Every Woman Adores a Fascist

So wrote Sylvia Plath in the unsettling elegy to her father, ‘Daddy.’ Composed a year before her suicide in 1963, it is probably the most haunting and articulate insight you’ll ever read from a girl with severe daddy issues. Otto Plath died when Sylvia Plath was eight, and the poem re-imagines her father as a Nazi and her as a defenseless Jew. Sexual bondage and a yearning for domination abounds:

It stuck in a barb wire snare.
Ich, ich, ich, ich,
I could hardly speak.
I thought every German was you.
And the language obscene

An engine, an engine
Chuffing me off like a Jew.
A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen.
I began to talk like a Jew.
I think I may well be a Jew.

Plath’s willing sublimation to her absent father is a topic that has been done to death by academics. Typically, they reach for the easiest go-to theory of modern literary academia: psychoanalysis. But this is no Electra complex. There is no matriarchal competition for her father’s affections. It is merely a wrestling with her own identity as the early death of her father leaves her yearning for a strong male presence to fill the vacuum.

Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.

The hundreds of lovers of Benito Mussolini, or Eva Braun, who shot herself in the chest (with her father’s pistol – another psychoanalytical field day) in an attempt to gain Adolf Hitler’s attention, would no doubt have agreed with this sentiment. And can it be mere coincidence that Gabriele D’Annunzio, one of the forerunners of Italian Fascism, was also one of the most famous seducers of the 20th century? No doubt men of power from every political creed (Stalin and Mao both enjoyed a harem of women) made use of their power to gain notches, but peculiar to Fascism is the submissive adoration it induces in its adherents.

Black Shirt Fashion

At the heart of this lies a fascination with cruelty. There is the cruelty of socialism that sends millions to its death in the vain hope of engineering a utopian society. And there is the cruelty of the fascist, an unashamedly masculine individual who will go to any lengths to assert his supremacy. Sexual and political domination go hand in hand. Aldous Huxley observed in his foreword to Brave New World that ‘As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.’

The direction in the past fifty years of any Western democracy bears out this idea. De Tocqueville’s warnings of overly-democratic societies spilling into soft tyrannies is observable in the huge increase in the regulatory power of centralized government, a movement that goes hand-in-hand with our pornified culture where the chasm between procreation and sex is widening. The exception to this is undoubtedly countries ruled under Sharia, but as religious states have always taken particular delight in moderating the sex lives of their citizens, there was little sexual freedom to be diminished at the outset.

I made a model of you,
A man in black with a Meinkampf look
And a love of the rack and the screw.
And I said I do, I do.

There have been numerous observations of late that women can no longer enjoy a good romping without it involving a moderate-to-severe degree of torture. Lefties have attributed this to the violence of internet porn, but the answer is simpler:  the sheer number of modern Sylvia Plath’s that our culture is churning out – albeit without a modicum of her intelligence. And as marriage continues its precipitous decline, it is difficult to foresee anything but a proliferation of these types.

Femen fascists

Is the answer, then, to become the fascist that every woman secretly craves? In the bedroom, if we are to take the Fifty Shades phenomenon at face value, this would seem the thing to do. Outside the bedroom, advancing such political opinions would alienate the vast majority of Western womanhood, and could in Orwellian Europe land you incarcerated in jail for a thought crime, so ultimately it is best to channel the fascist implicitly, not through words but through actions and demonstrating the supremacy of your value over those in your surroundings. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

Listen to Plath reading the poem in full. Her tone is a fascinating blend of anger, resentment, resignation, ruefulness, belligerence, and pent-up sexual aggression towards her father. It does almost enough to convince  that the only way to ensure a woman is enamored with you is to have her completely brutalized. Now there’s a cheering thought.

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213 thoughts on “Every Woman Adores a Fascist”

  1. The female attraction to fascists doesn’t seem so complex: absolute power, endless press coverage, and sharp uniforms. Its every woman’s fairy tale and the politics are nothing but an afterthought.

    1. Do you distinguish between a general claim and a universal claim?
      Who is worse: the male fascist, or the female adorer thereof?

      1. General or universal, I’ll only worry about the exception. If the planets align and a woman can logically and critically analyze a situation for what it truly is, that would be an exception.
        Worse? Presumably the male fascist; he knows what he is doing and what the results might be. But blaming a woman for being attracted to shiny things is like blaming water for being wet.
        As men, its really our own fault for letting it get as bad as it is and not managing women like the children they essentially are.

        1. Do you hold that men are less likely to be fascists than women are to be admirers of fascists?

        2. Not every guy has the stones or desire to band together to and inflict their way of doing things on everyone else. But EVERY woman, with very, very rare exception, will likely opt for the high-vis, all-powerful, flavor of the day if they get even half a chance.

    2. Not every woman adores a fascist but most do.
      One of my college associates was an utter feminist until she met a palestinian guy who kept her in her place and took complete control of her life.

      1. I drove by a college once…anyway, do you find that more feminist leaning women go in more easily for heavy-handed fascist types?

      2. Arabs are amongst the most goodlooking men in the world. Its hard not to notice them. Additionally many are very sweet, romantic and charming. Old school, exotic, great kissers, etc. I’ve dated a few myself but knew it couldn’t be for long term because cultural differences were too great. The women I’ve known who have married usually end up divorced. Muslims have a high divorce rate anyway.

      3. LOL, if that was the case, there would be a lot more male fascists too!
        All the sissified faggot hipsters and fake “nice guys” would wear Fasces in public, which fortunately for real fascists, doesn´t happen that often.
        And the few more hipsters in Russia finding themselves beheaded by them.

    3. My guy isn’t a fascist.
      He is more a paternal autocrat with some leanings towards open government.

      1. Whats the fascist uniform of today? How about the Prius, or the $90 t-shirt that says you’re special and unique, just like everyone else? How about every pre-packaged all-the-rage must-have accessory that identifies you as a free-thinking, universally-accepting, one-love, post-racial friend of Mother Nature? Pick a metaphor man, one size fits all.

        1. “Fascist” ladies are rather few too, the ones I know of are certainly above average, both to the eye and when it comes to using their minds.
          There are these shitty “brand” products and cloths but that makes rather poor uniforms, don´t you think?
          More like shitty fashion tastes , pathetic snobism and conformism.
          Football stadiums and so one but these are awfully pathetic compared to Hitler´s parades.
          There are the unifrom freaks, fetishist weirdos but they insist they are not fascists, nazis, racist or integralists.

  2. Women are natural fascists. That is why when women are given the right to vote, they always vote for big government, which eventually becomes a communist fascist police state.
    Women are the biggest threat to freedom and civilization at this point. We need to replace women with artificial wombs and virtual reality porn and sex robots, or else women are going to completely destroy civilization and bring us back to the stone age.

    1. A large percentage of men, albeit often a minority, also vote for big government. And a considerable proportion of women, albeit often a greater minority, also vote for small government. Is it so cut and dried?
      Furthermore, I suspect that, whereas women may preponderantly vote for big government as a provider of welfare, men may preponderantly vote for big government as a provider of warfare.

      1. Well men who vote for welfare or big govt are a bunch of manginas and betas.
        No real man would ever support such a system.

        1. And they are indeed the majority.
          They manginas all hate on mr Hitler and Mussolini curiously, despite the common Socialism..

      2. All of them are fools for voting at all.
        “Small government”?! Bwahaahaha!!! Since when? There is no such thing!!!

      3. minority men would vote for small gov and independence if they knew that the right would accept them for what they are, men and judge them solely upon their merits.
        but instead media and various political actors use things like race, and abortion and other inconsequential hot button but not entirely important issues to divide men up and women form a mass voting bloc to win with.
        this drives successive governments to pander more and more to women.
        minority men rarely vote out of strength but out of fear. fear that if they voted with their head, they’d be sent off on a boat the first chance the right got.
        ofcourse there are welfare scroungers of both the male and female, minority and non minority variety which i won’t deny. they gave up their right to vote the moment they had to accept the government teet they agreed to suck on for a lifetime of mediocrity or pathetic low level exploitation.

        1. ” they gave up their right to vote the moment they had to accept the
          government teet they agreed to suck on for a lifetime of mediocrity or
          pathetic low level exploitation.”
          WTF? They did not “give up their right to vote”. What country do you live in?!

        2. they should have had their right to vote stripped away the moment they decided to forgo any semblance of contribution to the world

        3. 96% of blacks voted for Obama but this was not because of his policies.

          It was more because of his race.

    2. Absolutely. Women would vote for Hitler because they are all fascists.
      Anyone doesn’t believe it? Let’s leave the constant threat of castration out of it for the moment. That makes it a slam dunk in my book, but that’s fine. Women are just “joking” whenever they play fascism card #1.
      How about oppressive dictatorship by force or threat of violence?
      Anyone who’s married will tell you a lot of things. The first of which will be, “Don’t get fucking married for any reason you dumb shit.” But a likely secondary is that marriage is not a democracy. What is it then?
      Marriage is a fascist dictatorship of oppression — and so is any relationship with a woman. Work, professional, “professional”; they’re all the same. If you don’t like the flavor of the Kool-Aid and you want to add some mix, prepare to have a wailing siren of bullshit go off in your ear. That’s assault and that’s oppression. That’s enforcing your opinion through the threat of violence. If you press the issue, prepare to receive the threat of withheld friendship — or even sex whether it’s applicable or not! There was once a man who pulled the same kind of shit.
      Yep, Hitler.
      Type something she doesn’t like?
      Don’t open a door for her?
      Your wife is unbearable to be around and you want a divorce?
      Then they all — yes all – join in on the laughter:

      Every single one of those bitches (including every member of the audience) has a great big sick and creamy smile on her face.
      The biggest women/fascism link is a woman’s reliance on violence. Women will be the first to hit during any kind of dispute. It’s not even a percentage. It’s as much of a guarantee as it is that the sun will rise tomorrow.
      ALL women would check the box marked ‘Kill Or Savagely Beat Anyone Who Doesn’t Agree With Me’. That fact has always held women back more than any mythical glass ceiling.

      1. BAHA I remember when Bill Burr did a skit about this and how if a man did something like this to a woman there would be a national day of mourning. It’s so true- after not finding Osama in the fucking Afghan hill tribes we are supposedly there so women can go to school. Which is all noble and well but there’s gotta be more diplomatic ways than being at war for 14 years to accomplish it.

        1. i actually don’t want bill burr to get too famous. fuck knows he’s earned the right to untold riches, but keeping him raw and down to earth is more important. same with patrice oneal. no big finance deals so no pandering, they just say and do [and say and did] the truth, as raw and politically incorrect and true as possible

        1. Fuck off, Nazi. The people who hate Hitler, for example, were the brave Russian soldiers who saved their country from the claws of fascist doom, and then in a brilliant counterattack conquered the whole east europe, destroyed Germany and put a Soviet flag on the reichstag. Made the fucking nazis look like coward pussies they are.

        2. One could easily prepare the same collage with pictures of north korean propaganda , it doesnt mean anything. In middle school i had this teacher who used to say thing like “hitler did a good thing” – “Jews are the plague”. He was fired one day because he used to come to work with vodka breath. Some time later he killed himself (hanged in the forest). I suspect there wasnt many people at his funeral.

        3. At least these propagandists didn’t skip their history and recognize a good idea.
          You are free to cry that Hitler wasn´t a right-winger while agreeing with everything else the system tells you about him, you will still on the defensive.
          North Korea also have eugenic policies and Korean / non-Korean mixing is none too popular there, something the mainstream medias are not so keen to report.
          Propaganda have value to even a dissident, if that dissident bother to notice who is being criticized/demonized and who is praised by the Powers That Be.
          Obama kills off muzzies with drones far more than Bush junior or sell rifles to the Syrian “freedom fighters” that breaks-down when the triger is pulled, who I am not complain?
          Just as well, I won´t support Rand Paul or Herman Cain if they demand amnesty for all illegals or that 300 000 Syrian refugees needs to be granted citizenship in the US.

        4. Oh but I am all in favour of the Russian nation and happy that Russia won this war rather than loose it.
          And I do sincerely wish that the next war, against cultural-marxism, will have a similar conclusion.
          That the flag of the Russian Empire reborn rise over the ruins of cultural-marxism and reclaim Constantinope for the Slavic peoples.
          But unlike you, I do not need pathetic propaganda to do that, no comfortable black and white view of the world, only the truth.
          I have no need to lie to myself and others about who Hitler was and what his ideology stood for.
          You on the other hand, will not fight for your land and people like either side did? We both know the answer to that, if someone is a little pussie, one that is going to be neck deep in **** when Obama makes his bet.

        5. It’s a pity to see a decent site overrun by neonazis. Still, most of you scum will be hanged like in Nirenberg or kill yourself as a result of your mental problems.

        6. http://www.inoforum.ru/forum/index.php?s=1fe76d49dedcde3de0604b9bb70f3be2&act=Attach&type=post&id=30930
          The neo-nazis fight against foreign invaders just like their grand-fathers did, because in both case the Russian nation and people itself was and is threatened.
          “Democracy” have been more demographically damaging than WW2.
          Even more today, since the objective of your ideology is to destroy the Russian nation, while the 3rd Reich only sought living space and pre-empt a future attack.
          In your case, antifascism only comes from being cultural-marxist tools and human garbage hating those they know are better than yourself.

        7. You are aware that the communist cleansings far exceed the exaggerated holocaust death tolls many times over, right?

    3. “Women are natural fascists. That is why when women are given the right to vote, they always vote for big government, which eventually becomes a communist fascist police state.”
      QFT….in the US it was pointed out that when women got the vote, state by state, that the size of the government state budgets increased TEN FOLD in subsequent years…..since women got the vote at different times in different states the starting point for the increase in guvment can be linked to the date women got the vote and not some national change.
      This is why the best answer in the short term is to rescind your consent to be governed….then the state does not matter to you.

      1. The real divided is between the married women with children and the non-married, non-children ones.

        1. Fascist Italy. They had a national agenda of healthy bodies and healthy minds through hard work and education. A man worth his salt would thrive in such an environment. A man with littel worth could still be a productive member of society, and still be expected to live up to his Roman ancestry.
          They say history repeats itself, and Fascist Italy would serve as a much better example for getting a nation out of the current crisis than anything Communism ever offered.

        2. “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”. – Really? That’s what you want? Total dominance by the State?
          And Fascist Italy is a terrible example of “getting a nation out of… crisis”. The result? Occupation by Germany, invasion by the US and Britain and being an economic and political laughing stock ever since.

    4. Fascism is above all the patriarchy incarnated, just like war and revolution, it is a man´s sport!
      Strong men with authority, the ultimate alpha males.

    5. German women in the 1930s were the main voting block that gave Hitler power. They loved him till the end.
      This is a statistical fact and one that has been glossed over, of course.

    6. German women in the 1930s were the main voting block that gave Hitler power. They loved him till the end.
      This is a statistical fact and one that has been glossed over, of course.

    7. Someone calling for all white women to be exterminated should avoid complaining about fascism, just “sayin”.

  3. This doesent seem right to me at all. Many polish girls and woman fought and killed fascist in WWII, many died fighting an uneven war. The ones that were submissive in fear for their lives, had their hair cut and were often killed by polish soldiers. But majority of them did not became traitors somehow – unlike french women which became whores pretty fast.

    1. Poland- that country surrendered quicker than the French. The Germans had tanks and the Polish had ponys. Poland was Germany’s whore ground long before both wars. Where German Junkers( as they were called) would go and buy and settle land and take the women.Not much has changed by all accounts.

      1. Its better to die in a unfair fight, than to become a slave. Good polish woman saw fascist as disgusting and didnt respect them. My gf is from a military family and she hates germans, because that s what her grandmother taught her. And this is the case with many polish women.

        1. Your girlfriend sounds mentally deranged. “She hates Germans because her grandmother told her too” does she think for herself. You don’t hate a group of people because your grandmother tells you too..retard

        2. I meant fascist, not germans – my mistake, she doesnt hate germans. Also saying that woman love fascist is insane, try watching a movie like “Downfall” to see what kind of woman was atracted to them. Types like Magda Goebells -a sadistic psycho – bitch.

        3. She wasn’t psycho at all. She loved her children. She didn’t want her children to suffer at the hands of the Russian savages, cause it was known that they were raping all the German women and children outside.
          This video clearly explains it.

        4. The basic idea behind SPs poems is that women adore power. Power in its most absolute form is manifested in fascism. She was never loved by feminists and they often try to mingle her words but she was a woman who above all else just wanted to be a devoted wife and mother( she put her head in the oven to kill herself after giving dinner to her children) yet she never thought she could live up to the expectation she set herself for being a mother and feared being a single mother above all else. Why she was so high strung when Ted Hughes left her. Anyways she loved power in men and as she recalls from her childhood men who didn’t exemplify that she looked down on with contempt.She talked of having sex so rough that it damaged her vagina and said at least the STEM professor who did it would pay for the treatment.

        5. Fun fact it was actually Goebbels propaganda that set the German war effort back. He said how savage they were so people were reluctant to stay and fight which would have allowed the US to come in to Berlin later.

        6. ROFL, the Germans didn’t need to set machine guns behind their troops because ‘they were reluctant to fight’.
          I think you are thinking of the Soviets

        7. In the closing days of the war when things were looking sour the people on thr of eastern side of Germany started fleeing west when they heard the Russians were invading. Fact.

        8. So you’re saying that evacuating civilians held up the American advance on Berlin ?

        9. To clear things up. Dr. Joseph Goebbels had propaganda in Eastern Germany of how ruthless the Russians were. Many civilians from these areas left in fear and didn’t fight for their homes etc and troops fled. So that they could be picked up by American soldiers if they stayed and fought America would have made it to Berlin before the Soviets leaving Germany is a far better post war situation.

        10. Yes, we know, she would just have left her children in the good care of Red Army soldiers.

      2. Actually the Polish and French armies in 1939 were basically the same as each other.
        The Poles had the same tanks as the French ones but both armies lacked mobility and agility and had rubbish air forces.

        1. Hmm debatable the Luftwaffe was incredibly well equipped after practicing its new blitzkrieg tactics in Spain. The Luftwaffe was the best airforce in the world but too their detriment were over stretched logistically.the ground forces of Wehrmacht were well equipped and the tanks had the top technology of the time by far. The reason the Polish were on such a bad situation and were utterly destroyed was because the nazi-soviet pact had Poland pinned on two fronts by two great forces. Anyways whether there’s truth that the polish fought on horses or not. It makes their efforts against nazism or communism no greater than the French efforts.

        2. No, German armies saw most of the fighting, the war was already won when Stalin launched his intervention.
          It is why he ordered it, before Germany could take over all of Poland.

      3. The polish generals and officers where incompetent cowards who abandonned their people.
        Still, 150 000 enemy soldiers where killed by the Polish resistances, both nationalists/conservatives and communists, that is pretty much the number of US Soldiers Bush junior sent to Iraq.
        Far more problems for the axis than what what the occupation of the so-called DEMOCRACIES gave.
        But do you not think Obama and Clinton would do exactly the same? And the Warsawa uprising. Yes, they where stupid to do that but at least they did have the guttes to do it.

        1. German looked down on them because they belived nazi propaganda that slavs are less aryan. Which was a huge lie because genetic, anthropological and linguistic studies show that the Slavs are more closely related to the original Aryans than anyone else. The Germans, on the other hand, are mostly of aboriginal European descent, and only adopted Aryan language and culture. So acording to this Slavs were actually (ubermensh) superior race, which Goebbels knew (they did testing) and was hiding this information.

        2. It is really no surprise that a majority Slavic country won the war and Slavic lands, like Belarus and Serbia, saw the most resistance in % of the population.
          Russian Federation may be a fallen and decadent country but at least there wasn´t an orgy of pillage and rioting in the 2004 eletric cuts.
          The “gays” have problems protesting and spreading their agenda and nearly no one supported Green Piss and its stunts.

        3. “Slavs are more closely related to the original Aryans”
          Interesting. Who are these “original aryans” you speak of? In my language arya (not aryan) is an adjective, not a noun.

        4. read on Alfred Rosenberg :
          “He placed blacks and Jews at the very bottom of the ladder, while at the very top stood the white or “Aryan” race. Rosenberg promoted the Nordic theory which regarded Nordics as the “master race”,[16][17] superior to all others, including to other Aryans (Indo-Europeans).”
          The amount of nordic blood was meant to be a sign of a better quality of human. Sadly for nazi propaganda the germans had abou 8% of it while Aryans 12%. The idea of german superirity was based on a pseudoscience.

    2. France is a failed state. When a civilization starts handing over the women, it’s finished. When the women whore themselves to the enemy without prompting, that civilization is long dead and buried.

  4. Guys. Please learn the difference between a communist and a fascist. They’re not the same thing with minor tweaks. The Axis didn’t kill their own people, that’s what Stalin did. Hitler didn’t fight fascism… he was fighting communism and globalism; which is who the US sided with.
    I’m just saying educate yourself on the facts.
    Good article. I myself have never been a Plath fan. I believe there’s a lot of depth to what you wrote.

    1. They are the same thing with minor tweaks. 1) Fascism economically may give more reign to the free market but still maintains a degree of control over free market. 2) there’s a greater focus of national identity on fascism ergo why it is called “National Socialism.”

      1. Which communism is the exact opposite. There isn’t a free market of any kind (100% State owned) and there is no identity (egalitarianism). Both National Socialism and Fascism (very similar) are tradition and family based, whereas Communism seeks to destroy the nuclear family.

        1. China is the ideal Fascist state as an example. Strong ethnic sense of belonging.With family and cultural ties and myths. Rampant free enterprise yet the State controls it a sense. It provides the cheap labour and business protection.They disapprove of a business and you face execution. Huge state censorship and and expanding military that occupies other lands with a long held belief that they are entitled to the land. Communism differs in a key ideological sense in that it is globalist in nature. It wants everyone involved fascism wants state power but not single state power. Hitler had no ambition to keep France he just didn’t want to fronts. He wanted lebensraum in the Caucus, Poland and Russia.

        2. Also Communism in the ideological sense often differs from how it is played out by the state. Which is the point. Invariably many so called socialist or communist states manifest fascist tendencies of using heightened nationalism in their politics.

        3. How much nuclear family can you have in a place where an organization called “Hitler Youth” is mandatory?

        4. yes, i think you can describe china as largely fascist…. at the present time it’s not hostile so it lacks the ‘visionary’ leader and single minded doctrine of the fascist state – but if necessary either by threat or economic instability one could easily rise up inside the broken remains of the communist system that’s been left operating…….
          the same can be said for the USA… with just a tweak here or there, again by threat or economic insatiability,

        5. If feminism becomes a problem in China, it will be stomped flatter than an aluminium foil.
          Except for the occupying others lands part. It isn´t China that still have military bases in Japan and Korea nearly 7 decades after WW2 ended.
          Thought they have built ghost cities in African countries that are nearly completely closed to the locals.
          But guess what, no problems with the Chinese colonizing central and southern africa, they would make much better use of these regions than the locals.

        6. “can rapidly be turned into rallying points for big Govt.”
          Or the rallying cry of the next revolution.
          And of course, if revolutionnaries hold the north-east and mid-west and the police state hold the rest of the continent, the revolutionnaries will need a military-industrial complexe or be massacred if the police state recovers.

        7. The Hitler Youth was all about destroying the family and replacing it with the state.
          When Speer took over German industry, the free market mask came off. Industrialists that didn’t toe the line where shot. Production quotas, prices, and wages were set by the state.
          Goebbels, even as the Russians were surrounding Berlin, was whining to the finance minister about how unprogressive ( his own words ) the tax structure still was.
          Goering bragged to the Nuremberg Tribunal about Nazi Germany’s laws requiring the execution of anyone who tried to flee the country with money or capital.
          Nazi Germany’s leaders were committed socialists, and no amount of revisionism by Hitler’s admirers will change that.

        8. How much nuclear family can you have in a place where fathers can be legally barred from seeing their children for the crime of not being a financial slave to the mother?
          Or even have his child killed if the mother have a few early changes of her mind?
          And how strong where nuclear families for such things to become possible in the first place?

        9. Rather, the Hitler Youth added the nation, the nation of Germany to be exact.
          When Speer took over, there was the matter of a major war going on, Germany fully mobilized its economy much later than others.
          Yes, the day an unified Islamic federation threaten to invade North America and destroy your copuntry forever, will you allow industrialists to put their own profits before your country? Nope, of course not.
          “and no amount of revisionism by Hitler’s admirers will change that.”
          Not at all, most of the revisionsm is done by that point. That revisionism is also false, I mean if you where being sent back to either 1937 Germany or 1949 Soviet-Union, what would it be? Not Stalin´s paradise, barring racial reasons, you would prefer one “communism” over the other without much hesitation.

        10. Evolution.
          Liberals would say that internationalism is what is evolved but in practice, even communist states eventually abandonnes internationalism and the absence of identity, because that doesn´t work so well at all in the real world.

        11. Big Business favors internationalism (globalization).
          Globalization is a double edged sword in the countries those corporations go to. Bhopal is a prime example. There are some gains. Are they worth the losses? Its up to each country to decide and ultimately each individual. I need less visa restrictions for my line of (unpaid) research but I can understand why some countries don’t want Americans there long term. I make do with what I’m given at any destination.
          The world is fascinating but at some point it you being to see the same patterns everywhere.

        12. Some good points made but Hitler called Germany “The Fatherland.”
          And Americans who treasure liberty can’t be recruited into this kind of con, which is precisely why the power-hungry are threatened by us. Well, that and we haven’t been disarmed.

      2. You think we have anything different? There’s a reason ‘Ike’ warned of the Military-Industrial Complex. We have (the Right in particular) politicians using Nationalistic jingoism. A few special businesses are protected against failure, without penalties for bad behavior or even true changes to ensure history doesn’t repeat. The reason given: cause it’s socialist to do that.

      3. In both communism/socialism and fascism/national socialism, the state controls industry. In the latter private ownership is allowed (you can own it, but the state controls it). The former is classist; the latter racist. That sums up the difference. The reds demonized capitalists; the nazis demonized Jews. Peel away the rhetoric and these “ideological enemies” were persecuting the same demographic. Did they hate each other too? Yes–exactly like the Sunnis and Shiites do. Calling Hitler and the Nazis “right wing” is a perfect example of what Orwell called Newspeak–controlling thought via manipulation of language.
        State-controlled compulsory education; progressive income tax; civilian disarmament (“gun control”); socialized medicine; omnipresent surveillance…name a major political principle and they were in lock step with each other. And with the current administration.

        1. Sorry–I meant to. The viewable area on my Android becomes so small when the touchscreen keyboard pops up, I didn’t realize I had clicked the wrong comment. Sigh.

        2. Actually no, not at all.
          Hitler´s governement RELAXED “Weimar” gun Control laws, that in turn had been relaxed in 1928 from the laws that the entente imposed with the Versaille treaty.
          In fact, German civilian rifles where still being produced as late as 1943, some of them where still sold on egay a few years ago.
          Oh and universal Healthcare came to Germany in 1886 and the evil statist, Prussian-influenced German Empire made it work.
          In WW1, average German Soldier was much more physically fit than the average Brit.
          And where would you least want to live? 1937 Germany or 1949 Soviet-Union? That´s right!

        3. Too funny. So the Versailles Treaty wasn’t about limiting the size and warfighting capabilities of the German military…what really had the Anglo-French kangaroo court worried were farmers with hunting rifles.
          And that Hitler–a true champion of individual rights vs. Group identity.
          Not the silliest theory to come out of those who depend on Wikipedia.
          The Weimar “Republic”s gun control laws guaranteed there would be no capable opposition to someone who wanted to establish dictatorship in Germany, btw.

        4. Too funny, exactly how are these mutually exclusive? Thought we don´t have any modern exa… oh wait!
          Hitler took away the guns is what is silly, a sad attempt to cash in on the left´s Hitler did it so it is bad.
          The 1932 German communists and other groups respected gun-control laws?
          A decade later, a few resistance groups further east where making their own guns and ammunitions.
          What ensured their victory is that when push came to show, very few wanted to risk their lives for the “democracy”.

        5. I compared some different flavors of socialism favored by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Musollini and Shickelgruber the Bohemian (of whom Mao, then Stalin, were the most genocidal). Never did I come remotely close to a “Hitler did it so it’s wrong” argument. But since you keep snarking on that meme, is it safe to say you see gun control as an intelligent plank? Or are you just in the habit of defending Hitler on general principle?

        6. About as much as I care to explain Hitler’s own ancestry vis-a-vis his worldview, explain the logic of black muslims, pro-“Palestinian” Israelis or heterosexual males who embrace feminism.

        7. As I see on dem intrenets, that one comes again and again.
          Hitlur took the people´s guns as son as he took power.
          Hitlur wasn´t right wing, he was socialist, he created universal, socializedealthcare!
          Hitlur was christian, religion = nazism = genocide
          No, he was atheist, atheism = nazism = genocide

          “(of whom Mao, then Stalin, were the most genocidal).”
          If you go by that meme, I should point out that William Randolph Hearst, would likely have objected to your definition of socialism.
          Gun control or the absence of it is good intelligence for the beginner, it “speaks” well of a regime´s relation to a population.
          If the regime is fearful, hostile toward a population or fear serious instability. there will be definitely gun control or attempts as such.
          If a regime does not fear a people and is have no hostile intentions toward that population, then the citizenry can have firearms.
          If a regime begin to purge its military, one that doesn´t exactly have a history of open defiance against civilian governements, you know nearly for sure that SHTF is not that far away at all.
          Neither the constant propaganda efforts, over 68 years after since WW2 officially ended (not just in Germany but across almost the entire western “world”) or governements attempts to disarme and spy on populations are happening randomly.

        8. First you should learn how to put a coherent sentence together. After you’ve mastered that, string a few together to form paragraphs. That will help in determining what, if anything, your response has to do with my comments.

    2. Hardly anybody hears the fact how the Russian solders raped the German women and children when they seized Berlin. Even 11 year old boys and girls were raped.
      Ever heard the Germans doing that? Nope.

      1. That’s a well known fact of war. In fact it was part and part of the parcel of war. Reading one historian on the matter “tony judt” it was universally seen as the prize for the death of 22 million Russian soldiers. A far greater crime was committed that no one heard about and it was the matching of 11 million German speakers out of the Sudentenland that they had inhabited since time immemorial.

        1. Circa 20 millions civilians and 7 millions soldiers, was it? Including many civilians executed in retaliation to guerilla warfare.
          But except for those with jewish/gypsie ancestry for obvious reasons, over 99% of the people going on about Hitler = Mussolini = Stalin, would not hesitate at all if being given the choice of being sent either to the 1948 Soviet-Union or 1938 Germany.
          Even the ones who thinks the US should support israel and nuke Mecca and Iran would be begging on their knees to avoid good uncle Joe´s people´s utopia, that is the truth.

      2. So?Russia was invaded by the Germans,they killed both civilians and soldiers.Germans asked for it,they should be thankful that it ended so well for them,because sure as hell it didnt end so well for the EE countries especially for Hungary.I dont feel pity for the germans at all,they deserved MUCH worse…

        1. What about the people who wish to destroy the nations of the west today? Be it the corrupt politcians, psycho feminists or welfare scroungers, do they have it coming?

    3. Does it matter if there is a difference between state socialism and national socialism?
      If you are going to be executed by a totalitarian state would you give a fig whether they wear a red star or a swastika on their uniforms?
      I’m sure there are differences between the state socialists and the national socialists just like there are differences between the catholics and the muslims.
      But they are all the same to me.

      1. Yep, it does,.
        Why else would the system make so much efforts in demonizing one over the other, nearly 7 decades later and across the entire western world?
        You know the answer already, if you had to live in 1937 Germany or 1949 Soviet-Union, barring racial reasons, you would not put much thought to Uncle Joe´s workers utopia, now would you?
        How many where killed, mutilated or raped in the name of Jesus and Pope Francis last week? Tell us of the +20 000 deadly catholic attacks since 9/11.
        Gotta love it when modern christians gets compared to Islam.

    4. I think they kinda know already. How many of the people going on about fascism = nazism = communism would go for 1938 or even 1958 Soviet-Union over 1928 Italy?
      Not even 1 % of them would hesitate at all.

    5. “The Axis didn’t kill their own people”, excuse me, but my countless Jewish family killed in Auschwitz would want to disagree with that, if they could.

  5. Truthfully though, it’s not any different to any other subservience women throw themselves into daily. Women will subjugate themselves to power, and that is all that matters to them. They’ll subjugate to fascists, communists, or capitalists, as long as they have power. Look at the womyn in the office: Who do they subjugate themselves to? The men with power. ‘Strong’ womyn, willingly service the men in power.
    The women that don’t have the sexuality, looks, et al., call for feminism because they can’t compete for the power. That is where this article fails. Women could give a fuck less about any *ism. They subjugate to powerful men that treat them like playthings, while the women that can’t attract demand ‘equality’ because they can’t compete.
    This is basic gold digging behavior, which is really resources for the offspring behavior, and that’s just evolutionary. The offspring whether Stalin’s, Mao’s, Mussolini’s, Tenno’s, Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s, et al., will have more chances at substantial resources to survive. Of course womyn would loathe to admit that their hindbrains (and loins) drive them this way.

    1. That might explain why women attend church in larger numbers than men. The minister/ priest is just another dictatorial figure.

    2. Why shouldn´t they, thought? What is the alternative?
      What has the idea that power, politics, leadership is baaaad because power corrupts done? It has only left these to sociopatic snake oilmen.

  6. why do these librarl female protesters always write on their bodies? i thoufht they wanted to be known for their minds not bodies.what hypocrites,they make sex objects of thenselves in a more vulgar manner. looks like they are potraying sexism an exploitation of women.

    1. Splooge, the are “Femen”. Google it. Its run by a sadistic male who gets these women to do those things. There’s even a documentary about how he was uncovered. All these years they had the world fooled that they were solely “by and for women”.

      1. thats a shock. why would a man run this. espically being from ukraine if anything it should be mangina sweden. but i meant protest in general. such as the thigh gap trend or obeisty skinny stertypes and slut shaming complaints. when they use their bodys it just bevome subtle attention whiring for a “cause”.
        anything that upsets women they just love takin a black marker on their body just to get attention then doing a well thought arguement without name calling.

        1. why would a man run this.

          It’s heavily implied that he’s getting his dick wet consistently off of them.

  7. You missed potential gold here by omitting the female guards at the death camps, who in many cases were more violent than the men…. to impress them.

    1. “The Woman” – don’t you have a husband to fish for compliments from? Why are you on this site trying to get attention from strange men you don’t know?

      1. I’m too young to be a suitable candidate in my culture yet.
        – Something which clearly isn’t a concern for you.
        Examining the psychology of atrocities is the only way we’ll learn to prevent them, if a woman wants an attention they camwhore. I take an interest in what men happen to say because I appreciate an honest perspective, and the anonymity of the internet allows them to express themselves.

        1. let me guess: tranny? feminist? both??
          You can’t insult someone out of their opinion, honey.

    2. Was that wrong of them? No, not at all.
      If a woman beheaded an ennemy of my country and people to impress me I would indeed be both impressed and flattered.

        1. Patriotism is for sheep. Patriotism makes men disposable.
          I knew you were a feminist plant.
          LEAVE or be banned.

        2. You and I have very different definitions then. I think everyone has their place, and men should generally be left in charge, assuming they’re competent.
          *sigh* logic flies out the window with some of you, doesn’t it?

  8. I like Plaths poems she seems to be a gateway to the damaged female psyche. She only wants to be a loving mother and housewife yet society tells her she can’t only do that or she is a failure. Especially 2nd wave feminists.She wants a man yet is surrounded by beta orbiters who treat her as a princess when she views them more female than herself. She views life as a single mother abhorrent and this kills herself. Yet despite all this feminists love her and ironically blame patriarchy when it’s clear that its the feminist agenda of having it all that was her downfall. She couldn’t have her successful career and be the caret of children. She was an absolute perfectionist and for her to succeed at one meant she would fail at the other. She was destroyed by feminism and as a final testament to their power and narcissism they hold her as icon. Not of love but of power. To show other wonen that people have tried before to retain their femininity and have met Plaths fate.

    1. Yes to all of that.
      Feminism fucks women up and almost every feminist hates the human race.

  9. Wow. So all those times women called me “fascist pig” they were actually flirting with me? More missed opportunities.

    1. Brilliant. This leads to a good response for such an accusation: “Only in the bedroom (wink, wink)”.

  10. “There have been numerous observations of late that women can no longer
    enjoy a good romping without it involving a moderate-to-severe degree of
    torture. Lefties have attributed this to the violence of internet porn,
    but the answer is simpler: the sheer number of modern Sylvia Plath’s
    that our culture is churning out”
    I’m glad you at least qualify it with “our culture”. That would be Anglo-American culture. Remember now, who invented BDSM. This goes deeper than culture and runs in your DNA. Ever heard of a thing called “HBD”? I believe all of your culture’s disgustingness can be traced to your genes. I believe your genes willed your present day culture. They could not but do so.

  11. “The direction in the past fifty years of any Western democracy bears out
    this idea. De Tocqueville’s warnings of overly-democratic societies
    spilling into soft tyrannies is observable in the huge increase in the
    regulatory power of centralized government, a movement that goes
    hand-in-hand with our pornified culture where the chasm between
    procreation and sex is widening. The exception to this is undoubtedly
    countries ruled under Sharia, but as religious states have always taken
    particular delight in moderating the sex lives of their citizens, there
    was little sexual freedom to be diminished at the outset.”
    You are kind of onto something but you fall short, very short, failing to see it through to its ultimate origins.
    Extremely few countries are “ruled under Sharia” and yet BDSM, rape fantasies and the like are only cultivated by western people, that too of very specific genetic ethnicity. You are only half correct about it being “culture”. The culture comes from their genes. I urge you to study the history of BDSM and bizarre
    sexual fetishes. You’ll notice a few particular ethnicities keep popping up time and again. And they are the “founding” ethnicities of the United States of America.

    1. That’s in literature just because those like the marquis de Sade is of French doesn’t mean the French have the monopoly on BDSM. In comparison “The Mongols” had a strong rape culture but they were also illiterate. It’s just how it’s recorded in art and literature.

      1. I’m thinking more of the Victorian Brits, FK. If you read into the history, its all there.
        But even if you say “literature” – you gotta ask, what sort of person thinks this stuff up, ya know what I mean?

      1. No, all animals are equal.
        But some animals are more equal than others.
        You might despice the muzzies but at least they do everything they need to to take over western europe.

        1. “No, all animals are equal.
          But some animals are more equal than others.”
          Equal maybe. But different, for sure.
          Culture, genetics, sexuality, and how the three intertwine, all very interesting subjects. You can’ help but notice certain behavioral trends amongst people and if you dig deeper into their history/ancestry, you’ll often find a link.

        2. You are right.
          That is the truth, one that some people prefers to ignore.
          Reality can be ignored but not its consequences.

      2. Well cornivus, its true that homo-eroticism flourishes in sex-segregated cultures. The thing is though that its not considered “homosexuality” but rather something you do until you are finally allowed access to a woman unrelated to you, i.e. get married.
        its not just Muslims though, any sex-segregated culture. Where do you think the british term “bugger” came from? Same sex boarding schools. And then there’s those old men at sea stories. And prisons.
        Culture, genetics, sexuality, all interesting subjects.

  12. well, a small observation: they don’t love fascists per se, but rather their domineering behaviour. i can’t tell you how many times chicks have told me to ‘dominate’ them. don’t get drawn into political debates cause you’d be missing the point.

  13. What happened to RoK. This article is rubbish and every week there are more right-wing nuts here. Why does the manosphere attract such people? Don’t tell me it’s because being right-wing is “redpill”. BS. If anything, you are sabotaging your mission to change American women (if that’s you mission, good luck btw.) with this neonazi crap. And I’m referring to the comments.
    Oh wells, whatever.
    If feminism is for entitled, middle-class white women, then manosphere is for entitled, middle-class white men. Neither path will lead to happiness.

    1. Every time I read one of these pretentious USA youngsters (of any age…) inserting the word “sharia” inside their article, just to awkwardly try to look like “men of knowledge”, I just stop reading their articles from that point on.

      1. They wouldn’t know “sharia” if it bit them in the ass. Most of the men on here have not travelled beyond the boarders of their own country (sorry, Canada does not count if you’re a US citizen and vice versa) and most never will. If they do travel it will be at most to Mexico (look Ma!) or Puerto Rico).

    2. Not only Nazis. There are also a good deal of small-government right-wingers here, as Roosh is one himself.

    3. Óh yes, much better to be a left-wing moonbat like you.
      It isn’t white people who are demanding free stuff and special treatment on account of their race.

    1. Like most people, you consider sexually colored insults to be sexist by definition, which means you have a definition of sexism under which I see literally nothing wrong with sexism whatsoever. Also, I have never heard anyone cry sexism for the reversal (“small dick, haha”, “what a coward, haha”, “he can’t get laid, haha”, etc). It’s like race: It’s only racism when whites do it.

    2. Firstly fuck you guy that was fucking hilarious, secondly, i’m pretty sure all these tweets were cherry picked from a mass of tweets that included genuine questions, thirdly this is another case of ‘people on the internet saying things i don’t like are bad!’. I’d like to hope that her response will be relatively thick -skinned, but knowing she’s a woman it probably won’t.
      Also pic related, its her…

    3. The reason is because women try to come off like they did something amazing. Women’s sports will be taken seriously when they are the best overall. Take racing for example. You should be able to compete in that but you don’t. Danica Patrick doesn’t count. She’s won 2 races only.

  14. The huge clusterfuck that is the western civilization and the existential crisis of the white race(taboo alert) can all be traced to the loss of the Third Reich in the second world war. I hope that loss was Thermopylae but looking at the quality of white men today I fear that was the waterloo.

    1. There is a common and deliberate misconception that the Third Reich represented the interests of white people everywhere but they did not, they were singularly interested in the progress of – and ultimate domination by – the Germanic tribes of Northern and Western Europe in general, and of Germany in particular. If the Nazis had won WWII white people of Germanic descent able to demonstrate 175 years of ‘Aryan’ ancestry would have been largely accepted into the fold though with native Germans on top, but everybody else – including non-Aryan whites – would have been eliminated, banished or reduced to one form of slavery or another. The Nazis laid this all out quite meticulously in their documentation, read mein kampf if you don’t believe.

      1. Nope, not at all, contrary to your propaganda, Hitler did not intend to conquer the entire world.

      2. ffs, this site is about pulling birds not restoring the third reich. There are enough crazy feminists claiming this is a hate site that should be shut down – do we have to start rallying for Hitler just because Sylvia Plath said she fancies stormtroopers (yes, the star wars variety too probably)

      3. Except the Anglos were also considered Aryan, which is why Hitler wanted alliance with them, but Churchill wouldn’t have it

  15. Did all of you just have shitty relationships with women or what? Not all women are like this. If you continue to just view all women this way society will get no where and that goes for the feminist as well and their bullshit. From what i see we’re crumbling as whole with this nonsense on both sides.

    1. yeah, we all just have shitty relationships with women.
      “From what i see we’re crumbling as whole with this nonsense on both sides.”
      Its just dialectic. There’s no reasonable

  16. Not everything a poet writes is a confession about childhood issues. Plath’s father was a entomologist not a tooth kicking Nazi. He was into bumblebees. She could be playing with her father’s German ancestry and the stereotypes that her father faced during the war years.

  17. You can advocate Fascism all you want in the modern political/media arena. It’s welcomed and encouraged. You just have to call it “Progressivism.”

    1. Agreed. Or, perhaps even just “totalitarian.” Feminism is totalitarian in the sense that it seeks to permeate its influence into all aspects of life, not just “public” life, but private thought and intimate behavior between consenting adults. Notice how “rape culture” advocates immediately attack consent, always, consistently. Feminism and its adherents aren’t interested in advancing any particular consistent philosophy other than to extend their raw power. They cherry pick, ignoring philosophical inconsistencies and logical impossibilities. Having said that, this article is correct that all women get off on being dominated. In that sense they adore “fascists,” but I think in the context it means powerful men who take charge, of whatever political stripe.

      1. Aye. I was minded that after women gained the vote in the states the first big measure that passed with overwhelming female support was the prohibition of alcohol.

    2. Yes, they are attracted to authority. They are not attracted to a collectivist in general, that’s why ‘fascist’ is a bit misleading here.

  18. I am myself an openly admitted mussolinian fascist, royalist and revisionist. Most people and women are shocked whenever they would learn it at first, or so they act, and then they learn to appreciate my presence and strength.
    Worth noticing most of the girls I attract and attracted in the past are overly claiming progressive and liberal views, but it seems any time they would rather pick a benevolant tyrant than a weak, mellow and self-interested democrat.

    1. They (still) do so precisely because the former option is indeed preferable to the second one.

  19. Not really, married women have wised-up and votes republican and single mothers vote democrap.

    1. “Not really, married women have wised-up and votes republican”
      Voting republican is not “wising up”. There is only one party in the US. Follow the money.

  20. okay, WHAT?! Are you people crazy! This is not just borderline abusive, but Y’all sound like a bunch or rapists. Are you guy really expecting women to allow this. Because if you are your crazy. Hell even if she tries to fight it y’all will probably beat her. What the fuck is wrong with you people.

  21. a rabbi told my side tart that women are evil
    she laughed it off but also was proud of it
    btw she likes rough sex and asked for anal
    real life shit, wake up to their illusion

  22. As a bit of an aside, related to women with daddy issues, I feel compelled to comment that many of these women provide the best raw sex.
    Yes, of course you have heard it before. In fact, you have probably experienced it before. But I have never had a PLACE before to write about this. So excuse me.
    I once had a year long relationship with a woman that had been sexually abused by her father and her uncle. Best fuck I have ever had. She was an animal in bed. She would suck cock literally until I begged her to stop. I’m sure she could keep going for hours, certainly longer than I ever wanted. She wanted to be bitten and bitten hard. She begged to have her hair pulled, hard. She wanted to be help down and to be slapped. She wanted more than that, but that was as far as I was willing to go. She wanted every orifice abused every day. Actually, she was obsessed with sex and wanted it 3 or 4 times a day.
    If you find that, go for it. Just be warned. A woman like that is deeply, deeply disturbed. 99.9999% of these women are sociopaths. They can never be normal or even approximating normal. You cannot change her, you cannot help her. She will be a drama queen and demanding and telling you that you are her only hope. She has no hope.
    Keep her away from your friends, your family, and your home. Don’t let her know where you live. Lies are truth to her, so do not feel bad about lying about these things.
    She utterly has no hope.
    But, giving her what she wants in bed at least provides her some respite from her enormous and multiple demons. It calms her and she feels at home. Give her that and know that it is the most merciful thing you can do.

    1. “If you find that, go for it. Just be warned. A woman like that is
      deeply, deeply disturbed. 99.9999% of these women are sociopaths.”
      Some diagnosis. The woman was abused and oversexualized by family members yet SHE’S the sociopath?!
      “If you find that, go for it.”
      And SHE’S the sociopath?!

    2. “If you find that, go for it. Just be warned. A woman like that is deeply, deeply disturbed. 99.9999% of these women are sociopaths. They can never be normal or even approximating normal. You cannot change her, you cannot help her. She will be a drama queen and demanding and telling you that you are her only hope. She has no hope.”
      This is difficult & dangerous territory even for a site like this. Those who have been abused are likely to feel conflict & guilt & this may play out in the bedroom. The idea that because she is ‘damaged’ you can’t damage her any more is just a rationalisation & I hate to sound like a wet liberal but if you know that’s she’s been abused like that then by all means go for it, but if you do then you have an obligation to her, including with regard to the inevitability that she will have trust issues that you will have to negotiate around those issues not just for her benefit but for yours. If you are striving to be a fascist, and to be loved and admired for your cruelty maybe you need to do the exact opposite of that …..not quite sure where that leads though…..fascism in that sense may have a certain internal logic and I doubt that many of us who are striving to learn the lesson that you have to be a bastard to get properly laid, are likely to fully understand that logic.
      I imagine going to a satanist orgy would give most of us a rock hard erection until that point when it becomes apparent you need to actually slaughter an animal or a baby or whatever bad shit the occasion requires
      There’s a dark side to sex. It may be very fulfilling, but it has to be carefully negotiated. Ian Watkins wanted to push the limits etc. He was quite irresistible to women, but he also ended up becoming a monster.

  23. Compare this lovely woman and the fascist to the disgusting femen activists.
    That is the difference between fascism and “liberal democracy” aka cultural marxism.

  24. i hope you realize one day that you are horribly wrong, perpetuating rape culture and the oppression of women. you dont know anything about science, gender or compassion. go fuck yourself, or pick up a book or a newspaper you evil minded dick.

  25. wow, the nazis are out in force today. Jackboots won’t stamp out cultural marxism. Marxism has grown fat on opposing fascism. There’s some truth in this article, but tactically its a mistake, if this is where it leads

  26. Just one more argument on top of an ever larger pile of arguments proving that at heart female psychology is a pathology. The antidote is her having a Man.

  27. Why women love fascists:
    1. mustaches (e.g. Stalin)
    2. Fear (i.e. The Third Reich)
    3. Nice cars (Did you see Hitler’s staff car?)
    4. Presents (see: spoils of war)
    5. I will kill you if you do not love me (see: sociopaths)
    6. Maybe if I numb myself to the pain of his insufferable cruelty and one-dimensional mind, rife with bigotry and self-aggrandizing, I can at last get over the hot surge of vomit I feel rising whenever I hear him talk at a dinner party (See: demoralization)
    7. If you don’t do as I say, bad things will happen to you (see: basic definition of Fascism)
    8. extra-marital affairs (think about how good it will feel to screw his best friend when he’s taken every means of self-control away from you with threats and hostility).
    9. Gratifying the delusions of your andro-obsessed man-baby husband/boyfriend (maybe if you let him think he’s a fascist and you just love it when he pulls your hair, he’ll start to think about who you really are more, and maybe… Just maybe… he’ll realize that you’re a person also,
    and as such
    the most precious and inestimably beautiful thing.
    And he will see in your hurt
    the bruised spot
    he keeps hidden,
    rankling against your sex, like a dog
    rankles at its own shadow.

  28. I’m not sure that it is true that every woman loves a fascist. While this is an interesting breakdown of a poem as it relates to the poet who wrote it, it only credibly represents this one woman. It hardly proves or even correlates that all or even a majority of women love fascists. It has always seemed to me that women are attracted to power, and a man can be powerful without being a sociopathic fascist.

  29. As a professional actor and an academic researcher in the illiberal arts, and some one whose father also died in my childhood, this hypothesis stinks. Sorry.
    Also, ” Aldous Huxley observed in his foreword to Brave New World that ‘As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.’”
    Observed? Where??

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