        8. I don’t watch many popular movies when they’re fresh. It would be a labor. But here’s something I caught on youtube about matriarchal societies:

          This desert Kenyan encampment is being touted as a world renowned ‘successful’ matriarchal society. It’s actually a foundation supported extension of the network of RUNAWAY WOMEN’S SHELTERS a’la 21st century Kenya. We see plenty of state and cult marx church funded runaway women’s flophouses in every community in the west now. They’re working on Kenya in this vid. Women running from their husbands are enticed with greener pastures to flee family and join the ‘women’s village’ where they make petty money selling home made jewelry and bling to travellers. (sounds like the Dixie Chicks ‘country jam’ dittie). Dwellings are quite cute with real cow dung stucco decor on the exterior. It looks like the peace corps and globalist foundations project a network of these ‘matriarchal society’ runaway shelters branching out in Kenya. The manboob ‘husbands’ who are allowed to stay there seem about as beta whip as a typical western beta mule provider. This is a new phenomenon in Kenya but has been the achilles heel of developed western countries for ages. In Kenya, it amounts to accelarated third wave feminism where they surprisingly skipped the first and second waves with the help of feminist and sjw networks. ‘BAM’ – instant third wave takedown. Don’t feed gremlins water after midnight or give women kratom! Someone slip the big old ‘matriarch’ some green dragon tea or what?
          So WHAT’S THE REAL plan? Depopulation? Territorial liquidity with Nairobi-global banks?
          The place seems to rest as a way station for wayward females. No foreward or upward advance of culture or civilization. Seeing the simple bush men grapple with the feminist phenomenon, you see in basic small scale the exact same enigma that was foisted upon western culture beginning over a century ago with first wave feminism. Kenyan men and fathers can still nip it in the bud, PROVIDED that the state doesn’t interfere. In the west, the women’s shelters and the divorce rape industry is a giant trigger alarm network with law enforcement kept hyped up and ready to swat men (civillians and fathers) on a moment’s notice.
          No tribe can survive the African desert or the savannah under bitch rule. Only in the rain forest where the bananas dangle ripe and the unique sicle-cell trait provides resistance to tropical diseases could these folks go it alone for a generation or two with the mothers bitch smacking their young boys as they live in stick huts, feral and without technology or knowledge. Each successive surviving brood under simple bitch rule culminates from a race to crank out offspring to the max only to stave off the high rate of mortality.
          ‘State hubandry’ isn’t within the Kenyan budget so the women remain estranged, in limbo selling trinkets. But western men are beginning to see clearly the un natural ‘state husbandry’ regimen being forced over them. It’s an alien order, alien to our patriarchal mammalian species. Our instinct to survive as a species is overwhelming and any mortal threat to our survival is met ultimately with mortal resistance. Our human species can’t be coralled like animals and our sexuality can’t be adultrated with fathers being ordered against their will and their nature to be legally caged like stabled animals. Something in our humanity kicks in at a certain point. The borg has gone a bit too far with their ‘experiment’ and it’s only a matter of time before our humanity SCREAMS and our entire species revolts with all its heart. A big turn is coming soon.
          Hail the patriarchy!!

        9. I had a rather significant and pertinent reply for you in which I concurred with you on every contention and added my own perceptions especially inre the video, however it was flagged as spam and is under review. I don’t understand why unless it was because I mentioned a few films by name. I don’t know how the process works. It’s been many hours since my original submission. Anyway, thanks for the comment and the link to the video. It was very thought provoking.

        10. Wow that’s very strange. If you still have the comment saved on your clipboard, maybe google translate it to Tonga or something. Then it doesn’t get rejected as a reposted comment. If I see a funny language on here with strange squiggly alphabet, I’ll reverse translate it.

        11. Yeah it’s very frustrating too. I’m not sure why that happened. My comment was basically similar to yours but not as well written; nothing offensive but I didn’t think that ROK was that stringent anyway. Maybe the reply will eventually get posted. If not I ‘ll dazzle you with my “wisdom” some other time. I’ve actually been jousting with some of the man haters who posted on that video’s YouTube site. They don’t deal well with logic

        12. It’s very probable then that it was accidentally flagged. There’s a ”cancel”/”ok” button that pops up whenever the flag icon is touched. Disqus should have an ”unflag” function to undo accidental flags. A small smart screen that’s touchy can inadvertantly flag things while scrolling. It obviously wasn’t spam. I wouldn’t worry. Thousands read this site. Maybe more.

        13. I did dispute that the comment was spam and this is what popped up: “Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected”. Since then nothing has happened although I’ve tried a few times to reenter the comment and the same thing happens. I’m going to assume that it’s a glitch on their part but it’s still irksome.They use a spambot.
          Actually, I did want to share a couple of points about the video of the purported Umoja matriarchal society that the girls’ club seems to ballyhoo as a girl power victory over the evil patriarchy. As you more adeptly described, Umoja is merely a primitive matriarchal village at best, not a viable society. It was not established until 1990 and still relies on patriarchal constructs. The population consists of only 20 women living in those primitive dung and mud huts. The population is transient and not static because women do not permanently settle there. Essentially this is nothing more than a Kenyan tribal version of women’s shelter. There are 1500 women’s shelters in the USA and I suspect that the majority house at least 20 women at any given time who run the shelter communally in a way similar to the Umoja women. Men are forbidden and treated with contempt at these shelters also. The Umoja village is charitably supported and protected by the government. It is not even close to a matriarchal society except in the girls’ club’s chauvinistic imaginations. This is less a matriarchy and more a less sophisticated, open air version of a shelter. I’d have more respect for them if they had traveled to a remote location in order to create a self sufficient society free from outside influences.
          These primitive, small supposed matriarchies seem to be celebrated by women especially for their subjugation of men but what have they really accomplished, besides giving women something to focus their hateful whining on and shining a spotlight on the female failures to act thousands of years ago when it would have mattered? How can these primitive matriarchal villages compare to the thousands of ascetic monasteries established over millennia which are essentially cloistered mini patriarchies that shun females? The difference is that these monks, while austere, are men and therefore still creative and innovative, and self sufficient, and do not live in dung and mud huts. Yes, there are nunneries but they are still based on exploiting patriarchal constructs.
          Those are a couple of thoughts I had about the video. Thanks again for the info and the extremely descriptive narrative. Very thought provoking and enlightening. Man power made girl power possible.
          Check out this article. There’s a twist:

        14. Those so called ‘DV’ shelters are filled with some of the most rabid, foaming at the mouth vagabond unwanted and ‘unmarriable’ women in the community. I wouldn’t class them as the standard ‘man hating lesbian’ but rather as simple hard core ‘man hating’ and nothing more. You have to look to the inside of one of these places, peer within the secret circles of the vile women and their agents working and operating these places. The Kenyan shelters strangley follow the exact same model as the shelters in the west. If you’ve ever seen their manifesto printed out and their real M.O., the following piece is the closest thing to a blueprint of how they operate. It’s an open letter written by a defector from a shelter, a volunteer with a conscience who remains anonymous. She thought she was helping people and became disgusted with the operation similar to how many CPS workers defect and wash their hands of the corruption. The CPS child trafficking/racketeering broker houses need purged as well and their operators denied an escape route. We the people most have the last word on them lest they flee abroad with their ill gotten booty. Many in the CPS cabal have become fabulously wealthy on child trafficking bounty money even in contrast to their meager BS social work degrees.
          ”One Stop Divorce Shop – The Bethany House of Northern Virginia” is a famous open letter expose of the ‘shelter’ racket and is typical of how every other secretive closed shop shelter in America works. Simple naive spouses are lured into these places and have their hand forced against their husband, and many children in tow never see the light of day once they enter.

          The place sounds like a literal meat market of lost women. It is! The few males working adjunct with shelters are some of the most atrocious beta scrap eaters alive.
          I once met a male volunteer ‘shelter worker’ who bragged how he worked with a large city church running women to the shelters. He dated a few. That was his game. These were wives for Pete’s sake, and confused runaway ones at that. The guy had thick glasses and a big faggott daddy moustache, typical of the ‘male social worker’ look. I can spot one a mile away now, and I usually find that I nailed it when I get closer to inquire or chat.
          There seems to be an entire class of man-traitors in cahoutz with every pool of feminist despots in civilized countries, from the armed jack boots who serve men their walking papers from their homes to the boob tube idiots who ‘see something – say something’ and report men and their families to the sweet talking socialist service scouts.
          Swedish feminists likely have a proportion of Swede men retained as back up force who act as their surrogate state ‘man husbands’. Still feminism on any scale cannot exist without husbandry. ‘State husbandry’ is the other side of the feminist coin, usurping and dispatching of the true husband – THE PATRIARCH. Plato’s Republic mentioned how the family was to be broken as it was deleterious to the vice and ultimate power of the state.

        15. Absolutely right. Good info. The article confirms what I have learned from experience and observation. I have some harrowing anecdotes. One of my main issues is that those women are virtually always considered to be innocent victims of brutish husbands. They are confusing weakness, in conjunction with our inherent protective hierarchy, with goodness. Women almost always receive automatic victim status no matter the circumstances, even if they are the instigators. Women revel in their perceived victimhood. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true. The many men who have endured female physical and verbal abuse without responding in kind can attest to that. Of course there would be no sympathy. I scarcely know a man who hasn’t been subjected to violence and contempt from his wife or girlfriend; the socially acceptable abuse. What would be considered abusive and a crime if a man did it is portrayed in entertainment venues as comedic and justified when a woman is the perpetrator. I could cite many examples. It’s all about pandering to the innate female chauvinism, misandry, and collective victim mentality, and perpetuating their men= bad/ victimizers, women= good/ victims narrative. That’s the true female power. That is what skews their perceptions. Of course I have strong opinions about this and could easily go into greater detail, but obviously not anything that you are not already aware of and could express much more eloquently.
          My point was that the Umoja village which women celebrate as a definitive matriarchal society is in actuality more analogous to a women’s shelter. The population has varied over the past 26 years because women do not settle there permanently. As of now only 20 women live there, out of a Kenyan population of 45,000,000. They have not significantly improved their lifestyle. They are not self sufficient beyond selling their few trinkets, most of which are bought out of charity. This is not even close to a thriving matriarchal society as women seem to proclaim and which was your original assertion. I’m sure that when the cameras aren’t rolling the Umoja women are not as friendly and cooperative with each other.
          The prevailing wisdom has always been that if women had been in charge, society would never have progressed beyond living in grass huts. Umoja is indicative of that. That women can’t see this is indicative of their intrinsic chauvinism and misandry. Women see “matriarchal” and hear misandry spewed and decide it must be good, and evidence of a new world order despite only 20 woman living there in primitive dung and mud huts. Of course, no women would choose to immigrate there and give up all of the comforts and opportunities that the patriarchy has provided. Women typically eschew logic.
          I was also comparing female excitement over a primitive, misandristic, supposedly matriarchal Kenyan village of a mere 20 women to the blase’ acceptance of the many, many much more impressive patriarchal monasteries throughout history which have progressed well beyond living in dung and mud huts. Women cherry pick and focus on whatever rationalizes their hateful agenda.

        16. These women are primitives suffering from infection by parasites, they are certainly not a civilisation.
          This would be as far as a matriarchy has ever gotten.
          A hundred hoplite warriors from ancient Greece of 2900 years ago could defeat them in a day, build sealed roads, temples, libraries, water distribution, gymnasia (schools) and have enough surplus production to create a philosopher class and create lifelike statues.
          It’s nice to have women around, they can have a soothing influence and they compel us to make places safe and clean for them.
          What passes for matriarchy is often a society in which food and shelter is easy to obtain and conflict with other groups non existent. It is only ever temporary.

        17. I have issues with female “heros” in the media too. Young people are brought up on that, but can you imagine a society in crisis and the men, fed on “The Hunger Games,” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” just expect women to stand up to the plate and get things done. And then they suddenly realize that they know no women capable or willing to get their hands dirty. Oh, wait. . .It’s already happening.

        18. Really good points. Especially where women can’t raise productive society members on their own. It takes men to guide child rearing so that offspring can be productive and move society forward. When women raise children, the kids learn to just take resources and not renew them. Then everything gets used up and falls apart.
          And really, think about it. What career naturally fits women? The Madam of a whorehouse. Pretty much boils down to it. Pimping out other girls they feel absolute power over, supported by the whims of men, and no skills or intelligence to create or do anything else.
          It’s an almost bizarre take on female psyche. A whore hit’s the wall, but rises to the top of her profession by pimping younger, hotter girls, and making her existence through them.
          There’s a Elias Cannetti novel in there somewhere.

        19. Absolutely! Logic is lost on females though. It confuses them. Did you check out the video in MCGOO’s link? That was the context for my assertions.
          I’ve actually heard that issue you describe addressed as a societal concern although I doubt that the girls’ club would acknowledge that. The problem is that women are being told through several venues (like you mentioned) that they can do anything a man can do and in fact are superior to men. Of course if that was true, it would have manifested itself long, long ago. When they discover that that is not true it’s damaging to the fragile female psyche.
          While females in general do better in school because they thrive on attention and specialness, this doesn’t translate well to the real world, despite female assertions that blame men and society for their gender failings, and female insistence that society change to suit their wants and needs. Boys, who mature more slowly than female caretakers, are usually more antsy and less focused in school because they want action and competition, and they are often distracted by girls. Despite doing less well in school, male qualities do translate better to the real world, especially to competitive corporate constructs. Women view their inability to compete in these areas as societal sexism though but I think we all know the truth. I raised two sons and a daughter and, while they are each doing exceptionally well in life (got a few hours so I can brag about my kids?) they are the epitome of the phenomenon you and I have described.
          Of course this is a matter of degrees and there will always be exceptions and aberrations. At its most basic, it really is more a matter of biological imperatives. I believe that women should take advantage of all of the opportunities that men have created for them. They just shouldn’t be such whiny jerks about it.

        20. When thinking of the rise of woman power in the media, think of the ancient Roman “actress” Theodora, her act, the portrail of Leda. A popular theme of the time. Her actions; filling her vagina with grain and having a swan dine…

        21. Interesting point. Not something I’d like to see but probably better than the upcoming feminized “Ghostbusters” and “Road House”, and anything with that whiny Melissa McCarthy. I’d like to see her swan dive though.

      1. That’s why they are fighting for $15 an hour in the fast food industry
        they are to lazy to work hard to earn more money.

        1. Why are we assuming the present system is valid? It’s not. Any valid system there may have been in the USA died a 100 years ago or more.
          The present system has hollowed out the economy and people just want more of the same symptom treating they’ve been doing for decades. Because of the lack of good paying productive jobs they think the solution is to force lesser paying less productive jobs to pay more.
          Elvis’s death is like a symbol for the nation. Just keep treating the symptoms with more interventions. It didn’t end well for Elvis and it won’t for anyone or anything else that follows that method.

      2. There are systems that make it too damn hard to enjoy it in your lifetime. Are you saying the way of Feminism dictating the system and men disliking it means they’re weak?

      3. Yeah. Women are too weak to survive in the world without men, and want to overthrow what they perceive is male dominence. Notably, through history, female led societies took vicious revenge on their men, based on illusions of oppression, and then self-destructed. When sociologists talk about “insane cultures” they’re the ones led by women. Hands down.

        1. It appears that you and I are on the same page on just about everything Joe.
          There have always been legends about strictly matriarchal societies e.g. the Amazons, which ban men or enslave them for procreation purposes, and then murder or abandon their male progeny, so historically women must have thought about it extensively. Women must have been aware of these misandry based legends and approved, otherwise they never would have been propagated. Women always seem to hubristically imagine these matriarchal societies in which females dominate and brutalize men, yet paradoxically (and falsely) complain about not being appreciated in a patriarchal world. Now women seem to want to assert their perceived gender superiority and dominate as they exploit all of the infrastructures and technologies created through the hard work and innovation of men.
          Yet throughout the 200,000 years of modern humans’ existence not even a small number of women were able to find the strength and courage to act upon those thoughts, including those females who were not so domestically inclined, and create their own strictly matriarchal societies based on supposed womanly values and ideals. If women can do anything a man can do, or if women are superior to men in any meaningful ways, the world would be composed of at least an equal number of matriarchies and patriarchies. That not one successful strictly matriarchal society, cloistered from the patriarchy, has ever existed is telling. Of course women blame men for their gender failures.

    1. Feminism and lesbianism.
      Perhaps there is some small segment of womanhood that is naturally sexually disinclined towards men. A rather small segment I think. A much larger segment have been rejected by men and turn to women for their sexual needs.
      Lesbianism is a highly malleable condition and hence we see the likes of Ms DeBlasio and Anne Heche, one time ardent lesbians that are now heterosexuals. Don’t say that out loud though. In our “sexuality is fixed, gender is flexible” culture, that truth must never be spoken.

      1. I read that female sexuality is much more fluid than men as you implied. Probably some evolutionist sham by women, that were either not desired by men or were treated violently and did not liked it.

        1. I wish this were true, but they simply find a beta chump or a sperm donor who doesn’t even realize he is a sperm donor and seduce him and have a child while they force the man to pay for it. Mind you, this whole time the father will have no rights over the child or perhaps not even get to see the child. He will only get the bill for the child, in the ASS, strap-on style… this is the cold hard reality for men. Lesbians can easily reproduce while gay men cannot… so your comment is actually true in reverse.

      2. Women’s entire existence revolves around her ability to attract alpha males. If a girl reaches the age of 21 without any significant alpha male attention, there are going to be serious self esteem and psychological issues. She might have relationships with betas (men of similar SMV) and seem fine but internally she has to accept her status as a second rate female. Male virgins and omega males have similar issues.
        She can either accept the truth and snare a beta and live happily ever after or try and change the sexual market to raise her low rating. Feminism is the latter.

        1. Good points. Or alternatively they slut around hoping quantity beats quality, before going slowly mad

    2. I guess you’re right. A friend of mine just ended a 10 year relationship. His girl was really pretty, feminine and was definitely not stupid.
      But when my friend’s career started to take off, he had to travel a lot… She went back to school and started studying psychology. A few months later, she dyed her hair red (she was a redhead), cut it short a-la-furiosa, gained 30 pounds and started hanging with lesbians. She just looks horrid now.
      …Jeez. Now that I think of it, that article is frickin’ spot on.

      1. “..started studying psychology.”
        Dump immediately. That is one of the biggest red flags. I know of 2 aquaintaces relationships that ended with divorce followed by carpet munching.

        1. Funny. Many women think Modern Psychology is some golden key to grasping reality… Rich indeed.

        2. Psychology, sociology and, of course, women’s studies. Any of the above should serve as alarms. Pseudo intellectualism for the vapid female mind. Unfortunately, in my experience, a lot of nice looking girls study the first two. Rarely the latter.

        3. As a woman who has studied psychodynamic therapy. I got sick of the over analysing and realised the key to harmony in terms of the mind is to be in the present all the time and to be authentic in all aspects.
          That doesnt mean you tell everyone everyting, it means that you dont bury your inner feelings on matters. That is the way to destruction. The other, is to take responsibility for everything. Be accountable.

        4. Psychology had merit in the past but now it’s just a way to control what we should deem crazy and who’s fault it is directed by the people in control

        5. I don’t know anything about psychodynamic therapy but the two things you mentioned are sound.
          My own mother has a psychology degree and her ideas about how to be “healthy” were to have doctors prescribe numerous drugs they wanted to shove down my throat when I was a teenager.
          Also the infantile attachment to be averse to anything that brought about her label of “negative” feelings really just amounted to being unable to confront a reality outside of her solipsism. Typical female.
          College degrees don’t make you smart or reasonable.

        6. I took some pych courses as electives in college (93′) and was lucky to get an instructor who was running his own business. He told the class upfront, “People who become pysch majors are usually trying to understand themselves, not help others.” I knew a girl who got a went into the field simply because she was terrified of math (psych has no math requirements).
          Every woman following that study usually leaves a wake of misery for any guy involved with her.

        7. “College degrees don’t make you smart or reasonable”.
          I’d go one step further and suggest that they can make one dangerous because we live in an era of credentialism and the faux credentials of a college degree carry weight in our decadent culture. The illusion of knowledge and academic credentials can be a very dangerous thing when they act to empower someone who has no real merits or qualifications to wield power.
          I’ve played this credentialism game myself but the truth is I learned far more outside of college than in it.
          My work takes me to lots of big construction sites and I always find it refreshing to deal with good tradesmen. Many of them are smart as hell but they don’t carry themselves with the false pretense of “college graduate”.

        8. Nope they dont! If you let them they csn cloud you i yet more parental authority with a soft landing when you feel ‘bad’.
          So psychodynamic theory if practised properly is all about being in the transference and confronting it. Which is mostly negative feelings coming out. When a robus therapist sticks with it, clients can really begin to ‘feel’ and stay with uncomfrotableness or whatever the feeling is. What i found is that too many divert away from the sound theory and just begin give over importance to the ‘destruction’ of negative feelingson the ego. Instead of seeing these feelings as part of the neccesary process of making the ego stronger or healing an ego wound.
          There is also a reluctance by many female therapist to call bs and speak softly and go ‘around the subject’ with the idea that they will come to the conclusion themself. Makes me wanna barf. That shit makes me wanna scream. That is not being authentic as a therapist

        9. In my experience there’s at least one statistics course that’s required. To watch innumerate girls struggle with it is both entertaining and painful.
          I’ve always thought that a smart red pill man could use this to his advantage in procuring sex. Sadly, back in my college days I was a beta chump and the help I gave various cute girls didn’t even get me a hand job.

        10. “..the truth is I learned far more outside of college than in it.”
          College has become a con.. a “business” issuing “certifcates” instead of an institution of higher learning. I learned more things in the army than I did at university and openly said so when I was there.

        11. Youth and inexperience. We were all there at one point. It all starts wtih your own mother telling you to be “a nice guy.”
          Then experince shows you nice guys finish dead last. Always. Don’t be that guy.

        12. Not a big deal really, it’s just regular psychology with any inference of personal accountability or responsibility removed.

        13. I want to choke people when they say things “John Doe went to Harvard so he must be smarter” or “John Doe went to Stanford, so his point must be right.”

        14. Military was much more productive for my development, although these days I can’t recommend it to anyone. Peace-time military just means salty folks playing games with you and attempting to legitimize themselves so that when they’re in charge with no deployments, CARs or anything else that they don’t feel inferior.

        15. True. However I would still recommend combat arms to young men AND volunteer for overseas service. CONUS has way to many officers with their noses buried in some bereaucrats ass.

        16. Many feelings should be kept firmly locked inside. Example – homicidal rage.
          Put a stake through its heart and butty it deep.
          There are others.
          Fact is, ‘self expression’ is is just a fancy word for venting. Problem with venting is not that it bleeds off anger, but that it makes you better at venting. Is that really a skill one wants to develop?
          And, it must be said, most people have no selves worth expressing. This last disorder is nowdays most prevalent in the ‘artiste’ class. The statement “I feel….|” is not a valid argument, but it is one we hear alot from those not trained to reason.
          The entire Freudian (or Fraudian, more accurately) conjecture is incorrect. To appreciate this was detected early on, read his contemporary Karl Krauss.

        17. I agree with you mostly. However, the therapists room is a place where rage can be discussed without action. If one needed to. Venting in itself is unhelpful. The process of expressing in that scenario is to then pin point the origin of the feeling and then confront it. But lots of people just go round and round and round. Therapy shouldnt take years. It should take months at the most.
          Also i typed my previous mesg whilst holding my baby hence bad spelling.

        18. Totally agree. We live in a highly feminized piss weak faggot world. In such a world, form takes precedence over substance and I believe that is a feminine trait.
          I’ve seen so many things like businesses, people, their ideas, products that are nice and shiny on the outside but absolute shit and flimsy as fuck on the inside.

        19. My view is that in a normal healthy society, one that is homogenous and built upon nuclear families there is no such need for “therapy”.
          Since people are so atomized and dislocated now everyone is just a fucking mess and they actually have to pay strangers and make professions where they get paid just to talk someone through their problems. Really the “clients” just needed a strong patriarchal figure to guide them in the proper direction and place them where they can aid their family and community the most.
          There is alot about psychology that I think is complete garbage. Like sigmund Freud, a Kabbalist pervert and Jewish supremacist.
          Fuck that guy.

        20. Freud was Kabbala-free – prided himself on his rationality. It is true he did not think Judaism was inferior to Christianity, but he was not loyal to his own tradition either – read “Moses and Monotheism” for details.

        21. In it self, not a bad idea to recognize that the psyche of women is very different from men. Too often, however, it is an excuse and rationalization for bad female behavior. A discipline that helped women understand why they are different, and why that different is well rooted sociobiologically and not a function of male oppression, would be very helpful to women and men alike.

        22. Still a pervert obsessed with sex who said every man wants to kill his father and fuck his mother.
          His psychoanalysis was merely a method to pathologize people who have normal and healthy aversions.
          Any attempts by you or anyone else to sugarcoat the damage this man did to traditional values and families in the west and you have marked yourself as either a fool or a calculating enemy.

        23. Yes. The need for therapy came when authoritarianism become too suffocating or the lack of boundaries was never established. Also, people who have suffered trauma like sexual abuse as a result of these families where ‘wrong’ was able to punish accordongly. If society was able to be straight, direct, honest and authentic at all times then bog standard therapists wouldnt exist. I dont see a society without a small percentage of degenerates ever existing unfortunately, so there may alwags be a need for a process of recovery from trauma.

        24. Perhaps now it is very hard to imagine a society that is neatly ordered and homogeneous but reading through history and the works of others I know that it has existed. Not only that but I am aware this force exists in me to bring order to my world and I will do so even if I have to cut away family members, friends and anything else which does not support masculinity for men and femininity for females.
          Diverting from those things and the mass confusion of gender roles now is one of the main factors that people need “therapy”.
          This is a hard road and one in which my own family members see me as the bad guy because I will not allow weak women to advise or instruct me in any way. Giving females this empowerment has caused their solipsism to destroy every remaining piece of stability in a man’s home.and I have seen the wreckage in my own siblings and friends lives yet these fickle women think they are somehow good and righteous still while they do everything to satisfy the ravenous hunger of their monstrous egos.
          Where you see the need for therapy I see the lack of masculine leadership, the intrusiveness of government and technology and the wanton abandon to hedonism and materialism.

        25. Where i see therapy is in extreme trauma situations. In the past ‘therapy’ did exist with strong matriarchal women, priests and strong head of household men. But there have always been weak men and they have abused their children and brutalised them and weak women who have also done this. You are kidding yourself if you think any society will never not have these perversive people. I would like the system of the village matriarch to come back. She was the strong woman who dealt with very personal issues such as these and she was always the wife of a strong patriarchal man. I remember women like this when i was young. They were the listening ear if you needed to share your pain and the husband or another male would help with action in what ever circumstances.
          As i said, if we were all able to be more honest then 80% of therapy wouldnt exist. Dont become an idealogue, we know there are always going to be degenerates in society. They can be stamped out but they just seem to rise again. We have to keep them small.

        26. I did not say that perverse and abusive people never existed in a given society. Please show me where I did?
          I’m basically in agreement with you on your views but my personal opinions on the matter are from my own experiences which my own eyes have seen and those lead me to never trust in the advice of empowered women married to the almighty State-Corp.
          These women you speak of no longer exist in modern society. They are long dead and they will never return until this shit pile of mediocrity and weakness that is now western civilization crumbles completely.
          A man is no longer allowed to be the head of his own household and at all times he is a slave to the fickle whims of his woman who at any moment can call down the thunder of her god and real husband the state. There is simply no argument on this fact because these are laws that the country you live in uphold fiercely. Until you want to completely disavow any help from the state and disavow its right to rule as your husband and god then perhaps I will listen.
          When your world begins to fully collapse under its bloated weight then I am sure you will wonder where all the strong and righteous men have gone. They are either long dead or far far away from the demonic power women have been given through the loaded guns of the state.

        27. Woooooooooaaaaah. Your response is based on an almighty load of assumptions. Where do I start?
          In your response you said that if men were allowed to be patriarchs then therapy wouldnt need to exist. My response says that yes for most people this would be the case. No, you did not claim that degenerates would not exist. I never actually said that you did. I brought them up as an example of a caveat to your point (which I agree with except for my caveat ive just explained).
          Now you wish to explain to me that men are no longer allowed to be head of the household. Which anyone with an iq over 90 could see. I am assuming that because i am a woman you are feeling the need to give me a little lecture, which is a shame because i thought i made it quite clear that i had the knowledge that these old cultural arrangements do not exist.
          Your assumptions that I am theoretically ‘married ‘ to the state. Me personally, a strong libertarian who hates the welfare state and has made it a bit of a mission to get women to be accpuntable for their adult responsibilities. Which I wont go into right now. Shows you that you are mistaken. Its not your fault i guess, most women are like this. But your assumptions show you to be foolish.
          If you are attacking me just because of what I as a woman represent to you then just think about the behaviour of feminists and gyni centric addicted women and you’ll see a mirror.
          Women in general are destroying this society with their state addiction. But I am not one of them. I wont be wondering where the strong men have gone, btw ill be looking at my husband. Then ill be ignoring all the other womens cries for help when they see him.being a strong man.

        28. In that case my mistake. For the record you are the only female commenter I have EVER encountered on here with intelligent responses so surely you understand where my assumptions come from.
          I’m not a libertarian myself and I loathe democracy and the idea that all men are created equal. They most certainly are not.
          Libertarianism has many problems but I will stop short of my views on it.

        29. Thanks for the comment..much appreciated. It took a few years of butt hurt to be able to comment somewhere like this.
          Interested to hear your preference on society political stucture.

        30. As far as political structure I lean towards any forms that respect Natural Law. Which means that equality does not exist in nature and therefore is a poisonous idea for human society.
          One need only look at the atrocious crimes committed in the name of equality in the past several hundred years(French Revolution).
          Right and wrong have been perverted.
          Right is whatever allows for the survival of your tribe.
          Wrong is whatever impedes it.

        31. It doesn’t matter what any individual woman is or is like. The fact remains that many women decided they didn’t want to put up with productive men any longer but they didn’t want to live without their productivity. So they got the state to take it from those men and give it to them. Now they can satisfy their desires and have the resources of the productive man. They can have that deadbeat bad boy and then turn to the government to take resources from the boring (to them) productive men.
          Now of course we are finding strong productive men decreasing in number because it’s just a plain bad deal to be one.

        32. Yes mate. I know. Hence why I said I understand why his assumptions are the way they are. Women in general are destroying society through rabbid statism sponsored gyno centricism.

        33. Thats interesting. See I would argue that whats going on is one tribe (or type) fighting for survival over another. As the effort for political power is done by both sexes. Perhaps the tribe you prefer is just not winning of course. I like the r/k selection theory applied to humans. That book makes a good argument.
          Libertarianism to me, gives space for people to battle it out for survival without any intereference from government. With the only law being non aggression principle, which I am suspecting, you probably dont agree with. But more similar than different.

        34. If the only law is non aggression then who enforces that law? Who has the authorized use of force to quell lawbreakers?
          I am familiar with r/k selection and linked to anonymous conservative on one of my blog posts. Obviously I’d prefer a k-selected society of my own tribe who maintains its own lands and traditions and will crush anyone who dares to trespass without consent on that land.
          The problem with libertarianism along with many other forms of modern ideologies is that it still atomizes man and leaves him bereft of tradition. blood and soil. To fill those gaps there is only materialism, hedonism and consumerism.
          Libertarianism sees all men as equal economic units with equal attendant rights. There are no other unifying principles other than
          “we are all free just don’t attack me and I wont attack you”.
          This is a naive view of human nature and would only be feasible among loosely knit but related nations such as something like the greek city states of the hellenic age. This is assuming that resources are plenty for each nation of course. When resources become scarce for any particular nation then all bets are off.
          The truth is that conflict in inevitable among any nation of broad diversity within close proximity. Since libertarianism makes no distinction on race or ancestral lands and such then diversity and multiculturalism will be the weapons a controlling minority can easily inject into said culture and thus destroy it from within (think america currently and of course europe).
          This is why I do not see it as a workable basis for a people to construct their culture.
          So in closing my ideal culture is one of
          Blood and soil
          Heroism idealized and spiritualized
          Adherence to Natural Law
          Class systems that reflect Order and place each member where they are most apt to best benefit their community.
          A warrior aristocracy whose mission is spiritual and seen as the ideal image to aspire to for men.
          Absolute femininity for females as lover and mother as the ideal aspiration for women.

        35. In libertarianism, you are able to hire your protection and i believe that police would still exist but obviously not state sponsored. I do subscribe to a minarachist view point as I cant see a world without state military. I disagree that libertarians do not consider tradition. To me the whole point is the ability for freedom of association and discrimination. That means that countries and traditions would continue because people just wouldnt associate with tribes they did like.
          Game of thrones came up for me when I read your post lol
          Thanks for the convo anyhow

        36. That’s sad actually that a modern fictional show made by a feminist parroting sjw themes is what comes to mind when I described a decent culture.
          Perhaps you should quit watching the cancerous tv and actually read some books which could help broaden your perspective like those of Julius Evola.

        37. i think it was the mention of blood linesthat did it
          Jeece you are just a tad bit serious arn’t you?
          Ill carry on reading my serious books avout phiolosophy and such thanks lol

      2. Lol don’t try to make something of yourself or your ass is gettn cheated on! Learned that lesson in my first marriage.
        Bettering yourself is seen as the ultimate betrayal to these types. Of course, in reality I was doing it for both of us, but her selfishness blinded her to that.

    3. You reap what you sow. Feminism is the fruit of being a whore. Women impoverish the flower of their youth, the vine bring forth fruit of iniquity.

    4. Very true. Younger, good looking women will only turn to feminism once they hit the wall and they are no longer receiving all of that attention (from their 20s or 30s).
      Many other women, not so good looking, will turn to feminism right away because they feels as though they’ve been cheated in life. They become these miserable bitches from the start. You used to be able to count on a less desirable looking woman to, at least, have a great attitude and she was someone who was outgoing or friendly – not anymore. Many are uptight bitches from the start because they received very little to no attention at all.
      The shame is that you could have all of the evidence to prove this theory (charts, stats, facts, etc…) but you’ll never convince these women. They are masters at rationalizing everything and for this moment in time….they are rationalizing that men have all the power and that it’s unfair to them (so men become the enemy – instead of self improvement).

      1. Very well said. I’ve noticed that the younger generation (18-25ish) of women are quick to hurl, “You’re a misogynist!” almost instinctively, but those are the women who actually hate themselves the most. They live their lives vicariously on the internet, use the most make-up, are the most boring, least friendly, yet most entitled women, imo. These chicks will say such horseshit as, “Women can do anything men can do!” one day, then state, “A man isn’t a real man if he doesn’t do blah, blah, blah, for a woman”.
        Bottom line, women have been trained to think solely about themselves and THEIR betterment. They want equality in aspects of their lives that THEY want, not across the board. That’s why I know feminism is a sham. Their biology doesn’t mean anything to them until their looks start to fade, and their vaginas start to resemble rotten deli meats. “Pussy ages like bread, not like wine” – Patrice O’Neal. 😉

        1. Indeed. More men need to embrace the whole “you’re a misogynist”….by responding with “yes, I am”. I’m also a racist and a sexist”.
          The problem is that men roll the dice (and lose) when they cave to any accusations. Men need to give zero fucks about what a woman thinks about him and just carry on with business as usual. Most of the nonsense by these women is to just gain a little attention. You can squash it all by just laughing at them or ignoring them. And it works wonders for attraction. These women might say they hate you but underneath it’s arousing as hell for them.

        2. That’s the only way to be authentic as a man, imo. Not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, make money, take care of those who you KNOW deserve to be taken care of (family or friends) etc. A guy who is taught from a young age to arbitrarily care what people think, can easily dismiss that “ideology” when he gets older. All it takes is a catalyst.
          My go-to response to the “M” word is, “Spell it”. Nothing better than watching an already emotional female trying to concentrate. I make it even worse by spelling it for them, while looking at their tits or whatever they happen to be showing off at that point in time. Never fails.

        3. Exactly. Spot on. Observed this all of my life. Ignore her silly shit tests and a few months later she can’t get enough of you.

        4. Indeed. Very strange. Almost counter intuitive but from my experience, very true. Seems to work for women across cultures & nationalities as well.

      2. Young women hide under the hand of patriarchy and older women turn to feminism
        Young women know the sexual power they possess and when they get older can’t stand feeling powerless.
        Albeit ugly fat women do turn to feminism even at a young age because they’re angry they don’t possess that feminine beauty

        1. Bingo! I always say that the primal survival strategy for men was based on providing for and protecting their females and progeny as well as creating for the improvement of life through hard work and innovation. We all enjoy the benefits of that especially women. The female survival strategy, besides relying on the benevolence of men, is based on their ability to exploit and manipulate men through three basic methods: nagging and whining, sexuality, and evoking the protective hierarchy (playing the victim). Women have always used their sexuality to manipulate men, which women describe as their “power”. It’s very difficult for women to respect those who they inherently need to exploit. Those women who can’t use their sexuality have lost some of their intrinsic power and become frustrated and angry. For many women, low self esteem is based on their perceived inability to manipulate men.

      3. “They become these miserable bitches from the start.”
        Now that we have more obese adolescents, we have more young feminists. They have “checked out” of the mating game in their prime, and they use the victocratic drumbeat as a way to draw in suitors.
        Notice how fat the BlackLiesMatter girls are. They are simply using that movement to gain a suitor – a man who would have otherwise ignored her if they did not attend the SJW meetings together.
        This is the modern version of using college to obtain your Mrs. Degree.

    5. Women today are so brainwashed by feminism that they are unable to keep a family together cause they don’t know how to act like a real woman!

    6. “Modern Feminism = socially acceptable outlet for women to practice misandry, whilst claiming “oppression””
      Was listening to a Corey Holcomb podcast where he brought this up. To paraphrase him talking about most women, “I just don’t like when they say, “You hate women!”, when really they hate men”. If a dude from the projects can see women for what they are, why can’t most men?
      Related to this, I had an 18 year old chick call me a misogynist simply because I didn’t pander to her feelings about relationships. This was a bitch with no life experience, trying to tell a man how men should act. And her argument was that she KNEW how men think, simply because she hung around mostly guys. To debunk this horseshit, I told her, “Well if you know how we think, why can’t you get a man?” Her predictable response – “You’re an asshole!”
      THIS is what passes for logic, to women these days. These chicks are born to lose, just like their mothers before them. Their mothers (and enabling fathers) will tell them that everything they want is valid, and guys should submit to them, or they’re not “good” guys. This type of shitty parenting is partially why women (even low-level ones) think they’re better than man, simply because they have a pussy.

      1. The problem with men that end up with kids albeit a daughter is in danger of becoming beta white knight for the betterment of his spoiled daughter that’s why men should ‘t marry or have kids unless he gets paid a reasonable amount of sum

        1. Imo, a father owes it to his daughter to tell her the truth about what men are as a creature, and how to conduct herself around us. When “daddy’s little girl” is raised primarily by the mother….. that’s when things get fucked up. Left to her own devices, mommy instills HER morality, HER philosophies (such as they are), HER expectations, and most importantly HER manipulative ways upon the daughter. And dad just goes along with it until she gets herself into trouble, then he steps in like the simp he is.
          I’ve had to logic my way out of a few, “father blindly trying to protect his daughter’s honor” confrontations before. Luckily for me, I’m a pretty big guy, so the initial, “Nobody calls my daughter an illogical cunt!” anger is tempered by the time they actually open their mouths. Funnily enough, once the dialog is flowing, they’ll admit that their daughters are spoiled little “princesses”, who should know better than to disrespect men. If dude has a sense of humor, he’ll say something like, “I’ve wanted to call her that for a while now. Thanks for saying it, because I can’t”. Because ultimately they know deep down that if HIS daughter turned out to be a dummy when it comes to men, his wife RUNS him.
          I borrowed a Patrice line for a dad who brought his scorned daughter along to watch him “teach me a lesson”. He started screaming shit like, “That’s my girl and I will not have her disrespected….!!!!!” I pointed at her and calmly said, “Listen buddy, you can’t even control that bitch, so how do you think you can control a man that can slap your fuckin’ head off your shoulders?” I saw the fear in his eyes at that point, and he left the store with the bitch in tow. Even with his white knight armor on, he still chose not to fuck with someone who was willing to speak the truth (and sock him in the face, if need be).
          Anyway, if a dad fails to let his daughter know the nature of men, and she tries to talk to me how she talks to the males in her life, I’m gonna make her cry. These “men” should be shamed for their part in enabling these arrogant, opinionated, succubi to behave as they do. (/rant again)

        2. Good insight. No sugar coating. I like it.
          I’ve got two daughters myself and a stable marriage with very traditional gender roles. I cherish my wife but I am the family patriarch and I lead accordingly. Still it can be a minefield raising girls because you’re fighting culture. On one hand I want them to be independent and self-assured enough that they can manage themselves but on the other hand I want them to value tradition, respect patriarchal structures and eschew the insane dogmas of feminism.
          A stable nuclear family goes a long way in aiding this but you’re still fighting against pop culture trash and the insanity of their female peer influences. Frankly, some of their peers amaze and shock me. It’s a window into the insanity of modern American parenting to see how these girls conduct themselves. I tell my girls, “You know so-and-so is fucked in the head right?”
          Always grateful when they nod.

        3. Thank you, sir. And thanks for running your household in a way that produces happiness for all in it. Society (and feminism) are the two worst influences that women have to face, imo. A younger girl who can’t decipher what they see/hear as entertainment, will think the Kardashians are how women are supposed to act. Hell, nobody I know (family or friends) has ever seen that show. But IIRC it’s up to season 12.
          That’s twelve goddamn YEARS young women have been exposed to vapid, toxic, entitled whores (in the literal sense) being rewarded for trashy behavior. I think it was Jonah Hill who said that the Whore show had better ratings than Mad Men. That’s just insanity.
          But anyway, keep fighting the good fight against those that would turn your daughters into something you didn’t raise them to be.

      1. Emma answered that herself. She was annoying, obnoxious and bossy towards the boys when she was younger, so they tuned her out. Apparently, that was unacceptable by her standards. (Narcissism+ Fame) / Rejection

    7. The only truly good “feminist” (and I say that because she has almost nothing in common with the SWPL crowd) was a Zen Buddhist nun who taught me the deepest truth I ever knew: “You are always with you. Enjoy yourself.”
      She did believe in women’s rights. She was just saner then the average cock-swinging early 20’s slut.
      I used to constantly want approval from others just like quite a few men do. I then realized it was like a drug. It needed to go. Through meditation, she helped me let go of it.
      The true woman uses her empathic abilities to help others. The Ameriskank uses it to dominate them. Hence why buddhist women almost always seem to share their emotional insights.

    8. It is interesting this phrase “YOLO”. It is factually correct and actually crucial advice assuming that you interpret it correctly.
      YOLO is not a license to do whatever the fuck you like. In fact is completely the opposite. Because you only live once, you cannot afford to fuck up your life.
      Be wise. Treat your life like it is precious (it is). From a woman’s point of view “YOLO” should be married by 25, kids by 30, and then be useful to your family until the end of your days. It is not, how many cocks you can swallow, how much coke you can snort, how hard you can party. Given that you have one life, you really want to take care of it.

    9. “In my experience, women typically turn to feminism after some sort of male rejection”
      It’s certainly possible. Men may turn to Pick Up Artistry for instance.
      However one aspect of creating dysfunctional Harradine feminist is the role of the father.
      He may be a complete pushover, succumbing to the unreasonable demands of the mother, and not force her to reason and balance leading the daughter to develop a balanced personality.
      I think that is just as likely.
      Certainly if one must reject a female one should do it kindly but firmly and with courage. It cost’s nothing to be polite.
      Poor relationship between mother and father, if the father is emotionally abusive or distant, leads to temporary (and sometimes tragic) experiments with lesbianism.

    10. They’re totally opportunistic. When they think they can use looks and wiles to get male attention, which is central to their being, they don’t care about feminism. When they’re too old or fat, they turn to feminism as an outlet for anger at all men. And to justify that they’re sitting home alone and not having sex. And have to get a job to support themselves.

  7. Yes! Out here CA’s East Bay, every girlfriend hated me most when my self-confidence and self-love manifested itself either by my actions and accomplishments or as a compliment by someone else.

    1. Yep, they want you OFF that perch! How dare you have a powerful moment and enjoy the fruits of your hard work! I’ve been through this and just 3 months ago it came down to me saying as I ended a brief romance: “Don’t worry, someday I’ll certainly lose at something, or see my power diminish, or my health will deteriorate, and I’ll have that weak moment you desire. But guess what? That’s not happening today. In fact, that’s probably not happening this year — and I can see clearly how much that bothers you.” She wants her life to be like a scripted Hollywood movie, and never learned how true empowerment is earned through real work/action and the content of character. Her fake empowerment came through snarky tactics and berating people.
      Let those go, and leave them to their shallow devices…someday they will find the man they want, and will continue to be totally miserable human beings regardless.

        1. I’m also Californian and have found the filtering-out process isn’t easy. The same kind of thing may have afflicted Horace Engdahl, ultimately leading to his marriage’s doom.
          Even after you’ve developed some authority on the modern-day signals…There’s a certain type that lives here (and seems to be spreading globally), and you may have seen them in quantity — Some women devote their initial relationship effort to a charm offensive that contains a bait-&-switch game, masking their feminist agenda for the first 4 or 5 weeks. The shit tests officially begin around this point, and they’ll start resenting you for several of the positive attributes that in the beginning caused them to like/want you in the first place. I’ve got nothing but shade for that female angle, and subtlety let them know there will be consequences if they keep abusing the privileges and tolerances.
          These women begin posturing frequently, want to test your feminist threshold and have plans, and will neglect their true identities while they’re trying to jump inside a man’s world. They just can’t help it. I see them as unreal.
          I try to be a gentleman but this stuff can get ridiculous in California. No doubt some of these women get an unnatural sense of dissonance if you’re actually interesting or desirable (by most real-world standards), and they fear a moment when they may find themselves loving or needing you beyond what they had anticipated (or against the nattering council of their own jilted/SJW/spinster female friends). They are misguided by a warped optimism that allows them to think they’ll be able to deconstruct and shape a new boyfriend. They spend a while looking for weaknesses, while dismissing a man’s strengths — a classic shit test.
          I try not to let this monkey-maze exhaust me, or I’d give up on relationships altogether. I’m lucky in that I’ve had a consistent dating life since I was a boy, it’s been a quality run so far, and think I’ve seen a lot. Without fail, I have a natural inclination to give every new girl a clean slate, and try not to hold my knowledge against them. I probably give them too many shit-test freebies because I ultimately realize I still want to be a part of the community, and see if I can pull something special from the dreck-laden US/Californian dating pool in 2016. But yes, we keep developing those filters…

        2. Over past six months I’ve been playing “friend-role”, initiating nothing: let them text/call, don’t ” ask” to go out, and don’t let on to have any physical desire. Let them take it as far as they want on their own: this prevents them from playing “victim” or holding animosity.

        3. I’ve done this for a chick I wanted but wasn’t willing to put too much effort into it. Just nailed others on the side then heard back from a mutual aquaintance that she was into it then moved in for the kill..It’s a strategy for sure..
          Why run when you can walk and still get there?

        4. Yep. Why sprint when the only reward is ultimately a headache? Take a walk and see what comes your way…

  8. “The first step in healing this broken, degenerate society is to admit that we have a nature. A human nature that we either embrace or waste the rest of our lives fighting.”
    Unfortunately understanding human nature comes later in life unless proper education is imposed at an early age. With the public education system more inclined to indoctrinate than educate most people won’t come to the realities of human nature until living life for a few decades, if they come to the realities at all.
    I believe there is a direct correlation to the euphemism that youth is for idealistic liberals while conservatism is for seasoned adults. We fight our nature as young people with great energy, until one day we grow up, finally realizing that 10,000+ years of human nature will not be denied.
    This, in my mind is why progressives and liberals alike are basically children to me. They refuse to grow up and understand what makes people act the way we do.
    The redpill provides more wisdom than just “hooking up”. Great article.

    1. Well said. Pigs and libs also avoid responsibility and scapegoat the consequences of their actions on to others.

    2. Agree wholeheartedly.
      I would say liberalism in one’s youth is a sign of high-spiritedness and open-mindedness. To question the established norms is what young people in many cases should be doing.
      I think a big problem is that because religion lost its credibility in the wake of science, we also threw away the fundamental wisdom that those religions were meant to communicate.
      Nowadays a man grows up and has to make a choice… Keep drinking the kool-aid and avoid independence for as long as possible, or take the red-pill…

        1. Conform to the political correct norm or suffer consequences. Lock step and do not question your authoritive leaders. Libs/pigressives have dropped the mask and have revealed they are tyrants which is what most expected all along.
          At least we all don’t have to pretend otherwise any more..

        2. It is not permitted in schools which are the antithesis of the Socratic learning method and it’s modern cohort “Red Pill” learning..

  9. “..feelings which she knows she can’t achieve on her own and which she therefore furiously revolts against.”
    Which is why watching Hillary Clinton implode, desipte voter fraud and media blitz that would make Goebels blush, this November will be satisfying to watch.

    1. Yep. She’ll implode. In all likelihood she’ll still win. Regardless, watching the implosion will provide us with some sordid and disordered enjoyment I suppose. Like watching a train wreck. Too bad she’ll be taking down an entire country rather than some freight cars.

      1. She’ll win, because the opposition are behaving like rabid hens cackling at each other. The Republican party is already imploding. Needless to say, I’m not voting. Fuck it, I’d rather be at work or at home having a beer and doing chores.

        1. You should vote. Not saying wave pom-poms for the GOP, or whoever they after this election, but at least against Hitlery. Then you could at least honeslty say to yourself, “I did my civic duty and got fucked like I expetced.”

        2. Ha! I send my absentee ballot in every 4 years with no enthuisiam…KY is a must.
          Buy guns. The train wreck is going to happen no matter who is elected. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

        3. Much like with Obama, Liberals would be completely traumatized if ‘the first *insert random gimmick here* to run for President’ lost.

      2. I would not bank on her winning. She isn’t Bill and this isn’t 1992.. depsite giving convicted felons and illegal immingrants the right to vote.. .I am not sure if that old lesbian will pull it off.

    2. Even though women are supposedly saturated with feelings why is it all feel so fake like they’re having feelings by some script society gave them.

  10. “The natural way for a man is to be pleased with himself”
    This is going on Twitter and Snapchat.
    As much as Game is necessary to learn the true nature of women, it is even more useful to learn the true nature of Men.

  11. So this ugly bastard married a fucking feminist and now he is pissed off and it´s bitching about it…nice example for the manosphere.

  12. There is a reason why the Taoists represent the feminine nature as darkness and void. The essential hollowness of the feminine essence is something most cultures instinctively understand. It is a part of human nature and complements the masculine dynamism.
    But our women, in their growing envy and greed refuse to see this. They want it all. As our anti culture moves further from human nature it will grow more insane and destructive. Our men will grow every more listless and alienated and the women will become ever more unhappy and depressed.

  13. This weekend I watched the film Brooklyn. It was a good period piece, and offers a glimpse into the past generation and their social dynamic, as well as an insight into the mind of a hypergamous woman. Brief review, followed by spoilers:
    It is the story of a young Irish girl who leaves her mother and sister to go to NYC in the 1950s. She arrives, lives in a shared house with several other Irish girls, and they all band together. She finds jobs and takes classes through the help of the local Irish Catholic priest. Everything is ordered and there are clear roles and expectations for proper behavior. Every weekend they get together for Irish dances, where the girls and guys all show up well dressed and the girls are hoping to meet someone that will improve their lot in life. The Irish girl soon meets an Italian guy (who has a hilarious little brother that is a Tony Soprano in the making). Romance ensues, but she is still torn between her new life and her family back home. There is a scene where the young Irish girls put on a benefit dinner for Thanksgiving for all the old, poor Irish men who toiled building bridges and buildings and now have nothing. The society takes care of its own. It is an interesting glimpse into the recent past.
    SPOILER: The girl secretly marries the Italian guy. Shortly thereafter her sister dies, and she returns to Ireland to visit her mother. While she is there she tells no one she is married, not even her mother, and she begins flirting with a local Irish guy. Whereas before she saw Ireland as a boring country offering her nothing, she “suddenly” sees many good things about it now–her family, job prospects, a local guy showing interest in her. In the meantime her husband in NYC is writing her letters that she just sticks in a drawer and doesn’t even open. She flirts and leads the Irish guy on, and there is some hinting that he will soon propose to her, when an old crabby woman in town calls her in and announces that she has found out she is married. With the game up, the girl immediately books a trip back to NYC, tells her mom she is married, and writes the Irish guy a letter. Poor dude will probably be messed up for a while after this incident. I found it a fascinating look at what a woman will do when she has no repurcussions for her actions. In the pre-internet days, no one would know she has a boyfriend, or husband, or sleeping around. And so she takes advantage of it. It’s interesting to watch the film and ponder what she would have done if her secret marriage was never revealed. Excellent acting by the lead actress.

    1. Ha! I’ve seen this in the corner supermarket’s DVD Express kiosk, and I’ve been hesitant to rent it. Definitely giving it a shot. Sounds like the woman from Daddy’s Home. Poor women! Alas, it’s not their fault their hormones bounce around all over the place like Sonic the Hedgehog on meth.

      1. Ha. So true. Not sure if you were being serious with “poor women” but I do agree with that, and it’s the reason we need patriarchy. This girl was one of the “good girls” of the 6 staying in her boarding home, and the one most trusted by the house mother. And this is what she did.
        I’ve watched several good films that were discussed here on ROK, and wished there was a good way of discussing them. I’d be interested in your opinion of it… Anyway do check it out. It had me questioning all sorts of things (Is it better to marry in your local group or culture? Why are women financially able to be so independent today where they had to share 6 to a house before? ) Of course the dad in this story was missing.. the book probably explains how he died, but lack of dad enabled all this.

    2. This sounds like a chick flick that women will love. Even though women’s adulterous nature is exposed, women will think nothing of it, but the feeling of being pursued by her husband and she having all the power to get back with him or go with the new fling. The husband’s feelings are nothing to her.
      We see this same thing that happened with that teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who destroyed her own family. She was given a pass by society for committing adultery and child molestation and statutory rape.

    3. I saw this movie a couple days age, without reading any reviews, only saw a good IMDB rating. During the movie I thought she was either going to leave the Italian and follow her hypergamous instincts or cuckold the richer guy. She did neither of those things. This movie is excellent to show on a date or to a fresh girlfriend. Because it is a good example of how both sexes should behave. I bet the main character would be just as happy with the Italian as with the Irish man. But that Italian dude was more alive and had greater ambitions despite of being only a plumber.
      At the end of the movie I wished I was a 20 something in the fifties. Then I might would wanted a family of my own. Now, in this treacherous world we live in: definitely not!

  14. To me it sounds like a man was convinced through years of indoctrination that he should be happy with his harpy. It is what “society wants” or better yet what society “Needs” in order to be a free/understanding/honorable society.
    He fought the good fight. His story reminds of David Mamet and his awakening.
    He needs positive male reinforcement now more than anything. He has so much more to tell that can benefit young lads.
    Good on him for breaking his self imposed mind slavery.

  15. On this website, you refer a lot to the rise in mental illnesses and self hatred and such. You believe that this self hatred has birthed from the surge of “liberal, feminist, white hating propaganda” or whatever. You make assumptions on the basis of these issues, yet refuse to listen to people actually suffering from depressive and suicidal thoughts because you would rather make it all about YOU and your pathetic agenda.
    I am a girl and I am a teen. I’ve struggled with depression and suicide but am better (like you’d actually care) and I can tell you what I believe to be the root of this rise in self hatred that BOTH young women and men are suffering from.
    There is a schism in this world right, it’s not an even split- rather it is a cluster of cracks dividing the world over and over again between past and future. Let me explain what I mean by this- in this article, you talk about the patterns of history, of hierarchies lacking mobititing and inherent rule and conquering and all that you believe to be human nature. Conquering, cruelty, hierarchies, oppression, barbarianism-these are not human nature, rather reactions to human nature. Our human nature is our feelings and our emotions a lone- we may feel protective, scared, power hungry, lustful and we may react upon these feelings in distinct patterns and trends that show up in history. These trends are not our nature- they are not something we should try to mimic incessantly without reason-without kindness and compassion. Your belief that their are significant distinctions between the female and male nature is fallacious and malicious. Our nature is how we feel- and to say that women and men cannot feel in the same way is damaging. These distinctions of how a man and a women are supposed to behave are simply traditions passed on and on, century after century, since our ancestors decided to settle down and build civilizations.
    The schism in the world is between you- you the majority who attempt to uphold these traditions that have been so ingrained into our blood and into our mind that it is easy to mistake these behaviors for nature. It is between you and the false sense of acceptance. Let me explain it to you in anecdotes-
    There is an elementary school aged girl who has been told that she can be great, she is raised on the idea that she can be a monarch and “girl power” runs through her veins. She is told that there are girl things and boy things, in every TV show she watches and every ty she’s ever had. But in school she learns of all the presidents and all the leaders that have ever lived long enough to have their name written down in a small child’s textbook have the same analogous structure of being male. She was raised on the idea of greatness, but learns the reality of its impossibility.
    There is a teenage boy living under the roof of his parents who accept him for his sexuality. He was afraid at first to tell his friends, but he hears unwavering support from media outlets and his amiable internet friends that share with him undying love. The day he grapples for courage and decides to confide in his friends his sexuality, many of them laugh and say that that’s not true. They do not support him, even worse, they ignore a part of who he is- they even try to hook him up with other girls. He begins to realize that the support he has is a minority in a reality of ignorance.
    These are true stories from friends I know struggling with depression and these are part of the reason why. I have friends who struggle with racism on a daily basis, and people have the audacity to pretend that since segregation, colonialism, slavery, etc ended, accounts of modern racism are just fictitious ploys for attention. Every female friend I’ve had knows at least one boy who frequently (usually on a daily basis) makes them uncomfortable and afraid. I know lots of girl sexually harassed by people their own age and older (I was harassed when I was 10). Too, these girls are allowed to go to school under the notion of their greatness- they believe that they have a potential to be treated equally yet within the school system and within their jobs, they are left unsafe and mistreated.
    I could say a lot more don’t really want to bother you anymore. I just want you to know that women these days aren’t whiny and sad because they can’t get a man (like why do you assume that we believe that having a man in our lives will make us happy? I do not know of many girls who actively seek out men to fill the unhappy and empty portions of themselves. Like I said, I have struggled with depression, but I never want to get married or be in a relationship because I realize its not for me and would make me unhappy. Hoenestly I feel like a lot of you rok members need to realize that marriage is a necessity since all of you hate your wives and feel like its a burden lol…No one asked you to get married…anyways off topic). A lot of us young people are struggling because we are caught up in ideologies of equality that the media tells us is possible. We know now of a greatness, a piece where we can achieve and live happy, full lives because we are able to accomplish all that we want without prejudices. However, this idea of greatness is trumped by the reality of inequality that YOU continue to uphold and burden our society with. We have the potential to improve, to finally achieve a unanimous culture of equality that YOU do not want to make possible. YOU keep this reality alive.
    To achieve happiness, we as a society have two choices to make. One, the ideologies can stop. We can reinstate hierarchies within the family and within the society as a whole. We can give people preordained roles that they are confined to without mobility. All the people would share a passive indifference that you believe your (false) human nature loves. We could tarnish the human spirit and never technologically or philosophical improve our lives. Basically, if we follow your return of kings notion of “happiness and societal perfection” all end up with some modern middle ages.
    We have another option though. We can make our ideologies a reality. I know you think that I’m stupid and have no knowledge of how the world works, but frankly, I don’t care. Because I know that you, too, you darling so-called masculine men suffer greatly from the restrictions of our society. I know you too suffer from this schism in ways different than how I am affected. But I want those angry, raging thoughts in your head to just quiet down for a few moments and listen. Listen to other people who our suffering in ways different from yourself. I want you to learn from others, to fall in love with the spontaneity of the true human nature. I want you to fall in love with the ideologies and the concept of greatness we can all hold true to ourselves. I want you to accept that change isn’t something that you have to throw a hissyfit over, and I want you to realize that we can make the choice to change, to improve on these old patterns of humanity.

    1. A lot of us young people are struggling because we are caught up in ideologies of equality that the media tells us is possible. We know now of a greatness, a piece where we can achieve and live happy, full lives because we are able to accomplish all that we want without prejudices.

      The world is full of prejudices, it is nothing that only affects minorities and women. If you expect anything outside of yourself to grant you a full life, you are setting your happiness up to failure. Does a woman need a man due to her nature? I don’t know. But unless you are at peace with whatever you are – whatever that may be – nothing else will give you that peace. You are smart enough to realize that the media pushes an ideology – but seemingly not smart enough to see that equality is just an intellectual utopia. Is patriarchy better? I don’t know. I don’t care. I am not a big sucker for ideologies either way.

      1. Brilliantly put Tommo, too many people rely on others to help them with personal happiness. Our society does have an influence on out well being but it’s up to the individual to make something out of it and find a our purpose.

        1. Yeah, took me a while to figure out. The mind likes to bring up reasons why you can not change or accept your life and without reaching a certain awareness, these thoughts catch you off guard and you identify with them absolutely – which is the point where you stop being receptive to rational arguments.

    2. “Conquering, cruelty, hierarchies, oppression, barbarianism-these are not human nature, rather reactions to human nature.” Actually they are and only the Alpha/Leaders have a strong urge to do so and the rest usually follow them blindly because they’re leaders.

    3. What you teenagers today call “depression” your grandmothers call growing pains. You would not be sent to a therapist and placed on meds to cope with the harsh realities of life. I’m glad you expressed yourself but as long as you look for something that doesn’t exist called “justice” you are going to be miserable. As for your equality, the second wave feminists achieved this for you and many abandoned the movement in the late 1980’s, complaining that their movement got hijacked by the gay and lesbian mafia now known as third wave feminism. When you are old enough to work, observe the favorable treatment you get over a male from your HR department.
      3 words to remember: dependency breeds hostility.

      1. “What you teenagers today call “depression” your grandmothers’ call growing pains”. If it is just growing pains, than how come “In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44” (befrienders)? I bet generations ago people did suffer from a lot of problems as well, but today more kids are becoming depressed and more of them are killing themselves. It’s a real problem and it isn’t the same as “growing pains” or whatever

        1. “I bet generations ago people did suffer from a lot of problems as well,”
          War, famine, disease, mass rape, malnutrition, crushing poverty for the most part. Yes. They suffered more then you could ever imagine.
          Take your teenage “Angst” somewhere else.

        2. Yes, people still suffer from those same things today. They are huge issues all over the world, especially in underprivileged nations. However, there are problems in privileged countries as well that deserve to be addressed. You have not actually mdd any points about the issues I have addressed in society and have simply written me off as some whiny angst teen. I’m a bit confused though because it seems you support the whole ROK’s agenda, but there is definitely a correlation between “War, famine, disease, mass rape, malnutrition, [and] crushing poverty” and the culture of “human nature” that this article promotes. I’m glad that you brought up these issues because the power hunger and lust that this article seems to write off as simple human nature results in all of the issues of war, illness, starvation, rape, and huge economic gaps.

        3. People kill themselves in this current day and age because they’re soft. They’re raised soft by soft parents. They get fed lies about how they’re special, and everyone is special, and unique, and how they actually matter.
          When they come to the realization that for the most part, there is nothing special about them, they are left with 3 options: Improve, stay the same, or kill themselves. A strong person improves themselves. A content person does nothing, and a weak person kills themselves.
          There are myriad ways to control people, why do you think the vast majority of societies used religion? Because it was a simple, convenient lie to allow people to believe that they might be special, and even if they weren’t, they might be in death if they did what they were told. Virtually every religion has a taboo against suicide. I’d hypothesize that the lack of religion lends itself to much of the suicide in the modern world.
          We were talking about the Fermi Paradox and Great Filter Hypothesis recently. My personal theory is that there comes a point in the evolution of a species where they all simultaneously come to the conclusion that there is no purpose beyond merely surviving and reproducing, and either kill themselves, or completely cease to reproduce.

        4. The determination of feminists for the past 50 years to destroy the traditional family by removing men from the equation while glorifying single motherhood is what led to your First World problems-anxiety, depression, being unaccountable for your actions, therapists, meds, and failure in life. It’s sad that the children didn’t have fun, but their “empowered” mothers sure did.

        5. Bullox. You are speaking in represive tones without any historical expamples or understanding. Not your fault. Enjoy it and read up that it came from generatations of sacrfice to give you that. Work hard to ensure the next generartion has those same conditions or better.

      1. NWA just called and they want to sign your ass to Ruthless Records because you’ve just shown them your savage side, boss!

        1. Usually rounded up to 3.14 and and fat chicks love me too(lets see if you get that one).

        2. I only understand the math part. Fat chicks were never apart of the equation for me, so that will remain a mystery.

        3. You know I just have no idea but for reasons unexplained I’d just love an apple pie right about now.

        4. The fuck’s wrong with Kratom Pie! Apple is for pussies, Kratom is for alpha

    4. A man is bigger and stronger than a woman. That’s not what men uphold, it was created by God or, for you atheists, nature. We try to practice equality by having women meet the SAME standards for fire and rescue teams for example and they fail. Instead, we need to LOWER standards for women at the risk of public safety so we can all be equal?
      Just STFU and get the “F” out of here!

      1. Then let’s gorillas rule the world. They are much, much stronger than men. And if physical strength shall define hierarchies… what are we waiting for?
        Or would it be better to build hierarchies upon the ability to give birth to children? Only women have wombs…bad luck for men, especially since a womb comes with additional benefits. Women are internally stronger than men, because their immune system is designed not only to protect themselves, but also an embryo. That advantage even exists before and after a woman’s procreative years, and therefore, women outlive men. So should longevity and the aquired wisdom which comes with those additional years decide over hierarchies?… well, maybe not. Age doesn’t make people wise. But the same applies to strength.
        Women can be a pain (and I say that as a woman). But men are no superhumans, either.

        1. Still fails to address the core issue of meeting the criteria of performance of which physical strength happens to be a big part in J.Hue’s comment.

        2. That’s chauvinistic and sexist sophistry. Women incubate, give live birth, and care for their young because they are mammals. You are hardly unique. There are more than 5000 species of mammals, including gorillas, in which virtually all females give live birth. It’s biological happenstance not a choice. You were passively designed, like any other female mammal, to carry out your biologic function although not very well based on the whining women do. Your reproductive organs and the associated physiology and biological imperatives are what help to perpetuate the species and ensure that our progeny are cared for just as with female gorillas and hamsters. It doesn’t take intelligence or courage for any mammal to give birth. You can be in a coma and give birth. It doesn’t make women superior, just mammals.
          Female humans, as the physically inferior mammalian birth givers, are guided by biological imperatives which cause women to intrinsically see life as revolving around themselves and, to that end, to hate the men that they instinctually exploit. That is the basis for female hubris.
          Men, unlike other mammals including gorillas, created infrastructures and technologies which benefit women including advances in obstetrics, surgery, anesthesiology, and antiseptics which mitigate the rigors of birth and raise the average female life span.
          Men have always been the providers, the protectors, the doers, and the innovators. Life was primitive, men changed that. Women benefitted, something hateful women can neither acknowledge nor appreciate. The female survival strategy, besides relying on the benevolence of men, is based on their ability to exploit and manipulate the hard work and innovation of men through three basic methods: nagging and whining, sexuality, and evoking the protective hierarchy (playing the victim). Of course there have been many exceptional and aberrational women who have thrived in patriarchal constructs.
          Notice that in the 200,000 years since the advent of modern humans there has never been one successful strictly matriarchal society. If women can do anything men can do or if women are superior in any meaningful ways, the world would have at least an equal amount of matriarchal and patriarchal societies. Why would superior and wise women allow a supposedly “oppressive” patriarchy to become entrenched? Why wouldn’t superior and wise women see the writing on the wall and break away from men millennia ago in order to establish their own matriarchal societies based on supposed womanly values and ideals, and then create their own infrastructures and technologies? The stock answer is because men are mean, but the truth is that women lacked the strength and will to put in the effort. It’s much easier for women to exploit the hard work and innovation of men, and then gain power through chauvinism, the denigration of men, and false flag claims of collective victimhood, and then blame their gender failings on men and society. If women want to blame their lot in life on anybody it should be their female antecedents who apparently were too weak and cowardly to strike out on their own.
          i believe that women should take advantage of all of the opportunities that men have provided for them. They just shouldn’t be such chauvinistic and whiny jerks about it. Men earned their place in the hierarchy. Men should get credit for their many positive qualities and their many positive contributions that we all enjoy. Man power made girl power possible.

        3. I would never say that women are superior. And I’m not whining about patriarchy. Actually, patriarchy is not the equivalent to “male leadership” but rather to a hierarchically ordered societal structure, which is needed to avoid chaos. I see a problem, however, with men who say “women should have less power than men, because men made all the inventions, did the physically hard work, have more muscles and so on”, because I believe that height or strength (and of course, the ability to give birth) say nothing about a person’s mental faculties.
          Besides, without wanting to come across as whiny (if I do…sh happens), I have to say that discrimination against women is real and was even more real in the past. In the generation of my great-grandmother (in Eastern Europe) the distribution of work was as follows: both men and women worked on the fields. Then, in the evenings, the men returned home, read their newspapers and relaxed, while the females started their “second shift”: housework, which was really hard work back then. My unlucky great grandmother had been the best student in her class, so that both the priest and the director of her school visited her parents and said “that girl absolutely has to study. Even if it studying is difficult for girls, because they are often denied access to colleges, let alone scholarships (in Europe), we need to find a way to get her into a university, because everything else would be a waste.”
          Unfortunately, her parents said “no. She is only a girl.”
          Despite the repeated efforts of those two great, progressive men (the school director and the priest), my great grandmother eventually ended up in a marriage with a man, who was mentally inferior to her, which made him very angry and violent against her.
          As a matter of fact, BOTH genders contribute to keeping up our living standard. In lots of countries women work longer hours than men. They work on the fields (or production halls) AND at home, while that so-called second shift at home doesn’t exist for men.
          Second, just imagine a female Mozart or Goethe. If these guys (and many others) had been female, they would have got married at the age of sixteen, fallen pregnant countless times in their lives and nobody would have ever heard about their ingenuity.
          At least in Europe, women did not even have access to universities for a long time. And if you cannot even acquire basic knowledge about chemistry, physics or whatsoever, how can you win a Nobel Prize and make a world-changing invention?
          Thus, saying that men should be leaders, because they have contributed more to our standard of living is problematic.
          What I WILL admit is that there are more men with an extremely high (but also very low) IQ than women. Therefore, even in a world in which the opportunities for men and women were exactly the same, probably more inventions and discoveries would be made by men.
          The overwhelming majority of humans, however, is mediocre. I don’t see why men should be leaders, because there are more Nobel Prize winners among them than among women. Or why muscular strength, longevity, the ability to give birth or any other detail should decide over human hierarchies. What about wisdom and common sense as deciding factors?
          And yeah…lots of women are crazy. And opportunistic.
          But are men so much better?

        4. More self serving and chauvinistic psychobabble nonsense and thinly veiled misandry. What point is it that you are trying to make? It seems that you are advocating for female dominance but you measure your words to appear neutral. Why bother then? Despite your protests it sure sounds like you are whining about the patriarchal “hierarchy”. This is not about the amount of Nobel prize winners but about the contributions in toto to society since the advent of modern humans that have led to the modern comforts we all enjoy. Now that the hard work is done and men have created an evolving technological society, women want to dictate how society should change in order to meet their own chauvinistic desires and blame men for their gender failings.
          Although a typical female ploy, your whiny and highly subjective personal anecdotes have no bearing in this matter. We all have anecdotes. “Wisdom and common sense” and “crazy” are highly subjective concepts especially when used in your chauvinistic context. You should not confuse weakness with goodness either. Women are not averse to violence when they are the ones doling it out. I scarcely know a man who hasn’t been verbally and physically abused to some degree by women; the socially acceptable and humorous abuse. It is even depicted in entertainment venues as comedy in order to pander to a hateful female demographic. It doesn’t matter which sex you or I consider better. What matters is that women are incredibly chauvinistic and misandristic, and that that is apparently and hypocritically socially acceptable.
          No matter how much women whine and complain about their perceived lack of historical opportunity, let’s not forget that women have always been complicit through their own complacency, the female instinctual need to whine and nag notwithstanding. If women wanted opportunities that the patriarchy did not offer, if women wanted power they felt they deserved, if women historically felt oppressed, if women felt intellectually superior, if women felt discriminated against, there was always ample opportunity for women to utilize whatever “superior” female attributes you perceive and break away from male “domination” to create their own societal opportunities. That there has never been a successful strictly matriarchal society is incredibly telling. Again, why would women allow an “oppressive” patriarchy” to become entrenched? Why is now the time, when we live in a man-made technologically advanced world, for women to assert their purported wisdom and common sense? Why not millennia ago? The truth is that women benefitted from the benevolence of the patriarchy but are too hubristic and hateful to acknowledge or appreciate men’s many positive contributions. Instead women cherry pick and focus on the negative in order to advance their ego-centric gender agenda. Women want power they neither earned nor deserve.
          As I previously stated, human females, as the physically inferior mammalian birth givers, are inherently hubristic, and instinctually exploit and manipulate men for their own survival. That is what makes women opportunistic rather than proactive. Your chauvinism and misandry are so intrinsic that your hubris and hatefulness seem natural. That was undoubtedly necessary in a primitive, pre-technological world in which women highly depended on men to provide and protect and needed to feel worthy of the effort. Men changed all that though through hard work and innovation. Women should appreciate all that men have provided for them instead of constantly claiming gender superiority, denigrating men, and crying “victim”, especially since women lacked the strength and courage to create their own opportunities. You can whine about the evil in the world but let’s not forget that women have always stood idly by and through inaction (beyond the usual whining and nagging) allowed these bad things to happen despite claiming to be able to do anything men can do. Where was female wisdom and common sense when it would have helped? Where was “girl power” when it would have mattered?

        5. “If women wanted opportunities that the patriarchy did not offer, if women wanted power they felt they deserved, if women historically felt oppressed, if women felt intellectually superior, if women felt discriminated against, there was always ample opportunity for women to utilize whatever “superior” female attributes you perceive and break away from male “domination” to create their own societal opportunities.”
          First, I don’t perceive females as having superior attributes. Having said that, what you described above is almost impossible. A woman is not only a woman. She is a member of an ethnic group, a certain religion, a family, a social class, etc. and … in addition to all of that, she is a woman.
          Since females have been taught to give less priority to their gender identity than to their social class as well as ethnic, national and religious identities, it is difficult for women to bond with each other.
          Why have women got into that situation? Was it weakness? Or opportunism? To some extent yes.
          But there is yet another aspect that comes into play: a sense of duty for their families, clans, ethnic groups and so on.
          And well…yes…I know, before you say it, I say it: some women have no sense of duty whatsoever. They are mean monsters and abuse husbands, children and/or elderly relatives.
          Second, saying that men have created our superb living standard and women behaved like parasites is not correct. In many poor countries as well as in the West in previous generations, both genders slaved away, but women even more so.
          Would you like a) to be almost non-stop pregnant, b) do field work, c) do the housework and raise the kids, while your partner sits on the chair in the evenings and reads the newspaper?
          It’s a very common observation: women work two shifts and men only one (in the evenings they play cards, read newspapers…).
          Who is to blame?
          Female weakness?
          Male complacency?
          The human tendency to question things too rarely?
          Probably all of the above factors are to blame.
          What I want to say, however, is that a civilization (with an infrastructure, inventions and an improving living standard) can only evolve if there are enough people who do the mundane, repetitive tasks.
          The contribution of those people, including the women, shouldn’t be underestimated. Consequently, men AND women deserve respekt.
          Third, I don’t see why men should lead families or the world. Or why women should do so.
          I have seen families in which the Big Italian mama archetype ruled the family and things went well. In other families, it’s a benevolent patriarch and things are fine. I just believe that one’s sex is less important, when it comes to handling authority, than one’s individual disposition.

        6. Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine, whine. Excuses, excuses, excuses. More self-serving chauvinistic sophistry! You just can’t deal with the female sex’s gender failings.
          Women didn’t have to be members of anything. Women would have proactively escaped the “oppressive” patriarchy and created a “nurturing” matriarchal society if they had the strength and courage. They didn’t. Their ensuing defense and survival would have spurred innovation if women had the capability. They didn’t. Instead women chose to exploit the patriarchy and then claim collective victimhood and make excuses. Now women want to continue to exploit what men have created and dictate how society should change for their own gynocentric desires.
          What ever your chauvinistic, victim mentality based view of gender dynamics, why should men be blamed for female choices and their failure to act? Why is female whiny complacency anybody else’s fault? Women thrive on collective victimhood. If, in your view, women had to work two shifts to men’s one, why not escape and create a more fair matriarchal system? The only explanation is that women needed to exploit men. When women were supposedly working those two shifts, they were housed, clothed, and fed thanks to the hard work of men. In a very real sense, if it wasn’t for the innovation of men, women would be pulling their “two shifts” naked in a cave, and gnawing on scavenged bones. Women inherently see the home and children as their exclusive domain anyway and see the man as a, usually financial, functionary. That is the biggest cause of marital strife.
          There have always been legends about strictly matriarchal societies e.g. the Amazons which ban and denigrate men and sometimes murder their male progeny, so women must have thought about it extensively. Yet throughout modern humans’ existence not even a small number of women were able to find the strength and courage to act upon that thought, including those who were not so domestically inclined.
          Girl power is merely the ability for females to take advantage of, without acknowledgement or appreciation, the infrastructures, technologies, and opportunities created through the hard work and innovation of men.
          Enjoy living in your pseudo intellectual, chauvinistic fantasy world.

    5. You’ve been well brainwashed by feminist retardism to think mens and womens natures are the same.

    6. “Every female friend I’ve had knows at least one boy who frequently (usually on a daily basis) makes them uncomfortable and afraid. I know lots of girl sexually harassed by people their own age and older (I was harassed when I was 10). Too, these girls are allowed to go to school under the notion of their greatness- they believe that they have a potential to be treated equally yet within the school system and within their jobs, they are left unsafe and mistreated.”
      Then the state should stop telling lies to children. The problem is that “these girls are allowed to go to school under the notion of their greatness.” Girls shouldn’t be educated alongside boys, and certainly not with the expectation that they’ll ever become career women, because women are valuable only as submissive wives and mothers of children.
      “We have the potential to improve, to finally achieve a unanimous culture
      of equality that YOU do not want to make possible. YOU keep this
      reality alive.”
      You believe a lot of contradictory lies. Perhaps, you might start to break free as you see the “racism” (ex: Islam) vs. “feminism/sexuality” parts of your indoctrination come into conflict. Reality stays alive because it is reality. Your delusions are not alive because they are delusions and therefore not reality. Just let go of your delusions and accept reality, rather than complain to others that your delusions don’t match reality.
      “A lot of us young people are struggling because we are caught up in ideologies of equality that the media tells us is possible.”
      There is no “equality,” so stop seeking it.
      “I’ve struggled with depression and suicide”
      Seek the Lord Jesus Christ and accept that He created you as a woman to be under the authority of men. Then you can be at “peace” and fulfill your purpose in life.

    7. This is what happens when women are taught to read and write. A wall of text signifying nothing.

      1. I taught myself how to read and write. I’m an a 3000 year old space alien werewolf hybrid from the planet Hoth. Educate yourself.

  16. Feminism has essentially become one of two things for many women, young and old, in the modern era: a trend to follow or an ideaology which provides comfort after an event which caused bitterness or anger, usually rejection or perceived unfairness or wrongdoing. It strips the young woman of personal responsibility and self-reflection. If everything is the fault of man, the woman has total freedom. Frankly, this sickens and saddens me. It leaves many men either afraid, angry, or bitter. Third-wave feminism has created a world which is hostile and unfair to men in developed countries.
    However, I also believe many young women are attempting to emulate feminists from the past first and second wave, and in a bid to become famous or known, create or imagine problems where there are none.
    Either way, they are essentially filling the void with feminist ideaology, instead of looking to improve themselves in an honest and healthy way. ‘Tis tragic.

    1. that’s why most converts to Islam are women. They need strong direction. With a feminized Christian church, they look for another outlet.

      1. Here’s the thing that I feel is a fundamental failure in the minds of many women: they seek too much to belong in a group. They depend too much on conformity. Many young women seek direction by joining a group, when it really ought to be the other way around; I believe one must first know oneself, establish a good direction and drive to reach one’s full potential, and from there seek like-minded individuals. Furthermore, to maintain balance, one must engage in civil debate and discussion with others and learn the art of the argument. This encourages a healthy and balanced mind. This is what many SJWs lack.

  17. This shows the real danger of this abomination about “transgenderism”: It attacks the very idea of a given human nature itself, if people delude themselves into believing that they can switch sex like a change of clothes, or like how Satan can turn into Ted Cruz.
    This might make for someone’s idea of science fiction, but it doesn’t exist in the real world, despite what many “transhumanists” think.
    It just astonishes me how we’ve let a handful of these “transgender” misfits, freaks and mental defectives disrupt all of our lives, especially by targeting women’s restrooms. Our ancestors had the right idea when they took these people out into the wilderness and abandoned them or something.

    1. This is why we had institutions. Guess where the homeless slept, got food, and medicine? All these wackadoodles suffering and/or polluting society would be doing much better with appropriate care. But hell, people are so dumb these days that they don’t want an autism cure because they want to consider it a personality.

      1. Yeah, it’s all part of the narrative, disfunction as “strength.” Everyone’s a winner!(not)

  18. These, gentlemen, is what Lifetime movie marathons are made of. And yes, I’ve sat through them. And yes they are awful. Quite frankly, if terrorism suspects were given the choice between watching Lifetime and waterboarding, they would pick the latter. It would at least preserve what little dignity they have left. Plus, nothing screams “human rights abuses” like forcing men to watch a bunch of horny, immature women doing whatever they wanted then blaming men for it.

  19. The first point struck me quite hard. I’ve had everyone from girlfriends to my mother tell me they feel that I think too highly of myself. I have always disagreed (for I strive to spend as much time meditating on my flaws as my strengths), but have never been able to understand the impetus for such critique.
    It’s an interesting perspective Engdahl presents.

    1. The explanation is simple. You’re a man. And you’re nothing more than cannon fodder for their wants and needs. Any deviations, any self interest you develop that they feel does not benefit them, instantly makes you selfish.
      Of course, the me-eternity leave lady doesn’t think that way. At least that one backfired spectacularly.

    2. Tearing you down is easier than admitting to themselves they do not have the potential to achieve.

    3. My mother spend a great deal of time trying to show me how I only think about myself when I didn’t and yet I knew that I wasn’t even selfish. I was pleased with myself and had my pride about me as a man should. I was also happy spending time drawing and doing tedious/ long tasks for my own enjoyment by myself.
      Girlfriends gave me the feeling that they cannot think for themselves and needed me in their plans and my opinion also. I remember one time when I bought Chinese food on my way from work without even asking what she wanted because I already knew what she was going to say! “You didn’t even ask me, you selfish twat!”. Gave her a peck on the chick and didn’t even say a word.

  20. Today, I awoke with the normal morning wood. Shortly thereafter, I accidentally fell inside the toilet because I never put the seat lid down (it’s worth it). I checked my bank balances and they were exactly what I expected. I’m $4,000 richer than I was last month. There are no alimony payments. There are no child support payments. Half of the close to 9K after tax money I make every month goes directly into savings. I live on half of what I make. My car is twelve years old and only has 50K miles – because I work from home. That made my woody a litter harder so I had to edge for a couple of hours to porn. Great way to spend your Sunday morning. After that, I spent some time practicing my professional magic. In other words, I spent some time improving my professional skills so that my clients will continue to cling to me as they’ve done for the past couple of decades. I do that every day. Why? My clients trust me. Why? Because I never let them down and I exist in the top 10% of credentialed pros they seek. I’m as invaluable to them as they are to me. We’re equal. We’re symbiotic.
    Marriage is about the very worst thing you can do to yourself as a man. Being a dedicated MGTOW means you don’t have to sacrifice on behalf of some entitled c***, you don’t have to compromise for the same – and most importantly – you don’t have to have your life destroyed by some hateful b**** that pretended to love you. Never give a woman the ring of power. 10s upon 10s of millions of men – in the US alone – have discovered in the worst way possible that you never give a woman any level of power over your life as a man.
    Gynocentrism is cancer for men. Practice it and it will eventually destroy your life. Gynocentrism is chivalry. You’ll willingly walk into life threatening situations and ruin your future when you put poody on a pedestal. Don’t do it. Poody isn’t worth it. Why? Because you’ll eventually come to hate yourself for doing so. You’ll eventually be made a fool by the very poody you worship.
    Conservatives – especially conservative women – will tell you that marriage is better for men than women. Why? They know it’s a lie but why keep repeating the lie? To answer that question – ask yourself why the flagrantly false 1 in 5 college rape/sexual assault statistic – though thoroughly debunked – remains the de facto truth on university campuses and why this lie is rapidly working its way into the criminal justice system. Because both conservatives and democrats want men to be terrified to have sex with women – and they want to give women the power to forcefully transfer men’s wealth and power to women through anti-male laws like “affirmative consent”. Men aren’t getting married anymore – hence the death of vagimony, vag support and asset division – which means women have to develop another way to destroy men’s lives – and enable civil suit payouts (ala affirmative consent). See Canada Ghomeshi trial. Heed that lesson carefully.
    You’ve been trained by day one of your life as a man to sacrifice yourself for women. How? Through books, friends, family, movies, TV and radio. You been socially conditioned to consider yourself beneath women all of your life. Sucks, huh? What are you sold by white knights and the evil gynocracy instead of truth? You’re sold the lie of the evil patriarchy. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide, suffer 98% of combat and workplace deaths, are the majority of impoverished and homeless – but they’re privileged – and all members of the evil patriarchy. Pull my middle leg and it plays jingle balls.
    It’s all bull****e folks – and conservatives are the master bull****ers. Not only are they experts at bull****ing you – they’re masters at bull****ing themselves. I’ll take an honest hooker over a christian woman looking for a hubby any day. At least we’re both being contractually honest with one another.

    1. These are good points you make. I can live superiorly on my own; I can eat more healthily, train more regularly, sleep deeper, and have all of my time, and all of my money for me. I can pursue fun every waking moment that I am not working at my job or my properties, and both those contribute to my worth.
      I have two things to ponder. First, after this life, what then? My Christian faith is there, but needs revitalizing. How to be a good man and go to Christ yet live here just for myself? Who is worthy of my support? Should that be even a concern? Perhaps the best thing is to support without asking for something back. Don’t marry, but volunteer your time to good organizations that will not give you anything back but thanks.
      Second thing is that, despite the decrepitude of the world, I would still like to have a son to raise to be a man of worth and leave him all my cars and guns. I’d like to have a daughter to raise to be a noble woman. How do I do that with no good women, and marriage being a farce? I hesitate to beget bastards.

      1. You want offspring… you are going to have to hedge your bets and eventually gamble. Good luck. It will be an Investment that will suck your resources and time…. and you will never get even a thank you because they ´can never comprehend what you gave up.

      2. You don’t have much of a chance with the daughter. Even under your wing you can make her obey but the moment she leaves that nest she will fall

    2. You may get lonely why not go abroad and get a decent woman and have kids?
      I found after the 30 the single life was shit…

    3. Women should be exempt from gyms and only allowed in Curves. Due to them gyms are getting pussified.

  21. What if it was a social experiment and the guy wanted to study a feminist closely ? :O

    1. Now THAT’s delayed gratification…and oh, the price he paid for knowledge!
      So that some might learn from his mistakes…

  22. Look at the poor bastards face, bags under the eyes, permanent look of pain, receding hairline etc., This is what comes of having a nagging harpies’ claws buried in your scrotum for 25 years!

  23. Late, but he was able to swallow the red pill. Hopefully he didnt shriek like a little girl when he woke up.

  24. A woman will always craves muscular energy from a man. That’s why women that marriage beta men turn into bitches cause they don’t feel the muscular energy from their man. If the man accepts the equality bullshit… well there is a reason why 3/5 Western marriages don’t last 5 years!

  25. “The human (imbued with logic and feelings) is an animal that can’t stand its own nature… The enlightened human has become hypersensitive to her own image…”
    In the mind of progressives, human nature is at the core of everything that is wrong with the world, like violence, inequality and so on. Their goal is to fight it, to control it with so called “logic” and “reason” – the progressive ideals. By denying their own human nature with intellectualizations and rationalizations, they are denying themselves as human beings, which ultimately leads to self-destruction, to the decadence of society. Either directly or indirectly we all have been touched by their bullshit.
    Progressives remind me of the time when behavioral psychologist tried to modify the behavior of a raccoon, after many tries, they found out they couldn’t change the natural instincts of the animal, what their genes told them how to act.

  26. The ‘center space’ depiction, now that’s a model that strikes at the core. Expect some religion to transpire from that soon. This is one of your best pieces Hydenius. Hail the patriarchy!!

  27. “Women have a way of hating and at the same time adoring masculine men. They hate the way masculine men don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy with themselves, least of all the approval of women.”
    Yes. My ex once sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” to me and she called me “her hero”, yet she also shamed me as being “arrogant”.

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  29. I find it supremely ironic that these writings have feminists’ blood boiling.. considering this is exactly what feminism has been saying about women, and against men, for decades. I guess they resent having a mirror held up in front of them. Yet another reason why modern feminism is hypocrisy and nothing else.

  30. I think being a feminist is like being an overweight insecure beta who harbors nothing but resentment,these fuckers always seem to find each other to marry,sit there and slag the world off together too no doubt.
    They above anything hate being treated like they don’t exist so that’s how I deal with them if I ever have the misfortune to have to hear one bleat on and on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. The trouble is like all unhinged political fanatics sometimes they follow you around trying to convince you of their arguments. Or even start accuse you of raping them with your eyes or triggering them with your over bearing masculine confidence or dominant posture. The list of potential victim-hood goes on and on…

  31. ‘…and only by erasing history will it be possible to forget the nature you have come to hate and toward which you feel so powerless.’ That line alone made me realize the enormity of the sinister agenda of some cultural Marxists; to utterly rewrite history according to how they see it.
    Its was only a matter of time before we had a completely revised version of western history in which all Caucasian people were slave trading empire builders and everybody else was really nice but abused by them. Western men are seen as beasts who raped and pillaged their way around the world while propping up a patriarchy that apparently had no benefits to women whatsoever. Other cultures with patriarchies are given a pass so as not to offend their religious sensitivities over our own.
    The connection between our animal nature and how this is mirrored in human culture will be denied, ridiculed and finally replaced with the idea that we can believe ourselves in to whoever we want to be. This has be taken further and further until even the physical differences between a man and woman’s body are said to be caused by rigid constructs of gender.
    The awful patriarchy that fed clothed sheltered and generally provided for women and their off spring for thousands of years, apparently didn’t allow the female form or provide conditions for women to develop in terms of physicality as strongly as the males.
    This has been argued on BBC TV by Professor Alice Roberts on the program ‘Is your brain male or female?’ The fact that men and women’s bodies are products of evolution and designed to meet different needs, clearly reflected by nature and the struggle for survival all around us, is really just a phoney theory craftily constructed by evil patriarchically oppressive men.
    Anyway staying on the subject of over-privileged harpies…’What triggers her reaction is the sense of how pleased this man is with himself and how important he feels,’.I have experienced this many times from a variety of women whose bitchy hostility and relentless shit tests came completely out of nowhere. I always stick to the fundamentals and avoid her where possible, but if we do occupy the same space I hold very strong frame, as I usually do anyway. Often within a few months she’s done a 180 degree u-turn and figured out she’s really into me. Thou doth protest too much.

  32. Anyone know the book Great Expectations in it is about a bitter old woman in a weddong dress who raised a girl to hate men, feminism was in the making from a long time ago
    Pip who thought his benefacor was that old woma turned out to be a criminal who he gave food to that worked hard to support Pip. Can modern feminists do worst than criminals? Possibly.
    Also remembered his adoptive mother was a complete bitch

  33. Soliciting some input from anyone who is interested. I am a bit of a mentor/susbstitute older sister to a girl aged 11. Babysit her since she was 3 or 4. She is the adopted daughter of my godfather. Heres where the issues come. She is the biological daughter of his brother. His brother is a drug user and has many children. Maybe 7 altogether with other baby mamas. Her mother has 5 children with him and 7 altogether. My lil sis is the youngest. She was taken into care at 18 months and her older siblings were too. Because of drug use. Anyway, she see sher real parents and her older sisters semi regularly, maybe a few times a year.
    She became pretty attached to one who is 22 now. Who was a party girl, who hung out with drug dealer vad boy types and is involved in the uk version of ratchet black culture. They are mixed race jamaican and english. My godfather tries to limit her influence on my lil sis because he noticed her trying to copy her grown up behaviour or idealing it.

      1. Ah sorry i didnt get to finish my comment. So now her contact with her real parents is limited too due to the upset it causes. I have a good relationship with her and she talks about her life to me all the time. She is already hitting puberty. She is getting attention from boys in her school. Her school is inner city, urban environment which if she goes unchecked then she could fall into a ghetto style lifestyle. Right now, everytime i speak to her she tells me about two boys who she ‘likes’ but who are bad boys in training. She tells me they act badly and sometimes treat her like crap, but she still likes them because they are good looking. I keep talking to her giving the argument that good looks are not better than character. She is so preoccupied already with it. Im trying to encourage her to do athletics and cheerleading as she is a good runner and likes cheerleading and i tell her to work to be the bedt. That is what she will find fulfilment. Boys will come later. But her environment will fail her. Her parents are strict yet they are too authoritarian in ways that hinder understanding and her original family is where she really wants to be. She tells me she wishes me to be her real mum. My plan is to monitor her alot when shes 12-16. Because she is ripe for teen pregnancy or bad boy slut carousel.

        1. Monitoring alone isn’t going to achieve much.. the social pressure and the cultural habits are all already being set. Get her out of that environment or she is done.

        2. If only i could 🙁 i have had some fantasies about becoming her foster mum and if things broke down at her home id certainly step up. But its unlikely to happen. I think she is already down the spiral. But she does discuss and debate with me. She listens. She says to me ‘ but why do i like him??’. Which is great.So i just hope i can keep doing this and she doent stop commuicating with me. But how can her adopted dad help her? He has more of an influence than i and i cant really undermine his authority.

        3. “‘ but why do i like him??’”
          Hormones and the biological imperative. She will stop communicating with you as her peer group influences her more (watch who she hangs with). Tell her to keep her legs closed and focus on a field of employment she is suited (this will encourage her to get out of her environment) which will open other opportunities.
          If she is already hanging out with sluts and thug-want-a-bes then she is already down the road to personal ruin. Good luck.

        4. Not sure her female friends are sluts in training. Dont know enough yet They are 11 remember. But i can identify the bad boy in training types.
          Thanks. I just want ther dad to tackle the potential more than just locking her in the house.

        5. There is little more her dad can do if the environment is bad. I have been with a teenager growing up in the family, she wasn’t mine but I saw her and spoke to her and played with her when she was younger so I have a bit of an idea.
          It’s very difficult to influence a teenager directly beyond the age of 12 or so, that’s when the majority input shifts to her friends and her social circle, and without removing her from that environment the only thing you can do is limit the exposure.
          That said the genetic and base situation component is very strong, and will be selective for the group she hangs with provided she has choices and isn’t either extremely pretty or ugly.
          The single biggest modifier for the outcome for her at this point that is changeable is the environment outside the home, and inside the home. If you are lucky she will not turn on you like often happens, at least to men. There is a hormonal component to teenage girls being, a bit of an issue for the men she grew up with. This is perfectly logical as she has to start mate selection and find genetic variation. That’s also why her adoptive father has very little soft input.

  34. Not everyone is marriage material. Some thrive on the honey do’s and increased workload and expectations, some don’t. The author comes across as someone who is happy and content to live alone with his own thoughts so by marrying a feminist he believed she’d allow him the space and freedom he craved whereas a submissive woman would have smothered him with her “do me, lead me, and live for me” demands.

  35. Wow, that was intricately profound! I, like many people, will often try to come up with metaphors and analogies with which to explain personal points of view but nothing that deep. This article, and ergo the book, go counter to our current culture of misandry, in that it humanizes men vice the fashionable and profitable demonization of men so that hateful women can blame their gender failings on men and society, and revel in their perceived collective victimhood.
    I believe that human females, as the physically inferior mammalian birth givers, are guided by biological imperatives which cause women to intrinsically see life as revolving around themselves and, to that end, to hate to see men happy without a woman controlling that happiness. In simplistic terms, that is the root of virtually all marital strife. It is good men who have learned to placate and defer to their wives’ demands and whims who are responsible for successful marriages, hence the old saw, “Happy wife, happy life”, which implies that a wife who does not implicitly get her way will make life miserable aka the socially acceptable domestic abuse. Some men are just not that “pliable” though. Many women seek out the the worst men available because they hubristically need to feel as if they can tame and control them. Of course if it doesn’t work out, the women can always play the innocent victim card despite their usual role as instigators. Then these women blame all men for their personal failings. Having children increases female power and gives them weapons which exacerbates the situation for decent men. Our “Squeaky Wheel” power through collective victimhood society has turned life for men into a “heads they win, tails we lose” situation especially since man-made modern technologies have mitigated female deficiencies.
    Man power made girl power possible.

    1. Well said. However I don’t think this is universally true for all women. I would say most in the west probably, based on my own experience.
      I have seen it work as it should as well, where a woman feels happy and fulfilled together with a strong protective husband. Of course with the only constant in life being change, it’s a continuing struggle to keep this ideal situation.

      1. Thank you. My views are shaped by my personal experiences and observations. I believe the phenomenon I state is prevalent and culturally dangerous enough to at least note. I agree it is not universal. Nothing is. I often add the following disclaimer:
        “As with anything, this is a matter of degrees. I am speaking in a bell curve sense. There will always be exceptions and aberrations”.
        I probably should have added it in my comment.
        I’ve seen good marriages but usually, but not always, because the man basically kowtows rather than rock the boat and risk female wrath. Not all men can do that. I believe that in today’s capitalistic and democratic society that misandry has become acceptable in order to pander to a hateful female demographic. You can see this depicted in most media venues including commonly in commercials and sitcoms in which superior albeit quirky women dominate and denigrate bumbling, simpleton men (even with high IQs). Reverse the sexes in those situations and they would then be considered sexist and abusive. I see this as damaging to our sons.

        1. I absolutely agree that the open misandry is damaging to men growing up. I had a hard time getting past it mentally, and in order to manage it I had to virtually cut ties with my mother who is the embodiment of this attitude. I was unlucky enough to be born in Sweden of all places. I have long since gotten out and found a good woman.

        2. Male kowtowing does not make for a good marriage, thus, I’ve never seen a good marriage in all my years — at least one where I would want to trade places with the husband.
          I’ve seen good “family situations” (a couple of well adjusted kids, healthy dog, nice house, cabin on the lake type situation), but never truly great enough that I’d want to be in that man’s shoes because they’re never truly happy and it shows — especially in the presence of their wife.

        3. I totally agree. It’s not for me either. Many men don’t want to endure the stress of female vindictiveness especially when they may lose their kids and home etc. I’m not really advocating for kowtowing, just stating that that’s more responsible for avoiding marital strife than supposed female wonderfulness. It’s more about keeping the peace in the “Happy wife, happy life” vein, despite the inherent hypocrisy in that. I actually read a study that supports that female ego-centric domestic domination is the true cause of most marital strife but I can’t cite it. Men get much more than their fair share of the blame. Women are generally perceived as victims because they want to be and it doesn’t have to be logical. Their perceptions are intrinsically skewed (to various degrees).

        4. I think it’s a choice men do. You can have all the shit and live as you want and roam the fields of new pussy, or you can get a family and a wife etc.
          I decided to find a good woman and have children because I did want to be in a similar position as many other men around me.
          But when I was younger I didn’t care for things like this, it started to be really a big push when I was 35 or so.

        5. With the male kowtowing I’ve seen it work in some marriages though that term is a bit extreme, and its where the guy is a rugged blokey and an easy going ‘dont want no drama’ guy. He lets the wife get her way but not every time and he does not cave in quick and she is all appreciative when he lets her get her way. She probably tells her gal pals how she knows how to wrap him around her finger, but she doesn’t lose respect for him.
          The beta guys or guys who struggled for pussy its a different story and you can see it in the husband/wife interaction that the wife settled or at least in her mind she has, and letting the missus have her way in the hope of ‘happy wife happy life’ just doesn’t quite work out like that. When she gets her way she is not appreciative more like she expected it.

        6. I’m basically trying to dispute the prevailing narrative that marital strife is usually the man’s fault. Men are actually more tolerant of female foibles while women seek reasons to get mad. Women enjoy being angry. I can’t kowtow and it cost me. I wish I had been more discriminating like Noth666 but I felt a lot of familial and societal pressure to get married and settle down. Unfortunately I married a military mantrap; sweet deal for her though. It turned out that she can be as verbally, mentally, and physically abusive as she likes and she still gets automatic victim status, plus my kids and my car..

        7. “I can’t kowtow and it cost me.” – are you saying in your marriage it was ‘my way or no way’ when it came to deciding things? You ran things the way you wanted and not what she wanted. I made the mistake of caving in to what my gfs wanted often but not all the time, but I regret more the times I would try appease them when they were in a cranky mood. When I saw it in friends relationships I could see it a number of times as manipulation by the women. Like lots of guys they just want their wife/gf to be sweet and affectionate so letting her get her way or sucking up to her when she is moody becomes a knee jerk reaction, but in so many relationships I reckon the women picks that up and repeats the pattern.
          I think guys that are very desirable to women or are rugged masculine guys can get away with it and the women will still appreciate him. For some of my friends who had plenty of options when it came to women, they could get away with ‘treat em mean keep em keen’ or not have them as no.1 priority in their life and their gfs would bend over backwards & forwards to please them to try keep them. The opposite of the struggling guys and I’m sure women pick up on that distinction.
          Its advice I’ve seen often in the manosphere, but I think you can only pull it off if you have plenty of options when it comes to women and she knows it or you date down and she thinks you’re a catch. i think men are more tolerant of female foibles too though the women who have dated badboy/jerk guys will argue its the other way around. Most guys want a hassle free marriage whereas women need some drama/emotion.

        8. I married the wrong person for the wrong reasons. She literally saw marriage as a position of power and once warned me that if I stepped out of line she would ruin my life. She made good on that. She expected me to treat her with absolute deference. She would have sudden outbursts of anger and violence if things didn’t go as she’d expected. If she hadn’t gotten pregnant early I would have dumped her but I wanted to be involved in my child’s life. She saw that as power. My marriage was a huge mistake. What really surprised me was how biased the court was toward the female. I’ve heard many similar stories. My point again is that women are not the innocent victims they typically portray themselves to be and are very often the instigators. That is not all encompassing though.

  36. All feminists have several things in common. They were all told when young how unattractive they are, they are unattractive and miserable and they are all attention whores.

  37. This is the future. The comfort I take is that they’ll obviously end up destroying themselves.

  38. It’s ego, wanting to be more than we are because we refuse to accept what we are. Because we can’t accept that we must receive, so we take with our hands to prove that we are not weak.

  39. yeah women have an innermost “space” waiting to be filled with …something. he he he heh

  40. I’ve noticed that all of the raging feminists I’ve met are women that no man would ever want to fuck in the first place. Evolutionary psychology at work — there is great balance in nature.

    1. George Carlin did have some great one-liners, didn’t he? That one is one of my favorites…

  41. I still say the summary of “a man who does this does not love himself first” applies here.

  42. Affirmative action, the discrimination against young men will be very destructive to our civilisation.
    The reason is this. Young teenage men do have equal or slightly lower IQ, this is because of our belated puberty and slower development compared to females. (Early school starts are bad for males)
    The Adult male has an IQ around 9 points higher than the female. IQ tests upscale females. This explains the wage gap. (along with lower participation rates).
    So what will be the effect of replacing high IQ males with females who are in their job because they did well at high school and were drawn into careers by endless advertising.
    This is what self-identified ‘left wing’ academic Professor Paul Irwing stated in the British Independent newspaper:
    “There are twice as many men with an IQ of 120 plus as there are women, there are 30 times the number of men with an IQ of 170-plus as there are women.
    I don’t know why this is, all I can say is that we have a huge amount of data.
    In my 2005 paper in the British Journal of Psychology we looked at 22 surveys sampling 20,000 university students. In 21 out of the 22 studies males always had an advantage. That’s a lot. We ignored the survey from Mexico because the results were consistent with a university that was extremely selective with respect to females.”, “The results of both studies were a shock to me. I find prejudice abhorrent. I’ve always taught sex differences from a left-wing point of view, that women are every bit as good as men. My findings don’t fit my view of the world at all. Girls often do better than boys at school. ”
    The Danish Professor Helmuth Nyborg stated:
    “Adult males have a mean advantage in g of about 7.5–9 IQ equivalent points. The variance in mental test scores is 10–20% greater for males. The combined effect of higher mean and greater variance result in an exponentially increasing male over-representation from average g (IQ=100) and up, from 2 males for each female at g=1 SD (IQ=115) to more than 10 males for each female at g=3 SD (IQ=145)”

    1. RationaliseThis
      What an amazingly pertinent and significant comment! It goes counter to Michelle Obama’s sexist assertion that women are smarter than men though; you know, the acceptable chauvinism. I have my own theory about the gender differences you cite and the apparent societal discrepancies. I’m not trying to argue, just express a point of view for consideration; food for thought.
      Females in general do better in school because they, as the mammalian birth givers and caretakers, inherently thrive on attention and specialness, and, to that end seek better grades and the resulting praise. However, despite female assertions that blame men and society for their gender failings, and female insistence that society change to suit their wants and needs, those female traits don’t translate well for success in the the real world. Boys, who mature more slowly than female caretakers, are usually more antsy and less focused in school because they want action and competition, and they are often distracted by girls. This is not a question of intelligence. Despite doing less well in school, male qualities do translate better to the real world, especially in competitive constructs. Women view their inability to compete in these areas as a sign of societal sexism though but I think we all know the truth. I raised two sons and a daughter and, while they are each doing exceptionally well in life they are the epitome of the phenomenon I have described.
      We really need to scholastically sequester the sexes so that boys can learn in ways that channel those male qualities which have built civilizations with amazing infrastructures and technologies. The female scholastic system seems to be based on the demoralization and diminishment of our sons, and to educate girls in ways in which they can exploit the hard work and innovation of men.
      Of course this is a matter of degrees and there will always be exceptions and aberrations. At its most basic, it really is more a matter of biological imperatives; women as caretakers and exploiters, men as providers, protectors, doers, and innovators. I believe that women should take advantage of all of the opportunities that men have created for them. They just shouldn’t be such whiny jerks about it.

      1. Well put. One example could be me and my wife. If you look at diplomas she should do much better than me and be smarter. Reality says otherwise. I make more and am clearly smarter and more effective in anything non academic.

  43. I get where women don’t want men to be happy and feel successful. It makes sense when you consider their jealous nature. They’ll fucking destroy any other woman they think is better than them. Same with their men: Women always talk about “changing” their guy. And usually he’s doing all right the way he is. So all the fighting that they do and all the problems that they cause comes from envy that the man is capable of being self-sufficient and happy. Ask any married man: Their wives live to make them un-happy.

    1. Joe, you echo my feelings completely. I believe that females are inherently biased against men (unless he is cute and makes her feel special). My feeling has been that, in a primal sense, women, as the physically inferior mammalian birth givers and caretakers, needed to rely on men for their basic needs and protection in a harsh world. Because the female birth givers inherently saw their survival as paramount, they essentially needed to exploit the hard work of men, the providers, the protectors, the doers, and the innovators. Since women see the world as revolving around themselves, they must have contempt for the men they exploit. Therefore, women innately hate to see a man or men happy unless that happiness is essentially controlled by a woman. That explains the female propensity to thrive on their intrinsic chauvinism, misandry, and collective victimhood. It permeates almost every aspect of life. That’s why in today’s society where modern man-made technologies mitigate female deficiencies, “women don’t want men to be happy and feel successful” unless they can exploit it, and why women can neither acknowledge nor appreciate the many, many positive contributions of men.

  44. White Swedish women on average are astonishingly beautifull. Perhaps 1/3rd could be super model material. This woman was clearly below average even in her younger years. One wonders whether her man hating feminism wasn’t just some compensating strategy.
    Intelligent people, in the Academics sense, often make the mistake in assuming that others are as rational as they. I think he gave her too much credence.

    1. 13 is exaggerated, but yeah. I’m in NL now, and it strange. For many it’s like the Swedish are real Barbie, and the Central Europe ones are Chinese knock offs, close but not quite.

  45. I check in with this website occasionally, for the same reason I look at the Facebook pages of insane people I knew years ago… I dunno why exactly, but you people always entertain me! One of the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life was when I woke up one morning and saw an article which included photos of your “King of Masculinity” terrified at his mummy’s house because he’d taken some “satirical” threats too seriously. One look at this guy (even before this incident) and it was incredibly clear he’d never been with an actual woman and I did figure he lived with his mum… but to find out he LIVES IN THE BASEMENT! It’s GOLD! But after this loser was exposed for the worthless, lying, trash he is, I figured this site would be deserted by now… but here you all are! Anyway, thanks for all the entertainment. You people crack me the up. Consistently.

    1. I won’t claim to speak for the majority of this community in not defending Roosh, but all I have to say personally is that from a purely logical, rational, manly standpoint, whatever he may or may not be is irrelevant to the truth or falsehood of the neomasculine philosophy. There are many good men writing much good material on this site and you, along with every other male on this planet (and indeed large numbers of females) would do well to avail yourself of their wisdom.
      Just one man’s opinion.

  46. When you really think about what this man is saying you can tell a big part of him was completely ripped out and never to return.
    I could never do it, I don’t care how tight the pussy is or how much cum she guzzles, I would never marry a damn feminist.
    I have a younger friend (college age) who dates nothing but feminists because he says they absolutely love being treated like shit by a non-feminist man that’s a part of the patriarchy, effing White male, and some other shit like that.
    He says they literally beg him to treat them like shit so they feel better about themselves!?! then have tons of great sex and then repeat the same.
    What blew my mind the most was that they demand that he treat them like shit around her feminist friends!

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