Another Woman Walks Free After Attacking A Man With Glass

Thanks to a customary pussy pass, Lucie Slater’s truly savage glassing attack on then boyfriend Scott Aitken went legally unpunished two and a half years ago. It is therefore unsurprising that fellow Englishwoman Sarah McKenzie-Ayres, the subject of my recent article, also walked free from court this year for a similar attack on a man. Slater is just one of many excuses that help give other women their own excuse to maim and disfigure the men who anger them.

Slater had found Aitken exchanging messages with another woman and, in a fit of “understandable” female jealousy, lashed out at him with a glass. As the pictures prove, the results for Aitken were beyond horrific. And, rubbing further salt into his blood-churning facial injuries, the judiciary treated Aitken’s communication with the second woman as some sort of provocation you would normally expect in the most extreme self-defense cases.

The message of both the Slater and McKenzie-Ayres cases is obvious: male victims do not matter in criminal sentencing. Hit a woman, without evening leaving a bruise, and expect serious incarceration or GPS tracking. But if you maim a man to the point of him requiring corrective surgery and metal plates, the judge will declare your de facto innocence as a woman by refusing to send you to jail.

“Rehabilitating” her image through charity grandstanding


If Lucie Slater were really the sweet “daddy’s girl” she wants to be perceived as, she wouldn’t have humiliated her father by glassing Scott Aitken.

Soon after the sentencing, desperate to salvage her reputation, Lucie Slater engaged in charity fundraising online for diabetes. In a twist that shocked me about as much as the sun rising each day, her father had died from a serious version of the same disease a month or so after she received her complimentary pussy pass.

Notwithstanding that a 45-year-old man losing his life in such circumstances is tragic, the very convenient dovetailing Slater engaged in with her fundraising raises serious questions about her genuineness. Amidst all the justified vitriol being directed at both her and the shambolic decision not to imprison her, she needed a superficial outlet to show just how “sweet” and “kind” she was. Yet, if she really cared about her father, why not care enough to prevent publicly humiliating him with the glassing of Aitken and the resultant court case?

Any “daddy’s girl” who has a father with diabetes should realize that significant stress, such as having your daughter plastered across the media even if she didn’t get deserved jail time, is a catalyst for sudden and premature death. Serious stress combines with serious diabetes like flying an airplane under the influence of alcohol.

Any considerate daughter would act in accordance with this risk. Lucie Slater did not. The fundraising may have convinced those still stupid enough to associate with her that she was a good person, but the record of her brutality against Aitken proves otherwise. A good daughter does not do to someone what she did to her then boyfriend. Her father dying so soon after the court case was no accident.

Ruthless naming and shaming is required

Apply make-up on your sentencing day, sob in relief when you’re spared jail… two of the tricks the Lucie Slaters of the world pull off to escape judicial condemnation for themselves and the fellow pussy pass holders that follow.

It is our obligation to give women like Lucie Slater a lifetime of pariah status. It is not enough for us, like I did with my Sarah McKenzie-Ayres article, to focus only on what happened this week or last month. Although ROK was only commencing as an online presence when Lucie Slater got her official vaginal pardon, we must revisit or address for the first time incidents that we may have missed or glossed over.

As a community, we demonstrate, investigate and prove patterns of behavior that are undermining, destroying, and defecating on society. The repeated pussy passes handed out to violent, unrepentant and purely sadistic women is a front and center issue in this struggle of ours.

In the UK, one female politician, the thankfully now isolated Helen Grant, called for the virtual elimination of women’s prisons in Britain and sensationally asserted that it is society that makes women offend. Women like Slater and McKenzie-Ayres evidently have many allies, even if most of them are not as forthcoming and open as Grant. They are invariably more oblique and stealthy in the methods they employ to justify the appalling behavior of women ushered away from their rightful home in a penitentiary.

Systematic and organised anger is the best approach to take in dealing with these cases. Stand up to the behavior and the constant judicial indulgence it receives, connect the dots between countless examples of feminist under-sentencing for criminally-inclined women, and give others the opportunity to participate in the cause.

With elements of the mainstream media already pillorying the passes given to such women, we are simply adding to the fire of retribution.

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284 thoughts on “Another Woman Walks Free After Attacking A Man With Glass”

  1. Fuck naming and shaming.
    I’m taking the law into my own hands if this ever happened to me. I don’t care about jail as long as the job is done. If she did this to me they’d need two Ziploc bags to recover her remains.

    1. F that. If I’d have to go through life with a mangled up face,so would she.
      Act like a man,be treated like a man.
      My grandma told me that.

    2. Don’t forget the gaggle of white knights who will jump you the very moment you try to retaliate against a female attacker.

      1. I haven’t forgotten them. That’s what a knife is for. I’d doubt they’re stupid enough to get their throats cut over a bitch.

    3. Chances are you’d be going anyway regardless of what you did because she would claim self-defense.

      1. if a cop came in the room and youre holding your bloody sliced face and shes bloody on the ground, theres no way he could decipher whos at fault. you would definitely get the rough treatment. then the question is if she says she sliced you AFTER you hit her would they believe her? probably.

        1. Yep, I buddy of mine did some time after a stripper he was dating claimed he tried to rape her. She claimed she fought him off. The thing: she is a five foot nothing stripper, he is a 6’4″ ex-Army Infantryman, combatives champ, and Iraq Vet.
          Yeah she fought him off. The judge believed that shit.

    4. It is quite revealing how men here who complain about never receiving justice after being the recipient of such violence are often referred to as weak, misogynistic, or whiny. And this by other men. Obviously, their minds would likely change quickly if they were the victim of this kind of violent attack.

      1. Men that don’t make a stand for themselves are like those punks in prison that get raped and tell others to man up and take it in the ass and stop whining

  2. Any British bitch I date from this point forward will only be allowed to drink out of red, plastic party cups.

      1. Damn right. Then you could give her a Flintstones chewable and send her ass to bed.

        1. I always believe the attacker knows her victim bang to rights (especially if its a woman). They figure you out by looking at you once and they know they can get away with it. Not to blame the guys but you should know you bitch and put her on notice if she misbehaves. I know my exes who would have tried it on. I made sure they were well aware that any argy bargy will be a losing proposition for them. Like I said, if you are about to leave a woman or she believes she will lose you she will make sure you are damaged goods either emotionally, physically , mentally or financially. Why play the game if you are not prepared for the consequences and why mess around with bitches that even consider lifting a finger in your direction. The first time she plays up put her on notice. You will realise she has done little things like punch him before. No bitch punches me in a playful manner. If you wanna play do something else don’t effing punch me.
          All I am sating is this right here could have been prevented by being a man and treating her like the woman she is not an equal. You start treating woman as equals in a relationship you are looking for trouble.

        2. He is to blame for not handling his woman correctly. But the courts are giving too many women a pass. If they keep it up, then these men may take matters into their own hands.

        3. Totally agree these women are getting a free pass. However as much as I admire your faith in these man “taking matters into their own hands”, I sincerely doubt that it will be the case. Have you seen the picture. How much more does a bitch need to cut you up for you to take matters into your own hands?
          They are not cut from the same cloth as you and me. These man fear women. You can see it in their eyes

        4. oh yeah…I don’t expect this version of that young man to get it. We can only hope to take these young men and give them a little direction when they fall down. It will probably happen with this one. He will wander around one day wondering where he is going wrong…he’ll stumble onto the manosphere and hopefully the change will begin at that point.

        5. I doubt it, if getting his face fucked up ain’t enough to make him wonder then he is a lost cause.

        6. He is to blame for not handling his woman correctly? Boy, you are an arrest just waiting to happen. I hope I get the call because I would like to beat you about the face and ears with my sap gloves while your under restraint. Nothing against you personally. I’m just violent and no one would care if a “woman beater” gets a broken jaw and a collapsed lung.

        7. No one said anything about beating women. You can handle a woman without being physical.
          But friend you’d end up dead on approach with yours truly……have gun will travel.

    1. The only thing they get from me is a Penis Collada and I’m gone before their mood changes.

        1. I’ve already earned my red wings when I was younger and wilder (and had use for the extra dose of iron)

        2. You guys are playing with fire. Western women are undatable.

        3. If that’s honestly what you want go for it but I just can’t fathom dating an English or American women after Latin American, Eastern Europe and Asia….

        4. I’ve dated all of those and more. They all have their issues. When it comes to “dating” I don’t think it matters where the chick is from. If its something more permanent then you may want to look at family, culture and such.

        5. That I can definitely agree with, but I really think the proportion of bad apples is by far the highest in the west.

        6. Which day are we talkin? Day 1-2 can be like marinara with clam bits, day 4-5 is easy sailin.

        7. 1-2
          I like my OJ with pulp too
          Looking back I was a real nasty dog in the day. Now that I’m older and that I get to fuck old ladies I’m not so bold. You see guys, that’s what sucks about getting older: you get older women if you are not rich. Don’t end up like me.
          I did just have sex 10 minutes ago though, and in the middle of the day even. She didn’t want to miss out on the early bird special (OK we’re not that old just kidding).

        8. one of those “I did not get the memo” situations but copious amounts of rum saved the day

        9. Would you recommend I carry lube & advil when I get of age? I want to be prepared.

        10. Funny you mention pain killers because I got a monster leg cramp right in the middle of it but I used the pain to divert my mind and “last longer” (adapt and overcum)
          Industrial strength “gel” lube so you don’t feel her pubic hair which becomes rather thick with age. I recommend alcohol over advil because advil just kills her pain but she’s still too coherent and worrying about her kids or something. Or even grandkids for that matter.
          It also helps to trim the hair on your own back so she don’t grab onto it. (No shit this is real experience here – takes notes).

        11. good idea: women on the rag should have to send out memos forewarning of the danger. Subject line could say “more emotional, even less accountable than normal”. It should be an insurance requirement

        12. Man, you’ve got me in stitches here. And I will most definitely take your advice to heart. Thick silicone based gel lube, trim the man sweater, and skip advil for vodka. Thanks for the pointers Dok.

    2. Or if no plastic cups are readily available, pre-empt her by spiking her drink with hemlock. Forewarned is forearmed!

      I know its unrelated but listen to this. Woman smashes a mans mercedes for WINKING at her, her phone gets broken in the process and they PAY HER for her broken phone AND NOT the car she smashed. I swear India has a worse feminists sjw crap then we do. We must keep a close eye on this nation and call them on their shit too…Needless to say they cant lay a finger on her. Women no intrinsic locus of control, they no know responsibility or accountability.
      heres the video, fucking white knight media, hate to see these guys become a future superpower, These are gona be like america sweden 2.0.

        1. I am not condoning her behaviour but why did he wink at her? Does he not know that with women these days you don’t wink or make gestures. You walk right up to them and tell them exactly what’s going on. You wink and all that nonsense they claim sexual abuse. You walk up and tell them straight you think they are alright and are interested in their number, just don’t be creepy when you ask for the number. If she says not, move on but your Mercedes will be intact.

        2. maybe experimenting with weak game,pua is starting up , but its at its infancy right now. Hell he can give a head nod like here and still his car would get smashed….Girls there are hot tempered there just like muslims latina and africans, maybe its the heat….

      1. I got kicked out of a gym for looking at a woman the wrong way in Canada.
        It doesn’t really matter what “facts are” in a developed country, a woman can have their way with you and there isn’t anything you can do about it or they throw you in jail , BAD GUY,
        Welcome to canada!
        Seriously thinking about trading in my knadyin feminist citizenship for a lunk alarm in the US at planet fitness.
        Story: Woman was 6feet2inches , told me to put my weights away as if she were some man in jail or something in this dominant hateful tone, in this masculine demeaning way, i said “ill put them away when im done, in the same asshole tone, but since i was a man i was supposed to just be ok with the disgusting hatred, but she wasn’t having equality, Oh no! not a chance. She went batshit and got every staff she could and her friends, LOL, Oh yeah equality, its good for ya, come to canada!

      2. She should be happy she got winked at. Bunch of pussies, they just let her stand on his car and do that. They better not try that crap here, if a lot of those mentally-unstable Indian women decide to immigrate to Western countries. Then again, shouldn’t surprise us, that’s the same country as the Gulabi gang we’re talking about (mob of women that beat up men accused of rape, abuse etc with no evidence).

        1. Totally, cuz the quailty in india just sux. Doesnt help there are more men then women.
          I think any where in the world if anyone acted like her and you could smack em up, theyd take it. Now a days you cant put a finger on anyone for anything. The fight itself isnt scary anymore, its when the cops and law come in. Like who says that these guys can come into your desputes, but hey thats how it is. They cant afford to have their lil worker drones get damaged.
          They do try that crap here since we coddle them too, young indian girls here are getting a rep for beng crazy irrattional and hot tempered.

        2. Hey, glad that you brought up gulabi gang. Despite the fact that it has engaged in criminal violence, it has become a sort of celebrity gang. India has also made a film on that gang, showing them are warriors of justice. To any red pill man, it is pure misandry.

      3. I heard India is BRUTAL towards men. This lady in the video talks about the epidemic of suicides among Indian males. She talks about her Indian male friends and acquaintances killing themselves after getting fucked by lying women after divorce (usually initiated by the woman cheating) worth a watch.
        Its the future of America and the west.

        1. wow, just read this law they passed in India… Granted, it’s been translated into English, so we’re reading a translation of a law, not actual law… but read this:

          Anti-dowry laws
          Main article: Dowry law in India
          The Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code which deals with cruelty to a wife states that:
          Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.
          For the purposes of this section, “cruelty” means:
          (a) any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health (whether mental or physical) of the woman; or
          (b) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her to meet such demand.[55]

          So yeah, that would seem to allow a woman to jail any man for almost any reason.

        2. wonder why the mans video didnt go viral, of course the media is feminist friendly

        3. That article is ridiculous. Fuck India, I have some Indian friends and they hate that feminist shithole with a passion people have no idea how bad its gotten there.

        4. Also relevant video made by an Indian feminist (that was taken down after backlash) about how she gets “raped” several times a day “by words, by looks, by thoughts.” and how her brother “rapes her” by making fun of other women.
          India has officially gone to shit.

        5. Thats fucking retarded. How can they tell if the man “drove the woman to suicide”? There is no way to prove that, it would just be speculation. That bullshit law is pretty much just a set up to fuck men over like “yes means yes” laws.
          Also apparently how Indian feminists view getting “raped” is when men use “words, looks, and thoughts” to rape them. like in the vid posted below (bad quality due to the original being taken down due to huge backlash).

        6. I previously said that India WAS a British colony throughout Victorian England, to the point the prior STILL enforces White Knighting, long after its independence.

        7. thats the stupid one I was looking for, I swear I india has crazier feminists then usa

        8. Totally, the gynocentric laws are fucked up there. Theres a reason why lotta indians born in the west dont want to go back to india for a bride, not just cause they are uglier then western born indian girls but cuz they are crazier and people let them do it probably due to screwed up sex ratios.

      4. I’m an Indian, and have lived in India for twenty years, and unfortunately, that’s true. Indian women are psychos, and the majority of Indian men are pussy whipped super white knights. The red pill hasn’t yet reached India the way it has reached the west, and thus Indian men do not realize the real world hey live in. Btw India is rife with false rape accusations, false dowry accusations, false harassment accusations, and pure misandry. In fact, the “news” Channels and crime reconstruction shows are packed with glaring misandry…

        1. time for a redpill relief aid or neomasculinization or plain back to tradition

        2. You can create an Indian red pill, just saying … Ain’t hard to get a google entry and create a simple blog or website.

    4. I fired two bitches for violent conduct – not towards me but to other guys. When I found out about it they were gone. One American woman bottled a guy in a club (premeditated). Another (Danish) stabbed a guy during a fight between the guy and his girlfriend. Any hint of violence means get rid.

  3. first of all this is fucked up, BUT i have to say to some extent all women should fear their man. the only thing a women should think of doing to you in revenge is attacking you in your sleep or poisoning you. if youre being a real man to your woman she will know that if she slices your face with glass you will literally break her neck.

    1. Now’s when the water has hit the ceiling. You are right buddy. If I was in such a position, I would literally pay her pay eye to eye, maybe even more. Look, we know that the law is really fucked up in the arse, and the system is large white knight where women are concerned. Thus it would be stupid not to pay back the woman in such a scenario, and to wait for the system to deliver justice. That’s never gonna happen. It’s better to take the law in your own fucking manly hands and do justice yourself. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m sad that it’s come to this. And yes, you are right, to some extent women must fear their men. When women know that their men are beta white knights, and they have their hands tied via the cultural conditioning that “never hit a woman”, they will naturally take advantage of this situation since they know that the men will never hit back, even in self defense. However when they know that finally the menfolk have garnered some respect for themselves, and will rightfully hit back, then they will watch their actions. Personally, I would never want to hit anyone, man or woman. But in circumstances like this, no matter how anti violence you are, you have to respond. It’s like not running or defending yourself when a wild tiger is attacking you, but standing motionless, waiting for the savage beast to kill you.

  4. Hey Cunts,
    Try that shit with me and ill turn your face into fuckin meatloaf. The only cocks you’ll experience after me will be of the homeless crackhead variety jackhammerin through your toothless grin! Hell you don’t even have to try and inflict violence on me. Just rise this man sized anger up and I’ll make your bitch asses ugly for life.
    Fuckin try me!
    Got white knights to save you? You can have the honor of cleaning their teeth up off the floor and you can wipe each others tears in the fetal position after you experience the effect of real consequences.
    Get your toughest male bitch to try and “save” you from the evil mean man and I’ll show you what it looks like to rape another man in front of your very eyes. Its gonna be real hard to have attraction for a man after you witness his little boy butt being brutally ramrodded in front of your tear soaked beady ass eyes

    1. “Get your toughest male bitch to try and ‘save’ you from the evil mean
      man and I’ll show you what it looks like to rape another man in front of
      your very eyes. Its gonna be real hard to have attraction for a man
      after you witness his little boy butt being brutally raped in front of
      your tear soaked beady ass eyes”
      So how often do you tell, random collections of other men, your highly detailed sodomite rape fantasies, under the fig leaf of warning off theoretical psychopathic female romantic interests, who might be read your posts on a male interest website and somehow become involved with you?

      1. Become involved with me? Lol I’m not exactly sure what you mean but it’s obvious you are tryin to run that cock sucker.
        Only on the internets lol. Everything I say here I have and will continue to say to people’s faces as well. Funny thing is every time I do this shit to people in person they never want to fight me. Probably because like you they are full of shit.
        If I were to rape your faggot ass guess what? That makes you the queer not me.

        1. The only thing keeping most people from simply blowing your brains out is they would have to deal with sadistic psychopathic law enforcement like me. If you think you are bad just wait to I get you to the station house in handcuffs. There is a toilet plunger handle with your ass written all over it. But I guess that is pretty obvious. Right Captain?

        2. The crazy gay cop making e-threats. ROK has it all!
          My comments must have you butt hurt lol.
          Sorry pal I’m not from faggot town usa. You’ll have to stick with shoving household objects up your family members asses. All in an honest day’s work right?

    2. Holy Shit, Batman.
      If only men would back each other up. In a more sane time or society any woman attacking a man like that would have been brutally restrained for the psychopath she is.
      A few hard punches, followed by being throw to the floor, and having her arm put in a lock.
      But Western men today are too enamored by the slim prospect of probing that hole they will take the bitch’s side.

      1. Knock her the fuck out. Right cross to the temple, and boom, no more hysterical bitch.
        I don’t agree with Captain Obvious’ hate-porn approach – just knock the bitch out. Equality.

        1. Hey white knights enable this behavior by women. Remember women can do nothing in society without male consent.
          Those male non-men need to be dealt with.

        2. Knock them both out. Nothing instills humility quicker than be dropped on your ass, and with growing shame, returning to consciousness, piecing together what happened.

      2. I agree. The sad reality is the average man is a garden variety faggot with more thirst than a bedouin lost in an arabian desert.
        I remember not too long ago seeing a dude at a bar with a pretty attractive blond. She gets hammered at some point and sees him talking to a mutual female friend whom they all came inside the bar together. This blond proceeds to calmly walk over to the girl and start blasting her in the face. When the dude tried to break it up she started blasting him in the face too and he is just taking it like the chump that he is.
        It was so bad that cops got called and end up putting this bitch in the back of the cop car. At this point the bitch goes ballistic and is hysterical kicking and screaming the back windows and being a righteous cunt who should really be punched so fucking hard she never forgets that night.
        One of the white knight bitch boy cops was expressing how he hated the fact that he had to take her to jail simply because she was “so hot”.
        LOL this is the average fucking man these days and let me tell you I have the utmost contempt for them. A stupid bitch is well….a stupid bitch. But a man to want to give a pass to some whore for her crimes simply for her hotness is a goddamn faggot.
        These fuckin asshole manginas have been raised by single moms who gelded them their entire fucking lives and they are so brainwashed they come to love their matriarch masters and they fear losing their good favor like a good little eunuch. All men like this deserve to be lined up and summarily executed. I try to do my part by talking so much shit and calling them out whenever I get the chance and putting them up on offers to fight me.
        When they won’t fight I shame them mercilessly and try to make as much a scene as possible. Hatred isn’t even a strong enough word for how I feel about these fucking degenerates. I’d like to line them all up against a brick wall and repeatedly kick their fucking skulls against it until their face resembles an assortment of colored play dough.

        1. It is truly pathetic how much crap men will put from women who other men are fucking.
          These days I avoid any night spot that serves alcohol and has women. In my 20s I noted that if you have any alcohol in your system people (cops, bartenders, bouncers, joes) act as if you have no rights and can be abused.
          “Anyone who abuses a drunk man, abuses an absent man.” -Cicero
          That and I have no money.
          I agree with your sentiments, if not the delivery.
          The general ethic we need to approach this world is one of Stoic/Cynical (I mean in the Epictetus or Diogenes classical meaning) detachment. Be a hard man, if the world owes us nothing, we fucking owe it nothing.
          I don’t know you personally. I know with myself I have very little trouble in dealing with cunts and assholes. For the most part.
          I remember this one time after last call this girl didn’t like what I was saying, she suckers me with her purse, unfazed, I look at her and say, “do it again, bitch.” She declined and demured for the rest of the interaction.
          Be resolved in your character and outlook, and if the world is going to hell refuse to go with it.

        2. So true, I can’t really be bothered socialising in bars/nightclubs either.

        3. I wonder what your particular scream would sound like if you were in handcuffs, hobbled and I put my Macanudo out in your eye.

        4. Okay, sure killer.
          You probably wouldn’t hear it.
          Because I would have bounced the dome of my forehead off your lower face hard enough break your nose and shatter all your front teeth.
          But perhaps it wouldn’t even get that far since I am a trained fighter who is currently training strongman.
          But you indulge in your little twisted ass fantasies like some angst-y hate driven modern bitch harpy.
          Healthy men don’t relish the idea of torture, most primitive society relegate that to the women (see: Norther American Indians.) Even in civilized society the headsman/dungeon master was considered unclean.
          No ancient epic hero every tortured an enemy, maybe desecrated a body.
          What you are saying, you can’t handle things man to man.

        5. Nightclubs are dying out in the section of the country I live. Bars, except in the strip districts, are quieting the fuck down.
          Besides, the hell am I going to talk to the average joe about in a social setting?
          “Hey pal your girlfriend is a motor-mouth uber-cunt, what’d ya do? Fuck start her head before you showed up in the car?”

        6. Sorry, you lose. I would taze you first (doesn’t really matter how big or strong you are / keep distance), cuff and hobble you, pepper spray your face and then savagely kick your groin until I get tired. After I rest and have a smoke I would scalp you with a straight razor and then cut off your head with a hacksaw while you were totally conscious and cognizant of the reality of your situation.

        7. I am sure all that shit fits in your purse great. Must be a big one to fit your ego.
          “Savagely kick” my groin? Whoa, someone’s PMSing. You sounds like an angry bitch. Did your girlfriend give you a shitty rim job last night?
          The flow on a tazer cuts out after 5-10 seconds. Also it is not fool proof.
          As for the rest of it.. yeah I am going to take a shit and look at something harder than you’ll ever be, spaz.

        8. ” if the world owes us nothing, we fucking owe it nothing.”
          These words have come back to me in thought and heart
          the past few days. Epictetus or Diogenes said this or along those lines? I need to read them.
          Women generally don’t get too outta line with me. I work in the nightlife so I deal with drunk broads a lot and that can change things.
          Few months back a chick slapped me because I wouldn’t let her drunk male friend back in the bar (he was fine with it). She got smart and I grabbed her arm and said “You know what? You aren’t comin back in either.”
          At which point she said “You piece of shit” and slapped me. I just so happened to have a huge wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth which I promptly spit all over her fuckin face. In a butt hurt whine she crows
          “I hope you have a daughter one day and she gets this spit on her face.”
          I can’t stop laughing at which point she gets even more angry and tries to kick me in the nuts. Oops miss and some random taxi driver comes up with a phone saying he video’d the assault she attempted. I was like ” sweet get the cops. Bitch you’re goin to jail”. She takes off.

        9. It is something I thought when dealing with Social Conservative pukes.
          Fuck I hope they pay, at least better than what most security pays.
          Its always fun to do a lifting deflect on a bitch who tries to kick the groin. When their foot hits the hard outer part of your knee (because you know most of their shoes are jokes) the look on their faces is priceless.

      1. Tyson is the king of shit talk. I’ve actually used that before lol. It is epic to see the look on their faces.

  5. In the US, prison sentences are much lighter for women than they are for men who commit the same crimes.
    And these chicks complain about the pay gap?

    1. if memory correctly serves, women receive approximately 63% shorter sentences for an identical crime. Yet somehow, they are considered “oppressed”. The facts simply do not justify their erroneous claims.

  6. Latest UK prison population figures from the Howard League
    Week ending Friday 15 May 2015
    “This week there are 85,684 people in prisons and young offender institutions in England and Wales. The male prison population is 81,795 and the female prison population is 3,889.”
    That’s 21 times as many men in prison as women in the UK. In socialist France the figure for women is just over 3% of the total prison population. So probably about 30 times as many. So are men between 20-30 times more violent than women, or are is there some other measure of criminality in place that we don’t know about. Like having a cock in a marxist society that deems all men oppressors and all women oppressed?

    1. Reminds me of the old auto insurance bullshit myth about young men being more reckless drivers versus young women.
      Not now….not with the addition of the smartphone. Women brag about how they can multitask but I haven’t seen one of them, yet, drive a fucking car and use an iPhone at the same time.

      1. Actuarial tables don’t lie. More teenaged boys got into accidents than teenaged girls in the eighties.
        Except that was raw numbers. Far more teenaged boys actually drove than teenaged girls. Percentage wise, teenaged girls have always been nearly three times as likely as teenaged boys to get into a major accident, and five times as like to be involved in an accident involving loss of life.
        Of course, today’s actuarial tables are adapted. teenaged girl insurance costs twice as much as teenage boys today.

        1. Not in Briton m80! Women pay waaaay less for insurance than men even after the European Court of justice banned the practice.

        2. well, when i was learning to drive back in DC, The prorate for adding another driver for me were about half that as for a girl… and after the number of accidents girls got into around my neighborhood, I wasn’t too surprised.

      2. women need a car that would enable them to text with the break and the accelerator pedals. In fact from observation this technologically may already be being trialled by some women drivers

        1. That would make them safer drivers for sure. But you know if you think about it if women are at the wheel of a vehicle there’s a sense in which they are in a driverless car

  7. What is it with white English women? Are they prone to acting like cunts? Seems like they are closer cousin to White American women. Is English society that soft? I mean I can’t imagine being in this guy’s shoes. I’m sure he would live rest of his life regretting every minute … wishing he had done something even if it was worth going to jail. I mean he knows deep down inside that because he couldn’t do shit about it (hitting her back) and if he hit her he would go to jail. He must have felt like he lost bit of a manhood. I mean I don’t believe in hitting women but if a women physically harms and attacks you, you should have the right to fight back and defend yourself.
    I can’t wait to see Sharia law being implemented on UK soil and see those feminazis and self entitled cunts get the same treatment from Muslims. I don’t mean that as a wish though since I would only pity white British men who are losing sack of balls gradually.
    This cunt should be glad she didn’t date Katie Piper’s ex-boyfriend, the dude who ordered someone to splash acid on her face. That shit happened in England too.

    1. No matter where women are from. The minute you inflate their egos and condone their cuntish behavior, its only a matter of time before they do out landish shit knowing there’s no consequences. ” I mean I don’t believe in hitting women” < how about I don’t believe in violence until someone is forced to defend themselves? Women are adults, they’re not above an ass kicking.

      1. That is the stupid thinking that got us into that mess. Women are not adults. They are children. They never age beyond 14.
        You do not let children make their own decisions and you punish children that act out.
        Western society instead goes on this “equality” trip. That’s like saying children are equal to their parents.

        1. Yes they act like children masquerading as adults. Women need to be smacked out of fantasy land with reality.

      2. I dated women from third world countries, asians and few eastern euro ones. Their level of insanity still have not reached the ridiculous cuntish behavior of british females even though AWALT. The cultural differences allow slight marginal differences between women overall.
        I’m thinking this dude spoiled her so much that she acted like a violent psychopath. Also given that English society whiteknights, so it makes sense that their culture produces selfish cunts like her. By the way, women are not adults. Physically yes but mentally, they have a brain of a spoiled child.

      1. oh really? you mean American black women? The African black women overseas behave differently and more classy than American black women.

        1. Tell that to someone who hasn’t visited Nigeria, South Africa, and Mombasa.
          There are a few rare places in Africa where the women are ‘classy’, but the vast majority of lower class African women are baboons.

        2. well my experience with black women are limited since I”m not really into them but once in a while, one of them may catch my attention. Do you have a lot of experience with them?

        3. Some, first fuck, a few afterwards, kind of unavoidable in DC suburban area. the ‘mostly white’ ones are at least somewhat acceptable, but there’s a hell of a lot more Jeantels than Beyonces.

        4. Your first fuck was with a homo erectus? And then you fucked more afterwards? Disgusting! No wonder you live in a shitty apartment, I guess it’s a better fishing hole for monkey snatch.

  8. Slater had thrust a glass into William Scott’s face in a rage when she saw a message to him from another girl on Facebook.” … The assault left the part-time model and DJ with a deep, disfiguring, wound, which cut an artery and caused him to lose control of nerves in his face.

    What a fucking PSYCHOPATH.

    X Factor hopeful who glassed boyfriend spared jail as he insists: “I still love her”

    What a fucking sackless simp. Tea-sipping pommy must have puss nuts.
    In other words, they’re perfect for each other.

    1. if she knew that she was dating some crazy drug dealer or some tough MMA fighter or so, she would not have done that for a fear of her safety. Based on his typical beta response of “I still love her”, I’m thinking this dude spoiled this cunt and allowed her to walk all over him previously before this event during their relationship. I wondered if this would have happened if he had controlled this cunt from the beginning and acted like a man instead. I can only speculate based on his sorry ass reply of “I still love her”. What an idiot.

      1. Yea… “part time model and DJ” does not exactly instill fear in anyone’s heart…

      2. Abusers and victims have a way of seeking each other out. I would not be surprised if he has been abused by others before her.

    2. Or….and i’m just spitballing here… the media misrepresented what he said.

    3. What? Did he really said: ‘I still love her.’ I can’t understand him. If someone did this to me, I wouldn’t love that person and I would get my revenge.

      1. There are many mentally weak men in our world today. Pussy has the ability to warp or destroy healthy male rationale. Pussy is fun, just as alcohol is also fun. For both, you’ve got to control it because if you let it control you your life is fucking over. Feminist anti-male propaganda may also have played a role, after all he’s fucking English, and those limeys tend to be some of the most brainwashed Leftwads on the planet.

        1. Yeah, that may be right. It’s surprising for me, because I don’t live in the west so it would be unacceptable to happen something like this.

        2. Every time I’m convinced that the US is the epicenter of all that is evil and unholy I read some shit like this going down in the UK and I’m no longer so sure.

        3. Believe it or not “shit goes down” everywhere where they have toilets.

        4. There are still plenty of countries that are not run by liberal social justice warriors, although the numbers may dwindling.

    4. Its not unusual for victims of abuse to blame themselves rather than their tormentor. I am willing to be this was not the first time she had attacked him.

    5. Wow, just wow! That pussy assed motherfucker just lost all sympathy I had for him. He deserved to get disfigured for being such a faggot.

    1. Until the next time you’re in a bar, and a woman doesn’t take well to you brushing off her advances and decides to subject you to the end of a broken bottle of Bud Light.

      1. I don’t go to American bars. This is not an issue in Europe or anywhere else.

    1. Well…you guys are so stupid. The movie is AUSTRALIAN.
      Oops..damn it…wrong form and wrong article.

    1. female violence isn’t supposed to happen. Except of course as an act of self-defence. The fact that that is a demonstrable lie is a major chink in the feminist, SJW armour. Provide evidence of enough cases of unprovoked or non-defensive female violence and the entire edifice will come crashing down. There are women who kill their kids, abuse them, maim and murder, and if you were to factor in manipulation as variety of incitement, then you would probably find women were just as responsible for violence if not more so

      1. Funny enough, lesbian couples have higher instances of domestic violence than both gay couples and hetero couples. Says something about female violence doesn’t it?

        1. Yeah, but don’t post that on any local rag newspaper or it will be quickly sanitized.

        2. That’s the hilarious thing. There are lots of lesbians who want to manipulate straight women into believing straight men are evil. I think the reasons are obvious. One of the most common things lesbians tell straight women is that men are violent. It plays off some innate fears women have, being generally smaller and much weaker. Ironically, as you mentioned, lesbian domestic violence is at least on par with that of heterosexual couples.

        3. I saw a lesbian throw her “girlfriend” to the ground and stomp her out just last weekend. And when a guy said something to her all the suburban white bitches came flocking to her defense with the “its none of your business line” along with ad hominem attacks.

    2. You’re right!! Where is the prerequisite mangina/feminist to comment and say we are vile misogynist? Maybe they are allergic to irrefutable evidence? Hmmm

      1. In my experience they seem to simply be unconcerned with evidence. In their minds it is the paradigm they hold dear that matters.

        1. It is a little funnier than that. They choose to argue when their judgments are covert and silent when it is overt. Bloodied face, chopped off penis, assaulted man and no cause? All overt and the dance to pass off behavior as a happy accident get eviscerated. When we talk of hidden messages in movies, gay television characters, and transgender equalist propaganda, we will see all of the SJW’s and mangina like clockwork. Because you can’t point out hidden bigotry without seeming a bigot.
          Guess the only way to out them is to wait for a man to get gang raped by a group of women or assaulted by a woman. I don’t have that kind of patience.

        2. Eh, if a man got gang raped by a group of women it would probably be talked about comically, similar to how Sharon Osbourne and “The Talk” were laughing about how a Man got his Dick chopped off.

    3. They are never silent, that is the problem. They probably have these two cunts labeled as ‘survivors” as we speak.

  9. Incidentally a man with scars looks more like a badass and may get improved chances at better women.
    A woman with scars is ruined.
    And since women can maim men and get away with it in the courts, I’m going to be caring less about and not supportive of politicians who want to “do something” about acid attacks.
    It’s almost as if women want to push us into “going Sharia” on them.
    I cannot condone violent behavior but thanks to feminism I’m beginning to give less of a fuck about it. Reap what you sow and all that.
    Given what I am seeing in history pertaining to “oppressed peoples” but later knowledge of how those people behaved beforehand – nobody being innocent – I’m starting to ask first if someone victimized or wronged, be it a small scale person on person incident or a national level incident of oppression, racism, genocide, etc. may well have had it coming.

    1. Cool in theory, but chances are some facial nerves get damaged as well.

    2. “I cannot condone violent behavior but thanks to feminism I’m beginning to give less of a fuck about it. Reap what you sow and all that. ”
      My thoughts exactly. Even if many people around us say loudly ‘this has nothing to do with feminism’ or ‘it’s an isolated event’.
      On my very blue-pill days of ages gone past, when I first heard about feminism, I naively thought it was its aim to make women smarter to manipulation / abuse at the hands of ‘evil men’, stop recurring DV and the like.
      Nah, think again, mate. These ‘evil men’ keep their females in line, lest they be subjugated themselves. Since I saw the light, any compassion I could have had for women is but a figment of my imagination.
      Make no mistake: It’s on men to stop this bullshit, one way or the other. As for myself… “Death before dishonour.”

      1. Lot of people think of violence as what they see in movies. And they also think themselves as the hero who drops down does a sweeping kick and disarms the robber

    3. That young man will have a scar…but he’ll still be a fucking pussy. He says “I still love her”….damn, we have a lot of work to do out there, gents.

        1. Imagine this shit happening in reverse? It’s the reason why so many snap and people end up dead. The law looks the other way with violent women. If a woman ever does that to me then I will put her in the ground…no courts needed. It’s an insult.

        2. If a man did this he would be in prison for a long time and would also be forced to undertake anger management course. Remind me of a few years back when a guy threw acid in a girl’s face. They still talk about that.

    4. That’s not a badge of courage it’s the badge of manginism
      Every waking moment he is a humiliation of a man that got beat up by a girl and she went scott free. He uses fake nobility to ease that pain
      It’s the permanent scar of manginism

    5. It matters how you get the scar. “Yeah, my crazy ex bottled me in the face and I’m too much of a simp to prevent a girl from being able to hurt me”. Yeah, cool story bro.

  10. No, it is our obligation to execute this cunt if we ever get the opportunity.
    This shit cannot be stood.

    1. Its better than nothing. BUt she’s overweight and dowdy. They sometimes jails women like that.

      1. True, and as a result of being a fatass, she had to throw out the “abusive” and “controlling” ex-boyfriend trope, skullfucked as all fat bitches are. And she tried committing suicide as well. Wow, winner!

        1. In the history of the world how many 10s have been jailed? Except perhaps for the purposes of lesbian porn…but that’s doesn’t really count re. stats I guess

    2. They seem to jail hideous women
      Of course this might change if women finally outlaw fat shaming

  11. How come they did not charge her with assault and battery. shit, how about attempted murder, one of those slices to the neck and it’s over!

  12. I’d really love to read an article about this bitch ending up mysteriously dead somewhere.

  13. Yeah, I’ve seen shit like this before. Living on top of a Puerto Rican bar in a not-so-great neighborhood can be pretty interesting.
    One day I hear a huge commotion outside, and within minutes 7-8 squad cars are outside. I peek my head outside the window to see some dude, face covered in blood, completely fuckin’ hammered, and shouting “OMG I didn’t cheat on her man, I swear, OH MY GOD”
    Apparently the bitch busted open a beer bottle and stabbed him twice in the face with it.
    The cops, trying to calm him down, asked him if needed to go to the hospital. He refused, and started crying and repeatedly said “I love her, man, I’d never do that to her”. They arrested him(presumably for d&d), and not the woman.
    Maybe they did later, not sure as I only watched for about 30 minutes, but for some reason I doubt dude pressed charges.

  14. Two women in less than a month that disfigured their guys and no prosecution. Does my idea to pay women to enforce physical force on other women seem like such an off idea now?

    1. I’m pretty sure we can get some good deals off the prostitutes. The idea of bashing a woman’s face in would seem like a sweeter deal than what they got going on.
      Or an even better idea pay a transgender to smash her face in. It’s okay because a transgender is a she too right SJWs?

  15. I’m sorry but a lot of these comments remind me of this video. It is a winner
    Not sure how to embed a video yet but this is a first go at it

  16. Not sure if ROK would be appropriate for this idea, but having a section/site that lists all these cases would be an easier way of tracking them. Kind of like a community-based sexual offenders database that tracks these monstrous women that anyone had access to.

    1. Right. I think this site should start moving from bitching and into activism..Just as they do..

  17. All civilized nations have registers for sex offenders. I propose we create a similar register or such women and make it publicly accessible online.

    1. Oh! I forgot. Then we can enlarge the list further to other women with other crimes like “racist”, “workplace bully” and the all time favourite “feminist” and hopefully someday all employers will check the list out before hiring. 🙂

  18. “If Lucie Slater were really the sweet “daddy’s girl” she wants to be perceived as, she wouldn’t have humiliated her father by glassing Scott Aitken.”
    And, who held Scott Aitken’s hands? Who stopped him from glassing her face back? While I eschew all forms of violence against anyone, I am fully in support of self defence. If a woman is crazy enough to glass my face, I guarantee that, as long as she lives, she will never again be able to look herself in the mirror without remembering my existence. I will make her facial “design” so unique she will be a moving tourist attraction.
    Men need to stand up for themselves and not be pussy-whipped, expecting some feminized men in black robes to stand up for them. John Bobbitt’s case should have taught all men an eternal lesson: never, ever depend on any law court to defend you against the violence of a woman. Where is Lorena Bobbitt today? She is somewhere enjoying her life, making her former husband the butt of every dinner joke. And where is John? He is forever labelled as the man who had his manhood chopped off, and he did nothing about it.

    1. I think it’s in all our duty to prevent those actions happening to other men.

      1. The Bobbitt attack must have happened very quickly, too rapidly for anyone to respond. He must have been sleeping in the nude on his back. Story goes she was pissed over his requests for her to suck him. He was asleep which is when women attack. She played with him while he was dosed and unaware she had a razor in the other hand. It clearly demonstrates premeditation on her part. The media made her more of a celebrity than anything. She deserved shame on top of a criminal sentence but I can’t recall any MSM shaming of her from the get go. Only on here is she shamed and the incident ocurred nearly two decades ago. A few middle eastern countries would have speedily executed her.

    2. The problem is that it happened in private, with no witnesses. If he would have struck her back in self defense, as he should have, she would be the “victim” and her injuries to him, which she initiated, would magically morph into ‘self defense after he attacked me’. Then off to jail for a decade for him.
      In public though, with cameras around recording, abso-fucking-lutely. Once it’s clear that she is initiating in no uncertain manner, bitch slap the soul right out of her (to use a fun internet meme).

  19. Gynocentrism is real folks. I am really glad ROK is calling out these scumbags on a consistent basis. It’s good to expose us unwashed masses to this endangered species called “truth”.

  20. Sargon of Akkad did a vid on that fruitcake wanting to get rid of jail for women. As someone who has worked in the jail system I can assure you that female inmates are way nastier and more viscous than male inmates.

  21. If a woman ever did that to me, heck if anyone did that to me… The Next thing they would be feeling is my boot on the back of their neck smashing their mouth into the edge of a concrete, after I told them to Bite the Curb.

  22. Let’s not Forget that swinging the Glass at his Face like that could have Killed him if in her Hysterical Rage she swung it and hit his Throat.

  23. If the courts don’t start to address these serious problems, then many may take the law into their own hands. It may be time for it to happen to show some of these entitled bitches just how far they are allowed to go before they will “pay a price”.
    I have no problem going after anyone who threatens (or hurts) any member of my family.
    Remember the movie “Next Of Kin”? That shit may be coming to a town near you.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Those two glass bottling girls really are lucky they haven’t done this to certain men who wouldn’t think twice at returning the favour, either doing it themselves or giving the order to get it done by somebody else. As a man, if I were to attack another man like that, I would have to live with the fact that a revenge attack is potentially round the corner on a daily basis, just how it is. But women are oblivious to these unspoken rules and think the buck stops in court… Does it fuck.

      1. I say defend yourself at all cost. Obviously the courts aren’t helping out. It does not hurt to carry a 45 either. She gets the message…no fucking around here. Not this guy.

      2. Those two glass bottling girls really are lucky they haven’t done this to certain men who wouldn’t think twice at returning the favour

        That’s the thing though, they WOULD NOT have done this to a man who’d have no problems beating them to death without remorse for something of this magnitude.
        These hoes [ain’t loyal, lol] are crazy, but not necessarily stupid, they chose their targets well, like how a viper or black widow hunts its prey.
        Bitches with dark triad traits can smell the beta/omega whiff of these manginas and WK’s like a bloodhound.

  24. “And, rubbing further salt into his blood-churning facial injuries, the judiciary treated Aitken’s communication with the second woman as some sort of provocation you would normally expect in the most extreme self-defense cases.”
    Are we in the Twilight Zone?

  25. I remember when a girl tried to stub a cigarette out in my eye. Had she not in fact stubbed it out on my nose she probably would have blinded me. Another girl I was fucking went to prison for trying to kill her ex-boyfriend. Another punched me in the face after I showed up at a party.
    All of these incidents happened when the women in question were under the influence of massive amounts of alcohol.
    Hell hath no fury like a shitfaced woman.

  26. Be a real shame if any thing happened to these girls.
    I’d probably shed a tear or three if I heard they got curb stomped.

    1. I could really give a fuck.
      If anyone tries to harm me I’m going to come at them with the intent of killing them, period.

    2. That’s about 1-3 tears more than what I’d shed, you’re one hell of a gentleman to even consider sparing that much eye fluid for these cuntresses.

  27. My friend told me about some Quebec chick who got mad at his homeboy, then broke her own nose against the wall just to blame it on him. Women are fucking crazy, end of story. All they are good for is sex, cooking and cleaning.

  28. well, at least when the muslims take over we won’t have to deal with this shit anymore…

    1. Yeah, but will it be any better to be in constant danger of beheading?

      1. Probably not but i have more respect for someone who takes the initiative and has the conviction to come and kill me and take away my rights themselves than someone who hides like a coward behind the powers that be and pushes policy to effectively do the same thing.
        And plus when the sand monkeys invade we’ll all get to hear about the SJWs and PC faggots being rounded up and executed while we mount our defenses.

  29. I remember years ago, my driving instructor told me how conservative his female students would dress when doing driving lessons with him, then all of a sudden on the practical exam/test day, when the instructor does a final refresher before taking her to the test centre for the actual exam (which is done by a different examiner) she dresses like she’s about to hit the town with the girls (slutty)… Short skirt, revealing top, make up on etc
    He said apprix 90% of his female students take on this transformation, compared to 0% of his male students.
    He also swears that it’s helped a number of undeserving passes who entered the exam prematurely (impatient for the licence) against his wishes, in the UK you can book the exam regardless of your instructors opinion to readiness.
    Pussy passes are a daily occurrence both on a large and small scale.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me. The other day, someone else on another article posted a link about a psycho who simply dreamed that her dad raped her, and even though it was false, that she had no evidence, and that her own sister stood up for her dad saying not to believe the manipulative psycho – she got her own dad charged at the age of 75.
      Just found the link in my browser history:

      1. Why do we keep giving the judges 500,000$ of our own taxes, in order to convict us the harshest?
        White men pay the highest taxes, Judges make more than doctors,
        but white men, have the harshest penalty, based on having no sympathy, and white men have to house immigrants , who are most likely to be imprisoned , and pay for it
        Sympathy and lesser scentencing is doled out in this order of lesser pentalty
        Women>native>immigrant>over 60>Whiteman
        As you can see, the folks getting paid to destoy white men, have the highest salary higher than A DOCTOR. shows the real priority doesn’t it?, isnt this a sign tha twhite men have been under attack?
        White men, are losing big time, we’re paying to be destroyed? can you think of anything more stupid? I guess we aint so special after all huh?

        1. While men pay the most taxes, men also make the highest percentage of homeless people due to harsh anti-male laws, especially after getting divorced or getting fired for posting non-PC opinions on social media (while all women that would be homeless get free housing, vaginamony, etc). At this point it’s the patients running the asylum, as countless anti-male court rulings show, where psycho feminists get away with anything even though they’re “equal”.

        2. They’ve turned us into cowards, successfully, theres a carrot on a stick we’re all waiting for, if we just keep paying our taxes and shutting our mouths, we’ll get a nice burial rightt next to crahabeeb abdullahhabal’lalabab in year 2060, land will be really valuable then too! So they’ll burn us, dishonorably! i do NOT want to be cremated, after paying MILLIONS$ in taxes over decades, what a fucking insult

        3. Hopefully that trend reverses, due to sites like these. Many men everyday are becoming more self-reliant, and are de-programming all the feminist crap they’ve been told all their lives, especially those that have seen the devastating effects of single-motherhood firsthand.

        4. True, we couldn’t fucking stand that priestocracy europe and fucked off in 1700’s to the US, which is still the greatest nation, anyone from europe with a backbone fucked off to the U.S we have to defend any freedom we have left, the rest of the world doesn’t mind bending over, they do NOT value their own freedoms, and they deserve the suffering of cowards

      2. Seriously anyone that has some sort of mental issue should not be taken seriously,, they shouldnt vote,serve in court or be allowed in any movements or activism.
        Why do we take mental people seriously?

  30. Theres a woman i know of in CANADA, she hit a man in the head with a glass bottle
    KNow what she got?
    A peace bond. Which means Absolutely nothing.
    Assault with broken glass and if you’re a woman.. YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!(broken glass is like a knife!) It’s actually worse based on the physics of the impact
    In canada the criminal system works like this:
    Preference to WOMEN>Natives>Immigrants>older population>Whiteman>Unemployed whiteman( an unemployed woman is seen as a victim of the patriarchy , as i said, this country really fucking hates white men badly)
    (this is how the sympathy order goes) White man, dont fuck up your gonna regret it even though you fund the judges big fat salary, the cops who make 100,000$ a year, the probation SJW’s oh yes, enjoy it, everyone will feed off you because my god, you have 5 more iq points, you deserve it! Canada HATES white men!
    The criminal penalty works like this:
    Sentence,6 months jail(for first time major assault depending on injuries), 3 months jail, Smoking ass crack out of a man’s asshole(smuggled by guards), Next: Intermittent weekend sentence, Spending weekends in jail so you keep your job, but you gotta spend every weekend in jail for 6 months to make your 3 months, >long probation period like 24 months, where you gotta travel hours to get told by a feminist to obey the orders, or get chucked in jail fucking scumbag male, dont you know you white piece of shit you need to listen?Pay your taxes and shut the fuck up, we have advertisements for foreighners to take your job you cuckhold faggot!= This is canada
    If you hit someone, as a white man in canada, and you cause an injury, You’re fucked, It’s gonna cost you 10 grand to avoid jail and keep your job and you need a lawyer. if a woman does the same 0 penalty, she gets nothing
    You see, whites are treated like scum by the judges with the 360,000$ a year salaries, even though it’s white men paying the most taxes! Do we get any breaks? NOPE
    Wanna defend yourself? GO pay 10,000$ for a lawyer! Rich white man!
    Bunch of jealous scum
    A peace bond is the lowest criminal sanction you can get, If a man hit someone in the head with a glass bottle they would get 6 months in jail, a lawyer which would cost a white man 10,000$ would get the criminal penalty lowered to perhaps a long probation if there were no injuries, but most likely an intermittent scentence, a woman gets a peace bond, which means all she has to do, is not hit another man in the head with a dangerous weapon for a year, and shes scott free

  31. I mean, on the other hand, you could look at it like shit gets real in relationships and maybe we shouldn’t burn everyone at the stake–male or female–when they get enraged upon learning they’ve been played for a fool.
    But if it’s gotta be tit for tat then so be it.

      1. The opposite, actually. I’m thinking more along the lines of: when a guy grabs his girlfriend’s arm during an argument about her inappropriate flirtatious behavior–or even slaps her across the face–it shouldn’t destroy his life. It’s human nature.
        If a guy did that to a woman’s face, I imagine he would spend decades in prison.

    1. Yeah, relationships mean we should accept broken glass taken to our face which causes permanent nerve damage. Because shit happens, and we shouldn’t burn everyone at the stake.
      Meanwhile, in reality land, a man grabs a woman’s arm to prevent her from stabbing him, and he goes to jail.
      Yay equality!

      1. Yeah. That football player’s wife attacked him in the elevator, he lashed back, and suddenly he became the most evil man in the world. It was a drunk couple fighting. Big deal It’s not good, but it’s life.

  32. Traditionally women didn’t get physical when attacking a man or attempting to do harm to him. The ‘woman’ thing was most commonly poisoning or doing something to the man when he slept.
    What we see today with women going hog wild physical and lashing out like hood rats demonstrates how much they underestimate men in general. These women are used to and accustomed to tame broken males who may fight amongst therselves, against other men but it is rare that the wild women have ever experienced the full unrestrained male force coming at them in a full on fight. They’re conditioned to expect a male to sit there while she slaps or hits him and any defensive moves on the male’s part she browbeats down by insinuating that she can call in the uniformed thugs if he doesn’t want to sit there ‘honorably’ and take her shit as if he were hogtied and gagged.
    With practice, the skilled fighting man can keep the psychotic woman subdued without drawing onlookers by using covert moves that give the appearance that no fighting is going on whatsoever. Women always get emotional and flap their limbs around like chickens anyway over spilled milk but the man must maintain his posture and composure. He must keep a smile on his face and not look like he is fighting.
    THE TRICK is to look like you are ‘dancing’ (crumping) by snapping your fingers and shaking your hips after you deal a neutralizing elbow jab to a funny bone or sensitive chakra point on her.
    THERE’S ALSO the superman handshake where fingers go crunch and she cannot grab or wield a broken bottle. Whenever she spirals about to hit the ground, catch her and kiss her forehead making it look like you two are ‘swing dancing’.
    BE CREATIVE. Bitches want to fight all the time nowadays but it’s just between you two so don’t let it LOOK like fighting is going on. With time, your dance moves AND fighting will both improve. You know it:)

    1. “lashing out like hood rats demonstrates how much they underestimate men in general”
      lol, they do under-estimate us, They are suckers, and selling them on gargling our dicks and liking it, is pretty easy.
      Suckers! Only a man can sell a moron the idea that sucking my dick, that hangs in the toilet while im dominating a turd is a good idea, not only that but convince them to pretend like they are enjoying it!

    2. Just say I don’t have to deal with this and walk away. Always make sure you have a plan out of there before meeting her.

      1. I guess, you COULD have a camera at all times…
        Dash cam. House cam,
        Cameras are tiny, they’ve fit in a pen in 780p since 2007

    3. “THE TRICK”
      pal, the trick is to keep a phonebook closeby, and say” gotta call my boss” than wave around like you’re having a seizure’ She’ll understand, her man;s all about the business, if she happens to be within a few feet of the seizure, well no harm done, just honest mistake lol
      true, whenever a woman looks fiercely into my eyes while gargling my penis, that earlier that day, hung in the toilet bowl while i was dominating a turd(usually in the morning after a strong cofee) In that very moment i sense she is a lesser being,
      It’s like me launching rockets into space, they are penis shaped. A rocket is aerodynamic, like a penis.
      Women are just an atmospheric expression of my personality,
      -Signed, Muh’Cawkinballs

      1. What I’m talking about here is DANCING ROUGH. It is as pointless getting verbal with the woman who can’t process the logic as it is to get into a simple slugging match. Either way you’ve lost your frame and it’s a no win. BUT WITH DANCE COMBINED IT’S DIFFERENT. She’ll know she’s getting a spanking while you communicate it physically while going wild yourself with the dance. Become a babboon for a moment, no words exchanged. A CONTROLLED hell ride of a dance is all that her core understands and will be receptive to but an UNCONTROLLED slugfest would likely leave her crippled. A good gorilla rhumba will bend her back into shape and likely have her submissively BENT OVER at the end of it. Bruises are normal especially if she lacks vitamin C and at worst she’ll feel like she’s been in a car wreck BUT It establishes your dominance and gets a little respect kick started in her, the same as an old fashioned spanking. Any mammal can understand that surely. Hell fold her ass up like ourigami if you have to. Turn her into a swan. Everyone knows women aren’t good for simply talking to anyways.

  33. Hmmm. Not sure on the best solution. I suppose if anyone sees her in the street they can smack her in the face. Hopefully collapse her cheek or something. Other than that, not much we can do about it.

    1. What i like to do, is take some fiber supplements on my morning commute, along with hard boiled eggs, i make sure that the sulfur will be produced by my intestine, i make sure to dress professional like a good man
      Than, i simply relieve my bowels of gas, and simply continue on with my day, once i have farted, i look around with a confused look that i perfected, i pretend to be surprised(secretly i’m the one who farted)(inspired by blue-steel from zoolander)
      but if i can make some folks uncomfortable for a few moments hell it’s a good day

      1. Lolol. I know my dirty dick smells if even I CAN SMELL IT. Lolol. That’s why alpha’s do the ‘pistol point’ instead of the beta hand shake. They know better. Hell I’ve even heard skinheads won’t shake hands at all. Why they walk around with their hands in their pockets? So they can run their fingers through their hair. Lolololol. I bet Forney could tweak that one. Still it’s good to wash your hands after pissing. I was in the club the other day pissing and suddenly had a million dollar idea. An invention, a big red button right above the urinal. You push the button – – AND THE FLOOR SHAKES!! Lolol

        1. Whenever i shake a man’s hand i know two things:
          1) hes used the same hand to masturbate within the last 48 hours
          2)hes wiped his ass with the same hand within the last 48 hours
          I avoid the hand-shake, I give a respectful “nod” instead, like a sarge
          Worst part, is when you’re in the gym, and you smell piss and lavendar, you know someone enjoyed themselves before-hand

      2. Good shit. Chicks do this all the time… especially if they’re walking with their boyfriend, they all know everyone will automatically blame him.

  34. Helen Grant, called for the virtual elimination of women’s prisons in Britain and sensationally asserted that it is society that makes women offend.

    Then we must put society in jail.
    It reminds me of Nino Brown: “you’re the one who’s guilty!”

      1. You mean with the constant surveillance and fundamentally no property rights?

        1. We lost the survelliance battle a while ago
          Anywhere you;ve gone since AM/Fm You’ve been under surveillance
          The coclear resonance nerve also gives away brain signals, namely… your thoughts..but it was suppressed that it could ever be that easy
          You sick bastard! Agh>? you though we were stupid?

        2. Agh, fuck, you mean… Billions of $ and space technology from the 80’s can read my mind? No way? i mean.. i think im special with a 600$ phone?
          aint 600$ buyin me the latest and greatest the planet has to offer
          no, think more like 6 million$ was 1./100th of the communications technology from early 2000’s that piece of shit phone you have..
          you think it’s NEW??? LOLOLOL 600$ yeah, new, new from 1980
          So they can read our thoughts, and have artificial intelligence to manage it. Ooops,
          A worthless device, and you can go ANYWHERE and tap into frequencies, INVISIBLE frequencies, and hear sound, how do you think>? you think with language, with sound between your two ears, the coclear, and you’re a little transistor with the metallic elements in the environement, thats why youir headphones work so well with radio, because YOu are the antenna
          yeah fuck it, wanna hear something more fucked up?
          The earth travels around the sun at 67,000 MPH, it creatres lightning because it’s an electromagnetic engine, and our brains neuronal activity communicate the same way, it’s all to easy
          1)yeah? mind reading? Check..
          2) Watson oh look stupid humans it will solv eyour problems suck the cock of Extra terrestrials, fucking idiots
          3) yes, Now we have AI, we have predictive technology, so now, not only do we read your thouights, but we know what thoughts might lead to “actioN” and can figure out how though /action is related, oh yes, dumb fucks enjoy it

  35. It’s time for us to bring back george bush, let’s admit it, There were happier times, more prosperous times for america, and thats when we had BUSH! Sure, he was transparent(HE WAS HUMAN AFTERALL WHATS YOUR EXCUSE!? AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR AMERICA????? ), At times, he reminded us of our frailty, but he was a real texan, a red blooded american ! Bring back bush! All we have now are “professional actors” George bush has a high IQ, A real leader!
    We want real men, who make mistakes and aren’t afraid to admit it, to bring back america! it takes a real man to make mistakes in the public eye and it takes courage, something that truly represents the virtue of america, the virtue of a superpower, and demonstrated to the world, “dont be intimidated because, we are the best, we have gathered the intellect, the inspiraction, and the fortune of the world together in one continent forged in the flamed of america doing it;s best, at the best time, in the best time-frame it thought possible at the time, as we look back going towards the future in our triumphs in the very challenge of our will as a nation we see, the ideology of perfection, something to us, will not feel complete until the greatest prosperity, for the greatest majority, in the shortest time frame achievable

    Now, i know what you’re saying ah bush, this bush that, sure, but …. he answered our questions, he was a professional, for fuck sakes excusse my french, the man did his best? What would you do if challenged! Bush for predident 2016, or 2024! long live bush! we conquer our challenges with POWER, American red blooded power 2024, there is no conspiracy, only the conspiracy to get rid of our best savior bush!

    1776-2___, 2015,2025,2035,2045,2055,etc etc YEAR 3000-5000,

    EUROPA 2016, HAVE….NO…..MERCY.
    You don’t want to live in our world!? We do not want to live in yours. But we are smarter, We can sense your breath from 1,000,000 miles in space, from saturn
    ‘s moon we can smell your fear, since the late 60’s … our space program was just a cover for future spy satellites

  36. The dillweed is doing the “But I still love her!” idiocy. Fucking beta to the core, despite being what appears to be a nice looking model quality dude.
    It appears that she did get some kind of punishment, but I’m not certain how this pans out:
    Recorder Toby Hedworth QC sentenced Slater, of Ryton, Gateshead, to 51
    weeks’ jail, suspended for two years and 120 hours’ unpaid work.

    That’s a hard read. 51 weeks isn’t even a full year, so “suspended for two years” doesn’t seem to apply, but then does that mean she actually did time in jail and was suspended from…something else (what precisely)? Or will she serve the 51 weeks 2 years from now? Or what? The 120 hours unpaid work sounds like the British equivalent of “Community Service”.
    If she did actual jail time then I don’t think that qualifies as a “pussy pass”, however I’m not sure what the guidelines are for sentencing in this case and if it would be different for a man.

    1. A broken glass, has a less predictable trajectory than a knife, The knife has only 1 edge, and therefore the victim, has a better chance at judging its projectory and avoiding the impact. We can at least, argue that a male, being attacked by a knife, has SOME ability to judge distance of the object. Though it’s up to the criminal and it’s lawyer to prove their attack was some kind of mistake
      …However a glass bottle can shatter in an unpredictable way, making it much, much more dangerous than a knife because it gives the male no time to react to the possible point of impact
      the victim assumes avoiding the dull edge is best, although the actual breakage pattern and physics involved could put him at a greater risk,
      every solid glass, when in the hands of an assailant feminist misandric criminal can be deadly, No one is going to cry at your funeral so do pay attention.
      What is the outcome of high-pressure on glass? and what sharp edges can it create?
      there is no possible way to judge the trajectory of flight/impact of a broken glass, or a glass pre-break, it could end up as 1000 sharp edges, with no oppurtunity of self-defense.
      therefore, the glass bottle is a more dangerous weapon, worse than a 6 inch blade, it IS a dangerous weapon
      You aren’t dealing with tempered glass, Which, like car glass, is designed to break at a speed of 50 mPH, without injuring passengers
      Alcohol bottle glass simply is not designed for Safe “destructive impact” perhaps women should realize when they hit us with bottles for approaching them kindly, with weapons, that they are playing roulette and could kill us.
      iam a materials scientist / metallurgy expert, i do this for a living,
      Sharpness, which means cooling temperature and particle density at a particular point,
      Which cuts our delicate cells,

      1. If we look at the break pattern of the glass, it is difficult to predict which edge will be sharp, as we do not have a test to detetmine the angle at which the highest particle density resides
        therefore, if the stem, of the glass, is the last to shatter, it is a very deadly weapon, You should be aware of this before you enact old western movies with your feminism and attempt to assault men with weapons
        Skull thickness? Well, bone structure is like oak, with a higher density, and therefore as easy fracture pattern, therefore, an “accidental” “oopsie i missed” mistake could penetrate the brain ,and render the male a victim of misandry, that is, the male shitting himself for decades and barely being able to talk, thanks feminism. I know you think it’s trendy to smash sharp sharp object at our HEADS, but you should know the risks

      2. Under Bush you had Katrina and missing WMD. Not that who is in the WH has anything to do with the law in Britain.

        1. “is it under here?” “maybe it’s under there”
          crowd laughs*
          Do we want a transparent president?
          Or a talented liar, a good con-man?
          I Say, we bring back bush, let him make honest mistakes, and we are free , as americans to call out his mistakes and demand democracy, and criticize his actions in mockery
          What do we want otherwise? trendiness? A perfect con man whom we dicover a decade later destroyed the nation?
          Bush represented the average american, and his public speaking mishaps only occured because he has pride, pride and discipline and was nervous infront of a mass audience, i do believe bush has a great conscience and his paintaings reveal a spirited caring man , he has been wrongly judged by the public

          Yet?… He gets disrespect? fuck you who dislikes bush, Bring back BUSH!

    2. Oh my lord.
      Mr Aitken, who lost his business and modelling career because of his injuries, said: “I still love her and I want to know why she did it.
      “We are not speaking now but there’s so much to say.”
      Bleh. F that. He’s just helping the feministas now. Boyfriend done something you don’t like? Smash a bottle and cut his face up. He’ll still love you and kiss your ass.

      1. As always, it’s the manginas and white knights who are our worst enemy. Without them doing bullshit like this, women would lose 80% of their power in society.

        1. The ideals of Classic Liberalism infected the minds of men and led to all of this.

    3. It means that if on the last day of the second year she commits an offense she will go to jail for 51 weeks. Judging by her apparent inability to control herself this is not beyond the realm of possibilities. Given this, and the fact that his face is already fucked, her boyfriend should do his utmost to piss her off on the last day of her suspension…

      1. Ah, there we go, thank you for the information.

        1. There is no justice but to serve decent men with the longevity technology, so we keep enough sane men around long enough into the future
          I myself a millenial, do not want to enter a future with millenials, i promote the longevity movement, drown the youth out of them and give it to sane men from the 60’s,70’s80’s

        2. Sounds great dude, but if I get any longer I’ll be measuring how deep the water is in the creek from the top of the bridge!
          *insert ancient joke laughter here for effect*

        3. As you can tell from the charts, We humans are held back from ageless paradise by our bodies, but there are billions of us, and hundreds of millions of us seek desperately the fountain of youth, as population has increased, demand for youth has increased, therefore putting economic and research pressure on longevity drugs, and theories, which has continues to increase our life-span by 3 months per year so far, this is because we did not understand DNA, we had no idea what cellular “wetware” software was, but we’re figuring it out and quick, and we can save the last generation, and bring them into the future, Fuck millenials, fuck them all!
          tech billionaires are big on living long enough to spend their fortunes*

        4. The goal is not to become 90 years old and say “i did it i became an old frail man”
          That is stupid.
          The goal is to live long enough to get to the point in which we can inhibit the short fuses of aging, namely, telomere oxidation.
          1) Telomere oxidation*( frags us from age 70-80)
          2)mitochondrial damage(destroys our vision)
          3)Alzeimers(where the fook am i dood>?
          4)heart disease, it;s beat 80 times a minute, for the last 80 years and it’s time to jsut say big fuck you! it stops, blood stops going to the brain, you pass out unexpectedly, by this point, your penis no longer works either, as it cant really respond well to nitric oxide…
          I devise strategies for each possible threat to actuarial death as well as optimizing “cellular hardening” by hormetic exposure to exercise, cold temperature, starvation, this is hard work, but dying is pretty miserable isnt it?
          Getting at the ROOTS of actual DNA damage, rather than symptoms we call dis-ease and “sick:”care, when the damage is advanced is where the anti-aging movement is headed,
          Do YOU want to be the last generation to miss out on paradise?
          The brilliant part of the anti-aging war, is that, you keep fightign and fighting, and there is no way to lose..
          why? how can’t you lose? well, when you’re dead you won’t know that you died, technically, as stated by seneca
          when you are alive death is not, when death is, you cannot sense death
          I’ll never know that i died. ill be maybe on my deathbed in 4056 someday, if longevity escape velocity happened, and suddenly ill get trapped forget my nano-nutirients or an electromagnetic field will interrupt my bilogy and that will be it. But it wont be the end of “me” because the goal is to create powerful progeny, “its why im writing this” to bring the powerful last generation into the future with me, fuck milleniuals, fuck them all!. Ill still think… on my own death bed, that it’s just a temporary sleep. So we never really experience “death” fuck it, we experience it, but 80 or 90 years of brainwashing convinces us this insane event of our body quitting is just :temporary: it isnt temporary no.
          Iam a parasite, meant to inspire longevity ambirtions in my fellow man, i use inlfuence. influenza(lol)
          let us propagate, the seeds of power, as a longer lasting energy, a more sustained energy, is more powerful, is your favorite band playing for 10 seconds as good as as houi? no. Length of a function means/represents the power and momentum behind it but for 100 years? The 100 year war.
          The future: What we dream now, can be reality(actually our realiry sucks because we call our own “dreamers” nutbags
          Am i a nutbag?
          Well let’s analyze your decision process
          1) I want you to live, oh how sad i must be?!
          2)I think the human race is rare in the cosmos, for 2 years i attempted contact, i got some mixed response, SETI FUCKED UP. Stop tryign to contact!
          (search for extra terrestrial intelligence)
          Rather than form a search for extra terrestrial intelligence(SETI), i have decided to form the terrestrial intelligence community. We know we exist. We know life is real. And we know that we are intelligent. We do not need the
          3) THe manosphere…
          Well. Balancing of gender power is tied to a phase 1 civililization and part of the grand ultimatum, so i say from year 2000-3000 we;ll be trapped in this division
          “for i divided man, so hed spent the rest of his life looking for his other half”(biblical)
          We do not know if we can take the bible seriously yet….
          Which is mysterious
          Yes, iam a divided man, i will re-create my other half though… digitally, and theoretically DNA is just information and digitization is just optimizing information

        5. Yeah it used to confuse me too until I received a suspended sentence for driving faster than is mandated by our “Dear Rulers”.

        6. A friend of mine wanted to know what the “top speed” of a hyundai sonata turbo 2013 and found out that it’s a 160 MPH car
          (a lambo diablo couldn;t do 150 mph when it was new)

          *the video shows 160MPH, but actually there is a governor that stops it, and when the tires are at 60 PSI, this piece of shit car does NOT STOP
          The hyundai sonata turbo is a cheap ass shit 13,000$ car that WILL do 170MPH+++
          Its a rocket because of the torque caused by the turbo which they got rid of in the new models lol

          153 mph is just governor, this motherfucking car goes 170+
          err, my foot may have slipped on the accelerator one day

    4. Right and still YOU’RE IN CONTROL of the game. But you can’t do brain surgery on her. You can’t change her hardwiring. You can run her like a full auto car (dick) wash and get the full wax and blow dry but in the end of it all, if she hasn’t been stuffed like a turkey and KNOCKED UP, then her chemistry goes off the cliff to where she needs thrown into a cage for a while and she produces nothing. If knocked up right, she gets what she describes as that warm glowing feeling. You can still doggie her as she gets big in the waist and she will want it and she will suck much more too. Just don’t get on top missionary style so as not to squoosh the baby. Those are known as the ‘doggie days’ or ‘tapping the baby on the head’ days.

      1. i have a long penis, no matter the position, it would interfere.
        (its 8 inches) im still self-conscious about it , and not impressed when i wave it around in the mirror though women seem to enjoy it

      2. game:
        Pretend your the MAN
        And figure out how soon she’ll figure out that , you aint worth SHIT and that you;re a bad investment
        You see, its a contest , lets figure out who’se the worthless dick or the worthless cunt, than lets be pissed about it,
        Milk the relations for all it’s worth then leave when she least expects it
        Hell, its the american way

  37. The “System” loves women because it gives them power by their weakness. If you have a weakness toward women, the State will own your ass. The government becomes a parent rather than a role of administrator.
    My general rule is: The quicker a woman gives up the pussy the crazier she’ll be long term. She puts sex at the forefront and uses it as a tool to leverage the relationship from the start.
    If you pass on your responsibility of being a man of character it goes from you, to her and she passes it over to the government. The biggest White Knight of them all. Don’t hand your balls to those fucking losers.
    If he didn’t get clues she was a nut job and back out early he was a dumbass. If he didn’t fight back, he’s a pussy. If he still “loves her” he is a fool.

    1. i say we bring back a form of Secession
      We gather in ONE state, and if you don’t like our rules, get the hell out!
      California, and Texas to succeed with schwarzenneggar as president, and that’s it
      And bush, Bush can stay
      …..we keep arizona, and north dakota, and the 51 other states
      fuck off,

    2. The only weakness i have, is to decide, while harpooning a female from her backside, shall i ejaculate my heritage upon her cannal, or her asshole?
      It is a challenging conquest, butthole or cunt? Buy i say
      a cunning choice to ejaculate where she least expects it, an ejaculation in the anus,

    3. Some women reach that level of crazy when they haven’t been knocked up. If they were knocked up proper, then you would see her become totally the opposite. Some women are hardwired where they MUST function as breeding mares (and hopefully servants) otherwise they go batshit and self destruct. Every egg unused and she gets EGG ON THE BRAIN. I’ve seen it enough times that I’LL SWEAR IT’S ALL TRUE!

      1. “Some women”
        I dont care how :intelligent” someone can be
        What brought down troy:?
        One NAIVE mistake is all it takes,,
        and women are suckers, pal, men can learn game and convince them to gargle their penis’ and pretend like they like it.
        give women power
        than a good con man from another tribe comes around named habeeeb shalalalalala’madinainssins aladin suckmuhdeeq
        and says “o yeees i come in peace”
        and that’s it, you naive fuck. GONE. “the feminine mystique” oh yeah, how essensial, how easily conquered how fucking fragile and stupid and how i wouildnt exist if it dominated looool

        1. All women go crazy when prohibited from reproducing especially the poor ones on the battlefield where their judgement isn’t needed. A lot of this is the result of the state’s population control agenda. Now we’ll never run out of crazy wack jobs with wasp waists. Those tiny waists were meant to be disrespected and disfigured early on. Sacrificed to the altar of motherhood. The front heavy ballooning jugs also do not support the butt of a gun and obscure the ‘keyboard’ or typewriter. ROLES ARE ROLES. People gotta get that.

        2. “the result of the state’s population control agenda”
          Population control agenda? What a success>??

        3. Aw that’s just the pound for pound ‘MEAT’ graph of mouths to feed or the ‘everybody’s included’ graph. The one that Al Gore likes to use. I prefer the graphs with the breakdowns by race, country, religion or lack thereof. Those graphs are more revealing.

        4. Your name alone elicits urges and desires to beat you to death mercilessly with my maglite.

    4. If he didn’t get clues she was a nut job and back out early he was a dumbass. If he didn’t fight back, he’s a pussy. If he still “loves her” he is a fool.

      And a dumbass-pussy-fool he is.

  38. Holy…. fucking…. shit. Why is the right side of his cheek so far extended? Unreal damage, that is so bad. SO FUCKING bad.

    1. True, and the worst part is, NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS EXISTED IN 2008 , not with bush!
      Bring back bash, this is bullshit.

  39. Women weren’t meant to retain their fine teenage figures indefinately. Their figure and tight ass is THE BAIT that they swag around to attract the alpha or lucky beta until they get nailed and knocked up. If they forego pregnancy to keep their figure, that’s when the mental rot begins. Just like a fresh uncooked steak set out in the sun. It needs to be thrown on the grill and roasted right away OR IT ROTS from the inside out. It needs to be chomped like RIGHT NOW. A post wall model who retained everything becomes a monster, a useless ‘fun hole’ and gold digger. Her unused unmilked tits fester with what tiny bit of milk becomes trapped in them. The milk turns into a 20 year old piece of cheese in there and their glandular tumors come next. It is true . . USE EM OR LOSE EM.

    1. Steaks, and whole carcasses for that matter, are put out in the sun to preserve them. There are two ways the preservation can take place:
      1. Through dehydration. In the absence of moisture, meat does not rot. Thoroughly dehydrate lean, then seal it with fat (oil and water don’t mix), and it will keep for years.
      Meat going mushy on the inside isn’t from rotting, it’s from cell structure breakdown as it dehydrates. This ruins the aesthetic qualities of the meat, but not its safety or nutritional value.
      2. Through rotting itself. Meat rots from the OUTSIDE in. This is why it is safe to eat steak cooked rare. Only the surface area needs to be seared to make it sterile. One of the byproducts of bacterial metabolism is acid, which can reach concentrations that kill the colony and prevent further spoilage. Some carcasses are left out until they are covered in a thick layer of mold as well. Before eating the surface layer is scrapped off.
      Caveat: The carcass must have been properly cleaned and hung to remove the blood in the first place. Blood spoils quite quickly and will ruin the meat from the inside. This is only an issue for your own kills, all inspected commercial meat has had the blood removed.That juice from your steak is not blood. Steak is mostly water. Very expensive water. That pound of jerky? Yeah, used to be 3 pounds of steak.

      1. Good to know. I was trying to make an analogy between sluts and steaks that’s all. Maybe I should have compared them to hot dogs made of pink slime. Like the customer service response to the question: ”what really goes into an Oscar Mayer wiener?” and their answer: ”we don’t know and if we DID know then we ain’t saying”. It is rumored that Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive walking into a hot dog factory in New Jersey accompanied by two men in business suits. Hmmm.
        But the water in the processed meat is right. Wal Mart lobbied to pass a law that raises the amount of water they can pump into their meat and still legally call it meat by weight.
        I have a friend who salt cures his deer steaks in ice cold salt water. You fill a 50 gal plastic drum with ice cubes and water and add 3 lbs salt. Cut the freshly killed meat after hanging and draining into 1” or less strips and fill the drum and slightly stir. The blood won’t coagulate in the ice water and the salt draws out almost all the blood.The gamey taste in venicin ocurrs only when all the blood isn’t drained. The ice water will turn red and then you drain the water and refill with fresh ice cold salt water. Wait till it turns dark red again and REPEAT. Several baths in the salt water and the meat is ready to slow cook for about 2 1/2 hrs. I guarantee you will swear yoo are eating fillet mig-non. It comes out tender and you can’t tell it’s venicin with the gamey taste gone. Drawing out all the blood with the salt water curing is what does it. Then it’s ready to can.

        1. “I was trying to make an analogy between sluts and steaks that’s all.”
          Yeah, I know. I was not just being a party pooper, I was aware that I was being a party pooper.
          “It comes out tender and you can’t tell it’s venicin with the gamey
          taste gone. Drawing out all the blood with the salt water curing is what
          does it.”
          Yep. Do the same with squirrel and some people think it’s even better than venison.

        2. Never done it with squirrel, just on a spit stick over fire wrapped in aluminum foil to keep in the moisture. A roitisserie would probably work great for small stuff too. Snapping turtle is the toughest gamiest shit around but we throw them live into boiling pot whole, then crack and eat the meat. Not my idea but that’s how my uncle has done it all his life. I’ll figure a better prep for turtle someday. Not much blood to deal with in reptiles. Salt might improve it.

  40. Wtf is wrong with the UK? This is supposed to be the center of Anglo culture and month after month these stories keep adding up. Foreigners own your real estate. Muslims control certain areas which they administer under their own law. The EDL leader is arrested on trumped up charges. Feminism runs completely unchecked. Now Scotland might leave. Your house is a mess UK. And we’re all in danger of following you down the s–thole.

  41. What’s the big deal here. Real men have scars. Chicks dig scars. He was too much of a pretty boy. Now he is ruggedly handsome with that certain look that says “Don’t fuck with me.” When she did that to him he should have just thanked her for giving him a perfect excuse to do this –

    1. Now he is ruggedly handsome with that certain look that says “Don’t fuck with me.”

      Except he no longer has control over the nerves in his face…

  42. Men face the worse end of it in the U.S. also, but no one speaks up, there’re no organizations that fights for Men’s rights similar to the feminists organizations who fight for more than equal rights….here’re some examples of what I mean and it’s only a few, I can write a book on this topic if I cared to:
    I’ll post this again to show that society has double standards all around. Men should start fighting for their rights as well, since these double standards seems perfect to all feminists who helped implement them. What equal rights? Men do not have it better or easier. In the U.S. issues for men are just as bad, if anything worse. Here are some double standards that are overlooked and considered normal here.
    The Medical Field in general, statistically they say that men don’t go get check up as much as women, yet no one knows why or claim that they do not. Well ask any male and you’ll find out why. In the U.S. men are left on display for everyone to see, and it’s the norm here. Even in situations where there’s no reason to be exposed, they will if you’re a male. Most of the medical workers are female and they tend to cover up the female body right away. Men they leave naked (completely undressed) even if there’s no need, especially if you’re unconscious when you get to the ER. Most men just follow along because they don’t even know the basic HIPAA laws that hospitals don’t care about this when it comes to male privacy as well. The comparable would be a female exposed with legs wide open spread eagle….that’s the equivalent if you want to compare it to a male being exposed.
    Another one are female sports reporters being able to go into the men’s locker room even while athletes are completely naked. Their reasoning is that they’re being discriminated against due to being female and it’s unfair. The feminists movement fought for this and somehow got it to past legislature. Where are the male activists to fight against this? We have no one fighting for men’s rights, so things like this happens. Again the equivalent of this would be male reporters in the female athletes locker room while they’re spread open for all to see…..that’s the only comparison. See how ridiculous that sounds, that’s because it is, but yet it’s accepted as a norm for men to go through that, but not women. Also male athletes are the pinnacle of male society, not the same for women… really the equivalent would be the a male reporter inside the locker room of miss universe or other pageants while they were naked and spread…..think about that. Male reporters are not even allowed in the lockers rooms while the female athlete’s are undressed, let alone legs spread apart… why are female reporters allowed in locker rooms while men are naked and on full display? This should be illegal, and if not, then let the men inside when the female athlete’s are naked….then and only then it would be “equal”
    Another one in the U.S. is male circumcision. The main reason given is that left uncircumcised, men are more prone to infections and such, and it’s unclean. We all know that a vagina is a lot more “unclean” than a penis, why are women not subjected to parts being cut off? Another ridiculous feminist idea that everyone just accepted. Less than 5% of the U.S. are of the religions where this practice is a tradition, so why is the circumcision rated around 80%. The ironic part about this is that women are voluntarily cutting their vaginas themselves because when they get older or if it’s to “ugly” they want the option to make it look better. Look up vaginal rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. So women make this choice by themselves, but they took it away from men, they make that choice for men also. How fucking boldface is that?
    All of this will change in time as later generations would see how backward thinking the people of our time were and they’ll look back in disbelief. An example of that in current day is now we look back at the days when men were only allowed to swim if they were naked or nude while women were fully clothed. Seems unreal but it’s true. Now a man would go against swimming naked, because it’s unheard of today. Isn’t being forced to swim naked in front of the opposite gender backward, wrong an invasion of your human rights? Which one of you all would do that now in front of women who’re fully clothed? So why are men not fighting for their rights in the medical environment or in the locker rooms. Male modesty is out there but the feminists only fight to take it away. They don’t fight for equal rights, they fight for more.
    Time changes everything, and the double standards that we see today will change as well. Later generations will look back and wonder what was wrong with ours. We’ll be labeled as a backward civilization just as how we look back and label past civilizations as such, and they’ll be right to say that.

  43. Murder away lads, it’s justified, there is no innocence, there is only varying degrees of guilt.

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