The Inglorious Death Of The West

We have obviously come to the end of the West and Western civilization as we know it. No longer does it take a sociological “expert” or someone with a university degree to argue the point. Now it’s apparent all across the board. Our Western culture, whatever that even is anymore, is fastly disappearing and dying. And we’re letting it happen without even putting up a fight. This, I argue, will be to our own deserved demise.

We need to take a cold, hard look at what has led the West down the road of cultural ruin. After all, we’re only getting what we’ve ordered not too long ago.

Nietzsche the Prophet

I steadfastly argue that the single greatest factor that has led the west into the shitstorm it is now faced with is the abolishment of God and its resignation from all things even remotely Christian. Simply, we became inconvenienced with and ashamed of God and His statues regarding how we ought to orchestrate our lives. Even after the founding fathers of the West chose God-fearing, Biblical statutes to orient the ethical direction of the free world, we chose to balk at the freedoms and blessings afforded us under its banner and umbrella. Excuse my bluntness, but what the fuck?

What the hell was the big problem to begin with, that our Western society had to get rid of God and become so secular? Was it the allure of all things dark, forbidden, and sinful, much like the tempting apple in the Garden of Eden? Or was it just rotten, base human nature that tends to fuck up everything it’s given unless its spiritual self wakes up and enlightens the individual to better living? Or perhaps it was it the sins of the Catholic Church at large throughout world history, with its Crusades and and Inquisitions?

Any reasonable, sane person would understand that just because there is a killer loose in Disneyland, it doesn’t imply that the fault lies with Mickey Mouse. Anyone with even the slightest amount of intellect should be able to discern the obvious difference between what is faith and what is religion: one is a belief system that ordains personal decisions and and conduct of life at large, the other is a social construct of political yoke that serves to bind its members to its bylaws, rules and regulations.

Then again, the same applies to any secret society, alma matter, or club at large. So let’s get real for a moment and ask the hard, central question: what was wrong with the statues and morals of the God of Christianity, that we, as the West at large, decided to dump Him and move out from under His protective hand, as it were?

I suddenly recall a report that came out about the public school system in Canada back 1988, after the government decided to pull the Lord’s Prayer from schools in Ontario, where I spent the majority of my youth. What followed was a plummeting of school grades across the board, funny as that may seem. Don’t try to connect the dots, only consider the consequences at face value. The bottom line is, something happened in conjunction with this paradigm shift, and it wasn’t for anyone’s betterment.

Friedrich Nietzsche was right with his “death of God” analogy back in the day. We decided to kill God off from our lives and our society – societies that were largely built on Biblical principles and safeguards to ensure the posterity and safety of its people – and we left the door open for a horde of diverse and tumultuous demons to come in. We made our collective bed, in which we now lay. And the wages of sin is death. How fucking inconvenient for us!

The Fallacy of Relative Morality

There’s really no use or sense in complaining. It was a completely willful and conscious decision by us as a people and a collective society. God didn’t fit into our big picture and so we discarded the nagging voice of right and truth. We wanted our very own, custom-tailored, relative morality. We wanted to all be special snowflakes who would have their personalized cake and eat it, too. And in our deliberately blind gluttony, heresy, hedonism and salaciousness, we laid the groundwork for the inescapable law of reaping as we’d sown. Hey, don’t be fooled!

God is not mocked, and neither is the still, small voice of common sense and conscience within each and every one of us.When the dam broke, we were too ignorant to fix it. We let the landslide advance, unabated. The West let in the aggressive demands and doctrines of the east, the doctrines of which were adverse and foreign to the West to begin with.

The healthy not only tolerated but sought to accommodate the complaints and wishes of the perverse. The waters became muddied, unassimilable, and undrinkable. We were like spectators at the Colosseum, watching our own, unethical passion play unfold before our eyes, amused and sedated by it all at the same time. Things went from bad to worse and we just clamored for more fun, frills, and entertainment to fill our empty heads and void lives.  Anything to dull the unnerving voice and moment of truth that kept beckoning to each and every one of us.

We didn’t protect our borders, our customs, our beliefs or our values, because we didn’t respect what we had. Someone else built the house which we inhabited; it wasn’t any skin off our own backs. We had no more sense of collective self, of tribe, clan or us. It became every dog for themselves. Me, me, me and even more me. Not you, not us. Just more of what’s in it for me, for my own, personal benefit, entertainment and pleasure. We took it all for granted, and now it’s being taken away from us.

With the death of God, we adopted new gods, albeit lesser gods at that. Mock gods like those offered at the altar of television, a conduit that taught us to believe whatever was fed through it; the media, who we believed all too eagerly at face value, without enough critical sense to question absolutely everything and ask the crucial and central question: “In whose interest is this message being sold to us?”

Popular music and its altar of indoctrination that has been admittedly so stealthy and shrewd, that even I, as a musical artist for nearly 20 years, can only marvel at its potency in conditioning the behaviors and attitudes of its audience.

Only as you age and grow as a person do you begin to see more clearly, but only if you steer clear of the mass sedation being force-fed all around you. That said, these new faux gods—and many others like the aforementioned—have filled the spiritual vacuum left behind by the absence of light that took immediate effect following the death of God, as foreseen by the accidental prophet, Nietzsche.

The Wages of Sin

In hindsight, we, as the West, have raped, spit on, shamed and insulted the Christian values that our lands were built on. We’ve become so goddamned secular, so boastful in our arrogant pride, that we’ve been ignorant of replacing the dismissed guards of our ethics and societal self with new, virtuous guardians of any kind. We’ve simply let ourselves drift, happily clueless, on our sea of indulgence and hedonistic pleasure. No one saw the hordes in waiting, and now it’s too late.

In our weakened state of constant self-gratification, we, as the West, have become weak. We’ve become milksops: easily offended and readily yielding, fragile individuals who hide behind the cloak of Big Brother. How the prolific words of Benjamin Franklin ring loudly now: “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” Indeed.

Even what’s left of our weakened, watered-down Christianity has become a feminized, ineffective, dead symbol of religious ritualism and ineffective, empty clamor. Gone are the strong men of old, the spirit of the founding fathers. Gone is the bravado, the chest held high with its breastplate of uprightness, the strong and unmoving fortitude that was ready and able to wield the sword of truth and brandish the shield of faith. Woe to us, for gone is the faith that was steadfast, the powerful beliefs that steered the moral uprightness of entire societies. We’ve got it coming to us, folks. In spades.

Summa Summarum

We need that old time Christian warrior mentality now more than ever. Our lands need it. Our people need it. The West needs it. Because the West will not survive without a return to its Christian roots. The secular mindset will not accommodate laws to protect the West, for were it able to provide that, it would have offered them up already. The proof is in the pudding, we’ve already seen the degeneration and decline of morality and societal spine under the banner of secularism.

No religion, no bullshit. Just rock solid Christian values and respect for the freedoms afforded by the vastly gracious nature of Christian and Biblical beliefs.  The proof is in our past, if you need further evidence.What have you got to lose? Only the last, scarce remnants of your personal freedoms that are all being stripped away, falling through your fingers, if you choose to remain embedded in secular indoctrination.  And if that be your choice, good riddance.

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97 thoughts on “The Inglorious Death Of The West”

  1. Religion is a required mechanism for society’s emotionally driven members (women and low IQ people) to properly function. Without that social structure to keep their behavior in accordance with some standard, they become unproductive and toxic to the society as a whole.

    1. JOHN
      I’m not sure I buy that this the most amoral era ever. In the late 70’s early 80’s people smoked 3 packs of Camels per day and fucked everybody.
      AIDS, Reagan etc ended this in 83.
      The crack era was dangerous too.

      1. LOL, the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s were not religious times bro (especially the younger generations), and that was the age of the worthless baby boomer and hippie culture. However, even back in the day when more people got murdered or raped, society at large still had more honor, pride, nationalism, manners, a sense of identity, and they also knew what morality was, some just chose to go against it. Most women back then still got married and had kids, still acted feminine, and most children were raised in a decent family culture, etc etc. Today, our society full of psychopaths…Raving atheists, women who take pride in abortion, false rape witch hunts, a completely degraded college system, rapidly rising single motherhood, a lack of social cohesion, heavy nihilism, etc etc. I mean, people in our country today actually believe that getting colonized by the third world gives us strength. Instead of there being a clear line between the good and the bad, most bad behavior (as long as it is not a white hetero-male doing it) is fairly normalized in our culture today.

        1. Absolutely. I remember when it was considered weird for a girl to have sex with other girls. Now, it’s practically expected.

    2. You’re obviously uninformed about the sheer number of living intellectuals and scientists who believe in the resurrected Son of God and have chosen to cover themselves in His blood to avoid judgment and dying in their sins.

    3. Religion (or lack of it) isn’t the problem, welfare and letting women have a say in anything are the two problems. Remove welfare, remove women from the workplace and government.

    4. Regardless of the thumbs downs, this is true. I’ve lived in some poverty-stricken third world countries. Sometimes they won’t even take care of basic hygiene unless you tell them that it is some kind of inauspicious, unholy, or sinful thing. Then they do the right thing out of fear of God.
      You can talk all about “muh rationality”, “muh education”, muh this or that. Sometimes religion is the only way to control bad behavior.

    5. I always hated religion for that reason, bunch of BS to control people. But it is sad, most people are so stupid that they need to be controlled and religion fills that role nicely.

    6. Every atheist says that. It’s unprovable bullcrap. Atheists ALWAYS say science supports them. Ok, what’s your science?
      It’s an ego thing, so they have someone to look down on. Also. Hostility. Christians are the one group anyone is allowed to piss on.
      All atheists have is mockery, hostility and psycho-babble

  2. There’s a certain entertainment business where exaggerating one’s achievements is part of the characters’ fictional persona and often it’s the other people, that are in on the joke, that do the hyperbole for the artist or contribute to it.
    Since I do not know whether a certain author of a certain article has produced such an introduction himself or whether it was a dubious honor bestowed upon him by someone else, I’m going to try and hold my judgement but let’s just say that giving a pompous self-introduction while calling on people to practice humbleness right after can hurt an author’s credibility.

  3. With the morning, men who’d like you to believe there is no good and evil rise along with you, delivering their own handiwork into the world this new year. You can’t always fight this at work, but you can fight it in your heart. Man falls short of his perfection, and what else in nature does? The nature of nature is determined. A rock sits and a tree grows. A man knows before he acts, a right way to do, and a wrong way to do, and there is a voice that guides you. Who wants you to forget this voice, and why? Today, my friends, today is a day to act rightly, and every day again.

    1. Best Comment of the Year…
      Nothing more need be taught this day if every man take your comment to heart and understand what it means, it is pure Red Pill truth, undistilled and untainted.

      1. Man, thanks for the compliment. I was just parroting C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, to be straight.

        1. But still very relevant and wise. Doesn’t matter if it were an original thought of your own or not. You had the foresight to see it was salient and sane thing to offer.

        2. It is refreshing that some few readers on this site, such as this young man referencing C.S. Lewis, and some few writers, such as this young Canadian man who authored this good article, acknowledge the traditional Christian faith base that once influenced our society. Back in the late 80s, as a much younger man, I read “The Closing of the American Mind” by Dr. Allen Bloom, a then professor at Cornell University. It was an excellent analysis of the decline of American education. One point Bloom stressed was in earlier times, the majority of America had a commonly shared belief in a god. The posts, and articles, I see reoccurring on ROK, especially from these young atheist and libertine men, exasperated by articles like this on faith and Christianity, and the personal vitriol against the writers of such articles, is unfortunate. As an older man, I believe that young men on the left are a lost cause. But I’m far more concerned now about many young men on the right, based on posts and articles on ROK, who IMHO, are a lost cause as well.

  4. The west died on the battlefields of France.
    The 20th century was just the death throes.
    We now live in the Antiwest. It looks like the west, but its just a parasite wearing the carcass like a skinsuit while demanding respect.

    1. But all the Swedes survived, as they did not participate in any of the two european civil wars.
      They should be full of high testosterone intelligent men, no?

      1. I don’t know, maybe the case could be made that all the high T men left in the early Middle Ages during all the Viking conquests. Historically they raised hell and conquered a lot of places for a few hundred years. I cannot think of anything the actual country of Sweden achieved since then besides a mini rusuregence h in the High Middle Ages of the Kingdom of Sweden who attempted to conquer Russia a couple times. So I’d say they probably drained themselves, all their top men having left.

    2. It was WW1 and WW2 that allowed feminism to take a firm hold of the west. The women were allowed into all the male workplaces, and never left.

    3. Na. European culture certainly died on the battlefields of France, but America is (or was) the final torchbearer of the West beyond that. I’d say through the end of the Cold War. Without an opponent for the West, the cultural decline really picked up pace at that point, at the same time as the ideological delusions picked up steam. So yeah the West is petered out at this point.

  5. That is what you get for accepting Jewish rats into America.
    The Jew must be expelled if we want to save Western civilization.

  6. The greatest story never told because the swindler Jew doesn’t want to be expelled and sent to turn into fish food for destroying society with their usury, bubbles and feminist lesbianism immoral literature.

  7. EXPEL the fucking JEW out of America! Once and for all, will you wake up and realize the Jew is the problem? Why did the Germans turn against the Jews after welcoming them into their country? What did the Jews do to be expelled over 100 times in a 1000 years time span?

    1. Big shot poster…Why don’t you take your thoughts and fly to Isreal and tell that to them at the airport. Don’t forget to tell us where to send memorial flowers.

      1. TIBBS
        He would not say that in Brooklyn around Amy Winehouse and Ron Jeremy type street Jews.
        I don’t fancy the chances of these white Nationalists in street fights in the NYC or Chicago Jewish areas.
        It is a moot point because these folks don’t have the money to drive from Dick’s Knob Flyover to NYC anyhow.

  8. Anything that is “taken for Granted” is ultimately “taken away”….
    Anything worth keeping and defending is always EARNED never “given”, as nothing given is every RESPECTED and cherished. The only things respected and cherished is thing you have had to PAY for in blood sweat and personal sacrifice.
    That’s an INARGUABLE fact!

  9. Anything that is “taken for Granted” is ultimately “taken away”….
    Anything worth keeping and defending is always EARNED never “given”, as nothing given is every RESPECTED and cherished. The only things respected and cherished is thing you have had to PAY for in blood sweat and personal sacrifice.
    That’s an INARGUABLE fact!

  10. in a society where only certain members produce, and some members consume, it is safe to assume the details do not matter. I wager that a pokemon card based barter system with only Nordic and Germanic peoples would work better than Facism or capitalism with any amount of black or brown genetics.

    1. Yeah, but we’re all consumers, in (according to the UN) a post consumer era. It’s all by design, confused yet? You will be. You can base an economy on planting trees, buying cheap plastic shite, building pyramids, making good or evil etc etc etc, what good does it do your soul? When you become redundant, surplus to requirement, no longer economically viable to those who truely believe the planet, including you, belongs to them, what do you do?

  11. Just because author has no one to fuck, it does not mean that the West is dying.
    The West still is and will remain the most advanced civilisation of all. And it’s boring as fuck – not to mention pathetic and ridiculous – to extend your lack of chances, caused by your lack of willingness to get a decent job – upon the entire West.
    “I can’t work eight hours, it drains meee”, is the overall whining I read on this website. Well then. You are part of the problem, not of the solution. Move to the East and contribute to the decay of another culture.

  12. No, the “West” was nearly killed by Cuckristianity after it enveloped us nearly 1000 years ago, we survived for so long only because there was nobody strong enough to push us over the edge completely, and NO the crusades did not stop the Muslims the Mongols did in the 1258 raid of Baghdad then the Mongols them selves ran out of steam before reaching the heart of Evrope.
    The Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution was only possible AFTER the Church lost most of it’s political and economic power without the decline of religious beliefs there would be NO Western Civilization as we know it today.

    1. PS. It was never our Judeo-Christian values that enabled our civilization it was the rebirth(although under a different name) of our Pagan values that did it for us.
      Cuckristianity never went beyond building churches and telling us the World was flat and 6000 years old, they never did anything of any real value, everything we have was achieved DESPITE christianity not because of it.

    2. The Church was the backbone of the Renaissance and have us the scientific method.
      The Church preserved art and knowledge throughout the Dark Ages. Read “How The Irish Saved Civilization”
      Most of the ugly things atheists say about the Church is lies, by parrots.

  13. Hold on thar, Babalouie. I believe you make a great argument for the decline of the West. It is self-evident, indeed.
    But the Crusades started out as a kind of self-defense response to half a millennium of Muslim aggression… Conversion of conquered lands at the point of a sword by Muslim armies.
    The Jihad, with the goal of a worldwide caliphate, goes on today in a multitude of forms right under our noses. And by the way, have you checked up on Muslim slave trade? Many centuries of Arab slave trade make America’s little experiment with slavery just a flash in the pan.

  14. Good essay. A lot of us tend to put too all our focus on the Jews whilst completely excluding our own participation. While they are the greatest culprit in pushing a lot of our problems and they certainly take advantage of a nations moral decline, the key to remember, is that we must first decline internally for them to have any power.
    as Corneliu Zelea Codreanu once said:
    “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can thrive in the swamps of our sins.”

    1. Its a religeous change that brought most other things down. Once you don’t believe in god then why not have sex with dudes? Why should the state promote the nuclear family? Why shouldn’t women be in charge? Why should men not cower in the corner to repent for what their forefathers did? Why should we care about the country over our own needs? Why breedmax? You end up just following whoever can best argue,whoever shouts loudest, and whoever can shame the other groups the most and whoever control the discourse and the university courses. There was a huge power vacuum left when religeon no longer ruled over society, the media and the creation of laws.
      BBC news today top story on its top heading was a tweet by virgin trains calling a lady a slightly sexist term “love” above genocides and wars because these feminists control the BBC and run it purely based on their own grudges. The story is “twitter reacts” but the truth is that only the radfems of the BBC reacted. Almost every women in these organizations is now a feminist, so thats nearly 50% all employees who are trained in the Saul Alinksy tactics of old. Jews have a small and rapidly receding influence outside of America and Most European media is anti-israel. There was another article in the bbc “lorde called “bigot” for Israel bocycott”. They can get the odd article written in when something like this happens and basically call her a bigot on the front-page when were it a Saudi Arabia boycott no such article would be written. The jews are defending less and less and just trying to fight a few communal corners and hold the Israel boycotts at bay but they have little sway with the leftists these days. The feminists hold the power as they are are not 1 or 2% but rapidly approaching 50%, and they are all angry. Jews are these days less bothered and mostly just embarrassed about their privilege. These days they don’t care so much about other societies as they know they can run to israel.
      Feminists are far angrier and impose themselves Saul Alinksy style without any counter-balance.
      Every other female writing a university essay, even on architecture and maths, does so on “the feminist perspective” and has been radicalized but no male perspective is allowed. EVER. No academics covering male issues are allowed yet across Europe and America there are hundreds and maybe thousands of university teachers who teach partially some feminism creating the most bizarre one-sided debates around these issues in the history perhaps of all humanity.
      Without Christianity feminists were the most organized and motivated in this vacuum and it will not stop until men cry on the floor in pain and agony. They see things in such a biased way they will never acknowledge any equality since they forget their own privileges such as around all rights around possession of newborn children, over which they hold all cards, for example. Its a tide without end. Almost every female graduate is now a radical who has been told the most one-sided bs view of patriarchy and thinks that the main thing holding them back is men; thats the motivating religeously told lie of feminaziism. The most motivated force in a power vacuum, the feminists, have taken over and in the coming years but for a miracle we’ll have our guts for garters.

      1. It has the potential to get so bad that men are not really above slaves, at which point men will all convert to islam and women will be straight back in the home and obeying ye olde rule of thumb.

  15. Government should not promote a particular religion. That is the job of families and communities. Prayer in private schools is one thing, but government schools should not be promoting a particular religion.

  16. Protestant Christians from England built modern civilization. The pinnacle expressions of the efforts of Protestants was the United States and the United Kingdom with its dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The culture (laws, mores) reflected Protestant Christian ethics and gave rise to commercial and industrial powerhouses.
    A cabal of aristocrats, Jews and Catholics, and their hand-maidens heaved the first blow against Modern Civilization. The immigration shift in the USA in the late 1800s reveals as much as hordes of Hungarians, Slav Jews and Italian Catholics overran the shores of the USA.
    “Robber baron” aristocrats became obscenely rich owing to the non-stop flood of cheap labor immigrants suppressing wages, much in the same way that big retail and Silicon Valley aristocrats have in our times. Catholic religious leaders seized the chance to become rivals in mostly Protestant Christian USA.
    As Catholics and Jews weaseled their way into big city politics, with support of the mass of immigrants incompatible with Protestantism, the true decline of the USA began. All groups not Protestant Christian worked relentlessly to strip those in power from power. As well, Jews easily aligned themselves with atheists in their cause to strip Americans of their Protestant Christian mooring.
    By the time the 1970s rolled around, with TV well-established in American life, Hollywood Jews began their relentless propaganda attack on all things Protestant American. They made Archie Bunker, a Protestant Christian white male, their poster child straw man. The rest of the characters — Edith, the abused put-down / kept-down housewife whose potential was stripped from her by Archie, Meathead the atheist, ex-Catholic Slav Polish hyper-educated perpetual college student , Gloria, Archie’s daddy’s little girl blossoming feminist and a slew of minority foils — were the grand alliance against Archie, the caricature of backward, white male Protestant Christian.
    By the time George Bush senior came on the scene, “Kinder, Gentler” Bushism became the doctrine for Americans. With it came the American Disabilities Act, hate crime law, globalization and a new, 28 year flood of immigration of inferior races, foreign to Protestant Christianity, mostly mixed-race quasi-Catholic Mexicans and other mixed-race central Americans as well as South Asian Hindians, Chinamen and so on.
    Consider that Protestants comprised the U.S. Supreme Court for most of its history ruling on matters with rulings derived from Protestant Christian ethics and upon laws devised from Protestant Christian minds. And then from the mid-20th Century onward, the composition of the court changed until the point where only Catholics and Jews inhabited the court. They ruled on mostly extant Protestant Christian mind from perspectives of Catholic ethics and Jew ethics. As more of the replacement races infiltrated representative politics, more of laws began to be framed from ethics and morality disassociated from Protestant Christian morality.
    And while at present, I can not give a detailed account of what happened in Canada, Australian and New Zealand, it’s likely at least Canadians followed an alike path while the Aussies and Kiwis followed the post-World War 2 national socialist (nationalized industries) path of the UK.
    So when many wonder what happened, well, that is what happened. Immigration has consequences. Races with different religions inhabiting the same territory and under the same sovereignty compete for power. Inter-mixing of the superior founder race with inferior races always leads to a downfall to the lower.

      1. EDWARD
        This goes to the heart of the Red State vs Blue State crisis. Red State Americans are from Old Colonial stock and believe that they “built this country”.
        Then a bunch of foreigners with no relationship to or interest in Protestant ethics showed up and turned the Blue States in to centers of corrupt oligarchies.
        Deep down the Red State Anglo is being controlled by people in Blue States with absolutely zero interest in the principles of the founding fathers, the Civil War, blah blah.
        For example I feel really bored hearing white Southerners talk about blacks. It bores me to know end.
        Blacks in the North know that the post Civil War immigrants do not give a shit about slavery or other garbage in the South when they did not show up until the 1910’s.
        The Red State American of guns, guts and a Protestant deity mean jack shit to the New Jersey Sicilians, the Scandinavian progressives in Minnesota, the Jews in NYC, Irish-Catholics…this is all hillbilly frontier shit far from the pavements where deals are made and negotiations go down.

    1. You make fair points and I agree with your reason as to why the US declined but, as to the decline of Western Civilazation, not just modernity, which has always kind of been an anti civilization, but western civilization itself and when exactly it stared to decline, is all subjective.
      You say it declined in I’m assuming around the turn of the 20th century. While I would say the west began to decline with the Protestant Reformation. Everything else being technologically advanced but dead inwardly, like a gorgeous hooker.

      1. I think that one big part of that decline must be that the smart have fewer kids than fools. You cannot have a growing intellectual and hard working group if every generation they have hardly any children. thats why the civilized middle class cannot grow as they produce few children. America is heading towards being a society similar to brazil, and brazil is heading towards being like south africa whilst asia will take over purely based on the short-termism and weakness of the west to put in place hard rules about reproduction and get smart on the intelligent not breeding, and instead the least smart should have had low birth rates. socialism cannot sustain for any length of time because its worse with all the children from the poor especially in european states. They are one generation solutions.

        1. Problem with protestant christian tribesmen is they don’t stand when confronted they allow their minds to be changed publicly just to avoid confrontation so verbally more dominant groups including jews, and now many others have told them to change their ways and they just agreed to save face. If these jews could push them about so much imagine in a hundred years when all Arabas, blacks, pakistanis and such are embedded in societies and some are verbally even more forceful and demanding. They are also now divided with the women having been radicalized against all tradition that there is no comeback. The thing this hurts these northern europeans since they think so much about the quality and order of society even in all of their right wing ideas are hinged on these predicates that we need more order and even your comments were on that since its all about that and thats how they work vs southern europeans and arab who give few shits about social order and how well the rules are followed. Do we need such rule bound societies as per the old ones anyway? that was needed as rules coudnt be enforced other than voluntary following of them where nowwe acn force people to follow rules and the fear is over powering governmenst and thus the move toward distributed computing, for example.

        2. I agree with your first comment. The best should breed and they in turn should rule.
          As to your second comment. I think Northern Europeans faired better under Medeival Roman Catholicism than Protestantism. As to the rest of it, and I’m not trying to be funny but, I am not sure what exactly you are trying to say. Are you advocating anarchy or merely loose libertarianism? If that’s the case I have to disagree, I prefer order and hierarchy.

    2. Most historians agree the early European populace of America was distinctly Protestant,
      thus scripture honoring in distinct opposition to the Roman Catholic claim that magisterium word is supreme.
      Roman Catholic JFK becoming POTUS was a final sign that RC had become politically/culturally triumphant,
      therefore putting America on the downhill slide toward it’s present state of increased depravity and internal conflict
      “go home with the one that brung ya to the party ”
      Protestant [bible honoring] culture led to America being the most productive, most “free” nation the world had ever seen.
      As it grew worldly rich, Protestantism became ever more unfaithful to it’s founding “scripture first” principle.
      American “elites,” cheered on and taught by European “elites,” repudiated Bible honoring culture.
      A milestone in America’s repudiation of Bible honoring culture was the election of Roman Catholic JFK.
      Repudiation of Bible honoring culture led to USA ending up with a pro-Islamist ruler intent on making USA come unglued.
      There will be no happy national ending. No going back to some “golden age.”
      Personal salvation is available. But there is no national salvation.
      I strongly advise all to stop seeing yourself as an American citizen.
      And instead see yourself as an individual seeking unity with your Creator.
      Ps: I’m betting on Jesus
      Revelation 13->forward reveals soul-saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.

  17. “Or perhaps it was it the sins of the Catholic Church at large throughout world history, with its Crusades and and Inquisitions?”
    The Crusades? You mean, where we were fighting the Muslims? Or the Inquisition, which was targeted basically at SJWs pretending to be Catholics?
    I know you’re Finnish, but this sentence right here is why we lost. The Reformation was the first SJW revolution. (Of course, the Catholic Church’s leadership didn’t help matters when it became the me-too wing of Protestantism with the Second Vatican Council.)

  18. “Even what’s left of our weakened, watered-down Christianity has become a feminized, ineffective, dead symbol of religious ritualism and ineffective, empty clamor.”
    I was at church the other day and the sermon was on “wives submitting to their husbands” found in Ephesians.
    And of course, the minister has to try to re-phrase scripture by saying that “submit” doesn’t mean anything other than “submitting your love to your husband.” He made sure to state that this doesn’t mean husbands can beat their wives because ya know…us men are all wife-beaters in waiting and need to be constantly reminded of this.
    I’m sure this part of the sermon was also added to please any possible Christian feminists in the audience. Don’t wanna turn those women away from the church.
    I wonder how many preachers taught the Bible this way in the 20th century with such a weak spine that bends to the will of the Left.

    1. Bodies in the seats translates into money in donations plates. this is the very central tent of all religions. All universally use the collection platters, wielded by the true believers, and filled by the intonations of the liars at the dias, the gullible coughing up their labors and wages because the universal fear message is droned in their ears… “you are gunna DIE and Gods gunna git ya UNLESS……..(fill my plate)”!
      not even locusts are this effective.

  19. Christianity makes no sense even if you accept its assumptions. The world view simply cannot explain how God’s creatures can rebel against him, nor what keeps this from happening again and again.
    For all we know, C.S. Lewis in heave could rebel against God and become Literally Screwtape.

    1. Simple, God gave man free will and left the choice of good and evil up to man. Out of love and respect for man he doesn’t intervene directly but, allows man to work out his salvation and eventually return to God. He helps indirectly along the way.

      1. Giving man free will was a guarantee that man would inevitably fall to evil. The only rational conclusion is that man is an imperfect creature made in the image of an imperfect God.

  20. Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by joining the Gestapo realize that they have to live with their consciences?
    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by remaining silent and obedient realize that this plan failed for millions of people who were killed in Nazi Germany, the USSR, China, and Cambodia?
    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by being rich, famous, attractive, educated, or having influence realize that this plan failed to protect people in history?
    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by being white realize that whatever they allow the government to do to others will eventually be done to them?

    1. The most unforgiving and demanding jailer is a guilty conscience. You will find no other more vicious creature or entity that the voice insider your head that never shuts up reminding you the choices you made that you should not have.

  21. Yet another SHIT article. Nobody here has spat on God or the epithets of. Everyone reading this know (((WHO))) creates all the fucking problems.. and it’s not us. The West is CORNERED.. -NOT- conquered. The downtrends have been slow enough to exhaust us.. but the day of reckoning is soon. Whether here or in another realm God’s world will triumph forever and it won’t look like this toilet!!!

  22. God is my only master and Lord, no woman will ever be, as she was created to be beside me and not to command me
    all men have forgotten their roots including us who discuss here and elsewhere how to conquer women, what a laugh that these half-men gives to me.
    Reading this article was illuminating, we are one of the few male fortresses left standing, because everything around us has become anti-male, demoniacs, anti-Christian, in few words.. evilish!, where the worst of humanity prevails, and we have already lost, it is only a matter of time.
    Now, as the Romans did centuries before, we are surrounded, it is a matter of time now that even the last survivors will cease to exist, time is not in our favor, old age looms, and those good men who did not get married will NOT inherit their DNA in the future generations, the future now belongs to evil people and dumbs one, where all the categories we have discussed extensively in recent years, will prevail until the inevitable rotten decay, and those who will still have married a woman, will see the displeasure of seeing their own grow childrens in a world worse than the current one we are living in.
    Only those who have fled elsewhere will still have some hope, just like Moses did in the past, many men like Roosh told us to travel elsewhere to escape from this evilish societies, because here in the west and EU as well, it is only a matter of time before even the Internet, including this and other pro-masculinity websites, will be definitely controlled by the evil people that now has its hands on everything.
    Gentlemen, It was a pleasure to resist in the trenches with you, other words are useless, we should had to fight when there was still some hope, unfortunately we were the minority, stupid men preferred the vagina instead of values, themselves and the future of humankind.
    I am certain, however, that in a few decades, it will be inevitably a return to values ​​and good living, nature itself teaches that, at the highest point there is nothing but the return swing, an eternal up and down that has always managed all the visible and invisible things in the universe, we didn’t lived in the most beautiful time in our life, but im sure that future people will be, alas, it is bad to think that this “war” has nevertheless killed good men who did not have the chance to be loved and have a family, to be laughed, humiliated , imprisoned, we know that every war has its victims, and I am one of these.
    I wish to talk to you, young men, and to those last wise men outta there, who read and, most of all, understand my words, please, do not let the memory of these years die, I beg you, do not forgive women when they will come back to you asking for forgiveness, because they will not be sincere, it will be simple convenience, because they have always done so, even to us.
    Please, Remember those brothers who felt because of feminism, remember all the bad things they did to you, remember and do not give pity, because they did not have it for you, they prefered the evil master, not you, as the son of God.
    Do not forgive us.

    1. No they do not. Look at the Crusades – the Templars and the Hospitallers. Look at the Spanish Conquistadors.

      1. Look at Jesus sending out His Apostles, telling them to take their sword. If they did not have a sword, to sell their cloak and buy one.
        Pretty plainly a warrior.
        There has been war in Heaven itself, where a third of the angels were cast out.
        There will be a great battle between good and evil at the end of the world. I hope to participate. Christians have a tough row to hoe, being expected to be patient and kind. I want to push back.

  23. Christianity is the religion of believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Compared to the father the son is a feminized snowflake.
    Is Christianity the answer to the pussification of the west? Don’t make me laugh.

    1. Christ was a man’s man. He carried a cross and was beaten in a heinous way. Yet he never quivered or renounced His calling. He was a great leader and was merciful and stern when He needed to. Just look at the way he kicked out the money changers from the Temple. That took a lot of guts. If you want to go back to the law of the jungle and live like the bloody pagans of Europe many who did not even know how to read and write then you do that. I won’t.

      1. Calling Christ a weakling / feminized snowlake is beyond ridicolous and ignorance. He is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega. He was actualy so strong that he humilated himself, to reach the poorest and give an example to everyone.
        But at his second coming he will behave different. After being glorified, the kings of this world will bow down to him and there is going to be a bloody revenge. Read the book of revelation, its very scary how he will pour out his wrath on the wicked….
        14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp
        twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. 17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: 18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

  24. Dear Mr. Majalahti,
    I find your quote of Nietzsche confusing, as the philosopher didn’t actually believe the Judeo/Christian God was ever literally alive. As you mention, it’s supposed to be a metaphor of the changes in Western attitudes towards religion at the end of the XIX century (as consequence of the Enlightenment), yet Nietzsche didn’t saw this was a bad event at all; distressful, yes, but the sign of something else coming. As you may already know, he argued the death of all gods would be necessary for a moral development of humankind, finally leading to the rise of the Ubermensch.

    1. It’s not confusing at all. He disagrees obviously with Nietzsche regarding the existence of God. But recognizes that Nietzsche’s diagnosis of what was ailing the West was correct. Obviously his prescription for the future differs from N’s. But to be a religious person and point out N’s quote about the status of God in society is not contradictory.

  25. Any reasonable, sane person would understand that just because there is a killer loose in Disneyland, it doesn’t imply that the fault lies with Mickey Mouse.
    Great example, really good point. However, it just so happens that Mickey Mouse actually is a satanic representation of baphomet. So um, in this case, when people get murdered in Disneyland, he’s actually at fault.
    Damn you Mickey! Damn you to HELLLLLLL!!!!!

  26. The real problem at the root of this is cultural Marxism. The denigration of religion has had some bad effects, but this is merely one head of the hydra. Discrediting cultural Marxism – and getting its adherents away from the levers of power – will revitalize our societies in a single generation.

  27. A good article in places but Christianity was from the middle east. It was the original usurper of germanic religions that valued strength and replaced it with the original submissive value system of turn the other cheek and love thine enemy BS. Christianity was a power structure, not a religion, by the time it reached Europe. The Roman empire adopted it for political reasons and within a few hundred years went down the pan, now its the turn of the West. ALL empires fail eventually, usually for political reasons not religious. Unfortunately we live in a culture that rewards people’s selfishness at all levels and that is our problem. The new idols in this article are not in existence for solely political reasons but the product of money making. Vested interests control society, that is the downfall of the West.

  28. This article is such an oxymoron – Nietzsche aint a prophet, he’s part of the reason the west is as messed up as the author suggests – author makes Nietzsche seem as if ‘he knew it was gunna happen so he’s also correct’ vibes – Nietzshe part of the reason society jacked up, the article is misleading

  29. Some may wonder: Why are top level leaders [Satanic minions] of Western Civilization, from pope on down, deliberately sabotaging/destroying Western Civilization ?
    It’s because you have to break eggs to make an omelet.
    The NWOrder/world government is the “omelet” that is being made,
    and ALL “sovereign” nations are the “eggs” that must be broken to make it.
    Islam a big tool in breaking the eggs.
    Economic collapse another big tool.
    Racial conflict another big tool.
    Nukes will also be used.
    The NWOrder/world government is ORDAINED BY GOD to come into existence. There is no stopping the coming into being of the NWOrder/world government [which will be the throne of the coming final supreme “beast” first revealed in Revelation 13].
    [Beast will rule 3.5 years …. and his reign ends the same day as Christ returns in power as per Rev 19]
    The pope and such as POTUS Bush Sr openly and plainly revealed their enthusiasm and support for the coming NWOrder. MANY “elites” [Satan’s hi-level minions] spoke likewise.
    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.
    Thailand is the one and only nation that will not become a province of the world
    government. Thailand will be a very unique significant way Jesus will “bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations,….” Thailand will be Jesus’s “burning bush” nation.

  30. “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not faint, nor is He weary. His understanding is inscrutable. He gives power to the faint and to those who have no might He increases strength. Youths shall faint and be weary, young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint” Isaiah 40:28-31
    IF you are not waiting on EMPOWERMENT, tell me, why not ?
    Don’t wait to be “raptured” Wait to be EMPOWERED
    Aspire to be in service to Jesus
    right through the day of beheading
    “I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and the authority to judge was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness of Jesus and for the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand year Revelation 20:4

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