How To Find A Girl For A Relationship

It’s no secret that in our society, more and more women are becoming completely incapable of forming a life-long bond. Years of riding the cock carousel permanently alters women’s brains, to such an extent that they often times can’t resist one more ride with the bull.

Beyond this, feminism has corrupted many a woman’s mind—it’s taught them to fight and compete against men, rather than aligning with them. It’s taught women that they’re entitled to whatever their hearts desire, that they can be overweight and ugly, but still deserve a prince charming, and it’s effectively ruining marriages for men all across the West.

But, there is hope. Do not buy into the idea of a unicorn; all women fundamentally have the same nature. But, this does not mean that there aren’t some women which are vastly superior for a relationship than others. Here’s how you can find these women.

All About Demographics

Want a girl like this? Join a yoga club.

This is probably one of the most important topics when it comes to developing relationships, so it shocks me that it isn’t talked about more often. Demographics is the idea that certain types of women flock to certain venues, social circles, and organizations.

For example, what type of women do you think go out to frat parties every single weekend? Definitely not the type of girl you want to have a relationship with. What about the women who go clubbing four days a week, known in some circles as bottle rats? Again—you definitely don’t want to make these women your significant other.

But what about the women who frequent other, less slut-attracting organizations? Frequenting these types of places is the best way to meet high quality women capable of relationships:

  • Book stores
  • Yoga studios
  • The gym
  • Cooking classes
  • Churches
  • Social organizations (homeless shelter, dog care volunteers, etc.)
  • Activist groups (not for feminism of course)
  • Spiritual groups

Generally speaking, these are the best venues to meet high quality women at. Before you decide where to go, however, you must decide what you want.

What Do You Want?


Obviously we can all agree that we want women who are chaste, loyal, and feminine. No shit. Everyone wants these things, and even just finding a woman with these characteristics nowadays will be somewhat of a challenge. But let’s go a little bit deeper. What else do you want? Unless you can vividly picture the type of girl that you want, you will most likely let her pass you by. Start by imagining what she’ll look like. Blonde hair? Brunette? Slim? Thick? Blue eyes?

Next, let’s get to the personality characteristics. Do you want a woman who will be able to go to the gym with you? Who’s fierce and assertive? Then maybe you should meet a woman at the gym.

Do you want a woman who’s passionate about changing the world, and could align her energy with yours to achieve something greater as a couple? Then maybe you should consider frequenting spiritual groups, activist organizations, and churches.

Or maybe you want a woman who is very nurturing, feminine, and caring? Then consider volunteering at homeless shelters, taking care of disabled children, and meeting women through there.

The point is that different personality types will flock to different venues—you have to decide what type of girl you want, and attend these venues. Now, as a side note, if you’re a newbie I do NOT recommend that you get into a relationship.

The reason why is because as a newbie, you need to go out and get experience so that you can develop some game. Only then will you be capable of passing your girlfriend’s shit tests, leading her in a calm, decisive way, and defusing her negative, emotional arguments with ease.

Meeting The Women


I would recommend that you actually choose a venue that you’ll enjoy. If you’re an intellectual, join a debate group that talks about issues, and go to book stores because you want to.

This is in very stark contrast to when you’re trying to sleep with girls from nightclubs. Most men clearly go to bars and night clubs to meet girls, but with social groups it’s the opposite. You go to these organizations, because you like what they offer you, and the women come as only an added benefit.

If you simply go to pickup girls, the people in the organization will notice. They’ll be turned off by your overt negs, push/pull techniques, and other “gamey” things that you do. Instead, simply go to enjoy the event. Network with the guys there, make friends with everyone, and eventually if you have even a modicum of game, you’ll be able to pick up on which women like you and which don’t.

From here, it’s best to invite them out in a casual, non-sexual way. For example, if I met a girl at a yoga studio (which I’m a fan of), I might make some small talk with her for a few sessions, and then if we connect I’ll mention that I’m having a party at my place, or going out that weekend, or something.

If she’s interested in you, she’ll say yes. Then, from here, it’s time to take things to the next level.

A Word of Warning


One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when trying to get a girlfriend, is that they try to initiate the relationship. Big mistake. Masculinity at its essence is freedom. True men want to be free; they value independence, going forth into the world, and liberation.

Women, on the other hand, value security, safety, and comfort—this is why they should be the one who initiates the relationship. “Okay, Jon…so then how do I get her to initiate the relationship?” I can hear someone ask.

It’s simple: sleep with her first, and then date her later. It is much easier to fall into the “lover” frame, and then work your way into the “alpha provider” frame, than it is to do the opposite. When you immediately take the dating frame, you assume that you have to date her before she puts out.

But this is a huge mistake, because women almost never put out if they see you’re willing to spend money on them. Why is this? Well, it’s pretty obvious—they want you to keep spending money and chasing them. Why would they sleep with you and stop that? They wouldn’t.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take them out and do nice things with them once you’re in a relationship. I took my last girlfriend to nice restaurants, concerts, and cool events, but that was only after we were sleeping together.

She Will Make You Wait (But Not Too Long)


Here’s the key: on one hand, if you’re meeting a girl like I recommend she’ll likely be somewhat of a prude. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait a year or something before you guys have sex.

By my standards, if a girl has had sex with less than 6 guys in her lifetime, she is in fact a chaste woman. Let’s be real for a second, guys: in a society where women are taught from birth to be as slutty as possible, the fact that any woman would sleep with less than 6 guys is very commendable.

The fact that she’s slept with a relatively small number of men means that she’ll probably make you wait, but most of the waiting time can be circumvented with a basic knowledge of game. Once you invite her out to a party (preferably at your house) or to a bar or something, it’s time to slowly escalate.

Make it clear that you’re attracted to her, but that you don’t need her. This is crucial; learning to balance overt sexuality with non-neediness is one of the most difficult things that newbies will do, but if you can do it correctly, she will sense that you’re a very high value man.

Pull the usual game routine: pass her shit tests, escalate, baby step her, isolate her, and go in for the kiss. Like I said before, she may make you wait—this is fine. If she says that she likes you, but wants to get to know you, this is a good thing. It’s a sign that she’s a good girl, and is all the more reason for you to wait.

How Long Does A “Good Girl” Make You Wait?


Much could be said about whether or not she’s really a “good girl,” but this is a completely moot point. I would say that a girl worthy of a relationship will make you wait until the third date to have sex.

If you’re from another, more traditional culture, such as from India, China, or various parts of Europe (although not for long), she may make you wait even longer. In the West, however, seeing that most women don’t make you wait any longer than a few hours, three dates is plenty.

What I’d say is this: don’t even focus on how long she’s making you wait. Just focus on having fun, teasing her, and connecting with her emotionally. A lot of the time, using “connection” as a metric is much better to determine a girl’s sluttiness.

For example, if you meet a girl and just spit the typical game at her, and she fucks you that very night, you could argue that she’s a slut. But, if you meet a girl, and it turns out you both love some esoteric band, read the same type of philosophical literature, and both came from the home town… things might be different.

Personally, I judge a woman’s sluttiness based off of how CONNECTED she is to you before she sleeps with you. Some girls will sleep with you, even though you guys have zero in common or zero connections. This is slutty. Other girls, may sleep with you very quickly (if you learn to accept yourself and be congruent), but if you guys have a really good connection with a lot in common, I’d argue that this is much less slutty.

Regardless, ultimately you’ll have to decide how long you want to wait before giving up on her—keep in mind that plenty of women will keep you on the hook for their own validation, as many on ROK have said before.

She Will Initiate The Relationship


Once you sleep with her, don’t think of it as a big deal. You’re a player who sleeps with one new girl a week, remember? Just play it off like it’s no big deal, and tell her that you’ll see her around. Don’t make things awkward if you continue to meet at the same social venue.

Invite her out to do things every now and then, but no more than once a week. If she’s interested in you, she will pursue you and ask if you want to hang out. Continue sleeping with her, and just focus on giving her good emotions and positive energy when she’s around you.

Eventually, she will bring up the idea of a relationship. When she starts saying things like this, you’re in:

  • “So…what are we?”
  • “Do you like me?”
  • “I feel like we should be something more.”
  • “Are you seeing other women?”

These types of statements basically communicate that she wants to be your main girl. She’s starting to develop a strong emotional connection with you (which sex does for women more so than men) and wants to be with you.

Again, the key is to remain congruent. You should be open to the idea of a relationship, but don’t be so needy or eager to jump into one. If you remember ANYTHING from this article, make it this: women want to feel like they’ve “got” a high value man.

That’s why women love bad boys so much. They want to be the one who he chooses; they want to be the one that “converts” him. If she feels like you’re a “catch,” and that she really had to work to “secure” you, I can guarantee that your relationship will last for quite a while.

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389 thoughts on “How To Find A Girl For A Relationship”

  1. Interesting stuff here. I am curious to see what guys say about letting her initiate the relationship.
    As for the Yoga Studios being a good place to meet a good woman…this maybe something particular to my city, but I have found yoga studios to be a good place to meet damaged women, fit slutty women and ugly hippie women with very few, if any, other types

        1. I am not an LTR expert. I’ve only really been in one my whole life and it ended…badly. So my advice on this topic is really not very good. That said, I am a plate spinner and i am a weight lifting enthusiast so I have met a lot of very fit girls.
          My sense of gym girls is that they tend to be slutty.
          Wrt to yoga studios (I do hot yoga when I am training and find it excellent for muscles and stretching) I have met a lot of super tone and super sexy girls. Those hot yoga / Bikram places are great for meeting women. But every one I have met…….has had a long list of issues.
          This issues often made them fun for a few weeks and very often lead to crazy bitch sex which is great but not one did I meet that would have been good to settle down with

        2. I took a bikram yoga class. 105 degree room doing stretches for 90 minutes. When I am lifting heavy it feels amazing to do this.
          Anyway, the instructor was a total smoke show. The class was roughly 20 super hot women, 2 or 3 chunky monkeys and one broad who was probably hit the wall back in the 70’s.
          I met one of the girls and we went out after the class. I had her laughing saying I was going to get her a spy camera so she can video tape the women’s locker room for me.
          What she said next curdled my blood. She said “you wouldn’t really want it. It’s just bunch of girls walking around in towels and that old woman using the blow dryer on her bush”

        3. Absolutely! in fact anything new-age-y, yoga, crystals, tarot, you name it is a leading indicator of crazy bitch sex.

        4. The old one
          Then we laughed about how back in the day girls didn’t wax.
          I find that if you can escalate with a girl such that she is talking about vaginal grooming in the first hour you know her it’s a good thing

        5. From Frank Zappa’s Camarillo Brillo
          She said she was a magic mama
          And she could throw a mean tarot
          She carried on without a coma
          That she was someone I should know
          Now I was born to have adventure
          So I followed her up the steps
          Right past the fuming insence stencher
          To where she hung her castanettes
          She stripped away her rancid poncho
          And laid down nekkid on the floor
          We did it till we was unconcho
          And it was useless any more

        6. I have not seen anything other than full Brazilian in years. I don’t even remember what pussy hair looks like and I am quite happy for that fact.

        7. I like what I call “decorative trimming”. Nice and smooth but maybe a little on top to look pretty.

        8. To each their own. I want wood floor. I have run across some vajazelled cunny that was a treat

        9. oh man, it is so great when you first run into one. Haven’t seen it in a while. They kinda had their moment in the sun.

        10. Reminds me of that scene from Cocktail
          girl: “Wait! It doesnt have to end like this!”
          Cruise: “Yes, it does, otherwise, it wouldnt be ending.”

        11. It always baffles me when people joke about nude beaches or nudist colonies being “hot.” You don’t want to see most people naked.

        12. I suspect the same thing that makes people obsessed with drugs. Escapism

    1. This is in my experience too.
      Girls who were/are athletic in school, gymnasts, dancers, any of that are one thing, (including girls who do yoga as a major hobby), but too much of the time the ones going to classes for it are similar to the majority of women hitting the gym.
      There are some with great bodies (50/50 on the faces), a few of those with personalities that aren’t completely off-putting, and some that even aren’t there only to grab the next dumbbell, but mostly it’s just those who’ve done too much bingeing, if you take my meaning. Mostly there looking to make themselves feel better with a quickie ego boost.

    2. Yoga types are usually Leftist to the core. Maybe a shooting range would be a better place to meet a quality girl?

      1. Maybe. I don’t really look for girls who are LTR material. In fact, I grabbed one by accident last week and threw her back. She was a legit good girl. I wasn’t about to fuck her shit up.
        That said, I have no idea what women’s politics are. Thinking back, I would be hard pressed to even guess the vast majority of them. I also don’t know what they think of today’s super cars versus the old muscle cars. I simply don’t care about their opinions on politics.
        Take some advice from ole Uncle Kneeman: if you are just looking to have a few laughs, some good sex and some plain old fun leave your politics at home and never encourage her to talk about them.
        Girl: oh my god did you see that presidential debate
        Me: nah, I don’t watch that silly nonsense. What is that perfume you are wearing (goes in for close sniff) it’s really great

        1. “I don’t look for relationship material”.
          I have struggled with this for a very long time. I have always lived by the philosophy of “look for relationship material, but don’t rely on it for happiness, don’t expect to find it, and bang as many as I can as I go along”.
          Now in my mid 40s, I have given up on playing the Poontang Diogenes.
          Now I just enjoy what comes for as long as I can enjoy it and move along with as little fuss as possible when it’s run its course. As much as I would love to have someone to commit to and actually build something with, I know my commitment is of significant enough value to realize that these bitches aren’t worth it.

        2. See, I was ahead of the curve. I never really wanted that commitment. I went nearly 40 years never being in a single relationship and always being honest with women about my desire to be alone. I like being and living alone. I enjoy growing old alone.
          A few years ago I had a couple of things happen that made me question myself (mistake one) and get involved with a girl whose red flags I totally missed (mistake two). It was 16 months of my life that was so miserable. The whole 9…violence, police, lies, blah blah blah. In retrospect I would like to say that at least I had the experience and know better, but really I just wish i would have trusted my instincts and will never make that mistake again.
          Meanwhile, I do think that there are good girls out there if you know where to shop and you can be happy with them so long as you are willing to sacrifice the things that come along with it….but since I am not in that market I will stick to fashionable and fit girls who are half my age with daddy issues

        3. Im happy my hook-up days are over. I met my current GF through friends, the old fashioned way. At this point I believe all that pick-up industry is rather damaging to guys. It conditions them for lust, unrealistic expectations and works against being family oriented.

        4. I definitely see how you could feel that way and I think in many, if not most cases you are right. That said, it is not for all. Since I was a little knee I always knew I didn’t want children.
          There has never been a moment in my life when I thought kids were for me. without wanting children I can’t see why one would get married and without wanting to get married I don’t understand the need for an LTR. It all stems from the desire to have kids which I don’t have.
          You might say that it is nice to have someone to share your life and experiences with, go on vacations with, laugh with, feel comfortable with etc. But I just never felt that way. When I get home and close my door it is like the entire world vanishes and it is just me and that is exactly what I want. I had a girl come from brazil and stay with me for a week. When I saw hot I mean absurd. Pale almost asian white skin, black eyes (what brazilians call jalabuticaba eyes which are such a weakness for me) a body to die for, a fanatical devotion to me, a constant urge to fuck..really everything. But day three I was getting annoyed and I remember when I dropped her at the airport, the cab pulled away and I felt so much relief. And this girl was amazing. She did every single thing right. So it is just not me
          The other thing with the LTR without kids….no matter what they say…..they want kids. Let them deny it. Let them say they don’t. They do. Every one of them does. They don’t even know they do but they do. If you are with a woman in a LTR and don’t give her kids it will make her go insane…not like kinda crazy…she will become a hormonal nightmare

        5. “She was a legit good girl”
          I too, have purposely not slept with decent girls because I didn’t want to be the one to corrupt them. Here in the Midwest, I noticed decent girls are more common than the liberal metropolises on both coasts.
          And so the dilemma goes: Should I sacrifice my notch count and preserve the notion of steady dating in this rural North Dakota town?
          Or should I act upon instinct and take what biology says I’ve earned at the expense of creating emotionally damaged women who will turn to feminism for comfort?

        6. It’s tough going. This girl was a recent Nebraska transplant who was hot in the ways I like and was fun to talk to. Ultimately I realied that the second I fucked this girl her lift would start getting worse.

        7. We’re two in the same boat. It’s the same reason I didnt go on a rampage in Asia.
          Dealing with coastal LA and NYC girls, going for it was never even up for debate.

        8. You don’t get the urge to produce an heir to carry on your beliefs (and genetics)?

        9. I don’t. I never had. I have my nieces and nephews. I understand the urge I just have never had it.

        10. I often wonder how much of the desire for LTR / marriage is social programming. I think all of us have had urges to be in “love” or have a girl love us, but when you look at the reality of your past relationships and analyze them honestly, at least for me, it’s hard to see how I was happier in them versus out of them.
          Last night I was hanging out with a couple of married buddies (one divorced with kids). They act so pathetic, like desperate middle school kids, hoping maybe at least for the opportunity to see a titty other than their wives. Maybe she’ll go out of town and we can hit the strip club, please, oh please. It’s really, really sad. It’s just clear that these guys aren’t happy, but they keep going back to these traps that cause their misery.
          I guess it’s the biological drive to reproduce in part, but I think a lot really is social programming. In NYC you can get away with just about any lifestyle, but in a lot of the country you are seen as a pariah if you don’t at least desire marriage.

        11. “but in a lot of the country you are seen as a pariah if you don’t at least desire marriage”
          Yup, there’s your answer. Who wants to go there and be a pariah? Social programming is one intense force in this universe. Daily, I find new aspects of my behavior that are purely based on wanting to conform. And that’s me who likes to question everything … hell, maybe I am just questioning everything because of social programming.

        12. That’s a bit egotistical, but I can empathize. Let me think about it. I’d say that having kids would not be about that for me (maybe the genetics thing). But as for beliefs and ideas, I think it is a much better idea to find likeminded people to connect to in this world. It’s not forced then. You can’t expect your son to be the person you want him to be and agree with all you say. You can’t expect your son to be your best friend, no matter what. You just don’t know what nature will spit out of that vagina. Sure, it’s your son and you will love him, but will you necessarily like him?
          But you can find people who actually whole-heartedly harmonize with you in the rest of the world.
          Just a few thoughts.

        13. Tom, your kids would be the saddest little fuckers to ever live. Dont procreate.
          I keed, i keed.

        14. Of all the women that I have ever been with, I have known only one that fit what I wanted in someone that I could seriously build something with. Unfortunately, she became terminally ill and couldn’t have kids. Ever since then, I’ve been like, “Well, I’ve experience ‘true love’…didn’t work out, but it was great…now, where’s the pussy?”
          And I love how they all try to qualify themselves to me by trying to “measure up” to her. It’s funny, but only so many levels they can’t compare, no matter how hard they try.

        15. It was probably worded weird. I think being a player loses its zeal after a certain notch count. Kids are a blessing knowing that you created life beyond your own with a good woman.
          I’m legacy minded and I think being surrounded by three generations of your loving kin in your final moments is the best way to go out.
          Probably melodramatic, but I’ve been spending alot of time at the ER. It got me thinking about life.

        16. Ah. Yeah, I think it’s a very valid perspective. Although I am personally at a point where I think that an attachment to such an outcome would make me feel like a slave of future.
          I once asked an older guy why he did what he did in life. He told me: So that once I die, I can look back at my life and know I did everything right.
          I found the thought sad. To me the thought feels like sacrificing an entire life for a quick distant moment of “dying without regrets”. It is a life of fear. To do nothing wrong so that one does not ‘die lonely’ or whatever. In fact, many girls use that tactic: “You will die lonely.” What is it with that shit? Is this not just another fear tactic meant to keep us in place? The fear of dying lonely? Fear of having regrets?

        17. Tom, the moment where it began to change for me was when hooking up was no longer fun. My notch is 25 girls, never P4P, all of varying looks, race, mentalities. The 2 or 3 I felt an attachment to created a feeling the other 22 combined were unable to match. I think (most) players arrive to this feeling eventually.
          Not 100% sure if it’s biology setting in, or if it has something to do with living in a place with 1950’s values. Either way, it’s not a bad feeling.

        18. Your on to something. Lately I have been thinking that the key is to question all social programming, empty yourself per say, then go back and discover the programming you have purged that is positive. I’ve done this with my self and it seems to take on a more detached quality, one where I’m no longer a slave to these just consciously engaged. Just a thought.

        19. Good idea. One thing I do from time to time is this: I imagine that I have not existed a microsecond ago and just came into existence and now I perceive everything that is happening. The feelings, thoughts, etc. Basically, I get the nothing-vs-now contrast and a certain amount of detachment. It’s a cool little trick – for me at least.

        20. I’ve also done this, quite often actually. I like how you phrased that ” nothing vs now”, sums it up perfectly. Are you at all familiar with self realization? I don’t want to get too much into dogmas but, many philosophical and religious schools claim that this type of consciousness is the only real one and our thinking, conceptualizing minds are actually an illusion.

        21. Yup, I am a lot into meditation, although I don’t really sit in a lotus seat or stuff. Maybe what I am doing is more to be called mindfulness. I also like psychedelics every now and then to help and get a perspective. I’ve had some interesting conversations with Bob Smith and michaelmobius1 and someone else here about these kinds of things.
          Yeah, the conceptualizing mind has many weaknesses. It’s pretty fun to start taking it apart. Often times, I just break out laughing how nonsensical some of my/common beliefs are. The main obstacle, I think, is ingrained social pressure that suppresses a lot of who we are, so we often push away those parts before we even become fully aware of them. That trick helps, because it creates a reference. Glad I told you about it; never thought anyone else also came up with it. Gotta write a small article about it on my blog. 🙂

        22. im 20 and a still a “newbie” im taking yer advice and also stealing that perfume line thanks “Uncle kneeman” haha

        23. At first view that does sound good but I can think of times when you may want to know.
          I.e if she becomes pregnant, you may want to know beforehand what that would mean. Or if she’s of the extreme persuasion who defines everything as rape. Or when you actually want to spend your life with someone (you can only do things just for fun for so long…).

        24. The vast majority of women I am screwing are on birth control. I’ve been careful as well. I got one girl pregs back when I was in high school and haven’t had that problem again. Of course, there is always the danger but at this point I think it is slim. I’ll drag a bitch by the hair to go get scooped out.
          The rape thing is a real threat for all men who play. I have been incredibly lucky in this which I put down to a combination of luck, picking well, being honest and the type of women I tend to like.
          I don’t see why you can’t do things for fun in perpetuity. When it ceases to be fun I’ll pick up a new hobby or write my memories or whatever.

        25. Nice, your comment is something I could have written myself. I’m into all that stuff, pyscadelics too. What’s your blog? I’d like to check it.

        26. Back in the day this was thew very knowledge the Catholic Church kept hidden, they felt that if common folk knew this stuff they would abuse it and become like moral relativist hippies, a lot of holy roman kings had this knowledge as well. To be frank every empire pre modernity was founded on this very knowledge of transcendence

        27. From an evolutionary perspective, relationships are really only supposed to last for a max of 3 years.

        28. I firmly believe men should have all of their social needs met through fellowship with men. We all know marriage was a business deal throughout history, and thats how it worked best.
          The idea of being in love and marrying your equal best friend is relatively new, and its clearly not working. Its ruined my dads life, and my moms three ex husbands lives.
          I plan to be a hunter until Im older and lazier. Then ill order a young, timid bride from a poor country and a good lawyer to write the prenup.

        29. I agree. Although seeing my parents grow old, they are really lonely. My sisters dont give a fuck about them, and Im 4,000 miles away.
          Having kids was a retirement plan in generations past. Now, we are just going to rot in socialized retirement homes and die amongst strangers… Even if we have kids (in the US.).

        30. I cant tell you how many times a “drunk” girl blew me, or road my dick, then asked ” we didnt do anything, did we?” In the morning. I always say “of course not. We’re just friends.”
          By the current defintion of rape, Ive been raped many times.

        31. I love the looking for validation while your cum is still on or in them lol

        32. You are a better man than me. I still fuck their shit up. Religious, virgin, no matter.

        33. Kidding: she got an abortion.
          After that I started to make use of the free contraceptives that were given out in pretty much every public institution thanks to the aids crazy

        34. i waited til i was 58 to stop playing the game……since i’ve bagged so many american women, and know what to expect, i turned my attention to the orient……..i now have a quiet, respectful, submissive, and much younger companion from china, and i ain’t looking back

        35. I know what you mean by “know what to expect”
          Just the other night I was on a first date and I knew how the conversation went before hand lol.
          Good for you man. Enjoy

        36. thank you, sir……i caution younger men in the game to approach every situation pragmatically and strictly business…….what am i getting from this encounter?……cold blooded caution will usually reveal a woman’s true colors

        37. Living in a small rural town can cause some problems if you decide to start banging the unicorns. Like the Dave Edmunds song goes “girls talk”. Never lived in a small town, check out for a while and see how the other half lives in a larger city!

      2. Yes….when I meet someone new. I suggest shooting or fishing. If I hear “eeewww” to either of those, she will not be taken seriously at all.

        1. This is my go to “first date”. No interest in that, then no interest in her.
          I chose my wife when, after she passed all of my other tests, she walks into my house and sees the new Mini-14 I’d bought and said, and I quote, “That’s so pretty! Are we going to take it shooting sometime?”

        2. I didnt suggest a “shooting range” as a date idea, I said it could be a place where one could meet a normal girl

        3. I would say “eeeeww” to fishing too. I mean I have nothing against fishing per se but it doesn’t exactly sound like a panty moistener.

        4. While I have had the good old nature fuck on occasion, it’s really more of a vetting activity than a seductive one.

        5. I guess I see fishing more as something to get away from women rather than bring them along but whatever works I guess.

        6. Theres something primal about banging outside. I had only 1 awesome situation like that. Crazy, fucked up girl but damn I think about it every day.

      3. You’re probably right. Much better ratio at yoga class, though, and I rarely see a woman at the shooting range who isn’t there with a boyfriend or husband.

        1. I’m a fan of the park, the farmers market, etc. The yoga club there are certainly a lot of hot bods but yes there are also some tatted up SJWs there.
          I’m of the opinion that men and women are fundamentally different so I’d be a little turned off by females who are interested in masculine things like guns and hot rods.

        2. I think “good, traditional single girls” stay home by the most part, thats why its harder to meet them. They also have only a few pics on their facebook profile

        3. That there is true wisdom, Good girls, generally Good people do not lose too much time socializing, do not get me wrong here, what I say is that Good people do not require constant societal evaluation, they create their own character and set their own goals, so they do not require boasting, their abilities and knowldge, all the time around.

        4. Farmers markets are perfect.
          You can see the shrapneled graffitied whores and thebsweet feminine girls.

      4. I don’t think so. People don’t really talk at the shooting range. And interrupting the cutie in the lane next to you doesn’t really seem like a good idea. I suppose you could talk in the store but it just seems awkward. And besides, every woman I’ve seen at a shooting range has been with a dude.
        Frankly though for me, the shooting range is a place to focus on… shooting. Its a skill that may save your life. Getting pussy is the furthest thing from my mind at that point.

      5. Yeah, but those ones many times end up fat and already contain a feminist undercurrent. Instincts are best…provided you’re bred well.

      6. I have a workmate whos wife is a yoga instructor and she treats him like absolute shit and is actively trying to turn him into a omega-man, depriving him of sex for years – i.e she is almost certainly getting her back end smashed in by some ripped, flexible, long haired hippy after yoga classes. They are whores and only doing yoga to keep themselves attractive for when they leave the sucker. Absolute bitches and libtards to the core.

      7. I agree with Nevsky – at the yoga studios, you will find a gaggle of hard card leftists, vegans, new agers, aetheists, damaged chicks f’d over by too many alphas and trying to get their heads back together! You may find one diamond there but they soon can suffer the left wing labotomy!

    3. Yoga studios are a hub of divorcees, single mothers, “spiritual but not religious”, sluts-in-denial, and other damaged types.
      They should be avoided if looking for a LTR girl.

      1. Agree though I tend to find it is younger women (with exact same qualities) but that might be because I am in younger areas

        1. Nuff said. I used to want to try Canada for a year working visa, but the SJWs I’ve seen online have slowly changed my mind.

      1. I don’t know. I have never farted in a yoga class once and I think I am just as likely to fart, if not more, than any of those girls…especially considering that when I go to the yoga classes is when I am in full training mode and my diet is usually about 3500-4000 calories a day with 60% of it being protein and 20% being roughage.

        1. If she can’t handle my bulking protein farts of hell then she doesn’t get to enjoy my cut bod come summer time

        2. Nothing tests a woman’s commitment like when you eat a dozen hard boiled eggs, 3 chicken breasts, 2 cups of broccoli and an avocado for dinner and then want to lay under the blankets and watch a movie while drinking a protein shake.

      1. This 100% exists but not so much in manhattan. Those cows are way too intimidated to go to places where almost everyone is an 8 or better

    4. I avoid ones that do yoga on pure principle… you don’t get a workout from doing yoga.

      1. I don’t mind if they are doing yoga. Also, I enjoy doing yoga.
        Because while it is not a work out it is a great stretch for sore muscles…especially hot yoga and it also teaches pre and post lift stretching
        Sweaty room full of a dozen hot chicks in bikinis stretching out and working on flexibility? Sign me up

        1. How many of them are actually hot though? I know more fat chicks who do yoga than fit chicks.
          The fit ones do what you suggested, which is what i do as well: use parts of yoga to recover from a workout.

        2. Depends on where you go. Union square in Manhattan…100% of them are hot and there is a lot of them.

      2. Yoga isn’t a workout, but it’s a great compliment to other workouts. Especially hot yoga. Great for injury recovery/prevention. I specifically attend class after a 6 miler. It doesn’t matter if you show up sweaty, because you’ll all be sweaty in minutes, and the post run stretch is phenomenal. The spiritual crap depends a lot on the instructor.

    5. I’d say if the guy doesn’t initiate the relationship this will continue as a FWB fuckbuddy type agreement until the girl gets tired, bored, or frustrated and disappears. That’s been my experience. If she’s a low notch count girl she probably doesn’t have the aggressiveness in her to ask for initiating a relationship and if shes a higher count slut, she knows the drill–to be drilled until the thing runs its course. Either way, I don’t see the girl taking the reins and wanting to turn a fun sexcapade into a romantic drama.

    6. I think it may be a regional thing. If it’s a pseudo yoga studio, then I agree. But if you find one that’s more “kundalini” you’ll meet women who are very spiritual and genuinely appreciate a strong man

    7. The trouble with this is that it means that you need to go to a yoga studio.
      I always let a woman initiate a relationship. In my opinion if she doesn’t do this it is a very bad sign. If you initiate the relationship you are on a hiding to nothing.

    8. Previous ROK articles have discussed the irony of feminists and SJW’s enjoying programs that center around hierarchy, masculinity and domination such as Game of Thrones (vag tingles). Just hours ago I witnessed this in action. So I’m sitting behind and to the left of a middle aged woman who was sitting next to her crunchy, granola, upstate New York, dread locked hair daughter. The woman had her iPad on her lap, reading page after page of Donald Trump hate articles. And I’m just being nosy, watching. She viewed several different web pages. THEN, she goes directly to Game of Thrones. No, she didn’t check out Food Network first, she literally (Chancellor of Germany 1933-1945) went straight to Game of Thrones. She’s watching and a scene comes on, cute girl with perky tits is naked. Tits were nice, c-cups, small nipples. She covers the screen with her hand, keeps her hand there just in case the c-cups are exposed again. I’m slightly amused, not expecting more. Then the scene got a little weird (obviously I can’t hear the dialogue), but some wretched old hag is on the screen now, also naked. She looked like the lord of the rings troll or whatever that guy is. The tits on this thing were dangling below the belt line. The woman lowers her hand slowly to check out the low swingers. Now I’m smiling ear to ear. Her hand still up but far enough down to expose the nipples. Just had to share this with you guys.

        1. Well then you’ll enjoy the story of the two who recently attempted Everest, to prove “Vegans can do anything!”. She died and her husband was airlifted to hospital in critical condition. So, by my score keeping that’s Mountain:2 Vegans: 0.

        2. No one looks down on environmentalism. People look down on politically charged environmentalism with a social agenda which ignores or, worse, creates facts in order to push a political agenda at the cost of reason or rationality……No one wants to see the environment destroyed but they also don’t want to be preached to by a bunch of (at best) misinformed or (more likely ) lying hippie dipshits and their “global warming mannnnnnnnnnnnn” bullshit.
          As for vegetarianism: it is unnatural, unhealthy and in every way an unforgiveable way to live which would be fine if most vegans could just fuck their own bodies up but they tend to, maybe from being malnourished weaklings with estrogen spiking high enough to send Marty’s Delorian back to 1957, become a bitchy and preachy group.

    9. Spiritual groups are also damaged women that are often all getting banged off the few men in those groups; great place to get laid, but no good for relationships as many think monogomy is oppressive to “female sexuality”. The best women tend to be right wing pragmatists, especially rural farm girls types that know the natural order well, i.e are pro-fascist/ pro-white explicitly.

    10. “Interesting stuff here. I am curious to see what guys say about letting her initiate the relationship”
      In my opinion when a eoman escalates a relationship, she does so in a way to grt her claws on the man’s wealth – i.e. when she says “let’s get married” or wants to co-habitate, which noe is considered de-facto marriage.

      1. this was EXACTLY what I was thinking. Having no experience in this particular field, however, I felt curious if other people who have done field testing had similar thoughts.

        1. Thanks. It sorta comes down to this ultimately – when a female says she wants to take the relationship “to the next level” that means essrntially one more nail in the man’s coffin.

  2. alright. God wills it that I only read ROK in every 10 days from tomorrow on. Roosh, I can’t believe you decided to leave this Deus Vult thing the way it is

  3. Be a man, take initiative and claim what is yours. Waiting is for fools, unless you are in an old-schooled courting relationship where the girl’s father is heavily in her life and has great influence, which by then you are playing for his favor not hers. But those are far and few in-between what most people have.

  4. Once you start Kratom you no longer have to jump through all these hoops. Just drive around and women will jump on the hood of your car saying,”Take me!Take me!”.

  5. This article is only relevant to western women. If you get a woman from a traditional culture to sleep with you without at least being committed already she is a slut.
    There are no exceptions to this rule.
    Actually its stricter than this, if a girl sleeps with you without a promise of marriage or a ring already, she is a slut.
    I would advise to simply pump and dump western women, the risks going further are simply too big.
    If you want a traditional good wife and mother, it’s not that complex, look for a virgin or 1 notch girl from a good family in a country with traditional values, make sure she has at least one sibling preferably more, and comes from a middle class background, go meet her folks, marry her, make babies-…- profit.

    1. Maybe… sounds feasible-ish (not my experience, and have had fair share outside anglo culture – concluded that AWALT full stop). Probably needs the addition of ‘hold frame – FOREVER’ on your formula list.

      1. Hold frame forever indeed. But that’s pretty much how it is for the rest as well, at a job or wherever.
        My experience is so far good, although there are some caveats. Virgins are slow picking things up in the sack so to say, so prepare for it taking some time at the very least if you go that route.

    2. “This article is only relevant to western women. If you get a woman from a traditional culture to sleep with you without at least being committed already she is a slut.
      There are no exceptions to this rule.
      Actually its stricter than this, if a girl sleeps with you without a promise of marriage or a ring already, she is a slut.”
      100% spot-on.
      With divorce rates at around 50%, Western women are a lost cause and unless you’re looking at girls with a good traditionalist, religious upbringing, a guy who’s looking for a serious relationship should get in touch with relatives, second cousins, etc. back home in a traditional country for leads on good girls and focus there instead.

    3. “If you get a woman from a traditional culture to sleep with you without at least being committed already she is a slut. There are no exceptions to this rule.”
      Well, what exactly have you said here? Have you said something about women who sleep with you without being committed or have you just made them the definition of the word ‘slut’? If you say they are sluts, what does that imply and what information do I get out of that statement?

      1. The aim of the exercise being to find a woman who is relevant for LTR/marriage in the article, which you don’t want a slut for. So I’m commenting on the article saying sleep with her first, which would make her a bad choice already.
        A girl from a traditional culture who fucks around is the equivalent of a western woman who has gangbanged 200 guys, which is not a girl you want for a relationship unless you are a masochist.

        1. Well, but you’re basically making this argument logically:
          A. (Western context) A slut is a woman who sleeps with you just like that.
          B. (Traditional context) A slut is a woman who sleeps with you without serious commitment or a promise of marriage.
          C. A slut is a slut.
          You are basically using the word ‘slut’ to describe two separate kinds of behavior, and then you equate both behaviors, resulting in: A traditional woman who fucks you even after many dates is equal to a Western woman who sleeps with you just like that.
          Now, what I think you were saying is that in a traditional culture, a woman who sleeps with you without marriage is JUDGED AS MUCH in that culture as a Western woman who sleeps with you just like that. The judgment is equal. But that doesn’t mean the behavior is.
          In other words, a woman from a traditional culture who puts out after 3 dates is practically equal to a Western woman who puts out after 3 dates. There is really no difference in the behavior on the quality of her character. BUT the one in the traditional culture is judged much more for this behavior while such a Western woman may be considered a rare good thing.
          Unless you want to argue that it takes a much worse character for a woman to be such a, let’s say, ‘semi slut’, in a traditional culture due to the social pressure she has to actively oppose.
          Aside from that, I would conclude from this that to a man who wants a girlfriend, there is really no substantial difference between the two women with equal behavior from two different cultures. If her treshold for ‘putting out’ is equal to the one in Western culture, it is illogical to assume she had more sexual partners than the equivalent in Western culture, which in turn means: She is not really any worse objectively, but rather simply more judged in her culture.
          Hope my writing is not too convoluted for you to be able to process what I am trying to say.

        2. “Unless you want to argue that it takes a much worse character for a woman to be such a, let’s say, ‘semi slut’, in a traditional culture due to the social pressure she has to actively oppose.”
          This is exactly it. There is a saying in Muslim culture in regards to this: “Make adultery so difficult that no one will want it, and marriage so easy that everyone will want it.” If a girl has been brought up in a good, traditional way but is a slut by the traditional standards (bell curve is highly relevant here, as we can compare western vs traditional by it equally) then her corresponding western slutiness can be corrensponded to via the bell curve.

        3. Interesting point. I wonder how well it holds up in reality. Maybe you have experienced such a correlation personally, but I haven’t.

        4. Its more of a mathematical phenomenon to be pointed out, as far as that goes. In reality, it all depends on her motivations. Some traditional cultures have her wait too long and maybe she can’t hold it in. Oftentimes, though, I find that she has been too influenced by western culture. A study into it would be interesting, but I imagine the bell curve would be skewed and reliable data would not be obtained.

        5. The usual: women will lie about notch count. A traditional girl that slept with a guy will say she’s virgin, a western woman who said she had 5 guys would have had 50, etc. I don’t think there would be a way to align the lies in a way that they would be correspondingly equal. There would be a bias towards one group, but I don’t know which group it would be.

        6. Good point. Agreed.
          Maybe an anonymous online poll would be able to help.
          Hey, in fact, what about doing a meta-research? Comparing different ways of asking the same question through different mediums?

  6. Not to knock the article, but in the end you will have to comprimise because AWALT. You will find, probably through hindsight, that the marriage material women (in the west) will probably consist of less than 2% you meet. Look for the red flags, cross examine the evidence and don’t waste your time on damaged women.

    1. Yes….and if you will notice, the Majik 2% that ya meet, 95% of those are with a man who recognized her value. And because she is a high value woman who is really relationship material, she isn’t gonna cheat on that guy with ya cuz you’re most likely not any more special than he is.
      There so many times I have met a woman, blew my mind with how wonderful she is, only to meet her husband/fiancée right after. And what I have noticed is that EVERY time, I could tell that this was a dude who knew he had a good thing going and had it on lock down.

    2. And after you’ve checked everything out, go visit her parents to:
      1. See how her mom and dad interact
      2. Ensure that dad is in some way the alpha/patriarch in the family
      3. See how she acts and responds around her father

      1. The other standard thing that’s done where I’m from back home is to ask some of the neighbors in private of what they think the girl and her parents.
        If the neighbors some bad experience with the family, they will be quick to dole it out. It may not work here in the west though.

        1. I don’t know if that would work in this day and age. Lots of people now react negatively to masculinity and a family based on patriarchy.

        2. It usually works well in a village or small town (which are more patriarchal on average by default and traditional values are still respected) where everyone knows everyone and reputation is important, but it wouldn’t work in a large city where no one knows their neighbor, just goes about minding their own business and no one is socially invested in each other and traditionalism is shunned.
          Once a suitable girl of liking is found, it really just comes down to doing a lot of good detective work to uncover red flags, weigh in all the good and bad, and then make a final decision of commit or leave.

    3. I would say 2% of 16 year olds meet this criteria. Past that, they are practically nonexistent.

      1. Ouch. I dropped out of the dating scene 10 years ago, but can imagine it has only gotten worse.

    4. Coming from a virgin-only, traditional religious background, here are some rules. (My standards might be too high due to religious background)
      -Get someone as young as possible. Someone single and older will only increase the chances of being non marriage material. Even someone who might not be legal except under marriage (depends on laws)
      -Someone who will not sleep unless marriage. Might seem risky, but someone that traditional has a much higher likelihood of being valuable
      -Comes from a strong traditional background and whose friends and family say good about her
      -If you find someone good (who is likely married-they get taken quick), try to get into the network. Often, these people come from good families and so they may know someone looking for a relationship.
      -The woman’s reaction to standard techniques. A true keeper is not only not receptive, but disgusted and embarrassed by game.
      -Greater correlation in religious gatherings. Muslim women don’t get married to nonMuslims (unless they are the more liberal type) but it may be possible in Christian gatherings. Know, however, that even then there are not that many good ones-you’d have to still carefully filter.

  7. You only need a woman for procreation and occasional sex. According to Aristotle, and I agree, in procreation the male principle is the formative active agent, the “logos,” whilst the female is the passive material. So based on that, a proper relationship between a man and a woman is impossible.
    You don’t need to have a relationship first in order to start a family for raising children. The only criteria to choose a woman is her being healthy (preferably young). If she’s healthy she would usually come from a stable family and will be less crazy than the majority. She would enjoy being your second mate and she would give you healthy children.
    How to recognize a healthy woman – larger thighs compared to waist, good teeth, no tattoos, likes eating meat, does not eat too much sweet food, thinks logically, cooks, spends more money on food than clothes, smiles a lot, has spring on her feet, stands upright, to name the few. Warning: pretty face girls are usually not very healthy.
    Once you have children, you’ll have to stick with the chosen woman as otherwise you’d be highly irresponsible and selfish towards the children you brought to this world.

    1. You don’t need to have a relationship first in order to start a family for raising children.
      Yeah, I found it best to plunge my dick into random women and get them pregnant, then start a relationship afterwards.
      In all honesty, the rest of your post I agree with.

      1. What I mean is you don’t need years and years in a relationship with a woman before you start a family. If she’s healthy and you find her attractive you can plunge in even after a couple of months.
        It is not coincidence that arranged marriages are more successful.

        1. Well that makes more sense now that you clarified it. And I agree. Once I decided to wife hunt, I locked down my wife within a year of meeting her.

    2. “and I agree, ”
      Whenever this idiot says he agrees with something it can only mean one of two things
      1) The thing is wrong
      2) He has interpreted the thing to align with his own ideas and made it wrong.

        1. Not really. He stumbled across of few tid bits that weren’t totally wrong based on an invalid premise. Pissing all over the floor and getting a little in the bowl doesn’t count as doing it right.

        2. You’re just biased because I called you “a male slut”. I admit it was a bit over the top and you’re right to be pissed off but you prove it again and again that you can’t take it as a man.
          So … deal with it! Blocked again.

        3. odd…being blocked by father of three and i already feel smarter
          I am a male slut. I have standards but I like to sleep around. I am not ashamed of who I am and I own my choices.
          If those three kids you are a father of are girls let me know when they turn 18. With you as a father there is no way they don’t make a bee line for the pole. Love me some daddy issues

        4. “I am a male slut.” No you are not. A slut is someone who gives their power a way for very little in return.
          Women’s power is the pussy. Men’s power is the commitment . Women who give their power of pussy away so freely without expectation of a reciprocity of power, we call them sluts. When a man gives his power of commitment away without expectation of reciprocity, we call them chumps. (Women call them BFF)
          Fucking a lot of women doesn’t make him a slut. Makes him a master key. Providing a lot of stuff and emotional support without fucking is a male slut.
          I know what you mean when you call yourself a “male slut” and own it. I just got so annoyed of being called that, I started correcting people. It is especially funny to tell that to a girl while her male BFF is part of the group discussion. I love putting those guys in their place.

        5. fair enough! I guess I am not a male slut. You will have to tell father of three.

        6. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. From what I’ve read of your posts so far you seem to be upfront with women about that and try to avoid corrupting “chaste” girls. In my option that’s more alpha than guys who feel they have to lie and lead girls on with the LTR carrot on a string just to sleep with them. There are lots of women interested in casual dating so it’s a perfect match for guys like you.
          It’s funny because I’m reading the back and forth between you and father of three and I see many similarities with conversations I have witnessed with women. There’s team Marriage and Children vs team Single and Childless. If you think fathers shame single free wheeling guys you should hear a married mother lay into a single woman the same age as her. It’s nasty. But the point is not everyone wants to have a family or be in a long term relationship and they should not be belittled or criticized for that. If you want to be a male slut with no interest in marriage or family that’s your choice and to hell with anyone who doesn’t agree. However the same goes for women who decide the be sluts and never get married and have a family. If it’s not hurting anyone who the fuck cares? Just my two cents but, really interesting posts here.

        7. Actually my only real problem with him is that he is dangerously stupid

        8. The only thing I’m curious about is what Motherofthree is like. I’m almost concerned we might have another Ariel Castro-type situation on our hands.

        9. had to google. Holy guacamole I wish I hadn’t. That is some seriously fucked up shit. And yes, this is exactly what I am picturing.

  8. I think going to church is the best way to find a solid for relationship. I didn’t ever go until after a few deployments in the military (never date a military chick!) and when I did I was amazed at the quantity of high quality women there. You will find more conservative women with lower notches on their head boards. If they soak up what they are hearing there, they will be more submissive and traditional in a relationship. Im not saying they are all great but the chances of finding one that meets criteria of LTR is much higher.

    1. The only church where I’ve heard anything positive about the women is the Orthodox Church. The rest are infested with 200+ cocks ridden Born Again Virgins who say that Baby Jesus tells you to honor them and obey them.

      1. I was so shocked when I witnessed the sluttiness of church groups with a girl I banged a while back. It was basically 20 former junkies, many with eating disorders and huge notch counts hanging out listening to a band whose lead singer abso-fucking-lutely fucked every one of those girls. I had on a v neck sweater shirt and die and nice wool pants. I assumed we were going to a church I should dress nice. And this wasn’t a young knee. This was early 2000’s I would have never fucking guessed in a million years and if I hadn’t seen it i would have not have believed others telling me.

        1. The Protestant churches are destroyed and the Catholic church is on its last leg. Whenever I hear “band” in reference to church, I know not to even think about walking through those doors.

        2. I really was innocent to the whole thing. The girl was hot and I knew she was in some church group. When she said they were having a lunch I dressed like a nice little gentleman. Total fucking shock.

        3. My wife’s grandmother died this summer. We attended services in her Lutheran church. This is a *very old* church in the town, and the stained glass windows all have the words in German (the town only gave up German as an official business/daily life language in 1947!). So we’re sitting in the pews, feeling somber, and in walks some broad in vestments. A woman priest IN THE FUCKING LUTHERAN CHURCH. I was so disgusted I couldn’t even begin to focus on what she was saying. Of all places, I expected the Lutherans to hold out longer than the rest of the Protty-totty churches, but they too have fallen. Freaking revolting.
          The only nice thing that I can take away from the service was that they still rang the church bell for each year of your life, which resounds throughout the town.
          101 bell peals. 101. Amazing and beautiful.

        4. the bells thing is really amazing. But yeah….wow….one thing about even the idiotic left side of the RCC is that you never take communion from a woman. I want to say you never take communion from someone who has had a cock inside them but…ugh.
          I am the furthest thing from a religious guy, but I do admire men of faith as well as the different traditions in churches (like the bell peals) and watching it go is sad.
          Well, on that note, I am going to starbucks to read a book on my iPad and pick up a chick in lululemon yoga gear.

        5. “….and the Catholic church is on its last leg.”
          There are islands of sanity out there.

        6. I realize this is taking the thread off topic, but it could be argued that Christianity (or organized religion in the west in general) has outlived its natural lifespan and is simply dying a natural death.
          Not saying it’s good or bad, but I think the argument can be made.

        7. That’s pretty myopic. When something lasts for all of human history and just disappears in a few decades, it’s not because it’s something that became obsolete. There are forces at work actively working to kill it. Societal change does not happen this fast, especially regarding an institution that has been a part of all human cultures throughout all of history.

        8. As I’ve said before Ghost, noticeable change (including genetic change) in a population can take place in as short as a few generations. It’s quite possible that western populations are breeding away their genetic inclinations towards religion.

    2. Caveat: You have to go to more traditional churches.
      Catholic, Orthodox, or Episcopalian.
      The protestant churches are places where narcissist pastors and preachers go to fulfill their urges of manipulation. Protestant churches are where the hipsters go.

  9. “So…what are we?” – Self aware highly intelligent carbon based life forms.
    “Do you like me?” – I sure do Anna (only works if her name is not Anna)
    “I feel like we should be something more.”- Me too, which is why I’m trying to evolve into a being of pure light.
    “Are you seeing other women?” – No, I have a woman filter on my contact lenses that blocks my view of other females. Very cumbersome.

    1. My favorite is from family guy
      Lois: I just wish my opinion mattered to you
      Peter: Well the important thing is that it matters to you and that’s the greatest gift of all
      I have been waiting years for a chance to drop this gem

      1. I am so off the cuff with my answers to my wife that I’m actually kind of surprised that she’s not been institutionalized yet. Just dragged away babbling gibberish by two people in lab coats.

        1. I had a science teacher in 8th grade who constantly hounded me for “not being serious”. Now mind you, I was getting A marks in science (and math, and English, and…so on), but he was seriously ticked off that I rarely had a non-humorous answer when he’d ask a stupid question.
          “Ghost, I have to tell you, if you refuse to take life seriously you’re not going to get anywhere in your future.”
          Dude was a low paid 8th grade teacher whom I believe had no wife or kids, was thin (he was a prototype hipster looking guy, without the beard) and took everything deathly serious to the point of distraction.
          A bajillion years later, I’m wealthy, have a beautiful wife and fantastic children, have acres out in the countryside, no debt and can (and probably will) retire very soon. Meanwhile, he died and I heard that something like 5 people showed up for his funeral.
          So yeah, take advice from people only if they appear to be competent to lend that advice.

        2. Hey, I always tell people that taking things seriously is the quickest way to the grave.

        3. That’s one simple thing that people never really seem to think of. Before taking advice from someone, do they walk the walk? You’d never take fitness advice from a blob, why would you take life advice from a loser?

        4. In the military, the saddest, most pathetic leaders are the ones prone to dispensing what they see as indispensable, sage-like wisdom.

    2. I would go the other direction on t bu e last one.

      I see ither women everyday. Theyre practically everywhere.

  10. I’m sorry, no offense – but this article is purely delusional. Any man of experience in the western world today with any experience with women will say the same.

    1. There are still men raising proper daughters. You won’t find these daughters out in clubs or with ten thousand “Friend” Facebook accounts.

      1. Indeed GOF but they are very few in numbers, and getting to them i.e. positioning one’s self to be able to meet them is probably next to impossible, essentially for men a vast waseland to find them.

        1. not really where do you look. you probably wont find them in any major city especially a liberal city. Your best bet is small towns and the middle states if you live in the U.S. Like GOJ I’m from Ohio and there are plenty of good girls that are wife material there.(but please for the love of God do not go to Cleveland or Shaker Heights)

    1. What’s next? A girl who had been on a gang bang could be the next mother Theresa. lol

  11. Book stores
    Sooner than later we’re going to have guys showing up here asking “what’s a book store?”

    1. lol I can’t believe there still are book stores. Libraries are pretty much only for the homeless and child molesters at this point.

      1. Barnes & Nobel still do a brisk business out here in northern central Ohio. We have a huge one over at the Polaris mall, the monster mega kind that was popular in the 1990’s. I enjoy going there from time to time.

        1. We have a huge one too. It’s 5 stories. I can’t understand how they afford the building. I am assuming they are in league with the cobblers

        2. I used to enjoy shopping privately owned book stores, they were considerably more eclectic and you could always find something unique. I would never leave one empty handed. B&N feels like the nation-wide chain that they are and seems to only stock stuff of mass market appeal.

        3. There is a video rental store near my place. That has to be hookers, heroin or ISIS right?

        4. Sounds like a party. Every other non corporate biz here is a money laundering op. Totes convinced of it. Too many barbers in the outer boros, have no idea how they stay open

        5. Bookstores, cobblers, video rentals? You might be caught in a time-bubble enclave. Look around, do you see any rotary dial phones?

        6. And a steady stream of good looking women? Something is off here. I think he got plugged back into the matrix in exchange for some special considerations.

        7. Hahaha funny you should say. The queens county court house has rotary phones. I have a pic of one somewhere

        8. You can only take pictures of that kind of phone with your Kodachrome.

        9. Right? There is a 3 block area in Astoria that has like 4 barbers and 5 shoe repair places

        10. Loved the Kodachrome!
          And poloroids. The huge ones with a hinge. “Gotta go buy some flash cubes”

        11. My son bought one of those at an antique store this summer. There is still film you can buy for it, believe it or not. A dollar a freaking raw picture film (or whatever it’s called).

        12. Polaroid- for taking dirty pictures and still remaining classy for doing so…I predict it will make a comeback bc of social media, peeps will smarten up

        13. That is the store I was talking about. It’s one block from my house lol

        14. ….the nice, bright colors, gives you the greeeens of summer, makes you think allllll the world is a sunny day, oh yeah….
          Funny thing is, Simon and Garfunkel got it wrong. Kodachrome is better for reds and oranges. Ektachrome was better for blue and green.

      2. They’ve put in coffee shops in all the book stores I go to, and that’s where all the girls are hanging out these days.

  12. Also, never take a Woman’s word on her age. Always split her in half an count the rings.

  13. Just start kissing and grab her by the pussy when you first meet. If they don’t resist, they’re most likely a slut unless you are a very, very high value man. If they resist, pull back and then act like nothing ever happened. Introduce yourself, neg them, whatever, but just act like nothing ever happened.

  14. Yeah bros I could use some advice on this one. ALL I ever find are sluts, I have no problem banging them but it gets old. I really want to have kids but holy shit SO many girls are tattooed/pierced out whores.

    1. There’s a huge underground cryogenic vault that Walt Disney created at Disney HQ. They put an entire village worth of Nebraskans from the year 1953 into it and froze them. From time to time they’ll thaw a few out to go work at Disneyland and Disneyworld. I suggest starting there. The important part is timing, you want to be there just as she comes out of her cryogenically induced slumber for maximum effect.

    2. You have to take the Time Musheen to find one. They are at most Costco stores

    3. “I really want to have kids..”
      Thats what drove me and I do not envy you one bit. If you work in a field that would allow you to expat, you might go that route.

  15. I knew a guy who drank nightly. A smart guy but he got into his own comfort zone and ignored his woman. Woman aren’t for talking to I agree, they’re a continuous drivel of illogic. They need managed and instructed for the most part.
    So the guy would pop a few cold ones, and a few more after work and reach a comfortable bliss in front of the TV set. It was a daily slice of Nirvana or as close as it gets.
    Roll foreward a few decades and I’m visiting them. The woman is still there chirping and pulling her hair out. She’s constantly bitching and throwing punches at everyone. She’s a simple dumbfuck of a woman but she’s frequently calling cops on neighbors and warring with people in the manner of an uncontained and unmanaged bitch. They produced an only child years prior who is grossly obese and can’t work due to mental issues.
    THE PARENTS ARE TOGETHER mind you but the union seems a collective of very weak people who have no voice in the world. The woman henpecks and berates everyone and everything. She has no friends and obviously no one likes her. She was attractive years ago and her first and only child slid oh so effortless and troublefree from her perfect hips. Her greased pussy could have produced much MUCH more in its prime.
    But the incessant bitching . . GAWWD DAMN . . and the relaxed withdrawal and passivity of the man was telling.
    Now look at them. Old and without an opinion on any world matters and the man regularly buys her un necessary bling and shit like it’s an offering to some flaming piece of shit bobble head idol god from hell. He knows she could divorce rape him any moment when she goes on one of her bitching storms and breaks things.
    She may have always had bad nerves and been a compulsive bitcher but who knows. She came from ok stock and she resembled her paternal grandfather who was immensely successful. The guy doesn’t seem to manage her at all. She’s become like a wild pony that craps everywhere in the house, ruining the atmosphere with her bitchcrapping screeching bitching. Attention and bling wise, he just occasionally throws her a bone. If I had preached to them way back when I would have told the guy to do his duty for the west and rip her pussy wide open like a floodgate. Bust that pussy full blast operational and machine gun the land with fresh new westerners. Each one is a new flag planted on homeland TURF!! And we ain’t budging. . . that’s what I would have preached. But she’s not managed properly. She’s not kept busy doing anything.
    A woman must be kicked into boot camp with more to do before 6am than the average slacker female does all day. Keep her head spinning with her duties and like a gyrating top, her inertia holds her in her role. Keep the pussy service constant, ON TAP like the running faucet water YOU provide to HER. There isn’t much room to sleep on a woman and let her run unmanaged. Keep her spin constantly smacked and accelarated like a basketball on your middle finger.
    KEEP THE SPIN GOING ON YE BITCH lest she teeter, falter and fall off ye middle finger!!

  16. Since chicks shit test us, we should be issuing shit tests of our own.
    I have three:
    1. What does she do?
    2. Can she somewhat use logic to explain her politics? (I also screen on politics)
    3. Is she addicted to her phone?

    1. Having a woman explain her logic is for comical purposes only. Don’t get mad at her or expect her funny math to crunch real answers or solutions. With a good laugh going the answer is always found hiding between her legs.

    2. I don’t care about politics, but I do care how easily she follows my lead.
      “I’m really into PETA, animals have feelings and I wuv’s them”
      “I hunt deer every fall. Ever try venison?”
      “Ooooh, no, I never have, is it good?”
      This is the proper way to test politics in my opinion. She changes her “stance” after a few sentences to match yours, you’re golden.

      1. The one I’m seeing now mentioned to me the first time I met her that she loves guns.
        That took me by surprise.

        1. That is a surprise. My wife told me the same thing soon after we started dating (without my leading her). She grew up a farm girl and saw them as useful tools. Always a good thing.

        2. I dunno man. Guns are a guy thing. I’m always nervous when I hear a chick declare she’s into something so dude related.

        3. When you grow up on a farm, you have to shoot things as a part of normal day to day. She liked guns because they provided a necessary use out in farm country, as she observed her father and grandfather using them to dispatch varmints.
          She’s been to the range with me several times, but doesn’t really shoot much otherwise. We have a rule in the house, Dad buys a new gun, everybody learns at least how to load, shoot and unjam it as a matter of course.

        4. “….you have to shoot things as a part of normal day to day.”
          You married a Columbian farm girl?

        5. Right?
          No. But I did marry an Ohio farm girl. As you’re aware, we’re rich in animals and low on predators and high on corn content. It’s the perfect weather for every kind of cute animal on God’s green earth, while simultaneously being a bad climate for bullshit like alligators and rattle snakes. So you have an abundance of shit eating your crops, that you sometimes have to shoot.

        6. A woman should be comfortable around guns and proficient with them for their intended purpose. Like a sewing machine or a mincing knife or a sausage making machine, a woman needs to know a guns place and to hang it up clean.
          A woman ‘gun nut’ is awkward though. Like Angelina Jolie posing with expensive exotic firearms as she licks the barrel like a sexy vixen. No farm girl with horse sense does that. That would be like Lizzie Gordon holding a meat cleaver as she stares at you crazy eyed. There would be something ‘donkey shit wrong’ with a farm girl that did that and, like Jolie, she wouldn’t likely be a steadfast producer of offspring. Jolie adopts third world orphans by the boatload. Proper gun sense has been lost with the shitlizeralized masses.
          A nice womanly thing for a woman to do would be to sit and knit nice doilie hankerchief covers to drape over the barrels of the shotguns standing propped up behind the front and back doors so dust doesn’t get in. You’d think “how sweet. She’s a good woman” seeing the knitted covers whenever you might have to grab the iron.

        7. Pulling your leg.. my mother was one. Spent plenty of time helping the family during planting and bailing seasons in the old days. I’ll pass on relinquishing my childhood memories of transporting livestock to the slaughterhouse.

        8. Farmers in the late 19th/early 20th century blasted the timber rattler dens in the hills regularly. This was back when you could buy dynamite at the local hardware store. The dens were so easy to locate because they made loud rattling noise. It’s nearly impossible to find a rattler in the hills these days. Copperheads which are nastier and silent have taken their place somewhat. You know how many snakes there are in spring and summer when you see roadkill snakes in the roads. I’d shit if I ever stepped on an alligator in my back yard at night.

        9. same here, they learn how to be tough but feminine as well. Any tough girl from a city has a chip on their shoulder.

      2. You got it. There are too many guys who judge girls for having feminine stances on something. I actually *like* if a girl is into helping others, has a pet, develops her kind, nurturing side, and is concerned with the less advantaged. That shows her motherly instinct. The key is to separate the submissive, wife material from the SJW, which you do by challenging her as you indicated above.
        If she submits to your dominance as in the above question, proceed. If she is stubborn or adversarial or challenges you, she is SJW garbage.

        1. The last woman I dated actually admitted she was governed by her emotions, so cut me some slack from time to time…I actually found the candor appealing- who else(esp in nyc) would admit that?

        2. A girl with pet smarts is ok but I’ve seen girls that are way too much into their pets. A girl who swoons over a pet dog and who pays $2000 to get the toy sized pooch a kidney operation is going overboard. Everyone has a right to lavish their pet if they so wish, but the apeshit crazy pet lovers have some screws loose I believe. A sensible girl might keep a cat to catch mice or a dog to smell intruders. Dog snobs with thoroughbreds for the sake of showing off their thoroughbreds will spend a bit of resources keeping their k-9’s looking like they keep up with the other Jonse’s in the local pet clubs. These folks tend to not reproduce much human offspring for the west since they’re all into their sterile pet loving lifestyle.
          Some real batshit crazy pet lovers actually GRIEVE and become depressed when their pet dies and then they bury it in a pet cemetary.
          The extreme pet lovers who love their beast friends more than humankind itself are in effect EXHALTING beast over man. BEAST WORSHIP! And when they themselves die and pass on, all they’re left with is a SHAGGY GOD amen.
          If a girl loves, adornes and adores her pet like it was a human, then she’s a bit kooky in the head. She might even be a fun and easy fuckhole for a human dick, but she’s not likely sane enough to become a good and responsible mother to a string of human babies.

        3. Yes, everything in moderation. I like a girl who grooms herself well, but one that bathes 5 times a day is OCD and nutty.
          And I’m gonna cry when my dog dies.

    3. Logic? Hehe, good luck with that. You might as well look for a woman who can fly like superman. If I met a logical woman I’d be checking her package expecting to find a tackle.
      To me a woman should be a virgin or max 1 notch, come from a nice family, have siblings, and not care about politics etc, and in general not be opinionated. And be looking for a husband to have a family with.
      The phone thing yes.
      I don’t give a shit what she does when I meet her because she will have to quit it to have my babies.
      My shit test is to ask about politics and feminism, if she has an opinion she failed it. I am sick and tired of argumentative opinionated western girls, no matter what the opinions are.
      And I’ve found mine already ;-).

        1. Up in the hill country of central Japan, her family has lived in the same area for more than 500yrs, uber traditional.
          I found her online, after chatting to 50 others at least, we hit it off, I went to visit her (she told her family she was visiting a friend which was half true).
          We were both serious and got along well, so the next time I visited we went to her parents, got engaged, and she packed her stuff and moved, we got married, she got pregnant, etc.
          But be aware that it’s hard to turn girls down for one or two flaws when you like her otherwise, but if you want a good girl that’s what you gotta do. Keep looking, keep focus.

        2. You dont think she was talking to other guys online? Or what her reasons for being online were for?

        3. Well, no, I know she wasn’t talking to other guys online, and her reasons were mostly being lonely and wanting to have someone to talk to. We weren’t on a dating site. AWALT doesn’t stretch to where the culture forbids certain behaviors, her parents kept her in check totally and she lived in the countryside without transport without going through her parents.
          The only guys she talks to online are married and the husbands of her friends, and yep, I know for sure. She uses a computer on my network only, and I own the iPhone she uses and can check and track everything I want.

        4. What does AWALT mean?
          Sad you have to track everything she does. There is no honesty in people these days that warrants trust?

        5. AWALT = all women are like that.
          Trust people and they will often fuck your shit over, that’s how things are now.
          I’m not actively tracking her, but on any minimal signal of funky business I will, and I’ll go through the logs.
          Trust no one unless they are men and respect you because you’re a badass motherfucker and even then you have to be reserved.

        6. If you a woman respects you, she wont screw you over. In fact, if anyone respects you and especially God, then there is little to worry about. My opinion. Everyone else is there for show and for time being.

      1. A pussy that’s had another dick is like a piece of paper that’s been scribbled on and someone tried to erase or put liquid paper over the marks. Some women don’t care and walk about all scribbled up like scratch paper. It’s funny that paper recycling plants smell like shit.

  17. completely and totally agree with this list. Every quality relationship I’ve had has followed this list.

  18. Two things I don’t understand:
    1. Three dates because most Western women only make you wait an hour or so. This idea seems like we’ve lowered the bar. You have to have standards, mate. Just because bitches these days only make you wait 1 hour for pussy, doesn’t mean that three dates is much of an improvement. It’s moral relativism.
    2. Why did you post a photo of porno cumslut Abigail Johnson? Again, standards.

    1. This… This is underrated.
      Or 20 years from now, those whores from 2 girls one cup would be seen as “wife material.”

      1. I hear you. The depravity is getting worse, m8. Because they know they’ll still be able to get some beta cuck to clean up all the jizz from her face and raise her little bastard. So what motivation do they have to clean up their act?

  19. “If you’re from another, more traditional culture, such as from India, China, or various parts of Europe (although not for long), she may make you wait even longer.” If you’re from India, a girl will let you have sex with her only when you’re in a relationship ( that’s the mininum requirement ). But in most part of India, a woman will let you have sex with her only if you get married to her.
    We have a sexually repressive culture, where pre-marital sex is still somewhat of a taboo. People here like to put their nose in other people’s private life. If a neighbour of ours saw you dating someone, then it would be a matter of time that your family finds out about it.

    1. Better this than the western culture. At least some human standards are expected of them. But the downside is false sexual assault/rape accusations are possible with any misstep.

    2. Without the “sexually repressive culture”, your girl/sister(s)/mom would be huge sluts.
      It’s called social control.
      Something that is no longer exist in the west.
      Be grateful that you still have it.
      And be careful what you wish for.

      1. Don’t worry, I’ll never wish for a hedonistic culture like those in the west.
        But I believe that the opposite of extreme is still extreme. While I hate how hedonistic the west has turned into, I also don’t support the puritanical attitude our mainstream Indian culture has towards sex. Where sex itself is considered as a dirty act. Where there’s an unhealthy relationships between men and women. Where women are elevated to the status of Goddess. Where most people are married against their will. Even murdered if they marry against their parent’s wishes.
        In fact such puritanical attitude towards human sexuality is the very reason why gynocentrism comes into existence, which creates a hidden apathy for the opposite sexes. Just look at the Anglosphere countries which are infected by feminism, they formally had a puritanical culture. I don’t find it surprising that Feminism is becoming popular in India, since the common Indian culture is also puritanical in it’s attitude toward sexuality. Puritanism gives rise to Gynocentrism which then creates a fertile ground for an toxic ideology like Feminism. In fact, Feminism is a form of Puritanism, that demonizes masculinity and male sexuality while giving a free pass to women to be sexual libertine. It is this reason why Feminism still attracts misandric prudes.
        I come from a very special part and an ethnic culture of India, where mainstream Indian puritanism is absent. That doesn’t mean that women from my native culture are whores. It’s just that the relationship between sexes here are relatively much better than the rest of India. And we neither think sex is disgusting nor we put a lot of importance like that in the west. My native culture is still traditional in nature, we value family and social bonds above all.
        A perfect example of a culture that doesn’t fall to either of the extreme is the Asian Culture. The culture which an average ROK reader praises for it’s women. It’s neither hedonistic nor puritanical, and it also value tradition and family.

        1. I thought it was you guys who created that kamasutra thing. lol
          Alright, jokes aside. If premarital sex in India would be no longer taboo, then would it be fine by you if your chance of getting a virgin bride is lower to almost non-existent? (assuming that you want to have a traditional family).
          Asian Culture? East or Southeast?
          Because I’m currently living in Indonesia right now.
          Premarital sex is still somewhat taboo in here, so sexless committed relationship is still very common (esp. with teenage/young couples), and usually it last for years and they end up marry the same person they’ve been in relationship with.
          Arranged marriage is still exist to a certain degree. The family arrange meetings between a man and a woman, but the family don’t get to decide whether they’re gonna marry or not. It’s up to the man and the woman themselves if they want to proceed it further. It’s called arranged marriage not forced marriage.
          “If a neighbour of ours saw you dating someone, then it would be a matter of time that your family finds out about it.”
          They don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing here. It depends on your age. If you are at least a young adult, nobody really gives a shit.
          Meanwhile in Singapore….
          Man… It’s like mini-USA right there…

        2. Speaking of Kamasutra, there is a common misconception that Kamasutra is a sex manual encouraging promiscous, premarital sex. That book is more than just a sex manual. It teaches women how to be a good wives and teaches couples how to be good lovers. Around 50% of it’s content has to do with sexual positions, and the rest deals with philosophical and domestic stuff. Even then, the book encourages sex between two commited lovers, especially those bonded by matrimony. It’s basically a manual that teaches couple how to spice up their married life. Back in the ancient times, newly weded couples were gifted with a copy of Kamasutra.
          Furthermore, Kamasutra was written in a time when human sexuality was held to be sacred, yet not an important part of life that people became obsessed with it. That means, people back in ancient India hardly led a hedonistic lifestyle, but did have a satisfied married life where both partners were sexually satisfied with one another. And speaking of marriage, marriage was and still is an integral part of our culture. Most Indians don’t look at marriage the way western folks look at. This has to do with how Hinduism defines marriage. But unfortunately, Indians today has a very less mature understanding towards love, sex and marriage, compared to their ancient counterpart.
          The reason why Indian culture became puritanical is because most part of India were ruled by Mughals and then by the British for a long period of time, both of them followed Abrahamic religion, which was inherently puritanical in nature. So over a course of time, Indians slowly started to adopt the puritanical attitude of their rulers, and later incorporated into their main religion. Most Indians don’t have any idea how their culture turned so anti-sex.
          All I want for my country is to adopt a healthy attitude towards sexuality, like those in the ancient India.

  20. The method that works best in my observation is the one where the woman herself helps a (even if pretend) loser at some cost to herself. Always a good sign for a stronger connection.

    1. we waited until our wedding night. In the initial dating phase, it is an excellent way to weed out the trash.

  21. Date lots of girls, keep them low cost, and play around…..Just don’t go past second base, even if she wants it. If she is a trashy slut, you don’t want her anyway. If she is a decent girl, you will earn her respect.

  22. “Dog care volunteers”
    LOL, I fucked two girls with BPD and both were dog care volunteers – baaad advice!

    1. Actually, there is a lot that is seriously wrong with this article. Read the other comments and learn.

  23. I wanted Miley Cyrus but she just said she is pansexual. God dammit!!
    On the serious note, these advice’s are pure gold: “good” women are not different from others regarding the alpha bad boy appeal but…you wont find them on low life pubs or twerk contests. Seek them were the may be found.

      1. Smart girls are attracted to smart bad boys. You know, the kind of guys who get their shit together, get things done and do it their own way.
        Not thug-swag-yolo criminal kind of bad boys.

        1. So doesnt that make those boys not bad anymore? Reformed bad guys? Lol im not bad i just got my shit together

        2. Here, let me make this clear for you:
          Smart bad boy : not a criminal. Has his own way of life; do things his own way, care about self-improvements (reads, workouts, etc), doesn’t give a fuck of what anybody says about him, doesn’t bend to the mainstream media, critical (even sometimes cynical) and he knows what he wants out of life.
          Gangsta/swag/yolo/thug bad boy : LOSER. That’s it.
          Smart girls aren’t attracted to losers. Bitches do.

        3. So how is he different from a regular good guy? Lol
          Girls are attracted to a lot of obscure things, so are guys.

        4. Cuck/shimp/beta guys are good guys too.
          “Girls are attracted to a lot of obscure things, so are guys.”
          You might as well say “humans”.
          Please narrow the topic when you’re having a discussion/chat.

        5. You dont recall those girls marrying material objects like the Eiffel Tower and so forth.
          With males, having a fetish for morbidly obese women is pretty bad. Hopefully she rolls on him and that will be a lesson learned for him.

        6. How old are you… 14?
          Are you trying to communicate?
          What does an obese women have to do with this conversation?

        7. You told me to be specific. Im my last post, I said girls are guys are attracted to weird things/people. Now Im being specific albeit I know its not the majority of people.
          The obese woman is your profile pic, a picture and username you thought was so important to identify yourself by.
          I dont agree with your definition of bad boy. Bad boys appear to have their stuff together, but they have a lot of baggage and history that eventually will catch up and cause issues. And again, smart girls who dont listen to their emotions are not attracted to bad boys. One of those girls being me.
          Oh, Im not 14, but judging by your writing, you need to chill.

        8. “The obese woman is your profile pic, a picture and username you thought was so important to identify yourself by.”
          If I change that pic into a T-Rex, would you say that I’m into fucking a dinosaur? And no, I don’t think it’s so important to identify myself by, smart ass.
          “One of those girls being me.”
          I don’t care.

      2. The problem is not related with being smart or not. Its all about emotion, and the jerks easily trigger that on women. Women prefer guys who made them cry, than guys that will send them flowers and say how beautiful they are. Believe me.

        1. Hmm. I think PUA guys, which Im sure a lot of you guys are on here, mess with their emotions to get these girls to want you, when they realistically might not. You come up with the right things to say at given moments to get what you want from these girls, and no, its not making them cry. It is the false emotion of them feeling wanted, liked, and needed by a guy. It is called manipulation. Creating a need or want when it wasnt there.

    1. Absolutely. My ex who has turned into a full-blown SJW whore with dyed hair is a Yoga girl. The advices in this article seem like a piece of satire.

  24. By my standards, if a girl has had sex with less than 6 guys
    in her lifetime, she is in fact a chaste woman.

    Your standards are low. The average for England is 5 partners. I say it is mainly situational and dependent on her age. But four or more is too many for a woman younger than forty.

    women almost never put out if they see you’re willing to spend money on them.

    Depends on the woman. In my experience though, the kind of woman that wants you to spend money, usually has a bunch of guys spending money on her. This means if you don’t spend money you will never see her again, although this is probably a good thing. In my experience, a decent woman will sleep with you regardless of how much money you spend. And you won’t need any game.
    As for sex. If you are looking for a girlfriend it is always a bad thing if it happens on the first date. Push for it anyway. That is your “shit test”.
    I will say this though. Trying to find a girlfriend is way harder than trying to bang. Finding a bang is pretty easy really. But the trouble with finding a decent woman is that you are probably going to have to use day-game (night-game is better for bangs obviously). But most of the girls you meet during the day, the decent ones, will probably already have boyfriends, which makes sense.

    1. I’m a 40 year old woman. I’ve had 5 partners: HS sweetheart, 2 boys in college, the second whom I married–he was a real cad—died very young. One BF after that and then my current husband. I don’t believe that’s the actual average these days, but I digress. I wouldn’t advise a young woman to sleep around, but I would advise her to date more than I did. General naïveté is what led me to marry husband number 1 (along with a lot of parental pressure). I got very, very lucky it seems with husband 2. You guys want nice girls but then there are entire essays devoted to manipulation tactics that will bed women quickly. There are two sides to every story of course, but I don’t think nice girls are cut out for this dating world, and maybe nice guys aren’t either. Seems pretty ugly and rough out there.

      1. This is why it is important to marry the right person. The wrong person can set you up for a miserable life. Normally you’d expect your parents to see a cad for what he is but I guess not always.
        We put women in two camps. Those for marriage and those for fun. The mainpulation tactics are for the fun girls.
        The dating world is a brutal place but is also a recent phenomena. In times gone past you would have married your highschool sweetheart and everyone would have an average of one partner.

        1. “That’s why it’s important to marry the right person” Um yeah. Perhaps you should tell that to my parents, ya know, the ones who paid for my lavish debutant party :/. I’m from the wealthy southern US, they do things “ahem” differently round those parts. Wanna guess my skin color lol? You guys like to whist fully talk of more traditional times, but I’m here to tell you that system has it’s flaws. Great if things work out, but disastrous, especially for women, if they don’t. I could have let them repeat the process, but I chose to grow a set. My independence, along with Hubby #2, is worth losing my inheritance 🙂 As for “the women you marry vs. the women you bang”, well you can’t really blame women for doing the same thing. I wouldn’t do it, and you don’t have to like it. In the end, everyone lives with the consequences of their actions. I think the internet has made the dating world a pretty ugly place. Certainly not bringing out the best in women or men. The sheer cruelty astounds me, and if that means I’m still naive, well I prefer to stay that way.

        2. No need to get defensive. Grow a set huh?
          I’m not blaming women for anything. You make your choices and you reap what you sow.

      2. If you haven’t figured out how to make a guy like you without using your vagina, that’s your problem. Don’t blame it on pua, nor the dating world.

        1. I’m happily married, so I can’t fathom where you got that impression. I’m suggesting men on this site seem to want two diametrically opposed outcomes: women who are “virtuous”, and then to bed a lot of women. Statistically, this is not possible. And I’m going to go further to suggest that the internet has done nothing for the dating world. Both men and women treat their romantic lives as though partners come from a readily stocked vending machine. Don’t like that one, go back and see what E7 looks like. People just seem to be a lot crueler to one another under the cloak of pseudo anonymity. I’m consistently shocked by the sense of entitlement expressed by some men and women these days. Certainly doesn’t speak well for the human race.

  25. To the extent their are any women worth of my long term attention, they had better be heiresses.

  26. 3 dates?! Wow. I’ve been out of the dating game a while, but not that long. Far be it for me to judge mind you.
    I’m stating this because I think the author’s math is a little off: if an individual makes a habit of sleeping with people after 3 dates, he or she is liable to rack up a lot more partners than 6. Also, I’m really glad I’m married. If a man I had just begun dating expected sex after 3 dates, I would be pretty uncomfortable. This isn’t about shit tests or money being spent, it’s about me wanting to feel comfortable enough with someone to engage in what I consider to be very personal behavior. That said, I think after 3 dates you would know whether or not there should be a fourth, so I wouldn’t be dating people for extended periods without a certain level of attraction and the feeling things are going in the right direction. Dating sucks anyways, I always found it so awkward and contrived. Maybe that’s why, despite starting in my teens, I’ve had less than 6 partners in my lifetime, 2 of whom I married— not simultaneously— no one needs that much laundry lol!

      1. No, I wasn’t and frankly I’m not going down that road. My first husband was #3. Not sure how many women he’d slept with before we married, I wasn’t concerned. I did however take issue with the women he slept with after we married lol! It’s all a moot point really, he died very young alongside one of his many mistresses, in a single vehicle DUI. He was the drunk driver. The infidelity came to light posthumously. 1 common law BF after that and then my wonderful current husband. I really don’t like to weigh in on people’s sex lives, it’s their choice and they live with the good or bad decisions they make. That said, context is important. I would have happily stopped at one or two, it wasn’t in the cards. I can’t imagine what I would do if my husband passed on, but if I got to a point where I wanted and found another relationship, there would be another partner. I wouldn’t sleep with a stranger, I never have, but I don’t plan on joining a convent, no matter what happens.

  27. 1. Feminine, preferably Conservative.
    2. Swallows. Prostate health reasons.
    3. Logical. Anything less = bad mother.
    4. Full bush. Shaved equals mass consumer, 90% chance cock carousel.
    5. Married parents, mother keeps her yap shut while father is talking.
    The rest will take care of itself. These aren’t rare if you steer clear of bars, colleges and paper shuffling businesses.

      1. Work on that after serious relationship has been established. Until then, man up. Our predecessors didn’t give it a second thought, let alone a stipulation.

        1. Some of us have enough options to be choosy. Not trying to insult you, just stating the truth of my situation.

  28. On your chart with “What do you want”.
    I want 3, 4, 5, and maybe 6 (if she lost little bit of tummy fat)
    Slim, Curvy, Full and maybe donut
    With #4 being the most ideal (Curvy)
    The rest of them look like garbage slop.

  29. I can definitely understand the “let her initiate the relationship” aspect of this article. In my opinion (and experience) it is essentially how things are in many instances. My anecdotal campus experience is pretty much this. The more I court women with solid game, the more they push back. It’s something I didnt think I’d ever have a problem with. If they essentially do not choose you, there is almost nothing you can do. It seems to be the culture, at least on campus. The moment you try to move in on them, they clam up and your opportunity is gone.
    The dating environment as many of us already recognize, is greatly stacked against good men. It’s even worse when you realize you have to play games and always have the upper hand just to get a date or a potential bang. Especially since most attractive girls have boyfriends already or have so many guys pining for their attention that you dont even stand out. I’ve met one girl this semester who I have deemed is a quality woman but I know she has a ton of options and im just another guy. So basically I’m taking my time and not making any beta mistakes and unfortunately waiting for her to pick me if she thinks im worth her time. It’s the unfortunate reality I’ve faced in many pursuits of a quality woman.

  30. So much Blue Pill and inexperience in this article. Good luck to anyone following his advice.

  31. “Now, as a side note, if you’re a newbie I do NOT recommend that you get into a relationship.”
    I disagree with that. If you meet a good girl while young, it is NOT safe to assume you will continue to meet girls like that later in life. Especially if you want a virgin. Girls these days don’t really stay virgins past 18 (at the very latest), and they usually aren’t going to date guys much older than them.
    If you’re 18, your chances of finding a virgin girl are far greater than they will be when you’re 25. By the time you’re 25 or 30, you’ll be meeting girls in their 20s and saying to yourself “this girl only has 5 previous partners. That’s probably the best I can do,” and regretting the fact that you broke up with your high school sweetheart (whose virginity you took).
    Aaron Clarey had a good article about this topic a few years back:

    Beware The Girl Who Actually Likes You

    PS: I am not saying don’t bang a lot of girls. I’m just saying if you meet a “good girl” when you’re young and you turn her down because “adventure” and “variety,” you’re going to regret it later on.
    Speaking of “variety,” a good, traditional girl will not leave you if you cheat every now and then. Traditionally, a man would leave a woman if she cuckolded him, but a woman would NOT leave a man for the same reason, because if she did, she would become a single mother that no other man would marry. Any girl who says “I will leave you if you EVER cheat” is doing so because she believes in feminist “equality,” and therefore is not very traditional.

    1. But do not underestimate the wrath of these so called “traditional” girls. Remember, women are women. They are emotional creatures. If they really really love you, they could be as possessive as men, even more. Who knows that maybe your traditional wife’s little fragile heart has been holding a strong grudge towards you, but she’s been hiding it pretty well.
      And then, when you least expect it… she’ll kill you in your sleep.
      After that, she will be after your mistress.
      Okay, maybe I was exaggerating, but I’ve seen similar cases to that happened irl. I’m not joking.

      1. From what I understand of the brand of red pill around here…..
        It’s that guy’s own fault for not guiding her appropriately away from bad thinking like… MURDER.

    2. Most 18 year old girls will date a guy that is 28 without blinking. What are you talking about?

      1. The sluttier ones I’m sure do date 28 year old guys. But I feel like a girl who is a virgin at 18 (or younger) probably wouldn’t. It’s seen as weird by most people, so she is likely to go along with that and will most likely look for a boyfriend her own age.

        1. The sluttier ones simply spread, they don’t date. An 18 year old good girl knows that no 18 year old l boy is settling down with her or anyone else.

  32. Yoga = You often get anal.
    Those chicks are some of the most sexually decadent females in the planet. World travelers, experimental, and present oriented. They are thee worst for relationships beyond fuck buddy.
    Who wrote this crap?

  33. Finding a good girl is only the start. Keeping her good is where the challenge really is. After 14 years, my brother’s wife (who I thought was a great catch) decided she would try fooling around.
    I don’t know if there is any magic formula, but here are some suggestions I follow to keep out marriage healthy:
    Have kids right away (keeps her busy).
    Keep taking her out on dates at least monthly.
    Go to church every week (keep her morals up).
    Shut off the TV.
    Don’t let arguments become fights, swallow your pride, or just walk away if she is hostile.

  34. I think the advice to let a woman initiate the relationship is totally wrong.
    I wouldn’t want to be with a man that would make me ask these inane questions, such as: “So…what are we?”
    It would be a total turn off for me and for any other woman I know. In fact, my friend is struggling with this very issue, she is dating a guy, and his unwillingness to declare himself make her less interested not more (which is of course a healthy reaction).
    I’m coming from a very traditional, conservative milieu, mind you. A man, who makes a woman wonder were the relationship is heading, is considered a boy not a man. A wishy-washy neurotic boy, an epitome of so called “beta”, as you call them here.
    Basically, he is going to attract a woman with issues, who doesn’t seek a normal stable relationship but the perpetual chase.

    1. I kind of agree with that. With the exception of women with low self esteem, I don’t know of any who stick around for long if they don’t know where they stand, and they are looking for a relationship.
      But I do feel that women should, after some time broach the topic if the guy isn’t doing things that show signs of wanting a relationship such as introducing her to his family, etc. Women are often hard to read and I think many of us (myself included) have done the aloof act as not to scare a good guy away so we act like it’s all good and light and no strings. That can totally backfire on us when the guy assumes then, that we don’t want a relationship with them.

  35. Ultimately a LTR comes down to a good amount of luck. Finding a western woman who isn’t completely poisoned is an uphill battle to say the least.
    I’ve found an LTR in NYC, but an immigrant from SEA. Unfortunately not a virgin, but somewhat of a serial monogamist, goals of being a stay at home wife, feminine, etc. It just happened to be luck of the draw for me. Her previous relationship had just ended and she was apprehensive of the whole dating scene so she found me and stuck with it.
    I’m still fighting the evils of American culture through her friends, all standard white/Jewish American sloots. It helps to have her parents, non-resident red pill foreigners, on my side in this battle.

  36. So, a “chaste” girl has only slept with 5 guys!? You let the girl lead!????? WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!????
    Oh well, the article wasn’t a complete and total loss. I rather like the first picture. 🙂

    1. In the next 5 years the article would be “How to wife up 2 girls 2 cup actress.”
      People keep lowering their standards. What the fuck?!

      1. Now what kind of question is that to ask online? I can pull a number out of thin air! 😛
        I will say this though, when in the US, chaste might be the best option for a man’s sanity. 😉
        And for the record, NO. A woman that has slept with 5 freaking guys … is actually so pathetic as to not warrant further discussion. 😀

        1. I feel if someone himself is not chaste than looking for a chaste woman is redundant.If a woman is chaste than she doesn’t need to be with an unchaste man.
          I have no idea how many partners do women or men have in USA before marriage.I read in the most recent statistics about 10.Where I am from the only state considered chaste for both men and women is for both of them being virgins,or strictly single after divorce or death of the partner.
          Now I do not understand why men would be with as many women as possible and then expect to settle with a chaste woman(in your case <5 partners)?there is this rule in the universe called karma if you are doing it to someone lets say ,than someone else is doing it to your future partner! and since religion is hated so much these days how many people will actually follow the religion to that extent?
          And there is no other way to keep both men and women chaste except if both of them believe in a there is really no choice in a godless society.
          I have seen first hand I am from a society that strictly controls those issues so if a woman or a man is seen with someone their parents and their relatives will know it in a matter of time and there it is an issue.Expect to lose honor,liberty and trust.
          Still I will say the only thing actually keeping people chaste is the closeness to God.Others are just good at hiding their escapades.And they are really really good at that.

        2. And now I am surprised! Been a long time since I’ve read anyone making that much sense. 🙂
          I think 10 is a tad high even for the US. Unless we’re talking about the tarts one might find in a bar.
          I only have a mild quibble, and that is, I can understand why a man would seek a chaste woman for a wife even if he is not himself. It makes the most sense for a man’s future family. Provided of course his goal isn’t to continue to chase after women once married.
          As for sleeping around, I honestly can’t fathom the allure. One stupid floozy to the next. Likely one’s IQ dropping with every vapid comment from their empty heads. 🙂 And that’s without even getting into the health hazards!
          I can concede with some of the articles around here that sleeping around is much worse health-wise for women than it is men. However, a man sleeping around is just as immoral as a woman doing the same.
          It is a bit surreal that many articles here acknowledge rightfully that a chaste woman is the best for wife material… while simultaneously championing the idea of “game”. (Game of course doesn’t work on a woman of quality.)
          Personally, I’m very old fashioned and think anything more than NO partners isn’t worth my time. (Which explains why I’m not in the US!!!)
          Incidentally, if you don’t mind my asking, what society are you in? Eastern Europe perhaps?

        3. I now live in USA but if I told you where I am from you will have a strong hate reaction towards me 🙂

  37. A chick got fucked by 6 dicks in just 3 dates.
    It’s a wife material now?
    She’s gonna kiss you with the same mouth she used to suck 6 cocks before you.
    Oh, modern western society…

  38. Hey guys.
    I meet a girl at college at the waiting lobby. She was waiting for to be called to see her counselor. So I talked to her and she was easy to talk too, believe me.
    She is from Albania. We flowed the conversation very easy and we talked about lots of things. When she got called, I asked for her number and I thought already that she would respond the same ole response: ” sorry I have a boyfriend”. But that wasn’t the case.
    I waited for her on the hallway after she said to me to wait for her to come out. When she saw me at the hallway, she gave me her number and I walked with her to the garage. I even kissed her and she let me so.
    I texted her a few days ago to see if her wants to hang out, she replied but stopped replying.
    What does it mean? What could be happening?
    I appreciate the advise.

    1. She probably thought you were too clingy. Ask another girl on a date, if the Albanian notices you are moving on, she may take notice and go back. Either way, don’t sweat it.

  39. “That’s why women love bad boys so much. They want to be the one who he
    chooses; they want to be the one that “converts” him. If she feels like
    you’re a “catch,” and that she really had to work to “secure” you, I can
    guarantee that your relationship will last for quite a while.”
    A “bad boy” is a “catch”???
    The 60s f*cked this country up something royal!

  40. I’ve gotta say… If more men followed this advice, it would benefit not just them, but also us girls who ARE chaste, sensible, etc.
    I don’t meet many single guys, as I’m kept busy with uni and volunteer work, but the ones I do meet are generally super desperate and creepy, or dumb as dogshit. And I’m not saying that because I’m aiming too high… All I want is a fella who’s masculine, somewhat decent looking, kind, and can carry on an intelligent conversation.
    In return, I can offer prettiness, good conversation, respect, loyalty and a cold beer at the end of your day.
    It’s a shame that so many decent guys and girls can’t find each other amidst the crowd of rampaging SJWs and man-childs.

    1. The problem with most guys is they are reading and following the tripe like this article,,.Feminist society trained men to be females; well- now you have a full society of mostly females running around. I am in my late 40’s and quite honestly I never understood until the last 8 years that I was in the matrix.
      I never really got much training in my teens- 20’s as the info wasn’t out there. Hard core religious, and societal feminine rammed down my throat.
      RE: Now that I am on the outside looking in—-The problem with your post is woman have no idea what they want or can give an advice. This post above promotes the myth of the quality woman- there is no quality woman; just some better or some worse. At 2 am the little church going female is just as likely to get pulled at a club as a bar skank. I take those last 4 questions asked in the article as not “seeking a boyfriend” but shit tests designed to wash the guy out. This little beta boy writing the article can’t see it – unless he was hit by a sledgehammer.

  41. WOW what a beta female article of the highest order. This is just a load of kakka that should not be on this site.

  42. To the fat inbred ugly losers who frequent this site, just give up. It’s not going to happen. You are genetic waste. Thats what decades of US inbreeding has done to you. You’ve already lost.

    Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter…

  43. Sex after 3 dates? If a man would have expected to have sex with me after three dates I would have felt very unconfortable and wouldn’t have wanted to continue dating. That is way too soon. I mean you don’t really know a person after just 3 dates.

  44. Years ago I was searching for something,and came across a research paper where scientists found within brains of human females traces of DNA of males they were sleeping with(these were monogamous relationships).And that after separating from their male partners it takes some time to clear this up.
    But it wasn’t true for males.Don’t remember the exact reason.May be because some semen may actually be absorbed or something.
    the situation was identical in cases of effeminate homosexuals,meaning they found traces of their partner’s DNA in their brains.
    I”ll try to search it again.

  45. Very well put. However, there is a little warning over the type of woman who is a social activist (charity organisations, shelters, volunteering for social groups or minorities): these women live and breath activism and she will put you through many uncomfortable and awkward situations like
    -She helps at pro-egalitarian organisations: Queer friend wants to stay over her place the weekend you previously made plans for because either he’s broken or is visiting for certain organisation event which she may convince you to join both.
    -She helps at animal care: Potential full blown vegetarian/vegan or enthusiast of alternative hippie / new era lifestyle.
    -She helps at support groups: Potential damaged people coming and going off her life, she may be acting as a sponsor for addicts which means she has to be on call 24/7 meaning more than one interruption and cancellations at crucial moments.
    -She helps at integration centres: y “vulnerable” groups like unskilled and brute immigrants will steal her time and she will come to you with pernicious open-door-for-all ideas.
    There’s a HUGE risk she will cheat on you with the Mohammed in turn, as these women have certain “interest” in foreign retrograde cultures, they tend to learn languages like arabic, urdu, telugu and the like, and their instincts may trigger at the mere sight or interaction with any savage.
    For the last, I’ve seen lamentable experiences on other people: girls with beautiful bodies and souls falling for convicted coloured foreign brutes they meet at their support organisation, who abuse and cheat on them and then ditch them after he gets a green card.
    Or, what happened to one prominent politician of my country. He fell in love with a never-married middle aged but attractive blond attachée from the Spanish Embassy. They soon married and once the politician got in office, she got a honorary appointment, where she devoted her time to help save abandoned children. Soon after, she started to adopt kids a-la-Angelina Jolie on whim. The guy’s mansion with the pool was permanent children parties for poor little things, not to mention the huge financial strain to start now raisin half-dozen adopted offspring (that was NOT your idea)…I mean, all the guy wanted was to sleep with this gorgeous woman, go on yacht or travel the world with her. Of course, the outcome was he asked for divorce and kicked her and the children out of the house.
    So folks, activists are a No-Go zone.

    1. I think its cool when attractive women do humanitarian stuff with their rich husbands or dads money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I’ve always found that girls with some strong family values/religious (non delluded) background are the most reliables.

  47. Eligible bachelorettes are certainly not on the dating sites like POF or OKC. 99% of the women on those sites are either divorced, or never married single mothers. I’m a widower. And as such I have my bar a little higher than most men when it comes to the demographic of women I would consider for relationship. I have kids (grown) already so a woman with children (of any age) are not on the table. Younger women who have not had children but want them are not on the list either. Then again, many of the women who are my age (58) who have never had children are too self-centered for my liking. The pool is mighty shallow it seems. I definitely DO NOT want to father any more children. That much I do know. The last woman I dated had grown children. A son and a daughter. Things were actually going OK but when I finally was introduced to her son, the first question out of his mouth was: “So. What makes you think you’re good enough for my mom?” To which I replied: (Wait for it…) “Well sonny. Your mother apparently thought that the 50 guys she banged BEFORE your father were good enough. Does that qualify me?” Needless to say it all ended within about 10 minutes when she asked me to leave and never call her again. Saved me a lot of headache I’m sure.

  48. “One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when trying to get a girlfriend, is that they try to initiate the relationship. Big mistake. Masculinity at its essence is freedom. True men want to be free; they value independence, going forth into the world, and liberation.”
    “Make it clear that you’re attracted to her, but that you don’t need her. This is crucial; learning to balance overt sexuality with non-neediness is one of the most difficult things that newbies will do, but if you can do it correctly, she will sense that you’re a very high value man.”
    2 statements here. The top one is a mistake I still make while the bottom one I have been executing to perfection.
    Great advice in this article for men. Good work

  49. This article is so wrong in so many ways…
    C’mon – yoga classes for a girlfriend material? Are u fucking kiddin’ me?
    They’re all whores there, every single one. Hippies and other fucked up free birds whose last thought is to settle for a monogamous relationship.
    The writer of this article surely has a long road to walk.
    And activists? Jesus, this has to be a troll!
    Since when you ever encountered any activist with a healthy mind? Those are the misguided poor little girls who go to Africa for a volunteer work and end up getting knocked up by a first nigga who’s of course a Prince Of Nigeria according to their own bullshit but as soon as that “prince” lands on your home country and is getting their passport stamped with permanent residency, he’s out the window quicker than you can say “shieeeettt!!!”.

  50. I think the best way to find a girl for your relationship is to be yourself. No matter if you love literature or boxing, finding someone who loves what you love and relates to you is a great way to begin a relationship. Not every relationship must blossom into intercourse. As long as you enjoy their company and they enjoy yours, I don’t really see a need for a criteria girls must meet. Every person is different. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

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