Rape Culture Was Invented In 1975

Still left wondering how the preposterous “Rape Culture” hysteria began? It’s okay, you weren’t supposed to know.

On September 9, 1973, two black prisoners of Lorton, Virginia founded the group, Prisoners Against Rape (P.A.R) (Source). Inmate on inmate, guard on inmate, all sorts of rape going on in the prison systems was left unchecked. Out of desperation, this growing group was reaching out to other alleged victims in an attempt to bring more attention to the issue, and possibly get sympathy.

Guess who they sought as an ally? Answer: feminists. After all, they’ve been crying out about rape and domestic violence for years, shouldn’t they be perfect for the cause? They had no idea who they were dealing with.

The Term Was Hijacked

Influenced by P.A.R, the movie producer, Margaret Lazarus, released the Cambridge documentary film, Rape Culture (video below), in 1975, discussing the prison rape issue. Guess what happened the same year of its release? Feminists redefined the term as the ever-present, systematic, patriarchal sexual oppression of women, leaving P.A.R. in the dust.

The black prisoners’ plight was just a vehicle used to further the agenda of the female imperative. This was the very first sign that rape hysteria was never about saving people from rape, but about retaining exclusive victimhood status for women. 1975 was the official start of all future feminist laws and political correctness. Just take a look at this timeline. After 1975, the cancer of feminism exploded.



It is no coincidence that this happened after 1974. Starting from the beginning of WWII in 1942, to the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, there were too many real simultaneous or back-to-back issues at hand: the Civil Rights Movement (~1940-1970), the Cold War (1947-1991), Korean War (1950-1955), and the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

Only after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and two wars, could women’s cries even be considered. Once the dust of battle and unrest settled, betas and white knights in the casual sex market could turn their focus on pleasing and supplicating to women at any cost.

The Mindset Of Our Opposition


Here are some quotes from the 1973 Feminist Alliance Against Rape (FAAR) newsletter, by Larry Cannon and William Fuller…

Men Are Taught to Rape By Society

RAPE, like all other crimes, arises out of our social environment, from ideas we learn from our relations with institutions and from people as we grow into adults. In other words, RAPE is culturally America, that is, RAPE is the product of the racist and repressive ills tied into the American way of life which is ingrained into the masses from the cradle.

When deciphering the statements of SJW’s and women, replace their buzzword terms with the definition (e.g. Rape). Translation: Starting from the cradle, America teaches men to force their penis into women’s vaginas against their will. Sounds ridiculous right?

Rape Culture Is An Airborne Virus

In my last post, New York Has Adopted Yes Means Yes, I described New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s reasoning for passing the Affirmative Consent Resolution as follows…

The almighty, ever-present rape culture lingers in the air. Every breathing female, especially those in university, are at great risk of sexual assault. In fact, 1 in 4 women who draw breath from the patriarchy become infected with rape.

This is by no means a caricature of the prevalent beliefs of rape culture as proven below…

Society in general, and individuals in particular, believe that dehumanizing tactics such as castration, prison, and the like would prevent RAPE. This is a total myth. It attacks only the effect. The cause is still at large with the potentiality to strike any woman as would a cold.

Rape Is Profitable

Why was slavery institutionalized in American society, then rendered extinct? Wasn’t it a social custom? We could go on and on in describing extinct social norms from language to child-rearing. Why hasn’t this society applied itself to RAPE in a similar vain? Because crime, that is, certain crime has a monopoly on dividends and RAPE is a major source of political and economical revenue or capital. It is a great “law and order” slogan. It’s an asset to man’s rule and male supremacy as opposed to a liability.

Oh yeah, they went there. Feminists tried to conflate the horrors of black slavery with the conjured concept of Rape Culture.

What if Brad Pitt Did It?


To refute to the Rape Culture narrative, simply conduct a basic thought experiment. Every time a woman or mangina claims a specific situation to be the result of Rape Culture, ask yourself, if the “perpetrator” were Brad Pitt, would a woman mind?

Take the NYC Street “Harassment” video, for example. What if instead of middle and lower class minorities hitting on her, it was Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Tupac, and Jon Hamm? Do you think any woman in question would cry sexual harassment or Rape Culture?

How about 50 Shades of Grey? Why isn’t that considered a source of Rape Culture? Again, let’s look at the “perpetrator” to determine why this isn’t the case… Oh, what do you know, the “perpetrator” is a handsome billionaire. This is classic a case of “Watch what they do, not what they say.”

The Rape Culture narrative only applies to the bottom 80% of men. All anti-male legislation from family law (mandatory) to affirmative consent originate from the woman’s need to separate men into two categories: sperm donors (top 20%) and providers (bottom 80%), without being held accountable for their actions.


Rape Culture is a false narrative perpetuated for the purposes of retaining victimhood status, the entitlements that come with it, and optimizing the female imperative in a time where technology and societal structure has virtually removed all needed effort to survive and thrive.

As a matter of fact, the more prosperous a nation is, the stronger its feminist ideals. By what other means besides indoctrination and lies could women convince society that they are helpless victims when they have more rights, privileges, and social leniency (read: pussy pass) than any man, combined with the fact that we live in the most safe and luxurious time in history?

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96 thoughts on “Rape Culture Was Invented In 1975”

  1. Inmate on inmate, guard on inmate, all sorts of rape going on in the prison systems was left unchecked.

    And of course the same feminists now laugh, hysterically at times, at rape jokes when they involve people who are incarcerated.

    1. They claim looking at a women without permission is rape an a seriouse issue but a man forcefully having anal sex with another man doesn’t deserve to be made an issue, hell some even claim men can’t be raped.

      1. I must be getting soft in my old age but I really do think now that prisons should do something to prevent rape, as half of all rapes are committed within prison.
        An inmate’s physical safety is the responsibility of the state, even if that inmate has committed many serious crimes.

        1. I live in a Third World mountain village in rural Mexico. It is also a prison town.
          They have a solution to prison rape here. Since I have not been in prison I must rely on what I am told by those around me.
          But, at least once a week wives visit the prison for sex. There is a bus which picks them up in the Centro and drives them over there.
          A cousin said he thinks a man can even hire a hooker to sign up as his concubine for that weekly visit.
          Putting men in cages may be necessary. But, to expect men to go without sexual release for many years is doomed before it starts. Weekly connubial visits seems to keep down the sexual violence. What a surprise! Not.

        2. We dehumanize or inmates in the U.S. If they are raped, we laugh about it. It women “feel” raped, even visually, they want the men put in prison and raped. The real rape culture is with behind bars and behind a bankers desk.
          When our financiers and politicians rape us we throw more money at them.
          They want us to avoid the real culture of rape directed at us and place it on the fabricated one.

  2. Yeah, this shit’s outta hand. Just the other day I read online some dumb bitch saying something along the lines of, “Oh the rape culture at my university is everywhere. I know of so many rape attacks that have been going on. Every single ugly, fat and narcissistic (and unrapeable) female I know has been raped.”
    And, for the record, I’m only slightly exaggerating that cunt’s verbatim comment.

    1. Claiming you were raped is the new thing on college campuses.
      Some boy didn’t call you back? You were raped. Your boyfriend bug you for two hours to give him a blowjob, and instead of going home you gave finally gave in and voluntarily gave him one? You were raped. Meet some guy at a party, beg to screw him in the bathroom, then go back to the party where he ignored you? You were raped.
      If you haven’t been raped, you aren’t part of the in crowd.

      1. Basically they broadened the term of rape. If you define taking a deep breath as rape, then you’re a rapist if you did something needed to live.

      2. Heck yeah! I live in a city with one of the largest universities in the country. Every day I find some electrical box or bush to hide behind and lie in wait for some innocent, hard-working, sober, incredibly studious, exercise-addicted snowflake with a Michael Kors bag and Prada sunglasses to skip by in her yoga pants and then I POUNCE on her and violate her every which way but loose!!! You would think my cloven hooves striking the ground would make some loud noise to alert her but she’s too busy listening to Meghan Trainor on her headphones say how everybody is beautiful no matter what defect they have. Lastly, I sink my fangs into her neck as she looks into my totally white eyes and my pointy tail hovers in the air. Happens every damn day so many times that 1 in 4 girls out of a student body of 25,000 has had this violation of her existence occur by my hand alone. Will wonders never cease?

        1. Don’t be silly, haven’t you heard? Men can rape without ever having to touch a women. Why? Apparently because the mentally ill snowflakes, who never developed proper social skills due to neglect by their career moms, said so. Poor snowflakes had no one to teach them how to properly function in society, their mommy was too busy advancing her career by riding the corporate cock carousel.

        2. On OSU we have a park set aside just for raping. Rape Park. Yeah, not the most original name, but it gets the point across. Then there are special Rape Parking Lots as well, with signs clearly marking them as such. The participation rate has really skyrocketed since we advertised those places in the campus newspaper (The Lantern).

        3. And lo, OSU (I am assuming Ohio State, not Oregon State) is the largest campus in The Republic. Go figure!

        4. Exactly! We’re trying to beat the pretend average with rape. Nobody likes to be average! Shooting for a 1 in 2 number, to set the bar high for other schools to emulate.

        5. Shit, I hear the old bloody rivalry with Michigan is heating up fast in the rape count! ESPN might even be hedging people’s bets and creating a “Fantasy Rape League”!
          Wait, that would almost be TOO telling and self-fulfilling, nevermind.

        6. Haha, speaking of “1in 2” there’s some “awareness campaign” up here in Canada on the radio about helping the “1 in 2 women who have experienced violence”. Note the completely ambiguous use of “experienced”. Like what, you saw some one get beat up? You watched an action movie? Another chick shoved you once? What does “experience” mean here, exactly? They let the listener fill in the blanks with emotion so that 1 in 2 means some dude beat the shit out of his wife for not arranging the dinner plates at perfect 90 degree angles.
          So, yeah, anyway, expect that rhetoric to migrate south. 1 in 2, it’s coming.

        7. Honestly, 1 in 2 is for underachievers. Why not shoot for 1 in 1? Make rape part of the entrance prerequisites for school and start batting 1.000.

        8. Sorry, but how can you arrange the dinner plates at 90 degree angles if they are perfectly circular?
          Shit, sorry, I just used logic and reasoning, oops.

        9. Meant placemats. Any way, you know what I mean, that Sleeping with the Enemy type dude is really rare, anyone in the “manosphere” knows DV is reciprocal.

        10. That’s what I was saying above. The ones who claim rape have no idea what normal male/female behaviour is.

        11. All because their mothers failed to do their job. I think it’s about time we started shaming career moms into their rightful place, at home with their children.

      3. Found this article about why it’s now fashionable for women to claim that they’ve been raped.
        – Preselection: I’m so attractive, men will break the law to fuck me.
        – “Unquestionable and Absolute Victim Status”
        Family Law
        This is important, so I’ll link to my TRP post again. It is the most comprehensive overview of family law you’ll ever get without consulting a lawyer or spending a few days digging across multiple websites. Specifically the “child support” section (horrifying) at the bottom, and the “Divorce Corp” documentary.
        Why Get Married? (Part 7: Divorce, Assets, Alimony, Child Support)

      4. Being raped is the new in thing for feminists, it’s a badge of honour to them to claim they were raped. In reality it’s a horrible crime which is why them throwing the term around an using it as status symbol pisses me off.

  3. 975 was the official start of all future feminist laws and political correctness.
    It all went downhill fast after the Roman Empire collapsed. Once Edward the Martyr was crowned it was clear that Rape Culture was here to stay.

      1. It was an attempt at humor, man.
        The article has a typo. It states “975” instead of “1975”.

        1. No worries. And I’m happy to hear we actually have editors now. Was starting to wonder. Heh.

    1. Well I think it was much earlier when the first caveman picked up the jawbone of an ass and smashed some white knight in the head. That’s when rape culture began :o)
      !975 for this rape culture nonsense is wrong. Even though these lunatic dyke fringe groups were around no one paid any attention to them and furthermore the public just didn’t buy this crap, assuming they had even heard of it.
      ‘Rape culture’ bullshit is very new so you boys need to nip it in the bud before people begin to accept this crap.

  4. The reason women blame men in general is because it allows female in general to be victims, and therefore blameless.

  5. Teaching men not to rape is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Men don’t rape, a man rapes. A singular person who has problems with women clearly. Feminists think that at any time a man can forget their reeducation and go rape someone out of the blue. It’s retarded.

      1. Right, it’s called being brought up by two decent parents who actually wanted to be parents from the go and never even have to broach the subject.

        1. “it’s called being brought up by two decent parents who actually wanted to be parents from the go ”
          But that rarely happens in Western countries now.

    1. We teach women not to drown their children, right? Same thing.

      1. No we don’t – plus if they do it they can simply say they have that made-up “Baron Munchhausen Syndrome” or whatever it’s called and get some probation.
        “You little bastard, you got in the way of my partying and whoring! Die!”
        “Your Honor, please be reasonable! I have severe depression and blacked out when I did it! I really loved little Cassius with all of my heart and regret what I did every waking moment!”

    2. Actually, men do rape. Plural. Just takes the right circumstances.
      Rape is a defining feature of war. It’s when a man rapes one of his own women that things become problematic.

  6. A real rape culture is a place like Somalia or many North African countries where there are civil wars and rape is used as a weapon of war. Too claim some liberal American college campus is as bad as those places is so ridiculous I honestly don’t know how it gets taken remotely seriously.

        1. Of course they do. They sleep more comfortably at night knowing that somewhere there are people being violently raped that they can empathize with.

    1. The ones in American liberal colleges need to go to those horrible places and see it first hand. Only then (maybe) they would see how fortunate and entitled they are.

    2. And yet, where “rape is used as a weapon of war”, the women of the village get raped, and the males get killed.
      Just look at the news reports of various third world shitholes where they show the survivors of an attacked village, those poor raped women, and NO males.
      Murder is worse than rape.

        1. Of course. And let’s remember that real rape is rare and these fake rapes are a matter of opinion about acts done in very ambiguous situations.Many females behave in ways where they are virtually asking for it.Perhaps they need to be taught how to behave (older generations knew this) so as to not send out mating signals to men asking for it.
          Frankly I’m amazed at some of the crap I read.Like they get into bed naked together but the girl doesn’t want to have sex! What planet are these freak females from? Or she takes a guy or goes to his place at 3am after having some drinks with him and thinks it’s not for sex! Did she think that they were going to have a game of tiddlywinks lol Going with a man under these types of circumstances is an implied consent to sex.
          Kissing a man is foreplay and also a consent to sex not to get your fragile Ego boosted with attention and that applies even more to these attention whores who do it in public and then just want to go home alone. Perhaps we need a course about how to behave like an adult for these freshman college girls about things they should have known at puberty.

      1. That’s true, it’s still a joke feminists comparing a US college campus to a place like that.

  7. This is not about rape. It is about power.
    No one wants to shut the feminists up because it would be too unseemly. Just like the child in a restaurant who only screams louder if the parents try impose decency, society still recoils as feminists carry mattresses and blatantly lie.
    The child has the power in the restaurant due to a situational advantage that ends in the light of day.

  8. I don’t know why nature allows these people (SJWs) to exist. I mean what is the purpose ? I guess we as human beings need natural enemies to weed them out. They are sick to the core and need to DIE !

    1. You seem to have it pinned down. We’ve effectively short circuited natural selection and evolution with technology. Even war became too costly to consider on a large scale due to nukes. The ones who would have been weeded out in great numbers in the past due to war, disease and starvation are no longer weeded out. We are living with evolutionary duds who have no business surviving if it were not for high technology.

      1. We have effectively, as a species, changed from the Darwinian law of “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the most adaptable to a quickly-changing environment” as Robert Dawkins explains on The Selfish Gene.

        1. It’s the same thing.
          What we really have are the fit taking care of the physical and mental cripples out of some misguided compassion. This may be what a family would do but when it becomes so widespread it will be disaster.
          Take a guess. What % of people really entirely take care of themselves and contribute through taxes for the running of the services they use? The majority of people are liabilities.
          Whatever they put into society they take out a lot more.

      2. If a devil doesn’t exist they’ll create one.
        “The road to perdition is paved with good intentions.” They think they are warriors fighting for a good cause because they don’t have any real culture or place in the world. Their leaders have radicalized them for nefarious reasons and indoctrinated them into believing they are being oppressed. They are pawns by proxy.

        1. What bothers me is the fact that the government has promoted those pawns into queens* and gave them the power to harass us normal people.
          * felt that a chess analogy was fitting…

    1. Rape? lol There’s no such concept in Nature. It’s just something alpha men like me made up to keep you beta boys from trying anything with our property.And the idea of some female even suggesting that one of we alphas raped her is ludicrous. If any wacko even said something like that the response would be ‘honey, you’ve been fucked before so don’t get so butthurt and start making a mountain out of a molehill” lol However, if she was a virgin you gave the old in-out in-out to then you should treat her kindly and even take her out for a while, mostly to keep fucking and when you were finished with her just gently steer her into the direction of some beta nerd to get her off your hands.

  9. The legacy of the baby boomers: how they sold out EVERYTHING just to get laid.

    1. If they could get money and fuck into eternity they probably would. Irrespective of whether their cells have degenerated past the point of reproduction.

    2. My parents and their friends were boomers; what I heard, far too often around the holidays, was “Ive paid my taxes, let the next generation pay for it.”
      I want you all to keep in mind none of them went to college, had little debt, got jobs with pensions, yet thought the next gen should pay for everything.
      My godmother was a moron; worked for a major multi-national, died worth a few million on a HS ed. Why does it irk me? She had no kids, left most of it to an animal nonprofit(Im sure most of it went into the pockets of the “officers” of that non-profit).

        1. To be honest about half went to her sickly nephew, the other to a non profit, people like me got $5000. If she left it all to him, cool, but an animal nonprofit? 90% of that amount was pocketed, the remaining 10% saved like 0.8 manatees

        2. OK I answered too soon and a relative did get the money. But you pyjama boys are still pussies for the most part. I consider all the money of any relative mine if they die by right of blood before any stupid charity (most just rackets anyway) or unless some other relative has a greater legal claim to it greater than mine. Leaving money to charities is retarded.

        3. My godmother wasnt a blood relative. In addition, the administrator(?) of the will worked at this non-profit. Amazing eh?
          Im not a pajama boy buddy

        4. This was 6 or 7 yrs ago, not sure if there is a statute of limitations for contesting a will.
          Anyway, what I was trying to get across originally- our parents/grandparents generation had it alot easier than most 20-30 somethings do today, and they really dont get(or dont want to get) whats happened in the past 10-15 yrs.

      1. It just shows you how stupid you young ‘uns are.So your spinster godmother left a few million to some cat charity and you did nothing about it? You should have got a lawyer and contested her will.Testify that she promised you her money and that she was not in her right state of mind when she was talked into giving the money to some crooked shysters in a fake charity. I bet that you would win or even get most of the money.The Boomers were just smarter and would never tolerate being cheated out of what was rightfully theirs and that’s why you hate them.
        And btw, a lot of these spinsters had money because they had little expenses and stayed with a co. for 40 years even if the salary wasn’t so high. Many times they’d buy shares in the co. as part of their perks so it would all add up over the years.

  10. “Rape Culture” doesn’t even make any sense.
    I can legally kill someone committing rape. If somebody is committing a forceable felony against another, I can garrote the fucker with a rusty wire, and everyone and their grandmother would commend me and call me a hero.
    Yet somehow, rape in our society is institutional? These feminists are insane.

  11. that video was just a white American female with stoic, uptight body position and walking in masculine soldier marching style. All these black guys did was basically said “hi” and few of them catcalled her. Any girl who walks there would basically been given attention. At least she got attention. The way she carries herself itself is a turn off. Just look at the cockiness and bitch shield aura she produces when she walks. Those thirsty dudes were basically trying to gain her attention. Because those dudes were most likely bums or “average street” person, she didn’t think highly of them. Now if they wore suits and were some “important” and well known figure and said hi, she would have liked it instead. And I don’t believe she walked for ten hours; bullshit video headline trying to gain attention online and garner sympathy from white knights and SJWs.

  12. Did Governor Andrew Cuomo really say “potentiality”? He sounds like a real piece of work based solely on his diction.

    1. Hey, it’s a perfectly cromulant word, and we should all feel embiggened when we hear him use it!

      1. Haha!! It’s at that point where it is best to remove the SJW Thesaurus from beside his desk and ban his use of new words for a year. There should be a law keeping 10 dollar words from 2 dollar mouths.
        Potentiality was probably the word of the day.
        Nice word choices by the way GOJ!

    2. On a sidenote- he okayed sexual reassignment for our inmates- on the taxpayer dime of course…what a few mil here and there???

  13. We must always demand that feminists and their white knight politicians define exactly what “rape culture” is. Make them define the term. Make them be specific in their definition.
    The president of UVA, Teresa Sullivan, used the Rolling Stone rape hoax to press forward her own agenda. Even though she had good evidence that the Rolling Stone article was a complete fabrication, even President Sullivan was throwing around the term “rape culture” almost from day one. As in, “We need to take action against ‘rape culture’ in UVA.”
    The amazing thing is that even now, after the Rolling Stone article has been completely discredited, nobody has asked President Sullivan to define what exactly she means by “rape culture.”
    Another scary thing about this case – Even the dean of he engineering school and UVA was sending out letters to alumni talking about problems with, as he put it, “the culture.” He at least could not bring himself to say “rape culture” – I assume because he is an engineer and wants precise definitions, for which none exists for “rape culture.” But he still was talking about “the culture.”
    We MUST make every person that uses this term define EXACTLY what the fuck they mean by it. And make them be specific.
    When the term is defined, it is easy to refute, because there is nothing in American culture that institutionalizes the idea that rape is OK. Oh, except one thing: Black, inner-city gangsta rap music. That is the one sub-culture where rape is glorified. But feminists would never want to point out that they are often getting raped by those black dicks they love to suck so much.

      1. Of course they wouldn’t, don’t you know that only straight, white males have the ability to rape? In fact, not only do they have the ability to do so, but they are inherently born with the urge to rape! Which is why it’s ridiculous to impose that chicks might not want to walk through dark alleys dressed like sluts if they don’t want to get rape. After all, it is upon us to constrain our “rape urges” and not upon them to stop acting like irresponsible drunken whores.
        And before somebody invokes poe’s law upon me, I just want to say: Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

      2. That’s insane if true. Black American’s only make up roughly 13% of the population. I suspect these numbers reflect that disparity. Quickly Googling ‘White on Black Rape’ yields another statistic of 2.4%.

    1. It wouldn’t turn out too well. Have you seen the Violence against women’s act? It states that using logic is domestic violence. The same people who want to: kill all men, turn men into women and call testosterone a poison. Our government funds feminism. So, why ask them to define anything at all? They started this war against all men.

    2. Appears to be anything they want it to be, across a wide yet undefined spectrum. But not that it actually references the original issue. They fucking co-opted that term because they weren’t original enough to coin it themselves.
      To your point about making them define it. It will mean something different to each person. There isn’t going to be a definitive classification because you never get those jackasses to define it. It means they’d be accountable to something. The nebulous, abstract. bullshit world they live in has no standards but to reject sensible standard and conduct.
      If pack of wolves had members where one didn’t hunt, one didn’t eat meat, one identified as a deer and half the females rejected mating would it survive as a pack for the common good of all members? Nature itself doesn’t adhere to the bullshit idea of diversity or sex as an elective construct. This appears to be their ideal world: Complete fiction. No, fantasy. The complete embrace of ideas that are contrary to nature and order, that have worked for untold hundreds of thousands of years,

  14. I wonder what kind of growing medium one needs to culture a batch of rape? Agar? Or something else? And then where do you get the sample slides from? eBay? Always wanted to try and culture a batch, and I figure my dehydrator has a low 90 degree setting which should promote rape growth without killing it. Once I have a batch, just mix in some strawberries and badda bing, strawberry flavored rape! It’s what’s for breakfast!

  15. Found this article that supports the concept of my article above. Why is it now fashionable for women to claim that they’ve been raped?
    – Preselection: I’m so attractive, men will break the law to fuck me.
    – “Unquestionable and Absolute Victim Status”
    Family Law
    This is important, so I’ll link to my TRP post again. It is the most comprehensive overview of family law you’ll ever get without consulting a lawyer or spending a few days digging across multiple websites. Specifically the “child support” section at the bottom, and the “Divorce Corp” documentary.
    Why Get Married? (Part 7: Divorce, Assets, Alimony, Child Support)

  16. Quite enjoyed the article, but in a sense it would have been better still if it had kept to the original focus, instead of broadening out into an attack on rape culture in general. The secondary argument that rape culture serves the function of separating out the men women are sexually interested in from those they aren’t or whom they only want as providers is an article in its own right potentially, if not a 3 volume academic study (in a better world at least). What I really like though was the evidence that the term had been hijacked by feminism and that the actual victims (for whom the slogan had been invented) had effectively been dispossessed in the process.
    I’ve long argued that the left / feminist narrative is one that is fundamentally skewed and vulnerable to these kind of investigations into ‘what actually happened’. In leftist / feminist theory these types of investigation into the origin and history of a cultural phenomenon is often called a ‘genealogy’ – i.e. a historical investigation that looks into where such a social phenomenon came from. Technically this means using Foucauldian theory (the term originally comes Nietzsche’s genealogy of morals I think) but there’s no real need for any kind of disciplinary rigour: the only important thing is that the investigator / historian looks carefully at the object of enquiries meandering course with a view shining a spotlight on weaknesses in the favoured narrative / discourse that sustains the status quo. A history of black men in prison seeking help because they were getting raped within an actual rape culture is potentially a dynamite deconstruction of a fake phenomenon with a real one. Obviously that’s not to say that women don’t get raped – they do sometimes, and hopefully we’re all against that – but contrasting a real rape culture (the terror of entering the prison system, the inevitability of being raped within such a structured environment designed to intimidate) is potentially a dynamite way of exposing the hollowness of little girls attention whoring with their mattresses. I would strongly encourage the author and others of like mind to pursue this angle further – it could yield great fruits (and I don’t mean the guys doing the prison raping)

  17. Excellent article. Rape culture i.e. false rape allegations/ undercover racism began way before 1975. Rosewood comes to mind which was in 1923. The lynching of black men by a white womans false rape allegation.The woman in the video claiming harassment is a Jewish (khazar) woman look at who puts money into feminism. All khazar leaders. Gloria Steinem (feminazi khazar, CIA operative) created hate all black men campaign as well; it parallels this video entirely. Next to earlier genocide in 1916 planned parenthood to rid the world of all black people. Now it’s affecting every man today.

  18. Ugh, single white feminism.
    This just confirms how bad the white knighting has come far. #smh

  19. If rape were as common as feminists claim it would be normal behavior and therefore should not be illegal.
    Only feminists maintain that it’s frequent enough for that.

  20. I knew it started 20 years ago, but I didn’t know that feminists subverted a group to prevent prision rape of men to co opt it for themselves 40 years ago. This is what intersectionality really is.

  21. Feminists always make out that rape is ‘the worst crime of all’, often categorising it alongside murder! This is insane. Clearly there is a spectrum of rapes, some serious, some worse than others, and some no big deal.
    Rape is just unwanted sex. How serious this is depends on a number of factors, such as whether the woman normally enjoys sex, whether there is any physical violence involved, etc.
    For instance, if a man with whom a woman normally enjoys having sex – such as her husband or boyfriend – forces her to have sex one night when she is not in the mood, this is no worse than forcing me to drink beer when I would rather have a cup of tea.
    Feminists have ceated a mythology about the seriousness of rape in order to use this as a weapon in their war against men. We need to speak out and fight their hysterical, misandrist lies.

    1. I had an entire argument with feminist supporters on twitter today. After debating, it prove to me that my generation is sold to this shit. They called me ignorant, uneducated, dumb. I even link them to an article from breitbart how men are opting out from marriage and dating, one of the girls replied back “bunch of whining bitches”. Even I gave them the evidence that I see here, they will not believe. My generation is over, it has no cure.

  22. The idea that modern western society encourages and programs men to rape is utter bullshit. We need to laugh in the face of people promoting this stupid idea. We are all of us far to ready to believe an accusation of rape, shun or punish an alleged rapist, and run to the defense of a woman threatened with rape.
    Only a completely clueless fool isolated from society, or a self-deluded liar, could possibly believe that our society condones and encourages rape.

  23. The kind of rape that allegedly happens in prisons seems worse than what women in general suffer.

  24. I doubt that privileged feminist females in universities get raped that much. If anything, they are part of the group that is least likely to be raped. It must be more common in the poor groups of society.

  25. “How about 50 Shades of Grey? Why isn’t that considered a source of Rape Culture?”
    Actually it is.

  26. People like you who group these other women as having the will of every woman is what contributes to patriarchy, as a woman I do not consider myself “a weak subjective baby” neither do I consider myself a freaking “feminazi” as you have described in this post. I’m 100% sure that there are some women like this and furthermore rape is rape whether it be to man or woman, yes of course it disgusts me that these early so-called “feminists” manipulated (P. A. R.)’s pleas to suit ONLY women, but are you kidding me fundamentally there is a conservative separation of genders in not only wage gaps, but schools and others, that DOES CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FREAKING RAPE CULTURE by showing both genders are only meant for one thing and that is to get married and procreate!!! At least because of some of the advancements of this era we can all exist as humans and friends regardless of gender..BUT ANYWAYS my main point is that this topic is important to me and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see someone had covered this topic’s history but you know what you did (well obviously you do cause you wrote it); you reinforced this patriarchy because instead of focusing on saying in your conclusion that “hell no rape is rape no matter what, or who you are”, you colored every woman as just crying wolf and didn’t even pay attention that maybe some women like ME don’t care who’s stalking me, or don’t care that a man “should toughen up” while women should “go crying to their daddies” SOME OF US ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE SOCIETY SAFE FOR EVERYONE AS A WHOLE!!!!!!!!

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