The Media Must Be Dismantled In Order For Freedom To Survive

There is an evil wind blowing through America and the world, and the source of the hot air is the media—in all its forms. The news media is rightfully railed on from many corners for its outrageous portrayal of “reality,” but the way the media disease infects the body politic of America is much more insidious than talking heads in cheap suits.

The cancer of the media also permeates Hollywood film, sitcoms, and almost any other form of “entertainment” out there. Whether it’s degenerate whores pushing an agenda of pedophilia in their music videos, or another predictable “GrrlPower” song denigrating men, the music industry also plays its part in molding the American populace into mindless, overworked, sarcastic, sheep with abrasive personalities.

I recently dropped in for a visit to The Matrix because I still have family there, and I must say it was a jarring experience. From inadvertently stepping into a white girl strip club and noticing how frigid and listless the girls were, to making the rounds getting some food at the grocer watching people lumber around like zombies, to eating some slop at a fast food joint surrounded by fatasses, I must say I could not wait to get the fuck out of ‘Murica as quickly as possible. America is not a country as much as it is a coast to coast eatery and shopping mall. Sarcasm is now the national language.

These are things we’ve all heard before, but sometimes points deserve to be repeated. And most of the problem comes from social engineering via the media. This quote from Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich sums up the problems that troubled me as I observed people on my recent trip home, issues that left me terrified that this programmed environment is the blueprint for the entire world if the globalists have their way. (Emphasis mine.)

The machine-like behavior of people chained to electronics constitutes a degradation of their well-being and of their dignity which, for most people in the long run, becomes intolerable. Observations of the sickening effect of programmed environments show that people in them become indolent, impotent, narcissistic and apolitical. The political process breaks down because people cease to be able to govern themselves; they demand to be managed.

A 40 year old film predicted the day would come we would need to stop watching TV

A 40 year old film predicted the day would come we would need to stop watching TV

Prevalent almost everywhere I went was the media broadcasting messages of political apathy and consumerism, spraying human beings with so many figurative cans of Raid. Why do people watch this shit nonstop? The Howard Beale monologue from Network perfectly sums up the situation:

So if you want the Truth, go to God. Go to your gurus. Go to yourselves! …We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true!

But you people sit there, day after day, night after night — all ages, colors, creeds. We’re all you know! You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here! You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal.

You do whatever the tube tells you — You dress like the tube. You eat like the tube. You raise your children like the tube. You even think like the tube. This is mass madness, you maniacs! In God’s name, you people are the real thing.

We are the illusion!

Which leads me to my next point as a 15-year veteran and now refugee from the totally corrupt news industry.

If you think the leg crossers are on Fox News for any other reason than sex appeal, you are mistaken...all media runs on sex

If you think the leg crossers are on Fox News for any other reason than sex appeal, you are mistaken…all media runs on sex

News Reporters Are Prostitutes

An old joke when I worked in the news industry was: the management are the pimps and we (the on-air personalities) are the prostitutes. As humorous as that may sound, it’s actually worse than that. The corporations are the pimps and the news networks are their prostitutes.

News has always been biased, but the American media exists for one reason and one reason only in 2016—to further the agenda of the corporate-government complex a.k.a. the globalists. What is the corporate-government complex? It was defined early this year by The New Modern Man as:

Large corporations (of which there are 16 that control over 90% of the products you consume at the grocery store and information you get to see or hear in the media) fund political campaigns and lobby for the government to have more power; in turn the government enacts laws favorable to large corporations. The left blames corporations while the right blames the government, when in reality the two interests work together to subvert the will of the people.

The thought has crossed my mind more than once that the 2016 presidential election has been decided before it even began. So why have the ruse? Because it’s profitable to stir the sheeple up into a frenzy and it serves the interests of the political power structure to keep us divided against one another. As long as black and white people are fighting each other they are not fighting the real evil in the world, which is why the media creates racial problems to create profit.

You will never get any truth from the media when it comes to politics and many other issues.

You are what you watch just as much as you are what you eat

You are what you watch just as much as you are what you eat

You Are What You Watch

We’ve all heard the old maxim you are what you eat. This needs to be taken a step further: You are what you’re exposed to and what you see on television, whether you realize it or not.

Cracked actually wrote up an informative article detailing how movies affect the human brain. Here are the troubling findings.

  • The brain can’t separate fact from fiction
  • Stories are invented to control you (they always have been, even before movies)
  • The writer of a story always has an agenda (human nature, and in Hollywood, the influence of money)
  • Generations of Americans have been raised and educated by pop culture
  • Everything in the human brain is a story

See how film might just be one of the best brainwashing instruments ever conceived? When it comes to film being used to push political and social engineering schemes, Cracked wrote:

This isn’t some paranoid conspiracy theory — it’s a fundamental part of how human culture came about. Ask yourself: Why do we go watch superhero movies? After all, variations of these stories about brave, superhuman heroes predate recorded history. We used to tell them around campfires before written language even existed.

They were created as a way to teach you how to behave. The point is, this is why stories were invented — to shape your brain in a certain way. [Emphasis mine.]

In other words, careful what you watch, what you listen to, and especially what women and children are exposed to. It can literally wreck a society, as Hollyweird dreck and Miley Cyrus are wrecking this one.

Treehouse of Horror VI: Attack of the 50 ft. Eyesores contains an important message about advertising and media

Treehouse of Horror VI: Attack of the 50 ft. Eyesores contains an important message about advertising and media

The Media Must Die

In short, mass media is the most insidious form of thought and mind control that has ever been conceived. It obviously molds people into the mess of broken humanity we now see coast to coast in America.

How do we fight back against this evil?

Whether through self-inflicted wounds i.e. the fact nobody believes the news channels anymore, or as The Simpsons suggested in Treehouse of Horror VI, when people turn off their television sets the media and its deleterious effects on society will go away. In that Simpsons episode, a cosmic radiation storm caused advertising symbols came to life, and Lisa ran to the ad agency that created them looking for a solution.

Lisa: If your advertising agency created all those giant characters, you must know how to stop them.

Advertising Man: Well sir, advertising is a funny thing. If people stop paying attention to it, pretty soon, it goes away.

Lisa: Like that old woman who couldn’t find the beef?

Advertising Man: Exactly. If you stop paying attention to the monsters, they’ll lose their powers.

The Simpsons metaphor works nicely. If we collectively stop paying attention to the media except to mercilessly call them out on their bullshit, while looking elsewhere for information and entertainment (how about starting by living exciting lives instead of watching overpaid idiots pretend to have exciting lives!) the monsters of social engineering and consumerism plaguing modern society will also lose their powers.

The Network film character Howard Beale gave us a premonition of what we must collectively do.

So turn off your television sets. Turn them off now! Turn them off right now! Turn them off and leave them off. Turn them off right in the middle of this sentence I’m speaking to you now. Turn them off!

Turning off mass media mind control from all centralized sources, including television, movies, and radio, may be the best thing we can do to cleanse the cancer eating Anglo society alive and turning the Western world towards abject tyranny.

I have personally not watched television in over a year since leaving the news industry, and my mind is more focused than it has ever been in my life. I will likely never own another television in my life. Come join me, life is better without mind control in your life.

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  1. Great article. Don’t watch any tv period its all poison. As for the televised news don’t watch that either, you may be really good at sifting out fact from fiction but nobody is perfect and eventually if you watch it you will believe the lies they peddle.
    I had an epiphany while in the supermarket line the other day, in front of me was a 300 lbs woman in skintight sweats buying junk food. I thought to myself wow there goes someone who loves watching tv. Then I realized that every fat person I have ever known loves watching tv its the common denominator.

    1. Fat people love programmings. And the media loves that they love programming. Latest thing I saw that correlates with both is an article suggesting the new ‘average’ woman is a size 16-18 in America.
      Now I have seen the Fatpocalypse hit America hard. But it is nowhere near 1 out of 3 odds of seeing a heifer on a day to day basis. But if you’re fat, and love programming, you will buy into this because you love programming and the media loves you fat.
      Good catch on pairing the two.

        1. Put it this way. This is what American women used to be and I find mostly come close to, if you are in a nice space. Times have warped this a bit, to include hair, piercing, and weight changes where most men will not be see them as attractive, but since American women have a stranglehold on sex, American men by and large, usually accept.

        2. Men have a biological compulsion to spread their seed to as many females as possible. Since rape is now a concept, you’re largely resigned to the willing.

        3. Exactly. If men would stop this stupid ass thirst bullshit and start getting some standards, this shit would stop.

        4. I am not even sure how, after seeing this, I could fuck a hot woman for at least a week.

        5. Good, maybe you can use that time to learn how to use guitar pro 5 and learn something besides totos Africa…

        6. That is fucking disgustingly huge. Most of the girls I date are a 0,2 or 4 and, allowing for tits and alterations I will accept certain size 6. A size 8 is pretty much straight up fat. A size 16 is something you need a specialty store for.
          The Russian bird I was seeing was a size 00 but she was a tiny thing. When you think of a legit hot chick with big tits like, say, a young Kate Upton she was a size 4 plus absurdly large cans. So unless a dress was custom she would need an 8 and then leave the titty area and then get the rest of it tailored down to fit her small body.
          A size 16-18 would be like the fat bitch on Ghostbusters or bigger.
          Source: I spend a lot of time defiling girls in the fashion industry.

        7. That song is so fucking hard dude! seriously, the changes are absurd. I have all the chords I just can’t master the changes. I actually borrowed a friends bango and have been practicing finger picking. I imagine that my neighbors on the upper east side of new York are wondering WTF is going on in my apartment as they hear a bunch of Earl Scruggs music coming through the walls.

        8. a young Kate Upton she was a size 4 plus absurdly large cans

          This level of girl seems to be the kind that can’t stand not having my full attention. That look is my bread and butter.
          She was a doll baby when she was skinny. Too bad she’s larded out. Such a waste.

        9. Isnt a 16 today a 20-plus size 40 or 50 yrs ago? I think someone on this site pointed this out

        10. I think we both know it’s time to move on to a different song. Also, props on the banjo. That shit is all backwards to me. Also, I had to google Earl Scruggs.

        11. I’d be surprised if they made anything that size in clothing fashionable for young people. I imagine a porker would be forced to shop for the trends that the acceptably overweight 50 year olds would be wearing.

        12. If he were only alive just to comment on all of these modern shenanigans. Bummer I never got to see him live on stage. Last of the greatest.

        13. Right?
          What’s really got to be deflating to Nice Guys, is that many women have reported having one or more orgasms during an actual rape. It’s like they’re hard wired to be taken by the most brutish men in the world.
          So, hey, sorry Phil Pinkshirt, but being super nice and sensitive, eh, not gonna do much for her.
          (this is not advocating rape, just nothing the biological realities that nature has programmed into us. I am however advocating not being a soft, flaccid “Nice Guy”)

        14. Banjo is near. The fingering is pretty easy to pick up. The difficulty is in the finger picking. I have never used fingerpicks before so the first part was just getting used to that. Then I spent some time just picking at open strings.
          Banjo tuning is GDGBD so you basically have a nice open G to work with. Then you do the standard dueling bangos. Like I said, the fret work was fairly easy to pick up. You are just playing an open G. But that finger picking is a pain in the ass. I really want to get it down based solely on the fact that one day I will be sitting in a place and there will be a banjo and I will just pick it up and play it and people will wonder where a boy from new York city learned to play the banjo.

        15. “14 after dropping 50 lbs.”
          She dropped 50 pounds. I can only assume that this came about because she rolled over and killed Slacious B Crumb.

        16. Yup. She was always standing on that slippery slope that went straight to the fat farm. While she kept skinny it just meant she had a perfect body and a healthy looking face. But fame and money and attention and age all conspired against her.

        17. I was going to go with that but I can never resist a fat girl / salacious b crumb joke.

        18. Great job on the disclaimer GOJ. When I was in college, worked at a sporting goods store with this slutty Asian girl. She told me her fantasy was to get raped. She (literally hitler) said “I would pretend not to like it, but deep down I want it so much”
          She ended up cheating on her BF with me. Real classy girl. It’s been 10 years, found her on FB… married with 3 kids. Her husband will never know the shit I know about her.

        19. Wait, so are you learning to play the banjo hoping that one day you’ll get the opportunity to (literally hitler) troll someone with it in real life? Are you seriously learning how to finger pick out of spite just so you can shove it in someones face? Hahah

        1. Currently reside in Chicago, the first place where I’ve seen women without necks and cankles are a thing. Even here they are quite a few attractive women and overweight women are slightly under 30 percent. But the poorer the area the more this increases.

      1. The nice thing about fat people who can’t be arsed to get off of the couch, is that they generally won’t bother to vote since, you know, that requires getting off of the couch.
        Well, I hope, anyway.

        1. Oh right, my bad. And the dead too. Damn it, how did I not think this through?

      2. Question — and I mean this because I have always wondered. Is it that fat people love the programmings or that the programmings contribute to obesity. My guess is that it is kind of a symbiotic relationship of codependency.

        1. Your conclusion is spot-on. Whales also travel in pods. My dad would exhort my mother to ditch her whale-pod, to no avail. The pod would enable each other.

        2. I find that question intriguing. I would wager that fat people hunger for the programming because the programming contributes to the obesity. Symbiotic relationship in it’s truest form. Place a person in an area where they can’t rely on programming for safe living and they will likely drop pounds. Shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the fattest people have the most comfortable forms of living. Entertainment, drugs, access to sex without effort in a relative need based way.

        3. I buy that your hypothetical would work but there are too many variables in the need to create ones own safety that you couldn’t peg it just to the programming.
          I wonder what would happen if you took a moderately overweight person….not a total fat ass but your basic American man with a gut who talks about how when he was in high school he was in such good shape and watches sports ball etc. You take this guy and change no other aspect of his life but remove all television and movies and intertubes for three months.
          I wonder what would happen. Are there any guys here on ROK who are a little overweight and watch sports or other programmings and willing to give it a shot. Given Red Hook here is correct, and I do believe he is, a break in the symbiotic cycle of tv to man and man to tv and back and forth again and again might actually trigger the weight loss.
          I would say that you can still read books and even news papers or magazines but absolutely no passive entertainment….

        4. Here’s what happens, you drop 40 lbs (with a modest bit of exercise) in those 3 months like it’s nothing.

        5. well that would be impossible without you giving a link for everyone to go to (shameless plug).
          (I would say no internet at all just because to say you are going on the internet just to read informative and intelligent blog entries, such as the ones to be found at , is basically the media consumption equivalent of saying you are going to the bar for one drink)

        6. That is my guess. If I dropped 40 pounds I would look like I have cancer filled with aids. I was wondering if there was anyone out there willing to be a lab rat. I will design a healthy but not overly aggressive 12 week food and exercise plan which must be followed and total unplugging from tv movies and internet. I would do a weekly interview and weigh in online and we would co-write a blog “The No Media Consumption Diet”

        7. Haha, well actually I was asking for myself. I am 6’0″ and about 215 lbs, so I fit nicely into your musings of a slightly overweight guy. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV per se, although I do listen to YouTube stations while getting stuff done around the house. I’m curious of the outcome of a 3 month TV/Internet hiatus (minus reading online articles and writing on my blog).

        8. Fun fact: Codependency is called this way because it is not the codependent who is the ‘addict’ in the relationship. It is the narcissist who is dependent on the co-dependents validation and praise, which he/she willingly provides.

        9. I really and honestly question the very concept of “co-dependent”. By how they define it, it describes all human marriages throughout history. And the way it’s used now is as a weapon, to basically shame people for being deeply in love with each other. At least as I’ve heard it used.

        10. I was actually aware of this. It is a very interesting thing, codependency, frightening in all aspects.

        11. If you take it to mean some kind of totally destructive social relationship, yeah. I usually hear it as a slam against people who are a happy couple, almost always from some sore, fat loser Leftist who couldn’t attract ants if she covered herself in honey.

        12. people who use it as a slam aside, there are serious narcissists out there that create incredibly harmful and dangerous relationships that end badly for everyone involved.

        13. That’s one thing I like to disagree with. A narcissist can’t just ‘create’ such a relationship. It has to be co-created. Badaaam. By the co-dependent.

        14. True enough. No disagreement. the “co” in codependency means it takes two to cha cha. I misspoke out of common use though, not out of a lack of agreement here.

        15. Good question. I think this ‘narcissist’ shit is getting thrown around quite a lot and I am starting to question it myself. It somehow makes you wonder … everybody goes around accusing everybody with a modicum of confidence a ‘narcissist’, but where did these people get it from? Are they psychologists? Did they study this? Nah. They probably saw a handful of sitcoms where the ‘jerk’ is called a ‘narcissist’. Bam.
          That said, I occasionally meet this type of personality that I would personally call a narcissist. Characterized by a kind of extreme overwhelming, yet superficial charm. Example: I was at a money company for a programming project. I was not in a particularly good mood and when this is the case, I usually know people don’t like me too much. But one of those guys came like … radiating with charme and took my hand and looked into my eyes and said ‘Nice to meet you’, as if we had been best friends for the past 10 years. When the meeting ended, he did the same: ‘So very nice to have met you’. Not in a gay way, mind you. More in a ‘buddies for life’ way, despite the fact we had just had a short impersonal conversation. And he had this alpha smirk on his face the whole time.
          Now, nothing against those behaviors per se. But they kind have to fit into the situation. In this case, it just felt extremely unharmonious and fake. Like he was a playactor. In fact, the only other time when I felt this way was when I was around a couple of actors who were playing around for fun.

        16. Yeah, that’s the classical narrative. Victimlike co-dependent snatched by evil narcissist. Usually that means: Innocent girl spoiled by evil abusive jerk.
          And when you look around on co-dependency forums and stuff like that, you basically get a lot of old ugly women and a handful of ‘nice guys’ who talk about ‘their’ narcissists. Cringeworthy.

        17. right. the innocent girl traps the narcissist by making him feel important in the way that he is pathologically inclined towards. It is just as often that the narcissist tries to get away but is emotionally blackmailed by the “victim” to stay than the other way around.

        18. Youth have been trained to be triggered from the cradle when placed in front of the boob tube, codependents to the tube

        19. there is something different that happens when two mentally unstable people meet and one of them is a narcissist and the other is a pathological victim where they basically torture each other and find that they can’t live without each other. It is really fucking unhealthy and not at all the way people try to portray couples who have very normal attachments to one another. That is like the difference between saying “this is my buddy he is so crazy” and “this is my buddy Jeffery Dahmer, he is so crazy”

        20. Like “nature vs nurture” or any other complex societal question, the answer is never 100% one or the other, but consider:
          Fat people are mentally weak. Fat people have extremely low self confidence or pride. When I see an obese person, I think there is a person who has no willpower.
          Fat people also eat so much food by volume that they are consuming large amounts of all these GMOs, additives, drugs, and even things like sugars and milk protein, which have addictive qualities. Also, they are definitely eating a lot of processed foods and chemical garbage, because you just can’t get to be 300 pounds eating broccoli and salads.
          Weak willed people crave direction and domination. They are fundamentally lazy. Who is the last successful fat person you can think of? Chris Farley who died in his prime of obesity and drug use? This is a blind guess, but I’d be willing to bet his finances and his home were a literal Hitler mess.
          A fat person will never be the CEO of a corporation. But they will happily process TPS reports day in and day out, provided you give them sufficient credits to pay for additional fast food and media entertainment.
          On top of that, I believe most people, fat or not, do not crave freedom so much as direction, safety, and entertainment, so combine that with a sedentary lifestyle and fast forward 50 years, and you have a nation of obese idiots.

        21. This talk always reminds me of a girl I was infatuated with.
          She had this on-and-off relationship (is that even a real thing??) with a kind of bad boy type who did seem a bit unstable tho. Basically, she would get together with him and talk about how amazing it all was and how the world was beautiful. Then they would part and she would be about how her world is shattered forever and shit like that. Fucking lunacy.
          Anyhow, a good example of how this works is the last time I had contact with her. Basically, I had exchanged some public Facebook posts with her that were between flirtatious and sexy. A bit later she told me her boyfriend had given her trouble about it. (Despite them not being together at that time)
          Well, I must have had some kind of fixed idea in my head that I have to confront the guy or something, so I sent him a PM, basically saying I am not in the mood to have to listen to her bullshit about how he treats her badly. (I know, I know. Idiotic move, borderline delusional).
          Anyhow, he didn’t read the message immediately. A while later he and her ‘FINALLY’ broke up. She was like, in tears, and like ‘Omg I just kicked the only person I ever loved out of my life cryyyyyyy. Its forever overrrr’. They had no contact after that.
          Another while later he receives my message and answers, basically saying (among other stuff irrelevant to this post): Well, she is an insecure person and it breaks my heart she is flirting around with men just to get validation. She is unable to recognize what she has in me and that is why I need to teach her a lesson and leave her once and for all.
          We exchanged a few more messages where I said a few things about her that weren’t too nice (but basically among the lines of what he said himself).
          Now what happened next is fucking ridiculous. This guy who broke up contact with her … takes my exchange with him … and posts that conversation into her inbox. To ‘show her how evil I am’. I thought this was a total wuss move and hardly cared at that point.
          She ends up being totes pissed at me, but says: Well, at least we finally had a chance to have a long phone call together again. (with her ‘boyfriend’).
          Apparently, after this episode, they were together again, more or less.
          What a fucking theatre.

        22. This is my experience. My big question is: WHat about people who aren’t obese . They are active but they have put on a few pounds with age. The feeding back and forth between passive media and their minds might actually push them in that direction.
          Farley’s finances were either totally handled by someone who had him on an allowance or were a total mess. I believe that.
          The question with the fat person is whether or not the cycle can be short circuited. If you can give pride and confidence to a fat person, give them willpower, that would be the greatest thing. I personally believe that, at least up until a point, you can. That you can do this with a very basic carrot and stick of shame (stick) and NOT praise, but results as the carrot.
          It would involve a drastic unplugging from the modern world. I mean everything. All food has to be homemade. All entertainment has to be active rather than passive. There is simply a total unplugging. Add to that the obvious results (rather than praise…this is important because praise just reinforces the bullshit and feeds it with a different fuel) and, after enough time, you may actually be able to fix fat people

        23. I have seen things like that play out between unhealthy people. It really is nuts but it is so predictable most the time it could be scripted. The one relationship I had was with a pathological victim who absolutely needed to be both victimized and protected. She was totally fucking insane. Getting involved with her was probably the biggest mistake of my life. After a life long time of avoiding shit like that the reasons I fell for it are all, in retrospect, obvious and boring. I think it gave me a greater awareness of how things work but, tbh, I could have lived without it.
          It sounds like, if anything, the bright side of your experience is that you got rid of this girl who seems like total poison and would have poisoned you as soon as she needed a new victim.

        24. I think that if you could prove it worked it would, at the very least, make you a fortune. It is one of the dozens of projects that I have in my head that my job doesn’t allow me to do because of time constraints. The title of the book would be Fixing Fat

        25. I believe there would be a monumental success rate using all home cooked meals, no passive entertainment, and exercise. But there are so many in the America, Inc power complex that would not want this to happen. The medical industry would hate losing their bread and butter (treating recurring fat people patients instead of people like me that go to the doctor once in 5 years). The multinational processed food companies would go nuts. The entertainment industry would flip out. The government would not like people becoming free and independent and thinking for themselves and feeling happy and powerful. So in other words it could never happen, at least on a large scale.
          There is a reason why The Matrix fights so hard against those who try to leave The Matrix.

        26. Agreed on all fronts. However, I think that by presenting it as a solution to being fat I will trigger fatties who will make such a stink that I am a fattist that they will give me free publicity.

        27. It’s weird. This girl, man. I know I’d never for a second want to be in a relationship with her. So much was clear to me even back then. And yet, I keep thinking of her. She was smoking hot. If I had the chance, I’d bang the hell out of her anytime.

        28. The triggering and the faux outrage is the key. That is the only reason Donald Trump isn’t just another Ron Paul.

        29. That is why he isn’t just another ron paul. In stead he is another Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader, Steve Forbes, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanon, George McGovern, Sarah Palin, Geraldine Ferraro, Al Gore (boy people really thought he got that election stolen from him), Earl Browder (did he even have a slogan?), Barry Goldwater, George Wallace and hundreds of other people who stirred up something that seemed like it was super big and then vanished.

        30. Agreed in the end, he doesn’t matter. At least for US. But for him, things couldn’t be going better. He is getting so much free publicity and media exposure. I didn’t know anything about him other than he is rich and owned casinos until this year. Now he comes to town and tens of thousands of people show up like he is a rock star. He is going to turn this into something much better than being president ever would have been.
          And in the end, would the world be very different if any of those people were president? OK Ralph Nader maybe. Actually I’d say Goldwater too. He would have forestalled the situation we’re in today by at least 4 years.

        31. Yep. He is going to do very well personally off of this. As for what the difference was? I think that if I took a watery shit into a jar filled with pickle juice you could put it in the oval office and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

        32. To be clear, I only think Nader or Goldwater could have had an effect at the times they ran. Today? Totally agree that the president is nothing more than the hood ornament of the big Murican SUV.

        33. I may have to check out Spain. I visited there Seville a few years back but I always wanted to go back. My Spanish is sub par though so that may limit my action. Unless if they are like Brazil or DR.

        34. Subpar is all you need my brother. My theory is that it forces both you and the girl to be more honest with your non-veral communication, which in turn increases the sensual aspect of the conversation.
          Add to that, the women in Spain love them some black men and you’re in like Flynn, no word of a lie.
          Brother my strike rate in Spain is higher than any other country and it has the hottest girls per capita of any country I’ve been to. I put it way ahead of the Eastern European countries because you have so many different types of women. And they are so feminine. Frankly I don’t understand why it never gets talked about on this site.

        35. Yeah but you can’t do push-ups all day. Four to five hours of moderate to intense exercise combined with an equal amount of walking is all you need. If you want to spend the rest of the week watching funny cat videos on YouTube you’ll be fine.

      3. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Spain lately and fat bitches are a rarity there. One thing that really springs out at me is that they don’t really eat junk food and the place is teeming with real markets offering fresh meat, fish and vegetables. It’s an awesome place. Madrid is filled with those Latinas we all like. Highly feminine and sexy women.

    2. local news EVERY SINGLE NIGHT
      someone got killed
      someone got raped
      car crash on the highway
      someone almost got raped
      something about empowering woman
      wrap up show with 30 second feel-good puff piece
      national news EVERY SINGLE NIGHT
      someone got killed- in another country
      someone got raped- in another country
      car crash on the highway-thats always domestic
      someone almost got raped- in another country
      something about empowering woman- in another country
      Trump sucks
      wrap up show with 30 second feel-good puff piece- in another country

      1. Actually Thoreau observed something similar (except the Trump part) even in his time. Why bother with a newspaper when the only thing that changes are the names of the victims, or something of that sort.

        1. Friend moved to Idaho, so I did a little reading on the state’s history. I was surprised to find out it had 6 newspapers around the year 1900- Rockafella owned 4 of them

      2. “someone got killed
        someone got raped
        car crash on the highway
        someone almost got raped”
        And always by a man, between 5’8 and 6’2 wearing a blue hat. That would be the best description we can give because we don’t want to be rayciss

        1. I love when they’d give descriptions of what he was wearing three days ago during the robbery. Because them criminals, boy, they don’t change their clothes man!
          But yes, anything to avoid giving an actual helpful physical description. It’s so fucking stupid, and insulting to even a modest intellect.

        2. The murderer was wearing a hoodie, had a mustache and a red had.
          Not even kidding they gave a description here with someone about a year ago who had a “red hat” I think, at the time, I even made a comment on ROK about how ridiculous it was. The description of a violent criminal meant to, at least, warn the public and hopefully lead to his apprehension was primarily based on the fact that he had a hat on. This is some 1970’s superfriends level crime fighting bullshit.

        3. Well to be fair, you can identify a spy if he’s wearing one red shoe, so I figure a criminal in a red hat would stand out like a sore thumb.
          And now I’m forced to look up Donna Dixon photos from that movie because she was so fucking hot in it, that it was painful.

        4. Ever since seeing it on the family guy I have consistently referred to the Donna Dixon line to great hilarity.

        5. “That drunken idiot (Robert E Lee) kicked your asses south of the Donna Dixon Line”

    3. I watch the occasional show while eating dinner. No big deal. But does TV create people or do people create TV?

    4. Just one more episode of gotham… please……. just one……. i quit tv 20yrs ago but torrents are so tempting….

  2. Honestly any mainstream nonsense is like McDonalds for your brain. Expand this none-consumption policy to written material, radio/podcasts, and even wasteful conversations.

  3. I blame cable TV especially, because in order to get that one sports channel you actually want/use… you get 100 that you don’t want.

  4. If you think the leg crossers are on Fox News for any other reason than sex appeal, you are mistaken…all media runs on sex-no shit, that’s why I started watching Fox News to begin with.

  5. The wife and I gave up cable for financial reasons earlier this year and have been sifting through our combined DVDs every since. On the plus its helped me trim flicks that are shit and I’m saving cash, on the bad the wife now wants one of those streaming services. I told her of you want it, you pay for it and I’ll crack open a book instead. I refuse to pay to watch the modern shit shows they call television and always keep in mind that there are far more things to do with one’s spare time.

    1. the cable biz is gonna crash- hard. Netflix and Hulu prove people will watch anything, no need for a million channels

      1. This is true. I mentioned above I am one of their latest defectors. People in their 40’s are jumping ship. That doesn’t bode well. Add to that shit like sling TV (20 bucks a month for 25 channels? sheeeet I was paying 171/month for cable plus a few extra movie channels, a landline that I never used once and my internet). I won’t bother with sling because I have no desire to see network and basic cable, but if you did you could get it significantly cheaper.
        Add to this the ease of torrenting tv shows, the sheer amount of interesting content online and the quality of video games now to be an actual movie where you are the main character…..
        Cable companies are not going to last.

        1. All I need is TCM for old movies, CoziTV for old sitcoms, and the goddamned cocksucking Mets channel for the Mets

        2. You get all those movies on Netflix for like 8 bucks a month, same with sitcoms and, as a life long mets fan, basically I just wake up, drink some pepto, curse the mets and move on. No need to actually watch.
          That said, the world series will be interesting this year. I want to know who will disappoint fans more. I think the Cubs will be beaten by the Steamers. Not because I think the Cleveland Steamers are such a great team, but because I really can’t understand a world in which the Cubs don’t totally disappoint their fans after building them up.

        3. No no no. The Cubs won in 2015. Have you NOT kept up with the documentary series Back to the Future?

        4. Nike is releasing sneakers that lace up themselves, Lexus has a prototype for a hoverboard…cant get all the predictions right

        5. I know it is pretty hilarious. And while it isn’t AS absurd, the Cleveland Steamers haven’t won since the 1940’s. It is really funny that in an election year when you have two totally unqualified and absurd presidential candidates running against each other you also have the totally absurd world series involving totally hilarious teams.

  6. Well, the nice thing is that according to even them, network and cable television, as well as MSM news and entertainment, are taking huge hits as people disconnect from them. The interwebs is starting to replace them as main sources of news and entertainment. There’s a reason Obama and the Left want so desperately to censor the interwebs, you see.

    1. I actually cancelled my cable a few weeks ago and am living in the murkey gray area of time that I already paid for but when it runs out that’s about it. I have intertubes, Netflix and a subscription to HBOGO which is actually cool and very content filled for a meager 15 bucks a month. Total savings in 90/month and not only am I not missing out on things, I think I will get a chance to see a bunch of things that I have, for the past 30 years, saying “oooh I want to see that” and then forgetting all about it.

        1. Yeah, last night I turned on my tv. I spent 25 minutes looking through the guide for something to watch and wound up putting on the Hobbit which I have seen 3 times and could just as easily have watched on Netflix. Only there were commercials. I watched for about 40 minutes and went to bed. I am paying over 100 dollars a month for this? I mean, fuckin’ a dude. What a scam. I think that having cable is just one of those remnants from my childhood. When I was a kid we had network tv and a few UHF channels. My cousins who had more dough had basic cable and it was great. By the time I was in my mid 20’s adults just had cable. That was the way of it. You move into an apartment and you call the cable company. Just like having a landline. dafuq is that for. It just feels like one of those things that grownups have. THese businesses are surviving purely on inertia. Once the eldest two generations die out….people in their 70’s and people in their 90’s….I can’t imagine a company like Time Warner being feasible.

        2. I guess what I meant: The film is tedious and “thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread”
          I’m a massive fan of the source-material, but that series was just painful.

        3. Agreed on all counts. That said, if I see that it is on I can put it on and watch. If nothing else, it looks cool. They really raped the books (in the trilogy but even more so in the prequel) but if it is on and I am bored I will just let it run.

        4. Yeah, friend of mine asked me to come deliver a new tv for his elderly neighbor. Turns out she had the full cable package plus internet access (she has no computer). Probably just got a letter in the mail from AT&T about 10 years ago that hey we are upgrading your landline service to this ultimate communication package and she just didn’t cancel.
          All she watches is PBS so we cancelled that shit and put in an antenna.

  7. I found I lost interest when the most informative news I watched was the website Naked News, whose bulletins told me more about the situation than the BBC.
    These days, I’m just bored with TV, maybe one decent documentary on once a week- 50 channels and there’s less interesting on then when there was only 4 channels.

    1. The shit level is the same, we just have more channels to choose from than ol’ Pink did in the 1970’s.

      I got elastic bands keepin’ my shoes on
      Got those swollen-hand blues
      I got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from
      I’ve got electric light
      And I’ve got second sight
      I got amazing powers of observation
      And that is how I know
      When I try to get through
      On the telephone to you
      There’ll be nobody home

      1. Not just TV……..
        They should have called themselves Pink Freud
        The lunatic is in the hall.
        The lunatics are in my hall.
        The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
        And every day the paper boy brings more.
        And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
        And if there is no room upon the hill
        And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
        I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.
        The lunatic is in my head.
        The lunatic is in my head
        You raise the blade, you make the change
        You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane.
        You lock the door
        And throw away the key
        There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

        1. Yeah, Roger Waters used the band as his own personal attempt at psychotherapy, I don’t think anybody would disagree with that.

        2. Well, you know, he has a mouse, and it hasn’t got a house, I don’t know why he calls it Gerald. It’s getting pretty old, but he’s a good mouse.
          Like…what the fuck?

  8. How about factual news though? If an airliner has crashed, a terrorist plot was foiled, or was carried out, if the stock exchange is losing 10% in a day etc? I want to know that it happened. How are you aware that Brexit happened if you never watch any MSM at all? (other than people who watch MSM telling you after the fact)

    1. News sites on the internet, I’d think. And I don’t mean or whatever (which are basically the MSM). There is also a huge variety of foreign news sites to choose from who report things going on in America with a detached disinterest. I’ve learned more about American events going to British and Aussie new sites than I could ever get from the MSM here. And that’s sad.

      1. Ah I AM actually outside the US and watch mostly French or British news but we all know they’re both leftist af too.

        1. Actually yeah foreign media is what I will watch if I absolutely have to watch the news. They have no bias (or I should say much less bias–the globalization combined with the reach of multinational corporations will soon homogenize the world where Vietnam is the same as Texas). Anyway if you don’t like BBC try RT. I like them both.

      1. I’d like to meet the man who did that and present him with a laurel and hardy handshake at having achieved the level of Master Troll of the Universe.

        1. He officially is the king of trolling. At this point no one has taken that crown from him. Possible contenders:
          1) If Kanye came out one day and spoke eloquently and said “the last 10 years….yeah….I was just screwing with you…everything….everything I did over the last 10 years was to take the piss out of everyone. Pretty much, after my fame from gold digger I decided that I was going to have a total blast and make everyone think I was a total fucking douche but it was all a joke. Now, if you excuse me, I was just offered an endowed chair in physics at the Fermi Labs
          2) If on Novemeber 8 both trump and Hilary said “psych!” we were just kidding and then the real presidential candidates came out.
          Short of that the only person that can possibly be considered a greater troll than the Wi Tu Lo guy is Andy Kaufman.

    2. Print media is dying, but I’ve always gotten much more from waiting and hearing the journalists who have time to actually study and learn about the topic and write an article about it in a news weekly, than by whatever some fake tittied broad will read from a teleprompter. I mean, if it’s actual armegeddon I guess I would tune in to live news but otherwise no, if anything they will give you misinformation / disinformation.

        1. I don’t watch the Walking Dead, but there seems to be a lot of controversy over whether he’s really dead or not. I believe there was an interview where they hinted that he wasn’t really killed.

        2. His head was literally pounded into hamburger. Its a good thing you dont watch it- I have never seen such brutality on basic cable…its gone too far

        3. Two characters met that fate, viewer was spared no gory detail. Nagan was going to make Rick cut off Coral’s arm…its like torture pron at this point

        4. I agree, I’ll watch a Tarantino film or whatever, but that actually had me looking away from the screen. Anyway, it’s a silly show, it’s a soap opera with gore. I only watch because my friend has a fun watch party every Sunday.

  9. Not only must the television be shut off, but minds must be free of enslavement to the social media as well. All media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others, do is to spread the toxin from those who won’t withdraw to those who do. Limit time on computers and cell phones. Get out and TALK to people face-to-face. Read books. Exercise.
    Step out of the artificial electronic world!!!

  10. Excellent article! I agree 100%. We do watch TV but it is not mainstream channels or shows. We watch ZERO TV “news” including sexy “news” from Faux News.
    Our parents warned us about the boob tube long ago. Lets face it… our parents were right!

    1. It’s funny…parents warned their kids about the boob tube but not until after letting their children be raised by it for the most part.
      Of course there are exceptions, but as a general rule, children born after 1980 were more or less raised by the television and then, in their teens, told it was bad for them.
      I always liked Postman’s analysis of Sesame Street in Amusing Ourselves To Death. He was the only person really to come out and say that Sesame Street was detrimental to children’s cognitive abilities.
      Things like the ability to change the channel or just get up and walk away in the middle of the show basically are responsible for the total tanking of our attention span during our most formative years and, because Sesame Street couldn’t ensure regular viewership of all the viewers, stuff like “math” that was taught by The Count, was never able to get further than basic addition or subtraction. The result here was that after three years of watching Sesame Street a child would be conditioned that education is optional and when it gets boring or difficult you can just walk away and that there is not exponential growth in difficulty along the way.

        1. If you haven’t read it you should. It is a little dated as he wrote it (and subsequently died) prior to a point where the internet was really a major part of peoples lives, but the work in that book is excellent.

      1. I think the big fuck up is that our brains, due to how we evolved, are incapable of distinguishing fantasy and reality. Or rather, reality and a very convincing illusion of reality.
        I swear, my idea about what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal behavior’ was 50% shaped by seeing actual people interact and 50% by what I was made to believe ‘normal people behave like’ in movies and on TV. It’s comical and sad. Such a debilitatingly easy brainwashing technique.

      2. More precisely, what I meant to say: Our memory does not distinguish between fact and fiction. So basically, we watched a lot of romantic movies from Hollywood and we actually feel like we have gotten a lot of girls by being nice caring simps. It feels like a real experience in our memory. The brain does not distinguish.

        1. This is, of course, a big problem. It is why movies (like the kneeman’s all time favorite Casablanca) made for a much more grounded people. Yes, it was still an absurd love story but it didn’t resolve into some feel good happy ending. In the end you still don’t know the fate of occupied france, the two lovers are separated, ostensibly forever, for a greater good and two men become unlikely friends and wind up leaving on the heels of being put into a concentration camp presumably to travel the world and just see what happens.

        2. You miss the difference between the two, though. Flying pigs are presented to us, in real life and tv, as examples of ‘fiction’. Meanwhile falsified engineered social behavior in TV is presented to us as ‘real’.

        3. This exactly.
          We are meant to laugh at the idea of a flying pig. It is given to us as a paradigm of the ridiculous. It is there to ease us.Essentially the flying pig is the lube that allows us to take the fucking of “everything turns out great and the nice guy gets the girl and everyone lives happy”

        4. Not sure that is exactly what I meant.
          But this reminds me of another manipulative ‘technique’: Showing actual truth. But selling it as fiction.
          Consider for example ideas that movies like ‘Matrix’ and ‘Fight Club’ brought into our awareness. Makes us think: Well, those obviously aren’t true, else they wouldn’t let us see those movies.
          Or movies about government corruption.
          It’s funny that our ‘fiction’ is actually FULL of stuff that is actually going on.
          And then when somebody says the gov may be actually corrupt, the reaction is: Meh, dude, you watched too many Hollywood movies. That is not real life.

        5. No, I am not. What I am saying is that as a director and creator of a show, you can use subtle clues to indicate that something is ‘real’ or a ‘joke’. So you basically have a few options:
          – Stuff you want the people to believe: You give clues that this is ‘serious’. Like values and morals we are meant to adopt. Important speeches of characters.
          – Stuff you want people to think is fake: Conspiracy theories, distrust in government. You basically give the viewer clues that those are just ‘metaphors’ used to transport ‘the message’.
          – Realily acknowledged to make the package more convincing: Show that flying pigs are just a joke and fiction. Show that over-the-top action and lone-superheroes-against-armies are just stylization. Etc.

        6. Yeah, this makes sense. I do hold out on stuff like the matrix only because I believe the matrix to be a totally absurd fiction. The matrix portrays a simulation of a world that is superimposed over a real world with the simulation being the things we experience in day to day and the real world being the dystopian battery farm blah blha blah.
          The truth is, that is basic Plato’s cave bullshit. This is based on theories that are thousands of years old and about as relevant as leeching. It isn’t that the simulation doesn’t exist. It is that the “real world” doesn’t exist. The simulation is a simulation and there is nothing else. It is a dream had by no one. Plato believed that there was the lightening we see and then there was the lightning itself. That he separates these two modes of being is a testament to the lack of understanding of the world that his time possessed. It was brilliant for the time but it is quint and silly now. The lightning we see IS the lightning itself and the simulation of reality IS reality.
          Still, I believe your larger point is right…..especially with movies like fight club and American psycho (though I am always hard pressed to know if the point comes through in American Psycho the movie without the book as I had already read the book a few times before the movie came out)

        7. “Showing actual truth. But selling it as fiction”
          Thank you, I said it for year, When they want to ridicule some idea, they make a movie about it so when you bring the issue people will think, come on! That was movie X or Y you are insane. WE DON’T LIVE IN A MOVIE DUDE! Remember that trend in the late 90,s of movies where the government spy on you, clearly the idea is insane that just happen in the movies, like that will smith movie or how in every early 00s and late 90s the president was always black like preparing you for was is coming.

        8. I blame Princess Leia, my first crush. Return of the Jedi came out at just the time I was hitting puberty….. man I cracked off a few to that copper bikini…..

        9. I was quite enjoying the new series of Black Mirror until the virtue signalling episode with the rug munchers driving off into the sunset…. Thelma and Louise?

        10. Check it out….. very caustic view of society and modern tech. Season 3 out on Netflix, bigger budgets but not necessarily better viewing although has some good mindfucks this season.

        11. You should check out the ‘despecialized’ edits of Star Wars. Some fans dug out old film rolls and reference material and restored the original theatric release from 1977 or whatnot.

        12. Hey, have you ever wondered about the subtex of this text?
          “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”
          Bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
          Sounds scary right? Unless … you bring them all into the darkness. And in that darkness, they feel alone. So you offer your ‘light’ and ‘solidarity’ and ‘social stuffs’ and collectivistic ideas and you ‘bind them’ together.

        13. The rule is that there can only be two. A master and an apprentice. Apparently, this was introduced in the Sith kingdom by some guy after too widespread use of the force lead to chaos or something.
          It’s interesting to note that while in Star Wars, ‘sith’ are simply ‘the evil guys’, they were originally exiled Jedi who fled to some planet where the native population (the Sith) was force sensitive, but not as skilled and adored them as gods and made them their rulers.

        14. didn’t know that. Quite interesting actually
          But you seem to have missed the fact that “number two” = poo. Hence for a shitlord, there can only be number two

        15. It’s rhyming slang. Part of the fruity richness of the english language.
          Actually you appear to be inadvertently referencing an old episode of BlackAdder (Private Plane):
          “von Richthoven: How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing. For us, it is a mundane and functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture.”

        16. Right. But it is more likely bind the other rings to the one ring in the darkness of secrecy as the rings of power were given to men, elves and dwarves under the guise of benevolent help.
          A good interpretation but doesn’t really work with the text

        17. Black Mirror reminds me of new jack twilight zone. I was into it until the episode you mentioned. Shame

      3. Shit, that book has been on my list for years! Hah. I figure at this point I already know most of his conclusions, or read similar stuff here on ROK or other sources.

        1. It is really a good book with excellent conclusions and it is well written. I truly wish the man lived long enough to update it for the internet generation

  11. America is not a country as much as it is a coast to coast eatery and shopping mall. Sarcasm is now the national language.
    Other than a couple of ONS a year that just seem to fall in my lap, and might turn into mini-relationships, I avoid domestic women. I barely even flirt until my plane crosses the border. I hate to write off a whole nation, but your strip club experience describes perfectly my observations of American women. They simply don’t trigger that primal drive in me the way sweet sexy feminine foreign women do.
    The big problem is that money is fucking addictive. I’m not even very materialistic. I don’t go out a lot, don’t watch media other than torrented films or HBO series, and eat out at restaurants once a week tops. And yet I still find it difficult to leave America when it can offer me a large salary. I’ve heard many say that is the only thing America has left going for it, and yes you can make more money here. But holy shit your soul suffers.
    I’m at the point where another 5 years would probably give me enough cash to retire on abroad, but I may not be the same person in 5 years. Especially after she-who-must-not-be-named comes to power.
    I say this mainly to encourage guys on the fence to just go for it and try it, especially if you are young. Once you hit 30 it becomes harder to make the clean break. I still travel abroad at least a month or two out of the year, but I feel like my time back in America is just like a prison sentence. I’m working hard for 10+ months to earn my liberty pass.

    1. The coast to coast eatery and shopping mall may be going the way of the drive-in movie theater and blockbusters.
      It is projected that a third of malls will close soon. Stores like Aeropostate are pulling out and anchor stores are foolding while online clearinghouses are taking up the slack.
      Malls were soooo great for hot sweet young nubile eye candy walking around. Mall game was where it was at in the 80’s-2000’s. Damn I’ll miss malls. 🙁
      AAARGH! Dear lord please don’t tell me I’ll have to go selling vacuum cleaners door to door to meet these girls now that they’re stuck indoors ordering online and turning into couch potatos
      That does it. “Lord, lord above please watch over me so I don’t go and stick a plastic “SPORK” in my nose and cry a pulddle” Don’t tell me this is coming to an end.
      Beep beep

      1. 1/3 of malls closing- is that a number from peak mall-age 10 years ago, or is that 1/3 of remaining malls?

        1. The 1/3 number came from Forbes or Business Insider. What’s happening to the enclosed mega shopping malls nationwide and in Canada is quite sudden. When one mall closes its doors, other nearby mall owners and holding groups begin to brace themselves and risk abandonment or maintain the empty mall and find alternate use. One mall was converted into a large hospital complex but othes decay like Cleveland’s Randall Park Mall, the world’s biggest when it was built in 1976. It closed in 2009 and is slated for demo.

          Another of the many many mall fatalities nationwide was Rolling Acres Mall (Akron) which was thriving and undergoing major expansion through the late 90’s.
          (Booming in early spring ’91)

          Doors closed in 2011 but the lights remained on until unpaid electrical bills sent electricians in to dismount the meters. They found a scrap metal scavenger’s body that had been electrocuted while trying to steal copper from hvac systems. So the place is rumored haunted now like many other empty malls where vandals leave satanic symbols drawn in darkened stores amid blood spatterings, broken windows, human shit and graffiti.
          Most malls were built in the 70’s and sold American made goods to buyers who spent income earned from the manufacture of the domestic goods. By the 2000’s NOTHING was made in the USA and between 2004 and 2014, the spending money wasn’t coming back from China and a ‘third’ of the malls folded. 2010-2011 was the peak crash when concurrently 100% smartphone ownership was reached and online merchants realized an open turf to claim and expand the sale of Chinese-made goods.
          Mostly I’m going to miss the sexy WHITE CHICKS in high heels at the malls that are also being replaced by refugees and illegals . . . . . .
          but wait . . . . . . TRUMPMANIA is coming. These empty malls are cheap now, but they would be great places to clean up with a little TLC and host RED PILL RALLIES, neomasculinity seminars, Gold’s Gyms, gun shops galore, yoga/gymnastic boot camp centers for the ladies, center aisle Bar-BQ kiosks and open floor fight club matches in the atriums while ladies shop for AMERICAN MADE high heels in every store. . .yes, and Trump could visit each mall going through rebirth/renovation and he could host the many local beauty pagaents where all the young nubile sexy bad millennials compete for their pedigree stamp confirming their SMV and unicorn status.
          What a great “thank you” to the hardworking local men that would be. The cheering cries of “thank you Trump” has yet to begin.
          Yes, and malls where OPEN TITTIE FEEDING is allowed so long as you’re wearing heels.

          Yes Trump 2016.

  12. Great article. The message is too important and must be repeated…ceterum censeo mass media delenda est.
    The problem is that pop culture doesn’t seem tobe dying off and collapsing…unlike the mainstream news fewer and fewer people are listening to. Where is the alternative music and film industry?

    1. Alternative music died around 2001(thanks Napster!). I have friends of friends who were signed to legit indie labels, all three bands dropped around that time. Its all about gravy train “artists” now. It took a few more years for indie films to go away. The studios want shoestring(less than 10 million budgets) or blockbusters(100 million plus). Ive read stories of David Lynch and Dave Cronenberg looking for financing in the 30-40 million range, and no one will touch them…

      1. ohhh you are awful……(said in a very camp manner ala Kenneth Williams)…. Ice Cube wrote a song about her…..
        Giving up the nappy Dugout….. for those of you not familiar with the track, red pillage back in the ’90’s…..
        A lotta niggas like bustin’ nuts in her teeth.
        Drink it up, drink it up, even though she’s Catholic,
        That don’t mean shit, ’cause she’s givin’ up the ass quick.
        Quicker than you can say “candy”, the bitch is on my Snicker…and oh man she
        Can take on three men built like He-Men;
        Her little-bitty twat got gallons of semen.
        Fourteen niggas in line ready to bang your
        Pride-and-joy, I mean daddy’s little angel.

        1. the young barbara windsor drinking a gallon of semen and kenneth williams responding “ooh, matron”?
          Did they ever make Carry on Bukkake

  13. I almost didn’t click this article because my thought was “Duh, I know that” but it turned out to be excellent. I’ve been looking for a modern philosopher to study, so thanks for the introduction to Illich. Can anyone recommend one of his works in particular? It looks like most of his books were published in the 70s. Good to see he is still around criticizing modern culture.

      1. Shit I was afraid of htat. I meant he was around long enough to critique modern media culture, but as soon as I started researching him I saw that he would be really really fucking old today. Anyway, even more impressive that he made those comments considering he died 5 years before the iphone!

  14. “News Reporters Are Prostitutes”
    The japs evidently realised this ages ago when they started doing videos with men coming on the pretty newscasters face. At the time I thought it disgusting porn rather than the biting social satire that it clearly was
    Re. the message of the article, we should certainly disengage from consuming mainstream media, but this is probably a very opportune moment (at least in the US) to challenge the power of the media given the growing awareness of media partiality against Trump (I think consensus would be too strong a word – there is still huge levels of denial). Protesting through non-consumption could certainly work to the extent that the effect is significant and the elites pockets are hurt, but surely this would be the perfect time to start campaigning to against news and media monopolies, including the fact that something like 6 corporations own most of the news media (I think that’s in the US at least). If Trump loses, it still wouldn’t be that hard to demonstrate that the media as a whole showed massive and sustained partiality, and that as the third estate – an estate essential to the proper functioning of a democracy – it is incapable of performing its vital function.
    In the first instance that means distinguishing between entertainment and news media (even if Ron Burgundy reputedly presided over their final convergence). It also means that the issue can’t just be about Trump versus Clinton. Yes, the news media’s commitment to liberal values, particularly the wider social justice agenda has prevented it from performing its duty to be fair to Trump, but the reason this is a problem is not because of Trump versus Clinton (of course) but because of the way a failure of impartiality and journalistic integrity (in the same way Roosh experienced it earlier in the year) is a threat to democracy.
    In the immediate term that means winning an argument with the progressives and the progressive media. Their argument is that Trump (rather than Clinton and her lobbyists) is a threat to democracy. Trump would work with Putin (who the West likes to treat as an autocrat); Trump also denies the fairness of the election process, and – with reference to the topic at hand – he also claims – as the article does – that the media is massively biased against him. If Trump makes some kind of correction a possibility, it will be necessary at some point to move beyon Trump-Clinton specific issues, and focus on just the lack of impartiality shown by the media, and to trace this back a) to the corruption inherent to an overwhelming liberal bias that sees its purpose as furthering r a social justice agenda rather than ensuring truthful reportage and respect for process and b) the related fact that this reflects the corruption of the media’s control by a handful of hugely powerful organisation.
    If the title of the article is ‘the media must be dismantled’ then that would suggest that some kind of specific action needs to take place: in the first instance there would seem to be a strong case for these news organisations (wider media would need to be considered separately) to be broken up just as happens with anti-monopoly / anti-trust legislation

  15. Was feeling a little disconcerted today with the media in Europe and their coverage of the US election…. watched this and it was like plugging into the mains….. high voltage! I advise others if you’re feeling down to watch.
    Pray to Kek he gets in…..

        1. Not Baal. I think it’s a metaphor really. The golden calf is really just a symbol for worshipping a false idol. And what makes it false is not that it is ‘Baal’, but the very fact that it is an idol. There is no ‘true’ idol. An idol is a projection. In its basic form, this is attachment, I think.

        2. well that’s a very jewish / puritan answer. So you’re problem with Kek isn’t so much that he’s a frog but that’s he’s represented at all

        3. I don’t have a problem with Kek. (What is Kek btw? Donald?)
          I’d like this guy to become president over Hillary. But I don’t worship him or give incredible importance to him in my mind. I try to not live in the illusion that there is something ‘special’ about him or this election.

        4. “Kek (mythology) Wikipedia…..
          Kek (also spelled as Kuk or Keku) is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in ancient Egyptian religion. In the Ogdoad cosmogony, his name meant darkness. As a concept, Kek was viewed as androgynous, his female form being known as Keket (also spelled as Kauket), which is simply the female form of the word Kek.[1][2][3]
          Like all four dualistic concepts in the Ogdoad, Kek’s male form was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man, and the female form as a snake, or a snake-headed woman. As a symbol of darkness, Kek also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos. Also, Kek was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light. ”
          kek it seems is meme magic, which is apparently a form chaos magic. Donald Trump might seem like the light to us, but to the illuminati he represents the darkness before the light if this article is correct. The Donald is being primed to play his role as a lord of chaos – presumably within the context of the campaign. Then the illuminati will bring in a bearer of light. Hillary Clinton as the female lucifer / lillith. Witch Queen who will bring (central banker style) order to chaos.
          Or maybe Kek’s just a friendly frog

        5. Hah. Hillary = the lightbringer = Lucifer.
          Very well played, sir.
          I love that concept of darkness. Very mystical. But like anything, why get attached to it. People always act like you have to choose light or darkness. As if there was a real conflict between the two.

        6. A play on words. Somebody “drops the ball” it means that they messed up. You “dropped the ball”.
          Ok look, they can’t all be comedy gold. Heh

        7. Not really, no. The topic was Baal and you changed the topic (thus, dropping the Baal), while figuratively messing up michael’s premise. Or whatever. Don’t press me too hard, I didn’t put much thought into it, going instead for the quick zing over “making sense”.

      Stuff like this really does make me wonder if the election is totally rigged. Trump brings out tens of thousands. Kaine 30-50. In the swing state of Florida. Granted, Kaine is no Clinton but…

      1. He’s getting thousands to many tens of thousands at each rally now. So is Pence.
        Kaine was at a rally today too. Drew a whopping 30 people.
        But yeah MSM, keep telling me how Hillary has a lead.

        1. To be fair, though, that picture above doesn’t really show tens of thousands. A thousand maybe. It’s the wide angle that makes it appear like much more.

        2. Actually the Florida rally had tens of thousands (I actually heard that earlier today on the radio) regardless of what the photo looks like.

        3. Yeah, the first link above is the Kaine rally. Less than 50 there. The “rent is too damn high” guy could draw more attention.

        4. I was really hoping he was going to make a guest appearance this election cycle. Just good clean comedy gold, right there.

  16. I haven’t really checked this out, but the point is that there are campaigning organisations that are scrutinizing the role of the news media, recording instances of bias, and looking carefully at issues such as ownership by corporations – conflict of interests etc. This is focussed on the UK, and seems to have a lot to say about anti-Corbyn bias. Surely there must be similar for the US in the age of anti-Trump hysteria

  17. Women voting and Television are both within the top 10 reasons Western Society is in a downward spiral. To please the women, politicians are more concerned about the emotional aspect of a decision, rather than if it makes logical sense. The media knows this and will give air time to the emotional candidates to boost ratings or kiss up to the powers that be.

  18. I think it’s probably generational. The boomers have been completely brainwashed thanks to having a tv in their living room since they were kids in the 1950s.
    Myself as Gen X, I haven’t watched network television since the X-Files in the 1990s, and haven’t paid for cable since the early 2000s. Now, when I hear of a new show that interests me (like Westworld), I just pirate the individual episodes and watch them whenever I get around to it, if at all. I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial, it was literally in the 1990s.
    My millennial cousins and younger nieces and nephews don’t watch tv at all, though they do keep their noses buried in their tablets and phones, mostly messaging friends and playing mobile video games.
    Once the boomers die off, television news and probably television itself will die with them.

  19. This article rocked. I really enjoy reading Relampago’s work. Yes, presstitutes are all you will find among MSM “journalists”. I do watch TV, still, mostly to keep tabs on what the elite are up to. I laugh at nearly everything a newscaster or a political mouthpiece says. All you have to do is invert some of their words, if you want to know what’s really going on. “They are terrorists and they hate you for your freedoms.” (Translation: “We are terrorists and we hate you for your freedoms.”) “The president said it makes him heartsick, knowing more and more Americans have less and less to eat.” (Translation: “The president was overjoyed knowing more and more Americans have less and less to eat.”) “They are killing policemen due to being oppressed by the evil white man.” (Translation: “We are killing police or fabricating it, to oppress everyone other than the rich.”) Simple shit. Everything that anybody says on TV, is a lie. Every single thing. No exceptions.
    I also watch modern Hollywood films from time to time, just to scream with laughter over the obvious control that the intelligence community has over every single script – be it a movie, or a prime-time TV program. Always, it’s the same scenario. A white girl is hot for a black man (subtext – this is normal). A white girl is a social justice warrior, and she punches white men, and belittles them (subtext – this is normal). A tranny is part of a “normal” family and faces horrid bigotry from white men. A homo is part of a “normal” family and faces the same dilemma. There is no variation. None. Force-fed social engineering from horizon to horizon.
    Watching it occasionally, helps me see more clearly just how pervasive the whole thing really is…but if you are mostly asleep it’s a mind-control fuckfest, for sure. It allows a person to see clearly just how the controllers maintain control. They beam the shit right into the unsuspecting simp’s head.

    1. “Simple shit. Everything that anybody says on TV, is a lie. Every single thing. No exceptions.”
      I doubt it. This would imply that in the end, they are broadcasting truth, just reversed 180. In other words, it implies that you can actually distill truth from their broadcasts.
      I think reality is more like 66% lies and 33% obvious truth. Mix together two colors and you can no longer separate them.

      1. What they are trying to sell you is a lie, no exceptions; true, part of what they say contains truth, but the underlying premise that they want you to swallow is a lie. Even the weather is a lie. They have been fudging daily reported high temperatures around the world for at least the last 20 years. Call my cynical, but every single premise they want you to accept, is untrue. But I sure do like the way you tend to argue the other side, Tom, no matter the situation. Keeps me on my toes and makes me think (wink). You would make a hell of a lawyer, IMHO.

        1. Naturally. Then again, who says it is just one lie they want you to swallow? What if they put 10 lies out there, all equally untrue, but you, in your attempt to escape one lie, run right into another.
          For example, take the whole “wake up” movement and concept. In many aspects, I feel this is a social script as well. A bit of heroic paranoia, pride about one’s own intellect, discovery of some lies, instilling of hubris. Ah. Just another variation of human slavery. Just another box to fit into. The box ‘enlightened awake thinker’.
          I would absolutely hate to be a lawyer and I think I’d be a terrible one. In the middle of defending my client, I would feel like switching sides and asking ‘But what if ….’
          I think I could make a decent judge, though, if I wasn’t restricted by laws.

  20. I haven’t watched television in 15 years…at first because I couldn’t afford it, then because, I found, I didn’t need it. Television is a pure waste of time. So when I do watch it (netflix or HBO Now) its because I have achieved real things throughout the day. Currently I’m watching West World, it takes up 40 minutes of my time at the end of the opposed to people who watch TV from the time they get home right up to bed.
    Popular music came next, as I got older I found that music wasn’t meant for me anymore, I couldn’t relate to the message. Then I went back, post red pill, to listen to the music I grew up with and discovered the rot I was fed when my mind was pliable. Now I listen to classical music almost exclusively. The music industry is filled with beta males singing beta shit and skank females twerking to auto-tuned swill.
    Movies was the last form of media I rejected. There are some good flicks here and there, but they are rare these days. Most have the narrative of evil white men and empowered “just as equal” feminist bullshit that simply ruins movies as an escape or as a tool for empowering a nation’s ideology. Frankly they haven’t made really good movies since the cold war ended.
    Video games are the new kid on the block as a form of media. As we witnessed the last 2 years, feminists and power brokers tried to inject themselves into video games as they know its main audience is overwhelmingly males from 18 to 40. Its the last place a man can find a story and participate in a form of entertainment that “speaks” to him. Mark my words, the SJWs and feminists are not done attempting to infect video games with grrl power and tranny heroes. I stopped gaming about 2 years ago, I guess I got tired of them. I’m not smearing games, but I think at some point once you played enough of them there is nothing new to see.
    As for the lesser forms of media: Radio, Comic Books and magazines: There is nothing sadder than local radio and the hopeless fucks they hire to be DJs. Comic books are currently being infected with SJW bullshit like a black, female Ironman, a female Thor and a black Captain America. Magazines cost too much and 60% of them are advertisements anyway.
    I find more amusement and knowledge online at various sites and forums that I have interests in. I now look forward to time spent in nature, at the gun range, in the gym or cooking real food. All possible when you reject media.
    Media is trying to shape you into a unit for consumption. Shape yourself into the man you want to be.

    1. Totally dig your post, but I do question this one line:

      Frankly they haven’t made really good movies since the cold war ended.

      The Patriot?
      Office Space?
      The Matrix (number 1, the other two blow chunks)?
      Captain and Commander (??)
      Twelve Monkies?
      The Revenant?
      Grand Torino?
      Fight Club?
      The Big Lebowski?

      1. “There are some good flicks here and there, but they are rare these days.
        Indeed ghost, they still make them, but they come like once a year or every 3 years.

        1. I guess I really got pissed when they ruined the remake of Madmax. I couldn’t think of a more masculine move that was outright ruined.

      2. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is an amazing movie as well, if you haven’t seen it already.
        Edit: Casey Affleck is a far better actor, than Ben.

    2. I don’t much like modern games, aside from a handful of exceptions. One rather new game I absolutely loved was Wolfenstein:The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Greatly done, funny and (as far as I remember) no feminism bullshit.
      My all-time favorite games were Splinter Cell, parts 1 to 3. Counter-Strike 1.6 I also played with friends, but no longer. These days I enjoy playing an old game called Jedi Knight 2, in Multiplayer. Has the best light saber combat ever, steep learning curve, but very dynamic and fun once you get into it (after over a year, I still consider myself a noob). Without experience, you just get owned like there’s no tomorrow. Not a chance.

        1. I had the new Doom on Xbox One, but I grew bored pretty quickly and eventually brought it back to the store. It’s amazingly well done, and yet it doesn’t really compel me to keep playing.

      1. I confess to playing Skyrim from time to time, and I’m also a huge fan of Fallout as well.

        1. Aah, RPG. I forgot to mention my other favorite games: Gothic 1 and 2 (plus addon).
          Skyrim .. dunno … like Morrowind, it somehow never appealed to me. Gothic always felt more … real, lifelike.

        2. The Morrowind stuff never did much for me, but Skyrim appealed to my thinly veiled inner viking too much to pass up.

        3. Gothic 3 was not too bad either once patched up. Morrowind and Skyrim (but not Oblivion) have been like video game crack to me…Morrowind was the first open-world fantasy game I ever played.

        4. Oh really. I never actually made it to the ending. I remember the second one’s ending wasn’t that great really. But the gameplay was outstanding. I’ve got to say the Elder Scrolls “endings” so far have been pretty satisfying.
          There is one other RPG world I really like, “Two Worlds” and “Two Worlds 2.”

    3. I hope video games get wrecked by sjw’s- for better or worse, its the last bastion for boys and men. Once that refuge is ruined, there is no where else for them to go, they will be forced into paying attention to the real world.

  21. Main stream media has always been quick to report any and all violence and abuse perpetrated by men, however the endless violence, abuse, and destruction levelled at all of society by feminists, and the bigotry and hatred of feminism is never reported. Examples: Boko Haram – the abduction of school girls. Barack and Michelle, with tear stained faces pleading to “Bring ‘our’ girls back.” No mention was made of the over one hundred boys who had their throats slit or were burned to death in their dormitories. The vicious attack by feminists who groped and spray painted the crotches of the peaceful praying Catholic monks in San Juan, Argentina is another example.
    Both of these news stories were all over the internet, but not reported by the main stream media.
    The majority of women have been brainwashed by feminist ideology into believing women are and always have been “oppressed,” which is an absolute lie – women have never been any more oppressed than men. Mind control via main stream media is responsible for spreading this lie, which of course has been perpetuated to drive a wedge between men and women, not to mention infantilizing women and emasculating men – (turning women into violent hateful whiners who want more and more privilege and superiority, while weakening men by removing their basic human rights).
    The government wants it’s brainwashed feminist robots firmly in place to keep on destroying and weakening the family unit and all of society – thus making the populace malleable as clay to government control. So it makes sense not to anger the female viewing public by reporting news stories on women as being anything other than victims. Women must never be portrayed as abusers.
    Women control most of the spending, particularly vanity spending, thus enriching and empowering the huge conglomerates and corporations, so of course main stream media can’t upset the apple cart by angering women who will boycott said news programs sponsors if feminism is portrayed in a less than flattering light. AKA no female money spent on the sponsor’s (big corporations) products.
    Mind control through main stream media equals more money and power for governments and huge corporations.

    1. I couldn’t finish reading your comment. I was filling up with rage – the kind of rage that might put a lesser emotionally mature person in jail.

  22. Chat show over this side of the pond at the weekend. I was staying in and flicking around. They were interviewing these two transdoodles and I think their mother. I wasn’t really sure if they were siblings. I hope for the mothers sake they weren’t.
    Anyhow it was all “you’re so courageous” “you’re beautiful” the usual dross. Then it came up that one of these freaks was “in love”. Then they put the object of the transdoodles affections on the camera and what looked kinda like an effeminate guy turned out to be a woman “in transition” to becoming a man? Like WTF? The guy is cutting off his cock and balls, the woman wants a cock and balls. Maybe they could get a discount on the surgery as there’s already a cock and balls available. Imagine the guy getting fucked by his own cock! Ha ha ha ha ha………

    1. I keep saying: we’re all trapped in a horribly unfunny 80s body-swap comedy
      That guy who will get fucked with his own cock would just be doing literally what’s happening figuratively on a wider plane

    2. Ha ha ha ha.. Actually I have seen this before. It sounds crazy, but if you think about it, it makes sense.
      No one is going to want these freaks except another freak. I mean, let’s say you are a guy who chops off his balls and wears a dress:
      –No straight guy will want you because you’re a dude
      –No gay guy will want you because you don’t have a dick
      –No gay girl will want you because you’re not feminine
      –No straight woman will want you because you can’t fuck them
      Your only option is another transdoodle.
      Which of course begs a HUGE fucking question, why couldn’t those two have just found each other in the first place and fucked like normal people. If she wants to be the dominant one, then let her wear a strap on or something. The whole tranny thing is completely bullshit.

      1. I knew a ‘girl’ who torned out to be a transdoodle and one guy who was thinking about transdoodling.
        The ‘girl’ usually had sex and relationships with normal girls.

        1. And I once knew a ‘girl’ from Wheeling
          Who had such a sensitive feeling
          That every time she’d itch
          She’d have such a tremendous twitch
          That she could pee all the way to the ceiling

    3. Transgenderism, like homosexuality, is just another government engineered and introduced “movement” that is being condoned, encouraged, and promoted as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle. Of course anyone who disagrees with this latest insanity will be branded a “bigot.”
      This is yet another way (and I would think it will be a very successful way) to further weaken society by the destruction of gender roles.
      Strong, free thinking, hard working, high moraled men and women must be done away with. Feminism has already done a superb job of pretty much destroying the western world. Transgenderism is now adding to the chaos and confusion. Then of course there is homosexuality. All three are ruthlessly promoted.
      Weaken the foundation of society, get rid of the governments number one opposition – strong willed, free thinking, hard working, armed men – screw with everybody’s head, and it all collapses – viola’ ….. we have Marxism.

      1. Very well summarized. We still live in a strong and ruthless patriarchy, it’s just that it’s a super exclusive club now — 99% of men actually don’t belong to it and will never be invited into it. On the contrary, the relatively small group of old white men who rule the planet and create all the “-isms” (Marxism, communism, fascism, feminism, etc.) clearly understand who the real threat to them is: healthy, strong-willed, intelligent heterosexual men who can organize and fight back with their bodies and minds.

  23. Interestingly, Network is the most brilliant piece of corporate propaganda that I have seen. For the message is not in dialogue, but in the story architecture. This is how movies, as you have more or less stated, carry their ‘programming.’ Beale sees the truth, and Beale tells the truth, and the audience and the smart people, and the alienated people all connect with him, and he becomes the hero, both to audience in the story and the audience watching the story. But Beale is killed by the Marxists in the end. So the moral of the story, unconsciously, goes something like this: yes, we the media are monsters, yes, we are dumbing you down on purpose, yes, you have finally found a man sensitive enough to voice your concerns, and guess what: it doesn’t matter. He dies in the end, too. Call us out all you want: resistance is futile.

  24. I also stopped watching tv when I left America. And when I visit the States, there literally is nothing on TV that I care to watch. From stupid pathetic sitcoms portraying men as beta simps, to gory murder shows, to idiotic shows about zombies, there is nothing for me.
    One of the very few advantages of the internet today is at least one can find re-runs of shows and movies from an era when America didn’t suck.
    But most people simply will not disconnect from their shit feed.

      1. Those campy old shows are good for a wholesome laugh. The Munsters I tend to be partial to. Some “I Love Lucy”. Also serious shows like Twilight Zone (the Rod Serling years).

  25. I haven’t had tv in at least 5 years. The only issue is American women are dumb, and only talk about TV. When that happens, I change the subject asap and start talking about how smart I am.
    Now, Facebook is the new problem. It’s just a bunch of anti-conservative, race propaganda. Not a good way to start my morning. 3 weeks ago I started a facebook detox. Life has been great without it! Try it. If you use Facebook for keeping in touch with girls, try to convert them to another app, or only jump on once a day to check messages.
    Don’t scroll! It’s all poison for your mind!

    1. The only facebook friends I have are Colombian women. I get a daily feed of beautiful sexy women showing their wares. I love it.

    1. The nation is narrowly escaping one of these ‘panelists’ entering the White House. It will be a landslide against her but just the thought of this kind of agenda being forced-air fired upon us and the sheer gall of the actors that push for more kill shots to be fired at western culture makes me all the more unable to shake hands with the losing opponents come Nov 7. The restoration of America has just begun, but the gall of them. They will remain a threat and remain dangerous to the reconstruction and salvage efforts. They’ll continue to light brush fires and they have many many stoolies remaining on policy boards, judicial posts and the zombot crazy sjw rabble rousers will disperse but will still be hiding under rocks like loose firecrackers.

  26. It’s no longer the press that was envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. It is propaganda, pure and simple. It actively seeks to silence the truth and facts that are inconvenient or counter to the beliefs of its owners/masters. It should be eliminated.
    Any wonder why they want to censor the internet, where thought, facts, and truth are easily picked up by anyone who wants to look? Good luck with that. Once it’s on the web, it will always be there, even if it goes to the deep web.

  27. By the time (not that far off) the media is dismantled, the Internet will be censored so people will once again get the illusion of accurate, free information just like they used to do with the mainstream media.

  28. Wikileaks director dead. ANYONE ELSE GOT ANY DIRT ON HILLARY? The media isn’t the problem, its the people who bought the media and who kill the alt media that are the problem.

  29. >From “Amused to Death” by Roger Waters.
    But on eliminating every other reason
    For our sad demise
    They logged the only explanation left
    This species has amused itself to death
    No tears to cry no feelings left
    This species has amused itself to death

  30. Back in the day when I was still in media there was a story that rippled through the ranks. The owner of a major network bought some TV stations in New Zealand in the 90’s. He decided to visit the NZ and
    teach them the “method”. He gathered all the employees together and asked them what is their mission here. A brave fellow stepped forward and said: “our role as journalists is to provide information in a timely, accurate and understandable manner while maintaining the highest ethical standards”. A moment of silence ensued as the employer scanned the faces of his employees. He bent down and pulled a box of laundry detergent out of a paper bag and held it high for all to see. “No dummy” he said ” our job here is to sell soap.
    Now by way of analogy I’ll explain how this attitude killed legacy media. In the late 70’s there was a Saturday morning show that had the highest ratings in America. It was called Roller Derby and it starred Skinny Minnie Miller and LA T-Birds. In the 70’s broadcasters assumed higher ratings = premium ad sales = more profit, until Nielsen’s Rating Service did a demographic study on the Roller Derby audience. Nielsen discovered the core audience had not completed high school and could barely afford no name mac and cheese. The show was axed the same week the report came out.
    In 1987 Ronald Reagan killed the 38 year old “Fairness Doctrine”. After that point media became one sided and by extension dumbed down. Since TV was the only game in town back then profits exploded when the Fairness Doctrine died because they could address the needs of the advertisers in a more comprehensive manner. However, once the internet matured and more view points became available the educated / upwardly mobile consumer exited legacy media. At the last broadcasters event I attended the riot act was read to us behind closed doors. Ad rates were down and our target audience is migrating to the internet at a compounded rate of 3% per year…that was 2008. Legacy media is being lowered into the grave…still twitching but as good as dead. The only people who watch TV are the 55+ crowd and people who can’t afford generic mac and cheese.
    I have three issues with new media and I see one unexploited opportunity but I’ll save that for another time…today is dead lift day, gotta run.

    1. “In 1987 Ronald Reagan killed the 38 year old “Fairness Doctrine”. After
      that point media became one sided and by extension dumbed down. Since
      TV was the only game in town back then profits exploded when the
      Fairness Doctrine died because they could address the needs of the
      advertisers in a more comprehensive manner.”
      No! Reagan gave us the beginning of the death of the Liberal, Biased Media! When Rush came on, we finally had a genuine alternative voice out there. Then other people started to come up and talk about the problems of society without the review of Academia, NPR, the ACLU or the whole race-guilt industry! What do you think our society would be like now that if the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect? I would not want to live here with the Fairness Doctrine in force!

  31. We turned off our set and went to content we choose. If my husband was in another line of work we would pare it down to sports, Netflix and Dramafever.
    Did anyone notice that when people stay home from the movies Hollywood never blames it on crappy content or loud-mouthed “hater” stars who alienate half the audience during promotional tours. Nope. It’s always economy, competition or “trending away…”

  32. Now that you mentioned it, the question now lies as to whom are the controllers of this mass media?
    And I answer my question with the following image I’ve found on the internet:
    It’s quite ironic…
    Please refer to “The Learned Protocols of The Elders of Zion” &
    “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.”
    Both were written by the same people.

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