How American Christians Were Manipulated Into Loving Israel

Americans love Israel. While it is not unusual to find people of Irish or Polish descent who love Ireland or Poland, there are millions of Americans who love Israel even though they have no connection to the small, Middle Eastern country. Why is this the case?

Israel is a country with a clear purpose

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a young man in the Israeli special forces

There are things to admire about Israel. The most important is its clarity of purpose. The primary goal of Israel is to protect the country and its citizens. Israelis take attacks against their people personally. In 2015, when a terrorist stabbed two people in Jerusalem, civilians and even a police officer beat and kicked the terrorist who had already been shot. But Americans and Europeans have been conditioned to think as atomized units, not as a single people. Terrorism, which is an act of war against a nation, is treated merely has a crime.

Israel’s ability to put its own interests first has enabled it to undertake efficient action in defending itself. In 2010, Mossad assassinated a Hamas official in a Dubai hotel. The assassination, which involved nine agents, is like something out of a James Bond movie. When Israeli citizens were hijacked in Entebbe Airport in Uganda, the Israeli Defense Forces undertook a daring overnight raid to free the Israelis. And while weak Western leaders hold hands and mouth platitudes after each terrorist attack, Israeli leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu are strong, confident, and unabashedly pro-Israel. For many Americans, cheering for Israel is like supporting a winning team, while their own country’s actions give them little reason to get excited.

Disordered love

The feeling that millions of Americans have about Israel is much deeper than mere admiration. It is better described as idolization. There are several reasons this idolization exists.

First, Israel has a powerful political lobby, AIPAC. American Jews are generally very successful and they use their money to support their politics, and this includes Israel. American politicians from both sides of the aisle, anxious to get donations, make the most boot-licking speeches at the annual AIPAC conference. Thus, it doesn’t really matter whether you elect a Republican or a Democrat. You can rest assured that they will be ardently pro-Israel.


The biggest reason why so Americans love Israel, even more than their own country, is not due to the work of AIPAC. Rather, it is the result of a peculiar Christian heresy—the heresy of Dispensationalism.

Dispensationalism originated with John Nelson Darby, an English Christian preacher who lived in the 1800s. It only received wide popularity, though, through the influence of the Scofield Bible. The Scofield Bible contains Dispensationalist commentary by Cyrus I. Scofield (1843-1921).

There are allegations that Scofield was influenced by Jewish Zionists. Though Scofield was a fundamentalist preacher, he was admitted as a member of the Lotus Club, an elite NYC men’s club. One of the club’s committee members was Wall Street lawyer Samuel Untermeyer. Author David Lutz suggests that it may have been Untermeyer who encouraged Scofield to write his commentary:

Untermeyer used Scofield… to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism. Untermeyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe.

What’s wrong with Dispensationalism

To understand why Dispensationalism is so perverted, it’s necessary to explain what Christians believed before Dispensationalism came on the scene. Traditional Christian theology teaches that the Christian covenant is the “new and eternal covenant” that fulfills all the past covenants including God’s covenant with Israel.

In Second Corinthians, St. Paul says that the old covenant has “faded away.” The Epistle to the Romans says that Christ is “the end of the law” meaning he was both the goal and the termination of the old covenant. Traditional theology also teaches that the Christian Church is the true continuation of Israel: Jesus is Israel’s true Messiah and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Therefore, the Church, which includes gentiles and Christians Jews, is “the Israel of God” (Gal. 6:16), not Jews by physical descent. Let me say it again for emphasis: the traditional Christian belief is that the Church is the true continuation of Israel.

Thus, for 1800 years, Christians did not believe the re-establishment of a Jewish state or modern day Israel. They played no role in the biblical prophecy. Dispensationalism changed that. Dispensationalists believe that the Christian Church is God’s “Plan B.” With the Church, God is merely taking a temporary break before getting to what He really cares about—Israel according to the flesh. This can be seen in the picture at the head of this section which portrays three horses—two large Jewish ones (don’t ask me why there are two) and one small Christian one. The Church that Christ died for is an afterthought.

Dispensationalism is largely a Protestant phenomenon. Most Baptist and non-denominational churches subscribe to it, which means that most Evangelical Christians are also dispensationalists. While the Catholic Church does not teach dispensationalism, some Catholics have also succumbed. I had one Catholic on Twitter block me after I told him that the modern state of Israel plays no special role in Christian theology.

Dispensationalism in action

Dispensationalism has practical impacts on how its adherents behave in the real world. Dispensationalist Christians have applied the following verse to Israel and Jews in general: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Gen 12:3). In context, the verse refers to Abraham the patriarch, but Dispensationalist Christians take it to mean that whoever supports Jews and Israel, will be personally blessed.

This type of thinking is extremely powerful form of conditioning. Everyone wants to be personally blessed by God and here is a passage that Evangelicals believe guarantee them blessings. More realistically, it guarantees Israel a large block of voters who will consistently and unquestioningly support pro-Israel policies. No other countries, including staunch US allies France and Great Britain, have such a solid base of support.

Evangelical Christians are a potent force in American politics so US politicians go out of their way to appeal to this fervor. During one of the GOP debates in 2015, each of the 16 candidates mentioned the security of Israel in their closing statement. This blatant pandering caused Ann Coulter to tweet: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” But the candidates were not just targeting wealthy Jewish donors, but all those Evangelical voters who have been programmed to support Israel.

This disordered love of Israel is not harmless. It has helped lead the United States into dubious wars in the Middle East in support of Israel. It has also spurred the development of Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism. ISIS came about due to US support of “moderate rebels” to depose Syrian president Assad, an enemy of Israel. And blind support of Israel may eventually lead us into a war with Iran—a country that poses no military threat to the US.


I am a political realist who believes in an America First policy. As a super power, the US will always have a complicated foreign policy. There may be times where the interests of Israel and the US align. In those cases, I don’t see a problem with pursuing a mutually beneficial alliance. But basing foreign policy on a heretical Christian doctrine is not justifiable.

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418 thoughts on “How American Christians Were Manipulated Into Loving Israel”

  1. Israel is a land of jew fucks. Not quite as bad as muslums but still scum

    1. All Jews are the same:
      Put them into a White country and they support diversity, cultural nihilism, gun control, pornography and hate speech laws…
      Put those same Jews into Israel and they immediately turn into
      gun-toting, religious, fascistic, racist, hyper-nationalist Warriors for Yahweh.

      1. It’s the (((Ben Shapiro))) mentality. He bloviates relentlessly about how Israel is the greatest and how Americans ought to support it, but when it comes to nationalism for whites, he immediately does an about-face and talks about how it’s stupid.
        It’s just like how (((Ezra Levant))) had his resident house negro Jay Fayza talk about how white nationalism was stupid yet went to Israel to talk about how Israel is the greatest and everyone ought to support it.
        Kikes have subverted the alternative media.
        If there’s one person I want to beat to a pulp with a crowbar, it’s Ben Shapiro. It’ll be an absolute treat to hear that annoying, raspy voice of his beg for mercy.

        1. That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Damn. I guess it goes to show that you shouldn’t trust someone just because he says some things you agree with.

        2. (((Shapiro))) is your typical subversive kike who’ll do anything to promote Israel. His anti-European, pro-globalist-capitalist message seems tame at first. In reality, his message will disenfranchise millions of honest whites from getting the healthcare they deserve and will send plenty of gentiles to die for Israel.
          Neoconservatives are essentially weaponized Jewry. Every war they’ve promoted “in the name of democracy” is designed to keep Israel secure.

        3. This. Ben Shapiro condemns identitarianism and nationalism for Whites…Meanwhile, Israel has implemented its own Eugenics program meant to preserve racial purity:

          Can you imagine the outrage if any White country was caught doing something like this? Human rights “activists” would be mobilizing en masse. Leftism, in all its forms, is a tool to keep the goyim subjugated.

        4. arent they implementing dna tests for those wishing to move there now?

        5. YES. Hitler is no doubt spinning in his grave. We’ll be able to generate power by putting a dynamo on his coffin, in Argentina.

        6. “In reality, his message will disenfranchise millions of honest whites from getting the healthcare they deserve”
          I don’t know shit about Shapiro’s position on health care. But Health care is NOT a right. It’s a privilege.

        7. You got two choices: Zoe, the quarterback transexual or little straight-talking Ben?

        8. Israel is no doubt a priority for Schapiro, but his conservativism is likely derived from his orthodox judaism. Most neo-cons are former trotskyists or at least trotksyism was one of the main influences on their ideology. Shapiro doesn’t fit that mould, even if he is anti-(white) nationalist

        9. And once more: “I coulda had a life, I coulda bin a contenda if it hadn’t been for dem Joos!”

        10. The only aspect of Trotskyism that neoconservatives have kept was the emphasis on military strength and opposition to the Soviet Union. Most, including (((Bill Kristol))), the de facto leader of neoconservatism, are rabidly free market capitalist.
          Conservatism is more of an enemy of nationalism than socialism, as neoliberalism, the ideology of rabid capitalism, caused all of the problems that nationalism seeks to eliminate. Mass immigraiton for corporate profits, massive cuts to public programs and all of that is caused by the neoliberals, who are the globalists we oppose.

        11. Wrong. As a nationalist, I believe nations are obligated to help their citizens if the alternative is much worse. Private healthcare is far more expensive than the alternative.

        12. Leftism, neoliberalism and cuckservatism are all tools of the elite.
          It’s worth noting that many far-leftists, despite being degenerate cucks, rabidly oppose Israel, hence why (((Bernie Sanders))) and Ellison actively oppose Israel.

        13. I would consider catastrophic coverage provided the immigration policies were enhanced to eliminate fraud. I believe in personal responsibility and if citizens want health care, they need to earn it. Universal health care is only feasible in a homogeneous society that follows preventative checkups. That’ll never be the case in America.

        14. I think you’re missing out the essential element with Trotsky, which was permanent revolution. The neo-cons are typically seen as doing everything to favour Israel, which may or may not be the case, or alternatively doing everything to project American power on the wall. But if one ignores the apparent theoretical differences (between marxism / trotskyism) their programme of serial wars in the middle east, in ukraine, etc., can be compared to the idea that the revolution must be permanent, ongoing, a process rather than a simple set of strategic goals. If you think back to Wesley Clark’s ‘seven countries in five years’ bombshell then what the neo-cons called ‘spreading democracy’ could be seen as pretty equivalent to prosecuting an unending permanent revolution. The problem here lies with the different in the apparent form and content of a workers revolution and spreading democracy. But that does depend on the two being exactly what they say they are. If you read Anthony Sutton he points out just how compatible big state collectivist ideologies may be. If you see the neo-cons as spreading a democracy that requires in addition to the usual liberal consensus values of women’s rights, gay right etc, the absorption of an economy into (and the subjection within) a central banking system, and consider the fact that the latter system seems bent on forcing universal financial repression (a de facto transfer of real assets from the middle class to the elite and the debtor classes, including governments) then is the difference so very great. Remember its the end that matters not the means. And just look at what is happening in the world today since Wesley let that little window into the neo-con playbook slip: after afghanistan it was iraq, then the arab spring, Libya, ukraine, Syria, now possibly Iran and even North Korea. They’re still holding true to what matters. What matters is not the detail of early 20th century revolutionary marxism, but the spirit within.

      2. As I said above: “I coulda had a life, I coulda bin a contenda if it hadn’t been for dem Joos!”

        1. John, I have the strong suspicion that you can’t tolerate facts which contradict your emotional beliefs.

    2. Exactly. Fucking slimy yids should be kept at arms length.
      Let those dogs fight forever as long as we can contain the fallout.

      1. Same could be said about your existence. Go make me a sandwich. Don’t forget the cheese, bitch

        1. talk like a cunt, get treated like a cunt
          let me break it down for you: muslums are scum, niggers are scum, indians are scum, jews are scum, feminists are scum, essentially anything not white and/or high IQ asian is scum, and anything that sympathizes with multiculturalism is scum, get on board or get the fuck out

        2. you’re a fake extremist and pretty bad at your job. Aren’t there any courses you could do to help you get the hang of this?

  2. I support Israel because they are unapologetically proud and nationalistic and are not as retarded as liberal globalist Jews in Europe and the US. They have seen the enemy firsthand and have been fighting it for over 60 years. I can respect that.
    The same POS Muslim terrorists that are attacking Europe now have been attacking Israel and killing children since the 1950’s, but back then people were naive enough to blame it on “occupation” or mistreatment of the Palestinians, which is kind of like blaming the Benghazi attack on an offensive youtube video.
    Now we know that Arab-Muslim barbarism is the real threat.

    1. Some would rather chase phantom threats from shadowy groups of Jooooos! than the guys actually setting off bombs and decapitating people.
      “But doesn’t matter cuz it’s all part of the Jewish plan…”
      If the Jews are capable of that level of conspiracy maybe they deserve to win.

        1. It’s not real treason if it’s not a real betrayal Clark. Our real enemies are beating down the door, larger than life, and I’m a traitor for saying we shouldn’t chase rabbits?
          What layer of hell does folly belong in?
          Are you the kind of guy who’s going to be screaming “da Jooos!” while some fellow named Mohammed cuts your throat? When yet another WASP fucker votes in yet more socialism and chaos, it has to be a Jew moving his hand? Why? How would you know if it wasn’t?

        2. If the people who let the Trojan horse through the gate don’t stand and fight, you hang them first.
          I’ve been advocating since day one that we can’t let millions of Muslim migrants into Europe because it will eventually lead to war. And yet everywhere I turn I see non-stop propaganda and demoralization from the media, academia, and our “leadership”.
          As violent as the Jihadis are, at least they have the courage to fight their enemies directly and with clear intention.

        3. The ecomonies of western Europe peaked in 1998/99; why let people into a shrinking economy? Its not like they need more unskilled labor…all seems fishy to me

        4. The 7 Circles of Hell would make for a great nightclub idea

        5. Was talking to an older guy in a bar last night who works for a German industrial company and he said just the same as you.

        6. if youre interested, look up albert pike and the 3 world wars. looks like 3 is up next

        7. Haha it’s probably been done in Vegas or some shitty goth bar.
          I’m halfway through Dante’s Inferno so I guess it’s on my mind.
          Probably the most interesting thing about it for me so far is it makes many references to pre-Christian heroes and philosophers like Homer, Achilles, and Plato.

        8. you’re the last person I would’ve thought would be evangelising Pike’s prophecies. Freemason or conspiracy theorist? I don’t figure you for either

        9. just something I had the misfortune of stumbling across on the internet- you think its real? Some people say its a hoax, and its seem hard to believe all was mapped out in the early 1870s

        10. lizard people? I dunno about that one. Then again, avg folks used to think you couldnt sail too far out into the sea lest you fall off the edge of the earth, so who knows…

        11. From memory the three world wars prediction relates to some letters that were allegedly sent to (or were sent by) Pike. They weren’t in his big magnum opus that until recently was I think widely used as a freemasonic handbook or something like that. That whole era is full of controversies, fakes and even hoaxes – e.g. the Leo Taxil affair. As far as I’m aware there is no way of proving they were actually Pikes thoughts / predictions.

        12. Doesn”t matter if its “Fake” or not, they are still old, and predicting stuff that hasn’t happened yet. When they come true, than you will know.

      1. What if you knew Israel was the one supporting not only ISIS but helping in their invasion of Europe?
        Who’s the blame, the rabid dog or the owner training him?

        1. You mean what if I knew stuff that isn’t remotely true?
          Well yeah, that would change things.

        2. 1) Volunteers, there are liberal idiots everywhere, what do you want
          2) preferring the weaker enemy to the stronger enemy is just good statecraft
          See what you’re doing is called “cherry picking”. When you take a few things and blow them out of proportion it blinds you.
          Few liberal idiots in Israel does not equal Merkel and the EU, SETTING STATE POLICY. A few liberal idiots does not equal millions of Frenchmen voting for death by Macron.
          They’ve got you guys running around looking for Jews while they’re robbing your house. You’re just begging to lose.
          So, Israel and the Jews setting up Europe? Again, if they could pull something like that off they are the master race. But they can’t and if that’s your best evidence on a heart level you have to know you’re reaching.

        3. I’m looking at a pile of unsourced horseshit Charles. It’s either one true thing “Israel keeps an eye on its neighbors” that leads to a serious leap of faith “Joos run all of it!” or pure speculation.
          There’s no way to falsify any of it. That’s why conspiracy theorists are mad, not that conspiracies don’t exist but that real conspiracies just don’t work like that because nobody’s that super competent. Again, if the Jews were capable of half the things they’re accused then they are the master race.

        4. No it’s called having the facts.
          ISIS literally apologized for accidentally attacking Israel LOL
          Israel said ISIS is good for them:

          The muslims are being used as attack dogs for Israel for their Greater Israel Project. Who do you think is supplying them all the weapons and money? A muslim goat farm billionaire?

        5. Couldn’t be all the oil funding them could it? Including specifically ISIS controlled oil fields? Because that’s what’s happening. Those are the facts.
          Like I said before it’s not crazy for Israel to like having a weaker enemy versus a stronger.
          But direct support? Still unproven horseshit.

        6. HAHA oh yes the ISIS oil salesman.
          Bet Israel and Saudi are the biggest “buyers” then.
          BTW Isis just fucked up Iran. But when will they attack Israel….

        7. And I did provide direct proof. They lended their hospitals to ISIS fighters for fucks sake. Did you not even read the amount of ex Mossad agents caught planning with them? (including John Mccain)

        8. That’s not “proof”. It’s some guys saying some shit. And no John McCain didn’t get caught planning with ISIS.

    2. IF anything we should be emulating everything that Israel does when it comes to dealing with terrorists.
      Unfortunately though, even Israel is starting to cave under the relentless pressure of the left to engage in national suicide. A guy who should be praised as a hero is instead going to prison for protecting his own people.

    3. Spoken like a true cuck. Listen to this and learn:
      There would be no Muslim threat to us without Israel.
      All the wars America is fighting is for the Greator Israel Project.
      Cleaning house for them to settle.
      There is substantial and affirmitive proof Israel had a large part in 9/11.
      I could type out a book right now with all the espionage, treason, murder that Israel has done to America and abroad.
      Tell me, who just apologized for attacking Isis recently?

      1. “Cuck” my ass.
        Israel have been fighting the same Arab-Muslim barbarism since before you were born, while the whole world kept telling them to make concessions and end the “occupation of Palestine” that was obviously the reason for murders of women and children via suicide bombers and mass shootings.
        Now that you are suddenly aware of the nature of Islam you blame it on the (((YKW))).
        The empirialist expansionist ideologies of Iran, Turkey and Saudi do not exist as far as you are aware, it’s all the grand plan of the Jew.
        You should visit Israel (I have). It’s not an amorphous Zionist entity, it has real people who fight for their lives every day in a very rough neighborhood.

        1. Weird how (((ISIS))) is fighting and killing other muslim nations?

          ISIS literally apologized for accidentally attacking Israel LOL
          The muslims are being used as attack dogs for Israel for their Greater Israel Project. Who do you think is supplying them all the weapons and money? A muslim goat farm billionaire?

    4. A lot of the Arab-Muslim barbarism happening in our countries today is actually an indirect result of Jews moving there in Palestine, and of the consequent destruction of Arab nationalists states, which they so ardently pushed for through their global web of lobbies (AIPAC in US, CRIF in France).
      There are also loads of evidences regarding the fact that there is a tacit alliance between Israel and diverse anti-Assad or anti-shia Jihadi groups, including ISIS.
      Most Liberal globalist Jews support Muslim immigration in our lands but ethno-nationalism in Israel. These Januses are operating all around the world since 1947.
      And theologically, a disturbing lot of them believe that their messiah will come on earth after a war between Christians and Muslims, and that Islam is “israel’s broom” in Europe, getting rid of Christians and avenging the Holocaust.

      1. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Marcus Tulluis Cicero
        We all know that Islam is the enemy at the gates but too few people realize that the Jews are the enemy within.

    5. Now we know that Arab-Muslim barbarism is the real threat.

      The only problem is that Israel is loving the rise of ISIS, i.e. a destabilizing force that is killing Christians and destroying the only potential opponents of the Jewish state, namely Iran and Syria. Shias and the only sensible Muslims in the region. Great work, Israel!

  3. I was expecting a vitrolic rant, but instead was pleasantly surprised with how well you made your case. Thank you for the article.

    1. Agreed.
      I know next to nothing about the different sects of christianity so the article presented some interesting arguments for me.
      I suppose that is why some Christians support Israel, probably not the only reason.

      1. I’ve always associated the “Christendom became the new Israel” belief with cultists and loonies who want Christianity to take over the world, but I have little time for end-times crazies like John Hagee.

  4. Protestant tried to be the very people of the bible: synthetic jews in other word. After looking at this with suspiscion, jews decided to use it to their best interest. Against catholics, and supporting them to their diverse projects.
    Some protestant sees it, but they are rare.
    (By Jews, i mean the Elite. Most jewish people are as cucked as everybody else. Sure, their Elite have care for them, and they are somewhat prefered and protected…as long as they ‘behave’. But there’s no problem for them to be discarded or killed for ‘greater purposes’ by their own Elite…
    If you study the history of ‘Noachism’ you’ll find the blueprints for the becoming of most religions… a weak meting pot of faith with the Elite Jews as collective class of priests and leaders.
    Israel can’t survive without international support. To be self sustainable, it should be at least x4 bigger. That means war…and that means having to create support from LOTS of people… who have no objective interest in it…(western world)
    So, i ask one question: it was once a hoax, then a conspiracy theory, then it became ‘official’ (with low echoes in mainstream medias) …why did ISIS didn’t Attack Israel, but a ‘fellow’ country ? Why did wounded ISIS soldiers get medical support from Israel ?

    1. And don’t even get me started on all the Israeli spying against America, and the USS Liberty incident in ’67.
      Ally indeed.

        1. “If you study the history of ‘Noachism’ you’ll find the blueprints for the becoming of most religions.”
          You mean the stuff the Chabad Lubavitcher’s want us all to abide with

    2. And who REALLY shot down TWA 800? And which Hollywood studio lot was the “moon landing” REALLY filmed in?

  5. I’ll just leave this here….
    Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel

    1. Jews have been slithering through the halls of power for centuries. The Rothschilds in particular are experts at it.

    2. Anyone who believes that the Zionist State of Israel, set up by Baron Rothschild and the Zionist Federation, is the same as the Nation of Israel referred to in the Bible, is miserably deceived the way Christ warned Christians in Bible, that many would be.

        1. that movie is why, if I had a son, Id never name him “Gage”

        2. When Truman resurrected the state of Israel, he gave a reason to have conflict in the Middle East. If it was all about oil, why were we in Afghanistan?

        3. Whoa. Get out of my head. I had a dream early this morning about a cat coming back from the dead…

        4. That’s a great question. This dream was anything but sexy. The cat was my dog (Siberian Husky, who died long ago) reborn as a cat. Same coloration. Followed me around, staggering and jittering like a mini-monster, while meowing, and clawing at my legs. Hmm. Now that I think about it, that’s what most women wind up doing to me…

        5. Harry Truman was not a fan of Jews neither was Churchill. After the war the West supported Israel only because they thought all the Jews in the West would leave and migrate to Israel. That didn’t happen and Israel has been dragging the West into whatever conflict it causes in the Middle East.
          I am still wondering how Trump calls himself America First. Notice he’s been talking more about “restoring” relations with Israel than making America work again.

        6. We could nuke Isreal and it wouldn’t matter. Muslims fight with everyone. Name one culture that interacts with large groups of Muslims and is at peace, Can’t do it because it doesn’t exist. Including countries that had absolutely nothing to do with the establishment of Israel. Half those flintstones don’t even know what a Jew is. Sunnis and Shias kill each other far more often than we kill them. They’d still want us dead because we are infidels. Don’t confuse the enemy of my enemy is my friend with them. They have zero loyalty and will take your head just as quickly as a Jewish libtard.

        7. These hornets are going to stray from the nest unprovoked and come into your house and sting your pets, wife, children, and eventually you if you let them. Nothing personal, you’re just not a hornet and that’s a problem to them.

        8. well maybe that’s the case. But if you look at Syria for instance we now have a country that’s been reduced to ashed and which effectively exports radical islam through the exodus of refugees. Same with Iraq, and with Libya – as the Manchester bombing this week testifies. If the US and the West had left these countries alone instead of pushing fake democracy through fake grass roots movements would we have all these jihadis in the west who want to kill us all? We might well have some, but US / western / neo-con aggression has made it a hundred times worse. Would the manchester murders have even happened if Libya had been left unmolested? Maybe it would but I’d say it was a lot less likely. You’re effectively asking us to concentrate wholly on an effect and denying that it has any cause other than an insane murderous ideology. As far as I’m concerned every jihadi should be wiped off the face of the planet, but those war-mongering neo-cons also need to be held to account because they’re responsible for a lot of this

        9. I don’t advocate for frivolous large scale military operations. Not because I worry about the blowback. It’s because I don’t want to spend the money. If we did it right, declared war through Congress and remained committed to annihilating enemy forces, it would be much cheaper than what we are doing now and wouldn’t require constant policing. As it stands, small scale conflicts with keeping the media disinterested is a better approach than using these pseudo-declarations of war like OIF and OEF.
          However, no amount of isolation will prevent Muslims from being savages. And in a modern society, they will be interacting with other cultures. And those interactions will undoubtedly turn negative because they are Muslims and incapable of respecting other cultures. Hell, they hate their own much more than we hate them.

        10. “If we did it right, declared war through Congress and remained committed to annihilating enemy forces, it would be much cheaper than what we are doing now and wouldn’t require constant policing.”
          I don’t buy the premise of the suggestion. The world would never have been at the mercy of jihadis if they hadn’t been useful to those committed to America playing itws role as world policeman and the only real super-power. We already know that even if the US didn’t create ISIS or whatever conspiracy / Donald Trump claims, it did (and probably still does) finance ‘moderate rebels’ who are indistinguishable from terrorists including Al-Nusra. Likewise it works with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both of which have been implicated in supporting terror. Likewise even if you reject the idea that Israel is trying create some ‘greater Israel’ or deliberately working to de-stabilise the region Bibi for one has openly admitted that ISIS etc has been useful i.e useful in keeping regional rivals disorganised. So even if that was meant in a minimalist pragmatic sense it’s still the case that muslim terrorism is clearly not opposed in the way it should be – concertedly, single-mindedly – by all those huffing and puffing about waging a war on terror.
          Equally, I don’t buy the idea that muslim are inherently savages. There is certainly a will to dominate in Islam, to create a world caliphate, force submission but what brought that about? You could say the same of some types of messianic judaism, even if we’re only talking about ideas. For most of history, even under aggressive, expansionist sultans, jews for instance were often able to live peaceably within muslim nations. The radical, revolutionary types that plague the world today are mainly Wahabis and are a modern phenomenon – would they even exist without Saudi Arabia etc. and all that oil money? I’m far from claiming that Islam is peace or anything but the West and particularly the neo-cons did poke the next and did so knowing full well that there would be trouble

        11. Iraq and Afghanistan are long lasting conflicts because we do not make the effort to win decisively. Either we should be avoiding the conflicts or engaging in them completely with a stated end objective. Most Americans don’t have the fortitude to persevere so we end up with incomplete attempts- not unlike Korea or Vietnam. Another problem is that we impose a western standards on Muslims. They don’t think like westerners. Loyalty is a non-existent concept. Corruption, violence, and divisiveness are inherent predispositions. This makes nation-building impossibly inefficient. Primitive peoples cannot manage a democracy effectively yet we keep foisting a foreign government system on them.
          Wahabis obviously have the highest percentage of extremists, but Sunnis and Shias will take up jihad as well. Islam reinforces irrational violence on a level no other religion approaches. Improved education/health/economy doesn’t correct for extremism and in some cases, such as Saudi Arabia, it exacerbates it. Which is another unique characteristic of their religion and no other. Islam is going through it’s violent phase now, which many other older religions had. The problem being the technology available to them now is magnitudes more threatening. All it will take is one incident, and no one will care about freedom of religion in the west.

        12. “Most Americans don’t have the fortitude to persevere so we end up with incomplete attempts- not unlike Korea or Vietnam”
          But why would most Americans have any interest in fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. They know full well that they were brought into those conflicts on false pretences. Hardly anybody has ever believed in the war on terror – at least not as it was sold to all of us. The same is true of ‘spreading democracy’ – when were these ever the projects of the american (or western) people. They were always neo-con projects, railroaded forwards on the basis of the pretext of terror. There’s no need to consider the conspiracy theory line re. 9/11 to acknowledge that all those neo-cons in their thinktanks were just gagging to go war in the middle east. And did those warmongers really fail to understand the nature and limitations of those societies? Were they unaware that those countries had no tradition of democracy, even where they had a tradition of secular civilization. Here we are bemoaning the ‘savagery’ and backwardness of muslims in muslim societies when our own governments, beholden as they are to war-mongering neo-con types, are deliberately toppling largely stable, secular regimes (albeit often nasty and repressive ones like Saddam’s Iraq) when they must know the chances of a sudden flowering of democracy was always slim to non-existent? It is the west that has de-stabilised those countries. It is the west through it’s support for the Saudi’s and some of the worst and most corrupt muslim tyrannies that are implicated in the spread of wahabism, and of the jihadis spirit. The worst ideas in the koran don’t suddenly get potentiated without some kind of lighting of the fuse. Yes Islam does appear to have a potential for extreme violence, but that appears to be something the actions of western governments support even where they bemoan and condemn it. Radical Islamic violence is convenient for the West. It is convenient for a military industrial complex that lacks the opponent it once had in the USSR and it is convenient for the neo-cons who want to project American power in the world, and it’s convenient for an Israel, which even if it has nothing to do with any of things people accuse it of, is quite happy to allow it’s troublesome neighbours to fall into helpless disarray. Again I’m not saying that Islam is a religion of peace – it isn’t, but its ‘sensitivities’ make it very easy to play.

        13. It blows my mind that people believe an oppressive apartheid, expansionist state of Israel is essential in the middle east and must be supported at all costs because “Muslim savages”
          If the middle east was left alone from western/Israeli/globalist perversion for the past century like your hornets nest analogy we would be laughing right now at the thought of Islam being a threat to the west.

        14. “If the middle east was left alone from western/Israeli/globalist perversion for the past century like your hornets nest analogy we would be laughing right now at the thought of Islam being a threat to the west.”
          Islam has often been war-like and expansionary in the past, but since the decline of the Ottoman empire those kind of ambitions have represented absolutely zero threat to the militarily vastly superior west. There has never been a primarily strategic reason for supporting Israel at all costs, and certainly not if you consider the wars in the middle east as serving that purpose. Israel today is more than capable of taking care of itself and should be allowed to do so without any necessary assumption of US or western support unless this is clearly in the interest of the US / west

        15. Americans were nearly unanimously in favor of OEF and relatively split on OIF. Elected politicians were also unanimously in favor of OED and heavily in favor of the Iraq invasion.
          The opinions of many influential neocons was that democratization would be a slow process in Afghanistan and well-received in Iraq. Rumsfeld and Rice being two of the biggest offenders. IMO, Iraq never should have happened. I held that opinion before I was in the military with the primary reason being it was a massively expensive endeavor. Over 1/3 of current US debt is due to those conflicts directly. Afghanistan should have been invaded with a much larger force and divided along ethnic lines. That would have made the conflict much shorter lasting. Those flintstones identify with their specific ethnic group/tribe much more than westerners realize.
          Muslims treat other Muslims viciously. Which is why the political argument for their case is so disingenuous. You can read Bin Laden’s letter to America and deduce how artificial their motives are. Look at how many of the recent attacks are from citizens. They also use the “refugee” claims against the west when they refuse to take in Muslim refugees of their own.
          A Muslim is like an Americunt; spiteful, duplicitous, and untrustworthy. Which wouldn’t be a problem if we never had to interact with them. However, I simply don’t think that is possible in the modern world and given their proclivity to violence with EVERY group they interact with, I find it unlikely we can peacefully coexist with them going forward.

        16. Afghanistan was a reflexive response to 9/11 and the public at the time were sufficiently traumatised to along with whatever was seen to be decisive and necessary action. Whether it was in any way necessary action is still not clear, even allowing for Bin Laden’s capture. The taliban are indeed – to use your terminology – flintstones, and nobody here gives a shit if they’re bombed into an even earlier period of the stone age, but did they have anything to do with 9/11? Maybe their were al quaeda hiding in the caves of tora bora – if that’s where you were you’d probably know a hell of a lot more about it than me, but still if justice and retribution for 9/11 were really the object here wouldn’t the US and the neo-cons have pursued the Saudis (who even a few months ago looked like they might be about to face some kind of justice but are now having weapons thrown at them). Everybody knows Iraq was a major fuck-up and even more a war prosecuted on false pretences, yet we’re supposed to believe that the neo-cons led by Rumsfeld etc. were somehow acting in good conscience, genuinely trying to spread democracy, but only failed because of recidivist islamic violence, or the tribal nature of moslem societies. America may well be burdened under an impossible debt, but the war machine, amongst other parties did pretty well out of all that unnecessary expenditure. Nobody else did of course, and the middle-east and increasingly the world has been turned upside down as a consequence, but we’re supposed to just put it down to an error of judgement, a failure to factor in the inherent and essential corruptness of primitive muslim peoples.
          As I’ve said I am very far from holding a high opinion of Islam or of islamic culture, but I seriously don’t buy your essentialising of all muslims everywhere. There may well be more radicalised muslims than ever before for all I know, but until recently, most of them weren’t radicalised at all. I’ve never been to the middle east, and have heard very little good about the place – and pretty much only bad about Saudi in particular – but I did once spend some time in Indonesia and although there’s no doubt any radical elements were held in check by strong man Suharto I found the people to be very decent and pretty tolerant (within reason). Even when Suharto fell things didn’t go radical and if things are getting worse now (as in Turkey – another pretty moderate islamic country until recently) a lot of the blame must surely fall upon the actions of the west, led by the self-same neo-cons, who in my opinion are pretty much as murderous as the jihadis, and probably a whole lot more dangerous to boot

        17. The country was indirectly involved merely by allowing foreigners into their country and not tracking their activities. That alone to me justifies whatever action the US wants to retaliate with. Those savages can’t run their own country so it isn’t likely that we could make it more unstable. I just wish we either went in force or just kept it SOF with unlimited ROE like initial invasion.
          Muslims have been radicalized for a very long time. The issue is that in a global environment they will inevitably interact with other cultures and access weapon systems that can fit their directives. Those aren’t threats that existed before. Immigration reform would be a good way to prevent what is happening in Europe.

        18. “Those savages can’t run their own country so it isn’t likely that we could make it more unstable.”
          well few would be inclined to say a good word about the taliban, but even women’s rights activists over there have said things got worse for women after the US & co invaded. If they genuinely believed Al Quaeda / Bin laden were hiding out there, then maybe there was a rationale for the action, however badly it turned out (and Afhghanistan has always been difficult territory for conquest). But what of the Saudis? There was surely more evidence leading back to the Saudis than the taliban or Aghanistan, so in that light, the whole venture looks more like a posture about retaliating than anything to do with justice. Re. muslims being radicalized for a long time, you’re generalising. Muslims are also likely to be anti-israel because of the still fairly recent history of the middle east. The middle eastern adventures of the west – which after all began in 1990 not 2001 have made things much much worse, and those who planned those ventures could hardly have failed to predict that. It’s true modern communication and technology amplifies the threat still further, but it’s amazing how the rise of international terrorism has COINCIDED with the rise of the surveillance state. Immigration reform is very necessary, but given how the war against terror appears to fit into the agenda of western globalist politics it seems unlikely that politicians will do more than pay lip service to this. The threat of terrorism is simply too useful. By that I am not implying that they are false flags or whatever, but that they have in recent history functioned to serve the dominant ‘war on terror’ narrative.

      1. Or that the ancient Hebrews that supposedly left Palestine are the same as the modern day light-skinnded khazar “jews”.

        1. Hold on a second…you mean if I migrate to the Middle East from Germany, Poland or Russia…I can’t take other people’s shit and call myself one of God’s Chosen people? Well holy shit.

      2. Of course, since when have you last hear a ‘Jewish’ person say, “I’m from the tribe or kingdom of Judah” (JEWdah).

      3. Jews mock Alt Right people as Nazi larpers and such. But Israel started out as a larping idea turned into a real nation state.

        1. Jews mock Alt Right peope as Nazis because they are Nazis. There, corrected.

    3. I love the ‘love story’ background. The interesting info is about first president of Israel, and first world war chemist Chaim Azriel Weizmann. Yes, Azriel. As in Gargamel’s cat. What was Peyo trying to tell us?

    4. Notice the official declaration states they were to establish a home for Jews in Palestine and nothing should prejudice the civil and religious rights of the Non Jewish communities.
      But I suppose that’s just the Emperors new clothes sort of details.

  6. I was under the impression that liberals/leftists loved Palestine and hated on Israel. Hence , the double standart Righties profit little from , liberals scream “muh Holocaust” all the time but bash on any Western leader who sides with Israel in the Palestinian -Israelite conflict. Cuckservatives on the other hand love both the jews and Israel.

    1. See that’s what’s confuses me as well. The left hates Israel with a passion. Its the one thing antifa and actuallyfa agree on.

      1. All the cucked European leaders have supported Palestine as well. What confuses me more is why the Right doesnt take advantage by pointing out their double standarts. Israel is the state of Jews after all.

        1. Because “the right” are all STATISTS.
          It doesnt matter how comservative you pretend to be if you are a statist.
          Theres no difference between a liberal communist and a statist republican. None.

      2. there’s always been a choice between Moses Hess and Karl Marx. Worth remembering though they hail from the same revolutionary background

    2. We ought to support Palestine and Palestinian nationalism.
      I can’t help but wonder that the kikes have created a situation in which nationalists spend most of their time attacking Islam instead of their proper enemy, the Jews.

      1. It’s not that simple. It appears to me that the Jewish elites in the West don’t care that much about Israel. Hell , how do you explain all the Israel bashing by the leftist media ? Or their unqualified support for “poor” Palestine ? All the liberal European leaders have voted pro-Palestine in UN and put pressure on Israel to withdraw from Gaza. USA got roasted by the the European media for their Pro-Israel stance.
        Israel may be just a small nationalistic country trying to defend itself. Sure they do their dirty tricks in the region but, you need those to survive the endless muslim hordes.

        1. I’d rather see the kikes fry and Palestinians get their land back. Most of the refugee community in the West will then return. Two birds, one stone.

        2. THATS very naive. why will they give something up when no one will take it from them

    1. So a doucher who knows it all isnt also gullible?
      Your comments are pollution.

      1. Your comments are nonsensical. Just take the red pill. There is no god. Religion is a scam.

  7. I have to give a grudging credit to Trump for having played all parties so well.
    He fooled the Alt-Right and White nationalists into thinking that he was going to defend the whites against foreign invaders.
    He fooled the Christians into thinking that he would stand up for Christianity.
    He fooled the people with anti-establishment sentiments (like the people of InfoWars) that he was going “drain the swamp.”
    He fooled anti-globalists into believing that he was not going get involved in foreign wars.
    He fooled the anti-feminists into thinking that the tide was turning against feminism.
    But, in the end, he turned out to be nothing but another Zionist puppet who is continuing (and expanding) the globalist wars for Israel and the Military-Industrial complex. He is also the first Republican president to hold up the gay flag in pride (I’m sure if it was any other Republican president doing it, he would’ve been called a cuck). He is getting all cozy with the Saudis, the biggest exporter of Islamic extremism. He signed two bills to bring more women into STEM and NASA, doing more to advance feminism in a single day than what thousands of nutjob feminists couldn’t do in years. He surrounds himself with the members of the elite that people thought he would fight against. And more to come.
    Trump said whatever he needed to say to get elected by playing with people’s hopes and fantasies. Either that or people were so desperate for a hero to save them that they just blindly projected their desires onto him.
    May this be a lesson.

    1. “We’ve got what WE want…good luck getting what YOU want,” said every president ever, behind the scenes.

        1. I probably should have qualified that statement, cutting the Founding Fathers and their various presidents some slack (but I still don’t trust ’em, since I wasn’t there, and history is typically rewritten to suit those in power)…but this 15-second clip accurately sums up Trump and our modern-day presidents, I’m thinkin’ –

        2. and the brando character was based on a real spooky kind of guy…

        3. I think it was the 48 Laws that had the hottest take on Washington. The man had been obsessed with authority from a young age, and when it was finally in his grasp he pulled away to make the people come to him.
          The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

        4. Well. he did walk away from a lifetime appointment as our President, so theres that

        5. Guys back then, and even less than 100 years ago, were far different. They were APPROACHABLE. Hence why a dude with a gun could walk right over to Lincoln at a play.
          They were leaders, mainly moral figures (in that respect rather similar to kings and other representative heads of state), not dudes running multi trillion dollar ponzi scheme operations.
          Today every single politician is an elitist who is completely unlike any working man or woman, and you simply cannot compare the two.

    2. Blah blah blah, Im sure you think hitlery would be preferrable. Stupid cocksuckers.
      Bitch about Trump all you want, you cant deny that he was least worst.

      1. If your neck deep in shit and someone sneezes at you, do you duck??
        We lost 35 years ago and didn’t even know we were fighting back then.

    3. Lesson will be forgotten in 2020. A Democrat will use the controversy surrounding Trump and then get elected. That same Democrat will turn around and break his or her promises.

    4. Trump just gave Emannuel Macron a “white fisted” handshake, in other words a real strong sincere handshake, not the weak one where you are just pretending to like the other guy. It appears him and Macron are getting along. That tells you that he is really another globalist, was all along.
      When you look at his actual actions, other than his Twitter rants, he is pretty much in line with Macron/Merkel and other globalists.

      1. he seems to be trying to be friends with everyone. Very un-Putinesque

        1. Trump is a VERY insecure and VERY weak man. That he is trying to make everyone like him should come as no surprise. His entire history has been one big show of trying to be liked. He is the pussy-begging president

        2. it’s partially the situation he’s in – which he is responding to badly – but there may well be prior character flaws. You see him as a globalist stooge?

        3. He has been this way since the 1980’s. Globalist stooge? I don’t know. That shit is over my head. But I know a weak, insecure, beta who is desperate for positive reinforcement and will stop at nothing to get it when I see one. I leave the rest of the global politics to people more knowledgeable and less apathetic.

        4. “That shit is over my head” yeah, we all believe you know nothing about politics. I like Trump when he’s being straight up. I just wish he’d spend a few days watching john wayne movies or something.

        5. He will be whatever people tell him to be. He is a pussy.

        6. also, it isn’t over my head, just not in the overlap between things I have the capacity to learn and things I care about in the Venn diagram that is my brain box

        7. we’ll see what he is in a couple of years and then judge. But if by pussy you mean he’s in the clutches of powerful lobbies of goldman sachs vultures and beholden to the lobbyists (including pro-israeli lobbies) then how do you suggest he ceases being a pussy? What should we do to limit their influence? Or is it just down to a personality not a system?

        8. I think everyone is being used always. Like I said, not my circus not my monkeys. People of faith will always be fodder for con artists….both inside and outside their faith.
          I really don’t know Mobius. But it is their choice where to spend their money so to speak.

        9. By pussy I mean he is a massively insecure weakling who will go with the prevailing wind because he needs positive reinforcement. How that pans out politically is anyone’s guess. He is a very small and very weak man. That doesn’t mean he won’t do any good.

        10. But shouldn’t con-artists be accountable? In this case we can all agree that those suckered are kind of dumb, but dumb isn’t necessarily a crime. Maybe Darwin award level dumb is, but ultimately any of us can be fooled by scams – either because they are cunningly brilliant or because we’ve let our guard down somehow. And moreover it’s more than just being ‘used’ it’s a deliberate attempt in this case to exploit people’s deepest beliefs. What if the only reason you were a nihilist or whatever was not as you thought because you had thought the issue through, but because someone had played their nihilist hypnosis tapes to you while you were sleeping. Wouldn’t you feel there was something wrong with that? Wouldn’t you at least want them to be found out?

        11. Your claim is that evangelical Christians are so dumb they need you to hold people accountable. Some might suggest that is an insulting position to take. Others might say that on the day of judgment you will be the one who is in need of help.
          I am not even sure there is such a nefarious one sided con job or if it is a symbiotic co-dependent delusion or, who knows, maybe we are the idiots. As Voltaire said, tend to your own garden.

        12. I don’t really agree with that, but as I’ve said it’s disappointing that he is effectively seeking approval from people who in the political firmament should be his inferiors. There were major attempts to hobble him before he even got going, so I will cut him some slack for that, but he needs to bend the likes of Macron to his will.

        13. When you want to know who the attention whores are take a look around at loud mouth ostentatious business men who put their name in 20 foot gold letters and humiliate themselves by becoming reality tv hosts….just one possibility.
          For christs sake the guy made a trump brand knock off rolex line and a board game, he puts his name on everything possible, he pays a fortune to be seen with attractive women that laugh at him behind his back and is in constant need for attention and positive reinforcement, punishing any kind of negative attention as hard as he can. He is the absolute definition of an insecure twat.
          Basically, whether he does any good or not will come down to what the people whose dicks he most wants to suck intend to do with him.

        14. The red pill, to me, is about constant soul searching and learning new truths. I used to buy into the whole “Israel is the land of the Chosen” crap but after studying the Word and consulting with respected elders I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the true Church is Israel not the nation state known as Israel.
          I wouldn’t cross the street to pee on Israel if it was on fire. We owe them nothing. The Israelites are extinct as a people.

        15. I don’t really think about the issue very much, but it does strike me as passingly good that there is a non muslim country in that area. When I hear a concert full of children was blown up I don’t expect the news to tell me that Schlomo Greenberg was the bomber ya know. We are in a very real and very hot war with the fucking muzzies and having a place with fighter planes in their territory is a good thing. Is it so good that it is worth all we do, I don’t know. But we are probably better off with it being a sovereign jew state than having a bunch of fucking savage Muslims there.
          That said, yeah, you and Mobius are probably right in that there is a little chicanery going on here. But it is uncertain there is even really an issue, it is positive that there is nothing you can do about it if there is and by getting involved you take agency away from the Christians who believe in what they believe in….that last part I am really not ok with. I mean, who the fuck are you to just up and say “evangelical Christians are all being suckered and they are too fucking stupid to know it so they shouldn’t be able to make decisions” Sure, you want to make a case against them…that’s normal. You on your side them on theirs. Are you right about Israel and the bible….maybe…maybe not. In the end you get to make choices for you…and to some extend for your family if you have one on moral and political issues. Do you really think you are the one who should be globally dictating biblical doctrine?
          I know my new testament as well as any here and I know it in a few languages including the classical greek it was written in and I am pretty sure that my opinions regarding theological interpretation aren’t that bad. That said, the one thing I do know is that that book is alive with meaning and there simply isn’t a man alive who can say with any certainty that his opinion on any part of it is absolutely correct.

        16. I definitely agree that it’s good to have a non mussie country in the ME. On that score I’m fine with Israel I just don’t believe that we should be basing our foreign policy in ways that screw us to benefit ANY other country.
          I consider myself an evangelical, a fundamentalist even, and I obviously don’t agree with the premise that we’re all a bunch of lowbrow losers that latch onto an escapist fantasy. I’m not hanging around wasting my life waiting on the Rapture. If it comes, great; if not, I’ll have a great life with my family and friends and die happy and fulfilled.

        17. hey, I think you are right….my one qualm is that you thinking you are right and me thinking you are right is still not a basis to start making policy for people. The people who do hang around wasting their life waiting on the rapture have just as much right to do so as I have to not care about it ya know. I worry when people try to extrapolate faith based beliefs and make policy on it.
          As for basing foreign policy on Israel, I agree with you here too though I really don’t know much about it other than what I read here which isn’t really a balanced look where I get all sides and get to make up my own mind. The thing is, I don’t really care enough about the issue to do the level of research it would take for me to make up my own mind.

        18. I agree that people have the right to whatever opinion they may have and I was not advocating making policy on any personal beliefs. That’s kind of how we’ve arrived where we are politically these days. People letting their feelings dictate the course of a nation instead of logical decision points.
          Another good discourse on ROK. It’s what keeps me coming back

        19. makes good sense to me. For instance, I’ve chatted with you here some and I had no idea you were a fundamentalist Christian. I’ve never seen you push the beliefs that come along with that. I can really respect that you have conviction but aren’t shitting on people with other ideas of the good life.

        20. You’re right. He’s going around cucking to the world. Worse than Obama even.

        21. At least with Obama you knew that that’s who he was. He was a globalist. He said he was a globalist and then he went out and did globalist bullshit.

        22. The strongest leaders are often thoughtful and principled.
          “On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson

        23. Its not about globalism.. thats just another false newspeak byword to confuse and obfusciate the real issues….. its about zionist supremacy, the second coming of the messiah (so the jews were correct all along) and tagging, controlling and manipulating all humanity under a global theocracy…..
          Think Hunger Games meets Minority Report meets Church of Scientology – cult leadership – under a jewish second messiah demi god ruler that the entire world bows to – with high tech smart phone, finger print scanner, mind reading tech – and you’ll kinda get the idea.

        24. Trump is playing a role… partly by design and partly by cajoling and partly by manipulation. He is the man that will preside over the economic collapse of the United States and US dollar. He is the last patriach of the free world before one world governement, one world currency and one world religion (second coming of the messiah) is manipulated and foisted onto humanity to enslave everyone.
          Its a sick zionist cult group running the show – which is highly scripted and well thought out ….. and their end game is complete theocratic rule over the entire planet. With that in mind the concept of the white leader and white free world must be pushed into causing tremendous problems, collapse, war and finally the one world system will be welcomed with open arms by a desperate humanity who will willingly enslave themselves.
          WtF do you think a guy like Trump is doing visiting the pope…. why is the pope even relevant…. ? He has to hand over theocratic power to the second messiah and the zionists when the right time comes.

        25. Christianity is my garden insofar as I was brought up in the church. The rise of dumb evangelism hasn’t exactly done much to keep the flame alive. There were always issues with the church and its relationship to knowledge / reason – particularly where science was concerned – but the evangelicals seem to have turned away from reason completely. With regard to the day of judgement….insofar as that’s a human driven rather than strictly divine affair – and assuming you have been sincere the latter isn’t even something you could believe in – then I imagine it will be a question of days rather a single day. We will all be judged and then we will be judged again. In the case of the allegation that these men – Scofield and Untermyer – were effectively con-men duping gullible Christians into supporting something that was against their interests, or against the spirit of their own religion then what would the defence be? That those Christian were willing dupes? That they let themselves be seduced? One could certainly question whether they had the capacity to consent if they did not understand what was really being done? Or perhaps there was a something more important at stake. Perhaps the end of the deception justified the means. I don’t know though. What would justify such thinking?

        26. He loves the limelight, and he’s brash. Someone like that probably wouldn’t have made it very far over here, at least an Englishman would have been ridiculed as such. But all those things you’ve described – and I don’t mean to be insulting – are actually quintessentially (or at least stereotypically) american, and as an american I think people are secretly quite fond of him, I’d say on both sides of the pond. He’s under enormous pressure right now, and there’s a hostile world trying to break his confidence. It’s not his insecurity then, or his brashness that I’m concerned about. I’m concerned that he’s tried to appease his critics rather than continuing to cock a snook by triggering them until they submit. He needs to bring back Bannon and co. to the centre, and start hammering the swamp. Even if – especially if – he’s part of it

        27. Hes just a schmuck shoved into power to play a role…. manufactured opposition that gains control and carries on as usual…. reagan = bush = clinton = bush2 = obama = trump…. all the same thing… only difference is which sector of the population needs to be quelled most at that time.
          In the end the whole shit showis run by a mad zionist cult group that wants to manufactur the second coming of christ and install a 1000 years rule of global theocracy… one world government, one world religion, one world currency and your every thought and word logged in their database….. aka – slavery you willingly sign up for…partly because theres no other choice and partly because they take away some of the manufactured horros and pains and evils they are foisting on the world.

        28. I’m not sure I buy all that you’ve claimed but I would say it is true that jewish utopianism, driven by messianic derived thinking, has been particularly influential in orienting society, at least in the west, towards social justice goals – levelling binaries, erasing boundariers etc. We are all more judaic than in the past for better or worse. My concern is that nobody really seems to get a say in the fact that this is happening

        29. I’ve heard that theory many times. Time will tell whether there’s anything in it, or whether it’s just another conspiracy theory, asserted without real evidence, and drawing on trusty old ‘canards’. I agree that Trump’s win was far from the victory over the establishment that it was presented as, even if it did piss off a great many in the establishment (in both the dem & GOP parties). Whether he’s just a puppet or some kind of useful idiot who will be used to create the ‘chaos’ that will require a ‘new order’ is something else. As for Trump meeting the Pope, I would say such a visit – qua visit – was entirely routine. Whether there was some kind of new world order agenda involved in the visit is not something I’m prepared to speculate about – did they even talk privately? I was under the impression he had a half hour meeting, and that his family & god knows who else were there.
          The problem with the kind of ideas you’re advancing is that – even if they were true in whole or part – they are entirely speculative. I actually think that a great deal of dodgy globalist shenanigans, even perhaps genuinely conspiratorial stuff actually gets to happen without garnering any real scrutiny precisely because the eagle eye of the conspiracy theorists is trained upon patterns that in the last analysis may well amount to disinformation or distraction.
          Having said that I do believe the globalist and bureaucratic drive towards something akin to one world government is very real. Zionists are certainly involved. Is that a messianic theocratic project? That will probably depend on who you talk to.

        30. I mean, when is Putin hostile with anyone? It seems to me the West is more hostile to Putin than the other way around.

        31. If he were such a pussy, a pathological desire to be loved, he would not have advocated the positions he did in the primary. Going into the belly of the best, CIA headquarters, and telling them point blank that they would no longer operate as a fifth column, well, not something a pussy would do. The deep state has got to him. The CIA and the FBI are at least as bad as the KGB was.

        32. My concern is that nobody really seems to get a say in the fact that this is happening

          Absolutely. If this (((shall not be named))) derived utopianism is honest and good for the people, then why does it fear investigation and zealously protect itself like a lie or an evil plot.

        33. I feel western democracy and politics is sadly by design, systemic with subservient “pussies” to globalist/Zionist overlords.
          Trump appeared to possibly compromise this almost hopeless predicament but alas has been beaten into submission or was part of the bread and circuses all along.

        34. it would be a start to simply look at modern politics and say “were we asked about this or were we cajoled and manipulated?” Most leftist progressive politics – both jewish and gentile – involves the end justifying the means. By that they mean ‘deceit’ and tricks. That shouldn’t wash any more

        35. “overlords” is probably the wrong way to look at it. There are powerful interests in American politics – the zionist lobbies are certainly a major part of that, as is all that billionaire and corporate money that he claimed he was independent of . Assuming he’s not entirely a swamp creature himself Trump walked a tightrope between those interest groups. The most charitable reading with regard to his present conduct is that that was easier to do within the context of a campaign rather than when actually in government

        36. I’m just laughing because when Trump won the election, all you guys were saying the opposite stuff about him and the Liberals were warning you that Trump ain’t going to promise shit that he said he would do.

        37. Don’t say all you guys…I called trump from the start

    5. I don’t mind Trump, but if you actually thought Trump was going to do the things he said you are hopelessly stupid person. Which, of course, is a large percentage of the voting base.

      1. I’ll take this a half step further. In my estimation he appears to be slightly above average in keeping with what he said. This is still pretty dismal, but with detectably more adherence to his words than the average politician. The biggest problem isn’t that he fooled people, but people fooled themselves by reading in to what he said, and selectively hearing only what they wanted to hear.

        1. I kinda like Trump. He’s the first President in forever that isn’t a PC cunt. That said, I consider myself of average intelligence and knew in 10 minutes of listening to him that he is a politician similar any other politician. If people fell for his campaign, they simply lack the discretion to make capable decisions for themselves and shouldn’t be voting at all.

        2. That is the main thing about him he is not PC. Changing things for America is a different story.
          He’s an old man, he does not have the same vigor as he did in his youth. That being said he’s America’s last and final chance.

    6. As I told my acquaintances months before the election “Should he win, every classroom of marketing in the U.S. and abroad should include his books as study material, since he is the perfect example of a salesman who knows his public and is offering what the public wants, regardless if he is willing/able to live up to his promises and hype”.

    7. Everyday he broke another promise I just say to myself: “It could be million times worse, it could be The Cunt”.

      1. At this point, I don’t think there’s much difference between the two. But at least had Hillary won, the people would have woken up faster and went out on the streets by now for a real uprising.

        1. See Clinton was straight up with being​ a globalist leftist though. Trump tricked us all.

        2. The position ‘worse is better’ tacitly assumes that if the situation is worse enough normies will wake up; sadly that’s not the case. Just look at South Afrika, have the normies there wake up? Have the normies in Manchester? have the normies in Rotterham? Normies will be forever normies. William Pierce called them Couch Potatoes/Lemmings….
          Now, while Trump has showed his true colors he is less worse than The Cunt. I’m not defending him, he’s just another scumbag who conned an entire country, but 8 years of The Cunt? that will be a real nightmare.

    8. Trump has been on Israel’s dick from day one, before he got elected, but I guess no one but me was paying attention. Is it a problem? Yes, israel is an evil country full of racism and entitlement. Israel in ite current state should not be allowed to exist. Israel only cares about itself, they do nothing for us (besides carry out terrorism under the guise of isis) but talk about us behind our back and take billions of dollars from us annually. And of course no one is allowed to question or criticize their ethnic cleansing of the palestinians. Fuck that entire country.

    9. “May this be a lesson.”
      Exactly. But a lesson nobody seems to learn. Though I was happy to see him get elected over that old bag of socialist hormones Clinton, I knew he would still have to prove himself. I really liked the way he initiated the travel ban only to just throw up his hands and act like a helpless old lady by allowing some douchie leftist judge completely block it. Yes, a real leader that we got.
      I wish now that democratic piece of shit got elected instead – she at least could have played a role in triggering the civil war we desperately need. But with Trump in office, the vast majority of patriots who were locked and loaded and were ready to engage are still under the delusion that he is making a difference for the better of America.

    10. The entire world is in the grips of a mad zionist cult group – period.
      All the hall marks of cult group behavior are clear and present from the false flag attacks that always seem to revolve around the number 22 which is the highest number in the tarrot… through to the politically correct attitudes especially surrouding Israel / Holocaust / Jewish people but also spreading into all manner of social ills while jewish preserve their family unit and traditions without question or interference.
      Much of the holicaust was an accident of war and a large part the fault of the allies…. in winter 1944 of course the first places to fall apart – starvation death and loads of dead bodies that had to be burned because the ground was frozen – were jewish camps – which were a function of the war – america also interred japanese in the US.
      Now Isreals number one export – terrorism – because they so enraged the local palestinians by stealing their lands and provoking suicide attacks – has been brought to the entire developed world – largely organised by “the company” controlled out of London by Mossad CIA and MI6 etc. Alphabet soup.
      So we all have to sympathize with Israel and suffer as they did…. but all of it… lock stock and barrel is a ruse to install the 1000 year global theocracy when the second coming of the messiah occurs…. which will probably be manufactured faked arrival of ETs or narrowly avoided all out nuclear war and complete economic meltdown….. Christianity, Islam and Judasim all united under one demigod ruler. While your phone monitors you location, activities and even your thoughts, your finger print identifies you and any financial transaction is tagged and monitored.
      Its coming theres no doubt. Trumps daughter and son in law are big time kabalists and part of the cult at a high level. These things are very powerful once you subscribe to the beliefs and hierachy. “Secrets” are revealed slowly in reward for services and loyal behavior. All cults are basically the same. Serving hidden masters while pretending to be normal – while actually being sociopathic and deranged.
      Scientology and some of the other smaller cults show a good example but the jewish second coming cult – whatever you like to call it – those guys are in banking, government, military – they run the show.

    11. Says one thing, but does another. That being said I am hoping for lower taxes, and boarder security, so I am going to give him the benefit of a doubt.

    12. building the wall ,rebuilding the nations infrastructure where big vote getters also. , make america great again always bothered me because american is not the USA.
      and an excuse for NOT making the USA great again.
      BUT WE BEAT HILLARY, and changed the debate, now we need a new president that can make TRUMPS TALK happen, that vision thing has changed.

  8. This was very well written, and focused on one of the real reasons why our support for Israel is unconditional (even when they spy on us or kill Americans, i.e. USS Liberty): the fact that “Christian” denominations are easy to corrupt with emotional arguments.
    There’s also one other reason why evangelicals support Israel without question: they still feel guilt over the Holocaust, based primarily on how it was taught to them as kids.

  9. Make no mistake gentlemen, the devil is a multifaceted transnational entity, much like international organized crime.
    There is one way to follow the threads and that will you show something very interesting.
    The second spoken language in Israel is ?

  10. Well done. Though I’ve always been aware of it, as a unifying party-line among evangelicals, this it the first time I’ve heard dipensationalism explained as a deliberate school of thought..

  11. 28 billion a year for them to sell our missle secrets to China.
    With Jews you lose, always.

    1. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.
      Remember the story about israeli generals being picked up among the isis?

    2. “Oy vey! Stop spreading all this conspiracy nonsense, goy! The Jews are your greatest allies!
      -Rabbi Shlomo Goldbum Sixmillionberg Interracialpornstein

      1. “I coulda had a life, I coulda bin a contenda if it hadn’t been for dem Joos!”

  12. I find this post to be vaguely anti-Semitic … I demand this entire website to be shut down at once!

        1. why would the collegiate basketball association care? I don’t think there are a lot of jewish basketball players in college.

        2. I’m not even sure I understand this one. I’m gonna assume you fell and hit your yarmulke.

        3. dude, I don’t mind a good troll. Hell, I encourage it. THey make the day ever so fun. But you really need to pull together a coherent and rational trolling strategy. Even basement dwelling, faggot, nancy boys like @DisgustingFatbody:disqus have some kind of consistency in their low IQ nonsense. Pull it together man and be more funny.

  13. You stupid goyim just need to shut up and fight some more wars in the Middle East …

  14. And yet Jews in the U.S. have also played a role in spreading atheism in the United States, which works against Dispensationalism. If god doesn’t exist, then Israel doesn’t fulfill “bible prophecy,” and it becomes just another country.

    1. They have spread all sorts of horrible Marxist ideas in America and Western nations. No surprise the West is turning to shit.
      Israel itself is a Marxist society. It differs slightly in that it identifies itself as being exclusively for Jews.
      Other Marxist societies view themselves as borderless.
      Also that is kind of why Leftist non Jews have changed their views on Israel but only very slightly. Many on the Left despite what you hear heartily support Israel.

    2. Id argue that most of the jews that spread atheism and liberals are atheist their selves. Look at Zuckerberg for example.

  15. Reason why so many Americans blindly support Israel is they mistake the current country to the one in Biblical times. I have met quite a few modern day Israelis, I found nothing Biblical about them, in fact they are more hedonistic than Jews in the US. It’s basically a European socialist country in the Middle East.
    Europeans are not as enamored because they are not fed the same propaganda.

    1. Israeli Jews tend to resemble Western Europeans in terms of their religiosity, though that will probably change over the next generation because Jewish religious obsessives in Israel live on welfare and have large families.

      1. Visited Israel with the exception of some Holy sites the country reminded me of France. The Israelis themselves eerily resembled French in their behavior. Only difference is that Israelis don’t want non white non Jewish people living there in Israel.
        French and other Westem Europeans support large scale third world immigration.
        In Israel if you are not Jewish or white, you have to leave.
        All the Western countries have been brainwashed into allowing large numbers of non white third worlders. Anyone who merely questions the practice is a “Fascist”.

        1. Yeah, funny how that works. Jews support policies for the rest of the world that mysteriously stop at Israel’s borders.
          Apparently even “climate change” stops at the border, despite that fact that we hear propaganda that it has caused the chaos in Israel’s neighbor Syria.

      2. I actually spoke with quite a few and most are not religious. There is a faction that is religious but many are not.
        Been to Tel Aviv? Very hedonistic place. Didn’t know God wanted women cavorting in thongs on the beach.
        Also noticed women there are hypergamous.
        Saw a tourism ad a few days ago for Israel and it was full of sexual innuendos.

        1. If there is a god he ABSOLUTELY wants women cavorting in thongs on beaches.

        2. Most deeply religious people want to control female sexuality. What I saw there is the women have total freedom with theirs, now this is the non religious portion of the society.

        3. I’ve boned a few Israelis and have to agree. American jews I have not been so lucky with, but I assume there are some hot ones.

        4. Sounds good to me. Too much of this chaste, puritan nonsense makes a persons head soft.

        5. I don’t think you understand. Back in the old days women were quite beautiful, but they only shared that with their husbands, not flaunting their anatomy and teasing strange men that they do not know. Traditional society is what most of us on ROK would prefer to have.
          Feminists love having women run around in public nearly nude. Ever heard of FEMEN? They are a group of feminists who often disrupt meetings by politicians and religious leaders in Europe, and they do it by parading nude or semi-nude.
          Hypergamy empowers women, because sexuality is their main weapon to use against men. Its very powerful one. Most guys tend to think with their penis, not with their heads.

        6. I understand what you are saying just fine, I just disagree. I think women are more beautiful today than even. Feminists are ugly. Prudishness and puritan bullshit is just as much at fault as anything else.

        7. The percent of attractive women was
          much higher in the 1970s. Also 80s. Look at some movies or film and news reels from those times.

        8. Actually, the 11th Commandment was women cavorting in thongs on beaches.
          It was just rounded to 10 to make it simpler, so it kinda got forgotten.

        9. Yup…so much stuff gets chopped by jews (ahhhh thank you). Also the “thou shalt swallow not spit” commandment.

        10. you know I always find myself mistaking gal gadot for gilad atzmon for some reason. Trust me you do not want to an internet search for “gilad atzmon nude”

        11. I think they (the good looking ones) are better groomed than before but today percentage wise there are more fatties, tatooed/skrillex haircut and other types of self-effacing feature girls than beautiful ones. And I am not talking about the 60s or 70s, I am talking about 10 or even 5 years before even in Western Europe, let alone the Americans I get to meet here in South America, so in this case you are wrong.

        12. Maybe where you are, with the people you associate with or the circles you travel in. I see nothing but beautiful women, impeccably dressed looking better than ever before. Granted, things might be different once you leave major costal cities or if you travel is less well heeled crowds, but I defy anyone to come out with me for a night and tell me they see a single woman under an 8

        13. I only visit NY a few times a year if at all. I have to travel a few countries as part of my job so maybe that’s why my perspective is a bit different. But as an old friend of mine used to say, Denial is a luxury only the rich can afford. Please consider I didn’t state there are more ugly chicks in high end nightclubs and venues of NYC 😉

        14. really is true. The intense amount of pressure on both looks and fashion that social media has created coupled with girls being sexualized at much earlier ages makes for a very nice crop of chicks. A few years ago I went to a sweet 16. It was like being in a high end vegas strip club.

        15. Wait, you mean the “You shalt not spit” was not retained? Probably list in translation.

    2. “I have met quite a few modern day Israelis, I found nothing Biblical
      about them, in fact they are more hedonistic than Jews in the US.”
      Sounds like the Jews of the OT. That part hasn’t changed much unfortunately.

  16. Gary North has written about how this Dispensationalist nonsense appeals to people with a “lower-class” mentality. Lower-class people by definition show a high time preference, meaning that they won’t defer gratification to save money, seek education, try to become employable at higher wages, plan for the future and so forth. Why should you exert yourself to better your life and improve your family’s prospects, if you expect to get raptured any moment now and leave your worldly goods behind for the ungodly?

    1. oddly enough though, the jewish messianism that has effectively been translated to these dispensationalist christians also some very similar (silly) notions. The history of jewish messianism has often involved jewish communities who were entirely convinced that some messiah (or messianic situation) was going to result in them being magically whisked back to Jerusalem because the messianic age / redemption had begun. These jews, who presumably had been good businessmen in normal times, would simply sell their goods and properties at knock down prices so convinced were they that the redemption had come.

  17. You are correct to point out that Evangelical Christianity is very disordered. Only a disordered theology could believe that Christians are second class citizens to Jews in their own religion. But this is not suprising Protestantism has historically been supported by the Jews in order to drive a wedge in Christendom, and because Protestantism is easily malleable.

  18. Dispensationalism plagued my childhood growing up in Tulsa. More than once pastors in the Southern Baptist churches my parents took me to would pressure us children with the threat about what we would do if Jesus returned that very day to demand an accounting of our souls.
    One of these incidents happened in a public park in Tulsa where my aunt’s church gathered the church’s young teenagers (junior-high aged kids) and showed us some crappy Hammer Horror movie about Dracula. During the intermission, around midnight, the elders served us hot chocolate, and the pastor asked us that preposterous question about Jesus’ return. In the context it made about as much sense as a ghost story or the Dracula movie.

  19. To get a good grasp of this issue also read Romans 11
    – Genesis 12:1-3
    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
    There is a lot more but it’s a start.
    No need to look up any obscure scholars

    1. I probably know the bible better than most Christians. And guess what: I don’t care what it says.

      1. That is your prerogative of course.
        If you want to know why American Christians tend to like Israel you don’t have to look up some obscure scholar, the Bible is really best place to look.

  20. “Ye are of your father the
    devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from
    the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in
    him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar,
    and the father of it.”
    Jesus addressing the (((Pharisees)))

      1. Love J mans style in John 8 when he plays with the idea of believing lies and disbelieving truth and who your father is. Such good stuff.

      1. Jesus was a Hebrew and Israelite and a direct descendant of King David, of the tribe of Judea but not a “Jew.”
        In fact, Jesus would have never consider himself a “Jew” by todays standard but he certainly would have called himself a “Jew” in the time of King David. The word “Jew” has different meanings in different contexts in different historical periods. The “Jews” of Jesus time were from Babylon and practiced the Talmud (Law of Man) and NOT the Torah (God’s Law).
        tl;dr You’re clearly an idiot. Try reading a history book, or any book besides ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank.

        1. Hey, you could write an article about these things. I always felt that today’s kikes have not that much to do with the israelites. BTW, it seems there are two talmuds (Babylonian and Palestinian?)

        2. The Israelites are extinct. When you read the Gospels mentally replace “scribes and Pharisees” with “Jews” and it will really sharpen the contrast between Israelites and what we call the Jews

  21. “The Goys Are Back in Town”
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “The Boys Are Back in Town”, by Phil Lynott, made popular by Thin Lizzy.)
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      1. I really liked them. “Jailbreak”…all of their stuff, pretty much…

      2. arrgh and i was always wondering – why there’s only one Metallica song i like? finally looked it up on Wikipedia – now i know.

  22. “Hey Jew”
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    Hey Jew
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  23. Israel’s existence shows the mundane reality that people get ideas from books, not that it fulfills some spooky “bible prophecy.”

  24. Reminds me a lot of the beta provider/entitled harpy relationship. Since about 1900, the US has fought wars, gave out trillions in foreign aid, and supplicated itself to these lesser nations for little return. The more we give, the less we are respected, or we are even resented. We are the collective white knight of the world.

    1. You should see how the French view America. We saved them twice in the last century then protected them and every Western European country for over 70 years. You think they would love America. Nope.

      1. Yup, the only way to get that respect back is to pull out completely and fight wars like they were meant to be fought (brutally, and for our interests only)

      2. In all fairness America destroyed European culture since its entrance in the WWI (that was no American business and was got into it by treachery of its own rulers ..see the Lusitania). The French may be bastard ingrates but the rest of Continental Europe has little reason to love you, even if their populations have no clear knowledge of how all those past events came to this, starting with Russia and Germany.

        1. WW1 is what destroyed European culture. America just came in during the final year and a half to see it’s end. Had we not intervened, the war would have raged on. Later on, because Europe was decimated and lacking manpower, America was more than happy to supply Europe with goods during the 1920’s. Similar to the 1950’s.

        2. In all likelihood the war would’ve been over by 1916 had there been no hope or compromise under the table of American intervention (or their support). American intervention was not a random event but a planned one, For years Americans, in contravention to the international laws of neutrality, supplied UK with ammo

          As G. Edward Griffin wrote in The Creature From Jekyll Island, “…she [The Lusitania] was virtually a floating ammunition depot.” This meant that she wouldn’t have the status of a non-military ship and could be fired upon without warning. It was widely known that the Lusitania was entered into the Admiralty fleet register as an armed auxiliary cruiser and was so listed in Jane’s Fighting Ships and in The Navy

          Moreover the destruction of Europeans monarchies and the implementation of democracy was enforced indirectly by America.

        3. WW1 started the process, and WW2 was the final blow…not to mention the millions of strong European blood lines lost in the process

        4. you would think so, but once you get those 9 kings in a room and give them rings of power the next thing you know they are Nazgul riding ring-wraiths and that doesn’t do anyone any good.

        5. Although Europe had some truly destructive wars in the preceding centuries, the two world wars were so bad Europe has never been the same. Now we are watching the final chapter of European civilization collapse along with the other western nations. People are incapable of recognizing these foreign hordes rampaging through our countries. I’m not aware of any European king that allowed Muslims to immigrate to their countries, and then receive welfare benefits. Maybe Europe is better off with inbred royals running affairs of the state.

        6. agreed 100% but when there is a picture of the 9 kings of men you get the Lord of the Ring Joke. Other than that, I have no issue with your claim as it strikes quite true

        7. Well the Eurocrats in Brussels have been voluntarily “Americanzing” Europe, feeding the rich and corporations, opening the borders to third world immigrants. Western Europe used to be good for regular working people years ago.
          The issue with America and immigrants from third world nations is nothing new, it was a major issue 20 years ago, and still one today. I recall 20 years back, Muslims in most European countries with the exception of France were not that common. They gradually increased their numbers to the point where they are now at least 10 percent of the EU’s population. Some organization claims there are 15 million in Western Europe, ahem, its more like 35 to 40 million.

        8. Well we didn’t import the Muslims, your leaders did, and with the support of many of your people. When they take over, most Europeans will begin to love America, because Sharia law isn’t too compatible with most European cultures.
          Most European countries used to maintain their own character up until the early 21st century, when the EU started changing things. Its your ambitious leaders that want to compete with America.
          Globalist bankers like the Rothschilds have long been dividing Europe and instigating war after war. And after the second World War, the same globalist bankers have collaborated with your elites. So Europe as you know it was ruined by people like that, not some farmer in Iowa or a Steelworker in Pennsylvania.
          By the way, America has the same elites brainwashing the masses in the US. That is why the West is the way it is today.

        9. Most European countries used to maintain their own character up until the early 21st century, when the EU started changing things. Its your ambitious leaders that want to compete with America.

          What a good joke.
          Europe was on life support long before the massive arrival of the Muslims in the late 20th, in fact should Western Europe have been a healthy region such an influx would have been stopped in its tracks. Moreover the U.S. has been so far the greatest sponsor for the entrance of Turkey into the European Union, knowing that such an action would open the floodgates of the Middle East and eventual destruction of what is left of Europe. U.S. has been the greatest sponsor of the EU project and the reason the EU can stay afloat (should the EU really undertake the defense of the continent it would fall apart).
          By the way I don’t blame the common folk of America but your political and financial elite.

        10. I guess that part went over my head. I am familiar with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I thought the movies were great. I don’t think I’ll watch the Hobbit series, I’ve met my Dungeon and Dragons quota of geekyness.

        11. the wring wraiths in LOTR were once 9 great kings of men who were deceived and given rings of power which eventually turned them into scary monsters in service to the dark lord. I saw the Hobbit series. Its fucking awful but very nice visually.

        12. The Dark Lord.
          Ya know! I am taking my ball and going home.

        13. Spot on. America destroyed (and it is still destroying) Europe.

        14. Muhricans live in a parallel dimension. Since the end of WWII, European countries are no more than US puppet states.

        15. One inbred family running the show?
          fuk that – I’ve seen “Deliverance”….

        16. Fact remains all the European nations are being flooded with all sorts of third world crap from the Middle East.

        17. Know I meant who would be sauron if those guys are the kings that get corrupted

        18. Thanks to our own “leaders” and to the meddling of your country in that wretched place, thus generating the streams of “refugees” in the process.

        19. WOW, what a great, well developed analysis of world war I. Have you ever considered teaching history?

        20. In case you didn’t notice, this is a message board, not a symposium on history, nor a PhD thesis defense. If you are interested in the buildup to WWI, you should try Sleepwalkers, Tuchman’s Proud Tower and Massie’s Dreadnought – all good stuff (there are dozens and dozens of others; there is also a wealth of information written in French and German if you read those languages).
          My one-liner was a facile, yet poignant and telling response to the moronic proposition that Europe would be better off with the in-bred royalty in charge. We already saw what that royalty did to Europe.

        21. Royalty didn’t do that. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was doing all he could to appease Serbia, the Alliance between Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany was established by Bismark, a democratic politician. France was a Republic, and Britain’s DEMOCRATIC parliament voted to declare war on Germany as retribution for invading France through neutral Belgium. The King of Belgium by the way, was just caught in the crossfire, he didn’t do anything to create the war.

        22. Was that your thesis defense? Or have you submitted an article along those lines for publication? How did it go over with the reviewers?

      3. Smh… America didn’t save France, At worst France would have had some big reparations and lost it’s colonies if they lost world war I. And Hitler would NEVER have been in a position to force an unconditional surrender on the allies, even without the US entering the war, all he probably could have done is repealed most of Versailles.

  25. Jew Velvet
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “Blue Velvet”, by Bobby Vinton.)
    She wore Jew velvet
    Down on the Gaza Strip that night
    Softer than satin was the light
    From the bombs
    She wore Jew velvet
    Down on the Gaza Strip she cried
    Warmer than May, her jaundiced eyes
    Death was ours
    White phosphorus gleaming
    Feel its deathly glow
    The flames were burning brightly
    But when she left, gone was the glow of…
    Jew velvet
    But in my heart there’ll always be
    Precious and warm, a memory
    Through the years
    And I can still see Jew velvet
    Through my tears

  26. Israel still seems like a weak country in some ways, despite perceptions of its power in the world. Why can’t it just wipe out the Palestinians and do what it wants with Jerusalem, like demolishing the Dome of the Rock mosque and rebuilding the Jews’ Temple of Doom?
    Also the contrast between spiritual centers strikes me. Jews revere a pile of ruins in Jerusalem, including President Trump’s Jew-larping airheaded daughter Ivanka.
    By contrast, many Christians revere Vatican City as their traditional spiritual foothold in the material realm, a place full of architecture and art which celebrate both man’s body and mind as manifestations of God’s image in our world.
    Several reasons account for the shabbiness of the former and the splendor of the latter, of course, including the fact that observant Jews abhor the graven image of man, while white Europeans have celebrated it since the ancient Greeks. But with all the Jewish billionaires in the world, you have to wonder why they don’t cut loose with some money to make Jerusalem more like Vatican City.

    1. Jewish Billionaires haven’t built something comparable to Vatican City because, they are waiting for someone else to pay for it.

    2. A people that have existed as parasites for thousands of years exploiting other groups for their benefit possibly does not have the disposition to create beautiful empires/civilizations.
      Perhaps this is reflective of the deep sense of Jealousy and hatred the Jews have historically held for Europeans.

      1. Satan and his minions cannot create anything, only perverted imitations. Or destruction and chaos.

  27. The person of real interest here is Samuel Untermyer, who seems to have financed the Scofield Bible (source?). This is also the guy involved in sorting out the Woodrow Wilson blackmail situation, apparently on condition that Louis Brandeis was considered favourably as a future supreme court justice. Oh, and he also appears to have been quite involved in the creation of the federal reserve. So, maybe not all roads, but quite a few roads lead back to Untermyer

  28. Sorry to disagree, but this is nonsense. Americans like Israel for lots of other reasons:
    – They have the balls to stick up for themselves while surrounded by enemies (who also happen to be our enemies)
    – They believe in Rule-of-Law, Representative Government, and individual liberty (unlike all those enemies), and are religious without trying to spread their religion with violence. In other words, they have more in common with us than almost any other country on earth.
    I’m not sure which of our wars in the Middle East helped Israel much. Reagan actually saved the PLO from total destruction in 1983 – the PLO thanked us by killing 305 French and American Peacekeepers.
    Iraq? Not sure Saddam was ever really a threat to Israel unless we let him keep Kuwait and maybe take Saudi Arabia.

    1. So, a few years before the creation of Israel someone – Scofield, a known fraud – creates a zionist flavoured bible which takes root amongst large swatches of american christians – and that has nothing to do with the fact the same people support Israel in all things?

    2. “- They have the balls to stick up for themselves while surrounded by enemies (who also happen to be our enemies)”
      Such as? All of those countries have become our enemies BECAUSE they are Israel’s enemies. Iran? They have perfectly good relationships with plenty of states, secular and religious, they maintain good relationships with all of their neighbors, and surprisingly, with both North and South Korea. The only beef they have against the US is *drum roll*** US SUPPORT OF ISRAEL!
      “individual liberty”
      How is a country that actively assassinates people, violates other states sovereignty, tortures people, violates property rights of non-Jews, and creates intra-state border checkpoints, a champion of individual liberty.
      “In other words, they have more in common with us than almost any other country on earth.”
      You know except LITERALLY ANY FUCKING COUNTRY in Western Europe but okey…
      “Iraq? Not sure Saddam was ever really a threat to Israel”
      Apparently enough of a threat that Israel violated their airspace, violated their sovereignty, and bombed the country without any pretense of retaliation or previous attack by Iraq.

      1. Which countries in western Europe are particularly religious, value free speech, and aren’t committing suicide by Islamic immigration?
        Islam has been the enemy of Western Civilization and Christianity for 1400 years.

        1. America isn’t particularly religious either. It is for Europe, but in effect the religiousness doesn’t have a huge sway the way it does in say Pakistan, or even “secular moderate” Turkey. Israel ABSOLUTELY does not value free speech.

          “and aren’t committing suicide by Islamic immigration?”
          Not just Western Europe, but Poland, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Isle of Man, Iceland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Monaco and Finland ALL maintain lower Muslim populations than the US, all less than 1%. If you want less than EVERY western country has a smaller Muslim population.
          “Islam has been the enemy of Western Civilization and Christianity for 1400 years.”
          So does that make us Allies with Hindu’s and Buddhists too?

  29. I suspect Dispensationalism won’t transmit effectively to younger generations in this country for several reasons. One, it appealed mainly to white Americans, a declining share of the population, whereas the brown people brought in to dispossess us just don’t care what white religious obsessives tell them to believe. Two, the country in general has gotten less religious. And three, even dull-witted people can see the folly of wasting your life waiting for the rapture, like Tim LaHaye, Jack Chick and Hal Lindsey.

  30. >But basing foreign policy on a heretical Christian doctrine is not justifiable.
    Oh, you’re so, so close to what you really need to understand.
    Basing ANY of our policy solely on ANY religious doctrine is not justifiable. The government is not a church. It has zero divine authority, and zero business meddling in the divine!

    1. that’s not the issue we’re discussing here, which is that a very influential part of the american electorate has been influenced to believe in a kind of Christianity that serves israel arguably before anything else. Effectively the dispensationalist act as massive zionist leverage within the american political system, all as a result of few careful reinterpretations of scripture.

  31. American Christian support for Israel is unconditional. It is a one-sided love affair whereby Christians completely embrace and defend the idea that it is only fair, right, just, and proper that Jews should have their own nation. To them there is nothing more important than ensuring that Jews have their own homeland and Jewish children are free to grow up with other Jews. This comical situation is like a homeless man who has decided to pour all his energies into ensuring that Bill Gates is as happy and healthy as he possibly can be. Christians are useful idiots.

    1. So your saying Jews who lived there for thousands of years should die off?
      Just like the Indians..right. Maybe we should exterminate you. What again is your nationality or religion? I would like to make a note of that.

      1. “So your saying Jews who lived there for thousands of years should die off?”
        The last time Jews had an established, sovereign kingdom was the Kingdom of Judea, which ended approximately 2600 years ago. How long does this claim for sovereignty go? Does Italy have a claim on all the former territory of the Roman Empire – a state that existed only 1500 years ago? What about España? Do they have a claim on territory they controlled a mere 220 years ago?
        “Just like the Indians..right.”
        Indians gave up much of their land in peace treaties, and in many cases, actually make good money of land that is being “leased” to the United States and/or Canada for money. As far as those treaties being abused, forced, etc. is another story, but Israel has ZERO documented legal basis for any claims Palestine.
        “Maybe we should exterminate you. What again is your nationality or religion?”
        Europeans aren’t going in and invading other people’s territory, Europe has ALWAYS been inhabited by Europeans, while Judea has a 2600 year long gap.

  32. “basing foreign policy on a heretical Christian doctrine is not justifiable.”
    Try explaining to conservatives that this is what the founding fathers also believed then watch them do mental gymnastics.
    Its pathetic.

  33. Israel kills and harasses muslims. I like Israel.

    1. they ought to do a better job of it, too many are getting into Europe and bombing people.
      Maybe stop attacking the Syrian Army and Hezbollah, as they actually fight ISIS

  34. Oh, dear! More “Mein Kampf” boilerplate from the dweebs of the alt-right. We US christians support Israel. And we do it because a) of its links to the bible and b) because it is a necessary haven for Jews after the Holocaust. Go Israel!

    1. If the Jews have the backing of a literally Omniscience, Omnipotent being, why the hell do they need the support of goys?

    2. Dude…. “mein kampf”, “white supremacist”, “racist”, “nazi” any other buzzwords you want to throw out? If you’re an Israelite, you would realize this article speaks truth. And no, this isn’t an attack on everyday Jews, this is an attack on elitists who call themselves Jews but are not.
      A not white person.

  35. Bravo simply for being one of the first places I have ever seen to even touch the mess of Dispensationalism. This is hard to explain to the non-religious for they do not care. And so many evangelicals are not taught any real Bible they just assume things to be true. The Rapture false teachings added to the mix leave a mess. When you point out the simple question why are there an Old and New Testament (better translated as Covenant) people shrug. The New Covenant (Christianity) fulfilled the Old. This is a large point of the book of Hebrews (ironically meant to explain this to the Jews!!). Paul was persecuted by his fellow Jews for embracing and teaching this New Covenant. The Jews were called to become Christians first…then the Gentiles. As a physical nation, they ceased to exist Biblically 2000 years ago.

  36. So there is no money for your fellow american injured veterans, single mothers, elderly etc…
    But there are free and unconditional billions of dollars in annual aid for Israel?
    How does that work?
    For a country who’s in the front line against terrorism i haven’t seen them killing many ISIS militants these past 5 years. Quite the opposite actually.

    1. Need to stop giving aid to the 3rd world too. while your at it. they’re breeding like rats and flooding into the west.. And view our women and children as rape toys

  37. While I’m personally no fan of the Jews, I do have a respect for the Israeli jews, for similar reasons mentioned above. I respect their strength and resolve. I hate what pathetic leftist jews have done to Europe and the US, but as a country, I respect the strength of most Israelis. That being said, I hate the pandering and kowtowing of our politics and policy

    1. They have zero strength. If the permanent flood of American dollars and military equipment were shut off, they would be overrun by the Muslim hordes within two weeks.

  38. I am manipulated because Israel gets surrounded and ready to get wiped off the map by Islam…..then takes some land in their own defense? Those land takers like the British or the colonist over the Indians. How dare they try to survive!!!
    I am manipulated because I don’t think extermination of the jewish state is good? ——-Unlike other nations who never contributed more than stupid sperm to society and the advancement on this earth?
    Where do i sign up for that manipulation ? – unlike the cuckholds posting on this site who are more than willing to sell their souls for a nasty brain dead stupid piece of pussy. I think I am a bit more rational on the extermination of people who actually work, think and contribute to this earth.

    1. Oh yeah, the jews contributed great things.
      Gay marriage.
      Birth Control Pill.
      Come on, take a break, Shlomo.

        1. This is the guy who invented birth control pills. Looks quite……Japanese or something, doesn’t he

    2. Israel didn’t exist before 1947, when the Jews launched a terrorist campaign in Palestine.

    3. I say this as a white Christian you better accept there are good Jews and bad Jews. Not all Jews follow God. I am not saying exterminate Jews or supporting muslims over Israel. I am saying you better accept there are high IQ people outside the Jewish race. The people here are in denial that and think we will not be cursed for turning our backs on God, sinning, and yes even wanting to give Israel to muslims.

    4. who the hell is talking about the extermination of the jewish state?

        1. And what have Iran or Hamas got to do with this article, or the comments under it? How important are Iran or Hamas to evangelical christians in the US? Why is a fight between Israel and Iran or any other country in the middle east something that evangelical christians in the US should take sides on? I’m not saying they shouldn’t favour Israel over Iran etc., but that it is silly for them to do so on the basis of a bible re-written it seems to manipulate them towards supporting israel. If the US and it’s people had genuine reasons to align strategically with Israel there would be no problem here, but how have any of those neo-con driven foreign wars been in the interests of the actual US people?

    5. “because Israel gets surrounded and ready to get wiped off the map by Islam”
      Which is completely justified. Israel is built on stolen land; land stolen during RECENT history.
      “I don’t think extermination of the jewish state is good?”
      Is that word specified in your ADL paid shill manual? The correct term in English, not Hebrew, would be DESTROY a state, not exterminate.
      “I think I am a bit more rational on the extermination of people who actually work, think and contribute to this earth.”
      Oh, fuck off. Jews would be fully welcome to the middle east if the Jews were welcoming to the non-jews, and Jews are fully welcomed by just about every Western country. Jews are at no risk of “being exterminated”.

  39. White Christians have to get tribal, and realize that all other cultures are trying to play each other for suckers – pure and simple. The current contemporary christianity thinks all people, including non christians are good. They are sorely mistaken to believe that.

    1. nah. I saw that and had a good chuckle, but the actual trump ones are made in America…there are knockoffs made in Vietnam and china of course but that is bound to happen. I will be the first to call trump out as a total cocksucker, but he didn’t fuck up THAT bad.

    2. There are unofficial MAGA hats that are made in China. But they look different, with a different font for the lettering.

  40. Dispensationalism isn’t heresy but heterodoxy. You can be a solid Christian while being dispensational because it’s not a Gospel issue. Perhaps you need to understand the difference.

    1. Because Christianity has all of these imaginary beliefs that you can’t test empirically in the first place, I think you’ve made a distinction without a difference.

      1. Another non-Christian who passes judgment on Christianity without actually being one. It really doesn’t matter what you think but thanks for your input.

      2. I have to say it AA your detective skills are unparalled. You have uncovered the secret that Christianity prioritizes faith. My mind is blown. Here I was thinking that Christianity is based on easily provable empirical evidence and that faith played no part, but thanks to your tireless work here we now know the nefarious truth….faith is inexorably linked to Christianity. I suggest that if you put this out there you do your best to hide your identity or ✞✞✞they✞✞✞ will hunt you down to forever silence this truth

  41. Excellent article. So heilarious. Anne frankly, I did nazi that coming, did jew? By the way, how much did the holla cost? Six thousand, no… six hundred… nah, maybe six gorillion lampshades. These cucks make me fuhrerious.

    1. that is a look that says “come fill my fuhrer bunker big boy” for sure.

  42. Don’t believe in the “support israel or god will smite you” BS. Joseph sold his the Israelitea into slavery during the years of famine and he turned out all right.

  43. I lol’ed when guys here talked about Trump like he’s some sort of Messiah. You got fooled. What now?

  44. “God promised Abraham that He would give him and his descendants the land of Canaan. Gen. 12:7”. There is no need for the US to re-establish the State, its theirs to begin with. The US help is more political than religious. Israel is a buttress.
    Jesus and all the apostles were Jews. God chose the Jews for his Son to be born out of and establish Christianity and the fulfillment of the Law and God’s plan for all his people. Clearly the connection between Judaism and Christianity is there. We would not have Christianity without the Jews.
    Had the Jews, as a nation, accepted their Messiah, they would have been the church through whom God would work to bring the gospel to all the world. It was their gospel, but they refused to carry it. Thus was born the Christian church and we haven’t done too well either.
    Here’s some other reasons for supporting the Jews:
    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
    – Genesis 12:1-3
    “They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.”
    – Romans 15:27 (NIV)
    “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste.
    For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste.”
    Isaiah 60:12
    “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land, and have cast lots for my people, and have traded a boy for a prostitute, and have sold a girl for wine and have drunk it.
    Joel 3:1-3
    So many more and very easy to find. The thing to remember is one. The reason why so many people hate the Jews is because Satan hates the Jews. Yes, he is a big influence and contributes greatly to this idea. After all how would you explain all the people who continue to believe and preach that the Holocaust never happen even though the Ike and the US Army took great pains to document it and bring in so many German’s and Allies to personally witness the results of the Nazi’s genocide.

  45. I hate being so late to the party, but I have to add this:
    The Jews, even those Jews who actually have the blood of Abraham, are no longer the blessed people. Paul makes this abundantly clear in Romans – the Christian is heir to the promise by adoption, and the Jew actually bars himself from his inheritance by rejecting the fulfillment of the Law and prophets (Christ).
    Dispensationalism is heresy, for it contradicts the direct words of the Scriptures.

    1. Come on, just because they crucified His son for political power is no reason to go back on a promise. (Sarcasm)

  46. The plan is for the church to return to it’s Jewish roots. Read a book called the Messianic church.

  47. In those cases, I don’t see a problem with pursuing a mutually
    beneficial alliance. But basing foreign policy on a heretical Christian
    doctrine is not justifiable.
    nice ending to your article, the religious fervour in the US-Israel relationship is an issue it needs to normalise to be secular like it is with other nations

  48. Give back Christianity to the Christians. I feel sorry for the marginalized Christians, the ones who have been taught to hate themselves especially the European ones and give everything they own to everyone else. Christians at one point were taught to give things away as a humble practise, not to get caught up on materialism. We were also taught to give to OUR NEIGHBORS(our people), not to people in “need” in foreign countries. They have been abandoned by their leaders, and they have been duped. All of us white folk and European Christians are tired of being bullied for our beliefs….we just want to be happy and have a place of our own to practise our beliefs…that is all.

  49. Dispensationalism did not “originate” with Darby, but he sure as heck did make his brand of it very popular!
    I don’t support Israel because of that (I’m a Preterist), but rather because it is their land and there is actually no such thing as a “Palestinian”, since there is no such thing as “Palestine”. It’s an invented place. Look through recent history.
    Israel is our ally and why is there a question about supporting them, but never a question about having any other ally’s back?
    We get involved militarily at the drop of a hat and pledge support for any other ally, but when it comes to Israel, because of a fictional place claiming it’s really their ancient home (which every bit of history contradicts), all of the sudden, we back off? Even though this fictional “nation” has been bagged over and over again saying that they do not want peace and will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel and its people and use ISIS like tactics against Israel?
    I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand the reluctance.
    And btw, they’re a good ally to have in the Middle East! How many other allies win their own wars with no support and no real army like others have, against a much better equipped enemy who did have support, in six friggin’ days?!
    Did you know that Israel has the second best pilots in the world (trained by our elite, using F15’s, et al, that we sold them)? Did you also know that they can actually fly more sorties than the US and in less time? And they’re already there? Hello? 🙂
    If I was Israel, I’d be highly pissed off over the last friggin’ 8 years!

  50. Here’s to wishing everyone would just read “The Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine and move on to the 21st century already. So tired of seeing religion get in the way of progress and the future evolution of mankind.

    1. It’s not just about religion, but also ethnicity and family.
      You stick with those who are similar to you, because that is your way to survive.

  51. Question to the author: Why are the pro-Israel statements in the first two paragraphs commendable? Are they any different than how their Arab brothers behave in regards to an Arab or Muslim state? They stand together, and kill their enemies. They conspire to commit complex acts of revenge. Is that really so special or laudable? Both sides do it. I don’t hear anyone celebrating the Islamic side for this.
    Throughout history, there are many primitive nations that band together and commit violence against their enemies. That does not make a national commendable, or worthy to be deemed a civilization.

    1. Commendable only in the way: they defend their own interests. Arabs have the same rights. So does the West, yet we are not permitted to do so under the current plutocracy.

  52. I wouldn’t piss on Jews were they aflame.
    They support every evil and subversive industry in the USA, MURDERED our sailors and play us for sucker.
    Fuck them to death with a chainsaw. Pay others to savage Europe and the US… what good ARE they?

    1. What this guy said. Fuck Israel and the “Jews”. Whatever the hell a “Jew” is.

  53. Excellent,excellent article.Totally in line with my thinking.All these years I’ve tried to convince my fellow Southern Baptists this and they all told me I’d be cursed for not supporting Israel(no matter what the Jews have done to bring havoc on our very way of life).I had no idea how things had become so warped but instinctively I knew my intuitions were correct.Thank you for providing the details.Admittedly over the years I wondered if I would somehow be cursed by not supporting these evil people which shows you how hearing something over and over can cause you to doubt your own heartfelt conclusions.Thank you again,I will be sure to print out this article and keep it with me.

  54. I was raised Pentecostal. So all of this is true. We really are told Israel are gods people and anything we can give to them is a donation to god. In return, he’ll bless us.
    I’d rather we cut ties with the rest of the world and became self sufficient. No more world police. No more outsourcing. No more trade. Build two walls. One on the bottom and the top. Fuck every other country.
    China can keep their cheap plastic shit. We’ll innovate and solve the energy crisis by ourselves. We’ll developer the most advanced technologies, colonize mars and call it planet USA.

  55. And here I was thinking that the regional wars in the middle east were about oil. Who knew that it was really about saving Israel? I admit, I got confused when Israel was targeted by scudd missiles during the first gulf war and told not to retaliate, or when the US forced Israel to create a terrorist state on its doorstep, but thanks to the OP its all clear now. The US wasnt pandering to Arab oil interests when they defended Saudi Arabia’s ally Kuwait, no! They were defending Israel! And when they forced Rabin to shake Arafats hand, it wasnt about appeasing 1 billion plus muslims, hell no! Thats about SAVING Israel!
    Thank you OP, for clearing that all up

    1. You have to understand that RoK has become an alt.right hangout. So if RoKers see a problem, they just blame it on those dastardly (((Joos)))

  56. Breaking news, Mr. Sebastian. The threat of radical Islam would not go away if we stopped befriending Israel. All it would do is further embolden them, much like it emboldened Hitler and the Nazis when Chamberlain sacrificed the Sudetenland for “peace in our time”. Should we do our part to take care of the interests of the US first, yes. No argument there. However, sacrificing Israel would do nothing to solve the problem.

  57. Almost 50 years ago, on June 8, 1967, unmarked Israeli aircraft attacked the USS Liberty in international waters, leaving 34 Americans dead and another 174 wounded.
    Before firing, Israeli pilots made low passes over the ship and identified the ship as American. Some of the pilots reported this information back to their command center over radio, which was verified by radio operators that intercepted the transmissions at the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. The pilots were commanded to fire on the ship anyway. One of these pilots later testified that once he realized the ship was American, he defied orders and returned to base without hitting his target.
    This Memorial Day, please remember the men of the USS Liberty.

  58. “Marching to Zion”, free on Youtube, is a must-watch documentary debunking every theological belief that cuckservative evangelicals hold regarding Israel. Christian love for Israel comes from fundamental misunderstandings and misinterpretations about their own religious tenets, and an ignorance of Jewish religious tenets. Highly recommended.

    1. This was a fantastic film, thank you for posting it. Very relevant to what I’ve been studying, and the article I just submitted today.

  59. Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.
    —Isaiah 66:8 (NIV)
    It is impossible that “the nation” here is ancient kingdom of Israel.
    Ancient kingdom of Israel had been existing in time of this prophecy was revealed.

  60. I won’t join the conversation as to discuss politics – I come to the conversation as AN ISRAELITE. Convenant keepers, bible believers, flock of the Masiach; we all know the truth. The “state” of Israel is a false blood state propped up by the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 3:9). If you follow the masiach and call yourself a Christian – then you are Israel. Politicians and elites bend the foolish chuchianity crowd to their will. How cucked can you be? When the scriptures that we are to PROFESS clearly tells us that there are snakes in the grass posing as the Yahuah’s chosen.
    This article hit everything right on the head. Good work.

  61. Naw, thats just propaganda. Those so called jews in Israel are fake jews anyways.

  62. Excellent piece. I have never understood this fascination with Israel. They are dicks to their neighbors, land stealers, and generally use people as means to their ends.
    Again, great piece.

  63. Good article. The Jeww Matrix and its conditioning are very powerful, and there is much ignorance and deliberate disinformation/misinformation to distort history and reality. The Christian Church became Plan A when the jews crucified Christ (and blamed it on the Romans).

  64. Great article and brilliantly written. If anyone is interested in understanding this topic further, check out Reformed Theology.

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