Ugly Minority Girls Are Winning Beauty Pageants To Satisfy The Diversity Agenda

Toxic SJW notions of “beauty” (think awful role model and alleged scammer Tess Munster) are well-known. Sadly, it appears that the need to appease certain groups has now filtered down to giving beauty pageant titles to girls based on their race or ethnicity. Two recent “winners” of state-based national beauty pageants, Magnolia Maymuru (Miss World, Northern Territory, Australia) and Arianna Quan (Miss America, Michigan), are so unbelievably plain and even ugly that the “beauty” in beauty pageant should have been removed from the contests they each entered.

In the case of Quan, the biggest criticisms came from her ancestral homeland of China. Chinese netizens need not fear the kind of racism accusations that would be leveled at white Americans questioning whether she deserved the Miss America title for one of America’s most populous states (Miss America’s national event will be in September).

Media coverage of Maymuru’s crowning was ecstatic, namely because, in the words of many racial quota-leaning commenters, “it was about time” that an Aboriginal Australian won such a title. Few online respondents dared to call her unattractive due to the near certainty of them being labeled as racist bigots. She eventually placed in the top 10 for the Miss World Australia final, “beating” much more attractive competition.

Here’s a picture of Miss Michigan Arianna Quan, who became the topic of a Roosh V Forum thread, after her victory:

And here’s another shot of Miss World, Northern Territory Maymuru, whose other photo features as the main image for this article:

On the street, neither of these girls is going to turn heads. Another test, whether women would want to look like them or straight men would want them, would also result in very few takers.

Perceptions about female attractiveness may vary, but Maymuru and Quan’s wins are ridiculous

Fashion model Molly Bair is far from my ideal girl, but she fits the bill of worthy beauty pageant winner far better than either Magnolia Maymuru or Arianna Quan.

I, probably like you, have long noticed a moderate looks discrepancy between glamor models and general fashion models. With the exception of, say, Victoria’s Secret girls, who look a lot more like their glamor or bikini counterparts, the attractiveness of fashion models seems to be somewhat lower or more elusive. Scouts seem to be more preoccupied with a “unique” look, rather than conventional attractiveness, for fashion models compared to other models.

All that aside, there comes a point at which certain agendas of the political, racial and ethnic variety try to determine who wins what. Magnolia Maymuru’s “triumph,” for example, resulted in a media that could not contain its delight about someone of a certain race winning a beauty pageant title. With all the fanfare regarding her minority status, it is hard to see how she won on merit. Shouldn’t a win like this speak for itself if it is deserved? In the end, what SJWs say should be treated as a normal thing is actually treated completely very abnormally, as if to justify it. The exact same thing happened with the laudatory coverage of Tess Munster for being “fat and beautiful.”

When real “beautiful women” win pageants, journalists do not usually feel the need to reiterate how dazzling the girl is. Maymuru’s winning of the Miss World, Northern Territory title resulted in tabloid soliloquy after soliloquy. Just in case you did not already know, she’s beautiful! Miss World’s mantra “beauty with a purpose” is meant to soften criticism about the looks of a winning state, national or international entrant, pointing to, say, their charitable or community involvement. But is it a beauty pageant or not? If the answer is yes, attractiveness is the overriding factor.

As for Quan, her academic major, Transportation Design, immediately raises suspicion. Is her win just a nod to “women in science or engineering”? Furthermore, being the great state of Michigan, surely there could have been at least 20,000 (or more) very decent-looking Asian-American girls capable of plausibly winning a beauty pageant like this. If Quan can win, no wonder many hot girls do not even enter these contests.

Who did they beat to win?

Two Northern Territory models selected for the top 100 of a recent series of Australia’s Next Top Model (source: NT News). Though not sex symbols, they are much better-looking than Magnolia Maymuru.

Quan’s competitors in Michigan were not the biggest stunners to ever grace a beauty pageant, yet almost all of them markedly or substantial outdo her in physical attractiveness. Maymuru’s fellow Miss World, Northern Territory entrants have been harder to track down. But, in addition to the sisters in the picture above, here are just two of the Northern Territory girls who have featured in the top 100 or better in an edition of Australia’s Next Top Model:

The redhead on the far right.

What exactly were the Miss World, Northern Territory judges thinking this year?

“Fat is beautiful” is only the tip of the iceberg

Trigger warning.

Eat your heart out, Tess Munster. New girls have arrived at the “beautiful because we say so” party. After obesity apologia comes race apologia (one which conveniently ignores the very attractive minority girls out there). Soon physical beauty will be a product of one’s political beliefs. In fact, celebration of the ugly has long been an integral element of feminists trying to first rationalize and then redirect their boiling self-hatred.

Despite its culture-poisoning effects, at least the world of celebrities in large part continues to allow people, especially men, to reward truly good-looking women with attention. Beauty pageants are clearly falling into the abyss, strangled by their own need to call someone beautiful based on the color of their skin, their university major, or some other unrelated, even farcical factor.

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      1. I am oddly turned on by her. She reminds me of a younger, blonder Olivia Wilde

        1. Wilde, in her primer prime, has one of the best “fuck me harder” faces in the (((media))).

      1. Comparing women to house elves, choose Dobby instead of Winky, brutal. I would be all up inside Winky.

  1. A mans dick dictates what’s beautiful or not. End of fucking story. Declare as many ugly, third-world genetic trash mutants miss-world all you want, doesn’t change what’s really beautiful.

    1. Exactly. Where’s that 15 year old anorexic girl that’s on multiple medications to tell us that we’re a bunch of bigots for not finding fat and/or ugly women attractive? I expect her to jump into this conversation anytime now to dazzle us with her original and thought provoking arguments.

      1. Damn, I know exactly who you’re talking about. The Reddit poster child, if you will (FYI Reddit frequently has members with bizarre personal issues, eating disorders, and lots more problems).

        1. You learned to use a desk to make sandwiches. You are smarter than the average woman.

      2. Once they serve up the standard boilerplate then we’ll know shit just got real.

      3. I think she is a troll for the FBI or some crazy shit….trying to bait somebody into saying something stupid…be CAREFUL guys….

    2. Beauty is about geometry. Poor geometry = ugly. It’s not an “eye of the beholder” preference it’s an absolute. Beauty is an outward expression of good genes. Ugly is an outward expression of garbage genes. And fat is never beautiful.

      1. I agree, despite people trying to say beauty is “subjective”, there is definitely a fairly standard concept & image of what is attractive.
        No matter how much people want to manipulate the truth, you can’t argue what people are attracted to.

        1. Agreed. Once certain ratios are hit, THEN you can talk about subjectivity, i.e. latino vs nordic, blonde vs brunette, blue eyes vs green etc.

        2. It is only “subjective’ around the margins. One man’s 10 is another man’s 9. No man’s 2 is another man’s ten, unless that man is blind, retarded, disabled, or all of the above.

        3. As soon as I leave the attic you are gonna be like literally hard as fuck lookin at this ass.

        4. or a feminist sjw blinded in his denial and who just want to piss off guys with common sens like us. Ah fuck, it’s the same as retarded.

        5. Ugliness is definitely not subjective. Those who call ugly hags beautiful are lying to themselves.

        6. Some of the places I’ve been to on the internet (via other sites) contain quite a bit of echo-chamber type delusion in which mostly women (unattractive/fat ones) push this clearly nonsensical idea that unattractive women can be “beautfiul”, “sexy”, etc.
          Interesting that I basically never see beautiful women doing this.
          It doesn’t help that these thirsty betas and low-tier men “like” them and make positive comments on Facebook and Instagram, either. I blame that a lot for this, too.
          No shaming = enabling this behavior.

        7. Agreed, beauty is just simple nature. Men are generally attracted to women with bigger breasts and wider hips because it gives off the appearance of a fertile and healthy woman, likewise women are generally attracted to more athletic looking men because it gives them the impression of a man who has self discipline/confidence and proper genetics for making children.

        8. That’s why women just hate it when men date younger women. They inside know that their beauty is related to youth and hate the thought of having to compete with younger women just galls them. There was a singer who’s 49 dating a 19 year old. On the video comments, all the women were talking about how immoral it was, blah blah blah and how he needs to have a woman his own age.
          When I posted that men universally preferred 19 year olds to 49 year olds, shit hit the fan. I pointed out that this is proven by looking at strip clubs. Women at strip clubs represent the physical ideal that men prefer. And as we all know, at any given strip club at any random place, what age are the strippers likely close to, 19 or 49? There are no 49 year old strippers because there’s no demand from men, even 49 year old men, for them

        9. Excellent comment. Definitely true!
          And I’ve seen male-shaming in the form of “age appropriate dating” comments from time to time from women. Another attempt to belittle and shame men who follow their natural preferences.
          Even worse is when men who date younger but over the age of 18+ women are implied to be pedophiles.
          Amazing the bullshit directed at men from bitter, envious, and insecure women.
          Date who you want, and don’t take any garbage from any of these women. Put them in their place, I say.

        10. Are you talking about R Kelly? That’s a whole different situation. He has shown his penchant for not just young but underage females.

        11. Yeah one shouldn’t date “underage” females because it’s against the law. R Kelly never messed with any pre pubescent girls, they were 15 at the time. And anyway, the girl he is dating now is 19.

        12. He was called a pedophile. What should we call women who date drug dealers, criminals and other dregs of society?

        13. Think about this, age appropriate dating only is a concern when the younger partner is a woman of prime fertile years. If a 49 year old man was dating a 79 year old great grandma, do you think any woman would bother extolling the 49 year old man on the virtues of age appropriate dating and how he should find someone his own age?
          49 and 79 is a 30 year age gap just like 19 and 49. Why be concerned about one and not the other?

        14. > worse is when men who date younger but over the age of 18+ women are implied to be pedophiles.
          Are you implying it is acceptable to imply that ken who date 17 year olds are pedophiles?
          The term indicates dating girls who haven’t started puberty. The misapplication of it to teens during puberty is a feminist white Knight conspiracy meant to punish normal but successful men.

        15. Same.with Jared the subway guy. Only girl he was proven to be with was 16. I will never forgive him because there is nothing to forgive.

        16. I believe that ultimately it’s all part of depopulation. The relationship proven to produce the most offspring is older man younger woman particularly when the woman is of prime or near prime reproductive age. So that relationship is the most demonized. But alternative relationships like homosexuals are pushed in to acceptance. If you want to depopulate then homosexual relationships are ideal.
          And I didn’t know it was a 16 year old girl. See they use the term “child” pornography as a play on words. The word child conjures up images of 6 year old pig tailed little Susie on the playground. Not images of a developed sixteen year old girl. So by using the word child it bypasses the rational part of people’s brains and appeals to the emotions.

        17. Dating Asian girls of any age is seen as borderline paedophilia also. The fact that most Asian women manages to retain a slim physique is too much for some! I have been bumped into, jostled and probably will be heckled shortly on account of dating over 25 year old Asian girls!

        18. R Kelly is dreg of Society? Net worth $150 million? I’d like to know what success is like in your hamlet 🙂

        19. He should have moved to :
          In Austria, Italy and Germany the age of consent is 14; in Sweden, France and Denmark it is 15 – and Spain recently raised its age of consent from 13 to 16.

        20. Men are rarely sexually attracted to a woman because she’s violent. Women, especially young women, will be attracted to a killer because he’s a killer.

        21. Personally i prefer mid 20s. A man in his 30s sleeping with a 16 year old is a bit suspect and I agree 🙂

        22. Get it right. dysfunctional women. Where I come from, we don’t generalise. I have never read of a middle class girl looking to get with a guy on deathrow

        23. Each breast must contain fifty pounds of lard or you are a pedophile.
          I swear there is a cadre of guys who want to fuck their obese moms backing these witch hunts. It is a struggle for me to like big tits, a girl has to be very feminine otherwise to counteract it and make her sexy in spite if them. Most are obese and even if slim they are usually fake, or makes me think she is about to lactate for Tyrone’s anchor-baby. MAIDENS all have a petite chest.

        24. The video Jared was sent was security footage from a house run by the charity. Liquor kept in the house was being stolen. Most likely the girls staying there free were drunkly leading it up and he was being shown the evidence of their crime, BT since they were getting sexuak the we fence was CP.
          Crimewave of the future: nude teens robbing banks unarmed. Everyone afraid to stop them because touch = molesting pedophile. Manager unlocks vault in terror or else they will grind on his crotch and ruin his life. No security camera footage can be shown because it is CP.

        25. I believe that there will come a time the AOC will be pushed north of 25 based on junk science about the brain not being developed until 25. Therell probably have age categories IE a 23 year old woman can date a 26 year old man, a 27 year old is a felony. And, it will be enforced primarily against men. If you think it’s far fetched, remember, just 60, 70 years ago, a 18 year old girl and say a 30 year old man would’ve been run of the mill. Today, the man would be considered a border line pedophile.
          I read about one woman who was 31 during the mid 70s and at the time was seeing a 25 year old man. She didn’t want her job to find out because she would’ve been considered a weirdo and lost her job. Now cougar’s are actively promoted

      2. Seriously, beauty is objective 95% of the way, then your personal preferences take you the rest of the way.

      3. Someone isn’t wearing his mandatory, state-issued corrective lenses that alter the ugly geometry of a mongoloid’s face and curvature of a whale’s midriff and her thunder thighs into pageant winning beauty.
        It’s funny that carnival mirrors do much of the same thing, as these pageants of political correctness are freak shows themselves.

      4. Thank you. I really like all the Un-PC stuff that you guys say about women that actual men (not sexless academics) really find attractive. It is hard to get decent information on what men actually like versus what they are supposed to like. That’s why a lot of business sales in fashion, restaurants, etc. flop. As a jewelry designer, I find this stuff really useful when looking at the psychology behind trends and sales, as academics are lately becoming too PC to be useful to predict market trends and analyze sales. Keep it up.

        1. WOW, I read some of your comments. You have a LOT of intelligent things to say…and I have not figured out if I agree with it all, but you sure did think about it…do you have a blog? If so, please post a link. I THINK you are red-pill and pro-patriarchy…

        2. Interesting comment!
          It all boils down to very simple things when it comes to what the average man wants. Unfortunately they often settle for far less.
          It’s a shame things have become so PC and so much agenda for fat acceptance and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”-esque lies.

      5. Speaking of poor geometry…. Molly Bair? Her face is shaped like a fucked up triangle with eyes…

        1. No she’s not. Bair is totally jacked up. To a lesser extent, Drew Barrymore and Julia Stiles have unattractive faces, yet decent bodies.

        2. I have to agree. In fact while I agree with the author’s sentiments about Quan ( she looks like her face was smashed in a door) and the bucket of lard that is Munster (poor Herman and Lily must be spinning in their graves), I think Maymuru was a marked improvement over some of the other choices the author cited like Bair. Even the red-head had a hairline to back half of her head.

      6. “attractiveness” might be partially subjective based on a confluence of factors like looks, personality, background, interests, etc. but BEAUTY is undoubtedly objective. Otherwise how could you even gauge a contest?

    3. Yup. The Boner Test is all that matters. And except for the two “loser” models, these girls did nothing but kill my boner. Ewwww!

    4. Put another way: number of feelz based beauty awards given to fulgies – 2; number of dicks hardened as a result – negative 2.87 billion.

    5. “A mans dick dictates what’s beautiful or not. End of fucking story”
      Word. Quoted for truth.

      1. True male beauty is decided by women, that’s true. But some women can be influenced by other factors such as status. The status bestowed upon someone like Ryan Gosling – who by all accounts is a Standard Steve/whatever the male equivalent of plain Jane is – has made him an international sex symbol. If Ryan Gosling were working in Asda, he’d be almost invisible. If this guy were working in Asda, the cleaners would be mopping up fanny juice off the floors after his shift.
        See, it doesn’t work the same way with us guys. If we’re told that a disgusting, fat ugly ditchpig like Lena Dunham is sexy, we’d all laugh our tits off. And Gwyneth Paltrow, the media constantly hails her as being incredibly beautiful… and yet I’ve yet to meet any man who agrees.

        1. Not that long ago, women were fawning over dudes who were more rugged in appearance than the depicted metrosexual. So it seems to me the pic corroborates your point that women find attractive what they’re told to whereas men have an innate standard.
          Richard Nixon alleged that gays were trying to , in effect, make ugly women into paragons of beauty. Thankfully men have proved more resilient to such social engineering than women.

        2. She might be able to get decently dolled up for a photo, but in the Iron Man movie series, she never looked or acted like the role she was playing: someone who could give a billionaire genius playboy a raging case of “oneitis”.
          If Hollywood can’t make her up for a high-budget film, despite having 3 chances to do so, IMO that’s proof that they don’t have enough to work with (ie: she’s “plain” at best).

        3. “If Hollywood can’t make her up for a high-budget film, despite having 3 chances to do so, IMO that’s proof that they don’t have enough to work with (ie: she’s “plain” at best). ”
          Exactly – and let’s not forget the high tech of cgi – if that can’t help, truly she is an overrated plain Jane.

        4. The cleaners might be but no other women would be. Women generally look at your wallet and working at Asda he’d have short arms and deep pockets.

        5. I don’t agree. In my experience women love “real men”. Only teenage girls like metros…

        6. Whoa, I have to disagree about Paltrow…when I see her, I absolutely want to do her, but when she opens her mouth, the central nervous system takes an active part in turning off the endocrine system.

        7. I’m growing to appreciate Tricky Dick more and more as I get older. Fucker was dead-on about all kinds of shit despite being a Crook

        8. As far as I’ve seen, she’s always only looked “okay” for her age her entire life.
          For example, she was “meh” for a ~26 year old back in Shakespeare in Love.
          Looking at her Wiki article, I’m surprised that her fans/agents haven’t changed the picture as that pic of her in 2011 ain’t great.

        9. Melania Trump looks like Caitlyn Jenner–face pulled tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel. Julia Roberts is looking very MILFy lately though.

        10. I said at best, and that is with hollyweird makeup magic. In real life she is a plain jane 5. I wouldn’t put her loeer because there are plenty of beasts out there

    6. not a good indicator since the huge amount of beta orbiters and smurfs are so thirsty that they would bang a goat.

      1. That’s because they’re genetic trash themselves and have to settle for what they can realistically get. What men are fucking isn’t an indicator of beauty, but what they’re smacking one off to when they’re alone with their computer definitely is.

    7. Agreed. Feminists don’t seem to understand this simple concept though, and will contine to try to sell off a pig with lipstick as “beautiful”.

    8. Yupp…Ugly broads will remain ugly broads regardless what the piece of shit in the merdia say so ??

    9. First world had nothing to do with it – You think US women can compete with women from Colombia and Venezuela? You think Scandinavian women can still compete with Eastern European women? Nope.

      1. Beauty in Colombia and Venezuela comes from the contributions of the original “First World” colonists.

        1. Probably, but thats hundreds of years ago before the evolution of the “First World” Cunt.

      2. I went to Colombia for a week. Saw precisely six hot chicks and they were probably hookers.

      3. There is the objective standard of beauty, and an imposed standard of beauty. The myth of the ‘hot latina’ was created and imposed by the (((media))) in order to spread miscegenation.
        What is this ‘hot latina’ myth? take Sofia Vergara for example, she is an overweight ugly mongrel who cant speak proper english. Monica Bellucci at the same age was waayy more hotter.
        White european women are psychically more beautiful than any ‘hot latina’. Take any media example: Diane Kruger, Andrea Riseborough, Carice Van Houten, Monica Bellucci, Malin Akerman, etc, etc, etc.

        1. NOPE i was talking from my own experience – I have been extensively to the three countries i referenced, and you have not clue what you are talking about. American women are on average over weight. I am not talking to celebrity women, I am looking at the masses. Go to Bogota, in the shops, resturants and public in general you have to ask – “where are the men”. And they have a very different attitude especially when they realize that you are a foreigner. Not all of them are but quite a bit of them are gorgeous and they dont have that asshole attitude.

        2. Dont sweat it bro, I feel your pain. All the foreigners taking all the best women, I know its tough.

        3. Hot Latina myth was even enforced by making Dora the Explorer look hot in beer new city show. Luckily Nina Flores took over.

    10. There are cases when a girl’s beauty makes my heart stop without giving me a boner. At least when it’s facial beauty.
      Speaking of which, don’t you all just hate it when you spot a girl on a broadcast, and she is gone after just one-two seconds? She first appears at 0:36.

        1. The girl in the middle at 0:36. I would er… like to take her to the pictures or something.

      1. “There are cases when a girl’s beauty makes my heart stop without giving me a boner. At least when it’s facial beauty”
        Yeah I know what you mean – every man’s criteria differs slightly – but for me if a chick has stunning eyes, or a beautiful smile.

        1. The circle around her hips, navel and vagina. Check it out and you’ll know what I’m saying.
          If that’s right, everything else will be.

        2. Well, that brunette at 0:37 has a heart-stopping smile. Totally genuine.
          So not forced like say, Chelsea you-know-who; whenever she smiles on TV, you can tell right off the bat that it’s forced.

    11. Yes, say for example, women were pushing for hairy armpit acceptance. The ones who are beautiful, say perfect tits and face, would sway the disagreeability until either plain women arrive, or ones with shaved armpits to show the dick the holy light, the way and the truth.

      1. Its a bit like how homos are trying to get men to shave every inch of their bodies and shape their eyebrows…

    12. Selfridges in London had a promotion recently with half naked fat and ugly girls cavorting on billboards. God it was horrible.

    13. lol. a visit to Thailand/Asia will prove that right. Most of the Western guys there are with dregs of that society. Most, not all of them 🙂

    1. you know looking back to 2008 Sarah Palin should have said that of bathhouse Barry rather than the other way round

      1. Didn’t he get that nickname due to his summer job as a teen at the YMCA…yeah, that’s it.

    2. But what about a ribbon on a turd? I tried when I was in the attic and I smiled ever so slightly.

      1. That does it. I’m gonna sponsor a really good-lookin’ hunk of shit for the next Miss Universe pageant…

      1. I once came second in a Brad Pitt lookalike… a lovemaking African-American gentleman won it!

        1. Chuck Fickens, one of your comments was deleted. I get what you were trying to say ironically, but you will refrain from using that word or receive a ban.
          Do not give our enemies an excuse to caricature us.

        2. Good. Your other comments, at least the ones I have seen, are solid.
          Always remember what happened at the start of the year with the planned meet-ups. A satire on this site was falsely turned into a genuine proposal by the leftist-minded media and our readers became the target of vile threats.
          Exactly the same thing will be done re certain race-related comments, no matter what satire or humor was intended.

        3. The rap about “whitey”? Strikes me as being a more obvious attempt at humor/criticism (based on the average person’s perception, not mine). Would be a lot harder for some SJW journalist to describe RoK as a depository for “racism” when it uses basically the same style of gangsta rap, regular rap and R’n’B artists.
          Like I said, I get what Chuck was saying and prior to February 2016 his comment would probably have been fine. It’s just more easily falsely turned against us after February…
          It’s mostly on you guys to self-regulate and leave relatively few messes for mods to pick up and excise. I also encourage you to politely call out fellow commenters when they have likely crossed the line, a crossing which may be unintentional. GetItGoing nailed that job, kudos to him.

  2. Well, looks like shoe-horning “winning” in order to attempt to over-ride a real trait (beauty) by creating a false competition and/or voting for unattractive women.
    Another thing ruined by social justice garbage.
    From time to time I have to cleanse my mind and reassure myself of what real beauty is by watching Victoria’s Secret models on the runwalk.

  3. Good article. I take one minor exception.
    As for Quan, her academic major, Transportation Design, immediately raises suspicion. Is her win just a nod to “women in science or engineering” […]
    Oh, no. I don’t think the author completely understands what Transportation Design means. This is just another one of those useless degrees where they teach you how to agitate for money to sink into light-rail projects and prioritize bicycle traffic on busy roads. The closest it gets to real engineering is social engineering.

    1. I imagine the exam would involves questions like
      1: how were the pyramids built?
      2: how would you transport Tess Munster from her emperor
      size bed to the catwalk?

        1. Have you seen the size of that land whale? F-350 at least, preferably dually with stiffer springs and a power package to be able to haul all that…um…beauty around.

        2. Hahahahaha You’re probably right.
          All I know is that the F-150 can easily haul a small boat but then Tess Munster looks like the weight of 5 luxury yachts.

        3. I’m going to have to say it’s more likely the F 750 cattle trucks the military uses to move a company sized element with full gear to a training area. Even then it may required reinforced suspension.

      1. Question 2(b). Calculate the tower crane load specifications for a single trip Tess Munster lift before metal failure occurs.

    2. I thought it meant she was one of the people who painted the ads on the sides of city buses.

      1. I can’t tell. But it does seem to involve in some part actual car design. No doubt Quan is getting copious amounts of support not offered to her male classmates because she has a vagina.

    3. Hi Porcer, I think you’re forgetting it’s about appearances, not reality. (I also used quotation marks deliberately to make basically the same point you have made!) As far as the media is concerned, this is a woman in STEM. You shouldn’t conflate what I have written with the agenda of those selecting the Michigan winner.
      Check out this piece about her:
      “…the only female in her Transportation Design class for the last two years.”
      If you read this article they’ve used to hype her up, you should see what I mean. “Get women into the automative industry blah blah blah”
      Irrespective of the relative value people ascribe to a TD degree, her win is being pushed as a win for women in STEM.

      1. I see now you weren’t merely using the quotes to offset it as a loaded cliche. That article adds quite a bit of perspective on the matter, although it tries hard not to.
        I’ll revise my objection to the term ‘Transportation Design’ being misnamed and misleading. I don’t know where this comes from, but I suspect the college. The newspaper article and the pageant and Ms. Quan seem happy with the obfuscation.

      2. Yep, indeed. She is more or less “associated” with STEM and they are playing on it to build her resume to the judges. Women don’t go into STEM for a’s a man’s world. They just hate admitting.
        This is similar to the government being confused on why so many women are not jumping at the chance to join the military (now that it’s wide open to them). We’ve given them exactly what they wanted…a chance to serve their country on the front line or in any capacity…and crickets (barely any women signing on).
        Why? Because it’s all bullshit. Women only want to work in nice, clean, safe environments. They’ll gladly complain (about anything) but given the opportunity they’ll show you what they want….and it’s not on the front line or in a dirty, dangerous environment.

        1. On top of that, now many are getting up in arms about selective service registration being required for females too!

        2. They all play the game.
          You’ll never see women marching for “equality” for the ugly stuff, the dirty stuff, the stuff that they don’t want to do in life. They’ll only bitch about the wage gap (in certain fields). I haven’t heard one feminist complain about the wage gap myth in fields such as construction, sanitation, etc…because it’s all bullshit.
          More men need to call them on it to fix the problem.

    4. Indeed. This is closer to an “arts” degree versus an actual engineering or science degree. She works with engineers but she is more or less a mouth piece to present these designs to a group (before manufacturing).

  4. Girls today can be ugly and win a beauty pageant; participate in a soccer tournament, lose, and get a medal; apply for a job for which they aren’t qualified and get hired; marry a guy under false pretenses and get paid off in divorce court…anybody else see a pattern developing here.

    1. Oh, I think those of us who are paying attention are aware of the pattern, or rather the agenda.
      It’s the sheeple who don’t see the trends and who are clueless that greatly concern me.

    1. Pretty much irrelevant these days too when the masses can vote for their favorite pop tart of the week on the net.

  5. I see an opportunity in this! I envision a website. Chicks send in photos and videos to become, say, “Miss Internet” or something like that. The categories can be feminine/ potential housewife kinda stuff. People will pay a membership fee to either vote for woman or vote for the judges who will vote for the women.
    If the SJWs want for ugly bitches to define feminine beauty, let ’em. Someone else can do otherwise and reap the rewards (and scorn).

      1. You just gave me another idea! “Miss P.H.A.T. USA”. Instead of sloppy BBW “fatties”, it can be a contest for curvy and volupt women (P.H.A.T. stands for “Pretty Hips AND Thighs). There is a HUGE market for these kinds of women and it would be a big middle finger to those who try to convince us that sloppy, unhealthy, mold and sweat beneath the rolls of fat type girls are a standard of beauty.

        1. Brainstorming. Nothing better. How about a pussy-waxing business for fat skanks who want to get into porn…

  6. Giving someone recognition based on gender or race instead of merit, will discourage the talented, and the hard working from competing, and will ultimately result in an environment of mediocrity

    1. Example: Apple is making a big show of forced diversity. Everybody knows white guys and asian guys are the best computer nerds.
      iRonically, Apple is completely PC

  7. I think part of the issue is the lack of ethnic minority women, particularly Asian women, who are willing to even participate in such public exhibitions.
    I think you would be hardpressed to find an Asian girl who would be willing to parade on a stage in a bikini. Asian women do not behave like White women. Whereas White women won’t think twice of dressing provocatively and publicly exposing their bodies, Asian women are far more reserved.
    It’s important to understand how profoundly sick American society is: in America, women dress revealingly in public to elicit stares from ogling strangers. In more conservative countries like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, etc, the women dress in burkas in public but dress sexy for their husbands’ eyes only in the privacy of their bedroom. There are tons of Victoria’s Secret stores in Arab countries and you will see the women shopping there in burkas.

    1. Also, other ethnic groups tend to regard their women as belonging to their group: Chinese college students have their separate amateur / intramural sports teams where the girls dress up as cheerleaders. Do you think White girls would ever dress up as cheerleaders to cheer on their boyfriends when they play basketball at the gym? LOL. Fuck no. If they do dress up as a cheerleader, it will be for Halloween to get attention from random men at a party or to cheer on black NBA players and get PAID to do it.

    2. Most Asian women are busy studying to be a doctor or hedge fund manager, graphic designer, etc.
      It is not in their character to debase themselves publicly.
      White women dress provocatively / act like sluts in public and with strangers and are pretty prudish and boring in private.
      Asian women are conservative in public but far more passionate, kinky, wild, uninhibited in private.

  8. What will it be next. Ethnic guys who collect toy trains being hired as vascular surgeons…women with Down syndrome being hired as air traffic controllers…etc.

      1. who are you to say big heads are more attractive than little baseball sized noggins? You bigot!

        1. I’m trying to get my mind right, it’s just so difficult these days…I want to be better. I really do.

        2. smaller heads are more efficient: it takes less material to keep a zika baby’s head warm. in a pinch, you can use a tea cosy

        1. is that from Men in Black?
          I’m trying to test my memory here. Brain don’t fail me now…

  9. It all started with the federal reserve: if you can simply print money from nothing, then you can do the same pretty much for any kind of value.
    Except ultimately you can’t. Ultimately, creating this supposedly kinder more caring world just seems like lying. Ultimately how kindly is it to let people deceive themselves, particularly if for every person who buys into the idea, whether to pay lip-service or partake of the deception, another is going to be sniggering behind your back?

    1. It’s kind of like the “Sex and the City” mindfuck, which resulted in a whole nation of women in their 50’s, waiting around for that billionaire Mr. Big to come wife them up, after they rode the carousel for 30 years. These pageant winners will do the same thing.

      1. yeah, ultimately it’s generally a cruelty not a kindness to give people false expectations

        1. Single moms always give false expectations to their children, while the kids listen to them getting banged by the bad-boy-of-the-week in the next room…it’s child-abuse, basically.

        2. yeah, but mummy doesn’t want her baby boy to grow up to be a bad boy banging girls like her does she?

        3. Most bitches can’t raise the rent money on their own without having 10 orbiters, and they let them raise children…frightening shit.

    2. Exactly, beauty is tightly related to scarce physical traits. That’s why we value it.

  10. The Ms. NT thing is understandable in this uber-PC world, seeing as how that state has the highest number of aboriginals in proportion to the total population in Australia. The “racism” cries were only going to get louder and louder until someone like Maymuru was selected.

    1. The “racism” cries were only going to get louder and louder until someone like Maymuru was selected.

      And then when you think you’ve won diversity points, the same crowd will complain that she was picked because of her status, as opposed to her supposedly meeting some objective standard.

  11. These Miss State, Miss America, Miss Whatever competitions are a bad idea: why do you want “your” women on display for the whole world? It’s things like this why the whole male population of the Middle East and Africa is on the move like the orc army toward Europe.

  12. Its like 2 dikes from the U.N. coming to America and saying women were treated incredibly poorly. These people are spending so much time and energy to justify their unjustifiable hatred of all things good and normal that they’re not actually doing anything at all.
    Even the girl with the clips in her hair who looks like Golem is remotely bangable compared to this disgusting Aboriginese ape looking girl. She’s fucking disgusting.

    1. I was thinking wood sprite or forest nymph.
      I’d be like; “I’m gonna go all Oberon on your Titania”

      1. Nice Sabbath reference…I would bang fairy girl…she looks so young, its just wrong, I know..still!

  13. Transgender surgery: jack off to this ape looking aboriginese woman ( i say that not out of racism she really looks like an ape), until your dick literally shoots back inside you, voila.

    1. There’s not enough trimix or Cialis on the planet to get my dick hard for that picture. Not..Gonna..Happen.

  14. “Honey, you can be anything you want to be, even a beauty pageant winner. That is NOT a hump on your back – it’s a gift from god and it makes you special! And a real man won’t care about that, he will look past it and see your inner beauty – just like your father did, when he married me despite the fact I have webbed feet and three eyes…”

    1. I think everyone will hear the same squeaky, syrupy voice in their heads as they read that.

  15. For Miss Universe 2020 all contestants must be Mogwais and on the night before the pageant they need to have a midnight snack

      1. Lol before you know it beauty pageant criteria will be personality based.
        She scored his in spunkiness but her snark and go girlism scores are going to hurt her

        1. Judges 1980: Dear contestant, if you could wish for absolutely anything, what would it be?
          Miss Universe 1980: World Peace
          Judges 1990: Dear contestant, if you could wish for absolutely anything, what would it be?
          Miss Universe 1990: World Peace
          Judges 2000: Dear contestant, if you could wish for absolutely anything, what would it be?
          Miss Universe 2000: World Peace
          Judges 2010: Dear contestant, if you could wish for absolutely anything, what would it be?
          Miss Universe 2010: Female Empowerment
          Judges 2020: Dear contestant, if you could wish for absolutely anything, what would it be?
          Miss Universe 2020: I wish someone would take me off of #TagTheSponsor

  16. For fucks sake. I logged into okcupid this morning and saw korean american woman that I know from real life to be 45 listing her age as 31. She will get away with it. No doubt she’s getting 10 messages per hour.
    Take east asian woman and parachute her into america the land of overweight botoxed ham beasts, and white men think she’s hott.

      1. Yep appears to be stalking the white male who doesn’t know better. She’s trying to present herself in her pics with the asian exotic theme, eating with chopsticks etc, but she doesn’t even speak an asian language. lol

  17. Black chick looks like dave chappelle in drag. Beauty is not subjective at all- either you are hot or youre not.
    I look forward to watching “The World’s Weakest Man” competition on ESPN someday.

  18. All the shit that goes on today…if you told somebody 20 years ago that all of this shit would be happening today, they’d look at you and say, “Conspiracy nut…” Then time goes by and 20 years later the same people say, “This is normal.”

      1. Now in this Brave New World, I believe we are supposed to refer to it as, healthy social-engineering…

        1. I’m so paranoid I’m using a TOR browser. You knowh how sick I am of solving those stupid captcha things to prove I’m not a robot to access ROK?
          I’m so tired of having to select which images show a river. I click them and them captcha says I chose wrong cuz I guess it’s fucking with me: oh sorry that was really a steam not a river, that was more of a brook than a river. Try again. WTF?
          all because I’m guilty of wrong think and might be denied a place in the system or the ability to feed myself because of I espouse “hate”

        2. Wait a couple more years when it will take a fingerprint scan or an iris scan to access the Internet. That’s merely one direction that this whole thing is heading. But it’s just a coincidence. (Heh.)

        3. “They” did not foresee the internet giving the people so much capability to find actual facts and organize.
          Of course “they” can not have that. Anonymity online will be a thing of the past if they get their way

    1. The sad thing is when you try to forewarn people even today they still label you as a “conspiracy nut”.

      1. Social-engineering by bombardment. Nobody wants to be considered crazy. Everybody will admit that rich people plan and scheme to accumulate more wealth while fucking people over. But break out the C-word and people’s minds go on lockdown – just as planned. I admire those Puppet Masters, I truly do.

  19. One part of the larger whole of altering altogether the concepts of “natural” and “normal.” And further diminishing the male presence and instinct.
    If they can also manage to finish destroying the capitalist construct of letting the market dictate (i.e.: giving the consumer the freedom to choose), where we spend our dollar won’t matter in the long run, we’ll be expected to just take it and stay silent.
    Soon what we all fancied and sought will be the stuff of myth. Stories whispered in banned nether regions of the net or shadowy happy hours. is even openly for, and admitting the goal of, accepting mental illness completely as the “new normal.”
    It’s all tied together. Not conspiracy, but similar groups and their objectives complementing one another, re-enforcing each other, and ultimately headed the same direction.

      1. Yeah, thought about it.
        Took a vacation and raised some ruckus, tried to help some neighbors with some flooding issues (big problem around these parts, terrible to see so I had to do something), and reset myself as the web can wrap you up, smother, and choke your soul away if you let it.
        (Thumbs up on your video as well :))

        1. I love how 90s artists would pretend to either kick or punch the camera.

        1. I always liked the Tom Robbins book where there was a monkey who knew a word that rhymed with orange but he refused to tell anyone.

        2. There should be a charity fund raiser for all the basic white bitches who “can’t even”

      1. Gather round and I’ll tell you a tale, lads
        Of a village which many may know
        A young man who thirsted for what he’d not have
        And one nearly magical hoe
        He lived with his pet in a shanty
        She was a grunting and rutting fat sow
        And happy they were to this moment
        Though pigs are not ideal to plow
        At first he saw the hoe near a gutter
        Rumpled and covered in dust
        Some parts were all moldy and rotten
        On some edges he spotted dark rust
        For hours the young man sat planning
        For days he polished and scrubbed
        Until the hoe’s surface was gleaming
        And the young man fell quite in love
        What a beautiful hoe he’d discovered!
        Some rough spots perhaps but who cares?
        He showed the hoe to his neighbors
        And cackled inside at their stares
        Many there were who stood slack-jawed
        As many there were who had plowed
        Using just such a hoe many hours a day
        Some taking turns and passing it ’round
        Yes, our young man is “The Fool”
        Found in each hamlet no matter how big
        He’s remembered, however, not for the hoe
        But for smeared lipstick seen once on the pig.

    1. Giving the consumer freedom to choose? You mean like the freedom to vote? I have no faith in the average consumer just as I have no faith in the average voter. Unfettered capitalism is what has 95% of people addicted to buying useless materials shit. Left to their own devices, people would be like mice in that experiment, just pushing the lever to deliver electrical stimulation to the pleasure centers of their brain over and over again until they collapse from exhaustion.

      1. I get you here, but I was meaning more the path of quiet resistance wherein we can fight the media by not buying their shit, defunding them as it were. That option is dying fast, not necessarily a new observation but I’ve now seen first-hand the attempt to become more reliant on alternative funding sources over sales-affected incomes.
        In the end, those very people you are talking about (and the rest of us) won’t have any other option but to buy what they are allowed (I even suspect opting out won’t be an option on a lot of it eventually), and that will be product designed to perpetuate the cycle.

      2. Sometimes I wonder if the ChiCom’s hybrid economy isn’t the best solution.
        Their big problem seems to be that they can only manage to clone designs.

        1. No, it isn’t. There’s nothing awful about free market capitalism. So people make choices we don’t like, big fucking deal, I get to buy things that they don’t like and they can’t do anything about it. I like having the ability to make my own decisions and don’t need some slant eyed Chinaman telling me what I do or don’t need (nor would I need that from his round eyed European brother-in-soul).

      3. The freedom to choose doesn’t have mean what people think it means. It means you get to choose Colgate or Crest, Coke or Pepsi. Voting is no different.

  20. Ugly is Beautiful, Right is Wrong, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery.
    Part of the Satanic dispensation, i.e. the NWO.

    1. Up is down. Freedom isn’t free. The economy is great even though you have nothing in your refrigerator. You are getting very sleepy…you will go gay now. Right now. Etc.

  21. Question: I’ve noticed that homosexuals and lesbians are generally unattractive physically. I think the idea that gay men are better looking than straight men is a lie. Of every photo for diversity or inclusion events or LGBTQ events, the men all look sick: they’re balding at 20 etc.
    Are people familiar with the term “sin-eater” ?
    A sin-eater would absolve a deceased body from sin through ritual, usually through consuming food and drink that had been placed on the deceased person’s body. Usually, the sin-eater is portrayed as hideous and grotesque, as if somehow having been transformed through the accumulated gathered sin. Sort of like that sage on the Vikings series on the History Channel.
    I wonder if modern homosexuals are suffering through a similar physical process.

    1. When women say “oh, he must be gay” about a good looking guy, it’s a cope/defence mechanism similar to a guy saying “She probably has a boyfriend” or “she looks like a bitch”.

    2. I think you are on to something there. It also might be a form of telegony (which is a similar sort of angle). The cells picking up DNA from multiple sexual partners, which transforms the person’s appearance. I’m pretty sure a mare was once bred with a zebra. No offspring was produced as a result of that mating, but much later on, the mare got knocked up by a stallion and eventually a half-zebra came sliding out of the womb (photo below).
      If you look at white women who have sex with black men regularly, I swear you can see a change in their physical appearance over time, as they take DNA into their bodies from multiple partners. Look at Kim Kardashian, for example. Of course, that doesn’t fit with today’s “modern science”, which excludes everything and anything the Big Boys don’t want you to know about…

      1. I question that entire theory. If it were true, you’d think that because we eat beef, we’d start to resemble cows. I mean, literally. We’re “absorbing the DNA” through digestion, why don’t we start to look like actual Aurochs?

        1. I question it, too. But I think it has merit. The half-zebra offspring being just a little bit of evidence there. As far as to what degree it’s prevalent, and all of the the things that make no sense – as you pointed out – who knows. But it’s like astrology, for example. Rulers, kings and military commanders used it for hundreds of years. It was an accepted science. Pretty much all kings had a court astrologer. But now it’s strictly “woo-woo” stuff – for kooks and idiots. Ronald Reagan used it – everybody laughed. (The laugh is on the plebes, I suspect, as usual…)

        2. But…perhaps the stallion was a cross breed? I dunno. It seems to me like it’s just too full of holes. I eat steak, and have not, as of yet, grown horns. Which is a shame because that would look totally bitchin’.

        3. Since you mention the Auroch, here’s a little piece I recently wrote that talks about it. Sorry for the formatting got distorted:
          On Intra-Racial Miscegenation
          (race-mixing) is one of the hallmarks of the modern world. It is enabled by
          globalization and the unrestricted movement of large numbers of peoples who,
          until recently, were isolated geographically from one another. Its prevalence
          and impact are fiercely debated on internet forums and message boards. Many
          traditionalists and members of the Alt-Right regard miscegenation as an
          existential threat, while others – including prominent race realists Jared Taylor
          and John Derbyshire – are themselves in mixed-race marriages and have sired mixed-race
          children. The intent of this article is not to reexamine the impact of
          interracial relationships on populations, nations, and cultures but rather to
          shine light on what may be a far more important and – to my knowledge – never
          before raised issue of intra-racial miscegenation; that is, the mixing of
          various ethnic sub-groups within the same race.
          I have adopted the neologism “intra-racial miscegenation” to describe the
          interbreeding of different ethnic sub-groups within the same race, e.g., a
          child-bearing relationship between a Germanic man and a Slavic woman or between
          a Nordic man and a Mediterranean woman or between an Igbo (Nigerian) man and a
          Somalian woman.
          many express reservations and concerns about or outright animosity toward
          interracial miscegenation, no one has yet expressed even the slightest amount
          of apprehension over the far more prevalent issue of intra-racial
          the face of it, intra-racial miscegenation may seem benign. After all, people
          of the same race are all basically the same, right? It is important to realize
          that the various races are themselves heterogeneous. They are not uniform.
          There is a tremendous amount of variation among the ethnic sub-groups of a
          particular race. This variation is reflected in the distinctive phenotypes of
          long recognized (classical) ethnic divisions as well as in the wildly different
          temperaments, intellects, and life outlooks of various ethnic groups. For
          instance, the Nordic look is typically characterized as being tall, thin, with
          fair (light blonde or even white) hair and pale blue eyes. The Germanic build is
          also typically gracile: tall, thin, and lean. Slavs are characterized by wide
          faces, high cheek bones, a pronounced brow ridge, and heavyset frame. Mediterranean
          people are characterized by a generally darker complexion, dark hair, dark
          eyes, and an aquiline nose.
          is important to understand that these characteristic traits arose over hundreds
          or thousands of years of breeding among isolated people. Certain traits were
          self-selected; that is, certain traits were deemed more attractive or imparted
          a survival advantage and became emphasized (selectively enriched) in successive
          is also important to realize that intra-racial miscegenation is a relatively
          recent phenomenon, becoming possible only with the advent of globalization and
          mass migration and becoming acceptable only a generation or two prior to the
          mainstream acceptance of interracial miscegenation. Even in the melting pot of
          the United States, with mass infusions of Irish, German, and Italian
          immigrants, the newcomers and their children generally married and formed
          families with others of the same ethnic sub-group: Italians married Italians,
          Poles married Poles, Germans married Germans. It was only relatively recently
          as the language, customs, and heritage of the motherland or old country were
          shed and mainstream American culture uniformly adopted that it became
          acceptable for men and women of various European backgrounds to date, marry,
          and form families. For example, in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, Italian-Americans in New York City are
          depicted as still maintaining their unique culture and customs and generally
          keeping to their own community.
          happens when members of various ethnic sub-groups within the same race mix?
          Well, you can the standard American mutt. The Heinz 57 lineage. A bit of this
          and a bit of that. In generation after generation of unthinking directionless mixing,
          the defining characteristics of the progenitor stock are lost.
          what will Future Man look like?
          can expect an erosion of prominent features: just as the forces of wind and
          rain combine to erode any salient outcropping that protrudes from the surrounding
          landscape, so will successive generations of intra-racial miscegenation
          obliterate distinctive physical features: the brooding Slavic brow ridge will
          be smoothed, the proud Mediterranean aquiline nose rounded, Nordic whitish
          blonde hair darkened. Essentially, Future Man will resemble a Mr. Potato Head: bereft
          of any distinctive traits.
          while individual features may resurface occasionally, the characteristic phenotypes
          – defined as the concurrence of several distinctive characteristics – will be
          lost to history.
          thing is known for certain. Once characteristic phenotypes are lost through
          interbreeding, they are lost forever and can’t be reconstructed. In the 1930s,
          German geneticists attempted to recreate the ancient Auroch (a type of large
          wild cow that roamed the primeval forests of Europe) from the various types of
          domestic cattle descended from it. While they were successful in creating an animal
          (known as Heck cattle) that physically resembled the Auroch, the resulting
          animal lacked both the formidable size and fierce temperament of the original.
          Just as all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty
          back together again, once mixed, an ethnic sub-group cannot be reconstituted.
          submit that the issues commonly raised concerning interracial miscegenation
          (resulting children not resembling the parents, resulting children lacking a
          group identity and sense of belonging, loss of true diversity in the name of
          promotion of diversity, etc.) are true of intra-racial miscegenation as well. In
          some cases, I suspect the offspring of an inter-racial pairing may actually more
          easily retain the defining physical characteristics of the parents than those
          of intra-racial pairings: for instance, both Slavs and Northeast Asians possess
          strikingly high cheekbones. Would not the offspring of such a pairing more
          closely resemble the parents than those of a Slav-Mediterranean or Northeast
          Asian-Southeast Asian pairing?
          evolved people masters the breeding of plants and animals. A highly evolved
          people masters its own breeding. And I do not think we will evolve far enough
          quickly enough to act to preserve our distinctiveness. Not against the current
          onslaught of globalization, mass migration, and pernicious liberal ideology
          that advocates unfettered individualism and rampant xenophilia.

        4. Hook ’em horns…yeah who fucking knows for sure. I just think there is a lot of knowledge out there, that has been horded and hidden away, for purposes of social control. Notice how senators, congressmen and the uber-rich, often live to be 105. You can bet that isn’t a coincidence. I’ll wager what’s in the Rockefellers’ medicine cabinet is a hell of a lot different than what’s in Joe Shmoe’s.

        5. Probably, which would stand to reason for any old billionaire. Then again, my wife’s grandmother lived past 100 and she was the wife of a farmer. *shrug* Who knows?

        6. Posting an entire article within the comment section of another article? Waldemar, are you crazy? Highly irregular. Harrumph.
          An infinite regression: you see it’s not turtles all the way down but rather racial consciousness all the way down.

        7. This is strange (yup), but an ex-girlfriend of mine got married and had a kid, and I swear that kid looks like me, even though I had stopped banging her years earlier. Telegony used to be a major science, especially in the field of animal husbandry. But it got wiped out, for the most part, because it wasn’t in lockstep with the “we’re all the same” mindfuck that’s going on today. According to the old literature on the subject, let’s say you had an alpha male who banged a woman regularly, and she took his DNA into her body, say, thousands of times. Well, that alpha DNA will go directly into the woman’s DNA at the cellular level, and her body will latch on to it and keep it there. When she produces a child later on, the offspring will have characteristics derived from the actual inseminator, and her alpha partners, too. The betas will provide traits to a lesser degree. Kind of a semen stew, if you will, arranged by hierarchy. A person’s DNA, I would think it would have to be affected by pulling the DNA of other people into the body on a regular basis. A cheeseburger is from a cow; the DNA is completely different. Perhaps the similar makeup of the human DNA strand, from person to person, is the key to that. I’m speculating obviously, but…who knows.

        8. Telegony used to be a major science, especially in the field of animal husbandry. But it got wiped out, for the most part, because it wasn’t in lockstep with the “we’re all the same” mindfuck that’s going on today.

          The other factor to consider is that if there is merit to this theory, it would give the left another vector to extract child support out of the pockets of previous partners.
          Come to think of it I am surprised this hasn’t been pushed precisely for those reasons.

        9. “It is important to understand that these characteristic traits arose over hundreds or thousands of years of breeding among isolated people.”
          Variation within kind (or micro-evolution, the only real type of “evolution”) happened, and continues to happen, very quickly. The differences between the three major races, starting from three sons of Noah, all developed in a mere 4000 years.

        10. A surefire test is seeing if it happens after a chick fucks a great ape. Not that I endorse this kind of thing, I’m just saying, that would be pretty irrefutable if her kid from an actual human father came out looking like Lance Link.

        11. Great point. I’ll bet it’s in the offing…a resurgence in the science of telegony. Crap…

        12. Ha. Today’s empowered sluts would line up to spread their legs for that experiment…

        13. I had actually considered not using that as an example, because there probably are girls that would give it a go.

        14. “The other factor to consider is that if there is merit to this theory, it would give the left another vector to extract child support out of the pockets of previous partners.
          “Come to think of it I am surprised this hasn’t been pushed precisely for those reasons.”
          They would if they could, but can’t, because men would insist on virgins for marriage. And society would default back towards monarchy/patriarch/theocracy and their libertarian/democracy/feminism construct would collapse.

        15. Many, many, many women would give it a go. Probably for free, too. They’d volunteer.

        16. I so want to make a comment about Milwaukee in reply, but refrain from doing so out of good taste.

      2. If you look at white women who have sex with black men regularly, I swear you can see a change in their physical appearance over time, as they take DNA into their bodies from multiple partners. Look at Kim Kardashian, for example.

        The name “Kardashian” should never be mentioned as part of any scientific hypothesis.

      1. That sounds like a whole lot of correlation being mistaken for causation. I started getting grey hairs at 13. I’m straighter than the two by four that shoots through a house during a hurricane.

        1. Sorry. It’s been decided: Anderson Cooper turned gray from sucking too much dick.

        2. Sort of like how Bunnicula in that book Howlday Inn drained vegetables: all the color was drained from Anderson Cooper’s hair follicles. He sucked dick and in turn the color was drained from his hair.

        3. what? you don’t take the scientific findings of to heart? I think they literally won the nobel prize in faggot hair color

        4. You’d think that I’d trust the scientific findings of an internet blogspot. Yet…somehow, for this one time, I’m having my doubts on its truthy-ness.

        5. Are you telling me that, or trying to hit on me?
          Heh. j/k

    3. I knew a gay guy once. He was literally a nazi. So that means gays are nazis!

  22. I guess sometimes you’ve got to give makeup artists and photoshop masters a challenge to really test their mettle. Let’s be frank, Adobe Creative Suite is an awesome package, but airbrushing these ugly trolls is only the beginning of what it can do and I for one am damn excited to see how far they can take it with them.
    However, those two pageant winners are definitely on a level of ugly that has me doubt even the most skilled digital desk jockey could make aesthetically appealing. I suppose it’s time we stop beating around the bush and commit the developing technologies available to the logical extremes necessary to purge the human race of ugly girls. And while we have the scientists get at that, purge the stupid too.

    1. Jus let the ugly girls chill in the attic with me. I can beat them with my purple saguaro.

    2. I know of a guy…its his job to make Sarah Jessica Parkers man-shoulders look more feminine. Ug…he said she is a “horse face”….

        1. I’m going to literally chess you to death to night (here it’s aleady night) If you’re willing to face me.

        2. But is it literally night, is the question?

      1. The traditional Frenchman is going to defeat the nihilist New Yorkian to night, if he faces the challenge.

        1. tomorrow. I am still in regenerative mode. Also, I would wait until you actually win at least one game before you attempt to talk smack frenchy

        2. Me forgetting I had an open game with a 3 day limit over my birthday weekend is hardly something one may claim as a victory. Then again….french.

        3. When you say technically, do you literally mean that you consider having a piece left on the board other than the King is a “win”?
          I’m pretty sure in most places a “Bye” in not, literally, a win. Nor even technically.

        4. Don’t Zing at me. The Auld alliance’s treaty explicitely forbade zinging between French and Scots.

        5. The the Auld alliance’s treaty explicitely forbade zinging between French and Scots. .
          True, however, it also had provisions against simultaneous double definite articles and simultaneous double punctuation.

        6. Frogs take victories when they can. Even if they are not true victories.
          Really, you can’t blame frogs for that as they simply dont know what victory really is.

        7. actually, he was an honorable froggy. He emailed me to let me know before it happened. I could have just logged on and made a move and given myself another 3 days but I was too busy having fun.

    1. You are the wind beneath my wings, LiterallyHitler.

        1. You are the water under my two duck feet, FigurativelyAnneFrank.

        2. Most banal book I’ve possibly ever read.
          So. Much. Adolescent. Whining!
          She gives Holden Caulfield a run for his money.

        3. I wonder if the Diary of Anne Frank was the precursor to all the “teen fiction” we’re subjected to now.

    1. If a tranny can beat Usain Bolt in a 50m dash then I really don’t give a shit if they compete. This is an interesting and kind of meta issue though. They won’t let a man in a dress blow out women in an athletic competition because that goes against the narrative. And a woman in trousers beating Usain Bolt (which I would be fine with if they could) just isn’t gonna fucking happen.
      What I would be worried about is that they let women compete as men and then change the rules to “level” the playing field in some absurd way so that transdoodles who go from women to men can win gold in mens competition due to technicalities.

      1. Wake up rip van winkle. The olympics has stopped gender verification. M to F trannies can compete against natural females.

        1. wow, had no idea. That honestly surprises me. I mean what are the criteria. Can I just put on a dress and go for qualification? Do I need a pattern of being a transdoodle? I would feel that this goes against the narrative because it ought to show that women will get totally shut down.

        2. SJWs never expect the obvious consequences of their stupid decisions. I can’t wait to see some “lady” sweep the Olympics in every martial event.

        3. Its not that simple. There is an “intersex” woman in the women’s 800M killing shit, has no womb or ovaries, has testes where the ovaries should be. Wouldn’t qualify in her own country as a man. But kills it in women’s, has a vagina though. I only know all this disgusting shit because she was raping women on the track (figuratively like Anne Frank) and they said she must be a man so the scientists had their way with her.

        4. Physically though, obviously she isn’t a man. Running 1:55 secs in the 800 where men Run 1:4Xs all day. That’s a big difference.

        5. I read that whole thing twice and I am only about 75% sure I fully understood it. There could be an olympic event for figuring out who qualifies to participate in what. The gold goes to Dr. Someone who figured out that the person with 1 tit but 3 nipples and a penis with two clits instead of balls gets to compete with the men in the javelin competition but w/r/t the shot put must compete with women.

        6. Where’s Fatherofthree. I’m sure he’d use this statement as ‘evidence.’

        7. Good. It will put to rest this insanity that everyone is equal, but men brainwashed women to believe they are inferior.

        8. Ever since there was a female pope one time, they have a chair with a hole in the bottom so they can verify the pope candidate is a man.

      2. Can’t wait for trannies to start competing in the 4×100 relay race, so they can pass the baton around….(sarcasm)

  23. Vox Day posted last week that one of the costs of letting your country fill up with the world’s diversity trash includes just having more ugly people in your environment. In fairness the country has plenty of ugly white people already; but do we have a shortage of ugly people and we need to import more of them from alien tribes?

    1. Technically speaking, the aborigines are not the imports into Australia.

        1. ready you are my padawan troll. spread this message you will far and wide across the shitlib empire

        2. damn, Im disappointed… yet Im still laughing hysterically. explain. Am I Hitler?

      1. Australian aboriginals seem content with staying in Australia as well. By contrast some Pacific islanders have started to migrate to Western countries in significant numbers. Marshall Islanders have colonized northwestern Arkansas, of all places, because of a chain migration that started years ago from one Marshallese who attended a Christian college there. They make my hillbilly kinfolk from that part of the state look like graduates of Starfleet Academy.

        1. I served with a guy from a similar region back in the day. One of the dumbest functioning humans I’ve known. Guy was muscular as hell, but just as worthless.

  24. Who cares about what the media tries to portray as good looking? Perhaps if enough blue pill types go after the fuglies, it will widen the playing field for those of us who get it. Got to look at the glass as half full.

      1. I was literally on tv once. The notoriety got me to the best shows with the best cocaine and the best mandingos around.

  25. How dare they put an aboriginal in a western beauty pageant. It disrupts the natural balance. Just look what they’ve done. It’s mayhem in the village now.
    ”I’d bang her . . on the side ya?”
    ”OMG Mkwambe. You wouldn’t. She looks like she fell off a boat. No saucer. She was raised by dingos. The bitch can go back to the dingos. She hasn’t an ounce of culture. You want plain jane? You better sleep with your gourd on tight when I’m pissed.”
    and across the village . . ”(gulp) umm hmm. The bibb wabba (gulp) bibba my ass” . . translation: ”that bitch breaking aboriginal gonna stir some big shit round these parts”
    Well why don’t they just make the whole thing abbo? I hear there’s real talent hiding in the bush. Let’s hear this up and coming starlet open the ceremony with the lippy ebonic version of ”God Save the Queen” . . one . . two . . three . .

      1. In America black woman give you lip. In Africa lip give black women.

        1. What are three things you can’t give a black man…a fat lip, a black eye, and a job. I think I learned that in middle school.

        2. I think that joke is required middle school learning…at least before the new standards came in and made everyone a fucking idiot.

        3. Yeah. Now it would be what are three things you can’t give a white man? Privilege, respect and sanity.

    1. Someone has posted a picture or two of a few natives that are fairly decent. I wouldn’t mind colonizing those continents.

    2. those bitches look like they would be handy around the house. I am always looking for my keys. I could just leave them in one of those big lip cups and be like “shanequa! where my keys!”

    3. So seriously, what is the actual purpose of doing that? Sure some will say “ceremonial” for now, but what about when it was “invented” (I’m using that word loosely here)? What would prompt some dill weed to say “You know, life is great, but it would be even better if I could deform my mouth and insert an ashtray into my bottom lip”.

      1. Probably a genesis of the same stupidity that sees people put cow rings, studs, and bits into their noses, nipples and belly-buttons.

        1. Maybe. At least most of that isn’t self deforming though (except gauges, which are highly idiotic). I just don’t get it, further, I don’t get how you’d talk the next generation into doing it.
          “No, really Awtumbao, you’ll love it!”

      2. Honestly Jefferson, I can only speculate on the reasoning for a saucer lip. It would keep the woman’s yapper flapped shut. The saucer pops out easily and the flabbage would be like an ‘elephant ear’ or like an extra ‘whip tongue’ perhaps facilitating the oral foreplay prior to being mounted by the sire. But this one here sure seems to have ”git-er-done” written all over her face doesn’t she?

    4. Wonder if they have one of those for penises…”I’m gonna pie-plate your ass tonight, Sunshine…”

      1. I find I have no sensation down there when I see aboriginals. (scratch balls) Nope, nothing going on down there. Lights out. No disturbay. But my hand seems inspired to write when I see aboriginals. I have the urge to write not whack. I get all these ideas, like I wonder if saucer lips could facilitate controlling our white women better? I’ll have to do more research, but meanwhile afro-aboriginals are not my type. I prefer the polar opposite, more of a ‘Ginger’ gened woman, you know kind of a ‘Strawberry Shortcakey’ looking woman.
        Yeah it may seem a little goofy ‘tweenie’ fantasy like but the apron does it for me. Kind of kitchen slave, cake baking and super sexy all rolled up into one . . eeh? The kind of girl that would appreciate simple gifts like a spatula and such.

    1. She looks like she literally experienced Hitler. Like, literally.

      1. Guffaw. Yeah, literally. Could you imagine somebody banging her…her twigs would snap.

        1. She’s an absolute freak horror show. It has to be a prank to use her for *anything*, you’d think.

    2. If a normal sized man of average strength fucked… whatever that is… he’d pull it’s leg off before his dick got anywhere near its fuckparts.

        1. yup. Still would bang. Also, would take her out to italian restaurant and have her stare at fat women who were eating just for lulz.
          One last thing, while she is not my idea of hot per se the Ethiopian holocaust survivor look is infinitely better than even”kind of fat”

        2. Damn. You are literally Hitler, dude. Literally.

        3. Well at least there she’s starting to look a bit more human and not suffering from typhoid.

        4. Possibly from that photo, yeah, assuming she wasn’t airbrushed to add 20 pounds.

        5. Eh….not so much. Girls with matching tatts on their legs like that, not my thing.

        6. I’m thinking more the obvious and open mental issues that come packaged with that kind of chick. Plus, ya’ know, tatts are for men, and only a select few who do something to earn them (IMO).

        7. Please my sexist friend. I’ve seen a woman walk into a tatoo parlor, get a sleeve and come out that night laying absolute waste to hardened cocks. I’m talkin devouring that shit.

      1. Ha. Freaky lookin’…I’d give it a 0.799 or so. The Russian judge gave her a 4.34, but he’s got a thing for giraffes…

    1. Why just the purple one? What about the red one? Or the black one?

      1. Red and black? WHy don’t you just add white and we can make a swastika? You fucking nazi!

  26. Whereas there are attractive non white chicks out there, the ones the judges are selecting are out right, butt ugly missing links.
    I seem to recall back in the 1990s the miss america pageant was hijacked by feminists and demanded that the contestants be judged by other criteria: academic achievements, witiness, and other retarded shit and what happend is a contest with some very plain and ugly women.
    And as a result of the feminist-jihad declared in the miss america pageant; in protest I recall one Mr. Donald Trump sponsored his privately funded beauty contest based on the traditional methods of judging beauty based on, well beauty – complete with bikini competition.

      1. I know that video was meant as parody, but today’s females are nothing more than vapid, stupid toxic children and I for one will welcome the day, after the armageddon and as society rebuilds itself, will be very happy to see the hormonal driven beasts keep their mouths shut, only to open them if they plan on using their mouths to suck us off.

      2. He should have socially shamed her by pimp slapping her in front of the other guests.

  27. Jesus, I never seen such an eclectic collection of ugly in one article on ROK in ever. Molly Blair though? Really? I am at a loss between whether she is a pedophile’s wet dream or a gay man’s failed excuse to say he likes women. I can see the Asian lady winning if she banged the judges.

    1. No matter one’s opinion of the article, a good case could easily be made that if the judges wanted a black beauty they could have found a much more amiable candidate who was much easier on the eyes, you’d think.

      1. You only need to visit Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams (one example)….and much easier on the eyes.

        1. Yep, she had the full package. That girl was the fish AND the chips.

  28. This comes from the same school of thought as “Let’s make the kid with Downs prom queen so we can all pat ourselves on the back.”

  29. Holy shit Molly Blair is absolutely hideous… Not to mention that she’s a walking bag of bones. How can she be a model? There were at least 500 girls much more beautiful than her in my high school.

    1. Fashion modeling is not the same as fitness modeling. I’ve dated fitness models, they are beautiful, warm, curvy in all the right places and look like they belong in an Eternal Bikini Beer Commercial. Fashion models on the other hand are chosen almost exclusively by gay males and thus emulate the scrawny teenaged-boy look that they find attractive.

      1. Fashion models aren’t meant for looks, they’re meant for clothes-display. That’s why so much of the ‘elite’ fashion industry will take shots at Victoria’s Secret.

        1. You’re right. Fashion models are meant to display the clothes and not be a distraction: i.e. Too curvy.

        2. If you put a sack cloth on a beautiful woman, you’ll make major sales of the sackcloth. This has nothing to do with practical sense, and everything to do with homosexuals.

        3. No I don’t think you’re correct. Many runway designs aren’t really meant for mass consumption, they are meant to get the designer attention. That’s why a lot of runway clothing will never be purchased by anyone other than Lady Gaga. The clothing pieces are one offs, and they don’t want to make a lot of alterations, they want the models relatively interchangeable. The easiest way to do this is to mandate really skinny, not very curvasious models. There is less variety in this body type. Besides, fashion designers aren’t marketing to heterosexual men, they are marketing to women.

      1. What did the Nazi commander say after he found out Anne’s family had been captured and it was time for dinner – “Beans and Franks again?”

    2. To be fair, fashion models are just moving clothes hangers. They’ll be the first to be replaced by robots.

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