When Her No Means Yes

Women say “no” to me in one way or another on a regular basis, e.g. “no, you can’t have my number”, “no, I should go home”, “no, I’m not coming into your apartment”, and of course, the classic, “no, we’re not having sex”.

Yet somehow, when it’s all said and done, the woman is invariably happy that I didn’t listen to a single word of protest she uttered; that I barreled through her resistance nonchalantly and drove the ball to the basket. Women RESPECT this sexual insistence even if they aren’t acutely aware of it.

The consent crowd, however, would like for men to believe that anything short of a written statement, notarized and signed by the soon to be fornicated party, is rape.

Women want to monopolize power in the sexual marketplace so that they can control access to sex and manipulate this most primal, most productive of urges to their benefit. Ultimately, it isn’t to their benefit at all but that’s another story. Perhaps it’s no different from Western men who go abroad to a country where their sexual  value is much higher and pussy seems to fall from the sky. We’re all looking out for number one and doing whatever we can to pass on those selfish genes.

Ask any guy who’s banged a lot of girls and has had a lot of same-night lays, and he will surely regale you with tales of seemingly insurmountable resistance, conquered and slain by his resolve and unwavering horniness. It’s in the nature of beautiful women to resist, test, protest, sabotage and make your job of fucking them difficult. And of course, by the time you wrestle their panties off, they’re dripping wet.

With rape laws the way they are in countries like the US and Canada, it’s downright scary to be a man and act with natural disinhibition in the company of beautiful women in these countries. We’re at a dangerous cultural crossroads, where a woman’s need for validation is at an all time high, and the repercussions for accusing men of rape are non-existent. Do you see any potential for abuse with this cocktail?

In the modern context, rape is essentially the act of ultimate validation and a rape accusation is the ultimate act of attention whoring. I’m not supporting it of course, don’t be silly. But think about it. If a man finds a woman SO incredibly desirable that he would throw his freedom, reputation, his whole life away to fuck her, that shows the woman is on the highest echelon of desirability. And in fact, women have begun to routinely accuse men of rape purely for the ego validation that the onslaught of attention brings them. Even though the night before, they gleefully received the gent’s ravishment.

And why not? If a woman can have her cake and eat it, too, she will.

But I have to issue a serious warning: plowing through a woman’s objections with bemused persistence isn’t for newcomers to the game. Especially not in the US. You need to be FLUENT in reading female body language. You need to know exactly what you’re doing. The thing to understand is that telling a man “no” is a way to weed out the weaklings from the men who know what they want (her).

The best way to hone your sense about when ‘no’ means ‘yes’ is to have a lot of interactions with attractive women. And in particular, it’s when you go for the lay very soon after meeting a girl that she’ll be most likely to resist your attempts to get in her pants. This situation is commonly known as Last Minute Resistance or “LMR” for short (this is a situation I teach how to overcome in my newest book LMR Exposed). This is also about the time that you start fearing for your freedom if you push too hard and a girl flips out and sicks the law on you. A mere accusation is enough to screw up your life big time.

Yet the conflict of interest is that the most reliable way to establish a strong male/female polarity is to bed a woman quickly (and well). In a word, she wants to be persuaded by your dominance, sexual potency and persistence. And she will test you and do everything she can think of to discourage you from having sex with her.

Here’s the main thing to consider: She can be saying ‘no’ with her words and even with her situational body language. But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be there. I’ve had hour or more long battles with a girl who had come to my room and then protested that she wasn’t going to have sex with me. Hell, it just happened again yesterday. In the end, of course, we got naked. And, she appreciated it after the fact. If a girl isn’t open to being seduced she will either not come in or will precipitate hastily from your room. Anything short of that is a green light.

We’ve created a situation where this kind of natural sexual play, which is vital to establishing the dominant/submissive sexual polarity, is discouraged and tied up with various (legitimate) fears about potential consequences, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s a brave new world we live in. But what are we as men supposed to do, drop out altogether? No. Proceed with caution but proceed. And if you can, get out of the Anglosphere so you can relax and get down to business without concern for your freedom. Your penis will thank you.

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2,354 thoughts on “When Her No Means Yes”

  1. Actually, it’s worse than that. Many men today are so blue-pill conditioned that they’ll literally think that yes means no.
    Before you ask, yes this happened to me.

    1. Well, no one told not to! How was I supposed to know that rape wasn’t cool? I was sick that day they taught that at patriarch school.

      1. Hey man that sounds like words to a song that could be sung with a gi-tar, real folksy ala Bob Dylan..”how was I supposed to know…..that rape wasn’t cool….I was sick the day they taught that…….at patriarch skooool….”

  2. Reminds me of Louis CK

    And no, it’s not that uncommon to the point that it’s at least fairly common and it’s all types of women.

  3. “But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be there.”
    I’ve had many girls come up to my bedroom who were supremely reluctant to have sex. As far as I could tell, short of copious drugs or alcohol (which I don’t use as such), there will be a lot of girls who come up to your room but won’t fuck. A much better barometer is if you can get her naked in front of you, she can be coaxed into having sex.

    1. Everyone is just going to read the title, then scream rape. I’d much rather raywolf’s [url=http://www.returnofkings.com/23904/women-are-lying-when-they-say-they-want-equality]article[/url] go viral than this auto-reactionary one, there’s still good info here, but there is no way girls/white knights will read it all the way through.

      1. I did. This isn’t about rape, it’s about men thinking they’re the dominant race yet again. News flash, they aren’t. And acting as such only turns females off from you.

        1. All women want a confident, dominant man.
          Sure, your typical new age hipster feminists might “want” a beta man but trust me, she won’t keep him long or cheat on him when an alpha gives her an inch of attention…

        2. Oh my god you guys are all suck idiots! I feel sorry for you. Do us all a favor and stop being a stupid dick. Here are some tips: Stop generalizing women, it’s very unbecoming and it makes you sound like a total tool to literally anyone. Now, if anyone here is fucked up enough to use these tips, I hope that each of you get thrown in jail for a very, very long time. Now dearest Kirk, please go fuck yourself with a large, spiky dildo. Ciao motherfuckers

        3. You’re talking about humans like they’re animals. We are not animals. Women don’t want a guy who can’t take a fucking hint, or thinks that no never actually means no. Women do not want to be in a potential situation where the man thinks it’s his place to force himself upon her. You won’t find a single female who cares how many other girls you’ve slept with, unless their response is negative. Women aren’t attracted to men who think they’re better than women! If they were, would we ever have seen movements against sexual discrimination and violence? No. We aren’t animals, living for sex. We live for healthy long-term relationships with one person, preferably. That’s the goal. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you get around when you’re married and have children. Are you going to tell your kids about all the women you banged before your wife? I should hope not. Women want a man who is strong, yes. But they want that man to be strong in his love for her, and respect her wishes. They want a man who strongly supports equality and is strongly against sexual abuse. Sex does not equal love. Rape does not equal sex. Learn to keep your hands to yourself.
          You are not a woman. Stop acting like you know how women think, because you don’t and you never fucking will. Let’s think of it this way. If the article was directed towards gay men, telling them to act in this exact manner towards other men, would you be supporting it? If the article claimed a guarantee that being aggressive turns every straight man gay, would you approve? Of course not, because it isn’t fucking true. It’s not a difficult concept. No fucking means no.

        4. Yes it is. At least, that’s how your fellow men are describing it. How then would you describe it?

        5. Newsflash, we are. Everything you see around you was designed, built, and sold by a man. Every moment of your feminized, gutless, white knight life is possible because of the effort and brain power of a man.

        6. Lol do not ever ask women or white knights for advice on how to get girls – they will give u white knight BS. –“Sure women hate bad boys… most bad boys are virgins” *sarcasm*

        7. This is the root of my point. Absolutely none of that is true. And if you believe that bullshit, it’s you who needs to learn the fucking ropes in this world. People only believe that men rule the world because they weasel themselves into every higher up position that women are just as capable, if not more so, of holding. Success doesn’t depend on your sex, but on your intelligence. It never did. There are more women who have benefited society in one way or another than you can count, but we don’t learn about them because all the men have overshadowed them and written them out of history. Men always believed they were better when they weren’t, but that’s how it was, for a long time. Apparently it still is, and that’s sickening to me.
          If I was so gutless as you say, I wouldn’t be able to control myself around other women like you beasts obviously cannot. As it is, at least I don’t have trouble thinking whenever a hot chick walks by. Seriously, who has the weak minds, really?

        8. Newsflash, ending a wall of text with motifs ripped straight out of the modern reality TV lexicon makes you, like, totally right

        9. Keep thinking that. Women are idiots. You are in your positions because you are “useful idiots” to Corpoarte America and the bottom line, because you are the gulllible consumers, and the easy votes.
          Spineless, weak, herd-minds.
          Women are legends in their own minds.
          Maybe thats why you have slathered this comment section with your filth – are you sensing a turning of the tide?
          That men are getting a little fed up with your bullshit?

        10. over 80% of the slaughter houses in the US were designed by Temple Grandin. A WOMAN you ignorant dipshit.

        11. You are the kind of females that we want to “turn off”. We have no interest in you. You are all fugly.
          No harm, no foul : )

        12. Wish a woman would have invented the ball gag.
          You sound like a bunch of cackling hens.
          Feel sorry for all the men in your sorry lives.
          But then, thats assuming their are any.
          Male Cats dont count.

        13. Definition of irony: dumb woman tries to prove point by linking to images of inventions by women and first item on that list is a light bulb that was invented by Thomas Edison.
          Well, now that I think about it irony is the contrast between what you expect and reality. I didn’t expect her to say anything intelligent so I guess this isn’t irony. It’s just what I’ve come to expect from women.

        14. Hey cunty, I happen to know Dr. Grandin personally. #1 it is more like 50%. #2, she designs the lead in channels and ramping systems, NOT the slaughter houses themselves. #3 Funny that it took a woman who, as proven by Science, thinks like a man, to accomplish something. Got any other dribble you want to leak out of that festering pile you call a brain honey?

        15. Please realize we are not in the days of cave people and women have jobs in things like construction, company running and item selling. And even before now, women were (and many still are) making the clothes on your back. A woman even gave birth to you. Your farther couldn’t carry you in his body for nine months now could he? Now tell me again how men did EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

        16. As is typical of your type, you are putting words in my mouth. I NEVER said men did EVERY.SINGLE.THING That is something you are saying and trying to attribute to me. Problem is, what I said is written right in the thread. You play the game of saying stupid things like, “a woman gave birth to you”, in an effort to paint the picture that I dont understand how procreation works. If you cant debate on an intellectual level you should not revert to these sad tactics.
          Tell me, if the patriarchy exists, doesn’t that just prove that men are both smarter and more powerful than women? How did we attain this mythical dominance over women if we are not naturally dominant? We either earned that dominance or it is fallacy.

        17. My “farther” doesnt have the necessary plumbing,so I dont get your point.Women in construction are a fucking nuisance,you have obviously never worked on site.

        18. And here in Tyler we have an example of someone who cannot refute what I said so they just go to the personal attack. Try again sweetie.

        19. You are so funny!!Do you know what a generalisation is?? I refer to blokes as alright on the whole and as people I like and spend time with quite a lot….Your comment shows my way of thinking as a gen-er-al-is-ation because of course you wouldnt be one of those blokes…The strange thing about chauvinists is that they claim women are stupid….and then seek out the company of women who are unfortunate in the intelligence stakes..Self-fullfilling of course and you would think that if they are so clever as to pass judgement over others in that way, that they would know this…yet they don’t….

        20. That wasnt really a personal attack…Your comment was stupid ergo you probably are also…

        21. It is so simple to call an opinion stupid if you cant refute what is said with empirical evidence or even an anecdote.

        22. I often wish my father would have never impregnated my mother and brought me into a world like this where I must live surrounded by females like yourselves.
          You all have very big opinions, and very big egos and mouths to match..
          But until you have walked in the shoes of a male you will never know how we feel.
          All you females can fuck off.

        23. Oh my dear man, the first thing I will say is that when I first read this article I thought it was a joke and when I realized it was real I reposted it to Facebook, just because I figured people ought to know that ignorant, meatheads like you who seem to have time traveled from the stone age STILL exist! After reading your desperate attempts to rationalize your disgusting behaviour, not me, but my boyfriend and my brother ( both strong assertive and highly masculine men) urged me to “rip you a new one”. I wish I could but the truth is my weak nurturing pathetic womanly soul feels bad for you. I imagine you had a tough childhood, were rejected by a smart intelagent woman, and then went on to live out the rest of your sorry life in a trailer in the middle of the woods with nothing but your own hand and your own hideous reflection staring back at you from your cracked mirror. In fact I bet you have been waiting for this article all your life! An article that justifies forcing yourself on a woman because she would not have you otherwise. Isn’t consent overrated when you are an ugly, pathetic uneducated specimen, after all it is soooo annoying that in this day and age to attract a beautiful, intelligent, respectable woman they might actually expect the same from you before opening their legs? It must be really hard to be loosing all of your “tail” to smart intelligent, handsome, respectful men or the 21st century, and how dare women expect men to actually have higher thought than their basic animalistic desires. I feel for you sir I really do and for and person male or female who has ever come in contact with you.

        24. Petunia -> Petunia
          petunia accusing herself of not being smart enough to read. no further discussion is required

        25. Your post shows your inability to really understand what you are debating and with who. Not once have I, in any comment, supported what was written in this article. You may be attributing the comments of support from others as being my own however, I have reviewed my comments on this article and I don’t see one shred of support of its content nor did I at any point join the discussion on consent.
          I did say that women contribute less than men. I did say that men basically built the world with minimal input from women. I also called the manufactured crises of patriarchy a fallacy. But I never supported the article.
          If you want to hate me, pity me, or spit in my eye, at least do it for the right reason.

        26. If you think “men” are a race, you need to get a dictionary and learn to use it.
          Race doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

        27. It sounds like you should be sucking the dick with the level of homophobia in your post. You in the closet still boy?

        28. If it were someone like you I can imagine it would be difficult, nigh impossible, and would/will probably never happen.
          Regardless of how “easy” you think pregnancy is, you did not dispute my point, therefore it still stands. Without a woman, man would not exist.

        29. you wanna fucking go dude
          you know why you’re able to spew out that bullshit right now? because in 1959, someone translated binary into cobal. You know who did that? Grace Hopper. A WOMAN. Basically invented the computer. Don’t fucking play with me.
          i was going to keep this civil but then you showed up. Congra-fucking-tulations, you over-inflated 2-inch strap-on, you noticed that history doesn’t include women. It also doesn’t include POC, homosexuals, or anyone who isn’t a straight white male because you know why? because they didn’t put us in. the world wasn’t build by straight white men, and just because the fucking history books claim this to be the truth, it isn’t. because once, history books claimed that Jews were to be exterminated, and that slavery was ok, and it was all written by straight white men who had a fucking god complex and thought the world was theirs. half the stuff you see was probably invented by anyone but a straight white man, so don’t you fucking go around and think you built the world from ground up and you have every right to strut around like a fucking peacock

        30. Wow, mate, you reeeeeally have a problem with girls, don’t you? Hard to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you, I know. Had to go through the same thing when I was 12.

        31. Your grammar is atrocious.
          And no, Hopper invented Flow-matic, which a committee then used as the basis for Cobol. Comtran by Bob Bemer was also a big part of Cobol but you ignore that in your efforts to validate women. The committee that created Cobol did include two women, with one of them, Hopper, being the most influential.
          Not sure why you brought homosexuality into this but since you did, a gay man is still a man and therefore much more competent and talented than any woman.
          I do have a question for you. Why do you give a shit what I think?

        32. It’s a scientific fact that Humans are animals. We are just very complex animals with complex mating rituals, etc.
          Downvote this all you wan’t but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. If you would like more sources, I can definitely provide them.
          Taking a woman’s “No” for “Yes” or vice versa is a judgement call. It depends on the situation, and what type of woman.
          Women don’t exactly have a good wrap for meaning exactly what they say. Let’s get real here folks… Women imply through context using different words so they can easily back out of situations they discover that they do not want to be in. Men on the other hand are black and white in this regard. When men say yes, they mean yes. The same goes for no.
          In a relationship. if you’re dating a kinky woman, and you’re having sex, she’s getting crazy rough with it… She may say “no” but seems really into it. Being a guy (again, depending on the quality of guy), this is a tough spot, because we’re thinking, “alright, so is this just a part of her kink, or does she actually mean it?.” So (depending on the guy) they’ll ask, to which she’ll then reply with, “no no…. keep going.” (but it kills the mood completely, is a turn-off, and she will let you know that as well).
          When a definition is not consistently held to basic words such as yes or no, trouble is waiting to be asked for when the time and need for serious communication arrises.
          What I don’t like is that this article generalizes all females (I know a lot of women that mean what that mean most of the time). It’s FULL of logical fallacies.
          Both males and females have their burdens.

        33. women are legends in their own minds? you are clearly an idiot. the majority of everyone is extremely self-conscious and jerk offs, like you, who need to tell themselves idiotic things such as “useful idiots to corporate america”, among every other word in your comment, proves that you have no self confidence either, because if you did you’d have no reason to try and prove that you or the author or anyone else knows how to get laid by these ridiculous notions of sex and sexuality. You would keep it to yourself because you have nothing to prove. But clearly you feel you have a lot to prove. Good luck with that tiny dick of yours.

        34. Debating is about using evidence to challenge someone’s statement/opinion.
          You said man created the world women exist in. I said men could not exist without women. Then someone said becoming pregnant is a simple task. How did they challenge my point? How do you think I erred?

        35. Anyone worth fucking wasn’t denied. That’s not silly playground games, that’s pure animal selection. If you have to push boundaries so hard, there must be something very un-fuckable about you in the first place. – a very hot chick

        36. If you were actually hot, you wouldn’t a) be a feminist b) be on a men’s site running your yap

        37. Pregnancy requires very little *positive* action.
          Pregnancy, and the pains and difficulties of it, happen largely without a woman having to *choose* to take a particular action. For the most part, it progresses whether she likes it or not.
          If I have a painful cancerous growth, and let it take over an organ for 9 months before surgery, I don’t deserve credit for that growth.
          Maybe sympathy, but not credit.

          Without a woman, man would not exist.

          Without a man and a woman, all people would not exist.
          Fixed that for you.

        38. Notice how Petunia realized that she was wrong about ‘slaughterhouse design’ and Grandin’s brain makeup, so Petunia decided to apologize…
          oh wait, the feminist just disappeared rather than take responsibility, imagine that…..

        39. Nice body-shaming attempt, feminist!

          the majority of everyone is extremely self-conscious

          Do you even live in western society?

        40. You don’t like how this article generalises women? You just did a whole lot of that yourself, then brushed sexual inequality off as “different burdens”.

        41. If you make a claim, explain it properly, otherwise it’s false. Explain EXACTLY how I generalized. Also, explain EXACTLY how I brushed off sexual inequality as different burdens.”
          Until then, your comment remains a complete informal fallacy, not to mention a red haring.
          The fact of the matter is that this article generalizes both sides, is FULL of (again) logical fallacies, and is full of anger-ridden bias people that couldn’t argue an apple and an orange.
          A lot of guys do a piss poor job at understanding body language, and emotional context to decipher which is which. Then, there is the fact that there are a lot of dumb guys out there, with poor social skills.
          Just because this Vincent Vinturi Knob generalizes women doesn’t mean that Women need to generalize men. That’s like bullying a bully because they bullied you (pointless, a poor example, and will go nowhere). Do you know how often I hear “wow, guys are fucking dogs?” I hear it as much as “Why are women such fucking bitches.” However, I pay not mind to it, because I personally know that I am not like that, and both sides are generalizing each other.
          It’s basically the uneducated majority of both genders hopelessly fighting each other over social construct they don’t understand, and don’t ever bother learning. This is directly comparative to high divorce rates. These are statistics, this is Science.

        42. “Everything you see around you was designed, built, and sold by a man. Every moment of your feminized, gutless, white knight life is possible because of the effort and brain power of a man”
          My god you’re right! We put those words RIGHT in to your mouth, at no point did you write the above quote in response to someone asking a question. Idiot.
          Plus it makes me laugh that you think you know everything about charm, charisma, and the way in to a woman’s pants when your bio says you live in Thailand.
          Mate, you can get laid in Thailand if you offer them a brand new fucking biro pen in exchange for a fuck.

        43. *Father
          And actually you’re more than wrong, I’m an electrical senior Authorised Person and my job is to set people to work in locations that hold numerous hazards that can kill people.
          I’ve worked with more female construction workers than you’ve probably had hot dinners sunshine, and they’re more than capable at their job. There are more MALE construction workers, granted, but that doesn’t render the femalesless at their job.
          So pipe down, man up, and you and every other chauvinist arse hole on this website that agrees with this lunatic should find another way to try and exert the masculinity inside you other than constantly finding illogical bullshit to make men sound better than women.
          And oh yeah, I’m a man, mull that one over.

        44. Hi ‘guest’
          I’m a man. I’ve walked many a mile in my shoes and have never felt the need to degrade women.
          So all you sexist wankers can fuck off 🙂

        45. I think arguing on this thread is a lost cause
          The blokes that are agreeing probably can’t find any other method of feeling manly due to being held too much by their mother (or not enough, whichever) so they have to try and be demeaning to women.
          Maybe some of you should go to the gym? You can feel plenty manly enough there, but then again, there are women in the gym and you might get scared by their presence and it will have been a pointless venture.

        46. Hey ingrate –
          You’ve worked with a small group of women who:
          * worked in a traditionally male field, and
          * have been forced to work (roughly) as hard as a man.
          If these women had been attractive enough to find a wealthy high-earning man, they would’ve been able to work in a less-draining and less-dangerous pink collar field, like public relations or dental hygiene.
          If they’d been more ‘girlish’, they would’ve been successful fashion designers or interior designers, PTA moms, etc.
          If they were truly ‘catches’, a rich guy (or lesbian) would’ve swooped them off their feet and they wouldn’t be working their asses off.
          In other words, you describe a small subset of more masculine-capable women who, relatively speaking, aren’t particularly attractive or feminine, and don’t have a lot of great features going for them.
          So you mean to tell me them that this cream of the crap has to try to work hard to earn money because they don’t have many other options?
          Shocking! (By the way, water is wet, also.)

        47. the need to degrade women

          Who’s degrading women? He’s explaining his experiences with particular women.
          You felt the need spout off about the peculiar women at your jobsite. Isn’t he allowed to mention his observations?
          You’re the one who feel the need to come to the defense of the ‘fair maidens” honor. That’s actually somewhat sexist itself.

        48. I think arguing on this thread is a lost cause. The blokes that are agreeing probably can’t find any other method of feeling manly due to being held too much by their mother

          Could you be any less of a moron white knight coming to the ‘defense’ of a maiden? (Which is pretty sexist behavior, itself, asshat.)
          You’re unable to hold any sort of rational discussion, so you just jump in with:
          * body shaming
          * mommy issues shaming
          * sexless virgin shaming
          If you want to be even less original, there are a few more feminist insults you forgot from The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults
          Here they are for your future reference, tough guy:

          The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults

        49. Pretty sure they didn’t feel the need to expand on something that explains itself to those of us with brains.
          Basically, you aren’t worth our time.

        50. Actually, most women, including myself, want a man who will respect our wishes. If we say no, then for fuck sakes, we mean NO! I don’t want a man who is going to attempt to make me feel pressured or even obligated to have sex with him. What is this, 8th grade, when your friends dared you to kiss Bobby Who’sit in the closet for 30 seconds, and if you didn’t you’d be perpetually “uncool”? Are we receding so far down the evolutionary scale, that we’ve devolved back to the mental capacity of a god damn Neanderthal? God dammit, society sucks.

        51. “Pipe down”…..and my personal favourite “man up”. Dan you sound so very “empowered”. You go girl!

        52. I’m somewhat indifferent on the conversation but I always like to challenge long, round about diatribes. Women now currently believe they are better than men and its rather blatant.
          That being said, who are the women that have contributed most to science? math? medicine? Actually, those have too long of a history and women have made their biggest strides in the past 50 years so lets use a more equitable, recent platform. Where are the female entrepreneurs? Technological innovator’s making my life easier?
          See, respect is not given. It is earned and when one’s constantly using emotions as a shield, not taking personal accountability, or focusing on outward status as opposed to inward value respect won’t be given regardless of gender.
          And it’s not you being gutless that makes it easy for you to control yourself around women. It’s your behavior and mentality that isn’t attractive to them so it wasn’t an option to begin with unless you wanted to take things into your own hands which you never would.

        53. On a primitive nature, whatever. But god, respect other human beings because we are no longer primitive animals. We’re civilized, we have evolved languages which we use to convey how we feel about things, especially when we don’t want something. Legalities aside, a man shouldn’t force a woman to have sex when she’s saying no. Maybe that’s just me, but the law shares my sentiments.

        54. ahaha someone’s a communication major. No, not a red herring, Salted isn’t trying to distract anybody from what you said. Moreover, a claim isn’t false if it’s not explained properly. That’s too definitive. A claim is as simple as saying the world is round, or the divorce rate is x%. They’re true and I didn’t explain them. Wow, amazing how that works.
          Secondly: perfect! You admit that this is full of fallacies. If you want me to be as definitive as you, then that makes this entire article “false.”
          Perhaps sometimes people, both men and women alike, don’t say exactly what they mean. Whether it’s saying no when they don’t entirely mean no, or yes when they may be thinking no in the back of their head, this isn’t confined to one gender. How can we remedy this, though?
          Communication. We have language! Awesome, so we can just take what people say at face value and accept it as true… right?
          Well according to this dude who wrote this article… nah. Girls are essentially lying when they say no! Therefore, it is our responsibility to prove our dedication to these beautiful women by slowly chipping away at their resolve until they succumb to our advances. Our “penis will thank [us] later.”
          Does this sound in any way to be considering the actual thoughts of the woman besides a perception that we are blessing her with the supremacy of our masculinity and sexual abilities?
          So let’s take this outside of our own head, (or dick), and maybe consider how we can understand that this girl is another human being and perhaps respect what she says. If you stop and she didn’t mean no, that sucks. Deal with it.
          We live in a world now where we communicate. Why not actually accept what people say and take it into consideration rather than disregarding it entirely, or worse letting it fuel you to do the opposite of one’s requests.
          Please don’t be hypocritical and make claims that you yourself can’t back up, Uedukai. You can’t claim every man says exactly what he means, nor can you say the same for women. By definition, generalizations aren’t 100% accurate, moreover, you lack evidence to support that every male says yes when he means yes, and women reluctantly commit to words so they can back out later.
          Finally, just because I think it’s entertaining… Statistics is math, not science…. and I fail to understand how you connected the two.

        55. Why do you feel that “feminist” is an insult? First of all, feminism is an advocacy for women’s equality in a male-dominant society. Many uneducated, insecure, or just purely misogynistic men feel that women’s equality is an attack on men, masculinity, or a male-dominated society (that would be called misandry, something quite different). On the contrary, feminism is simply a way for society to equalize its current injustices towards women. One of these such injustices is enumerated in this article, that women’s words are not taken to mean what they literally mean. When women say “no”, they mean NO, and not whatever the other party interprets it to mean. The author of this article has literally confessed to raping multitudes of women who were afterwards too ashamed to admit it. NO does not mean Yes, Silence does not mean yes, and just because she lets you do it, that does not mean that she is consenting. HOLY SHIT YOU PEOPLE ARE DUMB. If someone were to break into your house, and you didn’t tell them “no”, because you were too terrified to do so, would that mean that you allowed them to be in your house? NO! they are still breaking and entering, because you did not enter your house. THE SAME GOES FOR MEN TRYING TO SEDUCE WOMEN. If she doesn’t stop you, that doesn’t mean she is giving you permission, it just means that she is frozen from fear, disbelief, shame, or shock. NO MEANS NO, SILENCE MEANS NO, ONLY YES MEANS YES!!!

        56. The author of this article has literally confessed to raping multitudes of women

          Wow, a feminist with poor reading comprehension skills, who likes to put words in other peoples’ mouths — imagine that!
          Kindly point to the exact sentences in which the author discusses “raping multitudes of women.”
          The author mentions propositioning women who are in bed with him for sex multiple times.
          Are women not allowed to change their minds about having sex?
          Do we need to treat them like 10 year olds with underdeveloped free will?
          Is the author not permitted to proposition these women several times while they are in bed with him?
          Do they not have 2 legs to leave his home if they are uncomfortable?
          Your feminist mindset — and its disregard for these common sense questions — is a good example of why feminism is a laughingstock.

        57. I don’t want a man who is going to attempt to make me feel pressured

          Oh, so is it not permitted for a woman to change her mind about having sex? Should she be treated like a 10 year old without developed free will?
          Is a man not allowed to propose sex several times to a woman who is in bed with him?
          Does a woman not have 2 legs to leave his home if she is uncomfortable?
          Try again, ignoramus.

        58. Men aren’t the dominant “race”? Well I guess thats feminism over and done with then, thank god for that.

        59. Women are idiots? Really so the women who gave birth to you was an idiot for conceiving you right? And the women you are probably in a relationship is an idiot as well? Do you realize that without women would seize to exist? Or is that something you are unable to comprehend? The fact that you had to categorize all women as weak minds, probably means you are intimidated with the fact that many more women are more education, more intelligent and overall a better person than you… maybe you should open your eyes women are a bit fed up with YOUR BULLSHIT!

        60. Not picking my stance on this article but in fact human beings are animals and these natural instincts have been observed in humans, though people learn to fight them they are still there.

        61. Equality is a Marxian utopian fantasy. It’s a delusion. It’s amazing how many fall for that.

        62. It’s amazing how they want to be treated like children while also getting angry when they think they’re being treated that way. They don’t know what they want.

        63. Wow, mate, you reeeeeally have a problem with reality, don’t you?
          “Hard to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you, I know. Had to go through the same thing when I was 12.”
          You’re still 12? Some people just don’t want to grow up.

        64. “Do you even live in western society?”
          That person lives in his own head. The outside world is a mystery to him. Just another useful idiot.

        65. They can’t accept reality. They’re completely dependent on men whether they like it or not. It’s simple penis envy.

        66. As a woman and having just read what he wrote, I can’t really agree with you. I don’t think he says rape is ok, but to be honest I know and have seen a lot of different women who like to play hard-to-get regardless if they’re interested in the man or not. He even says “you need to be FLUENT in reading the female body language” just as we women need to be understand male body language as well. It seems like he’s talking more about gauging the other person’s interest and figuring out if they are interested based on markers and cues because obviously, if the other person says they’re not interested and went all their way to the guy’s bedroom, it’s clear what they want, some women just think this “playing hard to get” game is sexy to men. There is a line obviously, I’m not condoning rape of any kind, if the woman is obviously not interested and shows no sign of interest, and the guy tries to keep crossing that line and go further then that’s when we cry rape/sexual assault.
          Now I’m not saying women are animals. But not all women are living for long-term relationships, you’re over-generalizing women based on what you, as a woman, want…or what you’ve been fed by media to want. Some women like meaningless sex and some don’t. Some are attracted to strong, confident types and others don’t. My point is we shouldn’t get all upset over this. Whether or not he wrote the book, it would still be happening with many condoning women.

        67. “Confidence” is capable of standing on its own, it can handle not everyone wanting to fall into bed with it. Like the author, you probably have never met a real woman.

        68. Sure it’s permitted for a woman to change her mind. She’ll let you know if she does . . . same as it works for a man . . .

        69. Sometimes, Grayson, the audacity of the ignorance set in front of us is just too hard to ignore, and something has to be said. We don’t like doing it, we would rather walk past it, but it’s just too mind-blowing to ignore. This is something you should probably bear in mind for future reference, as I kinda have to bet my life on the fact that you create this response rather frequently.

        70. Oh thank you, Jim — I am going to laugh about this for *days*!!!! Oh God peeing my pants . . . f*cking funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!!

        71. Seriously? You have a dick therefore you’re somehow better? SERIOUSLY? YOU ARE THAT FLIPPIN’ IGNORANT? Go ahead rant away — I have no time for your level of obtusity and will not be responding. Watching paint dry would be a better use of my time.

        72. Yet you took the time to write that huh? As a matter of fact, I show three responses in my feed from you. Hmmm….

        73. You, like many others, are wasting your time. You are not going to sway my way of thinking and I am not going to sway your way of thinking.
          I dont go to feminist/liberal blogs and get upset at what is written. I have mentally dismissed their voice from my world. You should do the same with ROK. Its very liberating.

        74. First of all here is the point at which he mentions raping women.
          ” I’ve had hour or more long battles with a girl who had come to my room and then protested that she wasn’t going to have sex with me. Hell, it just happened again yesterday. In the end, of course, we got naked. And, she appreciated it after the fact. If a girl isn’t open to being seduced she will either not come in or will precipitate hastily from your room. Anything short of that is a green light.”
          I shouldn’t have to explain how that is rape^, he said that “she appreciated it after the fact” which implies that she did not want it in the first place, but said that she did afterwards. Rape survivors often will not admit that they have been raped and pretend that the intercourse was consensual because they are too ashamed to admit the rape.
          Women are allowed to change their minds about having sex, I never said otherwise, just that then need to voice it too you. You cannot assume that they have changed their minds because they have not told you otherwise.
          I am also not proposing that we treat women like 10 year-olds with underdeveloped free will, I am proposing that we treat them like real, full-grown adults who are capable of consenting. However, as informed individuals know, people, not just women, are terrible at voicing non-consent. So everyone, men and women, need vocalize their desire to have sex, the default assumption must be non-consent unless otherwise stated.
          Forcing the other party, in this case, the woman, to walk out on their own two legs if they are uncomfortable is akin to forcing a defendant to prove that they did not commit the crime, as opposed to placing the burden of proof on the Prosecution. Guilty until proven innocent is akin to Consenting until proven otherwise.
          I have not disregarded these common sense questions, as you have put it; in fact, I have considered them in great detail, but my main problem is that if she wants to have sex with you then when she asks you she will tell you. Assuming otherwise is treating her as less than capable of making her own decisions, as less than a full grown-ass woman.

        75. if we need both then we are equal whats there to argue. we are equally valuable. and u celebrate once u have defeated cancer much like you celebrate when a child is born. child bearing is a choice. you can choice to abort the baby u can choice to wear a condom u can choose to not have sex. a woman accepts the pain when she chooses to have a baby its not like oh shit i think the air impregnated me better just let it run its course. lol and raising the child after? isn’t that creditable. id compare a preiod to cancer tho. we cant stop it we cant help it it just happens and ya it can be pretty damn painful.

        76. you are about the 10th person to use this argument. No, I have not forgotten that I am the “product” of a woman (and a man by the way). I respect women for doing a good job at their intended purpose; making and raising children. That is quite a different thing than viewing women as competent to operate on my heart or defend my country in battle.

        77. lol and u know something most woman i know who like to use gyms go to spa lady(all female gym) to avoid advances from testosterone overloaded dumb asses at other gyms.

        78. lolol you must be gay. and thats okay man 🙂 but u know what i find theres alot of guys who dont care what u look like as long as u got holes in your body. pretty gruesome how desperate some men get.

        79. yes thats true but i ve met alot of woman who are alot smarter then many men. sure there may be men smarter then them but there are many many men dumber then them to. and i honestly wouldnt feel comfortable having a male doctor as a female. im sure you could understand that from a females perspective. i don’t know much about of those professions so i cant say who would be better suited. i my self want to be and artist or graphic artist or something. so dont worry ur safe from my ability to fk u up in other careers. lol

        80. here is the point at which he mentions raping women.

          Read again.
          1. Girl initially said “that she wasn’t going to have sex”.
          Based on close reading of narrative:
          2. Girl changed mind and “we got naked” — not “I removed her clothes” or “I got her naked”.
          3. Girl expressed appreciation for having changed her mind and engaging in sex.
          4. Author believes that women who enter a man’s bedroom are generally amenable to “being seduced” and agreeing to sex.
          Again, the passage you quoted does not describe rape. Although there is minimal detail, a close reading of the language supports the view that she changed her mind and then removed her own clothes.
          The passage is particularly not some proof of “raping multitudes of women”, as you had put it.

          Rape survivors often will not admit that they have been raped and pretend that the intercourse was consensual because they are too ashamed to admit the rape.

          Are you creating your own definition of rape? Where in that passage is there lack of consent at the time of intercourse, along with force or the threat of force (as required in many U.S. states)?
          The question at this moment is not whether rape was claimed after-the-fact, it’s whether there was lack of consent at penetration, along with force or threat.

          Women are allowed to change their minds about having sex […]

          I’m glad to you agree with me.

          I am also not proposing that we treat women like 10 year-olds with underdeveloped free will […] However [people] are terrible at voicing non-consent. So […] the default assumption must be non-consent

          If your idea is that you have to protect women from their own inability to voice one little syllable — “no” — when sex is broached, you treat them like a 10 year old incapable of the smallest steps of self-determination. (…especially given the difficult contextual clues for the outside observer — romantic outing, lying in bed together, etc.)

          Forcing […] the woman, to walk out on their own two legs if they are uncomfortable is akin to forcing a defendant to prove that they did not commit the crime,

          If a woman is uncomfortable with being propositioned for sex, she can leave a man’s bed. How does that idea make her into a criminal defendant?
          Does she have the right to remain in his bed no matter what? Do you want to give her the right to remain there forever, as a trespasser?
          The fact that she has 2 legs and can leave is not proof of consent — it’s a practical consideration that if she doesn’t enjoy being propositioned she can end it by leaving the room or kicking the man out of her room.

          if she wants to have sex with you then when [you] asks [her,] she will tell you. [Don’t] Assum[e] otherwise.

          Again, if the article/author is assuming anything, it’s that he can propose sex because the girl is in bed with him. And that is a-okay for him to assume. If she’s not okay with sex being proposed, she can leave.

        81. Sure it’s permitted for a woman to change her mind.

          I’m glad you agree with me. I assume that you also support the right of the author to proposition the women that are in bed with him for sex multiple times — which is what he discusses in this article.

        82. wow.. that statement is so full of logical inconsistencies, stupidity, false dilemmas, false analogies, and misogyny that to count every instance if flawed logic using a recursive function would cause a stack overflow, id est you’re a dipshit and nobody in the world has the time to explain it to you so you will continue believing you’re correct because it takes too much energy for anyone else to explain to you why you’re wrong. And then you’re going to end up in jail for raping a woman (or a man?) because you used the social pressures of your sexual insistence to force your way into her (his?) bed (I don’t want to make any assumptions about your sexual preference). By the way I’m not making up definitions of rape not am I making up evidence. I’m a psychology professor at Pomona College and the definitions and the information I am using are well-established in informed circles. okay. im done. I dont have time to save humanity from rapist pigs..

        83. This comment made me throw up in my mouth a little. I can’t even. This is such a disgusting mindset.

        84. “Women don’t exactly have a good wrap for meaning exactly what they say.
          Let’s get real here folks… Women imply through context using
          different words so they can easily back out of situations they discover
          that they do not want to be in. Men on the other hand are black and
          white in this regard. When men say yes, they mean yes. The same goes
          for no”
          Bull fucking shit.

        85. “All women want a confident, dominant man”
          A post with this in it has 31 upvotes & 6 downvotes? What the fuck?

        86. ur deluded! new age hipster? its called equality! once white people thought the same about black people, they just needed some one to lead them, to dominate the poor creatures, they ‘ capable to think for themselves! now when i thought we were getting past that between men and women, were all the same creature at the end of the day except for whats between our legs, then an article like this comes out and people like u! u disgust me!

        87. im sorry i forgot all men were completely clear cut, are 100% honest, never say one thing and mean another either…oh wait! it still doesnt mean u can force yourself on a person because they may be physically weaker!

        88. nobody in the world has the time to explain it to you

          In other words, your gender studies classes never taught you the ability to discuss an issue beyond catchphrases.

          you’re going to end up in jail for raping a woman (or a man?)

          Feminists — who claim to stand up for the LGBT community — use insinuations of homosexuality to try to belittle men they disagree with. Given that the entire thread has been about men and women, this odd changeover (to man and man) points to your latent homophobia.

          I’m not making up definitions of rape. […] the definitions and the information I am using are well-established in informed circles. I would know, this is essentially the topic of my thesis

          I provided you with the elements of the crime of rape as used in many states in the U.S. You can Google for “[State name] rape law” to see the definition of major sexual offenses in all 50 states.
          You, on the other hand, claim some mystical authority to decide what rape is, because you’re writing an undergrad paper.
          When you decide to actually educate yourself on how the crime of rape is defined, feel free to Google for answers.
          By the way, I notice that you didn’t bother responding to the fact that the woman in the article has 2 legs and can leave the room any time she likes.
          It’s too much “misogyny” to expect her to leave a man’s bedroom if she doesn’t like the questions he’s asking, eh?

        89. u can force yourself on a person because they may be physically weaker!

          And who exactly is doing that? Cite specific sentences, please.

        90. were all the same creature at the end of the day

          That’s not what science says, sweetie. Try some light reading. There’s plenty more where this came from.
          Jonason P. K., Valentine K. A., Li N. P., Harbeson C. L. (2011).
          “Mate-selection and the Dark Triad: Facilitating a short-term mating
          strategy and creating a volatile environment”. Personality and
          Individual Differences 51 (6): 759–763. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2011.06.025.
          Durante, K. M., Griskevicius, V., Simpson, J. A., Cantú, S. M., & Li, N. P. (2012). “Ovulation Leads Women to Perceive Sexy Cads as Good Dads.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. doi: 10.1037/a0028498
          Jonason P. K., Li N. P., Webster G. W., Schmitt D. P. (2009). “The Dark Triad: Facilitating short-term mating in men”. European Journal of Personality 23: 5–18. doi:10.1002/per.698.

        91. This is just utter nonsense! Everything you see around you was not designed, built, and sold only by men. From the time of neanderthals, women and men have equally participated in shaping the world around them. The standards and form of involvement are what have changed.
          Why don’t you go do some research into the history of science, or really any other industry. You’ll find that women have been at the fore-front of almost every important scientific or medical (or other) discovery. Of course you won’t learn this in any institution, because, due to the effort and brain power of men, they have written women out of history. Their ego’s couldn’t handle it. Do some honest, critically-thinking research.
          Also you are generalizing here like crazy! Feminized, gutless, white-knife life? Here you are making talking to the like 1% of girls who have grown up in a first-world country with rich mommies and daddies who over-protect/shelter them.
          For most of the real world, women don’t lead these kind of lives. Women are the ones working hard in all industries so that they can nurture and support their families or themselves….. very very few PEOPLE let alone women in the world have gutless, white-knight lives.
          What about the single-mothers, the orphans,the POC, the LGBTQ (etc.) women who struggle just to get through one goddamn day with enough money or without being assaulted or RAPED or harrassed…. you think we’re all leading feminized, gutless, white-knife lives eh?

        92. sorry I just thought I would highlight one last point before I go. I swore i was done before, but this was too good. Accusing the bisexual man of homophobia.. thats rich..
          You sir, this is you:

        93. Interesting. That is why I choose to be with a woman who is clear, thoughtful, reasonable and know what she wants and what she does not want.
          If a woman is like that on her first date, first sex, then spending a life with her must be very complicated. Therefore, if we have problems with women, it is partially our fault.

        94. Sweetheard I have to correct you in on thing:
          “Rape survivors often will not admit that they have been raped and
          pretend that the intercourse was consensual because they are too ashamed
          to admit the rape.”
          It can be true. A victim of rape can deny it, together with other symptoms. Most of those victims are very ashamed and tell themselves that it wasn’t rape.

        95. Simple answer to this conundrum of you realising you’re wrong – look at my profile.
          Definitely no girl there. Although, if the girls you’ve ever been with look anything like me, then I can see why you’d be such a misogynistic dick, as damn, that would be a bearded girl with a cock.
          You people are too easy to win against.

        96. Haha, standard keyboard warrior, bad luck buddy try harder next time!
          I would hardly call it ‘sexist’ or ‘coming to the defense of a maiden’ when any comment posted is on a thread that basically says “women never mean no, they are never right, and if she does say no, stick it in her anyway because you’re a man and that’s your right’
          And well. Thanks for the tough guy compliment!

        97. Hey ‘Im scared of powerful women’
          Well. You lost me at the first point, if you still think attractiveness us what gets women jobs, you’re clearly the kind of person who er, well, hasn’t got a job I’m assuming.
          It’s quite funny to see someone like you (although this thread is full of them) so lost in their own mind with silly outdated And just blatantly wrong beliefs. Bless.
          Good luck in life buddy, and I hope the woman you find (god help her) puts up with your shit like “a good housewife should” as I’m assuming you would say.
          Or maybe you’re a strong independent man who don’t need no woman? Or maybe you like men? Who knows, there’s nothing wrong with liking men though so GO YOU! I’m proud.

        98. You`re way too smart for me Ms Pealing,and your ability to pick up on sarcasm is cutting edge.Like you say princess”us people are too easy to win against”.

        99. i didnt say anyone here has said that but that is what it all comes down to! the only reason men have even been dominant, and stilll try and enforce their dominance is because generally they are physically stronger! As a woman, i personally have been in situations where I’m vulnerable because of my physical size and can be forced into situations because of this!

        100. sweetie? who the fuck r u to patronise me like that! quote all you like we are the same animal, homosapien! your just defining behavioural differences! theres behavioural differences, between age groups, races, cultures, but it does not mean we have to segregate our entire kind based on our sex! don’t u think we’ve moved passed that? i dont want people to see me as a woman, i am a successful doctor! I am a proud welsh person! i am a quentin tarrantino fan! and yes i am a woman, but these are all just parts of the individual i am! being a woman doesnt define me!

        101. Sweet, I’m glad you’ve seen the light bro! Good luck with the rest of your life trying to adjust to the fact that you’ve been wrong for so long 🙂
          You’ll get there.

        102. Sounds like you got cheated on/dumped. Maybe she was a shallow bitch, but your bitter reaction doesn’t paint a very attractive picture of you either. I personally would rather have a man who isn’t a drama queen, who takes the bad in stride along with the good.
          I’m going to assume you’re just lashing out, rather than being so incredibly stupid and shallow as to think “all women” want exactly the same things in a partner.

        103. If you reaf the article its about persistance not force. Force in this kind of situation is blatantly abhorrent. As for being persistant thats almost admirable even if the feminist culture of the world doesn’t believe it to be.

        104. ” I don’t want a man who is going to attempt to make me feel pressured or even obligated to have sex with him.”
          Fine Ms. “Strong and Independent”. Enjoy your cats or your Beta husband. I’ll get me a real woman.
          The PC brainwashing is strong on this one. Because of this she’s actually weak minded just too dull to know it.

        105. Their brainwashed heads say one thing, their inbred instincts say another. No wonder so many of them take depression medication.

        106. And yet, despite that reality, you got 12 down votes. Yet more female denial. First biology and now the reality of history. Is it any wonder we can’t take you girls seriously? lol.

        107. ” I NEVER said men did EVERY.SINGLE.THING”
          Oh, how many times I’ve had to repeat just what you have. Funny how they see the word “all” when it’s almost NEVER uttered. lol.

        108. What about the places in the world, today, that function within a Matriarchal society? They obviously didn’t think males were naturally better.

        109. In the same paragraph that you claimed “women are idiots” you spelled corporate wrong. Yes, we’re definitely the idiots here. I don’t believe women to be above men, but I don’t believe we are below you either. Learn to respect.

        110. Welcome to being the 900th dumbass who has said that very thing and the 899th who did not read the whole thread before putting phalanges to keyboard.
          If you think giving birth is some sort of feat you are a fool. Even the lowest female creature on earth is capable of following a biological path in which they have no control. Its like congratulating me for taking a shit.

        111. Actually, in the days of the “cave people” there was more equality between men and women than there is now. Men and women shared work equally and there is evidence of women reaching very high status in certain societies. This is not to say that men did not also reach high status in these societies though. In fact, many ancient societies in the time period of the Ubaid may have had chiefly/ranked societies that were run by both men and women together as the chiefly family. While these societies were ranked, evidence has suggested that the individuals of higher rank were most likely in a position of power due to popularity with the commoners and ability to lead religious ritual rather rather than gender.

        112. Interesting, considering every human is solely dependent on a woman mother to grow and be born. But, yeah, you’re right, that penis did soooo much for me.

        113. Now this is sexy. And newsflash for all the rest of you fucking dorks: If you’re having that much trouble getting a woman to sleep with you, it’s because you’re not attractive. Probably because you are threatened by the strength of a woman, which is why you make up these pathetic little fantasies, and she can tell. Work on your self esteem a bit and maybe you won’t have to ‘wrestle’ anyone’s panties off. Imagine a world where a woman willingly removes her own clothes, because she wants to sleep with you. That’s the world most healthy, attractive, functional adult men live in. Dream the dream, boys!

        114. Wow, could you throw any more cliche insults into one wall of text, nutcase?
          Looks like someone’s a little cranky from not getting any action ….in a few years. So sorry for you 🙁

        115. Alright:
          1. It’s a fact that women have a higher pain tolerance than men…you try birthing a baby out of your urethra.
          2. Women control all reproduction. They hold the next fucking generation in their uterus.
          3. Now more than ever more women are graduating from college than men are.
          I’m not anti-man, I’m just stating proven facts. Women have more power than you think dude, and I’m sorry for any woman who ends up with you. You can reply to this in your angrily patriarchal rants, but that isn’t going to change the truth I’ve just presentened to you.
          All I’m saying is you should do a little research and keep an open mind before making hasty accusations.

        116. You do know that actual rape not that easy to get away with, making a serial rapist hard to be purely from a logistical standpoint. I doubt he would be profiling himself on this website if he were.

        117. Obviously the only worthwhile pursuits in our modern society are “science?”, “math?”, and “medicine?”, right? no other fields are of any consequence… and of course these fields are populated by men because they’re the most important and not just the most important to you because they’re populated mostly by men or anything,,, what with cause and effect being concepts you have a firm grasp of and all… You poor, simple-minded fool.

        118. ‘Mommy issues’, arla?
          I know feminists lack logical argumentation skills, but dropping the pretense of even trying – this early – is just sad 🙁
          Go back to deviantart, virginia goss

        119. Arla is just mad after having friends spend so much time earning liberal arts degrees (gender studies? sociology? anthro?) that’s been the easy path to a Starbucks barista position.

        120. maybe because back then, women we’re aloud in the work place since men still thought they were the dominate race.

        121. *maybe because back then, women weren’t aloud in the work place since men still thought they were the dominate race.

        122. Unfortunately men are more dominant. As hard as we (females) like to deny it, it’s the truth. They were created first, they lead the relationships, ask us out, ask us to marry them etc. now with that being said, it definitely doesn’t give them an excuse to be assholes about it.

        123. yup, “burp”, “fart”. Excuse me, I need to take a shit. We’ll continue this some other time.

        124. Excuse me, but just who’s vagina did you come out of? That’s right, a woman’s. So technically it was women who made all this possible. And before you start that bullshit about how women can’t reproduce without a male, actually we can, using parthenogenesis.
          And as for for everything being designed, built and sold by men, that’s also completely untrue. A woman wrote the first science fiction novel, created bullet proof vests, invented windshield wipers, made the circular saw. Women have gone to war and ruled nations with all the wisdom and determination of a man. Women work in science an It’s just that surprise surprise, the history books conveniently neglect to tell us that. Wanna know why? Because men wrote them.

        125. Did you know the first person to discover the shape of DNA and take photographs of it was a women? Her name is Rosalind Franklin, and without her, we wouldn’t know the very “creator” of life. And she wasn’t even credited for her work, along with her male partner, when she died of cancer at ~31. Get off your high fucking horse.

        126. Man! You reek of desperation.
          Someone that feels so desperate to assert a form of power that they make ineloquent insults online to women they perceive as threateningly independant is definitively not ”alpha”.
          That’s just weak.

        127. My mom is an idiot and a bitch, and my girl is also a bitch so yea, even the woman who have birth to me is an idiot.

        128. Have fun sucking d*i*ck if you hate women so much, you closeted homosexual.
          Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        129. Women have their positions of the appearance of power because it is useful to the captains of finance and power in their assaults on the family. Women who appear to have power can be un-powered by the men who put them in their positions.
          Women are never insiders in the “old boys’ clubs” that run the world.
          Men know that any of these “powerful” women can be seized, forced down and inseminated by the men who appoint them or by the man who empties the wastecans in the women’s offices.
          For worse or for better, that’s the way of the world. Will it ever change? It hasn’t yet. It hasn’t even begun yet.

        130. You are so wrong. She’s not an idiot. She’s a woman. Judging women by male standards will have incorrect results every time.
          Every cell in a woman is female. Women are not basic neuters with chest bulges and a vagina-womb organ any more than men are the same basic neuters with a penis and testicles. Every nucleated cell in a woman has an XX sex chromosome. Every nucleated cell in a man has an XY sex chromosome.

        131. 1. Uh, a little basic anatomy: Babies don’t come out through the urethra. They come out through the orifice that is between the urethra and the anus. Even when there is fairly severe damage, they don’t come out of the urethra.
          2. Women have never controlled reproduction. No woman can reproduce without at least one spermatozoon. Men, on the other hand, are fully functional without women. The sperm-producing function is rather pointless without a female to deposit them in, but it works the same without a woman.
          From the moment sperms are passing through the cervix, the woman’s conscious mind has no control over the reproductive process without the use of violence.
          3. Most university degrees awarded to women are crap degrees (or is that “crip”?) that attract women. I graduated from an engineering university and very few women majored in an engineering discipline. Fewer graduated. Most women who started out in engineering switched to a humanities course. A few went into pure science (chemistry, biology, astronomy, math). Most were seeking a “Mrs.” degree.

        132. Most rapists are normal men by all known indicators. Until a man rapes or attempts rape it is near-impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy who will and who won’t. Long experience demonstrates that men who are not in surroundings where they feel accountable will rape, or do what if done back home would be called rape. Sailors and soldiers are stereotyped for good reason.

        133. These disciplines are what provide our technological benefits. The more female-populated disciplines are what make us civilized so that technology is not used by unbridled masculinity to kill us. Unfortunately technology has advanced faster than has civilization.

        134. But we will be anyway. It’s a man thing. Many of us tone it down for the sake of peace in our homes, and in the interest of keeping our jobs, employees or customers, but the ol’ asshole is always at the ready for immediate use. (Just add alcohol….)

        135. You surely have noticed [I realize the comment was posted a year ago] that the fymynysts commenting quickly resort to that master stroke of feminine logic, the Argumentum ad Hominem, like even most non-fymynysts do, when they don’t get their way. Just because we don’t instantly submit to a woman’s “reasoning,” especially when totally illogical and inane, the insults begin to fly.
          A few accomplishments by females, usually in collaboration with men, building on earlier discoveries and designs by men, don’t disprove anything.
          If she’d just shut her damn mouth and bring him another properly chilled beer, get off facebook and clean the house, life would go much more smoothly. — wisdom from my widowed landlady

        136. Or a powerful, vigorous sperm that was aggressive enough to negotiate the uterus and to breach the barricade put up by her ovum.

        137. Actually Edison improved the incandescent bulb that had been invented by men before him. He made it reliable and cheap enough for it to be commercially successful. Some Edison bulbs have been on for over a century.

        138. And most women can have a penis most any time they want one. They can enjoy it without having to take care of it, empty it, etc. If she is tired, she can just lie back or bend over and its operator will do most or all of the work.

        139. She doesn’t have to do anything. Her incubator is automatic, not requiring any attention in most cases. From penetration to insemination, fertilization and implantation, gestation and birth, she can be totally passive and it usually makes not the slightest difference. Most intervention is preventive, not necessary and often harmful.
          It’s women’s psyches that are hated, not their physiologies.
          Both men and women are suffering from previous generations of men who were taught not to exercise gentle correction on their women. A good spanking would in most cases have adjusted the female’s attitude and headed off serious problems before they got going. But now, after just a few generations, correction is fraught with danger from the fymynyzed society surrounding us. One swat on her cocky ass and the sheriff is at the door to enforce the fymynystic tyranny.

        140. Your father PUT YOU IN your mother’s belly. Unfertilized eggs are dumped out as the useless garbage they are. What makes you “you” came from your father, not your mother.

        141. Where is an actual matriarchal society? Have any survived in either competition or cooperation with a patriarchal society? Just wondering.

        142. I’ve encountered a few women on construction jobs (I don’t count flagging) and all but one was incompetent. They were all but that one quite unattractive. She was both competent and fairly good looking. Yet she didn’t try to be “one of the guys.”

        143. Of course pregnancy is easy. Unless something fouls up, a woman doesn’t have to do anything to get pregnant, be pregnant and get un-pregnant (give birth). Her reproductive system is automatic.
          During birthing, if she passes out, the process will continue to completion without any help from her conscious mind. All too often trouble is caused by intervention.

        144. come t threats of violence, even against an innocent child, who exists due to the cooperation of her reproductive system with the man’s.
          The man did not open her cervix. She opened it. The man didn’t secrete fluids that provided a path for sperms to proceed to her Fallopian tube. She did. He didn’t cause her to ovulate. She ovulated. Not a single spermatozoon can get to meet her egg without her cooperation at every step of the process once semen is deposited in heri vagina. Only by violence will the process of reproduction stop.

        145. Name one. ONE. Name one instance of human parthenogenesis.
          [No lectures please. I KNOW that I am coming in on a thread that is a year old.]

        146. I can’t imagine giving a faggot any advice other than to keep his hands away from my ass. Oh – also, to pull it out, wipe the shit off and repent.

        147. Aztecs cutting human hearts out and sacrificing them to god were highly civilized. Civilization at base means living in cities.

        148. Perhaps on occasion but big men don’t dominate smaller men, while small men dominated large women until our society was fymynyzed. Other women, usually older and always wiser, helped men subdue insubordinate wives. Mothers taught their daughters to submit to and obey their husbands, and their sons how to discipline their wives, often using their own marriages as examples.

        149. Women are supposed to be below their men – on your backs or on your knees.
          [THAT oughta shake a few out of the bushes!]

        150. “Actual” rape must be easy to get away with, for all information available strongly supports a hypothesis that most acts that have historically been considered rape are never reported. Of the reported alleged rapes well over 90% are classed as “unsubstantiated” and the investigation concluded without the case proceeding to prosecution. Of the rape cases that are prosecuted, most either are plea-bargained down to a misdemeanor, dismissed for lack of evidence, or acquitted.
          Far more rape accusations are false than result in a conviction. In the UK, false accusations of rape seem to be decreasing due to vigorous prosecutions of false accusers. As pointed out above, “unsubstantiated” doesn’t msan “false.” In the USA, prosecution of false accusers is rare.

        151. It’s not women’s physiology we dislike. It’s the proceeds of the unsubdued female brain. The physical is just fine.

      2. i read it all the way through and still think its disgusting! in a time when women are finally allowed to openly, without fear, say when they have been raped, someone like this comes along and say women actually WANT to be ignored when they say no, and all of us apparently want to be dominated! what era are you living in? women are the timid little creatures that they have been forced to be in the past! no is fucking no!

      3. I read it all the way through every single disgusting word and if you think there is good info here.there is little to no hope for you ever being a decent
        human being

    2. Good stuff. Is there a collection of “misogynistic” quotes by famous historical figures out there? I would think their must be, as both us and the feminist would be interested in publishing such a list.

      1. In the era of my grandfathers were natural game were at it’s peak in my country the men will game you make you feel like the only one with good passionate mindblowing sex but if you were a pain in the ass you would be just for the moment they would have abandoned you instantly many times with other women at their sleave. You are lucky you have nice men that treat you well in your country.

  4. There are are about 87 things that jump to mind that makes your logic completely off base but just to not immediately dismiss you as a rapey mofo I can agree to an extent that women do like to be pursued and might resist to a certain degree but wow. You should probably add “screaming no while you pin her to the ground” as another sign you should stop and leave.
    Also, NEWS FLASH: they have a right to change their mind. Maybe after seeing your shitty apartment and smelly laundry they change their mind. Fact is, if you are charming enough they won’t resist at all. And if they do, wait a date or two. You’re not a fucking monkey.

    1. No [waiting] means no [waiting]. We’re not fucking dancing monkeys to amuse women, if they don’t want to play then they should stay home with the cats.

    2. This article blows. Not the article, but the commenters. Prissy worried feminists that for the most part nobody here would wanna fuck anyway and White Knight faggots defending their noble honor.
      Give me a break. Its like living in the 1800’s.

      1. White knights are annoying as hell but how is this the 1800’s. Rape was no probs back then which might be what you prefer?
        All I know is that I’ve known women who have gotten seriously messed up from being raped so I just rely on charm to have sex. But there is a grey area where some women are playing around when they say no and I’ve dated women who have rape fantasies which further complicates matters.
        But if you have any emotional intelligence at all you should be able to tell the difference.
        Also, close your mouth when you breathe.

        1. What if your superior emotional intelligence leads you to being locked up for 10+ years?

        2. I’ve known women who have gotten seriously messed up from being raped

          Again, which specific sentences of this article advise on how to rape?
          Thought so.

        1. Strange as it apparently is to you, I’d rather be a decent person than set my life goal at “internet popularity”.

        2. This isn’t about popularity, this is about the fact you consistently leave low quality comments. This is like telling an unpopular kid to shower and to have him respond, “I don’t care if I stink – having friends is stupid”.

        3. LOL, a lesson on comment quality from someone who talks about “fatties”? Feel free to not like what I say. That’s your prerogative.
          By the way, saying “this isn’t about popularity” and then creating a simile dependent on an appeal to popularity…yeah. You’re winning.
          Have fun w/ your redundancy.

        4. I created the simile to show how you’re wrong. The kid should shower so that he doesn’t stink, but he just assumes that he shouldn’t shower because he doesn’t want to become popular.
          Please explain why you don’t think obesity is an enormous public health problem in the Western world or suggest any reason why fatties shouldn’t be criticized.

        5. The only thing you showed is that you fail when it comes to applying logic. “It’s not about popularity. Let me demonstrate w/ a simile about popularity…”
          Your continued use of the word “fatties” actually says everything about your perspective on who counts as real people. If you actually thought there were an issue w/ obesity, you’d be doing something constructive – not attempting to shame people into abiding by your standards of what is and isn’t acceptable. But no – you instead use words like “fatties” on the internet…because you’re just that much of a caring person. I would suggest you do some reflection on the fact that healthiness doesn’t always equate to being thin, but it’s pretty clear you already have your prejudices and, by golly, you’re going to stick with them!

        6. I shame fatties because in most Western countries the health problems caused by obesity are fixed using funding from taxpayers. Moreover, there is no advantage to being obese. You will be taken less seriously in the workplace and will not have many available romantic partners.
          I was comparing you to a lazy child because you are unable to leave comments that others enjoy reading. It’s not about popularity in either case — the thing that is similar is that both you and the child are delusional and assume that it’s about popularity, which unfortunately is a popular excuse among those who do not want to improve themselves. I called you out because you are incapable of leaving thoughtful comments that others are interested in reading. I don’t care at all if you’re popular on the internet or IRL, but if you’re incapable of leaving comments that others find worth reading then perhaps you should stop leaving comments or work to improve the quality of them. If you click on other commenters here at random you will find that the vast majority of them have more upvotes than comments.
          I have no sympathy for those who lack self control. I am a “caring” person and donate a significant amount of my time to helping children and adolescents.

        7. Homophobia? Just because he said ‘faggot’? Interesting… Am I a racist when I say ‘nigga’? And am I a car when I go “Vroom! Vroom!”, or a dumb president when I say “Yes we can!” ? I want answers NOW!

        8. In other words, “I comment a certain way to please other people.” Nice way to rephrase “I need to be popular online.” If that’s your goal – it’s pretty middling. Needing to have people’s approval to know one’s doing okay is the prerogative of politicians. You clearly do care about popularity, and every time you claim you don’t and then proceed to tell me I’m somehow failing because, you know, I don’t have x amount of thumbs-up, you do nothing but demonstrate your own ability to understand what you yourself are talking about.
          Actually, some people find there is an advantage in carrying weight; there are cultures that value full figures in both men and women, and entire subcultures in Western societies that find people who are carrying that weight attractive.
          It may pay to realise that your own profession about having no sympathy for those who lack self-control applies just as much to you in your inability to behave in a way that shows compassion and seeks to understand any of the various social, cultural and potentially personal reasons a person might be overweight. You’d far rather not involve your brain and just call them fatties – and then break out the pseudo-intellectualism when someone actually points out that your criticisms of comment quality are hardly justified when you judge quality on how many up-votes a comment gets while still attempting to say quality isn’t the same as popularity.
          Logic failure. Of the most supreme order.

        9. People like reading insightful comments that contribute to a discussion. I like to add these comments, and am usually awarded with upvotes if the comments added have any visibility. I do not comment for the sake of getting thumbs up, otherwise I would not be engaging you since it’s unlikely I’ll get any since our discussion will not have any visibility.
          If someone wants to be fat then I do not want to pay for their medical bills, which is effectively what happens in most if not all Western countries. I do not shame subcultures that do not cause problems for me. The only people who I have a true disdain for are fatties, smokers and others who cause negative externalities. I think people should be able to live however they want, and should only be limited in that they cannot burden the rest of society with their actions. Being fat is a burden to other people, both through the public funding of health but also on airplanes or other tight spaces in public. If someone takes pride in being overweight then they should not be bothered by my comments, and if they are then they are no doubt fail to contribute anything to society. Cultures that value overweight people are almost exclusively primitive cultures who do not understand modern medicine.
          Do you consider yourself to be a “decent person”? Do you do constructive things to help society instead of defending the honour of fatties?

        10. I see he didn’t need any help proving himself to be homophobic and misogynist, no. But well done you for making that all the clearer!

        11. How is calling overweight people “fatties” insightful?
          Frankly you should know full-well that all comment threads are visible to anyone who wants to read them. You pander to your audience; clearly you fail to grasp that in saying “quality is shown by how many thumbs-up you get” what you’re doing is equating popularity with quality. That’s your view. Have at it. I won’t bother myself explaining why you shouldn’t claim you don’t do things to please people and make yourself Mr. Popular.
          You do so like your broad and sweeping generalisations. Within western societies there are many cultures who value full-figured people; your statements about “primitive” societies is a hugely insensitive and quite ethnocentric one to make.
          Shaming people who already deal w/ weight issues – which would, I imagine, be most given the attitude of people such as yourself and of society in general which idolises 0% body fat – does nothing to help them, but further isolates them and tells them how bad they are. In fact it’s that kind of behaviour that leads to a preoccupation with eating because people are driven into spiraling self-hatred which leads to greater disempowerment. Not only that but actually obesity often has a socio-economic factor; those who have money are more able to make better choices about what they eat and how much time they have to devote to working just to maintain some greater-than-impoverished standard of living. People who have to work most of their waking hours and don’t have time to research which food is best are often the ones that are most likely to access fast food and convenience food – which is, strangely enough, also the most likely to be placed in the easiest-to-reach places by way of physical location along major transport routes.
          Which country are you from which causes you to be so right-wing about the fair use of your tax money? Which, by the way, if your government weren’t devoting it to health, it wouldn’t necessarily be spending it any more wisely. It’d be paying for politician expenses such as discounted travel costs. Strangely enough, though, overweight people pay taxes, too. They pay for you to be able to drive on a relatively safe road system so that you can, like the majority of them, go to work (presuming you work), which helps you earn your paycheque which you spend on an internet connection so you can jump online and play popularity contests and talk about how non-human overweight people are. Very short-sighted, and very lacking empathy – which is actually one of the key features of actual humanity.
          I do, in fact, do constructive things to help society – I’m a NICU nurse. Though of course with your attitude about your taxes going to support the health of people you deem undeserving I’m sure you’ll find some way of arguing that that’s infringing on the quality of your life.
          Don’t worry, though; I’m not particularly keen or bothered to further engage in this association. It isn’t adding to the quality of -my- life, so I’m off. Have fun with your narrow-minded judgements about who counts as a person and who doesn’t.

        12. It’s a homophobic slur. It’s used because of that history. If you’re unaware of this, you may need to do some research. But of course I wouldn’t expect an open mind.

        13. I’m not saying popularity = quality, which is obviously false. I’m saying that if very few people like them, then your comments are most likely of a very poor quality. I don’t equate a higher ratio of upvotes:comments as meaning that someone is more insightful, but when someone has very few upvotes it indicates their comments may not be of high quality.
          Can you name a non-primitive society that values overweight people?
          I do not idolize 0% body fat. I don’t take anyone seriously who has a very high body fat percentage and am disturbed by the fact that they can somehow find this as a point of pride or as something that should be acceptable. It is not hard to research “which food is best”, and it is delusional to claim it is. I do have some sympathy for poor people who are overweight, but they should nonetheless put forth the effort to control their weight. Moreover, I do think the government should take some responsibility by fighting the junk-food pushers and subsidize healthy food. My family earned <$20k but after prioritizing eating well obesity was not an issue. If someone is so offended by my use of the word fatties that it causes them to go into an eating spiral then I really don’t think there is any hope for them. We need to write them off as a society.
          I live in Canada, and there is a lot of fiscal irresponsibility here. However, there are very few uses of taxpayer money worse than bailing out overweight people. A politician staying in a luxury hotel is more deserving of taxpayer money than extending the life of an obese person by a few years. Since overweight people are disproportionately poor, they also pay a disproportionately low amount in taxes; moreover, the cost of their surgeries are a cost that can be avoided if they took personal responsibility for their actions. I use obesity as a signalling mechanism for strength of character and ability to self regulate. If you can suggest a better mechanism for this, please let me know.
          I’m not sure why you think I lack empathy. Obesity is a problem that only people rich enough to live in the first world face (except for a few cultures with an abundance of food but otherwise primitive) so my disdain for them does not show a lack of empathy for all humans. I’m sure you don’t feel empathy for rapists, murderers or business executives who bend the rules.
          Nursing is a profession I have an immense amount of respect for, but it does not entitle you to assume that someone who doesn’t like people who lack self control are worse than you. Obese people impose a cost to society similar to drug addicts and criminals, and should be treated the same way. This means they should be treated as humans, but also should not be immune from ridicule for their poor life choices.

        14. We are doing something about obesity: shaming the fucking landwhales until they (with difficulty) get up off their 6 foot wide asses and start exercising and eating right.
          fatty White Knight faggot

        15. Actually, it’s a slur against *weak* or *effeminate* men much more than actual homosexuals in terms of sexual preference – and has always been so.
          When the bully on the schoolyard call each other a “faggot”, he doesn’t mean that the callee likes it up the ass, but that he is a coward.
          Of course there may be a connection.

        16. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/msm/
          “Sexual risk behaviors account for most HIV infections in MSM. Unprotected receptive anal sex is the sexual behavior that carries the highest risk for HIV acquisition.”
          “For sexually active MSM, the most effective ways to prevent HIV and many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are to avoid anal sex, or for MSM who do have anal sex, to always use condoms. MSM are at increased risk for syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and CDC recommends that all sexually active MSM be tested annually for these STIs.”

          This homo garbage is completely natural, huh? You gonna call the CDC homophobic too? The same CDC underneath the current homosexuality-endorsing president?

      1. I can imagine him now.
        ‘Those tits are too perfect to be seen on screen. CALL THE OBJECTIFICATION POLICE’

    3. If you want to be taken seriously you shouldn’t swear in your comment, nor should you say “NEWS FLASH”.
      I also don’t understand how most of you assume that the people who write for and read this site have shitty apartments and smelly laundry. It’s the antithesis of what we preach.

      1. “NEWS FLASH” is pretty douchey. You’re right. And I wasn’t saying he has a shitty apartment. Just an example of why a girl might change her mind. And I despise women who play games like the author described but he simplified the issue way too much.

    4. “Fact is, if you are charming enough they won’t resist at all.”
      “And if they do, wait a date or two.”
      You wait. I’ll be busy fucking.
      “You’re not a fucking monkey.”
      Yes I am. And so are you. And so is everybody.
      Your ‘opinion’ comes from borrowed knowledge and propaganda. Mine comes from a lot of real world experience corroborated by a lot of other guys with a lot of real world experience.
      You live in the world of theory and inventive fiction. We live in the real world where we know how to pull the strings. That’s the difference.

      1. Vince, your sexual frustration is showing and your claims about me are hilariously way off as I do very well with women and do not wait around. If a woman wants to play games I move on to the next one. I don’t degrade myself by pulling on her clothes until she relents but thanks for playing.
        So let me clarify, a lot of men have definitely become weak and feminine which is super fucking annoying and in my experience women do like a man who takes charge and is firm and goes hard in bed. And while being charming helps, part of seducing a woman does also include pushing past her objections as you state but where we differ is how you add anger and frustration to the equation claiming that what you is so agressive you seem really hung up on getting charged with rape. If your game is so weak that at the end of your “conquests” you feel worried she might call rape on you then you are doing it wrong pal.
        You took a excellent topic and wrote a sloppy article with no depth or substance at all when it could have been great. Your article wreaks of anger and frustration towards women who I assume you like when it would have been better if you just discussed the issue in a creative and insightful way.

      2. Vince, your sexual frustration is showing and your claims about me are hilariously way off as I do very well with women and do not wait around. If a woman wants to play games I move on to the next one. I don’t degrade myself by pulling on her clothes like a weak little school boy until she relents but thanks for playing.
        So let me clarify, a lot of men have definitely become weak and
        feminine which is super fucking annoying and in my experience women do like a man who takes charge and is firm and goes hard in bed sometimes. And while being charming helps, part of seducing a woman does also include pushing past her objections as you state but where we differ is how you add anger and frustration to the equation claiming that what you is so agressive you seem really hung up on getting charged with rape. If your
        game is so weak that at the end of your “conquests” you feel worried she might call rape on you then you are doing it wrong pal.
        You took a excellent topic and wrote a sloppy article with no depth
        or substance at all when it could have been great. Your article wreaks of anger and frustration towards women who I assume you like when it would have been better if you just discussed the issue in a creative and insightful way.
        PS. If you are getting resistance while living in Thailand, a place where I might have gotten propositioned 30 times (not all prostitutes) in 4 days then you truly are a weak little man.

        1. how you add anger and frustration to the equation

          Where exactly does the author discuss “anger and frustration”?
          The entire central points of your argument –> blown away.

        2. at the end of your “conquests” you feel worried she might call rape on you then you are doing it wrong pal

          A woman can claim rape after any sex.

  5. I have never, in my life, said “no” but actually meant “yes.” I went to a guy’s room this one time because I had a crush on him and wanted to spend time with him. And because of stuff like THIS, he didn’t believe me that struggling and “I don’t want to” genuinely meant “no.”

    1. You should not have gone to his room. Then you wouldn’t have faced this possibility. Have coffee with your “crush” at “Starbucks instead. Problem solved.

      1. Or perhaps it should be expected that people accept “no” as meaning “no”. Bedroom =/= automatically permitted to force sex upon someone without consent (rape).

        1. Obviously. Women go to bedroom to play chess half-naked. No one should expect sex in that situation.

      2. You’re right! I guess trusting that most men won’t rape me is too lofty a hope.
        Oh wait, but that would just make me one of those silly feminists who insist all men are rapists!

        1. Yeah, you should never go to a man’s house unless you’re looking to get raped. Obvious.

        2. The sexes exist for reproduction. When men and women are alone, there is a natural inclination for a sexual charge to develop between them. The best way to prevent any misunderstanding is for women to choose not to be alone with men they have no interest in having sex with. It’s that simple. Problem solved.

        3. Why are you going to a man’s house alone in the first place? What is your agenda? What do you need from him by being alone that you cannot procure from meeting in a public place? Unless you are an international spy passing along state secrets, meet him in a coffee shop. Problem solved.

        4. She is just a slut – attention whore period. Wants to tease guys if they try something – call it rape.
          Makes for great Twitter – Facebook material.

        5. Snark all you want, but if you know you’re not ready to move into a sexual relationship with a guy then do this when he asks you to his room:
          “I like you, but I want to take this slow. Can we go out again? Give me your number.”
          “This place is too buy. Let’s go to a coffee shop and talk”.
          The guy instantly knows: not yet.
          Keep the dating public until you make that decision. You have less common sense than the 50’s dating scene you mocked where women had chaperones. Men knew exactly where they stood.

        6. There was a time when this was actually indeed considered fairly obvious. It was many centuries ago, before the rise of democracy and all the liberal brainwashing.

      3. What about men? What if THEY say no to a woman? Should she rearrange her tactics and coerce him into sex until he says yes?
        I do know male rape victims. It’s not funny.

        1. Persuasion would suggest willingness. A person can be coerced to do something against their will, though. Coercion and force aren’t the same thing by any means, but the article never mentioned force as a good thing.

        2. Unless you’re referring to victims of homosexual or prison rape, you’re full of it. That’s not how anatomy works, sweetheart.

        3. Is there a way we could “persuade” you to leave our site Mr. White Knight Mangina Ball-less female bootlicking faggot.
          Sorry, hope that wasnt being too mean to a sensitive new-age metrosexual like yourself…

        4. Oh wow, you’re so strong and powerful – a real role model! – clearly w/ no insecurities at all, what w/ all your name-calling, homophobia and general need to abuse others into not coming anywhere near you in case, you know, you have to start thinking about stuff! And all this w/ your name up there for all to see. Oh, wait.
          Fear not, though, I’d rather discontinue my association w/ the overwhelming lack of empathy and critical thinking ability present on this site.

        5. “persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.”
          >by using force or threats
          At least read a fucking dictionary you daft cunt.

      4. Think about it this way.
        Say you have this buddy and you go over to his house to do whatever. Just chill or something. You’re chilling in his room and suddenly he makes these unwanted sexual advances.
        What if you were actually turned on by it secretly and he just thought you were resisting because that’s apparently how we do things around here. Would that still be ok?

        1. How would a male know for sure if the woman has a liking, in your average situation?
          Even if she does have a liking, would that make unwanted sexual advances so much less scarring?
          Just because a girl is straight or has a crush on a certain person doesn’t mean they should make unwanted sexual advances. The liking for the person is one thing, the disliking of the advances is the problem. Not every woman is looking to be coerced in such a matter.

        2. Easy solution. Become a fucking lesbian and never look at or talk to guys again.
          Or become a nun.
          But I guess that would be mens fault too huh?

        3. “Coerced”?
          Really? I don’t know about you, but a girl saying they have a crush on a guy means that they see him in a sexual way, at least a little bit. I don’t have a “crush” on all my friends, just the ones I’d like to have sex with.

        4. I once knew a girl was into me just through 10 seconds of eye contact.
          I had sex with her the following day. A cute 7 if I recall. You can tell quite easily sometimes.

        5. A woman could be in a committed relationship with someone they are extremely attracted to and have had sex with before and refuse sex and continuation of sexual advances would be a huge violation.

        6. I know where you’re going with this darling, and I understand your confusion. It’s just the grey area effect, you see? Just because one woman liked you and wanted to have sex with you immediately doesn’t mean that’s a formula for anyone else. In fact, there is no formula, it’s really unpredictable for the most part. That’s why “no” is a universal safeword for those kinds of things.

        7. I said nothing about males as a whole. Don’t misunderstand me. Most men are lovely creatures who are very compassionate and understanding. They’re just people after all. Men aren’t monsters.
          Just the continuation of the idea that it is ok for men to claim sexual control over women is ridiculous! No gender should have absolute control, it should be an effort.
          That’s kind of what feminism is about anyway. It truly isn’t about overpowering men, I promise. That’s only the extremists.

        8. You don’t, actually.
          Aside from that B-grade smokescreen tactic, the point is being able to intuit what someone means when they speak. Any man worth his salt can discern a real no from feigned resistance. Ergo this article has merit, as the latter does occur.

        9. It’s no good to insult, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar sweetheart.
          My point is that even if that is true, that must mean a lot of men aren’t worth their salt. I can’t tell you how many friends I have that have had a problem in which a male (or female) has thought they liked them. Sometimes they did like them, and these people ended up initiating unwanted sexual interactions. It tears people up man, you have to understand. People read this article and it immediately reminds them of all the times guys have taken this advice and have failed utterly. The horror stories tear us apart and scare us to death.
          Yes. Men are scary sometimes, but should they be?

        10. It wasn’t an insult, maybe put another layer on, that skin will get cold.
          They aren’t, that’s a fair assessment. We cannot all be Kings, and most of us will not even aspire to be. I pride myself on my seduction capabilities but I will never be at a point where I am not entirely confident the girl was up for it. In fact, I find all men who use alcohol as lubricants or misdirection to lure women into the sack as lower-caste scum.
          You can be a man of boldness and smash through resistance without being a man that forces his will upon girls in a way that compromises their sense of safety and comfort. In all honesty a woman’s openness is an ally to the very idea of seduction.

        11. You see, this is less about how you evaluate your own game and more about how people use this mentality displayed in the article and cause harm with it. It isn’t just misdirection, I don’t know if you realize this, but the article says that using pressure is a valid way to get laid. Who cares about my opinion, but between the article and some of these popular comments, it becomes clear that there is a lot of misunderstandings and anger that come along with this sort of thing.
          *only mildly related, sort of*
          The thing is, this website is all about making men into the best men they can be. Except it isn’t really. There’s a lot of things that devalue other people on here, and that’s no way for a man or anybody to be. Since you apparently respect women and their right to choose what they do and do not want, you probably agree that this isn’t very nice.
          Yes, I know, call me a baby or whatever. There are nasty things on the internet. It’s really that this website has shocking influence for the things it has on it. I fail to see where everyone has suddenly decided that males and females are so exceedingly different. I guess it has a lot to do with society and what tradition and values mean to people. The thing is, agree or disagree, I think that when you strip away the changes in western culture and look at the other ways in which we’ve changed, you can kind of see why things aren’t traditional anymore.
          I don’t know if I’m arguing you or if you’ll agree or what, I just want to put it out there in case you’re getting any wrong ideas, or anyone is. I know for certain there are a lot of people reading this with their blood boiling, but I don’t know why they would be so angry. The goal in the end is to achieve equality and a lot less fighting, that’s what I think. The only problem there would be that maybe some men don’t want women in power and some women don’t want men to have power. So again, we’re equal.
          Yeah, whatever, just random ranting.

        12. It’s about ruining the she-resists-he-persists game as evident by your line of argumentation. There is a grey area between the guy who jumps a stranger girl from the bushes and vanilla sex between two lovers.
          I kind of like that game, so do many women. There need to be rules, but “no means no” is obviously not acceptable. If it was, I quite simply wouldn’t have sex, because a girl who doesn’t resist is, frankly, not attractive. It’s like eating carrion.
          There used to be the rule that you had to marry her, and then she was yours. That makes sense to me.
          I don’t know what the rules are today, because those that get thrown around are neither much observed nor do they make sense to me.

        13. You cannot control perception. Ultimately people will interpret words through their paradigm of thought.
          I think in an overall sense the image of self-mastery is slightly different per person, and the site reflects that in stark, brutal honesty. As men we can also agree that it can be prudent to devalue, because an empathetic approach can have the knife-edge result of encouraging the unwanted behaviour, due the person lacking an appreciation for the severity of the problem.
          You mean well, I can tell, but equality isn’t strictly possible. Equal opportunity is, but all that does is go to show equality is a flawed concept. We are hugely different as a gender, and that must be observed, that is exactly the root of all things traditional. It should be self-evident at this point.
          I don’t think conflict is a problem, feminism has devastated and polluted the image of women almost irrevocably due to their own agendas and emotional instabilities. This site is one of many intelligent rebuttals.

      5. You are not serious here are you? When a man goes time spending with another man, this man is gay, would you say the same? Such degrading stupid stuff here…

    2. You should blame women. I think every guy has, at some point, had to convince a girl to have sex with him and turned a no into a yes. It’s what salesmen do all the time. If salesmen gave up at every no they would never make any money and no guy would ever get laid.
      This teaches men that they need to be persistent to get laid, and that a no can easily become a yes with the right approach. If women never changed their minds then this wouldn’t happen.

      1. So… what you’re saying is that women actually already have complete control in potentially sexual encounters?
        Salesmen don’t generally stick their dicks in your body. That’s rape.

        1. I’m not really sure what you’re saying here. There will always be some rapists who will force themselves on women regardless. The problem is that there is a huge grey area because many women put up fake resistance as part of the courting process. Numerous times I’ve heard women say “I wasn’t going to fuck him but he was just so persistent I gave in”. What kind of message does that send to men?
          I’m saying that women teach men to rape:

          How Women Train Men To Rape

        2. To use that article to make my own point, it does say to stop when someone says “no” because of the ambiguity of the situation. Therefore while the situation is confusing, there is a clear way to make decision. If you don’t know for sure, if it’s in the grey area, assume that it is really “no”.
          I wouldn’t say you’d find the risk of hurting someone in such a matter worth it.

        3. That means the woman didn’t really want to do it but you practically forced her into it. I’ve never had a female friend tell me “I wasn’t going to and did because he was persistent.” And I have never fucked a guy because he was persistent. I told him to GTFO.

        4. I’m not talking about myself here by the way. I’m generally not a very persistent guy for this very reason, I don’t want to be a creep, but SO many times I’ve heard women say this about other guys.
          As I said, maybe you’re unique. But more than likely you’re just ignorant of what actually has happened. We see what we want to see. Women like to think “oh it just happened, it was so romantic”, when in fact there were a clear and obvious set of things that led to what happened.
          I think it’s funny that feminists bemoan a slut culture and how they feel inhibited by it, but won’t admit to ever ACTUALLY being inhibited by it. They’re always the elusive, straightforward “yes, I find you attractive, let’s go back to my apartment and have sex” women. Likely story.

        5. I would always stop if a person said so. I’m just saying that because men have to be the perusers 99% of the time, it’s REALLY confusing for us when you don’t know whether “let’s just be friends” or “we aren’t going to have sex” means just that, or if it means “I need more convincing”. It’s really sad and I wish it were otherwise, but the only way it is going to be otherwise is if women stop with the fucking ridiculous tests and games and start being honest.

      2. PRO TIP: Holding someone down and having sex with them while they struggle and tell you to stop isn’t “convincing.”

        1. I fail to see where the author or any comment on this thread endorsed such behavior.
          Perhaps you are projecting your own desires into your comments.

        2. Except that guys are taught, by women, to be persistent and to continue DESPITE RESISTANCE. That’s my point, no guy would get laid if he ignored resistance. Some guys take it too far, sure, but it’s made a fuckload worse because women make resistance PART OF SEDUCTION. I had a girl tell me she wanted to be friends then was sucking my cock an hour later. That tells me that her ‘no’ doesn’t mean very much.

        3. I HATE persistent guys. I think it is annoying and a turn off and downright desperate. If I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you. If I don’t, your whininess and desperation is going to just make it worse.

        4. One woman’s desperation is another woman’s confidence, is it not? So you’ve NEVER changed your mind about a guy? I find that to be obvious bullshit.

        5. the author stated “wrestle their panties off” in the article. if she says no he shouldn’t be wrestling anything off. And her being wet doesn’t necessarily mean she wants sex. Men get erections sometimes without wanting sex.

        6. So now “wrestle their panties off” == “holding someone down and having sex with them while they struggle and tell you to stop.”
          Are you sure you’re not a woman?

        7. That happens to me if I drink too many fluids before going to bed at night. I believe the scientific term is “piss boner”.

      3. So you’re convincing a girl to do something she doesn’t want to do? How is this a woman’s fault? According to the logic of this site, women are sluts if they say yes too much, but should be pushed into having sex even if they don’t want to because it is your right?
        And I’ve never had to be convinced because I know how I treat sex. I don’t have it until I’m ready and trust the person. No amount of “sales” has convinced me otherwise.

        1. That’s great that you are open and upfront about sex. Perhaps you are one of the rare women that doesn’t shit test guys and instead is just honest and isn’t ashamed of being called a slut so will not say no then change that to yes. I applaud you then. Unfortunately most girls aren’t like that.
          “women are sluts if they say yes too much, but should be pushed into having sex even if they don’t want to because it is your right?”
          Please show me on this website where it says it is a man’s right to have sex with a woman.
          I find it spurious though that you think you are immune to sales techniques. Sales is to make the best case possible for something in the hope that you will change your mind. Nobody is advocating holding women down and fucking them, the problem is that ‘no’ is often used simply a smokescreen so she doesn’t feel like a slut. That sends a terribly conflicting message.

        2. So does calling women who enjoy sex a “slut.”
          I am immune to a “sales” technique as I have never had sex with someone I have known shorter than a couple of months. By then, I know his character and trust him enough.

        3. See, I believe what is happening here is that it actually kind of says that in the article a little bit.
          About how men should be reclaiming their dominance and whatnot, yeah. That sends off alarm bells.
          It’s spoken of in the article as if men are entitled, especially if the situation is confusing. So yeah, that’s where.

        4. It’s a person’s individual choice, male or female, to have lots of sex or abstain from it. Slutty is a meaningless insult.

        5. Duh, men are entitled to a hot woman’s vagina. HELLO, have you not read this site?

        6. “Trust” a person? What does that even mean to you? Seriously. And of the men you’ve chosen to “trust” how many have ultimately left after they got what they wanted? Your “trust” radar is broken.

        7. I didn’t say that a woman who enjoys sex is a slut. I said they FEEL like a slut.
          That’s fine, but I’ve had a similar situation. Knew a girl for a couple of months, fellow student, we went out on what I thought was a date, tried to kiss her and she “just wanted to be friends”. That’s cool, no problem. At the end of the night after a few drinks she decides to get in the the cab with me, even though we live in opposite directions. Figured she had changed her mind, awesome! We get to my house, and I ask her in for a drink, she says no and laughs “what did you think I was going to fuck you or something?”. Was a bit disconcerted but OK, fine.
          Speak to her the next day and ask what the deal was with coming to my house when she lives on the opposite side of town. She says “I was waiting for you to ask me again, I would have come in”.
          To cut a long story short, I slept with her a few nights later but it is a perfect example of what I mean.

        8. Uh, none? Because I was in a relationship for several months to several years with all of them. And my “trust” radar is broken? How do you even know?
          So you’re saying that all men will use sales pitches on women and then leave them? That’s a lovely picture you paint of the “superior” gender.

        9. No, slutty is an adjective that also happens to be an insult. If you have sex with multiple partners you’re a promiscuous slut no matter what gender you are.
          You’re free to be a slut, but don’t pretend like you’re not a slut.

        10. The Mike Hunt comment was for Jim Squire not you. Somehow Disqus screwed up the order of the comments again.
          But as far as you?
          You seem like a stuck up cunt – and I wish you would just go away. Since you have had so many boyfriends and relationships I wouldnt think it would be hard for you to get a date and go out to a movie or restaurant instead of hanging around here harassing us. Myabe they will be nice guys and not even try anything. Then you can get a free movie and dinner off of them
          Win / Win.

        11. well what you read is MY statement. Yes, there are biological differences, yes, it is harder for men to be promiscuous than it is for women, but that doesn’t make the man less of a slut.

    3. This is a classic example of female thought behaviour. The author isn’t personally addressing you.
      Sometimes a no isn’t a no. You cannot tell me females follow a line of absolution when a ‘fine’ isn’t a ‘sure, go ahead’ or an ‘okay’ is secretly a ‘I am completely not for this course of action’.

      1. See, but you must understand. Us feminists don’t encourage women to do that kind of thing either really. We encourage them to say “no” when they mean it when there is nothing else to turn to.

        1. Exactly. I don’t know any women who have been charmed by persistence….mostly just turned off by it.

        2. Feminists also have trouble conveying most of their messages due to extremists and the portrayal of all feminists as man-hating, power-hungry women who want to tear the world apart.

        3. Probably men who do not understand that persistence is only useful when the battle is already won.

        4. The extremists ARE feminism. You’re just nodding your head along with the rest. Are you out there publishing articles challenging extremist positions? The extremists control the narrative, the rhetoric and the ideology. They dictate, you follow.

        5. feminism dictionary Def : belief in women’s rights: belief in the need to secure rights and opportunities for women EQUAL to those of men.
          The more you know

        6. “The extremists control the narrative, the rhetoric and the ideology. ”
          exactly, well said

    4. Why dont you go join a nunnery.
      Then you will never have to worry about all us terrible men ever again.

      1. Because I don’t think all men are terrible and in fact am in love with one at the moment! Crazy concept that a feminist can actually love men, isn’t it?!!

      2. Anyway, I’m spending far too much time on this article. I need to take a nap so I can fuck my boyfriend when he gets home…who has never once had sex with men if I have said no or has tried to convince me otherwise.

  6. Yikes. Based on the article about short hair and this one, I feel downright encouraged to shave my head completely and to encourage other women to do the same. Perhaps it will prevent me from being in a “No means Yes” situation with one of you despicable animals.

    1. I think girls who say no but mean yes are the real issue here. Go ahead and shave your head to spite men. I’m sure it’ll save them some time.
      Can feminists stop hate reading this site? I liked the intelligent/entertaining conversations before, not all the “I can’t even”, “wow, just wow”, and various insults.

      1. I wasn’t thinking of it in a way to “spite” men. I am legitimately afraid of being raped. I was very nearly date raped once by a “friend.” I was steadily saying “No, no, no” and he continued to pull my clothes off and touch me until another (male) friend overhead and stopped him.

        1. Pulled your clothes off? I can barely do that if the girl is cooperating.
          Carry a gun that you can operate, you’ll never ever be raped. What’s that, a look of disappointment clouding your face? When is your trip to India?

        2. That’s unfortunate. Don’t ugly yourself down. Just make smart decisions. I drive my own car on dates so I’m in control of taking myself there and back, and I don’t go to a guys place who I don’t want to sleep with. It sends the wrong idea. There are many precautions you can take to avoid these situations. Some people are just bad people but overall using your head can easily help you avoid these situations.

        3. If you think a hairstyle encourages rape then you should attend a slutwalk and stop being such a misogynist.

        4. Yeah, I mean – I was in town visiting friends when this guy (a mutual friend) stopped by. My friend whose house it was handled the situation. I never go home with anyone I don’t know and trust.

        5. Whoa whoa… how dare you suggest women make smart decisions… we should just teach men to not rape duh!

        6. There is a genuine problem in that the cat-mouse game men and women play to each others enjoyment is sometimes difficult to tell apart from the real thing, even to the participants.
          The institution of marriage was once meant to solve this problem, among others – but it has been morphed into something else entirely.
          I would like nothing more than clear rules on what is and isn’t allowed, but I’m not going to lose out on sex just because women reward men who cross their lines (pass their shit-tests).

        7. Kate is a voice of reason in an unreasoning world. I am sick of all those only men can prevent rape BS campaigns. I really want to carry a sign to one of these rallies that says, “Quit telling us not to leave our keys in the ignition when we park our car; tell them to quit stealing our cars.”

    2. Yes of course because no woman has ever said no and not meant it. This has never happened in the history of mankind nor could ever possibly occur…

    3. Please do so. You and all the other nervous nelliy fuglies can drop out of the dating pool. We wont miss ya!

    4. Please do that as it will facilitate my desire to avoid political women. I’m not being sexist either: I run away from political men too.

    5. You do realise shaving your head because of something you read on the internet to spite men you’ll never meet and have no influence over your day to day existence is, to put it bluntly, sign that you’re mentally-unbalanced, and just reinforces the stereotype we have of short-haired chicks being crazy?
      “Boy, I sure showed that random blogger existing somewhere out there in the world!”
      Abandon feminism, and embrace cognitive behaviour therapy and anti-depressants. Life can be better than it is. These women who are claiming to be your sisters are encouraging insanity in you..

      1. Dude. I am not really going to shave my head (and in fact, I don’t even have short hair). It’s called hyperbole. Also, way to (further) stigmatize mental illness. I’ve been fortunate to live a balanced and satisfied life, but I don’t believe in the shaming of those who haven’t achieved such balance.
        But, you are right to point out that this entire conversation is basically inconsequential and not worth investing energy in. I suppose that could be applied to the dissenters and to the “Amen” corner on any website.

        1. ” Perhaps it will prevent me from being in a “No means Yes” situation with one of you despicable animals.”
          Predictable, unoriginal ad hominem insult. Check.
          ” I’ve been fortunate to live a balanced and satisfied life”
          Boasts about how great her life is. Check.
          “I am legitimately afraid of being raped”
          Female logic. Check.

    6. congratulations for having read a new statesmen article suggesting women cut their hair short to deny they’re trying to get male attention. Because the denial appeals to pride which is even hotter than vanity isn’t that right?

    7. The whole if you don’t agree with me you won’t get pussy idea doesn’t work, because it implies you’re desirable in the first place, whereas you’re probably fat, ugly and feminist all at once.

    8. hurry up and do it already, then you will be safe from those men you fear so much, and men will know from one glance at you that you are a complete waste of time – it’s a win/win all around

    9. Please do. You save yourself from a potential embarassing situation and you save a man from 20+ years in prison. If you are not interested make it painfully obvious, for the benefit of all of us, male and female.

  7. This is disgusting. I have never said no and meant yes. You degrade women who have sex, yet you also think they’re no means yes. So basically, in your head, all women are just there for your own pleasure–to rape, make fun of, serve you and brutalize for your own needs. Especially the beautiful ones. Non-beautiful women don’t even deserve to live.
    Dude, you’re fucking sick.

    1. Truth can be a sickening thing, hopefully you now know what men go through and how crazy women are even when it comes to simple basic understanding of words every 2 year old knows “NO/YES”

    2. Spoken by a non beautiful woman, really now? Find the lies in this article without putting your own assumptions or interpretations in it. Double Dare you!

    3. I asked my bird to rim my ass. Initially she said no. 10 minutes later she knew what I had for lunch…..

  8. Most women publicly or on the net will say “I have NEVER said NO and meant YES, you’re a horrible person!!!”
    Yet in real life it’s common for a woman to say no and it’s only a shit test. Every time a woman has said no (when it comes to sex) I simply play a game (“That’s fine I am tired as hell and need the sleep” or “Who says I want to have sex with you and not just fool around? I don’t have sex with just any girl” or “That’s fine it’s late and it’s a good time for you to go, I will call you a cab” and guess what magically happens? She initiates sex when I show lost of interest or have a I don’t give a shit / I can get laid when I want attitude.
    Women – you can’t have it both ways – you can’t say No means Yes and No means No, get your shit straight.

    1. I have saidn ‘no’ and meant ‘yes’ on only two occasions that I can think of. Both times I made it clear that my ‘no’ was playful, either by laughing or smiling. I have said ‘no’ and meant ‘no’ only for my partner to beg and cajole, telling me that I was already there and so why not? When I still said no, said that I didn’t want to go that far yet, he got angry and asked me why I was being such a fucking prude, and I finally relented because I didn’t want to be a bad girlfriend. I was sixteen years old and he took my virginity.
      No can mean no, even after you’ve forced a yes.

      1. So, you agreed but then you say you were “forced.” Typical.
        Expecting a woman to take responsibility for her actions is like expecting a chicken to build a space ship. It’s just not going to happen.

        1. What is there to respect? Who is going to teach me this respect?
          Our friend Kyra here apparently has no understanding of moral agency. She stated that she agreed to sex, then later claimed she was forced. Do you not see that this self-contradiction, in the span of about 3 seconds, is the whole point of this article, and the point of every False Rape Allegation article on this site and others? Kyra has, in one paragraph, summed up the situation better than all of them — “I decided to fuck him, but I was forced.”
          Anyway, thanks for your advice about what I need, but I never take advice from women.

        2. You do realize the lady said she was 16 years old, yes? I forgot all 16 year olds know exactly what they are doing, and they are always right, and never ever pressured into doing anything. You speak of comprehending moral agency, I’m curious on where you learn this school of thought? Are you a Neitzschian or a dirty old Kantian?

        3. So, she’s old enough to decide for herself about whether to have sex, but not old enough to take responsibility for her decisions about having sex. Got it.
          You’re as self-contradictory as Kyra.

        4. Oh my god. She didn’t want to have sex, but she was pressured into it. Sure, she said yes, so it wasn’t rape. But she was still pressured by her male partner who should have known better than to persist after she clearly stated she wasn’t ready. That isn’t rape, but it is taking advantage of people.

        5. Phinn, a woman being pressured into saying yes isn’t saying yes because she’s into it. She’s saying yes because she’s being intensely pressured into it. I encourage you to look up the word “coercion” – The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats – When someone agrees to do something through coercion, they’re not to blame, the person who applied the psychological pressure, physical force or threats is.
          If you use coercion to get someone into a position they don’t actually want to be in, for example, to give in and have sex that you’re forcing upon them, you’re guilty of rape even if they have eventually said “yes”.
          This can happen to men also, men get coerced into doing things all the time, I’m sure you can find examples when someone has pushed you into doing something you didn’t actually want to do and you regretted afterwards. That’s what Kyra is talking about. Try being a human being, man, it’s way sexier than this alpha male rapist bullshit.

        6. Well. She WAS forced. In a way. Kyra told us that she reluctantly agreed. I wonder what kind of a man takes advantage when a woman reluctantly agree.

        7. And when your daughter says no to her older boyfriend and he gets mad, so she says ‘okay’ because she’s scared and naive and believes that this asshole is the love of her life and loosing him seems devastating to a young, quivering heart. And then she cries while he rips her open, while he whispers “it’ll only hurt for a little while”. Then she comes home crying, upset and feeling like something inside of her has just been stolen; you’ll be on his side, right? You’ll be sure to tell her “It’s your fault, you asked for it. Take responsibility for your actions, slut.”
          Expecting an ignorant, empathy lacking excuse of a man to understand the importance of respect and consent in a relationship and to demand that of both acting parties is like asking Phinn to think before he speaks; it’s just not going to happen!

        8. That’s not as light as “taking advantage,” that is rape. It’s like a child asking their parents over and over and throwing a holy shit fit until they say yes and the parents are up the fucking wall. She’s frustrated. She isn’t consenting. That. Is. Rape.

        9. Gee, tell us another story, ryleerae. You have such a vivid imagination.
          I guess it’s too much to expect that people (i.e., women) converse in terms of reason and evidence and reality, rather than through fairy tales, make-believe, emotional tear-jerkers and your own sordid histories.
          Your post is nothing but a shining example of female solipsism rearing its ugly head. Again.

        10. If you don’t see the difference between “Have sex or I’ll murder you” and “Have sex or I’ll break up with you,” then you’re an even bigger idiot than I already think you are.
          See, it’s only “force” if someone does (or threatens to do) something that the putative victim has a right not to experience (e.g0., not be murdered or beaten or robbed, etc.). But no one has the right not to be dumped for being a frigid girlfriend, or for ANY reason. Men actually get to dump girls they don’t want to date, at any time, for any reason, because adult relationships are voluntary.
          If she’s going to play at having an adult relationship by being sexually active, then she can learn to accept that the things she does in order to keep a boyfriend from dumping her aren’t coercive or “forced.”

        11. Threatening to break up is not force. The male had the right to break up with her. In contrast, he didn’t have the right to shoot her, for example, so threatening to shoot her would have been force. See the difference?
          “Reluctant agreement” is just another way of saying that she did what she needed to do to keep a boyfriend.
          Is it “force” if I refuse to buy a car until the dealer lowers the price? No, because I have the right to walk away and refuse to buy the car, for any reason I want. Likewise, it’s not force to say (or imply), “Have sex or I’ll walk away from this relationship.”
          Or is the male somehow obligated to remain her boyfriend indefinitely, even though he’s not getting what he wants?

        12. You know she could join a nunnery?
          I think a lot of the females posting here should consider it.
          Since all us men are soooo terriblllllleeeee

        13. White Knight convention in town?
          Join the Man-Hater convention over on the east side of the conference hall.

        14. Hmmm. So what your saying is..
          Men want “equality”?
          What a concept.
          Oh wait. That only works for womyn.

        15. That’s a gem of a rejoinder. The guy gave a well thought out arguement and all you can come up with are immature jibes. Claps for you!

        16. Phinn you’re so full of shit. So you think every 16 year old has the maturity of a normal adult to take such decisions.
          Clearly your lack of presence of mind is obvious. As mark stated, coercion also includes psychological pressure. This means breaking up and losing out on what an immature 16 year old thinks is a everlasting relationship.
          I can’t believe how stupid and ignorant you are. Your arguments are clearly baseless.
          Despite the fact that she was coerced into having sex with this older boyfriend of hers, she didn’t file a False Rape Allegation, as you said, most women do. I’m not saying no women like this exist, but I’m pretty sure any sensible woman would not want that kind of attention that a False rape allegation would call for.
          For fuck’s sake grow up.

        17. How fucking shallow are you? If you think not having sex yet and waiting for a little while (especially in the case of a 16 year old) then why don’t you and whoever else thinks similarly go to a fucking prostitute who actually earns money off of having sex with ignorant fucks like you.

        18. Expecting an ignorant, empathy lacking excuse of a man to understand the importance of respect and consent in a relationship and to demand that of both acting parties is like asking Phinn to think before he speaks; it’s just not going to happen!

          Expecting the immature, barely-qualifying-as-child modern woman to stand up for herself and take responsibility for the situations she puts herself in before crying rape and using every white-knight male in the world to protect her non-existent virtue after the fact is like asking ryleerae and other female trolls to think before they speak. It’s not going to happen because they have no capability for self-reflection.
          Instead, these “modern”, and “strong and independent” women turn into babies incapable of being responsible for their own actions as soon as they give in to someone seducing them.

        19. It says a lot about your understanding if you honestly think that the scenario ryleerae described is fictional, and doesn’t happen to people (men AND women) all the time.
          Women try to paint a scenario for you to understand her perspective and why your opinion is flawed and your thinking probably has a few holes, you call it fairy tales. A woman tries to relay her own personal experiences to you about being raped, and how her clear and defiant “No” actually meant “no!” and you blame her, or make up some detail about how she wasn’t clear, or she’s a slut, or how it’s somehow her fault. (And if a woman’s stories of rape don’t count as evidence, then why do your personal stories of how you’ve “pushed past a woman’s defiance to get laid” count as evidence to the contrary? Hypocrisy!)
          Hell, I could go through the effort of giving you facts, statistics, or any number of information, and you’d just question the validity of the sources, regardless of who I actually quote.
          It’s clear your close-minded. You think what you want to think about women, and the experiences they have. You don’t care about reason, or intelligence or reality. What a joke!
          For example, as you’ve been reading this, I’ll bet you’ve been picturing me as a female, haven’t you? You’ve been imagining me as fat, or as ugly, or as whatever you need to to make yourself feel better. The REALITY is that your head is shoved so far up your ass, you wouldn’t know REALITY if it came up and raped you.

        20. He probably just inferred it from hearing that 16 is old enough to fight in wars for men and that girls mature earlier.

        21. Conflating coercion (a gun to your head) with pressure (getting angry) is nothing short of moral bankruptcy.

        22. Just for clarification: Does this “coercion” you are talking about qualify for rape? Did the boy in this scenario rape the girl by putting up “psychological pressure”?

        23. Phinn, a woman being pressured into saying yes isn’t saying yes because she’s into it. She’s saying yes because she’s being intensely pressured into it.

          So, by the same logic, a man being pressured into giving up all his money has no responsibility for his own actions. Saying yes is consent regardless of what pressure was applied. If women are so weak willed that they cannot be responsible for their own actions regardless of the pressure put on them, then they’re frankly no better than babies.

        24. For fuck’s sake grow up.

          That’s what I want the women to do, to grow up and own their own choices. You apparently do not. You want them to remain victims regardless of their ability to consent. If this 16-year-old was old enough to make a bad choice, she was old enough to make a good choice. You seem to want to call her a victim if she makes a bad choice, but an adult if she makes a good choice. This represents a fundamental failure on your part to think logically.
          The real problem is her father was probably horrible because he didn’t prepare her for making the right choice when it comes to social or romantic pressure against her wishes before she was put into those situations.

        25. Coercion – Use of physical or moral force to compel a person to do something, or to abstain from doing something, thereby depriving that person of the exercise of free will.
          Applying verbal pressure to someone to get them to do what you want is coercion just as much as using a gun is. That’s the definition in the dictionary and in Law.
          You can try and make yourself feel better about your rapey desires and say “well I didn’t use a gun, so I didn’t force her” – but if she said NO and you persisted and persisted and begged and pushed and whined and she eventually gave in…. you coerced her.
          I am not the morally bankrupt one in this comment cess-pit. The author of this awful article (which is going to get idiots like yourself in jail for following his awful advice) admits that what he’s suggesting is not exactly right or legal… look at the last paragraph of it. He straight up says that following this advice might end you up in jail and you should move to THAILAND to rape girls and get away with it. You know this author is fucking kids, right? He moved there because he’s a pedophile and you’re gleefully following his advice and defending him, you disgusting sicko.
          Anyone following this guys “advice” deserves every penalty of law that will be their consequences. Seriously, if you’re so desperate to get your dick wet, hire a prostitute, don’t rape someone. And don’t look for small-dick reasons to justify raping a woman either. Get a job at McDonald’s and buy a blowjob, you idiots.

        26. It’s not the definition of the law.
          If it was, many salesmen would be guilty of coercion, which is obviously not the case.
          You don’t get to decide what the law is.
          All you can do is scream into the internet in your impotency and believe that makes you the good guy.

        27. It’s like a child asking their parents over and over and throwing a holy shit fit until they say yes and the parents are up the fucking wall.

          So, just to clarify, in your example the parents who have a child asking them the same thing over-and-over-and-over again are victims of a criminal-like child?
          What you are saying is that if someone is pressured repeatedly, their ultimate informed consent is impossible. This is entirely false.

        28. Children are forcing their parents for toys in the same sense as rapists force their victims into sex – awesome line of reasoning here.
          I couldn’t have chosen a better example to make you look like an idiot, congratulations.

        29. You can keep insisting that coercion only involves physical force, but a quick Google proves you wrong every time. Salesmen DO get charged with coercion in certain cases for applying immoral pressure & lying to close a deal that the buyer didn’t really want by making them feel they had no choice – again, Google can find you cases of this.
          You’re quite right to say I don’t get to decide what the law is, but all you need to do, again, is Google to see that I’m correct. Here in fact is a link to a law dictionary – http://thelawdictionary.org/coercion/ – where you can quite clearly see that force isn’t the only definition of coercion.
          Thankfully, anyone reading these comments doesn’t have to take my word for it and can do that for themselves to see what a crock of shit you’re trying to sell.
          And a guy defending a pro-rape article accusing someone of impotence? That’s funny.

        30. Anyone following this guys “advice” deserves every penalty of law that will be their consequences

          What advice? Where? Where does the original author give advice to men? At what point of the article is the author telling people how they should behave?

        31. I’m German, so luckily I live under a legal system that is a bit more down-to-earth.
          I’m pretty sure no-one gets convicted for duress here for selling somebody something under the kind of pressure that the boyfriend in said story put on his girl.
          People can retreat from most contracts within a grace period, but that’s another story.
          So I don’t know if this is only in your head or an American thing, but I can say with some certainty that “I felt so small when he started to say these hurtful things” isn’t going to get anyone in trouble as long as the “victim” isn’t a child or special in some other way.
          And obviously I didn’t mean sexual impotence. I mean the impotency of not being able to punish the people you don’t like.

        32. No, she’s not. 16 is below the age of consent and having sex with a minor is statutory rape, even if they “agree” to it.

        33. Standing up for the rights of another’s group doesn’t mean you hate your own; it means you recognize and value their fundamental humanity, because the justice they deserve is the same as the justice you yourself deserve.

        34. Depends on where it’s happening, 16 is the age of consent in the UK, and its 13 in Spain, for example.

        35. When she mentioned she has said ‘no’ playfully before I do not think she was speaking of her first time and anyone who can read and has common sense would be able to see that.

        36. You’re missing the point. She didn’t decide anything. Her boyfriend decided he wanted to have sex and pressured her into doing it. Just because you do something doesn’t mean you want to. That being said, I would not consider Kyra’s story to be an incidence of rape so much as one of coercion. It’s her job to say no if she doesn’t want something. Once you say yes, even if you don’t mean it, that’s mixed signals, which lead to situations like this, where the girl feels violated and the boy feels confused.
          Phinn, I feel sorry for you. Living in a black-and-white, good-and-evil world takes a lot of continuous lying to convince yourself of, and you seem pretty convinced. Your blind hatred of women does nothing for you but limit your options in life. Hopefully one day your ego bounces back from whatever bruise it took from a female and you can grow up.

        37. Sorry you have to hide your lack of basic empathy behind this “Man-Hater” charade.
          “Oh, this bitch isn’t into me, she’s a Man-Hater.” -BSOS
          “Wow, sorry for your massive confidence issues.”- world

        38. Just because your body is mature enough for sex doesn’t mean you are. Grow up and study some basic physiology.

        39. You know, I had a reply already brewing as I read your comment, but then I got to the whole “frigid girlfriend” part and I realized that logic isn’t going to work on you. You have such a massive lack of confidence in yourself that you demand having a partner that doesn’t have real opinions or make real decisions. Maybe instead of jumping on a hate site when you feel bad about yourself, work on, you know, yourself. You can start by working on that little misogyny problem you have.

        40. John, as a woman who considers herself to be a feminist, in my opinion, coercion and rape are two very different things, with very different motives, and should have very different consequences. Coercion still requires some form of consent, whether true consent or “I feel like I can’t say no” consent; the woman still has options. She knows that if she says no, even if he breaks up with her, she won’t get hurt. Coercion requires strength on the part of the woman to stand up for herself and say “no”, mean it, and follow through with it, to recognize that she’s still in control. Rape takes the woman’s options away entirely; there is no facade of consent, fake or not.

        41. No, only the ones who don’t want me to have opinions or make decisions. My boyfriend is an awesome man. My friends are awesome men. Plenty of men are awesome. You know why? They respect other people. I.e., when they’re dissatisfied with something, their first thought isn’t to condemn that thing, it’s to wonder if maybe they could be doing something better, so that the something they’re dissatisfied with becomes satisfactory. And I do the same thing. It’s called self-reflection, and it’s the defining trait of a mature adult, and of mature adult relationships.
          Does it help your ego to think we females all automatically hate you instead of realizing that you’re getting something about this social interaction thing wrong?

        42. I find that people who devolve into sweeping generalizations like “Typical” and “All ___ are ___” have ceased to think rationally and are now willfully blind to those truths that don’t suit their way of thinking. I find that this is especially true when they devolve into goading and insults.
          And what a transparent insult it was. At least put a little effort into your misogyny.

        43. Ooh, another petty jab at women! You even used a big word this time. I find it utterly laughable that you, whose comments here reflect weakness of both mind and emotion (read: willful ignorance), antipathy to your fellow human beings, and the resulting selfishness thereof, would accuse someone else of solipsism. Now that’s some irony.
          Open your mind up to the idea that other people matter too, and maybe, just maybe, we can turn you into a real boy.

        44. Dude, in the article, he’s advertising books on how to act. That’s worse than telling you how to act. That’s saying, “Pay me money so I can tell you how to act.”

        45. Boyfriend? Lol. Standard lines you cunts always boast about. Your boyfriends, how you love men.
          Then on the other hand shame us.
          You are all a bunch of manhaters. I feel sorry for those clueless beta faggots in your life.
          Do not insult us real men by associating us with your bootlicking beta supplicants.

        46. What if a 15 year old boy gets talked into taking things too far, call it rape if you will. Will you overlook his mistakes based on that same compassion for 16 year old girls and their mistakes? Its just a young mistake and his friends pressured him, right?

        47. Give me one example of me shaming any behaviors in these comments. Obviously, aside from shameful behaviors, like rape, or coercion, or willful ignorance, or any other form of screwing your fellow people over.
          I bet my group of beta faggots not only get laid more and better than you do, because women actually find them and their ideas attractive, I bet they could pretty much beat you at most other aspects of life, too.
          See, your first mistake was not placing your wager on the beta faggots. One ALWAYS places one’s wager on the beta faggots.

        48. Actually, my male friend posted a link to this page to try to figure out if you guys are trolls or just really this socially inept. I, never one to turn down the opportunity for a good debate, clicked the link, read the article, judged it a troll, and was about to tell my friend just that when I saw this perfidious array of word vomit you call a comments section and decided it was just too delightful to leave without dropping my two educated cents here for you gents to enjoy. I was browsing facebook just before I showed up here. Sorry if I have a little vitriol, unbridled social retardation just gets to you after the 6000th time you encounter it, you know?

        49. So, to you, telling somewhere where to go to get advice is the same thing as giving advice. Yes, lots of logical responses by the wimmenz here.

        50. Oh really?

          …only for my partner to beg and cajole, telling me that I was already there and so why not? When I still said no, said that I didn’t want to go that far yet, he got angry and asked me why I was being such a fucking prude, and I finally relented because I didn’t want to be a bad girlfriend. I was sixteen years old and he took my virginity.

          Typical female bullshit.
          “I relented” but “I’m not responsible for losing my virginity”
          Yeah, you ladies sure know how to own your own choices.
          Now let’s do this the right way…

          …only for my partner to beg and cajole, telling me that I was already there and so why not? When I still said no, said that I didn’t want to go that far yet, he got angry and asked me why I was being such a fucking prude, and at that point, I told him I was done talking to him, and left the premises because I didn’t want to lose my virginity yet. I was sixteen years old and defended my own virtue all by myself.

          Which story sounds familiar to you? Oh, right, the first one…

        51. Just because your body is mature enough for sex doesn’t mean you are. Grow up and study some basic physiology.

          Self-contradicting yourself within two sentences, that isn’t a record for any feminist, try harder.
          1. the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.

        52. Since you are obviously a very egotistical, self-serving and arrogant bitch I feel no real generosity in sharing any male insight with you.
          But since Im in a good mood, I will. For you. And for all the women here on this comment section.
          Here is a little secret inside information about men – and it applies both to “Alphas” and “betas” and every male in between.
          You “group” of men hang around you for one reason and one reason only.
          For the chance to stick their penis in your wet pussyhole.
          Not for your kindness. Not for your intellect. Not for your “finding their ideas attractive”
          For your wet pussyhole.
          Dont believe it?
          Try this simple test.
          Remove the wet pussyhole from the equation.
          See how the phone calls,texts and dates stop.
          This has been a Public Service Announcement.

        53. I’m glad somebody finally said it. Feminists and liberals are the main ones that encourage teen sex, then it’s “oh he/she wasn’t ready” when it suits them. Please.

        54. The beauty of Feminism is that it isn’t bogged down by logic. My No’s and Yes’s will mean whatever I want them to, and I can change my mind to suit my desires later. I don’t like you anymore, its rape.

        55. people who devolve into sweeping generalizations like “Typical” and “All ___ are ___” have ceased to think rationally

          Riiiiight. Because after observing, interacting with, and having conversations with thousand upon thousands of women in his life, he’s not permitted to notice certain commonalities in their behavior?
          He’s not allowed to voice his thoughts on those commonalities?
          Here’s a commonality for you — typical feminists like to shut down dissenting voices when they feel hurt by the truth at the core.

        56. only the ones who don’t want me to have opinions or make decisions.

          And which men here exactly will not let you have opinions or make decision — and how do they do so?
          The person trying to shut down dissenting voices here has mostly been you, sweetie.

        57. we can turn you into a real boy.

          Oh, so now you are the ultimate arbiter of what a “real man” or “real boy” is…. I see. And who appointed you to that role?

        58. shameful behaviors, like rape, or coercion, or willful ignorance, or any other form of screwing your fellow people over.

          Way to show your real agenda, dear.
          Any behavior that you don’t happen to like, however you choose to define it, is acceptable for a public stoning.
          You don’t like an idea? Oh, it’s “willful ignorance” and people should be yelled out out the public square, lose their jobs, lose their livelihoods, lose their families…..
          And this is another example of a ‘typical’ feminist philosophy.

        59. Phinn asks for real information or hard data instead of personal sob stories, and gets accused of “antipathy to your fellow human beings” ?
          Yes, keep playing the ‘typical’ feminist victimization card, Gwenleif Irene.
          But I thought feminists wanted equality? It’s a hard pill to swallow, eh?

        60. A cat in your photo, a chubby face, and a Disqus history of commenting on depression.
          It’s a fake account, right? No woman is actually this much of a walking stereotype for feminism.

        61. Salesmen DO get charged with coercion in certain cases for applying
          immoral pressure & lying to close a deal that the buyer didn’t
          really want by making them feel they had no choice – again, Google can
          find you cases of this.

          Nice try pal. You purposely conflated “pressure” and “lying”.
          Committing fraud by lying is grounds to rescind the contract.
          But without fraud, a salesman can generally apply all sorts of pressure to close the deal. In the U.S., a sale is generally final, even if extensive pressure was applied, as long as the information was truthful and complete.
          Why do you think most contracts are so long and wordy? It’s to make sure that consumer can’t claim they were lied to. But heavy pressure — almost entirely legit.

        62. “Oh, this bitch isn’t into me, she’s a Man-Hater.”

          Nah, it’s your general attitude toward men, and your stated belief that you can define what behavior is acceptable for men, that makes you into a “man hater”, so to speak.

        63. You went so far as to look into my history? Aren’t you supposed to be ignoring my pointless existence, rather than using up your precious potent time being interested in me? And I like how you’ve kept yourself anonymous so no one can see your pale flabby physique.

        64. website that spews such bullheaded misogyny?

          Kindly point to the specific articles that promote a hatred of women, as opposed to feminism, westernized mindsets, current behavior trends, etc.
          We love women — especially traditional women.

        65. Standing up for the rights of another’s group

          And which right, exactly, are you fighting for by commenting on this article?
          It seems like you’re trying to take way the right of a woman to change her mind in bed about having sex.

        66. but then I got to the whole “frigid girlfriend” part and I realized that logic isn’t going to work on you.

          Maybe instead of jumping on a hate site when you feel bad about yourself, work on, you know, yourself

          Nice attempted use of shaming techniques there.
          Obviously you have no answer to his main point:
          He’s not required to stay in a relationship with someone, and is permitted to express that whenever he wishes.
          Since you have no reply to this legitimate point, just admit it.

        67. Rapist dicks like you take our choices away.

          Huh? Where did raping come into this?
          The scenario was of a boyfriend expressing his disappointment and the girlfriend agreeing to have sex.

        68. You’re using a guilt by association fallacy against me, but it’s not the reality.
          I whole-heartedly condemn the article, not just women but ANYONE has the right to choose and change their mind if they aren’t comfortable having sex with someone; no matter what was ‘expected’ or implied beforehand.

        69. She was 16 not a woman. The part of the brain that governs judgement is not fully developed.Teach your sons not to turn into scary angry assholes when turned down for sex. Teach your sons not to literally scare young girls into sleeping with them. Stop teaching young girls that they were wrong for being afraid of angry men/boys.

        70. Different power dynamics though. The parents are in power. Due to physical size and strength, it’s men who have the power. Girls/women know what guys can do to them. That truly if a man wants to rape us, there’s little we can do to stop him.
          That being said, for a lot of of girls/women that are faced with angry men they are expecting rape. He is already showing that he is entitled and there’s a good chance he doesn’t take no for an answer. So they end up saying yes. It still hurts but it’s probably less traumatic than him continuing after further resistence.
          An [obviously] much lighter example- I have been asked for my phone number and politely decline. Many times they get angry, yell at me, intimidate me and I give it to them. I’m afraid because I don’t know his person, how sane they are, if they might hurt me. So yes even if I gave them my number I would say I was forced! I don’t see how anyone could argue that?

        1. You are a loser. Like all the other female dogs here.
          Yall need to go find some boyfriends and get laid.
          Stop worrying about imaginary shit that never happens in the real world.
          Get off the internet for a few nights a week for fucks sake you dry vaginas

      2. What a sad story about your first time. 🙁 I hope you got over it. Men should never pressure too hard, it’s a fine line..

      3. See, the correct response to being called a “fucking prude” would’ve been to get up and walk away. But no, you chose to give it up to this guy and now it’s his fault.
        Strange thing that… the guy at your school that liked you but never would’ve called you a “fucking prude,” would never have been given the time of day.
        Not that it’s not a sad story. But it’s still your fault.

        1. Damien, how many little boys got raped by preists and said yes because they were told they’d go to hell if they didn’t say yes….is that not rape because he was bullied into saying yes???? or is it different because it was a boy? Fear and loneliness are great weapons and some people are weak enough at times to fall victim to verbal abuse. She did, she was not only a victim, of rape but verbal abuse as well. Name calling and harassment. If you are not familiar with the laws maybe you should learn them, since you are unclear on communication with women…

        2. Now this is how you troll, people — equating the rape of 8 year-olds by middle-aged priests with a 16 year-old who decides to fuck her boyfriend in order to keep him from breaking up with her.
          Normally I’d just laugh at you, but then I pause and get a chill down my spine when I realize that mouth-breathing, hateful, morally insane people like you can sit on juries.

        3. Yeah srs, scary that nutcases like these females with their overactive imaginations that spend wayyy too much time on the Internet – actually exist in the real world.

        4. She was not raped. This boy did not force her down and force himself on her, unless she left that out. He kept begging, she refused until he called her a horrible name. (or rather, more like an insult peppered with what is considered the most offensive adjective) Yes, she is a victim of verbal abuse but she also put herself in this situation. When it comes to selecting mates, just as men are responsible if they date an obvious shrew of a woman, so too are women who date an obvious asshole. This guy didn’t suddenly turn into a guy who would call his girlfriend a “fucking prude” that night.
          The way that she tells her story, she willingly gave it up after he berated her. If men and women are equal, then women should also have to take responsibility for their own actions. If she were older than 16 I would have zero sympathy for her.
          Next, first my daughter would be raised right and not in that situation in the first place. but if she were, I’d teach her how to say no, walk away, and then if need be to tase him if he started getting aggressive as I don’t think she should take chances. That’s called not keeping her a victim, unlike you feminazis who get off on playing victim.
          Phinn already addressed the rest.

        5. It was rape because the little boys were under 18 and it constituted statutory rape.
          If the altar boys were over 18, the priests telling them “they’d go to hell” would not have made a difference. It would not have been rape, even if the consent was achieved by tricky wording.

      4. So examples of her lips says no, but her eyes say yes..and yes because you insisted so much…the feminist trolls are going to love you.

    2. yeahno.
      No means no, 100% of the time. and If I ever meet you or any of your MRA buddies I will personally kick your fucking asses.

      1. Talk to your guy friends, guys in your classes, male co-workers, acquaintances at parties, men in coffee shops.
        Ask them about situations in which they’ve slept with a woman, but the woman first said “no” before climbing on top of the guy 5 minutes later for sex.
        Ask them about women who’ve said “no” and then become mad when the guy withdrew to the other said of the bed, and the girl then demanded sex.
        Ask them about women who, in the middle of intercourse, mid-stroke, blurt out, “Oh, no, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Then when the guy freezes, the girl yells, “Don’t stop. Keep going, keep going.”
        Then go have a talk with every woman you can find, and instruct her to NEVER, EVER use the word “no” unless she absolutely means to end the sexual encounter that second, permanently.
        Mmmkay? Thanks!

        1. Would this be your response if someone forced your daughter, your sister, your niece, your mom, your cousin, your aunt, or your grandmother to screw them after they said NO repeatedly? Are you a man or a sleezy POS that would allow his sister to get raped because no doesn’t really mean no?

        2. How would you feel if a man raped you, if he didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer; would you be complimented that he was so attracted to you he couldn’t resist as this article says women should be?
          I think you would be terrified and horrified by such an intimate violation of your own body.

        3. That makes the assumption he is into dudes.
          You can’t build an argument on a false equivalence.
          If you substitute the “man” in your argument for a pretty lady, the whole thing changes.

        4. My mother would be one of those to make me believe that no meant no.
          Since such a lie, together with the rest of the narrative this entails, from a woman that you should expect to be on your side, is treachery I’ve since divorced her.
          I can live with sisters, nieces, cousins, aunts, grandmothers, teachers and all of the rest of this god forsaken hypocritical society lie through their teeth, but to any mother I’d recommend that you spare a shred of honesty for your children behind closed doors.

        5. No, it makes the assumption that someone he’s not attracted to isn’t taking “no” for an answer.

        6. Your logic here is so flawed I can hardly figure out where to start.
          “That makes the assumption that he is into dudes.” This right here was my first clue that you really don’t get it. No, it doesn’t make the assumption that he is into dudes, because in this example, he is not “into” anything; the situation is not sexual for him. It doesn’t matter if the non-consenting party is male, female, or fungus; sexual preferences, gender, all of that is a non-issue in the case of real rape, because rape isn’t sex, rape is violence. Secondly, you’re saying that people only get raped by people they are or could be attracted to, which is so silly I won’t even refute it.
          “If you substitute the ‘man’ in your argument for a pretty lady, the whole thing changes.” And that’s my second clue as to how horrifically socially and logically challenged you are. Do you hear yourself? Obviously the situation would change; that’s sex for him now, NOT RAPE. See the difference? In sex, sexual orientation and gender matter. In rape, it doesn’t.

        7. Did you fail 4th grade English?
          Each of those examples has the woman demanding sex after saying “no” — which is exactly what happens all too frequently.
          You must be one of those feminists who thinks that ‘rape’ is not a defined term, but is whatever you want it to be at that moment.
          You probably think that every song, book, movie, and play written by a man that discusses sex is “rapey” and “rape culture.”

        8. Oh, you failed 4th grade English also, toots.
          Try using your eyes and brain this time.
          Here, I’ll make it simple for you. The examples, distilled down, are:
          a) Woman says ‘no’.
          b) Man complies and stops.
          c) Woman sulks/demands sex.
          Thus, a lot of scummy women use the word ‘no’ when their intent is not to stop it completely.
          So while men are legally and morally required to stop sex at that moment, and do so, the many women who fling the word ‘no’ around like gorilla poop, even as they demand sex minutes later, are scuzbuckets.
          Go educate them to do the right thing.

        9. Learn to read, Einstein.
          Each of those examples has the woman demanding sex minutes or seconds after saying ‘no’.

        10. Dude. Anybody that really rapes somebody should go to jail ok?
          There is NOBODY on RoK that would EVER advocate that.
          Got it??
          We are Kings and comport ourselves as such.

        11. He plays video games? What a dork!
          Oh wait… what?
          Pew Foundation, 2008: “More than half of American adults play video games.”
          “More Americans Play Video Games Than Go Out to the Movies” NPD Group, 2009.
          “In all, 81 percent of respondents between 18 and 29 said they play games.” Pew.
          Try again, dumbshit.

        12. So you call it “rape” when a man:
          1) Complies and completely stops when the woman says ‘no’, and then
          2) then woman jumps on top of him and reinitiates sex herself
          And you wonder why the word ‘rape’ is losing its meaning by the year….
          Thanks for clarifying that.

        13. See my reply to Phinn as to why people who say “Typical” instantly lose all relevance in the conversation.

        14. Yeah, that’s a picture of me on my 21st birthday, the entirety of which I remember. It was taken by my boyfriend of 1 year (almost 2.5 now, no cheating, no breakups, no lies, no pregnancies) who was my DD. I seem to be standing upright of my own volition and entirely clothed. Aside from the fact that I have obviously consumed a moderate amount of alcohol, what about this picture or my behavior in this picture would shame Ms. Stanton or Ms. Anthony?

        15. Personal attacks won’t work on me, sir. I live my life honestly and have no issues with any of my media getting out.

        16. Maybe post under a real name and not ‘anonymous’ before spouting your nonsense. Real tough guy.

        17. Oh, Now people start citing their sources. Come on people, this is all a subjectified and generalized argument. I don’t advocate for this article in the slightest, but it’s absurd to get upset when the author’s arguments are based in fallacy. ‘A lot’ and ‘Most’ and ‘Almost every…’ are not real facts, or statistics, or data. Personal experience is simply not something to be extrapolated out to include all women.
          I will argue that it would more helpful to write about the necessity to teach girls and women to not say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’ (regardless of how media and culture expect them to act) and to teach men that regardless of the woman’s body language, or ‘real desire’ as you perceive it, it is not okay to push boundaries.
          I for one find your described situation: “if she comes into your room… [it’s] a green light”, seduction by intimidation, and personally, I feel sorry for you if you have to resort to that to have fulfilling sex. Real relationships exist, and it seems (to me) that men that avoid them aren’t afraid of anything – but intimacy. Shame. 🙁

        18. it would more helpful to write about the necessity to teach girls and women to not say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’

          You mean this?
          How Women Train Men to Rape

          How Women Train Men To Rape

          Try using your eyes; it was on the Top 5 posts list in the upper-right for over a week.

        19. Haha.
          Yeah, feminist, doesn’t it suck when you actually have to confront an argument instead of just being able to entirely rely on insulting a person??

        20. Uhh, if you think there’s an ‘argument’ around whether it’s cool to rape somebody, you’re pretty much scum. You can’t argue with ridiculous sentiments like the one put forth in this piece of **** ‘article’.

        21. If you were capable of reading, you would see discussion above of cases in which women use the word ‘no’ before initiating or continuing sex moments afterwards.
          But that would require basic reading comprehension, ability to engage in civil discourse, and a mind not poisoned against men.

        22. I am a man, and I’m more than capable of engaging in civil discourse. But the ideas put forth in this filth are dangerous. So we’re to just assume no doesn’t actually mean no? Good call. That’ll work out real well when no does mean no. Have fun in prison. It doesn’t take a whole lot to have respect for women, and ensuring you know what no means is about the least you can can do.

        23. Let’s get one thing straight. Nobody ever claimed women were ‘absolutely perfect’. But men aren’t either, are they? (If you claim they are, I think you might need to get your facts checked there, bub.) We’re human. It’s kind of common knowledge that humans make mistakes more often than I’m sure anybody would like to admit. That’s not a thing we can change, so obviously, women are not perfect, but neither are men.
          In this article, they are giving strict examples, I do get that. But the comments below the article seem to have taken a harsh turn, and I just want to say something. Under his examples, the woman is contradictory and changes her mind. The title doesn’t portray what the article is truly attempting to get across. Strictly speaking, no means no and yes means yes, no matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘opposite day’ or something like that. When it comes to sex, people should listen to whoever it is, male or female, that is saying “No”. The issue is, there’s a growing amount of people nowadays that seem to think that a rule like that just doesn’t apply to them. That’s why there’s a growing number of feminists, to counteract the rape culture that’s on the rise. But here’s the thing, there are extremists to every group of people, who take things too far. Just because you hate the way they represent feminists, don’t hate the group and what they stand for. Not all feminists take on that “Women are Superior” vibe. A large majority of them just want to be considered equal to the men in the world. They want what they say to mean something, for what they do and the role they play to actually stand for something in this world. Don’t group them together, when they’re diverse and unique in their views and their opinions. Just because they’re women, and so many people see them as less than equal to men, it does not mean that they’re all the same.

        24. You are a man? Lol. Sure you are pal. You are a pussified faggot. You White Knight and lick the boots of females for a distant chance to get a whiff of wet pussyhole.
          You complete “honey-do” lists on time.
          You joke about “happy wife, happy life”
          With all due respect..
          You sir, are not a man. You are a female with balls and a penis.

        25. And you’re a pretend tough guy on the internet who I assume gets no’s all the time because he can’t get yesses. Well, sir, just because you’ll go unfulfilled if you don’t push back against the no’s, it doesn’t mean you’re not a bad person. Go watch some porn, tough guy.

        26. Did I strike a nerve? – Wellll, Man up bro!
          I never have, nor will need to “push back against the no’s”
          Ive never found myself, nor believe ever will find myself in such a situation. I have passed up women that guys like you would die for.
          White Knights are not welcome here.

        27. “I have passed up women that guys like you would die for”
          Haha, you’re a joke. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you make statements like ‘guys like you’ when you don’t know the first thing about me. Well, except for the fact that I don’t condone rape. Call me an idiot. Trust me, I don’t want to be on this site, but it’s interesting to note that you’re not interested in alternate viewpoints. Anyway, have fun at your frat boy party.

        28. Kind of like when women come to ROK and call us “typical” “douchebag rapists” for describing the phenomenon where women want sex, but pretend they don’t.

        29. But the ideas put forth in this filth are dangerous. So we’re to just assume no doesn’t actually mean no?

          “No doesn’t actually mean no”? Where’d you read that?
          The author mentions propositioning women who are in bed with him for sex several times.
          Is that not permitted? Is a woman not permitted to change her mind? Does she not have 2 legs to leave the room if she feels uncomfortable?

        30. If he:
          * were gay
          * went on a date planned, initiated, paid for, and chauffeured by a man
          * liked the man enough to go on the date
          * had sexual tension during the date with the man
          * maybe decided to ‘loosen up’ with alcohol to be more adventurous during the date
          * agreed to go back to that man’s place
          * jumped into bed with that man
          * made out with that man and engaged in light physical intimacy
          Then, yes, he should expect that man to make moves, REPEATEDLY AND PERSISTENTLY, for sex.
          He would also know that he has 2 legs and can leave the room any darn time he likes, if he’s uncomfortable with that mans’ persistence.
          He’s not a 10 year old and should not be treated as such.

        31. the situation is not sexual for him.

          Incorrect. The article is about sexualized dating situations.
          In this article, the author propositions women who are in bed with him for sex several times and they eventually agree.
          You seem to be calling that “rape” and saying there’s no sexual element to it.
          That’s nonsense. If there were a violent crime occurring between two individuals who barely know each other, and especially if no sexual element was involved, experts would usually advise:
          * call 9-1-1, if possible
          * run away as quickly as possible
          * alert the neighbors by yelling “fire”
          * use nails, and anything sharp or heavy nearby to harm the attacker
          * attack the assailant’s vital organs, including pressure points, groin, kidneys, etc.

        32. Again, this hypothetical you’ve created, has easy answers:
          * run away
          * call police
          * yell for help
          * attack the eyes to stun
          * hit pressure points
          * repeatedly yell about non-consent and likely criminal punishment
          * etc

        33. The title doesn’t portray what the article is truly attempting to get across

          Would the article have been better-titled as Sometimes a Woman Who Says No Will Change Her Mind to Yes, and She Should Have That Right ?
          Probably yes. But then this conversation wouldn’t have taken place, because the knee-jerk feminists who brought you here don’t actually bother digesting the contents. They just enjoy the feeling of outrage.

          people should listen to whoever it is, male or female, that is saying “No”. The issue is, there’s a growing amount of people nowadays that seem to think that a rule like that just doesn’t apply to them.

          Absurd. Source, please?

          Just because you hate the way they represent feminists, don’t hate the group and what they stand for

          ‘Radical’ feminist ideas seem to be regularly incorporated into mainstream feminism within a decade or two.

          A large majority of them just want to be considered equal to the men in the world.

          Huh? Do you live in American society? This would take pages. Just do an Internet search on that and read through the results.

          Don’t group them together, when they’re diverse and unique in their views and their opinions.

          I’m allowed to criticize a group by its self-proclaimed banner-bearers — especially when the ‘mainstream’ subset of that group is not vocal in its criticism of the ‘extremists’.

        34. ‘Typical’ modern feminist ignorance on display here.
          The earliest fighters for women’s rights would have spit upon your public drunkenness and Facebook/Instagram vanity.
          This is the face of modern feminism.

        35. And as I stated down there:

          people who devolve into sweeping generalizations like “Typical” and “All ___ are ___” have ceased to think rationally

          Riiiiight. Because after observing, interacting with, and having conversations with thousand upon thousands of women in his life, he’s not permitted to notice certain commonalities in their behavior?
          He’s not allowed to voice his thoughts on those commonalities?
          Here’s a commonality for you — typical feminists like to shut down dissenting voices when they feel hurt by the truth at the core.

        36. Yes, trying to get away or get help is what someone should do; but if they’re cornered by someone stronger, or someone who’s armed; they might not be able to escape regardless; and it wouldn’t make the act any less horrible to judge what a victim should/could have done to try and get away.

        37. Not rape, per say; but abuse is something I understand.
          I understand it because most of my childhood I was a victim of psychological abuse which I had no way to escape because no one would listen to me; everyone thought I was exaggerating and I had no way to make them understand what was truly going on.
          I’ve known and listened to the survivors of many other types of abuse, physical, sexual…I know that abuse is at it’s very core an inhuman act; where someone inflicts cruelty on another to get what they want or just to feel good about themselves.
          It is about power, and it is about control; and that is why I say rape isn’t about sex, or love; it’s about hurting someone else to make yourself feel good.
          Yes, I know what abuse is. But I am not afraid of it and I am not afraid to use my knowledge and experience to call it for what it is and condemn it openly.

        38. hey genius, would you rather rape a woman who’s not really in the mood, or get her to beg you for sex? If your believe what you just wrote, then either wait for c), or better ask her to piss off, it’s as easy as that. Next time maybe she’ll even learn to say “please”.

        39. ya see. situational. but its the fact that he sad “rape” (thats his attention grabber) if some on rapes u and claims ur no meant yes…. thats not okay… but ya ur right people do stuff like that all the time.

        40. Who’s talking about rape, moron?
          The author in this article propositions women who are in bed with him for sex multiple times.

        41. A woman demanding sex seconds after saying no is very different from “she said no but she only lightly nudged me when I continued to take her clothes off instead of punching me in the face and stroming off” which is what usually happens the vast majority of the time. This is rape. No way around it.

        1. Cool animated gif bro. You seem like a real winner. Ladies run to you, oops I mean, run from you.

        2. OMG you’re sooooo right, wow woman gets pie in face HAAAAHAHAHAH i can hardly pause before i hit replay, hahahahahahahahhahahaha wow such funny, many laugh, what has happened to this kind of witty, clever humour in modern television????//?//////?/////???? i shed tear every tym pie is not on woman’s face in media, who would not want this, entertainment at it’s finest!!!!!!!!! only bitter people like television of substance with actual humour!!!!!!!! STUPid feminists MRA 4 LYF, more pie in face, less intelligence!!!!!11!!!1!!!

        3. stfu. you’re basically the reason no one can take feminism seriously. because you’re not willing to see anything from the other point of view at all.

      2. Nobody here wants to have sex with you, or any or your she-boon feminist pals that are shitting up our website.
        Go kick your cat.

        1. This is the most disgusting site I’ve ever read and it goes so far over
          the limit that I question my self whether you are joking or not. If
          you’re joking I advice you to stop because people are taking this very
          seriously and if you’re not joking I’m just speechless that someone can
          be so insecure that he needs to talk down to women like that. My only
          reason could be that you’re a virgin that gets no attention from girls and this is your
          way of getting back at them?

        2. i totally agree. This is absolutely disgusting-if its serious, and even if its not. The fact that men find rape funny and something to joke about is just unbelievable!

        3. It’s cute how you assume that individual is here looking to be desired. It’s cute because it’s incredibly revealing as to YOUR personality, and how much confidence you lack in yourself.
          Contribute something more than pubescent insults or shut up and let the grownups have a serious discussion.
          Love, a Feminist Shitting Up Your Website

        4. You women need to look inside to yourselves. Look at how you treat (perhaps I should say mistreat) men. Not just the men in your life, but men as a whole.
          Your delicate little ears may not want to hear the words, but the truth still exists. Men are starting to get the message.
          Females like you that waste your time empowering each other on internet blogs cannot understand the concept of the USA losing its hegemony status in the world. But their will come a time, maybe not in our lifetimes, when women will want and to get along with and will ask acceptance from men again.
          Better to start working towards that goal now, then after its too late.

        5. Does this thought comfort you when people are repulsed by your unthinking hatred of something so silly as gender?

        6. Not only is this articles author a troll but he’s sounded fellow trolls to accompany the marching ‘women aren’t respected’ band wagon of his.

        7. Resort to pointing out a typo.
          Not to mention the fact you have no idea about what I was referring to.
          Original and classy stuff feminist. Would you like to tell you how decent females treat men in todays world?
          Thought not.

        8. It’s cute because it’s incredibly revealing as to YOUR personality, and how much confidence you lack in yourself.

          Instead, it’s apparently his experience that loud and annoying women in a men’s sphere are also seeking attention.

        9. he needs to talk down to women like that

          you’re a virgin that gets no attention from girls

          Kindly point out the specific sentences that indicate that the article is ‘talking down’ to women and that the author is a virgin.
          Can’t? Then just admit you’re an obnoxious yeller who likes feigning indignation all the time.

        10. So, according to your comment, the author has some sort of mantra of “women aren’t respected”.
          Can you at least attempt to make sense in your comments?

        11. your unthinking hatred of something so silly as gender

          Umm, where exactly did the commenter express his hatred for [a] gender? He did discuss his thoughts on:
          * feminism-inspired treatment of men in western societies, in general
          * feminist women’s Internet discussion pseudo-outrages trend
          * the fish-need-a-bicycle mentality.
          As a man, he apparently loves women. The concerns he expressed were about a mindset and philosophy he finds detrimental to society.

        12. men find rape funny and something to joke about

          Where exactly did you find that in the article?

        13. Definitely not in our lifetime. It is not like it was before. Men now know what it is like to be an option rather than a necessity. We can earn our own money, hire you to do all the shit we want to do, keep our hot bodies and therefore options for much longer if we so choose. If we feel more fulfilled by a traditional set up, we can go for that too. Just like men. Men hate the thought of being treated the way they have treated women for so long it seems.

      3. Lol. Internet tough guy.
        I highly doubt you will be kicking anyones ass you fucking bootlicking mangina faggot.

      4. You`re so butch!!!! I bet your boyfriend gets all wet when he hears you get all tough like.

      5. No means no, 100% of the time.

        Where exactly does this article say otherwise?
        This article mentions that the author proposes sex multiple times while in bed with a woman. Frequently that woman chooses to change her answer to yes.
        Is he not permitted to ask? Is she not permitted to change her answer?

    3. I know lots of opinions have been said, but sometimes a woman feels special around people who give them attention. Well, in general, this is true for men and women. I think most people enjoy having others tell them they are good looking or that they have a sweet personality, etc.. Yet when you say they can go now, they know they are going home, often to be alone or to a dysfunctional relationship, making them feel less then special. Why not take you on then? and so they do, to feel a little special. Some do not regret it, but to my understanding, most do later on. On the other hand, there are some really dumb game player women, but it’s best you don’t end up in a relationship with them anyways.

    4. You may genuinely believe that this is an acceptable position to hold, but in reality it isn’t. You may also genuinely believe that you are not a sexist, misogynistic person who mistreats women, but based on your statements I can let you know that you are.
      The problem is, men’s views on women and sex are perceived as cool when based in ignorance and misogyny, and men are perceived as weak when their views on women and sex are based in compassion, empathy and understanding. In actuality, the latter should be viewed as the stronger position to take, as it requires more courage.
      This article (and your reply to it) is just another example of men with no courage, all patting each other on the back, convincing one another that their various sexual misdemeanours and predatory behaviour is justified by some crazed logic. Cowards, pointing the finger at the powerless, clinging to lies to ease their own consciences.
      Nothing written here justifies a man to force ignore when a woman tells him no.

    5. it depends how u look at it. the reason this is so controversial is the fact that he used the word “rape”. if a man tries to have sex with a person who doesnt want it its rape. thats horrible and he used it as an attention grabber. but yes ppl say no all the time and dont mean it. its a tactic. if i say no now i might say yes later. it doesnt mean “rape me please” its situational. i my self belve love cant exist at first sight only lust exists at first sight. because of that u cnt usually love a woman who says yes to something like sex right away. after the lusting is satisfied so quickly theres no reason to love which comes from time. so saying no at first is a tactic. but when ppl say that woman actully wanted rape is horrible. yes we are weaker. yes men r stronger. theres nothing we can do about that. so when a man takes advatage of his strength like that is devastating. lol quite an intersting topic actually.

  9. There is such a distinction between the kind of LMR that women project that is designed to encourage boldness and filter out the weak and legitimately not wanting to be forced into something they do not want to do.
    However in a feminist’s eyes these are exactly the same thing.

  10. This whole discussion , these arguments, the whole fuckin issue..this is why I don’t so much want to be a “king” this is why MGTOW.

    1. Congratulations on your choice. I support it fully. However, it is no the choice of most here. Since most here still want sex with women the advice should be how to best protect themselves in the hostile to toxic environment towards men that we find ourselves in everyday.

  11. That just happened to me last week. She looked to me straight into the eye and with serious voice said: “We are not going to have sex.” I said “Fine” but she is still inside my car and so I keep it up. Moments later we are making out and in 20 mins. more we are having sex in a Motel room. “Ahh, You always know how to convince me!” were her last words before I slammed it to her good.

    1. So because a woman has nowhere else to go, you continue to push past her resistence? I really don’t see how one can argue that continuing after resistence is not rape when that is literally what it means? It’s even more clear with those power dynamics you mentioned? What was she going to do? Worst case scenario she doesn’t have a ride and she really doesn’t want you? Then what is she gonna do? Punch you in the nose and fucking walk home? The illusion of choice is not a stand in for consent. Way to go you can only get women to fuck you by forcing them. Pathetic.

      1. In fact, my actual point is that she does has where to go. The car is parked in downtown; she can leave whenever she wants. Same thing happens at my apartment. But it is ‘Her choice’ to remain where she is right with me because she likes the illusion that she is being taken. When I ask her to leave me alone she remains where she is; when I ask her to not call me again she is dialing my number; when I treat her like crap she comes back for more. A feminist will not get it because it does not fit his cult-like agenda. Instead, the likes of you will go to sleep after reading ‘fifty shades of grey’ hoping to get an erotic dream where you are nailed hard from behind by a powerful man.

  12. So should a woman be persistent with a man if he doesn’t want to have sex with her? Just persist and persist until he says yes?

    1. Well. If he barfs all over you — just be nice and understanding and take it as a sign that he is “just not that into you”.

    2. I thought you said you were immune to sales techniques. Surely that means either you have some kind of magical gift that no other human has, or perhaps it’s just that if someone truly doesn’t want something they won’t ever say yes to it. An obese woman can ask me a million times and I’ll not have sex with her, she can stand outside my house singing love songs all day if she wants.

      1. What if you don’t want to have sex with her? Should she still persist? Can I deny an obese man his intentions of having sex with me because I’m not attracted to him?

        1. If she is attractive and I have nothing better to do, logically unless some other sort of consequence can befall me, I will want to have sex with her.

  13. The girls posting here all seem to think they are actually attractive enough that somebody would wanna fuck them in the first place.
    Girls, dont worry. With your looks, plus the fact – that you have to post snark here on RoK…
    You have nothing to worry about.

    1. Yep, pretty much… I’m always astonished by the fact that the social justice warrior-types posting snark on websites like this one aren’t sufficiently self-aware to understand that articles like these AREN’T about them.

        1. Exception that proves the rule… ?
          Then again, you would be surprised as well, so I guess that makes two of us.

      1. Nah, we know this isn’t about us. We realize this is advice for other men. It just bothers us how this advice is fairly sketchy and we’re pretty ready to point out the flaws. We only care because it affects other people, so of course we care! I might care less if it was just for me because I know it wouldn’t do much for more than just me.

        1. There’s nothing in this post on ROK that endorses any form of behavior. In fact, most of what he does is describe sociological phenomena, mostly. You and other women, regardless of merit, seem to think that this post constitutes “advice” and “instruction” on how men should behave. That’s pure projection on your part. You and other women are projecting all sorts of rapey-instructional-nonsense onto this post because the uncomfortable dichotomy in women is that while they want sex, they never want to seem like they want it.
          Your discomfort over a known truth about women does not constitute just cause to accuse men of speaking lies.

        2. Hey, at least I don’t accuse you guys of intentionally lying. To be honest I think it’s kind of naive, I think we all have our naive bits. Two can play that game, it doesn’t really get anyone anywhere. Comments are for posting opinion, do what you like, man. We’re just giving you guys an opportunity to see a new perspective. Maybe it’s not more legitimate, I don’t think it should be considered so much more legitimate, that’s the point. Just think about everything. It’s kind of like he’s encouraging guys to act a certain way.
          I mean, is that a problem for you or something? Are you attempting to overthrow my kingdom that doesn’t exist or something? Is it to prove your worth?
          I don’t think men speak lies, I would never say something to account for the entire male demographic, that would be considered hypocrisy and quite frankly, I won’t tolerate that sort of behaviour from myself.
          Reel it in, sonny bun, you’re making mountains out of mole-hills. This is just a measly internet conversation.

        3. Well let’s return to your original comment, no reason to create new topics, is there? I’m still waiting to hear about all these flaws in reasoning. I’m waiting to hear about how Vincent’s post will create new rapists. So far, I see no-one, anywhere on this URL, endorsing rape. All Vincent is saying is that very often women desperately want what they absolutely will not allow themselves to appear to want.

        4. Oh, and in addition. If I wanted to be a dick and just go around all day claiming all men are dirty liars who are stupid and sluts and should grow out their hair and think people are always talking shit about them, I totally could and wouldn’t have to justify it really. It may be stupid and ridiculous, but people say stupid and ridiculous shit all the time. People would only look at me funny. (Unless it was on the internet, then the whole world would get offended and claim feminists should be burned at the stake, because that’s the way of the world. Totes magoats.)

        5. Now now. Only propagating rape culture among bitter, impressionable and horny folk.
          There are a lot of those on ROK…
          OH SNAP GURL!

        6. Also, there’s a reason why I made a new comment, I want you to do your best to respond to that one, sweet cheeks.
          Dance angri boi, dance.

        7. I did not mean that the advice was not about you. I meant that it’s unlikely that you’re the type of girl that guys who read this website will even try any of the advice on.
          You may be right that “no always means no” as far as you are concerned. You’re the only one here who truly knows that. But you and your ilk are so incapable of walking in someone else’s shoes that you’re unable to understand that there are a TON of girls out there for who “no sometimes means yes”, exactly as described in this article and the other one before it.
          In short, fuck off back to the kitchen or something. Your input is not required here.

        8. Actually no. That’s an attempt at cleverness, but falls sadly short. You made assertions, you need to defend them. I don’t need to address any new ideas by you until you’ve defended your assertions. Please demonstrate where Vincent or anyone else here endorses forceful rape. Also please explain how anyone should take seriously a woman’s protestations against speaking truth in such a context.

        9. See, but I’d like to see you make a perfectly moist chocolate cake. I wouldn’t eat a chocolate cake you made, gross. You better stay the fuck out of the kitchen. That’s women only, men aren’t allowed in the kitchen. Ew. Can you even imagine that?

        10. Because you guys are just exhausting and I won’t have to deal with you ever. I don’t neeeeeeed to do anything. I’m free. Free like the pussy-ass female that I am. Teehee, pussy-ass.

        11. Bb-bear, I care about my men too. Men are cool thangs just like women. I love those guys. We chill for hours making our mixes and staging random dance parties. It’s cool ass shit. I don’t like it when women degrade men or men degrade men. It’s gross, men don’t deserve that, only some people.

        12. It’s really nice being a “strong and independent” woman, isn’t it? I love how you refuted what I was saying, particularly the noticeable lack of thumbs-in-your-ears as you said “neener-neener-neener”.

        13. Neener-neener-neener. I like you, you feisty little guy. You can be a strong and independent woman too, you just have to BELEEEEEEIVE in yourself.

        14. The difference between men and women:
          Women thinks they’ve just told a man, and congratulate themselves for their intelligence, not realising that arrogance is usually an signifier of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.
          Men just think they’ve shown evidence that they’re retarded, and look for a prettier chick who might actually be more intelligent.
          It’s your lower mean IQ. You can’t tell the difference.
          So two men will be talking on a topic, being well-versed and offering unique insight to each other. A woman will come up, and basically say “I made a poopy”, and expect her comment carries equal weight, because she makes the mistake of equating middling female intelligence, (I’d guess 110 IQ for modern female academia), for +3 standard deviation insight.
          “Roasted,” and ‘Oh snap gurl!” are “I made a poopy” for girls and gays when they fight their superficial bitchy battles for social dominance in their tedious crab basket. No intelligent man feels burnt by you, just pure embarrassment over your supercilious arrogance.
          Run along and drink your Cosmopolitans with your amaaaaazing friends.

        15. She’s admitting she can’t win. Don’t waste your time. With a name like ‘Rainbow Hellfire’ and bullshit like ‘Oh snap gurl’ she’s either a tranny or an ugly lesbian, so treat her as you would one in real life: the pitiful and invisible.

        16. I’m sorry to propagate your ideas of stupid ladies, but I think maybe you should relax a little. Oh, oops, I just forgot to think about my potty training sesh last week and just made a poopy in my pants. Teehee, I made a poopy.
          U are a totes qt, bb u silly goose u.

        17. I like when men degrade women and when women degrade men. I just don’t like when people go to prison for years over feminist sensitivities.

        18. Guest bb-boi thinks that winning an argument with people online is a good way to spend his time.
          i pray 4 bb-bois family bc tat shits hard
          Oops, maybe bb-boi made a hard poopy.

        19. Also my IQ can obviously beat yours in a thumb war. Who is the man? Me. Wait no… I messed that up *fumbles and drops cue cards*
          CURSES! My evil plans of blowing your IQ to smithereens has been foiled by none other than bb-boi guest!

        20. Oh well Johnny-bb, I guess you are the clear winner and I’ll hand over my special rainbowhellfire edition slinky!
          You’ll never get this from me, loser.

        21. Maybe a polite suggestion?
          Spend a little less time on the internet.
          Spend a little less time worrying about other people.
          Spend a little more on exercise, nutrition and personal style.
          Spend a little more time engaging and developing friendships with males that – who knows – might develop into a situation where you and your sorry social-warrior ass is gettin’ laid.

        22. I’m not an English native, so I looked up “slinky”. Only one of the 5 meanings made a little sense, so in case I got that right… thanks?

        23. I think I’m the only one who knows when I am being serious or not. It’s chill, boi, stay in school.

        24. I would tolerate them if they took several chill pills.
          It’s really weird how angry people get because they think I’m a defect. Like, maybe I am a defect but I don’t see what’s so bad about that.
          As well, I better not. I’m in a committed relationship with my saxophone and various kinds of cake.

        25. Maybe you should fuck off back to the garage, huh? Obviously you aren’t intelligent enough to be anywhere else, let alone the Internet. It’s funny how you accuse her of not being capable of “being in someone else’s shoes” when you’re just as quick to shoot down opinions that aren’t yours. Believe it or not, no most often means NO. It is not your place to assume she means yes. You fucking drop it, and if she changes her mind later on then she obviously doesn’t know how much of a dick you really are, but whatever. It is never ok for ANYONE to assume they have the privilege to someone else’s body just because of some dumbass statistics that aren’t even true. Learn to control yourself. Even dogs can be taught not to eat a treat until the owner says yes.

        26. “An ugly lesbian.” What’s your beef with the lesbians? Are you jealous because they have more restraint than you? Or are you angry because not everyone wants to worship your sorry excuse for a dick?

        27. Teehee. You phrased that in a good way and if I tried to make that point, I think I would’ve crashed it fairly quickly.
          Good job! Brazier-sama!!! ^-^

        28. Wow, because that was a completely intelligent response and totally relevant to the conversation. Are you trying to prove some kind of point? Is there some ulterior motive that I’m missing here? Are you lost, little one? I’m confused.

        29. Yes, because of your sex and because of my choice of language on the Internet clearly my IQ is the inferior. Common sense far outweighs intelligence in this day and age, boy.

        30. Yes man.
          Let’s take over the world and conspire against men and hide it because we don’t want to be found out because we’re apparently such bitches. And THEN, we can go to sephora and totally splurge on some glittery shit because that shit is just the bomb. And THEN, we can cut off all our hair and dye it rainbow colours just because we want everyone who isn’t straight to either convert or burn in swag-hell. I’m already partially there with the green and yellow anyway.
          *I was being facetious except for that bit about glittery things.

        31. You had me at swag-hell.
          Also, lesbians have no need for men. We must all evolve into lesbian mermaids (I’m already halfway there) and lure the men to their sea ridden deaths, ultimately becoming the single sentient race.

        32. You’re right! Oh my god!
          When should we commence this plan… I’m free on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (but only in the morning because I spend my afternoons having no apparent life).

        33. I’m always free to being a lesbian mermaid in swag-hell.
          I’m tempted to use a Frozen quote here but I won’t. Just kidding I totally am.
          Stronger than One,
          Stronger than Ten,
          Stronger than a Hundred Men!

        34. That last sentence there does sound like a rapist. Surely you would see that once you amitted to yourself that it is far from true. Women are no less capable of saying what they want than men. There may be a situation were a woman can change her mind (although trying to get a girl drunk so she doesn’t have her judgment is far from honorabl, and to do so to you get your own desired result after said “no” took place is pretty despicable and manipulative).

        35. The sentence was…

          All Vincent is saying is that very often women desperately want what
          they absolutely will not allow themselves to appear to want.

          You said:

          Women are no less capable of saying what they want than men.

          Your argument is entirely non-sequitur and doesn’t apply to my comment in the slightest. Nowhere in my comment did I disparage the capability of women to express their desires. I spoke to their desire to retain plausible deniability of their own sexual desires at any cost. Because women want to retain the appearance of virtue, they self-pressure against open communication of their actual sexual desire. Sure, they could just blurt out how horny they are, but they almost never will.

        36. Well, you see – for a few days every month women have a period. And since lesbian cant have real intercourse they have sex by “eating” (lick) each others pussies. So the meme is showing a lesbian that had oral sex with her lesbian gf during her period.
          Hope that clears it up for you.
          Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    2. Um, okay. You have no idea what any of us look like. I think you’d be quite surprised.

      1. You mean are you even uglier than we imagine?
        Because if your were hot – you wouldnt be hanging around here.
        Just sayin’

        1. If you were good looking men who could get laid, you wouldn’t need a website to rant about how awful women are.

        2. That defies logic.
          Why can’t hot women debate on a website? What should hot women be doing?

        3. We know women commenting here aren’t hot because hot women have more enjoyable things to do than arguing on a male-targeted website with men who don’t want them there.

        4. Why does it matter? You’re turning the argument again. You’ve resorted to fucking insults because you can’t reiterate with a proper excuse as to why this article is ok. Oooh, watch out, the “dominant race” strikes again. Obviously your intelligence far surpasses that of the supposedly ugly females.

        5. I don’t need any “proper excuse”, and I didn’t “resort to insults”, someone (you?) asked why wouldn’t hot women debate here, I answered.

        6. Every woman who is fighting with these gents should realize they are fighting with men who dedicate their time trying to revert back to more traditional gender ways. What are you doing trying to argue your point with these gents? They don’t care and even less want to hear about it, well other than to get a rise from the little girls thinking they could stand up to these guys. These gents care about giving the power back to men. Though, I am still failing to see what power has been taken from men? Ladies please do yourself a favor and go away. All you are doing is provoking and encouraging cyber bullying.

    3. I don’t know man. It isn’t my intention to snark. It’s my intention to maybe resolve at least someone’s conflict. For example, some people are really angry at feminists and stuff, I just want them to know that most feminists want them to have a say in everything that is relevant to them. Maybe it’s stupid because I know I don’t really convince anyone, but golly gee you guys are pretty angry at us even though we didn’t do anything to harm you guys. Weird things.

      1. This article *isn’t* relevant to feminists. We’re talking about sex with attractive, heterosexual women. We recognise feminists are the angry, bitter, issue-filled dregs of female society, and choose to sexually-select attractive, undamaged women, because we have options. You’re invisible to us, so we don’t have to entertain your desire for attention.

        1. I may not get kisses from men very often, but my lesbian friend caresses my face softly on the reg. I wouldn’t appreciate having sex with you guys because I am only ever in the kitchen and men aren’t allowed in the kitchen, obviously.

        2. How do you know that the women commenting on here are not attractive heterosexual women? That is literally as stupid as someone saying you are all pimply-faced basement dwellers.

        3. Attractive hetero sexual women have plenty of male attention and get enough sex to not bother going on the internet.

        4. Aaaand now you think everyone’s lives revolve around sex. Fucking brilliant. Everyone, the males of our generation.

        5. Because the western world is a cesspool of superficiality. Women want the hottest guy, ugly women that cannot get sex an above average man get piss off and complain about it on the internet. hot women who get sex do not complain.
          No chick on here who is negative who complains is hot, They are all angry they cannot get sex and come here to bitch and moan and argue against alpha males for the attention and because the drama makes them feel good.
          Hot women have no reason to be here, generally agree with everything on here, they get male attention and sex with any guy they please including high value men, they are sexually satisfied and happy….these are the women ugly women and feminists envy.
          The lack of political correctness on here makes it so that ugly women on here experience even more drama.

        6. Ouch. If that’s all you get out of feminism then you really need feminism. You men are all alike, you only care about yourselves and your dicks. It’s funny how y’all think that attractive girls are “normal”. I’m pretty sure if any of them got to know you rather than just have sex with your sorry ass, then they would turn right back around and walk out on you. Basically, what you’re telling me is, if I a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you than she doesn’t exist? Fucking whore. I don’t want attention, I want answers. I wouldn’t want to endure attention from any of you.

        7. My problem with this is that it all somehow comes down to women wanting to have sex with you. Girls do not want to have sex with a man who could become a potential rapist, and typically they don’t want a slutty guy who “gets around”. I also have a problem because you automatically think because you’re a male you’re right. That’s the opposite of true. Because you are not a woman, you have no idea how a woman acts. Or even what she likes, based on your opinion of this article. But you don’t care, obviously, because guys only ever think about themselves. Typical.
          Guess what? A WOMAN DOES NOT NEED A GUY TO BE HAPPY. Nobody even needs frequent sex to be happy. Nobody. We can just as easily take care of the problem ourselves until we find that one person who actually makes us happy in every way. Sex is not the sure fire way to be happy. It never was. Also, I’m a lesbian, so I don’t think I would ever want the attention of a guy, but especially not one who has read this article and not found any flaws whatsoever.

        8. Firstly…you are a lesbian…why are you here and how is this relevant to you….you do not have sex with men? Why do you care ?
          Have you considered that I am a man that just does not want a relationship ? Most guys in the manosphere are like that.
          As a man who has had sex with many women…I definitely know..I get around a lot…ofcourse I never go for lesbians…as a man you can tell which woman is a lesbian.
          I go for straight women..I avoid bisexual women .
          I can tell you right now that women are very horny people…there have been women that did crazy thing to try to hook up with me, even approach me to offer to suck my cock..and I never even met these women. The number of toilet BJs are countless.
          So yeah I think sex for most women I have encountered is happiness just like sex is happiness for men.
          You are a lesbian…but just because you are a woman, does not mean you have my experience with banging loads of straight women.

        9. These ugly feminist freaks really have a hard-on for this article. Better to not reply them and just let them post to themselves here and let the page views grow,

        10. true true..I should not have reveals my personal life like that…bitch probably became a lesbian cause no guy wanted to fuck her and does not enjoy sex with girls so she justifies it to herself by saying that she does not need sex to be happy.

    4. You do realise that saying ‘any girl who comments on here must be ugly!’ is as stupid as ‘any guy that posts on here must have a small penis!’, right?

      1. Except our male commentators don’t post pics of their dongs, big or or small, whilst the female ones usually offer their faces as evidence that they’re ‘too pretty for us’, due to their over-inflated narcissism. I can’t say I’ve seen more than a couple of outlier 7’s. Usually it’s the 5-6 range.

        1. 5-6 range if you exclude all the fatties I guess but a lot of them are carrying too much fat in the face.

        2. I’ve never seen one single female commenter post their face unless they were prompted to by someone saying ‘bet ur ugly lol’

        3. Eh, 5-6 in your range is more like 11 in the scale of life. So off-centered, boi. OH SNAP I DID IT AGAIN.
          OOOOOOH! Be offended because I totally got you that time!
          You don’t get to see my face or anything. My partially shaved, chin-length, green hair would give you a definite heart attack. Also I put on too much/too little makeup today so I look like a slut/girl who doesn’t put out enough.

        4. It shouldn’t matter what they look like, should it? Ugly people are statistically smarter than attractive people. Nobody needs to give you fucking ammo to shoot down they’re opinion just because they’re ugly. That’s just retarded. Besides, stranger danger and all that. I wouldn’t want any of you fucking creeps to know what I looked like.

        5. Thank you, I appreciate your lack of general rage at a massive representation of the human population.

      2. Eh, they don’t really care about equality. Either that or they can’t figure out what equality means.

      3. Let me re-word it to make a lil’ more sense for ya sis.
        Its more like I am saying “any normal female that is attractive would be would undoubtedly be spending quality time with their boyfriend rather than spouting bloviated invective at a bunch of nameless, faceless Interwebz dudes”

        1. You think that all attractive women have boyfriends? Further more, you think that attractive women with boyfriends spend every waking second with them? You think that no women ever go in the internet? Christ. No WONDER you know nothing about women. You clearly don’t spend any time with them.

        2. I know this is gonna be kind of hard for you to understand.
          But your comment right there – just totally reinforced what dude just said. Methinks you just oughtta quit while you are ahead.

        3. Boyfriend or not, attractive girls have some social life, they have more enjoyable things to do than commenting on a webside for men.

        4. That’s not really accurate, I recall when I was 17 and banging my girlfriend all of the time I would waste time on the internet in equal measure.

        5. Should that be the case, arguably you too have better things to do, with your girlfriend or otherwise. But obviously you don’t, so what’s your excuse? What makes you better? There we go again with men thinking the world revolves around their dick. Females do not need a male in their lives to be a person. Females do not need to be attractive to be a person. Females do not have to appeal to the male audience when they have an opinion. If you don’t have a good argument then don’t spout whatever stupid garbage comes out of your mouth. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you’re right.

    5. Now, this is coming from someone who cares about social issues, spends a lot of time on the computer, but still is an attractive girl who has also coincidentally been raped. That’s right, wow girls are not one dimensional idiots put on this earth to suck your dick or fuck you over. We are human beings who can be in to posting snarky comments at douchebags on the internet AND be a bombshell. fucking weird how they’re all different, right?
      You are a vile disgusting human being
      Also you’re a fucking idiot, and using information you obviously couldn’t possibly know any less about as an argument (eg “ur probs ugly”) is so stupid I can’t even begin to understand why you thought it was a good idea.

    6. Good. I would never want to touch any of you assholes with a twenty foot pole, let alone have you touch me.

    7. HA no. We know this isn’t about us, you fucking idiot. And who the fuck are you to call a woman attractive enough to be raped? If you were in any way educated, you would know that rape can happen to literally ANYONE, not just “beautiful girls.” This is about douchebags who think no means yes and that every woman wants the same thing, who don’t respect their victim’s decisions, even if they are at their house. What? A girl can’t change her mind at any time in the wooing process? What a travesty! Now do us all a favor and fuck yourself.

      1. douchebags who think no means yes

        Kindly point out where exactly in the article you found that.

    8. I find it amusing that you think these ladies are physically unattractive without ever seeing them. I also find it amusing that you somehow seem to think YOU are hot stuff when this could very well be the exact opposite.

    1. No, but he’ll use it to give you a good backhanded slap if you keep up your mouthiness.

        1. stop!…please STOP!……i’m in tatters!i’ll be >smirking< for the rest of the week…..cheers for that one,dew!best wishes.

  14. Honestly I just don’t understand some of the White Knights at all. I mean this from a sincere practical perspective but why do you constantly defend women at any costs? Are they not supposedly our equals as they keep proclaiming? So why do they need any help defending themselves at all?
    Believe me I get it, I was raised by a single mother and was brought up with all that nonsense of respecting women blablabla, and that’s what I did for the longest time. But after a certain amount of time don’t you ever stop and ask yourself ‘Well hey, here I am respecting them all the time but why aren’t they respecting me?’
    At what point of constantly having your advances rejected do you say enough is enough? At what point do you stop allowing them to shit all over you? Do you really get either sex or a mutually respectful and loving relationship out of this when you defend women at all costs against all forms of logic?
    I hail your amount of tolerance, but come on guys, at some point you’ve got to really think about your situation and take off the rose tinted glasses. How long can you keep being a doormat without getting anything in return?

    1. There’s a sucker born every minute, unfortunately…
      These guys are completely broken, and arguably share a larger part of the blame than the feminists themselves for the dire state of gender relations currently plaguing the west.