Did Texas Bigots Persecute Islamic Inventor Ahmed Mohamed?

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) specialize in creating faux rage incidents to further their agenda. This usually involves selecting an “injustice” and targeting the source of the “injustice.” The firing of renowned scientist Tim Hunt was a good example of faux rage. The supposed injustice was Hunt’s alleged chauvinistic comments. It didn’t matter that Hunt was merely joking. The SJWs were not satisfied until the man lost his job.

The latest faux rage incident involves a 14-year-old Texas boy named Ahmed Mohamed. The story is that Ahmed “invented” a clock in a small suitcase. It doesn’t sound like the clock was associated with a school assignment—Ahmed indicated that he just wanted to impress a teacher.

According to the New York Times, Ahmed took his clock to an engineering teacher who said it was nice, but advised him to not show it to any other teachers. Later, the clock alarm went off during English class. The teacher mistakenly thought the “invention” could be a bomb. The police were called and they arrested the boy.

According to the local ABC affiliate, WFAA:

Officers said Ahmed was being “passive aggressive” in his answers to their questions, and didn’t have a “reasonable answer” as to what he was doing with the case. Investigators said the student told them that it was just a clock that he was messing around with. “We attempted to question the juvenile about what it was and he would simply only say it was a clock. He didn’t offer any explanation as to what it was for, why he created this device, why he brought it to school,” said James McLellan, Irving Police.

After an investigation proved that the device was indeed a clock and not a bomb, police released Ahmed.

But that is not the end of the story. The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) got involved and claimed that the incident represented a case of religious and racial discrimination. CAIR spokesperson Alia Salem said: “I think this wouldn’t even be a question if his name wasn’t Ahmed Mohamed.”

The Outpouring of Sympathy

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.30.16 AM

The SJWs became completely unhinged, even by leftoid standards, in response to the alleged racism of the incident. The media, major corporations, MIT, and even President Obama gullibly swallowed the narrative supplied by CAIR without bothering to investigate the whether the details were true.

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, an astrophysicist with MIT and someone who should have shown a bit more skepticism, invited Ahmed to tour the MIT campus. She added, “You [Ahmed] are the kind of student we want at places like MIT and Harvard.”

Microsoft provided a box of expensive goodies. Judging by the picture, the goodies include a $999 3D printer and a $968 Surface Pro 3 bundle:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.16.01 PM

Mark Zuckerberg invited Ahmed to visit the Facebook campus:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.35.06 PM

Google invited him to be part of their science fair:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.41.14 PM

Twitter invited the Islamic Tesla to intern for them:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.44.27 PM

The President tweeted “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

Even Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife got into the act:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.56.21 AM

A Sorry Invention


While the mainstream media and other big name players accepted the narrative that little Ahmed was a victim of the horrible Christian bigots in Texas, people on social media and alternate news outlets were more skeptical.

The nature of Ahmed’s “invention” triggered the most skepticism. Even a casual glance at the device shows that it doesn’t really look like a clock. Rather, it looks like someone was trying to make a device that looked like a bomb—at least the kind of bomb that we are familiar with from the movies.

It gets worse. Some people have taken the trouble to reverse engineer the “invention” and it appears that the only thing Ahmed did was take a Radio Shack clock from the 1980s, remove it from its case, and reassemble it in a pencil box. Here is the difficult work that Ahmed had to do:

In other words, this was not really an invention at all—and therefore not something that anyone could be particularly proud of. Was Ahmed really trying to show of the brilliance of his clock? Or was he trying deliberately to cause a media sensation?

A Controversial Father


The case for it being a deliberate attempt to cause media sensation is strengthened when you consider that Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, has a history courting controversy.

In 2011, the Washington Post described the father as:

[A] native of the Sudan who is now an American citizen, likes to call himself a sheik. He wears a cleric’s flowing white robes and claims hundreds of followers throughout Egypt, Sudan and in the United States. But he is unknown as a scholar or holy man in the state he has called home for two decades. Religious leaders in Texas say they have never heard of Elhassan, including the imam at the mosque where he worships.

Elhassan is a political activist who has run for President in Sudan twice. He also participated in a mock trial of the Koran staged by crackpot Florida pastor Terry Jones. The mock trial ended with the Koran being found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to be burned.

Jones performed the controversial burning. When asked why he would participate in the stupid mock trial, Elhassan said that he saw it as an opportunity to take his children to Disney World.

When you combine the facts that the clock was a dubious invention with Elhassan’s status as a known provocateur, it becomes hard to believe that this was just a case of an innocent Muslim genius who “invented” a clock. If you throw in the fact that the Council of American-Islamic Relations was involved almost immediately, it becomes more likely that this was intended to be a media hoax from its inception.

SJWs unhappy that people are questioning the “invention”


“Acknowledge Creativity, #IStandWithAhmed” Shirt reads “Don’t judge me because of my color.”

As you may have guessed, the SJWs are not pleased that people have begun to question the Ahmed’s story. It goes against their narrative that all Muslims are peace-loving inventors while Christians are ignorant, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging racist bigots.

This is shown by the fact that the leading progressive think-tank, Think Progress, took time out to accuse people who are questioning Ahmed’s story as being guilty of “smearing” the boy.

Why should SJWs care?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.45.43 AM

The real question is why would anyone want to construct a narrative that white American Christian troglodytes are unjustly persecuting Muslims? I can think of a few reasons:

It’s part of the bigger narrative. The larger narrative is that Americans are the most oppressive people on the planet. Americans have oppressed blacks (through slavery and Jim Crow laws), Japanese (through WWII internment), Chinese (through discriminatory laws), and Hispanics (I don’t know how). Thus, Americans need to be punished and replaced with better people.

It serves to rehabilitate Islam. Muslims get a bad rap in the US because most of the terrorist acts perpetrated in the last 20 years have been Islamic in origin. If you can show that Muslims actually provide a positive contribution, it improves Islam’s image. Bonus points if you imply that Christians are bigots while doing it.

It divides Americans. It is no secret that the Democratic Party gets its votes in part through fanning the flames of racial discord. If Black Americans and Muslim Americans feel that the white majority is persecuting them, they are more likely to vote for Hillary.

It will make the next terrorist attack easier. Whether this was an intended goal or not, this incident will facilitate future terrorist attacks. The next time a Muslim student brings what looks like a bomb to school, the teacher who discovers the device will need to make a decision: Should he call the police and risk being publicly shamed as a racist xenophobic shitlord? Or should he suppress his natural fear and hope that it is just another example of Islamic inventive genius?


Ahmed’s clock represents a partial victory for sane people. We were able to successfully question the narrative supplied by the SJWs. I say it is a partial victory because the debunking of the incident was only done by alternate news outlets, bloggers, and by people on social media. However, most people will never hear about the details of story.

For them, the narrative remains—a bunch of stupid Texans persecuted a little Muslim boy for inventing a clock.

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298 thoughts on “Did Texas Bigots Persecute Islamic Inventor Ahmed Mohamed?”

  1. This story is just whole bunch of dumbass. The school obviously overreacted like most modern American schools do. But then my facebook feed was flooded with people trying to out multi-cultural one another on this so I finally read an article and scrolled down until the very end (how convenient) where they actually had a picture of the clock. I immediately face palmed and thought “ummmm, but that does look like a bomb.” Fucking idiots, the lot of them.

    1. Exactly. I’m against the school hysteria thing entirely, having grown up in an age where you *had* to bring your gun to school to get the first three days of deer hunting season as an excused absence. But that thing looks just like what people think of with a bomb timer, and it wasn’t doing anything but *counting down*. This little shit did this on purpose, or his dad put him up to it. How fast CAIR and President Obeyme jumped on this reeks of a setup.

        1. “When he makes a typo, the language changes to conform to his spelling”
          “He bowls overhand”
          “He is the…Most Interesting Man In The World.”

    2. It looks a lot more like a bomb than a half-eaten poptart looks like a gun. But I didn’t hear the butthurt insane SJW’s crying racism at the poor white boy who was punished for making the pop-tart gun.

      1. Yep. I mentioned that on the Breitbart story myself. Their “outrage” is quite selective.

  2. Posted a link to this on Breitbart, given their recent open warming up to the manosphere.

    1. And what if the teacher had done nothing and been wrong?
      If a kid can bring a water gun to school or make a gun with their fingers and get expelled/discipline, then bringing a ticking briefcase should warrant similar response right?
      Guess not in Rainbow Land where it’s all unicorns and glitter butterflies.

      1. here’s a protip;
        Real bombs don’t tick. that only happens in movies.
        source: getting blown the fuck up.

        1. Whoa man, you come out of it ok?
          So would you also suggest that bombs are not these basketball sized round black balls with wicks on top, you know, the kind you’d use if you were trying to catch a small roadrunner out in Arizona?

        2. I did, someone else didn’t.
          We’ve talked on here before though and as it turns out I ended up moving pretty close to where you are. Give me a burner email and I’ll get in touch. The right person emailing you will be the one who has the .edu address to back up his claims.

        3. It’s in my Discus profile, just hover over it to get it.

        4. You know, I was going to reply to this on my way to and past sanity, but GOJ had it handled already, so I’ll give him the ol’ upvote.
          Edit: Sorry about your bud.

        5. Tried the link, it’s wanting to charge me for content, can’t read the article. Dang it.
          What a strange business model. I really need to get rid of my vestigial attachment to morals and start making bank like the rest of these moguls.

        6. Ha, now it’s doing the same to me. Basically some researchers set up a fake youtube video and got robots to click on it 150 times. Google identified 25 of them as real clicks (incorrectly) but then went on to charge them for 90-something clicks. When in reality there were zero real clicks. But the worst part was that the Google computers *knew* the vast majority of clicks were fake and *still* charged for them.
          Does this work? For some reason I can get to it from Drudge report but not here.. “GOOGLE charging for ads viewed by robots… ” if you want to find it.

        7. You know, in a Machiavellian way, I find that kind of funny. Social Engineering Leftists bilk other Social Engineering Leftists out of money. Heh.

        8. Pretty much, but as you well know most Americans are completely unable to distinguish between TV and reality. I wouldn’t be surprised if walking around with said round black ball get people to call 911 on your ass.

        9. I’d actually enjoy trying to see if that happened. I’d have my roadrunner hunting permit with me, and of course it wouldn’t be lit.
          Unfortunately you are right about how perceptions are shaped by the television (and by extension, movies).
          You can imagine my disappointment on the day that I discovered that there really wasn’t an illudium q-36 explosive space modulator. So many plans for the future, poof, gone. Bummed me out for a solid week.

        10. If you can catch a glimpse of the article title before the paywall comes up, then search it in google and you should be able to access it from there.
          If it limits even then, then go into incognito mode and try it again (at least if you have chrome).

        11. I just wanted to see the actual clock…. and why people called in the bomb squad. Where was the “shop” teacher for this project?

        12. You left it sitting over there by the flux capacitor, man. Damn it, I told you how many times not to mess with it. Old school stuff.

        13. Yep, very familiar with it…in “my line of work.”
          Also, that little bastards’ “clock” looks like a detonator to me, and done on purpose to look like that!

        14. I do. So, I take it looked something like that…. I take it that’s why it wasn’t shown on the mainstream media websites…. how shocking.

        15. If you were an autistic raglet, you could’ve wired some nails with copper coils then plugged them into the HV socket and got GE to hire you…

      2. teachers suspend boys for no reason. kid makes a gun out his poptart hes suspended throws pinecone like a grenade suspended kid pretends to be knight with his ruler suspended.
        wether this is a hoax or not….the teacher acted as they have planned it. it says alot about the culture and mindset that theyd expect this.
        i wont go too much with the police report since cops will always cover their ass.
        a white kid could get in shit for this too. but in this scenrio the reaction will be bigfer.
        ive done alil ekectrnics back in the day…when it comes to bombs dont you need somethhig that can ignite like c4 or some chemucal for the catalyst

      3. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You either get labelled a racist or everybody dies.

      4. Agree…and the school (teachers) took the correct measures in this case. The left and SJWs will always ignore the other cases that involved students getting expelled (all of the white students) but they’ll only call out the one that involves a brown kid.
        In the post 9/11 world, it sucks but it was all brown people who flew two planes into the towers in NY and the Pentagon (those are the facts). If you don’t like it, then there is the door (to another country).
        We’ve been “understanding” for far too long…now it’s time to survive (kill or be killed).

        1. Not “brown”, sir, but Moslems did that and more. Not because of their outside colour, rather because of the shit inside.

        2. I can meet you halfway on that point. But I will question many who fit that profile (of a Muslim) over others, first, because like you said…what they have done in the past and more.

      5. There was nothing to be “wrong” about. You’re drinking the liberal kool-aid and promoting their false narrative by even giving that argument merit.
        It was NEVER investigated as a possible bomb. The kid DELIBERATELY plugged his clockshit into the wall (it had no battery…) and set it to go off in class. It did.
        It was investigated as a BOMB HOAX. Nothing more, never more, never was. And it was indeed a hoax, even if no one reacted with fear. Kid tried to get a reaction from the class with his beeping cartoon bomb, nobody bit. It still warranted an investigation, which the kid DELIBERATELY failed during questioning… probably on coaching from his father or handler. It would have been nothing if the kid wasn’t being an evasive little retard during his interview with the cops. Lawyers were tapped even before the event happened, because they knew what procedure was going to be; they had to take him downtown as suspicious.
        Listen to the kid’s interviews- he’s autistic or retarded and receiving obvious prompting from his handlers. He repeats lines he doesn’t even understand, while random electronic props are posed behind him. And his NASA shirt has become an icon. It’s his brand. Makes him look smert.
        It’s completely staged.
        Meanwhile, the Divider-in-Chief can have a response out on Twitter within the hour, but takes a week just to order a flag lowered after yet another terrorist attack on our own soil…

      1. Yeah its too late for that. About the only thing we can do is hope their numbers here are swamped by non muslim immigrants and population growth.

        1. sometimes i think it is too late and that the demographics can never be changed…then I think of Muslim Iberia, Martel The Hammer, Europe in the 30’s and the massive Jewish population, the Native American Indians in 1492 and what went on to happen and many, many other examples……. it can be changed if there is a will to change it

    2. “They are fucking dead you fucking idiots.” Seriously though, my millennial peers are fucking retarded. They’re the majority of people who lap this shit up.

      1. Oneupmanship. A holier than thou attitude. It is the same mindset as a corrupt Southern Baptist, but on the left.
        “I support the gay pansexual muslim self identified black because I think all people should be equal.” Well I support gender neutral pedophiles struggling with gluten addiction and whales.” It gets more insane each day. People are addicted to labeling a new found victimization to support the idea they are somewhat better than someone else.
        The mentality is “How fast can we race to the bottom of the stairs?” Supporting bullshit ‘issues.” Why race when you could simply jump out the fucking window?

    3. If there was an actual situation where someone had to make a split-second decision based on something looking like it might be an IED, the correct decision would have been to evacuate the goddamn place and bring in the bomb squad.
      Tell me, how is detaining the kid and holding him for hours and refusing to accept the answer that it’s not a bomb going to make any goddamn difference? If it had been a bomb, would what the police did have made it retroactively de-explode?

      1. Nothing. High-velocity hollow-point from the rifle into the raglet’s crankcase moots the point.

        1. Ah, so the issue is that the police bothered to arrest him, rather than the teacher shooting first and wondering later. Okay. You are aware, though, that you are utterly confirming every point CAIR and/or the SJWs are trying to make with this story?

        2. And that’s what you’d like to think. Like it or not, SJWs have been winning the Culture Wars for decades. If that weren’t the case, the Manosphere would be redundant.
          Stupid, paranoid, bigoted rednecks like the school and the police in the story, and conservative Internet warriors coming knee-jerk to their defense, are making it all too easy for the SJWs.

  3. The little asshole was warned by another faculty member a day in advance; he knew what he was doing. Case closed.

    1. Right .Good for the TSA . This was perfectly appropriate to arrest this little twat. Would not matter if the kid was white ,freckled and named McGilicutty.

  4. 1000000% agreement here Michael. Especially that it will make the next terrorist attack easier. And don’t kid yourselves….it’s definitely coming. Sympathy for Islam has officially reached a fever pitch and you can bet your bottom dollar Islamic extremists are licking their chops. I’m just glad I don’t live in a major metropolitan area…….

    1. Ironically under Obama deportation by Homeland Security has reached record highs. The Security Agencies have not let up and have busted potential terrorists. Security remains high as President Obama and any President would seek to avoid the horrible events of September 11th which occurred under President Bush’s watch.
      Metropolitan Cities such as New York are always under high alert, actually its the “soft targets” that I would worry about.

      1. Those are at the border turnaways, not deportation once they’re already in country.
        Nice try though.
        Hey, is Jezebel down the last couple of days?

        1. I don’t subscribe to Feminist websites lol…However I would suspect that you cannot think in a layered way to separate someone who is against Big Government corruption and Big Corporation Corruption and a progressive who supports social initiatives no matter how extreme they are…good try slick.
          “Most of the growth in the number of deported immigrants has come from those deported for reasons other than a criminal conviction. In 2013, 240,000 deported immigrants did not have a previous criminal conviction, up from 218,000 in 2012. ”
          “One distinct feature of the record number of deportations is the increasing share of deportations by U.S. Customs and Border Protection after border apprehension. In 2013, 25% of all deportations were carried out by the agency, up from 17% in 2012. Meanwhile, the number of deportations carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which deports people caught both at the border and the interior of the country, fell in 2013compared with 2012.
          Another change is that in 2013, a record 363,000 (83%) of deportations were carried out without appearing before a judge – either through an order issued by an enforcement agent (called expedited removal) or by using a previous order of deportation (called reinstatement of final orders). This is due to a 2005 shift in policy that has increased the likelihood of being deported after apprehension.”

        2. lol, you know whats funny, Fox News is the worst network when it comes to the level of ignorance of its viewers. Also you should check out the New York Post, another “Yellow” paper worth less than the paper it’s printed on…is it still worth a quarter? Honestly they should pay YOU a quarter for reading that garbage.

        3. That’s actually just your Leftist view peeking out, with the typical mix of arrogance and ignorance with a dollop of sneer on the top. By and large the Right are more scientifically literate than the Left, and generally succeed more in life in an overall sense. We are also out reproducing you folks as well. Since Fox is watched by the Right (and, heh, lots of Left as well), it stands to reason then that your assertion is, well, a bit….oh how to put this nicely….touched.
          I do agree on the NY Post.

        4. Hey old man, gotta question for ya, are you one of the idiots who believe Obama was born outside of the United States, is an Arab, Muslim, or “Communist”? Like the majority of Donald Trump supporters and the majority of several of the Republican Candidate’s supporters. Or did someone smack you with some reality and intelligence.

        5. I never subscribed to the Leftist created view that he was born outside the U.S.
          Nice how your ad hominem is going full bore in so few posts, you’re getting quite emotional. That’s great, because that’s one of your weaknesses.

        6. I’m not sure where you get the “arrogance” from honestly? I watch Fox rarely just to see the garbage that comes out of that cesspool.

        7. When you call people who are by and large more intelligent than Leftists “ignorant” for watching a news network that doesn’t toe the Leftist line 24/7, well…that’s arrogance.

        8. Ahhh It was a joke, I suspect that you did not. At least you separate from others here such as Gladius who do. Nevertheless it’s important I write that to expose just the type of people who are the majority supporting your Republican Front-runner. Very telling I might add.

        9. I’m registered Libertarian actually. We can do that here where I live.

        10. Well I’m using the language used by others towards me. I usually speak down to your level or Up to your level.

        11. Non-sequitur. Nothing to do with my observation, just a justification for the act, which actually admits that I was correct since you’re qualifying it now.

        12. You have logic all squared away don’t ya? Ironic since I notice hypocrisy, logic should be applied to all equally. The same terms should be applied to others based on observation.

        13. I assume your preferred candidate is Ben Carson or most likely Rand Paul then. As it stands now the ignorance of the Republican Party will not let Rand Paul among others anywhere near the lead anyhow. Interesting to see who you will vote for then?

        14. My honest guess is that the Establishment will shove Bush the Twenty-Thousandth down our throats to keep the Imperial Legacy going strong. It will be, likely, Biden/? vs. Bush/Rubio (just a hunch, could be entirely wrong). I do agree that of all of the GOP lineup, I’d go with Rand Paul, and agree that he has zero chance due to the wonderful smear job of the GOP establishment.
          Since the Libertarians don’t have a candidate yet, then I’m not really sure who I could name to tell you I’m voting for. This far out even my speculations about lineups are rather silly since a lot can change between now and voting day. For example, 6 months ago Scott Walker was the lead candidate in the GOP. Funny ol’ thing, life.

        15. You have logic all squared away don’t ya?
          Yes. I did well in debates in high school and university.
          Ironic since I notice hypocrisy, logic should be applied to all equally. The same terms should be applied to others based on observation.
          Are you trying to call me out for not debating others? Or am I missing something here?

        16. Even Bush is not safe, they don’t want an Establishment Candidate. There is still a long way to go, but I have to say a quick turn of events with Scott Walker he was the Right Wing Darling.

        17. The base doesn’t want an establishment, true, but the establishment has taken to openly calling the base every foul name in the book, openly, as of late. I don’t think the establishment really cares any longer, they’ll simply use the scare tactics that they did when they handed down Romney – e.g. – If you don’t vote for Romney, that’s a vote for Obama. These cats are nothing if not consistent.

        18. Charges of hypocrisy, from any given party, are generally not actual observations of hypocrisy most of the time, but more often than not an aggrieved party trying to find flaws in the semantics of his opponent to create the image of hypocrisy. Real hypocrisy happens of course, but not as often as people charge or even think to themselves.
          It’s rather like the word “irony” now that I think about it. Heh.

        19. I actually believe hypocrisy is one of the worst sins, and the seeking of truth and avoidance of being a hypocrite is key in a person’s life.

        20. exactly how the hell does you making ad hominem attacks equate to “exposing just the type of people” who vote Republican?
          Even if you can prove that Ghost of Jefferson is a paranoid nutjob(which, knowing him, you’re going to get curb stomped in the argument), it doesn’t prove your point. A sample size of 1 is hardly sufficient to draw conclusions about over 100 million people.

        21. LOL!!! Its called a POLL. You know where they make an observation based on a sample size of potential voters for Trump and various others. As recently as this week it was revealed that a majority of Trump supporters believe President Obama is a Muslim among other ignorant beliefs. Several others Republican Candidates also have a majority of their supporters believing those ignorant ideas.
          I never tried to paint him as a “Paranoid Nutjob” but if you had taken the time to read the entire exchange you would see he made an inaccurate statement about me, so I did the same to him. Listen no one is “curb-stomping” me in an argument including you. So do yourself a favor and scurry along before you embarrass yourself further. Cause judging by your initial comment that is extremely easy for me to do to you.
          “Trump’s beliefs represent the consensus among the GOP electorate. 51% overall want to eliminate birthright citizenship. 54% think President Obama is a Muslim. And only 29% grant that President Obama was born in the United States. That’s less than the 40% who think Canadian born Ted Cruz was born in the United States.”
          “Trump’s supporters aren’t alone in those attitudes though. Only among supporters of John Kasich (58/13), Jeb Bush (56/18), Chris Christie (59/33), and Marco Rubio (42/30) are there more people who think President Obama was born in the United States than that he wasn’t. And when you look at whose supporters are more inclined to think that the President is a Christian than a Muslim the list shrinks to just Christie (55/29), Kasich (41/22), and Bush (29/22).”

        22. Exactly what are you implying? That there’s something wrong with being a Muslim?
          And no, you’re not “curb stomping”, it just feels that way because you can’t distinguish between snark and an argument.

        23. TE you still haven’t learned your lesson from the last time you tried to debate someone (me) using only half a brain as fuel and ended up with the worst case of booty stomp this side of the milky way? Sigh.
          STILL leaving a trail of diarrhea about “Fox” and various other far left banalities…(YAWN + STRETCH)
          I’m sorry i caught the ass end of this. Being on the sidelines while a leftist is getting brain hammered is always a joy 🙂

        24. Hey GOJ, i’m feeling a tad lackadaisical today. How many times has this blithering buffoon mentioned the word “FOX” today?
          If i was to take a rummy shot every time he did it, would i still be conscious?

        25. No those ignorant people backing Trump and the others are the ones who have a problem with a Muslim.

        26. LOL Hello Ramos there was no lesson to be learned at all. The ignorance has been in full display from the Right, no need for me to even try. By the way this actually goes beyond Right and Left mind you.

        27. I’ve seen it a couple of times but haven’t kept count. I did however discover that most of the GOP candidates were birthers, that the base of the GOP is ignorant, probably birthers, and border line retarded, that apparently any time he is caught fudging facts or is shown wrong it’s actually him “joking” and all kinds of fun in rainbow bright land, tra la la la la. And such.

        28. So by backing a candidate that means you agree with him on everything?
          Many on the Right who back him have big problems with a lot of his record regarding supporting Leftists. You’re not really thinking this through in a nuanced, layered way.
          I have no problem having an issue with a Muslim, they’re not an endearing lot, by and large.

        29. Haha from what i recall you waved the white flag faster than Vidkun Quisling after the German goose step once i poked you in your third eye one too many times 🙂
          “By the way this actually goes beyond Right and Left mind you.”
          Not beyond your addiction to mentioning the word “Fox” apparently…

        30. I was discussing ignorance…obviously just because you back a candidate does not mean you fully back him on all issues. However it is important to expose what the majority of the “BACKERS” believe, which displays a level of ignorance.

        31. Listen your “debate” was a practice of continuous circling around, a marathon in ignorance that I did not wish to participate in. However the ignorance on the Republican side has been on FULL display for several months now. It would be comedic if it wasn’t so sad.

        32. You’ll forgive me if I don’t take polls seriously. I know quite a few Trump supporters from right here living on my street, and from my job, and can’t find a birther among them. While surely not a refutation of a poll, it certainly doesn’t point towards some massive belief system.
          Polls and statistics are generally invalid during election season, in my view. Not just this year, but every election cycle. Too many interested parties with agendas, on all sides.

        33. Ignorance. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        34. Hmm. Given your findings i’d say that you’ve run into the philosophically prolific species of libtarda known as “homo ignoramus.”
          This particular one is distinct in that it has a peculiar set of 3 eyes…all of them blind as shit.

        35. Well of course it would be hard for you to participate in it…given that you aren’t a republican, aren’t running for president and aren’t particularly insightful or interesting. 🙂

        36. Give it up dude…you’ve got all the logic of a park horse with dried up shit caked on its ass.

        37. It’s pretty easily explained. Trump’s backers care less about those problems than they care about getting a chance to kick the D.C. anthill.

        38. I understand your perspective…however it is simply not polls but from the very words that come out of Trump’s mouth..which also includes “Birther” viewpoints as witnessed by everyone with a mild interest in politics.
          So it is not only the polls which show that a majority of his supporters share ignorant viewpoints, but the same ignorance is coming from Trump’s mouth. So even if the polls did not exist you would have to question those following him by Trump’s statements alone, when these factors are combined overall you can begin to see how it is quite telling indeed.

        39. That seems to be the high and low of it. Plus he pushes back at the PC narrative with force and has demonstrated how powerless the SJW’s really are. Something I hope everybody takes to heart.

        40. well, if you wre to give me a rough number I actually can run an analysis to find out the reasonable probability that the results are consistent with the national average.

        41. Trump is quite plainly pandering to the lowest common denominator. Watch some of the interviews of him from before he announced the campaign, vs his campaign rallies now to see what I mean.

        42. Trump’s words do not equate to his followers beliefs. That’s trying to go right back to the “they support his candidacy, thus they support his birther position”, which I believe was already discovered to be an error, and which you admitted is an erroneous assumption.
          There’s a post near the top of the thread which interestingly enough talks about the Leftist fear of “ignorance”, insofar as they use it as a totem and can be easily led by their leaders by using that meme. You seem to use “ignorant” a lot, which seems to play well into that poster’s view.

        43. I didn’t say his words equate his followers beliefs, I stated that the combination of his supporters following him DESPITE his words and the Polls indicating what a majority of Trump supporters believe paints a significant picture.

        44. Lol i think you mean South Park.
          This, coming from the guy who carries a perpetual boner for the word “Fox” makes it all the more hilarious 🙂

        45. Yes I know he is being supported by the lowest common denominator, and he must be a good actor because he seems to really believe what he is saying! I will research this.

        46. And I’m telling you that polls are pointless at this point in time, all things considered. So basically it’s just “Donald said birther” and that means nothing to me.

        47. The “like” should be your answer.
          Also, i actually don’t watch a lick of Fox news…it’s veered off hard a gauche ever since James the prog seed of Rupert started exerting more of his influence. The first debate is all that i can recall watching from it.

        48. “Hey old man, gotta question for ya, are you one of the idiots who believe Obama was born outside of the United States, is an Arab, Muslim, or ‘Communist’?”
          Indonesian school records for the man currently going by the alias “Barack Obama.”
          Citizenship: Indonesia
          Religion: Islam
          Here’s the Indonesian laws that would have required the man of many names to have been an Indonesian citizen to attend their schools (and thus no longer be eligible to be President of the USA, since he would have surrendered his “natural born” status, which he probably never had to begin with).

        49. “I never subscribed to the Leftist created view that he was born outside the U.S.”
          That’s not a Leftist created view. Your acceptance of official politically correct opinion of the controlled opposition to the Left, is a Leftist created view.

        50. You’re a liberal moron if you don’t see a problem with Islam, that said you also talk like a f*ggot, a condition common to liberal “males”

        51. Obama was born in Hawaii he is a natural born citizen! People also have double citizenship too lol. You guys are so deep into your thinking there is no hope…

        52. Hey little Josepi, I’m not sure what your point is with the “problem” with Islam? Of course I’m against Islamic Extremists…anyway I’m pointing out how little idiots like you are the same idiots who support a moron like Donald Trump. It goes beyond liberalism or conservatism. Jocepi how about you take a couple of fuck yous on a cannoli and a fuck off in a doggy bag. lol

      2. I don’t think you’re correct . Even if your stats are true we replace the deported and then some with the poor and illiterate from south of the border and elsewhere. The USA needs more muslims??THAT’s who we choose say over Aussies or Europeans or Asians and other sane and friendly countries. The government CHOOSES to bring in Somalis ??? Btw immigration is nothing than demographic gerrymandering. Importing new lib voters. Treason imo…

    2. I for one would be amused to see some terrorists blow up a school. It would be a “mass killing” not perpetrated because guns/NRA/white guys.
      Of course, that does not fit the narrative. And since the US funded and trains ISIS, I’ll expect a terrorist attack on an American school to include a black rifle or two, with evil pistol grips and high capacity magazines, to be used by some windup toy who will be armored head to toe but still take a headshot from SWAT when having never presented himself as a target in the first place. (Read: whacked by an accomplice)
      Then bloody shirts to be waved before the bodies are cold, as usual.
      A “real” terrorist bombing an American school would finally be the wakeup call that people need, not just for the dindu threat, but maybe women will start to put value into homeschooling instead of “send the kids to public school so I can work in an office and live the life I was trained to want from television”.

      1. 9/11 was a wake up call but we’ve fallen asleep again. I’d rather that American blood not be the cost of a reality check, but that’s the cost when the public forgets that force gets you peace.

        1. I hate to have to say this, but I’m just waiting for the next terrorist attack. At that point, you can look directly at the liberals and go, “What you gotta say now? Should we still trust these people? Yeah, fuck you and your bleeding heart, sellouts.”

        2. A phrase my friend always says regarding liberal policies and unintended consequences: “Oh that’ll never happen, but when it does we’ll deserve it.”

        3. As long as the cable doesn’t go out… and our little princesses have access to their i-Cracks.

        4. Our society has become so insulated from the realities of the world that we’ve become delusional.
          This country is becoming a victim of it’s own success.

        5. …and their asscracks have access to random bagsofcocks in a restroom at some club.
          Then some skank who got doxed after it hits Instagram will carry the urinal around in memory of her rapey asshole.

      2. …then of course, we’ll be taught by Henry and friends how the Palestinian Jews are behind it.

    3. I seem to remember a couple guys showing up to a comic convention in Texas. That did not go so well.

    4. Yeah the left definitely has a hard on for Muslims. In my experience, I’ve met good people who follow that faith. But, Muslim values are more or less diametrically opposed to American culture.
      The tension is already there (9/11 didn’t help either) and you can bet your bottom dollar there are going to be devious elements in the Muslim community trying to profit off of this tension.

      1. I’ve heard someone on talk radio discuss what is essentially the 3 types of Muslims. Basically, each group focuses on a different part of Mohammed’s life; the peaceful time, the political time, and the warrior time. Not sure how valid this is, but it seems to make sense.

      2. “But, Muslim values are more or less diametrically opposed to American culture.”
        True, they oppose alcohol, drugs and promiscuity, things Americans can’t seem to live without. One thing they do have in common with American culture though is divorce.

        1. And they don’t oppose raping bukakke style their young women family members, then honour-killing them when they’ve been knocked up.

        2. “And they don’t oppose raping bukakke style their young women family members”
          Incest is forbidden in Islam. Mahram and all that. Nonetheless I get your point. The Abrahamic faiths are problematic, no two ways about it. Here in the US at least the fastest growing religion is Buddhism so we don’t have to worry.

    5. The conservatives need to be on top of this and attack Obama like starving wolves when the Seekrit Service bothers with their standard security sweep before they let the little muzzie child meet the President. If he wants to see Achmed’s clock, he does so as-is with no dogs or inspections for all his family and friends and lawyers along. They’d be rayciss otherwise. :^)
      If they found that pile of shit in a box near the White House they’d have locked down the block. And they damn well need called out on it.

  5. I’m reminded of the five imams who deliberately stirred up all the other passengers on an airliner, just to see how much they could get away with without being removed from the flight…and then got CAIR to trumpet loudly how they’d been “abused.” How logn ago was that? I suppose the Muslims decided it was time for a fresh probe of our watchfulness.

  6. The title of the article is misleading..it tends to make one think that you are siding with this aspiring jihaadist. It also made me think an SJF infiltrated ROK
    Other than that, i agree with your remarks about this arrogant little muzzie prick.
    On a related note, i loved watching this American Black kid put clock boy and obama on blast…that is always a treat 🙂

      1. Agreed. He is everything obama would have been had he not been titty fed commie milk well into his teens by his commie bitch mother.

        1. I’m reading between the lines here and getting a vague sense that you may not quite absolutely endorse and admire our POTUS?

        2. Hmm. Was it that obvious? I was actually trying to be nice. I intentionally refrained from inserting “whore goddess” in regards to his Mother and “diseased spawn of the devil’s nuts” in regards to him 🙂

    1. @Daniel Ramos, @GOJ: This young man is not alone. There is a huge backlash on YouTube by right-thinking (black) men, young and..well, my age, who dismiss the entire victimization narrative. I implore you to search on YT for “ET Williams” and “That Guy T” and browse their channels. Many enlightening videos on their respective channels, which run the gamut from Islamic terrorism, political correctness and the latest SJW cluster-F with this kid who rearranged the guts of a Radio Shack clock inside a pencil case to pass it off as his own.

  7. Perfect Trojan horse plot. Fool the POTUS. “Bring your clock with you Ahmed!” When he shows up the clock is an actual IED. Boom!

  8. Bill Maher, who is usually a left-wing fool, put it best: Should the teacher have just ignored what looked like a bomb and just told herself “hey, I better check my white privilege.”
    This site is great. It’s run by a guy who just posted on his own blog about how sympathetic he is to the terrorists and Islamofascism, but then this article appears.

    1. I think Bill’s syphillis is starting to wear off..he’s actually been making sense every blood moon or so 🙂

        1. Michael Graves is a well renowned architect that’s also famous for his unique designs. I know this because my Brother in Law is an architect and interned with him. There is a Michael Graves line of goods at Target. They sell Michael Graves clocks.

        2. I was also thinking that too, but you were actually referencing MICHALE Graves. “Dig up her boo-oooo-oonnnes!”

  9. SJWs: Everyone is beautiful (even the land whales), everything is creativity (even taking a shit), everything is good, everyone is intelligent (except the people with common sense). In short, everything is everything. The entropy is full.

  10. Trump is right about PC killing us .Literally killing us. This muslim Flavor Flave likely was doing this at the behest of his radical muslim dad who put him up to this. Gin up a lawsuit…

    1. Trump is a moron who appeals to the ignorant sections of the Tea Party. Remember he continued to appeal to the “birthers’? Stating Obama was born outside of America? And still couldn’t own up to his ignorance and the ignorance of a majority of his supporters in the Right Wing who still believe he is a Muslim among other ignorant beliefs. Meanwhile Cruz was born in Calgary Canada, and McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone? Yet no peep from these double digit IQ having people. Using their idiotic logic you would think they would raise greater shouts of ignorance about that, but they didn’t. Very telling where that Party specifically is going.

      1. Actually yes, that issue was raised by many on the conservative base and those who did were quickly silenced by “reasonable” Republicans like boehner.

        1. It’s a funny game the Left plays. They sit in the GOP and basically stymie and nullify their conservative base’s objections to party idiocy, then the Leftists from the Dem side walk in and sneer at how “ignorant” and “hillybilly” the conservative base is. Quite a fun hat trick really.
          It took a while but I think people in the GOP base are awakening to the Leftists on their side and the tricks being played on them.

        2. As opposed to the hordes of nearly illiterate inner city types who fuel the Dems front runner every election?

      2. I really hate agreeing with an asshole like you. It pains me to acknowledge that yes, Trump is a moron. But Hitlery is a crook, a liar, and possibly a traitor, so there is that on the other side.

  11. It seems MIT has been infiltrated by idiots. They might as well offer the kid a chair in theoretical physics and get it over with. They even fired an extremely popular physics professor (and erased his entire legacy) because some gash accused him of sexual harassment:
    MIT is done.

    1. All of academia in the west is done. They were done when they stopped being about truth and science and started being PC uber alles.

  12. 1. Be brown
    2. Have a muslim name
    3. Make something that looks like a bomb
    4. Bring it to a school
    5. Claim victimhood
    6. ???
    7. Profit

  13. I actualy kind of can’t wait for the end of white oppression.
    I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords, who killed 70 million of their own countrymen last century, and still execute anyone with whom they disagree.
    I, for one, welcome our Middle Eastern overlords, who are busily raping their way across Mesopotamia while building a caliphate.
    I, for one, welcome our Central and South American overlords, who are murdering people at the cyclic rate to keep drugs flowing north, and political dissidents quiet.
    Finally, I, for one, welcome our African overlords, who spent much of the past 30 years butchering each other with machetes over imperceptible tribal differences.
    Oh, how great things will be when the white scourge is irradicated and our culture finally reflects the best of our new masters and the shining civilizations they have created! Diversity uber alles!!

    1. We’ll just be sitting quietly in Wyoming or Montana, oiling the guns, watching the horizon…waiting. With our silos of nukes.

  14. “Christians are ignorant, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging racist bigots.”
    Can somebody please explain to me why and how “mouth breather” suddenly became this played-out, cliche insult? Don’t all homo sapiens biologically breathe from their mouths??? This is an insult how, exactly?

    1. “Mouth breather” refers to someone who breaths through their mouth as opposed to their nose giving them a dull, slack-jawed expression.

      1. We leave the non-school shootings to the minorities. It helps them feel included and like they’re contributing to society.

        1. Look into poverty and then crime distribution when it comes to the impoverished by race. The racial crime per capita gap disappears. If you want things fixed look into common sense drug policy, and criminal justice reform.

        2. Yeah, if I’m poor that means I pretty much should go out and start a gang and shoot people. Got me there.
          I do agree on stopping the War on Drugs (if that’s what you’re suggesting). The criminal justice system doesn’t just show up at J’amalink’s door unbidden, they come because the cops were called on him by his neighbors. Maybe he should, you know, not rob people or shoot them or rape them? Just a thought. That said, there are reforms needed in the criminal justice system.

        3. Poverty and crime are linked. I am for ending the war on drugs. Crime is even per capita when you account for poverty. Obviously you’re not interested in rational argument based on your racist name calling.

        4. That’s odd, because I grew up in a pretty poor household and nobody in it, or in my neighborhood, resorted to actual real crime, violent or otherwise. Weird, right? I mean, you know, poverty and crime and such, you’d think I’d be the next Al Capone, only taller and more ruggedly masculine, with cruel yet handsome eyes. How did this come to be I wonder? It’s strange too, because I’ve seen plenty of trailer parks filled with white trash, yet by and large there aren’t drive by shootings, daily murders and rape-o-plenty. This is absolutely *baffling*!
          Racist name calling? Dufuq? Thin skinned, much? I know plenty of middle and upper middle class black men (and women) who find the silly names of the Urban Yoot as low class, kind of like how we view a dude named Skeeter Bob. In fact, been told as much by them. I just mock the names; I’m only the messenger, don’t shoot me. Heh.
          I figured your only solution was to “solve the poverty”. Typical leftist narrative. Just throw money at shit and poof, it suddenly works. But that’s not real life. People choose to commit crimes by free will, they do not have to, they make the choice. Poor, middle class or rich, people choose to be criminals. It’s also interesting to note, too, that this “crime is linked to economic status” thing never comes up with the Left regarding white collar crime. There is no “well, at their economic level there are different kinds of temptations that thwart the poor manager’s free will and cause him to commit crime” like there is with “poor little Laquansha, she’s just all broke and stuff and her environment instructs her that stealing is the only way to get out of her situation”. Such a wacky world, n’est-ce pas?

        5. Yes your anecdotes aside, I prefer statistics. Education, common sense drug policy, criminal justice reform will help solve crime and solve poverty. Do you like the idea of people being stuck in poverty? I know what’s weirder is that when the white collar guy does it he doesn’t have to admit guilt and sees no jail time.

  15. It was a manufactued event/narrative made to order. Notice the players who called him for sympathy?
    The lie spreads around the world 7 times before the truth gets out of bed. My wife’s FB site already has some of her relatives remarking how “cruel” America is for arresting little Ahmed. The lie has served it’s purpose.

    1. I’m not much into conspiracies, but this happened way too fast with way too many big names, up to POTUS, getting involved instantly. The SJW squad literately went into five alarm fire mode across the globe.
      Too bad for them that the facts of the actual matter have surfaced. God, how I love the Internet.

      1. My experience has that most people do not dig to deep into the headlines and regurgitate what they hear.

      2. Even though the facts have surfaced, I struggle to be optimistic…
        I’ll bring up a previous discussion we were having about President Lincoln and the Civil War in another article. The facts are out there – that the Civil War had global ramifications that involved the Bank of England, the French, and the Russians – but ask everybody you know tomorrow and I’d be willing to wager that only a handful know this. MOST will tell you how the Civil War was about “Lincoln and the northern states freeing the slaves”. While their intentions are good, unfortunately for them the war was about economics, as are many wars with US involvement. Until they can grasp the basics and begin recognizing a larger pattern here, I’m afraid they’re lost.
        The facts are out there for sure, but unfortunately, the elites and their employees are able to use the established system to essentially drown out the truth with droves of lemmings. We’re losing the information war, and knowledge is power.
        My dream is that a REAL CHANGE (not the Obama, Biden, Bush, or Clinton type of “change”) will emerge right here in the Manosphere. Masculine men will peacefully organize and formulate a plan to gain the upper hand, and reveal the truth to the masses. How do we do this? Do we organize clubs and seminars on college campuses, invade the comments sections of other websites, find a way to buy TV and radio time?
        Apologies for a long winded, and not a completely relevant line of thought to the above discussion. Just food for thought…

    2. I think where the police made an error, was putting him in handcuffs for a photo opportunity. This would be a non story without handcuffs.

  16. When was the last time a Muslim invented something? As far as I know they only stole knowledge from other civilizations they destroyed. Without the white man’s inventions Muslims still would be riding camels and wiping their asses with sand. They wouldn’t even have light to read the Quran in the dark.

      1. Most of the things on that list existed in a different shape or form in other countries or continents, or before the muslim age. Surgery was performed by the Romans hundreds of years before Mohammed created his story. That flying machine they write about, that was not an invention. It never even worked. University? Again, the Romans and Greeks had Gymnasiums. Algebra. The basis for that came from the Babylonians, Egyptians. Music? Was that new? “The crank” Oh men, just stop it. Hospitals.. “a policy based on the Muslim tradition of caring for all who are sick”. Like in other cultures they don’t care for people who happen to be…. sick. No that’s only a Muslim phenomenon. That CNN page is nothing more than pandering to Muslims. Look at the source, it’s directly linked to some muslim website.
        The thing I said was: When was the last time a Muslim invented something? And you post a list about some archaic would be inventions.
        The better question is: are you a muslim?

        1. The better answer is: It matters not one iota which invisible God I claim to believe in. People from various faiths, and no faith at all have made various contributions to society. I don’t really care if “the muslims” or “the jews” created something, because it wasn’t a synagogue full of jews who wrote the Violen Concerto in E Minor, it was Felix Mendehlsson, who happened to be raised in a Jewish family. And likewise it wasn’t “The British” who came up with the concept of Gravity, it was Sir Isaac Newton. People from Muslim backgrounds were very advanced in the fields of astronomy. I don’t know what that has to do with the price of tea in china, or whatever point group think socialists are trying to make about them today. Although I suppose the argument is something like.. “you folks here in this geographic area are all inferior and worthless.. we should murder you all”

        2. I agree. But the leftist media clearly has a completely different idea about this. They only see a black muslim kid with an “invention” and thus he must get all kinds of gifts. If there is one thing Muslims exported to the western world lately it’s violence. This kid should come up with something worth praising, something worth giving him gifts for. He didn’t. Now, arresting him was over the top, but he was too young to understand it.

  17. About nine years ago there was a guy at my middle school, a completely white, non-Muslim guy, who did something very similar to this. According to these SJW’s, my school certainly must have certainly let him off the hook because of his privileged status. Wrong! The entire campus was sent into lockdown, the guy was cuffed in front of all his classmates and arrested, and picked on for the duration of his time that year, even when it turned out the device he had on him was not really anything dangerous. If someone of any race or religion is stupid enough to carry something that looks so uncomfortably similar to a bomb, particularly on a school campus, they will receive (and deserve) unwanted attention.

    1. See my reaction to this story is more along the lines of anger at the the panty-wearing scardey cats everywhere. Guess what, TSA, the 25th bottle of water you stole today isn’t making anyone safer. It’s just making us more thirsty. And freaking out over kids bringing plastic knives or a cheese sandwhich or peanuts or scary pop tarts or a partially assembled clock is ridiculous overreaction. It sounds like the kid is just interested in how things work, taking them apart, and putting them back together. It’s good to see this encouraged by the silicon valley firms, and the people who freaked out over it should be embarrassed.
      By talking about this as a racial or social justice issue you are just falling into the same trap as the feminists. It is simply another case of a KID (color or race or sex does not matter) being punished for being curious and thinking outside the boundaries. Case closed.

      1. I’m always supportive of a curious kid who wants to tinker and figure out how stuff works, but his behavior and actions were pretty questionable. I believe Mike at D&P said that he pretty much kept showing it to teachers until he finally found one that freaked out. Each one before the last teacher (about the 6th in line) told him NOT to show it around school and that it might cause an issue. He ignored that and kept showing it off, class after class.

        1. Yes, it really seems like he was trying to create controversy, or was instructed to do so by his community organizer father.

        2. I agree, but just as with feminists (who are nothing more than INCREDIBLY large children) the best case of action is usually to ignore or ridicule them. Giving them attention is exactly what they want, and look how wonderfully it worked here. It doesn’t get much bigger than national news story, an invite to Pennsylvania Avenue, and job prospects at the top tech firms when still in middle school.
          I’d either ignore the kid or say something like … oh wow, a clock? I can make one of those out of a potato and piece of wire. Wake me up when you’ve built a tesla coil.

        3. I understand that viewpoint as well. And it does sound like the kid was being a little shit. However, I’m from the live and let live “better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent suffer” camp and am sick and tired of all the pussies everywhere jumping to “terism” first, as if it is some new and insurmountable evil. If we handled terist with the attitude of FDR–we have nothing to fear but fear itself–I truly believe it wouldn’t even be an issue today.
          Every news item is always pussified people whimpering “terism!” at any bad news.. plane crashes? Terism! Food or water poisoned? Terist. Explosion at an industrial site? Terer, terrer, terrer! I look for the most rational explanation first (plane crashed due to pilot error, food recall due to poor oversight in production, explosion due to oversight of dangerous materials) and only if it is shown that something *intentionally* went wrong, do I consider that hypothesis. It’s like treating every death as a murder–murder is very rare and I’m not gonna get all excited and think every time someone dies they were killed. Bad for the heart.
          Furthermore, if the kid was bringing a device to school in order to harm a bunch of innocent people, well, there’s nothing you can really do to stop him. If he actually had an explosive and you asked to look at it, his answer would be sure, here ya go.. BOOM. But the reality is that doesn’t happen and the world is not as evil and scary as the powers that be want us to believe.

      2. There was no freak out until the media created the freak out. That’s kind of the point. And the kid was being obtuse.
        Look, if my son can get arrested for biting a pop tart into the shape of a sidearm, then there’s no reason that school officials can’t at least stop and question a kid carrying around a box of wires and breadboard with a timer ticking down like a count down. The kid was told, without any freak out, not to be carrying that around and showing people, but he did it anyway. The school wasn’t flying into over-reaction mode, he forced the issue. Again, my son would have had action taken *without* any warning being issued.
        All that said, yes, schools have become miniature police states. Best solution: home school or deliberately seek out a sane school district/private school.

        1. and they make it sound like the kid was water boarded, held in jail for days, or other. They questioned the kid and then they let him go.
          Hell yes. I’m glad the police were called. There have been too many shootings, alone, to ignore this one.

    2. Knew a white kid who was arrested for wearing a suicide bomber costume where the “bombs” were clearly-marked Gatorade bottles.
      In ’07, I believe.

    3. The exception being if you’re white then you just get into trouble. Any other color (or if you’re a woman) then a flurry of praise comes your way with invitations, prizes, cash and a trip to the White House (because we need your kind interested in science…no, not you white kid…the other kid).
      It’s racist in the wrong direction.

  18. It’s still concerning if Texas teachers were baited that easily, even if the invention wasn’t impressive. Very doubtful the cops would have been called on a white kid

    1. He didn’t invent anything, I wouldn’t even call it a MacGyverism. There is *zero* resourcefulness involved in what this kid has done. No creativity. All he ostensibly did was transplanting the entire electronic assembly to another case.

      1. My son is out installing speakers into his car. Are you telling me, sir, that he has not in fact invented a car? He’s going to be awfully disappointed if so.

    2. Depends. If he was a white kid with goth hair and a black trenchcoat? Fact is, Muslim terrorism is a thing. I mean, I’m usually the one taking your basic position, but if this kid exploited genuine fear by bringing what looked like a bomb device to school, it’s not a minor thing. That’s just the reality we live in.

  19. Zero tolerance is the real villain. Disciplinary issues should be handled on a case by case basis. Not, uh oh, something looks vaguely like a gun or a bomb if you squint really hard, so not only will we suspend you, but we’ll call the cops as well. That has to stop.

    1. I didn’t have to squint much to think that it looked like an IDE.

      1. Sure, because if I wanted to blow up my classmates, I’d carry something that looked like an IDE [sic] around openly, and not hide it in a backpack or something. Sheesh!

        1. Non-sequitur. Your claim was that one had to “squint really hard” to see something that “looks vaguely like a gun or a bomb”.
          One does not need to squint in this instance. It looks like a legit IDE.

        2. Actually, in that case, yes, it could be mistaken for an I- E–D. Bill Maher was right about that. But his engineering teacher–and the police–knew it wasn’t a bomb, and still arrested him. And he was still suspended for bringing a harmless device to school. And I’m not some SJW moaning that poor little Mohammed was picked on for being Muslim, non-white or any of that nonsense. It was zero-tolerance run amok. And we’ve never had any sort of “national conversation” about that. Like I said, handle things case by case. Not one-size-fits-all. That’s just hysteria.
          P.S. Obama should have pop-tart kid over the White House. And yes, he won’t because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But that’s not the point.

  20. “I took apart an existing clock and made a ‘clock’ and all I got was these gifts accolades, sympathy and support.”
    The SJW is strong in this one.
    It is amazing people are fucking tripping over themselves to outdo the support being showered on him.
    “Come to the Google Campus! Here take this tablet! Need money for college?”
    Meanwhile, a poor white child in Appalachia with little or no future prospects will continue on his path. Maybe a gifted young black man that stays out of trouble will be branded a young Uncle Tom. Facebook and Microsoft are firmly behind immigration “reform” for cheap labor.

    1. Oh great, now he’s probably going to take all THAT shit apart, stuff it in a suitcase and bring it to school. “Hey guys look what I made this time!”

  21. In the words of comedian Ron White: “If the guy in front of me at the airports needs a double load of phlegm to get through his name, I’m checking his shoes for fuses and I don’t care who notices.”
    The kid’s name is Ahmed Mohammed. He brings something to school in a case that has what looks to be a clock or timer on it. I’m not a trained bomb technician, I’m erring on the side of caution.
    As a side note, that name’s got to be almost as bad as naming a kid Arthur MacArthur. Seriously?

    1. It’s kind of like how the Icelandic folk kept the patronymic naming system. Brad Thorsson, literally his father was named Thor. Erica Thorsdottir, literally her father is the same as Brad’s. That’s fine for a small picturesque village in the quaint ol’ fjords, but has to wreak some real havoc when you try to go through a phone book.
      But yeah. That and naming your kid with a last name, which some rather bizarre Anglo Saxons do from time to time. Williams Smith, etc.

    2. “See something, say something.”
      DHS your civilian tip line has been rendered STUPID.
      Should now read:
      “See something stay quite or you’ll be crucified by the media as being an intolerant bigot.”
      Just make sure you see the right “politically correct” something.

  22. I don’t necessarily agree with what this student did, but for me the biggest problem with this story is that the school did not treat this device as if it were an actual bomb. That is, imagine if he had tried to get such a contraption through airport security.
    A proper response, presumably, includes evacuating the school or otherwise getting anyone near this thing as far from it as possible. For me, the fact that the school did not do this, shows that something else may have been afoot here and it severely undercuts any credibility to their narrative. Beyond this, the student never claimed that this was a bomb or any other such device, so I don’t agree with his being suspended for bringing a “hoax bomb” to class, as it was never such a device.
    I don’t fault the student for being evasive with the police. Everyone has a right to give as much or as little truthful information to the police as he wishes.
    Unfortunately, this type of incident will be used in the airport security context I mentioned previously… for the express purpose of undermining the same.

    1. Good observation. The engineering teacher presumably knew enough to know it was not a bomb, but the school was a bit lackadaisical.
      Agree that this will be used on getting airport security to become even more lax than it is.

  23. Maybe these liberal fucktards will wise up after they watch their kids get blown to shit when some radical sand monkey actually brings a bomb to school and they realize that i could have easily been prevented but no one wanted to look into it because “thas raysist”

    1. Wait till the homos and the muzzies exist in a land without Christians to pick on…
      that’s going to be “pay per view” right there.

      1. “oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooood stop it! Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean you can treat me different!”
        *takes 7.62 NATO round to the face*

        1. Pride parades will never be the same again lol
          I can see it now:
          Mike the muslim decides to pay a visit to san francisco’s pride parade du jour. He is approached by homo jay and his silent gimp bob.
          Homosexual jay: Hey there! That’s a sexy turban you’re wearing. Do you “cum” here often?
          Mike the Muslim: ALLAHU AKBAR.
          Homosexual jay: Hey bob come over here, this guy has the cutest accent! I love what he does with his tongue too.
          Homo bob: Mmmm phmmm! (nods head while with a rubber ball in mouth)
          Mike the Muslim: ALLAHU AKBAR! (gestures for scimitar at his waist)
          Homosexual jay: Oh goodness! that’s a really sharp sword you’ve got there! I’ll bet you’re a stud with all the camels back home. (homo jay and bob laugh)
          Muslim: …..!!! ((pulls out scimitar) ALLAHU AKBAR! Al MOUT LI KHANEETH!!!! (death to faggots)
          FIN 🙂

        2. It would be funny to hear a Muslim called “Little boo boo kitty fuck” though, right?

    2. And if that had been the case here, they would have been blown to shit. The school was not evacuated, no bomb squad was called in, kid just got detained.

  24. I tried posting about this in the most reasonable and sane way possible as a plea to consider things before just parroting and copying them, and was in turn amazed at how much my classmates were fundamentally not willing to consider the victim narrative.
    That all said, there is one HUGE point this article missed.
    For a large part of the republican/conservative political base, their demon is the “devil” and anytime you invoke the idea of the devil or something associated with the “devil” being present, they will get worked up and vote for whatever you advocate.
    With the democratic party, their “demon” is people not being intelligent/dumb. So, they will constantly bemoan and overemphasize how cognitively challenged/anti science republicans are in order to justify their world view under the guise “the only reason not everyone believes it is because they are retarded.”
    While many of the democratic beliefs are not actually scientifically valid or intelligent, the religious fervor of needing to believe they are smart is always there, and it is incredibly easy to shape democratic beliefs with this principle, and provoke them into reacting against stuff.
    In the case of this clock incident, I believe the reason this narrative was so powerful was because it appealed to the liberal’s demon, in that dumb racist conservative people were stifling intellectual progress/intelligence/the future of our country, and since the liberal devil programming has been now activated, they are unwilling to even consider the possibility this challenges their deeper need to feel conservatives are retards/the devil.

    1. Yep. there is a fervency inherit in any zealotry. Taken further, a human by default generally possesses a need to belong/believe in something greater, political or otherwise.
      Even without following a conventional religion a great deal of people will fill the void with something they believe just as profoundly in, and defend with much of the same reasoning/conviction.
      Case in point: I enjoy studying science, but would not use the argument of “following a book of stories made up by men” against religion.

      1. I’m just happy that Bob Dobbs showed up when he did, to guide me to enlightenment through slacking.

  25. If it was just a “clock”, then put it in a carryon bag and see if you get through the TSA security checkpoint at the airport.

    1. TSA is so effed-up who knows what will and won’t get through. Security testers sneak weapons pass those drones all the time. His clock might well get through, and some old lady’s fleet enema bottle won’t!

      1. On the bright side, we are well protected against any buxom and attractive women carrying anything forbidden onto aircraft. Thanks TSA!

  26. The SJWs turned it into a race narrative.
    Tech types, myself included, wanted to bring up the brainless “duhhhh we don’t know what that is. BOMB BOMB BOMB ARREST ARREST ARREST!!!” issue in our ever more retarded society
    Guess the SJWs win again, made it all about race and pity party for some dindu nuffin.
    Meanwhile, white kids will continue to get screwed over NRA shirts and poptarts.

  27. A partial victory may not sound like a noteworthy triumph at first glance but the important part is that it demonstrates to the mass that the mainstream SJW narratives can bleed. In the eternal words of Arnold Shwarzenegger:
    If it bleeds, we can kil it.

  28. For any young uns out there never ever get yer cock out at school because that sort of thing just isn’t on. But if you do, and it happens to be high noon on a sunny day just claim you were inventing a makeshift sundial. You’ll probably get to meet the president too, who will no doubt show genuine interest in the ingenuity of your invention.

      1. I’m inclined to think they are true. I imagine the CiC would very much like to show young Ahmed exactlly where the hands go

  29. Thing is, young boys set bombs in Islamic societies. So, it was a set up. A dry run, if you will.

  30. Didn’t Maher and Dawkins question it? That’s good.
    Also, yes a white kid inventing a nuclear reactor does make him a genius.

  31. First of all, that white kid did not build a fusion reactor. He was simply the youngest person to achieve fusion, not a reactor, and by using a method that had already been invented. It’s still a great accomplishment, but not the mind-blowing accomplishment that you might be led to believe.
    Secondly, fuck that pathetic Muslim kid, his father, Hillary, Obama, and all of the ass kissing corps that gave him all the free shit and job offers. That fucking sucks.
    One thing in the muzzie kid’s defence: police claiming that someone is being “passive aggressive” doesn’t mean shit. He wasn’t required to answer any of their questions, nor did he ever present his clock as being a bomb or imply that it was one. Any decent lawyer will get the charges dropped, whatever they may be. If he had acted threateningly, it would have been a different matter.
    Still, fuck him for all of the sanctification he has received as a result. Fucking stupid race baiting society. So sick of it.

  32. Maybe Obama can issue an executive order to make it ok to carry such devices through security at airports if they are ok. Or on a White House tour !

  33. Yes it was just more phoney outrage from the liberal left.
    You’re too kind to Obama though:
    “even President Obama gullibly swallowed the narrative supplied by CAIR
    without bothering to investigate the whether the details were true.”
    He could have had all the details and he still would have sent that stupid tweet. Obama thrives on such divisive nonsense. His entrance to university was might very likely have been on the basis of affirmative action and he has shown himself to be all too willing to jump in without thinking – look at his appalling behaviour when that policeman arrested a black academic. Obama profits enormously from the mindset of the perpetually outraged twitter liberal and is therefore more than happy to pour fuel on the fire.
    The reactions of microsoft, twitter and worst of all MIT are a very solid indicator of the decline in western civilisation.
    “Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, an astrophysicist with MIT and someone who
    should have shown a bit more skepticism, invited Ahmed to tour the MIT
    campus. She added, “You [Ahmed] are the kind of student we want at
    places like MIT and Harvard.” ”
    She is actually quite well known as an extreme SJW activist type. I have read some suggested that she played on this to get into MIT (who I know like many elite institutions are coming under attack for consistently giving places to the best students and professors and not submitting to quotas to please the left) but I don’t know enough about her or whether it’s true and I like to give the benefit of the doubt even to those attacking our civilisation; her ramblings on politics come across as very unintelligent but then again many scientifically minded people are unintelligent away from their subject. Interesting though that what the SJW campaigning for affirmative action all these years have done is cast doubt on every woman and non-white; you find someone at a prestigious university and wonder if they’re there on merit which is a pity as I am sure many are. But in the case of Weinstein I don’t know but it’s really not a case of whether she should have known better, like Obama she thrives on this brain-dead SJW nonsense.
    When we find out the whole thing was probably orchestrated by his father with his sister even telling him what to say during interviews we can see he was being used by some radicals to try yet another attack on white society and decent Christians. They are of course all too happy to live in said society with all the technological and cultural benefits of the white man’s civilisation. His boxes of goodies from Microsoft are perhaps his reward.

  34. FWIW, I live here in Dallas and have been following this story (seeing as it is on everywhere all the time). The kid got done wrong. The PD wanted to fuck with him. Why? Who knows…..maybe the Irving PD is infested with dick cops (very good probability of that), he’s a brown kid named Mohammed (and the mayor has a documented hard-on for Muslims)…..it was just rank incompetence on the part of the police? I don’t know……maybe none, some or all of them and then some more.
    Let’s give the Irving PD the benefit of the doubt along with the leadership staff at MacArthur High School here. Maybe they thought it could be a bomb. But if that is the case…….
    Usually, schools seriously err on the side of caution in these types of incidents.
    Hmmmmmmmm……take your pick between fucking with a brown kid named Mohammed and rank incompetence here.
    FWIW, Mohammed has made out pretty well with all the famous-people attention and tech swag he garnered from his 15 minutes of fame. He’s set at MIT, Cal Tech or wherever he chooses to go to school in a few years.
    Sometimes people need to take off the ideological blinders and call someone who is fucking his own mother a motherfucker. Yes, sometimes it is just as simple as a motherfucker fucking his mother. I think between the Irving ISD and Irving PD, we have some motherfuckers practicing motherfuckery. ‘Nuff said folks. 😉
    Just my $.02

    1. If the Mohammedans weren’t such heaping piles of excrement, this probably wouldn’t have happened….that anyone or everyone in the West thinks Muslims are terrorists is all on Muslims…fuck em.
      If you wallow around in shit long enough, sooner or later everyone will think you smell like shit.

    1. That is a fair question. History suggests strongly that putting together people of very different kinds often leads to trouble with some people being persecuted at times. A peaceful society is a wonderful gift to inherit and should be preserved and cherished.
      Instead the left from the 1960s onward decided to change the demographics of America, importing third world people who might be more easily lured into voting for big government spending and power, people who would undermine the cultural inheritance of the US and also people who would fragment society and provide cover for government to control things like education.
      There have been many casualties. The unemployment levels among blacks is a direct result of illegal immigration from Mexico. And the trouble sometimes faced by people who are growing up in what is to them an alien society is also the result of mass immigration. Of course the white people who once assumed their children might grow up to live in a peaceful unified society are victims too.
      Every time we find social disorder caused by immigrants, violent protests and counter-protests about Hispanics or Moslems either causing trouble or – as is sometimes the case – unfairly attacked, the media should focus on the root cause – the left wing ideology that said there is no such thing as society and that America must open the floodgates. Every time some nut job shoots someone the conservatives are attacked about gun rights. It would be far more fair to attack the left every time we see the results of mass immigration. They won’t though.
      You;ll note Japan, China, Mexico and India all absolutely refuse to allow mass immigration. Strange isn’t it?

  35. The thing about this story is that it does seem very suspicious. But at the same time, racism does exist and it could be that at work as well.
    All in all, there are some sketchy things, like the kid lying about inventing the clock and the dad’s dubious past. It’s hard to make an honest assessment when there are crazies on both sides yelling “because racism” and “racism doesn’t exist.”
    Crazies are loud and the truth gets drowned out. Damn…

  36. If the teacher doesn’t bowdown and just believe you ,”Racism”. You will get a free ride and a white house visit, so why not.

  37. I think the response to this fiasco shows how beta the media and people in the tech world are in one respect: white-knighting. The reason the manosphere is always mocking white knights is because we know better than to take a woman’s side at face value. Game teaches us that manipulation is a woman’s main weapon. She’ll use a man’s inexperience for her gain. White knights fall into her trap easily. This supposed Wunderkind and his dad staged a great manipulation of the general public that was meant to immediately pull at our emotions rather than raise skepticism. Young, misunderstood nerdy kid gets gets bullied by jocks (ignorant southerners) who don’t understand his genius invention. He gets arrested while wearing a NASA Tshirt(doesn’t that detail seem calculated). Now he’s gotten all this attention, free swag, and invitations to once in a lifetime opportunities. The media ate this up because their journalist are too lazy to do real reporting. And the tech world got caught up in it because it’s full of Spergs that take everything literally. There won’t be a desire to set the record straight because everyone will feel like an idiot for taking the bait so quickly.

  38. I respect everybody, I don’t care what they believe, but man, I must say Islam doesn’t fit into that.
    One invents ‘a clock in a suitcase’ , shrugs to police’s questions, which is really creepy enough, and then people get accused of ‘racial discrimination’.
    “I think this wouldn’t even be a question if his name wasn’t
    Ahmed Mohamed.”
    Bah. What a load of stupid nonsense. One ‘invents a clock in a suitcase’ and then when he gets arrested for giving unsatisfactory and creepy ‘answers’, all the bitches come out in his defence, mentioning freedom of speech, and all that stuff.

    1. If the answers were unsatisfactory, that only indicates that the police refused to accept any answers that didn’t fit their bigoted preconceived ideas. It’s a goddamn clock, what else is there to say?

  39. I find stories like these elucidate the irony that SJWs talk about privilege. Modern society is so safe that the weakest of humanity have been able to form a lynch mob over the Internet. They ruin people’s lives without ever coming into swinging distance and hold up liars and idiots as heroes.

  40. This was obviously a deliberate agitprop stunt by CAIR. The WhiteHouse was either feloniously complicit or terribly gullible. disgusting.

    1. If it was a deliberate agitprop stunt, it required the school and the police to act in an utterly predictable way. Which, if they did, confirms every point CAIR was allegedly trying to make with the alleged stunt.

      1. The point CAIR was trying to make was that if you act like a terrorist you will get treated like a terrorist?!?!?

        1. usually when 2 people have 2 different interpretations of an event like this… I usually find believed 2 different (usually partially or mostly) false narratives about what happened… it happens frequently that the left wing ‘news’ propaganda machine has one narrative and the right wing ‘news’ propaganda machine has another narrative.
          to be honest I’ve only read about this on rightwing Breitbart which is known to play fast and loose with the facts. I just go there to try to beat sense into Trump supporters, but i find its a lost cause.
          so let’s compare our ‘facts’:
          1. did the kid refuse to answer the police’s questions for the better part of an hour?
          2. did the clock look like a bomb?
          3. did the white house get involved less than 36 hours after the incident?
          4. is the kids dad a CAIR official?
          5. did the kids dad know he was taking this device to school?
          If the answer to all these questions is yes then the kid looked legitimately like a terrorist.

        2. 1. He said it was a clock, and they wouldn’t accept that as an answer, but kept on asking leading and loaded questions. Have you stopped beating your wife?
          2. Not if you have any clue about what bombs look like. A bunch of wires and microchips do not a bomb make. At most, they can be a trigger system, which is useless if there is no actual explosive chemical, which there was nowhere in sight.
          3. Relevant only if you wish to suggest the White House was in on this alleged CAIR conspiracy too.
          4. Not that I know of, just some small fry self-proclaimed cleric and community leader.
          5. Relevance?

        3. 1. That’s not what Breitbart said.
          2. Breitbart had a bunch of people on that inferred it could easily be mistaken for a bomb, especially at first glance, and who is going to stick around to examine what appears to be bomb more closely?
          3. I think that was the inference made, yes.
          4. Breitbart associated him directly with CAIR.
          5. If the kids Dad didn’t know then he couldn’t have been involved in setting up an agitprop stunt…. and who else would have facilitated this stunt involving a minor?
          So I think it’s clear that you and I read 2 very different narratives about this story…. Same thing happened with Kim Davis… liberal news focused on the fact that she ordered her staff (which is the opposite of freedom of conscience) not to sign marriage certificates on her behalf early on, while conservative news ignored that and focused on the fact that any marriage certificate.
          Same thing happened with the pool party in McKinney Texas… liberal news focused exclusively on the girl being thrown to the ground…. while conservative news tried to associate that girl with a bunch of other kids from a different party who had been hopping the fence to get into the pool… trying to demonize the victim.
          Same thing happened with Michael Brown… Liberal news focused on ‘hands up don’t shoot’… while conservative news focuses on the leaked video of the store robbery and the blood inside the sar which demonstrated Brown tried to grab Wilson’s gun.
          Same thing happened with Trayvon Martin….. Liberal news focused on a kid going out to buy skittles… while conservative news focused on the injuries to the back if Zimmerman’s head which showed Martin was attacking him.
          There is no unbiased news available in America!
          Always false spun narratives designed to divide us; liberals vs conservatives. the government and the 12 corporations that own 99% of the media are guilty in this.

        4. as I made clear to anyone with half a brain… I’m open to any evidence you have the Breitbart is the one pushing the false narrative here…

  41. We all know if a young white Christian boy brought a device like this to school with a don’t tread on me shirt, he would be arrested for being a right wing terrorist.

  42. I think it was the rudest, most insensitive “joke” I mean insult to survivors of 911. To pull that shit days after the anniversary of the biggest terror attack in the history of the US shows very poor judgement.

  43. The Jews have robbed America of its pride and strength and made it a country of smelly, unwashed bums, n iggers and homsoexuals. I support rounding up and killing every Jew that lives in the wolrd and getting rid of the federal income tax, elimination of all gun laws, and wefare should be also done away with.

  44. Teachers need to be more worried about loner white boys wearing trench coats.
    Ahmed just got his first “nigga moment” in amerikkka, he’ll learn sooner or later.

    1. No, the raglet retard got his justified “sandnigga” moment in Texas, usually reserved for old white people in wheelchairs at the airport TSA lines, and he’ll never learn because he’s retarded.

  45. We all know what a dry run looks like. But, our “leadership” will pretend that they don’t.

  46. both sides are fucking bullshitting. little ahmed may have been put up to this by his daddy. however, if they REALLY believed it was a fucking bomb, they would have evacuated the school.

    1. I don’t think they believed it was a bomb. They probably thought it was a hoax, which is still a serious crime.

      1. Have you ever seen an IED? That looked like a bomb. They initially did as well, once they determined it wasn’t they kept the little fucker in cuffs for bringing a fake bomb to school.
        Of course, this is supposition. The family has repeatedly denied requests from the City and the Police Dept to sign a release allowing them to tell their side of the story.

    2. You haven’t got both sides of the story. Because it involves a minor on school grounds, the family must sign a release for the school to release their official side of the story. The family refused. They made their statement flanked by CAIR lawyers then refused a meeting with the Mayor and the school Superintendent. So, what you know is what the family has released and statements uncorroborated by the school.

  47. How exactly have the alternative news outlets “debunked” this story? They’ve grasped at straws and tried to make an issue out of how the kid just salvaged old electronics from an old clock or whatever, contrary to the initial reporting of the event which made it sound like he had built it all from scratch.
    Which is utterly inconsequential to the story, whose point was that a bunch of bigoted and paranoid redneck authorities jumped the gun and locked up the kid and dug into and doubled down on their position rather than admit a mistake. You don’t need SJWery to create such a narrative out of what happened, the involved managed that pretty much by themselves. Conservatives are doing themselves no favor by taking the side of the school and police here, your knee-jerk culture warrior rallying to the opposite side taken by liberals is just making you look stupid.

  48. This is a false flag event. The Father is connected to a mosque with connections to CAIR. CAIR is representing the family. CAIR also has documented connection to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, various extremist groups…and the Obama Whitehouse.
    Last February, Muslim groups in Irving Texas were shut down by the Mayor and City Council rejected their attempt to establish Sharia law and even went so far as to outlaw them in their city.
    As a result, the Mayor and Council have been under constant attack from Muslims and the compliant press.
    It will be a short time before lawsuit from Ahmed’s father ( lawyers supplied and bankrolled by CAIR) land on the Mayor’s desk which will no doubt accuse her Police Dept illegal activities driven by their Islamophobia.

    1. No, CAIR isn’t any of those things. It was alleged to be an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist funding trial. Do you know what unindicted means? It means the case against them was so weak that the prosecutor didn’t even try.

      1. In this case, it means that the prosecuting attorney was over-turned in appeals court for publicly identifying them as co-conspirators with over 200 other groups. It did not rule on whether or not they were guilty. This is law 101.
        CAIR was created by Hamas, which is itself considered a terrorist organization. The UAE listed CAIR as one of 83 proscribed terrorist organizations, up there with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS.
        CAIR exploited the 9/11 attacks to raise money for the HLF, itself shutdown by the US govt for raising millions for Hamas. After that, they began raising money for The Global Relief Foundation, which like the HLF, was soon to be shut down by the U.S. government on terrorism related charges. As stated by the Treasury Department, “The Global Relief Foundation has connections to, has provided support for, and has provided assistance to Usama Bin Ladin, the al-Qaeda Network, and other known terrorist groups.”
        At least seven board members or staff at CAIR have been arrested, denied entry to the U.S., or were indicted on or pled guilty to (or were convicted of) terrorist charges: Siraj Wahhaj, Bassem Khafagi, Randall (“Ismail”) Royer, Ghassan Elashi, Rabih Haddad, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, and Nabil Sadoun.
        In 2008, the FBI ended contacts with CAIR because of concern about its continuing terrorist ties.
        I could go on.
        You’re either hopelessly uninformed or a shill. Looking at your post history where you blame it on bigots, I’d say the former.

        1. Well, “being considered a terrorist organization” just means you’re on the political shit list of some government.

        2. If you think governmental terrorist organization lists are an objective indication of anything, your naivety is dangerous for yourself and for others.

  49. “The real question is why would anyone want to construct a narrative that
    white American Christian troglodytes are unjustly persecuting Muslims?” Really? I’ve not seen anyone making this claim or even using the word “Christian”. What he did was lame and probably wrong. And probably instigated by his dad who likes to rile people up (alpha!?). But if the school staff really thought it was a bomb then the school would have been evacuated. The school knew it was prank and they still called the police, why? I still say this piece has a point; http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/white-kid-builds-nuclear-reactor-and-homeland-security-offers-help/#.VfwODE7zClg.facebook

  50. What’s the last thing the mideast invented since the roadside bomb anyway? Starving to death your workers? Bribing FIFA? No wait, that’s been around a while…

  51. I’m eager for such an incident to happen in Connecticut or New York because I know the headlines will say “Did Yankee Arrogance Cause…”

  52. Fuck this little faggot ass kid, I want to drive the ten minutes it takes to get to Irving and beat his ass.

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