How I Experienced The Holy Grail Of Workplaces In A Polish Hospital

I’m a trainee doctor in the UK who self-prescribes the red pill. I happened to get a travel work placement at a major hospital in Poland earlier this year. That’s the kind of things medics do. They spend their limited holiday time doing more medicine. Because medicine.

For my Polish experience I was expecting some adventures on evenings and weekends, and was therefore planning on doing the bare minimum in the hospital itself, other than perhaps scoffing at how superior the British NHS is to the significantly less well funded Polish equivalent. Little did I know that this hospital experience would actually open my eyes to the criminal underinvestment in manliness in my own health service.

The realm of men

I already had some experience with the country, but had not been back there since popping the red pill. While this new world view has made me better with women, it has also made me more socially analytical, causing me to question things I previously took for granted—like why is everyone so smug and happy that the majority of doctors in the UK will soon be female?

From day one in the Polish hospital, things were different. I was assigned to a surgical team, which in England means being ignored, either by some privately educated Christopher Lee-type surgeon, when he realizes you didn’t go to a school that’s similar to Hogwarts, or by some privately educated Indian surgeon, when he realizes you’re not Indian, from his caste, and privately educated.

Much to my surprise, I was welcomed like a lost son and thrown in at the deep end, getting more surgical experience than ever before and learning more through my broken Polish and generous translators in a couple of weeks than I could have in England in six months. My new powers of analysis, and a beer with a friend, led me to draw the following differences between our two health systems:


The United Kingdom


The most a British doctor can aspire to…

The patient is king. Anything they want, no matter how ludicrous (“chop off my dick, doc!”) is granted them. The doctor can at best aspire to be a skilled diplomatic slave, the court eunuch who relies on persuasion and cocksucking to get his way, to do what is actually best for the patient’s health, while being ever so ever so careful not to offend them or make them feel disempowered.



Your average Polish surgeon.

The doctor is king. The doctor knows what he is doing. The patient accepts and respects this. A post-op patient complained to my surgeon that she didn’t sleep at night because the patient in the neighboring bed was noisy. This surgeon had saved the complainer’s life the day before. He politely said “I’m sorry.” She complained further. Surgeon’s response: (Looking at me confused) “Is this a hotel or a hospital?” She shut the fuck up and left him a bottle of vodka when she was discharged.


The United Kingdom


English doctors, especially the young ones, dress increasingly like rich hipsters (which they mostly are), and metrosexuals (which they also mostly are). The female doctors dress like feminists (which they also mostly are).


A young caring doctor

Polish doctors dress like they’re about to do some DIY and then put a white coat on top. They know their trade. They don’t need to dress like pros, because they already are pros. The female doctors under 40 dress sexy and wear skimpier white coats, and then age with dignity.

Female surgeons are few and far between, but those I met made sure to compensate for their masculine job by wearing special lady scrubs that do not exist in the UK and show off their fantastic legs. A feminist exchange student complained and asked to wear trousers like the men. She was appropriately given the status of “swamp monster” by the nurses.


The United Kingdom


Multiculturalism is the best medicine for our dying war generation.

In the UK, nurses are either fat Africans, or fat Filipinos, or men. Many speak poor English and scare older patients with their alien accents and cultures.


Boring, homogeneous, backward Poland.

In Poland, nurses are all women (as far as I could see). The young ones are hot and flirt with anything in a white coat. I was wearing a white coat.

Hurting feelings

The United Kingdom

Medical students and doctors are given training in how to be sensitive to gay patients so they don’t get emotional butthurt on top of their physical butthurt. We learn to stop using vile heteronormative language like “husband” and “wife” in interactions with all patients.

Don’t assume that an old lady with a ring on her finger and pictures of her grandkids around her is a normal straight old lady, you heteronormative bigot! Ask about her partner. If she doesn’t understand the question, she’s a bigot.



Every Polish doctor I told this to.


The United Kingdom

British doctors bend over backwards to refer women of any age for abortions or perform them directly, without asking for a reason, because, y’know, choice. 98% of the annual 200,000 abortions are for “social reasons,” i.e “I’m too selfish not to kill my baby”.


Sacrificing human beings always makes women more attractive.


Polish doctors don’t murder babies to please feminists. In fact they just don’t murder babies at all. Primitive, right?


Another dumb Polak.

Interaction between the sexes

The United Kingdom

Women will simultaneously use their bodies to gain power and status in a hospital through their senior male catches and also complain and shout “sex abuse” (not even harassment these days, always “abuse”) at the first useful opportunity. Men live in frustrated fear. Even Nobel Prize winners are lynched without trial for making the tamest jokes.


Interaction between male doctors and female doctors and nurses is healthy, classy, and flirtatious and everyone is happy.

The bonds between men

The United Kingdom

The relationship between males is one of unhealthy competition. To succeed they will deny their honorable manly nature and behave in bitchy underhand ways, reporting colleagues for minor mistakes and ranking each other as low as possible in peer assessments.

Older doctors and surgeons are nostalgic for the golden days of medicine when things were more like Poland, but they don’t fight to restore this former glory for future generations. Instead they retire early and shirk their duties to posterity.


Elder Polish doctors understand the importance of male bonding and the passing down of masculinity and skill to the next generation. They take the younger men under their wing like surrogate fathers and endow them with the capability to be successful in their trade.

They also enforce masculinity. When the hot girlfriend of a patient walked past us in the corridor, I looked the other way to be professional. My senior surgeon stopped walking, deliberately turned his head to follow her ass with no shame and then he looked at me: “Are you blind or something?”


The United Kingdom

British doctors live in fear of litigation and professional misconduct hearings. They try to do everything by the book and cover their asses incessantly. The effect of this is that any learning or training takes years longer than it should, and precious human resources are wasted on supervision. We are broken men cowering under the weight and terror of the system we have sold ourselves to.


A wimpy medical student on exchange from Germany came into the OR one day and politely explained as a disclaimer that he could only observe and couldn’t take part in any procedure because he didn’t have the correct Polish insurance. The surgeon looked him up and down and said: “Germans like rules. Poles like action. Suit up.” The German became a Pole. The boy became a man.


Polish doctors are paid considerably less than their British counterparts, but I’d rather not be paid to be a pussy. Polish lessons begin next month.

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101 thoughts on “How I Experienced The Holy Grail Of Workplaces In A Polish Hospital”

    1. screw in a lightbulb? One to hold up the bulb, three to turn the chair(maybe it was two?).

  1. My senior surgeon stopped walking, deliberately turned his head to follow her ass with no shame and then he looked at me: “Are you blind or something?”
    We’ve been brainwashed here in the West that checking women out is offensive and is a form of harassment. They even may consider it as rape soon. The irony is that women actually enjoy being checked out. Why on God’s Earth would they wear skimpy revealing clothing? 1. To get your attention and 2. To make less attractive women jealous, especially to a higher ranking older/fatter female manager.

    1. Some women don’t like being checked out but you can tell by attire. TheLastPsychiatrist wrote a long article about it on his website but the abridged version was: appearance says a lot about you.
      It’s ridiculous to say “I dress this way for myself./I wear makeup for myself.” You’re a fool and you’re lying to yourself. Your physical appearance is the interface between your internal “self” and the outer world. You’re wearing makeup and dressing in a certain style to SAY something.
      If you see a girl wearing a cardigan or–eh, I’m not an expert on women’s fashion, but if you see a girl wearing a conservative, outfit, probably don’t eye fuck her. She doesn’t appreciate it. A girl in a tube dress and heels. Yea. She probably enjoys the attention.

    2. “The irony is that women actually enjoy being checked out”
      That is precisely why I make it a point to look the other direction when some attention whoring trollop is walking by. Attention is currency to a female.

      1. LOL! What you should do if she’s a skank is look at her with a disgusted look in your face like women giving each other the bitch look. Then comment the outfit makes her look fat. Then say “WTF did you do to your hair!”
        You may just ruin her day.
        Edit: Or she may get juicy wet and try even harder for your approval.

        1. Giving her a disgusted look or not, it’s still attention which is what she wants, and I will not give her any, period. Let her work for my attention.

        2. You most definitely won’t be like 99% of the guys she interacts with. They all gawk at her while you stand out.
          Most girls are very insecure. Go ahead and say, “What did you do to your hair?” and they’re shocked, thinking it looks like a rat’s nest before you even say it’s nice or not. Tell her the skirt makes her look fat and she’ll run to the bathroom to see if it does, even if she’s anorexic.

        3. Depends on each individual bitch. Thing is, women get attention from everywhere including social media as well as on the streets, so depending on the situation. If you are the only guy around at the moment, she may go as far as starting up a conversation with you. That doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you, she’s simply going out of her way to establish communication with you.

      2. here are the unwritten rules of the “made you look” game. They know they are dressed nice and wanting attention, and what will happen, is ill ignore them like they are invisible like i’m a blind man, and they will look at me and smile(it will be very obvious they are looking right at me), than, once i look at them and smile back, they turn their head away real quick than pretend IM invisible as a sort of bizzare punishment for ignoring them they try to display their arrogance,

    3. “senior surgeon”
      Ugh. A senior surgeon that is qualified to do complex procedures bills from 5-15,000$ sometimes twice a day, sometimes, if there is a shortage in another country they are flown in on private jets and make closer to 50-100,000$ per.
      Maybe that has something to do that they are responsive with men who make more in a day than you do in a month? and not because polish women are such sweet feminine creatures hmm
      The only reason those polish women were responsive is because dr’s make 3-6 times the average salary of any particular nation they are in.
      Try seeing how sweet they are as someone with a normal income. i bet they’d be the same brutal social climbing $$’s as anywhere else.

      1. We are not disputing the hypergamous nature of women. That is universal. You can’t say that the women become thin with a beach body ready upon sight of a wealthy doctor. If the woman is obese, she’s obese whether you’re rich or poor.
        The article is just pointing out the vast differences of the women’s appearances and cultures between the two countries.

      2. The Polish, Russian and Czech women who taught their languages at DLI when I attended it back in the mid 1980’s seemed very feminine, sweet and didn’t seem to care that I and other soldiers made peanuts, when it came to dating.

    4. Yes, agree. I actually make it known when I’m looking, turn my head with a smirk and comment (especially if a female co-worker asks). ‘what are you looking at?’ is the usually question.
      Me (with the smirk) – Now, that was interesting.
      No apology, not hiding it (fuck that). I do what I’m supposed to do – check out hot women walking in my view. If the questioning continues, I tell them to mind their own business.
      It’s that simple.

    5. I once was on a work shuttle and i saw this one Lady step on and i did a double take…she was absolutely gorgeous. Sultry lips, curves that would make a nascar driver sweat, and tits so big that i felt hypnotized for a few seconds. Her badge was over one of them and it almost looked like it was facing the ceiling. (Too bad it was turned over so i couldn’t see her name)
      What’s especially amazing is that i tend to go for Black Women but this White Lady was so phenomenal she gave me instant wood…my pecker didn’t care what race she is because she was that fine. Fine in a tasteful way, not a whorish one either.
      She stepped on with her friends/colleagues but i couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I must have been staring at her chest for a second too long because this behemoth seated across from me gave me a disapproving look, which i returned with an equally disapproving look of her hideous frame.
      The moral of the story is: Women do like to be stared at…except by unattractive males of course (then it becomes “creepy.”)
      The ones that say they don’t tend to look like slobs and hate on the ones who do get attention, like the she-beast sitting across from me.

      1. You should’ve just introduced yourself and asked her for her name since you couldn’t see her badge. Strike up a conversation. That way, you wouldn’t appear that thirsty while annoying that other beast at the same time.

        1. I would have but she was heading home while i was heading to work. She works the night shift (i think) at the hospital, and i never saw her again…
          I think thirst is more about how you behave once you interact, rather than before. I could have given a flying fart what that gwar pig was feeling that day regardless.
          She was so ugly she killed my wood for the brief second or two that i gazed upon her unholy presence. She was like saltpeter for the eyes.
          She looked like she could have been the lead singer for GWAR.

        2. It’s ok. We’re all guys here and can understand that we get frozen in awe to a beautiful woman. It’s a spell we fall under. Heck, I’ve even ran into girls who stood in front of me like a deer in the headlights and I was too stupid and didn’t jump on the opportunity because I wasn’t expecting it or looking for it.

        3. Lol i wasn’t frozen though. The shuttle was small and i would have had to share my conversation with everyone else.
          I think an article on here goes on about how you have to separate your target femme from her friends/colleagues otherwise they will cockblock on you.
          I hate getting cockblocked.

        4. No he shouldn’t have. Casually Make eye contact and if she returns it then step over. If not don’t bother. Don’t think more than that.

        5. In the age of smartphones, good luck if she even looks up to see her stop. A smartphone is more important to a woman today than men.

    6. IMHO women expect to be looked at and most enjoy it. But it’s rude to stare. You can look and enjoy like a civilized man, and everyone gets a boost. Feminists will take any opportunity to take offense, but they only have the power you give them. If they get offended, shrug, look bemused, and go about your business.

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  2. I first went to Poland when I was 19, in 1989. I didn’t know about the Red Pill then but I did notice that the Polish girls were different from the British ones I was travelling with in how they interacted with the boys.

    1. From reading articles here, it seems as if the Polish girls aren’t ashamed to be traditionally feminine. They know they bring something good to the table; whereas, in the States, women are really troubled. It’s “better” to be a man in the West in the sense that we are valued for our skill/knowledge. Women are valued for their looks, which fade–Captain Capitalism writes about this on his website.

        1. And here in the USA we make Polish jokes. We should mimic them because they’re a lot happier.

        2. Ironically, I think both the modern and even traditional distaste for Polish immigrants and people in the states and Britain (and Germany) is precisely because Polish women are more traditional and not career-mad materialists. This even applied back a century ago. I was watching a documentary of interviews with old Polish women and the people were mocked for making handmade food rather than going for burgers and expensive restaurants, etc. and a more frugal, conservative lifestyle.
          Even now, there are women who call my wife “stupid” for not demanding I buy her the latest consumer junk and that we don’t keep up with the Joneses and that we put family and culture ahead of success and money. Think about it: Material people use the word “stupid” in different terms than we might.

        3. A lot of anti-Polish sentiment was also started by the “media corporation” because of “reasons”.

    1. keep in mind the article reflects the experience of someone with a large salary who would get a positive response in ANY country.
      You wouldn’t have any problems with women in any country with half amillion salary either. very biased article

      1. The US is one of the wealthiest nations, yet have the fattest and the least feminine women.

    2. I am afraid we can’t tell you for it is the duty of all interested men to find their own ‘poosy paradise’. That is why we must travel and explore this world; that is why many around here recommend location-independence.
      But yes, Polish women are better than their American counterparts.

  3. I’m actually surprised that most men aren’t leaving the west and settling in Latin America or eastern Europe. If you learn the local language or a trade like the poster here (doctor) you will generally make a good living in those places.

    1. “an hour ago
      I’m actually surprised that most men aren’t leaving the west and settling in Latin America or eastern Europe”
      Economics, pure and simple.

    2. I’m of the opinion that ‘Western’ civilization (North America & Western Europe) are going to collapse the way Rome did and we are entering into a new Dark Ages brought to us by out of control feminism, Marxism, homosexuality, atheism and islamic radicalism…the bulwarks against this Dark Age will probably be Latin America, Eastern Europe/Russia & Japan…it will be interesting to see this brave new world.

      1. Latin America- good catholic presence, i hear nothing about islam being there. (histroy of communism, could it mean something in the future, i dont think so)
        Eastern Eur.- good orthodox presence, dont like islam ( history of communism)
        Russia- putin audibly stands up for Christianity agaisn muslim terrorism, no political correctness. (considered a commie?)
        Japan- no idea
        So yes good choices, As a person of brown skin color, Latin America seems the best.

      2. Japan could be in the list if they didn’t screw themselves over financially. They are one of the most debt-laden countries in the world. Sure, they make great cars and electronics, but a country like Germany that has a strong economy without all the debt is in a much better situation.
        The thing is, Geography always has a big part to play in big changes. So if western Europe fucks itself with feminism, eastern Europe is going to be pretty easy takings because it’s right there. You will need guys like Putin to nip it in the bud.
        So considering geography, I would say Latin America / S. America and Asia would be one of the best places to be in the long term, with places like Poland and several of the countries Roosh has written about to be great in the short term.

    3. I’ve posted on here before about my experience in Chile. I spent a bit of time there in my 20s and picked up a Chilean wife. Now we live in my home country (New Zealand).
      I can’t speak for other Latin American countries but Chile is no panacea. Don’t underestimate the economic advantages you have in Western countries. Wages and salaries in Latin America are very low and economic opportunities very limited. If you leave your Western country, you will have a much lower standard of living over time. Once you get responsibilities (marriage, kids), the job opportunities and salary levels become important. So, it might not seem easy in your early 20s, but stick at a job (in a Western country) and it will start to pay off over time.
      Chile is – for the most part- still relatively traditional in its family values and views on the roles of men and women. But this is changing very quickly. Women aged 30+ will be overwhelmingly very feminine and family-orientated. But they’ll mostly be married (avoid those who aren’t). For those under 30, and the influence of US/Western feminism is rampant. For the most part, they are just as bad as girls in the West.
      The political situation is deteriorating too. The current government is a coalition of communists, radical feminists, and “Christian” socialists of various stripes. The president is an ex-communist who has tried to reinvent herself as a modern, democratic politician. Her previous job was head of the UN women’s agency…enough said.
      My personal view on Chile is that I was lucky enough to get a good one but there won’t be many of them left, I’m afraid.

      1. There’s no place to go long term i guess. With the current migrant and economic crises in Europe some of my family members over there have migrated to smaller European countries like Luxembourg and Austria. All of them bought houses in the country side and rent an apartment in the city for work. They can be considered preppers, they store food and all that shit. I made fun of them when i heard about it last year but they told me its they best way the can survive this. Whether or not its an overreaction on their part remains to be seen.

    4. I’m doing what I can to move to Kyiv. But its pointless to try if i’m not making the Dollar. Either remotely or via the internet.

      1. I hear ya the biggest tragedy in a man’s life he doesn’t have enough money to get out of dodge.

    5. It’s hardly surprising. One must understand people are conformist by their very nature. Most men will go on to live the ‘normal life’ most of us loathe and execrate. Most men don’t care about gaining access to better women or constructing a livelihood in the form of a business.
      In essence, the ordinary life is ordinary for a reason.
      Besides, it is not practical for all men to leave their homelands; if they did those homelands would instantly turn into poosy paradises until the men returned but this, of course, a very theoretical matter.

    6. You’ve got to stay and fight. Reclaim what’s yours. There is no need to deal with culture-shock, let alone the language barrier… Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn fluently if you’re coming from an English speaking background.

  4. Any new ‘Carry on Doctor’ films should be filmed in Poland. What’s the polish for “Ooh, matron”

  5. Great article, I’m currently studying in the UK but I lived for some time in Poland and the contrast between the two countries never cease to amaze me. It would be great to hear an update on your experience there.

  6. Soldier on Jan. Keep up with the language lessons and kick the dust off your sandals when you leave the UK for good.

  7. You really know how to choose your pictures. You really REALLY know how to give said pictures captions lol

  8. Possibly the Best “low expectations” before click to “pure awesomeness” after click Rok article I’ve ever read. I lol’d multiple times. Gotta book a ticket to Poland. bravo!

  9. Having worked within the UK health system but not as as health specialist, I can tell you that the amount of estrogen in the air makes women bitchier than a bitch on heat. The stronger ones abuse power like crazy and the weak ones cry to themselves and don’t waste any time trying to tell you their problems. An then you have northern women who under their façade of strenght are more feminine then any other women in the UK.

  10. I think it’s important to remind everyone here that just because Poland is resistant to feminism, it’s not immune because there IS NO NICE FEMINISM. Poles resisted western style feminism because there were few material things to buy and economic life was tough so beta males were respected. Also, Poles viewed the Soviets as invaders so they distrusted Soviet style socialism (even as they have embraced much of it similar to the Polish version of socialized medicine.)
    Even if all the other aspects of feminism are eliminated, the two basics: Women earning the same as men and voting, creates conflict between the sexes that are now rearing their heads in Polish life. With a shortage of successful men and an influx of high paying jobs that Polish career women can obtain, they are becoming “bitchy”. Polish friends complain to me that the quality of Polish women has dramatically been reduced in the past 10 years or so even if general living standards have improved post Communism. It’s not as BAD as Germany or Britain, but that’s like saying that McDonalds isn’t as bad as eating out of the dumpster.
    Polish friends are thankful that the Politically Correct ethnic genocide of Europeans hasn’t yet progressed to Poland because the majority of “migrants” (that’s European PC term for “undocumented” immigrants) are mostly settled in Germany and more affluent welfare states such as Greece, Sweden and France. It’s just not smart to be a 3rd world welfare recipient in Poland.
    There was a radio show in Poland hosted by an African immigrant complaining that Poles didn’t seem to feel guilty or apologetic for their “white privilege” and “guilt” for enslaving African Americans. Poles called in and reminded the host that they had never had a tradition of African slaves or racism and in fact had been slaves themselves. The host was flabbergasted since bashing white people wasn’t going to be as easy in that environment. Yet, he continued to have his show (funded by the EU) to go on his rants.
    Finally, a Doctor from England is going to be treated VERY well in Poland (like most places), as it should be. In the states or the UK would a successful “beta” male need to worry about offending someone out of sexual harassment, etc. which shows how amazingly insane much of the world has become.

      1. George who couldn’t figure out the Brazilian blower was only after his money Soros? Give her the condo and move on with your life dude.

  11. this post made me shed tears.
    I want to watch the western world burn for their PC, feminazi bullcrap. Why cant we live in simpler times?

    1. “Why cant we live in simpler times?” -> Because there is so much debt in the system. When both debt and savings have been wiped out, the need for regulation is gone and we will start from ground 0.
      Easier for the young but much harder for the guys 60+. The current system helps the boomers at the expense of everyone else.

  12. I was in a Polish hospital about a year ago to get a stomach infection treated. All you have to do is go in and sit down in line. No filling out anything. No dealing with a bitch receptionist. Not having to deal with all the red tape of western hospitals increases efficiency and reduces cost. They gave me a needle in my ass and prescribed me some meds. The whole thing cost me about $40 USD (didn’t have travel insurance).
    Now lets contrast this to a similar situation I had 6 months later in Texas. This time I had an infected blister on my foot from these shit work boots I was wearing. I went in to local clinic, the doctor to a 15 second look at my foot and prescribed me some antibiotics. The whole thing took literally 5 minutes. I got the bill a few weeks later, and being from Canada, was totally shocked at the amount – $1100. I had insurance and a benefits plan from the oil company I was working for that covered $800 of it but still had to pay $300 out-of -pocket. Blew my mind.

    1. 1. You were in Texas so you probably saved far more than $300 in taxes.
      2. Why should it be our problem you cheaped out on work boots? Take some responsibility.

      1. 1. How does that justify the cost of seeing a doctor?
        2. The boots weren’t cheap but still not well made.
        3. Why are you defending a system that’s clearly broken? Take responsibility and change it. While you’re at it, stop bitching at people that expose it.

        1. How is the system broken? You got hurt, saw a doctor, got fixed up, paid the doctor. Sounds like a functioning system.
          Would you expect to pay the plumber if you jammed up your toilet or have they nationalized that too?

        2. It cost $1100 dollars to look at my foot for 30 seconds you moron. I get that you don’t like Obamacare but that doesn’t mean your healthcare isn’t fucked. And I’m not saying Canada’s is any better.
          To use your analogy, it would be like paying a plumber $500 an hour to look at a pipe and tell you it’s leaking.

        3. You hit on a real problem – pricing. Your insurance company didn’t pay the doctor $800. They might have paid him half of what he billed.
          Laws that require the insurance price and the street price to match would really help.

  13. Good for you, Doc! Very candid, insightful article enlightening those stuck the Anglican world as to what they’re missing.
    Btw money isn’t everything.

  14. So open question. How easy would it be to move to another country, like Poland or Brazil? How well would my certifications, degrees etc move over?

  15. I’ve been reading for sixteen months; this is my first comment.
    I’m a female junior Dr in the UK – during my last last placement I received almost daily low-grade ?bullying and negative comments from both Staff Nurses and mid-grade female trainees.. for being “too thin”. (Actually a healthy size 8, well within the recommended BMI zone). Additionally, I was constantly being told off for “running” around the ward (a jr dr rushing to see a sick Patient! Madness!) …Later I overheard two staff members joking about how I shouldn’t run because I would become “even thinner” – again, I’m well within the NHS’ reccommended healthy BMI zone.
    The team were generally lovely & a pleasure to work with – this is just an example of how ‘thin-shaming’ is seen as acceptable in even the most PC of workplaces.
    NB: Please don’t reply to this comment – I think it’s still against forum rules.

    1. “I think it’s still against forum rules.” So what.
      What is important for you to understand is, that female fat landwhales (FFLW) do have daydreams when they are raped by handsome doctors. The problem is that said quality males are not interested in FFLW, their boners wont grow an inch.
      They hope that a PHD and good salary will make them more attractive (like it does with males) but this is not at all working for females. Us males know exactly what makes Mr. Big down there grow and what not.
      You seem to be better looking than them. So they hate you. They would LOVE to see you as fat an unattractive as they are. Their worst fear is seeing you with a quality man with quality children. It would make their own failure in the only area that matters even worse. They cant have that, so they try to make you feel bad, so you maybe give in and become a FFLW yourself. Thats their goal; competition eliminated.
      Do yourself a favor and dress even better in the future. Cloths that show your hopefully nice ass, legs and slender body. Right in their face. They will shut the fuck up soon enough once they realize you are way above their level.

      1. Hehehe. If only that was true. High income earning career women don’t think their career makes them more attractive perhaps because they don’t “think” in the same rational way you or I do. Having gone out with them, they’ve told me they earn a ton of money so don’t “need” a man, want a man to live up to traditional breadwinner standards (pay the bills), and want a good looking guy to boot even as they’re getting older. In other words, they want everything but offer nothing. (This goes for even many modern Polish career women!)
        In their worldview, they’ve been raised by a combination of different fantasies telling them they’re “special”: Disney and sleeping beauty informs them that “real” men are going to consider it a privilege to “rescue” them from a dragon. Feminism and universities tell them that their careers are about independence and empowerment and that men have historically oppressed them so men “owe” them.
        For a brief period of time, it appears to work. Some of them in their early 20’s can hit a pub and tons of PUA’s, including many here, will “pump and dump” them and flatter their ears off. When they find that their personal lives are not living up to their expectations, it’s too much to ask them to reject a lifetime of indoctrination on their own so they lash out at pretty women but more conveniently, beta males. Beta males aren’t “real men” to them anyway even as these men are the guys who help them on the side of the road when their cars breaks down.
        My wife agrees that these women have a severe shortage of character and she doesn’t want to be friends with them (but it’s rather difficult since they are so prevalent, especially in the states.)

  16. “In Poland, nurses are all women (as far as I could see). The young ones are hot and flirt with anything in a white coat. I was wearing a white coat.”
    “Interaction between male doctors and female doctors and nurses is healthy, classy, and flirtatious and everyone is happy.”
    I should move to Poland then. While the hospital i work in is nowhere near as bad as what you’ve described the UK to be, and i have come across some “naughty nurses” in my day, the risk of being hit with a sexual harassment charge is just too much to throw away over a decade of sustained study and work. I’ve dodged the bullet here so many times that it left me with a feeling of unease and distrust whenever i have to work around a female, which unfortunately for me is a constant reality.
    I’m one of the “old soul” fellows living in a younger Man’s body who still believes the old ways are best. Females make the best stewardesses (NOT flight attendants) and nurses (NOT emo riddled metro or homo guys) and Men make the best doctors, surgeons etc. On a related note HR is grossly overstaffed with “precious” style behemoths (white and black) who spend all day looking over paperwork on how to incorporate more PC bullshit into the clinic, office and classroom, although i should be grateful (and i am) not to live in an area where the pc bullshit is at critical levels.
    The running joke of Poles being stupid and backwards should be thrown into the ash bin of history. If what you say is true then it means Poland (specifically Polish hospitals) is a masculine oasis where Men are still Men and Women still behave like Women and the two don’t compete against each other, but actually work together in peace and harmony….and the occasional after hours office bang.

  17. Jan Pechorin: I do have a question good sir…maybe two. What is your hospital’s policy on candy stripers? And do they look like chubby little orcs or beanpoles with glasses?
    Here in the States they are trying to phase out the term because of pc bs, unsurprisingly…

  18. I was thinking more about this and thought to myself about how Doctors are the elite of the world. When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, Doctor, astronaut, etc. are the answer. Not something like: “A beta male working in an office”.
    Doctors are basically rock stars. The term “doctor” is used as the ideal mate for a most women.
    So for a guy like to to live in England and feel that he is little better than most beta and even gamma males here, that says a lot about the decline of British civilization. Imagine how low masculinity is there.

    1. You can not be masculine – even less an alpha – if you are in debt.
      The fact you need to get a monthly payment makes you beta by definition.
      Of course ALL western nations are indebted to their eyeballs and full of emasculated beta males. It is just natural and the core of the system.

  19. ‘Polish doctors don’t murder babies’…that many more victims for the Holy Church of Pederasty that the author (as a Pole) obviously subscribes to – and his attitude to Filipina nurses (usually trained to USA standard at their own expense in their homeland) leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. That many more babies to keep the “race” alive rather than replace their own population with foreign people who dilute the culture. Just look at “multicultural” countries. Is there anything unique about them?
      What makes the Singapore experiment a good place for example? or today’s Australia?

  20. “Imagine, all that sexism going, on and its like the women don’t even know how horrible it is! We have to send in operatives” -Red haired fat American Feminist.

  21. This won’t last long now that all young Polish girls are on Facebook and Tinder. They are being corrupted by Western trends (such as feminism, materialism and McDonalds) quicker than they can receive likes on their selfie pics.

  22. I am actually Polish and living in Poland. I
    was reading the article with some amusement and some incredulity until this came along:
    “Polish doctors don’t murder babies to
    please feminists. In fact they just don’t murder babies at all.”
    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. You HAVE no idea. Yes,
    some of them do, you privileged, culturally alienated guest in our country –
    for the simplest of motivations, namely money. We are not talking hospitals, we
    are talking private clinics. The industry is doing fine.
    As for the remainder of the content – well, you
    romanticize and simplify things that are complex and heterogeneous. Rather than
    hang around with just doctors, you should perhaps spend some time talking to
    Polish patients. Quite a few of those “gods of medicine” you sucked up to have
    reputations of selfish, arrogant butchers.
    Good luck with your migration to Poland,
    though. May you be a better doctor than observer of how things are around here.

    1. Funny how you seemed to have skipped over the title of this piece.
      “How I Experienced The Holy Grail Of Workplaces In A Polish Hospital”
      Key words here being “Workplace” and “Hospital”.
      Come on, son.

  23. The only place where I would go for an extended period of time is Turkey. It’s modern enough to be familiar but archaic enough to please the patriarchs among you.The language is worth learning because you can get away from the more Westernized areas. They respect foreigners (still) who bother to learn their ways- and they are very interesting, if you dig archaeology, sufism, good food, good-looking people. AFFORDABLE, and helpful, down-to-earth locals. If you are slightly spiritually inclined, you might be touched by the Presence.

  24. On the mark with the NHS situation, soon as the clinical years hit virtually every medical student girl realizes how much easier it is to get ahead by flirting with or dating male doctors and the system rewards anybody who can turn on the privileged upper middle class white girl charm in clinical scenarios while punishing straight men as being too ‘unfeeling’ (the codeword is ‘rapport’ in OSCE stations, impossible for a non-homosexual man to achieve).
    Perhaps even worse for patients and the country as a whole is that the majority of junior doctors will be women because medical schools mainly accept women (70%-80% female is becoming typical), while this may seem great in some ways in reality most of these girls are upper middle class and as soon as the reality of working 12 hour NHS shifts hits they will lock into a wealthier man for marriage and work as locums (part time doctors) if at all, vastly diminishing the return on the quarter million or more pounds that was spent on their training and keeping the NHS starving for full time doctors. Almost 60% of female medical school graduates will leave within 4 years of finishing med school (to have children), and half of those never come back at all, let alone as part timers…. this is not a joke or an exaggeration.
    They are being selected because its a lot easier for a girl to concentrate on studies as a teenager from the pussification of the education system, but the medical schools are also mandated to provide tomorrow’s generation of doctors, which they aren’t when they’re just providing tomorrow’s generation of overqualified soccer moms who wanted the doctor tag and then left once the t-shirt got too real.

  25. I couldn’t agree more. When you walk into a GP these days, you just tell them you want this this & this & you’ll get it, no wonder the NHS is skint!

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