‘Kirill Was Here’ Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Feminism

Kirill Was Here. That is the calling card for the professional party photographer based in New York City. If you visit the Twitter feed or Facebook page by the same name and you will be immediately bombarded with photographs of half-naked and naked women at clubs and parties eagerly and voluntarily in a number of hyper sexualized situations. The “Champagne Facial” is a classic and a staple.

Basically the scantily clad or partially naked young woman willingly takes champagne to the face in a manner similar to getting cummed on, mouth agape, eagerly awaiting Kirill to pour it all over her face and tits while fellow party goes cheer her on. She knows what this is suggestive of, there is no mystery, and she loves the attention it gets her. The attention in the club as well as the attention it will later get online.


Kirill also goes by the moniker “The Slut Whisperer.” He is affectionately referred to as this by men and women alike. If you follow his Twitter feed, he routinely refers to women as sluts and posts his photographs of enthusiastic and excited women participating in any number of sexually provocative and suggestive acts. Pulling out their tits to have champagne, or even milk dumped all over them, lifting their dress and bending over to show the world their ass, sometimes as Krill or other party goes enjoy a cold beverage poured off it into their own mouth. All this publically in clubs or parties full of hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Not only are they cheered on by horned-up young men, but other women as well. Nobody seems put-off or disgusted in any way.

Kirill makes no bones about calling-out these same women for their slutty behaviors, then having the nerve to think they might deserve respect or good men by their sides. As a matter of fact, women almost seem to line up to be called sluts and strip down and perform for the camera. It is attention after all, and it seems to make absolutely no difference that it would be considered blatantly trashy attention whoring to anyone observing it. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Their behavior doesn’t take much prodding. Maybe they get a sticker as reward, not even a t-shirt. They know their fathers would be revolted by what ‘daddy’s little girl’ is up to tonight, and their mothers mortified that this is the same girl that kisses grandma on the cheek at Christmas dinner. Grandma, for that matter, would drop dead on the spot if she saw these photos. The women don’t care, they got five minutes of attention out of it. Five minutes of hooting and hollering from strangers for a potential lifetime of regret. But it is mens fault, right?


The concept is not new, of course. We all remember Girls Gone Wild and its creator, Joe Francis, who bought himself his own private island off revenue generated from desperate attention whoring females. Show your tits on film, sign this release, get a t-shirt. Hell, who wouldn’t jump at that!? He also seems to never have a problem having a bevy of beautiful women on his arm, despite being such a ‘monster.’ What do the feminists say about those women? Nothing.

Is all this sexual objectification? Absolutely. Is it right? Depends who you ask. But where it gets particularly shameful is the downright inability for so many women to accept the fact it is every bit their own fault as anyone holding the camera. As a matter of fact, it is the opinion of your author it is in fact predominantly their own fault.


That brings us to the article, ‘Is Kirill the Next Dov Charney or Terry Richardson?’ by a feminist named Shira Albagli. Charney, the founder and CEO of American Apparel, and fashion photographer Terry Richardson are known for their more risqué and suggestive images of women, and both were later accused of sexual assault. In her blog post she writes

“Kirill profits off of perpetuating rape culture (in which sexual assault is normalized, trivialized, and eroticized), as he jokes about drugging his friends. He profits off of exploiting and demeaning women, as he mocks their bodies. And he profits off of putting women in positions of powerlessness and vulnerability.”

Feminism was a once honorable cause that has since been corrupted and turned into a tool by women to facilitate their own selfish needs, and to brandish whenever they are exposed as the hypocrites they tend to be. They want the complete freedom and opportunity it provided, all while cherry picking the parts of ‘chivalry’ they seem to think they deserve. Use the recent example of feminists and their ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign. Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle ask,

“If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina? What is it that is so horrible that caused SUCH hysteria?”

So, let’s get this straight, when women willingly expose their breasts in men’s magazines or at one of Kirills events, it is slut-shaming and victimization. But when feminists want to expose them in public, say at the beach, in front of children and families, perfectly fine. It all just depends what agenda they are preaching that month, ‘gender inequality’ or ‘rape culture.’


Feminists will tell you that it is all about empowering women, and they are as strong and capable to make their own decisions without male influence to create their own destiny as any man. Want to sleep around? Go for it. That is until it comes back to embarrass them, and now they were ‘taken advantage of’. Suddenly when women are clamoring to get a ‘Champagne Facial’ or willingly show-off their naked breasts, we are supposed to believe they went from strong and empowered, to weak and over-sexualized victims by no fault of their own. They were just hapless targets of mens ‘slut shaming’. It is never just the fact they are weak-minded attention whores.  Dress and behave as slutty and provocative as you want, but don’t you men dare sexualize us! Again incapable of accepting responsibility for their own behaviors.

In no way is Kirill, or this article for that matter, perpetuating ‘rape culture.’ Women do in fact have the ability to make their own decisions, and they are in fact capable of determining their own destiny without male influence just as feminists preach about. That is until that destiny is jeopardized by their own behaviors. Then it is the fault of men and their evil ‘slut shaming’ tactics. Nobody is saying that there are no evil men in this world, capable of unspeakable acts against women. Those men are monsters and should be castrated and have their balls thrown in the fire while they watch. However, many women willingly and openly expose and over-sexualize themselves, ‘slut-shame’ themselves. It is time they start accepting responsibility, and stop blaming wicked men when their own actions come back to bite them in their exposed ass. Kirill is only there to take the photographs, and the women love every second of it.

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365 thoughts on “‘Kirill Was Here’ Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Feminism”

  1. There is another massive attention whore called Tila Tequila. Go to her new site and troll the fuck out of that slut. It is tilatequila dot com

    1. That slag is pregnant at the moment…… Feel sorry for the child with a trash bag as a mother. She’s still attention whoring herself with photographs of her pregnant stomach, pretending she’s Mother Earth.

  2. Attention whoring is out of control. I live in Australia and any Saturday night out most women are striking false provocative poses with their sisters to pimp the Instagram image of an independent, sexually confident young woman. The down side is after a subtle neg and a bit of convo you realise these young things have not the slightest clue about performing oral and once business is over they are straight on the gram to check out the number of likes they received from the thirsty betas masturbating at home to the pics.

    1. Aussie girls are the worst. The 5’s think they’re 9’s. Compared to a foreign girl they can’t pull their weight. Most of them swear like crazy and are superficial.

      1. Women are the same everywhere. Anglo women are the biggest attention whores because they enjoy the most freedom thanks to feminism. In Europe, it’s the same. Go to EE and you’ll see the same in the pubs and nightclubs. Women whore themselves for money, and still want a “good” man to marry. That’s the rationalization there.
        In the Anglosphere, the rationalization is: “if men can fuck around, so can women”. But what these women fail to understand is that men are fucking around with women, not men. So ultimately women are still the ones to encourage the fucking around.
        If the freedom in the Anglosphere was spread throughout the world, you wouldn’t find any difference in the women everywhere. Just don’t ever fall for the NAWALT shit.

      2. But I got laid with one at the 2nd date and she was amazing in bed. You have to look at their bright side.

        1. Well, if there is nothing else…
          If life gives you a lemon, you ask for a Martini…

        2. That’s all well and good…until your primordial instinct to form a family kicks in and you realize that you’re tiring of cheap sex and these women have taken so much cock they’ve become incapable of any true bonding on an emotional level. Their hearts are cold, rough and callused. There is no intimacy to be had with them…just fucking.

        1. Iggy Azalea: American wannabe blonde Aussie, Dog like face, thunder thighs, loves getting sodomized by black dicks.
          Excess black sperm in her ass has grown her ass to epic proportions.

        2. Look what’s happening here in the big picture. Black women are getting edged out of commercial hip hop – a genre of music historically rooted in black American culture. This is a notable development. Summer of 2012 – Nicki Minaj’s Roman Holiday album intentionally includes about 1/2 pop-rap tunes in addition to about 1/2 hardcore-rap tunes. The dichotomy on that record was stark. She had to do that to garner the kind of commercial appeal that used to come easily to commercial hip hop artists Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, and other female rappers at the height of their success 10-20 years ago.
          Now, Summer of 2014 – this is the biggest commercial hip hop song on the planet right now. And it’s from a white blonde Aussie chick.
          Because it’s all about white women anyway. Always has been. Even when it comes to a subculture almost exclusively informed by blacks and black artists, with only the rarest of exceptions for those who were pimped hardcore by established, respected black artists (e.g. – Eminem being heartily promoted by Dre 15 years ago). And this development is another anecdotal, naked distillation of that truth.
          Prepare for an inter-gender war between white women and women of color. I’d say – it’s well on the way. Black women are getting edged out of their own music genre’s market commercial market share, and I don’t think they’re going to take it lying down.

        3. hip hop died not long after Tupak – this Iggy whore is just nailing the coffin lid shut….

        4. You’re far too kind to Iggy. Her career is more akin to pulling up with a cement truck and pouring it into the grave.

      3. “Aussie girls are the worst. The 5’s think they’re 9’s. Compared to a
        foreign girl they can’t pull their weight. Most of them swear like crazy
        and are superficial.”
        Sooo exactly like American women then? Ok.

  3. Slut offering to choke on Kirill’s cock in a lavatory cos she cares so much about her new boyfriend .. Priceless! lolzolzolzolz

    1. “This new guy means this much to me that I’m willing to defile myself one last time to never have him find out about the photos you have of me”
      The rationalization that sluts make never ceases to amuse me

      1. “This new guy means this much to me…” Meaning:
        He is such a pussy beta, he will be a perfect provider and sucker in the future for alimony. My future is secured if you delete the photos so none can see what a worthless slut I am.

        1. And anyway, even if he does happen to see the photos, he shouldn’t object to them if he’s “secure in his masculinity” and values his girl’s “sex positive independence and empowerment” .. lolz

        2. it’s amazing isn’t it. The Red Pill gives every man x-ray vision, and suddenly… he can decode with absolute clarity, accuracy and precision every piece of shit meaningless word that comes out of every woman’s mouth. It’s like, almost cooler than being Superman. I saw exactly the same translation. Well done Molnár. May the force be with you.

        3. Poor new guy, really poor new guy. That Kirill ought to do some giving back. Like helping future “New Guys” when choosing an “appropriate LTR Mate”, some sort of “Slut Record” with photographic evidence (and text messages) of previous “slut offences”.

        4. I’m not sure. She is in party-age in a Western country.
          At that age, women are not looking for k-providers.

        5. To be fair, that ‘worthless slut’ apparently has too much self-esteem to date or sleep with you. What does that say about your value on the dating marketplace, kid?

        6. There’s a place in hell for posers like him… and there’s one way to get there….

        7. Apparently it doesn’t give you any additional brain cells, as you’ve just illustrated here in great detail. X-Ray vision isn’t a cure for a small penis, a whiny, sniveling attitude and complete lack of class and social mores. I really do feel bad for you, the same way I do for disabled animals and other creatures that are beneath me.

        8. So you’re so inept that you need someone to help you take advantage of women? You aren’t even capable of being a douche on your own?

          >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IN COAL CHAMBERS

        10. Steve, if you have a problem when a slut begs some thug to take her naked slutty pictures down because she doesn’t want her beta dickstand to find out exactly what she is – and she’s even announcing eagerness to defile herself to in order to misrepresent herself entirely – then just take it up with her.
          You should “feel bad” for HER. Go lecture her on “class”, “brains” and “social mores”. I’m all set, thanks.

        11. -wanting a LTR=taking advantage of women
          And so again, we see men demonized for their basic, natural, healthy desire to simply have a good relationship with a woman, while sluts are lauded as “strong, empowered and liberated” for fucking random guys and offering to cheat on their boyfriends, whom they wuv sooooo much…
          I’m feeding the trolls aren’t I?

        12. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a long-term relationship. I’m happily married to an awesome woman. I’m just trying to point out (probably in not such a nice way) that MRA ideology isn’t the right way to go about things. I used to believe in the friend zone, but thankfully I grew up and realized that relationships are a complex and intricate system that goes well beyond stereotypes and a simple exchange of inputs/outputs. There are immoral men and women, but we shouldn’t degrade either sex with harmful labels, and the atrocities that have been happening recently are a good indication of how harmful websites like this one are.

        13. This fat slob @stevesmithwick:disqus was stupid enough to leave a trail to his Facebook
          By all means, do onto others and troll the troll.

        14. Uuuhhhh this is anything BUT an MRA site, boy, and you won’t find any MRA logic here. We deride MRA’s for fucks sake, mostly because they do nothing but complain about how things are instead of striving to better themselves…you know, a lot like feminists do.

          5 Reasons I Am Not A Men’s Rights Activist

          As for the “atrocities” you speak of, I can only assume you’re talking about Eliot Rodger…who was not an MRA by any stretch of the imagination, and hated men who got women, self improvement and Game, which are the virtues extolled by the Manosphere. Instead he frequented PUAhate.com, a vehemently anti manosphere site.

          No One Would Have Died If PUAHate Killer Elliot Rodger Learned Game

          Get your head out of your ass, boy. If you were as informed as you think you are, you wouldn’t even be here spewing your bullshit, ad hominem, millenial style arguments.

        15. Misogyny is misogyny. Yall are just two sides of the same coin. But okay. I’ll leave this toxic place.

        16. -refusal to consider evidence
          -fervent denial
          -sidestepping all points
          Confirmed for lost cause. Please, do leave, so the rational adults can continue their discourse. Take your overweight neckbearded buddy Smithwick with you and get him to the gym asap.

        17. I wouldn’t even waste my breath @disqus_w6VAJ7lCAA:disqus
          Conditioning has convinced men like @disqus_kqxyUNPxty:disqus that no informed conclusion may stand in opposition to their progressive indoctrination even when history and common sense testifies against them.
          Men like him are worst than the most die-hard Feminist simply because they have no clue what they’ve signed up for.
          These men will eventually die with scales on their eyes and force their progeny to deal with the consequences of their ignorance.

        18. This is true…I should divert my energies into something that will actually return some dividend, so to speak. These lapdogs are beyond reason.

        19. So you were friend-zoned for years and then suddenly after a long time you were deemed good enough to be married? Poor guy, you have a lesson of alpha fux= beta bucks coming to you. Obviously you’re lashing out at the readers here. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror and take responsibility for your life and do something about your misguided impotent rage.

        20. Obviously you’re lashing out at the readers here. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror and take responsibility for your life and do something about your misguided impotent rage.

          Lol. You’re dead on. I sense a lot of insecurity and rage in each of trolls. They’re definitely projecting their own feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing onto us.

        21. Szia Andris,
          jó tudni hogy magyarok is olvassák ezt az oldalt! Jómagam is próbáltam már több férfiismerősömet errefelé irányítani, de nem mindenki veszi a lapot. A RoK nekem is nagyon sok mindennel kapcsolatban felnyitotta a szememet, csak azt sajnálom hogy ez nem tíz évvel ezelőtt történt, egész más lett volna a fiatalságom, de talán még most sem késő.

        22. You’re gonna get cheated on, faggot.
          I bet you think “the past is the past,” and ignored your wife’s prior “indiscretions” while she was in her sexual prime, and now that her biological clock was winding down and attractive men don’t want her anymore, she’s settling for you for your paycheck. Cuckold.

        23. Its not a cure for basement dwelling, for cant getting laid, and being a loser as well. You forgot those.. Also for greater effect you should always start your posts with “wow just..wow”(or wow..just wow, depends on your mood), sometimes add “Is this sature” or similar. But your getting there..

        24. ” an awesome woman.”..that means, an empowered, free spirited, feminist, adventurous women right ?
          Do you know what that is ? that is a SLUT. Someone who spent her best years getting fucked left and right..who in her best years would not even GLANCE ant you because she was too busy getting cum showered by rockbands.
          Now she needs you only for your resources because rockbands dont fuck wall victims. Is that “equality” ? Did you, in your best years, fuck top models or did you spent them jerking off to internet porn ?
          You dont see any inequality in the deal she received and the one you received ?
          Now she is getting ready to fuck you over for good. She is going to make a move on the money you saved up in your internet masturbation days.
          Once she has them the circle is complete. She has made sure that in every little minute of your life you was a loser.

        25. No inadequacy or self-loathing, and certainly no insecurity. Indeed, I’m quite secure; I know I’m better than each and every last one of you, and I’m better by a substantial margin.
          The rage part is right, though- the same way I hate racists, I also hate sexists. Where I grew up, we beat the dog shit out of people like you on a regular basis- just because of your beliefs. There’s no man more inadequate, nor more insecure, than the woman-hating man.
          People like you are known in prison as fuckboys. A fuckboy is the man that the prostitutes in prison use and abuse as they see fit. It makes you the lowest of the low in the social hierarchy.

        26. The flaw in this reasoning is believing that anything you do is informed. History doesn’t testify against our mindset at all; quite the opposite. History shows that we’ve already done things your way, and it fails. It fails hard. Your way of thinking has limited society for millennia. We’re trying to accelerate society’s development. You’re… hoping for a return to the dark ages.

        27. Where I grew up, we beat the dog shit out of people like you on a regular basis.

          Somehow, I highly doubt that.
          This seems more like reality to me.

        28. History doesn’t testify against our mindset at all; quite the opposite. History shows that we’ve already done things your way, and it fails. It fails hard.

          Spoken like a proletarian useful idiot. The irony of your statement is that your masters way will return us to the dark ages anyways. You’re a tool of the old Marxist stamped-pressed reasoning; Same pig, different shade of lipstick.
          Further, you’re unequipped for this level of discourse and no that isn’t ‘newspeak’ for “I’m better than you” it’s my way of politely telling you “You’re uninformed” and ipso facto quite ineligible for this conversation.
          Fortunately for you, the truth doesn’t bite. So, in lieu of mindlessly debating straw men and boring readers to death with pseudo-intellectual nonsense [as I’ve seen with 90% of your comments], might I suggest investing time towards understanding the material you desperately attempt to pontificate? I recommend you bone up on the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory.
          Once you’ve accomplished the aforementioned task, you may return here; Read my previous posts and try to understand my words instead of regurgitating whatever you assume will help reclaim the dignity you’ve lost during this exchange.

        29. I haven’t forgotten. I’m asserting that that very fellow, holding a fistful of lobster in the top picture, could whip you from pitch to post. With ease, even. It wouldn’t even be competitive.
          Every last thing I said above is true, beyond any shadow of doubt. I think you’ll find my feelings are a bit harder to hurt than yours; I don’t have any cause to feel threatened.

        30. Unless you plan on using daddy’s credit card and buying a ticket to JKF to back up some of that internet tough talk ‘fuccboi’ I think we’re done here.

          Let’s another round of ‘Analyze That’…
          Black, well over 6’ avid boxer and practice MMA, in great shape and a product of some of America’s most dangerous cities.
          Privileged out of shape white boy from a wealthy family, who self-admittedly has had it pretty damned easy and most likely works for his father in Falmouth, ME. Your white guilt and self-hate literally oozes through my monitor.
          I think it’s very clear who the victor would be.
          Further, I guarantee you would never talk to me like that in person and promise you don’t ever want to knuckle up with me.
          Unless you plan on using daddy’s credit card to book a flight to JKF and back up some of that internet tough talk ‘fuccboi’ I think we’re done here slob.

        31. No, you’re too well-fed, skippy.
          Now, what would you like on your hamburger? A hot dog??

        32. It’s a good thing you’re around to fellate him- old Tom hadn’t had an orgasm in so long that he was getting ready to go Rodger on some poor sorority. You’re doing God’s work, Tommy.

        33. You’re really good at guzzling sperm. Have you ever thought of doing it professionally?

        34. The two aren’t mutual exclusive- I’m well-fed because I can afford to be. I understand that’s tough for you to process, the ability to buy one’s own food; you’re certainly not familiar with the experience of getting to the checkout counter and being able to pay for things.

        35. Good to see you’ve got a really high level of creativity in your comebacks! This ought to be a fun challenge.
          (I should probably make it clear that the above is sarcastic. I don’t think you’re going to be smart enough to understand it if I don’t spell it out for you.)

        36. There’s no more noble cause on this planet than insulting MRA’s. I couldn’t aim higher if I tried!

        37. MRA? Do you mean “Men’s rights Activist”?
          Fuck, you’re stupid. We are not “MRA”s.
          The difference between ROK readers and “MRA”s is that an “MRA” will go to court and fight for his “rights” after he gets suckered into 216 monthly payments to support some slag single mommy’s womb turd…. just because he made the mistake of dating a single mother.
          But an ROK reader is not an MRA. Because we know better than would never date a single mom in the first place:
          How do you plan on insulting MRA’s when you wouldn’t even know one if you saw one? Fucking idiot.

        38. You’re an MRA. The men you’re talking about are weak, it’s true, but they’re also better, less extreme versions of you!

        39. And I’d recommend you take out a loan, buy a session with a prostitute, and relieve some of that pent-up stress you have before you go full-Rodger.

        40. Why are you pretending that’s necessary when the chick above will spread her legs for anyone who treats her like the worthless sperm dump she knows she is? Why take out a loan when she will beg to do it for FREE????
          You have a lot to learn about women.

        41. Trust me; no woman is willing to do anything like that for the likes of you. You’ve got a lot to learn about women if you think there’s a woman dumb enough to sleep with you!

        42. You never said you were funny. Try typing out the “you live in your mom’s basement / small penis” insult again. That was my favorite. Like how you pretend to know the private lives and size of genitalia of people in other cities across the internet. What a hoot. Ever considered comedy?

        43. “Trust me; no woman is willing to do anything like that for the likes of you.”
          Hh they prefer “nice guys” and “understanding guys” is that what you’re saying ? then why are all the best looking women with crack dealers and bikers ?
          If you add the combined distance the Nice Guys hands move back and forth during the day we would reach warp drive speed why is that ?

        44. Apparently you haven’t seen the kind of woman that hangs out with crack dealers and bikers; I don’t think they’re nearly as attractive as you believe they are. Do you even live anywhere featuring bikers and crack? I’m guessing not.
          Are you saying that nice guys conduct orchestras? Or that you’re a nice guy that has no choice but to conduct your own penis?

        45. It’s true- his income would double and the frequency with which he got laid would increase exponentially.
          Or he could quit the closeted facade and just admit that he likes having sex with dudes. Nothing wrong with that- it would certainly be easier to accept than this hatred toward women that he has.

        46. You realize that by implying that I “don’t make enough money”, and if I did, I would get laid more…. you are effectively calling all women whores.
          Well, at least you’re learning something new today.
          So the day’s not a total loss.
          I am still waiting for to tell me how many cars I own and how big the tires are.

        47. Hahahahaha, oh man, once again, you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. Women lining up at prisons to spread their legs? How stupid can you be?
          That said, the convicts in prison are better people than you are. They certainly should get laid more often than you do, so they’re not undeserving the way you presume.

        48. Lol I think I’ll stick to the overwhelming evidence I’m presented with on a daily basis. Male feminists and manginas are hated by women, even though they dont openly admit it.

        49. Ehm did you read about the women who visits, marries, have babies with serial killers ?

        50. You realize that you’re ability to get laid and make money aren’t necessarily connected, right?
          You’d make more money because somebody smarter than you would be managing your life decisions for you, which would allow you to get better jobs and improve your social standing.
          You’d get laid more often because I’d help you develop a personality that’s more appealing than that of a troglodyte.
          So no, I didn’t call women whores, either overtly or subtly.

        51. Ehm, have you ever been to a state prison facility?
          Edit: Or a federal one, for that matter?

        52. They do. Have you seen brutal killer Charle’s Manson’s new girlfriend? She wants to desperately marry him. Until then conjugal fuck visits will have to do:
          It’s official. you have now turned yourself into a complete failure. nicely done…. while other women are dragging their loving husbands to court for being “too nice” to them.
          That’s how clueless about women you are:

        53. I think your right, but not because of the reason that you think. They are afraid more men will swallow the red pill and wake up. That would eventually break their power.

        54. That’s an unattractive woman with clear signs of mental illness. How do you think that wins you the argument?
          I understand that you’re jealous and upset because Charlie pulls 5’s and 6’s from the joint, but you could channel that negative energy into something more constructive… like a better education, or a better personality, or deeper appreciation of culture. Really, anything better than this whiny bitch behavior you exhibit.

        55. Yep, I have. All the baddies in there had girlfriends who visited them, even though they were all losers.

        56. Look all the donuts are gone! You practically inhaled them all. Don’t worry we can get more.

        57. Good thing; you’d better go get me that box of donuts, or else I might have to go a step further than old Charlie and start eating what I kill. You might want to start running, you’ll need the head start.

        58. Actually, i saw a much higher percentage of hot girlfriends among those total losers than I see now at my workplace. But ok these guys at work only have a good job, clean haircut and good manners. Nothing to get a wet vagina over.

        59. Yes it is connected. Any man – even you – can pick up the phone right now and order sex like pizza and she will come to your moms basement and give you what you want, exactly how you want it, and she is not leaving until you are completely satisfied.
          But if you’re like me, you can get them like the slut above who will drink sperm for free and BEG to do it again so her boyfriend (or husband) doesn’t find out.
          Now, if you got your fat ass to the gym for 5-8 years, you might be able to know what the fuck I am talking about. Until then you can always use your phone and dial a whore if you make enough cash.

        60. You’ve been drinking sperm for free all morning- I’m not even sure how to get you to stop slurping me at this point. At this point, my dick’s raw. I’m glad you let me knock those teeth out of your mouth ahead of time though; using just your gums, my foreskin isn’t getting raw at all? Now quit typing and keep sucking.
          Does that make you a woman?

        61. According to your Facebook page, “what you kill” is lobsters… and you will even kneel down and pretend you are “victorious” while pretending that’s some kind of accomplishment.
          Any fat , mindless puke with no strength or skill can kill a lobster. You should have stopped humiliating yourself before you even started.
          “You might want to start running, you’ll need the head start.” Is that what you told the lobsters too?

        62. You’re not the first faggot who fantasized about me while jacking. But the line up starts in frog balls Arkansas. Take a number and someone will call you.

        63. The important thing to remember for your schooling today is all the women are insane. The one screwing blowing and marrying Charles Manson. The one who drags her husband to court for being “too nice” … and the slut in the article who offers to defile herself with thugs in bathroom stalls and begs them not to tell her boyfriend.
          For your homework, you are instructed to drive to your nearest KFC and order a bucket of chicken and whack yourself off with the left over grease. Have a pleasant day and we’ll see you in surgery.

        64. Wonder what turning every woman into a brainless iphone addicted obnoxious hoe who hates children and family life because they get in the way of her tinderfessions and paperpushing job that any fool can do – will do in terms of preventing us returning to the dark ages.
          Lets say women were the mothers of all inventions and putting them back in the kitchen would prevent any new technology from emerging. Yeah THAT would be an argument.
          Would be..

        65. Steve, you’re fucking fat. Like it or not, women aren’t attract to you. Neither is your whore of a wife. You so sure she’s not cheating on you? You REALLY sure?

        66. LOL.
          “I know I’m better than each and every last one of you, and I’m better by a substantial margin”

        67. Igen a ROK nem rossz de a másik kettő ami a legtöbb információt adta nekem is.

        68. after reading all the comments on this thread up to this point…i’m a bit confused. i know that there are women who do exactly what you have talked about. spent the best part of their lives flitting about and just enjoying whoever they happen to be with at the time, and i’m sure, cheating on someone that she’s supposed to be attached to at the time. but, not all women do this. there are women who have sex when they are younger but let themselves fall in love with a wonderful man and stick with him and stand by him. i was 19 when i got married. i had had sex with two other people before my husband. we have had a great marriage with ups and downs but we come through it all still being there there for each other. he recently cheated on me. it lost him his job. i’m still here. i love him and he has said he was sorry for his lies and actions. i have admitted my part in bringing about this situation. we are back to good. does me having sex with other people before i was married make me a bad wife? am i just a slut that committed her life to one man at the age of 19 and has stuck by that commitment? you seem to expect that all women who have sex before marriage are dirty and will make horrible wives. you also seem very angry about child support. i get that. i don’t think that men should have to pay child support by law. it should be a choice. just like it is a woman’s choice to keep and care for her child if she’s no longer with you. ::sigh:: i’m rambling. i’m sorry.

        69. What horrible pieces of shit these women are.
          Never get married. never fall in love. never give a shit.
          Great job ladies….you’ve come a long way…even if that way is down

        70. A complete lack of class and social mores? What exactly is class, then? Champagne moneyshots? Flashing tits? Offering a gagging restroom blowjob to a stranger in the name of true love (with someone other than the stranger)?
          You sir, are a buffoon.

        71. Wow steve smithwick, what a wit you are. Your clever responses and obvious moral superiority are crystal clear, your every word proof of your historical importance. You are by no means a pathetic loser whose life will come and go and be mourned by no one

        72. Why should anyone here trust your authority on the matter? Are we not your type, steve? You might only bend over for fellow manginas, but if you give us a chance we just might charm the skirt off you

        73. Yes, he does seem to know a lot about dick sizes. He must spend a lot of time examining them

      2. When I was reading that I thought “oh, NOW you understand your actions have consequences!” Until I got to that part at the end…

      3. That seriously has to be a joke send ???….I can’t believe that some bitch would actually write such a thing ???…… Dumb cunt sluts never cease to amaze me !!!.

      4. Honestly it sounds like some creative 4chan trolling, not that it isnt an accurate representation of how many women behave in reality

      5. The rationalizations that MRA’s make never cease to amuse me.
        “Why do you even want to sleep with them when they’re so worthless?”
        *Psquare’s head explodes*

        1. You’re arguing with yet another straw-man. You literally paraphrase each post you respond into something you can competently dispute.

        2. Lol the guys who actually get women hate them the most because they are so untrustworthy.
          You wife is a fucking slut and probably either lied to you that she’s attracted to you at the age of 29 (when she’s too old to keep fucking attractive men) or you’re delusional.

        3. The entire foundation of this site is a straw-man. This whole article, about criticizing feminists, is a straw-man. Or are they not straw-man arguments because you agree with them?
          Beyond being a fuckboy, we can add hypocrite to your list of flaws.

        4. Beyond being a fuckboy, we can add hypocrite to your list of flaws.

          A fat white boy from Porland, ME using the word fuckboy? Let’s add poseur to your list inadequacies.
          P.S. It’s ‘fuccboi’

        5. Apparently your internet digging only goes back so far. It’s clear that you’re not very aware of the places I’ve been. Sheer laziness on your part- all you can dig up is a facebook page?
          I’m calling your bluff. You’re not a tough guy- not even an *internet* tough guy. Like I said, I’ve been places where people treated you appropriately to what you deserve- with no respect at all.

        6. I’m calling your bluff. You’re not a tough guy- not even an *internet* tough guy.

          You’re more that welcome to try me if you’re feeling strong fat boy.
          I’ll reiterate: It’s clear you you can’t hang intellectually. Unless you plan on using daddy’s credit card to book a flight to JKF and back up some of that internet tough talk I think we’re done here.

        7. So let me get this straight. You’re 6′, you’re black, you box, you train MMA, you own a loft in Tribeca (not to mention other properties in several other states!), you own two businesses in Manhattan and drive a Benz… and fuck it, let’s make an assumption and assume you minored in philosophy, since you’re trying to shoehorn my own personal mantras into Nietzsche.. and you’ve named your internet profile after a mediocre 19th century Prussian general.
          Boy, what a fucking life old Helmuth the Elder must have!
          My guess is that not a single thing in that first paragraph is true. More likely, you’re a 16 year old (white; most RoK members are whiny, bitch-made white boys) virgin with a small penis, a deep-seated sense of shame and guilt and no healthy coping mechanisms in sight. So you rant and rave about the hypocrisy of feminists on the internet to make you feel better. Your life isn’t shit so far, and it’s going nowhere fast. What are you going to do, Helmuth?
          I mean this sincerely: I wish you could see the ‘entitled wealthy fat white boy’ from Portland Maine laughing his ass off at each of your increasingly farcical and grandiose claims. Your attempts to appear threatening are feeble. Your claims have no evidence or merit to support them. Let me know when you want me to fly in to JFK and give you the spanking your absentee father never gave you, bastard. I won’t need to use family money- I work for a living, I’ve got enough of my own.

        8. Shut up cunt.
          I didn’t even read what you wrote because I know you read what I said before.
          You were just talking crazy about “Where I grew up, people like you would end up…” and “I’ve been places where people like you get…”
          When in reality, you would never dream of having problems with a guy like me in real life because you know I’d wash you like a fucking car if you talked that reckless to my face.
          So you keep your trolling isolated to the internet because there’s no threat of immediate violence and you can delude yourself into believing I’m lying instead of finding out for yourself.
          Either way, I’m done going tit-for-tat because you eluded to violence. So the way I see it you’ve created three options for yourself:
          1. You can keep talking tough behind Disqus like a pussy because that’s cute to me too.
          2. You can be man and book that flight to JFK so I can drive up in my real life Benz and stomp you like cigarette.
          3. You can take this ‘L’ like a man and shut the fuck up.
          If you go with option #1 you can at least go sightseeing once you’re released from the ICU.
          The offer stands faggot. Hit me when your balls drop and you book that flight so I can make myself available to remove all doubt.

        9. Hahahahahaha! This is going even better than I ever though possible- look at the insane levels of butthurt you’re displaying! You know you’ve got an RoK bitchboy on the ropes when he has to resort to calling folks cunts and faggots.
          I asked you for a time to book the flight and you still haven’t offered one. You really don’t want me coming down there. If I were you, I’d keep talking tough and urging me to book a flight, but I’d never be specific about when, and I’d certainly never offer a place and time to meet up.

        10. Nice try Steve. We’re past the childish games and we already know where each of us stands ideologically. Now are you coming to NYC to get your comeuppance or what?
          You literally said you ‘could whip you from pitch to post’ I told you to come and find out and you’re still on the web talking trash. It’s a one hour flight. If I’m not who I say I am you can kick my ass and still see Times Square.
          What’s it gonna be Steve? Are you making the trip or what and no I’m not going to pay for some fat kid from a wealthy family who works for his dad to visit a beautiful city so stop making up excuses.

        11. Look at that! You’re doing quite a bit better already; you’re not spitting venom at women anymore and you’re still following my advice to the letter. I believe in you, Helmuth the wastrel.

        12. First and foremost:
          Lol. Steve, you’re a fucking clown. It’s painfully obvious that any type of confrontation that doesn’t involve refreshing a web browser terrifies the shit out of you so I won’t push the topic.
          Just know that I was checking out Portland, ME online and it’s not The Hamptons but it looks like a quaint little tourist spot. I may have to check it out before summer’s up ; )
          I know straw man is your favorite fallacy but I’ll bite: I challenge you to find one venomous remark I’ve directed towards women anywhere on this website. Good luck.
          Your sanctimonious, pseudo-intellectual posturing may fool the simple people of Portland, ME but you’ve made the mistake of going out of your way to prove to us that you are no more enlightened or clever than anyone else here.
          This should come as no shock to anyone with a functioning brain as graduating with a Communications degree from your Alma mater; A university ranked 145th in the South and 539th in the nation, is comparable to winning the Special Olympics übermensch.
          Suddenly, it makes total sense why you would view my success as improbable. You’ve under-achieved your entire life knowing your wealthy parents would break your fall and save you from being an utter failure; You’re like Paris Hilton with a choad. I demanded more of myself because even underachievement meant I was fucked beyond measure; Hence, my hobbies and accomplishments.
          Which brings us to your herpes-like presence on this post. I demand more of my women, e.g. maturity, honesty and respect for her body and give the same in return. They’re called standards Steve.
          You’ve trolled 90% of the comments here because we refuse to believe a woman who is willing to choke on a stranger’s cock to perpetuate a lie isn’t a low-life.
          Yeah, makes sense to me too Steve, just don’t let your girlfriend know you hate women with standards.
          Your pride won’t allow you admit it but we’re done here. Your buffoonery and endless hyperbole are a wellspring of comic relief but this will be my last reply to you.
          I’ve already devoted too much of my valuable time keeping misery company and my intuition tells me you’ll persist with this insecure nonsense as long as I allow it.
          However, I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors:

          It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

          Something tells me the former may suit you best.
          Keep calm, troll on.

    2. I’m still lol’ing… ahahahaha…

      “…Yes, this new guy means that much to me, I’m willing to defile myself one last time…”

      lol.. What kind of sick brain thinks like that? It is exactly the perverted reasoning that allows deficit spending to continue to try to heal a failing economy.

      “I don’t want to lose the wealth we have gained, so we’ll keep printing dollars to stimulate the economy…”

      Lifelong Slut:
      “I don’t want to lose the man I have gained, so I’ll continue to behave as a slut to prevent my past behavior from getting discovered.”

      1. Just like the Dollar needs to be devalued for all that bullshit, the slut should be devalued even more.

        1. Woah, woah woah! Don’t jump straight to humanist concepts, Dubya; these guys lack the intelligence to process such sophisticated ideas as ‘Treat people respectfully, and have them reciprocate unto you.’
          You’ve got to speak to these guys in a language that they understand before you raise them up to the level of human beings. Never forget that the average RoK poster is untermensch; literally sub-human pond scum, the kind that subsists on fungus and decay. The only language they understand is unabashed hatred.

        2. I respect the fact that decent relationships are rare and most of the women I meet will probably be ill suited for anything other than a hookup. It always gets me when people try to dictate to me what my standards should be. If I see a chick acting like what looks to be a slut shes not getting anything from me other than maybe a dick wrapped in latex possibly a meal. Everyone is entitled to civility but respect is a different matter especially if I’m supposed to be making some sort of commitment.

      2. Assuming it’s real, she’s a shitty person. There are lots of shitty people of every gender.
        You’re one of them, for the record; you clearly don’t understand how an economy works. It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people wonder how dumb you are, rather than open it and let everybody know with certainty. (this is me saying that you’re incompetent, and I’m surprised that you’re smart enough to remember how to breathe.)

        1. Jeremy, why don’t you plug your facehole with Kirill’s killer kielbasa?

    3. i bet after 10 years of marriage and slaving his ass off for his Disney Princess, she never once offered to choke on his cock, that would be too demeaning right ? this is why you have to train her to love chocking on your cock from day one….

      1. Lol ain’t that the truth. If you convert her to be your little personal slut like she deeply wants to be. You will have her on the shortest chain possible.

        1. I’ve got some chains in my basement- want to come be my little dehumanized personal slut?

        2. Is mommy dearest rocking a one foot chain these days? You dirty dog, you!

        3. He does; that’s where a lot of this shame and hatred comes from! He feels that the rejection of women gave him no choice but to rape animals.

        1. Why do you think he hates women so much? Clearly his mother was a piss-poor excuse for a human being, as was his father… and that’s assuming his father stuck around. Lord knows, as pathetic as Ray-Ray here is, I wouldn’t have stuck around to raise him either. There’s only so much you can do with weeds.

        2. Are you sure you’re not a post-wall spinster or just some beta boy who eats used pu**y?

        3. Define ‘used pu**y’: you talking about the vagina of non-virgins? Yeah, I’ve slept with chicks that aren’t virgins. I fail to see what the problem is. I was only a virgin for one chick I slept with, so I guess I’m peddling used dick!
          I understand that you have no self-esteem and no self confidence, and as a result, you’re terrified of sleeping with a woman who has experience; you’re scared she’ll know better, that she’ll be aware of how terrible you are as a sexual partner, and that she’ll leave you high and dry after one go, ashamed that she ever gave you a shot in the first place. And that rejection will settle in your psyche and force you to reflect on exactly how little value you have at all. Might even push you over the edge to suicide, and wouldn’t that be a shame?
          Nah, no shame. The world would improve immediately, simply because you’re no longer present.

        4. What’s the rate of depreciation on used dick? Is it more difficult to get financing for used dick?

        5. Fortunately, I was able to get a sub-prime loan to insure my used dick, just in case one of these a**holes polluted the gene pool and somehow, miraculously, caught a woman in a moment of weakness and slept with her… or, more likely commit rape to try to vent his frustration. Women are generally smart enough to avoid punks like these, which is why they target 15-19 year old little girls; fewer teenagers are experienced enough to spot a moron when they see them and avoid engaging in conversation with ’em.

        6. Your mom is a post-hardcore, fedora wearing, Smirnoff Ice drinking, poser hack who is obsessed with re-runs of Family Ties and Five Finger Death Punch. The both of you are getting a free pass to ride on….
          THE TOILET OV HELL!!!

    4. A theme you will find among men: she did A and yet she went and did B… shock, horror!
      Know this: women are AMORAL, they do not care about right and wrong. For them, hypocrisy is not a bad thing unless they are caught and held to account. Dishonor, disloyalty, betrayal, infidelity… all mean nothing unless there are consequences.
      Men cheat, women betray. Do not be shocked.
      This concludes your red pill lesson for today.

      1. You probably should have taken the blue pill. Like Encephalitis, it’s clear that your metaphorical red pill has destroyed all your brain cells and rendered you brain dead. I’d advise you to go read some books until you’re smarter than a 1st grader; hell, you might even lose your virginity if you follow my advice!
        I know that you’re Untermensch, but if you follow me, I can lift you up to full-fledged human status.

        1. Man, understanding what people say even though they have a gag ball in their mouth, that takes skill

        2. My mother is alive and well dipshit.
          I was curious how low you cuckolds would go and disrespecting the dead is pretty low, even by our standards. Pot meet kettle.
          It appears as if your righteous indignation only applies to saving sluts or anything else that goes against your feminist indoctrination.

        3. Actually, yes. Because I find that you’re sub-human, I don’t think any treatment of you is too evil to validate. You’re an animal to be herded and treated as I choose.

        4. I’ve made you tap out a few posts back ‘ubermensch’ I leave you with this.

        5. I don’t tap out, little guy. When you’re talking snap or tap, I always choose snap.

      1. More than a 16-year-old virgin working at Public can afford, I’m afraid. Maybe ask your mom for the money, since she’s clearly the only decent human being in your family?

        1. I knew it was only a matter of time before Capn’t Save-A-Hoe hit the scene to save the day.
          Is there anything in that utility belt besides effeminate sarcasm and off-topic commentary?
          Clearly you disagree with the ideas discussed here. So I have to ask: Why do you come here?
          Before responding with your typical effeminate sarcasm and vitriol, please understand that I’m not being facetious or sarcastic; I’m asking a genuine question.
          I actually enjoy being here and would never linger anywhere I felt disparaged or unwelcome so I’m curious what motivates someone like you to do so.

        2. Why do I come here? Because I believe it’s the responsibility of Ubermensch to elevate the sub-human Untermensch swine from RoK up to a level of basic humanity. You are the weak. In terms of Darwinian evolution, you’re the subset of humanity that is poised to die out. Because of this, I feel it’s my responsibility to lift you up- to teach you a better path, before you become extinct.
          I’m here to fix what’s broken inside of you. Not with Jesus or religion, but with good sense and culture.

        3. Because I believe it’s the responsibility of Ubermensch to elevate the sub-human Untermensch swine from RoK up to a level of basic humanity.

          Let’s analyze that:
          -> I own a loft in TriBeCa and have property in several states. You live somewhere in Portland, ME and only own debt.
          -> I own two successful Manhattan business and it looks like you sell insurance for a living in Falmouth, ME.
          -> I drive a Benz and am looking to purchase another; I can only assume you drive some American P.O.S.
          -> I chose when and where I work and travel when and wherever I please. Meanwhile: you’re most likely a wage slave whose tied to a desk.
          Additionally, my language is plain and without embellishment. By contrast what little you have to say, before lapsing into ad hominem and effeminate shaming, relies solely on broad generalizations which you desperately assert as fact with a myopic comprehension of concepts you can only dream of understanding in depth.
          That said, I think we have two entirely different interpretations of Untermensch and Ubermensch and you seem to be projecting your own feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing more than anything else.
          By all means keep with your crusade. Whatever you’re doing seems to be working. Although I should pass on a word of advice from a man you seem to admire as well:

          Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
          — Friedrich Nietzsche

        4. Quit playing like you’re anything other than a white knight sitting in front of a computer.
          I’m willing to bet your whore of a wife has already cheated on you already.

        5. Fun fact: I’m not married. I don’t have a wife, so no wife of mine is cheating.

        6. “I’m here to fix what’s broken inside of you. Not with Jesus or religion, but with good sense and culture.”
          Hey, thats Boomers job.
          And you sir, are no Boomer.

    5. Yeah, she sucks, assuming it’s a real post and not something Kirill makes up to validate his existence.
      And yet somehow she’s still above you, because she’d never so much as look at you twice. I wonder why that is?!
      I smell a very strong virgin odor coming off of you. Maybe try and develop a personality one day, I hear it works wonders.







        1. I open the door for wimps like you, to make sure you don’t hurt yourself on your way out of the elements. Does that count?

    7. Women like here is one of the reasons I truly don’t respect MOST western women. The whoredom in these sluts is truly amazing, this is why I will never take these women western serious.

    8. Hey new boyfriend, that nutty aroma on your gf’s breath after she powdered her nose? That, my friend, that…….is the smell of commitment.

  4. Very interesting, balanced article. You only have to walk into a nightclub to see how women sexualise themselves for attention the whole time.

    1. lol… you don’t have to go to a nightclub you can find it in an office, a public library, even in the dentists surgery…… switch it on and off like a fucking tap.

      1. Agree to both points. You can pretty much go anywhere and find women needing attention almost 24/7.
        If they don’t get it in person, then they automatically pickup the old standby…..the Iphone (mobile phone) for FB or whatever other app (for that quick fix).

  5. At least one but likely several American cities will be leveled in our lifetimes. Can’t say they didn’t deserve it when it happens.

    1. So it would appear there is something behind the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah after all beyond the “wild fancies” of Abrahamic writers of the time.

  6. There are 3 groups of women in America. There are the hot young women that are attention whores and sluts. There are the “feminists” that are envious of the hot young whores and sluts, need someone to blame, so turn their anger at men generally.
    Then there are average women that are mostly boring, not very attractive (except briefly in their 20’s), and splash back and forth with the culture, mostly confused. This is the group of women that in the past would have made decent wives and family women. But contemporary culture ruins them while they are young, and then the live mostly unhappy lives.

    1. How about a fourth group? The women who are decent and don’t act like sluts and who are not feminists. They make great wives and mothers. I’m very happy being married and having a family. There are still women out there like me, the ones who want what feminists say we shouldn’t have. Also, I’m very attractive and pretty interesting.

      1. “I’m very attractive and pretty interesting.”
        Translate: I’m an average woman who provides anal on demand to my husband. My husband calls me attractive when he sees me on all fours sticking my butt in the air and spreading my ass cheeks eagerly awaiting his cock. He calls me interesting because of my twerking abilities when we are having anal sex”.
        Could you please post some pics to show that you’re attractive?

        1. Haha, lol about the anal sex part.
          Anyone who says about themself : “I’m very attractive and pretty interesting” is 99% ugly and boring.

        2. Let’s be honest. She could be pretty, but I’m sure we’ll never find out

        3. Why do you think she is a stay at home mom? I have reread her comment but I can not find any mention of it.

        4. Just guessing. She said “great wives and mothers” and usually women who call themselves that are stay at home moms. Women who work call themselves working moms. At least that’s how it is with the women I know. She could possibly have a career. I was just making an assumption.

        5. I see. Assumptions can be dangerous…
          I would like to add something to your previous comment:
          It is not a problem if a woman is not interesting. I write this because I can see you feel bad about this. We men do not view it as important as women do.
          If you make you husband feel like a man, take care of yourself and him, he is not going to care if you are talking about mopping the floor.

        6. This isn’t the Living Channel bro and its not Wendy. Time to leave it alone.

        7. In some of my naive moments I think some women listens for what a man says…

        8. Thanks! I do feel bad about it. I’m afraid I’m becoming a boring person, so I find things to talk to him about. I don’t want to be one of those women who lets themselves go and become fat, boring housewives. He appreciates my efforts and doesn’t make me feel bad. I guess it’s all in my head.

        9. I have a feeling that “Guest” who called herself attractive and interesting is in reality Anna. No wonder the justifications coming out for her, from Anna.

        10. Women like Anna like to attention whore on men’s site fishing for compliments for being good and exemplary women. These women, at the end of it, still are women. And are still attention whores. A woman’s thirst for attention and praise is more greater than her thirst for cock.

        11. I know, but that makes them women. You can use attention whoring to get pussy.
          If you are a high status man, you attention worth 100x more than attention from a beta.
          It is funny when you have a girl swimming in male attention, but she gravitates towards you, touches and flirts with you because you are the only high status male in the vicinity and you give no or little attention to her. She feels the urge to get ALL the attention, and will go far to get yours too…
          As for Anna, she answered in a normal tone, so I answered in a normal tone as well. If a girl acts as a decent human being I am not going to be an asshole to her just because…I am only an asshole if someone deserve it…

        12. ‘More greater’…
          I hope you don’t think you’re intelligent. Lord have mercy.
          Is it your thirst for cock that has you spraying inflammatory shit all over the walls here, looking for good positive male attention?

        13. He hasn’t seen a vagina since he emerged from the uterus. That’s why he’s here complaining about women, after all.

        14. You know that’s a dude, right? Probably one of you, pretending to be a woman- he wants to know what it feels like to be better than he really is, so he’s engaging in a little role-play.

        15. You’ve been offered a chance to talk to a real-life female, and this is how you respond? Shameful.

      2. A woman who goes the on the internet to say she isn’t like the rest? Never seen that before. You sure are a special little snowflake, aren’t you?

      3. You speak the truth, there are such women out there. Unfortunately, most guys like hanging out with sluts and then it’s too late when they can finally tell the difference

      4. “How about a fourth group? The women who are decent and don’t act like sluts and who are not feminists. They make great wives and mothers.”
        They are called “unicorns” care to guess why.

    2. The reason they blame men is that to blame the women is essentially admitting their own shortcomings.

    3. There are two groups of people in america: human beings and red pillers, and I’m not sure about the latter being people.

    4. They live unhappy lives, huh? What about you?
      You spend your day on an MRA web site, whining about what a terribly difficult hand you’ve been dealt. After all, you’re a man- 10/10’s should be lined up around the block, waiting their turn to sleep with you! After all, you’re a ‘nice guy,’ (TM) and you deserve the kind of companionship you expect!
      And yet, day after day, hour after hour, nobody lines up. Even the women who aren’t very attractive, the proverbial 4/10’s, are smart enough to stay away. They have far better options- they have the choice to date a human, or a sub-human rat like Wi Tu Lo. That’s not really much of a choice at all.
      Maybe one day you’ll move out of your parent’s basement. You’ll learn something about the world, maybe become cultured. You’ll find a cute girl with a brain who respe… no, that’s not very likely. Women aren’t that dumb.
      What’s more likely is that you’ll murder your own mother and butcher her for being a ‘slut’ and giving birth to you. You’ll blame her for how sad and frustrated and unhappy you are, and you’ll try to skin her and make a coat out of her, ala Ed Gein. You’ll never find your dad- he skipped town a long time ago, when he realized what kind of cellular garbage emerged from his balls. You probably destroyed your parents’ marriage with your sniveling, entitled baby behavior. You’ll get taken into custody for your heinous murder, and you’ll spend the rest of your (valueless) life in prison, internally crying about how pathetic your existence is, until some inmate with values and standards shanks you and puts you out of your misery. And the world will be better for it.

      1. “You spend your day on an MRA web site”
        I think you posted more than anyone here today so..

  7. Question: What’s the difference between the degraded cunts observed by this article, and the men who hang around and participate in their degeneracy?
    Answer: What was the question, again?

    1. The difference is the guys in the videos will own up to their youthful stupidity and not try to sue the producers/photographers.

    2. yeah because the person simulating being jizzed on is the same as the guy holding the bottle of champagne, LOL. Gtfo.

  8. Jessica Valenti needs to be (metaphorically) slapped in the face with the data, hard evidence, and analysis this article puts forth. Excellent work, and an indispensable addition to ‘Sphere required-reading repertoire.

  9. Kirill isn’t doing art or advertising. By intention or not he is a documentarian. His work both documents and exposes a fatal ideological flaw: women are the problem with feminism, not men.

    1. “His work both documents and exposes a fatal ideological flaw: women are the problem with feminism, not men.”
      The flaw is not feminism. The flaw is women. Women are the same everywhere. Whether you believe it or not.
      Feminism is just the exonerating platform on which women can shamelessly exhibit their flaws without any worry of retribution.

  10. Also, this sort of thing has been going on for a while, in the early 00’s it was http://www.lastnightsparty.com. Which is just one example of many of these party photographers that get chicks to act like sluts in exchange for some attention.

    1. I have some game but I’m not an uber player… Perhaps so and perhaps not by relative standards… But I haven’t experienced this last party lifestyle.
      I’m curious about what über players experience. At the end of the day do they long for a real woman and relationship or is it fulfilling banging sluts in the long term?
      Is it a lifestyle they choose due to economics or does it truly satiate their desires?

      1. Well, my advice here is irrelevant, but I went for the real woman option. The reason my advice is irrelevant is that I did this in the late 1980’s when there were still plenty of relatively uncorrupted and sweet women left, at least out in the countryside. Today I don’t think that’s possible. There are some alpha father types (I’m one) raising decent daughters but I do not delude myself for one second that once she’s on her own that the culture then takes over and God only knows where she’ll go from there.
        So yeah, don’t think the “real woman” option is really an option these days, at least if you confine yourself to an Anglosphere country.

  11. It is such a childish behavior. “I do what I want, and if someone discovers it I am going to lie, accuse someone else, scream and cry!”
    5 years old act like that…

      1. Just kidding. Chill. i’m just exposing feminist hypocrisy.
        I’m just phrasing a question what she would after she decides to seek a ‘good’ man someday.
        That day when her twitter account will be self-deleted by her. That’s the mindset of sluts today. Delete your FB/Twitter/Video history, and your slut history is gone. It’s so easy for whores today thanks to feminism.

  12. I think women these days just have no self respect. The other day I saw a woman get called a bitch 3 times in a row. Not once, 3 times. She didn’t even flinch. When you see something like that you can’t ignore what the manosphere is teaching you about the reality of how most women today are.

    1. The truth is all women are whores and sluts.
      Don’t ever let a woman’s innocent appearance or feminine demeanor blind you to her flaws. The biggest complacency men do is to follow the NAWALT mindset.
      Never trust women. Just fuck them, enjoy them, and move on.
      With women, if you think like a dick, you’ll grow and learn.
      And If you think with your heart, you’ll crash and burn.
      Never believe or trust women.

      1. It’s so weird though because it’s almost as though there’s an internal sector of me that wants to deny this and reenter the matrix as it were. But then, you know, that’s impossible with moments like when at the age of 15 in 2005 you see the girl you “would do anything for, protect love and cherish,” sucking off your friend in the back row of a van. And on the way to church from a week at church camp no less.
        And then it doesn’t even stop there! But you’re right, even the most feminine seeming women have a Tinder.

        1. “He profits off of exploiting and demeaning women, as he mocks their bodies.”
          So women never demean or mock a man’s penis when they’re losing an argument? or rather, just to do it?

  13. Next weeks headline: ‘Kirill arrested for allegedly raping a drunk girl at party’
    Mark my words! There is hush money to be made from him and some slut will jump at the chance!

  14. Feel truly sorry for American men. Sure, the Western-minded woman in other countries isn’T much better, but North American women have reached unprecedented levels of sluttery and debauchery.

    1. Definitely. But this trouble is not restricted to American men.
      It will soon (or is already becoming) a problem for men everywhere.
      American men are facing the brunt of this problem as of now. But men elsewhere should never think they’re gonna be safe from this.
      America sets the tone for the world. Everyone wants to live the American dream, the american way of life. You find american wannabes all around the world.
      Thus American women are the alpha bitches of the world. And what American women follow, and promote through the media, is gradually lapped up by women elsewhere. How? Because local media in other countries americanize their own culture and media to peddle the same shit to their women, making women there also pseudo-American. These women might still be ‘conservative’ or ‘feminine’ on surface, but not in mind or dress. American women are the scum of the earth.

      1. I’m very grateful to my American brothers for all the great and useful innovations, technology etc that came out of their country.
        I’m not so grateful to them for having exported feminism, rampant consumerism and similar degenerate trends of thought.
        Oh well, there’s no rose without thorns, and we’re all in this together in the end.

        1. Exactly. Men elsewhere should never think feminism is just an American man’s problem.
          In the end, we’re all going to suffer because of feminism. The American degenerate woman will promote her ideology and lifestyle to women around the world in the name of sophistication, modernism, empowerment, progressivism, and success. The American woman today on an average enjoys the highest standard of living than her sisters on this planet.
          So women elsewhere want to be like her, to become like her, enjoying the same privileges like her. And in their pursuit to become like her, they destroy the men around them too.
          Feminism is a disease which will destroy men all around the world. If feminism is destroyed in America, then feminism elsewhere will be destroyed too, and women elsewhere will follow too to become or retain traditional values.

        2. Indeed. I live in East Europe, and I see more and more teenage girl with tatoos, and more and more girls taking selfies….
          I am very alarmed.

        3. Shame them hard and shame them often and encourage your brothers over there to do the same. That was why it took over here, we didn’t shame them and instead kind of half shrugged and thought it harmless. Don’t go down this path.

      2. It’s no wonder other countries dislike America so much. They don’t want their culture to be poisoned.>.<

  15. Superb article, Kilmister. I always enjoy reading your articles. Great social commentary.

  16. Reminds me of a Dave Chappelle quote:
    “The girl says “Oh uh-uh, wait a minute! Wait a
    minute! Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a whore!”
    Which is true, Gentlemen, that is true. Just because they dress a
    certain way doesn’t mean they are a certain way. Don’t even forget it.
    But ladies, you must understand that is fucking confusing. It just is.
    Now that would be like me, Dave Chappelle, the comedian, walking down
    the street in a cop uniform. Somebody might run up on me saying, “Oh,
    thank God. Officer, help us! Come on. They’re over here. Help us!”
    “Oh-hoh! Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a police
    officer!” See what I mean? All right, ladies, fine. You are not a whore.
    But you are wearing a whore’s uniform.”

  17. For what it is worth I read the article he linked to and it was the usual feminist bullshit, then I read the comments. The commenters took that bitch to task, 90 percent criticism of every point she made , the lesson is no one is buying ” rape culture” outside of the feminist echo chamber. “Rape culture” for women in America is a joke and no one is buying it.

  18. Unfortunately, being a slut is what passes for “empowerment” these days.

  19. I love the comments of the bitter betas in his facebook page. They can’t handle that someone knows how to get pussy in front of them

  20. None of these unfortunate young women are “feminists” in any sense of the word. This guy is just another greedy soul-less idiot and so are the women he films.

  21. Spot on. That is what happens, when women have no restraints on their sexuality. Sexual freedom was obviously meant to only liberate women, sooner or later thus destroying the fabric of society, since the Betas are relegated to mere wallets ever more (85% to sperm-donors – and falling as the rate of Alpha-cuckoldry is rising).

    1. It is only going to get worse.
      If it was not summer right now I would make a bunch of copies and post this around my university. Specifically the womyn’s studies department.

    2. Hard truths. In better times, men and women each had standards imposed on them that they were each expected to meet.
      Men were to be strong both in mind and body, have a strong work ethic, be conscripted/drafted into military service if need be, be chivalrous (as this was a time when chivalry had not yet been executed by feminism), be a good provider, husband and father, be ready to die for their fellow man and ESPECIALLY women, and generally embrace their diposability as men, seeing as how, reproductively speaking, we are the less valuable sex; sperm and ejaculation are cheap, while eggs, gestation and birth are at a premium. Being a man was cold and hard, but had it’s honor and glory.
      Women were expected to be respectful to men, remain in decent shape, be polite, carry themselves with grace and dignity, refrain from slutting, never cuckold, and be good mothers and wives.
      Today, one sex has had all of their respective standards lifted off them…and that sex is not the male. Men are still expected to die if need be, work hard, be providers, be very physically attractive (it seems huge arms and six pack abs being a basic requirement to even a 4/10 girl is a relatively new phenomenon), have a good sense of style and fashion for himself, pay for dates and hold doors open, be drafted if the draft were ever to be reinstated (still male-only of course), the list goes on and on.
      We still have the same standards imposed upon us, but the respect and honor and glory that came with meeting or exceeding them is long gone.
      Husbands and fathers are seen as castrated halfwits who would be nowhere if not for their AMAZING wife whom they certainly don’t deserve. They are laughingstock.
      Not only that, we’re supposedly ALL rapists, misogynists and generally evil people by virtue of having cock and balls.
      Women on the other hand can now ride as many cocks as they want, dress as dumpy as they want, be as fat as they want, curse all they want, disrespect and abuse men all they want, abuse their bodies with alcohol and drugs all they want, have as many bastards as they want, get as much funding and largesse from the State as they want…and still expect to be treated like a lady and lock down a husband, who of course they can later divorce for no reason at all and take his money, property, and his kids, assuming they’re actually his and she hasn’t cuckolded him.
      Not only that, but they’re exalted as victims and “oppressed” by virtue of having a pussy.
      Abusing and shaming the most productive sex while also expecting them to continue carrying the bulk of the burden and responsibility is not a recipe for long term stability.

      1. Fun fact: Women still have to jump through a lot of hoops and have plenty of standards imposed on them. Men continue to have it easier than the other side. If you don’t see this, I don’t know what to tell you. My life, for example, is easy as hell- I’m a white male, pretty much everything I want comes easily to me. All I have to do is bathe regularly and show a modicum of respect to everybody I meet, and I don’t have problems.
        The reason that you’re so angry, and have so many problems, is because you’re a chronic waste of sperm and egg. You have no redeeming qualities or virtues. Your idea of productivity is to spew venom about one gender while pissing and moaning about how hard your life is. To me, that’s the most ‘beta’ thing you can possibly do in this world. There are terrible people in every gender; you’re one of the terrible men.

        1. FUN FACT:




        2. @ steve smitwick. ” I’m a white male, pretty much everything I want comes easily to me”. LoL we’ve got a liberal propagandist here. What whites actually talk like that who aren’t actually Jews like Tim wise lol

        3. Several people talk in several different ways, you’d notice if you ever left the basement

        4. I’m a white liberal from a wealthy family. Life does, in fact, come very easily to me. I’m not even Jewish- quite the opposite! German and Scandinavian, actually, with some Irish to boot (thus the last name.)
          My life is pretty damned easy. With that said, I still had to put at least a little effort in to develop myself as a person. The biggest difference between you and me? I have self-respect and a desire to develop.
          You expect everything to be handed to you when you already have more advantages than any other social group in the world. You already have it *so easy.* Why should it be made any easier for you? You’re an embarrassment to both men and humans in general. It makes me sad that people as weak as you exist.

        5. “Steve smithwick” Men continue to have it easier than the other side. If you don’t see this, Idon’t know what to tell you. LoL check his words ,”gut ter babies”” potential rapists ” amazing this condescending liberal spew isn’t banned

        6. I’m pretty sure by the way I live if I wasn’t white I’d be in jail or somebody would have shot me, but because I’m white I get a free pass in a lot of places

        7. I can only be condescending if your somewhere far beneath me. I guess you acknowledge my superiority yourself!

        8. The only one with any anger here seems to be you, friend. I’ve done nothing more than make an observation; you are the one spewing venom and ad hominem attacks to people whose circumstances you don’t even know. You need a screen for that projector, babe.
          I can see your white knighting, rationalizing ilk have taken a very sudden interest in our comments section. It would seem that someone is raiding our peaceful, non-interventionist little community.

        9. “I’m a white male, pretty much everything I want comes easily to me”
          That’s because Asians &YT evolved in areas where they had to build/store/plan in order to survive.

        10. Maybe you aught to head out to some non Asian minority areas and see how that works. Its safer for a black to go to a kkk rally than a corner store in a black neighborhood.

        11. Not every white guy gets a job at daddy’s insurance company surfing the internet. Your family did you no favors wiping you ass for you, it’s left you with a lack of knowledge and perspective. You’re a cliche, the self-hating rich white brat that assumes everyone’s a weakling like himself. Now you, yes, you are a privileged dipshit, everyone else, not exactly. Go get a real job and learn something.

        12. You sound like a dumbass.You are so mature and so “developed” that you are on the internet trolling it up with all the “inferiors”.so what does that say about you? Lol. You are a spoiled little pussy bitch.you’ve never done anything hard in your life and therefore your character is weak and you don’t know how to deal with adversity.each time you don’t get your way then you throw a huge tantrum like the big pussy you are.You say that you have an easy life?Well guess what?The greatest men in history all had the hardest lives. The Lincoln’s, The Mandelas,The M.L.K’s,The Mandelas,The Dalai lamas etc. You’re just a pathetic individual with nothing to show for it.go eat a fat donkey dick.

      2. You know, justification is a lot like masturbation. In the end, you’re just screwing yourself (which you’re probably pretty familiar with). Instead of blaming society and an entire sex (which is just absurd) for your problems, why not try to better yourself and the world around you. I promise it will make you a happier person.

    3. To be fair, the imaginary woman in that illustration is worth a whole lot more on the dating market than you are. She’s comfortable with herself and enjoys adventurous sex with the man she’s with.
      Meanwhile, because you don’t ever get to have any fun sex, you seek to do exactly what Christians have done for Millennia- make fun sex taboo, so that the dudes who show women equal treatment to men have to suffer like you’re ‘suffering.’ It’s because of garbage-filled dumpster-babies like yourself that worthwhile men have to prove at every turn that they’re not a hate-filled rapist.

      1. Very funny. I personally prefer the women to be as slutty as they are now from a Player’s perspective. For civilization and the long-term stability of society this is just apocalyptic.
        You should go to the White Knight Landing page on ROK and stop being such a Mangina. Being fat and living in the tough dating streets of Portland, the mating strategy of repeating feminist bullshit seems probably like a good idea for you. Trust me, it is not. Or you are a woman and should be banned here.

        1. Ah, yes, the Player’s perspective. Tell me how that’s working for you? Based on the content of all of your posts, I’d say it’s not working very well. Lots of internalized anger and humiliation lurking around in that sad, sad skull of yours… not to mention a horrific, virgin stench. The lobster I ate last night smelled better than you do, little guy. It looks to me like you’re doing all kinds of mental backflips and gymnastics to rationalize your pathetic worldview;
          Compared to the physique you display, I’m essentially Adonis. It’s not wise to mock your betters, boy, you oughta take the time to learn that.
          I’m certainly no woman, but I don’t take offense to the accusation. That said, I assure you, child, that I’m twice the man you’ll ever be. I’m smarter than you. I’m stronger than you. I’m wealthier than you. I’m more cultured than you, and (for people who deserve it) I’m kinder than you. There’s really no positive attribute in which you surpass me. Your posting history is the only evidence I need to prove that point.

        2. I will make sure to give you a call when I am in Portland. Since you are my superior in every aspect I will be shaking in my boots at the sight of such a portly gentleman. Seriously – give it a rest.
          I cannot even start to tell you how many internet trolls have been attacking manosphere guys.

        3. You should do that. Maybe I can lift you up to the level of ‘adult human being.’ Hell, maybe with an improvement in your social behavior, you can even do well on the dating-and-hookup market, since you won’t be such a worthless piece of sh!!. I’ll try teaching you nicely at first, but if that doesn’t work, I’m sure I can customize some lessons that will meet your many, many needs. I’m a liberal; I believe that those of us who need help should receive it from those of us that have more than they need. Even as terrible as your behaviors and beliefs are, I do feel it’s my obligation, as a fellow man, to help you fix yourself.
          You always have a choice to be more than you currently are. If taking the red pill is being here and squirting feces on the walls like you’ve done, I hope you wise up enough to one day take the blue pill and act like a human being.
          Until then, I hope your weakling existence doesn’t suck so hard that you harm yourself. There’s still hope!

        4. Your aggression level is astounding – calling me a piece of shit. Big words for a big man! You are no real liberal – you encompass the complete and total dictatorship of Newspeak that does not stand any kind of adversary language.

        5. This appears, to me, to be a fancy way of saying ‘I’m a coward, please, please, don’t come hurt me.”

        6. Lol, this is hilarious. Good job putting your information out on Facebook so now that everyone can expose you, faggot.
          your wife is probably getting some BBC on the side, lmaoooo

        7. Why, does your hurt your fuckboy feelings to be criticized? Maybe your mom could stop me; after all, she’s tougher than you.

        8. Frankly, it does not matter what you think of me and it should not concern you what my thoughts are regarding your precious behind. I will not respond to your drivel anymore and if you continue to attack manosphere members here in similar fashion you will be banned anyway.
          BTW – I know where you live, I know how you look like and so does anyone here, since you are so avidly well connected and brainwashed to put up any confidential info online. Who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to encounter you in Portland and I will have a chance to see a true Uebermensch in real life.

        9. Why, god forbid that somebody ban me! How terrible would that be?! I can’t imagine how much sorrow I’d feel if I got banned from RoK. It’d truly be a shock to my system.
          By all means, come on up and talk to me on the street! It probably was stupid to leave confidential info available on my page when I came to combat sub-human mongrels, but what’s done is done, and I may as well embrace it. By all means, come find me and talk to me on the street. I’m sure we’ll have a very constructive conversation, and I’m also certain that it will end with you waking up in an alley and calling an ambulance to bring you to the hospital. Just a hunch. Come on up to where I live! I legitimately want you to.

        10. The mods around here are lazy as hell- much like the readers. I’m still waiting on that ban you were hoping for.
          As lame as my comeback was, it was still better than the one you came up with.

        11. You look like a total fool at this point. This is beyond pathetic on your part. 2 days of keyboard toughguying and failed attempts at snarky wit. You are 300 lbs, in the friend zone of every women you know and just can’t move on because you are the child who needs to get the last word. If you hate it here, newsflash, don’t come here. Less time trolling, more time treadmilling. This is sad.

        12. I’m going to be here until I get banned. I’ll spend the rest of 2014 talking shit about you panzies until then, baiting you to come on up and initiate a true physical confrontation.

        13. You can only come back when you are behind fool so thats why I dont NEED a comeback.

        14. Lol.You see fellas…this is what happens when you are raised by a single mother.

        15. is this the mangina who compared himself to an adonis? bwahahahahahahahahahahahah

  22. Male sperm has wonderful effects on a woman’s body, according to what village women from CIS believe. I remember I once had am expat Russian woman from Dagestan province who loved anal, oral, cum over face and cum over breasts. Once in bed, I asked her why she liked all that, she replied in her broken English : ” A man’s water is good for woman. If he finish in woman’s ass, woman’s ass become big and sexy. If he finish on woman’s face or she drink his water (oral till completion), her face become beautiful. If he finish on breast, woman’s breast become big. Man’s water is good to make woman strong and make her skin beautiful.”
    This woman was working in the healthcare industry, as a pharmacist in her second husband’s pharmacy shop. She had three children from her first husband, and her body was amazing. I mean I couldn’t believe she had delivered thrice. She was 31, which she told me later, but when I saw her I thought she was 24. Palest white skin, jet black hair, deep brown eyes, pink lips, pink nipples and most importantly, she had a pink anus. And boy did she love anal.
    Second husband was a middle eastern beta who fell in love with her at a bar, when he was on a short visit to Russia. I presume she was probably whoring herself then to make ends meet for her kids following her divorce. According to her, he already had an Ukrainian girlfriend (1 year relationship) before who had dumped him.
    And what he does next? He falls deeper into a mess by choosing this woman and marrying her – only because she’s beautiful. He marries her, brings her with him to US,to help him to work in his small pharmacy. I never saw him at the pharmacy.
    This woman (his wife) was the one of the fastest women I’ve ever met. You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. But she believed in anal, drinking sperm and cum showers. I always used protection with her though.

  23. Lol. Jessica Reynolds is a slut (first message to Krill). Hopefully Jessica’s boyfriend reads Return of Kings

  24. “Feminism was a once honorable cause that has since been corrupted and
    turned into a tool by women to facilitate their own selfish needs, and
    to brandish whenever they are exposed as the hypocrites they tend to be.”

    So incredibly wrong – and something that continually trips men up.
    Just read the Declaration of Sentiments back in 1848 to see what kind of fucked up whack-jobs the Suffragettes were.
    – Men don’t have a right to their own children? Check.
    – Men are responsible for nature being unkind to women? Check.
    – Men created God & Religion to oppress women? Check.
    – Men have obligations to provide women with what they want? Check.
    – Lies about women not receiving an education? Check. (There WERE universities available to women, and more women than men received high-school diplomas in the 19th Century – somebody had to keep the books on the farm).
    They were complete lunatics.
    Btw, neither women nor men should have achieved universal suffrage in a REPUBLIC, where Rule of Law trumps the whim of the crowd. Democracy is mentioned nowhere by the Founding Fathers, because they purposefully left it out as a description of their form of government. Democracy is closer to Socialism than it is the principles of a Republic.

    1. Democracy is mentioned nowhere by the Founding Fathers, because they purposefully left it out as a description of their form of government. Democracy is closer to Socialism than it is to the principles of a Republic.

      Great comment. I was reading something about that the other day.
      Here’s the quote [but I can’t find the author]:

      “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury.After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.

  25. Yet, here is another example of the weakness of a woman? They can claim no accountability at these moments because it wasn’t their fault (they were weak).
    But, other times they are strong and independent? (lol). The hypocrisy of it all.
    Listen, you’re a whore and someone finally recorded it. Now, (the consequences of it all) – you’ll have to deal with it when your kids grow up, have to go to school and take shit from other kids over it. Plus, yes, you may lose a good relationship over it.
    There is a moral to the story….now, where did I put it?

  26. FEMINISM; Women get to think whatever they want to think in any situation regardless of anything–with a special disregard for facts, logic, fairness, accountability and reality.
    If you’re looking for feminism’s contradictions, logical shortcomings, hypocrisies etc. then, man, that’s ALL THERE IS…..Have their cake, eat it too, be unhappy anyway, blame it on someone else….
    The sad thing for them is that they simply never develop the actual neurological mechanics for happiness. They ALWAYS get what they demand and the brain cells for appreciation, delayed gratification, vicarious joy, sentimentality, accountability (which leads to true joy) etc. simply never physically develop. They don’t have those cerebral mechanisms on the physical, cellular level. The rich boy who gets every single toy he wants will end up slamming them on the ground in frustration. Another boy finds a useless piece of quartz rock that he finds in the forest while playing and keeps it like a treasure until he dies. Whose mind is formatted to enjoy life? The anti-depressant usage stats back me up to the point of overkill.
    Feminism is just a fantasy. Righteous indignation is yet another thing they demanded and got to play with immediately. The wealthiest country in the world was established to honor, protect and exalt women. This is their place, period. That’s what happened. But they got bored and wanted their own Disney movie fantasy full of strife, character arcs, threat, vanquishment, righteousness…enter feminism..an absolute freaking Disney story-line.

  27. I love this site.
    Granted it did for awhile made me bitter, it made me more aware about the current state of women in America. All hindsight experience have brought me to understand why things I did as well as others were Blue Pill, and why many American females from at least the ages 18 to 26 are fucking retarded (even when they do have Masters and PhDs), selfish/entitled, hypergamous bitches.
    I am so glad I never have been married, and to be honest, if I plan on staying on American soil, I will NEVER get married. Never never. I finally have learned that my life is more precious than that. ONS and LTRs for a bit, but I will never go as far as make it legally set in stone with a stupid ring on the finger.
    Thanks ROK. This is like my morning paper with a cup of coffee.
    *raises mug to the sky*

  28. This reminds me of that “british slut sucks 25 dicks in a row for a cocktail” story that floated around a month or two ago. Caused a minor stir in the Australian feminist scene, it was funny watching the women tear each other up because half thought it was ‘too far’ while the other half were saying they were ‘slut shaming her’.
    It was nice watching the lightbulbs pop up in the older ones heads as they realised just what feminism had done, where the younger women were seeing that as normal, or something to be ‘celebrated’ instead of rightfully shamed, and that it was as a result of the older feminists egging them all on, until their own personal lines were crossed and suddenly they were asking about “where her friends were” or “why would a man participate” (in getting his dick sucked for a few minutes???, gee I wonder why).

    1. I don’t know about you but I find it very amusing to observe this post-feminist decay.

  29. Feminists agree with the patriarchy that women need to be controlled. The only difference is the feminists think that women need to be the ones doing the controlling. Women are the biggest misogynists.
    The movement is collapsing under the weight of its idiocy and hypocrisy, just like the animal rights movement did before it. This is fascinating to watch.
    The undercurrent of liberal causes is a peculiar sort of self loathing. Liberals loathe humanity and advocate population control. Animal rights activists loathe humanity and wish to elevate animals above people. Feminists loathe women.

  30. “Feminism was a once honorable cause that has since been corrupted and turned into a tool by women to facilitate their own selfish needs” … glaring problem right there. Feminism was always about facilitating women’s selfish needs.

  31. Who is the Smithwick fat ass acting like he is something special with his no pussy getting, thesis writing, obsessive bullshit? Yeah, University of Northern Florida. A real wealthy privledged scholar.

  32. I’m willing to bed good money that Steve Smithwick’s wife has cheated on him, or at least will, sometime in the future.
    Good money.
    Even women don’t respect white knights.

  33. Who is this Krill BTW? Another Jewboy who makes money off from degrading Goyim women, fucking a few sluts before he finds a nice Jewish girl to settle down.
    On the other hand, why should I care? America is a faraway contry and I will never set foot in the same party venues as Jewboy does.
    None of the women on his pictures passed my boner test, though.

    1. Even if Kirill was a Jew, why are Goyim women acting stupid to attention whore in his pictures?
      Again it’s the man at fault. When will men start calling out women on their actions? Are these women retarded babies, or are these women forced to take those pictures at gunpoint? Why are we exonerating these women while criticizing this guy? Any expat visiting America today could behave like Kirill and snap pictures of the attention whore slut generation women today. Would you then criticize his culture instead? The problem lies with the women, not men.
      Did this Kirill guy pay any of those bitches to cavort naked or half naked for his pictures? No. He just showcased what the ‘goyim’ women have degraded themselves to by their own accord.
      Kirill could be anybody. Jew, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist or even a God hating Atheist. That does not change the fact these so called ‘goyim’ women would’ve behaved differently. They would still proudly take off their clothes in their attention whoring desperation.

  34. Its getting to the point where it is almost impossible to like Western women. The sad thing is that the sea of branswashed bluepill betas actually condone these behaviors.
    Everyone here in Denmark, or at least 99%, talk and act like make feminists. The worse women behave and the more they stomp on mens faces, the more they like it. The more “equality” has been achieved. Women here have ultimate freedom and choice, men have NO choice, no freedom.

  35. “Feminism was a once honorable cause that has since been corrupted and turned into a tool by women to facilitate their own selfish needs, and to brandish whenever they are exposed as the hypocrites they tend to be.”
    Feminism = evil/unnatural/abnormal/corrosive
    This tree called feminism was planted with wicked designs by both wicked men and women to subvert and control the masses. Empower the illogical and immoral to subject the rest of humanity. We are now seeing the monstrous fruits this orchard of lies has borne. It must all be uprooted and burned in public.

  36. Why is Steve Smithwick a fat cuckold?
    That’s the real issue here.
    He probably jerks off to Shane Diesel cuckold porn…. and when he’s finished he still thinks women are angels.

    1. Steve, I’m willing to bet GOOD MONEY that your wife will cheat on you, or already has.
      Why are you not addressing this issue? I’m throwing it out for you, you fat, adipose, lazy waste of a man. You clearly have gyno man-breasts, too.
      Come at me, faggot. Or are you too afraid to attack a “person of color?”
      Your white women are worthless sluts, and I can almost guarantee that that angel that agreed to marry your fat ass for whatever paycheck you’re putting up probably gets dicked down on the side, on your tab.
      You fat fucking loser. You look like Michael Moore if Michael Moore decided to go half way through a sex change and ate a bucket of original recipe every two hours.

  37. The e-mail screens are hilarious!
    Why Soviet-porn quality?
    “This guy means so much to me but I’ll choke on your dick” ROFL!

  38. One of the better articles I’ve read on this site. The only thing is, I don’t know if any of the women in the club getting champagne facials practice/preach feminism.

  39. I wonder if the correlation between ignorant use of basic grammar, and wild misogyny, extends beyond this page. For a bunch of “kings” I would have expected a slightly higher presence of intelligence. I can’t even get mad at the idiocy of the commenting on here I’m laughing so hard. Thanks “kings” you made my day :))

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