Donald Trump’s Loss In Wisconsin Sets The Stage For Carnage In The Republican Convention

Tuesday night’s primary in Wisconsin is the first GOP primary since Arizona and Utah voted two weeks ago, and the party establishment has declared it to be the hill they’re going to die on. With Donald Trump’s loss to Ted Cruz (48.3% vs 35.1%), the party bosses will continue throwing everything they can at him hoping to slow or stop his ascent to the presidency. In Wisconsin, their efforts bore fruit, but this now allows for a contentious Republican National Convention that can split the party in two.

Trump’s setback in Wisconsin comes after a poor week for the candidate, in which he walked into a gotcha question on abortion posed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and suffered for it. Additionally, the Cruz campaign and the GOP’s bosses have been pulling dirty tricks to reduce Trump’s delegate lead: for example, in Louisiana, Cruz was able to gain a plurality of delegates despite losing to Trump in the popular vote.

While it may seem like the Trump Train is going off the tracks, the GOP establishment and the mainstream media will need to work a lot harder to end Trump’s presidential aspirations. In particular, Trump’s opponents are hobbled by their lack of resources and an unfavorable slate of primary contests coming up. Wisconsin will definitely be a lost battle for Trump, but the war is far from over.

With Cruz, You Lose… Lots of Money

U.S. Senator Cruz speaks to members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women in San Antonio, Texas

Wisconsin was always going to be a state that Trump would struggle in; as the New York Times’ Nate Cohn reported, the Badger State’s demographics are tilted in Cruz’s favor. Trump performs best in states with large numbers of minorities, which is why he’s swept the South, Northeast and industrial Midwest as well as the Latino-heavy Western states of Nevada and Arizona. Cruz performs best in predominately white states like Iowa, Kansas and Utah that have been somewhat spared the horrors of globalization and multiculturalism, both of which Trump attacks in his speeches.

While parts of Wisconsin has been negatively impacted by NAFTA and free trade, the state as a whole is similar to neighboring Iowa (which Cruz won): white, agrarian and cucked. Additionally, Wisconsinites dominate the GOP: both House Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus are from Janesville. The Wisconsin Republican Party has unified against Trump to a degree yet unseen in the current election cycle, with failed Governor Scott Walker’s endorsement of Cruz the cherry on the shit sundae.

I’ve seen this myself. Yesterday, I went to Madison (the state capital) and Milwaukee to attend a Ted Cruz town hall and a Donald Trump rally, respectively. While Trump’s rallies in Iowa and Illinois were sold-out events, his Milwaukee rally drew a comparatively lackluster crowd of 1,500-2,000 people. Not only that, there weren’t even any protesters at Trump’s rally, though that was probably because Bernie Sanders was holding a competing event nearby.

Yet despite the seven nation army of cuckservatives aligned against the Donald, their chosen flunky Ted Cruz had to put up a struggle. Even with demographics and the might of the Wisconsin GOP on his side, 56 percent of Wisconsin Republicans oppose Ted Cruz. Additionally, the Cruz campaign has been burning through money at an astronomical rate just trying to keep up with Trump.

A Vote For Ted Cruz Is A Vote For Paul Ryan


Donald Trump’s opponents have conceded that neither Ted Cruz nor John Kasich will be able to overtake him in the delegate count, particularly with most of the remaining primary states (New York, California, New Jersey etc.) favorable to him. As a result, they’ve switched their strategy to denying him the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination on the first ballot of the Republican convention this summer.

While Ted Cruz and his fanboys might fantasize about him winning the nomination in a brokered convention, it’s not likely to happen. Beyond Cruz being ineligible to serve due to being a natural-born Canadian, he’s widely despised by his fellow Republicans for his habitual dishonesty and abrasive attitude. The only reason he’s currently racking up endorsements from party insiders like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham is because they want to use him as a club to beat Trump with.

GOP establishment hacks have begun floating the idea of nominating House Speaker (and 2012 vice presidential nominee) Paul Ryan as a compromise candidate at the convention. Not only would this represent an unprecedented insult to the party’s base, nominating Ryan would guarantee a Democratic victory in November. The Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan brand of Republicanism is so repulsive to voters that not only did it lose them the 2012 election (an election they should have won due to Obama’s unpopularity), Ryan’s own hometown refused to support him.

In any event, Donald Trump and his supporters will need to turn the heat up after his loss in Wisconsin in order to thwart the GOP establishment. Voting for Ted Cruz will ensure that the nomination goes to Ryan, Romney or another Wall Street-owned company man who will both disregard the interests of the American people and lose to the Democrats. If you’re serious about pulling up the floorboards of the GOP to expose the rot within, Trump is your only option.

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375 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Loss In Wisconsin Sets The Stage For Carnage In The Republican Convention”

  1. Well that sounds nice. But the delegates write the rules of the conventions. Trump and Cruz will have about 80% of all delegates. Why the hell would they not keep rule 40b in place? That rule makes your scenario impossible. No candidate who has not won at least 8 states can get the nomination under that rule. That means that only Trump or Cruz can win

  2. If trump doesn’t win I won’t care enough to vote in the primary. Cruz vs Hillary? While I prefer Cruz I know he can’t win. With Trump everyone watches his debates, so they would watch him make Hillary look stupid. Cruz could totally dominate. It doesn’t matter if no none is watching.

    1. How do you “know”, precisely? He will slaughter Hillary in debates, and her “but I have a pussy” victim routine will be shot down in a hail of rhetorical fire. Trump will just bluster and sneer, which to me, is the losing way to deal with Hillary.

      1. maybe it’s because i live in a solid blue state where bernie won by a large margin, but i just can’t imagine a candidate like cruz not getting his ass kicked in the general election based on his association with evangelical christianity alone. as far as libertarian views, he may have those, but remember that huge numbers of primary voters on the dem side enthusiastically support a candidate who is basically, as you’ve pointed out, a communist. i watched bernie’s victory speech last night, and the crowd was a sea of fat girls and weird-looking effeminate men, none of whom gave off a vibe of having done an honest day’s hard work in their lives, much like their candidate. most of them looked younger than 30, too. i don’t think libertarian views are a plus anymore with most people, and it seems to be getting worse.
        hopefully my opinion is skewed by where i live and i’m wrong, but if cruz somehow gets the nomination, i predict the worst defeat since goldwater.

        1. If the Republicans lose this election a conservative man will never again be elected president in this country.

    2. Whoever debates against Hillary and exposes her idiocy, she will pull the victim card and blame the patriarchy. Watch.

    3. Cruz has the same problem that most Republicans do, they speak in dialectic. Trump is the only candidate I’ve seen that speaks in pure rhetoric. It turns off and alienates those who speak dialectic (logical conservatives and libertarians), but fires up those who don’t. Cruz speaks to those that speak dialectic and pulls them in, but it sounds like a lot of gobbledygook to those who only speak rhetoric.

  3. Good analysis. Trump speaks to areas that have suffered the blight of Globalisation. However he needs to turn from largely a negative message about others faults towards a now positive message about how he can lead the nation away from Hillary. However i think that a contested convention is the best course of action for the GOP. Either they rig the system and people see that it is a one party system and a failure of democracy or the political fighting and media circus that ensues maintains the momentum that Trump has had and lead him to the presidency.

  4. Cruz has been at odds with Ryan and the Establishment on basically all but one issue (H1B’s) for so long and so consistently that it’s funny that it can be overlooked. The man was shat upon when he was filibustering the Senate during the reign of the reprehensible Harry Reid, and by both the dems AND the GOP. He also has a long track record of pissing off eGOP to the point that he threw his former eGOP boss under the buss in order to do the right thing (Dubya), and Dubya openly despises him.
    Meanwhile, Trump’s actions (not words, remember folks, actions are the tell, not words) are consistently far left wing his entire life. Suddenly he does a 180 on *everything* he’s bought and paid for his entire life within 2 years and we’re supposed to believe him. He’s a USED CAR SALESMAN in politics. If red pill men can’t see through the ruse of a salesman, I question their ability to use game, since game is basically sales applied to the sexual marketplace.

      1. “But it doesn’t change the fact his wife was a very active CFR member and worked for Goldman Sachs.”
        So what?

        1. The Council on Foreign Relations is a powerful globalist group that’s worked for decades to undermine American sovereignty. David Rockefeller was at one time its chairman. This group has played such a large role in cultural marxism and corporatism throughout the U.S. that I can’t begin to list it here.

        2. The issue is she had a role at all(term member). Could I be wrong? Yes, but it’s enough to make me distrust his candidacy. He’s done lots of great things. Lots of people who’ve done great things have been bought or blackmailed into doing terrible things later. It’s enough to make me suspicious of giving him the presidency.

        3. “It’s enough to make me suspicious of giving him the presidency.”
          I think you have been gaslighted.
          So voting for democrats that Goldman Sachs has in it’s “too- big-to-fail” hip pocket is the way to go? The Cruz haters are nuts.

        4. Get your mind out of the 2-party paradigm. I don’t support democrats. In fact, Hillary probably has more Wall Street connections than Cruz.

      2. Working for a private corporation doesn’t bother me, as she is not running for office. That argument would only hold marginal weight if HE worked for them.

        1. Because there’s no possibility family members work together or do favors for each other.
          Could I be wrong and Ted Cruz be genuine? Of course. But there’s enough of a chance that her connections are his connections. I can’t put trust in that candidacy.
          I’m not a Trump supporter by the way. All I’m saying is Trump is more likely to do some of the things which he’s promised.

        2. His actions in fighting and winning in court cases for actual liberty over the course of his career tells me that he’s genuine. Trump’s actions over almost all of his life all support far Left individuals and ideas. Actions not word is my litmus test.

        3. Like I said, I’m not a Trump supporter. But Cruz has too many suspicious things about his candidacy to trust him.

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          JP Morgan Chase(Houston, Texas)/Savings $1,001 to $15,000
          Loan to Ted Cruz for Senate $500,001 to $1,000,000
          Morgan Lewis Cash Balance Retirement Plan $250,001 to $500,000

        4. Goldman Sachs is a very large company with a reputation for actively seeking out the best and the brightest as well as the most aggressive, type-A personalities.
          People who go into politics need to be either career politicians or from the private sector right? No other option.
          If they are coming from a private sector where they have made some money, friends and earned enough respect and clout to make a viable run at office Goldman is a very likely place that they would come from.
          I don’t see why people poop on it.
          Would people rather the candidate (or his wife in this case) have flipped burgers for a living? Pumped Gas? Was a barista? All (well 2 of 3) are valid jobs, but where are these people getting the requisite experience to deal with the kind of stuff that being an executive requires.
          Plus, for anyone who hates goldman, just think…cruz probably gives her the dirty sanchez…what better revenge?
          Once again, I am firmly in the who the fuck cares camp…but being reasonable requires giving the goldman boys a break.
          They are in the business of being money making douche bags and they are money making douche bags. It always shocks me when someone calls them out for being money making douche bags. It would be like blaming a chef for being fat or blaming a whore for being slutty.

        5. I really have nothing against making money in the private sector, I’ve never been certain why this was supposed to be a disqualifying criteria. My “marginal weight” comes from how others seem to view it.

        6. I’m not a Sanders type, making money doesn’t bug me, nor does getting money from corporations.

        7. I’m not a Sanders type either. But I do worry about what someone who has these holdings will do when these companies need bailouts. It also worries me Cruz will make no attempt to audit the Fed.

        8. In many (though not all) cases I have a very protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism view of people who make a lot of money.

        9. Nobody who makes it to this level is unconnected. Nobody. Ever. George Washington had connections.

        10. George Washington never had the connections to mega-banks leeching off of the global economy who would’ve already failed without bailout money from the Fed. As long as they’re permitted to continue in their crimes, there will be no semblance of a free market. Dealing with these banks might be a bigger issue than large, unchecked immigration.

        11. There is nothing wrong with banking, but that has nothing to do with what G.S is involved in.
          The whole point of this exercise, in my opinion, is to try to sever the bonds between corporate (not free-market capitalist) and State interests.
          Who says you have to be a douchebag to make money.
          Think of all the honest people who have been chased out of the business, because the Goldmans, Lehmans, LTCM`s etc could buy Government, (and be saved by the tax payers if they lose on a gamble.)
          Then of course you have the big-Pharmas and other industries and their lobbyist.
          This is the very cancer that is eating away at the whole of western civilization. EVERYTHING leads back to this. Even the “remain” side in the British(!) EU referendum is sponsored by Goldman Sachs.
          I could go on and on about this but I think you get my point.
          Not saying that Trump will improve this situation, although I do like Carl Ichan.
          He`s very aware of this situation.
          Bottom line,
          having any ties to Goldman Sachs is an instant disqualifier.

        12. I don’t think you have to be a d-bag to make money. However, the people who are very, very good at manipulating markets and doing hedge fun / big bank / stock market stuff tend to be the kind of people that I wouldn’t necessarily trust. They also tend to have qualities firmly in the douche bag area. And what’s more, that’s ok. That is what that business is like. Complaining about it is like saying that stone masons are too muscular.
          Their job is to get rich. I keep my eyes on my wallet when I am around them.
          As for chasing honest people out of business…I don’t know. A lot of ways to look at that. I could just as easily say that Goldman simply beat those other guys…they didn’t chase them out, they were just better at it.
          When home depot first opened up people were complaining that they were running small hardware stores out of business. I remember thinking, fuck that. Home Depot just is doing it better.
          All things being equal, I would want a bath if I shook someone’s hand from goldman. That said, they are proven leaders and are not, for the most part, insider politicians who are probably just as bad — if not worse.
          All I know about big pharma is that every year a bunch of new sorority girls graduate, get anne taylor credit cards, move to the city and blow me….so I have no problem with that….but I am sure they are evil.

        13. “I’m not a Sanders type, making money doesn’t bug me, nor does getting money from corporations.”
          You severely underestimate the influence of lobbyists on our government. Corporations live and die by profit, they don’t just throw out money to politicians for nothing. This is like Politics 101 here.

        14. You can manipulate markets all you want as long as you pay a price when you are wrong, When for example LTCM failed in their speculations, they just called up old Bill Clinton, who saved them with tax payer money.
          All i`m saying is that you can only have real competition when the game is not rigged.
          Just like doping in sports, the people who win like that are not really better are they?
          Goldman Sachs failed in 2008, and should not exist anymore as a consequence.

        15. Trump is plenty conservative on the core national issues (e.g. immigration, security) and flexible in other areas (e.g. health care, etc). That’s why he’s winning Reagan Democrats and Cruz is not. That’s why he can beat Hillary and Cruz will not.

        16. I’m always amazed when people blame the banks for the collapse in 2008 instead of blaming the American middle class who basically fucked the economy to death with their ignorance, arrogance and overall stupidity

        17. It`s a valid point.
          But smart people should maybe not manipulate stupid people in such a way.

      3. Cruz has enough of a reputation for bucking those around him, that I don’t think you should worry about that. He doesn’t seem pussy whipped. Hell, if the scandals prove to be true that should give you more a reason to dismiss this as that’d reinforce that point.

    1. “Meanwhile, Trump’s actions (not words, remember folks, actions are the tell, not words) are consistently far left wing his entire life.”
      Tell me who you associate with and I will tell you what you are.

      1. Exactly. Actions, not words. A prime directive in Game. Game applies to life, not just pickup. People better learn that, fast.

        1. Don’t you think one can fairly easily run harems with game, while not really being alpha? I mean I guess you have to have the body language and other stuff to back it up, game is far more than just words. But my point is in both politics and bedding women, can’t one be running a huge charade? I’m thinking of the nerdy skinny Asian guy who reads a book on game and starts bedding women after being a college virgin.

      2. I would normally say that, but Trump isn’t normal. He needed leftism to keep his brand alive then. He needs what he has built his brand on to keep it alive in the political arena. This is a game of incentives, comparing it to deception against typical airheads is apples to oranges.
        Cruz may be catching no flak for it now, but in the general he will be crucified for the cheating story. Never underestimate the media’s ability to completely fake and play innocent when it suits them. The only way to play is to supercede their power. Ron Paul was sunk based on letters that he didn’t even write.

        1. Herman Cain was sunk on the acqusations of white women connected the democrat party and the media are the democrats propaganda organ. I don’t believe anything they have to say.

        2. Good to know. Not worried about anyone here, it’s just the normal population who falls for such crookery. Many people do not understand that the media has essentially unlimited editing they can do to make a story look however they want before it reaches the television. It’s a 24 hours after we’ve edited, not a 24 hours in real time news cycle as they claim.

        3. What happened to Ron Paul is one of the greatest victories of propaganda over freedom in this country’s history.

      3. I am not pleased that our nation’s, and frankly our race’s, biggest mainstream advocate is a multibillionaire narcissist who rolled with political-class scum, but has he ever made the right enemies in the past ten months: Tablet Magazine, the ADL, Soros, the major news networks, Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, a brief spat with Bibi, et cetera.

        1. I agree with that. However I think once he lands the GOP nomination he will (1) probably lose to the democrat candidate or (2) if he wins the national election, he is going to disappoint those who voted for him. He can lambast and denigrate all he wants, but at some point he will have to assemble a team and deploy national policies to deliver– and I simply do not see it in his character to pull that off. He will make deals, boast and sell out.
          Will he be better than any democrat? Yes. But that is not saying much. If he is on the ticket, he has my vote though I have no expectations what-so-ever.

      4. The “guilt by association” argument against Trump has always been a weak one.
        If Trump hadn’t bought Hillary, his competitors would have. I don’t fault Trump for realizing that and acting accordingly. I don’t fault a businessman for doing what he has to do, especially when he’s honest about it (as Trump is).
        The issue is that the people running for office allow themselves to be bought in the first place. A businessman has no obligation to serve the public. The representative makes an oath that they will.

        1. Sure mate. Why look at his affiliaions and past behavoir when trying to judge a man’s character to access how he is going to operate in the future. He must have had a road to Damascus moment.
          I wait with baited breath how he is going to “make America great again” and I hope he spares no detail.

      1. Yep. In fact they hate him far more than Trump. Trump is a business man who negotiates, they know that they can work with him after all is said and done.

    2. On top of all of this, I guess Matt thinks we’re supposed to see Trump as the better candidate because more people go to his rallies? That only fits with the entire cult of personality that goes with his campaign. Who cares how many people go to his rallies when his unfavorable rating is even higher than Hillary’s?

    3. Which one of Trump’s ‘actions’ are far left wing? I doubt you can find anything significant. He’s about as capitalistic as it gets – for example, he dislikes big government and bureaucracy as inefficient (know this from Art of the Deal, published 1987).

      1. I’m curious about this too. GhostOfJefferson has been very vague on this. The worst he’s been able to come up with is stuff like Trump maybe being slightly less pro-guns than Cruz. He keeps hinting at Trump’s supposed far-left history and wanting to expand socialism but never gives examples.

        1. – if you read the article about Planned Parenthood, Trump was speaking AGAINST a lot of what they do;
          – Trump saying he can’t just “tear up” the Iran deal because the consequences have already come and gone is a fair point;
          – tariffs are one of the best short-term ways to curb globalization and outsourcing and I say screw the anti-American corporations who cling to their cheap immigrant labor (and since when are tariffs a liberal policy?);
          – I don’t give two shits about Israel, America comes first;
          – Trump has said many times that his donations to politicians were to both sides of the aisle and part of being a businessman, which are true. And unfortunately Rahm has definitely been the lesser of two evils in recent Chicago elections.
          Again… a tiny bit of centrist-liberalism over a lifetime of being a businessman is completely dwarfed by choosing to ignore immigration and globalization, things Cruz obviously supports that Trump does not.
          The minutia of health care plans and abortion laws make zero impact on the long-term stability of the country at this point. Those can be reversed in the future if needed; mass immigration and globalization can’t. Cruz supporters will still be arguing over abortion in 30 years as they blissfully exist in a third-world majority-Hispanic state where all American assets are controlled by overseas investors.

      2. He doesn’t have one. He just unloaded a lot of projection and lies, and then attempts to emotionally manipulate you.
        He’s no different than a feminist.

    4. You share a lot in common with LYIN Ted… nothing you said is even remotely true.
      Trump has been fiscally conservative for his entire life. He has been isolationist, which is 1920’s Republicanism, for his entire life. The only thing he’s been liberal on is abortion, but seriously why even give a fuck about this?
      You’re just a dumb #cruzbot… now go cuck some more

    5. Agreed. I voted for Cruz in the primary. The fact that so many “smart” guys here in the man-o-sphere are falling for Trump’s con job,, while being woefully ignorant of his past, is just mind-boggling.

      1. Aside from the fact that Cruz welcomed illegal aliens at the Texas border and passed out Teddy Bears & Soccer Balls, with that lunatic Glenn Beck, Ted is bought and paid for by investment firms, lobbyists and special interests groups like any other politician. Here is a list of the donors we know of:
        These people are pouring millions into his campaign in order to secure their position with him to be obligated to whatever they ask him to do. That’s the way it works when you take money for your campaign.
        Sounds like you’re fallen for a con as well my friend.

        1. Could be. I see Cruz as the lesser of the evils, at this point, and someone who *might* actually be able to beat Hillary… unlike Donald Chump.
          I would take just about anyone over the two Dem options. They are infinitely more dangerous than Cruz.
          In reality, not a single of the current candidates is my ideal. Not by any stretch. I’m a really conservative dude.

        2. I’d hardly consider TPP Teddy the lesser of the evils, when he’s surrounded by Neocons. Moreover, Cruz has zero chance of beating Hillary because Cruz can’t win a general election. Claiming how you’re the “most conservative” candidate out there is as polarizing to Democratic moderates as Sanders’ socialism is to Republican moderates. With Cruz, you lose. I can’t believe people still don’t see that.

    6. All but one issue? Cruz has only stood out on one issue: border security. Can I hold Cruz to the same scrutiny as you do Trump?
      I give up. You don’t even know how to make an argument. You’re just a manipulative little b****.

    7. You are correct. It seems to me that there are two reasons, I’m sure of which you’ve already seen, that Trump is so interesting. He’s willing to say things that aren’t PC and he refuses to apologize. Otherwise known as having huge balls when you do it on the national and international stage. People are begging for a truly strong leader and Trump has shown his trump card many times (until this whole abortion comment thing.) His trump being, I don’t give a fuck if you say I’m racist, sexist whatever.
      Anyway, you know this I’m sure. The problem with Cruz in an election is that most people don’t pay attention until election time, and even though he has done two great things, and those things are; actually vote as a conservative and stand up to the party bosses, thus fullfiling what he told his constituents he’d do, he is still a lawyer.
      Being a lawyer means he speaks in ways people can’t stand. Hence all the complaining that he hasn’t outright denied the mistress thing right away. Plus, he doesn’t come off as having huge brass balls, even if he’s willing to do the right thing in a debate and with his votes.

  5. Ryan is cancer and literally Obama’s bitch. The fact that he has an R next to his name instead of a D is a big fat joke. If the GOPe gives it to him after the overwhelming majority of voters went for Cruz/Trump (i.e., anti-establisment), there should be a full-scale revolution.

    1. It’s all mostly show anyway, POTUS has very little power. The most important and meaningful thing POTUS does is appoint SCOTUS judges. Here is where I *really* don’t trust Trump, he’ll hand it to a friend who did “favors” for him in the past, without regard to his ideological leaning. Cruz will appoint a hard right (in our sense) judge without fail. This is why the soap opera doesn’t mean *that* much to me when it comes to policy, my sole concern is the next few SCOTUS appointments. Trump will hand us Chucky Schumer as a SCOTUS judge, because he likes him personally. Just being straight up here.

        1. President Of The United States, and Supreme Court Of The United States. Just shorthand.

      1. And full of it. If anything has been learned by Mr. T, it is that he is going through hell to become a LEADER. The others? Meh- pure politicians, and little else. THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE is being thwarted, and even an ego as monstrous as Donald Trump’s has to realize that there is a yuuuuuuuuge groundswell that can turn on a Caesar, as easily as it can a mere politician.

        1. I worry about people who “go through hell to be a leader”. That kind of ambition to rule rarely turns out well. Not just in regards to Trump.
          I agree that the will of the people is being thwarted, further, I believe it is being thwarted by eGOP. But see, Trump is actually Establishment, he has a long and easily documented history of consistently supporting left wing candidates and causes, as well as personally holding and expressing Left wing views. To think that a well heeled, well connected billionaire with a long record of political activism from the smoke filled rooms is “anti-establishment” strikes me as humorous.

        2. I dont have as much freetime as you to sit around writing 30 paragraphs on every single article on ROK every single day

        3. So don’t bother posting if you don’t have anything intelligent to say to counter my points. Ad hominem is hardly a valid argument. And I’m sorry that detailed Aristotelian parsing out of thoughts offends you. Guess that’s something you’re going to have to come to terms with.

        4. I like how you’re hurting your own position. Heh
          Looks like your intellectual capacity has been reached. I’ll leave you to sputter out more ad hominem, since it’s all you have.

        5. It’s pretty typical of what I expect out of about 80% of Trump supporters these days. There are well reasoned, passionate Trump supporters no doubt, but more and more his level of “discourse” is about the extent of what I get in feedback the last 3 months or so. Juvenile stuff, to be certain.

        6. Some of us have to work heads down to pay the bills, some of us made intelligent choices in life that allows for ample luxurious free time in life. We all make our own choices.

        7. 10 more to go. Come on, you can do it. Get that last word in.
          Defend cruz again. come on.

        8. derp derp
          Ok, I’ll let you be. You’re not here to even argue for Trump, you’re just here to disrupt the thread.
          Be gone troll.
          Last post to you, btw. Though I know you need the last word, so go ahead, I’ll ignore it.

        9. Im trying to point out that you have a habit of commenting 50 times on every single article here. Taper down on your adderal, take some walks once in a while etc

        10. Rhetoric over substance… unsettlling trend. Trump is entertaining, but get past the slogans and all I see an empty suit filled with ego. I like Cruz, but the knives are out for him, so I expect another McCain or Romney establishment errand boy to get the nod in a brokered convention just to hear another well known “losing gracefully” shtick.
          I also suspect elections are rigged in key swing states.

        11. I can’t disagree with any of that. I know that they’re rigged in Cleveland, for a fact.

        12. YEAH, Mr.GhostOfMisogyny’sPast, it’s not the 50’s anymore. Do you really think the ESTABLISHMENT would allow the votes of WHITE CIS DUDES to matter. It’s the 21st Century, and the UN is going to help us destroy your racist institutions ONCE AND FOR ALL – GET USED TO IT. Just because you fought in WARS and BUILT EVERYTHING doesn’t make up for the fact that your RACIST, SEXIST, and HETERONORMATIVE. Your oppression and PRIVILEGE must come to an end – the sooner the better. This is exactly why the game is rigged in HILLARY’S FAVOR – the ELECTION ONLY EXISTS to make things look like there is an actual democracy in play.
          So, so HAPPY the AGE OF MEN is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          In the mean time, OUR PRE-APPOINTED PUPPETS have been doing everything to SUBVERT everything YOU have created at the very HIGHEST levels of authority.

        13. “I worry about people who “go through hell to be a leader”. That kind of ambition to rule rarely turns out well”
          Really? REALLY? Ever hear of Jesus Christ!?
          “…consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;
          2 Who was faithful to him that appointed him, as also Moses was faithful in all his house. 3 For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house. 4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.”
          The Foundation Stone of the ENTIRE WESTERN CIVILIZATION learned HIS JOB, through suffering, trial, and hagtred by the Powers that be of HIS DAY (who are the same powers today- ever hear of the ADL?) and you DARE SAY you don’t trust such MEN?

        14. Actually, Slainte is Gaellic and a drinking toast.
          But it’s cool, you know what you are talking about and all.

        15. Good question, because Cruz is pretty much running on “Prove you are a real Christian by voting for me” shtick, and a lot of his supporters (on other sites) are claiming the same.

        16. That’s a mistake on his part, I think. He needs to broaden the appeal. He’s playing based off of last election cycle where the evangelicals were ignored and mocked.

        17. I was going to post to him the deadly insult “Et calceamenta non apta bene”, but felt that this would be pushing things a bit too far.

        18. What if I don’t want to save anything? What if I want to burn it all while shifting the overton window as far right as possible?

        19. There will not be an apocalypse with burning. What there will be if we continue down the leftist path is Venezuela, writ large.

        20. And we’ll decay even more, the vultures are circling already to pick the corpse apart. People have no idea what a third world hell hole is like, mostly, and they’re really going to hate it. There is no poolside.

        21. Which is why I’m getting my garden plot going. I’ve been working on a vertical garden made from an old wood crate and planted about a dozen kale plants. Will be doing the same thing tonight but with spinach and then lettuce. Weather is too bi-polar for me to do any garden work outside. It seems to rain every other day.

        22. I don’t follow your logic. I said I want to maintain national soveriengty while burning down the existing power structures, and you take that as leftist. This trend of calling everything you disagree with leftist as a nebululous definition is really starting to grate on me. It’s like liberals using the word racist. It’s useless and divisive.
          If Trump refuses to enforce national soveriegnty, we hold any hope of reelection against him. If that doesn’t work I leave the country. I’m not going to sit around and try to convince people to not commit suicide when they are determined to do so; they’ll just execute me and do it anyway.
          I think the idea that we shouldn’t trust anyone unless they unequivocly say they will share power with us is absurd as well. We should be focused on goals, not a form of utopianism that will inevitably fail because other humans have the ability to conspire.

        23. I didn’t call you a leftist, I said if we continue down the leftist path. I perhaps should have said “current”, but I was trying to be clear.
          Leaving the country is a bad idea. When you go to another country, which the U.S. WILL bully as it deteriorates and tries to compensate by grabbing resources, you turn into “one of them” in the eyes of the locals. That never works out well.

        24. Successful whites always migrate and conquer when their own herd turns on them. On the contrary, it’s the historically accurate path as long as you don’t cuck it up. It’s possible to fit in anywhere where people look similar, just change your name and learn the colloquials and body language. I do this all of the time.
          I just want that wall built. We can leverage reelection against him, and national soveriengty is the most important issue, considering that other races are not cucked and will vote our wealth into oblivion if they become a majority. The supreme court may be able to make fag marriage acceptable, but whites (in this country at least) will revolt if they have to watch their loved ones die due to a court decision. Making a country warlike and succeptible to false flags is a double edge sword.

        25. Trump is more like Cyrus the Persia or Nebuchnezzar.
          Cruz is a Pharisee who prays on the street corner.
          Guess who Jesus despised more?

        26. Really? Her (His?) comment seemed clearly satirical to me. Then again, it is hard to tell, nowadays, isn’t it?

        27. So what. You placate the audience. Politics is like that. You can watch on youtube Hitlery put on her fake “negro” voice when she lies to a black audience.
          Democrats are socialists full stop. Cruz has proven to be the most conservative of the bunch, but so many want to deconstruct the guy under their own vague purity shit tests. Have it.

        28. Purity tests which only seem to extend to one candidate, while being swept under the carpet for their own man.

        29. “You placate the audience.”
          Any person who claims to believe (and tries to practice) Christianity should be cognizant of the eternal consequences of professing falsely, or misusing the Lord’s Name. Ever hear of the 3rd Commandment?
          And Cruz (given his religious background) should know better.
          “many want to deconstruct the guy under their own vague purity shit tests.”
          James 5:20.

        30. Cruz is running for political office, not the savior of men’s souls.
          “And Cruz (given his religious background) should know better.”
          Do you apply that shit test to other candidates or only Cruz?

        31. Yeah, I just noticed that; I’ve been off the site for awhile. At this point, I would say trolling. Although, that being said, I have to wonder why she hasn’t been simply kicked off the site by now? It was my understanding that this was supposed to be an abnoxious feminist free zone?

        32. You’re right … it’s probably a “he” … curiously, there’s a distinct yet indescribable way men and women write and communicate … even lesbian writers write like women, obviously. However, this individual’s style and overall “gestalt” has “male writer” written all over it, so to speak.

        33. “Cruz is running for political office, not the savior of men’s souls.”
          Between him and Glenn Beck, could have fooled me.
          “Do you apply that shit test to other candidates or only Cruz?”
          Only to those candidates like Cruz that claim a vote for him is a vote for God.

        34. NO, but he could be His Vessel. Like another Constantine… which another writer actually noted. So, don’t presume he’s not, until he shows it… like Adulterous Cruz, or Pool Boy Rubio, or the Obamanation. take your pick…

      2. “Here is where I *really* don’t trust Trump, he’ll hand it to a friend who did “favors” for him in the past”
        Trump’s the self-funding candidate here you know, he arguably owes less “favors” than a career politician like Cruz
        “Cruz will appoint a hard right (in our sense) judge without fail”
        The guy controlled by his globalist lobbyists who supports TPP/NAFTA/Muslim immigration/Israel first/etc will do that “without fail”? Somehow Cruz is different from Trump in this regard? You are severely misguided

        1. Yeah, that’s why he’s repeatedly gone to court and won pro-gun cases, as well as consistently standing up to the eGOP despite their fire at him.
          But hey, I just follow actions and not words, what do I know?

        2. Trump and Cruz are basically on the same page as far as pro-guns, if that is a concern, Trump is one of the only people in NY with concealed carry for example.
          “the eGOP fire at him”
          The eGOP fire at CRUZ? Have we been watching entirely different elections here?

        3. Trump is on record for a very long time of wanting an AWB. Cruz has never been for any ban and actively fought them in courts. Trump is on record for a very long time for wanting more “background checks”. Cruz, not. Trump openly financed many of the most rabid anti-gun Dems. Cruz, no. Trump probably does have a permit, but he’s rich and powerful, they get those there, and for good reason (crazies wanting to kill people). Chuck Schumer also has a permit.
          The eGOP fire at CRUZ? Have we been watching entirely different elections here?
          They hated him until all of their grinning boys were shot down. Prior to this (history exists prior to 2016), he was fillibustering the Senate all the time to the chagrin of the eGOP.

        4. Do you truly care more about the minute details of gun policy when both candidates are obviously pro-gun in general, than policies like mass immigration and globalization of business, in which one candidate is obviously for and one is obviously against?
          I’m not for Trump 100% here either, but to make your decision on such a tiny part of a single issue seems like you’re missing the forest for the trees.
          Thanks for discussing, I’m truly trying to figure out the mindset of Cruz supporters

        5. Actually on all issues except the Wall, Trump is a far leftist. That’s not “minute issue” here. Dude wants to give us a haircut in our bank accounts, he’s pro-choice all of his life, he wants single payer healthcare (socialized medicine), he’s all about slapping higher taxes on me and you, he has no problem using government to confiscate private land to hand to cronies, and of course, the gun issue. Meanwhile, Cruz is wrong on H1B’s and has noted that he might have gotten that wrong, while being right on every single other issue under the sun.

        6. Regarding taxes, there are plenty of sources saying that the opposite is true ( and considering Trump’s general stance has been to lower taxes to bring businesses back, again, it seems like minor differences to me when both candidates are generally going in the same direction there.
          Being wrong about the wall, H1-B’s, and general nationalistic policies are FAR more critical. Simply put, if Trump’s policies aren’t implemented, there won’t BE a country where people can squabble about abortion and tax policies in a few years. There’s a reason Cruz NEVER, EVER mentioned topics like the wall or the TPP until Trump brought them up first.
          The eGOP and the elites in general want to keep our topics of debate limited to stupid things like abortion or the minutia of tax/gun policy so they can continue outsourcing jobs and importing third-worlders. Immigration and globalization are THE topics of this election. Our country is hanging on demographic collapse; immigrants DO NOT support Republican policies, and as long as Cruz keeps allowing them to come in, he’ll actually be hurting the causes he supposedly rallies for in the long run.

        7. If there is a country, but it’s a yuuuuuge socialist state, what have we gained?

        8. It’s already a yuuuuuge socialist state. Socialism takes GENERATIONS to reverse (disregarding revolution or extreme regime changes). One president, especially one like Cruz who won’t address immigration/globalization, won’t change that. A president who WILL address such concerns will at least put us in the right direction.

        9. We’re not going to reverse it by expanding it.
          I agree with Trump’s wall plan. Just to be clear. I’m down with it, and if he’s the nominee I’ll vote for him on that alone. But we’ll just be walling ourselves in for easy machine gunning once the horrible things he’s upheld his own life are also put into motion.

        10. I completely fail to see how Trump, based on all of his policies on his website and everything he has been speaking about, will expand socialism. The worst is that he wants to KEEP certain things like Social Security (which I also personally don’t agree with), but certainly not expand them. Bernie is the expand-socialism candidate here.
          It also seems strange to look at a defended border as a bad thing, simply because in the future it would trap the oppressed masses inside. Granted, that definitely DID happen in the Soviet days and whatnot, but considering the mass influx of third-worlders from the border now, a cost-benefit analysis would definitely support a wall at this time.
          “the horrible things he’s upheld in his own life”
          I’m not clear on what these are. Again, even back when he lobbied some liberal politicians intermittently, is was never about mass-expansion of socialism Bernie-style. At absolute worst, it was just keeping the status quo of certain things (like Social Security). His sort-of-liberal beliefs on a few issues are so insignificant and so minor compared to the cost of ignoring immigration and globalization that I can’t understand why so many people get so caught up on them.

        11. Because you’re trusting words. I’m going by his long and consistent actions that support Leftists and leftism.
          It’s a central Game tenant actually, actions not words.

        12. “His sort-of-liberal beliefs on a few issues are so insignificant and so
          minor compared to the cost of ignoring immigration and globalization
          that I can’t understand why so many people get so caught up on them.”
          I think reversing social liberalism is important. However, it will require reversing globalism first in order to do so.

        13. Ghost, we’re comparing a man who made billions building a free market enterprise on 5 continents vs. an Ivy League career politician. In any other circumstance, this wouldn’t be up for debate who’s side ROK members would choose. The very foundation of Trump’s appeal is that he is not 100% controlled, which can’t be said for any of the other major candidates. Normally, I’d vote for Gary Johnson, but Trump is the most realistic chance to slowing the decline.

        14. I figured it would come to this. At this point there’s nothing to debate then. If we can’t use what the candidates are saying and advocating for as reflections of their true beliefs then we might as well just shut our eyes and pick a person at random in the voting booth.
          If you ask me, Cruz’s career as a politician, his connections to globalist lobbyists (including his wife), and his already spotty voting record (e.g. he never bothered to show up to vote for the audit the fed bill or against the CISA bill, two of the most important bills in recent years, he supported TPP and quintupling Muslim immigration, etc) speak more loudly than Trump’s business relationships (which were with BOTH liberal and conservative politicians, Trump held fund raisers for Romney for example and even donated thousands of dollars to CRUZ). As some pundits have also observed, Trump’s relationship with his family clearly demonstrates his success as a man while Cruz’s family relationships are… quite odd. But I guess judgment at these levels comes down to pure opinion.

        15. The left-right divide is largely artificial though. It doesn’t matter how conservative you consider yourself to be if you are a globalist corporate-sellout behind closed doors. Since Trump used to be an establishment oligarch, he doesn’t have to bow down to anybody behind closed doors. That give him more credibility.

        16. He’s a far Leftist in his actions throughout his life. He has charisma and appeal. Make no mistake, I’ll pull the lever for him in the General, but it will be the same distaste I’ve felt voting for other east coast Leftists. Plus, I agree 100% on the whole Wall thing.

        17. I don’t get why people call America a socialist state. A socialist state is one where the government controls most of the real wealth, but mega-rich private individuals control most of the real wealth in America. They basically own the government and constitute an oligarchy. The government is really only a middleman for them at this point. It is these oligarchs that are the true source of socially liberal propaganda and the other ills we see today.

        18. Yeah, it’s all pretty much the same thing. Of course, an oligarchy where people’s income is generally left alone would be better than what we have now. Unfortunately oligarchs push socialist policies so they can get our hard-earned money for themselves, as part of their control, and usually for pursuits that work against the active interests of the people who give them the money in the first place.

        19. I have to admit that I have serious doubts about Cruz as well, it’s not just Trump. He’s been aggressive during his senate period(where he just happened to make a major crapstorm and vote against any issue provided it was guaranteed to go the establishment’s way without him) but was anything but before. Hell his wife co-authored a paper calling for the merger of the US and Mexico , and he’s received more Wall Street money than any candidate except Hillary, and Cruz himself pushed fast track for the TPP.
          It looks to me like he’s very much 90’s Republican: pander to the religious right while fucking them in the ass economically. Game recognized but that doesn’t make it right.

      3. GOJ, I agree that Cruz is the more principled man. It is unfortunate that he isn’t strong on the one issue that matters, namely immigration,
        Here’s the value of Mr. trump: he has single handedly cut through decades of PC bullshit and invited American conservatives to speak their minds. That’s a big accomplishment, and I think it’s wrong go to underestimate DJTs victory in changing the whole conversation. That’s something cruz hasn’t done and will never do.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I would almost prefer we get their vice president candidate rigged to be the best president possible. If, anything were to happen. Pretzels are dangerous.

      1. I’d really like a Cruz/Paul ticket. Not perfect, but the best shot towards the right/libertarian we have from any of the viable candidates. I’d even take a Trump/Cruz ticket, but I think Trump torpedoes his opponents to the point that there is no going back to being nice after the battle is done.

        1. Interesting mixes. Clearly they both need some counter balances. I recognize the need for balances and nationalism, but fear as a country we are so entrenched in corporations and immigration to bolster our replacement levels and economy, I doubt there may be much to do about rebuilding America from either party. It isn’t popular around these parts but Bernie is probably the best candidate from the Democratic side but his ability to make promises and potentially under deliver seems high. Maybe I should follow the 60/40 rule in this election and accept they will be 40% of what I don’t want in a leader.

        2. Sanders is awful. He’s a fucking commie. I don’t care about his “moral” arguments, I read all of those “moral” arguments when I read the history of the French and Russian revolutions. They mean nothing except death squads and mass murder.
          As I mention below my only concern is SCOTUS appointments. That has kept us at least semi-free, despite some bad rulings (thank you Beta Roberts). If we get Chucky Schumer as a SCOTUS judge from Trump, put a fork in us, we’re done but fast.

        3. Name calling means nothing. If you cannot refute the points, then simply don’t post. Calling names like a broad does not impress me.

        4. Glad I am back. I always seem to be the catalyst for high minded discussion. Like the Lincoln Douglas Debates when Lincoln called douglas a fart knocker.

        5. What I acknowledge is that without good men on SCOTUS it easily becomes “men not laws” in regards to rule of law. Even “men not laws” requires men to write and uphold laws.

        6. I’d much rather have Sanders than Hillary. Sanders gets in we get collapse. Hillary gets in the world gets turned to ash.

        7. listen you reprehensible food bag, I will not tolerate your slander of ears!

        8. Sure, but if we collapse that’s a prime opportunity for major power brokers to make a move on us. I don’t see the outcome much different in either case.

        9. The system is set up so that a true libertarian could never be elected. Someone is going to see all the power to be president and receive funding from powerful forces to attain the powerful office, and then give up all the power and give it back to the states?

        10. Yeah, that’s why I said “best shot”. A Ron Paul has zero chance, the party/system will bend over backwards to change or violate the rules to keep somebody like that from happening, which they did when Romney was running and they wanted to destroy Paul.

        11. So what do you think, Ghost? Do you think we’re pretty much whistling past the grave at this point?

        12. I think the only chance a true libertarian could ever broker real power is on a local level city council and openly defy state and national mandates. It would take a hell of a personality to pull it off, but I don’t see it happening any other way.

        13. We lost our chance when Eastwood went silent mic. Probably not going to be another super high profile guy like that again in our lifetime. He would have gotten every man’s vote, and almost every woman’s vote just for being Clint.
          I am nervous about full libertarian, I agree with them on everything EXCEPT borders. They are suicidal on that. But if you get a decent population of them in Congress but not a full majority, you’ll see some great things happen, I think.

        14. Quite possibly. Unfortunately I think this will just lead to a horrible decay without any actual action to stop it. I want there to be an action to stop it though.

        15. THAT’S RIGHT GhostOfMisogyny’sPast. Regardless what happens, WE AR GOING TO WIN, and we have the beta-cucks on our side. It’s the end of the line for all you privileged fuckboys. THE AGE OF THE WHITE CIS MALE IS OVER!!! And when we rebuild, we will have no CASUAL SEXISM or INSTITUTIONAL RACISM with everyone getting their FAIR SHARE, well except for YOU to make up for MILLENIA of oppression. We don’t care if you built or invented everything, because when we rebuild in our PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION, none of that will matter, and I’ll be like pic related. SO YEAH, THAT’S THAT!!!

        16. We have 110+ million known gun owners in this nation, most military trained, and a good percentage of the military comes from the ranks of the right wing’s offspring, and are right wing themselves. One even semi-serious move and the powers in D.C. would be up against the wall in less than two weeks.
          Just thinking out loud.

        17. Libertarians definitely take things too far the reactionary way. But wouldn’t you rather be too reactionary than too progressive? I mean I don’t want to live in the Mideast, but I sometimes think their position with keeping their women in beekeeper suits is better than letting them just twerk on the street like we do.
          I don’t want private roads and sidewalks, or to eliminate the public library, I mean we as humans come together to do things more efficiently, that’s why we are not all self employed. Some organization is good, and if people come together to organize paving a road or sidewalk and collect taxes to do so, I have no beef with that, but as Harry Browne put it: Would you give up your favorite program to keep all your money?

        18. Keep in mind that the elites control the nuclear weapons of the world. If there’s a rebellion there is no doubt in my mind that they will choose to just wipe everything out. Either way, I don’t see an armed revolt leading to anything good.

      1. I guess there would be no difference, because I could cure myself with Kratom anyway.

        1. So because Carson has opposing viewpoints to the Libs, he might as well be a white man…how incredibly tolerant and open-minded of you. At least you’ve exposed yourself for the racist that you are. And this will be the last time I respond to you because your level of trolling is pretty pathetic.

  6. Ted Cruz will not win a contested GOP convention.
    Politically speaking he’s alienated more from the GOP establishment than Trump is, and the establishment will use his candidacy to deny Trump a majority of delegates solely for the purposes of causing a brokered convention. Upon doing so they will drop Cruz like a hot potato and nominate someone who will do their own bidding.
    But it is still possible for Trump to win a majority of delegates. Trump only needs 497 of the remaining 888 delegates, while Cruz needs 723. Additionally, if Trump can win at least 165 delegates in the next slate of contests coming up on the 26th, that will prevent Cruz from being able to win a majority at all.

    1. Politically speaking he’s alienated more from the GOP establishment than Trump is
      Very true, and quite sad how little most people realize this. I guess it’s a thing for us politics-wonks.
      Your analysis is likely 100% correct, whether I personally like it or not.

      1. For me I will gladly vote for Cruz or Trump in the general election, although I lean more towards Trump in the primaries because he’s more of a total asshole than previous milquetoast GOP candidates. Also, I want the primaries to be done, because we need to focus on the real enemy.
        My biggest concern of course is not having Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife as president next year. As you pointed out she will stack the SCOTUS with far left communists and we’ll be kissing most of our rights buh-bye as a result.

        1. I actually like Trump’s brash “alpha” approach. And I’m all about that wall as well. I will vote for him if I have to in the general. It will just be the same kind of approach I take when I hold my nose and vote for any other east coast Leftist that the GOP has handed us after Reagan got out of office.

        2. seems like trump would be our best bet for preventing mass importation of islamic rapefugees too. hopefully whoever the GOP nominee is will hammer whoever the dem nominee is on that (i watched sanders victory speech last night and he seemed to be alluding to making us just like europe, including importing a “refugee crisis”). on the other hand, at this point the left seems to have already forgotten cologne and gone back to attacking white men for fictional rapes.

    2. “Upon doing so they will drop Cruz like a hot potato and nominate someone who will do their own bidding.”
      That’s my take as well.

    3. Won’t the GOP have to change its rules in order to pick anyone other than Cruz? I keep hearing that a candidate has to win at least 8 states to be considered for the nomination.

      1. Yes. But it’s their party, it’s a private organization, they can huddle and change the rules in 5 minutes.

        1. Yeah, they’ll CHANGE the rules when it’s a REPUBLICAN to allow for a foreign-born president, but they MERELY ACCUSE a Democrat of being foreign-born as was the case with Obama and that asshole Trump’s BIRTHER MOVEMENT just because Obama is BLACK. This just tells you how RACIST and SEXIST the GOP happens to be.

      2. My prediction is that a brokered convention will be a free-for all with whatever rules and traditions that previously applied being thrown out the window.
        That’s why I am still voting for Trump in the primary election. I want the nomination process to be finished so that this outcome is less likely.

    4. I’m hoping for a Jeb Bush/Lindsay Graham ticket for maximum lulz. A Trump/Cruz ticket would be best for healing the party divisions (like the Regan/Bush ticket in 1980), but the establishment won’t do it. If they don’t pick either Trump or Cruz, the best we can hope for is a massively cucked ticket that kills the party and lets the Trump and Cruz voters rebuild elsewhere.

      1. If Trump is the nominee I think he could heal the party by doing the following:
        1. Getting a “safe” pick for VP who is ready for the national stage. This person would have to be a bit of an insider to have some appeal to GOP Establishment voters, and someone who has a clean family life. I.e., someone who is NOT like Sarah Palin in 2008 (or 2016).
        2. Promising to nominate Ted Cruz to the SCOTUS if elected.

    5. My view is that Trump is running to deny Cruz the nomination. It’s all about the Supreme Court. Once the progressives have that, nothing else will matter.

  7. Cruz is widely despised by his fellow Republicans for his habitual HONESTY and abrasive attitude. For example this speech, which convinced me that Cruz was the 2nd choice after Paul…

    1. Dude is on point on almost every issue that matters. He’s 90% in my book, which is 1000% above any other candidate the last few cycles who made it this far. Trump is 10% at best (that wall, build it).

        1. Cruz on SCOTUS is almost a wet dream. How fucking fantastic would that be?

        2. Trump will never be anyone’s VP. His ego is simply too YUGE. Most likely if he had to settle for second fiddle on the GOP ticket he will go third party and help sweep Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife into the White House.
          Which is another reason I am voting for Trump in the primary.

      1. Absolutely unelectable in a general election, in my opinion. Trump’s bombastic populism at least gives him a shot.

    2. Cruz is an arrogant self-righteous Pharisee who was raised to think he was the Lord’s Anointed (and surrounds himself with people (eg Beck) who think likewise).
      As someone who professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah (and moreover, grew up in cult before I saw the Light), I cannot vote for such a man.

      1. His actions across his career have been highly pro liberty, he goes to bat in court and wins for liberty. I think he’s a bit too holy roller, but where the rubber meets the road he has what it takes.

        1. Great, mine too. So do nothing in court and pray and see how far the secular government bends to your will.
          Heck, brother, if what you say is true, why does it matter who anybody votes for?

        2. It’s out of context, I know, but this still seems relevant to the discussion:
          14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

        3. If Christians were more concerned with the Great Commission (and that’s what Jesus actually told us to do) as opposed to an obsession with political power, the country would not be in the mess it is.
          But hey, vote for and elect Ted Cruz, and the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth! /snark.

        4. So why are you voting for anybody? If it’s all about religion (I’m religious too), what’s the point of caring about the earthly kingdoms?

        5. Because I despise those who use the Name of God for their own gain (especially Pharisees).
          If given half a chance, I’d go full St. Nicholas on Cruz.

        6. So you’re for a guy who runs strip clubs and gambling joints, who cheated on his wife and married a porno chick, to stop Cruz?
          I’m not seeing the consistency here.

        7. Trump is a Nebuchanezzar or Cyrus the Persian. I have no illusions about him.
          Cruz is a Pharisee.
          Guess which one Jesus despised the most.

        8. It is for me. First Friday. Second Friday is Friday. I love my work schedule.

        9. Heh. Going out to night to sing, probably staying up late and hanging with a lot of cool people, and sleeping in tomorrow. It just fucking rocks.

        10. Yeah, but do random pretty women buy you drinks all night long when you do a really good round house kick? Heh
          Last two times I hit the stage I didn’t have to spend one red cent on alcohol, and I never had an empty glass. The whole “musician alpha” thing is very, very real. My wife gets *very* jealous when chicks walk over and ask if we’re just friends with a gleam in their eye.
          Yeah, I’m about done actually “working” for today, despite the fact that I’m logged in for a few more hours.

        11. Back to normal.
          I will say, St. Nick goes down as one of the best lines I’ve read here.

        12. If Cruz hadn’t started with “Prove you are a real Christian by voting for me”, I would have stayed on the sidelines, and laughed at Donald “the Troll” Trump.
          But Cruz decided to claim the Biblical mantle, and associate himself with those who support that view.

  8. Here is modern American politics for you in three simple equations:
    Democrats = hellbent socialists.
    Republicans = democrats.
    Trump and the Tea Party = the saving grace of the United States.

    1. The Tea Party, and to an extent the Trump movement, are muddled by evangelical Israel-First cucks like Beck, Cruz, and Palin and by a hardline libertarian element which stands for unfair trade, outsourcing, limitless coolie visas, and turning a blind eye to illegal aliens and their employers.
      The only saving grace will be an America-first leader who refuses to kiss the ring of the Israelites. Unfortunately, Trump is the closest thing to that; though he groveled to AIPAC, probably in large part to pander to evangelicals, he also famously told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he doesn’t want their money, said that he would try to negotiate peace in that region from a neutral standpoint, and told the press that Israel should pay for its U.S. protection.
      One thing is not muddled: these Jewish vermin have successfully managed to bully the mainstream right and left into submission. Like Islam, the Jewish problem must be named before we have any hope of dealing with it. In this aspect, Trump certainly has the right enemies: Tablet, the ADL, Soros, Salon, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, the major news networks, et al..

  9. Just a thought. Maybe it’s time to stick a fork in America’s national government and let the states govern themselves as sovereign entities. Perhaps our beef with the GOP is a microcosm of a larger failure of national government. In my opinion, national government is too big to govern a landmass of this size because each faction that gains control attempts a “one size fits all” method of government.

    1. It is a fun idea, but every time someone suggests it and then works out the math things get really tricky.

      1. probably because they tried to do the math on 50 separate polities. The governor of Hong Kong once abolished statistics to keep bureaucrats from trying to mess up the system, so maybe the fact that how 50 separate polities will operate cannot be predicted is a good thing.

        1. maybe, I don’t know a lot about it. I do know that coming to agreements where things like interstate highways are maintained, criminals a prosecuted, trade is equitable might be a sticky wicket.

        2. Federalism, which is what I think he was actually suggesting (could be wrong) eliminates that by establishing a loose framework which allows states to collaborate on those things. The Fed Gov was never really supposed to have any real power, outside of being a meeting point for a few common laws and agreements between the states.

        3. full faith and credit might be hard to get away with if new Hampshire and Mississippi are separate polities.
          That said, seems fine by me. Fewer hands in my pockets the better.
          Less money I have to pay a bloated and absurd federal government the quicker I can gtfo of this place and go somewhere nice.

        4. But Federalism worked just peachy until the Fabians entered the picture after WW1. No issues at all that were not solved in some manner or the other. The Civil War was a hiccup to be certain, but after it was over we reverted back to the same model, more or less, despite Lincoln’s tyrannical urges.

        5. maybe, maybe not. Honestly, I don’t know enough to say one way or another. The world has changed much more in the last 30 years than it has in the 300 years before hand.
          Would it work? Take someone wiser than me to make an educated guess and someone with a lot more vested interest and a lot less apathy than me to go all in.

        6. Half a million people dead is a pretty big hiccup. And once you can’t leave, you’re not a sovereign state anymore, you’re a subservient.

        7. The South was the aggressor in the Civil War. To my knowledge, at no time did the South even send a delegation to negotiate a buy out of federal facilities in the South. Heck, the Southern government didn’t even get to negotiate; the leadership in South Carolina saw fit to make foreign policy for the entire Confederacy at the Ft. Sumter.
          Truth is, we southerners were damn lucky to have Lincoln at the end of the war. Lincoln did not give a damn about anything other than healing the union, which is why he and Johnson never even considered the notion of letting us remain conquered territory longer than minimally necessary.

        8. Lincoln was a tyrant. People now act like he was some sort of abolitionist, his biggest mistake was not following his instinct of deporting all of the slaves, after helping some establish Liberia.

        9. Mike, Sorry, you are wrong. The South tried for months to negotiate a peaceful separation and did indeed send both delegations and invididuals to talk – they were stiff-armed. South Carolina was foolish to start the shooting but it was the Lincoln government that cleverly nudged them into it by refusing to evacuate U.S. troops from South Carolina (as had been done in most of the rest of the South). The South the aggressor? How is that? The only Southern war aim was independence. At no time did the South threaten to take Nothern territory or interfere with the political system of the North; Southern operations north of the Mason-Dixon line were purely military intended to force the North to the peace table.

        10. Keep in mind the context I laid out there. If Lincoln were of a mind with the majority of Republicans at the time, we’d have probably been held as occupied territory until the Spanish-American War or later. No constitutional rights, no citizenship, possibly even resident alien status for southerners and their children born after the Civil War. The consensus at the time was “fuck the South, fuck them hard.” Lincoln and Johnson moved as fast as they could to shove the Civil War under the national carpet and move on.

        11. Seizing a few forts isn’t that big of a deal in terms of diplomacy, nothing $100 million or so wouldn’t solve. It may be an act of war, but the US government was still on the offensive for the majority of the war. Had it truly been about southern aggression, damages would have been paid after the first few northern victories, and there would have been a peaceful separation, following with the south functionally abolishing slavery in 50 years or so due to its inefficiency.

      2. I’m not thinking of the math, I’m thinking of the harm. The harm has been ongoing for decades, at the very least. The examples of the harm are many; a catalog of those harms will fill many volumes of texts. Is the only answer to allow this to continue? Our government, since its inception, has done nothing but expand and with each expansion came an erosion of the ability of individuals to make decisions about the way they wanted to live their lives. We are now at a point where a large portion of our existence serves to sustain our national government.

        1. manifest destiny baby….
          ha, yeah, I get it. I threw my lot in with the damned. No children. No property. Just this life, what I can earn, what I can spend and how I can maximize my enjoyment before it is time to shake off the mortal coil.
          I know I am in a bit of a race where I hope I die at the right time, but it is a race I am willing to roll the dice with. It is as safe a bet as anything else.

        2. The Constitution is a failure. It’s nothing but a petri-dish of government expansion. The Anti-Federalists tried to warn us but we didn’t listen.

        3. WE HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS!!! Why do you think we are trying to ABOLISH IT? It’s made by a bunch of DEAD OLD WHITE GUYS and it’s out of touch with our modern reality. At least a few of you are starting to check your privilege and let go of your ignorance.

        4. The Articles of Confederation would have been perfect if they’d just had a way to collect taxes from states that held any water.

        5. Okay, stop with the “dead old white guys” assertion. That makes no sense. And the “modern reality” argument holds no water. What exactly is “modern reality” and how does it relate to anything I’ve said? If you want to participate in this discourse then you need more details and clarifications. Hit me up when you clean up your game.

        6. I get the taxes thing but that could have been written in as an amendment. Changes to the national government did not necessitate the addition of judicial and executive powers. The Constitution no only gave national government the requisite powers of tyranny (judicial and executive powers alongside legislative powers subject to control by the state legislatures) but also included vague and ambiguous descriptions of national authority that could be interpreted in many ways. The Articles, on the other hand, placed the control of national authority under the control of regional authority. This was true federalism. There was nothing “federal” about the proponents of the Constitution who intentionally mislabeled themselves to be “federalists”.

        7. Haven’t you got a kitchen to go back into to grill up steaks? If you’re that insistent about attention i can give you my socks to wash and you’ll get all the validation you need.

    2. The horrible thing is, the states are sovereign entities under the constitution. The states only delegated certain powers to the federal government; the rest are retained by the people and the states. Our situation today is the result of “strictly limiting” the federal government to “commerce” and “general welfare.”
      Lately I’ve been reading “The Rise of the Confederate Government” by Jefferson Davis. He devotes a long section to the US Constitution and his view, as well as the historical view of the Constitution in the 19th century, was much different than our conception today.
      What is it that should define a country? Do Texas and New York really belong in the same country? Or how about Mississippi and Maine?
      Putting aside the ‘melting pot’ BS that was put on the statue of LIBERTY (not diversity) by a progressive woman, when have different ethnic groups ever coexisted peacefully under the same government? People rant about how bad blacks have had it in this country, and then they want to bring other people here to have the same experiences?
      America has proved only that white Christians generally get along and that liberty brings prosperity.

      1. Lately, I’ve been reading about two types of national governments” 1) unitary and 2) federal. Unitary is a form of government in which the regional authorities (the states) derive power from national government. Federal, though argued to be a sharing of power between regional and national authority, is actually one in which national power is derived from the regional authorities. From those definitions, I evaluate our current national government.

        1. In my opinion, this government was never federal to begin with. The Constitution was a plan of government that replaced a true federal system of governance. What I mean is that the Constitution contains many pathways for the national government to expand its power and make the states subservient. The government under the Articles, which was a true federal system, was replaced by the government under the Constitution. It was only a matter of time before the Constitution did exactly what it was supposed to do, destroy state sovereignty with eliminated the defensive barrier between the individual and national government’s coercive powers.

        2. “[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” -Benjamin Franklin.
          The problems we with government and society are symptomatic of a long-term degeneration of the morality and virtue of our citizenry (massively aggravated by immigration). I don’t think “Round Two” as Vox calls it, will come from our political class, it’ll take the form of social uprisings. We’ve been engaged in what some call a cold civil war for generations now, hopefully peaceful secession of states or threat thereof can diffuse the situation, but unfortunately our history shows otherwise.

      2. They are not sovereign. One of the most important aspects of sovereignty is control over money. Read Plato’s Laws. Possession of foreign currency was a capital offense akin to treason.
        The goal of the globalist regime is to break up the world into “smaller units of government” under the authority of the United Nations. This goal is clearly articulated in Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports, which was edited by Kissinger and had many of the most prominent mid-century statesmen and thinkers as contributors.
        All of the discord is leading up to the solution – breaking up the US along with other regional blocs, but the UN will control the exchange rate between country’s currencies.

        1. “They are not sovereign. One of the most important aspects of sovereignty is control over money”
          Indeed. It all comes back to the bankers.

        2. ” One of the most important aspects of sovereignty is control over money.”
          And that’s why our federal government retains the power to issue money. Oh, wait…

        3. Yup. A state can declare something all it wants, but when corporations and banks make a business desicion that affects jobs and local economies, state legislators have to role over. That happened to us (Indiana) when we tried to get homosexuals from forcing themselves on people in public places. Countries had purges in the old days for valid reasons. Can’t do that these days. Gays and Jews are running everything.

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      4. Don’t forget that it’s right there in the 10th Amendment in black and white:
        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
        prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively,
        or to the people.”
        Seems pretty explicit. Now compare that to almost any major Supreme Court decision of the last century. It’s been a long time since the Constitution actually mattered to our rulers…

    3. This is, I think, partly the reason for the anti 2nd amendment attitude that prevails among the ruling elite.
      To stop a possible secession from happening.

    4. In the early days of America, Vermont was its own country as a negotiation tactic, because New York & New Hampshire fought over the territory. After 14 years of sovereignty and threatening to join British-controlled Canada, Congress declared Vermont the 14th state and paid the Vermont government $1 a year up to 1990. Some people talk of the Vermont Republic rising again, but they have little idea as to what it would require.
      For one, you’d have to kick out all the Dirty Bernie supporters.

      1. Here is a thought: Bernie Sanders, and the progressivists whom he represents, and who have taken over the democratic party, are hostile to the concept of individual freedom. In fact, since the turn of the 20th century, an anti-capitalist strain has developed in American society to the point where it has attained influence in our national government. Of course, I am interpreting American history through my libertarian bias.

    5. “Just a thought. Maybe it’s time to stick a fork in America’s national government and let the states govern themselves”
      This x 1000000.
      Then again maybe it might be a good idea to elect Hitlary and let this hormonal driven beast totally fuck up the country thus forcing the break up of the nation via civil war.

      1. I don’t think civil war is necessary for a break-up. I think a break-up can be done peacefully. We may be able to take a lesson from politicians who threatened a shutdown of the national government.

        1. Considering Obama and Ukraine just let Russia have Crimea based on the fact that Crimea voted to be a part of Russia, the international precedent is set that if an American State votes to leave the Union, it has the right to do so. Then it can join another country or make it’s own country.
          Let’s not forget, that technically we have the right anyway, even though that right was denied through power over a hundred years ago. Problem is, governments only pretend to concern themselves with rights.

    6. We need them to form the military and pretty damn much that need alone. Maybe them minting gold and silver coins would be okay. Then every dollar in electronic circulation could actually be backed by gold somewhere.
      It’s the same reason the 12 tribes of Isreal decided to have a King. Then needed one leader whom could mobilize all of the 12 tribes when they were attacked by an outside aggressor, that way, one tribe wouldn’t say, screw you guys, we’re not fighting. Eventually the Jewish Kings became too powerful as well.
      I personally am all for a layered system that works like this. Let local city and county government take care of everything they can. Only move issues to the state level if it’s something that can’t be achieved at the local level. Only move issues from state to federal level if it can’t be achieved at the state level. National Defense definitely qualifies as an issue we need a national military to handle.

    7. Or we could just not have government at all. I would like to choose who gets my money for whatever services are provided by who I think is best at providing those services.
      I resent like hell being forced to pay for and comply with an incompetent monoply of parasitic coercion to “protect and serve” me, while simultaneously being told to “move to fucking Somalia”, if I so much as suggest that such monoply that sucks balls at its job and should be disbanded.
      But you’re right. ‘Merica is toast. Commie toast, and while I agree with you that a national government over land of this size is bad (as evidenced by the failed Constitution Experiment), I don’t think that is enough of a take down. After awhile some counties might want to (and should have the right to) secede from whatever State govt. that sucks enough balls. (As they all do).
      Sorry for the rant, election season always chaps my ass.

    8. Talked about that with a college professor freind awhile back. Our constitution is ingenious in the way it’s designed to morph over time. But the founding fathers didn’t account for the huge land mass the we overtook and the problems going with it.

    9. Talked about that with a college professor freind of mine. The constitution is ingenious the way it’s designed to morph and accomodate over time. But the founding fathers didn’t anticipate the huge land mass we’d acquire, so it’s starting to be problematic. Also, while they did factor in irrationality of the masses, they didn’t anticipate total breakdown in thinking and social mores, like we’ve got going on now. They believed cooler heads will prevail, but that’s not happening right now.

  10. The fact that every political candidate has to kiss the ring of AIPAC(Mafia style) is everything you need to know about American politics

        1. YEAH,and there’s ANTISEMITISM here too. What, did the Hitler-Youth make some sort of an underground revival these past few decades?

        2. Sure, it’s anti-semitic to think in terms of US needs over Israel’s, right? You a traitor by choice or out of ignorance?

        3. Have you forgotten that Israel is a US ally, and NO, I do not support the, I believe we must DECOLONIZE the Middle East. The Jews must be treated with dignity and respect, but they must make up for their White Privilege and oppression of Palestinians.

    1. This is just PROOF that the entirety of the GOP is RACIST and SEXIST regardless of how they present themselves to the public. Just look at Milo Yiannopoulos – he’s a RIGHT WING SELF-HATING HOMOPHOBIC QUEER!!!

      1. You say that like being a self-hating homophobic queer is a bad thing. Milo himself has said he became queer to punish his mother. Gotta wonder what she must have been like; perhaps radical feminist?

  11. Something’s coming, no matter who wins this election. Whether a right winger or a left winger takes office next January, business as usual is coming to an end. I don’t know if Trump realistically has a chance to become President. The demographics are on Hillary’s side. I don’t know what will happen when/if Hillary becomes President. Civil/Race war? Collapse? WWIII? Whatever happens, the damage done to the west simply might be too much to ever fix.

  12. Trump was never going to win Wisconsin.
    During the CNN Town Hall, a Wisconsin farmer stood up and asked Trump how he’ll ever be able to manage his farm without cheap immigrant labor.
    These are the people we’re dealing with in Wisconsin.

    1. Same deal here in North Dakota. The locals ruthlessly swear by the Republican party until it comes to harvest season and illegal migrants are needed to tow the fields.

    2. What Trump need to respond is, “Why are your operating costs, besides labor, so high?” Perhaps the overhead costs like taxes, utilities, insurance, etc. leaves no cash to hire legal workers. Maybe the high minimum wage laws, mandatory health coverage, accounting record keeping (in case of IRS audits), are dragging him down.
      This is what the GOP should be focusing on instead of trying to bring Trump down.

  13. The SJWs and the media finally got to Trump. He now agrees that female privilege prevents the government from punishing women that murder. Now he is all for importing more H1-B visa holders as corporate slaves to drive down wages. So why should I support him, now he is like the rest.

    1. He should’ve never backed down from that comment. That was the first sign of weakness I’ve ever seen from him, and naturally, the media will try to capitalize.

  14. Cruz is the WORST, I’m hoping Trump prevails, but if not I’ll go full Hillary in this election. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Hillary but she would be infinitely better than Cruz in the White House.

    1. I’m hoping Trump prevails, but if not I’ll go full Hillary in this election.
      And there we go.

      1. I assume most Hillary voters on ROK are going for accelerationism. (“The decline is happening and it’s irreversible, let’s just make it happen as fast as possible so everything can crash and we can rebuild sooner.”)
        Unfortunately I’m guilty of similar thoughts from time to time.

        1. Trying to collapse the system is as silly as trying to save it. Standing in the ocean with a broom…..

      2. The only way to justify JJ’s statement is if his grandfather in Transylvania died leaving him his castle and he found a book on how to reanimate the dead and happened upon the dead body of Sir Edmund Hilary and found a caveat in the election rules saying that being reanimated in the united states would count as being born here for election purposes. I will assume this is the case because I just don’t feel like face palming myself anymore.

    2. Don’t do it. She’ll pass legislation that will make it impossible to escape. Think about your family.

        1. Hillary destroyed evidence to get a child rapist off the hook. Imagine what she’ll do to white families in this country.

      1. No kidding. Look at all the other leftist crap that has been passed in decades past that has never been undone.

    3. I’ll go full Hillary in this election.

      You should be banned from this site for even suggesting this.
      No man, period, should ever vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for any reason, ever.

      1. Indeed. Even voting for Sanders would be better. This twunt will make Obama’s “dat’s rayciss” culture look like child’s play compared to “that’s misogynist!” that she’ll being into play.

        1. At least Sanders has his own bona fide political experience. He’s not where he is simply because he married the right person.

        2. Yes, quite true. Nobody can tell me any accomplishments of this witch, outside of “standing by her man”, both her husband and any other Dem male who fucks up regarding women. She’s a door mat.

        3. I’d say that managing to avoid prosecution is pretty impressive. 🙁
          Imagine if anyone other than her and her husband were running a “charity” whose sole purpose is to circumvent campaign finance laws, especially in regard to foreign donors.

        4. It’s easy to avoid prosecution when all of your political enemies end up dead by suicide from a shot behind the left ear.

    4. Yeah, because a lying dyke that oozes a trail of corruption decades long who is riding on her husbands coattails is preferrable.
      Or you simply are a democrat to begin with.

      1. Yeah, because a lying dyke that oozes a trail of corruption decades long who is riding on her husbands coattails is preferrable.

        I’m surprised that Monica Lewinsky’ ex-boyfriend’s wife hasn’t come out of the closet yet. It’d be another quiver in her “historic” card and it would surely fire up the loser millennial crowd that is Sanders’ base.
        I.e., why just vote for the first woman president? Vote for the first LGBT president!

    5. What can I say…what an awesome fucking choice there. Yeah, lets have another 4 or 8 years of radical progressive politics shoved into our faces. Lets end free speech. Lets give twisted, malcontent, immature and insane people who believe they are other species, races, sexes and even fucking ages the full authority to determine what is normal and what is moral. Lets be forced to accept pedophilia. Lets make men even lower than 2nd class citizens. Lets imprison Christians. Lets get ourselves in a thermonuclear war with Russia (and the BRICS). Fucking brilliant.

      1. You kooks need to stop with this legalized pedophilia scare. Nobody likes pedophiles; women are terrified of them and the threat to their children; they are even hated by lowlife prison inmates, who routinely beat them to death

        1. Okay, rewind back a couple decades the same thing could be said about homosexuals. The trend is there and I really really really hope you are right. But, in a very short time I have seen our once decent culture and society turned into a fucking sewer of bizarre sexual fetishes. And, worse, it started with “just leave these people alone”, which in reality turned out to be “well, now that we have power we actually meant, praise and celebrate and have your kids look up to us”, i.e. bruce fucking jenner winning a sports award. Meanwhile salon has an article written by an open pedophile who said “I’m really just like everyone else”, the same fucking thing gays said in the 70s.
          There is no denying that there is a push for trannies too, yes or no? If you agree, lets examine this for a moment. This is literally making it okay for a grown man to shower with or shit with or piss with or be around women, to include, children in locker rooms, bathrooms etc. And, oh by the way, as it turns out MOST trannies are perverts and many lust after…care to guess? Children. In fact, there are dozens of convicted criminals that cross dress and are now using cross dressing as a way to access their sexual desires. And, for fuck sake, nambla marched in gay pride parades up until the movement was noticed enough when they figured it was good PR to cloak that. But, scratch the surface of homosexual culture and you will see that it is intrinsically linked to pederasty and pedophilia.

        2. Women voters are never going legalize a direct threat to their children. Period. Homosexuals have relationships which do not threaten children, so the two cases are completely different.

        3. But, women also fight tooth and nail to kill their kids via abortion? Practically all of the values the left wing supports as it pertains to kids harms kids. Lets hope you are right.
          I actually think “they” will try for pedophilia but it will be utterly denounced. Furthermore, I think the fallout of attempting to legitimize pedophilia will strike such a cord with people it will begin to turn the tide on the sexual revolution. Because people will naturally ask how we got to such a point that such a demented crime could ever be considered legitimate even by the fringe elements of society. But, sadly, I remain conflicted because it could go the other way where they force it on us, just like they did with homosexuality, and no stand is taken. That said, the Trump phenomenon gives me increased hope.
          Are you a homosexual? Because I can’t disagree more with you on the notion that a couple of homosexuals have any business being around kids, let alone raising them. The whole idea is selfish from the start. Raising kids (I have two btw) requires a deep unwavering commitment to the kids. Its selflessness. Its not your life, and that means all of it, any longer its your kids, period. Issues such as being properly “accepted” or “respected” or dealing with past “injustices” such as not being part of the “cool kids” in high school are all personal issue that have ZERO relevance to raising children. The issue with homosexuals and kids and marriage et al is its an attempt at convincing other people (but really just themselves) that they are normal. This desire is nothing more than a frivolous and immature obsession that an adult should deal with and move away from. You can’t make other people like you…its none of your business what they like. Kids are mere props, but importantly, this is evidence of a selfishness. The two (or more) homosexuals want kids for their own sake, not the kids. Moreover, we must stop denying the homosexual sex-centered lifestyle that is entirely inappropriate for children, and deny it all you want too, but pederasty and pedophilia are inherent to that community. We’ve seen products of such an “upbringing” and told its wholesome and good. Yes, a young 8 year old male dressed in a seductive female clothing twerking in a homosexual parade…that is what homosexuals do to kids.

        4. No, I’m not homosexual and wouldn’t be on this site if I was. Our society is already destroyed and there is nothing for the elites to gain by legalizing pedophilia. There is in fact much to lose as people are biologically programmed to protect their children. That’s why even lowlife criminals beat pedophiles to death in prison. Most pedophiles are heterosexual, by the way.
          Mainstream society knows that pedophilia will never be legal in this country. Claiming otherwise is an outdated extremist scare tactic along with mythical satanic daycare centers and ritual abuse. It’s fundamentalist stoking the sheep to get more donation dollars, nothing more.

  15. We wouldn’t be talking about this election if it weren’t for Trump.
    He’s called out NATO, NAFTA, the trade imbalances, illegal immigration, ended hopes of Bush III; el Chapo, the Pope, the Saudi Prince, the corporate media, and the lobbyists which control both parties.
    All of the above were once the 3rd rail of politics, now it’s open for public debate. Based off our unprecedented debt, I will take the individual who built a multi billion dollar empire spanning 5 continents over the ivy league career politicians who made their entire livelihood collecting briberies from corporate donors.

      1. Powerful retort. A link and some self righteous condescension. You vote for which ever puppet makes you “feel” better, I’ll vote for the billionaire who made his fortune through free enterprise.

        1. Dude you’re voting for a guy who did business with George Soros who’s an active member of the CFR.
          You’re also voting for a guy who is up to his knees in debts to banks.
          You just want to vote for him because you like him. Just admit it. Superficial bias is as common as the breeze on the wind.

        2. Let’s consider the available alternatives: A socialist, a Princeton educated Canadian, and a career politician who should be in jail.
          Ideally, I’d vote Gary Johnson again but the Libertarian Party can’t even crack into the primary.

        3. A socialist would definitely make a lousy president. Check.
          A career politician who should be in jail? If you mean Hillary, put me down on a check here as well.
          But let’s analyze your remark, the one you used to describe Cruz.
          “Princeton educated Canadian.”
          1: Trump went to the Wharton business school, any ivy league school that caters to the spawn of rich snobs.
          He also went to the Kew Forest School, a private school that rich snobs send their brat progeny to.
          He also attended Forham University, one of the most expensive research Universities in America.
          So i guess Trump is more of a elitist snob than Cruz, given all that.
          Now as far as the second point is concerned, if you’re using the fact that he was born in Canada as a means of not supporting him, then you must not be aware of the fact that his Mother is US born. According to immigration law past and present if a child has at least one US Parent born here they qualify for natural citizen status, which means Cruz is eligible for President.
          These are all facts dude. What you are providing me had better be the same.

        4. Rafael held a dual a citizenship the first 44 years of his life, only deciding to renounce his Canadian citizenship the year before running for President.
          Rafael also went to Princeton to obtain a law degree and has only held employment in government, making him yet another Ivy League lawyer/career politician.
          I care not that these gentlemen went to an elite school, but what they achieved afterwards is what is important. I will vote for the business magnate that created a multi billion dollar enterprise over the career politician/lawyer.

        5. “Rafael held a dual a citizenship the first 44 years of his life, only deciding to renounce his Canadian citizenship the year before running for President”
          Irrelevant. HIs Mother was born in Delaware and she is a legal US citizen. You need to look up Jus Sanguinis, the philosophy that extends citizen status regardless of the place of birth, which has been in effect since the immigration act of 1790.
          “Rafael also went to Princeton to obtain a law degree and has only held employment in government, making him yet another Ivy League lawyer/career politician.”
          Cruz wasn’t born into wealth like Trump was, he earned all of his successes. Trump’s had a silver spoon in his mouth since his first day, but apparently supporting a silver spoon wealthy progressive who donated to democrats means more to you than that. Are you a Hillary supporter? You can tell me 🙂
          “I care not that these gentlemen went to an elite school, but what they achieved afterwards is what is important. I will vote for the business magnate that created a multi billion dollar enterprise over the career politician/lawyer”
          Because you cherrypick on what to like about the candidates. It’s obvious you are biased. You support a progerssive with ties to democrats who was a democrat just 7 years ago.
          You probably want Hillary to win. You don’t fool anyone.

        6. Sure.
          Our military denies TS clearance to dual citizenship members due to conflict of interest.
          You’re supporting a career politician who never made an honest dollar and waited until he was 44 to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Good job.

        7. Irrelevant. What the military does has no bearing on what the Constitution states or what Congress enacts as a result of the power invested in them by the Constitution regarding naturalization endeavors.
          Maybe you should actually look at the history of US law regarding Jus Sanguinis (birthright) cases before you speak further in ignorance.
          Here’s your next clue, from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website:
          4. Child of a U.S. Citizen Mother and Foreign National Father​ [10] See INA 301(h).

          A child born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions acquires citizenship at birth if:​

          •The child was born before noon (Eastern Standard Time) May 24, 1934;​

          •The child’s father is a foreign national;​

          •The child’s mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of the child’s birth; and​

          •The child’s U.S. citizen mother resided in the United States prior to the child’s birth.​
          Cruz’s Mother and Father meet ALL of the requirements listed above (with the first one being inapplicable) so in the eyes of current US law he IS a citizen by birth regardless of where he was actually born. Your remarks are therefore invalidated.
          By the way, your last comment is especially farcical and specious considering you assume you know his employment history from start ’till present and you ASSume he even knew he had Canadian citizenship status from the get go.
          Now go vote for the crony capitalist who supported open border Democrats for the chance of getting sweetheart deals.

        8. The American capitalist that built a multi billion dollar enterprise in the free market vs…
          A career politician that waited until he was 44 to renounce his dual citizenship.
          Hmm that’s tough.
          You are obviously clueless about economics. There’s a vast difference between guaranteed salary of a lifetime politician + retirement + benefits + corporate kickbacks that all politicians receive vs the difficulty of building a multi billion dollar enterprise in the free market.
          If you think Rafael will do a better job of trade negotiations and financial reform, then I feel sorry for you.

        9. The American capitalist who also exploited bankruptcy law and taxation loopholes so he could net more money. Forgot that did we?
          Not so “tough” when you figure that Cruz didn’t know he had the automatic citizenship. They were only there for 4 years, and Cruz was a child at the time. His Mother just assumed that her US born Citizenship made him one too. Try again.
          No i’m not “clueless” you’re just using your solipsism to try and refute the FACT that you’ve been proven wrong on Cruz’s Presidential eligibility and are now using solipsism to excuse away the crony capitalist deals Trump made with the same open borders Democrats he later said he would “negotiate” with. By the way, did he ever releas the NY Times audio where he said he’d be “flexible” on the building of the wall? Probably not right?
          If you think that a sexagenarian with narcissim issues and possible dementia, one who was too stupid or ignorant to make sure his kids were registered to vote for him in NY, is going to be better than the Senator who won an immigration case against SCOTUS involving an illegal who murdered a young girl, then you’re as big a dolt as he is.

          You’ve been defeaTED. Accept it.

        10. The man you’re referring to as a “dolt” made billions in the free market. Being that the debt and trade is one of our most pressing issues, how many businesses has Raphael ran?
          Our immigration laws are softer towards our politicians regarding dual citizenship than they our toward our military which is a fundamental flaw. Raphael took advantage and waited until he was 44 to renounce his Canadian citizenship. A true patriot.

        11. Btw, Trump filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which is restructuring a firm to pay off all loans.
          A failed business would’ve filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to insolvency.
          Most anti Trump artists have no clue of economics nor finance.

        12. So what? Is money the only litmus test you use to define a good President? Would you elect Soros then? Bloomberg? Get out of hear with that nonsense.
          Your last remark is yet more bs that is based on nothing more than personal belief. I’m starting to think you’re just a Trump bot trolling social sites in favor of Trump.

        13. Doesn’t matter, he still used bankruptcy law in his favor in order to minimize the fallout. You’re just cherrypicking here.
          Anyway, none of this matters in regards to our original contention: your remark that Cruz was ineligible for President. You got proven wrong, you’re just inserting red herrings now to cover that.

        14. You sound butt hurt.
          Debt is one of our most pressing issues. I will choose the man who has created a multi billion dollar enterprise over the career politician due to superior fiscal management [which you have no concept of].
          I’m actually a Gary Johnson bot. Being that my party has zero chance of cracking the primaries, Trump is the obvious choice over the career politician that was so patriotic he waited until he was 44 to renounce his Canadian citizenship.

        15. LOL I just destroyed your birther argument…i’m far from butthurt, i’m all smiles 😀
          So debt is your pressing issue eh? Well do you realize that Trump belives in socialized medicine? Do you have any idea how much Obamacare added to the deficit? Here’s a hint: a lot.
          Trumpcare will do no differently, because he believes in the US govenrment taking it over too. He said it in a 60 minutes interview that the government will “pay for it” despite knocking the Obama government for being involved in the Health Care industry not a month before in his book “Time to get tough.”
          And please…ask me to prove it…i dare you.
          Well good for you. Gary Johnson sucks too. You’re all in favor of a left of center libertarian but since he won’t cut it, now you’re in favor of a far left of center candidate.
          You just prove that other parties are trying to influence the GOP vote in order to pick someone that Hillary will beat easier.
          You’re not fooling me. I know you really want Hillary (or possibly Bernie) and not Trump.

        16. Your logic: a career politician will solve the problems career politicians created. Do you know the definition of insanity?
          Nice insult btw.

        17. Career politician? Cruz became Senator 3 years ago you moron.
          The definition of insanity is voting for Trump even though he stands for the things so called people on the right are opposed to.
          Come on bot…what else do you have? I don’t mind proving you wrong yet again 🙂

        18. You’re clueless about economics and finance.
          Being that Trump is worth billions; Raphael is a career politician who’s salary is paid for by tax payers.
          One is free enterprise one relies on government for income.

        19. Buthurt Bro?
          You ignore his previous decades of employment as a political “consultant” and law school professor.
          This is the exact employment history of Obama before he ran.
          Two bums who never earned an honest dollar in the free market. Trump meanwhile, has made billions.

        20. No, you’re clueless as to what it is we are actually electing.
          You’re a liar and one that has been proven to be repeatedly wrong on Cruz and Trump. Everything else you simply ignore.

        21. Why don’t you tell me how it feels to be butthurt “bro?”
          And you ignore Trump’s previous years as a Democrat, where he funded Democrats who were pushing for open borders, higher taxation and other left wing staples. As recently as last year he was funding Mitch McConnell, who is as establishment as you can get.
          By the way, when did you get to vote for him becoming “Law professor” or “political consultant?” You just want to move the goalpost to include EVERYTHING Cruz does as bad.
          Trump being the president of the Trump organization is not an example of a Wall street type though right? Yea, I’m sure you don’t think so lol.
          You’re a trollbot with no real substance to any of your arguments.
          Bad news for you is: I’m a trollbot hunter 😀

        22. Basically anything Cruz did while being Ted Cruz is bad to you, but everything Trump did is ok…right?
          Hypocritical double standard 🙂

  16. There were conflicting polls going into the WI primary, some favoring Ted and some Trump. It was obvious to me that Trumps campaign was unprepared and had no idea how to succeed in WI. He came here and bashed the governor and the Speaker of the House…IN JAINESVILLE. Then, he expected softball questions on conservative talk radio stations (Charlie Sykes and Vikki McKenna) and was offended and hung up on one of them on air. Then, he interviewed on a Rockford,IL radio station, again bashing my governor. I have no doubt that he lost many last minute deciders because of his actions and behavior in the last couple of days leading up to the primary.

  17. When will logic prevail. If I had the inclination I would write a book called King Canute: The Prince of Tides

  18. Trump seems to be self destructing for no reason. The early bouts when the field is wide open, it’s best to play “Who’se a Biggest Asshole”. Talk about committing war crimes, bombing other nations, demeaning others, and you will be popular. However, as the field narrows, one should temper some of these inflammatory statements. This was Trump’s to lose, and he has to think about the 50% of the voters that are women. They don’t want to hear that they will be “locked up” if they have an abortion. We already know Trump is anti-abortion (actually I don’t personally believe him, but he has stated that in his platform for president)–why press the issue with more extreme moves?
    Then Trump said he would consider using nuclear weapons–and in Europe at that! Again, in the early phases when you’re running against Black Doctor and CEO McPussyBleed, asshole game works. Just be as crazy and violent as you want, and you will knock out your opponent. But the typical voter doesn’t want to hear that you’re going to nuke other white people in Europe or start a world war. Another huge fuckup.
    Then there is the rumor that he’s considering Sarah Palin as a running mate? I don’t even need to go there. All Trump has to do is continue his momentum, and not ratchet things up by making any crazy statements about imprisoning people for a currently legal procedure or starting WW3. Is he purposefully imploding? Makes me really suspicious…

      1. That’s where all his brides come from.. if he nukes Europe, it only serves him right that he must marry an American landwhale next.

        1. Maybe he is trying to create a refuge situation where instead of Africans we get a bunch of Eastern European 9s

  19. WBEN’s Tom Baurle (930AM Radio) is 100% convinced Trump CANNOT win because he lost the women vote with his abortion comments (should the woman be punished for having an abortion?). Personally, I think abortion should be considered murder…and women should be charged….but anyway, my wife claims there are “many anti-abortion women” but I am not sure I buy that…not enough to save Trump’s hide anyway…any ideas guys?

    1. I don’t understand why he would make this statement, especially now. He’s already stated he is anti-abortion. Why threaten to lock up potentially half of the nation for a legal procedure? It makes no sense.

      1. As a man and a red-piller I’m happy he said it, as that proves that he has balls. However, for better or for worse, abortion is here to stay, and is sacrosanct to modern women. Hillary WILL use this against him in the general. It very well may be impossible for him to come back from this one.

        1. are you saying that trump is out to sea and his only choice is to row or wade?

        2. I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other on abortion. But it was an unnecessary statement. Trump was already on the record as pro-life. Why take an even more pro-life position? I mean assuming he’s pro gun, that would be like him going on the record talking about how everyone should own an uzi. It couldn’t do anything but hurt him.

    2. Nobody, especially women, ever want to hold women accountable for their own bad choices or stupid actions. It’s why the west starting going down the drain the minute women got the vote without society holding them to the same responsibilities as men. Maybe the next civilization will be smarter and figure out equal responsibilities goes with equal rights, but more likely it will be back to old timey patriarchy until women whine to get the vote again.

  20. The polls once again were completely wrong on the WI primary. I have noted here in SE WI that there seems to be many closet Trumpkins. Today, its clear they either didn’t show up yesterday, or they changed their mind last minute. This is due to the Trump campaigns utter failure to understand the people of WI and how to garner their favor.

  21. Trump got 35% in Wisconsin. If you consider that he got 24% in Iowa and 21% in Minnesota, who have very similar demographics, it’s not a bad showing at all, and it’s in fact about as well as he might have been expected to perform after Little Marco dropped out — if not, in fact, slightly better.
    Rumors of his demise are overblown, Cruz’s delegate machinations aside.

      1. Rural-urban divide. Towndwellers tend to go for Cruz, and rural folks for Trump. City slickers liked Rubio while he was still running, but seem more Cruz now. There are exceptions though, I suspect in more blue-collar urban centers where Kasich steals enough of Cruz’s support for Trump to win (Greater Chicago, for example).

  22. Doesn’t matter. Neither can or will beat Hillary. This two party system is a joke. Cruz is a snake and Trump is a loud-mouth egomaniac. Hillary will crush both come debate and election time

  23. I don’t think Trump will get enough delegates due to the abortion comments. That really hurt him and showed weakness. The republicans will lose as they destroyed themselves. Hell will break lose when Hilary is the next president. She doesn’t care about helping women or anyone else out as she’s all about the power.

    1. That abortion comment hurt the “pro life” orgs more than Trump.
      Their reactions and the reactions of other so-called “pro-life” republicans utterly shattered any illusions they were actually after the policies they claimed to be after.
      They have been using Abortion as a scam to suck donor dollars for 40 years and that scam is now laid bare.

  24. So Trump won because “the party bosses will continue throwing everything they can at him hoping to slow or stop his ascent to the presidency…In Wisconsin, their efforts bore fruit” well where’s the proof to substantiate this conspiracy? Is it really so unfathomable that informed, intelligent, conservative voters would wholly reject DT because he represents the opposite of what they do?
    “Additionally, the Cruz campaign and the GOP’s bosses have been pulling dirty tricks to reduce Trump’s delegate lead: for example, in Louisiana, Cruz was able to gain a plurality of delegates despite losing to Trump in the popular vote.”
    That’s not a “dirty trick” you alopecia stricken clod, that’s called political savvy. If Trump doesn’t win a majority of States/votes his delegates can choose to go with another candidate depending on the State in question. In Louisiana, Cruz was preemptively ensuring that should it indeed go to a contested convention, these delegates would be more receptive to backing Cruz. If it’s a “dirty trick” then contact the Louisiana district attorney or the Louisiana election board and have them investigate Cruz, otherwise you’re just talking more bs here.
    “Trump performs best in states with large numbers of minorities”
    Because they want him to get beaten by Hillary because they know she beats him the easiest. Trump tends to do the best whenever an open primary election is the case (where democrats can cross over and vote in R elections) not so much when the opposite is true.
    “While parts of Wisconsin has been negatively impacted by NAFTA and free trade, the state as a whole is similar to neighboring Iowa (which Cruz won): white, agrarian and cucked. Wisconsinites dominate the GOP: both House Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus are from Janesville. ”
    Ahh the guilt by association fallacy…well done Forney! I’ll add this one to your list of “not so funny Forney fallacies” which i’m compiling 😀
    ” 56 percent of Wisconsin Republicans oppose Ted Cruz.”
    And most registered voters will flock to Hillary if Trump gets the nod.
    “While Ted Cruz and his fanboys might fantasize about him winning the nomination in a brokered convention, it’s not likely to happen.”
    Dream on Forney. He’s not going to get it, but i will admit Ted won’t get it either. Most likely the GOPEST will use some legalese chicanery to award it to Kasich but please do cast your vote for your White savior…and when he loses to Hillary i’ll be the first to tell you “i told you so.”
    “Beyond Cruz being ineligible to serve due to being a natural-born Canadian,”
    More bs from you. Go look up Jus Sanguinis, or how the Constitution authorizes the Congress to enact succeeding immigration law, in order to more accurately determine citizenship in many possible instances. Your first official reference point is the immigration act of 1790 up to and including current US immigration law.
    ” he’s widely despised by his fellow Republicans for his habitual dishonesty and abrasive attitude”
    So let me get this straight…in one breath you rail on about how the big bad GOP republican establishment is trying to lie cheat and steal the nomination from Trump. but in this one you want to rail against Cruz because the same big bad GOP republican establishment types don’t like him? LOL your hypocrisy is once again showing Forney. Your arguments are a comedy of errors.
    ” The only reason he’s currently racking up endorsements from party insiders like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham is because they want to use him as a club to beat Trump with.”
    Well damn i can actually agree with this. Thanks for showing WHY Cruz isn’t establishment, even if he is getting more and more backed by GOPEST types who see him as the lesser of two evils against the greater of two evils, Trump…despite the fact they despite Cruz arguably more. Kasich even joked about his assassination and how he’d endorse Kasich if it was more reasonable. This is the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” playing out in totum.
    “Not only would this represent an unprecedented insult to the party’s base, nominating Ryan would guarantee a Democratic victory in November.”
    Possibly, but he would still fare far better than Trump. Trump’s record lows with women are going to doom him and guarantee him a victory.
    Forney, let me appeal to what’s left of your masculinity for a moment:
    Knowing females to be as catty, vindictive and emotionally susceptible as they are. do you really think that a candidate like Trump, one who has made some extremely non compos mentis remarks including those regarding women, is going to endear himself to female voterswhile continuing to do so?
    Romney’s doom in 2012 was precipitated by his many gaffes (and of course him being a Rino) most notably his “47%” remark that he made on video. Remember how much fun the Dems had with that? Get ready for it to happen again if Trump gets the nod.
    Trump has done far worse and made far more controversial comments…do you REALLY think the Dems aren’t going to play this to the hilt and use argumentum ad passiones remarks to appeal to these females? Democrats AND republicans?
    I guarantee…GUARANTEE if Trump gets the nomination we will LOSE and lose BADLY. Is that what you want? Because that’s what you will get the more you Man crush on Trump.
    “Voting for Ted Cruz will ensure that the nomination goes to Ryan, Romney or another Wall Street-owned company man who will both disregard the interests of the American people and lose to the Democrats. ”
    Voting for Donald Trump will virtually ensure a HIllary Clinton victory, and ensure that another progressive snake oil salesman gets to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.
    You call Cruz “wall street owned” never mind the FACT Trump is himself owned by virtually every big bank you can name. Hypocrisy, thy name is Forney.
    “If you’re serious about pulling up the floorboards of the GOP to expose the rot within, Trump is your only option.”
    This is the 19th pro Trump thread I’ve seen on here, and i understand why it’s a trend. Roosh himself has endorsed Trump so it stands to reason the editor is going to be far more receptive to pro Trump articles than anti Trump ones. This is why tabloid garbage like yours is being given a pass. Your own connection to Roosh is probably why the standard is so laughably lowered in your specific case.
    It’s also clear from your remarks however, that you’re hoping Trump will do for you what he did to the relatively unknown Katrina Pierson before she became associated with him: bolster your popularity and of course, profit margin.
    I’ve included a screencap of how hard you are mancrushing on Trump and how badly you want him to “Trumpbag” you by noticing you in the crowd and bringing you on board, similar to what he did with KP. Good luck with that…really. I’m sure you’d “jump” at the opportunity to ride Trump’s jock like the VIP (Very Ignorant Prick) that you are.
    This is another solipsist quote taken from your site that i wanted to address:
    “The only noteworthy things that came out of Cruz’s mouth were his continued refusal to deny that he cheated on his wife (saying that the National Enquirer story is “garbage” is not a denial) ”
    Maybe you fell asleep or blinked, because Cruz flat out denied having cheated on his Wife when Megyn Kelly asked him this:
    “”Have you committed adultery in your marriage?” Kelly asked.
    “I have not. That attack was complete and utter garbage. It was complete lies,” said Cruz in front of a crowd of supporters in Madison, Wisconsin.
    “I have always been faithful to my wife. I love my wife. She is my best friend in the whole world.”
    Forney you are a piss poor journalist and a poor excuse for a masculine intellectual. I never cared for your intentionally truculent remarks but i still defended you because you were coming under attack from the same SJ types who attack ROK. It’s a sheer disappointment to see you use the very same tactics against Cruz and for Trump’s benefit.
    Get the cuck out of here with this garbage. You’re making yourself look worse every time you post it. I did however just throw a pity comment to your middling blog, where your latest Trump strumpet article currently has zero postings on it. I did it because i felt sorry for you although i have to say “zero” is a number you have much in common with, not the least of which is a passing resemblance to it. 😀

  25. Hey Forney, you wimp faced fat Walter White lookalike, since you banned me from your site i’m going to post my challenge to you here:
    Hey Forney are you a gambling Man? Because I’ve got a wager for you.
    I am so certain Donald Trump is going to lose to the Democrats (especially Hillary) if indeed he gets the GOP nomination i’m willing to bet some stakes on it.
    If Trump loses to Hillary and she goes on to become President you have to formally sever all ties with ROK. This includes posting on it as both a writer or commentator, except for one last article where you mention how wrong you were to shill for Trump. Be sure to include an apology for all the lies you’ve shared of Cruz and lies you’ve shared in defense of Trump. Mention me by name in a positive light in the apology.
    If however Trump wins and becomes President, i will remove myself from ROK and will never again write an article there nor respond there under this or any other identity, and i will also never respond to you again. I will also apologize to you in one final comment on ROK as a commensurate incentive.
    I don’t want that odious hag to win but if Trump gets it, it’s virtually assured. You care none for facts, so i’m sure you will think otherwise.
    So do we have a deal?
    It’s nut up or shut up time.

  26. Trump slipped up on the abortion issue because he had not memorized the pro life talking points of the GOP. Instead Trump expected the women who aborted their children to be held accountable the same way the doctors who perform abortions would be accountable if abortion was outlawed.

  27. Best WI after action report out there! I was not aware that the Cruz states to-date are less diverse and least impacted by NAFTA. I will share at Ushanka asap!

  28. Uh, what no-one realizes with Wisconsin is that progressivism is a cult and a form of group identification. Just like with the Iowa Cacauses, the New Hampshire primary and the Kennedy family of Massachusetts, the progressive cause is held in high regard because it lends prestige to Wisconsin. That is why they kept in Sen. William Proxmire for so long. It’s not that every voting man or woman can recite the collected works of Robert LaFollette but that the liberal matra is what gives them a scintilla of self-esteem. That’s why Cruz won so many delegates.

  29. Would a monarchy be so bad? Not Trump, but someone who’s been educated and prepared for it.

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  31. Trump has been a liberal all his life. He’s donated to liberal politicians all his life. He comes up with his political positions on the fly, and then changes them 1-2 times in the next few hours. Having an unstable jerk with his finger on the nuke button is a recipe for disaster. Sure, if being a good builder of casinos was a prerequisite for the presidency, Trump would be my guy. But he is completely clueless outside of that one narrow area of expertise. Like Ben Carson was a great surgeon, but clueless about most everything else. Cruz has actually defended the constitution in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. He has been consistently conservative his entire life. Trump just plays conservative, says what he thinks others want to hear.

  32. Unfortunately it looks like Trump is not taking the WI loss all that well in that he is now taking a campaigning “break”. Looks like it is back to business as usual in the GOP.

  33. We can expect them to nominate somebody nobody else will vote for, then become confused and upset when they lose the election.

    1. They will only pretend to be confused. Hillary is the president that the establishment Jew has chosen, and the GOPe hasn’t even hidden the fact they’re planning on throwing the election to guarantee she wins.
      There are no “Republicans” or “Democrats.” They are owned by the same masters.

  34. Ryan as another GOP candidate will not fly.
    Besides the disaster in 2012, Ryan has pissed off plenty of Republicans (and Americans) with his new gig as Speaker of the House. No one is going to buy a third option (a write in at the last minute) as a GOP nominee and it will be another loss for Republicans.
    You have to shake your head at this one. It used to be the Democrats who could royally fuck something up this bad (a sure win) but now it seems the GOP has taken that title.

  35. I just wanted to say that I’ve been following this primary season closely because of Trump, because I believe he can bring positive change to not just USA but the rest of the world as well.
    But as an outsider (I’m European) I got an impression that American election system is very unfair and needlessly complicated, and allows for a lot of manipulation, corruption and fraud.

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