Even SJWs Can’t Deny That Personal Responsibility Trumps Privilege

A common debate “tactic” among all SJWs, from the most fanatic to the mildly adherent, is “check your privilege!” You usually hear this phrase when a middle class white male (the most evil creature of the human race) makes a relatively unpopular social observation. The phrase used to imply that his statement is skewed, and therefore incorrect, because of his social status. Types of “privilege” include white privilege, male privilege, even cisgender privilege.

These ideas could certainly provide some stimulating intellectual conversation in the abstract, but the main application of these concepts today are to either instill a sense of guilt in the majority, or to excuse the poor choices made by people belonging to minority groups. The latter is indicative of an even broader and more detrimental social problem in western culture: a lack of personal accountability.


White Male Privilege

I was first acquainted with this concept when my hippie ex-girlfriend started lecturing me on my cultural insensitivity when I may or may not have uttered something culturally insensitive. After researching the phrase, I found out that living in a nation founded by men of my skin color and built upon the sufferings of a different colored people has supplied me with some unique cultural benefits not shared by women or other races.

Furthermore, lacking these benefits has socially conditioned women and non-whites to strive for less and thus achieve less. The first concept I can understand, the second I cannot. The minute people start blaming their situations on “social conditioning” is the minute I tune out and classify them as degenerates.  Regardless of the society you live in, you are one hundred percent responsible for your actions.

Aside from attempting to make white men feel guilty for the transgressions of their ancestors, the concept of white male privilege is used as a scapegoat for non-white males to excuse their life decisions. Being born with fewer resources than some of your counterparts does not excuse poor decisions, nor does it change the fact that improving your life requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work.

Social conditioning does not force you to commit crimes, nor does it prevent you from working hard to change your circumstances. Maybe you start off lower than most, maybe you have to fight just to avoid poverty, and maybe you have more to prove and more to overcome. Yeah, it sucks, and I’m sorry some of you were born into shit. But whether you wallow in that shit or claw your way out of it is completely up to you.

Other Scapegoats

Race and gender aside, a lack of personal accountability manifests itself in many other ways among all demographics. “I didn’t pass the class because the teacher hates me,” “I didn’t get the promotion because I don’t kiss ass,” or my personal favorite, “I didn’t make the basketball team because I’m not black.”  People are quick to blame their shortcomings on factors outside of their control, neglecting that achieving something you want usually requires personal sacrifice.

Take for instance the basketball team example. The last time I heard this excuse was when my unit was putting together a team for the base basketball league.  I asked one of my troops how the tryouts went, and he fed me this excuse. After asking a few other people, I heard the same thing several more times, so I assumed that my unit’s team would lack white guys.

This wasn’t the case, however. After watching one of the games, I came to the conclusion that my troop was not cut because he was white, but because he wasn’t nearly as good as the guys who did make the team. My troop was a shorter guy on the pudgy side and although he did have some competence on the court, he was nowhere near the level of the guys who did make the team. But this is because I saw these guys playing all the time. Most of the time I went to the gym, these guys were either on the court or in the weight room.


Also, I never once saw my troop in either unless I had forced him to work out with me. If being on the unit’s basketball team was something he truly wanted, he would’ve had to bust his ass in the gym and play his heart out in pick-up games in order to reach a competitive level of skill. But because he was lazy and unmotivated (partly my fault too I guess), he spent most of his off time sitting at home drinking sodas and eating pizza. When he was told he wasn’t good enough for the team, he chose to blame racial discrimination instead of his own decisions.


I am not trying to tell you racial discrimination doesn’t exist. I am also not so delusional that I believe everyone has equal opportunity. No matter what you want in life and no matter what circumstances you were born into, obstacles will exist and sometimes they will be beyond your control. Sometimes you have to work harder than others, sometimes there’s more holding you back, and yes, it is completely unfair.

But you should’ve been told life isn’t fair since you were five years old. Bitching about your circumstances is far less effective than working to change them.  Take some personal accountability for yourself and your actions, and watch your life improve immediately.

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68 thoughts on “Even SJWs Can’t Deny That Personal Responsibility Trumps Privilege”

  1. Great piece. People in this country want it both ways-total personal freedom but no accountability. Only you are responsible for your own success or failure at the end of it. I’m a middle class white guy but had my own obstacles. My parents didn’t have much money, dad died when I was 22 and everything I have post college days, I earned. I was flat broke around 23 but turned it around by sacrificing and keeping focused. i didn’t have any help nor did I look to big daddy government for any handouts.

    1. Stop lying to yourself. The white patriarchy gave you what you have. The least you could do is give back half of what you were given to “daddy government”.
      # CheckYourWhitePrivilege

    2. “I was flat broke around 23”
      Yep, me too. Lived in a crappy apartment; bricks and board furniture; mattress on the floor; no car and rode my bike to work.
      Oh, but the privilege I enjoyed.

  2. I had the privilege of having to work in the summer to barely afford college but could not get financial aid “because my parents earned too much” even though they struggled. So there I was, old vehicle, ratty old clothes, the works.
    And I got to sit next to people who were darker skinned, had new(er) cars, good clothes, and all expense education paid because daddy could not be found or momma was “poor”.
    Eventually I ended up in military service – another privilege!
    And when I came back, I had the privilege of finding out in the time I was gone, I was now:
    – a fanatic for believing there is a God.
    – a terrorist for believing in freedom
    – an extremist for owning a gun
    – a rapist for being a man
    – a racist for being white
    All in 4 years I spent overseas.
    Since then I have had the privilege of working my ass off and having little to show for it.
    My dad was poor growing up, and he too was privileged. He had the privilege of not having a dad (who passed away too young because he was poor and worked to death) and also losing siblings to the second world war. He had the privilege of working backbreaking jobs starting at the age of 13 and not learning to read until he was 65. He could go through New York City and point to half the buildings there – he was in the crew at one point of the construction. Today many feminists and cubicle rats sit warmly and comfortable in those buildings writing about the evils of patriarchy and telling me how privileged I am.
    That hard work was the end of him though – a lifetime of it breaks a man early. He’s gone.
    How do I know my dad was so privileged? I never heard him complain.

    1. This is basically the norm for white guys now. White guys with families are literal pack mules… I don’t care how alpha you are. You want three kids, be prepared to work 70 hours and never have more than one week to yourself per year.
      I can say for a fact that all of the easy jobs are given immediately to women and minorities ahead of men. Public sector especially.
      White men are slaves.

      1. And they asked for it. EVERY SINGLE WHITE KNIGHT and/or Mangina deserves what they get…as sad as it is. I feel ZERO sympathy for the chump that parroted feminist ideals who then found himself the subject of a divorce and false allegations. And as men, we should let them know how they are getting their just desserts.

        1. This I whole heatedly disagree with, it is your fucking job to change this world. We are men, we control this world. Up with the patriarchy up with guidance, brotherhood, up with social balance. If you’re going to sit here while we are here striving to save men from women go fuck off. I praise my fellow rok members for giving me a lift towards bettering myself and the world and I wouldn’t be killing it out here through being ignored by men who get it.

        2. You must be young, and have never read any game theory: White Knights, particularly when in positions of authority at government agencies/large companies do a GREAT DEAL of damage to men, causing untold and often permanent damage to their careers, professional standing, and personal lives (cascading consequences). When the knife is turned on them, by that “cute {yet unqualified} up-and-comer” these WKs deserve EVERY SINGLE STAB they get and should serve as a WARNING to other men that “cooperation” with the system is bad for ALL men. They don’t deserve, nor have they earned my fucking respect or sympathy, so you fuck off. By CODDLING THEM, YOU are NOT saving anyone from the damage of political correctness or feminism/womyns. You don’t “change the world” by feeling sympathy for the Nazi sympathizer (or SPY) who suddenly gets turned on by his benefactors would you? You have not a CLUE what you are talking about and are conflating your efforts in earnest (in your mind) with men “being there” for other men who were NEVER THERE for them, who did all they could DO to damage those men. Every single social cost that WK/Manginas create, they should be continually be forced to live with and live for, which is the ONLY way to reduce their numbers and signal the best path (again, read game theory strategy).

        3. There is a danger, in the feminized, infantilized society in which we live, for red-pill men to become embittered, as opportunities for economic improvement (the traditional path forward for men) become more limited, and thus the pressure increases not from the SJWs shrieking about how the unqualified and undeserving should jump to the front of the line, but also even among white men.
          Thus, you will hear me say, from time to time, on ROK, “All the young men are my sons.” To the extent we can reach other, especially younger, men, the better off they (and as a result, society) will be.
          This is not to say that manginas and white knights do not deserve our contempt; they do, for surrendering their birthright as MEN. But to the extent that we can share The Knowledge with them, and save them from being meek little geldings, the better we are, as men.
          Remember, every time a man takes the red pill, a mangina dies.
          À bientôt,

        4. And the Red Pill is best served by experience–the best counsel. It’s different if a White Knight comes to me, post-facto-realite, licking his wounds, I get that, but to the smirky corporate guy (or govt guy) who fucked dudes over with affirmative action hires, quotas and pedastalizing his entire career, there will be no tears shed at his dismantling by those same women/minorities whom he so charitably served his entire career, at the cost of merit (and countless mens’ lives).

        5. I am young and have studied game theory. I did not say respect them and certainly would not give them sympathy. Simply I was once filled with white knighthood and outgrew it because of men who knew what was right… so I will pass it on. I hope others do too.

        6. I understand. One has to understand who is salvageable and who is not, and who has it coming–which is why I posted “That giant sucking sound you hear is any sympathy red pill men have for Ghomeshi hemorrhaging away….” in the comments on the Jian Ghomeshi article. AFAIAC, the penalty for treason should be Death By Fire.
          That said, it is easy to fall in the the trap of bitterness and nihilism. Thus, we should reinforce each other in a spirit of good fellowship, and reach out to those who can or will take the red pill.
          À bientôt,

    2. That, is one hell of a summation. Thank you. For now that’s all I can write as you pretty much just described my life.

    3. Your father is a Man of our type. Not a respondent of the feminine imperative, but a believer in earning your way through life. Pathetically, a rare figure these days. God bless reason, and God bless common sense. Amen.

    4. I love it…especially the privileged part. How many women do you see complaining about how they are not allowed the “privilege” of signing up for Selective Service at 18?
      I haven’t met one yet…I probably never will.
      The privileges that these bitches complain about only applies to the “good stuff”. They don’t want to get dirty or fight in wars. They only want the large settlements in court (i.e. divorce, child support), the great job opportunities, etc…
      I love that bullshit feminists try to use on a man.

      1. I’ve been retorting with the selective service example for years now…deer in headlights effect every time.

    5. At least they mentioned wealth and family connections as privilege and even that is is highly subjective to them. When families have 1m $ it does not matter nearly as much as a family with 100m$ in assets.
      And frankly – while this kind of wealth makes you privileged regardless of your fucking race or gender – I would not even say that you have to excuse yourself for being “privileged”. You just have to be aware that achieving some kind of success with that back-up is not hard.
      To quote The Anchorman 2: “It took hard work for all of my life and my father’s 100 mio. $ in inheritance to increase it to 105 mio. $.”
      All others are simply not privileged – the SJW are completely deluded.

    6. Let’s face it this the war cry of GWL’s and feminazis. My family are all blue-collar workers and my ancestors farmers who often died at an early age from over work. Yet to feminists and other assorted leftists many who have never work an honest day in their life this is privilege.

    7. I experienced the same thing with college. I had been financially independent since I was 16 and I wasn’t eligible for FASFA, even though I received no financial support from my parents and earned maybe 10k/yearly and was living below poverty level at the time.
      So throughout college I kept 2-3 jobs; sometimes I’d work for a year and save and then go to school, others I would work a semester and then attend a semester. Once I even tried working full time while taking 18 hours of classes but my grades suffered.
      My husband grew up similarly, meaning that he learned responsibility at a young age, rode a bike throughout high school and college, and paid for his schooling and living expenses.
      We both agree that hard work changed us for the better. Privilege just makes people lazy.

    8. These White Tears is só Delicious!
      Shall I cry to make it more sweet?
      Sit back and watch, The non-white poor man’s tears will drop:
      You should know, oppresssed cis straight white man, that “Real Men” are also able to acknowledge their privileges in order not to maintain this fucking social structure!
      Oppression and privilegie are related.
      You may be a rich black man, but it doesnt mean you dont suffer racism. In fact, you do but you have more tools to Cope with it.
      As you state, your parents struggle, not you.
      So “hopeless man”, give US a time out.
      As a latin man with a massive d*ck and the fattest ass ever able-bodie, I can check my privileges too. Can you see it? Lol
      But what AM I not suposed to check my Oppressions ?
      What that really scaries me is too see how intelectualy dishonest some people are, acting like you live in world with no history

  3. Spot on man. Not taking accountability for one’s actions drives me insane. It’s the mark of an unwise person. When you meet someone wise enough to admit their own mistakes and learn and grow from them, then you’ve met a truly great person. I strive to be that man. Great article.

  4. My great-grandfather was an immigrant from Lithuania in the early 1900s. He opened a store that he ran alone until his sons were old enough to work with him. He overcame a language barrier, and when his brother died, he took on his brother’s kids as his own, putting him up to 6 sons to raise. He and his sons worked their asses off to send each son to college, one at a time because they couldn’t afford to send any simultaneously. My grandfather was the youngest of those sons and spent the longest time working for his father of all them before he was able to move on to his own endeavors. My grandfather worked long hours with a lot of travel to provide for his wife, his daughter, and his son. In my lifetime, he purchased a few businesses and my first job at the age of 14 was working for him. I had to do all the same work as anyone else in my position too. It wasn’t a back-breaking job but it wasn’t always clean and easy. My grandfather went to work every day until he had a stroke that took away his ability to speak and to move the right side of his body. He didn’t need to keep working, but he liked it and he wanted to leave as much to his heirs as he could.
    Why would I dishonor those men by throwing away the privileges they spent their whole lives working for?

  5. People who’ve never worked a day in their lives go to liberal arts college hugboxes, learn how to identify OTHER people’s “privileges”. When does the cognitive dissonance set in?

    1. Yep. Nothing like talking to a Brown U, or Smith College, white female grad, who wants to “check your privilege”, apparently unaware that her father is paying for her college.

  6. This is true. My father started working at 12 years old because my family was in dire straits, he eventually started his own business at the age of 18 and is still going strong today. Did I live a comfortable life because of this, certainly. Has he ever? Nope, still banging nails at close to 60. Will I make their retirement years incredible? Undoubtedly. Do I share everything I have with everyone I can so that they too can live better lives? Yes. I see my “privilege” and share what I have with others not because some feminist told me to, but because it means living a full life. I’ve taught 21 year old virgins how to land a broad, kids in abject poverty that working out will lead to success (yes, they found jobs!), and fat fucks to start caring about their life and to lose weight. My privileged is a gift that keeps on giving so GO FUCK YOURSELF sjw… I refuse to listen to your inane blather.

  7. As was so brilliantly stated by Cpt. Capitalism right here 5 months ago:
    “People who don’t accomplish anything in life are the ones most prone to invoke the word ‘privilege’!”

    1. People who get things undeservedly in life are the ones most prone to pretend they don’t have it.

      1. Ah, there’s that wonderful word “undeservedly”. It would be so nice if there was some independent arbitrator back to the dawn of time who could work out which humans were deserving and which ones were undeserving, because without that, it’s a very, very silly word to bring up in the context of “Muh Racials”.

  8. And how beautifully White Women (including some of the most privilege OF them) have separated themselves from the very same “White Privilege” they assert ALL white men have had. “THAT’s DIFFERENT” cries the feminist…you’re male !

    1. Women do this constantly by the use of one of their major weapons – re-framing. For example, a beautiful woman, who can get access to attention, self-esteem, preferential treatment, choice of suitors, career opportunities, free stuff, etc. etc.? That’s re-framed as ‘being only valued for her beauty’, ‘not being valued as a human being’ etc. etc. Having the privilege of doing minimal effort in courtship? She’s confined by an omnipresent omnipotent all pervading yet intangible patriarchy, including ‘slut shaming’.
      One of the major laws of power? Those who have it pretending they don’t wield it.

  9. wHY dont white people take their ” white privilege ” with them along with everything else they created/discovered.
    Attn: all non whites, we’d like our cars back, our t.v’s back, our telephones back, and all of your devices that required calculus or other higher math to create or engineer, we’d like those back. Umm Medicine, so penicilin, and any other medical discovery we made please leave those with us, we will take them with us. Once we account for all the things white men created, we’ll leave . Thanks!

    1. Medicine existed before whites, and while you whites are “Taking back” things you better give back vacination and germ theory and go back to bathing in dirt and mud and dying at 29 from scurvy and starvation.

  10. People forget that a lot of the white, privileged Europeans who emigrated to America did so because their lives were so horrible. They were faced with famine, war, persecution, etc. and instead chose to risk everything for a better life. They worked hard and over several generations built up wealth. Their results are due not to privilege but to sustained effort and delayed gratification.

    1. Risk everything? Ironic given that they claim they came here with nothing.
      They did not work hard nor build wealth, all of it was given to them by a big government giving away free land, free houses, free apartments, free business loans etc. Obama got one thing right, you didn’t built that.
      Their results are due entirely to white privilege, without it, they’d not even be allowed to enter into the country in the first place nor open those business in the WHITE ONLY side of town. white denial is silly.

  11. I loved watching Jon Stewart (a jew, people who were involved in slave trading) talking down to O’Reilly (an irishman, a people who were enslaved).

  12. I’m half-white/half American Indian (Native American in leftist newspeak). Am I half-privileged?
    Of course I don’t even have to bother asking that. There are not enough people in our nation to recieve much special treatment, and fortunately we are a sovereign nation still. So no Femicrat votes equals no special treatment by the sorry pinkshirts.
    That doesn’t stop them them from screwing us though. Look at the stunt the administration tried to pull on the Cherokee nation. Fortunately we are somewhat insulated from their circumstances but still. Gay trumps woman trumps poor black trumps Muslim trumps non-black minority trumps white men.
    Any Indian who accepts any affirmative action is a bitch and a disgrace to every Indian man and woman killed. Now that we have another wave of illegal colonists coming here claiming that they are as indigenous as us, it makes leftist Indians actual race traitors for supporting the dems. Aztecs are not us-not any of us. They are indigenous to Mexico. Quit trying to take our crap. Well, maybe you can have it-we don’t have $&@@ anyway.
    It’s funny that American Indians are the most screwed people in the nation; they and lower class white Appalachians. Indians do get some ” help” from these ” progressives” in exchange for their surrender- bout as beneficial as a smallpox-laden blanket. White Appalachians have never been on anyone’s radar.
    The most screwed by leftists are intelligent, prosperous Indian and black men. We are hated by our own communities for not being as retarded as the rest of them, but we are absolutely DETESTED by the left, who demonize us. Idiot ” gentle giants” robbing stores and alcoholics getting diabetes, sucking on frybread are not strong enough to challenge the leftist. They make useful idiots in the cause of white leftists waging war on the white middle class. When a white leftist encounters a black or Indian man who can survive without his help, he freaks.
    Sorry for my rant- I’ve had a lot to get off my chest lol. Hope at least some of it makes sense ha.

    1. Isidore, I am essentially the same mix as Chief Ross (2/4 Scots-Irish, 1/4 Spanish and 1/4 Qualla (eastern band Cherokee)..Culturally, I am one half “white” (Celtic) and half Hispanic and I speak Spanish, and have strong roots with the culture. But… I crack up at Mexican-Americans (many of whom are VERY Spanish [read: WHITE, like me]) who go around talking ’bout Aztlan and “taking back California” etc…I’m like, dude, take back from WHOM? The Mexicans that owned it then, were SPANISH, and nearly COMPLETELY WHITE BLUE BLOODS…the shit is hilarious within my community. White Spaniards freaking DECIMATED the Indigenous natives of nearly all of Central and South America, and yet in the US, guys like Cortez are featured during “National Hispanic Month” and I see Mexicans who are very dark (Aztec) and Bolivians/Peruvians going around praising what is essentially their ADOPTED Spanish Culture (via coercion)…this would be like Gerry Adams of the IRA bowing to the Queen of England, and bragging about speaking English instead of Gaelic.

      1. Damn-so it looks like Midwestern nations are not alone in dealing with pro-Hispanic rhetoric.
        I have nothing but respect for many Latinos, but some of the more ideological ones need to understand that we are totally different peoples. Kiowans and Aztecs had no direct contact whatsoever, and Kiowan and Nahautl are as distinct as Gaelic is from Finnish-and that even if the Tanoan/Aztec hypothesis is true.
        They can’t take our identity just to justify their immigration. We are among the true indigenous to the Great Plains. The valley of Mexico had nothing to do with it.
        Anyway, thanks for stating that-it’s good to hear from Eastern Band Cherokee about this issue. That’s North Carolina right? There was some kind of Cherokee presence in OK if I recall, but I haven’t been to those areas.

  13. Wen I was a kid every time my mom saw a homeless man she would say “I should buy him a cheeseburger” she never did. In her mind thinking of doing nice things outweighed all the bad actions she took.
    SJW are getting a serotonin dump off of what only can be described as mental masturbation. Much like a heroin addict they will not stop. They don’t care about the consequence of there actions they only care about the next fix.
    I think there is more truth behind the comedic theory that feminism is a brain disease. I think we need to start cat scanning and drudging SJW’s with SSI inhibitors.

  14. Folks, privilege kicks ass and should be fought over within legal limits. To assume that privilege is bad is to buy into the liberal myth that equality is good

  15. “Aside from attempting to make white men feel guilty for the transgressions of their ancestors, the concept of white male privilege is used as a scapegoat for non-white males to excuse their life decisions.”
    It would be far more accurate to say that white denial of racism is used as a scapegoat by white males to excuse their life of inherited privilege.
    “Being born with fewer resources than some of your counterparts does not excuse poor decisions, nor does it change the fact that improving your life requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work.”
    No one denies that. Truth is, there are alot more opportunities on Wall street than in the bronx. Its alot easier to make the “Right decision” when your dad is rich and white in a nation with white privilege than vice versa.
    “Social conditioning does not force you to commit crimes, nor does it prevent you from working hard to change your circumstances. Maybe you start off lower than most, maybe you have to fight just to avoid poverty, and maybe you have more to prove and more to overcome. Yeah, it sucks, and I’m sorry some of you were born into shit. But whether you wallow in that shit or claw your way out of it is completely up to you.”
    You speak from a position of a privilege class. When you cannot get money for medications and are dying good luck getting it for free. The truth is, it has become increasingly harder to pull ones self up by the bootstrap,a s thos eon top try to cling to power.

    1. “The truth is, it has become increasingly harder to pull ones self up by the bootstrap,a s thos eon top try to cling to power.”
      I very much agree with this statement. So, the next time you see a white, entitled American woman make sure you let her know.
      White women aren’t looking for equality (and they sure aren’t looking out for anyone else but themselves – very self centered).
      These women want control and power..not equality.

  16. Yeah I had a buddy that missed a bullet while on tour and his friend caught it for him, in the face. I never let him forget how privileged he is.

  17. Bitch: “Check your privilege”
    Me: “Suck my dick”
    Bitch: “OMG stop trying to oppress me you sexist, racist piece of shit!”

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