16 Ways To Spot A Cougar

Men chase the priapic mysteries.  These mysteries fascinate us, and we crave the sensual delights that come from exploring their subtleties by frolicking on supple female flesh.  It is part of our evolutionary inheritance.  It is safe to say that the male desire to sample a wide range of sexual experiences across as wide a geographic area as possible is near universal; to deny this is to deny the nature of man.  It is nothing less than a biological imperative.  Does not every organism seek to expand its habitat and multiply itself with geometric abundance?  Consider how our distant ancestors, as soon as they could walk upright, struck out across the savannahs of east Africa, walking for uncounted hours, days, and weeks in search of game and fertile pastures.  Consider how intrepid Columbus burst the bonds holding man to the Old World, and exploded into the fragrant fields of the New World.


We exist, and therefore must copulate.

Consider the modern cougar.  Advances in health and technology have expanded the sexual marketplace shelf-life of women who, in previous eras, would have been invisible to the average man.  It is now possible for women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s to prowl the sexual terrain in the fond hope that the diligence of their physical upkeep will cause them to be noticed by a younger diffident male.  She has truly arrived.

To advise my fellow ROK readers on the nature of that huntress who stalks the lands, I have decided to list the most common features of the modern cougar.  I urge readers to do their own first hand research (as I did) by copulating with a cougar or two.  Keep your own “Big Cat Diary”, I say, and feel free to share your experiences.  A sexually well-educated man must be able to appreciate the differences between a younger and a older woman, in the same way that a gourmand needs to train his palate to distinguish the subtleties of fine food and drink.


But take care!  The cougar is not an animal to be underestimated.  Beneath that laser-like stare pants the heart of a tiger, and the soul of a hamster.  Her survival instincts, rationalization mechanisms, and predatory abilities have been honed over many years of evolution, as well as by decades of indulgence, protection, and coddling from American society.

Here some of the most commonly displayed traits of the modern cougar.  I can give you 16 common ones, in no special order.

1.  Elevated Masculine Mannerisms And Features

The hormonal changes that women undergo as they get older tends to diminish their (already tenuous) femininity as Western women.  Their faces take on a more hard-bitten, harsh appearance, and it is not uncommon for facial hair to increase significantly.  Estrogen levels seem to go down, voices deepen, and a constant exposure to feminist propaganda whittles away at whatever may be left of their feminine core.  Sexual dimorphism in behavior seems to fade as cougarism blossoms.


2.  Fixation On Younger Women’s Clothing Styles

In an attempt to recapture her lost party-girl, carousel-riding youth, the cougar will become more and more shameless in wearing clothing designed for girls 20 years younger.  Favorites here are leopard-spot and tiger-stripe patterns, short skirts, skin-tight jeans, and low cut blouses designed to show off an ample, silicone-enhanced cleavage.

3.  Constant Talk About Work

Admittedly, the modern cougar works hard.  Not for her are the languid, relaxed days of lounging around the house.  She usually has brood to provide for, and her own upkeep is hardly inexpensive.  Unless she has hit the jackpot by shaking down her ex-husband in divorce court, expect the cougar to work well into her elder years.  She takes her work seriously.  The down side of this, unfortunately, is that you never stop hearing about it.  Besides her work and her kids, the cougar cares for little else.  And you will hear about both.  Constantly.  I have found this one of the oddest cougar traits:  so mature in many respects, but so childish and juvenile when it comes to trying to make intelligent conversation with men.  Some things women just never outgrow.  Ah, humanity.


4.  Constant Blather About Her Ex-Husband, Kids, Or Party-Girl Years

The cougar will initially feign interest in her younger male target, flattering him with attention.  But after coitus has been consummated, the hapless youngster will find himself enmeshed in a constant stream of mind-numbing jibberish about how bad her ex-spouse is, how great her kids are, and how she wistfully longs for her lost party-girl (i.e., carousel) years.

5.  Credit or Debt Problems

Years of hard living and big spending have usually put your top-tier cougar into credit and debt problems.  Of course, it’s always someone else’s fault, but be aware that lurking in her background is a financial house of cards, ever ready to collapse.  Hold onto your wallet.

6.  Willingness To Raw Dog

Cougars love raw dogging.  After a hysterectomy or the passing of her child-bearing years, the average cougar feels that she has little to fear from unwanted pregnancies.  Her innate fatalism removes whatever other hesitations she may have from high-risk behavior.  Expect to be encouraged to take the plunge.  We here at ROK, of course, always advise safety first.

7.  Preferences For Dogs As Pets

A true cougar is a dog person, not a cat person.  Cougars love to bask in the unbounded energy of a hound hurling himself about the house, tongue lolling about, ever subservient to her demands.  Accomplished attention seekers, cougars know that taking their dogs in public is also one of the best ways to attract the limelight.


8.  Kids In The Background…And When She’s Ready, In The Foreground

A cougar knows that her younger male prey is innately repelled by the sight of another man’s spawn.  So, in the beginning of the seduction, she will keep her kid(s) safely hidden away so as not to scare off her younger male target.  But, eventually however, her desire to take power in the relationship will get the better of her.  She will feel a compulsion to test the waters.  The kid will slowly be edged into the picture…ever so subtly, and ever so gradually.  This is the big moment of truth.  The expert cougar hunter will not flinch at this critical juncture.  He will refuse to have anything to do whatsoever with another man’s children, including being in the same room with them.  Not your brood, not your problem.  The irony here—always lost on females—is that they themselves would never want to be involved with a single man with his own children.  Yet they expect a single man to tolerate the sight of her own offspring.

9.  Pseudo-Intellectual Blather

Our standard-issue cougar has spent many an hour poring over the dreary tomes found in your local Barnes & Noble, and she wants to show it.  Expect to be lectured on P/E ratios, modes of alienation, the Arab Spring, and other vapid topics du jour.

10.  Sexual Forwardness

This goes without saying.  Deployment of some reticent “beta bait” game will work wonders.  Believe me.

11.  Silicone

I know it when I see it.  And I happen to like it.


12.  Crazy Ex-Husband Stories

To justify her solo existence, the cougar has developed a sophisticated rationalization mechanism, which has calcified into certitude with the passage of time.  You will hear stories about how the former spouse threatened her, verbally abused her, and made her strike out on her own against her will.  Every life decision is the fault of someone else, of course.

13.  Intense, Predatory Gazes

When a cougar locks her gaze on you, there will be no mistaking her intentions.  The cougar has no time for the giddy dilly-dallying of the clueless younger woman.  But be warned…there are other, more sophisticated games brewing in the background.

14.  Insipid Mishmash Of Religious Or Spiritual Ideas

Cougars are always into self-actualized “spiritualism” or other vague religious cant, which has the advantage of making no demands on them.  At the same time, it enables them to adopt the posture of the deep, introspective woman of the world.  You will be expected to buy into her religious ideas, or at least pretend to listen to them, whatever they may be.  Yawn.


15.  Excessive Use Of Cosmetics

Expect to see some skillfully placed make up that conceals the ravages of time, a lifetime of hard partying, and excessive exposure to sun.  The higher the income of the cougar, the better the overall results.  She’s high maintenance, and is proud of it.

16.  Vague Contempt For Feminist Bullshit

Having been around the block, the typical cougar has no use for feminist talking points.  She may mouth the creed, but there is no belief behind it.  The harsh realities of life have stripped away the false illusions of feminism, and replaced them with a ruthless practicality.  Her hamster, of course, still operates as it always does, but it services her personal needs, not the false ideologies of deluded younger women.

Final Thoughts

So there it is.  I must confess, chevalier that I am, a measure of sympathy for the plight of the modern cougar.  Cut adrift from her traditional feminine moorings, drifting here and there in the harsh realities of a society that promised her so much and delivered so little, she haplessly tries to make her way in the world.  And what a nightmare it turned out to be.  So let us be tender, and let us be gentle.

As I look into those cougar eyes, and peer through those windows of the soul, what do I see?  I detect, perhaps, the vague glimmerings of a sadness at the cruel passage of time, and at the mournful brevity of life’s pageant.


I sense her inner voice.  And it says to me, with soft poignancy:  Ah, you men.  You lust after our flesh, and seek to possess us, and to what end?  For the comedy of reproduction? Have you any idea that we women pay a higher price than you for love’s reckless and maudlin play?  And yet…we do so desire to be loved, and to give love in return.  Tell me, is this not the only redemptive tonic in the drama of life?

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108 thoughts on “16 Ways To Spot A Cougar”

    1. Asian cougars are indeed a prized breed, valued by collectors. I had an intimate association with a female Japanese Navy officer some years ago which was a great experience: buying me stuff, etc. She was a sophisticated woman with an amazing body…younger girls and older women each have their merits.
      The conniseur of sex will appreciate both age groups for their special merits.

    2. You’re post 50 so the term “cougar” wouldn’t apply. A cougar is a woman who specifically targets men 15 or more years younger than her. A cougar in your case would have to be 75. At that point it just gets ridiculous.

  1. These two points seems contradictory: #3 Constant Talk About Work, and #9 Pseudo-Intellectual Blather.
    So with #3 she’s gonna blab nonstop about work and her kids, which is annoying. And also blab about topics du jour such as Arab Spring, the Kardashians, or the Dow. Also annoying. So… what do we want the cougar to talk about?

    1. Travel, books, real science, cars, women, booze, learning languages, history….
      Obviously you will see a girl talking about anything of the above like…. never.

    2. Anything she can say about the stock market or the Arab Spring will be superficial at best — she’ll parrot a few sentences she heard on CNN when was at happy hour with her co-workers.
      And she’ll think that’s impressive….

  2. Where do all these cougars hang out and prowl cubs? Is it in bars? Night clubs? Do they purposely go to venues where young people congregate, or is it more organic and kind of “just happens”?

    1. Usually in nicer cocktail bars.
      Wear a (dark) shirt and and some kind of sports coat (no idea what it’s called in english, but whatever nice you can wear over just a shirt) and let them prey at you.
      I happen to like cougars who keep themselves in shape and have some nice fake tits. They do indeed give some nice head.

  3. Great post QC…. Let me add this. The female hormone estrogen is responsible for women’s nature ie emotional , illogical, hamster wheel etc. This hormone wanes and disappears as women age ie menopause. This explains the masculine physical changes QC details but I think it also explains the cougar’s change in behavior. Cougars , I find are less nutty, less emotional, more logical..

    1. Which is why grandmothers were such an important part of the extended family structure; the more matriarchal the family, the more important they became.
      It is not only the dominance of men that young women have been cut free from, but also the dominance hierarchy of the women’s circle itself.

    2. Indeed. Menopausic women lack the hormonal whirlwind of younger females, and therefore -may- be able to make logical, rational decisions.
      Never listen to what your mother says. Listen to your grandmother, shey may be right.
      Cougars are in a pre-menopausic stage, so they still lack the full use of their cognitive abilities, though. They may be prone to crazy antics, just like a younger woman.

      1. Depends on the age of the cougar.
        I know one post-menopausal 60 year old woman and she says she increased her romance and sexual activity post-menopause because now she’s got nothing to worry about preggers-wise.
        She regularly dates younger men. One guy was even 38 (much older than one of her sons!) when she was 56. Not a repulsive looking guy either. I don’t understand it. Maybe he was just a super horny dude?
        The mind boggles.

        1. Suppose that 56 year old goes to yoga daily, offers you a good -cheap- time with minimal investment and a bang without condom or pregnancy fears. Seems like a good opportunity for another notch to your list.

        2. Well, she wasn’t doing yoga daily or in great shape. She dressed feminine and had a pretty face – for her age, and had an “exotic appeal” because of the region of the world her parents migrated from. But she did look her age.
          Also, for him it wasn’t just a bang. He INSISTED on holding her hand in public and as he said, “showing off my girl”. He even kissed her public!
          Like I said, he was an average looking American guy which means not good, of course, but not completely bad either. He could have gotten an average American woman of his own age, possibly even slightly young. And yet here he was with this woman who was close to his mother’s age.
          I think guys like this have mental-emotional issues that prevent them from attracting women their own age.

        3. I don’t think a young or even middle aged (in his 40s) “alpha” would even have sex with her. Beta men in her own age group 50-60 are the appropriate mates for her. If we should even be talking “mates” in reference to grandparents at all.
          But a relatively young man of 38 going for a woman of that age – its more than “beta”. Beta just means your average guy who is psychologically sound. I don’t think this guy was psychologically sound.

  4. Where do all these cougars prowl? Is it in clubs and bars where young people hang out?

    1. Our cougar consultants here at ROK inform us that the cougar typically inhabits, and has adapted to, a wide variety of environments. Common hunting grounds are Match.com, and to a lesser extent, some of the other dating websites. They can also be found in suburbian venues, such as shopping malls and grocery stores. Health clubs that feature “spinning” classes, yoga classes, and the like are also reportedly popular.
      The moneyed cougar can be found in overseas haunts: black American cougars seem to prefer the Caribbean, and white cougars (American and European, especially Scandinavian) have been known to turn up (and turned out by this author!) at Asian shopping venues, such as Itaewon or Myongdong in Seoul, or Roppongi in Japan. The list of venues is endless.
      Normal game principles apply, of course. Gauge your target carefully and evaluate her strengths and weaknesses. Beta bait game has been found to be the most successful strategy.

      1. On match.com are they specifically targetting young men 12+ years younger? And of course middle age women will be found in grocery stores but are you saying they are prowling for cubs in these venues?
        ” black American cougars seem to prefer the Caribbean, and white cougars (American and European, especially Scandinavian) have been known to turn up…” …. in the same place.

        1. Because your typical cougar has been pumped and dumped by numerous bad boys, you can lower her defenses by playing the role of the quasi-nice guy. Don’t go too overboard, of course, because women are women, and no chick likes a complete beta. But let’s just say: cultivate your sensitive, understanding side. Cougars will do most of the work for you…

        2. Very well put – I’d also add that ones that have recently been dumped or upset in some way that makes them question their self-worth will do ALL the damn work for you.
          One of my favourite experiences came from a Thursday night last year where I simply wanted to have a drink after work and watch the hockey game in peace, but resulted in a cougar who had recently been thrown out by her husband paying my bar tab, buying me dinner, and begging for a fuck – all because she didn’t feel beautiful without it. Now, this woman was kind of the textbook definition of a “butterface.” That body was a solid 8, she worked hard on it, but that face looked like it had been set on fire and put out with a wet chain. A $60 bar tab and a $30 steak later, all covered by her, and what could I do but play the gentleman and offer a stiff cock in her ass for as long as I felt like it? Not needing to look at that face sealed my choice of position. I closed the night by handing her my cordless phone and telling her the cab company was on speed dial if she just pressed #7.
          Would I have ever made an attempt to pick up this broad? Possible, but not likely. But hey, if she’s just going to give it away without a fuss… and a free steak is a free steak. It was fun to feel like a cute young woman for a few hours, where everything is free and nothing is questioned!
          Once is probably enough, though.

    2. Jazz bars/clubs are thick with them. Hotel and hotel-adjacent bars, on both ends of the spectrum. “Cocktail” themed museum nights. Outdoor music festivals. Think hippie. Hippie chicks cougar-up straight away. If you don’t want to have to rinse off three days of patchouli, work the classy end of the spectrum.
      It used to be good enough to just be “hot” but since the hot has worn off on all those knobs, they now have ‘experience’ so they are worldly and interesting and cultured. They like settings that seem ‘classy’ because that is how they see themselves in this new light. Plus they prolly have a wad of divorce bucks. Some guy playing piano in the back, yep. Bartenders in vests, sure. Valet parking, no doubt. Think low light, high price. Proper glassware. Craft beers. Abercrombie barmen. etc.
      We will see encounters increasing in places that used to be only inhabited by the young. They try to fight off the Oldness with many tactics, denial being the primary setting, so any place that has developed the “meat” market rep. is fair game. Their counterpoint really is the 25 y/o chump who would lube-up a hole in the fence if he could, so like tracking any feral creature you follow their prey. Go where the prey hang out.

    1. What a terrible thing to do to a man when you think about it. Let the Alpha sire his children with her when she’s in demand, then come looking for the Beta provider once her capital (beauty and fertility) has been expended.
      The Beta can now either become her bitch, or exact his revenge on her by hitting and quitting it.

      1. But cougars aren’t prowling for cubs to provide for her children. I mean the cubs are nearly the same age as her kids. Young men don’t have the stability and resources that older men have. Cougars go after young men for the energy and fun, not the resources they don’t have yet.

        1. Or could it be that the men her age who have resources won’t give her the time of day? Quelle surprise!

        2. So are you saying that cougars are looking for serious, lifelong mates? Second marriages? I thought the whole point of becoming a cougar was to have fun with hot young studs half her age?
          If these women are middle aged and looking to “settle down” for a second or third time in life, I think they need a more accurate title than “cougar”.

        3. They are not after fun and sex. They are after validation. The young studs are to the cougar what virgin blood was to Elizabet Bathory. They need to fee they still possess the youth and vibrancy they once had and find so hard to come to grips with the fact that FATHER time relinquishes it. Women are very competitive creatures. They use the young bucks so they can brag about them to their girlfriends. And Mint Choc chip..fuck you.Please leave this website. You add nothing of value.

      2. Please read my comment above about the woman who’s partnered with a retired “alpha” 22 years her senior, but who got knocked up by a young beta/omega 16 years her junior. The retired alpha is raising the child – willingly.

        1. I’m not clear what your views are, nor certain why you think I want to “change” them. I’m not a Christian or a Muslim.

  5. Anglo women are so self-deluded as to think they’re still attractive once they’ve passed their expiration date. The expiration date being their years of peak beauty and fertility. These cougar women are like the Spruce Goose. It might be fun to visit, and play around with the controls, but they’ll never really “fly” again.
    Ironically, as I age and see women I grew up with already starting to sour, and many in my age group hitting the wall like a stock car would hit a concrete barrier at 180 mph, I find it extremely satisfying that I am becoming more attractive to women, both young and old. I exercise, eat right, and honestly, I may be in my mid-30s but I’ve never looked better by all accounts.
    I’ve even been approached by aging ex girlfriends, one of whom dumped me at age 22 for a “bad boy” and is now suffering the consequences of marrying him. She told me the other night she wants me to tap it again. Problem is, I don’t want her pasty (and now paunchy) white ass, especially after having sampled from the world pussy buffet. But I do enjoy toying around with her, just as she toyed with me all those years ago.
    It’s going to be fun watching Anglo women’s imagined monopoly on sex crumble away and fall to dust as the population becomes less and less…well…white. Many ethnic communities are holding on to their traditional values, even in America, and refusing to assimilate into our degenerate culture. And then there’s travel. Air travel is expected to grow tremendously over the next 10 years as more and more people travel the world. Men will have a first-hand experience of what many of us have been preaching on this and other sites – that aging, ossifying Anglo women can’t keep up with their international (and now immigrant community) competition.
    You see – women peak in their 20s, and are ripest at age 20-25. Fortunately, nature is not without a sense of justice, and I am now beginning to see that men peak in their 30s, and the peak runs longer, lasting well into our 40s. That’s why it’s awesome to walk by a group of cougars in your age group with a young, nubile lady. Vengeance is sweet.

    1. I take a different approach. I’m not interested in revenge; after all, no girl ever owed me her pussy. And many of them even gave me their pussy without asking anything in return.
      However, marrying those old and disgusting vampires who call themselves ‘cougars’ is about the stupidest mistake you could ever make. It doesn’t even matter if she still looks good. It doesn’t matter if she’s the sweetest angel now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 60 year old beta with no other options. If she’s a typical single western woman, she’s damaged goods but the time she’s 30. It is far FAR better to go single than to marry them. If you marry them you’re not only emasculating yourself, you’re enabling them, and you’re a direct cause of all the problems that have been outlined on this site. Fuck them, sure. Let them have their final sexual pleasure before they become _completely_ invisible to the opposite sex.

      1. You are far more charitable than I. I don’t wait to give them their final sexual pleasure, just as I don’t want to buy expired eggs at the store. Sure, they may be edible, but why would I want to take them when fresh eggs are available? (Get the double-entendre?)

      2. I’ve had two bad experiences with “cougars”. “Predatory gaze” is correct. Even reading this article gives me a twinge of anxiety (like I haven’t really escaped their webs yet). Cougars aren’t as easy to get rid of as younger girls. I still have one that bothers friends of mine whenever they go to the gym despite it being 6 years since I’ve last seen her or spoke to her. The hair on the back of my neck stands up around most of em. But as I type, I do remember one good experience. There was one that was different – kind, gentle and feminine. We would talk all night long over a glass of wine. She was also pretty wealthy and “independent” (shit load of money from ex husband in divorce).

    2. “Cougars and society now want you to “man up” and start marrying all
      those single moms who wouldn’t give you the time of day in college.”
      Hold on. Cougars are women in their late 30s and up who prowl for young cubs – men in their early to mid 20s for some short term fling fun. Now you are saying these women want to marry these guys? But usually men that young are not settled and do not have sufficient resources to contribute to the cougar’s household (which often includes children). So why do they want to marry these young bucks with no bucks?
      ” Vengeance is sweet. As the women of my generation now start to decline, I am just hitting my peak. I find it utterly satisfying to show them that I don’t need their old, worn-out snatch any longer”
      Right. But if they are “cougars” then by definition they are not paying attention to a man from their own generation, so where’s the “vengence”?
      “as I walk by with my hottie 23-year old foreign girlfriend.”
      Silver fox!
      I imagine the cougars would hi-5 you as they walk by with their 23 year old studs.

      1. “So why do they want to marry these young bucks with no bucks?”
        Deep inside they know that they wasted their lives and do no want to get old and die alone with a vibrator and a pet. Most cougars are party girls and ex-feminists. They see the writing on the wall. OFC they want to do it with as young and strapping a lad as they can find.

        1. Thank you for saying that, because it needed to be said. I hate it when idiots come on our board and try to derail the conversation with an infinite regression into insanity.
          You are absolutely right. They know the “bad boys” they fucked around with and had kids with won’t be around, so they then start looking for a younger Beta (who isn’t getting any action from the girls his age for the aforementioned scenario of all the bitches his age screwing bad boys) because the cougar thinks he’ll settle for her old worn out ass. Besides, the guys her age who are worth a damn won’t have her.

        2. How true this is. Older men of means can afford the young athletic women of prime breeding age. Oh how old worn-out barren single women hate that. Thats why we get all those stares and looks of disgust from them when we engage society with our chosen. Their visible irrational anger, envy and jealousy is satisfying, especially when I go to family function and the ex’s show up with the kids, and my young wife develops a healthier relationship with our kids than they have. In the end, they are left with dildos, cats and feminized men of little worth, just ticking time away until they pass away. They have alienated almost everyone, including their children and family. Attempts at shaming and guilt-trips can only go so far before you want to give them a cross to hang themselves upon. Literally we should say this to them. Do you need a cross for this crucifiction?

    3. Once again, Relampago not only hits the nail on the head, but he knocks it into the fucking wall with a single whack of the hammer.
      I’m just now truly hitting my stride in my thirties. Not only am I in better shape than I was in my twenties — both physically and in terms of my confidence and overall self-image — but I feel I’ve got a greater understanding of life. I’ve developed more of a sense of humor about human nature and the way things are. I accept the imperfect perfection of life, if you will.

      I find it utterly satisfying to show them that I don’t need their old, worn-out snatch any longer as I walk by with my hottie 23-year old foreign girlfriend.

      I can’t resist the stink-eyes I get from a table of would-be Carries (a la Sex and the City) when I walk into a restaurant or trendy lounge with some slender, college-age Euro girl and they hear her accent — or, even better, when I’m accompanied by a nicely fuckable golden-brown Latina or Asian. It sends a very clear message — one that the skank detritus of our age of Western “empowerment” understands all too well.
      Other men are beginning to send the message, as well. I still recall the night I was out with some tasty little brownie, and received a nod of approval and knowing smile from an older gentleman who just happened to be there with a sweet Latin thing of his own.

  6. Cougars are very easily gamed, in my experience. Worth having the fun as a younger man, but not worth keeping around.
    The bit about the kids is absolutely correct… my two most attractive cougars lured me with a couple of weekends of wild sex only to begin asking/insisting on baby favors later. At this point I walked without much of a word other than “don’t talk to me anymore.”
    I will also say that there is a growing movement among cougars who did stay with one man for their formative years to get on the carousel for the first time at age 35-40-45. These aren’t as fun to bang, but they’ll often keep it NSA and discreet.
    It can be a really, really good time if you don’t take it too seriously.

  7. “I know it when I see it. And I happen to like it.”
    I’ll bet that viet gal had lovely petite breasts before she ruined them with implants.

    1. That, sir, is a work of art … no, a work of engineering.
      If that plastic surgeon gets tired of his work, he should go into engineering — that man definitely knows how to achieve proper support for both static and dynamic loads …

  8. Mr. Curtius speaks the unadorned truth.
    Once upon a time, I swam quite freely in the overly perfumed waters of ravenous, easily available cougar pussy. And I don’t regret it one bit. Hell, I had fun.
    Cougar pussy is a great stepping stone for those young men still working on developing their game and building up the confidence to approach those 8’s and 9’s in the 19-24 age range.
    Once upon a time, sweet cougar pussy was my friend. Cougar pussy reached out to me when I needed it most and, in its eagerness to satiate its raw hunger with fresh young cock, it taught me quite a few things about how to deal with women, about how to get them off in bed.
    Cougar pussy also did me one of the biggest favors of my developing sexual life by teaching me: AWALT, regardless of age, regardless of background, no matter what their life experience or however many years they’ve got behind them as a mother and caretaker and celebrated “career woman.”
    Nothing teaches you AWALT like having to watch in disbelief as the 42 year-old divorced mother of two that you’ve been banging has a total young-cunt meltdown on you in the middle of an Italian restaurant, accusing you of having fucked other women* in the same workplace where she first pounced upon you, and absolutely refusing to listen to reason or stop making a public Jerry Springer Show spectacle of herself.
    Nothing teaches you AWALT like getting a blowjob from a married coworker in a grocery store parking lot on your lunch hour, and then having to stifle your laughter as, afterward, she rails on and on about the “selfishness” of her “asshole” husband while wiping your baby juice from her chin with a Starbucks napkin from your glove compartment.
    Nothing teaches you AWALT like having a “newly separated” friend of a friend of a friend hit you up via Facebook, and wind up taking three of your raw loads in her snatch after little more than a $12 dinner plate at a pseudo-Brazilian restaurant — and then, weeks later, you’re laughing at the happy family pics she’s posting on her FB page after she and Hubby have gotten “back together,” and it’s suddenly dawning on you that they were never really apart to begin with.
    Also, I can only agree with Mr. Curtius — indeed, the most prized snag of my cougar-hunting years was a 39 year-old divorced attorney of Korean background, who zeroed in on me at a happy hour gathering and wound up teaching me, over the course of a mere couple of months, just how much full-on choking and degradation a tiny Asian woman could take behind closed doors…
    *(She was correct in that I had fucked someone else in our workplace, but it wasn’t the girl she thought it was.)

  9. …heart of a tiger, and the soul of a hamster.
    mind of a hamster and soul of a hamster! lolzlolz

  10. The idea of banging the occasional cougar is kind of hot. She’s gotta be smokin’ though.

  11. My $0.02: When I began my journey of post-divorce self-improvement 3 years ago, I hadn’t yet found the manosphere, but I knew something was wrong and I was intent to fix it. I joined one of those “boot camp” style gyms (think Crossfit with less emphasis on Olympic lifts). Within three months I had shed 40 pounds of flab and despite still having a bit of a gut, my arms were ripped and my face had thinned out dramatically. At that point I was 32 and most of the women in the gym were 35 and over. Most of them looked remarkably good for their age, and one afternoon a tall, cute older gal (found out later she was 36) asked me to coffee. I was knocked on my ass – I’d never been asked out by a female before, I was always doing the asking.
    FFWD a week or so: We had 4 or 5 post-workout “coffee dates,” all of which ended up with my dick in her mouth and/or snatch. One afternoon her friend from the gym joined us at Starbucks. Long story short, our usual post-coffee shower became a three person post-coffee shower. I had a moment of awakening when the new girl started licking my asshole while her friend had my whole member down her throat. That “coffee date” ended up being 12 hours of porno sex that I never believed I would experience. The abundance mentality comes incredibly easy once you’ve had two (fit and good-looking) women on your junk at the same time.
    TL;DR – I’ll cosign Writer With A Dick’s thoughts. Cougars can be a TON of fun, especially if you’re just getting a handle on game. Recommend.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble “some dude” but a four year age difference does not a cougar make. Now, if you had been 22…..

      1. You may be technically correct. But I’ll give Dude the credit. Women over 35 are squarely in cougar habitat. They needn’t go down very far in age to solidify this status. It is more fun when they do, but IMO it is more about their age (crossing the wall) and the divergence from what their natural hunting ground should be, which is men 10-20 years their senior.
        Particularly in light of the fact that most 32 y/o men are (should) be running in the 21-29 y/o female habitats. It may ‘only’ be 4 years, but once she passes 30, those years are weighted. She’s going down in age for reasons that will become increasingly evident. The Dude may be four years junior, but soon enough she will be down at ShonnyMcShea’s on college night (oops she had no idea) with her BFF pulling down purple cosmotinis while tugging on Brady McBackwardhat’s ding-dong under the bar. Purrrrr.

        1. “It is more fun when they do, but IMO it is more about their age
          (crossing the wall) and the divergence from what their natural hunting
          ground should be, which is men 10-20 years their senior.”
          Their natural hunting ground might be men same age up to 10 years max. That’s the 10 year window, up or down, most people on the planet mate with. Outside of that window you are getting into rare territory. 20 years older? Forget it! That’s “dad” territory and downright gross. Dude would be 56 popping Viagra and moving slowly at every step in bed to not hurt his knees and back.
          A 36 year old woman’s libido is congruent with a much younger man’s. That’s why most cougars are in their mid 30s – mid 40s prowling young 20 something studs, but
          RARELY will you find a cougar in her 50s.
          People in their 50s are grandparent category for us young cubs.
          They shouldn’t even be thinking about sex. What a disgusting joke!
          50 is the upper limit America!
          For christ’s sake have some dignity.

        2. I’ve been willing to joke with you up until this point, but on this one, well, I’m just going to have to second Taz.

        3. OK where do we see young women with men 20 years older on the regular? Exactly. If you’ve ever perused female oriented sites, and I’m sure some of you have, the consensus is that it is disgusting to mate with dudes around your dad’s age.
          Surely you don’t think that women are thinking otherwise. And if you do think that – why? There sure as heck is not a huge or even moderate demographic of 30 year old women married or even dating 50 year old men.
          And if they were in such demand, then there would be no cougars. Those mid 30s women would in fact be dating mid 50s men. But they are not. And here’s the clincher – neither are 20 something women dating them either!
          If they are, cite the data. And no, I’m not talking about outliers like Hollywood celebrities or that one cousin from Delaware.
          The fact is that the overwhelming majority of couples, whether merely dating or married or anything in between, are comprised of similarly aged partners. Within one generation of each other.
          I personally know a woman who’s long term partner is 22 years older to her. But guess what? When it came time to reproduce she got preggers from a guy 16 years younger…. than her.
          Guess who’s raising the baby?
          He was one of those guys who was actually able to attract young women because of his looks and new age “sensitive” personality. But not he’s post 60, declining rapidly in health, and has chosen to stick with this woman and raise her child by the young stud.
          So yes, exceptions are always there. They PROVE the rule.
          So where’s the stats on all these 20 year gap couples?

        4. “So yes, exceptions are always there.”
          The exceptions, sweet cheeks, are the cougars. For ceasing to amuse me, doubling down and trying to justify it with the cluckings of the hen house, you can take that two and add it as an exponant to the dolt.

        5. Seriously kfg, I’m not in a tit 4 tat with you here. I honestly want to know where are the stats, or forget stats, just WHERE ARE these 20 year age gap couples?!
          I don’t see them anywhere. And I travel all over the States and all over the world. Are you seriously disagreeing that most people are paired with partners in their similar age range u to around 10 years? What evidence do you have for that?

        6. You began by making it clear that you wouldn’t recognize an older man if you saw one (not to mention insulting me, for the second time, so I wont mention it), so what you think you may have seen has lost its relevance.
          ” . . . point to where the MAJORITY, or even HALF, of couples are even 15 years or more in age difference?”
          Bump the exponant to a three and try to start making sense.
          Stop reading Aunt Giggles and the postmodernist gender studies approved “literature” of the hen house and start reading literature of the, dum dum DUUUUM!: Patriarchy.
          Start with Rollo Tomassi, Edward Gibbon and Sir Richard Francis Burton.

        7. Nonsense. I am 56 and bang my foreign bride every night and don’t need Viagra. Could kick most guys asses on this forum. I get attention from young females wherever I go. When I was in my 40s routinely dated girls in their 20s. Frankly I ran from the women in my age bracket.
          You young bucks listen up and don’t let this deliberate misinformation deceive you. I have been hearing this from media and feminists my entire life, usually some lie that a man has peaked at 27. 27!
          Stay in shape and you will enjoy yourself well past middle-age.

        8. “”A 36 year old woman’s libido is congruent with a much younger man’s.””
          Why haven’t the brakes been put on this delusional libcunt yet? I thought not having to listen to chicks spouting tired blue pill rhetoric was the whole point of this place.

        9. Laff riot. Peruse female websites and you will get bucketloads of delusion and wishful thinking, if you can manage to avoid vertigo from the festering celebrity and fat-loss click-baits.
          Their consensus about “disgusting” older men is based on the realization that they are the only remaining options available to them.
          Everything out of a woman’s mouth is the exact opposite of what she really thinks.

        10. The funny bit is that she doesn’t know she’s blue pill, because she accepts Iron John “masculinity.”

        11. OK Uncle Elmer, if I’m wrong about the age, where is the evidence? I say most couples are comprised of partners of similar age to each other, within 10 years. And the stats bear this out. So if I and the stats are wrong, where are the stats showing that most couples are comprised of partners with a great age gap, even up to 20 years?
          I’m not talking about “a few exceptions”. I already told you about my friend who’s LTR partner is 22 years older than her while her baby’s daddy is 16 years younger than her. So this woman is the exception going in both directions. But the majority of my friends, family, work and social circle is comprised of couples within 10 years of each other.
          How about YOUR family, friends, co-workers and social circles? Are they comprised MOSTLY of couples who are 10-20 years in age difference?

        12. I don’t see where I’ve insulted you. And where did I say I “would not recognize an older man” if I saw one? How can I not? The United States population is increasingly skewing “older” so how could I not “recognize” older men? I also gave the example of a friend of mine who’s life partner is 22 years elder to her while her baby’s daddy is 16 years younger than her. So there’s the one exception I know of in my immediate circle.
          How about yours? How many couples do you personally know that are more than 10 years in age difference? How many do you know that are 20?
          To ask the question is to answer it I suppose, since I have already asked you this and yet you’ve given no answer.
          “Stop reading Aunt Giggles and the postmodernist gender studies approved “literature” of the hen house and start reading literature of the, dum dum DUUUUM!: Patriarchy.”
          Try again. I don’t read or even know what “postmodernist gender studies” are. Most of the “literature” I read is not even in the English language. As far as reading “Patriarchy” or some silly manosphere website or long dead dudes (one of whom rendered very poor translations of some Sanskrit and Persian classics I might add) – what are they going to tell me that you can’t about the statistics regarding age differences between partners?
          I’m asking YOU.

        13. Who’s Iron John? Another one of The Great Western Civilization’s heroes (i.e. a porn actor)?

        14. Blackdragon mentioned this in one of his blog posts. Never argue with a woman as she is willing to tolerate the drama/discomfort of disagreement way longer than a man would. Persistence does not equal logic. Now go eat some more ice cream sweet cakes.

  12. This is so true. One of the elevated masculine traits I see in cougars is a result of too much of the wrong kind of exercise. It’s masculine, upper arm gun bulk. I suspect this comes from yoga. In mid-40s and up this gets common and it is a huge turn-off. Women need aerobic exercise, not upper body strength-building exercise.

    1. “It’s masculine, upper arm gun bulk. I suspect this comes from yoga.”
      No. Those are women on the “paleo” diet putting in some hardcore time lifting weights at a gym. A toned yoga body is a totally different landscape. Smooth and defined, not bulky.

    2. I know what you mean. Still, it is leaps beyond the fluffy matter which composes the body of a “cougar” who doesn’t hit the gym 6 times a week. I rather have muscle inside the aged, wrinked skin than yougurt.
      Actually, there is no way a cougar could compete in the market without muscle mass to keep her aging body in place. This happens as early as 32.

      1. See my new comment above about the 56 year old woman. She was on the heavy side, though still had a shape and large breasts. She wasn’t even in the market for a much younger man, but this 38 year old not bad looking guy insisting on holding her hand in public.
        How would you explain that?

        1. Beta just means your average, normal guy. I think there was something abnormal about him.

  13. They are really all cougars. Even the ones in their late 20’s want teen guys in a attempt to extend their youth and to help convince themselves they are not growing older and losing their sexual market value by the week. Its really quite sad and pathetic to watch.

  14. 100% truth…especially the fucking dogs…jaysus krist…enough of the fucking dog pictures….I DON’T CARE!!!!

  15. I love fucking cougars. They actually appreciate the dick. Dont get me wrong, I love PYTs just as much, if not more.

  16. I predict another outpour of female/feminist hamsterism + hate like the “24 signs she is a slut”.

  17. Important question: how tight is the pussy with these older women? Is it noticeably loose, or do they take care of it with exercise? And what about the skin? After about 40, women’s skin changes dramatically, becomes a little rough and of course the flab in the usual areas. Is the sex really good that you can overlook these things?

    1. Varies from girl to girl, like everything else. Some are great, some average, and with some, it’s like dipping your prong in the ocean, the snatch is so vast.

    2. My friend who was involved with a cougar 10 years older than him once told me – ” As regards to tightness, with lubrication, an older woman’s asshole feels like a younger woman’s mouth. An older woman’s mouth feels like a younger woman’s pussy. But about fucking an older woman’s pussy, well it’s feels nothing more except like fucking air. Older women fart through their pussies.”

    3. It depends a lot on the cougar, most are kinda loose down there but not bad at all. I’ve banged some asian cougars and it felt quite normal, even the same as some other european chicks from 25-30 age range. The skin you’re right is kinda more rough obviously not as soft as the younger meat and not as tight around the body so, muscles are more visible. But the sex is quite good! this women go fucking crazy in the bedroom, the comply to anything, which is a good thing. For me cougars are to disgrace completely. So take advantage on that these women are to be fucked like a hardcore porn movie. And yes this feature makes you overlook the absence of beauty.

  18. “The vague glimmerings of a sadness at the cruel passage of time, and at the mournful brevity of life’s pageant”. Ha! Brilliant. Great post Mr. Curtius

  19. The author is an a$$. Steresotype abound with little basis in fact. A work of fiction.
    And those of you here agreeing with the author are obviously delusional as well.

  20. Goodness, I actually thought this article was going to be about hiking and hunting and being outdoors. How wrong I was.

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